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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan...We begin tonight with some big sports news for Middlebury College ... Kane joins us now with the details, Kane. That's right Adam, the Middlebury Field Hockey team was in Virginia this afternoon, facing off against Bowdoin for the Division 3 NCAA national field hockey title... With a win today, Middlebury would earn its first national title since 1998.... --- Late in the first half, Pam Schulman driving and slides a pass into the middle ...goes under the defender right to Grace Jennings and she fires this one into the back of the goal That's the game winner, as Middlebury wins the Division 3 national title, 1-0 over Bowdoin... So quite a win for Middlebury, we'll have more coming up in sports... Thanks Kane...


The game was not the only big news in Middlebury today. Hundreds of runners came out for the town's 39th annual Turkey Trot. Rose Spillman was there.


(02:39:21) ((Sophie Moore/9 Years Old "You said that I should get good sleep. I guess. Yes." )) Bill and Sophie Moore have been running races throughout the year near their home in Brandon. (02:37:52) ((Bill Moore/Brandon "We started with the Girls on the Run race last year, and we kind of got hooked on it. We've been doing these races. This will be our fourth race this year. We did a race down at Otter Valley Union High School as well as the Sudbury Road Race. There's a lot of great races here in this area." 02:38:05)) On Sunday, the Moores participated in the 39th annual Middlebury Turkey Trot--a first for the pair. Organizers say over 200 people showed up ready to run or walk the courses offered. (02:41:14) ((Tom Scanlon/Volunteer "Obviously your more advanced runners choose the 10K race, and a lot of people, just to come out and support the event as a community event, will come into the 5K race. We have quite a few people who just walk the 5K to be part of the event." 02:41:27)) The event supports the Middlebury Parks and Recreation Department, but runners were also encouraged to support the Addison County Food Shelf. (02:41:32) ((Tom Scanoon/Volunteer "It's run by the town Park and Rec department, but it's here to support HOPE:Helping Overcome Poverty's Effect. They run the food drive, so we have a raffle selling all the raffle tickets today. We've asked all the runners to bring food products with them to help stock the food shelf." 02:41:48)) Male and female winners for each course got custom metals and a 20 pound turkey-- for the dinner table. But for many like the Moores, the ultimate prize isn't winning but beating their personal goal of running the 5K in under 36 minutes. (02:39:25) ((Bill Moore/Brandon "Lost like 75 pounds in the last few months. Trying to get to this point so we can improve our times. So we're hopefully gonna do better than we did when we were a little heavier." 02:39:34)) He says talking with his daughter about their Thanksgiving plans was the best way to stay motivated during the run. A timely strategy for this Turkey Trot. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Middlebury.


And The Moores did meet their personal goal -- coming in at 34 minutes. Congratulations to all the runners.


Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has re-captued the lead in Iowa and holds a commanding lead in New Hampshire. That's the latest from a CBS Battleground Tracker poll released today. In New Hampshire Trump has 32-percent among likely Republican voters -- well ahead of nearest competitor -- Marco Rubio with 13 percent. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz are tied for 3rd-- with 10 percent. When Trump backers are asked their favorite thing about him, the top answer is: "he says what others are afraid to say." The poll found mixed evaluations on whether Rubio is ready to be commander in Chief, but he still beats Jeb Bush and Ben Carson -- who are viewed as "not ready." In Iowa Trump also holds the lead. As far as the Democrats-- the poll shows Bernie Sanders continues to have a slight edge over Hilary Clinton in the Granite State.


Meanwhile the date for New Hampshire's first in the nation primary -- is still not nailed down The filing period for the 2016 primary ended Friday with 30 Republicans and 28 Democrats signing paperwork and paying the $1,000 filing fee. Only two were women-- Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Carly Fioriana. The primary is expected to be held Feb. 9, but Secretary of State William Gardner hasn't set the date yet in an effort to prevent other states from leap-frogging.


State police say BOTH drivers involved in a crash in Duxbury Saturday night were drunk. It happened at 11 p.m. on Route 100 near Harwood Union High School. Police say one of the drivers -- 50-year-old Susan Idol of Waitsfield -- crossed over the line. They say her car was then hit by 28-year-old Ashley Morales of Waterbury. No one was seriously hurt. Both will be in court to face charges next month.


Police say a Rutland man--caught on video trying to burglarize a local home-- has been arrested. Forty-eight year-old John Charbonneau was picked up by Rutland police today. Authorities say he was captured on video robbing a home on Post Rd in Rutland Town earlier this week. Police later identified Charbonneau, who is awaiting arraignment.


A new report paints a bleak picture for Vermont's job market. The Montpelier-based Public Assets Institute says even though the state ranks 8th lowest in unemployment, the number of working Vermonters slid to its lowest point in more than a decade But Alex Apple reports, One local college believes it has the answer to bring adults back to the workforce.


