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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. It's spurred over a half dozen protests this summer and fall, but construction on phase one of a natural gas pipeline continues even as the company still has easements to reach with homeowners along the route. Alex Apple has our story.


Some support it. ((Tom Donahue- Rutland Chamber of Commerce: "It becomes imperative that Rutland County also has access to natural gas)) Others have protested against it. ((Protestor: "Vermont Gas bears the real responsibility for costing ratepayers more money)) But construction on a 41 mile Vermont Gas pipeline -- running through Chittenden, Addison and Rutland Counties continues. The company says it has now reached agreements with 75 percent of landowners who live along the pipeline's route. (35:33 Steve Wark/VT Gas)(("Another 20 percent we're making really good headway with.")) Ten homeowners met with Governor Peter Shumlin last week to express their concerns over the negotiations. Steve Wark -- Vermont Gas' spokesman -- emphasized the company's desire to co-exist with landowners. (36:40 Steve Wark/VT Gas)(("In Chittenden and Franklin County, Vermont Gas has been doing business for almost 50 years, so people are used to seeing the infrastructure, they're used to the service, but in Addison County, this is very new technology.")) That technology comes in the form of over 200,000 feet of piping. Vermont Gas pays for a full time inspector to ensure each piece is structurally sound. (Charlie Pughe/Project Manager 20:18)(("All this pipe was ultrasounded. So they ran it through an ultrasonic machine to inspect it and look for any voids in the walls of the pipe.")) Because the natural gas is less dense than water -- VT gas uses a concrete coated pipe that will sink in the ground in wetlands. A special anti-corrosion pipe is used along route 289 in Chittenden County. (30:44 Charlie Pughe/Project Manager)(("This is the prytek pipe which is the bulk of the pipe we're using here. We're not working in a wetland area here so there is no concrete coated pipe.")) Workers will dig a six foot deep trench to ensure proper conditions above and below the steel. (29:49 Charlie Pughe/Project Manager)(("Once the pipe is all welded-up, they'll come up through with the excavator and dig the trench for where the pipe is going to go.")) Once construction is finished, the company says their job is to build up the terrain to prevent runoff -- a key environmental concern. (31:12 Charlie Pughe)(("They'll be mulching in. You can see where it's mulched with hay to protect erosion.")) (protest footage) And despite the protests or concerns expressed by some Vermonters, Wark says the company has not wavered in its commitment to the project. (36:05 Steve Wark)(("At the end of the day, our infrastructure will be here for a long time so we want to be good neighbors.")) Alex Apple. Channel 3 News. Essex.


The company has reached agreements with 166 landowners along the route. Wark says 11 landowners have opted to negotiate through a mediator.


Fire destroyed a two-story apartment building overnight in Tupper Lake. Officials say the fire at the Park Street building was reported shortly after 9 p.m Saturday. All but one of the four units were occupied -- The six residents made it out safely and are being helped by the Red Cross. Firefighters had assistance from neighboring towns and were able to keep the blaze from spreading to adjacent buildings. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


It's day two of open enrollment for Vermont's revamped Vermont Health Connected website and it appears things are going much smoother this time around. 22-thousand are already signed up from the previous enrollment. But that process was was hassle for some. Officials say they took advantage of being down to do more work with technology AND back office issues. 3 to 8 thousand additional people are expected to enroll during this period.


Meanwhile, more fallout from comments from one of the architects of the nation's health care law. Speaking at a press conference in Australia, President Obama said there was no provision of the Affordable Care Act that was not extensively debated and fully transparent. His remarks come after video surfaced last week of an adviser to that law, Jonathan Gruber, saying, quote, "the stupidity of the American voter" helped Democrats pass the law. Gruber has since said he spoke inappropriately and regrets the comments. Gruber is also a paid consultant on Vermont's single-payer plans.


The quarantine period is over Monday for a Rutland-area man in isolation over fears that he could be carrying the Ebola virus. Peter Italia agreed to go into a three-week quarantine after his trip to West Africa. The state was first alerted to his trip by Rutland's mayor -- and there were concerns that Italia might be mentally unstable. Dozens of emails show -- that not only was the Shumlin administration tracking Italia's case -- but also Congressman Peter Welch's office - which notified the White House.


