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A missing Vermont boater found alive -- after a week stranded at sea. Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. Now --Channel 3 News has learned -- sheriff's deputies -- are assisting with the investigation into what went wrong -- on the ill-fated fishing trip. And court documents show his missing mother -- could be the victim of reckless endangerment.


Nathan Carman arrived in Boston Tuesday -- after his rescue at sea. ((groll: 8:32 "if nathan didn't have food and water and the life raft i doubt we would see him today." 8:36)) A passing freight ship called the Orient Lucky -- found him afloat in a life raft 100 miles off Martha's Vineyard -- a week after he and his mother, Linda, disappeared. ((0-3 Nathan this is the US Coast Guard Boston)) Carman told the Coast Guard in a newly released audio recording -- that his 32-foot motorized fishing boat the Chickenpox had taken on water and began sinking off the coast of New York. He told officials he got in the life raft. But didn't see what happened to his mom. ((54 When I saw the life raft I did not see my mom. Have you found her? No We haven't been able to find her yet. 70 Wehen I got to the life raft after I got my bearings I was whistling and calling around and I didn't see her. )) Court papers show Windham County Sherrifs deputies executed a search warrant at Carman's Vernon home on Route 142 late Monday night -- looking for papers, ledgers, maps, GPS, computers that would provide coordinates for the trip. Vermont investigators say it was a joint search with South Kingstown Rhode Island police. Carman and his mom were last seen together in South Kingstown. A police affidavit shows the mother and son had different expectations about how far off shore they should take the fishing boat -- which had been having trouble. INvestigators also searched Carman's Vermont home for receipts for boat parts -- and repairs. The search for Linda Carman was called off. Authorities presume she's dead. (( groll 20 "linda carman was unprotected from the elements she had no food or water." 23)) This isn't the first time tragedy has hit the family. In 2013, Nathan Carman's grandfather was shot and killed in Connecticut. There were no arrests. Two years before that, Nathan went missing after becoming distraught over the death of his horse. He has aspergers -- a form of autism. He moved to Vermont two years ago and Vernon's Town Clerk says Carman been updating his property since he bought it. ((41 we met a couple of times when he CAME Into the town clerks office and my laste interacvtion was to vote on primary day and he seemed stand offish but I figured a lot pf people are and didn't think much of it. ))


Court documents show police believe there's evidence of reckless endangerment in this case. But no charges have been filed against Nathan Carman. Innvestigators in Rhode Island say while they are working with Vermont authorities. They are also working with Connecticut Police to see if there's any connection between the disappearance of Carman's mother -- and the murder of his grandfather.


New details tonight about a deadly confrontation between a Claremont New Hampshire man and police this weekend. Autopsy results show 25 year old Cody Lafont was shot 3 times in the chest by police. The attorney general's office is investigating Lafont's death. It's been classified a "homicide," but investigators need to determine if it was justified. So far they have not released details about what led to the shooting -- or the name of the officer who shot him.


Police in South Burlington say theyre close to identifying a body discovered there yesterday. Vermont Gas was called to a wooded area of Arbor and Patchen Roads for reports of an odor -- thought to be a gas leak. But workers found a body instead. An autopsy revealed it is a man -- about 5-foot-10 -- between the ages of 20 and 30. Investigators believe he died from an accidental drug overdose -- needles were found near his body and there were no signs of trauma or foul play.


((Chief Trevor Whipple/South Burlington Police Dept. 00:03:05:21 "addicts still have families. Addicts have people who love them, and as challenging as it is to have a person in your family who is addicted, there's still family bonds and family connections. Certainly if someone has died who want family to know what happened to them. We don't want it to be an unknown. And also we want them to be able to make decisions about next steps.")) Police believe the man has been dead two to five days. They will likely need dental records or DNA to make a positive ID.


A school bus catches on fire in Colchester. The driver for Mountain Transit told WCAX Channel 3 News he was on Route 7 near Exit 16 when he saw smoke. He says he was forced to stop in the middle of the busy intersection and get off the bus. The driver tells us there were no students on the bus at the time. No word yet on what caused the fire. The driver was not hurt.


