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Lt. Bennett Young was the Confederate who led the charge into the Rail City. Andy Wooten is a reenactor portraying Lt. Young all weekend. He joins me now. ((what do you know about the Lt.?)) ((why were you drawn to play the bad guy)) ((did you have to audition for your part?)) ((what exactly did Lt. Young do that day?)) ((what do you hope visitors get out of this weekend?))


Monday on the Thirty -- a master of the makeover. Todd Davis of Room Crashers on HGTV is in town for this weekend's home show at the Champlain Valley Expo. He stopped by our studio and gave us some tips on how to spruce up our kitchen. We'll have his advice Monday at 5-30 on The Thirty.


Good evening I'm Kristin Kelly And I'm Darren Perron. A controversy--over Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Is the flavor Hazed and Confused -- encouraging hazing? Shelby Cashman is here to explain. shelby? Darren and Kristin--Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavors have been the subject of scrutiny before--due to the company's famous use of witty--but edgy word play. But this time--some people say they took the name--too far.


Hazed--and confused. It's the name of a Ben and Jerry's ice cream--released in February. But--where did the name come from? (00:08:41) ((Joshua Jenkins "based off the movie?")) (00:08:42) But that's not how Lianne and Brian Kowiak--see it. (01:11) ((Lianne Kowiak " i saw there was a flavor named hazed and confused. And i just paused and i was really upset and shocked when i saw it.")) (01:23) The Kowiak's lost their nineteen year old son Harrison--to injuries he sustained from a hazing incident--while he was rushing a fraternity in college. That--was almost six years ago. (04:37) ((Lianne Kowiak "when i saw this name, hazed and confused, it frankly just struck a nerve with us.")) (04:41) The Kowiak's decided to contact Ben and Jerry's--to raise their concerns. In a letter--they wrote-- Sadly enough, someone actually thought it was prudent to trade mark a name making light of a concept that thousands of very dedicated individuals, students, college and universities, professional sports teams and even the US military are fighting hard to eradicate - senseless, dangerous and deadly acts of hazing. Ben and Jerry's--says that was never their intention. You may remember the 90s cult classic movie--Dazed and Confused. ((NAT of movie clip)) The ice cream giant says--that's what they were playing off of. The ice cream flavor--is hazelnut. (00:05:09) ((Sean "In typical Ben and Jerry's fashion we said how do you kind of tie in a pop culture reference so we were referencing the pop culture reference, dazed and confused.")) (00:05:16) The company says it called the Kowiak's--once the letter was received. A spokesperson says Ben and Jerry's was open to hearing the family's suggestions--such as changing the name of the ice cream to honor their son--but that is not a promise that the company can make. (00:07:13) ((Sean Greenwood "to us, there's no way that Ben and Jerrys has condoned or endorsed or marketed hazing with this flavor.")) (00:07:20) The Kowiaks say they will continue to travel to different high schools and colleges around their home state of Florida--to help raise awareness about hazing. They point to research by that shows 3 in 5 college students are hazed. (04:06) ((Lianne Kowiak "Sadly, after his death, there are so many individuals that have been impacted by hazing. Emotionally, physically, verbally abused. And it's not just fraternities and sororities, but its also athletic groups and bands, you hear all about it in the news media today.")) (04:25)


Ben and Jerry's told me they have received around 10 total complaints--regarding Hazed and Confused. And they will take up the feedback as a point of discussion--at their next global leadership meeting--in October. Darren Kristin?

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Is a big deal -- for Big Blue -- back on? Several news organizations in Upstate New York are citing unnamed sources as saying IBM and GlobalFoundries will go into arbitration next week -- on a deal that could involve the plant in Essex Junction. Neither company is commenting. Media reports earlier this year -- indicated that IBM was looking to unload its micro-chip manufacturing division. And was willing to pay Global a billion dollars to make it happen. But GlobalFoundries reportedly wanted closer to 2-BILLION. Sources say negotiations then broke down. But now -- they are reportedly working toward a new chip deal.


The mother of a man who has been missing since January wants answers. Elizabeth Keatinge spoke with her today - and joins us now from Rutland. Elizabeth. May Winchell says she and her son Jonathan Schaff were very close. They spoke several times a day. She says not knowing where he is makes every day painful.


