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That's Vice President of the United States -- telling Channel 3 today that the nation is ready for a leap forward in cancer research. Good evening -- I'm Julie Kelley. And I'm Alex Apple -- Darren and Kristin have the night off. At his last state of the union, President Obama asked Vice President Joe Biden to launch a cancer moonshot. It's an effort to speed up research and find a cure. Senator Patrick Leahy invited Biden to speak at UVM -- home of the state's largest cancer treatment facility. His message: a cure is in sight -- if doctors find a way to work together.


((Sen. Patrick Leahy 11:52 Joe Biden is one of my best friends, and Joe, welcome to Vermont.)) Vice President Joe Biden says by the time his great grandchildren are born, children will likely get a vaccine that will keep them from getting many forms of cancer. ((Joe Biden 21:09 We now have an army, we now have an incredible array of data and information.)) Biden's cancer moonshot -- aims to speed up research to find a cure. 3600 Vermonters are diagnosed every year with cancer -- which is caused by a mutant gene that alters the way a body's cells function. ((Biden: 19:11 That's the holy grail, how do you turn off the mutant gene.)) UVM is home to Vermont's largest cancer treatment center. Biden got emotional when talking about how lives would change if doctors commit to sharing their research and treatment info with one another. He mentioned the plight of a mother begging her doctor to give her one more month to live. ((Biden 54:22 She's about to have her first child. I just want to see it. Just let me see it. 8 54:36 If we didn't make a single additional discovery, by reorganizing the way we do business, we'd give a lot of people one more month.)) Allison Hicks worried how many more months she'd have left when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. ((Allison Hicks/Cancer Survivor 04:46 You go blank, you literally just think what)) Hicks is now cancer free after extensive treatment at UVM. That hospital lets patients take part in clinical trials -- and Biden aims to see those expanded around the country. ((Biden: 28:08 Why is it you're able to click onto your iphone and determine what movies are playing in what movie theater in any city you want to go to, and I can't do the same thing to find out where there's a cancer trial.)) ((UVM Prez Tom Sullivan 04:02 But for those clinical trials here on our campus, so many Vermonters would have to go out of state for the care and the treatment."))


Biden's moonshot program recently released a report. It's got a number of tools for doctors to use. It's also helping researchers more accurately use past data to predict future outcomes for patients.


((Inside Penny Cluse)) Before the event at U-V-M... the Vice President stopped in downtown Burlington for breakfast! He ate at Penny Cluse with Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy and his wife Marcelle ... and Democrat candidate for Governor Sue Minter. Customers at the popular breakfast joint say, they were surprised to see the country's second in command... sitting in the same restaurant!


((christina lauterbach/Penny Cluse patran - "its nice to meet the vice preident, took the day of to see my cousine an had no idea the vce preident was going to come to penny clues where i was taking her because it is the best place to eat". Patron at counter -- NO SUPER "tell him I would like him to stay around a few more years maybe")) The motorcade closed off Cherry Street and attracted a crowd of onlookers hoping to get a glimpse or a photo. The Vice President even secured some extra funding for his moonshot program -- as he celebrated finding a dime and a nickel on his way out.


And Channel 3's Eva McKend got a one-on-one interview with Vice President Biden during his visit. They talked about his longtime friendship with Senator Patrick Leahy and the contentious race for the White House. You can hear what he had to say coming up in about 15 minutes.

7} 1STWX

Dan Dowling is here. A soggy afternoon out there. (wx script) We've been watching these bands of rain moving across New England for most of the day. More on the way tonight, and as temperatures turn colder late tomorrow, we're looking at mountain snow accumulation through Sunday morning. ((radsat)) Rain falling this evening will continue off and on through the day Saturday. ((temps graph)) We had 70s and low 80s just a few days ago, but temperatures will start to fall starting Saturday afternoon. 40s ahead through most of next week. ((forecast)) Periods of rain tonight and into Saturday. Snow showers likely over 1500ft. Starting Saturday evening.


