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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I’m Adam Sullivan. It was a day to honor a hometown hero in southern Vermont. Thousands came out to pay their respects to Justin Beebe, who died two weeks ago fighting a wildfire out west. Lynzi DeLuccia reports.


((David Clark//Westminster, VT 9:10-9:13: "I knew Justin Beebe from the time he was born.")) Smiling, helpful, and his love for fishing and the Vermont woods - that's how many will remember Justin Beebe, who passed away tragically at 26 years old. ((David Clark 9:24-9:32 "Both my sons had the opportunity to play ball with Justin who was a tremendous athlete." 9:55-1:00: "This was a kid who was really well-liked, and certainly deserved it.")) A sentiment share by those who came out to remember him Saturday at a special memorial service. His high school, Bellows Falls Union, sported purple ribbon to remember the young firefighter, who was a member of the elite "Hotshot" firefighting crew traveling the country putting out forest fires. ((Dan Poole :57-1:00: "Justin was a woodsman...")) Hotshots from across the country-- traveled to Westminster Saturday. Squad leader Dan Poole says Beebe was a brother to the hotshot crew. ((Dan Poole//Hotshot Squad Leader :23-:30: "It's really hard to describe the bonds that we have on our crew, it's closer than family in a lot of respects." :43-:48: "And with Justin, it was an instant bond with him, even before we got into the thick of fire season.")) ((STANDUP 22:19-22:30: "more than 2000 people came out to Bellows Falls High School to pay their respects to Beebe - many of them knew him very well, while others just came out to lend a helping hand to his family.")) ((Dee Burke// 5:10-5:16: "I actually don't know Justin... I'm the mother of a fallen hotshot.")) Dee Burke traveled from Massachusetts to pay her respects. ((Dee Burke 5:31-5:41: "When I lost my son, it was just like this, everybody came to honor my son, and I feel like I kind of know what the family's going through.": 6:39-6:42: "Let them know that there's another hotshot family in New England.")) ((David Clark 10:16-10:32: "Justin Beebe was a very unique individual and this is as much a tragedy for this community as we occasionally run into when we have a young person who dies in wartime...")) Those who knew him personally and even those who didn't say Beebe's memory-- and his desire to help others-- will not be forgotten. LD Ch3 News, Westminster


A shooting at a Putney home. It happened on the Hi Lo Biddy Road last night. Police say, during a fight, Jason Robison of Putney shot at Robull Bryant and Alfred Spellman. Investigators say, Bryant and Spellman returned fire. State Police say, the fourth man at the house, Jason Bunch, was arrested on an outstanding Federal Warrant. Police say, Bryant was also wanted by the feds.

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A Vermont death penalty trial could last sixteen weeks. That's the word from a federal judge presiding over Donald Fell's retrial. Attorneys from both sides have been told to be available from March to June of next year Fell was convicted for the 2000 murder of Terry King-- but a judge ordered a new trial partially due to juror misconduct. Fell's attorneys have asked the judge to rule the death penalty unconstitutional -- a decision on that has not been made.


The number of people dying on Vermont roads has moved in the wrong direction. State officials say traffic fatalities were up 68 percent from January to June over the same six month period in 2015. Officials blame the rise on lack of seat belt usage and speeding. They also says impairment by alcohol and other drugs continued to be a contributing factor in nearly half of this year's fatal crashes.


5 years ago today-- the region was bracing for what would soon become a historic storm- Tropical Storm Irene.


