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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. Bernie Sanders is getting some national attention today -- but not the kind the presidential candidate wants. He is being questioned about his views on sex stemming from an article he wrote back in 1972. The article titled "Man and Woman" appeared in an alternative Vermont newspaper. It starts with descriptions about sexual fantasies -- including the notion that women fantasize about being gang raped -- and men fantasize about a woman on her knees, tied up and abused. The article was brought to light as part of a profile of Sanders in the left-wing magazine Mother Jones. And many national publications are now reporting it. We were not able to get a comment directly from Senator Sanders -- who is on the road in Iowa today. His campaign spokesman Michael Briggs issued a statement saying the 43 year-old article "in no way reflects his views or record on women." Briggs says it was a "dumb attempt at dark satire ... intended to attack gender stereotypes in the 1970s, and it looks as stupid today as it was then."


A Rutland man is in custody after police say he sexually assaulted a teenager. Rutland City Police say they received a complaint yesterday that 53-year-old Mark Robertson had assaulted the girl at his home on Engrem Avenue. During a search of the home today, police say they seized evidence related to the crime. Robertson is due in court this afternoon.


The alleged Marathon Groper pleaded not guilty today to two felony charges. Police say 37-year old John Discola grabbed the backside of a woman in Battery Park during Sunday's Vermont City Marathon. When they tried to arrest him -- Discola took off. Discola is a transient - but is originally from Massachusetts. He was released from the St. Albans prison just before these latest accusations. Discola is being held for lack of bail.


Another person is facing charges -- accused of aiding murder suspect Gregory Allen Smith. 33-year-old Darrell Barror of Chester was arraigned Tuesday on a charge of being an accessory after the fact. Prosecutors say Smith and his girlfriend Wendy Morris hid out in Barror's camper in Londonderry -- and Barror visited them three times to deliver food and supplies. Smith is charged with killing Wesley Wing in Springfield last month. He was on the run with Morris for more than five days. Morris and a another woman are also charged with helping Smith avoid capture.


Police remain tight-lipped about a late night response in Chester that might have been based on a hoax. Chester Police say someone called 9-1-1 last night claiming to have done harm to someone else. Police searched for a victim or suspect for hours.


((Chief Richard Cloud / Chester Police Dept. The person was still on the phone talking with dispatch -- so we were able to try and trace that phone which we are having trouble with. At this time we're working with VTel and the FBI to try and track that number down.")) Police do not believe the general public is at risk. Our calls to Chester Police today have not been returned.

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Officials with Vermont's 911 system say a barrage of "phantom calls" - impacted legitimate emergency calls. For about an hour yesterday morning, 911 officials say they experienced an artificial spike in call volume. A review of the incoming call logs identified 15 callers who potentially did not have voice contact with a 911 operator during the time frame as a result of the increased call volume. Board staff confirmed that all of those callers were either not reporting an emergency -- or were able to obtain assistance when a 911 call-taker returned their call. The E911 board is investigating the source of the phantom calls.


Two people are facing charges after a drug bust in Lebanon, New Hampshire. This is the cash, heroin, cocaine and marijuana that Lebanon police seized in the case. Police arrested 19-year-old Nitacia Pero of Lebanon and 24-year-old David Reyes of Springfield Massachusetts on felony drug charges.


A special honor for a beloved professor and former colleague here at Channel 3. The Vermont Commission on Women created two internships in honor of former Vermont Law School Professor Cheryl Hanna. The students will spend the summer working on a project related to the legal rights of women in Vermont. Hanna was a regular legal analyst for us here at WCAX up until her death last summer.

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A small school in Morrisville just held is annual one-day art show. The Bishop Marshall School is a private, catholic school that serves Pre-K though 8th grade. One day every year - art teacher Juliet O'Neil turns the gym into an art gallery - featuring work by the students. This year - the theme is "Our backyard in Vermont". All the seasons are represented.


((Lucia Lovell 15:40 "My favorite season is summer because it is when it is really nice out and my birthday is in summer and I like how everything is so green and nice.)) ((Ethan Wright, 8th 18:20 "I liked working on the winter project because winter is a big thing in Vermont and snowboarding and skiing is very important to Vermonters.)) Keith McGilvery has more on that pop-up art show - tonight on The Channel 3 News at 6.


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