Tue 26-APR-2016 6 P.M. News Script


Rutland's mayor announcing -- the city's plan to welcome Syrian refugees. Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. The plan surprised some lawmakers from the region -- and some residents. Up to 100 refugees heading for a city -- that has struggled to recover from an opiate crisis. Lynzi DeLuccia is in Rutland with details, Lynzi? K&D, Vermont has welcomed about 8 thousand general refugees since 1989, but this will make Rutland the first place in the state to open its doors to refugees from Syria.


((nat sound clapping)) People packed Rutland's city hall Tuesday to hear new plans for the city from Mayor Christopher Louras - plans to welcome up 100 Syrian refugees. ((Mayor Christopher Louras//Rutland 10:19-10:28: "We will open the next chapter on our city's story by embracing those escaping the horrors of war and oppression.")) Rutland will be the host community to the Committee on Refugees and Immigrants expansion throughout Vermont. ((Amila Merdzanovic//VT Refugee Resettlement Program 36:29-36:35: "Refugees are subjected to the most rigorous security screenings out of any visitor to the United States.")) Merdzanovic says many tiers of federal government have responsibilities in this process - the department of state, homeland security, FBI, CIA, and citizenship and immigration services are all involved. ((Merdzanovic 36:52-37:01: "It takes about a thousand days to process a single individual and they're subjected to interviews, fingerprinting and medical screenings...")) Officials say they understand the concern some may have - Mayor Louras told the crowd he's spoken with the highest levels of the department of state and homeland security to insure safety for Rutland residents. ((Louras 37:41-37:48 "the security measures that are in place will not put this community at risk.")) Word of the plan spread quickly within the city. ((Cindi White//Rutland, Vt. "I think it's going to be great for Rutland, we need to grow our declining population and this is one answer to grow our population with some folks that are really interested in working hard and making a better life for themselves.")) But not all Rutland residents feel the same way. Some downtown expressed concerns - but declined to speak with us on camera. GFX Strong opinions did fly around social media with worries like "Why weren't the people of the city of Rutland even asked if we support this????" and "Really..bring more conflict to an already needy city?" Officials declined to comment on how much the resettlement plan will cost - except to say that funding will come primarily from federal government, with a small amount from the state and private donations. ((William Notte//President, Rutland Board of Aldermen 30:42-30:52: "I believe that, in this instance, we are on the right side of history, )) Community leaders stood by the Mayor to show their support. The President of Rutland Regional Medical Center says the hospital has 150 vacant job positions - and local schools are also on board. ((Mary Moran//Superintendent 19:10-19:20: "I want to give the assurance to everyone in the community, and appreciate Mayor Louras's work, that we will welcome children into our schools."))


Rutland City Police declined to comment today. State Police say they were not consulted about the plan - but have no concerns. Governor Shumlin responded to the news saying he could not be, quote, more proud of Vermont and the Rutland community.


A University of Vermont student was in a Massachusetts courtroom today. He's accused of driving drunk -- crashing -- and killing his passenger. Keith McGilvery is live in the newsroom with the story. Prosectors say Joseph Castano was drunk when the late night ride turned deadly -- killing a Vermont friend he had known since childhood.


Joseph Castano arrived at a Massachusetts courthouse in a sling and neck brace Tuesday. (( WBZ COURT)) The 20-year-old University of Vermont Student is accused of driving drunk early Saturday morning. Prosecutors say he was nearly three-times the legal limit and speeding --when he crashed his dad's BMW into a utility pole -- killing his passenger --19-year-old Craig Sampson. (( WBZ COURT)) Castano was visiting Sampson at Endicott College -- about 40 minutes north of Boston -- for the weekend when things turned deadly. (( (6:56) ((I just wish for once we could embrace this as tragic as it is. I don't want to get another tweet or a Facebook post or a phone call saying they one of your players just did this. )) The childhood friends are from Williston and graduated from Champlain Valley Union High School in 2014. Sampson's former football coach Jim Provost remembers him fondly. (3:42) ((He was (3:42) ((He was the kind of - he wasn't going to be on the all star team necessarily, but as far as kids you want to have around you and around your program, he was a hall of fame kind of kid.)) He say his love for family came first. (4:15) ((He had several younger brothers and he was a great big brother to those kids. (4:21) I did notice that on several occasions - like at away games they're by the bus or whatever. You know, he wasn't ignoring them just because they're little brothers hanging around. That always struck with me so I'll remember that. )) Provost says he knows Castano too -- and calls the crash tragic. (5:50) ((He was a star soccer player I know that, and again, just a a prince of a kid. (5:54) Everybody at CVU knew both of these kids. (5:57) And I'm glad to hear that he's going to survive his injuries because that would have been tragic, too, but it's a tough deal for both those kids, both of those families.)) Castano pleaded not guilty to charges including motor vehicle homicide.


