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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. A teachers strike in South Burlington is over. After a FULL day of negotiations, a tentative deal was reached LATE this evening between South Burlington teachers and the School Board. The deal comes on the 5th day of the strike-- which canceled classes and other activities for most of last week. Details of the deal are not being disclosed at this time- however, a mediator called in to bring both sides to agreement says BOTH sides are to be commended for finding common ground.


(( Joe McNeil : "This was no longer about what you really wanted, this was about what you could accept. Even though you might have to, from your perspective, hold your nose and accept it. Both parties compromised from where I'm sure they would have preferred to be, but in the end I think they found an agreement that works to the advantage of the public here in South Burlington and the community at large and especially the kids that are attending school here.")) All school functions are scheduled to resume Monday. Both sides still need to OFFICIALLY vote on the agreement that is also scheduled to take place Monday.


Police are investigating the death of A 54-year-old female in St. Albans City. Police responded to the storage units on Brigham Road a little after noon today where, police say they found the body of 54-year-old Brenda Maki. She moved to St. Albans from Winooski. Police have not determined the cause of death, however, police say there were no signs of foul play. Maki's body was transported to Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.


The search for a missing University of Virginia coed appears to be over. Searchers believe they found the remains of Hannah Graham today. CBS News Correspondent Kris Van Cleave has the latest.


Searchers found human remains just before noon Saturday on abandoned property about 8 miles south of the Charlottesville campus. Police believe they are those of 18 year old Hannah Graham, who's been missing for more than a month. SOT: Tim Longo / Charlottesville, VA Police Chief: "Thousands of hours have been spent by literally hundreds of law enforcement and civilian volunteers in an effort to find Hannah. We think perhaps today proved their worth." The University of Virginia sophomore disappeared in the early hours of September 13th after a night out with friends. Graham was last seen on surveillance video with 32 year old Jesse Matthew, Junior, a local taxi cab driver. Matthew turned himself in when he was named a person of interest, then fled. He was arrested September 24th in Galveston, Texas. He's charged with abduction with intent to defile, or sexually assault. Graham's parents issued a plea for her safe return shortly after she disappeared. Sot: Sue Graham / Mother: "Please, please, please end this nightmare for all of us." Thousands of searchers scoured the woods near the Charlottesville campus on foot, horseback and even used a drone to cover about a 200 square mile area. The remains will be taken to Richmond for examination, autopsy and official identification. Kris Van Cleave, CBS News.


Riots near the campus of Keene State College today. Local police, firefighters and ambulances in New Hampshire responded to large crowds of students and visitors who were gathering for the area's annual Pumpkin Festival. The Southwestern New Hampshire Fire Mutual Aid organization said on Twitter that several people were injured from bottles thrown at a party involving hundreds of people. No word on arrests or what started the melee.


A warning for drivers buying gas in White River Junction. Police say a "skimmer" was attached to the gas pumps at the Evans Expressmart in White River Junction. The device was attached to a credit and debit card reader on a gas pump and can be used to read credit card numbers and defraud cardholders. Police say those who have used their cards at the station should check with their banks about steps to take to guard against fraud.


Be on alert for Ebola. That's teh message from Vermont's acting Human Services Secretary. Elizabeth Keatinge reports.


