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Good evening I'm Shelby Cashman. And I'm Keith McGilvery . After five hours of deliberations -- the jury in the Allen Prue murder trial called it quits for the night. The Waterford man -- along with his wife -- is accused of killing Melissa Jenkins in 2012. The prosecution and the defense made their final appeals to the jury earlier this afternoon. The state says Allen and Patricia Prue were obsessed with Jenkins and felt snubbed by the 33 year old mom and teacher. They're accused of hatching a plan to kidnap and kill her. Prosecutors say Allen and his wife lured JENKINS out of her home, strangled her, dumped her body and tried to cover up the crime together. But the defense claims Patricia Prue acted alone -- attacking Jenkins in a fit of jealous rage. They told the jury there's a lack of evidence connect Allen to the crime -- and say police used advanced interview techniques to trick him into a false confession.


((Lisa Warren/Caledonia County State's Attorney 03:20:16 "Allen Prue was not some timid sideliner." 03:18:24 "he could of let up and released on her neck. He didn't. He could have said Patricia we're not doing this. He didn't."))12 ((Bob Katims/Prue's lawyer 05:13:08 "Patricia Prue killed Melissa Jenkins. She beat her savagely. She stun gunned her and she strangled her to death. :15 Allen Prue didn't plan to kill her, he didn't agree to kill her. he didn't assist her in doing it."))13 The jury will have to decide if Allen Prue is guilty of 1st degree murder, conspiracy and attempted kidnapping. 1st degree murder means the killing was willful, deliberate, and premeditated; it carries a sentence of 35 years to life in prison. The jury can also find Prue guilty of the lesser charge of 2nd degree murder -- which lacks the premeditation component. It carries a 20 years to life sentence. The jury is scheduled to resume deliberations tomorrow morning at 8:30. Patricia Prue will be tried separately. She facing aggravated first degree murder because prosecutors allege she also sexually assaulted Jenkins.


A Barnard man is accused of molesting a teen. State police say 67-year-old Thurston Twigg-Smith inappropriately touched a 14-year-old. Twigg-Smith was charged lewd with and lascivious conduct following an investigation DCF and the Windsor County Special Investigation Unit. He is due in court November 18th.


The St. Albans Police Department - targeted by bogus threats. Around 2:00 this afternoon St. Albans police received a call saying their building was about to blow up. A search of the building revealed the threat was a hoax. An investigation revealed the call came from an unidentified person in Davie, Florida. Police Chief Gary Taylor says he has received a host of threats over the last two days from people all over the country-- after dash cam of a June arrest was posted on the internet. The video shows an officer arresting local lawyer Peter Martin.


(7:05 We started getting calls and emails last night. There were threats. First they were more veiled. Now they've become a little more candid...8:03 We brought in a couple of bomb guys. State police bomb guys and a bomb dog and they searched the building and are now telling us it's safe to go back in.")) St. Albans police say they've located the suspect -- and expect to release more information -- tomorrow.


Investigators say the fire that destroyed Thetford's fleet of police cars was arson. This was the scene when the three vehicles went up in flames early Friday morning. An area business is offering up a 2-thousand dollar reward for any information that leads to an arrest. Replacing the cruisers will cost about $100-thousand dollars.


According to an award winning criminologist--the Rutland Police Department is leading the country in fighting the rampant drug problem. David M. Kennedy attended the department's bi-monthly crime mapping meeting Tuesday. It is his first on-site visit since he started working with the department about a year ago--when It implemented his drug marketplace intervention program. DMI's goal is to eliminate the drug marketplace - focusing on locations - hotels, street corners, and parks - rather than targeting dealers and abusers.


((David M. Kennedy/Director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control, John Jay College of Criminal Justice 09:02:54:24 This is to my knowledge, the most interesting and innovative and promising work being done nationally around heroin markets. :04)) The city's calls for service are down more than 16 percent since the last crime mapping meeting. But, there have also been recent tragedies that cast a dark cloud on the city that has been making major strides in fighting crime. Three recent deaths related to overdoses - and tainted heroin suspected. Kennedy acknowledges that incidents like these show - the fight continues.


Meanwhile -- A shakeup is on the way to the Rutland Police Department as its chief says he's stepping down. Chief Jim Baker is the former leader of the Vermont State Police. His retirement job for the last two-plus years has been cleaning up the Rutland PD -- after a string of scandals. Baker standardized procedures and launched a data-based response system to the city's heroin crisis -- and is seeing results. Baker will leave at the end of the year. He is heading to Washington, D.C. -- where he will be Director of Law Enforcement and Support for the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

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Dan is here. Pretty soggy day today.


