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What is in the food you and your family are eating? Good evening everyone I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Shelby Cashman. Starting next summer Vermont law will require new labeling -- but an act that passed the US House today could potentially change that. Logan Crawford joins us with reaction from those in Vermont pushing for GMO labeling. Logan? Keith and Shelby, today the House of Representatives voted to block states from requiring labels on genetically modified food. Vermont was the first state in the nation to mandate the move. And it's been a controversial issue ever since.

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Vermont is a leader in requiring food makers to label what's in their product. A law passed in 2014 mandating food containing genetically modified organisms in the state to say so on the container. (TC 00:07:45:00 Tile 2773) ((Bill Sorrell/Vt. Attorney General "And now what the House is doing is going to keep that information away from consumers if it becomes law of this country." 00:07:54:15)) In Washington Thursday -- the House of Representatives passed a bill called The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act -- banning states from requiring GMO labels. Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell says the House is listening to big food manufacturers rather than consumers. Congressman Peter Welch agrees. (TC 00:21) ((Rep. Peter Welch/D-Vermont "This is not a question about whether science says GMO foods cause medical issues, that's not the issue. The question is whether consumers when they purchase food have a right to know what's in it." 00:36)) Those in favor of the GMO labeling law call this - the DARK Act. Or the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act. Connecticut and Maine passed similar laws to Vermont's -- and more states are looking to also. National food groups filed a lawsuit earlier this year with the state of Vermont over the issue. They claim it violates free speech -- and could wrongly imply foods are unsafe. (TC 00:17:49:28 Tile 2780) ((Erin Sigrist/Vt. Retail & Grocers Association "It's just one step closer to saying we need a national regulation." 00:17:53:24)) The Vermont Retail and Grocers Association is against letting state's have their own labeling laws. The group of food merchants says Vermont's law will be confusing to consumers and require manufacturers to print different labels for each state. (TC 00:14:57:20 Tile 2780) ((Erin Sigrist/Vt. Retail & Grocers Association "We believe that Congress, the president or designated agencies within the administration should be the ones determining whether genetically engineering food should be labeled." 00:15:07:14))

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This anti-GMO label bill will now go to the senate. Attorney General Bill Sorrell says he expects senators Leahy and Sanders to fight for GMO labeling in the senate. Keith.


We have breaking news tonight involving a deadly movie theater shooting in Louisiana. Two people are dead and multiple people are injured from the incident in Lafayette. That's according to police who say one of the people killed was the suspected gunman. Authorities say they shooting happened during a movie around 7-30. You can look for updates here on Channel 3 starting tomorrow morning at 5am.


Could an older teen--be charged in connection with a boy who went missing in Fair Haven? New York State Police located 13 year-old Isaac Voisine -- in Fort Ann, New York Tuesday night. He was with 18 year-old Calvn Lena. Police determined the boy went with Lena voluntarily and was not hurt. Fair Haven's Police Chief says investigators are now trying to figure out what charges Lena could face.


(TC 16:12:52:09 Title 1178)((Chief William Humphries/Fair Haven Police Dept.: "harboring, we're looking at. And I think that was - after confirmed with state police we're going to look at harboring. And then we'll probably put it together talk with the state's attorney and figure out what statutes fits. So we haven't determined yet, but yeah, he'll be charged." 16:13:06:08)) The Chief says Lena has a record -- and he will first face charges in New York -- before returning to Vermont to face charges.


A St. Johnsbury mom is accused of letting her nearly-naked preschool daughter wander the street alone. Police say Cassandra Bashaw's 3-year-old daughter was found wandering around the street - away from home - wearing only a diaper. And police say it was the second time they'd found the child like that - in a week. Bashaw is due in court next month.


The combination of heroin--and fentanyl is proving to be a deadly trend in Vermont. According to the health department, in 20-12 nine Vermonters died from a heroin overdose. In 20-13 - that jumped to 19. Last year there were 31. It's a similar story for fentanyl deaths -- in 20-12 there were six. Then eleven. And last year -- 17. Some of the victims may have had both drugs in their system. Last month - two brothers overdosed on fentanyl in Burlington. Police say 34-year old Dennis Thibault of Burlington and 32-year old Sean Thibault of Westford were found dead in this home on Ward Street. Fentanyl is a powerful narcotic that is now being added to heroin -- but how often does that happen and why? Detective John Merrigan is the Vermont State Police expert on fentanyl. And talked about it earlier tonight on the :30.


