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Good evening, I'm Keith McGilvery. Prosecutors say 15 year old Abigail Hernandez helped to save her own life -- and tonight the New Hampshire teen was in court to face the man charged with kidnapping her. Shelby Cashman has tonight's top story.


PKG On the foothills of the White mountains of New Hampshire--is the town of Gorham--described by residents as a small--tight knit community. ((002248 Jason Watson/Gorham Resident "I grew up here almost all my life. Your parents knew what you did before you even got home" 002253)) That's why residents say they were shocked--to hear that 34 year old Nathaniel Kibby--was arrested Monday--for the kidnapping of Conway New Hampshire teen--Abigail Hernandez. ((000932 David Holt/Neighbor "people come here to get away from this type of stuff I bet you half of these cars in this neighborhood still have the keys in the ignition at night 000940)) Kibby allegedly kidnapped the then 14 year old teen last October. Police say Hernandez returned home--on July 20th--nine months later. ((001423, Jane Young/ Prosecutor " this child is home - she is relatively safe" - 001428, )) Police arrested Kibby at his home in a Gorham trailer park--about thirty miles North of Conway--without incident. He was arraigned Tuesday and is being held on one million dollars bail. And Hernandez was in court Tuesday--to face the man who allegedly kidnapped her. ((001605, Jane Young "I cannot tell you how a child like that can get through nine months and endure - but she has done that 001612, so that proves to us that she has a level of strength that not many of us would have 001617,")) No details further details surrounding Hernandez's disaperance--are being released--including if Hernandez and Kibby--knew each other before--or if Hernandez was even at the Gorham residence. Prosecutors would also not say if Hernandez was being held against her will. But--an active crime scene has been ongoing at Kibby's Gorham home--since early Monday morning. And neighbors describe Kibby--as a loner. ((000545 Gerald Steele/Neighbor "he's quiet he kept to himself he'd say hi every once in a while." 000549)) The FBI--state and local police--taped off a large portion of the Gorham trailer park--including a red storage container in Kibby's backyard--that surprised neighbors. ((00829 David Holt/Neighbor "I didn't know that they allow that in this park. I know it's a problem in the town of gorham I know there's been issues in the past with people putting these containers." 000838)) One Gorham resident describes Kibby--as strange. ((002222 Jason Watson/Resident "just kind of a sketchy individual. I didn't know him on a super personal basis but I've known him from around the area I've known his name he was kind of iffy. "002231)) Again we have very little information about what actually transpired here. The investigation is ongoing--and more information is expected to be released later on. As of now Kibby is the only one charged in this case--but prosecutors say more charges could be forthcoming if they receive information--to indicate others were involved--or if more charges need to be brought against Kibby. Shelby Cashman -- Channel 3 news -- Gorham.


Parents of the toddler wandering the streets of Rutland -- are now facing child cruelty charges. Rutland Police say the father admitted to drinking alcohol and losing track of his son on Sunday. The 2-year-old's mother -- was also at home when the child got lost. Officials say they saw the father out looking for someone earlier in the day - and when questioned - police say he did not indicate a child was missing. Residents found the child - reportedly crying and wearing only a diaper and a baseball cap - after the boy had been wandering around for about 3 hours. The man shown in these pictures -- is a good samaritan that found the boy. The child has been taken into DCF custody -- and due to the involvement of a minor, names are not available.


Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell says the state must place a child's safety over familial rights and wants to let the public sit-in on abuse cases. Political reporter Kyle Midura reports.


The State's top lawyer wants the sunlight of open court to shine on some of the state's darkest cases. Attorney General Bill Sorrell says family court should be open to the public when arguments cover child abuse and neglect, or the termination of parental rights. He says doing so would allow more scrutiny of social workers, attorneys, and judges -- all while highlighting the scope of the problem for the public. ((3:37 - :47 - AG Bill Sorrell So more openness for what has thus far been secret proceedings and I think the more the public knows, the more we can protect kids.)) The recommendation is one of five Sorrell made to members of the Child Protection Committee Tuesday. The group formed to answer public outcry following the deaths of two-young children -- left with families despite concerning signs found during visits by social workers. Sorrell's other suggestions include: - creating a state statute expressing the risk posed to a child from an opiate-addicted caregiver - assigning oversight of attorneys working these to the judges - a law to hold parents responsible when they permit abuse but don't commit it - and one expressly indicating the possession or production of pornography as a threat to children ((5:59 - :03 - Bill Young I'm troubled by the idea of opening the cases to the public)) Before his retirement a decade ago, Bill Young led the department which dealt with child protection at the time. He worries opening proceedings to the public won't be better for children -- especially sexual assault victims. ((8:26 - :35 I can't get past a law that would make what was done to them as a small child -- when they had no control over thier life -- follow them publicly)) Young says he supports Sorrell's other suggestions. During his testimony today, the Attorney General highlighted nine horror story cases where children were allowed to remain with homeless, drug-addicted, parents manufacturing meth in the home, and one put in the custody of a relative too feeble to care for the child. Kyle Midura -- Channel 3 news - Burlington


