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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. A southern Vermont man is being held without bail for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenager over a period of several years. Police say 41-year-old Ryan Neidhold repeatedly molested the victim-- who is now 17-years-old-- between 2011 and 2013. The Bennington County Special Investigations Unit is leading the investigation. Neidhold-- who lives in Manchester-- was taken into custody without incident on Friday. He is charged with aggravated sexual assault and lewd and lascivious conduct with a child. He will be arraigned Monday.


Bernie Sanders is gaining ground in the race for the democratic nomination for president-- according to a new poll. The Des Moines Register-- Bloomberg Politics poll show Hillary Clinton with the lead at 37 percent. But Sanders is just 7 points behind at 30 percent. Vice President Joe Biden -- who has not yet entered the race-- received 14 percent. The pollster and political expert-- appearing on CBS' Face The Nation-- says Sanders is tapping into the same demographic that helped Barack Obama win in 2008. (( Ann Selzer // Iowa pollster :"So he is losing by seven points. He leads by eight points with people who say this would be the first time they participated in the caucus. He leads by over 20 points with people who say they consider themselves independents and people who are underage 45. Now, that is the Obama coalition. Those are the groups he put together that surprised Hillary Clinton in 2008."))


Volunteers with the Sanders campaign are using a popular website to help them organize. Alex Apple reports.


When Aidan King walks down the street in Montpelier....he goes unrecognized. Hardly a soul realizing he's what some are calling a vital piece of the political revolution Bernie Sanders seeks across the country. ((Aidan King/Grassroots for Sanders 32:20 We could pretend that we're expert political organizers and we know what we're doing and we're doing a good job, but it's not. Its Bernie.)) By day -- King works at a winery. In his free time -- he's the man behind an online community of over 90,000 Sanders supporters -- running an online page that gets over 500,000 views per month. ((Aidan King/Grassroots for Sanders 27:23 We decide that well, if Bernie Sanders is going to run for president, we want to be ready.)) To be ready: King and a friend from California created the Bernie Sanders for President page on Reddit -- a social networking and news site. As Sanders has surged in the polls -- so too has the number of online activists. ((Ben Schrekinger/Politico 03:33 There really is not the same kind of grassroots excitement for many of these other candidates.)) Politico reporter Ben Schrekinger followed Sanders to a rally in Reno, Nevada. Via Skype he says the campaign -- with the help of their Reddit allies -- have turned political organizing on its head. ((Ben Schrekinger/Politico 1:04 They've reversed the normal political formula. That was the extent to which they were relying on volunteers.)) When Sanders turns out huge crowds -- 1 in five people at those rallies sign up to volunteer. That helps the campaign save money on paid staffers and try to overcome Hillary Clinton's fundraising advantage. ((Aidan King/Grassroots for Sanders 30:50 We're really trying to generate constructive discourse.)) Here's how the Reddit page helps: Sanders volunteers can organize themselves before ever arriving at a rally. Activists carpool -- bring signs -- and gameplan to spread Sanders message. Once paid staffers come to town, volunteers are already organized -- and running the show. ((Aidan King/Grassroots for San ders 38:17 Which has never been used in this way before. I think that already puts them at the forefront in terms of digital campaigning.)) ((Ben Schrekinger/Politico 05:27 They're going to turn that into things like phone banking, organizing people to knock on doors.)) One to two thousand people are on the King's organizing page at any one time -- Revolution? Not quite. But he says a start ...from one of the most unlikely sources. AA. Ch3N. Montpelier.


Hillary Clinton will be campaigning in New Hampshire next weekend. Meanwhile republican candidates continue to flock to the Granite State. On Wednesday, Ohio Governor John Kasich (Kay- sITCH) will host a town hall in West Lebanon. That's one of five events he will hold in the coming days. Donald Trump continues to lead the GOP field.


An injured hiker was airlifted off one of New Hampshire's White Mountains. Friday afternoon, a 31-year-old New Hampshire woman had a medical emergency on the Garfield Ridge Trail in Franconia -- about five miles away from the nearest trailhead. Other hikers stepped in to help her. An Army National Guard helicopter took her to emergency responders waiting at the nearby Cannon Mountain Ski Area.


The South Burlington "Rebels" are sparking debate. Right now, the high school sports teams use the name Rebels. It was a take-off on the confederacy -- "south" Burlington rebelling against Burlington. Some say, rebels should be retired because it promotes slavery and racism. Others say, no one on campus has looked at the name that way in decades. The city's school board is scheduled to meet Wednesday.


Good news for Vermont's health care and hospitality industries. The labor department statistics show 17 hundred jobs were added in the health care industry since 2014. 25 hundred were added in leisure and hospitality. That's an increase of just over two percent. Vermont's unemployment rate was at 3.6 percent in July -- that remains well below the national average.


