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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Healthcare, paid family leave, and raising the minimum wage. They are topics that often came up during the presidential election and continue to be debated. Today- a group gathered in Burlington to make their voices heard. Rose Gomez reports.


For around 8 years Brittany Nevins lived off a minimum wage job. She says it's time for the wage to change. ((Brittany Nevins/Rights and Democracy Vermont Board Member 0033 01:11:49 "Really people aren't able to pay their bills with that amount of money. Right now I make a livable salary, much higher than a minimum wage, and I am struggling myself to save any money." 01:12:03)) Sunday, she was one of several speakers to address a crowd of more than 50 people at an event called Solidarity Sunday at the Unitarian Universalist Society in Burlington. ((James Haslam/Director of Rights & Democracy 9993 00:39:51 "The idea of solidarity is that we are sticking together because we're all better off when we're all better off, and so we're pushing for a statewide minimum wage increase for livable wages, and also mobilizing support for the nurses aids and other health care professionals organizing at UVM." 00:40:09)) Multiple topics were discussed--from minimum wage to paid family leave. One speaker encouraged the crowd to support License Nursing Assistants who are attempting to organize a union at the University of Vermont Medical Center. ((Kelsey Letourneau/Resource LNA for UVM Medical Center 9994 00:43:34 "So right now at the hospital we're all working quite hard to help the poor people that come to us and that are in need, and right now there's just not enough of us to go around. We have call bills that are going off constantly that we're having issues getting to because there's just so many patients." 00:43:49)) Nevins spoke about her hopes for the minimum wage to rise to 15 dollars an hour. She says she's had friends leave the state to find better pay. ((Brittany Nevins/Rights and Democracy Vermont Board Member 0033 01:14:34 "It's become really like a running joke and an expectation that people my age are just going to leave, and it's because the cost of living here is really high, and the wages don't provide opportunities to really live a life of dignity and quality." 01:14:50)) But some have concerns about the effects of a higher wage. Jericho resident Mike Csele says he makes 10 dollars an hour as a full time caregiver for his partner, who's a quadriplegic. She gets a set amount of income per month from the state to cover the costs of care, and if the minimum wage rises, he's worried she and others with disabilities won't be able to afford the care they need. ((Mike Csele/Jericho 003401:18:43 If you tell those people--hey you now have to pay your caregiver 15 dollars an hour, but we're not raising your budget, those people are going to lose their independence immediately. 01:18:53 These people have fought for years and years to be independent, and they're going to lose that right away. They can't afford to pay a caregiver. They don't have the money to pay a caregiver." 01:19:01)) Lawmakers in the statehouse are considering two bills that would raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour, and in Burlington, voters will have the chance to voice their opinion in a non-binding vote town meeting day. Rose Gomez, Channel 3 news, Burlington.


Two protestors were arrested today at the Highgate Port of Entry. Police say 22-year-old Haley Renwick and 31-year-old Elizabeth Nikazmerad (nick-azz mer-ad) would not leave the interior of the building after being asked numerous times by both Customs & Border Protection personnel and Vermont State Troopers. The Burlington women were both taken into custody for Unlawful Trespassing. It comes as an influx of refugees have been illegally entering Canada from the United States seeking asylum from President Trump's immigration policies.


A new report says the state discriminated against a man by denying him access to medical marijuana. The report by Vermont's Human Rights Commission involves a man who alleges he was denied pot to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. The Department of Public Health requires applicants to the marijuana registry to claim they have severe physical pain-- which does not include PTSD. Lawmakers are now looking at bills that would greatly expand access to medical marijuana. The governor's office declined to comment on the case, because it was an ongoing legal issue.


Senator Patrick Leahy makes a return visit to Cuba over the next several days... Leahy along with Mississippi Republican Senator Thad Cochran -- will lead a five-member delegation. Leahy says the trip to Cuba will discuss U.S.-Cuban cooperation on a wide range of topics, including foreign trade, migration, human rights, and property claims. Leahy was a key supporter of President Obama's effort to ease long-standing restrictions against Cuba. President Trump has promised he would negotiate a "better deal" with Cuba, or reverse Obama's measures. Leahy's delegation will also make a stop in Columbia.


