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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Another law enforcement officer in our region has found himself on the wrong side of the law. This time it's a police officer from South Burlington who was arrested for DUI after crashing his car in Colchester. Rose Spillman reports.

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Early Sunday morning, according to authorities, a lieutenant with the South Burlington Police Department crashed his personal car on College Parkway in Colchester. (00:38:55 9278) ((Sgt. Francis Gonyaw/Colchester Police Department "That vehicle was involved with a telephone pole, striking and colliding with a telephone pole on route 15 in Colchester." 00:39:02)) The driver, Jeffrey Martel was the only person in the car, was not injured. Colchester police responded. (00:39:20 9278) ((Sgt. Francis Gonyaw/Colchester Police Department "Officers conducted further investigation upon their arrival, determined that Mr. Martel had been drinking alcohol." 00:39:28)) Martel-- who was not in uniform at the time-- was interviewed at the scene and arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. Police say he later produced a Blood Alcohol Content of .133 percent. Martel was first hired in South Burlington in 1997. South Burlington's Police Chief, Trevor Whipple, released the following statement in connection with the arrest: This is a serious allegation. A criminal investigation is being conducted by Colchester Police Department. A second investigation of potential violation of SBPD General Orders and personnel policies is being conducted by SBPD. Lieutenant Martel has been placed on administrative leave until further notice. The is the third case involving alleged misconduct of law enforcement in Vermont-- in as many weeks. Recently, a newly-hired police officer in Rutland was suspended after being arrested for driving drunk. He was not on duty at the time of the incident. And, earlier this month, an investigation was launched involving a trooper with the Vermont State Police, involving an alcohol-related incident while on the job- though an arrest has not been made. Martel was released on a citation for driving under the influence, 1st offense. (nats: we are investigating)) Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Burlington.

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Martel is due in court on April 9th.


Police in Winooski say a robber targeted a Main Street gas station in broad daylight. Police say around noon Sunday, a white male robbed the Simon's Gas Station, and then fled on foot. He was wearing a green jacket, grey hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. Police say the man was also carrying a black backpack. A weapon was not displayed. We do not know how much cash was taken. Anyone with information is asked to contact Winooski police.


Lawmakers will discuss a plan to close two dispatch centers. Vermont State Police want to close dispatch centers in Derby and Rutland to save nearly two million dollars. About 30 dispatchers would lose their jobs in the proposal. But the House budget committee says its working on an alternative. The public should know more about that plan on Monday when they meet in Montpelier. The layoffs are being met with strong opposition by the State Employees Union and first responders. It comes at a time when State Troopers have negotiated a pay raise with the Governor.


A successful end to an overnight search for three people lost on New York's Mt. Marcy. According to authorities, a mother and her two children reached the summit of the mountain yesterday afternoon but became lost on the way down. They called for help and a search was started, which lasted through the night. Around 11 o'clock this morning, the mom and her kids were located by helicopter and air-lifted off the mountain. They were taken to the hospital for treatment of weather related injuries. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo praised all of the people involved in the search, including New York State Forest Rangers, who he said worked selflessly to find the family despite extreme weather conditions.


Getting an unwanted tenant out of a home -- can be a tough task for landlords. And, someone not paying rent -- costs an owner time and money. But, that process could soon change. Alex Apple reports.


((STANDUP INTRO 16:41:25 Adam, disputes between landlords and tenants can take weeks to iron out even if they never make it to court. A new House bill hopes to stop those disputes before they even start, but some are saying the bill doesn't go quite far enough.")) After months of frustrations and legal battles Ralph and Sean Garbart are finally back in their home. (09:04:10 JUNE 2014 )((Ralph and Sean Garbart/Homeowner "It says here the tenant shall not sublet the whole, or part of the residence without the landlord's written consent.")) The Garbarts were renting their home in early 2014 when their tenants subletted the old Berlin schoolhouse -- to a couple that refused to leave -- and never paid rent. (51:40 Rep. Kesha Ram/D-Burlington)(("We 've heard more and more cases of where landlord/tenant law is not working for people.")) Now Representative Kesha Ram has a proposal -- a bill that she hopes would make it easier for landlords to keep out unwanted tenants. (51:01 Rep. Kesha Ram/D-Burlington)(("Ev ery time we look at landlord/tenant law, we try to look at it with an eye toward where we find balance.")) Ram's proposed bill does two things: it makes it illegal for a tenant to sublet without the landlord's approval. And it attempts to ensure tenants "quiet enjoyment" of their residence -- free of persistent problems caused by others living in the building. (47:28 Rep. Kesha Ram/D-Burlington)(("Wh at that does is limit liability and protect those tenants as well as give the landlord the information they need in case there is a problem.")) (03:05 Angela Zaikowski/Director Vt. Apartment Owners Association)(("Landlor ds would still be in a position of having to send a termination notice which right now is a 30 day notice for breach of lease.")) Angela Zaikowski -- the director of the Vermont Apartment Owners Association -- does not currently support the bill over questions about the bill's balance. (01:17 Angela Zaikowski/Director Vt. Apartment Owners Association)(("Because that's ultimately something that we're looking for is something that's fair to landlords, something that's fair to tenants.")) The proposal does not speed up the legal process for enforcing the terms of a lease -- renters must wait 30 days before they can even start the eviction process. (07:12 Angela Zaikowski/Director Vt. Apartment Owners Association)(("This bill does not give the landlords additional tools to help them police these problems, to help them enforce these problems.")) Ram's bill does not shorten that legal process -- meaning evictions would still take time and money -- two things some landlords don't have. ((STANDUP TAG 17:50 This bill was not introduced in time for the House and Senate to debate it this year, but discussion on its proposals can begin as soon as the legislative session starts up next year. AA. CH3N. MTP"))

