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A young woman doused with gasoline and set on fire - but prosecutors say it wasn't murder. Good evening I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. Several suspects are charged in connection with the case. But why no murder charge? Alex Apple is digging into the details to find out. Alex. Kristin -- two suspects are charged with arson, death resulting -- which carries a penalty of life in prison. But when a young couple was doused with gasoline -- and lit on fire -- many expected a murder charge.


((Jeff Tullos/Howard Hoisington's neighbor 16:56 It's not hard to figure out it's gotta be drugs in some kind of way.)) Federal agents want to search this home in Berlin again. When we watched them raid the home last December -- neighbors speculated the residents were dealing drugs. Police now confirm that speculation. The owners Dickie and Kimberly Hoisington are charged with conspiracy to deal cocaine -- and federal investigators are seeking another search warrant to look for more evidence in that case. ((NORTHFIELD6 12-21-15 John Pacht/Jonathan Zampieri attorney 54:12 There's quite a bit of interest I have in seeing what really happened, who really did what.)) Police were drawn to the Hoisington home when their son Howie and two friends were accused of dousing a couple with gasoline -- and lighting them and their house on fire. Brittany Burt died. Efren Serrano escaped. But spent weeks hospitalized -- badly burned. ((Tris Coffin/Former US Attorney for Vermont 08:54 It is not surprising really at all that it's taken a while to get to this point given the complexity of the case.)) Howie Hoisington and Jonathan Zampieri and were initially charged with robbery. After ten months of investigation -- US Attorney Eric Miller has charged them with arson, death resulting. We asked former US Attorney Tris Coffin -- why not murder. ((Coffin: 05:59 Because the prosecution is required to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, prosecutors will bring charges if they have the same levels of penalties if they don't require additional hurdles.)) The two men face life in prison if convicted. The government won't pursue the death penalty. They believe Dickie and Kimberly Hoisington were dealing drugs out of their home and their son Howie was involved. When one of his alleged robberies went wrong last December -- Brittany Burt lost her life -- and the Hoisington family landed in the crosshairs of police.


All five individuals charged in relationship to these three cases -- are still behind bars.


Saying goodbye -- to a friend and classmate. The St. Albans Messagner reports family and friends turned out for a candlelight vigil last night at Missisquoi Valley Union to remember Christian Regan. They remembered him as a friendly young man -- who loved jokes and laughter. The 14-year-old from the Swanton area was killed last Friday when he was hit by a car while riding his bike on Route 7 in Highgate Springs. The crash is still under investigation.


Vice President Joe Biden is in the Green Mountain State tonight. This is video of the Vice President's plane landing at the Burlington International Airport at around 4:30 this afternoon. His motorcade went left shortly afterwards. He's heading to Addison County for a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton tonight. Tomorrow -- he's at an event at the UVM Medical Center -- but that's not campaign-related. It's promoting the President's "Cancer Moonshot" initiative -- which aims to speed up the pace of cancer research. For Burlington Police -- it means stepping up security ... and having extra resources.


((SOT Deputy Chief Shawn Burke, Burlington Police Dept.003923 there's no known closures that are going to go on. Certainly there will probably be motorcade activity in the Chittenden County area, but that will be quickly mitigated 33)) The visit is NOT open to the public, but WCAX has been allowed in. You can hear what the Vice President has to say about cancer research here in Vermont -- tomorrow... right here on Channel 3.


Happening now on Interstate 89 .... Cleanup is underway after a tractor-trailer jackknifed and blocked both lanes near exit 2 in Sharon. The state transportation department tells Channel 3 that it will take about another half hour to clean up the 75 gallons of diesel that were spilled. The Sharon Fire Department and Hazmat are on scene. That crash happened around 3:30 this afternoon.


