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Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. Governor Peter Shumlin tells refugees he's thankful they decided to come to Vermont. That's as more than half of the Governors in the country call for halting refugee resettlement out of Syria following the terror attacks in France. Kyle Midura has more on this story, Kyle - Darren and Kristin, the Governor dropped in on an english class for recent refugees. He's impressed with their progress, and says Americans -- including politicians -- need a remedial course on what their resettled peers go through to get here.


(00:07:26:00) ((What made America great, and what makes Vermont great is people like you)) Governor Peter Shumlin extended a hand to refugees as they learn the language of their new home country. (00:09:15:00) ((I come from Bhutan -- nice to meet you)) (00:10:22:00) ((I'm glad we have you, happy Thanksgiving)) Many here are working on expressions and the basics after fleeing natural disaster or violence in Africa and Southeast Asia. (00:14:08:00) ((I left my childs - two childs - I have 10 years no see them)) (00:39:20:00) ((KM: Do you feel safer? Bishnu Adhikari - Bhutan Refugee -- via translator: very much, a lot)) Gov. Peter Shumlin says many Americans are unaware of the multi-year process refugees must overcome to resettle in the United States. (00:08:00:00 ) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont but we know what we end up with is not people we should fear, but people that we embrace, appreciate, as members of the Vermont family, and we're really really excited to have you here )) More than half the governors across the United States have called for blocking plans to resettle 10-thousand Syrian refugees in the country following terror attacks in France. In a press conference, Shumlin criticized the state's two Republican candidates running for governor in 2016 for suggesting the program pause for scrutiny. Lt. Gov. Phil Scott is one of them. (00:07:54:00) ((Phil Scott I would say 99 percent of the people in Vermont don't understand the process, including me)) Scott says he's seeking out more information about the program -- and concedes the Governor likely knows more about it than he does. But he says he wants more than assurances before he backs the program's continuation. (00:07:40:00) ((Phil Scott I think we have an obligation to public safety, I think we should take a pause, a step back and at least make sure the process is safe)) Shumlin says the resettlement program has yet to admit a terrorist -- and argues those who wish to do harm to the country have easier means of access than through the refugee program. He's ready to push ahead. (00:08:22:00) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin - D-Vermont Happy Thanksgiving, we are thankful that you are Vermotners and we look forward to welcoming more refugees who are leaving horrid, horrid circumstances to come to the promised land))


The refugee resettlement program is federally run -- so state officials have little formal power when looking to potentially impact decisions of whether to run it.


GlobalFoundries may have the "for sale" sign out. Another national report indicates the government of Abu Dhabi is considering selling ALL or part of the company. Bloomberg reports the government is in early-talks, but there's been no final decision. Abu Dhabi is looking to make some money -- by getting rid of assets -- amid a slump in crude oil. Other media reports indicate that the government of China -- is interested in the company. Global did not return our phone calls. Global acquired the Essex plant from IBM this past summer.


A deal to save hundreds of jobs in the North Country. Rose Spillman is in Plattsburgh with more. Rose, what do you know? Nearly 500 workers would have been out of a job, but today's deal between the state and Alcoa will not only keep the plant open but will ensure a majority of the workforce stays too.


