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Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11. Keith McGilvery. A warning tonight about possible flooding in our region. The Winooski River is roaring -- and the National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for parts of Vermont and a flood warning for parts of New Hampshire for tomorrow night into Wednesday. This comes on the heels of the extremely warm temperatures we saw today-which are causing rapid snow and ice melt. On top of that--we are expected to get some heavy rain and snow tomorrow which is not good news for water levels. The City of Montpelier has experienced severe flooding in the past. It has issued a warning to people who live and work along the water to prepare for potential problems.


((00:35:19 00:35:36 Robert Gowans/Montpelier fire Chief"The concern is that when the winooski river rises to those levels, the north branch river as you see behind me isn't able to dump out into the Winooski, it back up and that causes a lot of flooding on elm street, langdon street and storefront on main street.")) City officials in Montpelier say the Winooski River will likely crest at 14 feet late Tuesday or Wednesday-so that will be the period when flooding could most likely become an issue.

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Dan is here. Rain moving in.


It's a potentially deadly dare tied to our weather. New Hampshire's Fish and Wildlife department is highlighting possible dangers about a statewide, social media craze enticing teens to jump into icy waters. Responding to the "Polar Plunge" dare, authorities say young people are jumping into icy lakes and rivers in summer clothes and no life jackets. Not only is the water very cold but often it can be packed with chunks of ice not visible from the surface. Experts say if you are hoping to get out on the water for things like kayaking and canoeing while the temps are still cold -- you might want to wait.


((Bill Brownlee / Umiak Outdoor Outfitters 36:17 I recommend nobody go into the lake for a few weeks, unless they are very well versed. And then all the ice that's out there is going to be blowing around. And it's winding today -- obviously it's going to be blowing around -- but it could blow on a day that isn't windy, and the wind can change. So you could be locked out of the beach that you put into.")) Experts say immersion in cold water can quickly leave even a good swimmer helpless within minutes.


It was a car chase -- that ended in a crash shutting down Route 2 in Williston and a man jumping in the water to try and get away. Our Ali Freeman was there... She joins us in the newsroom with details -- Ali? Keith -- Police say the chase all started after a Burlington man stole a brand new car. Right now 49-year-old Anthony Grasso -- is in police custody-- after allegedly crashing the stolen car on Route 2 in Williston. Police say Grasso stole the new vehicle from a friend -- and lead police on a short pursuit through Williston. During the chase -- Grasso is said to have hit three cars traveling on Essex Road before coming to a stop. Police say he then tried to flee the crash on foot -- jumping off a bridge into the Allen Brook River before the police captured him. Route 2 was closed for nearly 3 hours -- during what witnesses called a flurry of activity.


((57:56 Johanna Himberg / Heard the Crash "I was sitting on my back deck studying, and all of a sudden it was just very very loud. You could hear brakes, it was just a very very loud and intense crash.)) Grasso now faces numerous charges from today's incident -- gross negligent operation, excessive speed, leaving the scene of an accident with injury -- and resisting arrest. This isn't Grasso's first run in with the law -- back in 2007 he served time for robbing a Williston gas station. And police say at the time of the accident -- Grasso was on escape statues with the Vermont Department of Corrections. At this point, the extent of the injuries for the people in the 3 other cars involved -- are unknown. Keith?

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Police are looking for the man behind a stick up this morning at a Franklin County bank. The man -- walked into the TD Bank -- and told a teller -- "this is a robbery -- give me your money." He then jumped the counter -- and got two tellers to open their drawers. The suspect wore a hooded sweatshirt backward -- with eye holes cut out. He took off on foot. Police used a K-9 and a witness -- to track him to this home. But he wasn't inside.


((16:52-17:07 Chief Leonard Stell/Swanton Police Dept.: "There was a witness that put him running by the house. That was determined not to be the case. Other witnesses put him running continuously by the house. So therefore, he still managed to elude on foot into a parking lot.")) Police say the suspect is between five-foot-two and five-foot-six -- with a slight build. He has short brown hair -- and may be balding.


A daycare worker in Hartford has been arrested-- accused of dangling an infant upside down. Police say 31-year-old Stormey Wilson -- became frustrated with a 4-month-old -- at the Potter's House Daycare -- and allegedly swung the baby upside down by the ankles. Investigators believe it was an isolated incident. Wilson was fired -- after a DCF investigation. The New Hampshire woman worked for the daycare for the last year-and-a-half. She's due in court next month to face child cruelty charges.


An update to a tragic story we first told you about Friday at 11. We now know what caused a deadly house fire in Fairfax. Police say 80-year-old -- Joseph Benoit -- was killed using a flammable liquid to light his woodstove Friday afternoon. Investigators say when Benoit sprayed the liquid into the stove, his clothes caught fire -- and the flames quickly spread. His wife -- Phyllis -- tried to help but couldn't because of the heat and smoke. She was rescued from the home but passers by were unable to save her husband. Joseph Benoit died at the scene.