A sigh of relief for Burlington parents. Students and teachers returned to their classrooms. Eliza Larson is outside the **. And you talked to parents about the deal that avoided a strike. What'd they say? Darren -- almost every parent we spoke with is thrilled. Some say they didn't have to scramble last minute to find child care -- while others were relieved they didn't have to resort to their plan if there wasn't school. Although some did say they wished the decision had been announced a little sooner. The Burlington school board and teachers union were in negotiations for 10 hours yesterday -- and they finally reached a tentative agreement on a one year contract around 7pm last night. The mediator said that because both sides signed off on it -- there was no need to strike. Parents aren't the only ones relieved.


((TC 01:27:03 Title 1208 Rachel Fisher/Champlain School Parent: "I hope that most importantly the teachers feel they were respected in the way that the needed to be respected. Like I said we have amazing teachers, I don't know a single teacher who doesn't put in more than they need to. 01:40:00)) ((TC 04:48:00 Title 1215 Jeremy Grent/Parent: "going on strike was kinda stupid. because if they go on strike then there's no school then the kids they're behind." 04:57:23)) ((TC 03:47:13 Title 1213 Sofia Theye/student: "I'm happy because it was fun today. like we did fun stuff." Eliza: "and you would have missed that if there wasn't school today?" Sofia: "Yeah." 03:55:27)) ((TC 03:58:06 Title 1214 Layla Fisher/Student: "Well I'm happy because they're not going on strike and I'm not happy because we have school. And if they did we wouldn't have school but then they'd be going on strike and that would be bad." 04:11:07)) We asked for the terms of the agreement last night -- but those have not yet been released. We're told that will come next week -- when both the teachers union and school board vote on the agreement. And we're not alone -- parents we talked to today -- want to see the details too. This is a one year contract -- which -- some parents added -- means that the union and school board may be back at the table working on next year's contract soon.

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Dan Dowling is here. A much different day out there today. (wx script) It shouldn't be any surprise how quickly our weather can turn, but cloudy, cooler weather is here to stay. We'll see showers continue into the weekend, with a good chance for some mountain snow showers as well. ((radar)) Clouds moved in this morning, quickly followed by the raindrops. We'll see these bands of rain swing through our region tonight and tomorrow, with the steadiest rain to our west. ((current temps)) Without the sunshine today, temperatures have been cooler, but its only the start of more chilly weather on the way, with spots struggling to get out of the 30s for highs by early next week. ((forecast)) Cloudy with showers and periods of rain tonight, then more showers on Friday.


How valuable is Governor Peter Shumlin's endorsement - if you're running for president? Jane Sanders says - not very. Emails released by hackers show a top Hillary Clinton campaign official letting Clinton know that Peter Shumlin was endorsing her over Bernie Sanders. The email also said "Jane Sanders has now called him (Shumlin) twice and begged him to change his mind.." Sanders wife Jane is refuting that in a tweet today. She says -- "first, I dont beg. Knew Gov Shumlin endorsement of HRC worthless, told him his timing as @BernieSanders announced was pathetic crass politics." We reached out to the Governor's office - and his spokesperson declined to comment.


You've probably seen them. They're hard to miss this close to election day. Campaign commercials. But what to make of all the hype? Kyle Midura is doing some fact checking.


