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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan And I'm Melissa Howell. A high speed chase through Burlington's Old North End. The chase occurred around 9 this morning when an officer attempted to stop a female driving a Honda CRV. Police say it started on Main Street, and the pursuit went on for several minutes winding through the residential neighborhoods of Burlington's North End. Police received calls reporting that the vehicle's operator was driving erratically. Investigator Matt Gonyo-- of the Department of Liquor Control- was the first person in pursuit.


(27:00 Matt Gonyo/Investigator Vermont Dept. Of Liquor Control)(("I was able to intercept that vehicle as it was travelling west on Main Street in Burlington. I attempted to stop the vehicle and that resulted in a high speed pursuit through the Old North End of Burlington....Speeds were in excess of 100 mph.")) Eventually Investigator Gonyo and other officers were able to box in the vehicle on Shore Road and arrest the driver without incident. Her name and what charges she will face have not been released.


Police are investigating a possible animal cruelty case involving a horse in Barton. Authorities say local resident Patricia Russell on Saturday discovered one of her horses dead in the pasture with a severe wound in its hind quarters. They say it appears the horse was shot with an arrow sometime Friday night. It's not clear if the incident was intended as a malicious act. If you have any information contact the State Police in Derby.


A hiker at Smugglers Notch needed to be carried off the mountain. The incident happened Saturday afternoon near a popular winter ice climbing area in the Notch. Rescuers say the woman fell near the top of the mountain and likely broke a leg. Crews from Stowe Mountain Rescue and Colchester Technical rescue worked together to get her down. Rescuers say, the rocky terrain made it tough, but they have been trained for this type of rescue.


((Chief Doug Veliko/Stowe Mountain Rescue: "we have probably two to 4 calls a year in the notch with these types of calls and we train up here regularly. WE actually did this identical training last weekend.")) The hiker's name has not been released yet.


Another rescue -- this one in New Hampshire's Sandwich range. Authorities say a Massachusetts man injured himself on Mount Israel and had to be carried out Saturday. The 65 year-old slipped on a rock about three miles from the Mead Trail head.


Berlin police are looking for a suspect who stole drugs from the pharmacy at Shaws Supermarket. Police say this man forced his way into the pharmacy just before 8 this morning -- assaulted the pharmacist -- and grabbed a large amount of prescription narcotics. He fled the scene in a maroon colored sedan -- possibly a Chevy Malibu. He's about six feet tall, 190 pounds and was wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt.


New York Senator Charles Schumer says the DEA needs to speed up its fight against synthetic marijuana. The Democrat said today he's urging the agency to use its existing authority to ban more than 250 chemicals used in the drugs. The DEA has already banned about 20 of the chemicals, but Schumer says it needs to do more. The drugs go under different names. Last month about 45 people in New Hampshire had serious medical reactions to the bubble- gum flavored drug known as -- "Smacked." Investigators in Vermont have been on the alert for similar cases.


Police are investigating vandalism at the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum. The museum is located on Route 9 in Marlboro. State Police say, sometime between 10am and 5pm yesterday someone went into the museum and slashed a mural. The mural was a forest scene and is about about 8 feet by 30 feet. State Police say, the vandal repeatedly cut it with a sharp instrument. Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police in Brattleboro.


Office workers at UVM are trying --- for a second time---- to form a union. The Vermont State Employees' Association filed an election petition with the Vermont Labor Relations Board. The petition must have authorization cards signed by 250 employees. That's one third of the proposed bargaining unit. Clerical, technical and specialized workers would be covered by the union. Organizers say they need a union to keep their health care costs down. Two years ago officer workers voted for union representation -- but failed to give a majority to one of two unions competing to represent them.


With the growing season winding down in the Green Mountain State, farmers are harvesting the last of their crops-- and that includes community gardens Officials say community garden continue to grow across much of the state. According to Jess Hyman of the Vermont Community Gardening Network, the number of community gardening initiatives in Burlington has grown each of the last five years. The Network held a potluck picnic this afternoon at the Ethan Allen Homestead.


(34:03 Jess Hyman/Vermont Community Gardening Network)(("There's definitely been an increase in interest in food gardening in the Burlington area. The number of gardens is increasing and the gardens themselves are getting bigger.")) (36:28 Robin Burnett/Gardener")((" We moved here about four years ago from Florida and wanted to network with like-minded people. We have a garden like a block and a half from where we live. We rented a plot we've been digging ever since.")) The Vermont Community Gardening Network says there are nearly 400 community gardens across the state.


Nothing says fall like apple picking, foliage -- and pumpkins! One farmer is breaking records this year with the state's largest pumpkin. The Vermont Giant Pumpkin Growers Association Annual Giant Pumpkin Weigh off took place at Sam Mazza's Farmstand in Colchester. Richard Squires mixed a little TLC with his giant pumpkin seeds to grow a pumpkin, weighing in at 16-hundred and 49 pounds. The previous state record was 15-hundred and 56 pounds.


