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Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11 -- I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Jennifer Costa. Could legalizing pot lead to millions in new spending in Vermont? A new report from one personal finance company says yes. We asked Kyle Midura to check it out.

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Nearly three-point-one billion dollars -- that's how much marijuana could add to public coffers across the country if every state legalized it. That's according to San Francisco based data-crunching company NerdWallet. Several states are considering taxing and regulating the drug like Washington and Colorado do. (00:00:53:00 - PHONER) ((Divya Raghavan - NerdWallet so we wanted to add something to that debate - contribute a little more analysis - how exactly this initiative could benefit your state)) GFX: Analyst Divya Raghavan calculates legal weed would generate eleven-point-four million dollars in the Green Mountain State ... and says that's a conservative estimate. They rounded down for many variables given the pot market is foggier than for products sold at the supermarket. (00:07:00:00 - Phoner) ((Divya Raghavan - NerdWallet it's not a legal industry no one's keeping track of it it's all under the table sales that aren't taxed )) GFX: By comparison -- cigarettes and alcohol taxes generate more than 115-million dollars in Vermont. The projected revenue for marijuana would be higher if lifting the prohibition lifts smoking rates... and if Vermont uses a higher tax rate than Colorado's 15 percent sales tax. Farmer and Progressive State Senator David Zuckerman suggested a steeper tax -- 50 dollars an ounce -- in a proposal that went up in smoke last session. He says legalization would also boost revenue in other Vermont industries. (00:01:02:00) ((Sen. David Zuckerman - P-Chittenden County Vermont's within a day drive of the quarter of the U.S. population, so I think it will augment our ski industry, it will augment our tourism industry )) Zuckerman says weed revenue could be put toward drug treatment efforts -- and thinks legalization could save police resources and allow them to focus on harder drugs. The President of the Vermont's Chiefs of Police Association disagrees. (7:44) ((the cost of legalization of marijuana is going to far exceed what the benefits are going to be )) Vergennes Police Chief George Merkel says the state's problem with hard drugs would only grow if marijuana became legal. He says a federal report on Colorado's legalization indicates since dispensaries opened there, they've seen a spike in doped kids and stoned drivers -- with fatal consequences. (9:40) ((Chief George Merkel - Vergennes Police Chief I don't care how much money you put on the table, it's not worth it that's blood money as far as I'm concerned )) ((KM - STUP CLOSE Lawmakers are expected to seriously consider marijuana legalization when they return to the state house in January. An in-depth study from the Rand Corporation has been ordered -- and all of the candidates for Governor say they would likely sign a recreational pot bill if it landed on their desk. KM, Ch.3 BTV ))


Police hope you can help them find a fugitive. State and federal authorities looking for 29-year-old Travis Sweeney. The Georgia man is wanted for escape and grand larceny. He was spotted running from a home on Cedarwood Terrace in Georgia this afternoon. Police say he was last seen wearing jeans -- a black t-shirt and a white baseball cap. Police don't believe he's dangerous -- but if you know where he is you're asked to call state police in St. Albans.


A Newport woman is accused of leading authorities on a high-speed international chase. Vermont state police say the suspect is this woman -- Valentina Velasquez. Authorities say the pursuit started around 5-30 this morning in Derby. That's when they say the 31-year-old tried to break into the Corner Mini Mart armed with a gun -- only to take off when cops arrived. Canadian police picked up the chase when she crossed the border and used spike strips to stop her car. Nabil Ibrahim owns the store where things got started. He tells us he saw the armed woman and said he was ready to shoot if she had entered the building.


((Nabil Ibrahim, Derby Corner Mini Mart 00:19:45:00 I told her ma'am, they're coming in through the door, I have the gun in my hand, I've never hurt nobody, if they come in I have to shoot, I have to protect myself.)) The store's owner says Velasquez never made it inside the store. She's now facing numerous charges in Canada and Vermont.


He's supposed to fight fires -- not set them. Volunteer firefighter -- Jason Brown -- is facing an arson charge after police say he set a small blaze -- back in August -- outside the Waitsfield Champlain Farms where he worked. Police say 27-year-old Fayston man later extinguished it with another firefighter. It caused about 500 dollars in damage. Police are investigating three other suspicious fires set outside the store that same month.