If you hate waiting in airport security -- there may be good news for folks flying from Burlington. It's called Pre-Check Screening -- and it allows passengers to zip through security in five minutes. It's a nationwide program -- and enrollment centers have opened in Colchester and Berlin. To apply, travelers must pay 85-dollars for a background check and fingerprinting. If approved -- passengers can then go to the front of security lines -- and can keep their shoes, jackets and belts on -- and leave liquids and laptops in carry on's.


((18:49 Bruce McDonald / BTV Federal Security Director "The point is to allow us to focus on where the risk is greatest. And these people who are willing to go through a background check and take a fingerprint -- we know they don't present a risk to aviation so we can focus our efforts on where there might actually be a threat 12 and allow those passengers who don't present any threat, to zip on through the front of security.")) The passes are good for 5 years and valid for Canadian passengers as well. The airport hopes to see about 40 to 50 percent of its travelers use the program. For center locations you can visit our website--


A bridge on I-91 was closed after fears that it could fall. The highway was shut down between exits one and three -- with traffic diverted onto Route 5 -- right thru downtown Brattleboro this weekend. Contractors are in the process of demolishing the northbound bridge over Route 30 -- with both directions of traffic sharing the southbound bridge. During the demolition, the northbound bridge shifted -- and with concerns it could fall into the other bridge, authorities decided to close the highway. State transportation officials say the bridge has been stabilized -- and traffic was routed back onto I-91last night.

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Still ahead-- horror in Utah. "...They began to open up the package and they found a deceased infant inside the package and called us to respond," ((NN-MOND197-7 Dead Babies Found in Garage; Mother in Court)) One mom's accused of killing six of her babies and leaving them in cardboard boxes. And Governor Shumlin has a multi-million dollar plan to boost high-tech jobs-- but are his critics on board? Plus- Some of Vermont's top K9s are getting their time to shine on the small screen -- And Dan Dowling's back with your 7-day forecast when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


A Utah woman accused of murdering at least six babies over a 10 year period appeared in court today after her husband made a gruesome discovery in their garage. Bigad Shaban reports.


39-YEAR-OLD MEGAN HUNTSMAN ADMITTED TO INVESTIGATORS SHE STRANGLED OR SUFFOCATED AT LEAST 6 NEWBORNS SOON AFTER GIVING BIRTH TO THEM FROM 19-96 TO 2006. ACCORDING TO POLICE RECORDS, HUNTSMAN SAYS SHE HID THEIR BODIES -- AND A 7TH BABY THAT WAS STILLBORN -- IN CARDBOARD BOXES INSIDE HER GARAGE NEAR SALT LAKE CITY. ((SOT: Jeff Buhman / Utah County Attorney)) "this is a little shocking because of the number of babies that were killed and over the time period, you know over 10 years." SHE WAS ARRESTED SUNDAY ON SIX COUNTS OF MURDER. HER ESTRANGED HUSBAND, WHO WAS RECENTLY RELEASED FROM PRISON -- ALERTED POLICE AFTER DISCOVERING ONE OF THE BABIES' BODIES WHILE CLEANING THE GARAGE. ((SOT: Dan Beckstrom / Pleasant Grove Police Detective)) "i've never seen anything like this in my career." HUNTSMAN'S THREE OLDER DAUGHTERS ALSO LIVED IN THE HOUSE. NEIGHBOR SHARON CHIPMAN SAYS SHE NEVER SUSPECTED HUNTSMAN HAD BEEN PREGNANT. ((SOT: Sharon Chipman/ Neighbor)) "she was one that would gain weight and lose weight. You know, just one of those that would go up and down a little bit, but nothing, you know, to look like she was pregnant." HUNTSMAN IS BEING HELD ON 6-MILLION DOLLARS BAIL. BIGAD SHABAN, CBS NEWS.

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Governor Shumlin plans to spend big to keep high tech and research companies growing in Vermont. The 5 million dollar plan would come from a 20-14 fiscal year surplus. The majority of the money would go toward an incentive fund -- to keep and grow jobs -- by allowing the governor to offer perks to businesses to attract or retain companies in Vermont. The rest of the money would be used to help Vermont entrepreneurs with loans -- to jump start their business.


00:01:56 00:02:13 ((Gov. Shumlin "A new initiative, a new set of incentives that we believe will help us grow existing jobs in Vermont, help us retain and expand existing companies and help new companies get the capital they need to thrive.")) The announcement comes soon after the governor's decision to appoint a full-time Secretary for the Agency of Commerce -- a move Vermont's Republican Party Chair says is too little -- too late for hundreds of Vermont workers who have already lost their jobs.


