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Good Evening and thank you for joining us at 11 I'm Keith McGilvery. Town Meeting Day results are in from around our region and we have a re-cap -- Including -- votes in a number of mayoral races. The fluoride debate in Brattleboro. and whether Colchester approved a local option sales tax.


We begin our team coverage in Burlington where Mayor Miro Weinberger is celebrating a big win. Alex Apple's been covering the race since the beginning -- he joins us now live with more. Keith -- the party is wrapping up here now on Main Street in Burlington. Miro Weinberger addressed a crowd of supporters at Nectars behind me earlier after finding out he'd be returning to city hall. Now that he says Burlington is on solid financial ground-- he's ready set his sights on more lofty goals.


((Intro: 37:59 The once the future mayor of Burlington Vermont Miro Weinberger.")) ((Mayor Miro Weinberger 38:38 Good Evening Burlington. Thank you.)) Receiving 68 percent of the vote -- Miro Weinberger is heading back to city hall for a second term as mayor. He carried each of the city's eight wards. ((Mayor Miro Weinberger 38:54 IN all eight wards, Burlington voted to keep moving forward.)) Moving forward -- the mayor's slogan signifies the progress he believes he's made in the city since he ran three years ago with the slogan "a fresh start." ((42:37 Mayor Miro Weinberger Whether you voted for Steve, Greg, Loyal or me, let's all come together as one community.)) (GFX) Unofficial results show Weinberger carried 68 percent of the vote. Progressive Steve Goodkind came in second with 22 percent. Independent Greg Guma was third with 7 percent and Libertarian Loyal Ploof followed with 2 percent.(End GFX) The mayor thanked his opponents -- Tuesday night -- saying their concerns about the pace of growth and open space -- changed the nature of the debate during the campaign. ((44:03 Mayor Miro Weinberger: We now have to raise our sites a little bit and look at these longer term challenges. How do we make Burlington more affordable? How do we make Burlington a place where all children regardless of their background have an opportunity to succeed and live.)) Moving forward -- the mayor says he's has his eyes on affordability -- early childhood education -- and infrastructure development and he'll soon unveil a 10 year capital plan. ((46:34 I'm sure there will be other issues we can't even guess today that will come up and we'll need to respond to, but certainly, one way or another, when we're talking three years from now, we'll have put our all into those three issues.))


More than 7800 votes were cast for mayor this year. That's a slight increase in turnout over last year's Town meeting day at just over 25 percent of registered voters.


and voters in Rutland casted ballots for Mayor. Eliza Larson joins us now from Rutland with more. Eliza? Keith -- the people of Rutland have voted -- and for the next two years -- a familiar face will be sitting in the mayor's office.


Voter Turnout was slow - but steady in Rutland on Tuesday. (TC 21:50:02:00 Title 2149)((Anna Wilkinson/Ward 4 Worker: "in this Ward 4 we've had a slow and steady turnout. Our highest time was first thing in the morning - and we expect quite a few more to come around four to six." 21:50:11:19)) At 7 pm -- the polls closed and the votes were counted. The unofficial results - Christopher Louras - once again - was elected mayor of Rutland City. (TC 21:51:55:00 Title 2150)((Christopher Louras/Rutland City Mayor: "feel's good." 21:51:57:17)) According to the city clerk - Louras received the highest number of votes in all four of the city's wards. Louras ran against two others. Board of Aldermen president - Dave Allaire - and Rutland City Resident Kam Johnston. ((grfx)) Louras received 56 point 4 percent of the vote - Allaire 40 point 6 percent - and Johnston - 3 percent. This will be Louras' fifth term as city mayor. He was first elected in 2007. At his celebration Tuesday night - Louras said that now that the election is over - it's time to get back to work. (TC 21:52:55:00 Title 2150)((Christopher Louras/Rutland City Mayor: "i've got more to do and they've got more to do. The community has more to do and it matters who's running the show." 21:53:03:24)) Also resulting from today's elections - Rutland's 19 million dollar city budget passed with about 60 percent voting yes - the city's 49 million dollar school budget passed with 57 percent voting yes - and Matt Bloomer - Ed Larson - Chris Ettori - Tom DePoy - Melinda Humphrey - and Jon Skates will be the city's aldermen. (TC 21:53:59:10 Title 2150)((Christopher Louras/Rutland City Mayor: "budget got more votes than I did. That's great. I'm glad." 21:54:02:22))


