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A murder for hire plot in the Upper Valley. Good evening, I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. Police say -- a woman -- targeted her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. Cat Viglienzoni is in the newsroom with what we learned in court today. Cat --- what did you find out? Darren and Kristin, Claremont Police say -- they were tipped off -- and acted fast to protect the intended victim.


NATS 000418 "All rise" 20-year-old Monique Earle faced a judge in Claremont court Thursday afternoon. The charges against her -- that she tried to hire someone to torture and kill her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend -- could land her behind bars for 30 years if she's convicted. Investigators say -- she was angry... and claimed the new woman -- had ruined her life ... and stolen her man. ((SOT Marc Hathaway, Sullivan County Attorney 000840 She indicated that she was pregnant and that she had a child as well 44)) Police say, Earle was staying at a shelter in Claremont ... and asked another woman to QUOTE "take care of a girl for her" -- and even wrote down a list of things she wanted done... including kidnapping ... drugging... and raping the intended victim for days... and then killing her. ((SOT Hathaway 002011 She was serious about it. She was given ample opportunity to take another course of action and chose not to 17)) The informant warned police... who worked with the state's drug task force to set up an undercover operation the next day. They say Earle offered $500 -- and a purse -- as payment... and showed police where the intended victim worked and lived. By Wednesday night -- Earle was behind bars. ((SOT Chief Alexander Scott, Claremont Police 002612 we were fortunately able to make an arrest in less than 24 hours in this instance 17)) Claremont Police Chief Alexander Scott has only seen one other murder-for-hire case in his 20-plus year career. He says, they took Earle's threats seriously. ((SOT Chief Alexander Scott, Claremont PD 002744 In any investigation of this nature, you're sort-of looking for a level of seriousness in terms of is this idle chatter or angry talk 55 And in this case, reading the affidavit will demonstrate that it went well beyond that 002801))


Earle is being held on 100-thousand dollars bail... and will be in court again next week. Darren?


Two Vermont kids were taken into state custody in Massachusetts - after police say their parents OD'ed in the car. The one-year-old and 9 month old were in the back seat -- when police say a passerby found 27-year-old Jacob Davis and 32-year-old Tamara Bruce out cold in their car in Lawrence Mass. Investigators say Davis and Bruce had driven 3 hours from their home in Manchester Center to buy drugs. The children were taken to the hospital to be checked out. Their parents were arraigned Monday for reckless endangerment. Davis is also charged with driving under the influence.


Not guilty pleas today from two Hartford women -- accused of trafficking heroin into Vermont. Police say Sarah Allen and Raelynn Bomhower were buying drugs out of state - and selling them here - even though Allen claimed she was only running a dog walking business. Police recovered 200 bags of heroin at her Center of Town Road home. Allen's 3 year old was placed with one of his grandparents.


Vermont got the green light for new restrictions on prescribing opiates. Governor Peter Shumlin says the new rules are the toughest in America. Doctors will have to follow the new guidelines - which put a 9 to 12 pill limit -- for minor medical procedures. More serious conditions give doctors more leeway. The new limits go into effect July 1, 2017.


Big payout for a Pittsfield woman -- who was stuck in a Killington gondola -- for more than six hours. 750-grand. Taylor Young is in Rutland with more. Taylor. That's right -- her attorney says they didn't even ask for all that money but say it's a clear sign the jury felt sympathy for this woman. Nadine Price says she suffered from mild hypothermia and severe PTSD -- after being trapped. It happened in 2011. She was hiking and decided to take the gondola in the late afternoon. But because of bad weather -- the resort shut it down early - and she got stranded. Price's attorney -- Chris Larson says they asked the jury for five- hundred thousand dollars -- but THEY came to an agreement that she deserved more. The jury determined Killington would pay Nadine three quarters of a million dollars for her pain and suffering and future medical expenses. And I did speak with Killington reps -- they would not comment or say if they plan to appeal. Darren?


