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Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. Slow -- but steady -- gains. That's the outlook for Vermont's economy -- released today. Alexei Rubenstein reports.


Vermont's economy is showing signs of improvement -- but it continues to be a long and slow haul -- according to state economists. ((00:14:38 Tile 1770 Slower and longer - just like the recovery, it was slower and longer.)) The five-member state Emergency Board -- Which includes the Governor and top legislative finance leaders -- met in Montpelier to sign off on the latest revenue forecast update -- what economists call only a slight increase from previous forecasts. ((GRFX)) The state is expected to take in about $1.43 billion dollars in the general fund in the current fiscal year -- this includes a forecasted $40 million increase in revenues compared to the January forecast -- 3.2% growth over last year. Most of the increase -- about $30 million in the general fund comes from new tax revenues. Economists say without those tax changes, it would only be about $9 million. Economists say Vermont's 3.6 percent unemployment rate -- now the fourth lowest in the country -- is driving the positive numbers.. ((18:46 Tom Kavet/State Economist "As a general yardstick for what's happening and as a relative yardstick for what's happening between states and between regions, its a good timely indicator.)) ((00:19:43 Jeff Carr/Economist "The number of people that are discouraged and not looking for work has started to trend down as well, and so we're starting to see the types of things that we've kind of been waiting to see the last 2 or 3 years)) The forecast is also bolstered by what they say appears to be an uptick in new Housing construction -- a place where Vermont has lagged behind the rest of country. But they say this slowest recovery in post World War II history also raises concerns -- Especially weakness in personal income and sales and use tax collections -- which they say may indicate an increase in low paying jobs and stagnant wages. (00:27:20 Tile 1776)(( Jeff Carr/Economist "The personal income withholding side of the equation is not exhibitng the kind of growth you expect to see in a normal 2 percent employment, 4 or 5 % personal income growth environment and that still is an issue.)) The governor and the legislature spent much of the last session patching a $100-million dollar hole in the budget. A variety of spending cuts and tax increases did the job. But they will likely face the same challenges again next year. (00:39:45 Tile 1785)((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-Vermont "We're finally seeing not tons of red ink, but actually small surplus)) (((00:39:45 Tile 1785)((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-Vermont "We're starting to see some of the fruits of our labor -- we've got more work to do.)) (00:38:35 Tile 1784) ((Rep. Janet Ancel/D-Calais "The good news is that the economy is continuing to recover and its doing it slowly -- that's not neccessarily a bad thing. As the economists pointed out -- the fact that it's a slow recovery means that we're still in recovery mode. We're not at a point now that We're looking at another reccession which if we'd had a very quick recovery we might well be doing.)) As the economists pointed out -- the historical average between recessions comes down to about every five years.. Alexei Rubenstein -- Channel 3 News -- Montpelier


Police say a state child support specialist - was dealing heroin from a state office building. Amateur video shows investigators leading Kasey Caprari out of the office of Child Support in Bennington this morning. The investigation involved officers from Vermont - New York - and Massachusetts. Police believe she would find potential customers - through her child support work. Caprari is being held on 5-thousand dollars bail -- and is set to be arraigned tomorrow.


A former CVU para educator is in the clear - after a judge threw out sex charges against her. 25-year-old Julianne Graham was charged in February with sexual exploitation for allegedly having sex with one of her 16-year-old students at Champlain Valley Union High School. But Graham's lawyer Brooks McArthur argued that she was not under contract with the school during the summer - when the police say the incident occurred. Today the judge agreed that under the law - Graham was not technically in a position of power -- and therefore could not exploit the student. Chittenden County State's Attorney TJ Donovan says he's considering an appeal - hoping to get charges reinstated. He says the school district considered Graham an employee - and it is not good policy to say its ok for contracted educators to have sex with students over the summer.


A maple mess -- in Keene, New Hampshire. The fire chief tells Channel 3 News -- this truck lost roughly 220-gallons of Vermont syrup -- shortly before one this afternoon. The syrup was being transported in a large shipping bag -- and somehow started leaking -- after shifting inside the trailer. Traffic -- on Route 101 -- was cut back to one lane -- for hours -- as crews cleaned up the mess.


