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A downtown blaze -- closes a busy Burlington street. Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. You could see the flames from blocks away -- as crews cleared College Street. Eliza Larson is live there now -- with the details. Eliza. Eliza: as you can see -- Burlington fire crews are still out here. They say the fires been contained, but They've sanctioned off the sidewalks -- and have cleared the building behind me to keep people safe. Burlington fire officials say a fire broke out on the roof of the old Burlington free press office just off college street. The building was under construction -- but officials don't know if that is the source of the fire. They say that the damage is mainly on the roof -- but they're checking for hot spots -- and are going to keep the area cleared a little longer.


((Lt Paul Glynn/bpd: that's why we've roped off the area. We won't let anyone walk in the area. Certainly there's water damage there's crews moving, hoses and apparatus so we just keep them clear.")) ((Heidi Charles/orange leaf: "we had people walk into the store and eat their froyo to watch what was going on.")) Crews say there were able to clear everybody out. No injuries were reported. Employees at sweetwaters which is just below -- say they were told to clear their outdoor patios - but again, no one was hurt


House on the brink in Burlington. Perched above the Winooski River. The land beneath it is giving way. Cat Viglienzoni is looking into what is being done to save it. She's across the river in Colchester tonight. Cat. K&D, if you look behind me across the river, it's pretty clear why the city engineers are so concerned. Those trees in the water were up on the hillside until Sunday morning, when they were pulled down in a slide. Tenants told us when they heard it, they grabbed their young son and fled. Now they can only watch, and wait.


It started Sunday morning, when the fire department got a call from the family of three at home at 242 Plattsburgh Street-- saying the bank had given way. Multiple departments responded to shut off all the utilities -- block off the area -- and assess the damage. The city says the soil -- and the steep bank -- may be to blame for the slide.


((SOT Chapin Spencer, Director, Burlington DPW 000145 There are sandy soils all along the Winooski River and the delta of the Winooski River. And sandy soils do not maintain well when there is a high slope 57)) The residents inside were not hurt. They were allowed inside briefly to get belongings, but it's not clear yet if they'll be able to get everything out. They're now looking for another place to live. The property's owners live out of state. Unfortunately -- we were told by the property manager that because this is earth movement... insurance is NOT going to cover any of this. They also told us that the house would have to be removed -- but the city would not confirm that yet.


This is not the only house along the river here, and the Department of Public Works says it's going to be taking a close look at the others to make sure none of the residents are at risk.

7} 1STWX

Beautiful day today. High temperatures: Warm day as temperatures climbed through the 70s, reaching the low 80s in a few locations, but very comfortable as the dewpoints are very very low. Radar/Satellite: Clear skies over our region, with a little circulation visible to our south. That has brought some showers and thunderstorms to the very southernmost parts of New York and PA. But some of these showers will reach up into northern New England mainly the eastern part. Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows: 45/52 Winds: Light Tuesday: Partly sunny. A chance of showers/tstorms mainly south and east. Highs: 73/80 Winds: S 5-10 mph Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 50/57 Winds: S 5-10 mph Wednesday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs: 73/80 Winds: SW 5-10 mph


A deadly blaze in Plattsburgh. Two people killed. Police say residents made two daring rescue attempts--one that saved a life. Rose Spillman tells us more.


