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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Melissa Howell. Vermont democrats gathered at the State House today to endorse some leaders -- but haven't made the full commitment to others. The Vermont Democratic Committee heard from Governor Shumlin and other politicians about why they should be the ones to be endorsed to run for re-election on the Democratic ticket. Among those asking for endorsements was Dean Corren (COR-in) -- the Progressive party candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Democratic leaders said they couldn't endorse Corren yet because the party committee had not gone through the formal process for doing so. He's running against incumbent Phil Scott. Corren says he can do a better job addressing issues -- like healthcare.


(tile 2304 00:26:07:16) ((Dean Corren/Progressive For Lt. Governor "Send a message to democrats across the state that I'm an OK guy, and I'm going to be a great team member with the governor on primarily getting healthcare done but many many many other issues." 00:26:18:02)) Corren will be running in next month's Democratic Primary. The Vermont Democrat Committee will wait until after the primary to decide on whether to endorse him.


The family of 15-year-old Abigail Hernandez is now speaking out. In a statement released on the Bring Abby Home website last night, the family said QUOTE "Right now, Abby is resting, extremely tired and in deteriorated health, and has lost a lot of weight. She is working to build her strength back and we hope soon she will be back on solid foods." Hernandez vanished last October on her way home from school -- and, nine months later, she was reunited with her family. Investigators haven't released many details surrounding her disappearance.


Family members say they are working with law enforcement in their investigation. And they're hoping people will share this sketch -- of a person police believe is connected to the case. No details have been released explaining what that connection might be.


Families from all over the world affected by a rare genetic disorder got together for some support and some fun. This year's meeting is in Montpelier. Logan Crawford has more.


Karen Zecchinelli's son has a rare genetic disorder called 9P Minus. She says only a few hundred people in the world are living with the disorder -- so she's invited families from across the globe to Montpelier for a get together. (tile 2288 00:03:17:05) ((Karen Zecchinelli/Montpelier "We're celebrating our family reunion that we have every 3 years for the 9P Minus chromosome deletion, which our son Nicholas who's 18 happens to be the only one in Vermont that has it." 00:03:29:18)) 9P Minus is similar to Down's Syndrome. But with Down's Syndrome patients having an extra chromosome -- those with 9P Minus are missing a chromosome. The condition comes with severe developmental issues. (tile 2289 00:10:06:00) ((Jacqueline Bair/Tilson, NY "It has a lot of symptoms that come along with it, depending on how much is missing. A lot of them have certain symptoms in common like the low muscle tone - they're very floppy. Behavior issues also come into it." 00:10:20:19)) (tile 2305 00:29:12:06) ((Logan Crawford/Montpelier "The Chromosome 9P Minus Network has been together for 30 years -- families affected by this genetic disorder providing support for each other. This year's host family invited a special guest -- a genetics counselor to discuss advances in treatment for 9P Minus." 00:29:28:05)) (tile 2291 00:14:32:18) ((Stephanie Gandomi/Ambry Genetics "As we go forward and learn more about the genes that are in the deletions that the children - the patients - have, we can have a better understanding of what's going on for them biologically and that will help tailor treatments better in the future." 00:14:47:05)) The weekend-long conference is a chance for kids with 9P Minus to socialize with each other -- with activities like cookie decorating. Zecchinelli says the Family Reunion is therapeutic for all -- but especially for her son Nicholas. (tile 2288 00:04:38:03) ((Karen Zecchinelli/Montpelier "He has had a host of problems but it's been nice to have a family of 9P parents that you can talk to and find out what's expected down the road for you and what other parents are going through and how they've helped the situation with their kids." 00:04:53:09)) Zechinelli says 36 families are attending the Family Reunion this year... For support, education, and fun. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Montpelier. -3-


Access to services continues to be a challenge for Veterans in our region. The V-A says more veterans are seeking out chiropractors to help manage their pain. But in our region -- they may have to pay for them out of pocket -- because the closest V-A hospital with a chiropractor is hours away. Of the roughly 1700 V-A hospitals and clinics across the country -- only 48 of them have chiropractic clinics.


((SOT Dr. Sarah Paquette 010025 So unless you're a veteran at one of those 48 clinics, you have no access to care because TriCare won't cover chiropractic for you 33 So we're seeing that there's a need, we're seeing that there's a solution, but there's no way for people to get to that solution 40)) Dr. Sarah Paquette ((PAW-KETT)) is looking to change that by volunteering with the Patriot Project -- an effort to provide chiropractic care to veterans at no cost. For more information about the Patriot Project, visit our website at WCAX-DOT-COM.


A recent graduate of a prestigious New Hampshire high school is charged with sexually assaulting a freshman. Owen Labrie (LA-bree), of Tunbridge, Vermont allegedly sexually assaulted the freshman just days before he graduated from Saint Paul's School. Police say the assault was part of a tradition - where seniors try to have sex with younger students. Labrie will be arraigned in September on three felony counts of sexual assault and one count of using a computer to lure the girl.


