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Good evening and thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. A candlelight vigil this evening for a missing teen from Weathersfield. About 150 people showed up at the boat launch in Springfield to help light the way home for Autumn Sanville. The teen's car was located there more than two weeks ago. Sanville was last seen the morning of October 6th- getting into a car-- and has not been seen or heard from since. Her mother does NOT believe that the teen ran away from home-- though police have said that is a possibility. Authorities are continuing to look for her. Anyone with information is asked to call police.


The five Mad River Valley teens killed in a wrong-way crash on Interstate 89 will be honored tomorrow. Organizers are calling the event "A Celebration of Life" -- it will be from 6pm to 8pm at Harwood Union high school. Because of limited parking, shuttles will be provided from local schools, and the Shaws supermarket in Waitsfield starting a 5pm.


With just over two weeks until election day, Vermont's gubernatorial candidates are hitting the campaign trail looking to sway last minute undecided voters. Rose Gomez has the latest.


Senator Bernie Sanders traveled the country during his campaign for President and in recent months continued his travels in support of Hillary Clinton. Now, he's back in Vermont to show his support for democrats running for office--including gubernatorial candidate Sue Minter. ((Senator Bernie Sanders 5944 00:35:49 "The job of governor is a very difficult job, and she is gonna need the support of every person in this room, because there are special interests who do not want us to go forward, so let us do everything we can in the next two weeks to help elect Sue Minter as our next governor." 00:36:08)) On Sunday, more than a hundred people showed up at the University of Vermont for a rally and cheered as multiple candidates took the stage. Sue Minter says if elected, she hopes to carry on Sanders' fight. ((Sue Minter/Democratic Candidate for Governor 5945 00:41:59 "Do you want someone as your governor who talks about affordability but has no plans for affordable child hare, college, or do you want a leader who has a plan for two years, tuition free at community or technical college? That's my Vermont promise." 00:42:16)) ((Rose Gomez/Colchester 5955 00:52:15 "Though Sue Minter has been endorsed by prominent democrats, Phil Scott says that much of his message appeals to voters from multiple parties, and that he's received bipartisan support through his campaign." 00:52:27)) ((Phil Scott/Republican Candidate for Governor 5954 00:45:48 "I believe they can distinguish myself from the national republicans. They know I'm a social, moderate--believe in a woman's right to choose, but I believe also that we need to address the crisis of affordability here. We need to focus on the economy." 00:46:04)) Scott has also been active on the campaign trail, and on Sunday afternoon he joined Minter for a debate at Saint Michael's College. ((Phil Scott/Republican Candidate for Governor 5954 00:47:13 "Going to all kinds of different events. Was in Rutland last night going to a cancer event as well as going to the haunted house. As well as going to editorial boards and getting out to see Vermonters--which I really enjoy doing, but it gives you a sense of what's happening in Vermont." 00:47:28)) Early voting has already begun and will continue through November 7th. On November 8th, the winners will be decided. Rose Gomez, Channel 3 News, Burlington.


Burlington teachers are expected to vote tomorrow on a new, one year contract. Members of the Burlington Education Association and the school board need to ratify the agreement-- reached last week-- to make it official. Leaders tell us that the vote will happen tomorrow afternoon at Burlington high school. We won't know terms of the deal until the school board votes. The agreement impacts a lot of people. The school district has 400 teachers and about 4,000 students. A federal mediator helped resolve the contract dispute which has been going on for a year.


The candidates for president are making a final push with some voters are already casting their ballots. Brook Silva-Braga has the latest


Long lines formed in Nevada Sunday, for the states second day of early voting. Democrats far outnumbered Republicans in the first day of early voting there... (NAT Clinton in crowd Pipe 1 hrc otr 15:38:46) (CBSN - pipe 8 12:03:00) ...that's good news for Hillary Clinton... who also leads Donald Trump by 12 points in new national poll. (14:12:24 pipe 5 hrc mothers) At a rally in North Carolina, Clinton criticized her opponent for calling the election rigged. (SOT Hillary Clinton pipe 5 hrc mothers 14:21:23) He refused to say that he would respect the results of this election and that's a threat to democracy On Face the Nation, RNC chairman Reince Preibus defended Trump (SOT Reince Preibus pipe 1 Face the Nation 10:32:32) PREIBUS: If you lose by 200 votes in Florida are you going to concede on election night? // 10:34:17 Im reserving my options, is what hes saying DICKERSON: But reserving options is different than saying it's going to be stolen PREIBUS: That how I say it. DICKERSON: The problem is the difference between what you say and he says PREIBUS: I know where he's at on this. But at a Sunday evening rally in Florida, Trump didn't back down. (SOT Donald Trump 17:51:34) It's rigged, it's broken, it's corrupt, they want me to take that back. Let me tell you, it's a rigged system. (pipe 1 Face the Nation 10:49:50) A new CBS poll shows 72% of Florida republicans believe Trump would win if not for voter fraud... though independent research from the Pew Center found little evidence of it. Brook Silva-Braga, for CBS News, New York

