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Good Evening I'm Darren Perron. and I'm Kristin Kelly. Who should be able to own a gun in Vermont? The rules are changing. Senators are set to pass a gun bill. The measure mirrors a federal law, and those in 49 other states. Kyle Midura is live in the Statehouse with the story - Kyle Darren and Kristin, the measure extends a portion of the federal ban on felons possessing firearms, and reports those found mentally unstable by a court to a national background check database. The bill lacks a controversial requirement for mandatory background check on all sales, but even without that element, gun legislation can still be politically dangerous territory for a politician with hopes of re-election.


Gun debates draw big crowds under Montpelier's Golden Dome. But advocates seeking new regulations hope a narrow target will allow this year's bill to become law. (00:3:20:00) (( Sen. Dick Sears - D- Bennington County there was a bill introduced that is not being advanced, it had to do with much more than what is before you today )) Sen. Dick Sears of Bennington refused to let a bill with mandatory background checks out of his committee. On the floor he explained that what's left partially extends a federal ban -- barring those convicted of most violent felonies or found mentally unstable by a court from possessing a firearm. (00:39:07:00) (( to me, this is a pretty simple policy choice :10 that we're faced with today :11)) Most of Sears' colleagues felt similarly. (00:28:52:00) (( Sen. Dick McCormack - D-Windsor County we're not just talking about depriving someone of a delineated constitutional right, we're talking about someone who has been denied that right through due process, resulting in a finding by the court )) Republican Joe Benninge voiced concern about restricting when a formerly mentally unstable person can apply to renew his or her gun rights. Sen. John Rodgers - a Democrat from the NEK argued the bill violates Vermont's gun-friendly tradition. ((Sen. John Rodgers D- Essex/Orleans Counties: I think othres who move to Vt because they like the culture are welcome, and others who have stated that they want to change our culture here, may want to seek another place that has a culture they like.)) The Senate is considered a tougher sell on gun bills than the House. The measure is expected to receive a final vote of approval there Thursday. The bill's ultimate fate may depend on if the House adds the controversial background checks back in -- advocates may ask representatives not to take that risk.


Political pressure groups inundated lawmakers with arguments and emails from both sides of the issue, despite the relative lack of controversy. Viewers may remember a similar piece of legislation came under debate last session here in Montpelier in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut. One of the primary sponsors of that measure failed to get re-elected last November in part because of that bill, and so she missed out on this milestone today.

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A bill Ok'ed in the Senate today - would help victims of sex assault -- by paying for medical exams. Right now victims get help paying for their exams after alleged attacks - through a crime victim fund. But - its running out of money. The bill would require insurers to cover more than half of the cost -- with the state covering the rest. Supporters of the measure say asking victims to pay - makes a terrible situation worse.


(00:06:59:00) ((Sen. Dick McCormack - D-Windsor County The exam is measured in minutes, not hours, so it's an extremely unpleasant experience for someone who's already in a bad way and it's the policy of the state that she shouldn't, at least shouldn't have to pay )) Lawmakers say both hospitals and insurers are on-board with the proposal. The bill would also create new privacy requirements surrounding the exams.


A baby's death -- is being investigated in Brattleboro. Emergency crews were called to a home on Chestnut Street yesterday morning -- for a newborn baby in distress. The child was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. An autopsy was ordered to determine how the baby died. Police are offering no other information about their investigation -- or whether they think the child's death is in anyway suspicious.


A bank robbery -- in broad daylight in Burlington. The People's United branch on North Avenue was held up around 3 this afternoon. Police say the thief handed over a note -- and fled with cash. A bank employee saw the robber drive away alone -- going south -- on North Ave.


((00:47:16:22 We had a report that a male came in by himself, handed over a note demanding money, no display of any weapons, cashiers went through there normal protocol, that individual fled, we believe he went a couple homes down, two or three streets and enter a green older model Toyota.)) The robber is described as 5'10" -- with an average build. He was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt, baseball cap and dark sunglasses. If you know anything about the robbery, contact Burlington Police.


We've been hearing from the public that Vermont prisons are installing new TVs -- at the same time the corrections budget is being cut. We wanted to know why...and who was paying for them. Jennifer Costa looked into the issue. She joins us now to explain what she's found. Jennifer? Kristin -- Vermont is scrambling to close a 112-million dollar budget deficit. State officials are considering closing a prison. So why are inmates in Chittenden County getting new TVs? The simple answer -- taxpayers aren't paying for it.


