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Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Cat Viglienzoni. Kristin is off tonight. Bernie Sanders kicks off his pursuit of the presidency on Tuesday in Burlington. The Vermont senator expects his message to resonate with Americans -- but some wonder if how he delivers that message could hurt him in the polls. Alex Apple reports.


((Sen. Bernie Sanders/FROM WASHINGTON INTERVIEW 11:02 What the people of Vermont have heard from me for decades is what the people of America are gonna hear. Nothing different.)) For 30 years -- Vermonters have elected a brash.... ((Sen Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire -- from PKG already in Edius project 11 The Billionaire class is getting it all.)) ..... relentlessly-on-messag e Bernie Sanders. ((Garrett Graff/Politico 06:36 the one thing that Bernie Sanders really has going for him in this race is his authenticity. He is who he is. Bernie is Bernie.)) Now he'll take that show to 49 other states. Politico editor Garrett Graff says Bernie's personality -- however brazen -- will resonate with progressive Democrats -- unhappy with Hillary Clinton. (( Alex Apple: 04:07 how do you think the nation is going to respond to Bernie Sanders' brash style? GARRETT GRAFF: I think he will find a very willing audience and a very excited audience in one very specific corner of the democratic party.)) John McClaughry -- who was a senior advisor to President Ronald Reagan -- believes that brash style is a handicap. ((John McClaughry/Ethan Allen Institute 06:39 That has some political appeal, but certainly there is a limit to it, and the limit is somewhere below 50%.)) ((Garrett Graff/Politico 09:38 One of the things that Bernie Sanders is going to be able to do is put out positions that other candidates like Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley have to respond to.)) ((John McClaughry/Ethan Allen Institute 09:44 The pundits and the conservative media will say you won't believe what Bernie just said and they'll laugh and have stories about it, and Bernie will gain strength from that.)) How much strength depends upon how well his boisterous style is received in states like Iowa and New Hampshire. ((Garrett Graff/Politico 04:29 There is a very strong progressive bent in the party right now particularly on issues that matter to him like income inequality.)) On the other side of the political spectrum sits McClaughry who says Sanders' crazy style won't sit well with most Americans. ((John McClaughry/Ethan Allen Institute 09:28 I don't think there is a lot of prospects for Bernie to escape being the crazy old uncle in the attic.)) Sanders however says Americans feel his anger... ((Sen. Bernie Sanders 09:09 It tells me that people are profoundly disgusted and angry with what's going on in this country economically and politically.)) ...An anger, that's proof -- to him -- Americans are ready to hear his message. AA. Ch3N. Kirby.


We got a look at Sanders' Presidential Headquarters in Burlington today. ((NATS :03 "Hi Bernie 2016 How can i help you?")) Sanders National Campaign Headquarters is nestled on the lower block of Church Street -- and is currently staffed by about 18 interns and volunteers. The campaign is just about a week and a half old -- and recognizes it has a lot of work to do. Staff members are searching for office space in Iowa and New Hampshire -- and plan to hire several dozen campaign helpers. In the Queen City -- volunteers are calling voters in Iowa and New Hampshire -- inviting them to Sanders' upcoming campaign events there.


((Jeff Weaver/Sanders' Campaign Manager 01:25:28 "we're here because America in many ways is hurting and Senator Sanders is the person to bring help to working class and middle class people here in the US."))9 He's the one who has articulated a vision for how we reverse some of the damage that's been done to our country and how we're going to put it back on the right track.")) Sanders campaign manager admits challenger Hilary Clinton has a sizeable head start -- and says his staff is now aggressively working to mobilize Sanders supporters in battleground states. On Tuesday -- Channel 3 News will have special coverage of Sanders' campaign celebration in Burlington-- with live reports, reaction and analysis. And follow our coverage throughout Sanders' pursuit of the presidency -- on air and online at wcax-dot-com.


A mother of two -- disappeared in the Northeast Kingdom -- and police are calling it suspicious. They say Kimberly Willis was last seen at about four o'clock yesterday afternoon. Police say she left home telling her 12 and 17 year-old sons -- she'd be back soon. But she never returned. Police say it's out of character. And concerning.


((Chief Clement J. Houde PHONER: 1:14 It's not something she normally does and leaves the boys alone. So that is out of the ordinary as well as the amount of time gone by since she was last seen. 2:28 The door is wide open as far as possibilities. )) Willis left home in a black 2006 Suzuki Aerio. She has two tattoos -- a frog on her neck -- and another frog on her ankle -- along with her children's names. If you've seen her -- call police.


