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Good evening and thank you for joining us at 11. I'm Keith McGilvery. He's sharing his experiences in West Africa on social media -- and now the man being quarantined in Rutland County is talking with Channel 3. Jennifer Costa has our top story.


Peter Italia -- of Rutland -- is being quarantined at an undisclosed location in Rutland County -- after returning from a one month journey to the West African countries of Guinea and Sierra Leone. He says he went to investigate the size and scope of the Ebola outbreak. ((Peter Italia/quarantined 00:06:40 "I saw a lot of confusion going on here in the United States a lot of misinformation coming from the CDC.")) We reached him by phone. Italia says he's now under 24-hour guard. Vermont health officials say he's asymptomatic -- but they're monitoring him for the next 21 days as a precaution. ((Peter Italia/quarantined 00:18:10 "this is voluntary quarantine but it's not really totally voluntary. if you don't agree to it then they will execute some kind of court order against you. So I am going along with it because I understand everybody's concern but I don't necessarily agree with it.")) Italia went to Africa as a private citizen. He says he's a medical doctor -- trained in the Dominican Republic. But the medical practice board tells us he never completed a license application last year because his medical school does not qualify under state standards. ((Peter Italia/quarantined 00:18:40 "I don't like the fact that they tried to make me into somebody who I'm not in other words disparaging me.")) Tuesday he was the center of an emergency news conference in Burlington. Italia's motives were not clear to authorities. He caused enough concern during his time in West Africa that the FBI was involved in his case. O his facebook page he writes about his book on supernatural medicine which he says "talks about his knowledge of space and time travel to help seriously ill and dying patients." He claims the borders in West Africa are too porous and he observed people crossing countries with limited health screenings. Italia says he tried to share his observations with the World Health Organization -- but was ignored. ((Peter Italia/quarantined 00:20:59 "I did this out of concern for everybody and I did it for the good of everybody, to go there and actually find out what was going on and report it to everybody hoping it would make the whole situation better for everybody all around.")) Italia says he was surprised when he was intercepted by federal and Vermont authorities at JFK Airport in New York Tuesday. He does not believe he's put anyone at risk. ((JC 00:10:59 "do you think that you came in contact with anyone who was displaying symptoms or had ebola? PI: No. I didn't come in contact with anyone that I know who or that I could identify as being sick.")):16 Now I could have come in contact somebody but did I come in contact with someone who was sick? No. I purposely stayed away.")) Jennifer Costa -- channel 3 news -- Burlington.


Tonight there are questions around what constitutes "voluntary quarantine," and how it's enforced. The Vermont Law School tells us the government has very broad powers when it comes to forcing an individual into quarantine. U.S. public health regulations do allow an individual to be held if there is "reasonable" cause. The goal to maintain law and order -- and the overall public well-being -- may also be enough to enforce quarantine in states where there are concerns over Ebola -- including Vermont.


((Jessica West/Vermont Law School "It hasn't happened in Vermont and I hope it doesn't happen here because there are personal liberties at stake but it certainly could and the government does have the authority to do that.")) (00:42:23) ((Tracy Dolan/Vt. Acting Health Commissioner "If they had said no I think we'd have to sit down and reassess, look at the risk factors, look at the level of risk of this person, and we certainly would have the option under my authority to ask for a health order to go into mandatory quarantine.")) (00:42:40) Vermont Law School says when determining whether a patient should be held, it is also possible he or she can be tested against their will -- but this may not be the case if the tests are invasive.


Tonight friends and family of a North Country mom laid flowers at the scene of an Ausable crash. She was killed with her two sons in the backseat -- and investigators say it happened when a state trooper failed to follow the rules of the road. Alex Apple has the story.


