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Good Evening and thanks for joining us. I'm Jennifer Costa. and I'm Keith McGilvery. A big break in the hunt for two escaped killers from Clinton Correctional. Richard Matt is dead and David Sweat is still on the loose. The men broke out of the maximum security prison in Dannemora almost three weeks ago. We have team coverage tonight. Let's start with Shelby Cashman -- who live is in Malone -- following Governor Cuomo's press conference on the shooting death of Richard Matt Shelby?.


Authorities say--they are halfway there. Richard Matt was shot and killed off route 30 on the border of Malone and Duane--after police say a carjacking attempt earlier in the day--went awry. Civilians heard their camper being shot at--and called police (00:59:18) ((Joseph D'amico " a team from border protection met up with matt in the woods...recovered a 20 gauge shotgun.")) (00:59:37) But David Sweats whereabouts--remain a mystery. At a press conference Friday evening--police said the last known evidence they had of him --was recovered from a camp last weekend. (00:53:48) ((Cuomo "we have no reason to believe Matt wasn't with him but nothing to confirm he was either")) (00:53:57) Searching 24 hours a day until Sweat is found--remains the goal--no matter the cost. Gov Cuomo said Sweat should still be considered armed and very dangerous. (01:06:20) (( Cuomo "we haven't tallied up the coat yet there's no doubt it's expensive but no doubt it's worth it")) (01:06:28) Residents came out by the dozens for the press conference - ((nats clapping)) to thank officials for their work to catch the escapees .....



Thank you Shelby Now that Richard Matt is dead ... law enforcement officers are focused on finding David Sweat Alex Apple picks up our team coverage from inside the search zone in Malone.


(( Gabriel Rondos/ owns camp in titus mountain))


About a thousand armed officers have been criss-crossing the woods of northern New York looking for the escaped killers for the last three weeks. Tonight I spoke with people -- who are living in this search zone we've being talking so much about. They're on Fayette Road in Malone. Resident -- Al McNeill -- tells me it's been an intense week -- and he and his family are just hoping for a quick and SAFE resolution at this point. Let's listen in to that phone conversation.


JC: what is going on right now? Al MacNeill, Fayette Rd, Malone: There police and rangers up and down the road with guns pointed up my driveway and they're on guard. They're all over. We have some throughout our yard and some up in the woods hiding out. JC: have police been by to talk to you at all? Are they telling you anything? AM: The last thing I heard from one of the conservation guys was that they thinkhe might be headed in a southerly direction now. JC: what is the terrain like around where you are? Are there lots of spots to hide or is this more of a neighborhood? AM: There's deep woods and behind my house there's just straight up a mountain and there's lots of rough terrain and very thick wooded areas. JC: How are you guys doing? AM: We're doing alright. I've been on guard pretty much every night so sleep has been pretty minimal but being aware not really going outside pretty much and keeping the kids inside. JC: And so how has this whole situation affected your perspective? AM: that's the reason we live up in this area is because, you know, it's safe. We feel like it's safe. It's easy to go outside and play and not have to to worry about looking over your shoulder all the time until now.


Al MacNeill and his family have been holed up inside their home. But others around the Malone area -- were actually able to attended Governor Cuomo's press conference. They applauded as Superintedent Joseph A'mico thanked residents of Clinton and Franklin counties for their patience -- and continued vigilance during the manhunt for Richard Matt and David Sweat. Authorities say they've now investigated more than 24-hundred leads. Many coming from folks living right in this hot zone.


Of course we will continue following this story as details unfold. We'll have updates on all our broadcasts -- as well as our website -- twitter -- and facebook pages.


In other news tonight -- The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a monumental decision today. Justices ruled same-sex couples have the right to get married anywhere in the United States. Judy Simpson reports.


