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Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11. It's official -- Senator Bernie Sanders is running for President. Our Alex Apple was in Washington for the big announcement.


((Bernie Sanders 06:30 I think that many of the issues Vermonters have been hearing me talk about for years are now catching on all over America.)) That's why Senator Bernie Sanders is running for president. Just hours after announcing his candidacy, the independent Senator sat down with Channel 3 to explain why he's getting in the race. ((09:32 My dad came to this country at the age of 17 without a nickel in his pocket, but he was able to send his two kids to college which was a pretty big deal. Many families right now are unable to do that.)) Sanders will begin to share that story with America. He's the first person to challenge Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary -- but doesn't see his campaign as simply a race against the former first lady. ((11:55 Alex Apple: Are you trying to position yourself to be Plan B should she falter, or do you feel like you can gain enough of a groundswell of support to overtake her? Bernie:Alex, honestly, I'm not running against Hillary Clinton. I've known Hillary Clinton for 20+ years. I like her. I respect her. I am running to rally the American people so that we can work together to transform our economic system and our political system.)) ((10:57 I've been criticized very often for being very repetitive and saying the same thing. It ain't gonna change. What the people of Vermont have heard for decades is what the people of America are gonna hear. Nothing different. Here's what I believe, it's not a question of moving to the center. It's a question of speaking to issues that make sense to the American people.)) Sanders knows he'll likely be outspent over the course of the campaign -- but he says he'll reach into an old bag of tricks to overcome that onslaught of money. ((Bernie Sanders 10:09 The one vehicle that I think can be very productive for us is social media. And you're right, we have used it very effectively in the US Senate. I have more people on our Facebook page than any other Senator and I'm proud of that. We're going to do that in the campaign.)) ((14:56 What do you say to the people of Vermont that some are probably excited that you're running, some might not be so excited, but you're representing them nonetheless. What do you say to them? Bernie; I just want to thank the people of Vermont not only for sending me to Congress and then to the Senate as the longest-serving independent in history of the US Congress. I love our state very much, and I go home as often as I can because I get inspriation and hope and love from the people back home who are down-to-earth, hard-working people, and that support means a lot to me. )) Alex Apple -- channel 3 news -- Washington, D.C.


Hillary Clinton welcomed Sanders to the race with a tweet and says the two agree on the issues. Vermont's top Democrats also praised Sanders. But Governor Shumlin won't yet say if he'll back Bernie. And Senator Patrick Leahy -- who's been a longtime Clinton supporter -- says he'll keep his promise -- and stick with her -- but says you won't hear him say a bad word about Bernie. ((0024, Shumlin: I just havent figured it out yet. 0026, and again, I dont know who's running and who's not 0029, so I'm going to wait - 0030 Eva (interrupting) He's a Vermonter though, dont you feel a sense of loyalty? 0033, Shumlin, He's a Vermonter and I admire him tremendously, 0035, but I'll hold endorsements till later (grins). 0039,)) ((Sen. Patrick Leahy/D-Vermont: " ... I'm voting for him because he's honest.")) Congressman Peter Welch says "Bernie Sanders has been a thoughtful and forceful advocate for working Americans his entire career. He will be a strong voice for progressive policies in this race."


Vermont republican leaders don't think a President Sanders is a good idea. Vermont GOP chair David Sunderland issued a statement saying quote: "America deserves better than the class warfare scare tactics Senator Sanders will use to advance his big government agenda -- the same agenda that has trapped millions of Americans in poverty and despair."


Multiple people are injured tonight after a ceiling at Hotel Vermont in Burlington came plummeting to the ground. It was a scary scene that sent some guests for the street and others wondering how it happened.


