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Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. Police continue to investigate a deadly crash -- on I-89 -- that killed a father of three -- last night in Richmond. Rescue crews responding to the scene -- faced an additional challenge. The victim was one of their own. Jennifer Costa joins us from the newsroom with more. Jennifer? Kristin and Darren -- The Vermont State Police -- crash reconstruction team -- was back on the scene today -- collecting evidence -- and photographing the area. 30-year-old Brendon (Cooz-in-no) Cousino was a seven year veteran of the Richmond Rescue squad. He was pronounced dead at the scene after his car was hit head on. The crash happened -- Thursday evening -- near exit 11. Investigators say Cousino (Cooz-in-no) was headed north -- on I-89 -- when a car crossed the median from the southbound side and struck his car. That driver -- 23-year-old Karri Benoir of Barre -- was ejected from her car. She's been hospitalized with serious injuries. State police are still investigating what may have caused Benoir to veer across the median. They've talked to several witnesses. And say criminal charges are possible in the case.


Cousino's (Cooz-in-no) colleagues posted on Facebook ... Over his lifetime Brendon saved countless lives and donated thousands of hours to the Vermont EMS community, including time volunteering with Bristol Rescue.... Cousino (Cooz-in-no) leaves behind a wife and three daughters. If you saw the crash -- state police want to hear from you. Kristin.


The New Hampshire Attorney General released photos from a deadly officer-involved shooting - after clearing the officers involved. It happened in Bath on July 6th. Officers were there to investigate a crashed vehicle that was driven by 42-year-old Hagan Esty-Lennon. Investigators had said that they believed the officers from the Haverhill police acted appropriately - but did not release video or stills until now. They show Esty-Lennon charging at officers on route 302 with a knife. Investigators believe he already had a self inflicted stab wound. He gets closer and closer and then is shot by both officers. The Ag's office says the man did not drop the knife after repeated commands. And the AG now says no charges will be filed and the officers were justified in using deadly force. Video of the incident will be released next week - after Esty-Lennon's family is given a chance to review it.


The man who led Vermont troops during war time. And more recently fought national security threats -- and natural disasters -- says his work is done.


((10:57 We are really looking forward to coming home.)) And he will. Next week. Former Adjutant General Michael Dubie returns to Vermont -- after three years as deputy commander of the U.S. Northern Command in Colorado Springs. And when he gets here. He's retiring from the military -- after 36 years. ((3:09 It's a nice way to cap my career and end it here but my heart will always be the time I spent as the Adjutant General.)) ((deployment)) General Dubie led the Vermont National Guard -- during the largest call up we've seen since World War Two. ((Afghanistan)) 15-hundred Vermont Guard soldiers deployed to the war zone in Afghanistan in 2010. It followed several smaller deployments. ((Iraq)) And the Iraq war call up. Hundreds of Vermonters were sent to one of the most dangerous parts of the country. ((3:40 I, like many people in Vermont, have some real scar tissue from that deployment.)) General Dubie says the wars were the most difficult part of his military career. And he chokes up with emotion when he talks about the 35 Vermont servicemen who died. ((4:28 You're bringing back some memories, Darren...)) And the families left behind. ((4:35 It was an honor to work with the gold star families and that is something that will be with me the rest of my life.)) General Dubie was supposed to spend two years at US Northern Command. But was asked to stay on an extra year. He was promoted to 3-star lieutenant general -- charged with protecting and defending all of North America. ((Sandy)) And also led disaster responses... across the country -- including to Super Storm Sandy. And he says he was well-prepared -- in large part -- because of Tropical Storm Irene -- when it Vermont. ((6:11 Because I had been on the receiving end of assistance I was able to advise the Department of Defense on things I think helped in the Sandy response and I am very proud of that. )) One of the biggest challenges ... ((5:30 what I had not done before was wildfires)) Coordinating firefighting efforts -- to battle monsters like this. And then there's Ebola. ((6:50 Ebola was raging in West Africa but we were very concerned about it making the jump to North America.)) In 20-14 he helped assemble the world's top Ebola experts -- and created medical support teams -- equipping them with the latest technology in the Ebola fight. He then briefed President Obama. ((8:00 he asked some very tough questions which you hope your boss would ask but we were well prepared in case there was an outbreak)) And now -- his work is done. At least his military work. What about politics? A run for Governor? ((1300 I'll never say never, but not right now Darren,.))


