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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity A deal today that could keep the Vermont Gas pipeline project alive. The South Burlington company is building a 43-mile natural gas line from Colchester to Middlebury. The project is back under review by state regulators after Vermont Gas revealed the cost of the project had increased 75-percent. Now Vermont Gas has struck a deal with the state Public Service Department to cap the cost at 134-million -- still well above the original price-tag, but 20-million less than current estimates. The company is hoping the cost pledge will help convince the Public Service Board to allow the pipeline to proceed.


A New York State judge denied a petition to add the name of a benefactor to Paul Smith's College in exchange for a multi-million dollar donation. Paul Smith's board of trustees voted over the summer to rename the college Joan Weill-Paul Smith's College in exchange for a $20 million donation from Weill. The plan drew the ire of alumni who said it set a bad precedent for charitable giving. The college was established by the will of J-Phelps Smith -- who stipulated the college be "forever known as Paul Smith's College of Arts and Sciences" to honor his father. The judge cited the will in his decision.


A Vermont man is accused of making a terroristic threat at that college campus. 21-year-old Ryan Bell is a junior at Paul Smith's College in the Adirondacks. New York State Police say they were contacted about a threat Bell allegedly made over social media on Monday night. Bell was arrested on a felony charge of making a terroristic threat. He was also ordered to stay away from the Paul Smith's campus.


A New York correction officer has been arrested for selling drugs in prison. 32-year-old Jeffrey Wallace of Ticonderoga is a nine year veteran officer who worked at the Essex County jail in Elizabethtown. The County Sheriff says Wallace was providing drugs to the inmates in the facility. He's charged with possession and sale of drugs as well as promoting prison contraband.


A city council candidate in Keene, New Hampshire is facing animal cruelty charges. Police say 55-year-old Toby Tousley kicked his neighbor's 17-year-old dog to death after it tried to relieve itself on his lawn. Police say the incident happened last Saturday. Tousley claims the Pekinese-Chihuahua mix was "menacing" him and that the dog's owner should have kept it under control as state law requires.


A driver was killed last night in a collision with a moose. The accident happened around 9:30 on Route 2 in Bolton. State police say 22-year-old Brandon Preedom of Waterbury was headed west when his car struck the 800 pound moose. The car then went off the road and hit a utility pole. Preedom died at the scene. His passenger -- 17-year-old Kourtney Cota of Starksboro was hospitalized in stable condition.


Former President Bill Clinton was on The Late Show last night. President Clinton is getting out in support of his wife -- Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign. Host Stephen Colbert wanted to know what President Clinton thinks about his wife's chief rival for the Democratic nomination -- Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.


(:24-:46)((Stephen Colbert: Why do you think Bernie Sanders is doing so well? Bill Clinton: "Because there are a lot of people all over the world who think the system is rigged against them and the rich get all the gains. And in America a lot of 'em believe the Republicans have been rewarded -- they reward the people who go the furthest to the right, so the Democrats would be even more effective if they moved further to the left.")) The former president said Donald Trump is doing so well because he's a "master brander" and he's the most interesting character in the race.


Edmunds Elementary School in Burlington has a new elevator. The school was built 83-years ago. It is three stories high -- and about 60-thousand square feet. Until today -- you could only get upstairs -- by taking the stairs. Principal Michelle Mathias says a wheelchair bound parent helped spur change.


((713_6566_01 at 10:22:09 Michelle Mathias/Edmunds Principal: IT WAS A REAL COMMITMENT ON THAT PARENT'S PART TO ENROLL HIS STUDENT HERE. SO THAT, IT REALLY MADE THE CASE TO THE SCHOOL BOARD, YOU KNOW WHAT? IT IS TIME. WE NEED TO DO CONSTRUCTION ANYWAY. 10:36:15)) Workers also made improvements to the school's bathrooms and stairs. They kept the cost of the elevator down -- by building it in an existing stairwell.


Despite a divided community -- South Burlington High School's nickname is still the rebels. Since July, there's been debate in the city over the Rebel nickname -- and whether it carries racial undertones. Last night, the school board once again heard testimony from supporters and opponents of the moniker. The school has not allowed the confederate flag to be used in conjunction with the nickname since the mid 90s.


((34:19 David Young/SB Superintendent: There seems to be moderate agreement that the rebel nickname was not adopted by the school's founders in reference to the confederacy or because we're SOUTH Burlington but rather in reference to the city's separation from Burlington.)) ((Bob Walsh/Supports Name Change 53:39 So long as you have the rebels, the school colors, etc that get tied together, you've got the image or racism".")) The school board may decide whether to pursue a name change at its October 21st meeting.


A new study finds New Hampshire residents want to buy fresh produce -- but they don't want to make an extra trip. Researchers at the University of New Hampshire surveyed 2-hundred people. They found residents spend about 21-percent of their grocery budget on fresh produce. And they're willing to pay more if it's local -- but not if it's organic. Most say they buy fresh produce at grocery stores -- not farmer's markets or directly from farms.


Today: Mix of sun & clouds Slight chance for a shower Highs: 60 to 67 Wind: S to NW 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Mostly clear Colder Patchy fog, frost Lows: 33 to 43 Wind: Light Thursday: Mostly sunny Cooler Highs: 53 to 60 Wind: Light & variable Extended: Friday: Periods of rain Cool Lows: 40s Highs: 50s Saturday: Partly cloudy Lows: 35 to 45 Highs: 48 to 58 Sunday: Partly sunny Lows: 28 to 38 Highs: 50s Hyper-Extended: Monday: Partly cloudy Warmer, breezy Lows: 40s Highs: 60s Tuesday: Mix of sun & clouds Chance for showers Lows: 45 to 55 Highs: 58 to 68

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