One-hundred-48 inmates are serving time at Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility. The South Burlington prison houses mostly women convicted of crimes -- minor to murder. ((Ed Adams/Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility Superintendent 00:06:09 "Coming to jail is punishment. We're not here to create in environment where we daily punish someone for their crime.")) Superintendent -- Ed Adams -- says he's proud of the high quality of care -- Vermont Corrections provides -- to its inmate population -- including opportunities for rehabilitation and recreation. ((Ed Adams/Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility Superintendent 00:05:27 "We do not expect inmates to sit their cell 23 hours a day with no social activities.")) ((TV NATS 00:00:53 "I offered you a chance to be a cop and you blew it.")) Chittenden's latest project...adding televisions to individual cells. Channel 3 has learned -- the prison recently purchased 25 -- flat screen TVs. ((Andy Pallito/Vt. Corrections Cmsr. 00:39:01 "It's a good plan to kind of keep peace within the corrections system.")) The 24-inch Samsungs -- cost about 42-hundred dollars. Adams says the televisions along with the 327 dollar monthly cable bills -- are being paid through an inmate recreation fund. Not taxpayer dollars. Inmates pay into the fund every time they use their own money to buy snacks or specialty items through the prison -- or make a phone call. Corrections says -- statewide -- the fund generates 600 to 700-hundred thousand dollars a year. ((Ed Adams/Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility Superintendent 00:06:46 "So it actually takes quite a burden off the department of corrections budget and state taxpayers' budget.")) The Chittenden facility already offered televisions in common areas -- but says forcing 30 to 70 inmates -- to watch the same show -- causes problems. So this prison -- launched a 9 month project to get TVs into cells. The trend is not new. ((Edward Adams/Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility Superintendent 00:00:42 "Northern State, Northwest, Southern State, Windsor all have televisions inside inmates cells.")) ((Andy Pallito/Vt. Corrections Cmsr. 00: JC 00:38:31 "One thing to remember is that any idle time in jail, we have to manage that through correctional officers, watching TV a great way to have people doing idle time and being preoccupied and not getting into fights.")) ((TV NATS 00:00:22 "they tried to kill him like he said, but they got away. Now he's running through the woods like a scared animal. He's scared.")) At the Chittenden prison -- inmates now have access to 22 basic channels -- from 8am to 11pm. No shows are blocked. But R- rated movies are off limits. Adams says -- televisions -- like board games and gym time -- are core offerings -- and are not typically taken away as a disciplinary tool. ((Ed Adams/Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility Superintendent 00:04:39 "Removing a television from a cell to do some type of sanction process would be difficult to do."))


Television rules -- like channel offerings and watching time -- differ by facility. But the Department of Corrections says it does not install televisions in any of its segregation units. Kristin.


Vermont's Attorney General says Dean Corren violated campaign finance law. Now he's suing the former candidate for Lieutenant Governor -- to enforce the fine he's handed down -- and he'll have the help of the Vermont Democratic party --the organization that allegedly gave Corren the illegal donation. Alex Apple is here to explain. Darren -- Bill Sorrell alleges that an email blast from the Vermont Democratic Party amounted to an in-kind donation to Dean Corren's campaign. Corren is suing the attorney general in federal court -- and Sorrell filed another suit in state court today.


