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An announcement about a potential deal between IBM and Global Foundries was expected last week. IBM released its earnings report Thursday but no word about the sale. Here to talk about what it all means is Saint Michaels Business Professor Robert Letovsky. ((some media was reporting the deal could be off)) ((IBM reported strong gains in the last three months -- what does that mean?)) ((if deal goes through -impact?))) ((What about if deal doesn't go through?)) ((global foundries did place a full page ad in a local newspaper advertising jobs in its Malta plant -- what does that mean?)) ((if this is happening when would be the best time to announce it?))


Tomorrow on the Thirty -- Freshtracks Road Pitch. Investors are hitting the road on motorcycles to discover Vermont's best and brightest entrepreneurs. Cairn Cross is here to tell us all about the adventure -- tomorrow at 5-30 on The Thirty.


Good evening, I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. Police have identified three people killed in a Saturday plane crash near Lake Placid. Two were Clarkson University students -- the other was the father of one of the students. Alex Apple joins us with more on the cause of the accident. Kristin, the New York State Police and National Transportation Safety Board are continuing their investigation into the cause of the crash -- it occurred just minutes after the plane attempted to land at Lake Placid Airport -- a mishap on the runway then sent it back up into the air -- leading to the tragic crash.


Investigators are looking into whether misinformation given to a pilot attempting to land in Lake Placid contributed to the plane's subsequent crash. Frank Kafka of West Virginia was attempting to land his plane around 10:30 Saturday morning. (01:01:24 Investigator Jonathan Garrow)(("An individual on the ground responded wind advisory and no traffic.")) Eyewitnesses say he aborted his landing after swerving to the right to avoid the other plane. (Garrow 10:01:42)((Another aircraft after that initial response was spotted overhead basically prior to a visual, approaching or descending to the runway from the opposite end of the runway. At that point, that is when the victims aircraft returned to full throttle and did a hard banking right maneuver.)) As Garrow lifted his plane back into the air -- attempting to circle back around to the other end of the runway -- that's when he lost control. (54:52 Garrow)((" it reached an altitude approximately, from their statements, 200 feet and at some poor appeared to maybe level off, did a sharp dip To the left and did a downward spiral.")) The plane crashed less than a quarter mile from the airport, killing 63 year old Frank Kafka, his daughter Kathleen Kafka and Reed Phillips -- who were both students at Clarkson University in New York. On a sightseeing flight in Lake Placid, the three had left Potsdam Airport earlier in the day flying in a 1967 Mooney Aircraft -- a member of the National Traffic Safety Board said he does not think the planes age played a role in the crash. (01:02:42 Paul Cox NTSB investigator)(("There are many many aircraft that are much older than this one flying.")) The aircraft had passed it's yearly inspection and because the plane flew below 18,000 feet, it did not have to file a flight plan. With no black box or recording device inside the plane, the investigation into the exact cause of the crash could take months. (56:27 Paul Cox)(("The NTSB will do an analysis and then it will do a probable cause. The whole idea of the NTSB is to make travel safer."))


The NTSB says it could take up to seven months before a cause is determined -- but Kristin, a preliminary report is expected within 10 to 12 days. Clarkson University said in a statement it's community was deeply saddened by the loss of two of its students.

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It was another nice day out there. Temps got pretty warm too. Right now we're in the 70s and 80s. For the most part it's sunny out, but there is the chance for an evening storm to the west. Then through the overnight we'll get quiet. Tomorrow looks partly sunny and humid, before we turn stormy on Wednesday. More details on the extended forecast coming up a bit later. (wx script)


The Vermont Air National Guard is helping recover a plane that carried three service members -- when it went down during World War two. Kyle Midura has the story you'll only see here on WCAX - Kyle, what do you know? Darren and Kristin - the plane crashed into a Greenland glacier in 1942 and is buried under 40 feet of snow and ice. Seven decades later, Vermonters may help bring closure to the families of the deceased and the U.S Coast Guard.


