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Good evening and thanks for joining us. I'm Keith McGilvery. Thousands of South Burlington families still don't know when their kids will go back to school. After 12 hours negotiating Thursday and another 3 today -- the teacher strike continues. Logan Crawford has our update.


South Burlington teachers walked out of their classrooms Tuesday -- after failed contract negotiations with the school board. Teachers want to keep their health care plans. But the battle centers around what they'll pay to keep them. The board also wants teachers to agree to smaller raises to offset rising health care costs. But so far -- that's a no go. Teachers say it's time for a deal -- so they can get back to doing what they do best. (TC 30:15) ((Eric stone/South Burlington High School Teacher "My job is to teach and I love teaching I can't wait to get back in the classroom so the absolute best thing for everybody and especially myself would be to get in there and get back to work." 30:25)) After days of negotiations -both sides suspended talks Friday afternoon --citing little progress at the bargaining table. They plan to get back at early Saturday morning. Meanwhile -- the South Burlington superintendent is making plans to revise the school calendar to account for missed classes. ((David young/South Burlington School District Superintendent "We'll need to talk about a change in graduation date, we may need to look into our vacation days taking some vacation or another option is Saturday's.")) An impartial mediator will be running Saturday's negotiations -- to help reach a settlement. (TC 00:37:12:12 Tile 4444) ((Martin Lalonde/South Burlington School Board Clerk "the 3 hours that we've been here we've made no substantive progress and we think that this could assist. That's certainly the aim." 00:37:21:16)) But for now -- still no school for South Burlington students. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, South Burlington. -3-


Meanwhile -- teachers aren't the only ones on strike in South Burlington. About two miles from where the city's teachers have been picketing, unionized employees for Fairpoint Communications were off the job as well. Overall about 17-hundred of Fairpoint's 25-hundred employees in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are on strike. It's the culmination of months of failed contract negotiations. With no deal in place, Fairpoint unilaterally imposed a series of benefit cuts in August. And this week the company froze pensions. That was the final straw for the unions which are also filing an unfair labor practice complain against the company.


(TC 00:07:52:04 Tile 4606) ((Mike O'Day/Communications Workers of America "We don't know how long this is going to last. The intent of an unfair labor practice charge is to bring the company back to their senses and negotiate with us. We've been willing to negotiate since day 1." 00:08:01:21)) Fairpoint says under the old contracts -- the average union worker got $115-thousand in wages and benefits. It maintains that it must reduce labor costs to remain competitive -- calling these issues key to the future of the company. Fairpoint issued a statement saying it's disappointed in the strike -- but says the work stoppage will not result in any service interruptions.


A woman hired to help African immigrants in Vermont is accused of stealing their money. Police say 43-year-old Francine Mbayu (muh-BAY-you) was a caseworker for the Association of Africans Living in Vermont. Police say starting in 2011 she took 34-thousand dollars in tax refunds owed to two of her clients. She faces embezzlement charges. Police say she has already paid back all but 58-hundred dollars.


The town of Thetford lost all three of its police cruisers to a suspicious fire early this morning. This is what it looked like when the cars were fully ablaze in the municipal building parking lot. So far no word on who might have done it or why. Replacing the cruisers will cost about 100-thousand dollars.

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Dan is here. Plenty of clouds, but still pretty warm out there today.


In national news tonight -- Vice President Biden's former chief of staff has been tapped to lead US Ebola response efforts. President Barack Obama is making Ron Klain his point man on the fight against Ebola at home and in West Africa. The White House said that Klain would report to national security adviser Susan Rice and to homeland security and counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco.


A St. Mike's grad is now in charge of the U-S Marine Corps. General Joseph Dunford is the 36th commandant of Marines. He most recently served as the commander of American and allied forces in Afghanistan. Dunford is a native of Boston and a 1977 graduate of St. Michaels College.

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Still ahead -- A traffic alert that could impact your weekend on the road. Plus meet Linus. ((Tile 713_4608_01 Josh Levin / Champlain College Sophomore 00:00:05:25" He just kind of appears and does whatever he wants he walks around, people let him in the buildings.")) The cool cat -- just might be the most popular thing at Champlain College. And a Colchester High School student is suiting up to live his dream -- It's ahead in the Friday Football Frenzy -- Stay with us!


Drivers could be in for a rough weekend in Winooski. That's because Route 15 is closed at the railroad crossing near the intersection with Hood Street and East Spring Street while crews work to rebuild the crossing. Drivers are asked to avoid the area -- the closure is expected to last until Monday night.


