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Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. Bye bye -- Big Blue. Hello, GlobalFoundries. The deal for Global to take over IBM's chip-making division -- is inked. So, what does it mean for the thousands of Vermont workers? Alex Apple talked with Global Foundries leaders about their plans for the Essex Junction plant. Alex. Good news today from Global Foundries executives about the Essex Junction plant -- they're ready to hire more chip manufacturers and engineers. Today -- I pressed executives about what kind of long-term commitment they would make to the Vermont facility.


Global Foundries executives have a message for their new employees in Vermont: your jobs are here to stay. ((Brian Harrison/Global Foundries 16:15 they are now in an organization where they the individuals are at the core of what we do.)) At the Essex Junction plant, the multi-national company will make semiconductors -- like ones used in cell phones and computers. 3000 former IBM employees are now Global Foundries workers. ((19:38 Apple: from global foundries perspective, what assurance can they get that they are going to continue to invest in this plant and continue to employ people here in Essex what would you say to that? Brian Harrison/Global Foundries: Our outlook for the Burlington community here, we call it FAB9, is very bright. There is a strong, clear leadership position.)) The tech giant also operates plants in Malta and Fishkill, New York. They've invested 10 billion dollars in Malta -- and it's still growing. That worries some Vermonters -- who fear further investment THERE -- may mean the Essex Junction plant is no longer necessary. Meaning jobs could be lost to the Malta plant. ((31:48 Apple: that those plants would grow to a size where you would no longer need the plant here in Essex is that a feasible scenario down the road? Brian Harrison/Global Foundries: 32:35 So in your hypothetical case even if we wanted to, it's not capable to run those technologies and products so there is no plausible scenario that says we can do that 32:53)) Brian Harrison is the Senior Vice President for integrating the IBM plant with Global Foundries -- he said the Vermont employees will make a completely different type of semiconductor than the ones produced in Malta. Harrison even committed to further investment in the Vermont wing of Global Foundries. ((20:44 Brian Harrison/Global Foundries: we will make investments and we've already been part of investment that took place prior to the transition and closing to add capacity here in Burlington)).


Harrison admitted that investment could be in the billions of dollars. Mike Cadigan -- who worked for IBM and will now oversee Global Foundries microchip production -- says the new company's portfolio of 16,000 tech patents -- bodes well for the Essex Junction facility's long-term viability.


A flash flood warning was issued earlier today for parts of our region. The rain was fast and furious for much of the day -- spilling over roads -- and causing some bodies of water to rise. And take a look at the Milton Dam. Water rushing there. And Sharon - the thunder was loud here at the station...

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Monday state police told Channel 3 there was no threat to the public -- as they looked for a woman in connection with a shooting. Prosecutors charged her with attempted homicide the next morning, after allegedly finding the woman with a cocked, loaded handgun. Kyle Midura joins us to explain how police determine when the public should be warned about possible dangers, Kyle Darren and Kristin- 31-year-old Veronica Lewis allegedly walked from the scene of the shooting to a bus stop, riding -- with the weapon -- to Montpelier. Her fellow passengers likely had no idea of the potential danger -- and police say they didn't at the time either.


