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Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11. I'm Jennifer Costa. Pipeline protestors jammed into the Pavilion Building -- headed for Governor Shumlin's office. My co-anchor Keith McGilvery was there for the action. He joins us live from Montpelier with the latest. Keith? Jennifer -- the protestors packed the executive suite for close to six and a half hours. And after showing no signs of leaving state police stepped in.


Arrests came two-by-two Monday night inside the lobby of Governor Peter Shumlin's Montpelier office. ((Martha Waterman protesters 00 17 0100 "I am willing to be arrested because today we are demanding that Gov. Shumlin withdraw his support for the Frack gas pipeline.")) The move came after hours of protesting in the state office building by folks rallying against the Vermont Gas pipeline -- that's in the works from Chittenden County through the Middlebury area. ((Jason Kaye protesters "00 133300 for the last two years Addison and chittenden County landowners and residents have participated in the legal process and every Avenue that has been made available to us and it's a broken process that's biased and unaccountable.)) A Shumlin spokesperson says the governor -- was not in his office -- but offered to speak to the protestors by phone and was denied. Some protesters claim that offer never happened. In a statement the governor says: SHUMLIN STATMENT: "Peaceful protest is a right deeply embedded in our democracy. I support the right of all sides to be heard, and appreciate the protester's decision to act respectfully with state staff and law enforcement tonight. While I agree that climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our state, nation, and world, I disagree with the protester's position on the natural gas pipeline, which I believe will help hasten our state's transition away from dirtier fuel oil and help our economy. Meanwhile leaders from Vermont Gas responded to the demonstration by defending the project. ((Steve Wark, Vt. Gas "I think there is this on-going dialogue that will continue around fossil fuels and its role in Vermont's energy future, but as of right now there is no energy source, especially for Vermonters that can help people cut two-thousand dollars out of their home heating expenses and in aggregate, reduce green house gas emissions but two-thousand tons)) Protestors say they were disappointed they did not get to confront the governor and vowed to be back. ((Jason Kaye 00144700 new fossil fuel infrastructure is a backward step in efforts to truly address climate change and our economic crisis.))


In total state police say about 60 people were arrested tonight -- cited into court. I asked about concerns that the large crowd made it past security all the way to Shumlin's office on the 5th floor without signing in or showing ID at the front desk -- a move that's traditionally required when entering the building-- a spokes person for the gov says they're still trying to figure that out. Jennifer


Workers at FairPoint Communications remain on the picket line. Employees -- and the company -- are at odds over benefit cuts, a recent pension freeze, and the use of temporary workers. But now FairPoint is calling the union's latest tactic is downright dangerous. Melissa Howell reports.


((Troy Cirillo/Fairpoint Employee 00:21:04 "We want to talk, they will not talk to us. Come back to the table. We're here, we're ready." 00:21:09)) That's been the echoing message from 1,700 union members in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine since their latest proposal was shot down by Fairpoint on October 17th. The union, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Vermont, says it proposed more than 200 million in savings to the company after a recent pension freeze and a push to cut benefits. But the company says it's not enough. ((Mike Spillane/IBEW Local 2326 Union 00:07:11 "What fairpoint has done now is put out a demand in April and they've stayed right there since then." 00:07:21)) Fairpoint proposed 700 million in concessions -- and says the cuts are necessary to keep up with the changing industry. ((Angelynne Beaudry/Fairpoint Spokesperson 00:02:34 "While we've implemented our final proposal, we will always remain willing to negotiate and have a committment to respond to counter proposals that meaningfully address our core issues. So far we have not received any such counter proposals 00:02:54)) ((Mike Spillane/IBEW Local 2326 Union 00:20:52 "we offered givebacks and they don't think they're enough, they want the moon and we can't do that, we have to survive." 00:20:58)) Fairpoint has since brought in temporary workers -- and says productivity has not been effected since the strike. But the company IS concerned over the union's latest tactic -- following those temporary workers as crews respond to customers' requests for service. ((Mike Spillane/IBEW Local 2326 Union 00:03:07 "our people will get out with their signs and start chanting at them, most of the people screaming scab go home." 00:03:18)) The company says this compromises safety. And says it's suspicious that there's been an uptick in damaged equipment throughout service areas. ((Angelynne Beaudry/Fairpoint Spokesperson 00:08:36 "These acts are clearly done by people who know what they're doing and know how to take customers out of service." 00:08:47)) ((Mike Spillane/IBEW Local 2326 Union 00:01:37 "We are not doing it, our people are trained not to do it, we don't encourage it. If I find it, we will take action against members who do that." 00:01:45)) Spillane says mobile picketers have had 3 interactions with police after complaints of harrassment -- but those claims didn't hold up. It's still unclear when Fairpoint and it's employees will move forward with negotiations but the union remains hopeful. ((Troy Cirillo/Fairpoint Employee 00:20:43 "We'll do this as long as we have to; we can't go back to nothing. We work very hard for what we have." 00:20:49)) NATS horn MH CH 3 NEWS BTV.


