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Good evening and thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Most major roads in western New York are back open today- after last week's paralyzing snow storm. But now there are concerns that the area could be hit hard by flooding. Jericka Duncan reports


PKG: NATS: (Buffalo mayor and Jericka walking) "One hundred percent of streets are passable in the city of Buffalo now." Buffalo's mayor says plows like these have removed ninety thousand tons of snow in and around the city. Nats: car driving by plows Seven feet of snow fell in parts of Western New York over three days last week ...making for a difficult and costly cleanup. SOT: (Mayor Byron Brown/Buffalo) "It's going to be a significant financial impact It's a storm of historic magnitude in terms of snowfall in the city of Buffalo." Standup: (Jericka Duncan/West Seneca, NY) "But the expenses may get even higher if warming temperatures over the next couple of days quickly melt the snow- causing flooding." NATS (with governor) "If this becomes in effect a dam- then you see the water here build up and come over the road." New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is warning residents to take precautions now. SOT: (Governor Andrew Cuomo/D-NY) "People say well- my home doesn't flood, I know, but there's always a first time and we're seeing first times all the time now." NATS: (Guardsmen pushing equipment) "Let's go this way for now." Hundreds of members of the New York National Guard have been deployed to the area ...and there's a warehouse filled with pumps and other supplies, just in case they're needed. Jericka Duncan, CBS News, West Seneca, New York.


A grand Isle man has been arrested for alleged credit card fraud after police say he applied for a job at one of the store he tried to rip off. 31-year-old Michael Thompson of Grand Isle faces charges of credit card fraud, forgery and false pretenses. South Burlington Police say he used a stolen credit card to rack up 35-hundred in illegal purchases at the U-mall. They identified him after learning he applied for a job at one of the stores. Police say they found some of the items at Thompson's residence. He's due in court Tuesday.


Police say a Colchester man's dog was attacked and killed by another dog Saturday. The 74-year old was taking his Yorkshire Terrior for a walk on Wall Street around 5:45 last night, when police say the dog was attacked and killed. The attacking dog was described as medium to large, about 50-70 pounds, and mostly black with lighter patches. Police say the owner of the aggressive dog fled the area. He was described as a white male in his late 20's and wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Call the Colchester Police if you have any information


The man picked to stabilize Burlington Schools -- is getting to work Howard Smith was selected unanimously earlier this month to be the Interim Superintendent. He's taking over for Stephanie Phillips -- who resigned last month with two other top administrators. They cited an inability to work with the school board. Smith is set to hold a news conference Monday afternoon at Hunt Middle School.


New York Senator Chuck Schumer say federal rules are needed for domestic drones. Schumer is calling on the Federal Aviation Administration to immediately move forward with rules for the use of small unmanned aircraft systems. It comes in the wake of at least three near miss incidents at JFK airport where officials say drones were flying too close to commercial aircraft. Schumer says the situtation is more urgent than ever and the FAA needs to act.


Senator Bernie Sanders is opposing an Obama appointee to the Treasury Department. Sanders is urging the President to withdraw his nomination of Antonio Weiss to be Undersecretary of Domestic Finance. Sanders says the Wall Street investment banker has helped clients avoid U.S. taxes by sheltering profits in other countries. Sanders said the country needs economists who have a history of helping to create jobs, not helping corporations avoid taxes. It's not the first time Sanders has opposed Wall Street appointments. He voted against confirming former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke and former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner -- among others.


A New Hampshire Judge has rejected the latest effort to de-rail the state's Northern Pass Project. The co-owners of Owl's Nest Resort and Golf Club in Thornton have said the proposed 187-mile electrical transmission line across the state could potentially bankrupt their business. A Grafton County judge threw out the lawsuit last month -- and recently denied efforts to appeal the case.


A couple of middle school hockey players organized a special game fundraiser Sunday at the Gutterson Fieldhouse at UVM -- in honor of a friend who recently passed away. Logan Crawford has more.