Jon Skates and Chris Ettori join the city's board of aldermen as it's newest members. Louras says he is excited to get back to working as a community. Keith?


A number of other issues had folks turning out for Town Meeting Day today and has people talking on social media.


((PKG)) Unofficial results in Winooski show voters have picked Seth Leonard with more than 50-percent of the vote to be the city's next mayor. In Newport voters re-elected Paul Monette mayor over his 3 opponents with more than 50 percent of the vote as well. Colchester -- backed a 1 % local option sales tax ((Y1745 N1310)) In Bennington -- voters rejected a proposal looking to adjust the amount of flouride in the town water supply. (( Y1003 N1444)) Folks in Groton rejected allowing all-terrain vehicles to use some town roads -- in the longest Town Meeting debate since the community discussed licensing cats in 1999. Brattleboro voters shot down a proposal that would have allowed 16 and 17 year olds -- to vote in municipal elections. ((Y390 N679)) Greensboro did not support calls for a noise ordinance but did approve a cemetary commission. Monkton voters said no to moving Town Meeting Day to an Australian ballot system.


And in Barton -- they honored longtime town moderator, Bill May. This is his last time moderating -- after 38 years on the job.


and of course we'll have more results as they pour in -- follow us online -- on social media -- and right -- on the channel 3 news starting tomorrow morning at 5am.

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Dan is here. A little snowy out there tonight.

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The Vermont Attorney General's Office is campaigning this week to make people aware of what fraud looks like. Thousands of scams occur in Vermont every year. According to the Vermont AG's Office -- scammers usually call over the phone and ask for credit card or bank information. The AG's office recently released a top ten list of scams of 2014 in Vermont. The most reported scams included IRS debt collection, and Computer Tech Support.


(TC 00:02:59:18 Tile 7348) ((Janet Murnane/Consumer Assistance Program Director "Most of them are using voice over internet protocols and are calling from overseas. But we report to the federal government, and the Federal Trade Commission is working actively with the Federal Communications Commission to try to help people learn how to block these calls." 00:03:14:26)) For more info on how to spot fraud you can visit our info center at wcax.com.

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(BOSWELL TEASE) Plus a robbery at Plattsburgh bank -- Police say a father and son are to blame. And a town meeting day tradition -- That's become a family affair. (00:40:40:00) ((Dana Cummings - Town Moderator left me with some big shoes to fill)) Catching some waves and not a beach in sight. ((Sarah Cover/Surfset Instructor 00:53:29 "I think it's incredibly important to just keep pushing your boundaries and doing things that you are afraid of.")) The story is just ahead.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince words about US - led nuclear talks with Iran. The Israeli leader attacked the potential deal with Tehran during a speech to a joint meeting of Congress. The White House already angry with the Prime Minister's appearance reacted strongly to his message. Craig Boswell reports.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sharply criticized US-led negotiations to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. (SOT: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/Israel) "IT DOESN'T BLOCK IRAN'S PATH TO THE BOMB, IT PAVES IRAN'S PATH TO THE BOMB." The Israeli leader says the only alternative is a better deal. (SOT: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/Israel) "A BETTER DEAL THAT DOESN'T LEAVE IRAN WITH A VAST NUCLEAR INFRASTRUCTURE AND SUCH A SHORT BREAK-OUT TIME. A BETTER DEAL THAT KEEPS THE RESTRICTIONS ON IRAN'S NUCLEAR PROGRAM IN PLACE UNTIL IRAN'S AGGRESSION ENDS." President Obama did not watch the speech, but said he read the transcript. (SOT: President Obama) "THE PRIME MINISTER DIDN'T OFFER ANY VIABLE ALTERNATIVES." (STANDUP: Craig Boswell/CBS News/Capitol Hill) President Obama says Congress should continue to show support for Israel and wait until there's actually a deal on the table before evaluating what is in it. House Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak just two weeks before elections in Israel and without consulting the White House or Democrats - and some of them labeled it as a stunt. (SOT: Rep. Steve Cohen/(D) Tennessee) "IT WAS POLITICAL THEATER WORTHY OF AN OSCAR." Republicans had a different take. (SOT: Rep. Peter King/(R) New York) "I WISH THAT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND THE WHITE HOUSE WERE AS CRITICAL OF OUR ENEMIES AS THEY ARE OF OUR FRIENDS SUCH AS BIBI NETANYAHU." Secretary of State John Kerry is in Switzerland now negotiating with the Iranian delegation. Craig Boswell, CBS News, Capitol Hill.


