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Video of a Brandon man grabbing his dog is going viral. Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Julie Kelley. Kristin is off tonight. That video has more than a thousand shares in two days and we want to warn you you may find it disturbing. Here's Lynzi DeLuccia.


((Christa 17:54-18;02 "right under there is where she was hiding, right under the table.")) Christa Housman says this is where her friend's dog hid on Tuesday during a dispute that she caught on camera. ((Christa Housman//Captured Video 8:47-8:58: 'I hear my door open, it squeaks so you can hear it, and I didn't think much of it, I thought it was my friend, and I hear little paw prints coming through and I think 'oh that must be Lulu.'")) Lulu is a 13-year-old poodle, who was owned by Housman's friend Joanne Drew -- and Drew's ex Cliff Cyr. The couple lived together in the upstairs apartment, but split. Cyr kept the dog. But Lulu wandered down to Housman's apartment -- where Drew is now staying. ((Christa Housman 9:56-10:07: "Cliff comes out of his mom's house and sees that the dog is up on the porch and he yells for her, and I said oh, I can see the look on his face.")) That's when Housman began this recording. ((video nat sound)) ((Christa Housman: 11:22-11:32 'He comes up on the porch, he grabs the dog by the throat, and he picks it up in the air with one hand, and the look on his face is almost like he's enjoying it.")) Housman and Drew called the police and showed them this video when they got there. ((Chief Christopher Brickell//Brandon Police Dept.: 23:40-23:49: "From a legal standpoint, based on what I observed in the video, we drafted a charge of cruelty to animals and disorderly conduct, and that's being submitted to the prosecutor's office.")) Police required both Cyr and Drew to relinquish ownership of Lulu - though the dog was never registered under the town nor given necessary shots - ((Chief Brickell 24:38-24:31: "to the best of my knowledge, it hasn't seen a vet since 2010.")) Chief Brickell brought Lulu to the Rutland County Humane Society, where she remains. We spoke with the humane society staff, who told us right now, there don't seem to be any signs of abuse, and the dog is doing well and they hope to adopt her out. Meanwhile -- the video that Houseman captured is going viral.


We wanted to speak with Cyr to hear his side. When Lynzi pulled in the driveway where he lives, he ran off. He'll be arraigned in Rutland tomorrow both misdemeanor charges.


A former Burlington police officer -- charged in a deadly DUI crash -- has gotten evidence thrown out in her case. Police say 31-year-old Leanne Werner crossed the center line last July in St. Albans -- colliding with an on-coming car -- killing the other driver -- 74-year-old Omer Martin. Werner was arrested for DUI with death resulting after a breath test put her just over the point-oh-eight blood-alcohol limit. But the judge tossed the results of that test for two reasons -- because it was taken before she was read her rights -- and because a crash alone is not enough evidence -- to suspect a driver of being drunk. Evidence collected AFTER she was read her rights is still admissible. The case continues.


Tonight we're hearing the 9-1-1 call that sent officers to the Hinesburg home of a mentally ill woman in early May. The woman is now suing the officers in federal court. Alex Apple has been following the story. Alex, what's the latest? The Hinesburg chief of police says his officers were responding to a domestic violence call -- one they would handle differently than a mental health issue -- but the plaintiff's attorney says officer should have known her history of mental illness.


