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To close out Culture in the Kitchen week we going to make a traditional chinese dish -- from the owner of A Single Pebble in Burlington -- Chiuho Duval. And it has the perfect name for Halloween of all days -- Chops Your Head Off Soup. ((Chop your head off soup - hand shave noodle soup)) Chop Your Head Off Soup (Hand shave noodle soup) Dough (3:1 Flour:Water) rest at least 20 minutes and knead it again. 4 OZ Ground Pork 1t eacj minced Garlic, and ginger and scallion salt and Pepper 3 leaves of Napa cabbage - Julienne 1 Qt Chicken Stock 2 T regular Soy 2 T of Chinese Cooking Wine (Shaoxing Wine) 1t Dark soy (If you don't have it, it's fine) 1t What Pepper 4 T Slurry (Corn starch and water mixture) 1t Sesame oil 1t oil Cook ground pork in the pot with oil, until almost cook through, season with salt and pepper and minced garlic and scallion. Add Chicken stock in the soup pot, bring it to simmer, add soy sauce and wine, let it simmer for one minutes, add cabbage and ginger, let it cook for a 30 second, add cornstarch mixture to thicken the sauce. Bring the soup to boil. And turn the heat off. Pour soup in to the serving bowl and garnish with scallion and sesame oil.


S And we'll have the recipe for chop your head off soup with this story on our website.


Monday on the Thirty -- we get Star Struck with our favorite astronomer. Bobby Farlice-Rubio is here. He is a science educator at the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium -- and Bobby knows how to make science fun for people of ALL ages. So be sure to join us at 5:30 Monday for The Thirty.


Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. A small Vermont community is mourning this evening. An elderly couple drowned in what's been ruled an accident. But as Kyle Midura reports, remembering the pair brings smiles even through the pain.


(00:17:33:00) ((Cheryl Fox - Couple's Daughter It's sinking in, but I know it's gong to keep coming)) Cheryl Fox can't believe her parents are gone. Larry and Ruth Daley, traveled the backroads of Peru daily lending a hand and caretaking for their seasonal and year-round neighbors. But Monday, the pair went missing, and Thursday investigators discovered the couple drowned while we're preparing this pond for winter - less than a mile from their home. It's unclear exactly what happened, but it appears Ruth jumped in to save her husband of more than 60 years. (00:18:56:00) (( Peter Fox - Couple's Son-in-Law when she saw that her husband was in distress in the water, she took off er shoes, she took off her coat, grabbed a rope and wnet in and tired to help him)) ((nats)) The couple's daughter Cheryl and her husband say they are relying on their big family for support following the tragedy. (00:18:01:00) ((Cheryl Fox - Couple's Daughter we loved them very much and we're going to miss them)) (00:22:51:00) ((KM STUP - The family's loss is also the community's. The elderly couple engaged and interacted with most of the small town's residents)) (00:04:32:00) ((Jonathan Wright - Peru Resident they touched our lives in a wonderful, wonderful way)) The post office flag hangs at half staff for the Daleys while their church displays a goodbye note. (00:08:10:00) ((they were such a presence in everybody's life)) Elliott Zide knows Larry and Ruth from church. When Larry lent a hand around his house, the 80-year-old wouldn't let Zide help. (00:10:09:00) (( Elliott Zide I couldn't even lift a bag, he said you're too old, he was older than I was of course, but he just loved to test himself his physical ability and mental ability)) For family and friends the holidays will be tough -- Christmas for locals, Thanksgiving for family. (00:03:53:00) (( Jonathan Wright - Peru Resident when my kids were little he would come to the farm Christmas Eve dressed as Santa Claus and he would ask my children if he could get hay from the barn for his reindeer)) (00:17:47:00) ((Cheryl my mom would complain about the cooking and all the stuff but they loved it and it was a thing to be thankful for I think I'm going to really miss that)) And those who knew the pair best say the backroads will feel a bit emptier without Ruth and Larry. KM, Ch.3 Peru.


A New York woman is dead following a car crash involving a State Trooper. 33 year old Jennifer Chauvin died at the scene -- and her 2 small children were in the car. Logan Crawford has an update on the investigation.


