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What does it take for a refugee to make the move to the United States. Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11 -- I'm Keith McGilvery. Today Governor Shumlin visited a class for recent refugees and says there's a lot folks can learn from their experience. Kyle Midura has the details.


(00:07:26:00) ((What made America great, and what makes Vermont great is people like you)) Governor Peter Shumlin extended a hand to refugees as they learn the language of their new home country. (00:09:15:00) ((I come from Bhutan -- nice to meet you)) (00:10:22:00) ((I'm glad we have you, happy Thanksgiving)) Many here are working on expressions and the basics after fleeing natural disaster or violence in Africa and Southeast Asia. (00:14:08:00) ((I left my childs - two childs - I have 10 years no see them)) (00:39:20:00) ((KM: Do you feel safer? Bishnu Adhikari - Bhutan Refugee -- via translator: very much, a lot)) Gov. Peter Shumlin says many Americans are unaware of the multi-year process refugees must overcome to resettle in the United States. (00:08:00:00 ) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont but we know what we end up with is not people we should fear, but people that we embrace, appreciate, as members of the Vermont family, and we're really really excited to have you here )) More than half the governors across the United States have called for blocking plans to resettle 10-thousand Syrian refugees in the country following terror attacks in France. In a press conference, Shumlin criticized the state's two Republican candidates running for governor in 2016 for suggesting the program pause for scrutiny. Lt. Gov. Phil Scott is one of them. (00:07:54:00) ((Phil Scott I would say 99 percent of the people in Vermont don't understand the process, including me)) Scott says he's seeking out more information about the program -- and concedes the Governor likely knows more about it than he does. But he says he wants more than assurances before he backs the program's continuation. (00:07:40:00) ((Phil Scott I think we have an obligation to public safety, I think we should take a pause, a step back and at least make sure the process is safe)) Shumlin says the resettlement program has yet to admit a terrorist -- and argues those who wish to do harm to the country have easier means of access than through the refugee program. He's ready to push ahead. (00:08:22:00) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont Happy Thanksgiving, we are thankful that you are Vermotners and we look forward to welcoming more refugees who are leaving horrid, horrid circumstances to come to the promised land)) Kyle Midura -- channel 3 news -- Burlington.


A new deal means plans to close Alcoa's smelting operations in Massena have been called off. Under the terms of the agreement with the state-- Alcoa will keep its West smelter plant open for at least three-and-a-half years. The state will offer up to 30 million dollars in electricity savings and 38 million for upgrades and improvements at the plant. Alcoa will face up to $40 million in penalties if it violates the terms of the deal. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Charles Schumer negotiated the deal after Alcoa announced the plant's closure earlier this month.


((Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-NY "this is the state's way of stepping up to say, we understand the situation, we'll step in, we want to save those jobs, we want to save that plant, we believe it is a cycle and it is going to turn around but we'll put our money where our mouth is.)) ((Se. Charles Schumer, D-NY If the price of aluminum is up, which we hope it would be it will take care of itself, if the price of aluminum us down, we'll be back here, we're not going to let this plant go, Governor Cuomo and I for 3 and a half years or 30 and a half years.)) The company will also face financial penalties if it does not keep at least 600 employees at the plant.


A Tunbridge teenager is now a registered sex offender. Owen Labrie -- was found guilty of a misdemeanor for the encounter with a girl at St. Paul's School in New Hampshire. He was also convicted of a felony count -- for using a computer to lure the girl -- which requires him to be on the registry. Labrie also got a year in jail. But he's free on bail pending an appeal.


South Burlington police are looking for wanted bank robber. This is a surveillance photo of the suspect from the Merchants Bank on Shelburne Road. Police say the white male entered the bank just before 2-30 today. He handed the teller a note demanding cash -- and left with the money. He was wearing a black hoodie, with a blue t-shirt over it. He had on a black hat -- and appeared to have a gauze bandage over part of his face.


