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Good evening and thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Fire fighters in Lake Placid New York are currently on the scene of a large fire on Main Street. According to the Lake Placid Fire department, the fire broke out in the Fortunes of Time building shortly after 6 this evening. The building, which houses a Main Street storefront and apartments above was still on fire several hours after the fire first broke out. Multiple area departments responded and are assisting in the effort. Officials say everyone in the building was able to make it out without injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


A Quebec man is dead following a collision in Georgia. Around 11:30 this morning-- police say a motorcycle and a SUV collided head on. It happened on the Georgia Shore Road-- which was closed to all traffic as a result of the crash. Police say the lead motorcycle-- in a group of 8-- crossed the center line and collided with the car. The operator of the motorcycle-- 71-year-old Hector Messier-- died on scene. The driver of the SUV was not injured. The crash is under investigation.


A New York man is dead after a single vehicle crash on Interstate 91. It happened in Weatherfield shortly before noon today. Police say McKayla Park was travelling south when she lost control, flipped the car, and hit a tree. A passenger in the car-- 22 year old Trent Costello of Kingston New York, was pronounced deceased at the scene. I-91 was closed for several hours while the crash was investigated.


While the Interstate was closed-- police say there was another accident nearby. Police say a car and ambulance collided at the intersection of Route 131 and the southbound onramp to the Interstate. The driver of the car and at least one person in the ambulance weres taken to the hospital. We do not know the extent of the injuries.


A Hyde Park woman is in critical condition after crashing her motorcycle. Police say 45-year-old Ellen Friedrich lost control on a curve on Route 17 in Buels Gore. She was airlifted to the UVM medical center. Police are continuing to investigate that crash as well.


New development plans for one of Burlington's hotly-debated waterfront properties. What to do about the vacant Moran Plant has been debated for the last 30 years. The New Moran group hopes to turn the building into a combination of indoor and outdoor markets, a community events center, and an innovation space. They say doing so will preserve a piece of Queen City history that would otherwise be lost if the city tears the building down.


((SOT Cooke 001752 This what we stand behind as a community. We don't just tear this building down and spend a whole lot of money -- millions of dollars -- to have a lawn. 59 We're going to re-use it, but we're also going to keep the history so we can learn from it 04)) Cooke says between now and next summer, they'll be finishing the designs and will be doing fundraising. They have to raise 11 of the 34 million dollars the project will cost.


The barbeques are blazing in Windsor this weekend. It's the annual Harpoon Festival and thousands are in Windsor for the Harpoon Championships of New England Barbecue. Over 30 competitive BBQ teams are taking part in the cooking contest. The event also features music, food and of course beer. It continues on Sunday.


The Beast Mountain Coaster is officially open for business at Killington. Eliza Larson took a ride.


(NATS: YEAH BABY) Bill Leavry just returned from his first ride on Killington's Beast Mountain Coaster. (TC 16:35:58:22 Title 1195)((Bill Leavry/New Hampshire: "it was fantastic. What a difference. It was on the raised level instead of on the concrete. it was great." 16:36:04:16)) Leavry -- and a number of other visitors got to experience the mountain coaster for the first time today. It is the newest addition to Killington's Snowshed Adventure park. (TC 16:16:54:00 Title 1180)((Rob Kovalsky/First Beast Mountain Coaster Rider: "but you get on the ride and you begin to chug, chug, chug as you're going up and all of a sudden, when it's time, and you release, it starts to come down and it is going through twists and turns and ups and downs and, yeah, I used the brake a little bit. I'm not crazy. But, no, tremendous amount of fun." 16:17:16:01)) Rob Kovalsky says he was the mountain coaster's first official rider. He got on this morning when it opened right at 10am. (TC 16:16:43:11 Title 1180)((Rob Kovalsky/First Beast Mountain Coaster Rider: "what a fabulous morning it has been." 16:16:45:15)) (TC 16:50:39:25 Title 1199)((Eliza Larson/Killington: "one of Killington Beast Mountain Coaster's engineers said it reaches speeds of 25 miles an hour, but when you're on it you feel like you're going a lot faster. So I had to try it out for myself." 16:50:49:17)) (NATS FROM MY RIDE) As you're traveling up the mountain coaster -- you can see some of the other attractions at the resort. They have new mountain bike trails, a Skyeride, a Skye Ropes course and more -- for people looking for a summer adventure. But as you're going down... (NATS) You better be ready for a thrill. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 news. Killington.

