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A developing story in Stowe -- police are investigating the deaths of two people found dead in a home there. Police won't say who they are -- or how they died... But they will say the bodies found are adults. This all happened at a home at 262 Cady (katie) Hill Road. Stowe police say a friend called for a welfare check of the people in that home -- after they hadn't heard from them for a few days. And that's when police made the discovery.


(("treating it as and untimely suspicious death until we get more from the investigators at the scene, the ME's office and we will be able to determine more what happened" )) The two bodies are being taken to the Medical Examiner's office in Burlington for autopsies.


Major flaws have been uncovered in the Burlington School Budget that failed at the polls. An audit has discovered that the district was making huge errors when budgeting for next year. For several years -- the budget had been built based on previous budgets and NOT actual spending. From Fiscal Year 14-- there is a 2-point-5 million dollar deficit that needs to be made up -- and the district had under budgeted next year by another 2.5 million. That means -- the board will need to find about 5 million dollars.

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GMO labeling got the green light from the Vermont Senate. Lawmakers overwhelmingly approved legislation requiring genetically modified foods to be labeled as such. The legislation now goes to the Governor. Some large food and biotech corporations have said that requiring labeling of foods is a violation of the First Amendment - and a costly lawsuit could follow.


((Sen. Norm McAllister/R-Franklin County 01:08:38:25 So we're gonna spend, between one and a half to 5 million dollars, and in the end the people who wanted labeling, may not get it.1:08:47:19)) ((Falko Schilling/VPIRG 1:04:11:11 It's something that consumers all across the country are demanding and that people are interested - they want to know what's in their food for a number of reasons, and this is going to give them that information.01:04:17:2 3)) Lawmakers anticipate defending the legislation in court and have set up a 1-point-5 million dollar legal fund for the Vermont Attorney General's Office. The money will come from several sources -- including the public.


He's being called a hero. A Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy -- put his life on the line -- to rescue a woman trapped in rapidly rising flood waters. A witness captured the scene on home video. Police say the driver tried to cross Longley Bridge Road in Montgomery. her truck stalled -- and the Missisquoi River rapidly rose. Corporal Brendan McKenney was the first police officer on the scene. He grabbed a rope and crowbar from his cruiser -- and joined a farmer and neighbor who were already trying to help the stranded woman. McKenney tied the rope to himself -- jumped 6 feet onto the hood of the pick-up -- smashed the window -- and pulled the woman to safety.

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