A new group of lawmakers will arrive under Montpelier's golden dome this January, but work will begin before the new session. Wednesay, rookie and veteran lawmakers will receive a preliminary legislative briefing. The day long session will focus on the budget, health care reform, and education... three issues expected to receive substantial attention in the two years to come. The state faces a revenue shortfall this year even after one round of cuts, and a 100-million dollar gap in the following year. The state's health exchange is back online this weekend, but lawmakers must also pay attention to the soon-to-be-released single payer funding plans. Lawmakers must also find a way to pay for the state's significant education costs while faced with declining student enrollment.


Former New Hampshire House speakers Gene Chandler and Bill O'Brien are competing to regain the top job in the New Hampshire House. House Republicans will gather Tuesday to choose their leader. O'Brien's tenure as speaker from 2011 to 2012 was marked by controversy, while Chandler was investigated for campaign finance violations when speaker in 2004 and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. The Bartlett resident has the backing of Influential Republicans, including Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Both the NH House and Senate now have GOP majorities.

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coming up on tonight's news... Day two of rifle season in Vermont.... plus... The army of volunteers who get the trails ready for riders... First here's Dave with the weather ... A quiet weekend, but a messy storm moves in for Monday.

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An Adirondack Moose poaching incident this month has state officials reaching out to the public for help. DEC officials are trying to determine who shot and killed a young moose in the town of Newcomb two weeks ago. Now New York conservation officials are encouraging the public to use a toll-free hotline for reporting poachers. The hot line staffed 24/7 -- and officials say it will help officers respond quickly to incidents. The number can also be used to report polluters. ((NY DEC HOTLINE 1-844-332-3267.))


Cold weather did not prevent hunters from finding success on day two of rifle season, while wardens say safety remains the ultimate aim. Kyle Midura reports.


(nats) Hunters flocked to reporting stations all across Vermont Sunday. Those who did not find success in the woods marveled at the game bagged by their peers. (02:32:43:00) ((Francis Laduc - Hunter I got lucky and got one, that's all I can tell you)) Francis Laduc pulled into the Hinesburg General Store to get his 120 pound buck inspected, Sunday morning after coming up empty Saturday. He'll spend the rest of his day processing the carcass. (02:31:42:00) ((Francis Laduc - Hunter we're going to hunt a little bit more, bear hunting's still on)) (nats) (02:41:08:00) ((Steven Bachand - Hunter I've been hunting for years and years and years, never seen a bear in the woods, and I thought you know what, once in a lifetime, I'm going to do it)) Steven Bachand says he went into the woods looking for deer, but came out with a bear when one walked over a ridge and right into his sights. He says he paused before pulling the trigger with the 140 pound animal only about twenty yards away from his tree stand. (02:37:12:00) ((Steven Bachand - Hunter best not to miss, I triple-checked before I went up for it, (laughs), I waited for probably 10 minutes before I got out of my stand)) After weighing in, Bachand planned on heading back out to his woods. He used his bear tag, but itched to fill his deer quota. (02:38:07:00) ((Steven Bachand - Hunter Steven: I'll be in my blind in about an hour. Reporter: In about an hour? Steven: Oh yeah!)) The stories are similar across the state. Big game became a common sight in Jericho, as the day wore on... and game wardens say that's no surprise. (2:32:15:00) ((Robert Currier - Game Warden having about a day and a half in, so far it's been a productive and succesful hunt for some, some are still out there trying to get their deer)) (2:48:44:00) ((Robert Currier - State Game Warden I'd like to urge people to always be cognizant where they are and people around them)) (2:48:52:00) ((Robert Currier - State Game Warden it's a smart thing to wear blaze orange or bright colors when you're in the woods so that you can be easily identified by hunters in the area)) This year's rifle season runs through November 30th. And officials say taking smart safety steps is no guarantee that you will bag a deer, but it could go a long way to help keep the season incident-free. Kyle Midura, Channel 3 News, Hinesburg.


