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God evening thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Potential Republican presidential candidates are meeting in Iowa this weekend, despite the fact the campaign for 2016 hasn't even officially kicked off yet. While a lot of big names showed up, some already considered to be front runners were missing. CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris (cha-garris).

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WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN CHRIS CHRISTIE, DONALD TRUMP AND SARAH PALIN SHARE THE SAME IOWA STAGE? (JEFF KAUFMANN / IOWA GOP CHAIRMAN): "This is the beginning of our caucus season. It's almost like the starting gun, I can almost hear it in my head." A YEAR BEFORE THE IOWA CAUCUSES, AT LEAST 9 POTENTIAL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES DESCENDED ON DES MOINES TO INTRODUCE THEMSELVES TO INFLUENTIAL SOCIAL CONSERVATIVE ACTIVISTS (SOT: Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) "Now, I'm sure you will not agree with me or any other candidate on every single issue. (Steve Chaggaris / CBS News Senior Political Editor) "But Saturday's gathering is notable for those who weren't here, like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Senator Rand Paul." (SOT:MATT STRAWN / FORMER IOWA GOP CHAIRMAN): "I would encourage them to get here sooner rather than later // of course I wish they were here but I understand we'll probably see them at future events" BUSH AND ROMNEY ARE COMING OFF THEIR OWN FACE TO FACE MEETING THIS WEEK AND IT APPEARS BOTH WILL PREP FOR PRESIDENTIAL BIDS (SOT: JEB BUSH/ FORMER FLORIDA GOVERNOR (R) - FRIDAY - ): "Q: I know you're on the fence. A: No I'm not. I'm seriously considering the possibility of running (applause.)" Florida Senator MARCO RUBIO IS TELLING SUPPORTERS TO GET READY FOR A RUN AND HE'S JOINING FELLOW SENATORS RAND PAUL AND TED CRUZ AT A PRIVATE MEETING WITH THE BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS THIS WEEKEND. SPEAKING OF BILLIONAIRES... (SOT: DONALD TRUMP/ Businessman ) "We have some good people. It can't be Mitt, because Mitt ran and failed." Donald TRUMP INSISTS HE'S SERIOUSLY THINKING OF RUNNING. BUT AFTER FLIRTING WITH BIDS THREE TIMES BEFORE, IOWA REPUBLICANS WONDER HOW SERIOUS HE REALLY IS. STEVE CHAGGARIS, CBS NEWS, DES MOINES


In other news, we still do NOT know the names of the two victims killed in a three car crash on Interstate 91. It happened Friday night near the St. Johnsbury/Lyndonville town line. Police say Neal Robinson of Stoddard, New Hampshire, lost control of his car, and it ended up in the highway's passing lane where Stoddard's vehicle was hit by a truck driven by Denis Belanger of Quebec. Police say a third car then struck the truck and both the driver and passenger of that third car were killed. The Interstate was closed for several hours while investigators worked the scene. At this time we still do NOT know what caused the original crash. The names of the two victims have ALSO not been released.


Bad weather is partially to blame for a tractor trailer crash on Interstate 91 in Windsor that partially closed the highway today. Police say the driver lost control and struck the guardrail before coming to a stop on the median. Traffic was able use the breakdown lane to pass the accident. It took crews more than 2 hours to clear the scene. The driver-- 48-year-old Paul Josias of Florida-- was issued a ticket for traveling too fast for the conditions. Police say the highway was covered in snow at the time of the crash.


An employee at International Paper in Ticonderoga, New York, has died from injuries sustained on the job. Company officials say 57-year-old Jorg Borowski died Friday evening. They say the maintenance team member was seriously burned while working in the facility's power plant. He was taken to the UVM Medical Center in Burlington, where he later died. The company said: "We are deeply saddened by this loss. Jorg was a valued and respected member of the Ticonderoga mill family. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family, friends and mill team members." International Paper, and a corporate investigation team, are trying to figure out what caused the incident.


John Grega (GRAY-GAH), who became a well known name in our region after having his murder conviction reversed after serving nearly 18 years in prison-- died unexpectedly Friday. Grega was convicted back in 1995 of raping and killing his wife in Dover, Vermont -- where the couple had been vacationing. The 52-year-old was released 2012 after D-N-A-- from another man-- was uncovered. Police say the New York man lost control of his van on Long Island Friday -- hit a tree-- and died.


