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Good Evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Security is tighter than ever tonight at the White House after a man jumped the fence Friday and made it all the way inside. Bigad Shaban reports.


42 year old Omar Gonzales is accused of doing what nobody else has ever done before. He jumped the security fence, sprinted across the lawn and ran right into the White House through the unlocked front doors. Secret Service agents immediately tackled him. It all went down in seconds, just a few minutes after the president and his daughters left for camp David. The White House was evacuated. Gonzales was taken away in an ambulance. Secret service agents lined-up shoulder to shoulder at first light Saturday, combing the north lawn and nearby areas for anything the Gonzales might have left behind. The Texas man was arraigned Saturday afternoon. He's charged with carrying a dangerous weapon and possession of unregistered ammunition. The court complaint says Gonzales was carrying a 2 and a half inch folding knife with a serrated blade in his right front pocket. On Saturday afternoon, another man drove up to the White House gates and refused to leave. He was arrested for trespassing. Someone manages to make it over the fence about once a month. The Secret Service has launched a full review and has increased security. The President says he still has faith in the agency. Bigad Shaban, CBS News.


Police are educating themselves when it comes to DUI checkpoints. Elizabeth Keatinge reports.


((Sgt. Blake Cushing/Vermont State Police 21:47:39:11 You just don't want to be impaired, when you drive, that's the bottom line. 21:47:43:11)) Sgt. Blake Cushing and other members of law enforcement from the Rutland County area are cracking down on drinking and driving. Supervisors from the Vermont State Police, the Rutland County Sheriff's Department, and Rutland Police Department took a sobriety checkpoint class this week. ((nats)) Lt. Kevin Geno led the class, which he recommends law enforcement take at least once a year to be up to date on new laws, and review procedures. He says with DUIs in Rutland up 7% since 2013, properly conducting DUI checkpoints is extremely important. Law enforcement also tells us just the presence of cruisers and officers at a checkpoint has a ripple effect that deters drinking and driving and other types of crime throughout a community. ((Lt. Kevin Geno/Rutland Police Dept. 21:42:12:17 Social media takes over when you do a DUI checkpoint and then people know. 21:42:20:28)) Drivers are not required to answer questions and when conducting a DUI checkpoint, law enforcement must adhere to uniform policies, such as signage, notifying the public, questioning, sobriety testing, and processing that follows Vermont State Law's Operational Procedure. If something is not done according to the law, an offender who does drink and drive and test above the state Blood Alcohol Content level of .08 - could walk free. ((Sgt. Blake Cushing/Vermont State Police 21:44:12:22 So everything is pretty much standardized and systematic, so when we go to court, if we do get a DUI, things were done properly and they have a legal basis to be upheld in court. :23)) At this checkpoint this week, Lt. Kevin Geno tells us they did not need to hand out one DUI, but there were other violations. Officials remind us the best way to avoid a DUI - which carries up to 2 years in jail for a first offense - is to not drink at all when you drive. Elizabeth Keatinge Channel Three News Rutland.


Barre police need your help finding a convenience store robber. They say last night, a man walked into the Champlain Farms on Washington Street -- approached the clerk -- and demanded money. The clerk gave him the money -- and he left. Police say, he didn't appear to be armed.


Police are on the hunt for Burlington man who they say assaulted a Saint Albans store clerk. Police are in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant for 21-year-old Matthew Gregory. Police say Gregory assaulted an employee at Beverage Mart in Saint Albans. The victim, 23-year-old Michael Bishop is in critical condition. Police have not been able to locate Gregory, though they say they did speak to him by phone-- at which time-- police say he denied involvement.


Police say, a Williamstown woman hid -- and had sex with -- an underage teenager. Police say, 23-year-old Courtney Heath hid the 14-year-old at her house. She's now facing charges of sheltering a runaway -- and having sex with a minor.


