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Reaction -- to news that Burke Mountain Hotel's grand opening will arrive before fall. Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Cat Viglienzoni. Kristin is off tonight. That hotel is under new management -- amid a fraud investigation. And it is once again giving hope -- to an area banking on its success. Kyle Midura has more from the Northeast Kingdom.


(LL open) (00:50:13:00) ((Kyle Delayed by scandal that also tarnished its brand, Burke Mountain Resort's set to open its long-awaited hotel in a few months. We got a sneak peek )) (nats) The hotel half-way up the mountain is largely ready for business - about half the beds are made, shelves are stocked with rental gear, and arcade games await high-scores. It boasts 116 guest rooms, four restaurants, and frame-worthy views. Now, it needs staff, guests, and a short punch list of fixes. (00:39:01:00) ((Steve Olson - CEO of Leisure Hotels and Resorts we've very close, we're very close to opening )) Originally scheduled to open last fall - an alleged financial house of cards collapsed… ultimately leaving more than 150 people jobless here. The federal government put a Kansas City company in charge of operations as it investigates developer Ariel Quiros in what could be the biggest fraud case in Vermont history. Managers say opening the hotel will help victimized investors and the community. Campground and biking trails open this weekend, while the doors are now set to open September first. Managers say if only a third of the hotel is full in the first year, that's a good result. (00:40:29:00) ((Steve Olson - CEO of Leisure Hotels and Resorts Right now any numbers are better than no numbers, because all we have now are expenses )) Several canceled weddings are re-booked for this fall. Operators have promised to do everything they can to have snow-cover in November. (00:43:16:00) ((Steve Olson - CEO of Leisure Hotels and Resorts obviously natujral snow is always the best because it's the least expensive)) During our trip we caught a glimpse of Quiros' fellow Burke developer Bill Stenger giving a tour to foreign investors - some of whom could double-down to ensure they still earn a green card, if not the financial return they originally expected. Stenger has stayed on to assist the new management, and declined our interview request. The facility is fully-licensed - once back at full-employment this winter - managers expect to employ more than 160 people again. One of them could be Kasey Kinsella (00:53:10:00 ) ((Kasey Kinsella - Former Burke Hotel Employee Hopefully a lot of the old staff will be returneing, they were a great group of people )) She lost her job earlier this year… and is in talks with management about getting it back. In the village, East Burke Sports co-owner John Worth says the new hotel means new business he's been expecting for more than a year, but can finally bank on. (00:55:24:00) ((John Worth - Co-Owner East Burke Sports Should be busy )) (00:55:44:00) ((I've been confident that it was going to open eventually)) Managers are working hard to scrub signs of Quiros and his signature Q from the resort. (00:41:33:00) ((Steve Olson - CEO of Leisure Hotels and Resorts now we've de-q'd the Burke :35 that clearly told people something has changed here :37)) Residents may be ready to shirk the scarlet letter, but those cut in granite will require more than forgiveness or a little elbow grease to erase. (00:50:57:00) ((KM the resort is teaming up with local community members to hold a party here Saturday, called Burke is Back, runs from two to 7 pm, and will include live music. km, ch.3 burke ))


Tens of thousands of people are due to fill downtown Burlington for what's expected to be a very warm Vermont City Marathon Sunday. The action finishes at Waterfront Park -- and that's where we find Keith McGilvery tonight. The Marathon is a go for Sunday - and preps are underway here at Waterfront Park where marathon and relay runners are slated to cross the finish line. A short distance from here at the Burlington Sheraton athletes are turning out in full force to pick up their race day bibs and jerseys. Runners are also being reminded of steps organizers are taking to help folks combat the heat come race time. Athletes can expect to find additional ice, water, and misting stations across the course -- and transportation will be available through out the root for folks who are unable to complete the race.


