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Tonight a first look at the agreement that brought Burlington students back to school. Good evening, I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Eva McKend. Late today the school board and teachers union both signed off on a new two-year teachers contract. Priscilla Liguori is live at Edmonds Elementary where it became official. Priscilla? School leaders walked out of here smiling tonight. The board unanimously approved the deal and 96-percent of the city's teachers gave it a thumbs up.


((Fran Brock, Burlington Education Association 4973 9:59-10:01 "We're just all back to teaching.")) And it's going to stay that way. The Burlington School Board and teacher's union both gave the green light to a two-year contract. It comes after classes were cancelled for four days because teachers were on strike. There were ten months of failed negotiations before that. Both sides say it was a compromise. ((Fran Brock, Burlington Education Association 4973 5:24-26 "Neither side got everything that it wanted.")) ((Mark Porter 4327 40:47-57 "It's not a who gave the most. It's not that at all. It's what does it come down to...Is it sustainable and does it achieve all those objectives that both teams had.")) Part of the agreement is improving communication between the board and union about issues affecting students. ((Stephanie Seguino, Burlington School Board 4321 34:03-13 "That actually is a component of the settlement itself, that the parties jointly agreed to investigative trust-building procedures to move on in a constructive way.")) The contract gives teachers a 2.5 percent salary increase the first year, and a 2.75 increase the second -- a boost from the imposed terms before the strike. ((FONT) Burlington Teachers Salary New Teachers contract YR 1 2.5% raise YR 2 2.75% raise Imposed Terms before strike YR 1 2.4% raise YR 2 2.5% raise)) The board says the new deal will also lower teacher health insurance costs. The district will pick up 81 percent of the premium split year 1 and 80 percent year two. ((FONT Teacher Health Insurance Premiums YR 1 District pays 81% YR 2 District pays 80%)) The out of pocket limit is a max of 800 dollars. ((FONT Out of Pocket Limits $400 Single person $800 2 people/family coverage)) Elementary school working conditions also had the two sides at odds.. This deal limits lunch, recess, and door duties to three times a week. Teachers argued they needed the time to plan for their students. ((Fran Brock, Burlington Education Association 4973 7:38-49 "If we can get to some of the issues at the elementary school, that actually save the city money when kids move into the middle and high school, that we won't need so much remedial help.")) A committee will be formed to tackle the achievement gap and reduce the high school dropout rate. ((Yaw Obeng, Burlington Superintendent 4325 38:07-19 "Able to capture some additional time throughout the day and also establish a working committee with teachers and administrators to look at interventions and mediations that would support gaps for student learning.")) ((Fran Brock, Burlington Education Association 4973 2:47-2:54 "I know the teachers strike was stressful and all were anxious, but sometimes it takes a radical action to move us all forward."))


We asked how this agreement will affect Burlington taxpayers - the district says it doesn't know yet.


Burlington teachers told us it was business as usual in the classroom today. We caught up with students after their first day back from the strike. Some say they missed school, and others enjoyed the time off.


((Rowan Clarke, student 14:37-45 "I'd rather be at home. Reporter "What about you?" Elliot Laramee, student "I like school. It's fun. I get to see my friends.")) (((Anyier Manyok/Student 8064 12:16:43--12:16:49 "We missed a lot of stuff. We were kind of just getting into the groove of school, and then we had this big strike.")) The superintendent says he doesn't yet know whether the students will have to make up the days they missed.

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Negotiations may be over in Burlington but the contract dispute with teachers continues in South Burlington. The school board and teachers are picking a mediator and setting a date for discussions. The board chair says that may be next week. It comes after the board imposed working conditions three weeks ago, and the union pushed back saying it wouldn't accept them. The union's spokesperson says he's optimistic about this next step, and is hopeful there will not be a strike.


((Noah Everitt, South Burlington Educators Association 4310 25:38-47 "We're still looking to bargain in good faith with the school board and I definitely presume that they are as well so, that is the hope. I don't think anybody wants to see a work stoppage here in South Burlington.")) School Board Chair Elizabeth Fitzgerald tells us the board is entering the talks with a positive attitude -- and is willing to reach an agreement. The contracts affect about 240 teachers.


