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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan Police released new details about the deadly standoff at a planned parenthood facility in Colorado. 3 people were killed. David Begnaud (beg-no) has the latest from Colorado Springs.


Newly released video from a shopping mall shows the tense situation unfolding during a deadly shooting rampage in Colorado Springs. Officers with body shields moved people out of harms way as gunfire rang out inside a planned parenthood facility Friday. Police say Robert Dear shot and killed 3 people including officer Garrett Swasey. (SOTJohn Suthers, Colorado Springs Mayor.) He heard the call and was in the vicinity and responded.// Im positive this community will honor him in a way that reflects the heroism he displaced. Ozy Licano came face to face with the gunman. (Ozy Licano/Survivor) I saw myself in the mirror and I was like my God, He was aiming for my head. (NATS police transmission Im hit) When it was all over 9 people had been wounded. (nats amazing grace) (SOT Vicki Cowart, Planned Parenthood) What happened yesterday was a terrible crime, resulted in a terrible tragedy and we will never forget it. When Dear finally surrendered, A source tells CBS News he said quote no more baby parts. Investigators searched his properties in Colorado and North Carolina. Neighbors say Dear was a recluse. (SOT ROBERT ADAMS/ COLORADO SHOOTER'S FORMER NEIGHBOR) he didn't say much and he wasn't outgoing where he would talk to you. So he kinda stayed to himself. Relatives also describe Dear as weird and unpredictable. David Begnaud, CBS News, Colorado Springs.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New York State Police will begin visits and discussions Monday with Planned Parenthood's more than 60 clinics and locations statewide. In Vermont-- State Police will be coordinating with local law enforcement and planned parenthood officials as well..


A 16-year-old from Windsor remains in critical condition after getting hit by a train in West Hartford. The teen was walking on the tracks Friday-- with 18-year-old Nicolas Siciliano -- also of Windsor. Police say both men were hit by the train Siciliano died at the hospital. The 16-year-old's name is being withheld because of his age. All questions regarding the investigation into the incident are being referred to Amtrak.


A St. Albans man is behind bars after police say he broke into Moore's Quality Used Cars in St. Albans-- as well as a Vermont State police cruiser. 27-year-old Logan Pratt was taken into custody early Friday morning on Main Street. Police say he had several weapons on him at that time-- including two handguns and a Vermont State Police ID. Police responded to the area after a report of a suspect breaking into cars. After getting a search warrant for Pratt's home and vehicle-- police found a large amount of cash, cells phones, an IPAD and several items that police say were taken from the state police vehicle. Those items included binoculars, ceramic ballistic plates, a Narcan kit, clothing, and cruiser license plates. The cruiser was burglarized a week ago-- but Vermont State Police did not put out a press release. State police officials told us today that making the information public would have jeopardized an ongoing investigation. The name of the trooper who uses the vehicle is also being withheld. He is stationed out of the St. Albans Barracks.


Back to back DLS's for a West Rutland woman. Police first stopped 31-year-old Carissa Redfield in Rutland's Walmart parking lot. Police say Redfield had no insurance AND the registration plates were assigned to another vehicle as well as the inspection sticker. She was ticketed for driving with a suspended license and the vehicle was towed. Police say Redfield was then stopped again today in West Rutland-- driving the same vehicle. She was subsequently taken into custody.


Police say a man at Killington Ski Resort used his snowboard to smash in the sunroof of a car parked too close to his. 42-year-old Michael Halliday of North Chittenden is charged with vandalism, driving under the influence and two counts of giving false information to law enforcement officials. His passenger-- 42-year-old Michael Rousseau of Brandon, is also charged with two counts of giving false information. Police say a citizen who witnessed the incident took a picture of the suspect's vehicle, which was then pulled over in nearby Mendon.


It's Small Business Saturday and Main Street stores are celebrating. Rose Spillman reports.


