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Good evening, thanks for joining us I'm Adam Sullivan. Five Boloco Restaurants throughout New England are closing-- including the one on Church Street in downtown Burlington. Taylor Young reports.


((Michael Plunkett/Customer: "The foods really good, I like their thai chicken burrito.")) Michael Plunkett and his sister are regulars at Boloco... ((Nats: You want a bag? right on")) (Michael Plunkett/Customer: "everybody is really friendly here.")) But this Boloco burrito may be their last.. The fast food restaurant located on busy Church street is closing it's doors for good. ((Darryl: "Now we have to find somewhere else to go)) This couple is visiting from Montreal-- they say its a regular stop. ((Darryl Buzzel/ Customer: every time we visit burlington, we don't even bother checking any other place out.)) ((Nats: Customer: We're both so sad - Owner: I'm pretty sad myself.")) Matt Taylor has been the Vice President of Operations for the past 9 years. ((Nats: "Thank you so much for coming in, you have a lovely day.")) He says the decision came after years of financial challenges. ((Matt Taylor: "A part of it is just poor decisions that we've made and restaurants that have under-preformed and it makes it hard on a small company like ours.")) Burlington is one of five locations, the company has decided to close. The other's are located in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. ((Matt Taylor/VP of Opperations: It was a tough decision but it's primarily because we have some tough locations that somebody wanted and in this case b.good and their willing to pay us a decent amount of money.")) Taylor says B.good, another fast-food restaurant known for their healthy choices will be replacing the business... But-- If your looking to have one last taste of Boloco ... Sunday is your chance. Taylor Young. Channel 3 News. Burlington.


Evidence of a meth lab uncovered at a home in Ryegate-- for the second time in a month. Fire fighters responded to Boltonville Road for a stove fire. While on the scene, the fire department observed signs of a possible methamphetamine lab. The Vermont State Police responded to the scene and executed a search warrant-- at which time police say they found chemicals used to make meth. Police raided the same home back in September. 28-year-old Daniel Roy-- who lives there-- was arrested for violating his pre-trial conditions of release which were for the alleged manufacturing and sale of meth. Roy was lodged-- for lack of 15 thousand dollars bail.

4} DUI6_VO

Police say her license was suspended for life when when she was pulled over-- AGAIN-- for driving under the influence. Police say 53-year-old Erica Lafayette was stopped in Westminster after driving erratically on Interstate 91. Police say her license was already under a LIFE suspension due to prior DUI convictions. She is charged with DUI #4 and driving with a suspended license.


A bomb scare at a gas station in Ascutney shut down part of Route 131 today. The incident happened at the Sunoco station right off Interstate 91. Police say a man left the bathroom around 4pm- saying there was a bomb inside. An employee immediately called police and the building was evacuated. The Vermont State police bomb squad responded along with a bomb sniffing dog. POlice say no evidence of a bomb was located and the road was reopened. Police are continuing to investigate.


A new mission for Vermont National Guard soldiers. Members of the Vermont National Guard are joining forces with soldiers in New York. 500 national guardsmen - with the 86th Infantry Brigade combat team-- filled the Ethan Allen training sight this morning where they received a 10th Mountain Brigade patch. The Vermont unit was selected for the Associated Unit Program-- which consolidates forces around the country for training and other exercises.


((Major Christopher Gookin A lot of the changes will be centered on our training relationship -- how we will train, how we will report readiness and how we will get increased readiness between the division and the brigade.)) ((Staff Sgt. Adam Senecal This is quite the experience becoming part of one of the best brigades in the country. The 10th mountain division is pretty awesome I'm really proud to be here and be apart that.)) The newly merged brigade will begin their joint training exercises within the next two to three years.

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We had a beautiful, breezy fall day today RADAR/TEMPERATURES: Nothing going on with the radar. Temperatures are all over the place this evening...30s to the east, to the 50s west (where the south wind is stronger). Lows tonight will generally be in the mid 30s to low 40s. WAKEUP WEATHER: Partly cloudy & not as cold. Breezy. Low: 35/43. Mild weather the next few days.

