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Good evening and thanks for joining us -- I'm Jennifer Costa. And I'm Keith McGilvery. Darren and Kristin have the night off. Legalizing marijuana could bring a lot of cash to the Green Mountain State. That's according to new analysis from a California-based personal finance company. Kyle Midura explains.


Nearly three-point-one billion dollars -- that's how much marijuana could add to public coffers across the country if every state legalized it. That's according to San Francisco based data-crunching company NerdWallet. Several states are considering taxing and regulating the drug like Washington and Colorado do. (00:00:53:00 - PHONER) ((Divya Raghavan - NerdWallet so we wanted to add something to that debate - contribute a little more analysis - how exactly this initiative could benefit your state)) GFX: Analyst Divya Raghavan calculates legal weed would generate eleven-point-four million dollars in the Green Mountain State ... and says that's a conservative estimate. They rounded down for many variables given the pot market is foggier than for products sold at the supermarket. (00:07:00:00 - Phoner) ((Divya Raghavan - NerdWallet it's not a legal industry no one's keeping track of it it's all under the table sales that aren't taxed )) GFX: By comparison -- cigarettes and alcohol taxes generate more than 115-million dollars in Vermont. The projected revenue for marijuana would be higher if lifting the prohibition lifts smoking rates... and if Vermont uses a higher tax rate than Colorado's 15 percent sales tax. Farmer and Progressive State Senator David Zuckerman suggested a steeper tax -- 50 dollars an ounce -- in a proposal that went up in smoke last session. He says legalization would also boost revenue in other Vermont industries. (00:01:02:00) ((Sen. David Zuckerman - P-Chittenden County Vermont's within a day drive of the quarter of the U.S. population, so I think it will augment our ski industry, it will augment our tourism industry )) Zuckerman says weed revenue could be put toward drug treatment efforts -- and thinks legalization could save police resources and allow them to focus on harder drugs. The President of the Vermont's Chiefs of Police Association disagrees. (7:44) ((the cost of legalization of marijuana is going to far exceed what the benefits are going to be )) Vergennes Police Chief George Merkel says the state's problem with hard drugs would only grow if marijuana became legal. He says a federal report on Colorado's legalization indicates since dispensaries opened there, they've seen a spike in doped kids and stoned drivers -- with fatal consequences. (9:40) ((Chief George Merkel - Vergennes Police Chief I don't care how much money you put on the table, it's not worth it that's blood money as far as I'm concerned )) ((KM - STUP CLOSE Lawmakers are expected to seriously consider marijuana legalization when they return to the state house in January. An in-depth study from the Rand Corporation has been ordered -- and all of the candidates for Governor say they would likely sign a recreational pot bill if it landed on their desk. KM, Ch.3 BTV ))


We have links to the marijuana revenue analysis and the federal study from Colorado on our website -- WCAX-DOT-COM.


Vermont State Police say a Newport woman led authorities on a high speed chase across the border into Canada. It started this morning in Derby when police say the woman tried to break into a convenience store armed with a gun. Vermont police responded and gave chase. The car raced across the border in Quebec, where Canadian police picked up the chase. They eventually used spike strips to flatten the car's tires -- and the car went off the road and rolled on its side. Police say the driver was 31-year-old Valentina Velasquez of Newport. She faces numerous charges in Canada and Vermont.


And now to a developing story -- police tell us they're actively involved in a manhunt in Georgia. Authorities are looking for Travis Sweeney. They're concentrating their search efforts in the areas of Ballard Road and Route 7. They say the Georgia man is wanted on escape status and has a history of property crimes and burglaries.


The Londonderry community is celebrating a landmark that's on its way back after being hit by fire. While that was not suspicious -- it's reminding locals of a series of arsons that remain unsolved. Elizabeth Keatinge has this story.


