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Police throughout the country looking for the man they say is a person of interest in a woman's murder. Good Evening, I'm Eva McKend. Thanks for being with us tonight. Authorities tell us they are looking for Randal Gebo. And that he's driving his girlfriend's Cindy Cook's car. Cook's body was found Thursday dumped on the side of a road in Middlesex. Darren Perron explains.


((TILE 6536 11:11:28--11:20:28 "I would like to ask him what happened. )) And so would police. That's Cindy Cook's son telling Channel 3 News he has questions for Randal Gebo, who investigators now call a person of interest in the Barre woman's killing. They tell us he's driving Cook's car -- and tried to use her debit card in Arkansas to withdraw cash from a bank on Friday. And again on Saturday in Oklahoma -- and Sunday in Wyoming. The Barre man is still on the run. And it's not the first time he's been wanted by police. His criminal history is lengthy -- with numerous stints in jail -- for everything from careless and negligent driving -- to armed robbery in Vermont. We've also learned he has a record in New York and Michigan. Now -- police say the 61 year old may be linked to an even more sinister crime. That's what police -- and Cindy Cook's family -- are trying to find out. ((2021 The car don't drive itself and the boyfriend is no where to be found. 2447 She was a really great woman and I hope justice is served in this)) Darren Perron -- channel 3 news -- Burlington.


A man's body was pulled from the lake this morning. The Essex County Coroner confirms 60-year-old Raymond Faville who had last been seen by his wife Sunday evening was found in Lake Champlain at the Essex Marina. Dock workers spotted his body in about 10 feet of water. The coroner says they are still working to figure out a cause of death but do not believe the circumstances are suspicious. An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning.


A 12-year-old girl has died -- after she was run over by a powerboat in New Hampshire. State police say it happened just before 8:30 this morning on Newfound Lake in Hebron. They say Zoe Anderson was visiting from Colorado and learning how to waterski. Police say she fell -- and as her father drove back around to pick her up -- he got distracted -- and put the boat in neutral. It ran over her -- causing serious injuries... and she died.


Fire destroyed a house today in Highgate. The chief there tell us it was a structure fire. Multiple agencies responded after people reported seeing smoke and flames coming out of the windows. Fire crews say the flames took over a quarter of the house. Fortunately, no one was inside the home at the time. There were a few pets inside but they were not recovered.


Police say young people were likely behind trying to make a bucket explode today at the Townshend Dam. They tell us workers on the spill way at the dam reported seeing suspicious activity in the area. Police say the suspects either lowered a bucket of gas off the bridge or carried the bucket to a location below the bridge that spans the spill way. They then threw rocks which had been wrapped in fabric and previously treated with a flammable liquid at the bucket containing the gas. The fabric wrapped rocks had been ignited and were burning when thrown off the bridge at the bucket. There was no damage to the spill way but police want you to call them if you have any information.


Radar rewind: our storms from earlier produced to heavy rain, gusty winds, and hail in places. Storm reports: there have been almost 2 dozen storm reports across the area. Radar: but now the storms are dying and heading to our east. Forecast: Rad/Sat: A cold front is crossing the area, with strong to severe storms over parts of the region. They'll die off overnight. Headlines: By tomorrow that front will be far enough east that just a few showers could bubble up over southeastern areas. Then on Wednesday high pressure will bring us a dry day, but it will be hot. Then unsettled conditions return again late week. Temps: Mainly in the 70s. Dewpoints: It's sticky out with dewpoints in the 60s. RPM Wide: By tomorrow this cold front is just to our east, and will start to die off. That means while we could see a shower or two tomorrow, we'll see lots of dry time. Then that high will move on top of us on Wednesday, with ple nty of sun. Another cold front could move in Wednesday night into Thursday, with more unsettled weather. RPM tight: Strong storms end this evening. Tomorrow will be much quieter with highs in the 80s. Then wednesday will feature lots of sun and highs well into the 80s. Inside The Forecast: Tonight: Showers t-storms ending. Then some clearing. Chance patchy fog. Lows: 60/67 Wind: Light Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance few showers & t-storms, mainly SE. Warm & humid. Highs: 80/87 Wind: SW 5-10 mph


