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Good evening and thank you for joining us. I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Shelby Cashman. We begin tonight with a developing story out of Springfield. An apartment building in town is on fire. Fire officials say they responded to the 3-alarm blaze 28 Myrtle Street around 9-30 tonight. Neighbors estimate there are three or four units in the building. Right now first responders can't say if there have been any injuries. Firefighters expect to be on scene overnight. We will have the very latest on the situation on the Channel 3 Morning news starting at 5am.

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A fire at a Shelburne day care--did some damage. Around 7 thirty this evening--firefighters responded to reports of a fire at Heartworks preschool--at the Shelburne Commons complex. They say an outside section of the building was fully engulfed in flames--but that the fire did not spread inside. No one was inside.


A Colchester detective allegedly stole drugs from an evidence vault and now the department is making major changes. Alex Apple took a tour with the chief.


((Nov. 11 Kinney PKG: Jen Morrison -- "Today is the darkest day in the history of the Colchester Police Department.")) That was Colchester Police Chief Jen Morrison's depiction of the arrest of Detective Tyler Kinney for drug and gun related charges. (03:32 Jen Morrison)(("There will never again be one person with the keys to the kingdom.")) Kinney was in charge of the department's evidence vault and is accused of stealing drugs and firearms. (05:02 Detective Jen Morrison)(("We did not access our evidence area until the FBI and Vermont State Police told us we could have access again.")) ((GFX)) Investigators discovered 12-thousand dollars cash, 9 guns and more than 80 drug cases have evidence missing - or altered. Wednesday Morrison outlined a host of policy changes -- aimed at protecting the evidence vault moving forward. (59 Jen Morrison)(("We made a significant policy overhaul so our general order related to how we handle property and evidence items.")) Those changes include -- new cameras -- a barcode system keeping inventory -- and double locking all doors -- requiring keys from two separate detectives. (10:05 Jen Morrison)(("Detective Schaeffer has to use dual-authenicies -- the hardware and a code to get into the room. And then one of the changes that I was telling you that we made was with critical evidence, items of guns, drugs or money -- you'll see that sign everywhere that says lockers 1-12.")) Lockers 1-12 will hold the critical evidence -- similar to the items police say were missing. Other items stay locked once their logged. (09:05 Jen Morrison)(("As soon as you close that, it changes to locked and you can't access it now.")) Blocked by this temporary evidence -- is the larger evidence vault from which allegedly stole. It's still not up and running. (13:21 Jen Morrison)(("Anything from November 10th forward, we have a temporary system set up, but as you can see there is a door back there and there is a large large room that's our evidence vault. We are not using that room until we're ready to inventory once the bar code system is on line.")) Alex Apple -- channel 3 news -- Colchester.


A woman has been promoted to the rank of Captain of the Vermont State Police--for the first time. Ingrid Jonas has been with the state police since 1998. She most recently served as the Lieutenant overseeing the Internal Affairs Unit. With her promotion -- Capt. Jonas will be Commander of the Staff Operations section -- overseeing Internal Affairs - Professional Standards -- and Recruiting and Training. She also becomes a member of the senior command staff for the state police.


A naked dead body was discovered in Plattsburgh today. Police say the individual was found on the front lawn of a home on Ball Street. Authorities would not identify the person or whether it was a man or a woman -- or provide details on the possible cause of death.


St. Albans police are looking for a bank robber. Investigator say a white male hit up the People's United Bank on North Main Street this afternoon. The suspect is described as about 6-3 wearing a black jacket and mask. Authorities say he took off on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. The police chief says it's at least the third time in three years some has robbed the bank.


New York state police say they nabbed three burglars who stole from a safe--at a home in Mooers. Monday--police arrested 23 year old Brett Lushia--and 22 year old Jennifer Dumas. Today--police arrested 21 year old Cody Cook. They're all charged with burglary.

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Tonight will be quiet, but not as cold. Overnight lows will range from around zero in the northern, sheltered valleys, to the lower teens south. Skies will average partly sunny on Thursday. It will be pretty comfortable with highs around 30. On Friday we'll start out with some sunshine. However, a clipper system to our north will cause increasing clouds through the day. Northern spots could even see a late day flurry. More details on the extended forecast coming up.


Vermonters could see less state money funneled into fuel assistance. Governor Shumlin's proposed budget cuts the state contribution to LIHEAP from 6-million dollars to 5-million. Meanwhile estimates suggest about 18-point-7 million dollars in federal dollars could be headed to the state to help Vermonters heat their homes this winter.


(TC 00:11:19:16 Tile 7012) ((Gerard Gaboriau/Milton "I don't know what I'd do without it, I would be in debt over my head." 00:11:26:01)) Experts say there is good news on the fuel front. They say fuel prices have not been as low as they are now since 2009.


