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Good evening and thanks for joining us at 11. I'm Jennifer Costa. And I'm Keith McGilvery. In just about an hour -- Vermont goes hands-free behind the wheel. And violating the new ban will cost you big. Police say it's a 162 dollar fine for the first offense... And 392 dollars for any subsequent offenses. Steve Bottari has the story.


(714_3062_01)((STREETE R no super // 00;22:00:00 I think it's really good. i'm all for it -- i really am. 00;23:03:05)) Cell phone changes -- taking center stage. From drivers getting road ready at the D-M-V. (714_3062_01)((STREETE R no super // 00;21:41:18 you've got everybody's life in your hand when you're behind the wheel. that's the way i look at it. in 2 seconds you kill somebody. that's all it takes -- all it takes 00;21:51:00)) To the newsroom at W-C-A-X. ((PATRICK // 00:00:51:21 distracted driving is an epidemic 00:00;54:05)) Where we got an in-depth lesson from D-M-V officials on the new law. (as nats) ((PATRICK// 00;22:55:29 portable electronic device means...)) Starting October 1st ...it's illegal to use a handheld electronic device while driving. (FONT) That includes... Cellphones... Ipods... Tablets... Computers... ((IDE // 00:30:08:00 keeping our mind and our eyes on the road -- and our hands on the wheel as opposed to letting any of those things get in our way. 00;30:15:03)) It doesn't apply to ... (FONT -- SOURCE: DMV) car's built-in radios ... C-B radios.... Or G-P-S devices... Here's the catch... We learned that means even if you're using your phone for directions... ((PATRICK// 00:13:53:00 if you're using the G-p-s, you're using the gps youre using the gps. if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck -- it's a duck. so if you're using GPS on your phone that's part of waht you can do. 00:14:05:01)) In terms of calls -- what the law does allow -- is using your devices -- hands-free. ((PATRICK// 00;26:09:06 does this mean that i can't touch my phone at all? youre allowed to touch to activate and deactivate the phone. 00:26:18:28)) What exactly that means -- is less clear. The legislature did not specify -- The D-M-V is taking that to mean -- you can press one button. ((PATRICK// 00:13:44:00 you can push the button to activate and deactivate.)) (GFX) So can you answer an incoming call? Yes. Dial a number on your phone? No, unless its 911. Use voice commands like Siri? Yes. Text? Nope. The law says the phone has to be secure in your vehicle. ((PATRICK// 00:13:08:11 as far as driving down the road -- it's not moving around -- i'm not distracted by it. or having to reach down to get it 00:13:13:01 so that it would be securely mounted -- in your pocket even)) Your pocket...they say...pocketbooks, cupholders and mounts -- all count as 'secure.' (GOPRO4799_synched) ((BOTTARI: 00:08:15:00 now if your cars has one of these bluetooths connected to your radio...youre in luck, you can use that. if it doesn't well here are your options -- you can use one of these bluetooth headsets or a speakerphone version that clips right up here (on visor) or you can also use the earbuds that plug into your phone -- only use one earbud the dmv says. 00:08:31:25)) (714304201) (00:00:36:20) ((MICHAEL // we used to get calls once in a while -- and now it's every day we're getting multiple multiple calls.)) Shops like Add-On Auto Accessories in South Burlignton are seeing record business in advance of the new law. (714_3054_01) ((MICHAEL // 00:12:09:06 it's very easy. there's one button that controls all of the bluetooth 00;12:12:29)) Installing after-market radios -- that sync with your phone. ((MICHAEL // 00;14:06:15 it will tell you who's calling you if they're in your contacts, if not, it will list their number, (rings) Hi, hows it going? Hi mom 00:14:14:01 How you doing? 00:14:15:01)) The radios start around 2-hundred -- and go up depending on the features. Headsets and speakerphones are your cheapest bets -- making you street-legal for under 50-bucks. TAG (GOPRO4798) ((00:03:57:00 and one of the major questions is whether police officers, first reponders are exempt from this law. the answer according to the dmv is no. there are no exemptions to this law. steve bottari. c3n. on the road is south burlington 00:04:12:02))


