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Shouts of terror today in Jericho -- but this was only a test. Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Alex Apple. Kristin is off tonight. Emergency response training continues across Vermont -- preparing first responders for worst case scenarios.


((NAT of plague)) Vermont's national guard carrying Vermonters with blood streaming out of their eyes to a decontamination tent. A simulation of the emergency response should a plague strike in the Green Mountains. ((Brig Gen. Michael Heston 41:29 It's to stress us to the maximum point possible to see where we need resources.)) Friday in Jericho first responders were treating dozens of patients for the plague when their commanders added another wrinkle. A mock earthquake -- injuring dozens, trapping others. ((bRIG Gen. Michael Heston 39:48 Our biggest mission is being prepared for natural disasters as a national guard resource.)) A debris pile was built ahead of time for responders to search. National Guardsmen and women had to quickly diagnose what affliction actors like Sean Roberts were portraying. ((Sean Roberts/Acting out plague 28:19 I had the plague, so makeup did all this to me, messed with me and everything.)) Roberts was given medicine and hosed down -- but National Guardsmen moved on to help others when they realized Roberts was going to die. ((Sean Roberts/Acting out plague 28:49 Once they realized what I had, they knew I was going to pass away soon.)) Each Vigilant Guard emergency training exercise stresses a different part of an emergency response. The National Guard would lead any response to a natural disaster. ((Brig Gen Michael Heston 40:09 I don't know what the future brings so I can't prepare for it, but we have to be prepared to respond to it.))


Emergency training exercises continue across the state. They go until next Wednesday.


A near drowning in Thetford -- and the victim is not expected to make it. It happened Tuesday evening at the Treasure Island Recreation Area. The family has asked not to be identified but told authorities their son will not likely survive. The family plans to remain in the hospital until their son's organs can be donated.


A high risk sex offender set to land back on the streets next week. Police are warning about Sean Guillette who was convicted of molesting 10 and 11 year old girls -- he targeted -- at random -- at a South Burlington Mall back in 1999. He also has a 1991 conviction for a similar offense. On Tuesday he'll be a free man -- after maxing out his prison sentence. As a result, the department of corrections will no longer have any supervision.


((Sgt. Christopher Nadeau/CUSI: TC: 12:07 "When someone gets designated as a high risk and he's an untreated sex offender from his time in Corrections when those conditions get made we feel it's the police's or law enforcements duty to notify people, to make them aware that someone is coming out.)) Guillette is expected to live in Essex Junction after his release. Police are asking citizens to report anything suspicious activity they see.


A new drug for opiate addicts gives them a slow drip of medicine over six months. More doctors in Vermont will soon be able to administer the drug is probuphine -- implanted into a patient's arm to slowly release buprenorphine into the bloodstream. The FDA just approved the drug in May -- and very few doctors can currently give patients the medicine. The instructors at a training today in Burlington told phyisicans the drug could be helpful for working class Vermonters who cannot take medication on a daily or weekly basis.

8} 1STWX

Current temps: Temperatures are in the upper 70s and low 80s. But the humidity has really fallen across northern parts of our region, and they will stay down over the weekend. Temp/dewpoint: You can see the drop this afternoon in the dewpoint, ...A good sign for a comfortable sleeping night. Temp/dewpoint forecast: And you can see it stays low over the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday for a very comfortable weekend. Tonight: Clear skies. Patchy fog. Lows: 53/60 Winds: Light Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs: 75/82 Winds: N 5-10 mph Saturday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 55/62 Winds: Light Sunday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers, esp south. Highs: 73/80 Winds: Light


Lyme Disease cases -- on the rise in Vermont. And have been since 2005. With cases reported in every county. Several Vermont colleges are studying Lyme -- and how it's spread. Judy Simpson reports.