(TC 00:15:10:02 Tile) ((Sonia Passino/Peru "It's devastating. Those poor kids don't have a mother now." 00:15:13:29)) The Peru community is grieving over the loss of Jennifer Chauvin who died Wednesday when her car was hit by a vehicle driven by a New York State trooper. Parents like Passino say they always fear for their children's safety when they're behind the wheel. (TC 00:15:37:00 Tile ) ((Sonia Passino/Peru "I worry about that all the time now I have to tell him to be extra careful when you're driving you never know who it's going to be, you have to watch other people." 00:15:45:02)) State Police say Trooper Joshua Jenkins failed to yield at a stop sign in Ausable, New York. Autopsy results say Chauvin died from a broken neck. Peru resident Cassie McGee says her father died in a car crash -- and she feels for the Chauvin family. (Tc 00:14:34:25 Tile 4587) ((Cassie McGee/Peru "My husband was hurt really bad in a car accident as well. Accidents happen, they're not supposed to but they do." 00:14:44:12)) (TC 00:13:08:00 Tile) ((Logan Crawford/Ausable "New York State Police say the investigation into the crash that happened here on Chasm Road will take weeks to complete. Captain Robert LaFountain says any possible charges would come after the investigation." 00:13:19:19)) (TC 00:07:46:22 Tile 4579) ((Vic Sheffield/Ausable "Numerous accidents. They've taken out apple trees that belong to Hart's Orchard over there on that end coming down Chasm road. And there's trees here you can see they're cut off, there was cars that hit that." 00:08:06:06)) Vic and Sue Sheffield live next to the intersection where the crash happened. The Sheffields say they often see people going through the stop sign without stopping. They say crashes do happen at the intersection -- but nothing as bad as this latest incident. (TC 00:04:14:00 Tile ) ((Vic Sheffield/Ausable "I would like to see them put the speed limit down to 40-45 miles an hour through here." 00:04:40:19)) Doctors ruled Chauvin's death as an accident. Police say Trooper Jenkins was released from the hospital with minor injuries. Captain LaFountain says Jenkins will be returning to work after a short leave. Logan Crawford, Channel 3 News, Ausable. -3-


The Peru Central Schools Superintendent says school faculty and staff are getting support services ready for Chauvin's older son and the family when he returns to school.


New concerns about the Rutland man in quarantine -- for possible Ebola exposure -- during a month long trip to West Africa. Peter Italia remains symptom free -- and nurses continue to check on him twice daily. But the Rutland man tells us today he can no longer access facebook from his undisclosed location -- and a second deputy has been added outside the home. The Rutland County Sheriffs Department confirmed the extra guard through Wednesday. Italia -- tells us -- if his living situation gets worse -- he may consider breaking quarantine. The state has yet to acknowledge Italia is the Vermonter in quarantine. And the Health Department told us the Vermont Health Commissioner -- making the quarantine decisions -- was not available to answer questions.


More people are now accused of a bank robbery in Stowe. Police say 26-year-old Koren Brand of Barre -- was the one who held up employees at the Union Bank on Wednesday. She is now charged with assault and robbery. Police have also charged 35 year old Stanley Nadjuch of Stowe -- and 27 year old Paul Acosta from Barre City -- with aiding in the commission of a felony. Police say Brand is seen in these surveillance photos from the bank. She matched the description of a woman involved in an attempted robbery in Montpelier and a robbery in Barre on Sunday. Officers from the three communities worked together to identify the suspects.


Did school officials in Milton fail to meet legal obligations in a football team hazing case? That's what the school board want to know from an independent investigator. Five former players have been charged with simple assault after police say they used a broom handle to sexually abuse teammates. Questions arose about when school administrators learned of the incidents -- and whether they should have notified the Department for Children and Families under the state's mandatory reporting law. The school board plans to select the investigator for the job -- next week.


New York sex offenders will be watched closely this Halloween night. For the ninth straight year, the state has placed special restrictions on paroled sex offenders -- to ensure the safety of children. So starting this afternoon, all sex offender parolees must stay in their homes until six tomorrow morning. They can't open their doors, hand out candy or participate in trick-or-treating, and they can't wear any costumes or masks.


It's a night ghouls and goblins. and for Nick Borelli to check out haunted houses. he's at one now in South Burlington.


