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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Melissa Howell. A plane carrying 3 people crashed in a town near Lake Placid, New York this morning -- all 3 passengers were killed. As police investigate the cause of the crash -- residents in the area shared what they saw. Logan Crawford has the story


(tile 2060 00:04:48:12) ((nats plane 00:04:50:10)) A single engine plane flying over northern New York crashed on a farm in the town of North Elba -- killing the 3 people onboard. (tile 2057 00:02:51:05) ((James Tolkan/Neighbor "I've often thought that it's a possibility that some plane could come down near here. This is the first time it has. It's shocking, it's almost disbelief." 00:03:05:20)) The plane went down less than a mile from the Lake Placid Airport. New York State Police and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the crash. (tile 2068 00:09:56:04) ((Samuel Barclay/Lake Placid "it's surprising everyone's shocked and wants to know what's going on and I'm curious myself. They have a lot of police down there. It'd be nice to hear something." 00:10:06:25)) (tile 2066 00:08:09:12) ((Logan Crawford/North Elba "I spoke with the owner of the farm where the plane crashed. She won't go on camera -- but says she was doing work around the farm this morning when she heard a plane right overhead and a thud right after. She said the plane burst into flames immediately and there was nothing anyone could do to save the people onboard." 00:08:26:00)) (tile 2070 00:12:27:00) ((Craig Randall/Lake Placid Mayor "Our fire and rescue people were on the scene almost immediately and were able to extinguish the burning plane but unfortunately weren't able to do anything for the occupants of the plane." 00:12:42:12)) Police declined to comment. The identities of the 3 victims -- as well as what caused the plane to crash -- are currently unknown. (tile 2057 00:04:08:28) ((James Tolkan/Neighbor "Grateful that it didn't land on my house and my animals and my family and my wife and so on. But I've been aware that it could happen with these small planes, this little airport." 00:04:20:17)) Police say the FAA is taking over the investigation. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, North Elba. -3-


Firefighters responded to a fire at 16 Park Ave in Fair Haven earlier this afternoon. When Fair Haven fire department arrived the house was fully engulfed in flames.. No one was living in the house at the time of the fire and no one was injured. Vermont state police believe the fire was intentionally set and are investigating. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.


Union leaders for Fairpoint Communications employees say a strike may be on the horizon as contracts comes to an end. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has been authorized by employees to call a strike in the midst of contract negotiations. Fairpoint has been unable to reach an agreement with employees regarding pay and benefits. They say the proposed cuts come as they try to adapt to changes in the industry. The current contract is up August 2nd. Negotiations began in April. Fairpoint says they have presented the union with 65 proposals since then -- but no deal has been reached.


((Mike 20:33:21 "The message really is that the American worker, the middle class has been losing ground drastically. We are a strong union, we have been for many years, we're the last grounds to fight for middle class and we're going to do our best to try and maintain jobs here in vermont so that future generations have a place to work that's just as great as the place we've had to work."20:33:42)) The company says they will outsource jobs if there is a strike -- but it's confident both sides will reach an agreement.The contract negotiations affect about 400 fairpoint employees in Vermont.


Another bear sighting in Bristol today. Police received reports of a bear going through a dumpster behind 31 Main Street near Darcy's Salon. The resident who spotted the bear says this isn't the first time he's been in the area and says he tried to scare the bear away. Police are asking residents to never take matters into your own hands when you see a wild animal -- just call your local officials.


A benefit this evening in the Upper Valley to raise money and awareness about homelessness. The concert and raffle was organized by Tri-County C-A-P, a local outreach program. The benefit was held at the Main Street Museum in White River Junction from 7PM to 11pm. There was live music and giveaways-- including a coffee date with New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan. The money will go to Tri- County CAP's Homeless outreach program.


((Angel Hudson/Event Organizer: "we are able to put folks up in a hotel if they need a short stay or if they need emergency medication or clothing or a gas card to get to a shelter or maybe their family's home.//A lot of people don't realize that it actually exists here. It's not like New york City of Montreal where you see people sleeping on the streets you know pushing their carts around.")) The organization is NOT setting a goal for the fundraiser. They accept donations all year.


A special ceremony was held at Camp Johnson today honoring the work of one man--and welcoming another. Today was the change of responsibility ceremony--for the Vermont National Guard. Command Sargent Major Forest Glodgett--has lead the Guard since 20-11. Taking over leadership--is Joseph P. Quick. Over one hundred people attended the ceremony--including special guests from Macedonia-- who served with Sargent Major Glodgett--in Afghanistan.


00:04:03 00:04:20 (( Colonel Dan Pibes/Vt National Guard "I think what this emphasizes is the personal and professional relationships between Macedonia and Vermont. Particularly its good to have senior level officials come and maintain those ties.")) The Guard says during his tenure--Command Sergeant Major Glodgett provided critical input and guidance for the Vermont National Guard through meetings, conferences, information gathering and field observation. He coordinated with the Command Sergeant Major of the Army National Guard and Major Army Commands--and served on various service councils and boards at the a state and national level. Command Sargent Quick will now take on those roles.