(( NATS : " irene's outer bands are already ripping up the sea .")) As Irene made landfall in North Carolina-- 48 hours before hitting Vermont-- leaders across the region were issuing alerts. ((Gov. Cuomo: " ... now is the time to take action.")) Vermonter's took those warns seriously by stocking up supplies. ((Regina Farrell/Burlington: i cant imagine needing more then a week worth of stuff.)) Saturday- emergency officials were preparing for the worst. Along with utility companies-- fearing high wind would knock out power. (( "We have crews coming in from as far away as Texas.)) And as the track of the storm shifted slightly-- the potential for flooding was also the focus. Parts of the region were already saturated from Spring rains. (( gov shumlin : "it will change rapidly tomorrow and so now is the time to plan.")) ((NATS SPECIAL REPORT )) It's began raining early the day Irene hit-- Sunday August 28th 2011. We began breaking in to regularly scheduled programing with updates. (( KK : emergency crews are responding to flash flooding across the state - many closed roads.")) ((SHARON : "Lets face it folks - the storm is here - you should be home by now")) ((Keith Flynn : " numerous reports of rising river levels and that is only going to increase")) (( KK " emergency shelters are now opening up for those escaping the flood waters")) Flooding that blanketed the region-- from Waterbury to Wilington-- Brattleboro to Bennington. (( RUTLAND Resident: "We put rocks in our driveway to measure the water - 2 or 3 hours ago - it has already come up 20 feet.")) And as Irene-- slowly moved on by-- her wake of destruction was unavoidable. The cleanup was already underway.

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Some needed rain on the way. RADAR/SATELLITE: A nice, quiet and warm evening around here. A cold front in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley will catch up to us Sunday afternoon, with scattered showers and thunderstorms. It's still on the dry side, so we need the rain. WAKEUP WEATHER: Partly cloudy. Low: 55/63. A fall preview for mid to late week.

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Coming up next... Burton gets people excited for the slopes with an annual sale and a moose festival celebrates a milestone in Canaan.


Farmers in several New Hampshire counties may be eligible for federal help recovering from this summer's drought. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has granted Governor Maggie Hassan's request to designate Hillsborough, Merrimack and Rockingham counties as primary natural disaster areas. Five other counties including, Grafton and Sullivan - are also eligible. Farmers interested in applying for assistance should contact their local Farm Service Agency office.


A celebration of wildlife in northern parts of our region this weekend. It's the 25th year of Moose Festival in Canaan, Colebrook, and Pittsburgh. The festival brings thousands together each year to honor the animals. Moose watching tours…Moose chili…and even… moose calling are some of the yearly highlights.


(00101501) ((Kirsten Silfvenious-Norht Country of Commerce moose are funny things. they got the funny looking horns and roam around the woods and then come out and look around and then go back...)) (00095200) ((Kirsten People that come here in the summer at least have wildlife watching particulary moose as things they want to do here)) The North country Chamber of Commerce -- helps organize the event every year.


. Skiers and riders are gearing up this weekend. It's the annual Burton Summer Sale. The event has been going on for 28 years now. In past years-- long lines form to get in. Some items as much as 80 percent off! More than 12-thousand people usually show up. The event continues tomorrow as well.


CURRENT: Mostly sunny. Low 80s. RADAR/SATELLITE: It's quiet in our region. A cold front will catch up to us by Sunday afternoon, with some needed showers and thunderstorms. RADAR/TEMPERATURES: Warm out there, with temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. DEWPOINTS: Borderline humid, with dewpoints in the upper 50s to low 60s. It will be more humid tomorrow. USA LOOP: The cold front will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms Sunday afternoon and night, followed by dry and less humid conditions on Monday.

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FORECAST: TONIGHT: Clear early, then partly cloudy. Low: 55/63. Wind: Light SUNDAY: Partly sunny & more humid. Scattered PM showers & thunderstorms. High: 77/85. Wind: S 10-15 mph SUNDAY NIGHT: Scattered showers & thunderstorms, ending late. Low: 60/68. Wind: Light MONDAY: Partly sunny & not as humid. High: 72/80. Low: 47/55. Wind: NW 5-10 mph TUESDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 75/85. Low: 55/65 WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers. High: 70s. Low: 45/55 THURSDAY: Partly sunny. High: 65/75. Low: 45/55 FRIDAY: Partly sunny. High: 60s. Low: 40s SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 70s

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As students make their way back to school-- a group of North Country High School students heads back after making a permanent mark on their community. Taylor Young reports.