General Dubie will have a couple of weeks of transitional duties at the Vermont National Guard when he returns next week. He officially retires from the military in September.


The cost of providing emergency housing in Vermont is not sustainable. That's the conclusion reached in a new Department for Children and Families report reviewing the program. Statehouse reporter Kyle Midura has more.


When the temperature drops dangerously low on winter nights, and homeless shelters fill, the state will put up eligible families and individuals in motels. Fewer days qualified this winter than last, but costs for the cold weather housing increased more than 50 percent, as requests for assistance swelled. (00:05:29:00) ((Rep. Brian Savage - R-Swanton I'm certainly not surprised, we do have a homeless situation in the state, it does not appear to be getting better)) Lawmakers say the conclusion in a report released Friday that emergency housing costs are growing unsustainably is not news to them. Republican Brian Savage says the state needs to find a way to control costs... but doing so can't come at the expense of the state's most-vulnerable. (00:08:24:00 ) ((Rep. Brian Savage - R-Swanton in the meantime, we're just going to have to bite the bullet and find the money from someplace )) Emergency housing costs came in one million dollars over its three million budget in fiscal year 15. In fiscal year 16, the budget is only two-point-three million dollars. (00:03:20:00) ((Ken Schatz - Department for Children and Families our plan to address the issue is not to continue doing things the way we're doing them)) Department for Children and Families commissioner Ken Schatz says it's not just the cold weather cases leading to increasing costs. The state is also seeing increased demand for emergency housing from the elderly, families with children, and those fleeing domestic violence. He says housing vulnerable Vermonters in motels is expensive. (00:03:34:00) ((Ken Schatz - Department for Children and Families moreover, it's actually not the best way in our view to provide shelter)) Schatz says communities across the state have different needs -- some a new shelter -- others more transitional housing. He says his department will engage those communities throughout the fall, in search of solutions that can be in place this winter... recognizing they can't count on Mother Nature's cooperation. KM, Ch.3 BTV


Schatz says the best way to cut-down on emergency housing costs would be for the state to create more permanent affordable housing. He says they're considering expanding programs that put homeless individuals into apartments.


She was supposed to be caring for an elderly woman -- but police say -- she was stealing from her. 54 year old Kathy Touchette of Essex Center -- is accused of taking more than ten-thousand dollars from the 92 year old victim. Touchette will be in court at the end of August.


A lawsuit says Vtrans mistreats gays and lesbians on the job. 3 former workers filed a suit - saying they faced taunts - and terrible assignments. One of the former workers -- Reina Dean -- also said male co-workers groped her and propositioned her for sex. Vtrans says its does not tolerate discrimination.


Vermont Gas is paying up - for filing information late with the state - about ballooning costs of its pipeline project. The pipeline is set to run from Colchester to Middlebury. State regulators approved the original price of 86-million dollars. But Vermont Gas later revealed the price jumped to 154-million. Today the Vermont Public Service Board fined Vermont Gas 100-thousand dollars for waiting nearly six months to report the increase.


((Don Rendall/Vt. Gas President 01:46:50 "they absolutely made their best judgement and we're looking forward to moving forward from here. We'll pay the fine. ratepayers will not be responsible for the fine. This is a company responsibility. And we'll continue our efforts everyday to earn the trust and the confidence of our regulators, our customers and the public.")) Rendall would not comment on future cost increases -- but says Vermont Gas looks forward to completing the project on budget.

14} GMP12_VO

GMP customers may get a break on their electric bills. If regulators approve -- rates will go down point-seven percent in October. Green Mountain Power says it's able to provide cheaper rates -- partly due to having long-term and stable energy contracts -- bracing Vermont from any volatility in the market.


(TC 00:03:18:06 Tile 3077) ((Kristin Carlson/Green Mountain Power "We have to work with the Department of Public Service and then we also worked with AARP on part of this filing to help deliver this lower bill to customers. Right now what happens, this is a filing and a request, so we file it with the Public Service Board and they will review everything and then October 1 the new rate will take effect." 00:03:37:19)) This is the third rate cut in four years for Vermont's largest utility.