May Winchell cries for her youngest child - her son Jonathan Schaff who has been missing since January 18th. ((May Winchell 22:09:44:21 I need answers. Nobody knows but a mother theirself, when you know, their child comes up missing. Nobody knows but the parents, what they go through.:56)) His bedroom in Fair Haven is still intact. Here are photos of Schaff riding his motorcycle. His mother says he was very patriotic, respected law enforcement, and had dreams of working in the field. But the things in his room are painful reminders -- that the 24 year-old vanished. ((May Winchell/Schaff's mother 22:08:40:00 That's his backpack he had with him when he come up missing and it was in my car. :45)) Police say Schaff was last seen walking east along State Route 149 in the early morning hours of the 18th. He had allegedly been involved in a physical altercation at Riverside Pub in Granville, New York. He reportedly sustained a head injury and his glasses were broken. Multiple agencies searched the Mettawee River on the New York State/Vermont border and came up with no leads. ((Detective Sgt. Doug Norton/Vermont State Police 22:48:01:08 Initially in this particular case, because of the weather, we did an initial search and then did subsequent searches but those were done as weather permitted because of the cold and the ice and getting into the water where we believe we might find Jonathan. :22:48:14:19)) Winchell says she's frustrated that the investigation is now nine months along -- and there are still no answers. ((May Winchell 22:09:07:16 I just feel nothings being done. :11)) ((Detective Sgt. Doug Norton/VSP 22:46:32:11 The investigation has continued. We're constantly looking at it and evaluating it and finding different directions if there are any that we need to follow. :41)) Winchell says she believes Schaff is still alive. She even swears she thought she heard his voice coming from a truck down the road in March. She keeps his phone number in her phone and says she stays up at night waiting to get a text message from him. Despite the circumstances, she says she tries to stay optimistic. When she finds pennies heads up, she puts them in his room. She says that's a sign of good luck and remains hopeful -- he'll be found. ((May Winchell 22:28:41:18 I don't understand. You know, I don't get it. I don't. You can't just disappear off the face of the earth. :48)) Winchell says she is always thinking of what she can do to help find her son. She tells us she is even considering selling her car, her only mode of transportation, to come up with reward money. She insists she will never give up until she gets an answer as to what happened to her son.


Winchell says her son was a kind and loving person, and she couldn't imagine him having enemies, although she did express some concern with people he had been spending time with before he went missing. Officials tell us that there hasn't been a search since May because they followed leads to certain areas but came up empty handed. Until they have new leads to follow, they say no searches are scheduled at this time, but the investigation is ongoing. Darren and Kristin.

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The country's top Senator casts a vote against President Obama's plans to combat terrorists, and funding the government. Sen. Patrick Leahy voted against a measure which would continue to fund the federal government beginning in October and through December. Congress relies on stop-gap funding when the Senate and House of Representatives can't agree on a budget bill. Leahy says he would vote for the measure -- if it did not include provisions to provide cash to arm and train factions of the Syrian government -- in its fight against the terror group known as ISIS.


(TC 00:00:43:00 ) ((Sen. Patrick Leahy - D-Vermont ther's always going to be a call for us to repond but I don't want to see the same kind of slippery slope they got with the mistake of going into Iraq right after 9/11 )) Leahy says congress should debate both the budget and any Middle-Eastern interventions. He added that America can't solve the problems of every part of the world -- noting that countries in the region need to do more to fight ISIS.


Imagine trying to break in to a buidling -- only to find out it's a police station. Shelburne Police say that's exactly what 59-year-old John Dettor of Washington DC did late last night. He faces an unlawful mischief charge. Police say he tried to break a window -- setting off an alarm. Then he was discovered in the bushes outside. Police say Dettor told them he thought it was a school - and he was just looking for a warm place to spend the night.


Police in Manchester are tracking two thieves who swiped one pricy gun. The Italian-made 4-10 over-under shotgun was taken Wednesday from a business in Manchester. The gun has an engraved silver frame and a carved walnut stock -- and is valued at 89-thousand dollars. Police are looking for two white men -- who came into the store with a very large great dane. They were seen driving away in a black Ford Focus.

