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John Boutin of Vermont Business Magazine joins me now to talk about the Made in VT Marketplace. ((Why did VT Business Magazine want to start this event?)) ((why should people attend?)) ((How many exhibitors and people are you expecting?)) ((variety of exhibitors?)) ((What value does the made in vt brand have on a business?)) ((what are the biggest challenges these small businesses face right now in the state?)) ((health care)))


Monday on the Thirty -- the North Country's connection to "12 Years A Slave ..." The movie won the Best Picture Oscar this year. It tells the pre-Civil War story of a free black man born in the Adirondacks -- who is abducted and sold into slavery. William Hart is a history professor at Middlebury College. He'll tell us more about the movie's ties to our region -- and the risks free blacks faced in the North. That's Monday at 5-30 on The Thirty.


Good evening, I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Judy Simpson. Kristin has the night off. He told the judge he did it. A murderer confesses in court. Three years after he stabbed a Burlington man. Today -- he finally admitted to the murder. Shelby Cashman has the latest. Shelby? Darren and Judy -- prosecutors say had this case gone to trial -- 28-year-old Daniel Whalon -- would have been facing 1st degree murder. Instead -- he took a plea deal -- when confronted with the evidence against him. Now the question is ... How long will the Burlington man spend behind bars.


A somber Daniel Whalon walked into a Burlington courtroom. Prepared to plead guilty to killing his secret lover -- three years after the crime. ((NATS of verdict)) 00:18:14 00:18:20 ((Judge Voice "Is your plea on the charge of 2nd degree murder of Ralph Bell by stabbing him with a knife guilty or not guilty? WHALON: "Guilty")) Whalon stabbed 54 year old Ralph Bell in the neck and chest in October of 20-11- on a railroad bridge between Winooski and Burlington. Whalon allegedly told detectives he stabbed his neighbor in self-defense. The two men were entangled in a secret sexual relationship -- and Whalon claims Bell became jealous when he started dating a woman. 00:12:43 00:12:58 ((Willison/Prosecutor "My purpose in doing this is to make sure the record reflects that Mr. Whalon was aware of the risk of death or great bodily harm to Mr Bell when he stabbed him, and nevertheless ignored that risk.")) Prosecutors say Whalon confessed to the crime six months ago. But a judge tossed his confession -- saying police violated Whalon's miranda rights. Prosecutors believed they still had enough evidence for a conviction. ((NATS)) The state says Whalon tried to cover up the murder -- leaving a forged note on Bell's backdoor claiming Bell had gone out of town. Prosecutors say Whalon also confided in other inmates -- about the fake note -- AND the murder. 00:15:19 00:15:35 ((Voice of Scott Willison/Prosecutor "The note was analyzed by the Burlington police department and a fingerprint recovered from that note matched Mr. Whalon's fingerprint and Mr. Whalon admitted to Mr. Coreless that he had placed the note on mr bell's door")) The Burlington man is now facing 25 years to life in behind bars. Whalon's lawyer say he will push for less jail time -- asking for 15 years in prison -- and life probation. Deputy state's attorney Paul Finnerty says -- the state is pleased Whalon's fessing up to the murder -- but he's still going to push for the max sentence. 00:26:46 00:26:59 ((Paul Finnerty/Deputy States Attorney "these are the most serious cases we have in Vermont. So its hard to say that a relatively short period of time in jail and then probation supervision is appropriate"))


The courtroom was nearly empty when Whalon pleaded guilty -- no friends or family for either the defendant or the victim there. Whalon will be sentenced on June 23rd. Darren.


Authorities have identified the officer who fired the shot that killed a Brattleboro man. Vermont State Police say Sgt. Mark Carignan killed 35-year old Michael Santiago last week at America's Best Inn on Putney Road. Police say Brattleboro Sgt. Carignan was executing a search warrant during a drug raid -- and shot Santiago as he entered the room. Carginan is on administrative leave. The case is in the hands of the prosecutor in neighboring Bennington County. Windham County State's Attorney Tracy Shriver recused her office from the case -- since they regularly work with the Brattleboro Police Department.


Some good news about a little girl who was hit by an SUV two weeks ago in Middlebury. Two year-old Charlotte McConnell suffered brain trauma and broken ribs -- when she ran out in front of the vehicle on Weybridge Street. Family members say Charlotte regained full consciousness for the first time this week. She still needs extensive rehab -- and her parents are hoping to take her to a specialize facility in Boston. They have launched a "go-fund-me" site to raise money for her care.


