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Tomorrow on the Thirty -- we checked out haunted Saint Albans. ' Thea Lewis of Queen City Ghostwalk will tell us what spirits have stuck around the city since the Saint Albans Raid and how they're haunting certain places... Our newest edition of Vermont Ghost Stories tomorrow at 530 on the thirty.


Allen Prue is charged with the 1st degree murder of Melissa Jenkins. Today the state tried to convince the jury the Waterford snow plow driver planned the crime. Jennifer Costa was in the courtroom. She joins us with the latest. Jennifer. Darren -- today was the first time the jury heard eyewitness testimony that points to premeditation. One-by-one witnesses described suspicious events that led up to the teacher's murder. An off duty game warden testified he spotted a man -- resembling Prue -- at the dam where Jenkins' body was dumped -- days before her murder. A neighbor told the jury she saw a suspicious maroon sedan idling in Jenkins driveway before the crime. Another woman testified -- she observed a couple -- that looked like Allen and Patricia Prue -- lurking outside a basketball game - Jenkins' attended 3 days before her death.


((Jennifer Hooker/witness 01:30:11 "he looked scary to me. He was standing there and beside him was a woman standing beside him and they were in the entrance as you go into the gym. He didn't move. So my son accidentally ran into him so I apologized and he appeared angry." )) None of the eyewitnesses could identify Allen or Patricia Prue by name. They could only say - after seeing media reports - that they resembled the couple on the news.


Proceedings momentarily derailed when the defense asked the judge to declare a mistrial. Prue's lawyer - Bob Katims - says the prosecution did not give him enough information about another eyewitness the state plans to call. He says the witness' testimony may provide another defense for his client -- and not having sufficient time to investigate the claims is unfair.


((Judge Robert Bent 03:50:45 "you'd like me to...?" Bob Katims: "declare a mistrial." Judge: declare a mistrial. Ok. Alright. BK" My client really gets one shot at a trial. Obviously there's a right to an appeal but this is his opportunity. 03:51:22 "to go forward now with our trial, I don't think is fair to Mr. Prue.")) Judge Robert Bent denied Katims' request for a mistrial -- and gave the defense until Monday to speak with the state's witness. Prosecutors originally said they could rest their case as soon as tomorrow afternoon. This development will delay that plan. Tomorrow the state plans to call -- computer and blood experts -- the father of Jenkins' son -- and a woman who allegedly had consensual sex with the Prues. Kristin.


Baby steps in South Burlington - where teachers and the board are back at the negotiating table tonight. There's still no deal to get kids back in class -- but they can get back on the field. Shelby Cashman is tracking the talks. She's live in South Burlington tonight. Darren and Kristin--its been about four hours and counting for negotiations between the teachers and the school board--just down the hall here in the school library. For the past ten months--the two sides have been unable to reach a contract agreement on salary and health care benefits. We have seen both sides emerge from the library numerous times to go talk in private--but no agreement has been reached. But in some good news for the students of South Burlington--Superinted net David Young announced earlier today that all sports and extra curricular activities will resume tomorrow--regardless of what happens here tonight. He said they are still trying to firm up the details on who will be coaching and supervising--but Young said its important for the students to get back out there.


(00:06:18) ((David young "As the strike has progressed now going on into the third day, I remain hopeful for a settlement. I am reinstating student activities at this time because academic days of instruction will be made up yet the events of our co curricular schedule will not.")) (00:06:35) Young is not the only one who has expressed hope for a settlement. We've heard the same from both the union and school board--but still no indication of when that will be or what a new contract might look like. Darren Kristin?


An evacuation -- after a student brought a fake bomb to school. It happened at the South Royalton School this morning. State Police say a student told a teacher - he'd seen a photo of an explosive device on another student's laptop the day before. When school officials questioned the 15-year-old - police say he showed them he had the device in his bag. Police say it looks real - but it's fake - and won't explode. Students were evacuated as a precaution during the investigation. The student is charged with placing a hoax device and disorderly conduct.

