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Alice Levitt of Seven Days joins us now -- alice -- what are some of the best beer/food combos you've seen at brew fest so far? You stepped back in time this week you went to Howard Johnson in Lake Placid. ((they've been disappearing around the country -- how is this place still open?)) ((what's on the menu? How was it?)) ((why are the clams such a big hit)) ((celebrity infusion - uniforms - chefs)) ((mad men)) ((back in the day known for its ice cream)) ((what's missing)) ((who goes there?))


Monday on the Thirty -- we celebrate the legacy of Phil Hoff. The former Vermont governor just turned 90. He was the first democrat ever elected governor in Vermont. Monday - former journalist Chris Graff will join us to talk about the governor and his lasting impact. That's Monday at 5-30 on The thirty.


Good Evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Judy Simpson. Kristin Kelly is off. The search resumed for a plane missing for more than 40 years. Thanks to advances in technology -- search teams believe they now have a good chance of finding the plane -- believed to have crashed -- in Lake Champlain. Logan Crawford is live on the waterfront in Burlington -- with more on the search. Logan? Darren and Judy, a search team made up of Vermont and New York State Police -- as well as volunteers -- are out looking for signs of the long lost plane. The pilot's family say he needs to be found.


(tile 1918 00:23:11:19) ((Kristina Coffey/Victim's Daughter "We're here to finish the search." 00:23:14:13)) In 1971 a plane flying from Burlington to Providence during a snow storm went missing over Lake Champlain. It's still missing to this day -- along with the 5 people who were on board. (tile 1919 00:32:55:14) ((Kate Stensland/Victim's Niece "It's haunted me my whole life. To the point where you live with fantasies. Maybe he's in Brazil having cocktails everyday. You don't know how to rest with the fact that he perished in a frozen lake." 00:33:10:25)) George Nikita was the plane's pilot. His family is in Vermont and have not lost hope of finding him. Vermont State Police, New York State Police, and volunteers make up the search party heading out on Lake Champlain to pick up where the search left off -- 40 years ago. (tile 1875 00:11:26:01) ((Lt. James Whitcomb/Vermont State Police "With the technology advances that we've seen - both in the public safety diving realm and also the civilian realm - it's a great time to come together to see if we can solve this." 00:11:36:21)) The current search will cover nearly 3 miles of Lake Champlain. (tile 1929 00:41:17:01) ((nats water 00:41:20:03)) (tile 1926 00:39:52:09) ((Logan Crawford/Shelburne "According to the search party the plane was last seen flying over Juniper Island just behind me. The incident happened in the winter of 1971 and the lake had frozen over - making the search for the plane nearly impossible." 00:40:05:15)) (tile 1873 00:09:00:24) ((Walt Houghton/Search Volunteer "We searched 14 square miles of the bottom of the lake at that time. And we did have some debris that did appear along the shoreline down here. We were able to confirm that it was positively parts from that airplane." 00:09:16:16)) (tile 1893 00:17:10:19) ((nats setting up torpedo 00:17:12:11)) Along with human volunteers -- underwater robotics join the team looking for the missing jet. (tile 1872 00:02:30:02) ((Raymond Siler/Search Coordinator "We have these what are called AUVs or underwater operated vehicles. They're basically torpedoes we'll be using in the water to sonar. They're very accurate, very quick." 00:02:40:04)) Nikita's family says they're grateful for the search effort -- and finally feel some closure after all of these years. (tile 1918 00:26:21:16) ((Kristina Coffey/Victim's Daughter "I could go home today because I have just been overwhelmed by this A team, this elite team that has been put together, to put the search together." 00:26:31:23))


The search for the missing jet continues Saturday and Sunday -- to see if anything from the plane can be recovered. Darren?


The crash of another Malaysia Airlines flight Thursday--shocked the world. And one community in particular--was among the hardest hit. Shelby Cashman joins us now with more, Shelby? Judy-- Officials have not yet released all of the two hundred and ninety eight passengers names--aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. But they do fear--that the plane was carrying some of the leading HIV-AIDS researchers--from around the world.


