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Police say the owner of Vermont Target Sports was gunned down by his own revolver. Prosecutors say Veronica Lewis of Worcester shot Darryl Montague -- trying to kill him. Lewis walked into Vermont Superior Court in Burlington today -- charged with first degree attempted murder. The 31-year-old pleaded not guilty to shooting Darryl Montague at his gun range in Westford -- where she was supposed to be learning how to fire a gun. Lewis allegedly fired 3 shots at Montague -- at the range across the street from his home. Chittenden County State's Attorney TJ Donovan says the motive is unclear. Prosecutors say Montague was shot twice in the face and once in the abdomen.


(TC 00:11:50:14 Tile 1032) ((TJ Donovan "Without being provoked, allegedly fired 3 shots at the victim. The victim is currently in critical condition at the hospital." 00:12:00:08)) State police recovered a gun and a hammer from Lewis' bag. Donovan says the hammer is evidence of premeditation. Lewis is being held without bail.


Tonight we are learning new information about Richard Matt and David Sweat's plans to break out of prison. The details come as 12 more prison workers are on leave -- as the investigation into how it happened continues. Jennifer Costa has the story.


((Pamela Sweat/Sweat's mom 00:04:54 "I'm glad they caught him but I'm sorry for what the community went through as well as myself and my family.")) For the last three weeks -- every move Pamela Sweat made -- was monitored by law enforcement. That ended Sunday -- when a New York State Police Sgt. -- shot and captured her son -- David Sweat -- in Constable -- less than 2 miles from the Canadian border. He was one of two escaped killers from Clinton Correctional. ((Pamela Sweat/Sweat's mom 00:02:51 "I've always told my kids you do the crime, you do the time. I always had trouble with David when he was growing up.")) On June 6 -- Sweat -- and fellow inmate -- Richard Matt -- cut their way out of the maximum security prison -- in Dannemora -- with tools allegedly smuggled through hamburger meat -- by prison worker -- Joyce Mitchell. Mitchell's attorney says she is "... ecstatic both that the manhunt has ended and also that it appears no harm came to any other person. She has been praying for this and she believes her prayers were answered." ((Pamela Sweat/Sweat's mom 00:00:10 "I'm glad he's not dead.")) Now Sweat is talking from his hospital bed. And his story -- doesn't include power tools. District Attorney Andrew Wylie says -- Sweat claims he started cutting out of his steel cell -- in January -- with nothing but a hacksaw blade. And when Mitchell bailed on the pick-up -- Sweat says -- that when he and Matt started winging it. ((Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill/Franklin County Sheriff's Dept. ESCAPE930 00:00:23 "They followed the easiest path and that happened to be snowmobile trails, powerlines, old railroad beds.")) The murderous pair split about a week ago. Matt sought shelter in this Malone camper -- before he was gunned down Friday by a border patrol agent -- shot three times in the head. Sweat was caught alive two days later. On Tuesday -- New York Corrections officials -- announced a dozen prison employees were placed on administrative leave -- in connection with the escape investigation. Those suspensions include the facility Superintendent -- Steven Racette -- shown here -- briefing New York's governor -- shortly after the breakout. His Deputy Superintendent -- Stephen Brown -- and another executive -- as well as 9 security staffers are now on leave. At the same time -- CBS News has learned the FBI is looking into a possible drug ring at the Clinton Correctional -- the details of alleged corruption surfacing during the escape probe. CNN says agents are investigating whether prison employees engaged in drug trafficking and other illegal activities -- on the inside. ((Jennifer Costa Assistant Commissioner for Correctional Facilities -- James O'Gorman -- will now oversee Clinton Correctional Facility -- as a new leadership team transitions to their new roles this week. JC CH 3 News Burlington))


He's being called a hero -- And today we are learning more about the member of the New York State Police who caught escapee David Sweat. Rose Spillman has the details.


