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Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11. I'm Jennifer Reading. And I'm Keith McGilvery. It was a backyard barbeque that turned deadly. A Plattsburgh man is accused of stabbing another guest to death. Shelby Cashman was at the scene -- and joins us now with the latest. Shelby? Jennifer and Keith -- police say it was an attack with a kitchen knife--that lead to murder. And eye witnesses say--it was a gruesome scene.


((13:02:56 Matthew Tuner/Eye Witness "There was a lot of blood, it just started pouring out." 13:02:58)) That's graphic image Matthew Turner -- says he remembers from his backyard barbeque Sunday. He and friends gathered behind his apartment building at 1 Pine Street in Plattsburgh. Among the guests -- 49 year old Otis Grenton Junior and 50 year old Richard "Dickey" Bombard. Police say the pair began arguing -- after Bombard accused Grenton of stealing. ((131314 Chief Desmond Racicot "The victim comes over to his friends house another neighbor from the area comes over there's a verbal altercation that starts off where the victim is accusing this guy i'll possibly stealing his friend's beer and food." 13:13:27)) ((13:02:04 Matthew Turner "when I heard yelling, it had gone on for about five to ten minutes." 13:02:07)) Then -- police say Grenton -- who's a convicted felon -- left the house. When he returned -- they say the fight turned deadly. ((131340 Chief Desmond Racicot "at this point this is when it's alleged that the suspect takes a kitchen steak knife swings it twice at the victim missing him. The third time he swings it when's a direct blow right to the guys chest." 131354)) Bombard was rushed to hospital -- and where he was pronounced dead. Grenton is now charged with second degree murder. For those who witnessed the alleged crime -- they say its not something they'll soon forget. ((130306 Matthew Turner "it was definitely startling. A horrifying scene. I really would never want to see that kind of thing again." 130312))


Police say they're still in the early stages of the case. They're still investigating where the knife came from -- whether Grenton came back with it -- or grabbed it from the barbeque. He was arraigned this morning in Plattsburgh--and is currently being held without bail. Jennifer.


The search continues for a missing boater feared to have drowned in Lake Champlain. Authorities think 65-year-old Brian Webb may have drowned while trying to reach his moored sailboat Saturday night. Today police used special sonar equipment in Mallett's Bay in Colchester to try and find the Montpelier man's body. Webb's dinghy was found Sunday, about a mile from his sailboat.


((Lt. Doug Allen/ Colchester Police Dept. js asks "that seems unusual." 00:03:54:20 "It does it adds some difficulty to our search we are still sticking with our high probablity search area and that would be between where the dingy was docked and where the boat is moored. 00:04:10:12" )) Webb's car was parked at the International Sailing Center across the street from the dinghy dock. He was reported missing by his wife Sunday morning when he did not show up for church. Police will return to the water in the morning to continue the search.


A Randolph man is dead following a single car crash in Brookfield. State police say it happened just before three this afternoon on interstate 89. That's when police say 64-year-old Peter Smithers lost control of his truck after his camper started to fishtail. The truck rolled multiple times in the southbound lane. Smithers was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say he was not wearing a seat belt but that speed and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the crash.


State police are investigating a single car crash involving a former director of the FBI. It happened in Barnard -- along Route 12 -- shortly after noon. State police say an SUV -- driven by Louis Freeh -- went off the road -- hit a mailbox and shrubs and finally came to rest on the side of a tree. The 64-year-old from Delaware -- was airlifted to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center with serious injuries. Freeh was wearing his seatbelt. No one else was hurt. The cause of the crash is still under investigation. Freeh was director of the FBI from September 1993 to June 2001


The state's troubled online health insurance marketplace is in for an audit. Vermont State Auditor -- Doug Hoffer -- says his office will be looking into the steps the state took to fix Vermont Health Connect. Hoffer sent a letter to state officials last week. Earlier this month -- the state announced it was cutting ties with the contractor that helped design the website for the marketplace. But nearly a year after its launch -- it's still not fully functional. The state is now working with a new company. The audit will likely be conducted mid- to late September.


A public reprimand for a Vermont Superior Court judge accused of misconduct. Judge Gregory Rainville was accused of altering a court record in a divorce case. Vermont's Judicial Conduct Board says there was insufficient evidence to prove that the judge intentionally acted inappropriately. However it did rule his actions led to the improper dismissal of a motion which led to substantial legal fees. Rainville will now be required to develop a mentoring program that addresses case load management and timely decision making.


Vermont voters will head to the polls tomorrow for the state's primary election. And perhaps the most interesting race is one -- where there's NO candidate listed on the ballot. The contest for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor. The Democrats don't have a donkey in the fight this year. Progressive Dean Corren is mounting a write-in campaign. Republican incumbent Phil Scott is not. But is also expected to get votes from across the aisle. Political analysts say Corren will likely win the write-in contest, but Scott would still be the favorite in November.