Debate over who killed a Shelburne toddler -- was center stage in court today. 26-year-old Joshua Blow is charged with the murder-- but his lawyers want the charge dropped. Experts agree -- traumatic head injuries killed the two year old -- but they don't agree when it happened -- and therefore who did it. A pediatric doctor with Fletcher Allen's ICU says Aiden Haskins' injuries were consistent with a fall from a 3rd floor window or a high-speed car crash. He testified his review of the evidence shows the abuse happened the day the child died. Vermont's Chief Medical examiner agrees that the toddler died from blunt impact to the head -- but says that the evidence can't prove it happened the morning of July 22nd.


((Dr. Steven Shapiro, Vt. Chief Medical Examiner 00:55:38:00 "just using the anatomic bindings, living in a vacuum, I can't")) ((Dr. Barry Heath, Fletcher, Fletcher Allen Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 00:38:58:00 "this child had a previous injury, it may have made his brain more sensitive, but it required a mortal injury, that occurred the morning that he died.)) Police say Blow admits to being the only one home when the toddler died. They say he's offered conflicting accounts of falling on the boy and the boy falling on his own. The hearing is scheduled through tomorrow.


Burlington police say an impaired driver slammed into a home this afternoon. It happened on Hyde Street. This is what's left of the front porch. Police say 31-year-old Bryant Francis of Middlebury was behind the wheel. He was taken to the hospital for a drug screening -- and cited for suspicion of driving under the influence. No one was hurt in the crash.


And a Derby Line man is accused of driving drunk -- on his snowmobile. Police and Border agents say 43-year-old Thomas Goad was headed northbound on Route 5 -- when his machine crossed the border -- heading for a route -- to get home. Police later determine he'd been drinking. Goad is due in court tomorrow on DUI and other charges.


Police say the Felony Lane Gang has struck again. This time in Essex. They were called the Peoples United Bank on Susie Wilson Road today for a woman suspected of using a fake ID to cash a check. The alleged crook was identified as 37-year-old Chasity Walton of Maryland. Police say they found several forms of identification -- wigs and stolen checks -- in her car. They believe she's part of a large scale crime organization operating in Vermont, Massachusetts, Florida and Indiana. In August -- authorities linked the Felony Lang Gang to multiple thefts at Williston stores. Walton is now facing several charges.

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A tractor trailer crash -- left more than two dozen gallons of fuel spilling out onto a Chester roadway. Firefighters say around eight this morning -- they responded to Route 11 in Chester -- after a tractor trailer hauling a load of lumber tipped over onto its side. The cause of the crash is still under investigation -- but authorities say all of the lumber was lost -- along with 25 gallons of diesel fuel. First responders were on scene for about seven hours and the road was shutdown for cleanup. The fire department says the fuel was contained and no waterways were affected. The driver -- for RSD Company out of White River Jct -- was not hurt.


