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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Friends and family of Joey Laquerre (LA- CARE) gathered in Central Vermont today to remember the life of the East Montpelier teenager-- who they say-- despite his unexpected passing-- left his mark on the world. Elizabeth Keatinge reports.


Those closest to Joey Laquerre say they can't believe their life-long friend is gone. ((Connor Rice/friend 11:37:38:00 We did everything together - it was, we went through thick and thin. We had tough times but we always stuck through it. :46)) On Saturday, just a month short of his 18th birthday, police say Laquerre was killed as a result of an all terrain vehicle accident in the town of Washington. ((Dean Gallison/Thunder Road 11:58:38:00 It's absolutely unfair. I mean, for everything that the Laquerre family has gone through. :44)) The Laquerre family is considered "Vermont royalty" in the sport of racecar driving. The 17-year-old was a fourth generation driver and an up and coming star in the sport. His grandfather still wins races. ((Dave Moody/motor racing network 11:31:17:28 I don't think any of us doubted that Little Joey was going to be a champion in his own right. It's just, it's an unfathomable loss. :24)) Tradegy is nothing new to the family. Laquerre's mother died of ALS when he was just 8-years-old. His uncle, a championship Thunder Road racer died, in a snowmobile accident. But friends say, it made him wise beyond his years, raising the spirits of others when they were down. ((Martha Lange/friend 12;03:03:25 He seemed to always be the one cheering us up and saying, oh it doesn't matter. It's alright, we'll get them next time. :09)) Lt. Governor Phil Scott, one of Vermont's most recognizable race car drivers, says the loss to the racing community- and the entire state - is immeasurable. ((Lt. Governor Phil Scott/R-Vermont 11:50:25:00 Little Joey was a new racer but had a huge amount of crew members that were there week in and week out, and you could just tell, that there was something special. :36)) Laquerre-- who was in his senior year at U-32 High School-- had dreams beyond the track. Family and friends say he had a special connection to nature. ((Connor Rice /friend 11:46:57:00 he loved being in the outdoors. He just wanted to be a game warden . 11:47:03:00)) A dream that was cut short by a heart-wrenching accident. Loved ones say they will miss his thoughtfulness the most. ((Tyler Austin/friend 11:48:07:11 Yeah never afraid to come up and give you a hug. Stephen Donahue/friend he had many. many friends. :13)) ((Elizabeth Keatinge/Montpelier 12:23:31:18 Now friends we spoke with say that this news is still very fresh in their minds, but they have talked about honoring Laquerre this upcoming racing season by making their cars look just like his. EK CH3 News Montpelier. :44))


Counseling has been offered to students and staff at U-32.


Brattleboro police are investigating a fatal crash. It happened on the Bonnyvale Road Saturday night. Police say the driver died at the scene. A passenger was air lifted to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Their names have not been released.


Fairpoint workers are heading into a second full work week on the picket lines. About 1,700 union employees in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine walked off the job after months of failed negotiations. The sticking points are benefit cuts and a recent pension freeze.


Concerned community members confronted the Burlington School Board tonight as accusations involving the district's interim senior administration lead to a call for change. Melissa Howell reports


