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Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. All of those injured in yesterday's train crash are out of the hospital today. And the Governor says he hopes rail service will re-open in a matter of days not weeks. Kyle Midura was back in Northfield today - he joins us now from the newsroom with the latest, Kyle - Darren and Kristin - Cleanup is on track according to officials... and while it appears clear that the train's collision with a rock-slide caused the train crash ... the arrival of an official determination is likely be delayed for weeks.


(nats) Sounds of heavy equipment emerged Tuesday from the foliage covered hills of Northfield -- as work crews rushed to put train cars back on track. (09:40:25:00) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin our hope is to have the Vemonter back up and running in days not weeks)) (nats) A day earlier the engine and first passenger car of an Amtrak passenger train carrying 102 people careened off the tracks and into a creek bed. The Governor called the accident an act of nature, saying its unlikely anyone deserves blame for the train crashing into a rockslide. First responders rushed four passengers and three crew to the hospital. (09:38:20:00) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin Here's the good news, everybody that was injured, the seven folks that were injured have been released from the hospital)) That includes the train's conductor who faced the most serious injuries -- but the Governor could not say what investigators have learned since speaking with him --citing the ongoing federal investigation. Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman spoke generally about what that entails. (09:57:50:00) ((Joe Boardman - Amtrak President and CEO They'll be looking at the speed of the train, how quickly they put th ebrakes on, they'll look at the track itself, they'll look at what the extenuating cicrumstances are, they'll want to know the condition of the engineer, they'll want to know who was in the cab, they'll want to take a look at any videos that are available)) A spokesperson for the governor later told the media that workers vacuumed 400 gallons of spilled diesel -- while another 900 remain unaccounted for. (10:10:25:00) ((KM Stup Despite repeated requrests to multiple agencies on-scene and over the phone, the press continues to be barred from the site, the Governor blames federal authorities, Amtrak says its the National Transportation Safety Board's scene, however, one home owner tells us it was Amtrak who told them to bar the press from any access to the site.)) (09:55:02:00) ((GOV that's up to the feds, your Governor has no objection but the feds have to clear that, I always think you all should go wherever you want to go, and the deeper into the woods you go the happier I am)) (nats - Amtrak station) Those with Amtrak tickets still showed up at the Montpelier train station today. While the tracks are out of order -- busses will be making these stops. Boardman says that won't lead to delays -- though it did on day one. (09:30:46:00) ((Kathleen Kesson - Frequent Bus and Rail Passenger I prefer the train because this is a work day for me, so with your laptop, it's much easier on a train. I'ts a little inconvenient, but no one's fault)) (09:32:30:00) ((Ras Burnett - Frequent Bus and Rail Passenger I do like the bus, thankfully I don't have to work until tomorrow))


Today's passengers emphasized that they're thankful everyone on-board yesterday made it out okay. A spokesperson for the National Safety Transportation Board says the media will not be allowed access to the scene because it would hinder the investigation. He says they also can't spare the man-power to escort a single-photographer to the site. - Darren

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Sue Minter made it official today... Former state rep and Secretary of Transportation Sue Minter kicked off her campaign for Governor at a rally in Waterbury. Minter touted her experience running the Agency of Transportation's 600 million dollar budget as a reason why she is ready to tackle the state's budget issues. She was introduced by former Governor Madeleine Kunin -- Vermont's first and only female Governor.


SOT ((Gov. Madeleine Kunin 05:08 I'm really ready, willing, able and enthusiastic to pass it on to Sue Minter.))10 ((Sue Minter 18:33-18:56 Vermonters are worried about their jobs, about their stagnant salaries, child care, rising taxes and their kid's education. I want you to know, I hear you. I am running for Governor because where I see problems, I also see potential.))23 Minter spent 2012 as the state's Irene Recovery Officer. Minter mentioned the economy, jobs, drug addiction and health care as top issues to address. Minter joins House Speaker Shap Smith and Google Executive Matt Dunne as Democrats running for Governor.


Police say she gave birth -- at home -- after being sexually abused. Tonight -- more charges in the case. 36-year-old Bonnie Beede is now charged with cruelty -- because state police say she had knowledge of on-going sexual abuse of a 16-year-old girl -- and the resulting pregnancy -- but did not report it. 31-year-old Richard Danner is charged with committing the abuse -- and fathering the child. Police say the abuse began when the victim was 8. Danner pleaded not guilty to the charges last month. Police say the girl and the baby were brought to the hospital after giving birth at home -- with no medical supervision.


