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The School For International Training, or SIT, is celebrating it's 50th anniversary. From humble beginnings, the Brattleboro based school has grown into a global training center. I recently sat down with the dean of the SIT Graduate Institute, Daniel Cantor Yalowitz.


Monday on the Thirty -- We're live from the Champlain Valley Fair! All week long the thirty hits the road and will be live from the 10-day fair. We'll find exciting events going on each day -- Plus Mike and I are going to get a little competitive next week -- with a sheep shear off -- and a milking contest. That's next week on the thirty at 5:30


Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. He was one of Vermont's beloved public servants. A career that took him from the hills of Shrewsbury -- to the halls of Congress. Today, in Rutland ... Senator Jim Jeffords was laid to rest. Jeffords died on Monday at the age of 80. Family and friends remembered him as a smart, but folksy, down to earth man -- who just wanted to solve problems. Anson Tebbetts has more.


As a gentle rain fell, mourners gathered to remember James Merrill Jeffords ... (2138 28:21) ((Rev. Steven Berry/Minister "Our own Jim Jeffords proud Vermonter lived as few others have lived in our history have been able to do. So we have come here to honor him")) (bango nat sat) The service was sprinkled with song... his love of music was always part of his life...from his time in the choir to the halls of the Congress as a member of the "Singing Senators" His serious work took him from Shrewsbury to eventually the United States Senate. Those who knew him best remembered him as a public servant who quietly went about his work seeking solutions. ( Tc 1:10:08 2145) ((Gov. Jim Douglas/Friend "Jim once told me once the moments he savored most were when committed people work together to solve tough problems to improve the lot for Americans ...he saw a good idea as a good idea..")) Those who came to his service could see his life's work along Vermont's landscape... Jeffords worked to keep cows in the pasture and farmers on the land.. He wrote laws to protect the lakes and streams...the former state senator and attorney general made sure the state's roadsides were not cluttered with billboards and bottles ... It's part of his legislative legacy but there was a lighter side to this father and grandfather. His daughter Laura spilled the family secrets. (Tile 2142 40:00) ((Laura Jeffords/Daughter "My father hated the green bean casserole because when he married my mom that is all she knew how to cook... My fathers favorite sandwich was peanut butter, lettuce and mayonnaise I know...)) His son Leonard remembered his dad's love of working in the woods, tinkering and spending time on his Ford Tractor..A tractor that became part of an April Fool's prank: (2142 47:14) ((Leonard Jeffords/Son "I got my mother on this I called him and said pop you left the keys in the tractor someone stole it and they wrecked it and he was so upset he called my mother and she said Jim I can't talk right now the state police are tractor is gone. ")) There were laughs and thanks from his friends who first met him during Sunday School at this church. His Rutland childhood friend recalled the competitive spirit of Jeffords whether it was on the baseball diamond or the football field and never to underestimate Jimmy Jeffords: ( Tile 2145 Tc 1:01:09:26) ((George Hanson/Friend "So from from Jimmy to Jim from Jim to gene men Jim to Jeezum Jim to husband to father to naval captain to attorney general to Congressman to US senator we say well done classmate well done best friend well done good & faithful servant")) A public servant loved by his state and his country. Anson Tebbetts channel 3 news Rutland. -3-


The Mental Health Department says scarce resources are part of the push to relocate an alleged murderer. Officials want the accused work-place shooter -- moved to a less-secure facility -- to make room for another patient. Elizabeth Keatinge was at the hearing today. Elizabeth, what happened? The fate of Elizabeth Teague is still uncertain as a judge reviews information presented in Windham Court today. The Dept. Of Mental Health says her condition can improve with relocation - but the state said she has imaginary friends, may have engaged in threatening behavior with a fork, hears voices - and even the President wants to be notified when she makes any moves.