You may soon be officially free to cheat in New Hampshire. Right now It's against the law to commit adultery in the Granite State. But that's likely to change. Lawmakers may repeal a centuries-old law that makes it a crime. The Judicial Branch says the the law hasn't been enforced in more than a decade. The measure overwhelmingly passed the House, and now awaits a vote in the Senate later this week.

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As the number of farms have declined over the years so have the number of hay fields -- and scientists say it's hurting bees in Vermont. Since the 1980s, Vermont has lost more than 100-thousand acres of hay fields -- that used to be full of alfalfa and clover. Scientists say that means Vermont bees aren't finding as many flowering plants. And the hay that's left -- is often cut before it can bloom, making it more nutritious for cows -- but bad for bees.


Listen up anglers -- Walleye season is just around the corner. Vermont Fish and Wildlife says the season starts -- the first Saturday in May -- on most of Vermont's rivers and lakes. But the Chittenden Reservoir opens June 1st and the Connecticut River is regulated by New Hampshire. For specific catch requirements visit the info center on our website -- wcax-dot-com.

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Tonight: Cloudy skies. Showers developing after midnight. Lows: 50/58 Winds; S 15-20 mph Tuesday: Periods of rain, sometimes heavy. Chance of thunderstorms. Highs: 58/65 and falling quickly afternoon Winds: S 10-20 bec NW Tuesday Night: Rain changing to snow. Tr-3" of accumulation, 3-6" mountains. Lows: 18/25 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Wednesday: Morning clouds, becoming mostly sunny. Colder! Highs: 33/40 Winds: NW 10-20 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday Night: Lows 18/25 Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs 45/52 Lows 25/32 Friday: Partly sunny. Highs 53/60 Lows 30/37 Saturday: Chance of showers. Highs 50s Lows 30s Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Highs 50s lows 30s Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 50s

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Stone carving has a rich history in the Rutland area. Artist have been shaping stone there since the early 19th century when marble deposits were discovered in West Rutland. After the arrival of the railroad the area became one of the top producers of marble in the world. And the tradition carries on today. Both high school students and sculpters alike are taking the medium to new levels.


((Kevin Donegan/Artist 18:51:23 Life and energy and time is kind of captured in the stone and I think the job of the sculptor is to give voice to it.19:00:26)) ((Alex Burke/carving student 23:32:54:21 When I get to come here, on Fridays, you know, it's really relaxing from the classroom, it's a better transition. 23:33:01:15)) Kevin Donegan's show "Lock is Key" is on display at the Carving Studio Gallery on Marble Street in West Rutland.

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There's no better way to recreate the drama of a police manhunt than to film the real thing -- that's where these Vermont Police K9s came in. Our Jennifer Reading has the inside scoop on these pooches 15 minutes of fame.

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The FBI is scouring the woods for a serial killer -- known as the Huntsman. ((NATS -- 00:03:21 "get the K-9 unit moving" BARKING)) Luckily the search isn't real -- but a scene from the psychological thriller The Following. And theses guys ... ((NATS 00:05:40 Kevin Bacon: "what is it?" Chief George Merkel: This way. He has a scent now.")) ...Are only DRESSED like New Jersey State Troopers. But they're real police officers -- in Vermont -- invited to be extras on the show. ((Chief George Merkel/Vergennes Police Chief 00:08:34 "these dogs are like our second skin. They probably spend more time with us than our families do.")) This fall -- Chief George Merkel of the Vergennes Police Department and his canine -- Aikido -- joined Sgt. Eugene Duplissis of Vermont State Police -- and partner -- Argus -- on the set. ((Chief George Merkel/Vergennes Police Chief 00:10:30 "We felt a little bit like rockstars because we were so popular and our dogs were so approachable and well mannered. They did a great job and it made you feel kind of good. It made you proud.")) There are currently 39 working police dogs in Vermont. The canines undergo a rigorous 6 month training program at the police academy in Pittsford. The episode showcased that training. ((Sgt. Eugene Duplissis/Vermont State Police 00:09:48 "The dogs in Vermont are trained to a very high standard. We have an outstanding program and it's good that we can go down to New York City and film a show that's broadcasted throughout the world and show how good Vermont's dogs are.")) Aikido and Argus are Belgian Malynois. Their handlers say the breed make solid police dogs because they're boxier than German Shepherds -- giving them better weight distribution. But did they know they were acting? ((Sgt. Eugene Duplissis/Vermont State Police 00:05:43 "that's a good question." 5:59 "it was more of a training aspect for them. They have a lot of energy.")) On the job -- the teams only have one chance to get it right -- so how did they perform on the set? ((Sgt. Eugene Duplissis/Vermont State Police 00:11:25 "those are Hollywood trade secrets. We can't tell you any of that information. Sorry. You'd have to talk to the film actors guild.")) Joking aside -- the officers say each scene is shot four times, from four different angles -- and the hours can be grueling. But -- they say the attention to detail -- in crime shows -- is improving. ((Sgt. Eugene Duplissis/Vermont State Police 00:15:27 "they take a lot of pride in trying to be authentic.")) ((Chief George Merkel/Vergennes Police Chief 00:15:07 "I enjoy them. You know they're Hollywood and there's a Hollywood spin on things.")) And when the crime fighting duos aren't on the small screen -- they have an important job to do at home. ((Sgt. Eugene Duplissis/Vermont State Police 00:08:00 "We do narcotics and what we call patrol work which is tracking, evidence recovery, buildings searches. We assist with high risk traffic stops or search warrants.")) A job -- that can be dangerous. Sgt. Duplissis is still recovering -- after being hit in the head -- with gunshot pellets -- when responding to a scene -- last week -- in Leicester. The suspect is now charged with multiple counts of attempted murder. JR CH3 News.


