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Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Jennifer Costa. In for Kristin tonight. A big Hollywood name -- busted at the border. Actor Randy Quaid and his wife -- are behind bars tonight. Ending a five year run from the law. Logan Crawford is here with more. Logan, what do you know? Darren and Jennifer -- he's perhaps best known for his role as cousin Eddie in the Vacation movies. But today -- court officials -- were calling him a fugitive from justice.


Prosecutors say Randy Quaid's run from the law ended Friday. After 5 years on the lam -- the Hollywood star was arrested trying to cross from Canada into the U-S. While Quaid's road trip might sound like something out of a movie -- authorities say this was no "vacation" for the actor and his wife. Instead they're accused of fleeing law-enforcement. (TC 04:04:48:00 tile ) ((Shane Martell/Swanton "it's craziness. You wouldn't think a celebrity would be doing something like that." 04:04:52:05)) Quaid was called into a Franklin County court Monday -- but did not enter a plea. His wife -- Evi was arraigned in Burlington. And she denied being a fugitive from justice. Officials say she's a native Vermonter whose father currently lives in Lincoln. Authorities say since 2010 -- the Quaids have been wanted -- in connection with a vandalism case in Santa Barbara California. The couple was allegedly found squatting in a guest house they previously owned. They were arrested in Highgate Friday -- after crossing the Canadian border into the U.S. Quaid says he went to Canada -- five years ago -- to receive an acting award. And claims he learned from the internet he missed the court appearance. (TC 03:47:00:27 Tile 4898) ((Randy Quaid/ "The bail bondsman filed them behind our backs without our knowledge and never gave us a notice or date." 03:47:08:28)) (TC 04:12:39:00 tile) ((Logan Crawford/st. Albans "the man the courtroom looked very little like the one movie goers used to watch on the big screen. Randy Quaid was never a leading man but he was character actor known for bringing humor to films like Independence Day and national lampoons vacation." 04:12:52:00)) (Nats of movie) The Quaids told Vanity Fair they were running for their lives. Trying to escape a so-called group called the "Hollywood Star Whackers" whom they claim killed actors Heath ledger and David Carradine. The couple's star power may have shined the spotlight on Vermont -- but fans say they're not overly concerned by the bust. (TC 04:09:26:00 tile ) ((Ethan Larson/Montreal "while the police have to deal with it and he's a fugitive from justice he's not dangerous so I can't say I'm really worried about it." 04:09:35:00))


Randy Quaid and his wife -- remain behind bars tonight. Neither able to post their half million dollars bail. In a few days -- the couple will be back in court -- to decide if they'll be extradited to California to answer to property crimes there. Darren.


In the pursuit of the presidency ... The democrats face off tomorrow night -- in the first debate. As the candidates prepare to take the stage -- new polls show where they stand. Craig Boswell has the latest.


Democratic Presidential Candidates say they're eager for Tuesday night's debate. (SOT: Gov. Martin O'Malley/(D-MD) Presidential Candidate) "I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FINALLY JOINING THIS GAME AND HAVING A DEBATE ABOUT HOW WE SOLVE OUR NATION'S PROBLEMS." Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee hope to grab some of the spotlight from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. (SOT: Sen. Bernie Sanders/(I-VT) Democratic Presidential Candidate) "WHAT WE NEED ARE ANSWERS TO THE PROBLEMS NOT JUST CAMPAIGN RHETORIC." The latest CBS News Poll shows Clinton has increased her lead over Sanders... But a separate poll indicates the front runner has some work to shows that only 35 percent of primary voters see her as honest and trustworthy - 2 points ahead of Donald Trump. Some of that skepticism was on display during a stop at a "No Labels" event in New Hampshire for voters from both parties. (nats) "I DON'T THINK YOU ARE A FRIEND TO WOMEN" (cheering) "I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE PICKED HER." But Trump does have a strong base of support. (SOT: Donald Trump/(R) Presidential Candidate) "YOU KNOW WHAT? THE TEA PARTY - I'LL TELL YOU ABOUT THE TEA PARTY - THESE ARE PEOPLE, IN ALL FAIRNESS, THESE ARE PEOPLE THAT LOVE THIS COUNTRY." And that base is helping him maintain a wide lead over the GOP field. Craig Boswell, CBS News, Washington.


