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Good evening and Thanks for joining us. I'm Ali Freeman. And I'm Keith McGilvery. Her death rocked the Northeast Kingdom. Today -- a major charge is thrown out against one of her accused killers. New at 11 Eliza Larson has the latest from Sheffield -- including reaction from Pat O'Hagan's friend and neighbor.


((Eliza Larson/Sheffield: "It was a killing that shocked the entire community of Sheffield, but, in a new development, a judge has thrown out the first degree murder charge of one of the three defendants.)) Authorities say Keith Baird, Michael Norrie and Richard Fletcher murdered 78-year-old Pat O'Hagan during a botched burglary in 2010. Norrie and Fletcher have already pleaded guilty to lesser charges, Baird was awaiting trial -- but his attorney argued the state could not prove Baird either killed or had the intent to kill O'Hagan. The Caledonian-Record newspaper reports today that Judge Michael Kupersmith agreed -- throwing out the murder charge. ((ELIZA: We talked with residents in the community who say the day was an emotional one.)) ((Leslie DeGreenia/Sheffield: "I think he belongs in jail. he cried foul and he lost there. ANd that he wasn't there but he was. Pat was a good friend of mine. He was involved. If the court lets him off somebody should check the courts.")) Prosecutor Lisa Warren tells the paper she is mulling options to appeal or file a reduced charge. The judge also ruled to move the trial out of the county. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Sheffield.


The man authorities say went after women of color - with Ku Klux Klan fliers in Burlington takes a plea deal. 21-year-old William (SHANK) Schenk was arrested last fall for specifically targeting two women. He pleaded no contest to two counts of disorderly conduct -- and time already served. Schenk also apologized to his victims in court today.


((SOT William Schenk, Accused 004302 I do care about the victims and I just want them to move on in life and I'm going to do the same 13)) ((SOT Jocellyn Harvey, Victim 004711 He said what he needed to say. Whether or not I fully believe them, as of right now, I don't think I do. 16)) Schenk had originally argued to get the charges dropped - on first amendment -- free speech grounds. But the judge said he'd specifically gone after the women. Schenk now plans to appeal the first amendment issue to the supreme court. He also faces felony charges in a separate case in New York.


A prostituion sting in Canaan, New Hampshire lands 3 men in trouble with the law. Police say in less than 24 hours -- 3 men contacted undercover officers -- offering to pay for sex. 48-year-old Matthew Laramie of Grantham New Hampshire, 55-year-old Peter Bloomfield of Enfield New Hampshire -- and 49-year-old Alan Lane of Sharon Vermont -- all face a misdemeanor charge. Investigators say Lane also had drugs in his car.


What's next for Jay Peak, Q-Burke Mountain and the hundreds of people who work there following hundreds of millions of dollars in alleged fraud? Today Governor Shumlin was at Jay to take on the topic with investors and employees -- our Kyle Midura was there.


Mud season is Jay Peak's slow season, but hope springs anew here. The man a federal judge put behind the resort's financial controls says unfrozen and thawing assets totaling more than $22 million will keep the mountain afloat through the summer until skiers and riders return. Then it's up to Mother Nature. "Really that's what we need, we need a good snow season," said Michael Goldberg, the federal receiver. Goldberg arrived earlier this month to assess the impact of allegations that operators of Jay and Q Burke misused $200 million and stole another $50 million. Despite debts and bad publicity here, Goldberg and the governor say layoffs and bankruptcy are not in the forecast. "I can never guarantee anything 100 percent, but I can guarantee it 99.999 percent," Goldberg said. "I'm convinced that going forward, Jay Peak and Burke Mountain have a bright employment future," said Gov. Peter Shumlin, D-Vermont. Along with the unfrozen assets, allegedly defrauded foreign investors may double-down as they hope to secure their green cards, if not a solid return. "They're more concerned, in many respects, with getting their EB-5 status than getting their money back," Goldberg said. For Felipe Vieira, investing more is not an option. "To tell you the truth, I don't have money," Vieira said. He and his family sold off much of their lives in Brazil to create a life in Vermont. Vieira worries about his immigration status and how he'll pay for his daughter to go to college next year. "They need to put some kind of controls in place to prevent what's happening now," Vieira said. For employees, both optimists and pessimists received good news Wednesday. "I wasn't too worried about it before, but it's definitely that little bit of relief that everyone was looking for," said Trevor Trottier, a chef at the Clubhouse Grill. "It's amazing, I'm really, really happy to hear that, because this mountain employs a lot of people," said Madison Barry, a child care worker. "It's business as usual, it's actually better than usual," Goldberg said. Goldberg says visitors to the resorts won't notice any difference under new management outside of dropping the now infamous Q from Burke's title. Kyle Midura -- channel 3 news -- Jay.


