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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan And I'm Melissa Howeel. A gas pipeline from Vermont to New York is in the process of being built. And... there are many have protested pipeline -- but Hinesburg police say opponents have crossed the line. Logan Crawford reports.


Controversy has swirled around Vermont Gas Systems' proposed natural gas pipeline. Police say protestors took their opposition to the front door of Vermont Gas Systems president and CEO Don Gilbert. More than 20 marched onto his property. (tile 3222 00:00:58:05) ((Chief Frank Koss/Hinesburg Community Police "What they were doing was they had set up a projector and was showing a movie on the side of their residence, their house." 00:01:04:18)) In a statement -- the group "Green Mountain Earth First" claims it organized the event -- and projected a documentary about the dangers of fracking on the side of Gilbert's house. Police say Gilbert called 9-1-1 -- and when authorities arrived the crowd left. (tile 3222 00:01:35:16) ((Chief Frank Koss/Hinesburg Community Police "Nobody was arrested. We did allow them to leave. We did identify the cars, as well as there's some people that were familiar." 00:01:44:24)) (tile 3261 00:15:52:25) ((Logan Crawford/South Burlington "Protests have happened before at the headquarters of Vermont Gas Systems -- but police say the rally at the president's home crossed a line. The police chief says if it happens again -- more serious action will be taken." 00:16:05:09)) (tile 3222 00:02:11:05) ((Chief Frank Koss/Hinesburg Community Police "The number of years I've been doing this, I cannot believe how inappropriate this was and how dangerous this could have been, when they came up and confronted a home owner in their residence at night. It could have resulted in somebody being hurt." 00:02:27:25)) Gilbert declined to go on camera. Steve Wark of Vermont Gas Systems says he worries about the safety of company employees. (02:16) ((Steve Wark/Vt Gas "Appears clear there was a crime committed last night, clearly a trespass. The question is does it raise to a level where it will be prosecuted." 02:25)) Hinesburg Police say they will follow up with individuals they identified -- and warn them about the consequences of further trespassing. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, South Burlington. -3-


Phase 2 of the pipeline -- which will provide natural gas to International Paper Mill in Ticonderoga, New York -- is expected to be complete next year.


Highlighting the arts in the City of Rutland. Persi Narvaez's (NARVAY-EZ's) mural at the corner of West and Evelyn Streets is nearly complete. It features local landmarks and is three stories high. There's also a new mural that was recently completed on the second floor of the Energy Innovation Center on Merchant's Row. The 19-foot-long painting by Katherine Weigers (WEEGURS) features a variety of Vermont flowers. Those visiting Rutland say all the free outdoor culture makes coming to the Marble City an even more enjoyable experience.


((Violet Neff/Poultney 14:09:01:19 I think it's really cool, kind of like a break from the cityscape and I like it a lot. I think it really adds to the area, makes it special. 14:09:07:00)) Narvaez's mural will be completed soon, and there will be an official event celebrating the artwork on September 12th.


The Killington Classic motorcycle rally brings out thousands of bike lovers and gives the local economy a boost. Elizabeth Keatinge has that story.


Connor Kilduff is a young motorcycle enthusiast who says coming to the Killington Classic motorcycle rally has made him even more excited about bikes. ((Connor Kilduff/Saratoga Springs 13:51:01:08 Because the motorcycles jump up like a lot, like cars. 13:51:06:18)) Kilduff and over 4000 others checked out stunt shows, vendors and more at the 11th annual event. Competitive riders who travel the country say coming to the Green Mountains is special. ((Gary Bourque/motorcycle rider13:52:06:23 It's a great time, good people here. They seem to enjoy watching us. We enjoy performing for them as well. 13:52:13:14)) ((Austin Gray/ motorcycle rider 13:53:18:05 "I love coming here. It's a great environment. It's nice to ride and have people enjoy what, see what you do, and say, 'oh, I've never seen that before.'" 13:53:25:19)) The event isn't just fun for the whole family, but with thousands eating, drinking, and staying in the area for the four day rally, it's also a big payday for the town and surrounding communities. ((Christian Dutcher/ Event director 13:57:00:24 It's a fair amount, and truly, I'm really pleased to see that when I drive by the motels, hotels, and restaurants, I see parking lots full of bikes. 13:57:07:10)) Those young enthusiasts say with all the fun they are having this year, they will definitely be back in 2015. ((Allie Bruno/attending motorcycle rally Michael Bruno/attending motorcycle rally Michael: 13:50:23:01 Yeah, Allie: Yeah, Michael: totally right? 13:50:26:02)) ((Connor Kilduff/Saratoga Springs 13:51:17:03 I want to ride the motorcycles around here. 13:51:21:02)) Scenic rides and excitement for thousands and big business for Killington. Elizabeth Keatinge Channel Three News Killington.


