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Good evening I'm Shelby Cashman. Two people are dead following a crash in Swanton earlier today. Logan Crawford has been following the developments. He joins us now live from the newsroom. Logan? Shelby, Police say 2 people from Alburgh were killed today on Route 7 when their car was hit head-on by 35 year old Maria Carlson of Swanton. Around 12:30 this afternoon--Witnesses tell police a car traveling north and going 100 miles an hour-- went off the road -- hit a telephone pole -- went through a yard--and swerved back onto Route 7--crashing into another car.. Investigators say 68-year-old Diane Bohannon and 67-year-old Robert Benjamin of Alburgh were on their way to go grocery shopping -- when the car --allegedly driven by Carlson--hit and killed them.


(TC 00:24:32:15 Tile 4421) ((Trooper John Bruzzi/Vermont State Police "Said that they were behind the vehicle, the truck, a little while before the crash happened and watched the vehicle go off the road once, spit dirt up. Then go off the road again, spit dirt up and then the third time is when the crash occurred. So that car had been swerving well before the crash occurred so they were obviously having an issue." 00:24:46:15)) Authorities are looking into whether drugs were a factor. A trooper says a syringe was found in Carlson's car -- but police won't know if she was under the influence until a drug test comes back. Carlson will be under police guard at the hospital until she's released. She's ordered to be held without bail. Shelby?


A Burlington Police Officer and member of the National Guard is accused of abusing his girlfriend--AND having a violent history. Today--he denied the allegations. Jennifer Costa has the details.


Cpl. Ethan Thibault walked into a Queen City courtroom charged with beating his girlfriend. The 14 year veteran of the Burlington police force was flanked by his parents -- and brother -- a sheriffs deputy at the court. ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County Proseuctor 01:09:02 "There's always a greater concern when it's a police officer because it's a matter of public trust.")) Thibault is accused of pushing and slapping his girlfriend -- over the weekend -- after she allegedly returned home late from a concert. But he says she started the fight -- claiming their three year relationship was over -- and he didn't want her in his Hinesburg home. Prosecutors say this is not the only allegation -- and point to other violent encounters with the victim. ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County Proseuctor 01:05:41 "The allegation is that he hit her, struck her in the face and caused a bloody nose. The affidavit outlines a history of alleged abuse. Obviously this is a very serious case.")) Thibault pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor counts of domestic abuse. The court ordered him to turn over all his firearms -- and undergo a mental health evaluation. Prosecutors say that requirement stems from an incident last summer after Thibault allegedly held a loaded gun to his head and threatened to kill himself. ((T.J. Donovan/Chittenden County Proseuctor 01:07:50 "Obviously this raises major concerns for the well being of the victim, of the community and Mr. Thibault.")) The victim says she did not report the abuse in the past -- fearing her boyfriend would lose his job. Thibault was taken into custody Wednesday after voluntarily speaking with state police. He's currently on paid administrative leave -- pending internal and criminal investigations. ((Chief Brandon Del Pozo/Burlington Police Dept. 00:55:55 "It's a domestic violence issue. It's one of the things we fight against and when an officer is alleged to have committed it that makes it all the worse.")) Burlington's new police chief reminds the public -- Thibault is innocent until proven guilty -- and vows an impartial review. ((Chief Brandon Del Pozo/Burlington Police Dept. 00:56:12 "I need citizens to know that when an allegation is made, like this, we don't close ranks.")) Thibault is the same officer who gunned down a mentally ill suspect in 2013 -- shooting Wayne Brunette -- four times -- after Brunette allegedly charged the officers with a shovel. Thibault and his partner were cleared of ANY wrongdoing. ((Jennifer Costa "Prosecutors say it's unclear -- at this point if Thibault's arrest -- will affect any of his pending cases. JC CH 3 News BTV))


Corporal Thibault is the third Burlington officer arrested this year. In March, Nathan Harvey was charged with domestic assault. He pleaded not guilty -- but has since resigned from the force. And in July, Officer Leanne Werner was charged with drunk driving with death resulting for a fatal car crash in St. Albans.


An unlikely combo---Break-ins and drugs--are bringing the Fairfax community together. More than a hundred citizens came to the Fairfax Fire Station tonight to see what can be done to stop the increased crime. Town officials say in the past year there has been an average of one break-in a week in Fairfax. The organizer of the public meeting -- Fairfax selectboard member Keith Potvin -- believes increase in drug use is the reason for more crime. Law enforcement and substance treatment officials agree.