Folks gathered at the Pride Center of Vermont in Burlington to celebrate the High Court's ruling. ((Kim Fountain/Pride Center Vermont 00:02:47:00 "Ebulant! absolutely joyous it is a huge day for our community probably the biggest ruling that we have had in any recent years,")) Gay and lesbian couples already can marry in 36 states and the District of Columbia , the court's ruling means the remaining 14 states in the south and midwest will have to stop enforcing their bans on same sex marriage. ((Hillary Boone/Former Pride Center board member 00:04:18:23" So for me today is just the culmination of so much work from so many people and such an exciting shift in the culture here in the US and I am so proud of us and so excited "00:04:3f6:30 I )) Vermont was the first state to introduce civil unions fifteen years ago. The Vermont Supreme court ruled in 1999 that under Vermont's constitution, gay and lesbian couples should have the same rights and benefits that married couples have. But the Justices left it to the legislature to decide if that should be done through same sex marriage, or another way. That other was Vermont's Civil Unions law. ((Jeff Amestoy/ Former VT Chief Justice 00:11:39:28" I think today I think the Supreme Court caught up with the country but I think the rest of the country caught up with Vermont. "00:11:45:28)) Jeff Amestoy was the Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme court at the time. He acknowleged it was a very controversial issue. ((Jeff Amestoy/former vt chief justice 00:09:51:11" And when the civil union case was argued and the decision was handed down in 1999 it was an extrodinarily difficult one for Vermonters to confront because the whole issue of gay marriage, homosexuality was never discussed in any kind of an open context and certainly not in the context of a decision which gave some structure to the civil rights implication of same sex marriage." )) And while the country is still divided over the issue of same-sex marriage, Amestoy says the institution of marriage is well worth upholding. ((Amestoy agian 00:13:44:10" So I think those who honor marriage ought to embrace this decision because it recognizes the values of marriage and I think if anything we ought to welcome more couples to the stablization of marriage rather than the alternative 00:14:02:20 which i think is all kinds of dysfunctional families which is true of heterosexual couples some times." 00:14:12:04)) As Amestoy wrote back in 1999,,,"The plaintiffs seek nothing more or less than legal protection and security for their avowed commitment to an intimate and lasting human relationship is simply, when all is said and done, a recognition of our common humanity." JS channel three news, waterbury.

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Vermont Congressman Peter Welch has decided he's not running for Governor. Earlier this month, Gov. Peter Shumlin announced HE would NOT seek re-election when his term ends in January 2017. And almost immediately, Welch -- Vermont's lone U.S. Congressman -- told the media he was interested in the job. But this morning -- in a conference call with Channel 3 -- the Democrat said he will INSTEAD run for a sixth term in Washington -- and not for governor next year. Welch called it a personal -- not political decision -- about how he can best serve the state.


((Rep. Peter Welch - D-Vermont PHONER: I am beginning to see signs of change here in Congress, among more of my democratic colleagues and among more of my republican colleagues, that we've got to get things done, and we need problem solvers here. We need people who have credibility to approach it that way, to put getting things accomplished ahead of the partisan politics that is really a threat to the well-being of this country and I'm in a position to do that.)) Today's news now puts the spot-light back on Democratic House -- Speaker Shap Smith -- and former gubernatorial candidate and former state senator Matt Dunne. On the Republican side, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott has said that Welch's decision either way would not influence his. And Scott Milne -- who nearly beat Shumlin in the 2014 election -- says he too is weighing another run.

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Dan is here. Another nice day today.

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Still ahead -- ISIS claims responsibility for a deadly terror attack. Plus -- the pastor who died in the Charleston church shooting is laid to rest. (SOT President Obama 2:27:50) PREACHER BY 13, PASTOR BY 18, PUBLIC SERVANT BY 23. WHAT A LIFE CLEMENTA PINCKEY LIVED. and the Vermont National Guard wraps up a 10 day training mission -- Kyle Midura was there. (1:53:22:00) ((Adj. Gen. Steven Cray - Vt. Army National Guard the exercise is designed to test all of the capabilities of the brigade ))


Nearly 40 people have been killed in a terror attack in Tunisia. Witnesses say a young man pulled an assault rifle from a beach umbrella and sprayed gunfire at European sunbathers at the resort town of Sousse -- killing at least 38 people. ISIS has claimed responsibility. The attack was one of three from Europe to North Africa to the Middle East that followed a call to violence by ISIS.


President Obama delivered a heartfelt eulogy at the funeral service for pastor Clementa Pinckney. Marlie Hall reports.


(PKG) (Nats of music) Thousands of mourners came together to celebrate the life of the politician and pastor, Clementa Pinckney. (SOT NORVEL GOFF - PRESIDING PASTOR ) "why don't everybody stand up and give reverend, Senator Pinckney a good round of applause and say rah" Music, scripture readings and emotional tributes RESONATED throughout PICKNEY'S home-going service at the Charleston TD arena. (SOT Hon. Gerald Malloy, SC Senate District 29) Because of YOU we will see the confederate flag come down in the state of south Carolina. (applause) President Obama delivered the eulogy for the South Carolina state senator AND PASTOR OF EMANUEL AME CHURCH. (SOT President Obama 2:27:50) PREACHER BY 13, PASTOR BY 18, PUBLIC SERVANT BY 23. WHAT A LIFE CLEMENTA PINCKEY LIVED. (HALL BRIDGE: "The President paid tribute to Pinckey's faith, religious leadership and public service. But he also used the moment to send a broader message" (SOT President Obama) BLACK AND WHITE THAT FLAG WAS A REMINDER OF SYSTEMIC OPPRESSION AND RACIAL SUBJECATION. PINCKNEY and 8 others were murdered during bible study at the historical church in Charleston last Wednesday. Police say the church massacre was motivated by hate. But this day was devoted to love - and life. (nats of music) Marlie Hall, CBS News, Charleston, SC.


