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Bernie Sanders and John Kasich picked up the most votes as the first ballots of the first-in-the-nation primary were cast early this morning. Kasich earned 3 votes .. Donald Trump in second with 2.. And Sanders swept the Democratic side .. With 4 votes to Hillary Clinton's zero. New Hampshire state law allows towns with less than 100 people to vote at midnight .. And close the polls after all eligible voters cast their ballots..


And as people head to the polls .. A snowstorm lingers over the Granite State. The National Weather Service is calling for 5 to 8 inches on the coast and 3 to 6 for the rest of the state.


Hardwick Police are looking for a suspect who robbed a store in Greensboro Bend last night. Police say a man walked into Smith's General Store with a weapon .. Officers won't say what the suspect wanted .. But they do think it's the same person involved in last week's armed robbery at the D&L Beverage Mart on Route 16. Police say the male suspect is about 5'4 .. To 5'6... Slim build .. And was wearing a dark hoodie ... Gloves and a mask at the time. If anyone has information .. They are asked to call Hardwick Police at the number on your screen.


WCAX investigates the rise in armed robberies at convenience stores. The latest statistics show armed robberies more than doubled in Vermont in the last five years. 110 businesses were hit in 20-15 ... weapons were used in half of those. Convenience stores are the most common targets -- followed by banks, pharmacies and restaurants. Businesses are hit most on Mondays and Tuesdays. And twice as many robberies happened in December than any other month.

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It was a busy night for the Burlington City Council ... Discussing the plans to redevelop one part of the city and preserve another. The council gave the green light to use 500 thousand dollars to buy 12 acres of land formerly owned by Burlington College. The college sold more than 25 acres of land to private developer Eric Farrell last year. He plans to build on the site but agreed to sell a dozen acres to the city -- to use as green space. The decision by the council to buy the land came with mixed reviews from taxpayers.


(TC 01:46:33:23 Title 0657)((Sharon Bushor/Councilwoman "we are looking out for teh community to make sure that that fund stays there for this acquisition if indeed - future acquisitions - if indeed those opportunities present themselves." 01:46:45:13)) (TC 00:18:26:00 Title 0627)((Andrew Simon/Resident: "I think that we will look back on this deal and we will regret the decision I am sure you're going to make tonight." 00:18:38:26)) The council also heard from the property owner and architect of Burlington's Town Center who were on hand to answer questions about a massive redevelopment of the downtown space.


On & off snow showers over next few days. Turning much colder & blustery on Thursday, and especially late Friday into the weekend. Bitter cold wind chills Friday night & Saturday.

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