A suspect is charged, but the investigation is far from over after a shooting Monday that left a Westford man with life-threatening injuries. 31-year-old Veronica Lewis stands accused of shooting her firearms instructor Darryl Montague three times. But, hours before her arrest Vermont State Police Captain J.P. Sinclair insisted they simply wanted to find the then unidentified woman and have a chat. (00:45:35:00) ((JP Sinclair -- MONDAY I want to re-iterate right now though that this is not a suspect)) (00:45:10:00) ((JP Sinclair -- MONDAY at this time, we don't know if this was an accidental injury or what we have right now)) Sinclair says had they known then what they do now, a warning would have been issued to the public. (00:09:57:00- approx.) ((Capt. JP Sinclair - Vermont State Police certainly we would like to get the information out so people could take logical, common sense steps to protect themselves :03 that's always a luxury we never have )) In this case troopers responded to a call for a hit and run -- not shooting -- which contributed to the faulty threat assessment. Monday evening, police had evidence that she took a gun-safety lesson from the victim at his home ... and that a firearm could be missing. A background check revealed a checkered criminal history -- and dropped charges in New York after being ruled incompetent to stand trial because of mental illness. But, it also found three Vermonters own the same first and last name. (00:04:32:00) ((Capt. JP Sinclair we still didn't know 100% what her involvement was :36 )) They had yet to rule out that she could also have been a target. Shortly after Sinclair's Monday interview, troopers arrested Lewis at Hundred Acres Homestead -- the therapeutic mental health facility where she has lived since January. A search warrant later uncovered a loaded and cocked handgun with three live rounds and three spent ones which she allegedly carried with her as she rode a bus from a stop near the shooting scene to Montpelier. This isn't the first case where police incorrectly assessed a threat to the public. Curriers 6-15-11 ((Lt. George Murtie/Essex Police Dept. 00:25:16 "we don't think he's a serious public safety concern at this time.")) That's how Essex Police assessed the situation shortly after a couple disappeared in June 2011. Investigators discovered years later the sketch they had depicted serial killer Israel Keyes. In 2001, New Hampshire's then Attorney General also suggested the public faced no danger after the murder of two Dartmouth professors ( DARTMOUTH 1-28-01) ((Phillip McLaughlin/N.H. Attorney General: "If we had a specific reliable reason to believe that the community would be at risk, then we would express that because that would be our duty.)) Capt. Sinclair says warning the public about threats that don't exist could cause them to be skeptical of real threats -- assuming the police are crying wolf. He says the pressure and stress of whether to tell the public to take precautions hangs over almost every death investigation -- and with the possibility of accomplices concern doesn't dissolve when handcuffs go on.


The shooting victim -- Darryl Montague -- is still alive, but remains incapable of speaking with police. A motive for the alleged shooting remains unclear -- Lewis denied the charge Tuesday in court. Kristin


A Morristown man will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars for molesting and sexually assaulting three young girls. 72 year old Alton "Sonny" McFarlane pleaded guilty to sexual assault and lewd and lascivious conduct against children. Today a judge sentenced him to 10 to 35 years in prison. Police say McFarlane's sexual abuse spans 40 years. His victims ranged in age from 6 to 14, at the time of the offenses. Judge Dennis Pearson called the crimes devious and offensive. The judge says it's unlikely McFarlane will complete sex offender treatment necessary for an early release.


Some new laws took effect today. The revenge porn law makes it illegal to knowingly share a nude image without a person's consent. Changes to the sex offender registry -- the Courts -- not the department of public safety will decide if a convict is named on the registry. The state's hands-free law closes a loophole -- you can no longer use devices while at stop signs or stop lights. And you'll shell out more cash for that soda -- the state's 6-percent sales tax on sugary drinks goes into effect.


Is bigger better? A committee studying consolidating a group of schools in Chittenden County thinks so. Members voted last night in favor of a combined school district for Essex, Essex Junction and Westford. Logan Crawford reports.


After months of debate over consolidating three school districts into one -- many community members are starting to see potential benefits. (TC 00:06:16:14 Tile 2584) ((Cindy Rickson/Essex "Share ideas, resources policies protocols and a school board and a united group of people that can make decisions on behalf of the students in the whole area." 00:06:29:27)) This proposed union of schools in Essex, Essex Junction and Westford comes after the new education law signed last month. No schools would close. But if residents votes yes -- there will be a single school board for these four-thousand students. Supporters say it would mean tax breaks for residents -- and savings for the schools. (TC 00:13:49:23 Tile 2588) ((Brian O'Regan/Committee Moderator "The conservative estimate by the consolidation of the 2 central offices is a little over a million dollars. The expectation would be once a new board was elected they would continue to look at cost savings." 00:14:01:26)) Some residents voiced concern that one school board wouldn't be enough to govern such a large school body -- and attend to every individual group's needs. (TC 00:17:18:19 Tile 2588) ((Brian O'Regan/Committee Moderator "20 people heard enough that this was not going to be a challenge for a new board to truly be able to manage and govern, provide good stewardship to the school system." 00:17:33:01)) Supporters of the plan think one big school district will improve education for students -- with a united curriculum and more opportunities for students. Advocates say the potential success of this might show others in the state consolidation can work. (TC 00:07:01:08 Tile 2584) ((Cindy Rickson/Essex "If they could share what they provided with my daughter with someone else who needed those accommodations and were able to do that, that would be amazing." 00:07:09:17)) If all three towns vote yes to the merger in November -- a five year tax incentive plan would apply to all residents. The first year is expected to save residents hundreds in property taxes. Logan Crawford, Channel 3 News, Essex Junction. -3-


A Windsor company -- just landed a big contract to bring water purifying systems to schools -- in Mexico. Eliza Larson has more.


