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Good evening, thanks for joining us, Iím Adam Sullivan. Police in Bennington are searching for an armed robber. Police say this man walked in Paulins Market in North Bennington a little before 6pm Sunday. He was carrying a metal bar and demanded cash. The robber then fled the store on foot. Police say he was wearing a baseball hat, a hooded sweatshirt covering his face, a camo jacket and cargo pants. Anyone with information is asked to contact Bennington Police.


A fatal car crash in New Hampshire. Police say the driver of a Honda Civic went off the Meadows Road in Jefferson New Hampshire and the hit a telephone pole. The driver-- who has not been identified-- was ejected from the car and pronounced dead at the scene. No one else was in the vehicle at the time of the crash. The cause is still under investigation.


A key endorsement for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as he continues his quest for the republican nomination for president. New Hampshire's Union Leader newspaper has officially endorsed Christie in the primary race. The paper writes "Governor Christie is right for these dangerous times." It's a coveted endorsement by GOP candidates. The newspaper endorsed former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in 2012 and eventual nominee John McCain in 2008.


Christmas Tree Farms across the region have opened their doors to crowds of families and individuals looking to pick their own trees. Rose Spillman stopped by one farm today in Bakersfield.


Shane and Seth Bushey picked out their Christmas tree with family Sunday during the snowy afternoon in Bakersfield. They say that once they purchase their tree, they take it right home to decorate. (04:47:59) ((Seth and Shane Bushey/Swanton " We have decorations that we bought that are like, ." 04:48:10)) (04:48:23) ((Seth and Shane Bushey/Swanton "Red. Like red. We don't do anything too particular, but we just do a bunch of colors." 04:48:31)) The days after Thanksgiving have brought many families like the Busheys to the Bakersfield Tree Farm, but owner Gary Foote says that some customers came out even before the farm opened up on the 27th. (04:40:01 6476) ((Gary Foote/Bakersfield Tree Farm Owner "If we were around, people would stop in and say hey can I get a tree? And they're old customers in a way, so basically we'd say go ahead and cut one you know, and that's been going on for a couple weeks so it seems to be a bit early this year." 04:40:17)) It's one of many Christmas tree farms across the region where people can choose and chop their own tree. St. Albans resident Mark Deso says he's been coming to Bakersfield for years for that experience. (04:54:25) ((Mark Deso/St. Albans "Family atmosphere. It's something you do with your family. It's tradition." 04:54:28)) (04:53:33 6495) ((Mark Deso/St. Albans "I have my whole family here today. Trying to get it done and get it decorated before daughter goes back to college." 04:53:38)) The New Hampshire Vermont Christmas Tree Association says there are between 400 and 500 tree farms across both states, and that the industry brings in around 10 million dollars every year. Foote says the best part of the business is seeing the kids and families that come back every year. (04:43:07 6476) ((Gary Foote/Bakersfield Tree Farm Owner "When the kids come in and say, 'You got candy canes this year?' And that's when we was wondering whether they're coming for the candy cane or the tree. Basically we got a dancing snowman. We make it an experience. Rather, we don't just sell trees, we sell the experience, and that's why a lot of people come." 04:43:27)) An experience that will continue the rest of the holiday season. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Bakersfield.


A Georgia family gathered donations through their third annual Charity Christmas Party today to help those in need. The party was started by a mother and young daughter in the hopes of helping homeless animals and people. Over the years the benefit has grown to support multiple causes, and this year guests were asked to bring donations for the Franklin County Humane Society, the Georgia Food Shelf, the Combat Veteran's Motorcycle Association and a local family in need.


((Taylor Reyome / 12-years-old : "There are two girls and one of them has a rare disease. We are going to give them checks and toys and stuff, it has been really great.")) The party was first hosted in their home but quickly grew in size. This year's event was held at the Knight's of Columbus in St. Albans.

