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Her injuries are so graphic -- we won't show them on television. Good evening I'm Keith McGilvery. A Jericho woman says she was attacked by three dogs. As she recovers tonight we're learning what will happen to the animals she says were responsible.


Wednesday afternoon Kathy Bugbee was picking berries along Lavanway Lane in Jericho. She wanted to pick some berries that were on private property, so she walked up to a house to ask permission from the homeowner. That is when she was attacked. ((Jenah Koenig/ Victim's Daughter 00:10:13:10 "As she was walking up dogs came out of the house.")) Jenah is Kathy Bugbee's daughter. ((Jenah again "the door was open there were three there they started nudging her and circling around her and then one bit her and then two jumped on her and started to attacking her. "00:10:28:14)) The dogs are reportedly newfoundland mixes, one, the victim estimated, weighted close to 120 pounds. The owner was eventually able to pull the dogs off Kathy Bugbee, but not before doing alot of damage to her body. ((00:09:41:06 js says,"oh my god,,,00:09:49:00 OH!)) Jenah showed me pictures of her mother's many gaping wounds, and they are too graphic to include in our story. She has more than 40 stitches and has to go back to the doctor. ((Jenah again 00:11:46:23 "She is actually going back in tomorrow they are worried about infection in the ankle bite they believe that the dog may have bitten into the bone but we need to wait for an MRI to be sure but it keeps swelling more and more." 00:12:00:22)) As for the dogs, because the attack happened on the owner's property according to Vermont law, they are being confined on that property for 10 days to watch for signs of rabies, even though the dogs are registered with the town and have had all their shots. We tried to reach the dog owners by phone but we were not successfull, they did leave an apology note to Bugbee and her family. And the town says they are cooperating with the investigation. Judy Simpson -- channel 3 news -- Burlington.


Unlike New Hampshire -- presidential hopefuls rarely come to Vermont. But Republican candidate Rand Paul stopped in Essex tonight to share his ideas with voters -- while offering sharp criticism of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Keith, polls show Paul has between four and six percent support nationally. Well behind -- real estate mogul Donald Trump -- who Paul says is lying to voters about his true political beliefs.


((Rand Paul/Republican for President 01:07:38 I've been saying all along; he's a fake conservative and we golly-well better soon wake up about it. Clap NAT.)) Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul set Donald Trump in his sights Monday as he spoke to Vermont conservatives. ((Rand Paul 20:12 I don't think ultimately voters are going to succumb to the over-the-top rhetoric of a celebrity or a reality TV star.)) Most national polls have Paul outside the top five in the Republican primary. In a crowded GOP field -- Paul has often found sharp rhetoric overshadowing -- what he says makes him a "different kind of Republican." ((Rand Paul 22:01 I call myself a different kind of Republican because we can actually win in blue and purple states. We think we can compete in Vermont where nobody else can.)) Paul spoke to a packed barn in Essex -- offering his ideas to solve the nation's fiscal issues. ((Rand Paul 16:19 What separates me from many candidates is that not only am I for a balanced budget amendment, I've actually introduced a balanced budget. 5 That balances over about five years.)) ((Rand Paul 16:54 We need to hold the line on military spending and welfare spending.)) The crowd erupted when opening speakers introduced the Kentucky senator as a rare presidential visitor to Vermont -- not named Bernie Sanders...and Paul took aim at Sanders' agenda. ((Rand Paul 19:17 One of his proposals: raising the minimum wage to $15 by 2020. Good idea or bad idea? Paul: I think it would cause unemployment among the least skilled people. 19:37 All the statistics show that it leads to unemployment and the people who are least skilled lose the jobs.)) Vermont state senator Joe Benning acknowledged Paul's arrival helps spread conservative ideas in a state with a largely democratic legislature. ((Sen. Joe Benning 37:15 There are some people here that would probably never vote for Senator Paul but the long and the short of it is that everybody has come out here tonight because they have the opportunity to hear from somebody on a national level.)) ((Rep. Don Turner 45:25 Everybody, including the people in this room whether you've decided who you're going to support or not, want to know what somebody believes we need to do. Where does the country need to go?)) Paul hopes the country goes forward with him as president. A different kind of Republican that says he'll be a different kind of president as well. ((Rand Paul 01:08:39 You have to get a president some day that will say I'm going to use the presidency not to accumulate more power, but to devolve and give that power back to the states and the people.))


