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Headed for Mexico -- but captured near the Canadian border. An escaped Dannemora killer is starting to talk. Good evening I'm Shelby Cashman. And I'm Keith McGilvery. The manhunt is over but tonight a new investigation is underway into officer conduct at the Clinton Correctional Facility. Alex Apple, what's the latest. Keith -- the FBI is launching an investigation into whether prison guards enabled a heroin drug trade -- that ultimately landed Richard Matt and David Sweat preferential treatment before they bolted for freedom. Today -- former corrections officer Gene Palmer answered four charges stemming from his role as a guard on the cell block under fire.


Reserved, emotionless Gene Palmer walked into Plattsburgh City Court. ((Court NAT)) The former corrections officer -- charged with four felonies -- waived his right to a felony hearing, sending his case to a grand jury. ((District attorney Clinton County Andrew Wylie 01:13:32 Now the matter is transferred out of the Town of Plattsburgh court, bail remains the same, he's out on bail.)) Palmer was caught in the carnage of Richard Matt and David Sweat's daring escape -- that ended with Matt dead and Sweat in custody. Monday Sweat started talking. ((CNN> Sgt. Charles Guess: We hope that he continues to talk. Our investigators are very keenly interested in what he might have to say.)) ((01:17:59 Andrew Wylie -- he's told investigators that Palmer had no involvement in the escape. It was just Mitchell he and Matt.)) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also says the two convicts remained together -- until five days before Sweat's capture. ((David Poirier/Constable, NY "I mean I figured they'd probably head towards Canadian border. Try to get away.)) Two miles from the border - Sweat was shot twice and apprehended. Hours later -- celebration. (00:33:34 3052) ((Chief Christopher Premo/Malone Police "Even today at noon they had a big celebration in the village. The streets were lined with hundreds of people actually.)) OR NAT The state will soon charge Sweat with first degree escape. ((District Attorney Andrew Wylie: 01:16:47 Whether its escape first degree, whether its any other charge, he needs to be charged with the escape that he committed back on June 6. That's how my office always proceeds.)) Wylie says he'll present the cases against both Palmer and former corrections officer Joyce Mitchell in July. The two estranged prison workers are just a fraction of the new FBI investigation into the officers at Clinton Correctional. Allegations of heroin trading -- enabled by prison guards -- follow reports Matt and Sweat were kings of a larger drug ring. A saga -- even the Governor says is hard to believe. ((CNN> Gov. Andrew Cuomo: So it was really fascinating but at least it ended well."))


Both Gene Palmer and his attorney -- William Dwyer from Albany -- refused to answer any questions today. They maintain Palmer had no knowledge of the escape plan.


As we have told you throughout the search--a tactical unit from the Vermont State Police played a key role--especially in tracking the first captured killer--Richard Matt. The Tactical Services Unit unit was deployed to northern New York a week ago Sunday. Members were used to help secure perimeters, and at times clear houses and buildings-- including the Malone Fair Grounds. On Friday-- the day Richard Matt was shot and killed-- the unit was told to back up FBI and federal border patrol teams on the Malone-Duane town line.


((Lt. Manley/VSP: "at one point, there was noise being heard in the woods by a perimeter new york State trooper and those two tactical teams moved into that location and that is when the shots were fired and the suspect was deceased.")) Lieutenant Michael Manley says half the team was a few hundred yards from the shooting-- the other half was about a mile way. The 15-member team returned from New York Saturday after a week taking part in the search.


A Westford man is fighting for his life tonight. Police say he was shot Pettingill Road just off Route 128 this afternoon. Authorities say the individual is a firearms instructor and right now they do not know if the shooting was an accident or an intentional criminal act. His injuries are considered life threatening.


((Capt. J.P. Sinclair, Vt. State Police 47:37 "initially the first person who came upon the injured man in the road though perhaps he had been struck by a car and then when rescue got here and looked at him further, it appeared like he had a gun shot injury.)) State police tell us they are looking for an African American woman who scheduled to take a class with the man today. They say she is not a suspect but may be able to help establish a timeline for when the man was hurt -- based on if or when she showed up for that appointment.


One teenager is dead. Two others--injured--after a weekend ATV crash. Investigators are still trying to piece together--what went wrong. Logan Crawford reports.

