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Primary Day 20-16. Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. Just an hour to go -- before most polls close in New Hampshire. 23 republican delegates -- 24 democratic delegates -- and 8 super delegates -- up for grabs. In the pursuit of the presidency. The secretary of state predicts a high turnout in the first-in-the-nation primary. Some towns reporting record-breaking crowds -- despite snowy weather in the eastern part of the state. Voting began early in our region -- three tiny towns opened their polls at midnight -- Dixville Notch, Hart's location, and Millsfield.


We have team coverage of the campaigns tonight. We begin with Kyle Midura who is covering the Democrats. He is in Concord where Bernie Sanders will hold a rally tonight. Kyle. Darren and Kristin - if polls results are accurate -- or even close, Sanders will be able to declare victory early tonight ... a stark contrast to Iowa's nail-biter that took days to determine a winner.


(nats) During the nation's first primary, voters enjoyed short lines and old friendships for most of the morning at this polling place in the shadow of the state capitol. Those casting Democratic ballots expressed fundamentally different reasons for backing their choice. Dan Lane voted for Bernie Sanders, while Erin Corcoran went with Hillary Clinton. (00:18:14:00) ((Dan Lane - Sanders Voter I think he represents just what I want to see in the country even if I think a lot of the things he says are not realistic :20 )) (00:21:58:00) ((Erin Corcoran - Clinton Voter Her experience, her hard-work, dedication, I think she'll serve the country really well :03 I think she'll get things done :04 )) The two candidates took different approaches to the final day on New Hampshire's campaign trail as well. (00:35:00:00 - Bernie Sanders) If there is a large voter turnout, if a lot of folks come out to vote, we're going to do just fine :04 )) Sanders stayed out of the public eye for much of the day - with turnout expected to break 2008's record. But, the mere rumor of his visit -- about two hours before he arrived -- turned the quiet Concord polling place into a frenzied battle between campaigns to dominate the background of national footage. First came Sanders signs - then a wave for Hillary with taller signs - before another Bernie bunch reinforced the first batch. (00:42:08:00) ((As soon as Sanders left, supporters of both candidates quickly disappeared)) Sanders' campaign manager Jeff Weaver stuck around long enough to take questions from the press. He says their team is not comfortable despite a double-digit lead in polling averages here. (00:40:38:00) ((Jeff Weaver - Sanders Campaign Manager Single vote win here is a win )) (00:40:45:00) ((more is always better )) (nats) Clinton spent her final day in the Granite taking selfies and stumping - looking to makeup ground on front-running Sanders (( Reporter asks: "Is a single digit loss a win, Secretary Clinton?" Clinton: "You know what, I am just looking for a great election day. As many people who can turn out, express their opinions, be part of this process. And for me, that's a big reason why it's so important... Thank you, thank you all!" (Clinton walks away from reporters) ))

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Sanders campaign manager says they're already looking beyond New Hampshire in some respects. Staff in Nevada, South Carolina, Super Tuesday states, and some that follow. turnout expected to break records, what are you seeing on ground? Kyle - certainly appears that way -- though New Hampshire, like Vermont has hundreds of small districts -- so it's impossible to tell on that ground from any given polling place Thanks Kyle. You can watch more from what Jeff Weaver said - on our website wcax-dot-com.


On the GOP side -- pollsters have been saying there's Donald Trump -- and then everyone else. But a pack of current and former Governors -- have been betting that a lot of time on the ground in New Hampshire -- could change that tonight. Adam Sullivan is in Manchester. - He's covering the Republican race for us. Adam. thatís right Kristin. Very high stakes with todays primary in NH. A strong finish for any of the Republican candidates could help sustain their campaigns. And poor a showing could mean the end for many.