This is year three of Green Mountain College's tick research project. Being funded through a 75 thousand grant from the Vermont Genetics Network which is based at UVM. ((Bill Landesman/Green Mountain College 00:00:15:11" We are trying to understand how the risk of acquiring Lyme Disease in nature varies from place to place.")) The students, under the direction of Professor Bill Landesman are collecting ticks in several locations near the Poultney campus ,tracking population size. And then researching the DNA in the tick's gut looking for the bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi( Borr-elly-a bregdore fry) which causes Lyme Disease. ((Bill again 00:02:38:19" After it starts feeding the bacteria will multiply and grow in the gut once a critical threshold of bacteria is reached they are able to make their way into the salivary glands and ultimately into the host which could be a person or another animal." 00:02:54:15)) And trying to determine why certain animals transmit the disease while others may not. ((Bill again 00:01:40:20" For example the white footed mouse a forest dwelling mouse is much more likely to pass on the pathogen than something like a skunk or even a deer. 00:01:52:10 deer are important for boosting the population of tick numbers but actually not in transmitting the pathogen." 00:01:59:21)) Another goal Landesman says is to understand why the risk of Lyme DIsease is so different across the state. ((Bill again 00:04:55:00" Southern Vermont for example has a higher number of reported cases vs the northern part of the state. We would like to understand why." 00:05:06:00)) And he hopes the work will help raise awareness to prevent people from getting tick bites in the first place. JS CHANNEL 3 NEWS BURLINGTON


Vermont Gas says it has now secured right-of-way access for its entire 41-mile pipeline project. The final piece of the puzzle was a route thru a public park in the town of Hineburg. The company announced today is has reached a deal with the town selectboard. Vermont Gas agree to invest in recreational use, habitat protection and land convervation. The Hinesburg section still needs approval from the state Public Service Board due to concerns about wetlands. Vermont Gas says having a favorable agreement with the town is a "critical component" going into next week's PSB hearing.


Debate still stirs in the city of Rutland over whether the mayor acted within his authority in working with the refugee resettlement program. The city's board of aldermen sat down with the city attorney this week and discussed getting an official legal opinion - to determine if Mayor Chris Louras violated the city charter. The board will vote on Monday if they want to go through with the investigation. President William Notte believes there's no reason the majority won't vote yes.


((William Notte//Board President 10:23-10:43: "I think it makes sense whether you are in favor or refugee resettlement or opposed to it or merely want to put it in limbo until more questions can be answered, wherever you fall on the fence, I think it makes sense to have the city attorney conduct this inquiry just to be able to confirm that everything is fine or point out where things need to be fixed.")) ((Mayor Chris Louras//Rutland, VT 35:49-35:58: "through this entire process, if nothing else, I've been truthful when answering every question, so I'm an open book on this. I don't have a problem with anyone reviewing my actions.")) The mayor has announced a resettlement cabinet that he will turn to for information and advice on the subject. He hopes to fill the committee with people with differing opinions on the issue.


In her acceptance speech, Clinton said when any barrier falls in America "it clears the way for everyone" She highlighted her experience and her differences with Republican Donald Trump -- saying she'll help build a healthy economy "for everyone, not just those at the top." Clinton also took time during her speech to thank her former rival -- Bernie Sanders.


((HILLARY CLINTON, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE "Bernie, your campaign inspired millions of Americans, particularly the young people who threw their hearts and souls into our primary.")) Republican Donald Trump's campaign reacted to her speech calling it "an insulting collection of clichés and recycled rhetoric." Clinton portrayed Trump as reckless, saying "a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons." . Now the general election campaign between Clinton and Trump begins in earnest. They have about 100 days left to persuade Americans to vote for them in November.


Senator Bernie Sanders says his revolution will continue -- and wants his supporters to back candidates with their shared ideas and values. So who fits the bill in Vermont? Political reporter Kyle Midura has the story from Philadelphia.