One day after former candidate Dean Corren announced he was filing a federal lawsuit against the state's attorney general -- that attorney general, Bill Sorrell, says he's suing as well. ((Bill Sorrell 05:03 We contend that these are clear violations of our campaign finance laws)) Progressive Dean Corren qualified for public financing before last November's election -- but Vermont's attorney general says Corren violated campaign finance law when he solicited AND took an in-kind donation -- in the form of an email blast -- from the Vermont democratic party. Attorney General Bill Sorrell said Tuesday... (00:34 Bill Sorrell TUESDAY 3-24)(("The best defense is a good offense, so they sued us to try to keep us from moving forward with enforcement actions of our own.")) Less than 24 hours later -- Sorrell filed a suit against Corren -- aimed at making sure the former candidate pays up. ((Bill Sorrell v2_1 03:54 There are downsides, you have to play by the rules, and if you're not going to play by the rules, the penalties are significant.)) Corren sued Sorrell after being fined $72,000 -- ((000217 John Franco/Corren Attorney "So we decided the path of least resistence is to go to the court and say first of all we dont believe there is a violation")) Corren's attorney John Franco calls the fine draconian -- and says his client should be cleared of any wrong-doing. ((John Franco/Corren's Attorney: 000134 Our view very clearly is that the email was exempted under 3 different provisions of the statute 000138,)) Sorrell also announced the Vermont Democratic Party has accepted a $10,000 fine for its role in sending the blast email that promoted Corren's candidacy. They will cooperate with the AG's office on any former litigation against Dean Corren. AA. CH3N. BTV.


Corren's attorney told us today that state court would have no jurisdiction in the matter because Corren filed first in federal court -- to prevent any enforcement at the state level. Lastly, Franco also says that if not reporting the email as a donation is a breach of campaign finance law -- then all 24 candidates -- including the governor -- that attended the events it publicized -- would be in violation of the law as well. Darren.

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Vermont farmers and food producers met potential buyers today at Vermont Technical College in Randolph. The statewide food match-making event -- brought food sellers and buyers together -- in hopes of creating a relationship. Logan Crawford was there.


Joe Buley makes and sells soup from his farm in East Montpelier. ((nats of Buley spooning soup)) He's hoping to spoon some of his homemade hot stuff into the bowls of some big buyers at the Vermont Local Food Matchmaker Event. (TC 00:14:46:12 Tile 0478) ((Joe Buley/Screamin' Ridge Farm "It's an opportunity for me to basically get my product in front of a lot of potential vendors, buyers. And in particular the larger operations that are here in Vermont." 00:14:58:08)) 56 Vermont farmers and food producers got their chance Wednesday to meet with 30 regional food buyers like Shaw's -- Price Chopper -- and City Market Onion River Co-op. (TC 00:04:56:10 Tile 0476) ((Meghan Sheradin/Vermont Fresh Network "Make it easy so the farmers can come and they can meet with 6 different potential buyers in one day, instead of having to travel around to each one of them individually." 00:05:04:06)) (TC 00:26:14:04 Tile 0492) ((Logan Crawford/Randolph "The matchmaking event works sort of like speed dating. Vermont food producers are set up in 8 minute matchmaking sessions with buyers -- in hopes of creating a long-lasting relationship." 00:26:23:29)) (TC 00:21:01:11 Tile 0486) ((Jim Harrison/Vt. Retail Grocers Assoc. "Hopefully make some connections that lead to helping Vermont producers and growers get to the next step and get on the shelves of more of our stores." 00:21:10:07)) The matchmaking helps food producers -- but it also benefits big chain stores like Price Chopper looking to stack their shelves with locally made products. (TC 00:24:47:07 Tile 0487) ((Elisabeth Cassella/Price Chopper "You go anywhere and you see it across retail organizations and it's really starting to become a craze, people look for stuff like that, so we're very happy to be doing it." 00:24:57:10)) Buley says he matches well with City Market Onion River Co-op in Burlington -- and hopes the connection continues. (TC 00:17:25:22 Tile 0478) ((Joe Buley/Screamin' Ridge Farm "Really excited to see that it's working and it's being put to the use that it's intended to." 00:17:31:06)) Together the Vermont Fresh Network -- the state's Retail and Grocers Association -- and the Agency of Agriculture played cupid -- hoping to make a match made in heaven. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Randolph. -3-


Some of you may be having trouble with your internet tonight. Level 3 Communications says its customers in our region are experiencing service disruptions. And technicians are working to find and fix the problem.


Vermont Gas must pay up -- for not telling state regulators about ballooning costs of a pipeline project. As Alexei Rubenstein reports, the fine is the latest in a series of setbacks for the utility.