((NATS: "This is our wall.")) Veterans... their families... And state legislators gathered at the VFW Post in Newport to admire a walls-worth of art. ((Sadie Watters/Derby 00:13:05:00 "Oh I love it.")) The wall... which welcomes visitors to the popular hall... displays scenics and symbols to show appreciation to servicemen and women. ((Sadie Watters 00:14:15:00 "I could have cried.")) But the ones who have given these veterans a long lasting image and mark of gratitude for their service... are not even eligible to vote. ((Victoria Blais/Artist00:17:11:0 0 "I'm very proud of this piece, it's beautiful.")) Four North Country High school students are behind the masterpiece... ((David Judd/Step-Father/Veter an 00:22:22:00 "It was really hot 95-98 degrees every day they were out here.")) ((Stand-up Taylor Young/Reporter "It took the students 2 and a half weeks... Up to eight hours a day painting to complete this 100 plus foot wall.")) ((Victoria Blais/Artist 00:16:16:00 "Just dedicating these few weeks is nothing compared to what people have already honored us with.. with their services.")) Victoria Blais (BLAYS) is going into her senior year... And took on the project not only because of her love for art... But because appreciation for Veterans runs deep in the her family. ((Pat Sanders/Visual Arts Teacher00:25:08:00 "her sister was involved with painting the wall the first time. So she was really excited about doing it.")) ((Victoria Blais/Artist "I wanted to improve what had diminished from her work.")) American symbols... Vermont scenics... And Iconic battlefields are just some of the images shown along the wall.. ((Victoria Blais/Artist 00:18:47:00 "I'm really proud of the section I have done which is the Flander's Field, all the way up to the eagle.")) ((Pat Sanders/Visual Arts Teacher00:28:30:00 "We also have the trees with the cherry tree so we have the begging and the end of life and death.")) As she stands by her step-father... A veteran... And looks at her weeks worth of work... Victoria can't help but feel accomplished. ((Victoria Blais/North Country Highschool Senior/Artist 00:20:31:00 "One of the biggest struggles as an artist at 17 is to have your voice be heard.. it was a wonderful opportunity with my friends to have out voice her for a very long time.")) ((Pat Sanders/Visual Arts Teacher 00:28:57:00 "They worked like true artists and that was impressive to me.")) Impressive and eye catching to anyone... Veteran or not... who passes by the mural. Taylor Young.. Channel 3 News... Newport.



We are less than a week away from the official start of high school football season, with games around the area set for Friday night. Today, a couple schools got a bit of a head start in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Two teams from Vermont, Essex and Rutland, and two teams from New Hampshire, Milford and Lebanon, participated in a joint practice. The teams got the opportunity to test themselves against each other in various ways, as the 4-team scrimmage saw offensive and defensive units swap throughout 8 minute "quarters," allowing each group to get looks a different teams and schemes. Coaches at each school say it was a great chance to work out kinks and get their teams up to game speed before the games start counting next week.


((Norman: "I thought it was good, a lot of give and take on both sides, a lot of quality work done and I think everybody did things well but everybody has a lot to work on for next week before we start up." Burnett: "Going against New Hampshire teams we don't see regularly, I think it's great. I think both the Lebanon and Milford programs are poised for pretty big years here and Rutland's been the class of the state here as defending state champions, so you could ask for a better mix to try our stuff here."


The Dartmouth football team was also out on the practice fields this morning. The defending co-Ivy League Champs just got back to work this week, as their season doesn't begin until Saturday September 17th when they host UNH. The Big Green graduated a sizable chunk of that championship team of a year ago, meaning this period is crucial to figure out who will claim those open positions. Players and coaches say those battles will shape not only the depth chart, but the culture of the team going forward into the fall.