Piece by piece, the First Baptist Church in South Londonderry is being rebuilt. ((Christopher Blackey/co-pastor 23:27:24:11 It feels really good to be finally at this point. :29)) Christopher and Kathleen Blackey had been working as co-pastors for mere months, when in the early morning hours of August 3, 2010 fire ripped through the house of worship. No one was hurt but the building was destroyed. ((Chief George Lang/Londonderry Fire Dept. 2:12 undetermined...the cause was undetermined at the time. 2:15)) Adding to the mystery in the community ... at least four other fires. But those were confirmed arsons -- clustered between the summer and fall of 2011. Then the fires stopped -- and the cases were never solved. ((Det. Sgt. Jeremy Hill/Vt. State Police 00:1:21:19 We had developed a few suspects that we were working on and those leads didn't pan out. 00:04:33:22 The community itself was extremely upset, unnerved and on edge, obviously. :39)) Church members say although the mystery may still exist, they are focused on the future. ((Christopher Blackey 23:27:33:12 It just seemed like such a long ways away, to be actually rebuilding it and it's taken quite a bit of time to get to this point. 23:27:39:13)) The church has 113 members. About 65 attend Sunday service. Over the last four years, they've worshipped at the town hall. The Blackeys say the new design will mirror the 176-year-old church's original design. The church will increase parking -- improve handicap accessibility -- and become more fire resistant. ((Kathleen Blackey/co-pastor: 23:28:41:23 I think in a community like this, history is definitely important and so we wanted to have a style that would fit in our community. :50)) Those working on the construction site include members of the community who are coming together to help bring back a local landmark. ((Pete Cobb/church council 23:38:52:12 I got some equipment, expertise and it's great to be part of the rebuilding process. 23:38:58:09)) Pete Cobb and others say the church is a symbol of important moments in their lives. ((Pete Cobb/church council 23:38:32:09 It's great, you know, I was born and grew up here and I was baptized in the church and married in it, so it's part of the community. :41)) For the Blackeys, seeing the outpouring of support has reinforced what their church is really about. ((Kathleen Blackey/co-pastor 23:34:25:05 The church is not the building, but it's really the people. :28)) ((Elizabeth Keatinge/Londonderry 23:47:35:20 If all goes according to plan, the ten thousand square foot building should be completed by summer of 2015. Ek Ch3 News Londonderry.:45))


He says he killed a man in self-defense -- back in July. Now the Newport man has been found competent to stand trial. Christian Cornelius is currently facing charges unrelated to the stabbing death -- including stalking and failing to appear in court. A judge ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation -- and state doctors determined he's competent. Cornelius has NOT been charged with the death of 35-year-old Isaac Hunt. Cornelius and his brother Garrett -- told us -- Hunt broke into their home -- and they protected themselves. Prosecutors say the investigation into the fatal stabbing is nearly complete.


The Newport man -- who held a police at bay last year -- has been acquitted on other charges. Derek Niles stood on the roof of his home armed with a rifle last September -- in a standoff that lasted five hours. The incident was triggered when Niles called police claiming his house was under siege. He eventually struck a plea deal in that case. But Niles was also facing charges in a separate incident. Police accused him of breaking into his estranged wife's home -- but a jury found him not guilty yesterday on all charges.


Folks are already eyeing the money the owner of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant has pledged for economic development. The nuclear plant in Vernon is scheduled to close at the end of the year. To ease the loss of jobs and tax revenue, Entergy has pledged to put 10-million dollars into an economic development fund over ten years. Officials says 26 applicants - from towns, hospitals and private businesses - have sent in proposals for part of the two million being offered in the first round.


Air travel delays in Burlington -- stemming from problems in the windy city. Authorities say an early morning fire at Chicago's air traffic control center--was deliberately set by an employee. Federal agents say the suspect was found in the building's basement, where the blaze began, with self-inflicted knife wounds and burns to his body. All air traffic in and out of the Chicago area was stopped for hours--delaying some at the Burlington International Airport.


( 01:16:50:02) ((Heather Bowman "We have two flights that are going to Chicago on United, they had about a 4 hour delay. They have since departed and as far as Burlington airport its back to normal operations. We're a little bit overbooked but were trying to work that out.")) (01:17:03:19) Airport officials tell us late this afternoon--some flights to and from Chicago were cancelled in Burlington.

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An old military building in Plattsburgh has sat empty and unused for years. Now some want to see the barracks become a shelter for homeless veterans. Logan Crawford has more.


