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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. State police say it could take weeks to get to the bottom of a fatal accident on interstate 89. Police say a construction worker was struck and killed in this area near exit 13 in South Burlington at about 11-15 last night. An ambulance happened to be driving by at the time -- and E-M-Ts rushed to the aide of 61-year-old Robert Stanhope of Richford -- but he died at the scene. Police say the driver -- 22-year-old Emma Gentry of South Burlington -- was not hurt. And they say drugs and alcohol were not a factor. But just how the accident DID happen is unclear. Police say Stanhope was removing temporary reflective line markers in the northbound lane at the time -- and police will be investigating not only Gentry's actions behind the wheel, but the safety of Stanhope's working conditions.


St. Albans police say the man they pulled from a burning apartment -- has died. Police rushed into a burning apartment early Wednesday morning to save 72 year old Thomas Page. The double amputee had called 9-1-1 saying he could not escape the flames in his wheelchair. Page was taken to the hospital with severe burns, and died from his injuries last night.


A Woodstock man is facing a slew of charges in -- after a wild series of events on Interstate 91 in Massachusetts. State Troopers say they pulled over 30-year-old Paul Heim in Deerfield last evening. He then allegedly struggled with the trooper -- got back in his car -- and took off -- dragging the trooper for a short distance. Police say they used spikes to deflate his tires - and while all this was happening -- Heim allegedly tossed a bag out of the car window. Police say it contained more than 180 bags of what appears to be heroin. Heim faces drug and assault charges.


A federal plan to reduce power plant emissions has the support of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The Environmental Protection Agency is holding hearing this week on its "Clean Power Plan" -- a move to require power plants to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses by 30-percent by 20-30. Senator Sanders likes the plan -- but wants Congress to do more to combat climate change.


((Sen. Bernie Sanders/I-Vermont: "In my view, what congress should be debating now are piece of legislation like the ones Senator Boxer and I introduced calling for a tax on carbon. The times are critical. There is not a whole lot of time left before we can transform our energy system.")) The EPA's plan also encourages states to develop alternative energy sources and promote energy efficiency. The EPA singled out Efficiency Vermont as a model that states should look to in developing their plans.


Vermont's Attorney General took his concerns about cellphone cramming to capitol hill. Bill Sorrell told the Senate Commerce Committee about how consumers are being ripped off by crammers. Cramming occurs when phone companies allow third-party vendors to place charges on consumer phone bills.. Because the practice is poorly regulated -- many third parties charge consumers for things they didn't order and don't want. Sorrell says Congress should follow Vermont's lead.


((Bill Sorrell / D-Vt. Attorney General: 42:00 "Our state legislature essentially banned all 3rd party landline charges. And then about three years ago our office with other AGs turned to the wireless arena. But instead of going after the third-party arenas we focused on the four large major wireless carriers.)) Federal lawmakers say crammers have swindled -- hundreds of millions of dollars -- from cell phone users.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing to making medical marijuana available to children with epilepsy. Earlier this month New York authorized medical marijuana for patients with diseases including AIDS, cancer and epilepsy. But it's expected to take 18 months for the state to get the program up and running. Many parents of children with the condition say that is too long to wait. Cuomo wrote to the state's health commissioner asking if the process can be accelerated.

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People living in Isle La Motte found out that a 50 percent property tax increase is irreversible. Earlier this month, full time residents saw the sharp increase. It comes following a school board budget deficit and the state having the community make up for the shortfall. At a meeting Wednesday, members of the school board fielded questions from angry residents who say they're struggling to pay the bill.


(19:30:03)((Upset residents: A lot of people are having trouble getting the money together.... 19:55:24 You're telling me next year my taxes are going to double again?")) (Sarah Peacock/School Board Chair 18:52:05)(("Unfortunat ely there is nothing that we're going to be able to do about this increase in tax rate in the short term.18:52:42 It's all giong to be working, looking forward to next year, evaluating every avenue we have and working with our local governments and local tax payers to get some property tax reform going.")) The tax hikes comes after the community was hit with additional expenses from new students moving into the district and rising special education costs. After two straight budget deficits, the state raised the property tax rate to make up for the shortfall.


Burlington is seeking bids for reconstruction of its bike path. The section to tackle is from Perkins Pier to Lake Street near the skate park. A loop will be created around the large green just north of the boardwalk -- and the bike path will be widened to 11 feet -- plus a shoulder on each side. Waterfront TIF district money will be used for the construction. Work is slated to begin in September and wrap up before winter.


A historic Vermont inn that closed two years ago is now on the auction block. The bank foreclosed on the Juniper Hill Inn in Windsor after efforts to revitalize the 28-room mansion failed. The inn was even featured on the televsion show Hotel Hell -- but that did not generate enough interest to keep it afloat. The auction will take place Friday, August 22nd.


Today: Scattered showers, t-storms, some possibly strong Highs: 68 to 75 Wind: S 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Partly cloudy Patchy fog Lows: 52 to 58 Wind: S 5 to 10 mph Friday: Partly sunny Chance for a few showers, t-storms Highs: 73 to 80 Wind: S 5 to 15 mph Extended: Saturday: Mostly cloudy Showers, t-storms Lows: 55 to 62 Highs: 70s Sunday: Partly sunny Chance for showers Lows: 55 to 62 Highs: 75 to 82 Monday: Mostly cloudy Showers, t-storms Lows: 58 to 65 Highs: 70s Hyper-Extended: Tuesday: Partly sunny Chance for showers Lows: 55 to 62 Highs: 70s Wednesday: Partly cloudy Lows: 55 to 62 Highs: 70s

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