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New at 6 -- disturbing details -- at the V-A hospital in New Hampshire. Good evening, I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. The report has led to a major staffing shakeup in Manchester. It alleges veterans are getting QUOTE "dangerously substandard" care at the Manchester hospital. Eleven doctors and employees contacted the feds -- saying the hospital was putting its patients in jeopardy. The Boston Globe reports they described a fly-infested operating room and surgical instruments that weren't always sterilized. And the feds found QUOTE "substantial likelihood" that those allegations were true. The hospital denies that patient safety has been compromised. Now -- the Medical Chief Director and Chief of Staff have both been removed. And Alfred Montoya -- the director at the V-A hospital in Vermont -- will be taking over.


In a letter today to New Hampshire's Senate delegation, Governor Chris Sununu said QUOTE... "Systematic change is needed to fully address the substandard care that our veterans are receiving, and I fully expect more changes will be made soon."


This comes after a new law JUST passed -- to try to protect veterans -- and hold V-A hospitals accountable. It will also protect whistleblowers -- like the staff at the Manchester hospital. The goal is to clean up the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans have been fighting for this for decades -- and one of them told Peter Zampa -- the law could save lives.


:00-:07 RICK WEIDMAN: We are edging closer to accountability on the part of management. Vietnam Veteran Rick Weidman has called for accountability in the Department of Veterans Affairs for nearly four decades. He says a new law -- the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act - will do just that. The law is meant to expedite the process for firing bad-acting VA employees, and protect those who expose them. :30-:32 RICK WEIDMAN: The whole key in this has always been accountability. We believe the VA can work, but you've got to have managers who take those tools, pick them up, and use them. Weidman says the VA has been riddled with scandal for years - doctors mistreating patients, veterans put on extremely long waitlists. Alabama Congresswomanbs Martha Roby is one of the bill's co-sponsors. :44-:54 REP. MARTHA ROBY: There are a lot of good people that are committed to our veterans that work within the VA. But the bad actors, the ones who are not there to help our veterans... they don't need to be there anymore. :55-:58 PETER ZAMPA: Some are concerned as to whether this law *will actually accomplish the goal of a more accountable VA. :59-1:09 JACQUE SIMON: What it does is make it really, really easy to fire people. And we know that when a government agency has the power to fire people, they fire people for all the wrong reasons. Jacque Simon is the policy director at American Federation of Government Employees. She says she expects this law to have the *opposite effect of what is intended. 1:19-1:28 JACQUE SIMON: Anybody who raises his or her voice to tell the truth about what's going on in terms of mismanagement will be fired on the spot, and essentially no way to appeal. But opponents and supporters of this law *agree - bad actors need to be ousted. Reporting in Washington, I'm Peter Zampa, Channel 3 News.


Tragedy on the water in New Hampshire. A 12-year-old girl has died -- after she was run over by a powerboat. State police say it happened just before 8:30 this morning on Newfound Lake in Hebron. They say Zoe Anderson was visiting from Colorado and learning how to waterski. Police say she fell -- and as her father drove back around to pick her up -- he got distracted -- and put the boat in neutral. It ran over her -- causing serious injuries... and she died.


An accident caused traffic trouble in South Burlington this afternoon. It happened at the intersection of Shelburne Road and Fayette Road. Police say this Kia tried to take a left at the McDonalds -- when it hit a sheriff's vehicle. Traffic backed up a couple miles while crews cleaned up the crash. Police say one person was taken to the hospital for observation.


The National Weather Service issued several warnings for parts of our region today. A live look from our tower cam over South Burlington tonight. Our weather team has been tracking these thunderstorms all day -- but thankfully -- things seem to be settling down, Sharon? Radar: There have been some showers and thunderstorms, some of which have produced some heavy downpours. Here's what is happening right now, with the strongest storms moving east from New york into Rutland County. Where you see the yellows and reds indicates where the heaviest rain is falling. Inside The Forecast: Tonight: Showers t-storms ending. Then some clearing. Chance patchy fog. Lows: 60/67 Wind: Light Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance few showers & t-storms, mainly SE. Warm & humid. Highs: 80/87 Wind: SW 5-10 mph Tuesday night: Mostly clear. Chance patchy fog. Lows: 55/65 Wind: Light Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Few clouds, late. Highs: 83/90 Wind: W 5-10 mph


A Lebanon, New Hampshire man is facing a slew of charges after allegedly beating up a woman. Police say Eric Briggs was seen dragging a woman out of her car -- striking her in the face -- and leaving her bloody and unconcious in the road. Briggs was arrested Sunday after a brief struggle with police. The victim was treated at the hospital for a broken nose and cuts to the face.


