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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. The leading candidates for the Republican nomination for President squared off this evening in New Hampshire-- just days before Granite Staters head to the polls. Danielle Nottingham reports.


(nat) THE ABC NEWS DEBATE KICKED OFF WITH A BIT OF CONFUSION. DOCTOR BEN CARSON AND DONALD TRUMP APPARENTLY DIDNT REALIZE THEY HAD BEEN CALLED TO THE STAGE (nat) former governor jeb bush .WHILE OTHER CANDIDATES PASSED THEM BY. (white flash) TRUMP EVENTUALLY TOOK CENTER STAGE IN A DEBATE THAT LED TO SEVERAL CONFRONTATIONS . ( SOT- Jeb Bush/(R) Presidential Candidate) what Donald Trump did was try to use emminate domain to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in Atlantic City. (white flash) ( Donald and Bush) Bush how tough was it to take the property of an elderly woman. Trump: quiet let me talk TRUMP HOLDS A STRONG LEAD IN THE NEW HAMPSHIRE POLLS. BUT MARCO RUBIO RECENTLY SURGED TO THE NUMBER TWO SPOT. THAT MADE THE FIRST TERM SENATOR THE TARGET OF ATTACKS ABOUT HIS leadership EXPERIENCE. (SOT- Gov. Chris Christie/(R-NJ) Presidential Candidate) I like Marco Rubio but he simply doesnt have the experience to be President. (31:35 Sen. Marco Rubio / (R) Florida, Presidential Candidate) I think the experience is not just what you did but how it worked out. (BRIDGE: Danielle Nottingham/CBS NEWS/Manchester, NH) THIS IS THE EIGHTH REPUBLICAN DEBATE AND IT COULD MAKE OR BREAK THE CAMPAIGNS OF some CANDIDATES TRAILING IN THE POLLS. (SOT - Dr. Ben Carson/(R) Presidential Candidate) it gives us a very good example of Washington ethics CARSON CRITICIZED SENATOR TED CRUZ OVER HIS WIN IN IOWA. ON CAUCUS DAY CRUZS TEAM SPREAD REPORTS THAT CARSON WAS STEPPING AWAY FROM THE CAMPAIGN. ( SOT- Sen. Ted Cruz/(R-TX) Presidential Candidate) when this transpired I apologized to Ben POLITICAL PUNDITS WILL DETERMINE WHO WON THE DEBATE BUT VOTERS HERE WILL DECIDE WHO WINS THE PRIMARY WHEN THEY HEAD TO THE POLLS ON TUESDAY. DANIELLE NOTTINGHAM, CBS NEWS, MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE


A wanted Winooski man is behind bars-- thanks to the U.S. Marshals. Police say 26-year-old Spencer Rouille assaulted a pregnant woman at his home in Winooski back in January and then fled the residence. He had not been seen since. Police contacted the Marshal's office for assistance and this week- Rouille was located in St. Johnsbury and taken into custody. He is charged with 1st Degree Aggravated Assault.


A SUV plunged into the Saxtons River in Grafton. The seventeen-year-old driver and two younger passengers are lucky to be alive after their car went over the guard rail and into the river. State police say Irfan Arif of Claremont, New Hampshire was driving on Route 121 last night in Grafton when he lost control of his Hummer. They say the car hit the guard rail and plunged 15 feet into the Saxtons River ... where it landed upside-down. Everyone in the car was able to get out -- and get medical attention.


A stolen handicap-accessible van has been located and returned to its rightful owner. Lynzi DeLuccia reports.


