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Good evening. I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Jennifer Costa. Ebola concerns in the Green Mountains -- after a Vermont traveller agrees to go into isolation. Governor Peter Shumlin says the man is not a threat to public health at this time -- but the state is taking precautions in case symptoms arise. Alex Apple is live in studio with our top story. Keith, Jennifer -- the individual is now quarantined at a single family home in Rutland County where he is voluntarily agreeing to check-ups. The Governor said the quarantined man travelled to two West African countries and the state is not sure what he did there or what his intentions were.


A Rutland man -- who recently travelled to West Africa prompts an emergency press conference. (1:19 Gov. Peter Shumlin)(("we're actively monitoring that individual for fevers or symptoms of Ebola.")) He's in isolation for the next 21 days -- the incubation period for the virus. (1:48 Gov. Peter Shumlin)(("This individual does not have an elevated temperature. has no signs or symptoms of illness and is not a health risk to anyone at this time.")) Governor Shumlin repeatedly said the public should not be concerned because the quarantined man has not shown any symptoms of Ebola. (3:49 Gov. Peter Shumlin)(("I want to make it very clear to Vermonters that there is an extremely low risk in my judgement of this individual contracting ebola.")) Law enforcement and health officials met the Rutland man at JFK airport Monday afternoon. The governor said he is NOT not a doctor but represented himself as one while in West Africa for nearly a month. (5:57 Tracy Dolan/Commissioner of Health)(("We're simply not sure of all the details of what went on in Sierra Leone and Guinea.")) (16:11 Gov. Peter Shumlin)(("We ensured we had both Vermont law enforcement and health department folks on the ground to ensure that he had a safe return to Vermont.")) The man told authorities he had nowhere to go -- last night he stayed at the Rodeway Inn in Rutland. ((Mayor Chris Louras/City of Rutland 12:40:19:19 there was concerns about whether or not he may or may not have, come in contact with any infected individuals.)) Around 2 pm Tuesday, the individual was moved to an undisclosed private home -- in Rutland County -- where the state will keep a close on eye him. (State Epidemiologist Patsi Kelso 6:50)(("That involves calling the person twice a day to make sure they have not developed any symptoms consistent with Ebola.")) Health officials say a person cannot spread the Ebola virus until he or she has shown symptoms. Then someone can only get the disease by coming in contact with the infected person's bodily fluids. The Governor would not say who the man is or his motives for travelling to infected countries. He did confirm the FBI was involved in the case. (15:14 Gov. Peter Shumlin)(("I'm not going to speculate on what the individual's motives were what I can tell you is we don't know exactly where he was or what he did while he was in West Africa."))


The Governor said because of that uncertainty about what the man did in Africa -- the state will take every precaution to make sure he cannot spread the disease. And again -- we want to emphasize -- because the man is asymptomatic -- he is not a danger to public health.


Stowe Police are still on the lookout for an alleged bank robber. They say this person held up the Union Bank -- on Park Street -- at 3-30 this afternoon. Investigators aren't sure if it's a man or woman. The suspect was last seen wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt -- sunglasses -- and fled on foot. If you recognize the suspect -- call Stowe Police.


Authorities say a machete wielding teen is facing charges. State and local police responded to a home on Mill Road in South Royalton last night for a domestic disturbance. Investigators say 17-year-old Chad Herring was threatening individuals with a knife and swinging a machete at them. The Northfield teen was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was charged as an adult. Herring denied the allegations in court today.


A home health care worker avoided jail time after stealing from the state. Magen Hill of Perkinsville was convicted in October of falsifying timesheets -- in order to collect almost 45-hundred dollars from a state Medicaid program -- for hours she never worked. Hill's 18 to 36 month jail sentence was suspended -- and she was placed on probation for 18 months instead. She must also repay the stolen money.


A scary scene in Highgate this afternoon. Authorities say a tractor -- hauling a manure spreader -- fish-tailed while traveling over the Missisquoi River along Route 207. The driver was hurt -- but made it out -- as part of the spreader hung over the bridge. Transportation officials were called to the scene to inspect the structure. It was reopened to traffic earlier tonight.


A major security lapse at Governor Shumlin's Montpelier office is under investigation. The administration is trying to figure out how dozens of protestors blasted past the security checkpoint and made it to the 5th floor. Today -- tough questions for the man charged with keeping the building safe.


