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Good evening, thanks for joining us I'm Adam Sullivan. Still no decision in Missouri, where a grand jury is deciding whether to indict a white police officer for the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager. Multiple sources tell CBS News that the grand jury's decision is not expected before Monday. Still, an anxious community waits and prepares. Omar Villafranca reports.


Barricades are going up around the courthouse in Clayton, Missouri. It's inside this building that a grand jury has met for more than three months... charged with deciding whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for shooting to death 18 year old Michael Brown last August. Protests are expected, regardless of the grand jury's decision and police say they have concerns... but are ready. :29-:32 Sgt. Brian Schullman/St. Louis Co. Police Department: Biggest concern would be just that regardless of the decision, that we see the violence that we saw in August... somebody, that is, a policeman, someone protesting and exercising their rights or an innocent bystander that is just in that area that is seriously injured or killed. Nats - woman screaming as she's arrested... "my rights, my rights" There've been fewer than a dozen arrests after three straight nights of protests outside the Ferguson Police Department as a tense community waits for the grand jury's decision. Most of the arrests came after protesters blocked traffic. :51-:58 OMAR VILLAFRANCA / STAND UP BRIDGE / FERGUSON ,MO Authorities, activists and even the family of Michael Brown are calling for calm as the grand jury's decision draws closer. :58-1:02 SOT: Michael Brown Sr. / Father "Hurting others and destroying property is not the answer." One thousand local police officers have received extra training in how to handle protesters. Another 400 members of the national guard and 100 FBI agents area also on the ground here. Omar Villafranca, CBS News, Ferguson, Missouri.


An aggravated assault charge against a Winooski man. 25 year old Dale Mackenzie was arrested Friday evening. Police say he pointed a handgun--at another person. At this time, we do NOT know what sparked the incident. Mackenzie is being held at the Chittenden County Correctional Center.


Police are investigating multiple BB gun shootings in St. Johnsbury. Police responded to the American Legion in St. Johnsbury last night after patrons and an employee reported being hit by BBs. They're not sure where they were fired from. And they say it's not the first time -- police say there have been two other incidents where patrons were hit as well.


More money for virtual learning in Vermont. 19 schools across 4 school districts will split nearly a half a million dollars. The money, from the U-S Department of Agriculture, will allow schools to buy video conferencing equipment so kids can tap into classes that are not offered in their home districts. About 5-thousand students are set to benefit from the online courses. The new resources are due to be in place next fall.


Bear kills in New Hampshire are up this hunting season The bear season in the Granite State ends this Tuesday. Fish and Game officials say preliminary counts indicate the bear harvest is about 32 percent higher than last year's season, with more than 7-hundred bears taken as of November 6th. Hunters are still hitting the woods in the Granite State for a couple more weeks. The firearms season for deer ends Dec. 7.


Flannel shirts are a common sight in Vermont-- especially this time a year. And in Montpelier, they can also get you a deal. Logan Crawford reports.


Brandi Waller is the manager at the Montpelier toy shop Woodbury Mountain Toys. She says being a privately owned business -- it's tough competition with big box stores and online shopping. (TC 00:14:22:11 Tile 5490) ((Brandi Waller/Woodbury Mountain Toys Manager "It's hard, but we have great community backing a lot of people want to shop locally." 00:14:28:06)) Shopkeepers like Waller say the independently owned stores keep the identity of a downtown. Nonprofit groups and city officials in Montpelier are stressing the importance of supporting local stores during the holiday season. (TC 00:03:24:08 5463) ((Mayor John Hollar/D-Montpelier "Get people out of their house, shopping local, buying in downtown supporting their local merchants." 00:03:30:00)) (TC 00:20:00:20 Tile 5510) ((Logan Crawford/Montpelier "Woodbury Mountain Toys is one of many stores in Montpelier supporting buying local this holiday season. They're offering discounts on toys the day after Thanksgiving -- but they're not calling it Black Friday." 00:20:11:21)) (TC 00:05:57:04 Tile 5464) ((Ashley Witzenberger/Montpelie r Alive "It's Flannel Friday. When you wear flannel next Friday the day after Thanksgiving you get great discounts in our downtown stores. And it's a fun day to see everybody walking around as a family in flannel. It's our cozy version of Black Friday." 00:06:11:21)) Some admit it's easier to go online or cheaper to shop at a chain store. But Vermonters like Robert Kenny try to buy local when they can. (TC Tile 5483 00:11:10:04) ((Robert Kenny/Montpelier "Sometimes it's convenient so in this particular event I like to come out, see my neighbors, and enjoy buying a few things from some of my neighbors who produce things." 00:11:20:19)) Shoppers in Montpelier are looking forward to braving the cold in their flannel next Friday. (TC 00:12:52:15 Tile 5489) ((Anna Melen/Barre "We're aleady in the holiday season, already in the flannel, flannel season. I think that's a great idea, sounds like a bunch of fun, we'll definitely go out and check it out." 00:13:03:00)) Flannel Friday has been an annual event in Montpelier for years now. Show up in flannel, get some bargain holiday gifts, and stay warm. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Montpelier. -3-

