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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Cat Viglienzoni -- Adam has the night off. We begin tonight with an update in the death of a St. Johnsbury mother. State police say -- there is no indication of foul play. They 34-year-old Kimberly Willis told her two sons that she was going to visit a friend when she left her house Thursday. She was reported missing the next day -- and yesterday, police found her body near her car in Albany, Vermont. Police say an autopsy today showed no signs of foul play -- but they haven't yet said how she died.


And now to our other lead story... as runners took over the Queen City for the 27th annual Vermont City Marathon in Burlington. Scott Fleishman was there for all the action. Did you get a little sun out there? A lot of sun, and even a little rain, but they only real showers downtown were the showers of encouragement fans were pouring onto the near 8-thousand runners on the 26.2 mile course. It was a brisk at the start of the 27th annual vermont city marathon. 3-thousand runners going the distance, while about 5-thousand more running in relays. -- Rhode Island's Matt Pelletier wins for the 5th time. Gives a little love to his parents. Pelletier and North Carolina's Blair Teal were going head to head for the first 16 miles or so. Just 12 seconds separating the 2 runners with Pelletier's unofficial time 2 hours, 19 minutes and 12 seconds. --- Kasie Enman won in 2012, took a couple of years off to have her second child, then today she reclaimed her crown as the top Female and top female Vermonter. 2 hours, 49 minutes and 3 seconds unofficially. While Enman wasn't too thrilled with her time. Pelletier enjoyed the battle he was having with Blair Teal.


(((Matt Pelletier/"My whole thing was if I let him catch me, I get second place. If I shut it down and it fell apart, I still get second place So I just kept going for the win."))) (((Kasie Enman/"I was just surprised that I was holding on to the place, but you know once I got into those final miles I was feeling a little more confident. It was very important to be to be a Vermont runner and come out with a win again."))) Coming up in sports, more from the Marathon including hand cyclist results and we'll tell you what an olympic medalist was doing out on the course this afternoon as well.


Police in New Hampshire are looking for the pair of suspects who they say held up a hotel early this morning. They say both are armed -- and dangerous. Police say a black man walked into the White Mountain Hotel in North Conway just before 4 a.m. -- pointed a gun at the clerk -- and demanded money. He was dressed in all dark clothing, wearing a dark hood, a camouflaged face mask and gloves. Police believe a second suspect was also in on the heist.

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Police say a St. Albans woman had six kids in the car with her during a hit and run. They say 52-year-old Julie Pratt was also driving drunk when she was pulled over by Milton police. They say, Pratt is suspected of the hit and run earlier in the evening in Essex. Police tell us, two of the kids didn't have seatbelts on either. She's expected in court next month.


One day to go until Senator Bernie Sanders makes it official. On Tuesday, the Vermont Independent is expected to formally kick off his presidential campaign in Burlington's Waterfront Park. Sanders says he will lay out what he calls his "Agenda for America."


((05:59 John McClaughry, Ethan Allen Institute: Bernie will draw crowds to their feet by making the argument that you're being robbed of your patrimony. The expropriators have taken what's rightfully yours, put me in power and I'll turn this around.")) Sanders will travel to New Hampshire on Wednesday and then head to Iowa on Thursday. On Tuesday -- Channel 3 News will have special coverage of Sanders' campaign celebration in Burlington... starting at 5 a.m.


New York's senior Senator is trying to make it harder for identity thieves to target kids. Senator Charles Schumer says it's a growing trend that targets children younger than 18. Next week -- he plans to introduce legislation in the Senate that would freeze credit cards for kids -- and prevent people from opening accounts for them -- unless they can prove they're parents or guardians.


Middlebury college graduates walked away with more than just diplomas today. Logan Crawford tells us about the longtime commencement tradition.