When customers enter Cindra Conison's store, the Quirky Pet in downtown Montpelier, the first thing they see are her large, Italian sheep dogs. (04:04:38 6350) ((Cindra Conison/Owner of the Quirky Pet "People think they're rugs, and then I get a lot of questions on what are they; how do you do the hair. A lot of times people think that I do that hair and no, and people are just naturally curious because these are unusual dogs." 04:04:52)) The Quirky Pet sells products for people and pets alike, and Conison says that next to her dogs and 10 parakeets at the store, one key attraction for customers is that her products are all american made. (04:03:44 6350) ((Cindra Conison/Owner of the Quirky Pet "They get the bakery case, and that bakery is from Ware, Massachusetts all the stuff in there. It's like Christmas based cookies. They'll give a lot of mugs and t-shirts to people. Especially because people around here are crazy dog people." 04:03:58)) Businesses like the hers were the highlight for shoppers on the 5th annual Small Business Saturday. For many Vermonters, shopping small is already a habit. (04:23:22 6420) ((Gwen Hoffses/Montpelier "I love to go into them. I got this hat at Cool Jewels a while ago, because I was hoping it would put a smile on people's faces, and it has." 04:23:33)) Though the crowds and sales may not match those at the big box stores on Black Friday, some stores, like Woodbury Mountain Toys, offered giveaways or other incentives to get customers involved. (04:27:08 6424) ((Rose Spillman/Montpelier "Business owners say it's hard to tell if shoppers are out just for the Small Business Saturday, but they say the event of it is a great way to just spread awareness about smaller stores in the local area." 04:27:20)) (04:13:53 6383) ((Karen Williams/Woodbury Mountain Toys Owner "It's a symbiotic relationship. We all support each other. The businesses support the community. The community supports the businesses, and it's important for people to understand that the more they support their small businesses, the more vibrant their downtown will be." 04:14:08)) Conison says her holiday customers have been coming all week, and that many are there to get gifts for their four legged friends. (04:03:20 6350) ((Cindra Conison/Owner of the Quirky Pet "Well what a lot of people do is they buy gifts for their friends or their relatives, but they buy it for their animal. They'll say--oh I'm buying this for my granddog or my dog niece, so which makes a lot of sense, because a lot of time people don't really need anything or want anything." 04:03:36)) And she says Small Business Saturday is just the beginning of this shopping season. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Montpelier.


A new way to tour the artsy side of Rutland. A new guided tour -- hosted by Castleton University Downtown -- highlights a variety of art sites in downtown Rutland. There are a total of four exhibits and a number of murals around Rutland. The free tours leave from the corner of Merchants Row and Center street on Saturday afternoons. And if you're not interested in taking part in the guided tour, brochures are available for self-directed tours.


A small earth quake shook the ground in northern New York. Officials say a 3-point-2 earthquake was registered about two miles from Cornwall, Canada -- which is just over the border from Massena, New York. No damage was reported.

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Definitely a lot colder today. Tonight will be mostly cloudy, as will be Sunday. More sunshine is expected on Monday. We're watching a storm system for midweek, which will be primarily a rainmaker.

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Still ahead tonight ... It's all about Vermont products in Barre... plus... How far would you travel for your favorite beer?...


Vermont-made products are on display in Washington County. The 35th annual Winter Festival of Vermont Crafters is happening at the Barre Municipal Auditorium. More than 1-hundred Vermont crafters are selling setting up shop. Organizers say 5-thousand people shop at the fair every year. It continues from 9 to 3 tomorrow.


Vermont beer is attracting customers from all over the country. Julie Kelley reports.