A scary scene this afternoon in Fairfield -- after a moving vehicle erupts in flames. A viewer sent this video from the scene. Police say a car pulled over near the intersection of South and Buck Hollow Roads -- around 4-40. Smoke coming from the hood. Police say the driver was able to get out safely. And the fire department was able to put out the blaze. No word yet on what sparked that fire.

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Dan is here. Great day today, hopefully more this weekend.


If you're headed into downtown Burlington this weekend -- expect traffic delays. The Department of Public Works will be doing an emergency repair on a sewage pipe -- on Main Street between South Winooski and South Union. The eastbound lane will be shut down. The department says a 100 year old pipe collapsed -- and was causing sewage backups in the area. The city is asking people to seek alternate routes. Repairs are set to begin early Saturday morning--and continue through Sunday night.


About 300 people turned out to Light the Night in Burlington. The walk kicked off at the Memorial Auditorium. It raised about 70-thousand dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The event honored blood cancer survivors, as well as those lost to the diseases. It also stressed the importance of finding cures and access to treatment.

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Still ahead -- find out why a fire in Chicago grounded flights in Burlington. And Judy Simpson introduces us to a Vermont man who's getting a new lease on life thanks to some high-tech help. ((FOOTBALL NATS)) Plus it's week 5 of the Friday Football Frenzy! Mike, Dylan and Scott have highlights from 7 games when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues. ((FOOTBALL NATS))


Flight delays in Burlington -- stemming from problems in the windy city. Authorities say an early morning fire at Chicago's air traffic control center--was deliberately set by an employee. Federal agents say the suspect was found in the building's basement, where the blaze began, with self-inflicted knife wounds and burns to his body. All air traffic in and out of the Chicago area was stopped for hours--delaying and canceling some at the Burlington International Airport.


A new high tech device -- invented by the military -- has a Vermonter -- jogging for the first time in decades. Judy Simpson has his story.


When James Cole was a young man he was very active and played alot of sports, until he was sidelined by an accident. ((Tile1576_01 James Cole/ Has IDEO Braces 00:00:05:09" It was 25 years ago I was living in Boston at the time and I ended up taking a fall from a second story apartment building , the window ledge of the second story, landed on my feet on the sidewalk and smashed my ankles all to bits." 00:00:23:05)) There are 4 inch plates on the front of both James' shins. There are 12 screws holding the bones together. Even walking for short distances has been very painful. He thought he would have to live like this for the rest of his life, until a year ago -- when he saw a news report about a new kind of high tech leg brace called IDEO, short for Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis. A carbon fiber brace designed for soldiers with wounded legs, as an alternative to amputation. (( Tile1576_01 00:02:01:11 James Cole/ Has IDEO Braces "And at that time it was only available to military or service personnel I followed the story for a while and when it became available to the public I got in touch with the designer of the product to start heading in that direction." 00:02:20:25)) Several months ago James traveled to the Hanger Clinic in Washington state to begin the process. A plaster cast was made of his legs, and the braces were built. James went back to the clinic last month and spent a week getting the devices fitted and tested. And -- James trained to use them. ((Tile1576_01 James Cole/ Has IDEO Braces 00:05:13:29" So it has stablizers on the sides so when you are doing lateral motion it keeps you from rolling over it is custom formed to your foot fits right inside your shoe the rods on the back are the struts is what they call them , as you step forward they flex." 00:05:31:11)) The results have been dramatic. Within hours James was able to run, something he has not done in 25 years. But now there is another challenge, how to pay for the devices that cost almost 9 thousand dollars each. James' insurance won't cover it. Meanwhile he continues to get used to his new devices one step at a time, last week he walked a total of ten miles. Getting back in shape will take baby steps. ((Tile 1584_01 00:11:07:07 James Cole / I would really like to be able to do 4 or 5 miles a day, get back in shape and be able to do things again that people my age should be able to do." 00:11:17:11)) James also wants to help spread the word about the new techonology in the hopes others will be able to take the next step in their recovery. JS CHannel three news Bristol.

