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Good evening and thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Part of California's wine country is under a state of emergency after the largest earthquake to hit the San Francisco Bay area in 25 years startled people out of bed this morning. Bigad Shaban has the latest.


(pkg) TRT 1:20 nats - sweeping up glass People in Napa spent Sunday sweeping and assessing the damage the STRONG earthquake left behind. Much of downtown Napa was affected. At least three historic buildings -- including this court house -- suffered major damage. nats hotel whistles These Napa hotel guests were evacuated soon after the shaking began, just before 3:30am. The earthquake also snapped gas lines and broke 60 water mains. Fire crews arrived at this burning mobile home park to find no water. :27-:31 SOT: Steve Becker / Napa City Fire "it's a real tragedy for those involved but it could have been a lot worse." Four homes here were destroyed. About 100 more in the area were damaged. Many are still without electricity. While some roads buckled, the transportation department says state highways and bridges are open and safe for travel. :43-:52 BIGAD SHABAN / NAPA, CA STAND UP: The damage caused by the earthquake sent more than 175 people to a local hospital. Most suffered bumps, burises, and cuts, but nobody was killed. Thomas Borges has no earthquake insurance and about 100-thousand dollars' worth of damage at his home. :58-1:03 SOT: Thomas Borges /homeowner : "I have no idea how I'm going to recover from this, no idea." Several wineries also reported damage, which couldn't have come at worse time. This is harvest time in the region. nats" get off the roads... Residents are being warned to stay clear of damaged buildings and to brace for aftershocks. Bigad Shaban, CBS News, Napa, California.


A journalist with Vermont ties-- held hostage for two years in Syria -- has been released. Peter Theo Curtis -- who also goes under the pen name -- Theo Padnos -- is officially safe and outside of Syria. According to family members Curtis had been held by an al-Qaida's affiliate in Syria after being abducted near the Syria-Turkey border in 2012. The writer is a Middlebury College graduate and former Vermont resident.


Meanwhile it was a day of remembrance in Rochester, New Hampshire -- for slain journalist James Foley. Hundreds of well wishers -- along with Foley's parents attended a Mass at his home-town church. New Hampshire's Roman Catholic bishop Peter Libasci (Lih-BAH'-she) told those gathered that Foley was living his faith by showing the world images of people affected by war. Foley was kidnapped in 2012 while covering the Syrian uprising. The Bishop read a letter from Pope Francis...


(( "the holy father deeply saddened by the death of James Wright Foley, asks you kindly to convey his personal condolences to and the assurances of his closeness in prayer to James' loved ones." )) ISIS is currently holding three other Americans hostage...


A boater remains missing-- in Colchester's Malletts Bay-- after a day of searching. Authorities say 65 year-old Brian Webb was last seen around 7 p.m. Saturday at Rozzi's Bar in Colchester. The Montpelier man's car was located at the International Sailing Center in Colchester, and his 34 foot boat was moored in Malletts Bay, but his eight foot dinghy -- "JESSE B" -- was missing. The Coast Guard deployed a helicopter Sunday morning to help in the search.


((U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Robert Simpson/Boston)(("We received a report from the wife of Mr. Brian Webb reporting he did not show up to meet family members at a church. He reportedly spent the night aboard a 34 ft sailing vessel, the Helen Louise which was anchored in Malletts Bay and found the vessel unoccupied but also found the dingy named Jesse B was not attached to the vessell.")) Colchester Police Saturday night responded to a report of a male yelling in the area but found no one in distress -- the Coast Guard could not confirm if that search is related to Webb's disappearance.


Runaway draft horses at the Champlain Valley Fair. Witnesses say these cars were damaged by the horses-- that broke free of their cart. The horses were on their way to the ring when bystanders say noise from the nearby tractor pull spooked them. The draft horses stampeded into a nearby parking lot. The horses' driver suffered bruises trying to stop the horses but declined treatment. Fair officials say it was a freak accident -- but the safety of visitors and animals is their priority. The horses received some scratches but were otherwise ok.

