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New developments in the case of a prominent Vermont doctor killed while riding his bike. Good evening and thanks for joining us -- I'm Keith McGilvery. Tonight at 6 we told you about a state police report that shows Ken Najarian was impaired when he died. Now the lawyer for his family is firing back. Investigative reporter Jennifer Costa has the story.


It was an evening bike ride that turned deadly -- for a prominent radiologist -- back in June. 60-year-old Ken Najarian briefed his wife on his route -- but he never returned home. He was killed on Greenbush Road in Ferrisburgh -- after his bike collided with Holly Gonyeau's car. Since then -- the case -- has drawn considerable scrutiny from the public. Police say Gonyeau -- was drunk. Two hours after the crash -- she had a blood alcohol content of 0.087 -- and admitted to taking prescription Xanax. In July -- she was charged with DUI -- but not Najarian's death. ((7/21/15 Lt. Garry Scott/Vt. State Police 00:19:35 "we don't believe it had a role other than she was impaired but as far as the collision itself it didn't have a factor in this.")) ((GRX)) A state police crash reconstruction team concluded the doctor was at fault. Troopers say Gonyeau's car -- and Najarian's bike -- were both headed south -- when Gonyeau allegedly crossed the center line -- to give Najarian space as she tried to pass. At the same time -- police say -- Najarian made an abrupt U-turn into Gonyeau's car. New information NOW shows Gonyeau was not the only one under the influence. Through a public records request -- Channel 3 -- obtained an amended crash report -- filed this week -- with the DMV. It includes toxicology results -- that show Najarian was on three different anti-depressant medications at the time of the fatal crash. Police determined the doctor was impaired -- because the drugs in his system were above the normal therapeutic level. But -- a lawyer for Najarian's family tells us -- he doesn't buy the conclusion and released the following statement. ((GRX)) "we have no reason to believe that Dr. Najarianwas impaired at the time he was killed. An expert, such as a toxicologist, should determine the effects of medications rather than a state trooper expressing his personal opinion. There's not the slightest reason to believe the medications Dr. Najarian was on contributed to his death." ((Jennifer Costa "Holly Gonyeau is due back in court -- on that DUI charge -- on October 26. JC CH 3 News BTV))


A pair of shootings on college campuses in just 24 hours. The first was at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. At least one student was killed and three hurt. And Houston Police say one person is dead and another wounded after a shooting at Texas Southern University this afternoon. The university says the incident took place at a student housing complex, prompting a lockdown and cancellation of classes. A possible suspect has been detained.


The energizer battery company says it is planning to make layoffs in Bennington. A company spokesperson tells us final plans are in the works for the reductions. The number of people who would be impacted was not disclosed but the moves are slates to be complete by sometime next year. Back in 20-12 the Energizer closed its plant in St. Albans -- laying off 165 workers.


This summer's prison break in the North Country was bad news for for Franklin County's bottom line. As police and media flooded the region for the search for David Sweat and Richard Matt -- it appears visitors did not -- and locals were not spending as much. County officials tell us sales tax revenue for June of 2014 was a little more than a million dollars. This year it dropped almost half a million dollars to 465-thousand dollars.


(06:50:41 3871) ((Donna Kissane/Franklin County, NY Manager "Many people were... became home bound. Many people could not leave their homes and pass through certain check points to come into the village, to come into the shopping areas where they needed to purchase groceries or do their personal business." 06:50:57)) New York officials have said that the search for the two escaped killers cost the state more than 20-million dollars in overtime for officers.


The City of Montreal plans to dump 2-billion gallons of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence river - during a highway construction project. The sewage discharge would happen at several spots along the river over the course of a week. Critics have called on Environmental authorities in Canada to stop the plan. And now Senator Chuck Schumer wants the US Environmental Protection Agency to step in because New York communities are downstream. Experts in Canada point out that the St. Lawrence river flows north.

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Dan is here. Pretty soggy day out there.


Before we go to break tonight -- we want to share some of the great "leafies" folks have been sending us. Hundreds of your fall foliage shots are coming in from across our region. On Facebook more than 8-thousand of you have either liked or shared the colorful shots. If you want to check out more of our best leafies from this season -- head on over to our website --

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The push for legal pot is gaining steam with some -- but it's not sitting well with others. (TC 00:53:10:25 Title 2674)((Karen Horn/Vermont League of Cities and Towns: "we're very concerned about what the -- sort of -- corollary impacts might be of legalization and everything that comes with it." 00:53:19:11)) Why some say legal weed would be bad for Vermont. Plus -- Turning to the internet for a Catholic education. And it's Friday -- Which means Mike, Scott and Kane will have all the hard hitting highlights from across the state in our Friday Football Frenzy. Stay with us.