In eight days, Vermont's Catholics will meet their new leader. Today Alex Apple sat down for an exclusive interview with Burlington's new bishop. Alex? Shelby -- The new bishop at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington says he ready to start a reboot -- ready to commit the church to openness and acceptance -- but as we found out today, Bishop Christopher Coyne's life in the church has been anything but ordinary.


Christopher Coyne grew up in Massachusetts -- one of seven kids -- a die-hard Patriots fan -- an avid skier. (32:11 Bishop Chris Coyne)(("I'm hoping to get my ski legs back underneath me.")) Coyne went to seminary after growing up as a devout Catholic. (19:32 Chris Coyne)(("One of them said you're never going to know until you give it a shot.... 19:45 I just fell in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and the church.")) And on January 29th -- he'll become the 10th bishop of Burlington. (21:11 Chris Coyne)(("My aim right now is to open the church doors and then go out to engage with people to converse with people to welcome people.")) Very little of Coyne's church career has been ordinary -- while a Priest in Boston -- he was the spokesperson for Cardinal Law -- who presided over the worst sexual abuse scandal in the church's history. (26:12 Bishop Chris Coyne)(("It strengthened my faith in that a good prayer life was really important at that time.")) Since that admittedly challenging time -- Bishop Coyne has built a social media profile that's earned him the nickname the "blogging bishop." A communication strategy he plans to bring to the Queen City... (30:09 Bishop Chris Coyne)(("We have to start doing it. That's how most conversation is taking place now through the digital media. If you really want to be communicating with people, you need to go there.")) Coyne says he takes a note from Pope Francis -- defining the church by what it's for -- not what it's against. (23:14 Chris Coyne)(('Being now defined by what we're for. We're for the poor, for the needy for the marginalized.")) He's drawn praise as a forward-thinking bishop -- a budding star within the faith. Yet he's perfectly willing to say that he's no different than any other Vermonter. (23:48 Coyne)(("Each of us is a sinner, a broken person, we all have baggage.")) (31:31 Coyne)(("I was as surprised as anyone else when I got the call to become a bishop, and I was even more surprised when I was told it was in Indianapolis.")) Coyne says he's thankful for the blessings he found in Indianapolis -- but he's ready to take the skiis back out of the closet.


Bishop Coyne replaces Salvatore Matano at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. He'll be installed January 29th at 2 pm at the Cathedral of the Immacuate Conception in the Queen City.

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A pooch predicament ((00:02:29 Sen. John Rodgers/ D-Essex/Orleans County "The Beagle" )) ((00:03:45 Sen. Joe Benning/R-Caledonia County "I'm an old mutt man myself.)) ((00:00:47 Sen. John Campbell/Senate President "I kind of like boxers.)) is the beagle in line to become Vermont's official state dog? Re-writing Vermont's laws on child protection. (01:38:13:00) (( Sen. Dick Sears - D-Bennington County the goal is to protect our kids and we have to do the best we can to do that )) details on the fast-tracked bill-in-progress next. And how secure is your password? Internet safety hints when the channel 3 news returns.

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Vermont lawmakers received feedback today on the bill aimed at better protecting the children. The measure follows the deaths of two toddlers last year -- who social workers left with parents despite the presence of significant red flags. Democratic State Senator Dick Sears is pushing to get the bill through both legislative chambers and onto the governor's desk for his signature in March. Some voiced concern about elements of the legislation - and that criticism surprised Sears given discussions of what should be in the bill began last summer.


(01:38:05:00) ((Sen. Dick Sears - D-Bennington County that took me back a little bit, we can certainly work with anyone to try to improve the bill, btu the goal is to protect our kids and we have to do the best we can to do that)) The chief administrative judge of the Vermont Superior Courts told lawmakers the proposal might give judges too much discretion as to what's in the best interest of a child. Spokespeople for social workers tasked with evaluating a child's well-being said some of the changes under consideration may be counter-productive.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed big changes to education spending during his state of the state address. Cuomo wants to pump 1-point-1 billion more into an ed-reform package that includes reforming the teacher evaluation system and raising the cap on charter schools.


((Gov. Andrew Cuomo/D-New York: I propose a 4.8% increase in budget. A $1.1 billion investment in education because it will be the right education system.)) The Board of Regents had recommended a $2 billion increase in state aid for 2015-16.


A massive fire tonight at an apartment complex in New Jersey. Take a look at this -- huge flames lighting up the sky in Edgewater. Fire crews from surrounding towns joined in the effort to pour water onto the flames as parts of the building collapsed. Authorities say everyone in the building was able to get out safely. So far there is no word what caused the fire.