((Elizabeth Teague/Accused Shooter 06:26:15:29 I actually deserve to be free on my own recognizance. 06:26:20:14)) Despite hearing testimony that former Bennington Eveready Plant employee Elizabeth Teague is suffering from the same mental diagnosis as when she shot and killed her supervisor and injured three others at her workplace in 1991 - ((Dr. Joseph Smith/Brattleboro Retreat 2:37:48:22 The risk of harm to others or harm to self may be a little increased at the Middlesex facility, 2:37:53)) The commissioner of the Dept. Of Mental Health is asking to relocate her to a facility in Middlesex with less restrictions. They say cost and a shortage of beds for other mental health patients is a factor but - ((Caroline Earle/Attorney for the Dept. Of Mental Health 06:48:54:29 That really is not the driving force behind this, the driving force is that Miss Teague has a better potential to do better as a mental health patient. 06:49:02:166)) Lawyers for the department of mental health -- the prosecutor from Bennington, plant employees, and Teague and her attorney appeared in Windham County Court Friday. Teague was reprimanded. ((Elizabeth Teague/accused shooter 1:36:36:10 Objection, heresay! JUDGE:Excuse me, Miss Teague, you've been doing very well so far but you will remember when you earlier asked about representing yourself, I denied your request.1:36:42:00)) The state argued that notes made about Teague by mental health professionals indicate that her condition has not improved, she still suffers from schizophrenia and auditory delusions and even has made threats to government employees. ((Erica Marthage/Bennington County State's Attorney 1:17:51:11 The secret service is notified when she leaves the building? Dr. John Smith: when she leaves the retreat grounds, yes.1:17:58:08)) Teague's psychiatrists said that a lack of resources following damaged mental health facilities during Tropical Storm Irene made beds for mental health patients scarce. They say Teague's bed could be put to better use for a patient who is higher risk and wants to participate in the counseling programs and medical assistance the retreat offers. The Bennington County prosecutor opposes that idea. ((Erica Marthage/Bennington County state's attorney 06:45:04:04 The Middlesex facility is not a state hospital so she would no longer be under an order of hospitalization she would be under an order of non-hospitalization.06 :45:12:03)) Court documents show Teague has not been taking her medication - and she says she doesn't need to. She says she would go to the Middlesex facility, that has a total of seven patients and operates out of a mobile unit - willingly. She claims alleged reports about her aggressive behavior including reportedly using a guitar cord to assault a staff member and having her room searched for contraband after she reportedly acted aggressively with a fork - are inaccurate. ((Elizabeth Teague/accused shooter 06:30:42:19 They were never, you know, very concerned, They were in my opinion and the opinion of other patients creative fiction writers, you know. 06:30:54:24))


The prosecutor also told us they are opposed to the move due to the difference in security requirements. A judge will allow both sides to present more information up to September 12th. He says then he will review what has been presented and make a decision.


Police are investigating the death of a 13-year-old. Crews were called to a home in Hardwick this morning -- where they found the teen unresponsive. The juvenile died at the scene. An autopsy will determine how the teen died. Police are releasing very few details.


Public bathrooms at Burlington's library -- and down at the waterfront -- have been closed after drug addicts clogged the plumbing with used needles. And now the city -- is taking a closer look at the problem. Cat Viglienzoni joins us with more. Kristin -- there is already a syringe exchange program for addicts in Burlington through the Safe Recovery program with the HowardCenter. It aims to stop the spread of diseases. But now the city is trying to figure out if that's enough.


NATS loading the car ((SOT Peter Jacobsen, Executive Director, Vermont Cares 002534 The more opportunities you have to safely dispose of a syringe, the less likely you'll find them on the streets, in our parks, or in our public facilities. 42)) That's why Vermont Cares is already collecting syringes through exchange programs around the state. People drop off their used needles -- and get clean ones. These bins full of some 10- thousand needles from St. Johnsbury and Rutland were collected over the last few months -- and are now bound for the Vermont Health Department. NATS unloading at Health Dept. From here they will be taken out of the state to be safely destroyed. But when they're gone -- the problem of needles left behind by drug addicts who DON'T turn them in -- will remain. ((SOT Jacobsen 002435 I'm happy that Burlington is having a big conversation about syringes 38 Just in terms of who is using and who needs to be using syringe exchanges 43 because there's always more need for syringe exchange 46)) ((FILE)) A need that the city is now investigating. Fletcher Free Library and the sailing center both had to lock their restroom doors this year when hypodermic needles and other drug paraphernalia clogged the toilets. Parks and Recreation employees have also found needles in local parks -- and some downtown businesses have reported incidents too. ((SOT Ron Redmond/Church Street Marketplace 2:14 "Vermont still is Vermont and has those wonderful characteristics but downtown we share many of the same problems that big cities share. 23)) A committee is now trying to figure out what the scope of the problem is -- and whether public disposal sites are needed, in addition to the HowardCenter's existing exchange program. Some businesses on the Church Street Marketplace -- are already acting on their own, by locking or monitoring bathrooms more often, and trying to eliminate areas behind some downtown buildings where they've noticed problem behavior. ((Ron Redmond/Church Street Marketplace: TC 04:07:07 "More activity is good. So when the street is busy the level of negative behavoir drops and that's kind of what we want.17))