The push to legalize pot - isn't sitting well with everyone. Eliza Larson reports.

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Should we or shouldn't we? Questions surrounding legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Vermont have been on the table for some time. Vermont's attorney general thinks we could be close. ((Bill Sorrell/D-Vt. Attorney General: "i think the stars are aligned,**** both in the senate and with the speaker Shap Smith come out in favor of responsible legalization 000547, I think the votes are there on the house side - 000551, and the Govenror has indicated if the right bill ends up on his desk he'll sign it 000557)) Legalization efforts received a big boost when Governor Shumlin and Speaker Smith said they'd back them -- yet those efforts still face opposition, including from one of the state's biggest organizations of communities. (TC 00:53:10:25 Title 2674)((Karen Horn/Vermont League of Cities and Towns: "we're very concerned about what the -- sort of -- corollary impacts might be of legalization and everything that comes with it." 00:53:19:11)) The Vermont League of Cities and Towns serves Vermont's municipal officials offering educational workshops, support for legislation, and consultation on a wide range of issues. (CONFERENCE NATS) On Thursday -- town officials from all over the state gathered at VLCT's annual Town Fair at Killington to talk about some of the issues facing Vermont towns. Included in the attendee's packet, was a flyer, stating the league's official stance on legalization. (TC 00:52:42:10 Title 2674)((Karen Horn/Vermont League of Cities and Towns: "Do not expand exceptions to Act 76 -- which was the 2013 law addressing marijuana and oppose the legalization of marijuana." 00:53:08:23)) League officials say in any discussion of legalization of marijuana, the legislature should identify the effects on the cities, towns and villages including impacts on local school populations, municipal employees, municipal ordinances, and municipal budgets. (NATS) No matter which side of the legalization debate they fall on, town officials agree it will be a hot topic in this legislative session. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Killington.


Vermont's Roman Catholic bishop says an effort is underway to increase attendance at the state's Catholic schools. Bishop Christopher Coyne says options for kids in rural areas can be slim -- with high school students right now needing to travel to either Rice in Burlington or Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Rutland. So Vermont's first online Catholic school is now in the works. Organizers say the Archdiocese of Miami successfully started an online Catholic academy -- and Vermont is looking to follow the same model.


(TC 00:25:47:05 Tile 1438) ((Sister Laura DellaSanta/Superintend ent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Burlington "We can get started with a combination of our own curriculum with our present high school faculty in Rice and MSJ." 00:25:56:12)) Administrators says part of the plan includes setting up four hubs around the state -- so students can get one day a week of classroom instruction -- without having to travel to Burlington or Rutland.

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Tonight: Showers ending. Becoming partly cloudy. Lows 32/40 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Saturday: Partly sunny and colder. Highs: 48/55 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Saturday Night: Partly cloudy and chilly. Lows: 30/38 Winds: S 5-10 mph Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs: 58/65 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday night: Lows 43/50 Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 65/72 Lows 45/52 Tuesday: Chance of showers. Highs 55/62 Lows 40/48 Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs 55/62 Lows 35/45 Thursday: Chance of showers. Highs 50s Lows 35/45 Friday: Partly cloudy. Highs 45/55

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A huge game in division 2 tonight as Milton fights for its playoff life against a Fair Haven team that's out to prove it's amongst the best in the division. We have highlights of this one coming up.


But first welcome to seek 7 of the Friday Football Frenzy. I'm Mike McCune. The Playoffs are quickly approaching. I'm Scott Fleishman. Just 2 weeks left in the regular season in division 1 and division 3. With the Middlebury football team playing tomorrow afternoon. The other 2 undefeated teams in division 1 took center stage this evening. We start in Rutland. The Raiders 5-0 in state and sitting atop Division 1 in the QPR standings hosting BFA St. Albans. The Bobwhites are 3-3 sitting in the 7th spot ahead of Colchester and Mt. Anthony. --- and this game was a back and forth thriller...tied at 7 in the first quarter, Andrew Kenosh hitting Kyle Cassarino over the middle, weaving his way around defenders and heading for the corner of the end zone...a 40 yard score...Rutland takes a 21-14 lead in the half.. --- But BFA comes roaring out of the locker room tied at 21... Caleb White hit at the line and the ball is loose...and Eddie Branon scoops it up.. nothing but green in front of him...35 yard score...Bobwhites take a 28-21 lead into the 4th quarter.. --- And BFA adding to their lead...Nate Parady taking the handoff, running over defenders and just able to stretch over the goal line for the 14 yard touchdown... Rutland would block the extra point however, making it a 34-21 game.. --- and that would prove costly...after a Rutland touchdown to make it 34-28...Kenosh keeps it himself and gets in from a yard out. Raiders re-takes the lead with just over 2 minutes to play .. --- Bobwhites with one last prayer in the closing seconds, heaving it down field but Kenosh makes the interception to seal it.. Rutland wins a thriller over BFA, 35-34...


