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The Vermont Building is filled with companies that highlight what the state is all about -- one of those is Johnson Woolen Mills which dates back to 1842. I spoke with the owner earlier today.


Coming up at 6- we spoke with the head of Long Trail Brewing Company about the controversy that's been brewing at their booth.


Tomorrow on the Thirty -- we are live from St. Albans. The city is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the St. Albans Raid -- the northern-most land action in the Civil War. We'll look at the weekend's festivities... meet the man playing the top confederate... and see what it takes to make some giant, outdoor sets. That's tomorrow at 5-30 on The Thirty.


Good Evening I'm Darren Perron. and I'm Kristin Kelly. Governor Shumlin's Republican challenger wants to put a cap on ballooning property taxes. Scott Milne first floated the idea during a debate Saturday; today he expanded on the idea in a conversation with our state house reporter Kyle Midura, Kyle - Darren and Kristin, Milne has outlined the issues he sees as key to an upset victory in November, but this is the first plan with details he has unveiled since kicking off his campaign in late-July


Voters shot down school budgets all over the state this spring as some communities saw double-digit property tax hikes. Across Vermont, those who don't pay based on their income saw rates go up by an average of five percent. (00:00:20:00) ((Milne one of the biggest things I'm hearing around Vt. is we need a predictable funding system for our schools)) After weeks of alluding to his campaign of ideas, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne provided more details Thursday about his call for a two-year cap on the state property tax. He says doing so would make tax burdens more predictable. In a weekend debate, the Governor said capping rates is not possible without capping local control. (1:29) ((Scott Milne I'm not surprised that he became an expert on it before he understood it, but it clearly does not affect local decision making )) Milne says the cost would shift to other taxes unless schools cut spending. The income tax is most likely -- a legislative proposal to move all school costs to that source stalled before lawmakers left Montpelier last May. Costs are not expected to drop next year. Milne says he would leave how to fill the gap his proposal would create up to legislators. He is not sharing cost-cutting plans... at least yet. (2:15) ((Milne we'll be talking about our strategies for lowering school costs clearly over the next few weeks)) (5:07) (( the most important thing to do if you want to be a good governor, Kyle, is to get elected we've got a strategy to get elected )) Milne says that strategy is forcing the Governor to talk about his time in office, not what he will do if he takes over.


Milne says that strategy received a boost today, as new U.S. Census bureau figures show declining incomes for Vermonters and more residents living below the poverty line than did last year. He says that contradicts the Governor's claims of an improving economy. We wanted to talk to Governor Shumlin about this but his campaign manager did not respond to our interview request.


The technical problems with the Vermont Health Connect are well documented -- but now we're learning about what kind of experience patients are having with their insurance plans. State lawmakers today heard testimony about a recent survey of doctors across the state. The Vermont Medical Society asked about access, customer service, and how well the benefits in various plans are serving patients. And the doctors report that exchange plans are working well for the 60 percent of customers who receive subsidies.


(00:47:00:00) ((Paul Harrington, Executive Vice-President, Vermont Medical Society They are not for those who are forced onto the exchange and have to pay the entire premium out of pocket and thus face those high-deductibles )) Vermont's Health Advocate Trinka Kerr says call volume remains high at her office, largely due to the exchange. She says they've received fewer calls regarding access to care this year than in previously, but the number of eligibility questions and complaints about costly coverage are up. She says many Vermonters chose bronze plans -- attracted by lower monthly rates -- but did not realize how much care would cost them. She says the state needs to better educate Vermonters about their options.


A new DCF commissioner. And new rules -- presented today. Shelby Cashman joins us with the details. Shelby? Darren and Kristin--its been months since the tragic deaths of toddlers Dezirae Sheldon--and Peighton Geraw. And since--changes to the child protection system as a whole--have been happening in stages. Most recently with the replacement of both Human Services Secretary Doug Racine---and DCF Commissioner Dave Yacavone--the new leadership has stepped in to outline concrete plans.

