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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. A turbulent start to the Democratic National Convention -- marked by angry protests from Bernie Sanders' supporters -- and Sanders' pleas for party unity.

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(MON0220) ((hell no DNC we won't vote for hillary) For all the hopes of staging a convention without the controversy and division seen last week in the Republican gathering, the Democrat's first day was filled with angry protests -- (PO-64MO) ((:30-:33 Lock her up, lock her up. You are a Republican)) booing and heckling on the convention floor (MON0317) ((:22 people booing, holding signs)) -- and the resignation of the DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The party even issued an apology letter to Sanders for those damning emails released over the weekend. Sanders did his part to tamp down the controversy-- sending an email to his delegate asking them to do him a personal courtesy not to disrupt the evening. (PO-218MO) (nat bernie intro) Sanders took the stage late in the night to a boisterous and extended ovation. (PO-218MO) (thank you, thank you -- waving hands trying to calm people down) Sanders his supporters and said he understood their disappointment that he did not win the nomination. (PO-222MO )((Sanders: I think it's fair to say that no one is more disappointed than I am.)) His speech hit all the familiar themes of his presidential campaign -- with little direct praise for Hillary Clinton. But he did deliver on his pledge to endorse her. (PO-226MO )((Sen. Bernie Sanders/(D) Former Presidential Candidate) Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president and I am proud to stand with her.))

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Donald Trump tweeted this reaction to Sanders' speech -- saying "Bernie Sanders totally sold out to Crooked Hillary Clinton. All of that work, energy and money, and nothing to show for it! Waste of time. Trump goes on -- "Sad to watch Bernie Sanders abandon his revolution. We welcome all voters who want to fix our rigged system and bring back our jobs."


The last Democratic president candidate from Vermont addressed delegates from Northern New England over breakfast this morning. Howard Dean told Sanders fan that though he supported Hillary Clinton, Sanders' ability to shift the dialogue impressed him. He says he agrees with Sanders on the need for Wall Street reform. Dean told the crowd Clinton understands 'too big to fail' is unacceptable.


(00:56:50:00) ((Howard Dean -I don't think capitalism is a bad system, it's just been hijacked by rich people who don't give a damn about anybody but themselves, and that is a big problem we need to fix that problem)) Granite State Senior Senator Jeanne Shaheen also addressed the delegations from Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine this morning. The addresses remained largely uninterrupted, but a group of Sanders-delegates from Maine did express disatisfaction with Clinton as nominee several times during Q and A Kyle Midura is in Philadelphia all week for the convention and will be live this evening at five, 5:30 and 6:00

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People in the Bennington area tested for PFOA in their blood have on average five times more of the chemical running thru their veins than other Americans. That's major finding of lab results for the 477 adults and children who participated in blood draw clinics earlier this year. Those people had all been exposed to drinking water contaminated with the chemical used in making teflon. The health department has mailed individual results to those tested. What they can't say is what the results mean for past or future health impacts. The effects of PFOA are not scientifically proven. Health officials do say that people who stop drinking contaminated water can expect the PFOA to clear out of their blood over time.


Police are expanding technology to monitor speeds on Vermont roads. Essex police are among the agencies using these speed signs with built in radar to let drivers know how fast they're going. What's different about these signs is they have the ability to record the data. The speeds are uploaded wirelessly to police department computers, giving police a chance to analyze the data and keep track of problem spots.


((TILE 5020 10:38:45:19--10:38:53: 01 Sgt. Rob Hall/Essex Police Dept.: "It will tell me when the officers need to be out there, when the greatest speed problems are, and it allows us to prioritize our resources.")) ((TILE 5100 11:22:09:28--11:22:17: 01 Stephanie Minicozzi "It's definitely helpful to keep all the kids safe. A lot of them are biking over here, we're all walking down this way.")) State police also recently deployed nine of the advanced speed monitoring devices.


A new Vermont State Police dispatch center will begin operating today. It's part of new 6-point-8 million dollar police barracks -- that opened last week in Westminster. And the new dispatch center was part of an effort to consolidate dispatching services from four sites to two.


South Burlington's fire department is hoping for some upgraded communications equipment -- and it wont' come cheap. The fire chief says the radios used by his department were discontinued 5 years ago. A new, modern system would cost taxpayers nearly 2 million dollars. The public will have a chance to vote on a bond for the improvements on August 9th.


Today: Partly cloudy Slight chance for a passing shower Highs: 78 to 85 Wind: WNW 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Clear skies Patchy fog Lows: 55 to 65 Wind: Light Wednesday: Mostly sunny Hot Highs: 85 to92 Wind: SSW 5 to 15 mph Extended: Thursday: Partly sunny Chance for a shower, t-storm Lows: 55 to 65 Highs: 80s Friday: Partly cloudy Chance for showers, t-storms south Lows: 55 to 62 Highs: 75 to 85 Saturday: Partly cloudy Chance for showers, t-storms Lows: 52 to 62 Highs: 75 to 82 Hyper-Extended: Sunday: Partly cloudy Chance for showers, t-storms Lows: 52 to 62 Highs: 75 to 85 Monday: Partly sunny Chance for showers, t-storms Lows: 55 to 65 Highs: 78 to 85

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