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Hinesburg police are speaking out against a law suit claiming an officer used excessive force in an arrest last month. 50-year old Lori Ann Carron who made the call has mental health issues. Police say she was having an argument with her husband. Upon her arrest, Carron claimed the officers used excessive force and that police then falsified the report after. Police believe they handled the situation to the best of their ability. The Chittenden County Prosecutor says officers may need more training in handling arrests of mentally ill people.


((TJ Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney 32:03 We're concerned. You really have again this nexus of law enforcement and mental health coming together in a way that did not work out well for the citizen.)) The Chittenden County Prosecutor says he's looking into the case and will decide next week whether to take action.


A 19-year old woman is going before a judge today after police say she was having sexual relations with a minor. Victoria Hunt was reported by DCF to State Police last month. Investigators found she was involved with a 14-year old girl over the period of a month. Hunt will face a sexual assault charge.


A judge has thrown out evidence in a deadly D-U-I case. Police say 31-year-old Leanne Werner crossed the center line last July in St. Albans -- hitting an on-coming car. The driver, 74-year old Omer Martin was killed. Werner failed a breathalizer test--but the judge tossed the results out since it was taken before she was read her rights. Any evidence collected after she was read her rights is still admissible.

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Vermont has been leading the effort GMO labeling. A law is set to take effect July first. Soon -- there could be a nationwide labeling law. Vermont's law requires any foods made from genetically modified ingredients to be labeled. Now leaders of the Senate agriculture committee say, they have reached an agreement that would call for a single labeling standard across the country. Food producers and retailers -- who have challenged the Vermont law in court -- prefer the national approach.


You can now get rid of unwanted medicine at new york pharmacies. Governor Cuomo signed the new legislation .. To make sure people won't pollute waterways by flushing drugs down the toilet. State regulators encourage all pharmacies to become authorized collection sites.


A new exhibit has museum-goers thinking like an engineer. The Montshire Museum in Norwich just opened The Tinkering Loft. It's a mini workshop allowing visitors to engage in building small projects. Educators say it's a great opportunity for kids and adults to expand their minds.


((Greg DeFrancis/Director of Education 02:21:18 imagine and build. They're building forts, they're building roller coasters. They're figuring out about balance and they're counting going under and over.)) The exhibit changes projects every week. It will be open until the fall.


Lots of sunshine right through the weekend and temperatures warming up well into the 80s, even low 90s by Sunday. Then a couple of cold fronts will bring some showers & t-storms for Monday & Tuesday, and that will bring the temperatures back down.

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