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Good evening and thank you for joining us-- I'm Shelby Cashman. Nearly 100 animals were seized in Eden today. Alex Apple was there and he joins us live in the newsroom now with more. Alex? Shelby-- Police arrived at a private residence in Eden at 9:30 this morning -- there they encountered dozens of dogs needing immediate medical care. Then -- nearly 12 hours of removing the animals ensued.


Dog after dog -- nearly 100 of them in all is what the police and animal control encountered this morning when conducting a search warrant at this residence in Eden. (Lt. James Whitcomb 02:37)(("We were advised of some conditions in the home that warranted our ability to actually do a search warrant of the residence.")) With the help of the Central Vermont Humane Society -- police spent much of the day pulling the dogs from the home. They were in a variety of conditions. (Lt. James Whitcomb 04:03)(("Its a mixture of both roaming the residence and having kennels in the residence.")) Some needing serious medical attention -- others with matted fur covered in dirt and feces. (03:29 Lt. James Whitcomb)(("Right now its an ongoing investigation. We'll get reports from veterinary services that are contracted to assist.")) Police will use those reports to decide if criminal charges will be forthcoming for the homeowners. Anne Ward of the Central Vermont Humane Society paints a picture of homeowners -- looking to help the animals -- and simply getting overwhelmed. (12:48 Anne Ward/Central VT Humane Society)(("They were taking in animals hoping to find new homes for them, and ended up with more than they expected to .........13:53 Some have been signed over to us voluntarily which is fantastic. ")) The animals are now going to an undisclosed location in Chittenden County where they'll be cared for. From there -- they'll be placed up for adoption. (14:12 Anne Ward/Central VT Humane Society)(("The cost of caring for so many animals is going to be astronomical, and the private humane societies around here aren't prepared to do that without the community's support.")) Police say the homeowners have cooperated -- but this is a residence the state police have responded to before. (12:21 Anne Ward/CEntral VT Humane)(("This particular family didn't know who to reach out to and in a lot of ways, really relieved we're here to help."))


The Central Vermont Humane Society will now handle the adoption of these dogs. We should mention there were also some cats in the home -- and many local humane societies are now tasked with taking in such a hugh number of animals -- something that's difficult for them to do. Shelby.


A Woodstock police officer is accused of domestic assault. State Police say 45-year old Mark McComas of Quechee .... .... assaulted someone at his home twice in the last month. McComas was arraigned this afternoon. Prior to working in Woodstock -- McComas served on the force in Hartford. The officer is charged with 1 count of domestic assault.


(TC 00:14:03:03 Tile 9384) ((Capt. JP Sinclair/VSP "Looked into a number of the allegations by this complainant. At this time we have probable cause to charge on this one particular incident." 00:14:14:02)) Captain Sinclair says it's up to the State's Attorney to decide whether more charges will be filed against McComas.

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There was a massive car fire in Middlesex today. Take a look at this--the fire shutdown one lane of I-89 south. But police say no one was hurt.


A steep - icy - hill made it difficult for crews to tackle a barn fire in Danby tonight. Fire crews had to pump water from a stream running along township highway 32. Crews say the terrain made it difficult for motor vehicles to travel up and down - so officials closed off the road to traffic. The farm owners were home when they noticed smoke coming from their side barn. They say they do not know what started the fire - but no animals were harmed.

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Colder temperatures will return to the area tonight. Lows will fall between 2/-12 by Thursday morning. A storm system will stay to our south on Thursday, but it will be just close enough to give us mostly cloudy skies. There could also be an isolated flurry to the south. Highs on Thursday will only reach 5/15.


The cold weather has been wreaking havoc on dozens of communities across the state this winter -- and now Vermont officials says they're ready to help. An informal survey shows at least 26 communities have either suffered main water breaks -- or had residents with frozen pipes. Governor Shumlin's office says those communities dealing with water emergencies should call the Vermont Division of Emergency Management. The agency can help municipalities coordinate with the agencies of Transportation, Human Services, Natural Resources and the Health Department. Their phone line is staffed 24/7. For a link, go to our infocenter at wcax-dot-com.


It's between four candidates--to become Burlington's next mayor. Tonight - we continue our look at the Queen City candidates. Alex Apple profiles Independent Greg Guma.