A fire in Saint Albans Friday night has left seven people without a home. The blaze broke out at 12 Edwards Street around 6-30 lastnight. Fire officials say flames ripped through all 3 apartments in the building. A number of folks were home at the time but no one was injured. The cause of the fire is under investigation but authorities believe an electrical problem may be to blame.


A wind project in the Northeast Kingdom has officially stopped. Seneca Mountain Wind said in a statement Friday that it's ending all work on a wind project that would have put 20 turbines on the mountain in Ferdinand. The company had promised not to continue the project if it didn't get local approval -- and people in the affected towns voted against it last January.

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still ahead on tonight's news... A super senior gets a very special sendoff for years of service. and the 6th annual BookStock in WoodStock - brings some best selling authors to the state - But First.. Here's Dave with the weather...

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It was the annual run around Lake Fairlee today -- a tradition started at Camp Billings by longtime staffer Larry Drew.. But this year was special, it was Larry Drew Day at the summer camp. It's to honor his 45 years of service at Billings. He will be retiring at the end of the season. The honor was a surprise to Larry. A sea of yellow tee shirts proclaiming it HIS day were worn by the campers. Larry, a stickler for time, started the race preciously at 9:30 this morning.


(37:27) ((Larry Drew/Camp Billings, the kids love it, and I guess they love me here. so its, they cheered, hollered and screamed, but I do, I always have a good time here.)) Larry has done just about every job at the summer camp. A staff member said, "he IS an institution." You can see more of Larry on this weeks Super Senior, coming up on Thursday.


There are many digital ways to read your favorite book - but hundreds of book enthusiasts in Woodstock say there's nothing like sitting down with the printed version. Elizabeth Keatinge has that story.


((Desmond Peeples/Goddard College 05:38:38:00 As easy as reading something online is, there's really nothing like actually getting to know a physical book:43)) Hundreds of attendees at the Bookstock in Woodstock Saturday seem to agree. Young and old checked out the 35 authors and poets - and aisles of books - at the 6th annual event. Bookstock represents the efforts of the small but mighty community of just over 3200. ((Ron Miller/Bookstock 05:22:58:13 At the local level here, it really knits the community together, we have several institutions in the community from the library to the historical society to the art center all work together to produce this. 05:23:09:14)) Some at Bookstock think marketing on a local level - is the key to keeping printed books around. They say just like many Vermonters are fans of local food and products - locally printed books about topics that interest Vermonters - also have a strong fanbase. ((Dede Cummings/Green Writers Press 05:29:34:00 Have that sense of community. My dollars are being spent in the town where I live so the money is really staying where it should. 05:29:41:00)) The fair draws best-selling authors from around the country. ((Anita Diamant/author:01 the audiences here and the enthusiasm for reading is terrific and for a writer it's kind of heaven. 05:13:07:09)) ((Ida E Jones/Author and historian 05:20:25:23 This fair is different because it's much smaller. It's far more intimate, and the level of diversity is growing, clearly the topics and the writers are both poets and novelists. :34)) There was loads of food, music, and fun - and plenty of book purchases being made. ((Desmond Peeples/Goddard College 05:37:50:17 There's a bit of sentimentality to it. I like to feel a printed book, I like to see the actual made product :56)) The enthusiasm at Bookstock says - printed books are here to stay in the Green Mountains. EK CH3 NEWS WOODSTOCK.


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Today started out quiet, but the rest of the weekend will be more active. An approaching storm system will bring a few showers this evening, mainly for the Adirondacks. Showers will become more numerous tonight, especially after midnight. There is the chance for a thunderstorm. Sunday will be more humid, with scattered showers and thunderstorms for the duration of the day. This system will stick around into Monday, with more showers and thunderstorms likely. Tuesday is looking much quieter, with partly sunny skies and less humid conditions. Highs will be in the 70s, with a cool night of 45 to 55 degrees. Fair and dry weather is expected to continue into next Saturday. Highs will be in the 70s on Wednesday and Thursday, with a few low 80s Friday and Saturday. Lows will generally be in the 50s.

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The annual Barre Heritage Festival was in full swing Saturday in downtown Barre with food, venders and of course music. It's a celebration of the different cultures that settled the city in the early 20th century -- working mostly in the granite industry. Organizers were surprised and pleased by the large turnout.


((57:58 Dan Jones/Executive Director of Barre Partnership, I'm really impressed by the crowds, I've been doing this for four years now and I think this may be the biggest crowd that we've had.// 57:37 Barre is a working class town, that is still proud of the working class heritage. Most of the names in Barre aren't your typical American names)) You still have time to celebrate. There will be fireworks at 9pm and the block party continues until 11 with more music.

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Rutland has a new interactive sculpture for families to enjoy. It's called Fishwheel by artist Oliver Schemm (SHEM) - who is also the head of the art department at Castleton State College. The piece features fish that spin around when the wind blows just right - and it also has a steering wheel so kids and parents can spin the art themselves. The Chaffee says interactive art is particularly inspirational.


((Meg Barros/Chaffee Art Center 5:06:27:15 Art and interactive art calls to people's creativity and curiosity. It invites, it's a happy experience when people are happy their thoughts are flowing freely. 05:06:40:21)) Fishwheel started on display this month - and is the second sculpture exhibited in Main Street Park by the Chaffee. They started placing sculptures in the park last year - and this year they responded to the public's request for another.



