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Good evening and thank you for joining us at 11. I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Shelby Cashman. Tragedy in Stowe. Tonight we know the victim from a house fire we first told you about last night at 11. Alex Apple has our top story.


Police were on scene in just two minutes. (25:07 Chief Donald Hull/Stowe PD)(("The officer was then told by some bystanders outside that there was possibly somebody still inside the house.")) The first officer to arrive at the fire on 180 Edson Hill Road in Stowe headed into the home through thick smoke and flames -- looking for anyone inside. (25:26 Chief Donald Hull/Stowe PD)(("After several attempts he was joined by a second Stowe officer. they were able to locate her and bring her out where they started medical care and recussitation.")) Fifty-five year old Laurel Baas was found near her garage -- not far from a door leading out of the home. (27:18 Chief Donald Hull/Stowe PD)(("She was on the first floor right inside the doorway as you come into the house.")) Despite efforts to save her -- Baas passed away at Copley Hospital. She had lived in the home most of her life and rented the apartment above her garage to another family that's now getting Red Cross aid. (26:38 Chief Donald Hull/Stowe PD)(("There is extensive damage. There were some other people living in the house in other areas, apartments, and stuff, so it's not livable at this point.")) Because the home was divided into different sections -- battling the blaze was difficult for firefighters. (Mark Sgantas Chief Fire Stowe 27:47)(("It's always a challenge with the cold, with the wind, with the water and just timing it right. Getting in there at the right time to put the fire out.")) And Thursday --despite those challenges-- Stowe Police Chief Donald Hull thanked his first responding officers for their heroic effort to try to save a life. (25:48 Chief Donald Hull/Stowe PD)(("I commend them for a job well done. They were there very quickly and did everything they could to try to rescue her.")) State police investigators say the cause of the fire does not look suspicious -- but they're unsure exactly what sent the home up in flames. Alex Apple -- channel 3 news -- Stowe


Last night we told you about dozens of animals seized in an abuse investigation. Well now--those dogs are getting medical care and are on the road to full recovery, 62 dogs and three cats rescued from a home in Eden Wednesday are now at a secure facility in Chittenden County. Vets and humane society volunteers are taking care of them -- and giving them various vaccines and immunizations. The dogs are eating and getting regular walks -- something many of them have never had after living in a stacked cages.


(Joanne Bourbeau 01:12:48 The animals are getting rabies vaccinations and they'll also probably get health certificates as well. That will allow us to free them up for transport to other shelters here within the state of Vermont and eventually to new homes.")) (Joanne Bourbeau 01:14:24)(("The Central VT humane society was able to get ownership of all these animals who are here in the temporary shelter so they will be determining a process by which to get adoption application and hopefully get these animals into new homes.")) Once they're ready, the Central Vermont Humane Society in East Montpelier will handle their adoptions.


An alleged Springfield bank robber was in court today. Authorities say 30-year-old Matthew Martin is the man behind a credit union robbery in Springfield last month. Martin was charged with grand larceny -- and will likely face additional charges for a second robbery in town. If he is charged as a habitual offender Martin could spend up to life in prison. Martin was released on bail.


A proposed sand pit in Milton has some residents--fired up. The re-opening of the Jenkins sand pit on McMullen Road would send out as many as 60 loaded dump trucks daily across the town. Residents attending the developmental review board meeting Thursday-- all agreed that they had many concerns with the proposal.


(00:07:35 6741) ((John Hemsted/Concerned Resident "That's going to create a tremendous amount of dust, noise, you've got class 2 wetlands which is in very close proximity to where the sandpit's gonna be." 00:07:45)) Those proposing the sandpit say they would use burm and trees to try and cut back on the noise--but residents are still concerned about the effect the pit would have on local property values. Though no decision on the permit could be made tonight--locals say it was clear the board had made up their mind--to approve the pit.


Some good news on a Putney puppy we've told you about. We've learned she was lost and not abandoned. Authorities say "Emma," is now reunited with her owner. According to state police say she slipped out of her collar during a walk. The owner had set up at "have a heart trap" on Barre Hill Road in hopes to get Emma back. Emma spent the night at Windham County Humane Society before going home.

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Dan is here. Colder out there today.


A celebrity known for late-night laughs decided to make a surprise stop at a Burlington restaurant this afternoon. Rose Spillman was lucky enough to catch up with him. She's live in studio tonight with the details. Craig Ferguson is a comedian and the former star of the Late Late show on CBS. Tonight he packed the house at the Flynn but I caught up with him earlier in the Queen City -- after he made his presence known on Twitter.


