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Good evening I'm Shelby Cashman. New photos of an officer involved shooting in New Hampshire released today. It happened in Bath on July 6th. Officers were there to investigate a crashed vehicle that was driven by 42-year-old Hagan Esty-Lennon. Investigators had said that they believed the officers from the Haverhill police acted appropriately - but did not release video or stills until now. They show Esty-Lennon charging at officers on route 302 with a knife. Investigators believe he already had a self inflicted stab wound. He gets closer and closer and then is shot by both officers. The Ag's office says the man did not drop the knife after repeated commands. And the AG now says no charges will be filed and the officers were justified in using deadly force. Video of the incident will be released next week - after Esty-Lennon's family is given a chance to review it.


Rescue crews responding to a fatal accident on interstate 89 faced an especially difficult scene -- the victim was one of their own. 30-year-old Brendon (COO-sin-oh) Cousino of Richmond -- a seven year veteran of the Richmond Rescue squad -- died at the scene of the head-on collision. State police say Cousino was driving north -- when a car crossed the median from the southbound lanes and struck his car. The other driver -- 23-year-old Karri Benoir of Barre -- was ejected from her car and was hospitalized with serious injuries. State police are still investigating what may have caused Benoir to veer across the median -- and they say criminal charges are possible in the case.


The cost of providing emergency housing in Vermont is skyrocketing--and lawmakers recognize the need for a quick solution. Statehouse reporter Kyle Midura has the details.


When the temperature drops dangerously low on winter nights, and homeless shelters fill, the state will put up eligible families and individuals in motels. Fewer days qualified this winter than last, but costs for the cold weather housing increased more than 50 percent, as requests for assistance swelled. (00:05:29:00) ((Rep. Brian Savage - R-Swanton I'm certainly not surprised, we do have a homeless situation in the state, it does not appear to be getting better)) Lawmakers say the conclusion in a report released Friday that emergency housing costs are growing unsustainably is not news to them. Republican Brian Savage says the state needs to find a way to control costs... but doing so can't come at the expense of the state's most-vulnerable. (00:08:24:00 ) ((Rep. Brian Savage - R-Swanton in the meantime, we're just going to have to bite the bullet and find the money from someplace )) Emergency housing costs came in one million dollars over its three million budget in fiscal year 15. In fiscal year 16, the budget is only two-point-three million dollars. (00:03:20:00) ((Ken Schatz - Department for Children and Families our plan to address the issue is not to continue doing things the way we're doing them)) Department for Children and Families commissioner Ken Schatz says it's not just the cold weather cases leading to increasing costs. The state is also seeing increased demand for emergency housing from the elderly, families with children, and those fleeing domestic violence. He says housing vulnerable Vermonters in motels is expensive. (00:03:34:00) ((Ken Schatz - Department for Children and Families moreover, it's actually not the best way in our view to provide shelter)) Schatz says communities across the state have different needs -- some a new shelter -- others more transitional housing. He says his department will engage those communities throughout the fall, in search of solutions that can be in place this winter... recognizing they can't count on Mother Nature's cooperation. KM, Ch.3 BTV


Some former Vtrans workers are suing the agency--alleging it mistreats gays and lesbians on the job. 3 former workers filed the suit - saying they faced taunts - and terrible assignments. One of the former workers -- Reina Dean -- also said male co-workers groped her and propositioned her for sex. Vtrans says its does not tolerate discrimination.


Hefty fines for Vermont Gas--after costs of its pipeline project went through the roof. The pipeline is set to run from Colchester to Middlebury. State regulators approved the original price of 86-million dollars. But Vermont Gas later revealed the price jumped to 154-million. Today the Vermont Public Service Board fined Vermont Gas 100-thousand dollars for waiting nearly six months to report the increase.


((Don Rendall/Vt. Gas President 01:46:50 "they absolutely made their best judgement and we're looking forward to moving forward from here. We'll pay the fine. ratepayers will not be responsible for the fine. This is a company responsibility. And we'll continue our efforts everyday to earn the trust and the confidence of our regulators, our customers and the public.")) Rendall would not comment on future cost increases -- but says Vermont Gas looks forward to completing the project on budget.

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Rates may be going down for Green Mountain Power customers. If regulators approve -- rates will go down point-seven percent in October. GMP says it's able to provide cheaper rates -- partly due to having long-term and stable energy contracts -- bracing Vermont from any volatility in the market. This is the third rate cut in four years for Vermont's largest utility.