((00:00:21 President Obama "they were taken from us in a senseless act of violence." 00:00:24)) Two hundred and ninety eight people--are feared dead--following the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight Seventeen Thursday. Officials say the plane was shot down over Eastern Ukraine--by a surface to air missile. There is no conformation yet on who is responsible for the attack. But new details reveal--that as many as one hundred top HIV-AIDS researchers from around the globe--may be among the dead. Reports say--they were on their way to an international conference--in Melbourne, Australia. ((00:00:25 President Obama "in the world today we shouldn't forget that in the midst of conflict and killing--there are people like these, people who are focused on what can be built rather than be destroyed." 00:00:37)) And those fighting for a cure here in the Green Mountain state--say this is an devastating loss for the community. ((00:28:04 Carol Altobelli/Vermont Cares "Losing so many AIDS HIV researchers in one instant, who are people trying to save other people's lives really is devastating." 00:28:14)) Carol Altobelli works for Vermont Cares--a non profit organization that works with Vermonters affected by the disease. ((00:28:18 Carol altobelli/Vermont Cares "Basically it really can set us back in trying to find a cure or a vaccine for AIDS or the HIV virus. So this really is devastating and dreadful on so many levels 00:28:33)) And at Fletcher Allen Health Care--Deborah Kutzo treats the majority of HIV positive patients across the state. She says the conference the researchers were attending--is a gathering of some of the brightest medical minds in the world. And she says this is not only a tragic loss of life--but could also be a loss of critical information. ((00:31:23 Deborah Kutzko/Fletcher Allen "The only saving grace is that we write papers and I'm sure none of them worked alone in their labs but this certainly will be hard for everyone." 00:31:31))


One of those confirmed dead--is the former President of the International AIDS society and research pioneer--Dr Joep Lange. He was known among the community as one of the leading researchers in the field. But again--all of the names of those traveling on the flight-have not been released--and today President Obama said at least one American--was on board. Judy?


A teenager from Canada is dead after a tour bus crashed -- on the Adirondack Northway this morning. More than fifty people were taken to the hospital. Cat Viglienzoni is back from the scene with the details. Cat -- what do we know about this young victim? Darren -- 14-year-old Chelssy Mercier of Quebec was heading for a trip to the Big Apple with her mother -- but her life was cut short Friday morning.


A tour from Three Rivers in Quebec to New York was abruptly cut short Friday morning when the bus flipped on its side in North Hudson... the crash leaving a teenage girl -- dead. ((STANDUP Cat Viglienzoni, North Hudson NY: 001146 "Police say at around 8:00 this morning the tour bus was heading southbound on Interstate 87 to New York City when it suddenly veered off the road right up there, crashed through the guardrail, and then rolled into the median. 57")) ((SOT Major Richard Smith, NYSP Troop B Commander 001418 there was one individual who we believe as ejected or partially ejected from the bus 23 And the bus came to a rest on that individual 26)) Other drivers came to their aid -- working to free the teen. But police say she died at the scene. They told us her mother -- was also on the bus. More than 50 passengers were taken to hospitals -- and one was airlifted to Fletcher Allen. The 61-year-old driver from Canada -- was not hospitalized. Police say he has been inspected recently -- but that is normal. ((SOT Smith 001703 In all three of those inspections he passed inspections so there is no reason to believe that he had any problems with his driving credentials 10)) ((FILE VO)) It's not the first deadly bus crash in this area of the Northway in recent years. In February 2004 here in North Hudson, another tour bus carrying Canadian tourists slammed into a truck that had slowed at a border patrol checkpoint. That crash killed four and injured more than 50. And in August 2006, a Greyhound bus blew a tire in Elizabethtown -- just up the interstate -- rolling and killing five people... injuring dozens more. Police said when they got the call Friday morning -- they feared more would be dead. ((SOT Major Richard Smith 003008 When I heard what had happened, that there was a bus in the median, it immediately brought to mind a mass casualty, mass fatality situation 17. But we are fortunate that only one of the individuals on that bus lost their life. 22))


Police say they are not releasing the driver's name yet. They told us they are also not commenting on the cause of the crash until they take a look at the black boxes from the bus -- which contain data on speed and braking. Darren?