New legislation out of Washington is being touted as a big help for abuse victims and domestic violence support groups. Senator Leahy was a driving force behind the bill that's tied to cell phone service. Alex Apple is here to explain. The senator said Monday that a bill he championed should mean more resources for victims of domestic abuse. It changes what consumers can do with their cell phone once their phone's contract expires.


Women Helping Battered Women -- a group trying to curb domestic violence -- gives out cell phones to abuse victims. (Emily Fredette 06"51)(("Denying access to cell phones and other telecommunications devices is a tactic used by other abusive partners to keep victims feeling isolated and afraid.")) When a victim of domestic abuse has a cell phone, they have a way to call for help during an emergency. (04:18 Patrick Leahy)(("For many of the women who can get it, the cell phone will be a lifeline.")) Vermont Senior Senator Patrick Leahy announced a bill Monday that he hopes encourages more cell phone donations to organizations like Women Helping. Leahy said the bill unlocks the phone -- that means consumers can transfer cell phone carriers regardless of which company sold the phone. (2:07 Standup)(("When a person comes into the office to pickup a new cell phone it not only serves as a 9-1-1 lifeline for them and now under this new bill, you can take this AT&T phone and get a SIM card from any carrier.")) The bill is called the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act -- it's designed to give a consumer more options, Leahy said. (15:40 Patrick Leahy)(("It's not the companies that have the option of whether you can unlock -- you have the option.")) Domestic abuse prevention groups need more cell phone donations -- they currently get cell phones to only 1 in 80 women that need it. (06:08 Karen Tronsgard-Scott/Vermon t Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violance)(("In Vermont, the 14 members of the Vermont Network against Domestic and Sexual Violence distribute over 100 cell phones per year to the over 8000 survivors that those programs serve."))


Senator Leahy also touted the bill's ability to give flexibility to someone choosing a wireless carrier -- and HE SAYS IT should create more competition in the market -- Keith.


Police say a Burlington man who allegedly tried to kill his sister -- and a fellow prisoner the next day -- has been found incompetent to stand trial. 21-year-old Chad Brown was arrested accused of stabbing his sister and then plunging a pen into another prisoner's neck -- narrowly missing vital arteries and veins. A hospitalization hearing has been scheduled for August 11th.

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It was a nice day out today...but temps are cooling off pretty quickly. Lows will be into the 40s and 50s. Waking up there will be some fog in the valleys, that will give way to some sun. After that there could be an isolated storm later on Wednesday. Full weather coming up a bit later.


Cleanup continues in Southern Vermont after parts of the region were hammered by Monday's storm. Torrential rainfall flooded homes and washed out close to a dozen roads around town. Roadways are passable now but it came at a hefty price tag. The town manager says the community went through 25-thousand dollars it set aside for summer road repairs in just 12 hours. He estimates the price tag for clean up could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Chester has about 15 people working on different cleanup projects. It has also accepted help from neighboring Rockingham and Putney. Witnesses say mother nature packed a powerful punch for one man's roof.


((01:14:52 Hallie Gordon, Farm Damaged by Storm "The river just sucked it down, folded it up and moved it right around his house.)) ((01:10:21 Chief Matthew Wilson, Chester Fire Dept, "One of the rescues we had to do we had to utilize state highway trying to build back the road to even get in where we could start doing a rescue, so it was tough.")) Chester's town manager says the community learned a number of lessons from Irene including how important it is to keep good records of the damage and what it's costing to fix it. He hopes the state will be in a position to help cover part of the tab.


A family is homeless tonight after their home caught fire in St. Albans Town. The bedroom of this trailer on Kellogg Road caught fire and spread throughout the home. The fire department was called and quickly doused the flames. Only one person was home when the fire started. She was checked by paramedics and released.