The proposed sale of Fairpont communications is undergoing scrutiny by state regulators. This week Maine utility regulators will dig into the $1.5 billion sale of FairPoint to Consolidated Communications. The sale to the Illinois-based broadband and business communications company will also be before regulators in Vermont and New Hampshire soon. The deal was announced in December -- and includes assuming Fairpoint's debt. Federal regulators and 11 states will have to sign off on the deal.


Outdoor enthusiasts enjoying New Hampshire's Presidential range will save some money this Presidents Day. The White Mountain National Forest is joining with other national forests to waive fees at all day-use areas Monday. Don't get fooled by the warm weather though, officials say it's still winter in the Whites, and conditions can be harsh and change quickly. Mount Washington had some avalanche warnings last week -- that were downgraded to Moderate over the weekend.


Another spring-like day today. RADAR/TEMPERATURES: Still on the mild side out there, with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. A weak backdoor cold front will bring a few flurries tonight, along with colder temperatures for Presidents' Day. WAKEUP WEATHER: Mostly cloudy. Few flurries. Low: 20/28. More spring-like weather for mid to late week.

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still ahead on tonight's news... The latest on a proposed 700 unit housing development in Burlington... plus... If your are a bride to be... Essex Resort and Spa is the place to be....


Affordable housing continues to be an issue in the Queen City-- according to officials. But, a new development-- at a former college-- aims to make headway. Priscilla Liguori reports.


A new neighborhood on the Burlington waterfront is in the works. ((Eric Farrell Tile 4210 5:29:21-5:29:27 "It will have a bit of an urban feel to it. Compact development, with a generous amount of green space.")) The development - called Cambrian Rise- is at the site of the former Burlington College on North Avenue and could create over 700 units of housing. ((David White, Burlington Director of Planning and Zoning Tile TC 4:46:49-4:47:04 "The need for housing, in not just here in Burlington but in the region is real. It's a really big issue, and providing more and more opportunities for people to live here, to work here, is a positive thing.")) Mayor Miro Weinberger voiced support for the project too-- addressing of what he calls a housing crisis in Burlington. Developer Eric Farrell is partnering with Champlain Housing Trust and Cathedral Square to ensure the project includes affordable housing. The plan also maps out about 100 thousand square feet for nonresidential uses. ((Eric Farrell, Developer Tile 4210 5:21:28-5:21:37 "We're talking to a school about relocating into Burlington, and then there's a fitness center and small commercial spaces.")) Farrell wouldn't specify which school he is speaking with or how much the project is going to cost. Matthew Hagen lives across the street from the development site. He calls the space the most treasured part of the city, and considers the project to be bittersweet. ((Matthew Hagen, Neighbor Tile 4411 TC 7:28:32-7:28:36 "Going to miss the views, going down there for sure.")) While he acknowledges the project's long-term benefits, Hagen says he's concerned about additional traffic and disturbances from construction. ((Matthew Hagen, Neighbor Tile 4411 TC 7:22:48-7:23:01 "Recently the ground shakes pretty violently. That's intense. I question if that compromises the structure of our house.")) The first apartment building in Cambrian Rise is already under construction - officials say it will be complete this July. The rest of the project still needs Act 250 approval. ((Eric Farrell Tile 4210 TC 5:25:40-5:25:48 "We're going to start the new construction this summer, and depending on market conditions it'll take 6-8 years to build out.")) ((TC 5 13 14 Priscilla, Stand-up "Planning and zoning says if completely approved, this project and the Burlington Town Center will be the largest and most transformative developments the city has ever seen. Priscilla Liguori, Channel Three News, Burlington.))


Over 100 brides-to-be stopped by the Burlington Winter Bridal Show this afternoon. The Essex Resort and Spa was full of excitement as the women browsed the roughly thirty vendors-- featuring everything a bride and groom need on their big day. It's a chance for brides and their loved ones to gather ideas from local professionals. Many chose makeup, flowers, photographers, and music for their big day.


((Lindsay Blake, Bride-to-Be Tile 4431 TC 7:43:24-4:43:31 "It just kind of makes it feel surreal. It's right around the corner. I'm actually here with one of my best friends. We are both in each other's weddings.")) ((Judy Risteff, Vermont Wedding Association Tile 4424 TC 7:39:10-7:39:17 "They're happy They're smiling. This is always a fun time in their lives and we're so pleased to be a part of it.")) The photo booth was a hit among many women and their bridal parties. The event was run by the Vermont Wedding Association.