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As Vermont kids head back to school this week, The State Board of Education is calling on Congress and the President to amend the No Child Left Behind Act. The board's statement comes on the heels of a letter sent to ALL Vermont parents from State Education Secretary Rebecca Holcomb. It states that the "broken NO Child Left Behind policy" has resulted in nearly every school in the state being identified as "low-performing." The 2001 law requires standardized testing of students in grades 3-12. Vermont is one of about half a dozen states that does not have a waiver from the law.


Using pedal power to help a Huntington farm thrive. Alex Apple reports.


In Huntington Vermont -- a town thats population barely passes 2000 people -- it seems like everybody knows everybody. It's a "wave as you pass by" kind of town. In the center of the valley sits Jubilee Farm -- and the historic barn that has sat on the property since 1895. Sarah Jane Williamson runs the farm and she's quite trusting of her customers. (01:34:25 Sarah Jane Williamson/Owner Jubilee Farm)(("They leave my cash right in the honor system cash box. They can write it down or not, they can leave me a note or we also have an IOU box.")) Williamson runs a farmstand out of the old barn -- customers come and take whatever they like -- 3-4 different farms contribute and Williamson wants to expand more. By working with other local farmers, Williamson is turning back the clock on this community -- back to the days when Huntington's whole economy was built on farming. (01:37:29 Sarah Jane Williamson)(("There was an incredibly vibrant agriculture economy going on back then...01:37:14 It really does tie the community together.")) Williamson doesn't ask for much help -- she does most of the work herself, and she doesn't even have a staff. But in order to sell more expensive products, she knows eventually she'll need some assistance. Which is why her friend Patti Delaney decided to lend a hand -- Delaney and her husband are avid bikers. They ride all over Addison County. (Patti Delaney 01:39:38)(("We say to each other, we should do this in Huntington.")) So Delaney gathered up her friends and many of the farm's customers and organized a bike ride to raise money for Williamson to hire a staff and expand the farm. ((NATS riding)) So as these bike wheels hit the pavement, they're helping to keep this 119 year old piece of history alive -- and riders will stop at several businesses along the way -- all are new partner's of the Jubilee farmstand. And the riders will keep alive the Williamson family dream -- it started Sarah Jane's father and lives on in her. (01:38:51 Sarah Jane Williamson)(("He was so excited when I decided to become a farmer...1:38:55 he is really the patron saint of Jubilee farm. He helped me a lot when he was still alive working on the farm, and I wish he could see it now.")) Alex Apple. Channel 3 News. Huntington.

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coming up on tonight's news.... Welcoming UVM's newest students... plus... The ALS challenge through the eyes of one woman who knows the disease all too well... First here's Dave with the weather... Clear tonight. Mostly sunny for Monday.

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UVM officially welcomed incoming first-year students today. Sundays events featured a walk down Main Street for the more than 27-hundred members of the class of 2018. And a candlelight ceremony on the Green. Earlier in the evening -- UVM's President delivered remarks to students at Patrick Gym.


The ALS ice bucket challenge has helped raise more than 53 million dollars in the fight against Lou Gehrig's Disease. Julie Kelley introduces us to one family who knows the impacts of the disease all too well.


