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Good evening and thanks for joining us. I'm Adam Sullivan. Investigators in Plattsburgh are still trying to find out what sparked a double fatal fire in the city. The fire broke out at a multi-unit apartment building on Margaret Street. Officials say the fire was toned out as a porch fire but the building was fully engulfed when they arrived-- just after 4 a.m. The building has nine registered tenants. Fire fighters say the two victims were found in separate apartments.


(( ON THE PHONE: Chief Scott Lawliss / Plattsburgh Fire Dept. : "We don't have any idea what the cause is at this time, it is under investigation. I've got the office of fire prevention and control from NY state and the investigators are working to try and find the cause and origin.")) The names of the victims have not been released. According to the Plattsburgh Press Republican-- two other people were hospitalized. The Red Cross is assisting.


Police say a Ryegate man was severely burned after a fire at a meth lab. The incident happened at a camper on the Bayley Hazen Road in Ryegate. Police say hazardous materials and chemicals-- used to make Meth-- were located in the camper. The victim-- 28-year-old Joel Alexander -- was transported to Cottage Hospital and then was flown to Boston for treatment. He was last listed in serious condition. The cause of the fire is still being investigated. Police have not said what, if any, charges will be filed.


A motorcycle crash in Essex Junction has claimed the life of a teenager. Police say, 19-year-old Alan Hogue-- of Essex-- was leaving the parking lot of the McDonalds on Pearl Street yesterday morning when the accident happened. Police say, he hit the curb and then a light pole. He was taken to UVM Medical Center where he died from his injuries.


A man wanted in Florida was caught in Williston. Police say, they stopped 30-year-old Tramaine Beard because he didn't have a license plate on his truck. They tell us that Beard was wanted on an armed robbery charge in Florida. And Williston police say, during the stop, they discovered he was using his identical twin brother's commerical drivers license.


A big day at the University of Vermont as thousands of students took that next important step in their young lives. Eliza Larson reports.


As the graduates march to their chairs -- Hannah Woodruff takes her spot in line. She says she has mixed feelings on her graduation day. (TC 01:02:46:03 Title 5873)((Hannah Woodruff/UVM Graduate: "I feel great. It's kinda sad." 01:02:48:05)) The neuroscience major says she had no trouble finding her place at the University of Vermont -- but it's her family tree she's interested in on this day. Woodruff is the great-great-grand daughter of Ellen Hamilton -- the first woman to attend UVM back in 1871. (TC 01:04:10:19 Title 5873)((Hannah Woodruff/UVM Graduate: "I think it was really brave what she did pursuing a higher education at a time when not a lot of women were doing that. And it means a lot to me as a woman. Education is very important to me and I hope I have her strength and courage in other aspects of my life." 01:04:23:28)) Hamilton paved the path for other women to attend the university -- including Woodruff, her mother, and her younger sister, Alice. (TC 01:09:13:11 Title 5874)((Kate Finley Woodruff/Assistant Dean College of Agriculture: A lot of smart women. I'm very proud." 01:09:16:07)) Woodruff is not the only graduate with a UVM legacy. Many of her classmates were surrounded by family and friends Sunday who also left their mark on the school. Journalist Gail Sheehy was their commencement speaker. (TC 50:06:12 Title 5842)((Gail Sheehy/Commencement Speaker: "raise a little hell, and, above all, dare to care." 50:22:29)) Sheehy's message resonated with Woodruff -- who says -- thanks to her education -- she's ready to take risks -- like her great-great-grandmothe r. (TC 01:06:11:26 Title 5873)((Hannah Woodruff/UVM Graduate: "when you're motivated by fear you're more willing to take risks and I think that taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone is so important here." 01:06:19:03)) Woodruff says she plans on going to medical school -- to become the first woman physician on the Woodruff side of her family. She now joins Ellen Hamilton -- and a line of other proud UVM alumni... (("Hannah Woodruff" nats)) ... As she crosses the stage -- making her mark in history. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Burlington.


Vermont Technical College also held its commencement ceremonies this weekend. Rose Spillman reports.


