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Good evening I'm Shelby Cashman. And I'm Keith McGilvery. A last minute shakeup today--in the case against a prison worker facing charges relating to two escaped killers. Gene Palmer was supposed to be arraigned--and expected to plead not guilty--but his attorney Andrew Brockway suddenly stepped down. Brockway has maintained Palmer did not know of Richard Matt and David Sweat's plans to escape from the Dannemora prison. Palmer--who has been working for corrections since 1987--did however admit to several instances where he helped Matt and Sweat--such as leading them back into the catwalks--and letting Matt hide contraband in them when his cell was searched.


((Brockway: The true story isn't Joyce Mitchell and Gene Palmer. It's bigger than that, and we're hoping that the truth comes out...I've made contact with another attorney. I'm a small town attorney, guys, um. THis is a small community. I'm a solo practitioner. THis is taking a lot of resources, and I fully believe Mr. Palmer and I think he needs a team of attorneys that has the resources that he's going to need to fight the charges. ))


We also now know he transported a package of hamburger meat to Richard Matt -- which contained blades frozen inside the meat. Palmer maintains he did not know about the blades. Logan Crawford takes a closer look at the case.


As we near week three of Richard Matt and David Sweat's prison break from Clinton Correctional Facility -- a second prison employee is charged along with Joyce Mitchell in the plot to bust the two killers out of jail. ((June 24 PKG 1:07-1:14 Andrew Brockway/Palmer's attorney: It was a mistake. He trusted Joyce Mitchell.")) Gene palmer faces multiple charges in connection with the prison break -- including Promoting Prison Contraband and destroying evidence -- paintings he was given by Matt and Sweat in exchange for giving them tools. Palmer allegedly burned paintings at his home and also burying more in the woods a few blocks away. The lawyer who worked with him while police were investigating -- says Palmer is a private person. (TC 00:15:18:19 Tile 1655) ((Logan Crawford/Dannemora "A neighbor who lives down the street from Gene Palmer told me off camera she's known Gene for years, and knows him to be a nice, shy person. She's believes he's innocent and was tricked by Joyce Mitchell into helping the 2 inmates escape." 00:15:30:11)) Though he's described by some as a nice guy who likes his job - Palmer did express the stress some guards at Dannemora feel 15 years ago - in an interview with North Country Public Radio about the prison. ((Gene Palmer from North Country Public Radio Interview in 2000: "With the money you pay you'll go bald, you'll have high blood pressure, you'll become an alcoholic, you'll divorce, and then you'll kill yourself...It's a negative environment. And long-term exposure to a negative environment, you become hard on issues as in when you see someone get cut in the face and they're bleeding and stuff.. ")) Palmer faces up to seven years in prison for the promoting prison contraband charge -- and up to four years for the tampering with evidence charges. Logan Crawford, Channel 3 News, Dannemora. -3-


It's been 20 days since Matt and Sweat escaped. Tonight Alex Apple looks at how the investigation has unfolded.


