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Good evening and thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. More Republicans Senators are indicating they're not happy with the Senate's version of a health care bill -- which means the legislation is in jeopardy of failing. Wendy Gillette has the latest.


President Trump is promising some last minute changes to the Senate Republican healthcare bill to try to secure enough votes to get the legislation passed. SOT: (President Trump) We have a very good plan. We have a few people who are modestly, not standing on the rooftop screaming, they want to get some points, I think theyll get some points. At least 5 Republican Senators have publically opposed the bill. Senator Susan Collins of Maine counts at least 7 more, including herself, who are troubled by the bills cuts to Medicaid. (SOT: Sen. Susan Collins/R Maine) You can't take over $800 billion out of the Medicaid program and not expect that it's going to have an impact on a rural nursing home. Republican Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana is a physician who worked with low income patients. (SOT: Sen. Bill Cassidy/R-Louisiana) Im undecided. // I frankly would like more days to consider this. But Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell wants a vote on the bill before Congress leaves for its July 4th holiday. He needs the support of at least 50 of the 52 Republican senators. Some Democrats say theyre ready to negotiate. (SOT: Sen. Joe Manchin/D-West Virginia) If Mitch doesn't have the votes, call off this bill right now. And let's sit down and start working toward repairing the basic concept of what we have in the Affordable Care Act. The Congressional Budget Office plans to issue its analysis of the new bill as early as Monday. Wendy Gillette, for CBS News. Suggested Tag: A recent poll showed only about 1 in 4 Americans approve of the House version of the healthcare bill.


Senator Bernie Sanders is making his opposition to the bill clear- while calling out colleagues in the Senate. Sanders spoke at a rally in Columbus Ohio today-- sending a message to Ohio Senator Rob Portman. Ohio is one of the state's that has accepted expanded Medicaid funding -- money it would lose under the GOP proposal.


((SOT Sanders - join your fellow Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and please vote no on this horrific piece of legislation. If Senator Portman votes no, the strong likelihood is this bill will go down.))


Health care aside -- Sanders' speech comes on the heels of reports that he has hired prominent defense attorneys amid an FBI investigation into his wife's dealings at Burlington College.

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Several elk- on the loose in Derby-- are back where they belong. These are some of the elk still running free in the Northeast Kingdom. But, Vermont Fish and Wildlife officials say 7 of the 16 elk returned on their own to the Cowtown Elk Ranch where they escaped last week. Commissioner Louis Porter says another elk was captured and one was shot by a ranch employee.


((Louis Porter, VT Fish and Wildlife PHONER 2:21-2:34 "Our desire is to get them back alive but if they're judged to be potentially posing a risk to human health or safety or to wildlife health that's when we might take a different course and shoot them.")) ((Louis Porter, VT Fish and Wildlife PHONER 3:47-3:50 "We're asking that they make every effort to get the animals back by Tuesday at noon.")) Fish and Wildlife officials are continuing to search for 7 elk still on the loose.


Fire has displaced a family in Swanton. Multiple crews were called to the St. Albans Road home around 2 this afternoon. Officials say the fire started in the basement but had spread to the first floor by the time they arrived on scene. The family was home at the time of the fire but was able to escape injury. Officials say the home suffered extensive smoke and heat damage. A state fire investigator was called in to determine the cause.


Police say a St. Johnsbury man pushed a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs. It happened Saturday at a home on Washington Avenue in St. Johnsbury. Police say 28 year old Nicholas Pinto assaulted the women, and later stabbed her in the hand with a knife as she was trying to escape the apartment. Pinto was arrested Sunday and is due in court tomorrow.


The Burlington City Council is deciding Monday night whether to give the green light to infrastructure improvements. Project planners are focused on Saint Paul between-- Main and Maple Streets-- because of the construction of Champlain College's Eagles Landing student housing. It's all part of the city's Great Streets initiative - aimed at improving foot traffic in the Queen City. The multi-million dollar initiative is partly paid for by tax increment financing voters approved in 2015.


((Kathleen Haughey, Burlington 6172 1:25:51-1:26:01 "Supporting the infrastructure and making it stronger and more usable, especially for people on foot and bike, I support that. I think it's a great idea.")) Project planners aim to begin construction on Saint Paul Street in 2018. The Great Streets initiative also includes improvements for Main Street between Church and Pine Streets.


New efforts are underway at Lake Iroquois to stop the spread of milfoil. Rose Gomez reports.