Vermont Gas officials were back before the Public Service Board, trying to explain why they failed to provide timely reports about spiraling costs on their Addison County pipeline project. ((00:45:36 Eileen Simollardes/ Vt. Gas "We did see costs coming at us. We did not see the magnitude of those cost increases.)) Since the project was first approved two years ago, the price has jumped by nearly 78 percent - from $86 million to $154 million. Before a hearing room filled with a dozen well-behaved protestors, Vermont Gas officials said some of the problems can be chalked up to a 2013 accounting error that low-balled costs. Explanations for the nearly five-month delay came from uncertainties about permitting and construction costs. ((00:35:22 Eileen Simollardes/ Vt. Gas "It was not done in any means to mislead or be cute or slick. It was the opinion at the time that that was the right course of action and as I sit here now I honestly cant think of anything in the years Iv'e been doing regulatory that I feel like I misjudged a situation like I did this one.)) In pre-filed testimony to the Board, Vt Public Service Commissioner Chris Recchia, said he's concerned by Vermont Gas' failure to anticipate upward cost pressures. GRFX "...So regardless of whether Vermont Gas 'knew' of the revised cost estimate in January or March 2014, I am troubled that Vermont Gas did not see this coming sooner." It's been a rough year for the company. In addition to these hearings, the Board last week started the process of re-opening the project's Certificate of Public Good. Last month -- citing increased costs -- the company canceled phase 2 -- piping gas under Lake Champlain to International paper's Ticonderoga plant. And on top of it -- ongoing disputes with property owners over right of way -- and environmental protests. ((01:18:16 Sandra Levine/Conservation Law Foundation "Overall these very significant cost increases show what a bad bet investing in fossil fuels is. There are cleaner alternatives available that cost less than a new pipeline)) Despite the string of bad news, company officials say their commitment to the pipeline remains firm. ((01:21:47 Beth Parent/ Vt. Gas "We've made a commitment under our new administration to be open and forthcoming with everything and we have showed that in the past several months by coming forward with the new cost estimate and also cancelling phase 2)) The potential penalty for failing to report the cost increases to the Public Service Board could run as high as $100-thousand dollars. A decision is expected in the coming weeks. Alexei Rubenstein - channel 3 news -- Montpelier.


The Public Service Board is expected to revisit the pipeline's Certificate of Public Good during hearings beginning in June.



A warm front will move through this evening with some rain that will mix with snow across the high terrain. Skies will remain mostly cloudy overnight, with lows only falling into the 30s. We could see a few rays of sun early on Thursday. Then we'll cloud right up and a second round of rain will move in by Thursday afternoon, along a cold front. The rain could be a little heavier so we'll be keeping our eyes open for any minor flooding or ice jams that may occur. As colder air works in late Thursday and Thursday night, the rain will mix with some snow, but become more scattered. A trailing trough will move through the region on Friday with a few more rain and snow showers. Highs will be mainly in the 30s. The weekend is looking pretty good, but chilly. Saturday will feature partly sunny skies with highs of 25/35. Sunday looks to be a mostly sunny day, with a few more clouds late. Highs work back to 35/45. A clipper system will move through on Monday with some rain and snow showers. This will be followed by another shot of cold, blustery weather on Tuesday.



Rutland City officials are scratching their heads over the location of a major water main leak in the city. Eliza Larson reports.


Rutland City is losing nearly 7 hundred thousand gallons of water a day. (TC 07:07:31:22 Title 0706)((Jeff Wennberg/Rutland City Department of Public Works "it's in excess of our normal flows and we need to locate it and stop it." 07:07:36:19)) Officials noticed the meters at the city's water filtration plant changed around 6 AM last Friday morning. The flow of water increased. But why? They still are not sure. Wennberg said he is sure it is a leak somewhere in the city's hundred miles of piping. (TC 07:10:00:12 Title 0706)((Jeff Wennberg/Rutland City Department of Public Works "The water is actually going into the filters, coming out of the filters, going into the tanks, and going down to the city. What happens to it after that, we have not been able to determine." 07:10:09:15)) Officials are confident that the city will not run out of water. Instead -- they say the plant is being pushed to the limit. But -- in the case of an emergency like a fire -- the city's supply could be dangerously low. (TC 06:52:18:10 Title 0651)((Eliza Larson/Rutland: "since there haven't been any official reports of significant water pressure loss in people's homes nor are there visible signs of water running through the streets of Rutland -- city officials are worried about something else." 06:52:29:20)) (06:56:18:03 Title 0652)((Christopher Louras/Rutland City Mayor "the concern is that we could potentially draw down and run out of treated water and then have to go to a boiled water order for raw water that we dumped in directly from the reservoir with just simple chlorination." 06:56:36:18)) Wennberg said that a leak like this has not happened before -- but the city has experienced water leaks that have taken days to locate.


