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It's time, once again, to get Star Struck with our favorite expert on everything out there ...Bobby Farlice-Rubio of the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium ... ((Today we are talking about a subject that has been a focus of endless fascination over the years, black holes.)) ((And you have an update on some of the companies working to develop commercial space travel.))


Tomorrow on the Thirty -- the future of the energy grid. Is homegrown energy like solar panels and wind turbines making the power grid irrelevant? UVM professor Mads Almassalkhi (Mass al-massal-ah-key) will join us to talk about the future of energy in Vermont. That's tomorrow at 5:30 on the thirty.


Good evening, I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. A Westminster man pleaded not guilty today in connection with a fatal stabbing. The homicide happened early Sunday morning at a house where both the victim and the accused were staying. But we still do not know a motive for the crime. Adam Sullivan reports.


Police say 38-year-old Lonnie Place stabbed his housemate to death the Shady Pines trailer park in Westminster. It happened early Sunday morning. According to court documents-- Place-- and the victim, 37-year-old Michael Johnson-- had been living at the home for a while. (( Tracy Kelly Shriver/Windham County State's Attorney: "question: and you believe that the homicide happened inside the trailer? Answer: the evidence points to that at this point. Yes.")) The trailer is also the home of Christina Allcock. Court papers say she was one of the first people to call for help. ((Tracy Kelly Shriver/Windham County State's Attorney: "Christina Allcock, her son Ryan Allcock, and Mr. Place and Mr. Johnson were the ones who were in the trailer.")) Police say Christina Allcock told dispatchers that Place stabbed Johnson-- but she said it was an accident. When police arrived -- Ryan Allcock also said that Place had done the stabbing-- though he had not actually witnessed it. Several other family members showed up after police were called. Court papers show they all barricaded themselves in a vehicle out front-- including Place-- and would not cooperate with police. Investigators say Christina Allcock allegedly punched a trooper in the face - and tried to light his jacket on fire. But eventually they were detained for questioning. ((Teresa Gibson/Neighbor: "I was actually pretty surprised. I'm not used to having something like that happen right next store to me.")) ((Thomas Collier/Neighbor: "A little surprised but not really shocked with them over there.")) Other neighbors we spoke with-- who asked not to be identified on camera-- took photos of the investigation as it unfolded. They told us this is NOT the first time that police have been called to the home. ((Collier: "this place used to be pretty nice and it was quiet and now is has gone down hill.")) ((Gibson: "it was definitely weird seeing the crime scene investigator out in their suits. I only see that on TV usually.")) What remains unclear is a motive. Place was arrested at the Rockingham barracks where he was brought in for questioning. During that process police say he attempted to run out of the interview room and flee the building. He has a lengthy criminal record including three prior felonies in Vermont. He denied charges in court Monday. ((Shriver: "question: "did he admit to the stabbing? Answer: he made no statements.")) ((Sullivan: "Because Place is being charged as a habitual offender, he faces the possibility of life behind bars if convicted. He is currently being held without bail. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Brattleboro."))


Christina Allcock has been charged with aggravated assault on a police officer. Another man-- Michael Allcock was also charged for refusing officer's orders at the crime scene.


A Barre man allegedly drank too much, drove the wrong way on the interstate, and rammed a state trooper. This afternoon - three days later -- his attorney denied any wrong-doing. Kyle Midura was the only member of the media in court today - he joins us from the newsroom. Kyle. Kristin, 29-year-old Nathan Jones has a long history of run-ins with the law -- mostly driving offenses -- with about a dozen felony convictions to his name. That list could get a lot longer, after prosecutors charged him with eight more felonies and a misdemeanor this afternoon for his alleged actions Friday night.


