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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Police are currently on the hunt for the live-in boyfriend of a Barre homicide victim. Cindy Cook's body was found on the side of the road Wednesday. Today- new details about the man connected to the investigation. Police have a warrant for 61-year old Randal Gebo of Barre. They say he is driving Cook's car -- and just yesterday tried to use her debit card in Arkansas to withdraw cash at a bank. Cindy Cook was a mother and grandmother. Yesterday Cook's son told Channel 3 - that he wanted to ask Gebo what happened to his mother. At this time- Gebo is wanted for operation without owner consent, and credit card fraud. Police have not said if they believe he is responsible for Cook's death.


One person is dead and about 30 are homeless after a fire at a Malone, New York apartment building. Rose Gomez was at the scene all day and joins us now. Rose-- Adam over a dozen fire crews responded early this morning . One resident I spoke with says he was lucky to make it out alive.


By the time many residents in this apartment building smelled smoke, flames had already begun to engulf the building. ((John Laplant/Malone 6488 02:00:08 "well I look out my window and all I see is orange flames, so I jump up, I get everyone out, and go on the roof and Tiffany's kids were coming out and I helped them out." 02:00:20)) Officials say the four story apartment building in Malone was fully involved when they arrived after 1am. Several victims jumped to safety, but one tenant was trapped and killed. The rest were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. ((Ricky Provost/Director of Emergency Services Fire Coordinator 6456 01:51:12 "multiple people were trapped within the structure when the first arriving units got here. Firefighters broke windows, laddered windows, and got those folks out." 01:51:21)) Saturday afternoon, West Main street remained blocked off as crews continued to spray down the building to eliminate hot spots. At least 30 residents are now homeless. ((John Laplant/Malone 6488 02:00:33 "it's just really tough, because I've only been in one other fire before--nothing worse as this. It was right there, and I'm just thankful I got out." 02:00:44)) The Red Cross set up a temporary shelter at the Malone Adult Center. ((Bridget Nelson/Shelter Manager 6489 02:04:32 "we have about nine people here right now. We're providing a place for them to sleep, a place to feed, a place to come and talk and find out what's going on and help them out." 02:04:45))


Fire officials told me this afternoon the cause and origin of the fire is still under investigation. They have not yet released the name of the victim who passed away.


Thousands attended a funeral today for a New York State trooper killed in the line of duty. 36-year old Trooper Joel Davis was shot and killed Sunday night. His funeral was held in Fort Drum's sports complex to accommodate the large crowd -- including officers from across the U-S and Canada. Staff Sgt. Justin Walters is accused of killing Trooper Davis after he shot and killed his wife at their home in Theresa. Walters is charged with two counts of murder.


A high speed chase-- for 16 miles- on Interstate 89. It began Friday evening at around 5:15 near Exit 7 in Barre. Police say 45-year-old William Gunning did NOT stop for an officer who attempted to pull him over. Instead, the Essex Junction man apparently led police on a car chase for sixteen miles on I-89. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with DUI #3, attempting to elude, and driving with a suspended license. He'll be in court Monday.


A former Vermont state senator- who faced the possibility of life behind bars- leaves court convicted of just one misdemeanor. Kyle Midura reports.


Friday, former state senator Norm McAllister's defense team called a surprise witness: the defendant himself. He didn't deny having sex with his accuser - a former farmhand and tenant - but called their interactions consensual. (03:09:34:00) ((in her words or actions, let you know that everything you did together sexually - at the time you did it, okay with her? McAllister: yes)) The prosecution pointed to a damning recording between McAllister and his accuser… but the former state senator provided innocent explanations for the seemingly incriminating admissions --. Prosecutors didn't buy his contention of misunderstandings. ( 05:39:08:00) ((Lavoie: English is your first language right? )) But the jury evidently did on the most serious charge. (not guilty) (LL - TAG) McAllister will face up to one year behind bars for arranging for her to sleep with another man in exchange for paying off her poer bill. We did speak with McAllister's attorney. He says he will appeal that charge. We also spoke with Sen. Norm McAllister. ((Norm McAllister - Defendant Been an awful long road and a long day. I'm awfully glad that I finally got to tell my side. I'm disappoitned that we didn't get all of them, but at least the jury got to hear my side and obviously they believed most of it. Little less than excited to be found guilty of one, but the three, yeah, I feel pretty vindicated - wish it had been a clean sweep. Everybody would.)) (LL) Prosecutors would not speak to us after court. There is one more pending case against the former state senator, but that's a civil suit. So, on the line is money, not jail time. KM, Ch.3 St. Albans


Corruption in Albany is once again making headlines-- despite a federal court's decision to overturn the conviction of ex-Speaker Sheldon Silver Last year, Silver was sentenced to 12 years in prison after he was convicted of collecting $4 million in kickbacks. But Thursday, the appeals court said the judge's instructions on the law were not consistent with a recent Supreme Court ruling. Federal prosecutors plan to retry Silver. Meanwhile some lawmakers are pushing for tighter limits on campaign contributions, restrictions on how much lawmakers can make from outside jobs and possible term limits leadership positions.


