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Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. Across the state on this Memorial Day, Vermonters remember our fallen heroes. In the state's smallest city, the man hoping to become Commander In Chief -- spoke of the importance of caring for our troops. Kyle Midura has the story.


((parade nats)) Soft showers dampened the clothes but not spirits of those lining downtown Vergennes this Memorial Day. Jean Roberts showed her colors and stayed dry with an American flag themed umbrella. (00:19:25:00) ((Jean Roberts - Vergennes Parade-goer first thing I grabbed this morning)) (00:20:57:00) ((Jean Roberts - Vergennes Parade-goer Hope the rain stops and everybody enjoys the rest of the day)) Seven-year-old Ila Crowley watched her dad, grandpa, and grandma roll by in firetrucks. (00:11:40:00) ((Ila Crowly - Parade-goer I like watching all the cool stuff.)) Francis Angier flew a bomber in World War II -- and spent seven months as a prisoner of war after the enemy shot down his plane. Many of his peers never returned home from battle; he remembers his fallen compatriots at scenes like this one every year. (00:14:15:00) ((Francis Angier - WWII Veteran I like to come to a place like this, watch them all go by, meet people)) (00:05:02:00) ((nats - we love Bernie!)) Sen. Bernie Sanders drew much of the crowd's attention as he walked the parade route. He won the crowd's endorsement as he prepares for Tuesday's Vermont launch of his run for the counrty's highest office. (00:06:15:00) ((NAT ANNOUNCER: and he's the only legitimate presidential candidate)) Sanders attends the big celebration in Vermont's smallest city every year. He made sure his presence did not distract from the purpose of the day -- remembering those who gave their lives for the country. (00:39:16:00) ((Sen. Bernie Sanders - I-Vermont yes, Memorial Day is about hotdogs and ballgames, but this event reminds us what the day is really about)) (00:39:55:00) ((Sen. Bernie Sanders - I-Vermont the ultimate sacrifice that so many made and the burden and sorrow that their families are living with)) Rep. Peter Welch spoke of the duty of civilians to ensure that war is only pursued when its worthwhile. Sanders told us he won't rule out sending troops into danger if he becomes commander in chief. (00:56:22:00) ((Sen. Bernie Sanders - I-Vermont but I think we have got to do everything that we can to make sure that is the last option)) Sanders says if and when war is necessary, the country must be prepared to take care of its warriors and their families. KM, Ch.3 Vergennes.


We will have more coverage of Memorial Day remembrances - a bit later in the broadcast.


But we turn now to a developing story in the Northeast Kingdom. State Police are busy in Brownington tonight -- with a homicide investigation. State police have released few details about what happened on Pepin Road. Jennifer Costa has been on the scene for much of the day. Jennifer, what's the latest? Jennifer talks about what is happening at the scene ... One man in custody. One man dead. Supposedly they were rivals. She will explain some other details and toss to a soundbite.....


((Capt. JP Sinclair/Vermont State Police: We have learned that these two subjects were known to each other for an extended period of time. And there has ben a dispute in the past between them.)) (( Capt. JP Sinclair/Vermont State Police: I just want to assure ppl that this incident is isolated between two ppl who knew eac other and we do have somebody in custody and there should be no further danger to anyone else.)) Talks about how they are processing scene this evening - an arraignment likely tomorrow...


This time tomorrow night crowds of Bernie Sanders supporters are slated to be filling Burlington's waterfront. Sanders is returning home to officially kick off his presidential campaign. Right now crews are in waterfront park building stages and putting up bleachers to accommodate supporters and the media.


Sanders says that tomorrow evening -- he'll lay out his "agenda for America." Alex Apple is here with more on what the Senator will include in that agenda. Alex. Kristin -- Senator Sanders will speak around 5:30 tomorrow afternoon -- and he's likely to craft a message with wide national appeal. He wouldn't say today exactly what issues he'll focus on -- but his campaign manager says expect him to go for his bread and butter.