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Dan is here. A chilly start this morning, but what a great afternoon. (wx script)

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All Burlington Police officers -- will now be armed with body cameras. For the past two years the department has had seven of the cameras -- worn on the outside of an officer's uniform. The police chief says the department is now in the process of equipping all officers. Body cameras are the next evolution of cruiser-mounted cameras.


(TC ) ((Chief Mike Schirling/Burlington Police Dept.: "We think that the best practice that's evolving in law enforcement today is to have our own cameras that capture a little bit closer to the direct point of view, to be able to fully document things that happen. And to increase public trust, enhance officer safety and to better allow us to document our interactions.")) Police say the cameras are helpful in preserving visual and audio information of crime and incident scenes.


St. Albans is celebrating a unique moment in it's history this weekend... It's the 150th anniversary of the St. Albans Raid... Mike McCune joins us live from a city stepping back into history... It does feel a bit like we've jumped into a time machine back to 1864...the St. Albans raid was the northernmost land action of the Civil War. A band of Confederate raiders infiltrated the town, robbed several banks and then made off for Canada. There's a full slate of events throughout the weekend commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Raid, including re-enactments of the Raid Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Earlier on The :30, I spoke with Denise Smith, one of the event's organizers, about what visitors can expect this weekend.


((Denise Smith, St. Albans Raid Committee "if they're not in period dress, they're in St. Albans raid t-shirts, the restaurants are adopting period food, we even have our local brewer who is making a period ale, and so there is a lot going on up here this weekend even if you are not a history buff and even if you don't know what's happening, we are really trying to create a living historyof what happened 150 years ago in our community.))


It's our last weekend of summer and a big weekend for activities across the state. Let's check in with Julie Kelley to find out what's coming up on The Weekend morning show tomorrow.


We have an update on a story we told you about the ice bucket challenge. You may remember Susan Lynaugh ... ... Five members of her North danville family died from ALS. She says, the outpouring of support since out story aired has been huge. We'll tell you how many donations were made in her family's name. Honeybees are an important part of agriculture --- but there has been a lot of concern of them dying off. ((01101600 I'm Cat Viglienzoni in Monkton harvesting honey. What beekeepers are saying about this season is At Issue 01102200)) and ... Did you ever try skipping stones as a kid? It turns out there's a whole competition in Vermont for just that! We'll introduce you to a pro tomorrow morning from 6 to 8am --- we hope you'll join us!


Governor Peter Shumlin earned nearly three-quarters of a million dollars last year. According to tax returns released by his campaign, Shumlin pulled in 721-thousand 445 dollars in 2013. That includes his salary as governor, returns on investments and rental income from his real estate holdings. The governor now lists the value of all of his assets -- including property and retirement accounts -- at ten million-363-thousand dollars. His republican challenger, Scott Milne, says he will release his tax returns on October 15th.


In New York, Democratic candidate for Congress Aaron Woolf stopped by Plattsburgh today. He's running for New York's 21st Congressional District -- against Republican Elise Stefanik. Woolf says a big part of his campaign is keeping the North Country's environment clean -- and taking advantage of renewable energy. He also wants to help agriculture in the area.


(TC 00:24:16:22 Tile 3725) ((Aaron Woolf/Democrat for NY Congress "I will fight for legislation like the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This programs provides resources for conservation easements and public lands that help farmers stay in business and create jobs." 00:24:28:15)) Woolf and Stefanik face off for the 21st Congressional seat on Election Day November 4th.


The third Friday in September is POW/MIA Recognition Day. And state officials joined members of the Vermont National Guard -- for a wreath laying ceremony at Camp Johnson this morning. More than 83-thousand US servicemen and women are considered Missing In Action since World War 2. Several surviving Prisoners of War also attended the event.


A Norwich University graduate is changing the lives of friends and strangers just by making the trip back to the military school this homecoming weekend. And Kyle Midura shows us how he's also helping wounded warriors.