Overall, not a bad day today. TEMPERATURE CHANGE: It's been cool for mid July the past couple of days, but today was a good 5 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. This coming week will feel more like summer. RADAR: A trough is touching off a few showers in central Vermont. There is the chance for a thunderstorm. This trough will move out this evening, with mainly clear skies. WAKEUP WEATHER: Mainly clear with patchy fog. Low: 55/63 Generally unsettled and humid during the week.

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still ahead on tonight's news... E-bike sales are gaining momentum.... plus... A tiny library is back open to the public.


Biking up the hills of Vermont is made easy with an e-bike. Taylor Young reports


When it comes to getting around - ((nats putting helmet on)) - Todd Clason and his family put safety fist ((Todd Clason/South Burlington: "This is not an ordinary bike, this is a cargo bike.")) This cargo bike is the Clason's primary form of transportation. ((Todd Clason/South Burlington: "We take it everywhere.")) ((nats bike)) ((Todd Clason/South Burlington: "it's essentially just a family vehicle now.")) : But with two passengers, occasional groceries and supplies -- riding up and down Vermont hills can get tiresome. ((Todd Clason/South Burlington: "Because I only have so much strength, what we have is a battery and a motor and a sensor that allows the bike to put some energy into the back wheel so that it's easier for dad to get these where they want to go.")) It's called an e-bike. ((Scott Cole/Col Cycling: "It's just a bicycle that helps you get up and hills and keep moving.")) They look like regular bikes but come with a rechargable battery. ((Scott Cole/Col Cycling: "It plugs right into the wall. This is had a USB port so while you're riding, you can charge your phone.")) ((Taylor Young/Reporter: "E-Bikes sold at this store can go as fast as 20 MPH and as far at 30 miles. But even when your battery dies, it doesn't mean you have to stop riding.")) ((nats "Woohoo!)) The owner of Col' Cycling says half of his sales are of e-bikes - and the majority of those customers are above the age of 60. One of those customers -- is his father Randy. ((Randy Cole/Wallingford: "They're a lot of fun.')) Before Randy bought his bike in May, he says he hadn't been on a bike in 40 years. ((Randy Cole/Wallingford: "It's a great time to get on a bike and I feel like I'm 20 or 30 again.")) Cole says even though the technology has been around for about a decade - within the last couple of years e-bike sales have drastically risen - as more people realize they exist. They start at about thirteen hundred dollars -- but riders say it's well worth it. ((Randy Cole/Wallingford: "To just get the excitement of riding a bike again.")) Taylor Young - Channel 3 News - Rutland


A rebirth for the state's smallest library. The Brainerd Public Library reopened today -- after closing in 1948. It is located along Joe's Pond in West Danville. It's only ten feet by 17-feet. ALL 8-hundred books in it - were donated.


(( 4.22.28 We are going to keep a log of the books that go out and it's an honor system. 4.27.05)) ((13.22.12 IKE- I mean this is a tight space how many people do you think you could fit in here? I would love to have that problem (LAUGHING) 13.30.21)) The Brainerd Public Library is open weekdays from one to four -- and occasionally on Saturdays.


WHAT TO EXPECT: Few PM thunderstorms on Sunday, but most of the region will remain dry. Mainly unsettled during the week. It will be very warm and humid. CURRENT IN BURLINGTON: Mostly sunny. Near 80 degrees. RADAR/SATELLITE: A trough is touching off a few showers in central/southern Vermont. There is the chance for a thunderstorm. The trough will move out this evening. RADAR/TEMPERATURES: Warmer this evening, with current temperatures in the 70s to near 80. DEWPOINTS: Mainly in the low 60s. It will remain humid during the week. FORECAST HIGH TEMPERATURES: Expect plenty of low to mid 80s during the week... possibly near 90 degrees by Thursday. CLOUDS/PRECIP FORECAST: A backdoor cold front will bring a few PM thunderstorms on Sunday. A low pressure will then ride along the front heading into Monday, with a better chance for showers and thunderstorms...some with heavy downpours.

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FORECAST: TONIGHT: Shower or thunderstorm early, then mainly clear with patchy fog. Low: 55/63. Wind: Light SUNDAY: Partly sunny. Few PM thunderstorms. High: 77/85. Wind: Light SUNDAY NIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers. Low: 55/63. Wind: Light MONDAY: Scattered showers & thunderstorms, especially PM. Heavy downpours possible. High: 77/85. Low: 57/65. Wind: S 5-10 mph TUESDAY: Partly sunny. Scattered PM showers & thunderstorms. High: 75/85. Low: 55/65 WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. High: 80s. Low: 60s THURSDAY: Partly sunny. PM thunderstorm possible north. High: 80s. Low: 60s FRIDAY: Partly sunny. Scattered showers & thunderstorms. High: 70s. Low: 50s SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 70s


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Fair season has officially arrived. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating Saturday afternoon at the Bradford Fair. But, people were still braving the elements playing games, going on the rides, and eating classic fair food. The 4H students were also in the stalls preparing their animals for upcoming contests. For many students, this fair is the first in the summer circuit.