11} 1STWX

Sharon is here, and is has been a wet, ..Soggy, but still mild day. Not 80 degrees like yesterday, but still warmer than normal. Rainfall amounts today have ranged from about a half of an inch to more than two inches across the region. The rain will continue to taper off tonight and we'll see a few, scattered showers on Friday, mainly in the morning. Temperatures will still be above normal for mid October on Friday, but those temperatures will be tumbling even more over the weekend. Another, strong cold front will move through this weekend, bringing rain showers to the North Country on Saturday. As the temperatures continue to plummet Saturday night, the rain showers will mix with snow showers in the mountains, generally above 2,000 feet. There could be an inch or two of accumulation on our highest peaks, and Sunday will be a blustery and chilly day.


Police in Rutland are cracking down on abuse of the system that they say helps feed the city's drug addiction. Elizabeth Keatinge has the story from Rutland tonight. Elizabeth, Good evening. The Rutland Police Department says it will not be used by criminals and drug dealers trying to falsely report stolen prescriptions, so they can get more pills to sell on the street to addicts.


Dr. Mark Logan is a Rutland based doctor who sees many patients with addiction issues. ((Dr. Mark Logan/Green Mountain Family Medicine 07:07:09:00 We have a literal war on our hands, with regards to the amount of drug addiction that's taking place in our community. :18)) He says many addicts are working hard on their issues. But some criminals in the community may think they are being pretty savvy when they call police, report a prescription stolen, get a police report and then go to their doctor to get a refill. The Rutland Police Department says they get 2 to 5 reports of stolen prescriptions per month. Some are legitimate, but ((Chief James Baker/Rutland Police Dept. 04:59:24:03 In some cases, during the course of the investigations, the officers come away with the feeling or the sense that it's a false report being made by an individual. :32)) The department just implemented a new policy that when a prescription is reported stolen, officers immediately notify the doctor. They say working with the medical community is a key to fighting the opiate problem. ((Chief James Baker/Rutland Police Department 05:01:18:07 We believe the way to deal with this problem is death by a thousand cuts and it's just another cut.It's another piece of holding people accountable. :26)) Part of the new policy includes communicating with pharmacies, like Rutland Pharmacy. They say they are already making efforts that are working to keep medication from being diverted. Like these bar codes that help track prescriptions. ((Jeff Hochberg/Rutland Pharmacy 07:23:32:26 Diversion happens. What we have to realize is that no matter how much we want to try and we want to help, it's still, the problem exists. :46)) Dr. Logan says he applauds the police department for its latest effort in fighting the opiate problem. He's been using techniques to hold patients accountable for years. Like required pill counts and using blister packs like these, that make it tougher for those trying to cheat the system. Still he says, the medical and law enforcement community needs to continue to collaborate to fight drug abuse. ((Dr. Mark Logan/Green Mountain Family Medicine 07:07:30:00 When you're in a war, it's a time when innovative and unusual or non-traditional collaborations should be considered. :39))


Chief Baker tells us that although 2 to 5 stolen prescriptions per month may not seem like much, when pills can be sold for $50 to $80 per tablet, it is still contributing significantly to the supply on the street.


A New Hampshire woman is accused of killing her 4 month old son -- and injuring his twin sister. She was arraigned on murder and assault charges today. Logan Crawford is just back from New Hampshire. He's in Montpelier. Logan what can you tell us? Darren, prosecutors won't comment on why Patina Welch jumped with both babies. But they say the 4 month old boy's death is a homicide -- and he died after his mother landed on him.