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Still ahead -- Why the White House is at odds with Russia over a nuclear arms treaty. And -- Does Vermont have room for a thousand kids crossing the US border? Plus-- A big boost for the state's efforts to go solar. And Sharon Meyer takes to the sky over Fenway -- We'll explain when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


President Obama laid out new penalties targeting Russia's energy, weapons and finance industries. The administration is trying to turn up the pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop helping separatists in Ukraine. Craig Boswell.


(PKG) President Obama says the US is putting new sanctions on Russia for its support of separatist fighters in Ukraine.. even after the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. (SOT: President Obama) "MAJOR SANCTIONS WE'RE ANNOUNCING TODAY WILL CONTINUE TO RATCHET UP THE PRESSURE ON RUSSIA, INCLUDING THE COMPANIES AND CRONIES THAT ARE SUPPORTING RUSSIA'S ILLEGAL ACTION IN UKRAINE." The U-S timed the announcement to coincide with new European Union sanctions. The coordinated action marked another escalation in an already strained relationship. (SOT: President Obama) "IS THIS A NEW COLD WAR SIR?" "NO, IT'S NOT A NEW COLD WAR. WHAT IT IS IS A VERY SPECIFIC ISSUE RELATED TO RUSSIA'S UNWILLINGNESS TO RECOGNIZE THAT UKRAINE CAN CHAR ITS OWN PATH." (STANDUP: Craig Boswell/CBS News/The White House) The White House is also accusing Russia of violating of a nuclear arms treaty signed *during* the cold war. The U-S says Russia has been testing intermediate-range missiles capable of striking Europe. That violates the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty. (SOT: John Tefft/Nominee to be the U.S. Ambassador to Russia) "WE WORKED VERY HARD BACK IN THE 80'S TO GET THAT INF TREATY TO PRESERVE THAT SECURITY AND MAKE THE SECURITY OF EUROPE INDIVISIBLE FROM OUR OWN." Moscow says it has looked into the allegations and considers the matter closed. Craig Boswell CBS News the White House.


The Republican challenger running for governor in New York --- is trying to capitalize on the controversy swirling around Andrew Cuomo. At a campaign stop in Plattsburgh late today --- Rob Astorino said a special prosecutor should look into whether the Governor interfered with the work of the state's anti-corruption commission. A New York Times story raised allegations that Cuomo tried to keep the commission away from his own supporters.


(sot rob astorino trt: 10 sec oc: swimming in it) Astorino described the Moreland Commission controversy as "Cuomo's Watergate" and repeated his call for a state investigation into whether Cuomo or anyone in his administration broke any laws. The U.S Attorney's office is conducting a separate investigation.


Governor Shumlin announced today that Vermont can NOT find room for 1000 immigrant children -- that it had been asked to house. The kids -- coming over the US/Mexican border from Central America -- are flooding refugee facilities in Texas and Arizona. Governor Shumlin said Vermont does NOT have a facility large enough to host the children. After working with the Red Cross, the Governor said --if asked -- the state could take a smaller number of children. Massachusetts will house some of those children at military bases. And Governor Shumlin says Vermont is offering to help with that relocation.

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Govenor Peter Shumlin says the sun is shining on the Vermont economy. The Governor touted solar's role in Vermont's second-lowest in the nation unemployment rate - while announcing nearly half-a-million dollars in solar grants this morning. The cash will help fund solar projects for schools and Vermont communities. Shumlin says Vermont leads the nation in solar jobs per capita and challenges the rest of the country to catch up.


((1:28:28 - :39 Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont if more states would do what Vermont is doing, getting off our addiction to oil, moving to renewables, our kids and our grandkids would live in a more prosperous plantet )) The Governor toured Northern Reliability and Suncommon as part of today's event -- a continuation of his Summer Solar Tour.

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Just a few clouds around tonight. It will be chilly with areas of fog. Lows will average 42/52. Wednesday is looking pretty good. The bulk of the day will be partly sunny, but a couple of showers or t-storms could pop up. Highs will be in the 70s. An upper level disturbance will roll through on Thursday; this will trigger a few more showers and t-storms. Looking ahead, the weather pattern looks pretty good but not perfect. Skies will average partly cloudy through this weekend and into next week. A couple of pop-up showers are possible too. Temps will moderate a little bit by this weekend and early next week.

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A wild ride at the airport -- in South Burlington. Take a look at this. A small plane -- flying from South Hero -- tipped on to its nose -- when it landed -- at the Burlington Airport -- on Saturday. The airport's director says it looks like it skidded on two wheels -- before lunging forward. No one on board was hurt. The cause is still under investigation.


