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Zombies are one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year. To show us how to kill it as a zombie -- Sean Avram of Hyper Focus art worked his magic with some face paint.


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Tomorrow on the Thirty -- campaign 20-14 Lt. Governor Phil Scott is the only republican who holds statewide office in Vermont. He is running for reelection. We'll talk to him about his goals for the next two years -- as he hopes to continue to buck the democratic trend. That's tomorrow at 5-30 right here on The Thirty.


Good Evening I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. Justice for Melissa Jenkins more than two years after her death. A guilty verdict today -- for Allen Prue. One of two suspects in the murder of the St. Johnsbury Academy teacher. Jennifer Costa has been following the case. She joins us from the newsroom. Jennifer? Kristin and Darren -- less than one hour after deliberations resumed this morning -- the jury had a verdict. It took them a total of 6 hours to decide Allen Prue is a killer.


They're words Melissa Jenkins loved ones have been waiting 2-and-a-half years to hear. ((Voice of Foreperson 00:03:48 "Guilty, your honor.")) In a rare show of emotion -- convicted killer -- Allen Prue -- cried as the jury found him guilty of 1st degree murder, conspiracy and attempted kidnapping. Jenkins' family shared hugs and expressed relief. ((Linda Gadapee/Melissa's aunt 10:09:06 "well I was getting a little nervous last night at 8 o'clock when they were still in there. But it ended quick this morning.")) Investigators -- who worked the murder case -- call it justice. ((Capt. JP Sinclair/Vermont State Police 10:08:05 "On behalf of the state police we're very, very grateful to this jury for the verdict. This was the culmination of a lot of hard work and I'm very grateful that these 12 jurors saw this case as we did.")) Throughout the nine day trial the prosecution painted Prue -- and his wife Patricia -- as cold-blooded killers who savagely beat, strangled and killed a woman -- who was loved -- by so many. ((10/21/14 Lisa Warren/Caledonia County State's Attorney 03:25:13 "Before she died she fought like hell.")) Allen Prue's lawyer tried to convince jurors -- Patricia was the mastermind. Describing her as a mentally ill wife -- who researched murder and rape -- and ultimately killed Jenkins in a jealous rage. (( 10-21-14 Bob Katims/Prue's lawyer 05:13:15 "Allen Prue didn't plan to kill her, he didn't agree to kill her.")) Bob Katims called a lot of the state's evidence "pure speculation" -- and said savvy cops tricked his dim-witted client into falsely confessing. The prosecution played the entire 7 hour interview for the jury. They didn't buy Katims' defense. ((10/21/14 Lisa Warren/Caledonia County State's Attorney 03:20:16 "Allen Prue was not some timid sideliner.")) Prosecutors and police say they'll now turn their attention to Patricia Prue's case -- and say Allen's conviction will help. She's facing aggravated murder -- because she's also accused of sexually assaulting Jenkins. Her trial is scheduled for February. ((Lisa Warren/Caledonia County State's Attorney 10:10:17 "It's going to be the same evidence and then some, because it's a different defendant and there's a different fact pattern."))


Allen Prue now faces 35 years to life in prison. A date and venue for sentencing has not been set. Prosecutor -- Lisa Warren -- would not say if she'll push for life. Kristin.


With less than two weeks before election day, the two leading candidates for Governor spent the day touting what they can do for Vermont's economy. State House reporter Kyle Midura is here with the details, Kyle - Darren - this morning incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin touted Vermont's growing tech sector and the state's efforts to connect workers with employers. Late this afternoon, his challenger -- Republican Scott Milne -- painted a far darker picture of the state economy.