The group is also looking at what other cities have done to deal with the problem. They expect to have a formal report to present to the city council this Fall.

12} EEE5_VO

A warning from health officials -- about mosquitoes infected with Triple E. Tests of two batches of mosquitoes in Whiting -- came back positive for the virus. Triple E was also found in mosquitoes in Grand Isle back in June. Infected bugs spread the disease. Most people will have no symptoms -- but some can experience swelling of the brain, seizures and coma. In rare cases its fatal. -- The state launched mosquito spraying in the Whiting area two years ago -- after two people died after contracting Triple E. Health officials warn people to avoid mosquito bites and get their livestock vaccinated.

13} VSAC5_VO

The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation will keep its federal contract -- to service student loans. Vermont's Congressional Delegation negotiated a deal with the U-S Education Department. The federal contract represents a large portion of V-SAC's business. Despite V-SAC's high performance rating, the feds were looking to end the contract. But the delegation announced today the ed. department has reversed course.

14} UVM5_VO

College students are back in Burlington. At the University of Vermont families filled the campus to today -- as students settled into their dorms. They're coming from around the world in larger numbers than ever before. This year UVM has 280 undergraduate international students -- nearly double the number from two years ago.

15} 1STWX

Sharon is here, and it's been grey and dreary today. It has, but it will be better this weekend. Over the past two days we have seen some showers scattered across the North Country and some locations definitly saw more rain than other. Northern New York, Addison and Rutland counties.


Change is coming to the agriculture industry in central Vermont. For more than 80 years, a company sold ag equipment to farms around the state -- but not anymore. Logan Crawford has the story.


((nats auctioneer)) The family-owned agriculture equipment company "LW Greenwood & Sons" is auctioning off its tractors and other farming equipment. (tile 1169 00:15:53:06) ((Butch Greenwood/Greenwood's "Well I just saw something sell for 10 dollars back there and I can tell you it costs a lot more than that." 00:15:58:23)) The Greenwood brothers Butch and Ron are selling their family business -- and the equipment they will no longer need. (tile 1169 00:14:21:13) ((Butch Greenwood/Greenwood's "It's time. We've had this business in our family for 85 years. My brother he just turned 76 here 2 months ago, and I'm kind of getting up there myself." 00:14:33:10)) Hundreds of farmers and others interested in agriculture are getting in on these hot deals for this prime equipment. (tile 1172 00:22:03:04) ((Henry Connolly/Randolph "I just bought a top and everything the whole complete cab for my 6 wheeler which I've needed for a long time." 00:22:13:01)) (tile 1180 00:25:18:29) ((Logan Crawford/East Randolph "Most of these new and used equipment will be off to new homes by the end of the day. Champlain Valley Equipment will be taking over Greenwood's starting in September." 00:25:28:09)) (tile 1170 00:18:41:29) ((Josh Provost/Champlain Valley Equipment "We've known Ron and Butch a long time and they're getting to the retirement age. We approached them several times, we approached them again this winter and seemed to put a deal together." 00:18:50:27)) Champlain Valley Equipment has 4 stores around the state -- Greenwood's will be number 5. Since 1929 LW Greenwood's sold ag equipment to farms across Vermont -- and the new owners of the company will be carrying the torch. (tile 1170 00:21:11:17) ((Josh Provost/Champlain Valley Equipment "You see the support they have here today from the community. It's just unbelievable. They've been a pillar here for so long it's nice to see it continue so we're looking forward to that." 00:21:18:21)) The Greenwood brothers agree -- this day is bitter-sweet. (tile 1169 00:17:44:14) ((Butch Greenwood/Greenwood's "Is it hard to say good bye? Yea, yea. But just like any good thing, it's got to come to an end at some point." 00:17:57:05)) The end of 1 company and the growth of another -- but farmers will still have a place to go in East Randolph for their agriculture needs. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, East Randolph. -3-


