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Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11. I'm Jennifer Reading. And I'm Keith McGilvery. We begin tonight with breaking news. Newport police are searching for an armed gunman. And are asking residents to keep their doors locked -- at this time. Police have shutdown Lake Road -- between Lord Nelson Lane and Campbell Road. Investigators say the man was involved in a domestic dispute. Shots were fired -- around 9:15 this evening. They say no one was hurt -- but the shooter is still on the loose. They're asking folks to stay away from the area -- and those who live nearby are asked to not to answer the door for anyone -- other than police.


A pair of fires reduced a Rutland plywood facility to rubble. Leaving 170 people out of work. Alex Apple was at the scene in Rutland today speaking with investigators. Alex -- what have you learned? Jennifer and Keith -- Investigators spent the day combing thru what's left of company. TWO separate fires -- complicated matters. And tonight investigators think they know why one fire started -- but say neither fire is suspicious.


(10:59:41 Edward Cormea/Rutland Plywood Employee)(("Whew that's a big loss.")) Edward Cormea and his 170 coworkers from the Rutland Plywood Corporation are now unable to work -- seeing their business -- go up in flames -- was shocking. (11:00:12 Edward Cormea)(("This is the only income I had. This is what we were getting by on, so I have no idea what we're going to do now")) Governor Peter Shumlin said in a statement: my heart goes out to the employees who are left wondering when they'll get to return to to their job. Rutland plywood makes equipment for many companies including Burton Snowboards, Martin Guitar, and gun companies like Altamont. At 5 p.m Wednesday afternoon, the fire department responded to a small facility belonging to the plywood company. It was quickly extinguished. Then around 1 am Thursday morning, firefighters responded to another fire at the plywood factory. This time the company's 30,000 square feet main facility was burning. When crews arrived most of the building was already engulfed. (Capt. Michael Carlson/Rutland Fire Dept. 10:51:05)(("We found about 90 percent of the building involved.")) (Capt. Michael Carlson/Rutland Fire Dept. 10:51:11)(("All occupants were verified to be out and we just went into defensive attack to fight the fire.")) No one was hurt. The buildings are separated by just 75 feet -- investigators say machinery likely started the first fire. (16:44:22 David Sutton/Investigator)(( "It was in an area of some machinery that has been known to start fires in the past and the evidence we found in that room where that occurred, it appears that may have happened again.")) State police fire investigators say they have ruled out arson; they don't believe the two fires were connected, and for now, they're saying nothing appears suspicious. ((David Sutton/Vt. State Police Fire Investigator: A lot of things we are uncovering appears to be accidental as far as 1st fire. It wouldn't be unusual things like this can happen.)) As Rutland plywood employees came to work Thursday morning -- expecting to pick up paychecks -- they instead found their office reduced to rubble. (Edward Cormea Employee 10:59:25)(("They haven't said anything. Cause today is payday. Everybody gets their check from down there too. they're running around trying to do everything right now trying to figure out how people are going to get their checks."))


Firefighters will be at the facility overnight making sure none of the embers reignite. Glues, laminants and wood made both buildings extremely flammable. The Rutland Department of Public Works continues to ask residents living west of Otter Creek to boil water before drinking it. They say there has been no confirmed contaminations -- but they are exercising caution, Jennifer.


Investigators say a double shooting in Townshend last night - was a murder-suicide. State Police say they were minutes away from the home on Grafton Road -- when 26 year old Shane Brodeur (BRODOOR) shot his girlfriend - 20 year old Katelyn McFadden - in the head and neck. He then shot himself in the head. She was airlifted to the hospital - but passed away. Troopers found Brodeur dead outside the home. Police say Brodeur had called 911 asking for help with a disagreement with McFadden - But the shots were fired before troopers arrived.


Williston Police need your help to identify suspected thieves. They were caught on camera at today. Investigators say they used fraudulent credit cards to buy more than 1-thousand dollars worth of gift cards at Home Depot and Game Stop in Williston. Police are investigating whether the alleged thieves are part of the Felony Lane Gang -- a highly organized group of criminals -- said to be behind millions of dollars in thefts along the East Coast.


Another day and another truck gets stuck on Route 108 through Smugglers' Notch. State police say the narrow mountain road was closed for about an hour tonight as crews worked to clear a tractor trailer from the pass. The news comes just a day after a second truck got stuck in the same area. Authorities say it's a problem that's pretty common -- even though large vehicles are not suppose to be using the route. Logan Crawford has the details.


