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The battle of experts has just begun in the case of a woman accused of killing family members and a state social worker. Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Julie Kelley. Kristin is off tonight. Jody Herring faces four charges of murder...but for now her court case hinges on her mental health. Kyle Midura is live in the newsroom with more on today's development, Kyle - Darren and Julie ... Prosecutors made it clear they intend to fight an insanity defense from Herring's lawyers. Herring did not appear in person at today's court hearing. She allegedly fatally shot a state social worker and three family members in August 2015 after the state took custody of her child. A pyschiatric expert for the prosecution submitted a mental competency report today... reaching a different conclusion than that of defense experts.


(00:00:41:00) ((John Treadwell/Asst. Attorney General:.. I have received a report from Dr. Rosmarin. I have disclosed that report to Mr. Sleigh. It is Dr. Rosmarin's opinion that Ms. Herring presently is competent to stand trial.)) (00:02:20:00) ((David Sleigh/Herring's Attorney "As a result of a mental disease or defect she is not capable of adequately contributing to her defense.")) A hearing on Herring's mental competency is expected to require two days. A date for that has not been set yet but is expected be scheduled for early February. At that point it will be up to the judge to determine whether Herring is capable to stand trial. Lawyers for both the defense and prosecution agree portions of that hearing should not be public. - Darren


Charges tonight -- in a toddler's death. Investigators say -- her father did it. First responders were called to this home in Berlin on Sunday afternoon. 2 year-old Madison Dana was then hospitalized -- with a head injury -- and died a few hours later. Today -- police charged her father, 43 year-old Roger Dana, with murder. They say he beat the little girl multiple times. An autopsy showed Madison died of blunt impact injuries.


Now to an update on a murder case from the Champlain Valley Fair in September. Jacob St. Amour of Williston is accused of killing Ryan Durkin of Burlington. His attorney Peggy Janse appeared in court today. Because there are about thirty witnesses, Janse requested more time to speak with them. She had hoped to do it next month, but the judge decided on February. St. Amour is being held without bail as he awaits trial.


Also new at six: UVM police -- warning students tonight -- after a girl was secretly recorded in the shower. It happened at Jeanne Mance Hall on Pearl Street in Burlington. The victim told police she looked up -- and saw someone holding a smartphone over the shower curtain around 10 this morning. That person then took off and has not been found. Police are looking for information.


(00:11:29:00) (( If people thiink they have some information certainly call us. In these types of incidneces I cannot stree enough they do have an impact on the person being videotapes or voyeured non conseusuelly but in addition to that it has an impact on the sense of safety across our UVM community))\ UVM police haven't gotten any other reports of a shower prowler.


A brush with death -- for a South Burlington postal worker. So why won't the driver -- who hit him -- face charges? Investigative reporter -- Jennifer Costa -- went looking for answers. What'd you find out? Darren -- apparently -- in Vermont -- being distracted -- by something other than an electronic device -- like your cell phone -- is not illegal -- even if you hit someone. For a beloved letter carrier in Chittenden County -- one inattentive driver -- may have prematurely ended his career.


