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Good evening. I'm Keith McGilvery. Tonight a Burlington baby is fighting for life. It comes just a day after a Shelburne Boy died. It's a story officials say--has become all too familiar. Lawmakers met today to discuss the problem. Shelby Cashman reports.


Prosecutors say suspicious circumstances--lead to one childs death--and another's hospitalization--Tuesd ay. ((00:56:04 TJ Donovan/Chittenden County State's Attorney "We will remain committed to releasing as much information as we can, being completely transparent as we can, as to what happened not only in these two previous cases but in these subsequent investigations in order to get answers so we can improve our systems to better protect vermont children." 00:56:23")) Tuesday morning--police were called to a home in Shelburne for reports of an unresponsive two year old boy--Aiden Haskins. He later died at Fletcher Allen Hospital. Police say he was in the care of his mother's boyfriend -- 26 year old Josh Blow. Police also responded to reports of an unresponsive infant in Burlington--who is now in stable condition. The Chittenden Unit for Special Investigation says it treats all child deaths--as suspicious--until they can figure out what really happened. And some information--is being withheld. But Chittenden County State's Attorney TJ Donovan says--criminal investigations in both cases are ongoing. And--he says the circumstances--may sound familiar. ((00:56:31 TJ Donovan "Certainly consistent with those two previous cases, they are criminal investigations." 00:56:37)) Donovan draws the parallel to cases earlier this year. Authorities say toddlers Dezirae Sheldon and Peighton Geraw were both murdered after being returned to their homes from the custody of the Department for Children and Families. ((00:04:01 Dave Yacovone/Vt. DCF Commissioner "From the outset, mistakes were made in Dezirae's case. Its a low point for our department and its unacceptable for a department for keeping children safe." 00:04:17)) DCF Commissioner Dave Yacovone--testified before the legislative committee on child protection Wednesday. The deaths of Peighton and Dezirae--prompted multiple investigations into DCF practices and policies--and the committee conducted public hearings across the state. One question repeatedly raised--is reunification of families--always in the best interest of the child. ((00:24:03 Dave Yacovone "our goal is not reunification. our goal is the safety of children and permanence, of which reunification may be part of, adoption may be part of it, kinship relationships may be part of that." 00:24:23)) Both DCF and Governor Shumlin say the rise in opiate use--has put a new strain on the child protection system. And--its time to adapt. ((00:18:23 Gov. Shumlin "These are heartbreaking circumstances, they are being driven by addiction, and abuse that comes with addiction. and we all have a challenge together, in ensuring that we work together and make vermont a state where we have less folks who are addicted therefore less children whose lives are being ended and compromised." 00:18:44)) ((Shelby Cashman: officials say the medical examiners report should shed light on cause and manner of injury in both of these recent incidents. Shelby Cashman channel 3 news Monteplier.))

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A major traffic tie-up for folks on 89 north tonight. A single-car allegedly hydroplaned before ending up in the median just before 5. The accident brought the interstate to one lane near exit 16 for about an hour while the scene was cleaned up. No one was injures.


Lightning strikes a house in Alburgh. It happened just after one this afternoon on Fiske Road. When firefighters arrived at the scene smoke and flames were coming from the home's utility closet. No one was injured but the damage is estimated at about 15-thousand dollars.

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Some locally strong to severe storms rolled through earlier this evening along a cold front. But things are quieting down right now. Some damage reports came in in northern spots. Heading through the overnight we'll see skies turn partly quiet. It will be much more comfortable by morning. I'll have your full forecast coming up a bit later.


Tonight more headaches for Vermont Health Connect. The health exchange received a dismal diagnosis today. Political reporter Kyle Midura has the details.


