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Are immigration laws in the state of Vermont and the city of Burlington too lax? The federal government thinks so. The Department of Justice says their sanctuary city policies violate federal statute. The night team's Priscilla Liguori is live with us in studio. Thousands of dollars of funding is on the line. The Justice Department is giving the Queen City and the state a deadline to prove that they are not breaking federal immigration rules.


The state of Vermont and the city of Burlington are under fire for their immigration laws. The Department of Justice says both are violating a federal statute, and the rule in question has to do with information sharing for immigration enforcement. Federal officials are threatening to take away public safety grant money, if local leaders don't revise their laws or prove that they don't break the statute. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said quote "Jurisdictions that adopt so-called 'sanctuary policies' also adopt the view that the protection of criminal aliens is more important than the protection of law-abiding citizens and of the rule of law." The department is asking 29 jurisdictions across the country to reconsider their regulations. Senator Patrick Leahy's office says hundreds of thousands of dollars for Vermont, and tens of thousands of dollars for Burlington is on the line. Leahy and Representative Peter Welch have both spoken out against Sessions. We reached out to the governor, Vermont's attorney General, and the Burlington mayor and police chief Wednesday night. None of them were available for an interview. Governor Phil Scott's Office sent us a statement, saying its confident that the state does comply with the federal law. Scott's communications director says the letter the Attorney General's Office sent the state cites law that was revised this year, so that what's being questioned does not reflect Vermont's current law. The governor's office added that it will work to make sure funding isn't unjustifiably impacted. Queen City Mayor Miro Weinberger affirms that Burlington's rules don't violate the federal statute either. He said in a statement, "We are a welcoming city, and will remain so regardless of Federal actions that seek to undo the progress we've made as a nation. We will be responding to the letter by the deadline and forcefully arguing our case."


State and city officials will have until December 8th to prove that their laws don't break the statute.


It was the end of the road for Jody Herring. The woman who admitted to killing four people was sentenced today in Washington County. Tyler Dumont was there.


((TILE 1378 22:56:26 - 23:02:00 Naomi Herring/Family member of victims: "Family is the most important thing to us, and with the pull of a trigger you ended it.")) Although they share the same last name, members of the Herring family expressed hate and anger toward the woman who shot and killed her aunt and two cousins in 2015. ((TILE 1379 03:16:23-03:21:25 Randy Herring: "I could write all day and night and never explain what I and my family have been going through.")) Equivalent feelings for the family of DCF worker Lara Sobel, who was Herring's caseworker. Her older sister telling the judge Sobel was "hunted down" as she left work. ((TILE 1379 18:45:28-19:04:02 Lauren Shapiro/Sobel's sister: "Siblings and sisters are everywhere in this world, but mine is not - my beloved sister, Lara, was murdered - and deliberately, with preditation, targeted.")) ((BUTTED)) ((TILE 1379 01:14:02-01:14:14 Alex Sobel/Father: "I have not lost a daughter. She was brutally murdered - stolen from me as part of an act of unprecedented evil.")) Evil …that has left a lasting impact to Sobel's colleagues. ((TILE 1379 12:02:13-12:13:09 Karen Shea/DCF: "Adding the fear and trauma caused by Lara Sobel's murder made this work much harder for the staff in the Barre office, and has taken a toll on the lives of the staff and their loved ones.")) And then, a rebuttal from Herring…who spoke out for the first time since the start of the murder case. ((TILE 1384 3:38:35--3:38:49 Jody Herring: "It bothered me for everybody to get up there, and listen to those impact statements. I know how it feels - and I'm very sorry. I can't take back that day, I wish I could.")) Herring's lawyer wanted her to have a chance not to die behind bars. But prosecutors wanted life without parole -- and they got it. Judge John Pacht called her a threat to public safety, with no certainty of her future risk -- and handed down his sentence. ((TILE 1386 05:00:14-05:02:02 "The murder of Lara Sobel, the sentence is life without parole.")) Clapping and hugs -- from family and friends -- relieved at the ruling. ((05:07:24-05:07:31 Lauren Shapiro: Jody Herring will never be out there to live one day of freedom.")) Tyler Dumont -- channel 3 news.


We're learning about that deadly shooting in Northern California. Police say Kevin Neal killed his wife first -- then went on to kill 4 other people and injured 10 others -- including a child at an elementary school -- before officers gunned him down. The death toll went up after police searched the shooters home and found the body of his wife hidden in a floor.


((Sot: Phil Johnston // Tehama County Assistant Sheriff: We are confident he murdered her, probably late Monday and put her body in the floor and covered it up.)) Police are still trying to determine a motive.


A police chase in Swanton leads to a crash. Police tell us the fleeing car crashed into another vehicle. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries. The driver of the car trying to get away from police was arrested. It happened at a four way intersection on Woods Hill and Bushey Road.


Dan Dowling is here with a check on the weather. Nice to see some sunshine today. ((radsat)) Skies were partly sunny most of the day, which was a nice change. Clouds are already moving in ahead of our next weather system. ((temps)) A little warmer today as well. Might start the day with a light mix on Thursday, but most of the precip during the day will be in the form of rain. ((comingup)) We'll have an update on some colder weather for the end of the week, as well as the latest on a messy weekend storm.