Flames were erupting from this multi-unit apartment building when first responders arrived to the call early Sunday morning. The sirens woke neighbor David Drollette up. ((David Drollette/Plattsburgh Neighbor 4323 10:26:25 "come outdoors and just looked, and I seen the whole house was going up in fire. The whole back part was burning, and all the sudden the front of it started burning, and the flames shot up like 10, 15 feet in the air." 10:26:35)) Officials say nine tenants call the building home. Two did not make it out alive. ((Shania Goddeau/Plattsburgh 4324 10:28:27 "I was waiting for my ride to get here to go to work. Two hearses came. It made me really nervous. I knew something had happened that was extremely bad for a fire." 10:28:38)) One victim--34 year old Joseph Congelosi-- was a well known employee at Ufirst Federal Credit Union in Plattsburgh. In a tribute on Facebook, the company described him as both funny and kind, with a smile that could comfort anyone. Police say that Congelosi saved his girlfriend's life. He woke 26 year old Alyssa Upton just in time to help her escape through a small window. ((Chief Desmond Racicot/Plattsburgh City Police Dept. 4364 10:41:00 "She got out the window, falls to a secondary roof, and then off that roof down to ground level, and she obviously has some injuries related to the fall, but most of what she's dealing with now is due to the fire and intense heat." 10:41:15)) Police say she is currently in critical but stable condition in the hospital. The second victim, 34 year old Geoffrey Brenno, was a substitute teacher at Stafford Middle School. He was on the third floor, according to police, who say a friend tried to rescue him. ((Chief Desmond Racicot/Plattsburgh City Police Dept. 4364 10:42:21 "That friend actually tried to get him out of the room and to safety by dragging him by the legs, and when he got to the top of a landing where it kind of turned, like a 90 degree turn down the stairs, the person that was dragging him had slipped and fell down the stairs." 10:42:39)) A daring attempt--but police say the smoke and heat made it impossible for the friend to turn back. Neighbors say the tragedy is hitting the entire community. ((Shania Goddeau/Plattsburgh 4324 10:30:07 "I just hope for the best for the family, and I hope they can find a place. If I had my way I'd try and help them as much as I could." 10:30:14)) Police are still investigating the cause of the fire, but they say they have ruled out arson. Officials say the building is a total loss. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Plattsburgh.


A deadly UTV crash -- and police say the driver drove the victim - to the police station. It happened in Bellows Falls -- when police say 24 year old Andrew Ielpi drove over a large mound and lost control. His passenger was thrown from the vehicle -- and struck a tree. Police say Ielpi drove to the police department, but the 23 year old passenger was pronounced dead. The victim's name has not been released. Ielpi was processed for drunk driving, but has not been charged.


A generation of Vermont children is growing up in homes where opiate addiction is part of their every day lives. For most children, their family's struggle is a secret. Julie Kelley joins us live --- Julie ... How many kids live like this? The state really doesn't have a handle on the numbers. Both DCF and the Department of Health told me that they don't track that. We do know that for every thousand babies born in Vermont, 22 are born opiate exposed .... That's seven times the national average. And, for the first time last year, DCF had more babies and young children in custody than older kids. Leaders say, opiate addiction is the primary reason. Those growing numbers has led one Vermont teenager to make the brave decision to come forward and tell her story. Her hope is that other children may suffer less than she has.