US News and World Report believes by 2020, the US economy will have a shortage of 5 million highly-skilled workers. As the economy grows, graduation rates are stagnant. ((NAT 06:44 The scramble for talent is real.)) Provost Laurie Quinn at Champlain College hears the concerns of employers. They struggle to find workers with the skills that their company demands. ((Dr. Laurie Quinn/Champlain Provost 05:11 The college works closely with the employer to help build that talent-development strategy.)) Champlain College now partners with 60 Vermont businesses for their truED programs. Employees of those businesses can get up to 70 percent off standard tuition rates when they enroll in an online masters or bachelors program at Champlain College. joins companies like Comcast and the Federal Government as partners with the college. ((Sean Collins/Dealer - NAT from Champlain video 08:19 We're able to offer every single employee from the first day of employee, a substantial amount of money that they're able to put towards the TruEd program.)) ((Dr. Laurie Quinn 04:55 It is based on the idea that aligning higher education with companies that are forward thinking about their talent development is one way that we're going to really answer this strong need in our society for well-prepared workers.)) TruED cybersecurity programs attract some of Vermont's 13,000 employees of the federal government. An overlooked area of study in decades past. ((Dr. Laurie Quinn/Provost 06:33 We look for those companies that are asking the question, "OKay what are the data trends in our industry?")) Workers -- able to save -- while developing skills they need to move up in their industry. Alex Apple. Channel 3 News. Burlington.

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still ahead on tonight's news... Paying for parking downtown-- there's an app for that... plus... A mascot mystery at Castleton University...


A ribbon-cutting Monday for major improvements along Burlington's waterfront. It's also a soft opening for the new skatepark, which will be dedicated in the spring. Also included in that are upgrades to the bike path, sidewalks, and lighting. The 9 million dollar Waterfront North Project was completed with the help of more than 3-million dollars in federal transportation money.


Starting the day after Thanksgiving -- downtown Burlington parkers can pay for their meter on their cell phone. Drivers who download the Parkmobile app can use it to pay instead of coins -- or credit card. Mobile payments work at any of the city's 12-hunred meters. A year after installation, the city will decide if the public is utilizing and benefiting from having the mobile payment option.


(chapin Spencer/Public Works Dept. 07"09 As the meter is running out, people will get a reminder should they so choose that there's 15 minutes left on their period. Should they want to extend that, they can extend it from a Church Street restaurant. They can extend it anywhere. This is going to make the guessing game of how long am I going to stay a piece of cake.")) There is a 35-cent processing fee with each app payment. While that raises the price of parking for customers, it saves the city money because the extra cost pays the app developers. Winooski offers mobile pay options as well.


The mascot at Castleon University is missing! The green-caped Spartan costume known as "Sparty" was taken from the student government offices sometime in late September to mid-October. It hasn't shown up since. The costume was custom-made for about 17-hundred dollars to replace the old one-- which is now back in use until the new one is returned. The university says if it's returned in good condition, they'll consider the matter settled.


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The Home Country Store in Island Pond-- was not always a store. Julie Kelley explains the history ... And some spooky details.


(TC - 00:01:46:00) ((Mike Strait/Hearth and Home Country Store No electric, no plumbing, no heat.)) Hear that from a realtor and most people would say, no deal! But not Mike Strait's husband Tim Obar. (TC - 00:01:26:00) ((Mike Strait/Hearth and Home Country Store We drive out, came in it and he walked in the front room here and said, we'll take it! Laughs ...)) The house is perched on a hill overlooking Island Pond and came with even more than they bargained for. (TC - 00:11:15:00) ((Mike Strait/Hearth and Home Country Store The house was built in 1850 by the Grand Trunk railroad. This was the home for the first superintendent. And it's known as the Norcross house because the town doctor bought it in 1880's.)) EDIT WITH: (TC - 00:11:39:00) ((Mike Strait/Hearth and Home Country Store And there's the big story in town about him that he actually hung himself in the house in 1923. So that's kind of our ghost that runs around!)) The couple bought the house to open a bed and breakfast and started work immediately. Mike painted the entire house and he wasn't alone. (TC - 00:16:22:00) ((Mike Strait/Hearth and Home Country Store I'm leaning over the edge of the bucket yah know painting on the house, trying to reach something and all of a sudden I feel a hand on my back and I almost jumped out of the bucket. It scared me to death! Because I'm the only one up there!)) (TC - 00:28:43:00) ((Paulette Obar/Tim's Mom Are you serious?)) Tim's mom Paulette Obar isn't reacting to the ghosts, rather an offer from her son and Mike. (TC - 00:30:23:00) ((Paulette Obar/Tim's Mom Oh please don't change your plans for because of us. We'll be fine!)) Tim's Dad had his seventh heart attack as the younger couple was redoing the upstairs bathroom. They decided to turn it into a kitchen and make an apartment for mom and dad. With all the bedrooms taken ... This bed and breakfast became the Hearth and Home Country Store. Paulette can hear the customers come in from where she sits upstairs. (TC - 00:30:47:00) ((Paulette Obar/Tim's Mom I love the sound of their voices, you get so you recognize a voice and the way they talk and they interact with mike and everything. It's like. I love that!)) (TC - 00:18:58:00) ((Julie Kelley/Reporting You do all the embroidery? Mike Straight Yes we do! Julie Kelley And you do it for island pond which makes sense. And this specialized stuff, pretty popular. Mike Strait Very very popular.)) And, if you have a special request, they can do that too! (TC - 00:19:20:00) ((Mike Strait/Hearth and Home Country Store We do sell a lot through our Facebook page because our Facebook page I post everything we make.)) They also make all the signs you see from reclaimed wood. (TC - 00:19:59:00) ((Mike Strait/Owner It's Christmas year round! Julie Kelley I love it!)) You can find their handmade Island Pond Christmas ornaments in this room that used to be a guest bedroom. He says, November and December are busy months for locals to come shopping here. (TC - 00:14:19:00) ((Mike Strait/Hearth and Home Country Store We always open Thanksgiving night!)) He says, there aren't any big box stores around here and last year, they had a line! (TC - 00:15:09:00) ((Mike Strait/Hearth and Home Country Store This is their Black Friday sale. Julie - and it's from 5 to when? Mike - 5 to ten unless we have people late then we'll stay open! Usually ten o'clock in Island Pond everybody's ready for bed!)) Julie Kelley, ch3 news, island pond.



