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In two weeks - new rules for drivers in Vermont. A new state law takes effect banning drivers from talking on the phone while holding it to their ear. Sounds simple enough. But the new law raises tons of questions about what IS allowed. And how it will be policed. Glen Button heads up the DMV's enforcement division. He is also a former police officer. He's here to set the record straight -- and answer your questions. ((what are the fines associated with this? And how heavily is it going to be enforced?)) ((Keith Rowe: Does this apply to police and other law enforcement or EMT and fire department. I see a lot of cops on cell phones driving all the time.)) ((Kristi Bartlett Kilbride: I listen to my audio books... To me it's the same as listening to the radio. Will this be allowed?))((what about listening to music from your phone, too?)) ((what about GPS?)) ((Carol Specht Polakowski: is it ok to use your phone while stopped at a traffic light?... can I text if my car is not moving?)) ((Tracy Farnsworth: I read that the phone must be mounted to your dash or in its cradle... My phone is either in my purse or in my middle storage compartment... so does that mean I'm in violation...?)) ((Shannon Forsyth: Am I allowed to touch the phone mounted on my dash to activate Siri?)) ((Isn't looking at or touching a mounted phone just as dangerous?)) ((Darren Kibby: What about potential emergency phone calls?))((what constitutes and emergency?)) ((Brittney M Moore: Is it illegal to pull over on the interstate to use the phone?)) ((Michele Pratt Wheel: Does the law include passengers in your vehicle? I've heard this and curious if it's a rumor.)) ((Laura Personeni: Are we allowed to make calls using the Bluetooth connection between our phone and the car?))


Keith Rowe Does this apply to police and other law enforcement or EMT and fire department. I see a lot of cops on cell phones driving all the time.


Kristi Bartlett Kilbride I listen to my audio books... To me it's the same as listening to the radio. Will this be allowed?


Carol Specht Polakowski is it ok to use your phone while stopped at a traffic light?... can I text if my car is not moving?


Tracy Farnsworth I read that the phone must be mounted to your dash or in its cradle... My phone is either in my purse or in my middle storage compartment... so does that mean I'm in violation...?


Shannon Forsyth Am I allowed to touch the phone mounted on my dash to activate Siri?


Darren Kibby What about potential emergency phone calls?


Brittney M Moore Is it illegal to pull over on the interstate to use the phone?


Michele Pratt Wheel Does the law include passengers in your vehicle? I've heard this and curious if it's a rumor.


Tomorrow on the Thirty -- the future of health care. John Evans from VITL tells us about the company's new program that streamlines patient records into an electronic form. We'll talk to him about safety and benefits associated with the electronic health record program tomorrow on the 30 at 5:30.


Good Evening I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. Healthcare reform has been a hallmark of Governor Peter Shumlin's administration. But today -- he pulled the plug on the Vermont Health Connect website. The Governor says itís the best way to fix ongoing problems with the site. But critics say he's just protecting himself during campaign season. State House Reporter Kyle Midura has the story - Kyle Darren and Kristin - administrators say the site will be down for weeks, not days. They say this is the best time to address problems while site traffic is low, ahead of the spike they expect for November's enrollment period.