Less than three weeks remain before Vermonters pick their next Governor. (nats - debate) Tuesday Republican Phil Scott and Democrat Sue Minter squared off in their final head-to-head debate here on WCAX. But many of the remaining battles will be waged via commercials. (nats - ad - Our Vermont - DGA contributor 00:00:13:00) ((it's our kids who will really pay the price with Phil Scott as Governor)) (00:00:23:00 nats - ad - Stronger Vermont - RGA contributor) ((We can't afford two more years of Sue Minter and her mentor Peter Shumlin)) Don't expect a shift in tone from the two parties' respective Governor's associations or political action groups. But, political analysts Mike Smith and Steve Terry say candidates will likely avoid any hint of negative campaigning over the air as election day draws closer. (00:00:18:00) ((Steve Terry - Democratic Political Analyst if this is a historic election, it will be biography )) (00:00:29:00) ((but it will also be trying to convince Vermotners that each of them have the right vision for the future of the state)) () ((Mike Smith - Republican Political Analyst what voters want to do when they go into their voting booth is think positive things about you, they want to have a reason to vote for you, they don't want to have a reason not to vote for you)) A recent piece paid for by Scott's campaign features his two daughters... (00:00:00:00) ((Campaign Ad We would like to tell you about our dad. he raised us to be strong independent women)) ... a not-so-subtle push back against attacks from Minter and ads by the Democratic Governor's Association -- accusing Scott of holding back women's rights and standing on the national party's platform. (00:00:21:00) ((ad nats: Phil Scott: just another Republican)) A group largely funded by Planned Parenthood piled on in the last couple of days. (nats - ad) ((00:00:05:00 Phil Scott supported restrictions on a woman's right to choose)) Scott HAS supported parental notification when minors are involved, and limits on late-term abortion -- but is otherwise pro-choice as his ad indicates. (nats) A recent Minter piece is more direct in its purpose -- responding to a hit piece backed by the Republican Governor's Association. (00:00:01:00) ((Minter Campaign ad the ads attacking Sue Minter are trying to trick you)) Her counter-attack accuses Republican dark money groups of hiding Phil Scott's REAL agenda... (00:00:10:00) ((but here's the real trick)) and criticizes her opponent voting for an increase in the gas tax, and supporting a replacement tax based on miles driven. (00:00:22:00) ((Sue Minter's the one working for Vermont families)) Both candidates voted for raising the gas tax in 2009 -- though Minter supported a bigger hike than Scott. The pair support a national transition toward taxing based on mileage instead. Analysts say the issues are front-and-center because transportation costs hit almost every voter in the pocket-book. () ((Mike Smith - Republican Political Analyst the reason is teh gas tax is a flammable issue)) Both candidates have come out with new pieces about themselves in the last couple of days. Minter's focuses on her ability to handle the economy -- a potential weakness identified by the VPR poll released Wednesday. Scott's highlights crossover appeal with Democrats -- a group he'll need to persuade as a Republican candidate in the politically blue Green Mountains. KM, Ch.3 BTV


And coming up -- continuing coverage of the issues heading up to the election. Where do the candidates for Governor stand on the carbon tax? Alex Apple has the answers -- in about five minutes.


Now to a police shooting in New Hampshire that the attorney general is calling "justified". No criminal charges with be filed against Corporal Ian Kibbe for a shooting at this Claremont home. They say, 25-year-old Cody LaFont was holding a revolver at chest level and didn't comply with orders when the officer shot him.


Lawyers for Donald Fell say there's too much publicity and the accused killer can't get a fair trial. So, they want a change of venue for his death penalty trial. Fell is charged with killing 53-year-old Terry King of Clarendon. He was sentenced to death once before -- but that conviction was thrown out because of juror misconduct.

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New jobs -- as a Vermont sheet metal company expands into New Hampshire. NSA Industries of St. Johnsbury is expanding into a 73-thousand square foot facility in Groveton, New Hampshire. At least 40 new jobs are now up for grabs.


Some of our oldest Vermonters were ready to party this morning. Anyone celebrating a birthday this year who is 90 plus -- was a guest of honor at the Heineberg Community and Senior Center in Burlington. The annual tradition celebrates our older neighbors with cake, a pork dinner, and a lot of fun. 91-year-old Dottie Burns shared her secret to growing old gracefully.


((03:43 Dottie Burns "Stay happy, stay happy and active and positive, a positive attitude will get you a long ways.)) Burns tells us she does not slow down. She spent Wednesday cleaning the windows on both the inside and outside of her house. Happy birthday to all.


More health insurers in New York will have to cover treatment for recovering opiate addicts. The new rules force large health insurers to pay for maintenance medications like narcan or methadone. The state is also requiring insurers to cover some inpatient substance abuse treatment. The state says people often don't get help because the cost of treatment is a barrier.


The renewable energy industry is growing more jobs in Vermont than any other businesses. But where do the candidates for governor stand on renewable energy? Here's Alex Apple with our campaign countdown.


