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We begin with Breaking News tonight -- Caught and cuffed. A man wanted in connection to a homicide investigation is under arrest. The details on where Randal Gebo and the victim's car were found are new at 11.


Randal Gebo is behind bars. Vermont State police tell Channel 3 News that the 61-year-old was arrested Wednesday afternoon in Downers Grove, Illinois. Illinois State Police made the arrest when they pulled they pulled Gebo over nearly 1-thousand miles from Vermont Gebo is wanted in connection to the homicide investigation into the death of 59-year-old Cindy Cook. The Barre mother and grandmother, was found dead on the side of the road in Middlesex one week ago. Gebo was found in Cook's 2009 Mini Cooper. He was arrested without any problems on federal charges for allegedly using Cook's credit cards and stealing her car. That vehicle is being held as evidence and Gebo is behind bars.


Gebo is due in federal court in Illinois tomorrow. Vermont State police tell us this is still an active investigation and are looking to speak with anyone who might have more information.


We're continuing to learn more information about (GHEE-BOW)) Gebo. Priscilla Liguori picks up our team coverage now -- she met with some of the last people he reportedly spoke with - and who once considered him part of their family. Priscilla? Gebo's ex-girlfriend says she thought she was just watching Gebo's dog while he went for cancer treatment. She didn't know that days later, police would be at her door searching for information about the last time she saw him.


Lisa Sayman last saw Randal Gebo July fifth. ((Lisa Sayman, Randal Gebo's ex girlfriend 1517 54:26-29 "I knew something was kind of funny with him when he came in.")) But she didn't know what exactly was wrong. Lisa says she dated Gebo for five years, and that he had come by to drop off Jack -- a golden retriever they once owned together. Even though they broke up two years ago, Lisa would still watch the dog from time to time. ((Lisa Sayman, Randal Gebo's ex girlfriend 1517 52:08-52:12 "He was pretty good to me when we were together, even though he had a quick temper.")) Gebo used to live at Lisa's house with her mother Josephine, who didn't want her face shown on camera. Josephine was there when Gebo said he was leaving to get chemotherapy treatment in Boston. ((Josephine Sayman, 1526 1:03:18-23 "I asked him how long he was going to be gone and he said 15 days.")) ((Josephine Sayman, 1526 1:04:58-05:01 "He just said he'd probably be bald by time he'd come back.")) But that's not where police say Gebo went. Investigators say this person of interest in the Cindy Cook homicide investigation traveled the country, in Cook's car and using Cook's credit card. The Saymans were shocked to hear that Gebo's current girlfriend was found dead on the side of the road in Middlesex, and that police were on the hunt for him. ((Josephine Sayman, 1526 1:06:12-26 PL "Do you think that Randal Gebo had any involvement in Cindy Cook's homicide?" JS "It's kind of hard to believe but you never know. You think you know a person but not really.")) Lisa tells us she didn't look outside to see which car Gebo was driving when she last saw him. She says though Gebo seemed off the day she last saw him, she didn't think he was a violent person. ((Lisa Sayman, Randal Gebo's ex girlfriend 1517 53:03-:15 "One time he went and smashed my phone. He took his hands and literally smashed it, but that's the only time he's ever done anything to me. He never laid a hand on me. He never did anything."))


Detectives reached out to the hospital Gebo said he was going to and officials couldn't find his name in their system. They said he did leave a digital trail by using Cook's credit cards around the country.


Also new tonight -- a slew of charges for an Essex Junction woman accused of drugged driving. Authorities say 34-year-old Sabrina Stewart went off off the road and struck a utility pole on Route 105 in Sheldon this afternoon. State police say she had 4 kids and a cat in the car when it happened. She is now facing 4 counts of reckless endangerment as well as an animal cruelty charge. Stewart is due in court later this month.


Dozens of cows killed in a barn fire in northern New York. More than 100 dairy cows and calves died in the fire in Beekmantown last night. A few dozen escaped into a nearby field. Some firefighters also suffered minor injuries. The farm owners weren't home at the time.