Water. It's a resource Senator Patrick Leahy says some Vermonters take for granted. But thanks to a new partnership -- he says other parts of the world can soon do the same. (TC 08:32:29:26 Title 0652)((Sen. Patrick Leahy/D-Vermont: "i'd like to be able to tell other parts of the world because of Vermont you're going to be able to take water for granted." 08:32:36:03)) Vermont's senior senator joined officials from Seldon Technologies in Windsor on Wednesday to announce an international clean water initiative. The company builds water purification devices. And the contract with Bebederos ecologicos -- a Mexican based water fountain manufacturer -- will provide water purification devices to Mexican public schools. (TC 08:15:37:28 Title 0630)((Alessandro Covarrubias/Bebederos Ecologicos: "mexico was ranked number one in childhood obesity and diabetes. The government requires all public schools to provide non-contaminated drinking water to all students. This will encourage students to drink clean water rather than sugar sodas." 08:16:00:13)) Seldon's General Manager Shawn Montgomery says the new partnership will provide as many as five hundred thousand water filters to the schools -- which will eliminate bacteria and other organisms harmful to human health. (TC 08:22:04:06 Title 0632)((Shawn Montgomery/Seldon Technolgoies General Manager: . Improvements in drinking water quality and household water treatments such as point of use can lead to a reduction in associated rates of disease and death." 08:22:23:14)) The deal is good news for Seldon Technologies -- which has 37 workers right now. Officials say more jobs could be coming but they are not sure how many. Montgomery says the new filters are easy to use -- and even easier to install. Senator Leahy secured 20 million dollars in research and development contracts for Seldon in it's early years. He says he's happy to see the company grow. (TC 08:11:44:08 Title 0628)((Sen. Patrick Leahy/D-Vermont: "i've been pleased to work with them from the days when -- if you recall -- when Seldon had technology that would help get water for a single individual - to now where they get water for a whole community. We Vermonters ought to be darn proud." 08:12:07:23)) Proud of Vermont's efforts to help others around the world. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Windsor.


After announcing that a dozen Clinton Correctional Facility Employees were put on leave, the Department of Corrections has announced that its superintendent is officially being replaced. Rose Spillman has more on the crackdown.


Officials say inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat were the first prisoners to successfully escape of the maximum security facility at Clinton Correctional in Dannemora, New York in over 100 years. Now the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision is making big changes to ensure it won't happen again. Saranac Lake Resident Sandra Winderl says the prison made one big mistake with Matt and Sweat by allowing them to live on an honor block. (07:07:58 0013) ((Sandra Winderl/Saranac Lake, NY "Those two murderers should not have had the privileges they had. I've never heard of such a thing as prisoners that killed and slaughtered to wear regular clothes and have the freedom of walking all around free. That's wrong." 07:08:12)) GFX: On Wednesday, the DOCCS announced that Clinton Correctional was following stricter rules that included the elimination of the "honor block" where Matt and Swatt had special priveledges. They also announced that prisoners cells are now being searched weekly, including regular inspections of the catwalks behind the cells. Bed checks are being done randomly throughout the night. Construction job boxes are being kept in secured areas where inmates cannot reach them, and security gates are being installed in the prison's tunnels. (07:05:58 0013) ((Sandra Winderl/Saranac Lake, NY "there had to be more help there than what is being said, cause this has been going on for a wwhile. They had this all planned." 07:06:07) Employees Joyce Mitchell and Gene Palmer have been arrested since the escape, but a dozen employees were suspended, including superintendent Steven Racette. On Wednesday the DOCCS announced that Racette was being replaced by Michael Kirkpatrick , who was the First Deputy Superintendent the correctional center in Elmira. (07:09:10 0014) ((Assemblywoman Janet Duprey/ "He's only been there a little over a year. He's brought the place back amazingly, really was straightening it up. You can't turn everything around in a year." 07:09:23)) Assemblywoman Janet Duprey says she had encouraged Racette to lead the prison over a year ago. Now, she's disappointed to see him taking the blame. (07:09:33 0014) ((Assemblywoman Janet Duprey/ "Incredibly disappointed that at least we didnt wait until the IG's report came out and see what the circumstances were. I mean nobody that has over 1,000 employees and 3,000 inmates can know what's happening every day." 07:09:50)) Officials have been interviewing Sweat about the escape, who told them he had a few close calls while on the run from authorities. At one point he told them that he hid in a hunting stand just above where officers were searching. Yet after 23 days on the run, he was finally apprehended. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Dannemora, New York.


