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Two Vermont colleges -- becoming one. Good evening, I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Julie Kelley ... In for Kristin tonight. It's official. Lyndon State College and Johnson State College -- are merging. Kyle Midura is in Johnson with the details, Kyle, what do you know? D and J, trustees are united on the issue... It's a different story on-campus


(nats) Vermont State College's Board of Trustees voiced unanimous support for turning two colleges into one Thursday morning. The vote sets Lyndon and Johnson State Colleges on a path to unification - as both struggle to stay financially afloat. (00:05:35:28) ((Jeb Spaulding unifying Johnson and Lyndon into one larger and stronger college is the best way we can to ensure that the campuses will remain viable and vibrant for generations to come )) The change will not shutter either campus, or fully take effect until July 2018. Lyndon and Johnson would maintain separate sports teams - while faculty and students could move between campuses for class. Johnson State President Dr. Elaine Collins - who will take the helm of the unified school - says the move will improve educational opportunities and balance the financial books. (00:17:25:00 ) ((Elaine Collins - College President I look forward to leading this effort. I expect that there will be some bumps in the road, but I know that collectively we'll be able to make a stronger future for these two special institutions )) Along with savings from consolidating leadership - board-members say they believe the colleges will be in a better position to lobby the legislature for better funding. it hinges on the unification reversing the trend of declining enrollment between the two schools. Six-hundred fewer students call the campuses home now than did in 2010. Projections envision 27 more students next year with the merger underway than would otherwise attend, and more than 130 by Fall 2019. (nats) Some details - like how to pay for the two million dollar transition cost - still need to be ironed out. Members of Johnson's student government wrote a letter supporting unification - but noted key details are missing, and some elements of the chancellor's report seem too rosy. (nats) On the campuses Thursday - students gave mixed reviews. (00:25:20:00 ) ((Zeb McCoy - Lyndon Jr. I really have no opinion either way, I don't really care)) (00:34:54:00) ((Hayes Walker - Johnson Sophomore I'm not really sure what to think )) (00:25:50:00) ((Savannah Barcomb - Lyndon Sr. it doesn't really impact me at all, but I kind of like how they're merging together, because there are a lot more events that could happen and more opportunities for students)) (00:39:38:00) ((Kayla Flanagan - Johnson Sophomore I think it's going to be really cool for our schools to kind of get together and be combined instead of being rivals))


a few names for the new college have been thrown around. The board did call on President Collins and her future transition team to come up with a name for the merged schools by December first. -darren Kyle, what about faculty and staff? They worried about their jobs? A spokesperson for staff at today's vote told us they're cautiously optimistic - they recognize the merger could reduce their number, but say they face steeper cuts if the finances aren't turned around. Faculty members we spoke with say they largely feel they have job security, but need to see more details before they can fairly judge the plan.

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We now know the name of the person found dead in a South Burlington neighborhood this week. Investigators say, U-S Marshals used fingerprints to identify 32-year-old Shawn Carter of Shelburne. Carter's decomposed body was found in a wooded area off of Patchen Road. He was wanted by Colchester Police for a pair of armed robberies. Police suspect Carter died of a drug overdose. They're still waiting for the final autopsy results.


The Vermont man, who survived more that a week lost at sea, is responding to suspicions about him and his mother's disappearance. Nathan Carman returned to his Vernon home late last night. His mom Linda is presumed dead. She disappeared during their fishing trip off the coast of Rhode Island. Police have searched his home -- and court documents show he was a suspect in the murder of his millionaire grandfather a few years ago in Connecticut. Here's what Carman's saying tonight: "My grandfather was like a father to me, and I was like a son to him... He was the closest person in the world to me, and I loved him and he loved me, and I had absolutely nothing to do with his death." He also said: "I don't know what to make of people being suspicious... I have enough to deal with."


A drive-by shooting in the Queen City. It happened last night at around 6-o-clock on Hyde Street. Someone fired multiple shots into this apartment complex. Nobody was hurt. Police in Burlington are still searching for a maroon Ford Focus -- in connection with that shooting.


