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A lawsuit against Vermont state officials in connection with the Kingdom Con. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Roger Garrity. The lawsuit blames three state agencies and nearly a dozen top officials -- who foreign investors say tried to cover up fraud in the Northeast Kingdom EB-5 projects. Tyler Dumont was in the courtroom -- and join us now live with more on the civil case. As these hearings begin, there's a central question: was the state complicit in the alleged fraud of $200 million in foreign investments? To buy-in -- each investor had to pony up 500-thousand dollars. But, as we saw today, before the case moves anywhere -- a judge will have to rule on the state's anticipated motion to dismiss the case -- claiming immunity from lawsuits.


Attorneys for multiple EB-5 investors squared off over a recently filed 92-page lawsuit against the state. Among the new allegations -- $25,000 kickbacks paid by Jay Peak President and CEO Bill Stenger. The finders fees allegedly went to immigration attorneys recommended by the state -- like Anthony Korda -- when foreign investors bought into projects. ((NAT Shumlin on EB-5 program)) Investors also take aim at top Vermont officials -- including then Governor Peter Shumlin -- who took a 100-thousand dollar all expense paid trip to Asia to find even more investors to buy-in. ((TILE 8349 26:51:11--27:13:01 Chandler Matson: "I think a deposition exploring those issues with the people who were traveling with the Jay Peak entities - with these states employees that were going to China on the Jay Peak dime, and being paid by Jay Peak to live this lavish lifestyle, why they did or did not take actions that the investors were begging them to take on their behalf.")) The lawsuit alleges the state Regional Center's executive director at the time James Candido told investors "he had investigated and reviewed everything and that it was safe to make an investment." ((TILE 8349 29:06:13--29:13:13 Matson: "I see the Vermont Regional Center acting as a securities brokerage house, in the marketing of securities.")) The investors group alleges the state was complicit in defrauding EB-5 investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars for years, through failed "oversight and monitoring" of projects led by Stenger and partner Ariel Quiros. They also accuse the Department of Financial Regulation of ignoring investors' concerns, leading up to what they call an "outright cover-up" by state officials. But in court, the state's lead attorney in the case maintains doctrines protect them from litigation. ((TILE 8349 16:14:07--16:23:23 Megan Shafritz: "The state retains its immunity for claims of fraud, for claims of misrepresentation. So, securities fraud claims cannot be asserted against the state.")) Attorneys for investors disagree. ((TILE 8351 45:03:02--45:08:21 Russ Barr/Attorney representing investors: "This is a clear set of facts where - I call it the "rogue state agency" - went into the Wall Street world."))


Attorneys from the state have to file their motion to dismiss the case by October 9th. Meanwhile, federal regulators have already brought 52 counts of securities fraud against Quiros -- and settled with Stenger. However, no criminal charges have ever been filed.


Fall is here -- but it feels like a summer scorcher!! Temperatures in the 90s -- led schools to cancel after-school sports practices and games. In Chittenden County alone -- we know Burlington... Essex... C-V-U... Colchester... Milton ... and M-M-U are among those with cancellations. School officials say -- it's for the safety of the athletes. Milton High School's Athletic Director says the risks for heatstroke -- heat exhaustion -- and dehydration -- are high on days like this.


((Trevor Wagar, Milton High School Athletic Director, 5:35 "They get it. They know that safety is the number one concern when it comes to them and it comes to all the athletes whether they are visiting or going. It is frustrating for some of them getting ready for games, but I think they get the safety factor.")) He tells us that because the hot weather doesn't seem to be letting up for the next few days -- athletes should expect more games and practices to be impacted. Several schools have already canceled some events tomorrow.


No relief from the heat for beachgoers in Burlington though. The city's Parks and Recreation Department closed North Beach this afternoon, citing a blue-green algae bloom. State health authorities say residents should remain aware of bacteria levels this week as we continue to see unusually warm temperatures. Leddy Park, Texaco Beach -- and Starr Farm Beach -- also have high amounts of blue green algai... and you should NOT go into the water -- because it could make you sick. Also added to the high alert list over the weekend were Charlotte Town Beach in Charlotte, Button Bay in Ferrisburgh, Burgey Farm Road in Addison, Pelots Bay in North Hero. Those beaches join nearly half a dozen locations in the Franklin County area that have been on high alert for the past month.


