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A teen over the falls at a State Park. Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Julie Kelley - Darren is off tonight. It happened at Hamilton Falls this afternoon. Lynzi DeLuccia has details tonight from our Rutland Bureau. Lynzi what do you know? K&D, it started out as a fun family trip and ended up a near tragedy. The 17-year-old victim - whose name has not yet been released - survived the fall, but not without serious injuries.


((24:36-24:40: "He was with family and friends, they were enjoying the day at the falls.")) Dive and rescue teams assisted crews from Jamaica, Londonderry, Brattleboro and beyond this afternoon in responding to a call of a possible drowning at Hamilton Falls, in Jamaica. ((Dana West//Fire Chief, Jamaica 24:14-24:20: "Basically, we found a 17-year-old gentleman in the middle pool, of a three-pool waterfall.")) West says witnesses tell rescue crews that the 17-year-old who was on vacation with his family from New York was swimming in the top pool when he tried to cross an embankment. ((Dana West 24:43-24:55: "It was a slip on some rocks, they were crawling on the rock face and climbing the rock face, and he slipped down into a chute from the top pool to the middle pool.")) ((Det. Sgt. Eric Albright//Vermont State Police 29:49-29:57: "I'm guessing probably, roughly a 100-foot fall to the lower pool from this point.")) Police say the victim suffered serious injuries and head trauma, but was tended to very quickly. ((Albright 30:29-30:41 "Right away, there were subjects in the lower pool that began treatment on the victim who fell and that CPR was initiated almost immediately.")) Emergency responders took him down the road from the entrance to the falls - about a mile up - to where a DHART helicopter was waiting to transport him. Police say they haven't had any recent incidents in the area, but crews have been called there before. ((Albright 30:13-30:22: "I'm sure that we have in the past, there's many documented deaths here as a result of a fall, it's a hazardous place to swim."))


Now police say the bystander CPR that was immediately administered is probably one reason the victim was able to be revived. . K&D


A new tactic tonight for the Vermont State Police --- on scene at a drug lab. They say they are investigating the deadliest drug ever seen in the Green Mountains.. .. it's a big part of the state's opiate crisis. Kyle Midura is in Westfield tonight. Kyle. Theres no indication that this scene represents a larger than usual drug bust. The expanded police presence seen here earlier today though is likely to become the new normal when hard drugs are suspected.


Police blocked off the entire dirt road leading to this small house in a sparsely-populated area of the Northeast Kingdom. The parade of law enforcemnt shocked neighbors. "I was looking out the window and I thought President Obama was coming down the road," said Will Powell, neighbor. "I was kind of confused as to where they were all going until I see them make the turn, then I realized what was going on." Those who live in the area say at night, the house received an unusal amount of visitors, most staying only moments. Many say it showed all the obvious signs of a drug house, reporting children living with its strung-out occupants. "We got some intelligence last night that led us to believe there was some significant drug paraphanalia, different kinds of drugs inside and outside the residence," said Trooper Debra Munson, Vermont State Police. The investigation resembles so many others in a state grappling with an opiate addiction crisis. Though hazmat gear like this is an odd sight at an investigation that does not involve a meth lab. "This is the first time we've ever done anything like this," said Reg Trayah, Vermont State Police. Now, when police expect an encounter with fentanyl, a drug that can be 100 times more dangerous than heroin and is often mixed with it, they suit up to head-to-toe, and shower down every half-hour. This is the first time it;'s not a drill. "this puts everything we've done in training, all the support we have from the department into real life," said Trayah.


The investigation is ongoing and police do not have anyone in custody at this time. Within the last hour a woman did drive-by in a van and ask us if police have caught her son yet.


The state is hoping to get ahead of the arrival of a potentially deadly opiate. To tell us what's going on, Alex Apple is here. Kristin - the state is trying to make more of the opiate reversal drug available. Walgreens -- the latest pharmacy to agree to sell naloxone -- to anyone that wants it.