((NAT wind turbine)) Renewable energy jobs are growing faster than jobs in any other sector of Vermont's economy. Both candidates for governor want to keep that going...but squabble over whose plan would be better for your wallet. We pressed the candidates on the details of their plans. ((Sue Minter/Democrat for Governor 51:00 My energy plan looks to reduce peak demand in the electric sector by 10 percent over the next five years.)) ((Phil Scott/Republican for Governor 01:03 We have an enormous supply of energy from our Quebec neighbors: hydropower, renewable power and I believe it would be a lot less expensive than what we're doing at this point in time.)) Scott's plan includes buying more energy from Quebec and ensuring the Vermont gas pipeline is extended into Addison County. That's nothing new though. The state is already planning both. ((Phil Scott/Republican for Governor 52 What we should be doing is increasing our focus on becoming energy independent by 2050.)) Minter calls for for reducing electricity use by 10 percent over the next five years and expanding what the state calls RGGI (REGGIE). That's a partnership of nine northeast states that Minter thinks can include incentives for Vermonters and businesses to reduce carbon emissions from their cars. ((Sue Minter 43:16 When we work as a region, we can have far more significant impact.)) When we asked Minter whether she supported a carbon tax on Tuesday morning -- she said she doesn't.. ((NAT Minter: 55:00 What is the question?)) ...but walked away from our interview before we could get all the details on her plan. ((Minter NAT 55:05 I think we've had plenty of time.)) Later Tuesday at our WCAX debate -- Minter would not commit to vetoing a carbon tax bill if she's elected. ((38:38 Minter at debate: Well I will see what it is that they're talking about. There's no bill in front of me to answer.")) The idea was put forth two years ago by 25 of the Vermont house's most liberal members. Scott opposes. ((36:46 Julie at debate: You have one minute. PS: I don't need a minute. I'd veto it.")) Growing Vermont's energy sector -- yet another topic where both candidates say their plan makes the Green Mountain State more affordable. Alex. Apple. Ch3n. BTV.


Six people arrested in Hinesburg -- during a pipeline protest -- charged with unlawful restraint, trespassing, and disorderly conduct. And that protest continued tonight at Vermont Gas headquarters in South Burlington. The group opposes the utility's natural gas expansion project. Most of the unrest, though, was at the construction site earlier today. Tyler Dumont was on the scene.


((TILE 8843 01:07:32:19--01:07:36: 05 Will Bennington/protestor: "This is all we have left. We have to put our bodies in front of construction.")) Over 100 pipeline protestors gathered in Hinesburg this morning. They crossed the construction line -- risking arrest. ((TILE 8834 01:05:08--01:05:12 Rebecca Dalgin/Central Vermont climate action: "A lot of people here feel that there's no other recourse.")) The 41-mile pipeline set to travel through here will carry natural gas from Colchester to Middlebury. Over 40 miles are already finished - ((TILE 2990 02:33:08--02:37:06 Beth Parent: We're working really hard - this is almost done. We see the light at the end of the tunnel.")) Opponents know theyre running out of time.- there's just about two thousand feet left near Geprags Park. Groups part of a wider movement -- opposed to new fossil fuel infrastructure. ((TILE 8843 01:08:20:38--01:08:32: 17 Will Bennington/protestor: "We don't have to sit by and let our government keep making poor decisions, and let multinational corporations continue to destroy our landscape.")) ((TILE 8869 01:16:41:05--01:16:47: 10 Tyler Dumont: "The number of protestors was much bigger than the police presence here so cops could really only standby and wait it out.")) But as numbers dwindled -- some protestors who remained and refused to leave -- were placed in cuffs. ((TILE 8862 01:13:49:01--01:13:52: 05 Chief Frank Koss/Hinesburg Police: "it's not just Vermont Gas. These are private property landowners.)) ((TILE 8843 01:09:04:19--01:09:11: 19 TD: Did you take off work for this? Uh, I worked a 10 hour day yesterday on the farm I work in to makeup for the hours I'm missing today.")) But he's not the only one missing out on work. Every time Vermont Gas crews have to stop -- customers pay the price. ((TILE 2990 02:29:11--02:32:26 Beth Parent: There will be a cost associated with this delay, unfortunately.)) TD CH3 News Hinesburg.


