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The county prosecutor says the investigation into a fatal police shooting in Winooski will be turned over to him today -- and he expects to make a decision on whether the shooting was justified next week. Investigators say 31-year-old Nicholas Palmier of the Franklin County Sheriff's Department shot and killed 29-year-old Jesse Beshaw two weeks ago after a foot chase in Winooski. Beshaw was not armed. State's Attorney T-J Donovan says he will also decide next week whether to release body camera video of the incident. Meanwhile, there is a separate report today that Deputy Palmier was fired from two previous law enforcement jobs. The Burlington Free Press obainted public records that show Palmier was let go from the Winooski Police Department in 2010 for unspecified reasons. He also fired from the St. Albans Police Department in 2012 after failing to include information in a police report.


A crash in Middlebury has left one man dead. The two car crash happened on Route 7 .. Near the intersection of Centre Plaza. Police say 75 year old David Davignon was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The two occupants of the other car had non-life threatening injuries. The cause of the crash is under investigation.


Vermont state police are on the scene of a truck accident on Route 22A in Shoreham. A box truck and a tractor trailer collided just south of the intersection of Route 74. No one was injured in the crash, but traffic is down to one lane while the scene is being cleaned up. No word yet on what caused the accident.


An unusual case in Shaftsbury this week where police thought they were making a pot bust -- but it appears both the police and the suspects mis-identified the plant. Vermont State Police say they caught three men from Hoosick Falls, New York with what appeared to be marijuana plants. Police say a follow up investigation revealed the plants were actually hemp. And they'd been stolen from a farm in Shaftsbury. Police say the farm has had a lot of plants stolen recently ... because people thought it was marijuana. The suspects are still facing charges for theft and providing false names to police.


The Burlington City Council has thrown its support behind plans for transforming the city's downtown. But it will be up to the voters to make the final decision. The council voted 8-to-3 last night in favor of a series of zoning changes meant to accommodate the redevelopment of the town center mall. The most controversial aspect -- raising the building height limit from 105 to 160 feet -- to allow a 14-story residential tower at the center of the 200-million dollar project. The height increase continues to divide residents.


(("We need the housing, where else are we getting 20% affordable housing. I think it will look great and people want progress. Businesses owners are screaming yeas for this.)) (("I just wanted to add my name to the No column. I'm opposed to the zoning changes in relation to the 14th story mall plan.")) ((I think something should be done, but not this big")) The zoning changes also include extending Pine and St. Paul Streets thru the mall property to Cherry Street. The council's vote could have been final -- but at the mayor's request, the council opted to put the zoning request on the November ballot.


Vermont's health department is proposing new rules to reduce the over-prescribing of opiates. The state's health commissioner estimates there are enough painkillers being handed out each year to give every Vermonter a 100-count bottle. The new rules would require doctors to discuss the risks and benefits of the drugs with patients. The rules would also require patients to sign a consent form acknowledging the conversation.


((Dr. Harry Chen, Vt. Health Commissioner 01:32 "A lot of times what happens is you go to the pharmacy, you get a long list in terms of information and it goes in the garbage can.)) The proposed rules that are still up for public feeback would also require a patient to be re-evaluated by his or her prescriber at least once a year.


If you get a call from the Vermont Health Department -- it's likely not a scam. Several viewers have reached out to us to report a new scheme circulating. We investigated. Turns out -- the department is running a few legitimate phone surveys including one about adult tobacco use in Vermont. The annual phone survey is used to gauge the effectiveness of Vermont Tobacco Control Program -- its efforts to reduce smoking and increase awareness about smoking-related issues. The health department will not ask your name -- and results are kept confidential. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of the caller -- ask for the Department's contact number -- and call back.


Plattsburgh residents will elect their next mayor election day. Democrat Colin Read teaches economics and finance at SUNY Plattsburgh and owns a business downtown. He was elected to the Clinton County legislature in 2013, but he hopes as mayor he will have the connections needed to make a change and revitalize the community.


((Colin Read/Democratic Candidate for Plattsburgh Mayor 4321 01:24:28 "as the former president of the Plattsburgh downtown association, to bring all the businesses together and really get them to rally around the notion of a lot more visitors coming downtown, a lot more events downtown--ways to really attract young people to live in our city, and I think it's a real advantage to have those connections." 01:24:43)) Incumbent Mayor Calnon is an independent running for re-election. He says his track record is what proves he is fit for the job. He hopes to support continued efforts to improve area assets like the Crete Civic Center and Plattsburgh marina. We'll have a full report on both candidates tonight at 6.


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