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Good evening and thanks for joining us, I'm Keith McGilvery. Some say they'd sit high atop a ridge in Swanton and march the state toward its goal of more renewable energy. But others argue seven proposed wind turbines are a disaster for water quality -- and quality of life. The controversy was heating up at a public hearing tonight -- Alex Apple is live with the details. Keith -- Turbine supporters see the potential in a 250 acre ridge line that could produce enough energy to power 7800 homes, but locals who would live next to the turbines want to put a halt to the project before it gets started.


((Joel Clark/Swanton Selectboard 59:15 One of the beefs many of us have been here is that we have no local control.)) Selectboard members from Fairfield, St Albans and Swanton -- are frustrated. ((Daniel Billado/Swanton Selectboard 29:08 this is very aggressive, very ambitious to have 90% renewables by 2050.)) They feel like they have no say -- over whether seven proposed wind turbines are built atop a plateau in Swanton -- three miles northeast of St. Albans. ((Martha Staskus/VERA Renewables 57:19 we are required by the rules to provide enough information to be able to have conversations like this.)) Martha Staskus spoke on behalf of the wind project's developers. They've yet to formally submit a proposal to Vermont's Public Service board -- which approves such projects -- but they've got the attention of the locals that would live near the project... like former gubernatorial candidate Brian Dubie. ((39:55 Dubie NAT Mark My Word)) ((Brian Dubie/Lives near building site 03:10 It's disturbing but this project proposes to clear cut 70 acres.)) Atop the ridge -- is wetland -- which feeds into the Mississquoi and St. Albans bays. ((Brian Dubie 05:05 It doesn't make sense to me, clear cutting 70 acres of forrest in the name of saving the environment.)) Dubie's neighbor Christine Lang -- worries about noise pollution. ((Christine Lang/Lives on ridge 11:27 We have gotten no answers from the developer.)) Through Staskus -- developer Travis Belisle tried to give those answers Monday -- and said the public's concerns will factor into the eventual proposal. ((Martha Staskus/VERA Renewables 54:42 We have put out a letter that says in 45 days of when the letter went out last week there will be enough information to submit a petition to the public service board.))


Developer Travis Belisle attended the meeting -- but declined to speak. He's said on past occasions that he could file for the project soon -- but the review process could take up to a year. That would mean construction would start no earlier than late 2016.


It's official -- Burlington has a new top cop. This afternoon Queen city mayor Miro Weinberger swore in the city's new police chief Brandon del Pozo. The new head of the police department is a Dartmouth grad who was a 9-11 first responder who went on to multiple leadership positions with the New York City Police Department. del Pozo joined Burlington's mayor to talk about the importance of tackling the city's opiate problem.


((21:37:09 Chief Brandon DelPoso "There's a definite pipeline of opiates from places like New York City up to Vermont.)) ((Mayor Miro Weinberger, D-Vt 09:25 "We are ahead of many communities, cities, states in the country because we have recognized it as that and we are trying to bring a broad based approach to the opiate challenge, at the same time there is no doubt that law enforcement is a critical piece of that response.)) The mayor has asked the chief to report back on his assessment of the city's opiate problem within the next 60 days. del Pozo's new job pays 114-thousand dollars a year.


He's accused of killing a 13-year-old disable boy by poisoning him with alcohol. Now the Hardwick man is looking to make a deal -- but as Logan Crawford shows us the judge took issue with what was presented in court.


((nats)) He's accused of killing his girlfriend's 13-year-old disabled son by pouring vodka in the boy's feeding tube. 38-year-old Walter Richters walked into court in handcuffs Tuesday morning ready to admit his roled in the death of Isaac Robitille. He was hoping to take a plea deal. (TC 00:13:25:12 Tile 5126) ((Daniel Maguire/Richters' Lawyer "It is unusual that both the state and the defense are asking the court to accept this agreement." 00:13:30:03)) Police say last year Richters and Isaac's mother -- Melissa Robitille -- gave the disabled teen a fatal dose of alcohol to quiet him. Lawyers for both sides agreed that the murder charge against Richters could be dropped to manslaughter -- in exchange for his testimony against Isaac's mom - who also faces a second degree murder charge. (TC 00:09:48:22 Tile 5126) ((Judge Robert Bent/ "I'm saying no." 00:09:50:15)) But Judge Robert Bent said the deal was not tough enough. lt called for a sentence of 4 to 15 years -- but with only 18 months to serve in prison. Judge Bent says the sentence is too light -- and would not hold up at sentencing. (TC 00:09:20:10 Tile 5126) ((Judge Robert Bent/ "Another judge like myself is likely to say not enough. Then we're going to go back to the drawing board at that juncture." 00:09:28:00)) Richters is due back in court in October. Both Richter's lawyer and the Deputy State's Attorney declined to talk with us. Logan Crawford, Channel 3 News, Burlington. -3-

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It was a great start to September. Dan is here with a check on the weather.


