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Good Evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. Hundreds of Fairpoint workers -- are hitting the picket lines. Contract negotiations have stalled. Cat Viglienzoni is here with more -- Cat, what do you know? Darren and Kristin, we spoke with workers this morning who told us when the company froze their pensions earlier this week -- that was the final straw.


NATS honking Friday morning, dozens of striking Fairpoint workers took to the streets in South Burlington. NATS Rutland workers strike And in Rutland -- a similar scene. Workers telling us -- they're worried about their retirement. ((SOT Mike Ciejko -- Fairpoint Lineman 072803 I'm going to have to work a lot longer than I was expecting 06)) ((BUTTED IN COVER)) ((SOT Ciejko 072812 I have 27 years here in the company and I was hoping to be able to get out the door in five years 19)) 17-hundred union employees in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine walked off the job after months of failed negotiations. The sticking points are benefit cuts -- and a recent pension freeze. The union is now filing an unfair labor practice complaint against Fairpoint -- saying the company isn't negotiating in good faith. (Tile 4606) ((SOT Mike O'Day/Communications Workers of America 851 If you look at the phone company employees of years past, they can have a comfortable middle-class living and retirement. They can pay their mortgage, they can pay their heating bill. That's not the case now 901)) Fairpoint says it's disappointed in the strike and maintains it IS willing to negotiate. But it says under the previous contract the average union employee received about $115-thousand dollars in wages and benefits -- and the company has to cut costs to stay competitive. GFX: In a statement, Fairpoint says QUOTE "We sought instead to bring the existing health care and pension benefits in line with what we believe are mainstream for employees in the region." The company also says the work stoppage will not result in any service interruptions. ((NATS Sweeney 3826-30 Line's right under there. And it goes right underneath that pole, as you can see)) But customer David Sweeney says he's experiencing a much different story. His appointment to get this downed line fixed was supposed to happen Thursday -- and was moved to Friday morning... and now... it's sometime next week. And his Lifeline -- doesn't work without his phone. ((SOT David Sweeney, Fairpoint Customer 3646 I'm alone here by myself and I'm diabetic and I'm allergic to bees. And I've used that Lifeline a couple times on a bee sting 58 to have the ambulance come. 00))


For now Sweeney says he's relying on his cell phone. We reached out to Fairpoint about his service to find out if the delay in repairing that was a direct result of the strike. We have not heard back yet. And there's no word yet on when that strike will be over. Darren?


Testimony in the Allen Prue murder trial will stretch into a third week. Jennifer Costa has been following the case. She has the latest.


Five. The number of times police say someone used Patricia Prue's computer to search the internet for how to kidnap a girl. The last search -- dated several months before the abduction and murder of Melissa Jenkins. ((Bob Katims/Allen Prue's lawyer 01:43:46 "We're treading on thin ice here. This is Mr. Prue's trial, not Mrs. Prue's trial.")) Allen Prue's lawyer tried to block the jury from seeing his client's wife's laptop -- claiming Prue wasn't home -- and the prosecution failed to prove conspiracy between the couple. It's an argument -- he lost. ((Judge Robert Bent/Vt. Superior Court 01:48:52 "It's a reasonable inference that this is all part of the conspiracy. I'm allowing it.")) Allen Prue is on trial for allegedly strangling the teacher to death -- with his wife's help -- in 20-12. Friday -- prosecutors continued to build a trail of premeditation. The jury listened as a digital forensic expert with the Vermont State police explained clues found on Patricia's computer. ((Det. Sgt. Peter Garivaltis/Vt. State Police 02:13:04 "we know it was a search term that was entered into Google because of the the first digit in the highlighted box.")) He says Allen's laptop yielded more clues. ((Det. Sgt. Peter Garivaltis/Vt. State Police 02:16:33 "typing in the keyword stun gun turned up several hits.")) Like evidence of stun gun searches -- and a Vipertek purchase. Including this -- partial ebay webpage. ((Det. Sgt. Peter Garivaltis/Vt. State Police 02:21:00 "and a notation he had won the auction.")) Earlier in the week the medical examiner testified Jenkins' was stunned a half dozen times -- and police found an empty Vipertek stun gun box in Prue's nightstand. Yet they never found the weapon itself. Prosecutors say Allen Prue confessed to the crime and -- over the last 8 days -- have called various witnesses to backup the accuracy of his story. The defense says Prue's confession was an effort to protect his wife. But now plan pin the murder on Patricia -- claiming she's mentally ill and was jealous of Jenkins. She has invoked -- her right -- not to testify against her husband. ((Jennifer Costa "The judge told the jury Friday -- the presentation of evidence should wrap up by mid-week. Closing arguments and jury deliberations would follow. JC Ch 3 News Burlington))