(01:15:15:00) ((NATS - good to see you sir -- Welcome back -- thank you sir -- did it get colder as you came North? it did)) Anh Brown served two tours in Iraq after graduating from Norwich University in 1999 Brown's second homecoming trip will leave its mark on the shool's 200-year history. (01:24:33:00) ((Gen. Richard Schneider - Norwich University President in my 23 years as the president of Norwich, no one has ever done this before and I dont' know if it's ever happened in Norwich history, but I doubt it )) Brown pedal-powered his trip, riding his bike from Florida to the Northfield Vt. Campus (01:35:39:00) (( Anh Brown the total miles was 1,578 :42 from my doorstep to Jackman hall :44 steps (points) )) In doing so, he raised more than 36-hundred dollars for the wounded warrior project. Brown says he rides because he can ... to help his peers wounded in battle, and remember those who never returned home. (1:33:35) ((Anh Brown specifically, we ride for Lt. Mark Dooley. He was a really really good friend of mine )) (nats Dooley) Lt. Dooley lost his life to a roadside bomb while on patrol in Iraq. He now lies in Arlington national cemetery one of the many stops Brown made on his trip North. Brown says he carried mementos of Dooley with him on his bike. He otherwise rode alone, though a friend followed him in a van while hundreds more tagged along online. (1:38:02) (( Anh Brown it's like a sense of they're riding with me )) (1:25:39) (( Gen. Richard Schneider - Norwich University President he really is a great role model for all of our present students and all our alums )) Both Brown and the University president say in future years they hope others will join him along the way, raising more money and awareness... as they turn a home-coming trip down memory lane .. into a healing journey. KM, Ch.3 Northfield.


Brown's trip took about three weeks to complete. He tells Kyle that he did not log many hours on a bike prior to the trip... Brown says he prefers running.


Dan is back. A little warmer this weekend?


Tonight we'll see mostly clear skies. Lows will average 35/45, but some locally colder pockets are likely in the deeper valleys of the NEK and Adirondacks. Saturday looks partly sunny, windy and milder. An isolated shower can't be ruled out. Southerly breezes will get our highs into the 60s. A cold front will catch up to us on Sunday. This means we'll see a lot of clouds, with showers becoming likely, mainly through the afternoon and evening. A thunderstorm is possible too. Temps will reach into the lower 70s. That front will cool us down again for the first day of fall (fall officially begins at 10:29 PM on Monday). Monday will start out with clouds and a few mountain showers, but some sun could develop later on. Tuesday now looks partly sunny, with perhaps a few showers in the mountains. After that, an area of high pressure will move in mid-to-late week, bringing us lots of sunshine and milder temperatures.



A man considered one of Vermont's musical legends has died. John Cassel passed away suddenly Wednesday night. Friends tell us Cassel died after a heart attack on his way home from a show. ((SOT YOU TUBE VIDEO UP FULL)) ((fade music)) Cassel performed for almost 50 years throughout Vermont and was a regular at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe. You could find Cassel every week playing the piano and talking with visitors from around the world. His friends tell us Cassel inspired generations of folks though his piano playing and outlook on life.


((Tile 726_0005_01 John Contois/ Contois School of Music 00:00:17:10" My first memory was delivering a piano with my Dad to Sugarbush and he was opening up for Dave Brubeck and I remember John sitting down at the piano and just his musicianship; was just outstanding, and I said I want to learn how to play piano like that guy. 00:00:34:20 00:00:47:00 He has had a huge influence on any musician in this state playing today especially kids he has a big influence on kids he did on me absolutely."00:00:57:2 7)) John Cassel was 78.

33} DOG6_VO

A reward is now being offered to find the person who shot a dog with a crossbow in Starksboro. The incident happened over the weekend -- Oran Lamphere was hunting black bears with his dog -- named "Bear" --- when "bear" was shot 3 times -- once in the head -- and twice near the spine. Bear was able to survive -- but whoever pulled the trigger -- is still on the loose. A 25-hundred dollar reward is now being offered -- if you have any information -- call State Police.


Workers at Vermont Yankee have a won a lawsuit against the plant regarding overtime pay. Four shift supervisors in the plant's security department claimed they have worked more than 55-hundred hours of overtime in the last five years without compensation. The plaintiffs lawyers argued that these employees did not fall under a narrow exception in the law that allows employers to avoid paying overtime wages.

