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Good evening, I'm Melissa Howell. Outrage is mounting tonight in the wake of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine. Rebels are removing the passengers' bodies -- and keeping tight control of the debris field not allowing investigators want full access. Craig Boswell reports.


It's a confusing and frustrating time for victim's families of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 who want their loved ones returned. 00:11-00:15 ROBBERT & SILENE FREDRIKSZ says "I DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY ARE - WE CANT PICK THEM UP. I WANT TO ARRANGE A FUNERAL." Pro-Russian separatists are using refrigerated train cars to move the bodies - almost 200 of them so far - toward a rebel held city. Observers were allowed a brief inspection. 00:27-00:37 MICHAEL BOCIURKIW OSCE SPOKESMAN SAYS "AND I DON'T THINK THE FACILITIES ARE THERE FOR EXTENSIVE IDENTIFICATIONS - PRESUMABLY IT WOULD BE BETTER TO MOVE TO A SAFER AREA." (From David Martin piece ) Video shows what could well be the rocket launcher that shot down the airliner and US intelligence detected the movement of surface to air missiles out of Eastern Ukraine into Russian territory. 00:48-00:54 (SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY SAYS) ..."THAT POINTS TO THE INVOLVEMENT OF RUSSIA IN PROVIDING THESE SYSTEMS, TRAINING THE PEOPLE ON THEM." The Kremlin denies involvement and blames Kiev's military - Ukraine troops also have SA-11 rocket launchers. Rebels have also recovered flight 17's black boxes and say they will turn them over to investigators - but the timing of that is also in question. Craig Boswell CBS News New york.


The search for a plane that disappeared 40 years ago above Lake Champlain is over. After a search that spanned about 15 miles at the bottom of Lake Champlain, no evidence of the plane was found. Search teams used underwater vehicles and side-scanning sonar in hopes of finding the jet that likely crashed into the lake during a snowstorm in 1971. Although nothing was recovered, Investigators say the case will remain open.


A sex offender is accused of stalking a young girl at the University Mall. South Burlington police say yesterday 42-year old Ryan Aldrich of Burlington followed the pre-teen from the food court into a store. There police say he asked the girl several age-inappropriate questions that made her fear for her safety. Aldrich stopped -- when the girl's father entered the store. Aldrich is charged with aggravated stalking. Police say he is a registered sex offender with a sex assault conviction.


Hartford Police say a body was found in White River Junction this afternoon. The call came in around 4:30pm -- notifying police that there was a dead body in a wooded area behind Mount. Olivet Cemetary on Hartford Avenue. When they got there, they found the body of a 51-year-old man. Police are working to notify family and have not released a name. The incident is still under investigation.


A couple of good samaritans came to the rescue after a Massachusetts hiker fell ill on a trail. 62-year-old Wayne Taylor was hiking along the Lion Head Trail up to Mount Washington for a fundraiser. That's when he began to feel sick. A nurse practitioner and an EMT who were also hiking came to his rescue and called for help. Taylor was checked out by an ambulance crew but declined further treatment.


A New Hampshire representative is taking a stand against wildlife diseases. Representative Carol Shea-Porter has introduced a bill calling for better responses to diseases like white nose syndrome -- a deadly fungal infection common among bats. The bill will allow the Department of the Interior to declare wildlife disease emergencies across the U-S. Once an emergency is declared, the department would then join forces with federal agencies, state and local governments to respond.

8} CDC6_VO

A top U-S health official says Vermont is doing a good job -- helping residents learn about the risks and benefits of vaccinations. Dr. Anne ((shook-it)) Schuchat is an assistant surgeon general -- and director of the CDC's National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases. She says the state's new online -- "It's Ok to Ask" campaign -- provides a safe, judgement-free place for parents to get information.


((Dr. Anne Schuchat: 37:07 Vermont is such a beautiful state and a healthy state in general it's so important people get the best information to keep them healthy and safe. I've been learning about the It's OK to Ask campaign and it's a real model for making sure families get the information they need about vaccines and other health issues.)) The web-centered campaign offers resources to help parents make informed decisions about vaccinations. We have a link -- in the info-center -- at


Senator Bernie Sanders is awash in cash even though he is not up for reelection until 20-18. The Senator raked in more than 716-thousand dollars just in the past three months, according to campaign finance reports. That's about nine times the amount he raised last quarter. The big influx comes as the senator has hinted at a possible presidential run. Senator Sanders says his campaign's fund-raising efforts are about other races besides his own.


((00:06:55 one of the things we're doing is refunneling some of that money into other candidates. i worry very very much about a republican control over the united states senate. they control the house. i dont think -- i know i dont want to see that 00:07:08)) Senator Sanders points out that most of the money that came in is from donors giving small amounts -- the average contribution, roughly 41 dollars. His campaign war chest now totals more than four-and-a-half million dollars.


The deadline is tomorrow for Vermont small businesses to apply for disaster relief loans. The U-S Small Business Administration says the loans for damage incurred in May are available to businesses and nonprofits in all 14 counties. Loans can be for up to 2-million dollars. For a link to more information - visit the InfoCenter at wcax dot com.