29-year-old Nathan Jones smirked as he walked into Washington County Superior Court Monday. The Barre resident faces felony D-U-I, eluding police, and assault on a law enforcement officer charges -- among others. (00:00:59:00) ((Rosanna Chase - Public Defender on his behalf, I waive a formal reading, waive the 24-hour rule, waiver a furhter rescitation of his rights pursuant to rule five and enter not guilty pleas on all counts)) Investigators say Jones drove Northbound while in the Southbound lane of I-89 for about five miles near Berlin Friday evening after consuming several alcoholic beverages. He allegedly avoided multiple attempts by police to stop him before a crash brought the chase to a close. (10:07:24:00) ((Kyle Midura STUP Jones allegedly tried to drive through a trooper positioned in front of him. She threw the car in reverse, but says she couldn't get out of the way in time to avoid an accident)) State police did not report any injuries from Friday's incident. Jones showed evidence of cuts and scrapes Monday in court. (00:01:42:00) ((Daniel Cavanaugh - Washington County State's Attorney it does appear that he qualifies as a habitual felony offender)) That likely designation led Jone's public defender not to fight the 100-thousand dollar bail sought by prosecutors and ultimately granted by the judge... because if Jones is convicted he'll face a potential life sentence.


As part of a previous furlough from prison, Jones is required to wear an ankle monitor to detect if he drinks alcohol. However, he told police he disposed of it. Jones received his first DUI conviction in 2004, at the age of 18.


A high risk sex offender who victimized kids in Bradford, Corinth and Topsham - is set to be released from prison tomorrow. 53-year-old Joseph Gonsalves has been in prison for 12 years after pleading guilty to a slew of sex charges. When Gonsalves is released - staff with the organization the Church at Prison -- are connecting Gonsalves with the Veterans Administration in White River Junction. From there -- they say -- he'll be transferred to a vet program in Massachusetts.


Police say a Barnard man sexually assaulted an 8-year-old girl. Investigators worked for two months - compiling evidence before charging 42 year old Gregor Clasby. Police say he assaulted the girl twice - and more charges could be coming. Clasby pleaded NOT guilty in court this afternoon.


A four year-old found wandering the streets or Rutland. Now the child's mom -- Lena Herchenroder is charged with child cruelty. City police say the 4 year-old was not properly clothed -- and was walking alone on Crescent and Grove Streets Sunday. Police say Herchenroder left the child home alone -- while the father was at work.

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A manhunt in Plattsburgh -- for a bank robber. The stick up -- at the Glens Falls National Bank -- in Plattsburgh Plaza. Police say the suspect told tellers he had a weapon. Got cash. And fled in a dark-blue or black Volvo-type vehicle. New York State police and Plattsburgh city police responded to the robbery. The city crime was also on the scene for over an hour this afternoon. The bank robber is described as a white man in his 40s, with a mustache and cowboy hat.

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Dan Dowling is here, a little snowy out there today. (wx script)


Some are calling it a controversial second chance for suspended drivers. The pilot program promises to reinstate licenses -- for drivers behind on traffic tickets -- for a fraction of what they owe. Jennifer Costa has been investigating the program -- and the depth of the problem. Jennifer what have you learned? Kristin and Darren -- State officials say there are more than 100-thousand outstanding traffic tickets -- more than 75 days overdue. What they don't know -- is how much drivers owe the state of Vermont. Now one Chittenden County prosecutor has a plan to get some of that money back -- while clearing the court backlog.


