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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. It was a bank robbery in broad daylight. And now-- Burlington Police are on the hunt for the suspect. Police say they got the call around 11:20 this morning that someone had robbed the Merchant Bank branch on College Street downtown. They say the suspect was caught on surveillance, and police describe him as a white male between 6 foot 1 and 6 foot three with a large build and a salt and pepper beard. Police say he was wearing sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt. A weapon was NOT displayed. Anyone with information is asked to call the Burlington police.


A suspected meth leb has been raided in Barton. Officials with the hazardous materials team-- along with state police-- responded this morning to what authorities are calling a suspected lab at the Cottage Lane home. The Barton fire Department assisted. State Police say there were no injuries and no immediate danger to the public. Police say the raid stemmed from a prior investigation.


((ON THE PHONE : Lt. Kirk Cooper ; Vermont State Police / "the northern vt drug task force began investigation a day or to ago which led them to info regarding meth manufacturing at a residence in Barton vt. thru the investigation they were able to identify a suspect and as a result the suspect has been arrested.")) 33-year-old Terry Parson-- originally from Michigan-- is charged with the sale of meth. Police say they did find materials for making the drug at the home.


Police say a heroin overdose in Lebanon led to a dealer behind bars. Police say 45-year-old Douglas Larocque supplied the heroin that led to the overdoes Friday night. An unnamed 35-year-old was revived with the drug Narcan and is expected to recover. Larocque was held for lack of 5-thousand dollars bail and is due in court Monday.


Police are looking for the driver of a car who they say almost hit a worker at a construction site. The incident happened near the Long Trail parking lot in Bolton. Police say a red Toyota 4 door sedan with partial Vermont registration 994 entered the construction zone-- and failed to stop when directed. The worker was able to jump out of the way and was not injured. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.


A Springfield woman sustained serious injuries after the car she was driving struck a deer. Vermont State Police say 31 year old Sarah Freeman was traveling north on I-91 just before 7 this morning when she hit the deer-- just north of the Hartland exit. Freeman's car went out of control and rolled over. Police say Freeman was thrown from the vehicle. She was airlifted to Dartmouth Hitchcock. The interstate was closed for a couple of hours during the accident.


A police K9 from Burlington has been inducted into the Vermont Police Canine Hall of Fame. The police dog-- named Andre-- and his handler Burlington Police Sergeant Wade Labrecque were awarded the state's highest Police Canine honor Friday. In 2013-- while assisting the DEA-- Andre sniffed out a bag that contained 9000 bags of Heroin-- the largest seizure of heroin in Vermont at that time. Over his career- the German Shepard has had over 570 drug finds.


Almost 200, rescue workers, law enforcement, and volunteers in Rutland spent their Saturday training for a disaster. Lynzi DeLuccia has the story.


Mass disasters don't happen every day - but just in case an emergency comes their way, Rutland workers want to be prepared. ((Chris Beitzel//Rutland Airport Manager 7:05-7:14: "The department of homeland security offered to evaluate the airport emergency plan and the hospital's mass casualty emergency plan.")) Both the airport and the hospital took advantage of that offer - organizers simulated a plane crash at the airport, which produced mock casualties for the medical center to take on. ((Bernadette Robin//RRMC Communications Specialist 17:11-17:24: "We're always testing our abilities internally to react to anything that could happen that could affect public safety, but this is larger scale than we've done in a number of years.")) 175 volunteers from fire departments, rescue squads and law enforcement 'responded' to the scene, testing communication across the board. About 20 civil air patrol cadets acted as victims, going through the motions of what would come after a REAL plane crash. ((Chris Beitzel 10:11-10:24: "After the fire department puts out the fire, then it's about triage and rescuing the victims, putting them through decon, and taking appropriate measures to get them to the hospital safely.")) ((Chief Mike Jones//Rutland city Fire Dept. 14:45-14:54: "The fuel from the plane was the contamination...")) Rutland city Fire Department Chief Mike Jones explained to us the steps hazmat workers take, bringing victims through a large decontamination tent. ((Chief: "to be able to transport them in the ambulance and the hospital, we have to wash those contaminants off of them.")) The airport's current emergency plan is new this year - the hospital has had theirs in writing for a while now. The department of homeland security had crews on scene Saturday - they'll be providing evaluations on performance of these plans. ((Bernadette Robin 18:39-18:47: "Everything on paper looks good, but when you actually test it, thats when you find out where there are actually areas you need to improve...")) Robin says that includes-- communications to the medical center's response time - the hospital and the airport are expecting the evaluations to come back within 30 to 45 days. Lynzi DeLuccia, Channel 3 News, Rutland.

