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Good evening thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Authorities continue to investigate a fire in Barre town that claimed a life during the overnight hours. Police say the fire broke out on the Barclay Road around midnight. At first, investigators say it appeared that no one was home. But several hours later police say Wayne Zura came home- and told fire fighters his wife was inside. Due to extensive damage of the home, a Vermont State Police cadaver dog was called to the scene. The body of 58-year-old Kathleen Zura was located around noon today. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


Three bicyclists were injured after being hit by a car in Somerset The incidnet happened on the Somerset Road around 8:45 this morning. Police say a truck driven 19-year-old Lucas Wallace struck the three bike riders and then another hit vehicle. The three bicyclists were all from Connecticut and suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The cause of the accident remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.


Hundreds turned out in Morrisville today to battle cancer one step at a time. Rose Spillman was there.


For the past several years Linda Osgood has laced up and walked as often as possible at an annual event to support the Lamoille Area Cancer Network. She first heard about the non-profit after being diagnosed with breast cancer. ((Linda Osgood/Breast Cancer Survivor 0753 01:59:54 "Just got a check in the mail from Lacing, and I didn't really understand what it was for, 02:00:00 I kind of called them up and said 'You know I have insurance. I really don't need any money.' And they're like, 'you gotta drive to treatments don't you? Use it for gas money. Go out to dinner or something. So it was very handy." 02:00:12)) Osgood received a grant from the organization that she used for expenses she incurred driving to treatment five days a week. She has since been cancer free, and on Saturday she joined hundreds of others out for a walk to give back at the People's Academy Track in Morrisville. ((Kathy Demars/Lacing up for Cancer Walk Event Chair 0749 01:56:34 "It's just amazing how much this community gives, and even during tough times they continue to give and support each other, and I always tell everybody Mary Hoisington, one of the founders of this, she taught us all how to take care of strangers, and that's what we've done for 14 years, and in her honor we continue to do that." 01:56:51)) It was the 14th year of the Lacing Up for Cancer event, and by mid day officials say they'd already raised around $125,000. Every penny goes to patients in the Lamoille Valley area undergoing cancer treatment. Organizers say they give the grants to around 1,000 people each year. ((Peg Demars/President of Lamoille Area Cancer Network 0750 01:57:50 "We don't have any strings attached to them. They can use them for wigs, prescriptions, gas, whatever they need that helps them out." 01:58:01)) Over 100 teams and many individuals were out to participate in the 12 hour long event. Along with the walk, participants could play games and buy products to support the cause. Osgood says seeing the community come out for the day is a gift in itself. ((Linda Osgood/Breast Cancer Survivor 0753 02:02:30 "The outpouring of support from everybody, from survivors, and from their family, and even after finally succumb, the survivors still show up and still help out. It really creates kind of a family once you go through it." 02:02:48)) Walking with a purpose--to support neighbors in need. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Morrisville.


Further south in Bridgewater-- disabled athletes took center stage. Lynzi DeLuccia reports.


((natsound)) Riders of all ages hopped on their bikes at the Long Trail Brewing Company Saturday to hit the scenic roads - but some of their rides differed from them others. ((Paula McNeill//Adaptive Rider 3:53-4:04: "I had a snowmobile accident in 2010...")) Paula McNeill now rides an adaptive bicycle, after becoming paralyzed from the waist down six years ago. ((Paula 4:04-4:12: "My friends and family all rallies around me, and they said, I was very active, they said you've got to get back out.")) McNeill wasn't sure she'd ever get back to her active lifestyle - but with the help of those around her, she did. ((Paula McNeill 5:11-5:14: "With help, you can do absolutely anything.")) She credits much of that help to Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports. ((Erin Fernandez//Executive Director, VASS 10:32-10:42: "Vermont Adaptive is a state-wide, year-round organization, and what we do is we provide sports and recreation with disabilities because we feel that sports are empowering.")) For 30 years, Vermont Adaptive has helped those with disabilities get out and live their lives through sport - it offers adaptive equipment to those who may not be able to afford it, and provides recreational programs each season. ((Erin Fernandez 12:24- :"Whether it's somebody who has MS and is slowly losing some of their mobility, we may have a piece of standup equipment that helps them still ski, or somebody who has amputation, we have special outriggers.")) Equipment can be worth thousands of dollars - and the operating budget isn't small either. The organization holds event fundraisers often to raise the money - like this year's sixth annual Long Trail Century ride - a fundraiser bike ride Fernandez says wouldn't be possible without some great sponsors. ((Jed Nelson//Marketing Director, Long Trail 1:24-1:32: "long Trail is all about outdoor adventure, and Vermont adaptive helps athletes that need help, whatever they can provide sport for, they do, they find a way for people who have some challenges to get around them, and that's what we're all about at long trail.")) Killington Mountain also supports the ride. ((Jeff Alexander//Events Manager, Killington 8:31-8:40: "The energy has just built year after year, and the riders have increased year after year, it's spreading like wildfire.")) Almost 600 bikers participated in Saturday's event in Bridgewater - 40 of them were adaptive riders. ((Paula McNeill//Adaptive rider 5:53-6:03: "To be with other people with disabilities, in wheelchairs, is really makes you not feel different.")) Some biked 20 miles, while some went for 100 - but each push of the pedal was met with the same sweat and spirit as the next. Lynzi DeLuccia, Channel 3 News, Bridgewater


