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Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. It's a fire where you would least expect it. At the fire station. But this is exactly what happened in Randolph this morning where first responders became the victims of a blaze that gutted the fire house. Adam Sullivan reports.


Fire fighters sifted through the ashes and worked to put out hotspots at the Randolph Village Volunteer Fire Department --- most of the morning Tuesday. At 6:19AM the fire was toned out. Officials say the cab of the department's #1 engine caught fire-- which quickly spread to the building. ((Richard Lacaillade/resident: "this is very tragic. It's hard to believe that you would have a fire in the fire station itself.")) ((courtesy: Tom Hewitt)) When crews arrived on scene, the flames were already shooting through the roof. Multiple area departments were called in for backup to bring the fire under control. ((Chief Jay Collette/Randolph Village Fire Dept: "i've been a chief since 1998 so it's a little bit awestruck right now. The impact. Fire chiefs don't want this in their own home.")) By Tuesday evening -- fire investigators had not pinpointed what started the fire in the truck. We do know that it was used in a training exercise the day before. One witness in the area heard a loud explosion around the time crews began to respond. ((Collette: "there was a lot of pressure vessels in the apparatus. Air bottles, fire extinguishers, water cans, stuff in the engine compartment that is all pressurized.")) Along with the #1 engine- which is a total loss-- the station's rescue truck, tanker truck , and ALL for firefighting gear was either damaged or destroyed. Officials estimate the total lost to be as much as one million dollars. ((Lacaillade: "one of the reactions you have is how do we replace the resources and what do we do for coverage in the meantime.")) Luckily, along with the fact that there were no injuries reported, a backup #2 engine was NOT in the building at the time. It will be housed temporarily at the village garage. Randolph Center and East Randolph also provide fire coverage in the area. ((Mel Adams/Town Manager: "in our capital plan had anticipated replacing this building probably in the next three years because it's outsized and converting it to a police station.")) (file) Since 1990-- there have been 4 major fires in the village-- including a large block fire on Main Street in 2010. But each time, officials say the community has bounced back and they say this time will be no different. ((Adams: "Chins up, that is the way this town operates. We are like a phoenix. We come back, they rise after tragedies and they coalesce.")) ((Sullivan: "the town manager says the town has already received offers to borrow equipment from stations in Vermont and outside the state and he says with the two nearby departments, residents in this community will be covered in an emergency despite this unexpected fire. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Randolph Village."))


The department also provide support for Braintree and East Granville. Officials say they should be able to continue to provide backup for those areas.


There are now two official candidates for Vermont Governor. Democrat Shap Smith announced last month. Today - Former Wall Street Executive Bruce Lisman announced he's running as a Republican. Anson Tebbetts talked with Lisman about why he's entering politics.


(Production Folder: TC 4:50) ((Bruce Lisman "I love this state. The state is going in the wrong direction. People really want a change. And I think I can help do that but the important thing is people are asking for the change and I thought this was the best way. Anson: it's expected Phil Scott will run in the Republican primary. Has a lot of name recognition. Lt governor. What makes you better candidate than Phil Scott? > Lisman: Well he hasn't entered the race yet? And he may yet. And this is a long enough ramp way between here and primary day where there will be plenty of opportunity to talk about things like that. > > Anson: you are a native. Grew up here worked here went to school here. Went off to NY selfmade, had a successful career on Wall Street. Some people are going to use that successful career at Bear Sterns, Merill Lynch against you. What do you say to those people? > > Lisman: I understand that. The recession hard and remains so today > even in recovery. Well I am proud of my career. I am a product Vermont > and Burlington schools and the nature of the place I grew up. I > carried those values with me to New York. I never left the state. > Never felt like I left the state. I love the state and this is where I > want to be.")) > -------


Lisman did not detail how he will finance his campaign, but says it 'will be a robust" effort. He says he will raise money but did not rule out that he could use his personal wealth in the Republican primary. Governor Peter Shumlin is not seeking re-election and that has created a host of potential candidates.


On the Democratic side - House Speaker Shap Smith is the only one officially in the race. And now Smith says the state should move to legalize pot. Statehouse reporter Kyle Midura has the story. Darren - House Speaker Shap Smith says he thinks the legislature can get a law passed by the end of Spring next year... well before residents cast a vote for him or any other candidate.