Missy Sandvig has known Sergeant Jay Cook since the two were in high school together over 20 years ago. (07:01:32) ((Missy "A great family man. He's hysterical. He's very very funny. He's very kind and considerate and he's just a very nice man." )) Cook, a North Country Native and New York State trooper, found and shot the final escapee on the run, David Sweat. At the official press conference on Sunday evening, police commended him for his good work. (16:41:56 9999) ((Superintendent Joseph D'Amico/New York State Police "He did an excellent job. I think he did a very courageous act of policing, and as the Governor said, we've commended him, and I couldn't be prouder of him." 16:42:06)) He was quickly hailed as a hero by his friends as well. ((Nadine Leary/Chateaugay, NY "I was very surprised. Relieved. Have a lot of respect for what he did. I think a lot of the people in the community are very pleased with the outcome, and that he was the one that took action." )) With over one thousand federal, state, and local law enforcement involved in the manhunt, his friends say they were proud that a local trooper was the one finish the job. ((Missy Sandvig/Burke, NY "they're great people. They're great friends, and they're wonderful people in the community. So it's just, it's great to have him be a town hero. I think he deserves that." )) After three weeks of searching for the escapees -- authorities say Sergeant Cook saved the day. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Burke, New York.


Hundreds of Vermont prison inmates are calling a new facility home. An official with the Vermont Department of Corrections says the 280 inmates were transferred on two flights from Kentucky to Michigan. The state is working with a private company called the GEO Group, cutting ties with the Corrections Corporation of America. Officials say it will cost less, is more modern and secure and is about 160 miles closer to Vermont than the Kentucky facility. Commissioner Andy Pallito says his goal is to stop the practice of shipping inmates out of state all together within the next four years.

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A frontal system will move in this evening with some showers and possibly a thunderstorm. The showers will become widely scattered overnight with lows dipping into the lower 60s. Wednesday will turn breezy and more humid. The cold front associated with this storm system will be pushing through so we will see more showers and thunderstorms. While widespread severe weather is NOT looking likely, any thunderstorms could produce locally heavy rainfall. Highs on Wednesday will be in the 70s.

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More Vermont children are in state custody--according to the latest findings. The Department for Children and Families released its 2014 child protection report today. It shows there are currently 1,326 children in DCF custody - a 33 percent increase since the beginning of 2014. Officials say the increase is primarily driven by parental heroin use. The most significant increase came fro children under six in custody--at 68 percent. New Child Protection laws were passed this session--including eliminating the hierarchy of giving biological parents preference--for custody.

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Fire officials are crediting a quick response for saving a Rouse's Point home. This afternoon crews responded to a structure fire here on Delaware Street. The fire chief says the home has significant smoke and heat damage. The one person inside at the time made it out safely.


A 4-legged critter left thousands of Vermonters in the dark tonight. Green Mountain Power says a squirrel manage to damage a substation. His mischief managed to cut power to more than 35-hundred homes in Windsor County for multiple hours. GMP says power was restored around 7.

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Still ahead -- Are renovations of Vermont' state office complex on-time and on-budget? (00:27:17:00) (( Gov. Peter Shumlin D-Vermont: This is the biggest state construction project in the history of the state of Vermont :23 and we're doing it in one of the most vital towns in Vermont )) Plus -- GlobalFoundries moves closer to completing it's acquisition of Vermont's IBM chip making plant. And he was fired by NBC and now he's running for president. And airline luggage fees land at JetBlue. Those stories when the Channel 3 News continues.


GlobalFoundries got go-ahead from federal regulators to take over IBM's chip making plant in Essex Junction. The sale is expected to be complete as soon as tomorrow. Darren Perron has the details.


Big Blue's -- big deal -- is almost a done deal. IBM is paying GlobalFoundries one-and-a-half billion dollars to take its chip-making division off its hands. Global is financially backed by the government of Abu Dhabi -- and needed government clearance. ((Robert Letovsky (00:02:37:25) ((This is typically a national security review "(00:02:53:06) "cifus would be looking to see what are the potential national security implications of a company whose headquarters are in abu dhabi acquiring this technology")) The acquisition of the semiconductor business -- which makes chips used in products like computers and cell phones -- ends nearly a year of wheeling and dealing. GlobalFoundries says it's committed to Essex Junction -- and the nearly 4000 employees at the plant. Channel 3 News has learned signs inside the building are being swapped out now -- to reflect the change in ownership. Continued investment, says St. Michael's Business Professor Robert Letovsky, will be key to Global's future in Vermont - and the workers now relying on this company. (00:04:00:05) ((Robert Letovsky "there will come a point in time people will look at the essex facility and wondering is this going to be upgraded and i know Global Foundries has made an investment 2-3-4 years out as the industry evolves the question will be do they continue to do that?")) Global has several plants in the U-S including a big one in Malta, New York -- where many former IBMers left to work -- at that ever-growing campus. It's still hiring there. And the company told us earlier this year -- it plans to hire in Essex Junction too.


