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Good Evening and thank you for joining us at 11 I'm Shelby Cashman. It was a manhunt that lasted for days. But today--an alleged Springfield killer--found himself in the courtroom. Eliza Larson has tonights top story.


Gregory Allen Smith was led into a courtroom Friday -- 6 days after the 30-year-old allegedly shot and killed Wesley Wing in Springfield. (courtroom NATS) Smith's girlfriend -- Wendy Morris -- was reportedly involved in the argument that police say led to the shooting. Court papers say Wing called her a heroin addict -- and told her to get her drugs out of the neighborhood. Police believe she told Smith -- who then shot Wing. Investigators say Morris and Smith took off. Police launched a manhunt across the region. Investigators say Smith got help hiding from two girl friends -- Morris and Kristin Walsh. Police have already charged Walsh for helping him avoid the police. Troopers found Smith and Morris at a campground in South Londonderry Thursday morning. (TC 00:54:50:13 Title 7686)((Jordana Levine/Defense Attorney: "we would reserve bail arguments at this time and request a weight of the evidence hearing be scheduled." 00:54:55:03)) Smith pleaded not guilty to the 2nd degree murder charges. He will be held without bail awaiting a hearing. (NATS: audience: "WE LOVE YOU GREG) Morris pleaded not guilty to of a charge of accessory after the fact. The prosecutor argued for bail to be set at 10 thousand dollars -- due to the seriousness of the circumstances -- aging a fugitive and fleeing authorities. But Judge Robert Gerety (GAR-ITY) disagreed. And she was released. (TC 01:17:22:23 Title 7700)((Judge Robert Gerety/Vermont Superior Court: "in this case there's nothing before the court indicating that this particular defendant has any history in court - in criminal court at all. And certainly no history of failing to appear." 01:17:37:11) Morris faces a list of conditions for her release - including staying away from Wing's family members. Many were in the courtroom. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. White River Junction


A Morrisville man is accused of possessing child pornography. Police say Cole Hess was using his email account to store the pornography. He pleaded not guilty Thursday and was released on ten thousand dollars bail--with restrictions that limit his access to the internet and interaction with children. If convicted--Hess faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.


State police say they've nabbed a man who was using bad checks. Grover Pangburn is accused of forging at least five checks in the name of the first National Bank of Orwell--totaling around thirteen hundred dollars--from March 31st to April 6th in the Rutland area. He was arrested today--and is facing multiple charges.


Governor Shumlin says he'll sign a controversial gun bill passed by the House and the Senate. The announcement comes after the bill cleared its final legislative hurdle yesterday. Vermont is known as one of the least restrictive states in the country for gun ownership... and these new limits are narrow in scope -- aimed at convicted felons and the mentally ill. Earlier this year the Governor said Vermont's current laws worked just fine. He strongly opposed an earlier version of the bill that would have required background checks for private gun sales.


FBI Director James Comey--joined Senator Patrick Leahy at Champlain College today checking out its digital innovation center - named after Senator. Eva McKend was there too.