The city of Plattsburgh says pro-life activists can rally outside Planned Parenthood on Good Friday. But even with this approval, most are calling it a compromise. Logan Crawford is live in Plattsburgh with more. Logan? Darren, pro-life groups in Plattsburgh rally outside Planned Parenthood every year. The city's Common Council says it's always a complicated issue.


(tile 8289 00:02:47:22) ((Joshua Kretser/Plattsburgh Common Council "make sure all residents of the North County feel they are able to exercise their rights and that they'll be protected by the city." 00:02:53:12)) The pro-life - pro-choice debate is an on-going issue everywhere. ((nats: planned parenthood protest burlington)) Last year in Burlington, the Planned Parenthood facility asked for a buffer-zone around its property... To keep activits at a distance. Now it seems something similar is happening at the Planned Parenthood center across the lake in Plattsburgh. (tile 8299 00:25:35:07) ((Logan Crawford/Plattsburgh "This is the spot where the Plattsburgh Common Council has agreed to let the religious group gather on Good Friday. This is the first time the group will be gathering across the street from planned parenthood, rather than right in front of it." 00:25:47:14)) (tile 8311 00:29:54:12) ((Kathleen St. Denis/Plattsburgh "first time that they've denied us the permission to block off three parking spaces for Good Friday service." 00:30:00:24)) A federal judge ruled the buffer-zone at the Burlington clinic is constitutional - after protesters said it violated their freedom of speech. Common Council members in Plattsburgh say one reason for their change in location for the pro-life group rally is a safety concern. (tile 8289 00:01:53:07) ((Joshua Kretser/Plattsburgh Common Council "The number of people that would be attending the vigil would have their backs to traffic on Brinkerhoff Street, and this would actually allow them to see the traffic going by so that they wouldn't be in harms way at all." 00:02:03:04)) In a statement regarding the Good Friday rally in Plattsburgh, the head of public relations for Planned Parenthood in New York says.... GFX: "We all have a right to free speech and assembly, as long as we abide the regulations of our localities." Members of the Right to Life organization and others like it will still be outside the Plattsburgh Planned Parenthood building this Good Friday. (tile 8289 00:00:46:21) ((Joshua Kretser/Plattsburgh Common Council "Apostles for Life need to be able to exercise their freedom of speech and freedom to assemble. But also patrons of Northern Adirondack Planned Parenthood, we need to provide them with a comfortable atmosphere to be able to utilize legal services." 00:00:46:22))


In Massachusetts the US Supreme Court is deciding whether to keep buffer-zones around abortion clinics there - similar to the one in Burlington. Darren?

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A just hang up and drive measure seems to have stalled in the legislature. This year it appeared a restriction on hand-held cell phone use would pass ... after a long-time opponent Sen. Dick Mazza agreed to support the push. But, fellow Senator Dick Sears says he's more concerned with distracted driving than using electronic devices. Time is quickly running out to craft a more-encompassing measure before the planned end of the legislative session , which is in early May.


((12:14:20 - :34 Sen. Dick Sears - D-Bennington County I think there's a lot of things that are distractions behind the wheel. I think trying to open a C.D. disc is a distraction behind the wheel. I think eating a sandwhich can be a distraction behind the wheel)) An annual survey conducted on Townmeeting day found that the vast majority of Vermonters support a ban on cell phone use behind the wheel. Gov. Shumlin however has opposed any such measure stating that it doesn't make sense for the state to regulate common sense.


Both lanes of Interstate 89 are back open tonight -- eight hours after a gas spill earlier today. Kyle Midura has the story from Berlin.


