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Jericho's Lea Davison represented the U-S at the 2012 Olympics in London. This weekend, she's back home to defend her title at the Pro XCT Tour's Catamount Classic at the Catamount Outdoor Family Center in Williston. Lea slowed down just long enough to stop by our studios...and she's joined by her coach, Andy Bishop, who finished three Tours de France in his own professional career. ((Lea...you are coming off a big weekend, winning your second straight national cross country title at the U-S championships in Pennsylvania. But you had hip surgery in January. How were you able to pull that win off?)) ((Andy...How would you describe Lea's work ethic?)) ((Lea...You're back to compete in Vermont this weekend at the Catamount Classic. Do you feel the passion and interest in mountain biking is growing in the state?)) ((Andy...You call Vermont home now... does this state have the necessary elements to produce top level cyclists?)) ((Lea... The 2016 Olympics in Brazil are just two years away. Are you building toward that event or is that too far into the future for you to look.))


The Specialized 2014 Catamount Classic runs all weekend at the Catamount Outdoor Family Center in Williston. For more information, you can go to the Infocenter at WCAX.com


If you're in a hurry in the morning -- the last thing you want to do is spend 20 minutes putting on makeup. Tomorrow on the 30 -- Cynthea Wight Hausman of Cynthea's spa will show us how to look and feel put together in just five minutes. She says just a few small steps pay off all day long. Change up your makeup routine tomorrow on the 30 at 5:30.


Good evening I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. We begin with a police investigation -- into a child's death in Shelburne. The little boy was just two years old - and detectives are treating the case - as suspicious. Shelby Cashman joins us now with the details. Shelby? Darren and Kristin-- police are releasing few details about the death of the two year old at this point. The Chittenden Unit for special investigations says the investigation is ongoing. What we do know--police were called to a home off Route Seven in Shelburne around seven thirty this morning for reports of an unresponsive child. The little boy was then rushed to Fletcher Allen Hospital--where police say he was resuscitated--but later died. Detectives from CUSI spent the day on Hunters Way -- working both outside and inside the home. They say they treat all child deaths as suspicious until the cause of death is clear.


((00:03:26 Det. Cpl. Ed Fournier/CUSI "We still can honestly say we don't know why the child died at this point, but with any child death we do treat it as a suspicious death until we can prove otherwise ." 00:03:40)) Investigators say they are not releasing some details now - including the boy's name --as some of the child's immediate family have not yet been notified. Police say additional information will be released-- pending an autopsy. But again--there is no confirmation on cause of death.


The man charged with killing popular St. Johnsbury teacher - Melissa Jenkins -- will be tried in Chittenden County. Prosecutors say Allen Prue and his wife Patricia kidnapped and killed Melissa Jenkins two years ago. Both Prues asked to have their trials moved out of Caledonia County -- and now the Caledonia County state's attorney says Allen Prue's trial will be in Chittenden County in early October. Patricia's will also be in Chittenden County -- likely early next year.


No changes are in the works for Vermont's sex offender registry --- despite persistent problems. A 2009 law called for the state to post offenders' addresses online -- to make the registry more user-friendly for the public. But that won't take effect until the program receives a favorable review from Vermont's auditor, the Department of Public Safety, and the legislature. As we told you last week, a recently completed audit found several critical errors.


((12:09 - :24 Rep. Bill Lippert - D-Hinesburg I do not find this a favorable audit. I think that we are kidding ourselves if we are stating anything to the contrary by asking for further work to be done and I think we should not mince words about it)) Representative Lippert asked an oversight committee today to find the report unfavorable. However the committee put off that decision until November, when it asked those who run the program to return and show progress on fixing problems exposed by the most recent audit and one conducted in 2010.


An elderly New York man is on trial for killing a jogger with his car. 86 year old Ronald Trombly is facing multiple felonies -- including 2nd degree manslaughter and 2nd degree vehicular manslaughter -- in the 20-13 death of Ashley Poissant. The 27 year-old was jogging on Perry Mills Road in Champlain -- when she was hit. The prosecutor would not go on camera -- but says Trombly was drinking. The defense says -- no he wasn't.


