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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. A day of rallies across the county-- including here in our region-- where thousands gathered to support equality. Rose Gomez reports from Montpelier.


Two hours before the Women's March in Vermont's Capital was scheduled to begin, crowds were already lining the sidewalks and parking lots at the Montpelier High School. A sea of pink surrounded the building. ((Nancy Sherman/Montpelier 9012 02:17:57 "So many people here. The soccer field's full, and downtown is full. I've never seen so many beautiful pink hats with ears and without ears, men and women wearing them. Lots of pink-- a sea of pink--so lots of support." 02:18:13)) The march in Vermont was one of hundreds being held across the nation in an effort to rally for equal rights one day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Though many held signs in opposition to the new president, organizers say the rally was not meant to be a protest. ((Melinda Moulton/Womens March Organizer 8987 02:10:27 "We have power and strength in unity and love, and that will prevail. So don't wring your hands and be in despair and be concerned, because we're all gonna work on this together to get through this and make sure we get back on track to being the country that we're proud of." 02:10:43)) Organizers say over 6,000 people originally signed up for the rally, but in the end, they suspect around 10,000 or more flooded the city. ((Stephen Jurnack/Burlington 9000 02:14:31 "It's perfectly natural, I mean when you consider what we elected, who represents us now, this was going to happen. This was inevitably going to happen when you alienate half the population of the United States, what else did you expect." 02:14:44)) The massive crowd marched from the high school to the statehouse. Speakers took to the steps to address the crowd and discuss issues such as women's rights, racial equality, and religious freedom. Sen. Bernie Sanders made a suprise appearance to fire up the crowd. ((Katie McCarty/Women's March Organizer 8986 02:03:42 "We're marching for women's rights, and we're marching for our collective human rights. It's happening all across the country and all across the world today, and it's looking to be like one of the most powerful days of global action in our history, and in Vermont, this is gonna be one of the largest rallies in the history of the state." 02:04:00)) Marchers and organizers say they hope the event will be the start of a movement to inspire people across the country to stand together and defend their rights. Rose Gomez, Ch 3 news, Montpelier


The large turnout for the rally in Montpelier caused major issues on the roads. Vermont State Police were forced to shut down both the north and southbound off ramps at Exit 8. Exits 7 and 9 were also affected-- due to the influx of traffic heading to Montpelier. Police say there were simply too many cars to accommodate.


((Anthony J. Facos/Montpelier Chief of Police 9093 02:31:40 "The crowd has certainly exceeded our expectations. 02:31:423 We put the best plan we could forward with public works, the fire department, coordinating with Vermont State Police, and agency of transportation, but I've been here for 31 years with the department, and this is by far the largest crowd we've ever experienced." 02:31:58)) The exits were reopened several hours after the rally. Traffic is once again flowing smoothly.


New Hampshire's North Country also hosted a march today. The Colebrook Chronicle shared this video with us. Hundreds of protestors-- from both New Hampshire and Vermont-- turned out in Lancaster as part of the women's solidarity march. The group walked up and down Main Street. Several Trump supporters were also holding signs along that route but no major clashes were reported. Other events-- in New Hampshire-- took place in Portsmouth and Manchester.


Following his inauguration, President Trump got to work on Saturday... his first *full* day on the job. The president's first order of official business was to visit the CIA. Weijia Jiang reports.