New tonight -- The Burlington school superintendent wants a review of the school board commissioner's conduct -- following complaints about offensive posts on social media. David Kirk's Facebook posts landed him in hot water after some deemed them racially insensitive, degrading to women and demeaning to students. Kirk apologized in a statement earlier this week, but superintendent Yaw Obeng issued a response today... ...calling the posts "sexist, racist and ethoncentric"... and also saying that they "undermine the District's work towards creating an accepting and inclusive climate for our schools and community." The superintendent invited Kirk to withdraw from Board activities -- during the review.


A request from police: they need your help finding this missing Rutland man. They say Gregory Wallace was last seen on October 14 leaving a home in Rutland Town. He didn't take his medication with him when he left... and hasn't been spotted since. He's about 5-11 ... 200 pounds, with a goatee and short brown-grey hair. State police do NOT think his disappearance is suspicious. If you know where he might be -- let police know.


Tonight -- the man accused of killing five teenagers in a crash is behind bars. Steven Bourgoin was released from the hospital and moved to the state prison in Springfield. Police say The 36-year-old drove the wrong way on I-89 -- killing the teens and injuring several other people in 2 crashes earlier this month.


The death of a 30 year old dad in another wrong way crash - was front and center in court in Burlington today. Richmond EMT Brendon (koo-ZIN-oh) Cousino was killed while driving on interstate 89 in Richmond in July 2015. He left a wife and 3 young kids. Now -- as Kyle Midura found out -- the woman charged in the case wants critical evidence thrown out.


Lawyers for 24-year-old Karri (ben-UHR) Benoir argue several details she told investigators should be tossed. They say troopers did not properly inform her of her right to remain silent before conducting a bed-side interview in the hospital. In that interview she struggled to recall details of the crash -- but admitted taking a powerful muscle relaxant earlier in the day - and that she may have been trying to kill herself on the interstate. Prosecutors have not filed their counter-argument yet. But say she intentionally steered into oncoming traffic - crossing the median in Richmond that day, causing the fatal head on crash. She faces a potential life sentence, charged with second-degree murder. (nats) ((Kyle Midura reporting: A hearing on the motion to suppress Benoir's initial interview is scheduled for later this month. But even if the defense is succesful, the judge won't be pitching the entire case against their client. KM, Ch.3 BTV))


And a close call with another wrong-way driver on Interstate 93 North of Concord, New Hampshire this morning. Police say a drunk man drove about 6 miles -- the wrong way -- and nearly hit another car head on. Troopers managed to slow him down - and box him in. Luckily no one was hurt. Michael Drake of Meredith is facing multiple charges. Police say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.


And we have new details tonight on a deadly shooting in Wardsboro. An autopsy from the medical examiner reveals that 42-year-old Kirby Staib was shot multiple times in the chest, neck and stomach area. Still no word from state police on any charges for the alleged shooter -- 57-year-old Kevin Parker.


St. Albans police want to know who beat up a man -- multiple times -- last night. An officer patrolling South Main Street found the unconscious guy just before 2 this morning. Investigators say he was assaulted inside his apartment -- and then near his car. The unnamed man was taken to the hospital and has been released.


And Burlington Police are still looking for the driver who hit a woman in a crosswalk near Oak Street last night. After -- the driver then allegedly yelled -- "I didn't see you" -- before taking off. Police are looking for an older model red pickup truck The victim had cuts to her head -- but is expected to be fine. If you know who the driver is -- contact police.


Pies... foliage ... and turnips! It's definitely fall... coming up on "The Weekend!" Here's a preview.