((Steve Erdmann/injured letter carrier 00:37:10:12 "this is the lucky leg. this just got three screws.")) Steve Erdmann is recovering in the hospital -- two weeks after luck saved his life. The letter carrier -- was standing behind his postal truck sorting mail -- when a driver slammed into him -- pinning him between her bumper and his truck. Erdmann says -- had he been bending down -- he would have been killed. ((Steve Erdmann/injured letter carrier 00:36:10:09 "I feel very lucky in the sense that A. I'm still around.")) South Burlington police say the 27 year old driver told them she never saw the postal worker -- although he was parked legally. She allegedly took her eyes off the road to talk to her fiance -- who was sitting in the passenger seat. He screamed STOP. But it was too late. ((Det. Cpl. Ron Bliss/South Burlington Police Dept. 00:22:33:23 "she is still responsible for the crash. I mean she did run into the truck. she ran into him, she's responsible. clearly not what she set out to do that day. there was no intent.")) But she will not be charged -- or even ticketed. That's because -- police say she did not break any laws. ((Det. Cpl. Ron Bliss/South Burlington Police Dept. 00:22:52:20 "Once in a blue moon they are just truly accidents. Nobody did anything wrong. We don't have the motor vehicle violation. She was where she was supposed to be. She wasn't speeding. There was no alcohol. There's nothing chargeable.")) A decision that angered some on Richard Terrace. They say -- in this tight knit neighborhood -- Erdmann is not just the mailman. ((Jeff Turcotte/neighbor 00:04:28:00 "so when something like this does happen it's like an extended family member going down and it's really hard to take.")) Jeff Turcotte wanted to see the woman charged with distracted driving. He claims he caught her -- days later -- texting and driving. ((Jeff Turcotte/neighbor 00:05:21:04 "you would hope that you would at least have a more acute awareness to your surroundings that you would at least have some sort of remorse for what you had just done to alter someone's life. so it's kind of disheartening.")) ((Det. Cpl. Ron Bliss/South Burlington Police Dept. 00:24:37:23 "you got to pay attention to what you're doing. that looking away, even though it's not illegal, has the same effect as texting.")) ((STEVE IN HOSPITAL)) And this is what can happen. The car crushed both of Erdmann's legs. Recovery will be long. The pain intense. ((Steve Erdmann/injured letter carrier 00:37:30:11 "this will be on for four month this little thing.")) Erdmann's home will need a ramp ... His career on hold ... And full use of this legs in question... ((Steve Erdmann/injured letter carrier 00:34:22:27 "we'll see down the road whether whether I am able to walk correctly. there are no guarantees. hopefully everything will be fine."))


We learned that -- in Vermont -- a distracted driving charge requires the driver to be using an electronic device -- like a cell phone. To be charged with careless and negligent operation -- the driver would need to be impaired, speeding, leave the lane of travel -- or some other extenuating circumstance.

10} DEAN5_VO

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean has decided NOT to run for chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The 2004 presidential candidate made the surprise announcement in a videotaped message to a meeting of state party chairs in Denver. Dean had served as chairman of the DNC and had announced he'd run again for the job after Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to Republican Donald Trump.

11} 1STWX

Current: Temperatures are in the upper 30s and low 40s. Temp graph: Temperatures have been coming down over the past couple of days. Future graph: and they will continue to slide a bit over the weekend. Radar: Still seeing scattered rain and mountain snow showers and this will continue through tomorrow.


New digs for the Green and Gold? State Police want a new multi-million dollar barracks. And our Taylor Young got a look at the plans. Taylor. Darren -- state troopers currently work out of Williston -- off Exit 12. Under a plan revealed by State Police and the Department of Buildings and General Services -- troopers would stay put.


After exploring a number of options from Richmond to Colchester officials are recommending buying 52 acres on Route 2A or the St. George Road. The 20,000 square foot facility could cost $7.5 million dollars. The barracks would include building a new garage to store public safety equipment. This new building would be modeled after a new barracks in Westminster that opened this summer. The price of the land is nearly $1.7 million dollars and is owned by JL Davis Realty. The report said the land is located in a spot where troopers could respond quickly. They say the current barracks is plagued by congestion issues. Public safety says the current barracks is also outdated and they need a new place to work out of. This new facility would also house more than just troopers. It would be home to the state's northern dispatch center or PSAP. State Police closed the PSAP center in Derby last year moving more dispatchers to Williston. State police told lawmakers THAT move created space and noise issues at the call center. Rutland WAS in line to get the next police barracks but state police are now suggesting Williston move ahead of Rutland. The Williston project would need to pass a number of environmental hurdles and also go through the state's land use law Act 250.