((Sen. Bernie Sanders in D.C. 09:00 I love our state very much because I get inspiration and hope and love from people back home.)) The Senator hopes that hope and love will fill the Burlington waterfront Tuesday for his hometown campaign kickoff. At a parade in Vergennes -- the Senator laughed off a question about his speech's content. ((Laugh NAT)) ((Jeff Weaver/Campaign Manager 01:25:28 We're here because America, in many ways, is hurting and Senator Sanders is the person to bring help to middle and working class people here in the U.S.)) Sanders' campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, said the Senator will focus on the three main issues of his campaign... First, income inequality. ((Sanders: 07:35 Income and wealth inequality 08:00 income and wealth inequality 05:15 pay equity for women workers 05:05 raise minimum wage to a living wage)) Taking on big money in politics... ((Sanders: 01:12 big money interests 01:25 money in politics 01:32 buying elections 02:15 obscene level of money)) And climate change ... Three topics Sanders hopes to force his opponents to address. ((Garrett Graff/Politico 09:38 One of the things that Bernie Sanders is going to be able to do is put out positions that other candidates like Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley have to respond to.)) Political expert Eric Davis says Sanders will tailor the speech to appeal to a wide audience. ((Eric Davis/Political Expert: 01:23 He's aiming at both the local audience and at the national audience, and the voters in those key early states.)) ((Eric Davis/Political Expert: 00:59 Senator Sanders will want to get at least some coverage on national TV even if its just a very brief story."))


Politico analyst Garrett Graff says the speech will likely appeal to progressives within the Democratic party because former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley is likely to enter the race soon. He and Sanders will both fight to be the preferred progressive alternative to Hillary Clinton.


Bernie Sanders' grassroots' pursuit of the presidency -- is reminiscent of when Howard Dean launched his campaign. Anson Tebbetts talks to Dean -- about his run -- and what Sanders can expect.


12 years ago. Vermont had not witnessed a Presidential run on its turf. Former Governor Howard Dean changed all that. (8442 40:14:11) ((Gov. Howard Dean "our campaign was basically built out of baling wire and chewing gum. We had no money and a state of 600,000 people so not many people gave us a shot. But at that time young people began to flock to the campaign.")) Surrounded by young people, Dean took to Church Street and announced he wanted to be President: (nat sot from day) More than a decade later, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wants to be President. (nat sot Sanders) Vermont does have roots in the White House. (archive footage of Coolidge and Arthur) President Calvin Coolidge was born in Plymouth and Chester Arthur was from Fairfield. But that was decades ago before TV, the Internet and social media. Dean was just on the cusp of young people using their networks to spread his candidacy. (Tile 8442 40:47:12) ((Gov. Howard Dean "you know I got up and gave a speech that was a big crowd because the young people had figured this out already. And then we had 10 vans parked on Church Street and we stuffed them with young people and sent them to NH.")) Dean was the front runner for weeks with his anti-Iraq war message. It was a contrast to the other Democrats in the primary. He felt the energy at his campaign events. (8442 41:19:02) ((Gov Dean "that was pretty incredible although I had scene that before the campaign had really started to take off and it was providing an alternative to a Democratic Party that was trying to be as much like the Republicans they possibly could.")) Dean's front runner status lasted until the votes were cast. He lost his first ever race in Iowa...then came his famous speech or some have called the "scream". New Hampshire was lost ...and his campaign came to an end. (Tile 8442 42:07:08) ((Gov. Howard Dean/Former Presidential Candidate "since I have 12 years to think about it since I did not win basically what I was doing which I did not realize at the time was running against the Democratic Party.")) and in some ways so is Bernie Sanders. He's challenging the front runner Hillary Clinton. Dean has endorsed the former first lady in the primary but has kind words for Sanders. (Tile 8442 45:58:97) ((Gov. Howard Dean/Former Vt. Governor "He will do fine. Sanders will do well on the campaign trail. He is authentic which people always value. He has a message he has been working on for 40 years and this is the time for that message which is economic justice.)) A message Dean started 12 years ago in his run for President..and now being carried by another Vermonter who thinks he can be President. Anson Tebbetts channel 3 news Burlington. -3-


Bernie Sanders's Hometown Kickoff event is tomorrow on the Burlington waterfront. Festivities begin at 5. We'll have complete coverage on a special hour-long edition of the Channel 3 News at 5 -- with extended coverage through the 6 o'clock news as well.

