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The Voice is a reality show singing competition - and in November 20-12 Burlington's Nicole Nelson wowed the judges and thrilled the audience with her performance of Hallelujah. Take a listen... ((:57 -- she broke your thrown.... end at 1:29)) Tonight we Set the Stage with Nicole and her partner Dwight Ritcher. They are partners in life and in music -- and are releasing their second album called "Shine On". ((Nicole - first, you have to tell us about The Voice. how did that experience impact your art?)) ((what inspired this new album?)) ((what are you playing for us tonight?))

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There is a release party for "Shine On" next Friday at ArtsRiot in Burlington. Show begins at 9. Tickets are 15-dollars. For a link to more - visit the InfoCenter at wcax dot com.


Monday on the Thirty -- we have the ultimate locavores. Les Hook and Nova Kim from Wild Gourmet Food will be here. They forage for food and sell it in their wild food CSA -- and to some restaurants. They're going to prepare a dish for us -- Monday at 5-30 on The Thirty. Now it's time for 6 o'clock news with Darren and Kristen


Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. A frightening scene on the Interstate. A plane crashed -- and burned. It happened on 1-89 -- not far from the Franklin County Airport. And that's where Cat Viglienzoni is tonight. Cat, what can you tell us? Darren and Kristin -- we have good news -- the pilot was NOT seriously hurt -- but firefighters did have to pull him out of a tree.


This is all that remains of this single-engine biplane after a fiery crash on Interstate 89 Northbound. Police say shortly after noon on Friday, they got the call that a plane crash-landed -- and burst into flames. They say it's lucky no cars were hit. ((SOT Lt. Garry Scott, VSP 4904 Fortunately it didn't land in the travel, it stayed off to the side 08)) ((Cat Standup: 003522 State police say before the plane crashed right here in Highgate -- someone parachuted out 27)) ((SOT Scott 004741 Something happened to the plane -- he knew something was wrong 43)) That someone was the pilot -- Dan Marcotte. He landed in a tree on the other side of the road a ways away -- and the Highgate fire department had to rescue him. ((SOT Scott 4754 He was very upset, emotionally upset, but no real significant injuries right now. He was able to walk, came back to the scene and spoke with investigators 02)) Many Vermonters are likely familiar with Marcotte -- from the many airshows he has performed in around our region. And this was not Marcotte's first near-miss on I-89. This is video from six years ago when Marcotte made an emergency landing on the highway -- again after experiencing engine trouble. ((nats: interstate)) On Friday -- Marcotte's longtime girlfriend Sarah Jo Willey tells Channel 3 News -- that he was practicing an aerobatic routine -- just before the crash. She says his parachute worked properly -- and she's relieved that he's safe. Police say -- he's lucky to have made it out of that fiery crash alive. ((SOT Scott 004944 He's lucky that he got out, as you can see. That's a pretty significant crash. He didn't hit any traffic coming northbound, these high speeds, we're pretty lucky that no one else was injured and he's able to essentially walk away from this 55))


The F-A-A is investigating this crash to figure out what went wrong. That could determine if any charges will be filed. Darren.


What can be done to stop child abuse? Some high profile cases have put the problem under the microscope recently. And with April -- being child abuse prevention month -- a Rutland group is trying to stop another child from being hurt. Elizabeth Keatinge joins us with more tonight. Elizabeth? According to the Child First Advocacy Center, nationally 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be abused by the age of 18 - or has been already. The organization hopes by increasing conversation about child abuse, those numbers will drop.