((1:04:36 - :52 Mike Smith Political Analyst they will be evenly matched with money. There seems to be loyalties crossing party lines for Phil Scott. There seems to be a heavy organization effort with the progressives for Dean Corren. )) Polls open by 10 am tomorrow -- some as early as five -- and will close at seven.

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Dan is here. More warm weather out there today.


If you've been out on the water this summer you may have seen it. Toxic algae is spreading in Lake Champlain and Lake Carmi. Alex Apple takes a look at the problem.


(Jim Cameron/President Franklin Watershed Committee 04:02)(("just look out, it's not something you want to walk into.")) Jim Cameron sits on the edge of Lake Carmi and can't believe what he sees. The lake he grew up on is now overrun by a crusty green substance called blue-green algae. (Jim Cameron 05:49)(("I've never ever seen this before ever on this lake, so this is clearly a watershed moment.")) Blue green algae can make humans sick -- it come from excess phosphorous running into the lake. Much of that phosphorous comes from sewage runoff or pollution from farms that fertilize with manure. (Jim Cameron 06:37)(("if there is a tributary coming into this lake right now from groundwater, it's bringing phosphorous into this lake")) (Larry Myott 22:26)(("we can't use it for weeks at a time. And so far this summer this has been the longest period we haven't been able to use the lake.")) Algae from Lake Carmi can eventually make its way to Lake Champlain. Cameron runs the Franklin Watershed Committee, a group that works on decreasing pollution in Lake Carmi-- (07:44 Jim Cameron)(("one of the major issues is enforcement.")) --he says the Department of Agriculture needs to do a better job enforcing many of its farming regulations. The department monitors rivers and lakes to make sure toxins from blue-green algae do not enter the drinking water. The Vermont Health Department's website -- updated on August 22nd -- says the lake is still safe. (GFX) "Low alert conditions reported. Open for recreation, but caution is advised in any areas where dense accumulations or scums are apparent. Anyone on the lake or shoreline should watch for and avoid algae blooms." (GFX) Cameron says any algae turns swimmers away and towns like Enosburg and Franklin suffer economically because of it. (12:23 Jim Cameron)(("people don't want to come swim at the lake, they're not going to shop at the local snack bar. There are people making decisions to sell their camps.")) Not all move away though -- even as the algae blooms hover on the water's surface, Larry Myott says he still sees swimmers in the water. (27:58 Larry Myott)(("a couple days before they were swimming at the state park where the sign was clearly posted at the beach: warning, algae problem.")) Alex Apple -- channel 3 news -- Enosburgh.


Alex reached out to the state Agriculture department to talk about farming regulations but did not hear back. The Vermont Department of Health says people and their pets should avoid any area in the lake where they see blue-green algae on the surface.


A company in New Hampshire's North Country -- got a little help -- putting more people to work. Tillotson Performance Polymers -- in Colebrook -- got a 300-thousand dollar grant to start making medical gloves. The company partnered with the -- Great North Woods Association for the Blind -- to hire 16 legally blind or disabled employees. The gloves will meet standards required by the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration.

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Still ahead -- His death in a police shooting sparked heated protests and debate across the country. (SOT: Pastor Charles Ewing/Brown's Uncle) Michael Brown's blood is crying from the ground, crying for vengeance, crying for justice. Today friends and family said goodbye to Michael Brown. And we have the latest on the largest earthquake to rocked the San Francisco Bay area in more than two decades. Plus it's an unusual twist on the ice bucket challenge -- find out why these people are dumping manure on their heads. And technology is helping kids learn on their own time -- we'll show you how -- When the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


Today family and friends said goodbye to Michael Brown -- the unarmed teenager gunned down by a Missouri police officer. Marlie Hall reports.


Thousands of mourners paid their respects at the funeral for 18 year old Michael Brown. Some entered the church holding their hands up, in a symbolic gesture. Brown's father had requested a day of peace and calm while his son was laid to rest. Brown's death sparked about two weeks of violent protests this month. His stepmother said he was looking forward to a bright future (SOT: Cal Brown/Stepmother) (12:05:45) he wanted to go to college, have a family, he wanted to be a good father. but God chose differently. I'm at peace with that because he's not a lost soul, his death is not in vain. Brown's uncle , a pastor , remembered his nephew as a gentle giant. (SOT: Pastor Charles Ewing/Brown's Uncle) Michael Brown's blood is crying from the ground, crying for vengeance, crying for justice. ((on cam: Marlie Hall/CBS News)) The longest and most fiery speech came from the Reverend Al Sharpton. He issued a call for action, urging African-Americans to change the country in Michael Brown's name. ((sot: Rev. Al Sharpton/Civil Rights Activist)) (12:50:50) Michael Brown does not want to be remembered for a riot. He wants to be remembered as the one that made America deal with how we're going to police in the United States. Brown was gunned down August 9th during a confrontation with Officer Darren Wilson. Police say Wilson opened fire after Brown fought with the officer, and charged at him. Witnesses say Brown was shot while surrendering. Marlie Hall, CBS News, St. Louis.