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There was some sunshine in southern parts of the region on Sunday. Then a weak backdoor cold front touched off some afternoon snow showers, especially in northern sections. Tonight will become mainly clear as high pressure moves in. It will be cold, with lows in the teens. Monday will be mostly sunny and chilly.

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still ahead on tonight's news... Reducing runoff by taking a road inventory... plus...a Vermont college is teaming up with NASA for a first-of-its-kind space venture.


A new law targeted at reducing runoff. All municipalities will soon have to inventory their roads, and implement storm water management plans for roads at risk of polluting waterways. From paved city streets to hilly dirt roads, runoff from Vermont's roadways contributes more than 10 percent of the pollution flowing into Lake Champlain. The exact timeline for the work has not been set. Officials say more funding will be available for the work. However, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns says it won't be enough to cover the cost of the road inventories.


Vermont Technical College is already looking ahead to its NEXT out-of-this-world adventure! Cat Viglienzoni explains.


((SOT Carl Brandon, VTC Physics Professor 000140 24 months and two days 00141 Until it burned up 42 And we talked to it 23 hours before it burned up 45)) You might not expect someone to talk about the destruction of tens of thousands of dollars of equipment with a smile -- but Vermont Technical College physics professor Carl Brandon knows that it's part of working in space. After two years in orbit, the college's CubeSat re-entered the atmosphere... and was destroyed. ((NATS Brandon 0001425 It's a four-inch cube with little quarter-inch legs on the ends 31)) We first told you about VTC's CubeSat program back in 2013 -- when it had just been launched into space. Even then, they knew the small satellite only had two years to take measurements and photos of the Earth. What they DIDN'T know was just how successful it would be. Of the dozen university cube satellites launched on this rocket... Vermont's was the only one that lasted the full two years. ((SOT Brandon 000446 the bitter part is well, it's no longer up there, but the good part was it worked as expected for the full time it was in orbit. And nobody else came close 55)) ((BUTTED)) ((SOT Brandon 000528 we really developed a very good reputation 30)) Brandon credits their success to their cutting-edge software program. ((SOT Brandon 000547 The software is really the most complicated part of the satellite. 49 And most of the people who build satellites don't understand that. 52)) And VTC hopes this success will attract more students to their programs with a new masters program in software engineering... and a chance to work on an even bigger project with NASA! ((SOT Brandon 000826 the new satellite is going to have much, much more complicated software. It's an enormous jump up for us 30)) That jump is to the moon! Thanks to the success of their CubeSat, VTC is now designing the software on the Lunar Ice Cube project. It will be the first of its kind ... set to launch in the summer of 2018. ((SOT Brandon 000952 This thing can get spit out of the rocket as it goes by the moon, make this big long looping path to get into orbit around the moon, orbit the moon for six months 001001 And the plan was to then crash it into the moon for disposal 04)) But he says he's hoping they might be able to take it even farther after that -- perhaps to even on a mission to Mars. Cat Viglienzoni, Channel 3 News.


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A weak backdoor cold front will continue to bring some snow showers into the evening. After midnight, high pressure will begin to move in and clear out the skies. Tonight will be cold, with lows in the teens. Monday will be mostly sunny and chilly, with highs in the 30s. The middle of the week will be active. Clouds will increase on Tuesday, with showers by afternoon, and then a more steady rain overnight. Wednesday will have morning rain, tapering to scattered afternoon showers and mountain snow showers. Some snow showers are expected Wednesday night, with possibly an inch or so of accumulation, especially in the mountains. Morning snow showers on Thursday will give way to partly sunny skies. Friday will be partly sunny, but a few showers or mountain snow showers cannot be ruled out, as a quick-moving trough passes through. Next weekend is looking quiet, with warming temperatures. High temperatures will be well into the 40s by Sunday.

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As we near the end of our tour of Vermont county stores, we head north to Franklin county. Nick Borelli brings us there.