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Overall, a nice day today. A warm front, followed closely by a weakening cold front, will bring showers tonight, and possibly a thunderstorm. A few showers or thunderstorms will persist into Sunday.

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coming up on tonight's news... Senator Rand Paul campaigning for votes in New Hampshire... plus... This car show is not ALL about the cars... We'll explain coming up...

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Presidential campaigning, and a little ice cream in New Hampshire today. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky made several stops today-- including an ice cream shop in Warren New Hampshire. . Earlier, Paul stopped in West Lebanon for a town hall style meeting. Changing the counrty's tax code has been a regular talking point. At Moose Scoops Ice Cream shop he continued the conversation a few more first in the nation voters.


(TC 17:00:05:09 Title 1216)((Sen. Rand Paul/Running for President: "I think we may be the first candidate to come to Warren. EL: what flavor did you go with today? That's the big question. RP: Caramel Caribou. And I asked if there's real Caribou in it, but I don't think there's any Caribou in it." 17:00:16:20)) Paul also had a scheduled stop in Littleton this afternoon. According to recent polls-- he currently trails Jeb Bush and Donald Trump in the GOP field.


There was a special fire truck at the 6th annual car show in Swanton. Rose Spillman explains.


Jerry Duchaine works for the EMS and Fire Services of Missiquoi Valley Rescue. He says his 5 year old sons Stephen and Raymond learned to love fire trucks from an early age, but for Stephen--who is autistic--they are much more than toys. (13:09:57 0940) ((Jerry Duchaine/Fairfax "Finds great calm in anything to do with the fire service. So to that end, we set out to try and find some old gauges and knobs to build a play structure for Stephen that he could have at home when he had his behavorial outbursts. That he could go out and play on and relax and calm down." 13:10:14)) Duchaine was amazed when a company in St. Albans, the Desorcie Emergency Products, gave his family not just a few old trinkets but an entire fire truck. Soon after, Duchaine decided the truck could be used to do good beyond his home. (13:10:45 0940) ((Jerry Duchaine/Fairfax "So we started working on our project on Autism awareness, and we came up with the idea 'Extinguish the Misconception of Autism." You know, fire trucks extinguish things, and we wanna try and get the misconceptions of autism. People can start getting some information about what autism is and more importantly what autism is not."13:11:04)) Duchaine says the truck itself gets a lot of attention in their driveway, but he wants to spread the message and keep the conversation going anywhere he can. On Saturday, Duchaine took the truck to the 6th annual Swanton car show. (13:28:03 0954) ((Rose Spillman/Swanton "Organizers say the event brings out a wide variety of cars, and this year over 200 were registered which makes it their biggest turnout so far." 13:28:12)) (13:04:40 0917) ((Adam Paxman/Co-Chair of Swanton Car Show "A lot of people really want you to do a classic car, but I think having the diversity--you know you've got 2015 and 1915. You've got everything in between, and I think that's what know, gives us the strength to continue on." 13:04:55)) Organizers say over 1,000 people come out from across New England and Canada each year. Car owners pay a registration fee, and they are entered for a number of competitions from Best in Show to Most Likely to Get Pulled Over. (12:59:07 0917) (John Greer/Swanton "Today's event is amazing, you know, to see all the people here. It's great for the village." 12:59:13)) The Swanton Chamber of Commerce takes the money raised from the event and gives it out to various charities in the area. Last year officials say the event raised around $3,000 dollars, and they're hoping this year's show will do even better. (12:53:45 0917) ((Mark Rocheleau/Co-Chair of the Swanton Car Show "Brings everybody out. Gives Swanton a good name and vibe. It gets the autos and people out to share the passion of the vehicles, and all for a good cause." 12:53:55)) For Duchaine, he hopes the event will get more people talking and asking about his family's fire truck and all that it stands for. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Swanton.