A rare wildlife sighting in southern Vermont! Vermont Fish and Wildlife confirmed a Canada lynx was caught on camera this June. Lynx have been spotted in the N-E-K before -- but this was taken in the backyard of a Londonderry home. A UVM student also set up a wildlife camera and found a photo of a lynx near Searsburg. Officials believe it's the same lynx in both sightings.


Dan Dowling is back. We're already starting to miss the sunshine and warm weather. Might be a while till we get it back. It felt a lot different out there today, even though temperatures were still a few degrees above normal. The slide continues tomorrow with more clouds and showers ahead, turning out to be a cool and dreary weekend ahead. ((currents)) Cloudy skies with showers in Burlington. Temperatures are in the mid 50s. ((highs today)) Not as warm as it was yesterday. Most spots managed the mid to upper 50s today. We'll squeak out one more mild day tomorrow before temperatures really tumble this weekend. ((radsat)) Showers continue to fall across the region. Steadier rain will let up over the next couple of hours from south to north, with more showers headed our way by the early morning into Friday. ((forecast map)) Rain will come through in waves for the next few days. Showers will be off and on through Friday and into the weekend. Eventually colder air may works its way in for some mountain snow showers starting Saturday night and into early Sunday. ((national map)) Colder air will continue to move in through early next week. Clouds will stick around into early next week with the chance of showers each day through mid week. Temperatures will continue to get cooler, only in the upper 30s to mid 40s through early next week.


Here's Your Forecast: Tonight: Rain, west. Showers, east. Lows: 52/58 Wind: SSE 5-15 mph Friday: Cloudy. Showers. Highs: 62/68 Wind: S to N 5-15 mph Friday night: Cloudy Showers. Lows: 45/55 Wind: N 5-10 mph Saturday: Cloudy. Showers. Some mtn snow, late. Highs: 45/55 (early) Wind: Incr W 10-20+ mph Extended Forecast: Saturday Night: Rain/snow showers. Lows: 30s Sunday: Mostly cloudy. rain/mtn. snow showers. Blustery.Highs:40sLows : 30s Monday: Mostly cloudy. Few rain/snow showers. Blustery Highs:40s Lows: 25/35 Tues: Mostly cloudy. Few rain/snow showers. Blustery. Highs: 38/48 Lows: 25/35 Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Few rain/snow showers. Highs: 38/48 Lows: 25/35 Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs: 42/52



A Northfield man is accused of lewd conduct with a child. Chris Bean now faces felony charges for the incident... which state police say involved a girl younger than 10 years old. They say, the incident happened on August 16 -- at a residence on Western Avenue. The 56-year-old was released on conditions... and appeared in court last week.


And a Plattsburgh man pleaded guilty in federal court to child pornography charges. As part of the plea, Michael Kimball admitted to distributing child porn, downloading it, and saving it. The 28-year-old faces at least five years and up to 20 years in prison. He will also have to register as a sex offender when he gets out.


Vermont State troopers may get a new multi-million dollar barracks -- in Chittenden County. It would replace the current facility off exit 12 in Williston. The state is considering 4 private parcels -- each 8 to 10 acres -- and within two miles of interstate exits. Rutland is due for new barracks too -- but Chittenden County troopers may get theirs first. A final report is due to the legislature by December 1.


They are some of Vermont's most vulnerable residents -- low income seniors. But a new federal grant will pump 4 million dollars into helping them learn new job skills and find jobs. The funding is part of the Older Americans Act -- and was secured by Senator Bernie Sanders. Vermont Associates for Training and Development in St. Albans is using the money to expand its programs.


It's time to start the Halloween fun with a stop in Essex Junction tonight! Nightmare Vermont is an annual tradition ... combining interactive fun and special effects. It's being held under the grandstands at the Champlain Valley Expo. This year -- the theme is "haunted dark circus". Organizers told us -- they had so many volunteers this year -- they actually had to turn people away. And they say... everyone is eager for tonight... which is opening night.


