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We have an update this morning on the story of a boy who was badly burned in an accident last month. These are some recent pictures of 10-year-old Dakota Allen -- as he continues to receive treatment at the Shriners Hospital in Boston. Dakota suffered extensive burns from an explosion of nitro-methane -- a fuel used to launch model rockets. He's been upgraded from critical to stable condition this week but still has many surgeries ahead of him.

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Thankfully no serious injuries -- after a school bus crash in Waterbury. Three middle-schoolers were sent to the hospital after the bus rear-ended a car in slow moving traffic on Interstate 89 Thursday. The bus was filled with Twinfield Union school students on a field trip to Mount Mansfield. The principal says the 7th graders were checked out for pain at the hospital but are okay. The bus driver was not cited.


A Vermont school bus driver was arrested on drunk driving charges in Bethel. State police say they received a complaint from the principal of Whitcomb High School around the time of first period Thursday that a bus driver might be intoxicated. Police screened the driver -- 34-year-old Brett Jenkinson of Northfield -- and found he was under the influence of alcohol. He was cited into court.


A Norwegian based aerotech company has its eye on expanding to Plattsburgh. Norsk Titanium makes 3D materials for aerospace projects. Plattsburgh town manager Bernie Bassett says he met with company reps earlier this year and that the northern New York town is where they are looking to expand and create new jobs.


(TC 00:03:36:13 Tile 6248) ((Bernie Bassett/Plattsburgh Town Supervisor "Couple of hundred or so to start. I think the point is it would be a significant number. They would be high-tech jobs which is always very good. And it would be an investment in an area that we want to see continue to grow and develop." 00:03:52:11)) Bassett says it appears the company will be here by 2016. Officials are talking about either using the old Clinton County Airport or Plattsburgh International for the base of operations.


Nearly a half dozen churches -- in Essex -- are working together to fill stomachs and tables. Holy Family church is one of five parishes in the area that dishes out community dinners on Friday nights. The project -- called "Essex Eats Out" -- started about a year ago -- and aims to provide healthy, warm meals to those who are hungry -- or just need a little companionship.


((Fr Charles Ranges/Holy Family/St. Lawrence Parish 00:31:58 "we knew there were people in the community who were socially isolated. Perhaps people who were using Meals on Wheels during the week and the idea of getting out for a meal would be a great thing.")) If you're not able to drive -- the churches provide transportation. Holy Family expects to serve 150 people tonight. Dinner will be served between 5:30 -- and 7 and all are welcome.


Cool, rainy day today. But clearing out for the weekend, which starts cool on Saturday, then warms up Sunday, and especially on Monday for Columbus Day. Fast-moving front with a few showers Tuesday. Then dry, relatively mild until Thursday with more showers and a bit cooler.


Dr. Heather Hoyns has had a lifelong interest in horses. She runs Evergreen ((EEEE--KWINE)) Equine in West Windsor, Vermont and joins us this morning to talk about the dental care of horses. Thanks for being with us. Why do people need to take their horses for regular dental exams? There is no horse too big or too small. You don't want just anyone to do it. Make sure you do a little shopping around to get someone who is truly qualified. Specialty board, American Veterinary Medical Association, important for certifications

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