A team of military and civilian personnel are back on this Greenland glacier in what has become a summer tradition. ((1:28 - :30 - Mitchell Zuckoff - Author 'Frozen in Time' PHONER we call it the 'Duck Hunt' )) Their goal: recover an amphibious plane buried below 40 feet of snow and ice. The Duck as it's known, crashed here on November 29th, 1942 during a rescue mission for a downed B-17. In World War II, U.S. planes flew to Newfoundland, on to Greenland, and over to Iceland en route to war-torn Europe. (( 4:24 - :35 Mitchell Zuckoff - Author 'Frozen in Time' PHONER *** pilots would have no idea whether they were up or down :27 and couldn't tell how high they were over the ice cap :30 and so almost as soon as we started flying over Greenland, planes started flying into Greenland :35)) Boston University Journalism Professor Mitchell Zuckoff wrote the book on the recent search efforts for the B-17 and Duck following expeditions in 2012 and 13. He says the Duck's crew - Lt. John Pritchard and Radioman Benjamin Bottoms - as well as rescued airman Corporal Loren Howarth are likely still on-board. ((1:58 - :03 Mitchell Zuckoff - Author 'Frozen in Time' PHONER the great hope is that this is the year that these three men are brought home for repatriation )) In 2012, Vermont civilian Robert "WeeGee" Smith manned the machine that bored into the ice - finally locating the plane - capturing this video believed to show pieces of it. But Zukoff says in 2013, the team ran into weather and mechanical problems - leaving the plane frozen in place. This year, the Vermont Air National Guard carried over WeeGee's newest machine to melt it out. If succesful, the return E-T-A for the Duck and its crew is unclear. ((2:46 - :55 Nancy Pritchard Morgan - Lt. Pritchard's Sister - PHONER to think that this country is willing to go to great lengths to rescue and bring home, and have closure for families is absolutely fabulous :55 )) 91-year-old Nancy Pritchard Morgan is the sister of Lt. John Pritchard. She says her brother is scheduled to be honored at the Coast Guard Academy in November and she hopes to have his remains back home by then. ((3:52 - :59 Nancy Pritchard Morgan - Lt. Pritchard's Sister - PHONER it would be more than closure, it would be just beautiful :57 I can't think of anything that would be nicer :59 ))


About 83-thousand American service men and women are unaccounted since American involvment in World War II began. Lt. Pritchard and Radioman Benjamin Bottoms represent the only two remaining for the Coast Guard though. Their recovery would represent a significant milestone for the military branch.


Police say a visit to the University Mall - turned frightening for a ten year old girl this weekend - and now a registered sex offender is charged in the case. Shelby Cashman is in the newsroom with the details. Shelby? Kristin--42 year old Ryan Aldrich is charged with the aggravated stalking of a ten year old girl--Saturday. Police say Aldrich--worked at the Subway counter in the University Mall in South Burlington. When the girl went to order a sandwich--they say he tried to solicit information from her- and then followed her into a store numerous times. They say he then attempted to video tape her -- and began to touch himself inappropriately. Investigators say the girl told her parents she feared for her safety -- and they called police.


((14:44:02 TJ Donovan "Really this is a lesson for everybody that this kind of conduct can happen in such a place to a young girl and again the allegation that is so disturbing that he was engaging in such conduct in a public place is incredibly disturbing, incredibly threatening and incredibly scary." 14:44:20)) Court documents reveal Aldrich is a convicted sex offender--listed on the Vermont registry as non compliant and high risk. He has a prior aggravated sexual assault charge in Vermont - and a slew of sex charges in New York state. Officials also say the reason for the aggravated stalking charge--is because the girl was under sixteen years old. Aldrich is being held for lack of bail.


She vanished 9 months ago. But tonight -- a New Hampshire teenager is safely back home.


