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Good evening. I'm Keith McGilvery. And I'm Shelby Cashman. The vaccination debate is getting Vermont parents fired up at the statehouse again. Legislation passed by the Senate today could leave thousands of unvaccinated kids home from school. Kyle Midura has our top story.


(those in favor nats) The issue of vaccines splits lawmakers and the public. A small percentage of the population worries about the shots -- concerned by the growing number suggested by doctors, and unconvinced of safety assurances from drug companies and public health officials. About six percent of students in Vermont schools are not fully-vaccinated as required by law. (4:54:30:00) ((Zuckerman we in this room are determining what goes into every single person's body)) Senators Wednesday voted to eliminate the most common of three legal excuses for skipping shots: the philosophical exemption. (4:59:06:00) ((Cummings What are we goign to do with the children not allowed in public schools?)) A handful of the Senate's 30 members say the change is a solution in search of a problem -- and may contribute to the state's on-going struggle with enrollment. But proponents contend vaccine safety is settled science, the best way to limit or eliminate the spread of life-threatening diseases. Parents with children with depressed immune systems celebrated the vote today… (5:32:59:00 ) ((Mia Hockett - Burlington Mom I think that it means that my daughter would have an opportunity to have an education and a healthy environment where we can send her to school everyday, not afraid that she's goign to contract a communicable disease that could be prevented and have life-threatening consequences )) .... while those who would prefer their kids not get vaccinated don't know what they'll do if the bill becomes law. (5:40:15:00) ((Joan Kahn I will have to put off that decision as long as I possibly can because I don't want to withdraw them from school, but it is a very real possibility . We might have to look at alternatives )) There's disagreement about whether the language would apply to private and independent schools or just public. Kyle Midura -- channel 3 news.


Paid sick leave for workers is one step closer to being a reality. The Vermont House has given preliminary approval to legislation that would require employers to give workers -- up to three paid days off a year starting next year -- and up to five days beginning in 2018. The bill got fresh momentum last week when Governor Shumlin announced his support. The bill however--is expected to die in the Senate rules committee.

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If you get stooped for suspicion if driving under the influence--you may soon have to provide a saliva sample--and take a breath test. House lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow police to use new machines -- in addition to the standard field sobriety tests. Many police departments in the country -- including the Vermont State Police -- already have voluntary pilot studies underway. Civil liberty advocates question both their reliability -- and whether taking saliva violates constitutional search and seizure rights.


A Burlington woman is facing allegations of child voyeurism. The Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations says 34-year-old Mandy Latulippe was involved in secretly taping a 14-year-old having sex. Authorities say she then shared the video with 39-year-old Raymond Edwards of Burlington. Latulippe was cited today and is due in court tomorrow. Edwards was arrested in November for sexually assaulting the teen, voyeurism and possession of child porn.


A police officer from the Vermont VA Hospital is accused of threatening two people with her gun. Maine State Police say Demetria Buhalis of Brownsville pointed a gun at a driver and passenger. Authorities say it happened Wednesday morning on I-95 in Gardiner. Buhalis is charged with aggravated criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.


Dozens of dogs and cats were removed from an Eden home -- back in February. Today--a woman and her roommate answered to multiple animal cruelty charges. Carol Merchant claimed she was an animal rescuer -- who got in over her head. But prosecutors allege she intentionally and maliciously tortured the animals. Court papers show that almost all the cats and dogs were dehydrated, malnourished and covered in feces. Merchant pleaded not guilty to eight felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty. Russell Goodell -- denied 6 counts of neglecting the animals. Advocates say the charges send a message.


((Joanne Bourbeau/Vt. Humane Society Director 00:30:28 I think it sends a very clear message that Vermonters take this very seriously and to see felony charges is very rare in an animal cruelty case here on vermont so very pleased to see that.")) The court allowed Merchant to keep 4 dogs -- and 1 cat -- still living at her home -- but barred her from acquiring any new animals.


Plattsburgh sits just three hours away from a Quebec town -- home to one of the deadliest oil spills in history. Tonight -- lawmakers took steps to avoid a similar disaster in their city. Alex Apple has more. Keith in some spots trains carrying highly-flamable crude oil run just feet from people's homes. Those trains will soon be slowing down -- to protect both bystanders and the city's natural resources.