It will take several years to complete. It will also need approval by the new Governor and the new legislature. And Taylor, we're learning there are new developments tonight -- about the Bradford barracks too. Yes -- State Police still want to keep it. There was talk of giving up the barracks after the Bradford location became an outpost for Troopers and more were transferred to St. Johnsbury. But police say they still need the space. State officials are now recommending the state keep the barracks and offer the Bradford Police Department space in the building. Those talks will begin next year with the Town of Bradford. Darren.


Cyber warfare is a major concern for America. Now a Vermont University is taking the lead in training so called cyber warriors. Norwich University is getting more than 700-thousand-dollars from the National Security Agency. The money will be used for scholarships for Army Reserve soldiers to get graduate level training for information security. It will also cover software upgrades at Norwich for that specialized training.


What's cooking this weekend? A Vermont pie company is a favorite at the white house and now they're coming to the weekend!


We have tasted a lot of pies over the last 12 weeks, but none may be more famous then these (04:42:38-43) ((CL: There are so many great pies in the world. This is just one of them.)) But not all of them have a tie to President Obama...the pie tour pulls into bennington county. (04:56:42-57) ((nb: I'm NB at the Red Fox Inn in Bondville where we have Ma Bean behind me. She's a master pie maker, who's taking out her famous apple pie right now. This pie looks great and it's been to some pretty special places. We'll have that story coming up on the weekend.)) we head to the spa where Ike Bendavid has found a touch of summer... ( (("Even though it looks like I'm at a beach I'm Actually in doors. Find out where I am coming up on the weekend on destination recreation")) and the holidays are never complete without family foods .... ((so you are gonna wanna use your home as your shaping my moms wine biscuits. That what we are making in the kitchen. Yes we are and its gonna come out really nice and crispy. Great for coffee. So we will have the recipe coming up on the weekend.)) and then on sunday...we share more holiday traditions... (00:32:24:00-00:32:34: 00) ((DATA 1, NB/JK: These bananas don't look too good. But believe it or not that's exactly what you want for Mama Borelli's Banana Bread. We're going to show you how to make it coming up on The Weekend. Can't wait.))


Count on The Weekend for a taste of vermotn, plus developing news ... tomorrow morning from 6 to 8 am and then on sunday at 8 right after you can quote me.


A transitional housing facility for homeless people will stay open in Shelburne. The Shelburne Development Review Board says, Harbor Place's zoning permit is valid. That decision came more than a year after the town manager first issued a violation notice. He said that since the motel wasn't open to the public, it shouldn't be zoned as a motel.


Online shopping is big again this year. E-commerce continues to grow, as visits to brick and mortor stores decline. As Judy Simpson reports -- local businesses are now changing the way they do business.


For Dakin Farm in Ferrisburgh, the Christmas season is not just the big season, it is their ONLY season. ((Sam CUtting/Dakin Farm 00:31:51:22" It really is our whole year the one month a year we make money the rest of the year we have this overhead on this big building all this equipment all this inventory and at Christmas we just open the flood gates." 00:32:03:07)) The company is on schedule to ship out 50 thousand packages of premium Vermont food products in the month of December. And more of the orders are coming in, on line. Economist Jeff Carr says Ecommerce is a big growing business. ((Jeff Carr/Economist 00:00:08:00 " We are seeing some interesting issues clearly ecommerce becomign even more important.")) It is a message, Sam Cutting says that Dakin Farm learned early. ((Sam Again 00:32:08:26" We were very early adopter to ecommerce in 1995 we built our first website and we worked with a local company Competitive Computing to be a banner test site for microsoft 00:32:20:00 and we have been lavishing money on the internet ever since. "00:32:27:13)) Carr says as more shoppers go on line, retailers have to up their game. ((Jeff again 00:06:32:00" And you know it is a constantly changing environment and a highly competitive environment which means that you have to work it really hard with yourself and your staff in order to maintain competitiveness and in order to maintain a successful path for your company", 00:06:48:17)) Vermont Teddy Bear has their own Director of Ecommerce. ((Ryan Dahlstrom/Vermont Teddy Bear Co. 00:14:34:04" What we are most excited about is the recent release of what we call responsive website for those that don't know it means its a single website that shifts and transforms based upon the device the user is using so its really made our jobs easier in being able to provide a single experience for our users. "00:14:54:10)) Making it easier, for people to purchase on demand. ((JS SU 00:24:35:29" Dahlstrom says the constant challenge is being where the user is and empowering them to purchase from any device or any platform at any time." 00:24:44:28)) A way to make Vermont Teddy Bear products stand out in a crowded online shopping field. ((Ryan again 00:17:14:05 "So we have really focused on putting the power back in the users hands, and really providing for them a meaningful opportunity to create that unique gift that they are looking for that separates us from the crowd. "00:17:29:05)) And in this ever changing retail landscape, the only thing we can count on, economist Carr says, is ,,, more change in the years to come. JS Channel three news, SHelburne.


