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Good evening, thanks for joining us, the mystery of Rutland's water leak has been solved. Friday night -- calls came in about water pressure issues at General Electric and Rutland Regional Medical Center. Rutland Public Works crews have now discovered that the leak is in a private line that went to the Kia Motors on Route 7. Crews said the line ruptured last week and water ran underground and to the surface-- adjacent to a wetland on the west side of Route 7.


(TC 08:29:35:23 Title 0827)((Rick Battles/Department of Public Works: "GE lost pressure. The hospital. But everybody is back to normal pressure now and that's all good for us." 08:29:44:01)) Saturday morning -- crews were closing valves at businesses and side roads near Route 7 in an attempt to finally isolate the problem and restore full pressure to the rest of the area


An ongoing incident at Burke Mountain Ski area. According to employees there, a lift evacuation was taking place late this afternoon after it apparently malfunctioned. No injuries have been reported. At this time, we do not know what caused the malfunction, or how many people needed to be rescued.


After passing the House, Vermont's the state budget for fiscal year 2016 now goes to the senate for approval. The Vermont house passed the 1-point-5 billion dollar general fund budget Friday -- raising 33-million in revenue and rejecting legislative pay cuts. Governor Shumlin says it's a tough budget year -- cutting 112-million dollars. The governor says lawmakers are doing the best they can.


(TC 00:04:32:07 Tile 9442) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-Vermont "We've got to balance the budget. We can't constantly turn to Vermonters and say hey we've got budget problems, pay higher taxes. Instead, we've got to make the cuts, make the tough choices, they've done so." 00:04:42:16)) Cuts the state made include reduced funding for two of the state's four 911 call centers -- and closing the state prison in Windsor in 2017. Shumlin says he'll sit down with the senate in May and try to work everything out.


Child cruelty charges against a St. Albans daycare worker. Police say 55 year old Michelle Zick of Sheldon had several interactions at the daycare this month--that lead to the charges of cruelty to children under 10. At this time we have no additional information. The investigation began after the Department for Children and Families notified police. If you have any information about Zick--contact state police.


Vermotn state police are looking for a burglary suspect. These images were caught on a game camera on a victim's property. Police say the man you see here is likely connected to multiple daytime burglaries in the towns of Fairfield and Bakersfield -- dating back to January.


Thirty five people in Rutland spent their Saturday helping out neighbors in need. Sarah and Justin Bagley are looking to adopt a child. And-- a woman in Rutland -- needed help with maintenance around her home. Through an organization called The Both Hands foundation -- the Bagleys and their friends were able to help raise funds for their adoption by helping the Rutland woman with her house.


(TC 08:22:02:07 Title 0818)((Sarah Bagley/Both Hands Participant: "we are just in awe of the people who have come in this house with cleaning and organizing and painting and joyfully doing it without any kind of complaint. All volunteers. You know nothing in return to help us bring our daughter home from Haiti and raise funds." 08:22:19:13)) To learn more about the Both Hands Foundation and Sarah and Justin Bagley's efforts to adopt a child -- go to W-C-A-X dot com.

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Dave is here now with eather? A trough will move away from the region, with mainly clear skies tonight. It will be cold, with lows ranging from zero to 15 above.

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still head tonight ... Recognizing the volunteers that help with hunter education ... plus... Celebrating Vermont's History while eyeing a national competition ...


Hunters, trappers, and fishermen, gathered in Montpelier today to recognize volunteers who help train the public. Vermont Fish and Wildlife officials held the ceremony Saturday at the Capitol Plaza in Montpelier. In 1975, it became mandatory to take a hunting course before getting a hunting license. Wildlife officials say they wouldn't be able to do that without the more than 400 volunteer hunting instructors working in the state. Governor Shumlin -- an avid hunter himself -- came to the conference to say thanks to the volunteer teachers.