Candace Munson owns and operates Head over Heels gymnasium in Rutland. With thousands of children coming through her gym annually - educating her staff about spotting the signs of child abuse - is crucial. She requires all employees to enroll in Rutland's Child First Advocacy Center's Darkness to Light program. ((Candace Munson/Head over Heels 2:40:25:00 We're very committed to the safety of the kids in our gym, one hundred percent committed, and it was additional education that our instructors were able to receive to make sure they had the information they needed.2:40:38:20)) Head over Heels and The Child First Advocacy Center recently partnered on an open gym day to raise funds to help combat child abuse. The center sees about 130 to 150 cases annually in Rutland County and the event brought in almost $1000 in one day to help kids who are in recovery from abuse participate in confidence building athletic activities. Brittany Parker is a case worker and victim advocate with Child First. ((Brittany Parker/Child First Advocacy Center 2:19:43:18 The child is the most important thing to every person involved in investigating these abuse cases and first and foremost we want the safety of the child to be our top priority.2:19:57:00)) Child abuse and the role of investigators was spotlighted earlier this year with the death of 2-year-old Desirae Sheldon of Poultney, who police say died of blunt force trauma to the head. The investigation is ongoing - her stepfather, 31-year-old Dennis Duby is charged with second degree murder. For advocates, dialogue about how to prevent more cases like this is ongoing and the best case scenario is to not have abuse occur in the first place. ((Brittany Parker 2:26:46:00 Prevention is the key in a community to putting an end to child abuse.2:26:49:17)) She says that means increasing conversation about a subject that many don't want to talk about - and educating people on how to spot the signs of a child who may be getting abused. Munson is a busy business owner herself - and sees parents with fast- paced lives daily. ((Candace Munson 02:44:06:03 I believe, we move so fast, that we forget to take a look at our children. 02:44:10:22)) Munson and Parker join others trying to put an end to child abuse in thinking that although April's Child Abuse Awareness month is a great time to highlight the issue - we can always use reminders to stop, take a moment - and talk to children about what is going on in their world.


The advocate I spoke with tells me some signs of possible child abuse are changes in behavior, sleeping more, sleeping less or regressive behavior - like an older child wetting their bed. Child First offers free programs to educate anyone who is interested on fighting child abuse. You can find more information on our website,


The rough winter racked up big bills for road crews. The state transportation agency spent 8-million dollars more than anticipated -- on plowing, salting and sanding the state's highway system. The chair of the Senate Transportation Committee says that will likely grow and could top 9-million dollars when winter road maintenance is finally done.


(Tc 3:23:06) ((Sen. Dick Mazza/D-Grand Isle County: "Well we usually average about 20 million dollars in maintenance and this year we are about 28 million as we speak and that may be a little higher so that a lot of money and yet we are coming into a spring which needs a lot of potholes filled.")) Transportation officials say the thaw and freeze cycles and stretches of extreme cold made this a particularly bad year for road damage.

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Sharon is here, ...And we're hoping winter is over. (wx script)


It started with a whistleblower - who sold a guitar on Ebay. The buyer -- a Vermont state employee who allegedly paid with a state check. Now - that employee is facing criminal charges. And police say they've found her thefts went far beyond buying that guitar. Jennifer Reading broke the story earlier this month -- she joins us live from Montpelier with the latest. Jennifer? Kristin -- the governor-- called Lisa Peduzzi's alleged actions a case of "fairly sophisticated deception and long term fraud." Investigators say early indication shows she's ripped off taxpayers for at least 75-thousand dollars. And her motive remains a mystery.


