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A field trip turns ugly for a bus load of seventh graders in Waterbury. And the beginning of a long recovery for a Vermont boy badly burned in a freak accident. The story is next.


It was a tragic accident that left a Vermont boy severely burned. Good evening and thanks for joining us, I'm Keith McGilvery. Tonight the 10-year-old is showing signs of improvement. Darren Perron spoke with his family.


((1:35 laughing -- and covering head)) Little Dakota Allen loves performing for his mom, Mandie. ((nats: 2:10 singing: shake it off shake it off.)) A big Taylor Swift fan .... ((2:15 singing: shake it off shake it off)) ((stick with video. Mandie: :40 He basically likes to make people smile and laugh as much as he possibly can. He's just an outgoing, energectic little boy. )) But Dakota's shows for his family are on hold -- as the 10 year old battles life-threatening burns he suffered -- in an accident at his home in Newark. He's being treated at Shriners Hospital in Boston. ((2:58 When I up to him I couldn't even think. 5:55 I couldn't imagine anything worse. 3:30 Dakota has third degree burns chemical burns over 75 percent of his body. 4:40 the first 48 hours they were keeping an eye on his right arm because they were worried about possible amputation, but luckily tehy were able to save it and have not had to amputate anything.)) The only thing spared -- Dakota's back. And some of his face. But he's doing better. Upgraded from critical condition -- to stable this week. ((9:47 He is the bravest boy I know.)) Dakota was playing with his 13 year-old brother, Zach, when the accident happened. Police say it was just boys being boys. The two were exploring the property they recently moved to -- and tried to build a so-called potato gun -- to shoot apples into a field. That's when they found some abandoned model-rocket fuel in an old shed -- near the property. The boys had no idea how flamable it was -- when it exploded. ((2:05 Zach is actually the one who put the fire out on Dakota.5:37 If Zach hadn't been there I don't think the outcome would have been as well as it was.)) But it was bad. Really bad. And Dakota was air-lifted to Shriners. His mom and dad haven't left his side. ((10:40 it's a defintiely gloing to be a long battle for Dakota and our family but all the supporet and prayers we have recieved from everyone has not only helped our family but pass the messages along to Dakota and I have even got a couple of smiles out of him. )) And when his breathing tube came out this week -- relief -- for his mom -- with four simple words. ((7:57 he has a plastic bubble around his bed so I leaned in and told him how brave and how proud I was of him and when the breathing tube came out he let out a couple of good coughs and then he opened his eyes looked over and noticed me and said I love you mommy. )) Dakota has had -- and will have many surgeries. Doctors tell his mom he'll be at Shriners for six months -- to a year. Possibly longer. DP Channel 3 News

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Thre middle-schoolers were sent to the hospital today after their school bus rear-ended a car. It happened in slowing traffic on Interstate 89 in Waterbury this morning. The bus was filled with seventh graders from the Twinfield Union school - on a field trip to Mount Mansfield. The school's principal says the bus driver offered to be tested for drugs and alcohol -- and those tests came back clean. He says three 7th graders were checked out for pain at the hospital and luckily - there were no serious injuries.


((13:37:51 mark mooney, twinfield union principal "safety was first, are the kids okay, are the adults okay? Secondly, let's get the word out so we know that parents are not finding out through social media so we immediately brought everyone together, called seventh-grade parents put updates on our website.)) The bus driver was NOT cited. And students DID get out for a hike - just someplace closer to school.


and drunk driving allegations against a school bus driver who was arrested in Bethel today. State police say they received a complaint from the principal of Whitcomb High School this morning that a bus driver might be intoxicated. Police screened the driver -- 34-year-old Brett Jenkinson of Northfield -- and found he was under the influence of alcohol. He was cited into court. Police say there were no kids on the bus at the time of the incident.


It was a gruesome scene in central Vermont. A social worker gunned down leaving her office. While folks continue to mourn the loss of Lara Sobel three people are being honored for helping to make sure others were not hurt in the tragedy. Kyle Midura reports.