Nevada is a key early caucus state -- and Clinton has a big lead there. According to a new CNN poll released today -- Clinton leads Sanders by 16 points in Nevada -- 50-percent to 34-percent, with Vice President Joe Biden in third place at 12-percent But -- if Biden decides NOT to run -- and voters have only a choice between Clinton and Sanders -- Clinton's lead grows to 22 points. 58-to-36.


South Carolina is another state with an early primary -- and Clinton has an even more commanding lead there. With Biden in the race, he polls in second place -- with Sanders in third. Take Biden out of the running -- and Clinton's margin over Sanders expands to 50 points: 70-percent to 20-percent.


Vermont Congressman Peter Welch says Sanders, Clinton, and Biden would all be strong candidates in the general election. In fact, he says all of them have a good shot at winning the presidency. He spoke to us -- via satellite -- from New Hampshire this afternoon -- where he's attending a "No Labels" conference on solving problems in American politics. His predictions for tomorrow's first Democratic debate?


(10:18) ((Rep. Peter Welch/D-Vermont: Bernie Sanders is amazing in what he's accomplished. In fact, I hear an awful lot about him across the spectrum here in New Hampshire -- where clearly he's made a very, very big impression with his focus on income inequality. Hillary Clinton has got the resume, and obviously has been bedeviled by the email issue, but she is a formidable debater, as is Bernie, so I'm really going to be excited to watch this debate.)) Welch has not yet endorsed either -- Sanders or Clinton.


Another democrat wants to be Vermont's Lieutenant Governor. 29 year-old Kesha Ram --- is seeking the party's nomination. Ram is a state representative from Burlington -- serving four terms in the Vermont House. She'll face a primary with political newcomer Brandon Riker. Other democrats considering a run for the state's number two seat: Senators Phil Baruth, Dick McCormack, and Jon Campbell. Progressive Senator Dave Zuckerman is also weighing a run. On the republican side -- former Senator and State Auditor Randy Brock is in. Senator Joe Benning says he too, is considering it.

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It's holding on in the Kingdom. We are talking about the foliage. Here are some weekend images from the Island Pond region in Essex County. In some years, the leaves are pretty much on the ground in the Kingdom by Columbus Day -- but not this year. The vibrant colors are hanging around.


The beauty spreads beyond the Kingdom, though. Sharon found some pretty spots on her way to Rochester tonight. Hi Sharon!




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Layoffs are UNLIKELY -- at the GlobalFoundries plant in Essex Junction. That's according to a company spokesperson. GlobalFoundries tells Channel 3 News that the Vermont plant did well in meeting the company's cost-cutting goal last month -- through a buyout plan -- to trim the workforce. And that it looks like no additional cuts will be needed here. But some jobs will be slashed company-wide -- Global says fewer than 50 people will be laid off. About 18-thousand people work for GlobalFoundries -- 3000 -- at the former IBM plant in Essex Junction.


Vermont's governor fueled the national conversation on drug addiction -- and it's quickly become a hot topic on the presidential campaign trail. Now a new program at Marlboro College in Southern Vermont is attempting to tackle the issue -- one word at a time. Adam Sullivan reports.


When it comes to addiction, or other problems plaguing society, the way we talk about it matters. That's the premise behind a new 15 credit program at Marlboro College-- called "Speech Matters.". ((Meg Mott/Professor: "it is an intensive semester long program that uses the skills of the humanities looking at how people talk, how words are used how to interpret what people say and bringing it to bare on a social issue. This semester we are focusing on addiction.)) The integrated semester-long study on drug abuse was born out of Governor Peter Shumlin's 2014 State of the State address which focused solely on the topic. His speech helped to highlight Vermont's battle and bring it to a national audience. ((Mott: "rolling back al the tough on crime rhetoric that we have ben hearing because of the war on crime and turn it more into we need to solve this as a community.")) Through trips to methadone clinics, interviews with addicts, and visits with doctors on the front lines of the opiate epidemic, the student are compiling their data in an effort to do the same. ((Moto: "generating op-eds, podcasts, making youtube videos all that has to do with addiction as a concern")) ((Kathleen Mackin/Junior: "I like that is was all inclusive. I had to focus on one topic for the entire semester. It was also very relevant to my plan of concentration when I become a senior.")) (File) It's a topic that has been popping up on the presidential campaign trail. Hillary Clinton and others are adding their voice to the discussion. These students say it is helping to break down stigmas -- and addressing healthcare reform. ((Autumn Merrill: "what really brought me into the program was not only how people struggle with it specifically but also how that experience plays into how we form policies ")) ((Mott: "being real careful about what words we use to describe a social issue is going to have a lot to do with how we solve a social issue.")) ((Sullivan: "while the students are only focusing on addiction this semester, the the future they plan to tackle incarceration and even Islam. Reshaping the conversation around the topics both here on campus and potentially across the country. As ch3 news in Marlboro.))