The state also amended the kidnapping charge against Allen Prue -- to attempted kidnapping. Prosecutors say it would carry the same penalty.


Police in Thetford want to know -- how their cruisers caught fire. They say, it started early this morning. Three cruisers were burned. There is no word yet on what caused the fire.


Get to Montreal -- a lot faster. A big, new section of Autoroute 35 is open. Governor Peter Shumlin made the trip to St. Sebastien, Quebec today -- for the official ribbon cutting. The highway cuts thru the Canadian countryside -- north to St. Jean sur Richelieu. That means less time driving on secondary roads. Vermont and Quebec officials hope that will lead to an increase in cross-border commerce and tourism.


(( )) Vermont gets an estimated 100-million dollars from Quebec tourists each year. The final section of Autoroute 35 -- connecting to Interstate 89 at the Vermont border -- is expected to be completed in about five years.


There's a lot less pain at the pump for certain parts of Vermont. Gas prices in some parts of the state are dropping to levels not seen in years. Elizabeth Keatinge is here with this story. You may find gas prices that fall below $3 hard to believe. Why are prices so low and will this continue?


Herb Norton was filling up at this Center Rutland Sonoco - 50 miles from home. ((Herb Norton/Salem, New York 07:34:22:20 It's a lot cheaper here than in New York, so we get gas up here and then we go back to New York after we're done work. 07:34:28:09)) 3.19 a gallon sounded pretty good to Marge Poploski as she filled up her tank. ((Marge Poploski/West Rutland 07:31:53:23 Well it's cheaper here than it is most places. :57)) Up in the Northeast Kingdom - at the Troy Country Store- prices fell below the three dollar mark. ((David Smith/Eden 1:05:44:14 About time! hahaha I can remember when it was 23 cents. 1:05:48:13)) Why are prices falling so low? Experts cite an abundance of petroleum products in the U-S right now and crude oil prices well below average. ((Joe Choquette/Vermont Petroleum Association 07:54:08:01 They've kind of bottomed out, about 20 percent below where they were, so gasoline and heating oil prices tend to follow prices of crude oil. :14)) ((Elizabeth Keatinge/Center Rutland 07:52:45:00 Area gas station owners tell us that the rock bottom prices benefit their overall sales. If someone stops in to buy gas, more than likely they'll go in the convenience store and buy something else too.)) But what about in Burlington? 3.38 a gallon is a lot higher than Rutland and Troy. ((Joe Choquette/Vermont Petroleum Association 07:56:07:25 Rutland seems to be a hotbed of competition and it seems that it's always lower in Rutland that it is anywhere else. :11)) Consumers in the Kingdom have their theories too. ((David Smith/Eden 1:05:36:05 Must be he buys it right or he doesn't mark it up so much as the rest of them do. 01:05:39:05)) Whatever the reason, loyal customers of the Center Rutland Sunoco, say they'll keep coming back to enjoy the low prices at the pump - and hope they fall even lower. ((Marge Poploski/West Rutland 07:33:18:29 I don't know. I hate paying the price of any place. 07:33:22:05)) ((Herb Norton/Salem, New York 07:34:35:14 Rutland general, it's cheaper than New York. 07:34:37:19))


You may hope the low prices last and to find the lowest priced gas in your area, go to our website


We are tracking the teachers' strike in South Burlington too. Day four -- and and still no deal. That's despite 11 hours of negotiations between the teacher's union and the school board -- that ended early this morning. Talks are back on tonight. And Logan Crawford is there. Logan? Darren and Kristin, I'm outside the South Burlington Middle school where teachers and the school board are trying to reach an agreement. The dispute over teacher salaries and health care started again at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Teacher's walked out of the classroom Tuesday -- after failed contract negotiations with the school board. Teacher's want a higher salary increase than the board offered -- and also want to pay less for their health insurance. Each side may be disagreeing about what is considered fair wages -- but both sides agree they want school to to start as soon as possible.