Police say a New Hampshire man brutally assaulted a woman before an altercation with police. They say Eric Briggs -- of Lebanon -- was seen dragging a woman out of her car -- striking her in the face -- and leaving her bloody and unconscious in the road. He was arrested Sunday but not before a struggle with police. The victim was treated at the hospital for a broken nose and cuts to her face.


He just got a big pay day from the city of Burlington after it was determined police illegally searched his car for drugs. But that couldn't keep 26-year old Michael Mullen from being arrested on different charges in Rutland County. Mullen was taken in Saturday-- after being pulled over. He is now charged with two felonies -- which include possession of cocaine with intent to sell -- and possession of marijuana. Last October, Mullen was pulled over by Burlington Police -- who suspected drugs. But those drug charges were dismissed because the officer allegedly lied about smelling pot coming from the car. Prosecutors were forced to drop that case -- and more than a dozen others. Chittenden County State's Attorney Sarah George calls it frustrating.


((Sarah George/Chittenden County State's Attorney: at 2:39 finding that he was arrested again in Rutland County for very similar charges and from what I understand, very similar circumstances, to the allegations that he had, is extremely frustrating.)) Tax payers recently paid out a 100 thousand dollar settlement in a lawsuit connected to that case in Burlington.


A fight over inheritance money -- after the mysterious deaths of two people. We told you how Vernon resident Nathan Carman was a suspect in the 20-13 killing of his millionaire grandfather. He made national headlines after he was rescued from sea last year -- where authorities say his mother died. Now Carman's aunts are suing him -- saying he killed his grandfather and mother -- even though he has not been charged with the crime They want to block Carman from collecting money from his grandfather's estate. Carman denies involvement in both deaths.


They are charged with trying to steal secrets from a Vermont software company. Arrow Tech developed a way to track the aerodynamics of bullets and artillery shells -- specialized software for the military that sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. In an alleged conspiracy dating back five years, federal prosecutors say Mohammed Rezakhah and Mohammed Ajily, both from Iran, hacked into Arrow Tech's systems to steal the technology and sell it to the Iranian government.


A report has led to a major staffing shakeup at the V-A hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire. It alleges veterans are getting QUOTE "dangerously substandard" care at the facility. Eleven doctors and employees contacted the feds -- saying the hospital was putting its patients in jeopardy. The Boston Globe reports they described a fly-infested operating room and surgical instruments that weren't always sterilized. And the feds found QUOTE "substantial likelihood" that those allegations were true. The hospital denies that patient safety has been compromised. Now -- the Medical Chief Director and Chief of Staff have both been removed. And Alfred Montoya -- the director at the V-A hospital in Vermont -- will be taking over.


In a letter today to New Hampshire's Senate delegation, Governor Chris Sununu said QUOTE... "Systematic change is needed to fully address the substandard care that our veterans are receiving, and I fully expect more changes will be made soon."


The Johnson College President has began her new role as the head of Northern Vermont University. The night team's Priscilla Liguori spoke with her about what's ahead as Johnson and Lyndon State Colleges merge into one school.