The cast of characters handling Vermont Health Connect has changed several times since its initial launch almost one year ago. At that time, Gov. Peter Shumlin characterized major glitches as a "nothing burger." But they persist, and Tuesday he announced the website is down for repair. (00:03:50:00) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont temporarily taking down the site is the best choice to meet our goal of a well-functioning, secure site for open enrollment on November 15th)) The Governor permanently pulled Department of Vermont Health Access Commissioner Mark Larson off the project Tuesday. Shumlin says new Agency of Human Services Secretary Dr. Harry Chen -- who took over for the recently-ousted Doug Racine -- suggested the move... and shutting down the site. (00:18:01:00) (( Dr. Harry Chen - Vt. AHS Secretary it was clear to me if we keep doing the same thing we're doing, we're going to get the same results)) Along with determining if the site is secure -- given recent high-profile breaches of major American businesses -- state officials say they'll also upgrade some of the faulty functionality. Coverage should not be affected and can still be bought. Policyholders will be able to pay by mail or alter their plans over the phone. (00:41:13:00) ((Kyle Midura - stand up Health care is featuring prominently in this year's election cycle. The website Shutdown came just a couple of days after the first round of media debates)) (00:41:59:00 ) ((Scott Milne - Republican for Governor I find the timing interesting that now, seven weeks before a general election, we're going to change course and try to fix things.)) The Governor's only election challenger from a major party -- Republican Scott Milne -- says Vermonters should not expect the Governor's re-election to fix problems. But he's not ready to reveal his own plans yet. (00:43:03:00) ((we have a campaign of ideas, we have great ideas but we don't want to interupt Gov. Shumlin from stumbling over himself.)) Dan Feliciano, the Liberterian who mounted a write-in campaign against Milne for the Republican nomination is not waiting. He calls for a move to the federal exchange. Political Analyst Steve Terry says Governor Shumlin needed to act now. (00:05:51:00 ) ((Steve Terry - Political Analyst the real test of leadership comes when you stand up and tell people this is not working, wer're gogin to fix it and make it right)) He says the Governor is vulnerable on health care. Terry says he's never seen a major candidate wait as long as Milne has to reveal the substance of his platform... and unlike in past election cycles this year the third party candidate is likely to pull votes from the right, not left. With plenty of cash on hand to advertise, it appears the Governor's greatest potential weakness could amount to a nothing burger at the polls.


Following the news today, Incumbent Republican Lt. Gov. Phil repeated his call for the state to move to the federal exchange -- noting New Hampshire has spent about 10 times less than Vermont has thus far and has a functioning site. His challenger, Progressive Democrat Dean Corren -- says the down-time will be well spent if it fixes problems, while repeating his stance that a single-payer system would be less complicated for the state to run. - Kristin What happens to Health Access Commissioner Mark Larsen? He remains at the top of the Department of Vermonth Health Access, but Vermont Health Connect has been spun into its own separate entity to be overseen by Health Reform Chief Lawrence Miller. That leaves Commissioner Larson and his department mostly focused on medicaid reforms and helping those covered under the federal program access care.


Scott Milne does not have a campaign manager. Milne says Brent Burns and his Pure Campaigns operation are no longer leading his bid for the Governor's office. The Republican declined to share details about what happened -- but did say that Burns was just one member of a team guiding his election effort.


Doctors in our region are preparing for a respiratory illness that is spreading across the country. There are suspected cases of the Enterovirus -- in Essex County, New York. Right now -- there are no confirmed cases here in Vermont or New Hampshire, but experts say it will likely arrive soon. Adam Sullivan reports.


When it comes to Enterovirus- Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is preparing for the worst. ((Dr. Bryan Marsh/Chief of Infectious Diseases at DHMC: "we think it is almost certain that it will come.")) (file) The virus-- which can cause severe respiratory problems began popping up in the mid-west earlier this summer. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed that patients in ten states-- including New York-- have contracted it. Patients Rhode Island and Connecticut are also experiencing symptoms as the virus spreads east. The infectious disease team at DHMC meets on regular basis to track its status. ((Marsh: "the first challenge is to know if it is in the community. So making sure we are testing to identify the presence of the virus when it does arrive in the community.")) ((GRX)) Symptoms of Enterovirus vary from mild to severe. Mild symptoms can include sneezing, coughing, and headaches-- similar to a common cold. More severe symptoms include wheezing, rapid breathing, or labored breathing. Doctors say babies, and kids with asthma are most at risk. ((Dr. Antonia Altomare/Epidemiologis t: "anywhere from 6 weeks of age all the way up to 16 years old. That does not totally exclude adults. It can affect adults but we just haven't seen it present in adults yet.")) The virus first appeared in the 1960s. There is no vaccine for it -- and while no one has died from the virus -- doctors can only treat its symptoms. ((Altomare: "We know that there have been some severely ill children requiring mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit but as far as we know, no deaths.")) ((Marsh: "we don't have any particular concerns about our ability to care for the patients and to prevent transmission to other patients who are hospitalized here.")) ((Sullivan: Doctors say stopping the virus from spreading is all about good hygiene. Coughing into your sleeve and washing your hands often. Simple day to day practicing that can be the key to staying healthy. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Lebanon New Hampshire."))