Federal help is on the way for some Vermont communities hit hard by flooding in June. Flash floods slammed southern Chittenden County June 9th -- damaging roads in Richmond, Bolton and Huntington. The state says the tally for fixes will be one-point-three million dollars -- enough to qualify for a federeal disaster declaration -- and money to help cover repairs.

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West Nile Virus has been found in Vermont. The state health department says three batches of mosquitoes collected last week in Springfield tested positive for the virus. The health department says late summer is the peak time for infection -- so remember to use bug spray, wear protective clothing and get rid of any standing water on your property to stop mosquitoes from breeding. We'll have more on West Nile -- a bit later in our health watch.


The health department encourages all women to breastfeed their babies within the first hour after delivery and to breastfeed exclusively for at least six months. And today Moms all over Vermont gathered to help promote the practice. Judy Simpson has the story.


These moms and babies gathered in Landry Park in Winooski Friday morning to promote breast feeding in public places. ((Nadia Lucchin/Burlington 00:34:47:29" I am here to support breastfeeding overall as a thing for women to do.")) This was one of several cites around Vermont where nursing Moms joined in the BIG latch on to kick off WOrld Breastfeeding Week. Breastfeeding is a practice more women are choosing. ((Lori Dotolo Public/ Vt Dept of Health 00:45:29:06" Absolutely")) Lori Dotolo is a Public Health Nutritionist with the Vermont Department of Health. ((Lori Dotolo Public Health Nutritionist, Vt dept of health "I have been in my job for 30 years and I used to have to try to convince Moms, not any more. They come in they know its best they just want to know how can I make it work with my life. "00:45:42:04)) There has been a lot of information surrounding the health benefits to babies when they are breastfed. ((Lori again 00:45:08:00" The immediate benefit is the child is healthier, less chronic illness less diarrhea less ear infections less respiratory disease there is also the prevention of lukemia and autoimmune disorders I really could go on and on and on it is just the best choice." 00:45:25:07)) And while the Breast is Best, getting used to the practice takes some work. ((JS SU 00:48:35:07" When it comes to breastfeeding, a lot of new Moms can have lots of questions. The Vermont Health Depart has made a counselor available 24-7 to answer those questions." 00:48:45:04)) Counselors like Jessica LaClair (( Jessica LaClair/ Vt Dept of health. 00:46:14:16 "98 percent of women can successfully breast feed but only 13 percent never have an issue so it is really helpful to have peer counselors available to talk to women and help them through any struggles they might have. "00:46:26:07)) Nadia breast fed her first daughter who is now three. She is now breastfeeding her second daughter. ((Nadia again 00:35:27:27 " With my second daughter here we really didn't have issues thankfully we started right away and I think it has been a good thing for both of them both are really healthy little girls and we have great bonds." 00:35:39:14)) The Big Latch On continues Saturday at the same locations around the state. The goal is to break the 2013 Big Latch On record of 14,536 children breastfeeding across 845 international locations. at the same time . JS Channel three news, Winooski.


For more information on the Big Latch On you can go to our info center at wcax dot com.



Tonight: Partly cloudy. Chance of a passing shower, late. Lows: 55/62 Winds: Light Saturday: Partly sunny. Chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Highs: 73/80 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Saturday night: Partly cloudy. Chance of an evening shower. Lows: 53/60 Winds: Light Sunday: Partly sunny. Awesome. Highs: 75/82 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday night: Lows 58/65 Monday: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs 75/82 Lows 58/65 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers. Highs 73/80 Lows 53/60 Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs 65/75 Lows 50s Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 65/75 Lows 50s Friday: Partly sunny. Highs 70s



The blueberry festival got underway in Wilmington tonight. Here's our report from Eliza Larson.