((01:24 Det. John Merrigan 01:24 "more recently we have seen illegally produced fentanyl from Mills in Mexico and that's getting shipped to the US by the Kilos and it's getting into heroin.)) State police are trying to track the fentanyl in Vermont but say it is too early to say how much of it is in the Green Mountain State.


Studies show low income mothers smoke at a high rate. Vermont researchers want to know why--and find ways to help. . UVM will use a three-and-a-half million dollar federal grant to focus on female smokers with kids 11 or younger. They will study various quitting methods -- including offering financial incentives. Researchers say almost 85 percent of American children from low-income families are chronically exposed to secondhand smoke -- usually by their mothers.

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Dan is here. A few showers out there this evening.


It's official -- There's a new name for a Vermont college. Today -- the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees approved changing the school's name from Castleton State College -- to Castleton University. The school has been charting its own course in recent years -- including adding five graduate programs. The school also operates an off-campus Polling Institute -- and has partnered with businesses and organizations in Rutland. Castleton officials say the new name will also help attract more out-of-state and foreign students. Vermonters make up 70 percent of the student body.


((Dave Wolk/Castleton University President (TC 00:03:16:04 Tile 2772) "With 15 countries represented I expect that the number will grow with university status, and I think it will be wonderful for the Vermont students who come to Castleton, to expand their horizons and think more globally." 00:03:30:05)) Castleton will have more than 2-thousand students attending this fall semester. The university is redistributing diplomas that say "Castleton University" for the rest of the year to all alumni.


Is milkweed the new cash crop? Farmers from all over the northeast converged in Alburgh today to check it out. University of Vermont Extension hosted a field day demonstration Thursday on the Borderview farm in Alburgh -- where they are growing milkweed for possible commercial use. 11 years ago this former dairy farm converted to a research farm, trying out new crops like sunflowers for oil, and hops for beer. But this new crop may be hard to swallow for some farmers.


((roger again 00:15:18:23 if this thing, and i keep saying if becasue it is new to us but I guess in Canada they are doing quite well with it on some farms talking with the farmers in Canada is what convinced me this is probably a real good potential")). That's right. Canada grows thousands of acres. Companies there use the pods, seeds and downy fiber to make everything from oils to a substitute for conventional oil absorbant materials currently used to clean up oil spills.

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Coming up after the break -- Can Bernie Sanders win the minority vote? And why Donald Trump took a trip to the Mexican border. Plus does earth have a cousin? And celebrating a staple of summer! (00:19:02:23) ((Travis Daniel/Hotel VT "today we have some regular hot dogs toasted hot dogs, grilled lightly steamed")) Gina's take on National Hot Dog Day when we come back!

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Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump made a 3-hour trip to the US-Mexico border today to call attention to illegal immigration. But there were a few bumps along the way. Trump didn't walk back his controversial comments- Instead he tried to clarify them. He says if elected, he would build a wall to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the US.


(SOT Donald TRUMP) (There's huge problem with the illegals coming through and in this section it's a problem. In some sections it's a massive problem.) His trip was a short one - Leaders from a local border patrol union were supposed to take him on a tour, but pulled out at the last minute.


Another republican -- was campaigning in New Hampshire's North Country today. Jeb Bush stopped by a ski shop in Littleton. And he held a town hall meeting in Gorham this afternoon. His trip is themed "Taking on Mt. Washington" -- a reference to New Hampshire's tallest peak --and an attempt to promote himself as a Washington D-C outsider.


Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has added a campaign leader. Julia Barnes is leaving as the executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party -- to head up Sanders' campaign in New Hampshire. She'll work in Concord. Conor Casey -- the former political director of the state employees union -- will take over Barnes' job at the Democratic Party.


Meanwhile -- some political pundits say one of Sanders' biggest hurdles -- is attracting minority voters. Alex Apple reports.