Thursday afternoon, celebrity comedian Craig Ferguson sent out a tweet that announced he was having lunch in Burlington's Skinny Pancake. RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES were surprised and thrilled to see the tweet. (00:02:42 6732) ((Michael Syr/Director of Marketing Skinny Pancake "I was like 'Oh I wonder who wrote this, and I was like 'Craig Ferguson!'And all at once it all came to me that he was playing a show tonight." 00:02:55)) Ferguson was in town for a show on his Hot & Grumpy Tour: "Walking the Earth" -- when he stopped by the downtown restaurant. He was on his second visit of the day when we met up with him. (00:05:41 6738 ((Craig Ferguson "Found out that burlington coat factory is not here ....yea it's the only problem I have with the town." 00:05:49)) Ferguson is no stranger to Vermont. In 2008, he married a Vermonter on her family's southern Vermont farm. His production company, Green Mountain West, was named after the state. (00:05:07 6738) ((Craig Ferguson "Burlington is my favorite town in the United States I come here often with my friends...these are my friends here Joseph and Ryan and Patrick." 00:05:15)) The team at Skinny pancake was grateful to have Ferguson's SEAL OF APPROVAL on the food. (00:03:15 6732) ((Michael Syr/DIrector of Marketing Skinny Pancake " Super nice guy, super funny joke and I think it was just great that he was willing to give us a shoutout without us even asking him to." 00:03:21)) Ferguson's show was sold out at the Flynn center Thursday night.


We reached out to the Burlington Coat Factory tonight to see if it had a response to Ferguson's complaint that it has not yet set up shop in the Queen City. We have not heard back!

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From homeless to running for Burlington mayor -- our candidate profiles continue with Loyal Ploof. (47:02 Loyal Ploof/Libertarian for Mayor)(("That's what makes me a better mayor candidate than the others because I've lived through all this.")) And - Is back-up on the way for healthcare workers serving low-income patients? Plus 6 young people allegedly leave Montreal on a mission to join ISIS. And the sights and smells of spring -- we check out the Vermont Flower Show. Stay with us.


Four young men and two young women in Montreal - have left Canada -- to join ISIS. CTV is reporting 4 of the 6 people are college students in Montreal. And they headed from Canada to Turkey -- and are believed to have traveled to Syria in mid January. CTV says the father of one of the men had taken away his passport - fearing his son would leave the country. But the son was able to get a new one.


This week Alex Apple is profiling the candidates running for Burlington mayor. Tonight we hear from the Libertarian in the race -- Loyal Ploof.


It wasn't long ago -- Loyal Ploof was homeless. One cold night -- he wondered if he'd make it to morning. (46:51 Loyal Ploof/Libertarian for Mayor)(("We spent about a year on the street. I still remember that night.)) But he picked himself up from that struggle -- he's now asking Burlington voters to elect him mayor. (47:02 Loyal Ploof/Libertarian for Mayor)(("That's what makes me a better mayor candidate than the others because I've lived through all this.")) Ploof is running on the libertarian ticket with two main goals -- make Burlington more affordable and shrink the size of Queen City government. (Loyal Ploof/Libertarian for Mayor)(("55:32 We're over-taxed, over-spent, and the reason why is we keep making the government bigger and bigger and bigger.")) Ploof now has a dog walking business... he's active on both school and housing boards. He's quick to tell you he's NOT a career politician. (Loyal Ploof/Libertarian for Mayor)(("52:17 I believe we need a regular person. we don't need a politician because we see what politicians are doing to this city.")) It's not the first time Ploof has entered the race for mayor -- but he says his campaign slogan -- "Return your voice to city hall" -- is one that will resonate with Burlingtonians. In his words, he's an advocate for those that feel disconnected from local government. ((01:04:28 NAT)) And Ploof says the fact he's being outspent by all is opponents is actually a sign he's connecting with voters. (54:05 Loyal Ploof/Libertarian for Mayor)(("I'm not spending the type of money they're spending because my message resonates with a lot more people.")) Instead he's meeting voters face to face -- and doing so in an area of town -- he says is broken. (53:12 Loyal Ploof/Libertarian for Mayor)(("We have a no trespass on church street which essentially is killing the marketplace. We have a smoking ban essentially killing the marketplace. It's also hurting the small businesses.")) His candidacy based on small government and affordability -- is designed to keep other Queen City residents from feeling the hardship -- he felt -- just eight years ago. (46:46 Loyal Ploof/Libertarian for Mayor)(("About eight years ago, I was homeless with my dog. We just couldn't afford the rent here.")) It's a message he hopes will lead him to Victory on Tuesday. AA. CH3N. BTV.


Doctors and business leaders joined a chorus of calls for increasing payments to health care workers who see low-income patients. Thursday afternoon members of the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility called on the legislature to address the Medicaid cost shift. Many, including the Governor argue that low re-imbursement rates force those with private insurance to pay more. Williston doctor Joseph Haddock says he takes Medicaid patients, but if the funding issue is not addressed, he may not be able to afford to do so in the future.