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Still ahead on tonight's news.. Senator Patrick Leahy talks about the situation unraveling around Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Also.. A man fired for carrying a concealed weapon gets support from his community. First.. Here's Dave with the weather ...

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International monitors are trying to secure the eight square miles in Ukraine where the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 fell to the ground on Thursday. There are concerns that evidence was compromised before inspectors could reach the scene. The Ukrainian government says pro-Russian militiamen have removed 38 bodies from the crash site and taken them to a rebel-held city. Ukraine and the separatists accuse each other of shooting down the Boeing triple 777 with a surface-to-air missile. U-S Intelligence officials say a device like that would have most likely come from Russia. With that -- President Barack Obama -- and other top leaders, including Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, are calling for stronger sanctions against Russia.


The National Rifle Association has a new poster child. He's a Rutland man who was lost his employment as a former Mac's convenience store clerk after pulling a gun on a robber. Elizabeth Keatinge has that story.

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nats A lot has happened since Don Pitaniello lost his job at Mac's market in Rutland - after pulling a gun on this masked robber last month while he was working the night shift. ((Don Pitaniello/former Mac's employee 3:36:51:24 They approached me)) The National Rifle Association tapped Pitaniello to promote their mission supporting second amendment rights. They came to Rutland to film a just under 8 minute video - and tell Pitaniello's story - as well as feature his new place of employment. ((Chad Snyder/Rutland Country Store 3:39:21:08 I feel safer having him here. I know the customers do.3:39:25:00)) The Rutland Country Store tells us their business has gone up since they hired the Vietnam era vet within hours after he lost his employment at Mac's. Pitaniello says his previous employer did not make his safety a priority . But Mac's tells a different story. GFX ****Mary Mitiguy/Mac's Market**** "mr. Pitaniello did not follow the company's policies. Our expectations and policies are aligned with what is customary in the retail/convenience store industries..." Pitaniello and others protested the convenience store chain Saturday- calling for fairer treatment of employees. ((Bob Hudson/protesting Mac's 3:23:14:00 He wasn't treated respectfully, we understand that Don broke the rules and earned a reprimand or even to be let go. 3:23:19:00)) Pitaniello says they were passing out flyers to create awareness - and whether people decide to shop there is their choice. ((Don Pitaniello/former Mac's employee We'll leave that up to them. Today we want to make them aware of what's going on 14)) Although the Rutland Country Store says Pitaniello is free to carry his personal firearm while at work, Mac's told us that although he was legally carrying the gun, firearms at work are against their policy. Elizabeth Keatinge Channel Three News Rutland.


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Clouds moved in on Saturday due to a trough to our west. This disturbance will move in our region on Sunday, but it's also weakening. We may get and isolated shower from it, but that's about all. Temperatures will be a few degrees warmer than today, with some spots in the low 80s. Monday is looking quiet, with temperatures a few degrees warmer yet. Tuesday will be very warm and more humid, under mostly sunny skies. By Wednesday, some spots will be in the low 90s, and a cold front is expected to bring afternoon thunderstorms. Some thunderstorms may be strong that day, so stay tuned. This front will bring the chance for showers in southern parts of the region on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are looking great, with highs in the 70s.


The summer is flying by--but blueberry season is just beginning -- and one local farm has plenty to go around.


Its summer---and prime time for blueberries. 00:00:51 00:00:53 ((Pat Weaver /Co-Owner Owl's Head "They're beautiful, they're big and they're delicious.")) Pat Weaver has co owned Owls Head Blueberry Farm--for over thirty years. And Saturday was opening day--for pick your own blueberry season. 00:03:54 00:04:08 ((Pat Weaver "We're having a great harvest, there are loads of berries out here and we always tell people the sooner you get out here the better. They're big in the beginning and there are tons of them.")) Weaver says--how long the season lasts--depends on the weather. 00:01:02 00:01:13 ((Pat "If we get a lot of really hot weather, they ripen faster so most years its about six weeks. We're pretty much done by the last week in August.")) But Saturday--she says conditions were perfect. And over one hundred people came to the farm --to get their hands on the ripest berries. 00:18:04 00:18:09 ((Steve Rooney "This is the first time we've picked blueberries together in probably 30 years.")) And with over three thousand bushes to choose from--customers were not shy. 00:19:32 00:19:35 ((Morgan Wolaver "I'm thinking maybe ten pounds,. Maybe more, fifteen.")) Saturday was just the beginning--of a very delicious summer.



