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Good evening thanks for choosing us at 11 I'm Ali Freeman. And I'm Keith McGilvery. We begin tonight with a very sad update. A Vermont toddler, found unresponsive in an icy brook, has passed away. The UVM Medical Center tells us -- 3-year-old Parker Berry died this evening. Police say the boy went missing Thursday at a daycare in Waterbury. Jennifer Costa reports.


It's every parents worst nightmare. Thursday afternoon Waterbury Rescue responded to a call at THIS home daycare -- on Guptil Road -- for a child found unresponsive in a brook. Battalion Chief Sally Dillion tells us -- an employee from Elephant in the Field Daycare -- found 3-year-old Parker Berry -- in the icy water and started CPR. He was then rushed to the hospital. Police say the little boy had been in a group with other children at the daycare when he disappeared. Detectives say staffers only realized he was missing when his family came to pick him up. But how long he was gone -- and how no one noticed -- remains unclear. The brook is within eyeshot of the house. The daycare is run by Marlena Tucker-Fishman. She's been a licensed home daycare provider since 20-12 -- and has never had a major violation. DCF tells us Fishman voluntarily closed her doors Friday. There's now an ongoing joint investigation -- into the incident -- by state police, child protection & childcare licensing. Elephant in the Field is allowed to have up to 10 children -- 2 infants, 2 toddlers, 2 preschoolers and 4 school aged children. It's situated on a small farm -- described as holistic childcare with a focus on outdoor play. Parker's family tells Channel 3 News that the incident was completely preventable -- and that no child should have been allowed to get near a brook. We asked DCF about fencing regulations at home daycare centers and we were told it's not automatically required. Officials could not say whether Fishman should have had a fence citing the ongoing investigation. We reached out to the owner of the daycare for comment. She has not gotten back to us. JC CH3 NEWS.


The boys father posted a message on his facebook page saying: "Thanks everyone for your support through this terrible time for our family. Our beautiful amazing baby boy passed away peacefully surrounded by his family. Please keep all of us in your heart and prayers while we struggle through this tough time."


A Champlain Valley Union High School student from from carbon monoxide poisoning. That's according to the medical examiner tonight. Police say 17-year-old Tony Moran was found unresponsive behind the wheel of his locked and running car. Police believe the high school senior had slept overnight in the vehicle -- and exhaust from the car leaked into the passenger compartment -- and killed him. It's been ruled an accident.


Two Essex high school hockey players -- are being criminally investigated. Both Essex police and the Chittenden Unit for Special investigations are looking into the case. CUSI says there has also been a referral to DCF - but would not give any details about the allegations. High School Principal Rob Reardon tells us that the investigation centers on "inappropriate conduct" between one hockey player and another member of the team.


In Milton -- the school board is negotiating with the Superintendent - to terminate his contract following a hazing scandal and criminal charges involving several members of the football team. John Barone has been on paid leave since last summer. The Board voted earlier this week to negotiate a separation agreement that will go into effect on Wednesday.


The Vermont Supreme Court has tossed a heroin-dealing conviction. The high court ruled -- police conducted an unreasonable search of Shamel Alexander. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison after police caught him in a taxi cab with hundreds of bags of heroin in July of 2013. The case raised concerns of racial bias in police stops and sentencing in Vermont. Alexander's lawyers said the search moved beyond what was lawful. The Supreme Court agreed. Advocates for criminal justice reform -- who helped argue the case -- say the court sent a strong message.


((00:09:07:10 - 00:09:21:06, I think that the courts message was very strong. We are not going to tolerate generalized suspicion and it has to be a set of circumstances regarding the individual that they are looking at to give rise to a suspicion of criminal activity.)) Now the case will be bumped back down to the trial court. The Bennington prosecutor's office says they will review the case to determine if they will move forward.


Clean water help could be on the way to residents in Hoosick Falls. Governor Andrew Cuomo says a $10 million dollar state Superfund allocation -- will be used to plan a possible alternative water supply for Hoosick -- where a toxic chemical contaminated the water. The state will also purchase and install water filtration systems for about 15-hundred homes with private wells. Residents are being offered free blood testing tomorrow.

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Dan is here. Getting cold out there.


As our region braces for that cold blast this weekend -- the state is asking Vermonters to take precautions. That includes those attending Rutland's 14th Annual Winterfest. Lynzi DeLuccia reports.

