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Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. Heading for Mexico - but captured near the Canadian border. New information today on the killers who escaped from Dannemora. Governor Andrew Cuomo says Richard Matt and David Sweat wanted to get to Mexico but had to change plans when their ride didn't show up. Governor Cuomo told the radio program -- WCNY Capitol press room-- the two escapees split up three days before Matt was shot and killed. And five days before Sweat was captured.


((2:21, Sweat felt that Matt was slowing him down 2:24, as a matter of fact 2:25, Now we know Matt had blisters on his feet because we found bloody socks 2:34, so that was ppossibly ther reason Matt was slowing him down and Sweat is a younger man 2:41))


Rose Spillman is in Constable where the manhunt ended with's Sweat's capture. Rose. Sweat's condition is improving and he is sharing some details with authorities..





A prison guard accused of helping the men escape appeared in court today. Alex Apple is in Plattsburgh with more on that. Darren -- The case against Gene Palmer is now headed to a grand jury. He pleaded not guilty today in court -- waiving his right to a preliminary felony hearing. Palmer appeared with a new legal team -- led by William Dwyer -- after his former attorney Andrew Brockway asked off the case. Palmer and his attorney maintain he had no prior knowledge of the escape plans -- that's a sentiment reportedly echoed today by captured escapee David Sweat -- who district attorney Andrew Wylie says will be charged with escape.


((Andrew Wylie: whether it's a skate 1st°, whether it's any other charge, he needs to be charged with the escape that he committed back on June 6 that's how my office always proceeds. Wylie: other than sweats words we don't have any other leads relative to the investigation. From what I understand in reviewing the reports today, he told investigators that Palmer had no involvement in the escape it was just Mitchell he and Matt. )) Palmer admitted to police that he led both Matt and Sweat into the catwalks behind their cells on different occasions. He took Matt to hide contraband and took Sweat to fix electrical wiring so he could cook in his cell. He also allegedly carried hamburger meat around a metal detector to Richard Matt. Inside Joyce Mitchell had hidden blades used to cut out of the cell. Andrew Wylie says he's ready to present the case against Palmer to a grand jury but he will give Palmer's new legal team a few weeks to review the information. A date for that is not yet set in county court. Did Palmer -- or his lawyer say anything?


The 23 day manhunt covered a lot of ground in the North Country. In the end - the escapees managed to get about 40 miles from the prison.


Saturday Morning June 6 - the search begins in Dannemora - after officers discover Richard Matt and David Sweat are not in their cells. Crews go door to door hoping to catch the killers before they get far. On June 9th the focus shifts quickly about 35 miles south to Willsboro - after someone reports seeing the two men walking there. But the massive response turns up nothing. Two days later - on June 11 - residents in the Cadyville/West Plattsburgh area are surrounded by roadblocks as hundreds of officers do a grid search through thick woods, fields and neighborhoods. Over several days they meticulously cover 16 square miles - with no sign of the killers. By Friday June 12th investigators arrest prison worker Joyce Mitchell for allegedly helping the inmates escape. On June 20th -- law enforcement swarm Friendship NY after a woman reports seeing two men walk out of the woods near railroad tracks - but they are not there. June 22nd - searchers focus on the area around Mountain View and Owls Head after a man checking on a cabin finds a peanut butter jar on the table and other items - and sees a man running away. DNA from both inmates is found there. Solid evidence for investigators - about 17 miles west of the prison. June 24th -- corrections officer Gene Palmer is charged with helping smuggle tools to Matt and Sweat before the jail break. By Friday ((June 26th)) - the search has moved north to the Malone area. A force of 11-hundred tries to squeeze the escapees by pushing south from the Canadian border - when Richard Matt shot dead by Border Patrol agent in Malone, near Lake Titus. That's about 40 miles northwest of the prison. Sunday afternoon ((June 28 )) David Sweat is spotted walking just north of Malone - in Constable - by New York State Police Sgt. Jay Cook. The trooper shoots Sweat twice in the torso when he takes off for the woods.


An elite Vermont State Police team worked alongside New York law enforcement during the manhunt. Adam Sullivan has more on the Tactical Unit and its mission. He's in the Upper Valley bureau. Adam. New York and federal law enforcement, as it turns out, the unit played a key role--- helping to track down Richard Matt.


