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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. A college campus in Massachusetts is mourning the loss of student after a fatal crash involving two young men from Vermont. The accident happened on the campus of Endicott College in Beverly Mass. Police say a car driven by 20-year-old Joseph Castano crashed into a telephone pole just after midnight. Police say speed and alcohol may have been factors in the accident A passenger in the car-- 19-year-old Craig Sampson- was transported to the hospital where he died. Sampson was a sophomore at Endicott. Both men are from Williston and graduated from Champlain Valley Union High School in 2014. Castano-- who suffered severe injuries in the crash- went to UVM. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. Endicott's president released a statement Saturday saying Sampson "brought life and smiles" to campus.


A 32-year-old woman is dead after being ejected from a vehicle in Claremont New Hampshire. The accident happened this afternoon near the intersection of Main and North Streets. Police say a jeep-- with four people inside-- flipped onto the roof- ejecting the woman into the Sugar River. She died at the hospital. Her name has not been released. Two other passengers sustained serious injuries. The driver-- 36 year-old Amber King of Claremont-- was arrested and charged with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated. Police say she was impaired at the time of the crash. Police say additional charges could be coming.


A Tinmouth man is dead after being hit by a truck near his home. State Police say, 57-year-old Leo Branchaud (bran-CHOE) was on Gulf road, in Tinmouth when he was hit by the vehicle. Police say, the Chevy truck was driven by 57-year-old Lisa Velde (vell dee). The cause of the crash is still under investigation. No charges have been filed.


Hollywood actor Seth Rogen was in Vermont today. Tyler Dumont tells us why.


((TILE 6999 29:41:18-29:45:23 GRIFFEN FOX: "We're really just trying to raise as much awareness and as much money as possible for Alzheimers.")) Most college students would be star-struck meeting celebrity Seth Rogen - but it's a charitable cause that connected them with the comedian. ((TILE 6999 28:41:05--28:47:03 JOHN FOX/Raised money for Alzheimer's charity: "I think both Lauren and Seth and all of us are all here for the same reason and I think hopefully that's what transpires to the public.")) The Fox brothers are triplets - and attend UVM together--living in a fraternity. For a third year in a row, their frat raised the most money among college groups around the country for Rogen's Hilarity for Charity fund. ((TILE 6996 09:01:12--09:04:20 SETH ROGEN/ACTOR/CO-FOUNDER , HILARITY FOR CHARITY: "They're like the Lakers of Charity.")) Rogen created the charity with his wife Lauren - who's family members battled Alzheimer's disease. ((TILE 6997 26:18:20-26:25:07 SETH ROGEN: "It's incredibly impressive and it's not what I would've been doing when I was that age.")) But it is what Rogen's doing now that's inspiring students. The 22-year-old brothers said it was the star's testimony in front of Congress on Alzheimer's that inspired them to get involved - after watching their own grandfather struggle with the disease. ((TILE 6999 29:18:15-29:24:15 RYAN FOX/Raised funds for Alzheimer's charity: "It really branches out to the campus once the recognition of what we did when we won.)) And Rogen says their efforts are changing stereotypical views. ((25:57:19-26:03:06 ROGEN: "When most people think of fraternities, charitable is not the first word that comes into their head probably.")) ((TYLER DUMONT/NEWSROOM: "The Rogen's have specifically targeted their charity campaign towards millennials - because they say, they're the ones who can bring change. As for the brothers, they're all up for graduation and won't be here next year -- but they're hoping their fraternity continues with their cause. TD, CH3, BTV."))


Made in Vermont products are on display this weekend in Warren. The third annual Made in Vermont weekend is taking place at Sugarbush Resort. Over 40 local vendors displayed and sold their Vermont products -- many of which were featured in our weekly series. WCAX sponsors the event. Attendees said they were impressed.


((TILE 7032 37:43:13-37:48:26 ERICA PEDERSEN "There's whiskey, there's jewelry, there's soap - it's crazy. It's exciting though.")) ((TILE 7028 36:34:18-36:41:41 JERRY BOURQUE/MADE IN VT VENDOR: "It's important for the people who are buying our products to know that it's made and harvested locally.")) The event continues tomorrow. Doors are open from 10 a.m.