((SOT-Susan Lynaugh 00:23:58-00:24:11 Sl-This was what it was meant for. That people could come, walk through the orchard and just find peace .)) Finding peace has not always been easy for Susan Lynaugh and her family. Susan has lost her mother Clara Langmaid, her sister Mary Prior, her nephew Curtis Vance, her cousin Dennis Myrick and, just two weeks ago, her brother Cliff Langmaid ... all from ALS. ((SOT-Susan Lynaugh 00:24:30 - 00:24:38 We needed a place to get away. We needed a place that people could come and if you just stop ... You hear ... Nothing)) They started transforming this farm land into a memorial orchard after Curtis died in 1999. He was just 26-years-old. ((SOT-Susan Lynaugh 00:05:12 -00:05:21 This was Curtis' favorite hunting spot and if you look down in the field you can see the one tree that we left that was his tree.)) For fourteen years now, this North Danville family has been raising money for ALS research being done at Mass General. ((SOT-Merit Cudkowicz, MD Chief of Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital 2:05-2:15 Of all the people with ALS ten percent have what we call the familia form where it runs in the families and its dominant which is true in Susan's family. 3:11-3:16 They have a really agressive form of ALS )) ((SOT-Susan Lynaugh 00:06:06 - 00:06:16 this last June we made and sent to mass general 22,000 which is huge for this small community.)) They do it the old fashioned way ... ((SOT-Susan Lynaugh 00:21:20 They quilt every Saturday all winter long)) Their community has rallied around them for years and now they watch in wonder as the world becomes moved to help. Nats- ice bucket challenge (SCREAMING) ((SOT-Susan Lynaugh 00:07:52 - 00:08:14 Are we happy with this ice bucket challenge? We're ecstatic! We're over the moon that this could be happening because it is making people aware of this insidious disease that robs you of everything except your sharp, acute thinking brain still working.)) Susan took the challenge a week after losing her brother ... Nats- this is for cliff (looks up) ((SOT-Susan Lynaugh 00:37:49-00:37:58 It's beyond our wildest dreams that we could have this notoriety and that we could have people contributing the amount of money that they are! )) ((SOT-Susan Lynaugh 00:08:39- 00:08:42 We are passionate about this and we're unrelenting. Edit to 00:08:51 - 00:09:00 We're going to continue that battle and we're going to make sure that other people are not going to suffer in the way that our family has!)) JK - Channel 3 News


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We can thank high pressure for such a beautiful Sunday. Monday will be very nice as well, with mostly sunny skies and slightly warmer temperatures. The warmest day will be Tuesday, with some spots hitting the upper 80s for daytime highs. A weak cold front will arrive by Wednesday afternoon, with a few showers and thunderstorms. A few showers may linger into Thursday morning. Otherwise, it will be partly sunny and cooler. Friday is now looking dry, with partly sunny skies. Next weekend is looking a bit unsettled, though, with a few showers possible on Saturday, and a better chance on Sunday.


It's a road race to help families with disabled kids renovate their homes. Melissa Howell reports.


It's a fundraiser focused on Vermont's children. Hundreds gather at Burlington's Oakledge park for Zoe's Race. ((Theresa Soares/Fundraiser Recipient 09:57:06 "Having that extra help meant that someone really cared about Joe and what his needs were." 09:57:11)) Soares and her family are recipients of money raised. ((Theresa Soares/Fundraiser Recipient 09:55:38 "They came out and gave us a new ramp and put in an an accessible bathroom and it works wonderful and joe is safe." 09:55:48)) ((Cathie Buscaglia/Howard Center Developmental Services 09:46:29 "The majority of the money that we raise goes directly to projects to help families."09:46:34)) It all began with the parents of a disabled child who realized there was a need in the community for other families of children with disabilities. They began Zoe's Race -- named after their daughter who was confined to a wheel chair after an accident. Proceeds from the race help make homes handicap accessible. ((Cathie Buscaglia/Howard Center Developmental Services 09:46:46 " So far we've completed 13 home renovations in Chittenden County with 2 more to start next week." 09:46:52)) The race has brought in 100-thousand dollars since it began 5 years ago. This year, they'll be helping Dawn Leuschner's family transform their home for 3-year-old Charlotte. ((Dawn Leuschner/ This year's recipent 10:48:20 "As our daughter got older we realized that we had some challenges with the layout of our house." 10:48:24)) Construction on the Leuschne home begins next month. ((Dawn Leuschner/ This year's recipent 10:49:59 "The cliche is it takes a village to raise and thats especially true for children with special needs thats especially true."10:50:05)) And there's no doubt the community is showing support, year after year. ((Cathie Buscaglia/Howard Center Developmental Services 09:48:07 "There is hope and there is help out there." 09:48:09)) ((NATS)) And these parents couldn't be happier... Melissa Howell, Ch3 News, Burlington.



