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Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. A one-time shot -- to get rid of a DLS. Drivers with suspended licenses -- get a chance to get back on the road. And as Adam Sullivan reports -- lawmakers are looking for a long-term fix to the problem.


The line of people looking to get their drivers licences reinstated stretched for blocks in Burlington-- back in March-- when the program was first offered to drivers from Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle, Washington or Lamoille counties. More than 12-hundred people took advantage-- paying reduced fines-- to have their old suspensions wiped clean. ((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-Vermont: "over 67-hundred tickets were reduced, and the state collected almost 150-thousand dollars. These tickets, some were a decade overdue and here's the point. They were mostly very low income Vermonters who had no ability to pay the tickets.")) While Shumlin and others hailed the initial program's success-- some critics voiced concern that it unfairly cut people slack who broke the law -- and knowingly didn't pay their fines. But Windsor County State's Attorney-- Michael Kainen says it's really an economic issue. ((Michael Kainen/Windsor County State's Attorney: "there are certainly some people who chose not to pay their fines, but by and large, the people who are not paying their fines are not paying them because they could afford to pay them.")) And he says-- in the end-- society ends up paying anyway. Supporters of the program say people without licenses often can't get to work-- and therefor lose their jobs. They also can't get insurance, so if they're driving and crash, the other driver may end up paying. Those are a couple reasons why Windsor County will now offer a driver restoration day on December 11th. For 25 dollars, an old suspension can be made good. The DLS gone. You get your license back. And the Windsor County State's Attorney says legislation may be need to address the problem-- that currently affect upwards of 22 thousand Vermonters. ((Kainen: "along the lines of a sliding scale. Something that would enable people who can't afford to pay fines to pay a reduced amount if you are under 150% of the poverty guideline.")) When asked at Monday's announcement -- if ALL fines should be reduced for EVERYONE -- Shumlin's answer was direct. ((Shumlin: "I think people who can afford to pay higher fines should because fines do work as a deterrent.")) ((Christopher Curtis/Vermont Legal Aid: "A deterrent but not a permanent economic disability. And so what the fine system does today is trap people in a cycle of poverty from which they really can't escape.")) ((Sullivan: "it's estimated that 14-hundred drivers in Windsor County are eligible. As for legislation, the governor says it is too early to say whether a bill will make it to his desk next session, but he says a task force is currently exploring the issue. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Woodstock."))


If you want to report suspicious activity in New York - that you think might be linked to terrorism -- there's an app for that. Governor Cuomo announced the See Something Send Something campaign today. ((Its our responsibility to pay attention and take action..)) The new app will allow anyone to quickly send photos or notes to the New York State Intelligence Center - where it will be reviewed - and sent to the proper law enforcement agency. Officials say the app should not be used like 911 - but rather to collect info on suspicious behavior or situations - like an unattended backpack in a public space.


Ready or not -- holiday shopping season is here. And Vermont store owners are urging you to spend your dollars with them - not online retailers. Logan Crawford is on Burlington's Church Street tonight with more on this new push to Buy Local. Logan? Darren and Kristin, as shoppers and retailers gear up for Black Friday -- local store owners are hoping people remember them for Small Business Saturday the next day. Several shop owners in Burlington say -- online shopping may be convenient -- but it might not be the best.