Castano was released on 25-thousand dollars bail and was allowed to return home to Williston. Castano is due back in Court on June 7th.


Winter made a comeback across the region. Snow piled up in spots -- putting shovels and plows back to work... And it made travel tricky. Adam Sullivan has more.


Tuesday began with snowfall and some humor-- from our very own Gary Sadowsky. ((nats: Gary saying: You really wanna hear this? It's like an April Fool's Day joke, but it's the end of April.")) Forecasting a coating of snow-- coming just days before the month of May. ((Millard: "every day I watch to see what the weather is going to be and he is usually right on.")) Moe Millard didn't let the late-season storm slow him down on his postal route in Barre. Even if he wasn't exactly ready for it. ((Moe Millard/Mailman: "this is the most snow I have walked in all winter. And I wasn't prepared for it so I had to go home and get my boots because I figured the boots were done for the winter. But it is just another day in Vermont, you never know what the weather is going to be.")) A relatively snow-less winter in our region meant few open days for Northeast Slopes in East Corinth. The tiny ski hill relies solely on Mother Nature- but it's top to bottom coverage on this day. ((Chad Paye/Waits River Country Store: "I think it is time for spring. I'm actually sick of seeing snow. Even though we did have a good winter.")) Chad Paye had to bust out the shovel at the Waits River Country Store. ((Paye: "yeah, real excited about it.. not.")) All joking aside-- the modest snowfall did cause some problems. Roads were slick in some spots. Slide-offs-- were reported across the region. ((Chief Phillip Kasten/Hartford Police Dept.: "it is important for motorists to remember that bridges, the over-passes, on ramps and off ramps, they will freeze up first so allow yourself a few extra minutes.")) ((nats: plow)) The plow trucks made quick work of it-- cleaning back roads and Interstates. A crow strolled through the elements in Woodstock-- while shoppers used the sidewalks. Horses used their hooves to find food. (pictures) Viewers have been sending in their photos and video- capturing covered flowers and picnic table... (video) ...and picturesque settings usually seen during the heart of winter. But-- the wood piles will once again begin drying out soon. And the shovels will go back into storage-- despite the unpredictable seasons-- that come with the territory. Adam Sullivan-- channel three news.


We needed this months ago! Yeah -- not the end of April, Sharon. Just as we think spring has arrived, a fast moving low pressure system rolled across our region this morning, with enough cold air in our northern and central counties for snow to fall. Closer to the MA border, it was rain, and temperatures in Philadelphia reached the low 80s! Amounts ranged from a trace to about 4-5" in the higher elevations, but that should be melting fairly quickly now that they storm has moved by. Tonight, skies will be clearing and then we'll see lots of sunshine for the rest of the week and into the weekend.


A jury says the boyfriend -- of an accused quadruple killer -- is guilty of disorderly conduct. He was involved in an armed standoff outside a Barre convenience store -- just days after the killing spree last summer. Alexei Rubenstein reports.