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((April Cioffi//Program Director, Rutland Parks 12:49-13:02 "We are full steam ahead always with Winterfest, you hope for the best and then the temperatures show up and tell you it's going to be negative 30, and you figure out what you're going to do.")) Despite the falling temperatures this weekend will see, the city of Rutland will go on with sledding, sculpting and skating this Winterfest - but not without some precautions for those who will be hard at work. ((April 13:28-13:41 'We are going to make sure if they need to get warm hands, the sculptors especially, they can go over to the fire department, we've communicated with them, they're more than willing to let them come in, warm up, get their hands fresh again to go back out and sculpt.")) It's been a while since we've seen subzero conditions. People are reminded to do all they can to stay safe - that includes keeping your vehicle checks up-to-date. ((Elizabeth Coombs//Service Manager, Midas Rutland 02:54: "If you keep up the basic maintenance of your vehicle, everything else should be looked at, so the coolant of the vehicle should be rated for negative 30 degrees, the washer fluid should be rater for negative 20, the brakes, make sure they're where they should be.")) Just as important as your own safety - your pets. Pet owners are urged to keep pets indoors. ((Dr. Bruce Legallais 8:37-8:50 "When the weather gets 20 degrees or below, they can get thermal necrosis or frostbite very easily, anything longer than five or ten minutes, is an exposure on their footpad.")) The best way to stay safe from the harsh conditions is to simply stay inside. If you are outside, try to limit your time in the cold and watch for signs of frostbite, such as a stinging sensation or tingling like pins and needles. ((April 15:09-15:22: "If you do decide to bear the cold, make sure you've got nice warm mittens, hat, facemask, stay layered up, as many layers as you can get on, and keep moving. Keep moving when you're outside.")) Lynzi DeLuccia -- channel 3 news - Rutland.

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A legend in the Burlington restaurant scene has died. Dick Bove passed away from cancer this morning. He was just four years old when his parents opened Bove's Café on Pearl Street -- in the city's "little Italy" neighborhood. He later ran the popular restaurant -- before turning it over to his sons -- after 65 years in the business. It closed for good just two months ago. Dick Bove was 79.

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If pot becomes legal in Vermont -- just how much will smokers be taxed? And it's a busy time of year for chocolatiers -- Valentine's day means sweet business for candy stores. Also -- ((Jessica Henderson//Project SEARCH Instructor 1:32:00-1:32:14 "This is a strength-based program, we try to highlight their abilities, these young adults have hopes and goals and dreams,)) A chance to earn some real work experience for students with special needs. Plus -- the sparkle of a diamond without the high cost -- the story is next.


If Vermont lawmakers legalize pot -- smokers will face a steep tax. The Senate Finance committee voted in favor of the legalization bill today -- adding a tax on sales of 25 percent. The committee also voted to limit sales to a half-ounce at a time for in-state residents -- while leaving the possession limit at an ounce. The bill creates new law enforcement positions, and treatment and prevention efforts prior to allow sale or possesion of pot. While the bill is expected to pass its unclear how the body will pay for up-front costs.


Chocolate makers are gearing up for their biggest weekend of the year. Lake Champlain Chocolates says when Valentine's day falls on a weekday, people usually do their shopping on the way home from work that day. But this year, they expect the day BEFORE the holiday -- tomorrow -- to be the bigger sales day. By the time Valentine's Day is over, Emily McCracken expects to have dipped about two thousand strawberries.


((SOT Emily McCracken 000352 I won't lie, my shoulder might need an icepack after all of this dipping, but it's totally worth it for strawberries. I know I will be purchasing some for myself to enjoy on Valentine's Day while I put an icepack on my shoulder 404)) In addition to dipping more strawberries, McCracken says her weekend is going to be busy personalizing chocolate hearts. She says they'll probably sell about 500 of those.That's happening Saturday and Sunday at the Pine Street store in Burlington.


Millions of people will get engaged on Valentines day and most will involve a diamond ring. Now there is a new type of diamond on the market that is a 100% real diamond but costs significantly less. Kenneth Craig reports.