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A new development in the FairPoint Communications strike. The company -- putting pressure on striking workers -- says it will stop providing health care benefits -- after today. About 2-thousand Fairpoint employees, represented by two unions, have been on strike for two weeks over a contract dispute. The company says health coverage for strikers will lapse at the end of October. The company says the striking employees are not working and under their contract -- are no longer eligible for company benefits.


There's a new way to travel--in Morrisville. Shelby Cashman has the details on this road construction project--thats been in the works--for nearly forty years.


(00:13:09) ((Caleb Magoon/Power Play Sports "oh look another loud truck going by")) (00:13:12) The sound Caleb Magoon---owner of Power Play Sports in downtown Morrisville--will not miss. (00:09:33) ((Caleb Magoon/Power Play Sports "it makes it tough for pedestrian it makes it tough for motorists it snarls traffic during those busy times of day 00:09:41 and the result is it's hard on the businesses it's hard on the people who want to shop and eat downtown it's really loud.")) (00:09:48) But a 30 million dollar road project decades in the making--could change that. Friday afternoon--the Morrisville Bypass--was open and ready--for traffic. ((NATS ribbon cutting)) Standup (00:26:56) ((Shelby Cashman "so if you were to drive down the entire length of the new part of Route 100 which is about 2 miles you hit around a round-a-bout--where you can either continue on route 100 or get onto Route 15.")) (00:27:09) Magoon thinks the bypass will not hurt downtown businesses--because the old route 100--now to be called historic route 100--is not being shut down. (00:10:30) ((Caleb Magoon "we now have the opportunity to rebuild our downtown for pedestrians for people that want to come and use it not just for trucks that are moving through it.")) (00:10:40) Fellow downtown business owner Ramel Kuney--is not as convinced. (00:23:50) ((Ramel Kuney/Old Fishing Hole Gun Shop "it's definitely a busy road and I think it will help with some of the congestion in the downtown but I don't know if rerouting all the traffic away from downtown is going to be good for the businesses.")) (00:24:01) He says--tourists who are coming through--may not know some local businesses--are even there. So--they could just opt to use the bypass and avoid downtown entirely. (00:23:13) ((Ramel Kuney/Old Fishing Hole Gun Shop "so I think the bypass if your business relies on tour is coming by I think it's going to hurt.")) (00:23:20) As of now--the Morrisville bypass is only open to vehicles. There are still some approvals needed through the town's traffic ordinance-- before pedestrians and bicyclists can use it. Shelby Cashman Channel 3 News Morrisville

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Every weekend morning we bring you the latest breaking news and weather --- plus --- stories that you'll see only on Channel 3. Let's check in with The Weekend crew to find out what what's coming up on Saturday and Sunday. ((SOT 01471400 Sales of pumpkins are up nationally, but is that trend happening here at a local level? I'm Cat Viglienzoni and we'll have that story in At Issue this morning 21))


(00:52:04:00-00:52:14: 00) ((NB: Imagine riding up a mountain in a heated bubble. Here at Okemo that's going to become a reality in just a few shower weeks, because of this project right here. I'll have the full story coming up on "the Weekend".))


(TC- 00:42:15:00) ((Three generations of a family all wear this uniform in Walden. I'm Julie Kelley, their story as we celebrate volunteers this Sunday.)) Join Julie, Nick and Cat as they explore the issues on your mind, plus the people and destinations that make Vermont so special! Wake up with them at 6am on Saturdays and 8am on Sundays right here on Channel 3!


A Bristol woman sued Medicare - and is now getting the benefits that the government denied. Glenda Jimmo was the lead plaintiff in a national lawsuit -- which challenged Medicare's refusal to pay for her diabetes treatment because she was not showing improvement. Two years ago, the government settled -- and agreed to extend benefits to potentially hundreds of thousands of people with chronic illnesses. But Medicare still denied Jimmo coverage -- and she filed an individual lawsuit. That case is now settled and her lawyers say she will be paid in full.


An attack on Fletcher Allen's computer system. The hospital says it was a so called "zero attack" -- that targeted systems nationwide. The computer virus generated spam -- that sent messages to other computers -- and spread that way. Fletcher Allen says nothing was compromised and the virus was contained.


