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A Springfield man is behind bars tonight charged with killing his girlfriend. Thanks for joining us at 11 -- I'm Keith McGilvery. 53- year old Arnaldo (ARE-NALDO) Cruz is charged with 2nd degree murder. They say he stabbed 58-year-old Betty Rodriguez in the neck after a fight Monday. Investigators say Rodriguez was attacked in front of her sister and died at the hospital. Court documents also show that after Cruz was taken into custody, he showed little remorse for the crime.


((David Cahill/Windsor County State's Attorney: "at some point, at the end of that period of argument, the defendant, again according to the affidavit of probably cause, stabbed the victim in the neck and them attempted to stab her again.")) Cruz has a lengthy criminal record in both Vermont and New Jersey -- where he is originally from. Those convictions include three felonies. Cruz is being held without bail.


A Springfield driver was sentenced in a deadly hit and run today. 22-year-old James Ribeiro (rab-BEAR-OH) took full responsibility for his actions -- pleading guilty to 3 charges including leaving the scene of an accident with death resulting-- all stemming from a crash last summer. Police say Ribeiro was behind the wheel when he hit 2 people who were walking on River street in Springfield. 37 year old Steven Lapre (la- pree) was killed and 31-year-old Pamela Runnells was seriously injured. Police say Ribeiro fled the scene of the crash-- went home - smoked pot - and then turned himself in to police. Ribeiro was emotional in court when he addressed the victim's family.


((James Ribeiro/Sentence for fatal hit and run: "i'm so sorry. I don't know what else to say other than I am so sorry.)) ((David Cahill/Winsor County State's Attorney: It takes a split second to take a life. It is that much more important to always pay attention when you are behind the wheel and god forbid if you are involved in a collision, do the right thing. Stay there, render frist aide, exchange information, don't be a coward and flee.")) Ribeiro got a 4 year deferred sentence -- which includes 180 days of house arrest. If he violates any terms of his release - he could spend up to 30 years behind bars.


She's accused of shooting her Vermont firearms instructor and -- now the New York woman has been ruled incompetent to stand trial. A judge has ordered a hospitalization hearing for 32-year-old Veronica Lewis -- so they can figure out what kind of treatment she needs. The judge ruled that Lewis doesn't have the ability to consult with her lawyer with a QUOTE "reasonable degree of rational understanding". Lewis had pleaded not guilty to attempted first-degree murder in the 20-15 shooting of 48-year-old Darryl Montague at his Westford home. He survived -- but is still waiting for justice.


((TILE 2207 20:52:17--20:59:24 "Our hope is that it won't be a long stall in the prosecution, but there's really no way for us to know.")) George says the state will push for Lewis to be hospitalized in hopes that she'll be medicated. She could be found competent to go to trial in the future.


A staffer at the Derby Elementary School is accused of assaulting a child. 46-year-old Kimberly Swett is facing charges for an incident police say happened on Monday. The school's website says Swett works in the resource room. She is due in court next month.


We've seen a few light rain and snow showers around the region. Concerns for some black ice later tonight. ((radsat)) Light precip over northern Vermont. May see additional snow showers and squalls later tonight. ((temps)) Temperatures falling fast behind the front. Wet roads will turn slippery heading into tomorrow morning.


New at 11 -- A security breach at a website used by people looking to work for the state. Vermont officials tell us the Joblink site was compromised by malicious software. We're told the site is a stand-alone operation and is not linked to any other State of Vermont systems. If you've used the site you should keep an eye out for problems with things like your credit cards and bank accounts. Right now officials don't know the scope of the breach or what caused it. The governor and attorney general have been notified -- and we're told the problem has been fixed.


Right now, dozens of Fletcher Elementary students are supposed to be on a three day field trip to learn about leadership - but mistakes by those they look up to most are what's keeping them home. Priscilla Liguori went to administrators for answers and is live in studio with us now. Fifth and sixth graders are heartbroken. They spent months getting ready for an exciting adventure - for it to be cancelled at the last minute. School officials were hesitant to pinpoint who caused the mess.


