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A commercial wind farm in a national forest. Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. The Searsburg/Readboro project is the first of its kind in the country. And protesters were greeting the Governor at the ribbon cutting today. Adam Sullivan was there - Adam. Kristin permits were first submitted for this project in 2004 and that's right-- not everyone is in favor of it. But, one thing can't be debated-- today's groundbreaking is an historic day for Vermont.


((nats: shovels)) And with the quick toss of dirt, an 80 million dollar wind power project in Searsburg and Readsboro is underway. ((Timothy Seck/Avangrid Renewables: "we are here to develop projects that change the world.")) Avangrid Renewables will build the 15 turbines in Vermont's National Forest-- which on this day-- was blanketed with heavy fog cover. It's the first large-scale commercial wind project on U.S. Forest land in the country. ((Seck: "we will pay over 6.8 million dollars in taxes to the towns of Searsburg and Readsboro. We will also pay over 6 million dollars into the Vermont general education fund.")) Governor Peter Shumlin took part in Monday's groundbreaking-- which-- due to a lengthy permitting process-- has been 12 years in the making. When it's operational in 2018- the turbines will produce enough electricity to power 14 thousand homes. Green Mountain Power has agreed to a long-term contract. ((Shumlin: "WE have got to do a lot more of this, not a lot less of this.")) ((Sullivan: "the governor says his administration has helped grow wind power by 22 times, during his time in office. He says it represents the future of the state. However, on this rain-soaked day it is clear that not everyone agrees.")) ((Nats: "that is our governor disrespecting the public.")) A couple dozen protestors greeted Shumlin as he arrived. Opposition to the 80 acre project varies. ((Steve Wright/Craftsbury: "it is inefficient, it is expensive, and it does nothing for climate change. We should be weatherizing homes and changing our driving patterns.")) ((David Kelley/Greensboro: "Our landscape supports our tourist economy. Our landscape is why we live here. Our landscape is essential to our environment and we are destroying it.")) The group-- who held signs on the access road to the site-- was not allowed up to the event. That included State Representative Marianna Gamache-- who sits on the natural resources and energy committee-- and has been outspoken about giving towns more say in where projects like this are located. ((Rep. Marianna Gamache/R- Swanton: "and not being allowed to just walk in and listen to what is happening up here, I find abominable.")) ((Shumlin: "whenever you have change you have some protests but my protest is this... climate change is destroying the planet, we have made a terrible mess for our kids and grandkids. We have got to build out renewables in a thoughtful way.")) And-- Shumlin says that includes minimizing potential impacts on wildlife. The development's possible affects on bear and bat habitats have also come under fire. ((John Sinclair/U.S. Forest Service: "we have mitigation measures set up and we will have a permit administrator throughout the course of the construction phase."))


The company has also pledged one million dollars towards habitat management-- but clearly-- for some-- that still isn't enough.


The Lyndon State College Community is mourning the death of a student -- killed in a car crash. It happened early this morning on McGoff Hill. Police say the car went off the road and hit a telephone pole. Police say 21 year old Alex Paduch (Pad-Dick) from Massachusetts was killed in the crash. He was a senior at Lyndon State, where he was an on-air reporter -- for News 7, the campus TV news station. The cause of the crash is still under investigation -- but police believe speed was a factor. News 7 news director Tim Lewis posted on Facebook, that he "was looking forward to tracking him in his career because it was clear he was going to do well".... And went on to say ... "Alex's colleagues in the newsroom decided to "do the job" to honor Alex." And produced the broadcast in his honor tonight. The school released a statement saying in part ... "This is a heartbreaking loss for Alex's family and loved ones and for his LSC family. He was an outstanding young man, a talented journalist, and a good friend."


A suspect is in-custody but law enforcement remains on high-alert after bombings this weekend in New York and New Jersey. Kyle Midura has more on that story, and potential impacts here in Vermont, Kyle - Darren and Kristin - along with the suspect -- five more individuals are in-custody -- and it appears the threat is over. But that doesn't mean law enforcement will stand-down, even here in the Green Mountains.


Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami is is in custody after an early morning shoot-out in Linden New Jersey left him and two officers wounded. Police began looking for Rahami after explosions rocked New York City and the Jersey Shore Saturday -- leaving 29 people injured, but none fatally. FBI officials say they've got their man. (SOT PRESIDENT OBAMA) ((Barack Obama - I think it's important to remember what terrorists and extremist are trying to do. They want to hurt innocent people and inspire fear in all of us. )) 250 miles Northeast of New York City -- the terror struck close to home for Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo. (05:28:29:00) ((Brandon del Pozo - Burlington Police Department Ever since 9/11, there was always a fear and a worry that there'd be another attack)) A former NYPD cop -- del Pozo spent two years in the Middle East, and one in New York City, working with the department's intelligence division. He says the city and FBI's preparation showed this weekend -- and says even in Vermont, law enforcement can't ignore the possibility of attack. (05:29:15:00) ((Brandon del Pozo - Burlington Police Department we need to have a really elevated level of awareness, not just for regular crime, but for things like this )) Spokespeople from the Customs and Border Patrol say you should not expect longer lines at the airport or border crossings. Those manning the Vermont Intelligence Center will continue monitoring the terror situation. (05:20:19:00) ((Ron LaFond - Vermont Intelligence Center Ops Manager we just monitor what's going on from our end, offer my assistance to them if they need it)) The intelligence center surveys the terror landscape daily. When news broke -- they monitored social media and other web traffic, looking for any link to Vermont. (05:20:46:00) ((Ron LaFond - Vermont Intelligence Center Ops Manager negative, right now, it's all been pretty much over in that area. New Jersey, New York area, nothing that has been relatable here to Vermont))


Those at the Vermont Intelligence Center ask that if you see something, say something. We've posted that number in our Info-Center on W-C-A-X --DOT--COM - Darren


And there will be in depth coverage of the bombings and the investigation -- tonight - on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. That's immediately following this broadcast.

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Highs today: Much warmer than normal for this time of year. Normal in BTV is 69 for this date. Dewpoint: And dewpoints are high, in the mid 60s which is sticky as well. Radsat: The front moved some showers across the north country overnight, and those are well to our south now. Dry weather extends back to the Great Lakes. Tonight: Becoming mostly clear. Patchy fog. Lows: 55/62 Winds: Light Tuesday: Mostly sunny. Chance of a passing shower, north. Highs: 78/85 Winds: S 5-10 mph Tuesday Night: Clear skies. Lows: 48/55 Winds: W 5-10 mph Wednesday: Sunny skies. Highs: 73/80 Winds: W 5-10 mph


Vermont doubling down on getting students to college. Alex Apple is here to explain how you could benefit. Kristin -- federal money will keep a project going that helps thousands of Vermonters a year. And it's not the only resource out there if you need help applying to or paying for college.


A program called Talent Search that helps disadvantaged Vermonters find a college and get financial aid will continue thanks to 2.8 million in federal money. ((President VSAC Scott Giles 18:24 Each year this will allow us to work with 1000 Vermont students who otherwise might not have the opportunities.)) Eliza Abedi is a first generation American who's been in the program for five years -- and going to college because of it. ((Eliza Abedi/Burlington High School 33:59 In the VSAC program you visit colleges and actually get to talk to other students that have been through the same classes as you.)) Talent search takes students on college tours, has counselors for career training, and advises students on appropriate high school courses to take. ((Eliza Abedi 33:41 What resources would you have turned to if not for Talent Search? Eliza Abedi: Honestly I don't know)) Talent search is open to low income Vermonters -- and first generation college students. Teachers or counselors must nominate the person. ((NAT Giles: 18:19 Education and training are critical to the future of these students.")) The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation -- or VSAC -- also helps students get financial aid through the Gear Up program. ((NAT Leahy mingling with teachers)) Gear Up offers renewable scholarships -- tutoring -- and career planning. And VSAC offers a fixed-rate loan called the Vermont advantage. Whether you're going to school in Vermont or out-of-state, you can apply for that loan. Tools that make sure money and planning won't keep any Vermont student from pursuing college. ((Eliza Abedi 34:09 It's really beneficial and I would recommend it to all students.))


we've put a link to the website for the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation in our info center at Students can start the Talent Search program in middle school.