((nats)) As the Middlebury Class of 2015 stepped onto campus Sunday morning -- it was the last time as students. (TC 00:31:32:15 Tile 1216) ((Andrew Theobald/Middlebury Graduate "Feels amazing to be on this campus where I spent 4 years and to be celebrating with all my friends." 00:31:38:02)) The three hour Commencement featured singing the Middlebury Alma Matar -- ((nats)) -- and honorary speeches. Acclaimed novelist and poet Julia Alvarez delivered the commencement. The Middlebury grad said life is a journey. (TC 00:17:31:01 Tile 1194) ((Julia Alvarez/Commencement Speaker "Traveler there is no path, the path is made by walking." 00:17:35:25)) A student also got his say up on stage. (TC 00:07:03:07 Tile 1189) ((Adam Milano/Student Commencement Speaker "I can't help but think how incredibly grateful I am to have had the privilege to live in a community of smart, driven, motivated, and exemplary young adults. I always considered college like being an adult but this this massive safety net underneath you. Well today, we have decided to remove the safety net." 00:07:19:13)) And leaving with the class of 2015 is the college's president Ron Liebowitz -- who is stepping down and being replaced by Laurie Patton. One thing students agree is unique about Middlebury's graduation -- graduates get to walk away with more than just a diploma. (TC 00:33:40:00 Tile 1217) ((Sarah Crepps/Middlebury Graduate "Gamaliel Painter's cane.)) ((nats of canes in the air)) Middlebury grads each recieved a 4-foot-long cane. (TC 00:33:47:25 Tile 1217) ((Sarah Crepps/Middlebury Graduate "One of the founders of the college had a cane, and he left the cane with the college when he died, and so that same cane is passed around at convocation, and then everyone gets a replica of it when they leave." 00:34:01:14)) ((nats of caps in the air)) The 552 graduates of Middlebury College now turn the page and begin the next chapter of their lives. (TC 00:31:45:01 Tile 1216) ((Andrew Theobald/Middlebury Graduate "I'm going to Boston I'm going to work for an executive search firm called Isaacson-Miller. SO I'm moving there tomorrow and have got a lease on an apartment. I'm excited to start the next step." 00:31:55:18)) (TC 00:35:56:12 Tile 1220) ((Logan Crawford/Middlebury "The class gift from the 2015 graduates was a fund for abroad experiences. They raised more than 62-thousand dollars for underclassmen to study abroad. Logan Crawford, Channel 3 News, Middlebury." 00:36:09:13))

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A great day for the Vermont City Marathon! Memorial Day will have showers, especially during the afternoon and evening, with possibly a thunderstorm.

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Still to come -- Honoring our Veterans -- Vermont Thunder rides again this Memorial Day weekend ... And coming up a little later -- What a whopper! We'll tell you how big this fish caught today in Lake Champlain was...


Bikers -- from near and far -- helped kick off Memorial Day observances this weekend. The ride -- organized by Vermont Thunder -- honors the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces. Traffic was shut down in Milton as hundreds of riders cruised through town this afternoon. The annual ride begins at the Vermont Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Sharon -- and wraps up in Enosburg Falls.


And there will be other Memorial Day parades around the state Monday... including the annual one in Vergennes. More than 10-thousand spectators -- from across Vermont -- line the streets. There are dozens of floats... and marching bands. For many families -- and politicians -- it's a time honored tradition.

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It's also a great weekend for off-road riders who enjoy the trails in New Hampshire! More than a thousand miles of Northern New Hampshire's "Ride the Wilds" network are back open. Phase one opened last August -- allowing riders to travel from Lancaster to Pittsburg. Ride the Wilds leaders expect to open phase 2 early this summer to connect Northumberland, Star, and Milan.


Today -- thousands of runners hit the pavement in Burlington for the annual Vermont City Marathon and relay. And if you were in the crowd watching, you might have been inspired to start making some strides. Nick Borelli has some tips on how to start training -- and avoid the injuries.