Malayna Sweet-Werneke has been fundraising for her school field trip to the Hulbert Outdoor Center since November. ((Malayna Sweet-Werneke, 5th grade 8126 41:35-41:39 "This trip was supposed to teach us about how to take leadership.")) But at the end of the day Monday, teachers told the fifth and sixth graders that Tuesday's trip wasn't happening. Their three day adventure packed with outdoor activities and team building was canceled. ((Malayna Sweet-Werneke, 5th grade 8126 44:02 -44:04 "We were all really, really disappointed.")) ((Breanna, 5th grader 8127 46:32-46:44 "At first I kind of thought they were joking. I was like, they wouldn't cancel right before our big day, and then I saw one of my teachers started to cry a little, and then five people started crying.")) Then- there was even more confusion. ((Malayna Sweet-Werneke, 5th grade 8126 44:33-44:49 "When we got home, they actually called us and told us that we could go back on the trip, because they thought they solved the problem, and then we got a call around 8:30 saying that we couldn't go." PL: "Really?" MSW: "Yeah." PL: "So you were happy for a second and then upset again. They got all excited again?" MSW: "We started re-packing our bags, and then we got a call saying we can't go.")) Kids and parents demanded answers about what went wrong. But, no one at Tuesday night's school board meeting would admit whose error ruined the trip. Administrators say it was a lack of communication, and a failure by organizers to follow school DISTRIC policy. ((Ned Kirsch, Franklin West Supervisory Union Superintendent 21:31-21:39 "The parent chaperones had never been notified to be finger printed, nor had the trip ever been approved by our school board.")) Principal Chris Dodge ended up taking the blame, and sent a letter to parents saying the school will try to make it up to the children. The superintendent tells us the district has taken action for this not to happen again. ((Ned Kirsch, Franklin West Supervisory Union Superintendent 23:57-24:07 "We redesigned the field trip form today and highlighted if you were taking an overnight trip, these are the steps that must be followed, at the top of the form in bold, so it would never happen again.")) ((Malayna Sweet-Werneke, 5th grade 8126 45:31-45:34 "They should have checked up on it. They should have read the policy. They should have known."))


Parents told me they found unfortunate irony in the situation. On the trip, kids were going to learn about the importance of taking responsibility. Parents say, they wish they saw more of that at tonight's meeting. Keith?


Police are investigating two burglaries within four days in Lyndonville. It happened at the H.O.P.E. Thrift store. Authorities say someone broke in through a back window and got away with $3,000 in cash Friday. And then overnight -- a second burglary -- where the suspect also came in the same way. This time, police say the suspect got a few hundred in cash, jewelry, and Girl Scout cookies. Anyone with information should contact Lyndonville Police.


A Brattleboro Police officer is now under investigation -- after shooting a potentially-rabid cat. The officer was tipped off Sunday to a cat in distress -- and said it looked like rabid behavior. The officer then reportedly shot the animal. The department is investigating the incident after a citizen complained.


Revision Military has landed a new multi-million dollar contract. The Newport company has been awarded a five-year $98 million dollar contract to make nearly 300-thousand combat helmets for the U.S. Army. Revision says it will manufacture the next-generation helmet at its facility in the Northeast Kingdom -- and the work may generate 50 to 100 new jobs. The facility has more than doubled the size of its workforce since 2013, with 186 current employees.

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Don't poke the bear -- a group of scientists get a first hand lesson on the old saying. New regulations for air travelers coming into the United States from a number of countries. We'll tell you what they are and the threat they hope to quell. ((boswell tease)) President Trumps pick for US Supreme court faces question from lawmakers today. ((Sen. Patrick Leahy/-D- Vermont: "Does the President have the right to authorize torture if it violates the laws that have been passed by Congress?" Hear his answer to this question from Senator Patrick Leahy -- When the channel 3 news at 11 returns.


