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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Three fires in Barre-- that investigators say are ALL connected-- have police searching for an arsonist and the community on edge. Melissa Howell Reports.


On august 3th, an apartment building in Barre City went up in flames. Just days later, another building was destroyed. ((Mayor Thom Lauzon/Barre 00:47:24 "it was a really neat timber frame building slate roof, neat cupolas on it and its where the baggage would be stored." 00:47:30)) Mayor Lauzon had recently purchased the historic building and moved it to the other side of the tracks -- a cost of 50-thousand dollars. ((Mayor Thom Lauzon/Barre 00:48:14 "We were looking forward to restoring it." 00:48:16)) The plan was to use the finished building for the Resource Youth Bill Program. But now, starting over will cost Mayor Lauzon up to 300-thousand dollars. But the destruction didn't stop here. ((Michael Buzzi/Buzzi's Garage 01:00:28 "it was a big, red, yellow glow. Very dangerous, spectacular fire." 01:00:33)) A week and a half later, investigators say Buzzi's Garage was the next victim of arson. ((Vickie Maklon/Neighbor 01:01:38 "That night I seen two cars right here, just before the garage went up in flames and they went that way." 01:01:48)) An old house that was used for storage was set on fire. ((Michael Buzzi/Buzzi's Garage 00:58:09 "Im sure to replace the building were talking couple hundred thousand" 00:58:14)) ((Vickie Maklon/Neighbor 01:03:01 "I dont know why anybody would wanna start with him for."01:03:04)) ((Melissa Howell 01:14:14 "This isnt the first time Buzzi's Garage has had to deal with trespassers Rocks like this have gone through windows of trucks sitting on the property, leaving the community wondering how they can protect themselves in the future." 01:14:25)) ((Michael Buzzi/Buzzi's Garage 00:56:22 "You could put security systems and alarms but a lot of times that too late when that works. In this case its a major concerns if youve got somebody burning down your property when you own other properties." 00:56:36)) Officials believe all of the fires are related. Mayor Lauzon and the Barre Fire Department are asking folks to stay alert and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Melissa Howell, Ch3 News Barre.


There is a 5-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.


Fire near the Shelburne Craft School this afternoon. When Shelburne fire fighters arrived on scene-- they found a small fire on the outside of one of the buildings. Fire fighters have not determined what caused the fire. Officials say damage was minimal and there were no injuries.


Police say he had too much weight- AND alcohol in his system-- while driving his big rig on the Interstate. 34-year-old Richard Thompson of Delaware, was cited Wednesday for being over the 0.04 percent blood-alcohol limit for commercial drivers. Officials say his rig was also 6-thousand pounds OVER the permitted weight limit. Thompson was fired and his company-- Philadelphia-based Elliott-Lewis Corp., was fined more than $13,000.


A couple businesses in downtown St. Albans City were closes temporarily today because of a water main break. . Officials say the break was isolated to a 50 square foot area on North Main Street. Water was immediate shut off-- which has forced a few businesses to close temporarily., Crews say they were not sure what caused the break-- but say the pipes are old.


(( Ron Dennison / St. Albans City Fire "It appears it was one of the main supply lines on the line, quite a few gallons of water coming through. Had to shut down unfortunetly two buildings to get the water main to stop.")) The break was expected to take 3 to 4 hours to fix. Officials say damage to the nearby businesses was limited to the basements.


A lander transfer in Newport-- linked to a new convention center-- appears to have fallen through. Bill Stenger of Jay Peak and real estate developer Tony Pomerlau had talked to transfer ownership of the Lake Memphremagog waterfront plaza. Stenger want to build a convention center and marina. But Pomerleau says Stenger failed to make the first of several down payments of $1 million dollars each. Stenger confirmed the plaza is NOT part his plan, but he's still committed to a conference center hotel in the area.


New Hampshire's first in the nation primary got some nationwide support today The Democratic National Committee approved rules for its 2016 convention along with a primary schedule that will begin with the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1, 2016, followed by voting in New Hampshire. Governor Maggie Hassan released a statement saying "our presidential primary is a quintessential Granite State tradition that reflects our critical role in American democracy."


