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Good afternoon, I'm Cat Viglienzoni. The first Syrian refugee family has arrived in Rutland. And a second family is on its way -- later today. That's according to Stacie Blake -- a spokeswoman for the U-S Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. She says, the family got to Rutland last night... and is staying with a temporary host family for a few days. She says Rutland can expect two to three families a month -- but there's no way to tell exactly when they'll get here. They are still expecting 100 people total -- and all of them will be here by September. We also learned this morning that each family member -- including children -- gets $925 dollars. They must pay back the cost of their plane tickets...which average about a thousand dollars a person.


Arlington residents will get a chance to ask state police questions about recent crimes in the area. It's been two weeks since 81-year-old Helen Jones was found dead in her Arlington home. State police tell us no arrests have been made yet. And then a week later -- the hazmat team showed up at another home. Police have NOT said yet if those two incidents are connected. Tonight -- state police are holding a question and answer session... at 6:30 at the Federated Church of East Arlington... on Ice Pond Road. Anyone is welcome to attend. Channel 3's Taylor Young will also be there -- to update us on what we learn from them at that meeting.


Interstate 91 is partly back open this afternoon -- after two tractor trailers crashed on icy roads. Police say a tractor-trailer driver lost control -- and went off the road and onto Route 121 in Westminster at about 1:30 this morning. A trailer remained on the interstate -- and was hit by another tractor-trailer -- which totaled it and blocked both lanes. It took state police hours to reopen one northbound lane of the interstate -- and clean up the fuel spill. Both drivers are okay.


Speed -- not road conditions -- was to blame for this crash on Route 101 in New Hampshire. The driver of the car is lucky to be alive -- after he got pinned underneath a tractor-trailer. He was able to climb out the side of the car -- and underneath the tanker -- to safety. The truck driver was sent to the hospital.


There's some good news -- about the ongoing drought in our region. After experiencing almost record lows lake levels this past summer, recent snowfall and rain seem to have helped the lake. With some more winter weather expected -- the trend is moving up to get the lake level back to the normal depth. And the National Weather Service says we're still not where we need to be yet.


((Greg Hanson National Weather Service. It has improved a little bit we are running now about a foot below normal. But we were a good foot and half or so and not too far off record lows. We have seen a little bit of recovery in the lake, but still trending below normal. But as skiers and riders have likely noticed -- they say snowfall is below normal so far this year.


A warning for snowmobile owners. Two popular snowmobile manufacturers have issued recall. Yamaha says its snowmobiles with aftermarket turbochargers can overboost -- causing severe engine damage -- leading to crash and fire hazards. Arctic Cat says on its snowmobiles -- the fuel tank can crack -- and fuel can leak into the engine -- which is also a fire hazard. You can find links to the recalls -- on our website.


A man charged with killing a horse -- now has an arrest warrant out for him. But it's not for shooting the pet mare. A judge believes 21-year-old Quinton Clayton of East Montpelier didn't complete substance abuse treatment. Clayton pleaded not guilty to using a stolen bow and arrow to shoot and kill a quarter horse named Bunny. Another man -- Christopher Goslant -- pleaded not guilty last week to helping kill the horse.


Norwich police need your help finding the man who held up the Dan & Whits General store. Investigators say he walked just after 7 last night and demanded money from the register -- and indicated he had a weapon -- though he didn't show it. They say they think he's about 6 feet tall and in his 30s. If you recognize him -- contact police.


The prosecutor known for disarming an alleged murderer is no longer carrying a gun to work. Back in 20-15 State's Attorney Scott Williams grabbed a rifle away from Jody Herring -- the woman accused of murdering social worker Lara Sobel outside a state office building. Williams was carrying a gun to work -- but he isn't anymore. Williams stopped after he discovered the gun made some courthouse workers uncomfortable.

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A group of Colchester High School students is in the nation's capitol today -- getting ready to witness history tomorrow. The 15 students boarded the bus for Washington D-C last night. They're going to get to see President-Elect Donald Trump's inauguration. They've spend the school year -- studying the election.


((Chloe Bullock, Senior at Colchester 16:37:28 "It definately finishes off this year of being able to participate in our politics. And being able to see the work that the people did, thats what we are going to witness at the inaguration, thats what people did when they voted on November 8th"-16:55:29)) ((Mark Bullock and Kimberly Bullock-Parents 11:04:10 Dad "I said You're going to really going to experience something that a lot of people wont ever see in their lifetime, so just take it all in" 11:08:02)) ((13:33:22 Mom "I hope in the future more schools here in Vermont seeing this in 4 years will want to do it again. It doesn't matter who the president is but its the process, the peaceful transition of power and its just an awesome experience for these kids" 13:48:09)) Witnessing history didn't get them out of taking tests... they had to take their midterms before they left. They'll be back on Monday.


A former Channel 3 reporter -- is making a splash on reality TV! ((Alex nats 4 sec)) Alex Apple took a break during his time here -- to film a show called "Stranded With a Million Dollars" He was one of ten strangers dropped on an island in Fiji with nothing except clothing -- and the cash. The premise is that they can use that money to survive for 40 days -- but the more the spend -- the less the winners get to take home at the end. That debuts on February 21 -- on MTV.


Today: Mostly cloudy A few flurries, sprinkles Highs: 35 to 42 Wind: SW to NW 5 to 10 mph Tonight: Mostly cloudy Some freezing fog Lows: 18 to 25 Wind: Light Friday: Partly sunny Highs: 35 to 42 Wind: S 5 to 15 mph Extended: Saturday: Chance for AM showers, light freezing rain Mostly cloudy Lows: 25 to 32 Highs: 35 to 42 Sunday: Partly sunny Lows: 25 to 35 Highs: 35 to 42 Monday: Mostly cloudy Turning windy Wintry mix late Lows: 22 to 32 Highs: 30s Hyper-Extended: Tuesday: AM wintry mix Then periods of rain Windy Lows: 28 to 38 Highs: 35 to 45 Wednesday: Mostly cloudy Rain/snow showers Lows: 25 to 35 Highs: 35 to 45

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