((01:25:25 "it is time that respect returns." 01:25:28)) The resignation of 3 Burlington School District senior administrators has caused dismay throughout the community. ((Jason 01:29:00 "If one person resigned, it can be a personality problem but 3 people? Come on there is an underlying issue here." 01:29:08)) Stephanie Phillips took on the role on interim superintendent in July after the resignation of Jeanne Collins. But Last week, Phillips and her 2 interim administrators resigned on claims of disrespect -- personally and professionally from the school board. Now, an emergency meeting calling for a plan of action is giving parents like Alison Segar -- a chance to voice their concerns. ((Alison Segar/Parent 00:41:57 "I've been very active in issues to do with the school, I think there's some fantastic people on the school board so for it to get to this point its just deeply concerning." 00:42:09)) Emails obtained by Channel 3 News through a public records request reveal frustrations between the school board and administrators. At times, Phillips warning of her resignation. Sunday night, school board members vowed to get to the root of the problem in an effort to move forward. ((Patrick Halladay/ Chair 01:52:36 "We have made a committment to further conversations and to better our role and what our rights and responsibilities are and what our commitments to the larger community are." 01:52:49)) The school board has committed to meeting with the senior administrators, creating a committee within the board to vet candidates to fill the interim position, and working together more efficiently. It's a commitment that has gained some support... ((Martha Lang 01:28:15 "I have watched the school board work endlessly and I say who doesn't make mistakes and I'm not saying you made any but lets move ahead." 01:28:24)) But a petition signed by 150 community members calls for more oversight throughout the search for a new interim superintendent. ((Kathy 01:16:34 "We seek a strong committment from the board to work closely with the secretary of education to attract, retain, and vet highly qualified interim and permanent superintendent candidates." 01:16:47)) As the turmoil plays out in the public eye, parents hope both the administrators and school board remember to put students first. ((Alison Segar/Parent 00:42:52 "Im hoping that the impact will be really limited I mean thats who we're all here for, our kids."00:42:56)) Melissa Howell, Channel 3 News


Overdose deaths in New Hampshire are on track to exceed last years numbers. The state medical examiner's office says 70 people died in 2013 of overdoses. With two months to go, state officials say the death toll stands at 65 -- the most recent linked to tainted heroin that was making the rounds in the upper valley earlier this month. Public Safety Commissioner John Barthelmes says the heroin problem is "an epidemic of addiction." He says more needs to go into enforcement, prevention and treatment.


A 13-year chapter in US military history has ended. The last Marine unit in Afghanistan took down the American flag and turned over control of the United State's largest base to the Afghan army. Erin Lyall reports


It's official and a milestone in Afghanistan. The Marines have ended their mission. :04-:10 SOT: Cpl. Matthew Thompson / Camp LeJeune " I'm sure there's gonna be people asking me did we make a difference in Afghanistan...I hope we did. I know we did." In a ceremony here at Camp Leatherneck, the sprawling headquarters of the Marines in Helmand province, the US and UK transferred authority to the Afghan army and marked the official end of military operations. :20-:24 Capt. Ryan Steenburch / Camp LeJeune " It's good to see that we've finally reached that point where we can turn over the base effectively." Helmand was the deadliest province for coalition forces throughout the war with more than 940 troops killed, including 360 marines. For the past two years, the Marines have been training the Afghan army to control the region. Today, they handed off that authority, as well as the base. They'll be leaving nearly 300-million dollars' worth of infrastructure and equipment behind. :43-:48 ERIN LYALL ON CAMERA/CAMP LEATHERNECK: Aside from a handful of Marines who will cycle through Kabul as advisers, this is officially "it" for the Marines. Sot lyall: Are you worried at all that you might have to come back at some time? :50-1:02 Sot: Thompson: "I'm worried that my son has to come back, the future generation of Marines have to come back and start over again." Soon, every single Marine and British troop will board planes and head home one left behind. Erin Lyall, CBS News, Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan.

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coming up on tonight's news... The Ticonderoga ferry has pulled into port for the season that's because winter is right around the corner... What we should expect.... And here's dave with the weather... Pleasant fall weather the next couple of days.

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An 18-million-dollar decision is coming up for Hyde Park residents on election day. On Monday, there is a public meeting to talk about the school bond vote. The 18 million would allow for construction for classrooms, a gym and cafeteria, as well as office and storage space at the elementary school. Monday's meeting is happening at 7pm at Hyde Park Elementary.


The Ticonderoga Ferry wrapped up another season. The ferry -- which runs from Shoreham -- to Ticonderoga, New York -- finished up its last run of the season earlier this evening. It's expected to be up an running again in May.


The Committee on Temporary Shelter, which is better known as COTS, runs two shelters for families and also offers support getting them into permanent housing. The folks who run COTS say, they couldn't do it without their volunteers. They recognized some of them at a recent breakfast in Burlington ... Including Jason Fitzgerald. He is the 2014 COTS business Hero of the Year. Jason has been organizing a diaper drive for COTS since 2007. He has collected more than 120-thousand diapers. He runs the drive out of his workplace ... Dee Physical Therapy.