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Dan is here. A great evening tonight.


Good news for aviation lovers this weekend! An annual festival is expected to draw hundreds of people to the Islands. Our Cat Viglienzoni got a sneak peek.


During the week, Shore Acres Resort in North Hero is serene -- with an unmatched view. But come Saturday -- it will be abuzz with activity for the annual Lake Champlain Airshow. ((SOT Ed Antczak, Vermont Flight Academy Executive Director 003318 We have everything from seaplanes to helicopters to drones to gliders to rockets, you name it 25)) And when they say everything -- they mean EVERYTHING! ((CAT STANDUP 001152 One of the festival's highlights is the annual grapefruit drop -- which is exactly what it sounds like! We're going to take these grapefruits up in a sea plane and try to hit a target on the lake. Today, we're going to see how I do 1204)) But before I could go up in the plane -- I had to get tips from the pros. Ben Dupont won the contest last year. ((SOT Ben Dupont, Won Grapefruit Drop last year 000648 Cat: What's the secret to winning a grapefruit drop contest? Ben: I'd say it's all about the timing of when to throw it out the window 57)) So -- why the grapefruit? Ben's dad, festival co-founder Larry Dupont, says it's more environmentally-friend ly than a water balloon. ((SOT Larry Dupont, Festival Co-Founder 000525 We went to the orange, which was a little small for us to be able to see -- because we also want the crowd to be able to see it 32 And we eventually came up with the grapefruit 35)) Once I'm in the seaplane -- it's time to talk technique. ((SOT Dupont GOPRO5830 00005104 If you grab the grapefruit in your hand, I'm going to have you get ready like that, and you'll toss it that way, away from the float 59)) But then I found out my job was going to be easy! ((SOT GOPRO5830 000113 Dupont: You don't have a target today, so you're not going to miss. 116 Cat: Well, those odds are better in my favor then! 0120)) We taxi out on the water. And then... From the water to the air -- climbing up above the lake. From the plane, we have a true bird's-eye view of Lake Champlain and the islands. Larry tells me that the festival aims to share the pilots' passion for aviation with others -- and part of it centers around being able to see this view. He points out the islands by name to me as we soar overhead. This is what the bombadiers will see as they ready their citrus ammunition on Saturday. People will bet on the teams to see which sponsors' grapefruit lands closest to the target -- so both pride and money are on the line. And as we circle back towards the resort, it's time for me to do my job! Bombs away! I quickly lost sight of the fruit -- but from the ground -- our cameras were able to catch the splash! ((have someone show you how to highlight the bottom left corner where the splash is & slow it down)) Our task complete -- we circled back to the dock. ((NATS 002845 Woo that was fun! 47)) A friendly, fruity competition in the Islands! Cat Viglienzoni, Channel 3 News, North Hero.

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A Lyndon store -- robbed by a knife weilding man -- police are asking for your help. And medical marijuana on its way to Clinton County. Plus -- We'll hear from General Michael Dubie on his career and upcoming retirement. ((4:35 It was an honor to work with the gold star families and that is something that will be with me the rest of my life.)) And why was a man taken into custody at the US Capitol? Those stories when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


An armed robbery in Lyndon this morning. Investigators say a man walked into M and M beverage at about 5 a-m -- with a knife -- demanding money. The clerk handed over the cash in the register -- and the crook took off. If you know who he is -- call police.


A medical marijuana dispensary is slated for New York's north country. The New York Department of Health released its decisions today about where 5 manufacturing and 20 dispensing sites will be across the state. Two manufacturing sites proposed for clinton county did not make the list - but a dispensary will be run by Columbia Care. Senator Betty Little says having a dispensing site will help patients - and provide economic benefits.


The man who led Vermont troops during war time. And more recently fought national security threats -- and natural disasters -- says his work is done. Darren Perron spoke to General Michael Dubie earlier today.


