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We begin tonight with a worldwide travel alert from the State Department. Good evening and thank you for joining us at 11 -- I'm Keith McGilvery. The announcement warns that ISIS and other terrorist groups continue to plan attacks. Craig Boswell has the details.


The State Department is urging Americans to stay alert in public places and large crowds. (gfx. From Pegues )The worldwide travel alert warns people to exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at holiday events. (gfx. From Pegues )The State Department says terror groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and others continue to plan attacks using conventional and non-conventional weapons. Officials say there are no credible threats to the US.. (Craig Boswell Stand up/The White House): But, a new CBS News Poll shows 69 percent of Americans surveyed are concerned about a terror attack happening on US soil in the next few months. And two thirds dont think President Obama has a clear plan to deal with ISIS. Tuesday French President Francois Hollande is expected to tell the President that the imminent threat from ISIS is an EMERGENCY that requires IMMEDIATE action. Investigators still have not found Salah Abdeslam - the terrorist in the Paris attacks who got away. On Monday, a street sweeper near Paris found an explosive vest without its detonator that contained schrapnel, bolts and the same kind of explosives used in the November 13 assault. Brussels will also remain at the highest alert level for at least another week. SOT: (English one of PM Michel) I can confirm that the threat for attack is imminent and fierce. Abdeslam was last seen in Belgium. Craig Boswell, CBS News, The White House


There's a new way to report suspicious activity in New York. ((Its our responsibility to pay attention and take action..)) The new See Something Send Something app will allow anyone to quickly send photos or notes to the New York State Intelligence Center - where it will be reviewed - and sent to the proper law enforcement agency. Officials say the app should not be used like 911 - but rather to collect info on suspicious behavior -- you think think could be linked to potential terrorism -- like an unattended backpack in a public space.


A Castleton man is accused of sexually abusing a vulnerable adult. Edward Willis is due in court tomorrow. The victim told police in August -- that he suffered unwanted and inappropriate sexual behavior by Willis. Investigators working the case have now charged Willis with lewd and lascivious conduct.

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Dan is here. Getting cold out there tonight.


Forget long lines -- could hackers be competing for tickets to the next big Vermont show -- with an eye on huge profits? Kyle Midura explains.


(nats) When a big show -- like Elvis Costello, Elton John, or Neil Young -- comes to Burlington's Flynn Center or an associated venue, dozens of tickets will be bought not by fans, but by a bot. A.J. Fucile (FEW-seal) is the Director of Box Office Services at Burlington's Flynn Center. (00:05:38:00) ((A.J. Fucile - Flynn Director of Box Office Services anything that is a high-volume where we get a line out front, someone somewhere thinks they can make a buck )) Ticket bots are computer applications programmed to purchase as many of the best tickets possible the moment they go on-sale. (00:04:42:00) ((A.J. Fucile the problem with the bot is it's in there right away and you don't have a chance 48)) The people behind the bots then post the tickets for sale online at markups that can be several times higher than face value. (00:15:10:00) (( Liam Farrell - Burlington Music Fan Ever hear of ticket bots before we started chatting today? :12 not really no, but I have noticed that some tickets are ridiculously expensive 17 immediately after they go on sale :19 so it explains why :20)) (00:14:12:00) ((Cameron Carlson - Burlington Music Fan 1st time I heard it :13 but you're familiar with the markups that come along with them I take it? 17 yes, I am, yep, yep, and I think it's just a terrible thing that shouldn't exist 21)) Fucile played an instrumental role in lobbying for a Vermont law passed in 2010 -- allowing vendors to pursue damages when software bypasses website features meant to protect fair ticket purchasing. But he says it's done little to address the problem. He recognizes the need to resell tickets if a consumer can't make a show -- but says there's a diffenece between that and when re-sellers post tickets for sale before their bots have even purchased them. (00:05:15:00) ((A.J. Fucile - Flynn Director of Box Office Services there's no honsety in what they're doing )) A bill is before the U.S. Congress to ban the bot, and give law enforcement tools to make a criminal case. Political watchers peg its chances of passage at two percent -- though it recently received backing from New York State Senator Chuck Schumer. (00:01:07:00) ((Sen. Chuck Schumer - D-New York We cannot just let it be, when it comes to these bots :12 people in law enforcement are pretty good a this 14 (end cover) they've done it in other areas :17 we have the technology to find them and go after them, we just don't have the law :20 it's not illegal right now :22 )) Until then, music fans argue bots will continue generating money for nothing -- as fans find tix anything but free. (nats - Phish) Kyle Midura - ch 3 news - Burlington.


