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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. President Obama's pacific rim trade deal is becoming an issue for Democrats running for President Hillary Clinton now says she does not support the free trade agreement backed by President Barack Obama -- saying there are too many "unanswered questions" about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Clinton helped lay the foundation for the deal as Obama's secretary of state. Her Democratic primary opponent -- Bernie Sanders -- a strong opponent of free trade deals -- was quick to point out Clinton's flip-flop.


((Sen. Bernie Sanders/Democrat for President:" I'm glad she reached that conclusion this is a conclusion I reached from day one. I believe that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is nothing more than a contination of disasterous trade policies which we have experienced for the last 30 or so years which has led to the loss of millions of decent paying jobs. ")) This is just the latest issue where Clinton has distanced herself from Obama. She has also recently taken opposing positons on Syria, deportation and the Keystone XL pipeline.


Plattsburgh could be in line for a major new manufacturing operation. Reuters and other media outlets are reporting that a Norwegian company called Norsk Titanium is set to build the world's first industrial-scale 3D printing facility in Plattsburgh. Press acounts say the company is working with the state of New York on a 125-million dollar facililty -- that could break ground as soon as this fall.


Three students were taken to the hospital after a school bus accident this morning. State police say a bus from Twinfield Union in Marshfield was headed north on Interstate 89 when the bus failed to slow for traffic ahead -- and rear-ended a car ahead. Police say there were 23 students and six adults on board. Three students went to the hospital complaining of neck pain.


The case against a woman charged with abusing dozens of animals has been delayed. Carol Merchant was charged after police raided her home in Eden last February. Authorities say she kept over 60 cats and dogs -- and they were badly malnourished. Her partner, Russell Goodell, took a plea deal in the case last week. But Merchant's lawyer asked for an extension -- and Merchant is not due back in court until December.


Vermont may be the only state in the country where no one has been killed by a police officer this year. That's according to the British media outlet The Guardian -- which investigated police violence in the wake of several high profile police shootings in the U-S over the past two years. Vermont has not been immune two police shootings -- with two non-fatal incidents just in the last four weeks.


((Allen Gilbert, Vermont ACLU Executive Director, The state needs to look at the use of force, the definition of when certain levels of force can be used. Vermont does not have one standard that is consistent for all police agencies on the use of force. Most police officers, especially after training that's been required on bias free policing, they've gotten better in this area but we still have a way to go.)) The vast majority of police shootings in Vermont -- once investigated by prosecutors -- have been found to be justifiable.


The cost of college is astronomical. Most students and their parents have to learn about grants and loans to be able to afford it. To help - VSAC is offering free workshops at high schools in Vermont on how to pay for college and training after high school. The first in the series was at Champlain Valley Union High School.


((1:20 Carrie Harlow, Outreach Councilor, VSAC "For some students and parents the entire process, admissions, financial aid, can be kind of stressful. And there's a lot of tasks that have to happen in a students senior year of high school. So we're hoping that by giving families information that they have tools that can help alleviate some of that stress" 1:35)) ((Jeff Boliba, Children looking at Colleges 6:55 "The financial model definately hinders a lot of opportunities and is what is going to drive a lot of our dicisions. So we are hoping, with the thousands of colleges out there that are available, that A. we can afford one and then B. that its a good fit for our kid" 7:12)) The workshops look at things like applying for financial aid and student and parent loans. For a list of future workshops visit the info center at


Milton has found an interim school superintendent. The school board put superintendent John Barone on administrative leave following an investigation into hazing on the Milton High School football team. Now the board wants Ann Bradshaw of Massachusetts to serve as interim superintendent. Details about her employment are still being ironed out.


Amtrak passenger service is back on track following Monday's derailment. The derailment happened when the train slammed into a rock-slide in Northfield. Northbound service is operating normally between Washington and Saint Albans. Southbound - passengers boarding north of Springfield will be bussed to Springfield or New Haven, Connecticut -- where they will be put on another train.


In St. Johnsbury -- a plan to clean up a freight train derailment. About a month ago -- these three train cars went off the tracks near St. Jay Auto. The owner tells us they derailed because of a broken rail and other problems. He says the rail has been fixed and he's selling the empty cars as scrap metal. His plan is to wait for the ground to freeze so crews can reach them more easily.


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