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Good evening. I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Jennifer Costa. An accidental drowning kills an elderly couple in Peru. Investigators believe it happened when the husband went overboard and his wife tried to save him. Kyle Midura has the story.


(00:17:33:00) ((Cheryl Fox - Couple's Daughter It's sinking in, but I know it's gong to keep coming)) Cheryl Fox can't believe her parents are gone. Larry and Ruth Daley, traveled the backroads of Peru daily lending a hand and caretaking for their seasonal and year-round neighbors. But Monday, the pair went missing, and Thursday investigators discovered the couple drowned while we're preparing this pond for winter - less than a mile from their home. It's unclear exactly what happened, but it appears Ruth jumped in to save her husband of more than 60 years. (00:18:56:00) (( Peter Fox - Couple's Son-in-Law when she saw that her husband was in distress in the water, she took off er shoes, she took off her coat, grabbed a rope and wnet in and tired to help him)) ((nats)) The couple's daughter Cheryl and her husband say they are relying on their big family for support following the tragedy. (00:18:01:00) ((Cheryl Fox - Couple's Daughter we loved them very much and we're going to miss them)) (00:22:51:00) ((KM STUP - The family's loss is also the community's. The elderly couple engaged and interacted with most of the small town's residents)) (00:04:32:00) ((Jonathan Wright - Peru Resident they touched our lives in a wonderful, wonderful way)) The post office flag hangs at half staff for the Daleys while their church displays a goodbye note. (00:08:10:00) ((they were such a presence in everybody's life)) Elliott Zide knows Larry and Ruth from church. When Larry lent a hand around his house, the 80-year-old wouldn't let Zide help. (00:10:09:00) (( Elliott Zide I couldn't even lift a bag, he said you're too old, he was older than I was of course, but he just loved to test himself his physical ability and mental ability)) For family and friends the holidays will be tough -- Christmas for locals, Thanksgiving for family. (00:03:53:00) (( Jonathan Wright - Peru Resident when my kids were little he would come to the farm Christmas Eve dressed as Santa Claus and he would ask my children if he could get hay from the barn for his reindeer)) (00:17:47:00) ((Cheryl my mom would complain about the cooking and all the stuff but they loved it and it was a thing to be thankful for I think I'm going to really miss that)) And those who knew the pair best say the backroads will feel a bit emptier without Ruth and Larry. KM, Ch.3 Peru.

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New information on a deadly crash in AuSable -- involving a state trooper and a New York mom. Authorities now say the investigation -- into what went wrong -- on Chasm Road -- will take weeks to complete. State police say Trooper Joshua Jenkins failed to yield at a stop sign Wednesday morning. His police SUV hit Jennifer Chauvin's (SHOVEN) sedan. The 33-year-old -- broke her neck -- and died at the scene. Her two young children -- trapped in the backseat -- were not seriously hurt. Neighbors say it's a dangerous intersection.


(TC 00:07:46:22 Tile 4579) ((Vic Sheffield/Ausable "Numerous accidents. They've taken out apple trees that belong to Hart's Orchard over there on that end coming down Chasm road. And there's trees here you can see they're cut off, there was cars that hit that." 00:08:06:06)) Chauvin's death has been ruled an accident. The trooper was released from the hospital with minor injuries. State police say Jenkins will return to work after a short leave. The district attorney will review the case after the police investigation is finished. Any possible charges would be filed at that point.


A North Country woman is accused of swindling thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits from the state. State Police arrested 25-year-old Alicia Parent of Chateaugay on Wednesday. They say she fraudulently cashed in on more than 7-thousand dollars in unemployment while she had a job at a Malone hotel. Parent is facing multiple charges.


New concerns about the Rutland man in quarantine -- for possible Ebola exposure -- during a month long trip to West Africa. Peter Italia remains symptom free -- and nurses continue to check on him twice daily. But the Rutland man tells us today he can no longer access facebook from his undisclosed location -- and a second deputy has been added outside the home. The Rutland County Sheriffs Department confirmed the extra guard through Wednesday. Italia -- tells us -- if his living situation gets worse -- he may consider breaking quarantine. The state has yet to acknowledge Italia is the Vermonter in quarantine. And the Health Department says the Vermont Health Commissioner -- making the quarantine decisions -- was not available to answer questions.


The Milton school board is turning to an independent investigator to look into a hazing case involving members of the football team. Five former players have been charged with simple assault after police say they used a broom handle to sexually abuse teammates. The board wants to know when school administrators learned of the incidents -- and whether they should have notified DCF under the state's mandatory reporting law. It plans to select the investigator for the job -- next week.