((Chief Mark Howard, Keene Fire Dept 01:16 The simple statement is just when you think you have seen it all, you realize you have not.)) ((Chief Mark Howard, Keene Fire Dept 01:34 "the road had quickly become very slippery to the point where some of the cars that were trying to turn into the alternate lane or to slow down or to stop were having difficulty in doing that.)) The syrup was coming from Bascom Maple Farms in Alstead -- and was heading to a food manufacturer. The owner tells us about 75-hundred dollars worth of syrup was lost. Authorities are working with the trucking company to cover the cost of cleaning up the spill.


This summer Sharon has been celebrating the many excellent gardeners in the region. This evening, she's in Essex Junction. Sharon, it looks beautiful there! It is very, very pretty here, an oasis in Lorraine Pierces back yard. Her husband Bob nominated her to us, and he is right, ...This garden is impressive!


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Gov. Maggie Hassan signed a bill today -- to modernize securities regulations in New Hampshire. The goal is to make it easier for businesses to start up and grow. Hassan says the Uniform Securities Act improves investor protection -- and cuts hurdles for businesses trying to raise capital -- while balancing the state's interest in regulating securities transactions.


Fast food workers in New York -- are one step closer to pay raises. New York's wage board just endorsed a 15-dollar an hour minimum wage for fast-food workers in restaurants -- with 30 or more locations. It would be phased in over six years. Chain restaurant owners say its unfair to target a single industry. Other low-wage industries will continue to be governed by the statewide minimum wage of eight-75 an hour.


Patients reaching the end of life face many choices - about how they want to live their final days. A Burlington woman wanted to share her story -- of trying to navigate those decisions - hoping it could help others. Barb Bardin reached out to us - knowing her story is unique - her choices may not be ones others would make. But she also knew what she was going through is all too common -- a terminal diagnosis - with time running out.