((Blair Teal, This will be my 3rd time racing vermont City, The first year I placed third, I placed second last year, this year I am going for a win, I am hoping so.)) ((43:40 Beth Paquin, Running first marathon "I have done some training on the warmer days that we have had but those have been in like the 60's so the race will definitely be a factor on race day.)) There have been a number of changes to the route this year that will impact both runners and folks who want to head out and support the athletes along the course -- we have included those on our website This heat may also have people wanting to track their loved ones along the course more so than years past -- there is a smartphone App to do just that. We have info for that as well at


Sharon is here now, to tell us more about the warm weather this weekend. This is not the news most runners want to hear about what the weather is going to be like when they are running. It is going to be very warm, and it's going to be humid. If you have been running the Vermont City Marathon for years, ...Remember back to 1999? That is currently the hottest one there has been, when we hit a high of 88 degrees and we are going to find similar temperatures again this Sunday. Marathon Wx: So ,... relay runners are all wishing they had the first leg of this one, when temperatures will still be in the 70s, ...But keep in mind it will still be muggy even in the morning. Temperatures will climb into the upper 80s during the afternoon, and while we are looking for some showers and thunderstorms to be developing on Sunday, at this time it looks like they will hold off until after the race. Radar: Here's what's going on on the radar. Current Temps: And temperatures are still pretty warm! We did hit 90 degrees for the first time this summer. Most of us are in the 80s right now. Dewpoint RPM: And it is you might imagine dewpoints are in the 60s, and they are going to stay in the 60s through the weekend meaning muggy sleeping nights and hot sticky days. We may even hit a dewpoint in the low 70s which is oppressive. Tonight: Partly cloudy. Mild Lows: 58/68 Wind: Light Saturday: Partly sunny. Chance few PM showers, t-storms. Hot & humid. Highs: 83/90 Wind: NNW 5-10 mph Saturday Night: Partly cloudy. Mild. Lows: 55/65 Wind: Light Sunday: Partly sunny. PM showers, t-storms. Hot & humid. Highs: 82/88 Wind: S 5-15 mph


A little boy -- hurt -- in a car crash that killed his mom -- is recovering. Today -- police released photos of the crash scene. 34-year-old Ellynn Koelsh, and her 4 year-old son, Anthony -- were in the red car -- driving south on I-89 -- near exit 20 in Lebanon -- when they were hit by another car going the wrong way. Ellynn died. Her son is hospitalized. Police say 38-year-old Daniel Cowdrey of Hartland was driving drunk -- when he got on the interstate in the wrong direction. He's charged with negligent homicide.


Tragedy on a dairy farm in the North Country. Firefighters were called to the milking barn on Plank Road in Ellenburg Depot around 2:30 this morning - for a fully involved fire. About 200 milking cows in tie-up stalls -- could not be rescued. The fire chief tells us one of the farmers was just getting up to go to the barn - when he saw it was on fire. The cause is still being investigated.


A teen -- kidnapped in Conway New Hampshire - confronts the man who held her captive. She was 14 years old when she disappeared while walking home from school. Last night, Nathaniel Kibby pleaded guilty to a handful of the 200 counts against him. He was sentenced to 45-to-90 years in prison for kidnapping and repeatedly raping the teen over 9-months at his home in Gorham. She spoke directly to Kibby in court.


(TC 28:15:24 Victim: "when you decided to point that gun at me that was not my choice. It was not my choice to go to your house. It was not my choice for you to rape me. it was not my choice for you to threaten me. You did all that yourself" 28:30:12)) The teen also thanked him for evenutally letting her go - but also said she still does not feel completely free. Prosecutors say Kibby used a shock collar and stun gun to hold her captive.


Did a prison shakedown involving Vermonters go too far? DOC officials tell us about 30 Vermont inmates -- housed out-of-state -- at North Lake Correctional Facility in Michigan -- were strip searched after guards were tipped off to alleged contraband in the cells. Inmates told their families they were pepper sprayed and left naked -- without food or water. Corrections would not comment on the pepper spray -- but says the inmates continued to receive three meals a day. The sprinkler system was temporarily shutoff after it was broken by an inmate -- but corrections says drinking water was not affected. Two inmates were taken to the emergency room. Vermont corrections is now reviewing whether Michigan prison staff followed protocol during the shakedown.


A change in uniform policy -- two centuries in the making at Norwich University. Eva McKend got the first interview with the school's president since the announcement. Eva, what's the latest? Darren, it's the nation's oldest private military college. And now... muslim female cadets will be able to wear a head scarf and be fully covered at all times after one student asked for a religious accommodation.