Burlington teachers hit the picket line tonight. Cat Viglienzoni joins us live from outside Edmunds Elementary school to explain why. Cat -- what was the goal of today's gathering? Darren, they called today's event an "informational picket". Teachers came out to the Staples Plaza on the Burlington/South Burlington town line for a half hour at the start of the evening commute -- trying to catch drivers' attention and win support for a new contract. Members of the Burlington Educator's Association voted unanimously last week to return to negotiations -- after those ended earlier this month. The school board then imposed contract terms -- including a 2-point-75 percent pay increase... which teachers unanimously refused. So far -- no decision has been made on whether teachers will strike. There are 400 teachers in the city.


((Fran Brock/President of Burlington Educators Association 00:44 Cat: The school board has said we've had years of financial mismanagement. We don't have the money. What's your take on that? Fran: To be honest, we don't believe them. We think there is money in Burlington. There is a question of allocation. It's not that we need more money from the city. The Burlington community has been very generous. If they say there's no money, we need to see that. We need the proof.")) The school board says that the imposed contract is its final offer and maintains it cannot give more -- due to financial constraints caused by years of deficits and mismanagement. The teachers union says imposing conditions sets a bad precedent. They're hoping that today's demonstration -- helps drum up support among the families of the four-thousand Burlington students. I asked Burlington's mayor for his thoughts -- and he said as a parent -- he hopes the teachers and school board can avoid what he called a "disruptive and difficult strike".


The snow guns are out. This is a photo from the Bretton Woods resort in New Hampshire. No, they are not yet making snow -- they're just taking advantage of the cold weather yesterday morning to test their system. A week ago -- we couldn't have imagined pictures like this.

11} 1STWX

Radsat A-B: There is a slow moving upper level low pressure system to our west, you can see it's not going anywhere very fast, but it does slip to our south, and eventually make it's way back north. We will see some sunshine, but also some clouds and there will be some scattered showers around late this week. Tonight: Partly cloudy. Patchy fog. Lows: 45/52 Winds: Light Wednesday: Partly sunny. Chance of a passing shower. Highs: 63/70 Winds: Light Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 43/50 Winds: E 5-10 mph Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs: 60/67 Winds: Light


Vermont's longest-serving Supreme Court justice won't leave the bench until the end of March next year... But Gov. Peter Shumlin now says he'll pick a replacement before he leaves office in early January. Statehouse reporter Kyle Midura first broke news of Justice John Dooley's retirement last week - he's here with more on the latest developments, Kyle. Darren and Kristin, spokespeople for the Governor say they've found the legal language to do so... but the Democrat will need cooperation from a few key Republicans to make it a reality.


No matter who wins in the race for Governor this November -- Gov. Peter Shumlin's term will end in early-January. But before he goes - he wants to pick Justice John Dooley's replacement. Dooley though won't leave the bench until the first day of April -- when his term and 30-year stay comes to an end. Legal experts anticipated the next Governor would pick Dooley's replacement -- but Shumlin's legal team found a statute they say allows them to pick a replacement early. The pick would be Shumlin's fourth appointment to Vermont's five-member, highest court. One -- Geoffrey Crawford -- left the Supreme Court after only a year to become a federal judge. Two -- Beth Robinson and Harold Eaton remain on the bench. Experts say it's possible to find a replacement in the time the Governor has remaining -- but only with the cooperation of the Judicial Nominating Board and its chairwoman -- Rutland Sen. Peg Flory. When reached by phone, Flory told us the development makes her want to cry, but added it wouldn't feel right to drag her feet. She says she'll do everything she can to give Shumlin the opportunity to make his choice -- a courtesy National Republicans have not extended to President Obama as he seeks to fill the vancancy that already exists on the federal supreme court.