A reminder for parents to make sure the little ones are up to date with their vaccinations. The list includes diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, and hepatitus B. Even while the majority of parents in Vermont choose to vaccinate their children -- there are a lot of shots involved -- and that is where the health department says some kids fall behind.


((SOT Christine Finley, Vermont Health Dept. Immunization Program Manager 010106 I think if you have a sense of what vaccine your child is going to have and you have time to understand why they have it, you feel like you're doing a better job protecting your child 14)) Vermont does allow parents to opt out of vaccinations for philosophical, religious, or medical reasons.


A paddle-- hundreds of miles long-- to help put an end to Polio. Elizabeth Keatinge reports.


Rob McNamara, Michael Dempster, and Stewart Brown are setting off on a big canoe voyage for a good cause. ((Rob McNamara/Paddling to end polio 11:09:38:14 What we are doing is raising awareness for the rotary's polio plus program to help eliminate polio from the face of the earth. 11:09:45:15)) The three rotary club members, who have been friends for decades - set off from Vergennes Saturday on a journey down Lake Champlain to New York City - to support the Rotary Club International's Polio Plus Fund.They received donations from friends and corporations - and as they launched - had plenty of moral support too. ((Jon McNamara/grandson 11:17:06:13 I want to see them paddle a long way. 11;17:10:15)) Not only are they passionate about battling polio, they are also history buffs celebrating the region's rich nautical past. They plan to stay in character during the three hundred mile journey - honoring Vermont's role in the War of 1812. ((Michael Dempster/Paddle to end polio 11:14:41:02 I'm your prisoner, you're in charge, speak for yourself man.11:14:43:26)) They are bringing their smartphones, however. ((SB: They're period correct though.This is a three, and I think they're absolutely extinct now. 11:13:20:20)) This isn't the first time they've set off on this type of trip. Four years ago they also raised funds to help battle polio on a 500 mile trip down the Ohio River - and tell us the journey is just as great as the destination and goal. ((Robert McNamara 11:13:46:08 We had such a great time, and it was such a great experience meeting people and complete strangers lending us cars and putting us up in their campers during rainstorms.11:13:58:20 )) ((Elizabeth Keatinge/Vergennes 11:21:50:28 They tell us they expect the entire trip to take between 2 and 3 weeks, but that will of course depend on weather and other conditions EK CH3 News Vergennes. 11:21:00:15))

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still to come on tonight's news Wall to canvas art at Magic Hat.... plus .... Vergennes Day brings out the crowds.... First here's Sharon with the weather...

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What a beautiful afternoon and evening it has been, and tomorrow will be even better! Now we can expect to see a few areas of fog forming again, especially in the sheltered valleys overnight tonight and early tomorrow, so keep that in mind, if you have some early driving to do. When you wake up tomorrow, that sun will get to work burning off the fog, shortly after 6 in the morning, and then the sun will be here to stay right through the day. Summer weather is going to make it tough for the kids to head back to school this week! We'll have more weather still to come.


It was all about the arts at Magic Hat today. 12 artists created pieces to be auctioned off-- at the Wall to Canvas Urban Art Competition . The money will go to the Shelburne Craft School. Guests got to also participate and the event included body painting as well. This is the fundraiser's 5th year.


((Dani Gleason/Magic Hat 01:16:23 "They have 2 and a half hours, they start with a blank canvas and just go crazy on it and then at the end we auction off the finished pieces so people here have a chance to take one of these awesome pieces home with them." 01:16:36)) Last year the event raised 8-thousand dollars. Organizers hoped to top that this year.


Disabled American Veterans of Vermont-- has a new statewide commander. Lisa Sloan used to head the Bennington chapter. She's the state's first female commander in more than 50 years. The state commander is elected every year with a two-term limit.


A big celebration for Vermont's smallest city. It was food, music and fun for the whole family at the 33rd annual Vergennes Day. The town green was packed with 60 stands featuring the city's best in culture, dining, and more.


((Sue Hoxie/Addison County Chamber of Commerce 11:23:16:24 it's a community celebration, it gets everybody out and visiting with one another and there are vendors here, crafters, there are activities for children. 11:23:26:04)) Organizers estimate over 1000 people attended today's event.