we begin with a couple of quick college basketball notes. The free press reports that Darren Payen, a 6-foot-8, forward is transferring from Hofstra to UVM. He will sit out next season and have 2 years of eligibility. And maine fired head coach Ted Woodward today after 10 seasons. Red Sox Second baseman dustin Pedroia only has swelling in his left wrist, nothing is broken. Pedroia injured the wrist in the home opener making a throw to turn a double play. Pedrio missed last night's game in the Bronx but will not go on the disabled list. Meanwhile, Closer Koji Uehara had some shoulder stiffness this weekend, but should be back for the series in Chicago against the White Sox tomorrow. The Yankees host the Cubs tomorrow.


The NHL playoffs are here. The Canadiens and Tampa Bay Lightning play game one of their first round series wednesday night. Bruins fans will have to wait a little longer. The B's and Red Wings meet Friday in game one of their first round series. For a team that finished with the most points in all of the NHL, this couldn't be a tougher first round match-up for the B's. The Red Wings are one of two teams that beat Boston in the season series, Montreal being the other one. Not only did the wings taking 3 of 4 from the Bruins, but Boston hasn't won a game at Joe Louis Arena since 2007. Suffice to say, the Bruins organization has nothing but respect for a detroit organization making the playoffs for a 23rd straight season.


The Canadiens don't have it any better. They take on a lightning team that beat them 3 times in the regular season. the lightning have several offensive weapons that will test goalie Carey Price. The Habs success in this series could fall squarely on his shoulders. Over course tampa pulled off the biggest trade of the season dealing former catamount marty st. Louis to the Rangers for Ryan Callahan. Callahan has 11 points in 20 games this season for the Lightning, but he ended the regular season with only two points in his final eight games.


The Celtics lost at Philadelphia tonight, snapping a 2 game win streak. Boston's last win came Friday at home against the Bobcats. Charlotte's coach had a long road to the NBA which had its start in the Northeast Kingdom. Dylan Scott has more. (((trt: 2:03 oc: spotlight on sports))) (((island falls, maine born, derbyline, vermont raised, charlotte bobcats steve clifford is as new england as new england gets. A badge he wears proudly for all those who helped him along the way to the n-b-a))) (((steve clifford/"basketball is basketball everywhere. the more people and experiences i had, the more confident i became in the fact that i had the right background."))) (((luckily for clifford, he didn't have to venture too far to learn the basics. For the first 18 years of his basketball career, his father, gerald, was right by his side, teaching him the nuances in the game, before coaching he and his brother in what were 1,000-point career at north country union high school.))) ((("basketball is what we did and talked about. my dad was a tremendously hard worker with the summer camps and clinics."))) (((dan clifford/"i remember the old 8mm film that my brother and i would watch with my dad. he would point things out to steve and that is where his love really began. (((those who know steve best, know its been a long road for the now 52-year old. One that led him to schools like st anselm, adelphi, boston university and siena, before pro stints with the knicks, rockets, magic and lakers.))) ((("he's a people person, he's passionate and he's worked hard to get here. he deserves it."))) (((Dylan Scott/"the stats don't lie. Clifford is a proven winner at every level between college and the pros, so it wasn't difficult for the struggling bobcats to embrace his basketball foundation."))) (((anthony tolliver/"he's seen and done it all. we respect him and in this league that's half the battle. we've been behind him from the beginning and we've won some games too."))) (((later this month, the bobcats will return to the postseason for only the second time in the franchise's 10 year history. clifford deserves a huge part of that turnaround. he's just doing what he meant to do all along, but on a slighter bigger stage.))) ((("i'm blessed. i'm happy, it keeps me young, i feel very fortunate to be here."))) (((in boston, dylan scott channel 3, sports)))

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