(nats - Shap gavel) When House Speaker Shap Smith picks up the gavel again next winter -- he'll do so as a candidate for Governor and with a new position on pot. Previously -- including at his campaign launch a couple weeks ago -- he argued Vermont needed to learn more from state's like Colorado and Washington, where voters decided to legalize marijuana for recreational use. (00:00:32:00) ((Rep. Shap Smith - D-Vt. House Speaker it's clear to me from talking to Vermonters we're ready to move forward)) Smith says a trip out west, and conversations with fellow lawmakers led him to go from open to the idea to a fan of it. In January, the legislature received a report from the Rand Corporation on what legalization might look like in the Green Mountains. Vermont's population alone could produce up to 50 million dollars in tax revenue -- and with pot tourists that figure could reach hundreds of millions. Smith says Vermont lawmakers cannot let cash cloud their judgement on safety -- any bill must learn from challenges out West. (00:00:43:00) ((Rep. Shap Smith - D-Vt. House Speaker make sure that people who are smoking pot are not driving under the influence and also making sure that we keep marijuana out of the hands of kids.)) Legalization proposals stalled out early in this year's legislative session. Senators will start work on a pot bill in November, before the legislature reconvenes this coming January. Transportation Chairman Dick Mazza says his colleagues need to pump the brakes on legalization's growing momentum. (00:06:03:00) ((Sen. Dick Mazza - D-Chittenden/Grand Islel let's slow down and get the facts straight)) He says legal pot is likely inevitable in Vermont - but there's not enough data in yet from other states. (00:06:20:00) ((My fear is there is going to be a push to do it for money, revenue source, and I don't think we're anywhere near ready for prime-time on this one)) Smith's new position did draw rave reviews from the Progressive party leaders in both the House and the Senate. Party members pledged to run a candidate for Governor after Gov. Peter Shumlin withdrew plans for single-payer health care. Smith says pushing for pot is not a plan to convince them to stay out of the race. (00:03:16:00) ((Shap Smith this has nothing to do with politics, it really is about whether it's the right thing to do))


Republican candidate for Governor Bruce Lisman says he's against legalization at this time -- and says he'll say more when he comes out with policy specifics in October. Senate President Pro-Tem Jon Campbell says he doesn't believe driving concerns can be fully-addressed yet - and says the budget and addressing opiate addiction are far more pressing issues than pot. Kyle, what about the Governor, he's frequently re-iterated that he's pro-legalization, but only once the state understands the impacts felt in Washington and Colorado Darren - his spokesperson confirmed to me that that's still his position... when I asked if there's enough evidence from those two states for Vermont to move forward, he said that's a determination that will be made in January once lawmakers return to Montpelier.


In the Pursuit of the Presidency tonight - Bernie Sanders is helping Stephen Colbert kick of his new show on CBS. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert debuts next week. And Sanders is booked to appear during week 2 - on Friday September 18th. Sanders appeared on Colbert's old show on Comedy Central last year. The guest list for Colbert's new show is getting entertainment media attention. Other week 2 guests - Kevin Spacey - Jake Gyllenhaal, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer - and Carol Burnett.


Day FIVE at the Champlain Valley Fair -- and the sunny skies continue... Our own Dan Dowling is checking out the sights and sounds at the fair today... (wx script)


A Hardwick man accused of killing a 13-year-old disabled boy is trying to make a deal. Logan Crawford was in court today - he joins us from the newsroom now. What's this all about Logan? Kristin, Isaac Robitille (ROB-ih-tell) died last summer - poisoned by alcohol. Today 38-year-old Walter Richters was in court hoping to get his murder charge reduced to manslaughter.