((00:14:21:18 - 00:14:23:22, When I read the e-mail, I was a little bit surprised.)) ((00:30:28:25 - 00:30:30:07, it came more or less as a shock)) For the first time in 200 years, Norwich University will officially allow Muslim women to wear the hijab and Jewish men to wear yarmulkes. ((do we have NATS of cadets marching or at graduations to start the pkg with and throw in throughout that track??)) ((Richard Schneider, Norwich University President, 00:07:05:22 - 00:07:09:20, We should be able to accommodate reasonable religious requests.)) In his first interview since the announcement to the college community, president Richard Schneider says the move was prompted by the request of a Muslim student accepted into the class of 2020. ((Richard Schneider, Norwich University President, 00:02:59:25 - 00:03:12:11, One of our strengths is our diversity and people want to hold on to their religious faith and also serve America. They are Americans. This girl is an American girl and she wants to serve in our military.)) Some students and alum praise the historic change. ((Wilma Melton, Norwich Graduate, 00:14:29:03 - 00:14:31:13, I was over come with a sense of pride)) Others say, not so fast. ((Spencer Jacobs, Norwich Graduate, 00:30:32:19 - 00:30:42:20, When you come to Norwich and you cross through those gates, you don't come in as an individual, you come in as a team and you drop your religious beliefs and your political preferences at the door.)) Wilma Melton and Spencer Jacobs graduated 2 weeks ago. Melton says the diversity will make the university experience richer, while Jacobs says it goes against everything the institution upholds. ((Wilma Melton, Norwich Graduate, 00:15:06:11 - 00:15:15:24, I'm actually a little bit jealous of the students that get to be at the university when she's here.)) ((Spencer Jacobs, 00:31:39:28 - 00:31:45:02, we encourage service to nation and others before self, so that more or less means you put your uniform before yourself)) ((STAND UP // But is this all a political statement or does it really boil down to the needs of one student? The student also applied to the Citadel but that school wouldn't change their policy. Norwich University officials say it's focused on the future.)) ((00:07:16:17 - 00:07:26:23, If you are not really kind of forced to change, generally you don't. I welcome this and I think it was a good opportunity to have a deep conversation among the senior leadership of the institution.)) And will the cadet be welcomed if she does decide to come to Norwich. Afghan student Muhammad Ali says it's too soon to tell. ((Muhammad Ali Shahidy, Norwich Student, 00:26:34:09 - 00:26:35:07, That's very hard to predict. 00:26:38:10 - 00:26:49:06, Based on my personal experience as a Muslim student at Norwhich, I think most of the students at Norwich are very accepting of diversity.)) ((HE TAKES TOO LONG TO GET TO THIS, WE MUST SPLICE)) ((Richard Schneider, Norwich University President, 00:06:14:23 - 00:06:22:28, I have every confidence that this core of cadets will embrace this student. She's going to be one of us and she's going to be a part of this regiment. So, this is a modest accomodation and I know our students are up for that kind of change.))


I also spoke with CAIR. That's the Council on American Islamic Relations. The group has been working with this student and tell me she hasn't made a decision if she will attend Norwich yet. Her family may be suing the Citadel... and they are grateful to Norwich for updating its policy. I called the Citadel and a spokesperson there told me it will not comment on the decision at Norwich.


Donald Trump's campaign -- says the billionaire was just joking when he said he would debate Bernie Sanders before the California primary. Trump - and the two democrats in the race are kicking off a busy weekend in their pursuit of the presidency. Mark Albert reports.


(PKG) Donald Trump campaigned Friday as the triumphant presumptive nominee... a day after he locked up the delegates needed. (SOT: Donald Trump/(R) Presumptive Presidential Nominee) "WE WON BY SUCH BIG MARGINS, WE HAD KNOCKOUTS AND GOT THE NOMINATION." The businessman is still on the road, though... holding two rallies in California, including this one in Fresno where he focused on his likely Democratic opponent - Hillary Clinton. (SOT: Donald Trump/(R) Presumptive Presidential Nominee) "HILLARY IS A DISASTER, FOLKS. SHE HAS BAD JUDGEMENT. THAT WAS SAID BY BERNIE SANDERS. HE'S GIVEN ME A LOT OF MY BEST LINES." (STANDUP: Mark Albert/CBS News/The White House) Clinton has yet to lock up the nomination. She's focusing on California where Bernie Sanders is giving her a run for her money ahead of that state's primary. (SOT: Sen. Bernie Sanders/(I-VT) Democratic Presidential Candidate) "WITH YOUR SUPPORT WE CAN GO INTO THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION WITH A GREAT DEAL OF MOMENTUM AND WE CAN COME OUT WITH THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION." Sanders whipped up supporters near Los Angeles... while Hillary Clinton attacked Trump at her rally in Oakland. (SOT: Sec. Hillary Clinton/(D) Presidential Candidate) "WE CAN USE THE WHITE HOUSE AS A BULLY PULPIT. WE DON'T WANT A BULLY IN THE WHITE HOUSE BUT WE CAN USE THE BULLY PULPIT TO TALK ABOUT ISSUES." Clinton is looking to turn the page, after a scathing State Department report found her use of a private email server while Secretary of State broke the rules. Mark Albert, CBS News, the White House.