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Dezirae Sheldon--and Peighton Geraw. Names that have sparked changes to Vermont child's protection system. Both toddlers had been in custody of the Department for Children and Families - but returned to their mothers. And both toddlers later died--of blunt force trauma. (01:11:18:04) ((Ken Schatz "We have made some specific policy changes that were clearly required to address issues that arose as a result of these fatalities.")) (01:11:30:20) Department for Children and Families Commissioner Ken Schatz addressed the legislative committee on health oversight Thursday. Schatz was appointed by Governor Shumlin earlier this month--after former Commissioner Dave Yacavone--stepped down. Schatz laid out some concrete changes--to DCF policy -- since reviews of the toddler deaths started last spring. GFX: 1. In cases of serious physical injury--all DCF district staff must consult with central staff. - Serious physical injury includes head injury--broken bones--or anything indicative of ongoing abuse. 2. For children placed with parents in a residential treatment program--custody will not be returned to the parent until they are discharged from the facility. - Once full custody is returned--it will then be on a trail basis. In the Peighton Geraw case--the toddler lived with his mother--Nytosha LaForce at the Lund Residential Treatment Center in Burlington. Full custody was given back to Laforce--while she was still there. DCF then had no further contact with the family--until just days before his death. And Schatz also supports the creation of a proposed permanent legislative oversight committee -- for DCF. He says that permanent committee -- would help combat confidentiality issues. In the past -- the need to protect client privacy has kept DCF policies and decision making -- in the dark. (01:22:26:29) ((Ken Schatz "The legislature could give such a committee the ability to receive confidential information and keep it confidential , so that the committee could be aware of individual circumstances but not necessarily stigmatize the family by making those public."")) (01:22:44)

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These changes are in addition to the over two dozen staff members--ranging from social workers to substance abuse specialists that have been hired. Human Services Secretary Harry Chen--plans to present his recommendations to Governor Shumlin--on October 1st.


Vermont has had more fatal accidents this year because of drivers under the influence of drugs --- than drunk drivers. Out of 31 fatal crashes -- State Police say 5 have involved drivers suspected of using drugs. Marijuana was sited in most of those (4). 2 have involved people driving under the influence of alcohol. The rest included factors such as speeding. Julie Kelley hit the road with a trooper specially trained in detecting drugs in drivers.


(TC:00:01:49:00) ((Julie Kelley/Reporting Stand up - when a trooper hits the road in vermont today, more of the focus is on detecting people who are under the influence of drugs. The state police has about a dozen officers trained as drug recognition experts.)) Trooper Jerry Partin is a nationally trained DRE. (TC - 00:39:12:00) ((Trooper Jerry Partin/VT State Police The training kind of opens your eyes, so prior to becoming a DRE there's a lot of things I missed out the on the road.)) Anytime a stop is made in Vermont, where drugs are suspected, a DRE is called in. Gfx- So far this year, there have been 128 drug recognition expert evaluations. State Police say, of those, 121 people ended up being charged. (TC - 00:10:13:00) ((Lt. Garry Scott/VT State Police Within the last five years we've started to really look at what is the scope of our drug driving problem especially in Vermont.)) Since 2005, when the DRE program started in Vermont, they have tracked the type of drugs that have been found during evaluations. GFX- The biggest amount is depressants at 40 percent. Marijuana was found 24-percent of the time and narcotics like Heroin and OxyContin were found in 21 percent of people evaluated. The rest are other substances. (TC - 00:23:39:00) ((Julie Kelley/Reporting So this is the room where they would test people that they think they are on drugs and have been driving. I'm going to put on these goggles which will simulate having had drugs in my system.)) Trooper Partin takes me through the paces. (TC-00:24:46:00) ((Trooper Partin: Take nine steps again back this way, walking heel to toe, counting out loud the whole time. While you watch your feet with your hands on your side.)) They have 8 clues they look for when doing a drug recognition expert evaluation. (TC - 00:25:03:00) ((Julie Kelley/Reporting Two, three, four, I'm all over the place.)) (TC-00:25:48:00) ((Trooper Jerry Partin/VT State Police We're seeing all the clues that we see with impaired drivers. Missing heel to toe. Even because you're trying to steady yourself, you're missing some of the instructions.)) And they're testing out a new tool across the state right now. (TC-00:02:15:00) ((Sergeant Todd Ambroz/VT State Police We can actually use this device and we do a cheek swab and it tests for 28 different types of drugs)) Sergeant Todd Ambroz (ambrose) says, the best part of this equipment is that it tests for drugs that are active. (TC-00:02:24:00) ((Sergeant Todd Ambroz/VT State Police 00:02:24:00 not drugs that you used in the past, nothing like marijuana that's metabolized and you used it the days ago. We're talking about drugs that are active in your system right then and there.)) This year's fatalities due to marijuana raise questions and concerns for folks in public safety about what will happen if it is legalized in Vermont. (TC-00:13:00:00) ((Lt. Garry Scott/VT State Police If we legalize marijuana we have to make sure that our driving laws are the same as our alcohol driving laws. Which right now they're not, they're different.)) (TC-00:48:15:00) ((Keith Flynn/VT Public Safety Commissioner We need to develop good databases, not only in Vermont but nationally so that we can have a base to refer back to and come up with solid, scientific data to support the imposition of a per se limit.)) A limit similar to point-08 for alcohol. (TC-00:04:01:00) ((Julie Kelley/Reporting It remains to be seen whether Vermont will end up making marijuana legal ... But whether it does or doesn't .... The reality for troopers and leaders in public safety is that they have to find better ways to detect people who are using drugs and driving. Julie Kelley, Channel 3 News, South Burlington.))


