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Is Vermont's opiate crisis growing? Good evening and thanks for joining us. I'm Eva McKend. And I'm Keith McGilvery. Vermont's US attorney says more and more cases of opiate addiction are popping up in the state's rural areas. Our Eliza Larson joins us now with more. Eliza? Eva and Keith -- Lamoille county residents say they're concerned about their loved ones and neighbors -- now that they've seen addiction move into their towns.


((nats Title 8364 TC 24:26:07: "just evil. Pure evil." 24:28:25)) A short film -- documenting the affect opiates has on young people -- reminds Betsy Perez of the struggles in her past. ((TC 30:02:26 Title 8370 Betsy Perez/Mother of an addict: "my retirement fund is gone. But I don't care. She's alive." 30:07:06)) Perez told her story to a packed audience of Lamoille County residents Wednesday night. At a young age -- Perez's daughter became addicted to opiates -- which could have started when she was put on pain medications for a broken leg. ((TC 27:01:12 Title 8370 Betsy Perez/Mother of an addict: "I don't know if that's where it started. It probably did." 27:05:22)) Her addiction started in rural Vermont and carried on for years. At one point -- the girl was homeless in Burlington. Eventually she sought help -- and enrolled in a treatment center in Atlanta. Perez says she's sober now -- and doing well. ((TC 43:42:10 Title 8400 Eliza Larson/Hyde Park: "perez's daughter is not alone. The opiate crisis is hitting rural parts of Vermont more than one would expect." 43:50:08)) Vermont's U.S. Attorney -- Eric Miller -- joined Perez and others at the Green Mountain Technical Center in Hyde Park to talk about the opiate crisis -- and where to get help. ((TC 18:08:18 Title Eric Miller/U.S. Attorney: "That too is a trend that I think you can expect to continue at least in the short term." 18:15:06)) He says that the state is seeing more cases appear in rural parts than Vermont's bigger cities and towns. Lamoille County's Sheriff -- Roger Marcoux -- agrees. He says his department gets weekly calls from area families asking for help. Just a few months ago -- a man in Johnson died of a fentanyl overdose. ((TC 02:03:24 Title 8332 Roger Marcoux/Lamoille County Sheriff: "this isn't just a rutland thing, or a barre thing or a chittenden county thing. This is hitting the rural communities as well." 02:09:23)) Both Marcoux and Miller say the state can't arrest or jail their way out of the problem -- meaning law enforcement can't be the only ones to take action.


Sheriff Marcoux urges people in his area to reach out to those local organizations if they -- or a loved one -- need help. We'll have a list of resources with this story on our website -- wcax - dot - com.

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New information about a fire we told you about last night at 11. Investigators tell us lightning probably sparked the massive house fire in South Hero. Green Mountain Power CEO Mary Powell and her husband owned the home but were not there at the time. 3 dogs were saved from the flames -- but two dogs and two cats did not survive. The home was destroyed. The couple lost a home to fire once before - about 20 years ago.


A 46 year old Barton man was arrested for aggravated sexual assault. State Police say Travis Eurbin sexually assaulted a victim under the age of 16 between 2003 and 2008 in Barton. He was released on 20 thousand dollars bond.


A Connecticut woman is facing 30 years in prison after prosecutors say she was involved in a million dollar scheme. 40 year old Allison Gu is accused of defrauding three lenders. Police say she used identities stolen from dead people and forged documents to get mortgages. In addition to potential prison time, she also having to forfeit properties in Vermont and Florida.


You may soon have to pay up if you park in downtown Burlington on Sundays. The department of public works and Burlington Business Association are considering changes to the core downtown spots close to shopping and restaurants. Charging for peak times on Sundays is one idea they're considering -- another would be reducing some hours in the mornings and nights Monday through Saturday. They say it would help balance parking availability to make spaces turn over during peak times. Not everyone is on board with the idea.