The Greenwood Brothers are staying on with Champlain Valley Equipment for the first year to help with the transition.

19} FAIR5_VO

It's a sign that summer is winding down. The Champlain Valley Fair is underway. Crowds began pouring into the Expo grounds in Essex Junction this afternoon -- the first time the fair has opened on a Friday. Fair organizers are adjusting to the modern school calendar -- giving families an extra day of fun before classes begin. The fair runs thru next weekend -- with headlining concerts in the grandstand -- a free family circus on Monday -- several new food offerings -- and an exhibit on the history of farming in Vermont.


Kids are getting ready to head back to school and The Weekend has information to make it a smooth and healthy transition. Let's check in with Julie.


((3:19-5:09 Good evening Darren and Kristin. We're talking vaccines on Saturday morning. We found out that a lot of kids in Vermont don't have all the shots that are required according to the Vermont Health Department. We'll fill you in on why they want to change that starting now. Also ahead on Saturday morning: We're taking you to a cool destination for the whole family! ((NB 1:20-49-1:21:00 I'm Nick Borelli at Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln, NH...Where you can ride this train, with a twist, plus you can see a real bruin play hockey. I'll have that story coming up on The Weekend)) Then on Sunday morning at 8am ... We celebrate volunteers. If you have done the ice bucket challenge ... You have, through social media, become a volunteer for that cause. One Vermont family knows all to well the heartache of ALS. Susan Lynaugh has lost her mother, her sister, her nephew, her cousin and, just two weeks ago, her brother ... all from ALS. While they face so much loss, they also feel so much hope because of the ice bucket challenge. ((SOT-Susan Lynaugh 00:07:52 - 00:08:14 Are we happy with this ice bucket challenge? We're ecstatic! We're over the moon that this could be happening because it is making people aware of this insidious disease that robs you of everything except your sharp, acute thinking brain still working.)) Sunday morning ... We'll take you to a memorial orchard in North Danville where, for the last fourteen years, their family has raised tens of thousands of dollars for ALS research. Please join us for all that, plus, breaking news overnight and your weekend weather. We start things off at 6am tomorrow morning ... We hope you'll join us! Darren and Kristin.))


A group of Republicans are battling for the right to challenge Congressman Peter Welch. They want Vermont's lone seat in the U.S. House. For more, we turn to State House reporter Kyle Midura - Kyle Darren and Kristin - today's piece is the second in our series leading up to Tuesday's primary. Tonight we chat with the three political outsiders looking to earn the Republican nomination. But political analysts say regardless of who prevails, the ultimate outcome is a foregone conclusion.


