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Melissa Jenkins was abducted and savagely murdered in 2012 -- and today a jury convicted her killer. Jennifer Costa is live outside the courthouse with more on the Allen Prue verdict. Jennifer? Roger -- After about 6 hours of deliberations -- 5 last night -- and just an hour this morning -- the jury found Allen Prue guilty of 1st degree murder -- conspiracy and attempted kidnapping. The Waterford man hung his head as the jury read the verdict. Melissa Jenkins loved ones gasped. Some cried tears of relief. The trial lasted 9 days. The state argued Allen Prue -- and his wife Patricia -- were obsessed with Jenkins -- and felted snubbed by the 33-year-old teacher and mom. Prosecutors say -- in 2012 -- the couple lured Jenkins from her home -- with a plan to sexually assault her. She was beaten, strangled and dumped. The state says the Prues plotted and covered up the crime together. The defense tried to pin the murder on Patricia alone -- claiming she mastermind the vicious attack -- and say police tricked Allen into confessing. The jury didn't buy the defense and two and a half years after the St. Johnsbury teacher's death -- many say justice was served.


((Linda Gadapee/Melissa's aunt 10:08:42 "well it took a lot of weight off our shoulders we were just hoping that was the way it was going to turn out.")) ((Capt. JP Sinclair/Vermont State Police 10:07:00 "We dedicated a lot of resources to this case as we do any of these homicide cases. We just very very happy with the verdict it's everything we could have hoped for, a culmination fo a lot of work from our department and Caledonia State's Attorney's office obviously prepared very very heavily for this case.")) ((Lisa Warren/Caledonia County State's Attorney 10:09:41 "you always have questions of what the jurors are thinking but the eveidence we thought was very good in the case, detectives worked very hard and I was behind the case 100% so I feel really good about the case.")) Allen Prue now faces 35 years to life in prison. And is eligible for an automatic appeal. A date for sentencing has not been set. Patricia Prue will be tried separately. She facing aggravated murder -- because prosecutors allege she also sexually assaulted Jenkins, Her trial is set to start in February. Roger.


Governor Peter Shumlin touted Vermont's growing tech sector this morning. The Governor says the states infrastructure and bandwidth make it a great place for tech-start-ups. Many of the state's tech-companies that are hiring will be at the Vermont Tech Jam this weekend at Memorial Auditorium in Burlington. The two day job fair and tech expo will feature 60 exhibitors -- almost all of which are hiring. Along with employers there will also be job training to get into the tech economy.


(00:07:35:18) ((Governor Shumlin "it's not just about the tech jam, it's about getting linked up with the exciting companies that we have right here."))11 Tonight on the Thirty one of the organizers of the Tech Jam will explain how the event is targeting women this year.


After 12 years of planning and two years of construction the Vermont health department has a new lab. Governor Peter Shumlin and human services secretary Dr. Harry Chen announced the opening of the new facility Wednesday in Colchester. The new space will enhance the states ability to respond to health emergencies and allow for expanded research between state and uvm scientists.


(18:08 Harry Chen/Sec. Of Health)(("There will be 50 dedicated workers in this building that will work hard in a new modern scientific environment, to support the disease investigation and environmental testing and monitoring so necessary to keep vermonters healthy.")) When the health department moves in November it will go from the oldest health lab in the country to the newest.

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A Florida teen is facing charges for a bomb threat at the St. Albans police department. The phoned-in threat Tuesday afternoon forced evacuation of the building -- until a sweep of the building determined there was no bomb. Police were able to trace the call to 18-year-old Bruce Alvarez of Davie, Florida. Police plan to charge him with Creating a False Public Alarm and Disorderly Conduct by Telephone. Investigators believe recent threats from Alvarez and others stem from cruiser cam video of a June arrest that's gone viral online.


A Vermont judge says the Republican Governor's Association violated campaign finance laws during the 20-10 campaign. At issue is the difference between political action committees and so-called superPACs. PACs can contribute money directly to candidates -- but must abide by fundraising limits. SuperPACs face no financial restrictions -- but cannot give directly to candidates. The judge concluded that the RGA was operating as both a PAC and a superPAC.


Three Vermont hotels -- have been ranked among the best in the nation. Condé (con-day) Nast Traveler picked the top 25 hotels in the U-S -- and 3 local spots -- made the cut. Coming in at number 14 -- Burlington's Hotel Vermont. Also making the list at number seven is Twin Farms in Barnard. And the Pitcher Inn in Warren -- was picked as the 6th best hotel in the nation.


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