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Good evening and thank you for joining us. I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Shelby Cashman. The Vermont Health Connect website is offline tonight. Governor Peter Shumlin says it was disconnected to fix ongoing problems and fend off potential security threats. Kyle Midura has the story.


The cast of characters handling Vermont health connect has changed several times since its initial launch almost one year ago - but problems persist. Tuesday, Gov. Peter Shumlin announced the website will be taken down for repair. (00:03:50:00) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont temporarily taking down the site is the best choice to meet our goal of a well-functioning, secure site for open enrollment on November 15th)) The Governor permanently pulled Department of Vermont Health Access Commissioner Mark Larson off the project. Shumlin says the site down-time came at the suggestion of new Agency of Human Services Secretary Dr. Harry Chen. (00:18:01:00) (( Dr. Harry Chen - Vt. AHS Secretary it was clear to me if we keep doing the same thing we're doing, we're going to get the same results)) Along with determining if the site is secure -- given recent high-profile breaches of major American businesses -- state officials say they'll also upgrade some of the faulty functionality during the website down time. Coverage should not be affected -- and can still be bought through non-web channels. Policyholders will be able to pay by mail or alter their plans over the phone. (00:43:46:00) ((Scott Milne - Republican for Governor fixing the health care fiasco is clearly important - we've got a great plan for that )) The Governor's only election challenger from a major party -- Republican Scott Milne -- says he's not ready to reveal it yet though. (43:03) ((Scott Milne - Republican for Governor we have a campaign of ideas, we have great ideas, but we don't want to interupt Gov. Shumlin from stumbling over himself.)) While Milne holds off, Republican Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott and the Liberterian candidate who lost to Milne in the Republican primary argue the site should remain down, with the state adopting the federal exchange. KM, Ch.3, Burlington.


Scott Milne is without a campaign manager. Milne says Brent Burns and his Pure Campaigns operation are no longer leading his bid for the Governor's office. The Republican declined to share details about what happened -- but did say that Burns was just one member of a team guiding his election effort.


Governor Shumlin is starting to spend his campaign war chest. ((4 sec)) The Governor's slated to start airing ads Wednesday morning in our region including here on Channel 3. The incumbent has more than a million dollars to spend according to his latest campaign contributions report. Two years ago Shumlin waited until the last two weeks of the campaign to buy TV ads..but that's not the case this election. With two polls showing the race closer than expected, we asked our political analyst Steve Terry why the Governor may have started advertising earlier this year than two years ago:


((Steve Terry, WCAX Political Analyst00:07:31:00 What's behind that is that in politics you never take anything for granted, the governor has the wherewithal and the means to start talkingto Vermonters directly, not through the media and when you've got a million to spend in a campaign, that is a wise investment.)) A CBS poll recently showed Shumlin with a 10 point lead over Republican challenger Scott Milne. Milne did air commercials earlier in the year but currently is not airing TV ads in the market.


Two more people were arrested today protesting a Vermont Gas pipeline--stretching from Chittenden County to Rutland-- after they chained themselves together and sat on the pipeline, halting construction. Police arrested 53 year old Raymond Micklon and 55 year old David Przepioski--both of Craftsbury Common--after they refused to get off the pipeline. Their fellow Rising Tide members looked on and held up signs. Earlier in the summer, Vermont Gas announced the cost of the project was 40 percent higher than expected -- later this month, the public service board is expected to decide whether to reapprove it at the higher price. VT Gas says each delay in the project will only increase its cost.


(TC 00:01:24:00 Will Bennington/Rising Tide)(("We don't want to cost ratepayers more money but the real, Vermont Gas bears the real responsibility for costing ratepayers more money. A 40% increase in cost on this project and they didn't tell the public for four months. They clearly are the ones responsible for costing ratepayers more money." 00:01:45:00)) Tuesday afternoon's protest marked the fourth protest against the pipeline in as many months.


When it comes to rude drivers Vermonters are among the worst. That's according to a new report from Insure.com. The consumer insurance website ranks Vermont tied for sixth with Delaware. The results come from a survey of 2-thousand drivers nationwide. New York came in third and New Hampshire tied for 48th.