Crews are searching in the White Mountains for a hiker who's been missing for weeks. Right now -- the search is around Cutts Grant -- in Coos County. 63-year-old Gregory Auriemma of New Jersey was reported missing last week. Crews found an abandonded campsite in a remote area that they say was his this weekend -- But -- even after ground and air searches -- he is still missing.


New details from state police tonight -- in the manhunt for a person of interest in a Vermont woman's death. Late this afternoon, state police said they believe Randal Gebo used the victim's credit card over the weekend.... Saturday in Oklahoma -- and Sunday in Wyoming. We dug into his background -- and found out this is not his first brush with the law.


((TILE 6536 11:11:28--11:20:28 "I would like to ask him what happened. )) And so would police. That's Cindy Cook's son telling Channel 3 News he has questions for Randal Gebo, who investigators now call a person of interest in the Barre woman's killing. They tell us he's driving Cook's car -- and tried to use her debit card in Arkansas to withdraw cash from a bank on Friday. And again on Saturday in Oklahoma -- and Sunday in Wyoming. The Barre man is still on the run. And it's not the first time he's been wanted by police. His criminal history is lengthy -- with numerous stints in jail -- for everything from careless and negligent driving -- to armed robbery in Vermont. We've also learned he has a record in New York and Michigan. Now -- police say the 61 year old may be linked to an even more sinister crime. That's what police -- and Cindy Cook's family -- are trying to find out. ((2021 The car don't drive itself and the boyfriend is no where to be found. 2447 She was a really great woman and I hope justice is served in this))


Investigators say July third was the last time anyone had contact with Cindy Cook. So her killer could have gotten a ten day head start on police.


The man at the center of a traffic stop which -- led to the resignation of a Burlington police officer was back in court on drug charges -- this time in Rutland County. 26-year old Michael Mullen was arrested Saturday-- after being pulled over. He is now charged with two felonies -- which include possession of cocaine with intent to sell -- and possession of marijuana. Last October, Mullen was pulled over by Burlington Police -- who suspected drugs. But those drug charges were dismissed because the officer allegedly lied about smelling pot coming from the car. Prosecutors were forced to drop that case -- and more than a dozen others. Chittenden County State's Attorney Sarah George calls it frustrating.


((Sarah George/Chittenden County State's Attorney: at 2:39 finding that he was arrested again in Rutland County for very similar charges and from what I understand, very similar circumstances, to the allegations that he had, is extremely frustrating.)) Tax payers recently paid out a 100 thousand dollar settlement in a lawsuit connected to that case in Burlington


A fight over inheritance money -- after the mysterious deaths of a granddad and a mom. We told you how Vernon resident Nathan Carman was a suspect in the 20-13 killing of his millionaire grandfather. He made national headlines after he was rescued from sea last year -- where authorities say his mother died. Now Carman's aunts are suing him -- saying he killed his grandfather and mother. They want to block Carman from collecting money from his grandfather's estate. Carman denies involvement in both deaths.


Two Iranian men are facing federal charges for trying to steal secrets from a Vermont software company. Arrow Tech developed a way to track the aerodynamics of bullets and artillery shells -- specialized software for the military that sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. In an alleged conspiracy dating back five years, federal prosecutors say Mohammed Rezakhah and Mohammed Ajily hacked into Arrow Tech's systems to steal the technology and sell it to the Iranian government.


Tallying up the damage -- from summer storms. Officials from FEMA have begun adding up the damage to public infrastructure from recent rainstorms in Vermont. It could lead to a federal disaster declaration -- that would make it easier for communities to pay for repairs. So far -- the state has identified six and a half million dollars of damage from the storms in late June to July.


Secret technology -- keeping our borders secure. Channel 3 cameras got a rare look at the resources Border Patrol uses. The Canada-United States border is the longest international border between two countries in the world. The Vermont-based Swanton sector patrols 300 miles of it -- by land, water and air. High-tech sensors and cameras have become Border Patrol's leading detection systems. They help the agency catch intruders illegally entering the U.S.