The need for speed. What makes motorists push the limits? Our Eva McKend -- took a ride with Vermont state police -- to catch drivers hitting triple digits on the highway.


NAT 00:14:32:17 He was doing 112 right there. For the past several weeks, there's been an up tick in excessive speeding across Vermont. ((Rich Slusser, Vermont State Police Traffic Operations Unit, 00:03:04:00 - 00:03:06:08 It took numerous miles just to catch up to him.)) Everyday Trooper Rich Slusser reports to his tucked away spots to catch speeders. Sometimes people even call him to give him tips. His recent case made international headlines when he pulled over 33 year old Seth Tichenor last month. Police say the Connecticut man was weaving in and out of traffic on I-89 before he was stopped in Royalton traveling at 112 miles per hour -- you wouldn't believe where he was in such a hurry to go. ((Rich Slusser, Vermont State Police Traffic Operations Unit, 00:03:16:11 - 00:03:22:11, This guy in particular said, he was actually going to fight a speeding ticket. He was on his way to court.)) After Tichenor was Michael Spear allegedly traveling at 110. Then came Ron Hurby who police say was accelerating upwards of 100 in a 55 mile per hour zone. In the state, excessive speeding is defined as driving 30 miles above the speed limit. ((GFX)) In 2013, 70 people were cited for excessive speeding. The following year, it was 74. This year, there have been 58 to date. Police say, some people, mainly young men ranging in age from 18 to their early 30's, are especially brazen. ((Rich Slusser, Vermont State Police Traffic Operations Unit, 00:05:22:12 - 00:05:25:12,I had one person tell me I wanted to see what my car can do.)) Slusser says when you get behind the wheel, it's not only you that you have to think about. ((Rich Slusser, Vermont State Police Traffic Operations Unit, 00:08:19:06 - 00:08:26:06, When you crash, a lot of times, you are hurting other people and that's something, if you survive that crash, that's something you have to live with for the rest of your life.)) Eva McKend -- channel 3 news -- Burlington.


All week long on channel 3, we'll be exploring road safety concerns -- starting on our morning show. Tomorrow, speeding in work zones, school bus safety and defensive driving. Stay with us for Speed Week.


While tourists poured into Vermont to admire the reds and the golds, retailers are busy counting all the green. This Columbus Day holiday weekend is shaping up to be a record breaker. Judy Simpson has the story.


((Paul Brown/Cold Hollow Cider Mill 00:02:44:00 "This has been a huge weekend for us its the biggest weekend in our history.")) And Paul Brown says there are a few reasons for that. It's been a busy month with UVM's Homecoming and Norwich University's parents weekend, and not to mention our neighbors to the north. ((Paul Brown again " And its Canadian Thanksgiving and it just happens to be peak foliage this weekend its a little later than normal usually peaks out before columbus day weekend but this year it hit right on the weekend so. 00:03:11:06 So its like the perfect storm here on route 100." 00:03:14:18)) Stowe area hotels and motels had a 100 percent occupancy rate over the weekend. ((Ed Stahl/Stowe Area Association 00:13:32:28 "We have had a spectacular weekend this is always the busiest weekend of the year but what is really sort of different this year is how strong the mid week has been for the last several weeks as well, a lot of it has to do with the weather has been great "00:13:48:03 )) There are 338 rooms at Stowe Mountain Lodge , every one of them was filled this past weekend. ((00:21:46:07 Mike Colbourn/ Stowe Mountain Resort "We are seeing a lot of international traffic and I hate to blame anything on anything but that Trip Advisor poll from a few weeks ago with Stowe being the number one destination in the country to view fall foliage we are seeing people from China and India and places that we have not seen that traffic." 00:22:09:21)) ((JS SU 00:23:53:00" There was one glitch for the stowe mountain resort this weekend the gondola experienced some sort of electrical problem putting it out of commission Sunday afternoon. :00:24:01:26)) ((Mike again 00:20:47:25" Yes yesterday the gondola did go down for the afternoon starting at about two o'clock we had a lot of guest service staff on site, we diagnosed the issue it is back in operation today.")) The record number of tourists was not isolated to the mountains, Woodstock Inn President and general Manager Gary Thulander tells us this October has been the best in the Inn's history. There was a waiting list for rooms for this past weekend, and guests made reservations again for next year before leaving. ((Nat sot pop)) Back at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Paul Brown does not know how many people have walked through the door this weekend, but they measure in another way. ((Paul Brown again 00:03:37:25" But we did make and sell over 16 thousand donuts a day on both Saturday and Sunday. 00:03:46:15 And that is one gage we have to track how busy it is, that and the traffic on route 100 where everybody wants to get into our lot and get out of our lot as well." 00:03:56:21)) By anybody's count. That's a lot of donuts. JS Channel three news, Waterbury.