(TC 00:10:55:27 Tile 4383) ((Keith Potvin/Fairfax Selectboard "Try to mix those pieces together and find out what resources are there and what we can do to call upon those resources to help us in our community to make it safer." 00:11:06:01)) State troopers say they arrested 18-year old Kodi Ovitt and 26-year-old Allison Soutiere today in connection with the recent break-ins in Fairfax. They're accused of attempted burglary and a list of other charges.


Do you have unused prescription pills lying around? Well Governor Shumlin says it's time to hand them over. Drug take-back day is September 26th. It's a day when Vermonters can collect their unused or old prescription medications and give them to the DEA for disposal. Officials say taking prescribed pain killers is one of the biggest risks of forming a drug habit--and giving them up could help in the fight against the opiate crisis.


(TC 00:13:26:23 Tile 2344) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-Vermont "We are not making progress fast enough in prevention. Stopping the flow into this disease. That's why this Take Back Day is so important. It will help, we hope, to keep some opiates out of the hands of folks who are going to sign up for just a terrible, terrible future." 00:13:42:26)) To find a collection site -- you can visit our website WCAX dot com.


The New England Patriots took the field for their last pre-season game tonight against the New York Giants knowing they have their star quarterback free and clear, at least for now. Today, a judge overturned Tom Brady's four-game suspension in the "deflategate" scandal. Kenneth Craig reports.


:00-:05 (NATS: Steve Burton / WBZ Sportscaster:) Do we feel like a giant weight has been lifted off our shoulders here in New England or what?! The New England Patriots took to the field Thursday night to a very happy hometown crowd. :11-:16 (SOT: New England Fan:) I screamed. I think I scared some of the patients in our Urgent Care center! Fans are celebrating a federal judges decision to lift the four game suspension against Tom Brady in the deflategatescandal. That puts the star quarterback back on the field for next weeks season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. US District Judge Richard Berman ruled hours before Thursdays game that the NFL used improper procedures when it suspended Brady. :37-:41(SOT: Billy Burrows / FAN:) I believe he was railroaded from the beginning. Not everybodys excited. :43-:50 (SOT: Jim Weir / Indianapolis Fan) I think it sends a bad message to everybody. Why should I play fair when I can cheat and get away with it? Why doesnt everybody do it that way? :51-:54 (SOT: Pittsburgh Fan) I dont like it. I dont like New England. They get away with murder and I just dont like it. In Boston, fans are using words like exhilarationcelebratio nand vindication. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the NFL will appeal. Brady sat out Thursday nights game. He practiced with his team earlier in the day. Kenneth Craig, CBS News.

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Dan is here. Still warm out there tonight.

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Still ahead--defying the Supreme Court. What happened to a Kentucky court clerk who refused to give same sex couples marriage licenses. And--Startling images--as Europe is struggling to deal with thousands of desperate families fleeing ISIS and war-torn countries. Plus-- we check in on progress of a major construction project in the Northeast Kingdom. (00:41:49:00) ((Bill Stenger - Q. Burke Mountain Resort Development Partner If you can't create a year-round facility with good accomodations, you can't be successful in the winter season.")) Also-- The next wave of cowpower--coming up.


The migrant crisis in Europe is worsening by the day. They've fled wars in Syria and Afghanistan -- making it as far as Hungary. Today they thought a train would take them to Germany. But as Charlie D'Agata reports -- that train turned into a trap.


When the station doors opened hundreds of desperate migrants rushed in. Cramming onto the train, children were pushed through the train windows. Nobody knew where the train was going. But everyone prayed it was Germany where migrants have the right to work. (SOT HASSAN - SYRIAN DA'ARA): HASSAN: I THINK ITS MY LUCKY DAY It was his lucky day because he chose not to stay on that train. About 45 minutes outside of Budapest, the train stopped. Police forced the migrants off to a holding camp. This woman begged not to be taken away. Her husband became so desperate that he grabbed them and threw himself on the tracks. Nats: scuffle Next train out we met Azadullah Sidiqi, from Afghanistan. I WAS WORKING WITH THE AMERICAN FORCES FOR SIX YEAR, YOU KNOW BUT MY FATHER WAS DIED BY TALIBAN. AND THEY SAID // WE WILL CATCH YOU, WE WILL KIDNAP YOU, WE WILL KILL YOU. But when the train came to the end of the line, so did his dream of reaching Germany. The Hungarian police herded Azadullah and everyone else onto buses. (CHARLIE DAGATA/CBS NEWS :59-1:23) The big difference from last night, those doors are open, and migrants are allowed to travel. But word has travelled fast, and no one wants to be end up in a refugee camp when they've risked so much to get this far. For now, they're staying put. Cd, cbs nEWS


A county clerk in Kentucky is behind bars tonight -- after refusing to allow her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses. It's her way of fighting a Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. Now her punishment could pave the way for gay couples to tie the knot. Jaimie Yuccas reports.