There won't be a criminal investigation into the "Phil Scott for Governor" campaign. Democrats asked Attorney General Bill Sorrell to take a look into alleged campaign finance violations. They pointed to a series of TV ads made by the Republican Governors Association. The Democratic Party alleged that the video, with close ups at private events, mean that the RGA coordinated the ad shoot with the Scott campaign -- which would be a violation. But The A-G -- who is a Democrat -- says, he needs more than "mere speculation" to open an investigation.


It's that time of year again. Sharon hits the road -- looking for fabulous foliage. And she kicks it off tonight on (shay-zee) Chazy Lake in Dannemora. Hi Sharon! Yes, we know it's still early in the season, and it's been a warm September, but patience has never been my strong suit so instead of waiting for foliage to come to me, I'm going to go looking for it. Today, bob Davis and I are in the Adirondacks!


Pkg The Adirondacks are all about cozy cabins with porches overlooking mountain lakes...and fall foliage. It's early in the foliage season but there are some especially bright spots of color in this area. We started our trip today at Loon Lake, a quiet spot for Robert Davis, a recently retired physician. He and his old dog appreciate the serenity this time of year. Robert Davis/Loon Lake "I mean there are probably many lovely lakes. I just happen to be particularly fond of Loon Lake. It's not as big, it allows power boats but there's not a lot out because you can't really's only probably a couple miles long. It's great for paddling, and swimming and that stuff." Reds and oranges are beginning the blossom around the edge of the lake nod in the hillsides. We continued on rt 26's windy, but beautiful! There are lots of little lakes and ponds, and occasionally, beautiful vistas to the mountains. along the way there are several public access areas and trail heads ... Plenty of opportunities to get out and walk around a bit to really appreciate this scenery. Eventually we turned towards Mountainview and Owls Head...if you are looking for scenery and tranquility, Rt 26 and 27 is the way to go. We found hundreds of geese getting ready for their trip south, but not many people around until you get closer to Malone. Golf will bring the people out on a day like today. At the Malone Country Club, there were plenty of golfers enjoying this spectacular fall weather. Christine Holden and Elise Rowen are cousins, and they love getting together this time of year. "I love the fact that you can get outside and be in the fresh air and look at the beautiful scenery!" Golfers squeezing in the last golden days of their season, knowing full well it won't last much longer. A little farther up the road, the opposite is true. There wasn't a soul to be found on Titus mountain, but it won't be long now before the snow flies and this place is humming with activity.


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She's at the top of her game. And tonight Mikaela Shiffrin is in Boston. And so is our Scott Fleishman. Hey Scott -- what's up? roll cue = fourth year they've done this event ...


Backlash is growing against a new pit bull ban -- passed in Montreal. Cat Viglienzoni joins us from the newsroom with the heated debate. Julie, starting Monday -- Montreal residents who don't own a pit bull won't be able to -- and those who already do will have to keep them muzzled and on a short leash -- and go through criminal background checks. It's a controversial move -- that's drawing a heated response here in Vermont.


NATS PROTEST In Montreal -- dog owners and animal rights activists say the mayor is barking up the wrong tree -- by singling out pit bulls in a ban. The mayor says -- their data says otherwise. (Mayor Denis Coderre) "When 38 percent of all bites are coming from pitbulls there is a situation here." The controversial law follows the fatal mauling of a Montreal woman in her backyard by a neighbor's dog -- initially thought to be a pit bull -- though that has since been questioned. ((GFX)) In addition to new restrictions for current pit bull owners, new ownership is banned for any "pit bull" dogs... including a few specific breeds -- but also any mixes... and any dogs with similar physical characteristics. Critics -- including veterinarians -- say that's too vague. And many in Montreal are refusing to kill the ones left in shelters -- even after Monday's deadline. (Judith Weissman, Veterinarian) "Euthanasia was not intended for those dogs and the professional responsibility we have was not intended for this situation." ((CAT STANDUP, St. Albans Town: 003220 While Montreal's law is under fire, it is not the first piece of breed-specific legislation to pass. Many towns and cities in the US have passed similar laws, including in St. Albans Town. But this town had a change of heart 33)) ((SOT David McWilliams, St. Albans Town Animal Control Officer 001938 Any animal can be made vicious. Any animal can be as kind as you want it to be 43)) Animal Control Officer David McWilliams say for more than a decade -- Prism, who is up for adoption at the Franklin County Humane Society-- would not have been able to find a home in town. But last year, residents struck down the longtime ban. McWilliams says there was a bite in town recently from a pit bull lab mix that required stitches... but he doesn't blame the breed. ((SOT McWilliams 002106 there's been an increase in bites, but it's not all one breed. 09 It's not all pit bulls, it's not all labs 12)) ((NATS Nina 000005 This is Eleanor. She is a 7-year-old pit bull mix 09)) And Vermont pit bull owners say, Montreal's law reinforces a negative stereotype that they feel their dogs -- don't deserve. ((SOT Nina Hurley, Pit Bull Owner 000538 she's been called a lot of names and things have been fed to me about how irresponsible I am for having her. So it's hard. 36 For me -- I'm just walking a dog. It's just a dog. There's no difference between her and a lab, or a poodle, or a chihuaha 52)) She also says -- if her best friend isn't welcome in Montreal -- she's not sure she wants to visit the city.