((Karen Bushey/Essex 00:38:48 "I've never been in trouble ever and it's really scary to even be here in court.")) Karen Bushey is one of hundreds of Chittenden County drivers -- hauled into criminal court for driving with a suspended license. Her clean record... tarnished by mounting traffic tickets. ((Karen Bushey/Essex 00:42:12 "Once I got pulled over once, I got pulled over multiple times.")) Karen has never had a moving violation. But in 2007 -- she was stopped for driving an unregistered car that wasn't inspected. She admits it was wrong -- but -- at the time -- couldn't afford the DMV fees -- and needed to drive to keep her job. Her license was suspended. Police flagged her plates. It's a vicious cycle -- she says -- she can't escape. ((Karen Bushey/Essex 00:39:02 "It's horrible because you want to get out from under so bad, and every time you think you might have a solution, then you get pulled over and you get another ticket and the bottom drops out of your stomach because you know it's just going to be that much further, that much more of a hole you're digging.")) ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney 00:04:32 "When we look at this from strictly a court perspective, we're wasting a lot of resources without much reward.")) In 1991 -- Vermont lawmakers created the civil ticket. Before that -- everyone who got pulled over -- was sent to court. In 2003 -- the legislature -- passed a law making five or more civil tickets a criminal offense. Since then courts have been inundated with cases involving suspended licenses. ((GRX 1)) In 2014 -- Chittenden County alone had 960 DLS cases. HALF centered on delinquent traffic tickets. ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney 00:01:24 "That's almost 10% of the entire caseload of Chittenden County." 00:06:14 "It's an issue that has to be addressed. The system is not working.")) ((GRX 2)) DMV records show 22,509 Vermonters have criminally suspended licenses for failing to pay old tickets. That amounts to about 113-thousand delinquent tickets. 11-thousand of these violations are at least 20 years old. least a decade overdue. ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney 00:02:48 "Our time is better used elsewhere.")) State's attorneys -- like T.J. Donovan -- want prosecutors focused on drugs, sex crimes and abuse cases -- not a backlog of ancient traffic offenses. He says -- the state is NOT collecting its money -- so suspended drivers -- remain behind the wheel -- wracking up tickets -- clogging the court system. ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney 00:09:18 "They're in a hole. We're not going to make excuses. We're not going to condone why they're there. We're going to acknowledge it and give them one shot to make it right.")) Last week -- Donovan unveiled a controversial plan -- to help suspended drivers -- like Brandalia Sheppard -- get back on the road legally. ((Brandalia Sheppard/Colchester 00:35:03 "I owe a lot.")) A year and a half ago -- the Colchester mom forgot to pay a carseat fine. With it -- went her right to drive. ((Brandalia Sheppard/Colchester 00:36:45 "I get anxiety and I feel like I'm so stuck.")) She works 40 hours a week -- but says her paycheck can't cover the one thousand dollars -- in fines -- she owes for driving on a suspended license. ((Brandalia Sheppard/Colchester 00:36:22 "We didn't have that money. We were behind in everything.")) ((GRX 3)) On March 20th -- Brandalia, Karen and about 97-hundred other delinquent ticket holders in Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle, Lamoille and Washington counties -- will have the opportunity to pay 20 bucks per ticket -- to clear their records and get their licenses reinstated. ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney 00:14:14 "It is an affordability issue.")) Donovan says DLS disproportionately plagues the poor. While the state does not track -- how many of its 22-thousand suspended drivers are beneath the poverty line -- DLS is the most common case for public defenders. Still -- Donovan's program is available to offenders -- regardless of income. ((Patrick Sheehan/Chittenden County Court Diversion Executive Director 00:19:23 "I think there's going to be a lot of people who take advantage of this.")) Patrick Sheehan heads Chittenden County's court diversion program. His job is to find creative solutions -- and payment plans -- for offenders with outstanding tickets. Some drivers can pay a fee -- to delay their balance. Others can work off their tickets through community service. But he can't help everyone. ((Patrick Sheehan/Chittenden County Court Diversion Executive Director 00:18:13 "I have people who come into my office who make $12/hr, or are a family of 3, who make $35,000/year and I can't offer any reduction for them at all. And that's frustrating to me.")) He says THOSE are the people Donovan's -- one day reprieve -- will help the most. So why isn't this program available statewide? ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney 00:11:37 "We said, hey look if you're driving in Chittenden County, it's likely you're going to have tickets in our neighboring counties. So I called my colleagues in Franklin, Grand Isle, Lamoille and Washington and asked if they would sign on.")) He did not reach out to the 9 other state's attorneys. Then there's the issue of accountability. Some feel the program is unfair to law abiding citizen who pay up. Notable names -- like Rusty Dewees -- "the Logger" is voicing his opposition on the radio. ((RADIO Rusty Dewees/ "The Logger" 00:00:54 "Don't like it." 00:01:53 "there's a lot of people that are paying their tickets. I'm one of them. I got a ticket the other day for a little meter parking. 00:04:36 "no silver spoon here. but i'm going to pay it. :42 we have to all take responsibility.")) Donovan maintains his pilot program is about improving public safety -- for all drivers. ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney 00:05:49 "The lack of insurance is really a frightening thing.")) He's offering this break -- but warns reinstated drivers if they don't get insured -- they'll face resuspension -- regardless of economic troubles. Advocates say insurance costs generally go up with every ticket. So erasing them -- will likely lower insurance premiums -- increasing the likelihood these drivers will get coverage. ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney 00:15:35 "This was my bright idea. If it goes well, great. If it doesn't go well, you know, I'll take the responsibility for it.")) It's an idea -- Brandalia calls her hail mary pass. She's already set the money aside -- for March 20th -- with one goal in mind. ((Brandalia Sheppard/Colchester 00:35:44 "Keep moving forward and to get things all in order so I don't have to be a burden on the state."))


