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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. An officer-involved shooting INSIDE the Bennington Police Department. Vermont State Police are now investigating the shooting that took place in the P-D's lobby. One person was injured -- and hospitalized. We don't know how that person is doing yet. Police are not releasing the injured person's name -- nor the name of the officer -- who was not hurt. It's unclear what sparked the shooting. We expect to get more information for the Channel 3 News at 5, the :30 and the Channel 3 News at six. You can also stay up-to-date on our website --


He was a former FORTUNE 500 executive. Now he's been indicted for murder. Police say 53 year-old Robert Dellinger told investigators he was trying to kill himself -- when he steered his truck across Interstate 89 in Lebanon. The truck went airborne -- and sheared off the top of an SUV. 29 year-old Jason Timmons and his 24 year-old wife, Amanda Murphy were killed. And Murphy was eight months pregnant. Dellinger is now charged with second degree murder -- and assault. He is a former vice president and CFO at PPG Industries.


A Vermont man is accused of using stolen identities to defraud banks. Now he faces federal charges. Prosecutors say 35-year-old Brian Wyer -- used identities of Ohio and Kansas residents -- to get two Vermont non-driver ID cards. He then allegedly used those IDs to open bank accounts in Massachusetts -- withdrawing about 75-thousand dollars. Wyer has 26 prior convictions for fraud, theft and forgery.


A home care provider has been convicted of defrauding the Medicaid program. 27-year-old Tasha Gaudette of Richford accepted a plea deal on two misdemeanor counts of False Pretenses. State prosecutors say Gaudette submitted false time sheets for work as a home-based health care worker to a program funded thru Medicaid. She received a suspended jail sentence, was placed on probation and ordered to pay four thousand dollars in restitution.


Expect the bathroom doors to be locked at Burlington's Fletcher Free Library. That's because there's been a major problem with drains getting clogged -- with drug paraphernalia, like used needles. The library plans to have locksmiths put in the new locks this week. Patrons will need a library card or another ID to get a key.


A battle over redeveloping building and a parking lot -- in Burlington. The project would add more than 3-hundred new beds for Champlain College students on St. Paul Street. Bur the Development Review Board denied the permits the college needs -- based on parking and other issues. Tuesday -- the college appealed that decision.


((28:34 David Provost / Champlain College "We've heard from a lot of developers, from a lot people in the city that support this project and building this type of housing -- so the appal is simply to protect Champlain's rights so that we can continue to conversation.")) College officials say they hope this appeal does not make it to the Environmental Court, because if so, they say it could take nearly two years for a decision. And that the housing is badly needed.


The state of Vermont is reaching out to workers laid off from IBM. The latest job cuts at the Essex Junction plant in February effected about 140 employees. That's in addition to over 400 let go last summer. Some of those employees are eligible for assistance thru a federal program that helps workers who have lost their jobs because of foreign trade. The state labor department will hold presentations on the specific benefits available to eligible workers. Two sessions are planned for Thursday at the Doubletree hotel on Williston Road in South Burlington.


It's back to court over failed expansion plans at the Mt. Sunapee Resort in New Hampshire. A lawyer for the resort says his clients were misled by state officials into thinking they could expand and build condos on leased land -- and as a result -- they lost millions in potential revenues. Lawyers for the state maintain there is no evidence Sunapee officials were misled. Last year the New Hampshire Supreme Court sent the case back to Merrimack County for resolution.

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A New York State Park along Lake Champlain is getting a facelift. Point Au Roche (point--a--rush) State Park is in Beekmantown. The state is allocating 350-thousand dollars to improve the park's boat dock, parking, and mooring area. The work at Point Au Roche is one of 69 state parks and historic sites that will share 90-million dollars to make improvements this year.


Warm and rainy nights -- have some creatures on the move. From frogs -- to these spotted salamanders.... They are traveling to their breeding grounds. But often, experts say, that means crossing busy roads -- which can be deadly for a large number of them. Tuesday night people gathered on pond road in Shelburne to give them a helping hand.


((52:31 Susan Moegenburg / Biologist "I just want to encourage people to remember these critters are on the road , they need the road, and they actually seek the road out on these spring days because the road is actually warmer than the grass lines and water -- so just take care and drive carefully and help them across if you can.")) Although it was a slower night in Shelburne, biologists expect this week to be a busy one for the migration.


Today: Scattered showers (mtn. flurries) Blustery Highs: 45 to 52 Wind: NW 10 to 20 mph Tonight: Mostly cloudy A few rain, mtn. snow showers Lows: 27 to 34 Wind: NW 10 to 15 mph Thursday: Mostly sunny Still blustery Highs: 47 to 54 Wind: NNW 15 to 25 mph Extended: Friday: Partly sunny Lows: 22 to 32 Highs: 50s Saturday: Mostly cloudy Showers Lows: 35 to 45 Highs: 50s Sunday: Mostly cloudy Chance for a few showers, mountain snow showers Blustery Lows: 30s Highs: 45 to 55 Hyper-Extended: Monday: Partly sunny Lows: 28 to 38 Highs: 50s Tuesday: Partly sunny Lows: 30s Highs: 50s

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