((SOT Kelly Devine, Exec. Director, Burlington Business Association 001914 Parking is emotional. People generally don't like to pay for parking. Nobody does 18 but it's also essential that there be a fee in some cases so you can get spots to turn over 25)) ((SOT Steve Polewacyk (Pole-eh-wah-sick), Owner, Vermont Pub & Brewery 000850 People shouldn't have to be paying on Sunday as well. It's like enough is enough 53 Let's give our tourists and our folks visiting Burlington a bit of a break 000900)) Right now they're gathering research -- and could present recommendations to the city council in four to six months.

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Dan is here. A few more storms today, hopefully looking better this weekend. ((radsat)) Storms brought some small hail and downpours again today. Tomorrow is looking good, but we could be in for a few more storms on Friday and Friday night. All is good in the meantime. ((forecast)) Partly cloudy with patchy fog tonight, then mostly sunny tomorrow. Highs will be in the low to mid 80s.


We are just days away from America's birthday -- which for many is cause for great celebration. But fireworks, a staple of the holiday, also come with thousands of injuries to kids every year. Medical professionals are encouraging parents to bring their kids to a public fireworks display rather than buy bottle rockets, firecrackers and sparklers. The American Academy of Pediatrics says there's no such thing as a pyrotechnic child friendly safe device and it's often bystanders who get hurt.


(7:45) ((Dr. Stephen Leffler/UVM Medical Center: We see serious injuries every year from fireworks. We see them in adults. We see them in children. Sparklers burn at more than a thousand degrees. We see burns from sparklers. We see people that accidentally have fireworks go off in their hands and cause severe and permanent hand injuries every year.)) If you'd like more information on fireworks-related injuries, or safety advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics, click on our infocenter at wcax-do-com.


There's a new spot for beer lovers in our region. The brand new Alchemist brewery in Stowe is just days days from opening. There's no grand opening date yet -- but officials say sometime next week. Workers are putting the finishing touches on the building -- visible off the Mountain Road. The Alchemist's original location in Waterbury was closed after flooding in 2011. A short time later, they opened a cannery in Waterbury that began cranking out Heady Topper -- a beer that's won accolades around the world. The new Stowe facility -- unlike the cannery -- will accommodate visitors.


Come this fall, there may be fewer apples to pick. Last year there was a great crop. Lots of apples on the trees but here's the bad news...after a fruitful apple season-- the following season the crop won't be as abundant. And to make matters worse - Mother Nature can add a last night's thunderstorm that produced hail at Allenhome Farm in South Hero.


(00:02:44:00-00:03:00: 00) ((Ron Allen: Here's an apple that got a hail mark on it that came last night. And once you get a mark like that, as the apple grows up, the cells are killed under the skin, so it will be a misshapen apple when we get done)) Allen estimates last night's storm impacted about 1 in 40 of his apples. But he's still hopeful for a good crop this fall. Vermont's fresh apple crop is valued upwards of 12 to 15 million dollars each year.


Are you ready to be a mega-millionaire? This week you could get your chance. There was no winner in last night's 3-hundred-90 million dollar mega-millions drawing. So the pot has grown to 4-hundred-15 million. It's the third largest jackpot in the game's history. You can watch Friday's drawing right here on the Channel 3 News at 11.

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((MARK ALBERT TEASE00 Plus -- New information on the deadly terror attacks at a Turkey airport. And why folks in Hawaii aren't happy with a wealthy well-known neighbor. Also -- If you feel like you're spending a majority of your income on rent you're not alone. A new report shows just how much American renters are paying up. When the news at 11 continues.


New details about yesterday's coordinated suicide bombings at the main airport in Istanbul. At least 42 people were killed and more than 200 injured when three suicide bombers hit different areas of the airport. U-S intelligence sources say the terrorists were armed with grenades, suicide vests and automatic weapons. The attack came just days after the U-S State Department warned Americans to avoid travel to southeastern Turkey due to increased terrorist threats.