Moose on the move. This video was taken near Rt 103 in Mount Holly. Perfect day for anyone to be out and about this afternoon, Sharon.

9} 1STWX

Radsat A-B This low pressure system with a trailing trough extends back across the great lakes, so it will take some time before we are clear of the scattered rain and snow showers. Snowfall potential: We are expecting snow showers in the mountains, with just a few inches of accumulation possible, but the temperatures will be cold enough they will also be making snow. Tonight: Cloudy skies. Scattered rain and snow showers. Lows: 32/38 Winds: SW 10-15 mph Friday: Cloudy skies. Rain/snow showers. Highs: 38/45 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Friday night: Cloudy skies. Chance of rain/snow showers. Lows: 25/35 Winds: NW 5-10 mph Saturday: Cloudy. Chance of snow showers. Highs: 30/37 Winds: NW 5-10 mph


You are likely looking at a property tax hike next year. A letter from the Tax department to lawmakers says the median tax bill is projected to go up more than 2-percent next year. Governor Elect Scott released a statement saying he wants to work with lawmakers to address that jump - and try to make Vermont more affordable. Property taxes in large part fund schools. Even with the addition of Pre-K students -- enrollment is down across the state while total costs are rising. Also bumping up the bill will be rising income and property values.


A popular grocery store chain -- may be bought out by its rival. Albertsons is in talks to acquire Price Chopper. Albertsons is based out of Iowa. It also owns the east coast grocery chain, Shaws. With the two super markets having locations through out the north east, business experts say it might not be a bad thing for consumers.


((Robert Letovsky/ Professor Saint Michael's College)) (58.23 For the consumer. Ultimately it should mean lower prices, because that is the key to survival in the retail grocery business. Retail groceries are faced with threats, most notable online.1.10.23) Letovsky says regional supermarkets are now competing with online grocery delivery services through companies likes Amazon. They're also competing with big box stores like Wal-Mart. The deal between Albertsons and Price Chopper is not finalized, but it's expected to be a one billion dollar sale.


Some people who are sick turn to medical marijuana. What do you do if your dog is sick? Could the answer be canine cannabis? Kyle Midura takes a look.


(Dog walk nats) Faith Jennings saved Karma from a kill shelter almost five years ago. She's a sweet pooch, but Faith hasn't been able to heal all of the pitbull's emotional wounds. (00:00:25:00) ((Faith Jennings - Dog Owner she struggles with anxiety, she doesn't like being left alone. It's not something we've had a fun time experiencing)) (nats) Faith says this little treat is the best treatment they've found so far. It's a supplement designed to calm dogs. One of the key ingredients comes from cannabis. Karma doesn't need a medical marijuana card though -- as the product is made using hemp. (00:19:48:00) ((Bill Reilly - Reilly's HempVet the reason the hemp is in there, the reason we chose hemp is for general health and wellness, it's something that acts immediately)) The supplement also contains more common ingredients -- with formulations for everything from anxiety to joint pain. In Karma's case, her human reports a more relaxed -- though no less energetic -- dog within about half-an-hour after her snack. (00:02:41:00) ((Faith Jennings - Dog Owner she's been great with it, and if I give it to her before I leave I feel like when I come home, she's just a normal dog)) There's barely a trace of T-H-C -- the chemical responsible for marijuana's high -- in hemp. It has plenty of C-B-D though. That's the compound advocates of medical marijuana credit for human health benefits -- like the strain Charlotte's Web, which can curb seizures. (00:23:08:00) ((Bill Reilly - Reilly's HempVet my experience is that vets are very supportive of supplements in general and when you get into the cannabis, there's still a lot of questions about it out there)) Veterinarians we chatted with say there is anecdotal evidence products like these can help... but would want to see more research before recommending it for their patients. KM, Ch.3 BTV.


