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((00:26 FRI 0194 Donald Trump: January 20th, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. )) The Trump era begins in Washington.


Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. From reality TV star - to the 45th President of the United States. Donald Trump faces a deeply divided country. Craig Boswell reports from Washington.


(PKG) I donald john trump.... AT THE STROKE OF NOON, SURROUNDED BY HIS FAMILY, DONALD TRUMP PUT HIS HAND ON ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S BIBLE AND TOOK THE PRESIDENTIAL OATH OF OFFICE...ADMINISTERED BY CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS. Nats oath 12:00:08 so help me god. So help me god LOOKING ON FROM THE STANDS WERE FORMER PRESIDENTS GEORGE BUSH AND JIMMY CARTER...AS WELL AS BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON. Nats pence: I michael pence... SUPREME COURT JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS ADMINISTERED THE OATH OF OFFICE FOR VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE. Nats salute AFTER A 21 GUN SALUTE, THE NEW PRESIDENT DELIVERED HIS INAUGURAL ADDRESS. Sot Trump: 12:10:14 From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this moment on, its going to be only America First. (bridge) Along with the Washington elite, hundreds of thousands of people braved drizzly weather to watch the making of history.. MOS (Melissa Edmondson) We wanted to get a feel for the entire process, good, bad, both sides, everything Niles Hopper/Trump Supporter) I'm very proud that we've got our country back again. PRESIDENT TRUMP SIGNED EXECUTIVE ORDERS BEFORE JOINING GUESTS FOR LUNCH AND HEADING TO THE PARADE UP PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. BY THAT POINT, HE HAD SAID GOODBYE TO THE OUTGOING COMMANDER IN CHIEF. Nats: Obama and trumps walking to the chopper ENDING THEIR EIGHT YEARS IN THE WHITE HOUSE WITH A FINAL WAVE, THE FORMER PRESIDENT AND FIRST LADY DEPARTED CLOUDY WASHINGTON.... HEADED TO SUNNIER DAYS ON VACATION IN PALM SPRINGS. CB, CHANNEL 3 NEWS , WASHINGTON -- BACK OVER TO YOU


Gov. Phil Scott, and the state's GOP party leader opted against making the trip to D-C. But Our Political Reporter Kyle Midura managed to catch up with a couple of Republicans who did... What did they tell you, Kyle? Some went not for the candidate but to be part of the historical moment -- while others hoped to represent Vermont and support the country's new president.


With the focus of the nation on its capitol -- Vermonter Rick Cochran found himself amongst the masses assembled to watch Donald Trump sworn-in as the county's 45th president. We chatted with Cochran before his trip to D-C. (00:00:17:00) ((Rick Cochran - Inauguration Attendee I'm very excited to be able to participate in the inauguration, it'll be my first)) Cochran represented Vermont's Republicans at the party's national convention in Cleveland this summer. He told us he leapt at the chance to witness history again Friday and celebrate Trump's rise to the top of American politics. (00:02:13:00) ((Rick Cochran - Inauguration Attendee He is unconventional. I think that's what people wanted. I find it curious that there's been so much concern and actually surprise that he won when in fact the silent majority clearly rose up and spoke)) Essex County State's attorney -- and Vermont State Employees lobbyist Vince Illuzzi would have preferred his trip to D-C went unnoticed. On Thursday he told us he's drawn by the history -- and intrigued by the heavy opposition presence. Over his career he's played a role in almost every aspect of state politics -- but this is his first in-person inauguration. We asked if he's looking forward to a Trump administration. (01:13:56:00) ((Vince Illuzzi - Inauguration Attendee there's a presumption that he will do a good job. It's a rebuttable presumption and as everyone has said, we wish him the best and hope for the best, and time will tell))


Within the Vermont Statehouse today -- those in the building could watch a live-stream of president Trump's inauguration. When we took a peek inside the room though, only about eight people were following along.


In Washington -- massive protests as the President took the oath of office. Most were peaceful. But as Craig Boswell told us some turned violent. City streets blocked. Demonstrators dressed in black -- and wearing masks -- smashed store windows -- and clashed with police.


Here in Vermont -- about a hundred demonstrators -- gathered in Montpelier. They held what they called -- the "UN-AUGURATION" this afternoon. The executive director says those concerned about Trump's agenda can't allow themselves to simply disengage.