Highs today: In the 70s. Rad/sat: Few thin clouds over us, associated with Jose. Forecast: Sunny and warm tomorrow. Full WX Coming up.


Channel 3 viewers continue to reach out to us -- frustrated concert goers -- looking for refunds to Shrinedom 2017. We asked Investigative reporter -- Jennifer Costa -- to go looking for answers.


The stage was set. The bands were there. ((NATS -- concert)) Kingdom Cares and Crossova Concepts was supposed to put on the charity concert to benefit the Shriners last Saturday in Irasburg. But the headliners, like Vince Neil of Motley Crew and Slaughter -- never got to the stage -- and a local band was told to stop mid set. We've been trying to get you answers about what went wrong for days. Today we heard from a Vermonter who called the whole ordeal a fiasco. She got this email from Brown Paper Tickets -- a third party vendor -- who appears to be getting the brunt of refund requests. According to the email -- the company tells customers -- ticket sales were processed through PayPal -- and it does not have access to the money. The company claims it's made several unsuccessful attempts to get answers from Kingdom Cares. The ticket vendor is now encouraging its customers to contact Kingdom Cares directly or submit a buyer dispute to PayPal or your credit card company. After repeated calls to Adam Johnson, spokesperson for Kingdom Cares -- he sent a brief joint statement with the Shriners saying they're working on a resolution. He did not answers our questions about how much money was raised? Who got paid? And where the money is now. Mark Clay -- the contracted booking agent -- tells us he never had access to any money. He claims Kingdom Cares was the concert promoter who held the purse strings. Clay's job was to book and promote the artists. Clay tells us he and the artists have not been paid. JC CH 3 News.


A man -- convicted -- earlier today for sexually assaulting a teen girl in the Kingdom. 24-year-old Jeremy Fischer, who has ties to Barre and St. Johnsbury, was found guilty by a jury. The assault happened in St. J in October 20-15. The victim was 15. The jury deliberated for just over one and a half hours before reaching a guilty verdict. Fischer will be sentenced at a later date.


New at 11 -- state police want to know who's been stealing medical marijuana plants. For three straight days they tell us someone has been breaking into the Vermont Patients Alliance in Moretown and swiping the plants. The facility is associated with the state's marijuana registry dispensary. There are five licensed dispensaries across the state.


A new scam to tell you about tonight -- this one involving people impersonating the I-R-S. ((NATS threatening arrest and property surveillance)) That's part of the call that Burlington resident Stefanie Waite (Wait) got recently -- threatening her with arrest. The Burlington mom immediately ID'ed it as a scam -- and didn't respond. But that's not what some Vermonters do. The state's Consumer Assistance Program tells us there's a reason scammers keep making these calls. It's because they work.


((SOT Lauren Jandl, Consumer Assistance Program 000949 It could be that someone gets a message threatening them saying that they owe money to the IRS and they might think 'Well, I'll just pay the money now and sort it out later or appeal this decision later'. But as soon as you send the scammers money, that money is gone 001006)) If you get one of these calls -- ignore it -- and do NOT call the number back. If you want to contact the IRS -- do it at a number you know is theirs.

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Still ahead -- hurricanes and earthquakes. (SOT: Dr. Paola Vidal / Searcher/ REUTERS) We've taken out a lot (of kids). There's about 20 kids that we still don't know how they are, if they're even alive.)) From Mexico to Puerto Rico -- we are tracking the devastation Mother Nature leaves behind. Plus -- he won't toe the party line. Governor Phil Scott says NO to the latest effort to take down Obamacare. And having a tough time getting some precious little sleep...some help is on the way...when the channel 3 news at 11 returns...


The search for survivors continues in Mexico following the deadliest earthquake to hit the country in 30 years. More than 50 people have been pulled from the rubble alive but at least 230 people died. Chris Martinez reports.