It's been 17 years since the Middlebury Field Hockey team last won an NCAA championship.... Middlebury could end their title drought this afternoon, squaring off against top ranked Bowdoin in Virigina with the NCAA title on the line.. These two opponents all too familiar with one another... Middlebury only lost two games this entire season, and both of those losses were to Bowdoin...So could the Panthers exact some big revenge today... ---- Polar Bears wouldn't make it easy, early 1st Emily Simonton's shot going just wide with a teammate right there, early scare for middlebury... --- Panthers with a big chance in the first... Pam Schulman driving and sliding a pass into the middle...goes under the defender to Grace Jennings and the freshman puts it home ...Middlebury takes a 1-0 lead into the break... --- Bowdoin continues their strong attack in the 2nd, but the Panther defense holding strong, not letting the Polar Bears get anything through and they will run out the clock... Middlebury win's its first national title since 1998, defeating Bowdoin this afternoon 1-0...


The Dartmouth men's soccer team facing Syracuse in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament today... --- Big Green striking first...Justin Donawa able to flick this one past the keeper and into the back of the net..Dartmouth on the board first, taking a 1-0 lead... --- But Syracuse finds the equalize behind the ACC tournament MVP Ben of the crossbar and in Dartmouth season comes to an end as they fall in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament to Syracuse, 2-1...


The Dartmouth Football team defeated Princeton 17-10 on Saturday and with it, earned a share of the Ivy League Title for the first time in 19 years... It came down to the wire, but with 24 seconds on the clock, Dalyn Williams hit Kyle Bramble on a screen pass and he would get over the goal line for the game-winning 12 yard touchdown...It's Dartmouth's first title since 1996... They share the title with Harvard and Penn, as all three teams ended the year with 9-1 records... Dartmouth quarterback Dalyn Williams would finish his career with many school records, but earned three on Saturday...setting school records in completions, completion percentage and pass attempts... The cherry on top came from the FCS on Sunday, as Dartmouth would move up to #20 overall in the FCS Top 25 poll, capping off a historic Big Green season..


The UVM men's hoop team can also earn some hardware Sunday, as they face off against SUNY Buffalo in the Sprinfield Bracket's championship game of the Hall of Fame tip-off tournament in Connecticut...UVM picked up their second win of the season Saturday, defeating Niagra 85-67 behind a huge night from Trae-Bell Haynes, who dropped a career high 28 points...UVM will face Buffalo in the title game tonight at 8..


The Middlebury men's hockey team at home tonight, hosting Bowdoin...looking for their 2nd win of the season... --- Panthers strike first ...Brendan McGovern cutting inside and able to fire this one into the back of the net...Middlebury out to an early 1-0 lead ... --- Here come the Polar Bears, Austin Ricci splitting the defenders, can't get the initial shot off but able to get the 2nd attempt in for the goal...We are tied up at 1... --- But it was all Panthers after that... puck in the corner, Zach Haggerty a hide and seek champion apparently, no one sees him in front and he easily puts this one home... Middlebury would go up 4-1 before giving up 3 straight goals, ending this one in a 4-4 draw with Bowdoin ...


The Bruins announced today they have placed former Catamount Kevan Miller on injured reserve...Miller suffered an upper body injury against San Jose on November 17th and hasn't been able to get back on the ice ..Miller has had some tough luck with injuries, as he missed most of last season with a shoulder dislocation, which required surgery


Also in Boston, Amanda Pelkey and the Boston Pride playing in their first home game, facing the New York Riveters..Pride playing their home games at Harvard --- Pride trailing 3-1 in the 2nd period...but Boston on the power-play...puck loose in front and there's the former Catamount, Pelkey sliding this one 5 hole through the goalie's legs, her 2nd goal on the season... Boston now trailing 3-2.... --- Later in the 2nd... Pelkey with the one-timer but Nana Fujimoto making the big pad save, and she would keep Boston out of the net the rest of the way... Pride fall to the Riveters tonight, 3-2 ..

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