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Good Evening and happy thanksgiving -- I'm Anson Tebbetts It was day to remember for thousands ....some could NOT cook a turkey... The wet heavy snow knocked out power to thousands of customers around Vermont and New Hampshire Utility crews worked thru the night and day. More than two-thousand Green Mountain Power customers were still without power this evening -- mostly in Killington. In the Granite State..much worse... In New Hampshire, more than 150,000 people are in the dark. But the lights are back on for P-S-N-H customers in our region. But needing help elsewhere, the company has asked for 500 additional workers from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont to help get the lights back on.

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the worst is over ..many will spend tomorrow and the weekend shopping... what can they expect? Dan Dowling is here with a first check on the weather.

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Those who love the snow are rejoicing... Vermont ski resorts are 'thankful' -- for Mother Nature. For example, Jay Peak got up to 15 inches snow. The resort says at least seven trails will be open tomorrow -- and four lifts. And several other ski areas -- are taking advantage of the newly fallen snow too. Killington received more than a foot of snow--they plan on opening new trails tomorrow after grooming tonight. -3-


And while the ski season started early did the shopping season... Some big retailers did not wait until Friday morning to open--the stores decided to open today on Thanksgiving...the public has mixed feelings about shopping on Thanksgiving...but many could not resist trying to get some bargains. Photographer Tyson Foster talked with some tonight.


Lynn Davenport 04-09 Its thanksgiving why are you guys in line today? Well, we want the 50 inch TV and my husband cooked all day so he told us to go and get the TV. waiting in line seems so friendly, look how nice everyone is, everyone is smiling, happy, we're doing great Michael Minogue, QC 19-25 "which was worse, the drive down here or the waiting in line? It was probably the drive from the border to here. It was snowing yesterday so the roads were pretty slippery so that was the worst part We're buying a TV today and the cost here is like 200 dollars and in canada its about 700 dollars Brian Shedd General Manager Best Buy 44-50 so in years past where we've had it be really busy on that particular day, the entire week we've been busy. Nats cheering Photo Super 55-1:00 The lines been pretty steady that's been really good. TVs seem to be the big popular thing thus far. this year opening, then closing, then opening again, we can go home get some rest, get some sleep and then come back for the next day ultimately it is ultra competitive, we want to try and have the best deals and you know our consumers tell us that they like it and they want to have that opportunity to come out here on Thanksgiving to shop Cheryle Bondoux 1:40-1:44 how early would these stores have to start opening before you would not consider coming out to stand in line for doorbusters or things like that? Well, two years ago they opened up at 4 in the morning and I was still out here at like 1:30, two o clock, in the rain depending on what you're coming in for, its worth it, despite having to come outside its worth it...its a big addreneline rush How early would it have to be? "oooo 5am, it depends on the deals though. If the deals are good enough we'll come out.


Overseas on this Thanksgiving.... The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in Afghanistan's capital that killed five people. A reminder that the war there goes on even as we celebrate a holiday here. Alphonso Van Marsh reports.


NAT SOUND dining hall (shots turkey being served, troops at tables, in line, etc.) U-S troops serving away from home in Afghanistan are getting a taste of 'home cooking' this Thanksgiving. (camp Eggers video, lady from behind counter serving full plate of food to soldier) THERE YOU GO - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (shots dinner being served) The U-S military flew in nearly 30-thousand pounds of turkey, 6-thousand pies and 840 gallons of eggnog to American forces in Kabul and around the country. (soldier serving himself dessert) I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS - BUT IT LOOKS GOOD! (camp Eggers video, troops sitting together at table) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! (in unison) (more shots of thanksgiving dinner) There are about 24-thousand U-S service members still in Afghanistan. This is the last Thanksgiving celebration before the US and NATO combat mission ends December 31st. (from aptn) (SOT - SERGEANT RICKY DEPILLO/US SOLDIER FROM ILLINOIS) I WILL BE HOME NEXT YEAR AND I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING. (MOS) (cbs) (no name avail) I'D LIKE TO SAY HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY BACK HOME. BE SAFE, TAKE CARE. (more shots of dinner, dissolve to Pres Obama SOT) President Obama thanked troops for their sacrifice. SOT - PRESIDENT OBAMA WE SAY AN EXTRA PRAYER FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES, AND WE RENEW OUR COMMITMENT TO TAKE CARE OF YOU AS WELL AS YOU'VE TAKEN CARE OF US. (shots of turkey dinner being served) President Obama may not meet his commitment to reduce American troop levels in Afghanistan to 9,800 by the end of the year. Some NATO countries say they cannot supply the extra soldiers needed as replacements. Alphonso Van Marsh, CBS News.


