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Good evening, thanks for joining us, I'm Adam Sullivan. Police in Burlington are ramping up foot patrols-- in an effort to crack down on crime and better connect with the community. Eliza Larson reports.


A little rain doesn't stop Burlington Police Officer Simon Bombard from chatting with pedestrians on Church Street. ((nats from greeting)) It's his job to patrol the downtown hotspot on foot. (TC 26:24:01 Title 4657)((Officer Simon Bombard/Burlington Police Dept.: "I'll go around, answer questions for any tourists. We have the local panhandlers that I have a good repoire with. I'll go and talk with them. See how they're doing. Touch base with them." 26:34:15)) ((nats with kids)) Just north of where he's walking around -- his colleague -- Derek Hodges -- is also making the rounds. (TC 28:26:04 Title 4657)((Officer Simon Bombard/Burlington Police Dept.: "North street up there has kinda always been a concern." 28:29:29)) The Old North End has been inundated with drug and crime problems for years. Deputy Chief Bruce Bovat says the department added the foot-patrolling officer on North Street to allow people to get to know the officers policing them. (TC 00:23:01 Title 6027)((Deputy Chief Bruce Bovat/Burlington Police Dept.: "this is all part of community based policing. This is community based policing at its best." 26:26)) Bovat says the North Street walk is the brain child Police Chief Brandon del Pozo -- who wants people to feel more comfortable talking with their local law enforcement about community problems. (TC 00:55:07 Title 6027)((Deputy Chief Bruce Bovat/Burlington Police Dept.: "well in a perfect world, if we had the staffing that we would love to have we'd be all over the city, but what we do is we listen to our constituents and the people that we serve and there are two areas at this time that seem to need our attention the most." 01:09:08)) Bovat says they're working on adding bike patrols for the summer. So far -- North End residents say the added police presence is a positive. (TC 46:51:02 Title 4689)((Malcllm Richardson/North End resident: "a face is much more friendly than a cruiser." 46:53:24)) The officers aren't just there for chit chat. On Church Street -- Officer Bombard says he'll often hand out tickets for smoking or open container violations. In the North End -- Officer Hodges says he hands out tickets for drinking and other violations too. (TC 46:34:15 Title 4689)((Malcllm Richardson/North End Resident: "I think it's a good thing. Cops used to walk around all the time. They just need sweet leather jackets so people take them serious." 46:39:15)) The rainy day kept a lot of people indoors -- making Officer Hodges' beat quieter -- but he says he expects things to get busier -- with face-to-face interactions -- and ticketing -- once the weather warms up. He encourages people to talk to him about problems in their neighborhood. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Burlington.


Police say alcohol was a factor in a crash that ended with a car in the Lamoille River. Authorities say the driver crossed the center line, hit a culvert and that launched his car over the guard rail and into the river. It happened in Morrisville. Police say, the driver got out of his car and climbed the embankment and that's where they found him.


(00:10:13:00) ((Corporal Michael Reeve: Morristown Police : When officers arrived they found debris in the roadway and we could hear someone hollaring for help. We found the operator who we believe to be the operator on the cliff's edge of the river injured and then we located his vehicle in the river itself just below the power plant here on Cadys Falls Road.)) The Lamoille County Sheriff's Department says, the driver was taken to the UVM Medical Center with a head injury. His name has not been released, but police say, alcohol was involved and charges will be filed.


A South Burlington man faces negligent driving charges after causing a pileup on I-89 this morning. Police say 24 year-old Junior Hernandez Rosario was headed south on I-89 in South Burlington when he side-swiped another car with a family-- including young child inside. Witnesses say he was driving too fast prior to losing control.


New York legislators are trying to address impaired driving laws-- when it comes to synthetic drugs. Prosecutors say synthetic drug manufacturers are constantly changing the composition of their drugs before the law can catch up. They say that makes it difficult to charge drivers with drugged-driving-- if they're under the influence of something OTHER than the official list of banned substances. Legislation is pending in New York to change that law to fall in line with the dozens of other states that allow for charges based on police observations of impairment.


Shelburne residents protested a major construction project planned for their area -- days before the project goes to Federal Court. Protestors joined the quote "Reckless Rail Rally" -- by banging on pots and pans to protest the construction of a freight and trucking complex. Vermont Rail System cleared a section of a 32-acre plot near the LaPlatte River to build a salt storage shed and transporting facility. VRS claimed federal preemption from needing Act 250 or local permits -- but that is being challenged by the Town of Shelburne. That hearing is scheduled for this week in Federal Court. Residents at the rally say their goal isn't to stop the project -- but they want VRS to follow the rules.