((Gov. Peter Shumlin /D-Vermont 00:10:20 "as governor there is nothing more disappointing or infuriating to me...")) Late Friday afternoon -- Governor Peter Shumlin -- called a last minute press conference -- to detail the arrest of a state employee. ((Gov. Peter Shumlin 00:11:15 "the charges include 19 incidents.")) 51-year-old Lisa Peduzzi -- a former claims examiner with the Vermont Office of Risk Management -- is charged with falsifying insurance claims -- to buy big ticket items with taxpayer dollars. ((Gov. Peter Shumlin 00:33:06 "it was a fairly crafty and involved scheme. this was not simply putting your fingers in the till and grabbing a couple of bucks.")) It was a scheme that unraveled -- when a whistleblower from Michigan alerted Vermont authorities after Peduzzi allegedly tried to buy his 6-thousand dollar guitar -- online -- with a state of Vermont check. ((Keith Flynn 00:16:05 "There seems to be a common plan or scheme in the way she was approaching these. There appeared to be a fabrication of claims within the risk management area.")) State officials say Peduzzi used her power -- and limited oversight -- to embezzle at least 75-thousand dollars. And authorities say -- it's likely the tip of the iceberg. Investigators ONLY went back as far as 2013 -- and say evidence points to at least 19 fraudulent claims. But she's worked there since 2006. ((Maj. Glenn Hall 00:18:38 "we believe that she created false claims to conceal fraudulent activity.")) ((Keith Flynn 00:16:25 "there have been a number of items that have been purchased by this that we've been able to find. everything from guitars to boats to automobiles to pieces of jewelry.")) But the alleged fraud didn't stop there according to investigators. They say she also fabricated claims to pay her property tax -- on this Plainfield home. Police got a warrant to search the property Friday -- looking for more clues in this elaborate scheme. ((Maj. Glenn Hall 00:18:46 "We have information that she may have sold some or many of these items that she purchased. We asking anyone that has done business with her, either buying or selling property to come forward to state police."))


Peduzzi resigned earlier this month when confronted with the allegations. Investigators believe -- she acted alone. And say she did not need approval for payouts under 15-thousand. A procedure that's since changed. Kristin. You mentioned investigators have only looked into 2013 records. Will the investigation go back any farther? Kristin -- the statute of limitations on embezzlement is 6 years -- but investigators say they are now looking into every claim she's processed during her entire 7 years with Risk Management. She'll likely be arraigned Monday -- and the attorney general's office is handling the case.


Do we dare call this spring? With the warmer weather finally getting here ... another season -- comes to an end. Joe carroll went to Fairfield to see how the sugaring season -- shaped up.


(4:36 ) ((Harold Howrigan/Sugarmaker, I always look forward to sugaring, it's the first crop of the year. )) It's a family tradition on the Howrigan farm going back to the 1870's. Now three brothers, Mike, Lawrence and Harold. along with their sons run the family farm and the sugaring operation. (2:58) ((nat sot, of dripping.)) It's a blend of old ways . (9:26) ((nat sot, pouring out the sap from buckets )) and the new. (nat sot of machine) It's a labor of love but also a business. The Howrigans tap 20,000 trees on 1200 acres of land. Most of their crop will be sold as wholesale, just a small percentage will be retail. This year it's been a race against mother nature, the sugaring season is about 2 weeks shorter than normal. (12:43) ((Harold Howrigan/Sugarmaker, We had some teaser runs, then we had some 25 below weather where we had to do some repairs in the woods because of the freezing cold. )) From 500 thousand to 700 thousand gallons of sap will flow to the sugarhouse this season. Now the weather is almost ideal for boiling -- freezing nights and warm days. But this will be the Howrigan's last weekend of producing the sweet stuff. Soon the days will get too warm for the sap to flow. (24:35) ((Joe Carroll/WCAX It's kind of a race against time, you see, the sap has about one point five percent sugar content, that means it takes 60 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup.)) In a good year the family farm will produce 10 to 15 thousand gallons of syrup. Howrigan thinks this will be an average year because they're working harder on the short season. (nat sot of boiling) Sugaring season is a time Harold Howrigan loves. ((4:45, sugaring season is always a time the whole family gets together.)) This weekend the family tradition continues. Joe Carroll, Channel 3 News, Fairfield.


Do you think you could double the amount of local food you buy? The leaders of Vermont's Farm to Plate initiative are hoping you'll say yes. Julie Kelley is looking into this for The Weekend morning show. Julie ... Sounds like a big goal. It is! But, I found out, the impact on Vermont's economy would be significant. Right now ... Farm to Plate estimates that Vermonters spent about 100 million dollars per year on local food. That's out of the two billion total.