Burlington-based company Seventh Generation -- is about to get a BIG new owner. Unilever - the multi-national manufacturer that already owns Ben & Jerry's now owns the the cleaning supply company. How much the Dutch company is paying -- was not released. But Seventh Generation's environmentally-friend ly household cleansers and personal care products racked up more than 200-million in sales last year. Seventh Generation officials tell us Unilever is committed to keeping the company in Vermont.


((John Replogle CEO 00:14.38:27 We started out with 1 employee 28 years ago. We are a 170 strong today. We have been just over $200 million in sales and we expect we will get to a billion in sales. And thats only going to lead to more growth in Vermont for seventh generation 00:25.23:05)) The company says it will continue to stay true to the consumer -- by staying environmentally-friend ly. And the sale to Unilever -- will make the company more competitive globally.


Recycling is the law in Vermont. But there's a problem in Chittenden County -- black plastic. It's found in all kinds of things we use - and recycle. Jennifer Costa shows how it's costing the waste district -- thousands.


The next time you pick up your favorite craft beer or cider -- check out what's holding the cans together. ((Tyler Green/Natural Provisions Beer Mgr. 00:28:38:10 "They are a lot sturdier. You don't generally see beers slip out of them, like the clear plastic does. They're great for stacking.")) Tyler Green is the beer manager at Natural Provisions in Williston. He sees lots of advantages to the newer black holsters. ((Tyler Green/Natural Provisions Beer Mgr. 00:28:49:13 "They're recycled plastic which is nice.")) They even say so... 96-percent recycled content. But there's a catch... ((Clare Innes/CSWD 00:12:33:00 "The commodities market does not want black plastic." 00:13:26:13 "you can't unblack, black plastic. It can only be made into something that's black as well.")) So what does that mean for consumers? ((Clare Innes/CSWD 00:19:36:00 "If you do have a black plastic item, put it in the trash because we simply cannot recycle it.")) The Chittenden Solid Waste District is no longer accepting black plastic. And beer rings aren't the only culprits. Things like flower pots -- to go containers and coffee cup lids are also off limits. It boils down to finances. ((NATS -- fork lift moving bales)) CSWD sells its bales of recyclables -- including plastics -- on the global commodities market. The profits keep the recycling program afloat. ((ALPHA GRX)) This plant processes 400 tons of mixed plastic a year. ((ALPHA GRX)) It's typically paid about $300 per ton. But when black plastic is added to the mix -- the bale becomes worthless. CSWD went 13 months without being able to sell a single bale. They finally gave it away. The solid waste district says it can't afford to take the hit. ((Clare Innes/CSWD 00:14:36:20 "People really want to recycle and we really want people to recycle and it's frustrating for us as well that we cannot recycle this effectively, efficiently and economically.")) ((Jennifer Costa/Williston 00:25:44:23 "To give you a sense of just how busy it is here, the recycling plant actually processes one and a half of these recycling bins every second. That's why CSWD says when customers put in non-recyclables like this black plastic -- it really slows down efficiency.")) ((Clare Innes/CSWD 00:17:34:07 "And we have to pay for landfilling that material and that's an expense that takes away money from our whole recycling program.")) She says -- although black plastic only accounts for a half a percent of the recycling stream -- picking it out by hand is not a practical solution. And saving it up to sell separately would take too long. Instead -- she's asking customers to look for alternatives. ((Tyler Green/Natural Provisions Beer Mgr. 00:29:30:15 "The Summer Shandy and Burlington Beer has always used white.")) Back in the craft brew aisle -- there are options. JC CH 3 News Williston.