Wednesday morning, Gov. Peter Shumlin touted the state's investment in high-speed internet connections, and efforts to create new online businesses. Businesses like Ello, a new social media startup created in Burlington. At a promotional event for Tech Jam -- an event meant to link employees with employers -- Shumlin called the new business evidence of Vermont's bright jobs future. (00:06:58:00) ((Gov. Peter Shumlin - Democrat for Governor what these kind of companies allow us to do is not only make jobs in Vermont but make the tech jam a great success )) The governor also touted a relatively new search engine for Vermont jobs launched this summer. More than 44-thousand visited the site since then. A search of Vermont Job link reveals more than 26-hundred jobs listings. 34 percent are within 25 miles of Burlington though, and many offerings are specialty work, like nursing or tech. Searching for positions that make more than the state's median income of 52-thousand dollars a year, only yields 34 results. (00:05:25:00) ((the biggest problem in Vermont is a demographic problem)) At a late-afternoon press conference, Republican Scott Milne said Vermont cannot survive the continuing exodus of its younger generations. Wednesday, he unveiled loose plans to waive capital gains taxes on investments made in Vermont companies over the next three years. He also wants to free new businesses from up to 10-years of income taxes. Milne admits he does not have all of the plan specifics worked out. (27:37) ((Scott Milne - Republican for Governor it's designed to be a provocative idea that's going to be a shot in the arm to get our economy going, we got a 100-million dollar deficit coming next year, and there's different facts that people look to come up with what's going on with jobs))


Milne says he believes added income taxes from workers and business owners would more than make up for any potential state revenue. We could not reach those who work closest with the state job search site before air ... and we'll have more on the tech jam later in our broadcast. -Darren


The head of the Vermont NEA -- is upset with Governor Shumlin -- over comments he made during the South Burlington teachers strike. The Governor said strikes should be outlawed. And Martha Allen sent a letter to Governor Shumlin -- asking to meet in person -- and saying striking teachers "were demoralized." Vermont NEA spokesperson Darren Allen says the union is still supporting the Governor's re-election. But the Association President just wants to voice concerns. The Governor's office says there is no meeting scheduled with Martha Allen - but there is regular communication between the office and the union. The Governor provided a statement which said in part -- "No one wins with a strike... I believe a strike is a good time to remind people that there are other ways for us to accomplish the same goals without negatively impacting our students."


The Vermont health department has a new lab. Governor Peter Shumlin and human services secretary Dr. Harry Chen announced the opening of the new facility in Colchester. It took 12 years of planning. And two years to build. The new space will enhance the state's ability to respond to health emergencies -- and allow for expanded research --- between state and uvm scientists.


(18:08 Harry Chen/Sec. Of Health)(("There will be 50 dedicated workers in this building that will work hard in a new modern scientific environment, to support the disease investigation and environmental testing and monitoring so necessary to keep vermonters healthy.")) When the health department moves in November it will go from the oldest health lab in the country to the newest.


A small Upper Valley town has been rocked by a fire. Joe Carroll talked to residents and police about the possibility of a serial arsonist in their community.


In the picturesque town of Thetford, something ugly is all the buzz... the destruction of an entire fleet of police cruisers. (00:50:47:21) ((Tracy Borst/Thetford Town Clerk, So, I think the town is shocked as anybody would be. They're driving to work on Friday morning and there are 3 cruisers burnt to a crisp. )) The Vermont State Police Fire Investigation Unit has now determined that the fire was arson. Investigators have conducted several interviews. Tracy Borst has been the town clerk for 12 years, she says the blaze could have been much worse. But fortunately -- the town offices are made of brick. The cars were parked just a few feet from the historic building. (00:52:12:16) ((Tracy Borst/Thetford Town Clerk, I was called at home, at 4 am and the call was town hall is fine, the cruisers have been burnt, so this was.. that was the scariest moment for me as town clerk, that not had this fire been contained quickly, that town hall could have been damaged and all that town hall contains. )) Down in East Thetford, David McInnis owns Wicked Awesome Barb-be-que, he's preparing for the lunch time crowd. It's been the talk over ribs. (00:46:16:01) ((David McInnis/Wicked Awesome BBQ, I found it a little fishy that 3 cars in Thetford burned, 3 cars in Norwich burned a few years ago.)) On Thanksgiving Day 2012 in the neighboring town of Norwich most of its fleet went up in flames. (00:57:15:03) (( Joe Carroll: Are there similarities? Chief Doug Robinson: Very, a lot of similarities in the appearance of the vehicles, the evidence that was garnished from both vehicles... very similar. )) The fire has something else in common, Chief Doug Robinson is the police chief in Norwich and the interim chief in Thetford. (00:56:08:24) (( Joe: Does somebody have it out for you, a vendetta? Chief: I would like to think not, I think it more an attack on law enforcement itself. )) Insurance will cover most of the cost to replace the cop cars. For now the department is borrowing a cruiser from the town of Norwich. The questions are .... who did it -- and why. Joe Carroll, Channel 3 News, Thetford.