((nats car driving by)) Nathaniel Cahoon was taking his usual short-cut through Smugglers' Notch -- when traffic came to a stop. (tile 1049 00:29:40:07) ((Nathaniel Cahoon/Stowe "I was just giving a coworker a ride to pick up his car. And we were going to come over the notch which is the most convenient route. But there was a tractor trailer in the way." 00:29:50:28)) A truck driver attempted to navigate the tight turns on route 108 -- a route prohibited to tractor trailers. He couldn't make a corner -- and his trailer got wedged on a rock. It jammed up the truck. And traffic. (tile 1049 00:31:11:04) ((Nathaniel Cahoon/Stowe "A lot of people were stopped, talking to each other trying to figure out what was going on. I went out and told a lot of people that there's a tractor trailer up here and it's stuck." 00:31:19:22)) With giant boulders on both sides of the road, even small cars have trouble on the winding road -- say nothing about big rigs. But Vermont State Police say trucks get stuck up on Smugglers' Notch often. And most of these truck drivers come from out of the area. (tile 1046 00:01:47:05) ((Capt. Paul White/Vermont State Police "A very common thing we see is that truck drivers are simply following their GPS. And GPS devices don't recognize the fact that this route is not open to truck traffic and they'd guide them up and over that route and they very quickly find that they're stuck." 00:02:01:26)) (tile 1097 00:32:07:07) ((Logan Crawford/Cambridge "This rock at the top of the hill on 108 is where most of the stuck trucks get caught up. Agency of Transportation officials say as trucks climb the hill thinking it'll get better -- it in fact gets worse." 00:32:19:01)) (tile 1064 00:12:31:06) ((Ernie Patnoe/VTrans: "He acknowledged that he saw the signs but didn't think it was that bad and he got himself hung up on some rocks near the top." 00:12:39:10)) Right now "trucks prohibited" signs only appear after you're already ON Route 108 -- heading to the Notch. VTrans is looking into adding "no trucks" signs on Route 15 in Jeffersonville -- before trucks turn onto Route 108. And so far -- the state has had no luck working on a GPS fix. (tile 1046 00:04:13:19) ((Capt. Paul White/Vermont State Police "Communicate with the various GPS manufacturers to try to get them to remove this route from their systems but either they haven't found a way to successfully do that or they're just not willing to participate with us." 00:04:27:04)) Both State Police and transportation officials believe no matter how many signs there are -- a truck will likely get stuck again. (tile 1049) ((Nathaniel Cahoon/Stowe "huge inconvenience."


Plattsburgh is getting ready to celebrate its military history --- in a big way. The 200th commemoration of the Battle of Plattsburgh --- kicks off next week and will run for 16 days. There will be memorials and tributes at the graveyards where American and British soldiers are buried side-by-side. As well as -- what organizers say will be one of the largest parades in the city's history -- with 13 marching bands.


((kit booth/battle of Plattsburgh commemoration committee "It's just going to be huge and it's something that I think everybody will want to see, we say it's the biggest parade that Plattsburgh has seen, and I think it really is going to be.")) This year the re-enactment of the famous naval battle on Lake Champlain will feature tall ships. Buttons will be sold for $15. Those get you in to most events. For more information -- head to the infocenter -- at

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Dan is here. Some showers out there today.


For 25 years one Vermont family's been satisfying sweet tooths and bonding over a business they love. Today I learned the secrets behind their apple crisp at the Caledonia County Fair.


At the caledonia county fair the Robillard family's apple crisp has folks talking. ((Richard Wade/Loves Apple Crisp: It's warm. It just melts in your mouth)) ((Kelley Powers/Loves Apple Crisp: It's honestly the best apple crisp I've ever had.)) For many like customer Richard Wade, this simple stand is a must stop every summer. ((Richard: I've been cumming here for years and every time I do I have to get the apple crisp.)) The Robillard family has been cooking up this sweet creation at the fairgrounds in Lyndonville for 25 years. ((Cindy Robillard/Robillard's Apple Crisp: This is an opportunity for us as a family to spend a lot of time together. It's really busy days for two or three weeks a year.)) Cindy Robillard's father in law came up with the seasonal money maker. ((Cindy: He was a really important part of all of our lives. And it was something that was really important to him. So we are carrying on the tradition.)) Cindy helps run the counter and peel thousands of apples needed for nearly 80 trays of crisp every week the crew is cooking. It is something she has mastered and her five year old assistant, Zoe, was able to do much more easily than me. ((nats: keith messes up)) Meanwhile inside the kitchen, Tracie Robillard handles the recipe that she has perfected over the years. ((Tracie Robillard: It's not too sweet because the apples are fresh and they are not usually too too sweet. And it's a nice combination in the dry mix. We have oatmeal, and brown sugar, flour, cinnamon and nutmeg and that is all.)) Tracie says her secret is all about serving up something she would be proud to put on her own kitchen table. ((Tracie: It's pretty basic but we prepare it and we wouldn't serve it any other way than we would serve it at home. And how we would eat it.)) That's just fine for Wade, who turned pretty quiet when I asked him how the Robillard's apple crisp compared to the one his wife makes at home. ((Wade: I'm going to plead the fifth on that one. She is standing right over there. Hahahaha.))


