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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. Proposed legislation for improving Vermont's child protection system will be ready for lawmakers to consider when they return to Montpelier in January. The Legislature's special Committee on Child Protection held nine public hearings around the state following the deaths of two toddlers who had previously been in state custody. The committee is wrapping up its work today -- with a plan of action. Members say the bill will address immediate concerns -- but they hope this process leads to a broader understanding of the problems that lead to child abuse and neglect.


((1:51-2:13 Sen. Eldred French/D-Rutland County: " The problems are societal. The problems are systemic ... poverty, drug abuse, larger issues we are not going to be able to legislate away. Hopefully what is going to come out of this is a realization of the importance and the cost of these problems.")) Like a report from a citizen advisory committee issued last week, the lawmakers are expected to emphasize that a child's well-being should be the primary factor in home placement after removal from a dangerous situation, not family reunification. Lawmakers will also grant social workers greater emergency powers and create oversight capacity for the department for children and families.


Prosecutors have dropped an assault charge against a Vermont man who was shot by a police officer last week. 34-year-old Jorge Burgos of White River Junction is recovering from gunshot wounds to the arm. The shooting happened as officers tried to block Burgos's car from leaving a parking lot in Windsor. A police affidavit said the officer fired when Burgos accelerated toward the officers. Burgos was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. Now that charged has been dropped without explanation from the state's attorney.


Senator Bernie Sanders is reacting to the close race for Governor in Vermont. He says the low turn out - and slim margin between Incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin and Republican challenger Scott Milne -- was voters sending a message . He says voters were saying government is not doing enough to help regular people with their everyday lives.


(00:05:29) ((Sen. Bernie Sanders "I think it is a message that says yeah the economy is better than it was 6 years ago but we're really hurting. We're struggling. And we dont see any action to the kinds of action that are needed.")) (00:05:43) (00:05:43) ((Sen. Sanders "Now in fairness to Governor Shumlin, the minimum wage was raised in the state of Vermont this year and some good efforts on preschool education, I think we're making some progress as a state but I think at the end of the day we're hurting)) When asked about the controversy over health care consultant Jonathan Gruber -- both here in Vermont and on the national level -- Senator Sanders told Shelby Cashman he does not know enough to comment.


A select board meeting Monday in Morrisville turned into a shouting match over a proposed zoning change for a former community rec center. The Green Mountain Arena used to be a place for kids to play basketball, soccer or hockey. But Thomas Hirchak's company bought the property last year and would like to turn it into an auction house. In order to do so, the property must be rezoned for commercial use. Hirchak's lawyer argued the town was being unfair in not allowing that change.


(John Hollar 30:46)(("It's a matter of common sense. This is a very successful business that intends to bring jobs and more commercial business to the town.")) (36:53 Todd Thomas)(("For any zoning change, it has to be supported by the town plan.")) Many residents want the building to remain an arena. Some said the town lost an opportunity -- when it didn't buy the property last year.


The holiday shopping season is starting early this year. Many big retailers like JC Penney will start their Christmas sales on Thanksgiving Day. The store at the University Mall in South Burlington was open last Thanksgiving at 8:00 PM. Store managers say this year they're opening at 5:00 PM to stay competitive with other stores also open for business on Thanksgiving.


((Stephen Nadworniak/JC Penney "We found last year that the traffic was there, a lot of people were wondering if we were going to have the business and a lot of business did shift into Thanksgiving Day so we realized that there are people willing to come out and do shopping that day after they eat.")) (TC 00:09:08:03 Tile 5669) ((Gloria Devine/Ferrisburgh "I don't think they should be. I think people should spend their time with family and friends. I think they should be home." 00:09:22:01)) There are still stores closed for Thanksgiving -- giving their employees the holiday off. Those include Barnes and Noble, Costco, and TJ Maxx.


Just in time for Christmas -- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are offering music from their archives. (nats of music) The Vermont-based band is launching what it calls Vaulturnal -- offering fans previously unreleased recordings of live performances. They plan to release several shows per year -- and the first are now available for purchase -- as downloads or CDs on the band's website.


In the next few days, millions of Americans will travel to get to their Thanksgiving destinations. Triple-A travel predicts more than 46 Americans are heading at least 50 miles or more from home -- the highest volume since 2007. Most of those -- about 90 percent... are driving. And the study says they'll likely enjoy the lowest Thanksgiving gas prices in five years. Those flying aren't as lucky though -- airfare and hotels are expected to cost more this year.


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