It was a day to be thankful....the holiday does bring out the best in some people. Reporter Rose Spillman caught up with family and friends who enjoy being together on this special day.


The Thanksgiving holiday is special for many different reasons. Some simply enjoy the time relaxing and eating, and others see it as an opportunity to get out and help their neighbors. (00:00:19:00 Tile 5795) ((Sue Smith/ENVOY Salvation Army "Thanksgiving is a time for us to give back to our community. We've been blessed, and so we want to bless others. So we have a lot of groups, organizations and people that are volunteering today. People have donated... companies and individuals." 00:00:31:14)) Volunteers take the time each year to give back to the community by serving others a thanksgiving meal. Some turn their service into a family tradition. (00:9:51:22 Tile 5820) ((Jessica Middlemiss/Volunteer "This is our fourth year. What we do is on Wednesday night we have our thanksgiving with our family and friends, and then we go ahead and we come and serve." 00:10:01:15)) (00:15:23:20) ((Rose Spillman/Plattsburgh "most people will spend thanksgiving at home with family, but those who cannot afford the meal, or who may not have family, come to the Salvation Army for the friendly environment that guests and volunteers bring" 00:15:35:22)) (00:03:49:04 Tile 5801) ((Wanda Collins/Guest "that's what we like about the Salvation Army. Its the socialization for us. We like to really get out and socialize with everyone, and this is a good opportunity for us to do that." 00:03:58:23)) The event is not only meaningful to the guests who come to eat and meet friends, but every volunteer enjoys the opportunity to help out. (0:12:57:01 Tile 5822) ((Trinity Middlemiss/Volunteer "Well I just love giving back and being helpful to everybody here. Cause there can be people here that can't always afford fancy dinners. And I just love seeing them come in and having a nice meal." 00:13:10:24)) On a day when people come together to give thanks, it's no doubt that everyone participating in this dinner is grateful. Rose Spillman, channel 3 news, Plattsburgh.


When you have to leave town...and can't take the family dog what do you do? Well that's when the kennel kicks in... but have no worries... they are not left out of getting a feast. Alex Apple explains.


Glazed Turkey, Mashed potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin with a gravy drizzle. It's a feast fit for a king -- or...a golden lab (TC 5:35). ((Bark NAT)) Thursday dogs at the sleepydog kennel in Colchester got a delicious turkey feast. (06:01 Jen Fredette/Sleepydog Kennel)(("You ready? Oh I know. Come here. You ready for Thanksgiving dinner?")) With each pup leaping to get that last lick of gravy -- Jen Fredette who runs the kennel calls it controlled chaos. (13:17 Jen Fredette/Sleepydog Kennel)(("It's kind of like being in a room full of three year olds.")) Fredette's husband -- Chef Erik as he's called -- put together the K-9 thanksgiving menu -- using recipes quite similar to the ones he'll serve at his own dinner table later in the day. (15:12 Jen Fredette)(("Chef Erik put it all together for them so I'm sure it was very enjoyable.")) As the feast was served... ((Bark NAT)) ...It was obvious the dogs approved of Chef Erik's recipe. But the tryptophan made them a little less chatty afterward. (09:24 Apple)(("Lady, so how was your Thanksgiving dinner? interesting.")) (9:55 Apple)(("So what was the best part of your thanksgiving dinner? Interesting.)) Fredette wasn't just giving the dogs a treat, she says she used the meals as a way for the dogs to give back to their human friends. (12:07 Jen Fredette)(("Then we came up with an opportunity for the dogs to help the humans by donating to the Chittenden County Food shelf.")) 24 owners bought Thanksgiving dinner for their dog -- and for each one, Fredette donated a meal for someone else at the Chitteden Emergency Food Shelf. (12:23 Jen Fredette)(("we're donating the funds to cover the meal for a human person at the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf.")) A meal to life the spirits of Vermonters in need. Something Fredette says the dogs do for her each day. Alex Apple -- channel 3 news --- Colchester.