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coming up on tonight's news.. turning an old mill building into a place to make things...... plus... we are just days away from the and final debate. between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.....


Entrepreneurs and people who like to use their hands will have a new space Claremont New Hampshire. Congresswoman Annie Kuster toured the "makerspace" building Friday-- which is an old manufacturing mill on Main Street from the early 1900's. For a monthly fee-- community members will be able to rent space in the 10-thousand square foot building to make anything from jewelry to 3d design.


(( Jeremy KATZ/ TwinState MakerSpaces : "We want to embrace the heritage of Claremont, which is a community that has been making for well over 150 years, this was one of the original seats of the American industrial revolution and we want to honor that.")) (( Rep. Annie KUSTER/ D-NH : "for every manufacturing job you spin off seven more jobs in the economy and so i'm excited about bringing new entrepreneurs to Claremont.")) A 250-thousand grant from the Northern Border Regional Commission helped make the project possible. It should be up and running-- with makers-- early next year.


Donald Trump was in Portsmouth New Hampshire today-- one of several events just day before the third and final presidential debate. Brook Silva Braga reports.


At rallies both in New Hampshire and Maine Saturday, Donald Trump responded to a growing number of reports he improperly touched women... by saying they were not only untrue but intentionally dishonest. (SOT Donald Trump 15:20:53) The election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing false allegations and outright lies in an effort to elect Hillary Clinton president. The Clinton campaign responded to the rigged election comments with a statement: The American electoral system is free, fair and open" and votingshould be encouraged, not dismissed or undermined because a candidate is afraid hes going to lose. Clintons running mate tried to use Trumps words to motivate democratic voters in Florida. (Tim Kaine 17:56:59) We have to make sure that the margin that he loses by is so big and so clear and so powerful and so unmistakable that when he stands up and says poor me and it was rigged against me no one will believe him The latest round leaked emails from Wikileaks include what appear to be transcripts of paid speeches Clinton gave investment bank Goldman Sachs in one she said the people who know the most about regulating Wall Street are Wall Street bankers themselves. Brook Silva-Braga, for CBS News, New York


CURRENT: Mainly clear. Mid 50s. FALL FOLIAGE: Lots of color out there. Near peak in the mountains. RADAR/SATELLITE: High pressure gave us plenty of sunshine today, along with a pleasant fall breeze. Showers will move in Sunday afternoon, mainly north and west of the Champlain Valley. TEMPERATURES: In the 30s to the east, where the wind is lighter. 50s to the west, where the south wind is stronger. Overnight lows will generally be in the mid 30s to low 40s. SATELLITE/RADAR USA: A powerful storm system is bringing hurricane-force winds to the Northwest. The cold front which will affect us is in the Great Lakes region. USA LOOP: The cold front will come through Sunday afternoon and evening. Monday will be dry and still mild.

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FORECAST: SUNDAY: Increasing clouds. PM showers, mainly north & west. High: 60/68. Wind: SW 10-20 mph SUNDAY NIGHT: Cloudy. Scattered showers, mainly early. Low: 50/58. Wind: Light MONDAY: Partly sunny. High: 60/68. Low: 47/55. Wind: Light TUESDAY: Partly sunny & warm. Few showers north. High: 70s. Low: 50s WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. High: 60s. Low: 40s THURSDAY: Partly sunny. Few showers. High: 60s. Low; 40s FRIDAY: Cloudy. Chance for showers. High: 50s. Low: 40s SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy. Chance for showers. High: 55/65

16} WX_OUT


A stunt show in Barre today for Harley enthusiasts. Rose Spillman takes us there.