Andrea Lafountain was at work in Middlebury Thursday when her van - handicap accessible for her mother - was stolen from the parking lot. ((Andrea Lafountain 1:12:04-1:12:15: "My first instinct was I thought a family member had moved it around back or something as a joke, but when I started to talk to people I realized that wasn't the case that it was really gone.")) A couple of hours before she realized her vehicle was gone, Lafountain came out on her lunch break and grabbed some things from her unlocked car - which had a spare key inside of it. She believes she was being watched. ((Andrea 1:14:35-1:14:45 "I mean I grew up here, this is a quiet town, I've never...I've always left my vehicle doors unlocked, this is middlebury nothing like this happens here.")) Lafountain's main concern was her mother's health and stress - but Saturday morning, she received a call from police that the van had been found - in Rutland. Only one word could describe what she felt. ((Andrea 1:15:52-1:16:04: "Oh my god, relieved, I was sure it would be found in a river, or in a car accident or even out of state, I was sure that's the way it was going to go down.")) The van - parked and left with the keys inside - was found at a home on Library Avenue in the city of Rutland. Cassy Webster-Burch had no clue why the unfamiliar vehicle was blocking her from leaving her driveway. ((Cassy Webster-Burch 1:24:46-1:25:02:"We heard a car door about 8ish this morning, we looked out the window and didn't see anybody, but we saw a red van that was sitting in the driveway, parked kind of crooked and we thought, 'what's this doing here?'")) Rutland police ran the vehicle's license plate and saw it to be stolen. They contacted Middlebury police, who notified Lafountain that her vehicle was safe and sound. That's when she found herself what she calls a good samaritan - Charles Kellner read Lafountain's plea online for a ride to Rutland and drove from Burlington to help out a complete stranger. ((Charles Kellner: "it's simple, these are the things we're supposed to do for each other, and when you can, you do.")) ((Andrea: "I am just floored, that just means the world to me, from someone who I've never met before.")) Middlebury Police are investigating the case. They don't have any leads yet, but are beginning to test fingerprints on the vehicle to further the investigation. Lynzi DeLuccia, Channel 3 News, Middlebury...


An iconic Vermont resort is closing its doors-- unable to make ends meet. The Quimby Country Resort in Norton has welcomed guests for years. It is rich in history and located in one of the state's most beautiful settings. But, this week the business's board of directors voted not to open this summer and list the property for sale. In a written statement, they said the financial hurdles could not be overcome.


Imagine soaring through the air at Fenway Park. The iconic ballpark is being transformed into a winter wonderland for a big air competition-- with a little help from some folks in our region. Killington Mountain posted this photo to its Instagram page. The caption read "Killington's snowmakers aren't just busy resurfacing the mountain, they're also coating the massive 1-hundred 40 foot tall ramp at Fenway Park. This is a view from the top. The big air event- which will highlight some of the world's best skiers and riders- takes place Thursday and Friday.

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Just a few snow showers tonight and Sunday, mainly near the Canadian border. Temperatures will get colder during the week.

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coming on tonight's news... Getting ready for camp.... Several months in advance.... plus.. The importance of playtime at school....

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Kids of all ages came out to Burlington today for the 19th annual Camp & School Fair. The Hilton in Burlington was filled with families interested in learning about the variety of programs and activities available in the region. Representatives from 60 camps and independent schools were there to talk and teach about the different opportunities.


((Cathy Resmer/Kids VT Executive Editor 03:21:00 9230 "People come to Vermont to raise kids. I think a lot of times people talk about, it's such a great place to raise a family, and there are just so many opportunities for kids. We've got everything from horseback riding camps to gymnastics to computer coding." 03:21:12)) Parenting Magazine, Kids VT, organized the event for kids of all ages from pre school to high school. Guests were able to stop by at no cost to talk face to face with program leaders and bring home more info about programs in the area.


Any parent can tell you that playtime is full of learning. But unstructured playtime is decreasing -- and studies say it could be hurting kids' development. Earlier this week, Hinesburg Community School took part in Global School Play Day. It's part of an effort to raise awareness about the importance of play in a child's development. Teachers say rising academic standards mean playtime is being replaced with test prep, and they're not sure it's helping.


((SOT Alyssa Lasher, Teacher 042904 Regardless of the age, I think kids need to have that play 06 And oftentimes, kids are in very structured activities -- which are great, they're fun for them, they learn a lot of skills in those, but I think one thing we're not getting a lot of anymore is that unstructured play 18)) With childhood obesity at an all-time high, doctors say play also promotes a healthy lifestyle. The C-D-C recommends kids ages 6 to 17 play for at least 60 minutes. But active play has plummeted by more than 50 percent in the last 40 years.


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The rest of this weekend is looking relatively quiet, and remaining on the cloudy side. A few snow showers are possible tonight and Sunday near the Canadian border, but that's about it. Monday will be mostly cloudy and slightly colder. It's looking a bit more active during the week, as we'll be in between two storm systems: one in the Great Lakes, and another stronger storm off the coast. The result will be the chance for snow showers Tuesday and especially Wednesday, with perhaps a few inches accumulation. Thursday will turn colder, with a few flurries possible. An Arctic cold front will come through on Friday, with flurries. This will usher in an Arctic air mass for next weekend. In fact, this is likely to be the coldest air so far this winter, which has no doubt been on the mild side.

