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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. The US-led coalition determined to destroy the ISIS terror group in Iraq and Syria had another busy day, and some new help. Alison Harmelin reports.


(nats) Two British Tornado fighter jets flew their first coalition mission on Saturday over Iraq. SOT: David Cameron / British Prime Minister: "WE ARE THERE TO PLAY OUR PART AND TO HELP DEAL WITH THIS APPALLING TERRORIST ORGANIZATION." The British Defense Ministry says the warplanes gathered intelligence but did not fire on any targets. The UK's participation -- so far only approved for Iraq -- came one day after Cameron pleaded with a cautious British Parliament... SOT: CAMERON: "THIS IS ABOUT PSYCHOPATHIC TERRORISTS WHO ARE TRYING TO KILL US. WE HAVE TO REALIZE WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT, THEY HAVE ALREADY DECLARED WAR ON US.... THERE ISN'T A WALK ON BY OPTION." On Saturday, seven US-led air strikes in Syria damaged an ISIS airfield, training camp and several armored vehicles. Warplanes also targeted an ISIS stronghold...attacking a town near the Turkish border. Three strikes in Iraq also destroyed several armored vehicles and an ISIS military camp .. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey said Friday that the strikes in Syria are disrupting the ISIS chain of command, but he stands by his position that thousands of boots on the ground will be necessary to reclaim areas of Eastern Syria. President Obama has consistently send he wont be sending U-S troops into the fight. Alison Harmelin for CBS News, New York.


A mountain rescue this afternoon at Smuggler's Notch According to rescuers, a female hiker fell towards the top of the mountain at a popular winter ice climbing area. Multiple crews responded-- including Stowe Mountain Rescue and Colchester Technical rescue. Responders say the rocky terrain made it difficult to get the victim off the mountain. But, they say it IS something they train for on a regular basis.


((Chief Doug Veliko/Stowe Mountain Rescue: "we have probably two to 4 calls a year in the notch with these types of calls and we train up here regularly. WE actually did this identical training last weekend.")) The patient- who's name has not been released was transported to the hospital-- with a likely lower leg facture.


Tense moments for a pilot forced to make an emergency landing in Vergennes. State police say the plane's operator -- Roger Teese of Charlotte -- landed in a field this afternoon when air began rushing into his cockpit. According to a press release, the pilot reported difficulty steering, but safely set the plane down only a short-distance from his intended destination -- the Basin Harbor Club air strip. State Police on scene would not answer questions on camera but the club's engineering director says everyone walked away okay.


(1:06:23) ((Brian Goodyear - Basin Harbor Club The pilot and the passenrger were able to taxi the plane over to the corner of one of our fields here and then he was able to walk back and let everyone know what had happened)) The investigation is ongoing. The state's aeronautics inspector says the plane will be removed from the field within a few days.


Does Governor Peter Shumlin practice what he preaches when it comes to clean energy? State House reporter Kyle Midura takes a closer look.


At press conferences and on the campaign trail, Gov. Peter Shumlin proclaims Vermont has a future as the epicenter of the green energy revolution. ((1:28:28 - :39 Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont - 7-30-14 if more states would do what Vermont is doing, getting off our addiction to oil, moving to renewables, our kids and our grandkids would live in a more prosperous plantet )) After asking state workers to drive less and cutting mileage reimbursements, the Governor unveiled the state's first electric vehicle -- a Toyota Prius Hybrid -- in 2013. ((13:14 - :22 Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont -- 4-8-13 we think this is just the beginning of an evolution from cars that have been powered by oil to cars that are powered by green, clean, renewable power)) Since then Gov. Shumlin oversaw efforts to install more electronic filling stations -- and pushed for the creation of a green corridor running from Montreal through Vermont. At an August event in Burlington, he called for the state's drivers to shift into cleaner cars as he showed off a new rapid charger. ((16:32 - :42 Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont -- 8-6-14 So we've got to move this, we need more Vermonters signing up. We've got now over 700 electric cars on the road in Vermont. We want to make that seven-thousand as quickly as we can.)) Despite his rhetoric -- the Governor rides around the state in a gas guzzler. (50:36) ((Governor, how can Vermonters take you seriously on climate change when you have seven personal vehicles, and two state police vehicles that get 13 miles per gallon? )) (50:50) ((Well, you're counting a boat, a tractor, and some other farm equipment, if that's a vehicle, I ask you to drive it down 89 and see how fast you get there. )) The Governor said two of the cars in his name belong to his daughters. He says his three trucks get little use now that he's rarely on the family farm. Shumlin says State Police chose to escort him in Suburbans -- not him. (52:25) ((Kyle: so are you going to ask the Vermont State Police to consider more fuel efficient choices? Gov: I'm going to ask the Vermont State Police to continue to do exactly what they've done for me )) Vermont State Police Spokeswoman Stephanie Brackin says they chose the vehicle in order to safely transport the Governor in inclement weather, through disaster areas, and in order to avoid security threats. She said the vehicle provides funcionality and safety while considering environmental and financial concerns. Kyle Midura Channel three news.