Neither the nominating board, nor the Governor's office have discussed possible names. But sources tell us Superior Court judge Helen Toor will be a strong contender for the opening, as would Judge John Pacht -- who Shumlin appointed earlier this year to tackle child protection cases.


Gov. Peter Shumlin has been using the state plane more since moving in August. But that doesn't amount to much flight time. Shumlin has used the plane for travel seven times since August of 2014 -- three times in the last month. The data comes in partial answer to a records request submitted by W-C-A-X. Spokespeople for the Governor point out the plane gets used for a variety of state needs including forest and storm damage surveys. They also say the Governor lived in East Montpelier for five and a half years -- significantly cutting down on travel expenses.


Racial tensions have been at the center of national tragedies for months. And now race is becoming a hot issue in Vermont's Lieutenant Governor's Race. Alex Apple talked with the candidates -- what's this about Alex. Kristin-- the Republican is accusing the democrat of trivializing the issue of race. In an open letter to his opponent, Randy Brock lists a myriad of complaints.


((Randy Brock/Republican for Lt. Governor 19:05 When I couple that with statements that David has made in the past about race, it tells me he doesn't get it.)) Randy Brock, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, says his opponent, Democrat David Zuckerman, doesn't understand racial issues. In an open letter to Zuckerman, Brock writes (GFX) While I don't question your intentions, I am concerned that that you may be trying to score political points by exploiting an incredibly sensitive and difficult national issue. (end GFX) ((David Zuckerman/Democrat for Lt. Governor 03:18 The politicizing of it has now happened when it was actually very low-key from a politics perspective.)) Brock is upset Zuckerman took part in a Sunday event at Arts Riot in Burlington billed as a discussion about race. Brock says his opponent's advertising the event as a "good time" with a cash bar, trivializes racial issues. ((Randy Brock/Republican for Lt. Governor 16:10 I don't think it's appropriate to take a serious subject like racism and trivialize it in that fashion.)) ((David Zuckerman/Democrat for Lieutenant Governor 58 I don't know whether he's misunderstanding my actions or not looking at what my actions are.)) Zuckerman is defending his record -- offering examples like when he protested in St. Albans when an African-American student felt mistreated. Edwin Owusu organized the "raise Your Voice" event Sunday. He says numerous politicians showed up -- not just Zuckerman. ((Edwin Owusu/Raise Your Voice organizer 07:49 We got to hear a lot of great things and a lot of great insights from people of all walks.)) Brock is also upset that on twitter, a Zuckerman staffer retweeted thoughts from a supporter that Brock would "tacitly encourage" hate. (show Dave Silberman twitter) ((17:51 Brock: that I found to be offensive.)) Zuckerman says he can't control what some supporters choose to say. ((Sen. David Zuckerman 18 I've worked hard at numerous events throughout the summer to help amplify the voice of the community of color.)) Brock says Zuckerman has not responded directly to his open letter. Both candidates believe their record of working with minorities is superior.


Neither Brock nor Zuckerman include any details on handling racial relations in their issues or platform page on their website.


If you have received a parking ticket in downtown Burlington while using the Park Mobile app... you may want to check the ticket to make sure its correct... Channel 3's alex hirsch is downtown at the meter to tell us more...ALex that's right Darren...The way the app works is once you park, you then make sure you check which zone you are in -- right here on the meter, and you also must have the correct license plate number uploaded in the app. Then you pay through that app, but the problem is the meter never turns green signaling you've paid. It stays red regardless. That's what catches the eye of local parking enforcement, and could result in a ticket -- because there's a delay between the time you pay on the app and the time it shows up on their tablet.