Forget taking the White House... Vermont's Senator Bernie Sanders contends the greatest purpose of his presidential campaign is starting a political revolution. Shannon Jackson -- will serve as the insurgency's general. (From Thursday piece ) ((Shannon Jackson - 'Our Revolution' Executive Director from school board all the way up to Governors and Congress there's candidates in every one of those races that we can influence )) All three of Vermont's state's democratic gubernatorial candidates claim they best embody the firebrand. So far though -- Sanders has only endorsed one candidate in the state -- Rep. Chris Pearson's run for a Chittenden County seat in the state senate. (From Thursday Piece ) ((KM: will there be more to come? SJ: you'll have to ask Sen. Sanders.)) On the morning of the Philadelphia Convention's final day -- Gov. Peter Shumlin spoke to the delegations from Northern New England. He bemoaned the lack of elected female office-holders from the top of tickets nationwide, especially in Vermont, adding a woman candidate's career would end quickly if she used the rhetoric of Bernie Sanders. (0:18:58:00) ((I'm going to hold a political revolution, and it's goign to be huuuuuge, as we go across this country and fight for social justice. I'm sorry team, you cannot do that. Ask Maggie Hassan)) But he says his pleas for electing females should not be heard as an endorsement of the only woman in Vermont's top race from either party: Sue Minter. ( 01:22:22:00) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin I've been running neutral in the Democratic primary for Governor continue to for now. What I can tell you is, I feel really passionately that we need more women as chief executives )) (nats?) Former Gov. Madeleine Kunin has backed Minter -- as have two state representatives also in Vermont's convention delegation. (01:44:55:00 ) ((Mary Sullivan - Vermont Delegate for Sanders I do like the fact that she's a woman, but it's not really the reason I'm supporting her)) (01:43:57:00) ((Mary Sullivan - I think she's a star, and she also really knows how to make government work)) (01:42:26:00) ((Laura Simon - Vt. Superdelegate I think it's going to be Matt Dunne for me)) Most of the Bernie-pledged delegates who spoke with us shared that opinion. (01:39:52:00) ((Ashley Andreas - Vermont Delegate for Sanders Peter Galbraith no doubt is super-progressive, really good guy, but Matt was the 1st candidate for Governor to endorse Bernie Sanders)) (01:40:12:00) ((Ashley Andreas - Vermont Delegate for Sanders I'd like to see a strong candidate wtih progressive values who can beat Phil Scott)) Sanders won 86 percent of Vermont's primary vote, and there's a good chance input from Sanders could swing the state's Governor's race. (01:51:33:00) ((Matt Birong - Vermont Delegate for Sanders it's a coin flip for me right now. I really have to sit down, do some thingking and figure out which direction I'm going to go with that)) But at this point -- with state primaries just around the corner -- Sanders' revolutionary battles will largely be fought in the general election. Kyle Midura CH 3 News Philadelphia


A Wallingford woman is looking to make some changes in Rutland County by establishing an N-double-A-C-P chapter in the city. Tabitha Pohl-Moore grew up in Rutland County, a predominantly white area. After coming back to raise her family - and after seeing the state's first chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People last year in Chittenden County - Polh-Moore hopes to fill what she feels is a void in the Rutland African-American community.


((Tabitha Pohl-Moore//Organizing Committee Chair: "we certainly need to start to tackle some of the issues that our residents are talking about in terms of voice and visibility and discrimination and fairness. Things like housing and jobs, economic opportunities, things that are happening in the jails...making sure that we're having a forum for dialogue.")) Pohl-Moore hopes to garner 100 members which is needed in order to get chartered - which she hopes will happen by October. The first meeting is on August 3rd at 6pm at the Rutland Free Library.


A new judge in Chittenden County. Governor Peter Shumlin appointed Greg Glennon -- to replace retiring Judge -- Susan Fowler -- at superior court. Glennon was most recently general counsel to the Education Agency.


The weekend is almost here and Alex you are joining the weekend crew tomorrow morning. That's right. here is a preview of some of the stories that we'll featuring.


