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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. A Burlington police officer pleaded not guilty to domestic assault charges this morning -- the third B-P-D officer facing criminal charges THIS YEAR. In this latest case, investigators say Corporal Ethan Thibault assaulted his girlfriend at his home in Hinesburg. He was charged today with three misdemeanor counts of domestic assault. Prosecutors say there has been a pattern of violence against the victim. Thibault was also ordered to surrender his personal guns -- and undergo a mental health evaluation. Prosecutors say he reportedly put a loaded gun to his own head recently. Thibault was released on bail. He was placed on administrative leave from his job at the Burlington Police Department.


Thibault has been in the news before. Two years ago, Thibault shot and killed a mentally ill man outside a home in the new northend. Thibault and another officer say 49-year-old Wayne Brunette was charging Thibault and wielding a shovel. Prosecutors cleared Thibault of any wrong-doing in that case.


As I mentioned, Corporal Thibault is the third Burlington officer arrested this year. In March, Nathan Harvey was charged with domestic assault. He pleaded not guilty -- but has since resigned from the force. And in July, Officer Leanne Werner was charged with drunk driving with death resulting for a fatal car crash in St. Albans.


These cops in trouble are one of the issues facing new Burlington police chief Brandon Del Pozo. He was sworn-in on Tuesday. Today, he sits down for a one-on-one interview with our Alex Apple to talk about challenges in the Burlington department and other issues. You can see that story-- tonight at 6:00.


Scientists in Vermont believe they may be on the cusp of a new energy source. Scientists feed the digested farm waste to a type of algae from which workers can derive biofuel. Researchers say it can replace diesel to run cars, trucks and planes. It can also be used in place of oil in your home's boiler. And the by-product of the process is an organic fertilizer that farmers can use on there fields.


((Anju Dahiya/Expert on new fuel 22:27 Not only is our process capable of producing 100,000 pounds of fertilizer but 20-30,000 gallons of biofuel.)) ((Mary Powell/Green Mountain Power 10:27 Its about adding technology that can produce fuel from some type of output.")) ((Mary Powell/Green Mountain Power 11:34 If we don't aggressively move forward, we are going to have read issues around another precious thing we all treasure in Vermont which is our lakes and our waterways.")) Green Mountain Power says the pilot program could eventually lead to their creating mini-grids -- community based power that's more reliable.


Great news for New England Patriots fans. A federal judge today threw-out Tom Brady's four game suspension for the "deflategate" controversy. The Pats' star quarterback sued the NFL for its decision to punish him for the use of under-inflated balls in last fall's AFC championship game. Brady denies any wrong-doing. Federal Judge Richard Berman had urged the two sides to settle the dispute -- but when they could not -- he ruled in Brady's favor. That means Brady will be able to suit up for the team's opening game next week. You can see the Patriots in action tonight on Channel 3 -- versus the New York Giants. The game starts at 7:30. That means a juggling of the usual primetime line-up. You can find details on that on our website -- wcax-dot-com.


Plenty of debate -- but no decision last night over the fate of the rebel nickname at South Burlington high school. While South Burlington got rid of it's Confederate soldier mascot about 20 years ago--some still say the NICKNAME--which dates back to the Civil War-- is racist. At last night's school board meeting--many argued it has no place in today's society-and does not represent South Burlington as the inclusive and accepting place it is. Others say many people do not even know of--or associate--the name with it's history. They also stood up for the unique community pride they say the Rebels name creates.


(00:51:09) ((Luke Beatty/South Burlington High School Junior "I can confidently say that our school name does not negatively effect any of the current students educationally or socially nor does it discriminate against any students. Together as one we are the Rebels. It unifies our current students, our community and if you change the name we will still be the Rebels and continue to be the Rebels.")) (00:51:29) (00:46:48) ((Susan Farrell "Our great majority of white people most likely with white privilege and don't necesarily make a connection to what that name can infer to people who have experienced otherwise.")) (00:47:07) The school board did not make any decisions on when or if it might make a name change. Members say they are open to a community wide discussion.


A cold front is moving through today. This will result in varying amounts of clouds, along with the chance for a few showers and thunderstorms. Highs will range from 78/85, and it will be pretty sticky Tonight we'll start off with the chance for some evening showers, especially in southern spots. Skies will continue to clear out from north to south. It will turn cooler and less humid. Lows will range from the middle and upper 40s in the cooler parts of the Adirondacks and NEK, to around 60 well south. High pressure will build in on Friday. Outside of a few morning clouds to the south, skies are looking mostly sunny. It will turn into a beautiful day with highs of 75/82. Humidity levels will remain low. High pressure and an upper-level ridge will remain in control on Saturday, Sunday, and Labor Day. We'll see sunshine and above normal temperatures persist. Humidity levels will kick up a bit too. Overall it's shaping up to be a fantastic holiday weekend! The latest model data suggests that a weak upper-level disturbance could touch off a few showers or a passing t-storm on Tuesday. Then we're back to dry weather on Wednesday. We could see a stronger cold front move in later next week.

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