Hundreds of jobs were on the line when major North Country employer Alcoa--an aluminum manufacturer-- announced plans to shut down its west smelter plant in Massena. It was a shock to many--including Franklin County Legislator Guy Smith, who worked at the plant for more than 36 years before retiring in 2000. (03:38:42) ((Legislator Guy Smith/D-Franklin County "I never dreamed that they would basically close this. I couldn't foresee this for the history they have here." 03:38:52)) The company said that the decision was due to a drop in aluminum prices over the past year. It had planned to close all operations in early 2016 and eliminate nearly 500 jobs. On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Chuck Schumer announced an agreement with Alcoa that would stop the closure and preserve jobs there. ((Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-NY "this is the state's way of stepping up to say, we understand the situation, we'll step in, we want to save those jobs, we want to save that plant, we believe it is a cycle and it is going to turn around but we'll put our money where our mouth is.)) Under the agreement, the state will provide the plant with up to $30 million in electricity savings and over $38 million in upgrade costs over three and a half years. Alcoa is required to keep 600 full time employees, and if they back out of the deal, the company could face up to $40 million in penalties. Guy Smith says this will be a huge relief to employees, some of whom he knew. (03:40:48 630) ((Legislator Guy Smith/D-Franklin County "These people were probably hired within the last five years, and they're starting their family, and they're just getting out. Some of them have just purchased homes where they figured it would be there forever and ever, and they didn't basically know what to do." 03:41:04)) Franklin County Legislator D. Billy Jones says that many of Alcoa's employees live in Franklin County, and any impact on the plant would ripple through the region. (03:34:18) ((Legislator D. Billy Jones/D-Franklin County "We're hoping this will help with the hiccup in the economy, in the aluminum industry, and the economy will carry itself out well beyond the three and a half years. We hope that plant's there forever." 03:34:32))


Though the agreement is for 3 and a half years, Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer say that they'll continue fighting to keep the plant alive for as long as they need to.


Regular service on the Amtrak Vermonter is expected to be back to normal tomorrow. The train hit a downed tree last night near White River Junction -- and damage to the train meant that today -- Vermont passengers were being bussed to catch the train in Springfield Massachusetts.


No one has been hurt - but State Police are warning drivers about mystery projectiles -- hitting vehicles on Interstate 89 - after a CCTA bus was hit in South Burlington. Its just the latest in a string of incidents.


((000236, Capt. James Whitcomb/Vermont State Police: Its not safe)) The marks left on the bus windows might not be big - but police say the fear for some passengers sure was. ((000126, Capt. James Whitcomb/Vermont State Police: we had multiple phone calls)) ((000134, Capt. James Whitcomb/Vermont State Police: They were startled )) Something hit the CCTA bus on 189 - as it approached Shelburne Road from Montpelier Monday evening. Whatever the objects were - they were not strong enough to get through the window - but carried enough force to send pulverized glass onto passengers. No one was hurt. ((000209,Capt. James Whitcomb/Vermont State Police: this is one of several incidents recently unfortunately that we've had on the interstate spread out through a large geographic area 000217)) GFX Just this month two other vehicles were hit. A windshield smashed near the Winooski River Bridge on November 6th -- then a side window of a car smashed on the interstate in Milton non the 14th. Police do NOT know if the incidents are connected - but are investigating to see if they are. ((nats interstate)) For now - their advice for drivers and passengers - be alert. (( 000228, Capt. James Whitcomb/Vermont State Police: They are concerning. This is again, damage caused to vehicles that are being operated at high speed, that can be startling to the operators. ))


State Police are not sure that there have only been 3 incidents. They want to hear from any other drivers who may have been hit by a projectile on Interstate 89 recently.

12} PIGS5_VO

Pigs -- make the interstate their playground. Check this out. Drivers on Interstate 91 near Barton spotted the pigs -- over the last two days. Five pigs, five piglets and a goat have gotten loose -- prompting drivers, police and even snowplow drivers to stop and get the animals back behind the game fence on the side of the road.


Alex Apple has more about these pigs -- on the lam. Tonight -- on the Channel 3 News at 11.

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The call went out -- and nearly 200 people responded - hoping to become a snowplow driver for Vtrans. Road crews will soon have their hands full with wintry conditions - but with soo many drivers taking early retirement - the state was facing a critical shortage. Earlier this month, the agency announced it needed to fill nearly 50 of the 350 driver positions it uses each winter.


((00:20:01 Todd Law/Vtrans "It's a range of people - from what we call an apprentice, where they come in with very little plow experience, to people who have experience -- what we call a journeyman -- where they've plowed before, they're experienced with plows. But 50 or more applicants in certain situations.)) That apprenticeship for new drivers runs 12-to-18 months. New drivers make about 13 dollars an hour. And on top of that -- drivers average about 300 hours of overtime each winter.