The Burlington International Airport could be getting a new hotel. Aviation Director Gene Richards says a hotel could be the latest addition to an area that's seen dramatic expansion over the last 15 years. Developers have been asked to submit proposals for what could be a 120-room hotel. Richards says a hotel could be up and running by late 2017 if the city finds the right developer.

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Summer is still going strong, and even though it's almost September, we have more very warm days ahead. Tonight will be mainly clear, and Monday will be mostly sunny.

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coming up on tonight's news.... Bear season begins this week.... and... Why some sunsets are so pleasing to the eye...


Hunters will be heading out into the woods this week-- looking for bear. Vermont officials say, it's part of an effort to help manage the 6,000 bears in the Green Mountain State. Vermont has two bear hunting seasons .... The early one starts Wednesday and requires a special tag. Hunters took 5-hundred 62 bears last year in Vermont. The largest number were in the town of Rockingham where 12 bears were taken.


Hunters will also be out-- starting Tuesday-- looking for Canada Geese. The purpose of the September season is to help control Vermont's population prior to more birds migrating south for the winter. New Hampshire also opens goose hunting season this week.


What is the science behind those spectacular sunsets we have been seeing? Nick Borelli talked with the National Weather Service to find out.


Bold, beautiful, and eye-catching-- We all see sunrises and sunsets a little differently. (00:01:19:00-00:01:29: 00) ((Andy Nash/NWS Burlington: For me it's a mix of the colors and the clouds that are in the sky. Just the way the sun is below the horizon and you've got that last vestiges of light bouncing off of the clouds)) Andy Nash is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Burlington-- With 23 years of experience, he knows how sunrises and sunsets work. (00:22:28:00-00:22:32: 00) ((When the sun is lowest on the horizon that's when sunlight has to go through the most amount of atmosphere.)) Sunlight is made up of all the colors of the rainbow-- Each with a different wavelength. The shorter wavelength colors-- Like the blues-- get filtered out when the sun is low on the horizon-- So we can't see them. On the other hand ... (00:22:35:00-00:22:45) ((AN: The yellows, the reds, the oranges, those are the longer wavelengths, they can make it through the atmosphere, all the air and dust)) The yellow, red, and orange colors are enhanced by small particles in our atmosphere-- Smoke from wildfires creates firey sunsets. (00:06:26:00-00:06:38: 00) ((AN: So the dust and the smoke particles is absorbing that short wavelength light, the blues and greens, and so the only light waves that can make it thru are the reds.)) For a memorable sunrise or sunset--a few clouds need to be in the mix. (00:01:41:00-00:01:54: 00) ((AN: I think there's more good sunsets up in this part of the world because we have a lot more clouds, and those high cirrus clouds, those thin ice clouds way up high, they can make some really good sunrises or sunsets.)) The ice crystals in cirrus clouds bounce around all of the red light-- magnifying that wow factor. A wow factor that-- come sunrise or sunset-- many of us just can't get enough. NB. Channel 3. Burlington


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Today featured a mix of sun and clouds, with warm temperatures. Tonight will be mainly clear. The last day of August will be very summer-like on Monday, with mostly sunny skies and highs in the upper 70s to mid 80s. Tuesday will be even warmer, with sunny skies. The first week of September will be feeling just like the middle of summer. High pressure will keep the sky sunny on Wednesday, with some spots near 90 for a daytime high. A weak cold front may touch off a few afternoon thunderstorms on Thursday. Otherwise, it will be very warm and humid. Friday will be sligltly cooler, but still warm. Dry and very warm weather will continue into next weekend. Overall, the weather this week is looking excellent for the Champlain Valley Fair, but it would be a good idea to wear the sunscreen!

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What happens when you mix yoga with a little beer? Gina Bullard finds out.


((nat)) Deep breaths and fluid movements are filling this Sunday morning yoga class in Burlington. ((nat)) Hips are lifted and so is the energy in this hour long session. ((nat)) Clearing their minds and opening up to what the day ahead has to bring...and in this case it's downward dog to downing a beer. (00:31:44:23) ((Amy Leiblein/Switchback "love yoga love beer why not pair them together?")) Switchback brewery hosts the Stretch and Sip classes in its new tap room. Where you can tap into your inner zen and then enjoy a pint or a flight -- all for 20-bucks. (00:47:39:24) ((Heidi Rumble/Participant "you mentally physically relax and then you get to relax with some libations afterwards")) (00:32:06:10) ((Amy Leiblein/Switchback "i feel like it's the quintessential vermont thing to do get some exercise then enjoy some good beer. beer compliments a lot of situations")) It's a win win for everyone -- the yoga instructor gets people who might not have normally tried the practice and Switchback gets to pour into a bigger customer base than they usually have most Sunday mornings. (00:49:50:22) ((David Higgins/Participant "sip stretch and crawl out of here haha")) David Higgins and his wife are celebrating their 33rd anniversary. (00:50:20:09) ((David Higgins/Participant "it's relaxing and enjoyable to be around community people and sipping and stretching is a great way to do it. g-all before noon! d-all before noon!")) Alcohol and exercise don't seem like the most obvious pairing but it's a craze happening across the country. (00:49:01:08) ((Sarah Quinttus/Soulshine Power Yoga "it's a nice fun reward, it's one and there's some carbohydrates that will refuel you after your exercise")) (00:51:57;16) ((GB "switchback is planning to host the stretch and sip events the last sunday of every month. it's a new way of finding your inner peace that people are toasting to. gb channel 3 news burlington"))