More than 170 people were hurt during an earthquake that shook -- the San Francisco Bay area -- Sunday. Six people were critically injured. The 6-point-0 magnitude quake ruptured gas and water lines -- leading to multiple fires across Napa, Sonoma, and Solano counties. More than 200 homes and buildings were damaged -- 50 of those are uninhabitable. City inspectors are using infrared cameras to hunt for hidden damage. Several highways cracked -- and thousands of dollar of wine was destroyed. Schools will remain closed tomorrow in Napa. Authorities are still working to repair the nearly 100 water main breaks caused by the quake.

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Here's a new twist on the Ice Bucket challenge. Folks in Israel and Gaza strip -- dumped cow manure on their heads --- to show their frustration over the seven-week Gaza war. So far there has been no end in sight to the war, which has already killed more than 21-hundred Palestinians since the fighting erupted on 8 July. On the Israeli side, 68 people have been killed, all but four of them soldiers.

22} WX

Summer weather has returned with blazing sunshine, heat and humidity. Tuesday, it will be sunny and hot again, with temperatures climbing back into the mid to upper 80s. Some locations may hit the 90 mark and it will be more humid as well. A weak cold front will move through on Wednesday, triggering a few showers but also bringing some cooler weather back to the north country for the end of the week. Our weather may become a little more unsettled again over the holiday weekend, we'll be keeping an eye on that in the days ahead.


Tonight: Clear skies. Patchy fog. Lows: 55/62 Winds: Light Tuesday: Sunny and warm. Highs: 83/90 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Tuesday Night: Mostly clear. Lows: 58/65 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Wednesday: Partly sunny. Chance of a shower, late. Highs: 78/85 Winds: W 5-10 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday Night: Lows 53/60 Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 65/72 Lows: 45/52 Friday: Mostly sunny. Highs 65/72 Lows 45/52 Saturday: Chance of showers. Highs 70s Lows 50s Sunday: Chance of showers. Highs 65/75 Lows 50s Monday: Increasing sunshine. Highs 65/75

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School is back in session -- but some students are opting for a new way to learn. Alexei Rubenstein has more on the state-sponsored online program helping turn the tables on the traditional academic year.


With the start of school just a few days away, empty desks at Springfield high school will soon be buzzing with students ... But just down the hallway, at the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative, classes have been going strong all summer long.... ((NATS -- Hello ...)) 11th grader Tess Wilkinson is checking in with her Algebra 2 teacher -- Julie Parah (Pear-ahh). The South Burlington High school student enrolled in a Summer Semester course that will allow her to get ahead and take Chemistry. ((Tess Wilkinson/11th grade 00:11:35 "I did want to get ahead, so my guidance counselor gave me some options of what I could do and this seemed to be the best because it it was quick and it was over the summer and it didn't take up a huge amount of my time.)) Dozens of students from across the state have been involved in VTVLC courses this summer -- from American History to physical science. Like this session on Google Chat, All are taught online by teachers from 36 partner schools in Vermont. ((15:28 Julie Parah (Pair-ahh)/VTVLC Teacher "I think the hardest part is the students under estimating the discipline required and how much more discipline is required to do it online as compared to in the classroom, when you don't have a teacher that you're working with every single day -- face to face)) ((09:18 AR: "Do you end up knowing the subject material better than you would in a normal class? 9:30 Tess: You're kind of forced to figure it out yourself and forced to read the whole thing because its the only way you will understand it.)) ((AR STANDUP "Last month VTVLC wrapped up a different program -- Summer Learning Recovery -- That's for those students that did not pass a class during the year -- or just need extra help. It's not the typical Summer School of yesteryear. )) ((17:00 Julie Parah (Pair-ahh)/VTVLC Teacher " They have video, they have practice problems, they have notes to read. There are usually two or three different ways to approach the same topic and different students learn better in different ways.)) ((NATS - Tess negotiating when they will meet next)) Since its start five years ago, enrollment in all VTVLC programs has jumped nearly 50 percent annually. One of the biggest reasons is flexibility. ((29:04 Jeff Renard /VTVLC Director "That's really the advantage of being able to offer these online. It removes the barriers of travel, distance, location -- as well as time -- students can do these 24/7.)) ((31:22Jeff Renard /VTVLC Director If I had to learn AP Calculus at 7:30 in the morning, theres no way I would be successful, but let me take it at 2 in the afternoon, I could probably do it)) And with the push towards school consolidation, the program is likely to play an even larger role in the future. (( 33:56 Jeff Renard /VTVLC Director This is one of those opportunities where we can step in and say, don't stop offering that. Let us work with your school, offer those seats to all the other schools around the state and then in return, your school can have access to all these other programs that might be offered in a similar way)) A recent national study found that while virtual K-12 schools account for a small portion of overall school choice, they are one of the fastest growing forms of school. ((45:17 Mark Parker/Norwich University "I don't think there's any question of it ever replacing what happens in the traditional classroom, but it is good to have it available as a high quality option for people who simply can't -- for whatever reason -- engage in the classroom)) ((11:50:24 Tess Wilkinson/11th grade "It was good because now I can be ahead in math which will give me an edge for everything I want to do.)) Getting ahead in school -- on her own time... Alexei Rubenstein --- Channel 3 News -- Springfield


