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A shooting investigation. Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. This is a developing story - and investigators are releasing few details. What we know is that a man was shot this afternoon in Wardsboro. First responders were called to a home around 4 o'clock. State Police are on the scene and we have a crew on the way. We hope to have more information for you - a bit later in the broadcast.


Family and friends gathered to say goodbye to the five victims of the wrong-way tragedy -- on Interstate 89. And there's been an outpouring of support. Today Alex Apple is looking into how people are reaching out to Harwood and the Mad River Community. Alex. Darren and Kristin -- the Harwood Strong Facebook page is now up to nearly 4,000 likes. In the words of some in the Mad River Valley community -- the support is overwhelming -- as they deal with grief that they struggle to put into words.


((Mercedes Fontes/Northfield student 05:15 We were like really good friends...so...)) They say .. everyone knows everyone in a small state. Making tragedy all the more saddening for Vermont. ((Car NAT)) Flowers, signs and stickers now drape the mile marker on Interstate 89 where Eli Brookens, Mary Harris, Janie Cozzie, Liam Hale and Cyrus Zschau were killed. Their Harwood community pulled off a touching tribute -- the rest of the state now following suit. ((Tribute VIDEO NAT)) Friends are making tribute videos. The Warren Store (PINK CLIP) reminding its customers of Mary Harris' advice. Mad River Glen (YELLOW CLIP) writes "live Like Mary, Love like Mary." The love and support even reaching Foxborough. Patriots defensive end Chris Long supporting Harwood Strong. ((Patriots Chris Long 00:53 I've got your back...definitely thinking of you and I know you'll rally together to get through this."")) All five students enjoyed sports -- so many tributes at games everywhere. BFA St. Albans and Rutland football teams (PURPLE) released balloons in the air. Far Post and Capital soccer teams honored them with a moment of silence (RED). Enosburg (GREEN) and Essex High Schools (BLUE) paid tribute as well. ((00:15 1...2...3 Harwood strong)) Cross country runners lock arms -- lost friends never far from their minds **and hearts. ((NAT from tribute video)) When Mary Harris and all were laid to rest, a friend put words to what so many are feeling -- she wrote, "October 9th was the saddest day and most painful day most of us have ever experienced. Although I told her lots of times that I loved her, I would give anything to turn back time and tell her that I love her one last time."


On Friday at 7:30 pm, many musicians in the Mad River Valley will put on a benefit concert at Harwood. The proceeds will go toward the Celebration of Life that the Harwood junior class is planning for all five students.


The ugly tone of the presidential campaign - turns into a criminal case - at a Vermont school. Take a look at this - Hartford police say sometime overnight -- vandals spray-painted the side of Dothan Brook Elementary School with the words -- "Ameri-KKK-ans for Trump" -- and in place of the "C" in Americans -- they wrote KKK -- an apparent reference to the white supremacist group. Police are not sure who's responsible -- or the motive.


((Chief Phillip Kasten/Hartford Police Dept.: "defacing or damage of anyone's property for any reason is unacceptable and it is against the law. We are appealing to the public to assist us in finding those who are responsible and holding them accountable.")) Police say back in August-- just 3 miles away-- the Cumberland Farms construction site was also vandalized with pro-trump graffiti. More than 10 thousand dollars in damage was done there-- and police believe the two incidents could be related.


Tonight -- the democrat and republican in the race for governor will go head to head - right here on Channel 3. Sue Minter and Phil Scott debate - starting at 7 o'clock. So -- our local news will end early tonight -- at 6:30. The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley will start then. And join us at 7 for Minter and Scott Debate - Vermont Decides.


Burlington's school board -- and teachers union -- return to negotiations tomorrow. And the city's mayor hopes there's a deal -- so kids don't pay the price. Teachers plan to strike Thursday if there's no agreement. Mayor Miro Weinberger urged both sides to go into the meeting -- with a spirit of good will and creativity -- in an effort to spare the city's children. He tells Channel 3 News that -- if a strike happens -- the city will help out.


((TC 46:49:22 Title 2952 Miro Weinberger/Burlington Mayor: "tomorrow's an opportunity to avoid having to implement any of these plans. If that opportunity does not materialize, if the sides aren't able to leverage this moment and avoid further dispute then there will be time to share what the city can do. Which is limited." 47:06:11)) The mayor and his office are not directly involved in the negotiations -- which begin tomorrow morning.

10} DHMC12_VO

Dozens of job cuts at Dartmouth Hitchcock. But it's not as bad as expected. The hospital now says 84 people will be let go -- to help close a 12-million dollar deficit. Initially-- the hospital thought up to 450 people might be laid off. But hospital officials say they were able to find needed savings thru normal attrition -- and leaving open positions unfilled.


