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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. Bernie Sanders is not ready to endorse Hillary Clinton -- but he says he'll vote for her. Here's what Sanders had to say this morning on an interview on CNN. ((Chris Cuomo/CNN: "When the day comes in November and Sanders has to cast his vote to whom does it go? Bernie Sanders: in all likelihood it will go to Hillary Clinton // Bernie Sanders: I'm going to do everything I can to make sure Donald Trump is defeated. Chris Cuomo: So there's zero chance you vote for Donald? Bernie Sanders: Oh God please. Chris Cuomo: How about Gary Johnson? Bernie Sanders: No, no. )) So his vote will be for Clinton -- but Sanders has yet to endorse -- or for that matter to formally end his own campaign. Sanders said in multiple interviews this morning that he is waiting for Clinton to commit her support to his big issues -- like universal healthcare, a 15-dollar minimum wage and free public college tuition.


Supporters of Bernie Sanders in Vermont want to keep his political revolution alive in the Green Mountain State. The organization Rights and Democracy formed to combat what it says is the influence of money in politics. The group held a party at Higher Ground in South Burlington last night. They want to see more candidates at the state level pushing the kind of agenda that Sanders has taken to the national stage.


((TC 33:36:01 Title 2392 James Haslam/Rights and Democracy Executive Director: "Bernie, we think is still the best candidate to take on Donald Trump nationally. He's done extraordinarily well with all the cards stacked against him. But what he started with his campaign is only just beginning." 33:50:10)) The event wasn't all business. Several local musicians also entertained the crowd.

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A compromise bill that would take GMO labeling to grocery stores nationwide is being criticized by many top Vermont officials. A deal announced yesterday comes just a week before Vermont's labeling law was set to take effect -- requiring all products made from genetically enginerred ingredients to carry wording on the packaging explaining that. The food industry is challenging the Vermont law in court -- and its unclear how many intend to comply with the law and how many might pull their products from Vermont shelves. Industry officials have expressed support for the bipartisan compromise reached in Washington that would require labeling nationwide. If it passes it would pre-empt Vermont's law. But the state's congressional delegation and Governor Shumlin are expressing concern the bill has too many concessions for producers and would be complicated for consumers.


A Vermont woman is facing charges after police say she threatened to shoot employees of the Department for Children and Families in Barre -- the same office where a social worker was shot and killed last year. Barre police say 39-year-old Sabra Sironi also threatened to shoot other people involved in a series of cases she is involved in in criminal and family court. Sironi denies making any threats or having any weapons other than a BB gun. Last summer social worker Lara Sobel was shot and killed outside the Barre DCF office.


A 19-year old woman is facing charges of having sexual relations with a minor. Victoria Hunt of Whiting was reported by DCF to State Police last month. Investigators found she was involved with a 14-year old girl over the period of a month.


A Milton man killed in a boating accident on Lake Champlain this month died from drowning. Police say 60-year-old Rodney Dion crashed his 20-foot power boat into the side of this 35-foot boat. The collision threw Dion into the water. His body was recovered the next day -- and the medical examiner has now listed the cause of death as drowning. Colchester police continue to investigate what caused the collision.


A lost hiker was rescued early this morning on the Worcester Mountain range. Police say 28-year-old Tyler Oliveri of Morrisville had hiked up Stowe Pinnacle -- but on his way down he took the wrong trail -- heading instead along a ridgeline trail toward the summit of Worcester Mountain. With darkness approaching and without a light, Oliveri called for help around 9:00. He was located by rescuers around 1:00 a.m. and escorted off the mountain.


The largest service provider for domestic abuse victims in Vermont is changing its name. Women Helping Battered Women is rebranding itself to now be called Steps To End Domestic Violence. Administrators say the organization addresses all forms of abuse between intimate partners -- regardless of gender identity or age.


((TC 28:18:01 Title 2391 Kelly Dougherty/Executive Director: "it does have a negative connotation which is not very aspirational. It also implies that we ony serve women which is not the case." 28:27:09)) The organization also notes that the old name implied they only employed women.


A number of staffers left the Clinton Correctional Facility in lieu of other discipline following last summer's prison escape. New York corrections officials say nine guards, officers and civilian employees resigned or retired instead of facing punishments after Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped. Nine other staff agreed to discipline ranging from temporary suspensions, fines and lost benefits -- to probation. And Three are still suspended.

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Former Miss Teen Vermont has been cast in a hit show on FOX. Maggie Geha (gee - ah) -- is set to play the role of Poison Ivy in the show Gotham. She won the Miss Teen Vermont title back in 2004. She's originally from Boston -- but went to high school in Vermont -- graduating from Brattleboro in 2006. She's had a budding modeling and movie career in recent years -- even appearing in the comedy Ted 2.


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