The transition has begun for Northern Vermont University. Dr. Elaine Collins is the first president of the new school - that will combine Lyndon and Johnson State Colleges. ((President Elaine Collins, Northern VT University 1376 5:44:55-5:45:05 "We have two different cultural identities but one thing that we both agree on is kind of the joint celebration of where we are. We love northern Vermont.")) ((1375 PL 5:37:41 "There's still a year until Lyndon and Johnson officially merge together. What's going to happen during that transition process?")) ((President Elaine Collins, Northern VT University 1376 5:38:08-11 "This coming year we're really spending a lot of time getting our creditors on board.")) ((President Elaine Collins, Northern VT University 1376 5:38:32-36 "After that, then we move to get the appropriate financial aid packaging.")) Collins expects the school will be able to give the same financial aid. She tells us the price tag for the transition is 2 million dollars, but hopes that long term, the switch will save money and create more academic programs. ((Joey Moye, sophomore 1403 5:54:02-05 "I believe it's going to open up more opportunities... Different classes in general.")) ((Priscilla Liguori, SU 1417 6:01:40-47 "We spoke with Johnson students faculty and alumni about the merger. The reviews were mostly positive.")) ((Miles Smith, Assistant Athletic Director, head men's bball coach 1406 5:58:04-10 "I'm pretty excited about it actually. Two great universities, now Northern Vermont University now next year. I think it's a good thing.")) ((Courtney Begins, Alumni 1407 5:58:50-5:59:02 "I actually got to go to Europe in spring with Lyndon. I got to do that because we're merging. I think it's a really good opportunity for kids to take more classes that both schools offer.")) But there are also community members from both colleges who aren't excited - since they don't want to let go of their school's history. ((Caleb Locke, Student, Senior 1402 5:52:29-33 "I don't want Johnson to lose its identity. I like the small campus.")) ((Caleb Locke, Student, Senior 1402 5:53:24-25 "Only the future can tell.")) ((Joey Moye, sophomore 1404 5:57:11-14 "Honestly, 50 50. Some like it some don't like it.")) Collins admits there will be challenges - as the colleges have been operating independently for more than 100 years. But she says the university will plan events to blend life between campuses, and the benefits will last long after graduation. ((President Elaine Collins, Northern VT University 1376 5:43:32-41 "An outcome of this ultimately are networks of expanded alumni that will help students get into their career tracks hopefully easier.")) Northern Vermont University will be launching its new brand design and logos next month. Priscilla Liguori, Channel 3 News, Johnson.

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Still ahead on the channel 3 news -- a rare look at border security ((TILE 2847 03:00:36:15--03:00:39: 20 BRAD BRANT: "Technology helps us cover more area with more people.")) Tyler Dumont takes us to the Vermont/Canadian border to see what efforts are underway. Plus -- you won't believe what turned up at this car dealership in Ohio. And -- we’re constantly being told not to keep our contacts in too long -- find out how this woman takes us to an entirely different level...when the channel news at 11 continues....


Do you know what it takes to protect the U-S - Canadian border? Tyler Dumont went on the job with U-S Border Patrol -- and found much of their work relies on secret, hidden technology.


