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Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11. I'm Jennifer Costa. And I'm Keith McGilvery. New questions tonight about how individuals -- quarantined because of Ebola concerns -- are handled -- after the health department reveals two more Vermonters are being watched -- and have been for nearly three weeks. But as Kyle Midura found out -- the information only became public because of a lawmaker's question during a hearing today in Montpelier. And state officials aren't saying why the cases are being handled differently from the Vermonter who was released from quarantine earlier this week.


(55:48) - Nats ((we're pleased you're here)) State health officials fielded questions from lawmakers Thursday regarding Vermont's ability to handle a potential case of Ebola infection. (56:46) ((Dolan - A lot of the work is preparations and running through drills)) Top Health Department staff say the federal government recently shipped Vermont 250-thousand dollars worth of new equipment. They say every hospital is prepared and the Center for Disease Control alerts them to any person returning from an ebola-affected country in West Africa. (1:08:25) ((Rep. Geroge Till: I'm curious if you can say how many people in the state you're monitoring Health official: Currently we're monitoring two)) Those people are not currently in quarantine and will be done with three weeks of monitoring Friday. (nats) Officials say the two - unconnected individuals did not serve in a medical capacity while in West Africa and they traveled separately. (00:03:57:00,) ((Dolan Phoner and we determined they are low risk )) Lawmakers did not ask any questions about Peter Italia -- the man who finished his quarantine Monday. A sheriff had been posted outside his undisclosed location. After the hearing Thursday Acting Health Commissioner Tracy Dolan said Italia represented "some risk" because he represented himself as a doctor but was not travelling with a health organization. Some Risk the same level they expect to ascribe to doctors from Fletcher Allen when they eventually return from helping with the crisis overseas. And Health officials say those doctors could even return to direct patient care before their own 21 day symptom observation window closes. (01:11:57:00) ((Patsy Kelso/Vt. State Epidemiologist: we recommend that those folks do not provide direct patient care for eleven days after their last possible exposure)) Dolan says she does not expect to ask doctors to submit to voluntary quarantine, or seek confinement orders ahead of time, as the state did with Peter Italia. When we asked Governor Shumlin about the two individuals being monitored he said he was not familiar with acting commissioner Dolan's testimony. It's unclear why the public was not informed about the monitoring earlier. KM, Ch.3 BTV


A Townshend woman accused of killing a father and son was in court today. 62 year old Robin O'Neill pleaded not guilty to two counts of second degree murder. 60 year old Steven Lott and his son 28 year old Jamis Lott were found dead at Steven Lott's home in Townshend--Tuesday night. Police took O'Neill into custody--and court documents reveal she admitted to shooting the men. O'Neill is being held without bail until her next hearing--in December.


Charges are in the works for a Burlington mom in connection to the death of her four-week old baby. Saunder Gilruth was found un-responsive at a home on Isham Street in July -- and died about a week later. Today investigators announced that the child's mother -- Rosemary Gile -- will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. She's due in court next month.


New York State Police say they've nabbed a child predator. Troopers arrested 51-year-old Brian Jarbeau earlier this week. The Plattsburgh man is accused of having sexual contact with a 6-year-old girl. He was charged with predatory sexual assault against a child. Jarbeau is being held without bail.


A Vermont cab driver is facing sex charges -- following accusations of lewd behavior on the job. Police say 54-year-old Kenneth Penn is accused of masturbating while transporting passengers. The Corinth man was employed by Big Yellow Taxi -- at the time of the October incidents. Penn was arrested earlier this month -- after a joint investigation by Hanover Police and the Windsor County Special Investigations Unit. Two victims have allegedly come forward. Penn is due in court in December to answer to two counts of prohibited acts. He's since been fired from the cab company.


A Burlington man's accused of sex assault on a child, possesion of child porn and voyeurism. And he lived next door to Hunt Middle School on North Avenue. Authorities searched the home.... ... of 39 year old Raymond Edwards this morning and confiscated a number of digital storage devices. He's expected to be arraigned tomorrow. The investigation is ongoing. But police believe all of the alleged victims have been identified.