Dinner at Hotel Vermont was interrupted by a big bang Thursday night. ((Carrie Pettee, Guest 03:55 We were about to get started and we heard a big crash and we weren't quite sure what it was.)) Carrie Pettee was inside the Burlington hot spot entertaining guests just before 7 when she heard the noise. ((Carrie Pettee, Guest 04:17 All of the sudden the alarms went off we went down the stairs and saw the whole like the ceiling above the lobby bar area just collapse.)) Burlington fire officials say five people were injured when the roughly 25 by 15 foot suspended ceiling came crashing to the ground. Four were taken to the hospital. ((David Roberts, Burlington Deputy Fire Chief 10:06 "There were some head injuries as far as any broken bones i'm not sure but everybody was conscious and alert and able to walk to the cot and able to get on to the cot to be taken out to the ambulance.)) ((Carrie Pettee, Guest 04:31 "That was what was the scariest part for me, was just wondering if anyone had been stuck down there or anything like that.)) Deputy Fire Chief David Roberts says with given the size and weight of the structure -- things could have been much worse. (( Deputy Fire Chief David Roberts 09:26 "It was heavy, it was quite a bit of weight and the people that were injured were in a location that they didn't get more severely hurt and they could have been if they were in a different location.)) Hotel Vermont's General Manager says he is friends with one of the people who was hurt. Hans Vanwees, Hotel Vermont General Manager 17:05 Immediate concern was with people in that area and to make sure that the people that were there were okay.)) He says a structural engineer will assess what went wrong and responded to critics who question whether corners were cut in the hotel's construction. ((Hans Vanwees, Hotel Vermont General Manager 17:29 "I can assure you it was not cheaply built, I was involved with the hotel from before the opening and we worked with the best contractors in the area.)) The Burlington Fire Department has roped off a number of similar suspended ceilings at the property until they are determined to be safe.


Guests are back in the hotel tonight. None of the injuries were considered life-threatening.

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Dan is here. Not a bad day today.


A big bill for a hiker who had to be rescued in Franconia. Edward Bacon -- from Michigan -- dislocated his hip during a hike in 2012 -- and had to be carried nearly 4 miles. The Fish and Game department charged him more than 9-thousand dollars -- Bacon appealed but that was eventually rejected. The state's supreme court said he was in no condition to be hiking in the first place.


A Burlington Police Officer facing criminal charges--has stepped down from the force. 45 year old Nathan Harvey has pleaded not guilty to two counts of domestic assault for alleged attacks at his Swanton home last fall. Harvey was already on administrative leave from the department. His lawyer says Harvey resigned because he believes it is in the best interest of the Burlington Police Department - but Harvey is still fighting charges in court.


And -- a trooper under review for controversial social media posts - has also resigned. Vermont State Police officials say many of Cpl Jon Graham's posts rose to a level of extreme concern. In a letter to his force Colonel Tom L'Esperance said quote "We recruit, hire and retain the finest men and women in law enforcement and we do everything in our power to ensure that our personal feelings and biases remain separate from our duties as sworn police officers." State police do not believe Graham's actions -- or resignation -- will affect his past cases -- but they are continuing to investigate the issue.

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Still ahead -- Fighting back against heroin addiction in Vermont. Also -- New York takes a stand against gay conversion therapy. Plus -- A gun shot outside a South Burlington bank -- what police have to say about the incident. And a mother left wondering. ((Kristen Destigter, Maddy's mom 12:16 "My number one fear was that she was dead, then I was worried she was hurt and couldn't get to help.)) What happened to her teenage daughter from Charlotte when the deadly earthquake hit Nepal -- When the Channel 3 News continues.


Two recent overdoses in the Randolph area have put state police on high alert. Tonight they met with community members to address the problem. Rose Spillman is live in the studio with more. Rose-- Keith opiate abuse has been a major problem across the state in recent years, but in Randolph, residents say that are especially alarmed at what they're seeing just outside their own homes. Tonight's meeting was meant to both inform the public and ask for their help.