((Kelly Donoghue/Clinton County Emergency Services 6594 02:54:44 "some of the neighbors recognized and some passerbys ended up stopping. They were assisting in removing the cattle from the barn. Of course, as you know, cattle can be difficult sometimes to try to get them moving, and they did the best they could." 02:54:00)) Multiple departments responded--including some from Canada and Franklin County, New York. They say the barn was the main building for the Giroux Dairy Farm, and it is a total loss. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


A prominent Vermont attorney is heading to prison. Darren Perron has the details behind why a man who once worked for the Onion City found himself on the wrong side of the law.


William O'Brien was an attorney for the City of Winooski. And for the Burlington Catholic Diocese. Prosecutors say he used the trust of a deceased client -- as his own bank account -- and took money from other clients -- that was supposed to go charity. Nearly half a million misappropriated. He was also involved in a shady land deal -- keeping -- and making rental money off property -- that the victim thought was a home for the elderly. The state calls O'Brien's crimes, "breathtaking." And an "incomprehensible litany of neglect, dishonesty, and outright lying that spanned a decade or more." Court paperwork goes on to call O'Brien an "arrogant, selfish, and ultimately amoral individual" and not the big-hearted and hard-working person he appeared to be. O'Brien claimed he planned to use the money to help the community. But prosecutors point out that he never repaid the money -- until the night before he was set to lose his law license. An investigation into O'Brien began in 2015. O'Brien got 14 months to serve -- after pleading guilty to fraud -- followed by a year of supervised release. And because he didn't file accurate income taxes during this time -- the IRS is also investigating. Darren Perron Channel 3 News Burlington


More turmoil tonight at the New England Center for Circus Arts. The center's president says Executive Director Michael Helmstadter is resigning -- and that following the announcement the center's entire board resigned too. The center says coaches HAVE returned to work and classes are resuming.

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Nearly 100 people are losing their jobs at General Dynamics in Nashua. The company tells Channel 3 News it is closing the New Hampshire plant -- as a cost-saving move. A date for shutting it down -- has not been set yet. The plant specializes in designing and manufacturing high-tech camera systems. We've also learned through company officials -- that the Williston, Vermont plant is not affected. And no action is planned for the 185 employees there.


Another nice day today (for the most part, anyway). RADAR: A small cluster of thunderstorms has moved into St. Lawrence and Franklin counties in New York. Elsewhere, it's quiet. A weak cold front will continue to sink south into the region, but weaken further over time. A few showers are expected tonight, mainly near the Canadian border. WAKEUP WEATHER: Partly cloudy. Isolated shower north. Low: 57/65.


Sad news tonight for Senator John McCain. The 80-year-old has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Doctors made the discovery when they removed a blood clot from the Arizona republican's eye. His office says he has glioblastoma -- an aggressive kind of cancer. Right now the senator is reviewing treatment options.


Thirty-two million more people would lose their insurance if a proposal to repeal Obamacare and replace it later moves forward. That's according to the Congressional budget office. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell announced plans next week for a repeal only vote -- without a replacement. Meanwhile the president called senators to the White House today -- urging them not to leave town -- and get back to work on legislation that would repeal AND replace The Affordable Care Act.


Donald Trump Jr. will be in the hot seat next week. He has agreed to testify before senate investigators next Wednesday. He'll appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee. President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort will testify as well. They both held a controversial meeting with a Russian lawyer in June last year. E-mails show Trump junior and Manafort were promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Those emails - released by Trump junior himself - also suggested the Russian government *could be* behind that information.


Several boats caught fire at a Texas marina. This massive fire demanded a lot of crews today in Pottsboro. Several boats up in flames at Highport Marina -- and as you can see --- that thick black smoke could be seen for miles. Luckily no one was seriously hurt. No word yet on what caused the fire.

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Still ahead tonight on the channel 3 news -- new rules on marijuana possession in the Granite State. Meanwhile in Vermont -- police have a very specific way of targeting stoned drivers. (00:01:58:00 Trpr Jay Riggen ) ((How much dope did you smoke? Your eyes are all scewed up. Driver: Just a little bit. a couple of rolls.)) We'll tell you what they look for... And using yoga to turn lives around...when the channel 3 news at 11 continues...