Police say DNA from a Band-Aid helped them crack a 2-year-old camp burglary. 31-year-old Victor Velez has been charged with the 2012 crime at Fairfield Pond. Investigators say a mouth swab from the St. Albans man recently matched evidence from a bandage found at the scene. Police say Velez caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage to the property when he allegedly stole batteries and children's items from the home.

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Dan is here. A few snow showers out there today.


What would 200-million dollars do for the Burlington Town Center Mall? Alex Apple joins us to explain the owner's big plans. Jennifer -- The massive redevelopment project was unveiled today. It includes a complete rehab -- and some big additions. And -- we're told -- both the city of Burlington and the owners of the mall -- would foot the bill.


(11:10 Gov. Peter Shumlin)(("When this mall was built, I was in high school.")) That makes the Burlington Town Center 38 years old. The mall's owner and Queen City Mayor Miro Weinberger announced it will undergo its largest renovation ever. (9:51 Don Sinex/Mall Owner)(("we want to take the mall and return it to the community.")) That community learned Thursday the renovations are part of the city's larger Plan BTV initiative -- designed to make downtown improvements and spur economic growth. Owner Don Sinex predicts the mall could generate 450 million dollars per year -- after renovations -- giving the it -- what some call -- a much needed energy boost. City officials say the mall's shortcomings have become obvious. (4:19 Mayor Miro Weinberger)(("In recent years has been recognized as having some real flaws to it I think if we're being honest.")) (19:05 Joan Shannon/president city council)(("- the mall is currently a grand obstruction to our existing grid. 19:17- cherry and bank streets are locked and imperviousness.")) So through both public and private investment, Sinex says the cash will fund a redesign -- that will alleviate those issues and offer several new features. (GFX) Those include: 225,000 square feet of retail space. 950 parking spaces in an underground garage. 250 rooms in a convention-style hotel room More restaurants and entertainment space. And 250 apartments. (9:03 Don Sinex/Mall Owner)(("you know there is a need for housing in this city. We therefore conclude that housing should be a part of our project .........9:22 we don't have much in the form of entertainment and shopping here. We want to change our tenant mix to reflect that.")) Sinex -- who bought the mall in 2013 -- and the Mayor will offer final plans to the Burlington City Council in December. It's unclear -- at this point -- how much the city will be expected to pony up for the project.


Sinex said the redevelopment project would create more than 1000 new jobs in the Queen City -- and generate an additional 7 million dollars in annual sales tax revenue. The city says residents will have a chance to weigh in once the city and Sinex present to the city council in December.


Two bank robberies to tell you about tonight. The first is in Brattleboro -- where police say someone robbed the Brattleboro Savings and Loan. The bank says staff responded according to their training and no one was hurt. Police say a suspect is in custody.


And in Jeffersonville. Someone held up the Union Bank this afternoon. The man -- wearing a partial face mask -- demanded money from a teller. And took off toward School Street. He's 5 feet 6 inches tall -- and slender. And wore a black North Face jacket. Call police if you have any information.


Police say a staff member sent a New Hampshire school into lockdown. It happened Monday at the Maple Avenue School in Claremont. A staffer allegedly reported someone with a gun. The school was locked down for about 30 minutes -- but no gunman was found. Investigators say the report was a hoax -- and the school employee -- is now on administrative leave. A name was not released, but criminal charges are expected.

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Still ahead -- gunfire turns deadly on a crowded college campus. And President Obama makes a primetime address. Find out what he had to say to the nation. Plus -- A Burlington mobile home park is up for sale. ((01:40:16 George Leduc, We want to keep it as a park obviously.)) Tonight people who live there are worried about what it could mean for them. And -- Where do you stand on legalizing pot? The idea was up for debate between lawmakers and students at University of Vermont tonight. Details when the news at 11 continues.


Two Florida State students remain hospitalized tonight after an early morning shooting outside the campus library. Police say FSU alumnus Myron May wounded three people before police killed him in a shootout. Investigators say the 31 year lawyer had a journal and video that revealed he was emotionally unstable, but they have no other motive.


((Sot: Michael DeLeo/ Tallahassee Police Chief (:21-:29) "We have not found any information to tell us why he chose this morning to act or why he chose the library.)) ((Sot: Andy Martinez/FSU Student "I looked behind him and there was blood on his pants you could tell right away that was a gunshot- it was pretty scary ")) Authorities say May used a semi-automatic handgun and reloaded at least once.