Who should be able to use newly acquired land in the Adirondacks -- the state is trying to figure that out. Rose Spillman is live in our Plattsburgh bureau with more. Rose-- Officials say this period of recreational use in the Boreas Ponds Tract is only temporary. As the state works to classify the the land officially, some want to limit recreational use while area towns hope to expand it.


A familiar voice will now be echoing on TV and online to the tune of scenic, Adirondack footage. Actress Sigourney Weaver has joined a new campaign--narrating an ad sponsored by the Adirondack Council. Executive Director William Janeway says their goal is to encourage the state to preserve a 30,000 acre parcel of wilderness--including the Boreas Ponds. ((William C. Janeway/Adirondack Council Executive Director 4547 03:07:02 "And those ponds are very sensitive. They have loons, sensitive wildlife habitat, also fisheries, and protecting it as wilderness keeps our motorized, mechanized recreation and ensures the protection of the resource comes first. 03:07:15)) Governor Cuomo in May announced the purchase of the Borease Ponds Tract, which dips into several towns in the Adirondacks. Now, it's up to the state to decide how much of the land will be open for recreation. North Hudson Supervisor Ronald Moore hopes existing roads there will be open for snowmobiles, bicycles, and horseback riders. ((Ronald Moore/North Hudson Town Supervisor 4548 03:13:40 "You get a lot of people coming into town, hopefully we're gonna benefit from that, whereas if for example it was wilderness, you can't even ride a bicycle in wilderness, so you start to limit the numbers of people that are actually gonna come in and utilize the property." 03:13:57 which isn't gonna help us economically." 03:14:00)) Janeway hopes to meet somewhere in the middle, classifying the land as wilderness and limiting recreation. ((William C. Janeway/Adirondack Council Executive Director 4547 03:08:09 "We're seeing huge crowds, actually overcrowding on some of the highest peaks this summer, and so expanding that Adirondacks High Peak Wilderness by 30,000 acres, creating 280,000 acres of continuous wilderness--it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, and those wilderness lands will be open to hiking, and skiing, and snowshoeing, and bird watching." 03:08:28)) But Moore says that plan limits car access to the ponds--which is crucial for the elderly or disabled. ((Ronald Moore/North Hudson Town Supervisor 4548 03:12:14 "We're hoping to see access by permit to the ponds for the elderly and maybe a couple other permits for people that just get in there another area for guide services to get close." 03:12:29)) For now, the state has opened the ponds up for temporary recreational use by hikers and bikers.


The State will begin holding hearings in November for the public to comment on the issue. Darren. Rose. Thanks.


It took a month -- but a runaway dog in Milton -- is finally back where he belongs. Elliot the 4-year-old Boxer was found safe and sound late last night -- this is him getting checked out at a veterinary hospital. We told you earlier this month about the extraordinary effort his owners and friends were putting into catching the skittish dog - with groups of people out searching each evening. They finally trapped him last night -- and though he lost a log of weight, Elliot is expected to recover.


How transparent is the US Congress? Its an issue in Vermont's Senate race between incumbent Patrick Leahy and challenger Scott Milne. At a news conference today, the Republican renewed his calls for Leahy to release emails surrounding the immigrant visa program known as EB-5. The call comes in the wake of scandal surrounding the alleged massive fraud case involving developments at Jay Peak and Burke resorts Milne wants Congressional emails to be public - and says Leahy's refusal to open up his records stands in stark contrast to his transparency rhetoric.


(00:01:00:00) ((Scott Milne - Republican for U.S. Senate he refuses to be transparent when it comes to why and how so many of his fingerprints have ended up all over the EB-5 mess)) (00:40:36:00) ((Sen. Patrick Leahy - Democrat for U.S. Senate I am tired of him. He doesn't want to say anything to my face, even when I see him. He only talks to you guys, makes baseless charges)) Leahy says if Milne has concerns - he should raise them with the U.S. attorney. Milne's formal proposal is make congressional emails subject to public inspection under the Freedom of Information Act. Leahy says he's open to the idea -- depending on how the proposal is written.


