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Good Evening , I'm Bridget Barry Caswel. The good times rolled on in Burlington this afternoon -- as the annual Mardi Gras parade made its way through the city. Revelers celebrated the parade's 20th year in the Queen City. Eliza Larson was there.


Roads closed - crowds of people - and beads? It can only mean one thing... Mardi Gras. It's the 20th year of the celebration... but what brought these crowds to Burlington -- is the grand parade. Over the years, the Magic Hat Mardi Gras weekend has raised more than 225 thousand dollars for charity. This year is the first year all the donations are going to the Vermont Food Bank. Food Bank CEO John Sayles told WCAX he is thrilled with the turnout - and is hoping that translates into big money. (TC 00:56:36:10 Title 6729)((Eliza Larson/Burlington: "behind me you can see the floats as they're lined up, ready to head down main street, to the crowd of people already gathered to watch them float by." 00:56:44:04)) (TC 00:53:50:00 Title 6722)((Laura Frazier/Burlington Community Health Center Float: "we are so excited. This is our first year participating in the parade." 00:53:53:24)) Laura Frazier and the other members of the Burlington Community Health Center Float said they were thrilled to be a part of the festivities. (TC 00:54:01:24 Title 6722)((Laura Frazier/Burlington Community Health Center Float: "we feel like it really it incorporates right into our mission at the community health centers of burlington. Serving all. So it's just a great pairing for us." 00:54:11:02)) Some floats had themed costumes. Others just dressed up. Some threw beads. Others were more thematic. (TC 00:54:18:07 Title 6722)((Laura Frazier/Burlington Community Health Center Float: "we are going to be throwing beads and actually toothbrushes for our dental center." 00:54:24:15)) Whether you're throwing or catching - everyone was out to give hunger the bird. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Burlington.


We have breaking news at this hour. Fire officials in Middlebury confirm they are on the scene of a structure fire at 94 Weybridge Street. They say six departments from throughout Addison County are aiding the Middlebury Fire Department. It was fully involved when firefighters arrived. No word on any injuries or a cause, We'll have more information as it becomes available.


A close call for a homeowner in Rupert this afternoon. Police say a state trooper was trying to stop 19-year-old Elisa Rushing of Dorset for speeding, when she lost control of her car at the intersection of Dorset West Road and Route 315. Rushing allegedly went through the intersection and struck a fence before striking a house. Police say the vehicle nearly missed the homeowner who was inside. The homeowner was uninjured. Rushing -- who initially fled the scene on foot --later returned and was taken to the hospital for possible injuries. She's charged with attempting to elude, leaving the scene of an accident, and negligent operation.


No one was injured in a car fire in Charlotte earlier today. It happened at around noon on Route 7. Fire crews were able to quickly douse the flames. Commuters dealt with some minor traffic delays. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


In Fairfield, firefighters spent the morning knocking down a chimney fire at a house on North Road. No one was injured, but authorities say the home suffered significant damage.


Many Americans had a miserable Saturday, thanks to Mother Nature. The Southwest is still struggling with ice and snow, while parts of southern Florida are flooded. Marlie Hall has our report.


Nats - spinning wheels Ice in the Dallas area made driving difficult...again... :05-:16 (SOT: Quinn Freer / Motorist): "it's been pretty bad the past coupla days's a little better. But it's getting pretty bad in the parking lots where they don't have sand.. cars can't stop." An WEEKEND storm dumped freezing rain across parts of Texas and Oklahoma. This car hauler flipped on INTERSTATE-44 near Tulsa Saturday morning ... While drivers in Oklahoma City dealt with icy conditions that caused lots of crashes. And parts of New Mexico got snow. Lots of it. At least eight inches fell over Albuquerque. Nats....water It was a washout in South Florida... Where Miami received up to six inches of rain during what's supposed to be the dry season... :50-:53 SOT: Della Peter / Motorist : "It's just a mess- I had my day planned to go to Miami Beach aagh .. " Thunderstorms and 50-mile-per-hour wind GUSTS suspended play on day three of the PGA Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens. It got so blustery that the scoreboard floated away, creating a new water hazard near the 18th hole. And in the Boston on a youth hockey team escaped unharmed after the roof on their arena collapsed under the weight of weeks of heavy snow. Marlie Hall, CBS News, New York.

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The third coldest February on record for Burlington, but it ended on a relatively pleasant note.

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Coming up -- a double digit tax increase on the table for a Vermont community this Town Meeting Day -- we'll tell you what's causing the hike... Plus -- Snowmobile History on display as the Channel 3 News at 6 continues.