((NAT shouts)) Shouted down... ((03:12 Sanders: Hold on, listen black lives matter of course. I've spent 50 years of my life fighting for that, but if you don't want me here...)) At a forum called Netroots Nation earlier in the week in Arizona -- Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders encountered a group of minority activists determined to get their point across. Something few candidates encounter in the largely white early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire. ((Matt Dickinson/Political Scientist 04:43 It's when he heads South and heads West and he begins to try to appeal to more diverse electorates that he's going to run into problems.)) According to a June CNN/ORC poll, only two percent of black democrats support Sanders. A problem for any candidacy. ((Rashad Shabazz/UVM professor 05:40 This is the most diverse group of young people that we've seen in the country's recorded history.)) In a teleconference this week, those who do support Sanders' fledgling campaign -- said they're hopeful the Arizona encounter gets the him focused on issues in minority communities. ((Marcus Terrell/Attended Netroots Rally 14:33 I am happy it happened so the issues that I care about for my community are addressed at the forefront of everybody's talking points right now.)) ((Bernie Sanders -- Source; Sanders Campaign 00:36 This grotesque level of income and wealth inequality is immoral. It is bad economics. It is unsustainable.)) Sanders argues his ideas on income inequality -- affect all Americans -- white or black. The author of the book "spacializing Blackness" -- Rashad Shabazz says Bernie is missing the point. ((Rashad Shabazz/UVM Professor 07:37 It's not just the banks seizing, but it's also these historical forms of inequalities and racism that have enabled for the current economic situation of people of color, and Bernie Sanders has to understand and address that.)) ((GFX)) On other issues important to minority communities like immigration and gun control -- Sanders is largely silent. ((End GFX)) And beyond those issues -- Shabazz says the African-American community longs for a discussion about race and a candidate courageous enough to address it. ((Rashad Shabazz/UVM Professor 05:14 I think there is a hunger and a thirst for a sophisticated and nuanced discussion around race to take place.)) ((Bernie Sanders -- Source: BernieTexas 00:42 You don't create the kind of jobs we need unless working people have money in their pockets.)) Shabazz believes directly addressing minority voters is Sanders one chance to beat Hillary Clinton -- a candidate with history on her side. ((Rashad Shabazz 19:09 The sort of historic nature of her presidency, first woman president, against the backdrop of first black president, I think history is not on Bernie's side.))

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Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. Lows: 50/57 Winds: light Friday: Sun and clouds. Scattered showers. Chance of a tstorm. Highs: 68/75 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Friday Night: Chance of evening showers. Gradual clearing. Lows: 50/57 Winds: Light Saturday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 73/80 Winds: Light Extended: Sunday through Thursday. Saturday night: Lows 55/62 Sunday: Showers and thunderstorms. Highs 70/77 Lows 58/65 Monday: Chance of showers. Highs 75/82 Lows 55/65 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 75/85 Lows 60s Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs 80s Lows 60s Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs 80s

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Meet Earth's 'bigger, older cousin'. That's what NASA is calling a newly-discovered planet. "Kepler-452-B" is 60-percent larger in diameter, but scientists say it's the first planet similar to the earth's size. Its mass and composition aren't known yet, but previous research indicates its surface could be rocky. NASA says the discovery marks a milestone in the mission to find another planet like earth and provides the opportunity to better understand the earth's evolving environment.


Today was a big day for one summer staple. Gina Bullard hit the road to see how folks are celebrating National Hot Dog Day.


((nat ketchup!?)) They often rank inferior to other items at barbeques but today America is celebrating a grilling classic -- hot dogs. (00:19:02:23) ((Travis Daniel/Hotel VT "today we have some regular hot dogs toasted hot dogs, grilled lightly steamed")) Hotel Vermont was handing out hundreds of free wieners for national hot dog day. (00:20:51:09) ((George Russell/i was walking down the street saw the sign and turned around and the guy behind me said free hot dog got you didn't it?)) ((nat at mckenzies)) And why not celebrate the day with some local franks from McKenzie's Country Classics. Free dogs here too! (00:34:00:22) ((g-how's that hotdog? kid- good!")) (00:37:23:11) ((KJ O'Grady "ketchup mustard onions the works")) (00:37:27:01) ((KJ O'Grady "g-just one for you? Kj-i mean i'm going to go until they tell me I can't go anymore")) (00:31:20:22) ((paul stephens/McKenzie's- it's one of your first food memories you either have a disaster or a great time in your life it's one of your first memories as a child and most vermotners are lucky its a mckenzie hotdog that they're eating)) Celebrating a classic summertime food -- that is so good ... ((bite)) It gets its own holiday. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Burlington.


