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An apartment building in Colchester is evacuated and a man is in custody -- after police find some suspicious devices. Police were called to the Champlain Housing Authority apartments on Ethan Allen Avenue just after 2 AM for a disturbance. A man was reportedly hitting a wall with a golf club. When authorities went inside -- they found what appeared to be multiple molotov cocktails. The state police bomb squad was called in -- in addition to the Hazardous Response team. A 27-year-old man is in custody -- but hasn't been charged.


Three kittens stolen from their home .. Are back with their owners. State Police say they were taken during a burglary on Crepeault Hill Road Saturday morning. Authorities say 48-year old Kim Bedor broke into her 19-year-old tenant's apartment -- and stole the kittens and cat food. Bedor was cited for burglary -- her tenant, Megan Wilcox, got handed an unlawful trespass citation when she tried to get the kittens back...and refused to leave without them.


A New Jersey man is dead -- following a fiery crash in Weathersfield. It happened yesterday morning on I-91. Police say the victim was driving with his wife -- when their vehicle crashed into the median, struck several trees, and caught fire. 79-year-old Alexander Romanow-- was trapped in the driver's seat and could not get out of the car. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His wife, Jane, was transported to the hospital with injuries. Police believe the driver fell asleep at the wheel.


As school starts.. We talk to experts on how avoid a heavy backpack. An Essex chiropractor tells us students shouldn't carry around more than 10 to 20% of their body weight. As children's bones are still developing during their younger years at school -- posture can be greatly impacted by too much weight.


((TILE 6076 18:50:38:00--18:51:04: 11 Dr. Victoria Welch/Chittenden County Chiropractic: "What you want, is you want the backpack to be at the top of the shoulders. And it should rest just around the hips. It should be tight to the body, as you can see. If it was very loose, it would come away from the body and make me arch backward. If it was too high up, what it does -- is it hits the top of the neck. And it hits those muscles in there.")) The child can also become more at risk for back problems if they regularly look down at a device.


A few, lingering shower this AM, then clearing & turning less humid. Clear, more comfy tonight. Tuesday will be a nice, sunny, not so humid day. Cold front will slowly work its way through on Wednesday with a few showers & t-storms, especially late into Wed. night. Then clearing out and cooler for the end of the week. Right now, the holiday weekend is looking great with lots of sunshine and warming temperatures.


On the Channel 3 News tomorrow morning .. A Northeast Kingdom veterinarian business -- powered by solar! A look at the new technology that's bringing down the electric bill. And get ready to send us your back to school pictures -- you might just get to see ours! Join us...starting at 5 a.m.

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