((Nats: Bradshaw Running?)) Sandy Bradshaw wasn't always a runner. (00:06:09:00-00:06:20: 00) ((Sandy Bradshaw/South Burlington: I took a boot camp once and they did a little running program afterwards for just like 3 miles. And I did my first 5K and I was sucked into it.)) That was 8 years ago. With a lot of dedication, Sandy is ready for her third Vermont City Marathon. (00:07:17:00-00:07:19: 00) ((SB:I've been training for 20 weeks.)) She hasn't endured any major training injuries-- But a lot of runners aren't as fortunate. (00:30:09:00-00:30:15: 00) ((Lee Stanton/UVM Medical Center: 65 to 80% of runners get injured annually)) Lee Stanton is a physical therapist at the University of Vermont Medical Center-- He specializes in running-related injuries. He tells us that a lot of newer runners make a common mistake. (00:23:35:00-00:23:40: 00) ((LS: The big one that I see the most is not understanding how to increase their mileage safely.)) The key is to take it slow. And realize that speed and distance take time to develop. If you start running with little or no fitness ability, Stanton recommends following these basic guidelines: (00:24:04:00-00:24:10: 00) ((LS: I typically say year one run a 5K, year 2 run a 10K, year 3 run a half marathon, year 4 run a full marathon.)) But keep in mind ...every person's fitness level is different. Training your body to safely run longer distances is a journey. A journey where you need to listen to your body. (00:25:07:00-00:25:14: 00) ((LS: If it hurts for 20 minutes after you workout then you want to give yourself a day or two off.)) And if your running form gets sloppy-- say your knees start knocking into each other-- that's a sign that you're pushing too hard. Give it a rest. Sure running takes a lot of effort-- but for runners like Sandy-- that feeling you get at the end of the race makes it all worth it. (00:07:09:00-00:07:19: 00) ((It just takes a lot of work. And at the end it's very rewarding)) ((Tracked for later use: Nick Borelli. Ch 3. Burlington.))


Some good tips from Nick there -- and another one is that you have to replace your shoes after about 500 miles. So if you're noticing unusual pain in your hips, knees, or feet -- that could be your problem. And Scott will have the highlights from today's marathon in just a few minutes!


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It was a great day for the Vermont City Marathon, with just a few light showers around. Clouds will increase tonight, with a few showers possible. A warm front will move into the region on Memorial Day, with showers, especially during the afternoon and evening. There is the chance for a thunderstorm. Though the timing isn't great, it's been dry and we need the rain. The warm front will clear the region Monday night, allowing much warmer air to move in for Tuesday. It will be more humid as well. There may be an isolated shower or thunderstorm, but that's about it. Wednesday will have a better chance for showers and thunderstorms, as a cold front moves through. This will cool us down a bit for Thursday, though showers are still possible. We'll have a quiet day on Friday, with temperatures warming up again. Another cold front is expected to bring showers and thunderstorms on Saturday, and a few showers lingering into Sunday morning. Have a great week!

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Call it beginners luck... For a first-time fisherman visiting from Poland! Henryk (BEAR-EH-ZOW-SKEE) Berezowski was reportedly out on the water for only a few minutes before he reeled in this monster Sheepshead Fish -- also known as a drum fish -- earlier today on Lake Champlain. It weighs in at over 22 pounds -- and we're waiting to hear from the state if it's a record-breaker.


Whether it's the orange roof -- the ice cream flavors -- or the food... there's something nostalgic about the Howard Johnson's restaurants. Nicole Hart takes us to the last of the classic chain -- in Lake George.


(Jonathan LaRock/Owner, Howard Johnsons) "I used to work here years ago and I loved the place and I didn't want to see it get bulldozed, so we're going to keep it going :07" JONATHAN LAROCK IS NOW THE OWNER OF THIS HISTORIC BUILDING... RUNNING THE SAME PLACE HE BEGAN AS A COOK AND A DISHWASHER IN THE 1970'S. IT'S THE SMILES, MEMORIES AND NOSTALGIA THAT KEEP THE DOORS OPEN... AND KEEP PATRONS COMING BACK FOR MORE. (Jonathan LaRock/Owner, Howard Johnsons) "one guy came in here crying from New Jersey and you know, he's really sad to see all the rest of them close, but on the other hand, he was glad to see this one still open. (Steven Appelbaum/Patron) "I came here for 15 years with my children." MEMORIES SWIRLED IN WITH THE ICE CREAM AND MILKSHAKES... ALL FORMED UNDER THE ORANGE ROOF THAT CAN BE SPOTTED FROM MILES AWAY ON ROUTE NINE IN LAKE GEORGE. MANY PATRONS, FROM NEAR AND FAR, WALK BACK INTO THE PLACE THAT HOLDS SO MANY MEMORIES. (Nicole Hart/Reporting) "driving by, what caught your attention?" (Jonathan LaRock/Owner, Howard Johnsons) "the orange roof... had to stop in and take pictures. Then I thought, I can't believe this place is open! That's when I went inside and said let me take pictures of the buffet and all the things that we used to do and then... it's alive and well."


