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Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11. I'm Jennifer Reading. And I'm Keith McGilvery. The dust has settled on most of the day's primary election contests. Polls closed at seven this evening. State House reporter Kyle Midura kicks off our team coverage -- he joins us now with an update on the races. Kyle? Jennifer and Keith, without presidential candidates at the top of the ballot this year, we have reports of low turnout from across the state. With about three quarters of results in, only about 27-thousand Vermonters cast ballots. Those who did go to the polls chose a challenger to Gov. Peter Shumlin. In a couple of races, the results are in, but not known.


Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin says he won't begin campaigning until Labor Day, he still cruised to an easy victory Tuesday over fringe candidate H. Brooke Paige. In a statement, he called serving as the state's governor the greatest privilege of his life. The Associated Press called the race to be his Republican Challenger for Scott Milne of Pomfret early in the night. Scott now goes from favorite in his party primary to the underdog in the general election. He says a primary challenge helps his November campaign.


(NO SUPER, PHONER GFX) ((2:46 - :54 - Scott Milne - Republican for Governor it's good for me and I think it's going to give me a better opportunity to be the first person to knock off an incumbent Governor in Vermont in 52 years ))


The state's lone U.S. congressman Peter Welch did not face a primary challenger and secured almost 99 percent of all votes for the Democratic nomination. He's been in office since 2007.


Three candidates competed for the right to oppose him on the ballot as a Republican. With about three quarters of the votes tallied, Mark Donka of Hartford holds a razor-thin lead. Regardless of who prevails, none of the candidates are expected to pose any threat to the incumbent Welch.


Republican incumbent Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott did not face a challenger from his own party -- securing more than 11-thousand votes. Progressive challenger Dean Corren won his party's nomination for the position but with about one percent of that total. It appears Corren -- who also sought the Democratic endorsement -- successfully convinced his supporters to vote on that party's ballot. Voters who chose that ballot wrote-in more than 43-hundred times. It may not be clear how they voted though for a few more days.


Incumbent Attorney General Bill Sorrell narrowly defeated Chittenden County State's Attorney T.J. Donovan in the 2012 election. This year, he easily knocked off the same H. Brooke Paige who challenged the Governor. Republican Shane McCormack of Underhill is expected to win the Republican write-in and face Sorrell in the general election. (***ON-CAM***} Many of tonight's votes are still unofficial. They'll be certified over the course of the week. The general election will arrive November 4th. - Jennifer


We're also following the down ticket races this evening. Alex Apple is live in studio with the latest legislative and county results. Alex? Jennifer and Keith, there are 180 seats up for grabs in the Vermont legislature, but only around a dozen contested races. We'll start tonight in WIndham...


Four democrats vied for two seats there -- only one incumbent appeared on the ballot after Senator Peter Galbreath decided not to run for reelection. Incumbent Jeanette White and Becca Balint have the lead at the moment. Former Secretary of Agriculture Roger Allbee is in third. In Winooski tonight, Diana Gonzalez and Clem Bissonnette have won the Democratic primary for the two state rep seatss there -- they beat former representative Kenneth Atkins. We spoke with Gonzalez tonight who told us she feels like her message resonated with voters who felt disconnected from their state representation.


(diana Gonzalez 1:45)(('A number of folks I talked to that weren't really connected to what was happening at the state level, they appreciated having somebody come to their door and interact with them."))


Elsewhere in Chittenden County, Kevin McLaughlin, the incumbent, in the race for Chittenden County Sherrif has a large lead over Edward Cafferty with nearly all the precincts reporting. McLaughlin is Chittenden County's longest serving sheriff in over 200 years. The Essex County State's attorney race was closer with Vincent Illuzzi holding between a 15 and 20 percent lead. He was facing a primary challenge from Julianne Woolard. Turnout--very low for that race. Jennifer Barrett looks like she will manage to unseat incumbent Orleans state's attorney Alan Franklin. Franklin was appointed by Governor Peter Shumlin in 2011 -- Keith Flynn was the person originally elected to the seat. Barrett has served in the Bennington County State's Attorney office-- there she was the domestic violence prosecutor. All of these results are unofficial -- so we'll continue to keep you updated as the night goes on.