Fire ripped through a Vermont fire house this morning. Flames gutted the station in Randolph -- destroying vehicles and gear. Adam Sullivan reports.

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Fire fighters sifted through the ashes and worked to put out hotspots at the Randolph Village Volunteer Fire Department --- most of the morning Tuesday. At 6:19AM the fire was toned out. Officials say the cab of the department's #1 engine caught fire-- which quickly spread to the building. ((Richard Lacaillade/resident: "this is very tragic. It's hard to believe that you would have a fire in the fire station itself.")) ((courtesy: Tom Hewitt)) When crews arrived on scene, the flames were already shooting through the roof. Multiple area departments were called in for backup to bring the fire under control. ((Chief Jay Collette/Randolph Village Fire Dept: "i've been a chief since 1998 so it's a little bit awestruck right now. The impact. Fire chiefs don't want this in their own home.")) By Tuesday evening -- fire investigators had not pinpointed what started the fire in the truck. We do know that it was used in a training exercise the day before. One witness in the area heard a loud explosion around the time crews began to respond. ((Collette: "there was a lot of pressure vessels in the apparatus. Air bottles, fire extinguishers, water cans, stuff in the engine compartment that is all pressurized.")) Along with the #1 engine- which is a total loss-- the station's rescue truck, tanker truck , and ALL for firefighting gear was either damaged or destroyed. Officials estimate the total lost to be as much as one million dollars. ((Lacaillade: "one of the reactions you have is how do we replace the resources and what do we do for coverage in the meantime.")) Luckily, along with the fact that there were no injuries reported, a backup #2 engine was NOT in the building at the time. ((Mel Adams/Town Manager: "in our capital plan had anticipated replacing this building probably in the next three years because it's outsized and converting it to a police station.")) ((Sullivan: "the town manager says the town has already received offers to borrow equipment from stations in Vermont and outside the state and he says with the two nearby departments, residents in this community will be covered in an emergency despite this unexpected fire. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Randolph Village."))


A dramatic scene in Burlington where a woman ended up pinned under a truck. First responders were called to a parking lot on Riverside Avenue this afternoon. Authorities say she was doing some kind of maintenance in the area when the pickup backed over her.


(00:04:29:00-00:04:42: 00)((Lt. Jamie Valyou/Burlington Fire Dept. "It appears that he did not witness the person injured in the area and he was returning from a friend that he was visiting and he was backing out of the parking space to leave and that's when the accident occurred.")) A rescue crew was able to safely get the woman free -- and she was taken to the hospital for treatment of what they called minor injuries.

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Still ahead -- A new name in the race for Vermont Governor makes it official. And one of his opponents makes news of his own about pot. Plus it's a dramatic move from the Vatican. (Sot Father Anthony Figuereido ) Its for gift to every priest and its a gift to every person who has suffered this a way. A blessing. What the pope is saying about women who have had an abortion. And the Odd Job that keeps Vermont's wind turbines spinning. When the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.

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There is now a Republican in the race for Vermont Governor. Bruce Lisman announced his decision this morning. Lisman is a former Chairman of the UVM Board of Trustees and a retired Wall Street executive. Since returning to his native Vermont six years ago, Lisman has led the political advocacy group -- Campaign for Vermont -- pushing an agenda of government accountability and transparency. He says many Vermonters feel the state is going in the wrong direction.


(tc 7:33) ((Bruce Lisman/Republican for Governor: "Disappointed in their government they are angry with their government disillusioned and this is a small state where it's an intimate place. They expect a budget that makes Sence for them they would like to live here and be able to afford to live here. It's just not property taxes. It's the cost of living.")) Lisman joins Democrat House Speaker Shap Smith as official candidates. Democrat Matt Dunne has filed to run but hasn't formally announced. Republican Lt. Governor Phil Scott is also expected to announce his candidacy soon -- setting up a primary battle with Lisman. Some GOP leaders say they have no problem with that.


Meanwhile House speaker and gubernatorial candidate Shap Smith is throwing his support behind legalizing marijuana. In the past two sessions, Smith expressed reservations about legalization -- stopping short of outright opposition. Now -- less than two weeks after announcing his bid for governor -- Smith says he thinks Vermont is ready for legal pot.


