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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Hurricane Joaquin may be moving away from the US, but parts of the East Coast are dealing with record-setting rains and destructive flooding. Now more bad weather is on the way. Weijia Jiang reports.


NATS driving A number of areas in Charleston, South Carolina are flooded by as much as several feet of water, stranding cars and effectively shutting down the city. SOT: (Mayor Joseph Riley Jr./Charlestown, SC) What we want to do is help people get through these next two days with no one getting hurt. NATS driving The high waters are affecting parts of the city that dont generally flood. SOT: (Eric Thacker - tow truck driver) Normally with the storms we have a little water in the streets. What we have now, this is a disaster, I mean if you're coming downtown you need an inflatable boat in the back of your car." NATS Its the same situation in Florence, a coastal city near New Bern, as well as other parts of North Carolina. Heavy flooding and rain that keeps falling. SOT: (Gov. Pat McCrory/R-NC) We do have flood warnings primarily in the Southeastern part of the state. And in the far southwestern part of the state, something we didn't expect two days ago. Standup: (Weijia Jiang/Norfolk, Virginia) HERE IN NORFOLK VIRGINIA, WATER HAS YET TO RECEDE IN SOME AREAS ... POSSIBLY SETTING THE STAGE FOR SERIOUS FLOODING...WHEN MORE RAIN MOVES IN OVER THE NEXT 24 HOURS. In Middle Township, New Jersey, the storm moved a house into the water. SOT: (Stuart Tate/Homeowner)I'm upset about it obviously, it's my pride and joy, it's my only residence, and I'm gonna stay jersey strong. He says he will rebuild. Weijia Jiang, CBS News, Norfolk, Virginia.


Flooding has been an issue in our region during past storms-- like tropical Storm Irene. Rose Spillman reports on what's being done in Essex County New York to prevent it. .


Kelley Tucker is the Executive Director for the Ausable River Association in Wilmington, New York. She says that flooding in recent years has been a major problem for certain roadways in Essex County that cross over streams and the Ausable River. (04:18:45 3558) ((Kelley Tucker/Ausable River Assocation Executive Director "During our annual spring flood, when snow melts and it rains a little extra, this culvert blocked up with those two pipes, and it ended up backing up way upstream and bringing the water down in another direction, and it caused almost the same amount of flooding for people in 2014 as it did during Irene." 04:19:05)) Tucker says many of the culverts used metal pipes-- and were easily blocked by debris. (04:15:50 3558) ((Kelley Tucker/Ausable River Assocation Executive Director "Every rain even, a rock this size in that stream's gonna move. So if it jams up against a stick, and there are a bunch of leaves, it just doesn't take much, and then you've got an over topped road, which is inconvenient." 04:16:04)) This summer the Ausable River Association and local Nature Conservancy joined together to help the county redesign and re construct the culverts over Holcomb Brook and Roaring Brook in Lake Placid to allow more water flow underneath. Officials say this will not only slow down flood potential, but it will benefit the environment and the fish that swim in the streams. (04:06:03 3557) ((Connie Prickett/Nature Conservancy Adirondack Chapter "This is opening up almost six miles of habitat that was blocked, and most of that habitat is on forest preserve so it goes through protected land." 04:06:14)) Officials say the project cost around $750,000, but that the Nature Conservancy was able to cover nearly half of the costs in grant money. (04:07:54 3557) ((Connie Prickett/Nature Conservancy Adirondack Chapter "So we're bringing some resources to the table and the county is bringing some resources to the table, so together we're able to improve these culverts in a way that is beneficial for fish, beneficial for road maintenance, and affordable." 04:08:07)) County officials say the number one priority is to keep the roadways safe. (04:26:05 3559) ((Jim Dougan/Essex County, NY Dept. of Public Works Deputy Superintendent "There's an awful lot of local traffic on this county road. There's an awful lot of tourist traffic. There's a number of events being held on this road every year being both the Iron Man and other biking and running events." 04:26:14)) The two culverts are expected to last at least 50 years. Officials say they could be used as a model for OTHER problem areas to prevent flooding down the road. . Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Lake Placid.


A fatal accident in Middlebury this evening-- according to Vermont State police. . The crash on Rt 7 is being investigated by Middlebury Police. Rt 7 was closed to traffic because of the crash. At this time we do not know what caused the accident or-- the names of those involved.