Three Republican Vermonters are fighting to become the state's sole representative to U.S. Congress. All three occupy hard-line conservative positions -- with tea party and libertarian leanings -- on taxes, health care, the national debt, and military strength. None think the government is working as the country's founding fathers intended. ((2:46 - :50 Mark Donka - Republican for U.S. Congress my ideas I think are going to work :48 they're simpler, they're easier :50)) Mark Donka of Hartford unsuccessfully sought to unseat incumbent Democrat Peter Welch in 2012. He wants to cut spending across the board -- with the military as the only exception. The police officer opposes tax hikes but doesn't rule them out should the country finds itself in another war. He says amnesty is not an option for illegal immigrants ((6:44 - :53 Mark Donka - Republican for U.S. Congress I have a lot of empathy for them, we're not supposed to kick them out to the street, we're not just kicking them out,:50 but we need to send them back :51 they need to go back to their country and come to our country legally )) ((3:33 - :38 Don Nolte - Republican for U.S. Congress there shoudln't be handouts for able-people who are just taking public welfare )) Newport resident Don Nolte is new to the campaign trail. He says if younger generations had his generation's work ethic, there would be less reliance on government benefits, and more jobs available. Nolte wants to cut foreign aid, bar the government from bailing out industry, reduce subsidies and rework grant programs. He says a balanced budget is the first step in addressing trillions in U.S. debt. ((5:35 - :43 Don Nolte I maintain that if we do the others of my points that there will be enough money left over for valuable and worthwhile programs )) ((:15 - :21 Don Russell - Republican for U.S. Congress I've always believed in the constitution I also believe in telling the truth)) Don Russell of Shelburne advocates for lowering tax rates, with the highest bar set at 15 percent, and owns the most radical ideas of the three candidates. He lays out 40 key points in a 277-page book. They include: - repealing hate speech laws - moving the national capitol to the mid-west and limiting the number of lawyers in the House and Senate to 2% of its membership - Russell says the death penalty should be mandatory in cases of murder and treason and has no sympathy for white-collar criminals who bilk retirement savings. ((11:36 - :41 - Don Russell - Republican for U.S. Congress that man if he's convicted should be executed :39 because he's worse than a murderer )) The candidates have differing plans to make college affordable. Donka proposes barring schools from receiving cash from the federal government unless prices come down. Nolte suggests students alternate years working and studying, while Russell envisions a taxpayer financed K-16 system for those who make the grade. ((5:48 - :55 - Don Russell - Republican for U.S. Congress college education should be available in your home-town :52 right across from the campus of the high-school perhaps )) All three candidates say abortion should be illegal except in cases where a mother's life is in jeopardy but concede the law is unlikely to change. Nolte disagrees with gay marriage on principal but says the subject is not a top priortiy ((13:20 - :22 Mark Donka - Republican for Congress I don't think the Government has any say in marriage)) ((13:33 - :42 - Don Russell - Republican for Congress gay marriage, it's sort of like Rodney King, can't we all just get along? I mean I have nothing aginst people who want to have gay marriage, that's their business, not mine )) All three are gun rights advocates; Russell says nuclear weapons are the only arms Americans shouldn't be allowed to bear. The candidates say they COULD work across the aisle. But, none could provide a single example of a strong idea from the other side, including Rep. Welch. ((14:31 - :36 Don Nolte - Republican for Congress if he's been down there 8 yrs and nothing's gotten solved, I think it's time for him to come home )) Donka may have more name recognition than his fellow challengers given his previous run for office. That could give him the primary nod, but Republican political analyst Mike Smith says Tuesday's result won't matter in November. ((1:05:06 - :11 Peter Welch is your next congressman no matter what happens in any primary ))


We'll wrap up our pre-primary coverage Monday when we profile the candidates for Lieutenant Governor as the incumbent republican and progressive challenger seek Democratic support. - Kristin


There is a very slow moving trough of low pressure over the northeast, and that has been keeping our weather cool, cloudy and showery today, but there is an area of high pressure pushing down from the north, and that is trying to save the day and bring us some much better weather for the weekend. Saturday, we can expect a mix of sun and clouds, but there is a chance we could see a few scattered pop up showers during the afternoon, mainly east of the Green Mountains. Sunday will be a beautiful day, with plenty of sunshine and even warmer temperatures. In fact it looks like it will be getting much warmer next week, with temperatures soaring well into the 80s through the middle of the week. There will be a cold front arriving on Thursday, triggering some showers and thunderstorms and also bringing those temperatures back down again. It will be cooler again as we head into Labor Day weekend.


Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Chance for a few showers. Areas of fog. Lows: 52/58 Winds: S,SE 5-15 mph Saturday: Partly cloudy. Pop up shower, east? Highs 73/80 Winds: Variable 5-10 mph Saturday Night: Clear skies. Areas of fog. Lows: 48/58 Winds: Light Sunday: Sunny skies. Highs: 78/85 Winds: Light and Variable. Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday Night: Lows 50s Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 80s Lows 55/65 Tuesday: Mostly sunny. Highs 80s Lows 55/65 Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Highs 80s Lows 55/65 Thursday: Partly sunny, chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs 72/78 Lows 50s Friday: Partly sunny. Highs 65/72



An odd crime at the Walmart in Williston. Police are looking for this man who they say stole 15-hundred dollars worth of paint from the store shortly before one yesterday afternoon. He was wearing a black sweatshirt with what a appears to be a red skull on the front. If you recognize him call Williston police.


He threw a brick through a window at the Willsboro Pharmacy -- to get inside. And police say he then filled a garbage bag with merchandise -- and got away. This is a surveillance photo of the suspect. Call the police -- if you know who he is.


A Montpelier city official who says she was ousted from her job -- will get her day in court. Former city planner Gwendolyn Hallsmith says she was fired for privately advocating public banking. Hallsmith says she didn't get a fair post-termination hearing, because a city employee served as mediator. A judge agreed -- and she'll get a new hearing. Hallsmith also publicly squabbled with Mayor John Hollar -- and even challenged him for mayor earlier this year -- but Hollar won by a large margin. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports ...with the start of the NFL season less than two weeks away, the Patriots host the Carolina Panthers tonight in preseason action and you can see it right here on Channel Three. Kickoff is set for 7:30pm. The Oakland-Green Bay game that was scheduled to air on CBS stations tonight starting at 8pm can be seen on our secondary channel, WCAXtra. Also tonight, the New York Giants take on the New York Jets.


For the second night in a row, rain has forced Thunder Road officials to waive the white flag. Tonight's race card, rescheduled from last night, has been postponed again. They will try it again on Sunday, with a post time of 2:30pm. The card will feature three 50 lap features in the Tiger Sportsmen series, as well as Late Model and Street Stock features and the always popular Run-What-U-Brung event. The front gates will open at 1pm.


And tonight's race card at Devil's Bowl has also been rained out. The Sugar & Spice 'Double Stack' event, at which all four divisions will compete in double feature races, has been reschedule for Sunday afternoon as well, with a 4pm post time. Gates open at 2pm, and as part of the 'Fans First' program, residents of Poultney who present a valid ID will get free admission.


Doctors in New York City saved a man with a rare cancer. The patient had a 20 pound tumor -- and didn't even know it. Craig Boswell has his story.


76-year year old Frank Bollettieri didn't think he would be playing with his grandkids this ‎summer ‎ (SOT FRANK BOLLETTIERI/Patient) "I HONESTLY DIDN'T THINK I HAD A CHANCE AT LIFE - A 20 POUND TUMOR." (TRACK) He didn't realize he had the massive tumor until he had an xray after a fall. (NATS) "THIS IS THE ENTIRE MASS ESSENTIALLY REPLACING ENTIRE LEFT HALF OF HIS BODY.. (TRACK) The basketball-sized growth was a soft tissue cancer called a liposarcoma . It is extremely rare - especially this size. (SOT DR. WILLIAM HUANG, UROLOGIC ONCOLOGY, NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER) "I think one of the things that surprised us was the size of the tumor. And what it looked like under imaging and the lack of symptoms" (TRACK) When Surgeons at NYU Langone Medical Center removed the tumor.. they also had to take out one of Frank's kidneys, his spleen and part of his adrenal glan. (SOT DR. JOSEPH RACCUIA, NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER) What you don't want to do is tug and pull on something while they are attached to these very delicate blood vessels (SOT FRANK BOLLETTIERI/Patient) WHEN I GOT WOKE UP AFTER THE OPERATION I SAID THANK YOU GOD. (TRACK) Frank and his family are grateful. (SOT BARBARA BOLLETTIER/Frank's Wife) FOR A WHILE I THOUGHT I MIGHT LOSE HIM.. (SOT FRANK BOLLETTIERI/Patient) I THINK I AM GOING TO LIVE TO 100//I'm HAPPY. (TRACK) Doctors say it's likely the tumor will grow back, so Frank is now being checked every three months. Craig Boswell CBS News. Staten Island, New York.