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Dave is here now with the weather. Cold out there Dave. Some spots below zero tonight, with near-record lows. Cold again for Monday, then warmer through midweek.

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coming up on tonight's news, fire fighters respond to a house in Alburgh... plus... Cabot students win a 10 thousand dollar prize ...


A mobile home caught fire in Alburgh. Fire broke out on the Martell Road late this morning. Fire fighters say the fire began burning in the floor underneath the furnace, but they were able to put it out quickly. People in the home noticed the smoke and called for help. The home is not a complete loss but did suffer considerable damage. The Red Cross was called in to assist the family.


An art project in a science at the Cabot School earned the students a national award. Cat Viglienzoni reports.


Last year when Cabot School's AP Environmental Studies class teamed up with the band to put on the little-known folk opera "Lillian"... they had no idea it would lead to big bucks for their science class. The class designed the lighting -- and studied which lights would help the production use less energy. ((SOT Clementine O'Connor, Junior 331 When we were doing Lillian stuff, you'd walk into the room and it's like a disco party 36)) Some of it is still hanging from the classroom ceiling months later. Students used milk bottles from the cafeteria -- and lights -- to create sea creatures. ((SOT Clementine O'Connor, Junior 313 Me and my friend, we made this anglerfish 17 and it's like a stuffed animal almost. We used plastic packing bags to fill it and bubble wrap 26)) Because much of the opera centers around the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch -- re-using trash -- seemed like a natural fit. ((SOT Galadriel Morse, Junior 1117 It was so amazing. Just knowing that we made all of those and we got to watch the whole thing come to life 26)) ((BUTTED)) ((SOT Michael Hendrix, Science Teacher 1829 I was blown away, just completely blown away by it 32)) Teacher Michael Hendrix says the project was a creative tie-in to his lessons on energy efficiency -- lighting output -- and water quality. ((SOT Michael Hendrix, Science Teacher 1845 I remember waking up the next morning and I must have been smiling the entire time because I woke up and my face was sore 50)) But soon -- he was going to have another reason to smile! ((CAT VIGLIENZONI STANDUP: 3411 They submitted their project to the teachers fundraising site Donors Choose -- and from there, were selected to be a finalist in the Teach for the Planet Challenge. Now the internet decides the winner, but Cabot rallied around. Two weeks later, they found out -- they'd won. 26)) ((SOT Hendrix 2045 I remember screaming and just running down the stairs of my house 48)) ((BUTTED)) ((SOT Galadriel Morse, Junior 1324 I was like 'Oh my god, I'm so happy! We won -- this is so exciting! 28)) And now -- they get to figure out how to spend their prize money... ten thousand dollars! Looking around the classroom, Hendrix has a few ideas... ((SOT 2431 A lot of the glassware still needs to be replaced 32)) He says -- only half-joking -- that a lot of this science equipment may be older than he is -- and it's pricey. ((SOT Hendrix 2501 So this is the big thing. This is what we're growing our microbe samples in, which is an incubator that is actually used for chickens 08)) ((BUTTED IN COVER 2536 These kids need to be learning lab technique and they need to be learning the appropriate tools of the trade and this isn't helping 43)) And their centrifuge is only collecting dust... not DNA. ((SOT Hendrix 2551 This one doesn't work. It's lovely to look at but it actually doesn't work.)) His students have some ideas of their own too... ((SOT Galadriel Morse, Junior 1331 Well, we've joked about getting a fleet of drones, which is funny because we're just really into that sort of thing 39)) As for the plastic-bottle lights -- Hendrix says they're here to stay. ((SOT IN COVER Hendrix 2346 We're keeping the room this kind of vibe. The kids love it.)) ((TRACKED FOR LATER: Cat Viglienzoni, Channel 3 News Cabot.))


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Today was deceiving... the sunshine looked nice, but it sure was cold! Most of us only got into the teens for daytime highs. Near-record cold is expected tonight, with lows ranging from 5 below to 5 above. Monday will be slightly warmer than today, but still cold with highs in the mid teens to low 20s. Tuesday will be warmer yet. The middle of the week will feel more like spring. Wednesday will have increasing clouds, with light rain by afternoon. Showers are likely on Thursday as a cold front comes through. Some spots may hit 50 degrees that day, but colder air will come in Thursday night, changing the showers to snow showers. A few flurries will last into Friday. Next weekend isn't looking too bad, with temperatures just a touch on the cold side.

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A chili cook off benefiting cancer survivors filled a pub in Barre this afternoon. Rose Spillman was there.