(Nats: trump) With Donald Trump dominating the headlines this election cycle, both nationally and in New Hampshire, many of the candidates are essentially running for second place. ((Christie: "a second place finish would do a lot for me here. I mean second place finishes make presidents. As we've seen with Bill Clinton as we've seen with Barack Obama.")) Marie Curry of Concord is a Christie supporter. ((Marie Curry/ Christie Supporter: "i think he is a tested leader he has done great things with New Jersey in a blue state. He was able to get a lot accomplished.")) Polls, however, don't always pan out. Ted Cruz was behind Trump in the polls heading into the Iowa Caucuses but was able to squeak out a victory. Lebanon Republican Vick Morgan was pleased with the unexpected result. ((Vicki Morgan/cruz supporter: "He is a christian and that is very important to me and I just feel he is for the people and for the constitution."))9 John Kasich has been moving up in New Hampshire. He says because he has been honest with voters at more than 100 town hall events. ((Kasich: "i felt free enough to talk about my wins and losses, my joys and hurts and i think people just kind of connect with that."))11 The ohio governor won over this Upper Valley voter. ((Seaver Peters/kasich supporter: "proficient capable governor. I think he is a loyal republican and I think he knows what he is doing."))9 Marco Rubio's 3rd place finish in Iowa breathed new life and needed funds into his campaign. Like many candidates-- he greeted voters at the polls Tuesday. ((Rubio: "they know the issues netter than anyone I have ever interacted with and they are not listening to the Sunday talk shows. They are going to make their decision based on who they think will be right for the country ."))9 And then there is Jeb Bush who has struggled to move to the front of the pack. But recent campaign swing by his mother - former first lady Barbara Bush seemed to help grab headlines and goodwill. ((Bush: "working hard still to the last moment and i feel at the end the undecided will start to move our way so we will see how it plays out."))10

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Here's a live look at CBS news room - as reporters and the country wait for the numbers to start rolling in. Its an exciting time we get to witness first hand every 4 years. There's been a lot of media attention today -- about something Donald Trump last night -- he repeated a word -- that was said from one of his supporters. A vulgar word -- to describe Ted Cruz. How's that playing out in New Hampshire today? Answers - saying that Trump needs a first place finish to beat the expectations game. Thanks Adam.

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Lots of candidates talk about getting the pork out of politics. Today - at a polling place in Pelham -- that meant calling the police. A 600 pound pig got loose from a nearby farm -- and it turned up outside the High School. Where people were parking to go vote. The pig seemed to give one cop a little trouble. But the owners arrived -- and took the porker home. No word on who it would have voted for if it had had the chance.

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We can't seem to muster up any significant snow storms, but there will be more off and on snow showers in the days ahead. Wednesday, another offshore storm system will bring plenty of clouds, with snow showers likely especially during the afternoon and especially in southern counties. Afternoon temperatures will reach the upper 20s and low 30s. Along with some north winds, we will continue to see off and on snow showers over the next couple of days. Then on Friday, and little clipper system will pull an arctic cold front across the North Country, and that will bring a blast of bitter cold air for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.


Vermont's Senate hopes to pass a bill legalizing the sale and possession of marijuana this week -- so the House can vote on it too. But the bill -- got bogged down this afternoon in the Finance committee -- as lawmakers looked at taxing pot. Alex Apple is live at the statehouse tonight. Alex, what do you know? Representatives from the Shumlin administration testified that the state would need to go into debt to get the program started and ready law enforcement to handle legalization. The sale of licenses to sell marijuana would bring in some money -- but the rest would get borrowed against future revenue. Nearly 1 million dollars would go to the tax department to prepare a system to collect the excise tax. Half a million dollars would go to schools to educate students about the risks of marijuana -- and the Public safety commissioner would like to add 8 new troopers. That comes after the public safety department recently laid off dispatchers and announced they could not afford body cameras for the state police. The state would need to come up with more than two million dollars total -- and what money the state did not get from sales licenses -- would become a small debt.


((Andy Pallito Commissioner of Finance and Management 19:14 If the range of receipts are in the 1 - 1.5 million dollar range from the application fees, that leaves us a carry over from 17 to 18, three quarters of a million and then anything that comes in in 18 would go to pay that money back.")) How much the state charges for a sales license would determine how far in debt the state ultimately goes. When the Commissioner of Finance and Management says the numbers 17 and 18 -- he means fiscal years 2017 and 2018. After 12 months, the state would need 10-12 million dollars per year to legalize marijuana. As the bill currently stands, retail sale of marijuana would begin in January of 2018. How much the state would tax pot purchases -- is still getting worked out.


What's causing students to get sick at Vermont Technical College? The school in Randolph says three students were taken to the hospital last night -- complaining of vomiting, diarrhea, and lightheadedness. Two more, plus a faculty member, say they also had the same symptoms. All five students are residents of Morey Hall, also home to the school's dining and student centers. The school is working with the Vermont Health Department to determine a cause. And, VTC is disinfecting all surfaces in the cafeteria and student center.