Paul is in the midst of a swing through a host of New England states. He'll make seven stops in New Hampshire over the next two days.


Senator Patrick Leahy is calling a Republican presidential candidate's idea to build a wall along the Canadian border pretty dumb. Scott Walker said on NBC Sunday that building a wall along the 4000 mile northern border is a legitimate idea that deserves review. And that voters in New Hampshire have brought up the idea with him. Today -- Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy today called it "one of the dumbest" ideas of the presidential campaign.


((Leahy: "it almost seems that if they say something really dumb or flamboyant, they get on the news. That is not the way you govern. Most of it I have ignored but when they say close the border with Canada, no Vermonter can ignore that. We know better. Those of use who have family with roots in Canada know better. But just from a pure dollars and cents. It's our biggest trading partner. What are they thinking of?.")) Today Walker's presidential campaign spokeswoman says the candidates is NOT advocating a wall - just that the idea should be looked at. She said Walker's comments were misinterpreted.


The field of candidates running for Vermont governor is growing. Sources tell WCAX Bruce Lisman -- the founder of Campaign for Vermont -- will run as a republican. Lisman is also the former Chairman of the UVM Board of Trustees and a Wall Street executive at Bear Stearns. We have not been able to reach Lisman himself tonight. Previously he said would run to build a better budget for Vermont... improve public education... lower property taxes ... and address the rising cost of health care.


((Sen. Joe Benning 38:47 I think it's a very healthy process when you have individuals running in the primary. What I personally wanted to avoid was the situation that we had the last election where you had someone with Libertarian and Republican leanings running as an independent. That divided the ticket going into the election.)) ((Rep. Don Turner/R-Milton 47:04 Bruce Lisman is a very intelligent man. He's spent a lot of time reseraching the issues. 47:22 I have a very good relationship with Lieutenant Governor Scott who I'm sure is going to run and we will have many discussions moving forward.")) While many Republicans anticipate that Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott will throw his hat in the ring -- he has not formally announced that he is running.


Former Lieutenant Governor candidate Dean Corren is facing more than 70-thousand dollars in fines for alleged campaign violations. Prosecutors say he coordinated with Democrats to send an email which went to 19-thousand people Today Corren's attorney argued limiting cash available to a publicly-financed candidate violates the first amendment -- and overly-harsh penalties could ruin a candidate's finances. Attorneys for the state say such candidates waive their rights when they take public dollars -- and argued a new federal case is simply a distraction from charges in state court.


(00:05:15:00) ((Megan Shafritz - Assistant Attorney General This is purely a procedural measure and tactic to prevent the state from enforcing a very clear state law. I think the court seemed to understand that that action belongs in state court)) (00:02:16:00) ((John Franco - Corren's Attorney it makes it effectively unuseable because nobody's going to risk personal bankruptcy in order to run for office under that statute, that's what we've been saying from the beginning)) The judge ruled that Corren's attorney had not provided enough detail in his filings. He gave him 14 days to do so if the case is to continue.

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Emergency dispatchers in Rutland will say goodbye to colleagues tomorrow. That's when that 911 call center is slated to shut down. The Derby site will be closing too as part of a state cost cutting plan. The head of the Vermont State Employees Association says 17 state workers are being laid off. Officials are closing the dispatch centers hoping to save the state 1-point-7 million dollars. But VSEA executive director Steve Howard says the state is now paying remaining dispatchers to drive to work in Rockingham and Williston.


(TC 00:22:16:09 Tile 6008) ((Steve Howard/VSEA Executive Director "What's happening now is they're having to spend more money to pay for travel time and overtime that's incorporated in that to have people drive significant amounts of time." 00:22:28:06)) Vermont State Police declined an on camera interview about the changes today. Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn has said in the past that the consolidation will not impact the time it takes for first responders to arrive at a scene.

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Dan is here. Another great summer day.


Green energy efforts are getting a helping hand in Brattleboro. The Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation was awarded a 265-thousand dollar grant from the US Department of Commerce. The money will help pay for two major initiatives - a green building cluster study and the Southern Vermont Business Innovation Accelerator. With the closure of Vermont Yankee and the loss of hundreds of well paying jobs-- local businesses leaders say green energy development is the right focus to keep people living and working in the community.


