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No criminal charges following a protest that allegedly turned violent -- injuring a professor -- on the Middlebury College campus. Good evening I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Eva McKend -- tonight questions remain as the college president continues to turn down our requests for interviews. The latest developments -- comes more than 2 months after police and college officials started investigating. In March controversial author -- Charles Murray -- was invited to speak on campus. Middlebury professor Allison Stanger volunteered to moderate the discussion. College officials say protestors -- disrupted that event -- pulled fire alarms -- and allegedly attacked Stanger and the guest speaker in the parking lot.


((Bridget Currier, Middlebury College "I saw a lot of people walking around dressed in all black and in masks. And for me, I've never really been exposed to that sort of political vigor necessarily, so I was pretty rattled by that,")) Stanger took to Facebook after the incident saying quote "We confronted an angry mob as we tried to exit the building ... One thug grabbed me by the hair and another shoved me in a different direction... I feared for my life." So why no criminal charges after Middlebury College President Laurie Patton promised an independent investigation? Priscillia Liguori picks up that part of this story new at 11.


Professor Allison Stanger tells me tonight she is still recovering from a brain injury. The Town of Middlebury's police chief tells us because it was dark and people were wearing masks, it made it difficult to pinpoint who may have been committing crimes.


The investigation is closed and there are no criminal charges. ((Chief Thomas Hanley, Middlebury Police Dept. 9547 1:04:58-1:05:06 "It was difficult to get any specific identities of anyone who actually broke the law other than being noisy and disruptive")) Middlebury Police Chief is describing March 2nd - the night author Charles Murray came to speak at Middlebury College and protests erupted. ((Chief Thomas Hanley, Middlebury Police Dept. 9547 1:06:07-23 "If we had sufficient information that somebody did something intentional to hurt the professor or damage the car, then we would certainly go ahead with the prosecution. This event happened in the dark, it was night time, many of the people had masks on, and hoods covering their heads and identification was very difficult.")) Middlebury College students we spoke with had mixed feelings about the police investigation. ((Jessie Kuzmicki, Middlebury Vermont 1:29:21-25 "I think the investigation needed to happen seeing that there was disruptive and violent behavior.")) ((Maggie Rose-McCandlish, Middlebury Student 9552 1:21:52-57 "I think that it caused a lot of unnecessary stress and a lot of unnecessary pressure that there even was a police investigation.")) ((Priscilla Liguori, SU 9572 1:34:47-56 "Middlebury launched it's own independent investigation too. Tuesday the college announced it completed its disciplinary process and sanctioned 67 students.")) ((Maggie Rose-McCandlish, Middlebury Student 9552 1:23:00-06 "I really disagree with the fact that they tried individuals when it was a group activity.")) Students tell us the protests and school sanctions have continued to be a controversial topic around campus. ((David Hogan, Middlebury Student 9550 1:17:42-48 "It would come up in class discussion a lot. Everyone was kind of on their toes, trying to not say the wrong thing.")) ((Avery Kerwin, Middlebury Student 9549 1:11:00-12 "I guess I can see the argument from both sides in terms of why it was good to protest and then also why they shouldn't have done it exactly the way they did it.")) One thing many students agree on is that even though the investigation is closed, the protests wont be forgotten by the Middlebury community. ((David Hogan, Middlebury Student 9550 1:18:34 "Just because this instance in the short term is finishing up, I would be surprised if there weren't more long-term discussions as well."))


Professor Stanger told me via email tonight that she will not speak publicly until her brain is fully healed. And again we did reach out to President Laurie Patton's office for an interview and that request was denied. Keith? So Priscilla, is this case now closed? Actually Keith -- the police chief tells me charges could still come down the road -- he says that if an individual came forward or if someone brought testimony that another person intentionally tried to hurt the professor, the department would reopen the investigation.


This is a live look at the Empire State Building tonight -- it's gone dark in remembrance of the victims of the suicide bombing in Manchester, England. Tonight, we're learning more about the people killed outside that Ariana Grande concert. Tina Kraus reports.