The Nick Sweet baby watch continues. The Barre late model driver won last weekend's ACT race in Plattsburgh waiting for his third child to arrive, could his luck extend into the mid season championships at Thunder Road. Double the points on the line. Sweet and Derrick O'donnell enter the night leading the king of the road standings --- 75 lap feature, on lap 29 Barre's Jason Allen in the 29 is passed on the back straightaway by Barre's Michael "Beetle" Bailey for the lead --- He hangs to the lead for 20 laps but that's when the fun begins. Lap 49, Allen is spun out by Northfield's Mathew White. --- Just 3 laps later... All kinds of trouble in turn number one, everyone pushing themselves with double points on the line... --- On lap 64, O'Donnell makes his move to the outside of Beetle and moves into the lead. He hangs on the remaining 11 laps for the checkered flag. A huge step towards capturing his third straight late model points championship.


(((Derrick O'Donnell/"I had to work my butt off to get it. We got some damage early in the race and it really hurt the way it turned. The Car was really tight. I really had to do everything I had to do to get by Beetle there. He raced me good and clean so there was a big difference in point from winning that race and finishing second so I definitely had to pull it out of a hat somehow and do whatever I had to do to get it.")))


In the street stocks, 18 year old Jaden Perry from Hardwick was your points leader heading into the night and he picks up the checkered flag tonight in the 35 lap feature remaining at the top of the points standings... --- And finally in the Tiger 50 lap feature, Grand Isle's Joe Steffen picks up the win. Dylan Payea finished second while defending Tiger Champion Jason Woodard takes third.


With wet weather in the forecast, officials at Devils bowl have decided to postpone their night of racing tomorrow in West Haven. The event was to feature the Modifieds Newport Chevrolet-Buick-GMC 100. A make up date will be announced as soon as possible.


The lake Monsters hosting Auburn. Vermont wearing jerseys designed by the boys and girls club of Burlington, they'll be auctioned off with proceeds helping the united way. --- Monsters shortstop Richie Martin helping starting pitcher John Massid, nice play on the grounder to get the out. Auburn up 1-0 after 1. --- Bottom of the second, Vermont with runners at the corners and one out for Sky Bolt. He goes high and deep to left. It hits the base of the wall for an RBI double. We're tied at 2. --- Auburn goes back in front in the third inning, 18 year old Victor Robles, who led off the game with a homerun, sends this one to center. It's an RBI triple. Robles with 4 hits, a double short of the cycle. --- Auburn adds a few more and takes this one, 6-2.


The Vermont Mountaineers win their 7th in a row beating Ocean State tonight In Rhode Island, 3-2 in 12 innings. Ocean State scored the tying run in the bottom of the ninth. Pinch Hitter, Riley Jackson with the game winning RBI single for the Neers in the 12th.


It's the opening day of the American Legion baseball tournament the games at Castleton...Essex rolls past Bennington 14-2.. and Hartford edges the top seed from the North, the OEC Kings 4-3... at St. Peter's Field in Rutland... Colchester blanked Rutland 3-0, while Brattleboro topped Franklin County 9-7. Action continues tomorrow at both sites.


Evan Russell entered the final 2 rounds of today's New England amateur championship in New Hampshire, 3 off the lead, but a final round, 5 over knocked him out of contention. He finished two over par, one shot better than fellow vermonter Garren Poirier.


The National Football League players' union proposed a settlement on Tom Brady's four-game suspension last week, but has not gotten a response from the NFL. A person familiar with the proposal told The Associated Press today that the offer was "met with silence." Several media reports indicated the union's proposal called for Brady paying a large fine, but with no suspension. There is no timetable on when Commissioner Roger Goodell will rule on the New England quarterback's appeal.

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