Improvements to Burlington's waterfront were officially unveiled today. Skateboarders hit the new skate park as local and state leaders gathered to tout the new facility and the other aspects of the Waterfront Access North project. That includes improvements to the bike path, improved utilities and stormwater upgrades. Mayor Miro Weinberger says these upgrades and others still in the works -- are part of the continuing transformation of the waterfront.


(01:11:59:00) ((Mayor Miro Weinberger - D-Burlington we are celebrating today more than simply the opening of a municipal project, we're marking the rebirth of the Northern Waterfront)) ((Magny Olsen/Burlington 01:40:24:10" WEll its really curvy and you turn a lot and its also not as hard as you think it is and it also has a bit of a challenge in it. "01:40:33:29)) The mayor says he expects a new community sailing center and marina to break ground next construction season. There's no timetable for rehabbing the Moran plant, but he still believes that will eventually happen.


Mayor Weinberger says a Queen City road project is still a go. The Mayor says Burlington's Southern Connector highway -- known now as the Champlain Parkway is moving forward -- but construction is not expected until 20-18. There is a community update on the parkway scheduled for next Monday night at the Champlain Elementary School.

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Still ahead -- Forced into a life of prostitution as teenagers. (SOT - "Tweety") (34:24) he was buying me clothes and stuff for sexual intercourse We'll hear from victims in part 1 of our special series on sex trafficking. And how 25-bucks could get a Vermonter with a suspended license back behind the wheel. Also What makes this years Statehouse Christmas tree so unique? Plus -- A pinball machine you can build yourself. (00:15:00:29) ((Ben Matchstick/Pin Box 3000 "it is a very rough and tumble game")) The story is coming up when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


The FBI recently launched a national raid aimed at stopping sex traffickers - pimps - who force others into prostitution. It's a growing problem that targets the vulnerable .. Including children. Marlie Hall talked to some young survivors about how they ended up selling their bodies against their will.


ONE MINUTE SHE'S ON THE STREETS OF BALTIMORE. (NAT- car driving by) (TRACK) THE NEXT, SHE'S GONE - PICKED UP BY A STRANGER PAYING FOR SEX. FORCED PROSTITUTION, OR SEX TRAFFICKING, IS A GROWING INDUSTRY THAT THRIVES IN THE SHADOWS. ESTIMATES PUT ITS WORKFORCE AS HIGH AS 300-THOUSAND. WE SPOKE WITH FOUR WOMEN WHO WERE FORCED TO SELL THEIR BODIES AS TEENAGERS. KHAI WAS JUST 14. (SOT - "Khai") (13:56) My mom had a boyfriend who would molest me and then in turn shoot me up with heroin so he could market me to his friends. (TRACK) SHE ESCAPED ONE TRAFFICKER ONLY TO END UP WITH ANOTHER, WHO FORCED HER TO TURN OVER AS MUCH AS THOUSAND DOLLARS A NIGHT. (SOT: "Khai") Q: " HE would beat you? A: Yeah. Q: Badly? A: if I had a black eye or a bruise, put some make up on it, its not gonna stop me from working (TRACK) "TWEETY'S" PIMP STARTED GROOMING HER WHEN SHE WAS IN THE 6TH GRADE. (SOT - "Tweety") (34:24) he was buying me clothes and stuff for sexual intercourse (TRACK) "GENESIS" AND "GABBY" HAD SO-CALLED "ROMEO PIMPS" WHO SEDUCED THEM... THEN EXPLOITED THEM. (SOT - "Gabby") (17:41) to know that i'm gonna love somebody for the rest of my life that asked me to go on the street and sell my body is crazy (TRACK) BRAD MYLES IS THE CEO OF POLARIS PROJECT - A LEADER IN THE FIGHT AGAINST TRAFFICKING. (SOT - Brad Myles / Polaris Project) 11:03:40 we know trafficking is a national problem is in all 50 states. no one is immune ONLY A FRACTION OF CASES - ABOUT 36-HUNDRED (3,598) - WERE REPORTED TO A NATIONAL TRAFFICKING HOTLINE LAST YEAR. MORE THAN A THIRD (1,322) INVOLVED CHILDREN. (SOURCE: NHTRC) (TRACK) THESE WOMEN MADE IT OUT. (SOT - "Genesis) (26:43 mh:) now that you're safe, how do you feel? (27:02) i feel new, i feel alive, i feel loved (TRACK) BUT THOUSANDS OF OTHERS REMAIN TRAPPED, SELLING THEIR BODIES ... AND HANDING OVER THEIR EARNINGS. MARLIE HALL, CBS NEWS, BALTIMORE.