(nats) State Police informed many commuters they needed to find a new route Friday morning. A fuel spill forced emergency responders to close the Northbound lane of I 89 between exits six and seven - which serve Berlin and Barre. ((11:01:03 - :05 Chief Miles Silk - Berlin Fire Department it's fuel, so ignition is always a concern)) A truck carrying thousands of gallons of ammonia hit a piece of debris - puncturing the vehicle's gas tank, and pouring 75 gallons of diesel fuel onto the highway. Mop-up took most of the day to complete as crews sponged up the spill using pads and speedy-dry. ((11:00:45 - :50 Chief Miles Silk - Berlin Fire Department then we pumped the tank - we pump off the remaining fuel and secure the other tank )) Despite closing the highway crews still faced danger. Our cameras caught these two cars after they rolled past police checkpoints. Prior to shutting down traffic, a trooper told us a driver hit one of his flares, kicking it into the fuel and igniting a small fire. ((11:03:38 - :43 - Trooper Jim Wilborn - Vermont State Police a lot of the time, the motoring public pays attention to what we're doiong and not the road itself. )) Just before noon, traffic began flowing again in one lane. Police say the truck driver reacted properly, but he may need a lift to reach his final destination in Burlington. Kyle Midura Channel 3 news Berlin


A dramatic crash -- caught on camera. Check this out. It happened just before 9 this morning on the Winooski Traffic Circle. Police say a 65 year old man -- suffered a medical event -- lost control of his truck -- and sped up the circle -- in the wrong direction. He took out a yield sign, and light post -- and narrowly missed some oncoming cars. He then slammed into a pedestrian crossing light. No one else was hurt. The man was taken to the hospital.

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Sharon is here, and the snow is melting quickly around here.... It is, we only have a few patches of snow left here in the Burlington area, mostly left by the banks the snowplows made, but there is plenty of snow left in the higher elevations and up in the NEK. We are going to want to be keeping an eye on the rivers and streams in the days ahead, as the temperatures continue to soar, reaching the 70s on Monday even. That will likely melt almost all of the remaining snowpack, and then to add insult to injury, there will be 1-2" of rain arriving Monday night into Tuesday. The level of lake champlain has already come up almost two feet in the last week, and with a lot of water coming down the rivers and streams, it will be coming up quite a bit next week as well. River flooding will be a concern, especially early next week and we'll have to keep an eye on lake Champlain as well. In the meantime, tomorrow looks like it will be a very nice day, after a cool start, temperatures will warm up into the upper 50s and low 60s. Sunday, there will be mostly cloudy skies with the chance of showers. And then Monday, that very warm day before the bigger rains arrive Monday night and Tuesday.

17} SPA6_VO

A businessman must pay to keep his own building in the wake of the Harmony Spa scandal. Last year prosecutors went after Thomas Booska. He's the Williston landlord who police say -- knew about illegal sex acts happening in his building. The feds says Booska ignored their warnings -- and allowed the prostitution to continue. He even provided the women with transportation around town. Booska pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge. The government seized the building -- but now Booska has agreed to pay 100-thousand dollars to keep it.


She managed a grocery store in Lyndonville. And federal prosecutors say -- she pocketed 70-grand illegally. 36-year-old Deborah Williamson is facing a charge of mail fraud. Prosecutors say she took cash from the safe at White's Market -- and tried to cover the thefts -- in the store's computerized accounting records.


Many Americans will be spending this weekend -- scrambling to get their taxes done. The I-R-S expects to get about 35 million returns -- between now and April 15th. Steve Bottari has some last-minute tax tips for you.


The clock is ticking to the tax deadline... ((RICK WOLFISH // 00:01:24 for you procrastinator out there who haven't finished your return -- you either have to finish it or you can extend 00;01:28)) If you can get it done by April 15th -- that's the best way to go says our tax expert -- C-P-A Rick Wolfish. But if you can't -- the government will automatically grant you a 6-month extension...if you ask for it. ((RICK 00:01:32 But an extension is only an extension of filing the forms -- it's not an extension for paying your taxes --so you still have to pay your taxes tuesday even if you extend, which means it's almost as complicated to do an extension as it is to file your returns 00:01:47)) Say you're missing paperwork or need more time -- it's an option. But -- if you don't have the money to pay what you owe -- that's a different story. ((RICK 00:06:32 still file by april 15 -- now i know that sounds counter intuitive to file a return with tax due and not pay the tax 00:06:40)) ((GFX)) Here's why Rick says that... If you file the return -- and can't pay -- the penalty becomes 1/2 of 1-percent monthly But if you don't file Tuesday -- that penalty jumps to 5-percent....10 times higher. ((RICK 00:07:23 IRS will work with you to work out an installment agreement :25)) On the other hand, if the government owes you money, there's no penalty for filing an extension. ((IMAGE OF HOMESTEAD DEC PAPERWORK)) Also due -- April 15th -- Vermont's homestead declaration. That's the form that declares your home as a primary or secondary residence. ((RICK 00:03:56 you have to file this form -- every single year 00:03:59)) ((GFX?)) If you don't -- you risk paying the higher property tax rate. And could miss out on up to 8-thousand dollars in savings. Send it in -- and our expert says if you have to make changes later, you can ((RICK 00:05:52 filing and amending is acceptable -- not filing is not acceptable 00:05:55)) ((BOTTARI 00:22:04 this year the IRS is warning gone are the days of old when it comes to post offices staying open until midnight on tax day -- that's because they say more than 90-percent of people now file online -- the postal service says if you are still mailing in a paper return -- it has to be postmarked by the last collection time on april 15th -- sb, c3n, btv. 00:22:25))