A Florence man is facing charges that he tried to lure a child -- for sex. Undercover officers with the South Burlington police department conducted a sting last month. Police say 39-year-old David Bowen couldn't show up then -- but he kept in contact with the officer... who he believed was a 14-year-old prostitute. He was arrested this morning and now faces charges of attempting to lure a child -- and prohibited acts.


A Woodstock man faces more than two years behind bars after pleading guilty to federal fraud charges. Paul Hendler has also been ordered to pay $550,000 in restitution and serve three months on probation after his release. A federal grand jury indictment accused him of scheming from 2005 to 2010 to defraud two Vermont businesses he helped found - JavaPop, Inc. and Green Mountain Digital - and a New York investor in one of the companies.


A big brush fire -- in Milton. It's burning in a heavily forested area on top of Eagle Mountain -- close to the shores of Lake Champlain. Fire crews from five departments have been on the scene since this morning. They have gone in on ATVs and on foot -- from this staging area. Fire officials say there is still plenty of dry underbrush and leaves to fuel the blaze.


((Chief Don Turner/Milton Fire Dept.: "Most of the fire has been contained at this time. But we do have a lot of hot spots. Alot of heavy timber and so on that has been involved in the fire that we have to work thru and fully extinguish. So I would say that the fire will be ten plus acres. ")) Fire official say the steep, rocky and heavily forested terrain made the fire tough to fight. They say they might not have it mopped up until tomorrow. The are not sure of the cause, but suspect a lightning strike.


If you're driving out of town for the holiday weekend -- you might have noticed... your trip is probably going to cost you a lot less than it did last year.


Cabot resident Robert Goodwin is heading to New Hampshire for the holiday weekend and says while he's paying less at the pump than last year -- gas prices are inching up. ((SOT Robert Goodwin, Cabot 536 I think they've gone up a little bit -- they always seem to do. Wish there was a way around it! 40)) Compared to last year though -- fuel prices are helping travelers out this Memorial Day weekend. GFX: The average price in Vermont is $2.67 a gallon. That's more than a dollar cheaper than last year, when gas was at $3.74 a gallon. And AAA says -- it's showing. More people are using their cars this year. ((SOT Tom Williams, Regional Manager, AAA Northern New England 227 I think we've seen a trend for people who are planning drive vacations. 31 We've had people coming in to pick up travel materials and book hotels and cars 37)) GFX: AAA says nearly 90 percent (88%, 33 million, 5.3% increase) of travelers nationwide will be using their cars, up more than five percent from last year. That number is even higher in New England. (91%, 1.68 million, 5.1% increase). Part of the reason is the long winter. New Englanders are itching to get out -- and enjoy the warm weather. ((SOT Tom Williams, Regional Manager, AAA Northern New England 59-102 it would make it the busiest Memorial Day in over 10 years.)) And Cary Fitzhugh says the low prices have made it easier for people to visit his family in Jericho. ((SOT Cary Fitzhugh, Jericho 0401 We were just talking to my father-in-law who drove up from Virginia and he was saying it's only $90 round-trip, which very doable. 07))


AAA told me the biggest travel day of the summer season isn't usually Memorial Day... It's actually the 4th of July.

14} 1STWX

Sharon is here and it feels colder today! Brrr! Chilly air is dropping south from Canada and we will find some frosty temperatures overnight tonight, and even a hard freeze is possible in the coldest parts of our region. If you got a head start on your gardening this spring, you might want to cover up any tender plants that couldn't handle a cold night like we are expecting tonight! Lows will range from the upper 20s to the low to mid 30s. Grab a sweatshirt Saturday morning. We'll see mostly sunny skies through the day with a few afternoon clouds. Temperatures will only make it into the upper 50s and low 60s. Sunday, as high pressure settles in over the North Country, it will be a little milder with temperatures reaching the 70s. There may be a passing shower across some of the mountains, but it should remain dry for most of us. Our Memorial Day weather is looking pretty good as well. A frontal system will be approaching late in the day with a chance of showers. There will be a chance of showers Monday night, with showers and possibly thunderstorms on Tuesday.


Heart-warming conversations between the Northeast Kingdom's youngest and oldest generations reap personal and educational rewards. The generations in-between are preparing for a more divisive conversation though. Statehouse reporter Kyle Midura has the story from West Charleston.