(Tc 00:55:14:14 Tile 3733) ((nats cash register 00:55:17:18)) They're making their lists and checking them twice. Shoppers are ready for the Christmas season. And Vermont small business owners are urging shoppers to spend some of their dollars locally. (TC 00:45:37:20 Tile 3707) ((Mark Bouchett/Homeport "We've always tried to be competitive for that Black Friday business, it's a great day for us. There's tons of people out on the street and we want them to come by and see us as well." 00:45:48:15)) But the Vermont Retail and Grocers Association says internet buying is increasingly cutting into the bottom line of bricks and mortar stores. Michael DeSanto opened Phoenix Books in Burlington and Essex back in 2007. He says buying local helps the whole community -- including his 30 employees. (TC 00:32:54:18 Tile 3686) ((Michael DeSanto/Phoenix Books "That's 30 people. You certainly are not getting 30 jobs out of what's going on online, with retail sales online." 00:33:01:19)) (TC 00:52:33:26 Tile 3723) ((Logan Crawford/Burlington "Retailers say one of the big reasons you should buy local this holiday season is when you go to the store you can look, touch, and sometimes even smell the product, to make sure it's the one you want." 00:52:44:24)) (TC 00:58:06:18 tile 3739) ((nats "there you go." 00:58:08:00)) Judy Vetters will do her shopping both in stores and online. (TC 00:56:12:18 Tile 3734) ((Judy Vetters/Williston "Advantage of online is you don't have to be in a crowd if you don't want to be in a crowd. And in the store it kind of makes it more festive if you're in the store." 00:56:20:23)) Buying local doesn't have to mean locally-owned. DeSanto says he would rather have readers buy their books at the national chain Barnes and Noble in South Burlington... rather than online... Because employees of national retailers live in the community and contribute to the local economy. (TC 00:34:29:19 Tile 3686) ((Michael DeSanto/Phoenix Books "Used to be the enemy has now crossed into a territory where they're more my friend than they are that, because we're trying to sell books, not things over the internet." 00:34:39:26))


Small business Saturday is this weekend... Where many local shops here on Church Street offer discounts on their items. Some of the sales at the local stores start as early as Black Friday. Darren.


A push to buy local this holiday season. But many of you may notice there's been a shopping shake-up -- when it comes to malls. Alex Apple is standing by -- with a special report on that. Coming up in a just a bit.


For the first time -- the statehouse Christmas Tree -- will come from the Green Mountain National Forest. And you can get your tree from there too -- with a 5-dollar tree-removal permit. And - if you have a 5th grader in your family - you can get your tree free thanks to a federal parts promotion program. You can get your tree-removal permit at forest service offices in Rutland, Middlebury, Manchester and Rochester.

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Hackers from across the globe could be preventing you from seeing a local show -- at a reasonable price. They're able to snatch up the best tickets as soon as an on-line sale opens -- only to scalp them for huge profits. Kyle Midura takes a look.


(nats) When a big show -- like Elvis Costello, Elton John, or Neil Young -- comes to Burlington's Flynn Center or an associated venue, dozens of tickets will be bought not by fans, but by a bot. A.J. Fucile (FEW-seal) is the Director of Box Office Services at Burlington's Flynn Center. (00:05:38:00) ((A.J. Fucile - Flynn Director of Box Office Services anything that is a high-volume where we get a line out front, someone somewhere thinks they can make a buck )) Ticket bots are computer applications programmed to purchase as many of the best tickets possible the moment they go on-sale. (00:04:42:00) ((A.J. Fucile the problem with the bot is it's in there right away and you don't have a chance 48)) The people behind the bots then post the tickets for sale online at markups that can be several times higher than face value. (00:15:10:00) (( Liam Farrell - Burlington Music Fan Ever hear of ticket bots before we started chatting today? :12 not really no, but I have noticed that some tickets are ridiculously expensive 17 immediately after they go on sale :19 so it explains why :20)) (00:14:12:00) ((Cameron Carlson - Burlington Music Fan 1st time I heard it :13 but you're familiar with the markups that come along with them I take it? 17 yes, I am, yep, yep, and I think it's just a terrible thing that shouldn't exist 21)) Fucile played an instrumental role in lobbying for a Vermont law passed in 2010 -- allowing vendors to pursue damages when software bypasses website features meant to protect fair ticket purchasing. But he says it's done little to address the problem. He recognizes the need to resell tickets if a consumer can't make a show -- but says there's a diffenece between that and when re-sellers post tickets for sale before their bots have even purchased them. (00:05:15:00) ((A.J. Fucile - Flynn Director of Box Office Services there's no honsety in what they're doing )) A bill is before the U.S. Congress to ban the bot, and give law enforcement tools to make a criminal case. Political watchers peg its chances of passage at two percent -- though it recently received backing from New York State Senator Chuck Schumer. (00:01:07:00) ((Sen. Chuck Schumer - D-New York We cannot just let it be, when it comes to these bots :12 people in law enforcement are pretty good a this 14 (end cover) they've done it in other areas :17 we have the technology to find them and go after them, we just don't have the law :20 it's not illegal right now :22 )) Until then, music fans argue bots will continue generating money for nothing -- as fans find tix anything but free. (nats - Phish) Kyle Midura - ch 3 news - Burlington.