(( tile 081_5351, 003218 Barb: I always ask the question - how long? And it was 3 to 5 years.)) It wasnt supposed to be this way. (( tile 081_5351, 003227 Barb: going into year 3 and - gets emotional - I really dont think I'll make it to the end of year 3 )) Barb Bardin knew ovarian cancer was going to kill her. How soon was the question. ((nats?)) When the Burlington business owner invited us to follow her through the end of her life - she had thought she had a few months to live. But suddenly the timeframe was cut to weeks. She rushed to UVM Medical Center on April first. (( tile 081-5350-01, 001840 Barb: Just couldnt breathe - so obviously I cant keep anything down - and its just more of the symptoms of getting closer to - pause, bit emotional - what's coming.)) What's coming - is what the 63 year old fought since her diagnosis - with surgery and several rounds of chemo. But the prognosis for stage 3 ovarian cancer patients is not good. And Barb's cancer had advanced. ((tile 081_5659, 000121 Dr. Cheung Wong/UVM Med Ctr Gynecologic Oncology: I tell patients with stage 3 ovarian cancer that they are treatable but not curable.)) Dr. Cheung Wong is Director of Gynecologic Oncology at UVM Medical Center. He says the symptoms that first led to Barb's diagnosis are classic - and frustratingly vague -- ((DISSOLVE TO GFX over vid)) ..feeling bloated - feeling pelvic pressure -- only eating a little but feeling full. Some women have urinary symptoms. Dr. Wong says about 80 percent of patients are first diagnosed already at stage 3 - meaning the cancer spread out of the ovaries and into the abdomen. Just 45% of women survive five years past diagnosis (American Cancer Institute). It is the 5th most deadly cancer for women - killing about 14 thousand in the US each year (CDC). (( TILE 081-5351, 003938 Barb in hospital - brother Dave comes to bedside and kisses her - Barb: Im so glad you're here)) For Barb - chemo offered hope at first. But the cancer kept coming back and she stopped. Now - she gets sick every time she eats or drinks - despite being hungry and thirsty. And there's a lot of pain from fluid building up in her mid section. ((tile 081- 5348-01, 001216, Palliative Care NP Lauren Bailey talking w Barb: How's your nausea now? Its fine, she gave me some meds.)) Doctor Wong ordered a catscan to see how the cancer had grown - how much time is left. (( tile 081-5348-01, 001153, Barb w Palliative Care NP Lauren Bailey: I was pushing - and asking - what does this mean? Is this truly the beginning? - gets emotional - LB: Yeah. Barb: That's what they see.)) Barb had already been busy planning for her death. A stay in the hospital this winter convinced her. ((tile 081_5351, 002114 Barb: I have my trust in order. I have my little - my little ashes box made.)) ((tile 081_5351, 002138, Barb: I have my party planned.)) A post death celebration. And she arrived at the hospital this time making progress on another plan - to end her own life - work she started during that earlier stay - with questions for the hospital's palliative care team. ((tile 081-5349-01, 001236, Barb and Palliative Care NP Lauren Bailey: you were getting info on physician aid in dying.)) Barb had decided to take a lethal dose of medication - when the time seemed right. ((tile081_5351_01, 001729, Barb: Just to be able to make the decision yourself, you know? KK: And that doesnt scare you? Barb: Ohhh, it certainly does. But i have to be brave about it. I mean I dont really have a lot of options. And this is a good option.)) Two years ago - Act 39 made it legal for terminally ill Vermont residents to get a prescription. ((GFX over video: End of Life Choices Act 39 - Within 6 Months of Death, Sound Mind, Written Request, Voluntary Choice, Independent Evaluations From 2 Doctors, At Least 15 Days Apart)) Dr. Wong had already signed off -- agreeing Barb was within 6 months of death -- and that she was of sound mind. Barb had filled out a written request signed by two witnesses agreeing her choice is voluntary. Under law she cannot have help taking the medication. But the law also requires an independent consultation with a second doctor at least 15 days after the first. She's supposed to go to his office the next day - now she hopes he can make a house call to the hospital. ((tile 081-5351, 002426, Barb: In this situation I want to take care of myself, and just be with my family, And my dear sweet brother- weeps - This is the hardest, the biggest challenge, Ive ever had to face 002458,)) DISSOLVE/EFFECT The next day - friends are gathering. ((tile 081-5373-01, 000629, Barb dictating her obit: Lets see - Bob Conlon.. Teresa: c-o-n-l-o-n? )) And Barb is working on her obituary. ((Tile 081_5383 Barb - int: 001105, Just take care of my loose ends )) The scan found cancer is covering her intestines - that's what's preventing her from keeping food or water down. And doctors say that - and the fluid buildup - will only get worse. ((tile 081_5395_01, 005409, Teresa Pete/Barb's Friend: It is very Barb to want to be in control or take control of herself 005414, )) Barb built her career on being in charge and having a good time. She owned the catering company Lets Pretend. Arranging lavish spreads - creative themes - or just political ones (show Bernie congressional campaign party). ((splash pkg from 6-12-03 : Barb Bardin: When the sun is out we're stylin')) She sold that business after launching another 12 years ago -- the restaurant Splash - at the Burlington boathouse. ((tile 081_5396_01, 010007, Andi Higbee/Barb's Friend: Somebody who is so full of life - and here we are. )) Talking about how she wants to say goodbye. (( tile 081-5390-01, 004200, Barb: When youre in rough shape and you have no recourse and you know youre going to go - why not go out on top?)) That was the plan. Physically she was in a downward spiral. But she still didnt have the prescription. And she worried about Montpelier. ((tile 081-5351, 004206, Barb: I want to get my hot little paws on this before the legislature changes anything.)) ((nats testimony)) This session -- lawmakers were weighing whether to let some patient protections in Act 39 expire - or take action to essentially maintain the law as is. (( tile 081-5767-01, 003600, Guy Page/Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare testifying: What hope is there that all at risk Vermonters will be protected? )) But opponents wanted to revisit the law in its entirety. Raising concerns about vulnerable patients potentially getting pushed into taking their own lives - and about the lack of data tracked by the state. GFX The Health Department only knows that 11 patients have gotten approval for lethal prescriptions over the last 2 years. Not whether they've actually taken the meds - or what happened to the pills if they chose not to use them. Anecdotally - people involved in end of life care believe 4 people have died using Act 39. ((tile 081-5741, 011402 at statehouse, Lynne Cleveland Vitzthum/Vermont Center for Independent Living: The only purpose of this law is to end in someone's death. To not know any of the circumstances of that death is frightening.)) ((nats house vote or Gov Shumlin signing bill)) But -- lawmakers voted to keep Act 39 as an option for patients. ((tile 081_5660_01, 001542 Dr. Cheung Wong/UVM: It does give them control - and she can say enough is enough.)) Dr. Wong is used to tough conversations with patients - and working with them through end stage cancer. But - Barb was the first patient to ask him about Act 39. ((tile 081_5660_01, 001617, Dr. Cheung Wong/UVM Med Ctr Gynecologic Oncology: It does surprise me because I think there are a lot of patients who think about it. And a lot of patients who will actually make comments like 'if im going to go I'll just use x or y ' 001630 um I think that this story and barb's story will actually bring this to light and maybe this topic will be less tabooed ** 001638,)) (( 001833, Dr. Cheung Wong/UVM Med Ctr Gynecologic Oncology: In part it is our fault - as physicians, cause many of us may not feel comfortable talking about it, because youre right - we are told we need to treat the patient, but death and dying is a part of life 001846 )) DISSOLVE/EFFECT ((tile 081_5453 000002 kk sounds like the weekend wasnt so great? Barb No not at all - nope. Im having a real hard time.)) 6 days into her hospital stay - Barb's symptoms have gone from bad - to better - to much much worse. Its a common collision of advancing cancer - painkillers, anti nausea meds and their side effects. For her care team its complex balancing act. And for Barb - its a rough ride. (( tile 081_5453, 000522 Im suffering, Ive gotta go, I want to go. I cant live like this, its just, Its i look at the clock and i go - another day, of what? Being absolutely miserable and in pain 000546, I dont want to be this - I dont want to be this,)) That second doctor gave Barb the lethal prescription. Her brother Dave found a single pharmacy in the state able to fill it - and he paid the 5-thousand dollars for the pills. Vermont law requires private insurance to cover end of life medication like any other drug. But Barb needs to get home to take the capsules. No hospital or hospice care facility in the state allows patients to use Act 39 on site. And -- the dose of barbituates prescribed is so large - she must take 100 capsules. She says even if she mixed the powder inside with liquid - she couldn't keep it down. For weeks -- Barb hasnt been able to eat or drink without vomiting. (( tile 081_5453, 000924,I go to have a bit of water and i cant keep it down 000929, nothing 000932, chokes a bit - and what am i going to do? starve to death ? )) ((nats Barb's bed rolling down hallway)) Barb resisted at first - but then agreed to a procedure to drain fluid from her abdomen. It could provide pain and nausea relief - for a while. ((tile 081_5473_01 002654, Dave Bardin/Barb's Brother: She's at a crossroads because she may believe she may not have a choice to act upon her plan)) The hope is it works - and buys her time to go home.


