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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Vermont State Police have issued an alert for a missing 17-year-old from Wells. Police say 17-year-old Donald Maxwell Miller left his family's residence after a disagreement with his mother. Miller was last known to be in the company of his girlfriend in the Whitehall, New York area and is believed to still be with his girlfriend. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.


A New Hampshire is dead after police say his car fell on him. Claremont police and fire officials responded to Moody Park off Maple Avenue after a report of a person trapped under a car. Responders worked to lift the car of the man-- but he was pronounced dead at the scene. His name has not been released but police say he is 37-years-old from the Claremont/Charlestown area.


Police say a driver was under the influenced when he was stopped for going the wrong way on Interstate 89. 46-year-old Brenda Scribner of White River Junction-- was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI early Sunday morning. Police say a motorist spotted him driving south in the northbound lane near exit 1 in Hartford. He was cited to appear in court at a later date.


A home in Rutland-- was severely damaged by fire today. The fire broke in the Franklin Street house mid-morning Sunday. One person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and firefighters say a couple cats are missing. Other nearby homes were sparred from the flames. Officials say the damage was extensive, with the back wall and part of the roof collapsing.


(( Howard Stratton / Neighbor : "I smelled smoke as I was starting to come out and she said the house across the street was on fire, we called 9-1-1 and it was fully involved when you got outside the door.")) ((Deputy Chief Bill Lovett / Rutland City Fire Dept. : "We initially got here and found out one person was in the building and we assisted him out, and went into a defensive operation due to the degree of fire.")) State Police Fire Inspectors investigated and determined the fire was not suspicious. The Red Cross is assisting.


A house and barn in Danville were destroyed by fire. The fire broke out at the residence on Joe's Brook Road around midnight. . Investigators say the fire started in a two story storage barn that is attached to the house. The cause is not known at this time. The chief in Danville say it could have been a lot worse since a family of five was sleeping inside when it started.


(17:28) ((Chief Troy Cochran/Danville Volunteer Fire Dept. There was actually two individuals that came home and they were up here for a wedding and they came home late in the evening. They smelled smoke. But, there were actually five people sleeping in the home with one an infant and they got upstairs and woke up and got them out of the house.)) The chief says they don't think the fire is suspicious.


Red Cross volunteers from our region are heading to disaster stricken areas. The American Red Cross says, that at least a dozen Red Cross workers from our region are responding to the wildfires in California and flooding in Louisiana. More than 80 thousand people have been evacuated from their homes in California because of the fires. In Louisiana, about 60,000 homes have been damaged and100-thousand people have applied for federal aid.


Burlington Chief Brandon del Pozo reccently returned from a trip to White House. Keith McGilvery reports.

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((((Chief del Pozo 04:33 "It just shows that in America that policing has become one of the signature issues in American politics, and in American society.)) del Pozo was at the White House Tuesday as part of a gathering for law enforcement leaders from around the country -- to talk about President Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing. Its goal is to reduce crime and address the care of officers. Del Pozo says there is a lot the city is already doing right. ((Chief del Pozo 01:31 "Things like body cameras are some thing that the report recommends and We have one of the largest body camera deployments in New England.)) The chief says his team was asked to present its progress on improving transparency ((((Chief del Pozo 02:07 "First of all citizens are taxpayers and they are citizens, they have a right to know what's going on with their police)) and sharing police data online -- ((Chief del Pozo 02:16 "We have a responsibility to disclose the products of our work whether it is our car stops, our arrests, our civilian complaints, in fact what we spoke about in Washington was how we have released or civilian complaints online.)) The Presidential task force also aims to find ways to increase bonds of trust and legitimacy with police in communities across the country -- ((((Chief del Pozo 02:48 "I think right now we stand to make more progress in the way we really connect with our smallest and most vulnerable populations.)) del Pozo says for his department it will mean continuing to find ways to connect with people of color, new Americans, immigrants and those struggling with mental illness. ((Keith)) Chief del Pozo was not the only Vermont police chief at the White House on Tuesday. Jennifer Morrison of Colchester and Robbie Blish of Woodstock also made the trip.

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Some needed rain today. RADAR: Rain has now moved east of the Champlain Valley, with rain continuing in most of Vermont and New Hampshire. Some heavy downpours are likely. The rain will continue to move east and eventually out of the region tonight. WAKKEUP WEATHER: Partly cloudy. Low: 50/58. A little fall-like on Monday, but summer makes a quick comeback.

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still ahead tonight... Putting added focus on school threats... plus .. The stress body image has on students.......


