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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Residents of a senior housing community in South Burlington are not surfing the web this weekend because of a service interruption at FairPoint. Customers say they are not sure if progress is being made-- which officials say-- has been an ongoing problem. Rose Spillman reports.


On Friday, Faripoint customers living in the Northern Meridian senior community in South Burlington experienced an internet outage across all three buildings. One resident who called the company's Technical Support said Fairpoint had no knowledge of the neighborhood-wide issue. (00:26:24 7564) ((Jack Giesen/Fairpoint Customer " they were trying to deal with an individual problem and were totally unaware that a much larger problem existed." 00:26:32)) Sunday afternoon, internet service was still down. Residents say they were told the company was still not working on the outage and only just beginning to realize the situation. (00:27:40 7564) ((Jack Giesen/Fairpoint Customer "And numerous people in the three buildings that comprise Northern Meridian have called not just once, but in some cases, many times." 00:27:52)) FairPoint has has trouble dealing with customer complaints for months. But recently, there have been signs of progress. On Friday the company issued a statement saying that the trouble load for Vermont New Hampshire and Maine was down by 60 percent. They attributed issues to the unions' strike and bad weather. But problems, like the one this community is experiencing, persist. In Vermont, officials say communication issues with Fairpoint's technical service remain a leading cause of drawn out outages. (00:15:12 2312) (( Chris Recchia/Vt. Public Service Commissioner "Problems we were seeing were missed appointments, failure to schedule appointments for a long time, saying a job had been fixed when the customer said no, it's still not working." 00:15:25)) As problems continue, customers say the idea of switching service providers has been a popular topic. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Burlington.


FairPoint officials say they are aware of the problem and it is being addressed. They say this specific issue relates to a hardware failure and does NOT have to anything to do with the strike.


An ATV accident has claimed the life of a Weybridge man. Police say, 36-year-old James Davignon (dah-vin-yon) the third was driving in a field next to his house on Weybridge Road Saturday when the ATV flipped over-- landing on him. A passing driver called 9-1-1. Emergency crews attempted to resuscitate the man but Davignon was pronounced dead shortly after 9 p.m. Police say, they believe alcohol was a factor in crash.

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A point seven percent payroll tax proposal from Governor Peter Shumlin has gotten the attention of the Vermont Retail and Grocers Association. The organization says it is skeptical of whether the Governor's proposal will have the revenue neutral impact on businesses as the Governor suggested. In his fiscal address, Governor Shumlin pitched the tax as a way to also lower insurance premiums while solving the medicaid cost shift. But critics say predicting the proposal's effect on insurance premiums is too difficult.


(Jim Harrison/Retail and Grocers Association 36:41)(("I give the Governor a lot of credit for coming out with something that potentially addresses the medicaid cost shift. Forgive us if we're a little bit skeptical that that actually translates into a reduction in health care premiums.")) (Jim Harrison/Retail and Grocers Association 37:06)(("We're asking employers to swallow 90 million dollars in new taxes, so we're going to meet with the Governor. We're going to try to learn more about his proposal.")) Harrison says the Vermont Retail and Grocers Association will meet with the governor before adopting any official stance on the implications of the proposed tax.


It's new technology in the Northeast Kingdom doctors say is as revolutionary as CT scans. Alex Apple takes us to North Country Hospital.


(01:13:42 Radiologist Steven Perlin/North Country Hospital)(("We know that we've already picked up some cancers here that we would not have seen. This is in the past two months since we initiated this.")) Radiologist Steven Perlin says 3D Mammography is making his a little bit easier. (01:12:18 Radiologist Steven Perlin/North Country Hospital)(("With this technique, we're able to alleviate having to call patients back because we can make that determination the initial imaging with this 3D technique.")) 3D Mammography has come to the Northeast Kingdom . It's a major breakthrough for such a small facility that's helping doctors at Newport's North Country Hospital detect breast cancers that may have previously gone unnoticed. ((01:22:21 Katie NAT You take the picture top to bottom.)) The 3D mammography helps doctors get a more complete picture of a woman's breast -- creating a 3D image of the tissue. (01:12:39 Radiologist Steven Perlin/North Country Hospital)(("Unfortunat ely for the patient, the big bug-a-boo with mammography has always been compression.")) The process still involves compression of the tissue, but with a more accurate reading -- the need for second and third screenings goes down by as much as 50 percent. (01:11:47 Radiologist Steven Perlin/North Country Hospital)((" It may even allow us to see areas that we weren't able to pick up with 2D images at all.")) The machine is able to move to different angles getting as close to the chest wall as possible. The end result is a change that Perlin says represents a major paradigm shift for the only hospital within a 40 mile radius of Newport. (01:14:54 Radiologist Steven Perlin/North Country Hospital)(("I liken this transformation from 2D to 3D mammography as the same sort of revolutionary change in technology that CT scanning provided to general radiography.")) AA. Ch3N. Newport.