33-year-old Jennifer Chauvin was travelling North on Grove Street around 7:00 Wednesday morning when she collided with a full-size SUV police car. Police say the driver of that SUV was a ten-year veteran of the New York State Police Joshua Jenkins. ((STANDUP APPLE: Investigators say Trooper Jenkins was on regular patrol travelling in a Southwest Direction here on Telegraph Street when he failed to yield the right of way, making a left hand turn, causing the accident.")) Chauvin passed away at the scene -- her two young children in the back seat. Trooper Jenkins was treated for only minor injuries. (1:22 Capt. LaFountain/NY State Police)(("He is distraught as one can well imagine over this accident. A very tragic situation. On behalf of the entire NY State Police, we extend our thoughts and prayers to the Chauvin family.")) (57 Capt. LaFountain)(("Her two children who were passengers in the backseat of her car were both extricated from her vehicle and transported to CVPH medical center.")) The 3 year old and 6 year old are recovering. The state police investigation of the accident continues. Both vehicles were taken to state police barracks in Ray Brook where the collision reconstruction unit will analyze the cars and their computer systems. (2:54 Capt. LaFountain)(("Once that investigation has been completed, we will review the results of that investigation with Clinton COunty DA Andrew Wiley and determine what if any charges are applicable.")) LaFountain says there is no indication that Jenkins was distracted by his cell phone. (2:12 Capt. LaFountain)(("A trooper is exempt in an emergency situation. There is no indication at this time.")) ((TAG On Cam: At his doctors recommendation, Trooper Jenkins remains off duty. Captain LaFountain was on scene within ten minutes of the accident - - he says he went to the hospital today and personally expressed his condolences to the Chauvin family. Alex Apple channel 3 news -- Ausable"))

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Lots of clouds will be sticking around for the next couple of days. Tonight will be cool, with lows around 40. Highs tomorrow will be seasonable. Looking ahead, the weekend will feature blustery conditions with colder temps. A few flakes are possible too...details coming up.


He's accused of using a hidden camera to spy on Guilford couple. Police say 50-year-old "Ran3dy" Bright of Saxtons River -- was hired to perform an energy audit and weatherization at the couple's home. On Tuesday the homeowners told police they discovered a hidden video camera had been setup in their bedroom. After an investigation Bright was arrested and cited into court.


A 22-year-old Vermont man is accused of using a knife to try and break into a suite of offices at UVM. University police say surveillance video from inside the Waterman Building Monday night led to Jesse Howard's arrest. Investigators say he did not make it into the suite but that he stole other items from around the building.

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She was caught with a car full of cats -- now we're learning she may have had a house full as well. Four years ago Bertha Ryan and her sister were found with more than 70 cats in their cars in Bennington. They were charged with animal cruelty. Now -- authorities say they found 150 additional animals inside Ryan's New York home and say she may have had up to 450 at one point. The humane society is working with police -- to remove the animals.

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Still ahead -- Getting ready for the worst case scenario. (00:02:22) ((Gil Anderson "There will be no exposed skin when we go into that room.")) (00:02:25) Our Shelby Cashman heads to Fletcher Allen to see how healthcare workers are training just in case Ebola makes it to Vermont. And tracking the states homeless -- We have new numbers. Plus -- More problems with Vermont Health Connect. And it's no longer just pumpkin pie! (SOT- Austin Ovadia/Shopper) "pumpkin oreos, that's interesting" See where else the seasonal staple is popping up when the Channel 3 News at 11 continues.


Continuing our coverage now of the potential of Ebola in Vermont. Tonight Shelby Cashman looks at how Fletcher Allen is preparing if someone with the disease -- walks through its doors.


((NATS of them suiting up)) Health care workers at Fletcher Allen--are getting prepared. (00:01:10) ((Gil Anderson/Fletcher Allen "when Ebola finally made it way to this continent, we were all unprepared and I think nurses and physicians recognize that more than anyone.")) (00:01:20) But now--critical care health professionals--who would be the ones dealing with Ebola patients--are learning how to properly put on and take off personal protective equipment--or PPE -- to prevent catching it too. (00:02:22) ((Gil Anderson "There will be no exposed skin when we go into that room.")) (00:02:25) To ensure that--doctors and nurses would wear an extensive amount of gear--including several liquid impermeable layers over their scrubs-- ((NATS dressing)) two to three layers of gloves-- ((NATS)) And two types of head gear--complete with plastic face shields and a respirator. ((NATS respirator)) (00:02:42) ((Gil Anderson "The real key part of this is the doffing or the taking off of the equipment. That has to very systematically done. I like to see it done almost like a drill sergeant.")) (00:02:52) (00:38:01) ((Shelby Cashman "so once a doctor or nurse who has dealt with an Ebola patient in the isolation room. They move into a different room and enter the red zone. In the red zone is where all signs of contamination will be doffed or taken off. Once that is done they move into the orange zone or a buffer zone to double check that all signs of contamination are left in the red zone. Once that is done they can move into the green zone where there is no signs of contamination .")) (00:38:28) But State epidemiologist Patsy Kelso says--all these measures--are precautionary. The risk of Ebola spreading in Vermont--and the entire country--is low. (00:50:14) ((Patsy Kelso/State Epidemiologist "when we talk about the high death rates with Ebola being 50 to 90 percent, thats in Africa. We've never had an epidemic of Ebola here and we certainly don't expect that we would ever have one.")) (00:50:26) Kelso says--thats because of the health care system here in the US. Hospitals all across the country are mirroring Fletcher Allen-and are taking what they call--the proper precautions. (00:01:29) ((Gil Anderson/Fletcher Allen "We felt we really had to ramp up our preparedness.")) (00:01:33) Shelby Cashman -- channel 3 news -- Burlington.