-nats- Rescue teams in Mexico City pulled an elderly man from his demolished apartment building alive... -nats-9/20/2017 6:54:10 PM (people huddled together) (AZTECA) As crews at an elementary school that partially collapsed during the powerful quake...raced against the clock to find students and adults: (SOT: Dr. Paola Vidal / Searcher/ REUTERS) We've taken out a lot (of kids). There's about 20 kids that we still don't know how they are, if they're even alive. -nats-Silenco Searchers repeatedly raised their arms throughout the day pleading for silence ...hoping to hear the cries of anyone trapped inside. -Nats.of kid rescues- They managed to pull a little boy and girl to safety earlier in the day. (BBC) But least 21 students and four teachers died. -nats/sot-(Reuters) This young student says he escaped by crawling over a wall after the main exit became blocked by falling concrete. (STANDUP: Chris Martinez/ CBS News/ Mexico City) More than 40 buildings here in Mexico City have been reduced to rubble. Ordinary citizens have been joining the delicate mission to find survivors: Volunteer Alex Osorio, a banker, was among those who helped free four people from this damaged office building: (SOT Alex Osorio/ Volunteer) They were making noise with metal//so that the volunteers, the rescue could hear that noise (APTN) Gas leaks are permeating the air... and the rubble in affected towns is unstable. Many have been removing bricks by hand to avoid collapsing additional debris. -nats-music (APTN) Outside Mexico City... people in the other devastated areas have already begun burying the dead. (REUTERS) Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has declared three days of national mourning to honor those lost. Chris Martinez CBS News Mexico City.


Hurricane Maria has pummeled Puerto Rico. The category four storm made landfall this morning with winds of 155 miles per hour. Puerto Rico's governor is telling residents to stay calm, even as the storm is called one of the strongest to ever hit the Island. About 7,000 people in Puerto Rico are currently in shelters. Maria is also blamed for seven deaths on the Caribbean Island of Dominica and two in Guadeloupe.


Vermont Gov. Phil Scott wants senate leaders to reject the latest Republican bill to dismantle Obamacare. In a letter Tuesday, 10 governors urged top Republican Mitch McConnell and top Democrat Chuck Schumer "not to consider" a compromise crafted by Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy, but rather to support a bipartisan solution. President Trump and Republican Senate leaders are scrambling to secure the votes they need to pass the bill.

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A Vermont woman says parents can avoid the exhaustion many associate with new parenthood She says sleep is possible and new parents do not have to suffer for years. In Alexis ((doo-b-f)) Dubief's new book -- Precious Little Sleep -- she writes the number one essential element is that your child has to fall asleep without you. Here is her advice on how to avoid a punishing lifestyle.


((50:10 One would be to Foster independence leave by 4 to 6 months to not be bouncing and nursing to sleep past that point. Two would be to really stick to a consistent bedtime and I know sometimes it's a bummer with life happening but consistency is your friend. And number three is to embrace rice naps. Naps are your friend. Most kids are napping until they are 3 to 5 years old. Coming home for naptime every day can be hard to do but it's really going to pay off in the long run. 50:41)) ((doo-b-f)) Dubief has a Facebook group that has racked up more than 34-thousand members and even counsels parents one-on-one. For the full interview with the Essex author -- just visit our website.



Jet stream: that's because there's a big ridge over us. Headlines: Staying warm and sunny. Possible showers by Tuesday. Temps: Comfy out. Rad/sat: Some high clouds out there, as Jose spins south of us. RPM: Partly cloudy overnight. Then we're over to sun tomorrow, with highs near 80. We do it again on Friday. Inside The Forecast: Tonight: Partly cloudy. Patchy fog. Lows: 52/62 Wind: N 5 mph Thursday: Mostly sunny. Less humid. Highs: 75/82 Wind: N 5-15 mph Thursday night: Mostly clear. Patchy fog. Locally cooler. Lows: 45/55 Wind: Light Friday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 73/80 Wind: N 5-15 mph Extended Forecast: Friday night: Mostly clear. Lows: 43/53 Saturday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 78/85 Lows: 55/65 Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 80s Lows: 58/68 Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 80s Lows: 55/65 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance showers. Highs: 75/85 Lows: 52/62 Wednesday: Partly sunny. Chance showers Highs: 72/82


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Transitioning to life in the U-S is difficult for many new Americans... especially with finances. Today -- there was an event in Winooski -- designed to make it a bit easier. The Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity held its second annual "Financial Wellness Day". Along with plenty of toys and treats to keep the kids occupied -- the adults could learn what resources are available to them. Organizers tell us -- language is one of the biggest barriers... but also different cultures.


