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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. The marijuana legalization debate has reached the floor of the Vermont House -- where it's expected to die for this year. Kyle Midura has just stepped outside the House Chamber to give us the latest. What's going on Kyle? (kyle talks) (roll b-roll) (kyle wraps -- tosses back)


A Vermont lawmaker charged with drunk driving has taken a plea deal on amended charge. Representative Stephen Carr of Brandon pleaded guilty to negligent driving. The 66-year-old Democrat agreed to pay a 400-dollar fine, do 20 hours of community service and participate in an alcohol and driving education program. Carr was stopped by police in January for speeding a driving erratically. He has a blood alcohol content of nearly twice the legal limit.


Former New York Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver will learn his fate today. Silver was found guilty in November in a five million dollar corruption case. Prosecutors are asking the judge to give Silver at least ten years in prison and a million dollar fine.


A former New York City police officer has pleaded guilty to supplying opiates that were sold in Vermont. 37-year-old Andre Clarke, of the Bronx, was indicted last summer along with two other men. Prosecutors say Clarke supplied Oxycodone to another New York, who in turn supplied the pills to a dealer in Burlington. Clarke now faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced in August. He resigned from the NYPD in April.


A Lebanon, New Hampshire man is facing charges after police say forcibly rape a former girlfirend. 35-year-old Ramon Romero de Jesus was arrested on two counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault Police say a 40-year-old woman called police yesterday evening saying she'd been attacked at an apartment on Hanover Street.

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The Burlington city council voted overwhelmingly last night in favor of the big redevelopment of the Town Center mall. The owner of the two block property has proposed a project that includes 270 condos and apartments, office space, reconfigured retail -- and re-opening two cross streets thru the property. Supporters say the project will provide a needed economic boost for Burlington. But some at the meeting expressed concerns about the scale of the 14-story building at the center of the project and whether the city is rushing into the development agreement.


(TC 40:20:14 Title 4870)((Lynn Martin/Resident: "I see this big building coming and being superimposed on the downtown and I'm very concerned about how that will change the social climate for everybody here." 40:31:17)) (TC 24:08:08 Title 4857)((Wayne Nelson/Burlington Resident: "from a sustainability standpoint, these buildings are actually much more sustainable than the average thousand square foot apartment in Burlington."24:16:15)) Now that the plans are approved, mall developers can move forward with reaching out to investors and begin the preparation for construction.


There was also a big turnout for Rutland's board of Alderman meeting last night to discuss the mayor's plan to bring middle eastern refugees to the city. It was standing room only at Rutland City Hall as residents both in favor and against the mayor's plan had their first opportunity to weigh in at a public meeting. Supporters said Americans could not ignore the moral imperative of helping people in need.


((Victoria Quint//Rutland High School 24:24-24:31: "It seems all too easy to forget that we will be welcoming fellow humans into our communities as our neighbors.")) ((Bill Joubert//West Rutland, VT 1:00:42 "my concern here is I don't think it's a question of whether or not we want to help people, I don't have a problem with helping refugees, I have a problem with a word called transparency, and I don't think there was very much transparency in this.")) Aldermen did not directly respond to concerns raised last night -- but the board president says the issues will be discussed in the months to come.


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