A meticulous precision-like cut through cell walls -- paced steps along a catwalk -- and a tight crawl out a steam pipe to freedom. It was a Shawshank-like plot that authorities know Richard Matt and David Sweat could not have pulled off without help. ((Andrew Wylie from "PRISON WORKER ARRAIGNED...ACCUSED... "it would appear that it would have taken a long time to do that.)) Less than a week after the escape, police made their first arrest -- of former prison employee Joyce Mitchell. ((Court NAT: June 15 PKG...Attorney Steve Johnston/Mitchell's attorney: What we're going to do right now judge is we're going to waive a preliminary felony hearing.")) Mitchell faces a felony charge of promoting prison contraband and a misdemeanor of criminal facilitation. Those stem from her giving Matt and Sweat the tools they needed to cut out of their cell. Her relationship with the pair -- started in the prison tailor shop -- and became so intricate -- she was supposed to be their getaway driver and the trio reportedly discussed killing Joyce's husband -- Lyle. ((Andrew Wylie June 15 PKG: "as to whether they were going to take any type of physical harm, to harm Lyle Mitchell, I'm not going to comment on that.")) But 9 days later -- Lyle Mitchell did. ((Lyle Mitchell -- June 23 47-1:02 -- I said, how can it happen? She said, I was in over my head and scared. She said, I have something else to tell you. I said, what's that? She said, their plan was they want to kill you. I said, what? They wanted her to pick them up.")) As the second week of the investigation concluded -- a second corrections officer, Gene Palmer, was placed on leave. Channel 3 later learned -- he allegedly passed the weapons -- around a required metal detector -- to Matt and Sweat after Joyce Mitchell hid them inside frozen hamburger meat. ((June 24 PKG 1:07-1:14 Andrew Brockway/Palmer's attorney: It was a mistake. He trusted Joyce Mitchell.")) A mistake that's led to three felony charges against him. The latest in an investigation into who was complicit in two killers' escape. Alex Apple -- Channel 3 news -- Plattsburgh, New York.


Hundreds of Vermont prisoners--will be moved to Michigan by the end of the month. The nearly 300 prisoners--currently serving their sentences in Kentucky and Arizona--will be flown to the North Lake Correctional Facility in Baldwin. The Department of Corrections will now work with another private company called the GEO Group, cutting ties with the Corrections Corporation of America. Speaking before the corrections oversight committee today, Commissioner Andy Pallito said his goal is to stop the practice of shipping inmates out of state all together within the next four years.


((Andy Pallito/Vt. Corrections Cmsr: 00:05:37:13 In the end the goal of this, the Department and this administration has been to close the out of state program and the fact that we will be at 280 when we were close to 700 just a hand full of years ago is a pretty big success 00:05:49:16)) About 22 percent of Vermont's prison population is serving time out of state.


A one-time Vermont state employee who embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars is heading to prison. Investigative reporter Jennifer Costa was in the courtroom when she was sentenced.


((Lisa Peduzzi/embezzler 01:10:42 "Words cannot describe how sorry I am for what I've done.")) It's an apology many having been waiting - more than a year - to hear. ((Lisa Peduzzi/embezzler 01:12:44 "I apologize to the state of Vermont employees, because of my actions, they are looked at with suspicion and the public confidence in them has been compromised.")) Lisa Peduzzi was employed as the state's sole liability adjuster within the Vermont Office of Risk Management -- processing and paying small property damage claims made against the state. But police say she used that power for her own personal gain. Finding an item she liked online -- then creating a fake insurance claim -- and cutting a check to the seller. The problem -- Vermont was footing the bill. ((Lt. Thomas Hango/Vt. State Police 00:30:12 "guns, high end guitars, jewelry, automobiles, boats, motorcycles, paid some of her bills, property taxes.")) Peduzzi's scheme worked for at least six years. Her spending spree reached 217-thousand dollars before she was caught. The 52-year-old pleaded guilty to three counts of embezzlement. ((Rosanna Chase/Peduzzi's lawyer 01:09:03 "I don't think it's home confinement or jail will help Lisa.")) Her lawyer begged the judge to sentence her to probation -- but the state argued jail time was the only punishment that fit the crime. In the end -- the judge agreed -- sending Peduzzi to prison for 18 months. ((Lisa Peduzzi/embezzler 01:15:32 "I could have stopped stealing at any time but I chose not to. I started stealing initially because I needed the money and then to obtain very nice material things to try to fill the void in my life. What I did was very wrong and deserving of punishment. I'm anxious to begin paying my debt to society then getting on with my life.")) Jennifer Costa -- channel 3 news.


A Windsor man denies sex charges. Police say 58-year-old Richard Coleman kept graphic journals about sexually assaulting a teen girl. He is charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault on a child and two counts of Lewd and Lascivious Conduct with a child. He was ordered held without bail - and faces a potential life sentence if he's convicted.