13} 1STWX

A warm front along the Canadian border brought a few showers and sprinkles to the North Country today. Tuesday, we will be in the warm sector of this weather system, and that means it will be much warmer, with temperatures soaring through the 80s. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of spots approached the 90 degree mark. There may be a stray shower or t-storm on Tuesday, but overall it should remain dry. Wednesday, a cold front will move through, and there will be a better chance of showers, possibly heavy at times, and there could be a few thunderstorms as well. It will be just a little bit cooler and less humid on Thursday, but it will still be warmer than normal for the end of May. The normal high temperature in Burlington is 70 degrees. There may be a lingering shower or thunderstorm early Thursday, but it will be clearing later in the day.


Burlington Police want to hear from anyone who may have been groped during the Vermont City marathon yesterday. Investigators say women have come forward saying a man touched them inappropriately while they were in - or near- Battery Park. If you have information - call Burlington Police.


A Colchester woman is recovering from a rare spider bite - after her family says she found an unwelcome surprise in a bunch of grapes. UVM Medical Center says the 21 year-old spent the night at the hospital after being bitten by a venomous spider. The patient's mother tells Channel 3 News -- her daughter reached into a bag of dark red grapes -- and ended up with a Black Widow bite. They trapped the spider and brought it -- and her daughter -- to the hospital. The young woman received a series of shots and is OK. But her mom says her health will be monitored for months. The family believes the spider hitched a ride in the grapes from California. They bought the grapes at Shaw's in Colchester -- and the company says it checked its grape supply at that store - and others. Shaws is also replacing all the food in the family's refrigerator.


This is the weekend most Vermonters plant their gardens. If you're adding compost to the mix, Judy Simpson learned -- you better look -- before you buy.


Diana Eide has had a backyard vegetable garden for years. ((Diana Eide/Gardener (eye-d) js you have had this garden here for awhile, have you ever had an issue with the soil? 00:02:49:10 Diana Eide/ Gardener " No I have nothing but sand and I have grown my veggies in sand for the past five six years , I could never afford compost so this is the first year I have ever added anything to it. "00:03:01:28)) But with this load of compost from Garvey's Gardens in St Albans, Eide got more than she bargained for. ((00:00:47:01Diana again " Shredded paper bags shredded wire and wrapped in rubber glass, green glass brown glass clear glass I cut my finger on one of them and that is when i had had enough of the surprises." 00:01:04:20)) Eide took her findings back to the garden center. (( Diana again 00:01:27:25" The gentleman I spoke with tried to explain what compost was and he got it from a supplier and basically the take I got from it was, it is what it is. 00:01:42:01)) ((JS SU00:13:48:00 "Gerald Garvey declined our invitation to be interviewed on camera for this story he also wouldn't tell us where he gets the compost from." 00:13:55:14 )) On the Garvey Garden web page there is a link to Green Mountain Compost in Williston. But they told us they have not sold compost to Garvey's since 2012. Eide said Garvey's did come to her house and till the compost into her garden for her, and she considers the issue resolved, but admits she still has concerns over the compost's quality. ((JS are you concerned about planting things in here? 00:03:10:07" ya I am because I don't know, just the things I have seen that are solids and not biodegradable it kind of makes me worried what else might be in there because you can't see chemicals. And I don't know who is making it so I can't ask, well what else is really in there? 00:03:33:19)) So when it comes to buying compost, one industry expert told us not all compost are alike, there is a lot of variability. So check out the product before you buy it. JS Channel three news, Georgia.


Experts tell Judy -- you should ask your compost provider what's in the mix, and where the materials come from.


It may be a day off from school or work, and a time to see a parade, but the meaning behind Memorial Day is much more than that. Especially for those who lost friends, family -- and fellow comrades in the line of duty. Adam Sullivan reports.