A week after they were first deployed to northern New York-- members of the Vermont State Police Tactical Services Unit returned home Saturday. Their mission-- at least for the time being, was over. ((Lt. Michael Manley/Tactical Services Unit: "we brought over 16 personnel. Question: men and women? Yes, 15 men and one woman.")) ((go pro)) The team was called to New York-- under the command of the New York State police. They are trained to deal with high stress, volatile situations like barricades and manhunts. Each member receives special training -- marked by a pin on their uniform-- Lt. Michael Manley commands Vermont's unit. In New York-- they worked through the elements-- often with little visibility in thick wooded areas-- day and night. Missions varied from perimeter containment to clearing houses and businesses. ((Manley: "one day we cleared the entire Malone Fair Grounds property. Some days we were in the woods clearing. Along a river bank one day. So every day was something different.")) And Friday-- like the twist and turns of the 3 week manhunt-- their mission changed again. They were told to support the FBI and Federal Border Patrol units who may have been on the trail of one of the escaped prisoners. ((Manley: "half of the team was a couple hundred yards and the other have was about a mile down the road.")) The tip turned out to be true. As Vermont's tactical team provided backup-- Richard Matt was cornered and shot dead in the woods of Malone-- by a border patrol agent. ((Manley: "it was a tense situation. It was very fluid there were a lot of moving parts to it. But we obviously knew something was going on there with the fact that there was a bullet hole through a camper trailer and the information that we were getting that might lead us to the arrest of the suspect.')) And a day after they returned home David Sweat-- was captured. Good news for Northcountry residents -- and those on the ground in the hunt. ((Manley: "they were tired, but the troopers that were on the team because they like to work."))


Lt. Manley says we was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the New York state police and also said that his unit received a lot of support from the public-- people waving and thanking them for helping in the hunt.


A shooting in Chittenden County this afternoon leaves one person with life threatening injuries. Kyle Midura is at the scene in Westford. Kyle, what are you finding out?

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An ATV crash killed a teenager. And injured two others. One critically. Logan Crawford has the latest tonight. Logan? Darren, police are still investigating what caused the boys to crash. While one was killed -- another teen is in critical condition at UVM Medical Center.

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15 year old Dawson Perley of Enosburgh died Sunday at UVM Medical Center after an ATV accident involving him and 2 other teens. (TC 00:08:33:12 Tile 3612) ((Mark LaRose/Enosburgh "Just a tragic, needless accident is what it was." 00:08:37:17)) 14 year old Carter Paradee of Bakersfield is still in critical condition at UVM. And 15-year-old Cole Elkins -- also of Bakersfield has been released from the hospital. The cause of the ATV crash is still under investigation. 2 of the victims just finished their sophomore year at Enosburgh High and one is an incoming freshman. Principal Erik Remmers says the school's had staff on standby to help the boys' classmates. (TC 00:04:36:12 Tile 3607) ((Erik Remmers/Enosburgh High School Principal "We had an open gym our guidance staff and those counselors were available during that time. We just wanted kids to be able to get together and be able to talk, whether it be about this situation or other things and have us around. Let them know that they have adults that care about them and are here to support them." 00:04:57:03)) Captain Paul White of the Vermont State Police says fatal crashes with ATVs happen too often. He says these vehicles don't have the protection a normal car does -- and a lot of these crashes happen as a result of excessive speed or inexperience. Captain White says riders should always wear a seat belt and take a safety course on ATV operation. (TC 00:14:48:24 Tile 3671) ((Capt. Paul White/VSP "Just because they're not a full fledged automobile doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated with the same respect. You wouldn't allow your kid to drive your pick up or your minivan down the road. Kids need to be supervised and when I say kids I mean kids under the age of 16, 18." 00:15:07:05)) ((nats Larose )) Mark LaRose of Enosburgh owns the local auto shop LaRose's and is a father himself. He says ATVs are popular in the area -- and would let his kids ride them. (TC 00:09:11:08 Tile 3612) ((Mark LaRose/Enosburgh "Helmets would've been mandatory and some kind of... I don't know if these kids had any kind of safety course or not, but I think there should be one offered either through the schools or somebody somewhere." 00:09:26:01))

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The school says they will continue to offer their services to students and the community to help them through this difficult time. State police urge ATV riders to take a safety course.You can check WCAX dot com for one online. Darren.


Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy says marriage equality will NOT need help from Congress. Sen. Patrick Leahy is praising the Supreme Court's landmark decision last week -- that declared gay couples have he right to marry in any state across the country. Leahy says the ruling is the biggest move toward equality -- in years. And he says Congress does not need to act in order to cement or build upon the high court's ruling.