He's the unofficial mascot at Champlain College. Tonight Judy Simpson tells the tale --- of Linus.

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Champlain College is nestled in the heart of Burlington. And this small campus has a big celebrity. ((Two girls squeel "LINUS!")) He is Linus, the coolest cat on campus. ((Tile 713_4609_01 Tito James/Senior 00:02:48:13" I used to refer to him as lab cat becasue when I would work really late in the computer labs this cat would just walk in the door and its nice when you are working late burning the midnight oil and you have an animal there to keep you company so it's very relaxing." 00:03:03:23)) Linus has been cruising through this campus for a couple of years now. And no one was more surprised to find out what he was up to, than his owners. ((Tile 713_4638_01 Audrey adn Nick Hubbell/ Linus' family 00:11:47:29" When I moved in with Nick we shortly after realized he was exploring on his own time and he would come back smelling like cologne and or perfume we were curious where he went all the time.")) SO they put a name tag on him, urging folks to check out Linus' Facebook page. That's right, Linus has his own Facebook page. Tile 713_4638_01 (( 00:12:13:25Nick Hubbell/ Linus' owner" And shortly after his page was flooded with photos and he was attending classes,, we figured out where he was going finally yes the libray and water fountains." 00:12:25:25)) ((Tile 713_4608_01 Josh Levin /(LA-VEEN) SOPHOMORE 00:01:41:08" I took a picture of him and posted it on the page and I have posted a couple of pictures I have seen him the other time I saw him he was in the bushes and I snapped a picture of him and posted it. "00:01:51:25)) There are action shots,, sitting shots, deep in thought shots. But you won't see anything controversial. ((Tile 713_4638_01 00:15:52:00 Nick Hubbell / Linus' Owner" I think Linus tells people not to tag him in party pictures 'cause he is only five ")), Tile 713_4638_01 ((JS saYS 00:16:00:00 so WHAT HAPPENS on campus sometimes just stays on campus ,,,yes, what happens at Champlain stays at champlain. 00:16:07:20 we get alot of snuggling shots,,"00:16:10:02)) Linus, it seems is irresistable. ((Tile 713:4651_16 JS SU 00:25:44:00 " But Linus's campus capers may soon be coming to an end. His family who used to live right across the street from Champlain College is in the process of moving." 00:25:53:13)) Now, so close to halloween, Linus is going to have to find a new haunt. ((Tile 713_4608_01 Josh Levin /(LA-VEEN) SOPHOMORE 00:00:42:15 heavy sigh,, I don't want him to move,,I like him, a lot its like the end of something , he is very well known on campus, everybody loves him." 00:00:56:14)) The good news is, everyone can stay in touch with their favorite feline friend, and follow his new adventures on Facebook. JS Channel three news Burlington.

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Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Lows: 48/55 Winds: S 5-10 mph Saturday: Increasing clouds. Afternoon rain showers. Highs: 58/65 Winds: S 5-10 mph Saturday Night: Cloudy skies. Chance of showers, mountain snow showers. Lows: 32/40 Winds: NW 10-15 Sunday: Mostly cloudy and cooler. A few mountain flurries. Highs: 43/50 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday Night: Lows 22/30 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 45/52 Lows 32/40 Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. Highs 45/52 Lows 35/45 Wednesday: Rain likely. Highs 45/52 Lows 35/45 Thursday: Rain likely. Highs 50s lows 35/45 Friday: Showers likely. Highs 50s

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It's called the battle for the bonnett. BFA-Fairfax and Winooski renewing their rivalry in the division 3 regular season finale for both teams. Highlights in a few minutes.


But first welcome to a jam packed Week 8 of the Friday Football Frenzy. I'm Mike McCune. And I'm Scott Fleishman. Join us on social meeting this evening, send your pictures and comments just use the hashtag F-F-Frenzy. It's the final week of the regular season in Divisions 1 and 3. Middlebury, the reigning D-1 champ had a chance to go undefeated in the regular season for the second straight season.


The Tigers hosting Burlington High this evening. The Seahorses only win coming on opening night, looking to shock the state in the regular season finale. --- Opening kickoff of the game, Burlington making a big play... Noor Mohamed with the 50-yard return to put his team in business ... --- Seahorses with a chance to strike inside the 20... But field conditions and the Tigers defense not helping... QB Jackson MacDonald slips on the throw, it's easy pickings for Austin Robinson in the endzone... --- Fitting enough... Robinson holds onto the football on the next drive... The signall caller runs it in from 3-yards out... 7-0 Middlebury... --- Same score opening drive of the second... More from #14.. He lofts a pretty ball to Sam Holmes for the touchdown... 14-0 Middlebury there, Tigers stay perfect downing Burlington, 51 to 0.