In a small ceremony in the Senate Chamber Tuesday -- those assembled recalled August 7th. The day Jody Herring allegedly gunned down state social worker Lara Sobel -- as Sobel left her office. (00:08:09:00) ((Lt. Gov. Phil Scott - R-Vermont but through the darkness of one of the darkest days - comes some good)) Members of the Barre VFW post presented the Saving Lives award to Washington County State's Attorney Scott Williams, former state's attorney Greg McNaughton, and Andy Hockman Post Commander Paul Perreault (PER-alt) says their actions saved lives. (00:10:19:00) ((Perreault and maybe inspire others who would normally think I couldn't have done that to also use that selfless reflex that's in all of us)) Williams tackled Herring immediately after shots rang out. McNaughton and Hockman held her down until police could arrive. Williams says their actions allowed him to comfort Sobel in her last minutes. (0017:38:00) ((Greg McNaughton - VFW Honoree I wish there wasn't a reason for us to even be here)) McNaughton thanked police officers -- saying the actions he took -- are those they're prepared to take daily. Williams asked leaders to keep that in mind as they govern or seek office. (00:15:28:00) ((Williams be accountable for your actions, own your mistakes, and do no allow others to compromise your values.)) Kyle Midura -- channel 3 news -- BUrlington.


The daughter of the suspect in Lara Sobel's murder has been banned from the crime scene. Barre Police issued a no trespass order to 20-year-old Desiree Herring yesterday. Tenants at City Place told police employees would see her recreating the fatal shooting. Police say Herring told them she was explaining to others what happened. Desiree faces a misdemeanor charge, 500 dollar fine, and three months in prison if she sets foot on the property.

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Viewers from across our region continue to send us great images of our fall foliage. And they don't just have to be photos. Check this out -- drone video from Devil's Hill in Peacham. You can see Martin's Pond in the background. What a view! Thank you Matt -- for sharing this super cool leafie. Just amazing.


Women filled the halls of the state house today. About 150 women turned out for this year's Vermont Women's Economic Security Summit. The day-long event at the statehouse included business people, politicians, non-profit leaders and students. The goal was to address issues like economic stability, equal pay, poverty, and parenting, through a combination of speakers and break-out sessions.


((11:43:17 Bianca Rizzio, Looking for a job "I think any free educational opportunity is amazing to be able together this many accomplished professional women who are fighting the good fight and to have these discussions be so accessible to anyone of any age be involved in anything is a pretty exciting opportunity.)) ((Anna Shelley, UVM Senior 11:46:12 "I was just really thrilled to be a part of this conference, the room was filled with a lot of really established women who have been working in the area of economic justice and stability for women in Vermont and nationally.)) Participants plan to give a list of shared priorities to legislators.

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Nearly a half dozen churches -- in Essex -- are working together to fill stomachs and tables. Preparations are already underway -- in the kitchen -- at Holy Family -- for tomorrow's big meal. The church is one of five parishes in the area that dishes out community dinners on Friday nights. The project -- called "Essex Eats Out" -- started about a year ago -- and aims to provide healthy, warm meals to those who are hungry -- or just need a little companionship.


((Fr Charles Ranges/Holy Family/St. Lawrence Parish 00:31:58 "we knew there were people in the community who were socially isolated. Perhaps people who were using Meals on Wheels during the week and the idea of getting out for a meal would be a great thing.")) If you're not able to drive -- the churches provide transportation. Holy Family expects to serve 150 people Friday. Dinner will be served between 5:30 -- and 7. All are welcome. For more information on the Essex Eats Out project -- visit our website --

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Still ahead -- Could a tech company from Norway bring hundreds of jobs to the North Country? (TC 00:24:05:11 Tile 6290) ((James Finnegan/Keeseville ((Any time we can pull in jobs into the local economy is always great for this area. The more the better." 00:24:12:16)) And Why a Vermont high school gave this senior photo a failing grade. Also -- A Vermont lawmaker comparing Volkswagen to Lance Armstrong. We'll have the details from VW's apology on Capitol Hill -- when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