When Courtney Banach was 11, she told her mom she wanted to be a farmer. So her mom sent her to a camp at Shelburne Farms. ((Courtney Banach/Vermont Tech Graduate 4321 10:22:11 Thinking that was going to deter me, her plan really backfired on her, because I went back. I started working there, and I never left." 10:22:18)) Banach told the story Sunday morning to an audience at one of Vermont Technical College's three commencement ceremonies, where she graduated with an associates degree in Dairy Farm Management technology. ((Courtney Banach/Vermont Tech Graduate 4321 10:22:35 "I worked full time on our school farm here, so I worked 40 hours, well 15 hours a week for housing, and then anything above that was pay, but I'd average about 30 to 40 hours a week down on the farm on top of my traditional school work." 10:22:49)) Over 400 students graduated at ceremonies held throughout the weekend at the Randolph Center campus. Ken Squier, NASCAR Broadcasting legend, owner of the Radio Vermont group, and founder of Barre's Thunder Road International Speedbowl, gave the commencement address Sunday. ((Ken Squier/Commencement Speaker 4283 10:04:30 "You are our hope for the future, 'cause we sure messed it up. I submit that you are better equipped than so many of your college or university bretheren, because your learning is not simply for the mind. Your learning is that of the working man and woman." 10:04:51)) Graduates earned a number of degrees--from associates and certificates to bachelor's degrees. Thomas Cove studied Construction Management. ((Thomas Cove/Vermont Tech Graduate 4322 10:25:14 "From here I'm going to work on a project at the University of Vermont Medical Center. I'm working with the company Whiting Turner on a project up there. Very excited for that." 10:25:25)) Banach says she'll be back in class this fall. This time in Burlington. ((Courtney Banach/Vermont Tech Graduate 4321 10:23:09 "In the fall, I'm actually a two plus two student, so I go to UVM in the fall for two more years. It's a full tuition paid scholarship through the state, and then after that I'm hoping to find a herdsmen job within the state." 10:23:23)) A celebration for graduates--as they close one chapter of their lives and head on to the next. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Randolph.

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A nice day north and west of the Champlain Valley. Elsewhere, there were showers and a few thunderstorms. RADAR: Just a few showers at this point, which will end over the next hour or so. Monday is looking nice. Another low pressure in the Mid-Atlantic states will bring more showers and possible thunderstorms on Tuesday. WAKEUP WEATHER: Mainly clear with patchy fog. Lows: 42/50. A warm week is on the way.

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Still ahead on tonight's news...the latest on the 2016 presidential race... and... Should pet food be sale tax exempt....?


New polling on the presidential race shows a dramatic shift from just a few weeks ago, as republicans rally around their presumptive candidate and democrats continue to battle each other. Brook Silva-Braga has more.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in a statistical dead heat. One new national poll shows Clinton up three points in a general election match-up another has Trump up two. Both polls are within the margin of error. Last month Clinton enjoyed a double digit lead. (SOT Molly Ball / The Atlantic magazine / Face the Nation) And that has tightened up principally because of the coalescing of the Republican Party and the failure to coalesce of the Democratic Party (NAT Bernie Sanders) Bernie Sanders continues his long shot democratic bid with two rallies today in California. He polls better than Clinton against Trump, and argued that both have historically high unfavorable numbers. (SOT Bernie Sanders / Democratic presidential candidate/ ABC This Week) I dont want to see the American people voting for the lesser of two evils. But Clinton is increasingly looking ahead to Trump, calling his proposals dangerous (SOT Hillary Clinton/ Democratic presidential candidate /NBC Meet the Press) My campaign is not going to let him normalize himself in this period One GOP group Trump has struggled to unite: big money donors. He told Fox & Friends that fully self-funding would require selling off assets. (SOT Donald Trump/ Republican presidential candidate / Fox & Friends) Now to finance a billion dollars, I would have to sell a building. Id have to do something you know, like that. Will I do that? I could. Polling also shows that roughly half of Clinton and Trump supporters will vote for one because they so strongly dislike the other. Brook Silva-Braga, for CBS News, New York


Lawmakers in New York are taking a look at a couple issues that could affect pet owners. One bill seeks to ban a once common method for de-clawing cats. Some vets say it's cruel because it involves amputating the first segments of a cat's toes. Others argue it's a useful last resort for problem scratchers. Lawmakers are also considering eliminating sales taxes on pet food. They've already voted to allow dogs to join their owners on restaurant patios.


