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Good afternoon, I'm Tyler Dumont -- Roger is off. Vice President Joe Biden is in Vermont today. One of his first stops this morning was for breakfast in Burlington. This photo was tweeted out by the Church Street Marketplace. Biden was joined by Senator Patrick Leahy and Leahy's wife at Penny Cluse on Cherry Street. Democratic candidate for Governor Sue Minter also joined them.


Biden arrived yesterday afternoon -- and attended a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in Addison County. This morning -- he is scheduled to appear at UVM Medical Center. The event will promote the President's "Cancer Moonshot" initiative -- which aims to speed up the pace of cancer research. Burlington Police are stepping up security...and adding extra resources.


((SOT Deputy Chief Shawn Burke, Burlington Police Dept.003923 there's no known closures that are going to go on. Certainly there will probably be motorcade activity in the Chittenden County area, but that will be quickly mitigated 33)) Today's event is NOT open to the general public -- but we will be there. We'll have more on his visit tonight on the Channel 3 News.


St. Albans police find a man badly beaten and left unconscious. An officer patrolling South Main Street found the victim just before 2 this morning. Police say the unidentified man had significant head trauma and lacerations on the side of his head. Investigators say the victim was assaulted inside his apartment -- and then near his car. He was taken to the hospital and has been released. Anyone with information should call police.


A hit and run in Burlington last night. Police say a woman was hit in a crosswalk near Oak Street. After -- the driver then allegedly yelled "I didn't see you" -- before taking off. Police say they are looking for a older model red pick up truck .. The victim had lacerations on her head -- police expect for her to be fine. Anyone with information should call police.

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The commander of the Vermont State Police says he does not have enough women in uniform. Recruiting is just one of the hot button issues these troopers are discussing at a leadership conference at the state police academy in Massachusetts. 160 female troopers from across New England are there. Vermont sent 11 -- to represent the 34 women currently wearing green and gold. The state hired its first, two female troopers in 1976. And it was a tumultuous transition. The female troopers we spoke to -- tell us the organization has come a long way -- ferreting out gender discrimination -- and so-called "glass ceiling" advancement barriers. But more women in law enforcement are needed to make the state police a reflection of the communities they're protecting.


((Capt. Ingrid Jonas/Vt. State Police 01:44:29:29 "I want there to be visualization of women in leadership roles. I want girls to look and see that they can do what they want to do, that there's room for all of us here.")) ((Col. Matthew Birmingham/Vt. State Police 00:56:49:12 "we have to be better at recruiting more women. it is our job. we're at about 13% in Vermont and that's just not good enough.")) Vermont State Police says it's having a hard time finding qualified applicants to fill its 29 open positions.


Efforts to rebuild condos at Sugarbush destroyed by a fire two years ago has turned into a legal battle between the out-of-state owners and the condo association. The early morning fire in February 2014 burned through a building at the Mountainside Condo complex. 36 units were destroyed in the largest fire of it's kind in state history. Nearly two years later -- and nothing has been rebuilt. Owners now claim the condo association has mismanaged a nearly $5 million dollar insurance settlement and delayed reconstruction. They're asking a judge today for a court appointed receiver to expedite construction. The condo association says they're doing the best they can in a complicated case.


Vermont's unemployment rate remains the same going into the fall season. The Department of Labor released today that the seasonally-adjusted statewide unemployment rate for September was 3-point-3 percent. That's the same as the revised August rate. The national rate in September was 5 percent.


The designers set to give the Burlington Town Center a $200 million dollar makeover say it will no longer be in the style of a mall. Architects say the new design will instead be pedestrian-focused. The new design will have storefronts street side, and push pedestrians towards the waterfront. The redevelopment also includes apartments and office spaces. The mall's owner hopes to break ground in early 2017.


There's a new coffee table book -- featuring one of Channel 3's Super Seniors. Lillian Williams of Monkton represents Vermont in the book titled,"If I Live To Be A Hundred." She's among 50 seniors photographed last year by celebrity photographer Paul Mobley. Williams will be 102 next month -- but remains in good health and good spirits. The publisher picked Lillian when they saw our story about Lillian going to yoga class at age 100.


Today: Periods of rain, heavy at times, especially northern NY Highs: 60 to 67 Wind: S to NW 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Periods of rain, heavy at times Lows: 45 to 55 Wind: NNW 5 to 10 mph Saturday: Periods of rain Turning blustery & colder Highs: 45 to 55 Wind: N 10 to 20 mph Extended: Sunday: Mostly cloudy Rain, mountain snow, showers Lows: 32 to 42 Highs: 42 to 52 Monday: Mostly cloudy Scattered rain, mountain snow, showers Lows: 30s Highs: 40s Tuesday: Mostly cloudy Scattered rain, mountain snow, showers Lows: 28 to 35 Highs: 40s Hyper-Extended: Wednesday: Partly sunny Chance for a few rain, mountain snow, showers Lows: 25 to 35 Highs: 40s Thursday: Partly sunny Chance for showers Lows: 25 to 35 Highs: 40s

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