A mother is accused of murdering her 4 month old son. (TC 00:01:07:16 Tile 4357) ((Stacey Pawlick/Asst. Attorney General "We allege on June 18th of 2014 in Lyman New Hampshire that Patina Welch did recklessly cause the death of 1 of her children." 00:01:18:20)) Police arrested 29 year old Patina Welch in Concord New Hampshire. She was brought here to Plymouth to be arraigned. Police say Welch is charged with the 2nd degree murder -- after jumping from a window at this home in Lyman -- holding her twins. Police say the 4 month old died due to blunt force trauma to his head and chest. (TC 00:01:22:04 Tile 4357) ((Stacey Pawlick/Asst. Attorney General "By going out a second story window with that child and landing on him." 00:01:28:04)) The Attorney General's office says they can't comment on possible motive at this time. Investigators are referring to the deceased child by his initials "BM" because of his age. Welch is also charged with 1st degree assault of BM's twin sister. (TC 00:01:42:00 Tile 4357) ((Stacey Pawlick/Asst. Attorney General "Recklessly did cause serious bodily injury, that being brain injuries, to her child CM and did so by going out a second story window and dropping the child on the ground." 00:01:56:04)) According to the AG -- there are no other suspects in the case -- and no more charges are likely to come. Assistant Attorney General Pawlick says Welch's mental health may come into question as time goes on. (TC 00:04:53:20 Tile 4357) ((Stacey Pawlick/Asst. Attorney General "It's something we look into in every case so if mental health were to become a factor in this case it's something we would definitely look into." 00:05:00:27))


Patina Welch is being held without bail in Grafton Superior Court. She will be back in court on October 24th.


Vermont Congressman Peter Welch thinks the government was slow to react to the threat from Ebola -- but is now better prepared. His comments follow a Congressional hearing in which Republicans blasted the Centers for Disease Control and the Obama administration for not being better prepared to handle the deadly disease One man has died in Texas and two nurses who treated him became infected. In his questions to the panel, Welch emphasized the lessons learned so far in combatting the illness.


((0304,Rep. Peter Welch/D-Vermont: i think both the dallas hospital and the cdc have had a wake up call - so i think going forward we are going to be in much better shape 0313, )) Congressman Welch also responded to Republican calls for travel bans to prevent the spread of Ebola -- as inappropriate and ineffective.


State Auditor Doug Hoffer says there needs to be more oversight of non-profits that work with the mentally ill. Hoffer's office reviewed eleven regional nonprofit agencies contracted by the state. Hoffer says the state needs to do a better job of ensuring clients are getting all the services covered in the contracts.


He wants to be governor. And now we know how much he made last year. Republican Scott Milne reports income of 139-thousand dollars -- primarily from his job as CEO of Milne Travel. He lists his net assets as about 2-point-6 million -- including ownership of the travel agency and a 50-percent stake in a realty company. Earlier in the campaign, Governor Peter Shumlin revealed his wealth at over 10-million dollars. But Milne says Shumlin did not fully disclose how he made more than 700-thousand dollars -- last year -- and also didn't release his 20-12 tax returns. Milne says the legislature should pass a law requiring candidates make full disclosures. Currently financial disclosures are voluntary.


A pest is invading homes across our region. And they're NOT cute lady-bugs. No. They're biting, stinking look-a-likes. Alex Apple has more. Darren, people across the state have been complaining that there home has become overrun by lady bugs -- but they quickly find out these aren't the same bugs they learned about as kids.


(12:55 Sherry Guyette/Johnson)(("We finally have two really nice days and I'm stranded inside because of a lady bug?")) Well not a lady bug -- the lady bug's ugly cousin. (12:29 Sherry Guyette)(("They literally divebomb you.")) Sherry Guyette hoped to finish painting her house during some unseasonably warm fall weather this week. But on Monday, Guyette said her house was overrun with ladybug look-a-likes. It's the asian lady beetle -- a pesky bug that gets inside homes. (01:57 Mary Ann Castimore/UVM Master Gardener)(("They're coming in cause they want to stay warm. They're hibernating for the winter.")) The beetles were brought to America to eat aphids and thrips -- and they've used their new habitat to thrive. (01:13 Mary Ann Castimore)(("If something doesn't have a natural predator then it thrives.")) When Guyette went to kill the bugs, she realized she was only attracting more. (07:31 Sherry Guyette/Johnson)(("You flick one off, the smell goes off and then like five more come at your head.")) The bugs leave behind a putrid odor and a yellow stain when you kill one. ((Mary Ann Castimore: The best way to kill them is by vacuuming.)) (20:35 Sherry Guyette)(("Do they not realize how much bigger I am than them?")) Guyette has lived in Central Vermont her entire life and says she's never seen this many. (08:07 Sherry Guyette/Johnson)(("I'v e never seen that kind of abundance of it.")) The bugs have lived in Vermont for the last 10-20 years. They migrate northeast as weather patterns change. In addition to biting, stinking and staining -- the bugs can also be a nuisance to wine makers when they get into their product. (02:48 Mary Ann Castimore/UVM Master Gardener)(("They actually taint the wine and make it taste funny.")) These Eddie Haskell's of the ladybug family are of no harm to humans -- except in rare cases. (01:27 Mary Ann Castimore/UVM Master Gardener)(("They're basically not a threat to people except you may be allergic to them if you pick them up.")) But they're no less annoying to folks like Guyette. They're a Halloween spook come-early. (19:25 Sherry Guyette)(("There we go, doesn't get any spookier than that.")) Alex Apple. Channel 3 News. Johnson.