15-year-old Abigail Hernandez disappeared October 9th -- walking from her high school in North Conway. She sent several text messages between 2-30 -- and 3 that afternoon -- but never made it home. Massive searches were launched. And even expanded into Burlington. Her photo lined shop-windows along Church Street. This afternoon -- the New Hampshire Attorney General alerted the media that Hernandez was found. Investigators are not saying how -- or -- where she's been. And will only release more information -- once they determine it won't compromise the case. The Hernandez family is requesting privacy. Her mother told investigators, "today we are the happiest people on earth."


The family received a glimmer of hope in the weeks after her disappearance -- when Hernandez wrote to her family. It's still not clear if she did it on her own. Authorities revealed little about the letter. They feared copycats could hamper the investigation.


More than half of Vermont's child care providers are a part of the STARS program -- designed to give kids a jump start on learning -- and to measure the quality of child care. Melissa Howell talks to one of the latest providers to join the program.


Diann's day care has been a staple in Barre for more than 3 decades.. ((NATS:KIDS PLAYING)) But it's more than just a day care -- it's a place where kids ages 3 to 5 come to learn everything they would learn in a pre-k classroom.. ((Diann Chaloux/Diann's Day care 00:16:20: This is where they meet as a group." 00:16:22)) Diann Chaloux's day care has been awarded 5 out of 5 stars by the Step Ahead Recognition System. It's a DCF program grading child care providers throughout the state for their community involvement, quality of staff, policies, practices and licensing regulations. Chaloux joined the ranks of 800 providers throughout the state -- a number that's grown rapidly since the program began more than a decade ago. The bulk of the funds for STARS comes from federal money -- a childcare development grant. ((Jan Walker/DCF Child Development Division 00:03:28 "The gap that the STARS Program is filling is the steps between being regulated and getting to the highest level possible, often referred to as national accreditation." 00:03:43)) For childcare providers like Chaloux, there's a bonus of up to 15-hundred and 50 dollars for every star awarded within the program - as well as subsidies for families. ((Jan Walker/DCF Child Development Division 00:16:54 "There's an incentive to seek a program that's participating in STARS and beyond that is demonstrating high quality as indicated by STARS." 00:17:08)) ((Diann Chaloux/Diann's Day Care 00:07:37 "I think it's awesome that finally, the quality of care is that important that there is yet another way for people to obtain that, for programs to obtain that credential." 00:07:50)) The kids are tested 3 times a year -- and held to the same standards as pre-k students in surrounding elementary schools. ((Diann Chaloux/Diann's Day Care 00:01:08 "We follow their curriculum, we have the same assessments as they do, and the nice thing is the children can be in full time care here." 00:01:16)) Chaloux hopes to see more Vermont families take advantage of child care programs certified by the STARS Program. ((Diann Chaloux/Diann's Day Care 00:12:32 "I still think it goes back to educating the parents on the quality of care." 00:12:38)) As the state continues it's mission to provide access to quality education *even for our youngest students.*..Melissa Howell, Channel 3 News.


Governor Shumlin is out of state today -- helping to raise money in Maine. The Governor hosted a fundraiser at Portland's Cumberland Club -- for Mike Michaud - the Democrat hoping to unseat Maine's current governor - Republican Paul LePage. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is also fundraising for Michaud. Governor Shumlin pointed out that Gov. LePage missed a gathering of New England Governors on opiate abuse - and says Maine needs a governor who can work with others. LePage called that "petty" - and said he had staff at the meeting. Governor Shumlin will be back in Vermont Wednesday.


Is Otter Creek out at the Big E? The Eastern States Exposition draws thousands to West Springfield Massachusetts every September. And Otter Creek's Long Trail usually has a booth in the Vermont building. But Big E organizers say - not this year. The Springfield Republican newspaper says concerns about safety - and crowding - are part of the reason why the Big E does not want to give Otter Creek a temporary license to serve alcohol. Our calls to Otter Creek, and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture were not returned. The Big E responded to our call with this statement: Saying we "have to be very careful with controlled substances, which includes alcohol. We are working diligently to try to mitigate the impact on the Vermont building which may include extending their license this year."


