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Good Afternoon... Filling in for Roger Garrity today, Im Alex Hirsch. A new hampshire woman is due in court today to face charges on an alleged murder for hire plot. Claremont Police say 20-year old Monique Earle was targeting her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. Police worked with undercover agents from the New Hampshire Attorney General's Drug Task Force. They say Earle contacted the agents and agreed upon an amount of money in exchange for the killing. If convicted -- Earle faces up to 15-years in prison -- the same penalty as if the murder took place.


A couple from Manchester Center was found in their car in Massachusetts -- passed out on heroin with their small children in the back seat. Police say 27-year-old Jacob Davis and 32-year-old Tamara Bruce drove to Lawrence, Massachusetts to buy drugs. They were found unconscious. The father had his seatbelt strapped around his arm. Their one-year old boy -- and 9-month old baby are now in state custody. The couple is charged with reckless endangerment. Jacob Davis is accused of driving under the influence of drugs.


Springfield is seeking help from landlords to curb drug use. the Springfield Police department and the U.S Attorney's office held a meeting with landlords and residents spoke about drug use in their community. They want to help property owners better understand their rights and responsibilities when renting out apartments and homes. Similar meetings have been held in St. Johnsbury, Barre and Rutland.


41 year old David Kelley pleaded not guilty yesterday in connection with an armed stand off in Newport. Police say Kelley threatened two neighbors with a rifle Tuesday, claiming the couple's dog attacked his dog. Authorities say he then holed up in his rented motel room and threatened police. The standoff ended peacefully early yesterday morning when he surrendered. At his arraignment, he refused help from his court-appointed lawyer, and advice from the judge.


((David Kelley/Defendant: And I would say that Mr. Whitney is going to demand that it we proven there was some aggravated assault that occurred but obviously it didn't. And I have been over charged prosecutor - have I not?!)) ((NAT HIT between Kelley: I'll tell it to the jury - Yelling - Judge: Mr. Kelly, If you cant control your self we are going to have to excuse you. So please be quiet for a moment")) Newport Police say patience prevented a violent end to the 18 hour standoff.


No plea deal for now for a woman accused of killing a couple in St. Albans. Maria Carlson of Swanton has been behind bars for 14 months. She is accused of being high on heroin when she allegedly slammed head-on into 68 year old Diane Bohannon -- and 67 year old Robert Benjamin. The judge in the case said Tuesday the court isn't prepared to accept Carlson's guilty plea -- but he might in the future.


Nine hundred homes are back online this morning. What you are seeing now is video of the fuse at the Underhill substation that caused some of the power outages last night. It affects residents in towns like Jeffersonville, Johnson, Morristown, Underhill, and Stowe. Vermont state police received multiple reports of downed trees and power lines on roads


A circus tent operator will pay 24 thousand dollars in fines after a tent collapse killed two people. It happened at the Lancaster, New Hampshire fairground in August of 20-15. Federal safety officials say severe weather and high wind warnings were ignored when the tent was put up by Walker International Events.


The town of bridgewater has voted to demolish the 102- year old village school last night. We called the Town of bridgewater and they said the vote was close...nearly split 47-43 in favor of taking down the building... There is no start date yet and no official word on what will take replace the building.

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A Vermont company is cooking up canine treats with cannabis. Reilly's HempVet is a supplements startup aimed at helping man's best friend deal with everything from joint pain to anxiety. Your pooch does not need a medical marijuana card to get it though -- as the product is made using hemp. Company founder Bill Reilly says customers report great results... veterinarians require a bit more convincing.


(00:23:08:00) ((Bill Reilly - Reilly's HempVet my experience is that vets are very supportive of supplements in general and when you get into the cannabis, there's still a lot of questions about it out there)) Reilly says THC -- the psycho-active component of marijuana is bad for dogs. But hemp has little T-H-C and is high in C-B-D, a chemical largely credited with marijuana's medicinal benefits. We'll have more on this story in our evening broadcasts.


Plattsburgh plans to spruce up it's downtown .. With new artwork... During the last two years, murals have popped up on public buildings downtown. The latest display was finished in September -- it's called "harvest". It was done on the backside of a co-op in an alley way. Outside Art Organization is behind the mural effort and tell us this is the start of big changes to come...


((Julia Devine/Outside Art: 11:14:58 we've named it Revolution Alley, it will be a gentle revolution of new things that can happen here. 15:04)) The other half of the building is expected to be painted with another mural by next summer.


Today: Mostly cloudy A few, scattered showers Breezy Highs: 43 to 50 Wind: W 10 to 20 mph Tonight: A few rain/snow showers Lows: 32 to 38 Wind: WSW 10 to 15 mph Friday: Rain/snow showers Highs: 38 to 45 Wind: SW to NW 5 to 15 mph Extended: Saturday: Scattered snow showers Lows: 25 to 35 Highs: 30s Sunday: Mostly cloudy Lows: 20s Highs: 30s Monday: Partly sunny Lows: 15 to 25 Highs: 30s Hyper-Extended: Tuesday: Partly cloudy Lows: 15 to 25 Highs: 32 to 42 Wednesday: Mostly cloudy Chance for rain/snow showers Lows: 20s Highs: 30s

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