((Dr. Harry Chen/interim Secretary of Human Services 08:08:10:26 We have to think of Ebola. I mean, two words, think Ebola. 08:08:13:00)) Vermont's interim Secretary of Human Services called for hundreds of healthcare and EMS workers to keep the virus that has three diagnosed cases in the U-S and dozens of people being monitored - at the top of their minds. ((Dr. Harry Chen/interim Secretary of Human Services 08:08:15:00 When you're confronted with a patient with a fever, I mean, really one of the first things you should ask them is have you been to West Africa. :20)) Attendees of the conference at the Killington Grand say they already have heightened awareness. ((Kate Soons/nurse 08:19:20:27 We are doing some actual training on making sure everybody's up to speed on how to take that potentially contaminated personal protective gear off. :29)) Although Ebola is a fairly new concern for many who work in healthcare, they say their day to day work is always risky. ((Forest Weyen/Bennington Rescue 08:27:55:20 Caution, we deal with a wide variety of diseases, disease processes, infections. Every day we walk into something we could know or not know what we're walking into any day of the week. :03)) Dr. Chen applauded the efforts that Vermont's hospitals have already made in preparing for a possible Ebola outbreak, like increasing questions on patient intake forms regarding travel history. His talk emphasized the major outbreaks of Ebola are thousands of miles away - but the fear is still close to home. ((Dr. Harry Chen/interim 08:12:57:09 We're just two plane rides away from West Africa, so it's really vitally important that we have awareness that we understand the anxiety and address the fears. :08)) ((Dr. Harry Chen/interim Secretary of Human Services 08:07:40:05 Vermont has a very low risk of having someone with Ebola coming in. But it's not a no risk. 08:07:45:29)) ((Elizabeth Keatinge/Killington 08:34:12:16 The conference is attended by over 500 healthcare and EMS workers from Vermont and surrounding states. It continues through Sunday. EK Ch3 News Killington. :21))

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still to come on tonight's news... buying a decommissioned state vehicle at auction prices.... and... Students officially welcome the president at Champlain College.... First here's Dave with the weather... It was mild again today, but much colder air is on the way.

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A workers strike FairPoint could hurt the company's bottom line-- according to experts. More than 17- hundred FairPoint workers in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont walked off their jobs early Friday. Analysts say FairPoint has made significant investments in its fiber network AND that that the company is poised for growth if it can settle the labor dispute. But, the experts say a strike will likely hurt business in the short term, as large customers delay new or upgraded service. Pensions, health care costs, and the hiring of contract workers, are the main issues separating the two sides.


An online auction for state vehicles. . The online auction offers Vermonters the chance to acquire state snow plows, dump trucks, bucket loaders and other equipment at auction prices. The majority of the vehicles and parts being auctioned have been decommissioned by the Vermont Agency of Transportation. The online auction runs through Monday. You can find more information at our info center at WCAX (DOT) COM.


The 8th President of Champlain College was officially welcomed to campus today. Melissa Howell report


((Student Speaker 04:14:21 "Let us pause to appreciate who we are as a community and how strong we are united under a leader as fearless as Don." 04:14:29)) Students joined faculty and staff to welcome Champlain College's new president. ((NATS:CLAPPING)) Don Laackman served as the president of Harold Washington College in Chicago. He's the 8th president to lead Champlain College. ((Don Laackman/Champlain College President 04:53:40 "If we are to meet our goal of being the finest school we need all of you to contribute your own vision of Champlain's future." 04:53:49)) His vision to advance education and prepare students for their careers is one students are excited to be a part of. ((Grace Hubbard/Champlain College Sophmore 05:25:00 "I was a little concerned that we wouldn't be as innovative but he seems like he's really going to keep us moving forward." 05:25:09)) The college enrolls more than 3-thousand students a year. Students coming from 13 different countries and 39 states. Laackman hopes to see the school expand -- and become accessible for students across the globe -- and move to the forefront of cutting edge technology. ((Faculty Speaker 04:19:12 "It's just so wonderful to welcome you here Don and Allsion and I'm really excited to forge ahead in these final frontiers with you together." 04:19:20)) For some students, conversations with the new president have shown his dedication. ((Kirby McThompson/Champlain College Junior 05:21:19 "I really love his excitement for the students and the future of Champlain." 05:21:23)) And for many students like McThompson, this is just the beginning. ((Don Laackman/Champlain College President 04:33:45 "We have a great brand in Vermont, a growing awareness of our brand in New England and an opportunity to become nationally recognized for our distinguished approach." 04:33:54)) ((CLAPPING NATS)) ((Kirby McThompson/Champlain College Junior 05:22:12 "I'm excited for the journey!." 00:22:16)) Former Champlain President Finney served the school for 9 years before deciding to step down. Finney says the college has much to gain from the energy and vision that will accompany a new president. Melissa Howell, Ch3 News, Burlington.