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Still to come.. A Burlington man spends Thanksgiving behind bars...he's facing an attempted murder charge... (00:10:08:00) ((Sgt. Thomas Radford - BPD the stab wound went into the victim's neck and missed critical arteries by approximately a centimeter)) Heading home or shopping....We'll update you on weather and driving conditions for black Friday and beyond.. (00:32:50:10) (( Joe: How do you enjoy Vermont? Lillian: I love it. )) And she's go the right attitude....thankful ...and celebrating 100 years...she's our Super Senior.... The news continues in a moment...


A Burlington man is spending the holiday in jail -- charged with attempted murder. As Kyle Midura reports -- it all started with a snowball fight.


21-year-old Shoquan Glen of Burlington is in custody this Thanksgiving and will not be getting out anytime soon. He's held without bail, and scheduled be charged with attempted second degree murder Monday. (nats - scene) Police arrested Glen after responding here -- the intersection of Colchester Avenue and Barrett Street -- early Thanksgiving morning. They say Glen stabbed a 28-year-old man when a group of his friends walking along the road began fighting with a group -- including the victim -- stopped in a car at the light. (00:11:47:00) ((Sgt. Thomas Radford - BPD the people that were walking had thrown a snowball at the car and that was the beginning of the disturbance that occurred)) (00:11:59:00) ((Sgt. Thomas Radford - BPD Do we know if Shoquan threw the snowball? We do not know that at this point)) Police say they're also not sure if members of the two groups knew knew each other. There's little sign of the incident left -- except a couple patches of missing snow. Despite the serene scene, police say the victim narrowly escaped with his life. (00:10:08:00) ((Sgt. Thomas Radford - BPD the stab wound went into the victim's neck and missed critical arteries by approximately a centimeter)) But he is expected to make a full recovery... while Glen faces at least 20 years behind bars if he's found guilty. KM Ch 3 News Burlington.


Those who live in Ferguson, Missouri are hoping for another calm night after the unrest earlier this week. St. Louis cancelled its annual Thanksgiving Day parade but some in the community are doing their best to keep holiday traditions alive. Kris Van Cleave reports.


A DAY OF THANKS AND FAMILY REPLACED NIGHTS OF UNREST IN FERGUSON, MISSOURI. THE ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH MADE THANKSGIVING DINNER FOR 200. ((SOT Nyokia Robinson/Church Member)) "Just thankful to be coming together with this meal with family and friends and people we don't even know and just talking to everybody. We do need healing in this community." ((natsâ€"drilling plywood)) WORKERS TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE QUIET DAY TO HANG PLYWOOD OVER THE WINDOWS OF THIS FURNITURE STORE NOT FAR FROM THE FERGUSON POLICE STATIONâ€"THE EPICENTER OF PROTESTS FOLOWING THE GRAND JURY DECISION NOT TO INDICT OFFICER DARREN WILSON IN THE SHOOTING DEATH OF MICHAEL BROWN. ((SOT no name available)) "they ain't going nowhere, not until they burn down that police station, then they might stop." ((STANDUP)) "After dark has been the danger zone in Fergusonâ€"when calm has given way to periods of violence. So even though it's Thanksgiving- again we saw a clear presence from police and the national guard. " WE ALSO NOTICED THESE MEN STANDING WATCH ON THE ROOFS OF BUILDINGS. MANY SAY THEY HAVE A MILITARY OR LAW ENFORCEMENT BACKGROUND AND ARE HEAVILY ARMED ...MEMBERS OF A GROUP KNOWN AS OATH KEEPERS WHO SAY THEY'RE HERE TO PROTECT FERGUSON BUSINESSES. ((SOT: no name available)) "as long as it takes, until the violent people go away and stop trying to burn innocent people out of their buildings." A REMINDER OF THE VIOLENT NIGHTS SO MANY HERE WILL BE THANKFUL TO SEE FINALLY COME TO AN END. KVC CBS NEWS FERGUSON MISSOURI.