Eric Trotman is a veteran. He hopes to see the "Old Stone Barracks" building in Plattsburgh turned into a shelter just for homeless vets. (TC 00:01:07:13) ((Eric Trotman/Plattsburgh Veteran "I do hope part of the history that can come in the future will be taking care of these veterans." 00:01:18:12)) The nonprofit group Friends of the Old Stone Barracks are in the process of buying the building for 225-thousand dollars - but what happens next is not clear. The group is holding public meetings to decide what to do. (TC 00:01:42:19) ((Steven Engelhart/Friends of the Old Stone Barracks "We're going to ensure, for the future, that the building is protected as much as possible." 00:01:50:29)) Engelhart says he's open to the idea of a veteran homeless shelter -- but wants a more laid-out plan before saying yes. Steve Bowman is the director of the Clinton County Veterans Service Agency. He's the driving force behind making the nearly 200 year old military facility a place for those who served our country. Bowman says homeless vets in the North Country are hard to see. They may not be living on the streets -- but they have no place to call home. (TC 00:06:16:20 Tile 3925) ((Steven Bowman/Clinton County Veterans Service Agency Director "Living on the buddy's couch this week. Next week they may be at another friend's home. The following week they may be living in a tent our in the woods." 00:06:27:05)) (TC 00:21:29:29 Tile 3942) ((Logan Crawford/Plattsburgh "According to the Veterans Service Agency there are about 30 homeless veterans in Clinton County and most of them are in Plattsburgh. The idea to house these veterans in the Old Stone Barracks would not only give them a place to sleep but a place to eat." 00:21:44:10)) (TC 00:14:14:03 Tile 3925) ((Steven Bowman/Veteran Service Agency Director "My view of this facility would also develop a kitchen, that could feed the residents of that facility at any given date." 00:14:23:23)) Ways to pay for the shelter are still being worked out. (TC 00:11:21:22 Tile 3925) ((Steven Bowman/Veteran Service Agency Director "The veterans themselves, some of it could be paid for the Department of Veteran's Affairs as well. I think it's a combination of multiple different resources that could cover this." 00:11:32:10)) The proposal has to first be accepted by the City of Plattsburgh, the State Preservation Historic Society, and Friends of the Old Stone Barracks... Before work would start on the shelter. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Plattsburgh. -3-


Next week Bowman will be in meetings to figure out what funding resources are available to make this shelter happen.

17} MILK12_VO

Farmers in Vermont are enjoying strong milk prices. Prices paid to farmers have been above 20 dollars per hundredweight since last fall -- peaking at a record high in April -- and remaining close to that into August when farmers saw a price of 25-dollars and 80 cents per hundredweight. Compare that to the summer of 2009 when prices bottomed out at close to 11-dollars. According to the latest figures from the government, Vermont has 132-thousand cows producing milk.


Sometimes all you need is a little luck. And that's exactly what a group of alumni -- from Lyndon State College -- got -- after appearing on Channel 3 a few years ago. They came on -- Across The Fence -- to talk about Vail Mansion ... the house that was once Lyndon Teacher's College. It was torn down in 1974. The group was hoping to find pieces that had been salvaged during demolition. Stephen Tillotson was watching at his home in East Corinth.


(TC - 01:48:25:00) ((Stephen Tillotson/Tillotson Trading "I say wait a minute, I said that stuff I just bought there was a whole room full of it up in Lyndonville not a stone's throw from the college. Oh geez, yah know, that railing that came out of there. That came out of something special. I didn't know, but ... I said, that's worth a call.)) Join Julie tomorrow morning from 6am to 8am to hear what happened next. She'll have the Vermont mystery solved after forty years. Then tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 there will be a presentation on the Lyndon campus by some of the people who rescued some of Vail Mansion's most treasured pieces.


We are marking a milestone here at Channel 3. The station went on the air 60 years ago today. The history of the station and its impact on the state is at the heart of a documentary that aired right here earlier tonight. The station is unique in today's media landscape - one of the few family-owned TV stations left. The Martins come to work here every day as they have for the last 6 decades. The documentary shows how the family brought TV to Vermont for the very first time - and how that changed the state. WCAX became part of the everyday experience for generations of Vermonters and innovations here continue to resonate. You can watch Vermont's Own Legacy: 60 Years of WCAX when it airs again on Saturday afternoon at 1:30.