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Survival skills were put to the test today by a group of Boy Scouts. Rose Spillman reports.


10 Year old Sean Plumer just earned his bobcat badge with Boy Scout troop 645 in Huntington, and now he's taking on a new challenge. ((Sean Plumer/Toop 645 Huntington 9212 03:12:27 "I've never been to a Klondike before. This is the first I've ever heard of it. In a meeting I went to with the Boy Scouts, I heard about the Klondike, and my dad said it would probably be fun to go to, so I'm like ok let's go!." 03:12:38)) On Saturday, Plumer participated in his first ever Klondike Derby--an event Boy Scouts across the country hold each year. ((Mike Flock/Troop 645 Huntington 9221 03:15:52 "It's a traditional Boy Scout event that's held in the winter time, and the boys build dog sleds and pull them around with all their gear and demonstrate their scout skills and have a lot of fun." 03:16:05)) Troops from across Chittenden county were out for the derby at the Mills Riverside Park in Jericho. The kids packed their dog sleds and wagons with gear and traveled around to various activities to learn different survival skills, like building a fire. ((Sean Plumer/Toop 645 Huntington 9212 03:10:52 "Magnesium, flint, and you light that over a cotton ball. We had vaseline on the cotton ball so they would light easily. Then we put small twigs and leaves over the cotton ball, so it would light our fire. So we had that going for us." 03:11:07)) Troops also practiced building a shelter, using a compass and slingshot, and taking care of an injured friend. Plumer says he had to pretend to be hurt and have his friends build a stretcher to carry him. ((Sean Plumer/Toop 645 Huntington 9212 03:11:14 "Well you had to build a stretcher, then the person with the broken leg, which was me for a few minutes and then it was Theo, and you had to...everybody was blind except for the person with the broken leg, and you had to lead them around our little tree set ups here." 03:11:34)) Troop leaders say the activities aren't just about wilderness training or survival. ((Mike Flock/Troop 645 Huntington 9221 03:16:30 "The goal of Boy Scouts is really to teach leadership to the boys, and they start small, young in the patrol, and they learn how to be patrol leaders and soon they're Eagle Scouts and leaders in the community." 03:16:45)) And at the end of the day, boys like Sean Plumer say they're just excited to use their new skills the next time they're out camping with family or friends. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Jericho.



Top ranked teams have posed all sorts of problems for the Cats this season. Entering the night, Vermont is just 1-9 against schools ranked in the top 10. That includes a 2-1 loss to number 10 Notre Dame last night. Same two teams this evening. --- Four and a half minutes into the first period, teams skating 4 on 4 Jordan Gross for the Irish past Pack Munson. Cats down 1-0 after 1. --- Midway through the second period, another Irish blast, Jake Evans giving Notre Dame a 2-0 lead. --- three minutes later, Cats on the attack, Notre Dame can't clear it, Alexx Privitera throws it on net and Anthony Petruzzelli tips it home. It's a 2-1 game. --- But Vermont can't grab the equalizer, they pull the goalie for the extra attacker with about 2 minutes to go, and Sam Herr puts it away. Notre Dame takes it 3-1 sweeping the weekend. Vermont's 10th straight loss to a top 10 team.


Across the lake in Plattsburgh, the 3rd ranked Plattsburgh men hosting Cortland. --- Plattsburgh gets on the board first, Connor Gorman goes cross ice, Ryan Chiasson takes it off the boards and fires it home. Cardinals up 1-0. --- The lead grows in the second period, Gorman to Luke Bal-esh-ta in the slot, the wrister finds the back of the net. 3-1 Cardinals. --- Less than 3 minutes later, Michael Radisa picks off the pass, wide open in front, nothing you can do to stop that. The Cardinals smoke the Dragons, 6-1...


The top ranked Plattsburgh women's hockey team, looking to move to 21-0 this afternoon, hosting Cortland. --- First period, Cortland on the power-play but Kayla Meneghin takes the puck out of the defensive zone, puts it between the defenders legs and slides it past the goaltender for the short-handed goal. Cardinals up 1-0 after 1... --- Plattsburgh really takes control in the 2nd, Andrea Ziesmann in front for Karen Hudson, firing this one home... --- Plattsburgh goes on to the 7-1 win. The Plattsburgh and Cortland men's teams meet tonight. We'll have highlights at 11.