((nats montage)) One after another - witnesses before a meeting of the House Health care committee used a stream of negative adjectives to describe the state's online health insurance marketplace. That left a hot-seat for the Health Reform Chief Lawrence Miller ((37:05 - :07 - Mike Fisher - D-Lincoln I would predict you're going to hear a lot of grief)) ((54:10 - :14 Lawrence Miller - Vt. Health Reform Chief we've had too many unexpected events, too many unintended consequences )) The number of policies requiring changes continues to grow -- and exceeds 14-thousand despite the recent addition of 125 contractors tasked with cutting into the back-log. Some customers cannot access care because the system either doesn't recognize them, or accidentally canceled coverage. ((14:07 Dawn Schneiderman - BCBS we have hundreds of people who are in the state system but are not yet enrolled with coverage at Blue Cross :16 )) Insurers have been trying to offer temporary coverage to those caught in the system - but admit those policies lack substance. State Health Care Advocate Trinka Kerr says her office breaks call volume records every month. She attributes the spike entirely to irate consumers ((31:59 - :09 - Trinka Kerr - Vt. Health Care Advocate from people who initially were really excited about getting coverage and now are feeling really reallly frustrated)) Kerr says callers complain of billing issues. Those formerly on Catamount Health are not reporting major problems. But Kerr says thousands using Health Connect to enroll in Medicaid are -- including children covered by Dr. Dynasaur. Miller says a sudden drop in Dr. Dynasaur and Medicaid patients re-enrolling alerted them to the processing problem. ((46:41 - :46 - Lawrence Miller - Vt. Health Reform Chief I think normally, you see something like 90% and this was like 40%)) Miller says that problem should be handled by the end of the month. But he says new problems are looming - those who under-reported income, may be over-subsidized and face thousands in penalties at tax time. (( 51:55 - :59 Lawrence Miller - Vt. Health Reform Chief the benefits cliff on this thing is a massive spike )) The back-log problem will be compounded if it's not solved by November, when re-enrollment begins. While the process may feel identical to consumers, insurers say it's uncharted territory. ((11:55 - :58 - Kevin Goddard BCBS until everything is designed and fully-tested, we'll be uneasy :58 )) Insurers say they're re-iterating the same lack of testing concerns this year, that they expressed last year, when Gov. Peter Shumlin assured Vermonters everything would be ready in October. Insurers did say they're expanding options available to small businesses, which will continue to secure coverage directly through carriers. Several witnesses noted that work-around as one of the exchanges' few bright spots. Kyle Midura -- channel 3 news -- Burlington.


Could recreational marijuana become legal in Vermont? The state is bringing in Rand Corporation to research what that could mean IF policy makers decided to move forward. The study will explore marijuana policy options, consequences and how other states have adapted.


((Beau Kilmer/Rand Corporation 00:21:17 "the first section is going to assess the marijuana landscape in Vermont. Providing information about total consumption, information about the criminal justice resources that are being spent when it comes to marijuana." 00:21:28)) ((Jeb Spaulding/ Sec. Of Administration 00:32:28 "I think the first thing we need to figure out is do we want to go down this road at all." 00:32:34)) The state will shell out 20-thousand dollars for the study. Rand Corporation has also received a grant from good ventures foundation for 100-thousand dollars. The report will be complete by January 15th.


It's a project that's been in the works since 1985 and it's finally finished. Vtrans completed repair work on the Sand Hill Bridge connecting Middlebury to East Middlebury on Route 125. The structure had been damaged from decades of storms including Tropical Storm Irene. The construction maintained the bridge's historic arched design. The work also included new pedestrian walkways that provide access to the Middlebury River. Tonight community members celebrated the completed project.


(18:51:35 Sue Minter/VTrans Deputy Secretary)(("It's just great when a community works so well together and collaborates with the state. It feels so pleased with the project when it's done that they come out in a rainstorm. It's key to our economic growth.")) (19:10:56 Elias Erwin/East Middlebury resident)(("We've been here for about 10 years now and ever since then we've always heard discussions about the new bridge and now it's finally come to fruition, and we're really excited about it.")) The bridge had been closed for 45 days. It's one of six bridges Vtrans will renovate in Rochester and Middlebury.

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It was a sad day in the Netherlands as a nation mourns those who died in the Malaysia Airlines disaster. And -- He's running but can he win? ((nats scott milne!! Clapping and cheering..)) Krisitin Kelly's taking a closer look at Scott Milne's campaign for Governor. Plus it's National Hot Dog Day! (1:06:50:02) ((Trevor - these little puppies need to go in their kennel)) Gina's take on the fun when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


A sad day in the Netherlands -- where friends and family mourned the victims of the Malaysia Airlines plane -- shot down over Ukraine. The Dutch -- king and queen -- were among those watching as teams slowly carried 40 coffins from planes to a fleet of hearses waiting nearby. Nearly 300 people died in the disaster -- about two-thirds of them from the Netherlands.

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It's official -- Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has a challenger in November's elections. Today Scott Milne -- kicked off his campaign. Kristin Kelly reports.