Police cars and canines flooded parts of Burlington's old north end. This was the scene on North Winooski Avenue just after 7 tonight. Authorities on the scene told neighbors they were "looking for a person" but would not elaborate.


((Bob Clark, Burlington 05:33 "totally unusual, it's not just another day, we're not comfortable with it.)) Late tonight Burlington Police confirmed the incident was tied to a federal investigation and would not provide any additional details.

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A new report shows a driver who died in a double fatal accident in Hinesburg--was high. Police say 17 year old Joseph Marshall hit and killed 47 year old Richard Tom--who was riding his bike on Route 116. Both men died at the scene in April. Hinesburg Police Chief Frank Koss now says Marshall was under the influence of 36 nanograms of marijuana. He pointed out that is seven times the legal limit for driving under the influence--in the two states where pot is legal. Police also say Marshall--was speeding.


A White River Junction woman is accused of putting children in danger. Police say 70 year old Cynthia Eames let a 6 and 7 year old stand out of the sunroof of a car--while she was driving on more than one occasion. Police observed it happening on Willard Road in Quechee yesterday. Eames is set to be in court on August 4th--to answer to reckless endangerment and negligent operation charges.


A military vehicle crashed on I-89 this morning snarling traffic in White River Junction. The humvee was traveling as part of a military convoy from Massachusetts when the accident happened Just before 10. Police say the driver was heading south - near the interchange of 89 and 91. They say when he went to slow down he lost control of the trailer and it flipped. Traffic was backed up for miles. Two men inside the the vehicle were taken to the hospital with non-threatening injuries. Police are still investigating the crash.

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Dan is here. Great day today.

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Boswell tease (mos butts) Ive never asked for a raise Its intimidating. I was nervous definitely a little bit of dread((from RAISE11)) Tips on taking the sting out asking for a raise. And software glitches continue to trouble the launch of the f35. Plus -- the rare disease that kept a snowboarding icon on life support. Stay with us.


A historic decision by the US Supreme court today on Obamacare. It's money that helps 7-million people afford health insurance and the high court ruled those subsidies should be available no matter where you live. Craig Boswell reports.


(PKG) Supporters cheered as a critical part Obamacare was declared constitutional. (nats) "THE A-C-A IS HERE TO STAY!" In a six to three ruling, the court said the government can continue to provide tax subsidies to American who buy health insurance through the federal marketplace. President Obama declared victory for his signature piece of legislation. (SOT: President Obama) "AFTER MULTIPLE CHALLENGES TO THIS LAW BEFORE THE SUPREME COURT, THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT IS HERE TO STAY." Opponents argued the law - as written - says only people who buy through state-run exchanges are entitled to the subsidies. (SOT: Twila Brase/President, Citizens Council for Health Freedom) "THE RULE OF LAW IS ALL ABOUT BLACK WORDS ON A WHITE PIECE OF PAPER. IT'S WHAT THE ACTUAL LANGUAGE SAYS. IT'S THE ONLY THING IN AMERICA YOU CAN COUNT ON IS ACTUAL LAW." (SOT: Michele Jawando/Vice President, Center for American Progress) "THE SUPREME COURT AND VARIOUS JUSTICES HAVE SAID YOU CAN'T LOOK AT FOUR WORDS OUT OF CONTEXT, THAT WE HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO LOOK AT THE LAW AS A WHOLE." Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion saying "Congress pass the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets not to destroy them." (SOT: Ilya Shapiro/Sr. Fellow, Constitutional Studies, CATO Institute) "I THINK JOHN ROBERTS AGAIN REWROTE THE LAW TO GIVE THE PRESIDENT, THE ADMINISTRATION, WHAT HE WANTED." Justice Antonin Scalia agreed quipping "we should start calling this law SCOTUSCare." Republicans vow to continue the fight to repeal and replace the law in Congress. Craig Boswell, CBS News, The Supreme Court.


