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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. It's Bernie versus the billionaires. Vermont's junior senator made it official -- he is running for president -- with a focus on taking on the billionaire class who he says is responsible for the collapse of the middle class in America. Sanders IS running as a Democrat -- something he has never done -- and he says he believes he CAN WIN -- by mobilizing a grassroots movement of Americans. It's what has worked for Sanders in Vermont over the past 35 years. Alex Apple asked Sanders about that in an interview in Washington this morning.


((Alex Apple: "What do you say to the people of Vermont, some probably excited you are running, some might not be so excited, but you represent them nonetheless, what do you say to them?" Sen. Bernie Sanders: "I just want to thank the people of Vermont not only for sending me to the Congress and then to the Senate as the longest serving independent in the history of the United States Congress. I love our state very much and I go home as often as I can because I get inspiration and hope and love from people back home. We're down to earth, hard working people and that support means a lot to me."))


Alex Apple joins us now from the Senate office building in Washington where he spoke with Senator Sanders a short time ago. Alex a little bit of the humbler side of Sanders there -- but he is taking this campaign very seriously. How much money does the Senator think he needs for this campaign -- especially in light of the Clinton fundraising machine -- and where is that money going to come from?


Progressives around the country and Vermont are welcoming Sanders' entry into the race. But Vermont Republicans say Americans deserve better than what they call Sanders' "class warfare scare tactics." Vermont GOP chair David Sunderland issued a statement saying quote: "Sen. Sanders is clearly gearing up to wage a campaign that divides us -- pitting American against American. But Americans know the difference between passion and volatile, unpredictable anger."


We will have more on Sanders announcement -- the reaction from Vermonters -- and news analysis ... on our evening newscast at 5:00, 5:30 and 6:00.


Vermont's addiction problem is front and center in Orange County tonight. Recent overdoes in Randolph and Bethel have prompted officials to schedule a community forum. State Police say one man died from an overdose at the Cumberland Farms in Randolph. Another man overdosed in Bethel and needed nine doses of Narcan to be revived. A year after highlighting Vermont opiate problem -- Governor Peter Shumlin acknowleges the problem has not gone away.


((Shumlin 26:11 "We have to understand that that this is going to be a slow and long march, that it's an incidious disease, all 50 states are dealing with it.")) ((Shumlin 27:06 "A day will not come soon when we are able to say mission accomplished, it's going to be an ongoing struggle.)) That public forum in Randolph is tonight at 7:00 at Randolph Union High School.


Saturday is the 45th annual Green Up Day. But the Vermont Agency of Transportation does not wait for the annual holiday to pick up trash. VTrans officials say the interstate is a haven for litter -- they clean all high-speed roads in Vermont including the interstates. On an average day -- a crew of 10 collects up to a half ton of trash. It blows off traveling trucks and from people intentionally littering. VTrans says even after 45 years of Green Up Day -- the piles of trash just keep growing.


(TC 00:08:02:13 Tile 0680) ((Mark Meunier/VTrans "You'll see stuff blow out of them. Other, you just got people that I don't think care sometimes and throws their stuff out. You'll find a lot of coffee cups on the ground and stuff like that." 00:08:12:24)) Logan Crawford will have a special report Trouble with Trash on littering tonight at 6.


Spring has arrived in the Northeast Kingdom -- the ice is out at Joe's Pond! It officially happened at 6:14 Wednesday evening. Every year, the Joe's Pond Association has a contest. People guess when the ice will give out. Tickets are a dollar each. A member of the Ice Out association tells WCAX that about one-thousand people picked Wednesday for the ice to break.


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