(Tc 25:19 - 25:28) ((Martin LaLond/clerk of sbsb: There is still substantial divide between the school board and the association we certainly hope to make progress today)) (30:15-30:25) ((Eric stone/sb teacher: My job is to teach and I love teaching I can't wait to get back in the classroom so the absolute best thing for everybody and especially myself would be to get in there and get back to work.)) We're not sure when an agreement will be reached -- but we'll be on the scene and provide updates as they come. Roger?


A big bill -- to shut down Vermont Yankee -- and manage the radioactive waste there. The nuclear plant says it will cost more than 1-point-2 BILLION dollars. Nearly DOUBLE what the plant's owners have in the decommissioning fund. Entergy says about a quarter of the cost is for long-term storage of spent fuel. And the company blames the federal government for failing to develop a long-term place for high-level radioactive waste.


Vermont is getting 83-thousand dollars -- as part of a settlement with TD Bank. It stems from a data breach affecting about 16-thousand Vermonters two years ago -- where two tapes -- containing personal information files were lost. The settlement also calls for better consumer protection -- and security protocols.


A federal investigation into Keurig Green Mountain -- is over. And the company will not face any enforcement action. The Securities and Exchange Commission launched the probe into the company's accounting practices -- four years ago -- when the Waterbury company saw tremendous growth -- quickly. News of the investigation caused a brief dip in the company's stock price. But the company quickly recovered -- and its stock is now trading at four times what it was then.


The Brattleboro Retreat -- is in hot water again -- for not being up to code. A new report says the hospital did NOT perform well during a 3-day inspection and now federal officials are threatening to cutoff funding. The hospital says it's working to correct problems -- and has until November 5th to do so.


It is a big project that took years of debate - and work. And now -- Montepelier's district heat program is up and running. Alexei Rubenstein takes a look.


From State Street -- to Main Street -- a total of 20 public and private buildings in Downtown Montpelier -- are getting their heat from a whole new source. With the help of the newly remodeled state heating plant, the city earlier this month flipped the switch on its own $6 million dollar District Heat program. ((NAT HIT 00:47:06:01 Will Colgan/NECI NAT HIT Coming down to where the old oil tanks were...)) At the New England Culinary Institute -- one of 15 private buildings hooked up to system -- it means 220 degree hot water from the state's wood-fired boiler-- is piped in to heat the restaurant on cold winter days and provide hot water year round. ((00:50:09:24 Will Colgan/NECI "You have hot water coming in. A little cooler water going out, and you use the heat -- and you pay for the heat you use.)) While turning the system on for the first time wasn't exactly an Apollo 11 moment, City manager Bill Fraser says it was still exciting. (TC 00:10:12:15 Tile 4006 Bill Fraser/Montpelier City Manager "It's something we've been working for all these years -- we've been talking about it for almost 20 years.)) ((FILE - construction )) But getting the system up and running wasn't always smooth sailing. In addition to complex negotiations with the state over cost sharing and timetables, laying pipe last year created headaches for a number of businesses during peak tourism season. At a recent training, building owners and managers learned the ins and outs of operating and maintaining the system. Project consultant Jonathan Martens is from St. Paul, Minnesota -- one of the first cities in the U.S. to adopt district heating. (TC 00:05:36:28 Tile 4005) (Jonathan Marten/District Energy St. Paul "District systems in the united states they are not very common unfortuantly. It's coming around -- you see them on college campuses, hospitals and things like that, but as far as cities embracing a district system -- it's catching on)) Catching on because experts say the systems provide higher efficiencies and better pollution control than localized boilers -- as well as cutting carbon emissions. Martens says while it takes some basic education to operate and maintain the systems, it's not rocket science. (TC 00:07:18:15 Tile 4005) ((Jonathan Marten/District Energy St. Paul "As opposed to your regular boiler maintenance it's really a simple system. A heat exchanger with no moving parts and a couple of control valves)) Billing is based on BTUs. Initially district customers expected to pay about the same price they would for oil heat, but that will change (00:12:55:02 Tile 4006)(( Bill Fraser/Montpelier City Manager "Over the long haul oil prices have risen over wood prices dramatically -- over the last ten years -- and assuming that continues than we expect there will be a long term savings)) Adding additional buildings in the future is expected to bring costs down further. At NECI the system means doing away with buying 7-thousand gallons of heating oil each season, and replacing it with a sustainable source. ((00:52:16:28 Alexei: It's hot! Will Colgan: It is... I'm going to be kind of excited when its like 20 degrees below out and instead of me thinking which one of those boilers is going to run -- it's going to be a really reliable system)) A centerpiece in the capital city's move to renewables picks up steam -- or in this case -- hot water.... Alexei Rubenstein -- Channel 3 News -- Montpelier



