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You've probably head about big Comic-Con events in places like San Diego -- or Boston. But now ... the fandom has made its way to Vermont. This weekend -- the state's first-ever Comic-Con is taking place... right in South Burlington. Joining me tonight is organizer J Moulton and Marvel Comics artist Nick Bradshaw. Thank you both for being here. ((J -- What is a comic-con? What's unique about Vermont's comic-con?)) ((Who will be here -- any special guests?)) ((nick -- where would people have seen your work?)) ((Are more people interested in comic books these days?)) ((Nick -- you help create the comic books that are the foundation for these events. What goes into drawing that kind of artwork?)) ((Movies based on comic books are hugely-successful at the box office these days. Are those fueling a greater interest in comic-con events?)) ((nick - has the comic industry changed from the artist perspective?)) ((And we hear there's a costume contest at the event?))


Vermont Comic-Con is going to be tomorrow and Sunday at the Sheraton Hotel. Tickets are $20 for one day or $35 for both. For more information visit V-T-Comic-Con-dot com ... we'll have that link on our website. ((


Monday on the Thirty -- We start our "Culture in the Kitchen" week... where we're highlighting different ethnic cuisines. Monday we'll learn how to make Indian food from the folks at the India House in Burlinton.


Good evening, I'm Darren Perron. And Kristin Kelly. A crisis in Burlington city schools. The district's interim administration is calling it quits after four months on the job. Jennifer Costa joins us now to explain what prompted the resignations and what's next for the district. Jennifer? Kristin and Darren -- the scramble is on to find new top administrators for Burlington schools -- after the current interim team resigns. The announcement came this morning from interim superintendent Stephanie Phillips. She read a letter she sent to school board chair Patrick Halladay. But did not take questions from the media.


It's been a tumultuous year for the Burlington School District. One marked by chronic budget battles -- deficits -- an IRS investigation into unpaid payroll taxes -- and departures from the top. ((4/29/14 000114, Mayor Miro Weinberger/D-Burlingto n: I think its clear at this point that one of the steps that needs to happen to rebuild public confidence is a change in leadership.)) That's the mayor -- in April -- calling for then Superintendent Jeanne Collins' resignation. She left in June. Stephanie Phillips took over -- as interim superintendent -- in July. Now -- she too is stepping down -- along with the rest of her administrative team -- citing ongoing problems with some school board members. ((Stephanie Phillips/Burlington Schools Interim Superintendent 00:01:38 "we have made this decision because the political climate and turmoil exhibited by this board makes it impossible for us to undertake genuine efforts to rebuild and restore the district.")) Phillips accused the board of disregarding her 3 member team's expertise and disrespecting them personally and professionally. ((Stephanie Phillips/Burlington Schools Interim Superintendent 00:02:36 "Unfortunately, there are board members who regularly make email and public meeting comments that malign central office administrators. This behavior only serves to expand the "us against them" culture which has led to the departure of many directors in the last 10 months.")) Mayor Miro Weinberger -- has no authority over the school board -- and called the situation a breakdown on both sides. He says he's frustrated and disappointed. ((Mayor Miro Weinberger/D-Burlingto n "this is unacceptable. Burlingtonians will not tolerate this failure of leadership, which puts our children's education at risk.")) Vermont Education Secretary -- Rebecca Holcombe -- says the state is monitoring the crisis and released a statement saying: GRX "The Burlington School District Board needs to put aside any individual agendas, and put the focus back on kids… Above all, the board needs to recommit to the integrity and efficiency of a search for a new full-time superintendent, and commit to getting behind the new superintendent.." Late Friday afternoon the School Board Chair -- Patrick Halladay -- responded to the resignations. ((Patrick Halladay/Burlington School Board chair 00:10:44 "We were attempting as much as possible to make their tenue in these interim roles fully supported. We are chagrined that they felt the situation was otherwise and that they also felt it necessary to take such drastic action.)) Through a public records request -- Channel 3 News obtained correspondence between the board and administration. The emails displayed a pattern of frustration. In one from October -- Phillips warns Halladay her team will quit if the -quote- "unrelenting boorishness of a few board members" did not cease. ((Patrick Halladay 13:18 I would say that individual board members need to be repsonsible for their own actions and how those are interpreted. 13:38 it has been diificult in a difficult climate for the board to come together in a consistent and cooperative way."))