The Franklin County Humane Society says to their knowledge -- the only town that still has a pit bull ban in Vermont is Montgomery. I asked if there were specific efforts to bring the banned shelter dogs in Montreal to Vermont -- and was told there are discussions going on about how to best help. To bring a dog across the border, Julie -- they told me only needs to have proof of rabies shots.


A federal jury has convicted a second person charged in connection with a Vermont child custody case. Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins dissolved their civil union more that a decade ago. Miller renounced her homosexuality -- refused to let Jenkins see their daughter Isabella -- and took her to Nicaragua where she is believed to live now. A mennonite minister has already been sent to prison for helping Miller take the girl out of the country. Philip Zodhiates (zo-dee-YA'-taze) had denied charges including international parental kidnapping. But he was convicted today in Buffalo, New York and faces up to 8 years in prison.


Volvo is recalling thousands of cars. Turns out there's a problem with the air conditioning that can lead to an airbag malfunction. The recall includes about 44-thousand --- 2016 and 2017 -- XC90 SUVs and S90 sedans. Volvo says -- in documents filed with safety regulators --that a drain hose may have been installed incorrectly at the factory.


It's served the Burlington community for more than 20 years -- now the Salvation Army's thrift store is closing it's doors. Alex Apple has our story on the void this leaves in the community.


When the doors close on salvation army thrift store in Burlington's Old North End -- it will be a sad day for Kim Reed. ((Kim Reed/Salvation Army 49:49 Like the Harry Potter books. I know the kids love em so I would come and says I gota Harry Potter book for ya.)) Words don't describe the love Reed had for every customer. ((Kim Reed/Salvation Army 49:57 I have a lady that loves to dance. She's my dancing lady, so soon as the song comes on, we're dancing so we have fun dancing.)) Shoppers are making their last trips to this Old North End store. Everything is free until Friday when the shop will run out of money and close. ((Major Patricia Murray/Runs Burlington Salvation Army 40:48 For the past six years, this thrift store has not been supplying us with any income. As a matter of fact, we've had to drain all the reserves.)) Patty Murray and her husband have run the Burlington chapter for years. The store's closing is the result many financial pressures...sped up by the opening of a similar-style store -- Goodwill. Murray believes changing demographics in the Old North End -- more young professionals and immigrants -- also played a role. ((Major Patricia Murray/Runs Burlington Salvation Army 43:49 Our hearts too are really really hurting about this, and to the people of Burlington, we haven't forgotten you.)) Murray says the organization will continue to offer some religious and counseling services at it's Main Street location -- but without a thrift store, what's supposed to be a main source of revenue. Alex Apple. Channel 3 News. Burlington.


The Salvation Army in Barre is not affected. Donations can still be done there.


Vermont's bobcat season -- may not be longer afterall. A petition before the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board had sought to double the length of the December bobcat trapping season to a full month. But the board last week -- based on staff recommendations -- rejected the extension. The proposal was supported by the Vermont Trappers Association, but opponents have argued there isn't enough data to justify the move.