A good one in Rutland tonight. The Raiders in the fourth spot taking on Hartford sitting in the 6th spot, tied at 3-4 with BFA and CVU. --- Opening drive of the third, tied at 21... Rutland QB Andrew Kenosh getting the ground game going... 25 yards on the run here... That sets up a short keeper later on the drive... 28-21 Raiders... --- Still in the third now 31-21, Rutland looking to add on to it but Jacob Perkins skies up to pickoff the pass and keep this game close... --- Rutland shakes it off and early in the fourth they put it away.. Kenosh fakes the handoff and scampers in for the short touchdown run... Rutland holds off Hartford for the key win, 38-27...


Let's head to Colchester, the Lakers hosting Mt. Mansfield. Colchester needs a win for a chance at a home playoff game, the Cougars are in danger of missing the postseason. --- First quarter, the Colchester defense setting the tone, Alex Corrigan on the QB sack. The Cougars are forced to punt. --- Colchester takes over at midfield and on its first play of the game, It's a flea flicker. Jared Anotniak flips it back to quarterback Travis Boutin who finds a wide open Jack Young for the touchdown. 7-0 Colchester. --- The Lakers add a couple more TDs in that first quarter, Pat McHuch leaps over the pack for the score. Colchester goes on to the 54-19 win. There was a very special moment before this game kicked off, more on that coming up.


We mentioned CVU and BFA both at 3-4. Senior night at Collins-Perley...The loser of this game more than likely gets Middlebury on Wild Card weekend. --- both offenses carving up big yardage on the ground...junior Rich Lowery with a monster night for the Redhawks...scoring four touchdowns and rushing for nearly 300 yards... --- senior Robert Simon answered for the Bobwhites as he uncorks touchdown runs of 59, 52 and 67 yards in a back and forth game that saw CVU lead by one at the half and the teams exchange leads after the break ... --- but BFA had just enough on it's home turf...senior QB Robert Kelly calling his own number on a pair of touchdown runs as well... as the Bobwhites outlast CVU 41-34 and likely move into the sixth seed thanks to Hartford's loss.


One more Division one game this evening.Mt. Anthony gets its second win of the season with a 26-0 win over Brattleboro.


There was one division one team not in action tonight, unbeaten St. Johnsbury. We'll talk about the Toppers a little later in the show. But for now, lets move to division 3, There are three teams going for the final playoff spot, Poultney, Winooski and Oxbow are all tied at 2-5. Right now it's the Blue Devils that are in the 8th spot. So sufficed to say, those teams need wins. It won't be easy for the Spartans, home tonight hosting 6-1 Fairfax in their annual rivalry game, the battle for the bonnet. --- All Fairfax in the first half, second quarter, Bullets in the red zone, Liam Sweeny on the sweep goes around the pack and heads into the endzone. Fairfax taking a 27-0 lead. --- Winooski just couldn't get much going on its home field, The Bullets Frank King the 4th makes the stop. --- Fairfax was content to run the clock with a big lead, Jacob Gallow with a couple of nice runs before the end of the half. Fairfax wins the battle for the bonnet for the 3rd straight year, 41-8 the final.


Poultney and Oxbow are each in action tomorrow, more on that in a bit. One other division 3 score tonight, Two teams jockeying for playoff positioning, Woostock falling to Windsor, 26-18.


Welcome back to the Friday Football Frenzy. Despite beating Rice a week ago, Burr and Burton still sits behind the Green Knights for the second spot in Division 2 thanks to the QPR. But with Rice off this weekend, it looks like the Bulldogs can take over that top spot with a victory tonight. Senior night at Apple Jack Field, Wilson Vickers is one of the seniors honored on the night and he would make this evening count. --- Early first quarter, Griffin Stalcup hits Vickers over the middle for the touchdown... 6-0 BBA --- Still in the quarter the duo keeping the good times going... Stalcup up top to his top target... Vickers makes a great catch for the big gain... --- That play sets up this... Guess who? It's Stalcup and Vickers hooking up again in the back of the endzone... 20-0 Bulldogs after 1... --- Second quarter, Stalcup keeps it himself this time for the score. Burr & Burton cruises past Milton at home... 47-20.


