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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. It's been more than 24 hours since a deadly shooting in Springfield and police still have not been able to locate the suspect. Rose Spillman spoke with a neighbor who is concerned about the escalating violence in town.


(00:12:17 0296) ((Stephen Comstock/Springfield "Somebody started hollering 'help help help.'" 00:01:19)) Stephen Comstock has lived in Springfield for over 50 years. When he heard gunshots outside of his home Saturday evening, he says at first he wasn't concerned. (00:15:24 02960) ((Stephen Comstock/Springfield "You know you hear gunshots, i mean we live in Vermont. I don't think anything of that." 00:15:27)) Police say 37 year old Wesley Wing was shot and went to the Jake South Street Market for help. Comstock was at home just next door when he heard the commotion. (00:12:38 0296) ((Stephen Comstock/Springfield "I went across the street cause my wife said that there was something going on at the store. So I went across, and the gentleman was on the floor." 00:12:45)) Emergency responders took Wing to the Springfield Hospital before airlifting him to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Police say the incident appeared to be isolated, but the shooter is still on the loose. Police were on the lookout for a black Infiniti with Vermont plates. This is NOT the first shooting in this community in recent years and those who call it home are concerned. (00:13:31 0296) ((Stephen Comstock/Springfield "It's not the town I grew up in. I told the chief of police last was...kind of poor choice of words at the time, but 'welcome to the town that didn't used to be." 00:13:39)) Police announced on Sunday that Westley Wing had succumbed to his gun shot wounds at the hospital. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Springfield.


Police say a milton man could be responsible for a series of car thefts. That stems from a case that began early this morning in Milton after police say they responded to a report of a truck being stolen from a driveway on Woodcrest Circle. Police say the driver -- later identified as 28 year old Shane Morrill of Milton -- led officers on a short chase through the neighborhood. He was arrested after getting stuck in a neighbors back yard. Police say they are investigating if Morrill is connected to two other recent car thefts.


A Guilford woman faces charges after crashing her car with her three-year old in the back seat. Police say 28 year old Britni Gorman-Christiansen had been drinking when she lost control of her car and went into a ditch on Guilford Center Road. It happened last night. She was charged with DUI refusal and Cruelty to a Child.


Police say a drunk driver crashed into a telephone pole in South Burlington. Police say a car hit the pole on Rt. 116 just before 3 a.m. breaking it. It was lying in the road, so police closed Hinesburg Road between Meadowland Drive and Tilley Drive for about two hours before opening one lane. The driver, 24-year-old John Callahan, of South Burlington, was cited for "DUI-refusal."


Fire at a Auto Body shop in Highgate. It broke out this morning at R and A Auto Body on Route 78 after fire fighters say a fire in a nearby barrel spread to the building.. Multiple departments responded and crews were able to put it out. At this time we do not know the extent of the damage.


Governor Peter Shumlin is weigh in in a proposed gun bill. The House last week signed off on a different version of a gun bill that had been earlier approved by the Senate. The measure would allow state prosecutors to charge felons found in possesion of a firearm with a misdemeanor. It would also take steps to ensure mentally ill citizens can not get a gun.


((Gov. Peter Shumlin 57:39 It's a shadow of the bill I objected to in the beginning. In other words, it really is a much better bill than what started out. So they're making progress...)) . The House's bill removed the Senate's conditions of an 18-month probationary period for a person who is no-longer deemed mentally ill.


Homes near the Burlington International Airport will start being demolished tomorrow. Crews will start tearing down more than 90 homes sold voluntarily to the Airport. The Chamberlin Neighborhood house removal and site restoration program has been ten years in the making. Federal funding helped cover the cost of buying homes within the 65 decibel sound areas around the Airport. The contractor says, they'll start with a house in Picard Circle. The work should be done by October.