It was a little chilly on the Burlington waterfront today, but that didn't stop big crowds from trying out the new skate park. It's officially open. And just a small part of a big re-development plan. Judy Simpson has the latest.


The new skate park on the waterfront attracted a good crowd Monday. Including 7 and a half year old Magny Olsen. ((Magny Olsen/Burlington 01:40:24:10" WEll its really curvy and you turn a lot and its also not as hard as you think it is and it also has a bit of a challenge in it. "01:40:33:29)) Little does Magny know that this skatepark and other improvements of the Waterfront Access North Project have been in the works for a lot longer than she has been alive. . And includes widening and improving the bikepath. ((Miro Weinberger/ Burlington Mayor01:11:36:27" With this extension of lake street behind you we have created this new spine for the northern water front that we in the years ahead will see a new community sailing center built off it we will see a new marina built off of it and we expect to see success at the new Moran site behind us." 01:11:55:12)) This marks the first major new public infrastructure investment at the waterfront since the creation of the park in the early 1990's. The city tapped a variety of funding sources to cover the 9 million dollar cost of the project. About four million in Federal funds. (( Sen Patrick Leahy/D-Vermont 01:14:51:03" Really throughout this country they would give anything to have a setting like this I am glad we are making it available to everybody of all ages. "01:15:02:10)) And almost 4 million dollars from the state's controversial Tax Increment Financing program -- which allows communities to keep some tax dollars generated by an economic development project - that would otherwise go to the state education fund. ((Gov. Peter Shumlin/ D-Vermont 01:19:17:00" Every year there is a debate in the legislature about wether we should or shouldn't someone undue the TIFF program I am a huge supporter, this is why. We are literally able to use Tax incremental financing to ensure that with property tax help, projects like this happen it is in all of our interests to keep TIFF alive and well and moving forward." 01:19:38:17)) The improvements also include a new wetlands area to trap and treat stormwater runoff before it reaches the Lake. The new sailing center and marina are slated to break ground in the spring. All part of a voter approved Public Investment Action Plan. And while there is no timetable for rehabing the old Moran plant, the mayor believes that will eventually happen. Big changes since a little known politician, named Howard Dean rallied support behind the original bike path. ((Howard Dean/Former Vt Governor 01:27:10:11" I also want to thank all of you this is such a great Vermont project it's one of those projects where everybody has had a lot to do with it a lot of who Miro mentioned its an extraordinary thing to see how it started out." 01:27:28:28)) As for Magny, she is hooked on the skatepark, but next time she says, she is going to wear snow pants. JS channel three news, Burlington.


The city still has its foot on the gas -- for a big road project. The Mayor says the city's Southern Connector highway -- known now as the Champlain Parkway is moving forward -- but construction is not expected until 20-18. There is a community update on the parkway scheduled for next Monday night at the Champlain Elementary School.


Plattsburgh is teaming up with a community across the border - for a new business initiative. The Mayor of Longeuil, Quebec -- just outside of Montreal -- was in Plattsburgh today to promote a partnership. Both cities are home to transportation industry companies like Bombardier. The partnership includes annual visits between the two communities and would support groups working together to network and improve the transportation industry in New York and Canada.


(03:25:46 6288) ((Mayor Jim Calnon/R-Plattsburgh "it's going to happen on a much more regular basis. Our educational institutions talking to the ones in Longueuil. Same for some of our business people. Actually Bombardier for example is both in Longueuil and here. So there's already some of that communication going on. And what happens is, today the governments have agreed that they want to continue to encourage that." 03:26:02)) The signing follows a similar commitment in June between the transportation clusters which aims to increase cross-border communication between businesses.