Our own Sharon Meyer got a unique look at Fenway Park tonight She was high above Boston -- in the Hood Blimp. Sharon was learning all about the iconic aircraft that you see during Red Sox games -- and that provides aerial shots of Fenway. Sharon tells us she even got to fly the blimp. After the ride SHE was in the NESN booth with Red Sox broadcasters Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy for the pre-game show -- and at the top of the third inning.


The American Legion state tournament finally reaching the finish line today. This morning Addison County knocked off defending champ Colchester, 7-5 in the conclusion of a game that was suspended on Sunday. That set up a championship showdown between Addison and Essex. Addison entering the game unbeaten, Essex with one loss meaning Post 91 would have to beat Addison County twice to take the title. --- Top of the second, tied at one, Post 91 with three straight doubles to key a three run inning. Deagan Poland gets it started, and later Joey Robertson drops one into right field. Essex taking a 4-1 lead after 2. --- Bottom of the fifth, here comes Addison County, Sawyer Kamman singles up the middle. A run scores to make it 4-3 Essex. --- But that's as Addison gets thanks in part to former CVU standout Davis Michael. The strikeout in the ninth puts it away. ---- Essex picks up the win 5-3 setting up a winner-take-all second game between the two teams.


The football players at the Shrine camp looking for in game number 2. --- Essex scores 3 in the third inning and Pat Brodeur keeps his team in front with some great pitching. K's to end the third and fourth innings. --- Addison County starts to chip away in the later innings, Wade Steele, with 2 out in the bottom of the eighth, sends the solo shot to left. It's 3-2 Essex heading to the ninth. --- But once again, Mikell closes the door in the bottom of the ninth. Another strikeout to end the game, wow. Essex post 91 wins the legion state title, 3-2 the final. What a run for Essex having to win 2 straight games today for the crown.


(((Eli Baez/"I knew we had a very strong team from the beginning, and I had zero doubts that we could come back and win two games in a row."))) (((Davis Mikell/"Everybody was playing well. We hit the ball hard, made great defensive plays and run the bases well. We did all of that. I'm really proud of the way the boys came back after losing to these guys early in the tournament and beating them twice today.")))


The Vermont Mountaineers have already locked up home field advantage for the first round of the playoffs, but the team has its sights set on that northern division title. A packed house at montpelier rec field to watch the Nerrs host the Valley Blue Sox. --- Scoreless into the fourth, Vermont with a runner at second for Colin Lyman. He singles to right with 2 out. Trey Amburgey on his horse, the throw to the plate is off line, 1-0 Mountaineers. --- The Blue Sox come right back with 2 in the top of the 5th, Frank Crinella with the basehit to left. 2 runners score and it's 2-1 Valley. --- The Mountaineers tie it in the fifth with a sac fly, looking for more later in the inning, but Chandler Brock is thrown out at home. It's a 2-2 game. --- It stays that way until the 7th, Vermont's Jared Gesell uncorks the wild pitch allowing the run from third to come home. 3-2 Valley. --- Gessell settles down from there, the strikeout ends the 7th, he pitches a scoreless eighth that allows the Mountianeers to tack on 2 runs in the bottom of the eighth for a 4-3 win. Vermontís magic number to clinch the division is 3.


The Lake Monsters are swept at Hudson Valley tonight, 5-3. The Monsters return home tomorrow night to host Batavia trying to snap a 4 game losing streak.


Day two of Shrine camp workouts at Castleton state college. Vermont and New Hampshire are holding multiple practices until friday when they leave for Dartmouth's memorial Field, the sight of Saturday's game. There are 36 players on the Vermont roster from all across the state. That means you're going to have division rivals like Lyndon and Rice teaming up. They are putting emotions aside to join forces for a greater cause, trying to snap New Hampshire's 13 game winning streak.


(((James Shufelt/"Obviously during practice, there's joking. There's four kids from Lyndon, there are four or five kids from Rice. During practice we'll be like, oh those dang Rice kids. But obviously, that's in the past now to us. Now, we are a team.")))


Finally ronight, this was really the only pleasant sight to come out of Fenway Park this evening. Our own Sharon Meyer visiting Don and Jerry in the NESN booth during the third inning of tonight's game. the SOx lost to Toronto, 4-2. Jon Lester was scheduoled to start tomorrow, but he has been pulled increasing speculation that he could be dealt before Thursday's trade deadline.

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