(NATS) It's the music that defined a generation. (NATS) and it's calling all wizards and witches around.. (01042500) ((The newest harry potter adventure is coming out tonight,,,harry potter and cursed child...jk rowling is once again looking to captivate audiences with her magic and put a spell on anyone that reads it..)) (NATS) Nick Borelli will be sharing a bit of his childhood with us. (01:01:17:00-01:01:24: 00) ((NB: Maybe you're like me and you're itching to cool off this summer. We'll believe it or not the north pole is in our own backyard. In this week's destination recreation we'll take you there with a trip to Santa's Village)) (NATS) And the french fry tour is heading to randolph for some backyard barbecue. 00241120) ((//we are at the final stop of the french fry tour in vermont...vermont maple bbq where so many of you recommended. Im here with the owners david and pauline as well as the yantz family who recommened us to come here in vermont we are here for one big giant cheers...321 guys. cheers! You guys did it and you were right! That story is coming up on the weekend )) then on sunday. (00:28:22:00-00:28:28: 00) ((Charissa Parent, Hinesburg: I like picking them and eating them and making blueberry pie with my grandpa and my nana)) Blueberries are fresh and ripe for the taking...we head to farm in richmond for a taste...


All those stories and more including some cooking with Nick and Alex Hirsch. All that coming up tomorrow morning from 6 to 8 am and then on sunday at 8 am right after you can quote me.


Visitors are flocking to the Adirondacks. Rose Spillman tells us why tourism numbers -- are up.


Thousands come to the Adirondacks each year to explore the wilderness and all it has to offer. In Tupper Lake, Raquette River Outfitters sees visitors from as far as Europe ready to get out on the water. ((Anne Fleck/Raquette River Outfitters 2170 05:50:07 "In the past few years we've been getting more and more people. Our business has grown a little bit, so it's nice to see out of towners coming to the area to enjoy the wilderness." 05:50:18)) New York officials say tourism's economic impact across the state is at an all time high--up 25 percent since 2010. In 2015, the Adirondacks region alone brought in more than $1.3 billion in direct visitor spending--up 14 percent from 2010. Places like the Wild Center have seen the growing interest in the learning about nature. ((Jen Kretser/Wild Center Director of Programs 2150 05:39:30 "Really experience the Adirondacks from a lot of different perspectives, whether you're on Wild Walk, or you're exploring it from a canoe, or you're face to face with an otter. We also have opportunities and programs for people that want to dive deeper." 05:39:43)) The Wild Center features an indoor and outdoor museum with activities for kids and adults to learn about the Adirondacks. This year is the center's 10th anniversary, but they're also celebrating the one year anniversary of a new attraction--called the Wild Walk. ((Savannah Vavrina/14 Years Old 05:44:46 "We've gone all throughout the inside and there's otters and cool stuff, and so we just got out here, and we're on the birds nest, and then we're gonna head to the spider web." 05:44:55)) ((Rose Spillman/Tupper Lake 2167 05:49:02 "Over the years, the Wild Center has seen between 50 and 60,000 visitors each year, but when their Wild Walk opened up, they had a huge success with over 150,000 visitors coming in to see the attraction." 05:49:15)) The walk takes guests up into the trees across swinging bridges, into a giant eagles nest, and a giant spiders web. Officials say it's brought guests not only into their museum but also into their community. ((Jen Kretser/Wild Center Director of Programs 2150 05:37:21 "Those people are bringing in their families and their friends and staying locally and eating locally, and so it's been a really big boost to tourism, not just for the Wild Center, but for the whole area." 05:37:33)) Fleck says the region has a lot to offer. ((Anne Fleck/Racquette River Outfitters 2170 05:50:42 "From here there's lots of nice little day trips that you can do right here on Tupper Lake on the Simon Pond and the Raquette River. We have a great trip that goes up to the Wild Center. They can paddle to the Wild Center and get out and go through the museum there and come back so it's a nice loop trip." 05:50:58)) Exploring New York from the water, ground, or treetops--all possible in the Adirondacks. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Tupper Lake.