Every year on Memorial Day, America Legion Post 22 leads a parade down the streets of Lebanon New Hampshire to honor those who have died for their country. ((Brady Filiault/7th Grader: "we don't celebrate that much and this is real important to give a big celebration to them.")) Crowds line the streets cheering and waving flags. Kids play in the park nearby-- enjoying the their extended weekend outside the classroom. ((Filiault: "oh yeah. Science project due this week. And I was like extra day to do it. Yes.")) But for this crew, American Legion members who have all served in the armed forces, Memorial Day is not a celebration. In fact, it's a somber reminder. ((Edwin DesRosiers/WWII Veteran: "i'm 92-years-old. Never been wounded, never been hit. I am very very lucky. Everybody else got one or the other.")) Edwin DesRosiers (da-roesh) joined the Marine Corps at 20-years-old. He fought in Iwo Jima during World War II. Thousands fell beside him. ((DesRosiers: "we lost a lot of people. And that is why I say I am lucky because nothing happened to me. So I figured I lived a charmed life.")) And that same sense of appreciation is true for veterans of more recent wars as well. The commander of Post 22 served with the Vermont National Guard in Iraq. ((Robert St.Pierre/Post 22 Commander: "we lost 68 people in our brigade.")) Surviving soldiers say... nats... while music the fills the streets in communities across the country, the memorial message must also ring loud. ((St.Pierre: "While we are enjoying the parades and the barbeques and all that, lets just take the time, to come to a parade, take time out and remember why we are here today.")) ((DesRosiers: "I am very proud of what we did and what we saw and I would talk to anyone to enlighten them so they will have a better perspective of what might happen in the future.")) A perspective that this 7th graders already seems to have. ((Filiault: "it's just huge to defend your country and actually die for it.")) Fallen heroes-- remembered not just because of the floats- but for the freedoms so many died to protect. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Lebanon New Hampshire.


A warm front along the Canadian border brought a few showers and sprinkles to the North Country today. Tuesday, we will be in the warm sector of this weather system, and that means it will be much warmer, with temperatures soaring through the 80s. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of spots approached the 90 degree mark. There may be a stray shower or t-storm on Tuesday, but overall it should remain dry. Wednesday, a cold front will move through, and there will be a better chance of showers, possibly heavy at times, and there could be a few thunderstorms as well. It will be just a little bit cooler and less humid on Thursday, but it will still be warmer than normal for the end of May. The normal high temperature in Burlington is 70 degrees. There may be a lingering shower or thunderstorm early Thursday, but it will be clearing later in the day. A bit of high pressure on Friday will give us a break on Friday, but another cold front will approach this weekend, bringing us some showers and possibly some thunderstorms. It will be cooler and less humid early next week.


Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. Lows: 58/65 Winds: S 10-15 mph Tuesday: Partly sunny. Hot and humid. Chance of a passing shower/Tstorm. Highs: 82/88 Winds: S 15-20 mph Tuesday Night: Increasing clouds. Chance of showers. Lows: 60/67 Winds: S 5-10 mph Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Showers and thunderstorms likely. Highs: 78/85 Winds: S 10-15 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday Night: Lows 60s Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs 70s Lows 50s Friday: Partly cloudy. Chance of a shower/Tstorm. Highs 75/82 Lows 55/65 Saturday: Good chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs 70s Lows 50s Sunday: Partly sunny, chance of showers. Highs 65/75 Lows 45/55 Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 65/75



It is the start of the summer hiking season - and in New Hampshire - you can get a Hike Safe card. Hikers who get lost - but have a card - wont get billed for search and rescue costs. The money raised supports search and rescue efforts The Hike Safe cards are only available online. They sell for $25 for an individual or $35 for a family. The state has sold nearly 14-hundred so far -- binging in about $36-thousand dollars.


She was a pioneer on the Vermont Human Rights commission in Montpelier. But Margaret Lucenti -- one of out Super Seniors -- has died. Joe featured her three years ago as she was retiring at age 90 from her work as a committee assistant in the Vermont legislature. She was honored for her three decades in that job. But earlier in her career -- Lucenti was the first chairperson of the Vermont Human Rights Commission -- a national Democratic committeewoman -- and the first woman to run in a Democratic primary for Vermont's lone congressional seat. Lucenti passed away last week. Her husband of 71 years -- Sal Lucenti died in April.


