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Good evening and thank you for joining us at 11. I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Shelby Cashman. New at 11. A Burlington UBER Taxi driver is under arrest for allegedly sexually assaulting an incapacitated woman. 23-year-old Omar Nassir is accused having sex with the 22-year-old victim and fondling her. Authorities say the attack happened in February at a home on North Willard Street in Burlington. They say the arrest came following a lengthy investigation by the Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations. Nassir is also licensed by the city of Burlington to operate as a taxi driver. He is due in court tomorrow.


A drug and gun bust in Burlington tonight. Following a two month investigation--police say they found a stolen gun inside an apartment at 22 Orchard Terrace. And they say the man who lived there-- 20 year old Reid Poosikian--had heroin on him. He was arrested for both sale and possesion of the drug-- and possesion of stolen property. He's being held on 25 thousand dollars bail.


Are scammers cashing in on Vermont's Driver Privilege Cards? Tonight our investigative reporter Jennifer Costa takes a look.


These foreign language ads are popping up in New York City and New Jersey newspapers -- promising out-of-staters -- easy access to Vermont licenses. The scam is illegal and expensive. ((Capt. Drew Bloom/Vt. DMV 00:31:24 "People have paid brokers upwards of $1,000 to help get a driver privilege card.")) It's a license that requires Vermont residency -- not U-S citizenship. Only a handful of states offer them. They cannot be used for federal identification. But investigators say they are being used to commit fraud. 232 confirmed cases -- so far -- in Vermont. ((Capt. Drew Bloom/Vt. DMV 00:37:12 "Late summer, early fall of 2014 is when we really had a surge of these things.")) Captain Drew Bloom -- says out-of-staters -- apply with Vermont addresses -- connected to vacant lots or abandoned apartments. Some got privilege cards -- but the DMV intercepted most of those fake applications before they were finalized. Officials say the majority of the fraud was traced to the Bennington DMV -- along Vermont's border. ((Capt. Drew Bloom/Vt. DMV 00:27:10 "It's preying on someone and someone is acting as a broker to help someone get a credential that they're not legally entitled to have.")) Bloom discovered the ads -- while investigating those cases. They appear to target illegal immigrants. ((Christian reading ad 20:04:43 "Drive legally in the US without social security, obtain a license for the first time...")) We enlisted the help of Spanish and Russian speakers to figure out what these brokers were offering -- for $1000 when a legitimate license cost just 30-bucks. ((NATS -- Viera "number not in service)) Unfortunately -- the scammers severed ties -- before we could get answers. ((NATS phone ringing 19:47:26 "the number you have dialed has been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service.")) ((Sen. Peg Flory/R-Rutland County 00:27:04 "I have a rough time believing that they're paying $1000 dollars so they can legally drive.")) Critics -- like Senator Peg Flory -- opposed the original legislation. She says the idea -- to help migrant workers -- while well intentioned -- led to a bad law. ((Sen. Peg Flory/R-Rutland County 00:26:29 "I think it definitely it makes Vermont a target.")) ((Rep. Patrick Brennan 00:29:47 "that's pure abuse and I was afraid of that.")) The chair of the House Transportation Committee wants the licenses repealed. He believes people are using them illegally -- for identification or to open bank accounts. ((Rep. Patrick Brennan 00:30:35 "There are so many different types of licenses now that I don't really a bank teller can tell the difference between them.")) ((SIDE BY SIDE GRX)) A red line and a star -- are the only distinguishing marks -- separating Vermont's Real ID from its Privilege Card. ((Gov. Peter Shumlin/D-Vermont 00:01:43 "I'm confident that we can make it work but we want to get it right.")) Gov. Peter Shumlin calls the 200-plus cases of fraud -- "early growing pains" -- and says the DMV is improving internal controls to cut down on crooks exploiting Vermont. If you're caught -- your driving privileges are suspended nationwide. But even DMV officials admit they're having a hard time holding anyone accountable. ((Capt. Drew Bloom/Vt. DMV 00:32:11 "We haven't had any specific prosecutions as of yet." 00:34:49 "We have issued a few tickets, but it's really rare because we don't know where these people are.")) Vermont has issued 40-thousand Driver Privilege Cards -- since 2013. DMV officials say they're not alarmed by the number -- arguing the cards have become the default for Vermonters who don't want to supply the proper paperwork needed for a REAL ID license. JC CH 3 News.


