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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. A suspect is now in custody in the shooting death of a sheriff's deputy outside Houston, Texas. But, it's unclear why the alleged shooter targeted the deputy. Meg Oliver reports.


THE ARREST CAME LESS THAN 24 HOURS AFTER THE SHOOTING. SHERIFF RON HICKMAN SAYS THERE WAS NO CLEAR MOTIVE. Our assumption is he was a target because he wore a uniform // somebody at a gas station is saying that there's an officer down." POLICE SAY THE ATROCIOUS ATTACK HAPPENED FRIDAY NIGHT UNDER THE BRIGHT LIGHTS OF THIS GAS STATION IN HOUSTON. SHERIFF DEPUTY THOMAS GILLILAND. SOT/Thomas Gilliand/Harris Co Sheriffs Office shot the deputy multiple times the deputy fell to the ground the suspect then continued over to him and shot him again multiple times as he lay on the ground." All units, it's going to be a tall black male." (Pic of Dep Goforth) 47-YEAR-OLD HARRIS COUNTY DEPUTY DARREN GOFORTH DIED AT THE SCENE. THE TEN YEAR VETERAN HAD JUST PUMPED GAS. SHERIFF HICKMAN CALLS IT ABSOLUTE MADNESS. ( Sheriff Ron Hickman) "I've been in law enforcement 45 years, I don't recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly." (fullscreen description with screen grab in corner) POLICE TRACKED DOWN THIS DARK RED TRUCK AND ARRESTED MILES. AUTHORITIES BELIEVE HE ACTED ALONE. (SOT - Sheriff ) Miles is in the custory of the Harris County Sheriff's office. He does have previous criminal history that includes charges for resisting arrest, trespass, evading detention, and disorderly conduct with a firearm." OLIVER ON CAM TAG DEPUTY GOFORTH LEAVES BEHIND A WIFE AND TWO CHILDREN. I ALSO LEARNED IT WAS ALWAYS GOFORTH'S DREAM TO BECOME AN OFFICER..JIM .. HE WAS THE OLDEST MEMBER OF HIS CLASS WHEN HE GRADUATED AT 37. MEG OLIVER, CBS NEWS NEW.


A New York man is dead after a motorcycle crash in Vershire. Police say 68-year-old Seaborn Hall was riding with a large group when he drifted off the right shoulder of Route 113 and into the guardrails. The Brownville man was pronounced dead at the scene.


Police say alcohol was a factor in a Williston man's fall from a cliff near interstate 89. The incident happened around 1:30 this morning. Police say 21-year-old Tucker Austin took his ATV to a lookout area-- and after failing to return home-- his family went looking for him. Police say Austin fell more than 50 feet and was located lying next to the highway. Police say alcohol is likely a contributing factor in the incident. The investigation is continuing.


The South Burlington Police station was evacuated today-- because of a grenade. According to police-- a local resident brought a hand grenade to the station that she had found sorting through some of her grandfather's belonging. The station was immediately evacuated-- not knowing if the device could possibly explode. The Vermont State Police Bomb Squad were called, took possession of the grenade, and safely removed it without incident.


A lock down at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora. According the the Plattsburgh Press Republican, two large fights prompted the lockdown. No guards were injured but the paper reports drugs and weapons were confiscated during a facility-wide search that followed. The prison has been in the national spotlight since the breakout that happened there back in June.


It's been four years since Tropical Storm Irene. And communities continue to bounce back. Eliza Larson reports.


A crowd forms on a deck off Center Street in Brandon that overlooks the waterfall. Exactly four years ago -- that same spot was washed out by water. (TC 00:36:47:11 Title 1905)((Glenda Gearwar/Brandon resident: "it was unbelievable." 00:36:48:14)) The small town of Brandon was hit hard by Tropical Storm Irene.(photo courtesy Bud Snow) Buildings -- such as the pizza parlor -- were picked up and moved down the street by the force of the storm. (TC 00:39:14:11 Title 1905)((Mary Shields/Brandon resident: "the night of the storm, we heard it on the radio, it was a sunday, and we heard that - and it was raining a lot - that Route 7 was closed. And we walked down, we being our neighbors and we live on the hill, and we walked down and it was totally unbelievable. The whole river was in the road." 00:39:34:22)) Unbelievable and devastating. After the storm blew through, the town took action. With the help of nearly 60 thousand dollars from FEMA and the efforts of community members, people worked on plans to replace storm-damaged spaces. This year -- the plans took form and a new downtown space was built. (TC 00:29:14:09 Title 1897)((Bernie Carr/Chamber of Commerce: "thanks go out to all the people that made this possible." 00:29:17:08)) What used to look like this -- now looks like this. Brandon has given new life to it's downtown. (TC 00:21:25:12 Title 1884)((David Atherton/Town Manager: "it's time to move on. We've got a lot of positive stuff going on in town. And it just worked out this way this summer." 00:21:31:07)) On Saturday -- residents of Brandon gathered to commemorate all the work that has been done since the storm damage. Kennedy and Green Park were restored -- and a new overlook deck was built. As a way to highlight the community's work in Brandon's post-storm revitalization, the town chose to dedicate the deck to a very special local couple. (TC 00:21:48:08 Title 1884)((David Atherton/Town Manager: "we're dedicating the top deck here, which is all new, to the Thomas who ran the dispatch in town for 40 years. They ran it from I think it was 61 to 1999. So they were like our 9-1-1 for the entire town. And it was greatly appreciated. They deserved something so a little credit here so we're going to dedicate this to them." 00:22:11:24)) (TC 00:18:18:08 Title 1877)((Eliza Larson/Brandon: "residents say storm damage left downtown Brandon unrecognizable. Now,only a few years after the storm, the downtown area is vibrant and beautiful once again. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Brandon." 00:18:33:20))