***NAT*** ((25:06:27 - 25:14:15 COMEY: Behind this glass is incredible talent and this country in general and the FBI in particular needs those folks.)) Sophomore Kayla Williford could hardly wait to tell F-B-I Director James Comey all about the technology she's working on to help local law enforcement with human trafficking. ((Kayla Williford, Champlain College Sophomore, 00:50:40:28 - 00:50:45:08, I would love to be in the FBI when I get out of school.)) Students at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation got to meet with the Director and Senator Patrick Leahy Friday during a tour of the facility. ((Jonathan Rajewski, Leahy Center Director, 00:52:55:29 - 00:53:07:15, We look at some of the latest greatest newest mobile technologies and we try to reverse engineer how that technology works so we can actually understand the data if in fact there is a case that involves a missing child for example.)) ***NAT*** Students showed off the center's facial recognition system and other cyber crime-solving tools. The lab is highly celebrated for it's innovative work. Students consult with local law enforcement and even have clients in the private sector. ((James Comey, FBI Director, 00:26:22:02 - 00:26:31:22, We are only going to be successful if we attract the brains and the creativity we need to fight a criminal threat, a terrorist threat and an espionage threat that's getting increasingly sophisticated.)) Comey's visit came just days after the FBI formally acknowledged examiners gave flawed testimony for decades in trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants using hair. When asked, the director acknowledged emerging digital technology is equally susceptible to the same kind of error. ((James Comey, FBI Director, 00:43:46:06 - 00:43:55:28, We want to make sure we collect all of those cases and tell the prosecutors, the judges and the defense lawyers so they can figure out, is this a big problem? Is this a little problem, is it no problem in the particular cases)) Leahy secured a $650-thousand-dollar grant to help fund Champlain's digital forensics program. He says he's proud of the work and that law enforcement agencies across the country are keeping Americans safe. ((Sen. Patrick Leahy, (D) - Vermont 00:29:42:47 - 00:29:53:11, If you knew the number of successes that you never read about that we've done, that have kept us from attacks.)) The head of the nation's top federal law organization left Champlain with just one request for students. ((James Comey, FBI Director, 00:26:12:00 - 00:26:15:24, You gotta come work for the FBI, don't go working for any fancy private companies.)) Eva McKend, Channel 3 News, Burlington.


While the Vermont senate gears up to unveil its tax plan -- they're also looking for a system overhaul next year. After a budget gap of tens of millions of dollars this year--Sen. Tim Ashe wants to begin charging sales tax on services -- like dry-cleaning, accounting, or architectural work. He would exclude healthcare, education, social services, or those purchased by businesses though. Ashe says doing so would allow the legislature to lower the sales tax from six percent to four-point-seven-five percent.


(00:02:06:00) ((Sen. Tim Ashe - D/P-Chittenden County what we're really starting to do this year is have a roadmap to have predictable taxes out into the future so that we don't have to keep coming back and doing crisis management each year the way it's become the practice since the recession began)) Ashe says avoiding discussion surrounding potential tax hikes every year would give certainty to businesses and residents, allowing the economy to grow. Several Republican are opposing the idea of opening new businesses to taxation.

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We are still stuck in this persistent, unsettled weather pattern through the weekend and into next week. A stalled storm is spinning around us ... Tonight will be mostly cloudy with some snow showers. The snow showers will be more numerous in northern areas; some high terrain spots to the north could see 1-3" of snow. Lows will be around 30. Saturday will feature mostly cloudy skies north. A few lingering snow showers will switch over to mainly rain showers. Southern areas have a chance for some sunny breaks. Highs will range from 42/52, coolest to the north. More on the extended in a bit.

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Rock legend Neil Young is touring in Vermont for the first time. But eager fans--ran into some trouble trying to buy tickets today. The website to buy tickets went down. It was finally back up and running around 1:30 this afternoon. So some--got in line to buy tickets at the Flynn in Burlington. Hopeful ticket buyers stretched for blocks from ticket office on Main Street. The website was back up and running by 1:30 this afternoon.


((Kathy Valiquette, Colchester "Cheerful, excited everybody's happy. We heard that the computers crashed and smartphones crashed so we are hoping to get good seats. We grew up on him you know, Neil Young is just an icon.)) Neil Young did play a single show with a bar band in Killington in 1965--but has never toured here. Young's July 19th show will be held at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction.

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A new set of rules for winter driving? (Tile 5679 50:10:12) ((Lt. Garry Scott/Vermont State Police "We looked at the data we do see a significant increase in crashes during winter months")) Vermonters on board for reduced speed limits on slick roads. And is the bird flu wreaking havoc in the midwest heading our way? Plus a new home for New Hampshire's pumpkin fest. Controversy at a Dartmouth frat force changes to greek life on a national level.


Should the speed limit be reduced during snowy weather? That's the question posed to Vermonters in a recent survey. Anson Tebbetts has the results.