The Department of Corrections says the stricter security protocols have been followed since the first day of the escape on June 6th.


Regulators gave UVM medical center the OK for a new building -- but there's a catch. The nearly 190 million dollar -- 7-story project will include 128 private rooms. But the Green Mountain Care Board is requiring the hospital to do additional financial reporting before the start of construction. The hospital is now developing a plan to meet those conditions.


A major mental health provider in Chittenden County reached a deal with workers. Howard Center employees have been working for nearly a year with out a contract. But today - the non profit announced a 2-year deal with AFSCME - which represents more than 700 Howard Center workers. Specifics of the deal were not released. But in a statement -- Executive Director Bob Bick pointed out that HowardCenter has faced state cuts in funding - while hospitals and state employees have seen increases. HowardCenter served 16-thousand clients last year.



A frontal system will move through the area this evening. We'll see showers as well as a few thunderstorms. Some of the showers and thunderstorms could produce locally heavy rainfall. That frontal system will move away tonight. Any showers will taper off and give way to some gradual clearing overnight. Lows will reach the middle 50s. Thursday is looking like a really nice day. Skies will become partly cloudy with highs in the mid 70s. Humidity levels will be lower too. After a cool start Friday will be a beautiful day. Mostly sunny skies will boost our highs to 75/82. Skies will be mostly clear for the Burlington fireworks too. Looking ahead, the 4th of July will feature partly cloudy skies and highs of 75/82. A weak front will start to move in on Saturday night which could produce a couple of light, widely scattered showers. Then we'll be back to partly cloudy skies on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are looking dry with temps warming into the 80s (it will finally feel like summer!). Then another frontal system could catch up to us with more wet weather later next week.



Despite heightened efforts over the last two years to address Vermont's opiate abuse problems -- a new report by DCF says substance abuse continues to be a problem -- and that it's playing an increasing role when it comes to child protection cases. Alexei Rubenstein reports.


Cindy Boyd is a recovering addict and knows firsthand what it's like to have parental rights terminated; she lost her 2 year old daughter. ((00:09:07 Cindy Boyd/Recovering Addict "I pretty much did anything and everything. My main drug of choice was crack cocaine. I was a heroin addict for a while. I was into pills)) As the state over the past two years has grappled with problems in the state's child protection system, story's like Boyd's have become increasingly common -- with opiate abuse at the heart of many of the child abuse or child neglect cases in the state. ((00:00:17 "I was smoking crack in the house and I thought because she was in another room it was ok. I didn't realize I was putting her at risk because she wasn't around me. )) ((00:03:58 Cindy Boyd/Recovering Addict "It takes control over you. That's all you think about. That's all you live for, and not that you don't love your children and want to take care of them, your just physcially and mentally addicted to this, and that takes precedence over the children.)) (00:00:39) ((Ken Schatz "We see young children entering into DCF custody in essentially record, unprecedented numbers.")) (00:00:44) (FONT) According to an annual report by the Vermont Department for Children and Families -- the problem seems to be getting worse. The Department took action on more than 58-hundred (5,846) new cases in 2014, an increase of 27-percent since 2010. Substance abuse was a factor in about one-third of the cases. (00:06:23) ((Ken Schatz "The reality is if this trend of increasing numbers of children coming into state custody continues, we are going to be increasingly challenged and resourced will become something that we will continue to look at very carefully.")) (00:06:38) Despite recently adding 18 new social workers positions and increased screening for substance abuse, Schatz says case loads are now even higher than they were before they added the new workers. And a more disturbing trend -- a 68 percent increase in children under six--coming into custody -- largely because of Opiate abuse. (GOV SIGNING-FILE ) Changes on the way mandated by the new child protection law signed by the governor last month are also coming that may increase the case load -- including -- a new definition of child abuse that incorporates substance abuse in the home. Boyd served time in jail -- relapsed -- and eventually agreed to terminate her parental rights. Now -- nearly a decade later -- she leads the Kingdom Recovery Center in St. Johnsbury, helping other parents to navigate the pitfalls she went through. ((00:08:25 Cindy Boyd/Recovering Addict "The more long term sobriety I had, the more I saw that was the life I wanted to live and not go back. An I think as a result of that my life has changed dramatically. I didn't think for one minute I would be doing what I'm doing now, let alone having a relationship with my daughter who I signed over my parental rights for.)) Boyd got clean and continues to build a new relationship with her daughter. But many other parents in Vermont are still struggling--a startling trend DCF says is leaving the state's most vulnerable at risk. Alexei Rubenstein -- Channel 3 News - St. Johnsbury