The new equipment that's being tested has been in use for about a month now. Since it's in the testing phase, Troopers say, it's being used on a voluntary basis ... Which means someone who gets stopped can refuse to get swabbed. They also say, that the evidence collected can't be used in court.

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Police say he confessed to killing a popular St. Johnsbury school teacher -- and now a judge says the confession can be used against him. Allen Prue -- and his wife, Patricia, face kidnapping, sexual assault -- and first-degree murder charges -- in the 20-12 death of Melissa Jenkins. Allen Prue's trial is set to begin on October 6th. His lawyer wanted statements he made to police during a 7-hour interview suppressed -- citing Miranda Rights violations. But today -- Judge Robert Bent denied that request. A trial date for Patricia Prue has not been set yet.


A grand jury in Essex County New York cleared a state trooper who shot and killed a suspect. Police say a high-speed chase led to a deadly shooting in the Adirondacks. The victim is 28-year old Richard Aubin of Ausable Forks. Police say they tried to pull him over -- but he led them on a 20-mile chase -- that ended in North Hudson -- when Aubin got out and ran into the woods. Troopers then got in a physical fight with Aubin -- and that's when he was shot and killed.

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Dan is here. A cloudy day today, but a some sun out there this evening. (wx script)


Don't worry if you want a Vermont brew at the Eastern States Exposition. Controversy over Long Trail's booth at the Big E -- is over. The Vermont beer-maker is there -- in West Springfield, Massachusetts. And so is our Gina Bullard. Hi Gina. This will be Long Trail's 11th year as a vendor here at the Big E but that relationship was almost cut short after the fair took issue with the beer company earlier this summer. Officials here at the Big E said they were concerned with traffic congestion at Long Trail's booth and making sure the 17-day long fair stayed a family friendly and safe event. The company worked through the concerns an have signed another three year contract to stay at the fair.


(00:29:55:25) ((Dan Fulham/Owner Long Trail Brewing "its a triangulated relationship because our contract is with the state of vermont agency of agcitulrture but because we're on the grounds the big e gets to weigh in in terms of who 's in the building")) (00:29:24:07) ((Dan Fulham/Owner Long Trail Brewing "we're deep in the heritage of vt in terms of brands people associate and they get millions here. We do sell beer here but more important we give people exposure who may or may not know about the brand")) Go through 200 kegs at the Big E - so they are selling a lot of beer.


