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Good afternoon. I'm Bridget Barry Caswell. Colchester police have confirmed a body discovered in Malletts Bay this morning -- is missing boater Brian Webb. The Marine Unit says Webb was found in the waters off West Lakeshore Drive in the area of the International Sailing School. That area is in the search zone where crews have been looking for the 65-year-old man from Montpelier -- who disappeared Sunday. Webb's car was found parked at the International Sailing Center -- and his dinghy was later found about a mile from his sailboat -- but both were empty.


((00:13:24 Cpl. Mike Akerlind/Colchester Police Dept. Marine Unit "The victim's boat was located on his mooring ball, in front of the International Sailing School. The location where we found the deceased this morning was about a half mile from shore, straight out in the general area, but quite a distance from his boat." 00:13:39)) At this point -- police are still investigating what led to Webb's death, but it is not considered suspicious. Webb was the former conductor of the Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra.


A journalist with Vermont ties -- held hostage in Syria for two years -- says he's overwhelmed by efforts to free him. Islamic rebels released American freelance journalist -- Peter Theo Curtis -- Monday. He arrived in Boston last night. According to family members Curtis had been held by an al-Qaida affiliate -- after his abduction near the Syria-Turkey border in 2012. In his first public appearance outside his mother's home this morning, Curtis said he had no idea that so many "brave, determined and big-hearted people" were working for his release.


(Sot 10:10:03) ((Peter Theo Curtis/Free Journalist: I had no idea that so much effort was being expended on my behalf and now having found out I am overwhelmed by emotion. I'm also overwhelmed by one other thing and that is that total strangers have been coming up to me saying glad you're home, welcome home, glad you're back.)) Curtis -- who also goes under the pen name Theo Padnos -- is a Middlebury College graduate and a former Vermont resident.


The Associated Press has declared Gov. Peter Shumlin the winner of his party's primary. His win was expected -- and now clears the way for the Democrat to seek a third two-year term in November. Meanwhile, the AP has called the Republican primary for Scott Milne. Milne defeated both Steve Berry and Emily Peyton -- as well as Libertarian Dan Feliciano, who was looking for write-in votes on the Republican ballot.


(NO SUPER, PHONER GFX) ((2:46 - :54 - Scott Milne - Republican for Governor It's good for me and I think it's going to give me a better opportunity to be the first person to knock off an incumbent Governor in Vermont in 52 years ))


Republican incumbent Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott did not face a challenger from his own party -- securing more than 11-thousand votes. Progressive challenger Dean Corren won his party's nomination. It appears Corren -- who also sought the Democratic endorsement -- successfully convinced his supporters to vote on that party's ballot. He received more than 43-hundred write-in votes on the Democratic ballot.


The state's lone U.S. congressman -- Peter Welch -- did not face a primary challenger. He secured almost 99 percent of all votes for the Democratic nomination. Congressman Welch has been in office since 2007.


But three candidates were competing for the right to oppose him in the general election. With about three quarters of the votes tallied, Mark Donka of Hartford holds a razor-thin lead. Regardless of who prevails, none of the Republican candidates is expected to pose a threat to the incumbent. Also, incumbent Bill Sorrell was selected as Democratic nominee for attorney general. He beat H. Brook Paige, who was also running for Governor.

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All across the state today -- school hallways are filled with students and teachers once again. It's back to school time for most in our region. In Burlington, the Edmunds Elementary School held its welcome back assembly for about 350 students. They celebrated with a little singing and dancing -- and a slide show from last year's most memorable moments. And what are students looking forward to most this year?


((Sage Kinner/Second Grader 00:26:44 "I want to learn more science but really I love anything." 00:26:47)) ((Ellie MacDonald/Fourth Grader 00:25:09 "I'm a fourth grader so I'm really excited to end this year and go into 5th grade." 00:25:14)) We'll have more from today's first day of school -- tonight on the Channel 3 News at five and six.


Another attempt today to end the stalemate between Fairpoint and its workers. The unions representing more than 17-hundred workers in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont -- say they will deliver another contract proposal to the company this afternoon. The last proposal submitted on August 14th was rejected by Fairpoint. And officials say the company did not come back with a counter proposal. FairPoint has struggled since buying Verizon's landline telephone operations in northern New England seven years ago -- and wants to cut labor, health care and pension costs. Unionized workers have already authorized a strike. They've been without a contract since August 3rd.

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The state of Vermont is getting nearly $43-thousand dollars for bat research. The money for the Fish and Wildlife Department will also help with monitoring related to white nose syndrome. Vermont's little brown bat population has declined by up to 90 percent, and the northern long-eared bat has declined as much as 98 percent from the disease. The funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will support conservation and recovery of six bat species affected by it. Vermont is one of 30 states getting the funding.


Today: Partly sunny Chance for a shower, t-storm Highs: 77 to 84 Wind: S to NW 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Partly cloudy Patchy fog Lows: 48 to 58 Wind: Light Thursday: Partly cloudy Cooler Highs: 65 to 72 Wind: NNW 10 to 15 mph Extended: Friday: Mostly sunny Lows: 40s Highs: 68 to 75 Saturday: Partly sunny Chance for showers, t-storms, mainly late Turning more humid Lows: 50s Highs: 75 to 82 Sunday: Mostly cloudy Showers, t-storms Lows: 60s Highs: 75 to 82 Hyper-Extended: Monday: Labor Day Showers early Some clearing late Lows: 60s Highs: 70s Tuesday: Partly sunny Chance for showers, t-storms Lows: 55 to 65 Highs: 75 to 82

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