Highs: Here are the high temperatures for the day, reaching the upper 80s and low 90s in many locations. Record: and we smashed the old record for this date, ...The old record was 85 set way back in 1891, and we broke the old record for heat yesterday when we hit 91. Heat wave: Will be have a heat wave? That requires three days in a row over 90 degrees, and it looks likely that we will find our temperature reaching above 90 again tomorrow. Tonight: Clear skies. Patchy fog. Lows: 62/68 Winds: Light Tuesday: Mostly sunny. Hot and humid. Highs: 85/92 Winds: Light Tuesday Night: Mostly clear. Areas of fog. Lows: 60/67 Winds: Light Wednesday: Partly sunny. Still very warm. Highs: 82/88 Winds: S 5-10 mph


New information about an alleged attack on a biracial boy in Claremont, New Hampshire. We told you how the eight-year-old's family claims he was pushed off a table -- and nearly hanged -- by a group of teens taunting him with racial slurs. Now -- the parents of one teenager who's accused of being involved -- say it was an accident -- and was not motivated by racism. The teen's parents claim their son tried to startle the boy into jumping off a picnic table -- and didn't realize he had a rope around his neck. The state attorney general's office is currently reviewing the case -- to see if it was a hate crime or civil rights violation.


An update now to our investigation into what happened -- at a failed benefit concert in the Kingdom. Controversy surrounds nearly 100-thousand dollars in tickets sales for a show that never happened. Bands did not get their full fees -- and the venue and the booking agent tell us they were stiffed too. Kindgom Cares -- an organization owned by a couple local Shriners -- was supposed to put on the concert to raise money for the Montpelier chapter. For days we have been trying to figure out where the money went -- if few people got paid. About an hour ago -- our investigative reporter -- Jennifer Costa -- got a statement from Shriners International -- who says they learned about the situation last week. All they would say about it was QUOTE: "The individual Shrine chapters contract for entertainment independently -- and we are in the process of gathering and identifying the facts."


New at 6 -- A Vermont family is using their personal tragedy, and one of the country's busiest rail-road stations as a platform… to tell people to stay off the tracks. Kyle Midura has this mother's tearful story -- that she wants everyone to hear.


40 million visitors pass through Washington D.C.'s Union Station every year. And on Monday - it served as Nancy Kenyon Richardson's destination, as she shared her pain with the country. Days after what would have been her adopted son's birthday, she clutched a picture of him. His ashes hung from her necklace. (11:00:13:00) ((Nancy Kenyon Richardson He was the son who always felt the need to protect us, his biggest fear was losing a member of the family he waited so long to find)) Kevin Kenyon died in May 2015. A train hit him as he took a shortcut to work. He couldn't hear it approaching over the sound of his headphones. Now his adopted family is willing to go to any length to help others understand the danger of walking along train tracks. (11:22:53:00) ((Nancy Kenyon Richardson Kevin, this is our birthday gift to you, please help us keep people off the tracks.)) (KYLE MIDURA STANDUP) ((Nancy and her family aren't the only ones struggling through this kind of grief and pain. According to the federal Railroad administration a person or car gets hit by a train every few hours)) (10:44:49:00) ((Jamie Rennert, Federal Railroad Administration We know these people, they are our neighbors, our friends, our family members)) Government and industry representatives say technological and engineering improvements dramatically cut-down on rail-road crossing deaths since the 1970's. They say the most-effective way to do better… is to make the public better informed. (10:56:14:00) ((Chief Neil Trugman, Amtrak Police It is critical that citizens in every corner of the country fully-understand the dangers and consequences of trespassing on railroad property)) (11:03:55:00) ((Nancy Kenyon Richardson Kevin paid with his life, and our family have paid with our hearts)) Law enforcement will be out across the country at known problem spots Tuesday. They'll be issuing tickets to those who trespass or improperly cross tracks - adding a bit of force to Nancy's warnings. In Washington, I'm Kyle Midura

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A special meeting between the Queen City's Mayor and City Council is underway -- following a divide last week - over selling Burlington Telecom. City officials have been working for years - to fix Burlington Telecom's massive financial mess. Now - the city is working against a tight timeline to sell BT in time to recover 5 million dollars. There are 3 groups bidding to buy BT. But - we told you last week how a fourth bidder dropped out at the last minute. That had councilors upset. They told us - they blamed Mayor Miro Weinberger - and they questioned if they could trust him. The Mayor told me this afternoon that after speaking with Council President Jane Knodell over the weekend -- he's hopeful he and the council will get on the same page tonight.


