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Good evening and thanks for joining us -- I'm Ali Freeman. Parts of the nation are facing intenese storms this weekend. Nearly all of Vermont is on flood watch through Wednesday -- and severe weather is pounding the Midwest. Wendy Gillette has the details.


NATS hail Marble-sized hail rained down on a deck in Gurnee, Illinois near Chicago. NATS: "That's where it got hit by some hail." About 15 miles away in Highland Park, the hail left about twenty dents in this car. :13-:18 SOT: (Tony Barna/Car Damaged by Hail) "It almost looked like it was snowing if was coming down so hard. It was just gigantic golf ball size pieces of ice." Locator: Cleveland, WI In northeastern Wisconsin, high winds demolished part of a barn and splintered trees. "23-:30 SOT: James Punke / Cleveland, WI : "It got really noisy ." NATS hail Hail also fell in Waverly, Iowa and heavy rain flooded some areas. :36-:40 SOT: Rod Donovan / National Weather Service Meteorologist "We are expecting rain changing over to snow, possibly as far south as Des Moines." NATS rain Locator: Kent City, MI In Kent City in western Michigan...a severe storm tore off parts of this roof and brought down large branches and power lines. Across the southern half of the state, about 175 thousand homes and businesses lost power. The severe weather threat continues into the night from the Midwest to the western Gulf Coast. Tornadoes are a possibility in some areas. Wendy Gillette, for CBS News.


A man died in a logging accident in Fletcher. State police say an older man -- Carl Eels -- died in the accident on Bakersfield Road Saturday. They say, he was cutting down trees when a limb fell on him Police expect to release more information on the incident tomorrow morning.


Two fires had crews in the Upper Valley scrambling Sunday... This afternoon a fire destroyed a Barn on Appleton Road in Bradford. Fifty to sixty firefighters from surrounding towns were on scene late into the night trying to keep the blaze from spreading to adjacent silos. No one was injured -- and the cause is still under investigation. Earlier in the day -- fire swept through a home on Greensboro Road in Hanover. The two residents displaced by the fire are safe.


A motorcycle crash shut down Hinesburg road for several hours this evening. South Burlington police say the 55-year-old South Burlington man driving the motorcycle -- lost control around a curve and fell off the bike. Police say the driver was found laying in the middle of the road -- and was taken to Fletcher allen. His current condition is unknown.


Police are looking for the driver in a hit and run in Williamstown. Police say around midnight Saturday night -- a driver tried to turn onto Route 14 -- went off the road -- and hit two cars and the front porch of a house. The driver then took off -- but not before hitting a third car. No one was hurt. Police say that car likely has damage to the front and rear driver's side.

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A new slaughterhouse-- that is set to open in North Springfield- is already talking about possible expansion. Black River Meats will begin slaughtering animals on site in North Springfield this June. They say they will be able to process about 40 beef cattle a day. And with an expanded cooler, they could double that number. But, owners say expansion will mean, once again, going through Act 250-- which regulates land use and development. Some developers say ACT 250 can be a headache. But, Governor Shumlin, who recently toured the facility, disagrees.


((Gov. Peter Shumlin: "Vermont's permitting process is easy compared to a lot of other states. I was talking to the guys recently and they said they were expanding in both Vermont and California and they said you know the California guys come in and count the screws in your sheet rock and if it is not right, they make you take the sheet rock down and start again. So you know, we do have Act 250, it help preserve Vermont, but we also get folks through Act 250.)) Shumlin says the state is small enough where business can call the Governor's office directly if they are having issues securing permits.


Someone really wanted a water fountain in Windham county. State Police say an old fashion water fountain was stolen from the Warner Center in Saxtons River late Saturday night. Police say a neighbor heard what appeared to be a saw running -- and later discovered that a water fountain that was attached to the outside of the building was gone. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Vermont State Police in Rockingham.


Intellectual property law, human rights, and Vermont's EB-5 program -- are just a few of the issues Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Peter Welch will take up this week on a visit to the Far East. The Vermont delegation took off Yesterday for stops in China, Vietnam and Hong Kong. A key part of the trip is helping to recruit EB-5 investors for Bill Stenger's Newport and Northeast Kingdom renaissance projects. The delegation has stops planned in Shanghai and Hanoi to attend presentations by Stenger. In Vietnam, The group is also visiting an Agent Orange remediation site receiving U.S funding. And Leahy is expected to push leaders to back an international treaty banning anti-personnel landmines. Neither China, Vietnam or the U-S have signed the treaty.