Dustin Brunelle is a 6th grade hockey player. He's on the Milton Warriors -- and Sunday's game against the Barre Blades is a special one. (TC 00:00:25:00 Tile 5554) ((Dustin Brunelle/Milton Elementary Middle School "I'm doing a memorial game for my friend, Colin O'Neill. He was in my advisory and unfortunately he passed away due to a disease called SMA." 00:00:35:11)) SMA stands for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. 13 year old Colin O'Neill died 2 weeks ago after battling the disease all his life. (TC 00:03:49:15 Tile 5556) ((Kyle Raftery/Milton Elementary Middle School "He was funny and he was a nice guy." 00:03:51:19)) (TC 00:18:07:11 Tile 5606) ((Logan Crawford/Burlington "According to WebMD, Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system and impairs motor function. It's most commonly found in children and there's currently no cure for the disease." 00:18:19:03)) ((nats)) Dustin and his friend Kyle Raftery were brain-storming in class how to raise awareness about Colin and the disease he had -- and they thought a hockey game would be a great way to do it. (TC 00:01:54:29 Tile 5554) ((Dustin Brunelle/Milton Elementary Middle School "He has a brother named Casey who suffers the same disease, but Colin had severe, and I think Casey only has mild." 00:02:02:22)) The team wore their blue hockey jerseys which they say was Colin's favorite color. They all have stickers on their helmets saying "in memory of Colin, cure SMA." (TC 00:01:29:21 Tile 5554) ((Dustin Brunelle/Milton Elementary Middle School "Before the game we're going to do a chant in front of the net and we're going to have a moment of silence for him." 00:01:38:25)) ((nats)) The chant went on as planned and so too did the benefit. Dustin's mom helped organize the the event-- exchanging cookies, cupcakes, and bottled water for donations. (TC 00:15:54:12 Tile 5601) ((Patty Brunelle/Milton "Really took a life of its own today and it was pretty amazing to see what 2 little boys at the middle school can get accomplished when they set their mind to it." 00:16:04:08)) The Brunelle's say all the donations they collect will go to Cure SMA dot org. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Burlington. -3-

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still head on tonight's news.. Thousands turn out for Vermont made crafts... plus... UVM students use their business skills to benefit a good causes ... First here's Dave with the weather... A warmer day today. Monday will be mild, but also wet.

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A Dartmouth student has been selected as a Rhodes scholar. Ridwan Hassen was one of 32 students selected for the prestigious award. The senior from Georgia is majoring in Computer Science modified with Neuroscience. The child of refugees from Somalia and Ethiopia founded a global development project focused on the Horn of Africa, He is also a member of the Dartmouth Endurance Racing Team. He plans to do a Master in Public Policy at Oxford. The Rhodes Scholarships are the oldest and most celebrated international fellowship awards in the world.


Students at UVM are putting their entrepreneurial skills to good use. In the Community Entrepreneurship class, about 100 students work in groups to create their own businesses. This group sewed what they called Tee-Bags -- using shirts to make bags that other students could carry books or school supplies in. They then sold those -- to raise money for Dress for Success -- a nonprofit helping low-income women to enter the workforce. Students only got a dollar each to start out with -- so they said they had to be organized.


((Nicholas Payne, UVM Sophomore 1323 It's important to make sure that we get all the calls done early and make sure that we have all the donations ready to go all the time 1331 Communication between our team members and who's doing what is pretty big 35 But so far it's working well together 39)) Also helping the class raise more money for charities this year -- the addition of a charge card machine to allow people to pay with something other than cash. Their teacher says being able to accept credit cards will likely more than double their sales -- and it helps the students experience transactions that are more in line with current business models. 11 different charities are benefitting from this year's class.

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Thousands got their holiday shopping started over the weekend at the Sheraton Hotel in South Burlington. That's where the annual "Craft Vermont" art show takes place. It's a chance to check out and buy local art made by artists across the state. This weekend was the 62nd annual show. Organizers say 150 artists displayed their work for nearly 6-thousand attendees.


(TC 00:01:09:20 Tile 5610) ((Elizabeth Boudreau/Vermont Handcrafters "We have an array. We have glass makers, we have personal care products, we have potters, we have woodworkers, jewelers, you name it it's here." 00:01:19:22)) "Craft Vermont" takes place every year the weekend before Thanksgiving. The non-profit group "Vermont Handcrafters" organize the event.