Salt shed shakeup in Shelburne. Vermont Rail System plans to build a salt shed in Shelburne -- but residents oppose the plan -- saying they were left out of the loop. Tonight, town leaders discuss the issue with residents. Eliza Larson will be at that meeting. She's live in Shelburne with more. Eliza? In less than an hour, Shelburne residents will gather here at the Shelburne Community School to hear the latest on the salt shed plan. Many residents have voiced their concerns over the issue -- and say they'll express those concerns tonight. Vermont Rail System plans to build a salt storage shed on a 32 acre plot of land right off Route 7. The salt will be brought in on rail lines and used throughout northern New York and Vermont. They have an old shed -- which is located in Burlington. The new facility will store 80 thousand tons of salt -- twice the amount of the old shed. Residents are worried their safety may be compromised. They claim they're still in the dark about the plans.


(TC 35:01:19 Title 1416)((Gary von Stange/Shelburne Select Chair: "Mr. Wulfson is claiming he is preempted by federal law and doesn't have to provide any information." 35:09:18)) (TC 12:55:16 Title 1400)((David Wulfson/Vermont Rail Ways President: "vermont rail ways is not doing anything wrong. we're following all of the rules." 13:01:12)) While Vermont railways says they are still in the right -- the town of Shelburne filed a notice of violation stating that Vermont Railways is not federally exempt from all local and state regulation. Tonight at the meeting -- we'll hear from representatives from the rail system as well as residents who wish to chime in with their thoughts on the shed issue. We'll have more from the meeting coming up tonight at 11.


Criminal charges for a Bennington man -- accused of selling heroin -- that lead to a deadly overdose. 36-year-old Trevor Shepard pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. Authorities say Clarke Salmon overdosed on heroin sold by Shepard. A witness told police the drug was laced with Fentanyl, which makes the heroin stonger.


And a Burlington man faces charges of trafficking heroin. Police say La-Shon McGee was dealing drugs out of a home on Plattsburgh Ave. Investigators say they found more than 500 bags of heroin in the home. He could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.


Stopping suicide. That's the goal of a new partnership. The Center for Health and Learning in Brattleboro is teaming up with gunowners in the community to launch the Vermont Gun Shop Project. Lynzi DeLuccia is in our Rutland bureau and has more on what this is. Lynzi? Thanks Kristin, this project is focusing on taking preventive measures to something often overlooked when it comes to gun owners - suicide. When gun owners in Brattleboro head about the plan, they jumped on the opportunity to help out.


((natsound)) Brattleboro's Center for Health and Learning is taking a step in a new direction - reaching out to gun shops on the important role they can play in suicide prevention. ((Alex Potter 1:45:02-1:45:14: "Going back aggregate over five years, 90 percent of deaths related to firearms in Vermont are suicides ...which is very significant.")) Inspired by New Hampshire's plan to work with gun sellers to bring up messages about suicide prevention, the center has already made progress with Vermont's own Gun Shop Project. Posters and pamphlets have been printed and sent out to gun shops acro ss the state. ((Alex 1:50:22-1:50:35: "Our hope is because it is very difficult sometimes for people to reach out for help, that we might make it easier for people to reach out to those who need help.")) The project gives these visuals to gun sellers along with signs to look for in at-risk gun-owners, such as seeming distant, evasive, or anxious when purchasing a firearm. ((Eddie Cutler: 2:04:37-2:04:41 "I was shocked. I didn't know that that was a problem.")) Eddie Cutler is the President of the Gun Owners of Vermont organization. When he heard about this problem and the Vermont Gun Shop Project, he got his organization on board. ((Eddie Cutler 1:57:54-1:57:02: "We thought it was the best proactive thing we could possibly do, which is actually preventing suicides rather than trying to take people's rights away.")) Cutler says he's seen gun owners afraid to speak up and seek help for depression because they were afraid of losing their guns. That's why the Center for Health and Learning is taking a non-legislative approach. The program focuses on friends reaching out to friends, with training sessions targeted at gun owners, gun sellers, and friends and family of those at risk. ((1:48:27-1:48:41: "Talking to people about, if you feel your friend may be at risk, how do you bring the subject up? How do you talk about it? What do you do as a friend, not a mental health professional, if you get an answer?")) This focus distinguishes Vermont's Gun Shop Project from New Hampshire's. Training and this buddy system technique were brought up by Cutler because of the unique trust he sees within the gun community. ((Eddie 2:05:34&2:01:21: "I think gun shops, just like gun people, are a close knit group, I think most of them will help us out. I'm absolutely sure this will work in the best way possible."))


