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Good evening and thank you for joining us ta 11 I'm Shelby Cashman. A millionaire New York City real estate heir -- grabbing national headlines--after allegedly implicating himself in several murders on a hit TV show. Now--he's linked to a Vermont cold case--from 44 years ago.


((SOT of Durst)) Manhattan real estate mogul Robert Durst was arrested earlier this month AND CHARGED IN the 2000 murder of his friend Susan Berman. He was tried and acquitted back in 20-03 for the murder of his Texas neighbor Morris Black. And his first wife Kathleen--disappeared in 19-82. Durst was never charged. But the HBO show The Jinx--which chronicles Durst's life--and mysterious circumstances surrounding each case--has shed new light on other crimes the millionaire may be linked to. ((29:13-15 Schulze: "Disappeared without a trace.")) Including the 19-71 disappearance of Middlebury College student Lynne Schulze. Durst owned the Middlebury health food store All Good Things--at the same time the 18 year old went missing. Channel Three interviewed the Schulze's sister seven years ago--after Nick Garza-- another Middlebury College student--disappeared. ((29:02-13 Anne Schulze/Missing Student's Sister: "So she said, I'm going to go get it. Go ahead without me. So she went back to her dorm room to get her pen and never showed up.")). Middlebury Police say the department has been aware of the possible connection between Durst and Schulze's disappearance--and have been working closely with several agencies--for years. They re-opened the cold case in 19-92 and say they continue to investigate leads. Fred Spencer Junior was the head of Middlebury campus security--at the time Schulze went missing. ((17:40-43//18:31-43 Fred Spencer Jr./Former Head of Campus Security: "We checked all around the campus.I figured she's maybe hitchhiked home and would come back or the parents would call us and say she's safe-- but never a word."))


Right now Durst is being held without bail in Louisiana.


A Vermont woman accused of killing her finance and his son last year--is arguing she was insane. Police say 62-year-old Robin O'Neill shot Steve and Jamis Lott -- when her fiance broke off their engagement. She denied second degree murder charges. Now O'Neill's lawyer says she lacked the ability to form the specific intent for the charges -- because she was under the influence of alcohol and medications. The Windham County State's Attorney declined to comment. O'Neill is being held without bail.


It was a brutal attack with a baseball bat--that left a Burlington women clinging to life. Now--the accused attacker is admitting his guilt.


***NAT*** It was a vicious attack that rocked the Burlington community and now a near ending to a painful chapter. ((TJ Donovan, Chittenden County States Attorney, 00:55:41:07 - 00:55:44:26, There's really no appropriate sentence for such a horrific crime.)) ***NAT*** Shuffling into court with a face mask Monday, out of concern he could potentially spread the flu, James Scarola admitted to repeatedly beating his then wife Colleen in the head with his son's aluminum bat in September 2013. She suffered skull fractures and was sexually assaulted, all while their two children were believed to be drugged. The woman would go on to have just a 5 percent chance of surviving. She the beat the odds and lived. Colleen listened to Monday's court proceedings via speaker phone. ((courtroom sound, Mary Morrissey/Chittenden County Dep. State's Attorney: 00:45:07:15 - 00:45:16:06, While the defendant quite literally crushed Colleen's skull that night, he neither crushed the essence of who she is as a person, nor her will to survive.)) Scarola pleaded no contest to second degree attempted murder and sexual assault and guilty to aggravated domestic assault. He'll now avoid trial and a mandatory life sentence but will spend a minimum of 20 years in prison. Scarola still needs to be sentenced for the sexual assault charge. His defense attorney explaining in court he pleaded no contest to two of the three charges because he suffers from post traumatic amnesia and doesn't recall every aspect of the gruesome event. ((00:31:22:07 - 00:31:25:28, Sandra Lee, Defense Attorney: He may not have a full memory of the events that occurred that evening)) Prosecutors say Colleen Scarola, now Colleen Bray, physically and mentally will never be the same. Some may wonder if two decades in prison is enough time. The State's Attorney says Colleen wants to move on with her life - and the plea agreement was in the family's best interest. ((TJ Donovan, Chittenden County States Attorney, 00:59:14:21 - 00:59:22:23, This is a complicated business and at the end of the day, you have to listen to victims and you have to respect victims and you have to respect their perspective on what they want.)) ((STAND UP CLOSE, 00:02:40:07 - 02:56:21, Scarola will be sentenced on that sexual assault charge some time after June and when he is sentenced, he will have to face his victim. Colleen Bray and her family are expected to address the court. Eva McKend, Channel 3 News, Burlington.))


