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Good afternoon, I'm Cat Viglienzoni. Another snowmobile death in our region -- this one -- in the Northeast Kingdom. State Police say yesterday afternoon -- 54-year-old Andrew Boright died on VAST Trail 105 in Norton... near the crossing with Route 114. They say the Piermont, New Hampshire man was found slumped over on his snowmobile. They say, he didn't get into an accident -- and there isn't anything suspicious. He had said to the group he was traveling with earlier -- that he did not feel well.


Now to an update on the snowmobiler found dead in Lake Champlain yesterday. This morning -- New York State Police said it is 23-year-old Brandon Barrett of Benson. They say -- he was found dead in about 20 feet of water in Punam, New York. Barrett went missing Thursday evening -- after he and 32-year-old Jonathan Ryan of Shoreham left Benson village on snowmobiles. Their snowmobiles were found Sunday in the water. Dive teams are back out today -- searching for Ryan.


This slow-moving snowstorm snarled traffic this morning -- but there are some signs that the roads are getting better now. Channel 3's Alex Hirsch is live in South Burlington at Staples Plaza with a live look at how Route 2 is faring...Alex -- is it clearer than it was this morning? Cat...the roads are _______ right now ...Driving out here there was a lot of/not a lot of traffic... looking at the VTRANS plow map there are still well over a hundred plow trucks on the road... Most of the trucks are in the north part of the state--montpelier and above. I went to the VTRANS Transportation Management Center this morning and was able to discuss how they keep the roads safe for drivers.


((Larry Dodge- When we monitor the radio here--we can keep track of every truck in the state. On days like this there is a truck on about every road in the state.)) This is what the roads looked like early this morning... over 200 plows were on the road...but those roads have been cleared up... So not as many plows on the road now ...but still over a hundred...mostly in the northern vermont--which the map shows as red--which means more snow coverage--Cat.


A Plow went of the road in Westford this morning. Police say it slid off the road due to poor conditions The vehicle was not damaged and there were no injuries. A reminder to slow down when the roads are sloppy.


The snowfall meant kids still had school at Christ the King in Burlington -- but they got extra time outdoors! The school took a break from studies to let the kids out for an extra recess -- so they could play in the snow. It was a last-minute decision from the administrators -- to surprise students... who were definitely excited when they heard the announcement this morning!


(( When I came here in the morning i was expecting to just be inside and work but then announcements came over the speakers and i realized we were going out side to play and i was excited. (( This is amazing, best day of my life. After playing in the snow the kids were greeted inside with hot chocolate -- before returning to class.


Smart devices do just about everything these days... They watch our homes. Track our sleep. Order our groceries. And help us with chores. But as investigative reporter -- Jennifer Costa found out ... There's a flipside to that convenience. She's working on a piece that will air tonight -- about the darker side of smart technology -- and how it puts you at risk for a cyber attack. She'll show us how hackers are breaking into these devices -- and using your gadgets to commit crimes.


((Jonathan Rajewski/Cyber Security Expert 00:05:28:23 "what they'll do is they'll compromise a large set of devices and charge a fee for other people to use them to attack other websites. It's fairly common and it's a big problem.")) How can you protect yourself? And which devices are the riskiest? Tune into tonight -- starting at 5 -- for our special report "Hackers in your Home."


It's going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to change South Burlington's mascot. Facility signage -- like the gym and offices -- will cost about 31-thousand dollars. Uniforms between the two schools are just shy of 140-thousand total. The district says it has about 73-thousand dollars available -- and plans are in place to move forward. We still don't know what the new mascot will be.


New at noon from half a world away -- a Lake Placid man just made American sports history in Austria! This morning biathlete Lowell Bailey won the I-B-U World Championships -- making him the first American to ever win a World Championship Title in the biathlon. In the 20-kilometer race -- Bailey shot down all twenty targets -- and crossed the finished more than three seconds ahead of the pack. Congratulations, Lowell!


You've probably noticed -- the set looks different! This is our first broadcast on this brand-new set. The 25-hundred square foot space has been months in the making. The state-of-the-art space is made up of hundreds of pieces, 120 lights, and about a mile of cords, cables and wires. Our goal is to share the news of the day -- and why it's important to all of us -- in a way that's not being done anywhere else in our region.


((Peter Martin, President and GM what makes it most exciting is that we can tell stories in anyway and with the flexibility that we couldn't in the old space that's number one number two it's a much more modern and it's a much more clean and contemporary appearance.)) Tonight on The :30 Keith McGilvery takes us behind the scenes to show us how the set was created from beginning to end.


Today: Snow showers, another 1-4", higher in mountains Blustery Highs: 25 to 32 Wind NNW 10 to 20 mph Tonight: Mostly cloudy A few snow showers Lows: 10 to 20 Wind: NW 10 to 15 mph Friday: Partly sunny Highs: 23 to 30 Wind: NW 5 to 15 mph Extended: Saturday: Partly sunny Lows: 10 to 20 Highs: 35 to 42 Sunday: Partly sunny Lows: 28 to 38 Highs: 38 to 45 Monday: Presidents Day! Partly sunny Lows: 20s Highs: 30s Hyper-Extended: Tuesday: Partly sunny Clouds late Lows: 10 to 20 Highs: 30s Wednesday: Mostly cloudy Chance for snow/rain showers Lows: 20s Highs: 35 to 42

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