A North Country community up in arms over a footbridge. The Webb Island Pedestrian Bridge in Plattsburgh was closed last week after an engineer report deemed the bridge unsafe.'s a bridge used by many city residents - but mostly students trying to get to the highschool.


((Jay LeBrum/ Plattsburgh Schools Superintendent 03:19 "I recieved an engineers report which stated the bridge was unsafe in its current condition which recommended immediate closure so I closed the bridge immediately upon recieving that.")) In the report - it stated the bridge had support beam corrosion and weld breaks.


Burlington residents and visitors will soon be able to save money on parking. The Public Works Commission voted to cut back enforcement hours downtown. The old hours were 8am to 10pm, and the new hours will be 9am to 9pm. The Public Works Director say the money the city will lose is nominal. City officials say the reason they enforce is to create turnover, and that when there isn't a high parking demand, there isn't a need to enforce.


((Chapin Spencer, Burlington Public Works Dept. 5929 23:58-24:07 "We shoot for an 85 percent occupancy. In the early mornings, and late evenings, we're not seeing that 85 percent occupancy. 24:16-21 "We have budgeted accordingly in this year's budget to accommodate these small shifts.")) The commission also voted to change all 15-minute meters in the downtown area to 30-minute meters. Changes will go into effect in December. Meters in the Queen City bring in about 2 million dollars each year.


It was Saint Michael's first home basketball game since the men's team took a knee last week. The National Anthem played before the women's game. The women linked arms but did not kneel. Last week, the men's team sparked both outrage and support at UVM's Patrick Gym when they knelt down. Tonight, there was an art history class in the bleachers that did take a knee.


((Peter Gallow, St. Michael''s Professor 5894 11:41-50 "We stand in solidarity with those students who have chosen to take a knee and take a position on a situation that's going on in our country right now.")) ((Melanie Castillo, St. Michael's College Student 5895 13:29-37 "The physical act of actually taking a knee is one that's really important and we're at a time where it's your rights and what it is you believe in has to be known.")) The men played afterwards, but college officials say that per conference rules, the anthem only plays before the first game of the night. We reached out to the athletic department to talk about the protests. They declined to comment and also said coaches and players wouldn't be interviewed either.

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Still ahead -- Alabama senate candidate Roy More refuses to back down -- now going after the women accusing him of sexual assault. Plus -- even some Republicans pushing back against proposed tax law... Why not everyone is on board And we talk politics with Russian journalists (nat on visit) visiting the channel 3 news studios ...when the channel 3 news at 11 returns...

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Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore is taking on one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct. An attorney for Roy Moore held a press conference...calling for the release of a yearbook Moore's latest accuser claimed *he* signed decades ago: Beverly Young Nelson presented that high school yearbook which Moore called her a 'sweet' 'beautiful' she detailed how the then-Assistant district attorney allegedly tried to rape her when she was 16.


((SOT Phillip Jauregui/ Roy Moore Attorney) Judge Moore says there's no way in the world that's his handwriting) ((SOT Sen. Lindsey Graham/ R-SC) Clearly this candidate cannot be an effective Senator if they were elected) Moore continues to maintain his innocence...and says he's taken steps to begin a civil action for defamation.


The battle continues over the Republican tax overhaul plan. Democrats are protesting a new addition to the senate tax overhaul bill - the repeal of Obamacares individual mandate -- which requires Americans to have health insurance or pay a penalty. Republicans argue the repeal would reduce the deficit by more than 300 billion dollars over the next 10 years.


((SOT Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Senate Majority Leader In short, the goal is to repeal an unpopular tax from an unworkable law in order to provide more tax relief to middle class families.")) Among the critics of the bill -- Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy -- who said doing this would increase the deficit even more. We asked him if bringing health care reform into the tax debate would affect chances of it passing.


((SOT Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont 000048 The fact is they're doing it mostly behind closed doors, talking just to lobbyists and political supporters. I would much rather see it the way it should be done. Open debate, Republicans and Democrats, and let the American people have a say 1:09)) The nonpartisan congressional budget office has projected 13 million more americans will be uninsured within the same ten year span if the mandate is repealed.


North Country representative Elise Stefanik is also voting NO on the House tax reform plan. The republican congresswoman's representatives tell us it's because the bill eliminates the deduction for state and local taxes. Taxpayers in high tax states -- like New York and Vermont -- get a break on federal taxes because they pay so much in property, income and sales tax. About one-third of Americans take advantage of the deduction.


Lawmakers and advocates say a working group has failed in its mission to find money for clean water efforts in Vermont. The Act 73 Working Group released its final report today. It was supposed to identify a long-term revenue source to clean Vermont's waterways -- and draft legislation for lawmakers. It did neither. House Natural Resources Committee Chairman David Deen says today's recommendation fails to meet the group's charge.


((736_4665 Rep. David Deen 5:31:13:09 The Legislature may be at the point of taking some direct action itself in terms of a clean water authority or clean water utility and just moving forward. We can't wait." 5:31:32")) Deen says lawmakers will look at legislation when they return to the State House in January. It's estimated that Vermont needs to spend 25-million dollars a year of its own money to satisfy the EPA.