((Mayor Miro Weinberger/D-Burlingto n: 000910 Our advisors - our counsel have raised regulatory and legal concerns about this fourth bid. And I believe those concerns are real - those are the concerns the council is really going to grapple with tonight 000926)) ((000931 Mayor Miro Weinberger/D-Burlingto n: I think as more information comes to light on that - as we sort our way through this I think the public will see that I was acting in the interest of protecting the taxpayers protecting the city, protecting the users 000942 )) We reported last week how Council President Jane Knodell believed most councilors viewed that fourth bidder as a top choice to buy BT. Today the Mayor said that IF councilors still want to invite that fourth bidder back into the process after his concerns about the bidder are reviewed -- he would go along with that. We are covering that special meeting between the Mayor and the council - and will have an update on the Channel 3 News at 11.


Mayor Weinberger also weighed in today on the future of Memorial Auditorium. Late this afternoon, his office released a statement about the building -- which has sat vacant for nine months. The mayor did not release any specifics of what the building might become -- but he did say that the city will QUOTE "seriously explore" a proposal that that keeps the building as a publicly-owned and operated assembly space.


Two men - accused of drugging, raping and trafficking a Vermont teenager. Kenneth Johnson of Lyndon pleaded not guilty to several felonies today. Prosecutors say he and another man lured a 15-year old girl -- drugged her up -- raped her -- and then trafficked her. Johnson is a carnival worker and new to Vermont. If convicted of just one human trafficking charge -- he faces a possible life sentence. Johnson and his alleged accomplice are being held without bail.


Six people died in five separate accidents around our region over the weekend. A motorcyclist form Addison -- Paul Boivin -- died after crashing his motorcycle into another rider in North Hudson, New York Sunday afternoon. 30-year-old Jason Baumes of Shaftsbury died early Sunday morning in a two-car crash in Manchester. Also early Sunday, 18-year-old Cameron MacDonald -- a Lyndon State student -- died in a single car crash on Route 2 in Lancaster, New Hampshire. On Saturday 35-year-old Douglas Elliot of Colebrook, New Hampshire was killed when his truck hit a tree in Columbia. A ten-year-old child survived the crash. And late Friday night three Vermonters were involved in a crash in Croydon, New Hampshire. 20 year old Michelle Fenimore of Brownington and her passenger, Nicholas Carpenter of Coventry died in a collison with 22 year old Kristina Lake of Sharon. Lake was arrested on drunk driving charges.


((00:01:21:00 GARRY SCOTT: We hope the public recognizes that enforcement is not the way to solve this problem. We need to have people up front on driver education. It's a multi faceted approach to try and solve this.)) Police say Vermont is on pace for an average number of roadway deaths for the year.


Puerto Rico's governor says the territory needs more help dealing with the humanitarian crisis -- left in the wake of Hurricane Maria. It's been five days since the storm made landfall -- and the majority of the 3-point-4 million U-S citizens are still without power. Officials worry a 90-year old dam is in danger of breaching on one corner of the island -- after Maria dropped more than 15 inches of rain. 70-thousand people were warned of flash flooding. Power HAS been restored to the main medical center on the island.


A safety and occupational health specialist from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center is flying to Puerto Rico at this hour to help with relief efforts. Wes Miller is going as a volunteer with the Red Cross. He recently helped organize a disaster training boot camp at DHMC.


((Wes Miller/Dartmouth-Hitch cock Medical Center: It is a real challenge for the poor folks who are down that that are trying to make their way through this and hopefully with the efforts that we are bringing down there, we can help it move a little further in a better direction for them.")) Miller will be in Puerto Rico for three weeks.