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Most of today was a decent day, with generally partly sunny skies. A warm front, closely followed by a weakening cold front, will move through tonight, with scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm. Sunday will be more humid, with a few showers or thunderstorms possible. Monday will be very warm and humid, with a few showers or thunderstorms possible again. The middle of the week will bring very warm and humid weather. Tuesday and Wednesday will be partly sunny, with some spots near 90 both days. An isolated afternoon thunderstorm cannot be ruled out both days. A cold front will then move in on Thursday, with a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. Dry weather is expected Friday and Saturday, with warm temperatures and lower humidity.

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Have you ever wanted to walk on water? Flyboarding is the next closest thing. Cat Viglienzoni reports.


What John McLaughlin is doing above the waters of Bootlegger's Basin in Smuggler's Notch seems impossible. This is flyboarding. And it's most likely the first time any of these visitors have tried it. ((SOT 004451 Cat: So what was that like? John: Oh, that was great! 52 Cat: What did it feel like out there? John: A little scary at first, I think. But I don't know -- it's like you're floating 59 It's just -- it's awesome 004500)) Falling is inevitable -- and Flyboard of Vermont owner Bruce Morrissey explains to me how to avoid a painful belly flop. ((SOT Bruce 004729 If you feel like you're going to fall, just roll your shoulder towards the water and you'll be perfectly fine )) Smuggler's Notch is the only resort in New England with flyboarding. The sport is just a few years old. ((NATS Phillip 005253 Go ahead and bring that board directly underneath you 55 Give me thumbs up when you're ready 57)) Water pressure builds up underneath my feet -- forcing me up. ((NATS 005315 Good job, that's the idea! 21)) Keeping my legs locked is harder than I thought it would be! ((SOT Phillip 005328 I want you to think about just a little more pressure on the balls of your feet 31 Just to flatten it out 34)) While practice didn't make perfect by any stretch for me -- I eventually managed to hover! (( nats "All right!!" )) ((SOT 010935 Phillip: You want to imagine that whatever direction you want to turn, you're going to pick up your opposite leg 40)) Snyder says he's training to compete in flyboarding -- and that means his fancy flips, serious spins and daring dives need to be top-notch. Flying high -- in a sport like no other in Vermont. Cat Viglienzoni - ch 3 news Jeffersonville



We're trimming down teams in the American Legion State Tournament. One team not going home just yet, Rutland. Post 31 beating Brattleboro post 5, 11-8 in an elimination game this morning. Rutland will play tomorrow at 1. Another elimination game this afternoon at Castleton University, The Colchester Cannons facing Franklin County Post 1. --- Down 2-1 in the 5th, Colchester's Cole Reilly comes through, sending this one this to the right side. Jake Cunningham scores. Colchester ends up taking a 3-2 lead. --- Franklin County takes the lead back in the 6th, tying the game at 3 then Nick Berno finds the gap in right center. Berno pulls into third on the triple, but the throw to third sails out of play so he trots home. Franklin County now on top 4-3.. --- But the Cannons explode in the 8th inning. Luke Covey lines this one to right center, that finds some space. Ian Machia scores on the rbi triple.. --- The Next batter, Brandon Arel also goes to right over the fielders head. Another run scores. Back to back rbi triples. Colchester plates 5 in the inning to take down Franklin County, 11-6. In the second game, post 91 leads Hartford 3-0 after 1.


In the second third and final game this afternoon, Essex Post 91 taking on Hartford. --- Post 91 scoring 3 times in the first inning, Sam Mikell with the big blow sending this one high and deep to left landing just before the fence. A run scores on the double. 3-0 Essex after 1. --- but post 91 pitcher Riley Fitzgerald giving those runs back in the bottom of the second. A walk with the basses loaded then 2 hit batters with the basses loaded. --- They had to suspend the game in the 8th inning due to darkness with Hartford leading 7-5. The game will resume tomorrow at 10am tomorrow.