The Killington Classic runs through Sunday.


ON the unofficial last weekend on Summer, the Burlington Farmer's Market is bringing out the crowds. Vermont vendors were selling their goods as usual in City Hall Park. Market managers say it was a successful season. They say the return of the college students also adds to vendors bottom lines.


(tile 3256 00:11:08:20) ((Chris Wagner/Burlington Farmer's Market Manager "We probably get 8 to 10-thousand people walking through on a busy Saturday for us. So it's great for the vendors. We've got 94 vendors out here. Great summer." 00:11:17:29)) (tile 3252 00:09:13:29) ((Anthony Rivers/Champlain College "I'm looking around, trying to get some fresh fruit or maybe some fresh squeezed juice -- something like that. I haven't been here ever so I'm just looking around, seeing what's out here." 00:09:25:01)) City Hall Park will host the farmer's market every weekend until October 25th -- then the market will move into the Memorial Auditorium for the winter market.

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still ahead on tonight's news... music fill the campus of St. Michael's College... plus... The life of a popular DJ in Burlington is honored at City Hall park... First.. Here's Dave with the weather...

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Musicians from around the world are making their mark in Vermont this week. The Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival brought hundreds of musicians to St. Michael's College. All ages got a chance to learn through workshops and seminars. Some renowned musicians also performed for thousand of spectators.


((David Ludwig/Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival Composer in Residence 01:26:35 "The goal of the fetsival is to bring the very best music and the very best music making to everyone here in the Lake Champlain area but really to be both a global and internationally recognized festival that takes place right here in Burlington." 01:26:51)) This is the festival's 6th year. It wraps up tomorrow afternoon with a closing concert at the Elley-Long Music Center.

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Skateboarding is USUALLY not permitted in City Hall Park in Burlington-- but today was an exception to the rule. August 30th has been declared Andy "A-Dog" Williams Day. A-Dog was a popular DJ in the city who passed away in December after a year-long battle with Leukemia. Professional skate boarders and those who just ride for fun used the park for a skate contest today-- with the city's blessing. Skateboarding, along with music, was one of A-Dog's favorite pastimes. Today also marks the begin of a new foundation which will raise awareness about Leukemia.


(( Raise awareness around Leukemia, and to raise awareness around bone marrow donorship, and specifically what Andy encountered, mix marrow, it's incredibly difficult to find a match when you're of mixed ethnicity.)) The party continues this evening at Arts Riot in Burlington with live music and raffles. Money raised will benefit the "Friends for A-Dog Foundation." You can find more information about that online at WCAX (dot) COM. (( http://www.friendsfora ))


The 42nd Annual Quechee Scottish Festival and Celtic Fair may have been last weekend. ((bag pipes 4 sec)) but this saturday young campers at the Quechee State Park competed in their own Mini Highland Games. The event was organized by park staff. The competitors at the 2nd annual Wee Barins Highland Games got to try their luck at the Caber Toss, Putting the Stone, the Welly Toss, and other events.


(Lisa Fisher/ Quechee Park Ranger 22:33;18 "its all traditional highland athletics, what they call heavy athletics, we modled it after, you know just a modified version for the kids.") (Catherine Serra/Parent 11:03;16 "which is a lot of fun. The kids are running through different activities to earn prizes so their having a great time in their kilts throwing things and tossing bags and having a great time.") The event also provided a teaching moment for the kids. They learned that area families and workers with Scottish Heritage would play these game when the Dewey Woollen Mill was still operating at the Quechee Gorge.