Sears is shutting down in Rutland. It's one of the anchor tenants of the Diamond Run Mall. But the company announced today it will begin a liquidation sale on September 26th -- and will close in early December. Sears says it is closing stores around the country to reduce on-going expenses -- adjust its asset base -- and accelerate the transformation of its business model. The store and auto center have 65 employees. They'll be offered jobs at other Sears or KMart stores.


A big change for a popular paper in the Northeast Kingdom. The Barton Chronicle will soon be employee owned. The writers, editors and staff at the Chronicle are buying the paper from the Braithwaite family. Longtime publisher Chris Braithwaite is retiring -- and he and his wife are now set to sell. No price has been released for the weekly.


Alex Apple visited the paper today -- he will have more on the deal and what it means for readers -- coming up tonight on the Channel 3 News at 11.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is running for a second term. His opponent -- Republican Rob Astorino -- visited the North Country today -- trying to convince residents -- he's the better man for the job. Logan Crawford is live in Plattsburgh with more. Logan? Darren, Astorino says his mission is to bring business back to New York -- and says he can do it better than Cuomo. His visit at the North Country Chamber of Commerce was about just that.


John VanNatten is the regional branch manager at Glens Falls National Bank. He's 1 of several Northern New Yorkers meeting Rob Astorino --the Republican candidate for New York governor. (TC 00:34:23:25 Tile 3664) ((John VanNatten/Glens Falls National Bank "It was great to have him come up here and to talk about some of the issues affecting small business in the North Country." 00:34:30:21)) Astorino is the Westchester County Executive elected in 2009. He came to discuss current concerns facing the area. He's running against Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo. (TC 00:23:57:19 Tile 3663) ((Rob Astorino/Republican for NY Governor "I jumped in because I care about the state, I do not like the direction of the state. We're losing badly, we're losing our own people, we're losing jobs, the economy is not good in most parts of the state. We have the highest taxes." 00:24:11:23)) Astorino differs from Cuomo on a number of policy issues. Astorino wants to repeal the Common Core educational standards and New York's Safe Act gun law. He's is also an advocate for hydro-fracking natural gas in the North Country. (TC 00:32:11:27 Tile 3663) ((Rob Astorino/Republican for NY Governor "This would transform upstate, bring back manufacturing, give opportunities for people at all education and skill levels create careers. You'd have ancillary effects like new hotels and restaurants." 00:32:24:24)) (TC 00:53:42:25 Tile 3676) ((Logan Crawford/Plattsburgh "Astorino says if he's elected he'll work to bring businesses back to New York and grow the economy. But before then -- political analysts at SUNY Plattsburgh say Astorino has an uphill battle." 00:53:54:14)) (TC 00:40:10:17 Tile 3671) ((Harvey Schantz/SUNY Plattsburgh "There are a number of advantages Cuomo has, but I think the biggest advantage that he has is the party enrollment advantage of New York State for the democrats. If you look at the enrollment in New York State about half of the enrollment is democratic -- and another quarter is republican and another quarter is none or other parties." 00:40:30:04)) Schantz says something Astorino can do to help himself in the race is to debate Cuomo. (TC 00:41:34:00 Tile 3671) ((Harvey Schantz/SUNY Plattsburgh "In any debate the challenger has a lot more to gain because most people already know what they think about the incumbent, in this case Andrew Cuomo. But we don't really know Rob Astorino, so Rob Astorino can paint his image for us." 00:41:50:04))


We reached out to Governor Cuomo for comment. His office has not gotten back to us. Political science professor Harvey Schantz says the last time a New York State governor lost a re-election race was in 1994 -- and that happened to be Andrew Cuomo's father. Cuomo and Astorino face off on Election Day November 4th. Darren?


Vermont businesses are getting a boost in their efforts to go green. The U-S Department of Agriculture awarded more than 120-thousand dollars in grants to four businesses -- the money will help sugar makers boil syrup more efficiently, help turn cow manure into electricity, and help a small firewood business switch to renewable fuel.


Dan is back. More cool weather on the way?