As you heard there not everyone attended the Prime Minister's speech. Vermont Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders skipped the speech -- congressman Welch however did attend. And in New York -- Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and Senators Chuck Shumer and Kirsten Gillibrand attended. And all of New Hampshire's congressional delegation showed up as well.


Police say a father and son duo were behind yesterday's bank robbery in Plattsburgh. Police say the pair held up the Glens Falls National Bank -- in the Plattsburgh Plaza Monday afternoon. One suspect wearing a wig and fake mustache allegedly told tellers he had a weapon -- got cash -- and fled the scene. Today Plattsburgh police arrested 44-year-old James Strong -- of Jay, New York and his 20-year son Trevor Strong -- at a diner in Keene, New York. Investigators say James -- donned the disguise -- and robbed the bank -- while his son drove the getaway car. Both men are charged with robbery and grand larceny.


Police in Burlington say someone is pretending to be a cop. At about 6:30 this evening investigators say a man called -- saying he had been pulled over by someone -- claming to be a police officer. The victim said the fake cop showed a hand gun -- and even tried to order him and his passenger out of the car. If you have any information -- call Burlington Police.


Meanwhile -- back to our town meeting day coverage. A family tradition -- continued in Huntington today. Kyle Midura explains.


The deep roots of Vermont's town meeting day tradition tightly intertwine with the family tree of one Huntington family. (00:14:46:00) ((Dana Cummings - Huntington Town Moderator nats - The ayes appear to have it )) This is Dana Cummings' first year moderating debate. (00:14:48:00) ((Dana Cummings - Huntington Town Moderator nats - the ayes do have it, and article four carries)) (00:39:49:00) ((Dana Cummings - Huntington Town Moderator I really value town meeting, I think it's one of the best Vermont traditions, right up there with the people and the land itself)) (00:02:05:00) ((File nats - Britt Cummings all in favor of the article as read indicate by saying aye)) Dana's father Britt held for the role of Town Moderator for the previous 24 years. (00:40:40:00) ((Dana Cummings - Town Moderator left me with some big shoes to fill)) Britt watched on from the crowd this year - providing backup if necessary. But, relieved of moderating duty, he took the opportunity to speak freely. (00:25:35:00) (( Britt Cummings - Former Town Moderator - nats I'm delighted that for the first time in 25 years I'm allowed to have a personal opinion" (applause continues for 5 seconds) )) (00:45:31:00) (( KM: you nervous listening in the audience today? Britt Cummings: I was actually, the same nervousness I have anytime one of my children in on stage )) (01:02:58:00) ((Heidi Racht - Huntington Town Clerk town moderator is key to the success of town meeting)) Heidi Racht is the long-serving town clerk. She says Tuesday's transition went well. (00:58:52:00) ((Heidi Racht - Town Clerk it's a lovely family, and we're very lucky to have them here)) She remembers when Norm Cummings -- Britt's father and Dana's Grandfather -- served as town moderator... the first Cummings to hold the post. Time Magazine featured Norm in a story on Vermont's tradition in 1977. If the magazine ever returns -- a Cummings may still be at the helm. (00:42:18:00) ((Dana Cummings - Huntington Town Moderator my son, who's nine, has already said that he wants to be moderator when he grows up)) Until then, Dana will continue stitching another question, yearly meeting, and generation, into the fabric of a family, local, and state tradition. KM, Ch.3 Huntington.