President Trump continues to try to sell the Republican plan to replace Obamacare. Tonight, he spoke at a House Republican fundraiser. Craig Boswell reports.


Supers: :27-:32 Rep. Mark Meadows / R-NC House Freedom Caucus Chairman :53-1:01 Craig Boswell, CBS News, Capitol Hill 1:02-1:08 Hon. Neil Gorsuch / Supreme Court Nominee 1:13-1:25 Sen. Chuck Schumer / D-Senate Minority Leader TRT 1:32 (PKG) President Trump told the National Republican Congressional Committee that Thursday's House vote to replace Obamacare will show the voters the party is serious about its mandate. (SOT: TRUMP) It really is a crucial vote for the Republican Party and the people of our country to finally repeal and replace that disaster known as Obamacare. The vote is the president's first key legislative test. But not everyone in the party is on board. (SOT: Rep. Mark Meadows/(R-NC) House Freedom Caucus Chairman) "At this particular point, there's still not enough votes in the House to pass the GOP plan." Mister Trump traveled to Capitol Hill Tuesday morning to rally reluctant conservatives, warning they may lose their seats and the majority if they fail to approve the measure. The president touted other accomplishments during Tuesday night's dinner with donors. (SOT: TRUMP) I've nominated a supreme court justice who'll uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. (Craig Boswell, CBS News, Capitol Hill) Senators questioned Mister Trump's nominee, Federal Judge Neil Gorsuch, all day and late into the evening during his confirmation hearing here at the Capitol. (SOT: Hon. Neil Gorsuch / Supreme Court Nominee) Senator? My personal views have nothing to do with my job as a judge. Gorsuch made no promises about how he would vote on a variety of issues. (SOT: Sen. Chuck Schumer /D-Senate Minority Leader) Judge Gorsuch looks like he's playing dodge-ball with the Senate Judiciary Committee. He has bent over backwards to avoid revealing anything, anything at all, about his judicial philosophy. Gorsuch will be back Wednesday for another round of questions and answers. Craig Boswell, CBS News, Capitol Hill.


Meanwhile -- Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick was grilled by lawmakers today. Judge Neil Gorsuch worked to convince senators he will be fair -- and avoided offering opinions on controversial issues likely to come before the high court. President Trump chose the 49-year-old appellate judge to fill the late justice Antonin Scalia's seat. Senators want to know if Gorsuch promised the president anything ... and Senator Leahy asked if Gorsuch would stand up to the President if the law demanded it.


((Sen. Patrick Leahy/-D- Vermont: "Does the President have the right to authorize torture if it violates the laws that have been passed by Congress?" Judge Neil Gorsuch/SCOTUS Nominee: "Senator, no man is above the law.")) Republican Senator Lindsay Graham also asked Gorsuch whether the President asked him to overrule Roe. v. Wade. Gorsuch said the President had not -- and that he would have walked out of the room if the President had.


A new terror threat is prompting changes for folks who fly internationally. The new rules by the Department of Homeland Security prohibit flyers from "carrying on" any electronic device larger than a smart phone -- in the main cabin of an airplane. The restrictions impact nonstop flights to the U-S from 10 airports in eight Middle East and North African countries. Devices that now must be checked include cameras, ipads, electronic games, tablets and laptop computers. The U.K today today followed the United States' lead - and issued its own ban for the same devices.

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Well how would you handle this situation -- Vermont Wildlife researches got more than they bargained for recently when they were in the woods studying black bears. Take a look -- about a dozen wildlife biologists and students went to visit a bear den. First you'll see them -- prodding the den. Then someone puts a backpack over the entrance. Then the backpack disappears into the den and then the bear decided to come out and say hello.


((07:52- Caitlin "this research --bear is OK.)) Here it is again if you need a second look -- an incredible memory for these students. The UVM students are partnering with Vermont Fish and Wildlife of as part of this study.