((TILE 2847 03:02:03:10--03:02:13: 19 Brant: "It's very busy in here. So we've got 300 miles of border, all these sensors, all these sensing systems all feeding back into here. And you've got two people acting as the nerve system of the sector.")) Border Patrol asked us not to show what cameras and sensors look like -- or their locations -- to maintain security. But they told us they're set up in more difficult terrain where high-value smuggling is likely -- and in easier terrain -- where people enter illegally.


Thieves - stealing bottles - in Franklin County. St. Albans police say the Hometown Beverage and Redemption reported that two masked men had broken in Thursday night -- and stolen several bags of pre-sorted cans and bottles. Police asked other redemption centers in the area to be on the lookout -- and that's how they say they tracked down 27-year-old Skylar Bessette and 28-year-old Dakota Martell of Fairfax. A Swanton redemption center reported the two brothers to police -- after spotting them returning the bottles and cans.


A trio of arrests in Bristol -- and now thousands of dollars of heroin is off the street. The bizarre bust happened Sunday. Two of the suspects actually CALLED police to report a large quantity of drugs dumped by the side of South Street. But when investigators arrived -- Edward Chaloux and Corrine Cantin -- told police they tossed the heroin. Police tell us that was a lie. They say they found about 200 bags of heroin -- worth more than six-thousand dollars -- hidden at another house on the street. A third suspect was then arrested -- Derek Jackson.


A man found dead -- in his car -- at the McDonald's in Lyndonville. The police chief tells us 37 year-old Thomas Newman was behind the wheel when his body was discovered today. He says it appears he'd been there since Friday night. Police found no signs of drugs in his car. But last week -- police say he overdosed in his car in St. Johnsbury -- and police had to smash a window to save him. The chief says his death may have been a medical incident. An autopsy has been ordered.


A Vermont circus school could soon be forced to shut down. Patrons of the New England Center for Circus Arts are demanding refunds after the school fired its founders. The executive director has since stepped down. Classes are currently cancelled -- but the school says it hopes to reopen by mid week.


Help for struggling bats in Vermont. Today, Senator Patrick Leahy announced that Vermont's Fish & Wildlife Department is getting 30-thousand dollars from the federal government to combat White Nose Syndrome. The fungal disease has wiped out some species by more than 90 percent since it was first spotted in 2006.

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Over in New York today -- the focus was on Lyme disease. A federal law in December created the Tick-Borne Disease Working Group -- which will advise the Department of Health and Human Services about tick-borne diseases -- including Lyme. It was spearheaded by New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand. Today -- she was at Paul Smith's College in the Adirondacks and urged the President to include patient voices -- and maintain funding -- going forward. In 20-15, New York reported more than 32-hundred confirmed cases of Lyme disease.


Tonight at 11 -- an update on the merger of two Vermont state colleges. We've told you how Lyndon and Johnson state colleges are becoming Northern Vermont University -- next year. The move is designed to cut costs. Tonight -- Priscilla Liguori finds out how the transition is going. You can see her report -- at 11.



So what qualify as a severe thunderstorm? A severe thunderstorm as defined by the national weather service, is a thunderstorm that is producing hail that is at least an inch in diameter and or has winds gusting to more than 58 mph. Today a storm in Killington dropped quarter sized hail which is a qualifier. Radar: here’s what is going on right now, with still a line of showers and storms. These will die down before 9 or 10 this evening. RPM: Once the storms die down tonight, it will be much quieter tomorrow. There will still be the chance for a few showers and possibly a thunderstorm, but that would likely be confined to the lower CT Valley. Dewpoint RPM: Temperatures will be warming up through the middle of the week, and it will be humid as well, with dewpoints in the 60s through Wednesday and even Thursday. They will come down again Friday and Saturday. Surface: As one front moves through it will wash out, but by the Wednesday, we expect to be sandwiched between these two fronts with a little area of high pressure. That should bring us a good day, and then more fronts and more unsettled weather for Thursday and Friday. Inside The Forecast: Tonight: Showers t-storms ending. Then some clearing. Chance patchy fog. Lows: 60/67 Wind: Light Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance few showers & t-storms, mainly SE. Warm & humid. Highs: 80/87 Wind: SW 5-10 mph Tuesday night: Mostly clear. Chance patchy fog. Lows: 55/65 Wind: Light Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Few clouds, late. Highs: 83/90 Wind: W 5-10 mph Extended Forecast: Wednesday night: Chance showers, t-storms. Lows: 58/68 Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 80s Lows: 60s Friday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 50s Saturday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 70s Lows: 55/62 Sunday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 50s Monday: Partly sunny. Highs: 70s