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The Labor Day Weekend started off with a beautiful Saturday, and plenty of sunshine. Sunday will be a different story. A low pressure and associated cold front will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially during the afternoon. Some thunderstorms may produce heavy downpours. It will be noticeably more humid. This system won't actually make it through the region, but will head back into Canada as a warm front Sunday night. Labor Day, therefore, is looking pretty good, with partly sunny skies and just an isolated thunderstorm possible. Tuesday will start off partly sunny, very warm and humid. A cold front will bring thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening. Conditions are looking good for the possibility of strong or severe thunderstorms, so stay tuned. Wednesday will be dry and less humid. Pleasant weather is on tap for Thursday and Friday, but there's the chance for showers and thunderstorms on Saturday.

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One race, 11 stops, and 33 donuts. The Great Donut Race is giving racers the chance to eat all the donuts they can -- without feeling guilty.


It's a race for riders with a huge appetite. ((01:03:12 "Go big or go home." 01:03:13)) Finally, the kind of race where eating too many donuts is not only ok, but it's all part of the strategy to win.. For each donut eaten, 3 minutes is shaved off of a rider's total time. There are 11 stops throughout Burlington. At each stop participants can eat up to 3 donuts. ((Carrie Pratt/Racer 01:03:38 "We have our strategy, we hope it pays off but we're mostly just in it to get as many donuts as possible." 01:03:43)) But not everyone's got it all planned out. ((01:20:05 "Well its tough because it's a race between speed and gluttony. I think gluttony is winning." 01:20:10)) ((Feliz Wai/ArtsRiot co-owner 01:13:59 "We have first, second, third fastest women, first second third men and we have the fastest fixed speed or single speed rider and then next year if we have more kids, we'll figure it out." 01:14:10)) This is the first year ArtsRiot has put on the race. Most of the money raised will go toward Local Motion and it's efforts to make Burlington, what they call, a more bikeable community. ((Jason Van Driesche/Local Motion 00:59:37 "You gotta have fun if you want people to mobilize and work together for something big and hard like a truly bikeable city." 00:59:45)) And as delicious as 33 donuts may sound, it's a hard task -- but nearly 50 participants were up for the challenge. ((01:22:19 "The third donut, we were having a hard time. But I think we're bringing it back. Yea, we're bringing it back." 01:22:26)) ((01:20:28 "You just hope that you're peddling fast enough to work off all the donuts so it evens out."01:20:32)) And in case you were wondering where all those donuts came from .. ((Feliz Wai/ArtsRiot co-owner 01:13:17 "This is not Krispy Kreme, this is not dunkin donuts, this is made in Vermont! 01:13:21))



Last night we kicked off the high school football season here in Vermont... Meaning this afternoon, the first full Saturday of games in the Green Mountain State... Let's start in town ... UNH star David Ball back on the sidelines for Spaulding... As they visited defending D2 champs Rice.. --- Green Knights all over the Crimson Tide on this day... Third quarter, Rice up 43-zip... This won't help.. The fumble on the toss recovered by Jack Fitzgerald.. --- Then the Rice offense goes to work... Cameron Cousino (COUSZ-I-KNOW) takes it inside the 1... Later on the drive he pounds it in for the score... --- End in the quarter, Spaulding showing heart as QB Dillion Wilkin steams his way into the endzone for the score... Takes a shot as does his team.. All Rice in this one, 50 to 20...


Elsewhere in Division 2 today. Burr and Burton Acadmey visiting Lyndon. --- The Bulldogs, playing with a big lead to start the third, but they turn it over here. The fumble is recovered by the Vikings Jadyn Newland. --- Lyndon tries to take advantage, but Burr and Burton doesn't let that happen, check out Connor Simonds in on the quarterback sack. --- Burr and Burton gets it back later in the third. Griffin Stalcup with the nice pass to Wilson Vickers in the back of the endzone for the 4 yard TD. The Bulldogs go on to the 54-6 win.