Police are looking for a hit and run driver who left a West Rutland nurse laying on the pavement after crashing into her while she was riding her bike. Elizabeth Keatinge joins us live now with more. Janet Slade just started bike riding within the last couple of weeks. She had quite a scare when a driver hit her from behind and then just took off, leaving her bleeding in the street. She says she's bruised and battered - but happy to be alive.


Janet Slade spent Friday getting flowers from loved ones and walking in her garden with a crutch and a bandage on her arm. It's not what she thought she would be doing when she headed out for a bike ride Thursday afternoon. ((Janet Slade/hit by a car 3:03:22:28 Absolutely lucky to be alive, there's no doubt about it.:26)) The 52-year-old pediatric high tech nurse at Rutland Regional Medical Center says she went out into her West Rutland neighborhood just before 2 pm - when a car came up behind her and hit her. ((Elizabeth Keatinge/West Rutland 3:21:18:10 Police say she told them she was riding her bike this way, north on Marble Street, when she got hit just south of Water. :25)) She tells us the car didn't stop. Instead, the driver took off and made a left on Water Street - leaving Slade injured on the pavement. ((Janet Slade/hit by a car 03:07:24:18 I think I kinda was screaming a little bit at first, like oh my God, I can't believe this, oh my God, oh my God, like I and I was just kind of looking around and just like do I have a leg, am I, like where am I bleeding:34)) She said she doesn't usually carry a cell phone, but Thursday she did. She called 911 and an ambulance and police arrived. They say hit and runs are common, especially in the last few months. ((Trooper Jesse Dambrackas/Vermont State Police 2:57:58:00 Think people are, might get scared, um, little bit of surprise maybe, not paying attention. 2:58:05:00)) Slade sustained bruises but tells us she feels lucky she didn't fall on her head. She's black and blue on her backside, arm, and stomach. She says she's in pain, but the injuries will heal. ((Janet Slade/hit by a car 3:03:08:06 It really could have ended tragically and so I just, focusing on how fortunate that I am - that I'm awake and talking and nothing's broken. 3:03:17:00)) She says she hopes to ride her bike again - but never alone.


Slade says it all happened very quickly and no one else was around - so it was tough to get a detailed description of the car. Police tell us they are looking for a small black car that is missing a passenger side mirror. They also ask that if you see anyone come into an auto repair shop trying to replace a side mirror - that you contact police. Judy. Thank you Elizabeth.


A setback today -- for power crews working to improve reliability. Instead -- the lights went out! Green Mountain Power picks beautiful days like today to make upgrades -- when outages are unlikely. But during the work -- a weakness in a line -- knocked out power to about 77-hundred homes and businesses in the Colchester area. Traffic lights also went down.


((Dotty Schnure/GMP:19:11 We know it's really difficult to lose power in the middle of the day that's why we got the crews out there as fast as we can and we are working to get the power back on as quickly as we can. )) The power was out from 11:30 until 1:30 -- when crews rerouted power to another line. And a full fix was completed late this afternoon.

17} 1STWX

What a beautiful evening... And anything else that might be going on! What a beautiful summer day today, and there will be more nice weather ahead. With high pressure building across the North Country, tonight skies will be clear and it will be cool, with areas of fog possible. Most locations will fall to 45/52 for early morning lows, but some locations in the colder spots will fall even more. High pressure will bring us another pleasant day on Saturday, with temps in the lower 80s. After that, the high will slide east. This means we'll pick up a southerly flow of air which will gradually bring in warmer and more humid air. This could spark couple of isolated afternoon showers or thunderstorms Sunday through Wednesday, but for the most part it should be dry and warm.