((Nats Sue working)) These days Sue Mayo and her husband Bill own and operate Franklin General Store in Franklin. (00:03:06:00-00:03:08: 00) ((Sue Mayo/Franklin General Store: We've been here for 12 years.)) They made the plunge after Bill was laid off from IBM in Essex Junction. (00:02:03:00-00:02:10: 00) ((SM: We were trying to see what our other options were and I just came home one day and I told him the store was for sale.)) Since taking over they've added to the kitchen-- improved sub and pizza offerings. Even added chairs and tables up front. Regulars like George Gates appreciate this. (00:50:08:00-00:50:16: 00) ((George Gates/Franklin: In the morning everybody comes in here and we usually have 6 or 8 people between 7 and 8. Have coffee and discuss things.)) Franklin has had a general store since the 1800s. (00:09:31:00-00:09:36: 00) ((SM: So right here is the post where they came in and would tie their horses and come into the store)) It's passed hands through the decades. ((00:27:24:00-00:27:29 :00 BUTTED TO 00:27:39:00-00:27:45:0 0)) ((SM: This was back when it was turned into O.H. Riley. This is their grand opening. (butted to) Free lunch served on Thursday. NB: T Bone 79 cents a pound!)) Prices are higher now-- but food is still front and center. Baked goods are aplenty. Homemade soups are always hot. The daily lunch special is a favorite among the locals. ((Tile: 9668 NATS: Stirring gravy)) (00:49:15:00-00:49:17: 00) ((GG: I don't have to cook!)) Today a hamburger, fries, gravy and coleslaw made the specials board. (00:06:27:00-00:06:34: 00) ((SM: We decide basically that morning what we're going to cook, based on what the weather is and stuff.)) ((18:45-18:50 NATS: Spring taking banana bread out of oven.)) Spring Perras is the muscle in the kitchen-- She's been working at the general store for more than a decade. (00:19:53:00-00:20:00: 00) ((Spring Perras/Frankling General Store: These days I do all of the baking. I do all of the dinner specials. I make pies. Lots and lots of pies.)) (00:36:34:00-00:36:53: 00) ((Nick Borelli/Franklin: Of all the homemade items, pies are really the signature here. I mean look at how many varieties, from blackberry to raspberry, even chicken pot pie. Spring tells me that over the course of a year she makes about 1500 of these guys. The great thing is all you've gotta do is go home, throw it in the oven for about an hour, and you've got fresh pie on the table.)) (00:20:11:00-00:20:16: 00) ((NB: You must be an expert an rolling pie crust! SP: We'll I'm getting pretty dang good at it! LOL)) Sue and Bill are busy people. They also own Sandy Bay Orchard-- The general store makes the perfect place for them to sell their apples and other goodies. (00:11:18:00-00:11:31: 00) ((SM: We have our applesauce that we make out of the honeycrisp apples, and this is actually the honey we have with our beehives that we have at our orchard to help pollinate the trees.)) The store is constantly evolving-- keeping up with the changing times. ((Nats: Scanning Tile 9708)) On this day a new point of sale system was being installed-- Keeping inventory will be easier and pricing will be on point. (00:08:00:00-00:08:15: 00) ((SM: Unfortunately the Bakersfield store closed down and we went up to see what they had, to buy for our own store. And they had a point of sale register and I talked to the lady and ended up buying it)) With changes like these Sue and Bill are building this store into something they're proud of. (00:04:25:00-00:04:33: 00) ((SM: Everything you build here is your own. And what you make of it. And what you earn. It's what you've done yourself and nobody can take that away from you.)) NB. Ch 3. Franklin