(00:00:32:00) ((Rep. Shap Smith - D-Vt. House Speaker it's clear to me from talking to Vermonters we're ready to move forward)) (00:03:16:00) ((Shap Smith this has nothing to do with politics, it really is about whether it's the right thing to do)) Smith's new position did draw rave reviews from the Progressive party leaders in both the House and the Senate. Smith says pushing for pot is not a plan to convince them to stay out of the race.


A big announcement from Pope Francis today. He says he will allow priests to formally forgive women who have had abortions. Anna Matranga has reaction from Rome.


(PKG) Pope Francis is making it easier for women to receive forgiveness for having abortions. In a letter released by the Vatican, The pope decreed that during confession, priests around the world can forgive the sin of abortion throughout the upcoming Year of Mercy. The Pope says he has met many women bearing the scar of their agonizing decision. Father Anthony Figuereido says Francis is trying to make the church more compassionate. (Sot Father Anthony Figuereido ) Its for gift to every priest and its a gift to every person who has suffered this a way. A blessing. (Anna Matranga On cam bridge ) Here at The Vatican church officials say the Popes merciful approach in no way condones abortion or changes church teaching. The Church considers abortion a sin so grave, that women who have them are automatically excommunicated, banning them from sacraments including marriage, communion an confession. At Saint Patricks Cathedral in New York, some Catholics seemed to welcome the change. (SOT Joaquin Berezcurel - Catholic) I think its the first step. Of course if you do it for one year. I think eventually it will stay forever. ==butt==== (SOT Anna Reno, Catholic) Its very progressive. It warms my heart that we can be forgiven . Theologians say that forgiveness is a strong theme for Pope Francis and that God is always ready to forgive. Anna Matranga, CBS News, Rome.


Comedian Stephen Colbert is getting a new late night show here on CBS. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert debuts next week. And Vermont's own Bernie Sanders is booked to appear during week 2 - on Friday September 18th. Sanders appeared on Colbert's old show on Comedy Central last year. The guest list for Colbert's new show is getting entertainment media attention. Other week 2 guests - Kevin Spacey - Jake Gyllenhaal, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer - and Carol Burnett. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert kicks off Tuesday September 8th -- right here following the Channel 3 News at 11.

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Tonight: Clear skies. Patchy fog. Lows: 58/65 Winds: Light Wednesday: Sunny skies. Hot and humid. Highs: 83/90 Winds: Light Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 60/67 Winds: Light Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance of a shower. Highs: 78/85 Winds: N 5-10 mph Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Thursday Night: Lows 58/65 Friday: Mostly sunny. Highs 75/82 Lows 50/57 Saturday: Mostly sunny. Highs 78/85 Lows 50s Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs 80s Lows 55/65 Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 80s Lows 55/65 Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers/Tstorm. Highs 75/85

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Keeping Vermont's green energy efforts churning -- Jennifer Costa tracked down a worker whose sky high job involves keeping the state's wind turbines running smoothly.


With his toolbox and harness in hand -- Caleb Cristofolini -- is ready for another day on the job. But his office -- is unlike any other. ((Caleb Cristofolini/turbine technician 00:47:32 "It's not for the faint of heart. That's for sure.")) He commutes up this bumpy road -- to his tower in the sky. ((Caleb Cristofolini/turbine technician 00:47:57 "Getting on top and looking at everything and saying I'm on something that literally takes the wind and makes power, it's phenomenal.")) Cristofolini is a turbine technician at the Sheffield Wind Farm. He and three other techs -- work together to ensure -- these blades keep producing power for about 13-thousand homes. They're affectionately known as the Moose Gang -- because of all the wildlife that roam the grounds. It's a nickname they wear with pride. ((NATS of Jim)) Jim Slicer is the operations manager. Slicer says his turbine techs -- need mechanical or electrical backgrounds -- from the military or trade schools. Cristofolini -- started at a windfarm in Searsburg -- and rose through the ranks -- learning on the job. ((Caleb Cristofolini/turbine technician 00:45:56 "They had me up there climbing and changing filters and after that I was hooked.")) ((Jim Slicer/Turbine Operations Manager 00:39:04 "It's interesting. It's progress. It's new.")) The Moose gang keeps busy inspecting the 16 turbines, substations and storm water protection systems. They try to get all maintenance and meter repairs done during the low wind -- summer months. Staying out of the towers -- in the winter -- when higher winds can make working conditions unsafe. ((NATS)) But like anything mechanical -- breakdowns are unpredictable. And since those broken parts can't go DOWN to the shop...the technicians -- and their tools -- must go up...300 feet up. ((NATS)) Their huge toolbox is hoisted -- through the air -- by a crane -- to the top of the platform. But getting themselves up there -- requires a bit more work. The technicians have to hoof it up a 276 rung ladder. A climb that takes about 10 minutes. ((Jim Slicer/Turbine Operations Manager 00:41:06 "It's not so much a fear of heights, it's a respect for heights. If you respect it and trust your gear, there really is no fear of it.")) ((Jim Slicer/Turbine Operations Manager 00:44:50 "well considering my office is 300 feet off the ground, I'd have to consider it a little bit odd.")) He says the sheer beauty is yet another reminder of how lucky he is to hold such an odd job. ((NATS)) JC CH 3 News Sheffield.