The school board says it work with the state to have a new interim team in place before the current team members return to their contracted roles as directors within the district -- on November 11. The school board will hold a special meeting this Sunday evening at 6:30 -- to discuss the situation. Darren. The administration team seems to be having problems with some - not all - members of the school board. Do we know more about that ? Halladay would not name names. But did remind the public that all school board members are up for re-election in March. And only 12 of the 14 can return -- because of reapportionment. And what about the finances? That really started the whole crisis here. Where are they now - given all this dysfunction? Halladay says the current board has the district in a much better financial situation - moving from a deficit to quote having a rosier picture moving into the next budget cycle.


A Fair Haven woman is accused of selling heroin that could have been a fatal dose. Police say earlier this month 23-year old Nicole Batease sold heroin to Crystal Figueroa -- who od'd in Rutland. Batease is charged with selling heroin and is being held for lack of bail. Police say more arrests are possible.


Bennington is the latest Vermont community to bring an opiate treatment facility to town. Elizabeth Keatinge has this story.


Colby Tifft says he's seen first hand how a suboxone clinic can help those who need it. He thinks a facility coming to his Bennington neighborhood is a great idea. ((Colby Tifft/Bennington I was in an outpatient program, for 5 years and it worked successfully for me. :26)) ((Governor Peter Shumlin/D-Vermont When you're ready for treatment you should get treatment in your local community not somewhere out there, that's so far away that you can't get help)) Governor Peter Shumlin and Bennington county leaders announced that a new suboxone clinic will be coming to the area. It will be an expansion on a current medical office and is a collaboration with area doctors and Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. The $400,000 to back the facility will be funded by the state of Vermont. Law enforcement who deal with drug issues daily say that's money well spent. ((Chief Paul Doucette/Bennington Police Dept. 11:03:16:03 We're hoping we can lead by example and other communities in Vermont will follow what's happening here in Bennington :21)) State's Attorney Erica Marthage says having a facility close by will make it possible for low level offenders in the county to receive treatment - rather than incarceration. ((Erica Marthage/Bennington County State's Attorney The most direct, straightest way we're gonna get to it and that's by offering more treatment.)) But state leaders emphasize that that doesn't mean they will not be tough on those who threaten the community's addiction recovery efforts most. People who come in to the area just to sell drugs. ((Sen Dick Sears/D-Bennington County 10:57:03:08 We're gonna deal with you harshly, but if you're in Vermont and willing to get treatment, we're gonna provide that. :08)) But for those who truly want to battle their addiction and are not hurting others, the facility will be available. ((Colby Tifft/Bennington 11:23:52:00 It's a good idea, you know, there's a lot of people in town that I know are on the program and I'm sure they would be appreciative having it this close. :58)) ((Elizabeth Keatinge/Bennington 11:30:05:14 Officials tell us this project is more renovation than construction and they expect it to be completed by early 2015. EK CH3 News Bennington :14))


Officials say this will also save taxpayers money. Prison reportedly costs $1000 a week while treatment costs about $136 per week.

11} 1STWX

Sharon is here, ...Are the showers finally out of here? Finally, this storm system is pulling away and our showers are going with it! The first part of the weekend will be the better part with some sunshine to start off the day on Saturday. Clouds will return with a chance of rain showers by late in the day, but they should be fairly light and widely scattered. Sunday will be a chilly and blustery day with a few more scattered rain showers. We could see a few snowflakes across the mountain tops too. Then Monday we expect to see some sunshine which should last through Tuesday as well, and it will even be a little warmer with some of us reaching the low 60s once again.