Hartford homeowners are doing their homework on a proposed double-digit tax rate increase. Each year, Hartford holds its town meeting the Saturday before the actual vote -- so people will be better informed heading into the polls. A $15-million dollar budget would mean a 10 percent rate increase for the average homeowner. The spending plan aims to pay for recent construction projects, a 3 percent pay increase for town workers, plus six and a half new employees.


((Ken Parker/Hartford Selectboard Chairman: "Not really new positions.We are back-filling positions that were approved and weren't funded previously. Those positions include a new police chief, another patrol officer, fire fighter, person in the department of public works and parks and recreation.")) The vote will take place on Town Meeting Day Tuesday. We'll have a team of reporters exploring some of the biggest issues facing voters across the state. Tune it to Channel 3 News for our special coverage of Town Meeting Day.


Snowmobiling has long been one of Vermont's most popular winter hobbies, dating back decades. Adam Sullivan got to see some of the older, vintage machines that Vermonters used to ride -- on display today in Bethel.


((nats: vrrooom)) It's a popular winter sport-- which drives traffic to the region. But on this day, there is another draw-- the 4th annual Vermont Vintage Rendezvous in Bethel. Greg Hellmuth traveled here from Pennsylvania. ((Greg Hellmuth/Pennsylvania: "it's a good show and there is a lot of my brand here. I have to go looking for my brand. This is a Snow Vet. And the one next to it is mine also and I have ten more at home.")) Nearly 100 vintage and classic snow machines are on display. History of an industry the public is invited to experience up close. ((Alex Riesterer/Event Organizer: "at one point there were about 200 different manufacturers of snowmobiles. And now there are only four.")) Brands-- lined up one after the next-- that this area of the state knows well. Though some were clearly modified for the times. ((Riesterer: "they actually built Artic Cats right in Randolph for awhile.")) ((Riesterer: "they actually, right across the street, used to race them back in the 70's.")) Along with the history, the event also helps raises important funds for the White River Valley Ramblers snowmobile club. Club maintains 35 miles of trails from Royalton to Stockbridge. ((Gary Southworth/White River Valley Ramblers: "the old with the new and have a good time. Get people out on a nice sunny day. Better than sitting at home.")) And with smaller machines parked next to bigger ones, both the young and the old have a reason to come out. ((Matt Lincoln/Randolph Center: " question: what do you like about them? Answer: Loud.")) Matt Lincoln has showed for several years now. ((Lincoln: "I like old stuff. MY Grandfather collects tractors but its fun seeing all these people who collect snow machines.")) ((Hellmuth: "that is what it is all about. Getting the kids involved. You will see a lot of old kids here but the kids are important.")) Families coming together around vintage machines-- where the past and the present rumble as one. Adam, Sullivan channel three news in Bethel.


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It's been a very cold February, the third coldest on record for Burlington, but it's ended on a relatively pleasant note. High pressure gave us plenty of sunshine today, with highs in the low to mid 20s. Tonight won't be quite as cold as the past couple of nights, but lows will still be in the single digits below zero. Clouds will increase on Sunday as a warm front moves in, with light snow by late afternoon. The snow will continue overnight, with most of the region expecting 1 to 3 inches accumulation, though 3 to 6 inches is possible in the southern third of Vermont. A cold front will move through on Monday, with morning snow tapering to scattered afternoon snow showers. Tuesday will be a quiet day, but a messy mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain will move in Tuesday night and last into Wednesday morning. The mix will taper to snow showers by Wednesday afternoon. Highs will be in the 30s on Wednesday, with some spots possibly hitting 40. Colder air will move in for Thursday. Friday will be dry, then snow showers will move in for Saturday. Winter will hang on for the first week of March, but overall the temperatures won't be as cold as what we've had for most of February.

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Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean people don't enjoy ice cream cones this time of year. And that's what attendees did today at Ben & Jerry's 13th Annual Winter Festival. Despite the chilly temperatures, plenty of people bundled up and ventured out. The event included food, games, and prizes for kids and families. The company also offered factory and snow-shoeing tours, and of course, ice cream samples.


(TC 00:42:37:03 Title 6713)((Amy Weller/Ben and Jerry's: "It's turned into a great local event. You see all of the little critters walking around here. Dress them up. Bring them out. Fill them with sugar. Take them home and take a good nap in the afternoon. But for our out of town guests they pop in and say wow do you do this everyday. Well, no but good timing." 00:42:55:17)) The event was free, but Ben and Jerry's was also collecting donations of food for the Waterbury Food Shelf.



The rice memorial athletic department says girls basketball head coach Tim Rice is resting comfortably this evening. Rice collapsed during the fourth quarter of his team's D-1 semifinal game against CVU. After collapsing, Rice was revived by CPR. He was wheeled out of the gym on a stretcher giving two emphatic thumbs up. We pass along our well wishes to coach Rice. The Redhawks had a 3 point lead on the Green Knights with just under a minute to go. The VPA says it will resume that game and play the entire BFA-Essex semifinal game on Thursday. Time to be determined on Monday.