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When it comes to emergency responses-- practice makes perfect. The Winooski and Colchester fire departments -- along with Mallets Bay and St. Michael's -- have been training in an abandoned home on Main Street in Winooski. About 45 fire fighters of different skill levels have been going through the house-- training in real emergency scenarios. Sunday -- they were working with thermal imaging cameras -- which help search for victims when you can't see through the smoke.


((TC 21:59:54:27 Title 3019 Assistant Chief Michael Antoniak/Winooski Fire Dept.: "we don't get much chance to go into buildings - acquired structures - like today where the home owner prepared the building to meet all the different codes and regulations for us to go in and practice some live burns in there. So its very important that we get a chance to expose our firefighters to as much training as possible." 22:00:11:28)) Next weekend -- they'll set the abandoned house on fire for their training. That will start at 6am on Saturday. The sidewalk near the home will be closed but traffic on Main Street will still be open.

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A winter preview! SNOWFALL ACCUMULATION: The mountains received over 6 inches of snow in some cases. The valleys had a trace to a few inches accumulation. RADAR: The storm which gave us the snow (and needed rain) is out of the region. A smaller storm system in the Great Lakes will pass to our south, bringing any showers with it. WAKEUP WEATHER: Partly cloudy. Low: 32/40. Fairly quiet the next few days, and remaining chilly.

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Still to come on tonights news... - An early dusting ......means some early fun out on the slopes .. And -- increased protection for some Vermont Wetlands...


Four wetlands across the state will receive heightened protections under a new state designation. The areas -- including the Chickering Bog in Calais -- will be designated as Class I under amended rules. State officials say the change is meant to spotlight their remarkable natural features and functions. Along with the 10 acre site in Calais, other areas are the Black Gum Swamps in Vernon, Dennis Pond in Brunswick, and the Sandbar Wetlands in the Milton Colchester area. Three public meetings will be held near the four wetlands.


It was a white wake up call for many people in our region-- exciting winter enthusiasts but leaving many in the dark. Eliza Larson reports.

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Very little time passed between when Sean and Patrick McManus woke up Sunday ((nats)) to when they strapped on their snowboards. ((TC 22:52:01:02 Title 3025 Sean McManus/Lives at Bolton: "plenty of snow to play in." 22:52:02:16)) Channel 3 caught up with the brothers outside their place at Bolton Valley Ski Resort. Thick snow piled up outside their door -- perfect to get some turns in... ((TC 22:53:31:15 Title 3026 Patrick McManus/Lives at Bolton: "its very fun to have some sticky snow." 22:53:33:14)) and practice tricks too. ((TC 23:12:42:15 Title 3034 Eliza Larson: "this is not just a dusting." Tucker Myhre/Bolton Valley Ski Resort: "no, far from a dusting." 23:12:44:26)) That's Tucker Myhre -- communications coordinator at Bolton. He says at least 9 inches of snow fell on the mountain -- but it's only October -- so he's keeping his fingers crossed. ((TC 23:11:33:14 Title 3034 Tucker Myhre/Bolton Valley Ski Resort: "i'm sure it will fade away but come back again with a vengeance for opening day in early December." 23:11:37:23)) Remember last year? Opening days at ski resorts all over the region were pushed back and ticket sales plummeted due to lack of snow. But snow was in abundance on this day -- possibly a good sign for the season ahead. ((TC 1:46 Nick Borelli/WCAX Weather: "in fact bolton valley around 9 inches this morning. Starksboro coming in with more than a half foot of snow. As has Holland. 01:51 Morgan about 4 and a half but its very elevation dependent." 01:55)) Other ski resorts rejoiced too. Killington shared this photo on twitter -- saying "With a head start of 5.5" of natural snow, snowmaking is underway at The Beast!" In just a few weeks -- they're hosting the World Cup on this very slope. ((TC 22:52:19:10 Title 3025 Sean McManus/Lives at Bolton: "this is already better than most days in the 2015/2016 season." 22:52:24:21)) Viewers shared their photos of the snow with Channel 3. Beautiful pictures of still bright fall colors -- blanketed in white. But many Vermonters didn't see snow. Instead -- they had to deal with power outages. Green Mountain Power reported that nearly 3000 people were without power due to snow -- and winds. Many of those homes were located in Southern Vermont. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Bolton.