Close to 10-thousand drivers -- in those five counties -- will be eligible on the 20th. Officials at the Costello Courthouse in Burlington are gearing up for a busy day -- but aren't making predictions about how many drivers will show up. They are asking drivers to bring a BANK check, money order or credit card. No cash. Donovan tells me QUOTE "we never want cash in the criminal courts." Darren.


A new poll shows more Vermonters DISapprove of Governor Shumlin's performance - than approve. The news website VT-Digger commissioned the Castleton Poll -- which found the Governor's approval rating at 43-percent. His DIS-approval is 47-percent. Among Democrats - the Digger poll found - 62 percent approve of the Governor. But when it comes to independents - support is at 37-percent.


Special Correspondent Nancy Remsen is here. Thanks for joining us. ((You've covered Vermont politics for nearly 2 decades - what do numbers like this mean for Governor Shumlin's ability to do his job?)) ((Can the Governor recover from numbers like this - or does this provide ammunition for people hoping to run in 2016 - both Democrats and Republicans?)) Thanks Nancy.


Vermonters head to the polls tomorrow. And school budgets are on the line. While it won't help this year -- two Vermont lawmakers are pitching a proposal to lower property taxes. Representatives Oliver Olsen and Jim Condon says the current education funding system is too complicated. They want a fixed statewide residential property tax -- the same rate for owner-occupied and rentals. Their bill would get rid of income sensitivity, property tax rebates and renter rebates. They say those rebates would no longer be needed because landlords would not charge as much. It also calls for an income tax -- based on your district's school spending.


((Rep. Oliver Olsen: We have a system no on truly understands.... We have introduced.)) ((Rep. Jim Condon: 11:19 We have Act 60 and 68 .... How can that be fair? It's not.)) Last Town Meeting -- about 35 school budgets were shot down. Condon and Olsen say school boards and lawmakers got the message. And they don't expect as many to go down in defeat tomorrow, as more towns reeled in spending this year.


Dan is back. New month, hopefully some warmer weather ahead.


Any snow showers will wrap up this evening, with skies clearing out through the overnight. Temps will bottom out near zero. Tuesday will start out with plenty of sunshine, before more clouds work in during the afternoon. Then, as another frontal system moves through, we'll see a period of snow late Tuesday and Tuesday evening. The snow could briefly end as a wintry mix on Tuesday night. Most of us will see about 1-4" by Wednesday morning. A "dry slot" will push in on Wednesday, so we'll see a little bit of sunshine, with just a slight chance for a snow or rain shower. Highs will briefly spike to around 40 degrees, but brisk westerly breezes will make it feel colder. Cold air will return on Thursday. A weak trough could touch off a passing snow shower. Highs on Thursday will be in the teens and lower 20s. Friday looks cold and quiet. Then a couple of weak disturbances could touch off a few snow showers this weekend, with moderating temperatures. Don't forget Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend. "Spring Ahead" by setting your clocks ahead 1 hour on Saturday night/Sunday morning. And take the opportunity to change the batteries in your smoke and and CO detectors.