A mother was killed in a collision with a New York State Trooper. Nearly a year later, her family is still waiting to see if he'll face charges .. Rose Spillman is live in the Plattsburgh Bureau with more. Rose-- Darren--Jennifer Chauvin left behind a close family. Today her sister spoke with me about how they've been handling the loss and what they hope to see come in the future.


(06:44:08 3867) ((Cathleen Harnden/Sister "It was a Wednesday morning, she was on her way to my house to put the oldest kids on the bus and for me to go to work." 06:44:13)) It's been almost one year since Cathleen Harnden lost her sister, Jennifer Chauvin, in a fatal crash in Ausable, New York. (06:43:08 3866) ((Cathleen Harnden/Sister "My poor mother. Oh my god. I mean, I have three kids, and I couldn't imagine my life without them, and she had Jen for 33 years." 06:43:17)) Chauvin was driving North on Grove street - while police say trooper Joshua Jenkins was driving during a routine patrol. They say he he failed to yield the right of way when making a left hand turn - slamming into Chauvin's car. She died at the scene. Her two kids in the back seat survived. (06:41:57 3866) ((Cathleen Harnden/Sister "She was gonna be a social worker. She didn't even get to see her diploma. It came in the mail, I think, two weeks after." 06:42:04)) (06:42:58 3866) ((Cathleen Harnden/Sister "Now we have to go on without Jen, and her kids, as a mother, I cannot even fathom the thought of not seeing my kids grow up and get married." 06:43:07)) Now - 11 months later - a special prosecutor, Washington County District Attorney Anthony Jordan, will investigate whether to bring criminal charges. (06:43:18 3666) ((Cathleen Harnden/Sister "We just really want him to take responsibility for what he did and for something to happen. We don't want anyone to forget about her." 06:43:28)) Harnden says it's been a rough year for her close-knit family, and they've done their best to stay updated on the case proceedings. She even created a facebook page called "justice for Jen." And she carries pictures of her sister with her wherever she goes to keep her memory alive. (06:47:48 3868) (("My husband just got me this for my birthday. It's a locket, and it has a picture of Jen in it." 06:47:53))


A grand jury will be reviewing the case. We reached out to prosecutor Anthony Jordan and have not heard back as of this evening. We also reached out to New York State Police for comment but have not heard back at this time.


A girl reported missing in Essex -- has been located. The 9-year-old was last seen leaving her house on Ketcham Drive in Essex around 4 Monday afternoon. Police now say - she ran away - but then was with her mother - and missing. Police located them at a previously scheduled family court hearing today. Police are still investigating whether the mother - or anyone else - would face any charges.


Check your cereal. There's a recall tonight -- of Cheerios -- and Honey Nut Cheerios. General mills is recalling nearly 2-million boxes -- because they're labeled gluten free, but may contain wheat. The boxes have the code -- July 20-16 L-D. And a best-if-used-by-date -- between July 12th -- to 25th -- of 2016.


The brisk fall weather continues. That's perfect for checking out the fall foliage -- Sharon has been on the lookout in Addison and Washington county. How was your day Sharon? It was great! The clouds were a little stubborn, with only a few breaks of sunshine, but when the sun does great through its even more glorious. Today we started our tour in Warren.