Water woes for another community in our region. In Claremont New Hampshire-- the Sugar River-- is pumped into the city water supply during peak demand. And while city officials say the reservoirs are not at critically low levels-- the river is. So -- officials are asking Claremont residents to limit water use on a voluntary basis.


((Guy Santagate/City Manager: "we don't want to get to a situation where it is an emergency situation. We are not there yet. We don't want to get there and we are taking a proactive step on that part. IF the dry conditions persist, we may have to take a mandatory step but we are not there today.")) The voluntary water use restrictions include watering lawns and washing cars.


} Warm and windy today, but we might see the snowflakes fly by the weekend. The full forecast is coming up.


Stick up at a bank -- and a stolen car. The Windsor County Credit Union was robbed early this afternoon in Springfield. The suspect also demanded car keys from one of the tellers -- and took off in the vehicle. Police found it abandoned in Weathersfield -- and launched a search of the area using a police dog -- but found no signs of the bank robber.


((Lt. Mark Fountain/Springfield PD: "the vehicle in question was found here by another agency that responded to the area in search of the vehicle.//The suspect is at large and we are still actively pursuing this case.")) Police say it is likely the suspect got picked up in another getaway car. They have not said how much money was stolen and couldn't say what the suspect looked like.


A Montpelier man is taking on a major state health care contractor. Self-described citizens-advocate Stephen Whitaker was in Superior Court today, arguing that private companies doing work for the state - should have to release the same information any state agency would under Vermont's public records laws. At issue in this case --- about 40-million dollars spent by the non-profit -- Vermont Information Technology Leaders -- or VITL. It says its private - so its records are, too. Reporter Alexei Rubenstein is digging into the issues - and will have more on case tomorrow -- on the Channel 3 News at 6 p.m.

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The plan to redevelop the Town Center Mall in Burlington has some worried it will change the character of the Queen City. But a coalition of environmental groups is now backing the project. The Conservation Law Foundation, the Vermont Natural Resources Council joined Mayor Miro Weinberger in asking voters to support the plan on election day. The environmental groups are known for opposing big development projects in Vermont. But they say this one promotes the kind of urban density that will help the city reach its climate goals.


((TC 17:31:14 Title 2397 Chris Kilian/Conservation Law Foundation: theres no question that a lot of folks are going to want to have a say about this specific project, there are a lot of infrastructure challenges within the city of burlington. but this is a major step forward that will send a message that will resonate nationally." 17:46:05)) Voters can have their say on two ballot items. A zoning change to allow building up to 160 feet high -- and tax increment financing to pay for reconnecting of Pine and St. Paul Streets.


((currents)) Warm and windy in Burlington. We topped out at 81 degrees today, which is more typical for early August. ((tempsmap)) Not as warm everywhere. Temperatures in a few spots only made it into the upper 50s and low 60s. ((windgusts)) Gusts topped out over 20mph this afternoon, knocking a lot of leaves out of the trees. ((radsat)) Not quite as warm tomorrow, and we do have some showers on the way. Wet weather will be scattered tonight as a cold front comes through. ((forecastmap)) Some lingering morning clouds, and still mild. It will become clear and turn colder by Wednesday night. ((nationalmap)) A developing storm system will head our way on Thursday and bring to an end all this nice weather. Showers likely by Thursday night and Friday. Storm lingers into the weekend as colder air is pulled down from Canada. Snow showers a good bet in the higher elevations by Saturday night. Much colder this weekend.


Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers. Thunderstorm? Lows: 55/62 Wind: Becoming W 5-10 mph Wednesday: Some AM clouds. Increasing sunshine. Still mild. Highs: 65/72 Wind: NW 5-15 mph Wednesday night: Mostly clear. More clouds, late. Lows: 38/45 Wind: Bec Light Thursday: Becoming cloudy. Showers and periods of rain develop. Highs: 53/60 Wind: SSE 5-10 mph Extended Forecast: Thursday Night: Showers, periods of rain. Lows: 48/55 Friday: Showers/periods of rain. Highs: 55/65 Lows: 40s Saturday: Mostly cloudy, sct'd showers. Blustery. Highs: 42/52 Lows: 28/35 Sunday: Mostly cloudy, sct'd showers. Blustery. Highs: 40s Lows: 28/35 Monday: A mix of sun & clouds. Highs: 40s Lows: 25/35 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs: 40s



Plattsburgh retirees continue to battle the city's attempts to change health insurance plans. Officials say a new plan would save taxpayer dollars, but retirees say the change would go against their contracts. Rose Gomez has more.