((00:26:38 Louis Porter/Vt. Fish and Wildlife Commissioner "We know that the population of bob cat in Vermont are healthy and at least stable, and probably growing, but there was some weak areas in the data that led us to take this cautious and conservative approach and recommend that the board not pursue the extesion of that trapping season at this point.)) The annual bobcat harvest is upwards of 150 animals. Porter says habitat loss should be the primary concern for the species. New Hampshire recently called off bobcat trapping after intense pressure from opponents.


From bobcats to the catamount...a woman claims to have seen the extinct big cat in downtown springfield. Springfield Police responded to a call of a large cat chasing a woman in the parking lot of the family dollar store Saturday. When police arrived they showed her photos of various big cats on the detective's ipad...and she immediately identified the cat as the Catamount... But police say, there's no evidence.


((Det. Anthony Moriglioni/Springfield Police Dept.: I looked for half hour- 45 minutes, came back throughout the evening just hoping to catch eyeballs or something prowling. There were two dogs in the area just laying lazily on the porch where she said it ran by. Didn't seem too indicitive that they were too excited of a large cat)) Whatever it was -- it was last seen heading up Pearl street. The last Catamount killed in Vermont was in 18-81. Federal officials and the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department believe the Catamount became extinct in the 19-30s.


When you think of wine regions -- you might think France.. Italy... Napa... Champlain Valley?? A new federal designation aims to make North Country wines just as popular. Rose Spillman explains.


Dan Vesco has been growing grapes and producing wine for more than a decade in Chazy, New York. He says his business produces about 8,000 bottles a year. He can make a wide variety--from reds and chardonnays to iced wine, but he says only a certain types of vines can handle the cold climate. ((Dan Vesco/Vesco Ridge Vineyards 4807 05:02:53 "it's a very distinct type of wine that we have in this area that a lot of other areas don't have." 05:03:01)) The Vesco Ridge Vineyard is one of many in the region, but for some wine lovers, places like California are what come to mind when buying a bottle. Montreal resident Thomas Bouvart loves wine, but he's never visited a vineyard in the North Country. ((Thomas Bouvart/Montreal 4854 05:13:57 "Usually Montrealers come here to shop, not to drink wine, and I don't know. There's not much advertising about it, so maybe that's the main thing." 05:14:08)) That's something producers like Vesco hope will soon change. The federal government has now officially recognized The Champlain Valley, specifically Clinton and Essex counties, as an American Viticultural Area--or AVA. ((Dan Vesco/Vesco Ridge Vineyards 4807 04:58:40 "When we applied for it, the TTB, the federal government, wanted to know what type of soils we had, what the climate conditions were. It was a lot of paperwork that had to go in to let them know what made this area a specific area for the type of grapes that we grow." 04:58:58)) Napa Valley in California is one of the many regions already designated by the AVA. The Champlain Valley will be the 10th in New York. Wine made from grapes grown in that region will now be traced back to Lake Champlain. ((Dan Vesco/Vesco Ridge Vineyards 4807 04:59:34 "It will tell people where the wine actually came from other than the state of New York, so this helps people start to realize that there is other areas in the state that grow fairly good grapes and make pretty good wines." 04:59:52)) Vesco says the trend may take a while to catch on, but he thinks in the long run, it will be good for businesses like his. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Chazy.


Dan is here. Another nice day, but starting to see some clouds out there. We've got a system slowly heading our way for the end of the week. It shouldn't wash out the weekend, but will bring us at least a few showers for Saturday and Sunday. ((currents)) Mostly cloudy in Burlington. Temperatures are in the upper 60s. ((highs today)) Warm once again with highs in the upper 60s and low 70s today. With more clouds tomorrow, temperatures are likely to be a little cooler. ((radsat)) We can already start to see some clouds moving in. They'll come and go during the day tomorrow, but skies should stay dry into Friday night. A better chance of showers will head our way on Saturday. ((forecast map)) Steadier showers will be more to the south and west on Saturday, but as the low gets a little closer it will increase the chance of wet weather by Saturday night and Sunday. Unsettled conditions will stick around through Monday with at least a chance of showers through the first of the work week.


Tonight: Mostly clear early, becoming partly cloudy. Low 38/45. Wind E 5-10 mph. Friday: Sun and clouds. High 60/67. Wind light. Friday Night: Increasing clouds. Low 40/47. Wind light. Saturday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. High 58/65. Wind light. Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers. High 60/67. Low 45/52. Monday: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers, mainly morning. High 63/70. Low 45/55. Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 63/70. Low 40s. Wednesday: Partly sunny. High 60s. Low 40s. Thursday: Mostly cloudy. High 60s.