Presidential primaries will be held in five northeast states on Tuesday. Brian Webb reports.


Donald Trump came out swinging at a campaign stop in Connecticut. He took aim at the election process he calls rigged and at Hillary Clinton who he calls crooked. It comes after Trump advisors insisted their candidate would tone things down. SOT Donald Trump You ever see Hillary Clinton? She walks in (mimes Clinton) Good afternoon Bridgeport, how are you? This is crooked Hillary Clinton. Then people start yawning, shell be a disaster as president a disaster. Trumps closest republican rival Ted Cruz is in Indiana today, where he criticized both Trump and Clinton as politicians who cant keep their promises. SOT Ted Cruz Hillary is a great example - they talk good on the campaign trail and they get in office and betray us; well I have to give Donald credit he's betraying us before he got elected. Clinton spoke with working families in New Haven, Connecticut today. A good showing on Tuesday would give her nearly 90 percent of the delegates needed to win the democratic nomination. SOT Hillary Clinton So it is going to take everybody working to turn that around and to get back to where we are really trying to take care of people. That is what we should be doing. That is who we are. But Bernie Sanders isnt giving up yet. He continued to attack Clinton on her connections to Wall Street and support for Wars in the Middle East, even as some democrats urge the party coalesce around Clinton. SOT Bernie Sanders Secretary Clinton heard the same evidence I did she voted for that war. Republican candidate John Kasich campaigned in Rhode Island. Hes trailing Trump and Cruz heading into Tuesdays primaries. Brian Webb for CBS News.

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A cool, but nice weekend with high pressure in charge. Tonight will be clear and cold, with lows in the 20s, and even a few upper teens in the sheltered valleys. Sunday will be pretty nice, with just a few high clouds and highs in the 50s.

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coming up on tonight's news... young hunters show off their prizes.... plus... We will go mountain biking--- a sport for all ages....


It's youth turkey hunt weekend and young hunters are having some success. And they have been sharing pictures of their trophies on our Facebook page. To participate in the two-day hunt, kids must be 15 or younger. They must have passed a hunting safety course, have a license and be joined by an unarmed adult who also holds a hunting license. Kids can take one bearded turkey this weekend. Adults get their shot May 1st.


If you are new to the sport of mountain biking, the Vermont Mountain Biking Association has a few tips. Alex Hirsch reports.


Its time to strap up (00:11:02:25) ((GLOVES STRAPPING)) Click in (00:15:39:29) ((Clicking into pedal)) And Get on your bikes and ride But first lets rewind…because before you can become a pro… (00:13:52:15) ((Jump with dog)) You have to learn how to get started and one way is through VMBA, the Vermont Mountain Bike Assoociation. (00:17:55:21) ((Tom Stuessy-Executive Director of VMBA The vermont mountain bike association is the state wide advocacy voice of mountain biking in vermont)) Tom Stuessy is VMBA's Executive Director. He encourages new riders to join one of the 26 chapters in the state, and says money from dues does more than maintain trails… (00:20:01:14) ((Tom Stuessy even more importantly than that its an opportunity to connect to your riding community.)) (00:18:52:24) ((Tom Stuessy We published a state wide trails map last year. It has 16 different locations all throughout the state. )) (00:30:34:15) ((Alex Hirsch Trail conditions are an extremely important part when it comes to mountain biking, and something you should check before you head on out for the day...You can do that on any phone, on Trail Hub, which was founded by a board member of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association. It gives you updates of the trails by the people that maintain them.)) Any rider can set up a profile and like specific trails…and if there are any changes to conditions on those trails, they will get automatically updated. And never go alone. (00:24:05:13) ((Alan Hebert ride with a buddy incase something happens, carry a cellphone. I have mine right in my bag here. Incase something happens so you can call to get out of the woods. )) ((BIKING)) Alex Hirsch Channel 3 News Essex