((nats)) He's accused of killing his girlfriend's 13-year-old disabled son by pouring vodka in the boy's feeding tube. 38-year-old Walter Richters walked into court in handcuffs Tuesday morning ready to admit his roled in the death of Isaac Robitille. He was hoping to take a plea deal. (TC 00:13:25:12 Tile 5126) ((Daniel Maguire/Richters' Lawyer "It is unusual that both the state and the defense are asking the court to accept this agreement." 00:13:30:03)) Police say last year Richters and Isaac's mother -- Melissa Robitille -- gave the disabled teen a fatal dose of alcohol to quiet him. Lawyers for both sides agreed that the murder charge against Richters could be dropped to manslaughter -- in exchange for his testimony against Isaac's mom - who also faces a second degree murder charge. (TC 00:09:48:22 Tile 5126) ((Judge Robert Bent/ "I'm saying no." 00:09:50:15)) But Judge Robert Bent said the deal was not tough enough. lt called for a sentence of 4 to 15 years -- but with only 18 months to serve in prison. Judge Bent says the sentence is too light -- and would not hold up at sentencing. (TC 00:09:20:10 Tile 5126) ((Judge Robert Bent/ "Another judge like myself is likely to say not enough. Then we're going to go back to the drawing board at that juncture." 00:09:28:00))


Both sides now have to work out a new deal. Both Richter's lawyer and Deputy State's Attorney Maria Byford declined to talk with us. Kristin.


A woman was pinned under a pickup truck in Burlington. First responders were called to a parking lot on Riverside Avenue this afternoon. Authorities say she was doing some kind of maintenance in the area when the pickup backed over her.


(00:04:29:00-00:04:42: 00)((Lt. Jamie Valyou/Burlington Fire Dept. "It appears that he did not witness the person injured in the area and he was returning from a friend that he was visiting and he was backing out of the parking space to leave and that's when the accident occurred.")) A rescue crew was able to safely get the woman free -- and she was taken to the hospital for treatment of what they called minor injuries.


There's a new top cop in the queen city. A new police chief was sworn in this afternoon in Burlington -- taking over the ranks of Vermont's largest municipal police force. Keith McGilvery is at the P-D tonight. Keith. There's a new man in charge here at the Burlington Police Department. He has big roots but says he is ready to make his mark here in Vermont -- at the top of the to-do list -- tackling opiates.


((NATS)) It's official -- Burlington has a new top cop. 12:34 "I Brandon DelPozo -- chief of police)) Tuesday afternoon Queen city mayor Miro Weinberger swore in the city's new police chief Brandon del Pozo. ((NATS)) ((Chief Brandon DelPozo 14:36 "I said that the best job in the world was being a cop, and the second best job in the world is getting to lead police officers.)) del Pozo was a 9-11 first responder who went on to multiple leadership positions with the New York City Police Department. ((Mayor Miro Weinberger, D-Vt 07:43 "He brings to this office extensive command experience having led two different precincts in NYC each of which were as large or larger than the Burlington Police Department.)) The Dartmouth grad praised the people of Burlington. ((Chief Brandon del Pozo 16:59 "It is a city that really cares about democracy that cares about process, it cares about being well led.)) And the men and women who are now under his command. ((Chief Brandon DelPoso 17:44 "I have also had the opportunity to meet the cops of the Burlington Police Department and I have just been astounded by the quality that I have met.)) Weinberger says he and the new chief have agreed to make the fight against opiate abuse in the city a top priority. ((21:37:09 Chief Brandon DelPoso "There's a definite pipeline of opiates from places like New York City up to Vermont.)) ((Mayor Miro Weinberger, D-Vt 09:25 "We are ahead of many communities, cities, states in the country because we have recognized it as that and we are trying to bring a broad based approach to the opiate challenge, at the same time there is no doubt that law enforcement is a critical piece of that response.)) THEY ALSO STRESSED A STRONG EMPHASIS ON COMMUNITY POLICING. ((MAYOR MIRO WEINBERGER, D-VT 10:16 IT IS TIME TO LOOK AFRESH AT THE POLICIES, THE PRACTICES, THAT WE PURSUE UNDER THIS UMBRELLA OF COMMUNITY POLICING, AND ALL THAT IT INVOLVES, AND CONFIRM THAT WE ARE DOING EVERYTHING THAT WE CAN TO ENGAGE, UNDERSTAND AND SUPPORT ALL THE VARIOUS DIFFERENT DIVERSE COMMUNITIES THAT BURLINGTON POLICE WORK WITHIN.)) ((NATS PROTEST)) del Pozo takes on his new job after a period of controversy in Burlington -- when some argued he was not the right person for the job and that the city should have scrapped the pick because of some of his past work on racial profiling -- he says at a time when some communities may be at odds with their police departments -- he's committed to fostering relationships that work. ((Chief Brandon DelPoso 20:15 "I think that one of the things I hope to cultivate in Burlington is honestly that love affair between its citizens and its police.))