We will continue Barb's Story tomorrow night at 6. Another reason Barb asked us to follow her - was to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. The symptoms are vague - but Barb's doctor says women often notice them for a while before getting checked out. He says if your symptoms persist for 3 months - see a doctor. He also said its important for health care providers to listen to their patients and take those vague symptoms seriously. We have links to more information on ovarian cancer - end-of-life choices and care - on our website


Dan is here. A hot week ahead? The heat is on! A spell of hot and humid weather will be with us for the next few days. Tomorrow, we can expect a mix of sun and clouds, with the chance for a few more showers and thunderstorms to be popping up in the hot and humid conditions. Wednesday will be the hottest day of the week, and we may well crack that 90 degree mark for the first time this year. There will be a cold front will come through on Thursday with another round of showers & thunderstorms, and some of those storms could be strong. Once the front goes by, it won't be quite as hot or humid, and Friday looks like a beautiful day. For this coming weekend, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures will be seasonable and there is the outside chance of a shower or a thunderstorm but most of the weekend will be very nice.


Tonight: Partly cloudy. Chance of an evening Tstorm. Lows: 60/67 Winds: Light Tuesday: Partly sunny. Warm and humid. Chance of Tstorms, some strong. Highs: 83/90 Winds: Light Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Muggy. Lows: 63/70 Winds: Light Wednesday: Partly sunny. Hot and humid. Highs 85/92 Winds: W 5-10 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday Night: Lows 63/70 Thursday: Partly sunny, chance of showers/tstorms. Highs 83/90 Lows 55/62 Friday: Mostly sunny. Highs 75/82 Lows 58/65 Saturday: Partly sunny. Chance of a shower. Highs 75/85 Lows 55/65 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 75/85 Lows 55/65 Monday: Partly sunny, chance of shower. Highs 75/85



In News Around the Region - Winooski police say that the hunt for a sex offender - is over. Alexander was convicted of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child in 2009. And last week State Police issued a bulletin - that he was out of compliance with the sex offender registry - was supposed to be in Lamoille County - but could not be found. Winooski police found and arrested Alexander Sunday. He is free now on conditions that he give the registry his address and phone number -- and check in with the Lamoille County Court this week.