Recovering addicts are sharing their stories of recovery this September-- which is National Recovery Month. Melissa Howell reports


((John Gower/Writers for Recovery Workshop 01:10:43 "I've been clean and sober for over 30 years."01:10:46)) John Gower's journey to sobriety wasn't easy. But it was an unconventional kind of treatment that helped him overcome -- the Writers for Recovery Workshop. ((John Gower/Writers for Recovery Workshop 01:13:35 "You have to do something different because you do what you know and you have to know some new things in order to stay clean and sober." 01:13:43)) The Recovery Rally brought treatment programs from around the state to the Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center for the 25th Anniversary of National Recovery Month. Family and friends came out to hear the stories that brought their loved ones to their turning point. ((NATS: reading poetry)) ((Patricia Skinner-Garvey/Writers for Recovery Workshop 01:41:00 "I was reluctant to expose myself publicly as a person in recovery because of the stigma but that's exactly what this whole event is about." 01:41:13)) ((Rita Johnson/Friends of Recovery Vt. Director 01:01:08 "We're excited to raise a lot of visibility and awareness and hope around recovery and focus on solutions, and bring hope to families and make sure that they know how to connect." 01:01:19)) And it's that connection that, officials say, helps the healing process continue. ((Patricia Skinner-Garvey/Writers for Recovery Workshop 01:39:30 "The way people responded to it and shared their own stories is what kept me coming." 01:39:36)) ((NATS:reading)) In Vermont, about 7-thousand people a year go through treatment for substance abuse. ((Commissioner Barbara Cimaglio/Vt. Dept. Of Health 01:45:37 "I would say about 10 percent of the population on average tend to struggle with some kind of addiction and about half of those may go into treatment at some point in time. 01:45:49)) It's services like counseling -- and now writing -- that are helping Vermonters lead sober lives. And it's the process of writing about the past -- and future that is making a difference for so many. ((John Gower 01:14:28 "I'm a survivor and so are other people." 01:14:32)) Melissa Howell , ch3 News, Burlington.

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still ahead on tonight's news... the safe way to get rid of personal information... Plus... Writers come together in Burlington to celebrate books... First.. Here's Dave with the weather... Mostly cloudy tonight. PM showers on Sunday (earlier in NY).

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When discarding personal information -- it's recommended to shred rather than just throw it away. The AARP held a "shred fest" behind the Walgreens in South Burlington today. Chittenden County residents were invited to bring old bank statements, tax returns, and other private documents to be shredded. The event is estimated to collect 6 tons of paper from thousands of people. Organizers say the Shred Fest is just part of a bigger campaign to raise awareness about identity theft.


(TC 00:02:47:27 Tile 3746) ((Greg Marchildon/AARP Vermont Executive Director "What we want to do is make sure all this information is shredded because if it is found in the hands of a criminal or someone who's going to try to scam you, your social security number, a credit card number, those things can be extremely dangerous can cost you tens of thousands of dollars." 00:03:02:10)) The AARP is holding another Shred Fest in Rutland the morning of October 4th. It will be held at Kinney Motors off Route 7

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The Fletcher Free Library is reminding visitors there's nothing like a good book at this year's Burlington Book Festival. The festival is now in it's 10th year. This is the first time it's being held at the library. Authors came out to speak about their works. There were also workshops, as well as a book sale.


((Rubi Simon/Library/Director 00:56:39 "its another type of programming that creates community engagement and that's what we're hoping to be able to do, and just foster the love of reading in all it's literacy forms." 00:56:49)) The festival began Friday and will be going on all weekend.


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It was a warmer but windy day today, with some gusts over 40 mph at times. The wind will ease a bit tonight. A cold front will move slowly through the region on Sunday, with afternoon showers (earlier for the Adirondacks). There is the chance for a thunderstorm. It will be warmer, with highs in the 70s. A trailing trough will keep the chance for showers around on Monday, especially during the morning. It will be cooler, and fall officially arrives at 10:29 PM! A nice stretch of weather is expected, starting on Tuesday. Tuesday will be fairly cool, with highs in the 55 to 65-degree range. Temperatures will gradually warm up during the week... getting well into the 70s for Friday and Saturday. It looks like summer wants to make a brief comeback!


Taking selfie's maybe be a 21st century trend-- but this weekend- they are also giving a snapshot back in time. Logan Crawford explains.