A thousand Vermonters who rely on umemployment checks -- may have problems cashing them. The state labor department says the checks issued Wednesday are missing a bank routing number. The state says People's United Bank will cash them. Or you can return it to the nearest labor department office. But it will not clear if you deposit or cash it at any other bank. The state is asking those banks to waive any 'bounced check' fees that might result from this.


A big sippy cup recall to tell you about tonight. More than 3-million cups sold at retailers like Walgreens - WalMart - and Target are being recalled by the manufacturer - because of moldy valves in the sip top. 70 babies have gotten sick. 5 types of spill-proof "Tommee Tippee Sippee" cups are involved in the recall. We have more details with this story on our website - wcax-dot-com.


A war of words in Burlington. 30 of city's best young spellers -- squared off in a spelling bee today -- hosted by C.P. Smith Elementary. Fourth and fifth graders -- went head-to-head -- for eight rounds. There was a twist to the competition -- where students were not eliminated for misspelled words. Instead, their teams were awarded points for correct spellings. It came down to a tie-breaker between Edmunds and Champlain with bonus words: pseudonym and soliloquy. In the end, the defending champs from Edmunds -- took home the trophy again this year.


((01:21:34:09 It's an awesome feeling. I'm really excited because all our heard work paid off.")) ((0123:59:04 "i've got goosebumps. My heart is racing. Just really proud of the kids.")) You may recognize a few faces here. Our Keith McGilvery and Jennifer Costa were invited to serve as pronouncer and judge.


Coming up on "The Weekend" it's a destination -- with a dare. And also -- french fries from another hot spot in Vermont! Here's Alex Hirsch with a preview.


The French Fry tour heads to Rutland County... ((NATS)) At Roxies Fries they have been cooking them up since 1956 (00:08:39:00) ((Sandi Rivers/Roxies owner It was in my blood. I've done it all my life.)) Julie Kelley will be learning about the history of this french Fry haven and the family that is behind their delicious crisp potato. And then... it's a game that gone viral and it is finally coming to Vermont. (00:28:23:05) ((Alex Hirsch Im alex hirsch and this week for destination recreation we are in downtown burlington with a new place thats opening up called escape room and without giving away too much, you have 60 minutes to use the clues to get out of the room that you are locked in. ready set go. )) And then on Sunday... Its Marathon day ...Nick Borelli is going to be live give us updates and weather hits throughout the show... And we are making a vermont favorite this memorial day weekend... (00:08:18:00-00:08:29: 00) ((NB: I'm NB stading in Warren with Linda Falace; She's an expert cheesemaker and this morning she is kind enough to show us how to make homemade ricotta cheese with just 3 ingredients. That story is coming up on the weekend.)) Tune in on Saturday at 6 and 7 am and then on Sunday at 8 am right after You Can Quote Me.


Remembering the fallen in South Burlington. Residents gathered in Veterans Memorial Park this morning to honor American service men and women who died in defense of their country. Key note speaker -- Lt. Colonel Michael Romp -- also urged the public to remember veterans who survived wars, but are suffering from invisible wounds.


(tile 0633 00:11:28:00-:40)((Lt. Col. Michael Romp: I ask you to remember them as well ... for their sacrifice.")) It's one of many Memorial Day ceremonies planned for this weekend. Several communities hold events tomorrow, including the parade in Essex. And there are many more parades on Monday -- including the state's largest in Vergennes.


You can expect to see more cruisers out on the roads this weekend. The annual "Click it or Ticket" campaign runs through next weekend in an effort to promote seat belt safety. Law enforcement officers are on the lookout for speeding and cell phone violations, as well as checking seat belt and child restraint safety.


((Lt. Kevin Geno//Rutland Sheriff's Dept. 34:28-34:48: "in Rutland county we've had several fatalities because people have not been buckled up, they've also been drinking and driving, what we try to do during this campaign is curb speeding, make sure people are restrained, kids are properly restrained, and they're not texting and driving and committing other motor vehicle violations.")) Police say buckling up is especially important to keep drivers from being thrown from their cars in crashes.