Yesterday it was announced that UVM men's basketball sophomore Brandon Hatton had decided to transfer. The guard is the second member of last year's six player freshman class to leave, joining Zach McRoberts who made his decision to transfer earlier this summer. Today, head coach John Becker said he was surprised when Hatton called him this weekend to say he wasn't coming back to Vermont. ((TRT: 27 OC: APPROPRIATE TIME.)) ((Becker/ "It's unfortunate, both he and Zach, the last two guys that have left, the timing of it isn't great. But it's decisions these kids have made, with their families. You hate to see guys leave, especially guys you like, and the last two guys that left are kids I really liked. I thought they could help us down the road. They just decided it wasn't the best opportunity, the best fit for them. So we'll move forward and we'll fill those scholarships at the appropriate time."))


Red Sox going for two in a row over the Yankees tonight at Fenway...no score in the third...Pablo Sandoval drops a single in left... Jackie Bradley, Jr scores for a 1-0 Boston lead...the only run allowed by Michael Pineda in six innings ... --- top five...Stephen Drew rips one to center off Rick Porcello...two runs score on the double... although both runs were unearned after a Travis Shaw error... 2-1 Yanks...Porcello actually had a very strong outing...three runs in eight innings, but just one earned... only five hits allowed and he struck out 13 ... --- but the Sox just couldn't get the big hit... Pineda and the New York bullpen strike out 13 Sox as the Yankees win 3-1.


In the New York-Penn League tonight, the Lake Monsters fall 8-4 at Aberdeen. Right now, it's the season finale of Meet The Monsters. Here's Scott Fleishman.

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(((10 weeks of teams. 3 questions per team giving us 30 great questions in season 5 of Meet the Monsters. Here are the three of the best quesitons and answers we had this season. The first question comes from Week 3, the 5 and 6 year old Aggies in Fairfax. ((("My name is Ryan. I'm 6. What was your favorite position to play in little league and why?"))) (((Trace Loehr/"Ryan, I love that question. My favorite position to play in Little League was catcher, because I loved throwing guys out. I loved calling a good game too."))) Our second question comes from the 9 and 10 year old Barre All Stars featured in week 5. (("My name is Alec, I'm 9 years old and my favorite position is First Base. What motivates you to play everyday?"))) (((John Gorman/"Hi Alec, thanks for the questions. I have two things that motivate me to play everyday. One is my grandfather, who unfortunately passed away my Sophomore year in high school. He was basically my biggest supporter, went to everything I did. My second one is Pete Frates, he's kind of the Ambassador to the ice bucket challenge and ALS community and stuff. He was a Boston College baseball graduate as I now am. Having him around the last four years and seeing what he goes through on a daily basis to see how awesome he is and his family are, it's definitely another motivation of mine to come to the park everyday."))) Our third and final question comes from the 6th grade Mascoma Valley Panthers in Enfield, New Hampshire. (((My name is Michael. My name is Josh. We're 11 years old. Have you had the opportunity to play with your sibling?"))) (((Mikey White/"Hi Michael and Josh, great question. I actually did get to play in high school with my two step brothers and we played from 8th to 12th grade in high school. They were my two best friends all through high school and then they became my step brothers after we got done, so I consider them my brothers and we got to play a lot together."))) Thanks again to the Vermont Lake Monsters for taking the time out of their busy schedules to answer all these questions and thanks to the youth softball and baseball teams out there, because with out the questions there would be no meet the monsters!))) (((Meet the Monsters!))) (((Meet the Monsters!))) (((Meet the Monsters!)))

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