Vermont officials are worried that an extremely potent drug used to tranquilize elephants will hit Vermont's streets, leading to overdoses. It's called carfentanil. ((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-Vermont 39:21 I don't need to remind you that every 20 minutes someone dies in America from this disease.")) To get out ahead of carfentanil's arrival, Governor Peter Shumlin announced all Vermont pharmacies can sell naloxone, the overdose reversal drug, without a prescription. ((Dr. Harry Chen/Vt. Health Dept. 44:59 This is what we call risk reduction. We know that telling users just to stop will not stop people who are addicted to opioid drugs.")) More than 700 times in the last two years -- Vermont first responders have reversed an overdose with naloxone. In many cases that saved a person's life. ((Shumlin NAT 38:57 Fentanyl being mixed with heroin is making this battle more difficult.")) Shumlin believes carfentanil would make the situation even worse. ((40:25 Shumlin: It has not hit Vermont yet, but we expect it and it's 100 times more powerful than the fentanyl that is currently being laced in the heroin that's leading to deaths and tragedy in Vermont."))


Two doses of the naloxone -- also known as Narcan -- cost 75 dollars -- but the state has ordered 4 milligram applicators -- twice as strong as the old batch.

10} 1STWX

Dan Dowling is here. Some clouds around today, but otherwise not too bad. We had a few showers over central and southern Vermont, but it wasn't much. Maybe a shower or two this evening, but we'll see a return to some sun again for the end of the week. (wx script) ((radsat)) A few showers over southern Vermont, and parts of Quebec, but most spots will remain dry tonight. Still some lingering clouds through the start of Friday, but increasing sunshine for the afternoon. ((temps)) Warm again today in spots that got some sun. Temperatures will be back in the mid 80s tomorrow, and just a few degrees cooler heading into the weekend. ((forecast)) Chance of a shower or thunderstorm tonight and early Friday. Skies becoming partly sunny by Friday afternoon. Temperatures will be back in the mid 80s. A nice start to the weekend as well.


If you're in the Bellows Falls area - police want you to be on the look out - for a monkey!! Multiple people report spotting a monkey around Route 121. Bellows Falls police initially posted about the unusual sighting on the department's facebook page. The police later took down the post because of derogatory comments. Police are asking anyone who is missing a pet monkey ... To call them.


A Quebec man's YouTube video is going viral -- after his VERY unusual catch on Lake Champlain north of the border! The video has kept us in the newsroom entertained all day -- and so, we had to track down the man behind it! Cat Viglienzoni shares his story tonight. Cat. Kristin and Julie, it may not be a whale of a tale -- but this man has one heck of a fish story!


David Freiheit started last Friday with a plan to do something he knew was outrageous. ((SOT video 1236 We're going to go fishing with a drone. But we're not using worms, and we're not on a little pond. We're on Lake Champlain, and we are going to be trolling ... with a jitterbug! 46)) Throwing the lure -- and then starting up his drone. NATS drone 001305 Minutes later... ((SOT 001329 Oh my gosh! Did you just see the fish -- I got a fish! 32 Oh my gosh -- oh my gosh -- Holy crabapples! 42)) Piloting the drone back to shore... 001406 Holy cows! ...the hooked fish -- still jumping on the line! ((0001412 Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! We've got it! 15)) You might say, he's a bit excited about it. ((001417 The fish is on the end! 19)) He reels his catch in the rest of the way -- by hand. ((SOT 001439 Holy cows! Holy cows I did not think this was going to work! 45)) His prize -- a big bass! ((SOT 001449 Oh my gosh... this is a monster! 53)) ((001504 NATS fish splashing then Oh my gosh Marion!! (laughing wildly) 13)) ((BUTTED TO)) 001529 or 001536 NATS "Marion!!" Sprinting up to his wife and kids... to show off his catch! ((NATS 001544 Look! I have one I caught! 46 With the drone! It's a huge freaking bass! 51)) He told us on the phone -- they weren't quite as impressed. 001556 "look at the size of this!" ((SOT PHONER 000341 she was definitely not as excited as I was 43 For a second she had thought something horrible had happened, but she was with the kids, so it couldn't have been that bad 48)) ((BUTTED)) ((SOT PHONER 000417 I don't think anybody will ever be as excited as I was 19)) Once the photos had been taken as proof -- he raced the bass back to the lake. ((SOT 001627 this is the craziest thing that's ever happened, actually! 29 didn't think anything was going to work let a lone a fish but this is the biggest fish of my life 32)) And releasing the very confused fish -- back into the water -- ((001639 Okay -- go! 41 And it's off! 42)) To swim away -- and stay far from buzzing drones in the future. Although David tells us -- he might not try this again -- for fear of another fish pulling the drone in. ((SOT PHONER 000629 I don't want to push my luck because it's good that it didn't pull the drone directly into the water 33)) So now -- he's left wondering -- what's next. ((001708 Well I don't know what to do with the rest of my life 10))