New Hampshire has been rock solid to open this year's Twin State games.. Would that trend continue or could Vermont respond this afternoon with a few wins of their own ... 40th annual lions all star soccer games at Castleton. The Vermont and New Hampshire senior girls meeting in the early game... --- New Hampshire gets on the board 10 minutes in, but Vermont answer later in the half. Black River's Morgan Kathan is there to put it home. it's 1-1. --- right before the half, New Hampshire's Sarah Carlson lofts up the high shot. Miller River's Courtney Ley gets her hands on it, but can't grab it. 2-1 Granite State at the half. --- Vermont had several chances to grab the equalizer, Jessica Long making a save here --- Then Essex Hornet Charlotte Stuart breaks in, but she misses the net. It stays 2-1. --- Final minutes, off the throw in, U-32 Emily George with the shot, Long makes the save, but George follows up and puts in the rebound. The clutch goal helps this one end in a 2-2 tie...


In the nightcap, the vermont and new hampshire boys meeting at Castleton. --- Vermont goalie Harwood's Matthew Fisher getting tested early, but comes up with the diving stop. --- Just seconds later, Vermont gets on the board Mt. Abe's Cale Thygesen with the shot. Stowe's Robert Buo-nanno puts home the rebound. Its 1-0. --- Later in the half, off the corner kick, Thygesen skies up and puts home the header. Vermont now on top, 2-0. --- Before halftime, check out the great individual effort here by CVU's Joseph Castano, spins, turns and is able to sneak it into the back corner. Easy work for the Green team... Vermont wins its third straight lions soccer match, 4 to 1.


The Twin State basketball games taking place in Keene, New Hampshire this year...The Vermont girls looking sharp, picking up the 79-66 win...Rice's Hailee Baron leading the way with 17 points... New Hampshire events it up in the boys game, taking it 91-75 ... Williamstown's Jason Manwaring with 23 in the loss.


We are less than 24 hours from one of the biggest local races of the year... The ACT International 300 at Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh... After last year's thrilling finish between Joey Pole and Brian Hoar, who knows what will be in store for year No. 2? Unlike almost any other race in the region, this competition features three separate segments consisting of a 50 and two 75-lap late model feature events... The driver with the three best finishes combined wins a huge pay day of $25,000. That hefty sum is set to bring in the best drivers from New England and across the border.... The ACT Tour, Thunder Road, Devils Bowl, Airborne and many other local tracks will have drivers in attendance for an experience that's pretty much second to none in short track racing...


(((TRT:58 OC: GREAT DAY... Really going for redemption.. Last year we had a dismal race, we wrecked... We hope it's a good day for us this weekend, looking forward to going and having a great run... Always fun to be a part of something that gets a little bit bigger much like the Milkbowl... It's a big race just excited to go and it's always fun when you're competitive too.... The fact that the Canadian drivers are coming down to teach the US something that will certainly add to it, that makes it special... The only similar event is the invitational at NHMS at the end of the year that has all 43 of them... The weather should be good, the field is good, I think we're going to be in for a good day...)))


In the word's of Jim Carrey, somebody's smoken! The Vermont Mountaineers, winners of five straight back in Montpelier tonight ... The key lesson from this one... Donít dizzy bat and drive... --- Bottom 3, Mountaineers up 3-0... They add to their lead with a little small ball... Brett Charbonneau knocks in Mike Krische on the sac fly.. --- Looked like it'd be enough the way Jim McDade was tossing... The righty had himself a McNight... Six scoreless frames and six k's... --- However, the Steeplecats claw back ... We got to the 9th, Vermont leading 5-4 bases loaded... two outs... Cameron Sorgie with the high heater ... He strikes out Ramon Valdez to end it ... Mountaineers win it by that score, that's six straight wins into the all-star break... At Centennial, the Lake Monsters shutout by Hudson Valley, 4-zip.


Shane Victornio back in Boston as the Red Sox hosted Kansas City ... --- Bottom 4, Royals leading 1-nothing... Two on for the flyin hawaiian...He hits a hard grounder to short, it goes under Alcides Escobar and into left... Sox will take it, it's tied at 1... --- Bottom six same score ... Mike Napoli has the good stroke working... Over the Monster and onto Pike Street... A no-doubter, his 11th of the season... --- Ruby De La Rosa goes 7IP-1R for the win... Red Sox have taken the first two from Kansas City, with the 2-1 win at Fenway...


This afternoon... Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees hosting Cincinnati in an interleague showdown... --- Bottom 2... No score .. Carlos Beltran going to change that ... Belts a solo homer to right... His 10th, as New York Jumps ahead... --- To the fifth, now 2-1 Yankees... Vintage Jeter with the RBI single to center... New York with 5 runs in the fifth and sixth innings... --- More than enough for the newly acquired Brandon McCarthy... Who had it working... 6 Innings-1run-9Ks... His first win as a Yankee.. New York tops Cincinnati, 7-1 in the Bronx. At the British Open, Woodstock's Keegan Bradley 3-under today... Puts him in a tie for 23rd overall ... Everyone chasing Rory McIlroy who is 16-under heading into the final round.

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