Is a new hotel headed for the top of Mount Washington? The owners of the cog railway want to build an upscale hotel a mile from the summit. They think this will help accommodate summer tourists. Mount Washington has been attracting more tourists since the Old Man of the Mountain disappeared.


Current temperatures: Are now in the upper 30s in northern areas, to low 40s in southern areas. Temp graph: temperatures over the past week have been warmer than normal, by a lot in some instances. Temp graph: and next week, they will be closer to seasonable, but a few degrees cooler than normal. RPM: we are also expecting more rain and snow showers, especially snow showers in the mountains. Snow showers will last through tomorrow, but Sunday it should be dry. Surface: finally, this trough will move east allowing high pressure to build in for Sunday and into the early part of next week.


Tonight: Cloudy skies. Scattered rain and snow showers. Lows: 28/35 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Saturday: Cloudy skies. Scattered rain/snow showers. Highs: 33/40 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Saturday night: Mostly cloudy. Chance of snow showers. Lows: 23/30 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Sunday: A mix of sun and clouds. Highs: 30/37 Winds: NW 5-10 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday night: Lows 18/25 Monday: Mostly cloudy. Highs 30/37 Lows 18/25 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 33/40 Lows 20/27 Wednesday: Chance of rain or snow. Highs 33/40 Thursday: Chance of rain or snow showers. Highs 35/45 Lows 20s Friday: Chance of rain or snow showers. Highs 35/45


26} FOOD5_VO

In Northern New York, some food pantries are trying to include healthier options. Officials with the Joint Council for Economic Opportunity Plattsburgh and other pantries in clinton county are encouraging donors to give healthy foods. The pantry in Plattsburgh already offers fresh vegetables, but they say it can be challenging to store them all or transport them to their other locations. They're hoping to make a few changes to hold more food.


((Sally Soucia/Community Outreach Program Director 7439 04:33:08 "basically healthy and nutritious foods, so we're planning on, we'll be able to have more shelving, and we're gonna try to put up more posters and things that show healthy foods and how to prepare healthy foods, so it's a joint effort of the community to have people eat well." 04:33:25)) The pantry in plattsburgh already follows guidelines to make sure everyone gets a balanced set of groceries with protein and veggies, and they serve hundreds each month. They say this is their busiest time of year ... as they get thousands of pounds of food donations during the holidays.


A glass of wine -- and a good cause? Oak 45 wine bar in Winooski is celebrating the holidays -- by collecting food and toys -- to help their neighbors. The story on the Channel 3 News at 11.


State Police say, a Poultney constable caused a crash in a town owned SUV. They say, Dale Kerber was chasing a speeder when it happened. State Police say, he was trying to get past Carol Scott's car ... when she suddenly turned left into a driveway and he smashed into her. Scott told police she didn't see the flashing blue lights. Neither of them were hurt.


President-Elect Donald Trump spent today in Trump Tower interviewing a number of candidates for various jobs in his administration. The biggest post left to fill is Secretary of State. And there are a number of people gunning for the job. Marlie Hall reports.