On cool fall mornings sometimes it takes forever for low hanging cloud to lift. Photographer Andy Goodrich and I started our fall foliage tour today in Warren, thinking that even now, October 6th, we'd still need to look to the higher elevations to find good color. It's been a mild fall and leaves have been reluctant to change but finally, we are beginning to see some good color. One of the best parts about just driving around looking at fall foliage, you can just stop in and visit old friends along the way. This time of year, the crew at Luman Wadhams Stable are busy getting ready for the Grand National Morgan Horse Show in Oklahoma City. They leave bright and early tomorrow morning for the trip out west, usually driving through peak foliage. Beth Pollock/ Luman Wadhams Stable Manager "It's been late this year, usually..." Of course now that it's getting a little colder, not only are the colors brightening, the horses are feeling pretty frisky! ..The little ones trying their best show off like the big ones.... And succeeding! Nat sound of snorting etc. We decided to continue on to the Sugarbush Resort where they have a chairlift running daily through Columbus Day. As you go up in elevation, the colors fade and winter seems right around the corner. The guys are working hard on the trails, getting them ready for the first snowfall which won't be too much longer now. Sharon "Don't forget if you do go into the mountains, it's colder in the higher elevations! You're going to want a warmer jacket. I wish I had one!" While the ride up was great fun, the ride down was even better, the best color now is covering the valley below. This is just one way to enjoy the mountains in autumn... Candice White/Sugarbush Resort VP Communications "You can bike, hike etc etc." We got back in the car and headed towards the Lincoln Gap....finally some breaks of sunshine! Autumn is beautiful even in the clouds, but when the sun hits those leaves, it's spectacular. Up through the Green Mountain National Forest and down towards Lincoln, we turned north in Lincoln Village, and headed into Downingville. It's interesting, on one side of the road, the colors are muted and past peak. And to the left, still bright and colorful. No matter what loop you take in Vermont, you will see some areas that are mostly green, others that have beautiful color, and yet others that are dull or past peak. Just keep driving. It's the journey that matters.


The foliage is really coming along. Many areas are seeing lots of color. The weather was pretty good for leaf peeping today. We'll keep quiet weather going tonight, with varying amounts of clouds and lows in the 40s. Tomorrow a weak cold front will touch off a mix of sun and clouds and maybe a passing shower. Otherwise highs will be in the 60s. Overall, another nice day to check out the foliage.


He came with a message about climate change. Former Vice President Al Gore addressed a crowd of more than a thousand at UVM in Burlington. Logan Crawford was there. Logan? Darren, Al Gore spoke for an hour about how the burning of fossil fuels has caused a climate crisis. He claims that's why environmental events like Tropical Storm Irene in Vermont and the recent flooding in South Carolina are happening. But he also told the crowd there's hope for the future.


More than a thousand people packed into the Ira Allen Chapel at UVM -- eagerly awaiting the guest speaker - and his message -- about the threat of climate change. (TC 10:36:27:09 Tile 6986) ((Al Gore "You have a problem disposing of your gaseous waste, just dump it into the sky. Let's use it as an open sewer, free of charge." 10:36:37:08)) Former Vice President Al Gore took the stage Tuesday - armed with a slideshow presentation. It illustrates the environmental effects of man made global warming. He used examples like Tropical Storm Irene's devastation. (TC 00:00:36:26 Tile 7032) ((Daryll Breau/Randolph "You leave with the language you need to clarify the issue for other people." 00:00:43:15)) (TC 00:11:48:25 Tile 7036) ((Logan Crawford/Burlington "Al Gore says the biggest reason for the climate crisis is the emission of fossil fuels like the kind coming from cars. So attendees of the event were invited to ride their bikes instead of driving their vehicles." 00:11:59:15)) Kids in a 5th grade class taking a field trip to Al Gore's speech also try to do their part to be green. (TC 00:05:20:22 Tile 7033) ((Kids "Yea I bike to school every single day. Yea I walk." 00:05:25:23)) But polls show many Americans don't accept climate change is happening. Gore's firm Generation Investment Management is partners with Burlington-based Seventh Generation -- the environmentally-friend ly company that invited Gore to speak at UVM free of charge. (TC 10:12:12:18 6965) ((John Replogle/Seventh Generation CEO "Places like this and across social media is it critical to get the word out and to educate and arm the students of tomorrow, the leaders of tomorrow with the facts that they need to solve the crisis that my generation and the one prior created for them." 10:12:26:00)) But Gore also said there's hope. He said Burlington was the first city to use 100 percent renewable energy -- and Vermont's goal of being 90 percent renewable by 2050 makes the Green Mountain State a leader. (TC 02:53:00 Tile 7032) ((Miles Hooper/Randolph "we are trend setters. That's something we can really be proud of." 00:02:58:29)) (TC 11:31:15:03 Tile 7020) ((Al Gore "If it was a sporting event we'd be behind on the scoreboard but the momentum shift would be so apparent and you look up and there's enough time to win before time runs out." 11:31:25:21))


Seventh Generation makes and distributes its products in a green way. Because of the Burlington business's commitment to renewable energy -- Gore's firm invested 30-million dollars in the company. Darren.