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High pressure took hold of the North Country today, bringing some sunshine and pleasant temperatures with it. Tonight skies will be clear and it will be cool, with patchy fog, especially in the valleys. Sunday is looking like a great day, with sunny skies and highs in the mid 70s to low 80s. Monday will be mostly sunny, and a few degrees warmer. Tuesday will have plenty of sunshine, with highs well into the 80s. Summer definitely isn't over yet! Wednesday will have highs in the 80s again, though an isolated shower or a thunderstorm can't be ruled out. The end of the week is looking more active, with a few showers and thunderstorms possible Thursday and Friday. A cold front is expected to bring showers and possible thunderstorms Friday night into early Saturday, with partial sunshine by Saturday afternoon.


It's one of New Hamsphire's most popular tourist attractions- Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln. Nick Borelli takes us on a trip inside.


((Linda Mullen North Andover, Mass. 22:35-42 We are on a grandmother--granddaug hter adventure for 3 days up in the White Mountains. I'm taking her to places I was when I was a kid.)) Places like Clark's Trading Post-- Linda Mullen has fond memories of their bear show from the early 1950s. ((LM 22:53-23:09 **Please cover beginning with VO of old pictures** They didn't have the fence and we stood in a circle and I had the bear in front of me, and I put my hand out with a cracker in it, and it ate the cracker out of my hand, then gave me a kiss on my cheek. That was the highlight of my life.)) An enclosure was built for the bear show in 1954-- The shows are still going strong today. ((Murray Clark, Clark's Trading Post 26:02-06 The bear show started in 1949 by my father Murray Clark and my uncle, Edward Clark.)) Murray Clark is one of the bear trainers at Clark's Trading Post. He says he develops a special bond with the creatures. ((MC 27:30-36 Absolutely. They are our co-workers, our friends, and we spend a great deal of time with them)) All of that bonding time makes for an impressive show. ((MC 35:23-34 Let's get the show started properly (nats: Anthem) Nice job! Echo is our most patriotic bear.)) The bears do all sorts of cool tricks ranging from jumping on barrels, to riding on swings. They even get their paws dirty with sports. ((MC 45:19-29 No goalie in sight. Everytime we put one in their they disappear during the show. You're getting a little fancy. There we go-- slapshot! Nicely done.)) Everyone has their favorite part of the bear show. Mullen's grandaughter, Olivia, likes seeing the bears ride around in circles. ((Olivia: 23:30-33 Ahhh--- The scooters!)) Clark's Trading Post offers more than bear shows-- You can see a pretty cool circus show too. Then of course there's the famous train ride on the Mount Washington Central Railroad. ((NATS: Train 54:28-30)) Once the train gets going, you get a glimpse of the bumper boats, climbing wall, and the segway area. But then, once through a covered bridge, the real show gets started-- Enter the wolfman. ((Wolfman 57:42-46 Do you understand me?... you don't know what you're doing!)) Local folklore says that wolfman found a very rare mineral years ago. He's doing his best to keep people away to protect it. ((59:57-1:00:00 Nats: Wolfman's car)) Continually yelling words of warning. ((Wolfman Nats: 1:06:16-20 Screaming words of warning to crew on train.)) Eventually the train heads back... everyone ends up back at the starting point safe and sound. This train ride has thrilled riders for decades-- The first time Piper Fecteau experienced the ride she was a little shaken up. ((Piper Fecteau Concord, N.H.1:07:34-38 I think I hid my head because I didn't like the noise...I was scared.)) But today, it just makes her smile. Something that Piper's dad can't get enough of. ((Chris Fecteau Concord, NH 1:08:11-15 Oh it makes me feel great. I love seeing them smile; they were smiling all the way up here)) And with so many unique things do do, there's lots of smiles to go around. NB Channel 3 News, Lincoln NH



The Lake Monsters started August hot, cooled off a little, then found that spark again, entering the night riding a three game winning streak. The Monsters hosting Staten Island in the second game of a three game series. The Vermont offense had no answer for the Yankees pitchers tonight. They were held hittless through the first four innings. --- finally in the fifth, Trent Gilbert ropes a single up the middle for Vermont's first hit of the game. Ben McQuown had the team's only other hit on the night. --- The Lake Monsters defense was not helping matters. Two on in the top of the sixth, Yairo Munoz, fields it cleanly, looks the runner back, but then airmails the throw at first. Two runs come home on the error. The win streak is over, Yankees win, 5-0.