Craft beer is becoming a huge tourism draw in the state. The industry employs 22 HUNDRED people in the green mountains. Beer lovers are toasting local brews this weekend at the Vermont Brewers Festival -- that's where we find our Gina Bullard tonight. Brew fest sold 8400 tickets this year in record time - just 11 minutes. This year -- 46 craft breweries will join forces for three sessions over the next two days. As you can see from this festival -- Vermont is ranking higher and higher in the beer world every day and a new law is making it easier for brewers and restaurants to promote their products. Up until this week -- it was illegal for bars and restaurants to offer sampler flights of beer or wine -- that's when you get to try small amount of different varieties. But now that's all changed and people are cheers-ing to the news.


((Mark Magiera/Bobcat Cafe and Brewery: Consumers are coming in usually from out of the area and they try a variety-- not so much one-stop shop. They're not sure what they want or what they're expecting.)) ((Tom Everett/Trapp Lager Brewery: It gives people an opportunity to sample each individual beer in smaller serving glasses so you don't get filled up by having a huge pint.)) (Gina talks)


The Missiquoi Bay is teeming with wildlife. It is home to Lake Champlain's largest river delta and the Missisquoi National Wildlife refuge. But it is also host to blue green algae blooms that put a damper on summer fun on the lake. The blooms are fed in part by agricultural runoff. Now a conservation group has petitioned the state Agency of Agriculture to require some farms to better manage their land. And today there was a public hearing on the matter.


The Conservation Law Foundation wants the state to mandate so called best management practices beyond what many farmers are already doing voluntarily, to improve water quality in the Missiquoi Bay Basin. ((Anthony Iarrapino/CLF Attorney 00:01:29:24" CLF's petition relies chiefly but not exclusivly on the critical source area study sponsored by the lake champlain basin program. Just this week fellow water quality advocates at the friends of north lake champlain issed a press release stating their strongly held opinion that the Critical Source area study is "the most conprehensive study we have reguarding the sources of sediment and nutrient pollution into the Missisquoi bay watershed. "00:01:59:02)) (Graphic here) A map in the study highlights areas that send a disproportionately large amount of phosphorus to the lake because of the soil slopes or types of farming. But some questioned the reliability of the results of that 2011 study. And whether it is still relevent three years later. Many farmers at Friday's hearing testified they are already following best management practices like using cover crops,,and buffer strips near the waterfront, to reduce agricultural runoff. ((Amanda St Pierre/Burkshire Diary Farmer 00:14:12:20" In the diary community we rely on our land we rely on the quality of our water we rely on the lakes and it is very important to all of us that we go forward in a way that makes sense for the enjoyment of people on the lake but for long lives in our state and the quality of what we do." 00:14:35:12)) And the farmers who spoke at the hearing said they should not be singled out when it comes to lake pollution. ((amanda again 00:16:22:22" I think this is a problem that is not only for the ag industry although that is what you are looking at today It think this is a Vermont problem and a New York problem and a Canadian problem . We all effect the quality of Lake Champlain and our other lakes. "00:16:38:23)) Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross asked the CLF representative where all the money would come from to implement costly mandatory management practices. The CLF suggested a tax on milk haulers and co-ops. ((anthony again 00:13:06:03" The farmers may need financial assistance but we know that there are others in the fluid milk business who are running highly profitable businesses who depend on some of the farmers who are contributing pollution to the bay and it is only fair that the profits of those entities would be added to the public fisk to help eliminate the pollution problems that they are currently profiting from."00:13:29:07)) This hearing is just the first step in this petition. ((Chuck Ross /Vt Agriculture Secretary 00:43:45:00" I am pleased with the turnout I am pleased with demeanor I am pleased with the information I am hearing and I am pleased that everyone in the room is listening so it is not just me who is learning." 00:43:55:03 ))


Written comments will be accepted for the next 30 days. Then Secretary Ross will review the information and issue his response.


Vermont's unemployment rate has increased for the first time in 10 months. The Department of Labor announced today that the seasonally-adjusted statewide unemployment rate for June was 3.5 percent. That's an increase of two-tenths of a percent from the May rate. The national average was 6.1 percent. Vermont's unemployment rate was the second lowest in the country.