ON HIS FIRST FULL DAY IN OFFICE, PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP TOURED C-I-A HEADQUARTERS IN LANGLEY VIRGINIA. THE PRESIDENT HAS OFTEN CRITICIZED THE U-S INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY, BUT PRAISED IT ON SATURDAY. (sot DT) "I love you, I respect you. There's nobody I respect more. Youre going to do a fantastic job. We're going to start winning again and you're going to be leading the charge." (TRACK 2) EARLIER THIS MONTH, PRESIDENT TRUMP QUESTIONED THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY'S CONCLUSION RUSSIA INTERFERED WITH THE U-S PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. BUT NOW...HE DENIES BEING UPSET...AND BLAMES THE MEDIA. (sot DT) "They sort of made it sound like I had a feud with the intelligence community. And I just want to tell you, the reason youre the #1 stop is exactly the opposite." (Weijia Jiang/CBS News/The White House) THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY ALSO CRITICIZED THE MEDIA AT THE FIRST NEWS CONFERENCE HELD INSIDE THE BRIEFING ROOM. (sot Sean Spicer/White House Press Secretary) Theres been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility of the media to hold the President accountable and I'm here to tell you that it goes two ways. We're going to hold the press accountable as well the American people deserve better. SEAN SPICER LASHED OUT OVER REPORTS ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE ATTENDED INAUGURATION. (sot Sean Spicer/White House Press Secretary) Photographs of the inaugural proceedings where intentionally framed in a way in one particular tweet to minimize the enormous support that gathered on the National Mall. SPICER DID NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS...OR OFFER COMMENT ABOUT THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS PEOPLE IN TOWN FOR THE WOMEN'S MARCH ON WASHINGTON--MOST OF THEM, TO PROTEST PRESIDENT TRUMP. WEIJIA JIANG, CBS NEWS, THE WHITE HOUSE.

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Cloudy but quiet through Sunday. RADAR/SATELLITE: Cloudy skies will continue tonight, with patchy fog in spots. Taking a look to the south, a strong storm system is generating severe thunderstorms, including a deadly tornado in Mississippi. WAKEUP WEATHER: Cloudy. Low: 25/33. Watching another messy storm for early next week.

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...Coming up on tonight's a chili cookoff for a good cause... and the intricate art of sculpting ice ...

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An annual chili competition spiced up the morning for harley fans in South Barre. Over a dozen people and teams signed up for the 11th annual chili competition at the Wilkins Harley Davidson. Teams competed for trophies - and gift baskets. Governor Phil Scott and a member of his administration were among the judges.


((Anson Tebbetts/Secretary of Agriculture 01:52:33 "A number of these recipes have the best ingredient ever, and that is good old Vermont cheese melted over the top. That is pure Green Mountain comfort." 01:52:48)) ((Gov. Phil Scott/R-Vermont 8950 01:53:36 "It's been a number of years since I've been coming to this as a judge. I like chili, first of all, but I like the people and connecting with them, talking about what their issues are and what they feel we should be working on in Vermont." 01:53:51)) All proceeds from the event go to the Josh Pallotta fund--supporting veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


An annual winter fest is underway in Stowe-- where ice sculptures often steal the show. Ike Bendavid reports.

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((NAT)) Stowe is known for its skiing--- But for two weeks in January the Winter Carnival takes over. ((NAT)) The event is highlighted by the ice carving competition (( Its a competition with 20 carvers and they are carving 600 pounds of ice in a 4 hour competition. And it's free to come watch a sport you may not normally get to see! ((Huntley Armbruster This is a great spectator sport these carvers come from around the country to dazzle people and its an incredibly beautiful art form. Its temporary, but extraordinary. This "sport" actually takes a lot out of the carver -- it can be grueling. (( There is a lot of punishment, but there is so much reward For Ice sculpture Mark Crouthamel it's the reward that brought him into the sport. (( It was really the combination of the magic of the fusing and the power tools that sucked me in ((NAT)) (( IKE Ice Sculpting is a popular event especially in the winter time. But here at the Stowe Winter Carnival we were greeted with a Channel 3 log. This big block of Ice will eventually be a godzilla. But there are other events going on. This week and next. ((GRAPHIC)) Over the next two weekends ... There's also free ice skating, a broomball tournament, a youth ice fishing derby, and a snow volleyball tournament. ((NAT)) And you're sure to have a nICE a welcome as we did! IKE BENDAVID chanel 3 news Stowe


CURRENT: Cloudy. Near 40 degrees. SATELLITE: Not much going on, except plenty of clouds. Patchy fog is likely tonight. Cloudy skies will continue on Sunday. TEMPERATURES: Another very mild night, with temperatures in the 30s (even a few 40s). SATELLITE/RADAR USA: Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the south. Just a lot of clouds around here. CLOUDS/PRECIP FORECAST: A messy storm will impact us late Monday afternoon through Tuesday, with snow, sleet and freezing rain (possibly some rain on Tuesday in the valleys).