((Alex Wilson/Building Green Inc.: "we want to start by analyzing what the resources are in the area and what the opportunities are. So, we will be doing and assessment of the local businesses, local organizations, local expertise that can come together to capitalize on this this form of economic development.")) The grant money will also provide funding for strategic planning -- between Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

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Members of the public are getting a chance to see what it's like to go to med school. The University of Vermont College of Medicine is launching its Fall Community Medical School program. The series of lectures will allow people to learn more about a number of topics LGBTQ and Health, the impact of concussions in young people -- and using medical data to make good decisions about your health.


((Dr. Christopher Jones, UVM College of Medicine 01:43 "I want to find a way to communicate what we are able to bring using big data analytics to the person, to personalize their treatments in a way that's meaningful to them.)) The lecture series kicks off tomorrow night in Burlington with the presentation on medical data and runs through December. For times, topics and locations you can visit

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A police deputy is the victim of an execution style killing in Texas. We'll have the latest on the alleged murderer. Plus -- the largest migrant crisis since World War Two -- How European leaders plan to deal with of thousands of displaced people. and he gave movie go-ers nightmares with his scream worthy films. Now the film world is looking back at the life and career of director Wes Craven. Also he's living small but is it paying off? We'll check out this college students humble home when we return.


Prosecutors in Texas say a sheriff's deputy killed in an ambush was shot 15 times in the back. The suspect appeared in court today and is being held without bond. Omar Villafranca reports.


Deputies filled a Texas courtroom for the appearance of a man suspected of assassinating one of their own. Shannon Miles faces a charge of capital murder in the shooting death of 47 year old deputy Darren Goforth. The Harris County District Attorney told the court what security cameras and witnesses saw at this Houston gas station Friday night. :22 - :35 (SOT: Devon Anderson/Harris County, TX/District Attorney) They saw a dark skinned male who was bald with a white t-shirt and red shorts run up behind the deputy who clearly did not hear him or see him coming and shot him in the back of the head. (more court stuff, more scene, then this weekends gatherings) Devon Anderson told the courtMiles unloaded his entire pistol into Goforth15 bullets in all. She said the shell casings match the handgun authorities found in Miles garage and that the attack was unprovoked. Miles has a lengthy criminal record that includes 6 previous arreststwo for using force against officers. Authorities believe Deputy Goforth was targeted because of his uniform and link the ambush to heightened tensions between African Americans and police. 1:04 1:12 (SOT: Devon Anderson/Harris County, TX/District Attorney) This crime is not going to divide us, this crime is going to unite us. People of all races were out there. Hundreds gathered in Houston over the weekend for a vigil and march in honor of Officer Goforth. Omar Villafranca, CBS News, Harris County, Texas.


European leaders are trying to figure out how to handle the largest refugee crisis since World War Two. Tensions are especially high near Hungary's border with Serbia -- where thousands of refugees from Syria are refusing to turn back. Generations of families are risking their lives for the promise of a better one in Europe. So far, the Hungarian government says about 150-thousand refugees have crossed into that country, but their long term goal is not to stay there -- it's to get to places like Germany, Britain and Holland.


Iconic movie Director Wes Craven has died after a battle with brain cancer. Craven was best known as the writer and director of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies. He is credited with re-inventing the teen horror movie genre. Craven also found success spoofing teen-movies with the "Scream" series. He was 76 years old.

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Tonight: Evening clouds. Becoming mostly clear. Areas of patchy fog. Low 55/62. Light wind. Tuesday: Mostly sunny and warm. High 80/87. Light wind. Tuesday night: Clear skies. Low: 55/62. Light wind. Wednesday: Mostly sunny. More humid. High 83/90. Light wind. Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 80/87. Low 58/65. Friday: Mostly sunny. High 75/82. Low 58/65. Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 78/85. Low 60s. Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 80s. Low 60s. Monday: Mostly sunny. High 80s.

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While some students are moving back to their Vermont dorm rooms. One student -- is starting the college semester in his very own tiny house. Eliza Larson reports.