((Chief Trevor Whipple, South Burlington Police Dept. 13:17 "I would always advise in a similar fashion if you see someone that fits the description don't approach them, call 9-1-1, call police, let us take on that task, that's our job.)) South Burlington's police chief says the suspect was last spotted walking toward the neighboring K-Mart Plaza.


A warning tonight for drivers about mystery projectiles hitting cars. State police say something hit a CCTA bus on 189 in South Burlington - as it approached Shelburne Road from Montpelier Monday night. The objects were not strong enough to get through the window - but carried enough force to send pulverized glass onto passengers. No one was hurt.


((000209, Lt. James Whitcomb/Vermont State Police: this is one of several incidents recently unfortunately that we've had on the interstate spread out through a large geographic area 000217)) This month two other vehicles were hit. A windshield smashed near the Winooski River Bridge on November 6th -- then a side window of a car smashed on the interstate in Milton non the 14th. Police are investigating and do NOT know if the incidents are connected.

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Dan is here. A little wintry in spots today.


A number of drivers in the NEK -- have been shocked by what they've seen this week on the side of the road. The story has reached almost 100-thousand people on our Facebook page and has been shared about 700 times. Alex Apple is live with the story behind the buzz. Keith -- witnesses this afternoon in some cases-- stopped their cars -- got out -- and in other cases drove by carefully -- trying not to take out anything in the middle of the road. So what was the hold up? A couple of escapees -- and I don't mean guys from prison.

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((Interstate NAT)) 65 mile an hour speeds. A thin layer of snow. A cloak of darkness. A recipe ripe for turning I-91 roadside critters into roadkill. ((Bonnie Baraw 15:28 I was pretty surprised. I'm used to seeing critters in the road from all the travelling I do but not that.)) Bonnie Baraw drives home up the 91 corridor to Newport daily. Tuesday -- a turbulent trek. ((Baraw: 15:44 It was a little shocking, I gotta tell you and there was nobody around so I didnt really know what to do.)) ((Standup: 21:59 Remember the old kids joke why did the chicken cross the road? Well, there was a real-life scenario of that playing out today on Interstate 91 near Barton, only with a pig not a chicken.)) ((Baraw: 15:23 Saw a pig in the road! 16:33 I was just trying to get traffic slowed down because the trucks were going by.)) Say it ain't sow! Five pigs, five piglets and a goat crossing the interstate NEAR BARTON. Bonnie Baraw used her Jeep to shew them off the road. ((Baraw: 20:34 No I didn't learn that in school actually.)) ((20:48 I didn't want to beep the horn because I was afraid the rest of them would scatter.)) 20:59 They were pretty lucky.)) Two days in a row -- police have gotten calls for runaway swine on I-91. There's a cop and plow truck driver getting them behind the game fence. The pig problems solved for now -- all 11 animals back to safety.

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A Russian fighter jet shot down over Turkish airspace -- we'll have the details. Plus -- President Obama meeting with his French counter-part on ramping up airstrikes against ISIS. Also -- (SOT - Marlie) "How did you go from being in a romantic relationship with somebody to having sex with other people so he can have the money?" (SOT - Nancy Yarborough / Sex Trafficking Survivor) "It's the coercion, its wanting to please somebody, and thinking that this is actually going to please him." An inside look at the US city that's earned the nickname "pimp city." Our special series on sex-trafficking when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


U.S and NATO officials say a Russian fighter jet was shot down just after entering Turkish airspace. Russian President Vladimir Putin is now threatening significant consequences for Turkey, which says the warplane was warned. Video of the incident shows the doomed jet just after a Turkish fighter jet hit it with an air-to-air missile. Two crew members were seen parachuting to the ground. A Syrian rebel group says it fired on the pilots as they descended - and at least one was reported dead. The fate of the other pilot is not known.