Police say an off-duty cop shot and killed a pit bull at a Hartford dog park. Police say the officer shot the dog at the Watson Upper Valley Dog park after the pit bull allegedly attacked the officer's dog. The officer involved in the incident-- Logan Scelza-- is a 4 year veteran of the Hartford police Department. State police are now investigating the incident.


The town of Waterbury is getting a jump start on the 4th of July. Waterbury calls it the Not Quite Independence Day Parade. Dozens of floats and participants marched and drove through Main Street as a big crowd celebrated the early tradition. Local sports teams, cub scouts, and performing arts groups were among the many participants.


((Schuyler Grant/6 Years Old 01:51:19 "My favorite part about the parade was the baseball thing, cause I really like baseball, and I play T Ball, but it's over." 01:51:30)) The parade was themed around characters, and each float was decorated or dressed up to match. They were judged on three categories--the most patriotic, the most entertaining lawn tractor, and the best use of overall theme. The parade was a highlight of the weekend's Green Mountain Barbeque Festival and Music Festival.

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Current Temps: It's feeling comfortable out right now, with temps in the 50s and 60s. Daypart Forecast: With clear skies, overnight temps will bottom out in the 50s, with a few low 60s in the Champlain Valley. Tomorrow the sun will persist, and a southerly flow will kick in too, resulting in highs near 90. Luckily the humidity levels will remain in check. I'll have more on what the workweek will hold coming up in a bit.

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.... Still ahead tonight.... Ametuer radio operators take command of the airwaves in Rutland ..... plus... An update on the deadly flooding in West Virginia...


Amateur radio operators are putting their skills to the test this weekend. We caught up with the Rutland County Amateur Radio Group at their field day Saturday. The event is an emergency preparedness drill, but it's also meant to inform the public about amateur radio operation. Crews set up camp at Rutland high school's football field, where they connected with other groups throughout the country. Community members also got a chance to take a turn contacting other stations.


((Tim Abraham//Club President:27:32-27:51: "there are ham radio operators all around the world, and we do it for fun, sort of like magic, you bounce radio waves all over the earth, it bounces off the ionosphere and comes back down to earth, and you never know where it's going to land, could land in England, could land in Poland, could land in Russia.")) The field day is also a contest between groups to see who can contact the most stations - club members will be continuing throughout Saturday night, around the clock, into Sunday afternoon.


23 people have died in flooding in four West Virginia counties and there are still others who are missing. Tens of thousands are in the dark as communities begin a lengthy cleanup. Wendy Gillette reports.


nats kicking door Police and fire crews are going door to door looking for survivors after floods roared through Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Nats rowing Water has overtaken many roads.dozens of streets are closed. The floods began Thursday following heavy least 9 inches in some areas. Nats One of his carriers is right here. Steve Lamontagne is back at his aunts home to pick up her very frightened pets. Thursday night, he saw some of the victims as he helped rescue his relatives and their neighbors. SOT: (Steve Lamontagne/Rescuer) There was an elderly lady in one of the houses that was holding her husband up She- 118 pounds soaking wet and she was holding her husband up out of the water. And ummm, he was deceased. Nats: Do you have a carpet cleaner Survivors are literally beginning to pick up the pieces of their devastated homes. At least 100 houses were damaged or destroyed. Nats: We never thought it would be this bad. The floods are starting to recede but the memories will be long to fade. The high waters here killed more people than all of those who died from tornados or lightning strikes across the entire country this year. Wendy Gillette, for CBS News.