A 5th medical marijuana dispensary gets the OK from Vermont officials. Waterbury-based PhytoScience Institute will have locations in St. Albans and Bennington. It will start dispensing medical marijuana within six months after it gets full approval. The state says there are currently 4-thousand 6-hundred 9 patients registered for medical marijuana as of August 24th. State law will allow for a sixth dispensary when there are 7-thousand registered patients.


And a traffic alert for your commute if you head through Essex Junction. They're going to be grinding pavement on Pearl Street tomorrow and Wednesday. That's from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. -- so you can expect major delays... and stopped traffic if you head towards the Five Corners area.


((latest90)) Yesterday broke the record of latest 90 degree day. We broke it again today. ((90days)) Haven't seen a lot of 90 degree days this year, but are making up for it now. ((dewpoints)) Been muggy all weekend, and likely to remain humid through Wednesday. ((current)) Hazy hot and humid in Burlington. ((tempsgraph)) Two more days of near record heat. Cold front comes through on Wednesday night. Turning much colder. ((surfacemap)) High pressure will keep us dry for a few more days. Not much rain with the front, then dry again. ((forecastmap)) Areas of fog the next few mornings, noticeably cooler.


Tonight: Clear skies. Patchy fog. Lows: 62/68 Winds: Light Tuesday: Mostly sunny. Hot and humid. Highs: 85/92 Winds: Light Tuesday Night: Mostly clear. Areas of fog. Lows: 60/67 Winds: Light Wednesday: Partly sunny. Still very warm. Highs: 82/88 Winds: S 5-10 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday night: Chance of showers. Lows 50/57 Thursday: Partly sunny and much cooler. Highs 60/67 Lows 38/45 Friday: Partly sunny. Highs 58/65 Lows 40s Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs 55/65 Lows 35/45 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 60s Lows 40s Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 60s



Protestors fighting to keep the Affordable Care Act in tact disrupted a Senate hearing on the controversial GOP healthcare bill. Opponents say it will cut critical services under Medicaid, but Republicans say Obamacare is on a crash course. Weijia Jiang reports.


(nats ) "if you want a hearing, you better shut up." ((NARR-1)) PROTESTORS - MANY WITH CHALLENGING HEALTH CONDITIONS - INTERRUPTED THE START OF A SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE HEARING ON THE GOP'S LATEST ATTEMPT TO REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE. SOME PROTESTORS WERE CARRIED OUT OF THE ROOM. ((nat sot)) "we just want them to kill the bill." ((NARR-2)) MARILEE ADAMSKI-SMITH WAS BORN WITHOUT ARMS AND LEGS. SHE SAYS THE BILL PROPOSED BY SENATORS LINDSEY GRAHAM AND BILL CASSIDY WOULD CUT CRUCIAL MEDICAID SERVICES. ((SOT Marilee Adamski-Smith/Medicaid Recipient in Wisconsin)) "if home and community services are cut by medicaid being cut ... Then a lot of us will be forced into nursing homes. And nursing homes are like prisons to us." ((NARR-3)) A CBS NEWS POLL SHOWS 52 PERCENT OF AMERICANS DISAPPROVE OF THE GRAHAM-CASSIDY BILL. THAT INCLUDES ABLE-BODIED PAKI WIELAND. ((SOT Exchange)) what is your message to lawmakers today? To pay attention to have a heart." ((STANDUP BRIDGE: Weijia Jiang/CBS News Capitol Hill)) THE HEARING FINALLY GOT UNDERWAY AND THE BILL'S CO-SPONSOR, SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM, DEFENDED HIS LEGISLATION. ((SOT Sen. Lindsey Graham/R-South Carolina)) "we're gonna send the money back to the states - you can't spend it on roads and bridges - gotta spend it in health care. So you're gonna have flexibility but you're gonna have accountability." ((NARR-4)) THE SENATE HAS UNTIL SATURDAY TO PASS THE LEGISLATION WITH A SIMPLE 51-VOTE MAJORITY. SOME REPUBLICANS HAVE ALREADY COME OUT AGAINST IT. OTHERS SAY IT'S A NECESSARY FIRST STEP. ((SOT Sen. Thom Tillis/R-North Carolina)) i'm looking for something that gets us to a point where we can address all the problems will continue to exist if this vote doesn't happen this week. ((NARR-5)) SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL HASN'T YET COMMITTED TO A VOTE...AND DOES NOT WANT TO REPEAT THE FAILURE HE SUFFERED IN JULY. WEIJIA JIANG, CBS NEWS, CAPITOL HILL.