These eight students used borrowed technology to capture the wisdom of Northeast Kingdom elders, boiling down all those life experiences into digestable, shareable audio recordings. (nats) (00:09:19:00) ((Aliza Wright - Charleston Elementary 8th Grader I gained a lot of wisdom and knowledge from her throughout each interview. I feel as though we did form a connection each time we hugged before I left, I was left with a bittersweet feeling and was reluctant to leave. )) Along with gaining insight from old memories -- they'll now be able to learn from new gadgets. State lottery Director Greg Smith presented the first ever Educate and Innovate grant: 20 new IPads for Charleston Elementary. Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe joined him in praising the students' work -- and exposing what education is truly about. (00:12:37:00) ((Rebecca Holcombe - Vt. Education Secretary Education ins't about taking tests, or just doing worksheets, assignments and textbooks, it's really about connecting with your community, understanding where you are, what you are about. It's about developing judgement so you can go out and be a really strong confident member of your community)) While the 8th graders' time at the small school of 118 pre-school, elementary, and middle school students is coming to an end, a new conversation is set to begin within... and well beyond these walls Consolidating school boards for Vermont's 300 schools is the aim of a new bill awaiting Governor Peter Shumlin's signature... requiring the secretary, superintendents, and board members across the state to find sustainable paths forward, as the cost of education balloons. A few communities considered mergers before, and are poised to potentially cash in on substantial artificial drops in local property taxes if they vote to join neighboring areas by next summer. (00:04:23:00) ((John Castle - NCSU Supt. - PHONER it is very complicated and I think in order to do justice to the conversations, it will take a fair amount of time)) Charleston is one of 12 schools and 14 districts covered by North Country Supervisory Union -- the state's largest S-U with 26-hundred students. But, each district falls well short of the state's new benchmark of 900 students per school board. The law requires areas to prove they can sustain academics and finances if they decide not to merge, and have about half-a-decade to prove it can be done... or be forced into a change. (00:25:20:00) ((Rebecca Holcombe - Vt. Education Secretary our goal is just to provide as best as we can for our kids with the resources we have. That said, we do know that the state has some challenges - we have challenges around declining enrollments and some of our schools have lost 75 percent of the students over the last 20 years, and so the fundamental economics are just different)) (00:03:00:00) ((John Castle I think we're predisposed to maintain local boards because they work)) (00:05:11:00) ((John Castle but certainly we will quickly begin to analyze that and have those conversations. I suspect in the next couple of months we'll make some decisions as to what direction we may go)) Parents, teachers, and administrators can only hope those discussions over the next five years will be as rewarding as those of the students they are trying to educate to the best of the state's ability. KM Ch 3 News


Feed the hungry. Find a job. That's the idea behind the Community Kitchen Academy. The program prepares students for a career in food service -- as they prepare meals for low income Vermonters. Judy Simpson takes a look.


((Tile 726_2054_01 00:07:20:00 "So John we are going to strain the panna cotta so if you want to bring the warm product over.")) Chef Jaime Eiseberg is putting a student through the paces at the Community Kitchen Academy in Barre. ((Tile 726_2054_01 0:07:25:00 "so instead of using this we are going to use the chinoise,, that is the finer meshed one." 00:07:35:17)) The CKA as it is called, is a program of the Vermont FoodBank in partnership with Capstone Community Action in Barre. There is also a Community Kitchen Academy in Burlington. The goal is to prepare unemployed or underemployed Vermonters for a career in the food service industry. The 13 week program combines culinary skills development, career readiness and job placement. And this is no dress rehearsal. ((Tile 726_2054_01 00:03:22:04 Jamie Eisenberg/ Community Kitchen Academy "Oh no, this is real food for real people. Everything that we produce here, our mission is to repurpose food that would normally go to waste . So almost all the food that the students practice with has been donated through either the Foodbank or private vendors or gleaning from farms.")) All the food that comes in, and there is a lot of it, gets sorted then prepped and cooked,, and packaged. When that is done it gets walked around the corner to the foodshelf. 100 percent of the food goes back to the community, for free. ((Tile 726_2144_01 00:27:57:10 Jaime "Ladies would you like some coleslaw,, YES Community kitchen academy made that 00:28:02:15 Thank you")) It costs about 250 thousand dolllars a year to run the Community Kitchen Academy in Barre. Students attend free of charge and are ServSafe certfied when they graduate. Its a recognized food service industry standard. Grads can also receive nine college academic credits. But they also learn... about themselves. ((Tile 726_2070_01 Jonathan McNerney/student from groton vt 00:11:10:16 "I gained a lot of new friends here I have learned a lot about cooking I have learned a lot about job skills I have learned a lot about how to be a good person.")) ((Tile 726_2149_01 John Sayles/Vt Foodbank 00:31:59:09" Imagine how that feels? ")) John Sayles is the Chief Executive Officer of the Vermont Foodbank. ((Tile 726_2149_01 John Sayles/Vt Foodbank "You don't feel like you have succeeded at anything in your life and you go through a program like this learn all theses skills have a great experience and come out with college credits its a pretty transformational thing to happen."00:32:13:08)) It is a unique combination, rescuing food that would otherwise be thrown out,,delivering it to students to hone their culinary skills who then produce thousands of pounds of ready to eat products for the foodshelf. ((tile 726 -2053_01 Chef Jamie Eisenberg Community Kitchen Academy 00:05:55:29 "We call it a win win win.")) And the CKA boasts a 91 percent job placement rate for its grads. JS Channel three news, Barre.


