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Good afternoon. I'm Alex Hirsh in for Roger Garrity today. The man suspected of killing Ryan Durkin at the The Champlain Valley Fair in september will be in court today. 20 year old Jacob St. Amour was arrested for stabbing 23 year old Ryan Durkin....who later died from the wound. He is due in court at 3 pm today.


A poultney constable is found at fault for causing a crash in a high speed chase Vermont state police say Dale Kerber was chasing a speeder when he collided into Carol Scott. Scott told police she didn't see flashing blue lights when she turned onto the highway... resulting in the november 23rd crash. Neither reported injuries.


As the St. Johnsbury Fire Department prepares for Christmas gifts... they are checking their list twice... They run a santa fund and say, some families are "double-dipping"... asking for more than one toy donation for the same child. Now they have to check their list twice, verifying children through contact information so they can weed out any duplicates.


Tests are underway to determine if chemicals found in several Vermont landfills are carcinogens. State environmental officials forced all landfills to close in Windham and Bennington Counties so that they could test for perfluorinated (PER-flor-in-ate-id) compounds. Nine landfills have been tested. Officials say tests on a well in a Halifax landfill came back above standards. Levels are also high at landfills in Putney,Bennington, Woodford and Shaftsbury. The agency is awaiting results from other landfills. The state's primary concern is whether the chemicals show up in residential wells.


There are new rules for prescribing opiates in Vermont. Governor Peter Shumlin says the new rules are the toughest in America. Doctors will have to follow the new guidelines - which put a 9 to 12 pill limit -- for minor medical procedures. More serious conditions give doctors more leeway. The new limits go into effect July 1, 2017.


Lawmakers are proposing the granite state gets one billion dollars to fight the opioid crisis. This comes in a new bill to prevent and treat those addicted to opiates and other drugs. Senator Jeanne Shaheen says it's a step in the right direction ... The bill will soon head over to the senate.


An Emergency housing motel will stay open in Shelburne Officials say Harbor Place, a motel that serves homeless people, is operating within its zoning bylaws and its permit is valid. In October of 20-15, the shelburne town manager said the motel wasn't open to the public and shouldn't be zoned as a motel.


The Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program is setting up shop in Rutland. Representatives from the group are looking for office space, meeting with local agencies and beginning to hire staff. About 100 Syrians and Iraqis are set to begin arriving in Rutland at the end of this month. Refugee resettlement workers are working with area social service agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations to plan for their arrival.


Norwich University won a big grant to train students in cyber warfare. The National Security Agency is handing out the 715-thousand dollar award. The Northfield military college will use the money to fund scholarships for U.S. Army Reserve soldiers. In turn - they can use those scholarships to help pay for Norwich's online graduate certificate programs for information security and assurance. The money will also provide software and hardware upgrades.


A hotel could be in the works near the summit of Mt. Washington The owners of a cog railway that climbs up New Hampshire's Mount Washington want to build an upscale hotel a mile from the summit. They think this will help accommodate summer tourists. Mount Washington has been attracting more tourists in the north country, since the loss of the Old Man of the Mountain.


A potential economic boost in New Hampshire's North Country. Senator Jeanne Shaheen helped secure expanded cell service in the region. That means more 4G LTE service for Verizon customers. Shaheen says the improved service should help the economy, tourism and public safety.


A new tool for New Yorkers who want to avoid calls from telemarketers. A new law requires telemarketers to use accurate caller ID information. Governor Andrew Cuomo says people complained that Caller ID doesn't always display the correct info when telemarketers call.


Milk producers in New York say they are dealing with trade obstacles that put them at a disadvantage. Officials say Canada recently implemented a policy to discourage cheesemakers there from using imported, ultra-filtered milk from the U-S. The new policy sets Canada's product prices way below the Empire State's prices. Senator Chuck Schumer is in talks with Canadian officials to reverse the policy.

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Clinton County food pantries are making an effort to ensure their patrons are eating healthier foods. Officials with the Joint Council for Economic Opportunity--or JCEO--in Plattsburgh and other pantries in the county are encouraging donors to give healthy foods. The pantry in Plattsburgh already offers fresh vegetables, but they say it can be challenging to store them all or transport them to their other locations. They're hoping to make a few changes to hold more food and encourage their patrons to eat healthy.


((Sally Soucia/Community Outreach Program Director 7439 04:33:08 "basically healthy and nutritious foods, so we're planning on, we'll be able to have more shelving, and we're gonna try to put up more posters and things that show healthy foods and how to prepare healthy foods, so it's a joint effort of the community to have people eat well." 04:33:25)) JCEO already follows guidelines to make sure each patron gets a balanced set of groceries with protein and veggies, and they serve hundreds each month. They say this is their busiest time of year as they get thousands of pounds of food donations during the holidays.


Today: Scattered rain/snow showers Highs: 38 to 45 Wind: S to W 10 to 15 mph Tonight: Snow showers Trace to 2" Lows: 27 to 34 Wind: NW 10 to 15 mph Saturday: Scattered snow showers Another trace to 2" Highs: 33 to 40 Wind: NNW 10 to 15 mph Extended: Sunday: Mostly cloudy Lows: 20s Highs: 30s Monday: Mostly cloudy Lows: 15 to 25 Highs: 30s Tuesday: Partly cloudy Lows: 15 to 25 Highs: 30s Hyper-Extended: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy Chance for wintry mix Lows: 20s Highs: 30s Thursday: Mostly cloudy Rain/snow showers Lows: 28 to 35 Highs: 35 to 45

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