((temps)) Big shot of cold air headed our way later tonight, likely to stick with us through Thursday. ((radsat)) As it comes through, we'll see some snow showers and squalls. Roads could be slippery in spots. ((currents)) Above freezing now in Burlington with cloudy skies and a few rain/snow showers. Temperatures are in the mid 30s. ((forecast temps)) Cooler today than yesterday, then even colder heading into mid week. Temperatures rebound slowly into the weekend. ((forecast map)) Temperatures crash quickly tonight and roads may flash freeze in spots. Wet roads could turn icy. A few morning snow showers early Wednesday, but some sun will return. Breezy and colder through Thursday morning.


Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Chance of snow showers/squalls late. Lows: 8/15 Winds: NW 15-20 mph Wednesday: Sun and clouds mixed. Chance of AM snow showers. Blustery and cold. Highs: 13/20 Winds: NW 15-20 mph G30 Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Blustery and cold. Lows: 0/12 Winds: NW 15-20 mph G30 Thursday: Mostly sunny. Still chilly. Highs: 23/30 Winds: NW 5-10 mph Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Thursday night: Lows 15/22 Friday: Chance of rain or snow. Highs 33/40 Lows 23/30 Saturday: Chance of rain or snow. Highs 33/40 Lows 15/22 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 30/37 Lows 15/25 Monday: Chance of rain or snow. Highs 30s Lows 15/25 Tuesday: Chance of rain or snow showers. Highs 30s



Doctors in Illinois have forever changed the life of a baby girl from Africa's Ivory Coast. She was born with four legs and two spines - and would likely have faced paralysis without surgery. Don Champion has the details.

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((nats )) if you wave she'll wave back! ((NARR-1)) 10-MONTH OLD DOMINIQUE NOW LOOKS *JUST LIKE OTHER BABIES -- THANKS TO DOCTORS AT "ADVOCATE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL" IN PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS. A TEAM OF FIVE SPECIALISTS PERFORMED LIFE-CHANGING SURGERY TO REMOVE WHAT'S CALLED A PARASITIC TWIN. ((SOT Dr John Ruge/Medical Director, Pediatric Neurosurgery/Advocate Childrens Hospital)) "It was as if the twin from the waist down had been attached to the back of Dominique's neck //"and there was a had a pelvis, bladder, and functional legs that moved and feet coming out of the back of Dominique's neck." ((NARR-2)) DOMINIQUE'S HEART AND LUNGS PROVIDED ALL THE SUPPORT FOR *BOTH BODY STRUCTURES. BEFORE SURGERY, DOCTORS MADE A 3-D MODEL OF HER UNIQUE ANATOMY. THEY SAY IF LEFT UNTREATED, SHE WOULD HAVE LIKELY BECOME PARALYZED. ((SOT Dr. John Ruge/Advocate Childrens Hospital)) "And finally the risk to her of great social ridicule, personal ridicule, and the high likelihood she would be a social outcast." ((NARR-3)) NANCY SWABB AND HER FAMILY ARE FOSTERING DOMINIQUE - WHO IS FROM THE IVORY COAST. ((SOT Nancy Swabb/Host Mother)) "if you can say love at first sight I think that's true for us///We've thought every day, every moment, about her family waiting for her return, and just feel really honored to be able to be her family for a little while." ((NARR-5)) SWABB SAYS DOMINIQUE IS ABOUT TWO POUNDS LIGHTER NOW... AND CAN SIT UP WELL AND REACH FOR THINGS. DOMINIQUE IS EXPECTED TO GO HOME TO THE IVORY COAST AS SOON AS NEXT MONTH. DON CHAMPION, CBS NEWS.