((nats scott milne!! Clapping and cheering..)) He admits he may have an uphill climb - but Scott Milne says he should be - and can be - Vermont's next governor. The Republican formally launched his campaign -- taking aim at current Governor - Democrat Peter Shumlin. ((22:02 Scott Milne/Republican for Vermont Governor: He must answer for his unkept promises and his mistakes. The bubble of his rhetoric must be deflated and seen for what it is. I suggest we wipe away the foam and see what's left. With a new governor, with more balance in our capitol and with a more moderate course, we can do better)) Dozens turned out to cheer on Milne -- at the Aldrich Library in Barre -- including big GOP names -- like Lt. Gov Phil Scott -- and former Governor Jim Douglas. ((Douglas 12:06 We have a crisis of affordability in Vermont :09)) Questioning the health of Vermont's economy -- and the state's march toward single payer health care - themes throughout the event. ((18:54 Scott Milne/Republican for Vermont Governor: Whether the course he has set for the state is responsible and realistic, whether the long-term health of the economy and most importantly of our people is best-served by continuing the ultra-progressive agenda and government that he has created as his legacy )) Political analysts say Milne's approach is no surprise. ((133153, Mike Smith/Republican Political Analyst: All of it has to be tied to fiscal matters - because there is an unease in the public right now 133159)) Republican analyst Mike Smith and Democratic analyst Steve Terry agree that Milne is announcing late -- and behind in the money race. He's raised 20thousand dollars compared to Governor Shumlin's million dollar stockpile. They both see the economy as a potential weakness for Shumlin - with property taxes rising - and a cloud hanging over IBM and its 4-thousand jobs in Essex. They differ though on whether Vermonters are fed up enough - to go against 50 years of history - and vote out an incumbent governor. (( 133429, Mike Smith/Republican Political Analyst: I think theres an opportunity there 133432, )) ((133637, Steve Terry/Democratic Political Anaylst: Probably not. I don't see a circumstance where Vermont fires this governor 133645,)) Terry says Milne's best approach is getting free media attention -- by making news -- by not just criticizing - but defining himself. ((133318, Steve Terry/Democratic Political Anaylst: Where is the substance? And I still think that has yet to be played out 133324,)) Milne runs the travel agency started by his parents .. ((nat milne in travel agency ad)) -- and says his business background gives him credibility with Vermonters. His Mom Marion was a longtime legislator in Orange County - and his dad Don is clerk of the Vermont House. As for Governor Shumlin -- he says despite fundraising through the summer -- he's waiting till the fall to jump into the fray. (( Governor Peter Shumlin/D-Vermont 00:15:58 "I welcome him to the race but again, I will do politics after labor day and until then, this is a tough job, it's an incredibly important job for Vermonters, I'm going to focus on the job that I was hired to do." 00:16:09)) ((Kristin Kelly reporting: Milne spoke quite a bit about Governor Shumlin - but he still has to win the Republican primary next month. Emily Peyton and Steve Berry are also in the GOP race. Kk ch3 news Burlington.))

16} WX


Any showers and storms along a cold front will wrap up soon. The front will clear the area through the overnight, with dropping humidity levels. Skies will turn partly cloudy with lows of 55/62. It will be locally colder in the Adirondacks. Thursday through Saturday are looking really nice. Skies will average partly cloudy during the day, and mostly clear at night. Temps will be warm by day and cooler by night. Looking ahead, a frontal system will start to impact us later in the weekend and into next week. Some scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible on Sunday. The front will be a slow-mover, so we'll keep the chance for some showers and thunderstorms on Monday. A few widely scattered showers could even linger into Tuesday.

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If you like hot dogs or vanilla ice cream -- then today was just the day for you. Gina Bullard reports.


During the dog days of summer -- it's only right to celebrate by digging in to a dog. ((nat eating)) They may take center stage on grills all summer long but Wednesday is national hot dog day. (49:07:10) ((Chef Doug Paine/Hotel VT "everybody loves hotdogs")) Hotel Vermont in Burlington was in the spirit -- giving out free Made in Vermont franks. (49:36:27) ((Chef Doug Paine/Hotel VT "today we're serving sugar mountain farm pasteurized hotdogs")) (57:31:06) ((Tod Cullen/Visiting VT "i like an all beef with mustard and ketchup maybe a little onions maybe a little sauerkraut depending on the day")) ((nats handing out dogs)) (1:00;45:23) ((Burlington Electric "G- it's your lucky day you get free hot dogs - that is excellent")) (1:00:53:24) ((Burlington Electric "g-what do you think about free hot dogs today? b-who doesn't like free hot dogs? nothing in the world like a free hot dog!")) (1:01:39:19) ((Steven Jaramillo "g-what do you like about hot dogs? the ketchup the mustard the bun everything about it ")) But not everyone was in the mood to celebrate. ((i just had a big goulash dinner where I live)) That's okay buddy because guess what? (1:06:11:26) ((G-if hot dogs aren't your thing you're in luck because today is also national vanilla ice cream day! gina orders: vanilla please)) ((nat song)) (1:01:45:25) ((Steven Jaramillo "g-what did the mama hot dog say to the little frankfurter? s-i dont know... g-ketch-up!! s-haha)) (1:06:50:02) ((Trevor - these little puppies need to go in their kennel)) ((nat more song)) You know what they say -- every dog has its day. Gina Bullard Channel 3 News Burlington.