Most high school students like to blend into the crowd. Stepping outside that comfort zone isn't easy. (TC - 01:37:59:00) ((Julie Kelley/Reporting Was there any fear about sort of exposing yourself or your family? Sadie Tilden/17-year-old Yah, absolutely.)) 17-year-old Sadie Tilden has a lot going for her. She has a good group of friends and she's a top student at St. Johnsbury Academy. Nats- class When she started her senior year in Steve Jolliffe's Advanced Placement Research and Literature class, she never would have guessed that one of her first assignments would change the course of her final year. (TC - 02:29:46:00) ((Steve Jolliffe/Sadie's Teacher Probably the best college essay in 21 years of teaching I've ever read.)) And Jolliffe has read a lot of them. (TC - 01:39:27:00) Sadie Tilden/17-year-old There was an eviction notice that I remember.)) Sadie put on paper what she had lived through --- for so long --- without almost anyone at school knowing. (TC - 01:42:12:00) ((Sadie Tilden/17-year-old There were times where we wouldn't have hot water and we'd have to boil water to take a bath or our electricity would be shutoff ...)) It was in the 6th grade that Sadie realized something wasn't right. By 8th grade, she knew her mother had an opiate addiction. (TC - 01:56:58:00) ((Nicole Ling/Sadie's Mom I have a lot of guilt. I have a lot of guilt what I put my children through as an addict.)) It's hard for Nicole Ling to think about the choices she made back then. (TC - 02:00:48:00) ((Nicole Ling/Sadie's Mom When you have to struggle to buy a gallon on milk because you've spent the last 15 or 20 dollars you had on a drug, that was the day, that was the day every day was where to come up with the money to get what I needed and then afterwards maybe worry about getting what the kids needed.)) She hit rock bottom when Sadie's little brother was killed in a car crash. A friend was driving him to school. Sadie and her older brother were in the truck too. After the crash, Nicole slipped deeper into her addiction and broke the law for the first time. (TC - 02:01:31:00) ((Nicole Ling/Sadie's Mom It was at a probation call in that I had to give a urinalysis and my urine was dirty for five different substances. my probation officer said to me you're going to call valley vista from my office and you're not leaving until you do.)) Six days later she was in rehab. (TC - 01:49:10:00) ((Sadie Tilden/17-year-old It was definitely probably one of the loneliest times in my life.)) Sadie says, she only saw her Mom twice during that month. (TC - 01:48:39:00) ((Sadie Tilden/17-year-old I remember our biggest concern was that our mom wouldn't be there the morning that we went to our first day of school.)) It was her own strength of character - and the love of her older brother - that helped get her through. Two years later, Sadie found herself in Jolliffe's class and, like all seniors at the Academy, challenged with coming up with a Capstone project. She had to identify an issue that she was passionate about and add to the professional conversation. (TC - 01:38:29:00) ((Sadie Tilden/17-year-old I was very nervous to have people see a different side of me.)) (TC - 00:01:00:00) ((Thomas Lovett/Headmaster Please welcome Sadie Tilden)) (TC - 00:01:19:00) ((Sadie Tilden/17-year-old I chose to study substance abuse rehabilitation because one of the people closest to me battled with substance abuse for a very long time.)) With her mother watching from the back of the room, Sadie recently presented her Capstone findings to classmates and community members. (TC - 00:04:40:00) ((Sadie Tilden/17-year-old The main goal of my project was to identify a treatment strategy that would ultimately have the lowest level of disruption on the life of a child already impacted by parental opiate abuse.)) She looked at three: Drug courts, abstinence based treatment and integrated treatment. The first two focus on the addict. The third is the only one that allows children to go to a treatment center with their parent and receive help as a family. (TC - 00:13:13:00) ((Sadie Tilden/17-year-old Should an integrated treatment program be established in the NEK, parents struggling with addiction would have one more alternative at their disposal that would allow them to remain in residence with their child.)) That's a choice Sadie's family didn't have. (TC - 00:14:18:00) ((Sadie Tilden/17-year-old Today my relationship with my mother, a recovered addict, is healthy and steadfast.)) She hopes, by coming forward, state leaders will hear her story and consider a less life altering approach for the children of Vermont. (TC - 00:20:53:00) ((Sadie - what did you think? Mom - I got so emotional. Sadie - really? Mom - you did a good job. Sadie - thank you. Mom - I love you so much. I'm so proud of you.))


Integrated treatment programs are more expensive than other traditional treatments. There is one in Burlington. Tomorrow at 6 ... I talk with a mom and her young daughter who went through the program. We'll show you what life is like in an integrated treatment facility.


A man busted -- on the Amtrak train -- with more than two thousand bags of heroin. And now -- 24-year-old Jonathan Nisbeet of Newark, New Jersey -- is going to jail. He was sentenced to three years in prison -- as part of a plea deal with federal prosecutors. He was arrested last summer at the train station in Essex Junction. Prosecutors say Nisbett regularly traveled from New Jersey with large amounts of heroin to sell in Chittenden County. He was arrested after under cover agents set up a series of controlled purchases.


A Franklin County Senator - who is suspended - and facing sex charges -- hopes voters stick with him. Norm McAllister is on the ballot - running for re-election. He was suspended at the beginning of the legislative session in January - his colleagues concerned about the sex assault charges against him. He a trial for each alleged victim -- the first is scheduled to start next month.

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A democrat running for governor -- says she has a plan to boost downtowns. Sue Minter says she wants to create a pilot investment program -- re-purposing state and federal grants to invest in distressed downtowns. She says covering three towns in its first year would likely come with an eight to nine figure price tag -- but says no new revenue would be needed. Minter says the idea fits within the theme of her campaign.