She's back and on her home track. Jericho's Lea Davison, just 7 months following hip surgery, returning to competition today and there was no better setting in which to do it. The XCT Pro Tour making a final stop in Williston for the Catamount Classic where Davison is the defending champion. --- The 2012 Olympian playing the role of hometown favorite to a tee... Huge crowd on hand to root on the local star and she doesn't disappoint early... Davison wheeling and dealing as she takes the lead through the first two of 6 laps... --- However, this is a talented field and on lap three she gets plenty of company... California native Katerina Nash pulls to the head of the pack and now Davison is playing catch up... --- No sweat for the red, white and blue jersey though... After Nash takes a tumble on lap 4, Davison punches it into high gear and never looks back... The hometown mountain bike star cruising to her second straight win in a time of one hour 51 minutes and 55 seconds, proving she's back and as good as ever!


((Lea Davison\ It feels even better, having surgery in early January and put so much work in but you never know if it's going to pay off because I'm not actually riding the bike. I was doing strength training and range of motion. And this field is competitive, just out there to try my best but it worked out, the Vermont crowd really propelled me to the win. I'm so happy.))


The men's race also thrilling the crowd with as talented a field as you'll get to see up close and personal... --- Several leaders in this six lap showdown ... To open it's North Carolina native Kerry Werner Jr. flying his way to the front of the group... --- From there, Boulder Colorado product Mitchell Hoke takes over and looks like he's got a shot to win this thing... But somewhere in the woods he runs into trouble and Quebec City native Antoine Caron ready to pounce... --- Wearing the #25 bib, Caron has his eyes set on the #1 spot... But he'd have to earn it ... Check out the race to the finish line... Caron in a dead sprint with Werner and Cameron Dodge... The Canadian with just enough juice to finish ahead of the pack, one hour, 39 minutes, 45 seconds to take home championship honors.


(( It was super fun, it's not the most technical of courses but it allows for some really, really fast bike racing which I think is super good for the crowd. It was super fun.))


Mt. Anthony grad Jesse Webb is a national runner up at the USAW junior men's Freestyle championships in Fargo, North Dakota today. Webb, wrestling at 285 pounds, also achieved all american status for the second straight year.


Tonight in Eugene, Oregon, Montgomery's Elinor Purrier competes in the 3000 meter steeplechase final at the World Junior track and field championships. Purrier qualified for the event a couple of days ago with a personal best time of 10 minutes, 8 point 33 seconds. She will be the only American in the race, with her time being ninth best among the opposition. It'll be only the 6th time Purrier has officially competed in the steeplechase. We'll have highlights and reaction from the Purrier family at 11.


The Vermont Lake Monsters have won three of the first four games on its eight-game roadtrip. The team wrapping up its series tonight at Brooklyn. The game is just underway. And the Mountaineers are at New Bedford. First pitch in that game is coming up. Vermont has a 2 and a half game lead on Sanford for first place in the Northern division with 8 games left in the season.


Former Sox pitcher Chris Capuano making his debut in pinstripes as the Yankees take on the Blue Jays. --- He gets off to a strong start here tying up Jose Reyes for the strikeout. --- Scoreless in the fourth the Yankees Brian McCann launches one over the wall in right, his eleventh homer of the season. The bombers lead 2-0. --- But Toronto comes storming back. The Yankee defense not helping, take a look, an easy Dan Johnson popup finds the grass and the Blue Jays take a 3-2 lead. --- Johnson up again in the ninth looking to add insurance runs. He won't need help from the defense this time, a three run blast. The Blue Jays go on for a 6-4 victory, their first win at Yankee Stadium in 18 games.


The Red Sox and Rays play game 2 of their series tonight at the Trop. It looks like last place Boston has decided to be sellers at the trade deadline. The team dealing starting pitcher Jake Peavy to the San Francisco Giants today for a couple of minor league pitchers. Peavy came to the Red Sox just about this time last year. The 33 year old won four games for Boston down the stretch in 2013 helping them to a world series championship. This season, he was 1-9 with a 4.72 ERA with little to no run support.


Congrats to the Vermont Voyageurs junior lacrosse team. The guys defeated the Montreal Shamrocks, 11-5 today in Montreal to claim the MJLL championship. Former CVU star, Lawrence Dee with 4 goals in the victory.


it doesn't look good right now for Shelburne's Molly Aronsson to make the cut at the SEFCU championship in Albany. The Rice grad is 2 over today through 17 putting her at 2 over for the tournament with the projected cut at plus 2. The Rice grad is currently 13th on the list for the race to the LPGA card.


Finally tonight, a great event at the Essex Tree Fram today. The Windjammer Hospitality Group holding its third annual kickball tournament to benefit the Vermont Family Network. Proceeds go to help that group provide resources for Vermont's children and young adults with special needs and their families. Three family teams and six competitive teams vied for the championship trophy. WCAX was one of those teams everyone had a blast.

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