Be careful -- cleaning up after rodents. That's the word from the Vermont Health Department tonight. A person cleaning a seasonal home -- was likely exposed to mouse droppings -- and contracted the HantaVirus. That person has recovered. HantaVirus is rare. But a third of people who get it -- can die. We've got a list of symptoms -- and tips to avoid getting HantaVirus on our website -- wcax.com


VT Yankee is turning down its power generating operation -- a key step in shutting down. The state's only nuclear plant is set to close for good at the end of the year. Plants go into a coast down period -- to slowly reduce the amount of power they generate -- as they get closer to shutting down.


Yet another protest over a new Vermont Gas pipeline stretching from Chittenden County to Rutland. Alex Apple joins us in the news room with more. Kristin, two more people were arrested today protesting the natural gas project after they chained themselves together and sat on the pipeline, halting construction. Williston police were called in to remove the protestors from the pipeline as their fellow Rising Tide members looked on and held up signs. Earlier in the summer, Vermont Gas announced the cost of the project was 40 percent higher than expected -- later this month, the public service board will decide whether to reapprove it at the higher price. VT Gas says each delay in the project will only increase its cost.


(TC 00:01:24:00 Will Bennington/Rising Tide)(("We don't want to cost ratepayers more money but the real, Vermont Gas bears the real responsibility for costing ratepayers more money. A 40% increase in cost on this project and they didn't tell the public for four months. They clearly are the ones responsible for costing ratepayers more money." 00:01:45:00)) Tuesday afternoon's protest marked the fourth protest against the pipeline in as many months. Construction workers tell us they are able to lay around 300 feet of pipeline per day. After the nearly two hour delay today, they will fall short of that goal, Kristin.


An emergency response in Claremont .... After a suspicious bottle was found near Lafayette Street. Investigators say it appears to be a bottle used to make Meth -- or a chemical reaction bomb. The New Hampshire bomb squad and DEA were called in. The bottle is being tested.


Police busted a meth lab in Hartford. Local police, Vermont State Police, Haz Mat crews and the fire department responded. And searched a residence yesterday morning. Police say they found a so-called "one-pot" meth lab inside. Police say the bust is a wakeup call.


((Deputy Chief Brad Vail/Hartford Police Dept.: "it is a big deal. We haven't really come across much of that in this area. It have been in the state of Vermont but it is concerning because it is becoming more prevalent here in the state.")) Police are currently not disclosing the address-- citing the ongoing investigation-- and did not say if anyone was arrested.

24} 1STWX

It was nice to see the sunshine again this afternoon. We did see some breaks of sunshine this afternoon, and skies will continue to clear. Areas of fog will form overnight, but tomorrow with high pressure overhead, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. Wednesday, late in the day, a cold front will drop down from Canada with just a few showers, mainly north and in the mountains. Behind that cold front, skies will clear out again and it will be cooler again as well. That means highs only in the 50s again on Thursday and Friday, and we are in for another frosty morning Friday morning with lows in the upper 20s and low 30s.


Scientists say the spiny water flea is in Lake Champlain. It's a problem. But some researchers say -- it's more of a warning -- about a potential bigger threat -- if boaters don't take necessary precautions. Logan Crawford has the details.