In the Pursuit of the Presidency - political experts say Bernie Sanders' fundraising - will quiet critics. The Sanders campaign says it raised nearly 26-million dollars in the last three months -- just two million less than Hillary Clinton. And Sanders has much of that cash - on hand. He's been able to turn out huge crowds - and make gains in the polls - without spending a lot. And that has more pundits believing Sanders is in the race - for the long haul.


((Linda Fowler: "Presidential primaries are marathons, they are not sprints and for anyone to stay in the game they have to be firing on multiple cylinders. As fundraisers, as speechifiers, as hirers of top notch consultants. It's a whole set of things." )) The latest polls show Sanders comfortably ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire -- and within a few points in Iowa. National polls show Clinton widening her lead in the last couple of weeks, after Sanders had steadily closed the gap over the summer.


Vermont revenues are on the rise. General fund tax collections for September were more than 146-million that's five-point-three percent above projections. For the first three months of the fiscal year the general fund has taken in 340-million -- pushing the total above target by one-point-five percent Shumlin administration officials credit strong personal income and corporate income receipts.


Another Northeast Kingdom community is debating a controversial wind project. Alexei Rubenstein takes a closer look at the Kidder Hill proposal in Irasburg.


David Blittersdorf -- in many ways -- has been the poster child for renewable energy in Vermont. From solar to wind, the All EarthRenewables CEO has been at the forefront of a number of projects -- and battles. ((FILE 8:29 David Blittersdorf/AllEarth Renewables "We live in a society where the common good should overule self interest, individually or by town because towns get their energy from elsewhere)) But when it comes to a proposed project on property Blittersdorf owns in Irasburg, a group of local residents is saying enough is enough. ((Brian Sanville/Irasburg Selectboard "The town has spoken, now the selectboard has to take action)) Blittersdorf hopes to get approval to build two, 500 foot turbines on his hill-top property with views of Jay Peak. But before any of that can happen, his lawyers Tuesday began the process of trying to convince the Public Service Board that a Meterological tower he installed a few years ago to test the wind -- did not require a certificate of public good. He has argued that since the tower was for personal use -- to measure wind for smaller turbines at his cabin -- the permit wasn't needed. Opponents say his MET tower is an example of not being upfront about his intentions. ((00:31:22 Robin Kay/Irasbug Selectboard Chair "There's been documentation that he put it in for personal wind and then realized how much wind there was, so now the idea has struck me that having wind towers -- wind turbines -- when he has already been doing this beforehand. I just don't feel comfortable that being a true statement.)) ((AR STANDUP "With the Sheffield wind farm just a few ridges away and Lowell just next door, many Irasburg residents are all to familiar with big, ridgeline wind. They voted last week to oppose the Blittersdorf proposal".)) ((GFX Blittersdorf released a statement to us saying he is looking forward to complying with the PSB on the MET tower and that he is "... very interested in an open dialogue with Irasburg residents about the two-turbine community wind project ..." And hopes "...that they will reserve judgment as that process has yet to begin.")) Irasburg -- like many small towns -- has no town plan or other zoning that address renewable energy. Karen Horn with the Vt. League of Cities and Towns says all they are looking for is projects that are community scale and fit in. ((00:43:00 Karen Horn/Vt League of Cities and Towns "Towns are absolutely playing catchup on this issue and there are a lot of plans that are being rewritten to address renewable energy generattion..)) Renewable energy advocates and the Governor have said it's going to take a major push to meet the future renewable energy goals. But local lawmaker Senator Bobby Starr says if the Irasburg proposal is any indication -- he's not on board with the governor. (( 00:40:35 Sen. Bobby Starr/D-Essex/Orleans Counties "Governors change and policies change, and I think maybe the time is coming where there may be a change and then the policy will change, but we cant keep blowing our ridgelines up and covering our meadows with renewable energy.)) Familiar battle lines being drawn in the next chapter of the Northeast Kingdom's wind debate. Alexei Rubenstein - Channel 3 News -- Irasburg

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A fairfax woman bagged a record setting moose. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says Tammy Miller took down a 931 pound bull moose Friday. That's a new record for a moose taken during archery season. The previous record was 919 pounds taken last year. The moose was shot in Norton in the Northeast Kingdom.



