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Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11. I'm Jennifer Costa. And I'm Keith McGilvery. Bad news for Ben and Jerry's. A Florida family is accusing the company of being insensitive -- when naming its hazelnut ice cream. Shelby Cashman has the scoop.


Hazed--and confused. It's the name of a Ben and Jerry's ice cream--released in February. But--where did the name come from? (00:08:41) ((Joshua Jenkins "based off the movie?")) (00:08:42) But that's not how Lianne and Brian Kowiak--see it. (01:11) ((Lianne Kowiak " i saw there was a flavor named hazed and confused. And i just paused and i was really upset and shocked when i saw it.")) (01:23) The Kowiak's lost their nineteen year old son Harrison--to injuries he sustained from a hazing incident--while he was rushing a fraternity in college. That--was almost six years ago. (04:37) ((Lianne Kowiak "when i saw this name, hazed and confused, it frankly just struck a nerve with us.")) (04:41) The Kowiaks decided to contact Ben and Jerry's--to raise their concerns. In a letter--they wrote ... ((GRX)) Sadly enough, someone actually thought it was prudent to trade mark a name making light of a concept that thousands of very dedicated individuals, students, college and universities, professional sports teams and even the US military are fighting hard to eradicate - senseless, dangerous and deadly acts of hazing. Ben and Jerry's--says that was never their intention. You may remember the 90s cult classic movie--Dazed and Confused. ((NAT of movie clip)) The ice cream giant says--that's what they were playing off of. The ice cream flavor--is hazelnut. (00:05:09) ((Sean "In typical Ben and Jerry's fashion we said how do you kind of tie in a pop culture reference so we were referencing the pop culture reference, dazed and confused.")) (00:05:16) The company says it called the Kowiaks--once the letter was received. A spokesperson says Ben and Jerry's was open to hearing the family's suggestions--such as changing the name of the ice cream to honor their son--but that is not a promise that the company can make. (00:07:13) ((Sean Greenwood "to us, there's no way that Ben and Jerrys has condoned or endorsed or marketed hazing with this flavor.")) (00:07:20) ((Shelby Cashman: "so will hazed and confused melt away? Ben and Jerrys says they'll take up the issue at a global meeting in October. SC Ch 3 News Shelburne"))


An increased police presence in Littleton, New Hampshire tonight. Authorities and K-9 units are currently searching for this man. They say 43-year-old Christopher Gochee was involved in a car crash last night -- and no one has heard from him since. When police arrived at the scene -- his vehicle was empty. They're concerned Gochee may be hurt. The search is concentrated in the area of 1621 Monroe Road. Police say Gochee recently shaved his head. If you spot him -- or witnessed the crash -- you're asked to call Littleton Police.


A Hardwick woman is accused of stealing medication from a teenager with special needs. State police say 32-year-old Sara Jo Perry worked as an aid for a 15 year-old in Lake Elmore. Authorites say Perry was caught on camera opening the teen's reserve prescription bottle and swiping 69 pills and putting them in her pocket. When questioned this week police say Perry returned most of the pills she's charged with stealing. Police say there is no evidence the teen was deprived of meds. Perry is due in court next month.


A St. George man is charged in an early morning assault. Police say around 5-am Friday -- 26-year-old Gabriel Zimicki-Bowditch -- was driving a women -- he knew -- home. But when he reached her house the victim says he threw her from the truck -- pulled a gun from the vehicle and took aim at her. She pretended to call police and he fled the scene. Bowditch was arrested and his truck seized. He's now facing aggravated assault and reckless endangerment charges.


Police in Manchester are looking for a pair of thieves who stole a very pricy gun. The Italian-made 4-10 over-under shotgun was taken Wednesday from a business in Manchester. The gun has an engraved silver frame and a carved walnut stock. It's valued at 89-thousand dollars. Police are looking for two white men -- who came into the store with a very large great dane. They were seen driving away in a black Ford Focus.


A frustrated Fair Haven mom -- is pleading with the public -- not to forget her son. Nine months ago -- 24-year-old Jonathan Schaff disappeared -- after allegedly getting into a fight at the Riverside Pub in Granville, New York. Police say he was last seen walking along State Route 149 -- on January 18th. Multiple agencies searched the Mettawee River on the New York - Vermont border. The investigation led nowhere. But May Winchell is not giving up hope. She believes her son is alive -- and will do everything to find him. She's even considering selling her car for reward money.


