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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. It looks like our region escaped any major flooding resulting from yesterday's heavy rains. There were localized areas of high water -- and damage -- like this road washout on Mud Hollow Road in Kirby. Water remains over roads in several communities -- and flood warnings remain in effect along several rivers. But authorities say the worst is over -- and rivers should begin receding this afternoon.


While the waters were raging last night -- there was a dramatic rescue - using a farm tractor. Police say a woman became trapped in this truck -- trying to cross the floodwaters on Longley Bridge Road in Montgomery. First responders couldn't get to her quickly because of closed roads. So a nearby farmer -- Stanley Longley -- took his tractor into rushing water -- and with the help of a sheriff's deputy and an Enosburgh rescue squad member -- they brought the woman to safety.


The floods forced Governor Cuomo to declare a state of emergency in New York. The governor made the declaration last night. It covers six counties in northeastern of New York -- including two in our area -- Essex and Franklin counties. A State of Emergency allows state resources to be used to help local governments. It also temporarily suspends laws and regulations that would slow down a rapid response.


A new survey shows Vermont's biggest companies are optimistic about the state's economy. The Vermont Business Roundtable has been surveying CEOs of prominent companies for the past decade. This latest survey has been re-tooled with help from economist Jeff Carr -- with hopes of giving more meaningful results. Among the findings -- most of the responses were positive or neutral -- supporting to the idea that Vermont's economy continues a slow recovery from the recession. Only two percent of CEOs forecast a decrease in employment in the next three months. And manufacturing was the most optimistic sector for the second straight quarter.


The Burlington Town Center shopping mall is poised to become the state's first indoor public venue to deliver Gigabit Wi-Fi to its shoppers. Officials say the new owners of the mall are joining the Route 802 ecosystem and the Mobilenomix platform. That's a new media outlet that allows businesses to promote their brands through digital signage and mobile technologies. They say the Gigabit Wi-Fi will be a nice amenity for shoppers -- with their portals offered in both English and French. It's expected to go live next month.


U-S Marshals have caught a Vermont woman who escaped from furlough. Authorities say 29-year-old Kylee Dubuque of Essex had been on the run since late March. Essex police nearly caught her last week -- but she got away. On Tuesday, deputy marshals found her at a home in Essex -- and she was taken into custody without incident. Dubuque was on furlough for a long list of criminal convictions.


A Rutland mom was busted for stealing goodies for her child's Easter basket. 22-year-old Monica Barker pleaded guilty to swiping about 70-dollars in merchandise from Wal-mart. Police say most of the stolen items were Easter related -- like candy eggs, an egg coloring kit and spring grass. Under a plea deal, Barker was placed on probation -- and must get counseling for impulsive theft.


A big honor for a Burlington teen. 16-year-old Yusuf Abdi -- was named 2014 Vermont Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year. He received the award during a celebration at the State House. Judges called him extraordinary for his age -- articulate, bright, and mature. Abdi will now get the chance to compete in New York City at the regional level. If he wins -- he'll move on to nationals -- and a chance at a 50-thousand dollar scholarship and meeting the President.


There are your average blood donors -- who might give once or twice a year -- and then there is Frank Sklenarik . He's donated 140 units -- or 17-and-half gallons of blood since becoming a donor in 1996. The North Country Regional Blood Donor Center -- in Plattsburgh -- is recognizing him for his contributions. In addition to being a donor -- recruits others to give blood too.


If you thought the weather yesterday really stunk -- you weren't alone. Apparently all the rain and rushing rivers was too much for even a beaver. WCAX producer Diane Landry captured this video last evening in Milton. This beaver seems to be headed for higher ground -- right down a town street. Two town employees who were clearing drains nearby saw the beaver and kept him from being hit by passing cars until he ambled off the street.

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And if you think this Spring has been filled with strange weather -- cold, then hot, then flooding, then snow -- well we have a reminder today that fluctuating weather is not all that unusual in Vermont. These are photos sent in by Sheldon resident Alan Tomlinson from late April in 2010 The first one shows his son Nathan posing with his car on a beautiful 70 degree day. Then just two days later -- he snapped a photo of his daughter Lydia standing next to a snowman they had just made. And finally, two days after that -- the snowman is almost complete melted -- and Lydia is surrounded by green grass and blue sky.


Today: Turning mostly sunny Chilly, blustery Highs: 32 to 38 Wind: NW 10 to 20 mph Tonight: Clear & cold Lows: 12 to 22 Wind: Light Thursday: Mostly sunny Breezy & warmer Highs: 45 to 52 Wind: S 10 to 20 mph Extended: Friday: Mostly sunny Lows: 18 to 28 Highs: 50s Saturday: Mostly cloudy Chance for showers Lows: 25 to 35 Highs: 45 to 55 Sunday: Partly sunny Lows: 30s Highs: 45 to 55 Hyper-Extended: Monday: Mostly cloudy Chance for showers Lows: 30s Highs: 50s Tuesday: Mostly cloudy Chance for showers Lows: 30s Highs: 50s

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