Gary Brandstetter spent 30 years working for the Plattsburgh City Fire Department before retiring in 2008. He says over the years he's made sacrifices to keep his health insurance benefits. ((Gary Brandstetter/Plattsbur gh City Retirees Association President 5753 05:31:20 "In the late 80s we negotiated a four year contract with the city where we gave up three years of raises. We took zeros to keep the insurance. Breaking the contracts is not the way to solve this." 05:31:36)) Last year, the city decided to drop the self insured plan and enroll retirees who were eligible for medicare in a new, Humana Medicare plan that would save the city around $700,000 a year. Brandstetter and nearly 100 other retirees filed a lawsuit to prevent the change that they say goes against their contracts. ((Gary Brandstetter/Plattsbur gh City Retirees Association President 5753 05:23:26 "The other plans have higher co-pays. One of the...the plan that they just suggested even charges $7 for a generic drug. I've never run across a plan that does that." 05:23:41)) Mayor Jim Calnon says a third of retirees went on the Humana plan, but a court ordered injunction allowed the rest to stay on the original plan temporarily. The city has suggested other plans, but all have been rejected. ((Mayor Jim Calnon/I-Plattsburgh 5747 05:14:50 "We did provide a really strong warranty that we're not gonna harm any retirees in this, and that's always been our intent. Our intent is not to buy the most expensive thing we can buy but to buy the best coverage we can at the best price." 05:15:05)) Calnon's challenger in the November elections, Colin Read, has said the year long debate on insurance coverage has cost the city thousands, and if elected, he plans to work collaboratively with the retirees to find a solution. This week, Calnon appointed an insurance task force made up of two city councilors, a former teacher's union president, and the city's Human Resources manager. ((Mayor Jim Calnon/I-Plattsburgh 5747 05:10:05 "I'm a bit of a lightning rod on this issue now. Certainly the entire council's the ones that voted, but I brought it to them, and I made the recommendations, and so I think that what we're trying to do is we're trying to find a way to get somebody at the table that the retirees would be more comfortable having a really open conversation with." 05:10:24)) Calnon says an official trial on the case will begin some time next year. Rose Gomez, Channel 3 News, Plattsburgh.


A St. Michael's College freshman has quite the fish story to tell... and she's only been in Vermont for a few months! Cat Viglienzoni found out what was behind the record catch -- on Lake Champlain.


When Lauren Dunn moved to Vermont to go to St. Michael's College -- it didn't take her long to start setting records. She and a guide were fishing on Lake Champlain earlier this month -- when she reeled in a big one! ((SOT Lauren Dunn, Caught Record Fish 000051 paddled around, didn't see anything 54 and we were actually about to move spots and I hooked that pike 57)) After a 7-minute struggle, they pulled the northern pike into the canoe -- weighed it -- and released it back into the lake. ((SOT Dunn 000145 I knew it was definitely a big fish and I was hoping that it would be a record 48 but I didn't know for sure until I got it in the net and could really see how big it was 53)) At 12 pounds -- and 39 inches, she says -- it's a record ... now just waiting for confirmation from the International Game Fish Association. ((SOT 000449 Cat: Do they look at you and see 'world record fisherwoman'? 51 Lauren: No, definitely not. They're always super-shocked when I tell them I fish, and then they're always even more shocked when I tell them I catch world-record fish 59)) Dunn has lost track -- but she estimates that she's gotten about 40 world records. She says, there are many -- because of the way they're measured. ((SOT Dunn 000556 They are definitely a lot more common than you think 58 and it's not just the biggest fish of the species that has ever been caught. There are line class records 04)) ((BUTTED)) ((SOT Dunn 000242 This is for an 8-lb tippet northern pike record 45)) The 20-year-old is from Truckee, California -- near Lake Tahoe. She says, she's been fishing her whole life -- and credits it to her dad, who taught her. ((SOT Dunn 000348 Ever since I was four or five and had the ability to hold a fly rod I was out fishing with him 52)) But even with her many records -- she has as many stories of the ones that got away. ((SOT Dunn 000812 You just sit there so defeated because you knew that was your one shot for the day and you weren't ready. Because you've been sitting there for five hours -- how are you supposed to know that was when it's going to hit? 19)) But she was ready for this fish... and now -- she has a new record to beat here in Vermont. Cat Viglienzoni, Channel 3 News, Colchester.


Dunn plans to try ice fishing this winter.

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