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Cool and quiet on this halloween night. Lows will dip to into the 30s. Tomorrow we'll see a lot of clouds with a few rain or high elevation snow showers. After that we'll be cold and blustery on Sunday...I'll have a look at the extended forecast in a bit.


We're searching for the best Halloween costumes. We asked you to share your pictures with us on Facebook and they're pouring in! From Maddie the strawberry to Dante the dinosaur -- we're getting some great ones!!




((JENNIFER SAYS SOMETNIG GOULISH)) We would love to see more of your pictures -- just head to the WCAX Facebook page!!

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Still ahead -- more costumed kids -- this time they're parading through Burlington. ((NATS)) And -- It's the season finale of our Friday Football Frenzy" - stay with us! ((NATS))


Another rocket explosion -- this time over the Mojave Desert. Virgin Galactic was conducting a test flight of its "Spaceship Two" tourism rocket -- when something went terribly wrong. Officials say at least one pilot is dead, the other seriously injured. The company had been testing a new fuel mixture intended to give the craft the extra boost needed to get into space. Virgin Galactic is the brainchild of a British billionaire. The recreational plane is designed for commercial flights -- tens of thousands of miles -- above the earth.


And in Vermont -- investigators want to know what caused a car to burst into flames in Wheelock. Firefighters responded to the Wheelock Store on Route 122 -- where the vehicle was parked. Once they got a tanker on scene they quickly knocked down the blaze. The fire was starting to melt part of a nearby house's siding. The fire chief says it was a malfunctioning starter in the vehicle -- that sparked the fire. No one was hurt.


Switching gears now -- back to our halloween coverage -- it was a quite a spooky sight to behold in Burlington today. Ghouls and goblins were on parade. Photographer Andy Goodrich captured the frightening scene.


Jamie O'Brien Edmunds elementary school teacher" Iast year i taught older students and the Enthusiasm out of the younger students is just, it's historical their so excited it's it's such a joy to be with them. Nats oh wow "Shoshanah Inwood" oh it's great its a real community event cuz it gets you out side the class and share it with everybody and you see their excitement and they're waving in there are attracted with each other and holding hands and skipping and marching. bebe beep and we stopped the traffic of the street. happyHalloween. it's a way for parents and children to enjoy a tradition togethet. "Jen moody" And each year and watch the kids in their costumes and take pictures it's really fun to look back and see what kids were from year to year. "Lily Gleason" I'm a fairy not Tinkerbell trust me I'm not Tinkerbell. nat sound hahaha I'm a Sentinel. "shelly Mathias" principal Edmonds elementary school - you know we always ask kids what you want to be when you grow up this is what do you want to be. and so they get to be whatever they want to be. Nats hahaha " Blythe Fitch-O'Leary" student - oh I have a friend that's going to be old grandma so I decided it's a good idea that I could be an old man. naats peekaboo.I hope it continues for a very long timethis is part of the American culturewe've been doing it and it it really creative juices flying.

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Tonight will be mostly cloudy and cool, with lows of 35/45. This weekend a strong coastal storm will continue to develop; it still looks like it will track far enough to our east that we will get minimal effects from it, at least precipitation-wise. We could get a few rain/snow showers on Saturday with a slightly better chance for a few snow showers on Saturday night into Sunday (especially north and east). We will have a strong north wind of Saturday night and Sunday too. Some upper-level ridging will return on Monday, with partly sunny skies. After a very cold start highs will reach into the 40s. A weak frontal system will start to move in late Tuesday, and hang around on Wednesday and Thursday with a few showers. It looks like some cooler air will work in next Friday with some lingering rain and snow showers. Remember to set your clocks back one hour early Sunday morning as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end. And take this opportunity to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and CO detectors.

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Its Semifinal weekend. 12 teams enter, only 6 will make it to Super Saturday at Rutland High School next week. We have highlights tonight's games and look ahead to tomorrow's match-ups coming up.


Welcome to week 10 of the Friday football frenzy. The final Frenzy of the season. I'm Mike McCune. And I'm Scott Fleishman. Do you have a team battiling it out this weekend? When you show your school spirit on social media don't forget to use the hashtag F-F-Frenzy. We start with the game of the night in Division 2. Burr and Burton established itself as the team to beat in the Division after handing defending champs, rice its first loss of the season back on week 7.


