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More than 20 people including one American are dead tonight after terrorists stormed a hotel in Mali. Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11. I'm Keith McGilvery. Islamic terrorists are reportedly behind this new violence -- one week after the violent attacks in Paris. Craig Boswell has our top story.


Guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel hotel in Mali's capital were rushed to safety after gunmen in a Toyota SUV with diplomatic plates blew through a security barrier and started shooting. nats... This hotel worker said the terrorists shot at anything that moved. Other witnesses said the men shouted "God is Great" in Arabic and that they also spoke both French and English. One American and two gunmen were among the nearly two dozen people killed during the early morning assault. More than 100 others were held hostage. The US State Department said about a dozen of its employees were rescued after security forces went door to door. US forces helped to evacuate some of the hostages during the seven hour long siege. :44-:53 (sot: John Kirby / State Department Spokesman:) Assisted in helping just simply move people -- physically move people that were trying to escape the hotel and get them to a secure location. The upscale hotel is popular with business people, foreigners and airline employees. Two terror groups with ties to al Qaeda have claimed responsibility. Craig Boswell, CBS News, Washington.


The death toll continues to rise from Friday's terror attack in Paris. Authorities say the total has climbed to 130-victims. Police say it comes as they've determined that a third suspect died in a raid outside the city earlier this week in addition to the reported mastermind behind the killing spree and a woman. The search continues for one suspect who managed to escape.


Two groups rallied outside the Vermont statehouse today -- each with very different views on accepting Syrian refugees. Dozens came to show their support for taking in people escaping the war-torn country. Fewer turned out to say we should block refugees from Syria coming to the U.S. They raised concerns that one of the suspected terrorists involved in the Paris attacks... Allegedly crossed into Europe along with innocent people seeking safety.


(TC 00:08:15:25 Tile 3327) ((Rick Lawrence/Richmond "Worried about terrorists filtering in with the refugees, and we just don't need it. I think we need to protect our own country, and our state." 00:08:25:10)) (TC 00:05:23:02 Tile 3322) ((Bronwyn Fryer/Montpelier "Donald Trump starts talking about wanting to round up people and put them in camps, put badges on them, he's sounding exactly like a guy from 1938 who had a German name, we can't have that." 00:05:34:15)) The rallies on the State House lawn are slated to continue tomorrow.


It was an early-morning exit from prison for convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. His release in North Carolina after nearly 30 years in prison ends a long and complicated espionage case -- that has sometimes been a wedge between the U-S and Israel. A Navy intelligence analyst at the time, Pollard admitted selling U.S secrets to Israel. Israel has invited him there -- now that he's out of jail -- but Pollard's parole requires him to say in the U.S for at least five years.


A Lebanon man was arrested after police say he shot his neighbor's toilet. Police say 48-year-old Andrew Griffon fired the gun from his Parkhurst Street apartment Thursday night and that it traveled through the wall -- striking the toilet and causing the water break. No one was home in that unit at the time. Griffon is facing multiple charges.

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Dan is here. Cloudy and cool out there today.


It was an exciting day for dozen of men and women in uniform from across Vermont. New state troopers and police officers were sworn in this morning. Anson Tebbetts was there.