(00034300) ((JOhn King-City of Burlington Parking Manager The meter never knows you paid! )) John King is Burlington's Parking Manager. He's been getting around 6 calls a day from people who claim to have been wrongly ticketed. They used the park mobile app. Half of those drivers uploaded the wrong licence plate number. The other half.... (00014600) ((John King just the other day i got a call from someone that paid on the app and then just three or four minutes later was issued a ticket.)) The city says a lot of people are using the app. Nearly 100-thousand transactions so far. The number of incorrect tickets handed out -- is in the hundreds. (00243500) ((Kelly Devine If i park and then walk away and then very quickly enforcement shows up, there is nothing that displays on the meter so they have to check it on the tablet. we have had cases where there has been a time delay of a few minutes...)) The city chalks it up to outdated microchips in the meters -- not communicating wirelessly with the app. So, even though you've paid -- the meter won't turn green signaling payment, instead -- it continues to blink red -- attracting parking enforcement. On top of that -- the app isn't notifying parking officers of payment in a timely manner. (00482800) ((TAD COOKE-BURLINGTON RESIDENT sounds like its luck of the draw based on when parking enforcement is on site)) (00541800) ((Will Mckenna-Burlington Resident certainly having a defective app does not really enhance the situation at all.)) So -- its important to double check your parking tickets to make sure they are valid.


The city is working to fix the license plate problem. But says fixing the meters -- and the time-delay is not in the cards right now -- unless the problem continues to get worse. If you got an unwarranted parking violation, just call Burlington Police's traffic department. Kristin back to you


News earlier this spring that the Department of Public Safety was interested in getting out of the emergency dispatching business, has communitites wondering what will fill the void. Alexei Rubenstein reports.


During an emergency when you pickup the phone and dial 911 -- ((NAT HIT -- lance file)) To most outside observers, the connection appears seamless. But the route those calls take -- through state and municipally run call centers -- and then to actual dispatchers -- can be a confusing web. It all depends on where you live. ((00:07:06 Capt. Thomas Hango/Vt. State Police "Our preference is that these 105 agencies that rely on us for dispatching are able to over time find a regional dispatch center to have their dispatching services provided to them)) The announcement this spring that the state department of public safety is trying to get out of the dispatching business caught some towns that rely on the free service by surprise. Many communities already pay for dispatching. Tuesday -- a working group set up by the legislature -- met to work on recommendations. ((00:03:02 Gary Taylor The issue becomes how do you pay for that, how do you fund that?)) The problem is while call taking -- like 911 -- is paid for by a taxes on everybody's phone bill -- dispatching those calls is not. DPS officials say they can no longer cover that cost. But they aren't ready to say how much it is to maintain the current system. ((00:10:13 Capt. Thomas Hango/Vt State Police "We felt it would be disengenious for us to put forward a fee schedule today when our position is is that we would prefer to have them get those services somewhere else.)) The group is trying to come up with a new dispatch model. ((00:01:41 Gary Taylor/Dispatch Working Group Chair "There are going to be regions of the state that are going to find themselves in a situation where there's not another provider in the immediate area, or if there is it might be cost prohibitive to put the equipment in necessary to do that)) Shifting to new and existing regional dispatch centers is one of the group's primary goals. One example of how that would look is under consideration right now in Montpelier and Barre. The Central Vermont Public Safety Authority -- was formed last year to try to merge dispatching duties between the two towns. ((00:15:20 Paco Aumand/Central Vermont Public Safety Authority "Part of our service delivery model right now is working on consolidating dispatching services between the two cities and making an efficient system for other communtities in the greater central vt area.)) Voters in Barre and Montpelier could vote as early as this spring to approve 1.2 million in funding to merge dispatch services. Meanwhile without an across the board tax on dispatch services, like on telephone bills, some towns that have been getting a free ride, may soon be faced with a new expense. Alexei Rubenstein -- Channel 3 News -- Montpelier.


Refunds are going out to consumers duped by not-so-free credit scores. The Federal Trade Commission says One Technologies' online scheme lured customers by advertising free credit scores -- through at least 50 websites -- like FreeScore360.com and FreeScoreOnline.com. Then enrolled them in credit monitoring -- without their consent -- at a cost of $30 a month. One Technologies settled with the FTC for almost $20 million dollars. Checks are going out this week to 345 people in Vermont -- and 756 in New Hampshire. Consumers should expect refunds between $90 and $150. For more information -- head to our website -- wcax.com.


