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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Christians around the world celebrated Easter today, and Pope Francis spoke to an overflowing crowd in St. Peter's Square. Alphonso Van Marsh reports.


More than 150-thousand faithful flocked to St. Peter's Square to hear Pope Francis deliver his second Easter message. (nats) The Pope made a plea for peace in Ukraine, Syria and the Middle East. He called for an end to terrorist attacks against Christians in Nigeria... and spoke about Africans suffering from a deadly Ebola epidemic. (nats) Pope Francis also urged reconciliation in Venezuela where there's violent political unrest. He asked the gathered tourists, pilgrims and Romans to help those close to home who are in need -- to stand beside the sick, elderly and the outcast. The overflowing crowd also read Bible passages and shared prayers in at least eight languages. In a recent CBS News poll more Catholics than ever said the church is in touch with their needs. New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan told "Face the Nation" Pope Francis is the reason for the change. SOT: Timothy Cardinal Dolan / Archdiocese of New York He has really ignited the imagination of the world, and for once, finally, it's almost like people are saying, "Wow. There's reason to cheer, there's reason to hope, there's a good guy. The good guys are winning in the church." President Obama and the first family attended services in Washington, DC. Monday they host the annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn. In New York City, Christians packed St. Patrick's Cathedral before spilling onto Fifth Avenue for their annual Easter parade. Alphonso Van Marsh, CBS News.


After months of repairs and restorations a Burlington Church-- struck by arson-- was able to re-open this Easter Sunday. Ali Freeman reports.


((Nats singing)) It has been 6 months -- since the College Street Congregational Church has been filled with singing... ((nats)) With laughter... ((Nats laughing)) And with members of the church. ((2:17:11 Dr. Nick Hardin / Restoration Committee Member "We joined around 1980 -- this building place means a lot to me. And I've been on the buildings and grounds committee most of those 30 years. I love this building -- it's been emotional for me this morning. It's been great.")) Back in October the steeple was torched by arsonist Aliaksandr Bychkou. The Belarus native says voices told him to ignite the church. Firefighters managed to extinguish the fire, but not before it claimed the historic steeple and caused more than a million dollars in damages. ((2:19:11 Elaine Hubert / Church Member "The fire itself was traumatic. But the process ever since the fire has actually been very uplifting.")) Sunday -- marks the first service held in the church since the fire. For months, the congregation was welcomed to worship in a South Burlington Temple. Pastor Ken White says for this day to come on Easter -- was a very special gift. ((2:04:04 Ken White / Pastor "This building is a metaphor for Easter -- it's a metaphor for new possibilities, new hope...")) But getting to this joyous day -- was no easy task. Hundreds of hours and half a million dollars later-- which included 100- thousand dollars in donations---- the church was fixed up from top to bottom. ((2:20:22 Elaine Hubert / Church Member "To come and see the whole finished product -- I mean the paint, everything just glows. All the wood has been polished, the floors refinished -- all the damage has just disappeared to this beautiful beautiful sanctuary.")) ((2:17:28 Dr. Nick Hardin / Restoration Committee Member "I care about the building so much -- and to see it come back, and find that everybody's happy with the results too -- is a really good feeling for me.")) A day of celebrating a special holiday with an important move back to College Street. But Pastor White says -- whether they finished renovations by Easter Sunday -- the congregation would still be together. ((2:04:52 Ken White / Pastor "The truth is, easter is easter. And whether we were in here or not, we are going to proclaim Christ has risen, and we are going to sing Hallelujah. And so it is really the icing on the cake -- but Easter is Easter.")) Ali Freeman, ch3 news, Burlington.


A former convent in Claremont New Hampshire was flattened by fire. The blaze at the Central Street structure broke out around 2:25 this morning. The building was heavily involved when fire fighters arrived and is considered a total loss. At this time, we do not know what caused the fire. The New Hampshire Fire Marshal's office has been called in to investigate. The building is owned Roman Catholic Bishop of Manchester. The adjoining building-- the New England Classical Academy-- sustained some heat damage but is otherwise ok.


An attempted homicide in Burlington. Late Saturday night--Police say 34-year-old Daniel Godin choked his ex-girlfriend to the point where she feared her life. This was the 2nd time police were called to the Johnson Street residence that night- after they say Godin first kicked in the victim's door before fleeing the scene. Police say he then returned-- and tried to kill her. Neighbors witnessed the situation unfolding.


03:23:59 03:24:17 ((Jeff Roberts/Neighbor "We were coming back to the house after being out and we came home probably around 12:20-12:30 something like that and when we came around the corner there were a couple cops around the corner house. We didn't see the cops but the cop cars were parked there we didn't really know what was going on but something definitely seemed to be up.")) Police say the victim received medical attention--but was not hospitalized. Godin was arrested Sunday afternoon-and is currently being held for lack of 25-thousand dollars bail. He will be arraigned Monday morning.


A New Hampshire man was found dead in Walden. Police say they received a report of an abandoned vehicle parked near Sevens Hill Road East in Walden. The car was being rented by 60-year-old Don Pope of Kingston New Hampshire. He was the subject of a welfare check. Multiple search crews were called to the scene and Pope's body was found about a quarter mile from his car. Police say it appears he died from exposure. An autopsy is being conducted.