Something is brewing at the Warren Store. ((Beer Fan/Grantham,New Hampshire : "took the hour and half drive up and wanted to make sure I was here and ready!)) ((Zach Spillane/Guilford, Connecticut: " Three and a half hours, but we made really good time.)) ((Nats-delivery truck)) They came for the beer being delivered on this truck. (TC - 00:05:30:00) (( Julie Kelley/Reporting You must be the most popular guy in Vermont! Jonathan Finsen/Delivery Driver It's starting to seem like that yah!)) In part because of this guy, Sean Lawson, the founder of Lawson's Finest Liquids. It's his Double Sunshine IPA that is drawing in a crowd and keeping the cashiers busy at this store in the Mad River Valley. (TC - 00:33:18:00) ((Sean Lawson/Lawson's Finest Liquids: " It's one of our most requested beers.)) And it's hard to get your hands on it. This rock star of the craft beer world has chosen to stay small. (TC - 00:34:19:00) ((Sean Lawson/Lawson's Finest Liquids: "Here in Warren, my seven barrel brewery is very limited in capacity, so each batch is only 200 gallons which equates to about 100 cases of beer which is not very much.)) The bottles cost 8.99 each. There's a two bottle limit for customers, but that doesn't seem to stop them from coming. (TC - 00:49:23:00) ((Julie Kelley/Reporting A few years ago when they started selling Sean's beer they put up this map and figured they'd have a few pins around New England and the most in New Hampshire and Vermont. Well, as you can see, they have pins all over the country.")) Staying small means having your hand in everything ... Including putting on the labels! (TC - 00:38:47:00) ((Sean Lawson/Lawson's Finest Liquids I have two young kids six and ten and it allows me to arrange my schedule such that I can really put a focus on quality of life, family time in addition to all the hours required for the business.)) In addition to being brewer, husband and Dad, this UVM grad is also the President of Vermont Brewers Association. He says, they're just getting the results of an economic impact study. ((GRAPHIC)) Sean says, it shows that nearly a thousand jobs have been created at Vermont breweries. He tells me, the beer industry draws in more than a million and a half visitors a year ... With a million of them coming from out of state. (TC - 00:13:06:00) ((Jorge Nishimura/Craft Beer Fan They call it the Beer Mecca right. You have Hill Farmstead, you have Lawson's, you have the Alchemist Brewery, you have Burlington too over on the west coast there.)) Everyone we saw also left happy with a trunk full of Vermont's finest. Julie Kelley, Ch3 news, Warren.


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Much colder air has moved into the region. Tonight will be mostly cloudy. Sunday will also be mostly cloudy, with highs in the 30s. High pressure will clear out the skies Sunday night, with lows dropping into the teens. Monday is looking good, with sunny skies and highs back into the 30s. A storm system will affect us during the middle of the week, which will be mainly in the form of rain. Clouds will increase on Tuesday, with showers by afternoon. A more steady rain will develop overnight, and continue into Wednesday morning. The rain will taper to showers and snow showers Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday night will be cold enough to allow for snow showers, with possibly a few inches accumulation, especially in the mountains. Morning snow showers on Thursday will give way to partly sunny skies. Quiet weather is on tap for Friday. Temperatures will be a bit warmer by Saturday, with mostly sunny skies.

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It's a chance to learn more about alpacas. Maple View Farm Alpacas in Brandon hosted their annual open house Saturday. It gives people a chance to meet alpacas and learn more about them and their product. The farm opened in 2000 and now they have 25 alpacas. They raise their alpacas for their fiber, which they process in their fiber mill on site. They sell alpaca fiber products in their farm store as well.



We knew heading into the night that the Primelink shootout trophy was heading back to one of the local schools after Concordia captured it last season. The big question tonight, could Norwich once again win it all on its home ice. The Cadets are 5 for 5 when hosting the Primelink Shootout. Number 2 Plattsburgh would love to rewrite history. --- Norwich comes firing out of the gate. Anthony Flaherty chases the puck down, slides it across for Kevin Salvucci who puts it home. The Cadets take a 2-0 lead. --- But Plattsburgh takes over from there, Dillan Fox weaves through the Cadets defense before putting in the backhander. That starts a huge run for the Cardinals. --- as Plattsburgh scores four more, Pat Egan goes far post here in the second period to cap off the 5-0 run for the Cardinals. It's 5-3 Plattsburgh after 2. --- However, The third period belongs to Norwich, Tyler Piacentini puts it in front. Salvucci is there to put home the loose puck. The Cadets now down 5-4. --- Then with just over 7 minutes to go, Connor Evangelista to Nick Pichette. Are you kidding me? We're going to overtime knotted at 5. --- They go 4 on 4 for the first 4 minutes of OT, the Cadets Austin Surowiec with a chance to win it, but his shot goes just off of the crossbar. --- Plattsburgh has new life. Luke Baleshta falling down finds Fox who scores the game winner. --- A terrific men's hockey game in Northfield tonight as Plattsburgh wins the 17th Primelink, 6-5 in overtime.