CURRENT: Mainly clear. Upper 50s. RADAR/SATELLITE: Skies are clearing out, with just a few showers. Any showers will be ending over the next hour or so, then patchy fog will develop. LOCAL TEMPERATURES: Temperatures are mainly in the 50s. Montreal is still in the upper 60s. USA LOOP: The low moves away tonight, with a nice day for Monday. Another low approaches from the south on Tuesday, with more showers and possible thunderstorms.

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FORECAST: MONDAY: Mostly sunny north. More clouds south, with an isolated shower possible. High: 70/78. Wind: Light MONDAY NIGHT: Increasing clouds. Few showers south. Low: 45/53. Wind: Light TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers. Chance for PM thunderstorms. High: 67/75. Low: 45/53. Wind: Light WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. Isolated PM thunderstorm. High: 70s. Low: 45/55 THURSDAY: Partly sunny. High: 70s. Low: 50s FRIDAY: Partly sunny. Few showers or thunderstorms. High: 70s. Low: 45/55 SATURDAY: Partly sunny. High: 70s. Low: 55/65 SUNDAY: Partly sunny & humid. Isolated PM thunderstorm. High: 75/85

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Boys and girls across the region are heading out onto the baseball and softball diamonds this spring. But, some teams are having a tough time fielding a team. Alex Hirsch reports.


Baseball was once considered america's sportů NATS Spending a day at the ball park or an evening at the little league fields was commonplace. NATS GFX - According to Little League International, the number of particapants worldwide has been on a steady decline since the late 90's going from 2.9 million to 2.4 million over the last three years. In Vermont, St. Johnsbury has taken particular notice of that decline. (00:24:21:17) ((Carrie Priest Our babe ruth softball program has declined significantly this season. We dropped from three teams to one.)) Carrie Priest is the the President of St. Johnsbury Baseball and softball, and has noticed kids trading in their bats (NATS-Hitting Ball) for lacrosse sticks, spring hockey gear and all together more physical sports. As a mom with a son who plays lacrosse ... that's something that worries her. (00:28:35:25) ((Carrie Priest As a mother who has a child who has had four concussions in one year, yes its a big concern.)) In addition to worries about more physical sports, she's also just sad to see little league struggling. She says this decline could be attributed parents no longer playing catch in the yard, the distraction of social media or the desire to do something more active. (00:34:02:22) ((Carrie Priest Kids unfortunately with the rise of ADHD, kids are needing more of the fast paced high stimulus environment and its not. baseball is not)) (01:11:02:24) ((Alex Hirsch There is one town that seems to be the exception to the rule when it comes to people participating in little league. Lyndon, St. johnsbury's next door neighbor, has seen its numbers stay the same if not grow a little.)) This is Holly Mckeon's second year on the board for Lyndon Youth baseball and Softbal --- her first year as president. She also has ___ kids that play ball here. (00:49:31:19) ((Holly Mckeon we have had about 460 players sign up over the last year)) She says, in this part of the northeast kingdom, they've figured out a way to counter declining numbers. NATS They targeted five through seven year olds and developed a coach pitch league to help transition kids from tee ball to the minor leagues. (00:51:34:27) ((Holly McKeon I think starting them at the lower levels really makes the difference, they start to love it and then they want to continue to play.)) She tells me that her program also has the benefit of kids from multiple towns participating. (00:49:32:19) ((Holly Mckeon We have over 160 volunteers and they come back year after year.)) She says, those volunteers help keep the community connected and keep little league a hit around here. (00:55:32:15) ((Holly Mckeon we have anonymous donors for our scoreboards, batting cages, so the community really steps up here)) That is something that St. Johnsbury struggles with. (00:38:34:16) ((Justin Lemieux-Vice President for the Head of Softball for little league Its hard in our league, we are lacking volunteers from every level, up through as far as maintaining our fields in everything,)) Justin Lemieux is the vice president for the head of softball in stj. He says, without volunteers maintaining the fields, the quality isn't there. (00:39:04:16) ((its a trickle down effect if kids arent having fun then your numbers go down...)) As for Priest, she just wants the game to be great again. (00:36:06:17) ((Carrie Priest Im hoping we can bring it back to being americas sport)) Alex Hirsch Channel 3 News St. Johnsbury