(tile 2147 00:10:59:17) ((Stanley Cohen/Defense Attorney "alcohol played no role in this unfortunate tragedy." 00:11:03:12)) The trial continues tomorrow. And is expected to last at least another week.


Emergency responders reach a fire just in time to save an apartment building. The South Royalton Volunteer Fire Department received the fire call at 11 o'clock this morning. Within the hour they contained the blaze. Chief Paul Brock says flames engulfed this garage, melting plastic siding on a neighboring apartment complex.


((25:35 - :46 Chief Paul Brock - South Royalton Volunteer Fire Dept. I started seeing the siding roll and the proximity of it, I just knew that this building wasn't goign to be saved and we were better off to put our concentraitions on saving that )) The fire did not cause any injuries. It's believed that heat from a recently-used lawn mower sparked the blaze. Responders evacuated the apartment building but residents have since been allowed to return.

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We're going to start off tonight with another great photo. In the weather department, Highs were well into the 80s today and the humidity made it feel even hotter. For the most part it was dry but there could be a storm this evening in southern spots. Back the our west there's a cold front we're tracking, which will bring us stormier weather tomorrow. It will turn nicer later in the week. Full weather coming up. (wx script)


A group of 50 Vermonters surrounded the Public Service Board's office today in Montpelier. They demanded the board - which oversees public utilities -- reconsider whether a new Vermont Gas Pipeline -- running through Addison and Rutland Counties -- is still in the public's best interest. The protesters -- led by members of Rising Tide - are upset that Phase 1 of the Natural Gas Pipeline is 40 percent higher than expected.


(15:42:24 Andy Simon/Protestor)(("We' re here to deliver a petition of 500 names on it of ratepayers…we feel that under board guidelines and under past decisions this is a significant change, a substantive change that needs to trigger an amendment to the certificate of public good.")) Alex Apple will have more on the story -- including a response from Vermont Gas -- tonight at 11.


Food retailers in our area are alerting customers -- about a nationwide fruit recall. Peaches, plums, pluots and nectarines may be contaminated with listeria. Costco, Trader Joes and Walmart sold the fruit. The recall covers fruit from Wawona Packing -- and covers some lots from from June first through July 12th. No illnesses have been reported. We have a link to more details in the infocenter at wcax-dot-com.


Vermont's Attorney General wants a discount chain - to stop selling jewelry tainted with toxics. The Attorney General's office is suing Dollar Tree -- saying it is violating a settlement it agreed to 4 years ago - to stop selling jewelry. The AG's office says the jewelry contained high amounts of lead and cadmium -- but the company continued to sell more than 30-thousand individual items of jewelry at stores in Barre, Bennington, Burlington, Newport and Rutland.


A V-F-W in Vermont -- is on the brink of closure. Elizabeth Keatinge tells us why -- and how some chapters are managing to stay afloat.

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The Veterans of Foreign Wars often serves as a refuge when soldiers return home - and have nowhere else to go. ((Robert Brennan/VFW Burlington 04:23:22:07 We've had guys come in here that are really in bad shape, with a duffle bag on their back and nothing else. :30)) But the Middlebury chapter of the non-profit tells us they have fallen on hard times. Their membership has dwindled from 440 to 227. ((Ronald Browe/VFW Middlebury 4:05:09:09 Times, times, we have very few Iraqi Desert Storm, and I believe that's because everybody's, because of the economics. 4:05:19:00)) They say they need to act fast - to come up with a way to pay off their 18 thousand in debt - or else they will need to close. They had an emergency meeting Monday and discussed possibly selling some of their property on Exchange Street - or getting a loan. For them, a place like this offers something nowhere else does for veterans. ((Ronald Browe/VFW Middlebury 04:08:30:00 There's a lot of post-traumatic stress out there, this is a place you can come talk it over with someone else who's been there.:37)) The Burlington VFW says it is stable at 500 members, and a strong calendar of activities for auxiliary members - or family of veterans. But officials have their eye on the economic future too. With few new veterans joining - and many of the older ones from WW2 and Korea passing away - they also are looking at options. They are considering a proposal from Perrywinkles to take over their property on South Winooski Avenue and refurbish their floor in exchange for the company being allowed to build 4 to 5 floors up. However they do it, VFW members say these posts are necessary - for those returning home to a not always happy home life. ((Robert Brennan/VFW Burlington 04:24:02:10 Their time over there is over they can come back and happy days- it ain't always like that. You've been away from home, probably for at least a year and a half. 04:24:12:20)) They say other organizations like the American Legion are also helpful in supporting veterans - but no one can really understand having been in a foreign combat zone - except someone who has been there too. Elizabeth Keatinge Channel Three News Burlington.