We'll see varying amounts of clouds tonight. Lows will drip into the 40s. A weak cold front will move through the region on Wednesday. Morning clouds will give way to some afternoon sunny breaks. We can't rule out a passing shower, mainly over the mountains. Highs will bump up into the 60s. Winds will become northwest around 5-15 mph. Cooler air will return on Thurday. Highs will be back in the 50s under partly cloudy skies. It looks like another storm system will catch up to us on Friday; it's shaping up to be a cloudy day with periods of rain. Highs will only reach 48/58. We'll dry out again on Saturday. Highs will still hold at 48/58. By Sunday a weak disturbance could bring us a few more clouds, and the chance for a passing shower to the north. Highs will be in the 50s. Looking ahead to early next week, it looks like temperatures will bump up into the 60s for daytime highs, with no big storms.



Colchester police are tracking a robber - who held up a convenience store clerk last night. It happened at Finelli's convenience store on Roosevelt Highway. Surveillance video shows a man repeatedly gesturing at the clerk with an automatic handgun. He's described as white and in his 20s -- about 5-foot-8 with a slender build. He was wearing a blue North Face hoodie.


A restaurant in Burlington's south end is closing.. Lake Champlain Chocolates announced today its South End Kitchen restaurant on Pine Street will close in December. Owner Jim Lampman says the complexity of operating a restaurant is taking the focus away from the chocolate company's core business. The South End Kitchen space will become the company's headquarters for administration, sales, and marketing, and the shop will be used for production and retail space.


The city of Winooski will soon offer free parking spots. The city is adding free 15-minute spots downtown-- to make it easier for folks running a quick errand. In May -- the city started charging for parking -- to deter people from saving or holding on to spots all day long.


A boost for the Vermont Law School in South Royalton - and its project to work with food producers. The U-S Department of Agriculture awarded the school more than 700-thousand dollars. The money will be used to create guides for farmers and food entrepreneurs -- like "how to use a lawyer" and a "farmland Lease Assistant." That's news around the region.


Starting line sports, the UVM men's hockey team opens up the regular season at Minnesota on Saturday night in the gophers hall of fame game. It was a late edition to the Cats schedule. The first 5 of Vermont's games are outside of hockey east. Fans got their first look at this season's Catamounts Sunday afternoon in an exhibition game against Acadia at Gutterson Fieldhouse. The Axmen skating away with a 2-1 win. The Cats getting their lone goal from Mario Puskarich in the second period on a 2-man advantage power play. UVM outshot Acadia 36-16 in the game, but just couldn't find the back of the net. The team watched video of the Acadia game this afternoon, knowing it has a long way to go.


(((Brady Shaw/"You can tell it's a first game. You can tell we didn't have much practice time as far as systems go. You can tell we're a young team and the lines have been shuffled a little bit, trying to get the right combo. So, it's not going to be there for all four lines right away, but it's something we're going to keep working on and get better at."))) (((Kevin Sneddon/"Saw a lot of good things too. Saw a lot of speed, skill, made some early plays, but it looked like early hockey. Hadn't had a lot of time with the guys, so I think a good week of practice will certainly benefit us.")))


And after dropping a pair of games to ninth ranked Memidji State this weekend at the Gut, the Vermont women's hockey team will be back in action this coming weekend as well, playing a home and home series with Clarkson. Game one is Friday night in Burlington. Game two Saturday afternoon in Potsdam, New York.


New hope for those with chronic migraines. Researchers say they're able to pinpoint problem nerves -- and treat them. Catherine Bosley reports.


TUE0096 Source: WOIO PKG: (clip 10 at 13:55) "take a look at the back of the head.." 29 year old Cathy Periandri in a follow up visit to the doctor she says gave her back her life.. (clip 0 @ 5:28) "as soon as he did it ...i could feel the pressure release.. " .... talking about the pressure that would give her up to 15 migraine headaches a month.. (bite clip 0 @ :35) "It was slowing down my motor skills and my congnitive skilles ..i would get them ..and i would just strat thowing up i would pass out in pain.. nothing was working for it.." ...then she heard about a possible surgical solution... developed by dr. bahma guy-ron in lyndhurst ... The perfect candidate with the pain coming from all of the so called main trigger points... (nat at clip 14 16:37) "right here" "okay.." "beat, beat, beat." With a special doppler device he can pinpoint the origins of the headache...with this woman ...even a day after hers was at it's worst... (bite at clip 15 at 19:41) "like in the forehead frowning muscles can irritate the nerve..in the back of the head ...muscles and vessels can irritate the nerves.." ...and as this ct scan shows ...the pain source (clip 20 at 32:07) "nerve gets caught in this area.." can even be in the nose especially with a deviated septum. So the surgery is a matter of small incisions where he goes in to decompress the nerve...removes anything rubbing against the trigger point nerves. For Cathy..it would be.. (bite at clip 6 @9:16) "then there was one right here.." every trigger point ...one surgery at a time she says brought relief... but, it would take four total.. to get her migraine free... (bite at clip 0 3:37) "DID YOU EVER THINK YOU COULD BE...?" "no, no." The procedure is not a guaranteed fix... but, dr. guyron says 90 percent of the time if not total relief ...there is at least some. (bite a clip 15 @21:10) "it has been enormously rewarding discovery for me becaue day after day patients tell me their lives have changed. "