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15 year old Dawson Perley of Enosburgh died Sunday at UVM Medical Center after an ATV accident involving him and 2 other teens. (TC 00:08:33:12 Tile 3612) ((Mark LaRose/Enosburgh "Just a tragic, needless accident is what it was." 00:08:37:17)) 14 year old Carter Paradee of Bakersfield is still in critical condition at UVM. And 15-year-old Cole Elkins -- also of Bakersfield has been released from the hospital. The cause of the ATV crash is still under investigation. 2 of the victims just finished their sophomore year at Enosburgh High and one is an incoming freshman. Principal Erik Remmers says the school's had staff on standby to help the boys' classmates. (TC 00:04:36:12 Tile 3607) ((Erik Remmers/Enosburgh High School Principal "We had an open gym our guidance staff and those counselors were available during that time. We just wanted kids to be able to get together and be able to talk, whether it be about this situation or other things and have us around. Let them know that they have adults that care about them and are here to support them." 00:04:57:03)) Captain Paul White of the Vermont State Police says fatal crashes with ATVs happen too often. He says these vehicles don't have the protection a normal car does -- and a lot of these crashes happen as a result of excessive speed or inexperience. Captain White says riders should always wear a seat belt and take a safety course on ATV operation. (TC 00:14:48:24 Tile 3671) ((Capt. Paul White/VSP "Just because they're not a full fledged automobile doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated with the same respect. You wouldn't allow your kid to drive your pick up or your minivan down the road. Kids need to be supervised and when I say kids I mean kids under the age of 16, 18." 00:15:07:05)) ((nats Larose )) Mark LaRose of Enosburgh owns the local auto shop LaRose's and is a father himself. He says ATVs are popular in the area -- and would let his kids ride them. (TC 00:09:11:08 Tile 3612) ((Mark LaRose/Enosburgh "Helmets would've been mandatory and some kind of... I don't know if these kids had any kind of safety course or not, but I think there should be one offered either through the schools or somebody somewhere." 00:09:26:01)) The school says they will continue to offer their services to students and the community to help them through this difficult time. State police urge ATV riders to take a safety course. You can check WCAX dot com for one online. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Burlington.


A Bethel woman is facing charges for critically injuring a South Royalton attorney. Police say 22 year old Allison Richards hit 63 year old Tavian Mayer with her car last week--in front of the Locust Creek Store on Route 107 in Bethel and ran away. Richards originally told police a male friend was driving the car. But an investigation revealed she was the only one in the car--bragged about it via text message--and had driven off without paying for the gas when she hit Mayer. She's facing multiple charge. Mayer is still in critical condition.


Brattleboro police are looking for an alleged bank robber. Police say this man hit the People's United Bank on Main Street just before one o'clock. The suspect is described as a tall white man with scruffy facial hair. He was wearing a black zip up sweatshirt with a small Michael Jordan logo on the chest. He was also wearing a red and blue baseball cap. If you recognize him call police.


A musical theft--at a music festival. Police say 50 year old Richard Brodsky and his 13 year old son of Newtown Connecticut--had their three guitars stolen out of their car--at the Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival in Tunbridge over the weekend. Anyone with information is asked to call Vermont State Police.

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We'll finally catch a break in the weather pattern tonight. Skies will turn partly cloudy with lows of 50/57. With all of the moisture leftover near the ground areas of fog are likely late tonight and into tomorrow morning. Another slow-moving frontal system will begin to move into the area on Tuesday. Skies will turn mostly cloudy and a few scattered showers will develop during the afternoon, along with the chance for a thunderstorm. Temps will warm into the 70s.


Could Monarch butterflies soon be a thing of the past. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says the population has declined almost 80 percent in the past 21 years. And biologists there say the state is concerned by that drop in numbers.


((Mark Ferguson/VT Fish & Wildlife Dept. 00:01:09:14 "It seems to be the monitoring that has gone on for the last 20 years or more shows that what we once had a population in the eastern part of the continent at times was over a billion monarchs now it is down to less than 60 million so there has been a definite drop in numbers." 00:01:28:29)) Experts say deforestation -- and pesticides killing off the butterflies' food supply are contributing to their decline.

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Hundreds forced to flee their homes as a wildfire rage on out west -- we'll show you where. And -- one European country's finances continue to spiral toward serious trouble. Plus NBC says "you're fired" to Donald Trump -- Still ahead what the GOP presidential candidate said that forced the network to give him the boot. Also new details about the deadly shooting that killed dozens in one beach community -- When the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


New pictures have surfaced in the terror attack that killed dozens of vacationers in Tunisia. The footage shows the suspect on the beach with his automatic weapon. Seven people are now being interrogated and multiple arrests have been made in connection to Friday's carnage, The 24-year-old attacker was killed by police following the incident.