A Thetford business owner has donated a 2-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.


Rutland City Police Chief Jim Baker is leaving at the end of the year - for a new job in Washington DC. What does the future hold for the department? Elizabeth Keatinge has the story.


Rutland City Police Department Chief James Baker is moving on - for a position in Washington DC with the International Association for Chiefs of Police. ((Chief James Baker/Rutland City Police Dept. 09:21:13:04 I feel like I've done what I set out to do here and I feel good about where the city of Rutland is and the police department is.:18)) Baker joined the department in January 2012 - with what some say was a big challenge - cleaning up its reputation. In 2010, three officers faced criminal charges for viewing pornography at work. As a past commander of the Vermont State Police and executive director of the Vermont Police Academy, Baker has been credited with bringing his 40 years in public service and innovative ideas to turn things around. But he credits his force. ((Chief James Baker/Rutland City Police Department 09:22:26:00 and a lot of them continue the work during times when a lot of bad things were being said about the Rutland City police department. :33)) He also led the city through times of tragedy. He tells us the 2012 crash that killed Carly Ferro highlighted the severe consequences of substance abuse. ((Chief James Baker/Rutland City Police Dept. 09:22:05:16 That probably will stand out in my mind as the incident in the city that was the tipping point to get to where we are now.:10)) The 17-year-old was killed after police say 23-year-old Alex Spanos crashed into three cars - and Ferro. He was allegedly driving out of control and police say they found evidence that he had been drinking alcohol and huffing. Baker challenged the city's substance abuse problem, launching Project Vision - which seeks to improve the city by putting those with substance abuse problems on a better path. ((Mayor Chris Louras/City of Rutland 09:33:25:26 it's going to create a void, but I am fully confident that the systems he's put in place, at the police department has created the leadership team at the pd to continue his good work. :38)) City leaders praise Baker's efforts as they look to the future for those who live in Rutland. It's residents, Baker says, he will miss the most. ((Chief James Baker/Rutland City Police Dept. 09:27:08:00 The people - this is a great city. :11)) ((Elizabeth Keatinge/Rutland 09:32:19:20 Chief Baker says the process of selecting an interim chief has already started and is moving quickly. But when one will be named has not yet been announced. EK CH3 News Rut. 09:32:30:24))


A soldier is killed in Canada's capitol -- two days after a soldier is killed in Quebec -- just north of the Vermont border. Today -- a soldier standing guard at Canada's National War Memorial was gunned down. Then -- police say the shooter ran into the Parliament building nearby -- fired multiple shots -- and only stopped when he was shot and killed. The shootings raised concerns about a possible coordinated terror attack. Police were looking for one or two more suspects. The death of a soldier in Quebec earlier this week -- is blamed on a man who had been quote - radicalized.

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Sharon is here, and we were between showers for most of today... The coastal storm responsible for our recent weather weather will intensify tonight and Thursday. As this happens we'll see periods of rain, possibly heavy at times. Northerly breezes at 10-15 mph will add a chill to the air. That storm will finally begin to pull away on Friday, but we will still see cloudy skies and a few lingering showers. We'll get a brief break on Saturday morning. Then a clipper system will work in with some afternoon showers. This clipper will linger around into Sunday, with the chance for more showers. It will also turn cooler; in fact some of the higher peaks could see a few wet snowflakes on Sunday.


It's a first for Vermont -- the opening of a new Wal-Mart Supercenter. That could have a ripple effect on other area grocery stores. Alex Apple has the story from Berlin.