Gina Bullard is at the Made in Vermont Expo at the Essex Fairground. Gina what's happening out there?


((RUNS :10))


Governor Peter Shumlin's father has passed away. George Shumlin died yesterday at the age of 88. The governor says he died at his home after a short illness. Kitty Shumlin -- his wife of 62 years -- was by his side, along with all of his children. Governor Shumlin called his father a great friend as well as a great father. He said quote -- We will miss him terribly but are so glad he enjoyed almost 89 healthy years and that his decline was brief.


Survivors of suicide -- the family and friends left behind -- must deal with immense grief. And as Elizabeth Keatinge reports THEY are more likely to die by suicide too.


When Stafford Technical Center video instructor Curt Casper was just 18 - his entire world was turned upside down. His father killed himself. ((Curt Casper/Video Instructor 22:09:50:00 He drove in front of a train, and it destroyed my family, absolutely destroyed them, because we didn't see it coming. :58)) His father Craig's suicide was the beginning of many problems for the family he left behind. Casper was racked with guilt. ((CC 22:12:01:02 After the suicide, you look back and say, oh yeah, I saw that or oh yeah, that happened, and why didn't I notice that? 22:12:08:00)) His family fought over financial issues. ((CC 22:14:57:29 All of a sudden you get this huge life insurance check, for someone who just committed suicide, and all you want to do is spend it, because you feel guilty that this happened.22:15:06:03)) He even had thoughts of repeating what his father had done to cause so much pain. ((CC 22:13:25:13 Led me to six months later actually having my own first suicide thought, where I said, well, why don't I just drive in front of a train? 22:13:34:13)) A sentiment that is actually quite common in survivors of a suicide. GFX ***Survivors are 5 times more likely to die by suicide themselves. Source: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention On the average, it takes survivors four and a half years after a suicide to seek help. Dr. Dan Belau*** Casper explores those left behind after a suicide in a speech, "Survivor Support" which was recently published in a college textbook, Understanding Human Communication. His students are proud. ((Josh Drew/student 2:34:06:00 It's pretty awesome, if you ask me, you know just being able to do that and take something that was most likely uncomfortable and and being able to help people with it.22:34:14:25)) It also makes them take a second look at other students who may need help. ((Tony Sherburne/Student 22:31:44:11 Everyone needs someone to talk to now and then, just to get stuff off their chest, and so like, they don't keep it bundled up inside.22:31:51:05)) School administrators are honored to have Casper as a colleague. ((Lyle Jepson/Director, Stafford Technical Center 22:42:46:03 He's a remarkable young man. To be able to do that and confront that the way he has, in a very public and open way, he should be applauded for that.22:42:55:02)) Casper hopes his speech being published will help other survivors - and get the conversation going about those left behind. ((CC 22:14:17:29 Our society doesn't want to talk about it, we don't want to talk about suicide, we don't want to talk about what goes on after suicide - these people are left behind with all this guilt.22:14:27:23)) He encourages those going through this to not be afraid and just speak to anyone about how they are feeling and seek help - so the chain of pain and guilt can be broken. Elizabeth Keatinge Channel Three News Rutland.


Vermonters are sending words of encouragement--to those running in the Boston Marathon this year--through a prayer canvas. The American Red Cross placed 10 different canvases around the country. One made its way to a Burlington Dunkin donuts--the only location chosen in Vermont. Well-wishers can write their inspiring messages to runners.