Old stores. Closed stores. Tired facades. Some malls in Vermont -- need some love. And some developers are about to give them some -- through a shopping shake-up. Alex Apple is live in South Burlington -- with our special report. Alex. Darren -- expect shoppers to fill these stores at the University Mall in South Burlington later this week when the rush hits for Black Friday or even late Thanksgiving sales. But keeping those customers coming year round, a challenge for these traditional suburban shopping malls. The Umall was updated in 2005, and now a Boston-area company has plans to put millions of dollars into its redevelopment. The goal is to re-define the shopping experience for customers. With the rise of the internet and more corporate big box stores, shoppers' say they look for a different type of mall entertainment than they did decades ago.


((38:11 Music Playing)) If the records are still spinning -- business is still good at Mountain Music Vinyl. ((NAT 44:10 It;s one of the more iconic covers in Rock n Roll history)) Tucked into Diamond Run Mall in Rutland -- Mountain Music is an outlier. ((Meshach Tourigny/Owner Mountain Man Jewelry/Mountain Music Vinyl 24:01 I'm not really sure what the issue with the mall is. It's had different management many times over the last ten years.)) Owner Meshach Tourigny says he can't keep enough records on the shelves. ((NAT 45:14 Four tops, good ole Motown.)) But his neighbors... can't seem to sell anything off their shelves. There are as many rental signs as there are customers coming inside. (GFX) The mall's website shows 46 percent of its stores are empty. Gone are former anchors Sears and JC Penney. (end GFX) ((NAT of people walking in mall???)) It's a trend felt across Vermont -- as the internet and big box stores challenge malls to be hubs of business. ((01:07:35 Apple: Do you prefer shopping at malls, shop online, or a bigger ticket store like a Wal Mart or something like that? Jordan Cullen/Shops online: We tend to shop online.")) ((NAT 01:09:24 I won't go to a mall -- just to go to a mall -- except when I was in high school.")) ((01:08:16 I try to not go to Wal Mart or Target. Online shopping is okay but it doesn't really help anyone locally.")) Burlington's Church Street gets the foot traffic needed to sustain its retail... but inside it's mall -- the Burlington Town Center -- ((Don Sinex/Burlington Town Center 01:27:17 In the case of this mall, the retail would eventually die here.)) Developer Don Sinex purchased the 180 thousand square feet of retail space last year; he's working with the city to finalize plans on a 250 million dollar renovation. ((Developer Don Sinex 01:28:49 What we're trying to do is change the usage here from just shopping to something that equates more to a hub of commerce.)) That hub of commerce will include an 11 story office tower -- and 14 stories of apartments. ((Don Sinex/Developer 01:29:31 If we had a 1000 people living on top of us and 1500 people working here every day, there would be quite a different daily activity if you will.)) Sinex believes without that activity -- a retail-only mall is set up to fail. ((Don Sinex 01:38:33 What we can't afford here are expensive fashion retailers, the market is not here to support that.)) Hitting that market -- is what Sinex says is key. ((NAT of walk and talk with Sinex)) And shoppers back that up. ((01:09:21 NAT I'll go where the store is that I want to go to. If it's in a mall, I'll go to the mall. If it's not, I won't.")) Mountain Music Vinyl has found its niche offering competitive prices to collectors. ((Meshach Tourigny 21:03 We don't do quite as much online anymore because we've found we have customers for everything.)) A reverse of most retailers' strategies to stay competitive. ((Sinex: 01:26:55 Retail is still trying to figure out that balance of bricks and mortars and internet.)) ((NATS Beatles song)) ((42:02 Rush is always a big one.)) Mountain Music is sticking with the mall it's been in for 20 years. It's business model proven. The unknown: whether the malls will have to shop for new ways to attract customers.


Don Sinex -- the developer of the new Burlington City Center was expecting to hear back from the city this month -- with plans to be finalized soon. Construction will begin in 2016.


Brrr! A chilly day today, and it will be cold again tonight! There is a weak disturbance approaching that will bring a few scattered snow showers to the area tomorrow. Most of them will be over the Adirondacks where they could see a trace to an inch of snow. Elsewhere, there will be breaks of sunshine mixing with the clouds. Then there will be another warm up, as we pick up a stronger southerly flow. Our weather will be dry and mild Thanksgiving Day, with increasing clouds on Friday and some wet weather arriving late in the day Friday and overnight. Once the cold front moves through, colder air will return changing the rain showers over to snow showers Saturday morning. Sunday will be chilly and dry.