Last time Rutland City officials were unable to find the source of the leak right away -- it was because it was no where near residential areas nor was it flowing down the streets. It had collected in a place that was difficult to reach -- which could be the case here.


Authorities seized several animals from a home in Townshend. A veterinarian told police 6 dogs and a sheep were in imminent danger because they were kept outside in the extremely cold weather. JesseLynn Gentlewolf, Kevin Wright and Gentlewolf's daughter -- Miriabi (murr-AH-bee) Grzywacz (griz-wahz) of Brattleboro are charged with animal cruelty. Ten years ago - police seized 40-animals from Gentlewolf's home -- saying they needed food -- water -- and medical attention.

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A Dartmouth College fraternity is in hot water -- again. The Alpha Delta fraternity has a history of disciplinary violations, including hazing, underage drinking and hosting unregistered events. The frat inspired the 1978 movie "Animal House." The Frat is now accused of "branding" students last fall, while the fraternity was under suspension for policy violations in the winter and spring of 2014. Dartmouth is considering extending the current suspension -- or possible harsher punishment, including permanent removal of the fraternity, if the allegations are founded.

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The Plattsburgh community is coming together to honor the memory a young boy. The Moore family thought up the idea for a handicap accessible tree house so that their son Max, could get the experience from his wheelchair. When Max passed away, the project got put on hold. Now, the city wants to build the tree house in honor of the boy.


(01:36:35 9370) ((Dr. Heidi Moore/Max's Mom "Ashley and the city of Plattsburgh sort of picked the project back up again and contacted my husband and I to say, 'would you be ok if we use Max's name?' And of course we said yes yes that'd be wonderful!" 01:36:49)) In April, the group plans to begin construction on the tree house on Pine street in the city. The tree house will have ramps so that anyone with a disability can use it. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports ...the UVM men's basketball team is one win away from earning a spot in the championship series of the College Basketball Invitational. That win will have to come tonight, on the road, at Louisana-Monroe. So just who is Louisana-Monroe? The Warhawks are out of the Sun Belt Conference, they finished tied for second this year and come into tonight with a 23-12 record that includes rallying from twenty points down to beat Mercer on the road in the CBI quarterfinals Monday night. Monroe is led by senior Tylor Ongwae, a 6-7 forward, who was an first-team all conference selection. They have height...six players listed 6-7 or taller, and they play defense, holding opponents to under 60 points a game. Although it's a quick turnaround and a long trip from Burlington to the bayou, after Monday night's win over Radford, Cats coach John Becker spoke of the excitement his team felt in reaching the semifinals of a postseason tournament for the first time in program history.


((TRT: 23 ... OC: ARE EXCITED)) (((John Becker/"We talked about trying to win this tournament when we got invited to it. Now we're one game from being in the finals. We had two really good wins against two really good teams that aren't necessarily great match-ups for us. It's a big deal. It's great that we're in the final four of a tournament and we get to keep playing and the guys are excited.")))


That game tips off at 8pm Eastern Time, 7pm Central in Louisiana. We have a link to where you can watch the game online available on the Infocenter at and we'll have highlights from the Hoopcats bid to reach the CBI championship coming up tonight at 11pm.


A new report highlights the healthiest counties in Vermont. The national county health rankings released today show Chittenden and Addison Counties as the top two. At the bottom of list was -- Essex and Orleans Counties. Researchers used length and quality of life, health behaviors, clinical care and the physical environment as factors in the report.


There's a new heart device -- saving lives. It can lower the chance of stroke for patients with an irregular heart rythmn. Vermonters were some of the first to get the device -- through clinical trials at UVM in 2011. Kris Van Cleave reports.