((00:02:31 00:02:39 Silvio Mazzella/American Red Cross Chair "It allows them to bring it to our community, bring it home, they dont have to travel to be able to say a prayer and make a difference for those that are in their hearts.")) ((00:05:45 00:05:55 Troy Headrick/Running Boston Marathon"I think its gonna be a somber day, but I think its gonna be a really kind of celebratory day. i think the crowds are gonna be outstanding, I mean they always are but I think its going to be something special this year.")) Tomorrow is the last day to send prayers to runners-the canvas will be up until noon.


The Charlotte-Essex ferry is back up and running. The southern route across Lake Champlain closed Wednesday morning because there was too much ice. But that's not a problem any more. As of today - those ferries are again running on schedule.



Tonight: Partly cloudy. Lows: 30/37 Winds: N 5-10 mph Saturday: Mostly sunny and warm Highs: 58/65 Winds: S 5-10 mph Saturday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 40/47 Winds: S 10-15 mph Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. Highs: 60/67 Winds: S 10-15 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday Night: Lows: 48/55 Monday: Partly sunny and warm. Rain developing Monday night. Highs 70/77 Lows 45/52 Tuesday: Rain, heavy at times. Rain or snow showers Tuesday night. Highs 53/60 Lows 23/30 Wednesday: Chance of rain/snow showers. Highs 35/42 Lows 20s Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 40s Lows 20s Friday: Partly sunny. Highs 45/55



Top state officials and the teacher's union announced a deal today that will cost Vermont taxpayers more for retired teacher health care now,, in order to save millions down the road. Retired teachers receive a pension -- and health insurance coverage. But currently there is no specific funding source for health care -- and state officials say rising costs could threaten the solvency of the pension plan. Under the plan announced today -- the state would shore up the retiree health care fund with a ten million dollar contribution and a 28-million dollar loan. And going forward, new teachers and school districts would contribute to the fund. Lawmakers must still approve the plan -- but the state treasurer says it could save taxpayers up to a half billion dollars over the next 25 years.


The New England Drama Festival is next week in Vermont. It highlights two, top performing schools from each state. The Weekend's Julie Kelley got to spend some time with Vermont's top drama students. She joins us now. Hi Julie. Milton High School's theater program is really putting the school in the spotlight. Milton High School has won the Vermont drama festival four out of the last five years. I wanted to know more about this program ... ... And went up to Milton this week to catch them on stage. The 45 students who take part are getting ready for the New England Drama Festival next week in St. Johnsbury. They're performing Oedipus Rex ... a Greek play that's more than 2-thousand years old!


((8:47-8:59 I'm in awe. What they can pull off I don't think I could do. 8:53 My skill is to push them, but the acting skills they put out there and the risks they take are amazing. unbelievable!)) Being a part of theater has really changed some of these students lives. I'll introduce you to the soccer goalie who is now the lead in the play and a senior who didn't dare to take part until this year! That's coming up tomorrow at 8am on The Weekend. We hope you'll join us for that, plus, the latest news developing over night and some ideas of "what to do" this weekend!


Police say a Bristol man shot at a neighbor's home. 21-year-old Dusty Grace was allegedly drunk and and fighting with people outside a home on Carterville Road. Witnesses told police Grace repeatedly fired a gun toward his neighbors -- to try to pick a fight with them. He's charged with disorderly conduct.

36} BONA5_VO

A Lyndonville man is charged with animal cruelty. These are photos taken by a rescue group -- of some of the 21 horses -- seized from the Bona Ranch last month. The owner -- Bruce Bona -- has been cited into court to face a charge of animal cruelty. Authorities say some of the horses were reportedly near death. And sources tell us at least three other horses were found dead on the property.

37} FIRE6_VO

A fire at a two-family home in St Albans City. No one was there at the time, but neighbors heard the smoke alarms going off -- and called the Fire Department. When crews arrived to 33 Bishop Street -- the basement was on fire, and they put it out. There was some smoke damage to the first floor. There was no damage to the second floor. The case is under investigation.


All of the stores at a flooded St. Johnsbury mall -- will be back open by Sunday. That's the word from the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce tonight. A ruptured water pipe flooded the Green Mountain Mall in early February. Clean up has been ongoing -- and stores have slowly reopened. The last -- will be back in business this weekend.


Winooski's police chief is calling it a career. After more than 30-years on the force, Steve McQueen is preparing to retire. His last day is September first. He will continue to work for the city for about 6 months after that -- rewriting city ordinances - and getting them through approval process. After that - he and his wife plan to pack up and move to Orlando and get jobs at Disney. That's News Around the Region.