((PKG)) Monday night protesters flooded the lobby of Governor Peter Shumlin's office. ((Protest nats)) In total about 40 people camped outside the executive suite for more than six hours -- with just as many on the 1st floor -- angry with the Governor's position on fossill fuels. ((Protest nat)) But the protest is fueling safety concerns -- how did dozens of people skip the security checkpoint and make it to 5th floor -- where an electronic pass is required to get up the stairs. The morning after -- the Governor did not seem concerned. ((Governor Peter Shumlin, D-Vt. 00:24:04:00 "I haven't really looked into that.)) Commissioner Michael Obuchowski of the Department of Buildings and General Services is responsible for security in all state buildings - and saw the protesters file in. ((01:15:28:00 Michael Obuchowski : "I was here as people went through that door and there was no way that it was humanly possible to check credentials on all the people that were there.)) ((Keith Standup -- "Ive been coming to the Pavilion building for years to meet with folks in the Governor's office and the routine has always been the same -- I've shown a photo ID -- signed in -- and picked up a badge that provides elevator access to the 5th floor -- that did not happen Monday night.)) ((01:16:12 KM In a position where you didn't have the manpower to facilitate that large group, should you just have said no one is allowed inside? "That was the situation we were not going to let people inside." So how did things go wrong? 01:16:37 We are investigating the situation and we will issue a statement when that was done.)) Administration Secretary Jeb Spaulding says there are tools in place to help them get to the bottom of the security breach. ((Jeb Spaulding 01:27:43:00 We have video, we have electronic devices that record who used the devices and so forth.)) Spaulding is also defending the decision of the Governor's Chief of staff Liz Miller -- to buy pizza -- out of her own pocket -- for the protestors when they refused to leave the building. ((01:30:15 Keith: Is that the message to protestors? storm into the Governor's office and we'll buy you dinner? Jeb Spaulding "No the message to protrestors is they ought to do it in a respectful fashion and if they ought to obey the security protocols and when that does not happen you try to act in an authorativie but low key way, you respect others and they will have respect for you.")) The protestors remained peaceful as they were taken away by police -- but Obuchowski admits -- Monday's outcome could have been very different if someone had a violent agenda as we saw last week in Canada. ((00:15:52:00 Michael Obuchowski Certainly it could have but it didn't and I think it was a unique Vermont experience in that people wanted to express themselves and they were given an opportunity to express themselves.))


Spaulding says he's hopeful security footage from the scene will help them determine who was responsible for getting protestors to the Governor's suite. There was an additional security guard on duty this afternoon and folks were back to checking in.


Meanwhile-- Security is being beefed up at more than 95-hundred federal government buildings across the country. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh ((JAY)) Johnson made the announcement today. He says it's a precautionary measure following calls from terrorist organizations for attacks on the homeland and elsewhere. Johnson did not reveal the details of the new security measures -- no word yet on whether buildings in our region will be impacted.

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A bomb scare led to evacuations at Plattsburgh State today. Authorities say around 10 this morning -- a student heard beeping coming from an outgoing mailbox at the Angell College Center. That building -- and the nearby Myers Fine Arts building -- were temporarily shutdown. Police brought in a robot to check out the questionable package. Turns out it was a heart monitor a student was mailing.


((Ken Knelly/SUNY Plattsburgh Spokesperson: ""A sound coming from a box and you don't know what it is for sure. You're just going to take extra precaution with that. And that's why we bring in a device to check it out.")) The campus did not go into lockdown and only a few classes were cancelled.

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Dan is here. Plenty of showers around this morning.


There's a new memorial for a Rutland teen killed in a car crash just over two years ago. Tuesday Mayor Chris Louras unveiled a purple bench and "little free library" station with a plaque honoring Carly Ferro in Depot Park Police say the 17-year-old was killed in 2012 when Alex Spanos was allegedly high and driving out of control when he crashed into Ferro - as she was leaving work on Cleveland Avenue. Ferro's mom says she hopes community members will enjoy the bench and that it will encourage people to be kind to one another.


((Ellen Miller/Carly Ferro's Mom 12:32:50:01 To be kinder than necessary is our motto and to show love and respect to all people because Carly had a high tolerance for everyone 12:33:00:25)) The group says it hopes to bring more benches and "little free library" stations to the city. Meanwhile -- Spanos remains behind bars at a St. Johnsbury prison.

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Still ahead -- Burlington parents turn out with hopes of restoring staff in the city's schools. And -- What went wrong? A rocket explodes on its way to the International Space Station. Plus -- Families in Hawaii watch as lava flows head for their homes. And this group of Vermont kids is trading in desks for yoga mats. ((Taylor Patnaude, 1st Grade 00:22:44:00 "I learn yoga poses and I learn mindfulness.)) Find out how it's paying off in the classroom -- When the Channel 3 at 11 continues.


A rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station exploded during liftoff tonight. ((nats of rocket explosion)) The 14-story rocket exploded just seconds after it took off in Wallops Island, Virginia. The ship was carrying more than five-thousand pounds of supplies. No one was hurt. A survey of the scene won't begin until daylight. Crews are letting fires burn out and the site cool down before they start investigating a cause.


And in Hawaii ... hot lava is threatening homes. A river of asphalt-black lava has been slowly moving through unoccupied land for months -- but today the lava came within a couple hundred yards of homes in Pahoa Village. Residents in the rural community have been told they might have to evacuate and a nearby school will be closed tomorrow.


Teachers and parents are pleading for more teaching assistants in the Queen City. Tonight folks showed up to the Burlington School District's Finance Committee meeting to ask members to restore funding for paraeducators in kindergarten classrooms. The number of paras were slashed in last year's school budget per the superintendent's recommendation. Salary increases for teachers -- next year -- will again put constraints on the school budget and could threaten more paraeducator positions.


(Stephanie Seguino 12:48)(("Investment in early education has a tremendous payoff much more than investments later. I, in particular, am very sensitive to your request.")) (Pam Shea 6:12)(("we're absolutely failing to do that right now. And I think if we don't do it, it is going to cost us a lot more financially down the road and a lot more in lost potential we will never recover.")) (14:44 Stephanie Seguino)(("The question is if we add in things such as bus transportation and paras -- what are we gonna cut.")) The next school budget is up for a vote in March.

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Some positive news for the Thetford woman who survived a vicious attack --Carmen Tarleton is a new grandmother. Carmen's daughter Hannah gave birth to little Jonah late last night. Both Jonah and his mom are doing well. The new addition to the family is Carmen's FIRST grandchild. And for Carmen, experiencing the birth of her grandson is a day that almost didn't come. The attack left her severely burned and clinging to life.


((Carmen Tarleton/Grandmother: "yeah I could have given up but I chose not to. And my life now is so much better than it ever was prior to being injured. And this new baby, my first grandson, will certainly end the second book I am writing right now.")) That book will include the face transplant she received last year at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

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Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Showers likely. Lows: 45/52 Winds: S 10-15 mph Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Morning showers. Highs: 53/62 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Wednesday Night: Mostly cloudy. Lows: 28/35 Winds: W 5-10 mph Thursday: Mostly cloudy and cooler. Highs: 45/52 Winds: NW 5-10 mph Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Thursday Night: Lows 30/37 Friday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain/snow showers likely Friday night. Highs 42/48 Lows 25/32 Saturday: Chance of rain/snow showers. Highs 30/37 Lows 20s Sunday: Chance of rain/snow showers. Highs 30s lows 20s Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 35/45 Lows 25/35 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 40s

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At the JFK Elementary School in Winooski one teacher is turning her classroom into a yoga studio. As I found out the after-school activity is paying off when the kids hit the books.

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((PKG)) When these youngster file into Ms. Bryan's classroom they skip the desks and head right for the floor. (( Ivy Resmer, 1st Grade Yoga Student 00:27:32 "Yoga it is nice to do.)) The Kindergarten, first and second graders at the JFK Elementary School in Winooski are staying after class to learn Yoga. For six-year-old Ivy -- getting started was tough. ((Ivy Resmer, Resmer, 1st Grade Yoga Student 00:26:06:00 "I didn't know what I was doing.)) But she's quickly getting the hang of it and so too is her pal Taylor. ((Taylor Patnaude, 1st Grade 00:22:44:00 "I learn yoga poses and I learn mindfulness.)) Courtney Bryan started the class as part of the city's after-school program. ((Courtney Bryan, JFK Yoga Teacher 00:30:27:00 "We see a lot of kids get frustrated in the classroom and they come to a problem and they need to persevere through it.)) The kindergarten teacher saw the practice as a way to help her students handle stress. ((Courtney Bryan, JFK Yoga Teacher 00:29:23:00 "I think I hope that they take away a sense of how to control their body, or how to calm down when they are at school and they are working hard.)) Bryan says the weekly 1-hour sessions focus on skills her budding yogies can use during the school day. ((Courtney Bryan, JFK Yoga Teacher 00:31:15:00 "We talk about in yoga class, well how can a deep breath help you in a math day and we kind of practice all those breathing things, so that when they get into that situation they have something in the back of there head that they can go oh Ms. Bryan told me to blow out my candles or taylor taught me the 5,4,3,2,1 breath.)) Simple techniques the educator -- turned instructor -- says are paying off. ((Courtney Bryan, JFK Yoga Teacher 00:30:55:00 "I had a student who really learned that when I calm down and work through that problem, I can do really amazing work.)) Amazing work -- rooted in these mats -- that these kids say you shouldn't be afraid to try. ((Ivy Resmer, 1st Grade Yoga Student 00:25:29:00 "I would say Yoga is fun, it's okay to do, it's not like people are mean to you.)) ((Taylor Patnaude, 1st Grade 00:22:56:00 "It makes me happy.))