A move to increase cross border tourism in the Northeast Kingdom -- on the water. The city of Newport agreed to help lobby U-S Customs and Border Protection to set up a port of entry on the Vermont end of Lake Memphremagog. A tour company based on the Quebec side of the lake wants to bring boatloads of tourists to Newport then bus them back to Magog. So far customs officials have balked at the idea -- saying Newport is not a commercial port, so they are not required to have a port of entry there.


Reinhart FoodService is leaving Burlington. And taking more than 1-hundred workers elsewhere. Logan Crawford has more on the move.


Pine Street in Burlington is known for its growing number of stores, restaurants, and businesses. But 1 Pine Street business is leaving the strip -- and going to Essex. (TC 00:08:16:17 Tile 4403) ((Chris Kurek/Reinhart Burlington Food Service "Finally after almost 15 years, we'll be distributing under 1 roof." 00:08:22:28)) Chris Kurek is the president of the Burlington branch of Reinhart FoodService. He's directing Reinhart's move from its Burlington and Colchester facilities to Essex. The company is in the beginning stages of transferring its thousands of food items. (TC 00:08:00:12 Tile 4403) ((Chris Kurek/Reinhart Burlington Food Service "This is all dry, so the dry is being moved into the new facility from a distribution center in Burlington." 00:08:07:24)) Along with the food service leaving Burlington -- 120 workers are also relocating to Essex. This is causing some concern for those working towards growing Burlington's economy. (TC 00:04:30:19 Tile 4483) ((Mayor Miro Weinberger/D-Burlingto n "pretty much nothing more important than job creation and people earning a good living here in the city so that is always a concern." 00:04:39:27)) (TC 00:19:53:22 Tile 4421) ((Logan Crawford/Burlington "Building managers of the Burlington property Reinhart is leaving say the food service company will be out by November 19th. They say the building will be redeveloped to be used by multiple tenants." 00:20:04:23)) (TC 00:04:50:25 Tile 4483) ((Mayor Miro Weinberger/D-Burlingto n "I am hopeful that that loss of jobs will be a pretty short-term situation and that we will quickly see new tenants moving in and perhaps even more job creation, more economic development on that site." 00:05:04:14)) Kurek says 65 percent of the company's business is distributing food to independently owned restaurants in Vermont. He says the business moving to Essex will be good for the entire state. (TC 00:14:32:21 Tile 4403) ((Chris Kurek/Reinhart Burlington Food Service "Although we are leaving Burlington per say, we're moving to an area that's going to make us more efficient and allow us to grow." 00:14:40:03)) Growth, according to Reinhart, which will distribute more food to more Vermont food services. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Burlington. -3


Reinhart officials say with the move to Essex -- they hope to hire up to 30 more employees during the next year.


Hundreds of UVM maintenance workers have a new contract. The deal with the University means 8-percent raises over three years -- and workers making more than 15 dollars an hour will pay 2 to 3 percent more for their health plans - while those making less than 15-dollars an hour will not have to pay more. The contract covers about 350 employees.


It's been almost a month since Vermont adopted a hands-free law -- but are drivers putting their phones down behind the wheel? The Department of Motor Vehicles is now taking a look at how effective they were at getting the message out to put the phones down while driving. Commissioner Robert Ide told us he feels quote "reasonably good" about their efforts -- but he also still sees people who either have not heard about or are ignoring the law.


((SOT Robert Ide, Vt, Motor Vehicles Commissioner 1851 Whether they just think they're immune to the law or they haven't heard about the law it's hard for me to say 55 But people need to concentrate more and more and more about just putting that device down 01)) But a new study by Triple-A is raising concerns that some programs drivers may use to keep their eyes on the road may be even more distracting than talking on their phones. That's At Issue tomorrow morning on "The Weekend" -- where Cat Viglienzoni takes a look at what that study found -- and why you should think twice before trying to use programs like Siri -- while driving.