We all know it was a long and difficult winter--that included traveling on the highways. The wrecks piled-up during the winter storms. (Tile 5679 50:10:12) ((Lt. Garry Scott/Vermont State Police "We looked at the data we do see a significant increase in crashes during winter months")) Driving during storms became a hot topic inside and outside the State House. A survey just released by the Vermont State Police showed strong support for lowering the speed limit during wintry driving conditions 67 percent of those who took the on-line survey liked the idea of dropping the speed limit during wintry weather. (5684 56:06) ((Anson Tebbetts/3 News "only the busiest stretches of 89 are under consideration for changes in the speed limit during winter driving.")) Policy makers are looking at lowering the speed limit from South Burlington to Montpelier on Interstate 89. But before the law could change more details are needed: (tile 5679 50:39:13) ((Lt. Garry Scott/Vermont State Police "what would be the times we would actually have to change it. Who would make those decisions? When it would it be changed? We would really want to look at hard data")) The data on distracted driving is in. Police say people are still talking on their phones while driving despite it being against the law. (Tile 5679 52:15:18) ((Lt. Garry Scott/Vermont State Police "We are seeing phones back in people's ears. We want to get the message back out The response we got 44 percent still seeing it as a problem in this state. People still using their phones.)) The public can now expect stepped-up enforcement. And the public and police are keeping a close eye on a possible big change in the law. Lawmakers are considering making it illegal to touch your phone while the vehicle is stopped. (Tile 5679 53:07:15) ((Lt. Garry Scott/Vermont State Police "Right now you can have a device in your hand you can look at it but as soon as the vehicle starts moving you need to have it out of your hands.")) and police admit the habit of driving and grabbing your phone is a hard one to break. (tile 5679 54:27:21) ((Lt. Garry Scott/Vermont State Police "People are having a hard time just putting their phones down. They are so connected to it")) Connected to the world at a time when police say the public should be focused on safety. Anson Tebbetts channel 3 news Williston. -3-


The bird flu wreaking havoc in the midwest -- is likely to spread to the east. It's already affecting millions of birds in at least 13 states, including the nation's top turkey producer: Minnesota. The disease is also driving up prices at the grocery store. Officials say it could spread to the Northeast if birds in the Atlantic flyway become infected with the highly contagious strain -- H-5-N-2. They say it could be carried by migratory birds, including wild geese and ducks, as they head for northern breeding grounds over the summer.


Dartmouth college has been in hot water lately over its Greek life on campus, after headlines about hazing, racism, and underage drinking. The school is now making changes -- but do they go far enough? Mark Albert reports.


Dartmouth College is taking steps to shut down its most famous fraternity. Alpha Delta was the inspiration for the movie "Animal House." QUICK NATS More than 30-years later, it's in trouble for =branding= new members. (Hackett) I JUST WAS NOT SURPRISED Dartmouth Professor Peter Hackett is pushing for reform in Dartmouth's Greek system. And recently the college announced a blueprint for change. The school banned hard alcohol and eliminated pledging in the Greek houses. Hackett says more change is needed but it?s an uphill battle. :31-:35 (Peter Hackett/Dartmouth Professor) WHEN YOU START TALKING ABOUT ABOLISHING GREEK LIFE OR TAMPERING WITH GREEK LIFE IN ANY WAY IT'S A POLITICALLY VERY DIFFICULT SUBJECT. A subject that's become more pressing, with Dartmouth on the list of 105 schools under federal investigation for its handling of sexual violence and harassment cases. (GFX) Dartmouth?s six-page program for campus reform promises accountability and transparency. The college declined our request for an interview. :58-1:07 (STANDUP/MARK ALBERT/HANOVER, N.H.) Freshman Justin Sanders has heard the warnings but plans to join a fraternity. 1:13-1:16 (Justin Sanders/Dartmouth Freshman) IT DOES OFFER A LOT OF THINGS THAT YOU CAN'T GET ANYWHERE ELSE. Senior Deby Guzman-Buchness quit her sorority because she thought it was discriminatory. 1:25-1:31 (Deby Guzman-Buchness/Dartmo uth Senior) the cost is people feeling// not good enough. And putting people down. That's too great a cost for me Deby will graduate in June..and hopes Dartmouth will continue to press for change. Mark Albert, CBS News, Hanover, New Hampshire.