There won't be any charges in a deadly Newport shooting. Prosecutors say Christian Cornelius acted in self-defense when he killed Isaac Hunt. Hunt's girlfriend told investigators that Hunt was in a "blind rage" when he drove to Cornelius's house last July. Hunt then broke into the home and struck Cornelius's brother with a shovel. Christian Cornelius then stabbed Hunt in the leg. Prosecutor Alan Franklin concluded -- "There is no objective evidence there was any intent to kill, only an intent to end the fight." Franklin goes on to say -- The objective evidence is that the brothers acted in self defense ..."


Allegations of sexual abuse -- and a lawsuit against a Vermont religious organization today. This time the target -- a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. The alleged abuse occurred almost two decades ago -- at the Bellows Falls congregation. Miranda and Annessa Lewis say they were the vicitms of sexual abuse at the hands of their congregation leader at the time. They are now bringing civil lawsuits against the congregation--and the governing body of all Jehovah's Witnesses across the country. The complaints allege the abuse started when the girls were four and five.


His family says he's paralyzed. Now a man who police shot after a high speed chase -- could face life behind bars. 27-year-old Eric Jackson of Lyndon was wounded in a hail of trooper gunfire -- captured on cruiser cam. Prosecutors later determined the shooting was justified because Jackson repeatedly rammed the troopers' cruisers. Jackson was charged with aggravated assault -- and now prosecutors are also charging him as a habitual offender, which carries a life sentence -- if convicted.


An Essex County New York man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman. Police arrested 24-year-old Waite Denton Monday. The Willsboro man is charged with forcibly raping a 22-year-old female -- back in July. Denton is being held -- without bail -- at the Essex County Jail. He's due back in court tomorrow.


Each year Vermont ships hundreds of inmates to out of state prisons. It's a cost effective solution to overcrowding. So why do some lawmakers want them back? Alex Apple us now to explain. Alex? Jennifer -- Vermont corrections population hovers around 2000 -- but the state only has room for 1600 inmates. So every two to four years Vermont hires a private company to house the rest. The current contract is set to expire next summer and some lawmakers hope that will trigger a change to keep more inmates at home..


((nat PRISON DOOR CLOSING)) 50-thousand dollars. That's about how much it costs to house one inmate in Vermont for a year. (36:06 Sen. Tim Ashe/D/P-Burlington)(( "It's about half as much per year to house someone out of state than it does in state.")) That's good news for the state of Vermont which sends 4-5 hundred inmates to prisons in Arizona and Kentucky each year. In July 2015, the state's contract with Corrections Corporation of America will expire. That means -- its open-bidding season for the right to house Vermont offenders who don't fit into state prisons. (25:15 Mike Touchette/Dept. Of Correction)(("Once we get all the bidders in we'll take a look at those, we'll evaluate all of those using a matrix of scoring systems.")) Corrections staff then tour bidders' facilities -- across the country -- to determine which will serve Vermont criminals best. Democrat Senator Tim Ashe and Republican Representative Linda Myers sit on corrections oversight committees -- both wish the state didn't need to send offenders across state lines. (3:47 Rep. Linda Myers/ R-Burlington)(("Ideall y we should have another prison -- and the answer to that is there is no way the state of Vermont can afford to build a new prison right now.")) (35:15 Rep. Tim Ashe)(("I think its definitely second best. When people are incarcerated here in Vermont, we can interact with them")) Mike Touchette is Vermont's Director of Correctional Facilities. He says an inmate housed in-state gets more educational and vocational programming -- fitting with the state's mission of rehabilitation and reduced recidivism. He says although prisoners housed out of state are offered less programming -- they're still prepared for life on the outside. Others disagree. (35:38 Rep. Tim Ashe)(("All of our efforts to reduce recidivism....really depend on being able to corral all the local supports...35:26)) Like pyschological counseling for violent offender or post release job training for ex-cons. Myers has another solution. On any given day 400 detainees await trial. She wants them confined to home -- or wearing GPS locators -- instead of taking up coveted bedspace. (4:06 Rep. Linda Myers)(("Find a way that detainees do not have to be incarcerated while they're waiting for their trial...4:36 The courts have not wanted to use this as much as they could.")) She says that would free up enough prison space -- to keep all of Vermont's offenders at home.