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President Obama is side-stepping Congress, and using his executive power to make changes to the nation's immigration system. The president's plan will shield as many as five million undocumented immigrants from deportation. That includes parents of children born here and those who've been in the U-S more than five years. Republican leaders quickly criticized the plan.


((SOT - Sen. Orrin Hatch/(R-UT))) "The only way you can do this properly is have Congress enact a law, immigration law, which we are in the process of doing, and then have the President enforce those laws. " (SOT "President Barack Obama "To those Members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill.") The President's plan will also increase resources for law enforcement at the border to prevent people from entering the country illegally.


Illegal manure practices will cost a Franklin County Farm tens of thousands of dollars. The Vermont Attorney General says this video -- shot by a concerned citizen -- shows the illegal discharges. Leach Farms -- in Enosburg Falls -- is accused of filling its manure spreaders with water from Bogue Brook -- then driving downstream and dumping the dirty, manure-laden water -- back into the waterway. The A-G says the owners of the dairy farm admitted to the water pollution violations -- and agreed to pay 40-thousand dollars in fines.


((Bill Sorrell/D-Vt. Attorney General 06:13:04 "this case is really a graphic example of not following appropriate agricultural processes and since this farmer admitted that he had been doing this for a really long time that this farm alone was no small source of phosphorous in Lake Champlain.")) Bogue Brook is a branch of the Missisquoi River that flows into Lake Champlain. Sorrell hopes this settlement serves as a wake-up call to farmers across the state. He says Leach Farms quickly accepted responsibility for its actions.


People at a Burlington mobile home park could soon be looking for a new place to live. Residents at the Farrington Mobile Home Park tell us they received a letter this afternoon telling them that the property has been put up for sale. Right now there are more than 100 mobile homes in the park off North Avenue. Many of them belong to people on fixed incomes and retirees like George Leduc who's lived in the park for the last 21 years.


((George Leduc, Farrington Mobile Home Park Resident 1:46:53 -- The park from the city's point of view and from the owner's point of view has been like a foster child that no one wants to deal with. Now it's being sold and I don't know what to do)) The letter says the asking price for the11-acre property is 5-million dollars. Earlier this week housing officials with the city told us they were exploring ideas to keep the park -- as is -- if it were to go up for sale. One option up for consideration is having a non-profit buy the property. We reached out to the park's owner for comment tonight but did not hear back.


Should Vermont be the first New England state to legalize pot? That was the question up for debate at the University of Vermont tonight. Students joined a number of state lawmakers and marijuana advocates to take on the topic. The group looked at how attitudes toward pot have changed and what would be involved in regulating the substance if it were to get the green light from Montpelier.


(1:48:38 Sen. Joe Benning/R-Lyndonville) (("it's going to happen but it will take timing. It will take cooperation of all folks and it will take avoiding finger-pointing.")) (1:46:53 Rep. Linda Waite-Simpson/D-Essex) (("For some people it can lead to other drugs and I think that to the extent we might be able to legalize marijuana and use revenues from the sale that we might be able to put into education, prevention, and treatment.")) UVM's Young Americans for Liberty -- sponsored the forum.

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Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Scattered snow showers. Lows: 12/22 Winds: SW 10-15 mph Friday: Cold and blustery. A few morning snow showers. Becoming partly sunny. Highs: 23/30 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Friday Night: Mostly clear and cold. Lows: 5/15 Winds: S 5-10 mph Saturday: Partly sunny and breezy. Highs: 30/37 Winds: S 10-15 mph Extended: Sunday through Thursday. Saturday Night: Lows 22/32 Sunday: Chance of showers developing west. Rain/snow showers Sunday night. Highs 42/48 Lows 35/42 Monday: Rain showers likely. Highs 48/55 Lows 35/42 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers. Highs 45/55 Lows 30s Wednesday: Chance of rain or snow showers. Highs 35/45 Lows 20s Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 35/45

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The Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf started handing out Thanksgiving turkeys to needy families today. One couple -- Chip and Mary Hart -- has decided it will match 500 turkey donations this year with one of its own. Director Rob Meehan says the gift from the Hart Family is one of the largest the non-profit has ever received.