((NAT What's your emergency)) The 9-1-1 call that brought officers to this Hinesburg home in early May -- proves Hinesburg officers Jeremy Hulshof and Cameron Coltharp were responding to a domestic violence call. ((First 9-1-1 call - 00:20 Dispatch - What's going on? Lori Ann Carron: Nothing is going on. Husband: Bullshit send em back. You're threatening me.)) The woman heard on the tape is Lori Ann Carron -- a 50-year-old with mental health issues. Her husband arguing with her in the background She is now suing the officers in federal court alleging that they used excessive force in this encounter (NAT from body cam footage)) ...then falsified a police report afterwards. ((Hinesburg Police Chief Frank Koss 01:01:11 Apple: In your opinion, did these officers act inappropriately at all? Koss: The only reason I cannot say right now is because I'm doing an internal investigation, and part of this is talking with the officers.)) The officer that grabbed Carron wrote after the incident - "As Carron flailed around, her feet came out from under her, causing her to fall forward and I followed her to the floor." Hinesburg Chief Frank Koss defended his officer from the allegation of intentionally making a false report. ((Chief Frank Koss Hinesburg PD 01:01:36 A police report is a perception by the officer of the events. You can put four police officers in a room with the same event, you'll get four different reports.)) Brooks McArthur is Carron's attorney: ((Brooks McArthur 22:38 To suggest in their report that she was resisting, it's clear that they were attempting to cover up what it was that they had just engaged in. It's clear that they knew what they did was wrong.)) Hinesburg officers had visited Carron's home twice before May 6th -- both times for mental health calls. Coltharp and Hulshof were trained to handle a mental health crisis -- just as every officer in Vermont is. The Chittenden County Prosecutor -- looking into the encounter -- says more training may be necessary. ((TJ Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney 32:03 We're concerned. You really have again this nexus of law enforcement and mental health coming together in a way that did not work out well for the citizen.)) Donovan says he'll decide whether to take action against the officers by early next week. He admits police are often not the best to respond to a mental health crisis -- but many times they're the only option. ((TJ Donovan: Does it mean more training for police for dealing with folks with mental illness? Absolutely.)) ((Donovan: 33:26 At the end of the day, being mentally ill is not a crime.))


Both officers remain on duty.


Three men who worked at a facility for disabled people have been convicted of assault. A Franklin County jury found Franklin Mussen, Jerry Bush and Todd LaValley guilty of assaulting a disabled 18-year-old. It happened in October 2013. A fourth former employee, Jeff Defayette, was found guilty of trying to cover up the assault.

9} GMO5_VO

Vermont took the lead with a GMO labelling law set to take effect July first. Now, a deal announced today in Washington could lead to a nationwide labeling law. Vermont's law requires any foods made from genetically modified ingredients to be labeled. Now leaders of the Senate agriculture committee say, they have reached an agreement that would call for a single labeling standard across the country. Food producers and retailers -- who have challenged the Vermont law in court -- prefer the national approach.


((Dick Mazza/Owner Dick Mazza's General Store 00:16 I hate to say I was one of the people in Montpelier involved in this decision because I didn't believe it would work being the only state to be first.")) ((Jim Harrison/Vermont Food and Grocers Association 39:35 the challenge is when you do a law like GMO lableing for just one state like Vermont, there are going to be issues where some manufacturers do not change their labels just for one state.)) The deal still has to be approved by both the House and Senate. That won't happen before Vermont's law takes effect next week.


A St. Albans man was saved from an overdose -- while behind the wheel of a large dump truck -- in traffic. Police say they found the truck sitting at the intersection of Route 104 and the Exit 19 access road Tuesday morning -- after the truck had crashed into a van at the traffic light. Police say the driver -- 29-year-old Joe Shepard of St. Albans was unconscious and not breathing behind the wheel. Officers suspected an opiate overdose and administered naloxone -- immediately reviving him. He received further treatment at the hospital -- and then was arrested by police for DUI-drugs.

12} 1STWX

Radsat: Showers now confined to Maine and eastern parts of NE. Clear skies prevail back to the eastern great lakes. Highs today: Temperatures today were beautiful, holding in the 70s. Temperature graph: Temperatures will be climbing this weekend, reaching the 90s once again in the Champlain Valley, but then cooling back down again next week. - Tonight: Becoming mostly clear. Patchy fog. Lows: 45/55 Wind: Light Friday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 75/82 Wind: Variable 5-10 mph Friday Night: Clear & comfy. Lows: 48/58 Wind: light Saturday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 82/88 Wind: Variable 5-10 mph


In the pursuit of the presidency, a new poll shows that Senator Bernie Sanders could prove helpful for Hillary Clinton's ticket. The Monmouth University Poll tested 12 possible vice presidential picks ... Six on each side. It shows Sanders could attract undecided voters for the Democrats. On the Republican side ... The poll indicated that Sarah Palin could potentially hurt the GOP ticket.