Meanwhile -- the Vermont Army National Guard just wrapped up an intense 10 day training effort. Kyle Midura reports.


(nats - boom) Explosions ring out across the military base in Fort Drum New York. The soldiers here aren't under attack; they're completing annual training for the day they get sent into battle -- at home or abroad. (00:44:33:00) ((Staff Sgt. Greg Hitchcock - Vt. Army National Guard we look forward to them, we just don't look forward to the mosquitoes :36 how they been so far? Horrible :40 )) Staff Sgt. Greg Hitchcock is a veteran of these exercises and war, with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He says working side-by-side with those who've never seen battle is invaluable. (00:46:01:00) ((Staff Sgt. Greg Hitchcock - Vt. Army National Guard what we bring to the table as veterans is that knowledge that we can teach the younger soldiers and build them up to be better soldiers themselves )) (nats sequence) Vermont lawmakers and a couple media members tagged along with commanders as they flew from the guard base in South Burlington to the exercise at Fort Drum. Adjutant General Steven Cray says the 10 days of training highlights skills and short-comings, as they practice shelling targets, tracking movements -- friendly and foe, as well as feeding thousands of hungry soldiers. (1:53:22:00) ((Adj. Gen. Steven Cray - Vt. Army National Guard the exercise is designed to test all of the capabilities of the brigade )) (01:21:56:00) ((1st Lt. Ferne Ryder Vt. Army National Guard I learned a lot, had a lot of really good experiences :59 this is our command post where we do our main company operations :03 )) 1st Lt. Lt. Ferne Ryder Vt. Army National Guard works with her unit to repair and recover vehicles critical to success. (01:22:20:00) ((1st Lt. Ferne Ryder Vt. Army National Guard really anything that needs fixing, we can do it :22 )) She -- like three quarters of guard members -- has a day job. When she's not in uniform, she works in an oncology and hematology department helping to save lives. (01:23:09:00) ((1st Lt. Ferne Ryder Vt. Army National Guard I love the medical field, I'm actually starting nursing school in the fall at Castleton :13 )) Guard members say they grow into a family during exercises like these, but they're thankful to return home to their real families in days rather than the months, as is the case when they suit up for a real deployment. KM, Ch.3 News Fort Drum, NY

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Tonight: Clear skies. Low 45/52. Wind light. Saturday: Some morning sun. Increasing afternoon clouds. High 70/77. Wind S 5-10 mph. Saturday Night: Cloudy skies. Periods of rain. Low 50/57. Wind SE 10-15 mph. Sunday: Cloudy and breezy. Periods of morning rain, tapering to showers. High 62/68. Wind E 10-15 mph. Monday: Scattered showers. Cloudy skies. High 63/70. Low 50s. Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 70/77. Low 55/65. Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. High 70s. Low 50s. Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers. High 70s. Low 50s. Friday: Partly sunny. High 70s.

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A whopper of a fish -- has earned a Plattsburgh man thousands of dollars. Logan Crawford -- found the fisherman -- who made the record breaking catch.


Craig Provost of Plattsburgh says over the years he's fished all along the coast of Lake Champlain -- on both the Vermont and New York sides. (TC 00:31:11:02 Tile 1694) ((Craig Provost/Plattsburgh "Oh yea I love to fish." 00:31:12:14)) But Monday - his fishing trip was different. (TC 00:32:48:22 Tile 1694) ((Craig Provost/Plattsburgh "At first I thought I was hooked in the weeds because we're fishing in weeds, you're only fishing in 8 feet of water. Normally walleyes are in deeper water, they normally are night feeders." 00:32:58:06)) While fishing in "the gut" in Grand Isle on Monday morning for the LCI Father's Day Fishing Derby -- Provost reeled in the biggest walleye ever caught in the 34 years of the contest. This big guy weighed in at 10-point-two-six pounds. Breaking a Lake Champlain fishing derby record. (TC 00:33:27:14 Tile 1694) ((Craig Provost/Plattsburgh "I've never caught a walleye, never ate a walleye. I really wanted to have it mounted but obviously I would have lost my team points, it was all about my team too. I have to give credit to my team." 00:33:36:10)) Lake Champlain International will present Provost with a reward of thirteen-thousand dollars for breaking the record and winning in several divisions of the competition. The derby is fun for anglers -- but also a chance for scientists to study marine life. 90 percent of the catches during the Derby are released after LCI officials get the chance to measure them. Each one let go earns teams more points -- and fulfills LCI's mission of keeping a healthy fish population in the lake. (TC 00:01:40:12 Tile 3728) ((James Ehlers/LCI Executive Director "If we don't have the indicators in the ecosystem such as a healthy walleye population, then it doesn't spell a good future for us and our dependence on the ecosystem." 00:01:51:27)) To get his team as many points as possible -- Provost let his record-breaking walleye back into the water. He says breaking the record is its own kind of trophy. (TC 00:35:24:05 Tile 1694) ((Craig Provost/Plattsburgh "Really, really unbelievable. It's like God dropped it in my boat. Awesome." 00:35:30:20))


