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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. Two people are dead and a suspect is in custody after a double-shooting in southern Vermont. Troopers were called to a home on Abby Road in Townshend at nine o'clock last night for reports of a shooting. Investigators say two men -- one in his 40s and one in his 20s -- were found shot to death inside the home. The female suspect was at the scene -- and surrendered herself to police when they arrived.


((Maj. Glenn Hall/Vt. State Police: ":37 Upon their arrival they met with a female who exited that residence and indicated that there were two people shot inside the residence.")) The woman was taken into custody -- and is scheduled to be arraigned in court this afternoon. The names of the victims and the suspect are not yet being released.


Police in the Burlington area are investigating a pair of untimely deaths. This was the scene along the Burlington waterfront last night. A witness called police after finding an unresponsive man in a tent in the Texaco Beach area just off the city bike path. Police are awaiting autopsy and toxicology results to determine the cause of death -- but they found no evidence of foul play -- and no indication the death was related to exposure to cold weather.


South Burlington police are also received reports of a body last night -- found inside a second floor apartment on Swift Street. Investigators in this case are also awaiting autopsy results -- and do not believe the death is suspicious.

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A date has now been set for the second trial in the Melissa Jenkins murder. Patricia Prue will face a jury on a charge of aggravated murder beginning on March 5th. As with the case of Allen Prue, the trial will be held in Burlington -- because of concerns about finding an impartial jury in St. Johnsbury. Allen Prue was found guilty last month of first degree murder. He could get up to life in prison. The charge against Patricia Prue carries a mandatory sentence of life with no possibility of parole.


A former Vermont lawmaker and candidate for governor has died. Ed Granai passed away Monday from prostate cancer at the age of 83. Granai was the Democratic nominee for Vermont governor in 1978 -- losing to incumbent Republican Richard Snelling. Granai also served two terms in the Vermont House and two in the Senate. His career in business included being the orginal manager of the Universtity Mall in South Burlington.


Vermont's U-S Senators won one and lost one last night as the Senate cast votes on two highly contentious bills. Senators Leahy and Sanders were on the winning side of a vote on the Keystone XL pipeline. Both are opposed to the oil pipeline from Canada to the gulf coast -- and though 59 senators voted for the pipeline project -- that was one short of the 60 needed to end a filibuster. The same thing happened on an NSA surveillance bill. Leahy and Sanders both favored that bill -- and it got support from 58 senators -- but that was two votes short.

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People in Ticonderoga are weighing on plans to build a natural gas pipeline beneath Lake Champlain. Phase two of a Vermont Gas' pipeline extension plan would stretch from Middlebury, Vermont to Ticonderoga, New York. The pipeline would help power the International Paper Mill in Ticonderoga. New York's Public Service Commission must approve the project. International Paper says the switch to natural gas could help it save up to 2 million dollars a year. Opponents want IP to use renewable energy sources instead.


(8:42 Chris Mallon/Ticonderoga Mill Manager)(("conversion from fuel oil to natural gas will significantly reduce our energy costs and at the same time significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.")) (21:05 Bobbie Carnwath/Opposes Pipeline)(("IP Will continue to be profitable, pipeline under Lake Champlain or not.")) (21:34 Bobbie Carnwath/Opposes Pipeline)(("Ty is not going to return to its prior glory if it continues to limp along as the one industry town.")) The public service commission will rule on the project early next year.


Both sides are returning to the table as the FairPoint strike hits the one month mark. It is their first meeting since August -- and only lasted about an hour. Both sides continue to blame each other -- for failing to compromise.


Men and women making a difference in the lives of Vermont kids are being celebrated in Burlington. The Chittenden County Mentoring Network hosted hundreds of mentors from across the northwestern part of the state for a celebration last night at Arts Riot. The coalition supports more than 900 volunteers who serve as mentors for young people between the ages of 5 and 22.


((Premila Peters, King Street Youth Center Mentor 44:25 "it's simple things that easily bring joy to the child, and in return gives you joy.)) ((Mark Johnson, King Street Youth Center Mentor 42:14 "it kind of lets you reflect on your own world view, plus they're just a lot of fun, If nothing else I find myself smiling in the car thinking about things they have done or said.)) Organizers say there is still a need for mentors in communities across the state -- especially for men looking to volunteer. If you want more information on how you can help -- you can visit the info center on WCAX dot com.


Interstate 89 is back open in Central Vermont following a messy morning commute. State troopers say snow and ice -- created hazardous conditions near Exit 10 in Waterbury. There were multiple crashes -- slowing down traffic. VTrans treated the roadway to get rid of the ice.


((Shelly 11_18 TC 00:01:33:26 Tile 0519 Scott Rogers/VTrans: "It is winter now so drive like its winter. Remember it's going to be slippery. We always have problems the first few storms of the year with people who don't have their winter tires on yet and they want to go to fast and get where they're going in a hurry, so please slow down and drive like its winter)) No serious injuries were reported from those morning crashes.


Today: Partly sunny A few snow showers Chilly & breezy Highs: 25 to 32 Wind: WSW 10 to 20 mph Tonight: Mostly cloudy A few snow showers Lows: 15 to 25 Wind: S 5 to 15 mph Thursday: Partly sunny A few snow showers Breezy Highs: 28 to 35 Wind: SSW 10 to 20 mph Extended: Friday: Partly sunny A few snow showers Cold & blustery Lows: 10 to 20 Highs: 20s Saturday: Partly sunny Lows: 5 to 15 Highs: 25 to 35 Sunday: Mostly cloudy A few rain/snow showers Lows: 20s Highs: 38 to 48 Hyper-Extended: Monday: Mostly cloudy Rain showers Lows: 30s Highs: 48 to 58 Tuesday: Mix of sun & clouds Rain showers Lows: 35 to 45 Highs: 40s

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