The five year financial crisis in Greece has taken a dramatic turn. Standard & Poor's rating agency has cut the country's credit grade by one notch amid Greece's deteriorating financial situation. The news had a ripple effect across the economic world -- Wall Street had its worst day of the year. Investors fled from stocks in Europe and the U.S. and retreated to government bonds. Greece's Prime Minister says his government will hold a referendum on budget proposals made by the country's lenders. Greece's bailout ends tomorrow and it's supposed to make a major payment to the International Monetary Fund.


NBC cut ties with Presidential Candidate Donald Trump today because of his recent comments about mexican immigrants. Nancy Cordes reports.


(pkg) You're fired! NBC TURNED THE TABLES ON TRUMP TODAY. ANNOUNCING IT WOULD NO LONGER AIR HIS "MISS USA" AND "MISS UNIVERSE" PAGEANTS. AND THAT IT WOULD EXPLORE WAYS TO PRODUCE TRUMP'S LONGRUNNING SHOW "THE APPRENTICE" WITHOUT HIM. (Trump in Chicago) I'll sue them big league. I do fine with lawsuits! (laugh) SPEAKING IN CHICAGO, TRUMP CALLED THE NETWORK "WEAK." (Trump) The problem with these public companies, they get a little bit of pressure and they say, oh boy, we can't be associated with you. A COALITION OF LATINO GROUPS HAD PETITIONED NBC TO FIRE TRUMP FOR WHAT THEY CALLED HIS "DISGUSTING VIEWS" ABOUT IMMIGRANTS: (Trump announcement) They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. And some I assume are good people. IT WAS A STRIKING CONTRAST TO HIS FELLOW REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE JEB BUSH (nat Bush announcement speech) WHO BREAKS INTO SPANISH EVERY CHANCE HE GETS. (nat Bush speaking to us) HE EVEN ANSWERED US IN SPANISH. TRANSLATION? (4040 Bush to Nancy) I think I have a proven record of getting people that aren't necessarily traditional republicans to support me. ON CAMERA TAG: OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS THE HISPANIC POPULATION IN THE U-S HAS GROWN AT NEARLY FOUR TIMES THE RATE OF THE NATION AS A WHOLE. IN 2012, MITT ROMNEY WON AMONG WHITES BUT LOST 3/4 OF HISPANIC VOTERS, AND LOST THE ELECTION.NANCY CORDES, CBS NEWS, WASHINGTON


More than two dozen homes were burned in a wildfire in Washington. Flames have torched more than 4 square miles since Sunday afternoon. Officials say the buildings that burned were primary residences, not vacation homes. The wildfires hit parts of central and eastern Washington over the weekend as the state continues to struggling with a severe drought.

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We'll finally catch a break in the weather pattern tonight. Skies will turn partly cloudy with lows of 50/57. With all of the moisture leftover near the ground areas of fog are likely late tonight and into tomorrow morning. Another slow-moving frontal system will begin to move into the area on Tuesday. Skies will turn mostly cloudy and a few scattered showers will develop during the afternoon, along with the chance for a thunderstorm. Temps will warm into the 70s. Scattered showers will continue on Tuesday night. While it doesn't look like a washout, it will just be a bit unsettled. Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms will persist into Wednesday afternoon, then the front will clear the area. It will be breezy and more humid too. Highs will still be in the 70s. After that the weather is looking good-- The latest model data is suggesting plenty of sunshine Thursday through Sunday (great new July 4th celebrations!). Keep in mind there will be some moisture to our north and south, so if the jet stream changes, then the forecast would turn more unsettled...check back just in case.

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Well one Vermont company - was Gluten free -- before it was cool. Gina Bullard has more on "Against the Grain Gourmet"


Rolls -- baguettes -- pizzas -- and pitas. ((nat)) Against the Grain Bakery in Brattleboro makes a lot of things -- but something you WON'T find here -- gluten. ((Nat)) Tom Cane and his wife Nancy started the gluten-free business eight years ago. All of its 14 products come frozen. (00:06:22:25) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "fresh bread has preservatives to keep it stable we don't do that because our stuff if frozen")) The idea came from necessity. Tom and his son were both diagnosed with a gluten intolerance -- Celiac Disease. (00:00:53:12) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "tell a 14 year old boy he can't have pizza and you might as tell him his life is over so nanc went on a mission to make sure he had bread and pizza")) They put Nancy's recipes to the test and Against the Grain has been a success ever since. When it first opened the gluten-free craze hadn't started. Now, this 90-thousand-square-foo t bakery with 70 employees is booming. (00:06:48:19) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "we've not had a year where oru growth is less than 50% since we started")) Pita bread is its newest venture. The pita line is impressive. Kicking out over 1400 fluffy pockets an hour. Even thought there's a gluten free craze right now Tom says Against the Grain products will stand the test of time. (00:04:35:07) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "if we're making these products it can't be oh this is good for GF it has to be this is great bread great pizza and they don't care if its GF")) So if there's no gluten in these products -- what is in them? (00:02:04:21) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "the primary starch is tapioca starch")) The best seller is cheese pizzas. It's the number one selling frozen entrée in the natural aisle in the US. They sell around 12-thousand a week. Against the Grain is sold is more than 7-thousand stores nationwide. Including most major chains like Hannaford and Price Chopper. (00:34:55:28) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "g-it smells delicious - it is delicious t-ta da!")) Going against the grain with Made in Vermont bread products. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Brattleboro.