Troubles continue for Vermont Health Connect. The state temporarily pulled the plug on the health exchange website -- in Mid-September - to make updates and work on flaws. Officials did not give a hard time-line for a re-launch but had said the work would be completed in October. Health Reform Chief Lawrence Miller says the site will not be ready by the end of the month, and likely won't be ready before election day. But, he says he's confident it will be ready by November 15th, when the re-enrollment window for next year opens.


New information tonight about the homeless population in Vermont. In 2013, a point-in-time breakdown showed 483 homeless people in Chittenden County. In 2014, that number went up to 537. Statewide the numbers climbed as well.


(TC - 00:27:06:00) ((Michelle Brannan/Volunteer This is home. This is somebody's home. And you case where they have cardboard set up to keep moisture out of their sleeping bag. I mean imagine that. No I can't imagine. I can't imagine.)) Volunteers also collected information from the homeless about their health, how long they've been homeless, and any substance abuse problems they may have.

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Thursday and Friday are looking like pretty quiet days. There will be a lot of low-level moisture sticking around, so we'll see plenty of clouds. Highs will be mainly in the 40s. It still looks dry for trick-or-treating on Halloween evening. Any showers should hold off until the overnight hours. The weekend forecast is a little tricky. A disturbance sliding well to the south will blow up into a large coastal storm. Right now it appears this storm will track too far to the east to have a significant impact. Instead it appears we'll just see a few rain and snow showers on Saturday. Sunday looks blustery and cold, with a few mountain flurries. We'll continue to fine tune the forecast... keep in mind a more western track would have more of an impact on us. Once the storm goes by, temperatures will moderate as we start the first work week of November. Also remember to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed on Saturday night; Daylight Saving Time comes to an end at 2am on Sunday. And as always, this is a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and CO detectors.

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They're everywhere this time of year, but the proliferation of pumpkins isn't just reserved for the produce section of your local market anymore. Karina Mitchell reports.


MARY MATTHEWS SEES SOMETHING NEW IN THE AISLES OF HER LOCAL SUPERMARKET. (SOT-Mary Matthews/Shopper) "There's a whole bunch of stuff on the shelves now that has everything pumpkin in them." IT'S NOT JUST A PIE FILLING ANYMORE. PUMPKIN IS POPPING UP IN ALL KINDS OF PRODUCTS.... FROM PRETZELS AND COFFEE CREAMER.... TO ICE CREAM AND OREOS. (SOT- Austin Ovadia/Shopper) "pumpkin oreos, that's interesting" YOU CAN EVEN FIND IT IN VODKA AND DOG FOOD. (SOT- Mary Matthews/Shopper) "its just a big craze now." GROCERY STORE OWNER STEVE SLOAN SAYS SHOPPERS ARE EATING IT UP. (SOT-Steve Sloan/VP, Morton-Williams) "with the increase in demand, we've brought more stuff in, so we've seen our sales increase." (BRIDGE: Karina Mitchell/CBS NEWS/New York) SALES OF PUMPKIN FLAVORED GOODS JUMPED ALMOST 14 PERCENT LAST YEAR TO 308 MILLION DOLLARS - AND THE CRAZE FOR THINGS LIKE PUMPKIN FLAVORED BEER KEEPS GROWING. (vo) MARKETING EXPERTS EXPECT FOOD COMPANIES TOL ROLL OUT EVEN MORE PUMPKIN PRODUCTS IN THE FUTURE. (SOT- Michelle Greenwald/Columbia University Professor) "It's basically adding it to goods they already make - from a cost to goods standpoint - it's not that expensive." MARY SAYS SHE'LL COME BACK FOR MORE BUT NOT EVERYONE IS BITING. (SOT - Austin Ovadia/Shopper ) "They're not my cup of tea..I really do not enjoy eating pumpkins." BUT SALES SHOW AMERICA APPETITE FOR PUMPKINS IS STILL GROWING. KM FOR CBS NEWS.