And a warning for boaters -- looking to escape the heat. Boating on Lake Champlain -- and other waterways -- begins to pick up on Memorial Day weekend. But authorities say that the water temperatures remain chilly... currently 55 degrees in Lake Champlain. That increases the danger of hypothermia if you fall in or your boat capsizes.



Currents BTV: It's very warm, and sticky in Burlington. Headlines: Summer-Like weather the next few days. Some showers, t-storms possible too, More seasonable next week. Current Temps: Many of us are in the 80s right now. Current Dewpoints: Dewpoints have been creeping up today too. Many of us are now feeling pretty sticky. Rad/Sat: Any t-storms will die off quickly this evening. Otherwise it's partly sunny out. Clouds/Precip Forecast: Partly cloudy and mild overnight. Tomorrow will feature highs well in the 80s, with perhaps a late day t-storm. Marathon Sunday will start out warm, muggy and dry, with the chance for some storms later on. Temp Graph: Above normal temps continue, but it will turn a bit cooler next week. Forecast: Tonight: Partly cloudy. Mild Lows: 58/68 Wind: Light Saturday: Partly sunny. Chance few PM showers, t-storms. Hot & humid. Highs: 83/90 Wind: NNW 5-10 mph Saturday Night: Partly cloudy. Mild. Lows: 55/65 Wind: Light Sunday: Partly sunny. PM showers, t-storms. Hot & humid. Highs: 82/88 Wind: S 5-15 mph Extended: Sunday night: Showers, possible t-storms. Lows: 60s Monday: Partly sunny. Scat'd showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 50s Tuesday: Partly cloudy. Less humid. Highs: 70s Lows: 48/58 Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 70s Lows: 48/58 Thursday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 75/82 Lows: 52/62 Friday: Partly sunny. Chance PM showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/82


30} ALLEN11_VO

A Burlington bank robbery suspect -- no longer on the run. Police say 58-year old Douglas Allen of Burlington held up the Merchant's Bank on College Street last Saturday. Police say Allen has a criminal history dating back to the 1970's -- and went to prison for a previous bank robbery. Investigators say Allen turned himself in last night.


A Wallingford woman is accused of being nearly 4-times the legal limit for alcohol -- hours after she crashed her car. Police say Grace Ma-Sheenbergen was found sitting by her car off Route 7 yesterday. She was arrested and police say when she agreed to a breath test five hours after the incident... it came back at point 3-OH-9.


Employees at Vermont Yankee have won their lawsuit over overtime. A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of four employees who say they are owed more than 55-hundred hours in overtime pay. It determined this week that the nuclear power plant violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay overtime to its security shift supervisors. Officials say the guards could receive 535-thousand dollars in back pay.


A nightclub and bar in Lyndonville is closing. The Packing House has been a hot spot for locals and college students a like for more than 30 years. The bar plans on hosting a variety of special nights in June as a final send off. When the doors close for good -- the owners say the building will be up for sale.


Elle Purrier will look to qualify for a second straight NCAA championships when she competes in the 3000 meter steeplechase tonight at the East Prelimiary Meet in Jacksonville, Florida. The UNH junior and former Richford star is the top seed out of the 48 runners in the field and ranked second in the country in the discipline. The field will be broken into three heats featuring 16 runners each, with the top three finishers in each heat and the next best three times advancing to the NCAA Championships which will be held in two weeks in Eugene, Oregon. --- Last year, as a sophomore, Purrier made the finals of the steeplechase at the NCAAs in Eugene as the 12th and final runner to qualify and would up finishing seventh, earning first-team all-american honors.


We'll let you know how Purrier did coming up tonight at 11pm. Dartmouth senior Dana Giordano won her heat and finished with the third best overall time in the 1500 meters on Thursday to advanced to the NCAA championships for the third year in a row. Former CVU standout and Georgetown sophomore Autumn Eastman runs in the 5000 meters tomorrow night.


A new study is linking tumors in rats to exposure to cell phone radiation. But the study is being challenged by some. Edward Lawrence reports.