Two training sessions are scheduled - one in Northern Vermont and one in southern - when the spring season comes along. The Vermont Suicide Prevention Center is being recognized at the Statehouse on Thursday for its work, including the progress the Vermont Gun Shop Project has made since it began last year. Kristin and Darren, back to you.


We can't seem to muster up any significant snow storms, but there will be more off and on snow showers in the days ahead. Wednesday, another offshore storm system will bring plenty of clouds, with snow showers likely especially during the afternoon and especially in southern counties. Afternoon temperatures will reach the upper 20s and low 30s. Along with some north winds, we will continue to see off and on snow showers over the next couple of days. Then on Friday, and little clipper system will pull an arctic cold front across the North Country, and that will bring a blast of bitter cold air for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Wind chills could be dangerously low Friday night and Saturday, and then actual air temperatures will be dangerously cold Saturday night into Sunday morning. It will still be cold for Valentine's Day on Sunday, but then Monday our temperatures begin to moderate a bit.


Tonight: Cloudy skies. Scattered snow showers. Lows: 18/25 Winds: Light Wednesday: Cloudy skies. Snow showers likely. (esp afternoon, southern?) Trace-2" Highs: 28/35 Winds: light Wednesday Night: Cloudy skies. Chance of snow showers. Lows: 13/20 Winds: NW 5-10 mph Thursday: Cloudy skies. Colder, chance of snow showers. Highs: 15/22 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Thursday night: Lows -5/5 Friday: Chance of snow showers. Highs 15/22 Lows -5/5 Saturday: Chance of snow showers. Highs 0/10 Lows -5/-20 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 0/10 Lows -5/5 Monday: Chance of snow showers. Highs 20s Lows 10/20 Tuesday: Chance of snow showers. Highs 25/35


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Burlington is buying land -- for greenspace -- as part of the Burlington College re-development. Burlington College recently sold off valuable waterfront property - to get out of debt. Eric Farrell plans to build housing there. But to get approval - he agreed to sell the city 12 acres for open space. Last night - the city council agreed to buy 12 acres for 500-thousand dollars. That money comes from the city's conservation legacy fund.


(TC 00:18:26:00 Title 0627)((Andrew Simon/Resident: "I think that we will look back on this deal and we will regret the decision I am sure you're going to make tonight." 00:18:38:26)) Councilors say that there will still be about 500-thousand dollars left in the conservation fund for future projects.


A big police presence in a Burlington neighborhood earlier today. Police were outside a home on Saratoga Avenue in the city's New North End with guns drawn. And - they had a man in handcuffs. Police told us later today that they were executing a search warrant in connection with a robbery investigation. And that the man was only detained temporarily. No charges were filed. Investigators were 'tight-lipped about the the other details of the underlying crime.'


An armed robbery investigation in Greensboro Bend. Police say the robber walked into Smith's General Store with a knife - and demanded money from the clerk. The owner confronted the person - and the suspect took off on foot without getting any cash. A Hardwick officer in the area saw the person escape in a getaway car -- and chased it until road conditions became unsafe. Police say the suspect is slim and about 5'4 .. To 5'6... wearing a dark hoodie - dark pants - gloves and a mask. If anyone has information ..call Hardwick Police.


A medical company based out of Enfield has to pay up for faulty medicaid claims. Vermont's Attorney General's office says Keene Medical Products overbilled medicaid for treatments. The company has agreed to pay the state 460-thousand dollars.


Starting Line Sports ...it's been a tough America East campaign so far for the UVM men's basketball team, headlined by losing three of their first four home games. The most surprising of those defeats was a 93-82 setback to UMass-Lowell where the Riverhawks became the first conference opponent in twenty years to score more than 90 points at Patrick Gym. Last night, the Cats looked for some payback against the Riverhawks in Lowell ...and this was another shootout... --- Pick things up midway through the first, Cats down 22-21...Cam Ward driving, the bucket and the foul... --- and Kurt Steidel leads six Cats in double figures with 15 points...Vermont would lead by ten in the first half while shooting 83 percent from the field... --- But Lowell not only hangs in...they answer back...final seconds, Mark Cornelius fading away at the buzzer, drills it...RiverHawks head into the locker room up 49-46... --- Vermont recaptures the early in the 2nd... Drew Urquhart throwing down the two handed jam... --- Then Ernie Duncan, wide open on the baseline for the reverse lay-in, he had 14 tonight...Vermont up 60-57... --- But here comes Lowell ...Logan Primerano the steal and the thunderous throw down ...Riverhawks back up by 2.. -- Head to the final minute and a half of the game, Vermont down 7...Steidl driving to the rack for the lay-in...cuts the lead to five... --- But just too much from Lowell tonight, Jahad Thomas, the spin and gets this one to drop, part of his game high 27 as Lowell beats Vermont again...100-93 ...becoming the first team since the 1994-95 season to score 100 against the Cats.