TJ Mccaffrey grew up racing motorcross as a kid, but now he performs stunts on on harley davidson motorcycles. ((TJ Mccaffrey/Billerica, MA 5633 04:07:40 "A lot of kids like it. It gets them going. Gets them motivated to get out and ride and try cool stuff and just everyone's reaction. A lot of people aren't used to seeing the big bikes get straight up and sideways and blow out tires and all sorts of cool stuff.)) On Saturday, he and three other bikers, hosted one of their last shows of the season at the Wilkins Harley Davidson in Barre. ((Tony Eisenhauer/Brooklyn, CT 5632 04:06:11 "Sit down wheelies, stand up knee wheelies, circle drifts, and all sorts of cool stuff... burnouts." 04:06:20)) Leather clad harley fans of all ages came out to see the show. ((Flora Roy/St. Johnsbury 5631 04:02:47 "It thought it was pretty cool. I wanted to see them blow a tire. They did. Blew two of them and that was pretty cool." 04:02:53)) The team has performed over a dozen shows across the country and hopes to bring a new trend of stunt riding to the region. ((Billy Preston/Dunbar, NH 5633 04:08:30 "This year we came up with our group, GRIM Company, and then the thing is with the Harley wheelies over here it's not very big on the east coast. People aren't really used to seeing it. Out in like California it's pretty big." 04:08:44)) For some guests who rolled up on their own motorcycles, the show was the highlight to the end of the motorcycle season. ((Chuck Prokocimer/St. Johnsbury 5631 04:04:26 "From Saint Johnsbury over we were just commenting on how beautiful it was all the way over. I thought the foliage would be done, but really it's lasting on and on and on. ." 04:04:42)) Turning tricks into teamwork--on the back of a harley davidson. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 news, Barre.



After a hot start to the season, the UVM Men's soccer team has cooled off. The Cats have dropped three of their last 4, looking to turn it around against Hartford tonight. The Cats are trying to even up their conference record at 2-2. --- this one scoreless until the 83rd minute, the hawks with a throw in, Quenton Swift takes a rip from outside the box. Hartford taking a 1-0 lead late. --- Vermont has several chances to tie it, Elliot Maker on the flick --- With the clock winding down, Mikel Kabala has a go as well, but saved by Jimmy Slayton --- Skyler Davis nearly levels on a header as well, but UVM can't find a goal Hartford wins 1-0, UVM now 1-3 in America East play


The ACT season coming to an end tonight in Connecticut. Hinesburg's Bobby Therrien winning his second tour race of the season at Thompson Speedway Therrien used a last-lap pass of Dillon Moltz to score the checkered flag. --- The big winner of the night and the season however is Barre's Nick Sweet. He captures his first American-Canadian Tour Championship with a fifth-place finish in the season finale. Sweet worked his way up from the 12th starting position to assume fifth just past the halfway point, holding off a challenge from Eddie MacDonald


Two hungry teams meeting in the Kingdom this afternoon. Hartford and St. Johnsbury battiling for the top seed in division 1. St. Johnsbury sitting behind Hartford in the standings thanks to that upset loss at Rice one week ago. the Toppers built a 14-0 lead after one quarter, but it started to fall apart from there. --- St. J Quarterback, Collin Urie, coming into this game a little beaten up, was pressured much of the day, here he's sacked by the Canes Bailey Nott --- Urie just not looking like himself, while the Hartford defense was so tough Justin Koloski with the interception to swing the momentum. --- on the ensuing Hartford drive, Gavin Farnsworth rolls out and heaves it down to Tyler Hamilton who makes the catch and then some, the Canes offense is moving. --- the drive ends with Farnsworth running right, a little sommersault into the endzone tying the game up at 14 heading to the break. --- From there it's all Hurricanes, Brett MacLaren for six as Hartford takes its first lead. Farnsworth runs free for another touchdown. 35 unanswered points for the Hurricanes, 35-20 the final. Harford is 6-0 in state. St. J has dropped 2 straight.


just up the road, unbeaten Burr and Burton visiting winless Lyndon --- The Bulldogs begin the game recovering an onside kick, then on the first play from scrimmage, Griff Stalcup scrambles and picks up 40 yards to the outside. --- two plays later, Stalcup slings it to Taber Ameden for the touchdown. 37 seconds into the game and it's 7-0. --- The Vikings try to answer, but Marcus Reeb is picked off by Sean Apps. Apps adds a nice runback as well to set up the offense in good field position. --- Apps making the defensive play and rewareded on offense catching the Stalcup pass for the touchdown. Burr and Burton scores 3 times in the opening 8 minutes, going on to the 70-22 win. The Bulldogs are 7-0.