It's a move that would bring hundreds of new high-tech jobs to the North Country. Channel 3 is learning that a Norwegian based aero tech company has its eye on expanding to Plattsburgh. Logan Crawford is here to tell us what this could mean for the area. logan? Keith, in a place where officials say the economy is hurting -- people hope this new company will bring jobs and money to the region. The Plattsburgh Town Supervisor tells me we can expect Norsk Titanium to build it's new facility in New York.


A Norwegian company plans to use Plattsburgh as the site for its first North American production facility. That's what town officials say. (TC 00:26:45:11 Tile 6292) ((Kim Lawrance/Peru "Think it's a great thing because we need to keep our young people here, and bring our young people back. Which I think would be a terrific thing." 00:26:51:13)) Norsk Titanium makes 3D materials for aerospace projects. Plattsburgh town manager Bernie Bassett says he met with company reps earlier this year and that the northern New York town is where they are looking to expand and create new jobs. (TC 00:03:36:13 Tile 6248) ((Bernie Bassett/Plattsburgh Town Supervisor "Couple of hundred or so to start. I think the point is it would be a significant number. They would be high-tech jobs which is always very good. And it would be an investment in an area that we want to see continue to grow and develop." 00:03:52:11)) (TC 00:16:55:25 Tile 6276) ((Logan Crawford/Plattsburgh "In terms of where this new facility would be officials are talking about using the old Clinton County Airport." Tile 6284 TC 00:21:39:21 "And the other possible location is here at the Plattsburgh International Airport, but plans are still up in the air." 00:21:45:19)) (TC 00:24:03:11 Tile 6290) ((James Finnegan/Keeseville "I think any jobs that we get in the area is great for business. Any time we can pull in jobs into the local economy is always great for this area. The more the better." 00:24:12:16)) Bassett says it appears the company will be here by 2016. Residents say it will help the region grow. (TC Tile 6290) ((James Finnegan/Keeseville "Little bit at a time is good." 00:25:24:10))


I reached out to Norsk Titanium this afternoon. Company officials got back to me and declined to comment on the decision to move to Plattsburgh. Keith.


The Amtrak Vermonter is running again. The train will be back on its regular schedule - and regular route - in both directions starting tomorrow. It is the first time since the Vermonter derailed on Monday in Northfield. 7 people were injured when the train hit a rockslide.

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A high-ranking Volkswagen official testified on Capitol Hill today. Michael Horn told lawmakers he's sorry for the scandal surrounding V-W cars cheating emissions tests. Since 2009, V-W has used sophisticated software called "defeat devices" which tricked emissions tests into showing acceptable levels of pollution...but on the road car emissions levels were actually 10 to 40 times above EPA limits. Lawmakers -- including Vermont Congressman Peter Welch had tough words for Horn.


(SOT: Rep. Peter Welch/(D) Vermont) "VW IS THE LANCE ARMSTRONG OF THE INDUSTRY." (SOT: Michael Horn/CEO, Volkswagen Group of America) "TO MY UNDERSTANDING, THIS WAS NOT A CORPORATE DECISION, THIS WAS SOMETHING INDIVIDUALS DID." Some lawmakers called on V-W to allow owners to return their car for exactly what they paid -- something the company said it would look into. This scandal impacted nearly a half-million cars on U-S roads.


The front runner to replace John Boehner as speaker of house -- is already out of the race. California Congressman Kevin McCarthy -- announced today he's dropping out. The move stunned many of his colleagues -- but he has been under scrutiny lately for recent comments he made -- including linking the Benghazi Select Committee to Hillary Clintons poll numbers. Boehner has now postponed the vote for his replacement.