Hundreds gathered in Montpelier today to fight for those who can't hear. Melissa Howell reports.


Evelyn Dixon and Zach Sherman are the parents of 2 little boys -- Paxton and Kalvin. But for Paxton, the challenges he faces in the classroom are a new experience for his parents. ((Evelyn Dixon/Paxton and Kalvin's mother 01:01:44 "He's 3 years old, he was born deaf."01:01:48)) The couple came out to Montpelier to show their support at a rally to save The Austine School in Brattleboro. ((WALK NATS)) After more than 100 years of educating the deaf and heard of hearing, Austine School closed it's doors in June due to declining enrollment. Since Paxton was born deaf, his parents are now on a mission to ensure he has another option to learn and grow. ((Evelyn Dixon/Paxton and Kalvin's mother 01:03:52 "If Austine school reopened, I would drive 2 hours to send him there versus moving out of the state and starting over in a new community." 01:04:00)) A few weeks ago the Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing also closed unexpectedly. Now, supporters want both the school and the center to become part of a state agency. ((James Tucker/Austine alumni-superintendent The Maryland School for the Deaf 01:18:23 "We're tired of trying to raise money for schools to keep them viable. It's time to change the financial structure. The state needs to stand behind educating students who are deaf and hard of hearing here in Vermont." 01:18:36)) It's a place Tucker says has also made a difference in his life since graduating in 1976. ((James Tucker/Austine alumni-superintendent The Maryland School for the Deaf 01:15:17 "My first day at Austine I finally understood my teachers, I understood my classmates and I understood myself." 01:15:23)) The plan is to introduce a bill that will address all of the services that are needed to provide comprehensive care to deaf and hard of hearing people here in Vermont. And saving the Austine school is a mission OTHER alumni at Saturday's event say could change the future for students. ((Bill Hudson/Austine School Alumni 1976 01:09:16 "Signing is a place of growth and the children need that and parents need to understand that. Public schools need to understand and respect that." 01:09:26)) And Paxton's parents hope to someday allow their son the same opportunity as they continue to learn American Sign Language -- and how to connect with their son. ((Zach Sherman/Pazton's father 01:06:15 "it's exciting to see the smile on our sons face when we can communicate." 01:06:22)) Melissa Howell, Ch3 News Montpelier.

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coming up on tonight's news.... New details about Entergy's plans to shut down Vermont Yankee plus... a weekend for celebrating woodworkers in the Upper Valley... First here's Dave with the weather... Clear tonight, with patchy dense fog, especially in sheltered valleys.

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New details about life after Vermont Yankee. The owner of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant- Entergy-- has outlined some its plans for the shutdown of the plant at the end of the year. The company told the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel on Thursday that it expects to have the plant's spent fuel moved into dry cask storage by the end of 2020. The plant's staff will be reduced by more than 40 percent early next year with another large staff cut in the spring 2016. Company officials also say a decommissioning site assessment will be complete in the next 30 days.