Bernie Sanders may not be campaigning anymore. But his run for President is still helping veterans in Vermont. Capitol Grounds in Montpelier started selling Bernie's Beans during the campaign -- and the coffee roaster donates 20-percent from the proceeds -- to the Vermont Veterans Fund. So far -- 15-thousand dollars has gone to the fund -- which gives grants to people and organizations that help vets. Capitol Grounds says Bernie's Beans have been such a hit -- they are staying around.


A woman accused in a deadly crash will stay in jail. Maria Carlson of Swanton has been behind bars for 14 months. She's accused of being high on heroin when she allegedly slammed head-on into 68 year old Diane Bohannon -- and 67 year old Robert Benjamin. The judge in the case said Tuesday the court isn't prepared to accept Carlson's guilty plea under a deal-- but he might in the future.


A Vermont woman may find herself in prison -- after police say she mailed drugs to an inmate. 28 year old Tricia Bisson of Craftsbury Common allegedly mailed suboxone -- to an inmate at the state prison in Springfield. She faces a bunch of charges.


Are landlords the key to cracking down on drug dealing? The U-S Attorney's Office in Vermont wants landlords to know their rights -- and do a better job of screening tenants and writing drug use provisions into lease agreements. Federal authorites just had a community meeting in Springfield -- and there have been others already in St. Johnsbury, Barre and Rutland.


A warning for hikers at Mount Philo in Charlotte. Troopers say thieves were busy today -- breaking into vehicles in the parking lot. The culprits smashed the windows and made off with about 37-hundred dollars in goods - including a designer purse and a Mac Pro Silver laptop. Troopers urge hikers to not leave any valuables in your vehicles while hiking at state parks. If you have information on today's thefts - call state police.


Big rigs are running out of parking spots in South Burlington. The trucks used to be allowed to park overnight at the K-mart parking lot. The property is owned by Hannaford. The company tells WCAX it kicked the trucks out -- after getting complaints from neighbors. So some drivers started parking on nearby Fayette Drive -- until these cement barriers blocked the spots. The property is owned by Pomerleau Real Estate -- and leased to Hannaford. Pomerleau says some of the big rigs were parking there for up to two weeks. Residents started complaining that the trucks were a safety hazard because other drivers couldn't see around them. Cars are still allowed to park between the barrier on Fayette Drive.


An old school is coming down. The town of bridgewater voted to demolish the 102- year old village school. The vote was close...nearly split 47-43. A lot of ideas are out there for what will replace the building -- but nothing official yet.


The historic covered bridge connecting Cornwall and Salisbury is being torn down. The historic bridge burned in September. A construction crew has been removing parts of the bridge for the past two weeks. They think it'll be completely removed by December ninth. Now the question is ... What type of bridge will replace it.


((Brian Kemp/Select Board Member: "starting this winter the two towns Cornwall and Salisbury will have meeting in each town an determine what steps we take fro rebuild whether we go back to a covered bridge structure or an open regular bridge platform.")) A temporary single-lane bridge is expected to be put in place by the beginning of January..


Where there's a will -- there's a way! Check this out. Small car -- big tree -- no problem. Cindy Adair snapped this photo on Rt 15 in Jericho of some folks who just got their Christmas tree.


Current temperatures are still warmer than normal, 24 hour temp change: But over the past 24 hours, you can see how much the temperatures have fallen in the west, while the cooler air hasn't made it all the way to the east coast. Temp graph: temperatures will remain a little below normal through the middle of next week. RPM: We're also expecting some rain showers and mountain snow showers through Saturday morning. We could see a couple of inches of accumulation in the higher elevations. Dry weather settles in Sunday and will last through the middle of next week. Surface: There is a trough extending back through the great lakes with rain and snow showers. Our weather will remain unsettled until this moves east of New England.