A new home for the Pumpkin Festival. The festival was held in Keene for 24 years -- but last October's event got out of control. More than 100 people were arrested and there was thousands of dollars in property damage. Keene officials decided not to grant a permit for this year's festival. Officials in Laconia say their experience hosting an annual motorcycle festival gives should give them a good handle on security and public safety for the pumpkin event.

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We are still stuck in this persistent, unsettled weather pattern through the weekend and into next week. A stalled storm is spinning around us ... Tonight will be mostly cloudy with some snow showers. The snow showers will be more numerous in northern areas; some high terrain spots to the north could see 1-3" of snow. Lows will be around 30. Saturday will feature mostly cloudy skies north. A few lingering snow showers will switch over to mainly rain showers. Southern areas have a chance for some sunny breaks. Highs will range from 42/52, coolest to the north. Sunday and Monday skies will remain mostly cloudy with the chance for just a few showers from time to time. Highs will be mainly in the 50s. Tuesday looks partly sunny with the chance for just a passing shower or two. Our latest model guidance is giving us a dry day on Wednesday. Skies should be partly sunny with seasonable temps. In the longer term, as more energy spirals around, the chance for a few more showers will return later next week.

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Good news Maple lovers -- this weekend is the annual Maple Festival. Tonight Judy Simpson gives us a sweet -- sneak peek.


Wether they sugar the old fashioned way, or with the latest technology Maple Producers across the state pause this weekend to celebrate This is the 49th annual Maple Festival in St. Albans and this year's theme is Milk and Maple, two signature products of Franklin County. Many dairy farmers supplement their income with maple. ((Cecile Branon/Maple Festival Organizer 00:04:43:11" You tapped your trees and you did sugaring to diversify your income in the spring and winter when things were low and that income was used to help you pay for your spring bills your spring crops" )) So how was this year's maple crop? ((Cecile Branon/Maple Festival Organizer 00:01:10:08 We are hearing there are some producers that made a full crop but most is about three quarters we are hearing that from canada maine also right now." 00:01:19:12)) A 13 member board of trustees and a small army of volunteers have been working for the past ten months to pull this year's festival together. This morning the job was making maple candy. ((Bruce Martell/ Maple Festival volunteer 00:07:50:00 the thermometer is the boss we are cooking this to 244 gently cool to 220 it effects your grain and when you can see in here as it goes it will apron up .)) When the consistency is just right, the candy molds are filled. The other job at hand was to make maple cream to frost the donuts. ((kathy Branon/ Maple Festival volunteer 00:12:34:04 The first thing we have to do is get this in the hopper it is a two person sticky job )) Kathy Branon says if the temperature is off by even one degree, the cream won't be right. ((00:17:01:05" hopefully we got the temperature right and its going to be a nice consistency 00:17:09:11 I have heard some of the old timers say your cream should be , you should almost be able to slice it. "00:17:16:19)) Looks like this batch, is perfect. And that is important because more than 300 dozen doughnuts will be sold over the weekend. ((00:20:39:00 Js asks" How are the donuts? They are soo good :)) And while there are plenty of sweet treats to eat, the festival also marks the change of seasons. ((Liz Gamache( SP?) Mayor of St Albans 00:43:10:19" It's a great time of year marked by the Maple Festival when we all get back outside out and about neighbors and friends reconnecting with one another after a long winter" 00:43:23:27)) The official opening of the Maple Festival began at noon with the National Anthem,, ((Nat sot singing)) And then a toast of Maple Milk to celebrate. ((Nat sot toast)) Of course the big event is the parade that happens Sunday at Noon. JS channel three news St Albans.