((10:57 We are really looking forward to coming home.)) And he will. Next week. Former Adjutant General Michael Dubie returns to Vermont -- after three years as deputy commander of the U.S. Northern Command in Colorado Springs. And when he gets here. He's retiring from the military -- after 36 years. ((3:09 It's a nice way to cap my career and end it here but my heart will always be the time I spent as the Adjutant General.)) ((deployment)) General Dubie led the Vermont National Guard -- during the largest call up we've seen since World War Two. ((Afghanistan)) 15-hundred Vermont Guard soldiers deployed to the war zone in Afghanistan in 2010. It followed several smaller deployments. ((Iraq)) And the Iraq war call up. Hundreds of Vermonters were sent to one of the most dangerous parts of the country. ((3:40 I, like many people in Vermont, have some real scar tissue from that deployment.)) General Dubie says the wars were the most difficult part of his military career. And he chokes up with emotion when he talks about the 35 Vermont servicemen who died. ((4:28 You're bringing back some memories, Darren...)) And the families left behind. ((4:35 It was an honor to work with the gold star families and that is something that will be with me the rest of my life.)) General Dubie was supposed to spend two years at US Northern Command. But was asked to stay on an extra year. He was promoted to 3-star lieutenant general -- charged with protecting and defending all of North America. ((Sandy)) And also led disaster responses... across the country -- including to Super Storm Sandy. And he says he was well-prepared -- in large part -- because of Tropical Storm Irene -- when it Vermont. ((6:11 Because I had been on the receiving end of assistance I was able to advise the Department of Defense on things I think helped in the Sandy response and I am very proud of that. )) One of the biggest challenges ... ((5:30 what I had not done before was wildfires)) Coordinating firefighting efforts -- to battle monsters like this. And then there's Ebola. ((6:50 Ebola was raging in West Africa but we were very concerned about it making the jump to North America.)) In 20-14 he helped assemble the world's top Ebola experts -- and created medical support teams -- equipping them with the latest technology in the Ebola fight. He then briefed President Obama. ((8:00 he asked some very tough questions which you hope your boss would ask but we were well prepared in case there was an outbreak)) And now -- his work is done. At least his military work. What about politics? A run for Governor? ((1300 I'll never say never, but not right now Darren,.))


General Dubie will have a couple of weeks of transitional duties at the Vermont National Guard when he returns next week. He officially retires from the military in September.


A car slammed into a barricade outside the U-S capitol this morning. The house was not in session no lawmakers or bystanders were threatened. Within an hour the Capitol was reopened. The car was loaded onto a tow truck and taken away. Investigators say it's unclear if the driver intentionally rammed the barricade.


It was quite a sight in Illinois today. 164 skydivers flying head-down have built the largest ever vertical skydiving formation. The formation, resembling a giant flower, floated above Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois, for a matter of seconds before the flyers broke away and deployed their parachutes. It took the international team 13 attempts to beat previous record of 138 divers in 2012.

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Tonight: Partly cloudy. Chance of a passing shower, late. Lows: 55/62 Winds: Light Saturday: Partly sunny. Chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Highs: 73/80 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Saturday night: Partly cloudy. Chance of an evening shower. Lows: 53/60 Winds: Light Sunday: Partly sunny. Awesome. Highs: 75/82 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday night: Lows 58/65 Monday: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs 75/82 Lows 58/65 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers. Highs 73/80 Lows 53/60 Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs 65/75 Lows 50s Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 65/75 Lows 50s Friday: Partly sunny. Highs 70s

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It's a big time for blueberry lovers! The annual festival for the berries -- got under way in Wilmington today. Eliza Larson checked it out.


Blue blue and more blue. The 8th annual Blueberry Festival brings people from all over to the towns of Wilmington, Jacksonville, Whitingham, Readsboro, Marlboro and Dover for a week-long event celebrating blueberries. (TC 01:45:43:19 Title 1347))((Abigail and Judah Mendelsohn/Blueberry picker: "JM: I did it here two times with Abby. AM: Yeah, I've been here many many times and every time I come up here I pretty much do it." 01:45:49:17)) The idea for the festival began after Janet Boyd felt discouraged that people weren't coming to Deerfield Valley. (TC 01:34:52:11 Title 1330)((Janet Boyd/Boyd Family Farm: "I realized that blueberry picking is still very novel to a lot of our tourists. And what better way to introduce the summer than by really just highlighting our most fun crop. So we started a blueberry festival." 01:35:09:13)) On the first day of the festival -- Boyd invites families up to the Boyd Family Farm in Wilmington to pick their own blueberries from the farm's 600 blueberry bushes. (TC 01:45:56:08 Title 1347)((Judah Mendelsohn/Blueberry picker: "we ate them!" 01:45:57:09)) There are more activities as the week progresses. Parades -- music -- food -- and of course more blueberries. Something Boyd says people look forward to -- and come back to -- year after year. (TC 01:35:19:13 Title 1330)((Janet Boyd/Boyd Family Farms: "collectively the first year we had 57 events. So it's just grown bigger and bigger every year." 01:35:25:16))


The festival runs through next weekend.