PKG: ((NARR-1)) A NEW GOVERNMENT STUDY FINDS SLIGHT INCREASES IN BRAIN AND HEART TUMORS IN MALE RATS EXPOSED TO CELL PHONE RADIATION. ((SOT audio with graphic)) These findings are potentially of interest for the discussion of cell phone safety issues. ((NARR-2)) THE RATS WERE EXPOSED TO HEAVY RADIATION FOR NINE HOURS A DAY, EVERY DAY, FOR TWO YEARS. FEMALE RATS IN THE STUDY WERE NOT AFFECTED... AND RATS *NOT EXPOSED TO CELL PHONE RADIATION DIED AT A HIGHER RATE THAN THOSE THAT WERE. (GRAPHIC) An outside reviewer of the research wrote "I am unable to accept the authors' conclusions I suspect that this experiment is substantially underpowered and that the few positive results found reflect false positive findings. ((STANDUP BRIDGE Edward Lawrence/CBS News, Los Angeles)) There has been long standing concern that radiation from cell phones could be linked to cancer in people. But with no definitive findings there is no recommendation to change phone habits. ((NARR-3)) AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY SAYS THE STUDY IS ONE PART OF THE SCIENTIFIC PUZZLE, BUT WE DONT HAVE ALL THE PIECES YET. (SOT Dr. Otis Brawley/American Cancer Society) The takeaway is that we should be cautious especially with kids using cell phones for a long periods of time. ((NARR-4)) THE STUDY AUTHORS ALSO EMPHASIZE THESE FINDINGS ARE PARTIAL AND PRELIMINARY... EDWARD LAWRENCE, FOR CBS NEWS, LOS ANGELES. ###


With the nice weather this weekend .. It's time to check on your tulips! Sharon Meyer and Charlie Nardozzi explain how to get them to come back again next year.


((Well there is nothing more spectacular than a beautiful tulip garden, but when they start to go by, it's really kind of a problem. Yes they look kind of messy in the garden and you really have to leave those blossoms out there for a little bit, and it's hard to cover them up with other plants. So there are a few things you might want to do if you want to get your tulips to come back next year and it;s always kind of hit or miss if you are going to get your tulips to flower consistently year after year. One of the first things to do is when they start fading like this, they might have a little color to them but they are starting to fade, but before they start setting seeds, dead head them. Go in there and just snip them right below the blossom, and that's going to take all of that energy out of the flower so that it doesn't send it into setting seeds instead of growing better, healthier leaves. Can you just cut off the leaves and the stem too, so you can plant around them or no? Well, you really shouldn't, because those leaves are photo synthesizing in the early summer so they are sending energy back into the bulb and that's what's going to help it re-flower next year. So you should really leave the leaves out there until they start yellowing naturally and then you can cut them back. Now after that's all done, where they are native, it's very hot and dry in the summer. So you don't want to water or fertilize them or do anything to them, they are going dormant. In the fall, that's when you would plant them, so if you do need to dig them up, or separate them out, or try to replant them, put a little fertilizer in the hole, that might help them come back again next year. And then of course, you could do it like they do at festivals like this, with these huge tulip beds, they just dig them all up when they are done blooming, and they just toss them out. And they replant them again in the fall. Just treat them like annuals. Treat them like annuals, you are almost guaranteed to get a beautiful flower, it's just going to be a little costly. You've got to have deep pockets! That's it!)) Runs 1:34 CG :08-:14 Charlie Nardozzi CG :57-1:02 Shelly Holt Allen photo credit


90 stats: The last time Burlington hit at least 90 was back on August 20th. We made it to 90+ 8 times last year. Lake Forecast: Water temps are in the 50s. Tomorrow will be a good day to cool off in the lake, just be on the lookout for a late day t-storm in some spots. Mountain Forecast: No snow left at the stake. The summits will even be warm tomorrow. Perhaps a PM storm. Weekend Forecast: Saturday will be hot and humid, with a spotty PM storm. Sunday will start out warm and dry, with PM showers and storms developing. Monday is still looking warm with some storms. Cooler temps will return later next week.



A lot of people will be breaking out the camping gear for a long weekend in the woods. The state says 70 to 85 percent of visitors to Vermont's campsites are return visitors... and some have had a favorite site for generations ... as Judy Simpson found out.