Coming up tomorrow morning on "The Weekend," we take you to Vermont community celebrating a bridge that's reopening after 7 years! The Brookfield Floating Bridge has been closed since 2008 after it started to sink. But this weekend -- it will be back open to traffic... with a new -- but familiar -- look. Engineers told me it has already been rebuilt several times -- and it was a challenge to figure out how to make it last longer.


((SOT Jennifer Fitch, VTrans project manager 4645 they've had short lifespans, they've been costly, and they've been difficult to maintain over time 49 With this bridge, we wanted something that was going to last 100 years, 53 and was basically low to no maintenance 55)) ((SOT Perry Kacik, Brookfield Historical Society 5652 Everybody, not only in Brookfield, but Orange County, the entire state, are very excited that the bridge is back 58 And that it's going to be so beautiful 01)) There's a full weekend of celebrations ahead to mark the reopening -- and I'll tell you all about those coming up Saturday morning! Also on the show ...


((SOT Steven Cook, Deputy Commissioner, Vt. Dept. of Tourism & Marketing 015436 It's a real critical time for our tourism-related businesses around the state 40)) The state is gearing up for its biggest tourism season ... the economic impact of Vermont's summer recreation is At Issue. And speaking of recreation...


(01:43:22:00-01:43:30: 00) ((I'm Nick Borelli on a boat in St. Albans Bay and this is the time of year when people are starting to think about going fishing. We'll take you on a tour coming up on the weekend.))


Plus -- it's a big weekend for runners in Vermont! We'll be LIVE at the 27th Vermont City Marathon Sunday morning. If watching all those runners inspires you to lace up your sneakers... Nick has you covered with tips on getting your training started safely. It's a busy weekend, and you can always start it with Channel 3 for your news, weather... and a lot of fun! Join Julie, Nick, and me for "The Weekend" at 6 Saturday morning... and 8 Sunday morning!


Runners flood the streets this weekend -- for the Vermont City Marathon. I'll be one of them! Jennifer Costa -- checked out the action -- at today's race expo.


Hundreds of runners descended on the Sheraton Hotel in Burlington. Eager to pick-up their marathon numbers and t-shirts in advance of race day. ((Cheryl Aley/Marathon EXPO Director 01:15:34 "I see people starting to come through the door so the energy is starting to ramp up right now.")) Expo Director -- Cheryl Aley -- has watched the marathon grow over the past two decades. She says Sunday's race will attract about 8-thousand runners to the course. 33-hundred pounding out the full 26.2 miles -- the rest on relay teams. ((Lindsey Eastman/marathon runner 01:14:07 "The course looks really beautiful so I'm really excited to go out on race day. A lot of my classmates are going to be out there running and cheering for us too.")) UVM Medical student and marathoner -- Lindsey Eastman -- says an oncology rehab program -- keeps her motivated. She's running -- her second marathon -- to raise money for Steps to Wellness. ((Lindsey Eastman/marathon runner 01:14:28 "I feel like I am not only running for myself to try to stay in shape and fit, I'm running for a cause.")) Volunteers handed participants plastic bags -- a security feature added since the Boston Marathon bombings. Aley says it's just one of many precautions. ((Cheryl Aley/Marathon EXPO Director 01:17:22 "There will be a lot of security as there has been since the bombing on the course that you notice and a lot that you don't notice as a spectator or runner.")) Whether you're lacing up on Sunday -- or simply cheering -- this year's race committee has some light hearted advice. ((Cheryl Aley/Marathon EXPO Director 01:18:42 "come on out. have a great time. If you're not running just enjoy the party because it really is a fun, high energy event. If you are running best of luck to you. The weather looks great and we're looking forward to a great day.")) Jennifer Costa Channel 3 News. Burlington.