Tonight: Cloudy skies. Scattered rain and snow showers. Lows: 32/38 Winds: SW 10-15 mph Friday: Cloudy skies. Rain/snow showers. Highs: 38/45 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Friday night: Cloudy skies. Chance of rain/snow showers. Lows: 25/35 Winds: NW 5-10 mph Saturday: Cloudy. Chance of snow showers. Highs: 30/37 Winds: NW 5-10 mph Extended: Sunday through Thursday. Saturday night: Lows 23/30 Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Highs 30/37 Lows 18/25 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 30/37 Lows 20/27 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 33/40 Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs 30s Lows 20s Thursday: Chance of rain/snow showers. Highs 30s



About 1,000 jobs will stay in Indiana after President-Elect Donald Trump negotiated a deal with heating company "Carrier." It's the first big win for the soon-to-be president. Kenneth Craig reports.


President-Elect Donald Trump got a tour of the factory where he brokered a deal to keep about one thousand jobs in America. (nats) Then he rallied with some of the workers around the plant. (SOT: President-Elect Trump) "COMPANIES ARE NOT GOING TO LEAVE THE UNITED STATES ANYMORE WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES." (gfx) According to Fortune Mr. Trump personally called Greg Hayes - CEO of Carrier's parent company United Technologies - and promised corporate tax-rate reductions which would "dwarf" the 65 million a year the company would have saved through outsourcing to Mexico. Carrier announced it was closing the plant in February. (nats) Mr. Trump often talked about Carrier in his campaign speeches and pledged to make it harder for the company to leave if he became president. (SOT: Duane Lively/Carrier Warehouse Worker) "HE STOOD UP FOR US FROM THE GET-GO. NOBODY ELSE WOULD. HE STOOD UP FOR US AND MADE GOOD ON HIS PROMISE." For the workers and their families - the announcement is a big relief. (SOT: Kenneth Craig/CBS News/Indianapolis, IN) "HOW BIG OF A DEAL IS THIS FOR YOU THAT CARRIER IS NOW STAYING HERE?" (SOT: Erica Ferguson/Wife of Carrier Employee) "IT'S VERY BIG, IT'S EXCITING NEWS. JUST LAST WEEK WE WAS STILL SITTING DOWN THINKING 'WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?'" But it's not all good news. While a thousand jobs will be saved...not everyone will be kept on. (SOT: Susie Wallen/Carrier Factory Worker) "NOW IT'S JUST COILS AND FURNACES, BUT THE COILS ARE GOING TO MEXICO." Hundreds of jobs are still expected to be outsourced. Kenneth Craig, Channel 3 news , Indianapolis.


Hear more about the Trump Transition -- next on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.


New cockpit audio sheds light on the final moments before a jet --carrying a Brazilian soccer team -- crashed in Columbia. 71 people were killed. Six people survived. Now, the cockpit recordings reveal the pilot said quote "flight 29-33 is in total failure, total electrical failure and out of fuel. Where is the runway?" The air traffic controller replies -- the aircraft is more than eight miles from the runway. The pilot responds with one word: Jesus.


A country music legend is helping those devastated by wildfires in Tennessee. More than 14-thousand people were evacuated from Gatlinburg this week. Many don't know if they still have homes. At least 7 people were killed. Dolly Parton started a fund that will provide a thousand dollars a month to those who lost their homes in her homestate.


New details about the same-sex couple custody case involving a Vermont woman that made national headlines. Nicaragua man Timothy Miller pleaded guilty to helping Lisa Miller -- no relation -- flee the country with her daughter to avoid sharing custody with her former same-sex partner in Vermont -- Janet Jenkins. Prosecutors say Timothy Miller bought plane tickets to Nicaragua for Lisa Miller and her 7-year-old daughter in 2009 and helped them get settled in Central America. The whereabouts of Lisa Miller and her daughter are unknown.


It's been a fixture in the Burlington music scene for decades. But things are changing at 242 Main -- Eliza Larson takes us there.