Governor Shumlin released a statement about the decision -- saying that while subsidies here were secure because we have a state-based exchange -- quote - "I am glad that the rest of the country will not lose the significant ground gained in health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act. We are making progress to deliver the services Vermonters expect through Vermont Health Connect. We have insured nearly 20,000 Vermonters who previously did not have insurance, and now Vermont has the second lowest rate of uninsured in the nation. "


Meanwhile - Lt. Gov. Phil Scott - who is considering a run for Governor -- released his own statement saying that now that federal subsidies will stay in place -- quote -- "It's clear we must immediately explore alternatives to Vermont Health Connect. These alternatives could be a regional partnership with other states like Connecticut, a partnership with the federal exchange, or a full transition to the federal exchange."

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We're learning more tonight about the new military jets slated for Vermont. The F-35 is going through its final weeks of training before going into active duty aboard aircraft carriers. The Marines plan to buy 420 F-35s, but just getting the first squadron of ten aircraft ready to go on time is an uphill battle.




Burton's founder is on the road to recovery. Jake Burton is back home after spending nearly two months on life support with a rare autoimmune disease. The 61-year-old was diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome and was completely paralyzed for a short time. In late April, Burton moved from intensive care to a rehabilitation facility. He is now home in Vermont and is expected to make a full recovery.

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Tonight: Partly cloudy. Chance of a showers, south. Lows: 48/55 Winds: N 5-10 mph Friday: Partly sunny. Highs: 72/78 Winds: Light Friday Night: Clear skies. Lows: 45/52 Winds: E 5-10 mph Saturday: Increasing clouds. Rain developing late. Highs: 68/75 Winds: S 5-10 mph Extended: Sunday through Thursday Saturday Night: Rain, heavy at times. Lows 48/55 Sunday: Rain, lull, showers. Highs 62/68 Lows 50/57 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 65/72 Lows 53/60 Tuesday: Chance of showers, thunderstorms late. Highs 70s Lows 50s Wednesday: Chance of showers. Highs 70s Lows 50s Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs 70s

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Have you ever asked your employer for a raise? A new study shows most Americans dread the daunting task. Hena Daniels has some insight on why and what many are willing to do instead of asking for a bump in pay.


SUPERS: :50 - :54 Billie Watkins/Robert Half TRT 1:06 (PACKAGE) (TRACK) MOST OF US DREAD CLEANING THE HOUSE, GOING TO THE DENTIST OR BEING AUDITED. BUT ACCORDING TO A NEW STUDY MANY AMERICANS PREFER THOSE OVER ASKING THEIR BOSS FOR A RAISE. (mos butts) Ive never asked for a raise Its intimidating. I was nervous definitely a little bit of dread (TRACK) GEORGE KOSTOPOULOS ASKED FOR A RAISE TWICE IN HIS CAREER. (sot/George Kostopoulos) (HD) how did it work out for you? (GK) I didn't get it. (TRACK) AND ITS THAT REJECTION THAT LEAVE MANY INTIMIDATED TO ASK FOR A PAY BUMP. (GFX) IN A NEW SURVEY FROM ROBERT HALF 89% OF AMERICANS THINK THEY DESERVE A RAISE BUT ONLY 54 PERCENT PLAN TO ASK FOR ONE. 32% SAY THEY WOULD RATHER CLEAN THEIR HOUSE, 7 PERCENTSAID THEY WOULD ACTUALLY PREFER A ROOT CANAL (sot/billie watkins/robert half/) a lot of it is just fear of negotiation.. (TRACK) ROBERT HALFS BILLIE WATKINS SAYS WORKERS SHOULD ALWAYS GO IN WITH A STRATEGY (sot/billie watkins/robert half) I feel like I need a raise and this is why. Here is what I have done for the company. If it simultaneously connects with your performance evaluation, better for you. (TRACK) WATKINS ADDS IF YOUR BOSSES SAY NO TO A RAISE, THEY MIGHT SAY YES TO BETTER HOURS OR MORE VACATION. SHE SAYS SHOWING CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY. HENA DANIELS, FOR CBS NEWS, NEW YORK.