A robber -- grabs cash from a register -- and it's all caught on camera. It happened last night just before midnight at Simon's Corner Store on Heineberg Drive in Colchester. The suspect comes in. Pretends he wants to buy something. And as soon as the register opens -- he reaches over the counter -- grabs a stack of cash from the register-- and takes off running. If you have any information, police want to hear from you.


A meth bust in Lebanon -- and now two people are facing charges. Police say 42 year-old Jamie Judkins -- and 36 year-old Tristdonna Copp are charged with possession with the intent to distribute. Police first went to the Renihan Meadows apartment complex in Lebanon yesterday for a welfare check. But once inside - they say they found evidence of a meth lab -- as well as prescription pills, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Both are being held on 25-thousand dollars bail.


A former Ultimate Fighting Champion -- who now lives in Vermont is taking on a new opponent. Bullies. He travels the country -- teaching kids -- what to do. Today he was at Fairfield Center School. And so was our Judy Simpson.


St Albans resident Tom Murphy recently swam across Lake Champlain to raise awareness for the victims of bullying. It is all part of a program he co founded called Sweethearts & Heros. He has visited schools across the country to show kids what they can do to stop bullies. ((Tom Murphy/Sweethearts & Heros 00:00:26:00" We have been in front of a million kids to date and what makes us different we are an action based organization. A lot of anti bullying stuff is education a lot of anti bullying stuff is awareness 00:00:38:00 but there is no action plan.")) And that is summed up in the name of the organization. Ironically Murphy says In the 16 hundreds the word bully meant sweetheart. Heros comes from giving these kids super powers to stop bullying. ((Murphy again 00:01:04:00" We give a kid safe action plan and I say they are super powers that we give kids to help kids because our message is not directed to kids that get bullied, its not directed to kids that are bullies its the rest of them. 85 percent of all bullying happens in front of other people." 00:01:21:19)) Using interactive examples Sweethearts & Heros teaches kids easy techniques to intervene when they see someone being bullied. ((Nat sot )) Engaging the audience to participate, these kids say, made a difference in how they will react to bullying in the future. ((Erica Goodhue/5th grader 00:35:42:14" So that way we really understand the presentation like we are not just sitting there and listening we are doing it ."00:35:51:19)) Murphy calls them Superpower ABC's. A for away,,step in and take the bullying victim away from the situation,,, B stands for become a buddy, show you care. And the C's Call for help, or Confront the situation,,and above all, don't wait more than 10 seconds to act. ((William Hughes/5th grader 00:34:53:15" I would probably confront him.")) It was a lesson that resonated with the audience. ((Grace Burnor/ 5th Grader 00:33:46:22" I will actually help the problem I won't just stand away and just like stop and do nothing, just like watch and go play with m y friends at recess or anything 00:34:02:09 I'll just like be more interactive with the problem." 00:34:04:20)) Since 2011, Murphy has presented Sweethearts & Heros to students in schools from New England to Hawaii. Encouraging more kids to jump into action, to end bullying. JS Channel three news, Fairfield.


Currents: Temperatures are still above normal for this time of year. And it feels muggy as well. Temp/dewpoint graph: That will continue until we get a cool down later this week. RPM: Tomorrow, we may see a few brief showers scattered across northernmost counties of the region. Otherwise we'll see sunshine and more warm temperatures. Surface: This front back in the midwest will be sliding mostly to the north of us, but will just catch the northern counties along the Canadian border with a few scattered showers.