In an unusual day-and-a-half long trial over misdemeanor charges, a 12-member Jury Tuesday found 51 year old Henry Premont guilty of disorderly conduct. ((JURY NATS)) But the relatively minor conviction comes with a larger back story... (File-STANDOFF6 8-12-15) The hour-long standoff with Premont outside Rickie's Indian Restaurant and Shell Station in South Barre came just five days after Jody Herring's alleged murders of a state social worker in Barre -- and three of Herring's relatives in their Berlin home. Police and local residents were on edge ... (STANDOFF6 8-12-15TC 00:57:32:13 Tile 2244) ((Sunny Singh/Witness "He's like I think they're coming for me, I'm like what? He's like yea just give me change I'll go outside. Goes outside I turn around look at the window. Police have their guns pointed at him already and then I see him take the gun out of his holster." 00:57:22)) Police swarmed to the area after getting a call from Premont's sister saying he'd been drinking, had a loaded gun, and was threatening "armageddon." Premont had just broken up with Herring. She allegedly used his rifle in the fatal shootings -- and he was in distress. ((FILE STANDOFF11 8-14-15 States attorney Scott Williams 01:10:06 "Premont specifically asked the troopers to blast him.)) Prosecutors dropped the initial felony charge of reckless endangerment. ((05:12 Dan Cavanaugh/Asst. State's Attorney "I think if the firearm had been pointed at another individual that is more consistent with how the court interprets reckless endangerment charges)) That left the state with the fairly low bar of disorderly conduct-- and a trial that normally would have been avoided. ((07:07 Dan Cavanaugh/Asst. State's Attorney "Some of the comments that he made and who the person was who reported it and the fact that he had a loaded firearm -- that certainly concerned law enforcement and I think they responded appropriately. They considered there to be a risk, they wanted to look into it and they immediatly did that. )) During the standoff police say Premont repeatedly asked police if he could talk to Herring on the phone. His lawyer argued in court that he was overwhelmed -- even provoked -- by the massive police presence. Premont was given a 60-day suspended sentence and one year probation. He will receive a mental health screening. He's also not allowed to drink or possess firearms during that probation -- and must perform 40 hours of community service. ((NATS Leaving court -- any apology?)) Other than being the owner of the rifle used in Herring's alleged murders -- and possibly having knowledge of her "hit list" ahead of time, prosecutors say Premont has no other direct involvement in that case. Alexei Rubenstein - channel 3 news -- Barre

12} SAGE12_VO

She says her son needed help - and ended up shot. And now a Vermont mom is suing the city of Winooski and the officer who fired his weapon. 38-year-old Isaac Sage has a history of mental health issues -- and his mother says he was in a serious mental health crisis when Officer Jason Nokes shot him in the leg 3 years ago. Nokes was charged with a felony - and made a plea deal for a lesser charge to avoid jail. Sage's mom accuses the city of negligence - assault and batter -- and infliction of emotional distress on her son.


Homeless advocates in Burlington say they're noticing an alarming new trend. This winter -- was the first -- for the new warming shelter at COTS -- and of the 240 people who used the shelter -- about 30 percent of those were ages 18-29 ... considered "milennials". That's an age group COTS says they have not seen before. Cat Viglienzoni spoke with a young woman who got back on her feet and joins us with her story. Cat. Darren - she told me the cycle of homelessness started when she was a child -- but once she turned 18, she was on her own -- and facing the same problems.


((SOT Kimberly Rabideau 000039 I've been here almost two and a half years 41)) 24-year-old Kimberly Rabideau has a good job as an email marketing specialist at Localvore, an apartment -- and a new puppy. It's a far cry from when she first came to Burlington six years ago. She came to start a new life as a student at Burlington College. ((SOT Rabideau 000142 But I couldn't afford rent, even though I was working three jobs 45 So I ended up being homeless here 48)) She landed at SPECTRUM's emergency shelter in September 20-11. She says during her nine months there, she was able to get back back on her feet ... start community college and a job at COTS... and save up money for an apartment. She credits SPECTRUM for helping to turn her life around -- something she couldn't do while crashing on a friend's couch. ((SOT Rabideau 000229 in my experience couch-surfing, it's like 'okay, these people are over, they're spending the night. Okay, Kim's over -- we're partying 36)) ((STANDUP CAT 003616 When couch-surfing is not an option any longer, homeless milennials can end up here at COTS. They say before, it was kind-of anecdotal, they didn't see that many of them. But last winter at the warming shelter, they showed up in greater numbers, and it's the first time that they've seen that 32)) ((SOT Becky Holt, COTS 001935 Nationally that has been a trend that has emerged, but it's new to Burlington to be seeing here in our community 41)) Becky Holt with COTS says they're not exactly sure why more milennials are ending up homeless. She says national trends point to the growing drug problem -- and also difficulty finding jobs that can support the growing cost of housing. She says those who don't have family are left with few options -- especially if they've only gone to high school. But she says the silver lining is that many are too young to have been chronically homeless. ((SOT Holt 002749 If you can intervene early, before they have a lot of complicating factors and they're fairly newly-homeless, you can turn the trajectory around 56)) Like Kim did. In addition to her full-time job at Localvore, she's now on the Board of Directors for SPECTRUM -- and also on a committee there to help other struggling milennials find jobs. She's hoping to help others find their way out -- just like she did. ((SOT Rabideau 001317 I'm really hopeful because young people have such potential. They have their whole lives ahead of them 21))


COTS officials say over the next several months, they're going to be looking at how they can adapt their programs to reach the milennial generation -- and prevent homelessness. Darren?


