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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. We begin tonight with a fire in downtown St. Albans that officials say had the potential to burn down an entire block. Multiple crews repsonded to 48 Federal street for the report of a structure fire. Fire fighters are still trying to figure out exactly what caused it. The fire was contained to a single apartment unit and did NOT spread to adjacent businesses. The apartment sustained major damage and could be a total loss, however officials say the fire could have been much worse.


(( Capt. Matt Mulheron st albans city fire dept. "the buildings are pretty close together, it had the potential to be a small block fire, they are all attached but it was a great stop both departments worked well and made a great stop." )) Fire fighters say there was someone in the building when the fire broke out, but the person was able to get out uninjured.


A woman from Brandon was killed in a crash in Middlebury. It happened last night on Route 7 just after 7 p.m. Middlebury Police say a pickup truck driven by 57-year-old Brandon Castonguay was headed north when his truck rear-ended a farm truck. Castonguay's wife, 47-year-old Mary Alberico, was sitting in the passenger seat. She was pinned and died at the scene. Castonguay was taken to UVM Medical Center for his injuries. Route 7 was closed for about three hours while police investigated.


Hunters headed into the woods this weekend for the start of bow season. Gina Bullard caught up with some young hunters who got off to a good start.


Tis' the season at Bibben's Lake Shore Ace in Colchester. ((nat)) Cousins Abigail Clark and Dylan Tatro enjoyed some family bonding time in the woods celebrating Vermont's archery deer season. (00:34:36:12) ((Dylan Tatro/14 years old "it gives me the shivers")) (00:32:46:24) ((Abigail Clark/12 years old "i saw three deer two small ones and a big one and i shot the big one")) (00:34:01:23) ((Dylan Tatro/14 years old "i was sleeping and my grandfather woke me up and i didn't realize and see it and there was two of them and i wanted to go for the biggest one so i did")) Dylan's doe rang in at 98 pounds -- Abigail's at 107. They're not strangers to the woods but for both of them it was their first doe with a bow. Something they also scored -- proud family members. (00:37:41:26) ((Andrew Clark/Dad "it was awesome she said i love you so much daddy and that was the first time i heard that in months hah")) (00:29:29:12) ((Dale Scichitano/Bibben's Lake Shore Ace "everybody seen more deer than the state says is out there the deer they shot wasn't the only one they saw so they are seeing deer contrary to what the state says the population is down seems to be just the opposite")) Hunters can take up to three deer in the state's two-part archery season. ((GFX)) Starting in 2016 several regulation changes will go into effect. The October archery season will be extended five days -- the number of deer hunters can take during archery season will be lowered to two -- only one can be a buck. Hunters age 50 and older will be allowed to use crossbows and the state will prohibit the use of urine lures. (00:37:34:25) ((Andrew Clark/Dad "it's nice to know leaving something behind the kids can enjoy hopefully as much as i do")) Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Colchester.


The first part of the split season continues until October 25th.


Hundreds of young activists marched through downtown Burlington today for the state's first ever Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. Rose Spillman was there.