You may have heard an Amber Alert test in Vermont today--its The system that alerts people about child abductions. The system sends emergency messages to road signs, broadcasters, and the Vermont Lottery -- among others -- providing details about suspects -- and vehicles. It was tested around 1 o'clock today. The system has been used in Vermont several times -- most recently last year. That case ended in the successful arrest of a mother who allegedly abducted her 12 year-old son from a foster home in Sunderland.


Credit reporting errors are leading to tens of thousands of dollars heading to Vermont. Vermont is one of 30 states to strike a deal with Equifax - Experian and Trans Union -- to give consumers better protection - and better accuracy in their credit reports. The agencies will increase oversight of data they rely on for credit reports - to make sure its correct - among other changes. The agencies are also paying Vermont 85-thousand dollars.


Rick Hebert has served Winooski as an officer for 20 years -- now he's the city's newest police chief. Hebert has served as interim chief since Steve McQueen resigned in September. The new chief vowed to create an honest -- partnership with the community. Admitting it's been a tough year nationally for cops -- Hebert said outreach is vital.


(Chief Rick Hebert/Winooski Police 07:55: We need to go back to the basics and have 1 on 1 relationships with the people that we serve.)) ((Chief Rick Hebert/Winooski Police 06:30: Community outreach we're starting to get better at and that's where we want to set our focus over the next few years, really try to get out and understand the community that we police.)) Hebert is a graduate of Champlain College and he began his career with the Richmond police and Chittenden County Sheriffs.

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Dan is here. A whole lot cooler out there today.

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Starting this month -- townhouse owners in Burlington and South Burlington -- could get $600 back from Vermont Gas. The company will offer the rebate to customers if they air-sealing and insulate their attics. The aim of the pilot program is to reduce a customer's gas demands by 10 to 20 percent.


((Beth Parent/Vermont Gas 14:04 What we're doing is now getting into these condos, these townhome style condos that in the past have been a little bit challenging for association rules and what not. But what's important now is we're going to be able to get in there, offer some incentives to have us come in and show them how to really tighten up their energy use and put some more money in their pockets.)) Vermont Gas says last year customers participating in the company's efficiency programs saved more than 14 million dollars.


The lifeblood of any company is the amount of cash it has on hand. That money -- leads to growth -- but getting a loan or fresh capital -- is tough for Vermont's newest startups. Alex Apple has a look at how a new revenue source -- aims to end the cash-starved trend. A new fund established for food companies has a goal of sharing 1 million dollars to create 100 new jobs. Today -- I found out how that money will get to young companies.

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((NAT Bossen)) Two years out of college -- Joe Bossen had debt -- and an idea. ((35:39 Joe Bossen/Vermont Bean Crafters: That can only go so far.)) He started Vermont Bean Crafters -- making local, organic food products -- and as his company grew, his biggest struggle -- became finding the cash to keep it going. ((Joe Bossen/Vermont Bean Crafters: 36:10 If you don't have access to capital, you don't have a means to do things.)) Five years in -- Bossen now laughs and rubs elbows with Vermont's best foodie entrepreneurs -- many using cash from the Vermont Community Loan Fund. ((Joe Bossen/Vermont Bean Crafters 38:48 VCLF has created a really crucial niche because we really couldn't have taken this next step without knowing that somewhere out there would be that funding.)) Wednesday the alternative lender announced the creation of the Food, Farms and Forest fund -- designed to connect young companies to willing investors who have donated to the reserve. ((Will Belongia/Vermont Community Loan Fund 27:00 we're starting to see a lot of small-scale, younger people getting into value-added food processing.)) ...Like the craft beer or cheese industry. The loans are available at lower rates -- because VCLF investors get a lower rate of return on investment. ((Will Belongia/Vermont Community Loan Fund 24:18 Those types of businesses we've been financing for 20 years but this is really giving folks to participate in financing those businesses directly.)) For Vermont Bean Crafters -- the loan supplied infrastructure the company could not grow without. ((Joe Bossen/Vermont Bean Crafters 38:11 It was for some very pointed pieces of infrastructure that we needed to scale to a point where we were able to start paying people more.)) That's the type of success Bossen waited years to see.