(PKG SCRIPT) 80 YEAR OLD MARGARET CIENKI IS MINUTES AWAY FROM A GETTING A NEW DEVICE THAT WILL LOWER HER RISK OF STROKE. ((sot )) I was advised it would be very good for me ((sot-- )) I'm ready for whatever has to be done SHE HAS ATRIAL FIBRILLATION -WHICH CAN THROW HER HEART OUT OF RHYTHM , PUTTING HER AT GREATER RISK FOR STROKE. HER DOCTOR RECOMMENDED SHE TRY A NEW FDA APPROVED DEVICE CALLED THE WATCHMAN. SURGEONS AT MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL IMPLANTED THE PARACHUTE SHAPED DEVICE THROUGH A VEIN IN THE LEG, CLOSING OFF AN AREA OF THE HEART WHERE BLOOD CLOTS FORM. ((SOT dr. Vivek Reddy)) So any clots that would form there can't travel to the brain and cause a stroke ((STANDUP kris )) The surgery is minimally invasive.. and only takes about 45 minutes. AFIB PATIENTS LIKE MARGARET USUALLY HAVE TO TAKE BLOOD THINNERS TO PREVENT CLOTS, BUT THAT COMES WITH PROBLEMS LIKE BLEEDING. ((SOT dr. Vivek Reddy)) elderly patients, when they are at risk for falling of course they can hurt themselves badly if they are on blood thinners RESEARCH SHOWS THE WATCHMAN IS VERY EFFECTIVE, SO MARGARET CAN STOP TAKING BLOOD THINNERS. THAT?S A RELIEF FOR HER SON. ((sot paul)) hopefully this will be the last procedure and not be on drugs anymore. And doctors say recovery is fairly quick. Margaret went home the next day. KRIS VAN CLEAVE CBS NEWS, NEW YORK.


Patients with A-FIB are at five times greater risk for stroke and a greater chance of having a more serious stroke. That's health watch.



Prom can be an expensive. But in Plattsburgh, an event is making sure young women can dance the night away in style -- free. Rose Spillman reports.


Jennifer Deshane, a former student at Beekmantown high school, went to her first prom in 2012. She says the dress shopping experience was stressful at first. (01:45:34 9405) ((Jennifer Deshane/Prom Dress Recipient "All my friends were out getting 4 or 500 dollar prom dresses.." 01:45:38)) When she found out about a prom dress giveaway in Plattsburgh, she jumped at the opportunity to get a free dress. She says not spending big money on the dress allowed her to spend on other prom luxuries, such as a limo ride. (01:46:35 9405) ((Jennifer Deshane/Prom Dress Recipient "I got a lot of compliments on the dress, I know that, and it felt good to be able to keep in my mind that yea I got to not spend 500 dollars like everybody else was doing." 01:46:45)) Tania Latimore founded the event in Plattsburgh. She says she's seen many girls come in and leave with a dress they'd never otherwise get the chance to have. (01:49:33 9406) ((Tania Latimor/Coordinator "At one point I had a mom and her daughter come in, and they lived on a farm, and the young lady had never had a dress on in her life." 01:49:40)) All prom dresses are donated and given away during to any girls who attend. This year, Latimore says she's received nearly 300 dresses of all sizes, shapes, and styles. And a local hair stylist will be giving away gift cards for discounted hair appointments. (01:55:56 9407) ((Ann Marie Monosdori/Salon Artist "The way you look effects the way you feel, the way you present yourself, your level of self feels wonderful when someone walks in feeling down and walks out feeling like a hundred bucks." 01:56:06)) Tania Latimore says the event is about boosting a girl's confidence. Young women who can't afford the expensive and lavish dresses at the stores are still able to take part in one of high school's most celebrated moments. (01:50:20 9406) ((Tania Latimore/Coordinator "As a teenager, it's really tough especially in today's world, and being able to go to prom and experience what everybody else is able to experience means a lot." 01:50:32)) (01:45:18) ((Jennifer Deshane/Dress Recipient "it worked perfect for prom. All the pictures came out amazing." 01:45:22)) For Deshane, a long yellow gown was the perfect fit. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Plattsburgh.


The prom dress giveaway will be held Thursday through Saturday this week.


It might be feeling a little more like spring in the valleys right now. But the mountains are still looking and feeling more like mid-winter. This week Nick Borelli takes us slopeside at Cannon Mountain.