The search is on for a new superintendent in Burlington. The school board has put together a 15-member committee to help with the process. The Superintendent Search Advisory Committee is made up of parents, teachers, administrators and business people. The school committee has also hired a national firm to help. The committee hopes to have a finalist by early January.

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Dan is here. Another grey day out there.


There's a new network encouraging investors to spend their money right here in the Green Mountain State. Alex Apple joins us tonight with details about the launch of Slow Money Vermont. Keith, the founding members of Slow Money Vermont call it a social investment company. They're hoping to complement the state's farm to plate strategic plan. That plan was passed by the legislature in 2009 to increase economic development in Vermont's food and farm sector. Slow Money is looking to build on that momentum by making investment capital available to food producers across the state.


Investing on Main Street instead of Wall Street. That's what a new company hopes it can convince Vermonters to do. (35:36 Netaka White/Full Sun Company)(("you've got the start of a network, a group of people, that is a go-to place for entrepreneurs.")) When Netaka White wanted to start his own company growing sunflowers and soybeans, he had to talk to 30-40 potential investors to find just five. (____ Nakata White/Full Sun Company)((" It was a one person at a time thing.")) Slow Money Vermont is an organization that will pool investors that want to spend their money in Vermont. (29:43 Janice St. Onge/Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund)(("people have really become very interested in finding different ways to invest their money locally in the businesses that are actually feeding them")) Here's how it works: Slow Money gets with local investors and helps them invest any amount of money -- large or small -- directly into one or more companies in their community. Then when an entrepreneur wants to start a business in the food industry -- Slow Money will already have a group of investors interested in working with them. (38:56 Woody Tasch/Founder)(("allow ing entrepreneurs to get to know investors in their communities.")) Janice St. Onge is a potential investor. (32:31 Janice St. Onge)(("the biggest challenge that farm and food entrepreneurs face these days is finding the right match of capital for the size and stage of growth that they're in")) Vermont has a similar program already -- called Vermont Community Loan Fund. The difference -- Slow Money Vermont accepts even non-accredited investors. And those investors have direct control over where they put their money. (31:41 Janice St. Onge)(("if you invest in the loan fund, you're really investing in a portfolio of companies")) White believes the biggest benefit of the network will be the personal relationships -- created between young business owners and investors. (36:37 Netaka White)(("they're going to have more opportunity to invest into local businesses."))


Slow Money has created 20 networks with investors from 36 states. So far, $35 million has been invested in over 300 small food enterprises. For people interested in starting a small business in Vermont or investing in one -- you can find details in our info center at WCAX.com.


Your chances of catching Walleye in Island Pond--could be getting a lot better. Vermont fish and wildlife says it has reinstated a program to stock the fish into the 600 acre lake in the northeast Kingdom--amounting to over 14 thousand. Fish and Wildlife says the stocking program is being done to bolster what is quickly becoming a walleye fishing destination in Vermont--and it will be stocked every other year. The last time the agency has added Walleye to the Pond--was 2008.

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Still ahead -- The defense secretary testifies on plans to take on ISIS. And find out why the bomb squad made its way to Claremont, New Hampshire today. Plus volunteers needed! ((Snow: "Without the drivers, the program doesn't exist.")) How you can help veterans in our region. And what's a space taxi and what role will they play in the future of NASA -- find out when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.

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The Defense Secretary and the nation's top military officer sounded off today -- on President Obama's plan to defeat ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria. General Martin Dempsey told lawmakers that U-S troops could be called to the battlefield in the fight against ISIS -- if air strikes fail. But the President says troops will not be going into combat on the ground. Anti-war protestors frequently interrupted the hearing -- where lawmakers pressed the witnesses on the administration's request to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels. Congress is likely to approve the President's request.


The Taliban says it's behind an attack in Afghanistan's capital that killed several NATO soldiers. Pentagon officials say the bombing killed two Americans. U-S troops helped Afghan soldiers keep people away from the scene of the bombing in Kabul. Officials say a Taliban suicide bomber blew up a car full of explosives. The explosion happened just outside a base that Americans use.


