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A river rescue right now in the Connecticut River in Springfield. The Hartford Fire Department says it's working to pull a man out from the river. They say he got stuck about 75 feet out in the water, wedged between two rocks. The man has been secured to a rock -- we'll bring you the latest as we receive details.


Polar plunging -- is the latest potentially deadly dare between teenagers that officials say is being sparked by social media. New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife has put out a warning -- that teens in the state have been pressuring each other to jump into icy rivers and lakes -- with no life jackets. Experts say that's dangerous becaues of hidden ice and cold temperatures.


((Bill Brownlee / Umiak Outdoor Outfitters 36:17 I recommend nobody go into the lake for a few weeks, unless they are very well versed. And then all the ice that's out there is going to be blowing around. And it's winding today -- obviously it's going to be blowing around -- but it could blow on a day that isn't windy, and the wind can change. So you could be locked out of the beach that you put into.")) Experts say immersion in cold water can quickly leave even a good swimmer helpless within minutes.


Changes are coming to airport security at Burlington airport -- that may let you skip the lines. Pre-Check Screening is a nationwide program -- and enrollment centers have opened in Colchester and Berlin. To apply, travelers must pay 85-dollars for a background check and fingerprinting. If approved -- passengers can then go to the front of security lines -- and can keep their shoes, jackets and belts on -- and leave liquids and laptops in carry on's.


((18:49 Bruce McDonald / BTV Federal Security Director "The point is to allow us to focus on where the risk is greatest. And these people who are willing to go through a background check and take a fingerprint -- we know they don't present a risk to aviation so we can focus our efforts on where there might actually be a threat 12 and allow those passengers who don't present any threat, to zip on through the front of security.")) The passes are good for 5 years and valid for Canadian passengers as well.


A training program is hoping to get more women on the police force in the state. Vermont Works for Women is launching the Step Up to Law Enforcement Program. It's a 9-week intensive training designed to get women ready to enter the police academy or jump into an entry-level law enforcement job. The group's executive director says -- there's a need for this kind of push -- with the retirement of many women officers recruited in the 70s and 80s.


((TIFFANY "community policing......... OUTCUE: 8-percent, 9-percent " )) Women will prepare for the physical parts of the exam...learn how to shoot properly ...and meet mentors already working in the field. The program starts tomorrow -- and runs through June. Sign up information is available at w-c-a-x-dot-com.

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