Dan is here. It's been a great stretch of early fall weather.


Tonight: Becoming partly cloudy. Low 48/55. Wind S 10-15 mph. Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. Showers developing by afternoon. High 62/68. Wind S 10-15 mph. Tuesday Night: Cloudy skies. Scattered showers. Low 43/50. Wind SW 5-10 mph. Wednesday: Cloudy and cooler. Scattered showers. High 50/57. Wind W 5-10 mph. Thursday: Partly cloudy. Chance of showers. High 50/57. Low 33/40. Friday: Mostly cloudy. Showers likely. Mountain snow showers overnight. High 45/52. Low 30s. Saturday: Mostly cloudy and chilly. Scattered showers and mountain snow showers. High 43/50. Low 25/35. Sunday: Partly cloudy. Continued cold. High 40s. Low 25/35. Monday: Partly cloudy. High 40s.



Some families struggle to pay for school lunches. But in Plattsburgh -- schools are now offering free meals to all students, regardless of income. Rose Spillman reports.


(08:55:15 4105) ((Pamela Dow/Grandmother "Do you like any of the cafeteria food.?")) (08:55:17 4105) ((Madison Dow/10 Years Old "A little bit. I like the tacos." 08:55:20)) Pamela Dow's granddaughter Madison is in 5th grade at the Northern Adirondack Central School. She says last year the school began a program offering free meals to all students. (08:53:33 4105) ((Pamela Dow/Altona, NY "They sent a letter saying that they had a program going on so that all the students would get free breakfast and lunch." 08:53:40)) (08:53:11 4105) ((Pamela Dow/Altona, NY "I thought it was awesome because it gave the kids more incentive to eat breakfast and lunch." 08:53:15)) The program is provided by the USDA to qualifying schools nationwide. This school year, both the Beekmantown Central School District and Plattsburgh City School District joined as part of the Community Eligibility Program, or CEP. (04:52:29 2855) ((Jay Lebrun/Associate Superintendent Plattsburgh CSD " families that didn't qualify based on household income for the free and reduced lunch program, but were nonetheless food insecure, this program should very well address their need." 04:52:39)) Though there is no income or application requirement for students, school officials say they still need parents to voluntarily fill out forms detailing their income. In order to qualify for the program, the district had to show that at least 40 percent of students were on some level of poverty. They say these forms will affect how much reimbursement the district will get from the state. (04:49:12 2855) ((Jay Lebrun/Associate Superintendent Plattsburgh CSD "That level of reimbursement for lunches is $3.05 per lunch, and there's a different rate for breakfast. That's a very respectable rate of reimbursement. We will receive that high level of reimbursement for approximately 64 percent of all the meals we serve." 04:49:29)) School officials say the reimbursement also depends on the number of students who eat school breakfast and lunch. (09:01:00 4118) ((Rose Spillman/Plattsburgh "some Plattsburgh schools have said they've already noticed an increase in students eating breakfast in the morning." 09:01:06)) (04:55:57 2865) ((Gilles Fortin/Momot Elementary Principal "The biggest improvement that I think we're going to see is just children being ready to learn. You know, if their bellies are full then they're ready to learn. And the meals are nutritious, so you've got a nice healthy breakfast, a health lunch." 04:56:13)) For Plattsburgh students, they'll get whatever items come on the daily menu for breakfast and lunch at no cost. Any extra dishes or a la carte foods such as chips or bottled water will cost money. Grandparents like Dow say this helps parents who are financially struggling or just too rushed to make their kids food in the morning. (08:54:06 4105) ((Pamela Dow/Altona, NY "There's a lot of times when kids get up in the morning they don't have time at home if they can't get out of bed or what not they don't eat breakfast. THey just don't take the time to eat. Just hurry up and get to school, and when they get to school they can actually eat and not have to worry what it costs." 08:54:23)) Each school or district can participate in the program for up to four years before the state re-evaluates their eligibility. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Plattsburgh.