Vermont schools could save millions of dollars in health care costs. That's according to a new report released today. Shelby Cashman joins us now with the details. Shelby? Jennifer-- the study was ordered by the Vermont School Board's Association. And it documents the enormous cost of providing health care to teachers and staff at the state's K-12 schools. And shows what switching to either single payer--or a Gold plan--under Vermont Health Connect--could save schools. But without actually seeing what single payer looks like--critics say--the study is premature.


The Vermont School Boards Association says--health care reform is coming. And schools need to be ready--and informed--of potential outcomes--and savings. (00:02:17) ((Steve Dale/Vt. School boards Association "our level of health care benefits is among the most generous of any employers in the state of Vermont. Any change that could bring about teacher health care benefits that are more in line with the majority of Vermonters likely will result in substantial savings.")) (00:02:38) KSE Partners -- a well known advocate of single payer -- conducted the report -- to look at the financial impact--of switching to either single payer--or a Gold plan under Vermont Health Connect. Total payroll at Vermont k-through-12 schools next year is estimated at 920-million dollars. The School Boards Association says 202 million of that is for health care. The employees will pay another 33-million as their share of insurance premiums. The study found that current health care plans offered to school district employees are more generous than anything available thru Vermont Health Connect -- and pushing all school employees into Health Connect's gold plan would cut school district costs by 39-million dollars. The study says if the state were to switch to single payer healthcare -- and schools were no longer responsible for health care benefits -- school districts would save up to 119-million dollars. In a statement-- Executive director of the Vermont National Education Association--the states largest teachers union Joel Cook --says --the NEA has always supported a move towards single payer. But -- quote -- GFX: "there is nothing new about this announced conclusion regarding what employees in schools have, apart perhaps from its use of specific numbers. But, we all know that there are no specific numbers to plug into funding formulas yet." Health Care reform critic Darcie Johnston--agrees. (01:11:20) ((Darcie Johnston "They don't have the single payer, they don't have the financing, they don't have what its going to cost and what's going to be covered.")) (01:11:26) Scott Mackey--is one of the authors of the report--who is also an advocate of single payer. He says--his firm recognizes --we do not yet know the specifics of single payer. But the idea that there could be room for savings--is important to get out there--as teachers and school boards head into contract negotiations. (00:08:18) ((Scott Mackey "What we hope to do in setting up the model is when we do have a financing mechanism we'll be able to come back with more precision.")) (00:08:24)


The study also notes that the cost could shift to employees thru new payroll taxes -- and all of the savings for schools could be erased if the legislature requires schools to offset those costs by paying teachers higher wages. Jennifer?


Police in Hartford say a powerful painkiller is linked to overdoses in the area -- two of them fatal. Investigators say test results show heroin -- linked to the O-Ds -- had fentanyl in it. It's a prescription opiate -- 80-to-100 times stronger than heroin. Police say mixing the two together puts users unknowingly at risk. They blame dealers -- trying to boost the high and their bottom line.


(( Deputy Chief Brad Vail/Hartford Police Dept.: "by cutting it with the fentanyl and the morphine it adds to the potency or in their circles, some people seek that product because of its potency. And these people who are sick and addicted, they are going to look for that better product.")) Police say there have been 9 overdoses in the Upper Valley this month. Two were fatal. Earlier this year authorities in Addison County blamed three deaths on fentanyl laced heroin.

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Still ahead -- will new health guidelines protect Americans from contracting Ebola? And -- a historic turning point at a major US military base in southern Afghanistan. (SOT Sgt. Jared Green) I got an 8 month old little boy at home. I missed seven months of his life so far so I'm ready to not be here ever again! Plus -- A new justice at Vermont's Highest Court. ((Eaton: "being true to my Vermont values, to the rule of law, and to the people of this state.")) And -- he's a Vermont kid on a maple mission. (00;22:58:19) ((Jonah Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "by the time i'm old enough to buy it it has to be as big as Kraft but we still have to maintain the quality ")) His family's story -- we we come back.