14} SITIN12_VO

House Democrats have ended a sit in after more than 25 hours. They staged the protest to demand votes on gun control bills that would strengthen background checks and bar firearms sales to people on the government's no-fly list. All three members of Vermont's congressional delegation took part. A bipartisan compromise on guns has cleared a hurdle in the Senate, but it's not clear it will go any farther.


Vermont primaries are August ninth, but thousands of voters could pick up their ballots tomorrow. Political Reporter Kyle Midura is here with more, Kyle - Darren and Julie - across Vermont, many voters will begin submitting ballots Friday -- 45 days ahead of the state primaries.


Early-voting is not new in Vermont, but the start date is the earliest in history, after a new law moved the primary date up a couple of weeks. Political analyst Chris Graff says the current schedule is not good policy -- with summer vacation season at its peak. (00:10:08:00) ((Chris Graff - political analyst the turnout will be so small in the August primary. It's one of the worst decisions the legislature's ever made to have a primary in the middle of August)) Secretary of State Jim Condos says the state broke-away from the traditional second Tuesday in September - in 2010... in order to meet federal general election ballot deadlines. Lawmakers pushed up the date again last session -- from late-August to early-August -- as the state continued to struggle to meet national requirements. (00:01:49:00) ((Jim Condos - Sec. of State I preferred actually moving it to June)) Lawmakers balked though over concerns campaigning could interfere with the legislative session - which generally wraps up in mid-May. Condos says early-voting allows people to make their voices heard -- but can also lock them out of reconsidering their choices if the race gets shaken up close to the actual election day. (00:00:44:00) ((Jim Condos - Sec. of State people have to take that into consideration when they're casting their ballot, how committed are they or do they want to wait)) (00:11:28:00) ((Linda Parent - Richmond Town Clerk it gets quite busy, people get excited to vote in Richmond)) Town Clerk Linda Parent says she expects some of Richmond's 39-hundred registered voters to stop in at eight A-M as soon as her doors open. 154 have already requested absentee ballots -- she says most who pick up the ballot early will take time to consider their choices before returning them weeks later. (00:12:43:00) ((Linda Parent - Richmond Town Clerk and some, if they really know exactly who they want to vote for do it right at the office))


In 2010 -- the last year with an open governor's race -- about 100-thousand voted in the primary, or 24 percent of registered voters. Experts don't expect turnout to be nearly that strong this August. - Julie

18} YOUTH12_VO

Twenty-five Vermont companies are helping at risk kids get summer jobs. The kids met with companies at a job fair put on by the King Street Center and Chittenden County State's Attorney TJ Donovan. Donovan says, his office will help young kids who are currently in the criminal justice system --- if they commit to summer employment. Experts from the Department of Labor work with young people to match them with the best job.


((Rose Lucenti/Vermont Department of Labor 01:04:56 We will give them an application. We will help them complete it, and then we will provide feedback to them. We will help them with job leads, with looking people in the eye with interviewed, do mock interviews, and then give them feedback on what they could be doing better.")) More than 150 youngsters met with employers today. Federal money helps fund the program that gets job counselors for at-risk kids.


It's one of rock and roll's best-known ballads.... ((natsnd Stairway to Heaven)) Today a federal jury in Los Angeles ruled that Led Zeppelin did NOT steal the opening to "Stairway to Heaven." The verdict settles a point that music fans have debated for decades. The trust -- for the late songwriter Randy Wolfe -- claimed Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and singer Robert Plant stole a riff from Wolfe's 19-68 instrumental "Taurus." University of Vermont music professor -- Alexander Stewart -- testified during the trial -- for the plaintiffs -- about similarities in the songs.