So he tells us he already filed an application to Guinness World Records trying to get them to do a "biggest fish caught by drone" -- if they do, he says he could be the record holder for a short period of time. In the meantime -- the rest of us just get to re-watch that video! Kristin?


Now to a contract negotiation with teachers in Burlington. A factfinder says, teachers and the school board should meet in the middle on a pay raise. The teachers union wanted a five-point-three percent pay raise, while the board has offered one-point-eight percent. The independent factfinder recommends three-and-a quarter percent. The union says the factfinder's report gives the two sides a "clear path to a contract agreement." But the school board says the salary hike is "out of step with present day economic realities." That current contract expires next Wednesday -- the first day of school. So far, there is no talk publicly of a strike.


Bernie Sanders will be back on the campaign trail soon. He will be at the AFLCIO Labor Day Breakfast in Manchester New Hampshire -- campaigning for Hillary Clinton -- and Maggie Hassan - who is running for Senate. Governor Peter Shumlin also said today -- that the Clinton camp asked him to get ready to hit the road -- to do some campaigning for her, too.


If he heads out campaigning for Clinton, he'll be doing it from a new home base. Governor Shumlin has sold his home in East Montpelier with about four months left to run the state. He's building a house in Westminster. His move out of central Vermont came up -- during an exchange with reporters today -- about voting in the August 9th primary. Shumlin voted for Sue Minter for Governor and Shap Smith for Lieutenant Governor, but that will be his last vote in Washington County.


((Gov. Peter Shumlin 01:07:50 I think it's worth mentioning I've since moved out of Washington Co. since, so I can't vote in any future election. I live in Putney, Vermont.")) Shumlin lived in East Montpelier for most of his time as governor. He sold his home and 27 acre property for 675 thousand dollars.


Corrections officials are trying to figure out -- why an inmate at the Marble Valley Correctional Facility in Rutland died. 46-year-old Scott Clark died Tuesday night at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Clark was first taken to Rutland Regional Medical Center on August 18th. Corrections officials could not give us details about Clark's condition - they are waiting for autopsy results. Clark was serving a 9-month to 43-year sentence.

20} BANK5_VO

Police say the TD Bank on East Allen Street in Winooski was robbed this afternoon. Police believe this white male in his early 20s is responsible. He was last scene running on Barlow Street in blue jeans and a black bandana.


((Sgt. Michael Cram/Winooski PD He did brandish what was a silver or shiny pistol at somepoint. We have a perimeter set up with a K9 track going on at this point in time.")) This is the third bank robbery in the past week in Winooski. If you have information, call Winooski Police.


How should law enforcement handle sexual assault investigations? That was the focus of a training session at UVM today. More than 60 service providers from Vermont and New York are sitting through presentations that are geared to offering better support for victims. The training is paid for by the Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women. The goal -- to help authorities build stronger cases against assault suspects. While the training focused on approaching all sexual assault cases -- some lessons were specific to handling cases on college campuses.


((TILE 0913 04:37:19--04:52:09 Aviva Kurash/National Assoc. of Chiefs of Police: "Our focus, and when we talk about this, we're really saying - what has happened in the past is sometimes, our investigations haven't been as thorough as they needed to be. And this is both for the victim, and for the reported perpetrator.")) ((TILE 0914 09:09:09--09:21:05 Sgt. Brandon King/UVM Police: "Our number one challenge is getting victims to come forward and feel comfortable in that they have resources and people to speak with about these cases.")) According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in five women -- and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives. But the training team says they still face the challenge of low reporting rates.


A Montpelier cop at the center of a time card fraud scandal -- has retired. Earlier this year -- Sgt. Richard Cleveland was placed on administrative leave -- following allegations he repeatedly left his overnight post and went home for hours -- while on the clock. Cleveland's health provider told the city that an undiagnosed medical condition was a significant factor in his conduct. .


