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A man is arrested -- and dozens of people were evacuated from a Colchester apartment building -- after police find potentially flamable devices. Tyler Dumont has the latest details from our newsroom. Tyler? Roger -- this all started inside an apartment building just after 2 o'clock this morning on Ethan Allen Avenue. Right now -- 28-year-old Ethan Kvasnak is in custody in connection to this situation. When cops got there -- authorities say they smelled gasoline -- and soon found about 12 glass containers with fluid -- each also had a wick on top. Right now -- police believe they were "molotov cocktails" -- flammable devices that are often used to ignite fires at riots or in some arson cases. Before they were able to clear them out -- 23 apartments had to be evacuated. Police say they only found out about the "molotov cocktails"-- because of a "disturbance" in the suspect's apartment.


((TILE 6403 21:15:04:02--21:15:09: 26 Lt. Douglas Allen/Colchester Police: "He put a golf club into the wall to the point where it extended into the next apartment.")) ((TILE 6403 21:17:02:09--21:17:10: 17 "They came knocking at the door early in the morning. And woke up, there was a lot of confusion - had no idea what was going on.")) The State Police Bomb Squad unit was at the scene -- as was the Hazardous Response team. Residents of the apartments -- owned by Champlain Housing Trust -- are being let back in. Kvasnak was scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon on multiple charges -- including possession of a destructive device.


Five years ago today, Vermont was beginning the long recovery from Tropical Storm Irene. The storm caused the state at least 850 million dollars in damage. Much of that -- was to infrastructure like roads and bridges. The state had four months to open up the roads before winter -- and officials say that forced them to speed up their processes.


((SOT Brian Searles, Former Vt. Transportation Secretary 000424 There's a lot of discussion in normal times about how you can cut down on paper flow and how you can speed up approvals, but there's nothing that moves that along like urgency 36)) Tonight at 6:00, we continue our look back at Irene. Cat Viglienzoni finds out what else the state learned during the rebuilding -- that will prepare Vermont better for the next storm.


It was a big year for the Vermont lottery. The state lottery commission reports record profits for the past fiscal year of over 26-million dollars -- two and a half million more than the previous high mark. The record Powerball jackpot in January fueled higher ticket sales. The commission also believes lower gasoline prices gave Vermonters extra cash to play the lottery. All of the profits go into the Vermont education fund. But don't be looking for a tax break. That 26 million dollar contribution represents less than two percent of total state spending on schools.


The New Hampshire state primary is two weeks from tomorrow and voters have a lot of candidates to choose from -- especially Republicans. In the U-S Senate race, there are four candidates challenging incumbent Kelly Ayotte for the GOP nomination. Seven Republicans are vying for the chance to challenge Annie Kuster in the 2nd District Congressional race And there are five Republicans and five Democrats competing for spots on the ballot in the governor race -- to replace Democrat Maggie Hassan who is running for Senate.


As kids head back to school this week, they'll surely be toting backpacks -- that seem to get heavier each year. But parents might want to keep an eye on that weight. An Essex chiropractor tells us students shouldn't carry around more than 10 to 20% of their body weight. As children's bones are still developing during their younger years at school -- posture can be greatly impacted by backpacks that are too heavy.


((TILE 6076 18:50:38:00--18:51:04: 11 Dr. Victoria Welch/Chittenden County Chiropractic: "What you want, is you want the backpack to be at the top of the shoulders. And it should rest just around the hips. It should be tight to the body, as you can see. If it was very loose, it would come away from the body and make me arch backward. If it was too high up, what it does -- is it hits the top of the neck. And it hits those muscles in there.")) Experts suggest looking for ways to limit the weight of backpacks with regular clean-outs and leaving unnecessary items at home. Doctors also note that kids can also become more at risk for back problems if they regularly look down at a device.


Another back-to-school health consideration -- is how much time kids spend sitting at desks. Texas researchers found children who use "standing desks" in the classroom are more likely to be at a healthy weight -- compared to those who sit at traditional desks. The study found third and fourth graders averaged a three-percent decrease in their body mass index -- compared to those who sat over the two year period. The kids sitting down.. had about a two percent increase.


Public meetings are scheduled today -- focused on cleaning up Lake Champlain. The state is drafting plans to combat algae bloom problems. Officials say phosphorus runoff from rain and snow is to blame for water quality. The first two informational meetings are happening at the South Burlington Double Tree Hotel at 1 PM -- and Saint Albans Historical Society at 6PM today.


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