Two long time friends, Rich McSheffrey and Keith Paxman, have been hosting chili cook offs at their pub in Barre for the past three years. All money raised from the event goes to the Vermont Cancer Survivor Network, a cause close to the mens' hearts. (00:15:47 9242) ((Keith Paxman/Co-Owner "While Rich's dad was battling cancer, you know, unfortunately , my father passed away, and Rich's dad actually beat stage 4 cancer." 00:15:56)) McSheffrey and Paxman's chili cook offs have raised over 10,000 dollars in past years. They say the Cornerstone Pub, which they co-own, was the perfect spot. (00:19:18 9243) ((Rich McSheffrey/Co-Owner of Cornerstone Pub "My dad was involved with the kindred connection at the Vermont Cancer Survivors network, where he'd mentored other people going through the same disease once he became a survivor. So he was asking me about a fundraiser, and I thought there's no better place to do it than here." 00:19:31)) Around 35 chili cookers came out to the event that packed the pub on Sunday. Cornerstone is hoping to raise around 7 thousand dollars from the event, all of which will go straight to the non-profit organization. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Barre.



The UVM men's basketball season is not over just yet... Last Wednesday, the HoopCats beat Hofstra in the first round of the CBI Tournament to keep the season alive. Tomorrow, the Catamounts will host Radford in the Quarterfinals, looking to extend their season at least one more game ... Now tomorrow's matchup will already be making history the minute they tip-off ....Monday's postseason game will mark the first time ever that UVM has hosted a postseason home game...It will also be the first time that the UVM men's program and Radford have ever met on the hardwood...And the group is excited for the historic opportunity...


(TRT: 24...Really happy) (O'Day:"It means a lot. To be the first postseason home game, it's special we get to be a part of that. We're real excited to play at home again, especially for our seniors. It's a lot of fun to still play in March." Becker:"It's great. I want to thank the administration for making this possible and the CBI, obviously. It's a great opportunity for our fans to get to experience a postseason tournament on our home court, for our players to experience it and I'm just really happy.")


Celtics at home tonight hosting the Pistons... up 7...Evan Turner knocking down the 3...It's a 10 point Boston lead. But here comes Detroit ...Andre Drummond... backing down Tyler Zeller and oof, huge turn around slam has Detroit down just 4... Now a tie game with 5 seconds to go, Celtics go back to Turner looking for the winner but it's block...To overtime we go... And Detroit took control in OT..Jodie Meeks from the wing... drilling the 3 Celtics falling in their 3rd straight, dropping this one tonight..105-97


On Saturday four local hockey teams hit the ice for what would end up being their final games of the season...and only one would end their season holding an NCAA Title, and for the 2nd straight year, it was the Plattsburgh Women ... The Cardinals beat Norwich for the title last year, 9-2...and headed into the season as the favorites to repeat despite losing some key seniors, 7 to be exact... But Plattsburgh would live up to the rankings, making back to back trips to the title game and they got off to a hot start last night..With Elmira on the power play in the first period...Giovanna Senese (Sin-E-see) knocks the puck loose, and fires home the back hand short handed goal to give the Cardinals a 1-0 lead after 1... Plattsburgh would lead 2-1 after 2 period and seal the game in the third....Bridgit Balisy with the cross ice feed to Kayla Meneghin and she finds the back of the net.. Plattsburgh wins back to back titles for the 2nd time in program history, defeating Elmira 3-2...and exceeding the program's expectations heading into the season after losing big time contributors a year ago..


(TRT:29..this year) (Houle:"I'm so proud of this group. I mean, if you look at the players we lost off our team last year, and I've talked about this before, seven unbelievable seniors last year that we lost and certainly, you come into the year and everybody picks you number one because you were number one last year. But, you know, we always want to be there at the end and compete for a national title but for this team to do what they did this year is very special and I credit all of our seniors. They were just unreal this year.")


We've got a big jam and some key hockey goals in this week's Top 3 on 3. ((We'll start on the hardwood on Wednesday, UVM facing Hofstra in the first round of the CBI Tournament...UVM up 7 late and this the exclamation point on the night..Trae-Bell Haynes dumps it off for Ethan O'Day and the big man with the big flush UVM would take down Hofstra 85-81... #2 helped bring home the Cardinals 2nd straight NCAA title... Plattsburgh and Elmira hitting the ice for the NCAA Division 3 championship...And this got the Cardinal fans going early... First period, Elmira on the power play but Giovanna Senese (Sin-E-see) knocks it loose and goes back hand for the shortie to give the Cardinals the early lead...And they would hang on for their 2nd straight NCAA title beating Elmira 3-2... And at #1 the big play from a week ago...the IceCats squaring off against Boston College in the Hockey East quarterfinals with a trip to the TD Garden on the line... Scoreless game in the third period until the Catamounts finally end the scoreless drought ...Less than 3 minutes into the 3rd, Alexx Privitera...up the ice to his brother Jarrid ...Privitera to Priverta for the finish.....That would book the IceCats their first trip to the Garden since 2010 as they beat BC 1-0 and these Brothers Privitera take home the top spot in this week's Top 3 on 3..... )))

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