(TC: 00:15:30:00) ((Jason Fitzgerald/COTS Hero of the Year The amount of diapers we've been able to donate has given each family within the COTS community enough diapers for an entire year and that allows them to put away money which in turn allows them to put more money away to get out on their own again.)) (TC: 00:12:24:00) ((Julia Paradiso/COTS Program Director They are trying to save for security deposits for first month's rent and if they can have the relief of not paying the sixty to eighty bucks a month for diapers that's something that can go toward their security deposit toward their housing. So it's huge for folks in our shelter.)) (TC: 00:16:06:00) ((Jason Fitzgerald/COTS Hero of the Year I guess personally I don't think of myself as being a hero. It's a community wide event so I'm fortunate enough to be the face and the voice behind the event, but, yah know, in terms of a hero, this thing wouldn't happen if everybody in the community didn't get involved)) The Dee PT Great Diaper Drive doesn't officially starts until November 3rd. Jason says, they already have more than 3-thousand diapers piled up at the clinic You can drop them off at either location on your screen.


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A trailing trough kept the day a bit blustery, with showers and mountain snow showers. This system will be moving out of the region tonight, though a few sprinkles or flurries will continue. Monday is looking better, with partly sunny skies and slightly warmer temperatures. There may be a morning sprinkle or flurry east of the Champlain Valley. A warm front will move through Monday night, giving us a mild day on Tuesday. Expect highs in the low 60s in some spots. A cold front will bring showers Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Thursday will be dry, but chilly. We're keeping an eye on a possible storm system for Halloween and next Saturday. Right now, it looks like increasing clouds for Halloween, with showers by afternoon. We might have a winter preview for the first day of November, with a rain/snow mix possible on Saturday, and some snow accumulation, especially in the mountains. Stay tuned.


Winter weather is just around the corner, but will it be as harsh as last year. Nick Borelli takes a look.


((Please try to find file for Nats: Winter wind)) Some of us may have some chilling memories from last winter. (00:04:55:00-00:05:02: 00) ((John Goff/NWS Burlington: One thing that is probably stuck in people's minds more than anything was our March, was about 9 degrees below normal in Burlington.)) John Goff is a meteorologist at the National Weather Office in Burlington; He's got 16 years of experience under his belt. He agrees with the NOAA's winter outlook, which favors slightly above normal temperatures for us this season. (00:01:45:00-00:01:55: 00) ((JG: We are currently under an El Nino watch and that means the prognosis of developing El Nino is pretty high over the coming months; right now the Climate Prediction Center is giving 67% odds)) ((**please cover below with Nick's El-Nino Graphic)) El Nino is characterized by warmer than normal water temperatures in the equatorial pacific. The warmer water contributes to changes in the air currents. This means the jetstream moves far enough north to increase the likelihood of above normal temperatures in the Western & Northern US. ((**Please cover line below with NOAA precip graphic)) When it comes to precipitation things aren't as clear-- NOAA is painting us with equal chances of being above or below normal this winter. Goff says that's because there are a number of factors at play. Factors like the North Atlantic Oscillation-- which for us in the northeast, is actually more important than El Nino. (00:03:54:00-00:04:02: 00) ((JG: The North Atlantic Oscillation is basically a forecast of positions of upper level and lower level highs and low pressure systems, and their interplay between one another.)) ((**Please cover next 3 sentences with Nick's NAO graphics)) When the North Atlantic Oscillation, or NAO, is in it's positive phase, low pressure sits over Greenland, with high pressure over the eastern US. This typically keeps us warmer and drier than normal. On the contrary, when the NAO is in it's negative phase, a big blocking high sits over Greenland. This causes the jetstream to take dip over the eastern us, typically resulting in a cold, stormy pattern. Factors like the NAO can only be accurately forecast for about week at a time-- Adding uncertainty to exactly what this winter may hold. (00:08:15:00-00:08:18: 00) ((jg: As we go into the season we'll get a better tune on how this winter will evolve.)) And the winter outlook will be updated accordingly. Until then I think it's safe to say, we better have those shovels on standby. ((Tracked for later use: Nick Borelli. Channel 3 News. South Burlington.))