Again -- these results are unofficial. And as the numbers continue to pour in -- we'll keep you posted. You can check out wcax-dot-com -- and find Channel 3 on Twitter and Facebook. We'll also have the latest results during the Channel 3 Morning News starting at 5 am!


Multiple buildings -- in Barre -- have gone up in flames in just the last month. Tonight state police are involved in the search for a possible serial arsonist. Alexei Rubenstein reports.


The Reynold's House on South Main Street was a charred mess Tuesday morning -- as state fire investigators sifted through the debris for clues. ((28:58 Doris Marsha/Neighbor "What I could see was just big flames coming up from the top of the roof over there.)) Like three other arsons this month -- The former Bed and Breakfast was unoccupied -- It had also just been sold to new owners. ((NATS)) Meanwhile -- Just up the hill, on Woodland Drive -- Damian Barnett is trying to come to grips with the suspicious fire that broke out in his families car port around 4 a.m. Tuesday. ((38:55 Damian Barnett/Fire Victim "It scares the crap out of me because there was a chance of me not even coming home last night. ((39:06 I think about that as if I wouldn't have come home would my mom have heard it, would my stepfather have heard it and literally on the other side of this wall is the two bedrooms.)) While the blaze is considered suspicious -- Officials say it does NOT appear to be linked to the other arsons. But they say the fire in a occupied home -- raises the stakes. ((21:58 Chief Tim Bombardier/Barre City Fire Dept. "Something that started in a building could take out a neighborhood. Something that started in a block downtown that was meant to be a small fire that somebody loses control of --could take out a block and the fact that you cant take it back -- that scares me.)) Stretched thin -- Barre's mayor reached out overnight to state officials for help. (( 14:33 Keith Flynn/Vt. Public Safety Cmsr. "This subjects Innocent citizens of the town of barre the city of barre to harm - that's needless. This subjects firefighters to needles harm and needless risk.)) Tuesdays fires bring the total number of suspected arsons this month to five. ((GRFX)) on August 3rd, a vacant apartment on North Seminary Street went up in flames. Just days later, a storage building was torched on Williams Lane. And exactly a week ago Buzzi's (Bootsy's) Garage on Farwell St. was hit. And then last nights fires on South Main and Woodland. ((FIle 11-28-12 )) Damian Barnett is no stranger to tragedy -- two years ago, he and family watched in shock -- as the the log home he built burn to the ground just before Christmas. ((FILE 11-28-12 "You don't think about anything. You don't about the belongings. People say that's what you think about, but you don't," "I never once thought about going to grab a picture of the kids.")) As for the Reynold's House -- The Turn-of-the-Century building is considered a treasure of Barre's past -- a tragedy of another sort... ((43:37 Karen Lane/Barre Historical Society "It does feel like a tragedy.)) ((43:58 Its hard for me to fathom the reason why someone would want to take history into their own hands and destroy it in that way, because it just take the heart out of the community.)) State and local officials say they plan to increase the number of overnight patrols and detectives working the case -- they also urge residents to immediately report any suspicious activities. Alexei Rubenstein -- Channel 3 News -- Barre


And in Norton -- investigators are looking into another suspected arson. It happened at 403 Lake View Road Saturday. When fire crews arrived -- they say the owner of Averill Lake Corporation had already put out the small fire in his rear office. The state police fire investigation unit determined the blaze was intentionally set. The building sustained major smoke damage. And State police are looking for the arsonist. If you have any information -- you're asked to call the arson tip line.


Rutland City police arrested two men -- they say -- are behind an assault and robbery. Monday night -- police were called to Terrill and East Streets -- for an alleged attack involving a Rutland couple. Police say the victims were approached by a friend -- and two men. Those men were later identified as 24-year-old Jeffrey Bussino -- and 44-year-old Jack Reed. Police say the Rutland City men assaulted and robbed the woman -- and tried to keep her boyfriend from helping her. Bussino and Reed are facing multiple counts of assault and robbery. They're being held at the Marble Valley Correctional Center.