The threats against North Korea continue. President Trump tweeted that Kim Jong Un wont be around much longer. North Korea's top diplomat responded by saying it considered that a declaration of war and that it has the right to shoot down U-S planes in international airspace. The U.S.-North Korea war of words escalated last week. Trump warned North Korea of total destruction and the two leaders exchanged threats and insults.


President Trump issued a new order, revising his controversial travel ban. The previous version, which expired sunday, focused on six muslim-majority countries. The new one sets travel limits on eight countries--including three new ones. Chad, North Korea and Venezuela have been added Sudan, which was on previous versions of the dropped from the new order.


The new ban -- means the supreme court has canceled plans to hear oral arguments on the controversial issue next month. The high court wants to hear from both sides on the topic.

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The president isn't backing down in his fight with NFL players. Today, president trump again criticized players who protest the national anthem. In a series of tweets this morning, the president said it's "about respect for our country..." On sunday, every team took part in some kind of protest during the national anthem. Some players kneeled... some stood with locked arms... some just stayed in the locker room until it was over.


(SOT MIKE TOMLIN, FROM POST-GAME) "They were not going to be disrespectful of the anthem so they chose not to participate, but at the same time many of them were not going to accept the words of the President." (Trump SOT// 092217 TRUMP HUNTSVILLE AL REM 116 H/O#001// 20:44:44) Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a b----h off the field, right now." N-F-L commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement - calling the president's comments "divisive" and said they "demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl."


Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is headed to prison. A federal judge sentenced Weiner to 21-months in prison -- for transferring obscene material to a minor. The case centered on Weiner's lewd sexual conduct with a girl he knew to be 15-years-old. Weiner pleaded guilty in May -- admitting to sending graphic photos and having lewd video chats with the teen.

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A Vietnam veteran from our region is highlighted in a new documentary airing on PBS. Mike Heaney (HAY-nee) saw about 5 months of combat in Vietnam before being discharged due to an injury. But Heaney was one of the lucky ones. Ten men in his command died during the conflict. Heaney 's story is featured in the documentary called "The Vietnam War" which is co-directed by New Hampshire's Ken Burns.


((Heaney: "I think if they force themselves to look at things like this film and see all the sadness and loss that is involved, they might start going in a different direction.")) The documentary, which is viewable online, is in 10 parts. It's total of 18 hours that includes the testimonies from dozen of soldiers on both sides of the conflict.




Many parents worry about injuries -- for student-athletes. But DISEASES -- are also a big concern. Now --a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics aims to keep young athletes safe. Meg Oliver explains what schools should do.


(PKG) (Walking two shot across gym) ( M.O.) "What can't you see in here that worries you?" ( A.M. ) "There's a couple of different infectious diseases that we can never see, including MRSA, herpes, athletes foot." (nats) THAT'S WHY ATHLETIC TRAINER ANAIS MIXSON MAKES SURE THE MATS AT THIS NEW JERSEY HIGH SCHOOL ARE WIPED CLEAN WITH ANTIBACTERIAL EVERY NIGHT. ( SOT Anais Mixson/Athletic Trainer, Neptune High School) "If we don't take the proper precautions, if we skip steps, that's where were gonna see athletes who will have infections that could possibly last them the rest of their life." A NEW REPORT FROM THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS OFFERS NEW GUIDELINES TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES AMONG STUDENT ATHLETES AND TREAT THEM APPROPRIATELY. (Dr. Stephen Rice, Director of Sports Medicine, Jersey Shore University Medical Center) "we want to bring focus to the doctor in the office, the athlete and the parent and to the people who are running sporting events." INFECTIONS ARE ESPECIALLY COMMON IN CLOSE CONTACT SPORTS SUCH AS FOOTBALL AND WRESTLING. (Meg Oliver/CBS News) "Experts say student athletes need to learn proper personal hygiene. They should wipe down equipment before and after every useand never share personal items like water bottles and towels." (nats) FROM THE GYM, TO THE WEIGHT ROOM, TO THE LOCKER ROOM, THIS SCHOOL IS DOING ALL IT CAN TO KEEP GERMS AT BAY. (SOT Anais Mixson/Athletic Trainer, Neptune High School) If they're not going home and showering after practice, or they're not washing their, uh, workout clothes, then those are the things that are going to spread infections." ABOUT 10 TO 15 PERCENT OF INJURIES THAT SIDELINE COLLEGE ATHLETES ARE RELATED TO INFECTIOUS DISEASES. MO CBS NEWS NEPTUNE, NEW JERSEY.