We know at least one potential buyer has already seen the hotel at Q-Burke - that was scheduled to open last fall. A sale to a hotel operator would be key not just for the dozens of workers who THOUGHT they had a job at the resort - but also for businesses that opened up - expecting a flow of tourists. Folks in Burke were quick to react to today's developments.


(("It's very important. It's very important for the hotel to be successful, for the mountain to endure and be successful we need the room base. So the hotel's critical to the mountain, and therefore, to the community,")) The receiver overseeing the resorts says Q-Burke is finished and could open anytime.


A man without a drivers license -- was stopped behind the wheel -- for the 11th time. Daniel Wilder's license was suspended ten years ago - after a DWI conviction. This morning - troopers say they stopped the Northfield man for failing to signal. He's due in court in June -- for his 11th charge of driving with license suspended.


In Marshfield -- police say it was a drunk driver -- that crashed through the front doors of the Maplefield's convenience store. It happened last night. No one was hurt. Police say the driver -- 38-year-old Steve Andress of Marshfield -- had a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit. He was arrested on a DUI charge.


A grass fire kept crews busy in Georgia today. More than an acre-and-a-half -- scorched. At one point -- flames were shooting about 30 feet in the air. Firefighters worked to get ahead of the flames -- soaking areas -- not burned yet. One firefighter was injured -- battling the blaze. We're not sure of his condition. And we're not sure what sparked it yet.


((Capt. Dustin Kelty/Milton Fire Dept.: 7:56-8:05 Uncertain of the cause at this time, we are talking with people who are in the area trying to determine a cause.)) Wind fanned the flames. Firefighters remind people -- it's too dry to burn right now.

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Tonight will feature a few evening clouds to the north. Otherwise, mostly clear skies are expected through the overnight. It will be chilly with lows of 18/25. High pressure will remain in control on Thursday. Skies will become partly cloudy with highs in the upper 40s to middle 50s. That high will keep a storm system to our south on Thursday night into Friday. While southern areas could see a few clouds, the rest of us should see partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. Highs on Friday will bounce back into the 50s.


The tribe has spoken... and it isn't good news for a Shelburne woman. Vermont's own Julia Sokolowski was voted off the CBS reality show Survivor earlier tonight. The CVU grad is Survivor's youngest female contestant ever -- and made it through 29 days of the competition -- in the jungles of Cambodia. Here's what she had to say -- after being voted off...


((4:56 I'm bummed but I'm proud of the way I played. Being one of the youngest people to ever play this game -- I feel like I had the opporunity to kind of grow up out here -- laern alot about myself I did make some big moves and help contribute to some blindside. I didn't go out not trying I didn't go out being dragged along.. so at least i know I played 5:15)) After Julia's elimination -- only 6 contestants remain.

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((Boswell tease)) Plus -- Turning family tragedy into a lesson in drug prevention. ((Russell Edwards//Lost Son to Overdose 1:10:33-1:10:48 "if we get down in the lower grades, get the little kids and tell them how bad this stuff is for them,)) And another push for legal pot at the Statehouse. Also -- Why was a former United States Speaker of the House sentenced to federal prison today? THe story when the channel 3 news at 11 returns.


Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was sentenced today for a case involving sexual abuse. He told the court he was deeply ashamed and admitted to sexually abusing a former wrestling student. The judge sentenced Hastert to 15 months in prison and two years of supervised release. Because of the statute of limitations, the former house speaker cannot be charged with sexual abuse. The charges stem from breaking banking laws to pay off one of his accusers.


Paris terror suspect Salah (SAUL-UH) Abdeslam (AB-DUH-SLAHM) is back in France to face charges for last November's attacks. Belgium authorities transferred him today -- and armed police stood guard at the courthouse in Paris -- as authorities hauled him in to face trial. He is the only surviving suspect in last year's massacres in the French capital that killed 130 people. The 26 year old is charged with terrorist murders, and possessing and using weapons and bombs. He was Europe's most wanted fugitive.