Senator Bernie Sanders is closer to making a decision about a run for President. He told Fox News Sunday that he is trying to determine if he can raise enough money to run a viable campaign. ((" When you've got these super PACs, and billionaires able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the candidates of their choice, making sure you have the money to run a credible campaign is very very important and thats one of the factors we are going to have to determine.")) Sanders says he is concerned that Hillary Clinton and the Republican candidates who oppose her will not take on what he calls the "big money interests" who control the economy.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is travelling to Cuba. The Democrat will be the first sitting American governor to visit Cuba since the recent thaw in relations with the communist nation. The goal of the trip is to foster economic ties between New York and Cuba. Critics say the trip is more about domestic politics and say the governor is looking for a way to make national headlines. North Country Chamber of Commerce President Garry Douglas is along for the trip -- he told the press-republican he's interested in attracting Montrealers to the Plattsburgh airport for trips to the island nation.


New York Senator Charles Schumer is pushing a bill for improved safety in the rail industry. "Positive Train Control," -- a kind of air-traffic-control system for trains -- was mandated by Congress seven years ago. It monitors train speeds, track conditions, and whether trains are on the same track and about to collide with each other. But Schumer and other lawmakers have accused the rail industry of delay tactics in installing the expensive system -- a claim the industry denies. Rail transport of crude oil has been a growing concern following recent high profile accidents.


Hundreds are feared dead in the latest migrant tragedy in the Mediterranean. Wendy Gillette reports.


Rescue ships and helicopters rushed to find survivors after a crowded fishing boat carrying migrants capsized in the Mediterranean. The boat heading from Libya to Italy was 60 miles north of the Libyan coast. Survivors say hundreds were tossed overboard late Saturday night when the Portuguese merchant ship King Jacob approached to help the overloaded ship- and the migrants rushed to one side of the 66 foot boat. Nats Italy's prime minister mourned the tragedy and called for European nations to come up with solutions to solve the migrant immigration problem. Pope Francis also made a plea to the international community to act quickly and decisively. NATS Pope speaking He said: "they are men and women like us, our brothers seeking a better life, starving, persecuted, wounded exploited, victims of war." In 2013, the Pope visited the tiny island of Lampedusa in Italy?the gateway for migrants trying to reach Europe. He laid a wreath in memory of victims of similar tragedies. Experts say hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and migrants are waiting in Libya to cross with smugglers- trying to make the trip in the spring when the seas are calmer and it's warmer. SOT: (Laurens Jolles/UN High Commissioner for Refugees) "There is still a huge need to do something. It's a pity that we wake up and that there's talk about that again every time there is such a huge tragedy." The Italian towns dealing with an influx of tens of thousands of refugees say they're running out of room. Wendy Gillette, for CBS News.

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Dave is here with the weather.. A dreary week ahead Dave? Rain and wind on Monday, with gusts to 45 mph possible (even higher in the mountains). Unsettled for the rest of the week.

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still ahead on tonight's news... Vermont is a big draw for tourist in the summer.... plus...a little girls legacy lives on at the University of Vermont Medical Center ....


A new tax policy could be coming to large land owners in New York. The state is considering changes to the tax program -- including a proposal that would stop tax perks for people who own less than 1-thousand acres. There could also be changes in the types of land eligible for tax breaks, and a reduction in size of tax incentives. Officials say part of the rationale is to protect the interest of taxpayers who absorb the tax shift that results from assessment reductions to others.


Summer is the second biggest tourism season in Vermont and officials are trying to make it even bigger. Several investments in Chittenden County are aimed at encouraging more visitors. Burlington's parks and recreation has already completed renovations to its bike paths -- and the Queen City will have a new boardwalk in place by early May. Plus-- tourists from anywhere can now book a campsite online. It's the first time those reservations have gone digital.


((Erin Moreau/Burlington Parks and Recreation 01:38 The investment is critical for this. If we do not keep up and keep innovating and trying out different things and improving facilities, we have to stay head of this and this is why Burlington is becoming such a tourist draw.")) Moreau (more - oh) says the city gets the money it invests back in the form of increase spending on longer stays from tourists.


