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Good afternoon, I'm Cat Viglienzoni. We're following developing news -- as police say they know who shot and killed a man in Montpelier this weekend. This man -- 29-year-old Jayveon Caballero of Barre -- remains on the run at this hour. He is wanted for second degree murder in the killing of 33-year-old Markus Austin, a former Vermont Frost Heaves basketball player. But there was a different arrest made ... and Channel 3's Tyler Dumont is outside the courthouse in Barre to explain how it's connected. Cat -- the alleged shooter's girlfriend is about to be arraigned in court in a separate criminal case. Overnight, a state police tactical team raided Caballero's apartment, but he wasn't there. But his 22-year-old girlfriend Desiree Cary was taken into custody in a traffic stop. Police say she was already under investigation for selling drugs. They also say she was at Gustos Bar in Barre -- when Caballero and Austin got into a fight early Sunday morning. Police say -- Austin may have assaulted her during that altercation. Authorities say Caballero went to Austin's apartment hours later and shot him dead -- before fleeing the scene. Police say he may have left the state. Cary scheduled to be arraigned on the sale of crack cocaine and heroin charges at 12:30.


And in Arlington -- police are now telling residents to lock their doors -- and keep their lights on -- after an 81-year-old woman was killed earlier this month. So far -- there have been no arrests. Police are asking anyone to report anything suspicious.


New York's Governor -- is eyeing Vermont's ski industry. Governor Andrew Cuomo visited the Plattsburgh International Airport today to announce some big plans for the North Country. He's proposing a multi-million dollar upgrades to facilities at White Face and Gore Mountains. Governor Cuomo says he hopes the upgrades will help the mountains better compete with venues in places such as Vermont. Rose Gomez will have more on what that means for the North Country -- tonight at 5 and 6.


And another New York official is taking aim at a growing trend -- airlines charging YOU for space in the overhead bins. Senator Charles Schumer says passengers who buy the new "basic" fares on United and American flights -- won't be able to store a carry-on without an extra fee. The Democrat worries other airlines will also start chipping away at customer perks.


I'm sounding the alarm by first calling on United and American to hit the eject on this plan. Let people at least use those overhead bins for free. They charge you when you store luggage, they shouldn't charge you for the overhead bins, plain and simple The airlines argue that the new "basic" fares give passengers a cheaper alternative to standard fares.


Who's vandalizing the Champlain Bridge? The bridge -- which connects Addison and Crown Point, New York -- was down to just one lane yesterday. New York police were checking -- why manhole covers were missing... and looking for other signs of tampering. The Sun newspaper reports some of the metal covers had been thrown into Lake Champlain.


And in Vermont -- a burglar swiped cash from an elementary school. State police say someone broke in over the weekend -- and stole cash from the Grafton Elementary School office. If you know anything -- contact police.


A horse shot with a bow and arrow could lead to stiffer animal cruelty laws in Vermont. 21-year-old Quinton Walker Clayton is accused of killing Bunny the horse -- but only faces up to a year in prison for that alleged crime. The case has led to outrage and protests in Central Vermont. State Senator Bobby Starr has now sponsored a bill to increase penalties.


(02:34:55:00) ((Sen. Bobby Starr - D-Essex/Caledonia Counties these people were getting arrested but then very little was happening to them and that we have very lax laws in regards to animal cruelty)) Under the new proposal -- the first aggravated cruelty offense would be five years maximum in prison... and seven for the second.


A warning for beer lovers -- check your bottles! Sierra Nevada has voluntary recalled some 12-ounce bottles that may have a flaw in the glass -- that could cause part of it to break into the bottle. You can see the kinds of beer affected in the list on your screen. So far, no one was has been hurt. This is only for the beer comes from Mills River, North Carolina... so you can look for an "M" in the bottling code. We'll also have a link to more information on our website. ((http://sierranevada. com/qualitymatters))


Today: Cloudy Highs: 33 to 40 Wind: SE 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Snow, sleet developing Turning windy Lows: 23 to 30 Wind: ENE 15 to 25 mph Tuesday: Snow, sleet, some rain tapering off late Windy early Highs: 28 to 35 Wind: NW to NW 15 to 25 mph, diminishing late Extended: Wednesday: Snow/rain showers late Lows: 20s Highs: 30s Thursday: Snow/rain showers Lows: 25 to 35 Highs: 35 to 42 Friday: Mostly cloudy Snow showers Lows: 20s Highs: 25 to 35 Hyper-Extended: Saturday: Mostly cloudy Chance for snow showers Lows: 15 to 25 Highs: 20s Sunday: Mostly cloudy Chance for snow showers Lows: 8 to 18 Highs: 20s

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