(02502200) ((Spike Trotman May I please get the nitro cold brew coffee and a rabbit and bacon pie.)) sweet versus savory... savory wins for this weeks pie stop...and bacon and rabbit is just one of the many flavors that this new hot spot has to offer ... (03285500) ((Alex hirsch its an english tradition here at piecemeal pies in white river junction. thats the vibe that chef owner justin barrett going for. you might say he is trying to the england into new england. im alex hirsch and the pie tour is coming up on the weekend.)) And the leaves are still on the tree's so the weekend pulls off 93 North and makes a stop in Lincoln New Hampshire. (02180600) ((Maree Dolan did you know you were coming here? No we didnt and I know nothing about it! You know nothing about the Flume? Absolutely not!)) She got there just in time...Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch State Park closes for the season Sunday and is this weeks destination recreation. Then on sunday.... There are turnips everywhere... (00:46:58:00-00:47:10: 00) ((DATA #2 NB: Anita Rafael of the Gilfeather Turnip Festival is joining me in my kitchen. And of crouse we're taking that great state vegetable and turning it into latkes. We'll have the recipe coming up on the weekend. Look at that!)) Plus, updates on the Burlington Teachers vote expected to happen next week and more local headlines and weather....


Tune in to the weekend on Saturday from 6 to 8 am and then on Sunday at 8 am right after you can quote me.


Vice President Joe Biden didn't only come to the region to talk about advancing cancer research. He also held a private fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. Our Eva McKend caught up with him in an exclusive interview earlier today. Eva, what did he have to say? The Vice President was also here to talk politics and give a boost to local Democrats running in November... including his longtime friend Senator Patrick Leahy.


((NAT)) Though Vice President Joe Biden came to the region to tout the Cancer Moonshot program, it's impossible to ignore the political optics. ((NAT)) In an exclusive interview with channel 3, he weighed in on the presidential race. ((EVA: do you look at Donald Trump and wish it were you running against him?)) ((BIDEN: 00:02:14:28 - 00:02:19:08, No, I'm afraid. No, no. I don't. I think Hillary is doing a great job.)) He's often said he regrets not running for president and that it saddens him he would not be the one presiding over the end of cancer. But now his efforts seem to be focused on supporting Hillary Clinton and sounding the alarm on Donald Trump. ((BIDEN: 00:03:12:14 - 00:03:30:10, The idea, he would say on television, that our United States military planned the attack on Mosul along with our 40 partners in the region because it was designed to help Hillary, what a bizarre thing to say? And the problem is the rest of the world is listening.)) Biden came to the University of Vermont at the invitation of Senator Patrick Leahy. ((EVA: Senator Leahy who I know you've been friends with for a long time is up for re election, he is very popular in Vermont but some of his critics say that after 40 years in the Senate, it's time for him to retire, what would you say to that criticism?)) ((BIDEN: 00:03:57:27 - 00:04:12:28, When Pat Leahy decides to leave public life, Vermont's going to find ((laughs))...little state's need powerful voices. I know. I come from Delaware. He is the best thing to happen to Vermont in God knows how's long.)) But what about the other senator from Vermont? We asked Biden if he sees Bernie Sanders serving in a Clinton cabinet. ((BIDEN: 00:04:42:03 - 00:05:01:27, He could be but I think his future role is keeping everybody straight. He has a powerful following. I agree with him on income inequality, I agree with him on the tax system so he should say, fellas, ladies in the Democratic caucus, this is what you all said you were going to do, let's do it.)) But if Sanders influence is so vast, why isn't his endorsement doing more for Sue Minter -- the Democrat running for governor in his own backyard. ((BIDEN: 6:26:13 - 00:06:42:00, I think the Democratic candidate for governor has a ball of energy. She has incredibly good ideas. She's able to communicate her ideas. People relate to her and I think you win or lose on your own standing.))


Biden just met Minter for the first time today -- at breakfast in Burlington. So get this...the last sitting Vice President to visit Vermont was Dick Cheney. He came to campaign for Republicans way back in September 2002... more than 14 years ago. Julie, Alex.


Dan mentioned it earlier -- some snow is in the forecast. And Judy Simpson found lots of drivers aren't quite ready.