French President Francois Hollande met with President Obama today to urge the international community to ramp up its fight against ISIS. France intensified its campaign against ISIS after the militant group claimed responsibility for the terror attacks in Paris. Now Hollande wants the U.S. and Russia to form a coalition to wipe out ISIS. But forming a partnership could be a challenge for the Obama administration -- which is skeptical of Russian President Vladimir Putin's intentions in Syria.




TRT: 1:48 CGS: 23-29 Chandra Cooper/Founder, Grateful Girls Community Resource Center 40-47 Marlie Hall/CBS News/Milwaukee, WI 48-53 Nancy Yarborough/Sex Trafficking Survivor 104-111 Capt. Aimee Obregon/Milwaukee Police, Sensitive Crimes Div. (TRACK) THESE PROSTITUTES ARE WORKING THE STREETS OF MILWAUKEE A GROWING HUB FOR SEX TRAFFICKING. TWO THIRDS OF THE PIMPS ARRESTED IN A NATIONWIDE FBI STING TWO YEARS AGO WERE FROM WISCONSIN. (NAT - Chandra doing street outreach) (3:21:15 cc:) we're gonna be out here looking for you (TRACK) WE WALKED WITH CHANDRA COOPER THROUGH MILWAUKEE'S WEST SIDE ON A LATE-NIGHT CRUSADE TO RESCUE VICTIMS OF FORCED PROSTITUTION. (SOT) (05:22) "i just feel like its my mission and my purpose to see them out of this, and to help them as much as I can." (TRACK) NANCY YARBOROUGH WORKS WITH CHANDRA. SHE USED TO WALK THESE STREETS HERSELF, AFTER BECOMING HER BOYFRIEND'S PAYCHECK WHEN SHE WAS JUST 17. (SOT - Marlie) "How did you go from being in a romantic relationship with somebody to having sex with other people so he can have the money?" (SOT - Nancy Yarborough / Sex Trafficking Survivor) "It's the coercion, its wanting to please somebody, and thinking that this is actually going to please him." (TRACK) POLICE IN MILWAUKEE HAVE MORE THAN 200 PIMPS ON THEIR RADAR BUT FEW RESOURCES. (SOT - Capt. Aimee Obregon / Captain of Milwaukee Sensitive Crimes Division) (08:21:49 mh:) how come you only have three detectives assigned to sex trafficking? (02:26:37) I don't think people realized how big it was until recently that's why i'm working as hard as i can to get more investigators. (TRACK) THIS UNDERCOVER DETECTIVE SAYS MILWAUKEE HAS EARNED THE NICKNAME "PIMP SCHOOL." (SOT - Undercover Detective / Milwaukee Police Department) (14:30:29) the fathers teach their sons teach their nephews // (14:31:50) a well-established pimp can make $500,000 on one girl in one year // (TRACK) CHANDRA COOPER IS BREAKING THAT CYCLE. SHE SET UP GRATEFUL GIRLS, AN ORGANIZATION TO HELP VICTIMS OF SEX TRAFFICKING. (SOT - Chandra Cooper / Grateful Girls Community Resource Center) (07:53) my dad was a pimp //(11:43) i live this, i breathe this // i have to keep going (TRACK) BUT IT'S HARD TO CHANGE A CULTURE, ONE PERSON AT A TIME. (NAT - Chandra doing street outreach) (3:21:24) come on down to 26th St ok? (prostitute: thank you) MARLIE HALL, CBS NEWS, MILWAUKEE.

