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Many people serve up butternut squash on Thanksgiving -- but don't underestimate some of the other varieties of winter squash out there! Charlie Nardozzi has some ideas to diversify our holiday feasts. ((Queensland Blue Hubbard- Mild flavor, dense flesh)) ((Long Pie- Mild flavor, smooth texture)) ((Long Island Cheese- Sweet flavor, smooth texture)) ((Delicata- Sweet flavor, moist flesh)) ((difficulty of growing these varieties?))


Tomorrow on the Thirty -- more Thanksgiving cooking. Robert Dumas of NECI shows us how to make cranberry jelly. That's tomorrow at 5-30 right here on The Thirty.


Good evening, I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. Was a bad breakup -- motive for murder? A woman from Southern Vermont -- is accused of killing her former fiance -- and his son. Shelby Cashman was in court. She's live in Brattleboro with the latest. Shelby. Darren and Kristin--we're learning more about the relationship between Robin O'Neill and the victims of a double homicide. She was here at Windham County Court today to answer to charges--that could get her--life in prison.


62 year old Robin O'Neill pleaded not guilty Thursday--to two counts of second degree murder--for allegedly killing 60 year old Steven Lott--and his 28 year old son Jamis. ((PROSECUTOR)) Police were called to a home on Abby Road in Townshend Tuesday night--for reports of a shooting. They say when they arrived--O'Neill directed them to both mens' bodies. Steven Lott lived there. His son -- was just visiting. Court documents reveal each suffered multiple gun shot wounds. And died at the scene. ((NATS FROM COURT OR SOT?)) Court papers reveal that Lott had recently broken off his engagement to O'Neill -- and asked her to move out. The couple had worked together at the Townshend Town Offices. Morgan Lynch--a friend of the Lott family says--he was at the home -- just before the deadly shooting. (00:09:40)((Shelby Cashman: So you were there ten minuets before can you tell me what was the situation was when you were there? Morgan Lynch: "We were just enjoying each other having a drink, that was it.")) (00:09:52) But Lynch says he left the home --when things took a turn. (00:10:21) ((Morgan Lynch/Townshend "I left becasue they were arguing.")) (00:10:23) What happened next is unknown. But investigators say O'Neill told them -- both men were lying on the floor in a pool of blood. And there was a gun in her hand. A handgun was recovered inside the home. Court papers also show that O'Neill told police--Lott had roughed her up in the past. The State's Attorney says second degree murder charges could change -- as the investigation continues. (00:07:10) ((Tracy Shriver/Windham County State's Attorney "obviously homicide charges are the most rare charges that we have in Vermont and Miss O'Neill has been charged with two homicides. The investigation is still very much ongoing.")) (00:07:20)


O'Neill is currently being held without bail--until her next status hearing--in December. Kristin Darren?


A Burlington mom -- will face charges in connection to the death of her four-week old child. Saunder Gilruth was found un-responsive at a home on Isham street in July -- and died at about a week later. Today investigators announced that the child's mother -- Rosemary Gile -- will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. She's due in court next month.


A partial lockdown of Burlington High School this morning. Police say several students got on line message -- with threats directed at several targets -- including Burlington High School and the President of the United States. Judy Simpson has the story.