Police are investigating a crash involving an ambulance and car in Weathersfield. Police say it happened Saturday afternoon when a crew with Golden Cross Ambulance was on a call to Reading Vermont around 4pm. The collision happened around Exit 8 off Interstate 91. Weathersfield Police say one person in the car sustained injuries. -3-


A commercial wind farm -- could be headed to Swanton. The Belisle family are finalizing plans for a number of turbines and hope to apply for state approval by the end of the year -- with the goal of beginning construction before the end of 2016. Vermont is committed to expanding the amount of renewable energy available in the state, but large-scale wind projects have faced fierce opposition. None have been built since 20-12 when the Lowell Mountain and Georgia Mountain wind farms went online. Many planned projects stalled because of uncertainty over federal tax incentives.


The village beach is closed in Port Henry. Officials there say it's because of blue-green algae. It's expected to be closed tomorrow too. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports ...before it even got to the starting line ...Boston's bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics is over. The city and the U-S Olympic committee severed ties today. The Boston bid soured within days of its beginning in January, beset by poor communication and an active opposition group that kept public support low. It also failed to get -- and keep -- the support of key politicians. The final tipping point likely came earlier today when Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced he would not be pressured into signing the host city contract that puts the city on the hook for any cost overruns. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker had been unwilling to pledge his support, waiting instead to see a full report from a consulting group that wasn't scheduled to be complete until next month.


The decision throws the bid process -- and hopes that the U.S. will host another Olympics -- into flux. Only seven weeks remain before cities have to be officially nominated. If the USOC wants to stay in the race, Los Angeles is its likely choice. Coming up later...the final day of the American Legion Tournament...and the Red Sox pull off a trade, sending a key member of their 2013 World Series team packing...


Many new mothers may not be getting the advice they need to care for their infants according to a new study, and researchers say that could put babies at risk. Danielle Nottingham reports.


PKG TRT = 1:20 ) ---------------------- ((-----PKG-----)) DUKE IS KARI ANN HONG'S THIRD SON AND SHE SAYS HER PEDITRICIANS HAVE ALWAYS OFFERED GOOD ADVICE. (Kari Ann Hong, Mother) (28:26) "They've always said due to the risk of SIDS to always put the baby on their back and to not sleep with the baby because you can roll over the baby" (33) BUT A NEW STUDY FINDS NOT ALL PHYSICIANS ARE GIVING NEW MOMS CRITICAL ADVICE ON CURRENT HEALTH AND SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS. DR. TANYA ALTMANN SAYS PEDIATRICIANS *SHOULD* BE PARENTS' FIRST SOURCE FOR INFORMATION. (Dr. Tanya Altmann, Pediatrician) (07:49) But sometimes in today's healthcare system, a lot of physicians may find they don't have as much time as they want, and that they are often rushing between patients (08:00) The STUDY IN THE JOURNAL PEDIATRICS SURVEYED MORE THAN A THOUSAND NEW MOTHERS. ABOUT 20 PERCENT SAID THEY WEREN'T OFFERED ADVICE ON BREAST FEEDING OR TOLD TO PLACE BABIES ON THEIR BACKS TO SLEEP. MORE THAN 50 PERCENT WEREN'T TOLD WHERE INFANTS SHOULD SLEEP. (Dr. Tanya Altmann/ Pediatrician) (09:14) As a physician, we cannot assume our patients know what to do. (09:18) (09:40) I hope this study is a wake-up call pediatricians to slow down and make sure they effectively communicate information to new families (09:47) KARI ANN SAYS WITH GUIDELINES ALWAYS CHANGINHG, IT'S IMPORTANT TO ASK DUKE'S PEDIATRICIAN QUESTIONS. (Kari Ann Hong, Mother) 30:10 "it's really helps to have someone who can explain those things and be supportive." AND EXPERTS SAY THAT'S ESPECIALLY TRUE FOR FIRST TIME MOMS. DANIELLE NOTTINGHAM, CBS NEWS, CALABASAS CALIFORNIA.


First-time moms and african american and hispanic women were more likely to get a doctor's advice than white women and mothers with at least two children. That's health watch.



Wish you could create a garden with the flick of the wrist? Well Gina found one just like that -- and it's made in Vermont.