A girls basketball championship tripleheader at the Barre...the final game of the day, Thetford taking on Richford for the D3 state title.. --- Richford puts together a big run late in the 2nd quarter...up four ...Gabby Coons goes off the glass for two .. --- Then Coons tries for another down good but Hannah Gleason there to clean it up, part of a 13-3 run. Richford heads into the break up 23-13... --- Thetford now trailing by 11, just trying to hang in this one... over to Kayley Gray and she knocks it down .. --- But the Rockets take off from that point on ...Coons the rebound and gets the put back to drop in... --- then Sadie Fuller the board and she gets the bucket and the foul.. Richford wins the D-3 title in emphatic fashion, downing Thetford 71-36


((TRT: 18 ... OC: THIS LEGACY))


The Division Two final, number one seed Lake Region and third seed Mill River... --- This game went down to the wire so we'll start in the 4th quarter, Mill River up 41-40...Ella Bankert making the nice grab, then driving to the rack...The bucket and 1 count it...Mill River up 44-40.. ----- But back comes Lake Region...down 46-42... Megan Menard ripping this one free and getting her shot to drop in...Rangers down just two.. ----- And then the next time down the floor, Emily Lawson going off the glass for two...We are tied at 46.. ------ Mill River would then knock down 3 free throws, so the Rangers needing a 3 here to tie, but it's no good and Bankert is handed the ball and would get fouled with 4 seconds left...And she puts in the free throw on the other end to seal the game.. Mill River outlasts Lake Region 50-46 to win the program's first girls basketball state title.


((TRT: 20 ... OC: RIGHT NOW.))


the afternoon getting underway with the Division 4 title game, Mount St. Joseph facing Proctor, who was looking for their 4th straight state title... --- Pick things up in the 3rd quarter, Proctor down 2...Olivia Valerio putting up a deep two and buries it at the buzzer...We are tied at 24 heading to the 4th quarter.. ---- But MSJ turned to their senior center in the 4th and she delivered...Sally Hogan unstoppable down low...two huge buckets off the glass to put the Green Wave up 28-24... --- and getting some luck ...this one off of the top of the backboard and it falls in.. Hogan with 10 points and 4 rebounds...after losing to Proctor in last year's final, MSJ wins it this year... 35-29


((TRT: 24 ... OC: IT'S UNBELIEVABLE.)) ((Sally Hogan (senior) :"to get to here, it was one of our goals that we've had. Every year we make goals and this is like the only one we haven't been able to check off yet so it's really great to finally get every one checked off the list." Megan Eaton (senior):"it's a relief, I'll tell you that much. We've been working 4 years for this. I mean, I'm family with my entire team. My coaches, staff, everyone. I couldn't be more thankful to everyone who supported us through the whole thing, I mean, it's unbelievable."))


The high school wrestling state championships taking place at Middlebury High School this evening. We start at 138 pounds, Essex Hornet Jack Carney with 2 points here, he beats Mt. Mansfield's Bryce Bernadine, 8-3. --- At 145 pounds. St. Johnsbury's Dominic Hahr with a go behind for 2 points as he beats Mt. Anthony's Darren Ruiz-Sauer, 5-2. The Toppers finish second overall. --- At 170 pounds, Spaulding's Sam Kuckuk moved here from Arizona, and can call himself a Vermont State champ. 2 points here on his way to a 5-1 win over Vergenesses Brandon Cousino. --- Mt. Mansfield finished 3rd overall, At 120 pounds, Ben Bliss picks up 2 points here on the way to a 16-11 win over Mt. Anthony's Tyler Raetz. --- But it was just a small bump in the road for the Patriots, At 106 pounds, Freshman Ashdin Schaefer picks up 2 points here on St. J's Issac Hahar to win 15-0 and take the state title. --- Great match at 182 pounds Mt. Anthony's Ezra Carron and Bellows Falls Kyle Record going to overtime tied at 1. Early in the OT, Carron picks up 2 with the go behind. He wins 3-1 as Mt. Anthony goes on to with its 27th straight state title.


(((Ezra Carron/"It means a lot to us. It's basically making past generations proud. Keeping our streak going. Past generations come out to watch our matches. It's keeping them happy and living their legacy as well.")))


A 4-1 loss at UMass-Lowell last night ending the chances of a top four finish in Hockey East for the UVM men. The IceCats hoping to finish the regular season with a little momentum tonight against the Riverhawks in Lowell. Pick this one up in the second...the game tied at one...Lowell brings the puck out of its own zone...the initial rush is stopped, but Michael Louria finds Michael Fallon trailing and he beats Mike Santaguida ...2-1 Lowell after two... --- same score...less than three minutes to play when Brendan Bradley spots Mike Paliotta cutting to the net...ninth for the captain. Vermont salvages a 2-2 tie. They will host Maine in the first round of the Hockey East tournament ...a best of three series starting Friday night at Gutterson.