Bill Wellman is passionate about fishing. (tile 3262 00:02:44:11) ((Bill Wellman/Plattsburgh "You're going to see a lot of unhappy fishermen, that's for sure." 00:02:46:28)) He knows the impact the sport has on the regional economy along Lake Champlain. He worries with the discovery of spiny water flea here -- it will push aggravated anglers to other waters. (tile 3262 00:02:47:12) ((Bill Wellman/Plattsburgh "Every time they cast into a segment of spiny water flea, these things accumulate in clumps on your line." 00:02:53:25)) Besides clogging rods and reels -- Mark Malchoff of the Lake Champlain Research Institute says the spiny water flea will impact native fish. (tile 3265 00:10:34:13) ((Mark Malchoff/Lake Champlain Research Institute "Feeding rates will be reduced, and probably larval -- baby fish -- growth rates will be reduced. Survival will be reduced." 00:10:45:10)) Malchoff says in some places where spiny water fleas already live -- the number of different fish species decreased over the years. GFX: According to the Lake Champlain Research Institute -- Harp Lake in Ontario was found to have 8 different species of fish in 1980 -- when Spiny Water Flea was first discovered there. The number of native fish steadily dropped since -- down to 2 species in 2000. On the Vermont side biologists are waiting and watching...but they are not ready to panic. They say the crustacean does not seriously impact larger lakes -- and anglers won't see a change in fishing on Lake Champlain. (TC 00:04:49:00 Tile 7880) ((Shawn Good/Vt. Fish & Wildlife "The fish populations will be fine in the face of spiny water flea and the fishing quality that we currently enjoy in Lake Champlain isn't going to change because of spiny water flea." 00:05:01:05)) Scientists say the arrival of the spiny water flea should be a wake up call. It's the 50th invasive species in Lake Champlain. (TC 00:05:36:06 Tile 7880) ((Shawn Good/Vt. Fish & Wildlife "You know never what's coming down the line -- you don't know what the next one is and it could be something very devastating." 00:05:42:25)) New York and Vermont scientists urge those who use Lake Champlain for boating and fishing -- help stop the spread of the spiny water flea to waters still free of the flea. Clean and dry your boats and equipment before you launch -- or cast a line. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Plattsburgh. -3-


In fact -- it's now law in New York. You have to clean, drain, and dry boats -- before you launch them.


New results in the Republican race for New York's 115th Assembly seat -- add to incumbent Janet Duprey's lead. Duprey was ahead after primary voting last week -- but there were still absentee votes to count. Franklin County Board of Elections counted 96 absentee ballots -- 85 for Duprey and 11 for Karen Bisso. This gives Duprey a near unbeatable lead over Bisso. Clinton and St. Lawrence counties count their absentee ballots this week. Even if Bisso does not win -- she will still be on the ballot as the Conservative nominee.


No formal announcement with a cheering crowd -- but Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger wants another term. Weinberger is 2-and-a-half years into his first term as mayor. The mayor's spokesman says Weinberger went public with his desire to run during a newspaper interview about the mayor's first term. The election is not until next March -- and mayoral candidates don't normally announce their plans this early.

30} PREK6_VO

The Vermont State Board of Education is going to launch public hearings -- on the rollout of the new statewide Pre-K law. The goal of the law is to give every 3 and 4-year-old in Vermont access to at least 10 hours a week of publicly funded, preschool education. The hope is the early ed intervention will end up cutting special ed and corrections costs down the road. Backers say the measure will add about 10-million dollars a year to state education costs by 20-21. But the rules are complicated -- and not all new centers are approved. Those Board of Ed hearings on the new pre-K rules will happen over the next few months.


Senator Bernie Sanders says youth unemployment is the most serious crisis facing the country. Sanders points to federal statistics that show 20 percent of Americans between 16 and 19 are not working. The figure jumps to 33 percent for African Americans. So Senator Sanders introduced legislation today -- aimed at creating a million new jobs.


(:53-1:11) ((Sen. Bernie Sanders/I-Vermont: "If young people do not get jobs, if young people do not get into the main stream economy, what happens to them is they're going to hang out on street corners in Vermont, in Detroit and all over this country. They're going to end up doing drugs, they're going to end up doing crime.")) The bill Sanders and Michigan Congressman John Conyers are sponsoring would provide 5-point-5 billion dollars for state and local governments -- to directly employ 16 to 24 year olds. Another 5-point-5 billion would help create jobs opportunities and training for low-income youth.