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Tonight: Increasing clouds. Chance of showers by morning. Low 38/45. Wind light. Friday: Cloudy skies. Periods of rain, tapering to showers. High 52/58. Wind SW 5-10 mph, bec W. Friday Night: Chance of evening showers. Becoming partly cloudy. Low 33/40. Wind NW 5-10 mph. Saturday: Partly sunny and cool. High 48/55. Wind NW 5-10 mph. Sunday: Partly sunny. High 53/60. Low 43/50. Columbus Day: Mostly sunny. Warmer. High 65/72. Low 45/52. Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers. High 55/62. Low 35/45. Wednesday: Partly sunny. High 55/65. Low 35/45. Thursday: Partly sunny. Hight 55/65.

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Cleavage controversy at Spaulding High School. A student there tells us her senior yearbook photo is ruined - because officials are not applying the dresscode fairly. Gina Bullard reports.


Like a lot of teens - Spaulding High School senior Lillian Clark likes to look her best. ((nat getting ready)) But her outfit choices recently got Clark into a predicament at school. The yearbook committee rejected her senior portrait. ((sad mad)) The 17 year old found out in an email. (02:04:16Z:14) ((Lillian Clark/Senior Spaulding HS "g-can you read the email? L- the photo is lovely before it can be accepted we have to abide to school policy in re: to dress code and cleavage")) She has other pictures but her and her family loved this one the most. (02:04:57:02) ((Lillian Clark/Senior Spaulding HS "having a bigger chest is part of who i am it's not like i can change it")) According to Spaulding High School's handbook students may not wear clothing which exposes under garments, midriffs, backs or cleavage. (02:06:32:06) ((Lillian Clark/Senior Spaulding HS "g-do you think you look too provocative in the picture for school? L-no i don't think I don't at all")) School officials would not grant our request for an on camera interview but did speak with us by phone. ((John Pandolfo /Superintendent "the purpose of our procedures is to provide the most positive educational environment and climate for all of our students")) (02:01:39:26) ((Lillian Clark/Senior Spaulding HS "i wanted something sweeter so i wanted a dress or a skirt")) Thumbing through last years yearbook Clark found several pictures violating school procedures. (02:09:00:24) ((Lillian Clark/Senior Spaulding HS "she even has cleavage showing but her hair is kind of covering it but you can tell it's there")) The superintendent says the policy is applied across the board. ((phoner John Pandolfo /Superintendent "in some cases a decision has to be made so where is that boundary between appropriate and inappropriate and that decision is in the hands of the administration of the school and then most importantly when that decision is made its then applied to all students")) One of Clark's friends photos was also denied. The school did offer a possible solution to Clark's problem in the email. (02:04:45:04) ((Lillian Clark/Senior Spaulding HS "you may want to send it to ashley so she can edit it before its accepted")) But after spending 225-dollars to get the photos taken Clark doesn't like the idea of photoshopping it. She's hoping school officials will change their minds. Gina Bullard channel 3 news, Barre.


The Bruins off-season saw Boston pick up and new General Manager and ship off some fan favorites on the roster...The Bruins hit the ice tonight to see those off-season changes in action for their season opener... Bruins hosting Winnipeg at the Garden tonight... -- Boston lighting up the scoreboard first... David Pastranak putting it in front... Winnipeg can't clear it, David Krejci takes it and flips it in... Bruins take a 1-0 lead .. --- But it was all Jets after that...Bruins turn it over, Winnipeg with numbers, Dustin Byfuglien (buff-lin) drops it for Mark Scheifele, one timer into the top corner... Bruins fall big in their opener, 6-2


As we've been telling you the last couple of weeks, Three Red Sox pitchers are on their way to Essex Saturday. Rick Porcello and Rich Hill are participating in a wiffle ball tournament to benefit teammate Craig Breslow's Strike three foundation. The one day event is taking place at little Fenway Park, Little Wrigley Field and the Little Field of dreams. The 10-team tournament starts at 8:30 in the morning and continues throughout the day. Admission to the tourney is free and the public is welcome to attend. The Strike 3 Foundation, launched by Breslow in 2008, heightens awareness, mobilizes support and raises funds for pediatric cancer research.