((Title 4855 -- band intro nat)) The boys of The Red Summer Sun take advantage of an afternoon jam session. The pop-punk band wants to make a good impression -- when they take the stage at 242 Main SATURDAY. ((TC 01:21:58:23 Title 4881 Tyler Lashway/Lead Singer: "And I just remember going there and everybody went wild." 01:22:01:29)) The venue holds a lot of fond memories for the band mates. Drummer Ruston Fettig says it's where he met guitarist Tom Wheelock. ((TC 01:27:59:13 Title 4881 Ruston Fettig/Drummer: "if I had never played that show that Tom was at we wouldn't know each other." 01:28:03:25)) 242 Main also fostered a safe -- substance free space for the boys -- and others of all ages. ((TC 01:25:29:22 Title 4881 Ruston Fettig/Drummer: "I remember going there in high school and my parents wouldn't have let me go to Nectars or a bar." 01:25:35:22)) ((TC 09:10:11 Title 4892 James Lockridge/Big Heavy World: "responsibly overseeing incubator of young adults. Its empowering that way." 09:18:01)) James Lockridge runs Big Heavy World -- A group that tracks Vermont's music history. He says 242 started as a teen arts scene back in the 80s with help from then mayor - Bernie Sanders -- but keeping it in concert-ready shape has been a challenge. ((TC 04:31:08 Title 4892 James Lockridge/Big Heavy World: "that the city has some overdue maintenance of this building thats lead it to be a concern for safety." 04:39:07)) Lockridge says it would cost an estimated $15 million to fix the building that is also home to Burlington's Memorial Auditorium. City officials have not announced a plan for the building but say for now the club has to close Lockridge is planning to say goodbye with a tribute concert. ((TC 14:56:00 Title 4892 James Lockridge/Big Heavy World: "so I'm looking around and I'm seeing cinder blocks and concrete and I'm thinking, you know, in anybody else's head space this wouldn't be anything special to look at. But I know in my heart how special its been for decades to hundreds and thousands of people." 15:13:18)) ((TC 25:33;14 Title 5028 Eliza Larson/Brattleboro: "Lockridge says the impact 242 main had on people spreads far beyond the borders of Burlington -- so we went to Brattleboro to find someone who could explain." 25:43:18)) ((TC 30:50:05 Title 5029 Spencer Crispe/Played and Worked at 242 Main: "I still go to shows at 242 and book shows at 242." 30:56:04)) Spencer Crispe is a native Vermonter -- a lawyer -- and a musician. ((concert footage)) One of his many bands -- My Revenge -- played a number of times at 242 Main and they'll play at the last concert. He showed Channel 3 the posters from some of their old shows -- and others he's helped put on. ((first 242 show poster Title 5045)) He says the people who came through 242 Main became like family ((It's like home)) -- and he hopes they stick together -- even if they can't do it here. ((TC 34:09:13 Title 5029 Spencer Crispe/Played and Worked at 242 Main: "I just felt like that was a place you could really express yourself and I found identity in. Because I don't relate to a lot of society. I don't relate to a lot of conventional things." 34:20:23)) ((red summer sun nats)) ((TC 01:20:31:24 Title 4881 Tom Wheelock/Guitarist: "Its super important that these places exist and its kind of disheartening to see it go away." 01:20:36:02)) As for the bands -- and people -- headed to the last show -- they hope to make it a night they -- and the city -- will never forget. ((TC 01:31:51:24 Title 4881 Tyler Lashway/Lead Singer: "the best show we can possibly bring to 242." 01:31:57:00)) Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Burlington.


You don't see this everyday -- a bobcat in your backyard! WCAX News Morning Producer Kristen Tripodi snapped this photo yesterday at her home in Williston. Very cool!


Starting Line Sports to the program's best start in seven years, the 6-2 UVM men's basketball team will face arguably it's toughest test of the season tonight when the Cats visit 20th ranked South Carolina. That game tips off at 6:30pm Vermont will be looking for it's first victory over a ranked opponent since upsetting fourteenth ranked Boston College in November of 2007. The Cats have played top programs like Purdue, Florida, USC, St. Joseph's and Duke in recent years. They've played some of those teams close but have never been able to come away with the win. This season, the Cats lost big at Providence, but were denied a victory over Houston at the buzzer in the Gulf Coast Showcase. This is an experienced roster that has played in a lot of tough places, and is ready for the challenge that's in front of them.