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A challenge to his pursuit of the presidency -- but Bernie Sanders WILL be on the New Hampshire primary ballot. Three weeks ago Sanders went to the state capitol in Concord to file the paperwork to be listed as a Democratic candidate for the first-in-the-nation primary in February. A challenge was filed -- based on Sanders' longtime status as an independent. But today the state's Ballot Law Commission unanimously supported Sanders' eligibility.


Bernie Sanders is not polling at the top - but when it comes to popularity in Vermont - he is. A media company survey of 75-thousand Americans revealed that while Americans have a low opinion of Congress in general -- many have great affection for their own senators and representatives. But no Senator received more support from his or her constituents than Sanders got from Vermonters. He scored an 83-percent job approval rating. Vermont's other Senator -- Patrick Leahy -- had the third highest score at 71-percent.


A Tunbridge teen -- convicted in a prep-school sex assault case -- is now on Vermont's sex offender registry. Owen Labrie -- was found guilty of a misdemeanor for the encounter with a girl at St. Paul's School in New Hampshire. He was also convicted of a felony count -- for using a computer to lure the girl -- which requires him to be on the registry. Prosecutors tied the assault to a competition at the prep-school -- where seniors sought to have sex with underclassmen. Labrie also got a year in jail. But he's free on bail pending an appeal.


South Burlington police are looking for your help to catch a bank robber. This is a surveillance photo of the suspect from the Merchants Bank on Shelburne Road. Police say the lone, white male entered the bank just before 2-30 today. He handed the teller a note demanding cash -- and left with the money. He was wearing a black hoodie, with a blue t-shirt over it. He had on a black hat -- and appeared to have a gauze bandage over part of his face.


((Chief Trevor Whipple, South Burlington Police Dept. 13:17 "I would always advise in a similar fashion if you see someone that fits the description don't approach them, call 9-1-1, call police, let us take on that task, that's our job.)) South Burlington's police chief says the suspect was last spotted walking toward the neighboring K-Mart Plaza.


What should Bellows Falls do -- with a run down mill in town? Should it house people charged with crimes? It's being discussed at a public meeting tonight. And as Adam Sullivan reports -- some worry what it would mean for public safety.


The Liberty Paper Mill in Bellows Falls has been empty and falling apart for years. But, the Bellows Falls Area Development Corporation is helping to give the ailing structure a new start. As a multi-faceted "Justice Center." ((Francis "Dutch" Walsh/Bellows Falls Area Development Corp.: "politics leaders across the country have been talking about, you know, we need to change the criminal justice system.")) The vision behind the center comes from the Windham County Sheriff-- Keith Clark. When complete-- it will house up to 60 federal and state pre-trail detainees and is estimated to create a similar number of jobs. ((Sheriff Keith Clark/Windham County Sheriff's Dept.: "it is more than just providing service to people who have been charged with crimes. It is also going to provide 24 hour regional dispatching services. It is going to be a regional law enforcement training site.")) And job training, education, and counseling resources for alleged criminals as well. Sheriff Clark says it's a new approach to an old problem-- the high recidivism rates that come with serving time behind bars. ((Clark: bascially it is the big lie that you send people to jail and the community is safer and that is just not true. So if we don't start taking new steps, or what some people call bold or risky steps, then we are never going to start making or community safer.")) But, some in the village say putting a detention center right near the downtown is NOT going to make things safer. ((Deborah Wright/Opposes Project: "some many children. Our high school is that way, our other two schools are this way. They are going to be walking every day through here.")) Deborah Wright opposes the project. And while she admits a dilapidated building does not exactly scream safety, she says other development options need to be explored. ((Wright: "that is not a positive for asking people to move their businesses or their families here.")) But Walsh says a lot of the opposition is coming from misinformation. ((Walsh: "A lot of the people who will be there or released with ankle bracelets on are walking around the streets here now.")) And he says the 23 million dollar project could actually spark investment in the region. ((Walsh: "you could say, well Bellows Falls is the first one to have one of these.")) A first for the village that he says could be the future of the criminal justice system across the country. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Bellows Falls.