(TC 22:09:44:21 ) ((May Winchell I need answers. Nobody knows but a mother theirself, when you know, their child comes up missing. Nobody knows but the parents what they go through.:56)) ((Detective Sgt. Doug Norton/VSP 22:46:32:11 The investigation has continued. We're constantly looking at it and evaluating it and finding different directions if there are any that we need to follow. :41)) Winchell describes her son as a kind and loving person -- with an interest in a law enforcement career. Police haven't searched since May when leads dried up. They say they investigation is ongoing -- but there are no searches planned at this time.

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Dan is here. Nice day today. Getting chilly again tonight.

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As we have reported, the first case of the flu has been confirmed in New Hampshire. And because of that health officials are reminding the public to get vaccinated. Health officials say that it is about 3 to 4 weeks early-- to already have a confirmed case of the flu-- which could indicate the severity of the season. Doctors say getting the flu shot is the best way to protect yourself against the disease.


((Dr. Antonia Altomare/Epidemiologis t: "we know that it decreases severity of disease, length of disease, prevents people from needing hospitalization from the disease. And, it's universally recommend for everyone, no matter what the risk factors are, as long as you are ages 6 months or greater.")) We do have a link to flu vaccination clinics that DHMC provides online at WCAX (DOT) COM. ((http://www.dartmouth l))

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Coming up -- Is a deal back on -- that could have a major impact on IBM? And -- The head of the NFL says he's staying and announces plans to tackle domestic violence. ((NATS)) Plus -- The Friday Football Frenzy is back! Tonight our sports team has highlights from seven games across our region. Send us your pictures from your favorite matchup with the hashtag FFFrenzy. ((NATS))

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Is a big deal -- for Big Blue -- back on? Several news organizations in Upstate New York are citing unnamed sources as saying IBM and GlobalFoundries will go into arbitration next week -- on a deal that could involve the plant in Essex Junction. Neither company is commenting. Media reports earlier this year -- indicated that IBM was looking to unload its micro-chip manufacturing division. And was willing to pay Global a billion dollars to make it happen. But GlobalFoundries reportedly wanted closer to 2-BILLION. Sources say negotiations then broke down. But now -- they are reportedly working toward a new chip deal.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell promises new conduct policies to deal with the rash of players involved in domestic violence. Goodell claims he committed to getting this right. Jericka Duncan reports.

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((PKG:)) (nats) ((NARR-1)) NFL COMMISSIONER ROGER GOODELL ADDRESSED THE MEDIA FRIDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MORE THAN A WEEK - - PROMISING CHANGE. ((SOT)) 'We have seen all too much of the NFL doing wrong. That starts with me. ' ((NARR-2)) GOODELL SAYS THE NFL WILL PROVIDE SUPPORT TO THE NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE AND TO A RESOURCE CENTER. ((SOT - Roger Goodell/NFL Commissioner)) "The hotline received an 84% increase in call volume just last week.//They need our help and we are providing it." ((NARR-3)) THE COMMISSIONER IS ALSO MANDATING THAT EVERYONE IN THE LEAGUE UNDERGO TRAINING TO HELP PREVENT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. ((SOT)) "Everyone will participate in education sessions starting in the next month,followed by training sessions." ((STANDUP BRIDGE: Jericka Duncan/CBS News, New York)) The NFL hired former FBI director Robert Mueller to look into its HANDLING OF THE RAY RICE DOMESTIC ABUSE CASE. It also asked 4 women to help formulate new policies on domestic abuse and sexual assault. ((SOT)) "I got it wrong in the handling of the Ray Rice matter and i'm sorry for that." ((NARR-4)) RICE IS APPEALING AN INDEFINITE SUSPENSION -- A BELATED PUNISHMENT AFTER A SECOND VIDEO SURFACED OF HIM KNOCKING OUT HIS THEN-FIANCEE. Several other players are ON THE "EXEMPT" LIST UNTIL THEIR LEGAL ISSUES ARE RESOLVED. But SAN FRANCISCO'S RAY MCDONALD IS STILL PLAYING WHILE BEING INVESTIGATED ON SUSPICION OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. JERICKA DUNCAN, CBS NEWS, NEW YORK.