Mike Touchette from the Department of Corrections said it's possible the state would resign with Corrections Corporation of America -- the state has partnered with CCA since 2003, Jennifer.

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A Barre drug dealer is headed to prison. 33-year old Heather Brown was sentenced to 4 years behind bars for distributing crack cocaine and tens of thousands of oxycodone pills. Brown was also forced to hand over more than 40-thousand dollars in drug money. Court records show Brown was responsible for selling more than 20-thousand oxy pills since 2011.

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Police discover an illegal marijuana grow in Chittenden County. Authorities say a tipster led them to 19 pot plants in two locations on the Williston- South Burlington line. Police would not reveal the exact locations but did say the plants were removed and later destroyed. Investigators say the case is closed because it's difficult to track down who's behind outdoor operations.

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Vermont State Police are looking for thousands of dollars in stolen antique wood. Authorities say about 14 beams were swiped from an unlocked barn off of Ferry Road in Charlotte. The material was for home construction projects. The 150 year old beams are worth about three and five thousand dollars. If you know who swiped them -- call state police in Williston.


Don't get conned by phony pavers -- promising deep discounts for extra asphalt. That's the message from the Vermont Attorney General's Consumer Assistance Program. Staffers have gotten several complaints from Vermont homeowners -- about transient contractors operating in Berlin and Barre. They're accused of scamming consumers -- doing shoddy work -- or taking the cash and not completely the job. The A-G's office says the contractors may be on the move -- and have reason to believe they'll be targeting unsuspecting victims in Rutland County next.

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Dan is here. A pretty gray day out there.


Fire destroys a barn in New Haven. It happened on the Rail View Dairy Farm on Daniels Road early this morning. The loss is valued at more than 200-thousand dollars. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


A warning tonight about drinking water in Fairhaven. Last Thursday -- the town issued a boil water order. And today -- town's water operator said one additional sample -- came back positive for a bacteria known as coliform. So the boil water order remains in effect. Fairhaven is consulting with state officials to understand what additional steps need to be taken to have the order lifted.

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Still ahead -- Testing positive -- health officials confirm the first case of Ebola in the U.S. And single use plastic bags get the ban in one state -- we'll show you where. Plus is it too good to be true? Could caffeinated underwear help you lose weight? And cutting costs -- by cutting cable-- Why more americans are turning to streaming services -- when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


The Centers for Disease Control is reassuring the public about the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States. Omar Villafranca reports.