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The Vermont Community Loan Fund has given to food companies for years -- but the new fund enables investors to direct their grants to the business sector of their choice.

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Governor Shumlin shares his pick for president in 2016. We'll tell you who he's endorsed. And Isis arrests close to home -- Terror suspects taken into custody in Montreal. Plus -- What's behind a backlog of unprocessed rape kits? Could law enforcement be doing more to bring victims justice? And Keith and I challenge our viewers to some David Letterman trivia as the late-night comic gets ready to sign-off. (01:15:24) ((NATS Shelby "do we have any David Letterman fans in the crowd?")) (01:15:26) See how they did when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


Another Vermont politician is backing Hillary Clinton -- and NOT --- Bernie Sanders. In April -- Governor Peter Shumlin told Channel 3 News he wouldn't endorse a candidate until he knew who was running. But today he announced his support for Clinton -- with a tweet. And it came on the same day Senator Bernie Sanders announced the big kickoff to his campaign for President. Sanders wants to share the news with his home town crowd after formally announcing his campaign earlier this spring in Washington. The kickoff event will be Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. In Burlington's Waterfront Park. Channel 3 News will have special coverage of the event -- with live reports, reaction and analysis. And follow our coverage thru-out Sanders' pursuit of the presidency -- on air and online at wcax-dot-com. Senator Patrick Leahy has already said he's supporting Clinton.


Ten people arrested at the airport in Montreal -- accused of trying to join Isis. Canadian authorities say the suspects planned to travel to Iraq and Syria to join the terrorist group. They were taken into custody over the weekend. Authorities say some of them have ties to six OTHER young people from Quebec who are believed to have traveled to Turkey -- en route to Syria -- in January -- to join ISIS.

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Congressional lawmakers want to know why a backlog of rape kits were never processed. Craig Boswell reports.


(PKG) Debbie Smith describes herself as a homemaker, but to thousands of women she is an advocate and an inspiration. Wednesday she told Congress about waiting six years for the person who sexually assaulted her to be caught. (SOT: Debbie Smith/Sexual Assault Survivor) "IT WAS THIS VERY BASKET, NUMBER SIX, THAT STORED MY RAPE EVIDENCE KIT THAT WOULD DELIVER PEACE TO MY HEART AND ALLOW ME TO TRULY LIVE AGAIN." The non-profit Joyful Heart Foundation released new data on just 5 cities where more than 9000 kits are gathering dust in crime labs just the tip of the iceberg according to the National Center for Victims of Crime. (SOT: Mai Fernandez/Executive Director, National Center for Victims of Crime) "I THINK EVERY CITY HAS UNTESTED RAPE KITS." The Senate Judiciary committee wants to know why. (SOT: Lisa Madigan/Illinois Attorney General) "THE NUMBER ONE PLEA THAT WE HEAR FROM OUR STATE POLICE CRIME LABS AND FORENSIC SCIENTISTS IS THAT THEY ARE OVERWHELMED." (STANDUP: Craig Boswell/CBS News/Capitol Hill) Advocates and victims want lawmakers to put money behind an actual counting of untested kits along with better training for crime lab technicians. (SOT: Debbie Smith/Sexual Assault Survivor) "THESE AREN'T JUST BOXES AND BAGS, THESE REPRESENT LIVES. THESE ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO PUT THOSE FRAGMENTS OF LIVES THAT ARE IN THOSE KITS BACK TOGETHER AGAIN." Often police departments say they're forced to focus on victims who want their cases prosecuted.. leaving the other kits untested. Craig Boswell, CBS News, Capitol Hill.