(NATS) When Rob Dunn of Henniker, New Hampshire gives a tour of his home, he points to the features he made that save him money -- and space. (NATS) Many of his classmates are returning to dorm rooms this school year. But the 21-year old Green Mountain College senior built a 96-square foot house about 5 miles from campus. (TC 00:35:30:00 1843)(("it is such a drastic change and such an odd thing to do." 00:35:39:20)) Dunn is a renewable energy and ecological design - or REED - major at the Poultney college. He says his classwork taught him about his impact on the environment. And he also became aware of how expensive attending college is for him. So - to cut both his carbon footprint and his costs -- Dunn built this tiny house made up of about 75 percent reclaimed recyclable materials. He says he emits 2 and a half tons of Co2-equivalent per year -- cutting his old carbon footprint in half. The average American emits 20 tons annually. (TC 00:49:51:05 Title 1843)((Rob Dunn/GMC Senior: "If you want to do it to save money but also to save the environment because there's no other way to reduce your impact aside from doing something crazy like this when you live in a dorm, that's sold. That's something I can get my head around.)) The two-story home is powered by two solar panels and a rocket mass heater built from a cast-iron stove. The land owner lets him live on the property rent-free. He began the project in 20-14, but says the house is still a work in progress. Overall, it cost Dunn about $3,000 to build. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Poultney.


The start of the new season is still two months away, but the UVM men's basketball team has already suffered three losses, the latest coming today as sophomore guard Brandon Hatton has decided to transfer. Channel 3 sports learned of the information through a source earlier today and the University confirming the story later in the afternoon. Hatton played in 31 games during his freshman season for the Catamounts averaging just under 4 points a game. Hatton, who was recruited for his long range shooting, shot over 31 percent from 3-point range. His top scoring performance came back on February 7th, putting up a career high 12 points in UVM's comeback win at Stony Brook. Hatton is the third Vermont player to transfer since the end of last season, joining Brendan Kilpatrick and Zach McRoberts.


the Woodstock Country club hosted the 4th annual Keegan Bradley Charity Golf classic today. The event raises money for Pediatric Cancer research foundation and the University of Vermont cancer center. There were three parts to the day, a clinic with a question and answer period, then groups head out on the course to play 18. That's followed by an auction with some big ticket items. Once again, Bradley had some help on the course. For the third straight year, he was joined by fellow PGA golfer Brendan Steele. Newcomer, Jon Curran was on hand as well. Curran is coming off his rookie season on the PGA Tour. He's a former high school teammate of Bradley's. They just won the CVS Charity Classic in Rhode Island last month. Also here for the very first time, Bradley's Caddie, Steve "Pepsi" Hale. Four years and this event keeps getting better, brining a lot of pride to the Woodstock native.


((TRT: 51 ... OC: A LOT OF FUN)) (((Keegan Bradley/"My whole family comes, all of my uncles. I have two grandmothers here. It's really kind of a family event and the people of Woodstock show up every year and come out to support the event. All of the same people that I grew up with here when I was in elementary school playing golf so it's really a special time."))) (((Brendan Steele/"It makes me feel like I'm at home. Everybody makes me really welcome. It's a very similar area to where I grew up in Southern California. He's been a great friend and I wouldn't miss it."))) (((Jon Curran/"I think one of the cool things about being on the PGA Tour is that you get to be apart of stuff like this and so it's one of the exciting things that's happened in the last year for being on tour and knowing Keegan, being close with these guys is knowing that I can participate. It's really a lot of fun.")))


There will be no settlement between Tom Brady and the NFL in regards to the quarterback's Deflategate suspension. The Patriots quarterback, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and their associates met once again in front of U-S District Court Judge Richard Berman today, but the results were the same as previous meetings, and at the end, the judge announced that the two sides will not settle and that he will announce a ruling as early as tomorrow and no later than Friday. Even if the judge rules in favor of the league and upholds the suspension, Brady could appeal, which would hold up the serving of the suspension and allow Brady to play while the case works through the courts.


Red Sox and Yankees opening a three series tonight at Fenway... --- New York plates a run in the first on a sac fly...Boston gets it back in the third as Mookie Betts take Ivan Nova high and deep and into the Monster Seats ...a two run shot... his 13th of the season ...Sox take a 2-1 lead ... --- Yanks answer in the fourth...with the bases loaded, Didi Gregorius singles to center...just one run scores...tying the game at one...Eduardo Rodriguez giving up seven hits, but just two runs over five innings... --- in the bottom of the frame, Boston regains the lead as David Ortiz launches a Monster shot of his own...solo homer... 29th of the season, 494th of his career... 3-2 Sox...the Sox add an insurance run in the seventh on a RBI ground out from Pablo Sandoval... and they'd need it as New York gets one in the ninth off Jean Machi, but Gregorious flies out deep to right with the bases loaded to end it as Boston wins 4-3.

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