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It is a murder mystery that's rocked our region -- and now a big break. Good evening, I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Eva McKend -- New Hampshire authorities make an arrest in the Celina Cass case. The suspect behind bars tonight is the little girl's stepfather.


When 11-year-old Celina Cass vanished from her West Stewartstown home in the summer of 2011 -- THE NEWS HIT HARD. ((cathy paige/west stewartstown: we are all just heartbroken about this situation)) Volunteers quickly joined search crews to try and find the little girl -- and neighbors like Cathy Paige hoped for the best. ((cathy paige/west stewartstown: were just hoping and praying she comes back safety and unharmed. Thats what everybody in this community is hoping for.)) But those prayers never came true -- 6 days after Cass went missing her body was found in the Connecticut River about half a mile from her house -- For almost 5 years there were no arrests in the case -- and then a break -- ((Cathy Paige, West Stewartstown, 00:04 "Oh I was shocked, I'm was glad they finally brought it to an end.)) Monday New Hampshire's Attorney General announced Cass' stepfather -- Wendell Noyes was arrested and charged with the little girl's murder. The 52-year-old lived with Cass when she vanished. He was questioned at the time by police who seized his truck, cell phone, and computer as evidence --- Noyes denied any involvement to the media. (( wendell noyes: 1:35 YOU DIDN'T HURT HER? No. YOU WEREN'T TOUCHING HER? No. Ahh ... That's why I am going on camera. I had nothing to do with it.)) Paige says the man accused of submerging the girl in the river before she died -- was always in her words -- "always a little different." ((Cathy Paige, West Stewartstown, :38 "Sometimes you would see him and he would be very friendly, very talkative and everything, and other times you would see him and he didn't even know who you were.)) She was just never certain he or anyone would be charged with the crime. ((Cathy Paige, West Stewartstown, 02:01 At first I thought they would find the person right off but then after time wore on I thought it was never going to be solved.))


Noyes will be arraigned in Berlin, New Hampshire tomorrow afternoon. We'll have a crew in the courtroom.


Crews are out tonight looking for a missing person in the area of Gilman, Vermont on the Connecticut River. New Hampshire Fish & Game tells NH1 there are emergency officials and two boats on the water searching for a missing person. The Dalton, New Hampshire fire department received a call at about 5:30 p.m. that a person was in the river and was swept downstream.


We are now learning the stabbing death of the Brownington man we told you about several weeks ago has turned into a murder investigation. 38-year-old Kevin Smith died from a stab wound to the chest. But police were not sure if he was a crime victim. Today -- the state medical examiner ruled his death a homicide. Police aren't saying much more about the case. Smith died at the home of Jennifer Simard. Police picked her up the same day on unrelated charges. She is NOT charged in Smith's death. State police declined to speak with us about this matter today.


A Montpelier woman is accused of going more than 100 miles an hour with a kid in the car. Investigators say Karlyn Pierce was driving 105 on I-91 North near Rockingham. When police pulled her over there was a child with her. She faces charges of child cruelty and excessive speeding.


We are now learning more about the other people involved in that deadly boat crash in Colchester. This 35-foot Fountain speed boat was pulled from the bottom of Lake Champlain Friday. Police now tell us the operator was 58-year-old Keith Wright of South Burlington. Also on board, his wife and son and his son's girlfriend. None of them were hurt when their boat was hit in the side last Wednesday by a 20-foot stingray power boat. The driver of that boat -- 60-year-old Rodney Dion -- died in the crash. His passenger -- 47-year-old Jansen Satterlee was treated for injuries and released from the hospital. Colchster Police are still investigating what caused the collision -- and would like to hear from anyone with information.


A family's Burlington home is no more tonight. A month-long saga ended with the destruction of a house that was on the verge of collapsing into the Winooski River. The city of Burlington was worried the home would fall on its own if crews did not take it down.


((Dennis Hill/Attorney for Homeowners 54:34 This was a beautiful home that was well built, and I believe that probably helped save the tenants lives when the major event occurred.)) 54:55 It was their retirement home until they got to an age where they felt like they needed a warmer climate.)) The house was rented to a young couple by former Vermonters now living in Florida. They are currently living with other family in Vermont.

