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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Survivors of domestic violence are speaking out. Dozen of women and men gathering in Rutland today to highlight the crime and focus on what victims say is the more work that needs to be done. Elizabeth Keatinge has that story.


She's a beauty queen - the reigning Miss Vermont, a nursing student, and philanthropist. Jeanelle Achee is also a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault. ((Jeanelle Achee/Miss Vermont 41:24:25 When I was young, around 8th grade, so really young, I was sexually assaulted by a boy in my hometown who was much older than me. 41:35:14)) She also suffered at home. ((JA 41:11:28 Domestic violence was perpetrated by my father, and my mom is just this amazing woman who is just a champion and took me and my sisters and raised us.41:20:10)) Achee and other domestic violence survivors, advocates, and community leaders came together Saturday to speak out against domestic violence and sexual assault at a symposium at the Franklin Conference Center at the Howe in Rutland. Nats clapping Domestic violence survivor and Thetford mother Carmen Tarleton will forever bear the scars left by the 2007 attack by her estranged husband who doused her with industrial lye, burning 80 percent of her body. But her incredible journey of recovery - including 55 surgeries and a face transplant - has prompted her to attend events like this inspiring others to overcome life's challenges. ((Carmen Tarleton/speaker 51:05:19 I've forgiven. I'm not a miserable person, you know and I'm not bitter and that makes a whole lot of difference in your happiness.51:17:20)) GFX: 108 homicides in Vermont since 1994 have been related to domestic violence. 19 of those have occurred in Rutland County. Domestic violence does not discriminate- Of Vermont's domestic violence fatalities - 46% were male victims. Advocates emphasize the best way to help victims of domestic violence is to keep it from happening in the first place. ((Marianne Kennedy/Rutland County Women's Network and Shelter 47:15:08 Domestic violence is predictable, so if it's predictable it's preventable. 47:20:00)) That means making neighborhoods safer. ((Capt. Scott Tucker/Rutland City Police Department 49:08:08 As we reduce the fuel for the fire, which in our estimation is alcohol and other drugs, I believe that violence will decrease.49:16:21)) Businesses say they have a responsibility to take back the neighborhoods and keep people safe from attacks. ((Kristin Carlson/Green Mountain Power 1:24:05:14 In the northwest neighborhood in Rutland, GMP is piloting a project where street lights now, when they go out, they will instantly be notified that a street light is out and they can be fixed instantly.1:24:16:17)) As more efforts continue to fight domestic violence - the survivors in this group show that those who have suffered - are not alone. ((Carmen Tarleton 50:11:29 Even though terrible things happen and it's not fair, and such, you can find the best in it.50:20:22)) ((Jeanelle Achee/Miss Vermont 41:00:16 In my family there has been a generational history of all of this which kind of shows what we are trying to fight against here, which is the cycle of violence 00:41:08:00)) Survivors coming together to let others know it's not their fault, they do not have to accept anything they don't want - and they are not the only ones. Elizabeth Keatinge Channel Three News Rutland.


A judge has granted a new venue for a murder trial out of Caledonian County. Logan Crawford reports


A Judge in Caledonia County has ruled the trial against Allen and Patricia Prue-- who are accused of the 2012 murder of a well--liked teacher from St. Johnsbury Academy-- will take place in a different county. Many residents of Caledonia County-- who knew the victim Melissa Jenkins-- are outraged by this decision. (tile 8312 00:00:20:06) ((Dennis Chamberlain/Danville "It's ridiculous, I think they should be tried right here.")) The change in venue is due to concern the alleged murderers would not get a fair trial in Caledonia. (tile 8312 00:00:40:15) ((Dennis Chamberlain/Danville "Did Melissa get a fair trial? No." 00:00:46:17)) Many share Chamberlain's view. And some say no matter who is selected for the jury panel - the end result will be the same. (tile 8316 00:02:59:02) ((Tom McGann/West Danville "Everybody knows that they killed Melissa. So I don't care where they have the trial in the state of Vermont, I don't think it's going to make any difference." 00:03:12:02)) Defendants requested several times for a venue change. In a statement-- Judge Robert R. Bent says he decided for the change of venue because of all the publicity this case is getting in Caledonia County. ((Cheryl Hanna/Vt. Law School Professor "the worst thing for the family would be if the defendants were convicted and then those convictions were overturned because there wasn't a change in venue.")) Legal expert Cheryl Hanna says she is not surprised by the decision. ((HANNA: )) The NEW location and date of the murder trial have not been set. And even those who live outside Caledonia County-- say a venue change may not matter in the end. (tile 8314 00:01:52:09) ((Mark Frost/Montpelier "Judging what went down, how it went down, take it to California, it's not going to matter." 00:01:58:08)) But, legal experts say, ultimately, receiving a fair trial-- no matter the outcome-- is the goal. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, St. Johnsbury. -3-