Dr. Guyron says most people are back to normal just days after the procedure. That's health watch.


We'll see varying amounts of clouds tonight. Lows will drip into the 40s. A weak cold front will move through the region on Wednesday. Morning clouds will give way to some afternoon sunny breaks. We can't rule out a passing shower, mainly over the mountains. Highs will bump up into the 60s. Winds will become northwest around 5-15 mph. Cooler air will return on Thurday. Highs will be back in the 50s under partly cloudy skies. It looks like another storm system will catch up to us on Friday; it's shaping up to be a cloudy day with periods of rain. Highs will only reach 48/58. We'll dry out again on Saturday. Highs will still hold at 48/58. By Sunday a weak disturbance could bring us a few more clouds, and the chance for a passing shower to the north. Highs will be in the 50s. Looking ahead to early next week, it looks like temperatures will bump up into the 60s for daytime highs, with no big storms.


In this week's odd jobs -- we're taking a look at one of our own. Fred Lavenberg is part of the chain that brings you the news. And it required Jennifer to make an unusual commute -- up Vermont's tallest peak.


((FL 00:13:40 "What makes the job really unusual is...this is my office.")) It's a million dollar view -- 4-thousand feet above sea level. It's also Fred Lavenberg's home away from home. ((Fred Lavenberg/Transmitter Supervisor 00:24:01 "This job is outdoors and it's indoors and it's different everyday.")) He's the transmitter supervisor on the top of Mt. Mansfield. ((NATS NEWS -- "good evening and thanks for joining us.")) Part of his job is ensuring the Channel 3 News reaches your living room without a hitch. And he's been doing it since... ((Fred Lavenberg/Transmitter Supervisor 00:22:02 " ...the day Elvis died.")) August 16, 1977. ((Fred Lavenberg/Transmitter Supervisor 00:21:02 "Some people go to school for nursing and end up being accountants.")) Fred studied history -- before discovering his passion for broadcast engineering -- during a stint with his college radio station. Most of his technical training was on the job. He's also licensed by the FCC to operate this equipment. But how does it all work? ((FL 00:07:38 "We now do HD TV. It is a tube transmitter.")) ((Jennifer Costa "The signal is sent wirelessly -- from our control room -- here in South Burlington -- to the mountain. Then the transmitter takes over.")) ((FL 00:08:16 "It takes the signal that comes up from the studio. It's received here. Goes through a couple pieces of equipment.")) The digital signal then enters the transmitter and it's broadcast to your home on channel 3.1. But if any part of that chain fails -- the engineers spring into action. Fred says the adrenaline kicks in -- when the TV goes black. ((Fred Lavenberg/Transmitter Supervisor 00:27:35 "You've got to be back on the air as quickly as possible." 00:29:06 "It's not for everybody. We've had people who've stayed one night. One shift. They were done.")) These engineers work for 24 hours straight. Typically solo shifts. And there's no leaving the mountain. Channel 3 is one of the few stations in the country still staffing its transmitter around the clock. ((Fred Lavenberg/Transmitter Supervisor 00:25:50 "People here do not typically call in for sick days.")) Bad weather doesn't scare them either. These hardy engineers often commute by snow mobile or snow shoe. ((FL 00:37:56 "People think we live in an alpine hut. It is a very nice alpine hut.")) The original -- was built in 1954. ((NATS -- original broadcast)) And overhauled in 2005. Today it's more like a barracks -- built to withstand bitter cold and whipping winds. But inside it's cozy, equipped with sleeping quarters... ((FL 00:39:08 "we're not digging ditches but we do have to sleep.")) And a full kitchen. Fred's co-workers tell me he's quite the cook - whipping up gourmet meals - for one. ((JC 39:55 "what's your favorite thing to make?" FL: Chinese. JC: From scratch? FL: Of course.")) A man of many talents -- keeping us on the air -- for nearly 40 years. JC CH 3 News, Mt. Mansfield.