Pressure is mounting on Bernie Sanders - to re-think his pursuit of the presidency. Sanders campaigned today in Philadelphia - while Hillary Clinton talked with steel workers in Indiana. 5 states are voting today -- Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, AND Rhode Island -- and polls have shown Clinton COULD sweep all of them. And that has more politicians and pundits talking about Sanders getting out of the race. His wife Jane said today - the campaign expects to do well in Rhode Island - where Independents can vote in the democratic primary. She also responded to Donald Trump's tweet urging Sanders to run as an independent.


((PO-65TU Jane Sanders: 000009 I think we have been v clear right from the beginning that we will not play the role of spoiler. 00000423, The reason he was active in and he decided to run in the democratic party was just that - we cannot afford a republican in the white house 0014 we cannot afford a republican supporting supreme court justices 000019, so - Bernie will not be running as an independent 000021 But his political revolution - the pol rev that millions of ppl are part of - 000029 will be a force to be reckoned with 000031))


On the GOP side -- polls leading up to today's voting - show Donald Trump is likely to win all 5 contests tonight. He's been saying on the trail - that it's time for his rivals to go. Ted Cruz - and John Kasich joined forces earlier this week - hoping to derail Trump's roll to the nomination.


The Vermont House approved expanding dental care in the state. The bill establishes the profession of dental therapist -- a position between a dentist and a hygienist. The idea is to increase the number of providers to get more people the dental care they need. Supporters say therapists would have a role similar to physicians assistants in doctor's offices. They could perform more work than hygienists -- while leaving more complex procedures for dentists. The bill now goes to the Senate where it has previously won support.


The clock is ticking in Montpelier. Can lawmakers finish their work on time? Statehouse Reporter Kyle Midura is here with more, Kyle - Darren, they're working over-time to finish by next Friday or Saturday -- if they don't there will be a significant price to pay.


There's snow atop Montpelier's golden dome as the end of the two-year session weighs upon lawmakers. Between now and the fall of the final gavel -- deals will be struck in hallways, behind closed doors, and on the floor of both chambers. House Speaker Shap Smith says it will take both chamber to tango out on time.. (00:03:21:00) ((Rep. Shap Smith - D-Vt. Speaker of the House so I can't speak for the other partner in the tango, but our goal is to lead the dance so we are out of here next Friday or Saturday)) In the time remaining, the Speaker says he hopes to reach consensus on bills dealing with housing, dentistry, energy siting, forestry, and economic development. Senate Pro Tem John Campbell says along with the must pass money bills -- he's hoping lawmakers can stitch together consensus on a DUI bill, one tackling criminal threatening, and another dealing with privacy. Operating the statehouse costs taxpayers about 200-thousand dollars a week when lawmakers are in town -- Campbell says he does not see an issue that will extend the session. (00:15:13:00) ((John Campbell - D-Windsor that's my intention, save as much money as possible for the tax payers)) (00:10:54:00) ((Rep. Don Turner - R-Milton Vermonters need us to get out of here, it's been a very expensive bi-ennium for Vermont taxpayers, the sooner we get out of here, the better for everybody)) Minority leader Don Turner and his caucus potentially have the power to keep everyone in Montpelier a little longer if deadlines get pushed. He says it's leverage they would only use to prevent increasing taxes and fees any further -- currently pegged to rise a collective 100 million dollars since the session began in January 2015. (nats) Those planning on returning next session will sing a happy tune if they leave on time -- because then campaign season can begin.


Of the 113 and 92 bills to pass the House and Senate respectively this year, 10 have been signed into law by the Governor. 15 have already passed both chambers but are waiting on lawmakers to iron out differences between competing versions. - Kristin


A Quebec based manufacturing company is expanding its work in the North Country and its bringing new jobs with it. Rose Spillman reports.