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A *WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY* is in effect for the Adirondacks of New York, and Bennington and Windham counties in Vermont, from late tonight through Monday. A *LAKE EFFECT SNOW WATCH* is in effect for portions of St. Lawrence and Franklin counties in New York from Monday night through Wednesday morning. A messy storm will affect our region from late tonight through Monday. Light snow will arrive from south to north after midnight tonight, with a trace to an inch accumulation likely by daybreak. The snow will mix with sleet and possibly some freezing rain Monday morning, before changing to all rain during the afternoon. The Adirondacks may receive 2 to 5 inches accumulation, with a trace to 3 inches elsewhere. The rain will quickly taper to snow showers Monday night, as much colder air moves in, freezing everything up on the roads. Tuesday will be downright blustery and cold, with highs only in the 20s. Snow showers will be scattered about, though lake effect snow is possible in the Adirondacks, with several more inches accumulation. Wednesday and Thursday will be slightly warmer, with snow showers expected by Thursday afternoon. A few flurries are possible Friday. Next weekend will start out with a dry and cold Saturday. Sunday will be warmer, with some spots in the low 40s, and showers are expected by afternoon.

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Snowmobile season is right around the corner. But before the thousands of miles of trails are ready for riders, volunteers need to get them into top shape. Julie Kelly reports.


(TC- 01:42:06:00) ((NAT SOUND FULL - Jeff Hale/Volunteer "You good George on that?" George Peak/Volunteer "I think that's good right there.")) Jeff Hale is getting the green light from his father-in-law and fellow volunteer George Peak out here on the VAST trail in Walden. (TC - 01:42:25:00) (NAT SOUND FULL- George close up hammering sign in) This is one of about 400 signs and stakes volunteers from the Coles Pond Sledders Club are putting up ahead of snowmobile season. (TC - 01:44:39:00) ((NATS FULL - "That'll work fine. It is a lot easier when you've got a couple of people.")) Peak says, a group of about twenty volunteers gets the 55 miles of snowmobile trails ready in this part of Caledonia County. He says, this Fall's big project was rebuilding a 70 foot bridge in the Steam Mill Brook management area. (TC - 01:51:55:00) ((George Peak/Coles Pond Sledders Club It's meeting the people and talking with the people and seeing the families come in year after year and praising the club and vast for the job that is being done. That's the reward we get.)) (TC - 01:58:39:00) ((George Gattone/Coles Pond Sledders Club When I retired my wife and I moved here to Walden from Chittenden County and I was just looking for a way to continue to give back to our state and our community.)) George Gattone (gah-tone) served thirty years in the military, including a tour in Afghanistan with the Army National Guard from Vermont. (TC - 01:44:24:00) ((NAT FULL - "Don't screw my finger to it! I'll try not to by god." Screw sound)) This is his first year out here doing trail maintenance with his neighbor. (TC - 01:59:00:00) ((George Gattone/Coles Pond Sledders Club Knowing how much time he and the other volunteers have put in, I thought it just a perfect for for me. I love the outdoors. I just assume be outdoors than in. It's great! )) Kenneth Gammell couldn't agree more --- he has been a volunteer county director for VAST since 1967. (TC - 02:01:26:00) ((Kenneth Gammell/VAST Caledonia County Director There were some things going on in VAST that I didn't like and I went over to a meeting and Bill Oakes was over there and Bill said to me, if you don't like what's going on get involved.)) He took that to heart and has been volunteering ever since. As a VAST county director he helps the thirteen clubs in the county keep the trail system open. (TC -02:03:47:00) ((Kenneth Gammell/VAST Caledonia County Director Most of my week is consumed by VAST. My wife once said, yah know Kenny if you put as much time into your business as you did VAST we'd be multi millionaires. (Laughs) but that's what volunteers are about. We don't do it for the glory, we don't do it because we want to get paid, we do it because we enjoy doing it!)) JK - Ch -- 3 News



The Middlebury field hockey team is looking to advance to the national semifinals and a trip to Virginia with a win today over Ursinus in the NCAA regional finals. The Panthers lost this very game one year ago on their home field. --- They weren't putting anything to chance this afternoon,18 minutes in, Bridget Instrum gets the Panthers on the board with the beautiful finish falling down... 1-0 Midd... --- 5 Minutes later, Instrum at it again, spins around a defender and fires... She had a hat trick.. 2-0 Middlebury at the break... --- Second half, her teammates getting into the mix... Pam Schulman fires it home off the Olivia Jurkowitz pass. --- Then Catherrine Fowler finds Jillian Green, she does the rest.. ---- Middlebury cruises past Ursinus 5-1, advancing to their first NCAA Final Four since 2011.


