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Good evening and thank you for joining us. I'm Keith McGilvery. We have new details tonight about a crane accident in Brattleboro. Fire officials tell us two workers were seriously injured at the construction site on Interstate 91 around 4 this afternoon. They say a malfunction with a crane basket at the bridge project led to one person being temporarily trapped under a rebar form. Two others received minor injuries. All four were taken to the hospital.


Senator Bernie Sanders is at the center of a political attack ad that's about to hit the airwaves. Shelburne businessman Skip Vallee purchased TV time to assert that Sanders is a hypocrite on the issue of golden parachutes The minute-long ad shows a clip of Sanders criticizing the country's wealthy and the generous severance packages that many executives receive. The ad then points to the 200-thousand dollar benefits package Sanders' wife Jane received when she left Burlington College.


(:28-:41) ((TV Ad: "That's right. When she left the faltering and cash-strapped Burlington College in 2012, she took a 200-thousand dollar golden parachute with her That's almost four times what the average Vermont household makes in a year." )) Vallee is a former Republican National Committee member and this is not his first run-in with Sanders. Their most recent clashes have been over gasoline prices. In respond to this latest salvo from Vallee, Sanders' office issued a statement saying Sanders " ...will not be intimidated by a millionaire who has crawled into the gutter and bought TV ads attacking Bernie's wife ... " The statement goes on to call Vallee a "junior varsity version of the Koch brothers" who "is dipping into his fortune to bankroll a smear ad campaign."


As Senator Sanders responded to the attack ad -- colleagues on capital hill were taking up ISIS. Tonight the House of Representatives voted to back President Obama's plan to take on the militant group. Craig Boswell reports.


(PKG) (nats of passing) "THE AMENDMENT IS ADOPTED." The House is authorizing President Obama to arm and train Syrian rebels in the battle against ISIS. (SOT: Rep. Stenny Hoyer/(D) Maryland) "A BIPARTISAN ACTION ON BEHALF OF AMERICA, ON BEHALF OF ITS SECURITY, ON BEHALF OF OUR INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS." But there are concerns on both sides of the aisle about what happens next. (SOT: Rep. Ted Poe/(R) Arizona) "WHAT'S A FREE SYRIAN ARMY REBEL TODAY IS AN ISIS MEMBER TOMORROW." President Obama wants Syrian rebels in the fight - because there won't be US boots on the ground. He made the promise again Wednesday speaking to troops at MacDill Air Force. (SOT: President Obama) "AS YOUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF, I WILL NOT COMMIT YOU AND THE REST OF OUR ARMED FORCES TO FIGHTING ANOTHER GROUND WAR IN IRAQ." (STANDUP: Craig Boswell/CBS News/Capitol Hill) For a second day lawmakers are pressing the administration about President Obama's plan - this time questioning Secretary of State John Kerry.. (SOT: John Kerry/Secretary of State) "THE ISSUE THAT CONFRONTS US TODAY IS ONE ON WHICH WE SHOULD ALL AGREE: ISIL MUST BE DEFEATED. PERIOD. END OF STORY." Many lawmakers are expressing strong reservations about arming the Syrian rebels. (SOT: Sen. Joe Manchin/(D) West Virginia) "THIS SHOULD BE AN ARAB GROUND WAR AND A U.S. AIR WAR, BUT I CANNOT AND WILL NOT SUPPORT ARMING OR TRAINING THE SYRIAN OPPOSITION FORCES." Still the Senate is expected to take up the measure later this week - and approve it.


Congressman Peter Welch voted against the President's plan. He talked about why on Youtube. ((Senator Bernie Sanders 1:18 "I don't think practically speaking how 5 to 6 thousand new soldiers with questionable loyalty and limited experience will make a meaningful difference in that battle space.)) Welch also said the plan had no reasonable prospect of success.


A former Vermont teacher is heading to federal prison for 30 years. 49-year-old Brant Nelson was sentenced this week -- for sexually assaulting kids. He was arrested in 20-12 for possession of child pornography -- and then fired from Vermont Academy in Saxtons River. Prosecutors say Nelson was creating child porn -- and sharing it with other pedophiles over the internet. Investigators then found evidence that Nelson had repeatedly had sex with two children under the age of twelve -- and had transported those kids out of state to have sex with another man.

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A cold front is working through with a period of clouds tonight...perhaps a passing shower. As you wake up the clouds will linger. But by later on in the morning we'll see more sun develop. Looking ahead to tomorrow night many areas will see a frost...details on that a bit later.


New in South Burlington a garage that's not filled with autoparts -- but instead 21 craft beers being poured in an old school way. Alex Apple joins us in the studio with the details. Keith, that old school method is pouring beer into larger growlers -- the new "so-called" garage in South Burlington sold over 200 jugs last weekend at its grand opening -- it's the newest trend in the craft beer biz.