(01:23.03:15 ) ((Sue Minter - Democrat for Governor "I have been foucusing on three key prorites; growing our economy, supporting our working families, and protecting our enviotment. " 01:23.12:18 )) Minter also proposes to establish a task force of industry leaders in Clean Energy, farm and forest production, the tech sector and next generation manufacturing to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. She also proposes the creation of social innovation bonds. The state would seek private investment and pay back the bonds overtime through increased revenues and savings borne out of the investment.


Vermont's most famous former baseball player launches a political campaign. Statehouse Reporter Kyle Midura has an exclusive interview tonight with a candidate who hopes his run for governor -- is a homerun.


Fringe candidates for public office often come out of Left Field. But this year, the best nationally-known name in the lineup of candidates for Governor emerges from the bullpen. (00:15:00:00) ((Bill "Spaceman" Lee - Liberty Union Candidate for Governor I'm a pramatic, conservate, forward thinker)) (file - nats?) Former Red Sox and Expos pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee pitched with guts and guile, giving out-of-this-world interviews on the game and world politics. (nats) Now, he's throwing his hat into the race to be Vermont's next governor -- shaking off campaign contributions and decrying wealth inequality. (00:15:54:00) ((Bill "Spaceman" Lee - Liberty Union Candidate for Governor You get what you pay for, if you want change, you vote for Sanders or me. I'm Bernie-Heavy, I'm not Bernie-Lite. My ideas were before Bernie)) (00:16:07:00) ((Bill "Spaceman" Lee - Liberty Union Candidate for Governor If you want to see money come down from the two percent, we're going to need umbrellas when I'm elected, because it's going to be raining dollars)) Lee is believed to have played more professional baseball games than any other person -- playing semi-pro and minor league games well into his 60s. This weekend he toed the rubber in exhibition games up in Montreal, before lacing up for a Sunday game in Vermont's 35-plus league. (00:18:54:00) ((Bill "Spaceman" Lee - Liberty Union Candidate for Governor The problem with Amercans is their fist is like this (closed), and you gotta open your hands. Republicans are pteradactyls, they have little short arms, that never get to their front pockets)) Lee famously quipped that marijuana sprinkled on his pancakes immunized him from Boston bus fumes as he jogged to Fenway Park -- during his nine years with the club. He argues for legalization and taxation of pot in Vermont, along with single-payer health care, paid family leave and bringing the Expos back to Montreal. (nats) In 19-88 he ran for president under the Canadian Rhinoceros party -- which touted positions like bulldozing the Rocky Mountains so that Alberta could receive a few extra minutes of daylight. . . . and a ban on deadly guns and butter. Now he'll run under Liberty Union's banner -- a small party best-known for launching Sen. Bernie Sanders political career -- and Peter Diamondstone's perennial candidacy. (00:18:30:00) ((Bill "Spaceman" Lee - Liberty Union Candidate for Governor if things don't go our way, if we get Trump as president, I'm out of here and I'll take Vermont with us)) Don't expect a political endorsement from his battery-mate -- catcher and Burlington's Democratic Mayor Miro Weinberger. But spectators, and those who shared the field with him say any good squad needs a crafty lefty. (00:33.10:12) ((Kim Hallady - Burlington Cardinals Fan "I will have to wait of course to see what the alternatives are, but based on what he said he certaintaly offers some interesting suggestions.)) (00:37.37:28) ((Jim McDaniel - Middlebury Woodchucks Pitcher "with the political scene as it is I would vote for him." )) Vermont PBS' Gubernatorial debate went viral in 2014. With Lee stepping up to the plate -- it's likely to be another quirky political home-run. KM Ch 3 News Burlington.


Hundreds of trains hauling oil tankers -- rumble through our region each week. Now -- New York is making a new investment to help first responders train to respond to possible fires. An oil train fire destroyed a Quebec town 3 years ago -- and has raised concerns about the dangers for other communities. Now the state is ramping up emergency preparations -- including 500 thousand dollars in federal funds to buy a 'live fire' training prop.