Tonight: Becoming partly cloudy. Lows: 12/22 Winds: W 5-10 mph Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance of snow showers. Trace to 1" Dacks Highs: 33/40 Winds: Light Tuesday Night: Becoming mostly clear. Lows: 15/25 Winds: Light Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 35/42 Winds: S 5-10 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday Night: Lows 25/35 Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 45/52 Lows 35/45 Friday: Partly sunny, chance of late day showers. Rain likely Friday night. Highs 48/55 Lows 25/35 Saturday: Chance of rain and snow showers. Highs 30s Lows 15/25 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 30s Lows 20s Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 35/45


23} DEER5_VO

Week one of rifle season is in the books. Official harvest numbers aren't available yet. But at the Jericho general store, one of Vermont's reporting stations, they say they're seeing more deer come in this year than at the same time last year. Evan Deckers rolled in Monday afternoon with his very first deer.


((Evan Deckers/ Got First Deer 00:16:33:29" I was in one stand this morning and waited there for about 2 hours and got pretty cold so I got up and walked across the road to another field and sat down and saw a doe and two fawns walk by 00:16:53:22 and this guy came walking up the hill and at 9:20 I got him." 00:16:57:01)) Wildlife officials say that an abundance of apples, and the mild weather this fall were good for the deer herd. Rifle season continues through next weekend.


A Castleton man is facing charges - after police say he sexually abused a vulnerable adult. Edward Willis is due in court tomorrow. The victim told police in August -- that he suffered unwanted and inappropriate sexual behavior by Willis. Investigators working the case have now charged Willis with lewd and lascivious conduct.


A woman and a child crossing the street in Chester -- were sent to the hospital - after being hit by a car this morning. Police say it happened on Main Street around 7:30. A vehicle on one side of the street stopped to let them cross -- but they were hit by a car coming the other way. Police say the driver was blinded by the early morning sun - and the two people were not in a crosswalk. The driver is NOT expected to face charges.


An elderly woman -- missing for almost 24 hours -- was found safe today in Brandon. Vermont State Police say 72-year-old Joanne Mason of Sharon failed to return home from a luncheon in South Royalton yesterday. She suffers from Alzheimers and her family said she might not be taking her medication. Police found Mason in her car in Brandon this morning. She is now back home with her family.


Police in South Burlington need your help finding some shoplifters. Police say the women in these surveillance photos stole about $725 dollars worth of items from the Alpine Shop on Williston Road Sunday afternoon. If you recognize them - call police.


The battle over Berlin Pond continues. The Pond was at the center of a State Supreme Court decision four years ago -- that ruled Monteplier -- which uses it for drinking water -- does not have the authority to restrict public access for fishing, swimming and other non-motorized uses. Last year the city unsuccessfully pushed a bill that would have restricted access - to protect water quality. Now - Montpelier's city council approved a measure to ask voters to weigh in on a charter change -- to take back authority of the pond.


((00:08:04 Bill Fraser/ Montpelier City Manager "The city continues to have concerns about water quality and protecting its water source. We have an open water source and the more people that are allowed on it, the more risk you have)) State environmental officials have said current protections for the pond are adequate. If approved by voters, the charter change would also need to be approved by the legislature. That's news around the region.



Starting Line Sports ...the UVM women's basketball closes out a three game road trip tonight at Brown. After starting the season with a home win over Central Connecticut, the Cats fell at Columbia last Tuesday and at Bryant on Saturday. Brown is 4-0, including a win over Providence. We'll have highlights at 11pm.


after rolling to an 18 point in over Niagara Saturday, the UVM men's basketball team came up just short against Buffalo last night at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut in the Hall of Fame tip-off tournament... --- red shirt freshman Ernie Duncan was dialed in from downtown...hitting 4-6 from three point range ...he had 14...and Vermont leads by one at the break 30-29... --- But Buffalo starts to turn the tables in the second half...Lamonte Bearden drives the lane and finishes with the finger roll...he had a game high 20... --- and the Bulls took advantage of 16 Vermont turnovers... as the Cats fall 77-71. UVM drops to 2-3. They visit Florida on Wednesday before returning home to take on Marist this Sunday.