Brrr! Chilly air is dropping south from Canada and we will find some frosty temperatures overnight tonight, and even a hard freeze is possible in the coldest parts of our region. If you got a head start on your gardening this spring, you might want to cover up any tender plants that couldn't handle a cold night like we are expecting tonight! Lows will range from the upper 20s to the low to mid 30s. Grab a sweatshirt Saturday morning. We'll see mostly sunny skies through the day with a few afternoon clouds. Temperatures will only make it into the upper 50s and low 60s. Sunday, as high pressure settles in over the North Country, it will be a little milder with temperatures reaching the 70s. There may be a passing shower across some of the mountains, but it should remain dry for most of us. Our Memorial Day weather is looking pretty good as well. A frontal system will be approaching late in the day with a chance of showers. There will be a chance of showers Monday night, with showers and possibly thunderstorms on Tuesday. Once that front gets here, it will stall out and wobble back and forth. That will keep the chance for showers and thunderstorms in our forecast through the middle of next week. It will be warmer and more humid as well.


Tonight: Mostly clear. Areas of frost. Lows: 28/38 Winds: W 5-15 mph Saturday: Mostly sunny and breezy. A few afternoon clouds. Highs: 58/65 Winds: W 10-20 mph Saturday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 38/48 Winds: SW 10-15 mph Sunday: Partly sunny and warmer. Highs: 70/77 Winds: SW 10-15 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday Night: Lows 48/55 Monday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers, late. Highs 70/77 Lows 50/57 Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, showers/Tstorms. Highs 75/82 Lows 55/65 Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs 75/85 Lows 55/65 Thursday: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs 75/85 Lows 50s Friday: Mostly sunny. Highs 70s



Business is booming in Plattsburgh. City officials say new developments are bringing in more visitors from North of the border. Rose Spillman reports.


With the summer season just around the corner, Plattsburgh businesses are reinventing the city to encourage more customers to go downtown. This past weekend, streets were busy with out of town shoppers. (00:01:50) ((Cindy Snow/Blue Collar Bistro Owner "We have had so many people from out of the area today. From Montreal, from Lake Placid, Saranac Lake. They're all coming down to visit seeing what's going on in Plattsburgh." 00:01:59)) Despite a recent drop in the Canadian dollar's exchange value, officials say tourism in Plattsburgh is flourishing with visitors traveling during the recent Canadian holiday, Victoria Day. (01:11:33 1065) ((Kristy Kennedy/Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau "It really hasn't stopped the shoppers coming to the area. In fact this weekend, you know I live in Clinton County, and I was out shopping, and I saw just as many visitors as I've seen in the past." 01:11:46)) Business owners and city officials are encouraging shops to open on Sundays to keep the downtown alive for visitors all week long. This past weekend was the first attempt, and owners say it was a success. (00:02:03) ((Colin Read/Champlain Wine Company Owner "We know it's not gonna be a quick turn around to convince businesses to be open on Sundays, but a few events like this, a little bit of a stake in creating these summer events, and we hope it will catch on." 00:02:15)) In addition to downtown efforts, the city has opened a newly constructed marina on Lake Champlain. Though the grand opening is a few weeks away, the marina is nearly full with reservations. 20 of the 34 boat slips already booked. (01:23:36 1078) ((Rose Spillman/Plattsburgh "City officials say that a majority of the people already interested in leasing slips are from Canada." 01:23:42)) (01:20:53 1074) ((Steve Peters/Plattsburgh Recreation Superintendent "This is where they come, and it's one of those things that we never really knew until we set this up. We had an idea, but certainly our Canadian friends are from Montreal, the big city. They like to get on the water. They're great sailors." 01:21:08)) The city hopes that this out of town traffic at the marina will have a roll over effect into the downtown, bringing more customers to those local businesses. (01:15:21 1066) ((Joshua Kretser/Plattsburgh City Council "With all the initiatives that are happening now to reinvigorate the know to be able to offer a world class marina to everyone that's entering the city of Plattsburgh, it's great to be able to have them come here and then entice them to see everything that downtown Plattsburgh has to offer." 01:15:36)) And city officials expect the number of visitors to grow even more -- once boating season gets revved up. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Plattsburgh.