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It took multiple agencies to tackle a fire in Essex town today. The fire -- surrounding the Velco power line -- stretched for roughly 15 acres. People in the community called it in this afternoon when they started smelling smoke. Fire officials say it was particularly challenging due to the weather conditions and the remote location of the outbreak.


((Ray Weed, Essex Junction Fire Department Asst. Fire Chief, 00:30:18:24 - 00:30:25:13, the problem that we had here was not only the heat but the location of the fire, we had to run probably 2,000 feet of hose up into the woods)) Crews did come across a small camp fire but officials say they still aren't sure of a one was injured.

12} 1ST_WX

Dan is here. A dry day today, but it sounds like the rain is coming. ((radsat)) Showers and thunderstorms are over northern New York. They will make their way into Vermont over the next hour or two. Some storms may contain gusty winds and heavy downpours. ((forecast)) Storms will end by early morning. Becoming partly sunny and cooler on Tuesday. Highs will be in the upper 70s. We have a few more showers in the forecast this week. The full forecast is coming up.


Traffic delays on Interstate 89 in Lebanon to tell you about tonight. The exit 18 southbound ramp will be closed for a week starting Wednesday so crews can finish the Route 120 Sewer Improvement Project. Call the city's public works department if you have any issues.


A traffic alert for you tonight... there will be tie ups this week on Route 2 between North Hero and Grand Isle. Wednesday thru Friday crews will be testing the recently repaired drawbridge. Drivers could be stuck for half an hour.


Summer is officially here and the Lake Monsters are back at Centennial Field. The team's general manager says there's a lot that's new for fans to look forward to this season. The ballpark's kid-friendly fun zone has been expanded and there's a new souvenir shop for folks to pick up their favorite Lake Monster merchandise -- as for the team's most famous face -- I had the chance to talk with his boss earlier tonight on The :30.


((GM Joe Doud 07:35 "he's excited, it's been a good off season, he's been busy, but he is here to see all of his friends this summer certainly so we're going to get there.)) So how did the Monsters play tonight? Jack will have the detail ahead in sports!

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Triple digit temps -- how are folks out west coping with the heat? Plus -- Could Democrats and Republicans find compromise on gun control in the wake of the Orlando massacre. And why a car dealership promotion is raising eyebrows in New Hampshire. ((Jiang tease))

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Scorching temps in the Southwest today. Excessive heat warnings are in effect and temperatures in some areas hit 120 degrees -- the second day in a row for triple digit temperatures in Los Angeles. Officials are warning people to take the extreme temperatures seriously. It's already caused at least four deaths in Arizona. And near the Mexican border, the scorching heat is fueling a 15 hundred acre wildfire.


New information released today about the Orlando gunman and what he told police during his rampage. Omar Mateen identified himself as an Islamic soldier, and told a crisis negotiator - quote - "to tell America to stop bombing Syria and Iraq and that is why he was "out here right now." That quote -- included in a printed transcript of the three calls between Mateen and a 9-1-1 operator. Investigators say he spoke in a chilling, calm and deliberate manner -- also saying there was a car with bombs outside the scene at the Pulse Night Club, where he killed 49 people -- and injured dozens more.

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Congress voted on competing Republican and Democratic proposals to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. All four proposals went down in defeat - largely along divided party lines. Republicans defeated Democratic plans to expand background checks on firearms bought online and at gun showsand a proposal that would have stopped people on the no-fly list and terrorist watchlist from buying guns. Meanwhile the Democrats stopped Republican proposals that would have required a court order showing probable cause to block the sale of a gun. And a plan that would allow the mentally ill to challenge their diagnosis in order to buy guns.

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Buy a car --- get a free assault rifle. That's the message from a New Hampshire car dealership that's raising some eyebrows. Hagan's Motor Pool Auto Repair and Sales in Rochester -- is offering up free AR-15s to car buyers. The owner -- Mark Hagan says he's partnered with a nearby gun store, which runs the required background checks. According the dealership's facebook page - the promotion began - before the Orlando massacre.

