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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. The alleged trigger man in the Pat O'Hagan murder is back in Vermont to face a murder charge. 23-year-old Michael Norrie was brought back from a federal prison in Pennsylvania where he is serving time for federal gun charges. Police say Norrie shot and killed the 78-year-old O'Hagan during a break-in at her home in Sheffield three-and-a-half years ago. Police say 33 year old Keith Baird and his half brother -- 27 year old Richard Fletcher were also involved in the murder. They were arraigned last month.


Some more changes coming in the Shumlin Administration. Gov. Shumlin is expected to announced today the Patricia Moulton will become the new Commerce Secretary. She was previously the deputy secretary during Shumllin's first term and has held other state jobs, including Labor commissioner and environmental board chair. Moulton will take over for Lawrence Miller who was reassigned earlier this year to oversee the trouble health care exchange.


It's an idea that's been kicking around at the statehouse for years -- dramatically reducing the number of school districts -- as a way to save money and improve education. As Shelby Cashman reports, it's an idea that continues to divide Vermonters.


The number of Vermont school districts--could soon be slashed! The measure aims to cut administrative costs, standardize management practices and streamline curriculum. 02:35:33 02:35:42 ((Joey Donovan/Chair House Education Committee "and I think we've heard there's a need in Vermont to ensure excellence and good outcomes for kids, but we do have to start looking at a different governing system.")) A community hearing Wednesday at the statehouse allowed taxpayers to voice their opinions on the bill--in front of the education and ways and means committees. 02:15:02 02:15:13 ((Grant Giesler/Former VASBO President "Decision making would be simplified with one board instead of 4, sharing staff would be easier if employees all belonged to the same district, budgeting and accounting would be simplified etc.")) Many opposed- argue a consolidated structure would lead to leadership that's out of touch with the needs of individual communities, would be bad news for the local control, and may not save a whole lot of money. 01:54:54 01:55:07 ((Diane Payton/Lunenburg Resident" These children aren't yours. They don't belong to the state. They don't belong to anyone else except the parents and grandparents and families who have them. And their right is to chose at any grade for any reason the school they want.")) (( Shelby : And time is of the essence for the bill-it still needs to pass the house and the senate. But Donovan tells me that while their timeline is short--she thinks the issues raised by the bill-are important enough to warrant quick movement. Shelby Cashman Ch3 news Burlington.))


The Addison County Regional Planning Commission is throwing its support behind the next phase of a controversial natural gas pipeline. Vermont Gas already has approval to bring gas from Chittenden County to Middlebury. The company wants to extend the line to Rutland -- and also westward, under Lake Champlain, to serve the International Paper plant in Ticonderoga, New York. Addison planners voted 15-to-11 last night in favor of the line to Ticonderoga. The state Public Service Board must still approve the project.


WhistlePig won the state's approval to build a whiskey distillery in Shoreham. WhistlePig currently imports whiskey from Canada and bottles it in Vermont. But a new Act 250 permit allows it to make and bottle whisky on site and store up to 6-thousand barrels. Fermenting whisky can produce black mold so neighbors fought the plan -- citing concerns about black mold migrating onto their organic berry farm. The environmental commission tells us its confident black mold will not colonize on the neighbor's crops -- as long as WhistlePig stays within its 6-thousand barrel limit.


A record gift to Dartmouth College -- from an anonymous donor. The Ivy League school says the donor has pledged 100-million dollars -- the largest single donation in the college's 244-year history. Dartmouth says half of the money will fund 30 to 40 new professors over the next decade. Part of the gift will go toward a Challenge grant -- that the college will use to try to raise another 100-million dollars.


Police say Route 3 is closed Rutland Town following a crash involving an empty school bus at a railroad crossing. The road is blocked off between Business Route 4 and East Proctor Road. No word yet on injuries or what caused the crash.


A former lieutenant with the Barre City Fire Department is accused of stealing money from union members. State police say 34-year-old Jeffrey Cochran was president of the local firefighter's association. Between October 20-12 and January of this year, police say Cochran took funds from the union for his own use. Barre City's fire Chief tells us Cochran no longer works for the department but would not say if he was fired.


New video this morning -- of a house fire in South Hero. Firefighters say the home on East Shore Road was engulfed in flames when they arrived a little before midnight. No one was home at the time -- the renters were on vacation. Because of that -- and the remote location -- no one noticed the fire for quite some time -- until flames were seen from the Sand Bar.


((CHIEF Kim Julow, So Hero Fire Dept. "We immediatly went into defensive, no one entered the building, there was no need to. // Everbody appears to be safe, no one was home, no pets in the home, unfortunetly the home appears to be a total loss.")) Fire investigators have been called in to determine the cause.


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