The Middlebury Women's Lacrosse team entered Sunday just one win away from their second consecutive Final Four appearance. The Panther were trying to dodge a Bullet!...or a team of them as the Gettysburg Bullets stood in their way. Last home game of the year for the Panthers and it took them a little while to get going --- Over 12 minutes in, Middlebury trails 2-1, but not for long. Bridget Instrum sneaks in and tallies on the bouncer, we are level at 2 goals a piece. --- But here come the Bullets, Emily Tropsa on the free position to score the second straight for Gettysburg, her team up 4-2. --- But Instrum doing it all to get her team back in the game, she finds Chrissy Ritter for the easy one to get Midd back within one --- Then Hollis Perticone showing off the length, over the keeper and slams the stick for emphasis, we're tied. --- And that was just the beginning of a big run for the Panthers, in large part due to the heroics of keeper Katie Mandigo. She made several huge stops as Middlebury made their run. --- They would take their first lead in 20 minutes when Emma McDonagh finds Alli Sciarretta, the ball and stick both leaping on the bounce --- Mary O'Connell to Megan Griffin, that's 5-straight for the Panthers to make it 7-4 --- Then Griffin dishing out a couple of assists to Laurel Pascal! With the dive she beats the keeper to make it 8-4 --- Then a bit of deja vu, Griffin to Pascal again with the acrobatics and that would pretty much do it Griffin would put the finishing touches on this one herself. The Middlebury Panthers heading back to the Final Four with a 13-9 win.


((Pascal: "it was super fun but really it was a team effort today. I think what's so amazing about our attack is that they're super dynamic and everyone can score so I think that was the best thing and a highlight today for all of us." Livesay: "I think we put together a pretty complete game. I mean, you're never going to have sixty minutes of perfect play, but we were as sharp and sort of dialed in as we have been this year so I was just really pleased with the effort and it feels amazing to be going back to the final four with this group: 9 seniors, they're incredible. To finish their season on this turf going to the final four is just amazing and I'm just so happy for them and for this team."


Pick it up top 2, bases loaded for the Tribe trailing 2-0, but Jason Kipnis catches up to this one, slicing it into right. That'll drop in for a base hit, 2 runs come around to score, we are tied at 2 a piece. --- David Ortiz entered today tied with Barry Bonds for 14th on the all-time doubles list, but he passes him in the second with this of the RBI ground rule variety, 3-2 Sox. --- Now we showed you a web gem from Ryan Hannigan yesterday, but the Sox other catcher, Christian Vasquez had his own today, check this out, snags the chopper off the plate barehanded and guns down Francisco Lindor at first for the out, amazing play by Vasquez Papi would add a homer and another double, Sox win 5-2.


The Yankees in Oakland looking to complete a 4-game sweep of the A's --- Bombers down 1-0 Top two, but Brian McCann gonna change that. He gets ahold of that one ripping it to right for the solo shot, we're tied at 1. --- Jacoby Ellsbury getting in on the fun in the third, this one absolutely crushed to center as the Bombers take the 2-1 lead. --- Yanks down 3-2 in the 6th, but Mark Teixeira beats the shift and Brett Gardner beats the throw to level it up at 3 --- and later in the inning, Starlin Castro with the 2-RBI knock for the 5th straight game, theeeeeee Yankees win, 5-4 the final.

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A pair of lacrosse goals and two repeat state champs make up this week's Top 3 on 3. ((At number three college lacrosse from last Sunday, tic tac toe passing from the Middlebury women: Emma McDonagh to Alli Sciarretta to Susanna Baker for the goal. The Panthers would win that game...and both games this weekend to advance to the Final Four. At number two, high school tennis individual championships on Saturday. A good day for the defending champs in the singles competitions: South Burlington's Hunter Newman and CVU's Kathy Joseph both completing the back-to-back before heading into the team competitions in the coming weeks. And at number one high school lacrosse from Monday, Burlington's Clark Stephenson showing off the swim move and he pins the top corner in the Seahorses 18-5 win over Vergennes. BHS currently sits number 1 in the VPA D2 standings and Stephenson is number one is this week's Top 3 on 3.))

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