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The Middlebury chapter is meeting tonight to try to come up with a plan.


Will he or won't he? A group of Iowans is hoping to convince Senator Bernie Sanders -- to run for President. A Draft Bernie Sanders campaign started two years ago - but now the DesMoines Register says activists in Iowa are starting a branch there. Sanders has said his is considering a run - and has visited Iowa and New Hampshire already. He is heading back to Iowa for a few days in September.

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A nationwide scandal has rocked the V-A. Amid a scathing report -- with allegations of mistreatment and delayed care -- veterans facilities across the country are under the microscope. Tonight -- Steve Bottari looks into Vermont's V-A hosptial to see how it's Helping Veterans Heal, Steve? With America winding down its longest wars on two fronts -- hundreds of thousands of veterans are coming home -- and seeking care. That -- plus an aging population of veterans from vietnam, korea and other U-S conflicts has put a strain on understaffed and underfunded V-A hospitals. The result -- boiled over into a coverup. But -- the good news in all this -- all indications are Vermont's V-A is not involved.

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((TRT OF 5:37)) ((NOTE: PKG STARTS IN WHITE!)) ((SOUNDS OF PHOTO SNAPS, FLASH THROUGH SEVERAL GOOD PHOTOS)) The images that first come back aren't the ones you'd expect. ((JOHN 17:16 look at her fancy shoes that she's got on 17:18)) Surprising footwear ....a salute from a young boy....the beauty of every day life -- and the ugly-ness of a long, hard fought war --- all blended together by Staff Sargent John Young's photographs. ((081_5546 JOHN 00:10:47 whether it's black or white or color, action -- it just tells a different story 00:10:51)) His job -- was to document the war. ((More camera snaps, flash through a few more photos)) His story -- he says -- is typical of most other members of the Vermont Guard.....they came home -- but brought parts of Afghanistan back with them. ((081_5546 JOHN 00:03:14 SB: do you feel you came back a different person? JY: absolutely, i don't know how you couldn't 00:03:16)) 55 thousand photos. 44 missions. 22 helicopter rides. The measurable parts of going to war... ((081_5546 JOHN 00:02:31 the war caused some turmoil and stress in my life. that happened to a lot of people. i got divorced quickly right after coming back. lost a lot of things. 00:02:41)) ...The measurable parts of coming back from it... ((081_5546 JOHN 00;02:48 you cope. you move on. you take what you've learned. 00:02:50)) Nearly four years later -- Young says he's doing well. Remarried. New job. Back in Vermont. ((081_5546 JOHN 00:04:38 you never go underneath an underpass on the interstate the same way again 00:04:39 it's stuff like that. 00:04:43 i will never be on church street the same way i was before i left 00:04:46)) His body isn't the same either, he says. ((JOHN 00:05:46 i used the VA when i first came back -- some of the chinook rides cost the hearing in my left ear, so they finally determined that i've had hearing loss due to service 00;05:54 SB: How long did that take? JY: Well it was 3 months ago, so it was almost four years 00:06:02)) That part of his story -- is typical too for many returning home from war. Waiting. Waiting for paperwork. Waiting for approval. Waiting for care. And a nationwide scandal -- has brought the issue into the national forefront. ((from: VETERANSAM // SUSAN MCGINNIS track // 5-21-14 from Oasis // 00:00:01 : "Investigators are now looking into 26 V-A medical facilities... after allegations of falsified records and delayed care for veterans, with sometimes deadly consequences. 