Graduation Day ..... The Vermont Police Academy Pittsford... The 100th Class.. (6016 21:48) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-Vt "We are extremely proud of you")) Troopers and police officers have chosen a career in public safety. The class president is Vermont State Trooper Michael Filipek. He grew up in a family of green & gold. His dad is a retired State Police Major. (6052 44:22) ((Trooper Michael Filipek/Vt. State Police "Don't take this achievement as an overwhelming sense of success a true measure of success is what is going to happen after you leave here.)) Families play a big part in this day... proud families fill the audience. But there is also fear and worry. All in this room know conflict & controversy are part of the profession. (6016 23:17) ((Governor Peter Shumlin/D-VT "law enforcement today has a tougher job than they ever had")) (53:04) ((Anson Tebbetts/3 news "three dozen officers and troopers now leave the academy and get to work in the field...Their entry comes at a time when police are facing more scrutiny from the public.")) This class is well aware the public is watching their performance--at a time when the job has changed dramatically. (6016 22:47) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-VT "I bet you that the class graduating in 1971 if you told them about the challenges that law enforcement is facing not just across Vermont across America they probably would have said I don't believe you.")) Addiction is bigger than ever. This class will confront issues related to opiates on every shift as scores of Vermonters are hooked on drugs. (6016 26;04:19) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-VT "So when we talk about the challenges, the line of duty folks are doing walking into now with addiction, with violence, with violence against women and the heighten bar because of transparency the fact of the matter is that the graduates today face bigger challenges than the faced in 1971.")) (nat sot oath) (6052 47:44) ((Trooper Michael Filipek "The true measure of success is what happens when we leave this door. How we perform on the road, the lives we have the chance to impact, the positive influence that we can have on our communities that is the true measure of success.)) A strong start from a class that's charged with protecting the public's safety. Anson Tebbetts channel 3 news Pittsford. -3-

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Still ahead -- How these forever families helped break an adoption record in Vermont. ((Cindy Walcott/DCF 05:50 "they have a family who has come to love them over time and is now making a commitment to that child for the rest of their lives.)) Plus -- finding new ways to battle alcoholism. And authorities say her lack of care lead to the death of a young child. We'll have the latest. Also a South Burlington man fighting for his life is showing his family what it means to give back. (01:08:57:17) ((Patrick Ryan/17 "it's a really cool thing to be able to share with people")) Their story that's raising spirits in time for the holidays -- when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


Today was a record-breaking day for Vermonters who added to their families through adoption.


These kids and adults were dressed to impress in Burlington Friday. ((Cindy Walcott/DCF 04:06 "we are celebrating adoption.)) And a celebration it was -- A record 36 "forever families" became official in courtrooms across the state as part of National Adoption Day -- up from 29 last year. ((Cindy Walcott/DCF 05:50 "they have a family who has come to love them over time and is now making a commitment to that child for the rest of their lives.)) They're commitments -- that come as Vermont's opiate crisis is preventing many birth parents from caring for their children. ((Wanda Audette, Lund Family Center :48 There is a growing need of homes for children and children needing forever families.)) ((Cindy Walcott/DCF "The parental use of opiates that is driving that. It's really creating unsafe situations at home for young children who are very vulnerable, who are very dependent upon their parents." 00:08:31:14)) The adoptions were orchestrated through a long partnership between the Vermont Department for Children and Families and the team at the Lund Center -- Both are exited for the dozens of new families but stress there's much more work to do. ((Wanda Audette, Lund Family Center 03:03 "I strongly encourage people to get involved, that we are in desperate need of foster homes for children in the state of Vermont, we have 68 kids who are looking for forever families right now.))


Congrats to all of these great kids and their families. DCF's partnership with Lund has been up and running for 15 years. They say in that time they've found homes for more than 2-thousand children.


A daycare provider accused of letting a girl die in her care -- is guilty of two of the charges. 4-year-old Willa Clark was found hanging by her coat in March 2014 - in the yard at Mary Ellen Burritt's home daycare in Enfield. She died two days later. Burritt was found guilty today -- of running an unlicensed daycare. And for reckless conduct. Prosecutors argued that Burritt put children in danger - by letting them play alone.


Manslaughter charges following a deadly heroin overdose. Manchester police say 25-year-old Daniel Fogg of Townshend was arrested in New Hampshire this week -- in connection with the death of Dakota Kilburn earlier this week. He'll be extradited back to Vermont.


Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center is launching a new study -- and staff there are looking for binge drinkers. The hospital is participating in a six month study --looking at medication to help binge drinkers quit. Some in the study will take medicine to reduce cravings - others a placebo. Binge drinkers are considered people who have several drinks a day. Doctors say alcoholism is both a health - and societal issue.