Today was media for the UVM men's and women's basketball teams. We got to see the men play this summer during an exhibition trip through Canada. With seven new players, it was a worthwhile experience for a team that lost six core seniors from last year's squad to graduation. Scott Fleishman has more from Patrick Gym. (((Scott Fleishman/"Coach John Becker stressed today that he needs his veteran players to step up this season, senior captains Hector Harold and Ryan Pierson and junior Ethan O'Day. The biggest question for this team might be rebounding. With the graduation of Clancy Rugg and Biran Voelkel, who will grab those boards?"))) (((John Becker/"We've had times at practice where we've struggled to finish defensive possessions with rebounds so they're going to have to take it upon themselves to do it. They're guys that don't do it as naturally as a Clancy or a Voelkel."))) (((Kurt Steidl/"As a collective group we need to have great rebounders, people stepping up and getting a bunch of rebounds for us. We're going to play great on defense. We're going to play great on offense. If we can rebound, we're really gong to have a successful season."))) (((Ryan Pierson/"We're way younger, way more energy in the lockeroom. Even on the court, where much more athletic than we usually are. So it's interesting. It's a complete 180 from our team from last year. It'll be an interesting season, can't wait."))) ((("The Cats host Concordia in an exhibition game here Saturday night at 7 o'clock. At Patrick Gymnasium, Scott Fleishman, Channel 3 sports.")))


And then... There was just 1 game separating Vermont's top high school teams from a shot at championship glory... All your semifinal scores at the bottom of the screen... a brilliant fall sky providing the backdrop for a dramatic d-1 boys soccer semi between top seed South Burlington and number five CVU... --- First half, Redhawks getting on the board ... Chris Reiss the perfect pass to Max Brown.. He taps it home.. 1-0 CVU at halftime.. --- Fast forward... Same score, under 3 to play ... Rebels Aiman Ginawi's ((A-men Guh-now-we)) free kick is deflected in... We head to overtime tied at 1... --- In the first ot session, SBHS on the attack... Ginawi inside the box to Dinesh Khadka... #4 the hero for the #1 seed... South Burlington wins 2-1 and will face Essex for the D-1 title Saturday. The Hornets beating second seed Mount Anthony 2-1 tonight in Bennington.


girls soccer... Division Two semis... eighth seed Milton, off an upset of number one Lake Region in the quarterfinals, visiting fifth seed Harwood... --- First half, yellowjackets looking for the early lead but carmen Shappy's free kick is snagged by Highlanders keeper Lauren Harper... --- On the other end, Harwood cashes in... Off the Alison Yandow throw in, Emma Jean lofts this rainbow over the goalies head for the goal... 1-0 Highlanders at halftime... Harwood adds one after the break and survives a late Milton goal to win 2-1 and advance to the D-2 title game...


they'll face the winner of this one for the Division Two title ...third seed Mount Abe taking on number seven GMVS... --- first half...the Gumbies Ales Lacasse-Courchene with the free takes an odd bounce but is scooped up by Zoe Cassels-Brown... --- at the other end... Mount Abe's Ernesta McIntosh splits a pair of defenders, but her shot is denied on a fingertip save by Eva score at the half... --- in the second...the Eagles keep the pressure on...Amy Nault's centering pass finds Lydia Pitts but Shaw makes another fine save... finally, in overtime Morgan Pratt would net a winner giving the Eagles a 1-0 victory and a date with Harwood in Saturday's state final at South Burlington.


To Middlebury for field hockey semifinals... In Division I... #1 seed Essex taking on #4 Middlebury... --- Tigers keeper Baily Ryan keeping her team in this one with big saves like this in the first... --- Under a minute to play in the half, Hornets finally strike ... Erin Murphy gets the stick on it... 1-0 Essex... --- Second half, same score... The Hornets get another... Kathleen Young with the rocket that's redirected by Murphy.. Self preservation for her and the team ... Essex tops Middlebury, 2-0. They'll meet CVU for the D1 title Saturday.


In Division 3... Top Seed Bellows Falls taking on #4 Stowe... --- First half, Terriers with a ton of big chances... Cassidy Santorelli fires on net... Stowe's Sabrina Touchette up to the task... --- Then Leia Robinson tries to sneak it in far post... Touchette not having any of it ... We're scoreless at the break... --- Second half same story.. We head to OT ... In sudden death, Raiders attacker Mariah (MUR-EYE-A) Barrows finds Maya Barrett... YARR there be your game winner... Stowe upsets top seed Bellows Falls 1-0 ... They'll meet North Country in the title game Saturday at UVM.

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