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High pressure is bringing a nice weekend though temperatures will be on the cool side. Tonight will be clear and cold, with lows in the 20s, and even a few upper teens in the sheltered valleys. Sunday will be decent, with just a few high clouds and highs in the 50s. A backdoor cold front will begin to settle in Sunday night, with a few rain/snow showers west of the Champlain Valley. Monday will be raw, with showers likely, and rain/snow showers overnight. A few morning rain/snow showers on Tuesday will give way to partly sunny skies. It will be chilly, however, with highs only in the 40s. Wednesday will have plenty of sun, but highs will hold in the 40s again. Thursday will be warmer, but a few showers are possible in southern parts of the region. Friday and Saturday are looking pretty good, with partly sunny skies. Temperatures will still be a touch on the cool side, but not bad, with highs in the 50s.

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An annual expo in Rutland for the 50 plus crowd. Channel 3's Lynzi DeLuccia was there.


((David Call//Rutland, Vt. 14:41-14:45: "Education is the best thing you can use, knowledge is power.")) 51-year-old David Call attended Saturday's 50-plus Expo in Rutland for the second year, taking advantage of the information and activities that he says will contribute to his years to come. ((David Call//Rutland, Vt. 13:08-13:17 " I have to understand what's in the future for me.")) learning about things like insurance options, cell phone plans, and even senior living decisions down the road. The 50-plus expo is in its fifth year, hosted by Vermont's Maturity Magazine, working to attract baby-boomers. ((Sue Duke//Expo Manager 10:28-10:35: "There are different life stages that everybody goes through, and when you hit the 50 mark, there are different shifts that happen.")) The expo brings in different organizations to help make those shifts easier to adapt to - Rutland Regional Medical Center and the Alzheimers Association were among the vendor booths. ((Duke 7:55-8:05: "Everything from home and garden tips, to information about health care, financial information, really kind of runs the gamut.")) While some were more interested in health and finance advice, others checked out travel options and ways to spend free time - but all were excited by the countless options laid out before them. - showing a niche of Vermont's residents how they can thrive at ANY age. Lynzi DeLuccia, Channel 3 News, Rutland.



The Boston Red Sox took game 1 of their weekend series in Houston on the back of Steven Wright's dominating performance. Today, they handed the ball to Clay Buchholz looking to claim the series. The 'stros sent Mike Fiers to the bump today ------ But the Sox got to him early. With two on, David Ortiz rips a single to right center, that'll drive in Mookie Betts, it's 1-0 Boston after one. ------ But Buchholz would run into trouble in the fifth, tie game bases chucked for Colby Rasmus, and Rasmus takes him deep! A grand slam for Rasmus, that'd put Houston up 5-1. ------ Sox trying to battle back in the 8th, Josh Rutledge smacks a double to left to score Papi and get them within 5-3 But Houston rallies in the bottom half: three RBI doubles, including this one of the ground rule variety from Jose Altuve, give the Astros an 8-3 win. The two will close out the series on Sunday Night Baseball.


To the Bronx now, Yankees taking on the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Bombers would get a gift in the first. A wild pitch from Blake Snell, in comes Carlos Beltran, 1-0 New York early. ------- The Rays answer comes courtesy of Corey Dickerson, he rips one to left that gets down, in comes Logan Morrison, Tampa ties the game at one a piece. -------- They'd take the lead an inning later, Kevin Kiermaier gets ahold of one down the right field line, off the foul pole, that's a home run, it's 2-1. -------- But then it's the Yankees turn to answer, Brett Gardner liner off the pitcher! That deadens the ball, Brian McCann scores to tie it at 2. And then in the ninth, Gardner again, a no-doubter! Brett Gardner the hero with the walkoff solo home run! The Yankees win it 3-2, they'll close out their series with Tampa tomorrow afternoon.