Two men have been arrested after police say they pointed a gun at an oncoming vehicle in St. Johnsbury. Police say 19-year-old Michael Solarz of Lyndonville and 21-year-old Diamond Reed St. Johnsbury pointed a shotgun at a Kirby man's vehicle-- and the occupants-- after an altercation on the roadway. Solarz was charged with Careless and Negligent Operation and Reckless Endangerment. Diamond was charged with accessory to Reckless Endangerment.


An apparent electrocution at Keene State College. Emergency crews responded to the athletic complex Saturday after they received reports of downed lines and a possible electrocution. Fire officials say it took some time before they could turn the power off to reach the man who was found near the power line. He has NOT been identified yet -- and we do not know if he was a student. Fire fighters say the downed line also sparked a brush fire, that covered about a quarter-acre, before firefighters were able to bring it under control.


Several handguns were stolen from a store in Hardwick. It happened at Riteway Sports. Police say electricity was cut-- behind the building-- prior to the forced entry. Police are asking the public for assistance with any information they may have. Federal authorities have joined the ongoing investigation.

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Hundreds of pot smokers turned out on the campus of UVM today for an annual 420 tradition. Shelby Cashman reports.

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03:29:21 03:29:26 ((Jacob Powers/UVM Senior "So where are we at on time right now? It's 3:50, we got about a half hour till game time")) At four twenty on four twenty-hundreds of UVM students lit up. 03:33:33 03:33:34 ((Jeremy Romanul/UVM Freshman "I feel like a lot of people at UVM smoke.")) April 20th has been dubbed by many across the country as an unofficial marijuana holiday-and UVM students took to the Redstone Campus Green to partake in what they call-one of the best events of the year. 03:28:54 03:29:00 ((Jacob Powers/UVM Senior "Its 4/20 out here, Redstone Campus UVM its my last on ever figured I'd make it out here.")) Pot is not legal in Vermont-but possession of anything under an ounce is decriminalized-resulti ng in a ticket and fine much like a traffic violation. 03:42:18 03:42:23 ((Shelby Cashman "And while things got a little hazy out here today-some simply got burned.")) 03:34:16 03:34:22 ((Michael Werner/Caught with marijuana "So i was just sitting over there smoking my chillam and a police officer came over to me they took away my chillam they took away some of my weed.")) Michael Werner and Anthony Gemma were issued violation notices-for possession of marijuana under the age of 21-by campus police. 03:34:48 03:34:53 ((Michael Werner/Caught with marijuana "I didnt get a ticket no cause supposedly if I go through this program I wont have to pay for a ticket it will be a diversion program")) Police say they issued about 10 similar violations to students-but overall think the event went smoothly. 03:42:34 03:42:42 ((Dep. Chief Tim Bilodeau/UVM Campus Police "From our viewpoint safety is always paramount so as far as that goes we didn't have any issues regarding personal safety.")) And the skies are once again clear-until next year. Shelby Cashman Channel 3 News Burlington

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still ahead on tonight's news... Approval ratings dropping Governor Peter Shumlin... and flingin mud for fun at Echo... First .. Here's Dave with the weather...

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A new poll shows declining approval ratings for Governor Peter Shumlin. In a VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute poll conducted-- from March 31st to April 6th-- gives Shumlin a 49 percent approval rating for his job performance. 40 percent of those polled said they disapprove of the Governor's performance. His approval rating was above 65% in the Spring of 2012. Political expert Eric Davis told the VTDigger online site that there are several possible reasons for the decline including his botched land deal with his neighbor and lack of transparency on how the state is going to pay for single payer healthcare.


visitors to ECHO this week will get a chance to enjoy mud season with a little target practice. Cat Viglienzoni explains.


It's Mudfest at ECHO -- and that means you can find worms in the spotlight -- and mud... everywhere. ((SOT Linda Bowden, ECHO Science Education Specialist 013344 There's the mud tables where kids can have fun just playing in the mud with little trucks and cars and making mud pies 50)) ((Cat Standup 013719 And for the kids and parents who don't mind getting their hands dirty, in the afternoon they have their mud fling. Kids will take mud from the deck up there and try to hit this bullseye on the target right here 28)) For children barely tall enough to see where their mud is going -- getting it off the ledge -- and keeping it off of clothes -- is a victory. 014428 Linda: Keep hold of the spoon for me! Nicely done!" Kids tried a variety of techiniques -- from tipping the spoon ((show kid at 014520)) to ditching it altogether ((show kid at 014653)). Others needed a bit of encouragment from their siblings ((show little girl at 014625))... but everyone found that staying on target -- was tough. NATS Jacob throws ... misses... Jacob: 014858 It's harder than it looks ((014928 Jacob Winfield -- visiting ECHO Cat: What is your guys' favorite part about mud? Jacob: Well, it's squishy and it's really soft. And you can get lots of dirty with it. And the best part is when you come in, your mom usually freaks out 41)) That festival wraps up next Sunday -- the 27th.Cat V... Channel 3 news, Burlington.