(28:55 mos)(("So what's your favorite beer? Lawson's Sunshine IPA. Absolutely out of a garage.")) (28:14 mos)(("My favorite is probably switchback. What about you? Heady Topper all the way man.")) (28:38 mos)(("The Foley Brothers Native Ginger Wheat")) (27:58 mos)(("Heady Topper, for sure.")) In this era of craft beer craze -- everyone has a favorite. (03:39 Liam O'Farrell/Growler Garage Co-Owner)(("I'm kind of on the IPA trend like a lot of others.")) Liam O'Farrell liked beer enough -- he decided to make a business out of it. He and his business partner Brian Stone have come up with a system where beer lovers can take the taste of the tap home with a growler. (09:05 Taylor Delisle/Pouring Expert)(("This is as fresh as can be.")) Growlers are a throwback to the 1800's when bartenders would pour beer in them -- now they're coming back, Growler stores have popped up in Williston, Waterbury and now -- South Burlington. (02:20 Liam O'Farrell)(("We're able to offer draft beers at a very competitive price because we're offering it in a larger volume.")) Sold in 32 or 64 ounces -- Growler Garage works like Costco -- you're favorite craft beer is cheaper in a larger quantity. Sample as many of their 21 beers as you'd like -- pick your favorite -- and watch it pour, ice cold, at 38 degrees. (07:55 Taylor Delisle)(("We're gonna take it to the CO2. You've gotta purge it until you sort of hear the change in noise.")) After the purge, they pour it slow. (09:13 Taylor Delisle)(("Pouring from a growler, just like a fresh pint at the bar...09:54 Tag it on up, its your fresh growler.")) That beer will stay fresh in the fridge for at least a week. (16:50 Liam O'Farrell)(("We want to make sure that when people are taking it home, they're getting a quality draft beer in a growler they're happy with.")) Like Bob Dylan sang -- the times they are a-changing -- Vermonters want their favorite craft beer -- fresh in the store and also fresh out of their fridge. And as the folks in the Growler Garage will tell you -- the growler gives you a taste you can't find in a bottle or a can. (08:58 Taylor Delisle)(("This is going to be a lot fresher than a bottle."))


Buyer beware -- state law says they cannot fill up a growler you have at home -- only one bought there in the store.

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Still ahead -- 12-point-9 million dollars in new high tech plans for one college in our region. And -- Are you a fan of those popular dollar stores? (TC 00:30:06:14 Tile 9983) ((Matt Richardson/Berlin "It's a little bit cheaper than the regular grocery stores.)) Some say yes while others think they're causing problems. (TC 00:02:20:17 ) ((Merrill Chapin/Fighting Dollar General "I feel like my rights are being stepped on.)) Tonight we're looking at the issues. And one Vermont teacher is getting national attention for her work in and outside of the classroom -- and she could soon have a hundred thousand dollar prize to show for it -- we'll explain when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


Big money is on it's way to the North Country. Clinton Community College is getting $12-point-7 million dollars for a new technology center on campus. It's part of a New York statewide grant program for economic development. The new facility will house all current tech programs at Clinton Community -- plus added technology in the future. Officials say the tech center will benefit both students and businesses in the region.


(TC 00:22:24:14 Tile 3602) ((Kristopher Renadette/Asst. Professor Industrial Technology "This is going to be a one stop shop for all the manufacturing companies in the area -- and those to come -- to come to the institute and get all the training they desire." 00:22:35:03)) The new tech center will also allow students from Clarkson and SUNY Plattsburgh to enroll in tech courses at Clinton Community College. Construction is expected to begin next spring.


A fast-growing retail chain is setting up show in a small Vermont town. And while some folks welcome the affordable option others are worried it's not a good fit. Alexei Rubenstein reports.