A warning as the holiday shopping season gets into high gear -- Not all toys are safe for kids... The Vermont Public Interest Research Group released its annual Trouble in Toyland report -- offering shoppers guidance on which toys may have small parts that can cause choking -- to others with toxic chemicals.


((00:02:05 Falko Schilling/VPIRG "We try and go to many different stores -- dollar stores, major chain stores -- and look for toys that might be of concern to parents, do the testing and then come back with the results. And this isn't a comprehensive review of all the toys on the market, but it's really trying to get parents an idea of what dangers might be out there and how they can avoid them , and be a smarter shopper this holiday season.)) One possible sign of progress in the annual survey -- VPIRG this year found no toys containing lead. Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled some. Go to the infocenter to find a link to the report.


The Brattelboro Retreat has passed its federal inspection. Officials with the psychiatric hospital say the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services surveyed the facility last week -- and found no issues. They say they were in full compliance with the agency's conditions -- instituted a year ago after the hospital failed a survey. Surveyors typically look at a variety of areas, including patient rights, hospital leadership, staff, and quality assessment. A report is expected in the next two weeks.


The heat will stay on for struggling families in the area. Human service groups picked up their checks today from the Wheels For Warmth program that took place earlier this fall. Drivers donated used tires that are then re-sold or re-cycled. The proceeds help pay for heating assistance for those in need.


((Lt. Gov Phil Scott/R-Vermont This is our 11th year of wheels for warmth and we've raised to date about 312 thousand total . This was a record breaking year for us we raised 59-thousand dollars, but it was slpit between a number of different organizations.)) ((00:13:33 Jan Demers/CVOEO "Not only does it cause warmth for the people that we serve, but it also is a wonderful community, fun event.)) The program was expanded to Rutland for the first time this year.



Tonight: Partly cloudy. Chance of an evening snow shower. Lows: 18/25 Winds: Light Wednesday: A few morning clouds. Becoming mostly sunny. Highs: 38/45 Winds: Light Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 25/35 Winds: S 10-15 mph Thursday: Partly sunny and warmer. Highs: 45/52 Winds: S 10-15 mph Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Thursday Night: Lows 38/45 Friday: Chance of late day showers, Rain likely Friday night, mixing with snow. Highs 45/52 Lows 23/30 Saturday: Scattered snow showers. Highs 28/35 Lows 15/25 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 30s Lows 15/25 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 30s lows 20s Tuesday: Chance of rain/snow showers. Highs 35/45



A band of Robin Hoods -- who paid parking meters in Keene before they ran out - has the A-OK from the state. The state Supreme Court ruled in June that the group's conduct was protected under the First Amendment -- but said Keene could pursue an injunction against them in the interest of public safety. The city came up with a couple of proposals to keep the Robin Hoods from harassing the meter readers. But a Superior Court judge ruled the proposals were not narrow enough to protect free speech rights.


The end of an era in Burlington's Old North End...a family-owned furniture store is going out of business after more than 30 years. Myers New and Used Furniture announced they will shut their doors by the end of 2015. The owner says business has steadily declined over the past few years...and so has the condition of store's building. The Myers family has been selling furniture out of the Intervale Ave. store since 1983.


(TC 01:28:38 - Tile 7557) ((Todd Myers/Owner, Myers New & Used Furniture: "It's been a long time. We've been here awhile. I'm going to miss it, but like anything - it's time, you know? Time to move on." 01:28:48:27)) Myers says things like Craigslist and non-profit organizations greatly contributed to declining business. He's still unsure what he'll do next.