((Water NAT)) The cool spring water of the Saranac River that ran through Plattsburgh Monday is a peaceful treasure -- one the town would like to keep and protect. ((Disaster NAT)) The polar opposite of the scene in Lac Megantic in 2013. A rail car -- carrying crude oil -- erupted. Instantly killing over forty people -- and leaving a hole in the Quebec town. ((Colin Read/D-Clinton County Legislature 29:25 TO be fully prepared for something of the scale that occurred in Lac Magantic Quebec, I think is just about impossible.)) Such disaster is exactly what lawmakers in Clinton County want to avoid. ((Eric Day - Emergency Services Director 19:15 Developing resolutions to try to urge state and federal governments to take a stance and move forward with some additional safety factors is a huge plus.)) Clinton County legislators on the Oil Train Task Force proposed three ideas -- the county legislature adopted Wednesday. Included: imposing stricter speed limits requiring safer rail cars -- for the 20 oil-carrying trains that whip through the county each week. ((Train HORN)) ((STANDUP 36:23 or 34:55 Each train car moving along these tracks can carry up to 30,000 gallons of crude oil, but there's only so much the local governments can do. Because the trains carry oil across state lines, the federal government has some jurisdiction.)) ((31:48 Collin Read/D-Clinton County Legislature: The rail companies will do what is asked of them and they have proven to be relatively responsive up until now.)) In all -- Clinton County is 1 of 6 towns to pass such resolutions. Giving residents the peace of mind -- their home -- is as safe as the train breezing by.


Much of the oil running through Plattsburgh ends up in Albany. That city has recently issued a moratorium on the expansion of processing crude oil at ITS port.

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A big, slow-moving upper-level area of low pressure will stick around for the next several days. This means we'll have lots of clouds and showers from time to time... Numerous showers will continue into early this evening. The showers will tend to become more scattered overnight. With lows dropping to 28/38, some mountain snow showers are possible overnight. Thursday and Friday are looking mostly cloudy, breezy and cool. We'll see periods of rain and snow shower activity from time to time. Any snow showers will tend to occur in the higher elevations during the day, but during the nighttime hours at least some wet flakes could reach the valley floors. More weather coming up.


While Senator Bernie Sanders decides if he's going to run for President--David Letterman decided it would be a good time to--get to know the him on The Late Show last night.


((out cue: no wonder it makes me squeal)) We reached out to the Senator -- to see what he thought of the segment. We have not heard back.

15} 2WAYA

International Paper turning to trucks after high costs kill a proposed pipeline. (natural gas burns a lot cleaner than oil, not only less carbon, but no sulfur dioxide, very little nitrous-oxide and they are also looking to save money ) ((middle part of first bite in pkg)) And -- The Vermont model behind an iconic WW2 illustration passes away. Plus -- the help wanted sign is out for two Vermont companies. And -- Fed-up with smokers a Rutland man turns to the city to snuff out the unhealthy habit.

16} IPGAS12_VO

International paper is turning to a virtual gas line to get natural gas. Colchester-based N-G Advantage announced today in has signed a contract to deliver compressed natural gas to the paper mill in Ticonderoga, New York. International Paper said last year it could cut its fuel costs in half by switching from oil to gas. The company was preparing to spend millions to bring a Vermont Gas pipeline to its plant on the shore of Lake Champlain. But cost over-runs killed that project. So now the paper company is turning to NG Advantage -- which delivers the fuel by truck.


((Tom Evslin, :36 The two goals that they have are both to be environmentally cleaner because natural gas burns a lot cleaner than oil, not only less carbon, but no sulfur dioxide, very little nitrous-oxide and they are also looking to save money because natural gas is cheaper than oil to use as a boiler fuel.)) The plan is to deliver 16 trailer loads of natural gas to the plant everyday. NG Advantage reps say it is the largest project of its kind in the United States. The deliveries are expected to begin next month.


City officials in Rutland will consider a smoking ban. The issue was brought up by a concerned citizen -- who lives in a multi-unit apartment building. Bill Jalbert - says folks lighting up outside his building - leads to secondhand smoke for him and his son. The state has laws in place addressing secondhand smoke -- at the workplace -- in motor vehicles -- public places -- school grounds -- and childcare settings. However -- the law does not apply to apartment buildings.


