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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. Flood warnings are in effect around our region -- as heavy rains begin to move thru. There is already localized flooding at some of the typical problem spots -- like the wrong-way bridge on Route 15 in Cambridge. Water is over the road -- but so far, traffic is still flowing. State and town highway officials are on site monitoring the water -- and could order that major route to be closed if the flooding worsens.


((Robert Anderson: If it keeps on raining ... having to shut it down ... detour signs in place, put up a barricade and we'll be ready.")) The worst of the flooding is expected tonight and thru the overnight hours. Gary will have full details -- coming up in weather.


There was a water rescue this morning in the raging Black River in Springfield. Police say a young man reportedly jumped into the river at about 7:00 this morning and was swept down stream -- until he was able to grab ahold of a rock in the middle of the river. Hartford's swiftwater rescue team was called in -- and sent a boat into the river and brought the young man to safety about two and a half hours after the incident was first reported.


The College Street Congregational Church will be welcoming the community back to it's renovated building this Easter. Members of the congregation were busy this morning moving back into the church after more than 4 months and 2-million dollars in renovations. The steeple of the church had to be taken down after a South Burlington man (Aliaksandr Bychkou) started a fire in the building. Now, the church plans to open it's doors this Easter Sunday.


((Pastor Ken White/ 00:12:38 "As much as this was a loss for our church, it helped the church remember that we are the church and also reminded us that we have a call to show love to our neighbors just as they have shown love to us." 00:12:51)) Easter Sunday service will begin at 10am.


It's tax day -- the deadline for filing your state and federal tax returns. You have until midnight to submit them online -- get the paper copy postmarked -- or file an extension. The I-R-S says more than 90-percent of people e-file now -- and that has significantly lowered people's chances of getting audited.


((WOLFISH: "the good news now -- is your chances of an audit are only about 1 percent........OUTCUE: charible donation deduction." )) Wolfish says that computers at the I-R-S now match up all your income from W-2s and 10-99s to your returns -- and if they find a discrepancy...most likely you'll just get a letter asking you to fix the problem -- rather than a visit from an auditor.


Changes are coming to airport security at Burlington airport -- that may let you avoid long security lines. Pre-Check Screening is a nationwide program -- and enrollment centers have opened in Colchester and Berlin. To apply, travelers must pay 85-dollars for a background check and fingerprinting. If approved -- passengers can then go to the front of security lines -- and can keep their shoes, jackets and belts on -- and leave liquids and laptops in carry on's.


((18:49 Bruce McDonald / BTV Federal Security Director "The point is to allow us to focus on where the risk is greatest. And these people who are willing to go through a background check and take a fingerprint -- we know they don't present a risk to aviation so we can focus our efforts on where there might actually be a threat 12 and allow those passengers who don't present any threat, to zip on through the front of security.")) The passes are good for five years and valid for Canadian passengers as well.


A new trend with teens is making first responders nervous. New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife has put out a warning -- that teens have been pressuring each other to do a polar plunge. That's a jump into icy rivers and lakes -- with no life jacket. Experts say hidden ice and cold temperatures make that extremely dangerous. ((Bill Brownlee / Umiak Outdoor Outfitters 36:17 I recommend nobody go into the lake for a few weeks, unless they are very well versed. And then all the ice that's out there is going to be blowing around. And it's winding today -- obviously it's going to be blowing around -- but it could blow on a day that isn't windy, and the wind can change. So you could be locked out of the beach that you put into.")) Experts say immersion in cold water can leave even a good swimmer helpless within minutes.


Today: Rain, heavy at times, changing to snow late Windy Highs: 55 to 65 Wind: S to W 15 to 25 mph Tonight: Turning much colder Snow, trace - 3" (3-5" mountains) Lows: 18 to 25 Wind: N 15 to 25 mph Wednesday: Mostly sunny Cold, blustery Highs: 32 to 38 Wind: NW 15 to 25 mph, diminishing late Extended: Thursday: Partly cloudy Lows: 15 to 25 Highs: 45 to 55 Friday: Partly cloudy Lows: 20s Highs: 50s Saturday: Mostly cloudy Chance for showers Lows: 25 to 35 Highs: 50s Hyper-Extended: Sunday: Partly cloudy Lows: 30s Highs: 50s Monday: Partly cloudy Lows: 30s Highs: 50s

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