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Most of today was very nice. Clouds are increasing in the region. RADAR: A low pressure to the south will bring a few showers tonight, with the bulk of the rain remaining well south of the region. WAKEUP WEATHER: A few showers, with lows in the mid 40s to low 50s. A taste of summer later during the week.

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still ahead on tonight's news... The perks of getting good grades... plus... Will head to Bellows Falls--- for french fries dipped in homemade sauces...


A South Burlington High School senior has a new set of wheels. Hunter Lamore was the grand prize winner of this year's Drive for Excellence event at Burlington Subaru Hyundai. For the last 9 years-- the business has rewarded hard-working high school juniors and seniors with a chance to win a new car. Three $1,000 scholarships were also raffled off at the event, courtesy of NBT Bank. Kelsy Kellison of Northeastern Clinton Central School, Vivian Trevisani of Colchester High School, and Daniel Piper of Plattsburgh High School - each took home a check.


Our search for the region's best french fries brings us to Bellows Falls this week-- thanks to a loyal viewer who told us Shona's fries can't be beat. Nick Borelli reports.


((00:43:39:00-00:43:43 :00 NATS: Phone ringing, Good afternoon, Shona Grill)) Kimberly Bovill opened up the Shona Grill 3 years ago-- It was a natural fit for Kim-- she has a has a degree in hotel restaurant management. (00:02:26:00-00:02:30: 00) ((KB: Shona means to spread happiness, and I find myself to be a happy person.)) Over the past few years the restaurant has grown. And they're selling more hand cut fries than ever-- Kim watches the fries until they look just right. (00:21:06:00-00:21:08: 00) ((KB: It's usually about this darkness we'll go with.)) While these fries are great on their own-- they're even more flavorful dipped in one of Shona Grill's 9 homemade sauces (00:23:35:00-00:23:43: 00) ((KB: We have maple mayo, garlic mayo and this is our shona sauce)) (00:25:50:00-00:26:02: 00) ((KB: One day my husband said he wanted a dipping sauce different than everything else, so sometimes you mix a couple together to see what kind of flavors you can get-- and out was born the chipotle ketchup. The shona sauce, with maple mayo.)) It's got a nice kick. (00:26:10:00-00:26:14: 00) ((KB: Mmmm that is good. NB: It's really good, I like the heat at the end.)) And then of course we have the garlic mayo. (00:27:16:00-00:27:20: 00) ((NB: Nice and garlicky. I'm an Italian boy so I can't go wrong with too much garlic. KB: You can't go wrong with that garlic.)) So many sauces-- For such yummy fries. This all fits into Kim's philosophy. (00:26:34:00-00:26:35: 00) ((KB: Food is supposed be fun)) ...Especially when you're talking french fries. NB. Ch 3. Bellows Falls


CURRENT: Cloudy and mild. RADAR/SATELLITE: A few showers moving in for tonight. The bulk of the rain will remain south. LOCAL TEMPERATURES: Most locations in the upper 60s to low 70s. It will be a bit cooler on Sunday. USA LOOP: One low pressure will clip us with scattered showers Sunday, especially during the afternoon. Monday will be dry.