The modified lock down at Burlington High School lasted for a little over an hour. Classes were still conducted, all doors were locked, except for the front door which was monitored. ((Tile 081_0642_01 Amy Mellencamp/BHS Principal 00:13:58:00" We took some caution we weren't really sure what was happening we thought we ought to err on the safe side." 00:14:04:25 )) ((Tile 081_0645_01 Malin Hillemann/BHS Sophomore 00:17:48:15 I was kind of scared I started thinking about who it could be I wasn't exactly sure what was happening and I didn't know how long it would last." 00:17:57:02)) The move was sparked after a student told her mother about a threat she received on Facebook Wednesday night. They then contacted Burlington Police. ((Tile 081_0671_01 Dep CHief Bruce Bovat/Burlington Police 00:36:25:22" The threat was pretty long and extensive but the gist of it is he made threats to want to see a lot of blood, a blood bath and it involved just about any and everybody to include the Burlington High School, but he made sure to include other agencies, government entities and even the president." 00"36:43:28)) Detectives worked with school officials and Facebook throughout the night to track down the young man who made the threat. They say he was found in Minnesota. His name has not be released but police say he did at one time have a connection to the Burlington area and about 10 BHS students are friends with him on facebook,and they all recieved the same threat. They do not know if he has been taken into custody. David Mindich is a professor of media studies at St Michael's College. He says the FaceBook culture is a friendly one, which is why someone would accept a friend request from a perfect stranger. And there is a perceived safety buffer when you communicate on line, rather than face to face. tile 081_0652_01 ((David Mindich/St Michael's College 00:25:48:07 "On Facebook you are not inviting them to your house there is some distance so you are more inclined to friend a stranger because the consequences are low. JS says "Except when they are not" right right )) The students we spoke with say they have been told of the risks of communicating on the internet. Tile 081_0645_01 ((Lena Connolly/BHS Junior 00:20:44:05 We were really educated on it in middle school and having internet safety but I feel like that is kind of lost in importance in High School because everybody feels like they know what they are doing." 00:20:56:14)) That is a message the principal got loud and clear, and called this experience a cautionary tale. Police agree. (( Tile 081_0671_01 Dep. CHief Bruce Bovat/Burlington Police 00:37:34:14 Its a good time hopefully this story will remind parents that it is a good time to talk to their kids about the potential dangers out there. 00:37:41:16)) And think twice who they choose as friends. Judy Simpson CHannel three news, Burlington.


Authorities in Minnesota are still investigating.


A school in the Upper Valley went into lockdown -- after a staffer reported someone with a gun. It happened Monday at the Maple Avenue School in Claremont. The school was on lockdown for about a half an hour -- but no gunman was found outside. Investigators say the report was a hoax -- and that school employee -- is now on administrative leave. Charges are expected.


A Burlington man -- accused of sex assault on a child, possesion of child pornography and voyeurism. And he lived next door to Hunt Middle School on North Avenue in Burlington. Authorities searched the home.... ... of 39 year old Raymond Edwards this morning. He's expected to be arraigned tomorrow.


((Tile 081_0656_01 Det. Tom Nash/BPD 00:30:20:16 We started an investigation which culminated today in a search warrant the search warrant revealed numerous digital equipment storage devices which were confiscated those still need to be reviewed. 00:30:35:00 subsequent to the investigation an interview was done with one of the residents and he was arrested for a charge of voyeurism possesion of child pornography and two counts of sexual assault. 00:30:49:29)) The investigation is ongoing. But police believe all of the alleged victims have been identified.


Police are investigating a pair of bank robberies in Vermont today. The first is in Brattleboro -- where police say someone robbed the Brattleboro Savings and Loan. The bank says staff responded according to their training and no one was hurt. Police say a suspect is in custody.


The second robbery was in Jeffersonville. Someone held up the Union Bank this afternoon. The man -- wearing a partial face mask -- demanded money from a teller. And took off toward School Street. He's 5 feet 6 inches tall -- and slender. And wore a black North Face jacket. Call police if you have any information.


A Vermont man is out of quarantine, but two more Vermotners are being watched for signs of Ebola- and have been for nearly 3 weeks. The pair are only one day away from being done with the 21-day monitoring period and the news only became public - because a lawmaker asked a question during a hearing in Montpelier. State House Reporter Kyle Midura is here with the story, Kyle - Darren and Kristin, spokespeople for Vermont's health department say the two people are symptom free and will be reporting their temperatures to the state through Friday. But top health officers would not provide many details about the individuals, or what makes their cases different from that of the man who spent his 21-day monitoring period in quarantine.