Sharon is here with our weekend out look, but also with the latest on Hurricane Gonzalo. Must be getting close to Bermuda by now. It is, ...They have been feeling the effects of the hurricane since much earlier in the day and it has been getting increasingly worse through the later part of the afternoon. This video was recorded two hours ago, but the eye of gonzalo will be near or over Bermuda within the next few hours. Maximum sustained winds are about 115 mph, down to a Cat 3 hurricane once again. Even so, this is still a dangerous, major hurricane. Bermuda is a fairly wealthy island that has very strict building codes to withstand hurricanes, but even so, there will be damage from this one. We'll be checking again on Gonzalo's progress later in this broadcast, but in the meantime, let's take a look at our own weather back here in the north country.


Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Lows: 48/55 Winds: S 5-10 mph Saturday: Increasing clouds. Afternoon rain showers. Highs: 58/65 Winds: S 5-10 mph Saturday Night: Cloudy skies. Chance of showers, mountain snow showers. Lows: 32/40 Winds: NW 10-15 Sunday: Mostly cloudy and cooler. A few mountain flurries. Highs: 43/50 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday Night: Lows 22/30 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 45/52 Lows 32/40 Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. Highs 45/52 Lows 35/45 Wednesday: Rain likely. Highs 45/52 Lows 35/45 Thursday: Rain likely. Highs 50s lows 35/45 Friday: Showers likely. Highs 50s



A St. Mike's grad is now leading -- the U-S Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford becomes the 36th commandant of Marines. He most recently has been the commander of American and allied forces in Afghanistan. Dunford is a native of Boston and and a 1977 graduate of St. Michaels.


A Williston man died in a single car crash Thursday. Police say 69 year old Michael Walker was driving on Williston Road at the top of French hill -- when he lost control and hit a tree. Police are investigating what led to the crash. They say Walker was not wearing a seatbelt.


A grim end to the search for a missing Fairfax man. Police first started looking for 38-year old Mark Fontanilles Monday -- after his father reported him missing. Crews scoured the area --- including an extensive search near Buck Mountain. Crews were out searching again today - when they found him - dead. Sheriffs and State Police are investigating what happened - but say there is no threat to the public.


Police say a fight - turned into a stabbing at a South Burlington club early this morning. Police say it happened at Venue on Market Street -- when 5 to 10 people started fighting. One person was stabbed. Police are using surveillance video to investigate charges. They say Natasha Robinson of Plattsburgh faces charges for interfering with police - and trying to board the ambulance with the victim inside.


A busy burglar from Addison -- is going to jail for 13 years. Police believe Raymond Ritchie is behind dozens of break ins during an Addison County crime spree two years ago. He faced multiple charges as a habitual offender -- and was sentenced to 13-years to life.