Shopping was impacted by a power outage on Burlington's Church Street today. Much of Church Street experienced the power outage around 1pm today. Burlington Electric crews responded to the area to determine what caused the event. They were able to isolate the issue and restore the majority of power to businesses-- though intermitted problems persisted throughout the afternoon. Some shops were forced to close because of the issue.


A high speed chase across two states. It started in Morrisville, and ending in West Lebanon New Hampshire. Investigators say they were actually heading to another call last night -- with their lights on -- when a car they were trying to pass took off. Police say that car was stolen - and the juvenile driver led them on a chase to West Lebanon where the car crashed into a fence. Then - when police tried to "box in" the car, they say the driver rammed two cruisers. The juvenile's name is not being released.


Hunters are hitting the woods in Vermont with their bows and arrows. Archery season is underway. It's a two part season ... Starting today through October 25 and then again in the beginning of December. Right now, a hunter can take three deer in a calendar year. Starting next year, that number goes down to two for archery season specifically. In 2016 ... The state is also adding five extra days of hunting in October.


Teaching kids about hydroponics one classroom at a time. Eliza Larson has that story.


Emily Donaldson feels at home in the greenhouses behind Woodstock Union High School. (NATS FROM GREEN HOUSE) She was once a student here. And among these rows of plants, Donaldson learned to love the natural world. Now -- she's helping current high school students learn to love it too. (TC 01:02:33:20 Title 2541)((Emily Donaldson/Cultivating Action: "the first step in the first few weeks is to get all the nitrofying bacteria set up. Get all the plants established." 01:02:38:29)) She turned her interests into a non-profit -- brining ideas for sustainable development into schools. She calls it Cultivating Action. It started with the building of a hydroponic system in her old school. (TC 00:30:59:18 Title 2575)((Eliza Larson/Woodstock: "the aquaponics system here at Woodstock Union high school is one of many Donaldson has placed in school classrooms throughout the state. She hopes to grow her business throughout the northeast region, but one major obstacle stands in her way." 00:31:12:04)) (TC 01:04:52:15 Title 2541)((Emily Donaldson/Cultivating Action: "funding is our largest issue right now. We're still finishing up the process of registering with the state. However, as we move forward, we want to get this in as many schools as possible and to do that it's going to be about 140 per system per school." 01:05:07:12)) That's one hundred and forty dollars to put together a 10 gallon tank and grow bed and add the lesson plan to the class curriculum. Donaldson says she doesn't want cost to prohibit students from expanding their horticulture education. Students -- like Woodstock junior, Daniel Robinson. (TC 00:56:49:07 Title 2540)((Daniel Robinson/Junior: "this is a sustaining growth simulator for - so the fish nutriate the water and then it rotates up every fifteen minutes." 00:57:01:11)) Robinson became interested in sustainable agriculture before Donaldson's hydroponics project. He has other ideas to make his school environmentally friendly, but this -- is classwork. (TC 00:58:22:18 Title 2540)((Daniel Robinson/Junior: "emily said she had this smaller model and that we could use that." 00:58:26:09)) (TC 01:03:46:21 Title 2541)((Emily Donaldson/Cultivating Action: "what's really cool about hydroponics and aquaponics is that it uses 90% less water that traditional agriculture and much less space." 01:03:54:13)) Donaldson hopes to place an aquaponics system in every public school in Vermont by the end of 2017 -- but to do that -- she'll have to grow a little more green. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Woodstock.

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Dave is here with the weather... A quiet weekend. Hurricane Joaquin is expected to stay well out in the Atlantic, with no impacts on us. Tonight, though, will be cold, with frosts and freezes likely, even in the Champlain Valley. If you have tender plants outside that you want to save, make sure to cover them or bring them inside.

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coming up on tonight's news... why dust from the farm could be good for you ... plus... A historic fountain in St. Albans has water once again ....


Hanging out on the farm may be good for allergies. There's growing evidence that farms have the best germs for preventing allergies and asthma later in life. A new study published last month in the journal Science found that in mice with dust allergies, early exposure to farm dust made them immune. But experts say it's not a guarantee that kids will not have respiratory illnesses.