((Richards Squires/Jericho, Vt 01:42:15 "It started as a hobby about 5 years ago and has grown and you get kind of obsessed with it and want to do it a little bigger every year so this is probably as big as I'm ever going to get." 01:42:29)) His wife will be carving the pumpkins for halloween and then donating the seeds to be used to grow more giant pumpkins. But he will not be making any pumpkin pies. The record setting fruit is 75 percent hollow.

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still ahead on tonight's news... the science behind what makes hops grow strong... Plus... How the warm weather is affecting the foliage season... First.. Here's Dave with the weather...

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Vermont is famous for its craft beer -- and its local food movement. And for beer-- hops are an important ingredient. Cat Viglienzoni takes a closer look at what's being done to make sure hops grow strong in Green Mountains.


Harvesting has begun on this acre of towering hop plants at Borderview Research Farm in Alburgh. But these hop cones have a few steps ahead of them before they make it to a brewery. Some of them are turning brown -- infected with a disease called downy mildew. (TILE 716_7359_01) ((SOT Heather Darby, UVM Extension 01125400 It infects the plant systemically 57 Which means that once it invades the plant's crown, it grows up sort of internally inside the plant 01130400 And produces infected shoots. And when those shoots come out, the disease will sporulate and then send spores out throughout the entire yard 01131400)) While it is mostly cosmetic damage, over time, Darby says the disease can hurt their quality. And while hops need lots of water to grow -- Vermont's humid, wet climate help the mildew grow too. (TILE 716_7359_01) ((SOT Heather Darby, UVM Extension 01134900 It's very difficult to control in the Northeast because it likes humid, moist conditions, and this summer it has been especially difficult to control downy mildew.)) That's why researchers with UVM Extrension are testing different hop varieties here that might be resistant to the mildew. Darby says they are also looking at how to deal with insect pests and how to best fertilize hops. ((CAT STANDUP 01285410 Once they're picked, these hops have to be harvested and dried right away, otherwise they're in danger of mold. The drying process, they say, takes about 8-10 hours here 01290400)) NATS hops being unloaded This is a research farm so before they're harvested, these hop plants are measured -- and their data, recorded. NATS calling out numbers The hop harvesting is done right on the farm -- with this machine that UVM designed so that harvesting can be done on a small scale. The stalks are tied onto a rotating belt, which then feeds them through the machine. The hops are pulled off -- and fall into a bin on one side. On the other -- the researchers go through the refuse to pick off any hops that the machine missed. (TILE NUMBER 716_7403_01) ((SOT Roger Rainville, Borderview Researcher Farm 01304123 What's nice is that it's on the farm. Its not in a lab or nothing. It's actually here and if it's not done like a normal farmer would do it or an average farmer would do it, I won't do it 01305100)) And when the bins are full of cones -- they're dried -- and then baled in this machine -- which was also built here. Scoop after scoop of bulky hops are ladeled in -- and then pressed together. A tightly-packed square pops out the other end. NATS baling Through this whole process -- one thing you can't avoid here is the distinctive smell of hops. (TILE NUMBER 716_7403_01) ((SOT Roger Rainville, Borderview Research Farm 01330500 You know at the beginning of the season it's like cropping other crops. You start haying and you love the smell of hay. But come November you're glad hay's done. And come the end of the season of hops, you've had your fill of hops 15)) Cat Viglienzoni, Channel 3 News, Alburgh.


Warm weather is extending peak foliage season. After a week of warm weather, the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing now predicts that peak foliage conditions will linger in the state until the middle of October. The Department pegs October 17 as peak time for much of the state -- excluding the Northeast Kingdom. peak conditions there are expected to arrive around October 3rd.


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Losing your eyesight can be devastating -- but one organization is on a mission to help. The Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired held it's 4th annual walk-a-thon today in South Burlington.