Clinton County is home to a number of manufacturing companies in the transportation sector. Now, a Quebec based company is looking to grow its US operations in Chazy. ((Michael Pouliot/Plastitel Director of Sales 2871 04:22:52 "We have a market that we can work with in Canda, but the United States, being so close, represents 10 times the volume, 10 times the opportunities." 04:23:01)) Plastitel opened its first ever US plant last year in an effort to expand its business internationally. The company makes products for recreational, medical, and mass transit industries--including parts for Nova Bus and Prevost in Plattsburgh. Plastitel acquired manufacturer GT plastics in Quebec several years ago, and now they're merging the company with their plant in Chazy to increase production. ((Michael Pouliot/Plastitel Director of Sales 2871 04:18:56 "I'm sure you know the cluster here in Plattsburgh is well recognized for the mass transit industry, and working with these clients, they've always encouraged us to make sure we diversify our portfolio with working with other industries or other clients." 04:19:11)) Over the next several months the Chazy plant will be getting new equipment shipped over from Canada. ((Rose Spillman/Chazy 2879 04:29:43 "As the expansion goes on they plan on hiring more workers and right now they're only at around 5 employees, but just in the next few weeks they're planning to increase to about 10, and by the end of the year, they're hoping to have around 24 workers." 04:29:56)) Chazy town officials say bringing new jobs and growing current businesses is a must for the region. ((Mark Henry/Chazy Town Supervisor 2830 04:08:57 "Most of the employers in the area are in Plattsburgh, but I think it's fair to say that this entire area is very difficult during these times for employment, for jobs, for businesses to start up, it's difficult, so any time that you have a new business that wants to expand, that's good news for everyone." 04:09:17)) Company officials say the move will double their production capacity. The merger will be completed by this summer. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Chazy.


Just as we think spring has arrived, a fast moving low pressure system rolled across our region this morning, with enough cold air in our northern and central counties for snow to fall. Closer to the MA border, it was rain, and temperatures in Philadelphia reached the low 80s! Amounts ranged from a trace to about 4-5" in the higher elevations, but that should be melting fairly quickly now that they storm has moved by. Tonight, skies will be clearing and then we'll see lots of sunshine for the rest of the week and into the weekend. Temperatures will continue to run a little cool through the end of the week, but will gradually become more seasonable by the weekend. Hold on, this snowy weather will all be forgiven and forgotten before you know it.


Tonight: Becoming mostly clear. Lows: 20/27 Winds: Light Wednesday: Sunny and cool. Highs: 42/48 Winds: NW 5-10 mph Wednesday Night: Mostly clear. Lows: 20/27 Winds: W 5-10 mph Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 45/52 Winds: NW 5-10 mph Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Thursday night: Lows 25/32 Friday: Mostly sunny. Highs 48/55 Lows 25/35 Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs 53/60 Lows 30s Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 53/60 Lows 35/45 Monday: Chance of showers. Highs 50s Lows 35/45 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 50s



The mayor of Minneapolis Minnesota is in the Queen City tonight. Betsy Hodges is talking about bike safety. Eliza Larson is there too -- she'll have more tonight on the channel 3 news at 11.


State police say a Rutland man caused a deadly crash in Pittsford. It happened back in September -- investigators say Shane Goodrich collided head on with a motorcycle being driven by Bryan Greene. Greene later died at the hospital. Police just wrapped up their investigation and say Goodrich crossed the center line -- and hit Greene. He's due in court next month.


State police say a Tinmouth mom tried to take the fall for her son -- after a deadly crash. 57-year-old Leo Branchaud (bran-CHOE) was hit by a truck on Gulf Road Friday night and later died from his injuries. 57-year-old Lisa Velde (Vell dee) told police she was driving at the time ... But police say their investigation revealed her son was actually behind the wheel. 40-year-old Thomas Velde has since been arrested. Both mother and son are now facing charges.


Criminal charges for a man police say called in a false alarm at a Williston hotel. Investigators say Christopher Keller called 911 Yesterday claiming an odor had caused 4 or 5 people to become ill at the Fairfield Inn. When crews responded they reported a smell of paint -- but no one was ill. Keller is charged with creating a false alarm.


Starting Line Sports ...the Boston Celtics return to Atlanta tonight for Game Five of their first round NBA playoffs series against the Hawks. When the C's limped out of Georgia after losing the first two games, many wondered if this series would even return to Atlanta. But after winning game three behind a career high 42 point effort from Isaiah Thomas, the Celtics were able to rally for an epic overtime victory in game four Sunday night to even the series. Down 16 in the third, the C's turned up the defensive pressure and found their offensive form, with Thomas and fellow guard Marcus Smart combining for 48 points...and 16 points from Boston's newest cult hero Jonas Jerebko. The 6-10, fifth year pro from Sweden was inserted into the starting lineup in game three and responded with 27 points and 22 rebounds in the two wins. Still, they are just that, two wins. All Boston is done is the same thing that the Hawks have done, win two at home. To win this series, the Celtics are going to have to earn a victory in Atlanta. One thing that has been shown after Boston's two wins at the Garden is that this team believes it can accomplish anything.