TRT PKG: 1:27 TRT Insert: 1:24 OUTCUE: take on the post :10 - :17 Anthony Scaramucci/Executive Committee Member, Trump Transition Team :28 - :36 Marlie Hall/CBS News/New York :54 - :58 Sec. Robert Gates/Frmr. Sec. of Defense (PKG) Former U-N Ambassador John Bolton is the latest contender for Secretary of State to arrive at Trump Tower to interview with President-Elect Trump. (SOT: Anthony Scaramucci/Executive Committee Member, Trump Transition Team) "THERE'S JUST A TREMENDOUS GROUP OF TALENTED PEOPLE THAT ARE RAISING THEIR HANDS, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN RAISING THEIR HANDS SAYING IF THEY WANT TO SERVE THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT." (gfx) Bolton's competing with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former General David Petraeus, TENNESSEE Senator Bob Corker and former Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney. (STANDUP: Marlie Hall/CBS News/New York) President-Elect Trump says he will officially announce his choice as Secretary of Defense on Monday. But he let the secret out of the bag during a rally in Ohio Thursday night. (nats) (gfx) James Mattis is a 66-year-old retired Marine Corps General who served 41 years in the military and led expeditionary forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates met with President-Elect Trump Friday afternoon. (SOT: Sec. Robert Gates/Frmr. Sec. of Defense) "I TOLD HIM I THOUGHT HIS SELECTION OF GEN. MAD DOG MATTIS TO BE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE WAS TERRIFIC." But Wednesday, he told CBS This Morning that Mr. Trump should avoid selecting another military man to also serve as Secretary of State. (SOT: Sec. Robert Gates/Frmr. Sec. of Defense) "I THINK THAT IS PROBABLY TOO MUCH MILITARY INFLUENCE IN THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS." Federal law prohibits military personnel from serving as Secretary of Defense within seven years of wearing the uniform. Mattis will need a congressional waiver to take on the post. Marlie Hall, Channel 3 news , New York.


Hear more about the Trump Transition -- next on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.


An all new pro baseball team is coming to the North Country. and it would call SUNY Plattsburgh home. Rose Gomez has more.


This time of year, the Chip Cummings Field at SUNY Plattsburgh is like a ghost town, but in a matter of months, sports fans who sit in these bleachers will be watching a pro team stepping up to bat. ((Brian Savard/SUNY Plattsburgh Director of Athletic Communications 6976 01:54:59 "Really excited to bring it to the community. I think it's a great thing for both our campus, the SUNY Plattsburgh community, the community at large, and certainly the Plattsburgh state baseball program." 01:55:09)) Independent Professional Baseball Organization, the Empire Pro League, recently announced that they'd be creating an all new team called the Plattsburgh Red Birds. The league is a rookie to class A level of minor league baseball that aims to give players the chance to get noticed and move on up in the sports world. ((Rose Gomez/Plattsburgh 7358 04:14:46 "The Plattsburgh Red Birds would play 70 games a year, and officials say that at least 35 of those games would be played right here at the Chip Cummings field in Plattsburgh." 04:14:56)) SUNY Plattsburgh has its own baseball team, the Cardinals, that will not be affiliated with the pro team. But officials and team players say they hope the pro team will bring more exposure to the campus field. ((TJ Montalbano/SUNY Cardinals Player 7345 04:11:44 "Honestly I don't think half the kids on the campus know where it is. It's deep in the woods, but it's one of the nicest fields in the SUNYAC so it'd be really cool to see other people play other than us of course." 04:11:54)) Though the field is part of the SUNY campus, it's just a short drive from downtown Plattsburgh. Mayor elect Colin Read is hopeful the new team will bring more attention to the area, attracting new visitors or residents. ((Colin Read/Plattsburgh Mayor Elect 7370 04:17:25 "Even if we just get those young folks to live here and establish a little bit of roots here, maybe baseball doesn't work out so well, but they could remain in the community. Anything to attract people to our area one person at a time I think is just a great bonus for our city." 04:17:39)) The team has not yet chosen its future players or field manager, but they expect to begin their first season in Plattsburgh on June 24th 2017. Rose Gomez, Channel 3 News, Plattsburgh.