Veterans who use a program -- to get them -- to and from -- the V.A. Medical Center in White River Junction-- will tell you it's a crucial service. But as Adam Sullivan reports -- the program itself needs some help -- finding volunteers.


Ralph Funari needs a ride home from the V.A. Medical Center in White River Junction twice a week. ((Ralph Funari/Veteran: "I used to drive up until four years ago and my wife decided she didn't want me to drive anymore.")) For years, the Disabled American Veterans ride program has been something he relies on. ((Funari: "it means an awful lot to me. It really does. Like I said, I don't know what I would do without them.")) ((Jeffrey Snow/Hospital Service Coordinator: "I have been doing this for 20 years and it is amazing the stories and the friendship you make.")) Jeffrey Snow runs the D.A.V. program-- which operates in partnership with the hospital. But, like the veterans who are provided rides on a daily basis-- the program also needs some help. ((Snow: "Without the drivers, the program doesn't exist.")) 55 volunteer drivers cart veterans to and from the hospital using DAV vans. Vincent Tepedino-- who lives in West Lebanon-- is one of the veterans using the service to get healthcare. ((Vincent Tepedino/Uses Ride Program: "very important for veterans that can't get transportation.")) He says he can get to the medical center using public transportation, but that often requires a long wait and sometimes a long walk-- unlike his ride home on this day. ((Tepedino: "you have to wait 10 minutes, or 5 minutes and they are prompt.")) And over the years, friendships are formed. A way for volunteers to give back to those who have given of themselves. ((Snow: "it really is a good all around experience and it makes you feel good about the day.")) Feel good about helping Veterans like Funari who is dropped off at his doorstep in Wilder. ((Funari: "they have never said no.")) A service soldiers have come to count on. Adam Sullivan channel three news in White River Junction.


Drivers can live anywhere in the region. If you'd like more information -- we've got a phone number listed on our website -- wcax.com


Sounds like it's going to be getting colder again. It will ,...we'll have another shot at some frost again Thursday night into Friday morning, but in the meantime, some nice sunshine and pleasant temperatures. We did see some breaks of sunshine this afternoon, and skies will continue to clear. Areas of fog will form overnight, but tomorrow with high pressure overhead, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. Wednesday, late in the day, a cold front will drop down from Canada with just a few showers, mainly north and in the mountains. Behind that cold front, skies will clear out again and it will be cooler again as well. That means highs only in the 50s again on Thursday and Friday, and we are in for another frosty morning Friday morning with lows in the upper 20s and low 30s. Temperatures will warm up again over the weekend, with highs reaching the 60s, but the next front will bring some showers our way late on Sunday.


Tonight: Mostly clear. Patchy fog. Low 35/45. Wind light. Wednesday: Partly sunny. A few late day clouds, north. High 60/67. Wind W 5-10 mph. Wednesday Night: Mostly cloudy. Chance of a passing shower. Low 40/47. Wind light. Thursday: Partly sunny. Cooler. High 52/58. Wind NW 5-10 mph. Friday: Mostly sunny. Continued cool. High 53/60. Low 35/45. Saturday: Partly sunny. Warmer. High 63/70. Low 45/55. Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers. High 60s. Low 50s. Monday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. High 60s. Low 40s. Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 55/65.



Police say he killed his daughter's boyfriend -- and buried the body in a manure pile in Castleton. And he'll stay in jail. The Vermont Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision to hold Stephen Pelletier (pell-ah-teer) without bail -- while he awaits trial. Pelletier's lawyer asked he be on "home confinement" -- to work on his farm. The 59-year-old is accused of shooting 25-year-old Michael Wisell (whistle) in May. Pelletier told police Wisell was abusive to his daughter.


Police in Williston need your help catching -- a crook -- who stole donations. Police say the man shown here -- entered the Interstate-89 Southbound rest area -- and took the money box for coffee donations. Investigators say he made off with about 75 dollars -- if you know who he is -- call Vermont State Police.


A sad end to the Vermont State Fair in Rutland. The Master Gardeners of Rutland County --- say it appears that 30 flowers were ripped out of the ground. The organization works with the Vermont State Fair to beautify the property. They say the missing flowers are mostly perennials.