((Sarah Akerman/Leader Researcher: "The cost to our society is about 200 billion dollars annually -- so a very huge economic burden of alcohol use disorder. That's in healthcare costs, law enforcement costs, lost productivity. So we are always looking for better ways to treat alcohol use disorders.")) Some slots in the study are still open. We have more information in our InfoCenter at wcax-dot-com.

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Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows: 23/30 Winds: W 5-10 mph Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs: 42/48 Winds: Light Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy. Breezy. Lows: 30/37 Winds: SE 15-20 mph Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain or snow showers. Highs: 40/47 Winds: SW 10-15 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday Night: Lows 18/28 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 35/42 Lows 18/28 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 35/42 Lows 20s Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs 40s Lows 25/35 Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 45/55 Lows 30s Friday: Mostly cloudy. Highs 50s

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A sign of the holiday season -- Church Street in Burlington has its tree. and as Gina Bullard found out -- there's quite a story behind the family that donated it.


At 45-feet tall -- this Blue Spruce in the Ryan family's South Burlington yard is about to go. (01:04:02:18) ((John Ryan/Homeowner "when does that happen right? that's a one in a million thing!")) It was chosen as this years Church Street Marketplace Christmas Tree in Burlington. ((nat cutting)) The Ryans were surprised when someone showed up on their doorstep asking if they'd donate the tree. (01:08:57:17) ((Patrick Ryan/17 "it's a really cool thing to be able to share with people")) And they were glad to give. Given what's going on in their lives. Earlier this year -- husband and dad John was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. (01:05:18:22) ((John Ryan/Homeowner "i feel so much better than i did a couple months ago")) He's undergoing intense chemotherapy. Today is a good day. The tree's journey from their home to Church Street turned heads. All the while -- the Ryan family's journey has them cherishing every moment together. (01:10:19:12) ((Patrick Ryan/17 "over the past few months i've been really thinking about family my perspective has changed immensely")) (01:06:42:13) ((John Ryan/Homeowner "a lot of things you take for granted you appreciate a lot more your priorities adjust and change quite a bit actually")) There's a certain magic during the holiday season -- and this icon is already getting people to smile. (01:04:34:07) ((John Ryan/Homeowner "seeing the smiles up and down church street that will make it all worth it")) (01:19:25:27) ((Kid "what do you think about the tree? it's so gigantic")) For John's three kids -- donating to the happiness of others -- came at the perfect time. (01:10:55:19) ((Ben Ryan/17 "given our circumstances it will be a lot more special and something i'll never forget")) (01:11:35:05) ((Matthew Ryan/13 "i think it will bring a lot of joy to a lot of other people for christmas but i also think it will be a great memory for us and to remember that we're here smiling to be cut down and put on church street")) The tree on Church Street seems symbolic for this family. They're relying on faith -- each other -- and miracles this holiday season. (01:06:16:00) ((John Ryan/Homeowner "There are many blessing that have come to the family during this time")) Doctors say John's tumor has started to shrink. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Burlington.


the uvm men's hockey team looking to take advantage of a winless maine team this weekend in orno. the cats and blackears meeting for the first time since the first round of the hockey east playoffs last season. --- it was all maine in the frist two periods, blaine byron drives to the net and is somehow able to get this one past mike santaguida, 1-0 blackbears after 1. --- 2nd period maine on the power play, dan renouf through the traffic finds the back of the net, uvm down 2-zip. --- later in the period another powerplay goal for the black bears. renouf with the rebound in front. --- uvm gets 2 back in the third, but it's too little, too late. a bad loss for vermont, 3-2 the final. maine's first win in 13 games. same 2 teams tomorrow night.


