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Archive Search Instructions

General Procedures:

The archive contains all stories broadcast by WCAX-TV News from May 1, 1996 to the current date.

  1. To search the archive, select a START and END time period. The form defaults to the entire range of available dates. You may narrow your search to any monthly time period within the available range.
  2. Enter search word(s) into the search box. (See below for more information on formulating searches.)
  3. Select your preferred SORT method. The default is most recent stories first.
  4. Click the SEARCH button to begin. Long searches may take 5 seconds or more. Narrow your search range if you wish to reduce search time.
  5. Depending on the number of returned items, there may be links at the bottom of the page to navigate among all the the results.
  6. There is a limit of 500 items returned, either the 500 oldest or 500 newest depending on the sort order you have selected.
  7. The story (or stories) you retrieve will have the search words highlighted.
  8. When a search returns more than the number of results per page you have selected, there will be a navigational bar at the bottom of each page of results. Click on the desired page number. The current page number is bracketed with "*"s.
  9. A new search may be started at any time by clicking on the New Search link.

Search Rules:

  1. Enter words or phrases (one or more words surrounded by quotation marks) into the search box to get all stories according to the following search rules.
    • Use AND, OR from left to right in order of preference
      (Ex. "Phrase one" OR Word1 AND Word2, means search for either Phrase One or Word1, Word2 must also be present)
    • You can enter different combinations of the above rules to suit a particular search.
  2. Extra spaces anywhere in the search text are ignored.
  3. Searches are CASE INSENSITIVE.
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