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Tonight: Clear skies. Areas of fog. Low 45/55. Wind light. Saturday: Morning fog. Sunny and warm. High 73/80. Wind light. Saturday Night: Clear skies. Areas of fog. Low 45/55. Wind light. Sunday: Morning fog. Sunny and warm. High 75/82. Wind light. Monday: Partly cloudy. Chance of showers, late. High 65/72. Low 45/52. Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 63/70. Low 40s. Wednesday: Partly sunny. High 60s. Low 40s. Thursday: Partly sunny. High 60s. Low 40s. Friday: Partly sunny. High 60s.

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A rematch of last year's division 3 state championship game taking place tonight in Woodstock as Mill Rivers visits the wasps. Did it end in another game winning extra point? The answer in just a few minutes.


But first welcome to week 5 of the Friday Football Frenzy. I'm Mike McCune. And I'm Dylan Scott. Time flying when you're having fun... We have a full plate of games on the menu this evening. And we start in Division 1. Unbeaten St. Johnsbury taking the trip to Brattleboro tonight meeting a Colonels team in desperate need of a win to get back into the playoff picture. It's our Frenzy focus.


St Johnsbury still needs to finish that lightening shortend game against St. Albans. --- But first things first a battle with Brattleboro and things don't start well for the Toppers. The Colonels Tyler McKenney with a great play to strip the ball from Caleb Stowell, recovered by Taylor King. --- On the very next play, its the guy who poked it away McKenney taking the hand off, somehow gets through a mess of traffic and he takes off 55 yards to the endzone. 7-0 Brattleboro --- St J gets that right back before the end of the quarter Stowell takes it in for the short touchdown. 7-7 after 1. --- Second quarter Brattleboro trying to get back in it via the long ball, but Tony Martinez is picked off by St. J's Devon Switser. The Toppers go on to the 27-14 win improving to 4-0.


Sticking with Division I... 3-1 Essex playing host to 1-3 Rutland... --- Late drama in this one... Raiders trailing 21-14 1 minute to play... QB Andrew Kenosh with the dump pass to Cam Slade ..Takes it to the 1... --- Next play it's Kenosh on the keeper, crosses the goaline for the touchdown... We head to overtime.. --- Both teams get a possession from the 10 ... Raiders kicking a field goal.. Who else, Kenosh just over the bar... Rutland with the 24-21 lead... --- The Hornets with a chance to win it, with a touchdown... Brendan Gleason rolls out, looking for a receiver but its tipped and picked by Tyler Billings... That's your ballgame, Rutland upsets Essex in overtime, 24-21.


Let's head down to Hartford, a good one between the Hurricanes and BFA St. Albans. --- Third quarter, after intercepting a pass, Hartford finds the endzone Tyler Searles (SIRLS) takes it in from a yard out. 20-16 Hartford --- Back come the Bobwhites Robert Kelly pitches it to Robert Simon from about the 45 yard line. He goes around the pack and down the sideline for the touchdown. 22-20 St Albans after 3. --- The Bobwhites put this one away in the 4th. Kelly drops back, finds Riley Mangan for the touchdown. St. Albans up 9. --- The defense preventing any Hartford comeback, Nick Hale, from the blind side, and that's all you need to see St. Albans beats Hartford 29-20. The Bobwhites are 3-1, it's the Hurricanes second loss to a Vermont team this season.


South Burlington playing host to Mount Mansfield...and the defenses dominate on this night...first quarter...South Burlington's Henry Cunningham with the interception...this one would be scoreless at the half... --- early in the third... South Burlington's Thomas DeMag looking deep...but senior Kyle Haley makes an acrobatic interception to stop that Rebels drive... --- late in the third quarter...Mount Mansfield QB Dominic Mosca rolling out, buys time and finds Justin Fischer deep... 57 yards for the touchdown...7-0 Cougars... --- and the MMU defense makes it stand...DeMag in trouble...Mosca makes a sliding interception... and Mount Mansfield shuts out South Burlington 7-0...


also in Division One will be a fun bus ride home up Route Seven for Colchester ...after the Lakers pick up a 20-14 win at Mount Anthony...