FEMA is denying New Hampshire disaster money for April flooding damage in Coos (coh-ahs) and Carroll counties. Governor Maggie Hassan (hass-IN) said damages exceeded 1-point 9 million - qualifying the state for federal assistance. But FEMA denied the request -- saying the impact wasn't severe enough to warrant a major disaster declaration.

14} 2WAY_A

Still ahead - celebrating the Adirondacks. People flock from all over to take the Adirondack Challenge. And you might want to rethink your route north if you are driving to Canada. A traffic warning, next ...

15} 2WAY_B


Crossing into Canada could cost you more time than usual if you go in the next couple weeks. The U-S Customs and Border Protection officials say a 2-week construction holiday will cause traffic delays. With tourists and commuters crossing the Vermont-Canadian border throughout the summer, having the proper travel documents ready at the border could help speed up the process. Travelers are encouraged to plan trips during lighter traffic periods -- or to use other ports of entry.


A showdown in the Adirondacks between Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The two went head to head in a white water rafting race. It was part of the Adirondack Challenge -- an event highlighting recreational opportunities in the area. The Governors paddled down New York's Indian River -- in a race that ended in a tie -- 19 minutes 20 seconds. While the governors were in the water in North Creek -- the Adirondack Challenge Festival took place in nearby Indian Lake. Logan Crawford was there.


(tile 2095 00:14:00:19) ((nats ball dunk 00:14:04:06)) (tile 2112 00:22:56:15) ((Daniel Proctor/Indian Lake "We love Indian Lake, we love the Adirondacks, we love being able to contribute something to the well being of the community and this is one of the ways to do it." 00:23:09:08)) All day long events are held in the hamlet of Indian Lake. (tile 2108 00:20:11) ((nats singing 00:20:14:26)) Drawing in New Yorkers from all over. (tile 2071 00:01:22:05) ((William Farber/Hamilton County Board of Supervisors Chairman "One of the real paradoxes of the Adirondack Park has been that it's been a really, really well kept secret. We have such magnificent scenery, we have a wonderful venue, we have so many fantastic outdoor amenities for people to participate in." 00:01:37:09)) The festival at Byron Park features everything from live music -- to fun on the water. (tile 2099 00:15:14:27) ((Donald Peck/Governeur "you ever kayak before? Not too much. Kind of looking forward to it. And he doesn't swim so he's kind of nervous. But we'll be fine." 00:15:23:12)) (tile 2111 00:21:05:07) ((Logan Crawford/Indian lake "Organizers of the Adirondack Challenge wanted to include the feel of the Adirondacks throughout the day's activities, ranging from what you can do in the Adirondacks to what you can eat in the Adirondacks." 00:21:16:04)) (tile 2087 00:09:44:27) ((Thomas Frey/Elf's Farm Winery "A taste of New York, we're an Adirondack Coast Winery in Plattsburgh, New York. So we figured we'd bring some great New York wine and our signature hard cider which is a strawberry hard cider." 00:09:56:00)) New York State pays nearly 200-thousand dollars for the Adirondack Challenge -- hoping to boost tourism in this corner of the Empire State. (tile 2112 00:22:26:15) ((Daniel Proctor/Indiian Lake "oh it's great. Are you kidding?" 00:22:28:07)) The Adirondack challenge... A sneak peak of what the Adirondacks are all about. (tile 2088 00:11:05:07 ((nats horseshoe 00:11:05:24)) Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Indian Lake. -3-


Voters in Cavendish will decide next month whether to borrow up to 450-thousand dollars to build a municipal solar farm. Leaders found someone to lease the land for the 625-solar panel project -- but talks with a Vermont solar company fell apart. Supporters say the solar farm would knock 35-thousand dollars off the cost of powering the municipal office, trash transfer station... and water and sewer departments in the first year.

20} PIER6_VO

Pier One Imports is opening a store in South Burlington. Tuesday is the grand opening of the store's newest location-- right next to Trader Joes--off of Dorset Street. The city says Pier One is another step towards developing a downtown city center for South Burlington. And residents--are excited about the new home décor store.


00:03:22 00:03:34 ((Mark Bradley/South Burlington "We're excited about it opening this coming Tuesday and we think its a great business to be in South Burlington. We're here shopping at Trader Joes and to have Pier one next door, we'll be going in there.")) The store will open its doors--Tuesday morning.


23} WX_1

A weakening trough touched off a few widely scattered showers today, but overall it was a pleasant day. Tonight will be mainly clear. Monday will be more humid, and there may be an isolated afternoon thunderstorm. Warmer weather will move in for Tuesday, along with humid conditions. It will be mostly sunny with highs well into the 80s. Wednesday will be hazy, hot and humid, with some spots reaching the low 90s. A cold front will start to move in by afternoon, with thunderstorms likely. Some of those may be strong. Morning showers will give way to partly sunny skies on Thursday as the front moves out. It will turn cooler and less humid. It's looking good heading into next weekend, with partly sunny skies expected for Friday through Sunday, and average temperatures.