Also tomorrow morning on "The Weekend" -- Cat takes us behind the scenes at the preparation for this year's Haunted Forest in Williston. Find out where these 800 jack-o'-lanterns are going -- in Destination Recreation.


And the temperatures are dropping... and winter is going to be here before we know it. But is your home ready for the colder temperatures? Nick talked to efficiency experts about what areas of your home are the most likely to LOSE heat -- and what you can do to lower your energy bills. All those stories are coming up tomorrow morning on "The Weekend" -- starting at 6.


The Green Mountain State is politically blue - with Democrats in control of the legislature and Governor's office. That dynamic is unlikely to change when voters go to the polls November 4th. But even a slight shift in the balance of power could alter the lawmaking process. Kyle Midura has more in tonight's campaign countdown.


150 chairs in the Vermont House of Representatives, and 30 in the state senate sit empty. Every legislator stands for election in less than two weeks and voters will determine who takes a seat in January. (nats file - gavel) GFX Last session - Democrats held essentially insurmountable majorities in both chambers -- accounting for more than two-thirds of the seats in the Senate and a little less than two-thirds in the House. Republican and Progressive party leaders in the House concede that's not going to change dramatically. END GFX (00:04:27:00) ((Rep. Don Turner - R-Minority Leader we need to pick up a lot more seats than one, but picking up one seat in this election moves us in the right direction )) (00:20:37:00) ((Rep. Chris Pearson - P-Progressive Party Leader we should be able to hold our incumbents and pick up a little bit of ground, probably, two three seats would be dynamite )) Republican Don Turner and Progressive Chris Pearson say the near super majority allows Democrats to force bills through if consensus cannot be found. (00:30:16:00) ((Rep. Chris Pearson - P-Progressive Party Leader they simply don't have to count on minorities like the Republicans or the Progressives )) (00:01:33) ((Rep. Don Turner - R-Minority Leader This health care issue is really a prime example of single party rule :38 and how there's no checks and balances in our system )) But both say members of their party can play significant roles in crafting measures when they're part of a small group working on a potential law that's not yet ready to reach the full chamber. (00:09:46:00) ((Rep. Don Turner - R-Minority Leader where we've been most effective is in committee)) (00:20:57:00) ((Rep. Chris Pearson - P-Progressive Party Leader we have a small number of legislators but our influence on the direction of the debate and the kind of issues we're talking about goes well beyond our numbers in montpelier )) (00:01:12:00) ((Rep. Willem Jewett - D-House Majority Leader I've been around since we were in the minority, and the challenges are just different)) Democrat and House Majority Leader Willem Jewett says Democrats are currently focused on campaigns, not whether they can elect 100 house members, enough to over-ride a Governor's veto without the support of any other party. But he says, leadership includes outside perspectives at every legislative turn in order to create the best possible solution to problems faced by Vermonters. (00:04:05:00) ((Rep. Willem Jewett - D-House Majority Leader at the end of the day everyone's going to have to participate in that solution )) (00:10:32:00 (( Sen. Bill Doyle - R-Minority Leader the majority party has the advantage of passing bills, it's as simple as that )) Voters first gave Republican Sen. Bill Doyle a senate seat in 19-68, and he's held it ever since. Back then, Republicans -- not Democrats -- held 21 seats. He says the one constant over that political swing though, is that good ideas beat out partisan measures. (00:23:14:00) ((Sen. Bill Doyle - R-Minority Leader I find that the people who come here - to this legislature - are here to represent the people )) (00:13:13:00) ((Sen. Bill Doyle - R-Minority Leader it's not the party that counts in the Senate, it's how you present your case it's the work in your committees )) While voters may not choose an identical balance of power, they will nearly-assuredly leave control of the Green Mountain state in the hands of blue candidates. KM, Ch.3 Montpelier.


Senator Doyle also pointed out that there is a fairly even divide between genders in the legislature when compared to other states. The House has 85 men and 65 women. The Senate gap is larger with 22 men and eight women.