Students say they were stunned -- when the Vermont College of Cosmetology suddenly closed it's doors. Months later -- and under new leadership -- a grand opening brings students a cut closer to graduating. Ali Freeman explains.


((nats)) Razors are humming and sciccors are snipping during the grand opening of the Obrien's Aveda Institute in Williston. For 20 cosmetology students -- the day marks a step away from their former college -- and a step closer to graduation. ((31:24 Tyla Armstrong / Student "I was very torn with the way things happened and where loyalties lay. So I was torn between two families.")) After a fresh coat of paint, new leadership and a new curriculum -- the Institute has moved into what used to be home to the Vermont Cosmetology College. The college abruptly closed it's doors in April -- citing financial troubles. There had been talks of a deal between VCC and the Aveda Institute-- that fell through last minute. VCC says its unable to comment. ((26:50 Stacey Savage Technical Director / Aveda Institute Williston "we came over to the landlord and were able to lease the space because it was basically an abonded space at that point - it was all set up and it was the quickest way for us to be able to get the students back into school - which was our biggest concern and our main goal.")) Savage says the institute opened the new location with 20 former VCC students. After a month of uncertainty-- the students were able to transfer all their hours -- and are back on track to graduate on time. ((57:31 Kelli Cogger / Student "it feels awesome because I get to gradute with all the same girls I was with before - so I'm relly happy that we all got to stick together and they took us all in together and not one by one by one.")) ((33:45 Tyla Armstrong / Student "Things worked out, and you just have to stay positive about it. Because for a long time - we didn't know where to place our blame or our anger - and really tore a lot of us down over the month/two months that we were closed.")) Although it's the end of an era for VCC -- it's a new chapter for the future of these budding cosmetologists -- painting a path to a bright career. Ali Freeman, Channel 3 News, Williston.


We're looking forward to another good looking weekend! We are! What a beautiful summer day today, and there will be more nice weather ahead. With high pressure building across the North Country, tonight skies will be clear and it will be cool, with areas of fog possible. Most locations will fall to 45/52 for early morning lows, but some locations in the colder spots will fall even more. High pressure will bring us another pleasant day on Saturday, with temps in the lower 80s. After that, the high will slide east. This means we'll pick up a southerly flow of air which will gradually bring in warmer and more humid air. This could spark couple of isolated afternoon showers or thunderstorms Sunday through Wednesday, but for the most part it should be dry and warm. Later next week, a cold front will approach, bringing us a better chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms by Thursday.


Tonight: LOCALLY COLDER Clear skies. Areas of fog. Lows: 45/52 Wind: Light Saturday: A BIT WARMER A few high clouds. Highs: 78/85 Wind: S 5-10 mph Saturday Night: COMFORTABLE Mostly clear. Highs: 50/60 Wind: S 5 mph Sunday: NOT BAD Partly sunny. Isolated PM thunderstorm. Highs: 78/85 Wind: S 5-10 mph Extended Forecast: Sunday Night: Lows: 50s Monday: Partly cloudy. Isol'd PM t-storm. More humid. Highs: 80/87 Lows: 55/65 Tuesday: Partly cloudy. Isol'd PM t-storm. Highs: 83/90 Lows: 60s Wednesday: Partly sunny. Scat'd PM shwrs/t-storms. Highs: 83/90 Lows: 60s Thursday: Partly sunny. Scat'd shwrs/t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 55/65 Friday: Partly sunny. Less humid. Highs: 70s



New details about a Concord New Hampshire prep school student accused of sexually assaulting a classmate on campus. Investigators now say the attack -- on the 15-year-old -- may have been part of a competition. The incident happened back in May. That's when police say 18-year-old Owen Labrie was a graduating senior at St. Paul's School in Concord. Detectives have since learned Labrie and his friends were allegedly competing with to see how many girls they could hook up with before the end of the school year. Labrie is facing seven felony charges. But police say it does not appear the other boys involved in the alleged game -- will be charged.