26} WAR12_VO

World War I medals will soon find their way back to the family of the hero who earned them. An interview on Channel 3 with Purple Hearts Reunited founder Captain Zachariah Fike caught Burlington resident -- Leon Urbaitel's attention. He says four military medals came into his possession while he was working in New York City years ago -- but they didn't belong to anyone he knew. He contacted Fike -- who soon found out that the family of the soldier the medals were awarded to lives in Vermont.


((TC 23:56:16 Leon Urbaitel/Burlington: "I mean you talk about coincidence. That's really a coincidence. So here we are THursday in a framing shop putting all the medals together with the story. He got a picture of the soldier and we're thrilled. Now this is for a World War I soldier so its been hidden in my desk for over 40 years and here we are now." 24:15:27)) The medals were awarded to Private Frank Dunnell Jr. He served with the 107th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division. He died on August 6th, 1958. Captain Fike says they're still deciding when they'll return the medals to his family.


A little -- chef from Fairfax-- took one big trip! Miranda Gallagher traveled to Washington, DC with her mom -- to meet First Lady Michelle Obama. The trip comes after the 9-year-old's recipe for chicken salad wraps -- took home top honors for Vermont in a nationwide contest. Winners from all 50 states were invited to meet with the first lady at the White House. Miranda shared her winning recipe -- with us on the :30. You can find it on our website Congratulations, Miranda!


Temperatures: A beautiful day today and a beautiful evening ahead. We have temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. Dewpoint: And the dewpoints have dropped so we are seeing lots of 50s showing up. A much more comfortable airmass, although the humidity has been hanging on in southern parts of Vermont. National temperatures RPM: over the next several days, you can see the heat trying to build through the middle of the country, but it never gets too too hot up in northern parts of New England. RPM: here’s what we are expecting this weekend, tons of sunshine tomorrow, and pleasant temperatures. Then Saturday night, we see the moisture from this front moving back up from the south, bringing some wet weather mainly through the overnight hours and into the morning in southern parts of our region. There will still be the chance for a few more showers, mainly in the south. Surface: Here's that pesky cold front to our south and the disturbance that will push it back out way. Highs pressure will win out early next week, bringing us some beautiful weather through the middle of next week.


Tonight: Clear skies. Patchy fog. Lows: 53/60 Winds: Light Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs: 75/82 Winds: N 5-10 mph Saturday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 55/62 Winds: Light Sunday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers, esp south. Highs: 73/80 Winds: Light Extended: Monday through Friday. Sunday night: Partly cloudy, chance of showers. Lows 55/62 Monday: Partly sunny, chance of showers. Highs 70/77 Lows 55/62 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 75/82 Lows 55/62 Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs 80s Lows 55/65 Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 80s Lows 55/65 Friday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers/Tstorm. Highs 80s



A Canadian rugby player died of an apparent heart attack at a tournament in Saranac Lake. Officials say Gerhart Vidt collapsed this morning during a match at the 43rd annual Can-Am Rugby Tournament. A group of players gave him CPR -- and used a defibrillator -- but he died at the hospital.

33} FUCCI12_VO

A Wilder man who plotted to kill his former business partner and girlfriend isn't getting out of jail anytime soon. Louis Fucci pleaded guilty in 20-13 for paying a hit man to pull off the plot. The well known DJ and business man appealed his 10-to-15 year sentence this spring, saying he was suffering from a perfect storm of life troubles at the time of the crime. But the judge ruled his actions warranted "substantial punishment."


A Plattsburgh man says he didn't pull a fast one -- at a fishing derby. Craig Provost claimed to catch a record-setting walleye during last summer's L-C-I Father's Day fishing derby. He collected more 13-thousand dollars in prize money. But police say his friend -- who was not eligible for the higher-tier prize -- actually caught the fish. Invesigators say Provost then split the prize money with his friends. He pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of false pretenses.