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It was a marathon that saw everything today, a little rain, plenty of sun and familiar names adding to their collection of first place medals. It all starts at 8am from battery Park, 26 point 2 miles later we wind up at waterfront park. In between there's just a huge mass of runner. About 3-thousand of them going the distance with another 5000 participating in relays. Nearly all of last year's top winners weren't in the field this year. --- Rhode Island's Matt Pelletier has run Vermont 7 times, today he won for the 5th time. A kiss for mom and dad before crossing the finish line. Pelletier's time 2 hours, 19 minutes and 12 seconds. Waitsfield's David Sinclair was the first Vermont male to cross coming in third overall. --- Kasie Enman is the first Vermont women to cross. The Huntington resident won in 2012, then took a couple of years off to have a child. Her time, 2 hours, 49 minutes and 3 seconds. --- South Burlington's Charlotte Merle-Smith was the first female handcyclist to finish at 2:18:33. Springfield's Larry Nadeau is the top male handcyclist. He was flying down church street and he keeps up the pace the rest of the way, al time of 1 hour, 34 minutes and 49 seconds.


(((Larry Nadeau/"I was just trying to get to the finish hoping nobody would pass me. I feel good still. The crowd pushes you all the way through everything, so it was a lot fun."))) (((Kasie Enman/"I'm psyched that I somehow held on for the win. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to do that. Once I got into the final miles I was like, keep going you know."))) (((Matt Pelletier/"Five is a good number. I like five. And Jen Savis and Jess Cover promised me they're paying for a Vermont City Marathon tattoo, so I'm going to hold them accountable for that."))) We also had an olympic medalist out on the course today as well. Deena Kastor holds American records in the marathon and half-marathon she also won bronze at the 2004 Olympics. Kastor was part of a relay team with 3 local high school students, CVU's Carly Neal, St. J's Caroline O'Shea and South Burlingtion's Megan Cook. They finished in about 2 hours and 50 minutes.


The other big event happening on this marathon Sunday, the Annual memorial Day classic at Thunder Road. Derrick O'Donnell with his second win in this event. Milton's Scott Dragon is second, Barre's Nick Sweet is third. Not only was there a 100 late model feature, but there was also a 150 lap Pro All Stars Series featuring Super Late Models. Joey Doiron wins that feature, the first one of its kind at Thunder Road. Kane O'Neill will have highlights and reaction from Barre at 11.


This is the final week of the regular season for high school baseball, softball and lacrosse. The Tennis team state tournament begins this week. The Individual state titles were handed out on Saturday The girls meeting in Montpelier, the boys in Burlington. If the individual tournament is any indication, it looks like South Burlington is the favorite to sweep both boys and girls D1 titles for the second straight year. Yesterday's singles final featured 2 south burlington players. The same could be said for the girls doubles final. In fact, three of the 4 doubles teams in the semis were from South Burlington. The Rebeles approach to this week is pretty simple.


(((Wulfson/Jusufagic/" Just one match at a time and everybody just focuses on their match, just one point at a time and slowly make our way up.")))


Finally, what a night at Lyndon State College Saturday. The School hosting the first ever Northern New Hampshire and Northeast Kingdom yearly High School sports awards. Among the honors handed out, Athletes of the year and top sportmanship. Some big names, like former catamount Taylor Copenrrath and Burlington high star Joe O'Shea presented the awards. The big key note speaker was none other than legendary sports writer, Bob Ryan. Ryan pent over 40 years as an award winning writer for the Boston Globe. He's visited the Green Mountain State before, but this was his first trip to the Kingdom.


(((Ryan/"This is my first experience on this half of the state. My experience is generally over in the Burlington area, mostly because of the friendship I developed over the years with Coach Brennan. I really just want to congratulate (the athletes) and just maybe remind them they're going to treasure these days and to really appreciate the experience of having competed and the friendships you make and be assured that these are friendships that are going to matter to you forever.")))

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