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Good evening and thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Gay pride parades were held across the nation today. They were a cause for celebration but also a time to remember the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting two weeks ago. Wendy Gillette reports


NATS screaming Hundreds of thousands came to be loud and proud at New York Citys annual gay pride parade. NATS yelling But there were somber moments too. 49 people in white veils walked in silence, representing those killed in the shooting at the gay nightclub PULSE in Orlando. NATS 49 flags kicked off the paradeone held by New Jersey resident Sam Wacks. SOT (Sam Wacks/Flag Bearer) I hope that were doing something to honor their memory. The owner and entertainment manager of the club rode on the lead float. They were followed by a sea of orange- the color that represents the gun control movement. NATS: Hey hey, ho ho, the NRA has got to go. Parade volunteer Amy Hellman marched this year with a different purpose. Shes friends with a man who escaped the shooting unhurt. SOT: (Amy Hellman/Parade Participant) It was a very traumatic experience for him. And I was so thankful he was all right but in the same breath he lost so many friends that night. Standup: (Wendy Gillette/New York City) There is heightened security this year including thousands of uniformed police officers lining the parade route.... more than usual. There are also counterterrorism units here and plainclothes officers in the crowd. Security was also tight at other celebrations across the country. SOT: (Julia Morales/Spectator) We cant live in fear. If they scare us all away, then there would be no pride. This years parade in Manhattan drew a larger crowd than years past. Wendy Gillette, for CBS News, New York.


A Milton driver received minor injuries following a fiery crash Sunday afternoon. It happened just before 3:30 p.m. on a stretch of Route 207 in Swanton. State Police say 62 year-old Rene Lafromboise (la- FROM- Bwah) lost control and drove off the road, breaking a utility pole and crashing into a nearby barn. Officials say the truck caught on fire, also damaging the barn. They say the driver suffered only minor injuries, and later admitted to falling asleep. The crash knocked out power to the area and shut down the road for about an hour.


A Canaan New Hampshire man is ok after police say his vehicle hit a moose on Interstate 91. It happened this morning in the southbound lane near Exit 17 in Wells River. Police say Wayne Graham was not injured but his vehicle was totaled in the accident.


A new supreme court ruling is changing the way law enforcement can catch a suspected drunk driver. The Supreme Court ruled that police must obtain a search warrant before requiring drivers to take blood tests. State Police tell us they're working right now, along with the attorney general's office and the department of public safety, to figure out the impact on officers.


(12:40) ((Lt. John Flannigan/VT State Police We're a breath and blood state in Vermont. So we have to go and take a blood sample. So it's going to affect some of the processes and procedures of how we obtain blood tests. Julie - How so? John - some cases we would be required to get a warrant.)) (13:02) ((Lt. John Flannigan/VT State Police Right now in Vermont if someone refuses a blood test, but they're not involved in a serious injury or fatality, there is no way for us to obtain a search warrant in those cases, so I think that's something the legislature will be looking at next year. )) This is one of many safety issues impacting people on the roads in Vermont. On Thursday ... We'll be taking a closer look at ways to keep your family safe on our roads.


The Tram at Jay Peak is Rolling once again. The Resort kicked off summer operations on Saturday after passing a recent multi-day safety inspection and evacuation drill. The tram is due for $5 million in upgrades -- money that was not immediatly available following recent EB5 fraud allegations surrounding the resort. The federal receiver currently operating the resort recently signed a contract to complete the work -- which will begin next spring.


The Rainbow Gathering is growing in the Green Mountain National Forest. The annual counter-culture gathering is taking place in the Green Mountain National Forest at Mount Tabor. Forest Service officials say about 17-hundred Rainbow Family members have arrived. By the end of the July fourth holiday those numbers could swell to upwards of 10-thousand. Officials say surrounding communities have reported panhandling for food and money, and harassment of local customers at stores. Authorities have issued a total of 66 violation notices for traffic and drug related offences.


Horses are helping to heal in the Northeast Kingdom as Vermont's social workers recommend new types of therapy. Eliza Larson tells us more.