(00:38:55:00) ((Conor Casey - Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director: On this inauguration day, it is tempting to turn off the TV, disconnect, wait for the storm to pass, but with so much at stake, that simply isn't an option)) Rally speakers urged people to get involved in local politics -- given Republicans control the executive and legislative branches at the national level. And Democratic leaders called for the creation of sanctuary cities, ensuring abortion rights are not restricted in Vermont, and protecting workers rights.


Hundreds of thousands of women are marching in the nation's capitol tomorrow -- including dozens of Vermonters. Cat Viglienzoni spoke to a few women who are making the trip down to D-C today. Kristin, there is a local women's march in Montpelier tomorrow afternoon. But the women we spoke with say -- they felt they needed to be part of a show of force in Washington.


NATS Anna with her poster ((the first one)) 10-year-old Anna Stilwell (Steel-well) -- and her mom Mary Beth -- are taking these posters from their home in Lincoln to the nation's capital Saturday -- for the women's march on Washington. ((SOT Mary Beth Stilwell, March Attendee 004504 going with 15 friends in a van. Road trip 08)) Bringing her daughter into a crowd of hundreds of thousands is daunting -- but she says -- they both wanted to stick up for women's rights. ((SOT Mary Beth Stilwell, March Attendee 004734 I feel that this really is a monumentous time. Women are speaking up -- people are speaking up, not just women 42)) ((BUTTED)) ((SOT MB 005252 I felt it couldn't be ignored if the numbers were there. 55)) NATS Anna packing Anna was eager to experience history as it unfolds. She's already wearing the pink hat that her mom knitted for the occasion. ((SOT Anna Stilwell, March Attendee 005525 It's very exciting for me 27)) NATS Lezak with pink hat Anne Lezak (Lee-zack) is also packing her pink hat ... and snacks. NATS talking about her snacks The Burlington mom isn't hitting the road -- but heading to the airport. ((SOT Anne Lezak, March Attendee 002745 I want people to see that immediately following the inauguration, there is a powerful, positive, forceful show of people who are not going to back down 58)) She says, she's marching for issues like pay equality and reproductive rights. ((SOT Lezak 002509 Not against Trump, but for the things that are so important that I've seen in my lifetime 16 both change and still, we have to attain 20)) ((BUTTED)) ((SOT Lezak 002631 that is going to be a lot of work and a lot of effort. And it starts today 36))


Their day begins tomorrow with a breakfast meetup for Vermonters attending the rally -- organized by Senator Leahy and his wife. The march will last until mid-afternoon.


The women's march tomorrow in Montpelier begins at 1 at the high school -- and will head to the statehouse for a rally from 2-3 p.m. Large crowds are expected to attend -- so the city is closing a few streets down -- including parts of Bailey Avenue -- and State Street. That's expected to be between 1:15 and 2 -- though it could go longer than that.


We'll have a shorter broadcast tonight to get you back to Scott Pelley and expanded coverage of the inauguration. So -- The CBS Evening News will begin tonight at 6-30 and run till 7-30. Then there's ET. And from 8 to 9 -- CBS News will be back with an Inauguration special.

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Just a few breaks of sun, but that's the best we'll do for the next couple of days. ((temps)) Temperatures remain above normal for the next several days. We've been above normal in Burlington for the past five days. As of yesterday we were the 9th warmest January on record. ((radsat)) Stuck under clouds again today.

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Dan, thanks. You gotta check this out. A Vermont pup -- with star power. This time -- teaming up with Tom Brady. You'll meet him. And -- lockdown. An inmate takes a person hostage at a state prison. We'll tell you how it happened -- next on the Channel 3 News at six.


The lockdown ended today at the prison in St. Albans -- after a tense situation there overnight. Investigators say an inmate used a broken broom as a makeshift weapon and took another inmate hostage. It happened at the Northwest State Correctional Facility's Echo Unit. Authorities say inmate Matthew Hinton was demanding cigarettes for himself and other inmates -- and a trip to the hospital. A negotiating team was called in.


((TILE 8300 51:51:13--52:00:18 TOUCHETTE: "At about the three hour benchmark, our tactical team made entry and was able to secure Mr. Hinton and the hostage safely without injury.")) The facility remained in modified lockdown until about noon today. Vermont State Police are investigating. And Corrections says its re-thinking its policies around inmate access to cleaning supplies like brooms.


A mad dash to save animals from a fire at the Springfield Animal Hospital. Taylor Young has that story.