Today marks a special day in Vermont's history. And the state is celebrating. Eliza Larson is at the Ethan Allen Homestead now to explain. Eliza? *SCENE SETTER* ... Because more than two hundred and forty years ago -- the Continental Congress recognized Ethan Allen for leading the Green Mountain Boys to victory at Fort Ticonderoga. Now -- the state is honoring his legacy. Governor Peter Shumlin proclaimed June 23 Ethan Allen Day in Vermont -- formally recognizing Allen's role as a founding father of this state. Today kicks off four days of events at his homestead in Burlington-- with military demonstrations, tours, foods and games.


((TC 07:28:21 Willard Sterne Randall/Historian: "This is how most Americans lived. And Ethan Allen was more representative of the founders than George Washington. 07:37:00)) The homestead is the choice location for this weekend-long celebration -- since this is where Ethan Allen Lived the last years of his life. *more scene setter*


A group of pres-choolers -- turned bee-keepers today. About a dozen kids from the YMCA visited Champlain College's beehives today! They got to visit the hives -- and learn about the bee colonies. Program leaders say it's important kids learn about how bee populations are being affected.


((TILE 9441 06:47:03--06:53:09 Dean: "It was great!" "Why was it great?" "Because I got to see the bees.")) ((butted)) ((TILE 9442 08:38:11--08:47:17 Kristin Wolf/Asst. Professor, Champlain College: "bees right now are in a kind of precarious position. We've had a problem with colony collapse disorder, and there's lots of environmental insults that are a problem for them right now.)) As you can see -- the kids even got to wear mini bee suits, thanks to a grant from the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund.


Temperatures: Temperatures are currently in the 70s. 24 hour temp change: Temperatures are currently on the way up, ..Each day will be a bit warmer through the weekend. RPM: Temperatures will remain very nice through tomorrow, with plenty of sunshine and clear skies at night. After a cool start Saturday morning, our temperatures will begin to climb. National temperatures: Temperatures are very summer like, but not quite as hot as earlier in the week. Surface map: Here's the high pressure that will be keeping our weather dry through the weekend, with temperatures warming up. Then this next system will catch up with us Monday and Tuesday with showers and thunderstorms and cooler temperatures for the middle of next week.


Forecast: Tonight: Becoming mostly clear. Patchy fog. Lows: 45/55 Wind: Light Friday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 75/82 Wind: Variable 5-10 mph Friday Night: Clear & comfy. Lows: 48/58 Wind: light Saturday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 82/88 Wind: Variable 5-10 mph Extended: Saturday night: Lows: 52/62 Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 85/92 Lows: 58/68 Monday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 55/65 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance showers, t-storms. Highs: 70s Lows: 50s Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs: 65/75 Lows: 45/55 Thursday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 70s


28} BOYS6_VO

High-schoolers get a taste of real-world political experience this week. Nearly 120 rising seniors from across Vermont took over the statehouse today -- for Green Mountain Boy's State. The Annual tradition -- in its 78th year -- is a week-long mock government exercise -- with the students occupying the roles of Senators and Representatives as well as the Governor and Supreme Court justices. Fair Haven Union High School's Ryan Langmaid says the experience is invaluable.


(00:10:23:00) ((Ryan Langmaid - Boy's State Senator it's goign to give me so much more confidence than I had before, I've given numerous speeches here at Boy's State in front of everyone and it's just given me the confidence I didn't have before. I'll be able to go out and actually talk about politics and know know what I'm talking about)) The program is run by the American Legion and Lyndon State College serves as the base of operations. The event began Sunday and runs through tomorrow. A sister program -- Girls Mountain State -- is also running this week, held by the American Legion Auxiliary.


A man found with 15-thousand-dollars of fake money in Bellows Falls is heading to prison. 32-year-old Arturo Puello is from New York City. But, he was arrested last May after police found the counterfeit cash in a disabled vehicle, on Route 5, in Bellows Falls. He's been sentenced to five months in jail.