Another taste of spring today. CURRENT: Cloudy. Near 40 degrees. RADAR: A weak backdoor cold front will bring a few flurries tonight and into Monday morning, but that's about it. TEMPERATURES: Pretty mild this evening, with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. CLOUDS/PRECIP FORECAST: The backdoor cold front will move through tonight, bringing a colder but quiet day for Presidents' Day. A weak system will then bring a light wintry mix Tuesday evening. The roads will be a bit slick during that time.

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FORECAST: PRESIDENTS' DAY: Few AM flurries, then partly sunny. High: 25/33. Wind: N 5-10 mph MONDAY NIGHT: Mainly clear & cold. Low: 0/10 (a few spots below zero). Wind: Light TUESDAY: Increasing clouds & warmer. Evening light mix. High: 32/40. Low: 27/35. Wind: S 10-15 mph WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. High: 40s. Low: 30s THURSDAY: Partly sunny. Few showers. High: 40s. Low: 25/35 FRIDAY: Increasing clouds. PM showers. Rain overnight. High: 35/45. Low: 30s SATURDAY: AM rain, tapering to scattered PM rain/snow showers. High: 40s. Low: 20s SUNDAY: AM snow showers, then partly sunny. High: 30s



An annual ski jumping tradition continued this weekend in Brattleboro. For the past 95 years-- aspiring Olympians have been taking to the air at Harris Hill. More than 40 of the world's top male and female ski jumpers from the US, Europe and Canada took part in the two-day event. The 90-meter jump is part of the United States American Ski Jumping series. The jump is one of just 6 of its size in the country. An 18-year-old Slovenian took first place in this year's competition.


A local teacher is making sure that his students have the chance to hit the slopes. Nick Borelli reports.


((Tile 6214 NATS: Steps)) Youngsters are making turns at Cochran's Ski Area during some school days this season. (01:01:12:00-01:01:16: 00) ((Caleb Burnell, Richmond Elementary 2nd Grader: Right now is our recess time... playing on a structure, this is better than that.)) Caleb is one of dozens of students from Richmond Elementary School who is able to ski or board for a couple hours during the school day-- for free. ((Nats: Clicking into boots)) ((00:47:49:00-00:47:55 :00 NATS Teacher: Alright snowboarders, grab your boards and I'll show you where we're gonna start)) It all started with Brian Godfrey-- a physical education teacher at the Richmond Elementary School. He helped found the Snow Motion program. (01:05:09:00-01:05:17: 00) ((Brian Godfrey, Richmond Elementary School Teacher: We started 4 years ago. A couple of parents, myself. Really the outcome we wanted is students to be able to ski or board for free during the school day)) It now includes all of the students from grades kindergarten to 4th. They visit on Tuesdays and Fridays. (01:06:12:00-01:06:20: 00) ((BG: A lot of these kids it's an opportunity they might not have outside of the school day. Se we're creating access for a lot of them)) And it doesn't cost them a dime. It's paid for by parent donations -- foundation contributions -- and school fundraising. ((00:54:28:00-00:54:32 :00 NATS BG: Both hands. Stand up nice and tall for me.)) This wouldn't happen without the nearly 70 parent volunteers... people like John Brooks-- who leads a group of students and helps them practice skiing techniques. (01:10:39:00-01:10:48: 00) ((John Brooks, Parent Volunteer: This is probably one of the most valuable programs that we have. I have a lot of admiration for Brian Godfrey, who's affectionately known as Mr. G.)) He believes these young minds are learning more than just how to get down a hill. (01:11:48:00-01:11:58: 00) ((John Brooks: Lots of teamwork, tons of balance. They're gaining a lot of skills outside of just skiing, that they probably didn't know that they were able to unlock)) John's son Jack is in second grade. (01:13:22:00-01:13:28: 00) ((Jack Brooks, Richmond Elementary Student: I really think it's fun because you get to meet a bunch of people and then you get out of school for a little while)) The hope is that these kids make some lifelong buds -- ((59:54:00 NATS: Fistpump)) And develop a passion for being outdoors. (01:06:53:00-01:06:57: 00) ((BG: We see it as a valuable tool to empower kids to be healthy and active for the rest of their lives)) Is it all worth it? (01:07:20:00-01:07:23: 00) ((BG: The smiles on their faces is all the reward I need)) Well Mr G. thinks so. Nick Borelli. Ch 3. Richmond