We're continuing our look back at Irene -- 5 years later. Gina Bullard takes us to Northfield -- where the storm forced dozens to pick up and leave their homes -- for good.


(00:17:25:23) (( COVER THIS BITE Jim Wilson/Home Destroyed "i don't come down here")) Cruising down Water Street in Northfield is tough for Jim Wilson. (00:17:36:25) ((Jim Wilson/Home Destroyed "the memory it's just too hard to take")) A proud Northfield resident... everything changed for Wilson when Tropical Storm Irene hit five years ago. The water was six feet high in his living room. (00:15:55:12) ((Jim Wilson/Home Destroyed "g-how did you feel when you walked into your house for the first time after the storm? j-my heart just went away")) He still had his wife and his dog...but his home was a complete loss. His along with 14 others in Northfield were torn down as part of the Hazard Mitigation Home Buyout Program. (00;35:23:21) ((Michele Braun/Town of Northfield Hazard Mitigation Planner "the town has acquired 15 homes so far, we just closed on the last one last week")) This street -- prone to flooding -- was hit the hardest. (00:04:47:18) ((Larry Drown/Water St Resident "living on water street says it all")) A 5-acre field along that used to be filled with homes along the Dog River is getting made over. Starting with a flood plain restoration project. (00:37:14:04) ((Michele Braun/Town of Northfield Hazard Mitigation Planner "once the new shape of the flood plain is established then there will be a park open to the community")) (00:25:38:26) ((Bonnie Pemberton/Home Destroyed "for a lot of folks it's still a struggle")) Bonnie Pemberton lived in her home for 32 years before the storm hit. (00:25:45:02) ((Bonnie Pemberton/Home Destroyed "a lot of folks every time you have a bad rain storm you're re-feeling the feelings")) Her home was also destroyed by the storm. (00:30:25:13) ((Bonnie Pemberton/Home Destroyed "'s just the loss of everything")) In the days after the flood the entire community stepped up to clean off mud sodden belongings and help the residents try to piece their lives back together. (00:20;14:29) ((Jim Wilson/Home Destroyed "it brought my heart back that i lost after the flood into my soul again")) Jim moved to an apartment after Irene. But the effects of the storm linger today. (00:21:34:00) ((Jim Wilson/Home Destroyed "my wife passed away then my dog died...its been crazy"))5 (00:21:28:03) ((Jim Wilson/Home Destroyed "i lost my apartment to a fire and i lost my wife and then my dog died)) (00:28:09:13) Bonnie left Northfield with her family and now lives on a high hill - safe from floods. ((Bonnie Pemberton/Home Destroyed "we would have retired this year because the mortgage would have been gone but that isn't going to happen we had to start over")) Fighting to stay Vermont strong -- even five years later. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Northfield.


Five years after Irene many communities are coming together to say thank you for all the help. That includes folks across the Quintown Valley -- Keith McGilvery is here with this part of the story. This weekend folks will host a valley-wide gathering to celebrate community volunteers. Homes and businesses all along Route 100 were hit hard and needed a lot of assistance. On Sunday organizers from Stockbridge, Granville, Hancock, Rochester and Pittsfield will host a pot luck and day of music. They say anyone from anywhere around our region who stepped up in any way after the storm is welcome to join them. It's the region's way of saying thank you to everyone who pitched in to help it recover.


((Anni Mackay, Volunteer Celebration Organizer 49:47 "these people came in with this enormous amount of energy and then they kind of left again and we were so busy, we didn't take names, so even if you were one of those people or not one of those people we would still love you to come and feel what it's like to be here because it's a pretty special community.)) ((Doon Hinderyckx, Rochester Selectboard 52:38 I have heard more than 1 say if they had the chance of Irene or no Irene, they would maybe take Irene, because of what it did to the community spirit and what it did to bring people out.)) The picnic, potluck and music at the Rochester Town park begins Sunday at 1pm. The music will go until 6pm. Rochester is also planning an Irene Sculpture dedication in town. That ceremony is slated to begin at 11-30. We're put a link to all of the details on our website --


Tomorrow - Jennifer Costa heads back to Stockbridge - where the community was completely cut off by Irene. And - Sharon shows us how the Tropical Storm shaped up to do so much damage. That's Five Years After Irene, tomorrow night at 6.


