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Good Evening I'm Eva McKend. The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is in the history books. After trading barbs on the campaign trail for more than a year, the Democratic and Republican nominees met face to face - as the polls show them virtually tied. Craig Boswell reports.


DONALD TRUMP AND HILLARY CLINTON SHOOK HANDS AT THE START OF THEIR FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE. BUT THE FIREWORKS STARTED DURING A DISCUSSION ABOUT THE ECONOMY. (SOT - 21:11:00) HC - "it would be the most extreme version - the biggest tax cuts for the top percents of the people in this country than we've ever had. I call it 'trumped up trickle down." (SOT - 21:19:12) DT - "for 30 years, you've been doing it, and now you're just starting to think of solutions. I will bring... Excuse me... I will bring back jobs. You can't bring back jobs." TRUMP AND CLINTON TOOK AIM AT EACH OTHER'S CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES. (SOT - 21:33:23) DT - " I will release my tax returns when she releases her 33-thousand emails she deleted." // (SOT - 21:35:35) HC - "it must be something really important even terrible that he's trying to hide." (STANDUP BRIDGE:) THIS DEBATE IS LIKELY TO GO DOWN AS ONE OF THE MOST WATCHED TELEVISION EVENTS IN HISTORY. BUT FOR ALL THE HYPE, A RECENT POLL SUGGESTS IT WON'T CHANGE THE MINDS OF ABOUT NINE IN TEN VOTERS. (TRACK) AT TIMES, THE ATTACKS WERE PERSONAL. (SOT - 21:58:36) DT - "i've been all over the place.. You've seen me .. You decided to stay home." // (SOT - 21:58:54) I think donald just critized me for preparing for this debate. I did. I prepared to be president. I think that is a good thing." (TRACK) THE CANDIDATES AGREED ON RESTRICTING GUN PURCHASES FOR PEOPLE ON DO-NOT-FLY LISTS, BUT DIFFERED ON THE CONTROVERSIAL POLICE TACTIC OF STOP AND FRISK. THEIR NEXT DEBATE IS OCTOBER NINTH. CRAIG BOSWELL, CBS NEWS, HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK.


Perhaps as many as 100 million viewers were expected to tune in to this debate -- reaching Super Bowl level hype. And St. Michaels College students were among them. As part of a series of debate viewings -- students filed in to an lecture hall on campus to watch -- and had a chance to ask questions and talk about the issues. Media studies professor David Mindich organized the event. He encouraged students to talk about the issues that are important to them -- even the ones that did not make the debate agenda. A few students in attendance tell Channel 3 they are either voting for Hillary Clinton or a third party candidate. Some say that they know of classmates who are voting for Trump -- or not voting at all -- but they hope people do turn out to vote.


((TC 01:59:34:23 Title 2786 Cameron Hager/Senior: "I think if you want to have a say in the country if you care about your future you need to vote. And just the idea of not voting is just a bad idea. You have to care about what happens to your country and you need to vote." 01:59:50:19)) There will be three other viewing parties at the college. One for the vice presidential debate on October 4th -- and two more for other presidential debates.


A dead body was discovered today in a South Burlington neighborhood. Investigators were called to the scene of Arbor and Patchen Road this afternoon after people in that community smelled a lingering odor. A resident who would not speak to us on camera told us he was out walking his dog when he smelled something odd near his house. He called Vermont gas - thinking it was a leak. But Vermont gas employees found a body - lying face down in the woods - and called police.


((5:47 Chief Trevor Whipple: there is some indication of drug use. If I had to make an educated guess here is a drug overdose. It's another sad example of our opiate problem. 5:56)) Police would not confirm if the deceased person was male or female -- nor could guess how long the body was out here.


Her son was shot to death by police and now she's demanding answers. 25-year-old Cody Lafont was killed early Sunday morning in a confrontation with a police officer in Claremont, New Hampshire. But authorities have not revealed more details -- including what prompted the deadly incident -- whether Lafont was armed -- or whether there is any video. Lafont's mother says her son struggled with depression his whole life -- and had called 9-1-1 in the past in what she described as cries for help.