((SOT Jana Beagley, Event Organizer 002149 There is definitely a sense of oh, ah, oh boy! Hahaha, I think that about sums it up --yeah.)) There are different options for visitors depending on how scared you want to be. Proceeds from the event go to support charity. Go to for more info.


Starting Line Sports ...the preseason polls were released today for America East men's and women's basketball. It doesn't come as that big a surprise that the UVM men were picked to finish first, earning six out of nine first place votes. New Hampshire was picked second. Vermont almost everyone from a team that won 23 games a season ago, advanced to the America East champoinship game and reached the semifinals of the CBI Tournament for the second year in a row. The Cats only significant loss was star forward Ethan O'Day, but Vermont adds a pair of 6'8" junior transfers from Tulane in forward Payton Henson and guard/forward Josh Hearlihy. Expectations, both inside the program and outside of it, are high, and coach John Becker says both he and his players are ready to embrace them.


((TRT: 39 ... OC: WHAT WE SHOULD DO)) ((Becker/ We know we've got a pretty good team. And now it's on us to make sure that we don't miss an opportunity here. I think that's how we've approached every day. We're not trying to hide from that or downplay it as much as I might have done in the past. We're looking forward to the challenge of being the best basketball team we can be this year and approaching every game, non-conference and conference game, with the expectation that we're going to win.)) ((Duncan/ Win or lose, we don't want to look ahead. We have that in the back of our head, but we want to take it game by game and not get too high, not get too low. Kind of find that medium. But, yeah, game by game is what we should do.))


The Vermont women were picked to finish eighth in the nine team conference, but were just three points back of seventh place Hartford and four points behind sixth place UNH. Chris Day enters his first year as head coach with nine returning players, including four starters, and five newcomers, including former South Burlington standout Cassidy Derda. The junior will have to sit out the season after transferring from St. Francis-Brooklyn. After six seasons under Lori Gear McBride where the Cats averaged just under eight wins a season, Day is attempting to rebuild the program from the ground up. But with several teams throughout the league having just said goodbye to strong senior classes, he is also challenging his squad to think big.


((TRT: 34 ... OC: IN THIS CONFERENCE)) ((Day/ There is a door open right now to surprise the league. So I want them to understand the level of play they have to get to, and it starts in practice. Let me deal with the wins and losses. You just work your rear end off, and if we do what we're capable of doing and buy into the coach's system, the wins and losses will take care of themselves.)) ((Lavelle/ Albany lost Shereesha Richards and Zakiya Saunders, and Maine lost all of their starters other than Sigi (Koizar). So we really feel that we can make noise in this conference.))


The UVM men open the season with an exhibition game a week from Saturday against the University of Quebec, Montreal at Patrick Gym. The women start their new era against St. Michael's on Saturday, November 5th as part of an exhibition doubleheader with the UVM and Purple Knight men at Patrick.


We've all been there... Some days you just don't feel like going to work. And a new survey confirms what many bosses have long suspected... which is that people ARE willing to lie to get a day off. Don Champion reports.


No matter how much we love our jobs-- we've all been there! (SOT-Shannon White/Faked a sick day) "sometimes you're just stressed out need to take a break" Shannon White admits she's used lied about being sick to get a day off from work and she's not alone. (gfx) A new survey from CareerBuilder finds 35 percent of workers have called out sick when they were feeling just fine. Most people fake an illness. (SOT Shannon White/Worker) "the flu probably cuz no one wants to mess with you when you have the flu" (gfx) But employers surveyed say they've heard some outrageous excuses. One worker said the ozone in the air flattened his tires and he couldn't come to work. Another claimed they ate too much birthday cake. One even said he had to attend the funeral of the pet of his wife's cousin. (vo) Ricky Hinduja of Dallas told his boss an elaborate story. (SOT Ricky Hinduja/Faked a sick day) "I need to go to Oklahoma because I'm getting engaged? I've done that Dc: you did that? No I didn't' get engaged- laugh" Lying can come with a cost. A third of businesses surveyed said they try to confirm if workers are actually sicků and sometimes even drive by their house. (SOT) "nooo not me- I've never done that" Darius Hawthorne says that's why honesty is the best policy. (SOT Darius Hawthorne/Never Faked Being Sick Day) "DC: would you feel bad if you called in sick and you weren't? DH: yeah cuz I'm a pastor too Don Champion, CBS News, Dallas.