One thing we have learned about the UVM women's soccer team early on. They have a knack for the dramatic. The Cats hosting Youngstown state in the final game of the TD bank classic. --- Officiating playing a major part in this game during the first half. Youngstown scores on a penalty shot 6 minutes in. --- Three minutes later, Youngstown gets a free kick and capitalizes Kathy Baquero scores and Just like that Vermont is down 2-0. --- But the Cats claw buck, getting their own free kick 13 minutes in, Paige Phillips heads it home. It's 2-1. --- in the 36th minute, Vermont Freshman Sarah Martin, who had the game winner Friday, fires this rocket and it's 2-2 at the break. --- Four goals in the first half, none in the second half, UVM keeper, Coco Speckmaier making the saves she has too. For the second straight game, we're going to Overtime. --- But unlike friday's double OT finish, this one ends 2 minutes into the first OT, Nikki Macfarland puts home the lead pass for the game winner. UVM goes on to the 3-2 overtime win, sweeping the TD Bank classic title.


(((Nikki McFarland/"I feel like it's eathier 20 minutes or it's one minute, so the sooner the better. The expectation is to score every game. That's what I'm trying to do this year."))) (((Kristi Lefebvre/"We had some unfortunate calls in the beginning of the game that we had to deal with and they responded well to even the game and to get another overtime game winner is just fantastic. Especially for the young group that they are.")))


A tough day for Keegan Bradley in the final round of the Barclays, shooting a one over par to end the tournament minus one. That's the bad news, the good news is that he still appears to be in line to grab one of those 3 captain's picks on the U.S. Ryder Cup team. We will talk to Bradley about the Ryder Cup among other topics tomorrow when he returns to the Woodstock Country Club for his third annual Charity Golf Classic. He'll once again be joined by PGA Tour buddy, Brendan Steele. For the second straight year, the two will be raising money to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. That foundation supports the Vermont cancer center and Vermont's Children's hospital. It's almost hard to believe that this is Bradley's fourth year on tour. Former PGA president and Okemo Valley golf club vice president and general manager, Jim Remy, has fond memories of a young Keegan Bradley.


(((Jim Remy/"We're so proud of Keegan. I remember when Keegan was a little ski racer over in Woodstock and I was a ski coach in my earlier days and I used to see Mark and Keegan at ski races and he came to Okemo and played in a junior tournament I think. He made it the hard way. He didn't go on scholarship to a division one school. He went to college and played college golf and went on the mini tours and worked his way up, so I think it's pretty neat.")))


There was action at Thunder Road today, a make up date for Thursday's wash out. A furious finish in the 50 lap Late Model feature. Shawn Fleury of Middlesex and John Donahue going head to head in the final 3 laps. It's Fleury that gets his second Thunder road win this season. Donahue is second, points lead Derrick O'Donnell finishes third. Mike Billado of Essex wins one of the 50 lap Tiger Sportsmen features, Worcester's Jeff Bousquet wins the second one and Craftsbury's Mike Martin claims the third feature. Kyle Streeter of Waitsfield wins the street stock feature.


Devils bowl speedway hosting it's sugar and spice night. A make up from Friday's wash out. They ran 2 features in each classification. Jason Durgan and Todd Stone are you modified winners. Emily Packard wins her third late model race of the season, Shelburne's Jamie Fisher just edged out Packard in the second Late Model feature. In the renegade division 15 year old Richard Lowrey the third from Charlotte wins the first feautre. Robert Gordon takes feature number 2. John McCarron wins the first mini mods feature of the day, while Bobby LaVair takes the second mini mod feature. Devil's Bowl hosts the fourth and final race in the Vermont state championship series Sunday, september, 14th.


\ The Lake Monsters fell to the Staten Island Yankees tonight at Centennial Field, 3-1. The Monsters announcing today that infielder Yairo Munoz was named team MVP.


Sox and Mariners today at Fenway. David Ortiz fouled a ball off his foot in the fourth inning. Then, in the sixth he hobbled to first on a deep basehit to right. Ortiz left the game, but check it out, that's Ludlow Vermont's Brad Pearson escorting Ortiz to the dugout. The Red Sox lost to the Mariners today, 8-6.


Meanwhile in the Bronx, Yankees and White Sox tied at 4 in the bottom of the 10th, 2 on for the pinch hitting, Brian McCan and there it goes. His first ever pinch hit homerun is a game winner. The Yankees take it 7-4 in 10 innings.

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