Dan is back. Looks like some nice weather ahead this weekend. For the most part things are looking good. There's a chance for a few showers or a thunderstorm late in the weekend, but most of Saturday and Sunday should be nice. ((currents)) Some lingering clouds around this evening, but skies have been dry in Burlington. Temperatures are in the upper 70s. ((temps)) Highs have been in the 70s and low 80s today. We'll be a little warmer on Friday. ((dewpoints)) Muggy out there tonight, but dewpoints will drop heading into Friday, which should make for a pleasant weekend. ((temps graph)) Warm weather should continue into the weekend. Highs will be in the low to mid 80s. Cooler weather will filter in next week. ((radsat)) A few lingering showers over southern Vermont. We'll have a chance of another passing shower or two through Friday morning, then becoming partly sunny. ((forecastmap)) Skies will clear out starting Friday afternoon. Sunny skies set for Saturday. Another front will arrive Sunday afternoon with the chance of a few showers and thunderstorms, lingering into Sunday night and possibly Monday.


Tonight: Variable cloudiness. Chance for showers. Possible thunderstorm. Lows: 63/70 Wind: S 5-10 mph Friday: Few lingering showers. Then partly cloudy. Becoming less humid. Highs: 82/88 Bec: NW 5-15 mph Friday night: Mostly clear. Patchy fog. Lows: 50/60 Wind: Light Saturday: Mostly sunny. Not humid. Highs: 78/85 Wind: NW 5-10 mph Extended: Saturday night: Mostly clear, patchy fog. Lows: 50s Sunday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms late. Highs: 75/82 Lows: 58/68 Monday: Early shower? Partly sunny. Highs: 75/82 Lows: 50s Tuesday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 75/82 Lows: 50s Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 75/82 Lows: 50s Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance showers. Highs: 72/82




One man has died in a motorcycle crash in Weathersfield. Police say an officer tried to stop the 29 year old Nathaniel Watkins for speeding -- but he took off, losing control on a sharp turn on Weathersfield Center Road and crashing in a field. Watkins was thrown from the bike -- and pronounced dead at the scene.

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Dozens of pot plants found in Milton. The Milton Police Department posted these photos on their Facebook page -- of about 50 plants they seized from a corn field in town. Police say the plants were about six to ten feet tall -- growing in amongst the corn stocks. Experts say the yield from those plants could have a street value of over 100-thousand dollars -- or more. Officers destroyed the plants -- but as is often the case with this kind of seizure, no charges were brought because police don't know who planted them.


Police in South Burlington need your help catching some crooks. Investigators say a man and woman went into the Price Chopper on Hinesburg and made off with more than 150-dollars worth of goods. If you have any information -- call South Burlington Police.

37} RED6_VO

A Rutland woman is doing her part -- to help those in the disaster areas in both Louisiana and California. Angela Fernald has been with the Red Cross for five years. This week, she's one of three Vermont volunteers deployed to provide virtual assistance to those who are victims of the flooding in Louisiana and the wildfires that destroyed thousands of acres in California. Fernald says many of the calls are emotional, but sometimes, what she has to do is quite simple.


((Angela Fernald//Red Cross Volunteer : "I listen, it's the first thing I do, and sometimes that's all they need, I listen I give them the resources, I tell them we'll be calling them to give them even more resources when they come and giving them some assistance.")) More than 50 shelters have been providing safety for more than 10 thousand people in Louisiana - Red Cross workers have also been responding in California where more than 82,000 people have been forced to leave their homes due to the wildfires.