((nat in garden)) It's hard to beat -- ((nat)) The satisfaction of reaching down and picking something fresh out of your garden. ((nat)) But lets face it -- not all of us have green thumbs. Neither does Cam Mackugler -- that is -- until now. This 28 year old invented the Seed Sheet. No gardening knowledge -- no gardening experience -- no problem. (00;24:13:10) ((Cam Mackugler/Cloud Farm "the seed sheet is an optimally designed pre-fab garden embedded with non gmo soil and non gmo seeds")) Water soluble pods of seeds are mixed with soil. He sources both from Vermont. The seed and soil pods are attached to a woven cloth -- designed to prevent weeds from popping up. But water -- can still get to the soil. There are 41 different varieties of plants embedded within the 16 different sheets the company offers. Vegetables, herbs, flowers and tomatoes galore. (00:22:21:05) ((Cam Mackugler/Cloud Farm "people like the idea of planting your garden in 30 seconds")) Just lay the seed sheet on tilled soil -- add water -- and voila -- you'll have a garden without weeds in no time. (00:21:12:01) ((Cam Mackugler/Cloud Farm "i wondered how i can condense the process of gardening into a product that enabled anybody anywhere to do so ")) Mackugler created the Middlebury business Cloud Farm after house sitting for a friend -- where he was paid in fresh veggies from their garden. (00:21:01:25) ((Cam Mackugler/Cloud Farm "at that point i was a recent college grad had a small apartment had no land ")) He also didn't know much about gardening -- that's when the idea popped into his head. (00:21:23:20) ((Cam Mackugler/Cloud Farm "the first seed sheet was toilet paper, newspaper paper towel")) After raising 30-thousand dollars through a KickStarter campaign -- Mackugler raised another half-million from investors. He opened the business just last week. You can only buy seed sheets online for now -- Mackugler says they hope to be in big box stores by next spring. Seed sheets come in a variety of sizes -- from the perfect windowsill or fire escape size to big enough to have a summers worth of harvest. Prices range from 35-dollars to 250. (00:24:27:16) ((Cam Mackugler/Cloud Farm "open it up roll it on prepared soil and water for the perfect garden that's planted in 30 seconds")) A Made in Vermont invention taking the pain out of gardening so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without much labor at all. Gina Bullard channel 3 news Middlebury.


Eventually Farm Cloud hopes to change commercial farming with their sheets. We'll have a link to the seed sheets website with this story.


Summer camp is a tradition for many children. But in Richmond, summer camp is a community effort, to make sure any child who wants to, can take part. Judy Simpson has the story.


The name of this summer camp at Camels Hump Middle School in Richmond says it all. Welcome to Our Community Cares Camp. (( kids nat sot .")) Serving children from Bolton, Huntington, Richmond Jericho and Underhill, free. ((Marie Thomas/Camp Director 00:07:25:24 Our Community cares camp is a summer food service program enrichment camp it has a long history in Richmond but we incorporated 7 years ago as a nonprofit we host 90-100 kids per summer for summer camp we have a lot of great activities )) Activities for kids ages 5 to 13. ((Marie again 00:09:56:00" Well we have this camp free for everyone we don't discriminate against anybody camp is open for everyone but it is really intended for children who aren't going to be able to get to summer camp any other way 00:10:11:14 Because we are a summer food service program we are also focusing on children who need that nutritional supplementation in the summer time.")) Older teens, many who have been campers for years, are now hired as counselors and Junior counselors. ((Elise Wyatt/Camp Councilor 00:15:40:03" It is amazing what we do for the kids but I don't think anyone really realizes what they do for us its incredible, so rewarding .")) Encouraging the campers to carry on that tradition. ((Amelia Sanborn/Junior Counselor 00:16:51:05" I really enjoy working with kids they are really cute and really fun to work with I really like it because since I started coming when I was younger I looked up to the councilors.")) There are 29 paid employees and 20 volunteers at Our Community Camp. Marie spends most of the rest of the year raising funds for the camp, which adds up to about 70 thousand dollars to cover salaries and food. And gathering donated materials for campers to create with and play with. ((Emma Fahey/ camper from huntington 00:18:49:14 I like the arts and crafts area its really fun.")) There are many partnerships with local organizations and businesses to pull it all off. Including donations of items from local families, like used crayons, to be melted down to make candles. But perhaps the most important thing that makes this camp successful, is transportation. ((Marie again 00:10:54:22 We are very very fortunate here that we have a very strong partnership with Chittenden East school district and they provide transportation for us, we operate for 4 weeks every summer the same weeks that the summer school operates so they transport our children they pick them up near home and bring them to us in return we provide food for their summer school students so we enhance each others programs." 00:11:17:04)) ((JS SU 00:25:05:14" By the time camp ends on Thursday Marie estimates they will have served almost 6 thousand meals to over 250 children all in the month of July."00:25:15:15.)) Providing meals, a safe place, and building a sense of community are goals these campers embrace. JS Channe 3 news Richmond.