WHAT TO EXPECT: Quiet the next few days. Remaining chilly. Showers for late week. RADAR/SATELLITE: It's quiet out there now, and still breezy... though not as windy as earlier. A smaller storm system in the Great Lakes will pass to our south, so no showers are expected around here. TEMPERATURE/PRECIPITAT ION FORECAST: Temperatures will remain in the 40s for highs into Tuesday (perhaps only some upper 30s on Tuesday). A few sprinkles and/or flurries are expected in the northern mountains Monday night and Tuesday. SATELLITE/RADAR USA: A storm system is bringing some rain and strong winds in the Northwest. Otherwise, it's pretty tranquil across the United States. USA LOOP: Not too much going on the next couple of days, though a few sprinkles or flurries are possible in northern parts of the region Monday night and Tuesday, due to an upper-level low.

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FORECAST: MONDAY: Partly sunny. High: 40/48. Wind: W 10-15 mph MONDAY NIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Few flurries north. Low: 27/35. Wind: NW 5-10 mph TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Few sprinkles/flurries north. High: 37/45. Low: 25/33. Wind: NW 10-15 mph WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. High: 35/45. Low: 20s THURSDAY: Increasing clouds. PM showers. High: 40s. Low: 30s FRIDAY: Showers likely. High: 45/55. Low: 35/45 SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers. High: 45/55. Low: 25/35 SUNDAY: Partly sunny. High: 40s

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There's a brand new hot spot-- in White River Junction-- that has a different spin on pies. Alex Hirsch takes us there.


(02502200) ((Spike Trotman-Cartoonist, Chicago May I please get the nitro cold brew coffee and a rabbit and bacon pie.)) Its becoming a trend at Piecemeal Pies. (02504400) ((Some dude I think i am also going to go with the rabbit and bacon)) Traditional english style meat pies... (NATS-02543600-ooooo.. .mmhhh) its why Spike Trotman is here to eat... (02552500) ((Spike Trotman im a bit of a foodie and im really into savory pies in general.)) Spike is a cartoonist from to give a talk at the center for cartoon studies in White River Junction...and found a nice surprise down the street for lunch. (02553600) ((Spike Trotman if there is anything american cuisine lacks its the appreciation for savory pies in my opinion. its nice to see it being done really well.)) (03321500) ((Alex hirsch they have all sorts of traditional english pies from curried lamb to cottage pie. they opened on october 11 and they already have a customer favorite and it has a little family history to it as well. Mhhmmm-)) (03135300) ((Justin barrett_Chef Owner sort of obsessed with rabbits. my great grandfather had a rabbit tree in baltimore)) Justin Barrett is the Chef Owner of Piecemeal Pies...the inspiration came from a research trip to the UK where he fell in love with the savory pies especially the local favorite... (03132700) ((Justin Barrett-Chef Owner the rabbit and bacon. its really classic in england. most people dont really know about it here. its rabbit braised in red wine with lots of bacon.)) The rabbit and Bacon pie is just one of the many pies bringing in crowds...Some locals have become regulars and they even had to close for a day because they ran out of food... (03130000) ((Justin barrett i guess there are a lot of people in white river junction to feed which is why we are here.)) Made with local farm fresh ingredients... the pies take three days to make... And seem to be worth the wait. (03011506) ((Spike Trotman Look at all the people waiting)) Alex Hirsch Channel 3 News White River Junction



The New England Patriots were on the road Sunday, visiting Heinz Field to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger forced to watch this one after tearing his meniscus last week --- pick it up late first, Pats driving, Tom Brady dumps down to James White. He scampers in from 19 yards out to give New England the 7-0 lead --- same score early second, Brady hands off to LeGarrette Blount who plunges in. Patriots stake out to a two-touchdown advantage. --- but back comes Pittsburgh, Landry Jones looks to his left and slings it to Darius Heyward Bey who makes a great catch in the corner of the endzone as the Steelers cut that deficit in half --- they cut it to one in the third, but that's when Rob Gronkowski takes over. Brady 36 yards to Gronk. His 68th career touchdown reception, he's tied for the franchise's all time lead in that category --- Blount then seals it in the fourth Patriots take it 27-16. They're 6-1 and get a chance to avenge their only loss next week at Buffalo