TEXAS HEALTH PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL IN DALLAS IS NOW TREATING THE FIRST EBOLA PATIENT DIAGNOSED HERE IN THE U.S. THE CDC IS REASSURING THE PUBLIC: ((SOT Dr. Thomas Frieden/Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pipe 5 17:44:52)) "I have no doubt that we will control this case of ebola so it does not spread widely in this country." ((NARR-2)) THE PATIENT'S IDENTITY IS BEING WITHHELD FOR PRIVACY REASONS. DOCTORS SAY THE MAN FLEW TO THE UNITED STATES FROM LIBERIA... WHERE THE OUTBREAK HAS ESCALATED. BUT HE HAD NO SYMPTOMS AT THE TIME. ((SOT pipe 4 18:10:38 Dr. Thomas Frieden/Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)) "at this point there is zero risk from the flight. ((NARR-3)) THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT IS NOW WORKING TO IDENTIFY ANYONE WHO MIGHT HAVE BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THE INFECTED PATIENT. ((SOT pipe 5 17:44:19 Dr. Thomas Frieden/Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)) "Once those contacts are identified, they're all monitored for 21 days after exposure to see if they develop fever. ((STANDUP BRIDGE - Omar Villafranca, CBS News, Dallas)) THE PATIENT ACTUALLY CAME TO TEXAS HEALTH LATE LAST WEEK, BUT WAS SENT HOME WITH NON-SPECIFIC SYMPTOMS. HE RETURNED IN AN AMBULANCE ON SUNDAY. ((NARR-4)) TEXAS HEALTH SAYS ITS STAFF IS THOROUGHLY TRAINED IN INFECTION CONTROL PROCEDURES. ((SOT pipe 2 from Texas 18:49:44 Dr. Edward Goodman/Hospital Epidemiologist, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas)) "We're perfectly capable of taking care of this patient with no risk to other people." ((NARR-5)) EBLOA IS ONLY SPREAD THROUGH CLOSE CONTACT WITH INFECTED BODILY FLUIDS. DOCTORS ALSO REMIND THE PUBLIC THAT MEDICAL RESOURCES HERE IN THE STATES ARE FAR SUPERIOR TO THOSE IN AFRICA. OMAR VILLAFRANCA, CBS NEWS, DALLAS.


California has become the first in the nation to impose a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags. The ban will phase out single-use bags at large grocery stores starting next July... and smaller convenience stores and pharmacies in 20-16. If shoppers don't bring reusable bags, they'll have to buy paper ones for at least 10-cents each. While advocates and environmentalists are touting the law as a waste reduction victory -- plastic bag manufacturers and other opponents plan to appeal it.


Drop your caffeinated drawers. That's the message to retailers from the Federal Trade Commission. The F-T-C says two companies have agreed to refund 1.5 million-dollars to people who purchased "shapewear" that supposedly can help you lose weight because it's infused with caffeine, vitamin E and other things. The FTC says there's no scientific evidence to back up those claims.

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Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Low 48/55. Wind light. Wednesday: Morning clouds. Becoming partly sunny. High 63/70. Wind light. Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 45/52. Wind light. Thursday: Partly sunny. High 65/72. Wind light. Friday: Partly sunny. High 65/72. Low 42/52. Saturday: Cloudy skies. Showers likely. High 55/62. Low 35/45. Sunday: Variable clouds. Chance of showers. High 53/60. Low 35/45. Monday: Partly sunny. High 55/65. Low 35/45. Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 60s.

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The options for home entertainment are growing. More Americans are getting that entertainment without a cable or satellite hookup. Bigad Shaban reports.


Tenley Breen catches up with her favorite TV shows on her tablet (nats of Ugly Betty on screen) The 25-year-old is one of a growing number of consumers who get their entertainment from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon - not from cable or satellite. (NAT SOT) "Do you like, 'How I Met Your Mother?'" Breen and her roommate Elin Quan don't even own a TV. (Two shot) "No point really, no." (gfx) A new report from Media Analyst Magid Associates finds the number of people who plan who plan to cut their cable connection is growing...from 2.2 percent in 2012 to 2.9 percent in 2014. (SOT: Mike Vorhaus/Frank N. Magid Associates/Media Consultant) "When you're talking about mass media... small numbers add up to mass numbers of people and mass dollars." Breen and Quan, say they can't afford cable or a TV. But they also say that doesn't matter (SOT: Tenley Breen/Doesn't Have Cable ) "It's not like there's anything on TV that I can't find on the internet anyway." One big exception is live sports programming. (SOT: Mike Vorhaus/Frank N. Magid Associates/Media Consultant) "The least likely group to cord cut are active viewers of ESPN." Cable and satellite companies are trying to hold onto customers with cheaper prices, original programming, extra premium channels and services that allow customers to get their shows on phones, computers and tablets. But analysts say that may not be enough to stop a steady stream of viewers from cutting the cord in the future. Bigad Shaban, CBS News, Los Angeles.