We are just about a month away from the start of America East play and the UVM men's basketball team has certainly been facing some tough competition in preparation for the conference schedule. Last night, the Cats lost at number 20 South Carolina, 68-50. Vermont hung with the Gamecocks for the first 10 minutes of the game, but things started to slip away from there. The Cats played some good defense in the second half, holding South Carolina to just 35 percent shooting, but UVM couldn't find the hoop, only scoring a couple of field goals during the first 8 minutes of the second half. Freshman Anthony Lamb with a team high 12 points for the Cats, while Senior Kurt Steidl only scored 3 points on 1 of 7 shooting. Vermont now drops to 6-3 on the season, but those losses are to solid teams. The Cats host Dartmouth Wednesday night.


The UVM women's basketball team, fresh off its win over Holy Cross on Wednesday travels to Temple for a Sunday afternoon tip off. It's a homecoming for Cats Coach Chris Day who is from Philadelphia. We have World Cup Luge highlights from Lake Placid coming up in a few minutes.


There's new hope for treating the kind of dementia actor robin Williams is said to have had before taking his life. Stephanie Stahl reports.


(TRACK) His hand tremor - is part of why Donald Merkel can no longer work on his beloved vintage corvettes. He was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia 3 years ago. (SOT Kay Merkel/Wife) he has kept his sense of humor thru this whole thing, Don's wife Kay has watched the disorder rob his memory, it also causes hallucinations and Parkinson's disease - which causes tremors (SOT Kay Merkel/Wife) its devastating really (SOT Don Merkel/Patient) ss; what bothers you most ? donald/i guess something is being robbed from me ss: something's being robbed from you donald/yeah the rest of my life (TRACK) Don is now working with neurologist David Weisman who's testing a new drug - the first ever developed to treat Lewy body dementia (SOT Dr. David Weisman/Neurologist) I'm really encouraged that a drug company is aware of this disease because it's been way overlooked in the past, and taking this on I think is an exciting first step (TRACK) The experimental drug is designed to boost neurotransmitters in the brain to improve memory and reduce other symptoms. (SOT Don Merkel/Patient) hopefully there'll be a breakthrough which is wishful thinking but you never know , you never know (TRACK) he remembers enough to be emotional about his condition ,, and while hopeful for the drug don doesn't know if he's getting it or a placebo (SOT Kay Merkel/Wife) maybe if it doesn't make a difference for us down the road it would make a difference for somebody else (TRACK) The couple says for now they live every day the best they can. Stephanie Stahl, CBS News, Horsham, Pennsylvania.


A lot of folks will be getting into the holiday decorating spirit this weekend. And I always like to turn to Kris Engstrom and Britta Johnson to get new ideas.


Well Tis the season, and I always come to my holiday decorating gurus to find out what's a new way of decorating so your house doesn't look the same year after year after year whenever you put things together. And you've always got great ideas, what are you doing this year? Well this is a very revival of vintage feel, and for us vintage is bringing memories from the past, that are important and special to you that sort of come from that internal place of warmth and comfort. And bringing it into your house and making it come alive for the holidays. People love vintage these days. Yes, everyone has something that's important to them from their past. And that's what we're working with, we're bringing those things in, layering a few new things on so it's got a little glitter and sparkle for the holidays and making it happen. So Britta, this is one of your corners of the house and this looks like it has that nice vintage feel too. Exactly, I just got these wonderful ornaments from my grandmother that I wanted to incorporate and going along with the mint in my paintings and then I've got all of this tinsel, and flocked goodies that work really well here. That kind of helps bring the vintage pieces to life when you add the sparkle doesn't it? Oh absolutely, and this time if year, a little bit of glitz goes a long way. So playing off of some of the more natural ferns, and the greenery, it's nice to have a little pop. So Kris, back to you, help us pick out some of these cool ornaments like you have. Well there are a lot of new things, but the cool thing is you can take something that's old, and use that in a new way. Go through, like when you were a kid, go through your Mom or your grandmas jewlery box, and find some really interesting costume jewelry. A lot of them look like snowflakes! Of course they do! And they're sparkly, and beautiful and these can become Christmas tree ornaments, or they can go on a wreath, or a package. Very pretty. And it's just a way of doing that vintage look in a different way. Or get a really special present and find a little locket ornament like this, and you have something really important and special to give to someone. Oh I love these locket ornaments. So the main idea is to go look through some of these old favorite things that you have, put them together and then see how they work. Absolutely.