A deadly flash flood at a popular central Arizona swimming area killed nine people over the weekend -- including six children. Officials estimate more than 100 people were at a popular swimming hole as the wall of water and debris came barreling down Ellison Creek and the East Verde River. Bodies were found as far as two miles down river. At least one person -- a 27-year-old man -- is still missing. The National Weather Service estimated up to 1.5 inches of rain fell over the area in an hour.


The Trump team continues to respond to a June 2016 meeting where Donald Trump Jr. was promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. Seth Lemon has more details from The White House.


"Opposition research in campaigns happens all of the time." (track 1) PRESIDENT TRUMP'S PERSONAL LAWYER SAYS DONALD TRUMP JR. BROKE NO LAWS WHEN HE MET WITH A RUSSIAN LAWYER WHO REPORTEDLY HAS TIES TO THE KREMLIN. (gfx) THERE WERE OTHERS IN THE MEETING INCLUDING SENIOR WHITE HOUSE ADVISER JARED KUSHNER, AND FORMER CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN PAUL MANAFORT. THERE WAS ALSO PUBLICIST ROB GOLDSTONE WHO HELPED ARRANGE THE MEETING AND A RUSSIAN-AMERICAN LOBBYIST - RINAT AKHMETSHIN(re NOT AHK met shin). AKHMETSHIN WAS BORN IN THE FORMER SOVIET UNION, SERVED IN IT'S MILITARY AND HAS SUSPECTED TIES TO RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE. (SOT: Sen. Mark Warner/(D) Virginia) "At first there were indications that there were just four people, it was actually many more people. We don't know what transpired in that meeting until we get a chance to talk to all of the individuals who participated." (STANDUP: Seth Lemon/CBS News/The White House) PRESIDENT TRUMP'S ATTORNEY INSISTED MR. TRUMP HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE MEETING AND OFFERED UP THIS DEFENSE. (SOT: Jay Sekulow/President Trump's Attorney/Courtesy: ABC This Week) "if this was nefarious, why the Secret Service allowed these people in. The president had Secret Service protection at that point, and that raised a question with me." (track 2) BUT A SPOKESMAN FOR THE SECRET SERVICE DOWNPLAYED THAT CLAIM SAYING NO ONE WAS SCREENED AT THE MEETING BECAUSE DONALD TRUMP JUNIOR WAS NOT UNDER PROTECTION AT THE TIME. SETH LEMON FOR CBS NEWS, THE WHITE HOUSE.


Well I don't think this was supposed to come with the standard model. Authorities say one-million dollars' worth of marijuana was discovered in a number of ford fusions. The cars in question were built at a ford plant in mexico and shipped to an ohio dealership. Officials are now trying to figure out who put the pot in the vehicles and who, apparently, didn't retrieve it.


Republicans continue to face an uphill battle in their push to repeal and replace obamacare. With all Democrats opposed to the GOP bill, Senate leadership needs a "yes" vote from nearly every Republican Senator. A vote for this week was put on hold as Senator John McCain recovers from blood clot surgery. Also many undecided lawmakers are waiting to see what the congressional budget says about the revised bill. Healthcare -- was also the focus of a meeting in Montpelier this morning between Vermont's governor and congressional delegation.


((Leahy :I think it's immoral in the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth to pass something to fit a bumper slogan it is wrong and I will not vote for it. Sanders: this is the most dangerous and distractive piece of legislation ever brought before the United States Senate in the modern history of this country. Welch: we've got a Republican Congress that committed to repeal we got a Republican Senate that's committed to repeal we've got a republican president who is committed to God knows what and it's a bad situation. Scott: proposed reductions and Medicaid would leave our state with a budget deficit we could not absorb without cutting healthcare services for the people who deserve the most or significantly raise taxes on already overtaxed Vermonters. )) Governor Scott also said that while reforms to the current federal health care system are needed and officials might disagree on the best way to do that, they share the goal of ensuring as many Vermonters as possible have health care.