State Police -- in Ashland, New Hampshire -- say they clocked a pair of bikers -- at nearly 120 miles per hour. It happened this afternoon on Interstate 93. Troopers say Christopher Grant and Brandon Clark were caught going 48 miles OVER the posted speed limit. Both Granite State motorcyclists were ticketed for reckless driving -- and are due in court next month.


A hike up Mt. Washington -- turned into a rescue mission -- for one Massachusetts man. New Hampshire Fish and Game officers say 26-year-old Ton Wu -- and a friend made it up the mountain Sunday. But their plan to take the Cog Railway down -- backfired after the train was sold out. Then Wu twisted his ankle -- on a trail -- and had to take shelter in a hut closed for the season. Wu and his friend were rescued -- just before midnight -- five hours after calling for help.


Crews are working to fix a major water main break in Middlebury. Police say the break occurred -- just before 7 this morning -- in Court Square -- off Route 7. Cars are being detoured to South Pleasant Street -- and folks are being asked to avoid the area while the work continues. No time table on a fix. And many remain without water.


The team at the Vermont Foodbank in Barre has reason to celebrate. Today wrapped up the non-profit's official "Pick for Your Neighbor" campaign. During apple season, families, businesses and community groups were encouraged to pick extra apples to donate to clients who depend on the foodbank for help. The final tally is still coming in -- but as of this afternoon -- more than 10-thousand pounds of apples have been donated. While the formal campaign is over -- the foodbank says if you still want to help out you can call your local orchard for details -- as many are still participating. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports ...the UVM men's hockey team got it's season off to a great start on Saturday night, skating to a 3-0 win over then-eighth ranked Minnesota in the U-S Hockey Hall Of Fame Game in Minneapolis. Junior goaltender Mike Santaguida made 24 saves to post the fifth shutout of his career and has been named the Hockey East Defensive Player of the Week. 20 of those saves came in the first two period for the junior who, last week, was one of twenty goaltenders nationwide named to the Mike Richter Award watch list...the award given annually to the top goalie in Division One. Mario Puskarich scored twice for the Cats, and Jonathan Turk added the third goal in the victory. The performance captured national attention as well. After starting the season unranked, Vermont debuted at 20th this week in the U-S College Hockey Online national poll. The Cats will be at home for their next four games, facing third ranked Nebraska-Omaha this weekend, and hosting number one North Dakota next weekend.


Former UVM women's hockey star and Montpelier native Amanda Pelkey scored her first professional goal Sunday afternoon. Pelkey, playing for the Boston Pride of the newly formed National Women's Hockey League, scored her team's fourth goal in a 4-0 win over the Buffalo Beauts in Buffalo. This was the season opener for the league. For the second straight year, Pelkey will be representing team USA in the 4 nations cup next month in Sweden.


In other Cat County news, UVM men's soccer forward Bernard Yebaoh has been named the America East co-player of the week. The junior scored and added an assist in Vermont's 2-1 win at Hartford Saturday that snapped the Hawks 16-game home unbeaten streak. 6-5-1 overall and 1-1 in league play, the Cats host the reigning America East champs, UMBC, Wednesday afternoon at Virtue Field.


A new study finds red wine can improve the cardiovascular health of people with type 2 diabetes. Marlie Hall reports.