Her job was helping African immigrants living in Vermont -- but now a Burlington woman is accused of stealing from them. Police say 43-year-old Francine Mbayu (muh-BAY-you) was a caseworker for the Association of Africans Living in Vermont. Police say over the last 3 years -- she diverted 34-thousand dollars in tax refunds owed to two of her clients. She faces embezzlement charges. Police say she has already paid back all but 58-hundred dollars.


A scare for a driver in St. Albans. Police say he was trying to park -- when he crashed into a building on Federal Street this afternoon. The impact knocked out part of the wall. Police say the man thought he was hitting the brake - but got the gas pedal instead. No one was hurt.


Expect traffic delays in Winooski this weekend. That's because Route 15 is closed at the railroad crossing near the intersection with Hood Street and East Spring Street while crews work to rebuild the crossing. Drivers are asked to avoid the area -- the closure is expected to last until Monday night. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports's week eight of the Vermont high school football season ...the final weekend of the regular season the playoff brackets in Divisions One and Three will be decided over the next 24 to 30 hours. In Division One, undefeated Middlebury and St. Johnsbury are locked into the top two spots even if they lose this weekend, and Essex is the likely third seed, with Rutland and Colchester fighting for the fourth seed and a home game in next weekend's quarterfinals. At the bottom of the D-1 race, Mount Mansfield could sneak into the eighth seed with a win tonight at Colchester and a CVU loss here at BFA... --- in Division Two... Rice still holds the top spot in the QPR, despite their loss at Burr & Burton last Friday night...but the Bulldogs close with Milton tonight and at Fair Haven next Friday and a pair of victories should be enough to leap past the Knights for the top seed...Milton isn't out of the race for the four spot, but would need to beat Burr & Burton and Rice the next two weeks to have a chance... --- in D-3...a lot still up in the air...Otter Valley and Fairfax are your top two seeds, with Mill River third ...U-32, Mt. Abe and possibly Windsor are still in the mix for the fourth seed. Poultney, Winooski and Oxbow are all 2-5 and face tough home games of them will wind up as the eighth seed in the Division Three playoffs...


nine games around the state tonight, including some great rivalry matchups like Windsor-Woodstock and Brattleboro-Mount Anthony. All the highlights and scores coming up at eleven in the Friday Football Frenzy... seven more games make up the Saturday schedule...headlined by the 110th edition of The Game...Lyndon visiting unbeaten St. Johnsbury...and the 100th anniversary of the start of the rivalry between Bellows Falls and Springfield. That's a 7pm start at Bellows Falls. And that Essex-South Burlington game will be played tomorrow night at 7pm at SBHS.


the regular seasons also wrapping up this weekend in field hockey and soccer... boys soccer this afternoon...St. J at Colchester... --- Scoreless in the first half, Chris Zamarripa changes that for the home team. Solid strike on the penalty kick. 1-0 Colchester... --- Hilltoppers respond later in the half... Off the Natzu Friebel throw in, Andrew Burroughs buries it to tie it at 1... --- Right before the end of the half, Zamarripa at it again... The free kick eventually lands on his foot, he rips it home... and the Lakers go on to beat St. J 3-1...


the Mt. Abraham girls soccer team visiting Rice... --- First half, both teams with solid chances but each goalie equal to the task... First it's eagles zoe Cassels-Brown making the save... Then Green Knights keeper Macie Sicard following suit ... --- Second half, still scoreless... Under 20 to play.. Avery Kidd running and gunning... The outstanding strike to the far side of the net for the goal... At least checked that's the difference .. Rice leading 1-0 late..


back to Colchester for field hockey... Lakers taking on Burlington... --- First half, just 1 goal it comes via the Seahorses.. Great passing sets up both Fiona McSweeney and Katherine Becker... They both smack it in ... 1-0 Burlington... --- Both keepers Paige Roussell for BHS and Abby Ladd of Colchester doing their part in net... At last checked.. Burlington led Colchester, 1-0 at halftime..


Coming up later, we look ahead to tonight's home opener for the UVM men's hockey team.


