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Tearing their own houses down. Good Evening, I'm Eva McKend. And I'm Keith McGilvery. Thanks for joining us tonight. They're just days away from losing their homes and people in one Colchester neighborhood say if they are being forced out, they won't leave anything behind. Rose Gomez has more on their final stand.


Nikki Builta-Paradise grew up in the house her parents bought on East Lake shore drive in Colchester. She moved her family into her childhood home eight years ago, but now she's watching the home be torn down. ((Nikki Builta-Paradise/Demoli shing Family Home 02:24:22 " it's tragic. It's like losing a family member that has always been around for you. For me this is the biggest loss I've ever experienced in my life. I've been really lucky and grateful to have been able to raise Paige, and I've had lots of great experiences here myself." 02:24:40)) She is one of several members of the Malletts Bay homeowners Association who chose to demolish their homes after a Vermont supreme court ordered that all homeowners leave the land by May 1st. Mongeon Bay Properties, which owns the land, claimed the association broke their lease by not maintaining a proper seawall on the shore. After years of legal battles, Mongeon won. Homeowners are forced to walk away from their lakefront homes and all they've invested in them. Some are choosing to spend thousands more on demolition. ((Nikki Builta-Paradise/Demoli shing family home 02:27:08 " there's no way I'm leaving my house for somebody else to have and to profit from or do anything in. Nobody else can have those times and that space. It doesn't look like much to some people, but it was everything, and it was awesome, and it was just incredibly hard to lose." 02:27:27)) Many homeowners chose not to demolish their houses, but instead tried to sell what pieces of the homes they could--everything from Windows to staircases. Builta-Paradise, her partner, and daughter are sad to lose the home they worked on and loved. ((Jessie Builta-Paradise/Demoli shing family home 2575 02:32:11 "built the porch on here. We had ice fishing parties in the winter. We got married on this beach. It's always been the paradise house." 02:32:24))


An employee at a White River Junction assisted living facility is accused of sexually assaulting a woman with dementia. State police tell us 22-year-old Michael Paton was found having sex with the 83-year-old resident at Valley Terrace on Monday. Paton is behind bars tonight and is due in court tomorrow. The victim was treated at a local hospital and has been released.


No charges-- for now -- against an Eden woman... accused in an animal cruelty case. About 80 animals -- mostly dogs -- were rescued from Carol Merchant's home back in February 20-15. The case has been in and out of court for the past two years -- as lawyers debated her sanity. The charges have now been dropped without prejudice -- meaning that the state COULD bring them back up again... down the line.


Police are looking for your help tonight in trying to figure out who robbed this gas station in Colchester. They say a white man -- with short brown hair demanded money from the clerk at Maplefields near exit 7. His face was covered with a grey t-shirt. He did not display a weapon -- and left the store headed south on Route 2 with an undisclosed amount of money.

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A roll over crash ended with one man in the hospital tonight. It happened on I-89 eastbound in South Burlington. Travis Ringwig was transported to the University of Vermont Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries sustained during the crash. Police say he was driving too fast for conditions leading to leaving the roadway and rolling into the median. South Burlington Fire and Rescue also assisted at the scene.


Fire destroys one of Holland, Vermont's oldest buildings. The fire chief says when they got to the Lefevbre Farm -- they found the house -- trees -- cars and motorcycles on the property engulfed in flames... and a big grass fire. No one was hurt, but three cats and a dog died. Firefighters were able to save the barn. They're not sure yet what sparked the flames. No one was home at the time.


Thousands in the Queen City rely on Burlington Telecom for their cable and internet. But the company's past troubles have cost taxpayers millions, and now city leaders are trying to pick up the pieces of a money mess. Priscilla Liguori is live with us in studio. Where is this city in this process? Right now, the city is looking for potential buyers for Burlington Telecom in hopes that it'll keep the company locally owned.