The former poet laureate for Vermont will be honored at the Statehouse next month. Galway Kinnell (ki-NEL) has lived and worked in Sheffield for more than 50 years. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner and was Vermont's poet laureate from 1989 to 1993. A reception and readings of Kinnell's poems will be held on August 7th. The free event is open to the public.

25} GILLS11_VO

A local landmark in Rutland celebrates half a century. Gill's delicatessen celebrated 50 years this weekend. The event featured fun for the whole family - and their famous grinders. Owners say it's the strong community support in Rutland that has kept them in business through the Marble City's ups and downs.

26} 50TH11_SOTVO

((Kathy Phillips/ Gill's Owner "Oh it's wonderful, wonderful. That's why we've been here for 50 years.")) Gill's was started in the summer of 1964 by Veda and Ned Gilligan.


The Vermont Cheesemakers Festival drew almost 2-thousand people today to Shelburne Farms. The Coach Barn was packed for the 6th annual event. Vermont has the highest number of cheese makers per capita -- more than 40 of them. There were more than 200 samples of cheese and everything that goes with it. Organizers say about 18-hundred people came.



a busy few days for local auto racing fans wrapping up Sunday in Plattsburgh. It's the second running of the ACT International at Airborne Speedway. This year, the late model race is 3 segments, totaling 200 lap... --- Last year's runner up, Williston's Brian Hoar, starting on the pole and leading the pack until lap 26 when a flat tire forces him to the back. --- Barre's Nick Sweet takes over on the restart and never looks back, taking the first 50-lap segment. --- Hoar down but not out ... The 37-machine makes a run in the second 75-lap segment grabbing the win but he would not factor into the finale... --- That would be a three-way race between Sweet, Patrick Laperle and Joey Pole... After Pole falls behind... It's Sweet and LaPerle going door to door for the final 20... With 3 to go, the Quebec native Laperle making the final move to seal it... Patrick Laperle wins the ACT International and $25,000. Sweet settles for second, Pole was third.


(((TRT: 22 OC: WITH MY RACE TEAM... To win like that you know... To be side by side and next to each other you ever know what could happen... I passed him with two laps to go and held on it was awesome, a great race ... Obviously, wish I could have stayed a little longer on the outside and made the pass but his car was a little better than mine today, I'm still proud of everyone associated with my race team...)))


The Vermont Mountaineers are off tonight for the NECBL all star break. The North beat the South 4-3 in the all star game tonight. Vermont meanwhile, has rattled off 6 straight wins including a thrilling 5-4 win over North Adams last night at Montpelier rec field. At 21-10, the Mountaineers have a two and a half game lead on Sanford for first place in the Northern Division. Everything seems to be clicking at just the right time with just 11 games left in the regular season.


(((Cameron Sorgie/" We're rolling. We're rolling pretty good. This is my second summer back here, last summer ended on a sour note, we got knocked out in the semifinals but we're on a mission, we're here to play and we're going to win that championship."))) (((Casey Rodrique/"We definitely know there is something special brewing with this team and we're not looking to end the season and we'll do our part this season and look for the postseason.")))


At Centennial Field, the Lake Monsters hosting Hudson Valley. --- Tied at 1 in the bottom of the seventh, one out and the basses are loaded for Brett Vertigan. He grounds to first base, they get one out at second, but Vertigan avoids the double play with his speed. A run scores. 2-1 Vermont. --- The next batter, Max Kuhn lines one dine the line in right bringing in another run. The Monsters hang on for the 3-1 win.


Jon Lester on the mound at Fenway Park as the Red Sox looking to sweep the Royals this afternoon. --- Lester going 8 scoreless innings. He gets some help from the defense in the second, Brock Holt comes up with a beautiful barehanded play to get Brett Hayes out at first. --- Boston breaks the game open in the fourth, David Ross taking this one deep to left. It's a 2 run shot. His sixth of the season. --- The Red Sox complete the sweep, 6-0 the final over K.C.


Yankees looking to start the second half of the season with a sweep of the Reds. --- Tied at two, bottom of the 9th, runner on third, Brian McCan hits a pop up to shallow right field. Check this out, the fielders close in, but no one makes the catch. Jacoby Ellsbury scores easily thank you very much. The Yankees walk off with the 3-2 win.


A late push, a late goal and a late strikeout all on time to make this week's top 3 on 3. (((Thunder Road Thursday night Scott Dragon and Trampas Demers going door-to-door for the second half of the late model feature. Demers sneaks into the lead on lap 72 and just holds off Dragon for the Mid Season championship win.))) (((Saturday in Lions girls soccer game. Off the throw in, U-32's Emily George's first shot is stopped but she stays with it and scores with a little over a minute left to help team vermont clinch a 2-2 tie with new hampshire.))) (((Saturday night, the Mountaineers up 1 bottom 9, North Adams loads the bases, but pitcher Cameron Sorgie gets the strikeout to end the game. Sorgie's first career save save extends the Mountaineers 6 game win streak and heats up the number one spot in the top 3 on 3.))))

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