A body has been recovered from the Winooski river in Essex. Police believe it's Matt Trono -- the man who first went missing after jumping from the bridge on the North Williston Road in December. The body has been transferred to the medical examiner's office.


A Northeast Kingdom film maker who has worked with actor Luis Guzman is now ordered to stay away from him. Guzman worked with Hodge on film projects, including the recently released -- "Departed Harvest." Hodge also house and dog-sat for the actor. Guzman says the relationship took a turn after Hodge brought a gun last month. And now Guzman accuses Hodge of stalking him. Guzman has been granted a temporary 300-foot restraining order.


Police in Bristol say they clocked a driver going nearly double the speed limit. They say 18-year-old Anthony Sargent was going 98 miles an hour while he was heading south on Route 116 late last night. The Bristol man faces excessive speeding charges.


A driver is facing charges -- after crashing on the Interstate 89 bridge in Winooski. Police say 31-year-old Feisel (Ab - Dee - Ramen) Abdirahman crashed his SUV into the guard rail on the bridge over the Winooski River. The bridge was closed for about two hours. The Winooski man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. He's charged with gross negligent operation -- but police say he could face more charges.


A bridge in Stowe is back open just in time for the holiday weekend. Dozens of residents attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Bridge Street Bridge -- a major throughway in Stowe. VTrans closed the road for 47 days while work was being done. Traffic is now flowing at the intersection of routes 100 and 108.


And in Lake Placid -- a training school for athletes is shutting its doors. Officials announced today that May 31st will be the last day for the National Sports Academy. The academy has been around for 38 years as a winter tutorial program for student athletes in Lake Placid. But the school now plans to file for bankruptcy -- citing recruiting challenges. That's News Around the Region.


Starting Line Sports ...a Hall of Fame coaching career will come to an end this weekend when the Middlebury women's lacrosse team plays in the NCAA Division Three Final Four in Philadelphia. Missy Foote will conclude her 35th and final season as head coach of the Panthers this weekend and only time will tell if that season will be capped by a sixth NCAA national championship and first since 2004. When Foote announced before the start of this season that it would be her last, it added an extra level of motivation for her team that has helped drive them to this point. At the same time, the Panthers know they need to keep their emotions in check and remain focused on the task at hand. This is a relatively young team. 14 underclassmen and just two seniors... All-American's Catherine Fowler and Katie Ritter. Those seniors know this is there final weekend as well, and they're ready to make the most of it for themselves, their team and their coach.


((TRT: 51 ... OC: I THINK)) ((Fowler/ "We've said this all season, it's there. It's not a pressure on us luckily. We're definitely excited to be taking her to the Final Four in her last season. I think we're going to play our best. Player for teammates, our parents, our coaches and hope that we come out with a win.")) ((Ritter/ "I felt us this weekend. That extra drive, that extra fight that we had coming from that motivation that it's Missy's last year. So I think at this point it's in our game, we're ready to go. It's in the back of our minds, but we're using it as fuel for the fire.")) ((Foote/ "In some ways I think this is the perfect ending, because we know that Friday will be my last practice and the last practice for the seniors. Saturday will either be the last game or the next to last game, so there's and end in sight in terms of a final deadline. It's just playing out perfectly, I think."))


The Panthers will take on SUNYAC champs and second ranked Cortland State in the national semifinals tomorrow at 1pm in Philadelphia. If Middlebury wins, they would then face either NESCAC rival Trinity or Franklin and Marshall in the D-3 championship game Sunday at 4:30pm.



Researchers are calling a new brain implant for paralyzed patients -- promising. Chelsea Edwards spoke with the first patient to test out the new technology.