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The CDC announced changes for healthcare workers returning from Ebola-stricken countries. The new guidelines advise that anyone with exposure to the virus be monitored daily by a health official -- for 21 days -- and not be allowed to travel by airplane, ship, bus or train. The change comes after a doctor returned -- from West Africa -- without any monitoring -- and rode the New York Subway -- even went bowling -- before testing positive for Ebola.


Today marks a major milestone in the war in Afghanistan. There are no more U.S. Marines or British troops at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. The last of them left this morning after handing control of the huge base to Afghan forces. Erin Lyall reports.


(take package script) MARINES BOARDED PLANES MONDAY MORNING TO LEAVE CAMP LEATHERNECK IN HELMAND PROVINCE FOR THE LAST TIME. (SOT Sgt. Jared Green) I got an 8 month old little boy at home. I missed seven months of his life so far so I'm ready to not be here everagain! (TRACK 2) IN A CEREMONY SUNDAY, MARINES LOWERED FLAGS AT THE BASE, WHICH WAS SHARED BY U.S. AND BRITISH FORCES. HELMAND WAS THE HEADQUARTERS FOR U.S. MILITARY OPERATIONS IN SOUTHERN AFGHANISTAN. IT WAS ALSO THE DEADLIEST PROVINCE FOR COALITION FORCES. NEARLY ONE THOUSAND TROOPS WERE KILLED HERE DURING THE 13 YEAR CONFLICT. (Bridge Erin Lyall/Camp Leatherneck) before boarding their flights the marines methodically went down this entire perimeter turning over the guard posts one by one so by the time the last platoon boarded their flight, camp leatherneck was entirely under afghan control. (NATS) THE TALIBAN HAS BEEN STEPPING UP ITS ATTACKS IN ANTICIPATION OF THE DRAWDOWN. ON MONDAY A SUICIDE CAR BOMB EXPLOSION KILLED AT LEAST SEVEN PROSECUTOR IN THE NORTHERN PART OF THE COUNTRY SARGEANT JARED GREEN QUESTIONS WHETHER THE AFGHAN FORCES ARE A MATCH FOR THE TALIBAN. (SOT Sgt. Jared Green/) Can they come together as a country and carry it through? That has yet to be seen (broll of plane flying away) AS THEY LEAVE, THE MARINES WORRY THEY MAY HAVE TO COME BACK ONE DAY TO FIGHT AGAIN. ERIN LYALL, CBS NEWS, CAMP LEATHERNECK, AFGHANISTAN.


Vermont has a new Supreme Court Justice. Justice Harold Eaton was sworn-in before family, friends and state leaders in Woodstock this afternoon. He was appointed by Governor Shumlin -- after serving 10 years as a trial court judge. Several people spoke of Eaton's sense of humor, his dedication to the law and his commitment to average Vermonters. The new justice says dealing with Vermont's addiction crisis should be the legal system's top priority.


((Justice Eaton: "otherwise law abiding citizens find themselves breaking into their neighbor's houses, stealing from others, or engaging in illegal activity they would have never considered had they not become addicted. We can not incarcerate our way out of this problem.")) Eaton becomes the first Vermont Law School alum on the high court. He replaces former Justice Geoffrey Crawford, who took a federal court appointment.

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Tonight: Increasing clouds. Chance of showers by morning. Lows: 30/38 Winds: Light Tuesday: Sun and clouds. Chance of morning showers. Highs: 57/64 Winds: S 10-20 mph Tuesday Night: Cloudy skies. Showers likely. Lows: 45/52 Winds: S 10-15 mph Wednesday: Chance of morning rain showers. Becoming partly cloudy. Highs: 53/60 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday Night: Lows 33/40 Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 50/57 Lows 33/40 Friday: Mostly cloudy. Rain or snow showers likely Friday night. Highs 43/50 Lows 28/35 Saturday: Rain or snow showers likely. Highs 30s Lows 20s Sunday: Mostly cloudy, chance of snow showers. Highs 30s Lows 20s Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 35/45

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One Vermont business keeps it all in the family - Gina Bullard checks out the sweet past -- and future -- of Jed's Maple Products.