Castleton University's mascot -- is back home. School officials say the costume for its green-caped Spartan was located unharmed in the football stadium after it went missing earlier this fall. The costume disappeared from the Student Government Association offices between late September and the middle of October. The association bought it for $1,700 last year. Because the mascot was retuned in good shape -- the school considers the matter closed. That's news around the region.



Starting Line Sports ...in the sports world, the philosophy of 'next man up' means that when someone gets hurt, someone else has to step up, fill that void and make sure the team's performance doesn't suffer. No team in the NFL, and maybe all of sports, exemplifies that 'next man up' mindset like the New England Patriots. But that mindset is being put to the test. The Patriots improved to 10-0 last night, out-lasting the Buffalo Bills 20-13 at Gillette Stadium in a game that featured, yes, more injuries to Pats offensive players. Danny Amendola, taking a more prominent roll after Julian Edelman suffered a broken foot last, had a team high nine catches for 117 yards, but left the game in the third quarter with what was later revealed to be a knee injury. A report out today is that it's a knee sprain. He may be able to play this week depending on how he responds to treatment. Fellow wideout Aaron Dobson was carted to the locker room after suffering an ankle injury in the second quarter. He's expected to miss at least a week, maybe more. One bright spot was James White. A former fourth round draft pick seeing action thanks to the season ending knee injury to Dion Lewis, White had both of New England's touchdowns despite catching just two passes and running the ball twice. Rob Gronkowski, who was regularly double teamed, had just two catches for 37 yards in the win.


The Patriots visit the 8-2 Denver Broncos this Sunday night, but they won't be facing Payton Manning. Denver has already announced that Brock Osweiler will be the starting quarterback for that matchup.


The head of the V-A hospital in Vermont is moving to the troubled hospital in Pheonix. Deborah Amdur will take over the facility that was in the center of a national scandal over mismanagement and corruption in the Veteran Affairs health system. The White River Junction hospital meanwhile has been ranked in the top five percent of VA facilities nationwide. Amdur says her top goal in Phoenix will be to restore the trust of veterans with timely, high-quality care.


They might be human's best friends, but dogs can be heroes to one another. Like people, canines need blood transfusions. But only other dogs can donate to help. Jamie Yuccas shows us how it works.


5:01:02 come on buddy, come on brody…good boy! BRODY DIDN'T ALWAYS HAVE THIS MUCH ENERGY. DURING A ROUTINE NEUTERING SOMETHING WENT WRONG. 4:55:35 it was bad, he was near death HE NEEDED BLOOD -FAST. LUCKILY, THE CLINIC HAD A DONOR ON CALL. FLANNERY ANIMAL HOSPITAL IN NEW WINDSOR, NEW YORK HAS A ROTATING LIST OF 9 DOGS THAT CAN DONATE BLOOD AT ANY TIME. JUDY CHURA-SUCHARA'S PITBULL "ZUKA" HAS GOTTEN THE CALL AT 2 AM. crying ... 5:36:56 I told her you're going to save someone's life tonight and she does and it's great. THE BLOOD IS ONLY GOOD FOR ABOUT 30 DAYS. SO, MANY SMALL CLINICS AROUND THE COUNTRY STRUGGLE TO KEEP ENOUGH ON HAND. VETRINARIAN FRANK PUCCIO SAYS MOST PET OWNERS DON'T REALIZE THEIR DOG COULD BE A CANDIDATE. 05:07:57 they need to be between 50 and 100 pounds, fit not under or over weight, and undergo routine exams Bridge: just like people, donors have to be screened for diseases but dog donors also have to be calm. THEY MUST ALSO HAVE A UNIVERSAL BLOOD TYPE. BIG DOGS LIKE KIA, A GERMAN SHEPARD, ARE USUALLY THE BEST DONORS. 5:25:55 whose the angel? You're a good angel. THE WHOLE PROCESS TAKES 15 MINUTES - AND PUPS GET A COOKIE AT THE END. 5:28:24 good girl.. very brave AND KIA'S GOOD DEED… KEEPS DOGS LIKE BRODY ALIVE. sot: saved my dog's life and i'm so grateful. JY CBS News NEW WINDSOR, NY


There are commercial blood banks and some University's have set up blood donor programs. You can ask your Veterinarian for more information on blood donation That's health watch.