A new addition to the state office complex in Waterbury. Construction workers put cupolas in place today. They're reminiscent of those that stood in the town for generations. Tropical Storm Irene seriously damaged the facility and Waterbury's downtown back in 2011. Gov. Peter Shumlin says renovations of the state office complex are on-time and on-budget. He says it will be better than it was before the storm.


(00:27:17:00) (( Gov. Peter Shumlin D-Vermont: This is the biggest state construction project in the history of the state of Vermont :23 and we're doing it in one of the most vital towns in Vermont )) (00:27:38:00) (( Gov. Peter Shumlin D-Vermont: It's going to help ensure that Waterbury has a strong jobs future :41 and is a strong and vital community )) The governor says the project is about 80 percent complete -- with an estimated cost of about 130-million dollars.


The field of GOP hopefuls for 2016 got a little broader today. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ended years of speculation and announced he's running for president. He promised to do what's right -- not always what's popular -- to make the country better. Christie's campaign officially goes on the road tomorrow. He's headed to New Hampshire for a town hall meeting.

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Uber has been given the green light to operate in the Queen City--under a temporary agreement. The company that refers to itself as a vehicle for hire service--allows drivers to use their own cars to give people rides--using an app. Burlington taxi drivers have expressed concern over Uber operating in the city--saying Uber has an unfair advantage because they are not subject to the same regulations as taxis. Monday night--the city council voted 7 to 4 to allow Uber to operate under a temporary agreement--that says in part-- Uber will pay the city a five thousand dollar fee--and continue conducting their corporate background checks for drivers--until the council can formulate a city ordinance. That is expected in November.


And if you use Uber or a taxi to get to the airport in Burlington-- the era of free baggage checking continues to dwindle. For years, Jet Blue provided baggage checking for free, but no longer. The airline now says it will charge up to $25 for checked luggage. It's 20 bucks if you pay online or at a kiosk. The move leaves Southwest Airlines as the only major U.S. carrier not to charge a bag fee.

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Any showers will become widely scattered overnight with lows dipping into the lower 60s. Wednesday will turn breezy and more humid. The cold front associated with this storm system will be pushing through so we will see more showers and thunderstorms. While widespread severe weather is NOT looking likely, any thunderstorms could produce locally heavy rainfall. Highs on Wednesday will be in the 70s. After that a much quieter weather pattern will begin to unfold-- and boy have we earned it! Thursday and Friday will feature quite a bit of sunshine with temperatures in the 70s to around 80. The weather for the Burlington fireworks is looking great. Saturday (the 4th of July) a minor, weakening front will begin to move in from the north. At this point it looks like skies will turn partly cloudy and we could see a very isolated afternoon or evening shower to the north, but the vast majority of us should be quiet. Highs will warm to around 80. Sunday through Tuesday are also looking pretty quiet around here, with temperatures warming into the 80s next week. We may have to deal with some more wet weather towards the middle of next week.

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What does it take to be at the top of the arm wresting world? Adam Sullivan met up with a four-time national champion from our region to find out.


((nats)) Cathy Merrill's Newport New Hampshire apartment is filled with arm wrestling trophies. A one-on-one strength competition-- she first got her start in, fairly recently. ((Cathy Merrill/Arm Wrestling Champion: "it was on a dare at the Cornish Fair 6 years ago.")) And Merrill's 6 foot frame-- and natural talent-- turned out to be what it takes to win. ((Merrill: "I beat the Vermont state champ.// People that are now, that coach me were just like hmmmm where did this girl come from.")) 60 opponents later-- with just one loss-- Merrill upped her street cred in the sport-- after a trip to Vegas in early June. ((Merrill: "I'm the USAF National champ for 2015 in my weight division.")) In the the process of winning four first place medals--for two class divisions using both arms-- Merrill beat a 7 time national champion from Nebraska. ((Merrill: "she said where did you come from. I said New Hampshire. She said what's your train regiment? We all laughed and I said, well, we do a lot of cow tipping up there.")) ((Sullivan: "I came here today fully expecting to challenge Cathy to an arm wrestling match but she graciously decline because she is in the process of training for the world competition in Mayasia this September. I think I lucked out on that one.")) She did however offer a couple tips. Pure strength is not the only factor in arm wrestling-- technique also plays a big part. Hands and arm size helps as well. Take it from a champ. ((Merrill: Who would have thought that this would have escalated to this, off of a dare type thing. You know. It's just something I have done. I like it, I enjoy it, but you can't take any opponent or granted.")) The attitude of a national champion-- who-- very soon-- will be competing to be the best in the world. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Newport New Hampshire.