Hardwick resident Merrill Chapin is concerned about the new neighbor moving in. (TC 00:02:20:17 ) ((Merrill Chapin/Fighting Dollar General "I feel like my rights are being stepped on. I feel like the animals rights are being stepped on. I feel like nature is. )) Dollar General is hoping to put up its latest store on this patch of wooded land on Route 14 -- just outside of Hardwick. Chapin says he has no beef with Dollar Generals, he's just concerned about what the development will means for water quality on his abutting 22 acres -- and in nearby Cooper Brook. (TC 00:01:22:27 Tile 9916)((Merrill Chapin/Fighting Dollar General "The water they're going to capture is coming off parking lots etc. so its not exactly going to be clean water.)) The store has been approved by the town, but an appeal brought by Chapin is underway in environmental court. ((GRFX - map with locations)) Chapin is not alone in his concerns. The chain -- that calls itself "the nation's largest small-box discount retailer" has mushroomed in Vermont -- from only a half a dozen stores a few years ago -- to nearly two dozen today -- and five more in the works. Besides Hardwick, residents in Ferrisburgh, Jericho and Chester have raised concerns about the stores. The Vermont Preservation Trust's Paul Bruhn says In the case of places like Barre and Berlin -- where two stores popped up in the last few months within less than 3 miles of each other -- the chain made the right move -- building or converting structures in or near designated downtowns. But he says in the case of Hardwick and other rural towns, the development often creates the kind of sprawl that flies in the face of Vermont's reputation for thoughtful land use planning. Because the stores are smaller than your typical big boxes, they are often able to fly under the radar of statewide planning. And if there's nothing in the bylaws -- as was the case in Hardwick -- there's not much locals can do. But the stores do have their fans -- shoppers we spoke to in Berlin and Barre were pleased with the openings... (TC 00:20:15:01 Tile 9940) ((Marsha Biler/Barre "The people are friendly and if you cant find anything they're always asking if they can help. An a lot of their food is a lot cheaper than WalMart, so you find good deals in there everyday.)) (TC 00:30:06:14 Tile 9983) ((Matt Richardson/Berlin I live probably about half a mile up the hill so its really local , I can walk right to it -- saves on gas)) Dollar General would not talk to us on air -- but issued the following statement: ((FONT)) "Both in Vermont and across the 40 states Dollar General operates in, we are respectful of community concerns and thoughtful in store design to comply with local building codes in order to be consistent with the charm and character of the towns we serve." Dollar General says they're playing by the rules -- now some are questioning if those rules need to be revised... Alexei Rubenstein - Channel 3 News - Hardwick

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Tonight a weak cold front will drop in from Canada bringing us a period of clouds and perhaps a few showers. Overnight lows will range from 38/48. Thursday morning that front will continue to sag south. As this happens skies will become partly to mostly sunny. Highs will be in the 50s across the north, and 60s to the south. An area of high pressure will crest overhead on Thursday night. With clear skies, light winds, and low humidity temperatures will bottom out in the 20s and 30s; there will be a widespread frost for most of us away from Lake Champlain. Friday looks mostly sunny with temperatures rising to 55/62. Looking ahead, a warm front will pass through the area on Saturday with a couple of showers. Sunday will be breezy and mild, with a period of steadier showers arriving along a cold front through the afternoon and evening. Fall officially begins at 10:29 PM on Monday; it looks like we'll usher in fall with plenty of clouds, a few showers and highs around 60.

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A Vermont teacher is leading a unique approach to education. And it could mean a big pay day for the Vergennes Union High School.


((Kristine Kirkaldy, 00:00:22:00 "the job is never the same, everyday I learn something new from my students and hopefully they learn something from me.)) But the way Kristine Kirkaldy's students are learning at Vergennes Union High School is changing. ((Kristine Kirkaldy, Nellie Mae Foundation Nominee 00:01:02:00 "we want to take the students dreams, their aspirations, their passions or their interests and put that on the forefront so that way the learning becomes a lot more important to them.)) Krikaldy is a spanish teacher by profession -- who's been in the classroom for close to 15 years. Ten -- at Vergennes. ((Joshua Sickles, VUHS Junior 00:11:37:00 "she is fantastic, I think she is one of the best teachers in the school.)) ((Natalie Salley, VUHS Junior 00:22:59:00 She is definitely outgoing and she is really up and peppy.)) now she splits her time -- becoming a driving force in her district for creating and implementing portfolio-based student assessments. ((Joshua Sickles, VUHS Junior 00:11:37:00 "I have kept work since my freshman year, since I have been here, work that I think has shown that I have had growth.// She is very lenient on putting work in, she really wants us to show as much work as we can for the most evidence we can.)) The effort has students combining traditional class work, with individualized projects, community service and internships to demonstrate what they know in order to graduate. ((Stephanie Taylor, VUHS Principal 00:29:22:00 "someone had to have the vision and Christine had that vision.)) Now she's gaining national attention for her efforts. She is one of six finalists from across the country for a 100-thousand dollar prize from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation for innovation in education and student-based learning. ((Stephanie Taylor, VUHS Principal 00:29:25:00 "it was Christine that really put herself out there and took the risk in convincing her colleagues and the community that this is the way we need to be doing education.)) If she wins, the money would go toward her efforts at the high school and would also allow staff to share what's working with other communities. Principal Stephanie Taylor praises Kirkaldy's vision and says a teacher exclusively lecturing from the front of the class is a model that will not work for today's students. ((Stephanie Taylor, VUHS Principal 00:28:13:00 "that type of learning, that model worked for a world that looks very different from the world that our students will graduate into. We need to make sure that they have a set of skills that will allow them to be flexible, life-long learners.)) Kirkaldy stresses it's been a team effort in Vergennes and that a win for her and her school would also be a win for the Green Mountain State. ((Kristine Kirkaldy, Nellie Mae Foundation Nominee 00:04:09:00 "this would be a win for Vermont as well because our state has really taken to heart the idea of student-centered, proficiency based and personal learning.))