((Jane Knodell, Burlington City Council President 7:34:59-7:35:13 "Everyone wants to make sure that Burlington Telecom doesn't end up in the hands of a Comcast or a Fairpoint so everyone has agreed that we want to prevent that the way you prevent that is by having local ownership.")) Burlington city leaders are on the hunt for a new owner for Burlington Telecom. ((Mayor Miro Weinberger, D-Burlington 7926 1:39:35-1:39:47 "It's certainly important to not go back to the monopoly situation that we had before Burlington Telecom was built which was not good for customers.")) ((Mayor Miro Weinberger, D-Burlington 7926 1:39:09-:15 "Having the financial and organizational capacity to ensure that the entity continues to be operated well is critical.")) The city has to sell the cable and internet provider as part of a settlement with Citibank and local investor Trey Pecor. It all stems back to former mayor Bob Kiss' administration - when to many residents and city leaders' surprise and dismay - 17 million dollars of taxpayer money was put toward the company to keep it running. The board in charge of finding a new buyer says it wants to get at least some of that money back to the people of Burlington. ((Jane Knodell, Burlington City Council President 8383 7:30:10-7:30:30 "I think that we won't get it back in this transaction, but we'll get some of it back in this transaction and then if we find a good partner and we have continued ownership share of the new company, that the city of Burlington and taxpayers will get dividends over time.")) In 2014, Burlington settled a 33 million dollar lawsuit with Citibank for about 10 million dollars with the help of a bridge loan from Pecor. ((Mayor Miro Weinberger, D-Burlington 7926 1:41:10-1:41:19 "I think we're likely to secure an outcome where the city has real value coming back to the taxpayers, to help address the 17 million dollars that was lost prior to 2012. I think the city is likely to secure some of the funds back from the transaction.")) Mayor Miro Weinberger says Burlington Telecom has the most customers it has ever had - with more than 6000. That's up from 5000 in 2015, and represents about 40% of the city's internet market share. Under the current settlement, the city has until next year to sell the company -- and recoup the largest amount of money possible. ((Jane Knodell, Burlington City Council President 7:36:08-7:36:12 "The longer it takes, the share goes down.")) If the city can't agree on a buyer by 2021, it loses all profits of Burlington Telecom to Pecor. ((Mayor Miro Weinberger, D-Burlington 7926 1:40:35-1:40:38 "I'm very optimistic that we're going to make the January deadline."))


The Burlington Telecom Advisory Board has until this summer to find prospects and bring a final list of potential buyers to the City Council. The council will then decide if they have the right fit a new partner. Is there interest in this? Do people want to own the company? City leaders say it's still too early to tell how much interest there is, but because of the company's recent growth, they are confident they will find a buyer. Keith and Eva?


An update to a story we first told you about last night on the channel 3 news at 11. There was a swarm of police on South Willard Street in Burlington in an hours long standoff. The man involved -- Michael Walsh is now facing an assault charge. Police tell us he allegedly threatened to drive to his mother's house in Ferrisburgh and kill her with a machete, then drive into people with his car.


We're learning about layoffs tonight at Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone. The UVM health network says the hospital is facing financial challenges ... and that's why they're eliminating 32 full time equivalent positions. They're also cutting another 5 million in costs... as they transition into the UVM network. Out of the 850 people who work there -- 24 people have been laid off. The hospital serves about 55-thousand residents in the North Country.


Dan is here. Kind of a soggy evening out there. ((radsat)) Just a few showers out there now, but we'll see some steadier rain move through later tonight with lingering showers through tomorrow morning. Clouds will hang in there as well. Drier skies move in later on Wednesday.


A UVM catamount has entered the 2017 NBA Draft. Scott Fleishman is here to explain what that means for Catamount fans. Junior Trae Bell-Haynes is one of 137 college players to declare as an early entry into the NBA draft. Bell-Haynes hasn't signed with an agent and he has until May 24 to withdraw his name and retian his final year of eligibility. That may 24th date is 10 days after the NBA draft combine. So basically, Bell Haynes will head to NBA pre-draft camps and individual team workouts. He'll show off his skills and get feedback as he continues to improve his game. Chances are very very likely he returns to UVM in the Fall. Bell Haynes, the reigning America East player of the year, is the first Catamount underclassmen to file for early entry.