Gerry Hanifin is a single father -- while raising two young kids, every penny counts. (23:04 Gerry Hanifin/Berlin Mall Manager)(("Looking at the prices for the grocery stuff. It's just unbelievable. It's a significant savings.")) Hanifin has managed shopping centers all over the east coast -- and he's just accomplished a Vermont-first. He's brought a Wall-Mart Supercenter into the Berlin Mall -- a store he hopes will benefit people like him. (21:39 Gerry Hanifin)(("Traffic here in the last couple weeks as they were getting ready has increased dramatically.")) Wednesday marked the grand opening of the Supercenter -- customers flooded in. ((00:29:29:22 Rachel Brown/Shopper)(("well I think it's great that we finally have a real Walmart")) Wal-Mart added more than30,000 square feet to the store -- and doubled its workforce there -- adding more than 140 jobs. (21:25 Gerry Hanifin)(("It was a tough process but it's been well worth it.")) Just a couple of miles down the road -- Kari Bradley is the general manager of Hunger Mountain Co-Op. He says the supercenter's opening has the potential to impact other stores in the area. (38:42 Kari Bradley/General Manager Hunger Mountain Co-Op)(("It definitely has our attention. It's a new competitor in Central Vermont, and that's not something we've had at all recently.")) Hunger Mountain Co-Op offers a variety of organic products -- but Bradley says it fights for many of the same customers as Wal-Mart. (39:00 Kari Bradley)(("We have to be competitive on price, but we also have to do a good job explaining how we're different in what we do.")) One difference: nearly 33 percent of the co-op's sales come from local Vermont products. (39:35 Kari Bradley/Co-Op GM)(("That's something that Wal Mart is really not going to be able to get into.")) But Hanifin says he's confident a Wal-Mart Supercenter will help cash-strapped shoppers -- and help the Berlin mall attract fresh faces. (24:04 Gerry Hanifin)(("This expansion is going to be a great bonus for us in trying to bring in new stores as well.")) Alex Apple. CH3. Berlin.


Another difference between Wal-Mart and the Hunger Mountain Co-Op -- the co-op is locally owned -- 7,000 central Vermonters have a share of the business.

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A message to the popular car service company Uber -- from the Queen City: You're breaking the law. Uber started recruiting drivers -- and offering its on-demand car service in Burlington earlier this month. You use the Uber app on your smartphone to get a car to pick you up. Uber is operating in dozens of cities in the US - and around the world. But a letter from Burlington's City Attorney says Uber is violating Burlington's "vehicle for hire" ordinance. The letter also says Mayor Miro Weinberger wants to work with Uber to bring modify the city's ordinance.


Melissa Howell is looking into this Uber dispute. She will have more on the story - tonight - on the Channel 3 News at 11.


A Vermont judge says the Republican Governor's Association violated campaign finance laws during the 20-10 campaign. At issue is the difference between political action committees and so-called superPACs. PACs can contribute money directly to candidates -- but must abide by fundraising limits. SuperPACs face no financial restrictions -- but cannot give directly to candidates. The judge concluded that the RGA was operating as both a PAC and a superPAC.


Washington is watching the race for Congress in New York's North country. Its an open seat - and both sides are spending big bucks to win. Logan Crawford has tonight's Campaign countdown.


Simon Conroy is a volunteer helping to promote a congressional candidate running to represent his district. (TC 00:27:17:05 Tile 4490) ((Simon Conroy/Beekmantown "Republicans, democrats, and independents who want to have a voice in the decision of who is going to be elected in this election." 00:27:25:14)) He's donated his time, energy and money for a candidate in New York's 21st Congressional District because he believes support within the district is important in a race with so much outside influence. (TC 00:22:43:12 Tile 4490) ((Simon Conroy/Beekmantown "We want to help promote a candidate that we see as somebody who can actually represent the North Country." 00:22:49:19)) (TC 00:35:28:20 Tile 4510) ((Logan Crawford/Plattsburgh "Come election day, voters will be hitting the polling centers like the one here in Clinton County -- casting their ballots. Political experts say the major parties are doing everything they can to get their candidate into office." 00:35:41:09)) (TC 00:06:56:09 Tile 4485) ((Harvey Schantz "The democrats and republicans in Washington DC want this seat because Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner each want to be speaker. And to be speaker you have to get 218 seats." 00:07:10:02)) GFX: According to open secrets dot org -- as of September 30th Democrat Aaron Woolf has raised more than 1-point-7 million dollars ( $1,703,576 ) and Republican Elise Stefanik raised over 1-point-5 million ($1,538,859) in the race for the open seat in New York's 21st district. (TC 00:12:03:27 Tile 4485) ((Harvey Schantz "Money directly contributed to candidate campaigns and that comes from 4 major sources: individual contributions, political action committees, political parties, and the candidates own money." 00:12:20:13)) Schantz says money also goes to benefit a candidate outside of the candidate's campaign. According to open secrets dot org -- Woolf has gotten an extra 22-thousand from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee -- and outside sources contributed more than 2 million dollars to Stefanik over the course of her campaign. Schantz says outside parties dropped Woolf to focus on democrats in other districts. (TC 00:13:04:24 Tile 4485) ((Harvey Schantz "There have been 4 large outside spenders in this cycle: the chamber of commerce, the crossroads, New York 2014 and the National Republican Congressional Committee." 00:13:18:05)) According to Schantz -- New York's 21st Congressional race is close to the national average on campaign spending. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Plattsburgh. -3-