((06 Guma commercial: On March 3rd, Burlington has a choice -- give into developers or reclaim the city and work together for a sustainable future.)) Greg Guma says Burlington is facing a turning point and its prompted him to run as an independent for mayor. (03:18 Greg Guma/Independent for Mayor)(("I see myself as a community builder and a progressive manager.)) He says he's committed to building a strong Queen City -- but has a vision quite different from incumbent Mayor Miro Weinberger who Guma says is rushing development. (29:43 Greg Guma/Independent for Mayor)(("Let's deliberate more about these these things. Let's protect the city. Let's use the offices of the city to protect the city from gentrification.")) Guma's been working in Burlington for decades. His activism started in the 70s -- and since he's twice ran unsuccessfully for city council. Now he's asking voters to hand him the keys to the city. (02:50 Greg Guma/Independent for Mayor)(("i decided to run because I became very concerned about the pace and direction of where we're going.")) His campaign slogan -- "Preservation and Change" was based around his ideas about development. (30:04 Greg Guma/Independent for Mayor)(("Preserve traditions, preserve resources, preserve the things that we know work, and make this city the magnet and attractive place that it is, but change certain aspects of the way we make decisions and do business.")) (GFX) He says he'll achieve that motto by focusing on improving affordability -- BY raising the minimum wage. He also plans to fund Neighborhood Planning Associations to empower residents across the city. And he wants to preserve open spaces by building a coalition of environmental groups to protect them. (end GFX) He says Weinberger -- on the other hand -- is handing the city over to tourists. (23:39 Greg Guma/Independent for Mayor)(("In terms of his overall vision, it really has more to do with attracting tourists and making Burlington a four seasons resort.")) The last candidate to enter the race -- Guma is using popular social media spots like Reddit and Blogspot to get that message across. (24:34 Greg Guma/Independent for Mayor)(("You can do many things, you can build many things, but because you can, doesn't mean you should.")) That's a statement that Guma's opponents say is anti-development. An allegation HE DENIES -- saying he's best equipped to lead the Queen City to a more prosperous future -- built on preserving rich tradition -- and changing the status quo in city hall. Alex Apple. Ch3N. BTV.


Tomorrow night Alex continues his profiles -- he catches up with the Libertarian in the race -- Loyal Ploof.

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A controversial health care consultant canned in Massachusetts. And in the year of the sheep -- (TC - 00:14:41:00) ((Nats- Come here Sweet Pea)) One Essex ewe is making a name for herself. (Wendy Gillette STUP) Plus -- Senator Sanders on the Popes planned trip to the US. When the Channel 3 News continues.


Jonathan Gruber has resigned from his post on the Health Connector Board -- in Massachusetts. Gruber was appointed to that board in 2006 by then Governor Mitt Romney and re-appointed by Governor Deval Patrick. Gruber sparked a nation-wide controversy after videotaped comments surfaced of him making derogatory remarks about the intelligence of the American people. Just yesterday -- Republican leaders in Vermont called for a federal investigation into Vermont's health overhaul -- which Gruber too has a hand in.


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is pumped about the Pope's plans to visit the U-S. Pope Francis' visit to Washington will mark the first-ever speech to Congress by any leader of the world's Roman Catholics. The senator said he hopes members of Congress listen carefully to the pontiff's message about poverty and economic inequality.


(00:06:23:01) ((The gap between between the very very rich and everybody else is growing wider and this is what the Pope means I think when he says and I quote while the income of a minority is increasing exponentially that of the majority is crumbling)) (00:06:41:21) The Pope's trip to D.C. Is set for December.


Thousands of Americans now live in Vietnam -- four decades after the Vietnam war ended. And more than 400 thousand US citizens traveled there last year. Wendy Gillettte has more in part 3 of our series on the War.


Virginia native Lee Mason Baker knows her preferences in Vietnam... NATS: machine extracting juice freshly made sugarcane juice. NATS: "This is good stuff" She's an attorney and part owner of a restaurant. Baker has lived in Ho Chi Minh City for twenty years. SOT: (Lee Mason Baker/American Living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) "Great things about Vietnam are the people- they love having us here. The Americans- they love having foreigners. The food ." Dealing with the communist government, however, is not always easy. SOT: (Baker) "It's difficult to know what permits you need. Corruption is an issue here, better than it was 20 years ago." Thousands of Americans have made their home in Vietnam - but hundreds of thousands come as tourists. Many stay at the Sofitel Metropole in Hanoi - in what was once North Vietnam. They come for the cheap prices, beautiful scenery and the now-distant war with the U.S. Sot: (Anthony Slewka-Armfelt/Sales Dir., Sofitel Metropole) "It's very clear that history makes up a high percentage of people who want to come and discover the country." The Metropole was a wartime landmark- Jane Fonda and Joan Baez both stayed here during their controversial visits. Standup: (Wendy Gillette/Hanoi, Vietnam) "In 2011- construction crews laying the foundation for a new bar here at the hotel uncovered a thick layer of cement they couldn't dig through. They discovered it was a bomb shelter- used by hotel employees and guests during the war." In 2013- Baez returned to the shelter where she had waited out a series of US bombings. But not all Americans want to revisit the past . NATS: "Good morning!" Linda Staunch came from New Bern, North Carolina SOT: (Linda Staunch/American Tourist) "It's really a wonderful country. It is not what we think of it. And I think we need to come and see it for itself to understand that that's what it is today." Vietnam is a country at peace with its past - and welcoming to Americans. Nats horn For many who come - the most difficult part of their visit seems to be --crossing the street. Wendy Gillette, for CBS News, Hanoi, Vietnam.