A bomb squad responded in Claremont today. A suspicious bottle was found near Lafayette Street. Investigators say it appears to be a bottle used to make Meth -- or a chemical reaction bomb. The New Hampshire bomb squad and DEA were called in. The bottle is being tested.


Police in Williston need your help catching -- a crook -- who allegedly stole donations. Police say the man shown here -- entered the Interstate-89 Southbound rest area -- and took the money box for coffee donations. Investigators say he made off with about 75 dollars -- if you know who he is -- call Vermont State Police.


It's a crucial service for Veterans -- in need of a way to get to the doctors. But as Adam Sullivan reports -- the program itself needs some help -- finding volunteers.


Ralph Funari needs a ride home from the V.A. Medical Center in White River Junction twice a week. ((Ralph Funari/Veteran: "I used to drive up until four years ago and my wife decided she didn't want me to drive anymore.")) For years, the Disabled American Veterans ride program has been something he relies on. ((Funari: "it means an awful lot to me. It really does. Like I said, I don't know what I would do without them.")) ((Jeffrey Snow/Hospital Service Coordinator: "I have been doing this for 20 years and it is amazing the stories and the friendship you make.")) Jeffrey Snow runs the D.A.V. program-- which operates in partnership with the hospital. But, like the veterans who are provided rides on a daily basis-- the program also needs some help. ((Snow: "Without the drivers, the program doesn't exist.")) 55 volunteer drivers cart veterans to and from the hospital using DAV vans. Vincent Tepedino-- who lives in West Lebanon-- is one of the veterans using the service to get healthcare. ((Vincent Tepedino/Uses Ride Program: "very important for veterans that can't get transportation.")) He says he can get to the medical center using public transportation, but that often requires a long wait and sometimes a long walk-- unlike his ride home on this day. ((Tepedino: "you have to wait 10 minutes, or 5 minutes and they are prompt.")) And over the years, friendships are formed. A way for volunteers to give back to those who have given of themselves. ((Snow: "it really is a good all around experience and it makes you feel good about the day.")) Feel good about helping Veterans like Funari who is dropped off at his doorstep in Wilder. ((Funari: "they have never said no.")) A service soldiers have come to count on. Adam Sullivan channel three news in White River Junction.

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Tonight: Mostly clear. Patchy fog. Low 35/45. Wind light. Wednesday: Partly sunny. A few late day clouds, north. High 60/67. Wind W 5-10 mph. Wednesday Night: Mostly cloudy. Chance of a passing shower. Low 40/47. Wind light. Thursday: Partly sunny. Cooler. High 52/58. Wind NW 5-10 mph. Friday: Mostly sunny. Continued cool. High 53/60. Low 35/45. Saturday: Partly sunny. Warmer. High 63/70. Low 45/55. Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers. High 60s. Low 50s. Monday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. High 60s. Low 40s. Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 55/65.

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America is one step closer to leaping back into space. Two American companies have new government contracts to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station. Craig Boswell reports.


Florida's Cape Canaveral will soon be back in the business of manned spaceflight. :04-:08 SOT: Charles Bolden / NASA Administrator: "Our destiny is set and our course is laid out before us and we're following it." NASA has awarded contracts to two private US companies to shuttle American astronauts to and from the International Space Station. One goes to Boeing, which has developed a capsule called the CST-100. The other goes to Billionaire Elon Musk's Space Exporation Technologies Corp -- or Space X - which started bringing supplies to the ISS with its Dragon capsule in 2012. Each company will build its own vehicle . :35-:42 SOT: Bob Cabana / Director, Kennedy Space Center. "I believe it represents the first steps from planet earth and going onto mars one day into deep space." The US has relied on Russia to ferry American astronauts to and from the ISS since the US retired its manned space program in 2011 - at a cost of 71 million dollars a seat. NASA says it also plans to eventually send civilians into space too. :59-1:08 SOT: BOLDEN: "the partnerships with Boeing and Space X promise to give more people in America and around the world the opportunity to experience the wonder and exhilaration of space flight." The new space ships will also serve as space life boats in cases of emergency. Flights from the Kennedy Space Center are expected to begin in 2017. Craig Boswell, CBS News.