Ben and Jerry's co-founder is weighing in on the "hands up don't shoot" movement. The activities have been gaining popularity across the country in the wake of the police involved shootings. And Ben Cohen is joining in too -- and has even gone as far as encouraging Ben and Jerry's franchises to sell "hands up don't shoot" shirts. The company has responded -- by saying "quote" While the campaign is not being conducted by Ben & Jerry's, we support our cofounder's as individuals and our independent shops to express their values and be activists in their community.


Having strong passwords for your online accounts can keep you from getting hacked. But it turns out a lot of people are ignoring that advice. Kris Van Cleave reports.


SONY PICTURES --HOME DEPOT -- TARGET - THEY'VE ALL HAVE BEEN HIT BY HACKERS...BUT ACCORDING TO A NEW STUDY, MANY AMERICANS AREN'T GETTING THE MESSAGE AND ARE STILL USING WEAK PASSWORDS. ((SOT)) i'm not that confident, kvc: you aren't that confident? I'm not that confident. the hackers will get me regardless, so i'll do my best. (gfx-shows top five) SLASHDATA FOUND THE MOST COMMON PASSWORD PEOPLE USE IS 1-2-3-4-5-6 COMING IN AT NUMBER TWO--THE WORD PASSWORD. AT NUMBER FIVE QWERTY - WHICH IS THE FIRST 6 LETTERS OF THE TOP ROW OF YOUR KEYBOARD. (nats of typing -with pix of baseball, football and dragon over) OTHER BAD PASSWORDS IN THE TOP TEN - BASEBALL, FOOTBALL AND DRAGON. ((SOT Maria Shum)) kvc: these are the 10 worst passwords maria--no i'm not that bad, that's just crazy, that's really giving it away. That's bad. EXPERTS SUGGEST USING PASSWORDS OF AT LEAST 8 CHARACTERS THAT INCLUDE NUMBERS, LETTERS AND CHARACTERS ...AND AVOID REUSING THE SAME PASSWORD ON MULTIPLE WEBSITES ((SOT--EXPERT)) "tbd - it's important to change your passwords every ?" BUT SUSAN BRADSHAW SAYS IT'S HARD TO KEEP TRACK OF ALL THOSE PASSWORDS. ((SOT SUSAN BRADSHAW)) "I try to keep it so its things that are connected to me so therefore its easier to remember." BOTTOM LINE - EXPERTS SAY PICKING A PASSWORD SHOULD NOT BE AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3. KRIS VAN CLEAVE NEWS, NY.

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Tonight will be quiet, but not as cold. Overnight lows will range from around zero in the northern, sheltered valleys, to the lower teens south. Skies will average partly sunny on Thursday. It will be pretty comfortable with highs around 30. On Friday we'll start out with some sunshine. However, a clipper system to our north will cause increasing clouds through the day. Northern spots could even see a late day flurry. The forecast gets tricky on Saturday. Right now it looks northern areas could get clipped by a few snow showers with that clipper. More importantly, a coastal storm will be developing. At this point it looks just a little too far south to have an impact on us. However, if the storm tracks just a bit further north, rain and snow would develop, then change over to a period of snow on Saturday night; but at this point that is NOT looking likely. We'll keep an eye on it. Sunday will turn blustery and colder under partly cloudy skies. Chilly temperatures and partly cloudy skies will persist into early next week.

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Lawmakers are back at work -- tackling issues from the budget to animals. One topic up for debate -- involves man's best friend. Alexei Rubenstein reports.


Vermont lawmakers face some daunting issues this session -- education finance reform, reducing Health Care costs, and finding over 100 million in budget savings, but Senator John Rodgers is adding some levity to this session's laundry list -- a bill highlighting a four-legged friend. ((00:02:29 Sen. John Rodgers/ D-Essex/Orleans County "The Beagle" )) That's right -- the beagle. The Democrat's bill would make the breed the official state dog. He blames the idea on some Northeast Kingdom neighbors. ((00:02:39 Sen. John Rodgers/ D-Essex/Orleans County "I told these folks that as soon as you introduce one breed I was sure that all the dog lovers would be advocating for their breed as well. AR: And you don't even have a beagle. I don't have a beagle. I have a black lab. AR: So your kind of sticking your neck out here. John: I really am sticking my neck out.)) Although he received a petition with more than 200 signatures, the measure may take some serious arm-twisting at the statehouse. ((00:03:45 Sen. Joe Benning/R-Caledonia County "I'm an old mutt man myself but I suspect that the chocolate lab folks are going to be coming in the door pretty soon)) ((00:02:02 Sen. Dick Mazza/D-Grand Isle County Andy: So, no dog and pony show here. Mazza: No dog and pony show -- great idea.)) ((00:00:47 Sen. John Campbell/Senate President "I kind of like boxers -- that's what I had. But Beagles are fine, but this year I think they can stay out on their dog house.)) Support from dog owners outside the golden dome is just as hard to come by -- even Allison Panzer-- whose dog Bart, is part beagle. ((00:09:59 Alison Panzer/Montpelier "Their brain is for running and going and hunting and they're not a herding dog, so I suppose if Vermont wants to chose a hunting dog. They're not a retriever. I don't know)) ((00:12:06 Barbara Stewart/Montpelier "Well if you wanted to choose a golden doodle, like my dog. But, there are a lots of great dogs. I think they're a lot of mixed breeds.)) Some harsh realities for beagle supporters to chew on as the session moves forward .. Alexei Rubenstein -- Channel 3 News - Montpelier