(55:48) - Nats ((we're pleased you're here)) State health officials fielded questions from lawmakers Thursday regarding Vermont's ability to handle a potential case of Ebola infection. (56:46) ((Dolan - A lot of the work is preparations and running through drills)) Top Health Department staff say the federal government recently shipped Vermont 250-thousand dollars worth of new equipment. They say every hospital is prepared and the Center for Disease Control alerts them to any person returning from an ebola-affected country in West Africa. (1:08:25) ((Rep. Geroge Till: I'm curious if you can say how many people in the state you're monitoring Health official: Currently we're monitoring two)) Those people are not currently in quarantine and will be done with three weeks of monitoring Friday. (nats) Officials say the two - unconnected individuals did not serve in a medical capacity while in West Africa and they traveled separately. (00:03:57:00,) ((Dolan Phoner and we determined they are low risk )) Lawmakers did not ask any questions about Peter Italia -- the man who finished his quarantine Monday. A sheriff had been posted outside his undisclosed location. After the hearing Thursday Acting Health Commissioner Tracy Dolan said Italia represented "some risk" because he represented himself as a doctor but was not travelling with a health organization. Some Risk the same level they expect to ascribe to doctors from Fletcher Allen when they eventually return from helping with the crisis overseas. And Health officials say those doctors could even return to direct patient care before their own 21 day symptom observation window closes. (01:11:57:00) ((Patsy Kelso/Vt. State Epidemiologist: we recommend that those folks do not provide direct patient care for eleven days after their last possible exposure)) Dolan says she does not expect to ask doctors to submit to voluntary quarantine, or seek confinement orders ahead of time, as the state did with Peter Italia.


When we asked Governor Shumlin about the two individuals being monitored he said he was not familiar with acting commissioner Dolan's testimony. It's unclear why the public was not informed about the monitoring earlier.


Big plans -- in downtown Burlington. The mall -- getting a major makeover. Alex Apple is live in the newsroom with that story. Alex. An investment of 200 million from both the city of Burlington and the owners of Burlington Town Center will totally change the look of the mall -- to include a wide range of new amenities. The mall's owner Don Sinex -- who bought the facility in 2013 -- said his ideas for the mall align with the Mayor Miro Weinberger's plan BTV initiative -- one of the top goals of which is to spur economic growth in the city. Sinex estimates his renovations could make the mall worth 450 million dollars per year in economic activity.


(9:03 Don Sinex/Owner Burlington Town Center)(("you know there is a need for housing in this city. We therefore conclude that housing should be a part of our project.)) (16:10 Kelly Devine/Burlington Business Associatino)(("Downtow ns that don't evolve, usually don't grow and prosper.)) (19:05 Joan Shannon/president city council)(("- the mall is currently a grand obstruction to our existing grid. 19:17- cherry and bank streets are locked and imperviousness.")) Sinex hopes the renovations will encourage more activity on Cherry and Bank Streets and open them up to bikers and pedestrians. The renovations will also include a new roof-top park between Macy's and Church Street. Sinex estimates the renovation will include 250 apartment units and could create over 1000 new jobs in the Queen City. As Sinex said, a convention-style hotel with 250 rooms and large showrooms is a possibility as well. The additional parking will likely come In the form of a new underground garage with 950 parking spaces. The towncenter has not undergone a renovation of this size since it opened in 1976. The city and Sinex will present the final plans to the Bulington City Council in December. Kristin.


A deal is in the works to sell prime real estate -- at Burlington College. The College plans to offload 25 acres of undeveloped land on Lake Champlain to Developer Eric Farrell. School officials say the move will leave the school debt free. The deal does include a provision that would allow a conservation group to buy land -- if they could outbid the developer -- within 60 days. But Vermont land conservation groups say it's unlikely they'll be able to match Farrell's 7-point-5 million dollar bid. Farrell plans to build housing on the land.

21} 1STWX

Sharon is here, it's still very wintry out there. There is a clipper system which is moving across the northeast, and that has been bringing some scattered snow showers to the region, especially in the higher elevations. Of course it is also bringing more lake effect snow to western NY, where another several feet of snow is possible in addition to what they have already seen this week. In that targeted area south of Buffalo, there could be up to 100" of snow. Once this clipper moves out, another blast of cold Arctic air will arrive, driving our temperatures down into the single digits for overnight lows Friday night and early Saturday morning. After that, winds will shift to the south, and that will drive some warm air into the northeast. There may be some scattered rain and snow showers Sunday night, but Monday, rain showers are likely with temperatures warming into the upper 40s and low 50s.


Investigators say a prison guard -- traded cigarettes for a sex act. 29-year-old William Savaria of Fairfax, faces charges of sexual exploitation of an inmate. Savaria is on paid leave -- from the state prison in South Burlington. He allegedly engaged in a sex act -- with a woman in jail. Court papers show the corrections officer also asked her to dance in her underwear for a cigarette. She admitted the two met up after her release for sex. Savaria DENIES anything between the two happened inside the facility. He's on paid leave from his job.