Annie Lunn was taking a walk down Church Street with her daughter Mya -- when she spotted a ruby red Volkswagen Bus complete with a photo booth. (TC 00:14:18:08 Tile 3802) ((Annie Lunn/Colchester "Thought it'd be a cute little thing to do." 00:14:20:15)) The Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity -- or CVOEO -- is a nonprofit working with low income individuals to provide them with basic needs. They're borrowing this VW Bus from PhotoBooth Planet for the "Sixties Selfies" fund raiser. (TC 00:03:35:20 Tile 3779) ((Travis Poulin/CVOEO "Today we are doing 'Sixties Selfies.' This is Scarlett, she is a portable photo booth van." 00:03:42:28)) The phrase "taking a selfie" wasn't commonly used in the sixties -- but organizers think it's a fun combo. (TC 00:04:33:09 Tile 3779) ((Travis Poulin/CVOEO "It's a 1966 VW Volkswagen Bus. It's been completely refurbished. It did not originally come with the photo booth inside but they set that up inside." 00:04:42:16)) Shoppers and those dining on Church street are stopping to get their picture taken. (TC 00:01:47:24 Tile 3774) ((Helaine Rappaport/Burlington "I've done photo booths before but not in a VW bus." 00:01:53:28)) (TC 00:05:55:24 Tile 3780) ((nats "You climb inside the van, you hit this button over here, smile for the camera. It's going to take our photos." 00:06:04:09)) (TC 00:10:47:20 Tile 3792) ((Logan Crawford/Burlington "The Volkswagen Photo booth will be set up on Church Street Saturday and Sunday. The photos are free -- but the donations go to benefit CVOEO. The Sixties Selfies are a fun way to remember a nice day on Church Street." 00:11:01:01)) (TC 00:04:45:23 Tile 3779) ((Travis Poulin/CVOEO "For whoever wants them, you can take a picture with your kids, yourself, your best friend, your dog. Anyone who wants to." 00:04:51:06)) This is the first "Sixties Selfies" put on by CVOEO. And those taking pictures are really liking the old school bus -- meeting the new school selfies fad. (TC 00:22:23:20 Tile 3835) ((Nicole Peterson/Williston "Did you get your picture taken today? Yes we did, wanna see? For a great cause, we're really excited about that." 00:22:30:02)) Pull the curtain, take a selfie, and walk away with a memory from Scarlett the VW bus. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Burlington. -3-



It was a loaded Saturday of local college football... All four teams playing host including Dartmouth... The Big Green aiming for a Big Season... picked preseason #3 in the Ivy League polls... Night game at Memorial Stadium as Dartmouth took on Central Connecticut State... --- First quarter, Big Green making an early statement... Dalyn Williams with the screen pass to Kyle Bramble.. Watch #22 go Airborne for the TD... 7-0 Dartmouth... --- Blue Devils quick to strike back... Tavion Pauldo to Adam Berardino... The snag makes it a 7-6 game.. --- Later in the quarter, check this play out... On the scramble, Williams crunched by Asia Bolling... Andrew Murdock dives to pick it off... Ends in a TD .. 19 unanswered for CCSU.. --- But that wouldn't last... End of the second...Dartmouth wakes up under the light for good... On the draw, it's Bramble rambling in for his second touchdown... The Big Green trailed 19-14 at halftime but outscore the Blue Devils 21-6 in the second half... Leading to a 35-25 win in their season opener.


Let's swtich to Division III... The Co-NESCAC Champion Middlebury Panthers hosting Wesleyan in their season opener... It's Life after star QB McCallum Foote for Bob Ritter and company at Alumni Stadium.. --- That role going to Matt Milano in 2014... Some good and some bad from the youngster... Midd down 7-0 in the second.. The junior finds Grant Luna for the TD strike... But Wesleyan up 13-7 at halftime.. --- Third quarter, this isn't as pretty... The pass is tipped and picked by Justin Sanchez... He goes 41-yards for the score ... --- In the fourth Panthers rallying from 22-7 down... Milano finds Rizzo on the out route, he does the rest.. It's a one 22-14 game.. --- Under 3 to play.. Jake Clapp making the huge stop on third down.. Looks like Middlebury will get a chance to tie it up... But they run into the kicker on the ensuing punt... Tough way to end it ... Middlebury falls to Wesleyan 22-14 in their season opener...