Pot de-crim -- gets the green light in the Granite State. Governor Chris Sununu signed the bill -- which reduces the penalty for possessing small amounts of pot... making it a $100 civil violation for the first offense. That makes New Hampshire the last New England state to eliminate the possibility of jail time for possession of small amounts of marijuana. That goes into effect in 60 days.


Regardless of de-crim or legal weed -- being high behind the wheel is NOT legal. Our Political Reporter Kyle Midura explains how law enforcement in Vermont goes after stoned drivers.


(00:01:58:00 Trpr Jay Riggen ) ((How much dope did you smoke? Your eyes are all scewed up. Driver: Just a little bit. a couple of rolls.)) This is what it looks like when a trooper... trained in drug recognition... spots a driver they believe to be under the influence. There's the standard field sobriety test... and a breathalyzer to determine if alcohol is present. (9:15 does test. 9:23 trpr "Zero Ok".) Officers trained in Drug Recognition first observe driving prior to a stop, then the operator, before administering roadside tests. Along with the smell associated with some drugs, they look to the eyes... as part of a 12-step process to assess vital signs, and mental function. (00:03:12:00) ((Trooper Jay Riggen - Vermont State Police the big idea here in drug impairment enforcement is this idea of totality of the circumstances )) In this case - Trooper Jay Riggen has enough with the admission and signs of impairment to pull the driver off the road. (9:55) (( Trpr "I'm going to place you under arrest for driving under the influence of drugs". )) (00:10:18:00 - video) (turns back around and cuffs go on) But these drugged-driving cases can be tough to prosecute. (00:05:03:00) ((Dennis Wygmans - Addison County State's Attorney I found that juries are pretty open to the concept of people being impaired they just don't know what to look for )) Addison County State's Attorney Dennis Wygmans says video of a stop doesn't fully capture all the subtle signs of intoxication. And unlike with alcohol, there's little science and no law in Vermont specifying a blood concentration level for impairment. (nats - road) There is a limit in Colorado for marijuana -- though even law enforcement questions the standard's ability to accurately account for impairment. Wygmans says DREs know the signs and symptoms of impaired driving -- but also need more experience translating what they're seeing - and the science behind their observations - to juries. (9:00ish) ((I think they'll get better over time and we certainly would love it if Department of Public Safety would engage in that sort of a practice more meaningfully )) (GFX) We analyzed court records from 2016. Prosecutors leveled 138 DUI cases involving drugs -- including some that involved alcohol as well. 83 resulted in a DUI conviction -- 55 were dismissed. (END GFX) (nats - 5:44 instructs to follow fingers.) That stop we showed you earlier ultimately resulted in a careless and negligent operation conviction. KM, Ch.3 Burlington.


Some addicts are using yoga on the road to recovery. The Turning Point Center in Burlington offers classes to people recovering from substance abuse. The Recovery community program was started in 2015 by Meg Tipper -- a former addict turned yoga instructor.


((Meg Tipper/Yoga instructor 00.50.07 Well i actually found yoga before i found recovery was part of my search for peace and health and at that point I didn't understand that drinking and using drugs was a bad idea 00.50.26)) Participants say that yoga's focus on the incorporation of brain and body has been key in their recovery process. And the personal connections that the program fosters are equally important. Those classes are offered several days a week -- and are free for anyone in recovery. Learn more on wcax dot com.


WHAT TO EXPECT: A few showers, mainly north through tonight. Looking good the next few days. Most of the weekend is looking good (showers & thunderstorms by midday Sunday). CURRENT IN BURLINGTON: Partly cloudy. Upper 70s. RADAR/SATELLITE: A weak cold front is touching off a few thunderstorm in New York. Elsewhere, there's not too much going on. A few showers will persist tonight, mainly north. TEMPERATURES: Currently in the 60s and 70s. CLOUDS/PRECIP FORECAST: The cold front will stall in the region on Thursday, but fizzle out. So Thursday and Friday are looking decent.