((Nats: Christian skiing)) Christian Brenner started skiing at a young age-- Years later he's still at it. And Cannon Mountain, in Franconia, New Hampshire, is his "go to." (00:23:49:00-00:23:51: 00) ((Christian BrenneR/Nashua, NH: You really can't find the steepness at any other mountain.)) But the terrain isn't the only characteristic Cannon has going for it. On a clear day the views are stunning and uninterrupted. Mount Mansfield stands out, along with many other peaks. (00:24:48:00-00:24:50: 00) ((CB: Oh it's gorgeous. These views are one of a kind.)) (00:13:15:00-00:13:19: 00) ((Allen Thomas/Princeton, N.J.: Oh the views are awesome. I've got tons of pictures of the mountains.)) Those pictures include shots of the Green Mountains and White Mountains. Interestingly enough, thanks to the glaciers, the mountain ranges each have a unique look. The whites are generally jagged and rocky while the greens tend to be rounded. Allen Thomas noticed that skiing in New Hampshire has a different feel versus Vermont. (00:16:03:00-00:16:15: 00) ((Allen Thomas/Princeton N.J.: It seemed more rocky. You look at the geography it seems like there's a different color rock, it's darker, the contrast. The foliage is a little bit different.)) On this day, while taking in that view, you could also enjoy some superb conditions. (00:28:15:00-00:28:29: 00) ((Nick Borelli/Cannon Mountain: Thanks to recent cold weather snow surfaces on the mountain right now are like the middle of winter. However, by Thursday, some rain is on the way, and this will be followed by colder temps this weekend. So snow surfaces will start to firm up a bit.)) In the meantime, skiers have no complaints. ((Nats: Skiing)) D2 (00:24:02:00-00:24:10: 00) ((CB: Fantastic. The best it's been all year; minus some of the days earlier in the year, the 3 feet of powder, this is the best ever.)) (00:13:46:00-00:13:53: 00) ((Allen Thomas/Robin Thomas/Princeton N.J.: I think packed. Machine groomed. What's nice I've noticed is there's a lot of natural snow.)) Speaking of natural snow, Cannon has an entire mountain next door that operates without snowmaking; it's called Mittersill. Over the next year or two that area will be developed a bit more-- Thanks to a partnership with the Franconia Ski Club. (00:05:32:00-00:05:41: 00) ((Greg Keeler/Cannon Mountain: We have a big project with them that's going to help bring snowmaking, give people more access, we'll be able to run the double chair on a daily basis.)) The development will also include a training center for the Franconia Ski club. Shaunna Manseau is looking forward to the changes. (00:20:16:00-00:20:23: 00) ((Shaunna Manseau/Thornton, N.H.: It's awesome for us because it's part of the FSC program, and it's just gonna enable so much more growth for the mountain)) Shaunna's 6 year old son Hayden, who's part of the Franconia Ski Club, is excited about this too. (00:21:15:00-00:21:17: 00) ((Mom/Son: Skiing is your what? My business!)) Clearly this little guy loves skiing-- In the years to come he may catch up to Christian. (00:25:14:00-00:25:16: 00) ((CB: Ahhh! Why do I like to ski? I like to go fast.)) Nick Borelli. Ch 3 News. Franconia, NH


There's been so much snow at Cannon -- the mountain extended its season by a week.


As you saw in Starting Line Sports ...the UVM men's basketball team visits Louisana-Monroe tonight in the semifinals of the College Basketball Invitational tournament. We'll have highlights at 11pm, but if you want to watch the game live online, Monroe will be running a free webcast broadcast of the game that you can watch online. We have a link to where you can find that game on the Infocenter of our website,


If you missed out on the broadcast of our excellent look back at the UVM men's basketball team's upset of Syracuse in the 2005 NCAA Tournament, called From The Parking Lot; Ten Years Later. You can watch it online on The special has it's own page, just look for the link on either the main page or the sports page at Not only will you be able to watch the special, but we also have links to the preview pieces we aired leading up to the broadcast and our Scott Fleishman, who produced From The Parking Lot, will also be adding outtakes from the hours of material he gathered while conducting the interviews for the special. Check it out.


men's lacrosse this afternoon...Norwich hosting Curry...the Cadets come into this one riding a four game win streak... --- trailing 3-1 in the second, the Norwich offense gets to work. Michael Cashman makes It a 1 goal game. --- 30 seconds later, Jimmy Warden breaks in and ties the game at 3. Warden with 2 goals and 2 assists on the day. --- Later, Ian Kennedy from behind the net gives Norwich a 4-3 lead at the break. --- Curry goals were tough to come by in the second half thanks to Norwich goalie Ryan Fecteau, 1 of his 11 saves coming in the third quarter. --- Warden then leaves it for Josh Jenkins who fires this one to the back of the net. the Cadets go on to an 8-4 win improving to 5-1 on the season.