((TRT: 19 ... OC: WANT TO GET BETTER)) ((Bell-Haynes/ We don't want to get caught up in how good they are. Go in their star struck. We've played good teams. We've played Providence, Houston, last year we played Purdue. Hopefully everybody's ready to go.)) ((Duncan/ I think if we play well and lose we're still in a good spot. But if we're able to go down there and get a win it would be big for our program and good for our team. But win or lose we just want to get better.))


One player that started the season strong and has continued to get better is freshman forward Anthony Lamb. The 6-8 native of Rochester, New York has been named the America East rookie of the week for the second time this season. Lamb averaged 9 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks per game as he helped the Catamounts to a 3-1 record last week. He posted a team-high 18 points, five rebounds and set a new career-high with three blocks Vermont's 67-65 win over Yale on Saturday.


We'll have highlights from South Carolina at 11pm. Coming up...Scott checks in live from Lake Placid...and is Rob Gronkowski done for the year?


It's no secret that exercise is good for your heart. Now researchers say the type of exercise -- can be just as important -- as how often you do it. Rylee Carlson has more.


NATS… When Barbara Karayi heads out on her bicycle, she knows she's getting more than just fresh air. (SOT - Barbara Karayi/Cyclist) OBVIOUSLY I KNOW IT'S GOOD FOR MY HEART, AND I CAN FEEL AFTER I'M DONE CYCLING MY BLOOD PRESSURE GOES RIGHT DOWN. New research published in the British Journal of sports medicine reveals cycling might pay off big in the long run. (sky news) Researchers studied the exercise habits of more than 80-thousand adults for over a decade. They found people who took part in certain sports didn't just lower their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease -- they lowered their chance of dying from ANY health problem. (cbs) Those who CYCLED routinely cut their health risks by 15 percent. (SOT - Dr. Declan O'Regan/Cardiac Radiologist) THIS IS REALLY THE FIRST TIME THAT SCIENTISTS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO LOOK AT PARTICULAR SPORTS AND CLEARLY SHOW THAT CERTAIN SPORTS HAVE A PROVEN BENEFIT. NATS UP….TENNIS (sky news) When it came to cardiovascular disease - people who played racquet sports cut their risk of death by more than half. (man in pool) Swimming by 41 percent. (nats..aerobics class)(cbs) And aerobics by 36 percent. (Bridge - Rylee Carlson/CBS News/London) (already shot) WHILE EXPERTS AREN'T READY TO PRESCRIBE *SPECIFIC* SPORTS JUST YET - THEY SAY CONSISTENT EXERCISE IS KEY. (SOT - Dr. Declan O'Regan/Cardiac Radiologist)(cbs) IT'S REALLY FINDING A SPORT THAT'S GOOD FOR YOU AND ONE THAT YOU COULD DO SUSTAINABLY FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. NATS… For Barbara, that means sticking with her bike. (nat sot Barbara/covered by video as she rides off…) IF YOU SEE ME CYCLING, I'VE ALWAYS GOT A BIG GRIN ON MY FACE. Rylee Carlson for CBS News, London


Drought index: Our drought situation has not improved over the past month. Precip: As of midnight last night, we had only gotten a little precip. Precip map: and after midnight, some of the heaviest of the rain came through which added up to between a third and a half an inch of rain. So at least we are starting off the month of December on a wet note.



Don Ruggles is one of those guys who doesn't waste a minute. and when the super senior is home - every second counts. Here's Joe Carroll.


