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Good afternoon, I'm Roger Garrity. The field of candidates in the race for Vermont governor continues to grow. Democrat Matt Dunne officially joined the line-up today. It was no surprise. Dunne filed paper work with the secretary of state mid-summer -- and has been busy raising money for months. The former Windsor County State Senator says he's been hearing from Vermonters who are looking for a fresh approach -- and the current Google executive believes he can deliver that. Dunne last ran for governor in 2000 -- finishing fourth in the five-way Democratic primary won by Peter Shumlin. Dunne will face Shap Smith and possibly others in the 20-16 primary. His announcement comes a day after Bruce Lisman became the first Republican in the race.


A Central Vermont T-shirt company is closing its doors -- putting dozens of people out of work in Northfield and Berlin. Gildan Garments announced today it is shuttering its Comfort Colors plants in Vermont -- and consolidating to other facilities. Comfort Colors is a leading national brand of garment-dyed t-shirts and sweatshirts. Gildan bought the company from Barry T. Chouinard in February. At the time, Gildan said no changes in employment were planned. But the company informed its 60 Vermont employees last week that their jobs would be ending at the end of October.

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A natural gas leak forced evacuations in St. Albans this morning. Authorities say a contractor doing construction near city hall ruptured a gas line. Crews from Vermont Gas were on scene within minutes to shut-off the leaking gas. City hall and another building nearby were evacuated as a precaution. Vermont Gas workers were able to repair the broken line -- and were working to re-light boilers and appliances for 25 business and residential customers.


The state of Vermont has scored a victory in its fight over Vermont Yankee's decomissioning fund. The state is worried there won't be enough money in the fund to pay for the dismantling of the closed nuclear facility. The state doesn't want Entergy tapping into the fund for other purposes -- like paying for the long-term storage of radioacitve waste on Yankee's grounds. Now a licensing board connected to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has agreed that a hearing is needed to decide the issue.


A wind project in Swanton has not even been proposed to the Public Service Board -- but it's gotten the attention of locals who call it a disaster for water quality -- and quality of life. Turbine supporters see the potential in a 250 acre ridge line that could produce enough energy to power 7800 homes, but locals who would live next to the turbines want to put a halt to the project before it gets started. Along the ridge are wetlands that feed into the St. Albans and Mississquoi Bays.


((Martha Staskus/VERA Renewables 54:40 there isn't a project proposed. We have put out a letter that says in 45 days of when the letter went out last week there will be enough information to submit a petition to the public service board.)) ((Brian Dubie 01:27 We're very passionate as Vermonters about our water quality, and when you talk about creating 22 acres of impervious surface, the equivalent of three Wal Mart parking lots in a wetland, that's a concern.)) Developer Travis Belisle attended the meeting -- but declined to speak. He's said on past occasions that he could file for the project soon -- but the review process could take up to a year. That would mean construction would start no earlier than late 2016.


A traffic alert in southern Vermont. Route 9 in Marlboro is closed today while crews remove a concrete wall weighing nearly 50-thousand pounds. The wall was being carried by a tractor trailer when it tipped over last Tuesday. State police say prepare for long delays between 10 am and noon.


The Rebels days could be numbered in South Burlington. Tonight there is a meeting at South Burlington High School to talk The Rebels -- the mascot and nickname for all the sports teams. The Rebels is a take-off on the confederate -- "South" Burlington rebelling against Burlington. Some say The Rebels should be retired -- calling it outdated and racist. Others say no one on campus views the name in those terms.


Back to school means harvest time at Fletcher Elementary. Preschoolers planted cucumber, tomato and carrot seeds in the spring. Now they are seeing the result of their work. Nancy Hurt has been gardening with the children at Fletcher for more than 5 years.


((Nancy Hurt, Preschool Teacher Fletcher Elementary, 00:02:52:21 - 00:03:06:29, It really gives them a connection to where these vegetables come from and gives them that hands on experience to actually pull that vegetable off the vine or pull it out of the soil and really know where that came from.)) According to the Vermont Community Garden Network -- 89-percent of Vermont schools participate in some sort of farm to school program.


A new ranking puts Vermont first in the country when it comes to clogged toilets. Choice Home Warranty sells warranties to home owners. The company used Google Ad Words to see which state searched "how to fix a toilet" the most -- and Vermont topped the list. Choice Home Warranty also gave Vermont credit for composting waste -- and the use of dual-flush toilets.


Warm temps continue. Highs will reach 83/90, under mostly sunny skies. By late afternoon areas near the Canadian border could see a few more clouds. It will also become more humid with dewpoints bumping up into the mid 60s. A weak backdoor cold front will move in tonight, with a few showers and possibly a thunderstorm, mainly in northern areas. Lows will range from 58/68. That cold front will continue to sink south on Thursday. A few more showers and thunderstorms will pop-up, then move south through the day. Our best chance at seeing the most sunshine will be during the afternoon. Highs will reach the low 80s for most of us. Behind that front we'll clear out all over again on Friday. It will be cooler and less humid, with highs of 75/82. That same old upper-level ridge will nose back in for Saturday, Sunday, and Labor Day. This means temperatures and humidity levels will slowly bump up all over again. The good news is that if you have any outdoor plans over the holiday weekend it's looking dry and mostly sunny.

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