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Who's telling the truth? Thanks for choosing Channel 3, I'm Alexandra Montgomery. That's what a jury will discuss today in the case of an alleged courthouse rape. It apparently happened inside the bathroom -- at the Burlington Courthouse. That's why the trial -- was moved to Lamoille County. The accused, Robert Rosario, took the stand yesterday and denied accusations that he raped a woman back in October 20-15. The alleged victim -- Jessica Goulet, gave Channel 3 News permission to identify her. Rosario says Goulet approached HIM in a courthouse hallway -- two other defense witnesses testified in agreement.


((TILE 007 5:33:27-5:41:06 David Brown/Witness: "One lady was talking to this other gentleman, and he looked like he was kind of keeping his distance and she was being persistent.")) ((TILE 012 21:16:00 - 21:25:27 Danielle Kissell/Witness: "I noticed that the black gentleman kept looking away and avoiding her gaze and she just kept trying to get in front of his face, and keep his gaze, and talk to him.")) Prosecutors say the evidence established is beyond any reasonable doubt that Rosario did it. Channel 3's Tyler Dumont will be in court today following this case. You can count on WCAX for that update.


A judge says no deal for a Morrisonville, New York woman who pleaded guilty to collecting her father's benefits -- while he lay dead in the home for months. Tina Cummings' plea deal called for four months in jail -- five years probation -- mental health counseling -- and paying back the money she stole. But the judge YESTERDAY wouldn't sign off on that deal. HE SAYS Cummings should serve six months in confinement -- and he wants her to pay up, despite government red tape. Ralph Tefft received benefits until May -- even though he died in February.


Carina Driscoll KICKS off her campaign for Burlington mayor with a launch party . Dozens came to the event at Main Street Landing. Driscoll says during her 82-day campaign, she wants to visit every neighborhood to find out what's important to Queen City residents. She tells us she wants Burlingtonians to have more of a voice in the future of their city.


Thousands of Vermonters are heading to theaters to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Last night, Essex Cinemas sold more than 12 HUNDRED tickets for its four showings. Vermonters started lining up at 11 IN THE MORNING to make sure they got a good seat. Many came dressed as their favorite characters. And fans told us - they liked the movie.


((James Bordeaux 6938 42:54-43:00 "Disney took a very good classic and made it into a great family episode.")) ((Andy Purdy, Benson 6937 41:51-57 "Visually, it was really awesome. Boy, there were so many good parts.")) Theater staff in Essex say they are prepared for hundreds of more fans to come. They tell us they have fourteen Star Wars showings a day for the next week.


Sunshine for the first half of the day, then clouds move in ahead of that approaching clipper. Snow showers tonight, just a dusting - 2". A few snow showers lingering early tomorrow, then some clearing late. Sunday looks partly sunny. Temperatures recover a bit today and into the weekend, but still below average. A frontal system will be approaching on Monday with the chance for a few snow showers. There will be a better chance on Tuesday, with also a few rain drops mixed in. It will turn colder & blustery again on Wednesday after the front goes by, and there will be a few snow showers. Some sun, but colder again, on Thursday.

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