(((TRT:19 OC: POSITION TO WIN... Great effort ... Our defense played great football and our offense came down and had a good drive together when he needed to, put us in a position to win it... We just need to eliminate mistakes and penalties... That will put us in a better position to win...)))


Norwich day at Sabine Field... The 1-1 Cadets fired up to host non-conference WPI in front of the home crowd... --- Tight battle... 7-up into the fourth... Both teams exchanging drives before Norwich puts something together... 16-yard pass from Keyen Foley to Pierre Noel... Then, Foley to Robert Rapoza for a key third down conversion... --- That gets Norwich into field goals range ... Wesley Madeiros nails a 22-yarder with 5 seconds left... WPI fail to convert on the ensuing kickoff... Madeiros the homecoming hero as Norwich holds off WPI, 10-7... They improve to 2-1 on the season.


Homecoming at Spartans Stadium too ... Castleton hosting Rensselaer in a non-conference matchup .. --- Engineers putting together a nice drive to open... Jeff Avery to Reggie Colas. Wide open over the middle ... 7-0 RPI... --- Second quarter, now 14-0... Spartans on the move... Tyler Higley finds his man, it's Brattleboro alum Soren Pelz-Walsh and check out some of these moves ... It's a 31 yard pass play, into RPI territory... --- Three plays later, the signal caller looking over the middle but he's picked off by Nick Borkowski (BOAR-COWSKI) ... Rough day for Higley who threw four picks ... And RPI spoils homecoming, Engineers winning big 41-13.


It was also a full day at the high school football level with 8 games around the state ... Including 2 featuring undefeated teams... On the east side of the state.. Solid D1 showdown with unbeaten St. Johnsbury taking on CVU... --- This slugfest went the distance.. Fourth quarter, it's 39-34 Hiltoppers, They add to it... Colton Hudson with the laser to Ronnie Gobin for the score... Now 45-34... --- Redhawks have an answer to that... Richard Lowrey caps a nice drive with this TD scamper... The deficit now 45-40... --- Late in the game... CVU with a chance to go ahead... Jake Evans looking for the big play downfield but hes picked off by Devon Switser... --- That sets up this... Hudson calling his own number for the QB keeper... St. Johnsbury stays unbeaten with the hard fought 52-40 win over CVU.


Another good D1 battle in Jericho... Mount Mansfield welcoming Burlington to town... --- Scoreless in the first.. The Seahorse defense making plays ... Connor Plante showing great ball skills to make the interception... --- Burlington not done playing take away... This time it's Noor Mohamed skying up to end another promising drive... --- Cougars QB Dominic Mosca cleans it up in the second.. Drops this in the bucket for Kyle Haley.. 6-0 MMU there... --- Mount Mansfield trailed at half but they rally to top Burlington at home, 18-16.


Let's go to Division II... Undefeated Rice hosting Lyndon in a D2 Championship rematch ... --- Well not really... Green Knights loaded ... Vikings reloading ... Anthony Phillips continues his big year with the TD run.. 14-0 Rice in the first.. --- Still in the quarter ... Chris Jansen, he's pretty good too... The fake and finish for the 25-yard score... Now 21-zip... --- In the second, Cam Cousino continues to light up the scoreboard with this run to paydirt. Rice cruises past Lydon 49-8, they're 4-0 on the year.


Switching it up to D3 in Rutland... MSJ locking up with Poultney... --- Pick it up late second quarter, Blue Devils QB Alex Wade buying some time, finds Zach Constantine for the 27-yard pitch and catch... 12-8 Blue Devils at the half.. --- Third quarter, it's 19-8... Tough field position for Poultney .. MSJ's defense makes them pay by forcing the big safety... --- But the Blue Devils a little too much in this one... Vincent Kendall takes the handoff and explodes 51-yards up the gut for the touchdown... Poultney downs MSJ... 26-18...

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