((Tracy McEachern/Mom: "I don't know what why son did to provoke someone to pull the trigger on him. He's 6 feet, 150 pounds, soaking wet. He's a tiny guy. I don't even know how many officers were there. But any other times when I had been called there was at least two officers there and I just can't imagine that there wasn't some other way to restrain him.")) The New Hampshire Attorney General's office declined to comment about Lafont's apparent mental health issues. An autopsy was scheduled for today.


It appeared to be stolen in the middle of the night and now the University of Vermont police department are investigating the theft of the Black Lives Matter flag flying outside the student center. Dozens of people turned out today wearing all black clothing...for what they called a "blackout" -- showing solidarity with students of color on campus. The Black Out rally was organized as a response to the flag theft. Hundreds gathered to show their support and solidarity for the national movement.

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The saga has students of all races weighing in. ((Tyler Davis/Student Body Vice President 14:12 As somebody who comes from a place of privilege and doesn't identify as a person of color, I would say the movement itself is about an acknowledgement and an awareness for an experience that I will never fully understand.)) Junior Tyler Davis was the first to notice the flag was stolen on Sunday morning. He wanted the flag returned as quickly as possible. ((Tyler Davis/Student Body Vice president 14:49 It's really cool for a predominantly white institution in a predominantly white state to make a statement like that.)) Other students aren't as gung-ho for the symbol. ((Owen Dumais/Junior 06:05 I think it's good that it's there, but I did see the other day it was higher than the American flag which that's just not cool.)) ((Ryan Pringle/Freshman 01:03 When the group started, I feel like it was for a good purpose, but I feel like it's since radicalized.)) ((Standup Apple 19:34 based on our research and conversations with people at UVM, the school is either the first or one of the first to fly the black lives matter flag. Now the school is getting inquiries from other universities about how they can follow suit.)) ((Flag pole NAT)) Community College of Vermont and Drexel University have reached out to the student body president to learn more. ((Edwin Owusu/Asst. Debate Coach at UVM 12:55 These are all tense issues so we're not saying that people should be comfortable immediately.)) Edwin Owusu says UVM showed it's committed to the Black Lives Matter cause when it put the flag back up even after the weekend theft. ((Edwin Owusu/Asst. Debate Coach at UVM 13:45 It puts that stamp and that assuredness to folks like me who were like is this just some symbolism or are they about this, it shows that we're about this process.)) Only one percent of UVM students are African-American. The flag a symbol -- that the other 99 percent stands with them. Alex Apple. Channel 3 News. Burlington.

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Dan is here. A nice day today, but getting cloudy out there tonight. Plenty of sunshine out there today. Showers moving in tonight. Maybe a lingering shower tomorrow morning, but otherwise we'll be back to dry weather through mid week.


You may remember this little guy...that Milton fifth grader who saved his friend's life in the lunchroom. he's getting the attention of Senator Patrick Leahy. Liam Ryan was choking on a grape when Mi'Sean Graham gave him the heimlich. Both were honored by the Milton Fire Department and now both have received a letter of commendation from Leahy. The end of the letter reads "a friendship like that should be cherished."


Walt Disney could soon own the Twittosphere. The company is reportedly interested in buying Twitter. Bloomberg reports disney is working with a financial advisor to make a possible bid. Twitter is reportedly seeking a deal worth about thirty billion dollars. Twitter's stock jumped three percent today on talks about a potential deal but they are not commenting. Microsoft is also reportedly in the running to make a bid. Most financial experts expect Facebook will probably pass on the opportunity.

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A piece of Burlington's skyline has been restored. ((Jonathan Farrell/College Street church member 00:01:00:09" Today is a very exciting day we've got our steeple going back up" )) Why some folks in Burlington aren't happy about the cities mall developement plan. Also -- New numbers on violant crime rates in our country. Plus -- The man police say is behind a deadly Washington state shooting went before a judge today -- we'll have the details.


The man accused in a Washington mall shooting has been charged. ((R--ZHON)) Arcan ((SHU--TON)) Cetin made a brief appearance today where a judge advised him of the five counts of first degree murder he faces. He is suspected of opening fire in a department store's cosmetics department Friday and was arrested after a nearly 24-hour manhunt. His father says he has been dealing with mental health issues. He's due in court next month.