(TRT: in the end) (kenosh/"wave of emotions basically. I was fortunate enough to get good reads and everything, my o-line did a great job today, Caleb had a fantastic night. And I was just fortunate to be in the right spot at the right time and that's all that matters and I helped my team, that's what I was trying to do tonight." White/"It was crazy. We had some scary moments, we held together. Fortunately, we got a blocked field goal and we got the win in the end.")


Hartford, like Rutland 5-0 in state ...and 2nd in the D-1 QPR...taking on 3-3 St. Johnsbury in the Upper Valley... --- and the Hilltoppers came to play...down 6-0 in the first...QB Collin Urie avoids the rush...keeps it himself and a great effort leads to the touchdown and a 7-6 St. J lead... --- Hartford answers early in the second... Walkker Judd powers it up the middle to put the Canes back on top 12-7... --- but in the closing seconds of the half... Urie...breaks into the open...cuts it toward the sideline and wins the race to the pylon ...St. Johnsbury on upset alert, leads 14-12 at the break... --- in the third... Hartford takes control ...up 20-14 when Gavin Farnsworth lets it fly deep into your living room and Cody Smith slides into the endzone for the touchdown... the Canes pull away for a 43-21 win, setting up a showdown with Rutland next Friday at Hartford.


Let's head to Essex. Brattleboro in the 5th spot at 3-3 taking on a 1-5 Essex team in desperate need of a win if it wants that 8th and final playoff spot. --- Brattleboro scores late in the second half to make it 7-6 Hornets at the break. The colonels looking for more early third, great run here by Cheick Diakite, jumping over a defender. --- The colonies get deep into Essex territory, but then it comes apart, Diakite losses it. Milton recovers in the endzone and takes over at the 20. --- A few plays later, Essex QB Eli DiGrande finds Otis Crock for about a 25 yard touchdown. Essex takes a 14-6 lead. --- Fourth quarter, the Hornets put it on ice, DiGrande calls his own number for the short touchdown run. Essex with a big win, 34-6.


Our final division 1 stop is in Colchester. The Lakers on senior night trying to hold onto that 8th and final playoff spot facing South Burlington. --- First play from scrimmage, The Lakers Kyle Walker takes the handoff from around midfield and he takes off. Down the sideline for the touchdown and just like that Colchester has a 7-0 lead. --- On the ensuing kickoff, the wet weather playing a factor here, the ball is loose and Colchester's Kyle Blake pounces on it. --- Now a pass interference call brings the Lakers down to the 1 yard line, give credit to the South Burlington defense. It makes 3 straight goaline stops. --- but on fourth down, Colchester finally breaks through. Matt Hesford takes it in and the Lakers grab a 14-0 lead. --- South Burlington with a chance to get back in the game in the first quarter, but on fourth down, Jake McDonald intercepts the long pass. He probably could've just batted it away for better field position. No matter, Colchester wins, 47-0.


In Division 2, there are 3 weeks left in the regular season. Only 4 teams make the playoffs. Milton wants to be one of those teams. The Yellow Jackets in a must win situation tonight at home against Fair Haven. The Slaters are 5-1 on the season, sitting in the 4th...The Yellow Jackets are 5th at 3-3 and coming off a tough, two point home loss to Burlington last Friday ... --- tied at six after one ...Milton's Ian Kandzior breaks free for a 68 yard run down to the one...he'd pound it in on the next play for a 14-6 Jackets lead... --- later in the second ...Bradley Bombard with another tough run near the goalline... leads to another short Kandzior score... Milton would eventually lead 25-6 at the break... --- Fair Haven battles back...early in the fourth...Ryan Alexander finds his top target...Lucas Czarnecki to cut Milton's lead to 25-20 ... --- but Kandzior and the Yellow Jackets not to be denied...the senior with four touchdowns ... Milton keeps its playoff hopes alive with a big 38-20 win.