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Currents BTV: It's mainly clear out right now and comfortable. Headlines: Hot & sunny Sunday. Unsettled Early Next Week. Then Cooler Midweek. Current Temps: Many of us are seeing temperatures in the 50s and 60s right now. Current Dewpoints: Dewpoints are in the 40s and 50s, so humidity levels are comfy. Dewpoints will remain mainly in the 50s on Sunday too. Rad/Sat: High pressure is on top of us right now, with plenty of sun. But there's a frontal system back to our west that will impact us with some showers, t-storms by later Monday and Tuesday. Clouds/Precip Forecast: Mainly clear tonight, with lows of 53/63, warmest in the Champlain Valley. Sunday will be hot, sunny, and not too humid with highs near 90. Then by later Monday that cold front will move in, and could touch off a few showers, t-storms. Here's Your Forecast: Tonight: Mostly clear. Locally cooler, sheltered valleys. Lows: 53/63 Wind: light Sunday: Mostly sunny. Hot, not too humid. Highs: 85/92 Wind: S 5-15 mph Sunday Night: Mostly clear. Lows: 58/68 Wind: S 5-15 mph Monday: Partly sunny. Few PM showers, t-storms. A bit more humid. Highs: 80/87 Wind: SSW 10-15 mph Extended: Monday night: Lows: 60s Tuesday: Partly sunny. Showers, t-storms. Highs: 70s Lows: 50s Wednesday: Sun & clouds. Scat'd showers. Highs: 68/75 Lows: 48/58 Thursday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 75/82 Lows: 50s Friday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 55/65 Saturday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85

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We are continuing our search for the region's best french fries this weekend with a trip to South Royalton's Worthy Burger. Alex Hirsch reports.


In a small freight house on the train tracks in Windsor county is a beast of a French fry destination. (00:24:40:28) ((Chelsie brown-general manager it turned into a monster if you will)) In a town of less than one thousand people the Worthy Burger is drawing a big crowd. (00:33:10:21) ((Chelsie brown-general manager On a busy weekend, friday, saturday, sunday night there are atleast 300 burgers hitting that grill and for a place like south royalton vermont thats crazy.)) Known for their beers ((NATS-Beer)) Customers have discovered that their food is just as good and its cooked in something that is rarely used anymore…beef tallow. (00:26:30:24) ((Chelsie Brown Beef tallow is rendered beef fat and it also healthier for you to digest.)) General Manger Chelsie Brown says that's because it's filled with Vitamin D. But she knows not everyone believes it's healthier. (00:26:56:13) ((It's hard to convince the vegetarians some times that it is better for them...but we have a lot that just pretend they dont hear it)) (00:20:34:22) ((John Hessler some would call it lard, its not exactly lard, its actually much purer than lard but it comes from beef fat, it helps give the fry a deeper flavor and a carmelization)) Chef John Hessler treated us to a special batch of fries… ((NATS-BEACH FRIES)) something he is calling beach fries. (00:20:55:26) ((this is our worthy fries that have been tossed in a lemon herb pesto, so we got dill fresh parsley garlic oil tossed on the fries and then on top of it we have a crab tartar sauce. It's like a crab poutine.)) And what better way to wash it all down than with one of their beers in a special glass. (00:25:35:04) ((Cheslie Brown The goblet glass if you will.)) That's what's Bob and Gretchen Pear do. (00:38:19:15) ((Gretchen Pear Im not really a person who drinks a lot of beer, im not crazy about beer but they have wonderful stouts and porters)) (00:38:59:16) ((Alex Hirsch So you arent a beer person unless you come here Pretty much yeah! and then give me more more more)) She gives the worthy burger her stamp of approval… (00:42:24:24) ((Gretchen Pear Its worthy? It is its well worthy...well worthy!)) Alex Hirsch Channel 3 News…South Royalton.