The Giants in London to take on the Rams in the first NFL game at Twickenham Stadium, home of the English Rugby team --- less than four minutes in, LA forces a fumble and takes advantage, Case Keenum to Tavon Austin, 7-0 Rams --- but with LA leading 10-3 in the second, one of the craziest plays you will ever see. Keenum bounces one off Austin, it's picked off by Landon Collins. He avoids a couple tacklers, then cuts back across the field, stays on his feet, and he's got a chance! Collins from 44 yards out to get the Giants back on even terms! --- Rashad Jennings adds a touchdown in the fourth to put New York ahead for the first time --- and Keenum throws *four* picks Giants win it 17-10 to get back above the .500 mark at 4-3


Don't forget to vote for the friday football frenzy play of the week nominees. Our first one comes from the BBA-Bellows Falls game, Opening minutes of the 3rd, the Terriers Shane Clark takes the hand-off, gets some blockers and he is gone. 59 yard touchdown run. ---- Our second play of the week nominee, CVU with the ball down 7 late in the fourth quarter, but Middlebury's Andrew Gleason ends any hopes of the comeback with the diving interception. --- lay number three windsor with the halfback pass from Hunter Panteaude to a wide open Dakota Page A 60 yard touchdown that ends up being the game winner. Go the the sports page or the Frenzy page at to vote. The winner will be revealed Monday at 6pm.


The UVM Women's soccer team has had an issue scoring lately. The Cats tallied just 3 times in the previous 8 games entering Sunday. UVM only won one of those 8 games, so they needed a win today and some help to qualify for the America East Tournament. A windy senior day as the Cats welcomed in Binghamton --- plenty of chances for both sides in this game, Alex Jenkins sends one in to her sister Brooke, but its a bit too long, scooped up by Haley Downin --- Coco Speckmaier was busy today, keeping out a header from her own teammate here --- then diving across the goal to deny Michelle Galvin --- and on this lob by Barbara Badeer, she comes out, it goes over her head so she has to smack it across the endline to keep it scoreless --- closing minutes of the game, Sarah Martin whips one in, Alex Jenkins' header goes just wide --- but in the 90th minute, Nikki McFarland gets in on cage and blasts it upper 90! UVM wins 1-0, and with Albany beating UMBC today, the Cats are headed back to the America East Tournament


(( McFarland: "I've been playing with Katie for four years, so I knew she was going to give me a really good ball and I had a similar situation like that happen to me at Albany where I took too many touches and didn't shoot, so in my head I was just like, 'go far post, go far post.' And it didn't go far post, it went upper 90 near so I don't know, I'm just happy it went in." --- Lefebvre: "You know, we were able to get that late goal. It's a huge confidence boost, I think both for Nikki and for the team heading into the playoffs now. We needed that win to make it, but we're through now, so hopefully we can get some goals in the playoffs."


Former Catamount and Montpelier native Amanda Pelkey is headed to Finland for the Four Nation's Cup after all. After initially being left off the Team USA roster for the tournament, Pelkey was named to the team today as a replacement for Amanda Kessel who was recently injured in an NWHL game. Pelkey will join the team for a camp on Long Island tomorrow. The tournament features the US, Canada, Sweden, and host Finland, and begins on November 1st.

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A new championship, a new season, and continued dominance make up this week's top 3 on 3. ((At number three, Norwich men's hockey exhibition opener against Champlain College Quebec, Nick Pichette had himself a day. He gets free on the break here and goes top shelf. He'd finish with a hat trick as the Cadets rolled 8-1. --- At number two, the first ever Gameday Cheerleading Competition at South Burlington High School. Squads from around the state competed using in-game routines and in the end, Rutland took home the title. --- And at number one, Jared Lebowitz was slinging it through the elements for Middlebury Football on Saturday. The Panther QB threw for nearly 400 years and three long touchdown passes as Middlebury rolled Bates. They'll play Trinity for the number one spot in the NESCAC standings next week, and Lebowitz takes the number one spot in the top 3 on 3.

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