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A special day for a Monkton woman -- she turned 100 years old today. And that's just one of the reasons she's this week's super senior. Here's Joe Carroll.


(00:40:55:00) ((Nat Sot, It's it lovely though. )) Lillian Williams is a newcomer to the Green Mountains. Today is quickly turning white. (00:41:14:00) ((nat sot, It's beautiful up here. )) Lillian spent most of her life in Springfield Massachusetts - she's now living in Monkton with her son Ed and daughter-in-law Mary. (00:06:19:17) ((nat sot, Ok, )) The family is taking a short drive for a class. Lillian is the student. (00:06:30:03) ((Lillian Williams/Super Senior, Oh yes, it's a lovely day. )) It's a yoga class at Meadowhawk Homestead and it's through the woods. (00:07:34:29) (( Ed: OK Mom, you want to take my hand? Lillian: Why? Ed: Ok, you hear that! )) Lillian just started practicing yoga with instructor Melanie Cote. (00:11:53:19) ((nat sot Cool shot of instructor and Lillian moving arms)) (00:12:32:05) ((nat sot, laughs)) (00:18:35:00) (( Joe: She's amazing. Melanie Cote: She's 99 and she just started yoga. )) What even more amazing? ((nat sot yoga)) This Thanksgiving Day - she turns 100. (00:20:07:12 ) ((Melanie Cote/Yoga Instructor, I think Lillian said it best, because she's always telling me, just don't stop moving, don't stop moving, keep moving. )) (00:20:40:18) ((nat sot, Ok thanks!)) (00:23:06:29) (( Lillian: Life goes on. Joe: Life does go on, 100 years of it. Can you believe it? Lillian: It sort of hard to believe.)) She grew up in Western Massachusetts - a landscape and a culture similar to Vermont. (00:32:15:00) ((Lillian Williams/Super Senior, Can you imagine, I went to a school where I was the only me that was black. Only me. Joe: and you fit right in? Lillian: of course. )) Lillian said her classmates got to experience the person, not a race, but she's quick to say the first thing people notice is the color of your skin. After high school she married and had 5 children. Her late husband Bucky died 15 years ago. (00:32:50:10) (( Joe: How do you enjoy Vermont? Lillian: I love it. )) It's time for a couch conversation with the wisdom only a hundred year old can give. (00:46:56:10) (( But don't you think really when you think of achievement - that age isn't one of them? Joe: I see what your saying. )) (00:46:27:00) (( Joe: I'm going to congratulate you. Lillian: Why? Laughs Is it anything I did? )) (00:45:45:00) ((Lillian: It doesn't really make a difference to anybody but me. You think? Joe: I think a lot of people are going to be impressed when they see this story. Lillian: really? Joe: Oh yeah.)) (00:46:36:00) (( Joe: How about this. Happy Birthday. Lillian: Now that is something I can appreciate! )) Until January, Lillian was living in her own home and taking care of a sick daughter. But it became too much for her. (00:50:37:00) (( Joe: So you two were listening on the conversation, what are your thoughts? (son & daughter in law) Both: She's great, she's great yeah. mary-She's really a blessing to us, really. )) (00:51:03:00) (( Mary: How many 75 year old men get to spend quality time with their mother. Ed- That's right! )) (00:37:23:14) ((Lillian Williams/Super Senior, Longevity all by itself is nothing, it's how happy you are on the way.)) A thankful and joyful centenarian on Thanksgiving day. (00:41:14:00) ((Nat sot, It's beautiful up here. )) Joe Carroll, Channel 3 Monkton.


and here she is -- Lillian -- enjoying her day -- with the family. Happy Birthday, Lillian. And Happy Thanksgiving.