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Rain will arrive after midnight tonight, possibly starting as a brief period of freezing rain east of the Green Mountains. Monday will have morning rain, tapering to scattered afternoon showers. It will be breezy and mild, with highs ranging from the mid 50s to low 60s. Any showers will end Monday night. Tuesday will be colder, but otherwise it's looking good. The big question is what impact a coastal storm will have on us Wednesday afternoon and Thanksgiving. Computer models are all over the place with this one... ranging from dry weather with sunshine a significant snow event and possible mixed precipitation. At this point, it looks like the best bet is a chance for snow east of the Champlain Valley from late Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning. We'll keep you posted on the progress of this storm. Friday will be a cold day, with a few snow showers. Temperatures will warm up slightly over the weekend, with partly sunny skies on Saturday, and the chance for snow showers on Sunday.


For those who have a sweet tooth, and appreciate history, the New England Maple Museum hits the spot. Nick Borelli gives us a tour.


The maple industry transcends generations. (00:02:34:00-00:02:39: 00) ((Laura Goodrich New England Maple Museum: My parents and grandparents used to own a mountain down in Wallingford, and our farm was on top; and my grandfather would sugar in the spring. )) Laura Goodrich is a 7th generation Vermonter whose sugaring knowledge is "tapped" from her family. These days, she works at the New England Maple Museum. NATS (00:03:33:00-00:03:41: 00)) (LG: I like coming into work and meeting the people. Meeting different people and sharing all of our history with them.) Maple history comes to life at the museum...thanks to thousands of sugaring artifacts; many are donated. (00:27:25-00:27:32) ((LG: His father, now this gentleman in his 90s, his father had this tree and was tapping this and each one of these is a taphole.)) The roots of maple aren't fully understood. Goodrich says that sugaring dates back to at least the 1500's. (00:07:19-00:07:26) ((LG: There's a lot of folklore and legend; we just know that native Americans were the ones that first discovered the whole process of sugaring; each tribe is different with their legend of how it is done.)) Native people boiled their sap in hollowed out trees; their heat source was rocks taken from a fire. Sugaring provided a food source for native americans and europeans alike. (00:11:43-00:11:54) ((LG: They learned how to sugar from the natives and they did so out of necessity for the granulated maple sugar because white sugar was very scarce and hard to come by.)) Europeans began to modernize the sugaring process going into the 1800s-- Wooden buckets and tubs became commonplace for gathering sap They also changed the boiling process... caldrons were used atop fires. Walk further into the museum and an 8 panel mural highlights sugaring history. (00:18:53-00:18:59) ((LG: Last 2 panels show when this became an industry; the civil war broke out instantly white sugar was hard to come by... next best thing, granulated maple sugar)) Increased demand meant that the first "sugar" shacks popped up. After the war ended, maple syrup gradually replaced maple sugar. During this time tin was introduced. While tin cans worked well for gathering... some ideas were a flop. (00:20:26-00:20:36) ((LG: This was a bad idea that somebody came up with... obviously metal tubing is not gonna work in the woods. It's rigid and doesn't expand like plastic)) Fast forward a few more decades... Plastic tubing and modern evaporators come into vogue. (00:23:14-00:23:22) ((LG: Most evaporators nowadays look like space space age boxes press a button and it does all of the work)) ((This is the old one that most people are used to seeing)) On your way out of the museum, there's a variety of syrups and other goodies to sample. Goodrich is a sucker for Grade A Dark. (00:25:48-51) ((It's good on pancakes and I use a pint to make maple brownies)) ((Tracked for later: NB. Ch 3. Pittsford.))


The maple museum is open most days through the New Year. Admission is 5 dollars for adults.