This is a story about time. (00:01:51:00) (( Don whistling while walking down the aisle )) And how we use it. (00:34:41:00) ((Don Ruggles/Super Senior: I don't, I don't waste a minute. )) (00:03:07:00) ((nat sot, more whistling)) Eighty one year old Don Ruggles has been clocking in at the ReSource store in Barre for the last couple years. (00:03:29:00) ((Don, this is a coffee maker a guy left this morning. )) It's a place where people donate their goods - Don cleans and prices them for sale. (00:03:36:00) ((Don: Scrub him down. )) (00:06:22:00) (( Joe: You enjoy working. Don: Ahh! I'm a workaholic. )) Don grew up poor and when his father died - the 7 year old had to grow up fast. Taking any job he could to help support the family. (00:07:09:00 ) ((Don, It's a rough life, but I survived. )) Right out of high school, he went to work full time, eventually owning a hardware store that is now closed. But Don hasn't slowed down. (00:10:18:00) (( Joe: you don't waste anytime. Don: Oh nah, no I'm always doing something. )) He works at the store 20 hours a week. If he's not here - most likely you will catch him volunteering at a nursing home, putting in over a hundred hours a month. But the man who helps others needed help himself a few years ago. (00:26:20:00) ((Don: and I hit my head on the frozen ground and I say, two weeks later we found out it did damage. )) He was in the hospital for two months. (00:28:03:00) (( Joe: Have you changed since the accident? Don: Oh yeah, I realize God had a blessing and it weren't my time you know. )) (00:28:14:00) (( I don't swear no more, I don't get upset, I ah, take a lot of change and accept change.)) (00:40:46:00) ((Connor LaClair/ReSource Coordinator, He's our oldest volunteer we have and he's beloved by everyone here- he sets an example - he does good work and I think that's the most important thing.)) (00:46:11:00) ((Nat sot leaving the store and saying morning. )) His day is done at the store - now it's time for his passion. ((nat sot of clocks)) For the kid who couldn't afford a single clock growing up - he now has over 1,600 time pieces. (00:47:45:00) (( Joe: You're running out of room. Don: I ran out of room a long time ago. )) (00:47:52:00) ((Don: I used every inch I could find. )) From seasonal clocks to retro - Don has them all. (00:33:01:00) ((Don, No I just wanted to try another hobby....and somehow I said - hey how about clocks. )) (01:03:23:00) ((Nat sot, Cuckoo Cuckoo clock going off.)) There was a time when Don and his wife, Lois, filled the house with teddy bears. They were together for 42 years. (01:08:52:00) (( Joe: She had Alzheimers? Don: Yes, yup, It came on fast! )) He started collecting the clocks after she died. He admits his hobby is a bit over the top. (01:06:16:00) (( Joe: Oh there's more? Don: Oh hundreds.)) A clock shows us a moment in time and how we live it. ((nat sot of second hand on clock)) And savors every second he's alive. (01:04:53:00) ((Don, Oh all the time, that's what I do. )) Joe Carroll, Channel 3 News, Berlin.


A Middlebury museum has put on quite the display. Its train exhibit is organized by the Mid Vermont train club. The group has been transforming the second-floor room at the Sheldon Museum into a village for the past twenty-five years. This year's exhibit is three levels and has structures representing the town of Middlebury in each season.


((Mary Manley/Assoc. Director: "it's the only game in town as far as model trains go. You see shows in other towns and in other states but this is a tradition for people it's one of those holiday traditions that people want to come back with their kids and grand kids. Many times more than once during a season.")) The display is open to the public until January fourteenth.



Last weekend, thousands flocked to Killington to catch a glimpse of the world's best women's alpine skiers. This weekend, the focus shifts to Lake Placid for World Cup men's and women's Luge. Scott Fleishman is Live at the Olympic Sports Complex with more. Thanks Mike, it took 40 years to get world cup skiing back to Vermont. That's not the case with Luge here in Lake Placid. This is the 3rd straight year that the Viesmann World Cup has made a stop at Mount Van Hoevenberg, about 5 miles from the village. It's not the fastest course on the cup circut but it's very demanding, lots of tough turns in this 19-curve layout. The U.S. Team has done very well here in years past. Last December team USA scored 6 podium finishes, three of them gold. Two of the big names to watch this weekend, Lake Placid's own Chris Mazdzer, who won a gold here in singles last year. He's competing tomorrow and Sochi Bronze medalist Erin Hamlin, who also won gold here a year ago, will compete on Saturday.