TRT: 1:31 SUPERS: 02-04 Credit: @Zach_Bruce 08-14 Theresa May/British Prime Minister 20-27 Credit: Ellie Cheetham 39-51 Tina Kraus/CBS News, Manchester 1:11-1:15 Sheila/Vigil Participant 1:16-1:19 NHL/NBCSN ((SUGGESTED INTRO: The British government raised the country's terror threat level to the highest it's been since June of 2007. This comes after police raided the home of a suicide bomber who attacked fans at an Ariana Grande concert Manchester. Police identified the attacker, but much remains unknown about his motives and training. CBS's Tina Kraus has more from just outside the arena.)) PKG: ((NARR-1)) BRITAIN RAISED THE COUNTRY'S THREAT LEVEL TO "CRITICAL" TUESDAY. PRIME MINISTER THERESA MAY SAID ANOTHER ATTACK COULD BE IMMINENT. ((SOT )) "it is a possibility we cannot ignore - that there is a wider group of individuals linked to this attack. ((NARR-2)) MANCHESTER IS MOURNING THE VICTIMS OF MONDAY NIGHT'S SUICIDE BOMBING AT AN ARIANA GRANDE CONCERT. (nats bombing) AT LEAST 22 PEOPLE WERE KILLED....AND 59 WOUNDED - - MANY WITH LIFE-THREATENING INJURIES. THIS TAXI DRIVER DROVE FLEEING FANS TO SAFETY. ((SOT Safi Ismail/Taxi Driver - sot mostly covered)) "there were so many people coming out and the thing that was getting me was the age." - young." ((STANDUP BRIDGE: Tina Kraus/CBS News, Manchester)) MANCHESTER ARENA IS ONE OF EUROPE'S LARGEST INDOOR CONCERT VENUES... AND SOME concert-goers CALLED THE SECURITY "HAPHAZARD." IT'S STILL NOT CLEAR HOW THE ATTACKER MANAGED TO ENTER THE AREA UNDETECTED. ((NARR-3)) "THE SUN" NEWSPAPER PRINTED WHAT IT SAID WAS A PHOTO OF THE ALLEGED ATTACKER.... POLICE IDENTIFY HIM AS 22-YEAR-OLD SALMAN ABEDI. (nats) A SWAT TEAM RAIDED HIS HOME.... AND ALSO ARRESTED A MAN IN HIS 20'S. (NAT) THOUSANDS OF BRITS GATHERED AT A VIGIL .... AND VOWED TO CARRY ON IN DEFIANCE: ((SOT APTN Sheila (no last name given/Vigil Participant)) "in Manchester we're not going to stop going to music or we're not going to stop going to football. Absolutely." ((NARR-4)) (NHL/NBCSN) AND THERE WERE DISPLAYS OF SOLIDARITY AROUND THE WORLD. (APTN) IN PARIS - THE EIFFEL TOWER WENT DARK. IT WAS THE SAME AT ROME'S COLISEUM....AND NEW YORK'S EMPIRE STATE BUILDING...TO HONOR THE VICTIMS. TINA KRAUS, CBS NEWS, MANCHESTER.


Security has been boosted across the U-S following the bombing. The Department of Homeland Security says it knows of no specific threats against music venues ... but is advising caution around any large gathering. Heavily armed police now patrol New York's Times Square and other popular places.


Governor Phil Scott also weighed in on the attacks today describing the event as horrific and devastating. He offered condolences to the families and asked Vermonters to stay alert. The governor acknowledged the state is not a likely target but is urging Vermonters to keep their eyes open at big events like this weekend's Vermont City Marathon.


(00:05:24:00) ((Gov. Phil Scott - R-Vermont We have to be vigilant here and we have to pay attention to make sure that we don't let our guard down and we do report when we see somthing that doesn't seem right)) Marathon organizers say they've kept increased security plans in place this year... initially upped following the Boston bombing four years ago. .


Governor Phil Scott's decision on whether to legalize pot is expected tomorrow. The Governor tells our political reporter Kyle Midura that he spent the weekend reviewing the legalization bill passed by lawmakers. It would allow people 21 and older to have up to an ounce of marijuana -- and grow two plants of their own. The Governor says he has not decided yet whether he'll sign it, veto it, or let it become law without his signature.


