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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. A social media message from Minnesota prompted a partial lockdown of Burlington High School this morning. School officials locked all the doors except the main entrance for about an hour this morning, while police investigated a threatening message on Facebook. Police say several students had received the message -- which included threats directed at a list of entities, including Burlington High School and the President of the United States. Police tracked the message to a juvenile in Minnesota -- and authorities there are investigating.


( tile 081_0642_01 00:13:44:21) (( Amy Mellencamp/ Burlington High School Principal "But it took us that time to really figure out who was involved and we also appreciated that Facebook itself came through and helped the police department giving some information as well so we took some caution we weren't really sure what was happening and thought we aught to air just on the safe side." 00:14:05:16 )) Mellencamp says this incident is a reminder that students should be careful about who they "friend" on social media.


A Vermont woman will be charged today with two counts of second degree murder for a double shooting in Townshend. Police say 62-year old Robin O'Neill shot and killed 60-year-old Steve Lott and his 28-year-old Jamis. Police say it happened at the home where O'Neill and Steve Lott lived together. Police say the pair had recently ended a year-long relationship.


State health officials revealed today that two Vermonters are being monitored for possible Ebola exposure after returning from West Africa. The individuals have not shown any signs of illness -- and the monitoring is schedule to end tomorrow. This news follows the case of Peter Italia -- the Rutland man who was in a voluntary quarantine for 21 days after his trip to West Africa. Health officials said these other individuals were not in quarantine -- but they would not say why they were handled differently than Italia.


A Vermont mother who recently lost her son to suicide took her story to Capital Hill. As Keith McGilvery reports, she is lending her voice to the fight against PTSD.


(00:08:27:28) ((please bear with me -- I just lost my son six weeks ago.)) Valerie Pallotta -- testifying in front of lawmakers in Washington Wednesday -- speaking about her son Joshua's struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (00:11:28:19) ((The sleepless nights, headaches, physical pain, anger, not eating, nightmares; these are all signs of PTSD. Not only has PTSD taken the life of our son but it has taken the life out of us. Our spirit left the day our son died.)) Joshua -- who served time in Afghanistan with the Vermont National Guard -- took his own life on September 23rd of this year -- at the age of 25. (00:11:06:08) ((His death certificate should have stated the cause of death as PTSD/TBI. Not from a self-inflicted wound. )) The Colchester mother -- described the moment police officers knocked on her door -- and told her-- her son was dead. (00:10:27:24) (("I'm very sorry to tell you that your son is deceased." 'NO! This can't be true. I thought he had been arrested. His PTSD was bound to get him arrested at some point. He had so much anger; so much pain. He's in jail. He's not dead. This can't be.' I knew in my gut that my son had ended his life before I had asked the question. )) Pallotto told the Senate Veterans Affairs committee -- Joshua's death -- should never have happened. (00:17:38:19) ((What we ask is that you end the bureaucracy and make sure veterans get the benefits and support they need so that no other family every has to go through this.)) The legislation would require the V-A and the Pentagon to submit to an independent review of all of their suicide-prevention programs. It also calls for the creation of a website to inform veterans of the mental health services available to them. ((KM Channel 3 News))

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A big announcement is expected today about the future of Burlington's downtown mall. The Town Center came under new ownership last Fall with plans to rehab the exterior -- bring in major new tenants -- and other changes. The first big move was the opening of an LL Bean store earlier this month. Now the governor and mayor are joining mall officials to announce what they call a transformational mall redevelopment. We'll have that story for you tonight on the Channel 3 News at 5:00 and 6:00.


A unique way to keep crops safe -- has won a group of South Burlington high school students -- national recognition. The schools aeronautical design team traveled to Florida -- where it won first place in a national design competition. The team of seven created a drone to help monitor and protect crops.


((22:30 It tasks us with coming up with a solution to a real-world problem facing the industry today -- such as precision agriculture ...We're innovating the future of precision agriculture.)) Each of the students was awarded a 50-thousand dollar scholarship to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.


Vermont might have a new millionaire. Someone bought the lone winning ticket drawn last night in the Megabucks Lottery game. The jackpot was worth two million, 450-thousand dollars. The ticket was sold at the Middlebury Beef store. The winner has not yet come forward. This is the first winning Megabucks ticket sold in Vermont since May of 20-13.


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