Mountain: It's colder again in the mountains and we have seen some snow showers. There is 6" of new snow at the top of the mountain today. Weekend: More snow showers tomorrow in the mountains, could see a few sprinkles in the valleys, but Sunday looks dry.


Helping families -- with a holiday tradition. Cat Viglienzoni shows us how gingerbread is helping an Upper Valley organization bring in the dough.


Shannon Wallace's gingerbread house crafting career started when she saw a demonstration and said -- ((SOT Shannon Wallace, Gingerbread House Maker 000515 well this doesn't seem that hard -- I could do it 18)) Seven years later -- her creations regularly take the top prize. This year's -- is titled 17 Cherry Street Lane. ((SOT Wallace 000622 These cherry trees are grape stems that I've dipped into chocolate and dipped into sprinkles. 28)) ((BUTTED)) ((SOT Wallace 000640 They're little pink bunny heads and they're the perfect cherry blossom flowers 44)) This nursery school teacher -- is often inspired by her students. ((SOT Wallace 000557 It's loosely based on a Playmobile house. 000601)) A very specific one... there are penguins... Mary Poppins... and the chimney sweep. Up on the roof -- Twizzlers for bricks... and a pretzel railing. It's the attention to detail that turns heads -- but she says, her best trick isn't so sweet. ((SOT Shannon Wallace, Gingerbread House Maker 001018 one of the things I've found over the years is you don't just go looking for candy 22)) ((BUTTED)) ((SOT Wallace 000723 My family's actually really disappointed this doesn't have more chocolate -- or candy -- on it. They said --'it's a gingerbread house, you need more candy!' And I said 'no it's a gingerbread house, you need more gingerbread' 32)) The kids from local schools who decorate houses -- would beg to differ. Their houses -- are easy to spot... but traveling down the table -- you'll see a Vermont farm stand... Yellowstone Park... the three little pigs ... a hobbit house... a cuckoo clock... balloons... a carousel ... a shout-out to AC/DC... and even a political statement. ((SOT 002859 Cat: And it seems like you get a bit of everything here. Kathleen Snyder, Festival Organizer: We do! We get some really fine ones, and then we get kid ones. Which is exactly what it's supposed to be 08)) Kathleen Snyder was part of the Gingerbread Festival organizing committee the first year. ((SOT Snyder 002811 We started out very small -- we had about 30 houses to begin with 15)) This year -- there are 83... all donated by the community. ((CAT STANDUP 003314 By the end of the festival on Saturday, all of the houses you see on the table before me are going to have new homes. They're being sold to benefit The Family Place, which organizes the event as a fundraiser 24)) ((SOT Nancy Bloomfield, Exec. Director, The Family Place 001953 it means a lot to us because it's part of the bread and butter of our organization 58 And it's also a great way to invite the community closer to find out a bit more about what we do 002004)) Last year -- they raised 70-thousand dollars... which goes toward the programs that support 19-hundred families in their community. They're hoping it's even sweeter this year. Cat Viglienzoni, Channel 3 News, Norwich.


If you want to go -- it's tomorrow from 10 to 3 at Tracy Hall in the Norwich Town Offices. It's $5 per person... or $10 for a family.


Happy anniversary, Phish! Yeah -- it was 33 years ago tonight -- THIS was taken. Vermont's jam band -- played to just a few people in Harris-Millis Cafeteria. That was -- 1983. Fast forward -- three decades -- and Phish now attracts tens of thousands of people to its shows all over the world.