(19:41:17:21) ((Corporal Tim Tuttle/Rutland City Police Dept.: It's a unique incident. It is a crime. It is a theft and like any other theft it will be investigated to the fullest.)) (19:48:55:53) ((Rich Carlson/Rutland County Master Gardeners: It's taking a part of us and our hard work and dedication and the perils that we went through. After having like two hailstorms this past year and damaging our flowers, but we're resilient.)) Police estimate the value of the stolen flowers at about $450. They say the plants were likely stolen on September 7th, the last day of the fair. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports ...the UVM men's soccer team remains just outside the national Top 25 in this week's National Soccer coaches association poll released today. The Cats sit in 27th position, just nine points out of the 25th spot, currently held by the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Vermont is 5-1 after going 1-1 this past weekend in a tournament at Alabama-Birmingham. They host Hofstra Sunday at noon at Virtue Field.


The Middlebury women's soccer team, off to a 2-2 start, playing host to 4-1 Plattsburgh... --- The goalies controlled the first 80 minutes of this game. Plattsburgh's Danielle Schmitt with the diving save in the first half. ---- Second half, the Cardinals with a great chance to get on the board, but Anissa Hartman's shot is just high. --- A little late it's middlebury's Carter Talgo with a chance, but Schmitt is there to take it away. She had 11 saves. ----- Finally with 10 minutes to go in regulation, Molly Parizeau feeds it to Adrianna Gildner who perfectly deposits it into the top corner .... and Middlebury comes away with the 1-0 win.


boys high school action from last night, 2-1-1 Milton hosting 2-0 Mt. Abraham. --- The Yellow Jackets score in the first minute of the game and almost add another one later in the first half, but Nick Sczceciski dives and punches away the shot. It's 1-0 Milton at the break. --- It stays that way until late in the game, Josh Muir with the high and deep ball, Nick Goodrich heads it to Eric Menard who heads it home. Milton goes on to the 2-0 win.


Coming up later... more from Jericho's Lea Davison off her third place finish at the mountain biking World Championships...


President Obama says he's ramping up the U-S response to the Ebola crisis. The disease has killed at least 2,400 people in Africa. Marlie Hall reports.


PRESIDENT OBAMA IS SENDING UP TO THREE THOUSAND AMERICAN TROOPS TO WEST AFRICA TO HELP STOP THE SPREAD OF EBOLA. (SOT - Josh Earnest/White House Spokesperson) "making an investment here early is critical in trying to snuff out this problem before it becomes a much more widespread problem." NEARLY 5-THOUSAND PEOPLE IN WEST AFRICA HAVE CONTRACTED THE VIRUS SINCE MARCH, WITH THE BIGGEST OUTBREAK IN LIBERIA. THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION WARNS THE NUMBER OF NEW CASES COULD START DOUBLING EVERY THREE WEEKS. ((SOT - Dr. William Schaffner/Infectious Disease Specialist Vanderbilt Medical Center)) 17:51:25 this is a very large epidemic. It's going to take a large effort over a large period of time. This is not going to be over quickly. (GRAPHIC) THE UNITED STATES ALSO PLANS TO SEND AN ADDITIONAL 88 MILLION DOLLARS FOR EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES... SET UP 17 TREATMENT UNITS WITH 100 BEDS EACH... AND TRAIN UP TO 500 MEDICAL WORKERS PER WEEK. ((SOT - Dr. William Schaffner/Infectious Disease Specialist Vanderbilt Medical Center 5:50:30)) What we say is train the trainer. Train the local people so they can do it - do all the work BUT IT MAY NOT BE ENOUGH. INTERNATIONAL AID GROUPS LIKE DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS SAYS THE GLOBAL RESPONSE HAS FALLEN SHORT OF WHAT IS NEEDED. MARLIE HALL, CBS NEWS, NEW YORK.