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Guilty verdicts in the case of a Lyndonville man charged with cruelty to his horses. Authorities seized 21 horses from Bruce Bona's farm back in March. Today -- he was found guilty on 17 counts of cruelty to animals -- and Not Guilty on 4 counts. The charges are misdemeanors.


A protester arrested for trespassing at Vermont Gas headquarters was found not guilty today. In May -- Henry Harris and another man -- were arrested for sneaking onto the roof of the building to hang up a banner. Harris is part of the group Rising Tide -- which opposes new natural gas pipelines the company is constructing. Harris argued what they did was not illegal -- and the jury agreed.


A rally in Montpelier today by FairPoint workers. Hundreds of Vermont employees have been on strike for more than a month. And they took their case to the statehouse lawn today -- seeking public support for their fight for a new contract. The union members walked out after FairPoint imposed benefit cuts. The company says its employees are highly paid -- and it needs the concessions to remain competitive in the modern telecom industry.


Tropical storm Irene -- devastated the state more than 3 years ago --and destroyed the state office complex in Waterbury. Tonight Alexei Rubenstein takes a look at the long road to recovery -- for the complex.


From Main Street Waterbury -- it's hard to see the buzz of activity behind the scenes.... ((NATS)) But look past the chain link fence, behind the familiar brick face of the old hospital -- where a modern steel structure is taking shape -- the future home of the state's Agency of Human Services. For over a year -- hundreds of workers have tdemolished buildings and bulldozed the land to transform this 43 acre site. (TC 00:37:26:15 Tile 5061 )((Mike Stevens/Vt Buildings and General Services "it's the largest construction building project the state has ever done")) Mike Stevens, the state's point-person on the $125 million project -- along with architect Jesse Beck -- are our tour guides. From what will soon be a giant horse-shoe parking lot at the rear, workers and visitors will enter the new complex through one main entrance. (TC 00:09:17:22 Tile 5007)((Jesse Beck/Project Architect "This is the main atrium where both of the office buildings come together. People can meet, have coffee; There's going to be food service. The conferencing center is on the second level. We've got Vermont artists that are working on displays. All the materials in this atrium will be Vermont-made materials.)) ((NAT HIT ??? Beck talking about slate, granite etc. On the outside)) Starting with a sprawling complex of more than a dozen buildings Beck says getting back to basics was main plan. (TC 00:09:56:06 Tile 5008) ((Jesse Beck/Project Architect "We approached it with the thought of the Agency of Human Services -- they're about helping people. So the new office building is shaped like helping hands coming together with the atrium in between to make sense out of the architecture. AR: And from a practical point of view what did that mean doing? JB: It meant that we had to carefully remove some of the historic buildings, save the most wonderful historic buildings and preserve those so that the new building would nestle into the historic core.)) ((FILE)) Three years ago -- After Irene's flood waters left much of the Waterbury complex underwater, it wasn't immediately clear if state workers would ever return to Waterbury. (file 1-12-12 )((Gov. Peter Shumlin: My first choice is to unite them in Waterbury (applause) before we make that decision we must ensure we can keep it dry and modernize the workplace affordably 14:19:50)) ((FIle)) But the Governor and lawmakers pushed ahead -- eventually securing $50 Million in FEMA funding and $75 million from state coffers. For a location that's had its share of disasters -- flood mitigation is a top priority in the new design. All structures are now 6 inches above the 500 year flood level. (TC 00:13:01:28 Tile 5008) ((Jesse Beck/Project Architect "Once we studied the flood levels and where the existing buildings sat we knew that it was a very low level of risk to return people back to Waterbury at that above the 500 year flood level. We know the rivers going to flood again, but we know it's going to flood and keep the employees safe where we're building the new buildings.)) The construction is also designed to benefit the Winooski River -- by moving the footprint of the complex away from the rivers edge -- and replanting trees along the banks. ((Series FILE)) The old state hospital was built with a network of interconnected tunnels. All of them led to the power plant near the river -- And one notorious entrance tunnel.... (TC 00:21:21:19 Tile 5029 )((AR STANDUP "When it comes to flooding, this is really the Achilles Heel of the Waterbury complex. Both in 1927 and in Tropical Storm Irene, water came flooding in right here -- into this tunnel -- and spread throughout the entire complex.)) All those flood prone areas have now been filled-in with a specialized lightweight concrete. Starting from that new foundation -- the inside of the historic core is being rebuilt from the ground up. (TC 00:35:41:26 Tile 5061 )((Mike Stevens/Vt Buidlings and General Services "So we're standing inside a 120 Thousand Square foot renovation project.)) (TC 00:35:23:19 Tile 5061) ((Mike Stevens/Vt Buidlings and General Services It takes a lot to reconfigure a space that was built 120 yeasrs ago for one purpose, reconfigure that space so its an efficient use for today's standards and use this )) Stevens says when you include this renovation, the new office building, a new biomass power plant power -- and all the site work -- it's basically four projects in one. ((File)) Since Irene, nearly 1,500 AHS workers have been shoe-horned in to various offices around the state -- including IBM. The new complex will bring about 1,000 of them under one roof. ((INSERT DR. HARRY CHEN**** Hoping to get interview in BTV)) Some critics have said that in the new complex, the state is paying for a cadillac when all it can really afford is a Corolla. Mike Stevens disagrees. (TC 00:42:44:12 Tile 5061 )((Mike Stevens/Vt Buildings and General Services "I think that it's important to recognize that this is an institutional building. We want it here for our people to last for 100 plus years. We want to make that investment once and actually we've ben given an opportunity to make that investment where due to a natural event, we're not required to bare that full cost to renovate this campus)) State and local officials also say its also an investment in Waterbury -- A community that come next December -- will be glad to welcome its state workers back home. AR Channel 3 News -- Waterbury