Blue blue and more blue. The 8th annual Blueberry Festival brings people from all over to the towns of Wilmington, Jacksonville, Whitingham, Readsboro, Marlboro and Dover for a week-long event celebrating blueberries. (TC 01:45:43:19 Title 1347))((Abigail and Judah Mendelsohn/Blueberry picker: "JM: I did it here two times with Abby. AM: Yeah, I've been here many many times and every time I come up here I pretty much do it." 01:45:49:17)) The idea for the festival began after Janet Boyd felt discouraged that people weren't coming to Deerfield Valley. (TC 01:34:52:11 Title 1330)((Janet Boyd/Boyd Family Farm: "I realized that blueberry picking is still very novel to a lot of our tourists. And what better way to introduce the summer than by really just highlighting our most fun crop. So we started a blueberry festival." 01:35:09:13)) On the first day of the festival -- Boyd invites families up to the Boyd Family Farm in Wilmington to pick their own blueberries from the farm's 600 blueberry bushes. (TC 01:45:56:08 Title 1347)((Judah Mendelsohn/Blueberry picker: "we ate them!" 01:45:57:09)) There are more activities as the week progresses. Parades -- music -- food -- and of course more blueberries. Something Boyd says people look forward to -- and come back to -- year after year. (TC 01:35:19:13 Title 1330)((Janet Boyd/Boyd Family Farms: "collectively the first year we had 57 events. So it's just grown bigger and bigger every year." 01:35:25:16))


The festival runs through next weekend.


Clinton County will have a dispensing facility - for New York's new medical marijuana program. The New York Department of Health released its decisions today about where 5 manufacturing and 20 dispensing sites will be across the state. Two manufacturing sites proposed for clinton county did not make the list - but a dispensary will be run by Columbia Care. Senator Betty Little says having a dispensing site will help patients - and provide economic benefits.


A former Vermont school superintendent in St. Albans -- is accused of stalking. Troopers say they arrested 56-year-old Robert Rosane (ro-zane) of Middlesex last night. They say his ex girlfriend came home - and found him coming out of her house - and then he took off into the woods. Rosane is charged with unlawful trespass and stalking. He was also picked up in April and charged with DUI. He is formerly the superintendent in the Franklin Central Supervisory Union. He was forced out of his job in 20-13 after months of strained relations with teachers at the high school in St. Albans.


Police are investigating a stick up in Lyndon. Investigators say a man walked into M and M beverage at about 5 o'clock this morning -- with a knife -- demanding money. The clerk handed over the cash in the register -- and the crook took off. If you know who he is -- call police.


Some race car drivers -- are inspiring kids to read in Marshfield. The Race to Read program involves some of the best local drivers -- including Kyle Streeter who races in the street stocks division at Thunder Road in Barre. Kids in grades one thru six were challenged to read 15 books in three months. Those who do will get to sign the hood of Streeter's Number 37 car at ceremony tonight at Marshfield's Jacquith Library.


(0092 19:27:38) ((Kyle Streeter/Race to Read: It's just a blast with these kids. All their paperwork it's almost like a feature win////19:27:56..if I was kid and a race car showed up at my school and encouraged me to read I would really try hard to read all those 15 books so so I could sign the hood of that car.")) The awards ceremony is about to get underway at 6:30 and includes race cars, fried dough and music. That's news around the region.


With the Mid-Season Championships in the rear view mirror, the second half of the season at Thunder Road got underway last night. Despite rain during the day, it was a great night at the high banks in Barre, highlighted by the annual porta potty grand prix. Is there any race Derrick O'Donnell won't win. He's the current late model points leader, he's aiming for a third straight king of the road crown and tonight, he added the golden toilet seat to his trophy collection. Jayden Perry wins the golden plunger for best appearing entry. --- Things did not go as well for O'Donnell in the 50 lap late model feature. O'Donnell finishes 14th after sliding off the top of turn 1 on lap 11, but unofficially maintains a 19-point edge over Nick Sweet. --- Barre's Jason Allen took the lead from pole sitter Matt White on lap 27. --- Allen hangs on for the victory, Jason Corliss charges hard late to finish second, Tramps Demers third. Allen wins his first ever late model feature at thunder road. Not only was it the first win, but It was the first top-10 finish of the year for the sophomore driver.


(((jason Allen/"Very exciting especially in the first half when we struggled. The team stuck with it through thick and thin. We put a good car into me tonight and it certainly paid off for them and the whole team.")))