The Vermont Supreme Court ordered a new trial for a Colchester man convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Authorities say two years ago Lawrence Alers attacked a woman in the parking lot of a Colchester convenience store. Witnesses say he used a choke-hold and tried to drag her backwards to his vehicle -- and later almost ran her over. While the victim made a statement to police at the scene, she never testified in court. The justices ruled that relying solely on police statements was not enough to support a simple assault charge. The case goes back to Vermont Superior Court in Burlington.


Police in Laconia say they are not expecting a showdown at Bike Week. Bike Wee is the biggest motorcycle rally in the Northeast. It starts June 13th. The event draws hundreds of thousands of bikers and revelers to the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee - boosting the local and state economy. Laconia Police Chief Chris Adams says security groups will meet this week to review a recent shootout between bike gangs in Waco, Texas and recent intelligence obtained on the various motorcycle gangs.


Burlington is hosting a weeklong conference on the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are Michigan - Erie - Huron - Ontario and Superior. Organizers of the conference are working to expand the definition to include all of the largest fresh water lakes in the world. Back in 1998 Lake Champlain was briefly named as the sixth Great Lake -- in a bill ushered thru by Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, who was seeking more research funding. But that designation was lifted after representatives of the states around the five traditional Great Lakes complained that Champlain was not big enough to be considered "great." That's News Around the Region.


Starting Line Sports ...solid starts from Steven Wright and Wade Miley and a power surge by Mike Napoli lead the Red Sox to a pair of weekend wins over the Angles at Fenway. Boston hoping to build on that momentum as it opened a seven game roadtrip with a holiday matinee at Minnesota. Joe Kelly getting the start today...he'd allowed just three runs in 13 and a third innings over his previous two starts... but the bad Joe Kelly returned against the Twins... --- Minnesota gets a run in the first...then erupts in the second ...Eduardo Nunez bounces one down the left field's a double...Eduardo Escobar scores all the way from first... beating the throw for a 2-0 lead... --- the Twins get two more on a RBI single and a run scoring ground out...then, with two on, Trevor Plouffe takes Kelly deep to left...a three run home run...Kelly allowing seven runs in just one and two thirds innings... --- Boston gets a couple back in the top of the third, including a two out single from Hanley Ramirez that scores Dustin Pedroia... but that's all the Sox get. The Twins win 7-2. The series continues tomorrow night.


The Yankees also in afternoon action today, hosting the Kansas City Royals... we'll have those highlights coming up ...


More and more veterans are using yoga to cope with their mental and physical health. In fact, some V-A centers are now holding classes for veterans. Chelsea Edwards has more.


MARINE CORP VETERAN MARTHA HUFF FOUND PEACE OF MIND THROUGH YOGA AT THE VA MEDICAL CENTER IN LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA. ((SOT: Martha Huff/ Veteran)) "I have learned how to breathe, and how to control my PTSD. // It helps with the way I can control things. EXPERTS SAY YOGA CAN HELP VETERANS REDUCE STRESS. A RECENT STUDY SHOWS THE MINDFUL PRACTICES OF YOGA CAN HELP WITH TRAUMATIC MEMORIES. ((SOT: Pegi Black/ Nurse Practitioner)) They have a mental clarity, decreased depression, anxiety, and their ability to focus. ((STAND-UP: Chelsea Edwards/ CBS News/ Long Beach, CA)) Health experts say yoga can also help veterans who suffer with chronic painboth through the movement, and the deep breathing and meditation. THE TECHNIQUE HELPED VIETNAM VET AND CANCER SURVIVOR STEVE STACHOWSKI MANAGE HIS PAIN FROM CHEMOTHERAPY. ((SOT: Steve Stachowski/ Veteran)) "we're made aware of what our bodies are doing at particular times, uh, and we can control that pain ((SOT: Pam Pence/ Yoga Instructor)) then of course the upward spiral starts. there's pain, you relax, there's less pain, you relax more, there's less pain. NATS VA Nurse Practitioner Pegi Black SAYS AN INCREASING NUMBER OF VETERANS ARE TURNING TO YOGA AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO PRESCRIPTION MEDS. ((SOT: Pegi Black/ Nurse Practitioner)) Many of the veterans are tired of trying to treat their pain with pain medications ((SOT: Martha Huff/ Veteran)) I was taking pills every six hours.//I'm down now to pills twice a day. THESE VETERANS CREDIT YOGA WITH GIVING THEM COPING SKILLS THAT HAVE CHANGED THEIR LIVES. THEY HOPE OTHER VETERANS WILL JOIN THEIR RANKS IN CLASS. CHELSEA EDWARDS, FOR CBS NEWS, LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA.