A drunk driving charge is pending after an early morning crash that left a Waterford man in critical condition. Police say 23-year-old Benjamin Briggs was headed east on the Simpson Brook Road in Waterford when he went off the road and hit a tree. His passenger, 23-year-old Justin Stahler, was transported to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center- with what police say were critical injures. Briggs is facing a DUI charge.

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It's the 9th annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. Residents dropped off unwanted drugs at locations across the state. Most law enforcement departments accepted the drugs from 10 this morning until 2 this afternoon. It's a move to properly dispose of unsafe and expired medication. The Washington County Sheriff's department says the take-back also discourages thieves from breaking into homes for drugs.


((Deputy Shawn McManis/Washington County Sheriff Dept. 00:22:30 "That's one of the things that people are looking for is easy access to prescription drugs so if you don't have them, the likelihood is less." 00:22:41)) You can check with your local police department for more information about where to dispose of unwanted drugs.


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Today looked like fall, but felt like summer! Burlington reached 81 degrees, just 2 degrees shy of the record high of 83 degrees. Tonight will be clear, with patchy dense fog developing, especially in the sheltered valleys. Sunday will be another gorgeous and warm day, with some spots back in the low 80s for highs. It will be great for checking out the fall foliage, which is near peak in the mountains, and some color in the valleys. Monday will be cooler, but still mild with partly sunny skies. A cold front will pass through Monday night and Tuesday with a sprinkle or shower, but that's about it. Wednesday through Friday will be quiet, though a bit more seasonable for this time of year. Showers are expected by Saturday.

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The region's woodworking industry is on display this weekend. The11th Annual Vermont Fine Furniture Woodworking & Forest Festival is taking place in Woodstock-- at Union Arena. Furniture & wood products are for sale, and demonstrations are taking place from, what organizers say are the areas most talented woodworkers. Live music and local food is also entertaining visitors. The event continues tomorrow. There is a 10 dollar admission fee.


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The Fall Foliage 200 Saturday in Plattsburgh capped off the ACT season. Drivers battled Above average temperatures to try and stop red hot Joy Pole. The Hudson New Hampshire native was the ACT runner up one year ago, but enters the 112 points ahead of the next driver in the field.. --- The big names coming out to play in this one... Including defending tour champion Wayne Helliwell Jr, who took an early lead and held it until lap 120... --- That's when he runs into some mechanical issues, pretty much ending his day. When the cars come back from a refueling pit stop... It's Pole and Act International winner Patrick Laperle going head to head for the final 80 laps... On lap 167, it's the 97-car cutting ahead for the final time... --- It was tight but Joey Pole holds off Patrick Laperle for the ACT Fall Foliage 200 win and a well deserved first tour title...


(((TRT:23 OC: GET THAT CHAMPIONSHIP "We've been close and we've been doing this for 10 years now... A guy I've looked up to is Brett Dragpn, he came close but came up short so many times. Luckily, everything came together this year and we were able to get that championship.")))


There's nothing like when a high school football game lives up to the hype. A huge D-2 showdown today in Bellows falls between the 3-1 terriers and 3-0 Burr and Burton. Bellows Falls only loss of the season coming to Rice. Burr and Burton won't meet rice until week 7. --- passing touchdowns a plenty. Second quarter, the Terriers Ethan Illingworth with the pass to Brian McAnuff for the touchdown as Bellows Falls grabs a 21-14 lead. --- the Bulldogs answer right back, Griffin Stalcup with a pump fake before hitting Carter Vickers for the touchdown. The Bulldogs miss the extra point, so it's 21-20 Terriers at the break. --- There were a couple of rushing touchdowns in the game believe it or not. B-B-A's Will Tucker from about 30 yards gives his team a 27-21 lead. --- We go to the fourth, Illingworth to Chris McKeen in the back of the endzone.It's 34-27 Bellows Falls with 7:40 left. --- Final minutes of the game, tied at 34, bellows falls on fourth and 8 fake the punt at midfield and the gamble doesn't pay off. Jakob Mead is stopped. --- The Bulldogs take over and with 20 seconds left, Stalcup hits Wilson Vickers at the goaline for the game winning touchdown. What a battle. Burr and Burton 40, Bellows Falls 34.