((SOT Asma Abunaib, Organizer 002029 The need and the challenge can start from we don't know how to have a bank account and in that -- how to have a perfect credit score 39)) She says, there are translators available to help -- and that's one thing they wanted guests today to realize. More than 20 community partners showed up -- to walk people through things like how to check a credit score -- apply for a job -- or get legal advice.


Channel 3 morning anchor Melissa Sheketoff got in on the fun too -- she was serving up scoops of ice cream and hanging out with Champ.



If everything bounces Boston's way ...and it certainly has been of late. The Red Sox could wake up tomorrow secured of a return to the postseason for the second year in a row. Winners of ten of their last 13, including the last two night's in Baltimore in extra innings, of the Sox could win again tonight at Camden Yards, and see the Angels fall at home to Cleveland out on the west coast, Boston would secure a playoff birth. But, of course, the Sox have much bigger plans than to just make the they looked to complete a three game sweep of the Orioles tonight in Baltimore ...and this game, like so many he has started this season, was all about Chris Sale. The Sox ace threw eight shutout innings and fanned 13...the last of which to end the eighth inning, was his 300th strikeout of the season. He's the first America League pitcher to ring up 300 strikeouts since Pedro Martinez did it for Boston back in 1999, and just the 14th pitcher since 1920. Mookie Betts and Devin Marrero homer in a four run fourth and that was plenty as Boston went on to a 9-0 win. Their magic number to win the A-L East is now down to eight.


I said the Yanks beat the Twins last night ...the two teams back at it again this afternoon in the Bronx. Aaron Judge hit his AL-leading 45th home run and topped 100 RBIs in his amazing rookie season ...Didi Gregorius hit his 25th long ball to surpass Derek Jeter for the most home runs in a season by a Yankees shortstop and New York beat the Minnesota Twins 11-3 to complete a three game sweep of the team they could face in the American League Wild Card game. The Yankees, who have now won 10 of 12, cut a half game into Boston's three game A-L East lead and opened a seven-game advantage over the Twins for the top AL wild card with 10 games remaining. --- The game was briefly halted in the fifth inning after a scary moment when a foul ball down the third-base line off the bat of Todd Frazier struck a young girl in the face. The girl, reportedly a toddler who was attending the game with her grandparents, was carried out of the stands and taken to a hospital. The protective netting at Yankee Stadium ends at the home plate side of each dugout, and the team said in July it is "seriously exploring" extending the netting for 2018.


Three key players on the practice field for the New England Patriots today. Linebacker Dont'a Hightower practiced for the first time since injuring his right knee in the Pats' opening night loss to Kansas City. Wide receiver Danny Amendola was back after suffering a concussion against the Chiefs...and tight end Rob Gronkowski, who was knocked out of Sunday's victory over New Orleans with a groin injury, was also present for the start of practice. The Patriots host Houston Sunday. These teams practiced against each other and played this preseason and New England beat the Texans 34-16 in the playoffs last season. But Tom Brady is never one to take a team lightly, especially one led by former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien.


((TRT: 28 ... OC: MORE THAN THEM))


Last fall, Burlington beat Essex 1-0 to win the Division One boys soccer state title. It was the first state title for the Seahorses since 2008. That game was played on Burlington's home turf at Buck Hard Field. This afternoon, the two teams met on that same pitch for the first time this season. The Horses and Hornets each entering today with just one loss so far this season, both of them at the hands of CVU... --- Early in the 1st Half, the Seahorses with a chance. Bienfait Badibanga (bee-en-FAY bod-a-BONG-a) with the strike...but he's denied by Gordon Schmalz. This one scoreless at the half. --- 2nd Half, Burlington with another good look ...but Schmalz reins in the Heritier Badibanga (HAIR-a-tee-air bod-a-BONG-a) shot to keep this one nil-nil ... --- Finally in the 57th minute, the Horses break through...and it's the Badibangas! Bienfait (bee-en-FAY) with the chip, Heritier (HAIR-a-tee-air) finishes with the header. Burlington goes up 1-0. --- 78th minute, Seahorses with the insurance goal...Bienfait (bee-en-FAY) sets up Heritier (HAIR-a-tee-air) on the door-step... A big day for the Badibangas, as Burlington picks up the 2-nil win...

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