((TRT: 27 ... OC: IN OUR FAVOR)) ((Thomas/ We never give up. Even if we're down twenty, sometimes the guys on the bench say it doesn't even feel like we are down twenty, we know that we're going to come back. That's not the right mindset to have, but we have a group of guys that have always been counted out their whole life. So when you've been counted out, you've never been given anything and we just keep fighting. Continue to fight and keep believing in each other and stuff usually works out in our favor.))


Game five between the Celtics and Hawks is an 8:30pm tipoff tonight in Atlanta. We'll have highlights at eleven. And coming up later...Norwich University says goodbye to a beloved member of it's community.



An F-D-A Advisory Committee just meet to discuss a new drug for a deadly form of Muscular Dystrophy. It's called Eteplirsen. In clinical trials researchers said its improving patients quality of life -- allowing them to walk again. Food and Drug Administration advisory committee voted against recommending approval of the drug.




North Country businesses are creating a tasty way to tour the region. Similar to the already established Adirondack Coast Wine Trail, tourists would take their pick of farms and restaurants across the region. Rose Spillman has more.


Jay White owns and operates a winery in Essex, New York. He's leading an effort to create a new experience for tourists and residents in the North Country interested visiting farms and businesses like his. ((Jay White/Cornell Cooperative Extension Board President 2501 01:53:09 "People want to experience a geographic region's culture through its food. Has been a real time worn idea that's promoted around, not just around the country like places like Napa Valley and other places, but around the world, France and Italy." 01:53:25)) Called the Adirondack Coast Cuisine Trail--it would be similar to the existing Adirondack Coast Wine Trail, but instead of touring just wineries travelers would follow paths through Clinton, Franklin, and Essex Counties where they can get a taste of a wider range of local products. ((Rose Spillman/Essex, NY 2569 02:21:19 "Rather than focusing on one specific industry, the trail would actually feature a variety of businesses--everything from farms and farmer's markets to inns and craft breweries." 02:21:29)) The Essex Inn on Lake Champlain is one of around 50 businesses saying they'd like to be featured along the trail. The over 200 year old inn is open year round and often features local foods in its restaurant and tavern. ((Karen Dalton/The Essex Inn Owner 2514 02:11:21 "We want to be a part of it. We're really excited about it. We envision the inn being a place where if people are coming along the trail, that they will stop here and they will sample some of the fare." 02:11:39)) Adirondack Coast Visitor's Bureau officials say that this winter's unusual temperatures took a toll on area ski mountains, and though many of the cuisine trail stops will likely be seasonal, the trail could help tourists pick out things to do when the snow doesn't show. ((Alyssa Senecal/Group Marketing Specialist 2571 02:24:54 "So having that information be very public and hopefully in one piece of collateral one day for visitors to just grab and see what's open year round, what they can do if that sking's not available or that winter activity's not available, I think it will be great." 02:25:10)) White hopes that the trail could boost the region's economy and raise its culinary profile. ((Jay White/Cornell Cooperative Extension Board President 2501 01:52:08 "Our small towns in the Adirondacks continue to struggle. Small business continues to struggle, so if we can do something to combine the telling of that story with the desire to increase economic development, that's a great goal to achieve." 01:52:24)) White says the details are still being worked out, but they're hoping to have an official kick off for the trails this fall. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Essex, New York.


The Red Sox picked up their second straight win last night, 1-0, in the opener of a two game series in Atlanta. Rick Porcello threw six and a third shutout innings, the bullpen did the rest and Jackie Bradley Jr homered in the seventh for the lone run of the night. Tonight, the Sox turn to their ace as he tries to rebound from a rough outing. NESN play-by-play announcer Dave O'Brien has our preview. ((TRT: 40 ... OC: COMING UP)) (( O'Brien/ Well, a lot of Red Sox fans are wondering when the real David Price will step up and emerge. Even though he's had a couple of very nice starts. Remember what he did on opening day, with ten strikeouts against Cleveland, and a terrific seven inning stint at home. But coming off the eight earned runs against his former team, the Tampa Bay Rays, so David Price on the bump tonight in Atlanta, trying to turn things around for himself but also give the Red Sox a three game winning streak. And inside the clubhouse, a great feeling when the left handed ace is on the mound, regardless of the situation. But particularly against an Atlanta team that has gone 14 games since it last hit a home run. Price going here for the finale of a quick two-game set, and then two more with Atlanta at Fenway coming up.))