Meet Reddi. ((horse nats)) A young horse with a rewarding job. ((feeding nats)) Reddi is a therapy horse at Reining Hope Therapeutic Riding Center in Morgan. She and 13 other horses pair up with people who need a little extra help. ((TC 01:12:05:22 Title 7801 Kristin Mason/Reining Hope Owner: "we teach riders with special needs, cognitive, emotional, psycho-social, physical. Pretty much any disability." 01:12:15:12)) Kristin Mason runs Reining Hope. From caring for the animals to riding them -- Mason says working with the animals works as therapy because horses are gentle -- and can help calm and center people who work with them. She finished building the farm in 2013 -- and now gives 90 lessons a month to people young and old. ((TC 01:14:50:12 Title 7801 Kristin Mason/Reining Hope Owner: "like some people start here and maybe they don't get off the couch much, you know, but now their incentive is to get out get walking, look forward to something." 01:15:00:27)) ((nats)) Most of her riders come through Northeast Kingdom Human Services. The state-funded program is pushing more and more people -- like 22 year old Ryan Burke -- towards alternative forms of therapy. ((TC 01:40:13:21 Title 7853 Ryan Burke/Caanan: "I was sick of essentially beating the hell out of other people and I said I needed something better to do with my free time." 01:40:19:24)) When Burke's anger became a problem -- he says his social worker recommended he try out Reining Hope. He's noticed that being around the horses -- like Reddi -- helps calm him down. ((TC 01:41:09:00 Title 7853 Ryan Burke/Caanan: "they're amazing animals." 01:41:10:10)) It's only been 6 months -- but Burke plans on continuing his lessons with Kristin Mason and her horses to -- eventually -- feel better on his own. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Morgan.

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Current Temps: It's hot, but not too humid out right now. Daypart Forecast: Clear skies persist most of the overnight with lows in the 60s. A weakening cold front will cold front will bring us the chance for a few showers and t-storms on Monday. But some stronger storms could arrive on Tuesday. Details a bit later.

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coming up on tonights news... Hand made quilts take over the Champlain Valley Expo....... plus... Paddling boarding meets water polo on Lake Champlain ...


A quilting paradise at the Champlain Valley Expo this weekend. It was the 40th Vermont Quilt Festival-- with 400 quilts on display. It featured quilts from Vermont as well as vendors across the globe. The multi-day festival included an award ceremony Thursday for various contest quilts and continued through Sunday with displays.


((Richard Cleveland/Chairman of Vermont Quilt Festival Board 0918 02:51:06 "Our goal is to educate people about quilts. I was trained to be a teacher of history, and I want people to learn something. And especially the antique quilts because this is where, this is our history, our tradition of quilt making, and I want people to see those and understand and appreciate them." 02:51:24)) Organizers say they get around 10,000 guests at the festival each year. In addition to the quilts on display, guests got the chance to purchase from over 80 vendors. Quilters could also get their new works appraised and participate in a raffle.


Stand Up Paddle Polo offers a new twist on a growing past time. Alex Hirsch reports.


(NATS-Playing) You might be wondering (00:12:52:54) ((Russ Scully what is that?)) (NATS-Playing) The people walking down the lake champlain bike path on Tuesday evenings are. So….what is it? (00:05:15:01) ((Russ Scully Its basically another recreational spin on standup paddle)) Its called Stand Up Paddle polo, (00:19:12:17) ((Cheering)) and this is one of the first leagues in north America. ((00:18:20:09 (Goal) YEAHHH)) Russ Scully is the co owner of Wnd&Wvs and its his retail paddle board store in Burlington that helped bring the sport to Blodgett Beach (NATs-Playing)) (00:29:30:24) ((Alex Hirsch Its a sight you dont often see on lake champlain and it even brought me out into the water. maybe next time ill make sure im wearing the proper attire.)) The rules of the game are pretty simple… (NATS-PLAYING) you cant touch the ball If you are not standing on your board (NATS-Falling) If you follow that rule…then its three on three (Nats-Falling) (00:08:59:24) ((Russ Scully then pretty much everything else goes...)) Scully says its more than just a fun and competitive sport… (00:05:41:15) ((Russ Scully a lot of these skills kind of transfer to the rest of the standup paddle game)) (NATS-Playing) (00:05:41:15) ((Russ Scully just getting better agility and balance on a board in a game like this helps you do what ever you would do on a standup paddle board flat water paddling and surfing and what have you.)) After Scully learned about the game at the World Dealer Paddle Board Conference in Spain, Wnd and Wvs General manager Ali Marchildon posted a video on facebook and it quickly went viral. (Nats-Playing) Her tip to playing (00:32:45:16) ((Ali Marchildon Paddle Hard)) (00:30:42:21) ((Ali Marchildon its sort of a cross between lacross, stand up paddling, water polo and roller derby. i was laughing so hard the first two times i palyed i could barely breathe..laughter)) Whether it catches on or not, they say they don't care… (NATs-Playing) but one thing is for sure People will continue to stop and wondering…what is that? (00:12:54:08) ((Russ Scully then you know you are doing something pretty cool.something pretty unique)) Alex Hirsch Channel 3 News…In lake Champlain