The grant will be decided by an online vote -- and you can vote for Kirkaldy by using the link in the info center on WCAX dot com. Voting ends September 30th at noon.


One of the 37 players on the Rutland High School freshmen football team is not like the others. Abby Hawkins says she's happy to be the only girl on the Rutland Raiders. The 5'3" 114 pound wide receiver and cornerback says she's wanted to do this for awhile, but it took some convincing to get her parents to allow her to join the team. Her teammates say besides changing in a different locker room, she's just like them.


((Jared Migliore/quarterback and middle line backer 20:16:33:05 You don't really, like even notice it that much. I mean, she can do, girls can do basically whatever guys can do as long as they put their mind to it. :38)) ((Abby Hawkins/wide receiver and cornerback 20:09:56:02 I actually prefer them see me as the weak link, and so I can prove myself. 20:10:00:07)) Hawkins says she's just focused on this season, but she as well as her coaches and teachers hope that her story will inspire other girls to try out in the future.


As we hit the middle section of the Vermont high school fall calendar, this is the time of year where teams decide what kind of finish they'd like to have,,, Let's start in South Burlington... Solid D1 boys soccer showdown as the 3-0 Rebels hosted 2-1 Essex... --- First half, solid goaltending on display ... Hornets keeper Caleb Guziak knocks away the corner kick ... Then its SBHS goalie Kyle McDonald snaring this rocket... Scoreless game into the break... --- Second half, Rebels get on the board... Off the PK, Aiman Ginawi gets his shot stopped but Dinesh Khadka there on the rebound... 1-0 SBHS.. --- A few minutes later, Hornets sting back... Liam Donahue passes to hunter Stewart who finds the back of the net.. We're tied at 1 ... --- 10 minutes tick away and then this... Kids always follow your shot... Hamza Halilovic (HAL-IL-OVICH) pinballs this strike in... Essex getting a big road win... 2-1 over South Burlington.


Earlier this afternoon... Non-division matchup ... Burlington boys visiting Rice... --- Good second half to this match, tied at 1 ... When the Seahorses break through... Tumba Felekini with the solid strike to the near side... 2-1 BHS ... --- The Green Knights answer back on the corner... The ball knocked around the box, lands on the foot of Eric Morin who sends it home... We're tied at 2... --- Fast forward, under 4 to play.. Rice's Hussein Hussein with the cross to Nate Cary who finishes with a brilliant header... That's the game-winner as the Green Knights rally to down Burlington, 3-2.


After winning their first two games to start red hot, the UVM women's soccer team has hit a cold stretch dropped four straight, all at on the road... This afternoon, the Cats trying to get it going at Virtue Field as they hosted Siena ... --- Second half, UVM trailing 1-0 when Taylor Palmer hits freshman Sarah Martin who finishes on the tight angle shot... Now a 1-1 game... --- Vermont with several chances to go ahead from there... Off the corner, Sierra Rhodes nearly puts the header in... --- Then on the long pass, Riley Osgood nearly finishing on the break... But Saints keeper Taylor Booth, with big save after big save... Vermont and Siena play to a 1-1 double ot draw... UVM back in action Sunday when they host Dartmouth.


Three weeks into the high school football season... Two things are clear... Middlebury is the team to beat in Division I ... Rice the best thus far in Division 2... As for Division 3? Well that's all up in the air now thanks to an impressive showing by U-32 Friday night ... The Raiders going on the road to Woodstock... And dealing the Wasps a 24-7 loss... Their first defeat in 33 games, snapping the longest active streak in Vermont... U-32 gave up an early touchdown but nothing else scoring the final 24 points in the game ... Whether it was on offense, defense or special teams, it just seemed like they had an answer for everything... Sweet revenge for a team that's taken some tough shots from Woodstock over the years.


(((TRT: 32 OC: WE DID ... "it felt fantastic, someone had to take it to them sometime... After last year losing 35-0 we had a lot of enthusiasm and we were pumped for that game ... It felt great, it was a culmination of the work we put into practice, we knew what we were doing... We just wanted to go in there, play U-32 football and come out with the win. We did.")))

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