00:00:11 :10)) ((national broll from national pkgs)) In Phoenix -- V-A workers put veterans on secret waiting lists...to make official wait times look shorter. A practice -- eventually discovered at a number of facilities across the U-S. More than 40 veterans on those lists may have died waiting for care. ((NATS -- testifying in washington from TUES310 from newspath)) In Philadelphia -- a whistleblower says disability claims were also mishandled -- with workers under pressure to clear the backlog. ((MON244 // Kristen Ruell// 00:00:35 "It didn't matter in our office how old the claim was. The didn't want any claims older than a certain date, so they would put a memo on the claims so that they looked new" 00:00:41)) In both scandals -- the problem was tied to bonuses. ((081_5489_01 // 01:19:19 SB: "The same federal audit that revealed problems in places like Phoenix, found Vermont's waiting time was better than the national average. In 98-percent of cases here in White River Junction, patients were seen in less than 30 days 01:19:33)). The hospital says there is room for improvement...the goal for wait times is 14 days. The investigators leading May's audit also cleared Vermont's hospital of any systemic problems or cover ups -- like seen at other V-A facilities. Vermont veterans say the same thing... ((081_5060 // 00:49:08 DAVE MORGAN "there's not those issues here at this V-A. there have been at other places in the country. It's not here 00:49:12)) Still -- a few high profile cases, have raised questions about Veterans access to care. ((NATS -- KRYN MINER BROLL SCENE 4-26-14 from Oasis)) April 26th, 20-14. Police are called to an Essex Junction home -- for a shooting. 44-year-old Kryn Miner found dead. Eventually we learn from prosecutors -- Miner threatened his family and one of his kids shot their dad in self-defense. It comes to light -- the career soldier was struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder -- and a traumatic brain injury. His family says they were struggling to get him care... ((MINER6 PKG // dated super 5-15-14 of AMY MINER // 00:01:08 "I think the VA is a disaster. You know when he tried to take his life in September we went through the process of waiting in the ER waiting to see if there was a bed at white river jct VA... there wasnt a bed there was a bed theres not a bed there is a bed so after 3 days in the ER i said im taking my husband out of here whether people like it or not. we're not staying here" 00:01:30)) The hospital can't comment on specific cases because of privacy laws. But -- they tell us their mental health clinic allows doctors to see patients in crisis extremely fast. ((NATS OF WRJ VA)) Overall -- the sense from veterans is getting appointments is better at Vermont's V-A than many places in the country. And surveys show -- veterans like John Young -- are generally happy with their treatments. ((00:15:49 JOHN YOUNG "once you finally get in -- you feel like you're getting really good care." 00:15:53)) The issues -- they say -- the backlog. the waiting. the bureaucracy.... ...for the thousands coming back from the battlefield...to a system seemingly overwhelmed. ((JOHN "00:13:59 they should have seen this coming. they should have geared up and maybe one less 60-million dollar tank and a couple more people to run paperwork. 00:14:09"))


Dealing with the influx of returning veterans -- and the increased need for care by aging vets means two things: the need for more medical staff -- and more money. The fight now moves to washington to try to get V-A hospitals both. Kristin. That part of the story, tomorrow night -- in part two of Steve's series, Helping Veterans Heal.



There could be an isolated storm going into this evening, mainly in southern spots. Tonight will be warm and sticky, with lows of 62/72. A cold front will move in from the northwest on Wednesday; it will be accompanied by showers & t-storms. Some of the t-storms could be strong with some locally heavy downpours and strong winds. The best chance for the stronger storms will be in central and southern areas. The front will clear the area Wednesday night, with dropping humidity levels. Thursday will be partly sunny. There could be a few more clouds lingering in southern spots, with perhaps an isolated shower near the Massachusetts border. The weather will stay pretty good through Saturday. Then we could see a few showers and storms by Sunday and especially Monday.



The man wanted in a drive-by shooting in St. Johnsbury has turned himself in. Forty-six-year-old-Jua n Rodriguez is being held without bail after denying an attempted murder charge. Police say the Cabot man shot 26-year-old Rafeal Rodriguez in St. Johnsbury a week ago in a dispute over a debt.