(( Ken Squier "What an outstanding story, congradulations Channel 3.'))


Federal re-permitting of The Waterbury Dam and Hydro-power project -- is raising concerns As Alexei Rubenstein found out -- some are wondering if the Waterbury reservoir will remain suitable for paddlers and other recreational use.


Umiak outfitters in Stowe is in the paddling business -- mainly Kayaks, Canoes and paddleboards. During the summer, they rent down the road at the Waterbury Reservoir. (00:03:56:03) ((Steve Brownlee/Umiak Outfitters "I'm thinking there's probably easily 50-thousand paddlers a season.)) (00:00:39:04) ((Steve Brownlee/Umiak Outfitters "for our customer base of paddlers, it's kind of the premier spot)) But the paddling business -- as well as other recreational uses -- like swimming -- could be impacted by a federal re- permitting process for the waterbury dam -- that could result in lower water levels in the reservoir. Green Mountain Power's permit to produce hyrdopower expired two years ago -- and must be renewed by FERC --the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission As part of that renewal, state officials are raising decades-old questions about how varying water levels in the reservoir -- designed to accommodate recreation -- also effect water quality and wildlife. ((00:18:22:14 David Mears/Vt DEC Commissioner "There's water quality impacts of that in terms of the amount of fluctuations that would happen and the erosion from the banks. There would be a loss of some upstream wetlands habitat and some stream habitat)) ((AR STANDUP: The FERC re-permitting process is all the more complicated because of four sometimes competing interests that need to be balanced. They include Wildlife protection, recreation, power production and most importantly flood mitigation.)) Important -- because the dam was originally built in the 1930's to prevent catastrophic flooding. The water level is lowered every winter to make room for spring run-off. When summer arrives, the water level is increased to benefit recreation. (TC 00:17:51:01 Tile 3021)((David Mears/Vt DEC Commissioner "If it were kept at a lower level there would be more capacity to store flood water, and its not that keeping it at the higher level is an unacceptable flood risk. We wouldn't put any option that where public safety threats that were unacceptable, but its just a range of where on the spectrum we as a community and a state most comfortable.)) ((File )) Area residents are all too familiar with what it's like to go without the reservoir. In 2000, workers drained it for repairs on the dam -- leaving the area high and dry. They are not interested in permanently lowering it. (00:01:43:25)(( Steve Brownlee/Umiak Outfitters The reservoir would be only a fraction of its size so it would no longer be the great destination for people to go)) (00:20:55:19) David Mears/Vt DEC Commissioner "There's a whole lot of things to balance in this case which makes this particular decision a particularly challenging one for our Department)) State officials hope to come up with a plan for the reservoir water levels by the end of the year... Alexei Rubenstein -- Channel 3 News -- Waterbury


A public hearing to review options for the reservoir is scheduled for October 7 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Thatcher Brook Primary School.


Dan is here. A great looking weekend ahead?


Tonight: Clear skies. Areas of fog. Low 45/55. Wind light. Saturday: Morning fog. Sunny and warm. High 73/80. Wind light. Saturday Night: Clear skies. Areas of fog. Low 45/55. Wind light. Sunday: Morning fog. Sunny and warm. High 75/82. Wind light. Monday: Partly cloudy. Chance of showers, late. High 65/72. Low 45/52. Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 63/70. Low 40s. Wednesday: Partly sunny. High 60s. Low 40s. Thursday: Partly sunny. High 60s. Low 40s. Friday: Partly sunny. High 60s.



A somber vigil in St. Albans Thursday night for a Highgate mom gunned down last year. Anna Alger's friends and family gathered by St Albans Bay on the anniversary of her death. She was allegedly shot during a road rage incident. The accused gunman -- Matthew Webster of Swanton. Police say the two nearly collided at an intersection -- argued -- and that's when Webster allegedly pulled a gun on Alger -- and fired the fatal shot.