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Summer made have made a brief comeback during the week, but fall weather will be taking over again. A low pressure system and cold front are moving through the region, with widely scattered showers. Much colder air is behind this system, so a few snow showers are likely in the mountains. Sunday will be blustery and chilly, with a few showers, mixed with a few snowflakes in the mountains. Monday is looking quiet, though still chilly. Then we're watching a system expected to hug the coast for midweek, keeping our weather wet and cool. Showers are expected Tuesday, with rain for Wednesday and Thursday. The storm system will start to move away on Friday, though showers are still possible. Saturday is looking good, with partly sunny skies and seasonable temperatures.


It's that time of year again -- where kids get to load up on halloween candy A that can mean a trip to the dentist get their teeth fixed. At Champlain Orthodontics during the week after the holiday, kids can trade in their excess candy for a dollar a pound. It's part of a buyback program -- which then sends the candy to troops overseas.


(00:05:29:00-00:05:40: 00) ((DR: Then we match the dollar donation to go towards the Vermont Food Bank. Last year we raised enough money that we ended up donating turkeys around Thanksgiving.)) You can trade in your candy at Champlain Orthodontics at the Williston office from November 3rd through November 8th or at the St. Albans office from November 4th through the 8th.


Alpacas are stealing to show at the Champlain Valley Expo this weekend. The Green Mountain Alpaca Fall Spectacular began today. It's the conclusion of the summer show season. About 200 alpacas-- 60 New England farms-- are on display, along with the items made from their fur. The animals are also judged on the quality of their fiber and their genetics.


((John Nielsen/Alpaca Breeders of Vt President 01:53:34 "This has been atleast 6 or 7 years that this event has been here. It is open to the public,we do have a lot of people who have never been around alpacas. Alpaca breeders are very helpful and very enthusiastic about sharing the wonderful knowledge they have with people." 01:53:56)) The Alpaca Show continues all day tomorrow.



You can't have a high school football season here in Vermont... Without the Game.. St. Johnsbury and Lyndon locking up for the 110th time this afternoon in the Kingdom... A reversal of fortunes in 2014... This year, the Hilltoppers coming into this one undefeated... And the Vikings simply trying to finish the year on a high note... --- First quarter, ST. J dives ahead.. Caleb Stowell takes the handoff and jumps over the line for six... 7-0 Hilltoppers lead.. --- Second quarter, they're looking for more... Colton Hudson airs it out but Lyndon's JJ Mesics with the incredible pick as he tips it to himself to end the drive... --- End of the half, rain coming down in buckets,... Now 14-0 STJ.. Vikings QB Wyatt Moreau (MORE-O) trying to make a play but he fumbles in the endzone .. It's recovered by Stowell for the touchdown... Hilltoppers roll over Lyndon 46-zip in "The Game", Likely #2 seed St. J now 8-0 on the year.


Sticking in DI... South Burlington back on the field... Playing host to potential #3 seed Essex... --- 20-15 Hornets at the half.. Third quarter they extend then when Joey Robertson powers his way in... 28-15... --- Rebels playing this one without a cause but still firing way ... Thomas DeMag tosses deep to Dylan Avery... We're back to a 5-point game.. --- But ensuing kickoff, Essex brings out the fire power... Cody Greene weaves his way up field for a 70-yard return.. It would set up another short Robertson touchdown... Essex goes on to hold off South Burlington 35-30, likely locking up that #3 playoff seed.


To D3 football... Senior day at Oxbow... The Olympians playing host to Otter Valley ... --- Otters off to yet another fast start... Josef Scarborough powers it in... 7-0 OVU in the first... --- Later in the quarter ...Otter Valley looking to pile it one ... But Oxbow's Dylan Griffin saves a touchdown with this big fourth down hit.. --- Otters can't convert there.. But they do here... John Winslow lofts one up to William Ross... He Hauls it in for the touchdown... OVU rolls past Oxbow, 41-21...