Welcome back to the Friday Football Frenzy. Last year's division 3 title game had it all, excitement, drama and controversy. Woodstock beat Bellows falls on a late touchdown and last second extra point to claim a third straight division 3 state title. The rematch taking place tonight in Woodstock. Both teams trying to reestablish themselves in Division 3. --- First quarter the Minutemen putting together an impressive drive. Mill River Quarterback Mike Morgan scrambles and finds Dylan Shelvey across the middle for the first down. --- Later in the drive, Morgan back to pass again, this one a little easier, finding Chris Patch for the touchdown. 6-0 Mill River. --- On the ensuing kickoff, check out Woodstock's Bill Wood. He picks it up from about his own 30 yard line and check out the speed. He goes 70 yards to the end zone. Woodstock takes the 7-6 lead --- But the Miller River defense is the story of this one. The Minutemen allow just one touchdown the rest of the way, lead by Ethan Mariam. The Minute Men stun Woodstock at home 25-13 the final.


and in Division Three ...Oxbow picks up its first victory of 2014 with a 30-12 win at Springfield...


Non-division matchup in Milton as the D2 yellowjackets, hosted D3 Otter Valley.. --- Otters not intimidated by playing up... First drive, QB John Winslow with the dart to Derek Basette for the nice gain... --- Later on the drive, Carson Leary caps it off with the short TD run... 7-0 OVU after 1 .. --- Milton sticking around in the second thanks to big hits like this from Kiernan Brisson.. Huge third down sack... --- But the yellowjackets a bit overagressive... And they pay for it... Winslow with the screen pass to Carson Leary... #34 does the rest... 50+ for the touchdown.. Otter Valley doubles up Milton... 44-22...


Speaking of d3 contenders... Tomorrow, Burr & Burton looks to remain undefeated when the Bulldogs travel to Bellows Falls to take on the Terriers. Burr & Burton is 3-0 coming off a rivalry win over D-1 Mount Anthony. Bellows Falls is 3-1... bouncing back from their home loss to Rice two weeks ago with a victory last Friday night at North Country. With games against Rice and Fair Haven looming, Burr & Burton knows it will be tested the second half of the season, starting tomorrow.


(((TRT: 20 OC" COMING AT YOU... "Defense is going to be key, all they do is run and pass a little bit... I think our secondary will do a good job, all we have to do is stop the run, that's the key. They're a good football team, well conditioned, physical... I think our message is Bulldog strong, we're coming at you.")))


That is one of eight matchups on Saturday ...4-0 Middlebury visits CVU...4-0 Rice hosts North Country... U-32 and Fairfax has the potential to be a good one in Division Three...Burlington has the week off. Look for all those scores and highlights tomorrow night following SEC football here on Channel Three.


Three of our four local college football teams are in action tomorrow. Middlebury looks for its first win of the season at Colby. Castleton is on the road at Alfred State. Norwich has the weekend off. and after a five year hiatus the Granite Bowl is back... Dartmouth, coming off their season opening win last weekend at home against Central Connecticut, visits fourth ranked New Hampshire in Durham. The kickoff is at 6pm ...the first ever night game at Cowell Stadium.


how about the Friday Frozen Frenzy...UVM women's hockey playing their exhibition opener against McGill at Gutterson... --- for Vermont, sophomore Madison Litchfield of Williston with the tough task of replacing all-everything goaltender Roxanne Douville...she made 14 saves over the first two periods... --- but after a scoreless first...McGill breaks open in the second, scoring twice in a two minute span... they'd add two more in the third for a 4-0 win. Vermont opens it's season next Friday night at Bemidji State.


Before we sign off for another week, let's take a look at the Frenzy Plays of the night. Woodstock came up on the short end at home against Mill River... but Bill Wood turns on the jets on this kickoff return...going 70 yards for the touchdown.... BFA-St. Albans earned an impressive win at Hartford...capped by this crunching sack by Nick Hale... and maybe the game of the night...Rutland at Essex...the Raiders tie the game late... kick a field goal in OT...and Tyler Billings seals the victory with this interception...

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