It's called America's most beloved ballpark. Tonight it hosted the world's most beloved game. Fenway Park was transformed to a soccer field as Liverpool battled AS Roma in an exhibition game. John Henry, part owner of the Red Sox bought Liverpool a few years ago. Plenty of Liverpool fans made their way to Fenway this evening as the Fenway store was transformed to a Liverpool outlet. A minority owner of the Celtics, James Pulloma, is a part owner of AS Roma. Our World Cup Watch analyst Craig Stone says Roma may be a team on the rise.


(((Craig Stone/"Similar to how John Henry is slowly turning the fortunes of liverpool around; same with Roma they finished second in the Italian league last year which was a big turnaround for them. They've stayed in the league but they haven't won anything. A similar thing that's happening in England is happening in Italy.)))


For those of you that thought is soccer over after the world cup, not so fast. Several Vermonters made the trip down to Fenway tonight to watch two top teams go at it. For these die hard soccer fans, a few hours behind the wheel is worth it to see teams that traveled across the pond to put on a good show and increase popularity for the sport.


(((Jeff Lepikko/'Its huge because European soccer, especially English and Italian, is amazing to see here in the States. We don't get an opportunity to go over there and see it. For it to come over here, and allow us to experience it, is huge. Really great.')))


As for the game itself. Liverpool was quiet in the first half, one of its bnest chances coming in the 56th minute, Ricki Lambert gets the lead pass, but Lukasz Skorupski makes the save on the near post. --- Scoreless into the 90th minute, Romas with a corner kick, check it out, the ball goes off Liverpool's Daniel Agger and into the back of the net. Roma's Marco Borrilleo gets credited with the winning goal. AS Roma beats Liverpool, 1-nil.


The Vermont Mountaineers and Sanford Mainers were supposed to play a huge divisional game tonight at Montpelier rec field, but mother nature had other ideas. The game was rained out. They'll play 2 Monday in Sanford. The Mountaineers have a game and a half lead on Sanford for first place in the Northern Division.


The Vermont Lake Monsters pick up their second straight over Lowell. The Monsters taking it 8-6. The game was delayed by more than an hour in the 7th inning. John Nogowski going 4 for 5 with an RBI for Vermont.


Lowell's parent club, the Red Sox trying to get back on a winning streak at Toronto. --- tied at 4 in the 6th the routine grounder to Xander Bogaerts, should be an inning ending out, instead it's a bad throw, a run scores and it's 5-4 Jays. --- Insure for Toronto coming in the 7th, Jose Bautista takes Andrew Miller deep to left for a solo shot. --- Toronto goes on to the 6-4 win. The series wraps up tomorrow afternoon.


The Yankees and Rangers going at it again tonight in the Bronx. --- Tied at 1 in the third, Bret Gardner steps up and he takes rangers ace yu Darvish deep to right. It's a solo shot giving the Bombers a 2-1 lead. --- David Phelps doing his job, protecting the lead. A couple of K's in the 5th. --- But then here comes the rain. The grounds crew having all sorts of problems getting that trap out there. The game is called, so the Yankees win it 2-1 in 5.


Montgomery's Elinor Purrier is in Eugene, Oregon for the world junior track and field championships. The Richford high grad and UNH Wildcat runs in the 3000 meter steeplechase tomorrow at 1:05 eastern time. There are 2 heats the top 5 in each heat and the next 5 fastest times advance to Friday's final.


There will be a new-new england amateur golf champion. Essex grad Evan Russell failed to make the cut today at the Winchester Country Club in Massachusetts. Russell shooting a 6 over today to go plus 9 overall. The Vermont amateur champ is still headed to the U.S. Amateur championship in Georgia next month. Jay Peak's Matt Morin is the only Vermonter to make the cut. He's 5 over, 12 shots off the lead. The final 2 rounds are tomorrow.

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