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The fall yoga session is free for students and includes dinner. Bryan hopes to expand the program to 2 days a week later this year.


We are getting closer and closer to state championship Saturday where 11 titles will be decided. Today, several more teams punched their tickets after semifinal wins. Let's start at South Burlington. D1 field hockey semis under the lights, number 2 CVU and number 6 Rutland. --- 2 and a half minutes in, the CVU shot is kicked away, but Kate Burke gets it to Kate Macha-vern for the score. 1-0 Redhawks. --- Later in the half, Rutland trying to clear, but CVU's Sami Harvey shoots it back in, Burke puts it home. It's 2-0 Redhawks at the break. --- 5 minutes into the second half, more chaos in front of the rutland goal, Lydia Maitland's shot is defelcted home by Macha-vern. The Raiders get on the board later, but it's not enough as CVU wins, 3-1 and will face either Middlebury or Essex on Saturday.


earlier today at South Burlington, North Country taking on St. Johnsbury in a Division Three semifinal... --- 19 minutes in, off the corner, Brittany Fortier in front it gets it to Bayla Stewart who fires it off the goalie and in. 1-0 NCU. --- A few minutes later, St. J with the corner, it's set for Taylor Belknap who fires it off a North Country defender and in. It's 1-1 at the break. --- 12 and a half minutes left in regulation, another corner for NCU. Adrianna Fournier's shot through a screen finds it's way into the box. 2-1 Falcons. --- St. J does everything it can to get the equalizer, Belknap's shot is kicked away, right to Megan Wood, but her shot is stopped as well. North Country hangs on for the 2-1 win and will face either Stowe or Bellows Falls Saturday.


Girls soccer semis number 2 CVU at home this afternoon hosting number 6 Colchester. --- The Lakers with some great chances in the first half, Suleika Torres fires it in, Autumn Hathaway gets a foot on it, but it's knocked away by Ellie Blake. We're scoreless at the half. --- A minute 30 into the second half, Lia Gagliuso's free kick goes off the keepers hands and Catherine Cazayoux knocks it in. 1-0 redhawks. --- Later in the half, CVU's Bronwen Hopwood with a shot from just outside the box that skies over the keeper and into the net. CVU advances to the finals with a 3-0 win and will face fourth seed Burlington Saturday in the state finals.


boys soccer...we head to Stowe...a 2-3 matchup in Division Three...the Raiders hosting BFA-Fairfax... --- First half, Stowe gets on the board, Off the throw in, Chris Cinque buries it in the box... 1-0 Raiders at the break... --- Second half, more from the home team... Mac Arnot with the terrific finish on the corner kick, 2-0 Stowe ... --- The Bullets down but not out... Andrew Sweet settles this ball and then fires it far post.. 1 Goal game under 15 to play.. --- Closing minutes, Fairfax with a great look... But Luke Rebeor's shot is a few feet wide... Stowe back to the championship game, holding off BFA Fairfax, 2-1. Stowe meets Hazen Saturday in the finals.


The rosters are out for the 14th annual Vermont North-South Senior All-Star Football Game. Go to our website, WCAX-dot-com to check out the names. All 34 high schools are represented. The game takes place Saturday, November 15th at Castleton State College's Spartan Stadium with a 12:30 kickoff.


2 home wins, 2 road wins means a perfect 4-0 record for the 13th ranked UVM men's hockey team. The Cats now head to Notre Dame for a weekend hockey east battle with the 20th ranked Irish. Not only is Vermont sporting a perfect record, the Cats have yet to trail this season. They know that won't continue especially with the team playing three straight weekend doubleheaders in conference starting this weekend in South Bend. However, the recent results have the Cats feeling confident and looking forward to the next challenge.


(((Michael Paliotta/"We've been facing good teams so far and we've had success. Going into conference play for a while now, we know it's going to be tough. We've been stressing a playoff mentality. I think that's huge that we play with that we should have some success.)) (((Kevin Sneddon/"Guys are adapting within games and within practices. They are just a very eager, hungry group of young men who want to succeed. They had a taste of it last year. That kind of fueled their fire in the offseason and it motivated them to work harder than they had ever worked before.")))

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