Robert Lanoue remembers the day he lost his eyesight 13 years ago... ((Robert Lanoue/Springfield, Vt 01:26:57 "I wasn't taking very good care of myself. I was with the attitude, it can never happen to me." 01:27:02)) He's a diabetic -- and says his world changed in an instant one day at work when and his eyes became cloudy. ((Robert Lanoue/Springfield, Vt 01:27:57 "I thought, that was kind of neat, thinking they would go away and they never did. never went away." 01:28:06)) The former culinary instructor suffers from Diabetic Retinopathy. It's when new blood vessels grow along the retina. ((Robert Lanoue/Springfield, Vt 01:28:08 "driving was difficult, because I had to travel to work finally it got so bad I couldn't drive anymore. Reading was impossible so I had to really adapt to my teaching for the last months of my career." 01:28:22)) That's when he heard about the Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It's an organization enabling Vermonters with vision problems. They offer services like transportation, brailling, and other daily tasks. ((Ayeshah Raftery/Development and Public Education Director 01:21:34 "We provide services and support so that these, especially seniors, can actually remain in their homes and they just have to do things a little differently." 01:21:43)) Sunday, the group held it's 4th annual walk to raise money -- and awareness. About 10,500 Vermonters battle with blindness and vision impairments. 14-hundred receive help through free programs and services. Most of the organization's support comes from state and federal funding. ((Ayeshah Raftery/Development and Public Education Director 01:22:44 "We never want anyone to not use our services because they're losing their sight because of an economic disadvantage so basically we want people to know who we are and what we are and that we're there to help." 01:22:57)) For Robert, walking is a way to thank an organization that helped him adjust to a new way of life. ((Robert Lanoue/Springfield, Vt 01:31:17 "it makes me feel great that I have enough support through my family and my wife to be able to walk with my chin up knowing that others are going to be as lucky as I." 01:31:28))


The organization also offers services for children and has offices located throughout the state.



It's never easy saying goodbye... This afternoon... Yankee Fans... Red Sox Fans ... And baseball fans ... Doing exactly that at Fenway Park.. as Derek Jeter suited up for the last time as a big leaguer. One final FEN-well for #2 at a packed house in Boston... Season finale for the Yanks and Sox... Neither team headed to the postseason but this one really all about DJ --- Top 3... Already 2-zip Yankees... Here's the final at-bat for the Captain ... The high chopper to third for an RBI infield single... --- Jeter would come out after that to a standing ovation for what was an incredible 20-year career... Yankees win the emotional finale by a 9-5 final... They finish 6 over... Red Sox, ouch 20 under... Here's Derek Jeter on the legacy he hopes he left behind...


(((TRT:23 OC: GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME... You want to be known as someone who had respect for game, teammates, fans, media, playing hard... But for me the only thing I every wanted to do was play shortstop for the New York Yankees... I got to do that for parts of 20 years... so being known as a Yankee is good enough for me...)))


Quiet local NFL Sunday... The Giants played on Thursday... A 45-14 win at Washington... The Patriots on the road tomorrow night... As they take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night football ... That leaves the lone Buffalo Bills to show you... Also on the road at Houston this afternoon... --- Third quarter... Bills up 10-7 until EJ Manuel is picked off by JJ Watt... The big fella going 80-yards for the touchdown... Texans lead 14-10.. --- Under 10 to play, Buffalo trailing 20-10 ... Here's a positive 80-yard play... Manuel to Mike Williams for the pitch and catch score... --- It's a 6-point game with under 2 to play ... The Bills signal caller trying to win it on the final drive but his throw is intercepted by Darryl Morris... Bills fall to 2-2 with the 23-17 loss to Houston.


From the gridiron to the asphault gridlock, Hudson New Hampshire's Joey Polewarczyk took last night's ACT Fall Foliage 200 at airborne speedway in Plattsburgh, wrapping up the Tour championship in the process.. After finishing second in the point standings last year, #87 car put together a season worthy of remembering... Pole didn't finish any race lower than fourth overall... Pretty remarkable.. For the driver who grew up watching other local standouts like Brian Hoar & Jean-Paul Cyr take home titles, the ability to drive consistent is what finally put his name amongst those greats ...


(((TRT: 20 OC: WE FINALLY DID)... It's huge those are guys who can put a whole season together... That's what makes a champion... We've won races but never put everything together, this year we finally did."))


A tight finish to the 50-lap modified feature as well... With two laps to go Olmsteadville, New York's Jesse Mueller cuts ahead of Nick Heywood on the restart and holds on for the win. A great finish to the year for the budding teenage start that wrapped up the northern modified series championship last week at Devil's Bowl. Milton's Robert Gordon took home top overall honors in the twin renegade features.


The UVM women's hockey team kicked off their season this weekend, falling to defending CIS champs, McGill 4-0 at the Gut Friday night. Williston native Madison Litchfield was tested early and often in the Cats crease as she looks to fill the void left by Roxanne Douville. UVM head coach Jim Plumer knew this was going to be a tough test, but is optimistic heading into Friday's season opener at Bemidji state.


((Jim Plumer/"really we were approaching this game as an opportunity to learn. Get some video for our kids to teach, to learn from, and six freshman got their first experience. By enlarge I thought they all did a good job, so we're really happy with that.")))


By the time Woodstock's Keegan Bradley took to the Glen-eagles greens in Scotland for the final day of the Ryder Cup ... The title had already been decided ... Bradley falls in his match to Jamie Donaldson 4 & 3 but it wouldn't have mattered ... Europe dominates the US from start to finish, taking their third straight Cup... 16.5 to 11.5.

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