(00:54:07:00) ((Dr. Joseph Haddock - Williston Family Practitioner I realize the current state budget is a hard thing, but the current situation with respect to Medicaid is limiting access for patients who have Medicaid as their insurer, both for primary and specialty care)) The Governor has called on the legislature to put 140-million dollars into bumping the Medicaid re-imbursement rate, with more than half of those funds coming from the federal government. The legislature appears to be onb-boad with the idea, but not necessarily the Governor's plan to raise the cash through a payroll tax.


A member of the WCAX family has died. Jean Walsh started here when we were still a radio station - and stayed with us for more than 40 years. She was born and raised in Proctor -- then went on to attend Middlebury College before joining us at Channel 3. She made sure our programming and commercials went off without a hitch. She was the first woman inducted into the Vermont Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Jean was 86 years old.

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Tonight: Evening clouds. Becoming partly cloudy. Low -5/-20. Wind N 5-10 mph. Friday: Partly sunny. High 8/15. Wind light. Friday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 0/-15. Wind light. Saturday: Partly sunny. High 18/25. Wind SW 5-10 mph. Sunday: Increasing clouds. High 23/30. Low 10/20. Monday: Mostly cloudy skies. Chance of light snow. High 25/32. Low 0/10. Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 25/32. Low 10/20. Wednesday: Cloudy skies. Chance of snow. High 25/35. Low 5/15. Thursday: Mostly cloudy. High 20s.

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A historic ruling -- regulating the world wide web. Logan Crawford has more on the FCC's decision on Net Neutrality -- and what it means for you.


(TC 00:13:32:16 Tile 9399) ((Tim Kenney/MyWebGrocer President "In the US we're the largest digital grocery player, and yes we rely heavily on the internet." 00:13:38:27)) My Web Grocer is a Vermont-born company doing most of its business on the world wide web. The FCC ruled Thursday companies should have the same access to the internet and pay the same as everyone else -- also known as net neutrality. This means businesses like My Web Grocer won't have to pay extra for using more internet. (TC 00:12:44:13 Tile 9399) ((Tim Kenney/MyWebGrocer President "It's a concern we don't have to address now. Where we'd otherwise have to start talking with customers and saying if you want to operate at the higher speeds, there's an additional fee that we're going to have to pass on to you." 00:12:55:16)) Ric Messier is the director of cyber security and digital forensics at Champlain College. He says this ruling will not affect anyone's internet speed or bill -- but it likely ensures they will remain stable. (TC 00:05:53:10 Tile 9395) ((Ric Messier/Champlain College "I'm sure Comcast isn't going to be happy with it. AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, name any of the big network providers." 00:06:00:24)) Service providers like Comcast and Verizon oppose net neutrality -- saying the government should not be involved with the internet. Under the new FCC ruling these companies now cannot charge content providers like Netflix more money to access their customers over the internet. (TC 00:08:13:26 Tile 9395) ((Ric Messier/Champlain College "You're nickel and diming them to death. So either they go out of business, or you're paying $40 a month for your streaming for Netflix. Are you going to pay $40 a month for your Netflix streaming? Probably not." 00:08:25:22)) Senator Patrick Leahy is a long standing supporter of net neutrality. He released a statement on the FCC's ruling: GFX: "The FCC's action is a major victory for Vermonters and Vermont businesses that ensures that the Internet remains an open and dynamic platform for economic opportunity and free speech." My Web Grocer president Tim Kenney says net neutrality will ensure the continuing growth of internet driven businesses. (TC 00:14:09:21 Tile 9399) ((Tim Kenney/MyWebGrocer President "It's fantastic news." 00:14:10:24)) The FCC is expected to be sued by internet providers with this open internet ruling. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Burlington.


If you're looking to shake those Winter blues--the Vermont Flower Show might just be the place for you. Show casing over 500 different kinds of plants and flowers--this year's theme is Spring Reflections. Volunteers from across the state have been working since Monday to transform the Champlain Valley Expo into a Spring wonderland. Walk through the display--catch a free gardening seminar or visit one of the 90 local vendors.


(00:08:50) ((Ed Burke/Greenworks director "The theme sort of brings out our creativity so when we were thinking about what kind of things we could do :56 we have a mountain stream, we have a bog, we have a rain garden, we have these satellite dishes that are giant birdbaths, we have a mill with a pond made out of pansies.")) (00:09:08) The show kicks off tomorrow through Sunday. Tickets are fifteen dollars for adults with discounts for seniors and children. Greenworks tells me they except over ten thousand people over the course of the weekend.