Now to Pittsford .. Where the search is on for an armed man who robbed the Champlain Farms Convenience store. State Police say, the robber headed for Arch Street and eventually may have gotten away in a vehicle with a loud exhaust system. He's a thin white man with a black mask, sunglasses and a black athletic top. If you saw anything in that area that could help crack the case, call State Police.

32} F353_VO

The city of South Burlington is supporting a lawsuit involving the F-35, but not all the way. City Counselors decided not to join the suit, rather make their case in a court brief. The lawsuit claims the Air Force underestimated the level of noise caused by F-35 jets and, in turn, the impact on health and property values.


((30:07:11 title 7561 Linus levins/for joining: vtang has a safe flying record but I have lived to see two military jet crashes in south Burlington." 30:12:19)) ((32:16:23 title 7563 jack Kiernan/against joining: I believe that intervention at this time will most likely not have as much impact that you're looking to receive." 32:26:21)) Air Force officials have said that they expect Vermont's first F-35 to arrive three years from now.


There's a new proposal in Colchester to redevelop a popular waterfront spot... Tyler Dumont has more on the potential for future development.


For more than a decade, the town of Colchester has struggled to create solid plans to transform a section of waterfront along Lake Champlain. ((TILE 6299 07:59:23--08:07:28 HADD: "It's been about balancing out the needs of the community, the wants of the community, along with what we have for constraints in terms of existing infrastructure.")) How to bring enhancements to the area, however, remains up for debate. Over the past year -- the town has been drafting a written proposal that would rezone a commercialized section along Lakeshore Drive. It would narrow close to a *dozen* current zones -- to *two* -- areas along the water, and areas that aren't. The town's hope ... rezoning -- and added regulations -- would eventually bring a fresh, upgraded look through new development projects -- and enhance views of the lake. ((TILE 6299 03:13:26--03:24:27 HADD: "Giving a little bit more detail and thought to the types of structures. Should they have front porches? Outdoor seating? Those type of things. Or should we have more big, boxy buildings.")) But some residents say getting creative with buildings -- is ahead of the curve. This busy area up for a facelift -- still doesn't connect to the town sewer system -- potentially making it more difficult to attract and build new business. ((TILE 6340 28:47:27--28:53:09 DICK MAZZA/Property Owner: "I think until you address the septic or the sewer issue, you're not going to see any major development.")) The town's proposal would limit the size of new buildings to protect water quality -- but others argue municipal sewage systems, would solve the problem -- and open up opportunity. ((TILE 3854 01:28:27:23--01:28:38: 09 Robert Thompson/Lives in area: "There's a few vacant lots that would develop if there was a sewer system. I'm sure they would.")) The town says a sewer project is being evaluated -- but for now, they're instead encouraging green infrastructure -- like adding a rain barrel or rain garden. And the town says current storm water problems are already being reviewed -- and addressed. Tyler Dumont -- channel 3 news - Colchester.


Starting Line Sports ...after a strong April and May the Red Sox have been in a June swoon. Boston closed out the first two months of the season with a record of 32-20...but they've gone just 7-12 this month...and the last three losses to the White Sox have been the month of June in a nutshell. Monday and Tuesday night, the Sox pitched well enough to win, but the offense came of dry in a pair of 3-1 setbacks. Last night, Boston's bats put up six runs, including just the second home run since May 10th from Hanley Ramirez, but Koji Uehara blew a 6-4 lead, allowing three runs in the eighth and the White Sox went on to an 8-6 win. This one was a wild, back and forth affair ...Boston trailing 4-1 in the sixth...but they load the bases for Ramirez...ground ball up the middle... Brett Lawrie cuts it off...but his throw to first is way off target...two runs score and the Sox cut the lead to 4-3... --- Sandy Leon is up next...and he goes back up the middle... this one finds its way thru...Jackie Bradley Jr scores to tie the game...Ramirez would later come home on a Marco Hernandez ground out...a four run frame ...and a 5-4 Boston lead... --- but just like last night...the bullpen can't make it stand... top seven...two on and Jose Abreu turns on that offering from Junichi Tazawa...out in a hurry...a three run home run puts the White Sox back up 7-5 ... --- this time, Boston rallies...a Travis Shaw sac fly in the seventh cuts the lead to one...then in the eighth, with two on... Dustin Pedroia lines a single just over the shortstop...Hernandez coming around from second beats the throw and the game is tied at seven... --- Boston blows a two on no out situation in the ninth...but Craig Kimbrel gets out of a bases loaded no out jam in the tenth... then in the bottom of the tenth...the Sox put two on again and this time Xander Bogaerts comes thru with a single into short center...Mookie Betts scored... as the Red Sox avoid the sweep, winning 8-7.