The state's troubled health exchange is 20 million dollars over budget -- and now officials are urging people who need to renew coverage before january -- to avoid using the website. The troubled site is shut down. But officials said this week - it should be ready for November 15th - when the coverage renewal period begins. Now - officials are suggesting to clients who will be renewing - that they avoid the exchange and sign up using a paper application - or by phone. The state is expecting a flood of renewals between Mid november and mid december.


The Vermont Economic Development Authority marks 40 years of helping farms and small businesses today. Alex Apple has more on the agency -- and how it's adapted over the years to remain a key lender.


((NAT: Flex-a-Seal)) Steve Pontbriand is the general manager of Flex-a-Seal -- an Essex company manufacturing metal bellows seals. Places like chemical refineries and wastewater plants use the metal parts to seal their pipes. (23:24 Steve Pontbriand/General Manager Flex-a-Seal)(("It started with that barstock all the way through to this finished product.")) Pontbriand says Flex-a-Seal has grown rapidly over the last five years -- and they're still looking to expand. (12:57 Steve Pontbriand/General Manager Flex-a-Seal)(("We will be using VEDA going forward I'm sure. Larger footprint is what we're looking at.")) VEDA is the Vermont Economic Development Authority -- a money lender hoping to spur economic development in the Green Mountains. (00:00:51:00 Jo Bradley/VEDA CEO)(("We have made loans from 10,000 to a small farm to 50 million dollars for a large revenue bond.")) VEDA is celebrating its 40th birthday -- the legislature created it in 1974. Farms and businesses like Flex-a-Seal can get loans from VEDA at a lower interest rate -- and with the legislature's backing VEDA can take more risks in lending. (4:15 Jo Bradley/VEDA CEO)(("We need to see a business plan. We're a lender. We participate with the banks in many of our projects.")) ((FLEX NAT)) Flex-a-Seal has used VEDA for loans to expand its machinery and manufacturing. (steve Pontbriand 12:47)(("We've probably used them at least 3-4 times.")) (13:50 Steve Pontbriand)(("it's a split between us and local banks and VEDA for the funding we need in order to grow the business.")) VEDA gave loans to start up companies like Ben & Jerry's and -- now it's handed out more than 2 billion dollars. (4:28 Jo Bradley)(("We look at collateral. We look at cash flow. We look at management.")) But in 1997 when VEDA nearly ran out of money -- the authority started selling commercial paper -- a type of short term bond to fund its lending to companies like Flex-a-seal. (13:26 Steve Pontbriand/GM Flex-a-Seal)(("They strive after like a lot of companies here in the area trying to build manufacturing here in Vermont.")) Bradley says much of VEDA's lending now goes to technology and energy companies - two growing industries in Vermont. VEDA's annual report states its assets grew by 12 percent over the last year. ((AA Channel 3 News))


Sharon is here.... it's a big Halloween weekend, with some scary weather, but not for us. It won't be too crazy for us this weekend, but yes, along the New England coast, it's going to be very wet, and very windy.


The rest of today will feature a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the 40s. Trick or treat weather looks pretty good; we'll see clouds return with temps remaining in the 40s. This weekend a strong coastal storm will continue to develop; it still looks like it will track far enough to our east that we will get minimal effects from it, at least precipitation-wise. We could get a few rain/snow showers on Saturday with a slightly better chance for a few snow showers on Saturday night into Sunday (especially north and east). We will have a strong north wind of Saturday night and Sunday too. Some upper-level ridging will return on Monday, with partly sunny skies. After a very cold start highs will reach into the 40s. A weak frontal system will start to move in late Tuesday, and hang around on Wednesday and Thursday with a few showers. It looks like some cooler air will work in next Friday with some lingering rain and snow showers. Remember to set your clocks back one hour early Sunday morning as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end. And take this opportunity to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and CO detectors.



Police in St. Albans are investigating a home invasion. It happened at a home on Nason Street. The victim -- 47-year-old Cash Rich -- told police two masked men forced their way into his home -- hit him in the head with a gun -- and then stole his medical marijuana and prescription medications. A K-9 team tried to track the attackers -- but lost the scent near the industrial park.