((Phone ringing,, 00:12:54:00 B&B tire,,,)) Its that time of year again. ((Jacqueline Rose/Essex 00:06:05:10" I am getting my winter tires on today.")) The annual migration by Vermonters to get tires changed over for winter driving. Triggered several service stations told us , by this. ((Nick Borelli " TC 27:57- 28:10 "Snow accumulation ")) ((Denis Raymond/E&E Tire Co. 00:00:38:22 "Business is starting to pick up with snow in the forecast, certainly the phones are starting to ring so a lot of people are getting prices a lot of people are here today asking our hours over the weekend ,, like i said just the snow in the forecast this is when we start getting busy this is what we need. "00:00:56:20)) Raymond says on a good day, they can change over 40 to 50 cars a day. No appointments here, its first come, first served. And he says, they are ready. ((denis again 00:03:48:06" This is our warehouse we got probably a third of our tires in for the beginning of our initial order so there is probably 350 tires new ones.")) And, more are on the way, there will be about 600 here by the beginning of the week. Change overs cost about 50- 60 dollars. A new set of snows can run you 400 to 700 dollars. ((JS SU 00:05:03:11" And for serious snowtires that means studs, and this is where the rubber hits the road." nat sot 00:05:15:02)) ((Jacqueline Rose/Essex00:06:30:00" I live in Essex I live on a dirt road and I travel all around the state so with the snowfall its important to have some good tires." 00:06:38:27)) Winter was practically a no show last year. What will this year bring? (( Denis again 00:01:27:00 "The feeling is last year,, my feeling is hopefully people realize that was a fluke and living in this area we normally get real winters and its got that feel about this year already we are hoping that people realize they need to get them on. "00:01:43:06)) And E&E tire will hire on an extra couple of guys to handle the traffic here, heading into winter. JS Channel three news, Burlington.


((currents)) Cloudy skies with rain falling in Burlington. Temperatures are in the low 50s. ((temps map)) A bit of a cool damp evening out there. Temperatures are now in the upper 40s and low 50s, remaining mainly steady tonight then falling through tomorrow afternoon. ((radsat)) We've seen these bands of showers come and go throughout the day today. More on the way tonight and tomorrow as the center of the low moves east. ((forecast map)) Rain continues through Saturday. Colder air Saturday evening changes rain to snow on Saturday night, tapering off on Sunday morning. ((snow potential)) Models suggest several inches of snow possible above 2000 feet in elevation. Wind could cause power outages if this forecast holds. ((national map)) Precipitation tapers off on Sunday, but cold air continues through mid week, with the chance of a passing shower or two.


Tonight: Cloudy skies. Showers and periods of rain, heavy at times. Low 43/50. Wind N 5-10 mph. Saturday: Cloudy skies. Showers likely. Turning breezy and colder. High 48/55. Wind NW 10-15 mph. Saturday Night: Cloudy and breezy. Periods of rain and mountain snow showers. Low 32/42. Wind W 15-20 mph. Sunday: Mostly cloudy, breezy and colder. Scattered rain and snow showers. High 45/52. Wind W 15-25 mph. Monday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain or snow showers. High 40/47. Low 28/35. Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain or snow showers. High 40/47. Low 25/32. Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. High 40s. Low 25/35. Thursday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. High 40s. Low 20s. Friday: A mix of sun and clouds. High 45/55.



Vermont State Police want to make the force 51-percent women. The idea is to reflect the population troopers police. But investigative reporter Jennifer Costa discovered several barriers stand in their way.