(46:30 Amanda Moore/Best friend)(("you would think time would take away the pain of losing Anna, but it has only made it worse." )) Matthew Webster is still awaiting trial. We're told that will likely start either this month or sometime in October.


Are you heading to downtown Burlington this weekend? Well be ready for traffic delays. The Department of Public Works will be doing an emergency repair on a sewage pipe--on Main Street between South Winooski and South Union streets. The eastbound lane will be shut down. The department says a 100 year old pipe collapsed--and was causing sewage backups in the area. Public works officials say they are working to shore-up the city's aging infrastructure.


(01:14:18:20) ((Rob Green "Theres new technology out there to fix sewer pipes. So we do have to dig to repair this line, but once we repair it, there's a lining you can go from manhole to manhole that will make that pipe like brand new and you don't have to dig up the whole road.")) (01:14:33:09) The city is asking people to seek alternate routes. Repairs are set to begin early Saturday morning--and continue through Sunday night.


A Milton man's lot is no longer considered a junkyard under Vermont statute. That decision came in a recent ruling from the Agency of Natural Resources. George McCrae has stopped salvage operations at his towing business on Middle Road. McCrae also agreed to pay a 45-hundred dollar fine and to clean up junk metal on his property. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports's week five of the Vermont high school football season ...the halfway point in the schedule and the playoff push begins in ernest this weekend in all three divisions... It will be a busy night in Division One ...highlighted by 3-0 St. Johnsbury looking to remain perfect as they take the long trip down I-91 to face Brattleboro...that is one of five D-1 matchups on the docket this evening... including Rutland at Essex...BFA visiting Hartford...Colchester at Mount Anthony...and here at South Burlington, where the Rebels will play host to Mount Mansfield...


A total of eight games around the state tonight...Woodstock hosts Mill River... Oxbow is at Springfield...and Milton hosts Otter Valley in a non-division matchup ...we will have all the action covered tonight at 11pm in the Friday Football Frenzy ...


Tomorrow, Burr & Burton looks to remain undefeated when the Bulldogs travel to Bellows Falls to take on the Terriers. Burr & Burton is 3-0 coming off a rivalry win over D-1 Mount Anthony. Bellows Falls is 3-1 ...bouncing back from their home loss to Rice two weeks ago with a victory last Friday night at North Country. With games against Rice and Fair Haven looming, Burr & Burton knows it will be tested the second half of the season, and the first test is tomorrow.


(((TRT: 20 OC" COMING AT YOU... "Defense is going to be key, all they do is run and pass a little bit... I think our secondary will do a good job, all we have to do is stop the run, that's the key. They're a good football team, well conditioned, physical... I think our message is Bulldog strong, we're coming at you.")))


That is one of eight matchups on Saturday ...4-0 Middlebury visits CVU...4-0 Rice hosts North Country... U-32 and Fairfax has the potential to be a good one in Division Three...Burlington has the week off. Look for all those scores and highlights tomorrow night following SEC football here on Channel Three.


Coming up later... Derek Jeter's amazing final night at Yankee Stadium...and opening day action at the Ryder Cup...


(( Cioffi : "Wow 60 years of Channel 3 WCAX was an institution in my house growing up, its where we got our news, weather and sports. All our favorite tv shows. Wow, 60 years congradulations wcax."))


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in 68 children are diagnosed with autism. But much about the disorder remains unknown. And as Wendy Gillette found out -- new research may change that.


(beep shot is from behind/then go to quick shot of closeup at 6961 for name) Cuba Cooper.... NATS beep ...and Nalani (neigh-lah-knee) Roland have autism. They are taking part in a study that could someday help classify- and diagnose autism earlier. NATS beep (another shot and beep from either of the tests) Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine are testing how quickly children with autism recognize a tone and picture of a circle....(closeup of brainwaves 6964) These electrodes measure both the child's brainwaves and how fast the brain responds to sights and sounds. SOT: (Sophie Molholm, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine) "Within the first quarter of a second, or within the first tenth of a second, how's this information being processed." Standup: (Wendy Gillette/CBS News) "Researchers found that children with autism process this type of sensory information more slowly than typically developing children." For the new study, Forty-three autistic children ages 6 to 17 were tested. Scientists hope their work can one day be used as a tool for earlier diagnosis.. and help doctors more accurately pinpoint where a child falls the autism spectrum. Nats Cuba's mom Selene Cooper says that's important for families SOT: (Selene Cooper/Patient's mother) "Even with the help that Cuba got, if I didn't do the early intervention, I don't think he would be at the level he is right now." She credits his more than 10 years of treatment for helping him do well in school. Wendy Gillette, for CBS News, New York.