With just twelve games left in the regular season, the Boston Celtics can move into a tie for seventh place in the NBA's Eastern Conference playoff standings tonight when they host the Miami Heat at TD Garden. Boston trails Miami by a game for that seventh spot. The C's snapped a three game losing skid with a 110-91 win over the Nets Monday night in Brooklyn. Guard Isaiah Thomas, picked up by Boston at the trade deadline from Phoenix, is expected to be back in the lineup tonight after missing the last eight games with a bruised back, an injury he suffered against the Heat back on March 9th.


The Heat come into Boston reeling after a heartbreaking loss last night in seconds...Miami up two the rebound, Zaza Pachulia saves it from going out of bounds with the pass to Khris Middleton and Middleton buries the game winner at the buzzer to give Milwaukee an 89-88 win. The Bucks currently hold the sixth spot in the East playoffs, two and a half games up on Miami ...three and a half ahead of Boston.


With just nine games left in their season, the Boston Bruins are on the outside looking in on the NHL's Eastern Conference playoff picture. The B's trail Ottawa by a point for the eighth and final postseason spot. If they are going to make a final push, they'll have to do it without young defenseman Dougie Hamilton. Hamilton suffered what appeared to be an upper body injury in Saturday's loss to Florida and is out indefinitely. Hamilton had played in all 72 games this season before the injury, recording 10 goals and 32 assists. Boston hosts Anaheim tomorrow night.


Last night, in a matchup of two of the top teams in the NHL, the Montreal Canadiens fell 3-2 in overtime to the Predators in Nashville. The Habs took a 2-1 lead on second period goals from Brendan Gallagher and David Desharnais. But Nashville equalized midway thru the third, then Filip Forsberg found the net on a power play two minutes into OT to give the Preds the win. Montreal still has the most points in the East and the NHL with 100, but Tampa is just a point back in the Atlantic Division, and the Rangers lead the Metropolitan with 99 in the Eastern Conference.


The end of the UVM men's hockey season also means seniors have to say goodbye. Scott Fleishman with more on the Catamount Captain that leaves big skates to fill. (((Mike Paliotta took over the role of captain this season, but the UVM defenseman says he didn't lead the team alone.))) (((Mike Paliotta/"I was the only one to where a letter this season, but a lot of guys stepped up and helped me out being voices in the lockeroom."))) (((In 4 years, Paliotta saw an upward trend which he knows will continue into the future.))) ((("They should be confident. We've proved this year that we can be one of the best teams in the country at points and now it's just kind of stringing that all together."))) (((Alexx Privitera/"It's got to be a group effort. Everyone's got to play better. Everyone's got to have a bigger role. Everyone is moving up a class. I'm going to be a senior. Everybody gets older and it's exciting."))) (((Paliotta's next chapter will be exciting as well. His agent is currently negotiating with the team that drafted him, the chicago blackhawks. While that's up in the air, the legacy Mike Paliotta leaves behind, won't change.))) ((("Obviously there's a lot of little games out there that stick out. Playing at fenway as a freshman. Making it to NCAA's last year, playing in the Garden this year, but overall just continuing to help grow the program and keep it on the national scene is what I'll really take away from my four years."))) (((In Burlington, Scott Fleishman, Channel 3 sports.)))


19-year-old Drew Duffy of Warren topped a strong field that included World Cup, World Championship and Olympic skiers to earn an upset win in the men's super G at the U-S Alpine Championships today at Sugarloaf in Maine.



We are pleased to welcome a new member to the Channel 3 family. Andy Gordon of our Creative Services Department became a father for the second time today. This is his beautiful baby girl Wren June Gordon. She was born this afternoon at 9-pounds 3-ounces. She is healthy and everyone is doing well -- including mom Meredith -- and big brother Henry. Congratulations to the Gordons!

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