There's a new effort to understand an often-overlooked songbird that environmentalists worry may be in serious trouble. The rusty blackbird is often confused with other songbirds. It's a bit smaller than a robin, with rusty-tipped feathers. But scientists know very little about its migration patterns -- so they're asking birders to take part in the International Rusty Blackbird Blitz to find out where they go.


((SOT 51-122 Judith Scarl, International Rusty Blackbird Blitz Coordinator it lost 95 percent of its population over 100 years... END COVER And the strangest thing about that is that no one even noticed. It was only in the last 20 years that scientists started looking at the data and going 'Oh my gosh, this bird is in big trouble')) Scarl says they're hoping the data they get from birders in the next three years will help them develop a conservation strategy. Our region has until the end of the month to report sightings on e-bird. For more information -- visit rustyblackbird-dot-org .


The 13th annual Flavors of the Valley took place in White River Junction today. An event that brings consumers together with the farmers who make their food. Adam Sullivan was there.


For the last 13 years, farmers from all over the Upper Valley have gathered together to break bread. Or, share any of the various products they make or grow with the people who eat them. ((Becka Warren/Vital Communities: "We want to know the face behind our food. We want to make sure our food is high quality and we want to keep our landscaping working. Here in the Upper valley. In New Hampshire and Vermont.")) The event is hosted by Vital Communities- a non-profit that focuses on local agriculture. Every one of the 52 venders have a connection with local food. ((Nancy Warner/Potlicker Kitchen: "we grow the carrots to our carrot cake. We grow the strawberries for our strawberry habanero.")) The Potlicker Kitchen makes jams. Along with samples-- products are also for sale. Including, this company's specialty. ((Warner: "these guys have no fruit in them. They are just beer or wine.")) Its just one of the dozen of businesses diversifying their locally sourced goods. ((Warner: "I knew that I could make wine jelly but I liked the taste of beer so I was like why can't I do that.")) And it's not just about the food. Chris Hall has been spinning wool into yarn for a half a dozen years. ((Chris Hall/Yarn Maker: "when I'm watching the Red Sox, I spin. When I am watching the news hour, I spin.")) He's has raised sheep for two decades. The yarn comes from 11 animals. ((Hall: "they like the fact that it is natural color, no dying.")) Another vender educates the public on the world around us. ((Nova Kim/Wild Food Gathers Guild: "step out your back door and eat forever more because literally people are walking on food.")) The Wild Food Gathers Guild does not grow or produce anything. They simply pick it. ((Kim: "we collect 150 varieties of wild mushrooms in the state of Vermont about 150 different varieties of wild greens and roots, nuts barks and berries.")) And they say with federal regulations tightening on picking wild foods-- they are teaching courses at the Vermont Technical college so others can become experts. ((Kim: That deep knowledge can leave in one generation if there isn't someone to teach that next generation.")) Like the next generation of farmers, or businessnes people with a local connection to ag. Education is what Flavors of the Valley is all about. ((Richard Neugass/Norwich: "it's important the the public know what's available. Where they are, what kind of produce and products they provide. Meat, vegetables etc. So it is an integral part of the whole community.")) A community that's coming together around food. Adam Sullivan channel three news in White River Junction.

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Still ahead -- celebrating a staple eatery in the Queen City. Plus -- it's almost time to stash your winter gear. What you need to know to protect it...

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Despite all this sunshine -- there are still a lot of mountains that are open for skiing. But before we know it, it'll be time to put that winter gear away. Nick Borelli talked with experts who say there are some special things that you can do to protect your equipment.