Tyson foods is voluntarily recalling more than 130-thousand pounds of cooked chicken nuggets. the USDA says if you bought a five-pound bag of fully cooked panko chicken nuggets from Costco -- it could have hard plastic in it. Throw it away or return it for a refund. There have been no reports of anyone being hurt from the nuggets.


Vermont bans billboards --- but a private company now has a sign on the interstate. Kyle Midura takes a look.


Headed North from Hartford, Vermont -- (nats) and South from Burlington, flashing road construction signs steer motorists off the Interstate-89 at exit seven. (nats) (00:21:31:00) ((Richard Beach - motorist I actually love it)) This new, seven-million dollar facility serves as a visitor's center. Unlike other state pit stops though, there's a store full of food and travel essentials for sale. Travel advisory signs are the only cost to taxpayers. (00:36:50:00) ((Wayne Lamberton - Co-owner We've invested seven million dollars in this project, and that's what we're getting in return, so I feel it's a reallly good deal for the state)) Developers first approached the state seven years ago -- offering to incorporate a visitor's center into their planned expansion of an existing gas station and convenience store. Maplewood Co-owner Wayne Lamberton says he can't say how much the signs are worth to his business, yet. (00:34:45:00) ((Wayne Lamberton - Co-owner Jury's still out on that)) State officials say the interstate advisories could bring between 250 to 400-thousand visitors a year through Maplewood's doors, Ed von Turkovich oversees Vermont's visitor centers. He says all the traffic Maplewood brings in will provide an added bump to state sales tax revenues... noting the public-private partnership -- fills a big gap in rest areas along 89, while detouring around seven-figure construction costs and six-figure annual operating costs. (00:50:04:00) ((Ed von Turkovich - Director of Government Business Services it's a clever way to get the services provided in a way that doesn't cost the taxpayer's monies)) (00:20:40:00) ((Susan James - motorist it's great, convenient, easy to get into and out of, it's got most everything you need)) Many visitors tell us they'll be repeat customers. While others say they're not fans of the signs -- the temporary or permanent versions. (00:25:44:00) ((Sam Colt - Motorist I take a lot of pride in being one of the few states that does not have billboards, so I've got reservations about that)) State officials insist the signs are not equivalent to billboards because they won't carry the store's name. Customers aren't buying that distinction even if they like the store. (00:22:43:00) ((Richard Beach I don't think it makes much of a difference)) The state has a similar deal with a Randolph developer for exit four. But local zoning delays mean that project is still years down the road. KM, Ch.3 Barre


Current temps: are about normal for this time of year. 60s for the most part across the region. Temps graph: Our temps will remain fairly steady in the days ahead. RPM A-B: There is a slow moving upper level low pressure system to our west, you can see it's not going anywhere very fast, but it does slip to our south, and eventually make it's way back north. We will see some sunshine, but also some clouds and there will be some scattered showers around late this week.


Tonight: Partly cloudy. Patchy fog. Lows: 45/52 Winds: Light Wednesday: Partly sunny. Chance of a passing shower. Highs: 63/70 Winds: Light Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 43/50 Winds: E 5-10 mph Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs: 60/67 Winds: Light Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Thursday night: Lows 45/52 Friday: Mostly dry, ...Chance of showers, Friday night. Highs 60/67 Lows 45/52 Saturday: Chance of showers. highs 63/70 Lows 48/55 Sunday: Chance of showers. highs 60s Lows 48/55 Monday: Chance of showers. Highs 60s Lows 45/55 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 60s



Another big vehicle -- banned form the notch road in Cambridge After two tour buses recently got stuck the state is changing signs to warn buses away. Right now the signs only indicate the narrow, winding road is off-limits to tractor trailers. The law also includes fines for truckers who get stuck. But the fines don't apply to buses.