The Vermont Mountaineers already locked up home field for the first round for he NECBL playoffs, but with a win tonight over Keene, the Neers could clinch the Northern division title for the second straight season. The Neers enter the night up 2 games on Sanford for the division title with 2 games to go. --- Vermont gets going in the second, a runner at second for Garrett Copeland. He lines one to center. Isaiah Pasteur scores. 1-0 Neers. --- Garrison Banas pitches 4 scoreless innings, Teddy Rodliff takes over and throws three scoreless innings, getting a double play here in the 5th. Copeland making the catch. --- But his night was far from over, sixth ininng he comes through with a basehit to left. 2 more runs come home. 4 for 4 with 3 RBI for Copeland. --- Sam Delaplane comes on in the ninth and strikes out the side to end it. The Mountaineers win 5-0 to clinch the Northern Division title and number one seed with one game left in the regular season.


(((Garrett Copeland/"It's great support by all the fans here in Montpelier. It's been big support the whole year and the crowds seem to get bigger and bigger. It seems the more we win, the more people that come so it's really exciting to win it in from of all these people."))) (((Joe Brown/"I think it's great, because it tells these kids how much they've worked from the start of the summer to the end of the summer and to play teams 5, 6 times and to win your division, is a real good tribute. Sometimes I think it's better than winning a league championship in a weird way, because you had to battle through the 42 games with all the travel.")))


The Vermont Lake Monsters dropping its series opener at Williamsport tonight, 6-3. Same two teams tomorrow at 7.


The Yankees pounding the White Sox tonight, 13-3 in the 6th. The bombers didn't make any more deals before today's trade deadline. The Sox aquired pitcher Ryan Cook from Oakland for a player to be named later. Boston beat Tampa tonight at Fenway, 7-5.


Earlier today at Fenway, a group of young ball players from Vermont shared a dream experience. The Vermont Little League Challengers participated at the CVS Health All Kids Can Batting Camp. The camp enables boys and girls with physical and mental challenges to enjoy baseball. The players experienced what it's like to be a Major Leaguer for a day, working with Red Sox Hitting Coach Chili Davis and Assistant Hitting Coach Victor Rodriguez. They also took bating practice, had lunch in the Sox Dugout and took pictures in front of the wall.


(((Joe Soares/"To have Joe be able to go into the dugout and meet the batting coaches and play batting on the field. It's just a once and a lifetime opportunity."))) (((Chili Davis/"I just love to see the smile on their face. That makes my day. To see that smile whenever they hit the baseball, it's just wow.")))


Since 2001, only one team has won the Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl. Over the last two years, New Hampshire has not only picked up victories it has dominated the game, out-scoring vermont by a combined total of 85 to 6. That could change tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 when the two teams clash for the 62nd time. Since this is a game for senior football players, the teams are new from year to year. The 2015 Vermont players seem more relaxed and just happy to be playing in this annual tradition rather than focused solely on stopping the losing streak. Walking out of Castleton would mean a lot to team 802, but the guys aren't putting pressure on themselves to do it.


(((Anthony Phillip/"We really don't talk about it that much. It is a charity event. It's just a game, but we've got to go out there and just play the way we know to play, so this comes down to who plays harder."))) (((Dennis Smith/"It's not about rah rah, how many games we've lost in a row or this is the year, nothing like that. Every practice is about making ourselves better, executing better, so that come Saturday we're not thinking about what to do, we're executing."))) This weekend is also the annual East-West game in New Hampshire, so many of the top Granite State players aren't at Castleton this week. The 603 still has quite an impressive Shrine game roster, but Vermont is looking to take advantage of the conflict.


(((John Winslow/"I'm sure they brought a lot of athletes here, but that can maybe play into a factor for us, also being here at Castleton giving us a little home field advantage could help us out. Losing the last two football game I've played in and of course a couple of weeks ago, getting beat in the twin state basketball game. It would definitely be the exclamation point on my high school career. So it would be a personal goal for me.")))

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