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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. Voters in New Hampshire are headed to the polls today for their role in deciding America's next president. The Granite State does not always pick the eventual winner -- but the results can provide a big boost to a campaign or a fatal blow. Eva McKend has been at the polls this morning talking to voters. Eva how has the turnout been so far? Well if you thought a little snow was going to keep people in the Granite State from voting... you thought wrong. All day long we've seen people come to cast their ballots Some political experts say the weather and the state's new voter ID law might have deterred people from voting but that really does not seem to be the story here today. We started out at Memorial High School ...that's in south east Manchester. People there showed up even before the polls opened at 6AM including a couple in their 80's...Lea, a Hillary Clinton supporter and her husband Maurice, a John Kasich fan. The pairs politics may differ but they say in all the years they've been elligible to vote, they've never missed an election.


((Lea Paquette, 00:15:53:03 - 00:16:02:03, When her husband was the president, I feel like he was a very good president so I feel like we are getting two for the price of one.)) ((Maurice Paquette, Manchester Resident, 00:16:04:18 - 00:16:13:05, I'm on the other side. I've always been on the other side. I don't know. I like the Republican side. I'm more conservative.)) Moments after that couple left, John Kasich stopped at Memorial to greet supporters but before he could do that he took a jab at Bernie Sanders. He said even though people initially counted him out, he's confident he can get some blue collar Democrats, surprised to see what Kasich described as a "socialist" in their party. To be clear, Sanders describes himself as a "democratic socialist." We spotted Chris Christie on the other end of town at the Webster school in the north end of Manchester. When he was asked how he felt about being called the comeback kid, he said he wouldn't mind the title...Christie has done nearly 200 campaign events here and has long said the state is important. A size able crowd greeted him outside of the polls. It's a beautiful day to be in Manchester. People are excited and seem to really take New Hampshire's first in the nation primary status as a privilege not to be taken lightly...that's the sense we get from seeing so many people at the polls today.


Polls don't close until this evening in most of New Hampshire ... but some of the voting results are already in from three small towns that opened the polls at midnight. One of them is Dixville Notch where a total of nine people cast ballots. John Kasich was the winner on the Republican side with three votes. Donald Trump was second with two votes. On the Democratic side -- all four votes cast went to Bernie Sanders. Sanders and Kasich were also the winners in Hart's location. Sanders got 12 votes to seven for Clinton. Lesser known candidate Mark Greenstein got two votes Kasich got five votes to edge Trump by one vote. Five other votes were scattered among four candidates. In the town of Millsfield, the Democratic contest went to Clinton two votes to one over Sanders. Most of the votes in town were cast in the Republican primary -- with Ted Cruz getting nine. Trump three and six other candidates each getting one.


A Bennington is being charged with murder for allegedly selling heroin to a man who died from an overdose. 36-year-old Trevor Shepard pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and several other offenses. Authorities say Clarke Salmon overdosed on heroin sold by Shepard. A witness told police the drug was laced with with Fentanyl, which makes the heroin more potent.


The search is on today in Harwick - for a robbery suspect. And investigators are trying to figure out if the suspect is the same person who hit the D&L Beverage Mart on Route 16 last week. Police say the robber walked into Smith's General Store in Greensboro Bend last night with a knife - and demanded money from the clerk. The owner confronted the person - and the suspect took off on foot without getting any cash. A Hardwick officer in the area saw the person flee to a waiting car and chased it until road conditions became unsafe. Police say the suspect is about 5'4 .. To 5'6... Has a slim build .. And was wearing a dark hoodie - dark pants - gloves and a mask. If anyone has information ..call Hardwick Police.

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One of our "Super Seniors" is hurting. Friends tell us Stub Earle of Eden fell down a flight of stairs on Saturday and broke his back. His friends tell us it will be a long recovery for the Lamoille County man -- who is famous for his fish fries and specialty Vermont products. On March 6th, friends say they will hold a benefit dinner and dance for Earle at the VFW in Hyde Park. Money raised there will help pay Earle's medical expenses.

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The Burlington city council last night approved spending 500 thousand dollars to buy 12 acres of land on the old Catholic Diocese property. The diocese sold the land to Burlington College which recently sold it to developer Eric Farrell. Farrell plans to develop about half the 25-acres site -- but agreed to sell the rest to the city for use as green space. The decision by the council to buy the land came with mixed reviews from taxpayers.


(TC 01:46:33:23 Title 0657)((Sharon Bushor/Councilwoman "we are looking out for teh community to make sure that that fund stays there for this acquisition if indeed - future acquisitions - if indeed those opportunities present themselves." 01:46:45:13)) (TC 00:18:26:00 Title 0627)((Andrew Simon/Resident: "I think that we will look back on this deal and we will regret the decision I am sure you're going to make tonight." 00:18:38:26)) The council also heard from the property owner and architect of Burlington's Town Center who were on hand to answer questions about a massive redevelopment of the downtown space. The council is being asked to approve a zoning change to allow that project to move forward.


Today: Periods of light snow Another trace - 2" Highs: 23 to 30 Wind: Variable 5 to 10 mph Tonight: Scattered snow showers Lows: 18 to 25 Wind: Light Wednesday: More snow showers Highs: 27 to 34 Wind: NW 5 to 10 mph Extended: Thursday: Snow showers Turning colder & blustery Lows: 10 to 20 Highs: 10 to 20 Friday: Mostly cloudy Snow showers Lows: -5 to 5 Highs: 10 to 20 Saturday: Mostly cloudy Snow showers Bitter cold Low wind chills Lows: -5 to 5 Highs: -2 to 8 Sunday: Valentine's Day! Partly sunny Lows: -10 to -20 Highs: 2 to 12 Monday: Presidents Day! Mostly cloudy Snow showers Breezy Lows: -5 to 5 Highs: 20s

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