Late Thursday night Springfield Fire Chief says his dispatchers were scrambling to answer a flood of phone calls. Springfield Animal Hospital on River Street was in flames -- and people wanted to know how they could help. ((Russ Thompson/Springfield Fire Chief: "our dispatch was being inundated with calls from the community caring for the animals and offering shelter for the animals.")) When the blaze broke out -- there were five staffers on duty -- and 2 dogs and 5 cats inside. Co-owner Bradley Temple says all of them escaped safely -- thanks, in part, to strangers. ((Bradley Temple/Springfield Animal Hospital: "They pulled in as all the employees were bringing the animals out and it's our understanding that they may have turned off the propane tank.")) ((Russ Thompson/Springfield Fire Chief: "that's quite common, citizens basically trying to help and do the right thing at the time and then just disappearing.")) Chief Thompson says when his crew arrived -- the samaritans were gone. He says the fire was easy to put out -- but crews spent hours checking for hotspots -- to prevent further damage to medical equipment. ((Bradley Temple/Springfield Animal Hospital: "they went above and beyond what they had to do that were just amazing and we can't thank them enough.")) They still don't know what started the fire -- or the identity of the men who helped prevent the fire from causing more damage. ((Russ Thompson/Springfield Fire Chief: "it would be nice for them to come forward so we can thank them.")) The dogs' and cats' owners -- would probably like to thank them too. Taylor Young Channel 3 News Springfield

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A man was hit by a car on busy Route 7 today -- at the Burlington-South Burlington city line. Witnesses tell Channel 3 News he was panhandling just before he was hit. The man reportedly crossed the street behind a bus -- and was hit by a car -- smashing the window -- and landing on the left side of the road. He was taken to the hospital.


Emergency crews responded to the Milton Middle School today. We're told something went wrong during a science fair project -- and the classroom started filling with smoke. Student were relocated to the gym while crews cleared the area.


A Burlington woman's controversial social media status is going viral. And now, police are involved -- after threats were made against her life. Tyler Dumont is here with the post -- that's led to a nationwide backlash. Tyler? It all started with a two sentence Facebook status posted earlier this week. While the writer suggested in comments that it was just a joke -- many who read it are not laughing. But -- as Channel 3 News has learned -- the post may have been published by someone who is not who she appears to be online.


It's a case of freedom of speech -- versus the court of public opinion. A Burlington woman's Facebook status is sparking online outrage across the country. The post says QUOTE "Do you think Trump will bring back slavery? I could use a maid" end quote. ((TILE 6207 07:57:08--08:03:03 BURKE: "People put up something offensive or bias in nature, there's going to be an immediate reaction.")) Burlington Police say they're now stepping in to deal with that reaction -- which has included threats against the woman's life -- from around the country. ((TILE 6207 03:23:23--03:33:13 BURKE: This person began receiving a high number of voice calls, emails, private messages in response to the offensive message that the person posted online.")) Calls and emails have also poured into the Channel 3 Newsroom. After an investigation, we've decided to not identify the woman behind the posting. Although the viral post displays her name -- we've learned that she is not who she claims to be online. Her family tells us that she is not a doctor, despite a LinkedIn profile that says so. We've also learned that she has been suffering from mental illness for years. ((TYLER DUMONT: "Her Facebook profile has since been taken down -- but a screenshot of her name -- photo -- and two sentence status, originally shared with friends, continues to spread.")) It's part of the modern media age. That no matter a poster's intent -- the repercussions are unpredictable. ((TILE 6220 14:11:09--14:19:06 Abdi Abdinoor: "You can say whatever you like, but to have thoughts like that - it can have impacts on society.")) ((TILE 6221 15:04:24--15:08:08 GRIFFITH: "Thinking it is one thing, but announcing it to the world is a whole other thing.")) Traci Griffith is a media law and ethics professor at St. Michael's College. She says time and again, social media users forget that their "private" pages -- can quickly become public. ((TILE 6221 20:22:28--20:28:21 GRIFFITH: "It's not private, it's not private. Don't do it unless you're okay with the entire world knowing and seeing it.")) Other locals have also recently faced similar backlash. In October, a Burlington school board member shared a controversial photo with a Confederate flag and two black men with jeans below their boxer shorts. He later apologized. And also last year -- State Police Cpl. Jon Graham was suspended and later resigned -- after some of his social media posts surfaced -- including a photo of a smashed Virgin Mary Statue. ((TILE 6221 17:46:24--17:54:28 GRIFFITH: "The essence of it is, look we have free speech -- but there are consequences to that free speech."))