Three people have been charged in connection with a burglary spree in Orange County. Police say Kevin Fuller and Jennifer Burke of Vershire stole items from multiple homes - and then took them to Season's Consignment Shop in Bradford, where they were traded for methadone and marijuana. Police arrested consignment shop owner Troy Perry. They say they also found a sophisticated marijuana growing operation and 100 pot plants at Perry's home.


A Readsboro man is facing charges for a road rage incident involving a lawnmower. Police say Gregory Chittenden exchanged words with Raymond Gray -- who was on a riding mower -- when Chittenden rammed Gray with his truck. The Brattleboro Reformer says that's when Gray pulled a gun on Chittenden to scare him off. Chittenden faces aggravated assault charges.


There's a special day coming up for aspiring young hunters. Vermont's annual NRA Youth Hunter Education Day is coming up. The event is free, and offers young hunters the chance to practice their skills in firearms, archery, wildlife identification and land navigation. It will be held August 23rd -- at the Buck Lake Conservation Camp in Woodbury. If you're interested we have a link in the infocenter at WCAX - dot com. That's News Around the Region.


Starting Line Sports ...UVM men's basketball fans can start making plans for this winter. The Hoopcats releasing their non-conference schedule today. Vermont will play 13 non-conference games ...six at home and seven on the road. After a pair of exhibitions the first two Saturdays in November, the season begins with road games at Canisius and Siena on Friday, November 14th and Monday, November 17th. The Cats home opener is two nights later against Southern Vermont College. Harvard, Wagner, Yale and Dartmouth will also visit Patrick Gym. Vermont will face a pair of NCAA Tournament teams out of the Atlantic-10 when they visit St. Joseph's in late November and St. Louis in late-December. And the Cats will ring in the New Year in southern California with a game against USC on December 30th and UC-Santa Barbara January 2nd.


The Celtics have signed small forward Evan Turner...the terms of the deal have not been announced. A former second overall pick in 2010 by Philadephia, he was sent to Indiana at the trade deadline, but struggled with the Pacers and wound up playing only sparingly in Indiana's Eastern Conference Finals loss to the Miami Heat. Overall, Turner has averaged 11 points, five rebounds and three assists over his young career. Turner is still just 25-years-old, and will be looking to revitalize his career in Boston.


Coming up later, the Yankees trade for a third baseman...and we Meet The Monsters...



There's growing concern a device used during hysterectomies can spread cancer. Dr. Mallika Marshall reports.


Amy Reed had a hysterectomy last year because she had large fibroids. Now the 41 year old mother of six is battling Stage 4 cancer. (SOT Amy Reed/Cancer patient) sarcoma is a bad cancer, it comes back often. (TRACK) Doctors used a morcellator during her minimally invasive surgery. The device allows surgeons to fragment the uterus into smaller pieces, so they can remove it through small incisions. But Amy had a cancer that was not previously picked up. (SOT Amy Reed/Cancer patient) so they took it from contained within the fibroid within my uterus and spread the cancer throughout my abdomen. (TRACK) New research from Columbia University estimates one in 368 women have uterine cancer at the time of their procedure. (SOT Dr. Jason Wright/ Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons) I would say that these findings suggest that cancer is more common than what has been previously believed (TRACK) The American College of OBGYNs says the research shows some cancers can be caught before surgery, allowing doctors to choose a different approach. Nats (TRACK) Amy had several tests that did not pick up her cancer before her procedure. She and her husband testified before the FDA earlier this month. (SOT Amy Reed/Cancer patient) I'm angry it hasn't been brought to light. These tools have been on the market for 20 years. (Sot Hooman Noorchashm/Amy's husband) you are basically playing Russian roulette with that patient's life. (TRACK) They hope the agency bans the device and saves more women from what Amy's going through. Dr. Mallika Marshall, CBS News, Needham, MA


The study found older women were at the greatest risk for cancer. That's health watch.


It was very warm out today...but there hasn't been that much in the way of 90 degree heat so far this season. Last year was a totally different story with plenty of 90+ weather, mainly in July. The heat will soon be going away with a cold front arriving from the northwest tomorrow. After this passes temps will take a dip later in the week. In you're thinking about going to the mountain or lake tomorrow it will be turning stormy, so it might be a good idea to take a raincheck. This weekend is looking pretty good... with maybe a few storms by Sunday.