Sean Lavin lives in Randolph with his wife and two baby daughters. He says he's seen the heroin scene come right to his doorstep. (00:57:24 9477) ((Sean Lavin/Randolph Resident "I live in an apartment building. I've seen activity, I've seen baggies, I've seen it all." 00:57:30)) Two recent overdoses in the area led state police to hold a meeting with the community. Nearly 100 people came out on Thursday to express their concerns and hear from police at the Randolph Union High School. (00:51:34 9474) ((Thomas Barkley/Randolph Resident "Since I have moved here, I've gone from having no lock on my house, to having it locked and a security system due to thefts and everything else that revolves around the drug addictions here." 00:51:46)) Police say the drug problem has escalated, and heroin related deaths have more than doubled in the past few years due in part to being laced with a potent substance called fentanyl. Troopers pleaded with the public on Thursday to get involved in the solution. (01:11:08 9494) (Sgt. John Helfant/Vermont State Police "I think a lot of people in the town of Randolph know who's dealing drugs. We know who's dealing drugs." 00:00:05)) Kristen Williams, a Randolph resident and counselor at the Central Vermont Addiction Clinic, says the lack of treatment available for addicts is also a major problem. (00:54:16 9476) ((Kristen Williams/Randolph Resident "We are seeing a tsunami of people wanting to get into clinics. We have a waiting list. Other clinics have long waiting lists. We need more clinics." 00:54:26)) Governor Peter Shumlin says it will be a long process for the state to beat the drug problems at large, but hopes to add more treatment centers. ((Shumlin 26:54 "We're building out treatment centers, the more we talk about it, the more we change attitudes, the more we sign up, so the demand has increased exponentially.)) In Randolph, state troopers said that help from the community is vital. They suggested not only giving anonymous tips of drug activity, but they also encouraged heroin users to talk with police directly about what they know. (01:10:23 9494) ((Sgt. John Helfant/Vermont State Police "They're not gonna get in any trouble. They already injected their heroin, it's gone, there's no possession charge. I need them to come see me, and tell me what they saw, what they did, how much they paid for it, and give me a written statement." 01:10:32)) Parents like Sean Lavin just want the neighborhood to be safe enough to go outside. Right now, they say they are too afraid. (00:57:46 9477) ((Sean Lavin/Randolph Resident "I don't feel safe letting them outside. LIke I said, I found an empty baggy in our trash. We have communal trash. Children that age pick everything up. It goes right to their mouth." 00:57:58))


Police say since December -- there have been three overdoses tied to fentanyl -- or heroin laced with fentanyl in Vermont. Keith.


A Lyndonville man is accused of exposing himself in a grocery store parking lot. Investigators say Nicholas Trotto exposed himself to an off-duty female trooper at the Whites Market Plaza -- and then followed her car for about 10 minutes. Police say they investigated four similar incidents last year -- but it's unclear if Trotto is connected. He's charged with stalking -- and committing prohibited acts.


A gun went off outside a bank in South Burlington. It happened today at the Merchants Bank on Kennedy Drive. Investigators say a man had just bought two weapons --- and was waiting in a car in the parking lot while a friend was inside. Police say he man was trying to pull the gun from his holster when it went off. They say it was an accident and no charges are expected.


Lawmakers in New York's Assembly have voted to ban gay conversion therapy on minors. Under the bill, any licensed mental health practitioner who performs the treatment -- aimed at changing the sexual orientation of a minor -- could be cited for unprofessional conduct. Similar legislation passed the Assembly last year but did not get a vote in the Republican-led Senate.

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Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Lows: 38/45 Winds: NE 5-10 mph Friday: A mix of sun and clouds. (more clouds afternoon) Highs: 60/67 Winds: N 5-10 mph Friday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 32/42 Winds: NE 5-10 mph Saturday: Becoming partly sunny and warmer. Highs: 65/72 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Extended: Sunday through Thursday. Saturday Night: Lows 40s Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs 68/75 Lows 40s Monday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers, late. Highs 70s Lows 45/55 Tuesday: Showers. Highs 60s Lows: 35/45 Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Highs 60s Lows 35/45 Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs 60s

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For twenty minutes Saturday morning a Charlotte mom did not know if her daughter volunteering in Nepal was dead of alive. Tonight the family is sharing its story about life following the deadly earthquake.


When Saturday's massive earthquake rocked Nepal -- Maddy Hyams thought for a moment she might die. ((05:28 Maddy Hyams, Charlotte "For a minute there I think when I realized that I needed to get out of the house right that second.")) As the roof of her host family's home started to collapse, the 19-year-old from Charlotte could hear them screaming. ((05:53 Maddy Hyams, Charlotte "They got out quickly and were just kind of shouting my name and I had like a rush of adrenaline and realized that I needed to book it.)) The 2014 Champlain Valley Union High School grad is volunteering in Nepal this spring. She has not been able to share photos of her community's demage -- but says parts are similar to the images that have circled around the world. ((02:06 Maddy Hyams, Charlotte "The outside walls are pretty strong because they are newer and made of stone but the inside is all made of wood so the top floor kind of collapsed and part of the bottom floor.)) From a world away, her mom Kristin says, she knew something was wrong. ((Kristen Destigter, Maddy's mom 10:52 " I sort of had this mother's intuition thing and I never wake up in the middle of the night and I did, and for some reason decided to look at my iphone and saw that there had been an earthquake in Nepal and it was a developing story.)) A developing story that had her mom Kristen fearing the worst. ((Kristen Destigter, Maddy's mom 12:16 "My number one fear was that she was dead, then I was worried she was hurt and couldn't get to help.)) While more than 5-thousand people across the country have been confirmed dead -- Hyams made it through uninjured. Within an hour her family back home knew she was okay. ((Kristen Destigter, Maddy's mom "12:40 I just cant even describe it it was just such relief, undescribable relief, I can't describe it.)) The soon-to-be UVM freshman is cutting her stay short by a month -- fearful she would be competing for limited resources that her host family needs. ((03:34 Maddy Hyams, Charlotte "There's food and water shortages and fuel shortages so taxi prices have gone up quite a bit and food prices as well, and there are a lot of buildings down obviously and a lot of tents with many many people.)) She's spent much of the last week navigating her way back to Katmandu -- with hopes of flying home -- but knows it could be a huge hurdle. ((06:43 Maddy Hyams, Charlotte They airport is Mayhem so that is going to be the biggest obstacle for me.)) Right now, she's booked on a flight to leave Saturday ... If all goes as planned. Keith McGilvery