Federal and state officials -- responded to an Alburgh property. FBI agents -- State Police -- and Firefighters were on scene -- at BP Autoworks on Route 2. Investigators were inspecting and seizing property. But we don't know why. The FBI says it cannot say what's happening, because it's an ongoing investigation. But a spokesperson did say there is no threat to the public.


A blaze in Newport has fire officials warning folks about spontaneous combustion. Investigators say a bag full of cleaning towels burst into flames at the Northeast Kingdom Tasting Center Monday -- causing 5-thousand dollars in smoke damage. Authorities say it's best to store rags and towels that have oil -- grease or other chemicals on them in an area that allows good ventilation.


The Coventry landfill will be open for another 10 years. The new certification allows the plant to take in 600-thousand tons of waste each year for the next decade. Plans are also in the works for the landfill to expand south -- towards the airport. That's news around the region.


The US women's soccer team will find out its World Cup finals opponent tonight when Japan takes on England. The World Cup championship takes place Sunday in Vancouver. Over 51 fans in Montreal last night witnessed the US punch its ticket to the big game with a 2-0 win over Germany. --- Goalkeeper Hope Solo recorded her fifth straight shutout, but she didn't need to make a stop here in the 59th minute as Germany's Celia Sasic missed the net on the penalty kick. It's germany's first ever PK miss in World Cup play. --- 10 minutes later, Carli Lloyd has a PK chance for the US and she doesn't miss. That goal gives the US a 1-0 lead. --- Lloyd also adds an assist before this one is over feeding Kelley O'Hara for her first international goal late in the game. The US has definitely picked the right to be playing its best soccer.


(((Jill Ellis/"We knew we had this in us. This team has a lot of confidence and we've done a good job of blocking out you guys and distractions, just focusing on what we need to do. We had every belief that we could win this game and that's just the spirit of the American player."))) (((Carli Lloyd/"We started this tournament saying that it was going to take 23 players and everybody has contributed and it's just been a collective team performance, but we just didn't come here to just make the final. We came here to win it so we just have to go after it next game.")))


Coming up later in sports, The Red Sox give Toronto fans plenty of fond memories on Canada Day


A weight loss shot -- recently approved by the FDA-- is becoming more available now. Brian Webb reports.


Renee Lassiter is working with her doctor to try to lose weight. She shed 30 pounds while taking part in a more than yearlong study of the injectable drug Saxenda. (SOT) (Renee Lassiter/Study Participant) I felt good about myself. I had a great relationship with the doctors and everyone that was in the study they really encouraged me. Doctor Xavier Pi-Sunyer ran part of the study for Columbia University Medical Center. He explained how the drug works. (SOT) (Doctor Xavier Pi-Sunyer/Columbia University Hospital) It tends to decrease, gastric emptying, the emptying of the stomach. And it gives signals to the brain to lower hunger and increase satiety. (graphic) Study participants who took Saxenda lost an average of 18 and a half pounds over 56 weeks. Those taking a placebo only lost 6 pounds. Standup: (Brian Webb/New York) Saxenda is for patients who are considered obese, or are overweight with at least one weight related condition, like high blood pressure or diabetes. (SOT) (Doctor) The overall effect of the drug was very good and very comparable or better than the drugs that are now on the market. But the drug is also expensive and can cause side effects. (SOT) (Renee) Now Im strictly trying to do it on my own. You know with the diet and exercise. This is the fourth weight loss drug approved by the Federal Drug Administration since 2012. Brian Webb for CBS News, New York.