Ordinary folks -- earning paychecks in extraordinary ways! That's the focus of our new series -- Odd Jobs. Jennifer Reading joins us now to explain. Jennifer? Kristin and Darren -- we're kicking off the series with an aerobatic pilot. Dan Marcotte performs locally and across the country. If you've ever attended Burlington's Fourth of July festivities -- you may already recognize him. But as I found out -- getting started in aerial performing -- isn't easy.


It's just another day at the office for Dan Marcotte. ((DM 2:52 "some days it's good, some days it's not. no difference than any other office.")) The Bakersfield native is an aerobatic pilot -- making a living entertaining audiences at airshows. Today he's letting us tag along. ((DM 5:15 "Alright. See you in a few minutes.")) And with that -- his ultimate biplane is off. Marcotte will soar to heights of 1200 feet -- at speeds of 230 miles per hour. Flipping -- rolling -- and diving dangerously close to the runway. It's an adrenaline junkie's dream. ((Dan Marcotte/aerobatic pilot 00:21:44 "It's just me being a motor head looking for another source of an engine carting me around.")) Marcotte's love of motorsports started at 16. His need for speed grew from racing stock and land speed cars... to airplanes. In 2003 -- he gave airshow competitions a shot. And ignited a new passion. ((Dan Marcotte/aerobatic pilot 00:22:30 "the excitement, the speed, the exhilaration of the g-loading, being able to twist and turn. The freedom of being in an airplane is unlike any other motorsport.")) Marcotte says his job is to push his plane to its limit -- in the name of dazzling fans. He performs in about 14 airshows a year. But earning a living -- in this industry -- can be tough. ((Dan Marcotte/aerobatic pilot 00:24:49 "When I started flying shows, I was flying anything. I'd fly weddings, high school graduations, racetrack intermission events. I mean you name it, I'd put an airshow to it.")) For the first five years -- his paycheck -- only covered his expenses. Marcotte says better money comes with name recognition. Aerobatic pilots must first prove they can be safe AND entertaining. ((Dan Marcotte/aerobatic pilot 00:47:26 "Just because you can fly an airplane upside down or do a loop doesn't mean you're going to be entertaining to a crowd of people.")) For Marcotte it's a labor of love -- sandwiched between his fulltime profession. He's a welder, fabricator and mechanic at the Franklin County State Airport. But on lunchbreaks -- it's all about training. And it's not for the fainted hearted. If the weather's nice -- the plane goes up. If it's not -- Marcotte hits the weights. Aerobatic pilots must be in tip top shape. ((Dan Marcotte/aerobatic pilot 00:30:11 "it's one of the most demanding jobs I've ever done." 00:29:30 "You can't be fatigued because you are playing in an arena that's extremely unforgiving.")) An arena that pushes his body to the brink. With gravity taking its toll. ((Dan Marcotte/aerobatic pilot 00:37:37 "If you push negative 6Gs, that's 1200 pounds trying to pull you out of the cockpit." 00:37:47 "you're head is swelling up, your eyes are swelling, sometimes you burst blood vessels in your eyes. 00:37:57 "As a land creature, you're never subjected to those things until you start doing things like aerobatic piloting.")) ((Jennifer Reading 40:22 "Do you worry about safety? DM: "I do. Constantly." 00:40:40 "You have to take every precaution for yourself and for the sake of your family to make sure that you've rehearsed things like egress techniques -- getting out of the airplane.")) Something Marcotte knows all too well. Last April -- this was his nightmare ((CRASH VIDEO)). At 3000 feet over Interstate 89 -- his propeller broke -- and instantly ripped the engine from his plane. He had no choice but to pull his parachute -- and jump. ((Dan Marcotte/aerobatic pilot 00:44:00 "I landed in a 60foot tree." 00:44:13 "the fear was where the airplane went. It was the worst feeling in the world is not knowing where the airplane went.")) Marcotte is picking up the pieces -- purchased a new plane -- and getting used to his new digs. He even let me test out the tight quarters. ((DM 57:22 "And that's what your office would look like if you were an airshow pilot in an ultimate biplane.")) But I won't be taking off anytime soon. I'll leave this odd job to the pros.