19} WX


Colder temperatures will return to the area tonight. Lows will fall between 2/-12 by Thursday morning. A storm system will stay to our south on Thursday, but it will be just close enough to give us mostly cloudy skies. There could also be an isolated flurry to the south. Highs on Thursday will only reach 5/15. High pressure will move in on Friday, giving us partly cloudy skies. Highs will remain well below normal. We'll hold on to partly cloudy skies on Saturday. Temps will start to moderate a little bit, eventually making it to around 20. Sunday looks even milder, with highs in the 20s. We'll see increasing clouds through the day. It looks like a frontal system will catch up to us on Sunday night into Monday with some light snow or snow showers. High pressure will briefly return on Tuesday, with more sunshine. Then another frontal system could bring us more snow next Wednesday...but the exact storm track is still not clear.

21} WX_OUT


It's the year of the sheep ... ... And one in particular is getting a lot of attention here in Vermont! Meet Sweet Pea. She has become a social media darling on Facebook. Her owner, John Churchman, is a photographer who started posting photos of her from their greenhouse in Essex.

23} PEA5_SOT

(TC - 00:10:56:00) ((John Churchman/Photographer When you're at a certain angle with her she has this face, it's almost like a teddy bear and it's like the yes are actually looking at you and you feel like you're making contact with her in a way.)) Sweet Pea turns one next month.


We have an update now from that fire in Stowe. Let's go back to my co-anchor Keith McGilvery live for more.


The UVM men's basketball team with a chance to clinch the second seed in the America East playoffs and avenge their first conference loss of the season tonight as the Cats faced New Hampshire at Patrick Gym. It was senior night at Patrick, Vermont honoring it's two senior co-captains, Hector Harold and Ryan Pierson... --- Pick things up in the 2nd half...New Hampshire goes on a 16-5 run to open the 2nd, but this turned the tide for UVM... Drew Urquhart misses but Josh McRoberts throwing down the thunderous put back and that keys a 17-1 Vermont run... And then it turned into the Trae-Bell Haynes show...scooping up the loose ball and going coast to coast for the bucket and the foul...He had a team best and career high 21 points.. Then Haynes finding a back door cutting Dre Wills for the jam, part of his 16 points .. Vermont rolls to a 64-49 win. First place Albany also won tonight, which locks the Cats into the second seed in the America East playoffs, and at least two home games.


(((TRT: BUILD OFF THAT.. 23))) ("Real excited about the win tonight. You know, to clinch 2nd place, have an opportunity to have at least two home games, if we're lucky enough to advance in the quarterfinal and, you know, just a really good college game." "at half time we thought we had the game in the bag, but we didn't. I think Z kind of woke us up. The crowd got right back into it and we were able to build off that.")


High school hoop... girls D-2 semis at the Barre Aud...third seed Mill River and number seven Fair Haven... --- early action from this one...Taylor Worcester drains the corner three for Mill River... --- at the other end, Nicole McCardle feeds Lexi Quenneville who nails the three and gets fouled...the Slaters would lead by six at the break... --- but Ella Mankert and Mill River rally in the second half... and the Minutemen win 33-29 to advance to Saturday's state final.


earlier...a 2-3 matchup in Division Four...the second seed representing Whitcomb and Rochester facing number three Proctor ... --- and the of third quarter...Proctor's Morgan Anderson beats the buzzer from three point range to put the Lady Phantoms up eight ... --- Whitchester trying to chip away...Laura Vaillancourt goes off glass for the long two, pulling the two seed within six... --- but Proctor just has too much on this night ...Mackenzie Hickey in traffic... and Proctor is state final bound with a 34-24 win.


a tripleheader of hockey quarterfinals tonight at Cairns... let's start with a boys D-1 match up of two evenly matched teams, CVU and BFA. --- Second period, CVU's Cam Rivard to Jonny Daggett for the shorthanded goal. 1-0 Redhawks after 2. --- less than 10 minutes to go in regulation, BFA's Matt Boudreau has his pass deflected in front, teammate Connor Boyce puts it home. We're going to overtime tied at 1. --- CVU with a couple of chances midway through the first 10 minute overtime, but just could not find the back of the net. We go to a second overtime. --- About 90 seconds into OT number 2, BFA's Chad Littlefield is able to poke it away. And he is off to the races, breaking in alone and netting the game winner. The Bobwhites advance with a 2-1 double OT win they'll face top seed Essex in the semis on Saturday.


number six Rutland making the trek up Route 7 to face third seed South Burlington ... --- First period, the Rebels Liam Nerber gets the lead pass, he breaks in alone and puts it home. 1-0 South Burlington. --- Later in the period, Raiders on the power play, Kyle McDonald makes the steal but his bid for a shorthanded goal is denied by Dean Abatiell. --- South Burlington then goes on the power play, McDonald finds Nerber who puts home his second goal of the game. South Burlington advances to the semifinals against Colchester after an 8-2 win.


It's another 3-6 quarterfinal matchup in the D-2 girls playoffs...Rice hosting Hartford... --- Harford almost getting the first goal here, Courtney Murray's shot just goes off the crossbar and stays out of the net. --- Rice capitalizes a couple of minutes later, Caroline Provost goes top shelf. It's 1-0 Green Knights after 1. --- Hartford scores 2 in the second to take the lead, but it's all Rice in the third scoring three times. Dana Sartorelli pokes it home to give Rice a 3-2 lead. --- Then Grace Miller's wrist shot finds its way through. Rice advances to the semifinals with a 4-2 win.

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