The bugs will disappear as it gets colder. They'll find a natural place to hibernate.


Sharon is here, ....Talking about snow. Rainfall amounts today have ranged from about a half of an inch to more than two inches across the region. The rain will continue to taper off tonight and we'll see a few, scattered showers on Friday, mainly in the morning. Temperatures will still be above normal for mid October on Friday, but those temperatures will be tumbling even more over the weekend. Another, strong cold front will move through this weekend, bringing rain showers to the North Country on Saturday. As the temperatures continue to plummet Saturday night, the rain showers will mix with snow showers in the mountains, generally above 2,000 feet. There could be an inch or two of accumulation on our highest peaks, and Sunday will be a blustery and chilly day. Monday looks like a dry day, but then we are keeping an eye on a possible coastal storm for the middle of the week, which could bring us rain and wind, and even a few more snow showers.


Tonight: Cloudy skies. Showers ending. Lows: 52/58 Winds: Light Friday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. Highs: 62/68 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Friday Night: Mostly cloudy. Lows: 45/52 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Saturday: Cloudy and cooler. Showers likely. Highs: 55/62 Winds: S 5-10 mph Extended: Sunday through Thursday. Saturday Night: Rain and mountain snow showers. Lows 30/38 Sunday: Chance of showers. Highs 43/50 Lows 22/32 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 45/55 Lows 30s Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 45/55 Lows 30s Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain showers, some snow showers mixing in. Highs: 42/52 Lows 30s Thursday: Mostly cloudy, chance of rain/snow showers. Highs 45/55



Roadway repairs aim to make business better in Plattsburgh -- but some companies say so far - the 6-million dollar project means they're losing money. Logan Crawford reports.


Shawn Bennett is the manager at Lashway's Meat Market in Plattsburgh. He says the construction outside his doors on South Catherine Street is making it hard for people to drive down the road -- driving his customers away. (TC 00:00:34:12 Tile 4029) ((Shawn Bennett/Lashway's Meat Market Manager "5 thousand dollar a month downfall for each month since June. They got 2 more months possibly until it's done. So it's definitely hurt our business." 00:00:43:15)) The city started repairing South Catherine Street in June after complaints from the community about the road's cracked pavement and potholes. But many nearby businesses say they now need a fix for their finances -- because customers are driving elsewhere. ((nats)) At Richard's Beverage Center -- the revenue drop means some tough decisions. (TC 00:06:46:25 Tile 4043) ((David Richard/Richard's Beverage Center Owner "If the business keeps going like it is I'm going to have to lay off some people because the business is that bad." 00:06:55:11)) (TC 00:14:59:15 Tile 4066) ((Logan Crawford/Plattsburgh "The construction turning South Catherine Street into a one-way street is also slowing traffic for those who choose to travel down it. City Officials say these inconveniences are only temporary." 00:15:10:08)) (TC 00:22:43:19 Tile 4067) ((Mayor James Calnon/R-Plattsburgh "If the weather holds and everything else is equal, there's a very good chance it will be finished this year. We aren't going to know until we get a little closer." 00:22:52:07)) Mayor Calnon says the repairs were much needed. (TC 00:23:34:15 Tile 4067) ((Mayor James Calnon/R-Plattsburgh "South Catherine Street was in such bad shape when we started I think a lot of traffic had rerouted themselves anyway just to stay off the rough road." 00:23:41:20)) Calnon says it's officially a 2 year project and any unfinished work this year will continue in 20-15. But shop owners fear even after the work is done -- the customers they've lost might not return. (TC 00:08:57:09 Tile 4043) ((David Richard/Richard's Beverage Center "I'm hoping that they'll come back once the street is open and everything but you never know. You know people once they get used to shopping somewhere else sometimes they don't come back." 00:09:09:16)) At Lashways Meat Market - they're looking into being reimbursed for lost business. (TC 00:01:57:14 Tile 4029) ((Shawn Bennett/Lashway's Meat Market Manager "The insurance, I guess there's different things with different insurances you can claim losses or what not so we'll see what happens with that." 00:02:05:17)) A rough road ahead for South Catherine Street businesses... Who hope for a smoother ride when the road construction is finished. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Plattsburgh. -3-