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FORECAST: TONIGHT: Cloudy. Few showers. Low: 45/53. Wind: Light SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers, especially PM. High: 65/73. Wind: Light SUNDAY NIGHT: Few shower early, then clearing. Low: 40/48. Wind: Light MONDAY: Mostly sunny north. More clouds south. High: 70/78. Low: 45/53. Wind: Light TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers. High: 65/75. Low: 40s WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. Isolated T-storm. High; 70s. Low: 45/55 THURSDAY: Partly sunny. High: 75/85. Low: 50s FRIDAY: Partly sunny. Few showers/T-storms. High: 70s. Low: 50s SATURDAY: Partly sunny. Few showers/T-storms. High; 70s.

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A thousand beer lovers came out to the Stoweflake Resort and Spa in Stowe today for the Craft Brewers Race. Rose Spillman was there.


Alex Wonnell has a method all planned out when it comes to beer tasting. ((Alex Wonnell/Burlington 4246 09:33:50 "I'm gonna start out with the lighter beers first. Get a little feel good going on, and then I'm gonna move into the sweeter stuff, like cider, and then I've been on a stout kick, and so that's just like dessert." 09:34:09)) On Saturday, he got to take his strategy out for a spin at the Craft Brewers Race and Festival in Stowe. The afternoon started out with a crowded 5k as runners and walkers trekked through town before heading to try the many beers. ((Alex Wonnell/Burlington 4246 09:33:03 "I think I was actually the last one to sign up. Got lucky--number 1255. Did not prepare as much as I wanted, but ran. Finished hard." 09:33:13)) Over 1,000 people signed up for the race, and each earned a souvenir pint glass and a finishers medal. At the finish, participants and festival attendees could sample beers from over 20 breweries across the region--from new, start up brewers to old favorites. ((Tyler Frandsen/Citizen Cider 4189 09:19:00 "Unified Press, which is our flagship cider, also have Dirty Mayor, which is pretty popular as well, so that's fermented with ginger and lemon peel. Then we have our Northeast Cascade which is dry hopped with local cascade hops. We're also offering our new, non-alcoholoc sparkling sweet cider." 09:19:16)) Designated drivers were given a discounted ticket to enjoy a variety of food and non-alcoholic drinks available. Wonnell says he was hoping try something new. ((Alex Wonnell/Burlington 4246 09:33:32 "Farnham beer. Yea we have a friend who just started that. That's a new brewery in Winooski, so I ran into a buddy last night who said to try it out." 09:33:44)) A race to support craft brewers and their many Vermont fans. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Stowe.



Good evening, the high school sports season is wrapping up over the next couple weeks with state championships. Tennis gets a bit of a head start in Vermont, with the individual tournaments coming two weeks before the team championships... Starting with the boys doubles from Burlington, Carl La Barbera and Ben Salvas of Stowe taking on Andrew Burroughs and Eric Weiss from St. J. --- The St. J boys dominant early, taking the first set 6-2 after this miss from Salvas, but back comes Stowe. --- After a long rally, La Barbera with the nice slicing backhand winner gives his team the 6-4 win in the second set. --- Then Salvas serving, match point for Stowe, La Barbera with a pair of slams, the second the dagger to St. J. Stowe takes the doubles state title 2-6, 6-4, 6-3. After the match, Salvas and La Barbera said trying to make sure they had fun was the key to the comeback.


((Salvas: "we were just focused on having fun really. We just smiled and kept going." La Barbera: "Yeah we came in first set serious like 'let's go,' focused, and then we just decided to have fun with it. Smile, make some jokes worked out."))


Over in singles, defending champ Trent Newman of South Burlington survived a scare against teammate Gabe Katz, he was facing Preston Gordon of Essex in the final. --- It was looking pretty dire for Newman again in the first set, Gordon showing off the powerful serve as the Hornet would take it 6-4. --- But like he did in the semifinals, Newman would battle back. The Rebel star was incredibly impressive in a 6-0 second set decision --- And he would cruise in the third set as well, taking it 6-2 to repeat as singles state champion.


