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We begin tonight -- with a tragic reminder of the dangers of carbon monoxide. Good evening I'm Ali Freeman. And I'm Keith McGilvery. Police say a 17-year-old passed away in his car after being poisoned by the oder-less gas. Rose Spillman spoke with his close friends -- who say the high schooler will be deeply missed.


((04:40:03 He had an infectious laugh and humor. You couldn't hang out with him without wanting to laugh about something." 04:40:08)) Sheridan Durochia says he has been friends with Tony Moran for years. The two met at Champlain Valley Union High School. ((Sheridan Durochia/Friend 9450 04:39:15 "I just remember him coming up to me, because he loved retro Jordans, and hondas, and acuras, and I liked that to, and he was always just trying to be my friend, and he looked up to me and all my friends." 04:39:26)) On Monday night, Durochia saw his friend for the last time. He says they spent the evening together at his house, and when Moran left - he said he would go to another friend's house - or just sleep in his car. Hinesburg police say Tuesday afternoon they got a call from someone about a suspicious vehicle. ((Chief Frank Koss/Hinesburg PD 9426 04:21:54 "When the officer and myself went up there, we found the vehicle parked there. It was running, the doors were locked, and we saw a male inside." 04:22:03)) ((Rose Spillman/Hinesburg 04:20:03 "Police say they found his car off of Ledgewood Lane off Texas Hill Road in Hinesburg, and they believe that he may have been there overnight. They say that when they came to the car, they saw him and knocked, but he was unresponsive." 04:29:16)) Police say they believe Moran passed away from Carbon monoxide poisoning, but an official confirmation will come from the Chief Medical Examiner. Moran was 17 years old and a senior at CVU high school. School officials say that he is very missed by fellow students. ((Adam Bunting/Champlain valley Union High School Principal 04:32:49 "I've been hearing students talk about Tony and reflect on...from his love of cars to Air Jordan sneakers, and he just had a way of embracing other people and being really open." 04:33:05)) Durochia says Moran loved working on cars and was planning on fixing a problem with his exhaust pipe, which might have been the cause of carbon monoxide. Durochia says he wont forget his friend. ((Sheridan Durochia/Friend 04:41:20 "Right before I left, he was like "tooter-ma-loot", and that was like the thing that he would always say, and he was just so goofy, and I'm just gonna miss hearing that ever day." 04:41:29)) Rose Spillman -- channel 3 news -- Burlington.


A man with Vermont roots has been found guilty of murder in the state of Georgia. 48-year-old Matthew Leili (ly-lee) choked his wife Dominique to death in 20-11. Leili moved to Londonderry, Vermont soon after her death -- and was still living there at the time of his arrest in 20-15. Vermont state police helped in the investigation -- executing search warrants that turned up computers, cell phones and other evidence used at his trial. Leili (ly-lee) -- who maintains his innocence -- was sentenced to life in prison.


A White River Junction man could face up to 30 years in prison -- for heroin trafficking charges. A tip led police to 36-year-old Darryl Strong -- who was parked in his car this morning on Latern Lane. Hartford Police say they found 172 bags of heroin, marijuana -- and several thousand dollars cash on him. In court today -- Strong pleaded not guilty to the felony charge.


Burlington's school board and teachers are at a stand still -- struggling to negotiate teacher contracts. Our Eliza Larson joins us in studio with the details. Eliza? The two sides have significant differences in a number of areas -- including health care, pay-scale, and personal days among others. Those differences have led to a halt in negotiations. Shedding light on one of those issues -- School board chairman, Mark Porter says the board offered a 1 point 8 percent raise for Burlington teachers next year. That was rejected by the Burlington Education Association -- the union representing the city's teachers -- which asked for over 7 percent. The BEA says its goal is to settle on a contract equal to what other districts offer. The disagreements have led to an impasse -- and a third party will be brought in to try to find a compromise. Both sides say they're disappointed it's come to this.


(TC 35:01:22 Title 0779)((Mark Porter/Burlington School Board Chair: "we're disappointed. We thought we put something very fair out there. We expected more understanding from their side on some of the tough struggles that Burlingtonians are going through and that the tax payers are going through." 35:14:26)) (TC 01:38:03)((Bob Abbey/Burlington Education Association President: "we believe it's not about asking for more, it's about how you allocate that money and about making some priorities." 1:48:03)) The Burlington Education Association president says it is too early say if there could be a teacher strike. Chairman Porter says he hopes the groups will be able to reach a decision before the end of the school year. How did negotiations turn out the last time the Burlington School Board and teachers hammered out a new contract? In 2013 -- The school district and the union announced a three year deal that gave teachers a three percent raise the first year -- and four-and-a-half percent in each of the next two years. At the time Burlington teachers were the 7th highest paid in Chittenden County. The contract moved them to 5th.