Health experts say yoga can also improve sleep and heart health, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. That's HealthWatch.



Anytime is a good time for ice cream, but especially as it gets warmer outside. Gina Bullard found one business that's mixing up flavors that are Made in Vermont.


Scout and Company in Burlington has two specialties -- coffee and ice cream. (00:17:33:23) ((Andrew Burke/Scout & Company "i think having my own cafe was always a dream")) Andrew Burke started the business last year -- at first as a café -- it eventually turned into a coffee shop and an ice cream parlor. (00:18:44:01) ((Andrew Burke/Scout & Company "coffee is steady all year round, it's mostly a morning thing, ice cream is more seasonal and afternoon thing. the two sides balance each other out really well")) But Scout and Co doesn't just dish up run of the mill flavors -- they're unique to say the least. Today Beet Marmalade & Candied Black Walnut Frozen Yogurt is getting churned. ((nat)) Burke uses as many local fruits, herbs, root vegetables and ingredients as possible to create outrageous combinations. This Culinary School of America graduate says the more unconventional the better. (00:20:22:08) ((Andrew Burke/Scout & Company "a lot of the flavors, until someone tastes it, are not going to make sense")) The ice cream flavor board is always changing. And depending on the customer they're hit or miss. Like his latest mix up -- apple, miso and seeds -- which almost has a cheesy quality. (00:24:42:16) ((Andrew Burke/Scout & Company "like 90% of people who try it don't like it")) Scout and Company sells between 12 and 20 gallons a week. The best seller is smoked maple and sea salt - it was sold out this day so we tried basically everything else. ((nat montage of trying flavors??)) (00:38:00:26) ((Andrew Burke/Scout & Company "g-woah")) Strawberry and hops sorbet -- yes please. (00:38:55:14) ((Andrew Burke/Scout & Company "it'll be pretty hoppy. g-woah that makes me pretty happy that is so good!")) What about fire roasted chocolate... (00:40;14:01) ((Andrew Burke/Scout & Company "g-woah it's like chocolate and a campfire at the same time. g-it is like a burnt piece of chocolate but it's interesting the smokey flavor it leaves in your mouth")) Strawberry rose frozen yogurt (00:41:28:00) ((Andrew Burke/Scout & Company "i do feel like my grandmother would like this -- in a good way")) (00;25:08:16) ((Andrew Burke/Scout & Company "we try to make everyone who comes in here happy but sometimes that doesn't work and sometimes you have small children in here crying about the ice cream")) Funky flavors being mixed up for unique Made in Vermont ice cream. (00:24:10:20) ((Andrew Burke/Scout & Company "the goal is never to have every flavor appeal to everyone )) Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Burlington.


One scoop of ice cream costs $3.75. One pint cost 12-dollars.