Officials say FairPoint is showing improvement when it comes to reducing the number of customer complaints. ((SOT Chris Recchia, Vermont Public Service Dept. Commissioner 2238 I feel like we've rounded the corner here, but we're going to stay on them until this is done right 42)) The Public Service Department says it has been investigating the utility's customer service since July. The commissioner says it has been a struggle, but starting last week -- they have seen a drop in complaints. That's good news for the many Vermonters who can not choose another provider.


((SOT Recchia 1837 We have 10 percent of Vermonters that right now have no other option but the land line that FairPoint provides 45 So unless and until there is some other option, we've got to work with the regulated utility as it exists today 54)) The company blamed the delays on bad weather and the ongoing workers' strike -- and said the trouble load across their three states is down 60 percent from its peak.


A big day for Middlebury College. The college's athletic department celebrated the official dedication of the new Virtue Field House and indoor track on campus. Guests from all over were invited to admire the new facility. A project that Middlebury's Athletic Director says has been many years in the making.

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still ahead on tonight's news... learning how to scale walls of ice for the first time... plus... Ice carvers go head to head to see who is the best... First.. Here's Dave with the weather... Snow showers tonight. Much colder on Sunday.

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If you have ever wanted to learn how to ice climb Smugglers' Notch is the place to be this weekend. The 9th annual Smugglers' Notch Ice Bash is Vermont's premeire ice climbing festival. Experienced climbers-- and those new to the sport-- get the chance to climb up walls of ice on the side of the mountain this weekend at a discounted price. Petra Cliffs Climbing Center in Burlington is hosting this year's event.


(TC 00:00:53:09 Tile 7494) ((Izzy Lazarus/Petra Cliffs "You have crampons on your feet which have 2 sharp points on each foot and help you balance. And you have 2 tools in your hand. You go up, you're tied to a rope, helmet on, it's all really safe." 00:01:04:27)) (TC 00:06:47:29 Tile 7511) ((Tim Farr/Petra Cliffs "If you rock climb or you like winter activities it's just another way to get outside. It's a great way to enjoy the scenary and enjoy a different style of climbing." 00:06:56:28)) Ice climbing clinics are held each day. The ice climbing continues Sunday.


Frozen works of art are being constructed at the nearby Stowe Mountain Resort. Logan Crawford has more on that story.


Richard Bubin calls himself a master ice carver. ((nats)) He's been carving ice for 30 years. He's one of more than a dozen carvers at the 15th annual Ice Carving Competition at Stowe Mountain Resort competing against some of the country's best ice carvers. (TC 00:17:54:16 Tile 7556) ((Richard Bubin/Master Ice Carver "My twelfth time. Been coming up all the way from Pittsburgh for 12 years." 00:18:00:03)) ((nats)) He has 4 hours to complete his piece -- entitled "the chef with mad skills." (TC 00:17:19:10 Tile 7556) ((Richard Bubin/Master Ice Carver "Chef skiing, ice carving, and cooking eggs with eggs falling out of his chef hat, and with a dragon coming up with fire cooking." 00:17:30:01)) 15 ice carvers are chopping up -- ((nats)) And sawing down -- hoping to be named top ice carver. (TC 00:05:58:11 Tile 7530) ((Huntly Armbruster/Stowe Winter Carnival "300 hundred pound blocks of ice and the pros get 2 blocks, 600 pounds of ice that they're creating today and the amateurs have 1 block." 00:06:07:19)) (TC 00:21:14:23 Tile 7557) ((Logan Crawford/Stowe "12 professional ice carvers will be competing for a thousand dollar prize. Using an assortment of chainsaws and other tools, they'll be turning ordinary blocks of ice -- into ice sculpture masterpieces.")) (TC 00:23:00:27 Tile 7560) ((Suzie Earnest/williston "I like the eagle, there's a guy over there doing an eagle. And then there's one doing a motorcycle, and he's got the treads already carved into it, so very intricate and very cool looking." 00:23:12:17)) The judges base their decision on creativity -- number of different pieces of ice -- and how realistic the sculpture looks. (TC 00:19:03:18 Tile 7556) ((Richard Bubin/Master Ice Carver "It's a temporary art form that leaves a last impression and makes everybody smile." 00:19:08:21)) The frozen art pieces will be on display at Stowe Mountain Resort -- until the ice melts. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Stowe. -3-


