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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. A lockdown at the federal office building in Burlington this morning. Police blocked off Elmwood Avenue due to a threat at the post office. They tell us nothing suspicious has been found and they've given the all-clear.


And in Newport -- the state office building went into lockdown this morning -- after a threat against the Department for Children and Families. City police posted on their Facebook page around 9 this morning that the Emory Hebard State Building on Main Street was in lockdown due to an "active situation". They lifted the lockdown around 10:30. Channel 3 News has confirmed that it went into lockdown due to a threat phoned in to D-C-F. We've learned a threat was made here today -- and yesterday in St. Johnsbury. The F-B-I is also investigating.


And in Saranac Lake this morning, students at two schools were were briefly on lockdown because of police activity. The district tells us that it was a domestic incident that has since been resolved. They say it did not directly involve the school. Students at Petrova and the Middle School were brought inside as a precaution around 8 a.m. and sent home at 9:30 a.m.


A police chase ended in a crash in Burlington last night. Police say 27-year-old Ashley Martin first stole a vehicle from Pine Street around 9:00-last night. An officer heard Martin hit two parked cars on North Avenue. Police then saw Martin drive by the police station -- which is when the pursuit started. This is cell phone video taken last night ... The chase ended when the stolen vehicle Martin was in collided with a Domino's pizza delivery car.


((02:34 Natty King / UVM Student Saw Crash 02:34 we hear wheels screeching and sort of a crash so we all run to the window at the end of the hallway and we see the dominoes car crashed and the car with what I guess was the guy being chashed crashed too and then the cops pulled up and they got out of their car with guns and there was a long stand off ... Alec Pressly / UVM STudent freshman saw crash "the dominoes guy was crouching like right in front of his car where he couldn't be in view of the other car and then eventually he got to safety and then like 5 police officers were lined up adn they all had their guns pointed at the subaru.")) Police say Martin also hit the police station causing structural damage. She was treated at UVM Medical Center then taken into police custody.


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are back on the campaign trail in New Hampshire after a feisty debate last night. Sanders continued his assault on Clinton's connection to Wall Street bankers -- and challenging her assertion that she is a "progressive" Democrat. Clinton hammered away at Sanders for what she says are promises of economic reforms that he cannot deliver. She also pointed out for the national audience that Sanders does not have support of any leading Vermont Democrats.


(:18-:29)((Bernie Sanders: "I will absolutely admit that Secretary Clinton has the support of far more governors, mayors, members of the house. She has the entire establishment or almost the entire establishment behind her.")) (1:18-:37)((Hillary Clinton: "Sen. Sanders is the only person I think who would characterize me -- a woman running to be the first woman president -- as exempliying the establishment.")) Just yesterday, Clinton's campaign brought in Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and former Governor Madeline Kunin to do meet-and-greets with New Hampshire voters.


Television crews have been setting up this week in Manchester New Hampshire-getting ready for Tuesday's first-in-the-nation Primary. Every four years, all eyes turn to New Hampshire as voters go to the ballot box. Downtown hotels are turned into information centers- for media from across the world.


We have a team of reporters who will be covering every angle of the New Hampshire primary. And we will have live reports -- staring Monday on the Channel 3 morning news.


New details of the marijuana legalization bill are expected to be revealed today -- including how much the state plans to tax pot sales. The bill working its way thru the Senate would allow people to buy up to an announce of marijuana in select retail outlets. Figuring out the tax rate is a key question. Lawmakers want to maximize revenues for the state. But if they set the tax too high -- it could push the retail price above the street price -- and keep the black market for marijuana flourishing.

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Legislation slated to go into effect this summer would require Greek houses at UVM to pay property taxes. Last night, past and present members of the university's Greek life came together to rally against the move. Organizers say having to pay property taxes would cost 10 sororities and fraternities tens of thousands of dollars a year -- money they say would fall on the backs of students who can't afford it.


(TC 30:17:23 Title 5420)((Brina Pochal/UVM Senior: "they're going to have to move into the Burlington community and there's already of houses places for our students to live which is kind of concerning." 30:26:17)) (TC 00:23)((Rep. Barb Rachelson/D-Chittenden : "I get that we need to look at everyone pretty carefully. Picking the sororities and fraternities to be paying first seemed like a hard sell to me." 00:37)) Students and fraternity alumni are hoping to get lawmakers to repeal the legislation. They're planning a rally on campus in March.


A medal of honor -- for a Norwich University student. Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward Byers -- will be awarded the top honor -- for his courageous actions while serving as part of a team that rescued an American civilian being held hostage in Afghanistan in 2012. After leaving the navy, Byers enrolled at Norwich and will be graduating this year. He will receive the medal of honor from President Obama on February 29th.


Some maple producers are already getting a jump start on the season! The last few days of 'warmer' weather triggered sap to flow in certain areas of the state. The Corse Farm in Whitingham Vermont started collecting sap on January 31st -- the earliest date in the farm's 148-year history.


Today: Gradual clearing west to east Highs: 28 to 35 Wind: NNW 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Clear start Increasing clouds Lows: 15 to 22 Wind: NNW 5 to 10 mph Saturday: Mostly cloudy Snow showers late Highs: 30 to 37 Wind: SW 5 to 15 mph Extended: Sunday: Mostly cloudy Snow showers, esp. early Turning colder Lows: 20s Highs: 20s Monday: Mostly cloudy Chance for snow showers late Lows: 10 to 20 Highs: 25 to 35 Tuesday: Cloudy Snow showers Lows: 12 to 22 Highs: 25 to 35 Hyper-Extended: Wednesday: Cloudy Snow showers Lows: 12 to 22 Highs: 25 to 35 Thursday: Mostly cloudy Lows: 10 to 20 Highs: 15 to 25

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