Gifts for sick kids at the University of Vermont Medical Center-- in memory of a little girl. Jory Lafountain met Kennedy Taylor before she died. He receives care at the hospital and formed a bond with the little girl before she passed away. Now, every year on the girl's birthday -- Jory and his family collect dolls in the little girl's name. They bring them the hospital so more kids can share in her passion for dolls. This year the Plattsburgh family brought 125 dolls for the children.


((Jory Lafountain "the first year we met the little girl in the hospital, and she was planning her last birthday and she loved the dolls. First year we only raised 69. The second year we got 109 and this year we got even more which is 125.)) Hospital staff will be distributing the dolls to the children.


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High pressure brought us a pleasant Sunday. Hopefully you've enjoyed it, because it's the last one we'll see awhile. Clouds will increase tonight, with light rain arriving in southern areas by daybreak. Rain is likely on Monday, and it will be windy, with a southeast wind of 15 to 25 mph, with gusts to 45 mph (and up to 50 mph in the mountains). With that, there is the possibility of power outages, and there may be minor flooding due to the rain and snowmelt off the mountains. Rain will continue Monday night, then taper to showers on Tuesday. UNSETTLED will be the big word in the forecast for the rest of the week. A stubborn upper-level low will sit and spin from Wednesday right into next Sunday. Each day will be mostly cloudy, with on and off showers. The activity will diminish during the overnight hours, though a few snow showers are possible in the mountains. High temperatures will be in the 45 to 55-degree range, with lows mainly in the 30s. If there is one bright spot to this forecast, it's that it will keep the risk for brush fires down. Enjoy the week and keep the umbrella handy!

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A hunting event in Waterbury Center today aimed at getting more kids involved in the sport. Alex Apple reports.


((NATS gun shot)) ((Ron Lafreniere/Bolton 51:07 We can explain a lot of things to them about nature that you're just not going to get sitting behind a TV screen.)) In Waterbury Center Sunday folks had their sights set on passing the hunting tradition along from this this one. ((Gov NAT)) Hunter Kehoe's father got him out of the woods long enough to attend a luncheon kicking off the youth turkey hunt. Hunter is one of the hottest young sportsmen. ((Hunter Kehoe/12-year-old sportsman 44:30 I got a 22 pound turkey with a 9 inch beard.)) At 12-years-old -- Hunter owes his success to his father. ((Hunter Kehoe/Hinesburg 45:24 My dad teached me the first year. I tried to get a shot at a turkey, but I was scared of the gun.")) ((Ron Lafreniere/Bolton 51:30 I started as a young fellow with my dad obviously.)) Ron Lafreniere knows budding shooters need the chance to learn the sport from the people that know it best. ((Ron Lafreniere - Bolton 50:48 Today's world, the kids are a lot busier and they have a lot of other things to do. We feel that the woods and the forest are one of the nicest and most fun places to be.)) ((Gov Peter Shumlin 56:21 We've got to replace my generation with young hunters and young folks.)) The Governor -- who learned to hunt from his own father wants to see more girls join their brothers in the woods ((Gov. Peter Shumlin 52:36 It's incredibly important in terms of not only teaching traditions but also getting young people excited. What we really want is more girls in the woods.)) But on Sunday -- legislation took a back seat to talk about rich success. ((Hunter Kehoe/Hinesburg 44:59 It came to deer season and I got myself a spike horn, with 9 inch spikes. That's my season.)) ((APPLE STANDUP CLOSE 01:00:48 Next weekend, many of these young hunters will take part in one of three annual youth hunts. They'll be hunting for turkeys next weekend. AA. CH3N. WC.))