19} WIND6_VO

A wind development plan is dividing folks in Franklin County. A local developer notified residents in Swanton and Fairfield that he's ready to file paperwork with the state to put seven wind turbines on a mile-plus stretch of ridgeline. The developer will live in the shadow of what could be the tallest turbines in Vermont -- but many of his neighbors are not thrilled about the prospect. They have concerns about sound, light, and potential negative environmental impacts on water quality.


There is a public meeting on the plan tonight at 7 in Swanton. Our Alex Apple will have the story - tonight - on the Channel 3 News at 11.


A big FDA recall for frozen corn. The product comes from Bonduelle USA. The FDA says the corn may be contaminated with listeria. The recall effects 14 states including Vermont and New York. The corn is sold under brand names -- including WYLWOOD, MARKET BASKET, BOUNTIFUL HARVEST and WEST CREEK. You can find a link with details at WCAX.COM.


Business leaders are mapping out what to do -- as hundreds of people lose their jobs at Vermont Yankee. Adam Sullivan reports that some believe going green -- is the best way to replace those high-paying positions.


The hustle and bustle on the streets of Brattleboro did not stop with the closure of Vermont Yankee. But, community leaders acknowledge the area needs new life-- and is in a good position for it. ((Alex Wilson/Building Green Inc.: "we've got rail resources here, we are right on the Interstate, so it is an opportunity for businesses to locate here are well, even manufacturing.")) Vermont Yankee-- in nearby Vernon-- powered down for the last time at the end of 2014. The plant was an economic engine for the region in many ways-- including hundreds of jobs that, over time, will be going away. ((Wilson: "and with the loss of Vermont Yankee, we are looking at well, what can replace those well paying jobs.")) ((nats)) At the newly renovated Brooks House on Main Street-- officials say some of the jobs of the future-- come in the shade of green. ((Sen Patrick Leahy/D-Vermont : "I had no problem going to bat for the money in Washington.")) With help from Senator Patrick Leahy, the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation gets a 265-thousand dollar grant from the US Department of Commerce. The money will help fund two major initiatives - a green building cluster study and the Southern Vermont Business Innovation Accelerator. It will bring together people- exploring ways to create jobs in the green energy industry. ((Leahy: "we need to conserve energy, we have to. But also, from an environmental point of view it makes sense. Certainly from an economic point of view it makes sense.")) Alex Wilson has run a publishing company in town-- which provides green energy practices-- for the last 30 years. ((Wilson: "We will be doing and assessment of the local businesses, local organizations, local expertise that can come together to capitalize on this this form of economic development.")) ((Adam Grinold/BDCC: "this grant that we are receiving here today will be focusing on certain sectors but all and all. That is our mission, secure the businesses and see the growth here in southern Vermont.")) For.. life after Vermont Yankee-- making sure commerce thrives-- and the people continue to come. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Brattleboro.


Sharon is here. Looks like a good stretch of sunny skies to come...


Tonight: Clear skies. Patchy fog. Lows: 58/65 Winds: Light Wednesday: Sunny skies. Hot and humid. Highs: 83/90 Winds: Light Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 60/67 Winds: Light Thursday: Partly sunny. Chance of a shower. Highs: 78/85 Winds: N 5-10 mph Extended: Friday through Tuesday. Thursday Night: Lows 58/65 Friday: Mostly sunny. Highs 75/82 Lows 50/57 Saturday: Mostly sunny. Highs 78/85 Lows 50s Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs 80s Lows 55/65 Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 80s Lows 55/65 Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers/Tstorm. Highs 75/85



Town officials in Bath are pushing for the release of video showing a fatal police shooting. These are still photos from that incident in the town of Bath last month, when police shot 42-year-old Hagan Etsy-Lennon of Canterbury. Police say they were forced to shoot because Etsy-Lennon lunged at them with a knife. The town wants the full video released to support that contention. A judge delayed the release after an objection from Etsy-Lennon's family.


A New Hampshire woman has been charged in a murder for hire plot. Police say 25-year-old Kerri Reason of Keene tried to hire her ex-husband in a plan to kill an ex boyfriend who is the father of her child. The hitman -- who ended up contacting police -- was alledgedly offered a five-thousand down payment for the hit. Reason has been charged with criminal solicitation/murder -- her bail was set at a half-million dollars.