(TC 50:14:09 Title 4698)((Lisa Espenshade/Shelburne Resident: "they are kind of stunned, and amazed, and angry. And today is a chance to channel that and show what we feel." 50:25:21)) In a statement Vermont Rail Vice President -- Selden Houghton -- said: "We remain committed to moving the Shelburne Transload Project forward in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and regulations. We look forward to the many benefits this essential project will provide for our Vermont community."

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A different day out there today, but we need the rain. Showers will be scattered about tonight. A second low pressure will bring another round of rain on Monday.

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coming up on tonight's news.. Trying to address a health care worker shortage in New Hampshire... plus... How new infrastructure is helping to keep trout populations thriving ...


An apparent shortage of healthcare workers in New Hampshire is prompting Governor Maggie Hassan to commission a new study on the issue. . Hassan says the state is facing a shortage of doctors, nurses, mental health workers, substance abuse counselors, psychiatrists and home-care providers. She says the shortage "increasingly threatens" New Hampshire citizens' ability to access care and limits health care choices. The commission will look at recruitment and training, rules and payment around home health care services and other issues related to the workforce.


You may not know it-- but culverts are critical for some fish to survive. That includes wild trout. Nick Borelli has the story...


Bret Ladago works for the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, He's been a fisheries biologist for three years-- So he knows a thing or two about wild trout and what's good for them. (00:03:41:00-00:03:54: 00) ((BL: They're cold blooded animals, so they're very sensitive to temperature. In the summer, when the water warms up they need to get to cold water areas where there are springs and access to good, cold habitat.)) In order to get where they need to go, a lot of wild trout have to pass through culverts. And in many parts of the state, these culverts aren't doing the fish any favors. ((NATS: Stream moving)) with a lot of water going through a smaller space-- the water flow is too strong for some fish to overcome. (00:04:11:00-00:04:18: 00) ((BL: Young fish are not gonna be able to get all the way up and access the cold water areas.)) Bret says if these trout can't move up river to spawn, this can impact the overall trout population. So in recent years there's been a movement to replace aging culverts with a design that's more fish friendly. ((NATS: Trout moving or brook noise)) An example?-- The culvert at Bradley Brook in Warren. Up until 2015, it was impossible for trout to move back and forth. But thanks to the efforts of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Forest Service, the town of Warren, friends of the Mad River and the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Deparment-- it's a different story today. (00:16:21:00-00:16:35: 00) (( BL: it provided habitat and connectivity between 2 areas that were disconnected up until last year.)) The project cost north of two hundred thousand dollars. ((NATS Water)) This fish friendly design is a win win. Not only does it provide ease of movement for fish, it also allows more water to pass through. (00:16:54:00-00:17:00: 00) ((BL: The next Irene that we get, rather than forcing all the water through a little straw, we have a lot bigger area)) ...Hopefully mitigating potential flood damage. (00:17:38:00-00:17:45: 00) ((BL: Now we actually have rules in place when a culvert is replaces it needs to be a passable culvert.)) Rules that wild trout appreciate and Bret stands behind. NB. Ch 3. Warren


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A warm front and low pressure has been bringing us a rainy day, but we need the rain. A second low pressure will bring another round of rain for Monday. High temperatures will remain cool as a the mid 40s to low 50s. Tuesday is shaping up to be a pretty decent day, with partly sunny skies. An isolated shower is still possible near the Massachusetts border. It will be much warmer that day. Unsettled weather will then take over for much of the week. Showers will be scattered about on Wednesday and Thursday. In spite of that, high temperatures will be in the 55 to 65-degree range. Friday is looking a little drier, though a few showers are still possible. The weekend is looking quite mild, but still a bit active. Saturday will be partly sunny, with a few showers possible. A cold front is expected to bring afternoon showers and thunderstorms on Sunday, but it will be very mild, with some spots in the low 70s for highs. It seems spring has finally arrived.

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The Underhill Country Store has been around for more than a centruy. But-- it WAS set to close its doors this December. Today residents celebrated the next chapter in the store's life as a country co-op. Rose Spillman reports.