The UVM men's soccer team and the Catamount's field hockey team both headed to Hofstra today for their second games of the year... The men's soccer team would fall to Hofstra 4-0.....The women's field hockey team faced Sacred Heart at Hofstra and would beat Sacred Heart 2-0... it's the earliest the field hockey team has gotten its first win of the season since 2010...


Yankees in Atlanta today taking on the Braves... -- And it was a home run derby early for New York...2nd inning, Jacoby Ellsbury sending this one deep to right and that ball is gone, a three run shot and the Yankees are up 3-0... -- Pinstripes up 5-0 in the third, Stephen Drew crushing this ball deep to right field and it's another free baseball for the fans out there, a 2 run shot...Yankees up 7-0. --- Now up 8-5 in the 7th ..bases loaded, Alex Rodriguez sending this right back where it came from, into center ...two more runs will come in and score and the Yankees take a 10-5 lead... --- then former brave Briann McCann lining this into left center, two more runs will cross the plate for New York... Yankees hammer the Braves, 20-6 ...


Red Sox wrapping up their series with the Mets today. .. --- Sox down 1-0 in the 6th, but with one on David Ortiz smoking this one deep to right and gone and two run bomb and the Sox take a 2-1 lead.. --- But the Mets get those back in the bottom of the inning...Juan Uribe driving this ball high and deep to straightaway center... lands right under the wall...two runs come in and score...Mets would take a 4-2 lead into the 7th... -- But here comes Boston, now down 4-3..Mookie Betts popping this ball high into left field...everyone looking at one another you got, no you... Michael Cuddyer trying to chase it down but won't get there...a run scores and Betts pulls into third and we are tied at 4.... --- Cuddyer though making up for it in the bottom of the inning, roping this one into left and a run will score... Sox fall to the Mets this afternoon, 5-4..The Red Sox and Yankees begin a three game series at Fenway tomorrow night...


Former Red Sox shortstop and Vermont Expo Orlando Cabrera returned to Centennial Field on Friday to meet with fans... Though his career started as a Vermont Expo, most in New England remember Cabrera for his time with the Red Sox in 2004 when Boston won their first world series in 86 years.. it's a moment fans across this region will never forget and holds a special place in Cabrera's heart....


(TRT: heart) (cabrera/"really fortunate to be in that moment and that team, especially the way we won that World Series. You know, we went through a lot in those months when I was playing for the Red Sox and to be part of that team was a great memory and something that's always going to be a part of my heart." )


Tomorrow Vermont's own Keegan Bradley will be in Woodstock for his 4th annual Charity Golf Classic held at the Woodstock Inn & Resort... Proceeds from the event benefit the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation in support of the Vermont Cancer Center and Vermont Children's Hospital....fellow PGA Tour athletes Brendan Steele and Jon Curran will also be playing at the tournament... Keegan and Curran played in the CVS Charity classic together in July and won the tournament as a team..Events kick off tomorrow in Woodstock at 11 am with a Golf Clinic with Bradley...and then the tournament gets underway at 11:30 ...


Week one of the high school football season is now in the books... This season. Instead of us picking the top play of the week...we want you to tell us ....So here is a look at the best plays from Friday night.... Mt. Anthony at Middlebury Friday... Patriots Pat Powers with an amazing one handed interception in the endzone..


Mill River and WoodSTOCK Friday... MILL RIVER forced to punt...high snap... Michael Morgan does a great job just avoiding getting taken down, but it's a low kick that's tipped right into the hands of Patrick Potter and he will take it in for a Wasp touchdown...


Rutland and CVU.... CVU's Andrew Bortnick launching this down field...pass is tipped, then intercepted by Andrew Kenosh..playing a little hot potato...


And finally North Country and Fair Haven ..RYAN Alexander's pass pass batted up and then caught by Aidan Hogan...and the big man taking off... 76 yards to the endzone on the interception return...


So those are the four play of the week nominees...Today is the last day to VOTE ...and here's how you do it. Go to, head to the Sports tab, under that you'll see a sub tab for the Friday Football Frenzy page. Clicking on that will take you to our Frenzy page, where you can watch videos and take a look at the nominees again. Once you've decided on your favorite, go to the right side of the page and make your pick. We will reveal the results from the voting tomorrow night ....

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