To D1 in Hinesburg... Colchester on the road to face-off with CVU ... --- Lakers starting this season on the run... Grant Cummings powers in the short score... 6-0 Colchester to open play... --- Back come the Red Hawks through the air ... Still in the first, QB Andrew Bortnick fires to Jack Austin who breaks a tackle and takes it in for 6... CVU with the 7-6 lead.. --- It wouldn't last long ... The Lakers simply tearing up the turf... Jared Antoniak caps off a big drive with the touchdown scamper ... --- And then it's more from Cummings... Finds open space and hits hyperdrive... 30+ yard score...Star Wars references are good... As was the Colchester effort, they top CVU 46-19.


BFA-St. Albans getting the jump around going in Jericho.. As the took on Mount Mansfield... --- Bobwhites Robert Kelly doing everything in this one.. Knocks down 1 of his 3 field goals in the second.. 10-6 BFA at the break ... --- Third Quarter, Kelly going to the air, he connects with Robert Simon on the pretty pitch and catch for the score.. Now 20-6 Bobwhites... --- Cougars offense trying to figure things out in week 1, they'll want to avoid this going forward... Josh Menard picks off the pass and goes the length of the field for the touchdown... BFA-St. Albans cruises past Mount Mansfield... 30-14.


Our final Division one stop takes us to St. Johnsbury, the hilltoppers hosting Rutland. --- First quarter, Rutland looking to get on the board. On 4th and 5, Andrew Kenosh hits Trajan McGee to pick up the first down. --- The drive continues in the second quarter, Rutland looking for a field goal, but it's blocked by the Toppers Andrew Graciano. Teammate Collin Urie grabs it and takes it down to the 22 yard line. --- A few plays later, Ryan Haff takes it in from 6 yards out. 6-0 St. J. --- Rutland can't get anything going in that first half. Caleb Stowell in on the QB sack for St. J. The Toppers go on to the 20-7 win.


Can't close a Saturday without a little D3 action... BFA-Fairfax hosting MSJ... --- Luke Langelier, a player to watch this season for the Bullets ... Starts the game off right with this bruising run for six ... --- Later in the quarter, the Green Wave looking to move the ball down field but Langelier has other plans... He combines with Frank King for the sack... --- Back on offense for Fairfax... This time Liam Sweeney taking the handoff and going the distance... 47-yards for the score ... BFA-Fairfax rolls to the 54-24 win over Mount St. Joseph.


Two other games taking place this afternoon... In a non-division matchup, Bellows Falls tops Brattleboro 25-7... In a d3 battle, Mill River edges Windsor in a tight one, 27-20...


From the gridiron to a golden crown of sorts... We are less than 24 hours from finding out who will claim this year's King of the Road title at Thunder Road... Much like last year, it's a two man race between defending champion Derrick O'Donnell and the previous winner, Nick Sweet... It should prove to be quite a fun finish at the nation's site of excitement... O'Donnell brings a 22-point lead over Sweet into the final race of the point standing season but nothing is ever set in stone... Fitting enough that's what these two are competing for along with another year of bragging rights... If O’Donnell holds on it will be a unique way to win the crown having won just 1 race this year... But he’s been consistent, including six straight podium finishes and sometimes in this sport, that’s all it takes...


(((TRT: 11 OC: KEEP BEING CONSISTENT... Well we’d like to get the win and the trophy, we need to just keep doing what we’ve been doing... One race to go, stay consistent..)))


In Toronto... The New York Yankees starting the day, 3 games back in the Wild Card Race .. --- Michael Pineda, six strong innings for the bombers, just one mistake... It came off the bat of Jose Bautista... A two-run homer in the first... --- Yankees offense non existent on the afternoon... Just one hit off Blue Jays pitcher Drew Hutchinson.. Their best chance coming with the bases loaded in the 4th but Martin Prado flies out to center to end the threat... New York tough luck losers today, falling to Toronto... 2-0. Keegan Bradley currently tied for 5th at the Deutsche Bank Classic at 6-under...

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