The man who killed a Lyndon woman more than a decade ago -- is back behind bars for escaping from furlough. This was Scott Favreau as a teenager -- when he pleaded guilty to murdering Vicki Campbell-Beer. Favreau killed the victim -- at the urging of the woman's stepdaughter -- Tasia Beer -- back in 2000. Both teens went to prison. Favreau was released from prison last year -- but remained under supervision of the corrections department. But police say he violated the conditions of release by leaving the state last week.


Still no sign of a missing man in Fairfax Police first started looking for 38-year old Mark Fontanilles Monday -- after his father reported him missing. Crews scoured the area --- including an extensive search near Buck Mountain. But they found nothing. Investigators say another search is planned for tomorrow.


Fire damaged a Barre home -- and killed some snakes inside. It happened on Highland Avenue. Fire crews say a room on the second floor was fully engulfed. They were able to keep most of the damage to that one room. 13 snakes and one lizard were in the home -- some of them died. Damage is estimated at 10-thousand dollars.


Police in Essex are warning residents -- after a skunk tested positive for rabies. They say a dog and the skunk interacted in Essex Junction earlier this week -- and the Health department says a test shows the skunk had rabies. Police say if you see a wild animal acting strangely -- stay away -- and call police.


Shoppers in Burlington had a brief scare this afternoon. Price Chopper was evacuated when the fire alarm went off. Turns out that water from today's heavy rain got into the air handling system -- and that in turn -- set off the smoke alarm. Everyone was allowed back into the store within minutes. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports mentioned earlier, prior to the start of today's contract negotiations between the South Burlington school board and striking teachers, Superintendent David Young announced that student activities, including sports, will resume starting tomorrow. In a statement, Young said he decided to reinstate those student activities because the academic days lost during the strike can be made up, but, 'the events within the co-curricular schedule will not. Many of these programs are approaching culmination and I do not want these important experiences to be lost.' From a sports standpoint, that the South Burlington field hockey and boys and girls soccer teams can finish out their regular seasons this weekend and compete in the playoffs that begin next week. The cross country team can run in this Saturday's NVAC championship and next Saturday's state championship meets, and the football team can play it's season finale at home against Essex. That game is tentatively scheduled to take place Saturday night at 7pm.


Coming up later, we'll look ahead to tomorrow night's high school football schedule and Week Eight of the Friday Football Frenzy.


Many air travelers are concerned about flying after a nurse with Ebola flew on a plane the day before she was diagnosed. Experts are trying to reassure the public that the risk to passengers is low. Marlie Hall has more.