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still ahead on tonight's.. turning turkey sales into food for the less fortunate ... plus... Are your Christmas wish lists ready for Santa? First.. Here's Dave with the weather... Light mixed precipitation tonight. Some slick roads, especially east of the Green Mountains.

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Buying a turkey to benefit those in need. Healthy Living Market in South Burlington is offering a way to give back this Thanksgiving. The grocery store is giving 1-percent of every pre-ordered turkey sold this month to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf. The money will stock the shelves with non-perishable food items for people in need. Healthy Living usually sells one-thousand birds from local farms for Thanksgiving -- but is hoping to break that record this year.


(00:00:26:21) ((Nicole Driscoll/Healthy Living "we do always do food donations they pick up from us five days a week but this is just a boost to give them during the busy holiday season when there's so many vermonters in need")) Along with a portion of turkey sales going to the food shelf -- Healthy Living also has a drop box for donating non-perishable food.


While the elves are hard a work making toys, Santa Claus is at the University Mall in South Burlington taking orders. The mall kicked off the winter season today with Santa's arrival. Kids are now lining up for a chance to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. People waiting in line say it's never too soon to get into the holiday spirit.


(TC 00:27:27:28 Tile 5535) ((Elizabeth Harper/Milton "Is it too early to see Santa before Thanksgiving? No, my kids love Santa so he's not too early." 00:27:33:03)) (TC 00:28:02:14 Tile 5537) ((Betsy Magee/Essex Junction "Just shopping around with my little granddaughter and going to see Santa. We didn't plan on it but we just happen to be here and take the train ride and here we are." 00:28:10:04)) In addition to Santa -- the UMall has a "Chances for Christmas Giving Tree." Tags on the tree have the wish lists of children in need. The mall is asking shoppers to pick up a tag and a toy for the kids.


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A *FREEZING RAIN ADVISORY* is in effect for eastern Vermont and western New Hampshire until 7 AM on Sunday. A *WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY* is in effect for Bennington and Windham counties in Vermont until 5 AM on Sunday. A warm front is bringing light rain and/or mixed precipitation tonight, depending on where you are. Early lows tonight will be in the mid 20s to low 30s, with temperatures rising overnight. Surface temperatures east of the Green Mountains are likely to remain at the freezing mark longer, so a very light accumulation of ice is possible in the advisory area. Remember, it only takes a tiny bit of ice to make the roads slippery. Light sleet and freezing rain are likely in southern Vermont. The roads shouldn't be as bad west of the Green Mountains. Sunday will have morning light rain/mix, followed by cloudy skies. We'll have a warmer day, with highs in the 40s. A cold front will then bring rain Sunday night and the first half of Monday, tapering to scattered showers Monday afternoon. It will be mild, with highs in the 50s, and even a few spots near 60. Temperatures will cool back down during the week, and we're still keeping an eye on a possible coastal storm for Wednesday night and Thanksgiving. There's still plenty of uncertainty with this system, but right now it looks like we could get clipped with some snow showers east of the Champlain Valley. Stay tuned.


A very special birthday is coming up for one younger Vermonter. And he is getting presents from all over the world. Gina Bullard reports.