The Yankees opened a three game series in Texas with a 3-1 win last night. Nathan Eovaldi three seventh shutout innings, allowing just two hits, and Jacoby Ellsbury and Starlin Castro each hit a solo home run. Luis Severino gets the ball for New York tonight.


Last night, the St. Louis Blues sent the reigning Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks packing with a 3-2 win in Game Seven in the Gateway City. Troy Brouwer scored his first goal of the playoffs eight and a half minutes into the third to give the Blues the win. St. Louis will face Dallas in the second round. Also last night, Nashville beat the Ducks 3-1 at home in game six. Game seven of that series is tomorrow night. The winner will meet San Jose in the second round. The second round series in the East are all set... Tampa Bay will face the New York Islanders and Washington meets Pittsburgh.


Dartmouth has named David McLaughlin it's new men's basketball coach. McLaughlin has spent the past three seasons as associated head coach at Northeastern, and before that McLaughlin was a head coach at Division Two Stonhill ...a rival of St. Michael's in the Northeast-10. He led the Skyhawks to five NCAA tournament appearances in nine years. McLaughlin will be formally introduced at a press conference tomorrow morning.


Former Norwich Sports Information Director Charlie Crosby lost his 15 year battle with Lukemia last Friday night. He was 75 years old. We profiled Charlie and his fight with the disease about 2 and a half years ago. We called that story "a heart of maroon and gold." Today, a community is heart broken. Scott Fleishman has more. ((TRT: 2:38 ... OC: CHANNEL THREE SPORTS)) (((An emptiness has overtaken the Norwich athletics department. It can be felt in the rink, on the fields and throughout the offices.))) ((("People remember him walking around here being vibrant and energized."))) (((Charlie Crosby wasn't just an alumni, class of 63, and he wasn't just a school employee. In fact Charlie was many things to many people. A mentor.))) (((Derek Dunning/"I owe it all to him. He took a chance on me and believed in me in what I could do and what I thought I might like here at Norwich."))) (((A fan.))) ((("He would know individual players on my team and would specifically ask, how is this player doing."))) (((A critic.))) (((Mark Murnyack/"I remember certain times him coming into the office and saying, Mark you guys stink, and really being able to take that than him nothing more than wanting to see us get better."))) (((But to all he was a friend.))) ((("If he saw someone in need, he would secretly make sure that he got taken care of."))) ((("He would tell people straight out that this is what I'm dealing with. He said it in the story you did, I kind of think of cancer as my friend ..."))) (((..."You know it's been with me for 12 years. It's not going to leave. It's going to stick with me."))) (((Crosby officially retired last May after serving 10 years in the Sports Information office. He got to see his grandaughter go through college at Norwich and was able to move his wife, Carole, into a house in Maine.))) (((Cathy Diego/"It seemed like after that he finally was able to give in and he's not suffering anymore."))) (((Mark Zacher/"Obviously we're in the business of compeition and Charlie was taking on an opponent that was difficult to face and yet he faced it with courage and grace."))) ((("Charlie was such a big part of what Norwich is and what Norwich athletics is all about."))) (((Anthony Mariano/"He really wanted to be back here. He loved the institution and to be able to interact with coaches and student athletes on a regular basis was like he hit the jackpot and I think that's what he will be remembered by."))) (((Scott Fleishman/"There was a moment of silence for Charlie last Saturday before the Norwich men's lacrosse team. However, there will be a formal memorial ceremony for Charlie Crosby here on Campus Saturday May 21st at 11am. In Northfield, Scott Fleishman, channel 3 sports.")))




What can Burlington learn from one of the country's best-biking cities? The mayor of Minneapolis here to share some ideas. Hear them -- tonight at 11. The 107 year old woman who became a viral sensation when she danced with the President and First Lady at the White House is back in the news. See why -- next on the CBS Evening News. Good night.

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