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Good afternoon. I'm Bridget Barry Caswell in for Roger today. Amtrak's Vermonter service is back at full speed. Amtrak says the Vermonter service is now fully restored following the train derailment in Northfield Monday. The company says the service between Washington, D.C., and St. Albans will operate normally today. Amtrak had been providing passengers traveling south with bus service to Springfield, Massachusetts, or New Haven, Connecticut, where they could board other trains. The passenger train headed from Vermont to Washington derailed when it hit rocks that had fallen from a ledge. Seven people were injured.


Two people are dead after a crash in Jefferson, New Hampshire last night. Police say 77-year-old Roderick Bissonnette of Gorham drove through a stop sign and off the road on Route 115 -- hitting a tree. The two 70-year-old passengers in his car -- Alice Piattoni and Paul Couture of Gorham -- both died at the hospital. Authorities are investigating what caused the car to veer off the side of the road.


Marijuana legalization is getting a thumbs down from one of the biggest organizations of Vermont towns. Legalization efforts received a big boost when Governor Peter Shumlin and Speaker of the House Shap Smith both said they support it. But those efforts still face opposition -- including opposition from the Vermont League of Cities and Towns. Vermont's attorney general says the issue will be a close call for those for and against.


((Bill Sorrell/D-Vt. Attorney General: "i think the stars are aligned,**** both in the senate and with the speaker Shap Smith come out in favor of responsible legalization 000547, I think the votes are there on the house side - 000551, and the Govenror has indicated if the right bill ends up on his desk he'll sign it 000557)) (TC 00:53:10:25 Title 2674)((Karen Horn/Vermont League of Cities and Towns: "we're very concerned about what the -- sort of -- corollary impacts might be of legalization and everything that comes with it." 00:53:19:11)) The League says any discussion of legalizing marijuana needs to focus on its effects on schools, budgets, and town employees.


Republican presidential candidate John Kasik will be in Vermont later today. . His campaign says the Ohio governor is planning several stops across Vermont and New Hampshire -- as he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination. Kasich's four-day bus tour begins today with an event in Concord, New Hampshire. He'll later head to a GOP dinner and reception here in Burlington tonight. Kasich has sought to distinguish himself in the crowded primary field -- as a pragmatic leader rather than a party ideologue.

6} VW11_VO

Volkswagen was in the hot seat Thursday on Capitol Hill Thursday. Michael Horn told lawmakers he's sorry for the scandal surrounding V-W cars cheating emissions tests. Since 2009, V-W has used sophisticated software called "defeat devices" which tricked emissions tests into showing acceptable levels of pollution...but on the road car emissions levels were actually 10 to 40 times above EPA limits. Lawmakers -- including Vermont Congressman Peter Welch -- had tough words for Horn.


(SOT: Rep. Peter Welch/(D) Vermont) "VW IS THE LANCE ARMSTRONG OF THE INDUSTRY." (SOT: Michael Horn/CEO, Volkswagen Group of America) "TO MY UNDERSTANDING, THIS WAS NOT A CORPORATE DECISION, THIS WAS SOMETHING INDIVIDUALS DID." Some lawmakers called on V-W to allow owners to return their car for exactly what they paid -- something the company said it would look into. This scandal impacted nearly a half-million cars on U-S roads.


The Enfield Police Department in New Hampshire can now use Narcan to help reverse heroin overdoses. Governor Maggie Hassan and other state officials say more than 300 people died in the Granite State last year -- from drug-related overdoses. New laws now exempt people from criminal prosecution -- in certain cases -- if they report an overdose in New Hampshire. Vermont already has a similar good samaritan law - and already supplies narcan to those close to addicts at risk.


A Norwegian based aerotech company has its eye on Plattsburgh. Norsk Titanium makes 3D materials for aerospace projects. Plattsburgh town manager Bernie Bassett says he met with company representatives earlier this year -- and he says Plattsburgh is where they want to expand and create jobs.


(TC 00:03:36:13 Tile 6248) ((Bernie Bassett/Plattsburgh Town Supervisor "Couple of hundred or so to start. I think the point is it would be a significant number. They would be high-tech jobs which is always very good. And it would be an investment in an area that we want to see continue to grow and develop." 00:03:52:11)) Bassett says it appears the company will be here by 2016.

11} ESSEX11_VO

In Essex tonight, they'll be dishing out dinner to the hungry. Holy Family Church in Essex Junction is one of five parishes in the area that dishes out community dinners on Friday nights. The project -- called "Essex Eats Out" -- started about a year ago and aims to provide healthy, warm meals to those who are hungry -- or just need a little companionship.


((Fr Charles Ranges/Holy Family/St. Lawrence Parish 00:31:58 "We knew there were people in the community who were socially isolated. Perhaps people who were using Meals on Wheels during the week and the idea of getting out for a meal would be a great thing.")) If you're not able to drive -- the churches do provide transportation. Holy Family expects to serve 150 people tonight. Dinner will be served between 5:30 -- and 7 and all are welcome. For more information on the Essex Eats Out project -- visit our website --


Today: Periods of rain tapering to showers late Highs: 52 to 58 Wind: S to NW 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Showers ending Turning partly cloudy Lows: 32 to 42 Wind: NNW 5 to 15 mph Saturday: Partly cloudy Highs: 48 to 55 Wind: N to S 5 to 10 mph Extended: Sunday: Partly sunny (slight chance shower near Canadian border) Lows: 30s Highs: 55 to 65 Monday: Columbus Day! Partly cloudy Breezy & mild Lows: 42 to 52 Highs: 65 to 75 Tuesday: Mix of sun & clouds Chance for showers Lows: 45 to 55 Highs: 58 to 68 Hyper-Extended: Wednesday: Partly sunny Lows: 40s Highs: 52 to 62 Thursday: Mostly cloudy Chance for showers Lows: 35 to 45 Highs: 50s

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