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Vermont Gas says it has secured rights of way from all but four landowners for its Addison County pipeline project. CEO Don Rendall held a news conference today -- marking one year since he took over. Rendall noted the company's rates are down eight percent -- it has added 13-hundred new customers -- and completed the first 11 miles of the pipeline to Middlebury. Rendall also wanted to counter the impression that Vermont Gas is being heavy-handed by announcing it may use eminent domain to secure easements.


(10:07-21)((Don Rendall/Vermont Gas CEO: "I am deeply appreciative ... it hasn't always been easy.")) Rendall says as of today 160 of 164 landowners have granted easements along the 43 mile pipelie route. The entire project remains under review by the Public Service Board -- over concerns about the cost of the project.


Shares of Keurig Green Mountain are up sharply today -- a day after what might be seen as a very disappointing quarterly revenue report. The beverage company with roots in Waterbury reported a 13% drop in net sales for the quarter -- but that beat Wall Street's estimates. That set off a buying frenzy that has Keurig's stock price up 25-percent since yesterday's close. Keurig shares had been in a steady decline for the past year -- after a clunky roll out of its second generation brewer -- a lawsuit over its mini-brewer -- and increasing competition. CEO Brian Kelley acknowledge some mistakes -- and tough market conditions -- but says the company has cut costs -- and is hoping its cold beverage machines will provide a boost going forward.


Bernie Sanders has pulled back even with Hillary Clinton in the latest poll out of New Hampshire. The Fox News survey shows Sanders with support from 45-percent of Granite State Democrats -- while Clinton is at 44-percent -- a statistical tie. This is the first poll in New Hampshire since the most recent Democratic debate. Clinton had been leading in most recent polls in New Hampshire.


One of Sanders' main campaign planks is campaign finance reform -- and specifically the opposition to super PACs. But it appears his campaign is benefiting from one. The Sunlight Foundation notes that a super PAC tied to the National Nurses union has spent nearly 570-thousand dollars supporting Sanders' presidential campaign. Super PACs operate independently of campaigns -- and can raise and spend as much money as they want. That's why Sanders wants them out-lawed. Sanders' campaign manager told NPR they are honored to have the support of the nurses union -- but also said they stand by their position that they don't want help from a super PAC.


The debate over whether Vermont should accept Syrian refugees is spurring rallies on both sides of the issue. Some states and members of Congress have expressed concerns that ISIS terrorists could be hiding among refugees fleeing Syria -- and pose a danger if they come to the U.S. Vermont governor Peter Shumlin says he has faith in the vetting process for refugees -- and doesn't think the U-S should turn it's back on people in need out of fear. Supporters of that position are planning a rally this afternoon in Burlington. Former political candidate H-Brooke Paige is calling for people to gather in Montpelier Friday and Saturday to express concerns about the governor's stance on refugees.

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UVM's squash club is on suspension after a member reportedly used a racial slur in an email to teammates. The head of UVM's Student Government Association confirmed he suspended the organization. Several students in the club reported the incident -- and now the entire group must undergo sensitivity training before being allowed back on the court.


((Jason Maulucci/UVM SGA President Something that we started at the very end of last year and emphasized at the beginning of this year was a social training workshop for all the leaders of our 180+ clubs and organizations on campus. When incidents happened that we feel it appropriate that the rest of the organization be involved in the same sort of trainings we provide those at a separate level.")) There are 68 students signed up for the club. The student who sent the original email has since sent out an apology email.


After a string of overdoses -- and drug-related property crimes in town -- residents of Richmond say its time for action. Hundreds attended a meeting Wednesday night -- saying they are ready to organize to take on the opiate crisis. Organizers say the forum is just the first step in trying to curb addiction and the ugly side effects that come with it.


((Christalee McSweeney/Williston Community Justice Center 21:42 They are breaking into your homes. They are stealing from their own families. They are willing to do just about anything to get their hands on these drugs.)) Richmond police logs show police have made 95 arrests this year. That's as many as all of 2014.


Today we're dealing with rain - but you know the snow is not far behind. Police say you should prepare NOW -- by installing four snow tires. And when the snow gets here increase your following distance to 8-12 seconds... give yourself extra time to reach your destination ... and be sure to clean off your car. All tips that will help you stay on the road -- something police say Vermonters need to work on. Tonight at 6 in Crash Course -- Jennifer Costa with tips on how to improve your winter driving so you can stay on the road.


Today: Windy Periods of rain (Cooler , east). Highs: 48 to 60 Wind: S 15 to 25 mph Tonight: Rain, tapering off by morning Lows: 37 to 44 Wind: S to W 10 to 20 mph Friday: Chance for an AM shower Then partly sunny Highs: 42 to 48 Wind: W 5 to 15 mph Extended: Saturday: Partly sunny Lows: 20s Highs: 40s Sunday: Mostly cloudy A few rain showers, mountain snow showers Lows: 28 to 38 Highs: 40s Monday: Partly sunny Chance for a few flurries late & overnight Lows: 20s Highs: 30s Hyper-Extended: Tuesday: Partly sunny Lows: 20s Highs: 35 to 45 Wednesday: Partly cloudy Lows: 20s Highs: 40s

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