Starting Line Sports, it's a tradition in hockey: when a team wins a championship, the players each get a day with the trophy. Today, a familiar face was back in Cat Country, and he had the American Hockey League's grand prize in tow. Jack Fitzsimmons has the story.


((JF: "back on June 11th, the Lake Erie Monsters defeated the Hershey Bears in overtime to sweep the 2016 Calder Cup Finals. Two former UVM captains were members of that team and today, 2006 grad Jaime Sifers brought the Calder Cup back in Burlington." Sifers starred for the Ice Cats for four years and is one of only two players to serve as captain for three seasons in Burlington. He has played in various pro leagues in the decade since, including NHL stints with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Minnesota Wild. This past season, Sifers served an assistant captain for the Columbus Blue Jacket's AHL affiliate in Cleveland. But he says it was an obvious choice to spend his day with the Calder in Vermont. Sifers: "I have a house here, I live here, and I want to live here when I'm done, so this is a very special place for me and I wanted nothing but to share this with the area I want to come back to and the people I want to be with." There were a few people in particular Sifers felt it was important to share his Cup day with: his coaches at UVM, Kevin Sneddon and Mike Gilligan. Sifers: "it was obviously a huge moment in my career for my family and myself. It was a great moment to share with them and I just wanted to share it with my past coaches who coached me here at Vermont and had a huge impact on my career as a hockey player and as a person." Current head man Kevin Sneddon coached Sifers for his final three seasons at UVM, and he says it's great for the program to have alumni come back with trophies. Sneddon: "I think this is another opportunity for us to celebrate our alums, to put another picture up on the wall of somebody holding a very significant award in their hands, and when our current players, first year players all the way through our seniors, walk through the hallways here and see these guys and how well they've done, it serves as inspiration for them to continue to develop and take advantage of the opportunities to enjoy the moment while they're here at UVM." JF: "now Sifers isn't the only local college hockey alum that's bringing a cup back to his alma mater. Dartmouth grad Ben Lovejoy won the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins this year, and on Monday he will bring that trophy to Hanover. We'll have coverage for you then. From Gutterson Fieldhouse, Jack Fitzsimmons, Channel 3 Sports."))


The other former IceCat captain that was a part of the Calder Cup champions ...defenseman Mike Paliotta. They are the first Catamounts to win the Calder Cup since Graham Mink and Martine Wilde won it with the Hershey Bears in 2006.


Health officials are urging South Florida residents to protect themselves from the Zika Virus. New cases of Zika stem from bites in Florida -- those are likely the first cases of locally transmitted Zika in the United States . Mark Albert reports.


Health investigators in South Florida are going from house to house looking for places where mosquitoes can breed stepping up efforts to prevent the Zika virus from spreading. Nats Florida Governor Rick Scott confirmed the first suspected cases of locally transmitted Zika in the US. 1 woman and three men likely got the virus from a mosquito bite. Health officials believe the infections occurred in a small area just north of downtown Miami. (SOT Gov. Rick Scott/ (R) Florida) While No traps tested positive for the virus the DOH is aggressive testing people in areas to make sure no other cases of this virus (BRIDGE) President Obama has been briefed on the Florida cases. White House officials are criticizing Congress for leaving for recess before striking a Zika funding deal. (SOT Dr. Anthony Fauci/NIH) we really do need the money (TRACK) Dr. Anthony Fauci from the National Institutes of Health says while hes almost certain the US will see more cases, he doesnt expect a large Zika outbreak like in Brazil or Puerto Rico (SOT Dr. Anthony Fauci/NIH) we must assume that could happen and that is the reason why you get very aggressive in trying to prevent it. (TRACK) Pregnant women are at greatest risk because the virus can cause devastating birth defects. To prevent mosquito bites - Florida residents are being urged to wear long sleeves and repellent and drain standing water around their homes Mark Albert, CBS News, Washington.