It's 30 years in federal prison - for a man who broke into a gun store in Hardwick. 27 year old Larry Garrow was sentenced today - for possession of stolen firearms. He also has to pay 8-thousand dollars in restitution to Rite Way Sports Shop. As part of the plea deal - Garrow told authorities he stole 32 guns from the store last April - and gave 20 of them to someone else. Those guns have not been recovered.


A guilty plea in the case of a woman accused of ransacking her father's grave in Colebrook. 53-year-old Melanie Nash will be sentenced in May. Police say she and three others busted into Eddie Nash's vault - and stole vodka and cigarettes - but did not find his will. Police say Nash thought she should have gotten a bigger inheritance when her father passed away ten years ago. Two others pleaded guilty in the case - a third was acquitted.


In Rutland - there are three candidates for mayor. But one of them is running for two other city positions as well. Kam Johnston - a Rutland Resident - is running for mayor - alderman - and city assessor. Johnston says he has many ideas for the city if people would give him the vote. He talked about new plans for the downtown area as well as how to regulate the city's budget. Last week - Johnston took to the city's streets to meet and greet voters - saying that a personal touch will hopefully play in his favor.


(TC 19:44:59:07 Title 1944)((Kam Johnston/Rutland Mayor Candidate: "one of the biggest problems we have is that there's a whole bunch of people who don't have cable, there's a whole bunch of people who don't get the Rutland Herald. And so unless you go door to door - or unless you have big bucks to spend on advertising - there's a whole swath of the population who never gets to know who the candidates are." 19:45:14:07)) Johnston is one of three mayoral candidates in Rutland. He is running against incumbent Mayor -- Christopher Louras -- and Dave Allaire who's president of the board of alderman. That's News Around the Region.


Starting Line Sports ...encouraging news regarding Rice girls basketball coach Tim Rice, who collapsed late in the fourth quarter of the Division One semifinal Saturday night at Patrick Gym. According to the UVM Medical Center, Rice's condition has been upgraded to 'good'. Rice athletic director Gino Riffle says that assistants Mark Pfaff and Bruce Audette will share head coaching duties when the game resumes.


As for the game, the Vermont Principals' Assocation announced today that the semifinal between Rice and CVU will resume Thursday at 6:30pm at Patrick Gym. The Redhawks were leading 30-27 with just 59.5 seconds left when the game was suspended. These are highlights from the first half. Once that game concludes, the second semifinal will be played between BFA-St. Albans and Essex, with an estimated start time of 7:15pm. If you had tickets for either game from Saturday, use that ticket stub for re-admittance to Patrick Gym. Additional tickets to either game will be available for purchase on Thursday at Patrick Gym.


Tonight, the boys basketball semifinals get underway with four games, two at UVM and two in Barre. At Patrick Gym, itís the Division One semis... top seed Rice and number four Rutland got underway at 6pm. It will be followed by a 2-3 matchup between Burlington and Burr & Burton. At the Aud, D-4 top seed Twin Valley faces number four Proctor in a game that is just set to tip off, then tonight at 8:15pm, unbeaten Woodstock, the number one seed in D-2, faces Otter Valley. We'll have highlights from all four games at 11pm. And coming up later, we hit the snow for the alpine and snowboarding high school state finals.


Town Meeting Day isn't just about school and municipal budgets. It's also for electing officers. In Burlington -- last minute campaigning by the candidates for Mayor. Can Miro Weinberger hold on for a second term? Alex Apple looks at the Mayor's race in the Queen City - tonight at 11.


Studies show pediatricians are facing more pressure from parents to delay or space out vaccinations -- and doctors are giving in. Teri Okita has more in tonight's HealthWatch.