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Currents BTV: It's mostly clear and mild outside right now. Headlines: Weakening Cold Front Monday. Stronger Front Arrives Tuesday. Then Cooler, Less Humid Midweek. Current Temps: Many of us are seeing temperatures in the 60s and 70s right now, making for a mild evening. Current Dewpoints: Dewpoints are in the 50s right now. But the higher dewpoints to our west will be moving in for Monday and Tuesday, so it will start to feel more humid. Rad/Sat: High pressure is beginning to slide east, but we're still holding onto plenty of clear skies right now. However, the system to our west will begin to move in on Monday, with the chance for showers, t-storms. Clouds/Precip Forecast: Mostly clear through most of the night with lows in the 60s. Tomorrow a weakening cold front will move through with the chance for showers and t-storms, but it shouldn't be too widespread. Highs will be in the 80s. Then by Tuesday a secondary, stronger cold front will move through with more widespread showers, t-storms-- some of which could be on the strong side with wind, hail, and heavy rain. We could use some wet weather though! Here's Your Forecast: Tonight: Mostly clear. Few clouds, late. Isol'd shower, west? Lows: 60/70 Wind: light Monday: Partly sunny. Few showers, t-storms. Breezy & more humid. Highs: 80/87 Wind: S 10-20 mph Monday Night: Variable cloudiness. Chance showers. Possible t-storm. Lows: 60/70 Wind: S 5-15 mph Tuesday: Scat'd showers & t-storms, some locally strong. Still humid. Highs: 73/80 Wind: S 10-15 mph Extended: Tuesday night: Lows: 52/62 Wednesday: Sun, clouds. Scat'd showers. Less humid. Highs: 70s Lows: 45/55 Thursday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 48/58 Friday: Partly cloudy. PM showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 50s Saturday: Partly sunny. Chance AM showers. Highs: 70s Lows: 48/58 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs: 70s

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It's a festival for man's best friend. Rose Spillman takes us to Vergennes.


Nine year old Jenny Mumley and golden retriever Molly paired up on Lake Champlain Sunday for a long jump contest. ((Jenny Mumley/9 Years Old 0880 02:38:11 "I threw the ball and my highest, the highest that Molly jumped was...the farthest that Molly jumped was 8 and 3 inches I think." 02:38:29)) Dogs big and small made a splash in the competition that was one of many activities planned for Basin Harbor Club's Fesitval of Fidos in Vergennes. Vendors showed up with dog products, and guests got the chance to go for a dog friendly cruise, learn new tricks, and watch police dogs in action. ((Rose Spillman/Vergennes 0891 02:44:06 "Admission to the festival is free, but funds raised through donations and other activities at the event go to support Lacey's Fund--an organization that supports retired police K-9s across the state." 02:44:17)) Lacey's Fund was started by civilians in honor of their family dog that passed away. They've been helping-- for nearly a decade-- with the expenses required to care for retired police dogs. ((Jennifer Redmond/Lacey's Fund 0868 02:31:45 "That's when the medical bills are at their highest, and now they're the responsibility of the handler, so Lacey's Fund was set up to help support those bills that the handlers are responsible for." 02:31:57)) This year was the 4th Festival of Fidos. The Basin Harbor Club has supported the fund for the past two. ((Sadie Stone/Communications & Special Event Manager Basin Harbor Club 0799 02:13:42 "We love having dogs come. They are definitely a part of our families, and we recognize that they're a part of our guest families as well, and so being a dog friendly resort, we wanted to be able to have a day that we just celebrated dogs in general." 02:13:56)) Guests like Jenny Mumley were glad to have their furry friends out for a hot day by the lake, and the dogs were just as excited. ((Jenny Mumley/9 Years Old 0880 02:39:36 "She should really become a boxer, because she boxed me for the ball. She hit me in my stomach twice." 02:39:47)) Fun in the sun with man's best friend. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News Vergennes.



