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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. A parade in Poultney today to celebrate the fourth of July and to say thanks to power crews-- who helped out a year ago after a summer storm did severe damage throughout the town. Eliza Larson reports.


It was a challenge to find a spot. Crowds gathered Saturday morning along Main Street for Poultney's Independence Day parade. It was a celebration the town wasn't going to miss -- again. (NATS) Last year -- on July 3rd -- a massive summer storm caused thousands of power outages and damage to the town. Residents spent days after the storm picking up the pieces. (TC 10:41:30:11 Title 0811)((Bob Buciak/Poultney: "power lines down down which makes it very dangerous and then - actually College Street right in front of the college was closed off. And somebody was going down there with his kids and, you know, we said, you know, stop because you've got live power down there so it was definitely a destructive storm." 10:41:45:01)) (TC 10:40:33:26 Title 0811)((Penny Froeschl/Poultney: "we couldn't get down our road. Trees were all over the road." 10:40:37:19)) Green Mountain Power sent bucket crews and tree crews out to help with the damage. (TC 10:37:39:10 Title 0180)((David Birmingham/GMP Designer: "it was a four day restoration effort." 10:37:47:00)) (TC 10:43:17:17:16 Title 0811)((Penny Froeschl/Poultney: "local people. Local men and young men were out there with chainsaws. I mean We had trees right across main street here. You know? And no power in any of the stores in town. None. You know we had to call for pizza to bring over to the lake and well forget that. Nothing." 10:43:34:18)) Due to the extensive damage -- the town cancelled their Independence Day celebrations -- a day usually full of activities -- a parade -- and then fireworks. Thanks to GMP and the other responders -- Poultney was able to get power back to the people. The town honored them in this year's parade. (TC 10:38:26:25 Title 0180)((David Birmingham/GMP Designer: "it feels fantastic. Everybody's very proud and we're glad we're able to support the community and we all had a good time today." 10:38:34:01)) A day to celebrate the country's Independence-- AND-- those who are there to help when disaster stirkes. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Poultney.


A fire captured on video at Friday night's fireworks display on the Burlington waterfront. According to the Burlington Fire Marshall-- combustible packaging for a group of fireworks located on the break wall ignited during the show-- sending flames shooting into the air. The fire was quickly contained by a Coast Guard boat positioned nearby. Fire officials say a fire like this is actually quite common when setting off fireworks. Because of that, proper permits-- which include distance between displays-- is required and closely monitored. Officials say while this incident appeared to be much worst than it actually was-- it should serve as a reminder that firework shows should be left to the professionals.


A two car collision in Jeffersonville. It happened Saturday evening on Route 108. Police say a car driven by 23-yr-old James Taylor of Jeffersonville, lost control and crossed the center line into the path of an oncoming vehicle. It took rescue workers about 50 minutes to get all five people out of the two cars. A passenger in Taylor's car was last listed in critical condition, two passengers in the other car were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The cause is still being investigated however police do not suspect drugs or alcohol was a factor in the crash.


A minor fell from the top of a waterfall at a popular swimming spot in Stowe. The call came in just before noon Saturday. According to Stowe Mountain Rescue-- the minor slipped at the top Bingham Falls and fell about 30 feet onto the rocks below. Multiple agencies responded-- including Stowe Mountain Rescue. The patient was treated at the scene-- before being brought down the trail and transported to the UVM Medical Center. The patient's name has not been released and we do not know the extent of the injuries.


The region's bat population may be bouncing back from night nose syndrome. Researchers studying white-nose syndrome-- that has devastated Vermont's little brown bat population-- say their numbers could be stabilizing - or even growing. The state has been monitoring a cave in southwestern Vermont. Officials say early data indicates significant bat populations in the cave. It's still not known why-- considering other bat hibernation caves have been almost completely emptied as a result of the disease. The full report will not be released until late summer.

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Nick is here now with a first look at the weather.... We'll dry out overnight and skies will become partly cloudy. Lows will range from 52/62. Sunday is looking like a nice day! Skies should average partly cloudy with highs of 77/84. After that high pressure will bring us mostly sunny skies on Monday. As a southerly flow kicks in temperatures will really feel like summer, reaching 82/88!

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still ahead tonight ... Bernie Sanders predicts victory on the campaign trail... plus... Store owners speaking out against a new tax on sugar drinks....


Senator Bernie Sanders is predicting victory in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. Sanders made the comments while participating in a 4th of July parade in Iowa today. The self-declared socialist has been traveling the county drawing huge crowds in is bid for the democratic nomination. He says wining Iowa is a key part in the process.


(( Bernie Sanders : "I think there is a lot of support and i think the momentum is with us and i look forward to winning in Iowa, winning in New Hampshire, in fact winning the Democratic nomination.")) Meanwhile-- The Democratic front runner in the race-- Hillary Clinton-- was campaigning in New Hampshire today. Clinton participated in events and Glen and Gorham. The events wrap up a two day swing through the Granite State. On Friday, Clinton spoke to hundreds a Dartmouth College.


Businesses around Vermont are taking steps to comply with the the state's new soda tax-- which recently went into affect. Cat Viglienzoni reports.