((Jennifer Costa/New Braintree, MA 01:17:45:00 "The Massachusetts State Police Academy is where new recruits learn to be cops. Their time here is grueling. But today 160 troopers from all over New England are here for a very different reason.")) ((Tpr. Adria Pickin 01:28:30:19 "I've gone to calls and people are like 'oh a woman.' And they're still surprised to see female troopers.")) At 26 -- Adria Pickin is not what most Vermonters think of when they hear the word "cop." She's young -- female and black. ((Tpr. Adria Pickin 01:36:58:11 "They have their perceived notions about police and how they act and how they look and I'm the opposite of most of those.")) Pickin says being Vermont's first black woman trooper is a huge responsibility. She also sees it as a chance to be a role model. ((Asst Cmsr. Robert Quinn/NH Public Safety Dept. 00:51:20:18 "You are all troopers. We all know this job is getting harder and we need to have each other's backs.")) A women troopers leadership conference drew people from across New England -- a way for them to share their experiences - and learn from each other's successes. The hope is to get more women into top roles. Right now most state police command staff across New England are men. Vermont sent 11 women troopers -- to represent the 34 currently wearing green and gold. ((Col. Matthew Birmingham/Vt. State Police 00:56:49:12 "We have to be better at recruiting more women. It is our job. we're at about 13% in Vermont and that's just not good enough.")) VSP was an "all boys club" until 1976. Carol Kostelnik and Gloria Danforth -- were hired as part of a national trend to open policing -- and other male dominated professions -- to women. ((Col. Matthew Birmingham/Vt. State Police 00:55:58:00 "and it was a rough road for them.")) Kostelnik left the state police after three years -- following run-ins with superiors -- and a pending transfer to a dead-end fingerprinting job. Danforth was fired in 1999 -- and sued the department alleging gender discrimination. ((Det. Sgt. Julie Scribner/Vt. State Police 01:04:29:29 "we have come a long way in the last 40 years.")) Det. Sgt. Julie Scribner is a blood spatter pattern expert. In her 16 years -- she says she's never experienced discrimination from a co-worker. She's here to learn from women who breaking so-called advancement barriers. ((Det. Sgt. Julie Scribner/Vt. State Police 01:06:37:22 "They talk about glass ceilings. They are being shattered.")) ((Capt. Ingrid Jonas/Vt. State Police 01:43:12:13 "You don't want to be the female trooper. You want to be a trooper.")) Once an outspoken critic of police -- Captain Ingrid Jonas -- is now the highest ranking woman in the history of the force. ((Capt. Ingrid Jonas/Vt. State Police 01:44:29:29 "I want there to be visualization of women in leadership roles. I want girls to look and see that they can do what they want to do.")) Changing public bias -- which they all admit still exists -- starts with recruitment. Jonas says the best police force should mirror the make-up of the community it serves. That means filling VSP's 29 vacancies with more qualified women and minorities. ((NATS -- "everyone smile" photo shutter)) It's a snapshot of history. 160 law enforcement leaders together in one room. All women. Something that's never happened in New England before. ((Det. Sgt. Julie Scribner/Vt. State Police 01:05:58:05 "its pride and seeing where we are going and looking at these women it's the future of law enforcement.")) ((JC 01:20:20:26 "Organizers tell me they're committed to making this an annual gathering. RI State Police has already stepped up to host next year's conference. Perhaps Vermont would be after that? JC CH 3 News New Braintree, MA))


If you're hoping to avoid a hotel -- and find an AirBnB -- in the Big Apple... there may be fewer options available starting today. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law making it illegal for some residents in New York City to advertise a full home for rent for less than 30 days. Violaters face 75-hundred dollars in fines. Supporters say, it will help stop illegal hotels -- and protect affordable rental housing in New York City. AirBnB has filed claims against the state -- trying to halt the new law.


Vermont's highest court says NO to a controversial development project -- pushed by one of the candidates for US Senate. For years -- Republican Scott Milne and his real estate business partners have been trying to build a mixed use project in Hartford -- called the Quechee Highlands. And for just as long - some local residents -- and environmental groups -- have been fighting it. Critics say, its too big and too close to an interstate exit. Developers had won approval from the state Environmental Court. But now -- the Vermont Supreme Court says, the project violates the area's regional plan - nixxing the project.


Women -- stealing from Walmart -- at midnight -- with a baby! That's what police in Berlin say these security camera images show. Investigators are hoping to identify the two women. They say one had to pry open the doors to the store because it was closed. The women fill up a cart - and roll it right out. All the while -- holding a young child. If you recognize them call Berlin Police.


State police say they've found stolen property -- and they want to know if it's yours. They say the items were found during a search warrant in August. They appear to have been taken from vehicles parked along Route 100 in the towns of Hyde Park, Eden, Lowell, and Westfield. If you had your car broken into during July and August in those areas -- get in touch with state police and tell them what you're missing.