After suffering two straight NFC east loses, the Giants are off this weekend. The G-men look to regroup a week from Monday night at home against Indianapolis.


Tom Brady and the Patriots hosting the Bears today in Foxboro. --- The Pats score 3 touchdowns in 57 seconds late in the first half. Brady to Rob Gronkowski, one of his three TD grabs. 24-7 Pats. --- after the Bears go 3 and out, New England gets the ball back and Brady hits Brandon Lafell for the touchdown. 5 touchdown passes for Brady, 31-7. --- on the Bears first play on the next drive, quarterback Jay Cutler tries to avoid the sack, he ends up losing the ball, Rob Ninkovich picks it up and he ends up taking it back 15 yards for the touchdown. This one all Pats, 51-23 the final. New England has won 4 straight.


The Bills visiting the Jets Sunday and it was a rough day for Jets QB Geno Smith. --- 7-0 Bills in the first, Geno Smith throws his third pick, Stephon Gimore grabs it. Smith gets benched replaced by michael vick. --- No quarterback issues with the Bills, Kyle Orton to Sammy Watkins, Watkins thinks he's gone and slows down to celebrate, but he's tripped up by saalim hakim before the endzone. Buffalo scores 2 plays later to take a 21-7 lead. ---- Fourth quarter, Watkins learns his lesson, orton hits watkins on the quick slant and he goes 61 yards for the score. Bills win 43-23, they're one game behind the Pats in the AFC east, the Jets have lost 7 straight.


The NESCAC football standings got a little more interesting thanks to Middlebury. The Panthers went to Trinity on Saturday and crushed the Bantams, 27-7. It's Trinity's first home loss in 13 years, snapping a 53 game winning streak. Middlebury sits alone at fourth in the confernece with a 4-2 record, a game behind Trinity and Wesleyan, who are tied for second. Amherst leads the NESCAC at 6-0. There are just two games left in the season, so while a conference title may not be in the Panthers future, Saturday's win could be season-defining.


(((Bob Ritter/"This is a storied program, a great program, an unbelievable streak that they've had. For our guys to play as well as they did today, it's just a great tribute to them. Our guys played really well.")))


The UVM women's soccer team closed out the season today with a 2-1 overtime home loss to Hartford. A year after making the America East Tournament, the Cats finish the season 1-6-1 in the conference.


The 17th ranked UVM men's hockey team is off to its best start in nine years and team has yet to trail through four games this season. Vermont improving to 4-0 after a 2-1 win over Uconn Saturday night at the Gut. Goalie Brody Hoffman made 21 saves and Mike Stenerson scored the game winner in the third. The players will tell you that it wasn't a full 60 minute effort, but guys stepped up when needed in a critical early season hockey east game.


(((Alexx Privitera/"It's not something that we necessarily want to continue doing, but that's signs of a good team, finding ways to win when you're not playing your best. Every game counts. They're all important as each other. Obvioiusly we want to get better and play better, but we're 4-0."))) (((Kevin Sneddon/"It's always important to win the one goal games. That's often what it comes down to at the end of the year. If your team can be confident in those areas, like we are right now. You come out on the top end of those.")))


This time of year, there are tons of high school playoff games and college falls sports are heading down the stretch. That makes our job of picking plays a lot more difficult, but a lot more fun. (((Saturday, Woodstocks, Madi Schulta with her back to the net hits it between the legs for the score.))) (((Two goals at number two both from South Burlington Saturday, Aiman Ginawi's deep free kick bends right into the back of the net. Then it's Ginawi to Abukar Hassan who traps it, and then on a bounce fires a laser in the goal.))) (((Middlebury college Wide Receiver Brendon Rankowitz goes all out, making a diving catch in the endzone. This TD helps Middlebury snap Trinity's 13 year home win streak and takes number one in our top 3 on 3.)))

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