Donald Trump told supporters his campaign is just about to put it away and win the Republican nomination. Rival Ted Cruz played his own Trump card and brought in a surprise reinforcement to try to prevent that from happening. Craig Boswell reports.


DONALD TRUMP TOLD A CROWD IN INDIANA HIS RIVAL TED CRUZ MADE HISTORY WHEN HE PREMATURELY TEAMED UP WITH CARLY FIORINA. ((SOT TRUMP)) "he is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who is mathematically eliminated from becoming president who chose a VP candidate." (nats) ((NARR-2)) CRUZ ANNOUNCED FIORINA AS A RUNNING MATE AFTER LOSING FIVE STATES TO TRUMP TUESDAY NIGHT. ((SOT Carly Fiorina/R - Ted Cruz's Running Mate)) Ted Cruz's purpose - my purpose - is to unify the party by talking about the things that matter. ((NARR-3)) TRUMP STUCK TO THE ISSUES EARLIER WEDNESDAY DELIVERING A FOREIGN POLICY SPEECH TO AN INVITED AUDIENCE IN WASHINGTON. ((STANDUP BRIDGE: Craig Boswell/CBS News, Washington)) THE REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC FRONTRUNNERS ARE EACH TRYING TO SHIFT FROM PRIMARY MODE TO THE GENERAL ELECTION AND ARE ALSO TARGETING ONE ANOTHER. (nats) hillary hillary ((NARR-3)) CLINTON IS TAKING EXCEPTION TO TRUMP'S COMMENT THAT SHE PLAYED THE WOMAN CARD. ((SOT Sec. Hillary Clinton/(D) Presidential Candidate)) "If fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is fighting the woman card, then deal me in!" ((NARR-4)) BERNIE SANDERS' CAMPAIGN LAID OFF HUNDREDS OF FIELD STAFFERS WEDNESDAY - BUT HE'S NOT GIVING UP. ((SOT Sanders)) You know what? Unusual things happen in politics. ((NARR-5)) SANDERS AIDES SAY THEY'RE USING MOST OF THEIR RESOURCES ON WINNING CALIFORNIA IN JUNE. CRAIG BOSWELL, CBS NEWS, THE WHITE HOUSE.

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Another effort to legalize marijuana at the state house. The Senate attached its pot bill to a House-approved miscellaneous crime bill -- and sent the whole package back to the House for consideration. Senators who support legalization say they were frustrated the pot bill -- stalled in committee.


((Sen. Dick Sears/D-Bennington "We did it so that we would give the House another opportunity to take a look at the issue of marijuana legalization. It's been disappointing to see it hung up in committee after committee and getting out and now the House appropriations committee has not even scheduled a vote.")) This approach bypasses those committees -- forcing the issue on to the House floor.


Students at Clarendon Elementary heard first hand what it's like to lose someone to drug abuse. Russell Edwards lost his 45 year old son Raul to a drug over dose just five months ago. Russell donated four thousand dollars to the school to help fund prevention education programs -- hoping they can teach kids early enough to say no when it comes to drugs.


((Russell Edwards//Lost Son to Overdose 1:10:33-1:10:48 "if we get down in the lower grades, get the little kids and tell them how bad this stuff is for them, that's where my idea came from, get down where they haven't had it yet... if we can explain to them how to live without it, that's my thought.")) Raul Edwards would have turned 46 today.

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Tonight will feature a few evening clouds to the north. Otherwise, mostly clear skies are expected through the overnight. It will be chilly with lows of 18/25. High pressure will remain in control on Thursday. Skies will become partly cloudy with highs in the upper 40s to middle 50s. That high will keep a storm system to our south on Thursday night into Friday. While southern areas could see a few clouds, the rest of us should see partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. Highs on Friday will bounce back into the 50s. Quiet weather will persist on Saturday. Highs will reach 55/62 under partly cloudy skies. By Sunday it looks like we could see a more clouds, the chance for some showers. In the longer term we could stay unsettled. A frontal system may bring us some showers on Monday into Tuesday. Another front may come at us on Wednesday with more showers.

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A new look inside a city destroyed in a nuclear disaster 30 years ago. This is new drone video released by the United Nations -- of Pripyat, Ukraine -- the city near the Chernobyl nuclear plant. The eerie images were shared on the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster -- which forced the evacuation of the city -- about the size of Burlington. It is still uninhabitable due to high radiation levels -- and could be for thousands of years to come.