Frank's weight dropped from 185 pounds to 160 pounds after his surgery. That's Healthwatch.



He's proof that sometimes overcoming life's obstacles is about daring to dream big. A Winooski High School grad is heading to Georgetown today -- and he shared his amazing road from refugee camp to college -- with our Melissa Howell.


Life happens to the best of us, but many will never know the struggles that plagued the life of Indra Achraya. ((Indra Achraya/Nepal Refugee 00:02:15 "I think I was always concerned about whether or not I'll be alive tomorrow."00:02:20)) Indra's parents were exiled from the Kingdom of Bhutan. He grew up in a refugee camp in Nepal. ((Indra Achraya/ 00:00:57 "It was the struggle for food, clothes, shelter. The only good thing that I remember is that we had good education." 00:01:06)) Learning became his refuge. It was his father who inspired him to never give up. ((Indra Achraya/ 00:04:08 " it was the most inspiring moment in my life. He mentioned that it does not cost money to dream." 00:04:13)) Acharya's father passed away 3 years ago in Nepal. His family then came to the U-S for a better life in 2012. He threw himself into government studies and got to know politicians around the state. But a refugee resettlement program advised he learn a trade. ((Indra Achraya/ 00:19:10 "They told me I would be better off working and I did not see my future working as a dishwasher throughout my life." 00:19:18)) He enrolled at Winooski High School and realized he wanted more out of his education. He applied for the Vermont Academy of Science and Technology Program at Vermont Technical College in Randolph, where he met Susan Polen. ((Susan Polen/V Tech VAST Program Director 00:33:41 "It was pretty clear for the beginning that he was pretty special."00:33:43)) Achraya earned college credit through the program, along with his high school diploma. ((Susan Polen/V Tech VAST Program Director 00:31:38 "Students don't give up an easy year of high school in their senior year unless they're really willing to challenge themselves and move ahead early." 00:31:47)) ((Indra Achraya/ 00:09:37 "I thought it would be really helpful for me to demonstrate my understanding, my knowledge, while applying for college." 00:09:44)) It wasn't long before Acharya began to look for a way to pay for college. He applied for the Gates Millenium Scholarship and was awarded a full ride to any school of his choice. The scholarship is funded by a grand from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - and is awarded to 1-thousand high school students a year nationwide. ((nats)) Winooski's City Manager -- his mentor and friend -- helped him figure out what was next.. ((Kathy Decarreau/Winooski City Manager 00:02:38 "We went to visit some schools in Western Massachusetts but he had got his heart set on Georgetown pretty early." 00:02:44)) He applied. Got in -- AND got a full scholarship from Georgetown. With 2 full scholarships, it was a proud moment for his family. ((Indra Achraya/ 00:16:24 "They always supported me, they always inspired and I was never distracted from the process of dreaming and I'm not distracted even now." 00:16:34)) Acharya is the 2nd Vermonter to receive the Gates Scholarship. Now, his family lives in Shelburne. And he's packing for for a trip back to D.C. to begin his first year. ((Kathy Decarreau/Winooski City Manager 00:06:33 "I have no doubt he is going to meet senators and congressmen, I have no doubt he is going to be friends with former presidents, this is the type of kid he is.' 00:06:40)) ((Indra Achraya/ 00:28:12 "I'm ambitious, I want to run for Senate one day in the state of Vermont, thats my aim." 00:28:17)) A lofty aim - but he's proven he knows how to reach a goal - when he dreams big. Melissa Howell, Channel 3 News, Shelburne


The hills of Stowe were alive this week with the sound of music... Argentine Tango music. Professional musicians from 13 states and Canada traveled to Vermont this week to be students of tango. They told us the music is unique and complex because it can't just be read from a sheet -- the whole orchestra has to work together to develop a tango "language."


((SOT Mary Gibson, Violinist 012446 Their sense of style and inflection and pace and excitement without rushing 53 And it's almost like the pit of your stomach, it's a very cool feeling 58)) Tonight -- there's a performance at 7:30 at Stowe Community Church. The festival wraps up Saturday. And tomorrow morning on "The Weekend" -- Cat Viglienzoni takes us behind the scenes at the Tango Academy -- to hear more of their music.