The Red Sox suffered two losses last night ...first blowing an early 3-0 lead and falling 4-3 in eleven innings to Tampa Bay at Tropicana Field, then, rookie outfielder Andrew Benintendi left the game after hurting his knee while trying to avoid a tag at second base in the seventh inning. Today, Benintendi was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a right knee sprain. Manager John Farrell today said it was too soon to know if the injury is season-ending. The 22-year-old prized prospect was hitting .324 in 21 games since being called up to Boston on August 2nd. The Sox and Rays wrapping up a four game series this afternoon at the Trop ... --- Drew Pomeranz had Tampa guessing for much of the afternoon ...who set a new career high with eleven strikeouts... --- Pomeranz took a 1-1 tie into the seventh ...then, after Steven Souza, Jr led off with a single...Mikie Mahtook rips a double to left...Souza, the former Vermont Lake Monster, scores from first to give Tampa the lead and end the day for Pomeranz... --- top eight...Mookie Betts looking to get something going...line drive to left...Betts trying to turn it into a double...but he's nailed at second on a great throw from Mahtook... --- top nine...two outs ...David Ortiz at the plate...but Enny Romero freezes Big Papi...who came on as a pinch hitter after being given the day off... Rays win 2-1... earning a split of the four game series. Disappointing end to Boston's eleven game road trip, where the Sox went 7-4 overall.


Toronto, which started the day tied with Boston for the American League East lead and the top spot in the A-L Wild Card race, hosts the Angels tonight. Baltimore, a game back of the Sox and Jays, visits Washington. The Yankees have the night off.



Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and Senator Patrick Leahy have been vocal about their disapproval of the recent price hike of Epipens. Now the maker of that drug is lowering the cost. Don Champion reports.


(PKG) Joyce Brewer was shocked when she learned the cost of her son AJ's EpiPens had shot up more than 500 dollars. (sot JOYCE BREWER, MOM) I STARTED IMMEDIATELY THINKING WHERE AM I GOING TO COME UP WITH THIS EXTRA MONEY IN OUR FAMILY BUDGET THAT WE DIDN'T NEED LAST YEAR. The drugs give her peace of mind if her 6-year-old - who suffers from food allergies - has an allergic reaction. (SOT brewer) HE HAS 2 EPIPENS ONE STAYS AT SCHOOL ONE STAYS AT HOME (could lose this sot) (GFX) The cost of the life-saving auto-injectors has skyrocketed from about 100 dollars for a two pack in 2009 to more than 600 dollars this year. BRIDGE: today, Mylan, the maker of EpiPens announced THAT -- WHILE IT IS NOT LOWERING THE PRICE OF THE DRUG - IT *IS* expanding programs to help lower out of pocket costs for patients" (GFX IN) - Mylan is giving out A SAVINGS CARD THAT Will COVER UP TO 300 DOLLARS OF AN EPIPEN 2-PAK. - ITS ALSO DOUBLING ELIGIBILITY FOR THE PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM TO HELP UNINSURED OR UNDERINSURED PATIENTS. - AND, CONSUMERS CAN NOW BUY EPIPENS DIRECTLY FROM THE COMPANY. (GFX OUT) After Families and members of Congress from both parties called on Mylan to roll back prices, the company's CEO defended the rising cost on CNBC,. (SOT Heather Bresch/CEO, Mylan) There are 4 or 5 hands that the product touches and companies that it goes through before it ever gets to that patient at the counter. Parents like Joyce Brewer welcome the new savings. (SOT brewer) IT SHOULDN'T TAKE PARENTS GETTING OUTRAGED ABOUT SOMETHING TO SAVE THEIR CHILD'S LIFE FOR THE COMPANY TO CHANGE THE PRICE. EPIPENS ACCOUNTED FOR 87-PERCENT OF ALL EPINEPRHINE PRESCRIPTIONS PHARMACIES FILLED LAST YEAR. DON CHAMPION, CBS NEWS, DALLAS.


Dan is back. A few showers today, but it's been pretty dry out there. We picked up a little rain last week, and in some of our driest spots in our area, it has helped a little.



Curtis Tuff won't talk about secret sauce for his spare ribs --but he's open to talk about everything else. Joe Carroll got to the meat of the matter on this weeks Super Senior.