The town of Waterbury is also rebuilding -- after the storm. Logan Crawford is in Waterbury with the latest on the town's recovery. Logan? Darren, although they may not be visible -- the wounds Tropical Storm Irene inflicted on Waterbury are still being felt.


(TC 00:15:37:28 Tile 5391) ((Robert Boedecker/Waterbury Center "It's hard to believe it's been 3 years and a few months already." 00:15:41:17)) Robert Boedecker was working at the Waterbury car dealership "Snow Fire" in 20-11 when Tropical Storm Irene hit. (TC 00:11:38:03 Tile 5391) ((Robert Boedecker/Waterbury Center "I walked into the shop. No power and just this layer of mud and oil everywhere." 00:11:46:20)) Town officials say a third of the properties in Waterbury were damaged by the flood waters. (TC 00:01:33:02 Tile 5379) ((Bill Shepeluk/Waterbury Town Manager "The businesses along Main Street and the downtown that are still struggling. You know the state had 1,500 employees the day before Irene struck and since then almost all of them were gone." 00:01:46:13)) And with them -- went dollars spent at local shops and restaurants. So, the group "Revitalizing Waterbury" started a program called "Rebuilding Waterbury." The group raised nearly a million dollars to assist individuals and businesses affected by Irene. They say a few businesses closed following the storm -- but most pulled through. (TC 00:22:35:29 Tile 5405) ((Fauna Hurley/Revitalizing Waterbury "Hair salons, dry cleaners, laundromats, auto repairs, those kinds of businesses still are struggling and are really looking forward to the influx of state workers that will be coming back in about a year." 00:22:49:05)) (TC 00:18:53:27 Tile 5397) ((Logan Crawford/Waterbury "the high water mark here on the Waterbury Fire Station shows just how badly the town was impacted 3 years ago by tropical storm Irene. The Waterbury Town Offices are still displaced -- and currently located on the second floor of the fire station." 00:19:07:20:24)) (TC 00:06:06:12 Tile 5379) ((Bill Shepeluk/Waterbury Town Manager "We've been in this building since November of 11." 00:06:09:18)) Cleanup and rebuilding -- has been ongoing. And construction on a new 6-million dollar municipal office building will start next year. (TC 00:29:07:10 Tile 5409) ((Barbara Farr/Long-Term Community Recovery "Going through the permitting process to build at the current library site in town which is above the flood plain and expand the current library, build municipal offices and provide a home for the historical society all in one complex." 00:29:25:03)) And Shepeluk hopes with hundreds of state employees moving back to Waterbury -- businesses' bottom lines will bounce back too. ((Shepeluk: we'll be ready for them ." 00:03:31:08))


Town officials say they're working with homeowners and businesses in flood-prone areas to elevate utilities like furnaces and wiring in preparation of future floods. Darren?