Let's head to the Kingdom, 5-1 Fair Haven sitting in the 4th and final playoff spot visiting North Country. --- second quarter...the Falcons' Jesse Deida with a nice run that gets into Fair Haven territory, but North Country would turn the ball over on a fumble on the next play... --- Fair Haven takes advantage...capping that drive with a short TD dive by quarterback Ryan Alexander...makes it 13-0 Slaters... --- then later in the quarter, it's Alexander going to the air and finding Nick Brooks...who takes it inside the ten... --- and Alexander finishes the job with another QB keeper for the score... Fair Haven wins 26-6, and combined with Milton's loss...the Slaters lock up a playoff spot in the process...


One other rivalry game tonight, non division, U-32 with a comanding victory over Spaulding. The Raiders will host a playoff game next week.


six more games make up the Saturday schedule...headlined by the 110th edition of The Game...Lyndon visiting unbeaten St. Johnsbury...and the 100th anniversary of the start of the rivalry between Bellows Falls and Springfield. That's a 7pm start at Bellows Falls. And that Essex-South Burlington game will be played tomorrow night at 7pm at SBHS.


the regular seasons also wrapping up this weekend in field hockey and soccer... boys soccer this afternoon...St. J at Colchester... --- Scoreless in the first half, Chris Zamarripa changes that for the home team. Solid strike on the penalty kick. 1-0 Colchester... --- Hilltoppers respond later in the half... Off the Natzu Friebel throw in, Andrew Burroughs buries it to tie it at 1... --- Right before the end of the half, Zamarripa at it again... The free kick eventually lands on his foot, he rips it home... and the Lakers go on to beat St. J 3-1...


the Milton girls soccer team visiting Rice... --- First half, both teams with solid chances but each goalie equal to the task... First it's eagles zoe Cassels-Brown making the save... Then Green Knights keeper Macie Sicard following suit ... --- Second half, still scoreless... Under 20 to play.. Avery Kidd running and gunning... The outstanding strike to the far side of the net for the goal... Both teams trade goals late, so it's Rice going on to the 2-1.


back to Colchester for field hockey... Lakers taking on Burlington... --- First half, just 1 goal it comes via the Seahorses.. Great passing sets up both Fiona McSweeney and Katherine Becker... They both smack it in ... 1-0 Burlington... --- Both keepers Paige Roussell for BHS and Abby Ladd of Colchester doing their part in net... That's the difference as Burlington hangs on for the 1-0 win.


This Friday Football Frenzy has had it all, so why not talk a little hockey. One of the more anticipated UVM men's hockey seasons got underway last week at Northeastern. Tonight, the 1-0 Cats make their home debut against Clarkson. A packed house at the Gut in the first of a home and home series. --- Late first period, Clarkson looking for a line change, clears the puck, but the Cats Jacob Fallon marches right back into the zone, shoots and scores. A terriffic goal. 1-0 Cats after one. --- Clarkson answers late in the second period. Some great passing here as Sam Vigneault to Troy Josephs for the goal. It's a 1-1 game. --- The Golden Knights with a golden chance to take a lead just a few seconds later, Janick Asselin breaks in, but Brody Hoffman makes the save. 20 stops for Hoffman. --- 1-1 with 5 and a half minutes left in the third, Nick Lukko with a shot from the point THROUGH A SCREEN IN THE FAR CORNER. That's the difference as UVM takes it 2-1, improving to 2-0 on the season.


(((Jacob Fallon/"Them getting that late goal in the second. I Wouldn't say it killed team morale, but we definitely would've wanted to go into the third with a one goal lead. The fact that we were able to come out there and not only stop them from scoring but to punch one in ourselves, says a lot about our team.")))


Local college football tomorrw, Dartmouth hosts Holy Corss on homecoming day at Memorial Field. Middlebury looks for a second straight win hosting Bates. In the ECFC tomorrow, Norwich travels to Becker at 2 pm. Castleton visits Becker at 1pm


Next week it's playoff time on the Frenzy. Wild card games in division 1 and division 3 while division 2 wraps up the regular season. It should be a great night. If you were at Colchester tonight you also witnessed a great moment as the Lakers honor one deserving senior. It is our Friday Football Frenzy, play of the night. Patrick Bushy has been a student assistant to the Lakers football team for the last four years. He usually stands on the sidelines during the games, but tonight, he got to suit up with the team. But the best part is what happened before kick off. Both Colchester and Mt. Mansfield headed out on the field to run a play for Patrick. It was a sweep with Patrick heading 15 yards right into the endzone.


(((Bernie /"It's just special, because all week all he's been talking about is how excited he was to play in the game tonight. He was practicing for two weeks and to see it come to fruition was phenomenal.")))

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