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FORECAST: SUNDAY: Cloudy. High: 32/40. Wind: E 5-10 mph SUNDAY NIGHT: Cloudy. Low: 25/33. Wind: E 5-10 mph MONDAY: Cloudy. Late PM mix, continuing overnight. Messy evening commute. High: 30/38. Low: 25/33. Wind: E 10-20 mph, increasing overnight. TUESDAY: Messy mix/rain, especially AM. High: 30s. Low: 20s WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Rain/snow showers. High: 30s. Low: 25/35 THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy. Few rain/snow showers. High: 30s. Low: 20s FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy. Few flurries. High: 25/35. Low: 15/25 SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy. Few flurries. High: 20s.

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A battle scene at Fort Ticonderoga today-- 261 years in the making. Taylor Young reports.


(Nats gun fire) In a wooded area just a half of a mile Fort Ticonderoga walls -- a battle between French soldiers and Rogers rangers can be heard for miles. ((nats more guns and yelling)) The scene is a re-enactment of the 1757 Battle on Snowshoes. During the French and Indian War British rangers were sent north to get intel on French defenses -- to their surprise the French were aware of their arrival and planned a surprise attack. ((Nathan Graber/schenectady: "you read about it in books but to see how the people would have been out there running around doing their thing it puts a different perspective on it.")) Re-enactments like this one are historically accurate -- even down to the smallest of detail. ((Matthew Kaegle/Curator: "we have hundreds of thousands of objects that dug out of the ruins of Fort Ticonderoga.")) Those artifacts aren't used in battle -- but are measured and reproduced to have costumes as realistic as possible. ((Matthew Kaegle/Curator "Even the buckles on the belt that are interpreters are wearing here are cast based of examples that were dug out of the ground here.")) To add to the authenticity of the battles and even down- time at Fort Ticonderoga -- the majority of clothing worn is made by hand -- by the person wearing it. ((Stuart Lilly/Director of Interpretations:"The fun of the job is to take all these individual parts and pull it all together trying to imagine what they really looked like back then.")) As the roar of muskets come to and end - the French are declared victorious -- -- some were not as lucky (show body). Taylor Young Channel 3 News Ticonderoga



It's clear the Norwich men's hockey team is on a mission this season. The Cadets want back in the NCAA tournament after missing it last season. Not only do they want in, they have a chance to win the whole thing. Second ranked Norwich hosting St. Anselm at Kreitzberg thanks to our friends at NSN. --- The Cadets get two in the first period and add to the lead in the second, on the power play, check out the snipe from Brian Rowland. Top shelf. 3-0 Cadets. --- less than 10 minutes later, St. Anselm has problems taking over possesion at center ice, Anthony Flaherty gets the puck and slides it across to Nick Pichette for the score. It's 5-0 Norwich after 2. --- Third period, the Flaherty line is at it again, he drops it back to Payton Baldillez who wrists it to the back of the net. Norwich wins it, 6-1. The Cadets are 12-1 in conference. The Women's hockey team beat Umass Boston earlier today, 5-1.


The Castleton men's hockey team back at home today hosting Umass Boston. --- The Spartans get going 6 minutes into the game. Jimmy Burns puts a shot on, Ryan O'Toole eventually puts in the rebound. 1-0 Castleton after 1. --- 30 seconds into the second period, The Beacons on the powr play, Castleton works the puck around behind the net before sending it to Mark Shroyer at the point. The rookie blasts it home. It's 2-0 Castleton after 2. --- But for the second straight night, the Spartans fail to hold a lead in the third, Umass Boston scores two. The game ends in a 2-2 tie. Castleton travels to Norwich Friday night.