Trae Bell-Haynes led Vermont with 15 last night, capping a career week that earned him America East player of the week honors. The sophomore guard matched his career high with 21 points in Vermont's win over Quinnipiac Wednesday at Patrick Gym, then he poured in a new career best 28 points in the Cats win over Niagara yesterday. Bell-Haynes is averaging 16.8 points and 4.4 assists a game so far this season, leading Vermont in both categories.


Coming up later, we honor a pair of local college teams that claimed championships this weekend.


New research on ADHD -- suggests children may not be getting the rest they need if they're on certain medications. Marlie Hall reports.


TRT: 1:20 ((PKG)) (NAT -Mom reads Cole a bedtime story) (TRACK) COLE MARIANO IS ON STIMULANT MEDICATION TO TREAT HIS ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER. THE 11 YEAR OLD IS ABLE TO FALL ASLEEP AT NIGHT.. BUT THAT WASNT ALWAYS THE CASE. (SOT - Cole Mariano / Diagnosed with ADHD) I would come in crying to my mom and dads room and be like I cant go to sleep, I wanna sleep but I cant (TRACK) A NEW STUDY IN PEDIATRICS FOUND CHILDREN TAKING STIMULANT MEDICATIONS FOR ADHD HAVE POOR SLEEP OVERALL. (SOT -Dr. Andrew Adesman / Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York) 15:00:33 it can be a delay in sleep onset, sleep duration so kids are not getting as much sleep through the course of the night and having a bit more difficulty falling asleep (STAND UP - Marlie Hall / CBS News/Smithtown, NY) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects an estimated 7 percent of children in the u-s. about 3 and a half million of them are prescribed stimulant medications - the most common treatment for adhd. (TRACK) THE STUDY RECOMMENDS PEDIATRICIANS CLOSELY MONITOR SLEEP PROBLEMS IN KIDS WITH ADHD. (SOT -Dr. Andrew Adesman / Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York) 15:02:31 If children are on medicine you want to try to use the lowest does possible and in some cases perhaps change the medicine might also help (TRACK) COLE'S MOTHER IS GRATEFUL HE IS NOW ON A NEW MEDICATION THAT ALLOWS HIM TO FOCUS AT SCHOOL THEN WIND DOWN FOR A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP. (SOT - Loretta Mariano /Coles Mother) 16:33:52 you just really have to see what works best for your child (TRACK) MARLIE HALL CBS NEWS SMITHTOWN NEW YORK.


The study also found boys taking ADHD medications were more likely to have sleep issues than girls. That's health watch.



Pinball machines hit their peak in the early 90s. But there are two guys bringing them back -- with a Made in Vermont twist. Gina Bullard explains.


((nat)) The lights... ((nat pinball machine)) The sounds... Pin ball machines draw people in. ((nat)) People like Ben Matchstick and Pete Talbot -- the creators of the Pin Box 3000. ((nat them being weird)) There are no lights or sounds in this pinball game though -- that is unless you add them. ((nat)) The Pin Box 3000 is made completely out of cardboard. (00:12:41:27) ((Pete Talbot/Pin Box 3000 "it's so fresh, this is not like anything that's come out as far as pinball goes you can interact with the whole surface create situations")) (00:15:00:29) ((Ben Matchstick/Pin Box 3000 "it is a very rough and tumble game")) When you buy the Pin Box 3000 it comes flat and unassembled. It takes about 40-minutes to punch out and put together the 12-sheets of cardboard parts with everyday junk drawer items like rubber bands and paper clips. Then use your imagination to make whatever obstacles or designs you want. (00:12:59:20) ((Pete Talbot/Pin Box 3000 "there's no limit to what you can do, put a ham sandwich on it i put a hot dog on there once it was great)) The two friends came up with the idea a year ago. (00:11:21:19) ((Ben Matchstick/Pin Box 3000 "we grew up in the era of video games so pinball was this antiquated system that was intriguing because it was mechanical")) You don't have to plug in this pinball machine -- it works with gravity and marbles. It's still simplex -- simple yet complex all at the same time. (00:24:00:10 ) ((Gina 'woah! that thing flies!)) And they're flying off the shelves. The two have already sold one-thousand of the games. ((nat playing)) The dynamic duo hopes to sell another thousand this holiday season for big kids and young alike -- putting a tilt on the future of pinball. (00:13:51:26) ((Ben Matchstick/Pin Box 3000 "our hope that is that that generation will grow up and see a pinball machine and say that's just like the pin box 3000")) Pin Box 3000 costs 49.95 -- or you can buy battle mode which is two that connect for 89.95. (00:19:52:15) ((Pete Talbot/Pin Box 3000 "yayyyy thanks i'm so happy!")) ((flippers)) Flipping out -- over they're made-in-Vermont pinball creation. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News South Burlington.