22} TRUMP11_VO

A man has been arrested for allegedly attempting to assassinate Donald Trump at his rally in Las Vegas last week. A federal law enforcement official say Michael Steven Sandford was taken into custody after attempting to grab an officer's gun. According to court documents -- The British citizen admitted to trying "to shoot and kill Trump." Investigators say he had been planning the assasination attempt for about a year. Sanford is being held without bail.


Prison time for a white supremacist in Vermont. 55-year-old Christopher Pappano of Milton -- was sentenced to ten years after pleading guilty to dealing cocaine. He also had nine stolen guns. Prosecutors say he founded the Vermont-based motorcycle gang "Brotherhood Family Club". They say it grew from a riding club into a violent gang that dealt cocaine and committed burglaries and robberies. Prosecutors say Pappano is also reportedly a member of the white supremacist group Aryan Brotherhood.


The U-S / Canadian border crossings in Vermont are busy ones for pot busts. The Customs and Border Protection in Swanton seized five times more marijuana than any other sector on the Canadian border in the last fiscal year. The Swanton sector operates four border crossing stations in Vermont and four in New York. Agents seized 502 pounds of marijuana during the year.

25} WX

((rad sat)) We're tracking some strong storms over the Adirondacks. These storms have a history of lightning, 60mph winds and penny sized hail. They will move into Vermont between now and midnight. ((temps graph)) Just about as warm as yesterday with highs in the low 90s. Not nearly as hot for the next several days, but temperatures warm up again by the end of the week. ((temps map)) It was a warm day today with high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s with a few low 90s. ((dewpoints)) Dewpoints are a little higher, but just borderline muggy this evening. We'll see these dewpoints drop later tonight and into Tuesday. ((forecast map)) Storms will end quickly across the region through the early morning. Skies will be partly sunny on Tuesday, it will also be cooler with highs in the mid to upper 70s. We'll see a chance of a shower towards the end of the day, mainly over northern Vermont.


Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms, some strong. Low 58/65. Wind S 15-20 mph. Tuesday: Partly sunny and cooler. Chance of a shower, late. High 73/80. Wind W 5-10 mph. Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Chance of showers. Low 50/57. Wind SW 5-10 mph. Wednesday: Variable clouds. Chance of showers. High 68/75. Wind W 5-10 mph. Thursday: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 70/77. Low 48/55. Friday: Partly sunny. High 73/80. Low 50s. Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 75/85. Low 55/65. Sunday: Partly sunny. High 80s. Low 55/65. Monday: Partly sunny. Chance of t-storms. High 80s.

27} WX_OUT



It was a tough day to be outside with those high temperatures. But Cat Viglienzoni found one way to beat the heat -- she took a hike!


NATS CLOSING CAR DOOR There are a few ways to get to the top of Camel's Hump, but ours starts at the base of the Burrows Trail. NATS WALKING A steep hike more than two miles up... A task made more difficult with all of our gear. It's a relief to reach the point where the trails merge... Signs pointing us toward the Long Trail South... And the summit. For some, reaching the marker 4,081 feet up is a victory. NATS ANDREA WOOOOO! SOT ANDREA AQUINO, BURLINGTON 003109 Oh lets see... I cried a couple times. My partner had a couple of times. My partner had to pour a bottle of water over my head to keep me going. I'm pretty sure my right leg is going to feel like he'll in the morning. But totally worth it. 003121 From the top, a view worth the steps and sweat. Even on a hazy day like this one, the view is incredible, a panorama of rolling green hills as far as the eye can see. Cars on the interstate... more like ants. And at the top, a brisk breeze cuts down on the 90-degree heat. NATS WIND Camel's Hump attracts all levels of athletes. SOT Jake Belcher, Burlington 002025 It was hot. It took a long time and I'm glad I made it to the top. 002029 ((BUTTED)) SOT JONATHAN PERKINS, WARDSBORO 003414 I'm a runner so I do a lot of that after work. And I ran up the trail here. That was great. Cat: How long did it take you to get up here? Jonathan: Ah... 55 minutes. Cat: Puts us to shame! 003427 Camel's Hump is a popular trek for the four-legged hikers too. NATS DOG PANTING And these long summer days are perfect for long summer hikes. SOT HEATHER PERRY, HIKER 002710 I really like a long day because you wake up and it's bright out and you're ready to go, you know? And then you can be out at 7 o'clock and look, there's still a view 002710 Camel's Hump Cat V -- channel 3 news.