Farm to plate wants to double that in the next six and a half years. By 20-20 ... leaders want Vermonters to spend 200-million on local food a year. The Program's Director Erica Campbell tells me this movement is already paying off for our economy.


(( 00:05:01-:00:05:13 The jobs in the economy, just since Farm to Plate started in 2009, we've seen over two thousand net jobs in the Farm to Plate economy)) Tomorrow morning at 8am in our "At Issue" segment ... We find out from Erica where those jobs are being created. She also has new information about farm land ... Something that has been in decline for many years.


We're also going to get messy on The Weekend! In "Sunday Science" ... Mud is fun for kids ... Maybe not so much for Mom and Dad who have to clean 'em up! But ... there's also a science lesson in this muddy mess and Cat Viglenzoni shares what it is! Please join us for serious discussions and the fun stuff happening in our communities on The Weekend. We start things off at 8am on Saturday and Sunday! Kristin and Darren ...


A bill that bans cell phone use behind the wheel has passed the Vermont House. And now being considered in the Senate. The Transportation committee is on board. But it must clear a legal committee. That committee is chaired by Senator Dick Sears of Bennington County. I spoke with the senator earlier today.


TRT 4:25 Senator Sears, thanks for joining us. Senator, as chair of the Judiciary Committee, you have concerns about this bill. What are they? Under the House bill, drivers would be forced to rely on hand-free devices only -- while driving -- or face fines and points on their licenses. Proponents say the bill will lead to safer roads, and make it easier for police to enforce the state's texting ban -- passed last year. Do you agree? The Governor also opposes this bill? Have you discussed the bill with him? The issue of drunk driving is nothing new. It's still a problem. Will you address that and DRUGGED driving this year? The Senate passed the GMO labeling bill. A legal fight is likely. And it could be costly. Are you worried about that or do you think this fund being set up for ANYONE to contribute will cover the state's costs? Senator Dick Sears. Thank you. We appreciate your time.


The senator wasn't sure if Vermont lawmakers would move on a proposal to legalize a pot-oil -- that's getting results in treating seizures. It has been legalized in Colorado and Wisconsin.


A push in Montpelier -- to get sororities and fraternities -- at the University of Vermont -- to pay up. The greek houses -- along with thousands of properties across the state -- are exempt from paying property taxes. Now pending legislation -- may force any fraternity or sorority that owns its own house -- to start paying taxes. Lawmakers who support the plan say it creates a more equitable housing market -- but members of greek life -- say it will cost them their homes.


((00:02:23 Sen. Tim Ashe / D/P Chittenden County "The people they go to sit in class with all day in the next building over, as a part of their rent, they have to pay property taxes. And so from the committees point of view, we couldn't quite see how that could be justified and how that could be viewed as fair.")) ((00:15:31 Matt Weston / Alpha Gamma Roh "The importance of having a central meeting place that we can hold chapter meetings, the importance of knowing that we are sharing the same ground, the same rooms -- you know making history in the same house that the brothers before us have made history.")) If taxed normally, the 10 chapters would have to pay a total of 160-thousand dollars a year. The bill is currently being debated in committee.



Tonight: Mostly cloudy. A few rain/snow showers, mainly north. Lows: 30/37 Winds: S 10-15 mph Saturday: Partly sunny and cooler. Chance of AM rain/snow showers, north. Highs: 48/55 Winds: NW 15-20 mph Saturday Night: Mostly clear. Lows: 20/28 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Sunday: Mostly sunny and warmer. Highs: 55/62 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday night: Lows 35/42 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 58/65 Lows 38/45 Tuesday: Chance of showers. Highs 53/60 Lows 38/45 Wednesday: chance of showers. Highs 48/55 Lows 30s Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 50s Lows 30s Friday: Partly sunny. Highs 50s



Police released the name of a motorcyclist killed in a crash on the Burlington belt line last night. Investigators say 24-year-old Tyler Benjamin of Winooski hit a guardrail on Route 127 -- and was thrown from his bike. He later died at the hospital. Police hope to speak with anybody who witnessed the crash.