So... what are the most common excuses? The top reason people gave for faking a sick day was they just didn't feel like going to work. Number two was for a doctors appointment. And number three -- they just needed to relax.


Dan is back. And we're finally getting some needed rain. We've seen very little rain for the past month and a half, and this will finally be that steady soaking rain that could make a difference in our drought. We had some rain out there today, but we're just getting started with the wet weather. ((rainfall today)) Just a tenth of an inch of rain so far today, but we'll likely to add to that through midnight. ((drought index)) Before today's rain, the latest drought index was updated, showing that conditions are getting worse across the region. ((weekend)) Weekend rain will certainly help. It will also be getting colder with mountain snow showers a good possibility. Temperatures are going to stay chilly.



This week's Super Senior -- strums a sweet tune. And his story is music to your ears. Here's Joe Carroll.


People in Burlington take pride in the live music scene. ((nat sot, Mike playing guitar underneath visuals)) Mike Martello has lived it. (00:51:30:00) ((Mike Martello/Super Senior, I opened up this play here. )) (00:53:14:00) ((Mike, I played down there. )) Places like the High Hat, Supper Club and the Open Door were the places to go in the 50's. (00:58:30:00) ((Joe: This wasn't here....Mike: Nope, just a regular road)) Church Street had traffic and Mike had his guitar - he played 4 nights a week. (00:52:00:00) ((Mike, Beautiful memories )) (00:49:27:00) ((nat sot, Taking guitar out of the case.)) (00:19:50:00) ((nat sot, It's my baby right here! )) Sixty years later his ES 350 Limited Addition Gibson rarely leaves his side. (00:03:43:00) ((Nat sot, Start of first song.)) The son of Italian immigrants, Mike was born in Hoboken New Jersey but moved up to Vermont with his family when he was a young boy. (00:37:30:00) ((Mike, Yeah, I had never seen a cow before! )) Mike picked up playing the guitar soon after arriving in the Green Mountains. (00:09:17:00) (( Joe: What is it about Jazz you love so much? Andy: Ahhh, you can express everything about yourself you know. )) Even when he went into the Navy, he had a guitar. While recovering from a hernia operation in a military hospital, a famous person came for a visit - Helen Keller. (00:43:57:00) ((Mike, I'm right there in the middle.)) This 1945 image of Mike is obscured, but his memories are clear. (00:38:53:00) ((Mike, They told me to play different rhythms on my guitar and Helen Keller would touch my guitar and through her interpreter, she would tell the audience what rhythms I was playing. )) He left the Navy shortly after that visit and was accepted into the New England Conservatory of Music but instead came home to Vermont. (00:47:10:00) ((Mike, I should have gone to school but I never did....yup. )) Regrets, but also happy times. He married Marion and raised 4 kids. Mike never did become famous, but jammed with people who were. Like Earth, Wind and Fire, Woody Herman and Lionel Hampton. But having a young family met needing a constant paycheck. Mike's job at the auto part store paid the bills, the gigs filled his soul. (00:06:14:00) ((Mike, Without music I would be nothing you know. )) Marion died a decade ago - but the 88 year old plays on. (nat sot) ((nat sot, playing guitar)) It's not uncommon for Mike to play 4 different venues a week with people half his age. (00:07:57:00) ((How does that feel? Mike: Well, I'm amazed cause they keep calling me all the time you know! )) (00:01:44:00) (( Mike: I don't think there's a musician in the state of Vermont who's worked as many jobs as I have. Joe: Really! Mike; Yup. )) Mike didn't make it big time - but with his playing, he hasn't missed a beat. (00:06:01:00) (( End of first song - applause. Thank you. )) Joe Carroll, Channel 3 News, South Burlington. ((OUTCUE: THANK YOU))


Mike practices everyday.. and he says, he is still learning.