Last year saw an increase in violent crime compared to 2014. That's according to new data released by the federal bureau of investigation today. The FBI's annual crime data report shows a 3-point-9-percent increase in violent crime -- the murder rate spiked by nearly 11-percent over the same time span. The F-B-I noted those numbers are still down over five-year and 10-year periods.

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Opponents of Burlington's downtown mall redevelopment project were out in force today. At a demonstration on Church Street this morning, Coalition for a Livable City raised balloons -- to show what the different allowable heights would be under the proposed new zoning. The mall developer is asking the city to raise the height limit downtown to 160 feet to accommodate a 14 story residential building. Opponents say they feel the current height restrictions are enough -- and says the developer and city have been ignoring the voters' vision for the city. If the zoning changes go thru on Thursday -- the group plans to petition for a referendum.


((SOT Genese Grill, Coalition for a Livable City 012851 The response I'm getting is so overwhelmingly positive that I think we can do it. I think we'll get more than the needed signatures 012900)) The Coalition says they want to see other changes to the project -- including underground parking, no dorm housing for students, and no TIF financing. Mayor Miro Weinberger said many of the group's claims are misrepresenting the facts of the proposal. The mayors says the current proposal is in line with the long-term goals for the downtown that voters have already approved.


A historic steeple is back atop a church in downtown Burlington. Judy Simpson reports.


((Nat SOT)) A strange sight for sure, a steeple on the move. ((Jonathan Farrell/College Street church member 00:01:00:09" Today is a very exciting day we've got our steeple going back up" )) ALmost exactly three years after an arsonist's fire destroyed the historic steeple on this 150 year old church, an exact replica weighing a total of 35 thousand pounds, was trucked to the site in three separate pieces, and over several hours, hoisted into place. ((Jeanne Morrissey/ General contractor for this project JAM 00:13:29:07" Its an amazing day ..amazing day" )) Jeanne Morrissey is the General contractor for the project. ((Jeanne again 00:13:02:27" It was the most extraordinary matching of skill sets than I have ever been involved in from historic components to the structural engineering components to making it code worthy for today with all of the elements of history.")) Steeplejack Jay Southgate was on hand to help supervise the project, he built the new 60 foot tall steeple, keeping it as close to the original as possible, including slate roofing from the same quarry in New York where the original slate shingles came from. History counts here. ((Jonathan again 00:02:16:02" The steeple is a very viable symbol of the church so it's a reminder of what's gone on in the church over the years and struggles that the church has been involved in in terms of civil rights the womens suffragette movement peacetime movements during times of war so we are really happy to see it go back up."00:02:38:13)) ((Nat Sot Pop)) This project cost almost 2 million dollars, covered by insurance and fundraising by the congregation. ((00:29:36:14 js asks "What do you think of the steeple being resurrected? KEN WHITE/Pastor college street church" Oh its exciting, that is a good choice of words we have had a lot of people in our church working on this alot of people in the community working on this.")) The original copper finial capped Monday's reconstruction. Two more weeks of work will be done inside the steeple to install the four sided clock face which will once again soon chime on the hour. Judy SImpson Channel three news, Burlington.

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((currents)) Cloudy skies tonight. Temperatures are holding in the mid 60s. ((highs today)) Most spots in the mid 60s. A little cooler in the Northeast Kingdom. ((temps graph)) Just a few degrees warmer for the next few days. Highs will be in the upper 60s to near 70 through the end of the week. ((radsat)) Showers are on the doorstep and will overspread the region through the early morning. Showers likely to linger into the start of Tuesday. ((forecast map)) Tuesday will start with some lingering showers, mainly east. Then becoming partly sunny. Quiet weather through mid week. Upper level low moves over us on Thursday with the a chance of showers through the end of the week.


Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Showers likely. Low 48/55. Wind S 10-15 mph. Tuesday: Chance of morning showers. Becoming partly sunny. High 63/70. Wind S 5-10 mph. Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 43/50. Wind light. Wednesday: Partly sunny. High 63/70. Wind light. Thursday: Variable clouds. Chance of showers. High 63/70. Low 45/52. Friday: Variable clouds. Chance of showers. High 63/70. Low 48/55. Saturday: Partly cloudy. Chance of showers. High 60s. Low 40s. Sunday: Partly sunny. High 60s. Low 40s. Monday: Partly sunny. High 60s.