An Eden couple has been charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty . Police rescued dozens of animals from the home of Carol Merchant and Russell Goodell in February. They say many of the animals were malnourished--covered in dirt and feces--and needed serious medical attention. Merchant and Goodell are due in court in April. Many of the animals--have already been adopted.


Police need your help to catch some Essex thieves. Security footage -- posted on Youtube -- shows two suspects breaking into the Lofts at Essex condo complex -- off Susie Wilson Road. Investigators say there have been 10 burglaries in the area -- this month alone -- with burglars going after both homes and businesses.


((tile 726_9429_01 Lt. George Murtie/Essex Police Dept 00:01:04:09 In every case the homs have been unoccupied at teh time of the burglary there is always reson to be concerned when people are out trying to break into homes or busiensses i would think the biggest thing that people could do is notice what is usual in their neighborhood and report what is unsual as soon as possible to police." 00:01:29:27)) The thieves swiped cash, jewelry, cigarettes and -- in at least one case -- drugs. Police believe drug addiction is fueling the crimes. They do not have any suspects.


And police in South Burlington--are also searching for a burglar. They're trying to ID the man in surveillance photos from the KMART. Police say the man broke into a display case and made off with electronics valued at more than 11-hundred dollars. Call police if you have any information.

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Dan is here. Another chilly day today.

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A renewed commitment to protect Lake Champlain by Vermont and Quebec leaders. Gov. Peter Shumlin and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard signed a memorandum of understanding -- renewing a partnership that started 27 years ago. The agreement says the state and province will work together to improve water quality, protect against invasive species and make the enire Lake Champlain watershed more flood resilient..


((Gov. Peter Shumlin: The recognition that an active and engaged public is vital to a meaningful process. For this reason the agreement establishes three citizen advisory committees in Vermont New York and Quebec to represent the voices of citizens during deliberations on the lake Champlain committee.)) The new five year agreement adds additional support to commitments made by Vermont, New York, and Québec to share the burden of reducing pollution entering the Lake.


Nearly 10 thousand hunters last year sought a moose permit in Vermont -- less than 300 got one -- and only 171 moose were harvested. Those numbers could soon change in Vermont's Fish and Wildlife board gets its way. Alex Apple is here to explain. Shelby -- a permit to hunt moose is coveted by hunters -- and just five years after the state handed out over 1000 of them -- they're aiming to hand out just over 200 in 2015.


Fewer permits -- but more ways to kill. That's the gist of changes Vermont's 14-member Fish and Wildlife Board is proposing for moose hunting in 2015. (25:06 Mark Scott/Vt.Fish and Wildlife Dept.)(("We've got the moose population decreased throughout the state where we wanted it, so it's in balance with the land.")) Vermont's Department of Fish and Wildlife will hold six public meetings this week across the Green Mountains to explain those changes to hunters. (32:12 Mike Pierce/Williamstown)(( "I think it's a good step to limit what they take now.")) The board wants to reduce the number of moose permits from 280 to 225. Archery moose permits would fall from 50 to 40. And in parts of the state -- hunters could only hunt bulls. (25:26 Mark Scott/Vt.Fish and Wildlife Dept.)(("We're going to protect the females so we're hoping that the herd will grow slowly in some of those other areas.")) But more hunters could soon SET THEIR SIGHTS with a crossbow. (06:50 Cedric Alexander/Vt. Moose Project Leader)(("The board has tentatively approved allowing crossbows for any archer, not only in deer season but any season.")) Avid hunters Mike Pierce and Winston Chambers aren't sure that's a good idea. (30:48 Mike Pierce/Avid Hunter)(("Not so much if its needed, but how they would control it, night hunters, or whatever, that would probably be my biggest concern.)) (Winston Chambers/Williamstown 31:29)(("I agree with limiting the crossbows like it is now to people that really need one.")) But Chambers likes lowering the number of permits -- to protect a moose population increasing riddled with winter ticks. (Winston Chambers/Williamstown 32:24)(("THey have other issues, the ticks and everything")) (41:52 Cedric Alexander/Vt. Moose Project Leader)(("67% of the ones they rated either had moderate or severe infestation levels of winter ticks and subsequent hair loss.")) Resulting in a less-healthy moose population... The changes -- a mixed bag for hunters -- aim to reduce that trend.


Another proposed change is one that the legislature is considering. Currently, veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq get priority in the lottery -- but Vermont's lawmakers are considering giving that preferential status to -- veterans of ANY kind. That's a move the Fish and Wildlife Department says it would welcome. For a complete list of the changes, we've put a link in our info center at Shelb.