Colchester police took disciplinary action against an off-duty officer charged with drunk driving. But he's not off the force. Police say 36-year-old Jeremy Wyskiel (WHYS-kull) drove home from a bar in Colchester last month -- with a blood alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit. Today Colchester Police Chief Jennifer Morrison issued a statement saying he violated department rules and received what she called "a substantial discipline package" - but did not say what that is. Wyskiel is on sick leave -- and the Chief says it's not known when he will return to work.


Sugaring season came to a quick end in Swanton -- when a sugarhouse went up in flames. Fire officials tell us they got the call around 1:30 this morning. They say the homeowners on Woods Hill Road were jolted awake by the sound of an explosion. No one was hurt, but that sugarhouse is a total loss. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


A new destination for flights out of Plattsburgh International Airport. Beginning next week - Republic Airways will offer direct charter flights to Atlantic City in New Jersey. They are under contract from the casino Caesar's World. The North Country Chamber of Commerce says this just adds to Plattsburgh's reputation of being a vacation destination airport.


(tile 8236 00:02:41:07) ((Garry Douglas/North Country Chamber of Commerce "Once a month, kind of a three day trip, you go down, you spend three days and you get the flight back... through the end of summer. And then we'll see how it's doing. It's possible it might return the next year, it's possible we might get more frequency. So they're testing the market." 00:02:59:15)) Douglas also says terminal expansion plans are still underway at the airport -- and it hopes to offer international flights by this time next year.


Just three places left to ski in New Hampshire - and after this weekend -- they will all be closed. Loon Mountain, Cannon Mountain, and Bretton Woods -- are all planning to close either Sunday or Monday. Most of the 15 other ski areas shut down last weekend. In Vermont, there are still five resorts open -- Jay Peak, Killington, Smugglers Notch, Stowe and Sugarbush. That's News Around the Region.


Good evening... Startling line sports ... With less than an hour until puck drop the Boston Bruins still hush hush about who is and isn't available for tonight's playoff opener... Including former UVM Catamount Kevan Miller... Whichever six defenseman take to the ice at TD Garden, they'll have their hands full... Despite putting together a presedential season as the NHL's top team, the one squad the B's just can't seem to figure out is Detroit ... In four close games this season, the Bruins have dropped three of them to their original six foe.. However, they did have leads in two of those losses.. Over the past week much as been made of the Red Wings speed and how it could be a big factor in this 1-8 series matchup... However, Boston coach Claude Julien quickly dismissed that at his press conference saying if anything, it's the other way around.


(((TRT: 23 OC: FOR THEM)))


The Montreal Canadiens already took care of their game 1 business defeating Tampa Bay 5-4 in an overtime thriller Wednesday night... Dale Weiss with the his first playoff goal and the game-winner to give the Habs a 1-0 series lead... Montreal will look to make it 2-0 in game 2 tonight, puck drop set for 7 p.m. Carey Price and Anders Lindback will get the nods in net.


Highlights of both games tonight at 11... Coming up later in sports... Two local coaching legends get a big honor at the state house... Darren and Kristin.


New research from UVM's College of Medicine shows breast cancer patients have low fitness -- and that's putting those women at a higher risk of heart disease later on. Bridget Barry Caswell has the details.