Just like most 12 year olds -- Alex LeFevre loves to watch videos on his iPad. ((nat)) But lately he's been even more eager to go outside. (00;24:18:18) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "he gets excited to get the mail every day")) That's because the family's Williamstown mailbox is filling up with cards for his upcoming birthday. ((nat mailbox)) But it's not just a few friends and family members sending them -- it's hundreds of people from all over the world. Most of whom have never even met or seen Alex. (00:22:41:12) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "we were trying to think of something we could do to make it special for alex")) That's when mom MaryBeth LeFevre put up a special request on FaceBook. (00:22:54:15) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "he loves maps, and i thought if i put out a FB message maybe some of my friends will send them cards from where they live in the US and we can chart them on a map and he would think that's really cool")) She also asked people to put a fun fact about where they were from in the card. That post got shared over one-thousand times and mail started pouring in from places like Alaska, California, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Spain and the list goes on. (00;23:23:26) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "shocked, we were shocked")) (00:23:41:28) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "the first day he got two and then he started getting more than ten a day")) This day Alex got seventeen -- but was a little upset there were no gift boxes. (00:36:04:08) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "a-oh darnit no box!")) He's received everything from a signed rugby ball from a team in Rugby, Canada to shredded money from the Vermont State Treasures office. (00:25:05:24) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "every single card he gets makes a difference for him")) When Alex was born he had a massive stroke -- doctors started CPR on him immediately and it took 40 minutes before he took his first spontaneous breath. He was in the hospital for the first two weeks of his life and was diagnosed with a disease that frequently results in death. (00:26:24:26) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "they did a skin biopsy and it came back positive for mitochondrial disease")) (00:27:11:28) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "for alex's first six years we thought he wouldn't be around for very long")) But a second opinion has given new hope to the family -- and Alex is now turning 13 on Thanksgiving Day. He even has an attitude like most teenagers. (00:09;35:06) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "oh bossy? I am bossy because i am the mom and bossing is my job")) (00:31:52:18) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "g-how does it feel now that he's turning 13? m-it's amazing it's amazing")) Taking pleasure in everyday moments like getting the mail -- that mean so much more. (00;33:20:12) ((MaryBeth LeFevre/Alex's Mom "even though the cards are going to end the project is never going to end because it's going to be in his heart forever")) Getting ready to blow out the candles on his 13th birthday -- wishing for good friends and people to care about him -- a wish that already has come true. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Williamstown.


Anyone who wants to mail Alex a letter can find contact information at our website WCAX (DOT) COM



When the vermont men's hockey team has a bad Friday, the Cats opponent on Saturday better look out. The Cats are 2-0-1 the game after a Friday night loss. That includes tonight. Umass taking the ice facing a Vermont team that lost at Uconn Friday. --- Not only did the Cats bounce back, they dominated, scoring 3 goals in about a five minutes, great pass by Kevin Irwin to Brady Shaw. Two goals for Shaw on the night. --- Then on the power play, Alexx Privitera's blast from the point finds the back of the net. 3-0 Cats after 1. --- They add three more in the second, Colin Markison's shot is stopped, but there's Mario Puskarich on the rebound. 6-1 Vermont after 2. --- The Minutemen were counting down the seconds before this one was over. Third period, Malcom McKinney with the final of his three goals. Vermont with a romp, 11-1 the final. The Cats improve to 6-3-1 in Hockey East.


The Fourth ranked plattsburgh men hosting Morrisville tonight at Stafford. The Cardinals looking for a weekend sweep. --- First period, Kevin Emmerling gets the pass, he follows up his first shot for his first of two goals on the night. It's 1-1 after 1. --- It's 2-2 after 2, but Plattsburgh opens it up in the third, Michael Cassidy comes out from behind the net. For the score, 3-2 Plattsburgh. --- Later shorthanded, Cassidy gets the pass from Michael Radisa for his second goal on the night. Plattsburgh goes on to the 5-2 win.


Meanwhile back at Middlebury, the Men's hockey team hosting Conn College. --- First period, The Panthers George Ordway with the steal, getting it to Mike Najor who breaks in and puts it home. 1-0 Middlebury after one. --- All Panthers in the second, Max Greenwald's shot is stopped, but there's Evan Neugold scoring on the rebound. 2-0 Middlebury. --- A minute 48 later, on the power play, Ronald Fishman fires it home for the eventual game winner. Middlebury goes on to the 3-2 win, the panthers first victory of the season.


Elsewhere in division 3 Men's college hockey today, Norwich hangs on for a win at New England College. Castleton falls at number 7 babson, 3-0. and St. Michael's skates to a 4-4 tie with St. Anselm skate.