(( Dr. Elizabeth Jaffe, Allergy & Asthma Associates : "if you start out allergic -- for example, if you're allergic to cows or horses and you're on a farm with cows or horses, it's not going to do you any good 2705 But if early on you're in a farm environment where you may have inherited some of the genes that would predispose to allergy, it may actually have a protective effect.")) ((ERIN FARR "I think play, get dirty, have fun -- and then take a shower when you're done.")) The study's authors hope that their findings will lead to future research to help identify the cause of allergies.


An old fountain in St. Albans has a new lease on life. Hundreds of residents and community members showed up at the city's Taylor Park to see the fountain for the first time since its return. The fountain, nicknamed "the Ladies," was first constructed in 1887. After more than 120 years, officials say the fountain was in disrepair, and the St. Albans Rotary decided to step in and have it re-casted from the original mold.


(05:08:31 3649) ((Rene Meilleur/Rotary Club of St. Albans President "It was by far the largest endeavor our club has ever made in the community. It was about a 300,000 dollar pledge to restore the fountain, and to have everything come off without a hitch it was's an incredible feeling." 05:08:47)) The celebration was followed by a gala this evening for the many donors who helped bring the project together.


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High pressure is moving in, which will keep things quiet for the weekend. Tonight will be mainly clear and cold, with frosts and freezes likely, even in the Champlain Valley. If you still have tender plants outside, make sure to protect them or bring them inside. Sunday will be partly sunny. Monday will be another nice day. Models are keeping powerful Hurricane Joaquin far out in the Atlantic, so it won't have any affect on us. The middle of the week will feature decent fall weather, and nice for checking out the foliage. Tuesday will be mostly sunny. Wednesday and Thursday will be partly sunny. We'll see a chance for showers on Friday. Saturday is looking dry, with near-normal temperatures.

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Getting lost in a huge corn maze. The Great Vermont Corn Maze in Danville is open for business. It's been around for 17 years. Visitors try to make their way through more than three to four miles of trails, with the corn averaging 12 feet high. More than 5000 visitors come every year. Building it is a process that starts months before during the summer.


(00:02:45:00-00:02:54: 00) ((Mike walking through maze: In June we come out. The 2 of us, the 4 of us, depending on the day. And we hand pick every single trail using a 100 foot tape measure and a 5 foot stick)) The great corn maze will remain open through October 18th. Adult admission is 15 dollars. It's best to arrive early to leave yourself plenty of time to figure things out. For more information-- head to our website WCAX(DOT)COM.



Airborne speedway opened it's gates for the final time this season, welcoming the American Canadian Tour to Plattsburgh for their championship Finale Beautiful night in Plattsburgh, 29 cars in action for the 41st Fall Foliage 200... --- Patrick Laperle takes over the lead on Lap 34 and hangs on to that for over 129 laps, but things start to get interesting on lap 163...Barre's Nick Sweet moving his way up the pack and right behind Laperle... --- Claremont, New Hampshire's Todd Davis then spins on the front straightaway, bringing the pack together.. --- Sweet and Laperle then go door to door for the next 15 laps, trading the lead but Sweet unable to get around him... --- Leaving the door open for Williston's Brian Hoar, moving around Sweet and into second place... --- Laperle fighting Hoar off of his bumper on the final lap and Laperle crosses the line first with Hoar second and Sweet in third.... --- HOWEVER, after the post race inspection, Laperle was disqualified for a shock violation. That means Brian Hoar is your winner in the Fall Foliage 200 with Nick Sweet taking second... --- Dany Trepanier was crowned the ACT season champion with his finish today..


The 2-0 Dartmouth football team opening up IVY league play this afternoon against Penn. The Big Green have not won on Quaker turf since 1997. 97 was also the last time Dartmouth started a season 3-0. --- The Big green catching a big break early in the first quarter. Just 3 plays in, Penn fumbles the ball away on its own 30 yard line. David Caldwell with the recovery and great field position for Dartmouth. --- A few plays later, Dalyn Williams with all kinds of time, hits Victor Williams for the 7 yard touchdown. That catch also puts Victor Williams over 1,000 yards receiving for his career. 7-0 Dartmouth. --- Williams threw for four touchdowns in the game, he also rushed for 2 more TDs. His first rushing touchdown giving Dartmouth a 13-0 lead. --- This one was pretty much over before halftime, Williams to Houston Brown who makes a great over the shoulder grab for the 22 yard touchdown. Williams also with 328 passing yards. Dartmouth wins big, 41-20. Penn had won 15 of the last 17 meetings between these 2 teams. Dartmouth has now beaten the Quakers 2 years in a row.