Experts say it's not likely passengers who traveled on the plane with Dallas nurse Amber Vinson were infected with Ebola. The virus is spread through direct contact with body fluids such as blood, saliva, mucus, vomit, or waste. While she had a low grade fever , she did not have any other symptoms. (SOT Dr. William Schaffner/Vanderbilt University Medical Center) in the early stages of the illness you aren't very contagious at all //14:08:29 as your illness progresses the virus infects more cells of your body and more virus is created, enters more organs. (TRACK) The airline is going to great lengths to clean the plane, even replacing seat covers, carpeting and air filters. The CDC says ebola on dried surfaces like a countertop can survive for hours. Infectious disease specialist Dr. William Schaffner says the airline's response is understandable, and way beyond what the CDC suggests, but says surfaces are not usually a source of transmission. (SOT Dr. William Schaffner/Vanderbilt University Medical Center) it dies very quickly so there are really no examples of someone having acquired Ebola infection from touching the environment. (TRACK) Ebola symptoms don't include coughing and sneezing, but many people wonder if Ebola can transmit that way? The CDC says while that's not the typical way Ebola spreads, it's possible a patient's saliva or mucus could come into contact with another person's eyes, nose or mouth. Marlie Hall, CBS News, New York.


We have a link to more on how Ebola is spread -- in the infocenter at wcax-dot-com. That's Healthwatch.


Sharon is back, and tonight in the garden, you are talking about fresh herbs. Still? In October? Well, some areas have yet to have a killing frost, and some herbs are sturdier than other. Even so, they won't forever if you leave them outdoors. This evening, garden expert Charlie Nardozzi shows us how keep them going INdoors.


((Charlie, you've been pretty lucky here in Addison county, you haven't had too hard of a frost yet. Yes, a lot of places in Chittenden, Addison, southern Vermont haven't gotten a really killing frost so there are certain things like nasturtiums that are still alive, but there are other herbs that are alive throughout the state like parsley for example. Pretty winter tolerant plant. It's pretty sturdy, yes. And the rosemary as well. Now if you are really craving those fresh herbs, you love those fresh herbs and you are just really sad that they are all dying, you don't have to be! Because you can actually dig up some of these herbs and bring them indoors and now is the time to do that. OK, they won't last forever out here. They won't last forever. So parsley and rosemary are two of my favorites to do that with because they are so great, you can bring them inside, you can use them through the fall. Even if they don't survive the winter, you will get many months of pleasure and flavor. You can stretch the season. Exactly. So what you want to do is dig out your rosemary or your parsley plant now, try to get a nice sized root system, but not too big or it won't fit into the container. You can see this one is look ing pretty nice, nice roots. Beautiful! Stick it on a container, in one that would fit. One a little bit bigger might have been good, but this one will work ok. You might want to put a little potting soil in the little areas that are left, and then what you are going to do with this rosemary is just put it in a partly sunny location, keep it well watered for a couple weeks. You want it to just get acclimated to being in a container, in a pot like this. But leave it outside. But leave it outside. And then after that, bring it inside to a sunny window and the rosemary will grow right through the winter you will be able to harvest it and probably bring it back outside in the spring if you can keep it alive. The parsley is a little different, it's a biennial so it will die come March or April so you should just use as much of it as you can, and then compost the rest.))



She uses humor -- in the good times and bad. The super senior says it keeps her positive. The 85 year-old volunteers at many places, but Joe Carroll found her where laughter is good medicine.


