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A New Hampshire man has been found dead in Walden. Police say they received a report of an abandoned car parked near Sevens Hill Road East in Walden. They learned the car was being rented by 60-year-old Don Pope of Kingston New Hampshire. Crews searched the area -- and found Pope's body about a quarter-mile from the car. Police say it appears he died from exposure. They hope to learn more when an autopsy is done.


Two men have been arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at a car in St. Johnsbury. Police say 19-year-old Michael Solarz of Lyndonville -- and 21-year-old Diamond Reed of St. Johnsbury pointed a shotgun at a Kirby man's car -- during what appears to be road rage. Solarz was charged with Careless and Negligent Operation and Reckless Endangerment. Diamond was charged as an accessory.


A former convent in Claremont New Hampshire was flattened by fire. The building is considered a total loss. Fire broke out early Sunday Morning on Central Street. New Hampshire Fire Marshalls have been called in to investigate.


Vermont Fish and Wildlife is warning now is the time -- to take down birdfeeders -- to avoid tempting bears. As the animals come out of hibernation -- they're looking for food. Birdfeeders -- trash cans -- and pet food are all easy sources for Vermont's estimated 6-thousand bears. It's one of the wildlife officials are reporting more interactions between humans and bears.


((DAVID, ALREADY SUPERED: "the other factor is we're going into the more remote places as people. We're building more in their territory. So it just creates a situation where you can have more conflicts between people and wildlife.")) Moose encounters are up too. Biologists say the leftover salt on roads -- attracts the animal to the street -- leading to a number of recent collisions with cars.


It's mud season -- and if you thought mud was just dirt and water, think again. Turns out what's in that soil is a lot more complex. At ECHO in Burlington, it's Mudfest -- where kids can learn all about mud. The highlight the festival is the mud fling each afternoon -- where kids on the deck try to hit a target on the ground with mud. Kids say -- being able to play in the mud is fun.


((014928 Jacob Winfield -- visiting ECHO Cat: What is your guys' favorite part about mud? Jacob: Well, it's squishy and it's really soft. And you can get lots of dirty with it. And the best part is when you come in, your mom usually freaks out 41)) Now there was some science in there too... Educators say it actually takes five-hundred to a thousand years for the rocks to break down to make an inch of soil. And that spring smell -- that's the soil's bacteria at work. That festival runs through Sunday -- the 27th.

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