ALANA SANDS WANTS HER 15-MONTH-OLD SON, CRUZ, VACCINATED ... JUST NOT THE NUMBER OF SHOTS RECOMMENDED FOR HIS YOUNG AGE. (Super: Alana Sands/Cruz' Mother) (SOT) My concern is that their body can't handle the chemicals that are in the vaccination. A NATIONAL SURVEY FROM CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL COLORADO SHOWS 93-PERCENT OF PEDIATRICIANS ARE GETTING AT LEAST ONE REQUEST A MONTH TO SPREAD OUT OR POSTPONE VACCINATIONS FOR PATIENTS UNDER TWO. (Super: Dr. Allison Kempe/Children's Hospital Colorado) (SOT) Although they are very conflicted ... almost all of them felt this was the wrong thing to do. THIS STUDY WAS DONE IN 2012 ... BEFORE THE CURRENT MEASLES OUTBREAK. PEDIATRICIANS, LIKE DR. WALDSTEIN, SAY THEY AGREE TO DELAYS IN ORDER TO BUILD TRUST WITH PARENTS. (SOT/Waldstein) I'd rather see them do it a month later than not do it at all. RESEARCHERS FOUND PARENTS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT SHORT AND LONG-TERM COMPLICATIONS... AND THAT SOME CONTINUE TO WORRY ABOUT AUTISM ... EVEN THOUGH STUDIES SHOW THERE'S NO LINK. (Super: Dr. Peter Waldstein/Pediatrician ) (SOT) A lot of young parents who choose not to vaccinate, they're going to see the repercussions of not vaccinating by all these diseases that were eradicated resurfacing. RESEARCHERS RECOMMEND CONVERSATIONS ABOUT IMMUNIZATIONS START EARLY IN PREGNANCY SO PARENTS ARE WELL-PREPARED. TERI OKITA, FOR CBS NEWS, LOS ANGELES.


The study also found the medical community needs to more effectively counter misinformation about vaccines. The findings are published in "pediatrics". That's HealthWatch.


Dan is back. March is here. People are talking about Spring.


Celebrities around the world are settling down at night with Made in Vermont linens. And as Gina Bullard found them in an unlikely place.


((nat water behind house video?)) The sound of dripping water is a sign this old farmhouse is still running smooth in Tunbridge. ((nat)) And the sounds of scissors and sewing machines are symbols of a business staying strong. ((nat)) Welcome to Anichini -- a 30 year old luxury textile and home furnishings company. (00:03:43:09) ((Sue "thread dyed 100% egyptian cotton")) It sells everything from bed and bath linens to fabric and wall coverings. This day workers are busy completing an order for the Persia sheet set. (00:04:05:00) ((Sue "g-would you call this a luxurious fabric? S- oh they all are")) Anichini started as an antique linens business. The creator Susan Dollenmyer bought a collection of antique fabrics in Vermont and sold them in New York. That love of textiles grew into following the roots of where things were made. The company now buys high end fabric from Italy, Morocco and other places around the globe. (00:25:08:06) ((Alan Jesseman/Anichini "we're really passionate about keeping hand crafts alive whether it's drawn hand stitching from Litiuania or hand woven silks from india")) The customer receiving this smooth egyptian cotton order is not skimping -- pillow shams are 360-dollars each -- pillow cases 210 a piece -- the sheet set 1430-dollars. The entire bill will be over 8-thousand dollars. (00:30;58:14) ((Alan Jesseman/Anichini "g-do you feel amazing sleeping on one of these pillow cases? A- you will have the best night sleep you've ever had it's a life changing experience you can't go back to sleeping on something else ")) It wasn't always bliss for this extravagant company. It now owns four buildings in Tunbridge and has around 20 employees but during the recession it had to close stores and showrooms around the country and restructure the business. (00:28:47:14) ((Alan Jesseman/Anichini "the recession certainly changed things we work more now with designers on one of a kind products")) The company became more custom. Working with designers at hotels and celebrities. The number of A-listers that sleep on Anichini is long. Here's just a few -- Oprah -- Bill Gates -- Cher -- Elton John -- Beyonce -- Brad Pitt -- Tom Cruise -- Will Smith -- Barbara Streisand - Prince - and Martha Stewart. You can also spot Anichini products in movies and TV shows -- like Twilight and Sex and the City. (00:30:41:25) ((Alan Jesseman/Anichini "they're the heirlooms of the future they're like what you would hand down through a hope chest")) The company says the products are durable and if cared for correctly the colors of Anichini products won't fade -- and they will last a lifetime. (00:28:34:23) ((Alan Jesseman/Anichini "it's really inspirational to work here everyday and be surrounded by this kind of beauty and i think that reflects back on the products we make")) Beautiful high end Made in Vermont linens being cherished around the world. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Tunbridge.