Burlington paying a visit to the other undefeated team in division 2, Bellows Falls. --- The Terriers adding to a 14-0 halftime lead. Caleb Lisai with a tight pass to Jacob Streeter, who spins away from the defender after making the grab. It's a touchdown. 20-0 Bellows Falls. --- Burlington trying to answer later in the quarter, Duncan MacDonals pitches to Kevin Garrison, it's a halfback option, but check out the Terriers Brendan Kendall leaping from out of no where to make the interception. --- It leads to this touchdown pass, Lisai to Liam Hackett. Bellows Falls takes it, 44-8. The 7-0 Terriers host 7-0 Burr and Burton Friday night with the top spot in division 2 on the line.


In Division 3 today, unbeaten Windsor hosting Missisquoi. Yellow Jackets officials think this is the first time these 2 schools have ever met in any sport. --- No trap game for Windsor. First quarter, Gavin Harriman making the stop for a loss. The Yellow Jackets eventually take over on offense. --- And after just a few plays, Hunter Patenaude takes it into the endzone from about 20 yards out. Windsor wins, 38-8. That sets up a huge game this Friday night when the 7-0 Jackets visit 7-0 Woodstock.

26} U32_MRU_HSFB_W_VO__L3RD_

A big game for playoff positioning in Division 3, U-32 at 3-3 visiting 4-2 Mill River. --- First quarter, U-32's Quintin Pelzel takes the handoff and goes 10 yards for the touchdown. 6-0 Raiders. --- Later in the quarter, it's Pelzel again, pretty much the same play, but this one is about four yards longer. 14-0 U-32. --- It's 14-6 in the second quarter when the Raiders really start to open this one up, Devin Hanson takes the handoff and goes 63 yards for the touchdown. U-32 with the convincing 53-20 win. The Raiders should leap into that third spot in D-3.


College Football this afternoon, Dartmouth at home in a non conference match-up against Towson. First ever football meeting between the 2 schools. --- The Big Green defense bending but not really breaking. It did have 2 interceptions including this one in the second quarter by Freshman Isiah Swann. It leads to a touchdown and a 10-7 Dartmouth lead. --- Dartmouth adding to a 13-10 lead in the third, how about this the halfback option, Abram McQuarters to Drew Hunnicutt. 23 yard touchdown. 20-10 Dartmouth. --- Towson had 2 field goal attemps late in the fourth quarter to tie the game, but Dartmouth blocks both of them. This was really the big one, Charlie Miller getting his hand on the 22-yard attempt with 2:19 remaining, Dartmouth hangs on for the 20-17 win improving to 3-2 overall.


The 3-0 Middlebury football team on the road today against Williams. --- Panthers quarterback Jared Lebowitz throws for 292 yards and four touchdowns. Ryan Rizzo making the grab in the endzone here late in the second quarter. 2 T-D grabs for Rizzo today. --- Conrado Banky also with a couple of touchdown grabs in this one. Middlebury making it look easy on offense once again, 49-23 the final. The Panthers are 4-0.


In the ECFC today, Castleton back home today facing Husson. The winner gets the top spot in the conference. --- Spartans down 23-14 to start the third quarter, the Eagles adding to the lead as Cory Brandon goes deep for Kadeem Edge. It's a 78 yard touchdown pass giving Husson a 29-14 lead. --- The Castleton offense not getting much in the second half, this was one of the few bright spots, Mitchell Caron to Brattleboro grad Soren Pelz-Walsh. It's a 26 yard touchdown pass. 36-21 Husson after 3. --- The Eagles put it away early in the fourth, Robenson Saintard on the reverse scores his second rushing touchdown of the game. Husson wins, 43-21. The Spartans drop to 2-1 in conference.


And the Norwich football team has won it's second straight game beating Anna Maria on the road, 28-7. Quincy Williams 123 yards rushing plus a touchdown for the Cadets. Norwich's defense collects 3 interceptions.

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