Playing tennis for a good cause in Burlington. Dozens of people filled the courts at the Burlington Tennis Club to raise money for the King Street Center. The "King of the Court" event was designed as a fun way to help people improve their game. The series of skills and drills were modeled after the same program the center uses to teach kids the game.


((Elzy Wick, King Street Center Board 05:20 We're having so much fun at the Burlington Tennis Club and it is a bunch of adults getting together for the sake of a great cause.)) The King Street Center in Burlington works with about 120 students everyday through a variety of different academic and extracurricular activities. This year's King of the Court festivities raised more than 40-thousand dollars.


The Community Sailing Center in Burlington welcomed families today. Kids from the program's camps brought their families to the waterfront to teach them what they've learned over the last few months. This summer about 500 kids put on their life jackets to participate in the center's summer programs.


((Ben Blackmore, Community Sailing Center Camper 08:46 "I like sailing because you get to travel around and go to all these lakes and meet new people who like sailing too, it's really fun and also that the whole competetive aspect is really cool.)) Soon the center's activities could be housed out of a new space on the waterfront. Plans for a new community waterfront center on a plot next to the old Moran Plant continue to move forward. Officials say they've raised about half of the 4 million dollars for the project and construction could begin in the spring if all goes as planned.

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Dan is here. Nice start to the weekend.

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coming up on tonight's news... Why vending machine prices are going up... the college move in continues... We've got the numbers....


If you've stopped at any vending machine around Vermont you have likely seen signs -- saying your favorite snacks or drinks now cost more. Distributors say that's because in July, they had to start paying the 9 percent rooms and meals tax on their machines. They say that, and a price increase from suppliers, left them no choice but to raise prices. And they say some customers have already pulled the plug because of it.


((Bob Litchfield, Farrell Vending Sales Manager / "It's very frustrating. We do our best to keep a diversified product line, communicate with our customers and have relationships 1004 For them to call and say it's really not you, it's a tax -- that's hard to take.")) Farrell Vending says it has seen sales drop since it raised prices. The company says it will try to entice customers with healthier choices, which they say, are in demand.


Thousands of young people are settling into Chittenden County for the first time. Campus was a buzz at Champlain College in Burlington this afternoon. This year 5-hundred 61 students make up the incoming freshman class joining a student body from 41 states and 22 countries.


((Christian Perez-Waldo, ChavI love the college not only because of its location, because it is in this awesome city, there's so much to do, last night we went on this boat cruise and that was awesome.)) ((Joseph Ertle, Champlain College Freshman 20:17 "It's a great city, there's a lot of food, there's a lot of stuff to do, there's great scenery also, you can see the mountains and stuff.)) Earlier this week UVM welcomed 24-hundred freshmen to campus and St. Mike's welcomed about 500 first-year students. Burlington College students move in during the first week of September.


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Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Chance of a passing shower after midnight. Low 55/62. Wind S 5-10 mph. Sunday: Partly sunny. Chance of a passing shower, mainly afternoon. High 78/85. Wind light. Sunday Night: Mostly clear. Low 55/62. Wind light. Monday: Partly sunny. More humid. High 80/87. Wind W 5-10 mph. Tuesday: Mostly sunny and warm. High 83/90. Low 58/65. Wednesday: Mostly sunny and warm. High 83/90. Low 60s. Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers. High 80s. Low 60s. Friday: Partly sunny. High 80s. Low 60s. Saturday: Partly sunny. High 80s.

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A party in Vergennes today-- that has been taking place for decades. Huge crowds filled the city's downtown for Vergennes Day 2015. The summertime tradition has brought venders, entertainers and artisians together for 34 years. This year's celebration was spread over two days starting Friday. A main attraction this afternoon was the locall big band-- LC Jazz.


((Sue Hoxie, Addison County Chamber of Commerce 24:16 "Vergennes Day is a community celebration it brings all sorts of people to town, residents and people from out of town. I talked to cyclists from Maine doing an Inn to Inn tour and they just stopped here to see what was going on.)) Kids and adults were also welcomed to take a step back in time with horse-drawn wagon rides along the city's Main Street.