Taegan Yardley is a 7th grader from Charlotte. She says she's had a passion for elephants for the past 2 years. (05:20:07 3674) ((Taegan Yardley/12 Years Old "They have a selfless concern for the welfare of others, and that concern extends beyond elephants and even extends to humans." 05:20:16)) On Sunday, Yardley helped lead the state's first event participating in a global march for elephants and rhinos. The group marched across downtown Burlington hoping to raise awareness about the ivory industry and the animals killed as a result of it. (05:51:21 3767) ((Keira Yardley/10 Years Old "Elephants are one of those creatures you learn as growing up as a kid, and I don't want that to change. I don't want people growing up knowing that we were the ones who made elephants extinct." 05:51:35)) This past spring, Yardley testified at the statehouse to promote a bill that would ban ivory sales within Vermont. Activists of all ages were at the event to spread the word that the bill would be back for the 2016 legislative session. (05:52:09 3768) ((Elle McAvey/7 Years Old "I really hope the elephant bill passes. The elephants are killed every 15 minutes." 05:52:09)) A group of over 300 rallied around city hall after the march. Multiple speakers at the event represented organizations such as Ivory Free Vermont and the Humane Society of the United States. (05:40:39 3765) ((Brenna Galdenzi/Protect Our Wildlife Vermont "So we're just here to let people know that, yes, we're in Vermont far away from Africa, but we can do something right here about outreach and communicating with your neighbors and getting them to contact your legislators." 05:40:49)) Activists say that the U.S. already bans the import or export of ivory, but there is no federal law to ban sales of ivory that already exists within the country. New York and New Jersey were the first states to ban sales within their borders. Vermont bill H.297 hopes to do the same. (05:46:30 3766) ((Ashley McAvey/Ivory Free Vermont "When you buy and sell it today, even if the elephant died 100 years ago, you're putting value on it today, and that's perpetuating the trade, and the trade has to end." 05:46:40)) Yardley brought kids from schools across the state together to participate in the march, and she hopes they'll continue to spread awareness to students. (05:19:15 3674) ((Taegen Yardley/12 Years Old I"m hoping that it will attract people to learn more about the subject, and help fight for this, and raise awareness for the cause." 05:19:25)) The group hopes that there will be no need for another march for the elephants next year, if their bill passes law. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Burlington.


The National Rifle Association has opposed ivory bans. They say hunters actually SUPPORT conservation of elephants and rhinos, by paying millions for regulated hunts.


Former Vice President Al Gore will be in Vermont this week. On Tuesday, he'll be speaking at UVM's Ira Allen Chapel about Climate Change. Gore was invited as part of the Energy Action Seminar fall program. It begins at 10:15 Tuesday morning and is open to the public.


Sen. Charles Schumer says proposed spending cuts jeopardize the nation's weather satellites. The New York Democrat says storms like Hurricane Joaquin show the need to upgrade and maintain the nation's fleet of satellites. The President has proposed $380 million for the new weather satellites. The House version contains zero funding for the equipment.


According to medical professionals -- a proper diet can help new moms adjust easier after having a baby. Expecting and new moms at the UVM Medical Center's mother baby unit are being treated to healthy foods thanks to its new Healthy Living kitchen. It's part of the hospital's new 15.8-million-dollar facility. Mothers and loved ones can help themselves to foods like yogurt and fresh fruits along with educational resources and recipes.


(00:26:08:09) ((Eli Goldsmith/Healthy Living "this is agreat place to start because you're here and open to hearing about what's good for you and your baby")) (00:27:31:28) ((Jennifer Robare/Mother baby unit "everything from recipe options to drink lots of water for the post partum pieces having these in the kitchen these reminders it right from the get go lays the foundation so they know what to do when they go home ")) Before the healthy living kitchen-- officials say they WOULD inform patients about the best foods for breast feeding and postpartum but they say the new facility reinforces those ideals.

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Cold last night, but we had another nice day today. Bermuda is being affected by Hurricane Joaquin, but we won't be affected by it, as it will remain well out in the Atlantic. Tonight will be cold again, but the next few days are looking good.

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coming up on tonight's news... we continue our tour of the region's country stores... plus... Trying to predict the snowfall for this winter...


The Jericho Country Store is more than 2-hundred years old. And-- still going strong. Cat Viglienzoni reports.