Jake Cameron knows a thing or two about storing winter gear. He's worked at the Alpine Shop in South Burlington for 14 ski seasons. ((Jake Cameron Alpine Shop :32-34 Skiing is my life. It's what we do.)) When it comes to skis and boards he recommends getting them tuned. ((JC 1:12-1:17 A storage tune, which is pretty much the same as a tune you're gonna get in the shop.)) First the bases are flattened through a special machine. ((Nats: base grinding 12:43-46)) Then the edges are sharpened on another device. ((Nats: Sharpening 14:31-34)) Wax comes last-- but it's this step that makes a storage tune unique. ((JC 10:33-37 A storage tune we usually use a little more wax than we would a regular tune.)) The thick coating of wax is left on for storage; preventing the bases from drying out, and the edges from rusting. ((JC 1:34-39 Rust is the most important thing to watch out for because it can ruin a ski pretty quickly.)) This means where you store your skis is important too. ((JC 1:45-51 You want to store them somewhere that's nice and dry, so most of my stuff stays in my bedroom or my closet)) ((Nick Borelli Alpine Shop 16:00-13 This is a great example of why it's important to store your ski equipment properly. These skis, last summer, were stored in a moist basement. What happened is all of that moisture got to these skis, and caused them to delaminate, making them useless)) Another critical part of skis are the bindings, which are built with springs. During the winter season these springs are set to have a lot of tension. ((JC 2:28-35 The end of the season what we recommend is reducing the indicator value all the way down so that the spring doesn't have as much tension in it)) Cameron says that this can extend the life of the binding. But, when winter returns... ((JC 2:41-46 You have to remember to take it to a certified shop to have them readjusted in the beginning of the season)) Boots need some love too. ((Nats: Buckles)) According to Cameron, boots should be stored with the buckles fastened. If you don't do this, you could run into some issues... ((JC 3:59-4:06 You're gonna come back to a boot that looks like this and the plastic will be folded, and the boot won't fit easily.)) Once the boots are buckled, and the liners are dry, simply store them in a dry environment. When it comes to clothes, they should be cleaned according to the directions on the tag. Cameron says products like tech wash provide some additional benefits. ((JC :37-44 It's not gonna hurt any of the high end fabrics that are in our outdoor gear. And it's also going to restore some of the water repellency)) Put your freshly laundered winter clothes in a dry place, and you're ready to go for next season. But some of us, including Cameron, aren't ready to do this quite yet. ((JC My season isn't over for at least another month, month and a half)) Nick Borelli, Channel 3 News, South Burlington.


It's become a staple in the community -- and a well known spot to get a quick bite to eat. Beansies is celebrating their 70th anniversary in the Queen city.. The yellow school bus parked in front of Battery Park has been serving the community hot dogs and chicken sandwiches for decades. The family business has evolved to become the go-to spot during the warmer months. As they reopen for business, the family says they are looking forward to serving their community.


((01:23:39 Jay LaShombe / Beansies "We're really, really fortunate to be here you know a lot of businesses, great businesses, dont make it to 70 years so we feel really lucky so we feel really lucky to be a part of the Burlington community and Chittenden county and vermont." 01:23:49)) Beansies say they'll have plenty of tasty deals for visitors in the coming months.


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TONIGHT: Partly cloudy. Isolated shower north. Low: 47/55 Wind: S 10-15 mph MONDAY: Partly sunny, breezy & warm. Chance for a late PM shower or T-storm west. High: 70/78 Wind: S 15-25 mph MONDAY NIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers. Possible T-storm. Low: 50/58 Wind: S 10-20 mph TUESDAY: Rain, possibly heavy at times. Chance for T-storms. High: 57/65 Low: 17/25 Wind: SW 10-20 mph WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. High: 30s Low: 20s THURSDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 45/55 Low: 25/35 FRIDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 50s Low: 25/35 SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy. Chance for showers. High: 45/55 Low: 30s SUNDAY: AM showers, then partly sunny. High: 45/55


Kicking off easter festivities early.. The university of Vermont had kids searching high and low at the Cooperative Horse Barn -- for thousands of hidden treasures. Melissa Howell has the story..