Thursday: Partly sunny. Isolated shower or thunderstorm. Highs: 77/85 Winds: Light Thursday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows: 55/63 Winds: Light Friday: Partly sunny. Highs: 77/85 Winds: W 10-15 mph Extended: Saturday through Wednesday. Friday night: Lows 52/60 Saturday: Partly sunny. Highs 70s Lows 50s Sunday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs 70s Lows 50s Monday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers/Tstorms. Highs 70s lows 55/65 Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance for showers. Highs 70s Lows 50s Wednesday: Partly sunny. Highs 70s




You've heard of the running of the bulls -- but what about the running of the bison? Take a loot at this -- More than a dozen bison escaped from a farm in Gilford New Hampshire. You can see them here tearing through a neighbors lawn. The huge animals halting traffic -- as police and animal control worked to corral them. The family who owns the farm believes loud road work may have scared the animals -- they found a weak spot in the fence and took off running.


((Robert Bolduc Brother Owns Bison : My son called me and he said. I think those are Ahmends buffalo coming right now the road at about 25 30 miles an hour.)) After several hours all of the bison and their young calves had returned.



One of the most impressive aspects of the Lake Monsters strong start has been their consistency. A month into the season, Vermont had only lost one series, while winning or splitting eight, until their current series with Hudson Valley. The Renegades won the first two, so Vermont trying to avoid being swept for the first time tonight at Centennial... --- this is not the way the Monsters wanted to start. The first batter of the game, Vidal Brujan takes Argenis Blanco deep to right. It's a solo shot. 1-0 Hudson Valley. --- Vermont second baseman Ryan Gridley had a good day in the field making a couple of nifty plays including this diving stop in the third. --- However, the game belonged to Renegades starter, Drew Strotman. He gets the double play to end the 5th inning. Strotman doesn't allow a hit in 6 innings of work. ---- Top of the 6th, Hudson Valley adds to its lead with 3 more runs. Vermont is held to just one hit all game as the Renegades complete the sweep, beating the Monsters, 7-1.


In the NECBL tonight...the Vermont Mountaineers are in extra innings, tied at four in the 13th at Keene... --- while the Upper Valley Nighthawks drop their second straight, 13-2 at Sanford...


The American Legion Tournament begins this weekend...this afternoon...the Colchester Cannons hosting Addison County... --- Colchester with a big first inning, Tyler Peacock with a rope to right. Jacob Cunningham scores making it 2-0 Cannons. --- Then it's Saul Minaya dropping one into center. Peacock comes around. 3-0 Colchester after 1. --- Chase Carey working with a lead pitches 5 scoreless innings before Addison County scores in the 6th. The Cannons win it, 8-3 ending the regular season 19-7.


After needing 15 innings in a game that took nearly five hours to complete last night ...a game that ended early this morning, the rode the arm of Drew Pomeranz and a three RBI night from Dustin Pedroia to beat the Jays 5-1 in a crisp two hours and 47 minutes tonight. Pedroia had a two run single in a four run second, and added another RBI single in the fourth to lead the offense. Pomeranz allowed just three hits and one run over six and two thirds to pick up the win and improve to 10-4 on the season. The teams wrap up a four game series tomorrow afternoon...a 1:30pm start at Fenway. The Yankees and Tampa both lost earlier today, so Boston's lead in the A-L East increases to three games over the Rays and four and a half up on New York.


Thunder Road returns to action with a full race card tomorrow night. While NASCAR star Kyle Busch is gone...soon to be Olympian Amanda Pelkey will be on hand for a ceremony honoring the Montpelier native as she prepares to represent the Red, White and Blue. We'll have a report from Barre tomorrow night at 6pm.


Let's head to the Country Club of Vermont in Waterbury for the first round of the Vermont Women's senior Amateur. --- Reggie Parker has won this event 8 times. Check out the birdie putt on 16. --- Parker, representing Green Mountain National Golf Club with a nice approach shot here on 18. She ends up 2-putting to save par. Parker leads with a 6 over par 78. She's the only golfer today to score under 80. --- Burlington Country Club's Mary Brush is in second, 5 shots back, her long birdie putt on 18 goes in and out! The second and final round is tomorrow morning in Waterbury with the lead group teeing off around 9:50.

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