Tonight high pressure will work in providing us with clear skies, light winds and low humidity; Temps will tumble, reaching 25/35 by Friday morning. We'll get a widespread frost, with a hard freeze away from Lake Champlain. It's a good idea to take measures to protect any tender vegetation. A *FROST ADVISORY* is in effect for the Champlain Valley and southern Vermont from 1 AM to 8 AM Friday. A *FREEZE WARNING* is in effect for those same times for most of northern NY, away from Lake Champlain, and for North-Central and Northeast Vermont. After a cold start, sunny skies will boost our temps back into the upper 50s on Friday afternoon. Temps will warm into the 60s on Saturday. A warm front will move through the area with some clouds and maybe a spotty shower. Sunday will be even milder, but a cold front will catch up to us with afternoon showers. Fall officially begins at 10:29 PM on Monday. It looks like we'll have a lot of clouds around, with some cool temperatures. A few showers are possible too, mainly in the mountains. We'll keep things cool on Tuesday, then temps may turn milder later next week.


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An unveiling today -- of the U-S-S Vermont. For the first time in more than 100 years--a U-S Navy combat vessel will be named--for the state. The Secretary of the Navy -- joined Governor Shumlin--and Burlington's Mayor -- for the announcement. The navy has commissioned the construction of the nuclear-powered -- fast-attack submarine.


(00:13:05) ((Sec. Ray Mabus/US Navy "I'm here to once again honor the sailors and marines who have come from this great state, to honor your support of our Navy and our Marine Corp and your naval history. So today I'm announcing the name of our next fast attack submarine the next USS Vermont.")) (00:13:25) The USS Vermont is part of a 17 billion dollar investment in ten new Virginia class submarines. Construction--has not started yet.x

32} VLS6_VO

Police say a student who attended Vermont Law School in South Royalton -- killed his mother -- and then -- himself. The investigation reveals that 35 year-old John Trombly shot his mother, Elizabeth, multiple times and then turned the gun on himself. Both were found dead in her home in Amherst, New Hampshire. Investigators believe the murder-suicide happened sometime between Friday and Tuesday.


((00:50 Stacey Pawlik/NH Assistant Attorney General: The medical examiner report indicates she was the victim of a homicide. And he was the victim of a suicide. WHAT KIND OF WEAPON WAS USED? An AK47. A HIGH POWERED RIFLE. Yes.)) Vermont Law School notified students faculty, and staff of John Trombly's death via email. And wished the Trombly family strength during this difficult time.


A man who left the scene of a fatal accident 27-years-ago -- was back in court this week -- charged with leaving the scene of an accident in Chester. And get this -- the truck that was hit was occupied by the son and great-grandson of the woman who was killed -- all those years ago. 57-year-old Steven Bernatchy of Chester -- pleaded not guilty to gross negligent operation and leaving the scene of an accident. Police say earlier this month -- he sideswiped a pickup truck in Proctorsville Gulf -- and kept going. The truck was driven by 63-year-old Frederick Hart of Ludlow. He is the grandson of Thelma Hart who was killed by Bernatchy in a hit and run crash in 1987.

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A gun shop in Georgia -- is closing its doors. Bob's Gun Shop has been in business since 19-77. Owner Bob Letourneau said in a news release that QUOTE "it's just not fun anymore." He also notes -- what he calls -- a change in the market from traditional long guns and handguns -- to the modern desire for paramilitary firearms. Bob's was the target of multiple burglaries over the years -- but Letourneau did not site that as one of his reasons for closing. He plans to auction off all remaining firearms and supplies on November 7th. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports ...he's one of the most famous and popular athletes in the country...and today Dale Earnhardt, Jr was in Vermont. Junior getting a large cheer from the crowd on hand at the Essex High School Gym for this very special meet and greet session sponsored by the Vermont National Guard ... Earnhardt Jr. is in the region to compete in this weekend's Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon... And as we know, there's always time for a short pit stop ... Close to 200 students and local fans getting a once in a lifetime opportunity which included a question and answer segment followed by an autograph and picture session with the sprint car driver. He did not speak to the media, but from his favorite track to his thoughts on the importance of college, Earnhardt Jr. was very candid with his audience, speaking from his heart on all that he's learned both on and off the track. It's that type of genuine approach that has helped make #88 number one for so many racing fans.