Where's there's smoke, there's fire. (00:03:33:00) ((nat sot, Sharpening his knife )) (00:04:13:00) ((nat sot, putting a piece of meat on the grill. )) And just off Interstate 91 in Putney, Curtis Tuff is getting ready to cook some ribs. (00:03:18:00) ((Curtis Tuff, I've been doing this for 41.)) That's 41 years and to say Curtis' All American Bar-Be-Que is unique would be selling it short. (00:30:53:00) ((Curtis, No place like this in the state of Vermont.)) To understand who Curtis Tuff is - you have to know where he came from. (00:00:45:00) ((Curtis, I used to be a fruit picker, my home was down in Georgia.)) Curtis first came to Vermont in 1951 to pick apples. He was a good worker and was hired on full time to work at an orchard up the road. His grandfather taught him to cook at a young age. (00:11:16:00 ) ((Curtis, He always tell me, you watch what I'm doing, you may want to do this one of these days.)) But it was the Hippie Invasion of the 60s when Curtis started making money with his cooking. (00:12:32:00) ((Curtis, 800 hippies was here, all hippies all around. )) They were mostly at Windham College - then a liberal arts school in town. (00:13:22:00) ((Curtis, Never cooked anything, they said, well.. if you burn it up we can't eat it, but if you don't burn it up we eat it, that's fine with me. )) Curtis worked at the orchard during the week and took his grill on the road for the weekend. (00:22:20:00) (( Joe: Did you consider yourself a hippie? Curtis; Well of course I did. Joe: You did? Curtis: yeah. )) Needless to say, Curtis stood out in Vermont in the 60s. (00:23:30:00) (( Joe: Was there any discrimination towards you? Curtis: Oh no, no. Joe: No? Curtis: no. )) Curtis has a creed. (00:24:50:00) ((Curtis, Always be nice to people you know, you never walk around the world owes you something and think you're more than anybody else. You don't do that. )) The hippies faded away and the buses have stopped - the business though is still in motion. (00:24:21:00) ((Nat sot, Curtis waves, hi. )) His daughter Sarah and grandson Addison help out. (00:07:33:00) (( Sarah: How you doing? Curtis: I doing pretty good baby, yourself? )) ((nat sot, motorcyclist)) It's high noon and a group of New Hampshire firefighter rumble in. (00:55:30:00 ) ((Curtis to bikers, Nice day! )) (00:55:50:00) ((Curtis to Sarah, you got help in there. )) Suddenly there is a line and it's show time for Sarah. ((nat sot of inside of bus)) The bikers come hungry. (01:03:27:00) ((Bill LaPan/Customer, Joe: It was a destination for you? Bill: Oh absolutely. )) (01:03:35:00) (( Joe: How did you describe it to these guys before you got here. Bill: I didn't, I just told them it's a great barbeque place. )) (00:36:59:00) ((Sarah Tuff/Daughter, and people wonder how he can look so young for his age and I said it's the smoke that preserves him. )) At 78, Curtis has heart issues and is slowing down. Sarah hopes to eventually take over the business. Right now though, Curtis is giving me a grilling. (00:45:29:00) (( Joe: So you're teaching me how do to it. The pay isn't so good, huh? Curtis: The pay isn't that good, but I feed you good though. )) Curtis been feeding thousands with a side of Southern Hospitality. (00:25:46:00) ((Curtis, That's the way I live my life being nice to people. )) Joe Carroll, Channel 3 News, Putney.


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For those of you that think Vermont summers are just too won't want to hear this. It's the final Thursday night of the season at Thunder Road. And as the days get shorter ...the race to be crowned King of the Road gets tighter. Jack Fitzsimmons has more. ((TRT: 2:05 ... OC: TOMORROW EVENING)) ((Thanks, Mike. Entering last week, Scott Dragon seemed well on his way to his first King of the Road title. Dragon held a 35 point lead on two-time champion Nick Sweet with just three races to go. But after Sweet battled from near the back of the pack to a second place finish, Dragon is starting to feel the pressure as his lead has dwindled to just 20 points. --- Dragon: "You know, it kinda woke me up last week, knowing that this thing isn't over til it's over. Trying not to get too overconfident here, and you know last week was an eye opener. So it's gonna e tough. We're gonna continue to push the way we have all year and I'm sure Nick is too because I know he's a wicked competitor." --- When we spoke to Nick Sweet last week, he said the key to coming back would be to just get good finishes down the stretch. That second place finish last week obviously helped him significantly to move up in the standings, and he believes his prior experience and championship resume should help him going forward. --- Sweet: "I actually just talked to Scott earlier, I think we got his attention. He's not concerne, but you can definitely tell he's thinking about it. That actually takes pressure off of myself because realistically the points are going to fall where they fall, you cannot control sometimes the circumstances of the race, so I come here tonight to win, that's my goal and obviously if I win, that point battle will tighten up a little bit more. --- And as we come down the stretch, both driver's acknowledge that every point matters, meaning that both of them will have to get a good jump out in the heat races and semi feature tonight. --- Dragon: "The feature was actually pretty good, we finished in fourth last week. We just took a hit in the heat races. We had Nick was ablwe to make the semi feature and we got kinda hung up in the heat so that's where he gained his points on us last week." --- The title chases in the other classes here at Thunder Road are also pretty tight: Stephen Donahue leads Brendan Moodie by just 8 points in the Tigers, while Jamon Perry leads his brother Jaden by 27 points in the Street Stocks. Those crowns will both be decided in October at the Milk Bowl while the Late Model title will be handed out in just over a week at the Labor Day Classic. We'll have highlights and reaction from the Late model race tonight and the other two races tomorrow evening.))