((Abby Carson/Newbury: "getting to hang around and be with cows. Because, they make make a lot of personal connection with them. And I think being a 4h'er sort of creates a nice work ethic for kids and it makes them stronger.")) Carson also says the money can be pretty good too. Prizes are handed out for top finishers. The Bradford Fair- now in its 70th year-- continues all day tomorrow.



Martin Truex Jr. Will start on the pole tomorrow in the Overton's 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Kyle Larson had the best car in practice, but he failed a post qualifying inspection and will now start at the back of the field. One driver looking forward to tomorrow's event is Kyle Busch. The former nascar cup series champ spent his Thursday night in Barre racing in the 150 lap Governor's Cup at Thunder Road. Unfortunately for Busch, he hit a wall on a lap 114 restart which put him out of the race. --- Now it's on to Loudon, where Busch took the checkered flag in the 5 hour energy 301 back in 2015. Not only did he claim a trophy, but he was also awarded a big red lobster. It's just one of the ways New Hampshire motor speedway stands out on the NASCAR cup schedule.


((Kyle Busch: "it's different. There's a lot of unique trophies that we have in our series. The guitar from Nashville obviously and the Martinsville Clock. A couple of the other tracks are trying to come up with unique trophies that they have that are special to them. So, it's fun to win trophies in general, but to win a lobster, that's pretty fun too. You get a real trophy, but you also get a lobster. I let mine go back. I told them to put him back to his home."))


The first place Lake Monsters and Auburn Doubledays are just underway in game 2 of their three game series at Centennial Field. It's Star Wars night at the ballpark. We'll have highlights at 11. Vermont took the first game of this series last night, 8-6. It was a back and fourth game in which Vermont had to rally a few times. That included the bottom of the third inning as Vermont scored 3 times to tie the game at 3. They also trailed 6-4 after 7 innings, but put up a 4 spot in the bottom of the eighth to claim their 16th win of the season.


A couple of game in the NECBL are about to get underway. Valley is in Montpelier to take on the Mountaineers. We'll have the highlights at 11. Vermont split a doubleheader with Keene yesterday. The Nighthawks, who beat Valley at home last night, are in Rhode Island this evening to take on Ocean State.


Legion baseball this afternoon, Franklin County visiting Essex Post 91 in the first of 2. --- Top of the first, a runner on, but Post 91's Caleb Laroche starts the nifty 6-4-3 double play to end the inning. --- Bottom of the second, Essex opens up the scoring, Theodore McDowell with a towering shot to right, that gets over the fence for a solo home run. Post 91 up 1-0. --- but in the third, Franklin county evens it up. Colby Brouilette with the basehit to right, Brady Green comes to the plate. It's 1-1 --- Franklin County takes the lead later in the inning, Essex tries to throw a runner out at second, but the throw gets away, allowing Dylan Beyer to trot home. 2-1 FC. --- but in the 5th, Essex gets back even: a pitch in the dirt allows George Goldsworthy to score and we're tied again at 2. --- Post 91 loads the bases in the sixth, but Green gets the rare 5-2-3 double play to end the threat --- Franklin County builds off that play in the top of the 7th, another wild pitch, Brouilette comes home. That's the difference in this one. Franklin County takes the first game 3-2. A game 2 final coming at 11.


The Red Sox and Yankees are currently playing game 2 of their series at Fenway Park. At last check, Boston has a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the seventh. Highlights tonight at 11. The Sox rallied in the bottom of the ninth inning to walk off with a 5-4 win last night against the Bombers.


Rhode Island is hosting the New England Amateur golf championship next week. What a great Vermont state amateur championship we saw a couple of days ago in Dorset. Rutland's Drake Hull winning the title by 2 strokes over Troy Evans. It was really a great weeks for Rutland Country Club golfers overall. The team with a runaway victory to capture the McCullough Cup for the fourth year in a row. It's a great mix of players over at Rutland Country Club, players like Jared Nelson is going to be a senior next year at Rutland High. While Garren Poirier and Frankie Sanborn bring a wealth of experience, and now Hull adds to the championship pedigree.


((Drake Hull: "I just think it's a culture of good players. Everyone wants to get better. I know for a fact that the younger kids like Jared and when I was coming up, we all pushed eachother to get better. I don't know if it's just following in the footsteps of the older guys or what happened, but everybody wants to come play at Rutland and everyone wants to get better."))


Meanwhile, following last month's NCAA Championships, Montgomery native Elle Purrier is done competing until the Fall. The Richford High School grad threw out the ceremonial first pitch last night at Centennial Field. The long distance track star is focusing all of her attention and energy on her Senior season where she will participate in cross country as well as both indoor and outdoor seasons at UNH. The one thing that has alluded Purrier is a national championship. She's not putting any pressure on herself, but Elle wants her final collegiate season to be special.


((Elle Purrier: "i'm really excited that I have all three seasons. The goal is always to improve. So, I guess we haven't talked specifics, but going into the season and knowing that it's my last year, I really want to give it my all and challenge myself this year to really do the best that I possibly can."))

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