Vermont is suing the makers of 5 hour energy. the attorney general says the drink violates the Vermont Consumer Protection Act by making deceptive claims about its benefits -- like its ability to help users focus and be more alert. The attorney general says the only ingredient in 5-hour ENERGY that has any effect is its concentrated shot of caffeine.


Patients in Bennington can now see a doctor at Dartmouth Hitchcock -- without making the trip to New Hampshire. Elizabeth Keatinge reports.


***********THIS RUNS 1:33******** Patricia Davis is discussing her rheumatoid arthritis during an appointment with her doctor - but he's at Dartmouth - and she is here in Bennington at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. ((Patricia Davis/patient 02:14:59:10 oh this is terrific 02:15:02:10)) Davis is having her appointment via Telemedicine. Her rheumatologist at SVMC retired last month - and rather than drive the almost 3 hours to Dartmouth - she is now able to see a doctor there through a computer screen. ((Dr. Chris Barsotti/SVMC 2:23:02:00 A lot of our physicians are retiring, as in the example of rheumatology, but it's a rural area and It's hard to get physicians sometimes to move to rural areas. 2:23:09:22)) SVMC just got this technology in May. The equipment costs 15 to 20 thousand dollars. ((Dr. Daniel Albert/Dartmouth 1:54:16:00 this is very powerful technology that can be used in a variety of different ways 1:54:)) Many things about a telemedicine appointment are similar to a regular appointment. Davis made an appointment like normal and has a nurse with her in the exam room. Doctor Albert can even get an up close look at her hands to evaluate her condition - except it's through this little camera - and he sees her hands on a screen on his side. But there are disadvantages. ((Dr. Daniel Albert/Dartmouth 1:59:44:00 Bonding to patients is a little more difficult so that is one of the reasons we have new patients in a face to face interview situation. 1:59:51:15)) Davis also likes to bake goodies for her doctor - but ((Patricia Davis/patient 2:07:40:15 They've got to figure out a way to send food back and forth 2:)) This patient says telemedicine saves her time and money. ((Patricia Davis/patient 2:14:43:00 it would be a big undertaking to get to Dartmouth)) And - she'll be back for her appointment next month. Elizabeth Keatinge ch 3 news Bennington.


S-V-M-C says they have been booked since they got the technology - and are seeing 30 to 45 patients a month. They hope to get 4 to 5 additional machines in the next two years.



After an isolated evening shower or t-storm across the Adirondacks, the overnight will be quiet. Lows will range from 55/65. Tuesday is looking partly sunny, very warm and humid. Highs will be well into the 80s, and the humidity will make it feel even hotter. While most of us will be dry, there could be an isolated t-storm in southern areas. After that a strong cold front will move in on Wednesday, with developing showers and t-storms. Some of the storms could be on the strong side, with locally strong winds and heavy rain. Once the front passes, cooler, less humid air will return late in the week. Skies are looking partly cloudy. There are some signs we could turn a bit unsettled again later Sunday and Monday.



Vermont Fish and Wildlife is looking for some citizen scientists. Officials want people to report their turkey sightings throughout the month of August. You can go to the state's turkey brood survey on the Fish and Wildlife website -- and record where, when and how many turkeys you see. The data gathered helps officials manage Vermont's turkey population. Officials expect the numbers to be down this year -- because of wet weather last year -- and harsh winter conditions this year.


Vermont and New York officials want to hear from hunters on Lake Champlain. There are two meetingson waterfowl populations planned in August. The first meeting is August 5th in Whitehall New York at the rescue squad building. The Vermont meeting will be at the Memorial Hall in Essex on August 6th. Both meetings run from 7pm until 9pm. Hunters are encouraged to attend. Federal law requires that bag limits, and shooting hours must be uniform in the Lake Champlain zone.


A deadly motorcycle crash in Bolton. Police say 24-year-old Bryon Derway of Richmond was driving on Duxbury Road -- when he lost control of his motorcycle on a sharp curve. Derway slid into a guardrail. He died at the hospital.