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TONIGHT: High clouds. Low: 32/40 Wind: S 10-15 mph MONDAY: Partly sunny. Isolated shower north. High: 62/70 Wind: S 10-15 mph MONDAY NIGHT: North: Few showers. South: Partly cloudy. Low: 37/45 Wind: S 10-15 mph TUESDAY: Showers likely, especially PM. High: 60/68 Low: 35/43 Wind: SW 5-10 mph WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Few showers. High: 40s Low: 20s THURSDAY: Partly sunny. High: 45/55 Low: 25/35 FRIDAY: Increasing clouds. PM showers. High: 50s Low: 35/45 SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy. Chance for showers. High: 50s Low: 30s SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy. Few showers. High: 45/55


A good old fashion Easter egg hunt at Oakledge Park in Burlington this morning. On this beautiful sunny day- dozens of Burlington families gathered to celebrate Easter in Oakledge Park -- through the time-honored tradition of hunting for eggs. The event was free--and organized by a group of neighbors who have been doing the Easter Egg hunt at Oakledge for several years. The children hunted for eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny-- all over the park.


03:21:14 03:21:21 ((SC: How many eggs did you guys find today? KID: We found 1 2 3 4 5" SC: and whats inside all of these eggs? KID: Paper)) Neighbors say they have been collecting the eggs for weeks--and filled them with paper confetti-giving the sidewalks a colorful and festive flair.



Happy Easter everyone ... It was a huge game two in Boston this afternoon as the Bruins looked to even their series at 1 with the Red Wings... After missing the opener, former UVM captain Kevan Miller lacing up for his playoff debut ... Miller saw 20 minutes of ice time.. The story in this one though was offense... Scoreless in the first, a gift for rookie Justin Florek. Jimmy Howard fires it off a teammate's skate ... Right to Florek... 1-0 Bruins. --- Still in the first... Boston on the power play. Reilly Smith, the blue collar effort in front as he makes it 2-0 Bruins after 1. --- Detroit cuts it to 2-1 in the second before Boston puts the octo-pie away. On the break , Jarome Iginla feeds Milan Lucic who gets just enough to put it home... Zdeno Chara adds another as the Bruins drop the Red Wings 4-1 to even the series.Game 3 Tuesday night 7:30 in Detroit.


The Montreal Canadiens have lost their last two series when leading 2-zip... Tonight, the Habs hoping for new fortune as they hosted Tampa Bay at the Bell Centre ... --- This will help... 11 seconds into the game, Renie Bourque scores on the breakaway 1-0 Montreal... --- In the second, tied at 1... On the 4-on-4 ... PK Subban to Brendan Gallagher... reservations for one upstairs... Habs up 2-1... --- To the third, same score... After a goal Tampa Bay goal was disallowed that would have tied it... Tomas Plekanec puts this one on ice... Montreal looking very good thus far... They hold on to top Tampa Bay 3-2... Taking a 3-0 series lead... They can clinch a semifinals berth Tuesday night...


It was an emotional and moving scene at Fenway Park tonight as the Red Sox begin what will be 24 hours of both remembrance and celebration surrounding the 2014 running of the Boston Marathon... An amazing tribute before the game as the organization paid homage to those involved in the bombings... From survivors and their families to first responders... An amazing season... --- As for the game... Tough start for the Red Sox... Jake Peavy gives up five runs in five plus innings... Boston down 5-0 into the sixth... --- But much like the city, they would rally ... Old ironside... Johnny Gomes a three-run shot... Part of five unanswered for the Sox... --- Let's go...Bottom nine, tied at 5... Bases loaded for Mike Karp... He lines out to left... Dustin Pedroia can't tag but the throw gets away allowing him to trot home and send Boston home winners... It's odd but it works... Boston rallies for the 6-5 win... The series finale on Patriots day at 11 a.m.


Yankees and Rays in the final game of their series... Ivan Nova going on the DL before the game.. Meanwhile Mark Teixeria with two hits coming off of it... --- Pick it up in the 12th tied at 1... Bases loaded for rookiw Dean Anna with two outs and after a great at-bat he walks to give New York at 2-1 lead.. --- Next batter, Carlos Beltran. He's not waiting around.... Drives a two-run single right back through the box... Yankees split their series with the Rays, winning 5-1 today in 12...

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From the turf, to the circle and the state house floor... We've got you covered on every surface, for this week's Top 3 on 3. (((Let's start with a little teamwork Saturday... Middlebury's Connor Quinn to Bobby Ritter, who flicks it in, right under the tin... Inside the circle we go Friday.... St. Michael's infielder and colchester native Amanda Brigante... Bringing the defense with this stellar snag. Sticking with Friday, two local legends getting the rare unanimous vote at the State house. U-32 basketball coach Dan Gandin and Northfield baseball coach Frank Pecora honored with a resolution on the floor, thanking them for 80 years of service in the Green Mountain State. Two legends... 1 Big Day ... And our Top Play for this week's Top 3 on 3.)))

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