Jericho's Lea Davison is off to Europe in the morning. The Olympic Mountain biker will be gone for 2 weeks as she gets set to compete in the world championships and a world cup race. Davison was at Catamount in Williston earlier tonight for her Little Bellas Sunday session. Little Bellas is the mountain biking camp created by Lea and her sister. Davison was sharing her good news with the campers. Thursday she was named to her second U.S. Olympic Mountain biking team. With a bronze at the World Championships in 2014 and a world cup podium last July, Davison had a pretty good chance of making the team, but some struggles this season didn't give her complete confidence.


(((Lea Davison/"You never know. There's always like the five, ten percent doubt. Those three world cups, which were the Olympic qualifiers, didn't go the best. I had some crashes, some stitches, some flat tires and so I was still very happy to get the call, because it makes it real. To go once and be an Olympian is a dream come true and then to go twice and to actually have the opportunity and the shot at winning a medal is mind blowing.")))


Windsor Pro Boxer Chris Gumby Gilbert announced his retirement from the sport this weekend. Gilbert told the Valley news that he wants to focus on his family. Gilbert went 13-3 in his pro career as a super welterweight. As an amateur, Gilbert won a New England Golden Gloves championship, had three Northern New England Golden gloves titles and made a trip to the national quarterfinals. He's also had to battle through some tough injuries and a terrible illness. We featured Gumby Gilbert in a spotlight on Sports 2 summers ago.


The Vermont Lake Monsters looking to continue it's winning ways late this afternoon against State Island. The Monsters come into the game having won 4 out of their last five which includes last night's 8-6 victory over the Yankees. Vermont's Luis Barrera leads off the bottom of the first with a single, extending his hitting streak to 9 straight games. He comes home on this Miguel Mercedez sac fly to center later in the inning. It's 1-0 Monsters. --- Staten Island gets that right back in the top of the second, Drew Bridges, who walked to lead off the inning, eventually moves to third and comes home on this ground out to first. It's 1-1. The Lake Monster relievers fall apart in the later innings as Vermont loses, 7-2. The series wraps up tomorrow night.


In the NECBL today, the Upper Valley Nighthawks playing 2 with Danbury in Hartford. The Hawks taking game 1, 8-5. Dandury with revenge in the second game winning, 5-1. Meanwhile in North Adams, the struggling Vermont Mountaineers fall to the SteepleCats, 6-3. The neers are now 3-12. They're back home tomorrow night.


The Red Sox and Rangers in Arlington. Once again Sox starter Clay Buchholz has trouble right off the bat. Texas scoring three times in the bottom of the first, NOMAR MAZA with the RBI single to right, 3-0 Texas after 1. --- It's 3-1 Rangers in the 6th, when PRINCE FIELDER takes buchholz deep for a 2 run shot. The Rangers go on to the 6-2 win.


Yankees and Twins at the Stadium this afternoon. After a solid pitching performance by the Yankees Saturday, Nathan Eovaldi lays an egg today. The Twins hit back to back to back homeruns in the third inning. BRIAN DOZIER, TREVOR PLOUFFE and MAX KEPLER doing the honors. Eovaldi gives up 5 runs on 6 hits in six innings. The Twins take it, 7-1.


Woodstock's Keegan Bradley shot a 3 over par today in the final round of the Quicken Laons National, finishing even for the tournament, tied for 57th. As you saw earlier here on channel 3, billy huirley the third won the tournament at 17 under.


Montpelier's Kyle Pembroke claimed the third Triple Crown of the season during the Harvest Equipment Night at Thunder Road Sunday. He sweeps his heat race, the semifeature, and the 50-lap late Models feature. Points leader, Nick Sweet is second. Bobby Therrien of Hinesburg wins the tiger sportsman feature and Alan Maynard of Fairfax wins the Street Stocks

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twin state lacrosse and a pair of defensive plays on, and off, the diamond. (((Twin State girls lacrosse on Saturday, 30 seconds into the game, Vermont's Jillian Gibbs of Rice gets the shot off while stumbling to the ground.))) (((At number 2, Mountaineers manager Joe Brown showing the boys how it's done. A nifty barehanded snag on the foul ball.))) (((And at number one, opening night for the Lake Monsters, check out the cannon in right field by Luis Barrera, in time to get the runner out at the plate. It keeps the game scoreless, but it's earning big points as the number one play in this week's top 3 on 3.)))

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