A South Burlington woman pleaded guilty to embezzling -- again. Federal prosecutors say 41-year-old Billie Preston admitted she stole more than 84-thousand dollars from Endyne in Williston -- where she worked as an accountant. Prosecutors say Preston falsified payroll records to increase her own pay -- and used the company account to pay her personal bills. In 2010 -- she admitted embezzling from University Wholesalers in Colchester.


A New York man is headed to prison for dealing heroin that led to an overdose death in Rutland. 21-year-old Joshua Rose will spend more than 6 years in prison. Investigators say he transported more than 400 grams of heroin between New York and Rutland. Some of which was linked to David Blanchard -- who overdosed in 2012.


No more animals at Santa's land in Putney. In a tweet Thursday night -- Sheriff Keith Clark -- of the Windham County Sheriffs Department says QUOTE "as of today all animals have been removed from Santa's Land." The Putney theme park has been under fire for months -- following the discovery of dead and neglected animals on the property. Earlier this year -- Santa's Land owner and caretaker -- both denied animal cruelty charges. It's unclear if more charges will be filed.


A car burst into flames in Wheelock. Firefighters responded to the Wheelock Store on Route 122 -- where the vehicle was parked. Once they got a tanker on scene they quickly knocked down the blaze. The fire was starting to melt part of a nearby house's siding. The fire chief says it was a malfunctioning starter in the vehicle -- that sparked the fire. No one was hurt. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports's a top twenty showdown tonight as the 13th ranked UVM men's hockey team takes on number 20 Notre Dame in the opener of a two game weekend series in South Bend. The 4-0 Cats are off to their best start since 2005 and are making their first visit to Norte Dame since the Irish joined Hockey East a season ago. Tonight's game will be an 8pm start, and can be seen live on the NBC Sports Network. The teams split a two-game series last season at Gutterson... So far this season, Vermont has yet to trail in any of it's four games, but that streak will be put to the test against the Irish. Notre Dame is riding its own four-game win streak and features a potent offensive attack. Vermont's defense has been robust, allowing just four goals in the first four games. It all sets up for what should be a dynamic matchup...


((TRT: 37 ... OC: FOUR POINTS)) ((Kevin Sneddon/ They certainly are younger than they were last year. They graduated ten or eleven players last year, so they have a lot of youth. We had a pair of great game with them last year. Two of the best games, in terms of environment, that we had all year. Great college hockey. And we're expecting the same thing this weekend.)) ((Mario Puskarich/ I think we're just confident that we can go in this weekend and win both games. I don't think we're looking any further than this weekend. We're not even looking at the Saturday game. We're just focused on the Friday night game and getting those two points first, and then Saturday following it up with another two points. We're a confident group and we believe we can go in there and get four points.))


Coming up later... the Norwich men's hockey season gets underway tonight...and we get you set for the final edition of Friday Football Frenzy ...


This weekend across America, the clocks go back, but a British study says children's health would improve if we didn't lose that extra hour of daylight. Lucy McDonlald reports.


(NATS.... CHILDREN PLAYING) (SHOTS table tennis and football in park) Geoff Glaster says he dreads the fall when the days get shorter and his two boys are cooped up indoors. (CAP Geoff Galster) "the more kids are outside enjoying what little daylight they have, the better off they're going to be." (sot Zachary Glaster/) "I wish it could stay the same, so it would be lighter out and I could play a bit more." (shots children playing) Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine studies whether increased daylight hours would increase kids activity levels. They looked at 23,000 children ages five to 16 from 9 countries - including the US. (BRIDGE) "The kids in the study wore this electronic device around their waist to measure their body movement. track Scientists found when it gets dark early, children are less active. (DR ANNA GOODMAN, LONDON SCHOOL OF HYGIENE AND TROPICAL MEDICINE) "For every extra hour of daylight in the evening there is a five per cent increase in children's physical activity." (shots of park) The extra daylight could mean 2 more minutes of running around each day. it may not sound like a lot, but researchers say children only get about a half an hour of vigorous activity a day, so even a little bit would help. (DR GOODMAN) "This clearly is not big enough to be the whole solution to the problem of a lack of physical activity and obesity but it's absolutely a step in the right direction." Lucy McDonald, for CBS News, in London


The C-D-C says Children and adolescents should do an hour of physical activity each day. That's health watch.



It is another sure sign that winter is on the way. The Snow Geese have returned to Addison County. Judy Simpson finds out why.