The tiger sportsman opening the night with 2 feature races, just like the Milk Bowl...A normal first race with the winner taking 1 point, 2nd place getting two points and so on, then inverting the field for race number two.. -- So race 1...on lap number two, Williamstown's Tom Smith will slide into first place coming into turn number 4... -- But just two laps later, Mike Billado of Essex will move into the lead on the back straightaway... --- 3 laps later, Duxbury's Brian Delphia will spin into the infield on the back straightaway, but that was the only caution of the race... --- And Billado will hang on the remaining 11 laps for the checkered flag and 1 point in the first race... -- So race number two, they invert the field, the lowest combined points total from the two races is crowned the winner... -- Lap number 6.. Wolcott's Brendan Moodie will move himself into the lead on the back straightaway ahead of Delphia.. -- and Moodie will hang on for the win in the second race... -- But it is points leader Jason Woodard who would be crowned the winner of the night, as he finished 4th in race number one and 4th in race number two combining for 8 total points, winning a tiebreaker with Dylan Payea...and Woodard extends his season points lead over Moodie to 24 points...


In the Street Stocks last night, North Montpelier's Donny Yates earned his second win of the season, with Will Hennequin, Tyler Austin, Jamie Davis and Bunker Hodgdon rounding out the top five. Points leader Jaden Perry finished tenth and now leads Davis by 22 points. Tonight, a full race card at Devils Bowl gets underway at 7:30pm and includes the popular kids race car rides and a Christmas in July toy donation drive.


((STANDUP 00103900 What in the world do grapefruits, a seaplane, and Lake Champlain all have to do with each other? I'm Cat Viglienzoni and we'll tell you about a festival coming up in the Islands this weekend later on the Channel 3 News at 6 00105100))


West Nile virus is on the rise. Don Champion is with health officials who are keeping a close eye on the carriers -- mosquitoes.


(SOT dr lee setting up trap ) "it's a very simple thing" with a bucket, pipe, net and fan... health officials in Fort Worth hope this device will help protect people from the West Nile Virus. (SOT Dr. Joon Lee/University of North Texas Health Science Center) We are trying to avoid, reduce exposure to the West Nile Virus More mosquitos in the area are testing positive So Dr. Joon Lee from the University of North Texas Health Science Center has installed dozens of traps to monitor the insects . Nationwide, nearly 40 people have contracted the virus. Symptoms include Fever, headache, body aches, and fatigue. (SOT Dr. William Schaffner/Vanderbilt University Medical Center) That occurs in about 20 percent of the people who get bitten by the infected mosquitos, so everybody doesn't get sick. // percent get the most serious complications. // encephalitis, or this kind of paralytic illness, they can be long lasting. Nats dr lee at microscope "sort these out" Each week Dr. Lee and his team test about 15-hundred mosquitos. If a sample tests positive- the city is notified immediately (SOT Brandon Bennett/City of Fort Worth, TX) "within 24 hours we will be at ground zero going door-to-door talking to people on their doorstep to let them know we have had some positive West Nile mosquitos If positive tests keep coming back, the city will spray to kill the mosquitos. Don Champion, CBS News, Forth Worth, TX.


Experts say- the end of summer increases the risk for infection. The best way to avoid exposure is to wear insect repellent if you're outdoors at dusk and dawn and wearing pants and long sleeves. That's health watch.



This weekend, aviation enthusiasts will be heading to the Islands. An annual festival is expected to draw hundreds of people. And as Cat Viglienzoni found out -- it has a unique twist!