Other scores from around the state... In division III, Poultney holding off Mt. Abe 14-0... While Mill River win a shootout over MSJ, 40 to 38,... Also tonight marked the 100th anniversary of the Bellows Falls-Springfield rivalry... The Terriers showing recently all purple with the 42-7 win...


Don't look now... Or maybe you should... Riding high after back to back wins, the Dartmouth football team off to a 3-1 start heading into homecoming weekend... The Big Green hosting Holy Cross as they aimed for a third straight win... --- Pick it up in the second quarter tied at 3... Dalyn Williams continuing to dazzle.. The QB hooks up with Ryan McManus for the 8-yard connection... 10-6 Dartmouth at the half... --- Third quarter, some D from the Big G... Troy Donahue with the pick .. Next drive... Williams with the screen pass to Kyle Bramble for 6... Home team jumps out to a 24-6 lead.. --- Holy Cross hangs around though... 2 fourth quarter TDs.. They get a chance to tie or win it late but Peter Pujals last ditch effort is incomplete on fourth down... Dartmouth holds on for the 24-21 win... They're now 4-1 on the year.


Another beautiful afternoon in Middlebury... The Panthers hosting Bates in NESCAC action.. --- First quarter, Midd's D makes a big play... Nick Leedy jumps the route and comes away with the pick.. --- That play sets up this... Matt Milano airing it out 33 yards to last week's hero Brendan Rankowitz... 7-6 Panthers after 1 ... --- Second quarter, Milano in a groove... The QB hits Matthew Minno over the middle, the big fish goes 21 yards for the touchdown.. Now 14-6 ... --- End of the half... When it's going good ... It's going good... Matt Cannone fumbles the snap, he tries to knock it out of bounds ... Instead Jake Vacovec falls on it... Part of 28 unanswered ... That's back to back wins as Middlebury routs Bates, 35-6.


In other local d3 football action this afternoon... Castleton sees their 3 game win streak come to an end with a close 26-21 loss at Mt. Ida --- Meanwhile Norwich with back to back wins ... Al Georgio with 193 rushing yards and a TD in their 17 point win at Becker.


The UVM men's hockey team is finding all sorts of ways to win to open this season... Last week, a blowout at Northeastern... Last night, a hard fought 2-1 victory over Clarkson in their home opener... Tonight those two teams finishing their home-and-home series in Potsdam... Mike Santiguida Stellar... 28 saves for the Cats ...And he'd get goal support... --- In the first, Mario Puskarich puts home the shot from the point... UVM jumps out to a 1- lead.. --- Seven minutes later, Vermont back on the attack.. Watch Colin Marksion fall down but still gets the pass to Kevin Irwin for his first college goal.. 2-0 Cats after 1.. --- In the second... Puskarich doing the assisting this time.. Off his breakaway shot ... Captain Mike Paliotta buries it for the goal... Vermont with an impressive 3-0 shutout win to sweep rival Clarkson... They'e now 3-0 and host Uconn next weekend.


To the Gut.. The Catamount women hosting RIT in a weekend set... --- The Tigers looking to add to a 1-0 lead in the second, but UVM's Madison Litchfield makes the stop on the power play. --- UVM evens it up in the third, Dayna Colang fires it home on the power play. It's 1-1. --- About 3 minutes later, Amanda Pekley working hard behind the net gets it to Victoria Andreakos for the score. Comeback complete. Cats win 2-1. They're now 3-1-1 on the year .. Same two teams tomorrow at 2.


High School field hockey, South Burlington hosting Middlebury in a game postponed from earlier in the week. --- It was a back and forth game with both goalies makes saves early on. South Burlington's Liz Sargent getting a stick on it before kicking it away in the first half. --- Scoreless game right before halftime, the Middlebury pass in front is put home by Sara Kelley in front. 1-0 Tigers at the break. --- The Tigers with another chance early in the second half, off the Corner it's kelley again with a shot through a screen that finds a home. Middlebury goes on for the 3-0 win.

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