It doesn't get much better for Vermont golf fans. A warm summer day on the golf course and the chance to get tips from two PGA tour pros. Keegan Bradley hosting his third annual charity classic this afternoon at Woodstock Country Club. For the second straight year, he's joined by fellow PGA tour member, Brendan Steele. Even Keegan's aunt Pat Bradley made an appearance today. The event has raised close to $200,000 for charity. The first year the money went for Irene recovery. The last couple of years, the proceeds have gone to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation which supports programs like the one at Vermont's Children's Hospital. This year, Bradley added one more charity to the list, focusing on a problem that had received a lot of attention of late in Vermont, the drug issue.


((TRT: 25 ... OC: HAS BECOME.")) (((Keegan Bradley/"I was on a plane flying to the Masters and I came across a Rolling Stone Magazine and the cover story was about the Heroin epidemic in Vermont and it totally shocked me. I couldn't believe it. Jillian and I though it would be nice, at this tournament, to give back or maybe raise some awareness to the issue and we're hoping this small little effort will help people realize how serious this has become.")))


With the Ryder Cup Selection on the horizon and the Fed Ex cup playoffs underway, Bradley has a full plate right now. But the Woodstock native took time out of his busy schedule to once again play host to what has become an annual tradition and to provide a target for the next generation to shoot at. Scott Fleishman has more. ((TRT: 1:43 ... OC: CHANNEL THREE SPORTS)) (((In it's third year, we know what the Keegan Bradley Golf Classic has done for Vermont charities.))) ((("Mr. Bradley, I have a question for you."))) (((Then, there's the impact on young golfers.))) ((("It motivates me to do better and hopefully I can be like him one day."))) (((Mendon 8th grader Logan Broyles wants to follow in Bradley's footsteps, and he's well on his way. The 13 year old made a hole in one a couple of weeks ago at the Rutland Country Club))) (((Logan Broyles/"It wasn't a short one. It was 180 yards. So, it was nice to get that one with my friend who witnessed it. I still have the ball too."))) (((He followed that up by becoming the youngest golfer to win the Green Mountain Golf Club Championship.))) ((("It's nice. I get my name on a little plaque."))) (((Earlier this summer, he was one of 150 of the best teen golfers in the world to play at Pinehurst, North Carolina.))) ((("As a parent it's fun to see that hard work come to fruition with him playing so well."))) (((Keegan Bradley/"It makes me very proud. Golf, when I was growing up, was nothing. So, it's great to see younger kids come up and I hope that any way I can help the state of Vermont with golf or with anything."))) (((Scott Fleishman/"While Logan has had a pretty good August on the course, it was meeting his idol today, that brought the biggest smile to his face."))) ((("He signed my golf digest on the cover. It's cool to have a momento with him on it."))) (((Brad Broyles/"My son sees a path to the highest levels of the sport. Through Keegan Bradley and a Brendan Steele, guys that are from small towns, with snow on the ground, and it gives me son inspiration to keep practicing."))) (((Charity takes many forms. It's not just money being raised. It's spirit and hope as well. At Woodstock, Country Club, Scott Fleishman, Channel 3 sports.)))


Fresh off their victory in the TD Bank Classic and the program's first 2-0 start since 2003, the UVM women's soccer team saw two players earn top league honors today. Freshman Sarah Martin was named America East rookie of the week after scoring two goals over the weekend, including the OT game winner against Central Connecticut on Friday. --- Sophomore Nikki McFarland, earned America East co-player of the week honors after scoring the first goal in Friday's victory, and then netting the overtime game winner against Youngstown State yesterday. After being named the conference rookie of the year last season, expectations were high for McFarland coming into this season and so far, she's exceeded them.


((TRT: 15 ... OC: AGAIN THIS YEAR)) ((kristi Lefebvre/ "Nikki has a huge impact on this team and the fact that she didn't just settle on Rookie Of The Year and come back expecting to play and expecting to be one of the better players on the team is a real testament to her. She came back ready for more and ready to be better than she was, and she already is making a bigger impact again this year."))

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