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If you forget to register to vote--lawmakers may soon have a solution. The state senate is set to vote this week on whether to allow voters to register on election day. Under current law, registration stops the Wednesday prior to a vote -- and is not allowed again until the day after ballots are in. Some town clerks have raised concerns about the potential change, but Secretary of State Jim Condos says Vermont should do everything in its power to allow its people to express their opinion at the polls.


(00:35:39:00) ((Jim Condos - D-Vt. Secretary of State This is not about us, it's no about the town clerks, this is really about the voter and it's about allowing the voter to have access to what they have as a constitutional right and that's their ability to vote in an election - that's what this is about)) Condos says 13 states and Washington D.C. have election day registration, and making the change could lead turnout here in the Green Mountains to rise ten to 12 percent. While a few town clerks do favor the measure -- others voice concern about the potential for fraud and a brand-new state election system. They say getting an internet connection in every polling place and getting more experience with the new system could alleviate their fears.

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(TEDCRUZ TEASE) And a gas tank problem that lead to 50 deaths is back in the spotlight after nearly 2 years. Plus -- these St. Johnsbury Academy students are on the forefront of robotics technology. Also some channel 3 talent serving up steaks at a South Burlington restaurant. We'll tell you why when the channel 3 news returns.


Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz announced his bid for the White House becoming the first major candidate in the 2016 presidential race. The Senator from Texas kicked off his campaign at Christian University in Virginia. Craig Boswell reports.

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz says conservative Christians should rise up and restore the promise of America. (SOT: Sen. Ted Cruz/(R) Texas) "THAT IS WHY TODAY I'M ANNOUNCING THAT I'M RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES." ( applause the cam widens out ) He made the formal announcement at Liberty University - an evangelical Christian college. The 44 year old Republican laid out his vision for the next administration calling for a flat tax ...securing the borders.. and ending President Obama's health care law. (SOT: Sen. Ted Cruz/(R) Texas) "IMAGINE IN 2017 A NEW PRESIDENT SIGNING INTO LAW LEGISLATION REPEALING EVERY WORD OF OBAMACARE." (STANDUP: Craig Boswell/CBS News/Washington, D.C.) Senator Cruz gained national attention in 2013 - leading a 16-day government shutdown as he urged Congress to cut-off money for the healthcare law. Cruz - a Tea Party favorite and now the first major candidate in the 2016 race - not only criticized President Obama, but took aim at likely GOP challengers. (SOT: Sen. Ted Cruz/(R) Texas) "IMAGINE REPEALING EVERY WORD OF COMMON CORE." Jeb Bush is defender of the education initiative. The former Florida Governor, along with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and several others are expected to join Cruz in the coming months in a crowded field for the Republican nomination. Craig Boswell, CBS News, Washington.


There is concern tonight about Chrysler's recall of certain Jeeps. Nearly two years ago, Chrysler agreed to recall 1.5 million Jeeps after more than 50 people died when their gas tanks caught fire in crashes. The dealer agreed to a recall -- and to install a tow hitch to correct the problem. But safety experts say the tow-hitch is inadequate. So far, Chrysler says 29 percent of the affected vehicles have received the tow hitch fix. The company still maintains there is no defect and the vehicles are safe. It argues the fire deaths were related to high speed crashes.


A move is underway again to reform a federal requirement on biofuels. The Renewable Fuel Standard was set in 2005 requiring 7.5 billion gallons of renewable fuel, in this case corn ethanol be blended into gasoline by 2012. The goal was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Vermont Congressman Peter Welch says that has not been the case.


((00:05:20:00 Welch again "There is enormous evidence now that corn based ethanol actually when you put all the inputs uses more energy than if you didn't use corn based ethanol.")) Welch is part of a bipartisan group working to reform that mandate. The bill would do three things: Cap the amount of ethanol blended into gasoline at 10% Repeal the mandate for corn based ethanol and Encourage the use of alternative advanced biofuels.

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Tonight: Mostly clear. Still chilly. Lows: 0/10 Winds: Light Tuesday: Sunny skies. Not as cold. Highs: 28/35 Winds: Light Tuesday Night: Clear skies. Lows: 10/18 Winds: Light Wednesday: Increasing clouds. Highs: 38/45 Winds: S 10-15 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday Night: Chance of rain/snow showers. Lows 30/37 Thursday: Showers likely. Highs 40/47 Lows 25/32 Friday: Chance of snow or rain showers. Highs 33/40 Lows 15/22 Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs 28/35 Lows 10/20 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 30s Lows 15/25 Monday: Chance of rain/snow showers. Highs 30s

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Top honors for the St. Johnsbury Academy's robotics team. Four juniors and 1 senior from the high school were part of the winning alliance at a regional robotics competition in Rhode Island over the weekend. The organization -- For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology -- hosted several teams. St. J's -- Tech Storm -- ranked 21st after the qualifying round -- only to become one of three teams in the winning alliance. St. J Academy's faculty advisor say he's surprised and overjoyed by the win.