A New Hampshire prep school graduate convicted of sexually assaulting a classmate has appealed a judge's ruling denying him a new trial. Owen Labrie is taking his case to the state supreme court. In 2015, the 21 year old from Tunbridge was acquitted of raping a 15-year-old classmate the previous year as part of a game of sexual conquest at St. Paul's School in Concord. But he was convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault and child endangerment, as well as using a computer to lure the girl for sex -- that is a a felony requiring him to register as a sex offender. Labrie is appealing his conviction even after a judge denied his request for a new trial.


New at 11 -- An update to the breaking news we brought you right here last night. Police tell us this fire at an empty building in Hardwick is being investigated as arson. They tell us -- all signs point to it being intentionally set. They say the building had no electricity or heat source that could have sparked the fire. The owner says he couldn't fix it up -- and was planning to tear it down to make space for a parking lot. Now, he says, it's an extra hassle.


Not a bad day today. Looking good heading into mid week. ((radsat)) Some clouds this evening are clearing out. Temperatures will be cooling down into the 40s tonight. ((temps)) A chilly start to Wednesday, but we'll be warming up again with most spots in the low 70s.

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Be prepared to head out the door a little early if you use this popular road in South Burlington. VTrans is preparing to replace a culvert on Hinesburg Road. The one-and-a-half million dollar project begins June 5th. So -- through August -- drivers will have to travel an extra two miles on a detour from Williston Road to Kennedy Drive.


((Chris Achilles/Resident Engineer: "It's essential that we do this work so that we don't have a potential failure and so we can allow continued passage on the road.")) There are a lot of residential streets in that area -- so through traffic will be allowed.

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Still ahead on the channel 3 news -- dramatic body camera video from the Burlington P-D as a suspect attempts to mow down an officer. Plus -- how President Trump's proposed cuts to the budget could impact you especially if you rely on food stamps and meals on wheels. And ((:03nat: Bond, James Bond.)) saying goodbye to Sir Roger Moore Also -- learn about a major milestone completed by a group of New Hampshire students. Those stories and your full forecast on the channel 3 news at 11.


A dramatic police pursuit caught on camera. A Burlington police officer comes face to face with a suspect driving at him head on. The chief posted the body came footage to social media -- before the case plays out in court. Is this a new trend for the department? Jennifer Costa investigates.


((NATS 00:00:02:10 " ...Back in the car and he's running away.")) Cpl. Mike Hemond is in an all out sprint. Chasing a driver wanted by police near the Burlington waterfront. His body camera capturing the action. ((NATS 00:00:11:22 "Andrew. Andrew.")) Andrew Lavallee is what cops call a frequent flyer. 15 prior criminal convictions. Flunked out of drug court. And accused of robbing someone outside this bank -- in a bizarre black market giftcard swindle -- moments before police caught up with him... ((NATS 00:00:20:02 "stop the car stop the car stop the car. Andrew.")) Hemond draws his gun. Screams for the driver to stop. That's when it appears Lavallee doubles back -- and nearly hits him. ((Chief Brandon del Pozo/Burlington Police Dept. 00:01:48:16 "you're allowed to use lethal force to protect a third party or yourself. A car hurdling towards you driven by an alleged robbery suspect meets that criteria.")) This Burlington cop did not pull the trigger. It was a split second decision -- that could have cost him his life. ((COSTA 00:02:11:28 "Should he have fired?" BDP: In that instance, I don't think so. He made the right choice.")) ((Jennifer Costa/Burlington 00:17:28:19 "I wanted to give you some perspective on the area. It's a weekday right now so not as busy as it was on Saturday. We have a popular restaurant here. A lot of people getting creemees over here and a ton of families down at the aquarium with their kids. There were easily hundreds of people down here when this event took place.")) ((Chief Brandon del Pozo/Burlington Police Dept. 00:01:19:27 "That's a crowded place at a crowded time of day. I mean bullets just don't go to all the spots you intend them to.")) Normally this footage is considered evidence. Kept from your eyes during an investigation. Burlington's police chief -- tells me he posted the video to social media -- impressed by his officer's "bravery and restraint." ((Chief Brandon del Pozo/Burlington Police Dept. 00:02:22:04 "this doesn't mean you should never fire at a car, right? But it shows that officers have to make these very difficult judgements with no time to think.")) but don't mistake his message... ((COSTA 00:04:51:17 "Does this set a precedent by posting this to social media that the public is entitled to every body camera video?" BDP: No it doesn't.")) ((NATS 00:00:27:06 "alright he almost ran me over. Now he is... Andrew stop the car. Stop the car.")) Lavallee -- and his passenger -- were arrested a few blocks from here -- trying to make a run for it in a taxi. This time a judge held Lavalle without bail. JC CH3 News Burlington.