Vermont falls to 6-5 in conference play. New Hampshire won last night, so the Cats trail UNH by two games in the loss column for third place in America East. Vermont is off until Sunday when they visit Hartford.


Millions of Americans suffer from receding gums. Now there is a new, less invasive treatment. Chris Martinez reports.

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FONTS: :07-:12 Dede Lambrecht/ Patient :12-:16 Courtesy CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy (gum recession pics) :49-:52 Courtesy CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy (animation) :55-:59 Dr. Alexandre Aalam, DDS :59-1:03 Courtesy CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy (before & after pics) PKG TRT = 1:21 ) ---------------------- ----------- ((------PKG------)) Dede Lambrecht couldn't take the pain anymore. Her gums were receding - at a fast pace... ((Dede Lambrecht/ Patient @ 7:45)) very severe, all the way up to the bone on most of the teeth and it's hereditary, my father was that way too. Millions of Americans suffer from gum recession. The most common fix is gum grafting... taking tissue from the roof of the mouth to cover the exposed root. But a new procedure now offers a less painful - less invasive solution. ((Nats @ 14:52:24 - Dr. with patient in chair)) Comfortable? ... good... ((VO)) Periodontist Alexandre Aalam offers the procedure -- called rejuvagum lift - to his patients. He uses a small amount of the patient's own blood ((Nats @ 19:41)) (*machine beeps, centrifuge hatch opens*) to create what's called a "platelet rich fibrin". ((Nats/Dr. Aalam @ 20:41 - removing fibrin from vial)) That is a gummy gummy bear-like texture of white cells ((Dissolve to Procedure Animation)) Dr. Aalam inserts the fibrin into the affected gum area and in just days - the fibrin helps rejuvenate the existing gum tissue. ((Dr. Alexandre Aalam, DDS @ 1:19)) the procedure takes itself an hour, but you get the results within a week. These before and after photos - show how well it worked for Dede. ((Dede Lambrecht/ Patient @ 9:19)) I couldn't believe it, and when I got the stitches out, it was just like the gums I was born with it was just amazing. Doctors say the results are permanent so patients like Dede won't need any further treatments. Chris Martinez, CBS News, Brentwood California

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The RejuvaGum lift procedure costs about the same as gum grafting and is covered by many insurance plans. That's health watch.


It feels a little more like winter outside-- And skiers are making the most of a little natural snow. This week on slopeside Nick Borelli takes us to Suicide Six.