Tonight, the unbeaten Bull Dogs host the fourth seed Fair Haven. These two teams met exactly one week ago with the Bulldogs coming away with the 34-7 win. --- Forgot blowouts, this one was a classic... Tied at 6 into the break... Bulldogs get creative to open the third... On the fake punt, Wilson Vickers hits Ryan Smith... 58 yards for the touchdown... BBA held a 20-6 lead in this one... --- But Ryan Alexander wills the Slaters back in the 4th... Trailing 26-20 with under 2 to play... The QB will the gutsy 25 yard TD run... We're tied at 26.. --- BBA takes the ball down field with 90 seconds left... Griffin Stalcup looking to be the hero but he's picked off by Fair Haven's Nick Brooks... --- That play sets up this... Alexander firing to an open Ian Misencik... He dives into the endzone for the game winning score with 40 ticks left... #4 Fair Haven upsets #1 Burr & Burton on the road, 33-26... Advancing to the D2 Championship game.


(((TRT: 18 OC: WE DID SO)))


The other division 2 semifinal is Saturday in South Burlington as second seed Rice hosts third seed, Bellows Falls. It's the third straight year these two teams have met in the playoffs with Rice winning the previous two games. Rice also beat the Terriers earlier this season, a 26-6 victory on week 3 in Bellows Falls.


We could be looking at a battle of unbeatens for the Division 1 state title. St. Johnsbury plays tomorrow, Middlebury had a chance to punch its ticket to Super Saturday tonight. Number one Middlebury hosting number 5 colchester. The Tigers have been scary good, just two wins away from two straight perfect seasons. --- Second quarter, Colchester trailing by a touchdown, trying to even this thing up, but the pass is picked off by the Tigers Austin Robinson. --- That sets up this 11 yard Touchdown run by Cullen Hathaway. Middlebury takes a 14-0 lead. --- The Lakers offense only had one or two big plays tonight, Middlebury's Bruce Wright with a tackle for a loss. --- Before the half, Tigers back on the offesne, Robinson pitches to Hathaway, he breaks one tackle, avoids a couple more Lakers, he gets a couple of blockers and takes off to the endzone. --- Middlebury wins big 42-0 advancing to their second straight state championship game.


and Middlebury will face the winner of this one tomorrow between 7-2 Essex and 9-0 St. Johnsbury. These two teams did not meet this season and it will be the first time they ever have met in the playoffs.


both D-3 semifinals will also take place on Saturday. top seed Otter Valley hosts number four Windsor. The Otters lost on week 1 to Fair Haven and haven't lost since. In the other semi, second seed BFA-Fairfax meets No.6 Mount Abraham. The Bullets beat the eagles, 20-8 on week 3.


while we figure out who will play for a football state title, there will be 11 state title games tomorrow in high soccer and field hockey. State Championship Saturday is our busiest day of the year and it's the most fun. Are you ready to go over all these match-ups?


Ok here we go, the Division One soccer finals at Burlington High School. the girls game at 10am, number 2 CVU takes on the 4th seeded seahorses. Yes, Burlington gets a home game in the state championship. At 1, it's the boys state final number 3 Essex takes on top seed, South Burlington. ---- the Division Two soccer finals take place at South Burlington High School. The girls game at 10 am, number 5 harwood meets number 3 mt. Abraham. It's the boys at 1pm, the number one seed Rice squares off with Woodstock. ---- the Division Three soccer finals are at Williamstown. The boys get things going at 10 am. One of the best stories of these playoffs, number 9 Hazen meeting number 2 Stowe. The Girls final is at 1pm, number 5 peoples takes on the host school, number 3 williamstown, in it's first ever state final... ---- the Division Four finals are at Whitcomb. The girls game at 10 am features, number 3 proctor and number one arlington. And the only 1-2 soccer match in the entire state takes place at one pm , the number 2 sharon boys face top seed Twin Valley. Both teams are undefeated. ---- All three field hockey state finals will once again take place at UVM's Moulton-Winder Field. the fun starts with the D-2 final at 10 AM. Number 3 U-32 which has won its last 2 games in overtime takes on top seed Rice. Division One follows at noon, what a good one it should be between number 2 CVU and top seed Essex. ---- and it wraps up with the D-3 final at 2pm., number 4 stowe takes on the second seed, north country.