The Bruins woke up Friday morning with one pick in today's NHL draft, the 14th overall pick...but the Bruins decided they wanted a few more as they were wheeling and dealing before they ever got to that pick .. This afternoon Boston shipped defenseman Dougie Hamilton to the Calgary Flames for three drafts picks... the 15th overall pick in tonight's draft, and two 2015 second round picks...Hamilton played three seasons with the Bruins registering 22 goals and 61 assists for 83 points


And that wasn't even the biggest the Bruins then traded Milan Lucic to the Los Angeles Kings for the 13th overall pick, goaltender Martin Jones and a King's prospect... Lucic has been with the Bruins since 2007, playing in 566 games with the black and gold, recording 139 goals and 203 assists ... Jones played in 15 games for the Kings last season, compiling a 4-5 record with a .905 save percentage ...


And they weren't done, as the Bruins then signed defenseman Adam McQuaid to a 4 year extension worth a reported 2.75 million a season..McQuaid played in 63 games this past season, recording 1 goal and 6 assists...


So when the dust settled, Boston had three first round picks heading into tonight's draft and they were all back to back..Boston had the thirteenth pick they got from Los Angeles and used that to select Saint John defenseman Jakob Zboril.. Boston then used the 14th pick to select left winger Jake Debrusk.. And then right after that, with the 15th pick they acquired from Calgary right winger Zach Senyshyn.. So the Bruins surprising many making all three picks and most thought they were acquiring picks to make a big move up in the draft..but they end the night with a defenseman and two wingers.. The Canadiens, like most teams, only had one pick tonight, they selected defenseman Noah Juulsen...


The Lake Monsters picked up their second straight win tonight, defeating the Hudson Valley Renegades 3-1 ...This is the first time Vermont has won back to back games this year... The Mountaineers would fall at home tonight to the Valley Blue Sox 7-4....


The American Canadian Tour Oxford Plains 150 in Maine scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled due to the expected weather...That race will be rescheduled for Saturday July 25th ...


Results from Devils Bowl Speedway tonight, Middlebury's Todd Stone would pick up the win in the 30 lap late model feature.. Chazy, New York's... Leon Gonyo would take the checkered flag in the 35 lap Modified feature race..


Milton's Robert Gordon would pick up the win tonight in 20 lap renegade feature with Chris Lavair getting the win tonight in the mini-stocks..


Keegan Bradley will return to Woodstock, Vermont on August 31st for his 4th annual Keegan Bradley Charity golf Classic. Proceeds from the event benefit the Vermont Cancer Center and Vermont Children's Hospital.. Now Bradley is currently playing in the Travelers Championship in Cromwell, Connecticut. Bradley got off to a red hot start yesterday, dropped in seven birdies on his way to a six under par ... Hole 6, Keegan with a beautiful approach that lands a few feet from the hole..He would then sink his birdie putt, dropping him to 5 under par.. Moving to hole 11, Keegan will also sink this birdie putt Keegan finished the day with combined two day, 7 under par, currently tied for 8th place


Finally, the USA women and China squared off tonight in the Women's World Cup semifinals.. These two would go scoreless through the first half, but the U.S. Getting on the board in the the 51st minute, Julie Johnston sending this one into the box and Carli Lloyd sending a header into the corner for the goal.. That would prove to be the only goal of the game.. The U.S. Is moving on, defeating China 1-0...They will play Germany on Tuesday in the World Cup semifinals


Now let's recap our top story - one Dannemora escapee is dead. The other is still on the loose. A U-S Border Patrol agent shot and killed Richard Matt in the woods this afternoon in Franklin County, New York. Police say they came across Matt who had a rifle. He was allegedly told to put the gun down and didn't -- and that's when the agent killed him. David Sweat is on the run - and police are in hot pursuit. This video was taken tonight in the search zone in Malone where they are hunting for Sweat. At a press conference -- police said the last evidence they had of Sweat was recovered from a camp last weekend. But at the scene we are told police are confident that he is inside this perimeter -- and they are are going to maintain it all night long so he doesn't escape again. Then they will move in at day break -- and a source tells our Alex Apple -- this will all be over tomorrow. Tonight though police are reminding residents in the area to lock their doors and stay inside. Stay tuned to WCAX for the latest on the hunt for David Sweat. We are starting our Saturday morning news an hour early tomorrow to keep you up to date. Please join us in morning starting at 5 A-M. Until then -- have a good night. Good night.

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