Dealing with threats at school is the focus of educators as they prepare to head back to class. Officials say the priority is to ensure student safety, but they are also working to let students know the threats aren't funny and find ways to work better with their local law enforcement agency. The Vermont Agency of Education doesn't track the number of threats, but Vermont schools have been subject to them


Body image can be a big source of stress for students heading back to school. Julie Kelley reports.


(TC -01:24:33) ((Monica Steffey/Our Bodies, Our Lives: Mirrors & Numbers I feel like my body can express things that I can't actually say.)) Watching Monica Steffey dance, you might find it hard to imagine that she wasn't always this comfortable in her own skin. (TC - 01:11:04) ((Monica Steffey/Our Bodies, Our Lives: Mirrors & Numbers Looking back on photos I was this stick thin, very uncomfortably tall kind of starting to hit puberty girl and I was honestly convinced that I was obese.)) She provides a reflection into feelings that many people struggle with. ((GRAPHIC)) National statistics show: Girls' self-esteem peaks when they are 9 years old. 80% of children who are 10 years old are afraid of being fat. 90% of high school junior and senior girls diet regularly. ((SOURCE: Heart of Leadership)) (TC - 01:48:48) ((Leah Carey/Our Bodies, Our Lives: Mirrors & Numbers I think we live in a world of really unrealistic body image.)) While she faces her own demons, Leah says, societies pressure for perfection has reached new heights. Olympians in Rio, like gymnast Alexa Moreno, have been body shamed on social media. (TC - 01:50:06) ((Leah Carey/Our Bodies, Our Lives: Mirrors & Numbers These are world class athletes who are being body shamed. There is something really wrong with our particular way of looking at the world if we can look at someone who is in astonishingly good shape and say, well look at that little bulge.)) It was a chance meeting that brought this dancer and writer together. Monica was presenting her senior project at St. Johnsbury Academy last year. (TC - 01:44:43) ((Leah Carey/Our Bodies, Our Lives: Mirrors & Numbers I watched her put a dancer on stage who was covered with numbers on her body.)) Those numbers are at the heart of a workshop they have created together, Our Bodies, Our Lives: Mirrors & Numbers. People write about body image and then dancers perform a routine based on what they wrote. (TC - 01:16:08) ((Monica Steffey/Our Bodies, Our Lives: Mirrors & Numbers It changed my life.)) It was Monica's idea to have participants .... herself included, write their lowest and highest weights on their hands. Something Leah did too. (TC - 01:57:05) ((Leah Carey/Our Bodies, Our Lives: Mirrors & Numbers I really needed to just look at them and say, okay, I am not my numbers.)) That's a lesson both women hope parents pass on as kids head back to school. Julie Kelley, ch 3 news, st johnsbury


CURRENT: Cloudy. Near 70 degrees. RADAR/SATELLITE: Moderate to heavy rain is still continuing east of the Champlain Valley. The rain will continue to move east tonight, ending from west to east. RADAR/TEMPERATURES: Most locations currently in the 60s. DEWPOINTS: Pretty humid, with dewpoints still in the 60s. It will be less humid on Monday, even a little fall-like. USA SATELLITE/RADAR: High pressure is dominating the Great Lakes and Midwest. USA LOOP: High pressure will begin to move in on Monday, with cooler air. Temperatures will warm back up, starting on Tuesday.

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FORECAST: MONDAY: Partly sunny, cooler & less humid. High: 65/73. Wind: NW 10-15 mph MONDAY NIGHT: Clear and cool. Low: 45/53. Wind: Light TUESDAY: Mostly sunny & warmer. High: 72/80. Low: 52/60. Wind: SW 5-10 mph WEDNESDAY: Sunny. High: 80s. Low: 55/65 THURSDAY: Partly sunny & more humid. Showers & thunderstorms overnight. High: 80s. Low: 60s FRIDAY: Partly sunny. Scattered showers & thunderstorms. High: 75/85. Low: 55/65 SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 75/85. Low: 50s SUNDAY: Mostly sunny. High: 75/85

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It's a race in St. Albans, rich in history. Rose Spillman reports.