The Canada-United States border is the longest international border between two countries in the world. The Vermont-based Swanton sector patrols 300 miles of it -- by land, water and air. ((TILE 2847 03:01:34:15--03:01:38: 05 Brant: "We're looking for cross-border traffic between ports of entry.")) But there's only so many agents -- and that's where this technology center comes in. ((TILE 2847 03:00:36:15--03:00:39: 20 BRAD BRANT: "Technology helps us cover more area with more people.")) Based at the Swanton Border Patrol headquarters, it's known from days past as the "radio room". But it's clear here that technology has come a long way. ((TILE 2847 02:59:42:06--02:59:50: 27 Brad Brant: "We can use sensing systems that detect motion, we can use sensing systems that detect magnetic mass.")) High-tech sensors and cameras have become Border Patrol's leading detection systems. They help the agency catch intruders illegally entering the U.S. ((TILE 2860 03:10:55:16--03:10:57: 06 NAT "Alert 3.")) Inside this room, there's constant notification sounds... ((TILE 2871 03:13:46:02--03:13:46: 28 NAT Swoosh)) ((TILE 2847 03:00:58:14--03:01:02: 12 Brant: "There's an audio alert. The audio alert will key them to what they need to look at.")) ...and constant communication. Dispatchers use cameras to determine what set off a sensor -- and if an agent needs to investigate it further. ((TILE 2853 03:09:08:13--03:09:11: 02 NAT "634...port 1, 3 hits.")) Staffed around the clock -- the "radio room" can get busy. ((TILE 2847 03:02:03:10--03:02:13: 19 Brant: "It's very busy in here. So we've got 300 miles of border, all these sensors, all these sensing systems all feeding back into here. And you've got two people acting as the nerve system of the sector.")) Workers in this center act as extra eyes and ears for agents in the field. They also help those field agents identify who they stop. ((TILE 2877 03:16:14:03--03:16:17: 01 NAT "Split the driver, and the other two.")) Border Patrol asked us not to show what cameras and sensors look like -- or their locations -- to maintain security. But they told us they're set up in more difficult terrain to cross the border where high-value smuggling is likely -- and in easier terrain -- where people willfully enter illegally. ((TILE 2868 03:13:21:29--03:13:22: 29 "10-4, 2-6.")) While technology may help agents get ahead of illegal crossers, indicating where -- it doesn't identify who and why. ((TILE 2847 03:06:43:00--03:06:51: 16 Brant: "It doesn't tell us what that person is, their criminal history, their background - what country they're from. So, we have to catch everybody to find out who we've caught.")) Watching backwoods, water boundaries, ports of entry -- and everything in between keep our border secure. TD, CH3 News, Swanton.


A bizarre find at an Ohio dealership -- pot filled cars. Authorities say one-million dollars' worth of marijuana was discovered in a number of ford fusions. The cars in question were built at a ford plant in mexico and shipped to an ohio dealership. Officials are now trying to figure out who put the pot in the vehicles and who, apparently, didn't retrieve it.


Here's another weird one -- a 67 year old woman in the U-K was scheduled to undergo cataract surgery -- when doctors found 27 contact lenses in one of her eyes. She had told doctors that over the 35 years she's been wearing contacts -- she had trouble removing them from one of her eyes -- but assumed they fell out. Surgeons found the clumped up lenses under her eyelid. Doctors say it's a reminder that if you wear contacts -- you should see an eye doctor regularly.



Rad/Sat: Storms have moved east. Headlines: By tomorrow that front will be far enough east that just a few showers could bubble up over southeastern areas. Then on Wednesday high pressure will bring us a dry day, but it will be hot. Then unsettled conditions return again late week. Temps: Mainly in the 60s. Dewpoints: It's sticky out with dewpoints in the 60s too. RPM Wide: By tomorrow this cold front is just to our east, and will start to die off. That means while we could see a shower or two tomorrow, we'll see lots of dry time. Then that high will move on top of us on Wednesday, with ple nty of sun. Another cold front could move in Wednesday night into Thursday, with more unsettled weather. RPM tight: Tomorrow will be much quieter with highs in the 80s. Then wednesday will feature lots of sun and highs well into the 80s. Inside The Forecast: Tonight: Showers t-storms ending. Then some clearing. Chance patchy fog. Lows: 60/67 Wind: Light Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance few showers & t-storms, mainly SE. Warm & humid. Highs: 80/87 Wind: SW 5-10 mph Tuesday night: Mostly clear. Chance patchy fog. Lows: 55/65 Wind: Light Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Few clouds, late. Highs: 83/90 Wind: W 5-10 mph Extended Forecast: Wednesday night: Chance showers, t-storms. Lows: 58/68 Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 80s Lows: 60s Friday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 50s Saturday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 70s Lows: 55/62 Sunday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 50s Monday: Partly sunny. Highs: 70s



A young deer in distress was saved by a dog. ((MON0035 STORM! BRING HIM IN! STORM! BRING HIM IN!)) Storm -- an English golden retriever spotted the fawn in trouble in the Long Island Sound -- and didn't hesitate to jump into action. Storm actually grabbed the deer the neck and swam it to shore. But then something else happened -- as they waited for help to arrive -- the deer -- likely spooked -- ran back into the water. Storm wasn't needed for the second rescue. The deer is now being cared for at an animal rescue facility.