For the first time ever, the state house Christmas tree comes from the Green Mountain National Forest. Eliza Larson was there when the festive fir was cut down.


Out of all the trees in the entire state, Montpelier chose this one. ((tree cutting nats)) The 32-foot tall Balsam Fir has been growing in the Green Mountain National Forest near Hancock, Vermont, for approximately 42 years. On Tuesday -- forest officials and a team of professionals -- cut it down. (TC 00:00:22:26 Title 3600)((John Sinclair/Forest Supervisor: "it's the first time that we've known that the forest has donated a tree to the state of Vermont for the Vermont capital christmas tree." 00:00:31:13)) Forest Supervisor John Sinclair stood by to watch the tree cutting. He says trees from the Green Mountain National Forest have been shipped to the U.S. Capital, but he does not know why a tree from the national forest hasn't been used at Vermont's State House before. (TC 00:00:59:04 Title 3600)((John Sinclair/Forest Supervisor: "they were looking for a christmas tree and we have a huge forest. 00:01:04:03)) Huge -- meaning 400 thousand acres of federally managed land. Land that people can use to hunt for their own Christmas tree. Every year, hundreds of families come to the national forest to cut down a tree. (TC 00:03:04:25 Title 3601)((Ethan Ready/GMNF Public Affairs: "we found that there's still a lot of people in Vermont that enjoy that experience of putting their kids in the car, grabbing a sled and a bow saw, traveling to national forest system lands and just that experience of getting out in search of that perfect tree." 00:03:24:03)) Last year, nearly 500 Christmas tree removal permits were sold at 5 dollars a piece. That's a fraction of the price one might pay at tree farms. Christmas trees cut from the national forest have to be under 20 feet tall and can't be cut in wilderness areas or near campgrounds, picnic areas or directly along roads. Sinclair says, the capital tree is an exception -- it's a gift to Vermonters. (TC 00:27;12:25 Title 3624)((Eliza Larson/Hancock: "now, the massive tree will make its way to the front of the State House, where there will be an official lighting ceremony on December 1st. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Hancock." 00:27:24:02))


It's a top ten showdown at Stafford Ice Arena tonight in Plattsburgh. The top ranked Cardinals women's hockey team hosting number ten Castleton. The Spartans won their first seven games of the season, before settling for a 2-2 tie with Salve Regina on Saturday, and this week made its first ever appearance in the U-S College Hockey Online national rankings. Castleton features five Vermonters on its roster, including leading scorer Taylor Steadman from Hartford. Plattsburgh is off to a 6-0 start to the season, out-scoring their opponents 34-2 in those six wins. We'll have highlights and reaction from Stafford tonight at 11pm.


As the UVM men's hockey team reaches Thanksgiving week, it appears the IceCats have little to be thankful for. A rough start to the season to a turn for the even worse this past weekend as Vermont was swept by a previously winless Maine team in a two game series Friday and Saturday night in Orono, falling 3-2 on Friday night and 4-1 on Saturday, when the team allowed two shorthanded goals 12 seconds apart and a power play goal in the first period. Vermont is now 3-8-2, 2-4-2 in conference as the Cats take a break from Hockey East play to face Penn State this Sunday in Philadelphia. There's a lot of hockey left to be played, but after a months worth of struggles, the team is fighting to maintain a positive outlook.