The Red Sox hosting seattle today. The team making a huge splash signing cuban defector rusney Castillio to a multi-year year contract. More on that in a minute. --- Boston jumping out to a 3-0 lead, bottom of the second, David Ross goes down the line in left for the RBI double. --- But it all comes apart in the fourth inning, Seattle scores 7 times, the big blow a three run shot off the bat of Dustin Ackley The Sox fall, 7-3. It's Boston's seventh straight loss.


Ok, on to the Big Sox news of the day. Castillo inking a 7 year deal worth a reported 72 point 5 million dollars. The 27-year-old center fielder hit .324 in 2011 and .332 in 2012. Those were his two best years in Cuba. He's expected to play next to fellow cuban star Yoenis CES-pdes, whom the Sox acquired at the trade deadline July 31st. Both men should help turn around a slumping Boston offense next season. As for the remainder of 2014, Castillo will head to the minors, but could be called up in September.


The Yankees hosting the White Sox as former Bombers manager, Joe Torre is honored with his number 6 going into monument park. --- Chicago looked to spoil the party, top of the second, Alexi Ramirez with the RBI double giving the White Sox a 1-0 lead. --- The Yankees answer, bottom of the fourth, Martin Prado comes through with the double. Two runs come home. The New York takes the lead, 3-1. --- It's 3-2 in the sixth, when Carlos Beltran, belts some insurance for the Yankees. The solo shot. Beltran had missed the last three games with a sore right elbow. The Yankees, not sore today, they go on to the 5-3 win.


Keegan Bradley shoots a one under par today in the third round of the Barclays championship. He;s 2 under overall, 7 shots off the lead. Bradley and pga tour buddy Brendan steele are at the Woodstock Country club Monday for Bradley's third annual charity classic event.


The UVM women's soccer team looks to sweep the TD bank classic tomorrow when the Cats host Youngstown state at 1:30. What a way for Vermont to kick of the 2014 season. A double overtime victory over Central Connecticut State on Friday. UVM catching some breaks, but also showing off some skill including Caroline Greer's first half goal. --- But it was Cats freshman Sarah Martin that made the play of the day, taking advantage of a bad pass by the Blue Devils to net the game winner. This is a young team, but so far the rookies are making an impact.


(((Sarah Martin/"After preseason, that was pretty hard and everybody just coming together as a team and I love waking up everyday and seeing all the new faces. Everybody is coming together so well and it's so fun."))) (((Kristi Lefebvre/"I was really pleased with the soccer, with the brand of soccer that they're playing. They really have so many good ideas and they execute a lot of them very well. We are still learning how to manage through stretches of the game, where we get stretched and tired, but it was a good finish and a good team effort.")))


UVM's Amanda Pelkey has one more game left with the U.S. U-22 team. The Montpelier native hasn't registered on the score sheet through her first two games against team Canada. She'll try and change that tomorrow when the U.S. and Canada meet again in Calgary at noon.


NFL preseason tonight, the Buffalo Bills hosting Tampa Bay. --- The Bills struggling early as Tampa jumps out to a 24-0 first half lead. Buffalo QB EJ Manuel fumbles it away, Tampa's Clinton McDonald recovers the fumble and returns it 17 yards for the touchdown. --- Manuel gets something going in the third quarter, the touchdown pass to Mike Williams for 14 yards. Buffalo adding another TD to make it 24-14. --- Pittsford native and MSJ grad, Jason Foster, number 68, got to see some time at Center for the Bucs late in the third quarter and for most of the fourth quarter. We tried to enhance the video so you can see him. He got beat on one play, but helped the Bucs on a 13 play, 8 minute drive in the fourth quarter that led to a field goal. Foster is listed third on the Bucs depth chart at center. Tampa beats the Bills, 27-14.

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