Police in Burlington are looking for a man caught on camera in connection with an arson. Someone set fire to Whiting Hall dorm at Champlain College earlier this month. Police say the blaze caused 25-thousand dollars in damage. 26-year old Theodore Bowen was arrested the next day. But police say this man is another suspect - and they want your help figuring out who he is. A 5-thousand dollar reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.


Police in Hartford are still waiting to hear how a 51-year-old man died over the weekend. They say the body of David Woodward was found Sunday afternoon -- in a wooded area on Hartford Road in White River Junction. They say there were no signs of foul play, and medical issues could have played a role in Woodward's death. Police are treating the case as suspicious until the autopsy results are in.


Construction is underway in West Danville on a long-awaited recreation trail across northern Vermont. The 90 miles of rail trail will connect St. Johnsbury and Swanton. Plans have been in the works for nearly two decades -- but were hung up on funding and permitting. Approved uses include snowmobiling, dog sledding, horseback riding, biking, and walking. Construction on the West Danville to St. Johnsbury section must be completed by next year.


The owner of a stolen dog stolen in Bradford -- is offering 5-thousand dollars for the pup's safe return. This is Maggie. Police say the terrier was stolen from outside the Hannaford on Friday. Maggie is about 25 pounds -- and was wearing a black collar and red harness. Call the state police in Bradford -- if you have any information.


In Brattleboro - they're knocking down a building on Green Street. The structure located at 72 Green Street was destroyed by fire last winter. Demolition work is scheduled to be complete on Wednesday. That's News Around the Region.


Starting Line Sports ...It's quickly becoming one of the biggest events in local short track racing... The ACT International exciting fans with 300 laps of intense action. Dylan Scott was there. (((A perfect Sunday afternoon at Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh for the second running of the ACT International.))) --- (((The biggest trophy you've ever seen and a grand prize of $25,000 dollars bring out the best in the region for the 200 lap, 3 segment late model feature.))) (((Last year's runner up, Williston's Brian Hoar starts on the pole... And looked pretty good through the opening laps of the first segment but he pops a tire on the 26th lap and has to pit... That miscue opens the door for Barre's Nick Sweet, the 88-car firing to the front and staying there, holding off Quebec's Patrick Laperle for the win... More on those two in a bit.))) --- (((From 50 to 75 laps, the final two segments testing the metal of all 28 drivers in the field... After the early dose of tough luck, Brian Hoar shows what it means to be an 8-time ACT driver of the year... The #37 machine coming back strong to take the second checkered flag and climb back into the competition... But he'd be on the outside looking in as he finishes in fourth))) (((After two segments we have a three way tie... Last year's winner Joey Pole, Barre's Nick Sweet and Patrick Laperle all going head in the final 75 to decide this year's ACT International 300 winner.))) --- (((To the victor of this final contest would go the spoils... Joey Pole falls out of contention early, it becomes a two horsepower race between Sweet and Laperle... The two drivers going door to door for the final 20 laps.. After finishing 2nd and 3rd... The ACT & Serie ACT Champion would not be denied a win... Laperle shakes Sweet with three laps to go and holds on to win the ACT International title and a huge payday! Sweet a close second, with last year's winner Joey Pole third.))) (((Patrick Laperle) "Are you sure it was 25 laps because it felt like 75. We went side by side and didn't touch it was an awesome race with Nick. I'm happy to win and take home this money we need it after breaking our engine two weeks ago...))) (((Nick Sweet) "I think it was a good day for the fans... I didn't win but it was a great race and the fans got to see a really exciting finish ... I'm really proud of everyone on my team."))) (((At the ACT International 300 in Plattsburgh, Dylan Scott, Channel 3 Sports.)))