((Nats Fred Skiing)) For Fred Merrill-- his love for skiing started at a young age. (00:25:26:00:25:28:00) ((Fred Merrill, Woodstock: I came here at the age of 3)) Merrill has been making turns at Suicide Six for decades. (00:28:20:00-00:28:24: 00) ((Fred Merrill: It's totally laid back. It's old Woodstock and all of the people here)) The ski area has been a part of the Woodstock area for 80 years. It was founded by a man named Bunny Bertram. (00:04:54:00-00:05:06: 00) ((Chuck Vanderstreet, Suicide Six: In 1936, 1937 he was walking with some friends with a topographical map. They stopped at hill number 6, looked down number 6 and said to ski that would be suicide)) Suicide six was born. Bunny ran the resort until 1961. (00:30:23:00-00:30:34: 00) ((Fred: He was a good snowshoe champion at Dartmouth. And he loved to chew tobacco. And he used to sit over at the top here with a button, to make sure it was safe. As people fell off he would it the button and it would stop like that)) Bunny was a man who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty-- and often ran the rope tow. (00:29:59:00-00:30:10: 00) ((Fred: You just had to, as a little kid, you had to pick your guy ahead of you to hold the rope up. Cause the rope tightened and you wanted to make sure it wasn't stuck in your parka.)) ((nats )) These days the rope toes are gone-- and more modern lifts get Fred up the mountain. ((nats)) On Tuesday he was enjoying nice snow surfaces on 5 out of 23 trails. ((Nats)) The grooming machines have tilled the snow enough over the past week to create a soft layer of manmade packed powder. ((Nats)) Carving is smooth. But less than half of the resort's trails are open. (00:43:08:00-00:43:13: 00) ((Samantha Ayotte, Woodstock: Pretty soft right now. Like a little bit of powder, but not too much.)) ((00:26:17:00-00:26:25 :00) ((Fred: Perfect. Absolutely perfect. You've got a good base. They made a good base. It's snowing right now and they got about 2" of soft, very cold powder.)) (00:44:55:00-00:45:11: 00) ((Nick Borelli, Suicide Six: NATS nick skiing--> Well we finally have a little bit of fresh snow this week and temps are cold enough so that snowmaking continues. But problems are gonna happen this weekend. A big artic airmass will come in and wind chills will go well below zero. And that means it could be pretty dangerous to be out)) Lots of cold in the forecast-- Still not big snowstorms in sight. Let's just hope that Fred's predictions are right-- and maybe that trailcount will go higher. (00:27:22:00-00:27:28: 00) ((Fred: The snow seems to be coming later. The whole season seems to have shifted by a month.)) So Fred isn't writing off this season just yet. Nick Borelli. Channel 3. South Pomfret.




Sanders supporters say they are Feeling the Bern--literally. As Rose Spillman found out -- some will feel it forever.


Craig Mitchell says he's been a Bernie Sanders supporter for a long time. ((Craig Mitchell/Winooski 00:19:28 1820 "I love the fact that he doesn't alienate folks. His economic outlook, for me, it speaks to me. People are worried it's going to cost to much--that's where our tax dollars should be going." 00:19:39)) On Tuesday, Mitchell decided to make his support for the presidential candidate permanent. Aartistic Inc. recently began offering free tattoos of Sanders at their Winooski and Montpelier businesses, and they say the phones have been ringing off the hook with interested customers. ((Tyre Duvernay/Aartistic Inc. Owner 00:07:20 "People coming from New York, Connecticut, as far away as Pennsylvania. We're getting people that are calling trying to find locations in Texas, Georgia, and Maryland 00:07:32)) Owners say they've already done a hundred or more of the tattoos that feature a simple design with Sander's characteristic hair and glasses. Customers say they're proud to show their support. ((Kelly Allen /Got a Tattoo 00:01:17 I don't know you know he's kind of the best one going right now. Very Vermont -y 00:01:24:)) Aartistic Inc. Decided to give out the tattoos after catching wind of a business in New Hampshire doing free Donald Trump tattoos. Owners say they want to inspire voters to choose Sanders. ((Tyre Duvernay/Aartistic Inc. Owner 00:05:03 He's the real deal. He's honest, consistent. )) Craig Mitchell says this wasn't his first tattoo, but it will be a memorable one. ((Craig Mitchell/Winooski 00:19:13 "It burned. I've been a big Bernie supporter. Proud to put him on my leg. Proud to have him there forever, but also looking forward to 4 years of a great president." 00:19:23)) Aartistic Inc. Says they'll continue giving out the tattoos as long as Sanders is a candidate. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Winooski.

39} PEGGY11_VO

Vermont's young celebrity is now in the final four. Peggy Fischer is competing in the Food Network's Kids Baking Championship -- and last night she survived another round of the national contest. The 5th grader from St. Johnsbury impressed the judges with a dessert made from a variety of candies.


As you saw in Starting Line Sports ...the UVM men's basketball team suffered a second, stunning loss to UMass-Lowell in the last three weeks, falling 100-93 to the Riverhawks last night in Massachusetts. It was the first time the Hoopcats allowed an opponent to reach the century mark in over twenty years. The Cats are now 6-5 in league play, sitting in fourth place. They host Hartford on Sunday.


also last night, the UVM women hosting Lowell...Vermont's leading scorer Andreana Thomas not playing...serving a one game suspension for violating team rules... --- With Thomas out, Kylie Atwood providing all of UVM's offense early ..putting in the Cat's first 6 points of the game...12 points tonight from Atwood... We are tied early at 6 --- Teams continue to trade buckets, Hayley Robertson, little floater drops, 2 of her team high 20...she would tie this game at 66 on a three with eleven seconds go to ... --- But the Riverhawks with an answer every trip down the floor.. Kayla Gibbs was one of three Lowell players in double figures with 17... and Asia Mitchell-Owens gets a tip in off a miss with four seconds left to down Vermont 68-66. It's Lowell's first league win. The Cats have lost four straight. They visit Hartford Sunday.