It's been arguably the best week in the US Biathlon team's history: Lake Placid native and UVM alum Lowell Bailey got the ball rolling on Thursday at the IBU World Championships by winning the Americans' first ever gold medal in a worlds or Olympics. Today, another area native accomplished yet another first for Team USA. Barton's Susan Dunklee was already the first American woman to qualify for next winter's Olympics in Pyeongchang, but today she one-upped herself. Dunklee was perfect on the shooting range en route to the silver medal in today's women's 12.5K mass start in Hochfilzen, Austria. What's particularly special about Dunklee's performance is that no American woman had ever made a biathlon podium at either a World Championships or Olympics. According to Dunklee, Bailey and the rest of the team's success this week helped motivate her.


((Dunklee: "It's a dream come true. We've believed in the US that we can get these world championships medals in the past. A woman winning a world championship medal is a really big thing. We believed that we could get a gold someday and Lowell did that this week and we just have all this positive momentum going right now. And I think watching Lowell win his gold the other day really helped inspire me. A couple years ago he got his first podium in Conti Alotti and a week later I got my first podium in Oslo and I thought of that a couple days ago when he won, like, 'Wow, there goes Lowell, he did it again. Maybe I can get a world's champs medal too."


The UVM men's basketball team was off this weekend. The Cats wrap up the regular season next week with home games against Albany and Stony Brook. The Seawolves beat Binghmaton on Saturday, so the Cats haven't clinched the number one seed outright as of yet.


the UVM men's hockey team looking to make a move in the Hockey east standings as they visited BC last night --- Midway through the second. Vermont on the rush, check out Brian Bowen a little wrap around for the score. We're tied at 1 after 1. --- BC gets a power play goal 41 seconds into the third, but less than 2 minutes later, it's Bowen to the rescue. His second goal on the night. --- The two teams settle for a 2-2 tie. The Cats with 2 points this weekend, one more next week against Merrimack would clinch home ice in the first round of the Hockey East tournament, but they'll need 4 and help to get a bye


The UVM women's hockey team suffered a heartbreaking loss on Saturday against Merrimack, and will now have to open the Hockey East playoffs on the road. That loss locked them into the 5 seed, and by virtue of BC's win today over Providence, the Friars are the number 4 seed. The Cats will travel to Rhode Island for a best of three quarterfinal series starting Friday night.


The UVM men's lacrosse team is off to its best start in 16 years following a home win over Holy Cross on Saturday. The Cats followed up two nerve wracking overtime road wins with a comfortable 14-8 decision against the Crusaders in Head Coach Chris Fiefs' Virtue Field debut. Ben french tallied 5 goals as the Catamounts built a 7-0 lead before cruising to the finish. Vermont will play its next four games on the road before returning for arguably its toughest test of the season against 12th ranked Albany on march 18th.

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Heroics from local college stars make up this week's top 3 on 3. ((At number three, UVM Women's hockey saw a 3-1 lead disappear in the third period Friday night against Merrimack. But with yet another disappointing tie looming, Rachael Ade stepped up. The senior from Florida fired a shot on cage that trickled in as UVM celebrated a 4-3 win. --- At number two, UVM's Alayna Sonnesyn seemed in firm control of the women's 15K mass start at the Middlebury Carnival Friday morning, but Dartmouth's Abby Drach was determined to turn that around. Drach made up 21 seconds on Sonnesyn over the last 5K lap to turn a 5 second deficit into a commanding win in only her second career 15K. --- and at number one, the Hoop Cats set a new program record on Wednesday by winning their 16th consecutive game, and once again, Freshman Anthony Lamb played a huge part. He went 8 of 11 from the floor including 4 for 5 from three, posting 24 points as UVM leveled Umass Lowell. Vermont now just one win away from clinching the top seed in the America East Tournament, with Lamb taking the top spot in the top 3 on 3.

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