The late models not the only machines shining on the track Sunday... Second segment of the Modified feature races, checkout the nice move by Plattsburgh's Jason Durgan as he makes the pass and then flies into victory lane... Durgan celebrating the overall day win by taking a bow... --- In the Tiger sportsman was all about Wolcott's Brendan Moodie... The 94-car sweeping both segments in impressive fashion to cap a great afternoon for one of Thunder Road's top drivers...


Coming up...the Red Sox come out of the All-Star break on a roll...and a veteran of the New York Giants two most recent Super Bowl wins calls it a career.


In our HealthWatch - eating yogurt with probiotics may help people with hypertension lower their blood pressure. David Begnaud has the details.


Laima Mihailovich's favorite snack could help keep her blood pressure in check. (Sot Laima Mihailovich/patient) I eat yogurt a lot. // I'll have it everyday. I love it That's because yogurt contains probiotics, a natural bacteria that's believed to help with digestion. Probiotic supplements are also widely available. Now, new research examining nine previous studies of more than 500 patients suggests eating probiotics may lower blood pressure. Researchers in Australia found eating probiotics lowered patients' blood pressure 3 points on the top number, and 2 points on the bottom. (SOT Dr. Harmony Reynolds/Cardiologist, NYU Langone Medical Center ) over a large group of people, when you look at a population, a lower blood pressure by even two or three points can have an impact on important things the risk of stroke, death and heart attack, so we take very seriously a small decrease in blood pressure. (Bridge David Begnaud/CBS News ) Researchers say probiotics with multiple bacteria are better than those with single bacteria. Patients had to consume probiotics, regularly, for at least 8 weeks, to see a modest drop in blood pressure. But NYU Cardiologist Harmony Reynolds says it's not clear that a supplement is as beneficial as getting probiotics from your food. (SOT Dr. Harmony Reynolds/Cardiologist, NYU Langone Medical Center ) Sometimes if people change their diet, exercise more, and probiotic is part of that healthy eating plan, they can avoid medicine, and I love to see that. (Sot Laima Mihailovich/patient) Instead of going and having ice cream, I will have nice cold yogurt and it's very satisfying. And it's an enjoyable step toward keeping her heart healthy.


Researchers say more studies are needed before doctors can recommend probiotics for high blood pressure and prevention. That's HealthWatch.


Humidity levels will be on the high side the next couple of days. Then a cold front will provide relief later in the week. Temps will also be very warm tomorrow ...some valleys will be near 90. But after the front passes we'll go below normal. Tomorrow will be a decent day to check out the lake or mountain, but just know that southern spots could see an isolated PM storm. Looking ahead to this weekend, Saturday is looking great, with the chance for some storms later in the weekend.


Rustic furniture is the most rapidly growing sector of the furniture industry. And as Gina Bullard tells us one Made in Vermont company is feeling the fury with orders coming in fast.