Tonight: Becoming mostly clear. Patchy fog. Lows: 55/62 Winds: Light Tuesday: Mostly sunny. Chance of a passing shower, north. Highs: 78/85 Winds: S 5-10 mph Tuesday Night: Clear skies. Lows: 48/55 Winds: W 5-10 mph Wednesday: Sunny skies. Highs: 73/80 Winds: W 5-10 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday night: Lows 48/55 Thursday: Increasing clouds. Chance of showers, Thursday night. Highs 70/77 Lows 53/60 Friday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers Friday, Friday night. Highs 68/75 Lows 45/52 Saturday: Partly sunny, cooler. Highs 60s Lows 40s Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 55/65 Lows 40s Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 55/65 Lows 40s



An inmate who tried to kill himself last week in Swanton -- has died from his injuries. Officials say 25 year old Kevin Atwood -- who was found unresponsive in his cell Thursday -- was taken off life support Sunday morning. Atwood was being held on multiple state charges, as well as a federal case. He was charged with providing false information to law enforcement in connection with a fatal arson case in Northfield last year. No one has been charged with a homicide in that case.


Imagine a tire -- crashing through your window. Well that's what happened in Shoreham. State police say the big wheel came off Raymond Germaine's truck -- and crashed into Dean Hawthorne's house. The tire caused a lot of damage to the exterior wall -- and the living area inside the house. Luckily, no one was hurt.

32} DAM5_VO

A Morrisville utility is fighting a ruling about how much water it can draw for the hydro electric dam on the Green River Reservoir. The Agency of Natural Resources issued the Water Quality Certification last month as part of the dam's federal re-licensing. It includes restrictions on the amount of water Morrisville Water and Light can draw down the reservoir during the winter months. Utility officials have argued that the dam's power output is already marginal, and that reducing winter flows will only make it worse. They have also argued that the state plan creates potential safety issues the dam wasn't designed for.


A rare flower is about to bloom at Dartmouth College. The 13-year-old titan arum named Morphy hasn't bloomed since 2011. Officials at Dartmouth's Life Sciences Greenhouse estimate "corpse flower" will bloom sometime this week. The flower is five feet in size and could grow several more feet in height before it opens. When it does, it will send out a pungent odor that has been compared to the smell of a decaying animal.


Starting line sports, for a team that has had very few questions at the quarterback position over the last 15 years, the Patriots have had a ton so far this year. With Tom Brady serving a four game suspension as a result of the deflategate scandal, Jimmy Garoppolo was handed the reins and seemed to be steering the team in the right direction. But his tenure as the starter may have come to an end on Sunday. Garoppolo was great for most of the first half, completing 18 of 27 passes for 234 yards and three touchdowns as New England staked out to a 21-0 lead over Miami. But with the Pats driving late in the second quarter, Garoppolo was hit by the Dolphins' Kiko Alonso on a pass to Malcolm Mitchell, and landed on his throwing shoulder. It was later determined that Garoppolo sprained the AC joint in that shoulder on the play and had to leave the game. The Patriots would hold off a Miami rally to win it 31-24, but Garoppolo is now expected to miss at least Thursday's game against the Houston Texans and could be out for much longer. Rookie Jacoby Brissett finished yesterday's game for New England and was steady, and as the only quarterback now listed on the active roster, it seems likely he will start that game against the defending AFC South Champions.


For decades, codeine has been used for pain relief for children. Now a new report is warning doctors and parents about some potentially deadly dangers. Don Champion has more.


A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics says doctors and parents should stop giving codeine to children under 18. (SOT Dr. Randall Flick/ Mayo Clinic) There have been deaths associated with codeine use in children undergoing tonsillectomy but not just tonsillectomy. In other settings as well. And particularly children who have problems with sleep apnea. (TRACK) Codeine has been linked to dangerous side effects and rare deadly breathing reactions, but some doctors still prescribe it to treat pain or cough in kids. The body turns codeine into morphine and experts say, depending on how fast the body breaks it down, some children get too much of the drug. (DON CHAMPION ON CAM BRIDGE) Despite previous warnings from the A-A-P and the FDA, the drug is still available in over the counter cough medicines in many states. (TRACK) Dr. Randall Flick from the Mayo Clinic was part of an FDA Panel last year that found no evidence codeine works for cough. And when it comes to pain, there are safer alternatives including oxycodone. (SOT Dr. Randall Flick/ Mayo Clinic) every opioid medicating has risks associated with its use. The risks of using oxycodone are different and much less than those with codeine ** (TRACK) And Dr. Flick says when it comes to treating pain after tonsillectomies.. medications like Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are also becoming more common. Don Champion, CBS News, Dallas


