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Good afternoon, I'm Darren Perron in for Roger Garrity. We begin with new video from that impressive vehicle fire on Interstate 89 in Middlesex. This was the scene Wednesday when a vehicle burst into flames in the southbound lane near Exit 9. We still do not know many details about the incident including the name of the driver or what happened. Vermont State police tell us they did not investigate the vehicle fire and do not have any more information. They referred questions to the Middlesex volunteer fire department. That department could not provide us with any more information at this time. Hundreds of cars were at a standstill for more than hour as the fire was put out. State Police did help with traffic issues.


Everything is back to normal now at Mill River Union High School after some excitement this morning. School officials told us the smoke alarm in the chemistry lab went off after an experiment. Students and staff left the building and huddled into the buses outside to stay warm. The Clarendon Fire Department was able to stop the fire ... and students are now back in class.


Low-income Vermonters are getting more help with their heating bills. The state is giving 375-thousand dollars to five community-action agencies. They're estimating this money will help about 15-hundred families buy up to 250-dollars of home heating fuel. The grants are going to be available to households that have used up their seasonal and crisis fuel grants, are below the poverty level, and have household members that meet certain age or disability requirements.


((SOT Travis Poulin, Director of Chittenden Community Action 212-224 "A lot of families we work with, lower income, working families, are really struggling to keep all of their basic needs met over this long, extended cold winter, home heating fuel being of course one of the most immediate concerns")) C-V-O-E-O has helped about 14-hundred households with fuel assistance since October. Eva McKend will have more on this story coming up tonight at 6.


If funding issues are not addressed -- some doctors are now saying -- they may not be able to afford taking Medicaid patients. So doctors and business leaders are now joining a chorus of calls -- for increasing payments to health care workers -- who see low-income patients. Members of the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility are asking the legislature to address the Medicaid cost shift. Many, including the Governor argue -- that low re-imbursement rates -- force those with private insurance -- to pay more.


(00:54:07:00) ((Dr. Joseph Haddock - Williston Family Practitioner I realize the current state budget is a hard thing, but the current situation with respect to Medicaid is limiting access for patients who have Medicaid as their insurer, both for primary and specialty care)) The Governor has called on the legislature to put 140-million dollars into bumping the Medicaid re-imbursement rate, with more than half of those funds coming from the federal government. The legislature appears to be on-board with the idea, but not necessarily the Governor's plan to raise the cash through a payroll tax.


Several animals were seized at a property in Hardwick. Authorities -- and the Elizabeth Brown Humane Society -- took three horses, five sheep, three goats and four dogs -- from the place on Hopkins Hill Road. No word on any charges yet. Police say the investigation continues.


A proposed sand pit in Milton has some residents very unhappy. The re-opening of the Jenkins sand pit on McMullen Road would send out as many as 60 loaded dump trucks daily across the town. Residents attending the developmental review board meeting Thursday-- all agreed there were many concerns with the proposal.


(00:07:35 6741) ((John Hemsted/Concerned Resident "That's going to create a tremendous amount of dust, noise, you've got class 2 wetlands which is in very close proximity to where the sandpit's gonna be." 00:07:45)) Those proposing the sandpit say they would use trees to try to cut back on the noise--but residents are still worried about their property values. No decision on the permit has been made -- yet.


Looking to shake those Winter blues? How about stepping into a spring oasis. The Vermont Flower Show features more than 500 different kinds of plants and flowers. Volunteers from across the state have been working since Monday to transform the Champlain Valley Expo into a Spring wonderland. You can take a tour -- catch a gardening seminar -- or visit one of the 90 local vendors.


(00:08:50) ((Ed Burke/Greenworks director "The theme sort of brings out our creativity so when we were thinking about what kind of things we could do :56 we have a mountain stream, we have a bog, we have a rain garden, we have these satellite dishes that are giant birdbaths, we have a mill with a pond made out of pansies.")) (00:09:08) The show kicks off today through Sunday. Tickets are fifteen dollars for adults with discounts for seniors and children.


Today: Sunny Highs: 12 to 18 Wind: WNW 5 to 10 mph Tonight: Mostly clear Cold Lows: 0 to -15 Wind: Light Saturday: Mostly sunny Highs: 15 to 22 Wind: SSW 5 to 10 mph Extended: Sunday: AM sun Increasing clouds Chance for snow late Lows: -5 to 5 Highs: 20s Monday: Mostly cloudy Snow showers, especially early Lows: 15 to 25 Highs: 22 to 32 Tuesday: AM sun Increasing clouds Chance for snow late Lows: 0 to 10 Highs: 22 to 32 Hyper-Extended: Wednesday: Snow, rain, wintry mix Lows: 18 to 28 Highs: 32 to 42 Thursday: Partly sunny Chance for snow showers Colder Lows: 12 to 22 Highs: 20s

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