Down in Middlebury, the 1-0 Panthers hosting Colby in Middlebury's home opener. -- Middlebury picks up a safety in the first quarter, then Matt Milano hits Ian Riley on a quick screen and he gets in from 10 yards out. The extra point is blocked so Middlebury is up 8-0. -- Then it's the defense's turn, Colby inside Panther territory but Gabe Harrington's pass picked off by Tim Patricia. Middlebury with 2 interceptions on the day. --- The Panthers offense goes back to work, Milano finds Trevor Miletich in the back of the endzone. 258 yards passing for Milano, 3 touchdowns, 2 picks. Middlebury cruises to the 28-9 win. The Panthers are 2-0.


Homecoming in Northfield. Norwich opening up ECFC play against Becker. The Cadets looking for their first win. --- After Becker takes a lead late in the first quarter, Norwich takes the lead for good in the second quarter. Quincy Williams busts it in from a yard out. He had 162 yards rushing on the day. --- Then it's quarterback Phillepee Bazinet with a 20 yard touchdown pass to Zach Allen. 124 yards passing for Bazinet, 58 yards receiving for allen on 4 catches. 21-14 norwich at the break. --- fourth quarter, icing on the cake watch this catch by Pierre Noel in the endzone. Wow, a one handed grab why diving to the ground. Norwich with its first win of the season 31-14. The Cadets visit Gallaudet next weekend.


The Castleton football team falls at defending conference champs, Husson, 40-7. The Eagles score 34 straight points. Corey Brimmer had the rushing touchdown for the Spartans who will go for their first conference win next Saturday at home against Mt. Ida.


Here are your three nominees for our Friday Football Frenzy play of the week. Colchester's Matt Hesford shows great reaction, grabbing the ball out of midair after the muffed snap and turns it into a big gain for the Lakers. --- Play number 2, Milton's Ian Kandizor makes a leaping grab, just eluding the defender on the way down and takes off about 68 yards to the endzone. --- and our third nominee is one of six rushing touchdowns for Otter Valley senior quarterback Carson Leary. Leary also had 268 rushing yards to go with those touchdowns. Go to either the Sports or friday football frenzy pages on There will be a poll on the right side of the page for you to cast your vote. The winner will be announced Monday night at 6.


Last night on the Friday Football Frenzy we didn't mention Mill River's 36-0 home win over Springfield. The Vermont Interscholastic Football League schedule that we have listed the game for today. So, we are sorry for that and will get an updated schedule from the VIFL. Mill River's Zach Allen surpassed the 1000 yard rushing mark this season in last night's victory. The minutemen are 5-1.


The UVM men's hockey team hits the ice tomorrow afternoon for its one and only exhibition game. The Cats host Acadia at 4, then head out next weekend to Minnesota for the season opener.


The UVM women's hockey team trying to split it's weekend series with number 9 bemidji state to open the season. --- Late First period, the beavers on the attack, Williston's madison Litchfield makes not one, but two saves, but she can't hold onto the puck, and Ciscely Nelson is there to pke it home. 1-0 Bemidji after 1. --- second period, Kristin Huber in front tips home the shot by Madison Hutchinson. UVM falls 3-0 starting the season 0-2.


The UVM men's soccer team opening up conference play this afternoon against Binghamton. The Catamounts riding a 4 game win streak. --- Midway through the first half, the bearcats Logan Roberts and Tucker Sandercock playing give and go. Roberts makes moves past Jack Shea and puts it home from a tough angle. 1-0 Binghamton. --- Vermont had plenty of chances. First half, Stefan Lamanna to Bernard Yeboah right in front, but Binghamton keeper Robert Moewes makes the stop. --- A few minutes later, Binghamton with the corner kick that goes to the far post, the catamounts have trouble clearing it out of the box, the ball goes right to Pascal Trappe in front for the score. UVM scores late in the game, but the men end up falling, 2-1.

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