(((TRT: 32 OC: AT THE SAME TIME..."It was awesome, I got to meet Dale Earnhardt Jr. To see him up there, it was awesome... It was pretty cool... I thought he would come out and seem like he was a big deal but he was really good at relating to us and fits in like any adult here. It was great that he could chill, relate and inspire us at the same time...))


Coming up later... coming off the huge win at Woodstock... we'll check in with the U-32 football team ...and what happened in Rusney Castillo's Red Sox debut last night in Pittsburgh...


Government health officials say now is the time to be thinking about flu.. and they have a new recommendation for young children. Alison Harmelin reports.


(TRACK) nats 3, 2, 1 sniff 11 year old Cole Eggers is getting his flu vaccine (SOT Cole Eggers/Patient) the spray is just a spray they stick up your nose (SOT Carol Newell/Cole's Mother) he prefers the nasal spray I think it's less threatening (TRACK) For the first time, government health officials are recommending Flu Mist nasal spray as the preferred vaccine for healthy kids two to 8 years old. It's made with live virus that is weakened (SOT Dr. Paul Offit / ) it induces a better response in the upper respiratory tract and the data for young children are it's a better vaccine in that age group (TRACK) But if the nasal spray isnt immediately available, health officials say parents should not wait to get their children vaccinated. Despite the warnings about how serious and deadly the flu can be, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds only about half of Americans got vaccinated last year. (SOT Dr. Tom Frieden/CDC) we recommend everyone 6 months and older get a vaccine/ (TRACK) About 150 million doses of flu vaccine are expected to be available this season. 77-million will protect against 4 strains of flu virus instead of the usual three strains. All of the nasal spray vaccine this year offers four strain protection. (SOT Dr. Sylvain Weinberger/Premier Pediatrics) most children will not have any reactions but occasionally children with the live vaccine can have signs of a cold for a couple of days (TRACK) Cole's mom makes sure her son is vaccinated every year. (SOT Carol Newell/Cole's Mother) it keeps you safe, it keeps other people around you safe. (TRACK) She plans to get her flu shot soon as well. Alison Harmelin, For CBS News, New York.


New numbers also show just a third of healthy adults 18 to 64 got vaccinated last year. Last flu season, that was the age group that had the highest rate of hospitalizations because of flu. That's Health Watch.


If you have managed to escape a frost so far, you know your gardening days (or hours) are numbered. And if you want to hurry the ripening process along, Sharon Meyer and garden expert Charlie Nardozzi have some suggestions.


If you have managed to escape a frost so far, you know your gardening days are numbered. If you want to hurry the ripening process along, Sharon Meyer and garden expert Charlie Nardozzi have some suggestions. ((Well Charlie, in spite of the beautiful sunny weather we have, we are transitioning into some fall crops. Exactly, and if you've got some crops that have been growing and they haven't quite matured yet, you might want to encourage them to actually form the little things that you want from them. Times a wasting! Times a wasting! So one of those crops is brussel sprouts. Now luckily with brussel sprouts, they'll go til October, November, it will take a frost and be ok. But by now, you should have the sprouts forming. Those are the little sprouts all along the stalk. If you don't see any sprouts forming or if they are really teeny, then you've got to do something to encourage them. And the simple thing to do, is to just cut the top of the brussel sprout plant right off. And that encourages it. And what that will do, is it will send more energy to forming the sprouts on the stalk, and less energy to forming new growth. And then hopefully in a couple of weeks or so, you'll start seeing them form, and who knows, by Thanksgiving you'll have brussel sprouts! Now the winter squash and pumpkins, not as fortunate as brussel sprouts, as soon as the frost hits, they are going to die. So if you've got some of those forming, butternuts or some blue hubbard, or some pumpkins and they aren't really mature yet, you might want to cut the ends of those vines off, and take any of the small squash and flowers off too. Really, ok. Because that's again, going to take energy away from the actual fruits, and of course you don't want to throw your flowers away, you want to have them as a snack! With a little olive oil, garlic and tomato sauteed, it's delicious! Yum! ))


Tonight's super senior -- actually takes Joe out of the state. He's at the Big E in West Springfield Massachusetts -- what's going on Joe? Krisin and Darren, I've traveled all over the state of Vermont doing Super Senior stories, So why am I here at the Big E? Well Marilyn Childs has been coming to the fair for the last 83 years -- she never misses it. I caught up with her on her farm just a few days ago.