There's a pesky plant that's hard to miss when you got out to fish, swim, or boat on Lake Iroquois. Bob Donnis, who has a summer home on the lake, has been battling it for years with the Lake Iroquois association. ((Bob Donnis/Lake Iroquois Association Board Director 5500 04:42:08 "It's hard to swim. It's hard to paddle. I've seen an absence of sail boats on the lake, and in general the amount of usage on the lake has gone down." 04:42:23)) The eurasian watermilfoil isn't native to the lake, and though Donnis says there's no way to know how it got there--it's possible it could have been transported on a boat coming from a waterway where the pant already existed. This summer--the association has started an effort to wash boats coming in and out to prevent more invasive species from taking root. ((Bob Donnis/Lake Iroquois Association Board Director 5500 04:49:13 "Boat coming in it's a question like where was this boat last? If it's from a lake that has a lot of invasive species, high risk--we'd definitely like to wash your boat sir." 04:49:30)) The Lake Iroquois Association used grant funding to purchase a pressure washer and trailer that will be set up on the lake's public boat launch every weekend this summer. The state's Department of Environmental Conservation trained 7 of the association's board members--and all of the lake greeters--on how to use the washer. ((Jeffrey Hughes/Shelburne 5568 05:06:48 "It's great that they're doing it. Whether or not they'll be able to do it in all water bodies--probably not. Anything that can be done to keep them--because once these invaders are in a water body, you can't get them out." 05:07:01)) Invasive species are a problem in many waterways. New Hampshire recently passed a law that says boaters can be fined up to $200 if they do not clean of their boats. In Vermont, there's a steeper $1,000 fine. The Lake Iroquois Association is working on getting a permit for an herbicide that could kill of the milfoil, but that may have to wait until next year. Rose Gomez, Channel 3 News, Williston.


A quiet day in some spots, whereas some others got thunderstorms with hail. RADAR: A stationary front touched off a few showers and thunderstorms today, some with gusty winds and hail. A few disturbances will ride along this front, keeping the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast through Wednesday, mainly during the afternoon hours. WAKEUP WEATHER: Partly cloudy. Few showers north. Low: 47/55 Yes, more unsettled weather this week.

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still ahead on tonight's news... Help is needed for a loon count in the Adirondacks... plus... just because it's summer, that does not mean kids can't get a free meal....


If you like loons, you could be a help with an annual census. Officials are looking for volunteers to travel to an Adirnodacks lake July 15th to report the number of adult and young loons they see. The count being organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society. The information will be included in the 17th Annual Adirondack Loon Census. It helps researchers collect data about the status of the breeding loon population and helps guide wildlife management decisions. You can find more information online at WCAX (DOT) COM.


Free meals-- during the summer months-- are available for kids who may need them. Ike Bendavid explains.


((Doug Davis Director of Food Services for Burlington School Food Project 54:16:26 "We are here during the day when kids come for meals, breakfast and lunch.54.20.11)) While school is in session from September to June --kids who are eligible for free or reduced meals are fed. ((53.36.03 that is a really great safety net for families knowing that their kids can attend school and receive meals throughout the day."53:41:03)) But what happens to those kids when school is out? (( DD 53:29:14 "Summer meals are so important because so many kids rely on the meals that we provide on a day-to-day basis during the school year 53.35.03)) Nearlly 40 thousand kids rely on free or reduced meals during the school year in Vermont , but only a third of them are sitting down for a meal during the summer. The advocasy dirctor of Hunger Free Vermont says it's hard to reach kids in rural parts of the state. They try to reach them through free meals at summer programs and camps. (( Faye Conte Hungry Free Vermont 23.07.16 Where ever kids are. You can find a summer meals program 23.10.16)) But unlike during the school year, everyone under 18 can get a free meal in the summer. ((55.47.02 we don't take rosters or check incomes or anything like that. You don't even have to live in Burlington to get a meal in Burlington.55.52.19)) With more than 500 locations state-wide offering a place to grab a free meal- this summer kids can enjoy the sun on a full stomach. Ike Bendavid -- Channel 3 News -- Burlington


WHAT TO EXPECT: Unsettled this week. Scattered PM showers & thunderstorms pretty much every day. Also some sunshine from time to time. RADAR: A few showers in the region right now, with possibly a thunderstorm or two. A few showers will persist overnight, mainly north. RADAR/TEMPERATURES: Currently in the 50s and 60s. DEWPOINTS: Currently in the 40s and 50s, so it's not humid. FORECAST HIGH TEMPERATURES: Actually running a bit on the cool side this week, with high temperatures mainly in the low to mid 70s. At the end of the week, it will turn a bit warmer and definitely more humid. CLOUDS/PRECIP FORECAST: A few disturbances will ride along the front for the next few days, keeping the chance for scattered PM showers & perhaps a thunderstorm.