BFA-Fairfax made history last season, winning their first ever division three state football title ...Their quest for back to back titles began this afternoon ... The Bullets opening their season today against Spaulding... --- The Crimson Tide changing the tide early in this one... Fairfax punting, bad snap, ball is loose... Drew Lamb going to rip this one away and he has a lot of green in front of him...35 yard fumble return... Spaulding takes an early 7-0 lead.. --- Fairfax though quickly returning the favor... on the one yard line, Dylan Lumbra diving over the goal line... Bullets 2 pt conversion attempt is no good, so Spaulding is up 7-6... --- But then on the ensuing kickoff... Dylan Copping finding a hole, then hits juke on the control stick and he is gone...83 yards to pay dirt on the kick return... Spaudling now on top 14-6... --- But it was all Fairfax after that, Bullets up 21-14...Lumbra hands it off to Jacob Gallow, bouncing off a tackle, then around the edge and gone...25 yard touchdown... Bullets fire past Spaulding this afternoon, 48-28....


At Mount Mansfield, the Cougars hosting Burr & Burton...and the Bulldogs Griffin Stalcup would have himself quite a day... --- Just a few plays into this one, Stalcup fakes the handoff, rolling out and he has got some room to run ...55 yards on the quarterback keeper.. Bulldogs take an early 7-0... --- Stalcup then showing off the arm...putting this one up top for Carter Vicker, making the grab over the defender and hauling it in for the touchdown..Burr & Burton up 34-0... --- And they kept their foot on the gas pedal, Stalcup spotting and hitting Sean Apps over the middle...25 yard score... Welcome to the doghouse, Burr & Burton rolls over MMU, 62-0....

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Up in the Northeast Kingdom, St. Johnsbury playing host to South Burlington... --- 1st Quarter, Saint J knocking on the door ...Matthew Roy plowing in from 1 yard out. 7-0 Hill toppers after 1. --- 2nd Quarter, Hilltoppers going to the air. Collin Urie finds Aaron Morrison in the flat...runs into FIVE South Burlington jerseys, decides to cut inside and he is gone. 31 yards for the score, and it's 14-0 St. J --- Final minute of the Half, Urie throws one deep down the far side line..and Jasper Rankin able to rip this free in the endzone for the 27 yard touchdown... The Toppers start the year 1-0 as they take down the Rebels, 26-8


Other scores from across the State today, The Windsor Yellow Jackets sting Poultney this afternoon, with 54-0 shut out... Otter Valley taking down Mount Saint Joseph today, 62-14...


And in Bradford today, 7 different players found the endzone for Oxbow as they cruised past Winooski 49-6...


And we're starting something new this season. Instead of us deciding what the play of the week is...we want you to tell us. Here are the best plays from Friday night.... Mt. Anthony at Middlebury Friday night...Patriots Pat Powers with an amazing one handed interception in the endzone..


Mill River and WoodSTOCK Friday... MILL RIVER forced to punt...high snap... Michael Morgan does a great job just avoiding getting taken down, but it's a low kick that's tipped right into the hands of Patrick Potter and he will take it in for a Wasp touchdown...


Rutland and CVU.... CVU's Andrew Bortnick launching this down field...pass is tipped, then intercepted by Andrew Kenosh..playing a little hot potato...


And finally North Country and Fair Haven ..RYAN Alexander's pass pass batted up and then caught by Aidan Hogan...and the big man taking off... 76 yards to the endzone on the interception return...


So those are the four play of the week's how you can vote. Go to, head to the Sports tab, under that you'll see a sub tab for the Friday Football Frenzy page. Clicking on that will take you to our Frenzy page, where you can watch videos and take a look at the nominees again. Once you've decided on your favorite, go to the right side of the page and make your pick. It's that simple.


The UVM men's soccer team opened their 2015 season last night, taking down Sacred Heart with a 1-0 win ...the Catamount will next play tomorrow when they travel to Hofstra


Lake Monsters hosting Tri-City tonight... Vermont rocking the retro Vermont Expo uni's this evening ..... --- Vermont takes a 5-0 lead into the 7th inning but then everything falls apart ...Now up 5-1, Johnny Sewald lining this into right, Cesar Carrasco scores and it's 5-2 Vermont.. -- And then the wheels come off...Bobby Wernes to the same spot, right fielder slides but can't make the grab...Sewald and Alexander Melendez score and we are all tied up at 5... --- And with the wheels come off, the car catches fire in the 9th...Kolbey Carpenter crushing this one deep to left and it's off of the wall..Wernes will score.. Lake Monsters fall to Tri-City 7-5...


And a big name was at Centennial before the game tonight...former Vermont Expo and Boston Red Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera met with fans and signed some autographs this evening.. 20 years ago, Cabrera was a member of the Vermont Expos...With Vermont in 1995, Cabrera hit .282 scoring 37 runs, picking up 12 doubles, five triples, three homers, and 33 RBIs ....He would go on to play 15 seasons in the major leagues, but many in new england will remember him for his time with the Red Sox in 2004 when Boston won it's first world series in 86 years..but it all started here in Vermont..


(TRT: 23..a lot of memories) (cabrera/"when you come here and play in the New York penn league you do have a lot of dreams and hopes and things worked out really good for me. People treated me really well here and coming back, seeing a lot of familiar faces it's very, very humble coming down here. Very happy, thrilled to be here, see the fans and bring a lot of memories.")

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