After getting rained out the last two days, the Lake Monsters finally hit the field at Centennial tonight for a double header with the Lowell Spinners... Game 1...Beautiful night for baseball, pink sky in left... Champ playing peek-a-boo with the camera but he would be covering his eyes in this one as Lowell takes a 4-2 lead in the 5th and add to it in the 6th.. Josh Ockimey (ock-i-May) hammering this one deep to right field and that ball is gone, a solo shot and Lowell takes a 5-2 lead.. Vermont getting one back in the bottom of the inning..with a runner on third, Steven Pallares sending this one to right field...the catch is made, Mikey White trying to beat the throw home, just sliding under the tag ...It's a two run game .. Vermont loads the bases in the 7th, but down to their last strike..and the Spinners get the strikeout... Lake Monsters fall in game one, 5-3... Vermont would win game two however, 1-0..


In Montpelier tonight, the Vermont Mountaineers playing host to the North Adams Steeplecats... --- Scoreless through 3, North Adams breaks through in the 5th. Graham McIntire, grounder to 2nd... throw home, just a bit outside.....Joseph Burns scores and it's 1-0 Steeplecats... --- Bottom-6, 'Neers down 3-0..Nick Ruppert laces one just past third...that brings in Laren Eustace, and we've got a two run ball game --- But North Adams gets 4 in the top of the 9th. Victor Sorrento sending this one to left and two runs will score The Mountaineers drop this one 7-3, and fall to 8-9 on the year.


Get a bunch of LPGA, Champions tour and PGA Tour pros together for charity and you've got quite the event in Barrington, Rhode Island. There's a major Vermont Connection at the Rhode Island Country Club. Scott Fleishman explains from Barrington. (TRT: 1:15...Channel 3 sports..) (It's the 17th annual CVS charity classic. It's a 2 day event that raises money for various charities. Teams of 2 competing to win the title that includes Woodstock's Keegan Bradley. Bradley really got into a groove on the back 9. It started with a birdie putt on the par5 11 , then check out the approach shot on the par 4 13, he ends up putting that in for birdie. On the par 3 17 his tee shot along the water lands just 7 feet from the cup another birdie for Bradley then to cap it off on the par 4 18 after another great approach shot, his sinks another birdie. The team of Curran and Bradley birdie 11of the18 holes today and are in a great position to make a run at this thing on Tuesday. "We got off to a good start. It got a little sluggish in the middle there and we cruised on the back. We really want to come out and win this tournament so we were watching the leaderboard we want to make sure we have a shot at this thing tomorrow." "We're both pretty tired, but a tournament like this is so much fun you don't even think about it. People at Rhode Island Country Club, the course is absolutely perfect. It's just fun to come home to New England and play in front of friends and family ..)


The UVM women's basketball team struggled last season, posting a 5-24 record behind a young lineup that was missing real collegiate level experience, but head coach Lori Gear McBride hopes one new transfer can help get this team going.. Andreana (ann-Dre-aw-na) Thomas a graduate transfer from Hofstra, has joined the team for the upcoming season... The point guard averaged over 9 points and 6 assists per game over her final two seasons at Hofstra, but more importantly has played in over 72 collegiate games, so adding real game experience and leadership to this young team and McBride hopes Thomas can step in and run this offense, and says while that puts some pressure on her shoulders, it is just what she wants...


(TRT: 31..who we are) (McBride/"that is absolutely what she's looking for. That's why she came here. She knew that this was her job to take on and she's really excited about it and she knows she's going to have a lot of help around her. She's dynamic, she is a playmaker. She is a dynamo on the court." Thomas/"The girls are young, that means they'll listen. They're humble, they're ready to work and we all have the same goals, which is get a championship. Right now we don't have a bullseye on our back but by the time playoffs and conference is here, we will and people are going to know who we are.")

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