(00:06:23:00) ((Sen. Patrick Leahy - D-Vermont There will be people - for political reasons - who will want to fight it. Some will say, 'oh, we need to have a constitutional amendment'. Well, a constitutional amendment will go nowhere. This will be the law of the land.)) Leahy points to a case from nearly 50 years ago -- the ban on interracial marriage. He says the idea of that ban now seems ludicrous. And he expects the same will eventually happen with gay marriage.


A leader in Vermont's fight for renewable energy -- has died -- following a battle with cancer. For more than three decades, John Warshow worked to advance renewable energy and conservation. His views on energy -- were shaped by his activism. In the 1970's he was a founding member of the Clamshell Alliance -- an anti nuke group that protested against the Seabrook and Vermont Yankee nuclear power plants. He later became a developer of wind, land-fill gas, and hydro projects -- including the Winooski One dam. He was also on the Marshfield select board. John Warshow was 60 years-old.


As the organic farming movement has grown in recent years, so has the number of younger farmers interested in starting a business. Alexei Rubenstein reports on a program to help them learn the ropes.


On Willow Brook Farm in Peacham, there is no end to the work. (Nat hit?) ( 00:51:12 Tile 3658) Nattie Emmons weeds the cauliflower beds ... Meanwhile his wife, Molly Willard, is suckering the tomatoes in the greenhouse... (NAT Hit 00:06:47 Tile 3583) Although the couple are no strangers to farm work, they are new comers to owning and running their own farm. (00:17:12 Tile 3600) ((Molly Willard/Willow Brook Farm "There's a lot to figuring out how to start your business, not just all the science and the farm part of it but then even the logistical business parts of stuff that we're just learning how to do.)) As new farmers, Emmons and Willard turned to Mimi Arnstein, an organic farming veteran, and a mentor in NOFA-Vermont's Journey Farmer program. The two-year program is designed for beginning farmers -- to help them learn the ropes -- from leading them through the organic certification process, to marketing and business management skills. (00:44:39 Tile 3648 Tile 3648)(( Mimi Arnstein/NOFA Mentor "If a budding farmer has not grown up farming they have a real pie in the sky vision that it's going to be beautiful and relaxing and abundant and sometimes all those things are true, but the truth is, a farm is a business)) (00:33:33 Tile 3621) Nattie Emmons/Willow Brook Farm "Anybody can grow stuff but actually marketing and selling stuff is a challenge -- and keeping all of your books in order so that you know where your at, and where your margins are, and your budgeting and what not.)) After starting small last summer the 4 acre farm ramped up this summer to selling CSA shares in the community, running a farm stand, and selling to the wholesale market. Willard grew up on this land. Her family was involved in sugaring and logging. Now her family is embarking on a different kind of venture. (00:19:20 Tile 3600) ((Molly Willard/Willow Brook Farm "My parents always said, 'well if your going to live in Vermont you're going to have to think about what it is you're going to be able to do to live in Vermont.' And so I think this sort of has naturally come from that.)) With 15 years experience in running a farm, Arnstein is able to offer advice on a range of topics ... From tractor configuration... (NAT HIT 00:37:09 Tile 3627) To the timing of pesticide spraying... (NAT HIT 00:38:11 Tile 3631) Emmons and Willard have big dreams including expansion into more markets and diversifying their crops -- but its all been grounded in the fundamentals. (00:22:15 Tile 3600) ((Molly Willard/Willow Brook Farm "This program helps to sort of produce farmers that will be able to stay with it by making it economically viable for them.)) (00:44:23 Tile 3648)(( Mimi Arnstein/NOFA Mentor "They've got the skills, the passion and the know how to be successful.)) Handing down the farming tradition to a new generation... Alexei Rubenstein -- Channel 3 News -- Peacham



We'll finally catch a break in the weather pattern tonight. Skies will turn partly cloudy with lows of 50/57. With all of the moisture leftover near the ground areas of fog are likely late tonight and into tomorrow morning. Another slow-moving frontal system will begin to move into the area on Tuesday. Skies will turn mostly cloudy and a few scattered showers will develop during the afternoon, along with the chance for a thunderstorm. Temps will warm into the 70s. Scattered showers will continue on Tuesday night. While it doesn't look like a washout, it will just be a bit unsettled. Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms will persist into Wednesday afternoon, then the front will clear the area. It will be breezy and more humid too. Highs will still be in the 70s. After that the weather is looking good-- The latest model data is suggesting plenty of sunshine Thursday through Sunday (great new July 4th celebrations!). Keep in mind there will be some moisture to our north and south, so if the jet stream changes, then the forecast would turn more unsettled...check back just in case.