The study results were published in this weeks issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. The study involved 3700 people from six continents. That's health watch.



A Poultney man took off this week -- walking Washington D.C. But his trek to the nation's capital isn't the biggest challenge he's faced. Eliza Larson tells us more.


(TC 07:56:58:08 Title 0600)((Donald Duncan/Walking to Washington D.C.: "it's four words; your will, not mine." 07:57:02:24)) This four word prayer has gotten Donald Duncan through what he calls his darkest days. (TC 07:30:01:10 Title 0599)((Donald Duncan/Walking to Washington D.C.: "I truly thought I was dying and I believed it." 07:30:04:10)) The 65-year-old has battled two forms of cancer; skin cancer that went undetected for many years -- and colon cancer -- a fight he thought he was going to lose. (TC 07:37:20:20 Title 0599)((Donald Duncan/Walking to Washington D.C.: "turn to Christ and you ask him for the direction in which you go. Which doctor, which advice you listen to, which advice you don't listen to. Pray to him, be still and wait for an answer." 07:37:34:20)) Duncan says God answered by telling him to stop his radiation therapy and go back to chemo. HE SAYS HE'S been cured -- and now shares his faith with others. (NATS) DUNCAN and and his wife Ann built an outdoor sanctuary behind their house in Poultney. They call it the House of Angels -- it's open to the public for prayer -- worship -- and healing. They say many have come to the sanctuary and have felt something during their visits. From here -- Duncan will take his first steps TOWARD Washington D.C. On Monday to share his message of faith. He's calling it the "Heal America Walk." He says God gave him the idea two years ago. (TC 07:43:49:25 Title 0599)((Donald Duncan/Walking to Washington D.C.: "he said, put a bible on your chest. Walk to Washington. Declare me, the power, the blessing, and the grace that's made this country prosperous and great." 07:44:04:20)) He says the trip will take him six to eight weeks. He's not raising money for his journey. (TC 07:44:11:19 Title 0599)((Donald Duncan/Walking to Washington D.C.: "I love God most of all but I love this nation. And I love the people in it." 07:44:20:00)) He hopes it's God's will to get him to Washington safely. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. Poultney.


Soccer fans are still pumped after last night's big win in the Women's World Cup. Team U-S-A took down the favorite -- Germany 2-to-zero in the semi-final round in Montreal. Alex Apple was there.


(( chanting USA USA )) (( ( It hought it would be closer : What was going thru your mind ? - We believed that we would win)) (( Katherine Agen : I thought we would win today - the last few games the us was not the best so i thought we would make it)) ((chanting : I believe that we would win ! I believe that we would win !)) (( throughout the first half there was a few chances for Germany - but then the americans grew the confidence)) (( : as soon as they missed that kick we knew it was our game, we knew at that point in time there was a change in momentum.)) (( : i knew that they were going to get it in - it was unbelievable - it was so great )) (( i think they were nervous - i would be i don't know)) (( thinking about heading back tomorrow but now we might be good luck charms ))


The women now head to the World Cup Championship game -- scheduled for this Sunday in Vancouver.


The Mountaineers and New Bedford were washed out tonight at Montpelier Rec Field. They'll make it up Tuesday July, 14th. This is the 6th rainout this season for the Neers.


Despite the bad weather, the Mountaineers were visited by former major league pitcher Jim Kaat. This is video from his prior visits. It's the fourth straight year Kaat has stopped off at Montpelier Rec Field to share stories and give advice to these potential major leaguers. The 76 year old is still broadcasting games for the MLB network and has his own blog on the MLB website called Kaat's Korner.


The Vermont Lake Monsters open up a 6 game road trip tonight at Tri City. --- Vermont heads out on the road after dropping 2 out of three to Lowell this week at Centennial Field. Last night, the long ball really hurt Vermont in a 7-6 loss in 10 innings. It started with a three run shot by Luis Basabe in the third inning. Basabe also hit the game winning homerun in the 10th inning. --- Chad De La Guerra added a 2 run shot in the fourth. The good news is that Vermont scored 4 in the bottom of the ninth to send the game into extra innings. Jonathan Massad gets the start tonight for the Monsters.