This Hardwick woodshop isn't exactly typical. ((nat)) From a young and eclectic staff -- to a unique product. ((nat)) Welcome to Vermont Cedar Chair Company. ((nat jason)) Where locally harvested white cedar is turned into rustic furniture made to last a lifetime. Jason Lutz started the company five years ago. (26:22:11) ((Jason Lutz/VT Cedar Chair Company "this chair i knew the second we made it it had a lot of potential. g-why? what was it about the chair? it was unique, and it was comfortable")) Lutz came up with the idea when he was in Jamaica for a summer. He designed a bamboo chair but wasn't fully ready to start a company. It wasn't until he was back in Vermont at his mom's house that it fell into place. His mom hired a logger to thin out her cedar stand -- but the logger clear cut everything. (27:36:20) ((Jason Lutz/VT Cedar Chair Company "i went up the stand and started surveying damage and realized everything he left was perfect to make our chairs and it was just laying there")) The logger left the unwanted samplings behind. A light bulb went off. Now Vermont Cedar Chair Company harvests the trees that other people don't want -- and they all come from a thirty mile radius. The rocker and adirondack chairs are the most popular. (22:32:27) ((Jason Lutz/VT Cedar Chair Company "g it doesn't look like the most comfortable chair - j -thats why i tell people you have to sit in it to believe it, we've taken the concept of a hammock. g-i do feel the seat moving - what is that? J- thats what we call the suspension seat")) The furniture is green - made with rot resistant materials. White cedar is known for being resistant to bugs and weather and the chairs are weaved together with manila fiber -- which was used for old ship riggings because of its durability and longevity. The chairs are guaranteed for life - any problems bring it back and get a new one. (23:56:22) ((Jason Lutz/VT Cedar Chair Company "this chair will last theoretically 20 years with no maintenance outside. ")) Lutz got a mechanical engineering degree in college -- which has come in handy streamlining the production process. He says that helps keep costs down -- they retail for 295-dollars and up. Lutz has no formal furniture training but learned from his mom -- it runs in his blood. (28:03:24) ((Jason Lutz/VT Cedar Chair Company "on her side 3 generations back they had the largest furniture company in the world called grand rapids chair company")) Vermont Cedar Chair Company has tripled production this year -- turning out between 10 and 14 chairs a day. They are sold all over the US and will be in some national chains soon. (24:13:05) ((Jason Lutz/VT Cedar Chair Company "we believe that made in vt and made in america says quality and we want to stand behind it")) A Made in Vermont furniture company that's grown from the ground up -- and is rocking to its own beat. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Hardwick.


Vermont Cedar Chair Company is also getting national attention. It will be pitching its product on the show Shark Tank very soon. We'll keep you updated and have a link with more information about the chairs on the info center at wcax dot com.


A ten year old girl from Essex has been very busy. Before heading off to camp she had a very important meeting in Washington D.C. Judy Simpson has the story.


10 year old Iris Hsiang(Shung) is settling in at summer camp. She just arrived back in Vermont this past weekend after a trip to the White House. She wasn't a tourist, she was an invited guest. ((NAT SOT CBS "introducing Iris Hsiang")) Iris was Vermont's winner in a national healthy recipe competition spearheaded by First Lady Michelle Obama. The latest event in her ongoing campaign to get kids to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Iris' recipe was for a stir fry. ((Iris Hsiang 00:00:57:06" I made a Chinese vegetable stir fry and I made it because , so my Dad's parents are Chinese so I wanted to put part of our heritage into it and in Vermont we have so many vegetables I wanted to use alot of vegetables."00:01:14:0 8)) She admitted that she and her dad were kind of speechless when meeting the First Lady, but Iris said she seemed very kind. ((Iris again 00:01:50:20 "She said I have a beautiful smile and its young people like you that keep us going."00:01:56:29)) And Mrs Obama issued a challenge to the culinary kids. ((Iris again 00:01:59:23 "She wanted us to think about what we could do to pay it forward and use it to help people eat healthy.")) It is a theme that will carry through all summer long for this fresh food lover. ((JS SU 00:15:22:25"And it should come as no surprise that at this summer camp called Farm and Wilderness the kids grow, harvest and eat all their own vegetables.")) The camp is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and the emphasis has always been on simplicity and self-reliance. ((Rebecca Geary/Farm & Wilderness Executive Director 00:08:32:22" The nice thing is the children are actually gardening and getting to see the fruits of their labor, they are producing it, they are creating the salads and from the ages of 4, 14, 17 they are actually asking for seconds on their garden goods, carrots and salad greens.")) ((Nat sot pop of JS and Iris)) And there are more plans for Iris in the future, according to the White House. ((Iris again 00:30:42:17 "They were telling me they are going to hook me up with a chef in Burlington and so they are going to make my dish.")) In the meantime, It will be a busy summer season for this young lady. ((00:11:11:26 "most of these are vegetables that we eat,,,,,,,)) Who will be busy with traditional camp activities, ((00:12:35ish "Its fun to learn about where your food comes from,,,")) but will never be far from the garden. JS Channel three news, Plymouth.


For a link to Iris's recipe for Chinese Vegetable Stir Fry -- visit the InfoCenter or check out this story on wcax dot com.