(14:19) ((Doctor: When we finish the test I'll kind of interpret some of these values with you. Bonnie: Oh good. Doctor: Alright. Let's go.)) Bonnie Parent is taking the next step toward better health and improved fitness. She's just finished months of chemotherapy and radiation after being diagnosed with breast cancer last fall. But now, she faces a higher risk of cardiovascular disease in future years. According to researchers, patients with breast cancer have much lower fitness following treatment -- than women without it. (:16) ((Amanda Peel/UVM Medical Student: We looked at studies published not only here in the U.S., but from all over the world, including thousands of patients with breast cancer. And we did this by doing what's called a meta-analysis, which is where we essentially study other studies.)) Overall, that research showed women with breast cancer have worse heart and lung function than healthy women of the same age. The inability to exercise during treatment, and the drugs themselves may play a role. (1:18) ((Amanda Peel/UVM Medical Student: A number of the treatments that we use for breast cancer - the chemotherapy and the radiation -- we've known that they are cardio toxic for a very long time, but there just haven't been a lot of studies done specifically showing the decline in fitness when women are treated for breast cancer.)) And that's why Dr. Susan Lakoski is now recording how efficiently Parent takes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide. It's giving providers baseline results -- so Parent can begin Fletcher Allen Health Care's 12 week Steps to Wellness program. She says she's ready to take control of her life -- and her fitness -- once again. (31:02) ((Bonnie Parent/Breast Cancer Patient: I lost total control of what was happening to my body. I was just in a trust mode and people were wonderful to encourage that trust, but still, it was out of my hands completely.)) But now, she has big goals. (24:12) ((You went to your maximum capacity and at that point your heart and lungs looked really good.)) (30:20) ((Bonnie Parent/Breast Cancer Patient: I'm really anxious to get my muscles back real good and I want to climb Mount Philo again. That's really what I want.)) Those are lofty goals, but given the research that shows her at risk of low fitness and high lung and heart disease -- those goals could be life altering. BBC, Ch. 3 News, South Burlington


The UVM study was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. That's health watch.



Refugees from around the globe--learning to adjust to American life in Vermont. And they are getting some help from college students. Shelby Cashman has the story.


((NATS of Adhieu learning to read)) English is just one of the many new things Adhieu is learning-- 03:05:02 03:05:06 ((Maria "If you get hurt like "ow"...out. O,U")) Since coming to the United states from South Sudan 6 months ago. 02:47:19 02:47:30 ((Maria Rengucci/St. Michaels Student "Well first when she got here, she'd never experienced snow so we took her to get some boots and that was interesting cause they were clunky and she wasn't having it.")) Maria Rengucci became Adhieu's Conversation Partner--a program that started at the Community College of Vermont to help refugee students from around the world assimilate to American life--and has since expanded to St. Michael's College. 02:47:42 02:47:51 ((Maria "We use workbooks, and flashcards, and we teach English and math and we have conversations, we talk about our families.")) And they cook together-Adiheu shows Maria how to make an authentic Sudanese dish--similar to pancakes. ((NATS of them cooking and talking??)) Tuipate Mubiay--a refugee of the Congo and creator of Conversation Partners -says many refugees come to America with no friends, family or connections--an overwhelming experience that can often lead to loneliness and isolation. But with the help of their Conversation Partner--they are not alone. 02:43:00 02:43:06 ((Tuipate Mubiay/Conversaion Partners Creator "Its different from a mentoring , from coaching, its about the friendship its about building the relationship.")) And when St. Michael's Anthropology Professor Adrie Kusserow began integrating Conversation Partners into her class requirements last year --she quickly realized that her students were not in it for just the grade. 00:36:02 00:36:13 ((Adrie Kusserow/St. Michaels Professor "Even after the course has ended, there's number of them who still are in a lot of contact with the conversation partner who they were assigned and thats amazing.")) Will and Joyce are a pair that have developed a lasting friendship beyond the classroom. 00:45:09 00:45:16 ((Joyce Ajah "Trusting someone from a different country, a different world and it's just been like we grew up together.")) And for them--the learning goes both ways. Joyce says she has been trying to teach Will her native language--Swahili. 00:48:13 00:48:23 ((Joyce "Every time we meet so I try to teach him." Will: And French is my first language for me so I try to teach her sometimes Joyce: So we do the same thing")) With these acts of friendship--home is not so far away. Shelby Cashman Channel 3 News Colchester


If you are interested in becoming a Conversation Partner- contact the Community College of Vermont--their information is on our website,