(00:01:02:00 Rob Meehan/Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf director)(("It was a real surprise to us. We got this call out of the blue. They saw that we're really trying to reach all these families this Thanksgiving. They wanted to step up and really help us out.")) So far the food shelf has received more than 400 birds. The food shelf is hoping to hand out 3-thousand turkeys for the holiday. It is also seeking volunteers to deliver meals to homebound clients.


Are you feeling lucky? Check your tickets. Someone bought the lone winner drawn last night in the Megabucks Lottery game. The jackpot was worth 2 million, 450-thousand dollars. The ticket was sold at the Middlebury Beef store. Here are the numbers --- 6, 22, 23, 36, 40 and the megaball is 4 This is the first winning Megabucks ticket sold in Vermont since May of 20-13.


The Ivy League champion Dartmouth men's soccer team making it's first appearance in the NCAA Tournament since 2011 tonight. The Big Green hosting Fordham in the first round. This is the second meeting all-time between the two teams ...the first was earlier this year, a 2-0 Big Green victory. --- Scoreless first half, things pick up in the second when Robin (row-bean) Alnas fires this home off the volley… 1-0 dartmouth… --- Grity Fordham hangs around though and in the 76th minute they get back into it… Off the free kick, Christopher Bazzini heads it in… we're tied at 1… --- Under 7 to play, the big green go to their big scorer for help… alex adel-abu cuts to the net and finishes in the upper 90… that's the game winner as dartmouth tops fordham 2-1 to advance They'll meet Providence Sunday in the second round of the NCAA Tournament...




Speaking of tournaments... The Middlebury field hockey team is on it's way to Lexington, Virginia for this weekend's NCAA D3 Final Four. The Panthers will face The College of New Jersey in the national semifinals Saturday at 2pm...with a win there, Middlebury would meet either Salisbury or NESCAC rival Bowdoin for the national championship Sunday at 1pm. The Panthers won their lone national title back in 1998. They have reached the championship game four times since 2003, but have yet to return to the top of the mountain. Now with that title just two wins away, maintaining focus will be at the forefront.


((TRT: 41 ... OC: WE CAN WIN)) ((Knapp/ I think we've really focused on one day at a time, one moment at a time. Being present. So we're not distracted by what can come in the future, we just focus on getting the job done at that moment, at that time. It's brought us great success in the past and I think it will help in our future.)) ((Schulman/ It's the culmination of all the hard work we've put into this season. It would be so phenomenal to come out of this... just two more games... and to have a win, that would would be everything.)) ((DeLorenzo/ This is not a team of nerves. This is not a team of great emotionalism. We want every game in the postseason to be the hardest one we've had yet. That's what we're hoping for, and we also believe we can win.))


college hoops...the Middlebury women, off to a 2-0 start, visiting 2-0 Castleton ... --- Second half, Spartans up 1... Ali Jones 3 of her 18 points... They lead 61-57... --- Panthers answer back with a 5-0 run, all from Alexis Coolidge ... Including the old-fashioned 3 point play.. --- Final seconds, 64-61 Middlebury... Castleton's Jade Desroches (DEY-ROCHE) fouled on a 3... She needs them all... Not to be.. She misses the second... The Panthers top the Spartans on the road, 64-62.


After splitting last weekend at Providence, the UVM men's hockey team has what appears to be a good chance at picking up four big points on the road when the 11th ranked IceCats visit Connecticut tomorrow night and Massachusetts Saturday. The Huskies and Minutemen have two of the worst records amongst Hockey East teams out of the gate, but the Cats know they can't take anything for granted.


((TRT: 32 ... OC: COMING UP HERE.)) ((Santaguida/ From top to bottom, you can't really underestimate anybody, because regardless of what your record is any given team can beat anybody on any given night. Coach reiterates that every game, that we need to play playoff-style hockey.)) ((Sneddon/ Certainly I remember the ECAC days. It kind of brings me back to those days where you can't talk about your Saturday opponent all week. You have to focus on Friday night, so for us, there's challenges and opportunities in every game we play coming up here.))

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