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Periods of mainly light snow will continue at times tonight. Lows will range from 12/22 by morning. A trace-2" of accumulation is possible. An arctic cold front will continue to move to the south and east during the day tomorrow. Blustery Northwest winds will usher in colder air. Temperatures will start the day around 12/22, but will slowly fall through the afternoon. It's also looking cloudy with more snow showers. Friday will start out with temperatures around zero. Then we'll recover to 15/22 by the afternoon. Another, stronger arctic cold front will be moving towards us. Some flurries, snow showers, and possibly a snow squall are likely by Friday afternoon and evening.


A state computer glitch -- means thousands of Vermonters are going without their unemployment checks. Labor Commissioner Annie Noonan tells WCAX the system crashed because of a corrupt file. 3-thousand checks were being re-run this morning -- and they are expected to arrive tomorrow morning.


Senator Bernie Sanders had a huge win in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary. So -- what will it take to keep his momentum going as his campaign moves past the Granite State? Kyle Midura has the details.


(nats) Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders did not bask long in the glow of his historic 22-point win in the nation's first democratic primary before saying good-bye to the Granite State. (00:03:11:00) ((Sen. Bernie Sanders - Thank you New Hampshire, and now it's on to Nevada, South Carolina, and beyond)) To do so, he headed to the Big Apple to plant political seeds he hopes will germinate into support from minorities. That's critical to success -- as most states are less mono-chromatic than Iowa and New Hampshire Over breakfast with Rev. Al Sharpton -- the two discussed affirmative action, police brutality, and Flint Michigan's water crisis. Sharpton says with the first black president leaving the White House, it's important the black concerns don't as well. (00:01:42:00) ((Rev. Al Sharpton We must be front and center and not marginalized. And, Sen. Sanders coming here this morning makes it clear that we will not be ignored. )) Sharpton will not endorse Sanders or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton until after he meets with Clinton next week. Polls show Clinton enjoys high-favorability ratings with black voters. (00:00:59:00) ((John Dickerson - CBS News while she may have strength with voters of color, she does have those weakenesses that we saw appear in New Hampshire)) On Tuesday, even core support groups like female voters abandoned her for Sanders -- nevermind those under 30, Sanders strongest voting bloc. Clinton is not conceding any demographic (9:20:56 PM ((Hillary Clinton - TUE0429 CLINTON SPEECH CONCLUSION Now we take the campaign to the entire country, we're going to fight for every vote)) (nats basketball) But the ball and momentum is in Sanders' court, until the next debate and round of voting. Nevada Democrats will caucus Saturday February 20th ... and their peers in South Carolina will go to the polls one week later. Dems in eleven states -- including Vermont -- will make their voices heard on March first -- also known as Super Tuesday. Kyle Midura -- channel 3 news -- Burlington


The field of candidates for the republican nomination is shrinking. Business woman Carly Fiorina and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have dropped out of the race for president. Mark Albert has the details.

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TRT PKG: 1:20 :07 - :17 Donald Trump/(R) Presidential Candidate :32 - :39 Mark Albert/CBS News/The White House :40 - :47 Sen. Ted Cruz/(R-TX) Presidential Candidate :50 - :57 Gov. John Kasich/(R-OH) Presidential Candidate 1:07 - 1:11 Gov. Jeb Bush/(R-FL) Presidential Candidate (PKG) Donald Trump told a packed arena in Clemson that South Carolina is next on his march to the GOP presidential nomination. (SOT: Donald Trump/(R) Presidential Candidate) "IF WE WIN HERE AFTER WINNING SO BIG IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, ALL OF THESE CHARACTERS ARE GOING TO GIVE IT UP. WE'RE GOING TO RUN THE TABLE AND THEN WE'RE GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, THAT I CAN TELL YOU." Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie dropped out Wednesday after disappointing finishes in New Hampshire. (gfx) Christie posted a message on Facebook saying: "I'm so proud of the campaign we ran, the people that ran it with me and all those who gave us their support and confidence along the way." (STANDUP: Mark Albert/CBS News/The White House) Senator Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus but finished third in New Hampshire. He says he can still win the presidential nomination. (SOT: Sen. Ted Cruz/(R-TX) Presidential Candidate) "ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CONCLUSIONS COMING OUT OF THESE FIRST TWO STATES IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE THAT CAN BEAT DONALD TRUMP IS ME." Ohio Governor John Kasich finished second in New Hampshire. (SOT: Gov. John Kasich/(R-OH) Presidential Candidate) "EVERYBODY HAD COUNTED ME OUT. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I RISE UP. SO THEN NEXT WEEK THEY'LL COUNT ME OUT AGAIN." He now becomes the leading candidate in the establishment crowd to take on Trump and Cruz. But that means he has a target on his back from the other mainstream hopefuls. (SOT: Gov. Jeb Bush/(R-FL) Presidential Candidate) "I'M A BIG KASICH FAN BUT I THINK I'M A BETTER CANDIDATE TO TAKE ON HILLARY CLINTON " Senator Marco Rubio is hoping to fix what went wrong after his fifth place finish in the Granite State. Mark Albert for CBS News, the White House