((TRT: 43 ... OC: I'M EXCITED)) ((Mazdzer/ We're gone for nine weeks straight a lot of times, so to have Lake Placid in the middle of one of our trips is fantastic. We have a lot of success here because it is our home track. We have tons of training and the conditions like to change a lot, as you're seeing right here. So the other competitors, they might be used to making those subtle changes day in, day out, but we are.)) ((Hamlin/ The biggest part of our advantage at Lake Placid is that we are based here. We train here. We have more runs here than anywhere else in the world. Most of us learned how to slide here. So there's just that level of comfort here that we don't find anywhere else. It's always great to come home and race. I have a huge group of fiends and family that come out. It's a track I've slid on, I don't even know how many times, so it's nice to be comfortable and it's always an awesome event. So I'm excited.))


Competition has already begun, right behind me is Nation's Cup Qualifying which is for luge atheltes outside the first seed, trying to get into the World Cup. We're live in Lake Placid, Scott Fleishman, channel 3 sports.


Yet another honor for UVM freshman men's hockey goalie Stefanos Lekkas. Lekkas has been named the Hockey East goaltender of the month for November. The freshman went 5-1-1 in the month, while stopping 199 of 212 total shots he faced, capped by stopping 70 of 73 shots while backing Vermont to the Friendship Four championship last weekend in Belfast. Also, freshman forward Ross Colton was the runner-up for Hockey East rookie of the month. Colton scored five goals and added five assists in eight November games. The 14th ranked Cats are off this weekend, then host Boston University next Friday and Saturday night.


The UVM women's basketball team closed out a three game homestand last night versus Holy Cross... --- 1st Quarter, Candice Wright making an impact. The driving lay-up...gets it to fall, and the foul. 10 points, 11 boards ...a double-double for the Sophomore... --- Later in the 1st, Kylie Butler with the pick...and goes coast-to-coast for the lay-up. Extends the Cats lead to 8...but a cold-shooting 2nd Quarter gives Holy Cross a 1-point advantage at the Half ... --- 3rd Quarter, the Cats rally...Kallie Banker knocks down the 3, part of a 10-1 run. She finished with 12 points... --- Then, Hayley Robertson finds a wide-open Sydney Smith in the corner. A game-high 15 for Smith... Vermont outscores the Crusaders 20-8 in the 3rd, en route to a 63-52 win to improve to 3-4 on the season.


((TRT: 25 ... OC: RIGHT NOW))


Outside of Tom Brady, there is no player on the Patriots roster who has a bigger impact on the team's success than Rob Gronkowski. But now the Pats will have to continue on without their top pass catcher as multiple reports indicate Gronkowski is set to undergo back surgery tomorrow and is expected to miss eight weeks, which would mean he would not be ready to return until the Super Bowl. Gronkowski left Sunday's game against the New York Jets with an injury that was diagnosed as a herniated disk. Gronkowski had returned to action Sunday after missing the team's game the week before because of a chest injury. The week prior, against Seattle, Gronkowski suffered what was reported as a collapsed lung following a hit from Seahawks safety Earl Thomas. This will be the third back surgery of Gronkowski's career. The first came in 2009 while he was at the University of Arizona. The second, in 2013, cost him the first six games of that, his fourth season with the Pats. He missed the first two games of this season with a hamstring injury, but in a four week span in October, Gronk hauled in 21 catches for 473 yards and three touchdowns. The now Gronk-less Pats will host the L-A Rams Sunday.



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