There's still over a week left in August... but the fall sports season is here. The UVM women's soccer team getting things underway at Virtue Field this afternoon, taking on Central Connecticut in the 14th edition of the TD Bank Classic. Vermont is coming off a 6-9-3's most wins since 2005 ...and a third straight trip to the America East playoffs ...a first in program history... --- lots of early action in this one...eighth minute...Vermont with the corner kick...into the box where reigning America East Rookie of the Year is there to deflect it in for a 1-0 lead... --- less than a minute later...some back luck for the Cats...the ball lofted into the box...takes a bad hop high over Vermont goalie Ally Ramos and in to tie things at one... --- but UVM answers four minutes after that... Dana Buckhorn with some fancy footwork, weaving thru the defense...then the feed to Caroline Greer who tucks it perfectly under the crossbar... Vermont led 2-1 at the half... Central Connecticut ties it in the second, but with 2:18 left in the second overtime, UVM freshman Sarah Martin scores to give the Cats the 3-2 win. You'll see the game winner at eleven.


The Red Sox have landed the services of Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo, signing the 27-year-old to a seven year contract worth $72.5 million. It's a new record for the largest contract offered a Cuban player. He's expected to undergo a physical in Boston tomorrow and will join the team this season. Castillo will join fellow Cuben defector Yoenis Cespedes in the Sox outfield. His best position is center, which is where Boston will likely play him. At 5-9, 185 pounds, Castillo doesn't have the pure power of Cespedes, but he does have some pop and plenty of speed. This signing could indicate the end of the Jackie Bradley, Jr era in Boston even before it started. Bradley was outstanding on defense in center field all season for Boston, but struggled at the plate and was just sent back down to Triple-A. WIth Castillo in the fold for seven years, and likely playing in center, Bradley could become a trade piece in an effort to improve another part of the Red Sox roster. The Sox host Seattle tonight.


Keegan Bradley birdied his first three holes today in the second round of The Barclays, unfortunately you have to play the full 18 and four bogeys and a double later would lead to a score of two over par 73. Despite that, Bradley is still at one under for the tournament and will make the cut for the weekend.


After winning two straight at Tri-City, the Vermont Lake Monsters return home tonight to open a three game series against Staten Island. Former Red Sox favorite Trot Nixon is making a special appearance at Centennial Field tonight. We'll have more on his visit at 11pm. Earlier, the Lake Monsters rolled out the red carpet for some of their biggest, little fans. Scott Fleishman has more on that. (((Scott Fleishman/"It should be a fun night at Centennial Field as nine new Lake Monster players make their debut and they are all from the area. What a day as the nine young baseball and softball players were announced and signed to the Lake Monsters this afternoon. It is all part of the Lake Monsters community all stars program to get kids and families to think about important topics and issues in life, such as healthy lifestyles, sportsmanship and community. They narrowed 200 applicants down to nine. They were at a press conference today, signed an actual contract, got paid fifty dollars, which was donated to charity and got their own Lake Monsters jersey. That's not all, they got a welcome to the team from Vermonter and ESPN baseball analyst Buster Olney. Then, it was a limo taking them to the ballpark for a meet and greet with the players and the opportunity to throw out the first pitch. It was quite the experience for these youngsters that come from all over Vermont, and even one from across the lake, in Morrisnville, New York."))) (((Connor Nielsen/"It was just fun. The reason I'm here is because they chose me and I really liked that they chose me."))) (((Mira Filion/"I was really excited. I thought this was really cool. Donating the money to the charity was really cool too."))) (((Dustin Beloin/"I've been looking forward to the limousine ride, now that that's over, I'm looking forward to the game really."))) ((("One of the players on the Little Lake Monsters team was also on the Williston All Star team that represented Vermont in the New England regional of the little league world series. That was a fun event. This is a once and a lifetime opportunity as well. Not bad for a summer's work. At Centennial Field, Scott Fleishman, channel 3 sports.")))



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