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If Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign has entered a new phase -- you wouldn't know if out on the campaign trail. Sanders continues to campaign vigorously. His campaign rallies in Oregon yesterday featured the same enthusiastic crowds -- and the same talking points that Sanders has been delivering across the country. That's despite admissions earlier this week that he has little chance to win -- and is banking delegates to influence the Democratic party agenda. From the start, the success of Sanders -- in drawing support and raising money -- has surprised the political establishment. President Obama is among those who are impressed.


((President Obama: "We've seen some interesting work being done, you've got to give Bernie Sanders, for example, credit building off some of the work I did, I in turn built off of work that Howard Dean did, for smaller donations, grassroots donors, to be able in small contributions to allow candidates to be competitive.")) The president though, does not agree with Sanders criticism of his Wall Street reforms. Sanders has repeatedly called for breaking up big banks. President Obama called that idea unrealistic.


Hillary Clinton has been taking a break from the campaign trail the last couple of days -- after winning four of five primaries on Tuesday. She's not just resting up -- but gearing up for the general election campaign -- and her likely opponent -- Donald Trump. The Clinton campaign released a video offering an early look at their strategy to take on Trump -- using his own words against him.


As the Northeast Kingdom reels from allegations of fraud in the big redevelopment -- some hopeful news for Newport residents. Right now there's a big hole in the downtown -- where a block was demolished to make way for EB-5 development of a hotel, offices and stores. Many residents are worried the hole will remain unfilled, but Governor Peter Shumlin says inquiries have already come in from potential developers from out of state and Canada.


Meanwhile, a judge in Miami -- has unfrozen some assets of Ariel Quiros -- the man at the center of the alleged fraud scheme. The S-E-C froze Quiros' assets while it investigates alleged mis-use of EB-5 investments. 41-thousand dollars has been unfrozen by a judge so far. . Quiros' estimated his net worth at more than $200 million dollars.


April is Sexual Violence Awareness Month. And last night in Burlington, survivors rallied as part of the annual Take Back the Night March. Organizers say it was a night to honor victims -- who did not survive the violence. They say 96% of the people who come to H.O.P.E. Works say their assailant is someone they knew. More than half of all the people they see are under the age of 24. 3% are over the age of 60.


(TC 07:43:29 Title 4606)((Craig Mitchell/Speaker: "as a survivor or sexual violence, it's amazing to be here and be supported by you folks." 07:49:22)) (TC 13:21:21 Title 4622)((Cpl. Krystal Wrinn/Burlington Police Dept.: "first thing that we say is talk to someone that you trust.")) Burlington Police say there are a number of outreach centers in the area that victims -- and their friends -- can turn to in a time of crisis -- such as the police department -- the Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations -- and Women Helping Battered Women.


An update on a firefighter hospitalized while fighting a brush fire. The fire Wednesday at Rhodeside Acres in Georgia burned a couple of acres. While crews worked to bring it under control, a firefighter collapse and went into cardiac arrest. Department officials say CPR and the use of a defibrillator kept fallen firefighter alive. The person -- who's name has not been released -- remains in critical condition at UVM Medical Center.


Red Cross officials say the need for volunteers across New Hampshire and Vermont is critical. To help train new volunteers .. they're holding a "disaster boot camp" in the North Country. The session runs today and tomorrow in Gorham, New Hampshire.


A rabid skunk has been confirmed in Ellenburg, New York -- the first confirmed case of rabies in Clinton County this year. County officials say the skunk was killed and tested after it was seen chasing a puppy tied on a line. Health officials say it's a reminder of the dangers of rabies and the need to protect your family Some things to remember -- stay awaY from wild animals especially raccoons, skunks and foxes. And make sure your children know as well. Have pets vaccinated against rabies. . Report all animal bites to your local health department. . Secure all garbage in containers -- and dont feed wildlife -- that will help keep animals away from your home.


((SOT Alan Graham, Vermont State Entomologist 002550 That was very encouraging. It appears as if maybe that mosquito-borne disease is on a decline. And this is typical for the disease, where it goes into a decline or disappears for a number of years 06)) Both diseases were seen throughout New England last year. Testing begins again in June for mosquitoes in Vermont -- and Graham says the viruses usually show up in August or September.


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