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Burlington teachers say they cannot accept the decision of the school board to impose working conditions. As Keith McGilvery reports, teachers are calling on the board to return to the bargaining table.


The head of Burlington's teachers union isn't convinced the city's schoolboard is feeling her members' pain. ((Fran Brock, BEA President 36:30 "my concern with what some of the board has said about teachers and even when they imposed it and how teary-eyed they all got to be honest, a lot of it seems to be very disingenuous.)) Thursday the board imposed a new contract on the city's more than 400 teachers after the two sides failed to strike a deal. Tuesday -- The BEA formally rejected the conditions and called for board members to return to the bargaining table. ((Mark Porter, Burlington School Board Chair 39:26 "I don't foresee it happening, I have nothing to come back to the table with.)) The imposed terms include a 2-point-75 percent raise for teachers -- It's nearly a full percent more than the district first offered, but more than two and a half percentage points less than what teachers were initially looking for ... and less than recommended by a recently-released fact-finding report -- Board Chair Mark Porter -- ((Mark Porter, Burlington School Board Chair 39:36 "our last offer when we made our last offer, we made it perfectly clear it was the last and final and you only do that once, there's just nothing there.)) ((Fran Brock, BEA President 30:21 And so to the parent who says tonight will you go on strike? You say? "We have to wait and see and I know that is not the answer they like but there are a lot of pieces that sort of have to fall into place.)) Porter says he hopes the teachers don't choose to hit the picket lines -- but that he'll respect the decision they make -- and he hopes parents of the district's nearly 4-thousand students will do the same. ((Mark Porter, Burlington School Board Chair 41:21 I hope they don't get and take it out on the teachers, this is their right and their prerogative to go on strike should they decide to do that.)) Brock says it could be a few weeks before the union decides whether to strike -- and that concerns from parents who wonder what they'll do with their kids if teachers walk -- are something she feels too. ((Fran Brock, BEA President "do you understand anxiety from parents? I do understand the anxiety, the teachers are also anxious about all of this.)) (keith standup close ... ch 3 news, burlington)


A St. Albans woman was killed in a car crash early this morning. Police say 20 year old Cassandra Viens of St. Albans was a passenger in a vehicle that rolled over on Bronson Road at around 2:00 a.m,. The driver of that car, 20 year old Ryan Wooster of Georgia, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. They say Viens was wearing a seat-belt but incorrectly. They suspect alcohol and marijuana played a factor in the crash.


A tractor trailer went off the road and landed on its side this morning in Panton. Clifton Petteway of Connecticut was driving the big rig on Route 22A before dawn -- when police say he drifted out of his lane. When he tried to move it back -- police say Petteway overcorrected -- going off the road and flipping the truck onto its side. No one was injured.


The candidates for Vermont governor stand far apart on many issues important to you -- and we are breaking those down as we countdown to election day. One issue that clearly divides Republican Phil Scott and Democrat Sue Minter is gun control. Minter is one of the few mainstream candidates in Vermont to ever come out stongly for new gun laws. Tonight at 6:00 -- Alex Apple shines a spotlight on that issue. What does Minter want -- what is Scott's reaction -- and how will this issue play with Vermont voters. Join us for our campaign countdown ... tonight at 6:00.

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Big money coming to Dartmouth for research on children's health. Dartmouth's medical school and Dartmouth-Hitchcock medical center announced today they have been awarded 42-million dollars from the federal government to investigate environmental influences on child health. The study will focus on how exposure to a range of environmental factors in early development health later in life.

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Green Mountain Power wants to buy 14 hydroelectric plants in New England -- including four in Vermont. Those four plants are in Barnet, Quechee, Wells River and North Hartland. Currently the 14 plants are all owned by Enel Green Power North America -- and produce enough energy to power 21-thousand homes. G-M-P expects to pay Enel Green about 20-million dollars. G-M-P would then sell renewable energy credits to other power companies to reduce costs for ratepayers. If regulators sign off on the deal -- it would go through next year. G-M-P is also striking a deal to buy power from plants in Sheldon and Ticonderoga that Enel Green will continue to own.


Opponents of traffic changes on North Avenue in Burlington are demanding another public vote on the project. The city is in the midst of experimental changes to the busy route thru the new north end -- including going from four travel lanes to two -- and adding dedicated bike lanes. City officials last night updated residents with new traffic volume data. They have made some adjustments to lanes, barriers and light timing in response to concerns raised by residents. But some vocal opponents say the changes are a failure -- causing traffic back-ups and dangers for drivers.


Today: Mostly sunny Highs: 75 to 82 Wind: SW 5 to 15 mph Tonight: Clear skies Patchy fog Lows: 48 to 58 Wind: Light Thursday: Fall begins! AM sunshine Increasing afternoon clouds Highs: 75 to 82 Wind: S 5 to 10 mph Extended: Friday: Mostly cloudy Showers, possible thunderstorms Lows: 50s Highs: 58 to 68 Saturday: Partly cloudy Breezy Lows: 40s Highs: 52 to 62 Sunday: Partly cloudy Breezy Lows: 32 to 42 Highs: 50s Hyper-Extended: Monday: Mostly sunny Lows: 30s Highs: 52 to 62 Tuesday: Partly cloudy Lows: 35 to 45 Highs: 58 to 68

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