Trt: 1:21 Dr. Minisha Sood/Lenox Hill Hospital :25-:36 Garret Rubin/Type 2 Diabetes Patient 1:13-1:18 Package: 51-year-old Garret Rubin says he has to watch out for everything in his diet since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. (SOT: Garret Rubin/Type 2 Diabetes Patient) Fats and salt and sugar. Now a new, large study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine says a daily glass of red wine may actually help people with type 2 diabetes. (SOT: Dr. Minisha Sood/Lenox Hill Hospital) 1 to 2 glasses of red wine for men and up to one glass of red wine for women, daily, at dinner, over a two year period, resulted in lower blood sugar and a decreased development of heart disease. Red wine also modestly increased levels of HDL, or good cholesterol and lowered overall cholesterol. Dr. Minisha Sood says researchers have known for a while moderate amounts of alcohol are fine for diabetics, but the jury was out on which kind of alcohol had the most benefit. (SOT: Dr. Minisha Sood/Lenox Hill Hospital) Its the phenols, its the resveratrol, its the tannins, they all work together with the ethanol possibly to result in these positive changes. Rubin says diet, exercise and medication are still his first line of defense, but now (SOT: Garret Rubin/Type 2 Diabetes Patient) Now, since I have a choice, I think red wine might be the thing. Marlie Hall, CBS News, New York.


Diabetics in the study generally ate a Mediterranean diet. That's health watch.



If you can't get to Vermont to see the turning leaves -- maybe Vermont can come to you. Gina Bullard has more on a made in Vermont company -- that's seeing money falling from trees.


(00:17:05:14 COVER BITE) ((Frank Davis/VT Leaf Company " it's the worlds best foliage")) Frank Davis and Uwe Heiss love leaf peeping -- but they do more than just admire the trees. ((nat grabbing leaves or talking about them?)) While the colors are bursting the two have teamed up to sell the season. Harvesting the fall foliage by hand from around the Green Mountains and then selling it. (00:19:48:27) ((Frank Davis/VT Leaf Company "to have something like this in your hands is amazing")) The leaves are put in a zip lock bag and vacuumed sealed. If you leave them in the bag Vermont Leaf Company says the color will last for days - or you can open it. (00:07:20:08) ((Uwe Heiss/VT Leaf Company "we expect people to open the package take them out and smell the leaves and get a sense for what it's ike to be in vt and to see and smell and touch it")) (00:18:08:21) ((Frank Davis/VT Leaf Company "i think it's a chuckle and a wonderful thing really it's a complete delight")) For a sense of Vermont's foliage you can order an assortment of 12-leaves for 20-dollars of a box of 50 for 40-dollars. Shipping is free. (00:08;35:05) ((Uwe Heiss/VT Leaf Company "g- i think a lot of people are going to watch this and say these guys are crazy. u-yes. g-are you? u-yes we're very serious about this -g - is it a serious business? u-yes this is a leaf what could be more real than this?")) (00:19:31:16) ((Frank Davis/VT Leaf Company "people here they're not going to buy vt leaves we're busy raking them up and trying to get rid of t hem but we're not shipping to vermonters")) The company just started this month and has already received orders from the West Coast. The idea came to Frank when he was pondering everything Vermont was known for...maple syrup...craft brews... cheese...and we can't forget.. (00:18:25:25) ((Frank Davis/VT Leaf Company "we're also famous for foliage and no one else is shipping vermont leaves? I had to jump on that i had to embrace that")) With low overhead costs since the inventory is free -- the two say it was a no brainer business to begin. (00:10:45:18) ((Uwe Heiss/VT Leaf Company "g-are you going to ship snow next? u-we're not opposed to it")) Sharing pieces of Vermont with the entire world. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News South Burlington.


For more information -- you'll find a link in the info center at WCAX-dot-com.


The Bruins hosting the Tampa Bay Lightning in a holiday matinee at TD Garden, but the start of the season has been anything but a holiday for the B's. With injuries shelving Zdeno Chara and Dennis Sidenberg, Boston has allowed ten goals in home losses to Winnipeg and Montreal. Chara was back for today's game with Tampa...but the results were no different, as the B's coughed up six more goals, falling to the Lightning 6-3 to fall to 0-3 on the season for just the eighth time in franchise history and the first time since 1999. Steven Stamkos picked up his 500th career point on a power play goal late in the second that gave Tampa the lead for good. Loui Eriksson scored two power play goals for Boston, David Krejci had a goal and two assists and Torey Krug three assists in the loss.


a busy Monday in the baseball playoffs... all four Division Series in the American League... the Royals score five runs in the eighth to rally past Houston 9-6 and force a deciding game five of their series Wednesday in Kansas City.... --- Toronto is also on the verge of forcing a Game Five back in Canada. The Blue Jays leading the Rangers 8-2 in the seventh in Arlington. tonight, it's the National League...a pair of Game Three's ...already underway... it's no score early between the Cards and Cubs in Chicago... --- and later tonight at Citi Field, the Mets host the Dodgers.