NATS Ron scanning bottles Ron Hubert started scanning drink bottles in the early morning Wednesday. ((NATS 5307 This is what I've done since lunch 09)) One by one -- and then marking each code under "taxable" goods. And it all had to be done that day -- as Vermont's new soda and sugary drinks tax took effect. ((SOT Ron Hubert, Middle Road Market Owner 5316 Nine doors of coolers of products that have to be put in one by one. There's no bulk way of putting them through because of type of system that we have 24)) Hubert and his wife Clare own the Middle Road Market -- and Ron is also a representative from Milton. The Republican says he fought against the six percent tax because he knew if it passed -- work for him and other small business owners would add up fast. NATS him at the register ((SOT Hubert 5745 The burden is still on the small businessman to do this right, with no guidance from the tax department 50 which I think is just wrong 52)) ((STANDUP CAT VIGLIENZONI 011526 Part of the reason that grocers don't like this new law is they say it's hard for customers to figure out what's being taxed. For instance, this container of 100 percent grapefruit juice is not taxed, but just down the shelf, this container of 27 percent cranberry juice is 40)) ((SOT Hubert 5903 The consumer will have no warning when they're picking that up 05)) Hubert says he would have rather seen the state decrease spending -- instead of adding a new tax. And he isn't the only one disappointed in the outcome. ((SOT Tina Zuk,Co-Chair of Alliance for Healthy Vermont 4156 I don't believe the 6 percent tax that was passed will help at all. 4200 The price increase has to be substantial in order for it to be a dis-incentive. 05)) Tina Zuk is the co-chair for the Alliance for Healthy Vermont -- and also works for the American Heart Association. She and others lobbied for an more severe excise tax of two cents per every ounce of sugary drinks -- to try to push people towards healthier drink options. She says other states have a similiar sales tax to Vermont's... and it's not working. ((SOT Zuk 4243 In those states, that low of a tax has not been shown to have a positive health impact. It's a revenue generator for the state 51)) It's expected to raise 5 million dollars... money that's going to be split between the general fund and education fund... not on health programs, as she'd hoped. Zuk also says because customers don't see the extra six cents per dollar on the shelf price -- only on their receipts -- it won't work to curb overconsumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. (( Cat Viglienzoni, Channel 3 News, Milton))


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We'll dry out overnight and skies will become partly cloudy. Lows will range from 52/62. Sunday is looking like a nice day! Skies should average partly cloudy with highs of 77/84. After that high pressure will bring us mostly sunny skies on Monday. As a southerly flow kicks in temperatures will really feel like summer, reaching 82/88! A frontal system will catch up to us on Tuesday afternoon into at least Wednesday morning with the chance for showers and a few thunderstorms. After that the weather models are showing a wedge of high pressure nosing in on Thursday through Saturday with partly to mostly sunny skies. While it does look nice and dry late in the week, there is a front lurking just to our south...we'll have to keep an eye on it; if it ends up coming north we would see more clouds and showers. Check back for updates!

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Stowe celebrated the fourth of July today with a parade... And some pie. Rose Spillman reports.


The streets of Stowe were filled with people on Saturday as the village celebrated the fourth of July. Locals and out-of-towners got a taste of some traditional favorites from barbeque and popcorn to one very popular attraction: the pie eating contest. Some kids said they had been waiting all year to compete again in their favorite annual competition. (07:33:26 0078) ((Massimo & Biagio Dicenso/10 & 9 Years old "We're gonna do the pie eating contest. I came in second place last year. I want first this year. I came in fourth. I was way too full." )) Main street was lined with fun including face painting, a bouncy house, and lots of shopping and food. Well known local residents and volunteers were soaked in another popular game--the dunking booth. The main attraction for the afternoon was the 3rd annual village parade. The fairly new tradition for Stowe featured some classical parade elements. (07:34:51 0079) ((Rachel Stevans/Stowe "My favorite part of the parade was the team passing out the candy." 07:34:55)) .The parade featured a clown, animals, and local groups. Activities lasted throughout the day with a finale of fireworks planned for the evening. (07:23:42 0035) (Ella Miller/9 Years old "We haven't done much so far, but I can't wait for the fireworks tonight.")) For families and friends in Stowe, it was another year of celebration and traditional fun for the fourth of July. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Stowe.



Vermont and Sanford originally has July 4th off, but a rain out a few days ago changed that. The two teams meeting tonight in a mske-up game at Montpelier rec field. Showers on and off throughout the night but that didn't seem to affect Vermont.. --- Taylor Durand on the bump for the Mountaineers, here getting the strikeout to end the 3rd..He kept the Mainers off the board until the 5th.. --- Vermont up 3-0 in the 5th..but with two on, Shaine Hughes chopping this one through the right the ball will get past the right fielder and that will allow two Mainers to score on the error in right and it's a one run ball game.. --- But the Mountaineers get those back in the bottom of the inning.. with two on, Ridge Smith blooping this one into left center and it drops in.. Austin Clemons will score...Devin Hairston right behind him and Vermont takes a 5-2 lead.. --- Mountaineers in a jam in the 6th...Mainers load the bases but they send this one to short...Joe Dudek making the great scoop at first and Vermont gets out of trouble.. --- Next inning, Mainers load the bases again ...but with two outs they line this one to left and Vermont gets out of another jam... --- Mountaineers take down Sanford tonight, 6-2...