Just when you thought the Red Sox were getting back on track, out comes Rick Porcello to derail the momentum. Boston in Toronto for Canada day. --- Porcello isn't Canadian, and you know what? He's not a very good pitcher right now either. Bottom of the first, with 2 on and first base open, Porcello grooves this 3-1 pitch to EDWIN ENCARNACION who blasts a 3-run homer. 3-0 Jays. --- Later in the inning, JUSTIN SMOAK blasts this 2 run shot to right. 5-0 Toronto. SO much for Boston's first 4 game winning streak of the season. --- SMOAK hits his second homer of the day off ROBBIE ROSS Porcello allows 7 runs in 2 innings never giving his team a chance, 11-2 Jays the final.


While you were sleeping last night, the Yankees dropped a tough one to Anaheim, 2-1. Albert Pujols taking Ivan Nova deep in the 6th inning for a solo shot tying the game at 1. --- The next batter, Erick Aybar also goes high and deep to center for another solo shot. The series wraps up tonight, but no late night start here on the east coast. First pitch is set for 7:05.


As I mentioned in the Red Sox highlights, today is Canada day. You can bet they well celebrating at the UVM women's basketball camp this afternoon. That's because the Cats have a pretty good track record when it comes to Canadian players. Some of the best Catamouns in school history have come from north of the boarder. From Sheri Turnbull and Karalyn Church to May Kotsopoulos and current Cats assistant coach Courtney Pilypaitis. Head coach Lori Gear McBride has 6 new players this season and 4 of them are freshman from Canada. She's hoping these 4 can help recreate some of that magic from years past, trying to turn around a program that went 5-24 last season.


(((Lori Gear McBride/"That is such a tradition at Vermont. We expect to build upon the history of the great Canaidians in this program with this freshman class. I think everyone will be excited to see, although they're young, we expect great things from a lot of them.")))


The New York Rangers are just piling on the local connections. First, Martin St. Louis and Tanner Glass. Now we can add 2 more former local college hockey stars.


The Rangers have signed UVM alum Viktor Stalberg to a one-year contract. The 29 year old forward is joining his fourth NHL team after skating for Toronto, Chicago, and most recently, Nashville. --- Dartmouth's Matt Linblad, who was let go by the Boston Bruins yesterday, signs a deal with New York. The 25 year old played in three games for the B's and 47 games with the AHL providence Bruins.


Within the last few minutes, the Boston Bruins have made a couple of deals. First, the teams acquires forward Jimmy Hayes from the Panthers in exchange for Reilly Smith and the contract of Marc Savard. They also sign free agent forward Matt Beleskey to a 5 year deal worth 19 million. Former Bruins forward Gregory Campbell signed a two-year deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets today.


The Montreal Canadiens doing a little wheeling and dealing today sending left winger Brandon Prust to Vancouver for forward Zack Kassian and a 5th round pick in next year's NHL draft. Prust had 15 goals and 30 assists since signing with the Habs three summers ago. Kassian has been a bit of a disappointment so far in his 4 year NHL career. He scored 10 goals and added 6 assists in 42 games last season. He has a year left on his contract at a cap hit of 1.75 million dollars.


It's been nearly three years since Woodstock's Keegan Bradley won a PGA Tour event, but maybe his victory this week in Rhode Island is enough to get him going again on tour. Bradley and his playing partner, former high school teammate and roommate jon curran won the CVS Charity classic in Barrington yesterday. Bradley caught fire on the back nine during Monday's round 1 and it continued into yesterdays round 2. This was Bradley's first time playing in the Brad Faxon-Billy Andrade event in its 17 year history. His victory means more than likely Bradley and Curran will be back next year to defend their crown. Could this also mean bye-bye phil, hello Curran when it comes to teaming up on a grander stage.


(((Keegan Bradley/"We're both americans and hopefully someday we'll be able to do that in a Ryder Cup of a Presidents Cup. I think we'd be a great team in the teams to come. Good partnerships, especially in best ball, are super hard to come by, especially in those events. I think this shows that we'd be a good team in the future.")))



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