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Former Vice President Al Gore is in Vermont today -- and not surprisingly, he's talking about climate change. Gore delivered a speech at UVM's Ira Allen Chapel titled -- The Climate Crisis and The Case for Hope. Gore has been sounding the alarm on global warming for decades. And his speech and slide show detailed the science and the politics surrounding the issue.


(10:36:24-:42)((Al Gore: "We say to the big polluters: 'You have a problem disposing of your gaseous waste? Just dump it into the sky. Let's use it as an open sewer, free of charge. Just dump everything you want to up there. And don't worry about it.")) Gore was invited as part of UVM's Energy Action Seminar -- which explores issues around renewable energy.


All of the passengers and crew injured in yesterday's Amtrak derailment are out of the hospital. That's one of the new details revealed at a press briefing a short time ago. Kyle Midura is in the Montpelier bureau with the latest. Kyle. Roger, federal investigators remain on-site -- but they have given permission to begin getting the derailed cars back on-track. We learned today that the conductor of the train was the most seriously injured in the crash. But officials could not say what they've learned after chatting with that person. Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman could not provide many specifics about this investigation -- but did speak generally about what federal investigators typically look for.


(09:58:35:00) ((Joe Boardman - Amtrak President and CEO)) - Bus service - running late. - Diesel spill still unclear - structural damage to rail line - Hope to restore service in days not weeks - investigation will take longer - more on this story tonight With the tracks closed -- Amtrak has modified it's service. Passengers who want to take the Vermonter -- will go by bus down to Springfield, Massachusetts -- and then board a train for the rest of the trip. And it's same in reverse -- the Vermonter will stop in Springfield -- and busses will take passengers the rest of the way.


The case of a fatal accident involving a New York State Trooper is going to a grand jury. The crash happened last November. State police say, Trooper Joshua Jenkins ran a stop sign on Chasm Road in Ausable -- and his police SUV collided with a car. The crash killed the other driver -- 33-year-old Jennifer Chauvin (SHO-vin) and injured her two young children. A special prosecutor was appointed to investigate whether to bring criminal charges -- and now, nearly a year later, the case is going before a grand jury.


Sue Minter officially kicks-off her gubernatorial campaign today. Minter entered the race last month -- stepping down from her job as state transportation Secretary. She is a former Waterbury state representative -- and the only woman among the five declared candidates for governor.


Recent fundraising success shows Bernie Sanders may be in the presidential race for the long-haul -- experts say. The Sanders campaign says it raised nearly 26-million dollars in the last three months -- just two million less than Hillary Clinton. And Sanders has banked most of that money. He's surged in the polls and drawn huge crowds -- without pouring money into expensive ad campaigns. That kind of fundraising has quieted doubts about whether Sanders can compete in a national campaign.


((Linda Fowler: "Presidential primaries are marathons, they are not sprints and for anyone to stay in the game they have to be firing on multiple cylinders. As fundraisers, as speechifiers, as hirers of top notch consultants. It's a whole set of things." )) The latest polls show Sanders comfortably ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire -- and within a few points in Iowa. National polls show Clinton widening her lead in the last couple of weeks, after Sanders had steadily closed the gap over the summer.


A new record set by a Fairfax hunter. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says Tammy Miller has bagged a massive moose during archery season. The Fairfax woman took down a 931 pound bull moose on Friday. That's a new record for a moose taken by a bow and arrow in Vermont. The previous record was 919 pounds taken last year. The moose was shot in Norton in the Northeast Kingdom.


Today: N: Slow clearing S: Mostly sunny Highs: 58 to 65 Wind: N 5 to 10 mph Tonight: Variable clouds Lows: 42 to 48 Wind: Light Wednesday: Mix of sun & clouds Slight chance for a mountain sprinkle Highs: 60 to 67 Wind: NW 5 to 15 mph Extended: Thursday: Partly cloudy Lows: 32 to 42 Highs: 50s Friday: Mostly cloudy Showers Lows: 35 to 45 Highs: 50s Saturday: Partly cloudy Lows: 35 to 45 Highs: 50s Hyper-Extended: Sunday: Partly sunny Chance for a few showers Lows: 30s Highs: 50s Monday: Columbus Day Partly sunny Lows: 40s Highs: 55 to 65

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