Efforts to rebuild condos destroyed by fire at a Vermont ski resort -- have turned into a legal battle. The early morning fire in February 20-14 burned through a building on the Mountainside Condo complex at Sugarbush ... destroying 36 units, Nearly two years later -- nothing has been rebuilt. Out-of-state owners claim the condo association has mismanaged nearly 5 million dollars in insurance money -- and delayed rebuilding. The condo association says it's doing the best it can in a complicated case.


The designers, set to give the Burlington Town Center a $200 million dollar makeover, say, it will no longer be in the style of a mall. Architects say the new design will instead be pedestrian-focused. The new design will have storefronts on the street and push pedestrians towards the waterfront. The redevelopment also includes apartments and office spaces. The mall's owner hopes to break ground in early 2017 ... If voters approve the measure.


Starting Line Sports ...It's week eight of the high school football season. As we mentioned last night, the two biggest games of the weekend are in Division Two and Three where undefeated teams via for the division lead. In D-2...7-0 Burr & Burton visits 7-0 Bellows D-3 ...7-0 Woodstock hosts 7-0 Windsor. We'll have highlights and reaction from both games tonight on the Friday Football Frenzy. But those aren't the only big games on the schedule. In Division One, Hartford looks to wrap up an undefeated run in state with a win at Rutland that would lock up the top seed in the D-1 playoffs...and at the bottom of the bracket, Colchester is hosting BFA-St. Albans. The Lakers currently hold the eighth and final playoff spot. BFA sits in tenth, but the winner of this game make it into the postseason. This is the same scenario that played out in the final week of last season. Then, it was the Bobwhites hosting the Lakers, again, the winner qualifying for the playoffs...and the Lakers came away with a 32-20 win.


Here is the full schedule for tonight. Nine games around the state. Along with the games at Bellows Falls, Colchester, Rutland and Woodstock ...there's an important game for playoff positioning in Division Two, with Burlington hosting Fair Haven... elsewhere, Brattleboro is at Mount Anthony, CVU visits Middlebury, South Burlington hosts Essex and North Country is at Milton.


Our partners at the Northeast Sports Network have five games on their schedule tonight... matchups at Rutland, Colchester, Middlebury, Milton and South Burlington. Go to to check out all the live action. We have a link on the sports game at


Six games are on the docket around the state Saturday, headlined by the 112th edition of "The Game" as St. Johnsbury hosts Lyndon. A home playoff game next weekend is on the line as Mill River is at Otter Valley. And there are a couple of different start times tomorrow. The Mount Mansfield-Mount Abe game in Bristol starts at 2pm, and Spaulding hosts Springfield starting at 6pm.


and on NSN tomorrow ...three games, including The Game, plus the matchups at Mt. Abe and Fairfax., again we have a link on the sports page at


We will be at eight games around the state tonight and we'll bring you all the highlights and reaction, plus the plays of the night, in Week Eight of the Friday Football Frenzy coming up at 11pm.


There are new guidelines for parents -- about how much screen time their kids should have. The American Academy of Pediatrics says kids need to grow up in the digital age we live in -- but also that limits are necessary. Chris Martinez explains what parents need to know.


((Nats - Sarah Osborne and kids)) SARAH OSBORNE LIMITS HOW MUCH TIME HER GIRLS SPEND IN FRONT OF SCREENS.. ESPECIALLY HER 19-MONTH OLD ((Sarah Osborne / Mom )) little people appropriate TV for 15 minutes//and just a few different apps because they don't need everything else For more than 15 years , The American Academy of Pediatrics has said children under two should use no media at all. Now the group is out with new recommendations That SAY parents of children 18-to 24 months who want to introduce digital media... should be sure to choose HIGH QUALITY EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING ((Dr. Corinn Cross/ Guideline author, American Academy of Pediatrics "What you really want to make sure you are doing is co-viewing with them so that you are narrating what's going on, re-teaching what they're learning and if they are doing any sort of app; co-playing")) ((GFX)) THE NEW GUIDELINES RECOMMEND CHILDREN UNDER 18 MONTHS SHOULD AVOID ALL SCREEN TIME EXCEPT VIDEO CHATTING. CHILDREN AGES 2 TO 5 SHOULD BE LIMITED TO 1 HOUR PER DAY OF MEDIA. AND CHILDREN SIX AND OLDER SHOULD HAVE CONSISTENT TIME LIMITS ON HOW MUCH TIME THEY GET. ((Dr. Corinn Cross/ American Academy of Pediatrics )) "We want to make sure that entertainment screen time is not displacing physical activity, it's not displacing family meals, the kids are still getting adequate amounts of sleep." NATS THATS WHY SARAH RESTRICTS HER GIRLS TIME IN FRONT OF THE TV AND TABLET.. (SOT sARAH) I also would like them doing other things like being outside playing with their friends, being creative NATS READING CHRIS MARTINEZ, CBS NEWS, LOS ANGELES