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Tonight: Partly cloudy. Chance of an evening snow shower. Lows: 18/25 Winds: Light Wednesday: A few morning clouds. Becoming mostly sunny. Highs: 38/45 Winds: Light Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 25/35 Winds: S 10-15 mph Thursday: Partly sunny and warmer. Highs: 45/52 Winds: S 10-15 mph Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Thursday Night: Lows 38/45 Friday: Chance of late day showers, Rain likely Friday night, mixing with snow. Highs 45/52 Lows 23/30 Saturday: Scattered snow showers. Highs 28/35 Lows 15/25 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 30s Lows 15/25 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 30s lows 20s Tuesday: Chance of rain/snow showers. Highs 35/45

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The reigning NCAA champion Plattsburgh State women's hockey team is off to a red hot start this year... They are 6-0 and outscoring their opponents in those 6 games 34-2.....The Cardinals have won their last 17 games and with a win tonight, they would tie the program record of 18 straight... Former Plattsburgh forward, Steph Moberg, leading her 10th ranked castleton women's hockey team into her old stomping grounds to take on the top ranked cardinals. --- Castleton outshot 21-7 in the first period, but Spartans goalie Jess Cameron a stone wall, not letting anything through. We're scoreless after one. --- More of the same in the second period, Courtney Moriarty makes the steal, breaks in alone, Cameron makes not one, but 2 saves. She had a career high 60 saves tonight. --- Castleton looked like it had opened the scoring midway through the second period. The Spartans poking at the puck in front, the goal light goes on, but the ref out of position says cardinals goalie Camille Leonard covered it up before it crossed the goaline. So no goal.. --- And Plattsburgh takes advantage, as a few minutes later on the power-play, Erin Brand goes top shelf. Cardinals take a 1-0- lead after 2. --- And the Spartans forces collapse in the third...long pass to Moriarty...beautiful toe drag and she's slides it through for the short handed goal ... Plattsburgh goes on to the 4-0 win, it's the Spartans first loss of the season and the 18th straight win for the cardinals, tying a program record.


(Courtney Moriarty/Plattsburgh Forward/"We were having trouble finding the back of the net, but after that first period, we found out how they were pressuring in front of the net and we finally got one through and that was our biggest step up and our biggest intensity builder right there."))) (((Kevin Houle/"They have great goaltending and they're a quality hockey team, so we obviously stayed the course and it was a tough battle all the way, but we were able to grind out a 4-0 win."))) (((Steph Moberg/"I think we had some really good opportunities. We possessed the puck well in certain points of the game. If anything, we learned some things that we need to improve on. plattsburgh's a great team. Any time you go against the top team in the country, the expectation is that you're going to be challenged.")


While things couldn't be going better for Plattsburgh, they couldn't be going much worse for the UVM men's hockey team... Vermont was swept by previously winless Maine in a two game series Friday and Saturday night in Orono, falling 3-2 on Friday and 4-1 on Saturday. Vermont is now 3-8-2 on the year ..The Cats take a break from Hockey East play this week to face Penn State on Sunday in Philadelphia. There's a lot of hockey left to be played this season, but after a month's worth of struggles, the team is fighting to maintain a positive outlook.


(TRT: 28...our game back) (bradley/"tremendously disappointing the way we came out and got completely dominated in the first period. I mean, the guys, we have to be ready. I mean, the coaches can say whatever they want but just got to find it inside, a way to get ready for that game." Pattyn/"We've got to start holding ourselves accountable. Of course it starts with myself and I've got to come up and come ready to compete everyday and hold guys accountable to to come up to that level as well. We just got to find ourselves and find our game back." )


The IceCats also announced today that the team will honor it's all-time leading scorer, Martin St. Louis, on January 8th when Vermont hosts longtime rival Dartmouth. St. Louis will be in attendance and will be recognized during a special pre-game ceremony on the ice at Gutterson. --- St. Louis retired this past season after a stellar 16 year NHL career with Calgary, Tampa Bay and the New York Rangers. He won a Stanley Cup with Tampa in 2004 and that same season was the league's leading scorer and MVP. During his four-year standout career at Vermont, St. Louis registered 91 goals and 176 assists in 139 games. --- The forward led the Catamounts to their first-ever NCAA Frozen Four berth in 1996 and another NCAA Tournament appearance in 1997. For three straight seasons, St. Louis was named an All-American and a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award.

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