The UVM men's basketball team hasn't gotten to enjoy much time in Burlington this year, with 5 of their first 6 games away from Patrick Gym and it's been tough, posting a 2-4 record ...But Vermont was hoping some home cooking could salvage their Thanksgiving weekend... The HoopCats squaring off against Marist at Patrick Gym this afternoon... --- Catamounts hot from the start...Dre Wills, spins and gets the shot to drop in the lane...UVM takes an early 6-0 lead.. ---- Red Foxes quickly get those back..Brian Parker driving, gets the bucket and the foul..he had a game high 22 points... --- then Khallid (kuh-lid) Hart spotting up from the corner, buries the three...Marist up 14-12...But that would be the only time they'd lead in the game... --- On the other end.. Darren Payen misses the hook, fights for the rebound, goes to Ethan O'Day and throwing down the 1 handed slam...Cats head into the locker room up 43-29... --- And Vermont pulls away in the 2nd...Wills, spins on the block, gets the lay-in off the glass...He posted a double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds... --- Then Payen, kicks it out to Kurt Steidel for 3...knocks down the triple...Cats take a 54-35 lead... -- And Steidl seals the game for UVM, burying the jumper from the top of the key, he had a team high 17 points .. Vermont moves to 3-4 on the year, defeating Marist 86-60 ...


(TRT: 22....a little boost) (becker/"fun game here, Sunday afternoon after Thanksgiving, great crowd. You know, it looked like Vermont basketball today and that's what we've been talking about, executing our system on both sides of the ball and getting back to what we do and what we are." Steidl/"it's great to be back home, great to be in front of our home crowd again and our fans really kind of gave us an energy that we didn't get on the road or at the neutral sites so definitely gave us a little boost." )


Vermont's next opponent, Dartmouth in action this afternoon, hosting LIU Brooklyn ... ---- And this game was the Miles Wright show as he absolutely went off in the Big Green's home opener...Wright from the wing, buries the 3...Dartmouth up 8-2.. --- Later in the half, Wright, same spot, same result...Big Green head into the half up 30-27... --- And Wright picks up right where he left off in the 2nd, from the corner...Buries the three... --- And when you've got the hot hand just keep on shooting, triples raining down all night long...splash Wright would hit 7 three-pointers as part of his game high 39 points, tying a Leede Arena scoring record Dartmouth picks up the 79-56 win...


Let's head to Castleton, Southern Vermont paying a visit to the Spartans. Both teams entering the game with 1-2 records. --- Mountaineers opening things up on a 9-0 run. Deshawn Hamlet lays it in. He had a team high 18 points. --- Castleton answers with a quick run, Plainfield's Chad Copeland buries the three with the shot clock expiring. He had a game high 28 points. Spartans trail by 3. --- The Mountianers push the lead back up to 9 before Joshua Horton nails back to back triples. Castleton cutting the deficit once again to three. --- But that's as close as it gets the rest of the day, Daemond Carter with 14 points off the bench including this corner three. --- Southern Vermont goes on to the 100-82 win.


Make it an even 20 wins in a row for the #1 Plattsburgh women's hockey team. The Cardinals scored 4 goals in a span of five minutes during the third period to rally and beat Gustavis Adolphus, 5-3 today at the Cardinal-Panther Classic in Middlebury.


following Plattsburgh's win, it was number 3 Middlebury's turn to take the ice at Kenyon Arena facing Wisconsin-Stevens Point. --- About four minutes into the first period, the Panther's Janka Hlinka feeds Jessica Young who backhands it in front, after some swipes at the puck, it goes in. Young gets credited with the goal. 1-0 Middlebury. --- The Pointers score 22 seconds later, but wouldn't find the back of the net again thanks to Middlebury goalie Julia Neuburger. 20 saves on the day for her. --- Just over two minutes into second period, Maddie Winslow sends a cross that deflects off Shanna Hickman and just trickels over the goaline. Middlebury goes on to the 3-1 win.


The UVM women's hockey team wrapping up the Windjammer Classic this evening, facing Cornell... --- All Big Red in this one...first period, Hanna Bunton cross ice to Micah Hart...her shot re-directed in by Sarah Knee...Cornell takes a 1-0 lead after the first... --- And they pile it on in the 2nd..on the power-play, Erin O'Connor to Taylor Woods, sneaking this one through... Cats fall to Cornell, 4-0...


And it wasn't any better for the Men's team this afternoon, as they were shut out by Penn State in Philadelphia 4-0.... Vermont now just 3-9-2 on the year

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