Nat She's going to jail! She's going to jail! Rowan county clerk Kim Davis is in jail. A federal judge found Davis in contempt of court for defying multiple court orders to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Nats love won! Love won Five Deputy Clerks told the judge they would begin approving marriage licenses starting Friday. The judge then gave Davis a second chance to comply. She had to agree to not interfere in their work but Davis refused. Nats love is not a sin, love is not a sin April Miller and her partner, Karen Roberts, have had their previous requests denied three times. April Miller Sot: we are excited that tomorrow we will go to the courthouse and get our marriage license. (standup bridge) The ruling came as a big surprise to many people here in the heart of the bible belt.. where many conservative Christians are strongly opposed to same sex marriage. Natsyou are an enemy of God! Jerry York SOT My granddad, grandmother, mom and dad would turn over in their grave if they knew what was going on. (emotional) The judge ruled Davis will remain in jail until she says she is able to comply with the ruling. Jamie Yuccas, CBS News, Ashland, Kentucky


One of the biggest construction projects ever in Caledonia County is set to wrap up soon -- thanks to the EB-5 program. Foreign investment of more than 50-million dollars is paying for this new hotel on Q. Burke Mountain Resort. It's set to open in Mid-December. Developer Bill Stenger says the mountain resort is almost 60 years old -- and calls the 400-guest hotel a critical step.


(00:41:49:00) ((Bill Stenger - Q. Burke Mountain Resort Development Partner If you can't create a year-round facility with good accommodations, you can't be successful in the winter season and you certainly aren't going to survive to the next winter if you dont' have full, year-round operations)) Stenger has other projects planned -- including a new tennis and aquatics center. Meanwhile the EB-5 program is facing increased scrutiny by the feds. The Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing the Q Burke expansion -- as well as two other Stenger projects in the Northeast Kingdom.

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Tonight: Mostly clear. Turning less humid, late. Lows: Lows 50/57 Winds: N 5-10 mph Friday: Sunny skies. Less humid. Highs: 75/82 Winds: Light Friday Night: Clear skies. Lows: 48/55 Winds: Light Saturday: Sunny and warm. Highs: 78/85 Winds: Light Extended: Sunday through Thursday. Saturday Night: Lows 55/62 Sunday: Sunny and warm. Highs 80/87 Lows 58/65 Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 83/90 Lows 58/65 Tuesday: Chance of shower/tstorms. Highs 80s Lows 55/65 Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs 75/85 Lows 55/65 Thursday: Better chance of showers, Tstorms, stronger front. Highs 75/85

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G-M-P is easing up on its push for a new solar farm in the Upper Valley. More than 50 Windsor residents turned out against the plan at a public forum last month -- concerned it would be an eyesore. The solar array would support enough panels to power 12-hundred homes. Windsor Town Manager Tom Marsh says G-M-P told him the project is on hold as state agencies try to iron out plans for the land. GMP says the utility will work with the town and the state.


Vermont scientists believe they may have the next wave of cowpower. That is taking -- byproducts of manure and turning them into fuel. Alex Apple has the story.

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If Anju Dahiya's product grows, Vermont could lead the country toward a new fuel source -- all while cutting down on pollution spilling into lakes. ((NAT 07:08 We have tremendous momentum going.)) Nordic Farm in Charlotte is participating in Anju's pilot program. Her company GSR Solutions aims to change the way farmers use their digesters. There's detailed science behind a simple process: ((GFX)) Nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen are taken from manure. That liquid product is then fed to a special type of algae. From that algae comes -- biofuel -- a potential replacement for diesel. ((Mary Powell/Green Mountain Power 36:46 It is taking this notion of community digesters and making significant improvements so that we can really kick the butt out of phosphorous in terms of runoff.")) The improvements create biofuel that becomes jet fuels, heating oil or an alternative to traditional diesel. Plus the leftover manure -- lacks the germs and phosphorous that destroy water quality. ((Clark Hinsdale/Nordic Farms04:03 The best way to capture the excess nutrients that are created on farms is to never let them get beyond the boundaries of the farmstead.)) Clark Hinsdale owns Nordic Farms and 300 cows. Anju says a 300 cow farm could make 20 to 30 thousand gallons of fuel per year -- with GSR's new technology -- that takes the byproduct of a digester and makes more, cleaner fuel. ((Anju NAT)) But farmers can't buy the tech just yet. More deveolopment is needed before the process can go from lab to farm. ((25:36 Anju Dahiya - GSR Solutions Eventually it's not going to be only the manure waste, but the food waste as well in the digester system.)) With the goal of turning thousands of pounds of poop into thousands of gallons of algaepower. AA. Ch3N. Charlotte.