We have been hearing a lot about isolation and quarantine surrounding Ebola. Many people who had possible exposure are now being watched closely to see. Brian Webb reports.


People infected with Ebola are not contagious until they show symptoms. That's the reason many family members, healthcare workers and others who may have been exposed are being closely watched. (SOT Dr. Michael Anderson/Chief Medical Officer, University Hospitals Cleveland ) 9;35:03 quarantine means that I'm really worried about you. You have come into contact with a patient that is sick and I actually have to separate you physically from the rest of the population. (TRACK) The fiancé of Ebola patient Thomas Duncan, and three other relatives have been under quarantine for nearly three weeks.. Several people who had contact with Dallas nurse Amber Vinson right before she was diagnosed are also in quarantine. Vinson and nurse Nina Pham are in isolation while receiving treatment. People are put in isolation when they are confirmed sick. (TRACK) (GRAPHIC) The nurses picked up their symptoms early through self -monitoring... that means checking your temperature twice a day and reporting symptoms including headache and vomiting right away. (SOT Dr. Michael Anderson/Chief Medical Officer, University Hospitals Cleveland ) typically they are going to be monitored for 21 days that is when we are most worried they would develop Ebola like symptoms (TRACK) Experts say it's up to local and state health departments together with the CDC to assess the potential exposure and determine what level of precaution a person needs to take. Brian Webb, For CBS News, New York.


Quarantine for Duncan's loved ones will end Sunday if they continue to NOT show symptoms of Ebola. That's health watch.



Almost all schools have a mascot. UVM has the Catamount....St Michael's has the Purple Knight But Champlain College has a mascot you just got to see. Judy Simpson explains.

44} CAT6_PKG

Champlain College is nestled in the heart of Burlington. And this small campus has a big celebrity. ((Tile 713_4608_01 Josh Levin / Champlain College Sophomore 00:00:05:25" He just kind of appears and does whatever he wants he walks around, people let him in the buildings.")) No, he is not a star athlete. ((Tile 713_4609_01 Tito James/Senior 00:03:44:19" He was on top of the teachers desk and i walked in and he looked at me and all of a sudden he became the most popular kid in the class and everyone was petting him and wanted to take selfies with him." 00:03:55:06)) He is not even an official member of the student body. ((Two girls squeel "LINUS!")) He is Linus, the coolest cat on campus. ((Tile 713_4609_01 Tito James/Senior 00:02:48:13" I used to refer to him as lab cat becasue when I would work really late in the computer labs this cat would just walk in the door and its nice when you are working late burning the midnight oil and you have an animal there to keep you company so it's very relaxing." 00:03:03:23)) Linus has been cruising through this campus for a couple of years now. And no one was more surprised to find out what he was up to, than his owners. ((Tile 713_4638_01 Audrey adn Nick Hubbell/ Linus' family 00:11:47:29" When I moved in with Nick we shortly after realized he was exploring on his own time and he would come back smelling like cologne and or perfume we were curious where he went all the time.")) SO they put a name tag on him, urging folks to check out Linus' Facebook page. That's right, Linus has his own Facebook page. Tile 713_4638_01 (( 00:12:13:25Nick Hubbell/ Linus' owner" And shortly after his page was flooded with photos and he was attending classes,, we figured out where he was going finally yes the libray and water fountains." 00:12:25:25)) ((Tile 713_4608_01 Josh Levin /(LA-VEEN) SOPHOMORE 00:01:41:08" I took a picture of him and posted it on the page and I have posted a couple of pictures I have seen him the other time I saw him he was in the bushes and I snapped a picture of him and posted it. "00:01:51:25)) There are action shots,, sitting shots, deep in thought shots. But you won't see anything controversial. ((Tile 713_4638_01 00:15:52:00 Nick Hubbell / Linus' Owner" I think Linus tells people not to tag him in party pictures 'cause he is only five ")), Tile 713_4638_01 ((JS saYS 00:16:00:00 so WHAT HAPPENS on campus sometimes just stays on campus ,,,yes, what happens at Champlain stays at champlain. 00:16:07:20 we get alot of snuggling shots,,"00:16:10:02)) Linus, it seems is irresistable. ((Tile 713:4651_16 JS SU 00:25:44:00 " But Linus's campus capers may soon be coming to an end. His family who used to live right across the street from Champlain College is in the process of moving." 00:25:53:13)) Now, so close to halloween, Linus is going to have to find a new haunt. ((Tile 713_4608_01 Josh Levin /(LA-VEEN) SOPHOMORE 00:00:42:15 heavy sigh,, I don't want him to move,,I like him, a lot its like the end of something , he is very well known on campus, everybody loves him." 00:00:56:14)) The good news is, everyone can stay in touch with their favorite feline friend, and follow his new adventures on Facebook. JS Channel three news Burlington.