You can purchase Anichini's products online or at its store in Queeche. We'll have more information on the InfoCenter at wcax-dot-com.


One stray dog has thousands of reasons to be thankful. He is recovering from an expensive surgery that would not have been possible without the generosity of others. Judy Simpson has the story.

40} DOG6_PKG

Pico the Husky has gotten a new lease on life.The stray was brought to the Homeward Bound shelter in Middlebury February 12th. It was obvious he had a badly broken back leg. It had to be amputated. ((Tile 716_4197_01 Jessica Danyow/Homeward Bound 00:03:41:20" Our plan as we dealt with his sitaution was to schedule his surgery for the moment he became legally ours. Vermont has a seven day state holding period which enables an owner a reasonable amount of time to come forward and find an animal. 00:03:56:05 we had his surgery scheduled for as soon as that period expired.")) There was, however a big problem, the surgery was going to cost more than 3 thousand dollars, money the shelter did not have. So they turned to complete strangers for help. ((Tile 716_4197_01 Jessica Danyow/Homeward Bound 00:04:23:10" So that week allowed us to fundraise and we did something which we haven't previously done which was try crowd sourcing go fund me platform and our goal was 32 hundred to cover the cost of the surgery and we ended up raising 75 hundred which was remarkable, absolutely remarkable."00:04:41:2 8 )) But wait, it gets better. ((JS SU 00:15:19:21" Along with the donors somebody else saw the go,,, fund me campaign for Pico, and what happened next was a complete surprise. "00:15:27:11)) Veterinarian Nate Heilman in South Burlington called the shelter. ((Tile 716_4221_01 Nate Heilman/ Qi Veterinary Clinic 00:15:47:11" I offered to amputate the leg from Pico. And just do it at no charge we have helped out in the past the humane socieity and we were very busy this past fall and we didn't do a dental day for them so I figured we owed them some services and wanted to do a good deed."00:16:13:09)) But the story gets EVEN better. ((00:04:57:00 Tile 716_4197_01 Jessica Danyow/Homeward Bound "The beauty of it to me is that all of the folks who made contributions though go fund me and here in the shelter were unconcerned about getting their refund once they learned about the donated surgery they said keep the money we know it will go to a good use." 00:05:09:01)) So Pico the stray will help to pay it forward. The money raised for his donated surgery can now help out other injured animals who, for what ever reason , end up in this shelter. JS Channel three news, Middlebury.

41} DOG6_TAG

It will take PIco a couple of weeks to recover from his surgery, then he will be placed for adoption.