The end of foliage season marks the beginning of the busy season for one Derby business. ((nat)) From liquid gold to maple apple chutney Jed's Maple Products makes more than 60 items. (00:10:36:12) ((Steve Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "my grandmother as a little girl used to watch her grandfather make syrup")) Steve Wheeler started the business 15 years ago with his wife Amy. They started producing pure maple products. (00:10:50:00) ((Steve Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "it's in your blood")) What started in the woods tumbled into the kitchen -- the product line expanded with things like nuts and dressings. The Wheeler family lives above their production facility which is a good thing because this is a family affair. Steve named the business after his son Jed who's now 16. (00:14:49:02) ((Steve Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "g-you named the business after jed. s-thats where things went south a little")) Jed may be the name of the business -- but the face of the business is his younger brother. ((nat jonah)) Meet 13 year old Jonah Wheeler. ((nat jonah talking about products)) (00:18:00:28) ((Jonah Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "i got a little story about this one)) He's the best salesman this company could ask for. (00:21:08:04) ((Jonah Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "g-what makes your syrup better than others? j-the love the love")) (00:19:41:22) ((Jonah Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "g-you know your stuff jonah. j- yah i've been doing this a while. g-13 years? J-yah pretty much")) He talks like a business man but he still needs dad's help from time to time. (00:18:44:14) ((Jonah Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "i need a little help dad i'm feeling weak")) Jonah has big plans for the Jed's Maple Products -- (00;22:58:19) ((Jonah Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "by the time i'm old enough to buy it it has to be as big as Kraft but we still have to maintain the quality ")) (00:36:18:19) ((Steve Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "he figures if there's boxes of mac and cheese in every store we could have jeds maple in every store. i don't think he realizes Kraft is multi national ")) So what does Jonah think about his big brother being on the label and not him? (00:23:16:29) ((Jonah Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "i'm the newer shinier model, he took a step back and i dove right in this is my home my turf g-do you think your brother will work for you one day? yah g-what about your parents? no comment")) (00:11:43:12) ((Steve Wheeler/Jed's Maple Products "it's about love family, we're tight and doing stuff together")) No matter who's in charge -- the Wheeler's all agree this is a Made in Vermont journey that always comes back to family. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Derby. ((gina- pretty good Jonah - yah!))


The UVM men's hockey team is up 4 spots in the most recent US online college hockey poll. The 4-0 Cats are 14th in the poll and will travel to Notre Dame this weekend. The Cats women's hockey team and it's 5-2-1 record hosts Uconn in the hockey east opener Sunday.


The Division 2 field hockey finals are set. Top seed Rice facing number 5 Harwood at UVM. --- nine minutes into the game, Rice's Sierra Combs fires the pass into the box. After a scramble in front, Michelle Bolger gets it and knocks it in. 1-0 Green Knights at the half. --- midway thru the second half, Lucy Stillman races down the right side then check out the slow rolling pass in front that finds Megan Collins. She scores and it's 2-0. --- five minutes later, Kayla St. Marie and Stillman set up Bolger for her second goal of the game. Rice tacks on another to win 4-0, returning to the D-2 final for the second year in a row.


the other Division Two semifinals taking place at Castelton... second seed Otter Valley facing number three U-32... --- OVU on attack early 1st half, Myliah McDonough breaks in, but u32 goalie Bailee Hudson makes save. --- 9 min in Raiders get on the board, Jasmine Moody to Abigail Daniels. It's 1-0 U32 at the break. --- 4 min left in regulation, OVU fires it in, it deflects to Courtney Bushey. We're tied at 1. --- It stays that way until late in the 2nd OT, Olivia dexter slips the defender gets it to Daniels who fires it home. Both teams exhausted but what a game, u32 wins 2-1 in double OT It's the Raiders and Knights for all the marbles Saturday at UVM.


Alright it's that time of the week - Let's take one more look back at a wild quarterfinal weekend in our week 9 frenzy flashback. ((TRT: 2:01 ... OC... out on players celebrating...))

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