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Good evening. I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Jennifer Reading. Tonight a group of former Milton High School football players is accused of sodomizing fellow teammates. Charges come after a parent tipped off authorities to the alleged sexual assaults on and off the school's campus.


((PKG)) Chilling assault charges against 5 former football players at Milton High School. ((Grace Williams, Milton Mother and Grandmother 41:19 "It's unbelieveable, it's unbelievable that anyone would do that, unbelieveable)) 6 Prosecutors say William Jenkins, Colby Darling, Brian Lasell, Brandon Beliveau and Ryan Carlson were involved in sexually assaulting at least five teammates with brooms and pool sticks. ((TJ Donovan, Chittenden County State's Attorney, 28:30 I think it is fair to say that this is a culture that existed within the Milton football team.)) 9 Chittenden County State's attorney TJ Donovan is looking into how long it's been going on. He says THESE attacks happened in 2011 and 2012 at different locations including a building next to the football field on the Milton High School campus. Dononvan also confirms that one of the victims took his own life about a year after the alleged assault but could not say if the move was directly connected to the incident. ((TJ Donovan, Chittenden County State's Attorney, 32:30 "this was not a voluntary initiation process, this was an assault and that's as it is charged, that's how we are going to prosecute the case and that is what the victims deserve.)) 10 Milton Superintendent John Barrone was in the courtroom when attorneys entered not guilty pleas for all of suspects -- each of whom is charged with simple assault. He says he and his administrative team knew nothing about the alleged assaults. ((John Barrone, Milton School Superintendent 31:24 "All that I received was a report that students were fooling around in the locker room in the block House, I had no report that this type of violation had occurred.)) 7 He says while state law on mandatory reporting to DCF can be confusing -- he's always aired on the side of caution and that if he had any indication of abuse he would have picked up the phone. ((John Barrone, Milton School Superintendent 31:34 "If I had there is no question in my mind in the principal's mind, in the athletic director's mind that this would have been reported.)) 5 Barrone is also denying claims that the Principal at the time -- Anne Blake -- heard about misbehavior on the team. And questioned a student who'd been talking about it with classmates. Court papers show Principal Blake told that student -- if it was true -- she'd shut down the football team. Investigators say that intimidated the alleged victim -- who feared the whole school would hate him. Court papers also show the student was then forced to admit to his class that he had lied about it. Superintendent Barrone tells Channel 3 that "He does not believe that for a minute, that is not Anne." He's doing his own investigation. And says he's not afraid to pull the plug on sports if he finds a larger problem. ((john Barone, Milton School Supertendent 33:47 "I don't want to have to go to that level, as we do our own investigation, if I find this is a widespread practice and this is a common practice then I would have no problem canceling not only football but any sports team where this kind of behavior is prevelant.)) 13


State's Attorney TJ Donovan cited the age of the suspects -- and the amount of time that's passed since the alleged incidents -- for not pursuing more serious charges.


She was supposed to help children with special needs. Instead a former teacher in Bennington is charged with having sex with one student and sending another nude photos. 25-year-old Alexandra Fusco appeared in Bennington Criminal Court today. The mother of two -- faces aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault charges for allegedly having sex with her - then 15-year-old student at the Bennington School. Another former student also told investigators that Fusco sent him naked photos. She faces a lewd and lascivious charge for that. Fusco's lawyer argued -- she should be allowed out on bail because she has young children -- but the court disagreed.


((Erica Marthage/Bennington County State's Attorney I'll be blunt, because I think that I can. We wouldn't even be having this conversation if we were talking about a man, that didn't make reference to the fact that he had responsibility for two children.)) ((0227, Mom: after the shock wore off, it was im angry - who am i angry at? 0231, am i angry at the bennington school for hiring this woman who did this to my child? 0235, am i angry at dcf for putting him in this facility where he was sexually assaulted? 0241, i mean the blame goes all the way around here 0243)) D-C-F told us they frequently work with the school and currently have 38 kids placed there. They say the quality of service has never been in question. The school declined to comment. Fusco now faces a possible life sentence if convicted.


This summer marks a sad anniversary for the community of West Stewartstown, New Hampshire. It's been three years since Celina Cass was killed and the case is still unsolved. Adam Sullivan has the story.