A judge has upheld the sentence of man convicted for his role in a drug related killing. Last fall, a federal jury also found 31-year-old Frank Caraballo of Holyoke, Massachusetts, guilty of conspiring to distribute drugs and using a gun in a drug crime. He was acquitted of discharging the firearm that killed Melissa Barratt. Chief Judge Christina Reiss (RICE) ruled a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision should have no effect on the firearms charge, and that evidence at the trial was sufficient to show Caraballo was the cause of Barratt's death in 2011. Reiss (RICE) first ruled against Caraballo's request in March. His attorney asked her to reconsider her decision.


A West Townshend woman convicted of killing her husband has been released from prison because she is very sick. Hope Schreiner was convicted in 2006 of beating her husband to death. Seventy-eight-year-old Robert Schreiner was found dead in his driveway.. Prosecutors say Schreiner killed her ailing husband because she was tired of caring for him. Now officials say it is Hope Schreiner who is suffering from a terminal illness -- so she has been transfered to a nursing home. At age 81,Schreiner is the state's oldest female inmate. And that is news around the region.


Starting Line Sports's a great couple of days for local auto racing fans. Last night, the Mid-Season Championship at Thunder Road....on Sunday, it's the ACT International 300 returns to Airborne Speedway for the second straight year ...and tonight, Devil's Bowl takes center stage for it's Mid-Season Championship. Dylan Scott has our preview from West Haven. ((TRT: 1:15 ... OC: CHANNEL THREE SPORTS)) ((Thanks Mike, last night we were at thunder road, tonight were at devils bowl speed bowl for the mid season championships and let me tell you these four divisions are as close as it gets. How close you might ask, for example the renegades and late model divisions are separated by one measly point. Now the laps are about the same but the points are worth double meaning drivers have their pedals to the medal trying to get prime position heading into the final stretch. Josh Masterson Late Model Points Leader Todd Stone Modified Points Leader Stephen Donahue Renegades Points Leader Buckle up because it should be quite the devilish ride tonight in west haven, highlights & reaction coming up at 11. But for now at Devils Bowl Speedbowl, Dylan Scott Channel 3 Sports.))


As mentioned earlier ...last night it was the Mid-Season Championship at Thunder Road...we'll have the highlights coming up...


Health officials say mosquitos in the US are now transmitting a virus that has been rapidly spreading in the Caribbean. Two people in Florida have been infected. David Begnaud reports.


(PKG) Florida health officials are reporting the first locally acquired cases of the mosquito-borne virus chikungunya (chih-kihn-GUHN'-yuh) The two patients had not recently travelled outside the United States. Scientists believe a mosquito bit someone with the virus, then bit someone else.. infecting that person. (SOT Dr. James Crowe/Vanderbilt University Medical Center) the virus is unusual because something like three quarters of the people who are bitten do have symtpoms after infection (TRACK) Chikungunya (chih-kihn-GUHN'-yuh) virus is not usually deadly. Symptoms include fever and joint pain as well as muscle aches, headaches, joint swelling and rash. (SOT Dr. James Crowe/Vanderbilt University Medical Center) Typically, people are better and well after a week but sometimes there joint symptoms go on for weeks and months. (TRACK) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there have been more than 240 cases of the virus reported in the US so far, but those people are believed to have been infected outside the country. Health experts say there is no need to panic, but it's always a good idea to try to avoid mosquito bites. (SOT Dr. James Crowe/Vanderbilt University Medical Center) use bug spray if you're going out, use long sleeves and pants when you're in areas with mosquitos (TRACK) The two Florida patients are a 41-year-old woman and a 50-year-old man. Both are said to be doing well. David Begnaud, For CBS News, New York.


Researchers say there is no vaccine to prevent the virus but several vaccines are currently being developed. That's Healthwatch.


38} HOFF12_VO

A special tribute to former Governor Phil Hoff -- in honor of his 90th birthday. Hoff was elected governor in 1962 and served three terms. He was the first Democrat elected governor in Vermont in more than a century. Many credit Hoff's election as a seminal point in the tranformation of Vermont from one of the most conservative states in the country to one of the most liberal. Vermont's two U-S senators recognized Hoff in Washington.