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Still warm tomorrow, Dan. But it looks like some big changes ahead. Tonight: Clear skies. Patchy fog. Lows: 62/68 Winds: Light Tuesday: Mostly sunny. Hot and humid. Highs: 85/92 Winds: Light Tuesday Night: Mostly clear. Areas of fog. Lows: 60/67 Winds: Light Wednesday: Partly sunny. Still very warm. Highs: 82/88 Winds: S 5-10 mph Extended: Thursday through Monday. Wednesday night: Chance of showers. Lows 50/57 Thursday: Partly sunny and much cooler. Highs 60/67 Lows 38/45 Friday: Partly sunny. Highs 58/65 Lows 40s Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs 55/65 Lows 35/45 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 60s Lows 40s Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 60s



It's a swanky affair that brings out the best writers, academics and thinkers in Vermont. This year the Vermont College of Fine Arts held it's third annual Vermont Book Awards. Jensen Beach took home the top prize for his work Swallowed by the Cold. Thank you for being here. ((at the ceremony -- you said you never win anything -- tell us what this award means to you and what it's like as a writer -- which can be a very private process -- to win this fancy award at this very beautiful public event)) ((what inspired you to write "Swallowed by the Cold")) ((there seems to be a continual pattern of devastation in this book -- a fatal cycling accident, a drowned mother, a mysterious arson -- what draws you to write about this type of devastation?)) ((why are your protagonists drawn to share their innermost feelings with strangers?)) ((why do you think the book is resonating with readers?))


A husband and wife bonded by the products they produce. His made in Vermont glass and her Made in Vermont crafts make one Made in Vermont story. Here's Scott Fleishman.


Theirs is a colorful marriage. ((Matt Seasholtz: "We do a lot of bouncing color ideas off of eachother."))) (((7:05:03))) ((Marion Seasholtz: "If I'm working on a piece and I'm stuck, I'll have him come and give me advice on a color or a pattern.")) Matt Seasholtz is a glass maker. Wife Marion is a quilter. ((Marion Seasholtz: "Quilting is satisfyin, because you get to deal with color and texture and pattern and I get to combine all those factros into a finished peice.")) (((6:51:50))) ((Matt Seasholtz: "when you're making a peice, it's like Once you're making a piece, once you've started, you're in it until the end. You can't walk away from it and come back to it. It forces you to kind of finish things.")) ((Matt Seasholtz: You use a little bit of water to chill it and hopefully the vibration will let that pop off.")) They met nearly 15 years ago at, where else, a craft show in Massachusetts. Their booths were across from one another. (((6:53:41))) ((Matt Seasholtz: "When I go to craft shows, I don't look that much at jewlery, quilts or clothing. I tend to look at the glass and the ceramics. I don't look that much at quilts and jewelry, it was strictly her.")) (((7:03:59))) ((Marion Seasholtz: "I've always liked glass blowing and I collected glass, so we just started talking and one thing led to another and not long after, he moved to Vermont.")) They have separate companies under one umbrella, Wind's Edge Studio. (((6:58:18))) ((Matt Seasholtz: "A lot of what makes it work is that the particulars of what Marion works with and the particulars of what I work with are very different. She doesn't have a furnace, but I don't have 5 sewing machines, but the gernal business is very similar.")) (("I want to do a different color combination for the ferns.")) Products as vibrant as the union between this creative couple. (("Do you like the ones with or without the snow better?")) Scott Fleishman, Channel 3 news made in Hyde Park and Johnson, Vermont.