(((Dillan Fox/"It feels great. It's a weekend we're always looking forward to. To come out of here with a trophy feels nice. It's always fun to play here playing against Norwich and I guess I was the lucky one tonight."))) (((Bob Emery/"There were just so many momentum swings up and down. I give Norwich a lot of credit, it's just that we were able to somehow survive and get the goal in the end."))) (((Mike McShane/"It's a barn burner. It was an unbelievable college hockey game. We're a young club and we're missing a few key guys. To play that well, to play that hard, I was proud of our guys.")))


Middlebury facing Connecticut College this afternoon in the Consolation game. --- This was all about the goaltenders. Great saves Both goalies in the first period. The Panthers Liam Moorfield Yee making his first start of the season. we are scoreless after 1. --- The Camels with a huge opportunity in the 2nd, Matt Doherty's shot is blocked by Jeff Celniker. He picks up the puck on the breakaway but Moorefield-Yee makes another save. --- Later in the period, Camels with another big chance, but Moorefield-Yee somehow makes the glove save. 24 stops on the day. We're scoreless heading into the third. --- 8:30 minutes to go, Conn. College's Joe Giordano forces the turnover at center ice. 3 on 1 back the other way, it's dumped off for Joe Birmingham who puts it in. That proves to be the game winner. --- Middlebury falls, 1-0 dropping both Primelink shootout games this weekend.


The Castleton men's hockey team wins its first game of the season, 3-2 over Western New England in the consolation game of the rutland herald invitational. Dartmouth on the road skates to a 1-1 tie at number 12 Michigan.


The top ranked Plattsburgh women facing Wisconsin-Stevens point in Middlebury on day 2 of the cardinal panther classic. --- stevens point scores first, but it's all cardinals from there. Maci Hoskins to Bridget Balisy. Nice move. It's 1-1. --- Just a couple minutes later, Kayla Meneghin puts it in front, Melissa Sheeran puts it in. 2-1 Plattsburgh. --- And 2 minutes after that, Giovana Senese with the cross ice pass to Meneghin at the far post, who taps it into the back of the net. Plattsburgh wins, 5-1. The Cardinals meet Gustavis adolphus tomorrow at 1. Middlebury was off today and will meet Stevens point tomorrow at 4.


The UVM men's hockey team is in Philadelphia to take on 20th ranked Penn State tomorrow afternoon at 1. It's the 4th straight season these two teams have met. Last season it was a 4-2 Nittany Lions win in which PSU scored 4 unanswered goals after the Cats took a 2-0 lead. (((Kevin Sneddon/"Each year the games have been extremely competitive and they've had the upper hand. They're two games to one on us right now, so we've got a chance to even that back right now. Both hockey teams are realizing this is an important game, not just for a respective alumni and fans, but also in the bigger picture for league pride and also non-conference.")))


The UVM women's hockey team at the Gut this afternoon taking on Ohio State on day one of the Windjammer Classic. --- The Cats get on the board in the first, Taylor Willard on the power play fires home her first goal of the season. 1-0 Cats after one. --- OSU gets that back early in the second, on the power play Julianna Iafallo thorough a screen beats Madison Litchfield. Ohio State goes on to the 5-2 win. The Cats host Cornell tomorrow at 4.


After a 3 game road trip, the UVM men's basketball team returns home tomorrow for a 2 pm tip off with Marist. The Cats are 2-4 on the season. The Red Foxes are 1-2, that 1 win, a 10 point victory over Dartmouth.


The UVM women's basketball team taking on Qunnipiac in the consolation game of the TD bank Classic. The Cats with a tough loss to St Francis Brooklyn last night. --- Vermont goes on a 21-5 run in the first quarter led by Sydney Smith. She knocks down 5 three pointers in that span. She ends the day with a game high 30 points. She also adds 11 rebounds. UVM takes a 12 point lead. --- But the bobcats answer with a run of their own to close out the half, Brittany Johnson for 2 and the foul. Vermont falls, 77-65. The Cats have lost 5 straight since winning their home opener 2 weeks ago.


Burke Mountain academy grad Mikaela Shiffrin once again making history on the slopes this afternoon. Shiffrin becomes the first US women to win a world cup event in Aspen Colorado. The reigning olympic and world champion wins by 3.07 seconds, which is the largest margin of victory in the history of the event. It was just a day ago when Shiffrin fell three gates before the finish line in the giant slalom ruining her chances for a victory. Shiffrin goes for her 5th straight world cup slalom win tomorrow once again in Aspen.

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