As for Rice, the green knights hosting North Country today, fans and dogs alike loving this weather. --- The defending D2 champs dominate in the first quarter, Chris Jansen fakes the handoff and takes it himself for the 27 yard touchdown. 21-0 Rice. --- The North Country offense trying to get something going, but Arnold Vainqueur has other ideas, picking off the pass. --- A rice penalty after the interception pushes them back a few yards, but that's no problem for Jansen. Another rushing touchdown, this one from 24 yards. Rice rolls, 48-7 improving to 5-0.


In Division 1 this afternoon, unbeaten Middlebury visiting 1-3 CVU. --- The Tigers take control in the first quarter and never look back. Austin Robinson going to the air, Bobby Ritter, already with a rushing Touchdown, adds this TD catch. It's 14-0 Middlebury. --- CVU had a chance to find the endzone early on, but disaster here as Jake Evans' pass is picked off by Robinson. He heads back 95 yards for the score. Middlebury goes on to the 48-21 win improving to 5-0.


Let's go to division 3, U-32 on the road taking on Fairfax. Both teams enter the day 3-1. --- The Bullets score right before halftime and score again right after halftime, Liam Sweeny heading down the sideline for the 55 yard touchdown. He's a little tired after that run. 40-14 Fairfax. --- U-32 doesn't disappear, Colby Brochu takes the handoff and heads up the middle for the 10 yard touchdown. 40-22 Bullets. --- But that Fairfax offense is tough to stop, Matt Larose from about midfield takes it in for the touchdown. It wasn't his only time in the endzone. BFA-Farifax with a big win, 59-36 the final.


elsewhere In division 3 today, Windsor making the trip to Bristol to meet Mt. Abraham. --- The Yellow Jackets add to a two touchdown lead in the third quarter, Trevor Worrall with the ball, next stop endzone, 30 yards for the touchdown. It's 20-0 Windsor after 3. --- Mt. Abe gets on the board early in the fourth quarter, check out the run here by Anthony Warner, spinning to avoid tacklers. Warner caps off the drive with a short touchdown. 20-6 Windsor. --- The Yellow Jackets get that right back, Russell Simonds takes the pitch and he heads to the endzone. Windsor goes on to the 35-6 win. Both teams are now 3-2.


Other High School football scores today. In division 2, Lyndon gets its first win of the season beating Spaulding by 2. Fair Haven with a big win over Poultney. The Slaters are 4-1. And in division 3, Winooski goes to Rutland and comes away with a 50-24 win over Mt. St. Joseph.


The Middlebury College football team looking for its first win of the season visiting Colby. --- Second quarter, the Panthers looking to extend their 7 point lead, Matt Milano over the middle to Trevor Wheeler. He takes it to about the Colby 8 yard line. --- A few plays later, Milano holds and then fires a bullet to Brett Harasimowicz for the touchdown. Middlebury goes on to the 27-7 win.


Castletno improves to 2-1 with a 36-23 road win against Alfred State. The Spartans Kevin Alberque finishes with 316 all-purpose yards. Dartmouth and UNH are meeting under the lights tonight at Cowell Stadium in the Granite Bowl. UNH wins, 52-19. Dartmouth hosts Penn next saturday in the ivy opener


UVM alum and Women's basketball assistant coach Courtnay Pilypaitis scored 8 points today including 2 threes as her Canadian team beat MOZAMBIQUE, 69-54 at the FIBA world championships. 1-0 Canada meets Turkey tomorrow.


We'd love to show you some Keegan Bradley Ryder Cup highlights from Saturday, however U.S. Ryder Cup coach Tom Watson sat Bradley and playing partner Phil Mickleson for the entire day. The U.S. Trails Europe 10-6 heading into tomorrow's final day. That was the same insurmountable deficit Europe overcame two years ago at Medina. Bradley will face Jamie Donaldson as it's all singles matches on Sunday.

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