The UVM men's basketball team at St. Joe's tonight. --- The Cats jump out to an 11-1 lead. Ethan O'Day getting things started with back to back jams. He had 10 points. Yes, the Cats up 10. --- But the Hawks rally taking a 6 point halftime lead. Isah Miles for 3 of his 15 points. 32-26 St. Joe's at the break. --- that leads blows up to 14 early in the second half. DeAndre Bembry knocks down 3. He had a game high 22 points. --- The Cats go on an 8-2 run late to close the gap to 5 with a little over 3 minutes left. Trae Bell Haynes to O'Day --- but that's as close as it gets, Hector Harold had 10, but he can't get the lay-up to go here late. St. Joe's hands the Cats their second loss of the season, 68-60 the final.


In Colchester today, Southern New Hampshire visiting St. Michael's in the Purple Knights home opener. --- St. Mike's comes out shooting, Michael Holton junior buries three. He had 10. --- Corey Carwford the second knocws down three, part of his team high 15 points. We're tied early on. --- St. Michael's never really pulls away, nice lay-up here by Southern New Hampshrie's Devin Gilligan. The Pennmen led by as many as 5. --- But the Knights rally, Crawford with the nice spin move, they swing it to James Cambronne who knocks down 3 of his 14 points. St. Michael's hangs on for the 64-61 win. The Knights are 2-1.


The same two teams meeting on the women's side earlier the Ross Sports Center. --- All purple knights midway through the second half, Indira Evora with a strong take to the basket. Part of her 12 points. St. Mike's up by as many as 12. --- Later, Maggie Sabine gets the feed inside for 2 of her team high 16 points. Despite a late rally by southern New Hampshire, St. Mike's goes on to the 63-58 win improving to 3-1.


Back to Northfield... The 2-1 Norwich men's basketball hosting New England College... --- First half, Cadets down 2, but not for long, Ryan Fitzgerald with the pretty finish to tie the game at 12. --- Next Norwich possession, U-32 alum Ryan Booth knocks down the 3. He had 7. Cadets in front, --- But from there, the Pilgrims takes over.. On the break... Terrance Thompson goes behind the back to Robin Wilson... --- Norwich falls to New England College, 74-70.


the Dartmouth men's soccer teams looks to take another step closer to an ncaa championship tomorrow night. The Big Green are on the road facing number 11 Providence in a second round NCAA tournament game at 7.


College football, thanks to Harvard's win over Yale today, Dartmouth could not become a co-IVY league champ, but that didn't stop the big green from taking it to Princeton on the road. --- fearly first quarter, Dalyn Williams going deep, Bo Patterson grabs it for the 58 yard touchdown. Patterson with 4 T-D grabs today. 7-3 Big Green after 1. --- in the second quarter Dartmouth caps off a 10-play, 80-yard drive with this four-yard strike from williams to Ryan McManus. 305 yards passing and 4 touchdowns for williams. --- Dartmouth keeping control in the second half, Sawyer Whalen causing a fourth quarter fumble recovered by teammate Vernon Harris. It leads to a Ryder Stone touchdown. Dartmouth wipes out the Tigers, 41-10. The Big Green finish 8-2 overall, 6-1 in conference, their best record in 17 seasons.


To Sabine Field for the ECAC Northeast Bowl. 7-3 Norwich hosting Salve Regina ... --- First drive of the game, Cadets find the endzone... Al Georgio is trying to make his last game count. A 57 yard touchdown run part of his 196 yards on the day. 7-0 Norwich. --- tied at 14 in the second, The Cadets Joshua Woodward zips it to Trystan Colaire. It's a 13-yard connection. 21-20 Norwich at the break. --- but the seahawks offensne is pretty powerful and it showed in the second half, Early third, Steven Wilken hits Alex Hulme for the touchdown. Salve Regina scores 35 unanswered points as Norwich falls in the ECAC Northeast Bowl, 48-21. The Cadets finish the season at 7-4.


The Middlebury field hockey team meeting The College of New Jersey in the NCAA national semifinals in Virginia. --- Nine minutes into the game, the lions get on the board, off the corner, the shot goes on net, there's a scrum in front and it's Lindsay Hatch tapping it to the back of the cage. Panthers down 1-0. --- Early in the second half , The lions Lexi Smith finds Alicia Wagner, who puts it home from eight yards out. Middlebury down 2-0. --- The Panthers with a couple of chances late, but Kelly Schlupp was there to knock them all away. She makes five saves. Middlebury falls in the national semis, 2-0 the final. The Panthers end their season at 19-2.

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