Vice President Joe Biden hosted the first ever Cancer Moonshot summit in Washington, DC. The goal is to get researchers, doctors, drug companies and patients working together to speed up cancer research and treatment. Mark Albert reports.


(PKG) (TRACK 1) Hundreds of leading cancer experts joined Vice President Joe Biden and actress Carol Burnett at Howard University for the first "Cancer Moonshot Summit." (SOT/BIDEN ) "WE OWE IT TO FUTURE GENERATIONS TO SEIZE THIS MOMENT" (TRACK 2) Both Biden and Burnett lost children to cancer. (SOT/BURNETT ) (Carol Burnett/Actress) "TODAY IS REMARKABLE FOR MANY REASONS, NONE THE LEAST OF WHICH (sigh) IS HOPE." (TRACK 3) The Vice President called for doubling the progress against cancer in the next five years. (sot Biden) Time matters. Days matter. Minutes matter." Biden outlined several initiatives including expanding patient participation in clinical trials and improving data sharing among researchers. he also threatened to cut federal funding for cancer studies that dont submit results on time. (Mark Albert/CBS News/Washington, DC) Besides the 350 cancer experts and patients here at Howard University, more than 6,000 others are taking part in Cancer Moonshot summits today in all 50 states. (NAT/NY SUMMIT) (TRACK 4) DR. DAVID NANUS TOOK PART IN ONE IN NEW YORK CITY. HE HOPES THE MEETINGS WILL LEAD TO BETTER ACCESS TO TREATMENT FOR EVERYONE. (SOT Dr. David Nanus/ Weill Cornell Medicine/NY Presbyterian Hospital) some places some patients really do get great care and access to the newest drugs but frequently they don't (TRACK 5 5) 20-YEAR CANCER SURVIVOR KATHY GIUSTI (JUICE-tee) ATTENDED THE DC EVENT. (SOT/KATHY ) (Kathy Giusti/Cancer Survivor) "I BELIEVE THE MORE INFO WE SHARE, THE MORE CURES WE'LL SEE IN ALL OF OUR LIFETIMES." (TRACK 6) SHE SAYS CANCER RESEARCH HAS COME SO FAR BUT STILL HAS A LONG WAY TO GO. Mark Albert, CBS News, Washington.


The man famous for Facebook walls built a real one and his neighbors aren't happy. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg put up a 6-foot wall on his property in Hawaii. Neighbors say the stone structure at his 700-acre estate is ugly and blocks their views. Some are calling the businessman a hypocrite for his stance against the wall Donald Trump wants to build with Mexico -- while he created one of his own.


Bad news for renters. According to a new report by Harvard University -- 11 million people spent at least half their income to pay for housing -- that's a record high. And more than 21 million people spent 30 percent or more of their paychecks to cover rent. Financial experts generally advice against paying so much -- but the cost of rent -- is rising faster than wages.

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A big tech company appears to be bound for Plattsburgh. An Empire State Development Grant worth 4 million dollars was awarded to the Norwegian Company Norsk Titanium. The money will be used for facility planning, design, and engineering project costs. The company is expected to bring more than 500 new advanced manufacturing jobs to the area.


((MIchael Cashman/Plattsburgh Town Supervisor 1098 04:01:20 "i'm very, very excited about this continuing to advance forward. I give a lot of credit to Senator Little and Garry Douglas and a number of folks that have really advanced this project forward in our community." 04:01:37)) Norsk uses 3-D printing to manufacture products for aerospace technology. The project aims to build a 170,000 square foot facility at a new North Country Hub for Innovative Manufacturing Nanotechnology.

24} WX

((currents)) It was muggy again today, but not quite as warm. Showers have just about ended with temperatures in the 60s. ((temps map)) Normal high is now 80 degrees and we'll be a few degrees above that tomorrow and Friday. Temperatures will be a little cooler this weekend. ((rainfall today)) Most spots picked up less than a quarter inch of rain, but we did have a few downpours. Not the heavy rain we had yesterday. ((radsat)) Showers have mostly wrapped up for the night. There's another trough of low pressure over the Upper Mid West that will rotate through late on Friday and bring showers and thunderstorms into Friday night and possibly into early Saturday. ((forecast map)) High pressure builds in for the weekend and we're expecting dry skies from Saturday afternoon on through Monday and Tuesday.