((NATS 000343 How are you today? Customer: Good, yourself? Manager: Good, thanks 45)) Tim Baker's visit to the Jericho Center Country Store includes lunch... and a maple walnut cookie. He says for four decades -- he's been able to find everything he needs here. ((SOT Tim Baker, Jericho 000432 It's been here forever. It's a great store 34 It has everything 35 The people are super. I've gone here for 40 years 38 What's not to love? 40)) And when he says the store has been here "forever" -- it seems like it to families who've come here for generations! These doors have been opening -- and closing -- for customers since 1807. Look anywhere inside and you can see history in the form of vintage signs... boxes ... coffee cans... even a cash register! ((SOT Jeff Southworth, Jericho Country Store 001533 I mean, the store is more than 200 years old, so even as owners have cleared it out and cleaned it out, there's always something that got missed 42)) Assistant Manager and cook Jeff Southworth says, he can remember coming in here when he was a kid. ((SOT Southworth 001134 It was cool. It was like being in a maze 37)) He came full circle and started working here three years ago when the store launched its grill. NATS burger sizzling They use LaPlatte River Angus Beef... and the farm's owners often stop in to sample the final product! ((SOT Southworth 001505 The husband will drop off meat in the morning and then his wife and kids will come in and order burgers in the afternoon. It's kind-of fun, cool 11)) Whether it's burgers -- or creemees -- he says the food keeps the store from being just a chips-and-soda stopover and makes it more of a lunch destination. Their deli is growing each year. But something else caught our eye... ((STANDUP CAT: 002024 One of their specialties here is their Sugar Shack Poutine! It's a Vermont twist on a delicacy from our neighbors to the north. In it are hand-cut fries, bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese curds and of course, some Vermont maple syrup -- and I've got to try it ... mmm! Salty and sweet! 42)) A store that has kept people coming back for two hundred years... and says it isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Cat Viglienzoni, Channel 3 News, Jericho Center.


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The first weekend of October was a nice one, and great for checking out the fall foliage. Tonight will be cold again, with lows ranging from the upper 20s to mid 30s. Frosts or freezes are likely in many locations. Dry, decent weather is on tap for Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures a bit warmer each day. A weak front will pass through on Wednesday, with an isolated mountain shower at best. Otherwise, it will be partly sunny and slightly cooler. Thursday will be partly sunny and seasonable. Showers are likely on Friday. Saturday will be fair and cool, with highs in the 50s. A few showers are possible on Sunday.

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For all those skiers and rides who are anxiously awaiting the first snowfall, Nick Borelli visited the National Weather Service to find out what this winter may have in store.


((16:53-56 NATS Andy typing.)) Andy Nash has worked as a meteorologist with the National Weather Service since 1992. On this day we talked El-Nino-- (00:13:06:00-00:13:17: 00) ((AN: show you how much different than normal this is. This is 2 or 3 degrees celsius, which is 4,5,6 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal )) This year's El-Nino is a strong one. Already it's impacting the tropics. (00:05:08:00-00:05:14: 00) ((AN: Warm water generates a lot of thunderstorms in the eastern Pacific, and that strengthens the jet stream)) But what might El-Nino mean for us this upcoming winter? (00:06:27:00-00:06:34: 00) ((AN: It's kind of a roll of the dice on how it effects New England and the Northeast, cause we're so far away from where El-Nino is happening)) Still, there's a tendency for El-Nino to cause warmer than normal temperatures across the northern US. The reason for so much uncertainty is that other factors are in play. (00:07:09:00-00:07:17: 00) ((Stuff that happens on the Arctic and the North Atlantic circulation in the atmosphere, in that part of the world greatly impact how winter behaves here.)) ((Cover: NAO Positive graphic)) The North Atlantic Oscillation, or the NAO, is a phenomenon where highs and lows interact with each other in the winter and greatly impact the jet stream. The problem is that you can't forecast the NAO very far out. (00:08:22:00-00:08:24: 00) ((AN: 2, Maybe 3 weeks)) And with a timeline like that-- it makes seasonal forecasting a challenge. Either way, we know we'll be in for at least some bouts of cold and snow this winter. Andy is crossing his fingers for a mild one. (00:03:03:00-00:03:08: 00) ((AN: I'm a warm weather fan. So give me warmer than normal)) Nick Borelli Ch 3 News South Burlington.


The last major El-Nino occurred back in the winter of 1997.



The Dartmouth Football team is off to a red hot 3-0 start, the best start for the team since 1997...It's in big part to senior quarterback Dalyn Williams, and today Williams was recognized for his performance on Saturday... Williams was named the Ivy League Offensive Player of the Week by College Sports Madness Sunday .... -- Dalyn threw for 336 yards and four touchdown, while also rushing for two touchdowns in the Big Green's 41-20 win over Penn on Saturday... It's the first time Dartmouth has won at Penn since 1997... Williams amazingly completed 23 of his 25 passes, setting a new school record with a 92% completion rating ...Dartmouth will look to move to 4-0 next Saturday, when they host Yale...