After a tough start, the Boston Red Sox may have turned a corner in Chicago... Tonight they hope to keep their winning ways going at home as they welcome the Orioles to town... NESN's Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy have the series opening preview. (((TRT: 44 OC: JOHN LACKEY FOR THE RED SOX)))


If you missed the Yankees 10-2 win over Tampa Bay last night ...Here's what you missed... How about the old 5-4-3 triple play... Yangervis Solarte to Brian Roberts to Scott Sizemore to end the innings.. It's the bombers third triple play since 1969, and C.C. Sabathia has been on the mound for two of them... The last one in Oakland back in 2010... Sabathia went 7 innings and gave up just two runs for his second win... At the plate, four Yankees with 2 RBIS... Both teams back at it tonight at 7 p.m., it's Huroki Kuroda going up against Erik Bedard...


College softball today, St. Mike's hosting assumption in a double header. The Knights falling 3-0 in game one. --- Game 2 saw some great defense from Knights second baseman Amanda Brigante. The Colchester native with the diving grab in the second. --- Trailing by a run in the bottom of the second, St. Mike's freshman jessica carroll with the hard shot up the middle. Judi Barcavage scores followed by Bethany Falls from Essex. 2-1 Saint Mike's. --- Assumption comes right back with 2 in the top of the third, an RBI triple here. The Knights are swept today 6-3 the final.


the Colchester and CVU girls using the St. Mike's lacrosse field to get their game in this afternoon. --- The Redhawks score 11 seconds into the game. Molly Dunphy getting it to go. CVU takes a 1-0 lead. --- Colchester answers with 2 straight, first Molly Carver breaks down the field untouched and puts it home. --- Then Ali Davis comes out from behind the net and gives the Lakers a 2-1 lead. --- Back comes CVU, Anthea Weiss (WICE) gets the pass in front and scores, getting a hit to the head for her troubles. {***VO*** That hurt... But this didn't... The Redhawks go on for the 8-6 win.


Local politicans were calling it sports day at the capital... Forget taxes, health care or transportation ... The top item on today's agenda, honoring two Vermont coaches and their nearly 80 years of service in the Green Mountain State. (((TRT: 2:10 OC: HE'S EVER DONE))) (((You don't see a lot of unanimous votes under the golden dome, but on this day... There was no debating the legendary status of two former Vermont coaches. U-32's Dan Gandin and Northfield high school's Frank Pecora... Both honored by state lawmakers with a resolution marking their success.))) (((Frank Pecora)"It's an honor to be recognized by the state legislature. Its been a great event."))) ((((Dan Gandin)"It's awesome to have my former players here, my brother and my dad, this is a great end to it. With one career closes, another opens."))) (((Gandin will retire from high school basketball this year with a state record 634 wins... 566 of them coming in a 36-year coaching career with the Raiders... In that time he won a trophy or two and now has a special document to add to his memorabilia collection... (((Dan Gandin)"I'm going to put it next to my 1991-92 championship banner in my man cave, if I'm allowed to have one"))) (((On July 2nd in Boston, Frank Pecora will make history, as the first Vermont coach to be inducted into the National High school Hall of Fame. For 38 seasons, he made the Marauders (more-arders) the team to beat in Vermont, winning 15 state championships along the way.))) (((Frank Pecora) "To go into the hall of fame is an honor. To do it as the Vermomter, It's overwhelming."))) (((Interesting enough, Pecora and Gandin have crossed plenty of times before, most often on the baseball diamond, where these two passionate competitors gained a true appreciation for one another.))) (((Dan Gandin)"I spit on his shoes once. I was an umpire for 30 years, there aren't too many people who can say that."))) All joking aside, it was a chance for Vermont to say thank you for all that these two of done for high school athletics... And the legacy they'll leave for the generations to come.. (((Ryan Booth)"It was great to see him get recognized for all he has done. He's leaving on a perfect note, you can't do any more than he's ever done."



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