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Currently the fuel costs more than 20 dollars a gallon -- scientists believe once the project grows -- the price will come down.


As you saw earlier in the newscast, Tom Brady's 4-game suspension has been vacated. He'll start a week from tonight when the Patriots take on the Steelers in the season opener. One person you won't see at that game is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who said he doesn't want to be a distraction. The Patriots and Giants taking the field in Foxboro for the final preseason game. A couple of happy guys there in Bill Belichick and Pats owner Rober Kraft. --- The Giants Chris Boswell kicked four field goals on the way to a 12-9 win over New England. --- Brady was among the many starters not playing for either team. In fact, back up qb jimmy garapolo didn't play either. Third stringer, Ryan Lindley completed 22 of 45 passes for 253 yards with one interception and a late fumble. ---- Giants backup quarterback Ryan Nassib played all but the final few minutes for New York and was 16 for 32 for 193 yards and no interceptions.


The Bellows Falls high school football team certainly got to go to Foxboro on a great night. The Terriers won a new england wide documentary contest held by the Pats. The players got to hang out on the field during pregame. Our own Kane O'Neill was in Foxboro with the guys and we'll have much more tomorrow night at 6.


With hot weather in the forecast Saturday, Rice has announced that it is moving the start of time of it's football matchup with Burlington that day to 11 a.m. Nothing like a little sun to add to an already heated rivalry between the two teams. Both teams were on the move in the offseason, Rice heading up to Division 1, Burlington headed down to division 2. The Green Knights and Seahorses both responded last week with opening night wins. Rice edging BFA-St. Albans on the road 25-24 while Burlington rolled past Mount Abe, 41-8. The Seahorses will be looking for a measure of revenge after Rice's 52-19 win at Burlington in 2014.


(((Zachary Mazeuzan/"You definitely don't want that taste in your mouth, especially the seniors. We have a strong senior class this year and all of us are hungry to get the result we want. We have a lot to make up for last year."))) (((Josh Hale/"I grew up watching Rice and BHS play so to be able to play in it and feel the energy every time we play them is great. This week is no different."))) (((Cameron Cousino/"This game is always circled on the schedule for me personally. This is one I look forward to for a while. I've gotten to play in a few in the past and I think this one will be our biggest."))) (((David Wicks/"I think the team will have a lot more confidence since we're own our home turf. It's definately a lot more familiar. We just have to execute what we've been practicing and just stick to our playbook.")))


don't forget week 2 of the Friday Football Frenzy is coming your way tomorrow night at 11. We'll have highlights from games across the state and you will be able to vote for our play of the week.


High School boys soccer tonight. The annual Brady Classic at Essex. The second game of the night Rutland taking on the host Hornets. CVU beat Rice 1-0 earlier in the night. --- 1st half, Rutland can't clear it, The Hornets Noah Ferris with a shot, but Rutland Keeper Ryan McKay somehow gets a hand on it. --- Later in the first, Caleb Weis for Essex with the high arching shot , knocked away by McKay and he pounces on the rebound. We're scoreless at the break. --- Rutland with a chance early in the second half, Andres Aguilar with the shot tipped and it dings off the cross bar. --- Finally with 22 minutes to go in regulation, the Hornets Alexander Benevento manuevers his way past the Rutland defense and he fires a bullet to the top corner. 1-0 Hornets. --- Essex adds some insurance with 2 minutes to go, Noah Ferris centers it, Aidan Whitney puts it in. Essex goes on to the 2-0 win. The tournament continues on Saturday.


The Vermont Lake Monsters score 4 runs in the first inning and that's enough to beat Hudson Valley 4-1 tonight at Centennial Field. Before the game, outfielder Seth Brown was named the TOM RACINE team MVP AWARD WINNER. The Monsters play their final home game of 2015 tomorrow night.


Keegan Bradley will be one of the first players on the course for tomorrow's opening round of the Deutsche Bank Championship in Norton, Massachusetts. Bradley will be in the first group teeing off on the tenth hole of the TPC Boston at 8:30am. Bradley currently sits in 71st in the Cup standings, and only the top 70 players advance to the third event in the Fed Ex Cup, next week's BMW Championship. Bradley was in Woodstock for his fourth annual charity classic Monday and got engaged just a few days ago.

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