Sharon is here with our weekend outlook. Finally, this storm system is pulling away and our showers are going with it! The first part of the weekend will be the better part with some sunshine to start off the day on Saturday. Clouds will return with a chance of rain showers by late in the day, but they should be fairly light and widely scattered. Sunday will be a chilly and blustery day with a few more scattered rain showers. We could see a few snowflakes across the mountain tops too. Then Monday we expect to see some sunshine which should last through Tuesday as well, and it will even be a little warmer with some of us reaching the low 60s once again. That, of course, won't last as another cold front approaches through the middle of the week. That will bring a few more showers on Tuesday night, and temperatures will drop a few degrees as well.


Tonight: Becoming partly cloudy. Areas of fog. Lows: 32/42 Winds: N 5-10 mph Saturday: Partly sunny. Increasing afternoon clouds. Highs: 50/57 Winds: Light Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. Lows: 35/45 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers, mountain snow showers. Highs: 45/52 Winds: W 10-15 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday Night: Lows 32/42 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 48/55 Lows 32/42 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 55/65 Lows 40s Wednesday: Scattered showers. Highs 50s Lows 35/45 Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 45/55 Lows 30s Friday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. Highs 40s



Candidates for the US Senate in New Hampshire are at odds over Ebola. Incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and Republican challenger Scott Brown have clashed over everything from the economy, to health care, to foreign policy. And at a debate last evening -- they also disagreed on a travel ban to fight the spread of Ebola.


((Scott Brown "We need to do a travel ban. I mean, it makes sense to do a travel ban to make sure that anybody who has been in an affected country would come back and, obviously, get screened.")) ((Sen. Jeanne Shaheen/(D) New Hampshire) "A travel ban, if the experts tell us that's what we need to do and that's workable, I think that's what we should support. But, I'm not willing to tell the experts that this is what we have to do.")) The latest poll is within the margin of error - 49 percent support Shaheen and 47 percent of voters support Brown.


Police in Keene say they've made an arrest -- thanks to a plea for photos and video of last weekend's riot during the pumpkin festival. Police say 19-year-old Jacob Clark of Chichester threw a beer bottle at a police officer -- and faces a felony count of reckless conduct. He was released on bail and is due back in court next month. Police used tear gas and pepper balls to get violence under contro. More than 80 people were arrested -- And investigators say more arrests are likely as they review images from the riot.


Two people face drug charges -- after a traffic stop in Champlain. Police say Cory Fountain was pulled over Thursday -- and they found meth making materials in his car. Police say he was also driving while impaired. His passenger -- Daniella Rock of West Chazy -- is charged with marijuana possession.

31} CCTA11_VO

Burlington students will soon have to pay -- to take the bus to school. The city contracts with CCTA to transport students. The school board decided to pass on some of the cost to kids who ride the bus. Starting November 17th, middle and high school students will pay a fee to ride. Parents have the option of paying daily fares or buying year-long or monthly passes. Elementary students and low income students can still ride for free. You can find full details -- in the InfoCenter at wcax-dot-com.

32} NYSEG11_VO

More Plattsburgh Town residents can soon hook up natural gas service. The Town of Plattsburgh and New York State Electric and Gas are teaming up to increase the availability of natural gas. They say it will cut heating costs for homeowners and businesses. The town Supervisor says 17 miles of natural gas pipeline will be laid out across the town -- providing natural gas to more than 1-thousand customers.


(TC 00:02:21:24 Tile 4511) ((Bernie Bassett/Town of Plattsburgh Supervisor "They could save between $1,500-$2,000 a year, certainly over propane and fuel oil. It's a lot of money, I think it can have a very positive impact on the general economy with that many people have that kind of savings." 00:02:38:21)) The town wants to hear from residents looking for natural gas service.