((Louisia Cass/Mother: "I want justice for my daughter.")) Three years have passed. The pain has not -- for Celina Cass' mother. A mystery hangs over the rural town of West Stewartstown New Hampshire. A little girl's unsolved homicide. Her mother mourns the loss every single day. ((Louisia: "coming off the bus of going school shopping My family is ripped apart. A mother should never have to go and bury their own children.")) Celina was last seen July 25th in 2011-- on the family's computer -- just before bedtime. The next morning -- she was gone. ((Celina Cass' Mother: "you don't get over it. How can you get over something like that?")) ((NATS: HANDING OUT FLIERS)) The small town swelled with investigators -- and volunteers -- looking for the missing 11 year old. But hopes for her safe return faded -- when the young girl's body was found wrapped in a blanket in the Connecticut River - about a quarter of a mile from her home. The shocking crime rocked the community. Signs -- call for justice for Celina. They stretch from West Stewartstown to nearby Colebrook, New Hampshire. Residents here want answers. And arrests in the case. ((Angel Hill/Canaan: "the fact that it hasn't been solved yet. It's rough. And knowing that there is somebody walking around that did it.")) The lead prosecutor, Jane Young, declined to discuss details of the investigation -- including how Celina died-- saying the investigation is ongoing. And that an arrest will happen when there's sufficient evidence. Celina lived with her mom, sister, stepfather Wendell Noyes and Kevin Mullaney. Both men were questioned by police. But, neither are charged in connection the case. ((Charlie Jordan/Colebrook Chronicle: "we really need to have some kind of closure on this case.")) Charlie Jordon has covered the story for the Colebrook Chronicle since Cass' disappearance. He says the community deserves more information -- and transparency from the Attorney General's office -- in order to begin to heal from this horrible crime. ((Jordan: "I do think the community needs to be more aware of what the police know. That we might be able to help. The line has gone dead for too long. We haven't heard anything knew and people are really hoping that something will be resolved.")) The home where Celina lived -- was heavily damaged by fire in December. And had to be torn down. Now just an empty lot remains. Aside from another reminder -- of the young girl -- who's death -- leaves her mother -- with an empty heart. ((Louisia Cass: "my daughter is not here but I want the person that did this, I want him to suffer. Or them. Whoever did this not only destroyed my life but ripped it apart.")) Adam Sullivan channel three news in West Stewartstown New Hampshire.


The need for speed landed a Connecticut woman in handcuffs. 40-year-old Susanne Gravelle was stopped this morning after Vermont State police allegedly clocked her going 112 miles per hour on Interstate 91 near Guilford. That's nearly 50 miles per hour OVER the speed limit. Gravelle is charged with excessive speed and careless and negligent operation. She was cited -- released and due back in court this October.

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Dan is here. A cool start this morning, but another nice day today.


Three of Vermont's four Republican candidates for governor squared off at a debate in Essex tonight. Alex Apple joins us from the newsroom with the details. Alex? Jennifer, Dan Feliciano, Steve Berry and Emily Peyton took the stage. One person not present was Republican Scott Milne. The other candidates used the opportunity to explain to voters why they were the best person for the job. All three said spending was the state's biggest problem -- but each offered different ways that they would solve the issue.


(Dan Feliciano 19:31:31)(("We continue to spend and spend and spend with no end in sight. Property taxes are going up. 19:31:46 We can cut spending, reduce our taxes.)) (Emily Peyton 19:33:52)(("We have to look at our monetary system as separate from our economy, and it's very important to know that the shortcomings of our monetary systems can be likened to a blood circulatory system in a body.")) (Steve Berry 19:36:16)(("The very first day, I will demand an audit and that's a massive audit throughout the whole state.")) Candidate Scott Milne started running his first campaign advertisement today. The 30 second spot features former governor Jim Douglas and Milne talking about his platform. Voters will head to the polls next Tuesday to make their primary choice. ((Commercial NAT)) After tonight's debate, voters gave Feliciano 37 of 40 votes in a straw poll. Milne was not on that ballot. The winner of the Republican primary will face either incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin or H. Brooke Paige who is challenging the governor in the democratic primary.

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Still ahead -- The chaos continues in one midwest town as protestors stay in the streets and kids are kept home from school. And fears that an American journalist may have been beheaded by ISIS militants. Plus -- Find out why the governor of Texas had a mug shot taken today. And what does it take to be an elephant manager? ((00:45:22 "Hey big boy. What are you doing? Oh yeah. Trunk out.")) We'll show you in this week's "Odd Job" when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


Those who live in Ferguson, Missouri are being asked to stay home tonight. Police are hoping that smaller crowds will mean fewer peaceful protestors for criminals to hide behind. Marlie Hall has more from the scene.