Cora Hartman says her mother Jill has always been a very athletic and active person. After being diagnosed with ALS in September of 2015, her family and friends stepped in to keep her as healthy and happy as possible. ((Cora Hartman/St. Albans 3649 03:16:50 "She's got a more rapid genetic case of ALS than normal, so it is moving along quicker, but we're having fun with is. Every single day we're doing lots of stuff. She has gone swimming in a river, and she's been the top of mount mansfield, and all while she has been in this state physically." 03:17:07)) Hartman is now confined to a wheelchair, but that didn't stop her from participating in the 4th annual St. Albans Raid Half Marathon. On Sunday, her loved ones took turns pushing her through the 13.1 mile course in St. Albans. ((Cora Hartman/St. Albans 3649 03:15:58 "I wouldn't do this for any other person but my mom, and I know if my mom could do it, she would, and that's really what meant a lot to me. That I could sacrifice my body and my energy to help her do something that I know she enjoys." 03:16:15)) Around 140 people participated in the race that was first started for years ago to commemorate a legendary story from 1864, when a group of civil war confederate soldiers raided the city. ((Lisamarie Charlesworth/Franklin County Chamber of Commerce 3575 02:58:19 "Ended up robbing several banks. They shot a man and killed him, and they wounded another before they escaped on the rail trail, and their money that they stole was really never found in full, and so there's this great, historic lore, town lore, that the money's buried somewhere along the rail trail." 02:58:37)) The race course takes runners through the city and onto that very rail trail that the confederates used to escape. Participants say despite the dark history, the race is a great community event. ((Patrick Standen/Hand Cyclist 3640 03:09:48 "They're very friendly, very supportive, great volunteers. The course is really, actually, beautiful. You go through woods and along cornfields, so it's just a spectacular course." 03:10:01)) As for Hartman, she hopes her mom's part in the race will bring more attention to the disease that's changed her life. ((Cora Hartman/St. Albans 3649 03:18:21 "I just want the awareness to be out there that this is a really debilitating disease, and it's an awful way to see one of your loved ones go through, so just awareness--help support ALS research." 03:18:34)) Turning a historic raid into a race with a purpose one stride at a time. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, St. Albans.



The Olympics came to a close today in Rio, and in this edition, the US collected their best medal haul since the 1984 games in LA. But would the much maligned men's basketball team cap it with a third consecutive gold medal?


The answer to that question was an emphatic yes. Kevin Durant led the way for the red white and blue with 30 points...and that ended up being the margin of victory over Serbia. It's the third straight gold for the United States. The country finishes with 46 total golds and 121 overall medals.


The Boston Red Sox have climbed all the way to within half a game of the AL East lead by winning 8 of their last 9 games. Today, they wrapped up a 4-game series with one of the teams chasing a wild car spot, the Detroit Tigers. An inauspicious beginning for the Sox in this one, bases loaded in the third and JD Martinez rips one down the right field line. Two runs come around to score as Detroit takes the lead. --- Next batter is Justin Upton, and Henry Owens isn't getting that one back. A three run bomb for Upton as the Tigers open up a 5-0 advantage. --- and it got worse before it got better. Upton again in the 5th, another 3-run shot to make it 8-0. Not a good day for Owens. --- to add insult to injury, Cameron Maybin chops one off the mound in the 6th to plate two more as Detroit reaches double digits. --- It wasn't all bad for Boston in this one: Andrew Benintendi hits his first career major league home run in the 7th but the Tigers roll to a 10-5 win. The good news is Toronto lost so the Sox don't lose any ground in the division race.


The Yankees out in Anaheim wrapping up a series with the Angels. LA strikes first in the first, a basehit from Andrelton Simmons scores Albert Pujols just ahead of the throw to make it 1-0. --- but otherwise a great start from Chad Green: he gave up just the one run in 6 innings and tallied 5 strikeouts to keep new york in it --- Pujols trying to add to the lead in the fifth with a runner on he blasts it to center. It gets over the wall, but so does Jacoby Ellsbury. Ellsbury with the stone cold robbery of Pujols to keep it a one-run game --- but in the 8th, the Angels finally get their insurance, stop me if you've heard this before: Simmons hit to score Pujols LA wins it 2-0, yankees head to Seattle tomorrow


And the Lake Monsters down at the aptly named Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen Maryland continuing their series with the Ironbirds, Vermont scores 6 runs between the 6th and 8th innings to win it 8-7. The two will wrap up their series tomorrow before the Monsters return home on Tuesday. One note on a former Monster, Chad Pinder played in Burlington in 2013. He was recently called up by the A's and today recorded his first major league hit so congrats to him.

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An opportunistic restart, a great debut, and a celebration of greatness make up this week's top 3 on 3. ((At number three from Thursday, rookie Chris Pelkey seized the early lead in the late model race at Thunder Road, but veteran Shawn Fleury used a caution flag to his advantage, then held off both Pelkey and Nick sweet to take the checkers. --- At number two last Sunday, A's second round pick Logan Shore was stellar in his home debut for the Lake Monsters. He went three scoreless innings allowing just two baserunners while striking out 4 in a 2-1 Vermont victory. --- and at number one, how about Lea Davison and her Little Bellas. While Davison was in Rio finishing 7th in cross country mountain biking, the Little Bellas Mentoring on Mountain Bikes program put out a strong showing at St. Mike's to root her on. Davison may not have taken the gold, but she and her friends take the number one spot in the top 3 on 3.

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