A former journalist -- and GOP leader in Vermont has passed away. Brian Cosgrove died of cancer. He was a former reporter at the Journal-Opinion and the Caledonian Record. Then worked in Corrections -- and got into politics in the 80s -- eventually running the Vermont Republican Party for 7 years. He later worked for Vermont Yankee for 15 years. Cosgrove died Sunday -- at the age of 70. A memorial service will be held October 7th at the Capitol Plaza in Montpelier.


We start in Berlin where police are circulating a photo of a wanted suspect. This is the person they are looking for. They say, they tried to stop the motorcyclist yesterday on Route 62, but the person sped off. He's now wanted for negligent operation and running from police. If you know who this is ... Contact Berlin police.


Just how tall --buildings should be in Burlington -- is at the center of a debate. And now the mayor says, voters should have a say in it. This comes just as the city council is expected to change an ordinance tonight -- allowing buildings up to 160 feet tall downtown. The current limit is 55 feet. This all came about after a proposal to redevelop the town center mall. Opponents are fighting the change and are planning a petition drive. Instead of making a final decision now, Mayor Miro Weinberger says, it's better to put the issue on the ballot in November and let voters decide. The ballot will also include financing for the project.


Channel 3's Eliza Larsen will be at tonight's meeting. We'll let you know at eleven whether Burlington residents will have the final say or not.


What's making THIS noise in the White Mountains? ((RARRRRRWWWRRR .... RARRRARRW )) Could it be Big Foot? A researcher says -- yes. Michael Eastman recorded it. And says it's audio evidence of sasquatch in New Hampshire. You can decide for yourself. The online website -- Sasquatch Chronicles -- says the rest of the recording will be released in the coming days.


Starting Line Sports ...the excitement is building toward Thanksgiving weekend, when Killington will host the first World Cup ski races in the Eastern U-S in a quarter century. Tonight, some of the biggest names in American skiing were in Boston, as was our Scott Fleishman. This is the 4th year of the New England Snow Ball. It's a fund raiser for the us ski and snowboard association. Some big names here including Vermont Olympians Ida sargent, Andy Newell, and Nolan Kasper. But the biggest name here is Burke Mountain Academy grad mikaela shiffrin. Earlier tonight we talked about life after the gold and the big world cup alpine event coming to Killington in November. ((TRT: 1:52 ... OC: SEE YA! ))


Coming will be a big Friday in both local high school and college football and we'll set the stage.


Vermont is just about tops -- for women and children's health. The latest America's Health Ranking report places Vermont second overall -- behind only Massachusetts, while New Hampshire is third best. Among the many categories, Vermont scored best in the nation for health insurance for children, prenatal care and breast feeding. Areas where Vermont did not do so well? The percentage of pregnant women who smoke and drink - and the number of homeless families.


Could birth control make young women depressed? New research finds it might. Danielle Nottingham explains why.


Millions of women worldwide use hormonal contraceptives. Now a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry finds a these birth control methods such as pills or implants may increase the risk of depression. (SOT Dr. James Liu, Obstetrics and Gynecology Chairman, UH Cleveland Medical Center) they found that there was about a 23 percent increase compared to non-users of hormonal contraception in terms of depression diagnosis or use of antidepressants (TRACK) Researchers looked at data on more than a million girls and women ages 15 to 35 in Denmark. The study found adolescents were at the greatest risk. (SOT Dr. James Liu, Obstetrics and Gynecology Chairman, UH Cleveland Medical Center) I think for the adolescents the cognitive development is not as mature as women who are older and relationship issues may be more prevalent in the population so I think that sort of reflects that trend (BRIDGE) Doctors say the study doesnt change whether hormonal contraceptives should be prescribed to women, but the link is something clinicians and *patients* should be aware of. (SOT Dr. James Liu, Obstetrics and Gynecology Chairman, UH Cleveland Medical Center) women if they do develop signs of mild depression should interface with their provider (TRACK) Doctors say more research is needed to prove the link. Danielle Nottingham, CBS News, Los Angeles.