Sharon is here, and it's hard to believe there is a warm up expected this weekend. Yes. ...And that could cause some big problems in Buffalo, with all of the snow they have been getting, a warmup could lead to some big flooding problems. There is a clipper system which is moving across the northeast, and that has been bringing some scattered snow showers to the region, especially in the higher elevations. Of course it is also bringing more lake effect snow to western NY, where another several feet of snow is possible in addition to what they have already seen this week. In that targeted area south of Buffalo, there could be up to 100" of snow. Once this clipper moves out, another blast of cold Arctic air will arrive, driving our temperatures down into the single digits for overnight lows Friday night and early Saturday morning. After that, winds will shift to the south, and that will drive some warm air into the northeast. There may be some scattered rain and snow showers Sunday night, but Monday, rain showers are likely with temperatures warming into the upper 40s and low 50s. Then colder weather will return Wednesday and Thursday, bringing the temperatures back to normal or a little below once again.


Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Scattered snow showers. Lows: 12/22 Winds: SW 10-15 mph Friday: Cold and blustery. A few morning snow showers. Becoming partly sunny. Highs: 23/30 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Friday Night: Mostly clear and cold. Lows: 5/15 Winds: S 5-10 mph Saturday: Partly sunny and breezy. Highs: 30/37 Winds: S 10-15 mph Extended: Sunday through Thursday. Saturday Night: Lows 22/32 Sunday: Chance of showers developing west. Rain/snow showers Sunday night. Highs 42/48 Lows 35/42 Monday: Rain showers likely. Highs 48/55 Lows 35/42 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers. Highs 45/55 Lows 30s Wednesday: Chance of rain or snow showers. Highs 35/45 Lows 20s Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs 35/45



Starting Line Sports ...after going 1-1 to start the season on the road, the UVM men's basketball team playing it's home opener last night at Patrick Gym against Division Three Southern Vermont. UVM freshman Ernie Duncan, Brandon Hatton and Zach McRoberts sitting this one out with various injuries ...but depth wasn't a problem for the Cats on this night... --- Vermont would score first and never look back... Ethan O'Day to Hector Harold...Harold with 12 points...the Cats open the game on a 15-3 run... --- this Southern Vermont team is a good, veteran squad...and they never stopped battling...DeShawn Hamlet in the paint... He had a game high 13 ... --- Vermont firing on all cylinders...Cam Ward went 3-for-3 from downtown...the freshman also chipped in 12...Cats up 18 at the break...37-18... --- Second half...the Cats sharing the ball ...a pair of great passing sequences lead to jams for Ethan O'Day...ten for O'Day ...nine of the ten Vermont players that saw the court had an assist... Six players reached double figures as Vermont rolls S-V-C 86-41 in their home opener at Patrick Gym.


(((TRT: 28 OC: WHICH WAS GREAT))) ((Ward/ It was fun. Anytime you win is fun. It was great to have balanced scoring like that. It just shows that it doesn't matter who scores on any given night. We can do it.)) ((Becker/ As a coach that is what I really had nerves about before the game, was how do we handle success and would we respond. I was really on them and coaching them hard early, just to make sure we got off to the start we needed and the guys responded and we were able to play better as the game went on, which was great.))


The Dartmouth men's soccer team opening the NCAA Tournament at home tonight...early highlights coming up ...


Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds most people who drink excessively are not alcoholics. Danielle Nottingham reports.


BARTENDER CARY JENSEN-MADISON DOESN'T THINK HAVING A FEW DRINKS AFTER HIS SHIFT IS A BIG DEAL . ((SOT: Cary Jensen-Madison)) (20:04:06) I probably drink at least 5 to 6 nights out of the week (04:28) A NEW STUDY FROM THE CDC FINDS 9 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE WHO DRINK EXCESSIVELY ARE NOT ALCOHOLICS. ((SOT: Dr. Robert Brewer/ CDC Alcohol Program)) (9.32.56) "the conventional wisdom has been that most people who drink too much have the disease of alcohol dependence or alcoholism. The study found that 1 in 3 adults are considered excessive drinkers, most binge drink on multiple occasions. (STANDUP: Danielle Nottingham/ CBS News/ Studio City, CA) "Excessive drinking is defined as consuming 8 or more drinks a week for women…or 15 or more drinks for men." Excessive alcohol use can lead to health issues including cancer, liver and heart disease. It's responsible for 88-thousand deaths in the us each year. RESEARCHERS SAY SCREENING AND COUNSELING FOR EXCESSIVE DRINKING CAN HELP CONTROL THE PROBLEM. ((SOT: Dr. Robert Brewer/ CDC Alcohol Program)) 9.38.50 excessive alcohol use is a huge public health problem in the U.S. It kills a large portion of people in the prime of their lives. JENSEN-MADISON SAYS HE DRINKS SOCIALLY, BUT MAKES SURE HE DOESN'T MAKE IT A HABIT THAT COULD PUT HIS HEALTH IN DANGER. DANIELLE NOTTINGHAM, CBS NEWS, LOS ANGELES.