An aerial view of Centennial Field tonight as the Lake Monsters host the Lowell Spinners. --- Final hot dog heaven of the season, but you know what, pretzels are really good too. --- A really good catch in centerfield tonight by Lowell's Yoan Aybar in the third inning keeping this a 1-1 game. --- let's jump into the way-back machine to Wednesday night... basses loaded in the bottom of the fourth inning for Miguel Mercedes and by now you know what happens. A deep drive to left for a grand slam. It ties the game at 5. 10 homers for Mercedes this season. --- Ok, back to last night and wouldn't you know, the basses are loaded in the bottom of the fifth for Mercedes. And this is what happens a dribbler to third, the third baseman throws it away at first. --- All three runners cross the plate, mercedes ends up on second. It's not a grand slam, but it will do. The Monsters win this one, 5-3. The teams wrap up their three game series tonight.


High school athletic fields throughout the state are buzzing as training camps are in full swing for the start of the fall sports season. This year will see several teams looking to extended state championship win streaks. Those include the Stowe boys soccer team, which as won four straight D-3 titles...the Proctor girls soccer team that has claimed three D-4 state championships in a row...and the amazing domination of the CVU and Harwood girls cross country programs, both of whom have claimed seven straight state crowns. Another team in it's own rent district when it comes to recent dominance is the CVU girls soccer team. The Redhawks open up the the 2016 season at home Wednesday, September 7th against Mt. Abraham. Last fall, CVU broke the state record capturing its 5th straight D-1 girls soccer championship. During that run to the title last season, the team saw its 4-year, 48 game winning streak come to an end. Now, as they are preparing to make a run at state title number six, the team doesn't have the extra weight of having to maintain and defend that long win streak ...all they have to do is go out and play.


(((Abba Weimer/"That helps relieve some of the pressure and stress that we've had in the previous years for this team and I think that will really help any of the new players coming in, just feeling more relaxed with the team."))) (((Sierra Morton/"We have a really good group and we have really good team chemistry. Obviously every year we're losing very good players and losing key positions, but we've always been able to bounce back and create a new chemistry and a new way to play with the new people.")))


The New England Patriots will visit the Carolina Panthers in the Pats third preseason game tomorrow night at 7:30pm. We have been airing the Pats exhibition games here on WCAX, but unfortunately, CBS Network also has a preseason game scheduled for Friday night, Cleveland at Tampa Bay, that we are obligated to air, so the Patriots game, which begins at 7:30pm, will air on our secondary channel, WCAX 3.2.


The Patriots have acquired linebacker Barkevious Mingo from the Cleveland Browns in exchange for a fifth round pick in next year's draft. Mingo was the sixth overall pick in the 2013 draft out of LSU, but the 25-year-old has seen his production drop in each of his three seasons in the NFL... and last fall managed just 24 tackles and no sacks while appearing in all 16 games for the Browns.




Tonight at 11 -- tragedy in the water in Jamaica - we'll bring you the latest on a teen's death -- on the late news at 11. and an animal sedative is the latest drug in the growing opioid epidemic -- that's next on the CBS Evening News. Good night.

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