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A coastal storm missed our region, except for southern Vermont into New Hampshire, which received few inches of snow. An Arctic cold front will move through the region tonight into early Sunday morning. A trace to 2 inches accumulation is possible, so use caution if you're traveling tonight. A few morning snow showers may persist Sunday morning east of the Champlain Valley. Otherwise, it will be partly sunny and much colder. Lows will drop below zero Sunday night, and Monday will be quiet but cold. We're keeping an eye on another coastal storm for Tuesday. The latest model runs have brought it closer to the Northeast, though most of it still east of our region. There is the chance for light snow, especially east, so stay tuned. Wednesday will be partly sunny and cold. A weak system is expected to bring snow showers on Thursday, and a cold front will pass through on Friday with more snow showers. This will usher in another Arctic blast on Saturday.


A Vermont teen is running his way to Australia and his family is hoping community support will help get him there. Eliza Larson has more.


Matthew Lorman is a typical sixteen year old. He likes school ... Enjoys hanging out with family... And he's competitive when it comes to sports. But his drive to win has paid off. Down Under Sports awarded Lorman all-state honors for Vermont and as a recipient... He was asked to represent the state... And the a member of the East Conference Cross Country team in an international competition in Australia in July 20-15. (TC 08:07:24:19 Title 0805)((Matthew Lorman/Runner: "I got a note in school. I thought it was just for - I got a letter in school." 08:07:28:21)) He hasn't been running competitively for very long. In fact ... Lorman used to play football... But just last year decided he was ready for a change. And his fast 5K time proves he made the right move. (TC 08:08:53:27 Title 0805)((Matthew Lorman/Runner: "football kind of got - I don't know - didn't really click for me in my last year of playing it so just decided to make the switch. At first I thought it would help me stay in shape for other sports. But when I realized I started to like it. So made a - it's one of my favorite sports so I realized I wanted to do it more." 08:09:18:18)) (TC 08:14:06:22 Title 0813)((Jackie Lorman/Matthew's Mother: "I was thrilled that he came this far this fast. We always have known that he was an excellent runner. Very fast. But we didn't expect that he would be invited to something this exciting." 08:14:24:07)) Matthew's mom... Jackie... Says the whole family hopes to travel with Matthew to watch him run. (TC 08:14:42:00 Title 0813)((Jackie Lorman/Matthew's Mother: "it's gonna take a lot to make it happen so that we can all go as a family but that's our journey and that's what we want to do for him." 08:14:49:19)) Lorman says he'll be one of three hundred runners from all over the world... A chance of a lifetime for this young athlete. (TC 08:42:25:06 Title 0840)((Eliza Larson/Rutland: "the international competition is scheduled for this July. To help support Matthew in his chance to compete, head to W-C-A-X dot com. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Rutland." 08:42:38:02))


The Lorman's are using a Go Fund Me Account. The link will be on our website.



It was another wild night at the Gut between number 12 Vermont and number 3 BU. This one needing overtime as the Cats look for a series split. Mike Santaguida replacing Brody Hoffman in the third period last night, getting the start this evening. More on Hoffman in a minute. --- Like Friday night, we were scoreless heading into the second period. But 2 minutes in, on the power play, UVM's Maike Paliotta finds the back of the net. 1-0 Cats thru 2. --- Same score 2 and half minutes to go, a crucial mistake, former Terrier Alexx Privitera, pretty much gives it to Bu's Evan Rodrigues who puts it in. We go to overtime tied at 1. --- 3 minutes into OT, the Cats can't clear the zone, Rodrigues fires it to the net, where it's batted in by Jack Eichel for the score. The play was reviewed for several minutes and the call holds up. --- Vermont loses a heartbreaker, 2-1 in Overtime, good effort this weekend, but the Cats have no points to show for it.


(((Kevin Sneddon/"Hockey can be cruel sometimes. The team that might play the best doesn't always win. I kind of felt like that tonight. I felt like we really played well. Very, very proud of our guys. We're going to win a lot of hockey games if we play like that. Fortunately it just wasn't good enough against BU this weekend.")))


Vermont goalie Brody Hoffman was not on the bench tonight. He was suspended by Coach Kevin Sneddon following Friday's 4-2 loss to the Terriers. Hoffman was pulled early in the third period after allowing a third period goal that maybe he should have had. Hoffman looked upset after getting the hook going right back to the lockeroom. Coach Sneddon telling assistant coach Kevin Patrick to bring Hoffman back to the bench and apparently the problems didn't stop there.