If you were dining in South Burlington tonight -- you might have spotted a few faces -- that looked out of place at the Outback. Channel 3s Logan Crawford and Cat Viglienzoni rolled up their sleeves and played the part of "celebrity" servers at the Steakhouse -- to help raise money for a good cause. Restaurant staff donated their tips tonight to the Ronald McDonald House Charities -- a "home-away-from-home" for families -- so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost.


The dream of a trip to the NCAA Tournament did not come true for the UVM men's basketball team. But despite that, the Cats are still dancing. Vermont picked up a four point win at Hofstra in the first round of the College Basketball Invitational tournament last week, and it set up a little bit of history tonight. The Cats hosting a postseason game for the first time in program history... Vermont taking on Radford in the quarterfinals of the CBI in front of a packed house at Patrick Gym... --- Cats turning to their big man early...Ethan O'Day, spinning inside off the glass for two ...He had the Cats first 6 points in this one...UVM up 8-6.. --- But Radford had an answer in Javonte Green and he takes the air out of Patrick here with the thunderous high 24 points and 15 boards for Green... It's a one point game .. --- The Catamounts though continue to pound away inside with O'Day, here gets this to drop for two more of his 16 ..UVM up 37-34 at the break.. --- But they come out on fire in the 2nd...On the inbounds, Zach McRoberts throwing down the jam and gets fouled...Cats go on a 7-0 run to start the 2nd.. --- And continue to pull away...Dre Wills driving to the rack, gets the hoop and the harm, part of his 11 points..UVM up 10.. --- then it's Trae Bell-Haynes driving into the tall trees... part of his game high 17 points.... --- the Cats would not be denied on their home floor...Kurt Steidel for 3...He had 12... and the Cats keep dancing, beating Radford 78-71 in the CBI quarterfinals. Kane O'Neill has more from Patrick.


(TRT :49 ...Channel 3 sports) (O'Neill:"Monday marked the first time ever that UVM has hosted a postseason game at Patrick Gym and when the dust settled, UVM would walk away with a win as they defeated Radford 78-71 and picked up their 20th win of the season in the process. Becker: "another 20 win season makes seven in a row and this is fun and I'm glad we get to keep playing and I get to keep coaching these guys." O'Day: That's a goal for us every year to do that but I think more importantly we're just happy to keeping playing and to have a chance to go to the Final Four of the CBI and have a chance to hopefully win the whole thing. We just want to keep playing basketball really." Haynes: Definitely feels good to join the other team, the other really good teams that have done it and join their company, especially for the seniors. Their last time playing here, we lost, so it was good to get them back out here and get another win for them." Kane: Reporting in Burlington, Kane O'Neill, Channel 3 sports..)


Just minutes ago it was announced that the Cats will travel to Louisiana-Monroe for the CBI semifinals. That game will be played Wednesday night. Monroe picked up a 71-69 win at Mercer tonight. The winner of that semifinal will advance to a best-of-three CBI championship series that would being a week from tonight.


The season for the UVM men's hockey team came to a close Friday night in a 4-1 loss to UMass-Lowell in the Hockey East semifinals. The team's 22 wins marked just the sixth time the program had reached that victory total in a single season since UVM moved to Division One back in 197, and it was just the third time since moving to D-1 that the program has posted back-to-back 20-win seasons. It's a far cry from the 2011 and 2012 seasons, where the team combined to win just 14 games. After Friday's loss, coach Kevin Sneddon gave all the credit to the this year's and last year's groups of seniors.


((TRT: 42 ... OC: FOR US)) ((Sneddon/ A lot of it is what the guys were willing to do in the offseason. What they were willing to do away from the rink, as well as on the day-to-day process. Last year was a big step for us from that standout point, and Michael Paliotta was a tremendous leader for us. The whole senior class was great, but Michael really, really stepped up and took the reigns this year. I think it's just an attitude that losing is not acceptable. That we want to make sure that we're proud of the name in the front of our jersey every time we put it on. I think the culture is moving in a very positive direction for us.))

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