A new home for a Vermont theater company. The 8,000-square-foot Weston Playhouse will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday. The company housed productions in a former church, but managing director Lesley Koenig says it became too expensive to heat the building during the winter. She says they will continue to hold performances there in the summer. The new stage can seat up to 150 people.


And a southern Vermont destination -- now has new owners. Today -- Bennington College announced it is acquiring the Robert Frost Stone House Museum in Shaftsbury. The college says the site will continue its current use as a tourism spot -- and they will also be using it for literary education purposes. The Museum will complete its scheduled season through the end of October, and will reopen to the public in spring 2018.




We may be setting heat records left and right but hockey season is rapidly approaching. The UVM women played their exhibition opener yesterday afternoon, while the men play theirs this coming Sunday. Today, the Ice Cats found out what people around the country expect from them this Winter. UVM was the first team outside the Top 20 of the preseason USCHO poll, effectively ranked 22nd as Northeastern and Western Michigan tied for that 20th spot. it's a bit of a step down from last season, when the Cats spent most of the year in the top 20 and finished 18th. However, that comes after graduating 11 seniors from last year's team. The Cats face Waterloo in Sunday's exhibition, and begin the regular season a week from friday at Gutterson Fieldhouse against Colorado College.


The Boston Red Sox have been scorching hot down the stretch, winning 14 of their last 17 games including their last 6. As a result, Boston has opened up a 5 game lead on New York in the AL East with just 7 games to go, and their Magic Number to clinch the division is down to 3. The Sox can take another step toward the title tonight, as they welcome in the Toronto Blue Jays for the first of 3.


The Yankees were in action this afternoon, still hoping to avoid that do or die wild card game but today was all about Aaron Judge. He entered today one home run shy of Mark McGwire's rookie record for home runs in a season: he hit 49 back in 1987. Well step aside, Big Mac, there's a new rookie home run king! Judge homered in both the third and the seventh of today's 11-3 Yankee win to give him an astounding 50 on the year! With the win, New York moves to within 4 and a half of Boston, and the magic number stays at 3.


Jake Elliott kicked a 61-yard field goal as the clock expired to lift the Philadelphia Eagles to a 27-24 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday. Eli Manning threw three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter, including a 77-yard score to Sterling Shepard, but Philadelphia rallied twice to pick up the win and go to 2-1 on the season as New York fell to 0-3. Good news for Big Blue is that at least the 8 game streak of scoring fewer than 20 points is over.


The Pats fared better in a wild game: Tom Brady threw for 378 yards and five touchdowns...including the game winner on this 25 yards pass to Brandin Cooks with 23 seconds left in their 36-33 win over the Houston Texans. Cooks had 131 yards on five catches with two scores. Brady had to be great to outduel Texans rookie Deshaun Watson who finished with 342 total yards and two passing tds. New England is 2-1, they host Carolina next Sunday.

54} WK_4_POTW_NOM_1_W_VO

Here are your Friday Football Frenzy plays of the week for Week Four...Play number one ...BFA-St. Albans jumps all over South Burlington at Collins-Perley...and this run sets the tone early...Dominic Liscinsky takes the pitch...turns upfield ...bounces off one tackler and rumbles 37 yards for the touchdown...the Bobwhites roll past the Wolves 49-14 to improve to 4-0 on the season...

55} WK_4_POTW_NOM_2_W_VO

Play number two... Essex comes up short in it's bid to knock off Middlebury and earn it's first win of the season...but they left it all on the field and used every play in the playbook ...including the halfback pass...Jordan Hines to Anthony Hope for the touchdown... great execution and a play of the week

56} WK_4_POTW_NOM_3_W_VO

and play number three ...Rutland and Hartford combined to score 92 points, so we had plenty of options to choose from...and this was our favorite ...a perfectly placed pass over the shoulder from Rutland's Jared Miglorie to Lucas Hubbard in the back of the endzone with defenders hanging on him. Great pass, great catch and a Friday Football Frenzy play of the week. Be sure to tune in this Friday at 11 for more great action



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