President Trump unveiled his budget plan today -- and it calls for 3 and a half trillion dollars in cuts to social programs -- drawing criticism from some lawmakers. This is the budget arriving on Capitol Hill this afternoon -- on a dolly. The White House says it will eliminate the deficit in a decade. Conservatives say they support the approach. But many in Congress are speaking out about cuts to programs like Medicaid - food stamps and meals on wheels. Senator Bernie Sanders says it is a massive transfer of wealth from working families and the elderly to the wealthiest 1 percent.


(( 3:26, Sen. Bernie Sanders/I-Vermont: This is a budget that is immoral and that will cause an enormous amount of pain for the most vulnerable people in our nation.)) (( PO-102TU Rep. Paul Ryan: We finally have a president who's willing to actually even balance the budget. The last president never proposed, let alone tried, to balance the budget. So we have a president that is giving us an actual balanced budget plan. It's a plan to produce economic growth.)) Many in Congress are reminding the public that the President's budget is a wish list of sorts - and that the actual spending plan that becomes law is crafted on Capitol Hill.

22} 0075_NATSVO

One of the actors who played the famed secret agent 007 has died. ((:03nat: Bond, James Bond.)) Sir Roger Moore passed away -- after a battle with cancer. Moore took over the iconic spy role from Sean Connery in 19-72's "Live and Let Die". He played Bond in seven films over 12 years - longer than any other actor. Upon his death in Switzerland -- his family says Moore considered his humanitarian work with Unicef to be his greatest achievement in life. He was 89 years old.



((surfacemap)) High pressure holding on for one more day. Next weather system heads our way on Thursday and keeps showers around through the end of the week. ((tempsgraph)) A warm one today. Temperatures still pretty close to normal through the upcoming weekend. ((highstoday)) Most spots reaching the mid to upper 60s today. ((currents)) Sun and clouds in Burlington. Comfortable temperatures this afternoon. ((radsat)) Variable clouds tonight, we'll see more clouds tomorrow ahead of our next weather system. ((forecastmap)) Chance of a spotty shower late in the day. Most wet weather holds off till late Wednesday night and into Thursday. More showers likely through the end of the week. Tonight: Partly cloudy. Cool. Chance patchy fog. Lows: 42/52 Wind: Light Wednesday: More clouds than sun. Quick shower? Highs: 68/75 Wind: Variable 5-10 mph Wednesday night: Increasing clouds. Lows: 48/55 Wind: Light Thursday: Cloudy with showers, more numerous west. Breezy. Highs: 63/70 Wind: SE 10-20 mph Extended Forecast: Thursday night: Showers Lows: 48/55 Friday: Cloudy. Showers. Highs: 55/65 Lows: 40s Saturday: Partly sunny. Few showers? Highs: 68/78 Lows: 48/58 Sunday: Increasing clouds. Showers develop. Highs: 68/78 Lows: 50s Monday: Cloudy. Showers. Highs: 60s Lows: 48/58 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance showers Highs: 65/75



A group of New Hampshire students are wrapping up a one of kind ride. They spent more than a week rowing up the entire length of Lake Champlain. The students go to M-C Squared Charter school in Keene. They spent months building their boat by hand, and on May 13th, they took it out on the water in Whitehall to start their journey. An instructor from Kroka (kr-oh-ka) Expeditions led the trip.