The research was published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities. That's health watch.


Dan is back. A big foliage weekend coming up. It's really nice when the foliage season lines up with nice weather. It doesn't always work out that way, but at least for the weekend, and most of next week we're in pretty good shape.


(( Frmr Gov. Douglas "Congradulations Channel 3 on the first 60 years of service best wishes for many more."))


There's no denying that Fall is here. Leaf peepers are looking and wood piles are growing. And in the Queen City -- Photographer Bob Davis -- found one last clue summer is over.


outcue : right on brother.


Don't worry... Beansie's will be back next season -- but until then .. Those signature french fries will just have to wait.


A man in Bristol has a new lease on life. That's because he is the first civilian in Vermont to receive a new high tech device invented for the Military. Judy Simpson has the story.


When James Cole was a young man he was very active and played alot of sports, until he was sidelined by an accident. ((Tile1576_01 James Cole/ Has IDEO Braces 00:00:05:09" It was 25 years ago I was living in Boston at the time and I ended up taking a fall from a second story apartment building , the window ledge of the second story, landed on my feet on the sidewalk and smashed my ankles all to bits." 00:00:23:05)) There are 4 inch plates on the front of both James' shins. There are 12 screws holding the bones together. Even walking for short distances has been very painful. He thought he would have to live like this for the rest of his life, until a year ago -- when he saw a news report about a new kind of high tech leg brace called IDEO, short for Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis. A carbon fiber brace designed for soldiers with wounded legs, as an alternative to amputation. (( Tile1576_01 00:02:01:11 James Cole/ Has IDEO Braces "And at that time it was only available to military or service personnel I followed the story for a while and when it became available to the public I got in touch with the designer of the product to start heading in that direction." 00:02:20:25)) Several months ago James traveled to the Hanger Clinic in Washington state to begin the process. A plaster cast was made of his legs, and the braces were built. James went back to the clinic last month and spent a week getting the devices fitted and tested. And -- James trained to use them. ((Tile1576_01 James Cole/ Has IDEO Braces 00:05:13:29" So it has stablizers on the sides so when you are doing lateral motion it keeps you from rolling over it is custom formed to your foot fits right inside your shoe the rods on the back are the struts is what they call them , as you step forward they flex." 00:05:31:11)) The results have been dramatic. Within hours James was able to run, something he has not done in 25 years. But now there is another challenge, how to pay for the devices that cost almost 9 thousand dollars each. James' insurance won't cover it. So the family has started an online fund raising effort to help defray some of the cost. James says it is going well, family and friends are pitching in. Meanwhile he continues to get used to his new devices one step at a time, last week he walked a total of ten miles. Getting back in shape will take baby steps. ((Tile 1584_01 00:11:07:07 James Cole / I would really like to be able to do 4 or 5 miles a day, get back in shape and be able to do things again that people my age should be able to do." 00:11:17:11)) James also wants to help spread the word about the new techonology in the hopes others will be able to take the next step in their recovery. JS CHannel three news Bristol.


We will have a link to James' website in our infocenter at wcax dot com.