((("We have high expectations and high values regarding how we conduct ourselves and he did not comport himself very well last night after the game. So, we'll meet with the team and the captains and decide when his return is going to be considered.")))


Let's head to Krietzberg Arena, high schoolgirls hockey, Northfield hosting Missisquoi. --- the thunderbirds down a goal late in the game, goalie Hannah Bockus makes a save here keeping her team in it. --- But just a few seconds later, Northfield's Glaudia Gee tips home the Kristen Dukette shot. --- The Marauders go on to the 3-1 win.


The UVM men's basketball team is back in action tomorrow at Umass Lowell. The Cats and Riverhawks tip off at 2 followed by the women's teams at 4:30. Vermont is coming off a tough loss at UNH on Thursday. It was the first conference loss for the Cats this season. The result does hurt the Cats chances for a top seed in America East, but at this point of the season, that isn't a concern of Coach Becker's.


(((John Becker/"We obviously would like to play better. We'll have another chance to play on the road, but you know, the media has made a big deal about us being the number one seed. We were picked fourth in this league and we got off to a great start early in conference play. We're just trying to win as many games as we can and keep getting better.")))


An exciting day at Norwich, the Cadets hosting Johnson and Wales, all eyes on Cadet senior Aliah Curry, the program's all time leading scorer entering the game just 6 points shy of 2000 for her career. --- Curry waists little time getting the job done. 30 seconds in, she buries three and is now just 3 points away from the milestone. --- About a minute and a half later, Curry takes another 3, and there it is. 2000 career points. She is the first woman in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference to hit 2-grand. The game was stopped to acknowledge the accomplishment. Curry finishing with a game high 27. --- It was a game that went down to the wire, the Cadets with the ball up one in the final seconds when Curry hits Heather LeBlanc for 2. 17 for LeBlanc. --- Norwich hangs on for the 69-65 win. A big victory and a major accomplishment for number 15.


(((Aliah/Curry/"To be honest, it hasn't quite sunk in with me yet. Anything that I've done really hasn't sunk in with me yet. I think it'll mean a lot more when I'm done and I look back and go oh, I really did that when the time comes. It's really meaningful, a huge accomplishment for me. When I got here I didn't even think that was in the cards.")))


It was a weekend of season bests for Barton Biathlete Susan Dunklee. The 2014 Olympian finished 8th in the world cup sprint Friday and followed that up with a sixth-place finish today in the 10-kilometer world cup pursuit in Italy.


Day 2 of the UVM ski carnival, we start with the nordic events at Traps the men up first in a 15k mass start...Dartmouth's Patrick Caldwell makes it a weekend sweep, crossing first in a time of 41 minutes and 37 seconds, teammate Silas Talbot finishes 2nd. UVM's Tobias (toe-bi-us) Trenkle takes third with fellow Catamount Jack Hegman finishing 4th. The women with a 10k mass start this morning, Annika Taylor from UNH picks up the win for a weekend sweep. Her wining time today 32 minutes and 36 seconds. UVM's Mary-Kate Cirelli is the 2nd collegiate athlete over the finish line, crossing in 33 minutes. Dartmouth's Corey Stark is third with Middlebury's Heather Mooney taking home 4th. --- Let's head over to Spruce Peek for the Slalom . The UVM men dominate the first runs of the day and it's no different in the 2nd runs. The Catamount's Dominique Garand wins in a total time of 1 minute, 49.97 seconds. UVM takes the top 4 spots in the slalom with William St. Germain in 2nd, Taylor Wunsch in third and Bobby Farrell taking home 4th. The Dartmouth Women are queens of the mountain this weekend. Dartmouth's Lizzie Kistler takes the top spot this afternoon, finishing with a total time of 1 minute, 54.94 seconds. UVM's Kristina Riis-Johannessen is 2nd overall, less than two seconds behind Kistler. 4 of the top 6 finishers in the women's slalom are Catamounts. You can hear from the winners on our website, WCAX-dot-com. and it is Vermont that takes home its 17th straight EISA carniva, defeating Dartmouth by 55 points ... New Hampshire finishes in third with Middlebury fourth. Saint Mike's, hosts of next weekend's carnival, finishes tenth.

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