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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton head to Wisconsin today -- for their next debate -- the first showdown since Sanders whipped Clinton in the New Hampshire primary. The next Democratic votes in the presidential race are the Nevada caucus on February 20th -- and the South Carolina primary on February 27rd. Followed by the big Super Tuesday contests on March 1st. There has been no recent polling in Nevada ... But in South Carolina, Clinton continues to hold a big lead over Sanders. The Real Clear Politics average of recent polls has Clinton at 62-percent and Sanders at 33-percent. There has not been a poll done there since the New Hampshire results.


Sanders got some advice on how to improve his showing in South Carolina from Stephen Colbert on the Late Show last night. Colbert is a native of South Carolina -- and urged Sanders to try a local favorite -- boiled peanuts.


(:40-1:00 )((Stephen Colbert: "You take a peanut and you boil it in salt water -- and then you eat it. And that's a boiled peanut. And you have it with a nice beer. You want a beer? (sanders drinks and the crowd cheers))) Sanders is enjoying the media spotlight after his big win in New Hampshire -- also appearing yesterday on the View -- and giving CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley a tour of his boyhood neighborhood in Brooklyn.


Snowboarding and skiing go urban today -- with a big air competition in Boston. It's being held at none other than the iconic Fenway Park -- and the Channel 3 Sports team is there -- Scott Fleishman joins us live with a preview of tonight's competition. Scott what's happening? Roger, this is a sight to see, television really doesn't do it justice. This ramp took about 3 weeks to build, it's 140 feet tall, that's about 4 times the size as the wall in left field. The athletes start their run in the outfield and end up landing at home plate. Right now we are in the middle of the men's snowboard heat. The women take to the ramp later in the afternoon for their qualifying run. Then the finals begin tonight at 8. One local athlete we will not see tonight is Stowe's Ty Walker. She crashed yesterday during a practice run injuring her back. She should be fine but will sit out tonight as a precautionary measure. Of course, you can't have a huge snowboard and freesking ramp built in New England without a Vermont connection. Coming up on the channel 3 news starting at 5 we''' speak to folks rom Killington that made the snow for the course. We'll also talk to a young Vermont snowboarder here to take in the action and I catch up with West Dover's Devin Logan as she gets ready to compete this evening. We're live at Big Air Fenway in Boston, Scott Fleishman, channel 3 News.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to sell his proposed 15-dollar minimum wage with new data detailing statewide and regional benefits. The governor says two-point-three million New Yorkers would see their wages increase -- with a total payroll boost of 15-point-7 billion dollars. In the North Country -- the governor says over 43-thousand people would benefit -- with paychecks increasing by 278-million dollars. Business groups say it is precisely those costs that make the 15-dollar wage unpallatable. They say the increased costs could kill businesses barely surviving in an already difficult economic climate.

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Burlington's school board and teachers are at an impasse over a new contract. The two sides have significant differences in a number of areas -- including health care, pay-scale, and personal days. School board chairman, Mark Porter says the board offered a one-year deal with a 1 point 8 percent pay increase. Porter says the union is looking for a seven percent pay raise.


If you're a parent of school-age kids -- this is a story you can probably relate to -- the challenge of your kids' school homework. Parents say the volume of homework -- even for elementary school kids -- has increased dramatically in recent years. And it comes at a time when kids are busier than ever with after-school activities. Experts say that makes it tough even to find time for homework -- and then there is the battle to get kids to actually do it.


(TC 05:59:29 Title 1046)((Sarah White/Counselor: "we want students to be more independent and more responsible for their work as they get older. But that doesn't always come naturally to every student." 06:13:04)) So how do you make sure your kids are getting their homework done? Eliza Larson got advice from families and experts. Watch her special report -- Homework Help. Tonight on the Channel 3 News at 6:00.


Today: Snow showers Turning blustery, colder Highs: 15 to 22, falling Wind: NW 10 to 20 mph Tonight: Turning partly cloudy Colder Lows: 5 to -10 Wind: NW 5 to 15 mph Friday: Mix of sun & clouds Snow showers Highs: 15 to 22 Wind: S 5 to 15 mph Extended: Saturday: Mostly cloudy Snow showers Bitter cold & blustery Lows: -5 to 5 Highs: -5 to 5 Sunday: Valentine's Day! Partly sunny Bitter cold & blustery Lows: -10 to -20 Highs: 0 to 10 Monday: Presidents Day Increasing clouds Chance for snow showers late Lows: 0 to -10 Highs: 20s Hyper-Extended: Tuesday: Snow/sleet/rain Lows: 10 to 20 Highs: 28 to 38 Wednesday: Mostly cloudy Snow showers Lows: 10 to 20 Highs: 20s

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