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Dan is here. Another sunny, warm day out there. A weak cold front will move in tonight; this could trigger a shower or thunderstorm. Otherwise skies will average partly cloudy, with lows near 60.


Fake tickets are turning up at the Champlain Valley Fair. Essex police say they arrested 32-year-old Jeannie Morrill of Burlington. And seized several hundred counterfeit passes. It's unclear how many people bought the bogus tickets. But -- police say -- fair staff are now looking for the phony passes.


(shelly Palmer/Found Counterfeit tickets 13:26:03)(("People sell bundles of them saying they're from a business and they're giving you discount tickets. They generally sell for around $5.")) (chris ashby Champlain Valley Fair)(("Q: Is there a specific way someone who's gonna buy a ticket can make sure it's not counterfeit? A:Buy the ticket at the fair. We don't have ticket outlets other than the fair gate booths so if you're buying a ticket from someone other than the fair, there is a pretty good chance you could be buying counterfeit tickets)" Our team from The :30 is live at the fair all this week. The fun runs through Sunday.

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Still ahead -- it's a process the public rarely gets to see. ((Deborah Barratt/New Parent 00:09:10 "Just excitement, I had a hard time sleeping." 00:09:15)) We'll tell you what has this Vermont family so excited. Plus -- why toilet paper and human waste has Randolph shelling out tens of thousands of dollars. And -- a series of train derailments prompts safety training in Plattsburgh. Plus -- a big buyout for one American fast food giant. Why it's got one Vermont senator fired up -- when the Channel 3 news at 11 continues.


It's life changing moment for a family. But unless yours has been through it -- few understand how challenging adoptions can be. Melissa Howell -- got a rare and powerful peek.


Walking into a courtroom, it's a little unusual to see smiling faces and hear music blaring... ((MUSIC NATS)) But that's exactly how Alan, Deborah and little Alyviah were greeted as they took there seats. It's the day they finalize their adoption of Alyviah -- a moment that's pretty hard to put into words. ((Deborah Barratt/New Parent 00:09:10 "Just excitement, I had a hard time sleeping." 00:09:15)) Alyviah has been with the Barratt's since she was 2 days old. Now, she's one -- and is no longer a foster child...she's their daughter. ((Deborah Barratt/New Parent 00:12:27 "We've had 35 kids and they've all went home. She's the first that stayed." 00:12:34)) And her new family is large... ((Deborah Barratt/New Parent 00:15:38 "We have at home a 17 year old, a 13 year old, a 7 year old, a 4 year old foster and her." 00:15:44)) ((Alan Barratt/Dad 00:15:24 "Always something to do, never boring." 00:15:26)) Here at the Superior Court in Burlington, it's moments like this that Judge Susan Fowler says make it all worth while. ((NATS OF ADOPTION SIGNING)) ((Judge 00:31:43 "When you finally get here to this date, all the papers are in order and everything's perfect and you know nothing's going to go wrong, it's a huge emotional release." 00:31:51)) Judge Fowler adopted 2 kids of her own in the 1980s. So every adoption, for her, is a party...and the beginning of a new life. ((Judge 00:23:30 "They can teach you so much about acceptance of things that are different that you hadn't necessarily thought were ok." 00:23:38)) She's finalized nearly 2-thousand adoption in Vermont - and says there are all kinds of ways to connect families. ((Deborah Barratt/New Parent 00:24:51 "I've done adoptions for kids in their 40s who will then say I want to validate this person who raised me as their own even though he or she was not my biological parent." 00:25:01)) But for Alyviah, it's the beginning of forever.. ((NATS OF ALYVIAH HITTING GAVEL)) ((Deborah Barratt/New Parent 00:14:41 "I wrote a poem about promising that she'll always have a home and she'll always be safe and how she can always go to sleep at night knowing that she has that family." 00:14:48)) Judge Fowler hopes to see more children given the same kind of security. ((Judge 00:23:46 "it's all about love and it doesn't really matter where you come from." 00:23:49)) All that matters now for little Alyviah is where she's going -- to her new forever home. ((MUSIC NATS)) Melissa Howell Channel 3 News Burlington.