A four story apartment fire over the weekend killed a man in Malone. Several incidents of high rise fires across the country and around the world begs the question -- what do you do if a fire breaks out in your apartment building? Earlier tonight, Eva tried to get some answers. Eva, what did you learn? Darren, Kristin, we spoke with the Shelburne Fire Chief who told us early detection is key. He says smoke alarms and having fire extinguishers in your building is a big help. We asked him if people should jump out of the window like we saw this weekend in Malone -- here's what he told us.


((6:33 We don't advise it. If you have a lower roof, you can jump onto it. If it's the last resort and the fire is impeding your residence, by all means but we really advise you not to. Get as close to the windows as you can. Use a wet towel around your face to keep from getting smoke in your mouth and your nose. Hang in there as long as you can. When it comes down to it, open your window, hang out the window if you have to, but we just really don't advise people to jump if it's a last resort obviously 6:57)) You hear the chief there really imploring people not to jump -- only as a last resort. Something else he mentioned tonight that really resonated with me -- each building should have a fire evacuation plan -- look at it, know your stairwells and know your exits.




Are you listening for the signs of dementia? A new study shows changes in your speech could indicate you're developing thinking problems. Researchers say more pauses, filler words and other verbal changes might be an early sign of mental decline, which can lead to Alzheimer's. More studies are needed but experts say this could lead to using speech analysis to screen for early signs of mental decline.


A new study suggests many kids with severe , potentially deadly allergies are not getting the medication they need right away. Danielle Nottingham takes a look at why some kids aren't getting an epipen soon enough.


(PKG) (TRACK) MAYA ALONY NEVER LEAVES HER HOUSE WITHOUT HER EPIPEN. (SOT Maya Alony/Allergy Patient) my main allergies are peanuts, nuts, avocado and cherries, those are my like deathly allergies (TRACK) THE 18 YEAR OLD HAS HAD SEVERAL LIFE THREATENING REACTIONS KNOWN AS ANAPHYLAXIS AND HAS HAD TO INJECT HERSELF. (SOT Maya Alony/Allergy Patient) I was like 15 so I was really scared (TRACK) BUT MANY KIDS PRESCRIBED EPINEPHRINE DO NOT GET THIS MEDICATION AS SOON AS THEY NEED IT. A NEW STUDY LOOKED AT ABOUT 400 CHILDREN WHO WENT TO THE ER OR URGENT CARE FOR ANAPHYLAXIS. LESS THAN HALF HAD BEEN GIVEN EPINEPHRINE BEFORE THEY ARRIVED EVEN THOUGH MANY HAD A HISTORY OF ANAPHYLAXIS. (SOT Dr. Clifford Bassett/ACAAI Spokesperson) we want to prevent anaphylaxis from escalating. Epinephrine auto injectors are the drug of choice, antihistamines can be used however they are not the drug of choice and they are not reliable to prevent anaphylaxis. (BRIDGE) (shoot outside ER) One-third of patients prescribed epinephrine in the study did not have their injectors when they had their allergic reaction. (SOT Dr. Clifford Bassett/ACAAI Spokesperson) patients that did not use it before the urgent care visit when it was necessary were more likely to be admitted or stay in the emergency room (TRACK) MAYA HAD A SEVERE REACTION ONCE AND DIDN'T HAVE HER MEDICATION WITH HER . SOT Maya Alony/Allergy Patient) 1:22:24 ever since that happened I have kept in my bag // it's life or death (TRACK) AND SHE SAYS NOBODY SHOULD BE AFRAID TO USE IT. DANIELLE NOTTINGHAM, CBS NEWS.

43} 3RDWX_2DSUP1

Inside The Forecast: Tonight: Showers t-storms ending. Then some clearing. Chance patchy fog. Lows: 60/67 Wind: Light Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance few showers & t-storms, mainly SE. Warm & humid. Highs: 80/87 Wind: SW 5-10 mph Tuesday night: Mostly clear. Chance patchy fog. Lows: 55/65 Wind: Light Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Few clouds, late. Highs: 83/90 Wind: W 5-10 mph Extended Forecast: Wednesday night: Chance showers, t-storms. Lows: 58/68 Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 80s Lows: 60s Friday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 50s Saturday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 70s Lows: 55/62 Sunday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 50s Monday: Partly sunny. Highs: 70s



An up and coming healthy food company is on a roll It's made in Vermont sushi is capitalizing on convenience. Here's Scott Fleishman.