Barre's Nick Sweet and Milton's Scott Dragon headed into Thursday night tied for first place in the King of the Road standings with 211 points. Both however were still looking for their first win at Thunder Road this season. year.. Westford, Vermont's Darrell Morin starting on the pole tonight in the 50 lap late model feature...He holds the lead until lap number 4... --- Northfield's Matt White moving to the inside of Morin and he takes the lead heading into the back straightaway... --- Only one caution in the race tonight, coming just 5 laps later, as Barre's Jason Allen gets spun out heading into the turn.. --- White holds onto the lead on the restart and for the next 16 laps...But on lap 30, Barre's Jason Corliss makes a move on the outside of turn 4 and takes over the lead.. --- Corliss fights off a tough late push by Montpelier's Josh Demers to pick up his first win of the season..


(TRT: 14...right direction) (Corliss/"It's a big momentum boost. We've struggled out of the gate and we're not sure why. Made some adjustments tonight that made a real big difference so if we start heading that direction we'll be okay. Two weeks in a row, top 5, with a win tonight, I feel like we're heading in the right direction.")


In the first round of the NBA draft tonight, the Celtics selected point guard Terry Rozier from Louisville at 28 they got 6-6 shooting guard RJ Hunter from Georgia state. In the second round, Boston selects at number 33 Jordan Mickey out of LSU. they have pick number 45 later in the second round.


John Becker's annual basketball camp continued today at Patrick Gym. Becker's bunch will have to adjust to some new rules for the upcoming season. The NCAA is trying to improve the place of play especially at the end of games. Among other rule changes starting this season, teams will have one fewer timeout in the second half. Coaches can no longer call a timeout when the ball is live and the shot clock is going from 35 to 30 seconds. The Cats are used to playing with the 30 second shot clock. It was used in the CBI tournament a couple of months ago. Coach Becker wasn't too fond of the 30 second shot clock before playing in those CBI games, but his team did pick up a couple of wins in that tournament, so maybe the shortened shot clock won't be so bad.


(((John Becker/"It changes the game a little bit, but not too much. Once you get over the 10 second line, you're looking at 20 seconds, so you kind of got to go and that's probably good for us. It probably made us be more aggressive earlier in the clock.")))


A good night for the Vermont baseball teams, the Lake Monsters win at Hudson Valley, 4-3. The Monsters scoring 3 runs in the 8th inning. 4 Mountaineers pitchers combined on a 1-0 shutout win at the Valley Blue Sox. The Neers return to Montpelier tomorrow night to host Laconia.


Keegan Bradley is off to a good start at the Travelers Championship in Cromwell, Connecticut. Bradley dropped in seven birdies and just one bogey for an opening round of six under par 64. He is in a four-way tie for second, two shots behind leader Bubba Watson.


The Symetra Tour makes it's stop at the Sweetgrass Golf club in Harris, Michigan starting tomorrow. lt's the tournament Shelburne's Molly Aronsson won last year. It was Aronsson's first and only victory on the Symetra tour, which is one level below the LPGA tour. Aronsson has struggled a bit this season, having made the cut in 3 out of 7 tournaments. The Rice grad's best finish of the season coming last weekend, tied for 19th at the Four Winds Invitational. Maybe a return to the place where she got that first "W" will help get her game going.


(((Molly Aronsson/"It feels great to be back here. This is one of my favorite events all year and the course is perfect as always. It's in great shape, so really looking forward to the weekend. I've been battling injuries for a while. The good news, I'm starting to feel better. I had a great tournament last week. Everything is coming together and it feels like a perfect time for it.")))

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