Randolph is shelling out thousands to settle its wastewater treatment violations. The Department of Environmental Conservation announced the town will pay more than 56-thousand dollars in fines. In 2012 -- D-E-C was tipped off to toilet paper, human waste and grease leaking into the White River -- from a wastewater treatment facility -- operated by the town of Randolph. Turns out the facility's two aerators had been broken for more than a week -- and it was never reported to D-E-C. The Town's Chief Operator resigned and left Vermont during the investigation. Randolph has agreed pay 28-thousand in penalties -- and contribute another 28-thousand to a Supplemental Environmental Project. The town hired a new operator -- and has been compliant ever since.

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Tackling oil train safety in Plattsburgh. Thursday, emergency personnel, spill-response officials and environmentalists will hold a forum on the topic. It comes following a series of derailments that have led to deadly explosions as well as water and soil contamination. Canadian Pacific runs between five and nine oil trains a week from the Canadian border to Albany.

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Wednesday is looking like a partly cloudy day. That front will still be in the vicinity, so an isolated shower of t-storm is possible. Highs will range from 78/85, except it will be cooler in the Adirondacks. Temps will cool down even more later in the week. Highs will be in the upper 60s and lower 70s on Thursday and Friday. It will be dry though. Looking ahead to the holiday weekend, a slow-moving frontal system will begin to impact the area. This will give us the chance for some showers and t-storms Saturday through Labor Day. The most widspread shower activity looks to be later Sunday into Monday. Keep in mind that this is still several days away, and things could change-- Please check back for updates.

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Burger King has confirmed a whopper of a deal. The fast food giant is buying the Canadian donut chain Tim Hortons for about 11 billion dollars. The company is moving its corporate headquarters north of the border. And by doing so -- B-K can also take advantage of a tax loophole...that has some customers and politicians upset. Jan Crawford reports.


(nats:) EVEN *TALK* OF MOVING THE HOME OF THE WHOPPER TO CANADA.... WAS ENOUGH TO GET BURGER KING CUSTOMERS FIRED UP. HOURS AFTER CONFIRMING THE COMPANY WAS LOOKING TO TAKE OVER COFFEE AND DONUT CHAIN TIM HORTONS.... BURGER KING'S FACEBOOK PAGE WAS FLOODED WITH MESSAGES FROM PEOPLE THREATENING TO BOYCOTT. (SOT: Dan Primack/Senior Editor, Fortune Magazine) "This is one of the very few companies where consumers can very easily vote with their wallets.//I'd wager that almost every American citizen knows of the company, knows what they make, knows what their brand looks like." A DEAL COULD ALSO MEAN BIG TAX SAVINGS ON FOREIGN INCOME. THE U-S HAS THE HIGHEST CORPORATE TAX RATE IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD AT ABOUT 35 PERCENT - THE FEDERAL TAX RATE IN *CANADA* IS CLOSER TO 15 PERCENT. ALTHOUGH LEGAL, THE PRACTICE - KNOWN AS A TAX INVERSION - HAS FACED REPEATED CRITICISM FROM PRESIDENT OBAMA. (SOT: President Obama) (July 30/Kansas City, MO) "you don't have that option. It ain't right." ((Sen. Bernie Sanders/I-Vermont 13:30:10 "one out of four pays nothing in federal taxes so we need tax reform. We've got legislation in to do this to make sure that large profitable corporations pay their fair share of taxes, can't run to the Cayman Islands. Can't run to Canada. If they want to do business in the U-S they should pay their fair share of taxes.")) (nats: Burger King commercial) BURGER KING ISN'T THE FIRST AMERICAN COMPANY TO FACE SUCH BACKLASH. (GFX 4 IN) EARLIER THIS MONTH, WALGREENS DITCHED PLANS TO MOVE *ITS* HEADQUARTERS TO EUROPE AFTER AN ONSLAUGHT OF NEGATIVE PUBLICTY. (GFX OUT) SINCE 2012, AT LEAST 21 AMERICAN COMPANIES HAVE ANNOUNCED OR COMPLETED SIMILAR DEALS. (GFX OUT) MOST OF THEM INVOLVED HEALTHCARE COMPANIES ... UNTIL NOW. JAN CRAWFORD, CBS NEWS., Washington