Are Vermont State Police biased - when they pull people over? Tomorrow theyre releasing a new report - with data from stops over the last 5 years - and it aims to answer that questions. The analysis was compiled and assessed by experts at Northeastern University. The research will be released tomorrow night -- at the Vermont Law School in South Royalton. That meeting is open to the public.


Property owners on Lake Morey in Fairlee discovered a big mess today -- it appears a nearby beaver dam let go. Adam Sullivan reports.


Tree limbs, mud, other debris now coat the western side of Lake Morey-- directly in front of Beth Barrett's property. ((Beth Barrett/Lake Property Owner: "I saw that plank coming in from the broad lake. It looked like the broad lake.//I just came down here and it just moved in.")) A couple doors down-- what was once a pristine lawn is also covered in dirt and branches. ((video)) Around 8:30 Monday morning-- the usually gentle Glen Falls brook spilled it's banks-- resulting in this. Flooding on two properties abutting the brook and an even bigger mess spilling into the lake. ((photo)) ALL that damage is likely due to this animal-- the beaver. Officials with the Fairlee Volunteeer Fire Department believe a beaver dam-- above Glen Falls gave way- sending the deluge down stream ((Kim Royar/ON THE PHONE: "A family of beaver can build a 35 foot damn in a week.")) Kim Royar-- with Vermont Fish and Wildlife-- has studied beaver habitat for years. She says that while it is NOT common for a beaver dam to breach-- it does happen. ((Royar: "and once they abandon the site, the dam does deteriorate and sometimes it does breach if you get a heavy rain event.")) (photo) The state does have a program that installs water control structures-- scene here-- where possible breaches are likely. ((Royar: "and lower the water level so that if it does breach, there is less of an impact down stream.")) Officials in Fairlee are still trying to figure out where the dam gave way. A question not as pressing as the one on this resident's mind. ((Barrett: "who is going to clean it up. I don't see it going any other direction.")) And it comes just as camps are opening-- with the summer boating season right around the corner. Adam Sullivan, channel three news in Fairlee.


Temperature week: And temperatures will be similar right through the week. Current temperatures: Temperatures climbed up through the 70s into the low 80s in some locations. Dewpoint: are quite low, it will be a comfortable night. RPM: We do have a disturbance riding up along the New England coast, which will bring some showers and possibly a few thunderstorms to mainly the eastern parts of our region. Later this week, as heat and humidity builds, we can expect some instability showers and possibly thunderstorms for the end of the week and into the weekend. Dewpoint: Dewpoints are in a comfortable level as we start off the week, but later in the week, these dewpoints will climb into the 60s, which will make it feel sticky and summer like. Surface map: Here's the little disturbance that will be moving up the coast tomorrow, bringing some unsettled weather to the coastal region, as well as back across NH, the upper valley and into central Vermont and the NEK.


Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows: 45/52 Winds: Light Tuesday: Partly sunny. A chance of showers/tstorms mainly south and east. Highs: 73/80 Winds: S 5-10 mph Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 50/57 Winds: S 5-10 mph Wednesday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs: 73/80 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday Night: Lows 50/57 Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 73/80 Lows 53/60 Friday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers/Tstorm. Highs 75/82 Lows 55/65 Saturday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers/Tstorm. Highs 75/85 Lows 55/65 Sunday: Partly sunny. Chance of shower/Tstorm. Highs 75/85 Lows 55/65 Monday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers/Tstorm. Highs 80s



A cross-border effort to make sure drivers buckle-up. Eliza Larson will have on the Vermont and New York initiative tonight on the channel 3 news at 11.


A woman -- fell into a pit -- inside an Essex service station. It happened at the Oil N Go -- near Susie Wilson Road. Essex Rescue tells us the pit -- was inside a service bay. The woman was taken to the hospital. We don't know how badly she was hurt.


Evacuations in Rutland today because of a bomb scare. Police say someone called the Northeast Elementary School claiming there was a bomb in the school. Students were moved to the Rutland Intermediate School and parents were notified. No bomb was found in the school -- if you have any information -- call police.