The World Health Organization says it could cost nearly 1 billion dollars to contain the outbreak. The US has called a rare security council meeting this Thursday to discuss the crisis. Already, China and Britain have pledged to send medical personnel to West Africa. That's health watch.



If you've ever wanted to cruise around in a classic car -- without the headache of owning one -- you're in luck. There's a new luxury chauffeur in the Burlington area. She and her car have quite a story to tell. Gina Bullard hitches a ride.


Donning a pinstripe jumpsuit -- and kitten heels. Caroll Spelke is ready for work. ((nat)) Her commute is short -- and her office is cushy. ((nat)) Once the door shuts she's ready to roll -- this is her office on wheels. ((nat)) She drives people around in this 1975 Cadillac Eldorado for her luxury chauffer business. From weddings to proms -- date nights to just because ice cream runs -- Caroll takes people on a ride like no other. She's a licensed limousine driver. (:00:21:53:09) ((Caroll Spelke/My Daddy's Caddy "these are life stage events not small little events")) Grab your favorite 8-track out of the glove box and get ready to be step back in time. ((nat with 8-track)) Judy is the other woman in this story -- Caroll affectionately named the car that when she got it two years ago. It used to belonged to her father, Pete -- hence the business name -- My Daddy's Caddy. (00:25:17:22) ((Caroll Spelke/My Daddy's Caddy "he was sort of a legacy if you knew him or ever met him you would forever remember pete spelke")) And now her daddy's caddy -- is like her baby. ((washing car)) She takes care of it. Just like her dad did. Cadillac's were always a part of Pete's life -- and Caroll has countless back seat stories. (:00:13:17:11) ((Caroll Spelke/My Daddy's Caddy "that was my favorite time with my dad driving in his cadillacs with him and cleaning them")) (00:28:52:01) ((Caroll Spelke/My Daddy's Caddy "he'd go ye ye ye haw! as loud as he could")) But those good times faded in his final years -- Pete was battling severe mental illness. The struggle led him back to drugs and alcohol after being sober for 25 years. Pete drowned accidentally in a boating accident. He was 68. (00:10:34:19) ((Caroll Spelke/My Daddy's Caddy "i had no idea my dad owned the car")) Her father had taken a 300-thousand-dollar lean on the family's house and bought several cars -- and hid them away. After his death -- the family sold most of them. But there was just something about this one that Caroll felt connected to. She couldn't let it go. (00:13:25:13) ((Caroll Spelke/My Daddy's Caddy "i drove it into manhattan and it was the first time i felt close to my dad in years")) Everything on the car is original -- it only had 17-thousand-miles when she got it and was in pristine condition. Caroll kept the car and started My Daddy's Caddy. She opened on Father's Day last year. (00:27:31:14) ((Caroll Spelke/My Daddy's Caddy "g-what would your dad think of this business? C-i think he would love it honestly")) Caroll loves it -- hitting the open road with customers -- reminiscing about all the great times and creating new memories. The business has helped her heal. (gopro 00:03:49:15) ((Caroll Spelke/My Daddy's Caddy "it has required me to talk about my dad, it makes me remember all the fun amazing times i had with him because when he passed they weren't pretty or fun they were dark and sad")) That's all in the rear view now. Caroll's on a new journey. Using her daddy's caddy -- to spin what was a dark time -- into a fun new business. (00:30:45:28) ((Caroll Spelke/My Daddy's Caddy " it feels like something i was made for")) Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Burlington.


On Sunday, some of the state's top Late Model drivers were at Devil's Bowl Speedway for a 100-lap feature that not only decided the track championship, but also the Vermont Late Model Championship. It was an exciting, competitive race on the fast, flat half mile track. Trampas Demers picked up the win...his first at Devil's Bowl, while Jaime Fisher locked up the Late Model track title and Nick Sweet secured a second straight Vermont State Championship. Now, several of the drivers that were competing in West Haven are switching gears, packing up their vans and heading to another fast, flat, but just slightly bigger track ...the Magic Mile of New Hampshire Motor Speedway for this Saturday's sixth annual ACT Invitational. For young drivers like Charlotte's Josh Masterson, who'll will be running in his second Invitational... it's an experience to treasure.