Coming off the winningest season in program history, the Castleton state football team is ready to build off that success in 2015. The Spartans released their schedule today. The team will play 3-non conference games before getting into the ECFC shcedule. The first two of those non conference games are on the road, at Plymouth State Saturday Spetember 5th and at Salve Regina the following Saturday. --- The home opener is also the homecoming game against Alfred State on Saturday September 26th at noon. The Spartans play 5 home games this season including the 7th annual Maple Sap Bucket game against Norwich to close out the regular season on Saturday November 14th. The Spartans beat the Cadets in Northfield last season, 48-28.


The Montreal Canadiens returning back to the Bell Centre tonight with a chance to close out the Senators and move on to the next round of the NHL playoffs. The Habs winning the first two games of this series at the Bell Centre. --- A much different story in game 5. Ottawa scores two goals in the first period, Patrick Wiercioch (wear-cosh) through a screen beats Carey Price. 2-0 Sens after 1. --- Just one goal in the second and that too belongs to Ottawa, Erik Karlsson on the power play puts it in. And the Habs were never really in it from there, it gets ugly at the end as Ottawa beats Montreal, 5-1. The Habs still lead the series, 3-2. Game 6 is Sunday night.


Nine days after getting let go by the Boston Bruins, Peter Chiarelli has a new job. The former B's General Manager was named the new GM and president of hockey operations for the Edmonton Oilers. The Bruins made the playoffs in seven of Chiarelli's nine seasons as Gm,winning four division titles, a Presidents' Trophy, two Eastern Conference titles and a Stanley Cup. The Oilers have the number one overall pick in this year's NHL draft.


The Red Sox continuing their road trip tonight opening up a three game set at Baltimore. The Sox are coming off their first series loss of the season against Tampa Bay. --- The Boston bats were alive and well this evening. Fifth inning, 2 on for David Ortiz, he skies one to right. It just goes over the outfielder's glove. A three run shot and Boston takes a 3-2 lead. --- The next batter, Hanley Ramierezt with a lazer to left. That's a solo shot and the Sox now have a 4-2 lead. --- It's a 4-4 game in the top of the eighth inning, 2 on for Brock Holt and there it goes high and deep to right. Three more runs on the board and the Sox come away with a 7-5 win.


The Yankees and Mets opening up their Subway series in the Bronx. Former yankees great Bernie williams throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. --- The Mets have been the team to beat so far this season, However, the Bombers made it look easy tonight. Mark Teixeira with a two run shot in the first inning. His first of 2 homers in the game. --- In the third It's Jacoby Ellsbury that goes deep with a solo blast to right. It's 6-0 Yankees after three. --- Michael Pineda does the rest, 7 and 2 third innings allowing just one run with 7 strikeouts. The Yankees take it, 6-1.


High School Baseball in St. Albans today, the Bobwhites hosting Spaulding. --- Spaulding adds to a 1-0 lead in the 3rd, Cameron Flinn goes the opposite way, just past the 2nd baseman. One run scores, 2-0 Tide. --- A few batters later, Zack McWain sends this one to short, Brandon Bedard comes home on the play. The first baseman drops the ball trying to get McWain out so that allows Flinn to score. Spaulding up 4-0. --- The Bobwhites respond in the bottom of the inning, With two on, Cody Parah lines this the opposite way to right. Levi Stanley scores. It's a 4-2 game. -- But the Tide get out of the jam. With the basses loaded, It's a tag em out, throw em out double play Spaulding goes on to the 11-6 win.


One field over, the comets lacrosse team hosting Rutland... --- BFA gets on the board first, Skyler Ford hits Erin Shuttle. Shuttle splits a couple of defenders and puts it home. Comets taking the early 1-0 lead. --- The Raiders respond a few minutes later, Alyssa Sabotka scoops up the loose ball and finds Maria Rowe for the goal. We're all tied up. --- This one was close all game with some great plays, BFA's Ellen Pipes drives and goes low for the score. --- The Comets go on to the 10-9 win.

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