Part of Interstate 89 -- closed down near Randolph. And this is why. Just before 2 o'clock -- the trailer on a big rig -- burst into flames -- near exits 4 and 5. State Police closed down both the north and southbound lanes for a bit. And reopened just one lane -- south -- until the scene was cleared. Traffic is normal now.


A big honor for a Bristol cop. Patrolman Joshua Otey has been named the Vermont American Legion law enforcement officer of the year. He was chosen from a large pool of candidates. He'll be honored next month -- at the legion's annual conference in Killington.


A performance space may be coming back to Winooski. It would be called "The Strand" -- a nod to the historic theater that burned down there in the 1960s. The mixed-use building would include space for businesses on the ground level, 40-thousand square feet of office space, and a 15-hundred person performance venue. The space is located at the top of the Winooski traffic circle. And developers say they're already hearing from interested businesses.


((SOT Bill Niquette, Redstone Senior Associate 002230 We're really trying to make those complementary to existing uses. Not in competition with them. There's a reasonably limited amount of commercial space and we want to build upon the success that's already come back to town in the last 15 years, not compete with it 45)) Niquette says they're now in talks with the city over parking requirements. They hope to break ground this fall.


The NCAA Division One Outdoor Track & Field championships get underway later this week with the East and West Preliminary meets, and the University of Vermont will have at least one representative. Junior Ian Weider has qualified for the men's long jump at the NCAA East Regionals which will be held this Thursday thru Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida. The former Thetford Academy standout won his second straight America East long jump title earlier this month at UVM. Vermont senior Issac de La Bruere from Colchester is the first alternate in the javelin, and if any of the 48 finalists drop out by 8pm tonight, he will be heading to Florida as well, but for now, Weider is alone in representing Cat Country.


((TRT: 37 ... OC: BE COMPETITIVE THERE)) ((Weider/ When I was choosing schools, it meant a lot to be able to wear Vermont on my chest. My mother went here, so that meant a lot for her too, and I'm just trying to do the best I can to represent my state. These are the best jumpers in the country. Half of them are out west, half of them are in the east. But I think I'm up to the challenge. I'm really going to enjoy it. I'm going to soak it all in, but by the time I hit the track it will be all business for me.)) ((Belfield/ You can't be enamored by seeing some of the names on some of the other jerseys. You got there the same way they did, and that's by jumping far. I think that's a big part of it, just knowing that you have the ability to be competitive there.))


Dartmouth is sending a total of nine men and four women...other local athletes competing include UNH junior Elle Purrier of Richford, who is the top seed in the steeplechase...and former CVU standout Autumn Eastman, now a sophomore at Georgetown, who will be running in the 5000.


How safe is your neighborhood pool? The C-D-C evaluated thousands of inspection reports, and found many public pools and hot tubs are getting shut down because of serious health and safety violations. Chris Martinez reports.