A home in Fairfield was damaged by fire-- thanks to a faulty lawnmower. The owner of a house on Pond Road in Fairfield told officials he was trying to start his lawn mower in the garage. Sparks from the mower set off a fire, and the homeowner immediatly called for assistance. Fire crews responded -- and worked fast to extinguish the blaze. Strong winds blew the flames towards the house, causing considerable damage. Officials say no one was injured but the garage is a total loss. The Red Cross is assisting.


Two pit bulls were discovered dead on Interstate 91 in Windsor. Police say the two dogs-- named Dunkin and Diesel- were found on Interstate 91 this morning. Police say it appears both had been shot in the face before their bodies were left on the highway. Their owners say they let the dogs out Friday afternoon and they did not return home. The family lives right near interstate were the dogs were located. Police say they talked to neighbors but are not aware of any problems with the dogs. Anyone with information is asked to contact Windsor Police.


A 9-year-old was hospitalized in Burlington after hitting a car while riding his skateboard. It happened at the intersection of Brierwood Lane and Dale Road this evening. Police say the child sustained multiple injuries including a possible broken hand and leg. Police say the 9-year-old was not wearing a helmet and was using a cell phone at the time of the accident. The driver, 52-year-old Elise Newbold, may be charged for leaving the scene before police arrived.


With warm weather and possibly rain in the forecasts, concerns over flooding are mounting. The National Weather Service put out a flood watch for Northern New York and much of Vermont -- starting this afternoon and lasting through Wednesday evening. Officials say the warmer temperatures are causing the snow pack to melt quickly -- sending water into the rivers and the lake.


((SOT Greg Hanson, National Weather Service Hydrologist "So this year we had above normal snowpack. It's carried on later into the spring than what we've normally seen, especially in the past 5-10 years, and so that's why we're seeing this risk a little later in the year.")) Hanson says though Lake Champlain may reach flood levels -- they do NOT expect it to be as bad as the flooding back in Spring of 2011.


Saturday marks the start of the trout fishing season. Anglers can fish Vermont's waters for brook, brown and rainbow trout. Officials say Willoughby River in Orleans is expected to be a popular spot partly because the fish can be seen jumping the falls. Catch-and-release bass fishing season in lakes also starts today.

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coming up on tonight's news... learning the ins and out of cooperative communities.... plus bad press is not stopping new business from popping up in Rutland... First here's Dave with the weather...

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A conference of CO-Op's took place in Burlington today. The Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity has joined other agencies to provide training for democratically run neighborhoods across the state. Those in need of guidance got a chance to attend workshops focused on conflict management, and emergency planning.


((Sarah Woodward/ Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity 00:55:30 "On a day to day basis, they function on their own but today this event is getting folks to network, learn from one another's experiences and they share a lot of the same concerns, issues and challenges so its rewarding to see your neighbors and learn from your neighbors." 00:55:48)) There are currently 6 cooperatively owned mobile home parks in Vermont -- and 5 additional communities right here in Burlington.

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The city of Rutland is continuing to attract new businesses .. The Hop'n Moose Brewing Company opened on Center Street this month. The 3000 square foot space features wood fired pizza and has plans to serve its own homemade beer. Owner Dale Patterson says he was not deterred to open a business in the Southern Vermont city that some have said is "overrun by an opiate epidemic."