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Tonight: Cloudy skies with periods of snow. Some mix possible. 1-3" accumulation. Low 22/28. Wind SW 10-20 mph. Wednesday: Morning clouds. Becoming partly sunny and warmer. High 35/42. Wind W 10-15 mph. Wednesday Night: Mostly cloudy. Turning colder. Low 8/15. Wind NW 10-15 mph. Thursday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of snow showers, south. High 15/22. Wind N 5-10 mph. Friday: Partly sunny skies. High 15/22. Low 0/10. Saturday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of snow showers. High 28/35. Low 10/20. Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 25/32. Low 5/15. Monday: Mostly cloudy. High 25/35. Low 10/20. Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of snow showers. High 25/35.

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Looking to shed those winter blues? Well Jennifer Costa went "surfs up" to try this odd job -- and gets a good workout.


It's a total body -- heart pumping workout -- done on mock surf boards -- designed to mimic the physical challenges of surfing without the ocean. ((Sarah Cover/Surfset Instructor 00:53:29 "I think it's incredibly important to just keep pushing your boundaries and doing things that you are afraid of.")) Pushing past her fears -- is what convinced Cover to catch the wave of this fitness craze. After more two decades -- as a dance instructor -- this non-surfer -- wanted to shake up her fitness routine. ((Sarah Cover/Surfset Instructor 00:50:00 "As a relatively recently divorced woman, I was thinking, you know, what have I always wanted to do? Well, surfing is one of them and I just never had the opportunity because of how my life went.")) The South End studio opened in January -- after Cover and four other instructors became certified to choreograph classes and safely teach surfing enthusiasts how to use the boards. The studio now offer 12 classes per week -- attracting adventurous athletes -- like paddleboarder -- Kristen Drinkhall. ((Kristen Drinkhall/Charlotte 00:56:17 "I wasn't really expecting to fall in love with it but after my first class I was like I'm coming back and it's amazing.")) Each board has three resistance levels. The instability helps build core strength, agility, balance and power -- while burning 450 to 800 calories -- per hour long class. Cover says -- three years after having twins -- she's in the best shape of her life. Many students say the physical results are inspiring. ((Kristen Drinkhall/Charlotte 00:58:18 "Everybody around me keeps telling me how much my body has changed and how much good I look to be honest.")) ((Sarah Cover/Surfset Instructor 00:50:56 "When I see people start to do their 180s and feel really confident, I love that. That's a big push for me as a person, as a teacher.")) Sharing her passion -- and expertise -- with students willing to sweat out life's frustrations. ((Sarah Cover/Surfset Instructor 00:43:36 "the winters here are difficult for me. I'm a sun girl. I like warm weather, ocean, but I love vermont so it's a way for me to get a moment in my day to feel like I'm somewhere else.")) An odd job -- adding a little sunshine -- and strength -- to a dreary Vermont winter. JC CH 3 News Burlington.


