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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. Another day without power for thousands of Vermonters -- due to the big winter storm. The latest numbers show Green Mountain Power is making strides -- now reporting under 15-thousand customers without service. But to get all of them back online, the utility needs to address over 11-hundred separate problems. That's one of the reasons why some outages may last into the weekend. Other utilities are also working to restore power. Vermont Electric Cooperative has over 77-hundred customers without power -- a number that has risen since yesterday. VEC still has about 180 problems to fix.


The utilities have already restored power to well over 100-thousand customers combined since the storm hit. But some customers have been waiting for three days to have service restored. We talked with two Hinesburg residents who've kept busy cleaning up while they wait for the lights to come back on.


(5:11 Jack Henry/Hinesburg)(("The rest of it hadn't split until some time during the night we heard another big crack it split and laid on the roof.")) (1:07 Dan Johnson/Hinesburg)(("L uckily we have a wood stove, and plenty of wood we can burn. We're one of the more fortunate people...........)) (1:20 Dan Johnson)((" It just collapses everything. It's a mess. You're not really prepared for it.)) The heavy, wet snow is still sticking to trees -- which are still coming down under the weight -- causing more outages.


A tree that fell in northern New York caused an accident involving three cars. State police say the tree fell across both lanes of Route 86 in the town of North Elba. As it came down, it landed on one car -- and injuring the driver. Seconds later, police say two cars -- coming from opposite directions -- were unable to stop and slammed into the tree. Neither driver was hurt.


The lingering effects of the storm kept kids home from school again. About 50 schools were listed as closed or delayed this morning -- due to power outages and roads that are still impassable. Some schools including those in the Chittenden East district are closed for a third straight day.

6} KALE12_VO

A Vermont folk artist who took on a fast-food giant has won a legal victory. At a press conference this morning, Bo Muller-Moore of Montpelier said the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted his application to trademark "Eat more kale" earlier this week. Chik-fil-A had objected to the use of the phrase because of its similarity to the company's trademark phrase "eat mor chikin." Muller-Moore says the fight gave his business a sizable boost, and he will protect his new trademark.


(00:20:59:00) ((Bo Muller-Moore - Eat More Kale Artist but if someone wants to make a shirt that says eat more cauliflower or eat more sardines, go for it. Go see how much fun it it can be printing T-shirts until midnight)) Muller-Moore's attorney says they have sent two letters asking individuals to stop using their slogan. Governor Peter Shumlin called the trademark a win for Vermonters. Chik-fil-A spokeswoman Carrie Kurlander responded to the news by saying: "Cows love kale, too."

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A Caledonia County judge has denied a convicted killer's request to delay his sentencing. Allen Prue was convicted of first degree murder -- in October -- for the 2012 killing of St. Johnsbury teacher -- Melissa Jenkins. He's scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday -- but asked the court to reschedule until after his wife's trial in March. Patricia Prue is also charged in Jenkins' murder. Judge Robert Bent denied the request -- but said sentencing could take longer than one day -- if Allen Prue's lawyer decides to call a psychologist who wasn't allowed to testify at his trial.


The U-S House last night approved a 1-point-1 trillion dollar federal budget bill that keeps the government running. Despite strong opposition from the left and right -- the bill narrowly passed with bipartisan support 219 to 206. Vermont's lone Congressman Peter Welch voted against the bill. It now goes to the Senate. The Senate meanwhile gave final approval to a 560-billion dollar defense spending bill. Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy was among the 85 senators voting yes. Independent Bernie Sanders voted no.


((1:26-:41 Sen. Bernie Sanders/I-Vermont: "But I just don't think we can spend all that much on defense and ignore the needs of our kids, ignore the needs of our elderly, ignore the needs of our working families, of our infrastructure, of education. We've got to get our priorities right.")) The House has already okayed the defense bill. The Senate still has to take up the government appropriations bill.


On the heels of continued service problems for Fairpoint, Governor Shumlin is urging both sides to find a way to end the workers strike. About two thousand union employees have been on the picket line for nearly two months. Shumlin said in a letter to Fairpoint today that failing to negotiate a contract settlement is proving to be a losing strategy for Fairpoint as customers lose faith in the company. ((Shumlin: There's no doubt that Vermonters and I are increasingly frustated wtih Fair Point and their inabiliity to get back to the table and work this out")) Shumlin says he'll deliver the same message to the union -- that both sides must work to find a compromise.

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A dispute over the the hydro-dam that creates the Waterbury Reservoir has been resolved. As GMP was seeking a new permit for its hydro plant, state environmental officials raised concerns about the damage to water quality and wildlife from varying the level of the reservoir. But without allowing the water level to go up in the summer, the reservoir would not be suitable for recreational purposes. The parties have now worked out a management plan that addresses the electric, environmental and recreational interests.


Today: Snow showers, another trace - 2" Highs: 28 to 35 Wind: NW 5 to 10 mph Tonight: Scattered snow showers Lows: 20 to 27 Wind: Light Saturday: Mostly cloudy A few snow showers, mainly mountains Highs: 30 to 37 Wind: NNW 5 to 10 mph Extended: Sunday: Partly sunny Lows: 15 to 25 Highs: 30s Monday: Partly cloudy Lows: 20s Highs: 30s Tuesday: Increasing clouds Chance for rain/snow showers late Lows: 20s Highs: 32 to 42 Hyper-Extended: Wednesday: Snow showers Lows: 22 to 32 Highs: 30s Thursday: Mostly cloudy Lows: 20s Highs: 30s

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