Welcome back to the Frenzy. Our plays of the year are coming up in a few moments. But first, football isn't the only sport that dominates friday, we all know it's a big night for college hockey and there's no team playing better right now than the 13th ranked UVM men. The 4-0 Cats paying a visit to number twenty Notre Dame tonight in a hockey east battle in South Bend. --- Vermont had yet to trail in any of its first four games...but that ended tonight as the Irish score twice just over a minute apart late in the first period to grab a 2-0 lead... --- but the Cats fight back in the second period...Jonathan Turk's blast trickles over the shoulder of the Irish goalie and freshman Jarrid Privitera pokes it in for his first collegiate goal...2-1 ... --- three minutes later ...Cats break in 3-on-2...Jake Fallon centers the puck back to Kyle Reynolds on the doorstep and that's Kyle's first of the year...we're tied at two after two... --- but midway thru the third...Notre Dame with the quick break out...Thomas DiPauli flies in one-on-one and rings a nasty wrister off the crossbar and by Mike Santaguida... as the Irish edge Vermont 3-2. The Cats suffering their first loss. They'll get a chance for immediate payback when the two teams meet again tomorrow night.


The UVM women's hockey team plays Sunday this weekend hosting Uconn at the Gut at 2. In division 3, the Plattsburgh men's hockey team got its season going tonight with a 4-2 win at Potsdam. The Norwich men opening their season tonight as well...the Cadets hosting Plymouth State... --- this one tied at one late in the first period...Tyler Piacentini drops the puck fellow sophomore Austin Surowiec ...he shoots...Piacentini is there for the rebound ...2-1 Cadets after one... --- under eight minutes left in the second.... puck loose in the center of the Plymouth zone and Piacentini pounces on it...3-1... --- and minutes later... off the face off...big scrum around the net ...and it's Piacentini again...Tyler scored three goals last season as a freshman ... he matched that total tonight...a natural hit Norwich goes on to a 9-1 win.


The Norwich and Plattsburgh women's hockey teams take part in their annual east-west showcase this weekend. This years games will be played in Northfield. The defending national champion cardinals take on Manhattanville tomorrow night at 5pm. Norwich takes on Elmira tomorrow at 2. The Cardinals and Cadets then meet on Sunday at 4 in a rematch of last year's national title game. 16 of the 28 players on Norwich's roster are freshman, so while this rivalry is new to more than half the Cadets, there are those returning players looking for revenge against the only two teams that beat them last year.


((TRT: 25 ...We've got two very tough opponents... Both defending champions... It's exactly what the returnees are thinking about, how can we get revenge on our opponents and start fast. I know they'll bring intensity into those opening games and hopefully the new guys do as well...))


They are calling it the biggest game to be played at Memorial Field in 17 years. First place in the Ivy League will be on the line tomorrow afternoon in Hanover when the 5-1 Dartmouth football team takes on 6-0 Harvard. Both teams come into this game with 3-0 marks in Ivy play... the same records they had back in 1997 when Dartmouth was coming off an undefeated season the year prior and an Ivy title. Harvard stunned the Big Green that day 24-0...and in the years since, the Crimson have won at least a share of seven league championships and 16 of the 17 meetings between the programs, including the last ten straight. Dartmouth has worked it's way back into contention in the Ivy League in recent years, but to be a true title contender, they have to find a way to get past Harvard.


(((Stephen Dazzo/"This is were he wanted to be and it feels great to be here. It's going to be a great challenge playing them on our home turf in such a big game so it's going to be extremely exciting for us. It's been a long time since we may have played a game like this so it's going to be a great game."))) (((Buddy Teevens/"Harvard's been the gold standard in the league annually, they're like one or two every year. Certainly where we are in terms of measuring sticks where inching closer and close. It's a big game, it's a home game. It's an opportunity to show what we are capable of doing.")))


that game will be a 3:30pm kickoff in Hanover...After that impressive win at Trinity last Saturday, Middlebury goes for a fourth straight win when the Panthers visit Hamilton. and in ECFC play... Norwich and Castleton are both at home...the Cadets looking for a fourth straight win against Gallaudet, while the Spartans will try to snap a two game losing skid against SUNY-Maritime ...


There is so much going on this time of year, we call it the Friday Football Frenzy, it's really just a Frenzy Well, it's that time of the night where we unveil our plays of the night, but since this is our final Frenzy of the season, we wanted to give you our picks for Friday football Frenzy plays of the year. My play of the year comes from week 7, Burr and Burton's Griffin Stalcup heaves it up to the endzone. Wilson Vickers turns while he dives to make the grab for the touchdown. My pick for play of the year comes in week one, Winooski's Sean Callahan tipping it to himself, he controls it with one hand before grabbing it for the interception in a week one win over Oxbow. And here's Dylan's pick for play of the year, from week 2, BFA's Robert Kelly with a 57-yard field goal that probably would have been good from 65 yards.

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