We have received dozens of emails and phone calls regarding this controversial post throughout the week. But despite the online buzz it may be generating online, part of our job as journalists is to look beyond the surface. In this case, and as in others in the past, the presence of mental illness greatly changes -- and challenges -- our responsibility to determine whether or not something is newsworthy. While we didn't specifically address this poster -- we concluded that national attention resulting from a local person's actions deserved an explanation.


The new Chittenden County State's attorney was sworn in today. Gov. Scott says he picked Sarah George to fill the post because she came highly recommended as a strong, decisive leader. She's been a deputy state's attorney in the office since 2011. George replaces TJ Donovan - who is the new attorney general.


((feature)) Now the sixth warmest January on record, expected to climb the list for the next few days with highs well into the 30s. ((currents)) Cloudy and mild. Temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s. ((temps graph)) Normal high around 27. Feeling more like March for the next several days. ((radsat)) More clouds. Should remain cloudy for the majority of the weekend. ((USA temps)) No bitter cold over the entire country. Should keep our temperatures at or above normal through the start of next week. ((forecast map)) Chance of some spotty drizzle late tonight and into early Saturday. Our next developing weather system moves in late Monday and into mid week.

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Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers or freezing drizzle. Low 25/32. Wind S 5-10 mph. Saturday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of a few showers. High 35/42. Wind light. Saturday Night: Cloudy skies. Low 28/35. Wind light. Sunday: Cloudy skies. Remaining mild. High 35/42. Wind N 5-10 mph. Monday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain or snow. High 30/37. Low 23/30. Tuesday: Cloudy skies. A mix of rain and snow. High 30/37. Low 20/27. Wednesday: Mostly cloudy skies. Rain and snow showers. High 33/40. Low 20s. Thursday: Cloudy skies. Rain and snow showers. High 30s. Low 20s. Friday: Mostly cloudy skies. High 30s.

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The Patriots may soon be superbowl bound again. And so may a local dog. Judy Simpson explains.


When it comes to Action this dog is on it. ((Nina Daniel/Jack's Owner 00:01:19:13 Jack is pretty amazing i think ...see he knows we are talking about him. laugh,,")) Jack is a five year old boxer who knows a thing or two about performing. (( Nina again 00:02:23:16" Obedience , rally agility, we sort of settled into agility as a really fun thing we love to do together.")) ((JS SU 00:13:15:08" While Jack's favorite thing is agility training he is also trained to stand still for long periods of time even holding objects in his mouth." 00:13:23:12)) Which Nina says is critical for his work in commercials, thats right .. you can add acting to his resume as well. ((nats commercial)) Jack is in a New York lottery commercial. ((nats commercial)) last year he starred in a high end shoe commercial that aired during the Superbowl. ((nats commercial)) And Jack's latest gig, a commercial with Patriots QB, Tom Brady. Lucky Pup. Lucky owner who got to meet Brady. ((Nina again 00:05:15:27" I did, we worked very closely and he is very nice. flexible easy to work with professional." 00:05:23:08)) While being in commercials is fun, and somewhat lucrative, Nina says the money Jack has earned pays for his vet bills and covers some of his training, more than 4 years of hard work. ((Cassy Lamothe "He is a good dog.")) Cassy Lamothe is Nina and Jack's trainer. ((Cassy Lamothe/ Show Me The Biscuit 00:08:37:08" He was very exuberant as a puppy and she worked a lot to get him to be able to maintain control in all situations which has really helped her commercial work and her agility work and everything overall." 00:08:50:09)) Training that has paid off for this team, and don't be surprised to see Jack in more commercials, we are told his agent is working on that. JS Channel three news, Williston.



The 12th ranked UVM men's hockey team is hosting Connecticut tonight at Gutterson. The game, which is airing live on NESNplus, got underway at 6pm, at last check it was -- in the --. We'll have highlights and reaction at 11pm. earlier this afternoon...the Vermont women hosting sixth ranked Boston College... --- midway thru the first ...the Cats get on the Mackenzie MacNeil's pass kicks out to Amanda Drobot whose one timer rips the twine for a 1-0 lead... --- then, six and a half minutes left in the second...Victoria Andreakos lets fly from the point and it finds the net...2-0 Vermont... --- B-C gets one back in the second, then... with just 46 seconds left in the third... Megan Keller's shot sneaks thru a big scrum in front of the net to tie the game at two...sending it into overtime... --- and just 39 seconds into OT...Makenna Newkirk brings the puck from behind the net and her shot goes off goalie Melissa Black and in... heartbreaking loss for the Cats as Vermont falls 3-2. The teams will play again tomorrow at 2pm.

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