SUPERS: :09-:14 Sonal Sarin/ Swimmer :46-:52 Michele Hlavsa/ Center for Disease Control :55-1:00 Chris Martinez/ CBS News/ Los Angeles PKG TRT = 1:25 ) ((NATS/POOL)) IT'S A COMMON SIGHT IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - AS THE WEATHER WARMS. SWIMMERS PACKING PUBLIC POOLS TO COOL OFF... ((Sonal Sarin/ Swimmer @ 14:08:41)) When I'm going in them, I kinda thnk of course is it clean is it not clean?... TURNS OUT THAT'S A VERY REAL CONCERN. A NEW C-D-C REPORT REVEALS THOUSANDS OF PUBLIC POOLS, HOT TUBS AND WATER PLAYGROUNDS ARE SHUT DOWN EVERY YEAR BECAUSE OF SEROUS HEALTH AND SAFETY VIOLATIONS. ((GFX)) THE C-D-C REVIEWED INSPECTION REPORTS OF NEARLY 50 THOUSAND PUBLIC POOLS... AND FOUND 1 IN 8 INSPECTIONS RESULTED IN AN IMMEDIATE CLOSURE. THE MAJORITY OF CLOSURES WERE FROM KIDDIE POOLS - WITH ONE IN 5 SHUT DOWN UPON INSPECTION. AMONG THE MOST COMMON VIOLATIONS: BACTERIA IN THE WATER AND IMPROPER P-H LEVELS. ((Michele Hlavsa/ Center for Disease Control @ 18:15:09 - 9 seconds)) PH is important because it determines how effective the disinfectants like chlorine and bromine are at killing germs and it also determines how comfortable swimmers are in the water. ((Chris Martinez/ CBS News/ Los Angeles @ 1:57:39 - or shorter at 1:58:31)) HEALTH OFFICIALS SAY SWIMMERS SHOULD DO THEIR OWN INSPECTIONS AT PUBLIC AND PRIVATE POOLS - TO HELP AVOID COMMON RISKS. ((NATS/POOL)) THE C-D-C SUGGESTS USING TEST STRIPS TO CHECK A POOL'S P-H LEVELS. AND LOOK FOR PROPER SAFETY MEASURES... ((Michele Hlavsa/ Center for Disease Control @ 8:17:04 - 6 seconds)) Checking if there's a lifeguard, and if there is no lifeguard, if there's safety equipment available to help rescue anyone and prevent drowning. EXPERTS SAY A QUCK SELF-INSPECTION - COULD HELP KEEP YOU SAFE. CHRIS MARTINEZ, CBS NEWS, LOS ANGELES


Average monthly temperature: A normal May is about 55 degrees, so far this May we have averaged about 54. Last year was very warm in May, with an average temperature of 63.6 which is more than 7 degrees above normal. Pollen: the pollen count is high today. Lake: A quiet day on lake champlain tomorrow, water temperature is now 51 degrees. Mountain: On Mount Mansfield, we could see a pop up shower or thunderstorm, and we are losing snow quickly now. Only 4" left at the stake. Weekend: Our weekend weather will be summer like, with warm temperatures and the chance for some pop up showers and thunderstorms.



Tick season is here. Gina Bullard found an all natural tick repellent -- that's Made in Vermont.


Pooches Ruby and Shannon love walks in the woods.. ((nat)) But before they go out with owners Victoria and Glenn there's one rule... ((nat)) Put on tick spray. (00:18:01:21) ((Victoria Dimonda/Green Mountain Repellents "i spray my dogs head to toe bottom of the feet up")) The couple owns Green Mountain Repellents. Five years ago Victoria was looking for a safe option for her two year old daughter with sensitive skin. (00:15:01:16) ((Victoria Dimonda/Green Mountain Repellents "we were hiking and she mentioned she felt a bump on her head and when i looked there was an embedded tick in her head")) She did some research and came up with her own all natural concoction that was safe for her daughter and her dogs. Quickly her friends and family were hooked and convinced her to bottle the tick repellant and sell it. (00:17:31:00) ((Victoria Dimonda/Green Mountain Repellents "i know there's a lot of people who look for an all natural alternative. i've had hunters tell them they put permenthrin on their clothing but they still want to put something on their skin")) The five ingredient spray is made from essential oils of lemon grass, rose geranium and cedar wood along with alcohol and filtered water. Victoria recommends people spray liberally and every few hours. (00:17:42:18) ((Victoria Dimonda/Green Mountain Repellents "gina- does it work? v-our product definitely works, we make no claims to be 100% effective but nothing is 100% effective")) From co-ops all over the Northeast to the Vermont Country Store the repellant is selling and fast. The duo has sold more than 25-thousand bottles. (00:14:07:00) ((Glenn Gunther/Green Mountain Repellents "we both have full time jobs now either its going to grow to a spot where one of us does it full time or someone comes along with an offer we can't refuse")) Victoria also knows the dangers of tick-born illnesses. She's a nurse. (00:19:47:24) ((Victoria Dimonda/Green Mountain Repellents "i see everyday people comign to our office with multiple tick borne disease that make people really really sick")) They're hoping their made-in-Vermont repellents -- won't even land you in the doctor's office. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Dorset.