The Red Sox and Yankees continue game 2 of their 4 game series tonight in the Bronx. It's a battle of the aces as Jon Lester gets the start for the Sox against CC Sabathia for the Bombers. A little bit of controversy in the game last night. Yankees starter Michael Pineda caught by the NESN Cameras with some sort of substance, believed to be pine tar on his hands. It helped, 6 innings a run on 4 hits with 7 strikeouts. --- Now, the Red Sox really can't say anything because their pitchers have been accused of using different substances to help with pitching. Remember Clay Buchholz using that Bullfrog sunscreen in Toronto last season. --- Then of course there was this image in Jon Lester's glove during game one of the world series last year. --- Bucchholz, on the mound last night, maybe could have used some bullfrog. 5th inning, the Yankees Dean Anna takes him deep for his first major league homerun. The Yankees take game one of the series, 4-1, but you know what the reporters were talking about after the game.


(((PALM WAS CLEAN... :39)))


To be honest I don't see what the big deal is, I think we all use stuff to help us get a better grip in our jobs, right? Coming up a bit later, Dyaln Scott is in Boston with an NBA head coachthat has roots in vermont


A scientific breakthrough in North Carolina. Four young women are the first to receive female organs engineered from their own cells. Alison Harmelin has the latest.


Using the tissue of patients, Scientist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center successfully grew female sex organs for four women. The patients cells were left to grow on a scaffold in the lab. (SOT Dr. Anthony Atala/Director of the Wake Forest Center for Regenerative Medicine) ( cover end of this bite) We then create a 3 dimensional model that looks like the organ that would fit into that specific patient. We coat that mold with the patient's own cells. We then place the structure in an oven like device to let it cook if you will, it has the same conditions as the human body. (TRACK) After the surgery, nerves and blood vessels form around the lab grown organ, and the body creates a permanent support structure for it. The four teenage women who received the organs all had a rare genetic condition. (SOT Dr. Anthony Atala/Director of the Wake Forest Center for Regenerative Medicine) Patients were born with a congenital abnormality or absence of the vaginal organs (TRACK) Dr. Anthony Atala and his team followed the women for up to 8 years and found the organs functioned normally. Swiss scientists are also reporting a big step forward in tissue engineering. They created human cartilage from a patient's cells, rebuilding the damaged nostrils of 5 skin cancer patients. With a major shortage of organs, Researchers hope their work in the lab will someday help relieve the crisis. Alison Harmelin, For CBS News, New York.


The Wake Forest group is currently working on about 30 different tissues and organs in the lab. That's HealthWatch.



Snowy owls normally live their lives in the high Arctic. But there have been many sightings of the big birds in our region this winter. And when snowy owls come flooding down from the north...the phenomenon is known as an irruption. And we here at channel three this morning got a front row seat.

48} OWL6_PKG

Landscapers were getting a jump on spring cleanup on the channel three campus,, when an unexpected visitor, dropped in. ((Adam Tipper/landscaper 00:00:07:20" we were working here at wcax and we happened to hear the crows and we saw over there on the front lawn a big owl, it was pretty cool it was a big huge white snow owl and we saw the crows all going crazy .")) By all accounts this has been an extraordinary year for spotting snowy owls throughout New England, well south of their usual hunting grounds in the Artic Circle. ((Larry Clarfeld/North Branch Nature Center 00:01:44:28 the reason we are seeing so many snowy owls this year has everything to do with their food .")) Larry Clarfeld works at the North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier. They have been getting lots of calls from people who have spotted one of these owls, and here is why. ((Larry Clarfeld/ North Branch Nature Center "So in the artic breeding ground, Snowy Owls like to eat lemmings and this past summer of 2013 there were so many lemmings in the artic that many many young Snowy Owls were born but once winter came there wasn't enough food for them to stay in the artic so we had them moving south in record numbers. "00:02:07:01)) And now, they are moving back north again. ((adam again" when he decided to take off the crows started attacking him again "00:00:32:03)) Not everyone it seems is excited to see this visitor from the North. ((00:02:54:00 Larry again " And because they are a raptor they are going to be harassed by crows or blue jays or any number of other song birds that have already started to build their nests in Vt right now. "00:03:01:24)) the good news is researchers have been able to catch and attach transmitters to some of the Snowy Owls that visited this winter, and hope to gain new insight into the life cycle of this big bird.