In weather fit for a Seahorse...5-1 Burlington hosting 6-0 Bellows Falls in another intriguing D-2 matchup... --- all Terriers early... already 15-0 in the second...BF caps a long, bruising drive with a Jacob Lober touchdown run... Terriers go up 22-0... --- late in the half... Burlington finally gets something going on offense...Peter Labracio deep down the sideline to Kevin Garrison...a juggling catch to get into Terriers territory... --- later in the drive... the Bellows Falls D answers as Reid Coursen comes up with the sack... --- but the Horses keep attacking...and with under a minute left Labracio connects on a great deep ball with Connor Plante...that makes it 22-7... both defenses tighten up in the second half ...and the Terriers remain unbeaten, winning 32-14.


Two teams looking for their first win of the season in Division Two ...Mount Mansfield at North Country courtesy of our friends at the Northeast Sports Network... --- Late second quarter, the Cougars with a simple screen pass here to Dominic Mosca. He's normally the QB, but here he plays receiver and takes it 25 yards to the endzone. 6-0 MMU. --- It stays that way until late in the fourth quarter, North Country looking for the big play to tie this thing up,but the snap is mishandled. Vinny Bolduc then comes in on the quarterback sack for a big loss. --- The Falcons end up turning it over and the Cougars put it away, Jehric Hackney goes 25 yards for the rushing touchdown. Mt. Mansfield gets its first win of the season, 14-0 the final.


Two other games tonight, one in state, one a wild one at Springfield, the Cosmos outscore Winooski 70-54... --- and Woodstock heads across the lake and picks up a 38-30 win at Plattsburgh...


Welcome back to week 7 of the Friday Football Frenzy. Dartmouth head coach Buddy Teevens is back in Hanover following his appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbeert last night. Yeah Teevens looked a little nervous out there, much more in his element on the sidelines and the way his team is playing right now, is no joke. The 3-0 Big Green host 3-0 Yale at 1:30 at Memorial Field tomorrow. Dartmouth havs won three straight meetings against the Bulldogs, including last year's thrilling 38-31 comeback victory at the Yale Bowl. Dalyn Williams threw for a career-high 388 yards and scored the game-winning touchdown with 2:20 to play. Williams has picked up right where he left off last season throwing for 336 yards and setting a new school record with a 92 percent passing percentage.


(((Dalyn Williams/"The last couple of games, we've had pretty good drives and pretty good games, so we want to finish that out. We still have seven more, so we don't want to get complacent. We want to keep attacking each game, each opponent and try to come out with as much points as possible. Each day we want to get better. It's not ok, this guy is better today. We need him better tomorrow and make sure we can continue to have good games from everyone, because sooner or later everyone is going to have to add a piece to the puzzle.")))


Meanwhile, The Castleton football team returns to spartan stadium tomorrow afternoon to host Mt. Ida. Castleton is coming off a tough loss at conference favorite, Husson, but it didn't take the team long to forget about that victory and focus on the Mustangs. The fact that they get to come back home doesn't hurt either.


(((Eric Decker/"We flushed that game on Sunday afternoon. We moved on pretty quickly. It was a great week of practice. Everyone was flying around. Our mentality was the same as it was before. We're a very physical team. We're going to stay on the field until they kick us off."))) (((Tyler Higley/"It's huge to be home this week. We really got back to the fundamentals, blocking and tackling after last week. We didn't play the way we wanted to, but great atmosphere this weekend and we're really looking forward to getting back on track.")))


Also in the ECFC tomorrow, Norwich, coming off its first win of the season, looks to make it two straight at Gallaudet. And in the NESCAC 2-0 Middlebury visits 2-0 Amherst. The Lord Jefs beat the Panthers 7-0 one year ago in Middlebury.


8 high school game tomorrow. Lyndon and unbeaten Burr & Burton in Manchester at 2pm. Spaulding and Windsor is at 6pm in Barre. A big D-1 game in Heinsberg between CVU and Mount Anthony in Hinesburg. And d-3 Otter Vally looks to improve to 7-0 at D-2 Mount Abe


Let's take a look at your three contenders for the Friday Football Frenzy play of the week...up first ...St. Johnsbury at Hartford...the Hilltoppers thinking upset early...that's to efforts like this one from junior quarterback Collin of his two first half touchdown runs in the game...


Speaking of upset alert...BFA giving Rutland everything it could want and more tonight...falling by one...but putting up a fight...Nate Parady showing the determination of the Bobwhites...not to be denied on this touchdown run...just stretching the ball over the goal line for the score...


Play number three... Burlington hosting Bellows Falls...the Terriers remain unbeaten with the win ...the Horses made it a game by always looking for the big play...Peter Labracio deep down the sideline to Kevin Garrison... great juggling catch and he stays in bounds for the big gain...

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