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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. It could be a pivotal day for a bill that would legalized marijuana in Vermont. The House is set to debate the legislation this afternoon -- after a procedual maneuver by the Senate pushed the issue to the House floor. Kyle Midura is at the statehouse to cover the debate. Kyle a week ago it was looking like the House might not take up the Senate-passed pot bill. But that's changed. (kyle talks -- roll video over him) (kyle talks) (kyle wraps -- tosses to roger)


Can Vermont help provide solutions for the nation in reforming the criminal justice system? U-S Senators Patrick Leahy and Cory Booker will hold a panel discussion on reform efforts in Burlington this afternoon. Leahy has long-sought reforms like doing away with mandatory minimum sentences and sending drug offenders to treatment instead of jail. Vermont has enacted several reforms along those lines. The Senators will hear from Governor Shumlin, Chittenden County State's Attorney T-J Donovan and others about how those efforts are working.


A large turned out expected for the Rutland Board of Aldermen meeting tonight to discuss the city's plan to host refugees. Mayor Chris Louras announced the plan last week to welcome up to 100 people -- including families from Syria and Iraq. The mayor developed the plan thru a federal resettlement progam -- without consulting with aldermen, area lawmakers or the public. Aldermen expect to hear from residents during the public forum at the start of tonight's meeting.


Indiana is the next state to vote in the presidential race -- and polls indicate the outcome will be good news for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The front-runners are looking to strengthen their grips on their parties' nominations...while other candidates aren't giving up yet. Bernie Sanders says he can win in Indiana if voter turn out is high. But Sanders would need to win the remaining states by wide margins to catch Clinton. So he's also reminding supporters of how the campaign has influenced the race.


((Bernie Sanders "WHAT I'M REALLY PROUD OF IS THAT WHAT WE ARE DOING IS BECOMING, OUR IDEAS ARE BECOMING THE IDEAS OF AMERICA'S FUTURE, THEY'RE BECOMING THE IDEAS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY'S FUTURE.")) With his chance of winning the nomination fading, so is Sanders fundraising strength. His campaign reports taking about 26-million dollars last month -- 20-million less than he raised the month before.


A proposal to allow Uber to expand outside of New York City and long-awaited reforms to address government corruption are among the top issues facing state lawmakers as they return to Albany to wrap up their 2016 session. The Senate and the Assembly will reconvene tomorrow for what's expected to be seven more weeks of work.


The investigation continues into the cause of a crash in Boston that killed a woman who grew up in Plattsburgh. The accident happened around 11:30 a.m. Saturday -- near Boston Common. 29-year-old Allison Warmuth was driving a scooter that was struck by a duck boat -- an amphibious sightseering vehicle. Warmuth died at the hospital. A male passenger on her scooter suffered non-life threatening injuries. The Boston Globe reports that Warmuth worked as an insurance underwriter and had lived in Boston for about seven years. Her parents still live in Plattsburgh.


A Hyde Park man faces charges after being clocked on I-89 driving 123 miles per hour. Police say 26 year-old Shawn McCuen was headed northbound near exit 12 in Williston when he was picked up. Authorities say he was arrested for suspicion of using intoxicants as well as negligent operation. A passenger in the car was also cited for possession of marijuana.


It's the time of year hungry bears get a little curious. So the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is reminding residents to avoid attracting the animals this spring by removing or securing potential food sources. The state has had reports of bears getting into trash containers, bird feeders, bee hives and chicken houses.


oday: Periods of rain, mainly afternoon Highs: 47 to 54 Wind: SSE 5 to 10 mph Tonight: Scattered showers Lows: 38 to 45 Wind: Light Tuesday: Mostly cloudy Chance for a few showers, south Highs: 55 to 62 Wind: Light & variable Extended: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy Showers Lows: 38 to 48 Highs: 55 to 65 Thursday: Mostly cloudy Showers Lows: 40s Highs: 55 to 65 Friday: Mostly cloudy Showers Lows: 40s Highs: 60s Hyper-Extended: Saturday: Partly cloudy Lows: 40s Highs: 60s Sunday: Mother's Day! Partly sunny Chance for showers, t-storms Lows: 40s Highs: 60s

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