Derek Jeter's final game at Yankee Stadium couldn't have been scripted more perfect. It started with an RBI double in his first at bat...and ended with one last moment of magic that seemed too good even for Hollywood. Mark Strassmann reports from the Bronx. ((TRT: 1:20 ... OC: CBS NEWS, NEW YORK)) ((ANNOUNCER) "Well he script is there, the last page is in Derek's hands…")) ((WITH THE SCORE TIED IN THE BOTTOM OF THE NINTH…. DEREK JETER'S LAST SWING IN YANKEES STADIUM…WAS A WALKOFF. )) (((ANNOUNCER) "base hit to right field, here comes Richardson, here's the throw from mark hakis…Richardson is safe…Derek Jeter ends his final game with a walk off single." )) ((A FITING END FOR THE PLAYER WHO BECAME THE FACE OF THE FRANCHISE. )) ((REPORTER) "what are you going to miss most about this uniform and this place?")) ((JETER) "everything, but most importantly, I'm going to miss the fans, they're what made this special.)) ((JETER'S TWO HITS, THREE RBIS AND ONE RUN SCORED DID NOT DISAPOINT THE SOLD OUT CROWD… WHICH INCLUDED HIS FAMILY….AND A SURPRISE APPEARANCE FROM SOME OLD TEAMMATES. AFTER THE GAME, JETER MADE A SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT OF HIS OWN. (JETER) "today was my last game playing shortstop. You know i wanted to take something special from Yankee stadium... and, and the view from short stop here tonight is what i want to take from it." Mark Strassman/ SO JETER IS DONE PLAYING SHORTSTOP BUT HE IS GOING TO BOSTON TO PLAY IN THE YANKEES FINAL THREE GAMES OF THE SEASON AGAINST THE RED SOX, HE'S GOING TO BE THE TEAM'S DESIGNATED HITTER. MARK STRASSMAN, CBS NEWS, NEW YORK.))


perhaps inspired by the Captain's final night in the Bronx... the Giants played their best game of the season last night at Washington. Eli Manning three four touchdown passes... three to tight end Larry Donnell...and another on a one yard touchdown dive...and the Giants defense forced six turnovers ... including four second half interceptions of Washington QB Kirk Cousins as the Giants rolled to a 45-14 win to improve to 2-2. The Patriots are in action Monday night at Kansas City.


The Middlebury College football team is making the long bus ride to Waterville, Maine to face Colby College tomorrow afternoon. The Panthers are coming off season opening 22-14 loss to Wesleyan last Saturday at Alumni Stadium. An 0-2 start would likely dash Middlebury's hopes of a second straight NESCAC title, but right now, the focus is on just getting better.


((TRT: 09 ... OC: DIALED IN))


that's one of three games tomorrow involving our local college teams... Castelton is on the road at Alfred State ...Norwich has the weekend off... and after a five year hiatus the Granite Bowl is back... Dartmouth, coming off their season opening win last weekend at home against Central Connecticut, visits fourth ranked New Hampshire in Durham. The kickoff is at 6pm ...the first ever night game at Cowell Stadium.


The college hockey season at UVM gets underway tonight as the Vermont women take on McGill University in their lone exhibition game. It will be a 7pm start at Gutterson. There are increased expectations surrounding the Catamounts as they look to build off the best season in programs history. A record 18 wins and a first ever trip to the Hockey East semifinals. The Cats open the season for real a week from tonight at Bemidji State, so the team will be looking to put in a sharp performance this evening.




The 2014 Ryder Cup is off and running. Today was opening day of the three day competition at Gleneagles, Scotland. T The morning four ball matches...highlighted by Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson facing Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia...the match was tightly contested, although not very well played overall...there were some moments of brilliance, like Garcia holing out a birdie chip from the bunker on four...the match would see-saw... Europe one up early... the U-S goes two up after ten...then the Europeans charge back to lead one up heading to 16...on 16 Bradley hits a brilliant second shot into the par-5 and drains the eagle putt to square the match...and then on 18, Mickelson drops in the short birdie putt to win the match 1 up...overall...the U-S wins two and ties a third of the four morning matches to take a 2 1/2 to 1 1/2 point lead... --- but in the afternoon alternate shot, the Bradley/Mickelson magic ends...they manage just one birdie ...the European pair of Graeme McDowll and rookie Victor Dubuisson jump out to a quick 3up lead and hand Keegan and Phil their first Ryder Cup loss as a pair... overall...Europe won three and tied the fourth afternoon match to take a 5-3 lead after day one. Bradley and Mickelson are not playing in the morning matches tomorrow.



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