During the week, Shore Acres Resort in North Hero is serene -- with an unmatched view. But come Saturday -- it will be abuzz with activity for the annual Lake Champlain Airshow. ((SOT Ed Antczak, Vermont Flight Academy Executive Director 003318 We have everything from seaplanes to helicopters to drones to gliders to rockets, you name it 25)) And when they say everything -- they mean EVERYTHING! ((CAT STANDUP 001152 One of the festival's highlights is the annual grapefruit drop -- which is exactly what it sounds like! We're going to take these grapefruits up in a sea plane and try to hit a target on the lake. Today, we're going to see how I do 1204)) But before I could go up in the plane -- I had to get tips from the pros. Ben Dupont won the contest last year. ((SOT Ben Dupont, Won Grapefruit Drop last year 000648 Cat: What's the secret to winning a grapefruit drop contest? Ben: I'd say it's all about the timing of when to throw it out the window 57)) So -- why the grapefruit? Ben's dad, festival co-founder Larry Dupont, says it's more environmentally-friend ly than a water balloon. ((SOT Larry Dupont, Festival Co-Founder 000525 We went to the orange, which was a little small for us to be able to see -- because we also want the crowd to be able to see it 32 And we eventually came up with the grapefruit 35)) Once I'm in the seaplane -- it's time to talk technique. ((SOT Dupont GOPRO5830 00005104 If you grab the grapefruit in your hand, I'm going to have you get ready like that, and you'll toss it that way, away from the float 59)) But then I found out my job was going to be easy! ((SOT GOPRO5830 000113 Dupont: You don't have a target today, so you're not going to miss. 116 Cat: Well, those odds are better in my favor then! 0120)) We taxi out on the water. And then... From the water to the air -- climbing up above the lake. From the plane, we have a true bird's-eye view of Lake Champlain and the islands. Larry tells me that the festival aims to share the pilots' passion for aviation with others -- and part of it centers around being able to see this view. He points out the islands by name to me as we soar overhead. This is what the bombadiers will see as they ready their citrus ammunition on Saturday. People will bet on the teams to see which sponsors' grapefruit lands closest to the target -- so both pride and money are on the line. And as we circle back towards the resort, it's time for me to do my job! Bombs away! I quickly lost sight of the fruit -- but from the ground -- our cameras were able to catch the splash! ((have someone show you how to highlight the bottom left corner where the splash is & slow it down)) Our task complete -- we circled back to the dock. ((NATS 002845 Woo that was fun! 47)) A friendly, fruity competition in the Islands! Cat Viglienzoni, Channel 3 News, North Hero.


If you want to go -- It's this Saturday from 11 to 3 at Shore Acres Resort in North Hero. It costs 7 dollars to get in -- and kids 12 and under are free! Proceeds support the Vermont Flight Academy and the North Hero Fire Department. For more information -- visit our infocenter.


A food truck parked on Cherry Street in Burlington was cooking up meals for a good cause. It's the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf's new way to feed people in need. Logan Crawford explains.


((video, nats of cooking)) Having a home-cooked meal is something many take for granted. (TC 00:26:41:12 Tile 4184) ((Scott Sawyer/Burlington "Food insecurity has increased in America after the recession. Do everything we can to provide more local food to less well off Vermonters. I think it's a great concept, great idea, and fully support it." 00:26:53:25)) The Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf's Good Food Truck hit the road for the first this summer. The goal: to reach more people who suffer from hunger in Chittenden County. Serving free meals in low-income areas -- and also selling freshly-cooked cuisine to raise money for the food shelf's mission. (TC 00:06:40:08 Tile 4150) ((Sophia Morton/Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf "It's mobile, it's fun, it breaks down the barriers. No matter what background you come from, no matter what your financial struggles might be, whether your food insecure or not, you're able to come to a really fun, cool and hip environment and enjoy a really delicious and nutritious meal." 00:06:55:13)) The Good Food Truck was parked outside LL Bean Friday in Burlington. ((nats)) The truck's chef was making some delicious dishes for lunch. (TC 00:09:42:21 Tile 4151) ((Emmet Moseley/Good Food Truck Chef "I like to do globally inspired foods. So today we've got a Moroccan spice lamb burger with a preserved lemon jam that goes on it. I've got a Ssam wrap, a Korean dish, slow-cooked pork." 00:09:54:29)) (TC 00:22:27:29 Tile 4172) ((Logan Crawford/Burlington "The food cooked in the Good Food Truck like this lamb burger is made up of nearly 100 percent local ingredients. And 100 percent of the money made at the Good Food Truck goes to the food shelf, and helps feed people. Mmm that's pretty good." 00:22:47:18)) (TC 00:21:30:02 Tile 4168) ((Reanna Huestis/Shelburne "I never even knew this existed so I was really happy to come and buy my little soda from them." 00:21:35:27)) The food shelf bought the truck after receiving a 125-thousand dollar private donation. The Good Food Truck's designer is from New Jersey. It comes with a bit of Super Star Power--the owners have worked with singing sensation Taylor Swift. The next step for the food shelf here is to raise money. (TC 00:08:36:20 Tile 4150) ((Sophia Morton/Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf "Working on a program where we have a trailer. We got some funding from City Market. We're actually going to have a refrigerated trailer so we can go to places and pick up the food donations." 00:08:46:25)) The plan is to have the mobile food shelf making stops through the fall.... and cooking meals along the way well.. Logan Crawford, Channel 3 News, Burlington. -3-


For more about the Good Food Truck you can visit our website WCAX dot com.