Let's stay in Plattsburgh, The men's hoop team home this evening, hosting New Paltz. --- All Cardinals at the start, opening the game on a 9-0 run. Edward Correa knocks down the three. He had a game high 24 points. --- Plattebugh extends the lead to 13 before the Hawks soar back, back to back threes in the corner and the Cardinals lead is down to 7. --- But that's as close as it gets Eli Bryant for three, drills it. He ends up with 9. Cardinals win, 102-64. The Cardinal women lost to New Palz, 81-73.


The UVM men's hoop team has played good against good teams but has yet to really play great against a good team. The Cats with that chance tonight in Albany. UVM taking on a Danes team that beat them by 12 back at Patrick Gym earlier this month. --- the Cats take over late in the half going on a 17-5 run, Ernie Duncan drives 2 and the foul. He had a game high 23 points. --- Then, just before the half, Drew Urquhart muscles his way down low for two. The Cats take a 41-31 lead into the lockeroom. ---- second half, here come the Danes, Peter Hooley buries three in the corner. he had 20. Great Danes now up, 52-49. --- but Vermont doesn't go away, less than 2 minutes to go check out the shot here from Cam Ward. He gets it to go, plus the foul. Part of an 8-0 run, 13 for Ward, Cats up 1. --- but Evan Singletary puts the Great Danes back on top from the free throw line in the final minute as Albany scores the final 5 points of the game. 20 for Singletary. Vermont falls, 75-71. The Cats slip to 4th in the conference 2 games behind Albany for 2nd place.


The UVM women's basketball team at Patrick Gym taking on an Albany team receiving votes in the USA today top 25 poll. --- The Danes Tiana-Jo Carter with a big game 18 points, 18 rebounds. The basket and foul here in the first. Albany by 8 after 1. --- The Cats were led by Andreanna Thomas, 12 points including this three in the second quarter. --- But it was a historic day for Albany, Imani Tate breaks the 1000 point plateau for her career while Shereesha Richards becomes the university's all time leading scorer. This is 2 of her 9 points. Albany rolls, 75-40.


The St. Michael's women's basketball team visiting Southern New Hampshire. The Knights beating the Penman earlier this season in Colchester. --- A slow start for St. Michael's, first quarter, U-32 grad Maddie Bennet for 2. The knights down 11 after one. --- But the ladies get it going in the second quarter led by Lea Spencer. She matches a career high with 25 points. St. Mike's up 2 at the break. --- Southern New Hampshire rallies in the third quarter, Kylie Lorenzen was a force, 20 points 13 rebounds including this hoop and foul. Southern New Hampshire takes it, 60-52. The St. Mike's men also lost to Southern New Hampshire today, 70-65.


The UVM carnival contiues this weekend with the Nordic events. Dartmouth Lydia Blanchet wins the women's 5k freestyle as the Big Green continues to lead UVM in the team standings, 725-671. The Cats Jorgan Grav did win the men's 10k freestyle but Dartmouth took the next two spots. Middlebury is fourth, as the Panthers Kelsey Phinney fished second in the women's nordic race. St. Mike's is 8th. The carnival wraps up tomorrow with the nordic 10k classics.


High School boys hockey at Leddy Park this afternoon, Brattleboro making the trip up to face Burlington. --- Evan Perkins gets the Colonels on the board midway through the first period. --- A couple of minutes later, Perkinds slides it across to Declan Lonergan. Brattleboro takes a 2-0 lead. --- Later in the period, the seahorses get on the board, the puck goes in front where Jack Lenihan is able to poke it home. --- Burlington looks for the equalizer late in the period, but the Colonels Nick Perusse makes the save. Brattleboro goes on to the 8-2 win.


Finally, championship night at the Vermont Golden Gloves tournament. The final time the event is taking place at the Burlington Memorial Auditorium. --- in the 141 pound novice final, Springfield's Ethan Holmes meeting Jack Simpkins from Maine. Simpkins with a couple of shots early, Holmes had to respond to a 10 count twice in the first round. He does bounce back nicely in the final 2 rounds, but it's simpkins that gets the unanimous decision. --- In the 112 pound women's final, check out Hannah Wescott in red from the Green Mountain boxing club in Burlington. She gets some good shots in to close out all three rounds on the way to a unanimous decision. The Novice open Champions advance to the new England championships in Lowell, MA later in the month.

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