For the third time in four years, Lake Placid's Mount Van Hovenberg is serving as a stop on the Viessman World Cup Circuit. The men competing in singles and doubles today. --- It's a true home coming for Chris Mazdzer. The Lake Placid native won gold here last year on the world cup circuit, but would have to settle for fourth place today. --- American Tucker West taking his second career World Cup gold Friday beating Russia's Semen Pavlichenko by .006 seconds. That is the smallest margin of victory in nearly four years. West also won gold in Lake Placid in 2014. --- Meanwhile, it's a Silver for the U.S. doubles team of Matt Mortensen and Jayson Terdiman. They become the first Americans doubles sled to medal in a World Cup since 2010. Germany takes the gold. --- Tomorrow it's the women's turn to take to the track. Last year the US swept the podium in singles led by Olympic Bronze medalist Erin Hamlin.


(((Erin Hamlin/"


The high school winter sports season beings tonight with a four team girls hockey tournament in East Montpelier. We'll have highlights tonight at 11.


It's a big weekend for a couple of athletes with CVU ties. Senior runner Tyler Marshall is headed to the Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon. The Boys' Championship race is tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. He is the first Vermont boy to qualify for this national level competition. --- Meanwhile former soccer star Haliana Burhans is a junior at Brandies University. The Judges are in the division 3 women's soccer final four this weekend. They take on Washington University of St. Louis tonight in the naitonal semifinals. Haliana has 3 goals and 7 assists this season.


Larry Nowlan has designed a number of sports statues and sculptors, all from his workshop in the Upper Valley. Now a community gets the chance to watch his artwork come to life as they remember the life of the man who created it. Here's tonight's spotlight on sports. (((At the AVA Gallery and Art Center an inner soul is on display.))) ((("When I see the work I see his life, I see his energy, I see his spirit."))) (((You also see Sculptor Larry Nolan's love of sports.))) ((("It was really the thing that he was drawn to the most."))) (((Before settling down in the Upper Valley, Nolan grew up in Philadelphia. As a kid, he went to sleep listening to Harry Callis call Phillies games on the radio. In 2011, Nolan gave back to his hometown team, creating a bronze statue of Callis that sits in Citizens Bank Park.)))) (((Heather Nowlan/"To speak in the stadium and to talk to all those thousands of people about his love for not only the sport of baseball, but for sculpture and to share his gift with them. Time of his life."))) (((Peter Nowlan/"I drive down at times just to go around the stadium to go into the pro shop and I always take that turn and look in and wave to Harry and my brother as well."))) (((Just a couple of years later, Nolan won the bid to make a statue of another famous Philly sports star, Boxer Joe Frazier. Steve Giroux, creative director at Third Generation Media and design, made videos of Nolan working in his Windsor shop. Nolan used one of those videos in his sales pitch.))) (((Steve Giroux/"He knew Frazier. He knew his moves. He knew the guy inside and out. You could tell he studied him, not just anatomically, but he studied him as a person."))) (((Larry Nolan never got to create that bronze statue of Joe Frazier. He passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack on July 30, 2013. He was 48 years old.))) ((("Windsor's lost a great guy. Larry was kind. Merciful... always had time for people."))) ((("Losing his physical body, his transition to this physical world to the spirit world is tragic for me and his friends and his children, but his physical being is not here, his spirit is here and felt and I'm so grateful for that and his love."))) ((("It took about a year to get the exhibit here at AVA and it will be open through Winter."))) (((Henry Duffy/"We want people to remember him, because he was a remarkable guy. He's a guy that not only found his voice through art, he also cared about people and he cared about the subject of his portraits."))) ((("I hope it's a chance for people to get to know his work a bit better, get to spend as much time as they want with it, come back a couple of times. Yeah, that's what I hope."))) (((The inner soul of Larry Nolan. A sports fan and talented artist whose his true masterpieces are the friends and family that are keeping his essence alive.)))



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