A special season for the Dartmouth football team continued on Saturday with a 35-3 homecoming win over previously unbeaten Yale at Memorial Field. Senior quarterback Dalyn Williams second a new school record, throwing for 435 yards and four touchdown and has been named the Ivy League Offensive player of the week. He also set a new career total yardage record, with 7,525. Both of those marks were held by former NFL quarterback Jay Fiedler. Senior free safety David Caldwell had two interceptions and broke up three more passes and was named the Ivy Defensive player of the week. The Big Green will look to improve to 5-0 when they travel to Central Connecticut State this Saturday.


The Castleton football team earned a 34-14 win over Mount Ida at Spartan Stadium on Saturday and picked up some conference accolades as well. Junior kicker Bobby Lineberger and freshman running back Moe Harris were honored as the ECFC Special Teams Player and Rookie of the Week. Lineberger converted all four extra points, two field goals and averaged nearly forty yards on his four punts on the day. Harris rushed for a career high 161 yards and two touchdowns and caught three passes for 44 yards, accounting for half of Castleton's total yards on offense. Now 3-2 on the season, the Spartans host Gallaudet this Saturday.


The 2015 racing season came to a close yesterday at Thunder Road with the 53rd run for the Milk Bowl. And it was appropriate that the Milk Bowl, like this season, came down to a showdown between New Hampshire's Derrick O'Donnell and Barre's Nick Sweet... --- O'Donnell won the first of the three 50-lap segments, with Sweet finishing second ...and in segment two, as Boomer Morris edged Mike 'beetle' Bailey for the win, O'Donnell finished sixth and Sweet tenth, so the three-time reigning King of the Road led Sweet by five points going into the final segment... --- In that last 50-lap segment, a couple of late yellows stacked up the field...and Sweet was able to work his way through traffic and into the lead, taking the checkered flag, with O'Donnell, who got boxed in by traffic, only finishing sixth, which means Sweet wins his second Milk Bowl by a single point over O'Donnell. Kane O'Neill has more.


(The Milk Bowl has some utterly odd drinking Milk from the cup...and kissing a cow...but if you're the winner you don't mind at all... --- It was only fitting that Sweet and three time king of the road champion Derrick O'Donnell would battle for the Milk Bowl title Sunday, as these two battled for the top two spots all year long..... --- sweet's Milk Bowl win comes in a season in which he won his 4th Governor's Cup, tied with robbie crouch for the most in Thunder Road history...and look who was at the track seems whenever governor Peter Shumlin is in the crowd, Sweet finds victory lane... --- and thunder road still has one more tradition for sweet...With his Milk Bowl win, Barre's Nick Sweet win soon have his name engraved on the granite for the second time in his career...reporting at Thunder Road, Kane O'Neill...Channel 3 sports)


Kane, thanks. It's time to honor our Friday Football Frenzy play of the week as voted by you...first the runners up...BFA gave Rutland a major scare Friday night, falling by one... putting up a great fight...Nate Parady showing the determination of the Bobwhites...not to be denied on this touchdown run...just stretching the ball over the goal line for the score...


Coming in second, in one of our closest votes yet...Burlington hosting Bellows Falls ...the Terriers remain unbeaten with the win ...the Horses made it a game by always looking for the big play...Peter Labracio deep down the sideline to Kevin Garrison... great juggling catch and he stays in bounds for the big gain...


And our Play of the Week for Week 7... winning by just over fifty votes...St. Johnsbury at Hartford ...the Hilltoppers led at halftime against the unbeaten Canes... thanks to efforts like this one from junior quarterback Collin of his two first half touchdown runs in the impressive effort and enough to be voted by you as our Friday Football Frenzy play of the week.



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