They are part of the short summer season here in Vermont. And they're in grave danger. Judy Simpson has more on the sharp decline of the monarch butterfly population.


((00:08:59:27" This is Red Clover or Crimson Clover that is a really good source for nectar 00:09:06:09 *****)) Mark Ferguson is a biologist for the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. The department is very concerned about the monarch butterfly population. It has been on the decline for years, but it is at what he called dangerously low levels. ((Mark Ferguson/VT Fish & Wildlife Dept. 00:01:09:14 "It seems to be the monitoring that has gone on for the last 20 years or more shows that what we once had a population in the eastern part of the continent at times was over a billion monarchs now it is down to less than 60 million so there has been a definate drop in numbers." 00:01:28:29)) This graph illustrates the count of monarchs in Mexico where they winter, there has been a significant population drop. Due in part to deforestation. But there are other threats to the butterflies as well. ((JS SU 00:12:26:09 "While the monarch will fly from Vermont to Mexico for the winter, it won't make the return trip. In fact it takes several generations of that butterfly to make it back to Vermont." 00:12:36:17)) On their way back from Mexico, Ferguson says they stop in the midwest, lay eggs among the milkweed and then die. Which points out another stress on the population. Pesticides used in large scale agriculture could be killing off the milkweed, which the Monarchs depend on for nectar and to raise the next generation. ((Mark again 00:04:01:07 " If this is the big threat that it is facing in the midwest you have more than 50 percent of the population being produced every year so it is a very important part of the range. "00:04:20:06)) That is why Vermont Ferguson says may play an important role in monarch conservation. There is an abundance of milkweed, and other flowering plants. (00:09:00:00 js says" there is usually something blooming all summer long,"Mark answers ideally,,that is an important part of that idea of leaving flowers in place and not cutting because as one thing is finishing its flower cycle another one will be starting so you have this progression of different things being used by monarchs and other pollinators. "00:09:29:28)) Ferguson also recommends that people limit the use of insecticides and herbicides in order to allow yards, meadows and old fields to support monarchs and their habitat. JS ch 3 news Middlesex.


Monarchs usually start arriving in Vermont in July, and may stay into October.


A bank robbery this afternoon in Brattleboro. Police say a man hit the People's United Bank on Main Street just before one o'clock. The suspect is described as a tall white man with scruffy facial hair. He was wearing a black zip up sweatshirt with a small Michael Jordan logo on the chest. He was also wearing a red and blue baseball cap. If you recognize him call police.


A family escaped injuries after a tree fell on their car in Shaftsbury. Police say the family had stopped on Hidden Valley Road Sunday to look at a tag sale -- when a pine tree snapped. The tree also also took down live power lines -- luckily the family was not hurt. Investigators believe strong winds at the time -- may have played a role.


A Franklin County Senator facing sex charges -- has little support from his colleagues. A survey by the Associated Press shows 14 of 29 would remove Norm McAllister -- based on what they now know about the criminal sex charges he's facing. Five said they'd vote no, nine were undecided and one could not be reached. The Republican was arrested last month -- before pleading not guilty to the charges in court the next day.


It's been years in the making -- but the Town of Chester will be getting Dollar General Store. This comes after a four-year battle between the retail chain and a group of residents that opposed the project on environmental and aesthetic grounds. But the Vermont Supreme Court ruled developers had addressed flooding concerns -- and that the project was more than a half-mile away from the historic village center. The chain has grown to more than two dozen stores in Vermont. That's news around the region.