The Dead Creek refuge is a 400 acre portion of the 29 hundred acre dead Creek Wildlife management area. It is a place where birds like Canada and Snow Geese can come and feed in preparation for the rest of their migration south from their nesting grounds in the artic tundra. ((Tile Tyson_0941_01 David Sausville/ Wildlife Biologist Vermont Fish and Wildlife 00:02:51:19 They will migrate to the St Lawrence river staging area come down through New York and Vermont stop here and then make their way down to the Chesapeake Bay region and stay in Virginia even into the Carolinas some but generally Virginia delaware area." 00:03:06:25)) But there there have been far fewer snow geese at the refuge in the past several years. Making them harder to see. ((Tile Tyson_0969_01 Scott Switzer/Rutland town 00:19:03:28 "But I have been told patience is a virtue if you hang out for a little while you might see them come in." 00:19:08:28)) Why? the answer is simple. ((Tile Tyson_0977_01 JS SU 00:21:44:27" The geese go where the food is these neighboring farm fields are used for feed corn . The corn is harvested, manure is spread and then turned over quickly , leaving nothing for the geese to eat."00:21:57:29)) Meanwhile, across the lake in New York, corn is harvested for other commodities, resulting in more kernels and scraps left behind for the geese to feed on. Some local farmers lease fields at the refuge, and as part of the deal they agree to leave some of the corn behind to help attract the geese. But just because there are not as many snow geese at Dead Creek, does not mean there is a drop in the population. ((Tile Tyson_0941_01 Tile Tyson_0941_01 David Sausville/ Wildlife Biologist Vermont Fish and Wildlife 00:04:20:01 they are smart birds they are going to go where they can find an easy meal and the population is doing very well actually better than I wish they were doing they are up around a million birds in the spring still. 00:04:31:26)) In fact part of the management plan, includes a hunting season. ((Tile Tyson_0941_01 David Sausville/ Wildlife Biologist Vermont Fish and Wildlife 00:07:04:22" Correct we have a hunting season on the birds the bag limits are very liberal the season is long to try to help reduce that population." 00:07:14:00 )) In the meantime, people still flock to the viewing station to catch a glimpse of the big white birds. ((Tile Tyson_0969_01 Scott Switzer/Rutland town 00:18:27:07" We have been up here before and we waited a little while and we saw some birds coming down and landing and we went onto a different road and came over a rise and there was probably 15 hundred to 2 thousand in a field." 00:18:38:18)) And there is still time to see the Snow Geese. They should linger here until the water freezes over and that could be another couple of weeks. JS Channel three news, Addison.


The best time to see the geese are an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, when they head out on the fields to feed.


From ninja turtles to s'mores -- a variety of creatures paraded through Burlington today. We sent photographer Andy Goodrich to the scene - to capture the spooky sights.


Jamie O'Brien Edmunds elementary school teacher" Iast year i taught older students and the Enthusiasm out of the younger students is just, it's historical their so excited it's it's such a joy to be with them. Nats oh wow "Shoshanah Inwood" oh it's great its a real community event cuz it gets you out side the class and share it with everybody and you see their excitement and they're waving in there are attracted with each other and holding hands and skipping and marching. bebe beep and we stopped the traffic of the street. happyHalloween. it's a way for parents and children to enjoy a tradition togethet. "Jen moody" And each year and watch the kids in their costumes and take pictures it's really fun to look back and see what kids were from year to year. "Lily Gleason" I'm a fairy not Tinkerbell trust me I'm not Tinkerbell. nat sound hahaha I'm a Sentinel. "shelly Mathias" principal Edmonds elementary school - you know we always ask kids what you want to be when you grow up this is what do you want to be. and so they get to be whatever they want to be. Nats hahaha " Blythe Fitch-O'Leary" student - oh I have a friend that's going to be old grandma so I decided it's a good idea that I could be an old man. naats peekaboo.I hope it continues for a very long timethis is part of the American culturewe've been doing it and it it really creative juices flying.


They weren't the only kids getting an early start today. (NATS OF KIDS SAYING TRICK OR TREAT) This band of costumed creatures from the Kids and Fitness pre-school program came calling at Channel 3 this morning. We were a little short on sweets, but they all got treats -- stickers! -- and they seemed to be enjoying a Happy Halloween.