} Do you like fig jam -- or fig cookies? And have you ever wanted to try to grow your own? } If you have -- Charlie Nardozzi and Sharon Meyer show us how!


Charlie, you are growing fruit! Yes! Figs! Everyone is growing apples and pears this time of year, but you can grow figs in Vermont. Is this a special variety? Well there are a couple of trees here, this one is called Celeste, the other one is called Brown Turkey. But it's not so much the variety that's important it's how you grow them. OK So, you get your tree, you plant them and you've got to put them in containers because obviously figs are not that hardy this far north. They are more hardy down in Virginia, southern NJ that area. So they can't stay out in the winter. No they are not staying out in the winter! But in a nice big container like this, maybe a 20 gallon container, mix in some potting soil, some compost, some organic fertilizer and some lime. Then you put your tree ini there, put it in a nice sunny southern exposure spot, where it gets a lot of heat, a lot of warmth. Think Mediterranean! It's figs! Right? And then water them, water them really well. This year, because it was so hot and dry, I had to water them almost every day. But if you do that, come September, October, look what you get! Beautiful little figs growing on here, I've harvested about 50 or 60 figs from these trees this year. And of course you want to pick them when they start folding over a little bit like this? And you can have your nice little fig there. Once the leaves start dropping and it starts getting really cold, and freezing, you want to protect them for the winter. So they need to be in a room that doesn't get below 20 degrees. It can be a garage and shed, or a basement, just leave them in there. They'll go dormant, come next spring, they'll start leafing out again, put them in a sunny room, and bring them back out, water them and voila! Figs! This is great!


No one likes to see rain on the weekend, but we need some rain. Lots of leaves to pick up, but we'll probably have to wait till Sunday afternoon to get started. It's been a while since we've seen some steady rain, and we're likely to get back on track for at least the month of October, over the next few days. ((tempsgraph)) Temperatures start to slide starting Saturday afternoon. Wind will be picking up as well. ((mountains)) That could mean some mountain snow starting late Saturday afternoon, first in the Adirondacks and then in the Green and White Mountains by Saturday night. A few inches are possible over 1500 ft.



Living to be 100 years old is an accomplishment in itself. Now one of our Super Seniors is being celebrated in a new coffee table book. Lillian Williams of Monkton represents Vermont in the book titled,"If I Live To Be A Hundred." She's among 50 seniors photographed last year by celebrity photographer Paul Mobley. Williams will be 102 next month -- but remains in good health and good spirits. The publisher picked Lillian when they saw our story about Lillian going to yoga class at age 100.

49} TECH6_VO

The Vermont Tech Jam is underway in Essex Junction. This year there is an extra emphasis on attracting students to the jam -- by featuring a mini-maker fair in the middle of the day. Some of the gadgets on display were made for kids -- others were made by kids. One of the goals of the jam is to educate potential employees about the state's tech sector.


((Cathy Resmer/Seven Days at 2:43: it sends a message that Vermont isn't just about dairy farms and covered bridges. There are a lot more innovative things happening in the state.")) The Vermont Tech Jam continues tomorrow at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction from 10 to 3. Admission and parking are free.