I had a blast with Dan! If you'd like to learn more about him -- or his airshows -- click the infocenter on our website -- WCAX-dot-com. Next week -- on Odd Jobs -- I'll introduce to a horse masseuse! And of course -- I'm always looking for ideas. So if you know someone who has an Odd Job and may want to be featured on our series -- send us an email at news@wcax.com.


It's a high school reunion 70 years in the making. Today the BFA St. Albans class of 1944 came together to party. Keith McGilvery was there.


(( FDR : NAT)) In the spring of 1944 FDR was president... WCAX was still a decade from hitting the air ... ((Miller NATS)) The Glenn Miller Orchestra had all the kids talking .... ((Miller NATS)) And the class of 1944 at BFA St. Albans was getting ready to graduate. ((Arthur Heald, Class of 1944 12:27 "we had a very close class.")) Edmund Wilcox was the wiz kid... ((Edmund Wilcox, Class of 1944 00:09:48 "the yearbook says I was the brains of the class of '44, they labeled me as the brains of the class of '44.)) Madonna Vernal was a standout on stage.... ((Madonna Vernal, Class of 1944 15:18:25 "I would do anything to be able to act again, I loved it when I was in school, I was in every play that the teacher would ask me.)) And class president Arthur Heald -- was dealing with the reality of seeing his friends head off to war. ((Arthur Heald, Class of 1944 12:31 "it was a wartime class, we lost probably 1/3 of our boys into the service, before they even graduated.)) They're memories the tight-knit group was sharing Tuesday. ((Barbara Greenough, Class of 1944, 00:03:03 "There's only one that I had trouble recognizing.)) They joined about 15 others for a 70th high school reunion at the Champlain Country Club. ((Madonna Vernal, Class of 1944 15:18:41 "they're older, I'm not, but they're much older hahaha)) Barbara Greenough and her husband made the trip all the way from Florida. ((Barbara Greenough, Class of 1944 00:02:46 "there's just a memory that you always have and a connection you have with all of these kids you were in high school with)) Heald estimates there were about 60 people in his senior class -- but many are no longer alive. ((Madonna Vernal, Class of 15:16:51 "there are just a few of us left, 70 years you know is a long time.)) That reality isn't slowing this group down -- these lifelong friends make a point to come together at least once a year. ((Madonna Vernal, Class of 1944 15:21:41 "my friends mean an awful lot to me and that's the way it should be through the years, people should make as many friends as they possibly can.)) Wise words from seniors -- encouraging younger generations to cherish their friendships and their time together in these historic halls. ((Arthur Heald, Class of 1944 15:18 "my message would be that if you don't take advantage of it, you don't know what you're missing.)) ((Miller NATS)) Keith McGilvery Channel 3 News -- Swanton. ((Miller NATS))


It was a tough first day for reigning champion Evan Russell at the 85th New England Amateur Golf Championship today at Winchester Country Club in Winchester, Massachusetts. Russell, who won his second straight Vermont state Am title two weeks ago, posted a three over par 74 and sits eight shots behind clubhouse leader John Gratton of Massachusetts who fired a five under 66. Matt Morin of Jay Peak and Dorset's Casey Komline are the top Vermonters with rounds of one over 72.


The Vermont Mountaineers return to action out of the All-Star Break tonight when they visit the Mystic Schooners. Vermont is riding a six game win streak and, with just eleven games left in the regular season, holds a two and a half game lead on Sanford in the NECBL's Northern Division. If the Mountaineers hold on to win the division, they'll likely have to do it on the road... only three of Vermont's final eleven games are at home.