My thanks to Cindy and Tracie for putting up with me in their kitchen. The Caledonia County Fair runs through Sunday and tickets range from 10 to 17 dollars.

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Still ahead -- new details about the failed rescue mission aimed at saving a group of American hostages in Syria -- including photojournalist James Foley. (Chuck Hagel/Secretary of Defense) "THIS OPERATION BY THE WAY WAS A FLAWLESS OPERATION BUT THE HOSTAGES WERE NOT THERE." And -- a pair of American missionaries are defying the odds -- after being infected with Ebola overseas. Plus -- protestors are back in Missouri. (NATS CONFRONTATION) all right, they're letting us in Why they're demanding the removal of the lead prosecutor in the Michael Brown case. When the Channel 3 News


We are learning more about a failed effort to rescue American's in Syria including photojournalist James Foley. The mission happened before Islamic extremists executed Foley and threatened another American captive. Craig Boswell reports.


Special Operations Forces hit the ground in Northern Syria earlier this summer attempting to rescue four American hostages. The US believed ISIS militants were holding journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff with a group at an oil refinery. (Chuck Hagel/Secretary of Defense) "THIS OPERATION BY THE WAY WAS A FLAWLESS OPERATION BUT THE HOSTAGES WERE NOT THERE." Tuesday ISIS posted a video of Foley's beheading and threatened to kill Sotloff. (Stand-up bridge - Craig Boswell at the White House) THE WHITE HOUSE DELIVERED A CLASSIFIED REPORT TO CONGRESS WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE FAILED RAID. THE ADMINISTRATION NEVER CONSIDERED PAYING RANSOM FOR THE HOSTAGES RELEASE. (Hagel) "ISIL IS AS SOPHISTICATED AND WELL-FUNDED AS ANY GROUP WE'VE SEEN. THEY'RE BEYOND JUST A TERRORIST GROUP." ISIS is using kidnappings to finance its operations. A counterterrorism sources tells CBS News the group thrives off ransom payments primarily from European countries. President Obama says the US will protect American personnel and facilities and new air strikes hit ISIS targets in Northern Iraq Thursday. It remains to be seen if the beheading of American James Foley - will make ISIS leadership new targets. Craig Boswell, CBS News, the White House.


Protests across the country today for what's being called a "Day of Rage." Demonstrators are demanding justice for Michael Brown - the unarmed teenager shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Protestors delivered petitions demanding the removal of a prosecutor -- they claim -- is biased because of family ties to law enforcement. The Governor of Missouri ordered the national guard to begin leaving area, now that the nightly violence has subsided. But the Governor acknowledged that emotions will continue to bubble up as the case progresses.


The two Americans with Ebola have been released from an Atlanta hospital. Doctors say the missionaries are virus-free and pose no threat to the public. Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly got sick in Liberia. Both received doses of the experimental drug, Z-mapp. The disease -- raging in West Africa -- kills up to 90-percent of victims. More than 1300 people have died in the latest outbreak.

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Tonight: Cloudy skies. Chance of showers. Lows: 53/60 Winds: Light Friday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of a shower. Highs: 68/75 Winds: S 5-10 mph Friday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 50/57 Winds: SE 5-10 mph Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs: 73/80 Winds: S 5-10 mph Extended: Sunday through Thursday. Saturday Night: Lows 53/60 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 75/82 Lows 53/60 Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 75/82 Lows 55/62 Tuesday: Mostly sunny. Highs 78/85 Lows 55/65 Wednesday: Partly sunny. Chance of a shower along Canadian border. Highs 75/85 Lows 55/65 Thursday: Chance of showers. Highs 70s

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He's 90 -- but shows no signs of slowing down. Joe Carroll tags along for a super senior's adventurous day.