In Starting Line Sports, you saw the Red Sox --. While Boston is showing some possible signs of finding form, the New York Yankees have been in free fall of late, losing six straight and ten of their last eleven. It's been a total team collapse, with the pitching staff allowing an average of over seven runs a game in those team losses, while the offense scored two runs or less in seven of the ten defeats. Joe Girardi's club welcoming the team with the best record in the American League ...the Kansas City the Stadium today...New York's only win in this stretch came in K-C nine days ago... --- Jeremy Guthrie on the mound for the Royals and he had a bad day at the office...bottom of the first...Chase Headley goes deep to right...2-0 New York ... --- later, two on, and still nobody out, Brian McCann gets just enough of that one... into the right field stands...a three run shot...5-0 Yankees... --- and New York wasn't done...later, two on, two out...Brett Gardner down the right field line and gone... another three run home run...the third long ball of the inning... 8-0 Yanks after one... --- top of the second... with Lady Liberty looking on...Stephen Drew leaves Guthrie looking tired, poor and feeling like a huddled mass...another three run home run... that ends the day for Guthrie, who gives up more home runs, four, then he registered outs, three... Nathan Eovaldi the benefactor of all that offense, as he goes seven innings, allowing one run...And the Yankees snap that six game losing streak, routing the Royals 14-1.


In the NHL playoffs tonight, it's game five of the Western Conference Finals in Anaheim. The Ducks hosting Chicago, the series is tied at two. Last night, Tampa Bay took a 3-2 lead in the East finals with a 2-0 win in game five over the Rangers in New York.


Both of the NBA's conference finals series could end in sweeps. Golden State will look to break out the brooms in game four tonight in Houston. Cleveland could close out the East finals at home tomorrow night, following an overtime win against Atlanta in game three last night.


There is still no date set for the appeal to be heard for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's four game suspension for his role in the Deflategate scandal. Despite the NFL Players Association asking him to recuse himself, it appears that commissioner Roger Goodell will hear that appeal when it does take place. With the Patriots announcing last week that the team would accepts it's punishment, it appears Brady is left standing alone, but yesterday, a devoted group of fans gathered to let the QB know they had his back. Julie Loncich has the story. ((TRT: 1:37... OC: SUPPORT GROUP. )) (("Free Tom Brady!" SUPPORT RUNS DEEP... AND PASSION CLEARLY DEFINES PATRIOTS NATION. "Deflate my foot." (laughs) "Brady is near God to us and probably is not enough." (Mike Bolduc/Patriots Fan ) "I'm wearing a sweater to support an American hero and a cultural icon. I'm here to protect my childhood hero, Mr. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr." ON THIS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, A FEW HUNDRED CAME TO GILLETTE - NOT TO TAILGATE, BUT TO RALLY. PABLO MUNOZ ORGANIZED THE EVENT BECAUSE HE FELT COMPELLED TO DO SOMETHING. (Pablo Munoz/Patriots Fan) "They're trying to taint the legacy of a champion. He might have millions and millions of dollars, but one thing that's not going to cost money is his legacy. And that's what we're trying to save here." "Love you, Tom!" IN THE CROWD, A COUPLE OF NEWLYWEDS... (Reporter) "Where was the honeymoon supposed to be?" "Bermuda." "Yup, we're not going to Bermuda." WHO POSTPONED THEIR HONEYMOON IN PROTEST OF NUMBER 12'S SUSPENSION. (Paul Goodrow/Patriots Fan) "When Brady's things - we stopped. We said we're going to come here and do what we need to do to support our QB. We love Tom Brady and we support him fully." WE HEARD A LOT OF THAT. (Reporter) "Some might call you crazy for coming out here on a beautiful Memorial Day weekend?" (Dick Walsh/Patriots Fan) "I'm a Washington Redskins. I'm so teed off about what happened I went and bought a Brady Jersey and I'm totally with him." (Carol Collins/Patriots Fan)"I think he's been treated so unfairly. Rogers overinflates, Minnesota heats them, but we go under the bus? So unfair, so unfair. I am disgusted with it." (nats) THEY WEREN'T HIGHLY ORGANIZED, BUT IT DIDN'T SEEM TO MATTER. SOMETIMES EVEN FOOTBALLS FANS NEED A SUPPORT GROUP.))


There was plenty of action happening here yesterday...the Vermont City Marathon ...some great action at Thunder Road. Look for all the coverage on our sports page at



An update on that homicide in Brownington. Police say 53-year old Rick Vreeland was the victim. We'll have the latest - tonight at 11. And horses make a comeback on the battlefield. Why U-S special forces are saddling up, next on The CBS Evening News .... Good night.

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