35} BT6_VO

A national expert on communities that create their own internet connections says Burlington Telecom is worth the financial headache. Burlington is expected to sell a significant portion of its ownership stake in the cable and internet service provider to pay off debts to its creditor -- CitiBank. Chris Mitchell studies municipal broad-band efforts around the country -- he says despite the company's debt and tax-payer dollars improperly used to float the utlitiy -- it can still pay dividends. He says the best-case scenario for Burlington is one where the telecom provides some cashflow to the city, while leaving one-million dollars in users pockets through low-cost service.


(7:56) (( it's a situation where you have more local jobs, more loal industry because of the kind of connections that are offered. People pay less in general, and the city has a slightly better financial position because of the network than it otherwise would.)) Mitchell says the city should do its best to maintain a majority stake in the company. He suggested a coop- model is possible if large investors buy-in. If a private entity takes over, he says the city should codify rules to guarantee rates stay low for high-speed connections.


A huge new party-supply store just opened in South Burlington. The store tells us it's the largest Party City in the country. It's located next to the Hannaford off Dorset Street -- near the University Mall. And will be used as a test store -- to see which of the company's products sell best. That's news around the region.


Good Evening starting line sports... When you think of the evolution of the racing broadcast, Ken Squier's vision is always a key driving point... For nearly 65 years, he's left his impact on the local and national racing community, and now that story is going to be shared with the world. The Waterbury native and Hall of Fame Broadcaster getting the surprise of a lifetime last night at the Hilton in downtown Burlington... A ballroom full of family members, racing commentators and legends like Mike Joy, Daryl Waltrip and Bobbie Allison..., notable politicians and colleagues from his local and national journalist days were on hand for the debut of the documentary about Squier that will air next month on Vermont Public Television... The Film chronicles his illustrious career, from his early days at WDEV radio... to his historic call of the 1979 Daytona 500.. all the way up to his work as co-owner of Thunder Road. It was without question an emotional night for the Vermonter who has traveled all over the world, coming home with one amazing story after another.


(((TRT: 16 OC: TO THEM AS WELL... For me its been such a rich life because there were so many facets to it. So many places with so many people that have held such meaning, and I hope they did to them as well.)))


Coming up, we talk some pigskin... It's Week 4 of the Friday Football Frenzy and Middlebury College preps for their season opener... Darren and Kristin...


Perhaps you've heard the expression -- is there a doctor in the house? Well, at one clinic in Burlington, the answer is no. It's a new health care model being tested in Vermont. Bridget Barry Caswell explains.


(19:24) (natsnd - knock, knock) ((Come in. Good morning. How are you? I'm fine, thank you.)) It's meet and greet for Libby Dwinell and one of her new primary care givers, nurse practitioner Deb Norton. Libby has type two diabetes. (22:49- natsnd) ((Deb: It's no longer a sort of pasta focused meal when you do pasta, and that's the transition that we have to think about. Libby: It's takes work. You're talking to an Italian. Deb: I know, I know.)) (laughs) Dwinell had been a patient at Apple Tree Bay Primary Care for years under the care of Burlington physician, Dr. Amy Siegel. But when Siegel moved away -- another doctor didn't move in -- a group of nurse practitioners from the University of Vermont did. The seven faculty members formed the state's first independent primary care group practice run by nurse practitioners -- last month. (:43) ((Rosemary Dale/UVM Nursing Chair: We've done it for three reasons. The first reason is we need a venue to teach students. The second is we need a clinical site for faculty to practice and the third reason is that it's really important the people in the North End have primary care.)) Siegel left 3 to 4,000 patients behind. Too many for her former colleague, Dr. Jeffrey Rubman, to absorb. He now shares the North Avenue space and contracted nurses with the nurse practitioners -- but each operates independently. A change in Vermont law two years ago allows it. (6:22-6:36) ((Rosemary Dale/UVM Nursing Chair: If you look at the literature, there's fairly good documentation that what the nurse practitioner can do is at about 96 to 97 percent of what the primary care practitioner can do.)) (6:42) ((The trick is to know when you've reached your limit. When do you need to refer and that can be said for any physician, any practitioners and certainly any nurse practitioner.)) Nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses with master degrees -- but Dale says a doctoral degree will soon be required to operate with this level of independence. (16:29) ((Rosemary Dale/UVM Nursing Chair: We are not physicians. We are advanced practice nurses. We do a lot of the same tasks. Our disciplines are a bit different. There's certainly some overlap, but I think we respect what each other brings to the table.)) And what do patients think? (28:11) ((Libby Dwinell/Burlington: I like nurse practitioners. They spend more time with you, and I'm very happy with the situation.)) It's filling a gap in primary care in Vermont's largest city, while serving as a model for the rest of the state. BBC, Ch. 3 News, Burlington


Medicaid and medicare currently reimburse nurse practitioners at 15 percent less than doctors, but Dale expects that will change soon. She says they will know if their new health care model is viable within six months. That's health watch.