((Morrison: "One thing we've been preaching is competition. There's a number of spots open on our team right now, and when everybody's making everybody else better every play, good things start to happen. Teevens: "We need those guys with playing experience to step up, and there's guys you haven't heard about, who are very very talented players. Now they'll have their opportunity. As I tell my guys all the time, four years ago nobody knew who the starters were a year ago. And right now it's their opportunity to create a name for themselves.


In the NFL, preseason in full swing, third game is when the starters usually get the most time. Patriots visited the NFC Champion Panthers last night and Tom Brady saw his first action of the preseason. He was 3 of 9 for 76 yards and a touchdown as New England won it 19 to 17. Brady had notably not played a down in the preseason prior to last night, in large part because the team needs to get Jimmy Garoppolo up to speed. Brady of course will miss the first four games of the regular season in the wake of deflategate.


With success comes expectations. That's certainly the case for the UVM men's soccer team. After capturing the America East title last fall, the Catamounts are looking for an encore performance, and if Friday's home opener is any indication, it will at the very least be a fun ride. UVM hosted Cal State Fullerton on Friday, a team coming off back to back Big West titles and trips to the NCAA Tournament. The Cats seized the initiative, with Bernard Yeboah firing into the bottom left corner in the first half, but the team's traded goals in the second half and overtime would be needed. With about two minutes remaining in the second extra frame, Brian Wright beats a defender and the keeper to send the fans home happy. It's a good sign for a Catamount team with great expectations in 2016.


((Yeboah: I think it's a great step forward, especially since we lost a lot of leadership, so we got a lot of new guys in and the new guys fit in perfectly and it seems like we haven't lost a step so it's great. Cormier: "it felt like it was a pretty even game from the very beginning, it was back and forth. They're mature too, they had 9 seniors, they won the conference the last 2 years, NCAA Tournament team, so I knew they were never going to give anything. So our guys stuck with it. We had a lead, we fought again to get the lead back, and then we conceded but then I think the guys felt like we needed to put this thing away. We had some chances to do that a little earlier but in the end we got it done."


The women's soccer team opened up the TD Bank Classic last night at Virtue Field, and it was a night of firsts: Coco Speckmaier picked up her first career shutout and Brooke Jenkins and Julia Smith each tallied their first career goals as the Cats picked up their first win on the year. UVM is off today, but the team faces Manhattan Sunday afternoon in the final game of the showcase. The Cats hope they can carry over the momentum from the home opening win into tomorrow.


((Jenkins: "this is huge, this first win is big for us. We have such good energy right now and we're going to carry this going forward. This is our start to a really good roll we're going to have here. Lefebvre: "yeah, it's tough, we extended players a lot of minutes tonight so we're gonna have to go a little deeper into our bench on Sunday. We got to watch Manhattan play a little bit so we're gonna be back to work to get ready for Sunday, get some players recovered and get some other players ready to go."


Beautiful day in new york with the Yankees welcoming Baltimore to the stadium --- Chad Green had two great starts in a row but not today. Chris Davis to dead center to give Baltimore a 2-1 lead in the third inning. --- Yanks get it back and more in the bottom half. Didi Gregorious going home on the double steal, initially called out, on review, that's overturned, a steal of home, 3-2 --- But Green didn't really have it today, in the fifth inning, Mark Trumbo going oppo, his 39th of the season to get the Orioles within 2 --- next batter is Davis, and he goes yard again, Green lasts just 4 and two thirds but he exits with the lead --- but Starlin Castro gives them a bit of breathing room in the bottom half, a 2-run shot to left --- and then guess who? Gary Sanchez with his 11th homer in 22 career games Yankees win it 13-5, and will go for the sweep tomorrow


And the Sox having a rough go of it lately, they've dropped three straight. They'll try to cool off the red hot-Royals and gain a game on the Orioles tonight at 7:10. David Price on the mound for Boston against Danny Duffy.

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