Hot Flash: We topped 80 degrees once again yesterday, which broke the old record. Tomorrow we are likely to top the 80 degree mark again, so this is a living record. Almanac: We missed 80 by a degree today. 85 was the record high last year. Precip: we are below normal by 6" and one third, 1.5 for the month to date. Lake: South 5 to 15 tomorrow. Lake temp is still 71 Mount: Upper 60s for highs, just a trace of rain there in the past 24 hours. Weekend: Cooler this weekend! Feeling like fall!



Vermont's craft beer craze is not slowing down. And now new businesses are tapping into that. Gina Bullard shows us the creative results that are made in Vermont. {***STING***)


There's no way around it... ((quick nat)) Diane Sullivan and Marie Cronin are a pretty kooky pair. ((nat)) The sisters are hopping into a new business venture together. (00:24:42;28) ((Both "beerings!!)) Beer can earrings. (00:27:14:11) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "they're just fun beers for your ears what the heck!")) (00:27:34:15) ((Marie Cronin/Beerings "i think it started out as fun and then we realized people really liked them. d-i mean it's kind of weird")) Maybe not that weird considering the craft beer craze isn't going flat. (00:05:12:14) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "beerings beerings mmmm")) Beerings are made with Vermont craft beer least for the time being. Eventually brews from other states...or countries could be on the table. (00:21:49:23) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "this one's going to say..>BEER")) It would make sense if Marie and Diane were beer drinkers but... (00;25:27:17) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "no...bahah")) Vodka is their drink of choice -- but -- they do love vermont beer cans. That means friends and family are hard at work -- drinking up! (00:25:31:14) ((Marie Cronin/Beerings "the cans are beautiful, beautiful artwork")) (00:25:43:01) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "i kind of like the ones you don't know its a beer can, they're green with trees and a bird, it just looks like pretty cool")) Beerings range in price from 10 to 22-dollars . (00:26:53:27) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "you might be wearing them and someone says oh those are cool and i say THEY'RE MADE OUT OF BEER CANS!")) Diane is the creative director at Seven Days and Marie decorates cakes for a living. Beerings is just a side gig. It started a hot minute ago according to these two. To say they're having fun with it would be an understatement. ((nat)) Don't be fooled by all the laughter -- there's also some serious business brain storming happening. (00:09:35:21) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "what we need to do next is invest in some jumpsuits")) No that's not a joke. These two may remind you of a famous duo. ((laverne and shirley)) (00:29:34:06) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "we're just going to be the beering mavens. like ben and jerry m-diane and marie d-laverne and shirley")) Production goes down smoothly with a clean finish...but there are some bitter crafting moments. (00:03:40:26) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "son of a biscuit")) Like super glued fingers or pesky beads not cooperating. (00:06:08:21) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "aw crap")) (00:23:47:20 ) ((Diane Sullivan/Beerings "oops oh boy")) Vermont craft beers for your ears! Just make sure you wear them responsibly. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Essex Junction.


You can pick up Beerings at Magic Hat and on on its facebook page. Check out this story on WCAX-dot-com for more info!



Late Friday night, word came down that former UVM men's basketball coach Mike Lonergan had been fired from the same position at GW. Now, Lonergan is fighting back. The school began their investigation of Lonergan back in July after at least one player accused him of verbal and emotional abuse. The school issued a formal statement Saturday that the investigation did indeed determine Lonergan "engaged in conduct inconsistent with the University's values," and that he had been fired. On Sunday, Lonergan issued a statement through his lawyers that he "cooperated fully with the university's title nine review," that neither the player making the accusations nor the details of the accusations were ever disclosed to him, and that GW violated it's own policy by issuing a statement as to their findings without giving him written notice of their findings. The statement also added that Lonergan will (quote) "seek appropriate relief from the university for this wrongful termination," and that he looks forward to coaching at another school in the future.