(nat sot of rain) In the hills high above Chelsea, there is peace and beauty; it's like stepping into the past. And Marilyn Childs lives a solitary life there on a road called Harolyn. It's a hybrid of two names, Marilyn and her late husband Harold. It's been home for a long time. (00:26:12:00) ((Marilyn Childs/Super Senior, that all of these people I did things with are dead in gone. )) The 91 year doesn't want sympathy, she too independent for that. (00:27:48:00) ((Marilyn Childs/Super Senior, Wasn't raised to fear things and I just don't. )) The former teacher and newspaper-woman is assertive. She even made the news in her hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts, when she was 5, selling lemonade to raise money for a pony. Horses, especially Morgan's, have been her passion. (00:05:15:00) ((Marilyn Childs/ And when I graduated I had three aims, I wanted a horse, a farm in Vermont and a husband.)) The farm came last. And it turned out to be a fixer-upper with a pedigree. She heard about the property at a Morgan Horse Board Meeting in the 50s. (00:09:17:00) ((Marilyn Childs/Super Senior, On this dilapidated falling down farm, well they passed this letter around and none of the wealthy men were at all interested, but I followed it up immediately.)) In the dead of winter, Marilyn dragged Harold, a well-known horse trainer, up to Vermont; he was not impressed. (00:09:49:00) ((Marilyn Childs/Super Senior, And we got up here and my husband won't even get out of the car. This old house, the doors and windows were fallen all around, it was just a mess. )) Marilyn persevered and a year later they were Vermonters. They raised their 3 boys on the property. (00:46:02:00) ((Joe Carroll/WCAX On the bottom of the hill there is a marker for the original morgan horse, Justin Morgan. But Marilyn says you've got to go a little further to see where he's actually buried.)) (00:28:56:00) ((Marilyn Childs/Super Senior, I guess I'll go this way. )) (00:29:03:00) (( Joe: We're not going to get stuck are we? Marilyn: I hope not.)) This was the draw for Marilyn 60 years ago. The idea of owning the land where the most famous Morgan horse is buried in 1821. The Morgan is the first American breed of horse. For the horse enthusiast, this landmark is Morgan horse mecca. (00:07:39:28) (( Joe: You're quite the authority on the Morgan Horse. Marilyn: I hope so. )) Marilyn started to ride competitively at the Eastern States Fair about the same time she wanted a pony, around 5. (00:01:09:00) ((Marilyn Childs/Super Senior, Even when I was living in Kentucky and Pennsylvania I was always coming up to the Big E. )) She hasn't missed it in 83 years. (00:01:21:00) ((Marilyn Childs/Super Senior, I've been a judge, I've been a steward, I've been an exhibitor, now I'm nothing but a spectator.)) The woman who says she doesn't fear anything got severely tested when she was a teen. The Great Hurricane of 1938 caused death and destruction throughout New England. The fair wasn't spared. Marilyn had to evacuate the horses to a nearby town. (00:15:12:00) (( you're riding your horse and you got these steers and everything and you are trying to get across the bridge and get safe out of the grounds. )) 76 years after the strom she will be back with a saddle full of memories.



Week Four of the Vermont High School football season kicks of tomorrow night. So far, Middlebury and Rice have shown themselves to be the teams to beat in Division One and Division Two respectively. As for Division Three...well that's up in the air now thanks to an impressive showing by U-32 last Friday night... The Raiders going on the road to Woodstock... And dealing the Wasps a 24-7 loss... Their first defeat in 33 games, snapping the longest active streak in Vermont... U-32 gave up an early touchdown but nothing else scoring the final 24 points in the game ... Whether it was on offense, defense or special teams, it just seemed like they had an answer for everything... A sweet win to savor for a team that's taken some tough shots from Woodstock over the years.