The UVM men's basketball team takes its five game wining streak on the road tomorrow night at UNH. There are two teams in America East that are currently riding 5 game win streaks and are both 5-0 in conference play, the Cats and Albany. Those two teams will meet at Patrick Gym a week from tonight. However, before that game, Vermont has to travel to Durham tomorrow and Umass Lowell Saturday. The key for the Cats will be to stay focused and not look ahead to that showdown with the Danes.


(((John Becker/"These games are going to go a long way to determining what seed we end up with. If we can win these two on the road, it puts us in a good position. If we let our guard down and don't come ready to play, we could be in for a couple of tough games."))) (((Kurt Steidl/"Nothing is really guaranteed for us. It's not like we can go in and just win, because we have Vermont on our jersey. We have to play really hard every time that we step on the floor. Especially with road games, it's going to be hard without our home fans supporting us.")))


At St. Mike's tonight. The Purple Knight men playing host to St. Rose. --- James Cambronne getting going early for St. Mike's first he knocks down 3, then a little pick and roll with Mike Holton. Cambronne works his way in for 2. A team high 18 for Cambronne. Knights up 1. --- Later in the half, Mike Thompson comes up with the steal. He takes it all the way for the jam. 13 for Thompson. --- St. Mike's taking a 3 point lead into the break before pulling away in the second half. Corey Crawford II for 3. 81-68, St. Mike's takes it.


The St. Mike's and St. Rose women's teams meeting earlier in the night in Colchester. --- Second half, St. Rose builds it'self a big lead, Staci Barrett with 2 of her team high 16 points. St. Mike's down 16. --- The purple knights try and shoot their way back in it. Maggie Sabine for three. She had 12, St. Mike;s down 18. --- Then it's McKenzie Burud burying three. A game high 24 for Burud. It's a 15 point St. Rose lead. --- But St. Mike's really didn't have it tonight, off the miss, St. Rose in transition. Gabbie Polce finishes off the play with the lay-in. A tough loss for the purple Knights, 74-56 the final.


The 12th ranked UVM men's hockey team is preparing for a huge series at the Gut this weekend against 3rd ranked Boston University. The Cats are three points behind the Terriers and Umass Lowell for First place in Hockey East. UVM missed a great chance to gain a couple of points in the conference over the weekend, but a lack luster performance Friday night against Northeastern prevented that from happening. Coach Sneddon was so disappointed with the effort in the loss to the Huskies on Friday, he decided to revamp the lineup for Saturday, including sitting the team's leading scorer, Mario Puskarich. The team answered with a better showing Saturday in a non conference game against Northeastern, so maybe coach Sneddon's message has been received going into this weekend.


(((Kevin Sneddon/"I'm hoping that the strength of character in that lockeroom, which is very very high, is going to take these lessons and be able to apply them that we're stronger when it counts the most and that's the stretch run.")))


boys high school hockey at Cairns Arena. Missisquoi visiting Milton. --- 2-1 Thunderbirds in the second period and looking for more, the loose puck goes back to the point where Mason Bean's shot finds the top corner of the net. 3-1 MVU. --- A minute later, Milton answers, Nicholas Goodrich with the long lead pass to Brendan Green who breaks in and scores. Milton rallies for the 4-3 win.


Overblown or not, the Patriots have violated the NFL's rules once again. According to multiple media 11 of the 12 game balls used by the Patriots were significantly lighter than the league's requirements. The Refs inspect all the footballs a couple of hours before the game and return them to their respective teams. That means between the refs giving the balls back to New England and the start of the game, a person or people deflated the balls. The footballs were reportedly tested at halftime of the game and replaced with new balls for the second half. Indanapolis raised concerns about the Patriots potentially deflating footballs during their regular season game in November. A deflated football gives quarterback, receivers and running backs a better grip on the ball.

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