The two teams combined to strand 22 runners on the day. The Sox head to Texas tomorrow. The Yankees have tonight off. New York hosts Minnesota tomorrow night.


The CDC committee has made a major announcement when it comes to the flu vaccine and children. Kenneth Craig reports.


MANY KIDS AROUND THE US WILL HAVE TO FEEL THE STING OF THE FLU SHOT THIS FALL. A CDC ADVISORY COMMITTEE HAS VOTED THAT THE NASAL SPRAY VACCINE FLU MIST SHOULD NOT BE USED IN THE UPCOMING FLU SEASON. (sot Dr. Joseph Bresee/CDC ) 9:58:13 two of the last three seasons it hasnt worked at all. At least in our hands. We havent seen any of our data that indicates the vaccine has been effective. On the other hand the flu shot has been effective in usually 50 to 60 percent of the time (TRACK) ITS ESTIMATED THAT ABOUT A THIRD OF CHILDREN GET THE NASAL SPRAY VACCINE EACH YEAR. EARLIER DATA FOUND THE NASAL SPRAY WAS ACTUALLY MORE PROTECTIVE THAN SHOTS FOR CHILDREN. HEALT OFFICIALS DONT KNOWN WHY SPRAY ISNT AS EFFECTIVE NOW. (bridge) Many hospitals and doctors have already placed their orders for flu vaccine. Experts say that may be a challenge this fall. (sot Dr. Joseph Bresee/CDC ) 9:59:27 I think it may be a doctors have to call one or two places to make sure they get the vaccine they need but I think overall there wont be any shortages THE MAKERS OF THE NASAL SPRAY SAY THE CDCS EFFECTIVENESS DATA CONTRASTS WITH STUDIES DONE BY ASTRA ZENECA AS WELL AS OTHER FINDINGS. THE COMPANY SAYS ITS WORKING WITH THE CDC. FEDERAL HEALTH OFFICIALS HOPE PARENTS WONT BE DISCOURAGED AND CONTINUE HAVING THEIR CHILDREN VACINATED.. (TRACK) REMINDING THAT ITS BETTER TO GET THE FLU SHOTTHAN THE FLU ITSELF. KENNETH CRAIG, CBS NEWS, NEW YORK.


Temp graph: Temperatures so far this month have been all over the place. Reaching highs in the 90s and then dropping below normal again. We'll see this again this weekend. Pollen: better than yesterday, tree pollen at a moderate level. Lake: Another beautiful day on the lake tomorrow, winds from the north at 5 knots. Mountain: and a beautiful hiking day in the mountains as well, with temperatures in the 60s. Weekend: Weekend weather looking dry and hot.



If you love donuts -- you're gonna love this week's super senior. Eddie has been making the breakfast item for decades. Joe Carroll has more.


