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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. The big snow storm everyone has been talking about is here. And while some Atlantic Coast communities in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts are getting pounded, so far in our region, the storm may NOT be packing the punch that most were expecting. Snow plows in the Upper valley have been out removing what has fallen so far. Not just on the highways, but from parking lots and businesses as well. However, not many other cars are on the roads. VTRANS trucks were filling up on sand early this morning, about the same time when the flakes first started to fall. Drivers say they are preparing for a long day's work.


((Richard Williams/VTRANS: "travel carefully and take your time. It shouldn't be any problem. We've been out and treated them twice. It is going to snow for awhile so give us some time and give us some room and we will do our best to make sure you can get to where you need to be safely.")) A State of Emergency has been declared in New Hampshire. And a travel ban is in affect in Massachusetts. Officials across the northeast are urging people to say off the roads unless it is an emergency.

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Ski areas hope to see a big mid-season boost from the storm. Resorts in the southern part of our vieiwing area could get around a foot of fresh powder. It's been a decent season


((Scott Peters/Golf and Ski Warehouse: "There is no substitute for snow fall. The reality is we live up here in new Hampshire and Vermont. We love snow. We want to be active, we want to be out in it. It's really been just an ok winter relative to snowfall.")) Ski areas can often benefit even when the bulk of the storm misses our region. Resorts say they found that people in southern New England get energized to head for the mountains when they get dumped on at home.


The truck repair garage was heavily damaged by fire this morning. Police discovered the fire at TDI Repair and Towing in Swanton after a burglar alarm in the building was activated. Crews from five departments responded. The fire spread from a back office into the walls and roof -- making it difficult to fight. The fire chief says gusting wind and severe cold temperatures also hampered the firefighting efforts. State police fire investigators are now on scene trying to determine the cause of the fire.


Farmers are gathering in Essex Junction today for the annual farm show. Last year - with the weather cooperating - the show saw thousands of visitors. Alex Apple is at the Champlain Valley Expo -- seing what's going on. Hi Alex. Alex talks He says there were 14-thousand ppl there last year... Also talks about how there are several events planned for the Farm Show. And he says that for farmers its is a great way to network and learn new things about the industry....


((Jackie Folsom -Farm Show GM 24:40 I think you've hit it on the head the biggest thing is not working. Seeing what's news seeing what's available some folks by their seed and feed hear some folks even drive away with a tractor)) Alex talks Alex wraps and tosses to Roger. We will have much more from the Vermont Farm Show on The :30 with Mike and Gina. Tonight we'll sit down with Vermont Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross to discuss some of the big issues facing Vermont farmers.


The Vermont House voted this morning to ban the sale of microbeads in the state. Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic used in some body washes, and facial products. The beads are so small that waste-water treatment plants cannot filter them out. The plastic can bind with dangerous chemicals, be consumed by fish, and move up the food chain. Many manufacturers of personal care products have already moved to organic alternatives.


A tri-partisan group in the house is pushing to close a loophole in the state's campaign financing laws. Their new bill would prohibit political parties and political committees known as PACs from asking for campaign contributions from lobbyists while lawmakers are in session. It would also bar lobbyists from making contributions to those parties and committees. Lobbyists say they are not opposed to the measure.


( 38:05) (( Allison Crowley DeMag: barring it during the legislative session, asking for contributions, it's okay but when we're out of session, once the gavel falls and we're in the summer time, I think that's perfectly appropriate.)) (31:12) (( Kevin Ellis: They should go for it, there's a misnomer that it's the lobbyist that wants to give the money to influence the process. When in fact, it's the lawmaker that is the lobbyist for the money.)) The bill appears to be a response to a fundraiser held by a political action committee for House Democrats last spring as the session came to a close.


Today: Snow, blowing snow North: 1-4" South: Additional 2-5" Highs: 8 to 15 Wind: N 15 to 25 mph Tonight: Snow tapering to snow showers Lows: 2 to 12 Wind: N 10 to 20 mph Wednesday: A few AM snow showers Then clearing Highs: 17 to 24 Wind: N 5 to 15 mph Extended: Thursday: Mostly cloudy Light snow developing late Lows: -5 to 10 Highs: 20s Friday: Light snow Turning blustery Lows: 12 to 22 Highs: 20s Saturday: Partly cloudy Blustery, cold Lows: 0 to -15 Highs: 2 to 12 Hyper-Extended: Sunday: Mostly cloudy Chance for snow showers late Lows: 0 to -15 Highs: 12 to 22 Monday: Groundhog Day! Chance for snow Lows: 0 to 10 Highs: 12 to 22

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