The Vermont Mountaineers and their fans hope that tonight is the night. The Mountaineers are hosting Keene tonight at Rec Field, and either a win over the Swamp Bats or a Sanford loss at the Valley Blue Sox would lock up the NECBL's Northern Division title for the Mountaineers.


The Yankees dropped their second straight to the Rangers last night in Arlington, falling 7-6. After picking up utility player Dustin Ackley from Seattle yesterday, the Yankees made no further moves at this afternoon's trade deadline. New York visits the Chicago White Sox tonight.


The Red Sox snapped a three game losing streak and avoided a four game sweep at the hands of the Chicago White Sox with an 8-2 win last night at Fenway. There were no big deals for Boston at the trade deadline ...the only reported move, acquiring reliever Ryan Cook from Oakland for a player to be named later. The Red Sox host Tampa Bay tonight.


A special group of young ball players from Vermont shared a dream day experience at Fenway Park today. Players from the Vermont Little League Challenger team had Fenway Park all to themselves at a CVS Health All Kids Can Batting Camp. Through the camp, the players experienced what it's like to be a Major League Baseball player for a day as they worked one-on-one with Boston Red Sox Hitting Coach Chili Davis and Assistant Hitting Coach Victor Rodriguez, took on-field batting practice, posed for photos in front of the Green Monster and enjoyed lunch in the Red Sox dugout. The camp is a partnership between CVS and the Red Sox and the Challenger Division of Little League enables boys and girls with physical and mental challenges to enjoy the game of baseball. It was a day nobody will ever forget.


((TRT: 24 ... OC: WOW))


Since 2001, only one team has won the Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl. Over the last two years, New Hampshire has not only picked up victories it has dominated the game, outscoring vermont by a combined total of 85 to 6. That could change tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 when the two teams clash for the 62nd time. Since this is a game for senior football players, the teams are new from year to year. The 2015 Vermont players seem more relaxed and just happy to be playing in this annual tradition rather than focused solely on stopping the losing streak. Walking out of Castleton would mean a lot to team 802, but the guys aren't putting pressure on themselves to do it.


(((Anthony Phillip/"We really don't talk about it that much. It is a charity event. It's just a game, but we've got to go out there and just play the way we know to play, so this comes down to who plays harder."))) (((Dennis Smith/"It's not about rah rah, how many games we've lost in a row or this is the year, nothing like that. Every practice is about making ourselves better, executing better, so that come Saturday we're not thinking about what to do, we're executing."))) This weekend is also the annual East-West game in New Hampshire, so many of the top Granite State players aren't at Castleton this week. The 603 still has quite an impressive Shrine game roster, but Vermont is looking to take advantage of the conflict.


(((John Winslow/"I'm sure they brought a lot of athletes here, but that can maybe play into a factor for us, also being here at Castleton giving us a little home field advantage could help us out. Losing the last two football game I've played in and of course a couple of weeks ago, getting beat in the twin state basketball game. It would definitely be the exclamation point on my high school career. So it would be a personal goal for me.")))


For the first time since the deflategate controversy broke, the NFL and Tom Brady's camp actually agree on something. Today, the league and the players association both requested that a decision over Brady's four game suspension be expedited and a ruling made by September 4th, six days before the Patriots season opener. Later in the day, the judge overseeing the case strongly suggested both Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appear in court on August 12th and 19th. Judge Richard Berman has scheduled conferences on both days and also requested the parties engage in "comprehensive, good-faith settlement discussions prior to the conference on August 12."


The Olympic Games are heading back to Beijing. The Chinese city was picked to host the 2022 Winter Olympics today by the International Olympic Committee. Beijing beat out Almaty in Kazakshtan. They were the only two cities left in the running after Oslo, Munich and Stockholm bowed to public pressure and decided not to bid to host the winter sports showpiece. Beijing becomes the first city to host both a Winter and Summer Olympics after hosting the Summer Games in 2008.



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