It's the start of a busy two days for the state's high school skiers and snowboarders. We kick things off with opening day of the state alpine championships at Bromley Mountain... today, it's the slalom ... --- The Slalom being run today in very tricky conditions, at least for the first runs. South Burlington's Annika Nielsen finishes third today for the girls her second run time nearly 2 seconds faster than her first run. --- Mt. Mansfield's Karin Rand wore bib one, but she came in 2nd place today, Karin was one of two skiers with both of her runs under 39 seconds. Her second run time 37.18 was the fastest of the day. --- But it was Burr and Burton's Sanderson Kemp who was the most consistent on course as she edged Rand by just eight hundredths of a second to take home the state title. --- To the boys we go. last year's GS state champ Andy Kenosh of Rutland has to settle for third place in the slalom, his second run time of 35 seconds even helping him to the podium. ---- BFA's Bennett Coseo is the runner up. Both of his times were under 36 seconds, but he finishes just .23 seconds out of the top spot. --- Woodstock's Ian Clarke is the winner. His total time is 1:10.68. The Wasps boys and girls teams both hold the lead in the team competition going into the giant slalom tomorrow at Okemo.


we head to Mount Snow for the opening day of the high school snowboarding championships...and the halfpipe... ----- the girls up first with the best score out of the two runs counting. The Black River girls, last year's team champs, Abigail Schmidt finishing third scoring a 14 on her first run. --- The BFA girls finished fourth overall a year ago, The Comets McKenna Spaulding finishes second. She scored a 14.5 on her first run. --- But it's last year's halfpipe champ Ginger Brown from Burr and Burton defending her crown scoring a 15.7 on her first run. --- On the boys side, Leland And Graey's Andrew Weitzel scoring an 18.1 on his second run to give him a third place finish. --- The BFA boys are the defending team champs. Quinn Lumsden with a 19.9 on his second run to capture second place. --- It's another win for Burr and Burton. Max Eisenhaur scoring a 20.6 on his first run. A great day for the Bulldogs as both the boys and girls lead in the overall team standings as well... competition concludes tomorrow at Mt. Snow with the slopestyle and giant slalom.


((TRT: 16 ... OC: A CHAMPIONSHIP)) (((Max Eisenhaur/"Placing first, that's what I wanted to do. It was really fun the whole way. Getting first in pipe is definately going to alleve some of the pressure for tomorrow, so hopefully it all goes well and we're going to try to go home with a championship.")))


And along with the conclusion of the snowboarding championships and the giant slalom in the alpine, the high school nordic championships will wrap up with the classical cross country races at Rikert.


((Will it be Weinberger, Guma, Goodkind or Ploof? Burlington's mayoral candidates campaign for last minute votes. I'm Alex Apple. I'll have the update on that tonight at 11."))


A quartet of Catamounts picking up America East conference awards today. Junior forward Ethan O'Day was named to the America East first time, while sophomore guard Dre Wills was an all second team selection and both players earned all-defensive team honors. Two freshman picked up accolades as well, with Trae Bell-Haynes being named to the all-rookie team, and Cam Ward tabbed as a co-sixth player of the year. After losing six seniors who earned multiple all-conference honors from last year's squad, this year's group has shown that the cupboard is far from bare in Catamount Country.


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The Castleton women's basketball team will face Geneseo out of the SUNYAC in the first round of the NCAA Division Three Tournament. The game will be played on Friday, March 6th in Geneseo. The start time is to be determined. The Spartans earned their second straight trip to the big dance with a 45-40 win over New England College in the NAC Championship Game on Saturday. Last year, the Spartans advanced to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament, with wins over Bowdoin and Plattsburgh.


It's trade deadline day in the NHL...and the Montreal Canadiens made a trio of moves, including acquiring former UVM star Torrey Mitchell from Buffalo for a prospect and a draft pick. It's a return home for the 30-year-old Mitchell, who grew up just outside Montreal. The Habs also acquired defenseman Jeff Petry from Edmonton for two draft picks and center Brian Flynn from Buffalo for a draft pick.


Many people expected the Boston Bruins to be busy at the trade deadline, and they did make one more, picking up young forward Brett Connolly from Tampa Bay for 2015 and 2016 second round picks. The 22-year-old Connelly had 12 goals and three assists in 50 games for the Lightning this season. Late in the afternoon, another announced deal had Boston sending forward Jordan Caron to Colorado for 31-year-old forward Max Talbot.



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