Drivers will soon have a way around Morrisville. The Morrisville Bypass will officially open one week from today. The plans have been in the works for decades. The idea -- to ease congestion downtown -- and allow through traffic to keep rolling. Morrisville business owners have had mixed feelings about the road. It could make it easier for customers to get downtown. But it will also be easier for them to bypass them altogether. Thats' News Around the Region.


Starting Line Sports ...the postseason has arrived in Vermont high school football. It's Wild Card weekend in Division One and Division Three and it kicks off with a trio of D-1 playoff games tonight. after steamrolling their way to a second straight undefeated regular season, the top ranked Middlebury Tigers will take on eighth seed CVU tonight. Back in week five in Hinesburg, Middlebury did to CVU what he has done to most all of it's opponents this season, jump out to a quick lead and run off to a 48-21 win... --- the four-five matchup tonight sees Colchester make the trip down Route 7 to take on Rutland. Both teams come into this one riding a four game win streak and they did not face each other during the regular season. --- and also tonight... number three Essex takes on sixth seed BFA-St. Albans...the Hornets have looked like the most dangerous potential challenger to Division One's pair of undefeated top teams week three...the Hornets ran past the Bobwhites 42-14 at Essex high school...


here is your complete D-1 wild card schedule ...those three matchups tonight. Tomorrow afternoon... unbeaten St. Johnsbury faces number seven Hartford. In week six, the Hilltoppers jumped on the Canes early and cruised to a 43-21 win at Hartford. the Division Three Wild Card games all take place Saturday... top seed Otter Valley hosts Poultney... number two Fairfax takes on Woodstock... and third seeded Mill River faces Mt. Abraham...and Windsor welcomes U-32 in the 4-5 matchup... In Division Two...the regular season wraps up this weekend...if things hold to form... Burr & Burton and Fair Haven, who meet tonight, could square off against next Friday in the semifinal. Also tonight, the D-1 and D-3 schools that did not make the postseason close out their regular seasons tonight.


We will have all your scores, highlights and more coming up tonight at 11pm in the Friday Football Frenzy. And coming up later... quarterfinal highlights from this afternoon in high school soccer and field hockey.


New rules in New York and New Jersey to prevent the spread of ebola. Those states are instituting a mandatory 3-week quarantine for travelers who had contact with Ebola-infected patients in West Africa. That includes health care providers -- and would have covered Dr. Craig Spencer -- the New York City man infected with Ebola. But some are questioning whether more should be asked of ALL Americans at high-risk of contracting ebola. Alison Harmelin reports.


Dr. Craig Spencer was working with Ebola patients in Guinea for Doctors Without Borders. The group says Dr. Spencer followed guidelines since returning to the US last Friday. He was self-monitoring for symptoms which means taking his temperature twice a day and watching for any symptoms such as fever, headache, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Doctors Without Borders says Doctor Spencer did what he was supposed to, notifying authorities as soon as he detected a low-grade fever. (SOT Dr. Frank Esper/University Hospitals Case Medical Center) you are not infectious until you are symptomatic and once he felt that that's when he hunkered down and made sure he didn't expose any other people (TRACK) According to the CDC, only people considered high risk are quarantined. for example having exposure to Ebola patients without wearing the correct protective gear. Spencer posted a picture of himself in Guinea wearing his equipment. Still some are questioning whether doctor Spencer should have been able to move about so freely given his potential exposure. Dr. Anthony Fauci at the NIH indicated possible changes could be on the way. (SOT Dr. Anthony Fauci/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease) 12:02:10 that is something that is right now under active discussion and you will be hearing shortly about what the guidelines will be but I want to point out to remember that it isn't just the CDC and the federal government. But the states have an awful lot to say about what happens when people come in but you will be hearing more about that (TRACK) Doctors without borders encourages doctors returning from west Africa to stay away from their usual jobs for 21 days.. which is something Dr. Spencer also adhered to . alison Harmelin cbs news new York.


Doctors Without Borders also asks workers coming back from West Africa to stay within four hours of a hospital with isolation facilities. That's HealthWatch.