Numbers show about 1 in 30 adults are considered alcoholics or alcohol dependent. That's health watch.



It's been 63 year since he served with the Marines. But this week's super senior -- is still serving his country -- in a very honorable way Joe Carroll has more.


All is quiet at the Vermont State Veterans Cemetery in Randolph Center except for the the flags fluttering in the wind. ((nat sot of the flags)) It's the final resting spot for those who have served their country. Hundreds of headstones dot the landscape. (00:24:39:00) ((Nap Pietryka/Super Senior, It's going to be cold. )) Three miles away, Napoleon Pietryka, Nap for short, is getting ready for another day up the hill. (00:24:55:11) ((Nap Pietryka/Super Senior, so are we going first today? )) Joining his fellow veterans. (00:05:55:15) ((Joe: why is it important for you to be an honor guard? Nap: Very simple, it's the right thing to do. )) Nap has been trying to do the right thing ever since he was a young boy in West Rutland. (00:08:56:00) ((Nap Pietryka/Super Senior, My mother died at 2 years old, when I was two years old. )) It was up to Nap's 16-year-old sister to take care of her father and raise the three younger boys. (00:09:58:00) ((Nap Pietryka/Super Senior, You imagine a 16 year old the burden on her and somehow this had an affect on me,that you got to help people, we are all in this together. )) Nap married his childhood sweetheart Agnes, joined the Marines and raise 6 kids. He retired from Vermont Technical College where he taught mechanical engineering. Years later, at a friend's military burial, he noticed something that bothered him. (00:14:42:00) ((Nap Pietryka/Super Senior, I said, gee this isn't right, it just, it wasn't right! )) Just two active military members where folding the American flag. The bare bones for a service. Nap took charge and formed an honor guard unit with the American Legion Post in town. That was five years ago. (00:47:16:04) ((Joe Carroll/WCAX, Nap estimates he's done this honor guard service 500 times for his fellow veterans and he can count on his hand how many times he missed it.)) (00:20:06:01) (( Nap sitting down in chair to read. Alright!)) When the numbers of volunteers started to wane, Nap wrote this in the local newspaper. (00:20:33:00) ((Nap reading, The honor guards needs more volunteers. )) Even though Nap's eyesight is failing, the 85 year old feels obligated to continue to serve. He would just like more people to do the same. (00:21:25:00) ((Nap reading, It is a job with no pay, but a lot of satisfaction that what we are doing is worthwhile. )) Today it's a funeral for a veteran who served over 20 years in the Air Force. (00:27:45:04) (( pulling out gun from van.)) (00:27:58:00) ((nat sot of trigger guard.)) (00:28:11:09) ((nat sot of other guy prepping gun)) Nap is preparing for a bitter cold service. (00:29:50:03) ((Nap Pietryka/Super Senior, Well my figures are already cold! )) The honor guards march a short distance to the burial. (00:31:49:10) ((Nat sot, Ready face! )) They stand at attention and after a short prayer, it's time for the honor guards to perform their duties. (00:34:36:16) ((Nat sot, forth arms. right face ready aim fire, ready aim fire,)) (00:35:20:00) ((nat sot, Taps)) Nap marches off chilled to the bone, but he says this is his duty. ((Nap Pietryka/Super Senior, I hope that everything I've done has been decent at least)) His mother named him Napoleon for greatness. She would be proud. Joe Carroll, Channel 3 News, Randolph Center.