(((TRT: 32 OC: WE DID ... "it felt fantastic, someone had to take it to them sometime... After last year losing 35-0 we had a lot of enthusiasm and we were pumped for that game ... It felt great, it was a culmination of the work we put into practice, we knew what we were doing... We just wanted to go in there, play U-32 football and come out with the win. We did.")))


Tomorrow night...the Raiders will be at home...taking on of eight games on the schedule...including the first even night game at Spaulding... the Tide hosting Mt. Abe...and Middlebury looks to extend the state's new longest winning streak at home against Rutland. Look for all the highlights tomorrow night at 11pm on the Friday Football Frenzy...


high school soccer under the lights last night...3-0 South Burlington boys hosting 2-1 Essex... --- First half, solid goal tending on display... Hornets keeper Ben Wood knocks away the corner kick ... Then its SBHS goalie Kyle McDonald snaring this rocket... Scoreless game into the break... --- Second half, Rebels get on the board... Off the PK, Aiman Ginawi gets his shot stopped but Dinesh Khadka there on the rebound... 1-0 SBHS.. --- A few minutes later, Hornets sting back... Liam Donahue passes to hunter Stewart who finds the back of the net.. We're tied at 1 ... --- 10 minutes tick away and then this... Kids always follow your shot... Hamza Halilovic (HAL-IL-OVICH) pinballs this strike in... Essex getting a big road win... 2-1 over South Burlington.


The Tampa Bay Bucs visit the Atlanta Falcons in Thursday Night Football this evening and you can see that game right here on Channel Three. Kick off is at 8:25, pregame starts at 7:30pm. But however much the NFL wants the focus to be on the field, it's players off the field troubles continue to grab the headlines. The list of NFL players facing domestic violence charges continues to grow, and a key congressional figure joins the chorus calling for a San Francisco 49er to be sidelined. Jericka Duncan has the latest from NFL headquarters in New York. ((TRT: 1:31 ... OC: CBS NEWS, NEW YORK)) (( Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer is the latest NFL player accused of domestic abuse. Early this morning authorities released him from jail. ((sot)) reporter: are you responsible for the injuries your wife and child sustained? Dwyer: no comment.// reporter: did you throw a shoe at the 18 month old? Dwyer: I'll never hurt my son. The Cardinals deactivated Dwyer Wednesday after he was arrested on charges of aggravated assault for an incident in July. In Washington DC, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said her hometown San Francisco 49ers--should *bench* defensive end Ray McDonald. He's currently being investigated for allegedly hitting his pregnant fiancee. ((sot: Nancy Pelosi/House Minority Leader)) our coach says, you know, innocent until proven guilty, due process, all of that, but the fact is... he shouldn't have played. While McDonald has not been charged, he remains in the 49ers starting lineup. ((Jericka Duncan/CBS News)) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has not made any public appearances or comments since he was interviewed by CBS News nine days ago. But he has been busy handling the latest domestic violence cases. Yesterday, Goodell placed Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, and Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers on a special "exempt list". It amounts to a paid suspension, and it's a special status set aside for "unusual circumstances." But in recent weeks, "unusual circumstances" have become the norm in the NFL. Jericka Duncan, CBS News, New York.))


An Angles win over Seattle, coupled with an Oakland loss to Texas locked up the American League West pennant for the Halos last night.


Red Sox and Pirates last night...big money Cuban signee Rusney Castillo making his debut for the Sox... --- The Centerfielder goes 1-4 with his first major league hit ... An infield single in the 4th... --- but the game was all Pirates...Ike Davis a three run Clay Buchholz... Pittsburgh wins 9-1 ...the Pirates hold the second N-L wild card. The Yanks beat Tampa 3-2 last night and remain six games out of the A-L wild card...



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