The UVM Department of Community Development and Applied Economics is holding its 20th anniversary tonight... and it's a community goat roast. That's where Cat Viglienzoni is tonight -- Cat... have you ever even tried goat? Darren and Kristin I have not and I think I'm not alone in that -- goat is definitely not one of those meats you see much on the menu! But local farmers hope that events like tonight's will encourage people to try something new.


NATS goat roast There's a new "kid" on the block on the University of Vermont menu Friday night: Goat... ((Reporter Cat Viglienzoni: "Have you ever had goat meat before? SOT Max Maltby, UVM Senior, I have, but this is top-notch goat.")) ((SOT Daniel Smith, UVM Senior. Well I had reservations because it was my first time but I think it's delicious.")) ((SOT Ally Boli, UVM Senior "I think it's good... it's got a good texture to it. It's kind-of chewy.")) UVM's Community Development and Applied Economics department is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this week -- and Friday they're giving it an international flair. Hence... the goat roast. ((SOT Jan Kolodinksy, CDAE Dept. Chair "The goat is local and Vermont can raise goats quite easily, and we're trying to grow our local food system so why not goats.")) Goat is actually the most-consumed meat in the world -- making up about 70 percent of the red meat eaten. But chevon -- as it's called -- isn't often seen in stores or restaurants here in the United States. Goat farmers say that's likely a remnant of World War II, where soldiers who went to fight overseas ate goat meat that hadn't been cooked as well. ((SOT Shirley Richardson, Vermont Chevon "It wasn't very tasty and so I think a lot of them came back with the idea that eww, we don't want to eat that meat.")) Already -- there are projects in Vermont to increase awareness about goat as a meat source. Right now -- experts say the majority of the goat meat market is primarily ethnic customers in the Burlington area -- though it is slowly becoming more mainstream. ((SOT Richardson 452-503 "It is trending right now in the US. So more and more people are realizing, I think because of the health benefits, they're realizing the value of eating this meat.)) ((BUTTED)) ((SOT 354-404 "It has the lowest fat and the lowest calories and cholesterol of any of the commonly-eaten meats))


The goat roast here is just about wrapping up -- it goes until 7 and if you're wondering WHERE you can find goat Richardson says her company Vermont Chevon sells at places like City Market and to restaurants


Bode Miller is one of the best skiers in American history -- and he's from the White Mountains. Now the New Hampshire hill that helped prepare Bode to take on the world -- is about to host the U-S Ski Team. The U-S Alpine team will begin training next year at Cannon Mountain's Mittersill ski area. Mittersill was closed for more than 20-years before reopening in 2009. The ski area is spending about 3-million dollars on snowmaking and other improvements. Ski team officials say it will become a world-class training center -- one of four U-S-S-A training sites nationwide.


A busy day of quarterfinal play in high school soccer and field hockey. let's start with field hockey... Division Two top seed Rice and number eight Burr & Burton squaring off at Essex High School... --- first half...Rice on the charge...and some great stick to stick passing by the Green Knights leads to a goal by Megan Collins and a 1-0 lead... --- and just two minutes later, that lead doubles...Rice buzzing around the Burr and Burton box and Michelle Bolger finishes in close... Rice goes on to a 3-0 win. They'll face Harwood in the semifinals on Monday.


Otter Valley...the second seed in Division number seven Mount Abe ... --- This one was a nailbitter... Scoreless deep into the second half.. The Otters on the move, Jenna Elliott's shot is stopped by Eagles keeper Danielle Morse ... But Kylee Bissette is there on the rebound... 1-0 OVU... --- Final minutes of the game... Mt. Abe with an excellent opportunity to tie it ... Bailey Sherwin finds Hannah Wahl on the one-timer but she can't get a clean shot off... Otter Valley holds off the upset, topping Mt. Abe 1-0.