((Dale Patterson/owner Hop'n Moose Brewing Company 01:31:35:26 I think Rutland is a prime spot for something like this actually, we've had some great restaurants, we still have some great restaurants, so I'm not sure I necessarily agree with Rutland being a bad place to do something like this. 01:31:48:09)) The Hop'n Moose plans to serve it's first glass of craft beer next week.


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TONIGHT: Increasing clouds. Showers north. Possible T-storm. Low: 35/45 Wind: E 5-10 mph SUNDAY: Showers and possible T-storms north. Few showers south. High: 60/70 Wind: S 10-15 mph SUNDAY NIGHT: Shower, possible T-storm north. Partly cloudy south. Low: 47/55 Wind: S 10-15 mph MONDAY: Partly sunny, breezy & warm. High: 70/78 Low: 50/58 Wind: S 10-20 mph TUESDAY: Rain, possibly heavy at times. Chance for T-storms. High: 60s Low: 20s WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny & colder. High: 35/45 Low: 20s THURSDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 45/55 Low: 25/35 FRIDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 50s Low: 30s SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy. Chance for showers. High: 50s


A first-of-its-kind wellness retreat for female veterans today. Melissa Howell reports.


It's the first program of it's kind in Burlington -- and is geared toward providing complimentary and alternative medicine for women veterans.. ((Laura Gibson/VA Clinic Director of Behavioral Health 00:32:42 "There was a motivation to try and introduce the veterans to this and to give them an opportunity to do it for free in a space that they're comfortable with and to maybe try out some techniques that they wouldn't have tried otherwise." 00:32:56)) Classes offered-- at the Lakeside Clinic-- included chiropractic therapy -- and steps to building financial wellness... ((Heather Satterwhite/Veteran 00:47:05 "So far I've taken part in building resilience through compassion seminar and I've always done some of the healing touch." 00:47:13)) Participants also got a chance to take part in individual - or group workshops. The Wellness Studio offered Da Vinci BodyBoard classes and restorative yoga... ((Heather Satterwhite/Veteran 00:46:57 "Ive been going to the va up here for a while but I haven't been to anything like this. It's been wonderful."00:47:02)) ((Colleen O'Neil/1st Sergeant Vermont Air Guard 00:51:10 "This is more of a one stop shop where you can come into one place and get a variety of things like massages and whatever there may be." 00:51:20)) Event coordinators say women vets are an under-served group -- but have been found to be receptive to alternative techniques when it comes to healing from the mental and physical results of combat. ((Laura Gibson/VA Clinic Director of Behavioral Health 00:34:43 "We thought there would be maybe 5 vets and a few practitioners and we ended up with 30 veterans and 20 practitioners. All volunteering their time." 00:34:55)) The VA has also seen an increase in demand for mindfulness meditation, yoga and acupuncture classes... ((Laura Gibson/VA Clinic Director of Behavioral Health 00:35:42 "The VA is actually training 3 physicians in acupuncture as a result and we'll be offering that service within the White River Junction VA system." 00:35:52)) The VA plans to organize another women veterans retreat next year -- and hopes to continuing seeing an increase in participants as the program expands.. Melissa Howell Channel 3 News, Burlington.



Dare I say that spring has sprung and with it a brand new sports season. Let's start at Virtue Field where the Vermont men's lacrosse team was looking for their first America East Conference win... The Catamount welcoming Binghamton on a beautiful day in Burlington. --- Bearcats enjoying the weather and a quick start... 3-2 BU in the second... Michael Antinozzi wires it home.. Now a 4-2 game ... --- UVM quickly responds, Graham Horvath, winds and fires it to the back of the net... 4-3 ... Catamounts down 6-3 at the break... --- In the third, Vermont gets two back, the first off a beautiful effort by Ian McKay... But 6-5 is as close as they get despite some great chances... --- Vermont falls at home to Binghamton, 9-6... The women fall on the road to UMBC 12-9... But in that game, Sydney Mas breaks the school's all-time points record ...