NASCAR Star Danica Patrick enjoyed a little R and R in the Green Mountains this weekend. The sprint cup driver posted these photos from the Wanderlust Festival to her Instagram page. The event in Stratton focuses mainly on Yoga and fitness. Patrick credits yoga with helping her stay in shape.



After dropping their first two games of the season at Lowell, the Vermont Lake Monsters opened up another season at Centennial on Sunday. It was a great game, going 13 innings. Unfortunately for the Monsters, they wound up on the wrong end of the 3-1 decision. Tonight, Vermont took their fourth shot at win number one in 2016. Champ having some fun on the field with fans --- Scoreless in the 4th, Connecticut strikes first. Keaton Jones slaps one through the left side. It's enough to score Andres Sthormes (STORM-ees), Tigers lead it 1-0. --- Vermont answers in the bottom of the inning. Eric Marinez (mar-EN-ez) goes off the wall in left... Carson Blair scores. Jhonny Rodriguez tries to put them ahead, but he's gunned down at the plate. Tied at 1 after 4. --- Top-5, Tigers regain the lead. Joey Havrilak (HAV-ra-lack) laces one down the right-field line... It's a 2-run triple. He'd score on a sac flay, Connecticut leads it 4-1. --- But Vermont hangin' around...Luis Barrera legs out the infield single. Drives in Javier Godard (go-DARD). 4-2 after 5. --- Bottom-6, Miguel Mercedes...the moon shot over the old grandstand in left. A solo homer, cuts the lead to 4-3. --- Bottom-9, Monsters down 5-3, but the comeback falls short as they go down 1-2-3 to end the game... Vermont falls to 0-4 as they drop this one to Connecticut 5-3.


After taking the final two and the series against the Seattle Mariners, the Boston Red Sox welcomed the slumping Chicago White Sox to Fenway for the first of a four-game series. Steven Wright, the knuckle baller has been the Sox best starter by far this year and he proved it again tonight --- The problem with knuckle balls is they're hard to track. This one past Christian Vazquez, Brett Lawrie in to score, 1-0 in favor of the Southsiders --- Bottom 7 now and Vazquez will make up for it. All he can think about is getting you home, Chris Young. That knock would tie the game at one a piece --- Sox with a chance to win it in the ninth, Young walks to load the bases with nobody out --- but shades of the 2005 ALDS: Zach Duke playing the role of El Duque and he gets out of the jam --- Boston would regret that big time as Jose Abreu coming up clutch against Craig Kimbrel, he drives in a pair Chicago wins it 3-1, they'll send Sale out tomorrow


Boston outfielder Rusney Castillo cleared waivers today and has been sent to Triple-A Pawtucket. In the summer of 2014, the Sox signed the now 28-year-old Cuban to a seven year, $72.5 million contract, but he has played in just 99 major league games for Boston, hitting .262 with seven home runs and seven stolen bases. This season, Castillo started just two games for the Red Sox and hasn't played particularly well for the PawSox either, hitting .245 with one home run in 38 games in Pawtucket. Boston signed Castillo after Cuban players such as Yasiel Puig, Jose Abreu and Yoenis Cespedes made big impacts in the majors, but so far, Castillo has not been able to follow in their footsteps. If another team had placed a claim on Castillo, they would have had to assume his contract. The Red Sox still owe Castillo roughly $50 million.


And sticking with golf, we have a trio of new additions to the WCAX Hole-In-One Club, thanks to the folks at the lovely Quechee Club...all three players sinking their ace on the Lakeland course...the first two, Peter Goodrich and Mike Burke, both doing it on June 1st...Goodrich on the 158 yard 16th ...Burke on the 144 yard 6th...then on June 12th, John Koeniger sank a hole in one on the 151 yard eighth. For more information on the WCAX Hole-In-One Club and how you can join go to the sports page and click on the Club link at

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