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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. Today marks the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks on America. All over the country, Americans are remembering that terrible day -- including this group of elementary school students at Christ the King in Burlington. They gathered for the morning flag raising -- and lowered then lowered the flag to half staff. The Catholic school students then joined in prayer for the victims of the attacks -- events that took place before they were born.


(:00:01:21:00-:42) ((Angela Pohlen/Christ the King Principal: "I think a lot of time for children this age, if it didn't happen in their life time, it happened 100 years ago. ... there's still some processing that needs to happen.")) Pohlen says teaching about 9/11 in the first few years after 9/11 was a sensitive subject for schools -- but now very few student in K thru 12 have any recollection of that day.


September 11th is also the anniversary of another important historic event for the United States -- the Battle of Plattsburgh. An underdog American naval force turned back a British fleet in Plattsburgh Bay on September 11th, 1814. That defeat led a large British invasion force of land to turn back to Canada. Many historians believe the battle was the key turning point in the war. A huge celebration is underway in Plattsburgh to mark the bicentennial anniversary. We'll have special live reports coming up -- on the Channel 3 News at 5:00 -- the 30 at 5:30 -- and the Channel 3 News at 6:00.


A Vermont man has pleaded guilty to a charge that he killed a Westfield man who had taken him in. Polcie say 50-year-old Peter Lavalette shot 61-year-old George Kouzoujian in June of last year. Police did not learn about the killing until Lavalette told Indiana police during a traffic stop a few days later. Lavalette told the judge yesterday he had not justification for killing Kouzoujian. Lawyers in the case are proposing that Lavalette be sentenced to 25 years in prison.


Vermont State Police say an autopsy on a infant girl who died last weekend home has provided no clear answer on what caused her death. 5-month-old Emily Branch was found unresponsive in her home in Bellows Falls. Investigators say the girl's mother returned home from work expecting to find her daughter sleeping but noticed the girl was not okay. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. Detectives say the Vermont Chief Medical Examiner's office is conducting additional tests to try to figure out how she died.


A Plattsburgh man was arraigned this morning for groping a student on the campus of St. Michael's College. 30-year-old Joshua Dumesnil was arrested yesterday in connection with the alleged incident that happened last week. Police say Dumensil approached a woman walking out of the campus fitness center -- and touched her inappropriatedly. Another woman who had been approached by a man a day earlier, helped police identify Dumesnil. He was using the gym as a member of the Vermont Air National Guard -- whose members are allowed to use the facilities.


(00:42:59) (tile 7627) ((Det. Cpl. Mark Jacobs/Colchester Police Dept. "With help from the St. Michales public safety as well as students, we were able to get enough information to show that he was on the campus, and then subsequently talking to him, he admitted his part.")) (00:43:11) (00:46:31) ((Maj. Chris Gookin/Vt. National Guard "as members of the community we take this very seriously, especially when it is one of our own. Its just one of those things where its so preliminary right now, we're not rushing to judgement.")) (00:46:43) Dumesnil is charged with lewd and lacivious conduct.


A man caught after a string of bank robberies was sentenced this week to 12 years in prison. Police say 50-year-old Joseph Petrarca of Cumberland, Rhode Island robbed the People's United bank in White River Junction in January of last year. He had also robbed a pair of bank in Rhode Island -- making off with over 17-thousand dollars in the three hold-ups. Police tracked down Petrarca after first nabbing his getaway driver. 51-year-old John Fenley of Hartford was sentenced for his role last summer.


23 years after he was convicted of rape, aggravated assault and kidnapping -- Richard Laws prison sentence is up. Now the Mad River Valley community is worried Laws will return to the community where he committed his crime. At a meeting Wednesday night, the townspeople celebrated the perseverance of his victim -- Sue Russell. She agreed to speak with us as long as we did not show her face.


(02:21 Sue Russell / "We need to gather together to discuss how we can provide safety not only for me and my husband but for this community as well ...06:08 it's always there. If you think about something that happened in your life, I think about oh was that pre 1992 or that's after 1992.")) Laws will remain under the supervision of the corrections department after his release and must register with the state as a sex offender.


Strong winds around our region today -- knocking out power -- in a few spots across the state. Traffic was down to one lane on Route 7 near Lake Road in Milton because of multiple downed power lines -- taken out by a large tree. There are also numerous outages in Rutland and Franklin counties -- about 1500 customers total at last check.


Any showers will taper this afternoon with highs of 66/73. Skies will average partly cloudy tonight. Northwest breezes at 5-15 mph will continue to drag in cooler air; overnight lows will reach 38/48. Friday will be a nice day but cool day, with just a few fair weather clouds popping up. Looking ahead, a weak upper-level disturbance will catch up with us on Saturday. This will bring us mostly cloudy skies with perhaps a few showers, mainly during the afternoon. Highs will only be around 60. Sunday will be a nicer day with partly cloudy skies. We'll hold onto the dry weather on Monday too. Another system will catch up to us on Tuesday with more clouds and the chance for showers.

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