((TRT: 19 ... OC: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF.)) (( Josh Masterson/ Just coming out of the pits and looking up into the grandstands, it's like a stadium. It's quite the feeling. To be a part of an event like that, that Tom Curley has been able to put on for all of us ACT/Late Model drivers, it's definitely an opportunity I like to take advantage of.))


From surgery in January, to a national championship in July and a bronze medal at the World Championships last Saturday. It certainly has been an eventful few months for Jericho's Lea Davison. The 2012 olympic mountain biker returned home last night to a hero's welcome. Winning a bronze in Norway September 6th probably wasn't on the radar for Davison when she was having work done on her hip in January. But it just shows the hard work and dedication she put into her rehab while missing the first half of the World Cup season. Given Davison's recent success, there's plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the future.


(((Lea Davison/"This is a lot of great momentum more than I could ever ask for. To get a World Championship medal is better than what I expected and I'm just excited to see what I can do with a full season of racing and training.")))


UVM women's assistant basketball coach and alum Courtney Pilypaitis was in action for Team Canada against the USA in an exhibition game last night in Hartford, Connecticut. It was a warm-up for the FIBA world championships, which will be held later this month in Turkey. Pilypaitis, who competed for Canada at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, came off the bench and did not score as the US beat Canada, 76-51. Pilypaitis and company head to Spain for two more exhibition games this weekend.


The first two of baseball's division titles could be wrapped up tonight. The Baltimore Orioles can claim it's first American League East pennant since 1997 with a win at home tonight against Toronto. And the Washington Nationals can lock up the N-L East title with a victory over the Braves in Atlanta.


The Yankees playoff hopes are looking dimmer and dimmer. New York fell 1-0 to the Rays in the opener of their three game series last night in St. Pete. It was the Pinstripes fourth loss in the last five games. New York is now six games behind Kansas City for the second American League wild card with 13 games remaining. The Yankees offense has been anemic all season. They are last in the A-L in runs scored and last night was the fourth time in the last eleven games in which New York was shutout. New York will be without utility man Martin Prado for the rest of the season. He had an emergency appendectomy today. But today, manager Joe Girardi said that pitcher Masahiro Tanaka is tentatively set to start Sunday against Toronto at Yankees Stadium. The star Japanese import has been out since early July due to a partial tear in a ligament in his right elbow. Also tonight, the Red Sox are in Pittsburgh.


A grand jury will decide whether NASCAR driver Tony Stewart will be charged in the August death of a fellow driver at a sprint car race in upstate New York. The district attorney for Ontario County, New York announced today that after reviewing evidence collected by sheriff's investigators, he has decided to present it to a grand jury. The D-A could have determined there was not enough evidence to support charges and dropped the case. Stewart's car struck and killed Kevin Ward Jr. at a dirt-track race in Canandaigua on August 9th. The 20-year-old had climbed from his car after it had spun while racing alongside Stewart. Stewart issued a statement saying he looks forward to the process being completed and will continue to cooperate.


NFL last night...the Philadelphia Eagles visiting the Indianapolis Colts... --- all Indy in the first half...Andrew Luck to former New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw for the score ...Colts would lead 17-6 at half...20-6 early in the third... --- that's when the Eagles start to rally ...down 20-13 late in the third...Darren Sproles with a tough, 19-yard touchdown run to tie the game at 20 ... --- Colts answer early in the fourth...it's Luck to Bradshaw again... 27-20...but an untimely Luck interception and a couple of questionable penalties that don't go Indy's way open the door for the Eagles... --- Nick Foles to Jeremy Maclin ties the game at 27 with three and a half minutes to go... --- and after a three and out by the Colts...the Eagles with under two minutes to go, drive down to the 18 yard line... and Cody Parkey drills a 36 yard field goal as time expires ...the Eagles win 30-27 to improve to 2-0. The Colts fall to 0-2.


Week Three of the NFL season opens Thursday night right here on Channel Three with Tampa Bay visiting Atlanta.


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