Burlington College is selling land--to help pay off some major debt. The college is selling 25 acres of its land to developer Eric Farrell for seven million dollars. Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger says he's happy the college is making progress getting its finances in order. And although the property is private land that Farrell plans to build housing on -- Weinberger says the city is interested in ensuring part of the land is sued--for the bike path.


(TC 00:05:55:28 Tile 4483) ((Mayor Miro Weinberger/D-Burlingto n "Been talking to the college and the proposed developer there about ensuring an east-west connection to the bike path. That is something that's called out in our parks master plan as a priority." 00:06:08:20)) Weinberger says the bike path connection is something the city is working on regardless if it runs through the area behind Burlington College.


The Palestinian Liberation Organization's ambassador to the United States visited the Queen City tonight. Maen Rashid Areikat ((Mine Rasheed Arikat)) spoke to dozens at Champlain College -- he talked about the ongoing battle between Israeli and Palestinian factions in the Gaza strip. Areikat -- speaking on behalf of the PLO -- said his people are committed to peace.


(3:44 /PLO Ambassador to US)(("We remain committed to a peaceful resolution to conflict....4:05 It's not easy for me to say I am keeping my hand extended to the Israeli government and Israeli people to make peace.")) The speech at Champlain College was part of a series of ambassador visits the school is sponsoring with the Vermont Council on World Affairs.

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Still ahead -- We're learning new information about what the IBM - Global Foundries deal will mean for thousands of employees in Essex Junction. And accusations of intimidation as the Fairpoint strike continues. Plus meet Rebecca Haslam! ((00:44:22 2015 Rebecca Haslam Vermont Teacher of the Year "I really feel like the equity work in my life is kind of my personal and professional calling")) She's Vermont's 2015 teacher of the year -- What led to the top honor -- When the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.

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IBM workers have a better idea of their future with GlobalFoundries Employees say that they've been told by executives that wages, benefits, vacation and seniority will remain comparable. Those nearing retirement with IBM will be able to "double-dip" - getting their IBM pensions while working for GlobalFoundries. And -- Global will also send job offers to all employees in the mail within 90 days as a part of the transition.


((Cal Bittner/IBM employee 00:26:56 "A lot of questions were answered, and the benefits package, there will be some pluses and minuses but overall very comparable is what we were told so I think it's very good." 00:26:10)) GlobalFoundries says there will be no job cuts in the forseeable future.


Meanwhile -- Will Vermont support will GlobalFoundries like it has for IBM? Kyle Midura takes a look.


The question of how to retain IBM -- and jobs for the thousands of Vermonters employed by the company -- is one that plagued multiple governors and hundreds of lawmakers over the last two decades. Big blue will leave soon, but Global Foundries' takeover of the Essex plant will at least temporarily prevent job losses. (00:01:03:00) (( PHONER - Fmr. Gov. Jim Douglas I think we have to be honest that we haven't been the best host to IBM over the years)) Former Gov. Jim Douglas says he believes Vermont should have provided IBM with more regulatory relief and built the circumferential highway he fought for at Big Blue's request. Envisioned as a way to cut traffic, lawsuits snarled its progress, and Gov. Peter Shumlin ultimately green-lit workarounds instead. Douglas says new owners for the facility means a clean slate for the state and a chance to fix underlying challenges. (00:02:01:00) ((Fmr. Gov. Jim Douglas PHONER I certainly hope policy makers will listen carefully to what the new owners are saying and to do everything they can to accommodate them)) (00:42:00:00) ((Sen. Phil Baruth - D-Chittenden County there's been no ask made of the state so far)) Chittenden County Sen. Phil Baruth is the Vice Chair of the Senate Economic Development committee. The state can tap three-point-five million dollars in economic development funds -- and lawmakers approved a way to lower electric rates for large companies so long as the cost is not shifted onto rate-payers. Baruth says he does not expect the Big Blue news to affect political races, or results at the polls in early November. But he thinks lawmakers will spend significant time on economic development issues when they return in January. Even so -- he says state benefits are unlikely to be a primary factor in decisions made by owners of the Essex plant. (00:40:47:00) ((Sen. Phil Baruth - D-Chittenden County the truth is that we're in a ferociously competitive global economy and often the forces involved are just much larger than we can really comprehend)) Frank Cioffi worked with IBM under Gov. Howard Dean, and in following years in his role with economic development non-profits. He says Global Foundries is still assessing the business climate surrounding its newest purchase -- but says the company will likely look into workforce development options as well as research and development incentives. (00:10:25:00) ((Cioffi we'll find out what's most meaningful to the company as we have dialogue with them)) Economic Development Secretary Pat Moulton says she did not take part in the Governor's meeting with executives from IBM and Global Foundries. She says the meeting did opened a dialogue though, one that will involve far more substance once the company has a better idea of what it needs. Kyle Midura ch 3 btv.