Check your tickets. Someone bought the lone winning ticket drawn last night in the Megabucks Lottery game. The jackpot was worth two million, 450-thousand dollars. The ticket was sold at the Middlebury Beef store. Here are the numbers --- 6, 22, 23, 36, 40 and the megaball is 4 This is the first winning Megabucks ticket sold in Vermont since May of 20-13.


The Ivy League champion Dartmouth men's soccer team making it's first appearance in the NCAA Tournament since 2011 tonight. The Big Green hosting Fordham in the first round. This is the second meeting all-time between the two teams ...the first was earlier this year, the Big Green blanking the Rams 2-0 back on September 27th in Hanover. Dartmouth 5-1 overall in NCAA games at home ...that lone loss coming to Vermont back in 2007... --- this one was scoreless thru the first half, then about 15 minutes into the second half...the Big Green swarming the Fordham box...Alex Adelabu and Matt Danilack keep the ball alive for Robin Alnas who comes thru with a great strike to give Dartmouth the 1-0 lead ... but Fordham gets the equalizer with just over ten minutes left in regulation and at last check it was still 1-1 late in the second half...We'll have full highlights and reaction from Hanover tonight at 11pm...


The Middlebury field hockey team is on it's way to Lexington, Virginia for this weekend's NCAA Final Four. The Panthers will face The College of New Jersey in the national semifinals Saturday at 2pm...with a win there, Middlebury would meet either Salisbury or NESCAC rival Bowdoin for the national championship Sunday at 1pm. The Panthers won their lone national title back in 1998. They have reached the championship game four times since 2003, but have yet to return to the top of the mountain. Now with that title just two wins away, maintaining focus will be at the forefront.


((TRT: 41 ... OC: WE CAN WIN)) ((Knapp/ I think we've really focused on one day at a time, one moment at a time. Being present. So we're not distracted by what can come in the future, we just focus on getting the job done at that moment, at that time. It's brought us great success in the past and I think it will help in our future.)) ((Schulman/ It's the culmination of all the hard work we've put into this season. It would be so phenomenal to come out of this... just two more games... and to have a win, that would would be everything.)) ((DeLorenzo/ This is not a team of nerves. This is not a team of great emotionalism. We want every game in the postseason to be the hardest one we've had yet. That's what we're hoping for, and we also believe we can win.))


The UVM men's hockey team has what appears to be a good chance at picking up four big points on the road when the 11th ranked IceCats visit Connecticut tomorrow night and Massachusetts Saturday. The Huskies and Minutemen have two of the worst records amongst Hockey East teams out of the gate, but the Cats know they can't take anything for granted. ((TRT: 32 ... OC: COMING UP HERE.)) ((Santaguida/ From top to bottom, you can't really underestimate anybody, because regardless of what your record is any given team can beat anybody on any given night. Coach reiterates that every game, that we need to play playoff-style hockey.)) ((Sneddon/ Certainly I remember the ECAC days. It kind of brings me back to those days where you can't talk about your Saturday opponent all week. You have to focus on Friday night, so for us, there's challenges and opportunities in every game we play coming up here.))


The third ranked Norwich men's hockey team picked up wins over Southern Maine and the University of New England this past weekend by a combined score of 9-1. Now 4-0, the Cadets play the next six all on the road, including the Primelink Shootout next weekend in Middlebury and a visit to rival Castleton on December 6th, a set of tough tests for a young team playing with confidence.


((TRT: 12 ... OC: GRINDED IT OUT.))


Last night...the 1-1 Norwich women's hoop team visiting 1-1 Plattsburgh...home opener for the SUNYAC champs... --- First half, Cardinals cruising... Brittany Marshall with 2 of her 15... Plattsburgh up 24-19 at halftime... --- Second half, the Cadets storm their way back... A huge part... the shooting of Kayla Mercer... 13 late... This 3 makes gives Norwich a 2-pt lead... --- PSU retakes a 56-54 edge... Under 35 seconds to play, Mercer at it again... The huge 3 turns the tide for good... Aaliyah Curry adds 23 ... As Norwich downs Plattsburgh on the road, 60-58. Tonight, the Middlebury women visit Castleton...both teams off to 2-0 starts to their seasons...




Tonight at 11 -- a dairy farm in Franklin county -- has to pay up -- for polluting the water. Plus -- digging out. The latest on that massive snow storm in Buffalo -- next on the CBS Evening News. Good night.

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