The 3rd ranked Norwich men at home tonight trying to remain unbeaten, hosting winless Skidmore... --- But Skidmore came to play, already up 1-0 ...Norwich on the power-play, looking for the equalizer but the Thoroughbreds force a turnover, Anthony Bird on the breakaway and he slides this one in for the short-handed goal ...Skidmore up 2-0... --- And put this one away in the third and it's Bird once again, he had a hat trick. Skidmore snaps Norwich's 20 game home win streak and suffers it's first loss of the season, 4-0.


At Cairns arena, interstate battle, St. Michael's hosting Castleton, both teams looking for that first win. --- Castleton with pressure all game, but St. Michael's goalie Chris Johnson was up for the taks making a career high 42 saves. We're scoreles after 1. --- Castleton gets on the board in the second, but the knights answer right back, , Sean Morrow sends Kevin Altidor in alone and he goes five hole trying the game at 1. --- They get 2 more in the second period, including this power play goal from Morrow, going top corner. Castleton gets one late in the third, but it's St. Mike's that skates away with the 3-2 win. The Spartans visit Norwich tomorrow afternoon.


the 7th ranked Norwich women trying to win their 5th straight game tonight, hosting Salve Regina ... --- All Cadets in this one, already up 1-0 in the 2nd...Adelle Murphy's shot going off the far post and in...Cadets up 2-0... --- And the putting things on ice here, Jessica Piracini with the shot on net...Rachel Bell-yo a few juggles and bats it home... Cadets win 3-0.


The 5th ranked Middlebury women's hockey team opening its season tonight with a 5-1 win over Trinity. Video courtesy of our friends at NSNsports. The Panthers trailing 1-0 early in the first then scored 5 straight, led by senior Katie Mandigo who had 2 goals. Same two teams tomorrow afternoon.


the Middlebury field hockey team takes on The College of New Jersey in the national semifinals in Lexington, Virginia tomorrow at 2pm. This is the third time in the last five years the programs have met on the national stage and TCNJ won both times, knocking off Middlebury 3-1 in the national title game in 2011, and last year blanking the Panthers 2-0 in the semifinals.


(((Anna Kenyon/"It just takes confidence in our ability and being steadfast in our strategy. Just executing and doing it deliberately, thinking about what our goals are and how we're going to achieve those goals and then doing that step by step.")))


The UVM men's basketball team is in Connecticut for a weekend tournament at Mohegan Sun. The Cats face Niagra at 2, Vermont looking for it's second straight win.


The 21st ranked Dartmouth football team closes out it's season tomorrow at home against Princeton. The Big Green have a chance to earn at least a share the Ivy League title for the first time in 19 years with a win over a Tigers squad looking to play spoiler. The Big Green are in a three way tie for first with Penn and Harvard. There are no tiebreakers in the Ivy League, so there could be co-champs or even the first three way split of the title since 1982 if all three teams win tomorrow. The important thing for Dartmouth is it controls its own destiny.


(((Dalyn Williams/"I just think it's been do. We've fought hard, us seniors for the last four years. To be able to go out with a championship is huge, so we just need to go out, handle our business and have fun. We'll come away with the victory."))) (((Buddy Teevens/"We've had a pretty good run and one more to go. We need to finish strong and I expect us to play well on Saturday.")))


After winning the ECFC title two weeks ago, the Norwich football team plays Albright College in the first round of the NCAA Division Three tournament tomorrow at noon in Reading, Pennsylvania. Norwich is in the tournament for the first time since 2011. The 6-4 Cadets are the only program in the 32-team NCAA field with more than two losses. Albright went 9-1, winning the Middle Atlantic Conference title with an offense that averages 36 points a game. The Cadets know the odds are against them, but they're ready to take their best shot.


(((Sam Chaves/" We're in the playoffs and anything can happen here and we're really going to seek out our first postseason victory, so we're going to strive towards that goal and hope for the best on Saturday."))) (((Mark Murnyack/"We're going to have to take care of the football, first and foremost. We can't afford to turn it over and that's been big with their success this year is creating turnovers, getting shot fields and cashing them in.")))

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