The UVM women's hockey team seeing its season come to an end this afternoon at BU, the Cats falling to the 7th ranked Terriers 7-2 in game 2 of their best of 3 hockey east quarterfinal series.


to Division Three... where Norwich welcomed Castleton to Kreitzberg for an ECAC East semifinal tonight ... --- no score late in the first...Bryce Currier threads the needle with a great pass to Kmitry Ermakov and he scores...1-0 Cadets after one... --- less than a minute into second... Castleton's Braedan Moffatt...on his knees, on the second try, scores from an impossible angle to tie the game at one... --- but late in the period...Norwich with pressure...and it's Currier who lights the lamp... it's the game winner. Norwich takes it 2-1. They'll host Babson in the title game next Saturday night at 7pm.


to Cairns Arena...the St. Mike's men hosting St. Anselm in the Northeast-10 championship game... --- Knights down 1-0 in the second, but go to work on the power play ...Danny Divis scores midway thru the period ... --- and two minutes later A-J Pieprzak scores with the man advantage to make it 2-1 Purple Knights... --- but with a minute left in the period, Tyler Estee scores a power play goal for St. Anselm... and the Hawks outscore St. Mike's 4-1 in the third to win the NE-10 title 6-3.


Back to Northfield, the fifth ranked Norwich facing the University of New England in an ECAC East quarterfinal... --- first period...the New England defender falls and Rachel Bello takes advantage for the goal...It's 1-0 Norwich.. ---- the Nor'easters looking to answer, but Celeste Robert stands tall with a pair of saves. --- second period... Taylor Cross with the shot...Erin Joyce pounces on the rebound ... this one all Norwich ...Cadets win 6-0...


Other hockey conference tournament scores from today. Middlebury falls 3-0 at number 10 Amherst in the NESCAC Quarterfinals. 8th ranked Plattsburgh beats Brockport 7-5 in the SUNYAC semifinals. The third ranked Middlebury women outlast Hamilton 3-2 in four overtimes in the NESCAC quarterfinals. It was the longest game in NESCAC tournament history and the 500th win for Middlebury head coach Bill Mandigo. And it didn't take four OTs, just one, as Castleton tops Southern Maine 2-1 in the ECAC East quarters...


high school hockey... girls D-1 semifinals ...fifth seed BFA-St. Albans visiting number one seed Essex... --- under five minutes left in the first period...Hornets swarming...Melani Theriault behind the net...throws it in front to Kathleen Young...1-0 Essex... --- same score final minute of the second ...Young breaks in... serves past the defender and lights the lamp... to lead Essex to a 2-0 win and a spot in next Tuesday night's state final.


The Plattsburgh men's basketball team had a chance to earn a second straight trip to the NCAA Tournament today, but the Cardinals fall at home to Oswego 70-58 in the SUNYAC Championship game. Plattsburgh will now have to wait and see if it will receive an at-large bid.


At Castleton today, the Spartan women's basketball team facing New England College in the NAC tournament finals. --- Megan O'Sullivan scoring 8 of her team high 14 points in the first half. She also had a pretty nice block. Castleton up 18-10 at the break. --- The Spartans grow the lead to 13 in the second half, Mt. Anthony Grad Makayla Farrara with the drive for 2. --- But the Pilgrims make a run to tie it late, Kayla Lawlor for three. She had a team high 14 points. --- It's 38 all with 2 and a half minutes to go, Enosburg grad Jade Desroches, struggling all day from the field, buries the three. She had 12. Castleton wins it's second straight NAC crown, 45-40 the final, advancing to the NCAA Tournament for the second year in a row.


(((Meghan O'Sullivan/"The only way that having my last game at Glenbroook with this tea would make it ok, is if we cut the nets down at the end of the game."))) (((Jade Desroches/"We're pretty excited. Last year we were super excited, so it's exciting to go back and see what we can do. We're going to work hard, find out who we're facing, get a game plan from there and we're really excited.")))


Regular season finale for the UVM the newly crowned regular season champs Albany...a tight, back and forth first half ...Drew Urquart with a throwdown, Vermont up two at the break... --- they extend the lead to seven...Ethan O'Day, the steal and the slam...a team high 19... --- but the Great Danes rally...senior Sam Rowley leading the way ...a career high 24... Albany wins 79-73. Vermont will face UMBC in the quarterfinals ...Wednesday night at 7pm at Patrick Gym.

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