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The race for President is reaching new heights -- literally! One man is flying Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump drones -- in San Diego.





The Boston Red Sox have the night off, which is about the only thing that can keep them from winning these days. The Sox picked up their 11th straight victory yesterday, locked up a playoff spot over the weekend and dropped their magic number for winning the American League East to two.


that number could drop to one if the Yankees could knock off the Blue Jays tonight in Toronto. --- that number could drop to one if the Yankees could knock off the Blue Jays tonight in Toronto. --- this one got a bit fiesty, three plunked batters, the second one leads to benches clearing, the third does as well, Joe Girardi and two Yankee coaches thrown out along with Luis Severino --- eventually we get back to baseball, 3-2 Jays in the ninth, Mark teixeria with the moonshot off of Jason Grilli to tie this game up at 3 and the Yankee bats were nowhere near done in the inning --- then Aaron Hicks adds a 2-run blast to make it 5-3, Yankees score 2 more but still more drama in the bottom half --- bases loaded, one out and one already in, Dioner Navarro with the flare that drops in and it's 7-5 --- but with two outs, a web gem from brett Gardner saves the day for New york, Yankees win 7-5, Boston can clinch the division with a win tomorrow.


The NHL season is right around the corner. The Boston Bruins open their seven game preseason schedule tonight at home against Columbus. They open the season with a visit to Columbus on Thursday, October 13th. Today, the Bruins made a big move to help secure both their present and future, signing forward Brad Marchand to an eight year contract extension worth $49 million. The 28-year-old Marchand had a career-high 37 goals and 60 points last season. In seven NHL seasons - all with the Bruins - he has 153 goals and 136 assists. He was a member of Boston's Stanley Cup-winning team in 2011, with 11 goals in the playoffs, the second-most on the team. Marchand is in the final year of his current deal, then the new contract kicks in, which reportedly has a full no-trade over the first five years, and a modified no-trade for the remainder of the contract. --- Marchand and Canada are playing a best-of-three final against Team Europe in the World Cup of Hockey. Game one is tomorrow night. Paired one the first line with Sidney Crosby and his Boston teammate Patrice Bergeron, Marchand is second behind Sid the Kid in scoring in the tournament, including two goals in Canada's 5-3 win over Russia in the semifinals Saturday.


In case you missed it, the UVM men's hockey team was picked ninth in the Hockey East preseason media poll that was released this weekend. Boston University was the consensus picked to win the regular season title, earning 22 of the 26 first place votes. Notre Dame, entering it's final season in the conference, was picked second, followed by Boston College, UMass-Lowell and Northeastern. A ninth place finish would see Vermont open the Hockey East playoffs on the road in the first round. The Hockey East coaches poll will come out Tuesday. Vermont plays its exhibition opener this Saturday night versus Concordia at Gutterson.


Middlebury College quarterback Jared Lebowitz has been named the NESCAC Offensive Player of the Week. In his first career start, Lebowitz accounted for six touchdowns as the Panthers opened the season with a 40-3 win over Bowdoin at Alumni Stadium. A Burlington native that started his high school career at South Burlington, Lebowitz finished the day 26-39 for 369 yards with five touchdown passes, while scoring on a two-yard run with 33 yards on the ground. Among his touchdown passes were two scoring strikes both from 28 yards out. Middlebury visits Colby this Saturday.


The Dartmouth football team improved to 2-0 with a 35-10 win at Holy Cross on Saturday and picked up a pair of top honors in the process. Senior linebacker Folarin Orimolade was named the Ivy League defensive player of the week, while freshman wide receiver Hunter Hagdorn was tabbed the Ivy rookie of the week. Orimolade, a preseason second team All-American and team captain, led the Big Green with eight tackles, including two for a loss and added a career high two sacks. --- Hagdorn did a little of everything for Dartmouth, returning one kick, making three catches for 62 yards and rushing three times and a touchdown. Dartmouth returns home for it's Ivy opener this Friday night against 0-2 Penn. That will be a 7pm kickoff at Memorial Field.

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