45} CAT6_TAG

Linus has more than 11-hundred friends on Facebook. We will have a link to his page in our Infocenter at


The football weekend kicking off last night in Foxboro... Tom Brady and the Patriots looking for a sixth straight home win over the New York Jets... --- and the Pats strike quickly... Just a minute and a half into the game...Brady finds a wide open Shane Vereen...49-yards for the score...Patriots leading 17-12 at the half... --- Fourth quarter...Jets hanging tough...down 20-19...Brady buys a little time and finds Danny Amendola...his third touchdown pass of the night extends the lead to 27-19.. --- but the Jets decided to play their best game of the season... Geno Smith finds Jeff Cumberland with under 3 to play... 2 pt conversion no good... So it's 27-25.. --- New York gets the ball back late... And sets up for a game-winning field goal with 5 seconds left.. But Pats tackle Chris Jones blocks the Nick Folk 58-yard attempt... the Patriots hold off the Jets 27-25, to improve to 5-2.


the World Series is set...and it was set in dramatic fashion... Giants-Cardinals... game five of the NLCS last night in San Fran ...tied a three in the ninth...two on, one out for Travis Ishikawa to takes Michael Wacha high, deep and gone to right ...and let the bedlam begin... a game winning, and series winning three run home run. 6-3 Giants...they take the NLCS in five games, advancing to the World Series for the third time in the last five years. They'll face the Royals...Game One is Tuesday night in Kansas City...


to the NHL last night ...Bruins in Montreal ...first meeting of the regular season between the rivals and it was a wild one... --- 10 goals in this one ... Second period, tied at 2... Loui Erickson gives Boson it's second lead of the night... --- but the Habs answer with two goals in the final two minutes of the period...prized rookie Jiri Sekac and P-J Parenteau... Montreal scores 4 of the final 5 goals they top Boston 6-4...


Coming off an impressive 6-2 victory in their season opener last Saturday at Northeastern, the UVM men's hockey team back in action tonight. The Cats at home for the first time, taking on Clarkson. Scott Fleishman has more from Gutterson. (((No rah rah speech for Kevin Sneddon tonight before the Cats take the ice against Clarkson.))) (((Kevin Sneddon/"Cause I know our guys are going to be nervous, especially our first year players. It's one thing to play an exhibition game in front of your fans. It's another thing to play in front of a sold out crowd where the game is very important."))) (((Alexx Privitera has played in his share of home openers, but tonight will be a little different for the former BU defenseman.))) (((Alexx Privitera/"I've played here before. It gets pretty rowdy. It's nice to have the fans cheering for me. We've got a big weekend. They're 2-0."))) (((and the Cats at 1-0 just want to keep that momentum going against their former ECAC rival.))) (((Jonathan Turk/"They're all big games no matter who we're playing, conference, non conference, we need these wins. Confidence wise, but to also make sure we're still in the rankings and pushing forward."))) ((("They're coming back to play their third game in a row on the road and they have confidence that they can win on the road, so it's two teams with some confidence from a win or two and it should be a good college hockey game friday night."))) (((In Burlington, Scott Fleishman, Channel 3 sports.)))




Negotiations suspended for the night. We'll have the latest on that South Burlington teacher's strike -- tonight on the channel 3 news at 11.

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