Meanwhile, the 13-year-old Babe Ruth Baseball New England Regional Tournament got underway at Hawthorne Field in Winooski today. The tournament runs through Wednesday with the winner advancing to the babe ruth world series in Jamestown, New York. Six of the top teams from New England are competing along with 2 teams representing Vermont. Burlington is the state champs, but there is also a host team Suburban comprised of players from Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, Williston and Winooski. This is the third babe ruth regional tournament Winooski has hosted and it's the first time since 2010 that the 13 year olds have been here.


(((Jeff Brosseau/"It's great to have them out here on a nice field, a local community here. This year we have a very good Suburban team so we're hoping for some very good things here. If you can get 2 local teams playing in a regional, it's a great deal and a great opportunity for some of these young men."))) (((Paul Angstman/"We get to be in our own beds and it's nice to know the kids will be at home and they're not playing elevator tag or whatever in some strange hotel. So, it's great for the hotels to have the other teams in them, but it's great to me as manager knowing my kids are in bed getting a good night sleep.")))


the Lake Monsters and Tigers on Star wars night at Centennial. Chewbacca in the hot dog race and you know what? Let the wookie win. --- Connecticut scores 4 runs in the second inning. The Monsters start to climb back in the third, a runner at second for Mikey White, he grounds one past the third baseman, Seth Brown coming around, he beats the throw to the plate. Vermont down 4-1. --- Same score in the 6th, the Monsters load the basses for Trace Loher and he absolutely rips one to right. It just misses being a grand slam. However, it does clear the basses. A-three run double, we are tied at 4. --- The Tigers take a 1 run lead in the ninth, Vermont with 2nd and 3rd one out, Vicmail De La Cruz, grounds to second for the out, but Laher for some reason gets caught off second base. He's tagged out and it's a double play. --- The next batter is Brown and he strikesout on three straight pitches to send it. A tough one for the Monsters, the force not with them tonight, 5-4 the final.


The Vermont Mountaineers have dropped two straight, falling at New Bedford tonight, 4-1. The Bay Sox scoring three runs in the first inning and never looking back.


The Yankees trying to avoid a second straight loss to the Twins. --- This doesn't help. Bottom of the third, TORII HUNTER connects off CC SABATHA for a three-run homerun. That makes it 5-0 Minnesota. --- ALEX RODRIGUEZ almost single handedly brings the Yankees back. Fourth inning he blasts this solo shot. It's now 5-1 Twins. --- Then in the 7th Rodriguez is at it again a two ruin shot this time and now the Yankees are down just 2 at 5-3. --- It's 5-4 minnesota in the top of the ninth, guess who's up and guess who goes out, rodriguez again his third homer of the game. It's a solo shot we are tied at 5, unreal. --- Later in the inning, with 2 on JOHN RYAN MURPHY doing his best A-Rod impression. A three run blast. What a win for the Yankees, 8-5 the final.


MEANWHILE THE Red Sox lost today to the Tigers, 5-1. Tomorrow, one of the greatest pitchers in Red Sox history and in all of baseball takes his place in the hall of fame. Eight time all star, Pedro Martinez was elected to the hall in his very first year of eligibility receiving 91 percent of the vote. Martinez won three Cy Youngs over his 18 year career. 2000 was his best season, posted a 1.74 ERA with 284 strikeouts in 217 innings. He helped lead Boston to a world series title in 2004. The former Expo says he is going to have some fun with his hall of fame speech.


- see email - A second annual floating party at Thayer Beach in Colchester. Witnesses say about 200 boats showed up for the event... and countless innertubes and rafts joined in on the fun. The event was organized online by Jeremy Dewyea with the goal of beating last years crowd of 54 boats... ( looks like they beat that record ) The band Justice performed to the floating audience - also while floating on a raft.

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