To hear Jason Lutz talk about his sushi, you'd think he was a politician. (((49:50))) ((Jason Lutz: "We're really trying to reach across the aisle.")) But really he's just a guy that believes in his product. Fresh sushi using as many organic ingredients as possible. (((45:56))) ((Jason Lutz: "The better the ingredients you use across the board, the better quality your product is going to be.")) ((Mike Schaefer: "It never gets tiring to roll 120 rolls a day knowing that the end product is something delicious and organic and adds value to something we want to do as an organization.")) Not all the Sushi has fish in it, but if it's in the roll, it's not raw. ((Jason Lutz: "The people who don't like sushi are now willing to try it and the people who do like sushi still want to eat it.")) Jason's wife Sarah is one of those sushi lovers. After the birth of their second child Raine, Sarah's craving for the Japanese cuisine increased, but she couldn't leave the house. Jason didn't want to pay the high prices, so he decided to make a roll of it, on his own. (((44:35))) ((Jason Lutz: "She's just very particular about what she consumes. (((44:44))) I knew that when she ate it and loved it, I knew that we had something.")) And that's how the Vermont Sushi factory got started just a few months ago. In just 5 stores on May first, the Vermont Sushi Factory can be found in 15 locations from general stores to co-ops, but the key places are gas stations. (((48:06))) ((Jason Lutz: "No one is servicing this market on a fast food to go basis.)) (("Wow these look beautiful.")) ((Scott Fleishman: "As it was mentioned earlier in the story, not everyone is a sushi fan, but who doesn't like Tacos, right? So, Jason has created this, a taco using a non GMO shell as the company now transitions from the Vermont sushi factory to the Vermont healthy foods factory.")) ((Mike Schaefer: "It's been really nice to see that trajectory and it keeps growing to the point where we've added the tacos.")) (((54:26))) ((Jason Lutz: "We're really excited about what door that can open.")) Opening doors and crossing isles, now that's a well rounded campaign. Scott Fleishman, channel 3 news, made in Hardwick, Vermont.


The Olympic Village is gearing up for another international winter sporting event. Lake Placid has been picked to be the host of the International Childrens Winter Games. Rose Gomez reports.


Jake Burns opened up a brand new sporting goods shop in Lake Placid just last week. He says the village depends on big sporting events to bring in customers. ((Jake Burns/Locker Room 5 6579 02:36:47 "Can Am and Canadian Hocket Enterprise which are very important, but I know that the local government is always trying to solicit new business. The Summit Lacrosse Tournament, the summit group has four lacrosse tournaments now throughout the year." 02:37:01)) That's why he's excited to hear that the olympic village will once again hold an international sporting event. Governor Cuomo announced this week that Lake Placid will be the first U.S. Host for the International Children's Winter Games in 2019. ((Rose Gomez/Lake Placid 6589 02:44:24 "A local committee has been working to bring the event here for months. It wasn't until last week when they visited a Summer Childrens Games event that they got the news Lake Placid had been picked." 02:44:34)) ((Jeffery Byrne/Senior Vice Pres. of ORDA 6527 02:18:28 "The local committee is looking at a number of multi-sport events spread over a period of time. It's our way to look ahead at a number of years, a 10 year plan, so we're able to say what actual events fit into that process." 02:18:44)) Local athletes have traveled across the globe to compete in the games before. John Norton took an alpine team to the 2016 games. ((John Norton/Executive Director of New York Ski Educational Foundation 6528 02:20:51 "Some might be on the path to the olympics. Others may just be more participatory, depending on the town or country the kids came from it seemed, but I think all in all, lots of different people from lots of different walks of life." 02:21:05)) Officials say they have the venues they need for each sport--but they're hoping having the event on the horizon will give them more opportunities to fund renovations. ((James McKenna/President of Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism 6529 02:24:02 "But it gives us a chance to sort of refreshen or refurbish, and that's really what we're looking at. Our facilities here were built pretty close to 40 years ago, and it's time that events like this--multi sport sort of mini-olympic style, is certainly something that will help us get to the next level." 02:24:19)) The games will be held January 6th through 11th in 2019, which officials say is typically a slow time of year. They expect this event will bring thousands of people to the village. Rose Gomez, Channel 3 News, Lake Placid.