49} OWL6_TAG

If you are interesting in tracking the Snowy Owls we will have a link in our infocenter wcax dot com. And another artic breeding bird has been spotted in Vermont. A Pink Footed Goose has been seen at the Cornwall Swamp.


The Boston Celtics are wrapping up the regular season and inching closer to a high lottery pick. Their opponent tonight, the Charlotte Bobcats have already clinched a playoff spot. The team is playing solid under a new head coach with strong ties to Vermont. Dylan Scott is in Boston with more. ((("Thanks Scott, typically we don't come down to Boston to cover the opposing team but that's exactly why we're at TD Garden. About 30 years ago Steve Clifford was suiting up for his dad at north country Union high school, tonight he is suiting up as the head coach of the NBA's Charlotte bobcats. Clifford has been simply remarkable at his first year of the helm and could even garner coach of the year honors after leading the bobcats to only their second postseason birth in the franchise's 10 year history. His family and friends from throughout New England will be on hand to see him coach against the hometown celtics and while that could make a first year coach very nervous, Clifford isn't just any first year coach. He has over 30 years of experience between college and the pros so for him it's just another night at the office albeit a pretty exciting one."))) (((Steve Clifford/"you know what happens, being in the NBA is something you can't take for granted. My family has been coming for the last 13 years.))) ((("We'll have more tonight and Monday in our spotlight on sports. At TD Garden in Boston, Dylan Scott, Channel 3 sports...1:33)))


A tough second round at the Masters for Woodstock's Keegan Bradley, 7 bogeys and a double bogey. He did birdie 3 of the final 4 holes, but ends the day 9 over and will miss the cut this weekend. Bubba Watson is the leader at 7 under.


Hey here's a sight for sore eyes, high school spring sports. Essex hosting Spaulding in girls lacrosse. --- This thing was back and forth in the early going. Spaulding's Nichole Weeks with the pass to Kate Paterson bub it goes off a sting along the way and goes in. Tide take a 2-0 lead. --- The Hornets come right back with 2 straight, Alex Celia to Max Cook who unloads a rocket to the back of the net. We're tied at 2. --- Still in the first, half, Essex on the attack again, Jackie Quackenbush makes her move and she gets it to go. We are tied at 3. --- But I told you this one was back and fourth, Spaulding's Caitlun Wilkin makes her move and makes a deposit. At last check, this was a four four game in the first half.


The Boston Bruins close out the home part of the regular season schedule tomorrow afternoon against the Sabres. The B's lead the Ducks by 3 points for the best record in the league. Both Boston and Anaheim have 2 games remaining. Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron and Tuukaa Rask all had last night off, but the B's did let another one slip away in the final minutes. Boston falling at Winnipeg 2-1 in a shootout. Evander Kane getting the pass and beating Chad Johnson with 2 minutes left in regulation, tying the game at 1. --- All I can say to Bruins fans is thank goodness there are no shootouts in the playoffs. Boston hasn't scored a shootout goal in its last 6 attempts. The Bruins last 3 losses have either come in overtime or the shootout.


The Canadiens will be home for the first round of the playoffs, but that first round opponent is still to be determined. Montreal was shutout at home last night to the Islanders, 2-0. The habs lead tampa bay by one point for second place in the atlantic division. Montreal, has just one game left, hosting the Rangers tomorrow, the Lightning host columbus tonight and visit the Capitals on Sunday.


The NCAA men's D-1 championship hockey game is all set. Union, the team that knocked UVM out of the tournament, will face Minnesota for the title tomorrow night in Philadelphia. Union knocking off hockey east opponent Boston College, 5-4. It was a 1-1 game in the third, when Daniel Ciampini scored the go ahead goal, he finishes with 3 on the night. ---- The Golden Gophers beat North Dakota 2-1 last night a a thrilling finish, Justin Holl scored a short-handed goal with 0.6 seconds left. Minnesota has won 5 national titles, the last coming in 2003. Union is going for its first championship.


The goalie that helped eliminate UVM out of the hockey east tournament receives a national honor. Umass Lowell's Conor Hellebuyck was awarded the inaugural Mick Richter Award as the top goaltender in college hockey. He finished the season with a 20 and 3 record with a 1 point 37 goals-against average. He signed an entry-level contract last week with the Winnipeg Jets.



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