((Gabriel Andrus/14 Years Old 3728 01:17:11 "We either are rowing or sailing, sometimes we sail for part of the day and row for part of the day, so most of the day we're on the water, and we stop for lunch and eat somewhere, and then we find camp and set up our tents, and cook dinner, and write our journals." 01:17:25)) They reached their final destination today at Louie's Landing in Swanton after rowing more than 100 miles. Throughout the trip each student kept a journal and had a different job--like cooking, gathering firewood, or navigating. They will earn school credit for the program.



Following their historic comeback win Sunday night, the Boston Celtics had the chance to actually even the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals at two games apiece with a win in Game Four tonight in Cleveland. It looked like it might happen again as the C's led by 16 in the second quarter... but Kyrie Irving set a new playoff career high with 42 points and LeBron James added 34 as Cleveland pulled away late for a 112-99 win. The Cavaliers now hold a 3-1 series lead and can close out the Celtics with a Game Five win Thursday night in Boston.


The American Canadian Tour has announced that the winner of Saturday night's Spring Green 117 at Devil's Bowl, Jonathan Bouvrette, has been disqualified after it was determined during post-race inspection that unapproved engine components had been utilized in the #41 car. Milton's Scott Payea is now the official winner of that race. In addition to forfeiting all championship points and prize money from the event, a fine of $1,500 has been levied, and the #41 team will be on technical probation for the remainder of the 2017 season at all ACT events on both sides of the border.


The Middlebury men's and women's tennis teams reached the semifinals of the NCAA tournament today in Chattanoga, Tennessee. This afternoon, the second ranked women fell to NESCAC rival Williams in the semis 5-4. Tonight, the top ranked men lost to Claremont-Mudd-Scripps by that same 5-4 margin.


The East Prelims of the NCAA Track and Field Championships open Thursday in Lexington, Kentucky. Montgomery, Vermont's Elle Purrier, now a junior at New Hampshire, is ranked first in the nation in the steeplechase. Purrier, who finished third at the NCAAs last season, has the fastest time in the country by seven seconds and is feeling strong heading into the prelims.


((TRT: 17 ... OC: REST OF THE SEASON)) ((Purrier: I had a pretty good run at the beginning of the season. I opened up with a PR (personal record) in the steeplechase, which is super exciting. I really just like focusing on my training, and believing in that. I feel good and I feel like I'm in good shape and I'm excited for the rest of the season. ))


A pair of Catamounts of bound for the Bluegrass State as well. Thetford Center's Ian Weider competes in the long jump Thursday ...Ed Simon of Fairfax in the pole vault Friday. Weider, a senior, is heading to the NCAA prelims for the second year in a row...Simon, qualifies for the first time... as a grad student...so they are bringing different perspectives with them into this week's competition.


((TRT: 21 ... OC: MAKE THEM COUNT )) ((Simon/ Obviously I started to have a little bit of doubt after not making it the first four years, but I was lucky enough to get a fifth year opportunity and to finally make it was thrilling, honestly, to finally get there. )) ((Weider/ I have been there before, so I kind of know what to expect. And I've been pretty fortunate in my last four years here. I typically get six jumps and right now everybody here only gets three, so I've got to make them count. ))


high school softball this afternoon...North Country visiting South Burlington. --- Both pitchers were pretty sharp in this one, Anna Borrazzo for the Rebels, Kylie Wright for North Country. We're scoreless after 2. --- Top of the third, North Country gets on the board, Wright lines on to center, Kasey Champney comes around from second. 1-0 Falcons. --- SBHS ties it in the bottom of the third, Elizabeth Sargent slaps one to right scoring Sarah Brown. South Burlington gets the game winner in the bottom of the seventh, 2-1 the final.


those two teams also meeting on the baseball diamond... --- Tied at 2 after 4 and a half. Andrew Cunningham leads off the bottom of the fifth with the single. He heads to second on a wild pitch --- and then comes home on the RBI hit by Noah Barton. The Rebels add another in the inning to lead 4-2. --- North Country looking to rally in the final 2 innings, but check out Cunningham tracking down the deep fly ball to center. --- The Falcons get the tying run to the plate in the seventh, John Thibeault gets the strikeout to end it. --- South Burlington wins it, 4-2.

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