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New Hampshire officials have located the body of a man who died after he jumped into a river. Fish and Game wardens say 32-year-old Aaron Hoyt of Northfield -- jumped into the Smith River in Bristol last Monday -- and drowned. Spring runoff made water levels dangerously high -- and the search had to be called off until they dropped. His body was found yesterday below the falls. Investigators say they believe his jump was part of a polar plunge. It's the new craze in which, mostly teens, are pressuring each other to dive into dangerously cold water. Though -- officials say they don't think Hoyt was dared by anyone.


South Burlington police say they caught a drug dealer. They say they went to a local hotel Monday where they suspected drug activity -- -- and arrested 22-year-old Ronald Harris of Philadelphia. They say he had almost a hundred-50 bags of heroin and about 20 grams of crack cocaine on him. He's now facing drug possession and trafficking charges.


The Vermont Medical Practice Board is updating the rules on opiates for the first time in almost a decade. A new regulation -- is designed to prevent patients from abusing opiate-based prescription pills. The policy encourages physicians to screen patients for any history of mental health issues or substance abuse. It also asks them to use a prescription-tracking system -- to ensure patients aren't getting opiates from multiple pharmacies.


The Burlington School Board was back at the table trying to hash out a budget to send to voters. The board passed a revised 67-million dollar budget Monday evening. That's actually bigger than the one shot down by voters on town meeting day. But -- an audit uncovered an additional 2-and-a-half million dollar deficit that has to be made up. The board also voted to add a contingency fund -- to deal with other issues the audit revealed.


((Miriam 11:14 I added a 150k of a line called 'programs contingency's to perhaps cover any IRS fines or any penalties we might incur or any other over-run.")) The approved budget heads to the full board next week.


I'm Steve Bottari -- tomorrow morning we'll sit down with a vermont author and her 7-year-old niece -- who together wrote a new childrens book... About confronting the creatures in your nightmares. That's tomorrow -- on the channel three morning news.

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