Dan is back. Tracking a new hurricane in the Caribbean. Hurricane Matthew now a category one storm with winds of 75 mph. It's expected to take a sharp turn to the north this weekend.


He's been at high school -- for decades. First learning -- then teaching -- in his own way. Tonight's super senior -- gives us all a lesson in hard-work -- pride -- and love of what you do. Here's Joe Carroll.


Since the early 1800s students have walking on the campus of Burr and Burton Academy. Once all male, it's now co-ed with 681 students. (01:00:28:00) ((Ben Beers/Super Senior, I just love this place. )) The school year is in full gear - so is Ben Beers. (01:00:42:00) ((Ben, You know it's been one of the best places in the world to work. )) Ben's been a custodian at the school for 57 years. (01:03:42:00) (( Ben: Have I ever had a bad day at Burr and Burton - no. Joe; come on?? Ben: No, never. )) He is an institution within the institution. If Ben was a student he'd get a school superlative for school spirt. (01:17:52:00) ((Ken Glasier/Co-Worker He is the history of Burr and Burton. )) (01:39:51:00) ((Mark Tashjian/Headmaster: You know how many sick days he's taken in 57 years? Joe: Tell me. Headmaster: 10! That's one every 5.7 years. )) It all adds up to one very dedicated employee. (01:20:50:00) (( Joe: You're kind of the big man on campus here. Ben: Well, sometimes I think I am. )) From the mail run. (01:20:14:00) ((Ben: We're heading to the post office. )) To making sure the student stay warm. (01;29:52:00) (( Joe: Working on the boilers Joe: These are you babies? Ben:These are my babies! )) (01:25:45:00) (( Joe: you know being with these kids, does it keep you young? Ben: absolutely. )) It's a given - Ben lives and breathes Burr and Burton (01:47:53:00) (( Ben; Yup, usually you'll see me up here on campus at 6am in the morning. Joe: Every day? Ben: Everyday.)) (01:56:42:00) ((Ben looking at yearbook, It's been a long time since I've seen these!)) He's also a graduate of the Class of 61 when it was called Burr and Burton Seminary. (01:57:28:00) ((Ben looking at senior portrait, Oh by golly look at that! )) What would be unheard of today - Ben became a part-time custodian and full-time student in his sophomore year. (01:05:22:00) ((Ben, I was married on a Saturday and graduated that next day on a Sunday. )) The part-time job became a full-time career. Carol and Ben raised two children. Their daughter, Theresa, had a challenge - her eyesight slowly faded away. (01:09:01:00) ((Ben, And Theresa was probably the first blind student to go to Burr and Burton. She lost her eyesight when she was nine. )) (01:33:06:00) (( Joe: was she accepted here? Ben: Oh, very much so. )) After leaving Manchester, Theresa traveled the world. She got her doctorate degree and now is an ordained minister. Ben loves to learn too, especially about history. (01:47:08:00) (( Joe: You wish you went to college? Ben: Ah, you know what? I think I've gotten more on campus here at Burr and Burton - I've learned more, than probably college could of taught me. )) Ben, who's now 75, has no intention of leaving any time soon. The students come and go - but he continues on. (01:03:15:00) ((Ben, as long as the school will have me, I'll be here. )) (01:01:01:00) ((Ben, It is a magic place.)) A magic place with one real class act. Joe Carroll, Channel 3 News, Manchester.


Ben was even named Vermont Custodian of the Year in 2012.



The UVM men's hockey team plays its exhibition opener this Saturday night, then opens the season a week from tomorrow. The Vermont women fell in their exhibition game this past weekend and start the season for real this coming Tuesday. At hockey media day yesterday, both head coaches made it clear what their focus is on heading into the new season was on finding ways to score more goals.


The Vermont women lost last year's leading scorer Dayna Colang to graduation, but she was the only Cat in the top thirty in Hockey East. Junior defenseman Taylor Willard is the top returning scorer ...who spent part of this summer competing at USA training camp in Lake Placid...and the Cats bring in three freshman forwards, including Eve-Audrey Picard, a member of Canada's Under-18 team... --- The IceCat men were tenth in the 12-team Hockey East in team offense and eleventh out of twelve on both the power play and the penalty kill. Vermont returns ten of their top twelve scorers... led by team leader Mario Puskarich. The players know they need to light the lamp with more consistency to for these seasons to be a success.