Drivers with suspended licenses in Windsor County could soon get back on the road -- for a fraction of what they owe. Alex Apple has more on the upcoming Driver Restoration Day. Keith -- that day in Windsor County is December 11th. Vermont drivers who have had their license suspended because of overdue fines can pay 25-dollars per ticket to clear to settle any overdue payments and get back behind the wheel. Organizers say the effort is designed so low-income Vermonters are not forced to pick between paying their tickets and meeting their basic needs -- they also say it's smart for public safety.


((Gov Peter Shumlin/D-Vt.: "we need more of these so we can get more Vermonters back on the road and make our road safer. Because these folks are driving right now. When they can't afford to pay their fines, they are often not going to work, which means they go on welfare.")) ((Chris Curtis/Vermont Legal Aid: "the fine system is always meant to be a deterrent but not a permanent economic disability. And so what the fine systenm does today is trap people in a cycle of poverty from which they really can't escape.")) Driver Restoration Day was launched earlier this year in Chittenden County. That first effort helped more than 12-hundred drivers from Chittenden, Lamoille, Franklin, Grand Isle, and Washington counties. The one day push cleared up 67-hundred tickets and brought in about 150-thousand dollars. The Windsor County Driver Restoration Day will take place in White River Junction. It's for any resident of Windsor County or those who have been ticketed there. For more information on the program -- you can visit our website --


The statehouse Christmas Tree -- is coming from the Green Mountain National Forest this year. And you can get your tree from there too -- with a 5-dollar tree-removal permit. And - if you have a 5th grader in your family - you can get your tree free thanks to a federal parks promotion program. Tree-removal permits are available at forest service offices in Rutland, Middlebury, Manchester and Rochester.

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Tonight: Becoming partly cloudy. Lows: 12/22 Winds: W 5-10 mph Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance of snow showers. Trace to 1" Dacks Highs: 33/40 Winds: Light Tuesday Night: Becoming mostly clear. Lows: 15/25 Winds: Light Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 35/42 Winds: S 5-10 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday Night: Lows 25/35 Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 45/52 Lows 35/45 Friday: Partly sunny, chance of late day showers. Rain likely Friday night. Highs 48/55 Lows 25/35 Saturday: Chance of rain and snow showers. Highs 30s Lows 15/25 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 30s Lows 20s Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 35/45

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Pinball machines aren't a thing of past anymore. Gina Bullard found two guys -- bringing them back -- in a unique way.


((nat)) The lights... ((nat pinball machine)) The sounds... Pin ball machines draw people in. ((nat)) People like Ben Matchstick and Pete Talbot -- the creators of the Pin Box 3000. ((nat them being weird)) There are no lights or sounds in this pinball game though -- that is unless you add them. ((nat)) The Pin Box 3000 is made completely out of cardboard. (00:12:41:27) ((Pete Talbot/Pin Box 3000 "it's so fresh, this is not like anything that's come out as far as pinball goes you can interact with the whole surface create situations")) (00:15:00:29) ((Ben Matchstick/Pin Box 3000 "it is a very rough and tumble game")) When you buy the Pin Box 3000 it comes flat and unassembled. It takes about 40-minutes to punch out and put together the 12-sheets of cardboard parts with everyday junk drawer items like rubber bands and paper clips. Then use your imagination to make whatever obstacles or designs you want. (00:12:59:20) ((Pete Talbot/Pin Box 3000 "there's no limit to what you can do, put a ham sandwich on it i put a hot dog on there once it was great)) The two friends came up with the idea a year ago. (00:11:21:19) ((Ben Matchstick/Pin Box 3000 "we grew up in the era of video games so pinball was this antiquated system that was intriguing because it was mechanical")) You don't have to plug in this pinball machine -- it works with gravity and marbles. It's still simplex -- simple yet complex all at the same time. (00:24:00:10 ) ((Gina 'woah! that thing flies!)) And they're flying off the shelves. The two have already sold one-thousand of the games. ((nat playing)) The dynamic duo hopes to sell another thousand this holiday season for big kids and young alike -- putting a tilt on the future of pinball. (00:13:51:26) ((Ben Matchstick/Pin Box 3000 "our hope that is that that generation will grow up and see a pinball machine and say that's just like the pin box 3000")) Pin Box 3000 costs 49.95 -- or you can buy battle mode which is two that connect for 89.95. (00:19:52:15) ((Pete Talbot/Pin Box 3000 "yayyyy thanks i'm so happy!")) ((flippers)) Flipping out -- over they're made-in-Vermont pinball creation. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News South Burlington.