(TC Tile 00:04:05:00) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-Vermont "I love hunting. I'm old enough so when I was kid there was no such course, so this just really promotes safety, it promotes good management practices." 00:04:13:29)) (TC 00:15:55:29 Tile 9473) ((Molly Cook/Volunteer Hunter Educator "We run them through, we do lots of hands on stuff. But as volunteers we can do whatever we want and we're given a lot of latitude from the state and we're treated with a lot of respect." 00:16:06:29)) Wildlife officials say there were zero hunting related deaths-- last year in Vermont.


Vermont History Day is an annual event for students to show off what they've learned in class-- while setting their sights on a nation-wide competition. Logan Crawford has more.


More than 200 students from 20 Vermont schools came to U-32 High School in Montpelier Saturday for Vermont History Day. (TC 00:12:29:00 Tile 9495) ((Benjamin Ward/Montpelier High School "I just think it's great to have an area where a bunch of kids who are interested in history can come together and really share their love of it." 00:12:36:29)) Organized by the Vermont Historical Society -- it's for students around the state showing off their history knowledge. (TC 00:14:03:09 Tile 9502) ((Cameron Poutre/Brighton Elementary "Our presentation is on Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. Gottlieb Daimler had the first combustible engine that's right up top. And Karl Benz made the first horse-less carriage." 00:14:17:00)) Students compete with each other in different categories including performances -- website building -- and poster board exhibits -- to see who has the best social studies project. (TC 00:02:27:12 Tile 9475) ((Victoria Hughes/Vermont Historical Society "This is an annual event we have Vermont History Day in the spring every year and then the students who win today qualify for National History Day which is a contest in Washington D.C. in June." 00:02:38:11)) (TC 00:19:57:18 Tile 9518) ((Logan Crawford/Montpelier "This year's project theme was leadership and legacy. Students picked out a historical leader and explained why they were important. Students will be judged on historical accuracy and presentation of their project." 00:20:08:25)) (TC 00:06:03:02 Tile 9480) ((nats "It was I who became a key player in the emergence of our state in 1777." 00:06:07:23)) Benjamin Ward portrayed Ira Allen -- Ethan Allen's lesser-known brother. Ward spent months researching Ira Allen for the History Day contest. (TC 00:11:40:14 Tile 9495) ((Benjamin Ward/Montpelier High School "I dress up like Ira, pretend to be him, and hopefully have an accurate representation of him." 00:11:46:07)) Ward won first place in the performance division. The 9th grader and 30 other Vermont students will be competing this spring in National History Day. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Montpelier. -3-


A well known sports journalist in our region has died. Dave Morse was a legendary sports writer for the Hardwick Gazette. He focused on high school sports-- often covering Hazen Union. And for the last 20 years his column called Morse Code has been a must read in the paper. Morse also worked for the Rutland Herald in the 70's. Before a brief stint in PR in New York City. Morse had cancer. He was 76 years old. We'll be right back


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A trailing trough is slowly moving away from the region, bringing the clouds and snow showers with it. Some of us got in on some sunshine today, mainly in northern and western areas. In spite of that, it has been a cold day, with many spots only in the 20s for highs. Tonight will be mainly clear and cold, with lows ranging from zero to 15 above. Sunday is looking better, with mostly sunny skies and highs in the 30s, though that's still on the chilly side. Monday will be warmer, though showers and snow showers are likely. March will be going out like a lamb, with partly sunny skies. April Fools' Day will be rather cold, though some sunshine is expected. A warm front will bring some snow showers Wednesday night, followed by scattered showers on Thursday. Friday looks to be a quiet day, and a storm system may graze us to the south on Saturday, with a chance for snow showers in southern sections.

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Spring is here and nothings says "spring" like new arrivals on the farm. Cat Viglienzoni takes us to Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock.