The UVM cooperative Horse Barn is an educational facility run completely by students. Sunday, the class welcomed hundreds of kids to search the stalls for easter eggs. ((Samantha D'Amico/UVM Horse Barn Co-op 01:03:32 "We're having a great time. We hid all the eggs in the barn and we have pony rides, face painting, crafts, and a bake sale going on too." 01:03:39)) The event was open to children of all ages. Each child collected 10 eggs full of surprises.. ((01:12:45 "1,2,3,4,5,6, get 3 more." 01:12:50)) ((01:08:36 "it was really fun.")) ((01:08:11 "it was long but fun. We got a lot of eggs all together and it was really fun to get a lot of candy." 01:08:19)) Students hid more than 3 thousand eggs filled with candy. The day of festivities is funded by the coop barn... ((Samantha D'Amico/UVM Horse Barn Co-op 01:04:52 "We try and do everything for free or low cost and by donation so it can be accessible to everyone." 01:04:59)) Students also gave visitors a chance to ride the horses and learn more about what it takes to keep the barn running... ((NATS)) ((Madeleine Hassett/UVM Horse Barn Co-op 01:05:10 "This is the first year so hopefully there will be a repeat event, seems very successful." 01:05:14)) And success for these kids -- means bags full of candy.. ((01:12:16 "Oh you got a chocolate!")) ((01:07:21 "Matthew got some licorice and a chocolate bar or two. I got some sour candy, a lot of eggs and it was good." 01:07:33)) So good -- students hope to invite kids back to their classroom next year.. ((01:15:40 "Good work! whoohoo!" 01:15:44)) Melissa Howell, Channel 3 News Burlington.



Musician Dave Matthews said it best, celebrate we will because life is short but sweet for certain ... A motto the D3 National Champion Plattsburgh State women's hockey team has certainly taken to heart... In front of a nice crowd this afternoon at Stafford Arena, the Cardinals enjoying one last celebration in what was a season to remember... PSU finishing the year at a stellar 28-1-1, including defeating local rival Norwich 9-2 for their third national title and first since 2008. From key note speakers to a video montage... and a silent auction with all proceeds going to benefit the team's championship ring fund, it was a way for both the school and community to say thank you for an unbelievable ride.




With injuries piling up, the Yankees and Red Sox just trying to make it through tonight's series finale in the Bronx in one piece! Couple of big plays in this one... Bottom 1, Yankees trying to move ahead on a sac fly by Alfonso Soriano but Jacoby Ellsbury tagged out before Carlos Beltran can score... --- Top 2, Boston takes the lead... Anthony Herrara with the RBI single up the middle ... 1-0 Red Sox... --- That lead lasts an inning... Bottom 3, Carlos Beltran with his second two run homer in as many days ... Proves to be the game winner... Yankees holds off the Red Sox, 3-2... Taking 3-of-4 in the series.


The Boston Bruins dropped their regular season finale at New Jersey today 3-2 meaning it's time for the postseason.. The B's will take on Detroit in their first round matchup beginning Friday...The Red Wings one of the few teams to give Boston fits this season taking 3 out of 4 games between them. Montreal opens their playoff push on the road at Tampa Bay on Wednesday night.


The ACT Tour season officially kicking off today with the New Hampshire Governor's Cup race at Lee Speedway. Last year's Loudon winner Eddie MacDonald takes the first checkered flag of the season... With Joey Polewarczyk and Wayne Helliwell Jr. finishing second and third.


Final day of the Masters at Augustana National... Bubba Watson and Jordan Speith (SPEETH) tied at 5-under coming in ... --- Speith, just 20 years old, takes a two-stroke lead heading into the 8th hole before pressure gives way... --- He bogey's back-to-back holes, while Watson birdies two straight to take a two stroke lead around the turn... --- From there, the Georgian making all the right moves enroute to his second green jacket in last three years, Bubba Watson your Masters champion... He shoots a 3-under on the day, 8-under for the tournament... Three strokes better than Speith and Swedish rookie Jonas Blixt.

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It's a bitter-sweet set of plays for this week's Top 3 on 3. (((Let's start Saturday with two great lacrosse plays at No.3... First it's UVM's Ian McKay having his way as he goes top shelf on the Bearcats ... Across town, South Burlington's Sam Desautel impressing too... As he fights through defenders and fires one of his unstoppable benders... A sweet return for Fayston's Jon Honeywell at No. 2. The 9-year old bringing back some heavy hardware from heavenly Augusta National as he finished third in the boys 7-9 age bracket at the Drive, Chip & Putt contest... And at No. 1, happy trails Dan Gandin... After 36 years at U-32, the boys basketball coach is calling it a career... And what a career it has been... 566 of his state record 634 wins coming with the Raiders program... A milestone broken in February to help him end on top, and with it, earning our Top Play, in this week's top 3 on 3. )))

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