No game tonight for the 12th ranked UVM men's hockey team. They beat Uconn last night at the Gut 5-4. The same two teams play one in Hartford on Friday. last night was UVM's 16th victory of the season and 8th win in Hockey East. The Cats are back alone in third in the conference standings as the team continues its quest to lock up one of the top four spots in Hockey East giving them a first round bye in the playoffs. It was a terrific game for the line of Matt Alvaro, Ross Colton, and Mario Puskarich. The three combined for three goals and five assists. Alvaro scored twice including the game winner. Alvaro and Colton have played most of the season together, but Puskarich was recently added to the line.


((Matt Alvaro: "guys like Mario and Ross, they work in the dirty areas as well which is how I like to play and I think that's kind of what has made us successful so far these past couple of weekends is that we're grinding it out in the corners and then we're making plays from there. I think that's what makes us dangerous and it's obviously fun to play with guys with that skill level. Obviously, me and Ross have had a lot of chemistry this year. We love playing with eachother and to have a guy like Mario that can really shoot the puck, it's been a blast for me."))


The UVM women's hockey team hosting number 6 BC for the second straight day. The Cats blowing a 2 goal lead falling 3-2 in OT Friday. --- Checkout Catamount goalie Maddie Litchfield come across the crease to make the save. We're scoreless after 1. --- The Eagles catch fire in the second, on the power play, Andie Anastos behind the net finds Makenna Newkirk. 1-0 BC. --- 67 seconds later, Ryan Little bounces the puck off the boards, Caitrin Lonergan then slides it across to a wide open Kali Flanagan. The Eagles get one more in the period to cap off the scoring, Vermont falls, 3-0 dropping to 6-4-5 in hockey east.


The UVM swim and diving team made headlines a couple of weeks ago for something that happened away from the pool. On Saturday the Cats were back in familiar waters for the final time this season. The Cats hosting URI on senior day at the Forbush Natatorium. The 7 Catamount seniors honored have combined to win 26 meets during their careers and have helped lead UVM to 3 straight 3rd place finishes at the America East Championships including a program record point total in 2015. The Cats come into this meet 5-1 on the season. --- One of those seniors, Sarah Mantz, had a good afternoon wining the 50, 100 and 200 free. She was also part of the cats victory in the 400 free relay. --- The Cats were also winners in the 200 medley relay. --- Kelly Lennon was part of the 400 free relay team, she also won the 500 free and captures first place in the 1000 free by 6 seconds. --- Rhode Island sweeping the divining events, but Kelsey Olsen finishes third for UVM in the 1 meter. --- UVM wins the meet, 155-145. The conference championships are in 3 weeks.


Dartmouth wins in the first EISA Carnival of season. The Big Green racking up 961 points at the St. Lawrence Carnival. A big day for Dartmough in the Nordic events. The men take the top 4 spots in the 10k free with Callan Deline leading the way. Lydia Blanchet wins the 5k for the Dartmouth women. Brian McLaughlin from Dartmouth wins tieh men's Slalom. UVM finishes second as a team with 830 points. Paula Moltzan gets her first career win of the Cats in the women's slalom. Middlebury finishes 5th, St. Michael's is 8th.


College basketball this afternoon. The Castleton men taking on Maine Maritime. --- The Spartans looking good in the first half. Rochester grad Pavin Parrish gets two and the foul. He had 10 points off the bench. --- Later it's Planfield's Chad Copeland with the jumper. The Spartans take a 21 point lead into the break. --- But Maine Maritime comes back makes it a 5 point game late. Copeland knocks down a huge three. A team high 17 for Copeland. --- Then off the miss, Tondi Mushandu with the putback. Part of his 15 points. Castleton holds off The Mariners, 86-76. The Spartans are 7-3 in the NAC.


The St. Michael's women's hoop team hosting St. Rose this afternoon. --- Late first quarter, the Knights start to get the offense going, Samantha Delaney staying with it down low for 2. She had 12. --- Teammate Leah Spencer was on fire. First she lays it in off the steal, then in transition she puts it 2 more. A career high 30 points in 32 minutes for Spencer. Vermont is up 6 after one. --- Second quarter, Indira Evora makes the steal. She coasts in for 2 and the foul. The Purple Knights win 73-51. It's their 7th win in the last 9 games. They remain tied for second in the Northeast-10 Conference Northeast Division.

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