What a way to kick off the premiere division 3 college hockey tournament in the country. Two of the top teams in the will nation do battle inside Middlebury's Kenyon Arena. The 17th annual Primelink shootout begins at 4pm Friday with number 2 Norwich, at 6-0 facing number 3 Plattsburgh, at 7-0. Both teams have a lot to prove. Norwich went winless in last year's Primelink. Plattsburgh is trying to win back to back Primelink titles for the first time in school history. Regardless of the result, both teams will learn a lot about themselves after the final horn sounds Friday.


(((Bryce Currier/"It's going to be a different atmosphere at Middlebury. It's a bigger ice sheet over there. It's a good gauge coming from the leagues, the NESCAC, the SUNY and us. It's going to be a good test for us. We're excited for it."))) (((Cody Smith/"It's going to be a fun time playing them. I know a couple of guys on the team and over the summer we go back and forth. It's a battle and you want to take them down."))) (((Brandon Beadow/"Anytime the Primelink comes around you get excited, obviously it's a pretty big tournament, got some great competitors. I think the fact that we're playing Norwich first, they're a great team, they always have a good squad so I think the guys are really anxious."))) (((Mark Constantine/"It's going to be one of are heard games this year for sure. We had Genesseo which was a good test, but this one is definitely going to be one of the tough ones to go into the break before Oswego so it's exciting to play them.")))


At 7 pm, the host team Middlebury faces Concordia College out of Minnesota. The Panthers have been in a Primelink title draught having not won since 2008. Middlebury is 1-1-2 to start the season while the Cobbers are 4-3-1. The players don't know a lot about Concorida, but the Panthers are looking forward to the challenge of facing a team they may not normally have on the schedule.


(((Derek Pimentel/"For us, to play another team, especially, usually a team that we invite that comes from out west, I think that it's great to see kind of what the compeition level is like out there. And at the same time, play a different team that plays a different system than a lot of teams over here do."))) (((Zach Haggerty/"The guest team is always really competitive. It's fun to have a new team, different every year. To see a different team from a different part of the country or closer by like last year's team was, it will be fun to get a different look and play a different group of guys for sure.")))


Thanksgiving day and football go together like Turkey and stuffing. In Hanover, the Dartmouth football team has plenty of reasons to give thanks. The Big Green are coming off their best season in 17 years. Dartmouth's 41-10 victory at Princeton to close out the season last weekend gave the team an 8-2 overall record and a 6-1 record in the IVY league. The Big Green's two losses coming at New Hampshire and against conference champs, undefeated Harvard. Dartmouth head coach Buddy Teevens feels this is just the beginning as the program has shown its ready for a resurgence.


(((Buddy Teevens/"Just the quality of recruits we have coming that are considering Dartmouth as a viable option for them if they value football, the experience that we're having not playing a lot of young players, but, like we did before, we'll have 3, 4 or 5, we'll play a lot of guys and I believe in that. But to have development and growth and consistency over time. Harvard's done it on a regular basis and say hey it can be done in this league. It's Dartmouth's turn.")))


The UVM men's basketball team looks for its second win in a row Sunday as the Cats visit Quinnipiac. Vermont will be riding some momentum after its 73-47 win over Bryant University at Patrick Gym last night. In that game, sophomore Dre Wills was the best player on the court. He scored a career high 14 points while grabbing 9 rebounds and adding 4 steals. He also held Bryant's best player Dyami Starks to just 4 of 12 shooting from the floor. Wills was one of those players lost in the shuffle last season thanks to nagging injuries and a large senior class. He's been a forward through most of high school, but now he's being asked to move into the role of guard. It's taken some adjusting, but it certainly looks like he's getting there.


(((John Becker/"Dre Wills has been a guy that really since Canada that has taken advantage of his opportunities. He's hard to take out of the game when he can take, he's a weapon when he can take a guy, the best guard on the other team out of the game. That's a huge weapon to have.")))

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