WHEN JORDAN HILL PROPOSED TO HIS GIRLFRIEND KIM PAVLACKA (pahv-lah-kuh)... HE POPPED THE QUESTION WITH THIS DIAMOND RING. (SOT-Kim Pavlacka/Engaged) oh, i love it! IT LOOKS JUST LIKE A DIAMOND MINED FROM THE GROUND BUT ITS ACTUALLY MAN MADE. (sot-Jordan Hill/Engaged) i knew they were creating diamonds in a lab, i just didn't know they were making them gem quality. THE STONE CAME FROM THE COMPANY PURE GROWN DIAMONDS. (pure grown handout video) INSTEAD OF MINING DIAMONDS FROM THE EARTH PURE GROWN HAS ITS GEMS DEVELOPED IN A SINGAPORE LAB. THE PROCESS USES CARBON AND OTHER GASSES TO CREATE DIAMONDS IN A HIGH PRESSURE CHAMBER IN ABOUT 12 WEEKS. PURE GROWN DIAMONDS CEO LISA BISSELL SAYS THE GEMS ARE ECO-FRIENDLY, CONFLICT FREE AND 30 TO 40 PERCENT CHEAPER. (SOT-) (KENNETH): When I first heard about man made diamonds, I'm thinking cubic zarconias costume jewelry but that's what we have here. (LISA:) these are diamonds they're physically, optically and chemically identical to mined diamonds. AN INCREASING NUMBER OF COMPANIES ARE GETTING INTO THE MAN MADE BUSINESS.. ONE STARTUP, DIAMOND FOUNDRY, EVEN HAS THE BACKING OF ACTOR AND ACTIVIST LEONARDO DICAPRIO. (SOT-Tom Moses/Exec VP, GIA Laboratory) I would not be able to tell the difference between these two diamonds. TOM MOSES AT THE GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA SAYS YOU CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE UNDER MAGNIFICATION. THE ONLY WAY TO BE CERTAIN IS TO PUT IT UNDER INFRARED LIGHT.. (SOT- Tom and Kenneth) both the size and the quality of diamonds coming out of the lab today are really quite good. SOME MAY HESITATE TO BUY A NON-TRADITIONAL STONE FOR THEIR BRIDE TO BE. BUT KIM LOVES HERS. (SOT Kim Pavlacka/Engaged) he couldn't have picked out a better diamond for me THE COUPLE IS NOW MAKING PLANS FOR THEIR WEDDING THIS FALL. KENNETH CRAIG, CBS NEWS, NEW YORK.

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Some students in Rutland are getting a helping hand getting ready for life after high school. Lynzi DeLuccia has more.


Nathan Phalen is a student intern working in Rutland Regional Medical Center's print shop. ((Nathan Phalen 1:21:22-2:21:30: "Right now it's just stacking yellow pamphlets and putting them in rubber bands.")) Nathan is part of Project Search, a bridge program for students with disabilities in their last year of high school. The goal: total immersion in the workplace. Students complete three ten-week internships at departments at Rutland Regional. ((Jessica Henderson//Project SEARCH Instructor 1:32:00-1:32:14 "This is a strength-based program, we try to highlight their abilities, these young adults have hopes and goals and dreams, and we try to match those goals with the internship job skills that they're learning.")) Students also talk about so-called soft skills that will help them, like communication and personal space. ((Eric Killary//Intern 51:55-52:03: "I've actually found this program to be quite useful, it's actually thanks to this program that I've finally decided what I want out of a career (and what's that?) I want to be a coder.")) ((Sarah Donaldson//Coding Manager 1:08:34-1:08:44: "That feels wonderful that he can think of this as a career because either you love coding or you hate coding, and you can tell he really has a passion for it.")) The program has motivated Charles Laplante to explore different options when he graduates. ((Charles Laplante//Intern 57:55-58:02: "I want to get an apartment and find a job and maybe go through college.")) Mackie Badgley wants to go on to work in a nursing home. Mackie's mother sees incredible growth in her. ((Karen Badgley 1:16:40-1:16:46: "I'm very proud, I'm very proud of all of the kids here. She's come a long way.")) Job coaches accompany interns to different job sites in finance, orthopedics, human resources and more. ((Heather Brouillard: "they start out with these jobs and they think they can't do it, they think this is too hard for me, and once we break it down, it's so cool to see how proud they are of themselves.")) (( Ross Alno 1:04:03-1:04:16: "Sometimes it takes them a few weeks within an internship to grasp what's going on, what's actually happening, but once they do, that's the day you just love it.")) Students currently enrolled in the program are from the Rutland area. Some attended Rutland High School, where Associate Principal Pam Reed knew them. ((Pam Reed//Associate Principal, Rutland HS 1:28:30-1:28:41: "What's amazing to me is the increase in self-confidence I've seen, The program really opens their minds to thinking about other alternatives for their future.")) The student interns will officially graduate in June after completing the program, and applications are now being accepted for Project Search's second year at Rutland Regional Medical Center. Lynzi DeLuccia, Channel 3 News, Rutland.