(((Craig Breslow/"My sisters is a childhood cancer survivor, so that's been the impedous throughout. Also I thought at this point of my life I'd be a physician as it turns out the baseball career has worked out pretty nicely and I feel like the work that we do with Strike Three allows me to be connected to the community and connected to the medical field.")))


The UVM women's soccer team hosting Maine at Virtue Field this afternoon... --- Vermont strikes first, less than 11 minutes into this one...Sarah Martin firing this ball into the box... and Caitie Green heading it into the back of the net... Vermont takes a 1-0 lead.. --- Less than two minutes later..Annie Monaghan putting this through to Green, her shot off of the keeper and it goes in...2 goals on the day for Green Maine would grab a late goal, but UVM able to hang on for the 2-1 win... improving to 3-1 in America East play, the Cats best league start since 2001.


Some field hockey action tonight, South Burlington hosting Mount Mansfield.. --- Rebels open the scoring in this one... Katie Young dropping this for Kate Hall.. Hall then putting it in the far right corner...South Burlington takes a 1-0 lead... --- Later in the half, the duo team up again, this time hall finding Young and she puts it in... Rebels take down Mount Mansfield tonight, 2-1...


Week seven of the high school football season gets underway tomorrow night. The regular season is winding down and teams are fighting for playoff spots...and that is very much that case tomorrow in Milton, where the Division two playoff picture could be determined Friday night... Milton will host Fair Haven tomorrow night ...Only four teams make the Division Two playoffs. Right now, Bellows Falls and Burr & Burton are 6-0... Burlington and Fair Haven are 5-1. Milton is 3-3....This Fair Haven-Milton matchup has grown into a strong rivalry in recent years. The Slaters know they'll need a great effort to win on the road...the Jackets know it's now or never to make the playoffs...


((TRT: 36 ... OC: WE REALLY ARE.)) ((Loucy/ It's very important to us. This is one of the determining games if we're going to make it into the playoffs or not. So for us, it's everything.)) ((Gordon/ We're 0-2 the last two weeks, so we know all the pressure falls on us to take care of business in this game, and then still, we'll have to win out the rest of the season. We know that. It's a huge game.)) ((Alexander/"They're going to compete. It's their homecoming, their backs against the wall, so we're going to give the best we have to offer and hopefully can compete back."))) ((Czarnecki/"I think people are definitely not looking at Fair Haven as a big threat, which is good in our spot. We just keep playing how we play and everyone will find out who we really are.")))


There are seven games around the state tomorrow night... Rutland and Hartford are both at home and if each win this Friday, that would set up a showdown of unbeaten teams when they square off the following Friday in the Upper Valley. Also, undefeated Bellows Falls visits Burlington..and Brattleboro, still in the hunt to host a quarterfinal playoff game in Division One, is at Essex. Plus, Woodstock heads across the lake to take on Plattsburgh.


After we're done here don't go anywhere, Dartmouth head football coach, Buddy Teevens will be a guest on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight. Teevens will appear with the Mobile Virtual Player, a prototype for a remote-control tackling dummy he's helped develop. It's a possible solution to reducing live-contact drills, which in turn, would lower the number of concussions in football players. We featured a story on the tackling dummies at the end of August. Teevens is excited to promote what Dartmouth is doing and knows with a quick witted guy like Colbert, he has to be on his toes.


(((Buddy Teevens/"TO have an opportunity in front of a national audience to talk about what we're doing, which is different than most people in the country, I think maybe somebody says, we can do that too to save some head injuries and to keep people healthier in the game over time. I'm not sure what he'll come across with, probably knock me sideways for a little bit. I like to think I have a sense of humor, so hopefully I can bob and weave if necessary.")))

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