(TC 21:21:25:24 Title 2112)((Bill Jalbert/Rutland Resident: "we live in this age now where everything you hear about is how dangerous second hand smoke is. And here it is pouring in my apartment and exposing myself and my child to it." 21:21:34:20)) (TC 16:04:41:14 Title 1603)((Dave Allaire/Rutland City Board of Aldermen Chair: "we work for these folks. There was a legitimate issue and seems as those we should at least take a look at it and see if there's something we can do." 16:04:50:03)) The chair of the city's board of alderman says that the board will now take a look at other similar ordinances in Vermont -- to see what -- if anything -- can be done. He plans to host a meeting addressing the issue -- next week.

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IBM is hiring. IBM tells Channel 3 News its looking to hire 100 workers in Essex Junction. Those jobs will be in its chip-manufacturing division. These are supplemental positions. Some could be longterm -- some seasonal. A job fair will be held on April 30th at the Sheraton in South Burlington. Meanwhile GlobalFoundries is expected to complete its 1-and-a-half BILLION dollar take over of IBMs micro-chip manufacturing operations this year.


National Life Insurance is also looking for workers. The company says it has 60 job openings -- at its Montpelier headquarters -- and at its office in Texas.

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"Rosie the Riveter" has died. Mary Doyle Keefe was an 18-year-old telephone operator in Arlington when she was asked by artist Norman Rockwell to pose for the famous painting that appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post magazine in 1943. The image of Rosie the Riveter depicted the efforts of women to fill factory jobs while American men were off fighting in World War Two. The government used the image to sell war bonds. And for decades to come, advocates used Rosie to forward the cause of women's rights. Channel 3 talked to Keefe last year. She told us she had no idea the impact the painting would have.


((Mary Doyle Keefe/"Rosie the Riveter " 07:36:58:00 No I didn't expect anything like this but as the years went on, I realized that the painting was famous.07:37:08:07)) Keefe was one of the dozens from our region who posed for Rockwell paintings during the 15 years he lived and worked in Arlington. Like Keefe, many of them wound up on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. Mary Doyle Keefe died yesterday in Connecticut. She was 92 years old.

24} WX


A big, slow-moving upper-level area of low pressure will stick around for the next several days. This means we'll have lots of clouds and showers from time to time... Numerous showers will continue into early this evening. The showers will tend to become more scattered overnight. With lows dropping to 28/38, some mountain snow showers are possible overnight. Thursday and Friday are looking mostly cloudy, breezy and cool. We'll see periods of rain and snow shower activity from time to time. Any snow showers will tend to occur in the higher elevations during the day, but during the nighttime hours at least some wet flakes could reach the valley floors. It will stay unsettled with on-and-off showers through the weekend and into the start of next week. Keep in mind the weekend doesn't look like a washout. We could even see a few peaks of sun here and there. We'll slowly warm up over the weekend, but it will still be cooler than average. It looks like we'll finally break out of this pattern on Wednesday with some sunshine - at least temporarily.

26} WX_OUT


Do you know how many trees you pass on any given day? I know I don't! Me neither Shelby, but our Julie Kelley found someone using technology -- to track trees.


. (TC - 00:06:10:00) ((Warren Spinner/Burlington City Arborist We're making a big effort to replace a lot of the trees in the downtown, so this is the start of that project.)) Nats- downtown planting Spinner says, 24 new trees are going up in the downtown area this Spring. GFX: He oversees 4 fulltime employees and 5 seasonal ones. They will plant about 140 new trees this year and prune about 2000. (TC - 00:44:34:00) ((Warren Spinner/Burlington City Arborist This is the maintenance building, here's where we put those trees and that's the stump I showed you.)) Every time a new tree gets taken down or put up, it goes into this digital database. (TC - 00:45:05:00) ((Warren Spinner/Burlington City Arborist Everyone of the roughly 12,000 trees I have, I have individual data on it like this.)) You heard that right ... Burlington has inventoried 12,000 trees. Workers track everything from where it is to what kind of maintenance they've done on it. (TC - 00:46:18:00) ((Warren Spinner/Burlington City Arborist It allows you to track the trees that you have, know the past history ...)) (TC - 00:28:51:00) ((Julie Kelley/Reporting The city of burlington has inventoried about 1200 ash trees here on public land. Experts say, they'll all be gone if or more likely when the emerald ash borer attacks them.)) (TC - 00:20:24:00) ((Warren Spinner/Burlington City Arborist That's one tenth of my population that's going to be gone.)) Spinner says, he's putting a plan of action together right now to deal with the emerald ash borer ... Something that is much more of a worry than the smaller discoveries he made here recently. Julie Kelley, Channel 3 News, Burlington.