Spring can be heard in the barn. Billings Farm and Museum is closed to visitors during March and April -- but that doesn't mean there aren't new arrivals. Spring is a time of new births for any farm -- and this historic one is no exception. ((SOT Susan Plump, Billings Farm & Museum 109 We have Wobble and Henrietta, and they both had twins 14)) But with the colder-than-usual spring -- these little lambs needed a bit of extra help. That's where volunteer Ann D'Anna comes in. Until the lamb in her arms grows his own wool coat -- he'll wear that wool sweater she knitted. ((SOT Ann D'Anna, Volunteer 709 Some of the others have outgrown them already -- they look like sausages, they grew so fast 13)) ((BUTTED IN COVER)) ((SOT 805 Cat: What do you think when you see one of the lambs in one of the sweaters that you made? 10 Oh I enjoy it very much. Awww, what a good baby. Such love. 13 I'm an animal lover -- I enjoy them all 18)) But there will be no happy birthday to EWE at the farm this year -- each of their new arrivals was a ram. ((SOT Susan Plump 218 We always usually like to have some ewes too 20 ((BUTTED IN COVER)) 235 But we're happy to have what we have 38)) Even though the farm is closed -- they make an exception for Easter weekend. That's when the farm opens for its annual Baby Animal Day -- where kids... and their parents... can see the young arrivals up close. ((SOT Susan Plump 418 Last year we had a record crowd -- we had over 18-hundred people come 23)) And it won't just be sheep... Some of the newest additions to this farm are the birds. Including five types of chicks... ((SOT Ashley Koetsier, Farm Staff 1505 I think the peeping noise is really what gets to the kids. They like the noises that they make, and it's kind of neat for them to see, especially how different they all look 13)) ((CAT standup 2246 These ducklings are the newest arrivals to the farm here -- they're less than a week old! But they've already found their voices. 52)) Keeping both of them warm with heat lamps is key in the colder temperatures. ((SOT Ashley Koetsier, Farm Staff 1423 The smaller space is important. So the bigger they get, we kind-of open this up to a bigger space 28 This is normally covered so the heat stays in there 32)) And just one barn over -- are the young Jersey calves. They're ready to join the farm's award-winning herd. One of the older calves will be on display for Baby Animal Day, but visitors will have to watch the two youngest ones through the glass windows. The farm says calves are born with no immune system -- and they want to make sure they stay healthy. A new generation on the farm -- ready to meet visitors. Cat Viglienzoni, Channel 3 News, Woodstock.



A couple of weeks ago, Middlebury college announced that women's lacrosse assistant coach Kate Liv-e-say will take over as head coach for the program next season following the retirement of Missy Foote after 35 seasons. There's no question the Panthers would love to send Foote out a winner. Liv-e-say, Foote and the Panthers hosting Amherst this afternoon. --- Middlebury came out red hot to start this one, Chrissy Ritter weaves inside and puts home one of her two goals in the game. --- Then, Mary O'Connel scoops up the loose ball and hits Bridget Instrum who does the rest. Panthers take a 3-1 lead into the half. --- Amherst begins to mount their comeback in the 2nd, Julia Crerend loops around the goal and finds the back of the net. We're all tied up at 5. --- But it's all Panthers from there, Katie Ritter finds Alli Sher-ettah and she fires it to the back of net. 3 goals for Sher-etta on the day. --- Then Katie Ritter deciding to take this one herself, dumping it in for the goal. --- Middlebury scores 4 unanswered beating Amherst 9-5, for its 7th straight win. The Panthers lost momentum for a bit there, but turned it on down the stretch.


(((Bridget Instrum/"It takes one little spark for us to get going. It doesn't take long for us to get down or get in a slump, so that one goal by Alli Sciarretta kept us pumped and kept us playing."))) (((Laurel Pascal/"You know we really didn't let it rattle us at all. If anything it kind of amped us more up getting the lead again. We're excited to keep that momentum moving forward.")))


Double the action in northfield today. The Norwich men hosting defending conference champs, Emmanuel. --- Trailing 3-0 in the second, Norwich starts to mount a comeback, Seth Fuller to Jared Thompson. Cadets on the the board it's 3-1. --- four minutes to go before halftime, check out C.j. Dolan going down low. Emmaunel taking a 4-2 lead into the break. --- Cadets down 5-2 in the third, when Ian Kennedy makes a couple of moves, jumps, shoots and scores. 5-3 Emmanuel. --- But that's as close as it gets, Emmanuel scores 3 of the final four goals of the game. The Cadets fall, 8-4, ending their 5 game win streak.