No end in the sight to the FairPoint strike. And tonight -- the company is accusing striking employees -- of intimidating replacement workers. FairPoint says trucks have been blocked -- and as a result -- the union's actions have delayed jobs for waiting customers. The union in Vermont says that's completely false. And that only safe, legal picket lines have been set up. The union admits to following some replacement workers to determine where to set up picket lines -- but says no one has been harassed. Employees say they just want FairPoint to get back to the bargaining table.


((SCOTT PICUCCI /Striking FairPoint Worker: 1:07:44 They're being bullies. Not willing to work with the union. 1:08:45 We're fighting for a fair contract and just want to get back to work.)) ((TROY CIRILLO 01:17:56 This isn't about we want more money. We want better benefits. We want. We want. We want. There's no want here. We started with concessionary bargain. We started with giving back because we know companies are having a hard time and we're okay with that. We just don't wanna give back everything.")) Negotiations between the two sides broke down over retiree health care, freezing pensions, and the use of extra contract labor.

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Tonight: Cloudy skies. Showers likely. Lows: 42/48 Winds: N 5-10 mph Wednesday: Cloudy and breezy. Periods of rain. Highs: 45/52 Winds: N 10-15 mph Wednesday Night: Cloudy skies. Periods of rain. Lows: 42/48 Winds: N 10-15 mph Thursday: Cloudy skies. Periods of rain. Highs: 48/55 Winds: N 5-10 mph Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Friday: Showers. Highs 48/55 Lows 38/45 Saturday: Showers late, and at night. Highs 48/55 Lows 35/45 Sunday: Showers. Highs 45/55 Lows 35/45 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 50s Lows 35/45 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 60s

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Top honors for a top educator. Vermont has a new teacher of the year and this morning I got to see her in action!


((00:32:05:00 Rebecca Haslam, 2015 Vermont Teacher of the Year/Nat reading from book "Some children are adopted -- Is anyone in the room adopted?)) Reading aloud is a regular part of the routine in Rebecca Haslam's classroom -- but this Tuesday morning was anything but routine. ((00:41:02:00 Rebecca Haslam, Vt. 2015 Teacher of the Year "I'm still just letting it sink in, I feel like I am still kind of reeling from it, it was such an honor and it was a surprise.)) The first grade teacher at Champlain Elementary School was tapped as Vermont's 2015 Teacher of the year. ((Dahabo Hassan, 1st Grader 00:37:37:00 "Congratulations.")) ((Leslie Colomb, Champlain Elementary School Principal 00:48:20:00 "She's fabulous.")) She's a hit with her colleagues -- and her kids love her too. ((Dahabo Hassan, 1st Grader 00:37:00 "I think what makes her special is that she's really nice.)) ((Jessie White, 1st Grader 00:38:19:00 "We do reading we do math, we do social studies.")) ((Myles Kenny, 1st Grader 00:40:12:00 "I like how she teaches the writing, when we're doing the reading she makes us write about the book.)) Vermont's Agency of Education picked Haslam for the top honor from a group of finalists. ((Leslie Colomb, Champlain Elementary School Principal 00:48:27:00 "She has always gone above and beyond for her students, her families, her colleagues, so her parents just adore her because she reaches out on a regular basis, through the website, through pulling them into the classroom to volunteer.)) The St. Mike's grad also impressed the judges with her work as a district coach. ((00:44:22 2015 Rebecca Haslam Vermont Teacher of the Year "I really feel like the equity work in my life is kind of my personal and professional calling")) The 11-year teacher also serves on Burlington's equity council -- helping fellow educators incorporate cultural competency into their classrooms. She works with her peers on lesson plans that help students explore diversity and what makes them different -- and professional development workshops for teachers that take on issues like "white privilege" and individual biases. ((00:42:49:00 2015 Rebecca Haslam Vermont Teacher of the Year "We as teachers know that the most effective and valuable learning happens when it's connected to something that the students already know, so of course when we are culturally relevant in our teaching we are able to be more effective in our classroom.)) Haslam says her students are the 20 little reasons for her to do the best she can. ((00:45:49:00 2015 Rebecca Haslam Vermont Teacher of the Year "I always tell them that I know you can do it, I expect you to now show me.)) Now she's showing them -- what it means to work hard, follow your passions and open be to success. KM CH3 Burlington.