Tonight: Partly cloudy. Patchy fog. Lows: 52/58 Winds: Light Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 78/85 Winds: SW 5-10 mph Thursday Night: Mostly clear. Lows: 53/60 Winds: Light Friday: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers and Tstorms. Some strong. Highs: 75/82 Winds: S 5-10 mph Extended: Saturday through Wednesday. Friday Night: Showers/Tstorms. Lows 55/62 Saturday: Chance of showers, mainly north. Highs 68/75 Lows 52/58 Sunday: Partly sunny. Highs 68/75 Lows 52/58 Monday: Partly sunny. Highs 70s Lows 50s Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs 75/85 Lows 50s Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Highs 80s

26} WX_OUT


Every year - people head to the Green Mountains -- in search of gold. But some say there are not enough permits to go around. Lynzi DeLuccia reports.


The peaks may be green, but the mountains are golden. That's what Nelson Illinski says about treasure hunting in his home state. ((Nelson Illinski//VT Gold Mountain Prospecting : 35:13-35:18: "In Vermont, we're very lucky, we have the Great Appalachian gold belt that travels through most of Vermont.")) Illinski owns Gold Mountain Prospecting, selling gold pans, classifiers and metal detectors for fellow gold prospectors. Vermont has some of the purest gold in the world, but it's hard to come by. Panning by hand and using a sluice box are two ways to get it. ((Nelson 40:45-40:52 "the sluice box allows you to basically move a lot more material than a hand-pan, when you're hand panning, it takes a lot of time.")) ((Standup: "An ounce of gold as you see here is worth about 1400 dollars and can take a whole summer to hand-pan for, but sluicing could take up to a month. However, many say that getting a permit for sluicing here in Vermont, is very difficult.")) ((Nelson 43:10-43:20: "I think Vermont is losing a lot of tourist dollars because of it, I know quite a few people who go to New Hampshire and Maine, because they're allowed to have sluice boxes there without the permit process.")) Anyone can pan for gold by hand, but a state permit is required in Vermont to use a sluice box. Illinski says he's heard of hundreds of applications for permits put in each year and very few being approved, but the Department of Environmental Conservation denies that. ((Kim Greenwood//DEC Environmental Compliance Director 4:59-5:04: "between 20 and 30 permits a year are applied for and issued.")) And sluicing without a permit can bring environmental citations. The DEC recently issued three to gold prospectors around streams in Southeastern Vermont. ((Kim Greenwood//DEC Environmental Compliance Director 1:32-1:47: "Sluice boxes can move a lot more volume at any one time, and can have impacts on the aquatic habitat, and also impacts on the river channel itself, which can have pretty big impacts up stream and down stream for adjacent land owners.")) To get a permit - you need permission and a signature from the landowner where you want to prospect. Illinski says that signature is tough to get - but Greenwood says the DEC only requires a landowner's name and mailing address for the permit application. ((Nelson 44:37-44:50: "The gold prospecting community would like to see the sluice box permit become more like a license, like hunting or fishing, where you can knock on the door, and you just basically get the landowner's permission to hunt or fish.")) Annual permits for Vermont residents are 25 dollars, 50 for non-residents. LD, Ch3 News, Manchester.


How much would you pay for the largest uncut diamond? This beauty was up for auction today in London. The 11-hundred carat gem is about the size of a tennis ball. It was expected to fetch at least 70-million dollars -- but ultimately failed to sell -- no bids reached the minimum requirements. Experts believe the diamond is 2-point-5 billion years old.