We're in the Garden again, and tonight, you are talking about a new variety of hydrangea. There's a new hydrangea in town, and it's a pretty one. Charlie Nardozzi tells us all about it.


((Wow, isn't that a pretty hydrangea! Yes, this is a new one out. Right now, in our area you are seeing a lot of the Annabelle hydrangeas. Those are the big, white fluffy ones that kind of flop down, especially in a rain. They look gorgeous, they're really pretty, but they are kind of weak stemmed. This is a new variety called Invincibelle Spirit. Look at the color of this on their nice mature flower. That's very dark, yes. Yes it's starts out a dark ruby, then it kind of fades to a lighter pink later on. A beautiful one to add to a perennial garden or to a hedge row, The other thing I like about this, is you can see the flowers are smaller than those big Annabelles, those white ones. Yes, they are delicate. Yes, they are more delicate, so they're less likely to flop over and the stems are stronger so they hold them up nicely. So you get a nice 3-5 foot tall and wide bush with one of these nice shrubs. So you can obviously enjoy them out in the garden, you can pick them and dry them and bring them indoors, they are really nice. And unlike some of the other hydrangeas like those blue ones where you have to add sulfur to the soil, you don't have to do much of anything to these. They'll be pink no matter what. They'll be pink no matter what. They are tough plants, they take part sun, so if you have a shadier spot they'll do well there. You can cut them right down to the ground in the fall or spring and they'll grow right back up again and give you some nice new flowers again next year. So there are a lot of different uses for them. If you have those big white Annabelles, a nice little tip is, instead of cutting it right down to the ground in the fall or spring, leave about a one foot stubble there, that will help it stand up a little better next year. Cool. ))



Volunteers in Rutland are offering the city's youth a new place to come together. Folks gathered at the Diamond Run Mall for the grand re-opening of the Chill Out Center, a substance-free place -- for teens to hang-out. The youth center originally opened in 2010 and saw nearly 25 thousand visits, before closing a couple of years ago. Now with help from a number of sponsors to redevelop the space, teens are once again --enjoying activities like pool, air hockey, and ping pong. Or -- they can just 'chill out' here.


((Bruce Wilson//Executive Director 27:53-28:05: "rutland County is one of the highest risk counties on drugs, alcohol, tobacco and crimes, and the age group we work with, primarily 14-25, is the highest risk age group with drugs, alcohol, tobacco and crime.")) ((Chloe Johnson//Youth Board President 27:20-27:28: "it keeps kids off the street and keeps them away from those things because they have an outlet to go to.")) The center will be open Thursdays through Saturdays from 3 to 6, and organizers are working on getting transportation from schools directly to the center.


CBS Sunday morning is celebrating the circus in Vermont. A team from the long-running morning show spent the day filming at the Shelburne Museum. The venue recently launched an art exhibit made up of circus posters dating from 1835 to 1950 among them are these posters Channel 3 first captured when they were discovered under the exterior siding of a Colchester home back in the early 1990s. The CBS Sunday morning story is part of a series the show is doing on art exhibits across the country.


(( :15 Serena Altschul, CBS Sunday Morning Contributing Correspondent , So much history in these posters at first glance you don't realize it but if you get up close and get to talk to one of the curators as we got to you just get so much sense of so much history a chronology of what was going on in American history international history that's reflected in the stories just on the surface of the posters. KM: Sara, Why try to take your efforts outside of New York City? Sara Kugel, CBS Sunday morning producer "There are just so many great museums all over the country and you come up to Vermont and this is a beautiful little treasure this whole property is absolutely amazing and there are just stories to tell all over the place and we're just so happy that we have the ability to travel anywhere in the country and see these great exhibits.)) The circus display at the museum is made up of about 20 different posters and runs through January 22. The CBS Sunday Morning story is expected to air later this summer.



The Oakland A's announced today that they have extended their Player Development Contract with the Vermont Lake Monsters for two more years, through the 2018 season. Vermont has been affiliated with the Oakland A's since 2011. The Monsters will try to snap a five game losing streak tonight against Brooklyn at Centennial. We'll have highlights at 11pm.