The puck drops on the Division Three college hockey season tonight on both sides of Lake Champlain. In New York, the ninth ranked Plattsburgh men visit SUNYAC rival Potsdam. Here in Vermont, Kreitzburg Arena takes center stage as the number seven Norwich men face Plymouth State. Norwich is coming off what is for them a disappointing season. The Cadets won their 16th straight ECAC East regular season title, but lost in the conference tournament finals at home to Babson, and then were knocked out of the NCAA Tournament in the quarterfinals. The program also lost its top three scorers from a season ago and two new names in new rolls will be the early story. And the first chapter gets writing tonight at home against Plymouth State.


((TRT: 21 ... OC: PLAY YOUR GAME... They're going to come in here loose as a goose, high as the sky ... We're going to be a little nervous early, especially the new guys... After the first five minutes, we're going to settle down and we have to play our game...))


A new era for the Norwich women's hockey program opens this weekend against a pair of familiar faces. The second ranked Cadets, with 16 freshman on their 28 player squad, host number three Elimira tomorrow afternoon and top ranked Plattsburgh Sunday afternoon in the fifth annual East/West Showcase. It will be a trial by fire for those rookies as the Cadets look for a bit of revenge against the only two teams that beat them last year...Elmira once...and Plattsburgh three times, including in the national championship game.


((TRT: 25 ... OC: PLAY AS WELL... We've got two very tough opponents... Both defending champions... It's exactly what the returnees are thinking about, how can we get revenge on our opponents and start fast. I know they'll bring intensity into those opening games and hopefully the new guys do as well...))


They are calling it the biggest game to be played at Memorial Field in 17 years. First place in the Ivy League will be on the line tomorrow afternoon in Hanover when the 5-1 Dartmouth football team takes on 6-0 Harvard. Both teams come into this game with 3-0 marks in Ivy play... the same record they had back in 1997 when Dartmouth was coming off an undefeated season the year prior and an Ivy title. Harvard stunned the Big Green that day 24-0...and in the years since, the Crimson have won at least a share of seven league championships and 16 of the 17 meetings between the programs, including the last ten straight. Dartmouth has worked it's way back into contention in the Ivy League in recent years, but to be a title contender, they have to find a way to get past Harvard.




that game will be a 3:30pm kickoff in Hanover...Middlebury goes for a fourth straight win when the Panthers visit Hamilton... and in ECFC play... Norwich and Castleton are both at home...the Cadets looking for a fourth straight win against Gallaudet, while the Spartans will try to snap a two game losing skid against SUNY-Maritime ...


It's the eve of state championship Saturday in Vermont high school soccer and field hockey. Eleven state titles on the line with games being played at five venues.


Division One soccer at Burlington High School ..girls at ten...boys at one... ---- Division Two at South Burlington, girls at ten, boys at one... Division Three at Williamstown...boys at ten, girls at one... ---- and Division Four at Whitcomb...girls at ten...boys at one... ---- And the three field hockey finals set for 10am, noon and 2pm at UVM. Look for all the highlights and reaction tomorrow night right here on Channel Three.


The season finale of the Friday Football Frenzy is tonight as we have reached semifinal weekend in high school football. There are just two games on the docket tonight, with the other four happening tomorrow. This evening, Colchester facing the tall task of trying to slow down Division One top seed and undefeated Middlebury...and the D-2 playoffs officially kick off with unbeaten top seed Burr & Burton facing Fair Haven for the second week in a row. We'll have the highlights on the last Friday Football Frenzy of 2014 tonight 11pm ...


Here's the full schedule...Division One... Middlebury-Colchester tomorrow night... tomorrow, undefeated St. Johnsbury hosts third seed Essex... in Division Two... Burr & Burton faces Fair Haven...and the 2-3 matchup tomorrow sees Rice take on Bellows Falls... and in Division Three ...both games tomorrow seed Otter Valley hosts number four Windsor...and second seed BFA-Fairfax meets sixth seeded Mount Abraham...


If you are looking for an auto racing fix tomorrow, after a couple of weather related delays, Devil's Bowl is holding it's final race of the season on the dirt track with action beginning at 1pm in West Haven.


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