A group of New Hampshire residents has put together a memorial to honor the Vermont victims in a circus tent collapse last month. Forty-one year-old Robert Young Jr. and his daughter, 6-year-old Annabelle Young of Concord died August 3 at the Lancaster Fairgrounds after the circus tent was hit by a severe winds. Last week well wishers installed a granite bench and flowers on the Church of the Christ's property that abuts the Fairgrounds.


Starting Line Sports ... Keegan Bradley was back home in Woodstock yesterday for his fourth annual Charity Golf Classic. It was a fun day for Bradley, who hasn't had many reasons to smile this year on the PGA Tour. Bradley miss the cut last week at the Barclays, the first event in the four tournament PGA playoff known as the Fed Ex Cup. With that result, Bradley dropped from 62nd to 71st in the Fed Ex standings. He'll be looking to bounce back this week, when the second event of the Cup, the Deutsche Bank Championship, tees off on Friday at the TPC Boston course in Norton, Massachusetts. Bradley knows he'll need to start putting together better results, or he'll be left out of the Tour Championship in Three weeks. After the Deutsche Bank, only the top 70 players left in the Fed Ex standings will advance to next week's BMW Championship...and Bradley, sitting at 71, is on the outside looking in.


((TRT: 21 ... OC: WAY TO DO IT.))

32} TS6_KB_ON_2015_W_VO

Overall, 2015 has been the worst season of Bradley's five year PGA Tour career. In 22 events he has a career low three top ten finishes and just eight results in the top 25. Bradley has been playing with a short, or traditional length putter this season. The anchored putting stroke, the stroke commonly used by players that use a long putter, will be banned starting next year. Bradley used that stroke and a long putter to win the the 2011 PGA Championship and two other PGA Tour events. The transition has been a challenge. Bradley ranked 77th on tour in total putting and 147th in putting average, but he hopes the work he has put in this season will pay dividends down the road.




Coming up later...Red Sox-Yankees...and the season finale of Meet The Monsters...


Vermont is the last state to legalize e-prescriptions for controlled substances. The state changed its rules - to allow electronic prescriptions - and meed DEA guidelines. Opponents had raised concerns about the possibility of fraud and drug diversion. But advocates for e-prescribing - including companies that create software and networks to help with prescriptions - say electronic prescriptions are actually more secure. MedCity news says the New York State sees the most electronic prescriptions of any state = even requiring all prescriptions be electronic by March of next year.


A new survey shows a shift in how Americans accept mental illness. The Mental Health and Suicide Survey found that 90-percent of Americans value mental and physical health equally. The survey also found more younger people are becoming more comfortable seeking medical help and consider it a sign of strength compared with older people. In the last 15 years nationwide suicide rates have increased upwards of 20 percent.


Early intervention is the key when it comes to binge drinking. That's according to new recommendations from the Academy of Pediatrics. They now recommend that doctors screen kids as young as 9 years old for alcohol abuse. Surveys show children start to think positively about alcohol between ages 9 and 13. And that almost 15-percent of children 14 to 20 reported binge drinking on once occasion. For links to more on those stories you can go to the infocenter. That's health watch.



There are four large scale commercial wind farms operating in Vermont. Proponents say it's the future of clean energy -- but critics argue they're bad for the environment and just too big. Still dozens are up and running throughout the Green Mountains. And Jennifer Costa -- met the technicians who have the odd job -- of keeping those huge blades spinning.