After defeating Fordham Thursday to open NCAA play, the Dartmouth men's soccer team earning a shot at 11th-seeded Providence Sunday night, but to get the win... the Big Green would have to play a lot Bigger... Dartmouth 11-2-1 against the Friars all-time... However, they did fall to them 1-0 in their last NCAA meeting back in 2011 ... --- As for this game... The Big Green with several chances to covert in the first half leading 8-3 in shots but none go in ... --- That's the problem because in the final 45 the Friars are on target... 3 goals, all inside the box on beautiful passes...Mac Steeves with the first tally... Domink Machado with the final two... Great season for Dartmouth comes to an end in the second round of the NCAA Tournament with a 3-0 loss to Providence.. The Big Green finish the year 12-5-2 with a share of the Ivy League Title.


On the ice, put it this way... You don't want to play the 10th-ranked UVM men's hockey team after a loss... Just ask the UMass Minutemen... The IceCats followed a 2-1 defeat at UConn Friday with an 11-1 win Saturday night in Amherst... It's the most goals Vermont has scored in a game since 1979... 9 different players lit the lamp in the victory including two a piece from Brady Shaw & Malcolm McKinney... With the weekend split... UVM is now 8-3-1 overall and 6-3-1 in Hockey East ... We'll hear from the team Monday at 6 as they prepare for Tuesday's home rematch with Umass.


The road has not been kind to the UVM women's hockey team... The Catamounts swept by Northeastern with Sunday's 5-1 loss at Matthews Arena... They're now 1-4 in Hockey East play... In Division 3, third-ranked Middlebury tops Trinity 7-2 to split their weekend series..


It was a good start and a good finish... But the play in between clearly still needs work for the UVM men's basketball team ... The Hoopcats falling at St. Joseph's Saturday night 68-60 to drop their record to 2-2 on the year... Vermont led 11-1 to open the game but turnovers allowed the Hawks to get back in it and take a 32-26 halftime edge... SJU extended their lead to as much as 11 in the second half before UVM rallied to get within 5... But they would get no closer... As stats go, 10 points apiece for Ethan O'Day & Hector Harold in the loss... It's the second straight year Vermont has fallen to the talented A-10 team but Coach John Becker was proud of the Cats fight and thinks the tough schedule early will help his young team.


(((TRT: 17 OC: ON WEDNESDAY... "i'm really proud of the guys... Against a tough atlantic-10 team in a hostile environment, we didn't give up we battled back... Just couldn't get the rebounds late to help us out... That's what we want to do, keep challenging ourselves..Keep finding out what we've got, and we'll get to find out more about ourselves on Wednesday ...)))


Thanks to a dominating performance at Indianapolis last Sunday, the New England Patriots now control their own destiny... Win out and they get to host throughout the playoffs... Well until the Super Bowl anyway ... Tough test at Foxboro Sunday... Pats getting NFC North leading Detroit... --- The Lions defense hasn't allowed more than 24 points in a game this year.. New England was like, how about in a half??? Tom Brady to Tim Wright... They hook up twice on the day... 7-6 Pats after 1... --- The storyline today though was the running back situation.... Last week's star Jonas Gray...Well he was benched for showing up late to practice... Bill Belichick opting to go with LaGarette blount who was released by Pittsburgh Tuesday... Signed Thursday... And oh yeah, scored twice on Sunday... Never question the hoodie! --- Patriots led 24-6 at halftime, they rout Detroit, 34-9... New England looking pretty unstoppable lately, now 9-2... They're at 8-3 Green Bay next Sunday.


We've got pad work, stick work and good old-fashion team work for this week's Top 3 on 3... (((We start Friday with a real-Ye good play from Middlebury goalie Liam Moorfield-Yee... Watch the keeper deny a Jumbo break away goal with a beautiful blocker save... ))) (((Sticking with the Panthers at No.3 ... At the Regional Final last Sunday, field hockey standout Bridget Instrum with two gorgeous goals... First she dives to put it home, then the wrap around finish, as she fires her team to the final four... )) (((And we head to Hanover for our #1 play... NCAA 1st round Thursday... The Big Green men's soccer team putting on a clinic against Fordham ... The ball touches four players but never the ground before Robin (ROW-BEAN) Alnas puts it home... A killer connection worthy of our top play in this week's top 3 on 3...)))

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