((TRT: 24 ... OC: FOR EVERYONE)) ((Puskarich/ We like that approach. I think if you ask any player, even if they are a defensive player, that your coach wants to play a little more offensive you get excited. I think everyone wants to score now. It's not just a designated two or three guys and I think that will definitely benefit us this year.)) ((Willard/ I think our new systems are definitely going to do that. We have a more puck management thing that will create a lot more offensive opportunities in everything for everyone.))


high school soccer... Milton girls hosting Mt. Abraham... --- this one scoreless for almost 70 minutes, but with 12 to go, Tatum Shappy gets clear and finds the bottom corner. 1-0 jackets. --- about two minutes later though, Ernesta McIntosh with the free kick, it falls onto the foot of Lauren Gibson who puts it away and we're tied at 1. --- but Milton would not let this one slip away, Carlie Reen to Shappy who buries it for the brace Yellow Jackets win it 2-1


After back-to-back last place seasons, the Red Sox completed an unexpected turnaround by locking up the American League East pennant on a strange night in the Bronx as the Sox faced the New York Yankees. This one went scoreless into the eighth inning when Boston scored three times and looked like to be on the doorstop of clinching the division. Then, word came that Toronto had lost to Baltimore, which meant the division was Boston's no matter the result in New York...and that was a good thing, because Craig Kimbrel was awful in the ninth, allowing a hit and three straight walks to force in a run without getting an out. Joe Kelly then came on and after two outs, gave up a game winning grand slam to Mark Teixeira to give the Yankees a stunning 5-3 win that kept them alive in the Wild Card race. New York celebrated on the field, while the Sox went back to the locker room before finally beginning to celebrate their A-L East title several minutes later. The teams close out the series tonight...David Ortiz' final game in New York.


Week 5 of the Friday Football Frenzy kicks off tomorrow night, and the biggest game of the night will be in Division Three. A pair of unbeatens are set to do battle in North Clarendon when Mill River faces Woodstock. The Wasps are one of the traditional powers in the division, and this year has been no different. Woodstock is 4-0 and sits number one in the QPR points on the strength of tough teams like U-32 and Otter Valley. Mill River is also 4-0 and ranks third, but this will unquestionably be their biggest test to date. The key to this one will be whether Mill River's passing game can keep up with Woodstock's strong ground attack.


((TRT: 39 ... OC: BE PREPARED)) ((Wood/ They have a good line and they have a good quarterback. He knows how to read a defense pretty well an if he gets outside of us he'll have a pretty good chance of scoring. We just can't let guys get outside of our D-line.)) ((Issa/ I think it's really important. Obviously we respect them as a team. They have a really great quarterback, so we're just going to try our best to stop him and do what we do best, which is running the ball, as usual.)) ((Morgan/ We just have to worry about stopping the run. They don't pass the ball as much as we do or as much as other teams do. They like to run the ball, so we just have to worry about that.)) ((Bishop/ They're well coached and they've been established for a long time in this division. It'll be a tough test for us, but I think we'll be prepared.))


Coming of a road win at Holy Cross Saturday, the 2-0 Dartmouth Football team plays it's IVY League opener on Friday night against Penn at Memorial Field. Dartmouth, Penn and Harvard all tied for the Conference championship last season. Penn's only loss of 2015 coming at the hands of Dartmouth, 41-20 at Franklin Field. The Quakers come into this one 0-2, but are still a dangerous team led by quarterback Alek Torgersen and his top receiver, Justin Watson.


(((Buddy Teevens/"They've got an outstanding quarterback. He protects the ball well and throws it all over the lot and is real effective. So, it's certainly a challenge for us as a football team in general."))) (((Darius George/"We are not sleeping on them at all, just because their record says they are 0-2. We know they played really good teams and we know what's they're capable of. We know what we have to do and it's a very important game for us, so we've got to do our best to shut them down.")))


Tonight's NFL game between Miami and Cincinnati is not on CBS. It will air on the NFL Network.


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