In Waterford - making sweet treats is a family affair. There's Paul, his wife Gloria, Paul Junior, daughter Alison. (00:01:43:00) ((nat sot, Eddie laughing)) And the patriarch Eddie Toney. (00:03:22:00) (( Joe: you could probably do this in your sleep. Eddie: I've done a lot of it. )) If fact Eddie and his clan are celebrating 60 years in business. (00:05:02:00) ((Eddie Toney, My daughter used to stand on a coke box to wrap, she was fast! )) Eddie was born in nearby Littleton New Hampshire but raised in Saint Johnsbury. After World War 2 he came home to Saint Jay to start a donut shop. (00:05:31:00) ((Eddie, The hardest part is when I started, I didn't know anything about it and I had to learn the hard way. )) The donut shop became a mainstay in town, but a fire and a move to a less desirable location put an end to the retail business - it's now strictly wholesale. (00:03:52:00) (( Joe: Eddie what do we have here? Eddie: Maple. Maple glaze. Joe: Big seller? Eddie: Yes, it is. )) Eddie's Bakery now makes cookies and other desserts - but the donuts are a favorite. (00:20:17:00) (( Paul Toney/Son: What do I think of him? I think he's pretty remarkable. You and I should be so lucky to get to 95, huh. )) That's right, Eddie is an amazing 95 years old. Paul is 69. (00:18:23:00) (( Paul: All my classmates want to know when I'm going to retire and I said I can't retire my father won't. )) In truth - Eddie making donuts today was more of a photo op. (00:29:58:00) ((Eddie: I only come in here when they need me. Which isn't too often. Joe: Well they needed you a month ago.)) Grandson Paul was out with a bad shoulder and Eddie came out of reserves. (00:30:13:00) (( Joe: But you were a trooper. Eddie: I was a trooper, I came in and I made donuts. )) Eddie isn't in the kitchen as much because he has another job in the company. Helping Paul deliver the deserts mostly to Co-Ops up and down the Connecticut River Valley. (00:21:54:00) (( Paul: Everyone knows him down there. Eddie: I get a lot of attention, I get a lot of hugs. )) (00:19:43:00) (( Joe: So he's not just company he's there to help... Paul: Oh no he works with me, he helps. Eddie: But he forgot to tell you who sleeps on the way home. )) Eddie's the wheelman back to Waterford. (00:24:35:00) (( Eddie: He's a good son. )) (00:35:40:00 ) ((Eddie: Are you ready? Joe: I'm ready. )) Eddie is going to show me his town. ((On GoPro, Joe: You like to be on the road. Eddie: Yeah I do. I like to be on the road. )) ((On GoPro, Eddie: This is nice out here isn't it. Joe: Very pretty. )) He and his wife Doris used to go for rides like this - she has since passed away. At 95, Eddie's mind is on the future of the business. ((On GoPro, Eddie: I say we, my son runs it. I don't. Joe: Yeah, but you help out. Eddie: yeah, yeah, I help out, cause I want to see him do well. )) Back in the bakery. (00:08:03:00 ) ((Joe: How come your face isn't on the package! Eddie: Haha. That's a good question right there. )) (00:08:29:00) (( Joe: Everyone wants to know who Eddie is. Eddie: Everyone wants to know. Will now they're going to know. )) A sweet story. Joe Carroll, Channel 3 News, Waterford.


Eddie says 2 donuts a day keeps the doctor away.


The annual Jenny Brook Blue Grass Green Mountain Style Festival got underway in Tunbridge today. ((MUSIC / 4 sec)) People started arriving yesterday in their campers and tents -- for the four days of concerts. The festival drew around two thousand people last year. Organizers are expecting even more this year for what they say is their biggest one yet.


((Candi Sawyer-Event Producer I have MS so its hard for me to have a day job, each year instead of saving money for ourselves personally, we put it right back into the festival and we have been saving for a long time and this year we finally have Dell McCoury, and he is the Bill Monroe of today, who was the father of bluegrass)) Not only is Dell McCurry playing -- but they will also have an interview with McCoury and musician Doyle Lawson -- which Sawyer says has never happened before. Tony Holt & Wildwood Valley Boys officially kick off the festival at 2:30 today.


Vermont's Lea Davison is heading to Rio. Late this afternoon, USA Cycling named Davison as one of the three members of its Olympic Mountain Biking team. This will be the second trip to the Summer Olympics for the Jericho native. Davison competed in the 2012 Games in London, finishing 11th in women's cross-country. Davison's impressive accomplishments include multiple U-S championships, a bronze at the 2014 world championships and a world cup silver, earned last July in Switzerland. Her world cup podium marked the best finish for a U.S. racer in five years.