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Tonight we'll see mostly clear skies. Lows will average 35/45, but some locally colder pockets are likely in the deeper valleys of the NEK and Adirondacks. Saturday looks partly sunny, windy and milder. An isolated shower can't be ruled out. Southerly breezes will get our highs into the 60s. A cold front will catch up to us on Sunday. This means we'll see a lot of clouds, with showers becoming likely, mainly through the afternoon and evening. A thunderstorm is possible too. Temps will reach into the lower 70s. That front will cool us down again for the first day of fall (fall officially begins at 10:29 PM on Monday). Monday will start out with clouds and a few mountain showers, but some sun could develop later on. Tuesday now looks partly sunny, with perhaps a few showers in the mountains. After that, an area of high pressure will move in mid-to-late week, bringing us lots of sunshine and milder temperatures.

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Lights, camera,'s the first ever Friday night game at Spaulding High School ...the Tide debuting their new lights tonight in Barre... taking on Mount Abraham. We'll check out the action from that match up coming up...


But first, welcome to week four of the Friday Football Frenzy. I'm Mike McCune. He's Dylan Scott. We'll hear from Scott Fleishman later. Last Friday night, U-32 picked up the biggest win of the season so far, heading down to Woodstock and beating the Wasps 24-7 and snapping their 33-game win streak. Tonight, the Raiders were back home, and hoping to avoid a letdown. It's our Frenzy Focus.


The Raiders told us this week they want to take it one game at a time...tonight, that means a matchup with Winooski... --- second quarter...U-32 goes to the air...Matt Green to Colby Brochu and he's going to rumble 82 yards for the score and a 28-0 lead... --- the Spartans will always fight hard... Damon Crawley caps a long drive with a tough TD run to put Winooski on the board ... --- but there was no letdown for the Raiders on this night ...Brochu finds the endzone again... and U-32 runs away to a 34-15 win.


Lets head to Division I... A route 7 showdown... As unbeaten 3-0 Middlebury hosted 1-2 Rutland... - Don't have to go too far in for highlights ... First play from scrimmage for the Tigers, Bobby Ritter, finds a seam and he's gone... 87-yard touchdown run, 6-0 Middlebury... --- Still in the first, Tigers going through the air... Austin Robinson firing to Connor Quinn. He makes the great touchdown grab... 13-0 Midd after the score... --- They score on 6 of their first 7 drives.. Second quarter, now 33-6... Home team puts an exclamation point on this one... Cullen Hathaway, doing it his way... 40-yards to the house... Middlebury stays undefeated, cruising past Rutland 41-19, the final...


Middlebury continuing to show that it will take a supreme effort from someone to knock them off this season... Meanwhile, the rest of Division One looks wide open. Unbeaten St. Johnsbury plays tomorrow...tonight, other D-1 teams looking to make a statement of their own ... Hey look we found Champ! He's fired up for this big home test as the Lakers hosted the Hornets.. --- This one scoreless into the second... Essex driving inside the 20 but Colchester's Cody Turner coming up with the big pick to turn things over.. --- Later in the quarter, Hornets QB Eli DiGrande learns from his mistake.. This time the high spiral to Brendan Gleason who makes the great touchdown catch... 7-0 Essex at the break... --- Third quarter, more from the road team... This time it's Cody Greene sprinting it in from 10-yards out... 13-0 Hornets... --- Next drive, Lakers with a chance to the deficit... Quarterback Justin Evans looking for a receiver but Gleason with another gorgeous play for the interception.. Essex goes on to top Colchester on the road, 19 to 6.


Homecoming night at Collins-Perley... BFA-St. Albans hosting South Burlington... --- opening drive for the Rebels...they march 80 yards down the field and cap it with a short TD dive from senior Jake LaBelle... 7-0 SBHS... --- it stays that way until early in the second...Bobwhites going for it on fourth down inside the ten... Robert Kelly with a quick out to Robert Simon...he slips a tackle and scores... game tied at 7... --- South Burlington threatening later in the quarter...but Thomas DeMag's pass it tipped by Matt Sanders and picked off by Ryley Mangan... the Bobwhites defense stout...and BFA scores the lone second half touchdown as St. Albans wins 14-7...


One other Division I game on the night down in Brattleboro... The Hartford Hurricanes going on the road and topping the Colonels 20-6.