Well the UVM women's soccer team picked up two wins over the weekend in South Carolina, and today junior goalkeeper Coco Speckmaier was rewarded for her efforts. Speckmaier has been named America East Player of the Week after posting a shutout Friday against the Citadel and recording a career high 11 saves Sunday against Charleston Southern. The Miami native is fourth in the league in goals against average and is tied for the lead in clean sheets with 3. The Cats are unbeaten in their last four games, and play their final nonconference game of the season tomorrow night at home against Dartmouth.


Speaking of Dartmouth, defensive lineman Brennan Cascarano has been named the Ivy League's defensive player of the week after the Big Green's win over New Hampshire Saturday. Cascarano finished with 4 tackles, a fumble recovery, and two sacks, the latter of which sealed the Big green's first win over UNH since 1976. Dartmouth is back in action Saturday when they visit Holy Cross.


Both hockey programs at Castleton were in search of new coaches following the resignations of Steve Moffat and Steph Moberg in August, but today, the Spartans filled both positions. Bill Silengo will take over the men's program, after serving the past two seasons as an assistant at his alma mater, Manhattanville College. The new women's coach might be a more familiar name: DJ Fimiani starred at Norwich and was an assistant captain on the 2010 team that won the D-3 national championship. Fimiani served as an assistant for the men's team at Salve Regina from 2011-2014 and as the head coach of the women's program at Daniel Webster College in their inaugural season last winter.


It was down to the wire between two of ur nominees, but after nearly 900 votes we have a winner for the Friday Football Frenzy Play of the week. D-2 Mount Mansfield pulled the upset of D-1 BFA thanks in no small part to the play of Silas Diamond. Diamond weaves his way down the field on the kick return for the 76 yard score to claim the Friday Football Frenzy play of the week award. He took more than 46% of the vote. We'll be back with all the highlights and three more nominees on Friday night.


Last regular day of racing at Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh Sunday --- Nick Heywood entered the day with the Sportsman modified season championship already wrapped up, but issues with his car in hot laps kept him out of the feature so he'd have to watch the final race --- that allowed Chris Cayea to seize the early advantage, and he'd hold on to that lead pretty much the whole race --- Cayea would hang on through a caution and take the checkers, first victory of the year, a nice way to end the season for him, --- As for Heywood, he probably lost his shot at the Nascar New York state championship with the did not finish, but it was enough to capture his fifth consecutive points title on the track.


((Heywood: "it was bittersweet, I mean it couldn't have happened at a better time, however, we were running for New York State Championship, and that pretty much took our hope for that away but after the season we had, I'll take this one bad day."


In the other divisions, Shawn Duquette claimed the two-part feature victory in the steel renegade division. Robert Gordon finished fifth in Sunday's feature, but that was enough to claim the season title. Gordon finished 18 points better than Richie Turner. In the mini mods, Josh LaPorte captured his fifth feature win of the season, but it wasn't enough to catch Dale O'Neil. O'Neil won 13 events this season to claim the crown by 54 points. The track hosts one more event this year, the Robin Branham Crash For Cancer Enduro on October 15th.


The Sox and Yankees wrapped up their four game set at fenway last night. New York seized an early 4-0 lead through Gary Sanchez's 16th homer on the year, but yet again Boston rallied back. Hanley Ramirez hit two dingers of his own including the go-ahead solo shot in the 7th as the red sox won 5-4 to sweep the four game set. The loss all but takes the Yankees out of playoff contention. They're still only four back of the second wild card but now have three teams, Detroit, Seattle, and Houston, standing between them and Toronto with just 13 games left. The Sox have now opened up a 3-game lead on Baltimore in the AL East and that gap will either widen or shrink this week as Boston visits Camden Yards starting tonight.


Also bad news for team USA at the World Cup of hockey today, Team Europe beat the Czech Republic meaning the Americans now must beat Canada tomorrow night to avoid elimination.


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