Dozens of young men in Vermont are officially new Eagle Scouts! 83 teens from across the state earned scouting's highest honor this year and were recognized with a proclamation at the state house today. For many of them the distinction comes following years of hard work and doing good with the Green Mountain Council. Both Governor Peter Shumlin and Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott were on hand for today's special events. Our congratulations to all of the new eagle scouts!



Back in early January, the Rice boys basketball team handed Burlington it's lone loss of the season, 58-55 in South Burlington. Tonight, the 18-1 Seahorses hosted the 17-2 Green Knights in the regular season finale for both teams, with the top seed in the Division One playoffs on the line. Rice also looking to spoil Burlington's Senior Night. The Seahorses 3 seniors being honored with a ceremony before the game... --- 1st Quarter, Rice comes out firing. Ben Shungu from the top of the key with the pull-up 3...part of his game high 29 points... --- Then it's Kam Farris from downtown...three of his 20...Knights up 9 after 1. --- Rice led by as many as 14 in the 1st Half, but in the closing seconds...Kevin Garrison with the step-back jumper, beats the buzzer. Burlington within 7 at the break. --- 3rd Quarter...after falling behind by double digits again... Burlington goes on a 19-4 run...Asmin Mostalic (mo-STAR-litch) And-1 ...the senior with 12 B-H-S their 1st lead since the opening minutes... --- Then it's Josh Hale with the friendly bounce...two of his 17 ...Burlington up 2 after 3. --- 4th Quarter, more from Garrison. Picks the pocket, then finishes with the emphatic slam ...a team high 26 for the sophomore... Burlington avenges its lone loss of the season, beating Rice 73-71 to finish the regular season 19-1.


((TRT: 20 ... OC: GOT IT FOR THEM)) ((Hale/ It's been three years for basketball and we're so happy. This has been our goal for all my years here, to beat Rice. It couldn't be sweeter. I'm just so happy to finally beat Rice. )) ((Mostarlic/ I'm glad that we could get this win tonight with my teammates that I've been playing with for a lot of years. It's just great with this crowd. They wanted a win tonight and we got it for them.))


UVM men's hockey team visiting New Hampshire ...early second period ...Liam Coughlin scores on the rebound ...power play goal... ties things at one... --- UNH retakes the lead on a 5-on-3 power play, but midway thru the period...Vermont gets its own two man advantage and Alexx Privitera rips home his fifth of the year tied at one... --- then with just 26 second left in the period...Brady Shaw finds Conor O'Neil on the doorstep...3-2 Vermont... --- Packy Munson takes it from there...making 25 saves... and the IceCats earn a big 3-2 win. They go for a two game sweep tomorrow at 5pm at the Whittemore Center.


Barton's Susan Dunklee followed her historic second place finish in yesterday's sprint race with a fifth place finish today in the women's pursuit at the World Cup biathlon stop in Presque Isle, Maine. Morrisville's Hannah Dreissigacker came in 24th. In the men's pursuit, Paul Smith, New York's Tim Burke had a strong seventh place finish, with Lake Placid's Lowell Bailey crossing the line in 14th. Competition continues with the men's relay tomorrow and the women's relay on Sunday.


to the slopes... Dartmouth Winter Carnival...Big Green looking for a third straight carnival victory....competition starting with the giant slalom at the Dartmouth Skiway...the women up first...and the Big Green had some solid depth...placing five skiers in the top eleven...but their best finish was just fifth...Kelly Moore edging teammate Foreste Peterson by a tenth of a second for that top five spot... --- at the top of the standings...UVM sophomore Laurence St. Germain...she posted the fastest time in both the first and second runs to earn the victory in her first race back with the Cats. St. Germain had spent the start of the Carnival season training with Team Canada and had made seven World Cup starts ...The Cats placed two more in the top nine for a strong start to the weekend.


In the men's giant slalom, Vermont puts on a dominant performance, finishing first, third and fourth...led by junior Morgan Megarry, who claims his first win as Catamount. He missed last year with a knee injury and spent the first part of this season in Europe. Megarry edging Middlebury's Robert Cone by half a second...Cone bounced back with a strong effort after a pair of DNF's in the GS and slalom two weeks ago at Stowe. SkiCat senior Dom Garand was third today, and freshman Max Roeisland finished tied with Brian McLaughlin of Dartmouth for fourth. McLaughlin was the only Big Green skier in the top ten.


off those strong performances, Vermont owns the day one lead by forty points over New Hampshire with Dartmouth sitting in third 46 points off the pace. Middlebury is fourth...St. Mike's sits in eighth. Competition concludes Saturday with the slalom at the Skiway ...and it's just one day of nordic competition with men's and women's mass start classic races at Craftsbury.

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