Later in the afternoon the Emmanuel and Norwich women's teams doing battle. --- The Cadets were just outmatched in this one. Down double digits in the second half, Norwich still fighting, Larissa Gokey finds the back of the net. Emmauel up 11-2. --- Later in the half, it's Gina Conroy breaking in for the score. 5 goals for the Cadets on the day by 5 different goal scorers. --- but Emmanuel's Kristen Tuleja had four goals herself. Norwich falls 15-5 dropping to 2-1 in the conference.


A lacrosse double header at UVM today as well, the women up first hosting UMBC in its conference opener. --- It was quite a game for Catamount senior Jessica Roach. First half, Roach goes top shelf to tie this one up at 2. --- 3 minutes later, it's Roach finding the back of the net once again, Catamounts take a 3-2 lead. --- Back come the Retrievers, Caitlin Miller driving and is able to sneak this one through near post at a tough angle. UMBC takes a 6-4 lead --- But once again Roach takes control, She scores two goals in the final 76 seconds of the first half, the 2nd goal coming as she falls down... Roach finishes with 7 goals as the Cats win in their conference opener, 11-10.


The later game at virtue field, the Stony Brook men taking on UVM. --- UVM with a couple of early 1 goal leads, but Stony Brook ties it and takes the lead for good midway through the first quarter Challen Rogers with a game high 5 goals. 3-2 Seawolves. --- The Cats get a gift 21 seconds later, the Stony Brook goalie turning it over. James Barlow scoring the second of his two goals on the day. It's 3-3. --- That mistake doesn't sit well with the Seawolves, they score the next 10 goals. McLean Chicquen with a nice individual effort. Vermont falls 21-12, dropping to 1-1 in the conference.


Dartmouth college senior Kristen Rumley tossed her first career no-hitter today in a 7-0 win over Columbia in five innings. The Big Green also took game 2 of the double header, 9-0 in 6 innings. The Dartmouth baseball team visiting Columbia for a double header this afternoon. It's a rematch of last year's IVY League championship series. --- The Lions taking a 1-0 lead into the third, but the Big Green answer with 3 on the board, Ben Socher gets things going with the RBI single. It's 3-1 Dartmouth after 3. --- 3-2 Big Green in the 6th, Adam Gauthier lays down the perfect suicide squeeze Nick Rupert scores. It's 4-2 Dartmouth. --- Later in the inning, Matt Parisi singles home Kyle Holbrook for what turns out to be the game winning run. Dartmouth takes game 1, 5-4. However, Columbia wins game 2, 4-1.


Congratulations to Mt. Anthony's Troy Gassaway. He picked up career win number 236 earlier today at Nationals becoming Vermont's all-time wins leader. The senior is currently competing in the consolation bracket at nationals and has a chance to add to his win total.


Let's head to Boston, the Bruins hosting the Rangers. The B's trying to snap a 6 game winless skid. --- Boston comes out flying scoring 3 goals in the first period, the first two coming off the stick of Milan Lucic. --- Later in the period, Carl Sodeberg makes the steal. He breaks in and scores his second goal in the last 29 games. 3-0 B's after one. --- At the start of the second, Bruins goalie tuukka rask takes himself out of the game, Coach Claude Julien saying Rask was dehyadrated. Nikolas Svedberg gets the call. --- Luckily for Svedberg, the Bruins offense was rocking and rolling. Second period, Reilly Smith scores his first goal since February 22nd. --- The Bruins go on to the 5-2 win. After the game, former Dartmouth star Tanner Glass hits Boston's Adam Mcquaid with the butt end of his stick causing some damage. The League may have the final say on that one. The B's visit Carolina tomorrow. The Candiens host Florida tonight.

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