High school softball action Essex hosting Rutland ------- and this one was all Hornets from the word go, Shannon Day putting this one up the middle. Sarah Knickerbocker hustles around from second, it's 10-0 Essex. -------- Then on the wild pitch, Jamie Morin comes in to make it 11-0 ---------- Wasn't all bad for Rutland, check out this play, the diving stop by Skylar Robert robbing a base hit here, you might see that again tomorrow But Essex way too strong, they dominate Rutland 12-0


The Essex and Rutland baseball teams also going at it today ------- The Raiders jump in front early here, Jacob Godfrey lining one out to right, Jared More scores. Rutland goes up 4-0 in the second inning. ------- Hornets answer in the bottom half, Liam Coulter drops one into left center, in comes Noah Baez --------- They'd add another when Jacob Bleau goes oppo as well to score Nicholas McGovern But in the end Rutland too strong, Raiders go on to win it 14-6.


In Middlebury this afternoon, the Panthers hosting Amherst in a double-header on the diamond... --- Bottom-2, scoreless... Johnny Read smacks the liner to right-center. That drives in 2, Panthers lead 3-0 after 2... --- Amherst gets a run in the 3rd, and looking for more...but Midd shows off some defense. Jake Turtel, to Read, to John Luke ...score that a 4-6-3 inning-ending double-play... Panthers go on to the 6-5 victory in Game 2, avenging a 8-7 Game 1 defeat earlier in the day...


Right next door, Middlebury softball hosting a double-header against Hamilton... --- Midd once led 10-0 in this one, but Hamilton totals 7 runs in the 5th and 6th innings, capped by this Phoebe Collins 3-run double. It's now a 10-7 game ... --- But the Panthers swing the bats in the 6th. Hye-Jin Kim with the bloop shot to center ...the relay throw gets away, allowing Taylor Gardner to score from 3rd... Panthers add another for the 12-7 win. They'd complete the double-header sweep with a 13-9 win in Game 2...


The Middlebury Women's Lacrosse team has been dominant so far this year, coming into today's game with Colby at 12-1. But that one loss came at the hands of conference rival Trinity, who also has just one loss. The Panthers need wins in their last two AND a loss by the Bantams to claim the #1 seed in the upcoming NESCAC tournament. And it's Senior Day at Peter Kohn Field, the 9 seniors being honored before the game... --- 12 minutes in, Midd down 1-0...when Bridget Instrum drives in for the equalizer. Knots things up at 1. --- That's all the Panthers needed to get going. Chrissy Ritter, charging in hard, makes it 2-1 Midd. --- Then it's Alli Sciaretta (SHRETTA), knifing in for the 1st of her 2 goals. Middlebury takes a 7-2 lead into the break. --- 2nd Half, it's Ritter the feed from Megan Griffin. Her 2nd goal... 8 Panthers find the score sheet, Middlebury wins it 12-2 over Colby on Senior Day...


((Chrissy Ritter// "it definitely was really special. The 9 seniors are all my 8 best friends and we love each other so much, it's just a very sentimental day for us. I think a lot of us had goals or assists. We love playing together its just very special playing on this field."))


Some division 1 women's action, UVM taking on UMBC, Cats up early second half and they'll tack on through Alison Bolt, 10-6 Vermont. ------- Just a few minutes later, it's Alex Bernier on the doorstep with the quick-stick to make it 11-6. ------ After a couple Terrier goals, Elena McWright on the crease, she tallies to put Vermont back up by four. And Jenna Janes will end any hope UMBC had with this goal, Cats win 13-10, they remain in contention for an America East Tournament slot.


Speaking of America East Lacrosse tournaments, the UVM men are battling for one of the last few spots in theirs. The Cats entered Saturday tied with Binghamton for the last spot, but just one game behind Hartford and Stony Brook, who were tied for second.Wins in their last two would likely be enough for UVM to avoid Albany in the conference semis. And let's just say it was a very good start to today's game for the Cats. Matt Gudas tingling the twine unassisted just over a minute into the game to put Vermont up 1-0, But they were nowhere close to being done. ---------- Minutes later, it's Matt Gudas, again, he's going to rip it. Beats the keeper stick side high and UVM is up 2-0 after one. ----------- And they'd pour it on from there, Cam Milligan on the underhand scoop to begin the second quarter, it's 3-0 ----------- and Ian Mackay with his 35th of the year The Cats win it 13-4, they're now tied with Hartford for the third spot with the tiebreaker.

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