Vermont suffered its fourth straight loss last night at Valley, while Upper Valley picked up a 3-2 win at Ocean State which means the race for the fourth and final playoff spot in the NECBL's Northern Division could not be tighter. With just four days left in the regular season, Vermont is tied with Winnipesaukee for fourth at 17-22. Upper Valley is a half game back, with Keene just one game off the pace. Tonight, Vermont visits Winnipesaukee, the Nighthawks host Valley. Keene is off.


After a rough opening round three over 73 on Thursday, Keegan Bradley is having a better day in round two of the PGA Championship at Baltusrol in New Jersey. Bradley has two bogeys and four birdies, including this monster on eleven ...and he's currently two under for the day, one over for the tournament with two holes to go. The projected cut line is one he's right on the line for making the weekend.


Two players with ties to the UVM women's hockey program are part of a group of 95 players that have been invited to the 2016 USA Hockey Women's National Festival, which will take place August 8th-14th in Lake Placid. Former IceCat star and now USA Hockey regular Amanda Pelkey has been invited along with current UVM defenseman Taylor Willard. After the festival, a pair of 22-player rosters will be selected to play rival Canada in a series of games later in the month in Calgary. Incoming UVM freshman forward Eve-Audrey Picard has been invited to the Canadian Development Camp that will select the teams for those same matchups.


Thursday's mid season championships at Thunder Road made for a great opportunity for drivers atop the point standings to gain a little separation from those giving chase. Instead, we got others making a move to the top. 75 laps in the Late Model feature with double the points on the line. --- Rick Roberts of Washington, VT starts from the front, but he is just one of several drivers to hold a lead in this race. --- by lap 20, Barre's Boomer Morris takes the lead, but he's challenged by rookie Marcel Gravel. The pair was way ahead of the pack until the caution flag comes out. --- It was a familiar theme during this feature. Montpelier's Kyle Pembroke is able to sneak into the picture off another restart. --- It wouldn't be until lap 68 that Pembroke is able to pass Morris on the outside for his first lead of the night. --- A caution on lap 73 allows Eric Chase to challenge Pembroke down the stretch, but Pembroke holds on for the checkered flag, his second win of the year, and the double points move him into sixth place...eighty points back of leader Scott Dragon...


((Pembroke: "Yeah, the restarts were brutal. My car was not good on the first couple laps so it really took me a while to get into it, get the car where I wanted it to so that was tough. It's huge, it really just sets up your end of the year run. If you have a bad night tonight, your chances are not good so hopefully this'll get us back in the hunt a little bit, we'll be a little more competitive here and hopefully we have a nice streak to the finish here."))


A first for this season came in the street stocks. 15-year old Peyton Lanphear barely missed out on the checkered flag last week. She starts on the pole in the 35-lap feature Thursday night. Lanphear maintains a decent advantage for the first 20 laps, but gets a challenge from Hardwick's William Henniquin. This time though, the Duxbury native was not going to be denied. Lanphear holds on for the win, the first of her racing career and the first by a woman this season at Thunder Road. After the race, she credited her father Mark with teaching her a trick that helped ensure victory.


((Lanphear: "I remember my dad telling me that if you stay on the bottom when people try to bottom pin you, that they can't get around you and to not pinch the corners, so I did that. I really want to succeed in racing, and I know that this win is more like a confidence boost and I know that if I can win against 30 and 50 year olds that I can do anything."))


And in the Tiger Sportsmen, Craftsbury Common's Mike Martin won the second of three 20-lap segments. Mike Billado of Essex had a pretty good night, he claimed the first and third segments of the 60 lap total. However, that would not be enough to claim the overall victory. Brendan Moodie of Wolcott is your winner. He placed second, fifth, and fourth respectively in the segments to pick up his second feature win of the season.



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