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Good afternoon. Roger is off today. I'm Darren Perron. A deadly stabbing in Westminster -- and police say they've caught suspect. Police were called to the Shady Pine mobile home park yesterday morning. When they arrived they found 37-year-old Michael Johnson of Bellows Falls -- lying on the floor of a home -- unresponsive. He had been stabbed in the chest. And later died. Police arrested 38-year-old Lonnie Place on a manslaughter charge. Officials say several people at the scene were also charged for failing to cooperate with Troopers.


Authorities are looking for two snowmobilers who forced a man off the Jefferson Notch Road. Officials say a rider on a yellow Ski-doo -- was in the wrong lane -- and the victim -- had to drive his sled into a tree -- to avoid a collision. The Connecticut man was pinned between his snowmobile and a tree -- and was seriously hurt.


A Rutland City man is behind bars this morning -- after police found him with 10-thousand dollars worth of drugs. Police say while responding to a disturbance on Granger street -- they found Terrance Chipp with 176 bags of heroin, crack cocaine, and more than 35-hundred dollars cash. The 37-year-old faces several charges. Police say Chipp was on parole and under Department of Corrections supervision at the time of his arrest.


A new poll shows support for Governor Peter Shumlin is slipping. VT-Digger commissioned the Castleton Poll -- which found the Governor's approval rating at 43-percent. His DIS-approval is now at 47-percent. Among Democrats - the Digger poll found - 62 percent approve of the Governor. But when it comes to independents - support is at 37-percent.

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Communities across Vermont are stepping up in a big way to help the dogs seized -- during a raid in Eden. 60 dogs and three cats were taken from the home -- where they were living in cages stacked on top of one another. Local humane societies need help taking care of the animals --- and they've passed a major fund-raising goal. More than 25-thousand dollars worth of donations have poured in to help the dogs. The animals needed immediate medical attention -- like vaccinations, dental work -- and even some surgeries.


((Joanne Bourbeau/Human Society of the United States: "so when the animals arrived here from Eden, we had this temporary shelter arranged along with veterinarians who will do initial health assessments on all the animals and keep very close records on any health concerns we see or the weight of the animals.")) All of the animals taken from the home in Eden were signed over by the homeowner. For more information on caring for these animals, we have a link in the info center at


The South Burlington Police Department is hiring. Three officers have left the force since December. Chief Trevor Whipple says the department is authorized to have 42 officers. Currently, there are 39. Training for new hires is extensive. Whipple says a brand new officer with no experience wouldn't be able to start working until 2016.


Veterans suffering from PTSD may get help -- with horses. Army Veteran Steven DePalma says he discovered the therapeutic effects of horseback riding when struggling with his own Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He's hoping to share the experience with other Veterans through a program he's calling the Veteran Barn Door Project.


(00:16:58 8637) ((Steven DePalma/Veteran Barn Door Project Leader "It helps. It really does. Horses really do connect with the human, and as long as the human is willing to connect with the you saw this morning... it really does work." 00:17:08)) Sunday, DePalma led his first workshop with two Veterans in Plainfield. He says he sees riders begin to relax -- as they work and connect with the horse. He's hoping to expand the program -- connecting more vets -- with more horses.


(56:49 Marc Okrant/Casella)(("It completely closes the loop of making sure a product is recycled and then gets used again.")) (05:57 Meagan Buckley/Burlington Health and Rehab)(("I will say its one of those processes that we took underway and it hasnt had any "oh we didnt think about this.")) For Burlington Health and Rehab it's good for the bottom line -- makes patients happy -- and is also good for the environment.


Today: Mostly cloudy Snow showers, Turning blustery, colder Highs: 23 to 30 Wind: WNW 10 to 20 mph Tonight: Mostly clear Cold again Lows: -5 to 5 Wind: NW 5 to 15 mph Tuesday: Sunny start Increasing clouds Snow late Highs: 23 to 30 Wind: S 5 to 15 mph Extended: Wednesday: Mix of sun & clouds Chance for rain/snow showers, mainly south, early Lows: 23 to 30 Highs: 35 to 45 Thursday: Partly sunny Lows: 5 to 15 Highs: 12 to 22 Friday: Partly sunny Lows: 5 to -10 Highs: 12 to 22 Hyper-Extended: Saturday: Mostly cloudy Chance for a few snow showers Lows: 2 to 12 Highs: 25 to 35 Sunday: Partly sunny Lows: 12 to 22 Highs: 28 to 38

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