Peter and Nancy Davis have lived in Underhill for over 30 years. For the past five, they've owned and operated the town's iconic country store. ((Peter Davis/Underhill Country Store Former Owner 3126 00:57:16 "You never really are ever as connected to the community as you are when you are the proprietor of a country store. We've come to know people we knew casually amazingly well." 00:57:31)) On Sunday, the community came together to celebrate the Davis' final day as store owners. Next week, the business will re-open as the Underhill Country Co-Op. The couple was grateful to see the large crowd that showed up. ((Nancy Davis/Underhill Country Store Former Owner 00:56:51 "Young and old, it's a diverse community and it's hard to put words to what it's like." 00:56:58)) In January of 2015 the Davis' put the business up for sale---ready to retire and spend time with their grandchildren. After a year on the market, and still not bites-- they almost closed their doors for good. But the community--with the help of the Burlington City Market--- came together to save the over 100 year old store. ((Scott Tower/Mansfield Community Co-Op Board Member 3096 00:43:54 "We didn't want to see it as a tenant building with multiple apartments. We thought it should remain a store, and obviously from the first meeting we had 40 or 50 people there. They wanted the same thing." 00:44:12)) Tower says they raised around $40,000 to get the business going. The Davis' have agreed to keep ownership of the building for the next few years until the members can raise enough to buy it. They also hope to expand the building and parking one day. As for products, they'll be keeping the deli but changing a few things. ((Brita Hansen/Underhill Country Store Co-Op General Manager 3054 00:31:49 "The inventory into more of a market. More fresh food and bulk food and that kind of thing." 00:32:02)) Peter and Nancy Davis say they won't be going far, and they're happy to see the business in the hands of their friends and neighbors--a community that rallied behind their store. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Underhill.



Good evening, the UVM men's lacrosse team had NEVER qualified for the America East tournament in back to back years coming into the 2016 season. But with the group that was returning, it would have been a considerable disappointment not to end that dubious streak this year. Saturday's game with Binghamton proved to be somewhat of a microcosm of the season for the Cats in that they struggled early but got the job done when it counted. Vermont celebrated senior day at Virtue Field before the game against the Bearcats, already knowing they were in the tournament after Hartford lost. But it looked early on like it might be Binghamton that would claim the win and possibly sneak into the field as well, scoring the first 5 goals. But the Cats put up a rally to get within striking distance before the break and pulled away in the second half to win it 17-9. With that victory, UVM secured the number 3 seed in next week's conference tournament. They'll get number 2 Stony Brook in the semifinals Thursday afternoon at 4:30 in Albany.


A bit of a different situation for the UVM Women, they came into their game against Binghamton needing a win AND a loss by UMBC to qualify for their America East tournament...and they got neither. The Terriers took down New Hampshire to wrap up a spot, and the Cats proceeded to get blitzed at Virtue Field. Binghamton wins by the score of 13-8 and UVM's season comes to an end with a record of 6-10.


One women's lacrosse tournament game played today in the NAC between Castleton and Husson, and this one was *not* even close. --- The Spartans would tally NINE times in the first ten minutes of the game. Brandy Whittemore had a hattrick in those first ten minutes, including the last two that put the Spartans up 9-0, this one on the free position. --- Then it's Grace Johnson to make it an even ten just a few minutes later. They'd lose the shutout just before halftime but came out in the second with a vengeance. --- Whittemore would add her fourth of the game, this one assisted by Johnson as Castleton rolls to an 18-1 semifinal win. The Spartans will host the NAC title game next Saturday night against the winner of Colby-Sawyer and New England College who play tomorrow.


Also postponed Sunday: the Dartmouth baseball team's final doubleheader of the regular season against Harvard. Those games will be made up Tuesday afternoon in Hanover, and they'll be critically important for the Big Green. Dartmouth took both games against the Crimson in Boston Saturday afternoon, and then got a ton of help as Brown won the last 3 of a four-game set with Yale. As a result, the Big Green now sit in a virtual tie with the Bulldogs in the Ivy League's Rolfe Division Standings. If Dartmouth can take one of two against the Crimson on Tuesday, they'd force a playoff with Yale for the division title and a spot in next weekend's Ivy League Championship Series at Princeton. If the Big Green win both, they'd win the division title outright. Now making it to the championship series is critically important, not only because it gives Dartmouth a shot at a conference title, but the winner of that series gets an automatic bid in the NCAA Tournament as well.


Speaking of Dartmouth, the men's basketball team will have a new coach this upcoming season. David McLaughlin, formerly associate head coach and recruiting coordinator at Northeastern was introduced as the new head man for the Big Green on Wednesday. This won't be McLaughlin's first turn as a head coach: he previously took Stonehill to the D2 Final Four twice, and he thinks that will help him establish a culture in Hanover.


((McLaughlin// "yeah, we're gonna see very efficient teams on both ends of the floor, we're gonna see teams that are tougher together, we're gonna see teams that take pride in execution. We're gonna see teams that communicate, we're gonna see teams that develop leaders, we're gonna see teams that compete until they can't compete anymore, and what you're not gonna see is teams that are great in practice every single day."))


And the Red Sox and Yankees will close out their weekend series at Fenway on Sunday Night Baseball. The Sox are looking for the sweep and will send David Price to the mound, the Yanks counter with Nathan Eovaldi, first pitch set for 8.

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