Last year, Essex won the D-1 girls hockey state championship, while Middlebury claimed the D-2 crown. This season, Middlebury has moved up to Division One... and tonight, the two reigning champs locked horns for the D-1 title at UVM's Gutterson Fieldhouse ... --- and Essex wastes no time...Melanie Theriault to Kathleen Young...31 seconds into the game, it's 1-0 Essex... --- seven minutes in... Middlebury on the power play...Theriault breaks in and scores the first of her two goals...2-0 Hornets... --- four minutes later, Essex on the 5-on-4 and Young nets her second...3-0 Essex after one... --- six minutes into the second, Lauren Bartlett nets a power play goal to get Middlebury on the board... --- but the Hornets were just too much...26 seconds into the third, Young scores her third... the hat trick powering Essex to a 5-1 win, a second straight Division One championship and third in four years.



earlier in the evening, top seed North Country and number two Mount Mansfield met to crown a new Division Two state champ... --- MMU strikes first... just 25 seconds into the game, Anna Burke lights the lamp for a 1-0 Cougars lead... --- forth Country equalizes with just ten seconds left in the period...Whitney Bernier scores, and we're tied at one after one... --- late in the second, the Falcons take control...Bernier nets her second of the night...and less than a minute and a half later Emilie Paul gives North Country a two goal lead... --- Molly Burke pulls MMU within a goal early in the third, but Bernier completes her hat trick with an empty net tally... and North Country wins 4-2 to claim the program's first girls hockey state championship...



From the ice, to the snow...the alpine championships at Okemo ...today it's the giant slalom...in the girls GS...South Burlington's Ava Hultgren with the fastest single run of the day and finishes third overall. --- Yesterday's slalom winner Burr and Burton's Sanderson Kemp with a solid 1st run, a little slower on run 2, but she manages to nab second. ---- Lilly Noble from Woodstock is the winner a combined time of 1:42.20 about a half second ahead of Kemp. The Woodstock girls also win the team title. --- On the boys side, it was very close, Mt. Mansfield's Kyle Polson puts in a tremendous 2nd run and his combined time good enough for 2nd place. --- but Lyndon's Caleb Genereaux beats Polson by four hundredths of a second! He takes home the state title, a winning time of 1:40.11 --- As for the team title, it's a clean sweep as Woodstock takes it. The Wasps top skier Ian Clarke didn't finish his first run but teammates like Jake Kelly stepped up finishing 4th overall.


we head to Middlebury's Rikert Nordic Center for the final day of the high school nordic championships...today, the classic races...in the boys 5K, it's a sweep of the individual races CVU's Charlie Maitland and Zane Field's of Woodstock back their freestyle wins with victories today... --- In the 4 X 2.5K relays, Essex put on a strong performance to top CVU but it was not enough to prevent the Redhawks from claiming a third straight state title and fourth in the last five years... --- in Division Two, Fields and the Woodstock Wasps claim the win and extend its streak of D-2 nordic state titles, winning for the sixth year in a row.


Division One girls... CVU's Rachel Slimotivch earned the win in the 5K individual race, while Harwood's Phoebe Sweet claimed the top spot on the podium in Division Two... --- The girls 2.5K relay was a wild race ...Mount Mansfield's Amy Bruce crossing the line first...and helping lead the Cougars to the program's first D-1 nordic state title since 1995... --- in D-2...Woodstock and U-32 came into the relay separated by just four points and when the Wasps' Abby Kaija beats the Raiders' Orli Schwartz to the line by one tenth of a second it gave Woodstock a third straight D-2 team title...


Finally...we head to Mount Snow for day two of the high school snowboarding championships...The Woodstock girls had a good day, winning the slope and the GS team titles. The Wasps Nikki Sardelli wins the individual slopestyle title and finishes 2nd in the GS. --- Lamoille's Olivia Shivley wins the giant slalom, and here she finishes second in the slope. --- BFA is the girls earn the overall snowboard championship, 5 points ahead of black river. Chauntel Cook was tops on her team in the slope. --- As for the boys... Springfield's David Bryant wins the giant slalom, and also had a solid slopestyle run finishing in the top 15. --- BFAs Quinn Lumsden wins the slopestyle... Lumsden also finishes 3RD in GS. St. Albans is overall snowboard runners up --- Yesterday halfpipe champ Burr & Burton's Max Eisenhauer takes second in the slope... the Bulldogs take the slope championship and overall snowboard team title

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