Lake Placid will host another world winter games event. For months a local committee has been working to get the village on the map for multiple world sporting events, and just last week they visited Lithuania to put in a bid for the . They announced this week that they won the bid--and are going to be the first place in the U.S. To host the games.


((James McKenna/President of Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism 6529 02:22:48 "We're looking at about 50 teams from around the world. I mean all cities are represented really from Asia, from Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, and they average about 25 members per team, so we're looking at just the athletes and teams a little over a thousand. "02:23:04)) This will be the 8th International Childrens Winter Games. Events include alpine, hockey, ski jumping, and more. Several thousand visitors-are expected to come to see the athletes compete.



After starting the season 6-5 in June... the calendar turned to July and the Vermont Lake Monsters caught fire. The Monsters are 12-4 in July, highlighted by a six game win streak early in the month. Part of that streak was a three game sweep of Hudson Valley at Centennial. Those two teams opening another series tonight in Burlington ...25 cent hot dog night at Centennial... --- the pitchers were dealing early in this one. Oscar Tovar didn't give up a hit through 4 --- and Jhonleider Salinas fired 4 strikeouts in his 4 and two-thirds innings of work --- A's second round pick Greg Deichmann has been off to a hot start since arriving a week ago --- and in the third, he opens the scoring. A towering blast out to right field, that goes an estimated 408 feet, it's 2-0 Vermont --- but in the 5th, Hudson Valley gets the offense going. Angel Perez crushes one that nearly gets out to center. It's a double, Emilio Gustave goes to third and scores on a sac fly --- later in the inning, Jean ramirez does put one over the fence. A 2-run blast that goes off the scoreboard, Renegades take a 3-2 advantage --- it's 4-2 in the bottom half, but the balls really flying in this one. Jack Meggs with a solo shot to right center Vermont would take a 5-4 lead with two runs in the bottom of the seventh, the Renegades answered with one in the eighth and a two out RBI double in the ninth to win it 6-5... the Monsters leave 19 runners on base on the night...


Tonight's game between the Upper Valley Nighthawks and Vermont Mountaineers in Montpelier has been rained out. A make-up date has not yet been announced.


Thunder Road will host Amanda Pelkey Night this Thursday. The Montpelier native will be honored with a send-off ceremony as she begins her preparations for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea with the United States Women's National Ice Hockey team. Pelkey is coming off winning back-to-back World Championships with Team USA, is the all-time leading scorer in UVM women's history and began her hockey career with the Barre Youth Sports Association. All Vermont female hockey players will be admitted free to Thursday's event if you register by tomorrow. We have a link to where you can register on the Infocenter at


Lake Placid has been selected to host the 2021 Bobsled and Skeleton World Championships at Mount Van Hoevenberg. A regular stop on the World Cup schedule, Lake Placid last hosted the Worlds in 2012.


The best senior women's golfers in the state will converge on Waterbury this week, as the Country Club of Vermont hosts the Ruth Raymond Jones Seniors' Championship Wednesday and Thursday. Reggie Parker has claimed the crown 8 times since 2004 including last year's tournament at Country Club of Barre, while Williston's Jeanne Morrissey won it 2 years ago at Green Mountain. Many of the players in this year's tournament will be familiar with the course as it hosted the New England Women's Amateur last summer, and they expect a serious challenge.


((Colvard: "It's a placement course, you have to make sure you keep your ball on the fairway. There's a lot of what we term 'schmutz' out there, the greens are tough, and since it's hilly, what's really tough here is that there's a lot of up hill, down hill lies." --- Morrissey: "You gotta position yourself the best you can off the tee, then you're looking for getting the ball in the right section of the greens here because there are a number of tiered greens here, you want to be in the right location."

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