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Authorities in New Hampshire now say the death of a baby last weekend was a homicide. The attorney general released autopsy result for 11-month-old Shawn Sylvester indicating the boy died from blunt impact head trauma. It happened last Friday in Alexandria, New Hampshire. The boy was taken to the hospital -- and died on Sunday. Police say the investigation into the death is on-going. So far no one has been arrested.


Police in northern New York are also investigating the death of a baby. State police say the six-week-old infant was found unresponsive at a home on Pellerin Road in Beekmantown. The child was later pronounced dead at the hospital in Plattsburgh. Investigators are awaiting the results of an autopsy.


A former leader of a youth theater group in Plattsburgh has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for producing, possessing and distributing child pornography. 34-year-old Heath Power admitted that in the summer of 2014, he took sexually explicit photographs of a pre-pubescent girl and distributed them in an attempt to get similar images back from other people.


A record was set in Vermont this morning -- for the number of children legally adopted at the same time. Courthouses in four counties were crowded this morning as 36 children were adopted out of foster care into permanent homes. The event was orchestrated by the Lund Center and the Vermont Department for Children and Families in celebration of National Adoption Day. Today's number of adoptions increased from 29 adoptions last year.


(TC 00:08:19:16 Tile 3648) ((Cindy Walcott/DCF "The parental use of opiates that is driving that. It's really creating unsafe situations at home for young children who are very vulnerable, who are very dependent upon their parents." 00:08:31:14)) Children as young as 6 months to as old as teenagers are being adopted today. According to Lund -- 68 more kids are looking to be adopted.


Burlington has its Christmas tree. The annual ritual was carried out this morning -- to prepare the Church Street Marketplace for the holiday season. The 45-foot tall blue spruce was cut down at a home in South Burlington -- trucked downtown -- and erected at the top of Church Street.


((John Ryan "That 's like one in a million able to share it with everyone)) The lighting of the tree will take place next Friday. Gina Bullard will have the emotional story of the family who donated the tree -- tonight at 6:00.


The Vermont Department of Labor says the state's unemployment rate held steady in October at 3.7 percent. Unemployment in Vermont's 17 labor markets ranged from a low of 2.5 percent in the Burlington area to a high of 4.9 percent in Derby. Labor Commissioner Annie Noonan says many Vermont employers are continuing to grow with over 1,000 jobs added this past month, but with the number of baby boomers moving toward retirement, the labor market has tightened.


A Burlington man has pleaded guilty to federal charges in connection with a pair of pharmacy robberies. 30-year-old Bryan McMahon was arrested for stealing methodone from the Rite Aid on North Avenue in April. He also admitted to pulling a similar robbery at the Lakeside Pharmacy on Pearl Street last December -- in both cases, prosecutors say he wore disguises including surgical masks. McMahon could get up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced.


A couple of hip hop artists out of Barre hope to tackle Vermont's heroin problem... Through music. (nat sot of rapping -- 5 seconds) The duo called Bar None the Best just released its new album "Green Mountain Sound" ... featuring the song "Welcome to V-T, Kick the H." The rap duo admits beating the drug epidemic is a long way off. But they're doing what they can to help.


(TC 00:07:01:11 Tile 8045) ((Malcolm Rich/Bar None the Best "It's definitely something that can be worked with and change, if we as a community make that change." 00:07:08:27)) Bar None The Best hope to open a studio and have other Vermonters be able to record their own albums. If you want to hear more music from the Barre rappers ... Check them out here on our website WCAX dot com.


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is looking for binge drinkers who want help quitting. The hospital is one of 10 sites across the country participating in a six month study. Anyone who considers themselves a heavy drinker-- which according to the experts is several drinks a day-- is eligible for the trial. Some participants will be given medication thought to reduce the urge to drink-- while others will be given a placebo. The ultimate goal of the study is to reduce alcoholism-- which doctors say is not only a health issue but also has a huge cost on society.


((Sarak Akerman/Leader Researcher: "the cost to our society is about 200 billion dollars annually -- so a very huge economic burden of alcohol use disorder. That's in healthcare costs, law enforcement costs, lost productivity. So we are always looking for better ways to treat alcohol use disorders.")) The medical center has filled 12 of the 40 slots available for the trial. If you are interested there is more information in the InfoCenter at wcax-dot-com.


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