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Still ahead -- Could paid sick days soon become mandatory in Vermont. And are you paying too much for your favorite drink? ((NATS showing JC receipt 00:23:28 "This is just a green tea and I got charged tax right here.")) WCAX investigates how Vermont's beverage tax is being implemented. Plus -- a summer sport in the heart of winter? (TC 01:23:27 Title 0727)((Caroline Patten/Sailing Coach: "I don't think its totally nuts. " 01:25:20)) Also -- is warm weather -- cooling down business in the Green mountains.


It took two tries for the Vermont Senate to pass a bill ensuring year-round employees will get three sick leave days per year. After the bill passed last week, Senator Bill Doyle claimed he mistakenly cast the deciding vote against an amendment exempting businesses with fewer than five employees. He asked the body to reconsider -- setting up today's vote. This time the Senate agreed to exempt those small companies for a year while the issue is studied further. The House must agree to that change before the bill goes to the governor for his signature.


Are you being overtaxed by Vermont's new soda tax? Jennifer Costa investigates.


((NATS showing JC receipt 00:23:28 "This is just a green tea and I got charged tax right here.")) Chiro Umezaki is a stickler for checking his grocery receipts. ((Chiro Umezaki/frustrated consumer 00:18:44 "It's just really annoying for me to waste my time just to get a couple cents back")) He says THESE receipts prove -- stores are taxing customers -- on beverages EXEMPT from Vermont's soft drink sales tax. The tax is supposed to charge consumers extra for buying beverages that contain a variety of sweeteners. It took effect July 1st -- but Umezaki says stores are STILL -- getting it wrong -- taxing him on drinks like unsweetened tea -- and seltzer water. ((Mary Peterson/Vt. Tax Cmsr. 00:03:20 "It's definitely confusing.")) To make it easier -- the tax department created THIS cheat sheet -- with examples of exemptions. We used it as a shopping list at several grocery stores -- putting THEM to the test. Not many got it right. ((SHAWS)) Shaw's taxed coffee drinks -- like Starbucks Frappuccino. A milk product that's supposed to be tax free. ((PRICECHOPPER)) Dasani seltzers tripped up PriceChopper. You can't tax carbonated water. ((CITY MARKET)) Burlington's City Market missed the mark on Sap! Maple Water and Runa Zero -- an unsweetened tea. ((HANNAFORD)) Hannaford -- however -- was the stand-out -- correctly coding every item we tested. ((00:24:13 UMEZAKI: "I think this is happening to everybody.")) As for Umezaki -- he's not giving up. Even if it's just pennies -- he demands a refund each time he's bogusly taxed. JC CH 3 News.

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The Vermont ski season is not off to the greatest start -- and it's starting to take its toll on the economy. But it's not just resorts that are being affected by the lack of snow - issues are trickling down to other small businesses as well, especially at Okemo's base in Ludlow. Ron Parry owns the Okemo Inn. He says maintaining business has never been a problem like it is now.


((ron: 18:58-19:08: "weekends where we would normally be completely full, and that would be ten rooms, we're averaging maybe 3 or 4.")) Parry says the lack of money coming in -- means plans of any type of expansion are on hold.

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Believe it or not --- it was a great day for sailing. UVM's sailing team actually got out on the Lake today. Sailing this time of year isn't always safe - but the team's coach says they were well equipped.


(TC 02:11:05 Title 0727)((Caroline Patten/Sailing Coach: They've all got dry suits on that work. So they could go for a swim, the boat would flip and they'd be totally fine." 02:16:10)) The team says being able to get in the water more often -- allows them to be better prepared for competitions.

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Periods of mainly light snow will continue at times tonight. Lows will range from 12/22 by morning. A trace-2" of accumulation is possible. An arctic cold front will continue to move to the south and east during the day tomorrow. Blustery Northwest winds will usher in colder air. Temperatures will start the day around 12/22, but will slowly fall through the afternoon. It's also looking cloudy with more snow showers. Friday will start out with temperatures around zero. Then we'll recover to 15/22 by the afternoon. Another, stronger arctic cold front will be moving towards us. Some flurries, snow showers, and possibly a snow squall are likely by Friday afternoon and evening. This arctic front will set the stage for a bitterly cold weekend. Temperatures will hold near zero on Saturday. Lows will fall to 10 to 20 below zero on Saturday night. In addition to those bitterly cold temperatures, the wind will be strong out of the NNW, and that will bring the wind chills down into the 20s and 30s below zero on Saturday & Saturday night. That is dangerously cold. By next week, temperatures will begin to moderate. A clipper system will bring a few snow showers on Presidents Day. That clipper may blossom into a stronger coastal storm which could bring us some snow, mix and/or rain on Tuesday. We'll closely monitor the storm track in the coming days. In the meantime, prepare yourselves for that bitter cold weekend that's coming up. Keep the pets indoors and check up on any neighbors that may need assistance during the cold snap.