Week eight of the Vermont high school football season begins tomorrow night. It's the final full weekend of the regular season, as both Division One and Three open the playoffs the following week. There are nine games around the state tomorrow night, including two that could very likely be state championship previews. In Division Two, 6-0 Burr and Burton visits 7-0 Bellows Falls. Burr & Burton has been the team to beat in this division for several years, and very few have. The Bulldogs haven't lost a regular season game since 2014 and last fall capped an undefeated campaign with a 28-7 win over Bellows Falls to claim the D-2 title. This season, no one has yet been able to challenge Burr & Burton, but Bellows Falls will likely provide the Bulldogs their stiffest test, and the Terriers are on a roll of their own, coming off a dominant 44-8 home win over a good Burlington team this past Saturday.


((TRT: 59 ... OC: CONFIDENCE BOOST)) ((Smith: "Always nice to have a team that you have this nice rivalry with but when it comes down to it, it just comes down to execution. We just gotta execute our stuff here at BBA and take it to 'em I guess." --- Vickers: "We've marked Bellows Falls on the calendar for a while now, and I'm sure they've done the same after last year and we've definitely created a rivalry here between the two of us and we're ready to go." --- Stalcup: "They've definitely thrown the ball a little more this year than they have in the past but we'll adjust, we'll know our cues. We're scouting obviously, we're gonna know what they're doing and hopefully we can adjust and play well on defense." --- Illingworth: "They're good, they also work hard. They've been good for a long time now so we always like to clash with them. We know their players, they know our players, so it's always a good rivalry." --- Snide: "I've been playing, starting for varsity since freshman year and it's always been really tough against Burr and Burton every year." --- Lober: "It's a rivalry, I don't like them. It'd be pretty big, the first time we beat them in two years. Think it'd give us a confidence boost."


In Division Three... a pair of 7-0 squads, and archrivals, collide tomorrow night in Woodstock as the Wasps host the Yellow Jackets of Windsor. These two programs has ruled over Division Three for two decades. Between 1996 and 2013, at least one of them appeared in every D-3 state title game. The last two seasons, other teams moved to the forefront, but this fall, Windsor and Woodstock have reclaimed their perches atop the Division and both sides can't wait for Friday night.


((TRT: 43 ... OC: TO THE GAME)) ((Balch/ They have a pretty good running game. We have a good running game. And they have a strong defense. That's what we've seen in film. So we're just preparing ourselves to come out and do the best we can.)) ((Robinson/ The last few years it's been a battle with them every year. Close games, no matter what. So I'm just really excited for how it's going to turn out.)) ((Astbury/ We're going to come into this game and we've got to respect our opponent. The stadium is going to be lit and it's just going to be an awesome experience.)) ((Patenaude/ We've just got to play smart, fast, physical. We can't let up any dump plays, any dumb penalties. We can't have any of that. We have to play as best as we can and it has to be the best game that we've ever played.)) ((Harrington/ Every time that we've matchup up with Woodstock, since junior high, through high school, it's been a battle. So I'm really looking forward to the game.))


For the third time in seven years, Burlington plays host to the New England Regional Figure Skating Championship this weekend. 240 Skaters from across the region have made the trip to compete at both Leddy Park and Cairns Arena. The competition is divided by gender, age, and ability level, with the top scorers advancing to sectional competition next month in North Carolina. The Champlain Valley Skating Club is organizing the event, and placed a few members in the field. It's an opportunity for Vermonters to compete against the best on their home ice, and for their supporters to see them skate.


((Segear: "It'll feel kind of weird because I've practiced it on this ice so many times, but it's also kind of good, because I've skated well on this ice so many times. It's really a more welcoming atmosphere with all my friends here cheering for me." --- Kalinen: "It's really rewarding. Like we said, it's fun because we've watched these kids start skating from 5 years old, 6 years old. And then to see what they're doing and what they're accomplishing's rewarding."))



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