((-----PKG-----)) (NATS) ERIK SORTO NEVER IMAGINED THAT HE'D BE ABLE TO DO THIS AGAIN ... (NATS) OR THIS... (NATS) ((SOT: Erik Sorto/ Patient)) (10:31:09) "I wanted to jump around and high five and hug everybody because we knew that it worked." (10:31:17) PARALYZED FROM THE NECK DOWN AFTER BEING SHOT 13 YEARS AGO -- SORTO CAN NOW THINK ABOUT A MOVEMENT IN HIS MIND THEN MAKE IT HAPPEN EFFORTLESSLY. (NATS) (vid--2shot of Dr Liu & Chelsea) NEUROSURGEON DR. CHARLES LIU PERFORMED BRAIN SURGERY ON SORTO TWO YEARS AGO AT KECK HOSPITAL OF USC. HE IMPLANTED A PAIR OF ELECTRODES IN THE REGION OF THE BRAIN WHERE THE INITIAL INTENT TO MAKE A MOVEMENT IS FORMED. ((SOT: Dr. Charles Liu/ Keck Medicine of USC Neurosurgeon)) (10:13:27) since it had never been done before there was a bit of a leap of faith in terms of just seeing if these were in fact the right areas. (13:34) TWO CHIPS IN SORTO'S BRAIN ARE CONNECTED TO WIRES AND A SERIES OF COMPUTERS WHICH DECODE HIS INTENTIONS AND MOVE THE PROSTHETIC ARM. UNTIL NOW TECHNOLOGIES HAVE ONLY PRODUCED JERKY, DELAYED MOVEMENTS.. BUT SCIENTISTS SAY THIS NEW APPROACH MAKES THEM MUCH MORE NATURAL. ((SOT: Richard Andersen/ CalTech Professor of Neuroscience/ Neuroscientist)) (09:55:35) "you don't really think about moving the muscles or the joints, you really think about - I want to pick up that glass of water. SORTO IS THE FIRST IN THE WORLD TO HAVE THIS NEW NEURAL PROSTHETIC DEVICE. THE 34-YEAR-OLD WAS EVEN ABLE TO PICK UP AND DRINK A BEER -- ON HIS OWN. (NATS) "alright! (laughing) ((SOT: Erik Sorto/ Patient)) (10:35:09) I want to be able to brush my own teeth. yeah. that's the next goal. CHELSEA EDWARDS, FOR CBS NEWS, DOWNEY, CALIFORNIA.



It's every musicians dream. To step on a stage and perform for an audience. Students in the North Country Supervisory Union got to make that dream come true. Logan Crawford has the story.


((nats)) Lead guitar -- bass -- drums and a singer. The classic ingredients in a rock band. ((nats)) These young rockers at Troy School get to perform in a concert in front of their friends, teachers, and parents. They're calling it "Rockfest." (TC 00:20:46:16 Tile 0463) ((Joe Young "Practicing my music, make sure I have it down." 00:20:50:24)) Joe Young is in the Pop Rock and Blues Band of Troy School. He'll be performing Friday night at Troy School along with 42 other student rockers from schools in the North Country Supervisory Union. (TC 00:19:38:07 Tile 0463) ((Joe Young/8th Grade "I get to meet, personally, musicians from other schools that I don't know." 00:19:42:16)) ((nats)) There will be new school and old school rock. (TC 00:14:16:07 Tile 0457) ((Wendell Hughes/Troy School Music Teacher "This is going to be AC DC and Aerosmith and Beatles and even newer stuff, real fun." 00:14:25:09)) (TC 00:53:04:28 Tile 0524) ((Logan Crawford/Troy "Students are spending their Friday afternoon tuning up their guitars and banging on their drums to get ready for the big concert. Educators at Troy School came up with the idea of Rockfest to give their students a chance to play in front of a big crowd." 00:53:17:16)) (TC 00:14:31:29 Tile 0457) ((Wendell Hughes/Troy School Music Teacher "A lot of the kids that get to play those instruments don't have the opportunities to perform them out for other people." 00:14:39:10)) School officials say in their district music lessons happen only a couple of times a week -- and it's tough to always have a big music concert. (TC 00:45:06:16 Tile 0500) ((Chris Young/Troy School Principal "We might not have a huge concert band and a huge chorus, but we have talented instructors, we have community support through our school boards and our parents and we have a lot of great kids in great schools that are willing to think outside the box and provide an opportunity like this." 00:45:22:05)) The kids are excited. (TC 00:23:45:06 Tile 0464) ((Isaac Chaput "I'm just ready it's going to be a great experience for all of us, i love to play and sing especially in front of other people." 00:23:51:00)) Students will be stepping on stage at 6 o'clock.. Living out every rock and roller's fantasy. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Troy. -3-


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has reportedly decided he will hear Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension for his role in the deflated footballs scandal. The NFL telling the players' union today that Goodell will not recuse himself, and that the commissioner considers it his responsibility to hear the appeal. The union asked Goodell to withdraw from that role because it said he was not impartial and would be called as a witness. Brady was suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season after a league-sanctioned report by lawyer Ted Wells found the New England quarterback "at least generally aware" of a scheme to deflate footballs used in the AFC title game.