Every Wednesday morning if you are going through the doors of North Country Hospital, you're in for a treat. Ann Berrio is working. (00:10:55:17) ((Ann Berrio/Super Senior, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday you old fossil, Happy Birthday to you. Old Fossil is right.)) (00:00:09:00) ((Janet Fontaine/Volunteer, It's just normal Ann, she does it every year.)) Ann is one of about 60 volunteers who keeps the hospital humming and in this case - singing. (00:16:12:00) ((Nat sot of singing Irish song Dear Old Donegal.)) In a place where sickness and sometimes sorrow intersect, Ann gives a healthy dose of humor. (00:13:31:00) ((Ann Berrio/Super Senior, I think laughter is medicine. )) (00:13:56:10) ((Patient, Got to have someone with a smile on your face when you come in here.)) (00:15:10:00) ((nat sot, Good morning.)) Ann has been running the front desk for 5 years. (00:07:47:00) ((Ann Berrio/Super Senior, I'm a flatlander, I've been here for 51 years and I'm still a flatlander. )) She and her husband Charles moved to Vermont from the Boston to run Orleans Candy Company. Charles, who has since died, was a World War Two vet. The couple were active in the American Legion. In fact, Ann was the president of the American Legion Auxiliary for the whole state. A project that is still near and dear to her is writing Christmas cards to the troops. (00:27:59:07) ((Ann Berrio/Super Senior, I just think it gives them something from back home that they're not forgotten.)) She's sent over a thousand letters through the years to the soldiers - sometimes they write back. (00:32:57:00) ((Reading a letter, Ok Ann, you letter brought tears to my eyes, I'm a mother of 3 and I agree that Autumn is a beautiful word and time of year. )) ((Ann Berrio/Super Senior, I tried to put a little humor in what I'm telling them. I told them for years I played in a santa outfit and believe me, I had my own padding.)) (01:03:53:15) ((Joe Carroll/WCAX, As you can see Ann is quick with a joke and is genuinely a happy person, but that was tested almost 40 years ago here in Coventry.)) (01:00:00:21) ((nat sot, Everyone loved Lindwood. )) Her only son Linwood became a quadriplegic after a diving accident at just 18. Ann spent 15 weeks in at the intensive care unit in Burlington with him. (00:51:41:00) (( Joe: humor is your coping mechanism? Ann: Yup, gets me out of everything.)) But of course Lindwood and Ann were in not in a joking mood after the tragedy. She was somber for weeks , no jokes or one liners at the hospital. Ann thought she was going to snap until another woman who had a family member in intensive care, cracked a joke. (00:49:18:15) ((Ann Berrio/Super Senior, It was something funny and the two of us starting laughing and the tears started coming down and I got my release. )) Linwood thought his life was over, but his mom encouraged him to go on. (00:54:50:00) ((Ann Berrio/Super Senior, you're always a showoff and a limelighter, but I said you're now on stage and let see what you can do with what you got that's less than someone else. )) Linwood did go on and tried to live as independently as he could before dying at 35. Ann says life must go and she was put on earth with a sense of humor to make people feel at ease. (00:48:14:00) ((Ann Berrio/Super Senior, If I can put a smile on someone's face, laugh in their heart for a minute, then I've done what I supposed to do. )) (00:24:05:00) ((Ann leaving hospital, All through for the day. )) Healing through humor. Joe Carroll, Channel 3 News, Newport.


Week eight of the Vermont high school football season kicks off tomorrow night. It's the final weekend of the regular season in Division One and Three...and last chance for those teams to fight there way into the playoffs or gain a higher seed and possibly host a home game in the quarterfinals. There are two weeks left in the regular season in Division Two and there is still plenty that is left undecided before the top four teams advance to the semifinals. Burr & Burton is riding high after their 34-30 win over Rice in an instant classic last Friday night in Manchester. The Bulldogs improved to 6-0 with the win... Rice fell to 6-1, but in the QPR points system that determines the playoff participants and playoff seeding, Rice still leads Burr & Burton. The Bulldogs close out the year with a pair of quality opponents, home against Milton tomorrow night and at Fair Haven next weekend, so a pair of wins should be enough to push them over the top... --- as for tomorrow night's opponent, Milton, the Yellow Jackets are 3-3, currently fifth in the D-2 standings and on the outside of the playoff picture. But their last two games are against the Division's heavy hitters...Burr and Burton and then Rice next week. It's all there for the Jackets and they are focused on what needs to be done.


((TRT: 33 ... OC: KEEP ROLLING))


That meeting one of nine thought the state tomorrow night... several great rivalry games as well as plenty that will play a factor in playoff positioning. We'll break all of that down tomorrow night at 6pm when I go live from Collins-Perley head of the meeting between CVU and BFA-St. Albans


girls soccer this afternoon...9-4 Colchester hosting 5-7-1 St. Johnsbury... --- Lakers took a 3-0 lead into the break... Hilltoppers come out firing in the second half... Alexandra Lawson with the strike inside the box... It's a 3-1 game... --- Colchester answers right back.. Off the free kick, Torres Suleika heads it in... The lead back to 3... --- Under 10 to play... Lakers add one more for good measure... Brenna McMannon with the silky smooth pass to Jenna Baillargeon ((baal-ar-jen))...She rings it off both posts for the goal... Colchester downs St. J, 5-1.