The Montreal Canadiens looking to complete a first round series sweep as the faced the Senators in Game Four tonight in Ottawa. But they had to put the brooms back in the closet...both goalies standing tall on this night...Carey Price making 31 saves for the Habs...Craig Anders stopping 28 shots for a desperate Ottawa team. This won was scoreless until midway thru the third period when Mike Hoffman would score, sending the Sens crowd into a frenzy...the only goal on the night in a 1-0 Ottawa win. Forcing a Game Five which will take place Friday night at the Bell Center.


to baseball, the Red Sox let one get away tonight, falling 7-5 to Tampa Bay at the Trop...Boston built a 5-1 lead that included home runs from Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz...but starter Joe Kelly and reliever Craig Breslow coughed up that lead as the Rays scored four runs in the sixth to tie the game at five... then two the lead with a two run seventh, including a home run from Jake Elmore. The Sox see their two game win streak snapped. The three game set wraps up tomorrow night.


The Yankees broke out the bats in a big way on Tigers ace David Price tonight in Detroit, pounding the Tigers 13-4... --- it started with a six run top of the first, highlighted by a bases clearing, three run double from second baseman Gregorio Petit ...Detroit answered with four in the bottom of the frame against Adam Warren, but New York came right back with two in the second...on back-to-back RBI triples from Carlos Beltran and Chase the Yanks pick up their second straight win. The four game series concludes tomorrow afternoon.


Castleton men's lacrosse senior Zach Davidson has been named the Division Three North national player of the week by the U-S Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association. The former South Burlington standout had 11 goals and nine assists in wins over NEC, Johnson and Lyndon last week. The Spartans, NAC regular season champs, won their regular season finale tonight at Bard 13-8, Davidson had three goals and two assists on the night.


college lacrosse this afternoon...the 11-3 Middlebury men visiting Williams... --- hosts would score a minute in...but the Panthers quickly answer with some quick passing leading to a Joel Blockowicz goal to tie things at one ... --- the Ephs regain the lead, but midway thru the first quarter... Tim Giarrusso breaks in on net and scores and we're tied again ... --- and less than thirty seconds later, Joey Zelkowitz unleashes a laser beam...this one tight throughout, tied at seven at the half ...tied at ten after three... --- but the fourth belonged to Williams ...Steven Kiesel scores twice as the Ephs outscore Midd 4-1 in the fourth and win 14-11. The Panthers will be the third seed in the NESCAC playoffs. They will host Williams in the quarterfinals Saturday.


Senior day for the Middlebury women, 2 players being honored before the game Katie Ritter and Catherine Fowler. --- The Panthers grab an early 2 goal lead, Bridget Instrum gets the pass in front and puts Middlebury up 3-1. --- The Ephs go on a run midway through the first half to take a lead. Hillary Cook on the free position puts it home. Williams takes a 7-5 lead. --- But Middlebury answers. Instrum with another of her career high six goals... Middlebury up 8-7 at the break. --- Second half, Katie Ritter lighting up the scoreboard on senior day. Back to back goals giving the Panthers some cushion. Middlebury never trails in the second half and hangs on for the 13-11 win. The Panthers finish second in the NESCAC and will host a quarterfinal Saturday.


High school baseball today...CVU visiting South Burlington...the resumption of a game from last Thursday that was called due to darkness tied at one in the ninth... --- South Burlington pitcher Patrick McMackin had to work out of a basses loaded jam in the top of the ninth. Quick glove here for the out. --- Bottom of the ninth, the Rebels with a runner at third, the pitch is wild, Henry Cunningham tries to score...the flip back to the plate where pitcher Sam Mikell makes the tag for the out to end the inning. --- Bottom of the eleventh, Mikell hits Brendan Lahue. Lahue takes off for second and gets into scoring position safely. --- Then with 2 out, Eddie Hockenbury drops one into left field. Lahue running on contact comes barreling across the plate for the game winning run. South Burlington walks off with the 2-1 victory in 11 innings.

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