Dan is back. Starting to see some Fall color out there.

45} HGTV5_VO

A TV star is in Vermont this weekend. Todd Davis is the host of the hit HGTV show "Room Crashers" where he surprises unsuspecting homeowners at stores across the country and transforms their homes. Davis will be hosting lifestyle and design workshops on Saturday and Sunday at the Vermont Fall Home show in Burlington. Gina Bullard spoke with him earlier.


((Todd Davis I'm basically telling people about my life and how my lifestyle influences my style. It's a fun story. Gina- do people get to ask you questions? Yeah, I'm not up there talking the whole time. I'm giving them design tips and ideas. )) Admission is free to the Home Show. We'll have more information at the info center at wcax dot com.


A new Exhibition opening this weekend will contribute to the sesquicentennial commemoration of the American Civil War. As Judy Simpson reports, it weaves the stories from the homefront to the frontlines.


The new exhibition is called Homefront & Battlefield: Quilts & Context in the Civil war. It was produced by the American Textile History Museum. ((Tile 726_0015_01 Tom Denenberg/Shelburne Museum Director 00:11:44:21" This is a serious exhibition.")) Tom Denenberg is the Director of the Shelburne Museum, he says this collection tells the story of personal sacrifice during the most divisive period in American history. ((Tile 726_0015_01 Tom Denenberg/Shelburne Museum Director 00:11:06:02 "History books concentrate on the battlefields and the deeds of the men in the field but we always want to remember that the Civil war was won on the homefront it was won in textile mills in New England it was won through the individual sacrifice of so many families that had loved ones at the battlefront and we want to honor the people who stayed at home in this conflict and in every conflict, through this exhibition." 00:11:30:12)) Like this dress, purple is the color of mourning, this mourning dress was worn perhaps by a war widow. Also exhibited are items made on the homefront to support the soldiers. ((Tile 726_0006_01 Carolyn Bauer/Curatorial Asst Shelburne Musuem tile 726_0007_01 "A havelock from the 1860's the beginning of the civil war women made these for the men out on the battlefield they were to protect from the sun and other elements ".)) This amputee shirt is from the Shelburne Museum's private collection and it helped to spearhead this Exhibition as a prime example of a textile of the times. ((Tile 726_0059_01 JS SU 00:24:22:06 Not only are there quilts and clothing there are also lots of artifacts perhaps the most haunting is this noose, it's reportedly the noose used to hang abolitionist John Brown. 00:24:33:10)) ((Tile 726_0015_01 Tom Denenberg/Shelburne Museum Director 00:11:59:28" This is an edgy exhibition at times but it is also a beautiful exhibition and it is an exhibition that looks at one of the most profound chapters in American history." 00:12:09:07)) It is a look at history in a new way, that reflects the personal sacrifice, mourning and reconciliation that helped to shape our country. JS Channel three news Shelburne.


The Exhibition opens to the public on Sunday and runs through January 4th.


Whether you're a rookie or a veteran... For those local stock car drivers we see every week at a Thunder Road, Airborne, or Devils Bowl Speedway, the chance to drive on a Nascar track is always the ultimate dream... This weekend 43 drivers from around the region will get that chance Saturday afternoon in the 6th running of the Bond ACT Invitational at New Hampshire Motor Speedway... As last year's champion Eddie MacDonald proved, Loudon may be an intimidating site but if you can drive a short track against this competition, you can have success at the Miracle Mile... We caught up with a few of this weekend's drivers to talk about strategy heading into this big time race.


(((TRT: 33 OC: LIKE I SAY TO GO... When you're at Loudon speedway it's all about how willing you are to drive it in... I've talked to former champions like Wayne Helliwell Jr. about how far they're willing to drive it in, it's having the guts to drive it in as deep as them... The key to this race is to finish... We're going to go there in the morning, unload and hopefully be ok. Eberytime we go there we get a little bit better, I'm very excited like I say to go...)))