Amazing video of a Russian woman walking through an exploding mine field. Russia's deputy prime minister released the footage of a woman in an explosion-proof suit. She makes her way through a series of fiery explosions without missing a beat -- as her suit goes from white to black, charred from the flames.


and in Alabama -- surveillance video captured a small plane crashing into a tree. The plane -- bursts into flames, just as witnesses rush in to help. You can see a nearby business owner's reaction to the crash. Amazingly, the pilot escaped with only minor injuries to his hand.



UVM Hall of Famer Eddie Benton and Katie Rokus, an assistant coach at the University of Cincinnati, are two of the finalists to become the new head coach of the UVM women's basketball team. Channel Three Sports has learned that they are two of four candidates that have been invited for on campus interviews next week and the first two to accept their invitations. Benton is the all-time leading scorer in UVM men's basketball history. He has spent the past three seasons as an assistant coach with the women's program at Duquesne. Prior to that, Benton spent one season as an assistant coach at St. Francis University and eight years as head coach at Division III Le Roche College, where he led the Redhawks to back-to-back conference titles and NCAA Tournament bids, won a total of 108 games over those eight years and was named the conference coach of the year in 2012. As a player at Vermont, Benton's name is all over the school record books, and his number 10 hangs in the rafters at Patrick Gym. Benton scored 2,474 points during his time in Burlington from 1992-1996, the most points in program history and the second most in America East history behind only the late, great Reggie Lewis at Northeastern. His number was retired in 2000 and Benton was elected into the UVM Hall of Fame in 2006


On Monday, Dartmouth announced David McLaughlin as the new head coach of the men's basketball team and today he was introduced to the Big Green Community. Scott Fleishman has more. ((TRT: 1:24 ... OC: CHANNEL THREE SPORTS)) (((Scott Fleishman/"David McLaughlin brings an excitement and energy to the Big Green men's basketball program and they're hoping here in Hanover he'll also bring ivy league championships. Mclaughlin spent the last 3 seasons as associate head coach and recruiting coordinator at Northeastern. As part of the Huskies coaching staff, the team made its first ncaa tournament appearance in 24 years in the 2014-2015 season. He also turned around a division 2 Stonehill hoops program. In nine seasons, he went to the NCAA D-II tournament final four twice and he won Northeast-10 coach of the year twice. McLaughlin started his press conference today by just saying how amazed he was in the fact that he was able to land a job like Dartmouth."))) (((David McLaughlin/"It's the IVY League and there's only eight of those jobs in the country. I really do feel that the leadership that's in place here and the work culture environment and the resources that are in place; I feel like there's a lot of pieces that allow you to build a strong program and that's why it's really important to build relationships with the players and then recruit at a very, very high level."))) (((Evan Boudreaux/"We want to have a great relationship with him. Like he said, trust is huge and it's been very easy so far to trust him, trust his process. He's very accomplished and so far things have been great."))) (((Harry Sheehy/"Specatcular teacher, great recruiter, builds relationships with kids. I just think he's going to be special. That was our sense."))) (((Scott Fleishman/"McLaughlin is a New Englander. He went to Colby College in Maine, has family in New Hampshire and friends in the Burlington area. At Leede Arena in Hanover, Scott Fleishman, Channel 3 sports.")))


Coach McLaughlin said in his press conference that he was going to check out the baseball game later in the day and he's a man of his word. The Big Green taking on Siena ... --- Siena gets a run in the first inning, looking for more later in the frame, but with 2 on Jack Fossand gets the strikeout to end the threat. Fossand allowing just the run in 3 and 2 thirds innings of work. --- The Dartmouth offense gets going in the third inning, scoring a run on a sacrifice fly, then Joe Purritano lines one to right. Mike Brown scores and it's 2-1 Big Green. --- Then, Thomas Roulis fists one to shallow center field. It drops in scoring Purritano. It's 3-1 Dartmouth after 3. Dartmouth wins 5-3. The Big Green close out the regular season with two games at Harvard Saturday and two more against the Crimson in Hanover Sunday.


Former Essex high school field hockey star Kathleen Young has been selected to the U-S Under-19 National Team that will travel to Germany next month for a series of three games with the German junior team. Young is a freshman at Harvard, where she had four goals and five assists and earned honorable mention All-Ivy recognition. Young and the Under-19 squad will be in Germany from May 11th-17th. This is the second straight year Young has been a part of the Under-19 National Team.

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