Another tough loss for the Vermont Lake Monsters tonight, 7-6 the final in Connecticut. The Monsters were playing catch-up all night losing their second straight game. At 5-10 this is the Monsters worst start since the 2006 season. The same two teams meet tomorrow at 4.


The Red Sox and Houst at Fenway. Clay Buchholz on the mound for Boston and he was on his game. He allows one run in 9 inning on 6 hits with 8 strikeouts. It's the Sox first complete game this season. --- Offensively, it was the kids coming through Xander Bogaerts got Boston on the board in the first, then in the fifth, he sends this double to left scoring Brock Holt. 3-0 Boston. --- Mookie Betts drove in a run with a sac fly in the second, then in the 6th he sends this one down the line in left. Sandy Leon comes home. It's 4-0 Boston. --- Eighth inning, Betts is at it again, the drive to center brings home another run. Boegarts and Betts combine for 4 hits and 5 rbi. Sox win, 6-1.


The Rays and Yankees at the Stadium on this independence day. --- Michael Pineda with a strong outing for the bombers, 7 shutout innings allowing just five hits while striking out 10. --- But the New York bullpen can't hold a 2-0 lead in the ninth, Runner on first for STEVEN SOUZA JR. A 2-run bomb off DELLIN BETANCES. Just like that we're tied at 2. --- But in the bottom of the ninth, the Yankees threaten, 2 on for RAMON FLORES. He lays down the bunt, BRAD BOXBERGER makes a bad throw to first, JOSE PIRELA beats the throw to the plate 3-2, The Yankees walk off with a win for the second straight night.


Former UVM men's hockey captian, Mike Paliotta wrapped up development camp this week in Columbus. It was a week that started with Paliotta as a Chicago Blackhawk. Paliotta was traded from Chicago to Columbus on Wednesday as part of a 7 player deal. Paliotta's future in Chicago was up in the air. Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen says he was trying to work out a deal for Paliotta during the season and now that one has finally been made, there's certainly opportunities for the defenseman to make the big club come fall.


(((Mike Paliotta/"As a D-man coming into the league, I spent a little bit of time with Chicago at the end of the year and I learned what it's like to be an NHL player and I was with some great guys there so that experience was really valuable and I'm going to bring that experience into camp. My plan doesn't really change. I'm going to continue to work hard this summer and my goal is to play in the NHL next year. bottom line.")))


Tomorrow night two old acquaintances reunite in the World Cup final when the U.S. Meets Japan. One american playing in her final world cup game wants to go out on top and erase disappointment from 4 years ago. Jericka Duncan has more. (((( she's a beast in the air. No one in the world, male or female, has scored more international goals than Abby Wambach. But of her 183 goals, there is one that pretty much *defines* her. The 2011 world cup -- America down a goal to Brazil and literally seconds away from an embarrassingly early exit.))) ((("What a moment in time, iconic moment to be part of -- so many things that needed to be perfect for that brazil goal // some people thought we women the world cup in that game."))) (((But they didn't, eventually losing in the final to Japan, (practice footage) a loss that has fueled Wambach's obsession to this year, finally put a World Cup title on her otherwise impeccable resume.))) ((("Have you had any visions about how this will end?))) ((("I feel like if there was any year for us to win, this is going to be it, this has to be the one, right? It's the end for me when it comes to talking about the world cups and for me I like storybook endings as well, I think most people do."))) (((Wambach, now 35, been mostly a sub in this tournament, giving way to younger and speedier players. But rather than fuss and fume, she's embraced the role of mentor and motivator - she'll get in her teammates faces when needed.))) (((Abby's a true leader - when she has something to say, everyone listens."))) ((("how would you describe her in one word?))) ((((I'd have to say Selfless. // I think everything she does is for the team."))) (((How selfless? Wambach CRAVES craves that cup - and a 'storybook ending' that might includes a moment like that amazing Brazil goal -- but surprisingly, NOT for "her."))) ((("to be honest, I want it to be a young player, I want it to be the next stud on this team that's gonna lead us into the next generation of many worlds cup championships and many gold medal championships."))) ((( It will be a massive crowd for Wambach's swan song -- tournament organizers say, as of Friday, more than 51-thousand of the stadium's 54 thousand seats have been sold...JD CBS news, VANCOUVER.)))


Heavy rain forced Airborne speedway to call off tonight's action including the 76 lap battle of plattsburgh modified feature. They plan to double up on the features and have fireworks next Saturday. There's action at Thunder Road tomorrow night.


Finally, it's become as much of a tradition on July 4th as fireworks, the Nathan's hot dog eating contest. Matt Stonie devoured 62 dogs and buns in 10 minutes to beat reigning champ Joey Chestnut by 2. That is considered an upset as both men I'm sure will have upset stomachs. --- Miki Sudo defended her's women's division title eating 38 hot dogs in 10 minutes. That's four more than she ate last year. Sonya Thomas finished second eating 31.


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