The Middlebury Field Hockey team won its first NCAA Division three national title in 17 years Sunday, defeating Bowdoin 1-0 in Virginia...The title win brought excitement and a sense of relief, after Middlebury had come close many times before, finishing as the national runners up in 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2011... and the celebration continued from Virginia all the way back to Vermont late last night as the champs landed in Burlington just before midnight with the national championship trophy in hand...It was a historic run for the #3 Panthers, setting a school record with 20 wins and beating the fifth, sixth and second ranked teams in the country in their four tournament victories to bring the trophy back to Middlebury...


((TRT: 21 ... OC: THAT SHE'S BEEN)) (Jennings/"It's pretty great. I mean, we have such a great team and to win the national championship with this team is absolutely amazing." Instrum/"It's an amazing feeling to be a part of it and be a part of our coach DeLorenzo's first national title. It's so well deserved and I feel like it's amazing for he to finally get this recognition as the amazing coach that she's been.")


Dartmouth won the Ivy League title Saturday and the good news continued to roll in Monday afternoon... Dartmouth defensive end Cody Fulleton was named the Ivy League Defensive player of the week after his huge performance against Princeton... Fulleton had 8 tackles on the afternoon, 2.5 of those for a loss... He also forced and recovered a fumble... His biggest moment however came in the final two minutes, when Fulleton picked up a third down sack forcing Princeton to punt and give Dartmouth the ball back for their eventual game winning drive...It's also the first time in 24 years that a Dartmouth defensive lineman has received the honor...


The Patriots are currently in action, facing off against the Bills on ESPN...At last check the Pats were up 20-10 in the 4th quarter....we'll have more from that game tomorrow night...


The 1-2 UVM women on the road tonight, looking to get their record to .500 facing Brown.. --- Catamounts and Bears trading buckets early ...Gracia Hutson finding Sydney Smith for the lay in...UVM up 6-5... --- Then Andreana Thomas around the pick throwing this one up, getting the friendly bounce and it drops in for 2 of her 15... Catamounts take a 17-13 lead after the first... --- And extending their lead in the 2nd... Lauren Handy is handy down low, nice post spin and gets it off the glass.. --- But that is when everything stops and the Cats collapse... Brown scores 22 unanswered points, Kennedy Martin knocking down the jumper from the top of the key Catamounts fall on the road to Brown, 71-54


The Bruins also on the road this evening, facing off against Toronto... --- Boston red hot out of the gate...less than 5 minutes into this one, Toronto turns it over ...Patrice Bergeron's shot deflected in the air and Brad Marchand with his best David Ortiz impression, hitting it out of the air into the net... Bruins take a 1-0 lead ... --- Later in the first, Dennis Seindenberg putting this up ice for Zac Rinaldo and he goes near post for the goal, Boston takes a 2-0 lead after the 1st ... --- But Toronto takes control in the 2nd... Boston up 3-2...P.A. Parenteau's shot blocked, puck loose in front and Tyler Bozak punches it in...We are tied up at 3... --- These two end overtime in a 3-3 draw so we head to a shootout... David Krejci with a chance to end it, fancy stick work and sliding it 5 hole for the game winner Boston takes down Toronto in a shootout, 4-3..


Speaking of boston, Former catamount Amanda Pelkey and the Boston Pride played in their first home game of the season last night against the the New York Riveters... Boston plays its home games at Harvard... --- Pelkey scored a power play goal in the second period of the home opener with Boston trailing 3-1 to cut the lead to one, but the Pride couldn't find the equalizer falling 3-2... Pelkey has two goals and two assists in five games as she continues to develop her game.


(((Amanda Pelkey/"I'm trying to get into areas, the corners, being in front of the net, so I'm trying to get more gritty in those aspects of my game. I think for the power play and my goal, I was like ok, get in front of the net, Case had a nice shot put it in ,got hit a couple of times. I saw it and I just thought to kind of whack at it and I only knew it went in, because I saw Hillary celebrate, so I didn't see it go it.")))

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