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FORECAST: MONDAY: Partly sunny. Scattered showers, mainly PM. Possible T-storm. High: 65/73. Wind: Light MONDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy & cool. Few showers. Low: 45/53. Wind: Light TUESDAY: Partly sunny. Scattered showers, mainly PM. Possible T-storm. High: 65/73. Low: 45/53. Wind: SW 5-10 mph WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. Few PM showers/T-storms. High: 70s. Low: 50s THURSDAY: Showers & T-storms likely, especially PM. High: 70s. Low: 55/65 FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers & T-storms. High: 70s. Low: 55/65 SATURDAY: Partly sunny. Chance for T-storms. High: 75/85. Low: 60s SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy. Chance for showers & T-storms. High: 70s



It was a big day for amateur radio station operators.. The Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont club set up radio stations from scratch in Williston today. They were participating in a contest with thousands of other groups across the United States and Canada also working on ham radio. The stations run off generators or batteries. The purpose of the competition is to be able to create communication methods during a disaster -when electricity, phones, and internet are down.


((Mitch Stern, Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont 6123 1:17:34-1:17:45 "In a big enough disaster, you can't talk to anyone, and some people get really upset by that that they're cut off from the world. What we tell people at amatuer radio, if you have a radio, and a battery, and a wire, you can talk to people.")) The goal of the contest is to be able to communicate with as many other stations as possible. Organizers say the group talked to competitors in almost every state.



They won a game Friday. They won one yesterday. That's two in a row. They win one today, that's called a winning streak. The Vermont Lake Monsters continuing their series at Tri City this evening -- Top 1st...Lake monsters starting it early...Roger Gonzalez with a shot to left... That puts Vermont up 1-0.. -- Bottom half...Cats Answer...Corey Julks with a solo shot..The first of his pro career..we're tied up at 1.. -- Plenty of offense in this one...Top 3rd Jordan Devencenzi drops one in Center... two runs are in... vermont back up 3-1.. They'd add another in the inning on an error to make it 4-1.. -- But back come the cats again...bottom 5th now down 5-3... Abraham Toro with a homer to right..his 2nd of the game... Tri-City now up 6-5, they'd go up 9-5 -- But even that lead not the 7th ...2 runs already home and the bases loaded for the Lake Monsters ...James Terrell Finds the gap...Everyone is coming home, A five run inning. Monsters take a 10-9 lead and that would be your final. Vermont gets their third straight win. They'll go for the sweep tomorrow.



More pro baseball in Plattsburgh, Redbirds looking for first ever win --- they were hosting the Sullivan Explorers, who loaded the bases top one, but Matti Doexter works his way out of it with a big strikeout and a groundball to end the inning scoreless --- Sullivan wasn't as lucky in the bottom half, Johnny Cole with the hotshot off the shortstop, Josh Martinez comes around to score --- it's the first run in Redbirds history and they lead it 1-0 --- later in the inning, bases full of birds for Brian Brademan, he takes the walk and Cole will trot on home as Plattsburgh doubles their advantage, but they were far from done --- Joseph Donaldson smacks one back up the middle, Daniel Roeser and Tarik El-Abour both come to the plate, Plattsburgh cruising, it's 4-0 after one --- they add to it in the second. It's Cole again, this time with the clean base hit, Ken Collins charges to the plate to make it 5-0 --- And Doexter cruises from there, working the groundball to pick up a couple double plays. He goes 5 and 2/3 shutout innings the bullpen finishes the job, 9-0 the final first win in franchise history


Last weekend wasn't exactly what Woodstock native Keegan Bradley was hoping for in rounds 3 and 4 at the US Open, but he turned it around on Monday to win the CVS Health Charity Classic for the third straight year. Today, he was hoping a solid performance would help him climb up the leaderboard in the final round at the Travelers Championship. Bradley did an ok job on that front, shooting a 1-under 69 on the afternoon, that pushed him up to 8-under for the tournament. Birdies on 7, 11, and 15 were countered by bogeys on 6 and 18. Bradley finished in a tie for 8th, that is his third best finish of the season. Your winner was Jordan Spieth, he took it in a playoff over Danny berger and what a way to end it. First playoff hole, check this out. From the bunker...he holes it! Spieth with a miraculous shot to claim his 10th career PGA tour victory.

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Great moments on the track...and field make up this week's top 3 on 3. ((At number three, we start with the track. Jason Woodard was a man possessed in the Flying Tigers at Thunder Road Thursday. He claimed wins in both of the division's feature races, including edging out Joel Hodgdon to claim the checkers in the early 75 lap race. --- to Centennial field at number two, Jesus Lopez with the first Monster home homer of the season Thursday. The second baseman with a great head of hair, but he can also swing the bat pretty well too as evidenced by this shot to right. --- and at number one, dominance on the track and field. St. Johnsbury's Katherine Cowan won her second straight high school decathlon state title on Tuesday. She won the high jump and set a state record with 5214 to reclaim the title of top female athlete in the state and the #1 spot in the top 3 on 3.

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