Starting line sports ...Get a bunch of LPGA, Champions tour and PGA Tour pros together for charity and you've got quite the event in Barrington, Rhode Island. There's a major Vermont Connection at the Rhode Island Country Club. Scott Fleishman explains from Barrington. (TRT: 1:48...Channel 3 sports..) (It's the 17th annual CVS charity classic. It's a 2 day event that raises money for various charities. Teams of 2 competing to win the title that includes Woodstock's Keegan Bradley. The tournament was founded by Rhode Island natives and former PGA tour and current champions tour golfers Brad Faxon and Billy Andrade. The 2 showing that they know this course pretty well, Faxon a birdie on 5 after a great tee shot. Andrade comes up with a great tee shot on 10 and ends up with a birdie. Bradley's teammate this week is pga tour pro Jon Curran. Curran and Bradley won a state title together at Hopkington high school in Massachusetts and later were roomtaes in Jupiter Florida when they turned pro. Bradley really got into a groove on the back 9. It started with a birdie putt on the par5 11 , then check out the approach shot on the par 4 13, he ends up putting that in for birdie. On the par 3 17 his tee shot along the water lands just 7 feet from the cup another birdie for Bradley then to cap it off on the par 4 18 after another great approach shot, his sinks another birdie. The team of Curran and Bradley birdie 11of the18 holes today and are in a great position to make a run at this thing on Tuesday. "We got off to a good start. It got a little sluggish in the middle there and we cruised on the back. We really want to come out and win this tournament so we were watching the leaderboard we want to make sure we have a shot at this thing tomorrow." Coming up later in sports,more from Bradley as he talks about HIS charity classic returning to Woodstock August 31st. In Barrington, RI Scott Fleishman, channel 3 sports.)


Coming up later in sports, we'll have more from Keegan later in sports and we catch up with a new member of the UVM women's basketball team that transferred from Hofstra...


The American Academy of Pediatrics is reminding families it's never too early to start living a healthy lifestyle to prevent obesity. Don Champion reports.


(TRACK) The Lopez family has made big lifestyle changes in their house to get healthy. (SOT Jessenia Lopez/Mother) My daughters call me a drill sergeant. // Unfortunately my house is known as the non-fun house because there are no sweets allowed in my house. (TRACK) the American Academy of Pediatrics is giving advice to families to help children maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity. (SOT Dr. Dyan Hes/Gramercy Pediatrics) It's a reminder to physicians and to families that nutrition and lifestyle should be a discussion at every well visit with your doctor. (TRACK) The recommendations say to limit sugary drinks and snacks and if you buy them for special occasions, purchase them just before the event and toss them right after. Also, wrap high calorie foods in foil not plastic wrap and put them in the back of the pantry or refrigerator to make them less visible. (SOT Dr. Dyan Hes/Gramercy Pediatrics) if you have apples in the front, and baby carrots in the front, and yogurts, they will eat that. (TRACK) Families should also get more active together. 60 minutes a day is recommended. 16 year old Alyza Lopez is working hard to get healthy. (SOT Alyza Lopez/16 years old) I felt that I was bigger than most kids so I wanted to change it. So I started eating healthier, and going to the gym with mom, and she's really helped me. (TRACK) She says it's become easier to lose weight and she's happier. Don Champion, CBS News.


The new recommendations also remind parents about the importance of sleep for children. Kids who sleep fewer than 9 hours a night are more likely to be overweight or obese. That's health watch.



Gluten Free is all the rage. Gina Bullard checks out a successful business that's turning out some goodies that are made in Vermont.


Rolls -- baguettes -- pizzas -- and pitas. ((nat)) Against the Grain Bakery in Brattleboro makes a lot of things -- but something you WON'T find here -- gluten. ((Nat)) Tom Cane and his wife Nancy started the gluten-free business eight years ago. All of its 14 products come frozen. (00:06:22:25) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "fresh bread has preservatives to keep it stable we don't do that because our stuff if frozen")) The idea came from necessity. Tom and his son were both diagnosed with a gluten intolerance -- Celiac Disease. (00:00:53:12) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "tell a 14 year old boy he can't have pizza and you might as tell him his life is over so nanc went on a mission to make sure he had bread and pizza")) They put Nancy's recipes to the test and Against the Grain has been a success ever since. When it first opened the gluten-free craze hadn't started. Now, this 90-thousand-square-foo t bakery with 70 employees is booming. (00:06:48:19) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "we've not had a year where oru growth is less than 50% since we started")) Pita bread is its newest venture. The pita line is impressive. Kicking out over 1400 fluffy pockets an hour. Even thought there's a gluten free craze right now Tom says Against the Grain products will stand the test of time. (00:04:35:07) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "if we're making these products it can't be oh this is good for GF it has to be this is great bread great pizza and they don't care if its GF")) So if there's no gluten in these products -- what is in them? (00:02:04:21) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "the primary starch is tapioca starch")) The best seller is cheese pizzas. It's the number one selling frozen entrée in the natural aisle in the US. They sell around 12-thousand a week. Against the Grain is sold is more than 7-thousand stores nationwide. Including most major chains like Hannaford and Price Chopper. (00:34:55:28) ((Tom Cain/Against the Grain Gourmet "g-it smells delicious - it is delicious t-ta da!")) Going against the grain with Made in Vermont bread products. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Brattleboro.