With his toolbox and harness in hand -- Caleb Cristofolini -- is ready for another day on the job. But his office -- is unlike any other. ((Caleb Cristofolini/turbine technician 00:47:32 "It's not for the faint of heart. That's for sure.")) He commutes up this bumpy road -- to his tower in the sky. ((Caleb Cristofolini/turbine technician 00:47:57 "Getting on top and looking at everything and saying I'm on something that literally takes the wind and makes power, it's phenomenal.")) Cristofolini is a turbine technician at the Sheffield Wind Farm. He and three other techs -- work together to ensure -- these blades keep producing power for about 13-thousand homes. They're affectionately known as the Moose Gang -- because of all the wildlife that roam the grounds. It's a nickname they wear with pride. ((NATS of Jim)) Jim Slicer is the operations manager. The Craftsbury native got his start in aviation -- but after more than two decades -- fixing planes -- all over the country -- he's back home -- working in renewable energy. ((Jim Slicer/Turbine Operations Manager 00:38:08 "These things are wired and built a lot like an airplane. So it wasn't a big jump other than when you come to work each day, they were in the same place they didn't fly away somewhere.")) Slicer says his turbine techs -- need mechanical or electrical backgrounds -- from the military or trade schools. Cristofolini -- started at a windfarm in Searsburg -- and rose through the ranks -- learning on the job. ((Caleb Cristofolini/turbine technician 00:45:56 "They had me up there climbing and changing filters and after that I was hooked.")) ((Jim Slicer/Turbine Operations Manager 00:39:04 "It's interesting. It's progress. It's new.")) The Moose gang keeps busy inspecting the 16 turbines, substations and storm water protection systems. They try to get all maintenance and meter repairs done during the low wind -- summer months. Staying out of the towers -- in the winter -- when higher winds can make working conditions unsafe. ((NATS)) But like anything mechanical -- breakdowns are unpredictable. And since those broken parts can't go DOWN to the shop...the technicians -- and their tools -- must go up...300 feet up. ((NATS)) Their huge toolbox is hoisted -- through the air -- by a crane -- to the top of the platform. But getting themselves up there -- requires a bit more work. The technicians have to hoof it up a 276 rung ladder. A climb that takes about 10 minutes. ((Jim Slicer/Turbine Operations Manager 00:41:06 "It's not so much a fear of heights, it's a respect for heights. If you respect it and trust your gear, there really is no fear of it.")) They keep their climbing gear in tip top shape -- always harnessed and clipped in to prevent falls -- from the harrowing heights. ((Caleb Cristofolini/turbine technician 00:51:30 "he's crazy.")) That's why the team was so stunned -- by this drone video -- that caught a monk sunbathing -- last week -- on a Rhode Island wind turbine. ((Caleb Cristofolini/turbine technician 00:51:36 "one false move and he's done.")) But they confess -- the views -- from the top are pretty irresistible. ((JS 01:11:08 "You could go up there and take a picture every single day and you'll never have the same picture twice.")) Slicer's snapped more than 1200 photos -- capturing foliage, winterscapes and sunsets. ((Jim Slicer/Turbine Operations Manager 00:44:50 "well considering my office is 300 feet off the ground, I'd have to consider it a little bit odd.")) He says the sheer beauty is yet another reminder of how lucky he is to hold such an odd job. ((NATS)) JC CH 3 News Sheffield.


Slicer says wind turbine technicians -- in Vermont -- earn between $19 and $28 per hour. If you have an odd job -- or know someone who does -- Jennifer wants to hear from you. Send us an email -- news@wcax.com.


You could win the chance to own and operate a Vermont bed and breakfast - in 250 words or less. A Vermont inn keeper is holding a contest to see who will take over her business. Eliza Larson has more.


((This is a great place to live. )) For 17 years, Doreen Cooney enjoyed waking early to prepare coffee and breakfasts for guests at this old Vermont inn. She owns it. And the 9-guest room Deerfield Valley Inn in West Dover-- has been her life. She's especially loved getting to know her guests. And teaching them about the area near Mount Snow -- and the inn. (TC 00:00:37:21 Title 1907)((Doreen Cooney/Deerfield Valley Inn Owner: "the inn was built in 1885 by John B Davis who was a lumber baron. And he lived here, I'm not sure for how long, but certainly long enough to have at least one of his children live here as well. And the house was expanded during that period and of course it's been expanded many times since then - retrofitted to become an inn." 00:01:01:13)) Now -- she's ready to pass that joy on -- to someone else. (TC 00:03:31:29 Title 1907)((Doreen Cooney/Deerfield Valley Inn Owner: "the dream is still out there, but we find that a lot of people just can't finance it." 00:03:36:02)) Selling the old inn proved to be a struggle. So Cooney decided to hold an essay contest -- to GIVE it away. (TC 00:03:23:28 Title 1907)((Doreen Cooney/Deerfield Valley Inn Owner: "the prompt is why I want to own a Vermont inn." 00:03:27:12)) Contestants must explain THAT -- in 250 words or less.It costs 150 dollars to enter -- but if you win, you get the inn and everything in it -- from the furniture to the china. Cooney says it's valued at 600 thousand dollars. At least 4000 essays must be received by November 20th of this year for the contest to continue. The winner will be announced shortly after. (TC 00:04:16:17 Title 1907)((Doreen Cooney/Deerfield Valley Inn Owner: "I would hope that they have as much with it as I did. You meet some fantastic people." 00:04:25:24)) While the winner of the essay contest is not obligated to continue running the inn, Cooney hopes they keep the tradition alive. ((It's a nice lifestyle )) Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. West Dover.