The Rutland Herald is reporting that Poultney and Mount St. Joseph will merge their high school football teams this fall, playing home games at both fields. The team will combine nicknames as well... calling the combo the Blue Wave.


big showdown last night in girls high school hoops...CVU visiting Rice...the teams have met in four of the last five D-1 state finals... --- 2nd quarter, CVU up one...Sadie Otley for three, knocking down the triple...extends the lead to four... --- Rice responds...Lisa Sulejmani, from distance, drills it... cutting the deficit to 1.. --- Then Sulejmani driving to the rack, somehow getting this shot to drop, the bucket and the foul...Rice up by 1 at the half...CVU's 87 game win streak in jeopardy... --- But the second half, all Redhawks..Otley finding Laurel Jaunich , off the glass for two... --- Then Jaunich cross court to Otley, and sinking the triple... CVU holds Rice to just 1 point in the 2nd half, winning their 88th straight game, 32-17...


With the help of a young athlete from Middlebury, the USA won the silver medal in the luge team relay at the Junior World Championships today in Winterberg, Germany. Gracie Weinberg, from Middlebury, competed in women's singles, with Massena, New York's Jonny Gustafson in men's singles both part of that silver medal winning relay team.


In case you missed it, Team USA had it's best ever finish in a World Cup mixed relay this past weekend, finishing fourth in the relay at the World Cup stop in Alberta, Canada on Sunday. Barton's Susan Dunklee and Hannah Dreissigacker of Morrisville got the Americans off to a strong start in the first two legs. Dunklee, out first... hit all five targets prone, but struggled a bit standing... however, made up with that with strong skiing to sit in fifth place. Dreissigacker was almost perfect in her shooting, hitting nine of ten targets to move the U-S up to fourth. The men, Paul Smiths, New York's Tim Burke and former UVM star Lowell Bailey of Lake Placid, who skied the final leg, kept the pressure on and nearly chased down Norway at the line, finishing just 1.7 seconds shy of claiming the bronze medal. The Biathlon World Cup now heads to Presque Isle, Maine for its lone stop in the U-S this Thursday thru Sunday.


The Boston Bruins go for a third straight win when they host the Los Angeles Kings tonight at TD Garden. The game marks the return to Boston for former Bruins star Milan Lucic. Lucic spent his first eight NHL seasons with the Bruins before he was traded this summer to L-A for the Kings' first round draft pick, goaltender Martin Jones, who the B's turned around and shipped to San Jose, and a prospect. Lucic has 12 goals and 18 assists for the Kings this season, but only has two goals in his last 24 games. Los Angeles owns the best record in the Pacific Division. Boston is in a three way tie with Tampa Bay and Detroit for second the Atlantic with 62 points, six back of first place Florida. Montreal is also in action tonight, hosting the Lightning. The Habs have won two straight, but are still six points back of the B's, Tampa and Detroit in playoff race.


The Boston Celtics shoot for a fifth straight win and their tenth in the last eleven games tonight when the C's visit Milwaukee. The Celtics have used this streak to climb up the standings in the NBA's Eastern Conference. They now sit in third place in the East, five games back of Atlantic Division leading Toronto and seven back of conference leading Cleveland.


New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, coming back after surgery to remove a bone spur from his right elbow last October, has thrown off a bullpen mound. Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild said the Japanese right-hander had a throwing session Tuesday in New York and said all the reports are good regarding Tanaka's rehabilitation program. The Yankees said the injury dates from when Tanaka pitched in Japan. He signed with New York before the 2014 season, and that season went 13-5 in 20 starts with a 2.77 ERA, but was diagnosed with a partially torn elbow ligament. Last year, Tanaka was 12-7 with a 3.51 ERA in 24 starts and lost to Houston in the AL wild-card game. Pitchers and catchers report to Tampa for the start of Yankees spring training on February 18th.




Most of the polls in New Hampshire will close in just a few minutes. The Channel 3 News team is working to bring you the latest primary results. Stay tuned to Channel 3. We will update you throughout the night -- on air -- and online -- at wcax.com. And join us for full coverage -- at 11. Take care. See you soon. Good night.

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