((Sen. Bernie Sanders/I-Vermont: "We've been a leaders for the rights of working people, for the environment, for women's rights, for gay rights, for kids. We're proud of that. But none of that would have happened. We would not be where we are today if it had not been for the work of Phil Hoff.")) ((Sen. Patrick Leahy/D-Vermont: "I've always appreciated my time with him, but especially the mentoring he did of me. Because if it had not been for him, I can tell you Mr. President, I would not be standing here today.")) Leahy was working as a young lawyer for Hoff when the governor urged him into his first political job as state's attorney in Chittenden County.


Today we head to the Islands to check out some summer fun. Our editor Justin LaJoie shows us what's new this summer at Grand Isle State Park.


TRT 2:32 ((Nat Lake::03)) ((Sophie Quest/ Park Volunteer & Long Term Camper: 00:00:37:09 I've been camping at this park since 1979///00:00:44:01 we discovered this park and were just so thrilled because it is so gorgeous. 00:00:48:01)) Grand Isle State Park is Vermont's second largest campground. It opened in 1959. The state purchased the first 54 acres from the Birchcliff Summer Resort. Today the park spans 226 acres. ((Sophie Quest/ Park Volunteer & Long Term Camper: 00:01:36:01 when i first came here it was just a meadow. and it's been so amazing since 79' to watch it grow up to watch all the trees get enormous.00:01:46:01)) ((Sophie Quest/ Park Volunteer & Long Term Camper: 00:01:07:13 what interest me is that there are sections that are so different.)) The park offers something for everyone - like sand covered volley ball courts, paved walkways, a nature center and a beach. ((Nat Music: 04-:06)) But on this night guests got a special treat. The folk band 12 Strings entertained campers. It's part of the Parks System's summer events. ((Nat: 03)) ((Mike Gravelin / Musician 12 Strings Band 00:41:33:24 we love to play at the state parks in the summer.00:41:38:14)) ((Mike Gravelin / Musician 12 Strings 00:43:11:25 there's nothing like a campfire, and some music.00:43:19:07)) Guitarist Mike Gravelin says once campers hear the tunes - they all start rolling in. ((Nat music: 02)) ((Mike Gravelin / Musician 12 Strings 00:43:54:08 "it's fun to see people smiling and singing along with some of the songs.00:43:59:18)) ((Nat Music: 03)) Dissolve to ((Nat Lake/fishing: 02)) Smiles are easy to find along the park's more than 4000 foot shore line along Lake Champlain. From the boat launch - you can cast a line. Or… ((Nat kayaking: 03)) …Launch onto the lake where you can enjoy the park from a different view. From the water -- you can see your camping options - from 117 tent sites to 36 lean-tos and 4 cabins. But book early - sites go quickly - and some require reservations nearly a year in advance. ((Sophie Quest/ Park Volunteer & Long Term Camper 00:18:17:15 "we just have amazing sky's here, and amazing weather.)) ((Sophie Quest/ Park Volunteer & Long Term 00:15:55:02 i know there is argument about wind towers and their beauty but from this far away they are just gorgeous against the background.00:19:06:27 )) ((Nat Music: 03)) ((Mike Gravelin / Musician 12 Strings 00:45:17:23 this is just really nice. we appreciate the state having us here. and we just love it and hope to keep going.00:45:24:22)) The most visited Vermont state park offering more than the great Vermont outdoors. Worth a visit the next time you want to get Up & Out. Justin Lajoie Ch3 News Grand Isle State Park ((Nat Music: 03)) (("oh thank you")) ***TAG*** check out our info center for a link to a list of events taking place at parks around the state this summer.