It could be something out of a disney movie -- a baby deer -- saved by man's best friend. ((MON0035 STORM! BRING HIM IN! STORM! BRING HIM IN!)) Storm -- an English golden retriever spotted the fawn in trouble in the Long Island Sound -- and didn't hesitate to jump into action. Storm actually grabbed the deer the neck and swam it to shore. But then something else happened -- as they waited for help to arrive -- the deer -- likely spooked -- ran back into the water. Storm wasn't needed for the second rescue. The deer is now being cared for at an animal rescue facility.




The Lake Monsters are set to open a three game series with the Hudson Valley Renegades tonight at Centennial Field. It will be 25 cent hot dog night...or as my old colleague and friend Seth Leavitt called it...dinner for a dollar night. Vermont swept Hudson Valley in a three game set earlier this month in Burlington. It was part of a run that has seen Vermont claim 13 wins in their last 17 games, mixing and matching players who started the season with the team and new draft picks. The new faces include former LSU outfielder Greg Deichmann, who's off to a hot start, hitting .320 thru seven games with two doubles, a triple and a home run, after leading the Tigers to the College World Series Finals. He says what's happening on the field has helped the team gel.


((Deichmann: "Any time you get to play on a winning team, it's fun. Nobody likes losing so coming in here, there's a great group of guys in that locker room. Kind of to have that success and then join in on that success that they're having, it's been fun so far. I've only been here for a short period of time but I'm looking forward to the future."


Tonight's game between the Upper Valley Nighthawks and Vermont Mountaineers in Montpelier has been rained out. A make-up date has not yet been announced.


Thunder Road will host Amanda Pelkey Night this Thursday. The Montpelier native will be honored with a send-off ceremony as she begins her preparations for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea with the United States Women's National Ice Hockey team. Pelkey is coming off winning back-to-back World Championships with Team USA, is the all-time leading scorer in UVM women's history and began her hockey career with the Barre Youth Sports Association. All Vermont female hockey players will be admitted free to Thursday's event if you register by tomorrow. We have a link to where you can register on the Infocenter at


The UVM women's hockey team released it's schedule today. The Cats begin with a pair of exhibition games in late September, then drop the puck for the season opener Sunday, October first at Providence. The home opener is Tuesday, October 10th versus Union. The Cats host RIT, Colgate and Minnesota-Duluth in the Windjammer Classic Thanksgiving Weekend, and the annual Pack The Gut challenge will be Friday, February 9th against Connecticut. The Cats are coming off their second best season as a D-1 program, finishing tied for four in Hockey East and reaching the conference semifinals for just the second time in program history.


Lake Placid has been selected to host the 2021 Bobsled and Skeleton World Championships at Mount Van Hoevenberg. A regular stop on the World Cup schedule, Lake Placid last hosted the Worlds in 2012.


The best senior women's golfers in the state will converge on Waterbury this week, as the Country Club of Vermont hosts the Ruth Raymond Jones Seniors' Championship Wednesday and Thursday. Reggie Parker has claimed the crown 8 times since 2004 including last year's tournament at Country Club of Barre, while Williston's Jeanne Morrissey won it 2 years ago at Green Mountain. Many of the players in this year's tournament will be familiar with the course as it hosted the New England Women's Amateur last summer, and they expect a serious challenge.


((Colvard: "It's a placement course, you have to make sure you keep your ball on the fairway. There's a lot of what we term 'schmutz' out there, the greens are tough, and since it's hilly, what's really tough here is that there's a lot of up hill, down hill lies." --- Morrissey: "You gotta position yourself the best you can off the tee, then you're looking for getting the ball in the right section of the greens here because there are a number of tiered greens here, you want to be in the right location."




We had a shot at seeing the Northern Lights last night -- but Mother Nature didn't cooperate. But other spots in the northern U-S got quite a show! This timelapse was taken in Bay Shore, Michigan last night. Clear skies there allowed people to see While we didn't see them here in Vermont.... we did hear from several of you on Facebook who said you spotted them in Maine.

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