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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. Accused killer Patricia Prue now says she wants to plead guilty to the murder of Melissa Jenkins. Patricia Prue of Waterford is scheduled to stand trial next March on a charge of aggraated murder. Prosecutors say she and her husband kidnapped and killed Jenkins. Allen Prue has already been convicted. Now Patricia Prue says she wants to accept a plea deal. Her lawyer has been planning to mount an insanity defense -- and says her decision is an indication of her worsening mental condition.


A judge is expected to rule this afternoon on a new sentence for a man who killed four people in a fire. Eric Williams is currently serving a 40-to-60 year sentence for manslaughter after admitting he set his Milton apartment on fire in 1999. The blaze killed a woman and her three grandsons in another apartment. Williams says his lawyer gave him bad advice -- and the Supreme Court said he could argue for the minimum sentence allowed in his original plea deal -- of 20 years in prison. . The two day hearing wrapped up this morning. Judge Samuel Hoar says he'll deliver his ruling after lunch.


Rumors led to police a presence this morning at the Lake Placid Middle-High School. The district sent an email to parents. It said a student told his or her parent about a rumor last night. The parent was concerned enough by the rumor to call police. As a precaution -- police wanted to be at school this morning. The school says it took law enforcement's advice -- and will always err on the side of caution.


An accident slowed traffic on Route 7 south of Middlebury this morning. Police say an Addison County Transit bus pulled out from a convenience store into the path of a northbound feed truck. Both vehilces ended up over the bank -- and police say one of the two passengers in the bus was pinned under the vehicle. Both passengers and both drivers were taken to the hospital.


Repairs to power lines damaged in last week's snow storm are just about complete. The latest figures from Vermont utilities show about 500 customers without electricity today. Line and tree crews have returned service to over 170-thousand homes and businesses -- that lost power at one time or another since the snow began falling last Tuesday. The utilities estimate there combined damages will top 20-million dollars -- making it the costliest storm the state has ever seen.


Keurig Green Mountain is moving its coffee buying operation to Switzerland. Keurig says the move will involve a handful of employees currenly based at its Waterbury headquarters. Keurig follows other big coffee retailers who are taking advantage of tax and trading advantages in Switzerland. Keurig has grown exponentially on sales of its popular one-cup brewing machines. But the company has also grown its coffee roots -- to become the top retailer by value in the U-S last year.


University of Vermont faculty members have a new contract. The deal includes nine percent salary increases for full-timers over a three year period. The raises will be distributed progressively, with higher raises for the lowest paid faculty members. The contract also offers full health care benefits to some part-timer. The faculty will pay 20-percent more for their health coverage.


A town that was fighting a Vermont Gas pipeline has now reached a deal to accept the project. Last year, residents of Cornwall voted to oppose allowing phase 2 of the pipeline to pass thru -- on its way to Ticonderoga, New York. But the select board concluded that state regulators were unlikely to deny permits for the project -- so they decided to negotiate with Vermont Gas. Under the proposed deal, the town would get one-point-five million dollars over ten year -- plus 60-thousand dollar in annual property taxes. Vermont Gas would also promise to invest up to two million dollars to connect at least half of the town's homes to gas service. The select board says the deal should have a net effect of lowering property taxes in town by four percent. The selectboard will discuss the proposal at its meeting tonight.


A group of young veterans in St. Albans has started a new business. Grunts Move Junk is entirely veteran owned and operated. It will pick up the stuff you don't want--and donate it to those in need around the community. The grunts say the business helps vets utilize the wide array of skills they developed in the military--and allows those who are struggling to get back on their feet.


(00:10:50) ((Chris Jablonski/Grunts Move Junk "If you're doing stuff all the time, you dont have time to think. You're doing everything all at once and its great. You know cause you're no focused on something or thinking about something that happened that you probably dont want to be thinking about.")) (00:11:02) Grunts Move Junk will also help you with your big move--or even shovel snow off your roof.


No more pet piercings allowed in New York. A new law that takes effect in the spring bans piercings and tattoos for companion animals There is an exception for markings done to identify an animal or for medical reasons.


Today: Cloudy Highs: 32 to 38 Wind: SSE 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Wintry mix of rain, sleet, some snow, some freezing rain Lows: 30 to 37 Wind: SE 5 to 10 mph Wednesday: Rain showers, ending as snow showers late Highs: 35 to 42 Wind: S to W 5 to 10 mph Extended: Thursday: Snow showers Lows: 25 to 32 Highs: 30s Friday: Mostly cloudy Chance for a few snow showers Lows: 20s Highs: 30s Saturday: Partly cloudy Lows: 15 to 25 Highs: 28 to 38 Hyper-Extended: Sunday: Winter begins! Mostly cloudy Chance for snow showers Lows: 15 to 25 Highs: 28 to 38 Monday: Mostly cloudy Chance for snow showers Lows: 20s Highs: 28 to 38

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