Quite a mess in Stockbridge. State Police say Route 107 was closed because of a tractor trailer that overturned. Police say the big rig was carrying steel and its strewn all over the highway. No word on how it happened.


You could own a piece of Vermont's Nuclear power plant in Vernon. Yankee owner -- Entergy -- is putting 20-million dollars worth of inventory from the closed nuclear power plant -- up for auction. More than four decades of equipment and supplies are now housed in a Brattleboro warehouse. The auction starts tomorrow and runs thru Friday.


Starting Line Sports ...the UVM men's soccer team close out the non-conference portion of their schedule tonight when the Cats host Hartwick in a 7pm start at Virtue Field. Vermont saw its three game win streak come to an end on Saturday with a 1-1 draw versus Twin State rival Dartmouth in Burlington. It was a frustrating game for the Catamounts that saw the team miss a penalty kick and out shoot the Big Green 7-3 in overtime but they were unable to get over the hump and dropped to 8-1-1 on the season. Still, that's the program's best ten game start since 1975 and the Cats are ranked 16th in the country in the College Soccer News poll, and are the first team outside the top 25 in the National Soccer Coaches poll. It's been a whirlwind season for Vermont... the team has played a game, on average, every third day since opening the season a month ago. In their first five games, all wins, UVM outscored its opponents 14-3... over the last five...a record of 3-1-1, its ten goals scored...and eight allowed. The schedule slows down a bit once conference play opens this Saturday at home against Stony Brook, but between now and then is tonight's game against a 4-1-2 Hartwick squad. Following Saturday's game, UVM coach Jesse Cormier talked a bit about the challenge his team's non-conference schedule has been and what he sees as his team's biggest needs for improvement.


((TRT: 34 ... OC: BE BETTER))


We will have full highlights and reaction from Virtue Field coming up tonight at 11pm.


New concerns about ticks. Vermont Health Officials say the state is on track to record the highest number of anaplasmosis cases on record. Anaplasmosis is transmitted by the most common type of ticks in Vermont -- which also spread Lyme Disease. The Health Department says 133 cases have been reported so far this year -- just six fewer than were reported for all of 2015. Officials say you should continue protecting yourself against ticks -- despite cooler temperatures.


There's a way for breast cancer patients to undergo chemotherapy and keep their hair. It's the first fda-approved scalp cooling system that minimizes hair loss. Kathy Walsh reports.


--kathy-- "DIGNI" FOR DIGNITY. THAT'S WHAT THIS "BATHING CAP-LIKE" DEVICE OFFERS ... DIGNITY THROUGH A FRIGHTENING TREATMENT THAT IS OUT OF YOUR CONTROL. --(SOT cover with cool shots)-- 11;37;11;07 chemo, i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy --(VO)-- BUT CHEMOTHERAPY IS FIGHTING LYNN PADGETT'S BREAST CANCER ... AND LYNN IS FIGHTING CHEMO'S SIDE AFFECTS. --(SOT)-- 11;34;25;22 kathy, i was supposed to be bald my 12th day of treatment. ---(vo photos 1 and 2)-- BUT THIS IS LYNN 10 DAYS INTO CHEMOTHERAPY. AND HERE SHE IS AFTER 3 TREATMENTS IN 5 WEEKS. --(sot)-- 11;32;42;19 i could choose to keep my hair and it's been very empowering --(vo)-- THIS TECHNOLOGY AT THE UC HEALTH LONE TREE BREAST CENTER GAVE LYNN THAT CHOICE. IT'S DIGNICAP ... COMPUTER-CONTROLLED SCALP COOLING. COOLANT, THAT NEVER DROPS BELOW THE FREEZING POINT CIRCULATES THROUGH THE CAP ...CONSTRICTING THE BLOOD VESSELS. --(SOT)-- 11;42;41;04 then the chemotherapy is not going to those hair follicles and we're actually able to preserve the hair --(VO)-- ONCOLOGIST DR. REGINA BROWN KNOWS THAT'S IMPORTANT TO PATIENTS. FOR LYNN, IT WAS THE ONE THING SHE COULD CONTROL. --(SOT)-- 11;32;51;29 i didn't want sad eyes. i didn't want people going oh look something's wrong with her she doesn't have any hair --(VO)-- NOW, AT TREATMENT NUMBER 14 LYNN HASN'T KEPT ALL OF HER HAIR, BUT THANKS TO DIGNICAP SHE'S NEVER LOST IT ALL. --(SOT)-- 11;34;54;29 to have hair on my head it just brings a smile to my face everyday