The IceCats at home tonight, opening their season with an exhibition matchup against Acadia... --- The Axeman striking first in this one...on the power play...Kyle Farrell finding Remy Giftopoulos, great move and putting it past Mike Santaguida ...Acadia takes a 1-0 lead after the first period.. --- Catamounts with a great opportunity in the 2nd...Acadia picks up two five minute major along with two other the Cats with a big 5 on 3 opportunity...and taking advantage... Alexx Privitera sending this to Mario Puskarich and firing this one into the back of the net...tieing the game at 1... -- But nothing else was getting past Robert Steeves, keeping the Cats out of the net the rest of the game.. UVM falls in their exhibition opener, 2-1 ...


The UVM women's soccer team traveling to UMBC this afternoon ... --- Cats opening the scoring in this one... Rylee Osgood dropping this back for Sarah Martin, big shot with the left foot, going off the crossbar and then off the goalie and in...Catamounts would go on to take a 2-0 lead... --- UMBC though ties the game at 2 to send this one into overtime... after a scoreless first OT, these two head to double-overtime...and once again it's Sarah Martin, firing from the top of the box and into the side of the net for the game winner.. Cats take down UMBC in double overtime, 3-2...


Another type of football, the Giants in Buffalo this afternoon taking on the Bills... --- First quarter, Buffalo inside their own 10... Tyrod Taylor pass down the sideline somehow picked off by Devon Ken_nard.. --- and that sets up this ...Eli Manning finding Dwayne Harris over the middle and he stretches over the goaline..21 yard score and it's 9-3 Giants.. --- Buffalo doesn't find the endzone until the 4th quarter...Taylor putting this down the sideline for Karlos Williams and he is in for the 23 yard touchdown... --- But New York quickly silencing the Buffalo fans...Manning quick out to Rashad Jennings, makes one defender miss, down the sideline, big time stiff arm, and he is gone...51 yard touchdown... Giants move to 2-2 on the year, taking down Buffalo 24-10


staying on the gridiron...Here are your three nominees for our Friday Football Frenzy play of the week. Colchester's Matt Hesford shows great reaction, snatching the ball out of midair off of the muffed snap and turns it into a big gain for the Lakers... --- Play number 2, Milton's Ian Kandizor makes a leaping grab, just eluding the defender on the way down and takes off about 68 yards to the endzone. --- and our third nominee is one of six rushing touchdowns for Otter Valley senior quarterback Carson Leary. Leary had 268 rushing yards to go with those touchdowns. Go to either the Sports or friday football frenzy pages on There will be a poll on the right side of the page for you to cast your vote. The winner will be announced Monday night at 6.


Airborne opening it's gates for the final time yesterday, welcoming the American Canadian Tour for their Championship Finale...29 cars in action for the 41st Fall Foliage 200... --- Patrick Laperle takes over the lead on Lap 34 and hangs on to that for over 129 laps, but things get interesting on lap 163 ...Barre's Nick Sweet moving his way up the pack and right behind Laperle... --- Claremont, New Hampshire's Todd Davis then spins out on the front straightaway, bringing the pack together.. --- Sweet and Laperle then go door to door for the next 15 laps, trading the lead but Sweet unable to get around him... --- Leaving the door open for Williston's Brian Hoar, moving around Sweet and into second place... --- Laperle fighting Hoar off of his bumper on the final lap and Laperle crosses the line first with Hoar second and Sweet in third.... --- HOWEVER, after the post race inspection, Laperle was disqualified for a shock violation. A shocking turn of events...That means Brian Hoar is your winner in the Fall Foliage 200 with Nick Sweet taking second... --- Dany Trepanier was crowned the ACT season champion with his finish today..These drivers will next head to Barre, as they compete in the Milk Bowl next Sunday

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