Haslam will travel to the White House this spring to meet President Obama as Vermont's candidate for National Teacher of the Year.


The Castleton-Middlebury men's soccer rivalry has been one sided since it started 6 years ago. But tonight was senior night for the Spartans which means emotions were high in a game were the goal count was low. The game was seen on NSN this evening. 6 minutes in, Castleton's Alex Mccormack with the corner kick, off the corner kick, 6-2 senior Alex Sedergren skies up for the header into the net. 1-0 Castleton. --- The Panthers playing catch-up from there, 22nd minute, the lead pass goes to Adam Glaser, but his shot is just wide. It staays 1-0 Castleton at the break. --- Same score, 11 minutes left, Andres Rodlauer with the deep shot, but it's Amir Pasic that comes out to punch it away. Castleton for the first time in program history, beats Middlebury, 1-0 the final.


65high school playdown games on the schedule today and tomorrow in field hockey and soccer. In girls soccer, CVU has won three straight Division One state championships. Today, the Redhawks beginning the quest for a four-peat... seeded second in D-1 ...CVU hosting Rutland in Hinesburg... --- CVU playing like the champs, the lead pass to Audrey Allegretta who puts home the first goal of the game. 1-0 Redhawks. --- a few minutes later, Lia Gagliuso finds Megan Gannon who out runs the defender and beats the keeper for the score. It's 2-0 CVU. --- Then Paige Dubrul makes a nice move before getting it in front to Sierra Morton. CVU goes on to the 11-0 win.


number thirteen St. Johnsbury facing fourth seed Burlington at Buck Hard Field. --- 10 minutes in, Burlington's Madison Feeny, turns and centers it. Teammate Noe Musman is there to put the pass into the back of the net. 1-0 Seahorses. --- Burlington tries to add to the lead later in the half, Callie Flynn with a couple of shots off, but Hilltopers goalie Samantha Turgeon makes the saves. It's 1-0 at the break. --- Early in the second half, Burlington's Tatum Vachereau to Maddie Clark who controls it and puts it home. Number 4 Burlington advances with a 2-0 win.


let's jump to boys soccer...U-32...the second seed in Division Two, facing number fifteen Otter Valley in East Montpelier... --- Already 3-0 Raiders in the first half, Sam Thompson with the open net but Otters Connor Gallipo saves a goal ... --- Same score in the second half, Raiders with a shooting barrage... Great shot on the free kick but Colin Nicklaw makes the save... --- A few minutes later U32's Cameron Lewis with another good strike and Nicklaw with the solid stop... the Raiders go on to blank Otter Valley 4-0 and advance to the D-2 quarterfinals...


down the road at Montpelier Under the lights...the sixth seeded Solons hosting number eleven Harwood ... --- First half, highlanders Aiden Schellkopf strikes a great ball but montpelier keeper Zack Vanden Bergh makes the stop... -- On the other end big chance for the Solons off the corner but Harwoods Hayden James makes the save... --- Right before half HU's Jerry Seckler just misses the far post. The game stays Scoreless until the final minute when Ethan Riddell scores with just 39 seconds left in the game to give Harwood the 1-0 road win...


D4 boys soccer playdown, number 8 Black River hosting number 9 Proctor. First half, off the corner kick, Proctor gets a good shot, Black River's Sullivan Mealee clears it out in front, but it goes right to the Phantoms Curtis Tomlinson who puts it in. Proctor wins, 1-0 and will face top seed Twin Valley Friday.


let's head to Bristol for a D-2 field hockey playdown...seventh seed Mount Abraham taking on number ten Springfield... --- Late first half, Mt. Abe's Danielle Bachand has her shot blocked, but Kennady Roy comes through with the goal. 1-0 Eagles at the break. --- Second half, this time it's Roy that has her shot blocked, but teammate Bailey Sherwin stays with it and puts it in. 2-0 Mt. Abe. --- Later in the half, Gabrielle Ryan with a penalty shot, and she makes good with a sweeping shot. Mt. Abe wins 4-0. They will visit number two Otter Valley for a quarterfinal matchup Friday at 3:45pm.

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