Memorial day weekend is the kickoff to the summer season for the Vermont State Park System. ((Bill 00:18:28:00 Peaceful out in nature I just love it.")) This is Zara Gill's second time camping, its part of a school trip. ((Zara Gill/Winooski 00:08:01:00" Its really pretty. I kind of like the lake and how photogenic it makes the area. ")) (ALPHA CHANNEL GFX FOR NUMBERS HERE) Last summer was a record one , Vermont State Parks saw over a million visits. Only the fifth time in history of the state park system that visits have been that high. Generating more than 5.2 million dollars. And things are looking good for this season. ((Craig Whipple /Vermont State Parks 00:00:33:19" Right now our camping reservation activity is about 9 percent up from where it was last year so if the weather holds we are going to meet or exceed that million visit limit again this year." 00:00:46:22)) Then there is the other side to the economic story. What people spend on camping gear. ((Kevin Mahoney/Outdoor Gear Exchange 00:26:56:24" We had such a bad winter people were less active now is their chance to kind of get out get a bunch of stuff get the family involved I literality just had someone looking for a kid's sleeping bag." 00:27:09:00)) And that all adds up. ((Craig again 00:01:58:15 "And all of that totaled for a million visits is about 88 million dollars of things, goods and services that those people have purchased related to those camping and day visit experiences."00:02:11: 16)) For many, camping in Vermont is a family tradition. ((Bill Guyette/waterbury Center 00:17:45:22" Since I was a little boy my father and mother always camped , they camped right here.we are just keeping it going."00:18:01:28)) So apparently, is being interviewed by Channel three. ((Bill again 00:18:07:19" Probably 20 years ago my parents were down here and Channel three came down and interviewed them my father stoking up the fire in the fireplace." 00:18:18:23)) The state maintains 38 campgrounds with 22 hundred camp sites throughout Vermont. Whipple expects most to be at or near capacity this weekend. JS Channel three news, Waterbury.


The lake is still cold - but boaters -- are ready to get going. And today some blind sailors -- got some lessons - in racing. ((buoys beeping)) The students learned to use the audible sounds emitted from the special sailing buoys to locate where they are on a race course. It was part of a lesson taught by blind sailor and helmsman from the Bay Area Association of Blind Sailors in San Francisco, Walt Raineri (Ray - neery). There wasn't much wind today, so they teamed up and did dry-land training around the buoys -- before heading to the boats.


((Walt Rainieri, blind sailing instructor - 38:27 "When you're on the boat, and you can hear the mark that you're sailing toward, and you know where the wind is coming from, and you can feel the don't need any more assistance. You can do this by yourself. And, all of a sudden, you're no longer disabled. 38:43)) Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports and the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center hosted today's event.


The Red Sox open a weekend series with the Toronto Blue Jays tonight at Rogers Center. Joe Kelly is on the mound for Boston tonight. Kelly shined in his return off the disabled list on Saturday, allowing just one hit in six and two thirds shutout innings in a 9-1 win over Cleveland.


Last night, Jackie Bradley, Jr went 0-4 to see his hit streak end at 29 games, but the bigger overall story is that Clay Buchholz struggled again...allowing three home runs and giving up six runs in five innings in an 8-2 Colorado victory. Buchholz has given up five runs or more in six of his ten starts this season and sports a 6.35 ERA. Today, manager John Farrell announced Buchholz is being moved to the bullpen and Eduardo Rodriguez will return to the Red Sox, making his debut in Buchholz spot in the rotation next Tuesday.


The Yankees are in the Sunshine State tonight to take on Tampa Bay. Masahiro Tananka gets the ball for New York. After two rough outings, Tanaka rebounded in his last start, giving up just one run in seven innings in a 5-1 win over the A's. Tanaka has allowed two runs or less in seven of his nine starts.


The Middlebury women's lacrosse team faces undefeated and defending champs Cortland in the NCAA Division Three Final Four tomorrow at noon in Philadelphia. The Panthers are in the national semifinals for the 18th time and the fourth time in the last five years, but it's been over a decade since Middlebury last won a national title, going back to 2004. Middlebury led the NESCAC in scoring at 13.67 goals per game ...but Cortland averages over 18 a game. Both teams feature five players with at least 50 points this season. It has the makings of a close, competitive game and the Panthers are confident that this time, the result will end in their favor.


((TRT: 28 ... OC: WE'RE EXCITED)) ((Pascal/ We've played them before, we know their strengths. We know where we can capitalize on our strengths, so we're really looking forward to it. It's a great opportunity.)) ((Livesay/ I think the only pressure we feel is that we have to play our game. We have to go out with no regrets and feel like we are putting everything out there. And I believe if we do that we will win and I feel like we are the best team in this four team bracket, so we're excited.))