It's safe to say the Boston Celtics will be one of the busiest teams in tonight's NBA Draft. I can say that with confidence because Boston has eight selections tonight. The problem with that is that Boston doesn't have eight empty roster spots, so the rumors are flying fast and furious that team president Danny Ainge will make one or more trades. The most attention is focused on Boston's first pick...the third overall, acquired from the Nets as part of the Paul Pierce/Kevin Garnett trade. The Philadelphia 76ers are reportedly trying to land that number three pick in exchange for one of their young big men, either Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor. The two division rivals would seem to match up pretty well in this deal. The Celtics top players operate on the perimeter, while the Sixers have an abundance of young bigs, and are expected to add another by taking LSU forward Ben Simmons with the first overall pick in the draft.


Of course, Ainge could just decide to keep the number three pick and take the best available player. He and the Celtics also have two more first round picks, the 16th and the 23rd, and then five picks in the second round.


It's week two of Thursday night racing at Thunder Road...last week in the Thursday night opener, Eric Badore claimed the triple crown on the night...winning his heat, the semi and the Late Model feature and moved into the top ten in the season points championship race. Phil Scott was second and Nick Sweet third. With that third place finish, Sweet leads the Late Model standings by eight points over Scott Dragon, who finished fourth last night. Sweet also continues to hold the season points lead on the ACT Tour, there he's 21 points up on Eddie MacDonald. We'll have highlights and reaction from the high banks at 11pm.

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The International Ski Federation released the official schedule for the 2016-2017 World Cup seasons in alpine and freestyle skiing and snowboarding and freeskiing. There will be a total of 30 events in the U-S, including two in our region. As has been previously reported, Killington will host a women's slalom and giant slalom World Cup stop Thankgiving weekend, November 26th-27th. It's the first alpine World Cup event in the Eastern U-S since 1991. Also, Lake Placid will host what has become an annual stop on the freestyle tour, with both moguls and aerials, January 13th and 14th.


Maybe all the Lake Monsters needed was a little help. After picking up the season's first win Wednesday at home against Connecticut, Vermont opened a three game series at Tri-City last night and welcomed a quartet of high picks from this month's draft, three of which made their debuts in the Monsters lineup in that series opener. It was 50-cent hot dog night at Tri-City ...and the Monsters were hungry for another victory... --- in the second...two of those new Monsters come up big for Vermont...Nate Mondou ...a 13th round pick out of Wake Forest... grounds to second... fifth round pick Kentucky's JaVon Shelby scores...Shelby led off the inning with a double and went 2-for-3 on the night, scoring twice... --- then in the third, Miguel Mercedes launches a three run home run in the third ...his second of the season... Vermont starter Heath Bowers tosses six shutout innings and hasn't allowed a run in ten and two thirds innings so far this season. The Monsters have a win streak, taking it 7-2. They'll go for a third straight victory tonight.


To the NCBLS last night...the Vermont Mountaineers...a league worst 2-8... taking on 9-2 Ocean State in Montpelier. Manager Joe Brown with the good hands. --- The Neers load the basses with one down in the bottom of the first, Troy Scocca sends one to right, over the outfielder's head. 2 runs score on the double. 2-0 Vermont. --- The Mountaineers had plenty of hard hits tonight, but Ocean State brought the leather. Bottom of the fourth, Will Morgan on his horse in left to make the catch. --- the next batter hits it hard to third, but Joe Tietjen with a great grab, he guns it across the diamond for the out. --- Top of the 5th, Ocean State takes the lead scoring 3 times taking advantage of two Vermont errors, Nick Angelini with a 2-run double to center. The Mountaineers fall for the 9th time this young season, 5-4. Vermont travels to Keene tonight.


Also last night, the Upper Valley Nighthawks ring up a baker's dozen runs on 16 hits, rolling to a 13-4 win at Newport. The 'hawks improve to 6-5 on the season with the victory. They have tonight off.



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