(((Bridget Instrum/"We're just so excited. I've never played on a team with this much potential and depth. I think we're unstoppable if we put our minds to it. I'm just really excited to go to Virginia."))) (((Catherine Fowler/"We set these goals right in the beginning of the summer and at the end of last season when we lost here on this field in the same situation, so we know what we're headed towards, this is our team goal and wee did it, so we're excited.")))


Across the lawn, the Middlebury women looking to sweep Colby in their season opening series --- First period, on the power play, Montpelier's Carly Watson's shot finds an opening... The goal makes it 1-0 Panthers after 1... --- In the second, the Mules test Madeline Marsh but the keeper perfect on the afternoon with 13 saves... --- Third period, still 1-0,, Middlebury puts it on ice... Emily Fluke's shot is putback by Janka Hlinka... Her first career goal... --- Middlebury downs Colby 2-0 to start the season 2-0...


The top ranked Plattsburgh women's hockey team facing Chatham for the second straight day. --- and for the Second straight day, the Cardinals are dominant. Early first period, Chatham can't clear it, Alyssa Parke puts it on net, Giovanna Senese puts home the rebound. Two goals for Senese on the day. --- Later in the period, off the faceoff, Plattsburgh's Bridget Balisy gets it and scores it. It's 4-0 Plattsburgh after 1. --- They score 6 more goals in the second, Kayla Meneghin gets the puck from behind the net and wraps it around for the first of her two goals on the day. Plattsburgh rolls to an 11-1 win. The Cardinals visit Castleton Tuesday.


The UVM men's basketball team continues its season opening road trip tomorrow night facing Siena in Albany's Times Union Center. Siena was picked to finish second in the MAAC. Canisius, picked to finish 10th in the MAAC, beat the Cats last night in Buffalo, 64-60. Vermont had a 4 point halftime lead, but the The Golden Griffins put together an 8-2 run in the opening minutes of the second half to take the lead for good. Freshman Trae Bell Haynes led the Cats with 17 points in 24 minutes. Bell Haynes scored 8 straight at one point in the first half. UVM has won the last 4 meetings against Siena. Tip off tomorrow night is at 7.


At this time a year ago, the Castleton football team was licking its wounds after going through a 1-9 season that was kicked off by scandal. A new coach, a new philosophy and scandal free, the Spartans turned it around. That was evident yesterday in their 48-28 win at Norwich in the 6th annual Maple Sap Bucket game. Castleton put up 14 points in the first five minutes and took advantage of 9 Cadet turnovers to win this rivalry game for the second time in program history. And speaking of program history, The Spartans 7-3 regular season record is the school's best finish ever.


((("We will continue to do great things here. Inevitable, we will be asked, when did it start? When did it happen? When did you sense it was going to go? And the answer will undoubtedly be 2014."))) (((Eric Mimnaugh/"It means so much. The Coaching staff came in and turned basically the same team around. There's not too many new people on it. To just make us a winning team again, feels fantastic."))) ((("Sap Bucket!"))) ((("YEAH!")))


The Giants home today hosting San Francisco. And it would not be a good day for one Eli Manning. --- The Giants quarterback is intercepted 5 times. Chris Borland doing the honors in the second quarter. It leads to a field goal and a 9-7 San Fran lead. --- Third quarter, it's the Niners offense going to work, colin kaepernick hits michael crabtree for the 48 yard touchdown run, San Francisco taking a 16-7 lead. --- The Giants did hang around and had a chance to take the lead in the fourth quarter, but on 4th an goal manning's pass is batted around and picked off by borland inside the five. The Giants fall, 16-10.

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