The Norwich women's basketball team was picking the right time to get hot. Entering the night, the Cadets had won 12 straight including a victory over Anna Maria earlier in the week in the GNAC Quartefinals. The Cadets back home tonight hosting Johnson and Wales in the GNAC semis. --- late first half, Thetford high grad Shyann Josler finds Leanne Winans inside for 2, but Norwich trailed by 12 at the break. --- The Cadets trying to get back into this thing in the second half, Aliah Curry finding her way to the basket for 2 of her game high 26 points. --- However, a 12-2 run by the Wildcats at the start of the second half really put this one out of reach, Raquel Pederzani for 3. The Cadets fall, 74-65. Norwich's win streak ends at 12 games as the team waits for a possible at large bid to an NCAA or ECAC tournament.


senior night for The UVM women's basketball team. The Cats hosting Lowell. --- Nikki Taylor is one of those seniors honored before the game. She had 12 points, 11 rebounds. Vermont up 2 early. --- Kayla Burchill another senior, putting home 16 points including four three pointers. --- But it was a freshman that led the way for UVM, Sydnee Smith with 19 points off the bench. --- But Lowell grabbed a first half lead and never looked back, Jasmine McRoy with 15 points, but here she finds Shannon Samuels for 2. Vermont falls, 72-64, dropping to 2-13 in conference.


To Barre we go for the Division 3 girls hoop semifinals. Up first Number 3 richford hosting second seed Williamstown. --- The Blue Devils showing early why they were undefeated this season, Sarah Bellavance the steal, Mariah Lamell the lay in. --- But the Rockets blast off from there, Alexandria Benoit driving to the hoop for 2. Richford by 5 after one. --- More of the same in the second quarter, co-captian Gabby Coons taking its strong for 2 more. --- Then it's Saide Fuller getting the nice feed, gets 2 and the foul. Richford wins big, 78-50. The Rockets go to Saturday's D4 final handing the Blue Devils their first loss of th season.


In the other D4 semi, number 4 enosburg taking on top dog, thetford. --- Enosburg gets out to a very early lead after the steal, Brooke St. Onge lays it in. --- But the Panthers respond with a 15-0 run, Michaela Pomeroy stays with it and hits Nelly Junesand for 2. --- Second quarter, Kayley Gray takes it in uncontested for 2 more. Thetford wins, 53-34. It'll be the Panthers and Rockets for all the marbles Saturday.


It's day one of the high school nordic skiing state championships. CVU and Woodstock have dominanted recently. The Redhawks winning two straight boys and three straight girls D1 team titles. Woodstock has won five straight boys and the last two girls D-2 team titles. Today, it's the freestyle races from the Craftsbury Nordic Center...we start with the girls 5K freestyle. -------- North Country freshman Callie Young burns through the course in 16 minutes 53.4 seconds, She's D-1 champ and it's the best overall time of the day. Teammate Avery Ellis finishes 2nd. ---- Mount Mansfield's Amy Bruce takes third, Bruce crosses right before Division 2 winner, U-32 Freshman Ruby Lamb in the 101 bib. --- Harwood's Phoebe Sweet finishes 2nd. --- Woodstock's Abby Kaija finishes fourth as her Wasps win the D2 relay later in the afternoon. Mt. Mansfield won the D1 relay.


(((TRT: 21...SET TO GO)) (Young:"It feels awesome. This morning I was just thinking, I have a chance at this, but I wasn't really thinking that I would actually be the state champ, so it's pretty awesome." Lamb:"It feels awesome, I'm really shocked actually.I knew the skier that was Ahead of me and I know that she's a good skier so I just tried to stay with her and I knew that if I did that I would be pretty well set to go.")


The Boys hit the course next. In Division 1, it's CVU senior Charlie Maitland taking home the state title, crossing the finish line in 13 minutes, 55.8 seconds...he also helps power the Red Hawks to a win in the relay, by just four seconds over Mount Mansfield...MMU's Greg Burt finishes 2nd in the individual race, with Mount Anthony's Andy Barlow taking third.. -------------- Another senior takes the crown once again in Division 2... Woodstock's Zane Field's wins his third state title, cruising through the course in a time of 12 minutes, 59.3 seconds, winning by nearly a minute... Fields also pushes the Wasps to a win in the relay. Scott Mooney of Burr and Burton finishes second in the individual race. Middlebury's Sam Hodges is third.


(((TRT: 21...RACE OUT THERE))) (Fields:"It feels really good. It's the third time for me and the 6th time for our team. My brother started the legacy so it's really good to keep it going right now, feels great." Maitland:"It's awesome. I was pretty stocked when I crossed that line. I knew I had a good race and then looked at the timing board and was right about where I was expecting to be and I just knew I had a good race out there.")

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