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Gov. Peter Shumlin says they've pulled down the Vermont Health Connect website, in part due to a potential security threat -- and to fix on-going problems with the site. State House Reporter Kyle Midura has the story.


The cast of characters handling Vermont health connect has changed several times since its initial launch almost one year ago - but problems persist. Tuesday, Gov. Peter Shumlin announced the website will be taken down for repair. (00:03:50:00) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont temporarily taking down the site is the best choice to meet our goal of a well-functioning, secure site for open enrollment on November 15th)) The Governor permanently pulled Department of Vermont Health Access Commissioner Mark Larson off the project. Shumlin says the site down-time came at the suggestion of new Agency of Human Services Secretary Dr. Harry Chen. (00:18:01:00) (( Dr. Harry Chen - Vt. AHS Secretary it was clear to me if we keep doing the same thing we're doing, we're going to get the same results)) Along with determining if the site is secure -- given recent high-profile breaches of major American businesses -- state officials say they'll also upgrade some of the faulty functionality during the website down time. Coverage should not be affected -- and can still be bought through non-web channels. Policyholders will be able to pay by mail or alter their plans over the phone. KM, Ch.3, Burlington.


Critics of Vermont Health Connect are weighing in. Lt. Governor Phil Scott says taking the website down is long overdue. And Scott suggests it should stay offline permanently. He says -- it's my belief we should transition to the much simpler and fully functional federal exchange that 27 other states have successfully used ... The Lt. Governor notes that New Hampshire chose to go with the federal exchange at a cost of eight million dollars, while Vermont's broken system has already cost about 70-million.


New York is the latest state to confirm cases of a severe respiratory illness among children. The New York health department says there are more than a dozen children infected so far with enterovirus D-68. A few of the hundreds of cases reported across the country. Federal health officials have said it's an uncommon strain in a common family of viruses that cause infections from late summer into the fall. Respiratory experts say to look for flu-like symptoms... plus wheezing and difficulty breathing.


(LEAVE SUPER UP FOR ENTIRE SOUND TO COVER TIME/TEMP PLEASE) ((RICH HINCHCLIFFE: there is no treatment for it. It's a virus so you can't give antibiotics. It's so new there's no vaccine for it. We haven't had time to make one yet)) The Vermont health department says there have been no reported cases yet...but it is asking the state's hospitals to let them know if any children come in with these acute respiratory problems.


A Vermont man accused of killing his daughter's boyfriend and burying his body beneath a manure pile is staying in jail. The Vermont Supreme Court has upheld a lower court decision to hold Stephen Pelletier (pell-ah-teer) without bail as he awaits his first-degree murder trial. Pelletier's lawyer had asked that Pelletier be released to "home confinement" so he could continue to work on his Castleton farm. The 59-year-old Pelletier is accused of shooting 25-year-old Michael Wisell (whistle) in May. Pelletier told police Wisell had been physically abusive to his daughter.


Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger says he plans to run for re-election next March. Mayoral candidates don't normally announce their plans this early. The mayor's spokesman says the queston came up during a newspaper interview about the mayor's first term. The mayor says he does intend to run, but for now he is focused on the remaining months of his term -- and doesn't plan to launch his campaign until January.


25 of Vermont's Fastest growing businesses--were recognized Monday --by Vermont Business Magazine. The winners include everything from specialty food to renewable energy -- and as Shelby Cashman reports, even a t-shirt company made the list.


(00:02:25:00) ((Barry T. Chouinard "I like to think I've worked 39 years and become an overnight success.")) (00:02:29:08) Barry T. Chouinard has spent those 39 years--helping to make the world--a little more colorful. ((NATS from old pkg?)) Chouinard's company imports shirts and other garments--then uses massive washers and dryers to dye them in thousands of colors, including custom hues. Chouinard's company was among 24 others--to be recognized Monday night at the Double Tree Hotel in South Burlington as one of the fastest growing businesses -- by Vermont Business Magazine. Chouinard says he's seen a 133 percent increase in his business--over the past year. (00:01:42:24)((Barry T. Chouinard "We have found a huge niche in the college market, especially in the big southern schools.")) (00:01:49:11) Also among the recipients--Jay Peak Resort. (00:04:01:16) ((Bill Stenger/Developer "It's about people who are excited about the future of the state, excited about business, excited about investing in our employees.")) (00:04:10:11) As for Chouinard --- he says it's the quality of life that brought him to Vermont-- (00:03:15:01) ((Barry T. Chouinard "We hope to continue to grow, our plan is to keep investing in Vermont, and keep hiring people.")) (00:03:28:07) And he says its that same quality of life--thats keeps him here. ((SC Channel 3 News))


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