With the baseball trade deadline just ten days away, and some of talk in recent weeks about the Red Sox being sellers instead of buyers this season, the team is starting to show signs of life that could signal a change of plans. The Sox capping a three game sweep of Kansas City with a 6-0 win over the Royals yesterday at Fenway Park. Overall, Boston has won seven of it's last eight games. And while the Sox are still tied with Tampa Bay for last in the American League East, they are now also just seven and a half games behind division leading Baltimore and six games out of the wild card. During this stretch, the team has hit a combined .291 and the pitching staff has a 2.25 ERA, with ace Jon Lester allowing no earned runs in three of his last four starts, including yesterday. The next two weeks could decide if Boston is indeed still in the hunt as their next 13 games are all against A-L East opponents, starting tonight with the first of four in Toronto. NESN's -- has our preview.


((TRT: 31 ... OC: FOUR GAME SERIES)) ((Jerry Remy/ The Red Sox open a very important seven game road trip...four games here in Toronto and three games in Tampa Bay. The Red Sox have played much better baseball over the past two weeks. They are fairly confident that they can do some damage on this road trip, continuing what they started at home with the three game sweep of Kansas City. John Lackey gets the start tonight for the Red Sox in game one of this very important four game series.))


The Yankees started the second half with a three game sweep of Cincinnati this weekend in the Bronx. New York sits tied with Toronto for second in the East... three games back of Baltimore...just a game and a half out of the Wild Card. Tonight, the Yankees open a four game series with the struggling Texas Rangers at the Stadium. With New York's starting rotation looking like a MASH unit, rookie Shane Green will make his third start tonight...and look for his third straight win. The 25-year-old has allowed just two runs in 13 and a third innings in his first two starts.


The Lake Monsters wrap up a six game homestand tonight against Hudson Valley. Bring your appetite ...It will be Hot Dog Heaven night...25 cent hot dogs at Centennial Field.


last night, the Lake Monsters looking to snap a two game losing streak against the Renegades... --- Tied at 1 in the bottom of the seventh, one out and the basses are loaded for Brett Vertigan. He grounds to first base, they get one out at second, but Vertigan avoids the double play with his speed. A run scores. 2-1 Vermont. --- The next batter, Max Kuhn lines one dine the line in right bringing in another run. The Monsters hang on for the 3-1 win, just the second in their last eight games.


The Vermont Mountaineers have the day off, after four players took part in yesterday's NECBL All-Star Game, a 4-3 win for the North in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Vermont visits the Mystic Schooners tomorrow night. With eleven games left on their schedule, the Mountaineers start today with a two and a half game lead on Sanford in the Northern Division.


The New York Giants open training camp tomorrow, but a longtime Big Blue stalwart won't be there. Offensive lineman Chriss Snee announced his retirement today. The 10-year veteran was having a hard time recovering from offseason elbow surgery and felt he wasn't physically ready to return for an 11th NFL season. A second round draft pick in 2004, Sneed 152 of 158 games for the Giants between 2004-2012, including their two Super Bowl victories over New England. He missed the final 13 games of last season with elbow and hip injuries.


Last year, Essex Junction's Evan Russell had quite the summer...winning his first Vermont Amateur Championship...and becoming just the third Vermonter to win the New England Amateur. Battling to a one shot win to claim the title at Green Mountain National in Killington. Two weeks ago, Russell repeated as Vermont state Am champ...and tomorrow, he begins his quest for the double double, when he tees off in the first round of the 85th New England Amateur Championship at Winchester Country Club in Winchester, Massachusetts. Russell is one of 19 Vermonters in the over 150 player field.



Hot and humid tomorrow. Storms move in along a cold front on Wednesday. Behind the front we'll quiet down towards the end of the week. It's also looking cooler and less humid.


Coming up. Summer meals for kids take a hit -- after vandals target a community garden. That's at 11. And -- a hero gets the Medal of Honor. Next on the CBS Evening News.

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