Nine-time champion Rafael Nadal pulled out of the French Open today with a wrist injury. He was scheduled to compete in his third round match tomorrow. Nadal won his second-round match in straight sets Thursday, playing after getting an injection to numb the pain in his wrist. Nadal is 72-2 all time at the French Open. He is the second major star to drop out of the tournament due to injury. Roger Federer announced late last week that he would not be playing in the French due to a back injury, ending a record streak of 65 straight appearances in Grand Slam events.


high school tennis quarterfinals...girls D-1 top seed CVU taking on number eight Middlebury... --- two-time individual state champion Kathy Joseph setting the tone against Bree Cotoneo...painting the lines and looking sharp across the board in rolling to a 6-1, 6-0 straight sets victory.... --- in all four other singles matches...CVU held Middlebury off the board...winning all four 6-0, 6-0... Elyse Killkelley in the far court showing some nice play at the net in number four singles... --- in number one doubles was another straight set victory for the Red the duo of Kendall Blanck and Sara Erickson tops Ember Benatti and Amelia Ingersoll 6-1, 6-1... CVU wins it 7-0... they'll face either BFA-St. Albans or Burlington in the semifinals next Tuesday.


boys quarterfinals... another 1-8 matchup... South Burlington and Mount Mansfield at St. Michael's... --- Individual singles state champ Hunter Newman with a crazy drop shot at the net, he'd win his #1 singles match over Matt Ellison 6-1, 6-1. --- If you were thinking the top-seeded Rebels would roll, not so fast! Evan Demunchyk throws up a prayer and it is answered! That ball is in as he and Mason Hill win #2 doubles in straight sets. at last check this one was all square at 2-2...we'll have the final tonight at 11pm.


Several years ago, a Newport woman was given the gift of hearing. On Sunday, she'll be giving back to Special Olympics Vermont during the Vermont City Marathon. Her determination to overcome obstacles and help others can be heard loud and clear. Scott Fleishman has more in tonight's Spotlight on Sports. (((Sit by the window one morning at the Newport Natural Foods Cafe, you'll probably see Heidi Macdonald run past your table.))) ((("When you deal with a lot of people you know when somebody is tenacious, so she's probably tenacious."))) (((Heidi's run in tough mudders and spartan races. This weekend, the Maine native will participate in her first Vermont City Marathon.))) (((Heidi Macdonald/"I've heard that it's a very memorable, very beautiful race to run and I'm looking forward to it."))) (((One of the reasons the VCM gets such high praise, the crowd. They motivate those runners from start to finish. But in Heidi's case she'll see the people, she just won't hear them.))) ((("I don't need the sound in order to keep me going, I have to keep myself going."))) (((Diagnosed with degenerative hearing loss at an early age, Heidi has a cochlear implant that helps her hear at about 95 percent.))) (((However, she doesn't wear it when she takes place in those other physically challenging races, for fear that the implant would get ruined. Now, she's just used to the sound of silence.))) ((("It actually kind of helps you focus on exactly what I'm doing and the road that's in front of me."))) (((Scott Fleishman/"Heidi will be a part of a two person team on Sunday. Running one half of the marathon, will be a young man by the name of Johnny Moretti. He's a Vermont Special Olympian."))) ((("Hopefully, we'll be well prepared, we'll be hydrated and we're going to finish it tops with the pretty medals.))) (((Heidi has been raising money for Special Olympics along the way. A friend painted a portrait of Heidi. It's being auctioned off in that same cafe Heidi passes on her morning route.))) (((Stephen Breault/"It's beautiful the painting itself and then to tie it to something we meaning, obviously that makes it much more special."))) ((("I don't think that just because you're deemed or labeled as something, or other or different, that that should be a reason to hold you back, from doing anything really."))) (((That's an opinion everyone should hear. In Newport, Scott Fleishman, Channel 3 spotlight on sports.)))



Tonight: Partly cloudy. Mild Lows: 58/68 Wind: Light Saturday: Partly sunny. Chance few PM showers, t-storms. Hot & humid. Highs: 83/90 Wind: NNW 5-10 mph Saturday Night: Partly cloudy. Mild. Lows: 55/65 Wind: Light Sunday: Partly sunny. PM showers, t-storms. Hot & humid. Highs: 82/88 Wind: S 5-15 mph Extended: Sunday night: Showers, possible t-storms. Lows: 60s Monday: Partly sunny. Scat'd showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 50s Tuesday: Partly cloudy. Less humid. Highs: 70s Lows: 48/58 Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 70s Lows: 48/58 Thursday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 75/82 Lows: 52/62 Friday: Partly sunny. Chance PM showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/82

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