Yesterday it was announced that UVM men's basketball sophomore Brandon Hatton had decided to transfer. The guard is the second member of last year's six player freshman class to leave, joining Zach McRoberts who made his decision earlier this summer. Today, head coach John Becker said he was surprised when Hatton called him this weekend to say he wasn't coming back to Vermont. ((TRT: 27 OC: APPROPRIATE TIME.))


Red Sox and Yankees opening a three series tonight at Fenway... --- New York plates a run in the first on a sac fly...Boston gets it back in the third as Mookie Betts take Ivan Nova high and deep and into the Monster Seats ...a two run shot... his 13th of the season ...Sox take a 2-1 lead ... --- Yanks answer in the fourth...with the bases loaded, Didi Gregorius singles to center...just one run scores...tying the game at one...Eduardo Rodriguez giving up seven hits, but just two runs over five innings... --- in the bottom of the frame, Boston regains the lead as David Ortiz launches a Monster shot of his own...solo homer... 29th of the season, 495th of his career... 3-2 Sox...the Sox add an insurance run in the seventh on a RBI ground out from Pablo Sandoval... and they'd need it as New York gets one in the ninth off Jean Machi, but Gregorious flies out deep to right with the bases loaded to end it as Boston wins 4-3.

46} BEST_OF_MTM_2015_SOT

The Vermont Lake Monsters close out a three game set at Aberdeen tonight. Last night, Vermont scored three runs on four hits in the top of the 13th to down the Ironbirds 5-2. It's officially the final week of the New York-Penn League season, Vermont's last game is next Monday night, which means it's the season finale of Meet The Monsters. Here's Scott Fleishman. (((10 weeks of teams. 3 questions per team giving us 30 great questions in season 5 of Meet the Monsters. Here are the three of the best quesitons and answers we had this season. The first question comes from Week 3, the 5 and 6 year old Aggies in Fairfax. ((("My name is Ryan. I'm 6. What was your favorite position to play in little league and why?"))) (((Trace Loehr/"Ryan, I love that question. My favorite position to play in Little League was catcher, because I loved throwing guys out. I loved calling a good game too."))) Our second question comes from the 9 and 10 year old Barre All Stars featured in week 5. (("My name is Alec, I'm 9 years old and my favorite position is First Base. What motivates you to play everyday?"))) (((John Gorman/"Hi Alec, thanks for the questions. I have two things that motivate me to play everyday. One is my grandfather, who unfortunately passed away my Sophomore year in high school. He was basically my biggest supporter, went to everything I did. My second one is Pete Frates, he's kind of the Ambassador to the ice bucket challenge and ALS community and stuff. He was a Boston College baseball graduate as I now am. Having him around the last four years and seeing what he goes through on a daily basis to see how awesome he is and his family are, it's definitely another motivation of mine to come to the park everyday."))) Our third and final question comes from the 6th grade Mascoma Valley Panthers in Enfield, New Hampshire. (((My name is Michael. My name is Josh. We're 11 years old. Have you had the opportunity to play with your sibling?"))) (((Mikey White/"Hi Michael and Josh, great question. I actually did get to play in high school with my two step brothers and we played from 8th to 12th grade in high school. They were my two best friends all through high school and then they became my step brothers after we got done, so I consider them my brothers and we got to play a lot together."))) Thanks again to the Vermont Lake Monsters for taking the time out of their busy schedules to answer all these questions and thanks to the youth softball and baseball teams out there, because with out the questions there would be no meet the monsters!))) (((Meet the Monsters!))) (((Meet the Monsters!))) (((Meet the Monsters!)))




Tonight at 11. A controversial wind farm -- proposed for Franklin County. We've got the debate tonight. And another wild ride on Wall Street. Details next on the CBS Evening News. Good night.

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