The Girls individual championships also going on today at the Bridges Resort in Warren. --- In the singles championship, CVU's Kathy Joseph in the near court facing Jordan Walsh of Essex. Joseph up 3-love in the first, but Walsh with the great backhand winner cuts it to 3-1. --- That was the first and only game Joseph dropped in the entire tournament! A big backhand of her own to take the 1st set 6-1. --- And on match point, she goes crosscourt for the winner. Joseph repeats as state champion with the 6-1, 6-love win.


(Joseph: "I was really focused on dropping as few games as possible, so it really was my goal throughout the tournament and and awesome way to almost end my high school tennis career.")


Doubles finals now, CVU's Erika Barth and Meara Heininger in all black versus Kailey Yang and Sajani Sivakumar from South Burlington. Rebels took the first set 6-2 but CVU with an early lead in the second courtesy of Barth's big backhand. 2-1 Redhawks. --- But the Rebels would get a break and pull ahead, Sivakumar splits the CVU teammates with a strong grandstroke. Rebels take a 5-3 lead. --- Matchpoint, leading 5-4 CVU can't keep the rally alive, Yang and Sivakumar close out the 6-2, 6-4 win for the state title.


(sivakumar: "it was really fun because I played in the singles tournament last year and that was super fun and this year I got to play with Kailey so it's nice to officially get Kailey a state championship." Yang: "and we played against a really difficult team in the finals so it's really nice to pull through and win.")


The Middlebury Women's Lacrosse team has made a habit of jumping out to huge first half leads before allowing teams to creep back into the game late. In spite of that, the Panthers have cruised along to an 18-1 record and a host spot in the NCAA Regionals. Today the Panthers were up against St. John Fisher out of Rochester in the round of 16. The Panthers hosted the Cardinals today, each team just two wins away from the D-3 Final Four. --- The away team actually gets on the board first in this one, Jamie Wallace slices through the defense and tickles the twine to put the Cardinals up 1-0 --- But back comes Middlebury, Hollis Perticone with the up and over move to level this game at one a piece. --- More Middlebury, this is Allie Sciaretta with a couple dodges and she puts it away as the Panthers take their first lead at 2-1. --- Panthers up 4-3 about 10 minutes in, Sciaretta again on the doorstep as they would double their lead --- And that trend of big first half leads would continue, Mary O'Connell somehow fighting her way on cage to put the Panthers in front 6-3. --- Then on the free position Bridget Instrum to push the lead to 4 --- And check this one out, off the draw, eventually Chrissy Ritter is going to pick it up, she carries it all the way from midfield before finding O'Connell for the proverbial "dunk" to make it 8-3. Again the Panthers let their opponent back into it late, but fortunately it was too late. Middlebury wins 12-9, they get Gettysburg in a national quarterfinal tomorrow at 1 o'clock.


The Boston Red Sox at home this weekend welcoming in a couple old friends, as Terry Francona, Mike Napoli and the Indians visit Fenway Park. Trevor Bauer making the start for the Tribe in this one --- And he'd get himself in trouble in the third innign, Xander Bogaerts up the middle to drive in Mookie Betts, 1-0 Boston. --- Hanley ramirez with the bases loaded, just getting this one over the head of the second baseman, 3-0 Red Sox. --- And then Betts with the big fly over the Monster as Boston takes the 4-0 lead. The story so far in this one though is Joe Kelly, first start off the DL, no hits through 6 innings! We'll keep you posted.


And the Yankees in Oakland today, that score currently 5-1 New York in the 8th inning.


And a great run for the Burlington Rugby Football Club Women's side has come to an end. BRFC fell to the Harrisburgh Harlots in the D-2 National Quarterfinals today from Pittsburgh by the score of 18-15. It was only Burlington's third ever trip to the national tournament after winning the regional title two weeks ago in Saratoga Springs. The BRFC still has a consolation game left to play, they'll take on Charlotte from North Carolina tomorrow morning at 8:15.

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