Good women's lacrosse NE-10 showdown at Duffy Field... St. Michael's hosting No. 9 Le Moyne... --- First half, the Dolphins trying to add to a 3-2 lead but Purple Knights goalie Casey Curtin with a big save... She finished with 13... --- Feeding off that energy, SMC ties it up ... Great effort and finish from Kate Boyer, we've got a brand new game tied at 3... --- Le Moyne, settles down and then antes up ... Kathleen Conese with the first of back to back goals to help the Dolphins retake their last lead... St. Michael's hangs tough but falls to No. 9 Le Moyne, 9-5.


To South Burlington high school for boy's lacrosse... The Rebels hosting Mount Mansfield... --- Credit cougars goaltender Elliot McBride, he made a lot of nice saves on the afternoon... --- Unfortunately for MMU, the Rebels offense found the net plenty... Kyle McDonald with the one timer pass to Dylan Avery who flicks it in .. 13-3 South Burlington in the third... -- Then Sam Desautels makes a case for the Top 3 on 3... Fights through a group of defenders and then gets himself a pretty goal... There were a lot of them on this day... South Burlington with big number, topping Mount Mansfield, 21-3.


UVM's Virtiue field serving as the site for this morning's boys lacrosse championship rematch between Essex and CVU. --- After a big first quarter, the Redhawks keep up the pressure in the second quarter, Steele Du-Bu-brul makes it 9-0 CU. --- Essex gets on the board a few seconds later, Kyle Rutz makes a nice move before beating the keeper. The Hornets trail, 9-1. --- Penalites killing Essex in that second quarter, CVU's Hoyt McCuin scores on a 2 man advantage. 10-1 Redhawks. --- A little later Nevin Dipaslo puts it home. CVU rolls over Essex, 16-2 the final.


While it was beautiful outside... the scene inside Patrick Gym also pretty cool... Hundreds of basketball players from around the state taking part in this year's special olympics basketball tournament sponsored by Special Olympics Vermont... From Bennington to Burlington, teams representing the entirety of the green mountain state taking part in the event that will run through the weekend... The winners potentially getting a chance to advance to nationals later this year.... From practices and games to an award ceremony, it's a chance for these athletes to enjoy the big stage for a few days. And what better place, then the home of the Catamounts.


(((TRT: 22 OC: EVERY YEAR)))


There haven't been many fireworks in this first Red Sox Yankees series. There has been some pine tar, and a lot of homeruns. The Yankees giving the captain, derek jeter, some rest this afternoon. --- The Bombers didn't need him, bottom of the first, Carlos Beltran takes John Lackey deep to right. It's a 2 run shot. The first of 5 yankee homeruns on the day. 2-0 Bombers. --- Boston doesn answer back in the second, Aj Pierzynski with a 2 run blast of his own. His first as a member of the Red Sox and we are all tied at 2. ---- The homeruin derby continues in the fourth Brian McCann and Alfonso Soriano hit back to back solo shots. McCann adds a 2 run homer in the 6th. As the Yankees go on to the 7-4 win. The fourth and final game of the series is tomorrow night.


After dropping the opener 8-3, St. Michael's baseball looking to split their doubleheader against regionally-ranked Bentley... --- Bottom 3, 1-0 Falcons ... Purple Knights trying to get a rally going but Tom Nagy lays out to deny Alec Tice of a base hit. --- Top 4... Bentley adds to their lead... Dante Padovani with the RBI single through the left side to make it 2-0... The Falcons score six in the next inning... As St. Michael's drops the second game 11-1 and is swept at home by Bentley...


To the Frozen Four in Philly... Union and Minnesota meeting for the men's hockey national championship ... --- Third period, Dutchmen leading the Gophers 4-3... Max Novack deflecting it home... Union takes a 5-3 lead... --- Late in the period, now 5-4... Kevin Sullivan seals it with the wrister through the five hole.. Union downs Minnesota 7-4 for their first men's hockey national championship... A run that started with a win over UVM last month...

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