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Good afternoon. I'm Bridget Barry Caswell. It's official. IBM in Essex Junction is now GlobalFoundries -- the deal sealed and effective today. Big Blue is paying GlobalFoundries one-and-a-half billion dollars to take its chip-making division off its hands. The acquisition of the semiconductor business -- which makes chips used in products like computers and cell phones -- ends nearly a year of wheeling and dealing. The companies announced the final sale just this morning. GlobalFoundries says it's committed to Essex Junction -- and the nearly 4-thousand employees at the plant. St. Michael's College business professor Robert Letovsky told Channel 3 says that commitment -- along with continued investment -- will be key to Global's future in Vermont.


(00:04:00:05) ((Robert Letovsky/St. Michael College: There will come a point in time people will look at the Essex facility and wondering is this going to be upgraded and I know Global Foundries has made an investment 2-3-4 years out as the industry evolves the question will be do they continue to do that?)) For the next 10 years, GlobalFoundries will become IBM's exclusive provider of certain classes of semiconductors. Global has several plants in the U-S -- including a big one in Malta, New York -- where many former IBMers left to work. It is still hiring there. The company told us earlier this year -- it plans to hire in Essex Junction, as well.

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The state of Vermont has seen a 33-percent increase in the number of children in state custody -- just in the last year. That's according to new findings from the Department for Children and Families. The 20-14 child protection report shows there are currently 13-hundred--26 kids in DCF custody. The most significant increase was seen in children under six years of age -- at 68 percent. Officials say the increases are primarily driven by parental heroin use. New child protection laws were passed in Montpelier this past legislative session.


A Vermont committee has voted unanimously to move forward with combining two school districts. A study committee at Essex High School voted last night -- in favor of a combined school district for Essex, Essex Junction and Westford. The move needs voter approval in those towns -- and could take effect in 2017. Officials say the move could mean tax breaks for residents and one school board -- for nearly 4,000 students. The public vote on the merger plan is now scheduled for November.


New Hampshire is now the 15th state to ban drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving. The new law kicks in today -- and applies to all hand-held devices, including GPS units, tablets and laptops. The first offense is a $100 dollar fine, the second 250 -- and then $500 dollars for more offenses within a two year period. Bluetooth and other hands-free devices are allowed.


And changes to Vermont's hands-free law also take effect today. Drivers are no longer allowed to use their electronic devices while stopped at a red light, a stop sign -- or for some other reason. Vermont's original bill allowed that, but during the last legislative session, lawmakers tweaked the measure to disallow it beginning today.


American soccer fans are still celebrating Tuesday night's victory in the Women's World Cup. Team U-S-A beat Germany 2-to-zero in the semi-final round in Montreal. Alex Apple was on hand gathering reaction after the game.


(( chanting USA USA )) (( ( It hought it would be closer : What was going thru your mind ? - We believed that we would win)) (( Katherine Agen : I thought we would win today - the last few games the us was not the best so i thought we would make it)) ((chanting : I believe that we would win ! I believe that we would win !)) (( throughout the first half there was a few chances for Germany - but then the americans grew the confidence)) (( : as soon as they missed that kick we knew it was our game, we knew at that point in time there was a change in momentum.)) (( : i knew that they were going to get it in - it was unbelievable - it was so great )) (( i think they were nervous - i would be i don't know)) (( thinking about heading back tomorrow but now we might be good luck charms ))


The women now head to the World Cup Championship game -- scheduled for this Sunday in Vancouver.


And if you are planning on a trip north of the border this holiday week -- a word of warning for your travels. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is advising travelers to be prepared for increased traffic. That includes border crossings in western and northern New York, and Vermont. Today is Canada Day -- the country's birthday and a national holiday there. And of course, Americans will be celebrating the Fourth of July on Saturday. U.S. Customs officials say they expect a major boost in border traffic this weekend and again next weekend. So they're reminding travelers planning to cross the border: expect delays -- and prepare accordingly.


Today: Showers, a few t-storms Highs: 70 to 77 Wind: S 10 to 15 mph Tonight: Showers, t-storms tapering off Some clearing by AM Lows: 52 to 58 Wind: WSW 5 to 15 mph Thursday: Partly cloudy Highs: 70 to 77 Wind: WNW 5 to 15 mph Extended: Friday: Mostly sunny Lows: 42 to 52 Highs: 75 to 82 Saturday: 4th of July! Partly cloudy Chance for showers late & overnight Lows: 48 to 58 Highs: 75 to 82 Sunday: Chance for AM showers Then partly cloudy Lows: 50s Highs: 75 to 82 Hyper-Extended: Monday: Partly cloudy Lows: 50s Highs: 78 to 85 Tuesday: Partly cloudy Lows: 55 to 65 Highs: 80s

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