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Tonight: Becoming mostly clear. Patchy frost. Lows: 32/42 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs: 63/70 SW 5-10 mph Thursday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 35/45 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Friday: Sun and clouds. Breezy. Chance of a passing shower. Highs: 55/62 Winds: NW 10-20 mph Extended: Saturday through Wednesday. Friday Night: Chilly. Lows 30/40 Saturday: Chilly start. Mostly sunny. Highs 58/65 Lows 38/48 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 68/75 Lows 40s Monday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers. Highs 65/75 Lows 50s Tuesday: Showers likely. Highs 65/75 Lows 50s Wednesday: Chance of showers. Highs 60s

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An end of an era tonight for late night talk show fans. After 22 years on the job -- it's David Letterman's last day as host of the Late Show. The show was tapped earlier tonight-- and here's a clip of him taking the stage for the final time. This week Shelby and I went to Church Street -- to quiz you -- about the comic legend as he prepared to say goodbye!


(01:15:24) ((NATS Shelby "do we have any David Letterman fans in the crowd?")) (01:15:26) (00:59:43) ((Andree Paquin "I think he's very funny :44 I think it's a shame that he's going but well deserved rest and moving on to other things.")) (00:59:51) (01:08:53) ((Shelby "Would you consider yourself a Letterman fan? Matthew: uhhh yes. I like him more than Leno.")) (01:08:58) (01:01:40) ((Kurt Mueller "I actually knew one of the interns who worked on his show, I went to school with him so that's kind of my own little tie.")) (01:01:46) (01:15:34) ((NATS Keith "That's ok, we had somebody say who is David Letterman?")) (01:15:37) (01:07:20) ((Bryce Bandish "I get my entertainment at night from Jimmy Fallon")) (01:07:24) (01:04:01) ((Gemma Cirignano "I went to his show this year in New York city :03 Shelby: What did you think? Tell me everything! Gemma: "It was really fun, he's funny.")) (01:04:08) (01:07:35) ((Keith "Who do you think his very first guest was? Martin Short, Bill Murray, Steve Harvey or Oprah? Bryce:" oh totally Bill Murray.")) (01:07:42) (01:06:25) ((NATS "Bill Murray?)) (01:06:26) (01:00:10) ((NATS "I have no idea)) (01:02:21) ((Keith "Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld or Bill Murray? 01:02:25 Kurt: Bill Murray."))(01:02:26) (01:09:18) ((Matthew: "bill Murray. Keith: is that a team answer? Yes Shelby: yup ding ding ding.")) (01:09:26) (01:04:53) ((Keith "who do you think has been on the most Steve Matrin, Martin Short, Regis or Oprah? Girls: uhhhhhh let's go with Steve Martin?")) (01:05:12) (01:18:28) ((NATS "Steve")) (01:18:32) (01:02:02) ((Kurt Mueller "uhhhhh let's go with Regis Philbin.")) (01:02:06) (01:07:55) ((NATS "Chevy Chase, that's probably not right but I'm going with it")) (01:07:59) (01:09:34) ((NATS Regis Philbin.")) (01:00:36) ((Andree "oh Regis! Shelby: Ding ding we have a winner")) (01:00:40) (01:19:24) ((NATS Keith "ok high fives all around.")) (01:19:25)


Letterman's replacement - Stephen Colbert -- will start hosting the Late Show -- in September.


Today the Boston Bruins promoted Don Sweeny to General Manager. Sweeny served the last 6 seasons as an assistant under fired GM Peter Chiarelli. Sweeny, who spent 15 seasons on the Boston Blue Line, will now determine the future of head coach Claude Julien.