The New England Patriots have traded six-time Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for tight end Tim Wright and a reported fourth round 2015 draft pick. Mankins had spent his entire nine year NFL career with the Patriots and has been a team captain the last three. In Wright, New England hopes is it getting the athletic counterpart to the returning from injury Rob Gronkowski that the team hasn't had since the arrest of Aaron Hernandez. Last year, in his rookie season out of Rutgers, Wright caught 54 passes for 571 yards and five touchdowns. The Patriots close out their preseason schedule Thursday night on the road against the New York Giants. That will be a 7:30pm start and you can see it right here on Channel Three.


This time next week, we'll know if Woodstock's Keegan Bradley will be making his second straight appearance on the U-S Ryder Cup team. After coming up just short in his bid to earn an automatic qualifying spots for Team USA, Bradley is hoping to land one of the three captain's picks that U-S captain Tom Watson will make next Tuesday. Bradley was one of the stars of Team USA when he made his Ryder Cup debut in 2012 at Medinah outside Chicago. Teaming with Phil Mickelson, the duo went 3-0, helping the Americans build a big lead before Europe put together it's historic Sunday charge in singles to retain the Cup. Bradley has not hid the fact that he desperately wants back on the Ryder Cup roster for the matches late next month in Scotland. His last chance to impress Watson is at the Deutsche Back Championship this weekend at TPC Boston, but he's also hopeful that the success he had pairing with Mickelson in 2012 will work in his favor when it comes time for those captain's picks to be revealed next Tuesday.


((TRT: ... OC: WINNING SOME MATCHES)) ((Keegan Bradley/ Phil and I have been great partners and really tough to beat over the last couple of years. It definitely can't hurt. We're as tough a team as there is in the world, I would say. We really want another shot at going out there and winning some matches.))

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The Lake Monsters picked up their second straight win at Tri-City tonight, 2-1 the final. They go for the series sweep tomorrow. There are now just six games left for Vermont, which means tonight was the final Tuesday night of the season... one last chance to Meet The Monsters. Here's Scott Fleishman. ((("For our season finale, we're in Essex hanging out with the Vermont State Champion 11 and 12 year old Essex town all stars."))) ((("Go Essex. Go Essex. Go Essex. Go Essex!"))) (((Now as you can see, the girls were having a bit of Wiffle Ball fun when we caught up with them. They deserve it after all the hard work they put into the season including a trip to the regional tournament in Bristol, Connecticut. Here's their first of three questions for the Monsters.))) ((("My name is Logan. I'm 12 years old and I'm a pitcher. How do you know when to put on an infield shift?"))) (((Jose Brizuela/"We know how to put an infield shift on just depending on who's hitting. If he's a righty or a lefty and what their tendencies are. Are they likely to pull the ball, or slap the ball the other way."))) ((("My name is Rachel. I'm 12 years old and I play third base. What is your most embarrassing moment playing baseball?"))) (((John Nogowski/"Rachel, that is a great question. There was this one time, I was playing first base. The ball took a bad hop and got me right in the mid section. I had to sit on first base for a good ten minutes, I couldn't breathe. My teammates were laughing at me and it was on TV so yeah, it was pretty embarrassing."))) (((My name is Abbey. I'm 12 years old and I'm shortstop. Outside of baseball, what other sports do you play?"))) (((Scott Masik/"Hey Abbey, thanks for the question. Outside of baseball when I was younger, I liked to play every sport I could. Anything from volleyball to basketball, soccer, football, track and field. Anything."))) ((("Thanks again to the Essex state champion all stars and to all the teams that participated this season. We'll see you next season on..."))) ((("Meet the Monsters!")))

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