Anyone 15 years or young can participte in the youth turkey hunt as long as they are accompanied by an unarmed licensed adult hunter



Montreal took a 2-0 series lead over the Ottawa Senators on Friday night and were looking to take a commanding 3-0 lead tonight in Ottawa... Good news for Montreal, Senators have never won a playoff series after losing the first two games... Ottawa jumping out to a 1-0 lead..but the Canadiens finding the equalizer in the third ...Tom Gilbert's shot blocked in front..puck up in the air, brought down by Dale Weise and firing it home...We are tied at 1 and for the 2nd straight game, these two heading to overtime.. In OT, former Catamount Torrey Mitchell winning the face off, puck goes up and ahead to Weise and Weise delivering once again, going short side for the game winning goal... Canadiens take a commanding 3 game lead, as they defeat Ottawa 2-1 ..Game 4 is set for Wednesday night..


Celtics and Cavaliers facing off in game 1 of their first round playoff series today in Cleveland... Finals seconds of the first half, Isaiah Thomas, pull up jumper and finding the bottom of the net...Not bad, Boston looking like they'll only be down 5 at the break.. But Cleveland saying not so fast, Kyrie Irving for three at the buzzer, buckets... Cavs would pull away for good in the 2nd half, as Boston falls in Game 1 to Cleveland, 113-100... They'll next hit the court on Tuesday for Game 2...


Red Sox and Orioles squaring this afternoon at Fenway, Rick Porcello on the bump for Boston.. And getting some run support early, Hanley Ramirez smoking this one to left and off of the Sports Authority sign...A three run shot and Boston takes a 3-2 lead and the fans are loving it.... But that wouldn't last long as Porcello struggled today...Sox now down 5-3, the bases loaded for Adam Jones and he delivers, smoking this one to straight away center and off the wall... That will clear the bases as he pulls in to second... Porcello gives up 8 runs on the day, as the Sox fall to the O's , 8-3...


Yankees at the Trop today looking for the sweep of the Rays... And Chase Headley having himself a day ...tied at 2, Headley going right up the gut ...Alex Rodriguez comes home, Yankees would go up 4-2.. Then Headley again at the dish and roping this one into right field, and again driving in A-Rod.... Yankees complete the 3 game sweep, winning this one 5-3...


Senior day for the St. Mike's softball team, Sara St. Don and Sarah Murray recognized before their rubber match today against Merrimack.. And a day to forget for the Knights... Merrimack up 6-0 in the 2nd and with the bases loaded, Danielle DelGreco with a wild pitch...that allows former Essex star Alexis Perry to cross the plate..Knights would trail 8-0.. St. Mike's finally getting on the board in the 5th...Jenna Maksian (mac-shin) lining this one to the gap in right center... she pulls into third with a triple.. Two batters later, wild pitch and she is coming home and just sliding under the tag .. But the Warriors shutting down the Knights from that point on as this one is lofted into left and caught for the final out of the game .. Knights slain by the Warriors today, 8-1 the final..


Three big moments from the diamond make up this week's Top 3 on 3.... (( Number three, we head back to Friday... the Mount Mansfield softball team hosting Rutland.. First inning, down 1-0 ...But the Cougars getting it back and then some...With a runner on, Rylee LeBourveau getting all of this fence in left so it keeps on rolling and she has gone some wheels, around third and heading home for the two run, inside the park home run...MMU wins it, 6-2.. #2 comes from Wednesday, The Castleton baseball team hosting Colby Sawyer...Fireworks in this one, Connor Johnson on the bump, lights out, taking a no-hitter into the 8th inning...And with a 0-0 score in the bottom of the 8th.. BFA-St Albans standout Nick Swim sending this one up the middle, Taylor Vile coming home and he will score the game winner, and in the process gives Johnson the no-hitter as Castleton wins it 1-0... And and two-for-one at #1, the Saint Michael's softball team making Colchester walk-off city this week...first on thursday, scoreless in the bottom of the 8th ...Sarah Murry lining this one to left and Essex's Jessica Barnett crosses the plate for the walk-off win.. Then on Saturday, scoreless in the bottom of the 9th inning against Merrimack..Danielle DelGreco getting a hold of this one and it goes over the left fielder's head and again the good luck charm, Barnett crossing the plate... Two walk-offs in just three days and Saint Mike's takes home the Top Spot in this week's Top 3 on 3... )))

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