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Good afternoon, I'm Logan Crawford in for Roger Garrity. Police identified the woman killed in a house fire last night in Stowe. They say it was homeowner 55-year old Laurel Baas (bah-ss). Crews rescued her from her burning home -- but she later died at the hospital. Keith McGilvery picks up the story.


Fire ripped through this Edson Hill Road home in Stowe Wednesday night. ((Chief Mark Sgantas, Stowe Fire Dept. 27:58 "the fire gets into walls gets into ceilings, it travels so it is always quite a challenge.)) And adding to that challenge from the inside -- the structure's SIZE. ((Chief Donald Hull, Stowe Police Dept. 19:49 From what we understand there are several possible apartments in the home, several living quarters.)) And from the outside water from the fire trucks was quickly turning dangerously slick in the freezing temps. ((Chief Donald Hull, Stowe Police Dept. 20:17 The roads are very slippery from all the water, I know there are several other fire companies here assisting Stowe.)) It was a team effort that sadly ended in tragedy. ((Chief Mark Sgantas, Stowe Fire Dept. 28:10 "it's hard, you never want anybody to lose their life.)) The police chief says an officer was the first to arrive at the scene and tried to rescue an individual inside. Despite his brave efforts the fire chief confirms to Channel 3 that -- that unidentified individual -- did not survive. ((Chief Mark Sgantas, Stowe Fire Dept. 28:14 "It happen, unfortunately, we hear about it, read about it, see about it but it happens in anytown USA.)) Officials say there was no one else in the home when they cleared the scene. A number of dogs did survive the fire and are staying with neighbors. KM CH3 Stowe


Police say the fire does not appear to be suspicious. One Stowe Police officer was treated for smoke inhalation.


Firefighters battled a barn fire in Danby. Last night crews had to pump water from a stream running along township highway 32. They say the terrain made it difficult for motor vehicles to travel up and down - so officials closed off the road to traffic. The farm owners were home when they noticed smoke coming from their side barn. They say they do not know what started the fire - but no animals were harmed.

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A rush hour mess yesterday -- thanks to a massive car fire.- The blaze shutdown one lane of Interstate 89 southbound in Middlesex. Police say no one was hurt.


A car crash in Enosburgh Wednesday resulted in a passenger sustaining life-threatening injuries after being thrown from the vehicle. Police say the car went off a steep embankment on Boston Post Road. The ejected passenger was transported to UVM Medical Center. The driver -- 21 year old Robert Bellevue of Saint Albans -- was uninjured. He was ticketed for driving with a suspended license -- and charged with Grossly Negligent Operation with Serious Injury resulting and attempting to Leave The Scene of an Accident.


Police say last night a Champlain Farms in Winooski was robbed at knife point. It happened on Route 15 right by the interstate. Police say a man entered the business, immediately brandished a knife and demanded money from the clerk. The suspect is described as a white man with blue eyes, approximately five-ten to 6 feet tall, between 160 and 170 pounds and of average build. Winooski PD says he was wearing a black and gray North Face puffy coat, a black ski mask and black gloves.


A member of the WCAX family has passed away. Jean Walsh was born and raised in Proctor -- then went on to attend Middlebury College before joining us at WCAX. Jean started here when we were still a radio station -- and stayed with us for more than 40-years. She organized our broadcast day -- making sure our programming and commercials went off without a hitch. She was the first woman inducted into the Vermont Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Our sympathy to her family and friends. We will miss her dearly. Jean was 86 years old.


Newport Ambulance in New Hampshire will end its service to several surrounding towns. Ambulance officials say they need to provide help to their own residents before other communities. Newport will stop offering backing up to six communities at the end of June. The affected towns are Springfield, Grantham, Lempster, New London, Newbury, Springfield and part of Sunapee (sun-ah-pee).


Both water main breaks in Saint Albans are now fixed. Saint Albans Police say the second break was repaired at 2 o'clock this morning on Thorpe Street. Water was restored to all residents by 7. But a boil water order is still in effect -- asking residents to use boiled tap or bottled water for cooking and drinking. Police say the order will remain in effect while they await results of a water quality test.


Police say a puppy found in a crate last night in Putney -- was NOT abandoned. According to police -- the pup, "Emma," is now reunited with her owner. State police say Emma slipped out of her collar during a walk. The owner had set up at "have a heart trap" on Barre Hill Road in hopes to get Emma back. Emma spent the night at Windham County Humane Society before going home.


TODAY: High clouds & cold. High: 5/15 Wind: NW 5-10 mph TONIGHT: Partly cloudy & bitterly cold. Low: -5/-20 Wind: Light FRIDAY: Partly sunny & cold. High: 5/15 Low: 0/-15 Wind: NW 5-10 mph SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 10/20 Low: -5/5 SUNDAY: Increasing clouds. Light snow overnight. High: 20s Low: 15/25 MONDAY: AM light snow, then PM flurries. High: 20s Low: 0/10 TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. High: 20s Low: 15/25 WEDNESDAY: Chance for light rain/snow. High: 30s

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