Maddy's says her host family does not have the money to fix its home and that they have been sleeping in a shed since the earthquake.


It's been a historic season for the UVM men's lacrosse team. The Cats set a new program record with four conference wins. Now, the third seeded Cats are looking to extend their season and punch a ticket to the America East Championship game. UVM playing in its first conference tournament since 2010, taking on second seed Stony Brook in the America East semifinals this afternoon at Albany. --- The Seawolves had a dominant win over Vermont earlier in the season. But not so much today. first team all-conference selection Ian MacKay pops out from behind the net and scores one of his four goals. Cats lead 4-3 after one. --- Tied at 4 in the second, Cam Milligan comes through with a great cross field pass to John Everett. He puts it home to put the Cats back on top 5-4. --- However, Stony Brook answers with four straight goals, including two just over a minute apart. This Challen Rogers goal makes it 8-5 Seawolves. --- Late in the second quarter, Milligan feeds Dyson White for the goal.. Vermont heads into the break down two, 9-7. --- Stony Brook extends the lead in the third out-scoring the Cats 5-1 in the quarter. Vermont puts up a good fight, scoring three goals in the final two minutes, but fall short as Stony Brook wins 16-13.


(((Ryan Curtis/"I told the guys after the game, you have no reason to hang your heads. They've done a lot of things that have never been done before. It's certainly not the way you want the season to end, but no complaints with what we did up to this game."))) (((Ian MacKay/"Having four seniors this year, we had to rely on our younger guys a lot. I know our starting D was two freshman for a majority of the year and they stepped up big when it counted the most. I think moving forward, we've got a really good foundation.")))


Tomorrow night AT 7:30, the Vermont women's lacrosse team takes it's shot. the Cats face Albany in the America East semifinals at Stony Brook.


The Middlebury women's lacrosse team meets Bowdoin in the NESCAC semis Saturday at Trinity. A win puts the Panthers into Sunday's conference title game. Today, Middlebury head coach Missy Foote was named NESCAC coach of the year for the sixth time. Foote is retiring at the end of the season. The Panther players say they are going to give it everything they can to try and get Foote one more conference title.


(((Catherine Fowler/"That pressure is undinable. We know it's there. I think that's a big part of it, but I know we want it for eachother and our assistant coaches and for everyone that came before us as well, who played under Missy."))) (((Katie Ritter/"We don't want to think about it too much, just go day by day, because once we start dealing with those bigger things, it can get distracting. We're all in it to send her out in the best way possible and the result is that we come out on top.")))


The North Atlantic Conference baseball and softball championships begin tomorrow morning. Castleton is hosting both double elimination tournaments. The Spartan baseball team takes on fourth seed Maine-Farrington at 9am. If they win, the Spartans play again on Saturday. If the Spartans lose, they'll play an elimination game tomorrow afternoon. --- At 10am, the Spartans softball team opens up against fourth seed New England College. Win or lose, the softball team will play another game Friday afternoon to see who advances to the championship series, which begins Saturday at noon.


The Red Sox and Yankees are both off tonight. The two teams start a three game series tomorrow night at Fenway.


Tonight is night one of the NFL draft from Chicago. The New York Giants with the ninth overall pick selecting Miami offensive tackle Ereck Flowers. Flowers is big boy who excels in in pass protection which means more time for Eli Manning to find receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz. ---- As for the New England Patriots, they used their 1st pick -- 32nd overall on Malcom Brown -- a defensive tackle from Texas. The draft continues with rounds 2 and three tomorrow.

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