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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. A new study by researchers at Dartmouth Hitchcock appears to back long-voiced concerns that doctros are prescribing too many opiate painkillers. The study led by the chief of surgery at the hospital concludes that patients actually need only 43 percent of the opioid pain medications they are generally prescribed -- and that patients are only taking about 28-percent of the pills that are prescripted. The study also includes recommendations that surgeons reduce the amount of narcotics patients usually receive after some surgeries, , including breast surgeries, hernia repairs and gallbladder surgery.


A criminal justice advocacy group is calling on police to release the body camera video from a fatal police shooting in Winooski. 29-year-old Jesse Beshaw died Friday afternoon after police say he was shot seven times by a Franklin County sheriff's deputy. Beshaw was not armed, but police say body camera video from the officers at the scene shows Beshaw advancing on the deputy with his hand behind his back -- and ignoring commands to stop. The New England First Amendment Coalition say that video should be releases as quickly as possible so the public better understands how the shooting occurred and how law enforcement reacted. So far requests for release of the video have been denied, because police say the investigation is still on-going.


Police are searching for a man wanted for beating a man with a tire iron and a wrench. 38-year-old Michael LaFountain is wanted on a charged of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police say LaFountain and Peter Manning attacked the victim in Ripton on Saturday. The victim was able to get away and police later arrested Manning. They are still searching for LaFountain. If you know his whereabouts, you are asked to call state police.

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A new challenge to a controversial rail project in Shelburne. The town is asking a federal judge to block further construction of a fuel and salt depot that Vermont Railway is building on a 32-acre site in the village. The town sued earlier this year to try to win local oversight of the project, but a judge ruled the federal government has jurisdiction. But now the town says there is new evidence that the project will be in large part a trucking facility -- not covered by the federal pre-emption.


Burlington voters will be asked to approve some major infrastructure improvements on election day in November. The city council last night gave its support to the mayor's plans for 50-million dollars in upgrades and repairs to streets, sidewalks, water lines and other projects, as well as buying five new fire engines. Voters will be asked to support two separate bonds totalling 36-million dollars to pay for it. For the owner of an average home, the bonds would add 120-dollars a year to the property tax bill and two dollars and 50 cents to the monthly water bill.


Next week, the city council will decided whether to put a 22-million dollar bond on the ballot to pay for re-opening Pine and St. Paul Streets thru the Town Center Mall property. That's part of the big mall redevelopment project. Voters will be asked to approve the thru streets -- and a height ordinance change to allow construction of a 14 story building.


A new report says Rutland Mayor Chris Louras followed the law -- in his efforts to bring Syrian refugees to the city. The report finds Mayor Louras did not violate the city's charter by submitting a letter supporting an application to bring at least 100 refugees to the Marble City. Opponents of the plan asked the city attorney to investigate whether the mayor over-stepped his authority. The report released by the city council found no wrong-doing.


A bicyclist in New Hampshire died after being hit by a car. . Police in Charlestown say 50 year old Lance Torrey was riding his bike northbound on Route 12 when he veered into the travel lane -- directly in the path of a car driven by 23 year old Jeremiah Lawrence Police say alcohol and speed do not appear to be factors in this crash. They say for now -- it does not appear any criminal charges will be filed.


A dog left in a car in Colchester overheated and died. Police say they were called to a parked vehicle yesterday afternoon on College Parkway. It was locked with all the windows rolled up. An officer broke into the car and brought the dog to the vet where it died. Police say the temperature inside the vehicle was more than 125-degrees. So far no charges in the case.


The general election isn't until November -- but you can vote this Friday! Early voting in Vermont is set to start. Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos says his office's elections team has finalized, printed and sent ballots to town clerks. Any registered voter can request a ballot from his or her town clerk by phone, mail, or online. If you'd rather wait and cast your ballot the old-fashioned way -- Election Day is November 8th.


We are continuing our Back to School series -- and this morning, we're making a stop in Sheldon. Programs here are unique. A large emphasis is given to health and wellness -- tying into a strong "farm to school" connection. Students grow fruits and vegetables on campus. They also deliver them as snacks every morning to classrooms -- which can be anything but ordinary! Science classes often get outside -- and take a walk through the woods. Learning some of the economic drivers of Franklin county.


((TILE 7006 02:40:53:23--02:40:59: 25 Patrick MacDonald: "We get to go hiking, sometimes we get to go skiing through the woods, and the big part of it is sugaring.")) Students tell us they tap about 150 trees each sugaring season. But -- their experiences don't end there! There's a lot more to see here. Stick around for it -- later in the broadcast.


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