Fred says salaries vary by geographic location. But -- here in Vermont -- starting pay for broadcast engineers range from $15 to $20 an hour. Do you have an odd job -- or know someone who does? Jennifer wants to hear from you. Send us an email -- news@wcax.com.


Killington Ski resort could find itself on the international stage. It's hoping to host the skiing world cup -- Eliza Larson reports.


When they're training -- Killington Mountain School students turn to the pros. (TC 00:16:51:20 Title 2583)((Cassidy Bebo/KMS Student: "i'm looking for how they -- tactically -- how they go through the course." 00:16:55:02)) Off the slopes -- students watch the movements of other skiers to learn racing techniques. Many of these lessons are done in classrooms. Next year, they may get the chance to learn on the mountain. (TC 00:01:59:17 Title 2577)((Neil Barkel/Coach: "it'll give these ladies an opportunity to see the best in the world compete. And hopefully give them an opportunity to learn from the best and see what it takes to be the best." 00:02:11:02)) There's a bid to bring the Audi FIS Ski World Cup to Killington in 2016. The competition will include women's giant slalom and slalom races on Killington's Superstar run. (TC 00:06:44:03 Title 2579)((Tom Sell/Alpine Program Director: "we train on the trail that the women are going to be racing on. Which is incredibly exciting for our kids to be able to see those athletes skiing down the hills that they train on." 00:06:52:26)) (TC 00:09:04:16 Title 2580)((Rebecca Clark/KMS Student: "it's really steep and it's really long. And I think it's awesome because you can see most of it right from the bottom and the chairlift is right on it so it'll be really cool to watch." 00:09:13:23)) US Ski and Snowboard Association has put the East Coast venue on it's schedule. Killington officials say that all but a guarantee -- but not official yet. And they're ready. (TC 00:27:45:26 Title 2591)((Mike Solimano/Killington General Manager: "we've got the infrastructure from the snowmaking standpoint. We're known to get open early and stay open late." 00:27:50:27)) Now -- Killington Mountain is bright with the colors of fall. Soon, it will be blanketed in snow. For the competition next year, Killington officials say they'll have plenty of snow -- either man-made -- or through Mother Nature -- to give skiing in New England international exposure. (TC 00:26:22:07 Title 2591)((Mike Solimano/Killington General Manager: "it's going to be international exposure in 60 countries and across the US. We haven't seen an event like this in east coast for 25 years." 00:26:32:04)) The 20-16 event would be the first World Cup in the eastern USA since 1991 when it was held at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire. (TC 00:11:58:21 Title 2581)((Ava Mattsson/KMS Student: "all of these women that are going to be coming have no fear. They are sending it down the hill." 00:12:02:24)) KMS women's alpine students say they'll hopefully get to chance to watch the skiers on their home turf -- and learn how they can beat them someday. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Killington.


The proposed date of the World Cup will be Thanksgiving Weekend of next year.


The baseball playoffs get underway tonight in the Bronx as the New York Yankees host the Houston Astros in the winner advances, loser goes home, American League Wild Card game. After unexpectedly leading the A-L East for much of the season, the Yanks slumped late but are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2012, and playing a postseason game without Derek Jeter for the first time since 1995. The team will take the field while trying to manage the concern they feel for their teammate, C-C Sabathia, who announced that he is entering an alcohol rehab program and will miss the postseason. Tonight's starter, Masahiro Tanaka, said the team met yesterday to discuss both tonight's game, and best ways to support Sabathia. As for the game itself, although rookie first baseman Greg Bird had been a pleasant surprise, New York will still be relying on veterans like Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann, as well as strong bullpen, to come up big tonight if they want to survive and advance to face Kansas City in the Divisional Series. Jacoby Ellsbury, who hit just .217 the final month of the season, is not in tonight's starting lineup for New York.