A big honor today for our colleagues - investigative reporter Jennifer Costa - and photographer Robynn Beams! Their story - Obit of an Addict - just won a regional Edward R. Murrow award for Hard News reporting. ((LC reading texts 00:39:55:21 "I texted him: I feel like your hustle and flow is going to get you in trouble or worse. I love you brother. He texted me back: same here, man. same here.")) Shawn Carter's family shared their story of heartbreak after he died of an opiate overdose. They hoped by sharing Shawn's story with Jennifer and Robynn - it would push communities and the state to do more to help addicts - and their families. It is a powerful story and you can see it on our website. The piece is now up for a national Murrow award.

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Still ahead on the channel 3 news -- sanctuary cities saved -- a federal judge says the Trump administration cannot block funds from cities protecting undocumented immigrants. Plus -- could the United States be getting into a trade war with our neighbors in Canada? This after some tough words from the president. And if you are a Samsung customer seeing red...no need to get your eyes check. A software update is on the way to fix the problem... details when the channel 3 news continues...


President Trump has lost his bid to keep money from sanctuary cities that defy federal immigration authorities. A federal judge blocked the executive order today. The temporary ruling will stay in place while a lawsuit about the scope of Trump's order is debated in court. Burlington and Middlebury are sanctuary cities. And on Town Meeting Day -- voters in Calais, East Montpelier, Marshfield, Randolph, and Plainfield elected to become sanctuary cities too.


The U-S could soon be in a trade war with our neighbors to the north. President Trump told reporters last night that a 20 percent tariff is being imposed on softwood lumber entering the U.S. The Secretary of Commerce says that will add up to about a billion dollars a year. And -- there's also word that dairy products could be next on the president's list. This is what he had to say about trade dealings late last week.


((Trump 20170420 - THU0204 1:07--1:21: "But what happened to our dairy farmers in Wisconsin and New York state, we're not going to let it happen. We can't let Canada or anybody else take advantage and do what they did to our workers and to our farmers."))


It's too early to tell how this could impact area dairy farmers but some changes already made north of the border -- are affecting milk producers here. About a year ago Canadian regulators created a new "ingredients strategy" for products like ultrafiltered milk-- which now allows dairies to produce protein substances using Canadian-made milk. Which means they're buying less from the U-S.


((TILE 9471 20:08:13--20:17:27 Leon Berthiaeume/St. Albans Creamery Co-Op: "They're being impacted that that product is no longer crossing into Canada, and has to really be marketed in the northeast or the U.S. -- which is creating some challenges for this whole northeast.")) A silver lining -- business insiders project that could mean lower costs at the grocery store.


If you have the new Samsung Galaxy S-8 -- and you're seeing red you're not alone. Customers are reporting a red tint on their screen. At first the company was having people fix the coloring on their phone by adjusting their personal settings. But with the complaints adding up the company is rolling out a software update to fix the problem.


Burlington is taking action on a problem we first told you about earlier in the month -- Zombie Cars. Those are abandoned vehicles left in public parking garages. Our special report earlier this month found that some cars were collecting dust in prime parking spots for months -- even years. Now -- the city says garage parking will be limited to 48 hours. After that -- the cars will be towed. The city is going to issue warnings until May 1.


((currents)) Temperatures a little cool today with the clouds and showers around by afternoon. ((tempsgraph)) We'll start to warm up tomorrow with highs hitting the 60s, and even warmer for late week. ((temps)) Cloudy with showers in Burlington. Winds are light. ((radsat)) Area of low pressure moving up from the south tonight with another band of rain likely to move in by late evening. Showers likely overnight. ((forecastmap)) Rainfall totals around a half an inch by Wednesday evening, but most of that will fall tonight and early Wednesday. Showers and clouds will lingering, but general drying trend will begin. Back to some sun and warmer weather by Thursday.


Tonight: Showers. Lows: 40/47 Winds: SE 5-15 mph Wednesday: Morning showers tapering off during the afternoon. Highs: 62/68 Winds: SE 5-10 mph Wednesday night: Becoming partly cloudy. Lows: 45/55 Winds: E 5-15 mph Thursday: Partly sunny and warmer. Highs: 72/80 Winds: S 5-15 mph Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Thursday night: Partly cloudy. Lows 50s Friday: Partly sunny. (mostly cloudy?) Chance of showers, possible thunderstorm. Highs 70s Lows 42/52 Saturday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers. Highs 65/75 Lows 40s Sunday: Partly sunny (mostly cloudy?) Chance of showers. Highs 60s Lows 45/55 Monday: Showers. Highs 60s Lows 40s Tuesday: Partly cloudy. Highs 55/65 Lows 40s