It's been an up and down season so far for the Norwich men's soccer team. Two wins to start the season, followed by three straight losses, including shutout defeats to Plattsburgh and Middlebury. But lately, the Cadets have been on a tear... four straight wins, out-scoring their opponents 17-1. Norwich going for a fifth straight victory tonight under the lights at Sabine Field against Plymouth State ... --- the teams play a scoreless first half ...but less than four minutes into the second half... Colchester's Alec Brigante feeds Jacob Zimmerman...his shot is stopped by Plymouth keeper Danny Marsh, but Zimmerman hammers home the rebound for a 1-0 Norwich lead... --- and just five minutes later...Zimmerman with the long pass to Brigante...the former Lakers standout chases it down in the corner and sends a cross into the box that goes off a Plymouth defender and right to Zimmerman who nets his second of the night... Norwich adds a late penalty kick and Christian Hallstrom makes six saves for the shutout. The Cadets win 3-0 to improve to 7-3-1 on the season.


high school soccer tonight...A great one in Hartford between Woodstock and the Hurricanes. --- midway through the second half, Woodstock's Haven Lantz to Connor McCarthy to Alex Crompton who fights through defenders and puts it in while falling to the ground. We're going to overtime tied at 1. --- In the second overtime, Hartford's Nathan Lemieaux comes away with the steal. He passes it ahead to Kyle Prior who does the rest, going far post for the game winner. Hartford takes this rivalry match-up, 2-1 in double OT.


Let's head to Woodstock for a field hockey matchup, the Wasps taking on Rutland... --- Woodstock gets on the board about 10 minutes in, Clancy Furrand gets it to Mariah Luce for the goal. It's 1-0 Wasps. --- Rutland gets it back about a 2 minutes later, off the rebound, Rachel Cruise fires it home. We are tied at 1. --- But Woodstock says not so fast, the lead pass goes up ahead to Lily Doton. and the Wasps go on to double up Rutland 4-2...


The UVM men's hockey team opens it's season on Sunday when the Cats host the Royal Military College of Canada in an exhibition game. It will be a 4pm puck drop at Gutterson. That game will mark the return to the ice of senior forward Kyle Reynolds and the culmination of a long year back. Last year, Reynolds was lost for the season after suffering a knee injury in Vermont's exhibition opener against Ottawa. His loss was a huge one for the Catamounts. In his first two seasons in green and gold, Reynolds was one of the best offensive players on the team, ranking second in scoring as a freshman and third as a sophomore. His return has the Cats excited.


((TRT: 34 ... OC: GET IT GOING)) ((Kevin Sneddon/ It's huge. Reynolds is a very gifted hockey player. I think the challenge for him will be getting him confident again after having a year off. It's hard to take a year off, go through a major surgery and step in like it was yesterday. It's going to take him a little bit of time for him to get back into game shape and game timing. He's done everything we've asked of him. He's been here all summer, put in two-a-days to try to get ready. He's back, he's one hundred percent and he's anxious to get it going.))


For the first time since 1985...the Kansas City Royals are in the baseball playoffs...hosting Oakland tonight in the one-game, American League Wild Card....a packed house had waited nearly 30 years for this game... --- but in the top of the first...Oakland silences the crowd as Brandon Moss hits a two run homer off James Shields...A's grab the early lead... --- KC gets one back in the bottom of the frame off Jon Lester ...then in the third ...with two outs and a runner on third, Lorenzo Cain lines a double to the corner in left...Mike Moustakas scores... game tied at two... --- next batter...Eric Hosmer...that one is going to drop into short left...Cain comes home and the Royals has a 3-2 lead ... --- Oakland chases Shields in the sixth, two on, no out...and Moss launches one to deep center off reliever Yordano Ventura...a three run home run that gives the A's a 5-3 lead... part of a five run inning... Lester takes a 7-3 lead into the eighth but the Royals score three in the frame and end Lester's night... right now it's 7-6 Oakland in the ninth.

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