One of the treats on the local summer sports calendar are the annual all-star games between the top recently graduated high school seniors in Vermont and New Hampshire. For some of these outstanding players, it will be the final time they take the field in a competitive game. For all of them, they earn the distinct honor of representing their state. The Twin State lacrosse all-star games taking place earlier today at Hanover High School... the girls up first... --- Just 30 seconds into the game, Vermont strikes first. Mount Anthony's Bridget Ahearn hits Jillian Gibbs of Rice, who fires it home top corner. 1-0 Vermont ... --- But New Hampshire goes on a 7-0 run, including 3 goals from Merrimack's Callie Dwyer. 7-1 Granite State, Dwyer with 5 goals on the day. --- Vermont would continue to attack. CVU's Emma Owens hauls in the long pass and hits the back of the net... --- Later, Middlebury's Emma Best finds Rutland's Abigail Evans for the score. Vermont trailed 16-7 at the half... --- But just too much New Hampshire today. Regan Williams from Saint Thomas Aquinas, right on the door-step. 5 goals today earns her the game M-V-P... And New Hampshire rolls to the 26-9 victory...


later in the afternoon, the Vermont and New Hampshire boys teams taking to the field in Hanover... --- Vermont opens the scoring 2 and a half minutes in. South Burlington's Kyle Murakami finds a wide open Henry Adams of Essex for the goal. It's 1-0 Vermont... --- Less than a minute later, CVU's Matt Palmer...the low-liner tickles the twine. Extends the lead to 2-0. --- After New Hampshire gets one back, it's Adams again...this time he goes 5-hole for the unassisted goal. Puts Vermont ahead 3-1... --- Vermont keeps the offense moving. CVU's Griffin DiParlo, the pin-point pass to Burr and Burton's Max Pagnucco for the point-blank goal... --- New Hampshire would eventually gain control...Vermont goalie Kevin Macfarlane makes the nice save on the initial shot, but the rebound goes out to Nick Prunier who fires it into the top corner ... and the Granite Staters complete the sweep, beating Vermont 24-19.


a couple of other Twin State all-star matchups today... basketball in Concord, New Hampshire...couple of close New Hampshire wins. Girls take it 70-63...both 78-75... and a pair of one goal games at the Make-A-Wish Hockey Classic at Gutterson Fieldhouse...the New Hampshire girls edge Vermont 3-2...the Granite State boys escape the Gut with a 2-1 win...


Winger Ross Colton, who is committed to attend the University of Vermont, was selected by Tampa Bay in the fourth round of the NHL Draft today. The 19-year-old scored 35 goals and added 31 assists in 51 games of the USHL's Cedar Rapids RoughRiders this past season. Then in the seventh and final round of the draft, the Florida Panthers selected South Burlington native Ben Finkelstein. The 18-year-old defenseman just finished a standout three year career at Kimball Union Academy in Meridan, New Hampshire and is set to play for St. Lawrence this fall.


make it four wins in their last five games for the Vermont Lake Monsters. The Monsters open a six game homestand with an 8-6 win over Staten Island tonight. A five run fourth the big inning for Vermont, with Nate Mondou and Luis Barrera contributing RBI singles.


In the NECBL tonight, the Vermont Mountaineers score a run in the eights on a two out RBI double from Mikael Mogues... and theyn Troy Scocca draws a bases loaded walk with two outs in the ninth and the Mountaineers walk off with a 7-6 win over Danbury in Montpelier ... --- meanwhile, in Hartford, the Upper Valley Nighthawks fall behind Keene 6-1 in the top of the fifth ...fight back, but their rally comes up just as Alex Henson strikes out with two on in the ninth and the Hawks fall to the Swamp Bats 6-4.


afternoon baseball in the Bronx...Yanks and Twins...Mark Teixeira off the D-L and playing his first game since June 3rd... --- Minnesota's Brian Dozier with a solo blast in the second... the only run Michael Pineda allows in six innings... --- same score in the fifth...with two on, Carlos Beltran comes up with New York's third straight since ...Jacoby Ellsbury scores to tie things at one... --- then in the fifth... runners on the corners ...Starlin Castro's ground ball eats up shortstop Eduardo Escobar...Aaron Hicks scores...2-1 New York ... --- and the Yanks 1-2-3 punch of Betances, Miller and Chapman do the rest...three scoreless innings, four strikeouts, just one hit allowed... as the Yankees win 2-1 and they'll go for the three game sweep tomorrow at 1pm.


the Red Sox looking to extend their win streak to three tonight at Texas... --- top of the second... maybe Hanley Ramirez is starting to heat up ...deep blast to right ...his second home run in three days...a quick 1-0 lead for Boston... --- Steven Wright cruises thru the first three innings, but struggles in the fourth, giving up a solo homer to Ian Desmond to tie the game...then after two walks and a bunt single Mitch Morland turns on that one... single to right...two runs score and it's 3-1 Texas... --- Boston answers in the top of the fifth... with the bases loaded, Mookie Betts drops a single into short right...Jackie Bradley, Jr scores... at last check it was 4-2 in the 5th in Arlington.

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