It doesn't happen often, but this Saturday, the Castleton, Norwich, Dartmouth and Middlebury football teams are all home. The Cadets and Spartans are already into their seasons, but it will be the season openers for the Big Green and the Panthers. Middlebury is coming off a 7-1 season in which the Panthers earned a share of the NESCAC championship. One of the biggest questions for the team heading into this season was, who is going to play quarterback? With McCallum Foote graduating in the spring, four players had their sights set on the job including for Burr and Burton star Jake Stalcup. The former Vermont gatorade player of the year is entering his sophomore season in Middlebury. Stalcup had an impressive camp, but was beaten out for the position by junior Matt Milano. Stalcup knows it's early in his Panthers career so he just has to wait for his time to shine.


(((Jake Stalcup/"It's good to know that I have a couple of more years here and it's just that much more motivation to work hard and try to earn that starting spot or put myself in the best spot I can when Matt leaves or if someone goes down or something. It's really just helping me focus just each and every day as if it was a game day to just do the best I possibly can."))) (((Bob Ritter/"He's got a great sense of the passing game and he can throw the ball really well. He did a great job for us also.")))


Elsewhere at Middlebury today, the 2-2 women's soccer team hosting 4-1 Plattsburgh. --- The goalies controlled the first 80 minutes of this game. Plattsburgh's Danielle Schmitt with the diving save in the first half. ---- Second half, the Cardinals with a great chance to get on the board, but Anissa Hartman's shot is just high. --- A little late it's middlebury's Carter Talgo with a chance, but Schmitt is there to take it away. She had 11 saves. ----- Finally with 10 minutes to go in regulation, Molly Parizeau feeds it to Adrianna Gildner who perfectly deposits it into the top corner .... and Middlebury comes away with the 1-0 win.


High School girls soccer under the lights tonight, Burlington hosting Colchester. ---- Scoreless game at the break, 7 minutes into the second half, Burlington's michaela combs, turns fires and puts it home. The seahorses take a 1-0 lead. --- about 8 minutes later, the Burlington pass is knocked away but The seahorses Tatum Vacherea gets a foot on it and it finds the back of the net. It's 2-0 Burlington. --- Colchester had chances to get on the board late, the lead pass is too far in front for Autumn Hathaway. Norah Mitchell comes out to make the stop. Burlington goes on to the 2-0 win.


** With the Vermont state late model championship decided Sunday, the attention now shifts to Loudon this weekend. Several of the drivers that competed in West Haven are packing up their vans and heading to another fast, flat, but just slightly bigger track. New Hampshire Motor Speedway is hosting the sixth annual ACT Invitational Saturday. There will be drivers of all experience levels out on the magic mile. Charlotte's Josh Masterson will be running in his second Invitational and will treasure every moment of the experience.


((TRT: 19 ... OC: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF.)) (( Josh Masterson/ Just coming out of the pits and looking up into the grandstands, it's like a stadium. It's quite the feeling. To be a part of an event like that, that Tom Curley has been able to put on for all of us ACT/Late Model drivers, it's definitely an opportunity I like to take advantage of.))


A day after being officially eliminated from the playoff race, the Yankees in action tonight, visiting the Rays. --- The Bombers get on the board in the second, Ichiro Suzuki with the basehit scoring Chris Young. It's 1-0 New York. --- It's all Rays from that point on scoring 6 unanswered runs, 6th inning YUNEL ESCOBAR with a perfect squeeze play bunt. NICK FRANKLIN SCORES. There was a little scuffle later in the game, but the Rays go on to the 6-1 win.


The Yankees and Red Sox are out of the race, but the Pirates are clinging to a wild card spot, go figure. Pittsburgh hosting Boston. --- Anthony Ranaudo getting the start for the Sox. He wasn't too bad, 3 runs in 5 and 2 third innings. He did give up a couple of deep balls. Russell Martin with a 2 run shot. Then Starling Marte hits a solo blast. Boston falls, 4-0.

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