The UVM men's hockey team makes it's first ever trip to Nebraska tonight to open a two game series against 20th-ranked Nebraska-Omaha. Tonight's game can be seen live on NESN with the puck dropping at 8pm. The Cats are coming off a bye week after opening the season by splitting a home and home series with Clarkson. Last year, Omaha came to Burlington for the first ever meetings between the two programs and the Mavericks came away with a two game sweep, winning 4-3 Friday night and 3-1 on Saturday. Earlier this week, UVM head coach Kevin Sneddon his team will be challenged by the overall speed Omaha brings, especially for Vermont's younger defensmen. The Mavericks are led by senior forward Austin Ortega, who had 21 goals last season, and already has two this season as Omaha is off to a 2-0 start to its season. We'll have highlights at 11pm.


The UVM women's hockey team is also on the road tonight, kicking off a home and home weekend series with seventh ranked St. Lawrence in Canton, New York. The Cats come into the night at 2-1-1 after picking up a loss and a tie last weekend at Robert Morris. But Vermont has already beaten one top ten opponent this season with their 3-2 victory over then-9th ranked Boston University two weeks ago at Gutterson. So far this season, the Cats preseason goal of scoring more goals is paying off. Eight different players have found the net in the first four games, led by first year forward Eve-Audrey Picard, who has three goals and two assists. After playing tonight in St. Lawnrece, the two former ECAC rivals will lock up against tomorrow night at Gutterson.


In the NHL last night ...home opener for the Boston Bruins... legends Milt Schmidt and Bobby Orr dropping the ceremonial first puck...and then the B's dropped the New Jersey Devils 2-1, getting third period goals from Patrice Bergeron, making his season debut after missing the first three games with an injury, and Brad Marchand, who had a goal and an assist and is tied for the league lead with nine points in just four games. Boston improved to 3-1 with the victory and they will host archrival Montreal Saturday night.


Speaking of the Habs, they celebrated the return of Carey Price by scoring five times in a 5-2 win over Arizona last night at the Bell Center. Price, who missed the first three games of the season with the flu, hadn't suited up for the Canadiens since suffering a knee injury on November 25th of last year. He made 27 saves. Former UVM star Torrey Mitchell scored his second goal of the season, and Shea Weber netted his first in a Montreal uniform as they improved to 3-0-1 with the victory. Both teams posting wins head of Saturday's first meeting of the season at TD Garden.


Elsewhere in the League last night, former UVM standout Viktor Stalberg scored his first goal as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes in a 4-2 win at Calgary. The goal coming on a breakaway off a great length of the ice pass from Jaccob Slavin. Stalberg signed with Carolina as a free agent this offseason after spending last season with the New York Rangers. Stalberg has had a well-traveled NHL career...this is the fifth team the 30-year-old has played for in eight seasons.


The UVM field hockey team fell to 0-5 in conference play with a 3-1 loss to New Hampshire this afternoon in Durham. The Vermont men's soccer team visits Binghamton in a near must-win for the Cats tomorrow night. With just three games left in the regular season, the UVM men sit in seventh place and the top six teams make the America East playoffs.


Last night at Virtue Field, the Vermont women's soccer team took on Hartford... --- the Cats had numerous opportunities in this game, Savanna Yurick snakes her way through the defense and puts it on cage, but it's stopped by Jessica Jurg --- in the second half, Julia Smith taking a rip but she's denied as well, Vermont frustrated at this point --- then in the 74th minute, Haley Nolan gets the ball over to Julia Carr who blasts it into the top right corner. The only goal of the game Hartford wins 1-0, UVM needs to beat Binghamton in it's regular season finale Sunday at Virtue and get some help to qualify for the America East Tournament


in the other kind of football...all four of our area college teams are in action tomorrow. Middlebury looks to improve to 5-0 when the Panthers host Bates at Alumni Stadium... --- after snapping a two game losing skid last week with a win over Towson, 3-2 Dartmouth goes for its first Ivy League win of the season at Columbia... in the ECFC...its Senior Day at Spartan Stadium as Castleton takes on SUNY-Maritime ... --- and Norwich looks to extend its win streak to three straight when the Cadets host Gallaudet at Sabine Field.



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