This is the day of the year, when on average, the lake level is at it's lowest. Seasonally, the lake is highest in the spring, after the snow melt and the spring rains, and then it tends to drop through the summer until this time of year, when it begins to creep up again. Today, it is not quite a foot below normal, and the record lowest for this date is 93.00 feet so we are well above that. Lake: winds will be light and variable tomorrow, with waves a foot or less. The water temperature has recently dropped down to 66 degrees. Mountain: temps tomorrow will reach the 50s with SE winds 10-20 mph Weekend: will be a bit unsettled with some scattered showers.



In exactly two months, the best female skiers on the planet will be heading to Killington for a World Cup race. An event that will put Vermont and east coast skiing on the international map. Adam Sullivan reports.


((nats: here's the finish line)) At the end of November-- this trail will be packed will snow and spectators for a women's World Cup event. It will be the first time in 25 years that the races are being held on the East Coast. ((Michael Joseph/Killington Mountain: "it is going to gain Killington and Vermont tremendous international exposure. We are going to have world class athletes from 26 different countries competing right here on Superstar, a trail that pretty much any guest at Killington has skied themselves.")) ((File)) Skiers in the likes of Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn. The best of the best. And students at the Killington Mountain School will have front row seats. ((Rebecca Clark/KMS Senior: "it is an opportunity of a lifetime.")) ((Cassidy Bebo/post grad student: "everyone we know will be at this race.")) Cassidy Bebo and Rebecca Clark are aspiring Olympians themselves. They will be forerunning the courses-- to test the timing system-- immediately before the internationally known athletes. ((Bebo: "WE have looked up to these girls all of our lives. They are our inspiration. They are what we shoot for. So, I think it is really cool that we get to go right before they go.")) ((Clark: "I ski on that hill almost every day in the winter and I get to see the best in the world ski on that hill. It's inspiring for me. Those are my goals. That is what I am looking up to. That is what I am reaching for.")) Tao Smith is the head of school at KMS. ((Tao Smith/Head of School: "OUr students are going to get a chance to almost rub elbows with some of these superstars. That is just an unforgettable experience and it is inspirational. Hopefully something our students, especially our female students, carry with them for the rest of their lives.")) ((Sullivan: "but it's not just about making history and the inspiration of world class skiing. Upwards of 15 thousands people will likely attend the two day event, which will be a big boon for local business.")) ((Fred Coriell/Peak Performance: "all over Vermont we will feel the pulse of the world cup.")) Fred Coriell has owned a ski shop right down the road from the mountain for nearly three decades. ((Coriell: The world will get to see of what Vermont has to offer in terms of ski area and amenities.")) And Clark already has her outfit picked out. ((Clark: "the World Cup here at Killington will be the debut of the suit.")) Over the summer, she helped design this new racing suit for her team. ((Clark: "I am going to nervous, but it is going to be very exciting.")) ((Bebo: "it is going to be a hard course, but it will be nice to get through that finish.")) And considering the company they will be in on this mountain- they are already winners. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Killington.


The races are November 26th and 27th. The event is open to the public.