(TRT: 28...our game back) (bradley/"tremendously disappointing the way we came out and got completely dominated in the first period. I mean, the guys, we have to be ready. I mean, the coaches can say whatever they want but just got to find it inside, a way to get ready for that game." Pattyn/"We've got to start holding ourselves accountable. Of course it starts with myself and I've got to come up and come ready to compete everyday and hold guys accountable to to come up to that level as well. We just got to find ourselves and find our game back." )


The IceCats also announced today that the team will honor it's all-time leading scoring, Martin St. Louis, on January 8th when Vermont hosts longtime rival Dartmouth. St. Louis will be in attendance and will be recognized during a special pre-game ceremony on the ice at Gutterson. St. Louis retired this past season after a 16 year NHL career with Calgary, Tampa Bay and the New York Rangers. He won a Stanley Cup with Tampa in 2004 and that same season was the league's leading scorer and MVP. During his four-year standout career at Vermont, St. Louis registered 91 goals and 176 assists in 139 games. The forward led the Catamounts to their first-ever NCAA Frozen Four berth in 1996 and another NCAA Tournament appearance in 1997. For three straight seasons, St. Louis was named an All-American and a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award.


In the NHL last night ...the Bruins looking to complete a home and home sweep of the Maple Leafs in Toronto ... --- Boston red hot out of the gate...less than 5 minutes into this one, Toronto turns it over ...Patrice Bergeron's shot deflected in the air and Brad Marchand with his best David Ortiz impression, hitting it out of the air into the net... Bruins take a 1-0 lead ... --- Later in the first, Dennis Seindenberg putting this up ice for Zac Rinaldo and he goes near post for the goal, Boston takes a 2-0 lead after the 1st ... --- But Toronto takes control in the 2nd... Boston up 3-2...P.A. Parenteau's shot blocked, puck loose in front and Tyler Bozak punches it in...We are tied up at 3... --- These two end overtime in a 3-3 draw so we head to a shootout... David Krejci with a chance to end it, fancy stick work and sliding it 5 hole for the game winner Boston takes down Toronto in a shootout, 4-3...the B's visit Detroit tomorrow night.


The Ivy League champion Dartmouth football team was well represented on the All-Ivy League teams, where were released today. 17 members of the 20th ranked Big Green were honored, including eight on the first team. Six of those eight first-teamers were defensive players, which ties a league record. Dartmouth led the nation in turnovers forced and scoring defense, allowing just 10.1 points a game. Defensive tackle A-J Zuttah, linebacker Will McNamara and cornerback Vernon Davis were unanimous first team pickes, while defensive end Cody Fulleton, linebacker Folarin Orimolade and safety David Caldwell also made the first team. On offense, wide receiver Ryan McManus and center Jacob Flores earned a spot on the first team as well. McManus also earned a second team nod on special teams as a returner. Overall, the Big Green had seven second team all-Ivy picks, including senior quarterback Dalyn Williams, as well as three honorable mention selections.


The 7-6 Celtics look to get back in the win column tonight when they visit the Atlanta Hawks. Boston split a home and home series with the Brooklyn Nets over the weekend, winning by 25 at home Friday night, then losing by ten Sunday in New York.


The 1-2 UVM women closing out a three game road trip last night at Brown.. --- Catamounts and Bears trading buckets early ...Gracia Hutson finding Sydney Smith for the lay in...UVM up 6-5... --- Then Andreana Thomas around the pick throwing this one up, getting the friendly bounce and it drops in for 2 of her 15... Catamounts take a 17-13 lead after the first... --- And extending their lead in the 2nd... Lauren Handy is handy down low, nice post spin and gets it off the glass.. --- But that is when everything stops and the Cats collapse... Brown scores 22 unanswered points, Kennedy Martin knocking down the jumper from the top of the key Catamounts drop their third straight on the road 71-54. Vermont returns to Patrick Gym Friday night to host St. Francis-Brooklyn on the opening night of the TD Bank Classic tournament.


The UVM men's hoop team will try to even its record at 3-3 when the Cats visit longtime SEC power Florida tomorrow afternoon. That game will be a 3pm tipoff in Gainesville.


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