One of Vermont's most accomplished race car drivers is getting back behind the wheel this fall to compete once again in the state's most famous race. Kevin Lepage announced today that he will race this the 2017 Milk Bowl. The 55th edition of the Milk Bowl will take place on Sunday, October 1st at Thunder Road. Lepage won the Milk Bowl three times, 1985, 1989 and 1993, before leaving Vermont to compete full time nationally. From the mid-90's until when he ran his final race in 2014, Lepage made over 550 starts in NASCAR's top three series. The Shelbrune driver posted nine top 10 finishes, including a ninth place finish at the 2005 Daytona 500, and won on pole in the Cup series...and he saw his greatest success in NASCAR's second tier series, known at times as the Busch, Nationwide and now Xfinity series, where he posted wins at Homestead, Florida in 1996 and Bristol, Tennessee in 1998 and 51 total top ten finishes. Lepage, who will turn 55 this June, will race the #21 chevy for Boyce Racing at the Milk Bowl.


The University of Vermont confirmed today that men's basketball senior captain Kurt Steidl did suffer an ACL injury during the Cats first round NCAA Tournament loss to Purdue, and he is expected to make a full recovery after surgery. The injury occurred late in the first half as Steidl was challenging a jump shot on defense, he landed awkwardly and went down to the floor, staying there for several minutes before he was helped up and walked back into the locker room with assistance. Steidl returned to the bench for the second half, but did not play again, and his absence was felt, as the player he was primarily tasked with guarding, Vincent Edwards, scored 15 of his game high 21 points in the second half to lead Purdue to an 80-70 win. --- Offensively, Steidl took a back seat this season, but he was still a crucial part of the Cats historic season. He led the team in minutes played, was second in three pointers made and free throw percentage and was the Cats leader in defensive rebounds. He passed the 1000 career point total this season and also become the first player in program history with 1000 career points, 500 rebounds and 200 three pointers made.


College lacrosse... the 16th ranked Middlebury men... losers of three straight after a 2-0 start to the season, hosting 4-1 Plattsburgh at Alumni Stadium... --- a back and fourth first quarter...the Cardinals Ryan Callahan scores to tie the game at 2. --- About 3 minutes later, Plattsburgh's Jake Carroll scores one of his game high five goals on the day giving the Cardinals a 3-2 lead after 1. --- It's all Middlebury from there. The Panthers outscore the Cardinals 8-0 in the second quarter. Harry Giarrusso ties the game at 3. --- After Frank Cosolito gives the Panthers a lead, Henry Riehl scores three straight goals. He finishes with a team high 4 scores. It's 7-3 Middlebury. --- Later in the quarter, Parker Lawlor comes around front to give Middlebury an 8-3 lead. --- Will Ernst with a solid first half in goal for Middlebury making 5 saves including one at the end of the first half. Middlebury goers on to the 17-10 win.


the national champion and top ranked Middlebury women taking on Rensselaer at Kohn Field...Rice grad Michelle Bolger is a sophomore on RPI. --- 17 seconds into the game, Emma McDonagh breaks in and scores giving Middlebury a 1-0 lead. --- 20 seconds later, Bea Eppler finds Sara DiCenso and just like that it's 2-0 Panthers. --- then check out the flip by McDonagh to Casey O'Neill for one of her 2 first half goals. It's 3-0 Middlebury. --- The teams then trade goals before the Panthers Jenna McNicholas scores two straight. --- after that one some great passing leads to the Elsa Hermanson goal. Middlebury wins 17-3, improving to 5-0 on the season


The man at the center of the stolen Tom Brady Super Bowl jerseys...Martin Mauricio Ortega. He is seen in this video entering and then exiting the Patriots locker room following the team's Super Bowl win over Atlanta last month in Houston. Ortega is a former executive for Diario La Prensa. He recently resigned from his position at the Spanish-language newspaper Ortega had obtained access to the locker room with a media credential for what was believed to be the third straight year. Brady's jersey's from both last month's game, and the Pats Super Bowl win over Seattle two years ago, as well as what is believed to be the helmet worn by Denver Broncos lineback Von Miller in their Super Bowl win over Carolina last season, were found in the home of Ortega. Mexican authorities do not plan to press charges, but officials in Houston say it is a possibility.

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