To the NFL... A much better feeling in Foxboro this week as the Patriots get set to host the Raiders in their home opener Sunday at 1 p.m. New England bounced back after their week 1 loss with a 30-7 drumming of the Vikings last week to improve to 1-1 on the year.. This week Bill Belichick and Co. turn their attention to an Oakland team that has struggled to an O-2 start to open 2014... On paper, it looks like an easy win for the Pats at home but the Raiders will be coming to Gillette as a desperate team, trying to avoid the 0-3 mark so New England confident but at the same time cautious heading into this weekend's game.


(((TRT: 30 OC: THAT WE HAVENT SEEN... "I'm expecting their best, being 0-2 is a tough predicament to be in ... Especially early in the season so you need to find ways to turn that around... I'm sure we'll get something out of the ordinary that will give their team a spark. You only get the preseason and two games to see everything. You definitely want to be prepared for what you see on film but have to keep an open mind that there might be some things that we haven't seen.")))


Week four of the Vermont high school football season kicks off tonight. Look for all the highlights at 11pm on the Friday Football Frenzy. For U-32, it's the game after The Win. The Raiders snapped Woodstock's 33-game win streak last Friday night. Controlling the Wasps and posting a convincing 24-7 victory in Woodstock. That upset has left a log jam in the Division Three rankings, with seven teams, including both U-32 and Woodstock, sitting at 2-1 after three games. It was a memorable moment for the Raiders, but there are still five weeks left in the regular season and the players know there's a lot of football left to be played, starting tonight at home against Winooski.


((TRT: 32 ... OC: MORE THAN ANYTHING)) ((Matt Greene/ We just have to forget about it. We have to have a short memory and pretend it's opening night. The first game of the season, playing Winooski. We just have to focus on them and play Raider football.)) ((Colby Brochu/ Winooski has more kids this year and they've played pretty well so far. For us, it's just taking it one step at a time. Set ourselves up to stop them the best way that we can. Fix all of the little mistakes and get into the details more than anything.))


That's matchup one of eight games on the schedule...including the first even night game at Spaulding... the Tide hosting Mt. Abe. Look for all the highlights tonight at 11pm on the Friday Football Frenzy... Send those photos & comments in too, using #FFFrenzy


(***DYLAN***) Tomorrow will be a busy day in college football, with all four local teams in action. Aside from Norwich and Castleton hosting opponents.. Itt will be the season openers for Middlebury and Dartmouth. The Big Green will be under the lights at Hanover, a 7pm kickoff against Connecticut College. As for Middlebury, after a 7-1 season and a share of the NESCAC championship, the Panthers face Wesleyan at 1pm. Scott Fleishman has our preview down route 7. (((Scott Fleishman/"When you look at the Middlebury roster, you see returning veterans almost everywhere. The one spot where they'll be a new face is the one spot that is always the focus, quarterback. Junior Matt Milano won the starting job in camp over 3 other contenders. Milano may not have the game experience, by he did spend the last 2 years watching one of the more prolific passers in school history, McCalllum Foote. observing Foote having veterans to throw to and competing for the job in camp have provided confidence for Milano heading into the season."))) (((Matt Milano/"The quarterback has to be a leader and I'm just trying my best to fill that position. I guess I'm a little nervous. There's obviously some big shoes to fill in the quarterback position and we've got a huge game coming up with Wesleyan. They're returning a good majority of their squad, so we should have a good first game and I'm looking forward to it."))) (((Bob Ritter/"It's going to sound cliche , but the motto of our team is 1-0. We really just look at the next game and try not to get too far ahead of ourselves and get caught up with what if's and how to's. We're really dialed in and focused on Wesleyan."))) (((Matthew Benedict/"Obviously it's going to be a huge challenge. When you're top dog, everyone's trying to gun after you. So, it's going to take a lot of effort in every single game and there's no easy opponent, especially opening up with Wesleyan week 1."))) ((("Game one is Saturday at 1. These two teams did not,meet last season. At Middlebuery College's alumni stadium, scott fleishman, channel 3 sports.")))



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