The Red Sox are still have a long way to go before challenging for a division lead...but what they, and their fans do have now...is a little hope. The Boston bats showing signs of life... hitting a combined .333 while out-scoring their opponents 38-6 in their current five game win streak. That was capped by an impressive performance in the opener of a four game set at Toronto last night... which turned into batting practice for the BoSox...top of the third, already 2-0 Boston...two on for Steven Drew and sends a frozen rope to right ...a three run home run...part of a four run inning as the Sox build a 6-0 lead... --- it's 6-1 in the fourth when Big Papi gets in on the fun... David Ortiz...high, deep and gone to center...a two run blast...and an 8-1 lead... --- and this one gets really out of hand in the fifth, when the Sox plate six runs, including another two run homer from Ortiz ...that was number 453 of Papi's career... passing Boston legend Carl Yaztrezemski for 36th on the all-time list... seven Red Sox starters get at least two hits...and John Lackey allows just two hits in seven innings ...Boston wins 14-1 to make it five in a row and eight of nine overall. The series continues tonight... Jake Peavy gets the start for the Sox.


The Yankees, coming off a weekend sweep of Cincinnati, hosting the struggling Texas Rangers... --- rookie pitcher Shane Greene won his first two starts, giving up just two runs in 13 and a third innings... rings up Adrian Beltre in the first... --- tied at one in the fourth...Jacoby Ellsbury sends one over the short porch in right...a solo shot ...his eighth home run of the season...2-1 Boston... --- but the Rangers get to Green for three runs in the top of the sixth...including back-to-back-to-back RBI singles... as Texas snaps New York's three game win streak, downing the Yanks 4-2. Game two of that four game series is tonight, with another rookie, Chase Whitley, on the hill for Bombers...


Trying to add offense at third base, the New York Yankees have acquired Chase Headley from the San Diego Padres for infielder Yangervis Solarte and right-hander Rafael De Paula. The 30-year-old Headley can become a free agent after this season. He's hitting .229 with seven homers and 32 RBIs but has a .339 average since July 4. He was a Gold Glove winner two years ago, when he hit .286 with 31 homers and a National League-leading 115 RBIs. The 27-year-old Solarte was hitting .336 as of May 14 but just .180 since and was sent to Triple-A for a week this month. The 23-year-old DePaula was 6-5 with a 4.15 ERA in 17 starts and three relief appearances this year with Class A Tampa.

50} MTM_072214_SOT

The Vermont Lake Monsters closed out a six game homestand with a 3-2 loss to Hudson Valley. The Monsters went 2-4 in over those six games, and have lost seven of their last nine overall to drop to 13-24 on the season. The team opens an eight game road trip tonight at Lowell, but first, it's time to Meet The Monsters. Here's Scott Fleishman. ((("This week we're in Windsor hanging out with the Windsor Yellowjackets."))) ((("One. Two. Three. Windsor!"))) (((These 9 10 and 11 year olds were getting some hitting in the day we caught up with them. If there was a space in the field, these guys found it and know we find them asking questions to the Lake Monsters. Here's the first one ...))) ((("My name is Nolan. I'm 11 years old and my favorite position is pitcher. My question is what is your most memorable experience playing baseball?"))) (((Joseph Michaud/"I would probably say winning the college conference tournament my senior year. We were transitioning from division 2 to division 1 and we weren't able to play in the conference tournament the first few years. So my senior year, I got to pitch in the tournament and my team played really well and we ended up winning and so far that's probably my favorite baseball experience."))) ((("My name is Justin. I'm 11 years old and my favorite position is pitcher. What makes you most nervous playing baseball?"))) (((Kyle Wheeler/"Hey Justin. It's Kyle here. I would probably say playing in front of my mom, just because as a kid growing up, if I ever did mess up she would just always yell at me. It's been a season since she's come to see me play so, when she comes up here to see me play, I'm going to be a little nervous to try and play up to her expectations."))) ((("My name is Dylan. I'm 21 years old and my favorite position is second base. What's the furthest you've traveled for a game?"))) (((Dominique Vattoune/"That's a good question Dylan. The furthest I've traveled for a game or a weekend series would be from Greensboro, North Carolina to Sanford, Alabama, which was 14 hours."))) ((("Thanks again to the Windsor Yellow Jackets, some great questions. We'll see you next week on... ")))) ((("Meet the Monsters!")))



Quiet tonight. Storms arrive with a cold front on Wednesday. Cooler, less humid late week.


Tonight at 11 - the fight continues against the Vermont Gas Pipeline. Plus -- The state of Maine - capitalizing on Chinese Tourism -- find out how next on the CBS Evening News.

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