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The Rangers and lightning playing game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals. The series shifting to Tampa. --- The Rangers down 1 in the final 2 minutes, the shot is blocked, the Rangers Dan Boyle puts it home. We're going to Overtime tied at 5. --- three and a half minutes into OT, after Tampa's Ben Bishop makes the save, the lightning 's Nikkita Kucherov brakes in and snaps one past Henrik Lunvdquist. Tampa wins 6-5 in Overtime to take a 2-1 series lead.


The Middlebury men's tennis team lost to the top ranked Claremont-Mudd-Scripps , 5-0 in the NCAA National championship match this afternoon in Ohio. The third-ranked Panthers finish their season at 22-4, tied for the second-most wins in program history.


The Middlebury women's lacrosse team continues it's preparations for this weekend's Division Three Final Four in Philadelphia. Middlebury is coming off wins over Hamilton and York in the NCAA regionals over the weekend in Gettysburg. While some of the Panthers have experience playing in these types of big games, they still learned a lot sweating it out over the weekend.


((Catherine Fowler/ " Being able to play two games in a row in the heat down in Pennsylvania was helpful heading into the Final Four weekend. And just having tight games. I think we had a situation where we were ahead by a lot and they stared creeping up on us. We had to stall and keep them out."))


outgoing Castleton senior Zach Davidson will compete in a pair of Division Three lacrosse all-star games this month. The first taking place Friday at Cabrini College outside of Philadelphia. The second a week from Friday at Springfield College in Massachusetts. The former South Burlington standout and 3-time NAC Player of the year ranks third in points on the NCAA Division III all time list with 400 points. Norwich face off specialist Andrew Bracy will also complete in the all-star game a week from Friday in Springfield.


Let's head to Newport for some high school baseball, North Country hosting Newport. Those folks were probably wearing shorts yesterday. --- South Burlington taking a 4-0 lead into the bottom of the fourth and Connor Bradley makes sure the Falcons stay off the board. The Strikeout ends the inning. --- Top of the 5th, The Rebles look to add to the lead, but North Country's Cody Chaput says not so fast, the great diving stop at first. Even I thought it was going into the outfield. --- However, the Rebles keep the pressure on and with a runner at third later in the inning, Jake Mann hits one past the shortstop for the RBI single. South Burlington goes on to the 9-0 win.


The Texas Rangers and Red Sox from Fenway tonight, new bruins GM Don Sweeny throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. --- A solid outing for Boston's Joe Kelly. A mistake here in the third however as Robinson Chirinos takes him deep to left into the monsters seats. It gives Texas a 2-0 lead. --- Boston gets one back in the bottom of the fifth, Xander Bogaerts with a shot to left. That one is over the wall. It's 2-1 Texas. --- Same score Bottom of the ninth, Boston gets 2 on, but Hanley Ramierez grounds out to second to end it. Unlike Tuesday, The Sox offense is non existent, 2-1 Texas the final. Meanwhile -- the yankees also lose -- falling to washington, 3-2.


Yankees and Nationals in DC. --- Tied at 2 in the 7th, Washington's Denard Span hits one to shallow left that drops in Wilson Ramos scores giving the Nats a 3-2 lead. --- Alex Rodriguez strikes out in the 9th to end it. Washington wins 3-2. The Bombers have dropp 7 of 8.


Today, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke for the first time since handing out the deflategate punishment. While Pats owner Robert Kraft accepted Goddell's penalties towards the franchise, quarterback Tom Brady is appealing his 4 game suspension. Goddell named himself arbitrator. (((Roger Goodell/ "I look forward to hearing directly from Tom, if there's new information or there's information that can be helpful to us in getting this right I want to hear directly from Tom on that. I have great admiration and respect for Tom Brady but the rules have to be enforced on a uniform basis and they apply to everybody in the league.")))

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