I love football on Saturday afternoon as much as anyone, but there is something special about playing under the lights on Friday night... --- The Spaulding football program getting to soak up that experience for the first time tonight ... The band jamming for the first game under the lights in Spaulding program history...Mount Abe in town... --- First quarter, no score... Anthony Warner caps off a long drive with this bruising 2-yard run... 8-0 Eagles... --- The Tide can't get anything rolling on offense in the second ... QB Rory Holland taking a big hit from Bradley Sturtevant... Sack going for a big-time loss.. --- Later in the quarter, Mt. Abe puts it away ... Ryan Paquin takes the handoff and goes 41-yards down the sideline for the touchdown.. 22-nothing Eagles there... They cruise past Spaulding, 36 to 6...


let's head to Division Two...Milton hosting Fair Haven...a wild first half...the Jackets leading 36-28 ... --- early third quarter ...Fair Haven add six more to the scoreboard ...Ryan Alexander to Lucas Czarnecki...but Milton denies the two point try that would have tied it, so it's 36-34 Yellow Jackets ... --- after that, both defense stepped up... and shut down the opposing offense for the remainder of the quarter... --- opening moments of the fourth...Milton breaks thru...Cooper Bushey with a huge run down to the one... Jackets would score on the next play to go up 43-34... but Fair Haven mounts a monster fourth quarter comeback to pull out a 48-43 win.


Bellows Falls coming off a tough loss to Rice.. Looking to get back on track and North Country... --- Pick it up in the second, 7-0 Terriers ... Austin Stack dropping the helmet and powering in for the score... 14-0 Bellows Falls.. --- The Falcons trying to get back in it... Hunter Stanley airs it out to Jared Hussey... He hauls in it, for the 30+ yard gainer... --- Later on the drive it's Stanley calling his own number, fits his way in for the touchdown.. It's a 14-7 game... --- First half coming to a close but not before the Terriers answer... Ethan Illingworth dives across the goal line for 6... Bellows Falls goes on to roll past North Country, 41-13.


Eight more games on the docket tomorrow. Unbeaten St. Johnsbury hosts CVU...Lyndon visits Rice in a rematch of last year's D-2 title game. The Burlington-Mount Mansfield game starts at 3pm. Look for all the scores and highlights tomorrow night at 7pm after SEC football right here on Channel Three.


(***DYLAN***) Tomorrow will be a busy day in college football as well, with all four local teams in action. Norwich hosts WPI at 1pm... Castleton takes on Rensselaer at noon at Spartan Stadium... And it will be the season openers for Middlebury and Dartmouth. The Big Green will be under the lights at Hanover, a 7pm kickoff against Connecticut College. As for Middlebury, after a 7-1 season and a share of the NESCAC championship, the Panthers face Wesleyan at 1pm. Scott Fleishman has more from Middlebury. (((Scott Fleishman/"When you look at the Middlebury roster, you see returning veterans almost everywhere. The one spot where they'll be a new face is the one spot that is always the focus, quarterback. Junior Matt Milano won the starting job in camp over 3 other contenders. Milano may not have the game experience, by he did spend the last 2 years watching one of the more prolific passers in school history, McCalllum Foote. observing Foote having veterans to throw to and competing for the job in camp have provided confidence for Milano heading into the season."))) (((Matt Milano/"The quarterback has to be a leader and I'm just trying my best to fill that position. I guess I'm a little nervous. There's obviously some big shoes to fill in the quarterback position and we've got a huge game coming up with Wesleyan. They're returning a good majority of their squad, so we should have a good first game and I'm looking forward to it."))) (((Bob Ritter/"It's going to sound cliche , but the motto of our team is 1-0. We really just look at the next game and try not to get too far ahead of ourselves and get caught up with what if's and how to's. We're really dialed in and focused on Wesleyan."))) (((Matthew Benedict/"Obviously it's going to be a huge challenge. When you're top dog, everyone's trying to gun after you. So, it's going to take a lot of effort in every single game and there's no easy opponent, especially opening up with Wesleyan week 1."))) ((("Game one is Saturday at 1. These two teams did not,meet last season. At Middlebuery College's alumni stadium, scott fleishman, channel 3 sports.")))


We will have coverage from all four of those games tomorrow night. As for tonight... here's a look at the best of the best... your Frenzy Plays of the night. Our first play comes from the BFA-South Burlington game... Bobwhites D working the tip drill as Matt Sanders deflects the pass and Ryley Mangan makes the pick... Middlebury scored on six of their first seven possessions tonight including this connection... Austin Robinson the toss, Connor Quinn with the nice snag... And finally it was Brendan Gleason night in Colchester... Watch as the hornets wide out jumps over a pair of Laker defenders to haul in this great TD grab... One of many great plays by #10 on the night.

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