The UVM women's basketball team struggled last season, posting a 5-24 record while winning 2 of their 16 conference games...The Catamounts however used a young lineup most of the season and they now have another year under their belt... That youth is still missing real experience, but head coach Lori Gear McBride hopes one new transfer can help get this team going.. Andreana (ann-Dre) Thomas a graduate transfer from Hofstra, has joined the team for the upcoming season...The point guard averaged over 9 points and 6 assists per game over her final two seasons at Hofstra, but more importantly has played in over 72 collegiate games, so adding real game experience and leadership to this young team and McBride hopes Thomas can step in and run this offense, and says while that puts some pressure on her shoulders, it is just what she wants...


(TRT: 31..who we are) (McBride/"that is absolutely what she's looking for. That's why she came here. She knew that this was her job to take on and she's really excited about it and she knows she's going to have a lot of help around her. She's dynamic, she is a playmaker. She is a dynamo on the court." Thomas/"The girls are young, that means they'll listen. They're humble, they're ready to work and we all have the same goals, which is get a championship. Right now we don't have a bullseye on our back but by the time playoffs and conference is here, we will and people are going to know who we are.")


The John Becker basketball camp wrapped up this past Friday, but gave us a chance to see some of the Men's players that will be hitting the court this winter for UVM. One of those is sophomore Ernie Duncan ...Duncan played in four of the Catamounts games this season as a freshman before he was shut down in December with a back injury... Duncan has had to wear a back brace for the past 4 months and will see a doctors on July 8th to check on his progression, but he feels good and the hope is he will be ready to play when the HoopCats hit the floor later this year..


After getting rained out the last two nights, the Lake Monsters are hosting a doubleheader at Centennial tonight against the Red Sox single 'a' affiliate the Lowell Spinners... The first game is underway...These are two 7 inning games... The Mountaineers were also rained out last night, but they too are in action as we speak, facing the North Adams Steeplecats....We'll try and bring you highlights from both teams at 11..


The USA women will square off against Germany in the World Cup semifinals tomorrow in Montreal at 7 p.m...The US defeated China Friday 1-0 on a header by Carli Lloyd to advance to the semifinals... Germany defeated France 5-4 on penalty kicks to get to the semis, so both teams picking up exciting wins three days ago... Germany is the top ranked team in the tournament and certainly will give the US a big challenge ..Tonight on The :30, in our World Cup Watch, our expert, Capital Soccer head coach Craig Stone, gave his thoughts on this very tough matchup for the US...


(TRT: 29...very difficult) (stone/"it's going to be very difficult. Germany needs to have a bad night, the US needs to have a great one to win. Can it happen? Of course it can, anything can happen in soccer. What we saw against China for the US wasn't great but it's getting there, so it's showing momentum. Hopefully this next game, the semifinal, the real important game against Germany, they'll break out again and kick forward again. We're playing the highest scoring team in the competition. I hope the US proves me wrong but it's going to be very difficult.")


As you saw in starting line sports, Keegan Bradley is staying a couple of extra days in New England. He's gone from the Travelers Championship in Connecticut to Rhode Island for an annual charity tournament. Scott Fleishman is in Barrington Rhode island with more (It was a great 1st round here for Keegan Bradley and his former high school classmate and roomate Jon Curran at the CVS Charity classic. The 2 birding 11 of the 18 holes and that's pretty remarkable considering what Mr. Bradley has had to go through the last couple of weeks. "It's been a really tough run." After playing 4 days at the grueling US open course in Washington state, Keegan Bradley went across the country to play another four days at the Travelers championship in Connecticut. One day later he's sinking birdies in Rhode Island. "We're both pretty tired, but a tournament like this is so much fun you don't even think about it. People at Rhode Island Country Club, the course is absolutely perfect. It's just fun to come home to New England and play in front of friends and family . I've always wanted to play in this tournament. It's a lot of fun to play with Jon." Bradley's own charity classic is 2 months away in Woodstock. Striving for His fourth year to be the biggest and best. "I'm really excited we're going to do it again. We've raised over 400 thousand almost 500 thousand so we're looking for another successful year and all signs are pointing towards that." A few weeks ago some pictures surfaced of Bradley playing a round of golf with Patriots quaretback Tom Brady. Somebody asked Bradley if the topic of deflate hate came up during that round. Bradley said no, it's not something Brady is talking about. In Barrington, RI SF channel 3 sports.)



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