As we mentioned earlier in Starting Line was the Mid-Season Championship last night at Thunder Road. Double points on the line in all three divisions, which means major opportunities to shake up race for the track championships... The Late Model feature...a 100-lapper ...the top drivers in the points chase starting in the back half of the pack due to the track handicapping system, which throws this one wide open... --- Kyle Pembroke had the pole and led for the first 22 laps before Lance Allen passed him on the outside... --- Allen led until the first caution flag of the night came out on lap 37... --- Scott Dragon took over on the restart and held onto the lead throughout the middle part of the race, but Trampas Demers makes a charge and after a door-to-door battle over several laps, the 85 car pushes into the lead on lap 72 and holds off Dragon at the line for his seventh feature win. Dragon second, Lance Allen, Dave Pembroke and Nick Sweet, the points leader heading into the night, rounding out the top five, and now the top three drivers in the King of the Road standings are separated by just three points...Dave Pembroke leads, Demers second, Sweet third... Demers keeping the streak nine different drivers have won the nine Late Model races at Thunder Road this season


((TRT: 17 ... OC: COME AWAY WITH THIS WIN)) ((Trampas Demers/It's something that I always dreamt about, having a race where you catch up and have a close finish. I was replaying it in my mind. It was very rewarding for all the effort we've put in this season to come away with this win.))


The evening began with the 50-lap Tiger Sportsman feature... Joel Hodgdon starting on the front row and the #36 Chevy would grab the lead and never look back. Hodgdon going green to checker to pick up his second win of the season...points leader Jason Woodard comes in third, but gets second place points after runner up Tucker Williams is disqualified in post race tech for a suspension issue... Hodgdon your mid-season championship winner... but Woodard extends his points lead to 16 points over Brendan Moodie who wound up third.


the night concluding with the Street Stocks ...the Streets going 35 laps to determine a winner...Williams Hennequin had the lead when a caution came out on lap 16...once racing resumed, Tommy 'Thunder' Smith takes over the lead and the veteran from Williamstown holds off Alan Maynard to pick up the victory...the 29th Street Stock win of his amazing career. The victory also propels Smith into the lead in the season championship race, by five points over Donny Yates.


The second half of the Major League Baseball season begins tonight. The Red Sox host Kansas City, while the Yankees welcome Cincinnati to the Bronx. New York is in third place in the A-L East, five games back of Baltimore, three and a half out of the Wild Card. Boston...tied with Tampa for last in the East...nine and a half games back... eight out of the Wild Card.


After being held to just one hit in a shutout loss Wednesday night, the Vermont Lake Monsters erupted for eight runs on 12 hits in an 8-6 win over State College last night at Centennial Field. The two teams wrap up their three game series tonight. Also, after a night off, the Vermont Mountaineers visit the Keene Swamp Bats tonight.


What started out as a family trip last summer has turned into a nationwide mission for a young bowler from Texas. Today, that mission takes her to Vermont. As Scott Fleishman shows us in tonight's spotlight on sports, the only distance that matters to her is the lane between the ball and the pins. (((It didn't take Natalie Savant long to realize one sport would play a major part in her life.))) ((("My parents bowl. My grandparents bowl. My uncles bowl."))) (((This 10 year old from San Antonio, Texas has hit the alleys since the age of 5. This summer she's hit the road, bowling throughout the 48 continental United States. ))) (((Natalie Savant/"I'm trying to raise awareness for the sport. You can meet so many people while you're doing it. You can do it no matter how old you are. You can be 9 or 99."))) (((" I'm extremly proud of her. We're a year past when she decided she wanted to do it and she's just as excited now as she was on day one."))) (((and Natalie takes pride in knowing that in one year, 18 million children bowl while 6 million dollars in bowling scholarships are awarded.))) (((I think that's amazing. It's just amazing."))) (((Scott Fleishman/" Natalie has bowled in 5 states over the last 2 days. This morning she started in Keene, New Hampshire before arriving here in Brattleboro. From here, it's a long drive up to Buffalo before flying home to Texas."))) (((Ginger Bess/"We'll probably be home a week or two weeks. She has a tournament to bowl in the first weekend in august so we'll pick back up after that. I'm not really sure where she'll go next."))) (((After today, Natalie Savant only has 10 more states to go. She's traveling long distances, but to this third generation bowler, each lane feels like home. In Brattleboro, Scott Fleishman, channel 3 spotlight on sports.")))


Natalie's best score ...a 180.


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