Last night, the UVM men's soccer team played to a scoreless double overtime draw at UMass-Lowell. The Cats are now 6-5-2 overall, 1-1-1 in America East play. Tonight, the Vermont women's soccer team travels to Stony Brook.


Coming off their first season opening victory since 2008... an impressive 6-2 win at Northeastern Saturday night, the UVM men's hockey team turns it's attention on former ECAC rival Clarkson. The Cats and Golden Knights playing a home and home series tomorrow and Saturday night. It starts with Vermont home opener tomorrow at 7pm at Gutterson, they wraps up Saturday night at 7pm in Potsdam, New York. Vermont beat Clarkson 3-2 last season in the Catamount Cup at the Gut. Overall, these will be the 81st and 82nd meetings in this rivalry that goes back to 1971. Although Clarkson holds the overall series lead, UVM is 6-3-1 in it's last ten meetings with the Golden Knights.


Five months ago yesterday, the Montreal Canadiens went into the TD Garden and handed the Boston Bruins a 3-1 loss in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. In fact, the Habs outscored the Bruins 7-1 over the final two games of that series to rally for the win and advance to the conference finals. That rivalry is renewed tonight, when the 2-3 Bruins and 3-1 Canadiens meet for the first time this regular season this evening at the Bell Center.


last night, Boston snapping a three game losing streak in Detroit... --- Scoreless in the first... David Krejci back from injury and looking he gives the B's a 1-0 lead... --- Now 1-1 in the second ... Reilly Smith puts back this Patrice Bergeron shot for his second goal of the season...2-1 Boston... --- Red Wings tie it early in the third... We'd head to a shootout where Smith was at it again... The winger going 5-hole on Jimmy Howard to win it ... Boston downs Detroit 3-2 and it's off to Montreal for the showdown tonight.


It's been raining heavily throughout the day down in Foxboro, which could mean some very soggy conditions at Gillette Stadium when the New England Patriots host the New York Jets tonight. The 4-2 Pats have re-discovered their offensive spark over the past two weeks, both convincing wins. The 1-5 Jets...have just been offensive. The Patriots looking for a sixth straight home win against Gang Green. You can see the game right here on Channel Three. Pregame at 7:30... kickoff at 8:25.


to the baseball playoffs...the St. Louis Cardinals facing elimination tonight after the San Francisco Giants picked up a Game Four win at home last night in the National League Championship Series. St. Louis held leads of 2-1 and 4-3 after the first three innings, but the Giants scores three runs in the sixth helped in large part by a pair of questionable fielding plays by Cards first baseman Matt Adams... as San Fran wins 6-4 to take a 3-1 series lead. Ace Madison Bumgarner is on the mound for Game five tonight as the Giants look to close the Cardinals out at home. A struggling Adam Wainwright will be on the hill for St. Louis.


whichever team gets out of the NLCS will face the amazing Kansas City Royals in the World Series. The Royals improving to 8-0 this postseason by completing a four game sweep of the Baltimore Orioles in the American League Championship Series last night in K-C... everything continued to break right for the Royals, who scored two runs in the first without a ball leaving the infield...but they also continued to match outstanding defense with nearly untouchable pitching ...especially from their bullpen... the Royals winning game four 2-1 to reach the Fall Classic for the first time since winning it in 1985.


In October of 1985, Money For Nothing by Dire Straits was the number one song in the country...and Arnold Schwarzenegger was cruelly denied a best actor nomination for his performance in Commando...



We tracking teacher negotiations in South Burlington. We'll have the latest at 11. And the CBS Evening News visits Vermont -- to check out fall -- in all its glory. That's next. Take care. See you soon. Good night.

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