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Fresh off his win in the New Hampshire primary -- Bernie Sanders is getting a lot of attention. Including by the national media -- today CBS's Scott Pelley traveled with Sanders -- to where the senator grew up.


(IN IS EXACT) So most of the kids lived in the apartment houses. I grew up in that one good friends across the street. It was my mothers dream to get out of the apartment and get a home of her own, but she died young and never achieved that dream. How old was your mother when she passed away. 46 How old were you? 19 How did that affect you? Significantly Not having enough money was a cause of constant tension and when you are 5 or s traumatic and hard. Must have been a lot of joys up and down this block. Ah you kidding learned a lot about democracy (OUT IS EXACT) The games were determined not by adult cultures but kids themselves we would choose up a team there was no other person dictating anything we worked out our own rules it was a very interesting way to grow up



The UVM men's hockey team will try to once again pick itself up off that mat after losing a pair of games to now eighth ranked Notre Dame this weekend at Gutterson. Yet again, Vermont played a top ranked team close, but was unable to come away with a victory, falling 2-1 Friday night and 3-1 on Saturday. Friday's loss may have stung the most as, with the game tied at one with less than eight minutes to go, the Cats committed a bad penalty and Notre Dame converted on the ensuing power play for the game winner. With points at such a premium in the conference standings, the Cats know they have to find a way to play their style, but play it smartly.


((TRT: 15 ... OC: NOT CROSS IT)) ((Puskarich/ It's an emotional game, you have to play with controlled emotions. I think a lot of times we're trying to catch up, we're playing from behind, which can be frustrating at times. We have to try and focus on being disciplined...find that line, but not cross it.))


also, it was announced Monday that UVM has been selected as one of four teams to complete in the 2016 Friendship Four tournament this coming Thanksgiving weekend in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It's the second year of the event that is part hockey tournament, part cultural exchange and a memory that will last a lifetime.


((TRT: 15 ... OC: AS WELL)) ((Sneddon/ We try to create memories for our student-athletes during their four years in school, and I think this is one of those trips. It's a cultural experience, it's great team bonding. I've never been there so I'm excited to go as well. ))


It's one of the first things you learn when playing basketball, dribbling. One Enosburg women has taken this basic skill and turned it into a career. Scott Fleishman has more. (((During basketball games at Enosburg high school, they're used to seeing a show, but on this night, it's the halftime performance, that makes the head spin.))) ((("I enjoy doing it and I enjoy challenging myself."))) (((Ilze Luneau tours the country entertaining fans with her various tricks, dribbling 5 and 6 basketballs at the same time.))) ((("In big arenas it's a lot of fun, because once you get that clapping and cheers going, it just pumps your adrenaline and once you get one hard trick down, going to the next one is more fun."))) (((As a child in Latvia, Luneau performed smaller dribbling tricks with her basketball team. Later, she became an All-American at the College of Saint Rose and started to take her dribbling seriously after graduation.))) ((("Ilze Luneau/"It's a lot of fun, just to be involved in basketball and to come up with different stuff you can do with basketballs."))) ((("It all started out with our belief of just trying to start dribbling basketballs to youngsters to develop a right and left hand."))) (((Ilze is just one member of this basketball family. Husband Matt is the Enosburg boys head coach, and also tours with Ilze in the summer. You could say Matt has a way of keeping his chin up.))) ((("I saw a picture of a guy balancing a chair on his chin and I thought if he can do it, maybe I can do it. The key is keeping your eye focused on one target area."))) (((Matt and Ilze have three daughters who at one point or another, been apart of the act.))) (((Evangelica Luneau/"It's fun because it gives you something to do."))) (((Bing a wife, mother and performer is a tough juggling act, but Ilze seems to manage. She practices her routine 3 times a week in the family's kitchen.))) ((("It's much easier to do it at home. Much more convenient."))) ((("A lot of basketballs bouncing around in the home, often.))) (((Scott Fleishman/"Ilze's been featured on Ellen, and Jay Leno's tonight show. She also was flown out to try out for America's got Talent."))) ((("I was cut. They put a whistling dog in front of me even though I had a perfect audition. I did not mess up."))) (((She bounced back from that disappointment, after all a reality show isn't Ilze Luneau's goal. She's teaching important skills while showing off in front of crowds big and small, keeping it all in balance. In Enosburg. Scott Fleishman, channel 3 spotlight on sports.)))

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