girls soccer...a Division One quarterfinal...number six Colchester at third seed Essex... --- under ten minutes left in the first half ...Colchester's Brenna McMannon with some fance footwork and a fantastic finish to give the Lakers a 1-0 lead... --- but Essex takes just a minute to answer... Destin Barber chases down the long lead pass from Samantha Serrantonio...makes a pair of nice moves to avoid first a defender and then the charging goal keeper to score and tie the game at one... but in the end, it's the Lakers that get the game winner and knock off Essex 2-1. Colchester will face CVU in the semifinals on Tuesday.


boys soccer... Division Two quarterfinal...a four-five matchup... GMVS visiting Milton. --- A scoreless game late into double overtime, The Gumbies Sebastian Gonin with the corner kick, it's headed on net, but Milton's Hunter Goodwin makes the stop. --- A little later, Milton's Nick Goodrich goes around the ref, takes the shot, but it's knocked away by Alex Marcil-Miyashita. We're going to penalty kicks. --- 4-4 in the 5th round, The Gumbies Logan Slattery with the goal. --- Milton's Ryan Stinson needs to score, but his shot hits off the crossbar and goes over the net... the Gumbies grab the victory, advancing to the D-2 semis where they'll meet top seed Rice on Tuesday.


to Division Three... third seed BFA-Fairfax taking on number six Green Mountain... --- Early first half, the chiefs Mack Walton works his way through defenders, puts the shot on net, it goes off a bullet and defelcts to Cooper McCoy for the score. 1-0 Chiefs. --- A few minutes later, Fairfax's Alex Ferguson with the corner kick, it goes past the keeper and is put home by Andrew Sweet. We are tied at 1. --- Later in the half, Evan McNall lofts the centering pass, teammate Jared Quick gets a head on it and it finds the back of the net. Fairfax wins 4-2. The Bullets will meet Stowe in the semifinals on Tuesday ...


The Boston Bruins trade of veteran defenseman Johnny Boychuck to the Islanders late in the preseason was a controversial one. The team made the move for salary cap relief, receiving a pair of draft picks in return, but there were concerns the trade left the team too thin along the blueline. Boychuck made his return to the TD Garden last night with the Islanders...prior to the game, the fans giving him an extended standing ovation for his six seasons of work wearing the black and gold...and those fans that didn't like the trade before... will really hate it after what happened early on in this one ...B's captain Zdeno Chara puts a hit on the Isles' Joihn didn't look like anything, but at the end of his shift Chara left the ice and never returned it was revealed Chara suffered a torn knee ligament and will be out at least four to six weeks...a huge blow for the Bruins... --- as for the game...New York up 2-1 midway thru the second period ...the puck caroms to Cal Clutterbuck who beats Niklas Svedberg to make it 3-1... Boston gets one back in the third but can't find the equalizers as the Islanders win 3-2 and the Bruins fall to 4-5. They visit Toronto tomorrow night.


The UVM women's hockey team is in action tonight, hosting Union in the opener of a two game series this weekend at Gutterson. Tonight's game is the second annual Pack The Gut challenge as the Cats look to break the Hockey East regular season attendance record they set last year when they drew 2,028 fans for a game with Boston College. On the ice, Vermont is off to a strong 3-2-1 start as they get set to face a Union program the Cats are a perfect 18-0 against all-time.


the 17th ranked Vermont men's hockey team is at home tomorrow night as the Cats host Connecticut in the first Hockey East matchup between the programs. UVM is 3-0 after sweeping a home and home set from Clarkson last weekend. The Huskies, who joined Hockey East as it's 12th member this season, are off to a 1-2-1 start, but knocked off 15th ranked Quinnipiac Tuesday night. It's the first matchup between the teams since 2003, so the Cats don't have past experience to fall back on, which means the focus is on them ...with his how they like it.


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Tonight at 11. A truck plows into an apartment building in White River Junction. We've got the details tonight. Plus -- another deadly school shooting. The latest next -- on the CBS Evening News. Take care -- see you soon. Good night.

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