The Yankees will also be facing one of the best pitchers in baseball this season tonight in Houston 20-game winner Dallas Keuchel. Keuchel led the American League this season in wins and innings pitched, was second in ERA with a 2.48 and fifth in strikeouts. The lefty also dominated the Yankees in his two starts against them, allowing no runs and just nine hits in 16 innings while striking out 21. After going just 4-12 in the first half of September and losing the A-L West division lead to Texas, the Astros did right the ship a bit late, winning six of their last eight games.


If you are a Yankees fan, but also attended UVM, your allegiances may be tested this evening. Former University of Vermont standout Matt Duffy has made the Houston Astros 25-man playoff roster for tonight's game. Since being called up in early September, Duffy has had three hits in eight plate appearances, all as a pinch hitter and driven in three runs.


And if you are looking for other local connections in the playoffs, four former members of the Vermont Lake Monsters organization are in the postseason. Houston bullpen coach Craig Bjornson was the Lake Monsters pitching coach in 2003 and 2005. Toronto pitcher Marco Estrada was a Monster in 2005 as well. Blue Jays first base coach Tim Leiper was the manager for the then-Vermont Expos in 2000, and 2012 Lake Monster Addison Russell figures to be the starting shortstop for the Chicago Cubs in tomorrow's N-L Wild Card game against the Pirates in Pittsburgh.


The Seahawks defense came up big, and the officials came up small, and in the end, Seattle escaped with a 13-10 win over the Detroit Lions last night in the Pacific Northwest. With Detroit on the verge of scoring the go-ahead touchdown with less than 2 minutes remaining, Lions receiver Calvin Johnson had the ball punched out of his hands by Seattle safety Kam Chancellor. As the ball was bouncing toward the back of the endzone, Seahawks linebacker K-J Wright gave it a tap out of bounds. It was ruled a touchback for Seattle, who was able to run the clock out and pick up the win. However, after the game, it was announced that Wright should have drawn a penalty for an illegal bat for hitting the ball out of bounds, and Detroit should have been given the ball back at the Seattle one yard line. Wright said he did not know the rule and admitted he was purposely guiding the ball over the end line. Seattle improved to 2-2 with the win. Detroit falls to 0-4.


This past Sunday, Airborne Speedway wrapped up its 2015 season with a full race card capped by the 41st running of the Fall Foliage 200. Now, a for sale sign has replaced the checkered flag at the Plattsburgh track. Airborne's ownership group announced today that the track is available for sale or lease. The move comes following a mutual agreement between the track's three owners, Steve Fuller, Jamie Atkins and Mike Bruno. Bruno, the managing partner, who also owns Devil's Bowl Speedway in West Haven, Vermont, will step down from his position next Thursday. Airborne just completed its 62nd season, but now with the track up for sale, plans for a weekly competition format and schedule in 2016 are not presently known, though stock car special events and competition go-kart racing plans are under development. An automotive and racing equipment swap meet and car show on Sunday, October 25 will continue as planned. As will the Airborne 2015 Banquet of Champions on November 14th in Altona, New York. All three members of the ownership group, who each own and manager separate businesses apart from Airborne, said commitments to family and other business interests factored into the decision. In the statement announcing the sale, all three said it was important for a new prospective owner or leaseholder to operate Airborne as a stock car racing facility with a local focus. Co-owner Jamie Atkins told me this afternoon via text that they are in the appraisal and valuation process now and an asking price has yet to be determined.


Twin state bragging rights will be on the line tonight, when the UVM men's soccer team visits Dartmouth. That will be a 7pm kickoff in Hanover. We'll have highlights at 11. Vermont had a four game win streak snapped on Saturday with a 2-1 loss to Binghamton at Virtue Field, while Dartmouth will be going for a third straight victory.


And the accolades continue to role in for Dartmouth quarterback Dalyn Williams coming off his six touchdown performance in the Big Green's 41-20 win at Penn Saturday. Williams threw for four touchdowns and ran for two more while completing 92% of his passes. Yesterday, he was named the Ivy League co-offensive player of the week. Today, Williams was also pegged as the STATS FCS National Offensive Player of the Week, the FCS National Performer of the Week by the College Football Performance Awards and a College Sporting News FCS National All-Star. Throwing and rushing, Williams accounted for 409 total yards, the fourth-most ever by a Big Green player. The senior now has 7,072 total yards and needs just 178 more to pass former NFL quarterback Jay Fiedler for the most all-time in school history. Now 3-0, Dartmouth hosts 3-0 Yale this Saturday at 1:30pm on homecoming Saturday in Hanover.



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