A former member of the channel 3 family has plenty of reasons to smile tonight. ((happy apple nats)) Alex Apple survived 40 days in Fiji on the MTV show stranded with a million dollars. Throughout the journey -- money was spent on food and supplies -- and Alex even earned the ire of some viewers by actually burning money at one point to try to force his challengers to make decisions. But nevertheless -- Alex was one of just 4 from the original cast of 10 that made it the end. His share of the prize -- 125-thousand dollars. Alex visited us recently to talk about the show -- and said he lost 22 pounds during the competition.



Catamount Junior Trae Bell Haynes has filed as an early entry candidate for the 2017 NBA draft. He hasn't signed with an agent. Bell Haynes has until May 24th to withdraw his name and retain his NCAA eligibility. That's 10 days after the NBA draft combine. Basically, Bell Haynes will attend NBA pre-draft camps and individual team workouts. He'll show off his skills and get feedback as he continues to improve his game. 137 collegiate players filed as early entry candidates. Bell Haynes is the first Catamount underclassmen to file for early entry. Bell Haynes is the reigning America East player of the year.


The Red Sox and Yankees were supposed to open a three game set tonight in Boston, but the game was rained out. It will be part of a doubleheader in July. The Sox placed third baseman Pablo Sandoval on the 10 day disabled list with a sprained right knee.


Dartmouth head coach Buddy Teevens and Defensive Lineman Jackson Perry were guests at Fenway Park in Boston this afternoon. They were promoting Fenway's Gridiron Classic games this fall. Dartmouth will Face Brown on Friday, November 10th. Teevens received a Red Sox jersey with the number 17 and Dartmouth on the back. He was supposed to throw out the first pitch before tonight's game, that didn't happen but it's still going to be a cool experience coming November.


((Buddy Teevens: "It's exciting. People nationwide know about Fenway Park. It's an iconic stadium and to have kids from Los Angels to Seattle and Miami know that we're playing here and they could be playing here too, the players on my team are just ecstatic. It's a wonderful opportunity. A wonderful venue. We can't wait.")) ((Jackson Perry: "it's absolutely insane. There's people that's been talking about it weeks from now. We play six or seven games before it, but everybody's trying to focus on this game. It's a big opportunity for everybody, especially us in the Ivys."))


Dartmouth has a big game coming up on Saturday morning. It's the annual Green-White Spring game. This means the end of the Spring practice. Dartmouth is looking to get back on top after a disappointing 2016 season and it looks like the team made strides over the last few weeks. They guys want to come back strong in 2017.


((Buddy Teevens: "experience is so meaningful and in Ivy League Football in general. To have a lot of guys that take a lot of snaps and still have a lot of time in front of them. Some injured guys will be returning. We're excited about that. So, we'll be a very competitive team come Fall.")) ((Jackson Perry: "I don't think it was a transition year. I think we could have played to the best of our ability and we lost a couple of games by close margins and I think the greatest thing that we learned is that we're actually a better football team then we portrayed and we've got to be better, train harder, work harder and prepare for these teams as if this is the last time we're ever going to play."))


High School baseball this afternoon. South Burlington hosting Middlebury. --- It's all Rebels in the bottom of the first inning. Noah Barton gets the scoring started with a line drive to center. Andrew Cunningham scores. 1-0 SBHS. --- Later in the inning, John Thibeault (TEE-bo) goes up the middle for an RBI single. Connor McGrath comes home making it 7-0. --- South Burlington bats around, Cunningham scores the first run here he drives in a run with the gaper to right center. The Rebels win this one, 14-4.


Same two teams playing in Softball, the Tigers getting the upper hand in this one. --- Payton Buxton picks up the strikeout to end the first. Middlebury leads it 5-2. --- The Tigers adding to the lead in the top of the second, Taylor Sylvester drops one in front of the plate, the throw to first is wide. A run scores, 7-2 Middlebury. --- Then with runners at the corners, Sylvester is out trying to steal second, but on the play Ally Larocque comes home. Middlebury hands SBHS its first loss of the season, 13-6.

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