The USA womens soccer team headed to Montreal tonight trying to keep their dreams of a world cup title alive, facing the top ranked team in the entire tournament, Germany... Germany with a huge chance early in the game..Celia Sasic penalty kick try though, just a bit outside..these two go scoreless in the first half.. The US draws first blood in the 2nd.. Friday's hero Carli Lloyd taking the penalty kick and burying it in the back of the net..US on top 1-0.. Later in the half, Lloyd beats her defender..puts it inside for Kelley O'Hara and she scores .. The US is moving on to Sunday's final, defeating Germany tonight 2-0...


Yesterday we caught up with Woodstock's own Keegan Bradley in Barrington, Rhode Island as he played in the CVS Health Charity Classic Bradley and teammate Jon Curran birdied 11 of the18 holes they played yesterday and today were just as good... On hole 2...Bradley with a beautiful approach, landing on the green and rolling back towards the pin.. He would tap this one in for birdie.. Then on hole 11... Bradley, putting this one in for birdie.. Bradley and Curran would finish the tournament with a 21 under par and with that score they win the CVS Charity classic..Their victory marks only the second time in the tournament's 17-year history that a team of newcomers to the charitable tournament's field earned the title...


Former UVM Catamount Mike Paliotta was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets today from the Chicago Blackhawks as part of a 7 player deal centering around the Blackhawks Brandon Saad (sod)..... Paliotta was selected in the 3rd round, 70th overall in the 2011 NHL Draft by Chicago ...He signed a 2 year deal with the Blackhawks back in March at the end of Vermont's hockey season...The defenseman registered 19 goals and 64 assists in his four years with the Catamounts.... Paliotta played in one game for the Blackhawks at the end of their regular season...He still has one year left on his deal, but will now serve out that final year in Columbus...


Lake Monsters hosting Lowell tonight, Vermont looking for it's first back to back wins of the season... Vermont takes a 1-0 lead in the first but Lowell gets that back and then some in the third...with two aboard, Luis Basabe hammering this one to left center and that ball is gone...A three run shot, and the Monsters trail 3-1.. Same score in the 4th, with one on, Chad De La Guerra sending this one high and deep to right and that ball is also gone... Vermont would score 4 runs in the 9th to send this game to extras, but a Lowell home run in the 10th drops Vermont tonight, 7-6....

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Meet the Monsters kicked off last week with a very energetic group of softball players...Today another team Meet the Monsters, here's Scott Fleishman with more.. ((("This week, we're in Stowe and this is Stowe T-Ball!."))) ((("One. Two. Three. Stowe!!!")) (((These 4, 5 and 6 year olds are eager to learn the game of baseball. They practiced twice a week throughout the spring learning a lot about team work, hitting, throwing, they look forward to keeping baseball alive and well in Stowe for many years to come. Here's the first question for the Lake Monsters.))) ((("My name is Thomas, I'm 6 years old and I like to play shortstop. What do you like to eat before a game?"))) (((Lana Akau/"Thanks for asking Thomas. I like to east Subway sandwiches, something easy, something that goes down smoothly. Something right before a game that can go down easy and smooth."))) ((("My name is Payton I'm 5 and a half. Does Champ ever come into the dugout?))) (((Jonathan Massad/"Nice question Payton. Champ comes into the dugout sometimes before a game, but usually during the game he stays in the stands or on top of the dugout."))) ((("My name is Travis, I'm 5. When did you start playing baseball?"))) (((Tyler Wilman/"Travis, that's a great question. I started playing organized baseball when I was about 7. When I was about 3 or 4 I played with my dad in the backyard and I fell in love with the game them."))) (((Thanks to Stowe T-Ball for some great questions. We'll see you next week on, Meet the Monsters!")))

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