And then there were three...after four days of great competition, three teams were left standing at the American Legion baseball state championship, Hartford, Rutland and Colchester. Today at Castleton University...Rutland and Colchester meeting in the first game with the winner taking on Hartford for the championship... ---- Cannons wasting no time getting on the board..2nd inning, with two aboard, Ian Machia ((May-she)) sending this one high and deep to left...a great diving effort by the left fielder but can't make the grab... Jared Rylant will score with Tyler Lamphere charging in behind him and Colchester takes a 2-0 lead.. ---- Next batter, Luke Covey lining this back up the middle..Machia ((May-she)) crosses the plate...Colchester would take a 4-0 lead .. ---- Rutland just trying to keep it close..with a runner on third, Skylar Laferriere grounding this one to short...the throw to first pulls the first baseman off the bag and a run scores to make it a three run game.. ---- But the Cannons fire up 8-2.. Rylant sending this to center and it will drop in...Cannons go up 9-2.. ---- To the 9th..Rutland mounting a huge comeback, down now 9-7 ...with runners on the corners, Laferriere grounding this one to second..they flip for one but he will beat the throw to first and a run will score and it's now a one run ball game.. ----- But Rutland now down to their final strike ..and Derek Sanderson gets the strike three call.. Colchester holds on for a 9-8 win to advance to the Legion tournament championship game with Hartford...


that championship game between Colchester and Hartford got underway at 4:30. At last check Colchester led 5-3 in the ninth. We will have full highlights from the game and hear from the winners coming up tonight at 11pm.


The Vermont Mountaineers have the night off before returning home tomorrow night to host the Valley Blue Sox and Rec Field. Last night, the Mountaineers snapped a two game losing skid with a 7-5 win at Plymouth. With four games left in its regular season, Vermont leads Laconia by two games in the NECBL's Northern Division. Three of the Mountaineers final four games are at home.


The Lake Monsters closing out a six game homestand last night against Connecticut... --- Pick things up in the 7th, game tied at 2... But with a runner on third, Shane Zeile (zile) lines this one into left...Will Allen will score and the Tigers take a 3-2 lead .. --- Connecticut then loads the bases...and Cam Gibson, ouch taking this one off of the face...that's gotta hurt...he would stay in the game but it hurts the Monsters as that walks in a run... Connecticut takes a 4-2 lead after 7... --- Tigers then load the bases again in the 9th inning...but this one is blooped up and Richie Martin making the slick sliding grab to end the threat... --- Vermont then loads the bases themselves in the bottom of the 9th ...but down to their last out and Chris Iriart sends this one straight up to the first baseman and the catch is made... and the Monsters fall 4-2, dropping four of six on the homestand. Vermont is off tonight.


The New York Yankees are in Texas tonight to face the Rangers. New York continues to pull away from the rest of the American League East. Winners of eight of their last ten, the Yankees now hold a six and a half game lead over Toronto in the Division.


The Red Sox open a four game series with the Chicago White Sox tonight at Fenway. Boston is coming off one of its best performances of the season with an 11-1 rout of the Detroit Tigers last night. David Ortiz hit two home runs and drove in a career-high seven RBIs, while rookie Eduardo Rodriguez bounced back from being lit up on the loosing end of an 11-1 defeat to the Angels to allow just one run and three hits in seven innings. Despite that performance, the Sox are still 12 games back of New York with the trade deadline set for Friday, and Boston isn't waiting until Friday. Less than an hour ago, the club announced it has traded outfielder Shane Victorino and cash to the L-A Angels for infielder Josh Rutledge. Victorino has played in just 34 games this year, hitting .245. Rutledge spent the past three seasons in Colorado, but this year has been with the Angels' Triple-A affiliate.


In our Spotlight on Sports segment Friday, we told you about 14-year-old South Burlington tennis player Sam Walker, who was looking to win his 100th tournament this weekend. He did it, reaching the century mark with a final victory in a tournament yesterday in Essex. Congratulations to Sam.


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