(:04) ((Nat Sot. You're going to ride a bicycle? Yeah, I going to try! )) It's said in the news business, you lead with your best video. (:20) ((Joe: What are you doing???? Charlie: I'm going to show you how you should ride a bicycle!)) It's a self taught trick that wowed the other kids when he was growing up in Shaftsbury. (:56) ((Charlie Becker/Super Senior, I've been doing that since I was ten years old. )) Now 90, Charlie's life is pretty straight forward. (15:17) ((Nat Sot singing, These nights in Charlie's shoes are killing me .)) He grew up on a farm at a time when you had to make your own entertainment. After serving in World War 2, Charlie came home and married Marion, ran his own business and was a fire prevention instructor for 35 years. What really sparked his interest? The town's volunteer fire department. He's been there for a grand total of 66 years. (7:50) ((Charlie Becker/Super Senior, They had a waiting list then, now it's difficult to keep a full roster of firefighters.)) (17:32) ((nat sot, going in the firehouse.)) But Charlie isn't just a honorary firefighter who sits in the station. (21:20) ((nat sot: This is the brush truck.)) He's on the move. (8:07) (( Joe: You go out on calls? Charlie: Yes, I answer all calls when I'm in town. )) They answer about a hundred a year. (18:10) ((Charlie Becker/Super Senior, The boys are pretty proud of this truck.)) And so is Charlie, so much so... (28:15) ((nat sot, Opening the door of garage)) (28:23) ((Nat sot, Starting up the truck.)) he took me for a ride in truck 65. (39:04) ((nat sot of truck leaving station)) (go pro two shot) ((We used to crawl up these hills, joe a little bit more power huh? Oh yeah)) The modern International pumper tanker is light years ahead of the first truck he drove. (20:34) ((Charlie Becker/Super Senior, When I joined the fire department we had a 1931 Chevrolet open truck and the pump didn't work.)) Nowadays, Charlie doesn't go into burning buildings, but he drives and pumps the truck. (go pro) ((Joe: but this is a big truck, you feel confident... you feel confident, Charlie: Sure. I've been in trucks off and on all my life.)) He's held just about all the positions there are on the squad. (25:14) ((Charlie Becker/Super Senior, I was chief for 16 years I guess and then I worked my way down to where I am now.)) He jokes but Charlie takes his job seriously, in fact he was the Vermont Fire Chief of the Year in 1989. So dedicated to the squad, they renamed building, The Charles and Marion Becker Fire Station a year before she died. She also was a big part of the fire department. (26:33) (( Joe: You also think you might be the oldest one in the world. Charlie: Could be, it started off as a joke, but it might be true. )) The burning question? When will he hang up his hat? That depends on his health and by the look it, he'll be blazing down the road for a while. Joe Carroll, Channel 3 News, Shaftsbury.


Today marked the final round of the Vermont Women's State Amateur Golf Championship. Last year, Madison Corley of Essex Junction made history, becoming the youngest player ever to win the title at the age of 17. Today, Corley took a two shot lead into the final round in her attempt to make it back-to-back State Am titles. Over the first two rounds at the Orleans Country Club, the course was the winner, with no one shooting better than a four over par 76...Corley did it in the first round...Tiffany Maury-cy in yesterday's second, Maurycy did one better...a three over 75 that was good enough for a third place finish... --- but that 75 was only the third best round of the day...Rutland's Chloe Levins was a model of consistency today...birdies on the first and tenth holes ...just one bogey and 15 outstanding round of one under 71...good enough to win on many days...but not quite on this day... --- because Corley matched her fellow teen titan with a 71 ...although she did it in much more dramatic fashion...carding five birdies...with one bogey and one big triple bogey on 17 to mar an otherwise epic under on the day...Corley finishes with a three day total of nine over par...three shots better than Levins... to earn a second straight Vermont State Am title...


((TRT: 17 ... OC: MY HEAD))


As you can probably tell by now, there was no excitement tonight at the nation's site of excitement. Thunder Road officials postponing tonight's feature races due to rain, it will be made up tomorrow night with the same 6:00 p.m. post time. Friday night's action will include a triple 50-lap tiger main event along with regular late model and street stock races... Lots to watch... Especially in the chase for the King of the Road, where Derrick O'Donnell leads Nick Sweet by 12 points with just 3 late model events remaining...


The Vermont women's soccer team opens their season Friday in the annual TD Bank Classic at Virtue Field... The Catamounts open tournament play against Central Connecticut State at 4 p.m. In the first game of the tournament.. UVM is coming off their best season since 2005 as well as a third straight appearance in the America East playoffs for the first time in program history... Coach Kristi Lefebvre says likes what the team has shown her in preseason workouts and expects it to translate in to a fast start in 2014.


(((TRT: 25 OC: "it's really important to have a good start, in the past we've struggled with non-conference schedule... We've proven we can make the playoffs and do well in the conference, our next step is the overall record... And putting ourself in the top three in the conference to get a home playoff game... We've definitely set some lofty goals with a young group but we think it can be done and we're excited to prove it.)))


Lake Monsters, much better on the road lately... Looking for the two-game sweep at Tri-City ...young fan enjoying a pretzel.. --- Top 4, tied at 1, Gabriel Santana singles to left center. Max Kuhn scores. Vermont up 2-1 ----- couple batter later, Yairo Munoz batting, wild pitch by Francis Ramirez, John Nogowski scores 3-1 Lake Monsters ------ ValleyCats were their own worst enemy at times, pop up to first by Mott Hyde, it's turned into a double play by the Lake Monsters Vermont takes both in series with the 4-2 win over Tri-City...

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