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Good afternoon, I'm Melissa Sheketoff in for Roger Garrity. More than 100 protestors are standing in the way of ongoing pipeline construction. The protestors gathered at Geprags Park in Hinesburg and then walked to a Vermont Gas construction site nearby. They ripped down caution tape -- and held up signs and banners. Vermont Gas employees were forced to stop work -- and could only watch as the demonstration stood in the way of their equipment.


((TILE 8834 01:04:49:10--01:05:03: 00 Rebecca Dalgin/Central Vermont climate action: "We're here to show that we are not going to let this pipeline beyond phase one. We're here to show that we want to create a future where there's a sustainable world for all of us, and justice for all of us.")) ((TILE 8862 01:14:14:04--01:14:19: 06 Frank Koss/Hinesburg Police: If this stays peaceful like this, hopefully that's all.)) Police could have made arrests for criminal trespassing -- but say they didn't have the resources to do so. Vermont Gas tells us the protest will cause added costs and delays to the pipeline's construction.


Millions handed over to the federal receiver in charge of Vermont's Burke Mountain and Jay Peak resorts. A federal judge in Florida approved a 13-point-3 million dollar settlement between citibank and resort receiver, Michael Goldberg. Goldberg says the funds are critical to making payroll and paying off debt from projects overseen by Bill Stenger and Ariel Quiros. The pair was accused of misuing 200-million dollars from foreign investors.


It's a deal... Burlington students went to class today per usual -- after the school board and union came to an agreement last night. Tyler Dumont has the latest.


((TC 00:13 "there will be school tomorrow, Thursday, October 20th.."17:15)) Parents got the call last night -- class is on -- the strike is off. After months of sharp words and high tensions -- the Burlington teachers union and school district have a deal ... ((TC 05:34:20 Ira Lobel/Mediator: "Both sides are pleased we signed a tentative agreement." 05:46:06)) ((TC 08:01:24 Eliza Larson: "feeling relieved?" Fran Brock: "I'm exhausted. I feel like -- you know -- being in a cinder block room since 9 oclock this morning. But we did it." 08:16:25)) The dispute -- over a push for an increase in pay, and a decrease in teachers' health care share. It took nearly ten hours of negotiations, and a mediator going back and forth -- to get to an agreement. ((TC 09:36:05 Mark Porter: "it's very wonderful, thank you." 09:37:23)) Supplies brought into a strike headquarters setup on North Street -- were being taken back out. Terms of the new agreement will be released after the contract is ratified. Tyler Dumont, Channel 3 News, Burlington.


New Hampshire attorney general says the officer who shot and killed a Claremont man last month -- was justified. Authorities say Corporal Ian Kibbe shot 25-year-old Cody LaFont during a confrontation at this home. Reports say LaFont was holding a revolver at chest level and didn't comply with orders. The attorney general's office says Kibbe believed LaFont was going to shoot him. No criminal charges will be filed.


Lawyers for Donald Fell want a change of venue for his second death penalty trial. Fell is charged with killing 53-year-old Terry King of Clarendon after abducting her when she arrived for work. He was convicted and sentenced to death once already -- but that conviction was tossed due to juror misconduct. Now Fell's lawyers say he can't get a fair trail in federal court because of publicity surrounding the case.


State Police want to build a new barracks in Chittenden County -- but need to buy land to do it. Currently troopers work out of this barracks in Williston just off exit 12. The state says it's looking to build on 8 to 10 acres within two miles of Exit 11 in Richmond, Exit 12 in Williston, Exit 13 in Shelburne or Exit 16 in Colchester. The State is looking at four proposals from private landowners -- because no public land in the area meets their criteria. Rutland is also in line to get a new barracks but officials say Chittenden County may happen before Rutland now. A final report is due to the legislature by December 1.


New York is requiring more health insurers to cover treatment for recovering opiate addicts. Officials say the cost of getting care is often a barrier for individuals struggling to recover from addiction. The new rules force big health insurers to pay for maintenance medications -- like narcan and methadone. State officials say the new rules mirror requirements for small-group and individual policies. The state will also require insurers to cover inpatient substance abuse treatment at in-network facilities.

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Jobs now available at a Vermont sheet metal manufacturer. NSA Industries of St. Johnsbury is expanding into a 73-thousand square foot facility in Groveton, New Hampshire. At least 40 new jobs are now up for grabs.


In the record books -- New York State parks set a new record for camper numbers this year. Governor Andrew Cuomo says campsites and cabins at state parks were used more than 633-thousand nights through Columbus Day. Officials say camping occupancy is up 17 percent since Cuomo took office. The governor's "NY Parks 20-20" plan involves about 900-million dollars dedicated to private and public funding for state parks from 20-11 to 20-20.


Vermont Fish and Wildlife confirmed a Canadian lynx was caught on camera in southern Vermont this June. Lynx have been spotted in the N-E-K before -- but this snapshot was taken in the backyard of a Londonderry home. A UVM student also set up a wildlife camera and found a photo of a lynx near Searsburg. Officials believe it's the same lynx in both sightings.


Today: Showers Heavier, steadier rain, northern NY Highs: 55 to 62 Wind: SSE 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Periods of rain Heavier, steadier, northern NY Lows: 52 to 58 Wind: SSE 5 to 15 mph Friday: Periods of rain Heavy at times Highs: 58 to 65 Wind: S to NW 5 to 15 mph Extended: Saturday: Periods of rain Mountain snow showers late Blustery Lows: 40s Highs: 40s Sunday: Mostly cloudy Showers Mountain snow showers Lows: 30s Highs: 40s Monday: Partly sunny Chance for showers Lows: 30s Highs: 40s Hyper-Extended: Tuesday: Partly sunny Lows: 28 to 38 Highs: 40s Wednesday: Partly cloudy Lows: 25 to 35 Highs: 40s

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