You can find the Pin Box 3000 at Woodbury Mountain Toys in Montpelier and online. We'll have a link in the info center with more information.


The Patriots will look to improve to 10-0 when they host the 5-4 Buffalo Bills tonight at Gillette Stadium. The Pats are coming off their toughest game of the season, a one point win on the road over the Giants last Sunday, and will also be without Julian Edelman. Edelman, who has a team high 61 catches, is expected to miss at least six weeks after breaking his left foot in the win over New York.


The Bruins wrap up a home and home with the Maple Leafs tonight in Toronto. Boston blanked the Leafs 2-0 Saturday night at TD Garden. Yesterday, the B's placed former UVM Catamount Kevan Miller on injured reserve...Miller suffered an upper body injury against San Jose on November 17th and has been out since. Miller had played the first 17 games this season after missing most of last year with a separated shoulder that required surgery.


speaking of former UVM hockey stars in the pros, Amanda Pelkey and the Boston Pride playing in their first home game last night in the debut season of the National Women's Hockey League, facing the New York Riveters..Pride playing their home games at Harvard --- Pelkey scored a power play goal in the second period with Boston trailing 3-1 to cut the lead to one, but the Pride couldn't find the equalizer falling 3-2. Pelkey has two goals and two assists in five games as she continues to develop her game.


(((Amanda Pelkey/"I'm trying to get into areas, the corners, being in front of the net, so I'm trying to get more gritty in those aspects of my game. I think for the power play and my goal, I was like ok, get in front of the net, Case had a nice shot put it in ,got hit a couple of times. I saw it and I just thought to kind of whack at it and I only knew it went in, because I saw Hillary celebrate, so I didn't see it go it.")))


The Middlebury field hockey team claimed its first NCAA national championship since 1998 yesterday, beating NESCAC rival Bowdoin 1-0 in the title game on the campus of Washington & Lee in Virginia. The victory was all the sweeter because Bowdoin had handed Middlebury its only two losses...once in the regular season and again in the NESCAC championship game... both 2-1 wins for the Polar Bears at Bowdoin. One this day, Middlebury again just scored once... freshman Grace Jennings finding the net 25 minutes into the game...and the defense did the rest, posting their tenth shutout of the season ...the Panthers allowing just one goal in four NCAA Tournament games...


and the celebration continued all the way back to Vermont last night as the champs arrived in Burlington just before midnight with the national championship trophy in tow. It was a great run for the Panthers ...a school record 20 wins...beating the fifth, sixth, second and top ranked teams in the country in their four tourney victories...and bringing the trophy home to Middlebury for the first time in 17 years.


((TRT: 21 ... OC: THAT SHE'S BEEN))


The Dartmouth football team is ranked 20th in the nation in the final FCS Top 25 ranking of the season, but more importantly, the Big Green has finished the season as champions. Dartmouth capped off a historic campaign on Saturday with a last second, 17-10 win over Princeton, claiming a share of the Ivy League title, the program's first in 19 years. It was part of season that saw Dartmouth making headlines across the country...Kane O'Neill has the story. (TRT: 3 sports)



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