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High pressure will bring a bitterly cold night tonight, with lows ranging from zero to 10 below. Please remember to bring the pets inside. Monday will start off with sunshine, followed by increasing clouds. Light snow will arrive in southern areas by evening, as a powerful winter storm begins to affect the Northeast. Snow is likely Monday night, especially south and east of the Champlain Valley. Snow will continue on Tuesday, especially south and east, and become lighter during the course of the day. The storm will move out Tuesday night. Based on the predicted track of the storm, the worst of this will be along the coast, with blizzard conditions and 18 to 30 inches of snow expected. In our region, expected snowfall accumulations will range from 3 to 6 inches for the Adirondacks, Champlain Valley, and north-central Vermont, 6 to 12 inches for central and south-central Vermont and New Hampshire, and 1 to 2 feet for Bennington and Windham counties. Again, this will depend on the track of the storm, so stay tuned for the latest updates. Wednesday will be partly sunny. A weak system will bring the chance for light snow Thursday afternoon through Friday, with just minor accumulation expected. Another Arctic blast will arrive for next weekend.

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The Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury is getting a facelift. Thanks, in part to a team of volunteers. Julie Kelley reports.


(TC - 01:17:00:00) ((Thomas Berriman/Fairbanks Museum Volunteer I love this museum! I visited here maybe twenty years ago and I said this is the kind of town I want to live in and what a great place this would be to work!)) After 35 years in San Francisco, Thomas Berriman made the move East to St. Johnsbury and started volunteering at the Fairbanks Museum. (TC - 01:16:14:00) ((Thomas Berriman/Fairbanks Museum Volunteer I started working as a volunteer here twelve years ago and worked mainly cleaning all of the bird mounts in the cases doing some minor carpentry with them and things like that. And they actually liked what I did so they out me on staff for ago six years.)) He's back giving his time as the museum goes through a renovation. Nats- vacuuming polar bear Jaclyn Mertz never thought she'd be vacuuming a polar bear! As part of the project ... Every surface ... Including the furry ones ... Are getting cleaned! (TC - 01:20:59:00) ((Reporter: did you ever imagine you'd be cleaning a polar bear? Jaclyn Mertz- No not at all! This is quite unexpected! Quite unexpected! But I've had a lot of fun, I've had a lot of fun because it's nice to see your work, because you see it all dirty, at the end of the day it's clean and you're just like, oh my god I did all of that! It's great!)) Jaclyn is an Americorp member from Maryland. (TC - 01:20:08:00) ((Jaclyn Mertz/Americorp Member I volunteer here for a year. I have to work 1700 hours from September to August. So I work here for 35 hours a week usually doing programs and I also have training with americorp.)) Most AmeriCorps members receive student loan deferment, and training, and may receive a living allowance. The goal is to get them hands on experience ... Which is something she's definitely gettng here at the Fairbanks Museum! (TC - 01:22:01:00) ((Jaclyn Mertz/AmeriCorp Member It's something very unique. I don't have anything like this down in Maryland!)) Whether you come from far away or live close to the museum ... There are lots of volunteering opportunities here. Thomas says, there are two things you should know. The first is that a lot of the volunteering is on the weekends in the gift shop and at the main desk. The second thing? (TC - 01:18:15:00) ((Thomas Berriman/Fairbanks Museum Volunteer There's always these projects that are for cleaning and for keeping up maintenance that they need volunteers for. And they're physical jobs and dirty jobs so they would have to not mind getting their hands dirty!)) 01:18:34:00 JULIE KELLEY, CHANNEL 3 NEWS, ST. JOHNSBURY.


The museum will open back up next Saturday.



After seeing their 5 game win streak come to an end at the hands of New Hampshire on Thursday, the UVM men looked to get back into the win column tonight as they hit the road to face Umass Lowell... The Catamounts just 3-7 on the road this season, but got off to a hot start today... Up of the missed shot, Trae Bell-Haynes, takes this down the court and lofts it up for Dre Wills and he finishes for two of his game high 20 points...UVM up by 6 ... And Vermont continuing to hurt the River Hawks down low...Ethan O'Day the tough bucket inside, it's 21-15 Catamounts.. But Lowell hanging around in the first half..Chad Holley drives to the rack and gets this one to drop in...UVM would head into the half up 31-25 .. The Catamounts, though start the 2nd half off just as hot as the first..O'Day the big swat and the rim...and Wills taking this one down the length of the floor and gets the floater to's a 10 point Cat lead But Lowell wipes away the double digit lead .....UVM up by just 5 ...Brad Schaub the baseline drive, he gets the bucket and 1 ...UVM lead down to 2 .. But the Catamounts start to piece together a run of their own midway through the 2nd... Haynes shot won't fall but O'Day there for the tip in... And then Wills dumps it off for Kurt Steidel...He buries the triple, part of an 8-0 Vermont run.. UVM moves to 6-1 in America East play as they take down UMass-Lowell tonight, 61-50...


The UVM women also down in Lowell today taking on the Lady River Hawks..Niki Taylor needing just two points to reach the 1,000 point mark in her career... Opening minute of the game...Vermont inbounds pass to a wide open Katie Lavelle, off the glass for two...We are tied at 2.. And Lowell leaving the Cats open early, Taylor to a wide open Jordan Eisler and she gets two to drop in... It's a two point UVM lead.. But the River Hawks answer on the other end of the floor... Shannon Samuels buries the shot from behind the arc...Lowell on top 5-4.. But the big moment of the first belonged to Vermont as history was made..Taylor open down low, the first shot won't go in, but gets her own rebound and gets it to drop for the century mark, point number 1,000... Vermont...we'll have full highlights at 11 ...

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