As you saw in Starting Line Sports, the UVM men's soccer team plays its final non-conference game of the regular season tonight when the Cats host Hartwick in a 7pm start at Virtue Field. Vermont failed to win for just the second time in ten games on Saturday when the Catamounts played to a 1-1 draw with Dartmouth at Virtue. Sitting at 8-1-1, Vermont is ranked 16th in this week's College Soccer News poll and is the first team outside the top 25 in the National Soccer Coaches poll. We'll have highlights and reaction at 11pm.


high school soccer... Woodstock girls hosting Brattleboro... --- first half action... Woodstock's Anna Dieffenbach with a great chance to put the Wasps on the board ...but the shot goes off the post... --- a few minutes later ...Dieffenbach gets another chance...off the corner kick...and this time the bounce goes her way as the ball deflects off a defender and in...1-0 Wasps... --- but with time winding down in the first half ...Brattleboro's Jamie Mahoney sends one into the box...it caroms off a Woodstock defender and right to Kai Boyd who won't miss from there... this one was tied 1-1 at the half...we'll have the final at eleven.


Apparently, the coaches in the Hockey East think the UVM men's hockey team will be just a little bit better this season than the media members that cover the conference do. The IceCats were picked to finish eighth in the Hockey East coaches poll, released today. Over the weekend, Vermont was picked to finish ninth in the Hockey East media poll. Boston University was the consensus pick to win the league, earning 10 of a possible 11 first place votes. Northeastern and Notre Dame tied for second. The coaches have the league split into two clear six-team tiers. Sixth place pick Boston College earned 91 points. Seventh place Connecticut had 63. Vermont had 57... ninth place Merrimack 53. The Cats open the season with an exhibition game this Saturday night versus Concordia at Gutterson.


Former UVM men's basketball captain Maurice Joseph has been named the interim head coach of the George Washington men's basketball team, replacing the fired Mike Lonergan, and he will lead the Colonels for the 2016-17 season. Joseph had been an assistant coach on Lonergan's staff at GW for the past five seasons. Lonergan was fired Sept. 17 after an internal investigation found that he "engaged in conduct inconsistent with the university's values." Players made allegations about Lonergan's behavior and conduct, including allegations of verbal abuse, that prompted the investigation. Joseph played two seasons at Vermont, both under Lonergan, after transferring from Michigan State, including his senior season in 2010 when the Cats won the America East title and advanced to the NCAA Tournament for the only time during Lonergan's six years as head coach of the UVM men's team. That season, Joseph was the Cats second leading scorer at just under 14 points a game, hit 77 three pointers and ranked second in America East in free throw percentage. Fellow George Washington assistant coach Hajj Tuner, who also served as an assistant coach on Lonergan's staff at UVM, also reportedly interviewed for the job and is expected to stay on Joseph's staff, as will another former Hoopcat, Chirs Holm, who serves as the assistant director of basketball operations.


The Red Sox open a three game series with the Yankees tonight at the Stadium. It's the final road trip of the season for the Sox... and, likely, the last visit to the Bronx for David Ortiz. Drew Pomeranz was scheduled to start the series finale Thursday, but today, manager John Farrell announced Pomeranz has been scratched from that start due to a sore left forearm and the fact that he's thrown a career high 169 innings. Farrell said Pomeranz could still throw out of the bullpen sometime this week. Henry Owens will make that start Thursday for Boston.


Boston's magic number to clinch the American League East pennant is down to one...meaning a win tonight in New York or a Toronto loss at home to the Orioles will get the job done. The Yankees helped put Boston in this position thanks to a comeback win last night in Toronto as New York scored five times in the top of the ninth to beat the Blue Jays 7-5.


Look who was at Patriots practice today...quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett were both on the field taking part in drills as the New England Patriots remain hopeful that at least one of the injured quarterbacks will be available for Sunday's home game against the Buffalo Bills. Garoppolo missed Thursday's 27-0 victory against the Houston Texans with a sprained AC joint in his right throwing shoulder, while Brissett, who made his first career NFL start in his place, injured his right thumb in the third quarter and played through it. With Tom Brady set to return from his suspension following this Sunday's game, the Pats need just one more strong effort to finish 4-0 without their franchise QB. You will find few outside the Patriots locker room that expected New England to go unbeaten without Brady.


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