Tonight: Increasing clouds. Chance of rain/snow showers after midnight. Lows: 28/35 Winds: S 10-20 mph Thursday: Cloudy skies. Breezy. Rain/snow showers changing to rain. Highs: 40/47 Winds: S 15-30 mph Thursday Night: Mostly cloudy. Rain to snow showers. Lows: 25/32 Winds: NW 15-20 mph Friday: Morning snow showers. Becoming partly sunny. Blustery. Highs: 25/32 Winds: NW 10-20 mph Extended: Saturday through Wednesday. Friday night: Lows 12/22 Saturday: Rain likely, mixed with snow. Highs 38/45 Lows 28/35 Sunday: Snow showers, chance of rain showers. Highs 33/40 Lows 15/25 Monday: Chance of lingering snow flurries. Partly sunny. Highs 25/35 Lows 15/25 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 35/45 Lows 20s Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs 40s



A group of Russian journalists came to visit our studios today. Among them digital journalists and even a local morning anchor. They come from Burlington's sister city -- Yaroslavl ((YAH-RAH-SLAH-VUL)), Russia. The delegation is part of the Vermont Council on World Affairs. The Open World Program is funded through Congress and brings leaders from the former Sovient Union to communities around the U-S. We asked them what they thought about the American media and the coverage of Russia's suspected role in the American 20-16 election.


((It's very difficult to talk about meddling because we don't know what happened and there might have been certain attempts but I just don't have enough information. To tell you exactly whether or not it had any real effect on the results of the election. And at the same time, I cannot completely deny that there were attempts to influence the situation in some way.)) They tell us perceptions about Americans in their country runs the gamut. Some people believe the anti-American propaganda while others idolize Americans and try to mimic American culture. The group will be traveling aroud the state the rest of the week.



The UVM men's basketball team is back to work after going down to the wire with one of the elite programs in college hoops this weekend. The Vermont men opened the season with a four point loss at fourth ranked Kentucky Sunday at historic Rupp Arena. The Cats shook off some first half jitters to rally from a 12 point halftime deficit and have three chances to tie the game in the final ninety seconds before falling just short. Vermont has other tough opponents on its schedule this season, but none to the level of the Wildcats, and after going toe-to-toe with a true basketball blueblood and not looking out of place, the Cats know this is a result they can build on, even though they walked off the court frustrated that Kentucky escaped with the win.


((TRT: 36 ... OC: HAS TO PLAY US)) ((Becker/ I think that's been the change. And I think it started last year with the Butler game and the Purdue game and carried over to this Kentucky game is that we belong out there, and that we can play with these teams. I think the combination of our talent and our system is going to give us a chance against anyone. )) ((Lamb/ It really shows the character of our guys. I know nobody likes losing, I don't care who it is. As a team, that dynamic allows us to get better and zone in, especially when we have a challenge like that. But now, if we weren't focused before, we definitely are now and I'm sorry for whoever else has to play us. ))


The UVM women's team in action tonight, they were taking on D3 in-state opponent Norwich at Patrick Gym --- The Cats had a clear strategy early in this one, and that was to shoot the three ball. kristina White connects from the wing --- then it's Sydney Smith, launching from the other side, it's clean as well as UVM takes a 9-point lead --- next possession, South Burlington native Cassidy Derda getting in on the fun --- and then White again, that shot putting UVM way out in front at 22-4 --- but the Cadets weren't gonna go away. Emily Oliver with the step back triple as Norwich starts to climb back into it --- Thetford Academy alum Shyann Josler from beyond the arc as well as Norwich gets back to within 12 --- and right before the break, loose ball scooped up and kicked to Lebanon native Vanessa Fleury who fires from Battery Park to beat the buzzer. Norwich would get as close as 8 in the second half --- before UVM regroups and pulls away. Smith with another triple --- Josie Larkins, the freshman with a nice move and stroke for 2 of her 14 Cats take it 75-31 to pick up their first win of the season.


from a D3 vs D1 matchup to division 2, St. Mike's women playing host to Southern New Hampshire --- this game competitive throughout. Leah Spencer driving the lane for the bucket --- Knights showing off the D as well. Taylor Miller and Casey Evans combining for the block on the other end --- but the Penmen hanging tough: Sarah Deyo with the up and under move for SNHU --- Samantha Delaney stepping just inside the arc here and draining the long 2 for St. Mike's --- but Southern New Hampshire a bit too strong, Kylie Lorenzen on the drive for the bucket They win it 68-66 in overtime


Three high school football state championships were handed out last Saturday at Rutland, but the season isn't quite over yet. Saturday afternoon, the best high school seniors in Vermont are set to converge on Youngman Field at Middlebury College for the annual North South game. Lonnie Wade of North Country will coach the North All-Stars and Rich Saypack of Springfield is at the helm of the South team, and their staffs were in charge of putting together the rosters. It's an interesting dynamic for the players to adjust to new teammates who they might have played against or not know at all, but they are looking forward to the challenge.


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