(nat ) "You doing alright?" ((NARR-1)) MISSOURI STATE HIGHWAY PATROL CAPTAIN RON JOHNSON IS HOPING FOR A PEACEFUL NIGHT IN FERGUSON: ((SOT - Captain Ron Johnson/Missouri State Highway Patrol)) "Cowards hide in the dark, and it's time for that to stop." ((NARR-2)) EARLIER TUESDAY, TEACHERS VOLUNTEERED TO CLEAN UP THE CITY - WHICH HAS BEEN VANDALIZED ALMOST NIGHTLY SINCE THE SHOOTING DEATH OF 18 YEAR OLD MICHAEL BROWN. ((SOT Nancy Clodfelter/ Teacher, Jennings School District)) "It gives us something meaningful that we can do, because it's terrible our kids aren't in school today ((NARR-3)) RONALD RUSH LIVES CLOSE TO THE POLICE COMMAND CENTER. HE'S SURPRISED TO SEE CONSISTENT TROUBLE IN FERGUSON - AND THE POLICE RESPONSE. ((SOT: Ron Rush/Ferguson Resident)) "The National Guard is something I never thought I'd see this close to me. I never thought I'd smell or taste tear gas either. So you never know what a day is going to bring." ((STANDUP BRIDGE - Marlie Hall, CBS News, Ferguson, Missouri)) POLICE ARE READY TO RESPOND IF ANYTHING GETS OUT OF HAND, BUT PROTESTORS WERE ACTUALLY ENCOURAGED TO STAY HOME AFTER DARK -- TO LET "PEACE SETTLE IN." ((NARR-3)) ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER WILL BE IN FERGUSON WEDNESDAY, FOR AN UPDATE ON THE CIVIL RIGHTS INVESTIGATION. IN AN OP-ED TO THE ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, HOLDER WRITES : (GFX) "This is my pledge to the people of Ferguson: Our investigation into this matter will be full, it will be fair, and it will be independent." FUNERAL SERVICES FOR MICHAEL BROWN ARE SET FOR MONDAY - THOUGH THE EXACT TIME AND LOCATION HAVE NOT BEEN FINALIZED. MARLIE HALL, CBS NEWS, FERGUSON, MISSOURI.

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A newly released video shows Islamic State militants beheading a journalist from New Hampshire. 40 year old James Foley went missing nearly two years while on assignment in Syria. ISIS says Foley was killed -- in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes in Iraq. Foley -- is from Rochester New Hampshire. In the statement, Foley's mother, Diane , said -- quote "We have never been prouder of our son Jim. He gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the Syrian people."

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Texas Governor Rick Perry has been booked on two felony counts of abuse of power for carrying out a threat to veto funding to state public corruption prosecutors. The Republican is accused of coercion and official oppression for promising to veto $7.5 million for the state public integrity unit run. Perry made the veto threat after a district attorney didn't resign following a drunk driving conviction.


A college in the upper valley -- may be closing. Lebanon College in New Hampshire has canceled its classes for the fall semester. The school's president said without a "substantive increase in enrollment" the school is likely to shut down for good. Fewer than half -- of the anticipated enrollees -- signed up for classes this year.


Possible salmonella contamination is behind a peanut and almond butter recall. The products you want to look out for are -- Arrowhead Mills Peanut Butters -- MaraNatha Almond and Peanut Butters -- or private label brands for Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Krogers and Safeway. The Hain Celestial Group says there have been reports of four illnesses that may be related to the nut butters. The company says it learned of the contamination risk after routine FDA testing. No word yet on how many jars are involved in the recall.

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He births giraffes and keeps elephants company. It's an odd job that takes us... north of the border.


((00:45:22 "Hey big boy. What are you doing?)) Francis Lavigne has devoted his life to working with exotic animals...like elephants. ((Francis Lavigne/zoologist 00:37:12 "I spend more time with my elephants than with my girlfriend, my family, my brothers, my mother. It's part of your life.")) Francis is the elephant manager and zoological curator at Parc Safari in Quebec. A post he's held for more than a decade. ((Francis Lavigne/zoologist 00:10:15 "Sometimes it's long days but I think you got to love it. ")) As the park zoologist -- he cares for the herbivores -- and oversees a staff of more than 50 keepers. ((NATS speaking french into walkie talkie)) The work starts early -- each species here -- require hours of individualized care. ((Francis Lavigne/zoologist 00:13:14 " It can be stressful. It can be beautiful.")) Earlier this month -- a very special delivery. Meet Bonnie -- and her new baby. Francis was by the giraffe's side -- every step of her 15 month pregnancy. ((Francis Lavigne/zoologist 00:14:40 "I was at home. That was my only day off that week. All the keepers were trying to call me to tell me that it was happening!")) Luckily -- Francis lives at the park. It's the first giraffe born at Parc Safari in 23 years! ((Francis Lavigne/zoologist 00:13:31 "I mean that's the kind of stuff... can't ask for better.")) It's a career that's taken Francis around the world. Hanging out with gorillas in Africa -- to camels in Egypt -- and artic wolves back at home. He studied fish and wildlife -- not zoology. And says most of his experience comes from on the job learning. ((Francis Lavigne/zoologist 00:33:01 "you have to be able to travel. You have to be able to try different institutions to see what's going on out there.")) ((NATS 00:54:03 "here we've got ... NAMING AND POINTING OUT ANIMALS... OUTCUE: ... over there.")) Parc Safari is divided into seven sections. Some of the animals live here because they can't survive in the wild. Others are part of endangered species breeding programs. Francis says at least 40 animals are born at the park every year. ((Francis Lavigne/zoologist 00:28:41 "We're managing our population too, as a collection plan, to make sure that we don't have overpopulation of animals")) He works with other zoos and safaris -- around the globe -- to place species where they'll thrive. ((NATS people driving through; talking to animals)) Between May and mid-October 350-thousand people will visit the safari. Francis hopes the up close interaction will give them a new found appreciation. ((NATS speaking french to guests)) Francis is a pretty passionate guy. One who's never really off the clock. ((Francis Lavigne/zoologist 00:30:49 "Unusual hours, unusual friends, unusual girlfriend because she had to adapt to this kind of job too. But I'm lucky enough that I have the perfect people around me to support me in this.")) And -- at home -- the work continues. ((Francis Lavigne/zoologist 00:31:58 "I have a baby Wallabee at home and a baby fennec fox that we're taking care of. Because the mom was not." 00:32:24 "I mean it's like having kids I guess. You come home you got to take care of the kids, you've got to feed them. you've got to put them to bed so to me it's the same."))7 I don't have kids. I've got a lot of animals.")) A zoologist -- caring for the animals of Africa -- in the heart of Quebec.