The slumping New York Yankees open a weekend set with the Texas Rangers at the Stadium tonight. New York closed out a nine game road trip by losing seven of the last eight games, and thanks to a Tampa Bay win last night, the Yanks have dropped a half game back of the Rays for first place in the A-L East. Nothing is going right for New York right now. The team scored a total of 19 runs over that eight game stretch, while the starting rotation posted a 5.79 ERA. Michael Pineda is on the hill tonight, looking to bounce back after suffering his first loss of the season in his last start a week ago, a 12-1 loss to Kansas City.


While the Yanks were off last night, the Rangers were wrapping up their three game series with the Sox at of the first, with the bases loaded...Xander Bogaerts mishandles what would have been an inning ending double play...two runs score...2-0 Texas... --- then in the fourth, Mitch Moreland takes Clay Buchholz deep... Buchholz pitched well enough to win...three runs on five hits in seven and a third... --- but once again, the Sox can't get the big hit when they need it going 0-for-6 with runners in scoring position, and Texas makes some big plays on defense... including getting Dustin Pedroia at the plate on a comebacker to the pitcher. Rangers win 3-1... taking two of three in the series. The Angels arrive in Boston for a weekend series tonight. Rick Porcello on the hill for the Red Sox.


One answer to the Red Sox offensive struggles may have just arrived in Boston. The team has called up outfielder Rusney Castillo from Triple-A, and sent Jackie Bradley, Jr back down to Pawtucket. Castillo was hitting .327 over his last 12 games with the PawSox. He will be in the starting lineup tonight for Boston, hitting eighth and playing right field.


we're a week and a half away from the start of the high school spring sports playoffs in baseball, softball and lacrosse ...this afternoon... South Burlington boys lax visiting BFA-St. Albans... --- Rebels in control early, already up 6-2 ..Cam Nolting finds Max Capano, he drives and puts this one in ...South Burlington heads into the half up 7-3.. --- St Albans trying to close the gap in the third quarter... Griffin Knapp hits Tanner Cioffi, he drives in and finds the nylon... --- But Nolting takes over the game in the 4th quarter...first firing home this rocket.. --- Then Ben Sievers finding Nolting inside and he dumps this one over the goalie.. South Burlington tops BFA tonight, 13-8...


we head to Hinesburg, where the CVU girls lacrosse team is taking on Middlebury ... --- Lots of whistels meaning lots of good scoring chances. Late first half, Emma Donahue with the free position goal. Middlebury takes a one goal lead. --- The Redhawks answer right back, Emma Owens with a free position shot of her own. The game is tied at 4. --- This one goes back and forth until the final seconds. The Tigers Katie Homes with a free position shot As Middlebury hangs on for the 10-9 win.


Tonight in Florida, it's game four of the NHL's Eastern Conference Finals... after scoring 12 goals in the last two games, both wins...the Tampa Bay Lightning lead the New York Rangers two games to one and will look to push the Blueshirts to the brink of elimination with another win on home ice.


Last night in Chicago, the Anaheim Ducks beat the Blackhawks 2-1 and now hold a two games to one series lead in the West Finals. Simon Despres netting the game winner in the final minute of the second period, and the Ducks held the Blackhawks scoreless on five power plays, while netting a goal on their lone power play of the evening.


In game two of the NBA's West Finals, both MVP Steph Curry of Golden State and runner up James Harden of Houston shined... Curry scored 33... Harden 38...but he needed 40...down one in the closing seconds Harden was unable to get a shot off as the Warriors' defense locked him down and Golden State held on for a 99-98 win and a 2-0 series lead.


Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by an NFL team, signed a two-year contract today with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. Sam, a defensive end who is a former SEC co-defensive player of the year, was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round in 2014, but didn't make the team. He was signed to the Dallas Cowboys practice squad, but was released last October.


Sam will be introduced at a press conference on Tuesday.


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