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The U-S Senate approved a bill for American forces to train and equip Syrian rebels for a war against Islamic militants. But Vermont's two senators did not support the move. The Senate vote was 78 to 22 in favor of the measure proposed by President Barack Obama. Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders both say they are concerned about the threat from ISIS -- but don't think the president's plan is the right approach. Leahy says quote: I deeply respect the President. In the end, he may be right. But I worry about the slippery slope we may be starting down in the thick of a sectarian civil war. Senator Sanders agrees that -- "The worst thing that we can do now is allow ISIS to portray this struggle as East vs. West, as Muslim vs. Christian, as the Middle East vs. America. That is exactly what they want ..." Both Senators agree with Vermont Congressman Peter Welch who voted against the bill when it passed the House Wednesday -- that other Middle Eastern countries must lead the fight against ISIS.


Vermont's unemployment rate has risen for the third straight month. The Department of Labor announced today that the seasonally-adjusted statewide unemployment rate for August was 4-point-1 percent. That's an increase of four-tenths from July. Nationally, the August rate was 6-point-1 percent -- down a tenth of a point from the previous month. State officials note that jobless numbers do tend to fluctuate upward in the summer and fall -- and that even with up-tick, the numbers are lower than a year ago at this time.


Iphone fans are lining up around the globe to get their hands on the latest version of Apple's smartphones. The i-frenzy began in Asia and has circled the globe with the sun -- arriving in the Burlington area this morning -- where consumers queued up to get their hands on the devices. Apple says it had more than 4 million pre-orders of its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 24 hours, exceeding its initial pre-order supply. Buyers are excited about the larger screens on both models -- Apple's effort to fend off competition from other manufacturers like Samsung.


((Mark Plouffe/AT&T Store Manager: "I think they've really stepped it up with the change in body style -- the size of the screen -- and I think ultimately that's what the excitement is today is that we have a completely new product, a whole new design.")) The new iphones start at $199 at most wireless providers with a two-year contact. Not to be outdone by the iPhone frenzy -- Samsung is now taking orders for the next version of its large-screen Galaxy Note 4. That phone will be available October 17th.


We now know how many customers had their credit cards compromised in Home Depot's recent data breach. The company says some 56 MILLION cards were put at risk. Home Depot says the malware that caused the breach has been removed from their networks in the U-S and Canada... and they're finishing a new encryption program to make data safer. The breach occurred between April and September of this year. The company says it's offering free identity protection services to customers who shopped during that time.


Two Rutland police officers are now under investigation... after an alleged fight. City police chief James Baker says Sgt. Gregory Sheldon and Officer Adam Lucia are suspended with pay. They say the officers were allegedly involved in a fight with another person while off duty at the Center Street Alley bar on September 9th. State police are investigating. In the meantime both officers have been suspended with pay. It's not the first time Officer Lucia has made headlines this year. He was involved in a crash in March after running a red light while responding to an emergency call. He was not charged in that crash.


A revered publisher of one of Vermont's oldest newspaper is calling it quits. Chris Braithwaite is closing his notebook 40 years after he founded the Barton Chronicle. He's selling the company to his employees. A group of 11 will slowly buy shares of the company until Braithwaite is no longer the owner.


(03:44 Chris Braithwaite)(("It was sort of a Catch 22. I wanted the employees to buy the paper, but they worked for the Chronicle for so many years, and they didn't have any money (laughs).")) (07:35 40 Chris Braithwaite)(("40 years is just a long time, and it really did feel like it was time to step away.")) Braithwaite is in the New England Newspaper and Press Association Hall of Fame. He will begin the sale of the Chronicle in early 20-15.

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HGTV star Todd Davis will speak at the Vermont Fall Home Show this weekend. Davis is the host of the hit show "Room Crashers" where he surprises unsuspecting homeowners at stores across the country who's homes needs transforming. Davis will be hosting lifestyle and design workshops on Saturday and Sunday at the Burlington home show. Gina Bullard spoke with him earlier.


((Todd Davis I'm basically telling people about my life and how my lifestyle influences my style. It's a fun story. Gina- do people get to ask you questions? Yeah, I'm not up there talking the whole time. I'm giving them design tips and ideas. )) Admission is free to the Home Show. We'll have more information at the info center at wcax dot com.


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