After a rain out last night, the Vermont Lake Monsters playing a pair of 7-inning games with Aberdeen tonight at Centennial Field. The bad weather clearing out just in time for some baseball this evening. --- Game 1 starter, Dakota Chalmers leaves this one up for Cole Billingsley in the top of the third. It's a solo shot making it 2-1 Aberdeen. --- Vermont gets that back and more in the bottom of the third, Miguel Mercedes with an RBI single to center. Mercedes with 3 hits and 2 RBI in the game. It's 2-2. --- JaVon Shelby also goes three for three, he drives in a run with the basehit. Steven Pallares coming around from second, beats the throw to the plate. It's 3-2 Vermont. --- Then with Sean Murphy at the plate, the catcher tries to get Mercedes out at third, but the ball is thrown away. Here comes Mercedes with the 4th Lake Monsters run. --- Icing on the cake here, the wild pitch brings in Shelby. A four-run inning. Vermont doesn't score again. as the Lake Monsters win the opener 5-3...


in the nightcap, the Monsters complete the sweep by blanking the Birds 2-0. Pitchers Brendan Butler, Derek Beasley and Yordy Alejo combine on a three hit shutout. Eli White and James Terrell drive in the runs. The Monsters will go for the series sweep tomorrow night. In the NECBL tonight, the Vermont Mountaineers, after scoring 15 runs in a win over New Bedford Monday night, follow that by putting a dozen on the board night, rolling past Keene 12-3... meanwhile, the Upper Valley Nighthawks split a double header on the road at the Mystic Schooners. UV wins the opener 10-3, but falls in game two 9-4. The Mountaineers visit the Valley Blue Sox tomorrow...the Nighthawks have the night off...


Chris Feifs has been named the new head coach for the UVM men's lacrosse team. Feifs has spent the past seven years as the defensive coordinator at North Carolina, which last month won the NCAA Division One National Championship. Feifs takes over a Catamount program coming off one of the best seasons in program history. This past season Vermont finished 9-8, the most wins in a decade, finishing third in America East. Then, the Cats advanced to the conference championship game for the first time with a 10-9 semifinal win over 14th ranked Stony Brook. Vermont came up one goal short of earning the program's first bid to the NCAA Tournament, falling 17-16 to Hartford in the America East title game. Just two days after that defeat, Ryan Curtis announced that he was stepping down after ten years as head coach, opening the search for a new top Cat. The new coach has what looks like a pretty strong team returning next season, with four of last year's five top scores back, including All-American Ian MacKay.


Day 2 of the New England women's golf championship at Country Club of Vermont... --- first round leader Katie Barrand struggled in the middle of her second round. However on 10, she does come up with this chip shot that lands just a few feet from the hole. She's able to make the long putt to save Par. Barrand is in third at one over, 2 shots off the lead. --- Williston's Tiffany Maurycy started the day tied for third... three shots back...she birdied on 2 of the first 3 holes, but then a double bogey on 8 followed by 5 straight bogeys puts her out of contention. She's able to recover nicely on 10 to avoid the double bogey. Maurycy is 8 over, 9 shots back, but she is still the top vermonter. --- Susan Cavanagh was one under a shot back in second after round 12...this chip almost comes to a stop on the fringe but keeps rolling and ends up a few feet from the cup...she makes the putt for birdie. Cavanaugh is 2nd at even par one shot behind the leader Hannah Ghelfi of Massacusetts. The final round begins tomorrow morning at 8 am.


A blockbuster trade in the NHL today. The Montreal Canadiens swap All-Star defenseman, sending P-K Subban to Nashville for Predators star Shea Weber. The 27-year-old Subban, who won the Norris Trophy as the league's top defenseman in 2013, has played his entire career in Montreal. Last season, he played in 68 games, scoring a career low six goals, but tying his career high with 45 assists and he has been public enemy number one for the Boston Bruins and their fans pretty much his entire career. Weber, three years older than Subban, has played his entire 11-year career in Nashville and is signed for ten more seasons. A three-time Norris finalists, Weber scored twenty goals and added 31 assists.

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