An 8 ounce botttle will cost you about 15 bucks We've got more information on out website - wcax - dot com.


The Middlebury men's and women's tennis teams both picked up wins today in the NCAA Division Three quarterfinals in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The men beat Washington-St. Louis 5-1 to advance to the national semifinals for the tenth time in program history. The Panthers will face Chicago in the semis tomorrow morning. The Middlebury women knocked off NESCAC rival Amherst 5-2 in the quarterfinals late this afternoon to reach the Final Four for the first time since 2005. The Panthers will face either Chicago, or another NESCAC team, Williams in the semifinals tomorrow. Those teams are playing their national quarterfinal as we speak.


The Middlebury women's lacrosse team is heading to the NCAA Division Three Final Four for the second straight year and the fourth time in the last five years. The fifth ranked Panthers outlasted number Gettysburgh 13-9 in a touch NCAA quarterfinal Sunday at Kohn Field. Bridget Instrum had four goals and an assist, Megan Griffin added three goals and two assists and Laural Pascal scored three times as well for Middlebury. They will face Cortland State out of the SUNYAC in the semifinals this Saturday at Philadelphia. It's a rematch of last year's national semifinal at PPL Park in Philly... home of the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer... won by Cortland. The Panthers know it will be a challenge, but feel having experienced playing on the big stage a season ago will help them this time around.


((TRT: 35 ... OC: A GOOD CHANGE)) ((Instrum/ It's actually really exciting because we were there last year, so we know what to expect. I feel like the overwhelming aspect of being at the Final Four we'll be excited about, but not too overwhelmed. We'll be able to focus on the game, and focus on the team and really focus on our practice plan and everything.)) ((Pascal/ What's awesome is that we got a chance to play in it last year. It's definitely so cool playing in a big stadium. It kind of gets your adrenalin going. It's definitely a change, but it's only a good change.))


high school lacrosse ...Stowe boys visiting Spaulding... --- Raiders alll over the Crimson Tide in this one, Jackson Felis ripping it top right to give Stowe a 3-0 lead. --- But the bigger story was probably the play of Bannon Wright: the junior keeper makes several huge stops to keep the Tide off the board, including this one from point blank range. --- Then Jack Schneider, picking it up and finding a lane through several defenders He'll find a wide open Riley Levine on the crease for the easy one...Stowe leads at last check...we'll have the final at 11pm.


we head up Route 302 to U-32...the Raiders boys facing Lamoille ... --- Tie ball game just after the half, but Zach Schneider wind find Max Kissner who buries it to put the Raiders in front 3-2 --- But the Lancers answer right back. Bill Hogan with the bull dodge, switches hands and tingles the twine to even it at 3. --- Back come the Raiders, this time Schneider keeps it himself, scores on the bouncer to put U32 up 4-3 Tim Eastmann quick to find Jordan Sorin though, airborne to level it again, we'll have the final at 11pm.


In the end, Tom Brady may indeed have to serve a four game Deflategate suspension, but if he does, it appears that it will happen after he has exhausted every legal option available to him. Today, Brady and his legal team filed an appeal for a second hearing by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in regard to his four-game suspension imposed by the NFL. The court upheld Brady's suspension in a 2-1 decision April 25, deciding that commissioner Roger Goodell's discipline was properly grounded in the collective bargaining agreement and that Brady was treated fairly. Brady appealed en banc, asking the entire panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to participate in the hearing. Seven of the 13 judges would have to agree that an en banc session is the right decision before a hearing is held. If the en banc session isn't granted, Brady could take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court.


A special Thunder Road event set for yesterday featuring Kids Rides was postponed due to rain. It has been rescheduled for Sunday, June 12th. This Sunday, T-Road roars back to life with a full race card headlined by the 54th annual Memorial Day Classic.




News conference in the middle of lake champlain -- to highlight Vermont and New York's plan -- to get people to buckle up. That's at 11. And things get nastier for the Democrats in the Presidential race. A look at the new deal between Bernie Sanders and the DNC…Next on the CBS Evening News. Good night. Good night.

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