Francis says zoologists can earn anywhere between minimum wage -- and about 20-dollars per hour. If you have an Odd Job -- or know someone who does -- we'd like to hear from you! You can email your ideas to news@wcax.com.

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The best female golfers in the state taking over Orleans Country Club for the opening day of the Vermont Women's State Amateur Championship. Last year, former Essex High School standout Madison Corley won the title at the ripe old age of 17...the youngest winner in the tournament's eighty year history. Today, on a perfect day for golf in the Northeast Kingdom, Corley got her bid for a second straight state Am title off to a strong start, leading the field with a round of four over par 76... --- Jeanne Morrissey, who has several top five finishes in the state Am on her resume over the years, is right on Corley's heels...just two shots back after shooting a 78... --- Chloe Levins of Rutland, who just missed winning a second straight D-1 medalist crown at this spring's high school state finals, falling in a playoff, is also off to a good start... three shots off the pace with a 79... --- and seven-time amateur champion Holly Reynolds and 2006 runner-up Tiffany Maurycy are sitting four shots back of your leader with first round scores of 80. Round two is set for tomorrow with the tournament wrapping up on Thursday.


Keegan Bradley will be back at the Woodstock Country Club on Monday for his third annual Charity Golf Classic. Bradley will be joined once again by fellow PGA Tour winner Brendan Steele. This year the money raised at the event will benefit the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation in its support of the Vermont Cancer Center and Vermont Children's Hospital. Also, a portion of the proceeds will benefit opiate addiction research and treatment programs at the University of Vermont and Fletcher Allen Health Care.


Major League Baseball ...the Red Sox and Yankees both fall at home tonight. The Angels top Boston 4-3 with a run in the ninth...Houston gets a three run homer in the ninth to down New York 7-4.


Someone call Bud Selig...the New York-Penn League All-Star game ends in a 1-1 tie. Lake Monsters Yario Munoz, Joe Bennie and J-P Sportman went hitless for the North... Fernand Cruzado picked up a strikeout in two thirds of an inning in his appearance in the ninth

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The Lake Monsters return to action tomorrow night at Tri-City. Right now it's time to Meet The Monsters. Here's Scott Fleishman. ((("This week we're in St. Albans with the Vermont state champ Saint albans softball all stars.!"))) (((These 9 and 10 year olds always believed in each other no matter the inning or score of the game. There was no need to coach the young ladies on how to appreciate and love the game. It showed on the field and in their questions to the Lake Monsters.))) ((("Hi, my name is Emily. I'm 10 years old and I play center field. Do you have a special routine that you do before a game?"))) (((Trent Gilbert/"That's a good question Emily. I don't really have a set pregame routine, but I'm a little superstitious in the way that if I have a good game, I like to kind of do the same thing before the next game. Put on your uniform the same way. That's kind of my pregame routine."))) ((("Hi my name is Kaylie. I'm 10 years old and I play left field. Has your little league team ever made it to regionals and how did you do?"))) (((Jose Brizuela/"Hey Kaylee, thanks for your question. When I was younger, 12 years old, my team and I won Cooperstown. So, I thought that was pretty cool. It was a great experience and I got to play against some great ballplayers."))) ((("My name is Bree. I'm 10 years old and I'm a catcher. What's your best technique for throwing a runner out at second?"))) (((Jose Chavez/"Well Bree, my best technique would be try to have the ball go deep to you and be quick with your hands and quick with your feet and try to throw to the chest of the fielder."))) ((("Thanks again to the Vermont state champion st. Albans all stars. More great questions next week on ..."))) ((("Meet the Monsters!")))

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