Bill Owens also benefited from outside spending. In 20-12 he received more than a million dollars from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during his bid for the 21st congressional seat.


Sharon is back, ... With more about more rain... The coastal storm responsible for our recent weather weather will intensify tonight and Thursday. As this happens we'll see periods of rain, possibly heavy at times. Northerly breezes at 10-15 mph will add a chill to the air. That storm will finally begin to pull away on Friday, but we will still see cloudy skies and a few lingering showers. We'll get a brief break on Saturday morning. Then a clipper system will work in with some afternoon showers. This clipper will linger around into Sunday, with the chance for more showers. It will also turn cooler; in fact some of the higher peaks could see a few wet snowflakes on Sunday. After that, we'll tend to warm up and dry out into early next week. Then a cold front may catch up with us on Wednesday, with a few more showers.


The coastal storm responsible for our recent weather weather will intensify tonight and Thursday. As this happens we'll see periods of rain, possibly heavy at times. Northerly breezes at 10-15 mph will add a chill to the air. That storm will finally begin to pull away on Friday, but we will still see cloudy skies and a few lingering showers. We'll get a brief break on Saturday morning. Then a clipper system will work in with some afternoon showers. This clipper will linger around into Sunday, with the chance for more showers. It will also turn cooler; in fact some of the higher peaks could see a few wet snowflakes on Sunday. After that, we'll tend to warm up and dry out into early next week. Then a cold front may catch up with us on Wednesday, with a few more showers.



Police identified a woman found dead in Massena in August. They say she is 25-year-old Massena resident Lacey Yekel. Investigators say no one had reported her missing -- before her death. Police still have not said how Yekel died -- and they are asking for anyone with information to come forward.

33} BOMB12_VO

Police say a Florida teen is behind the bomb threat at the St. Albans police department. The department was evacuated yesterday -- after a caller said the building was going to blow up. A sweep found no bomb. Police traced the call to 18-year-old Bruce Alvarez of Davie, Florida. Police are charging him with Creating a False Public Alarm and Disorderly Conduct by Telephone. Investigators believe recent threats from Alvarez and others stem from cruiser cam video of a June arrest that's gone viral online.


Police investigating the riots in Keene are now reviewing video and photos turned in by college students. More than 80 people were arrested after the family-friendly pumpkin festival -- turned violent -- leaving extensive property damage and dozens of injuries. Police in riot gear used tear gas and pepper balls to control the large crowds. The Keene State College president says students involved will be punished.


Tech companies are gearing up for a big weekend in Burlington. Governor Peter Shumlin says the state's infrastructure and bandwidth make it a great place for tech-start-ups. Many Vermont tech-companies that are hiring -- will be at the Vermont Tech Jam this weekend.


(00:07:35:18) ((Governor Shumlin "it's not just about the tech jam, it's about getting linked up with the exciting companies that we have right here."))11 The two day job fair and tech expo at Memorial Auditorium will feature 60 exhibitors. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports will be a fun weekend for hockey fans in Catamount Country, as the UVM men's and women's teams will play a total of three games in just over 24 hours Friday and Saturday at Gutterson. The Vermont men, now 3-0 and ranked 17th in the country, will play their Hockey East home opener Saturday night at 7pm at Gutterson against Connecticut. The Cats are coming off an impressive home and home sweep of Clarkson this past weekend. After battling to a 2-1 victory at home Friday night, the IceCats went to Potsdam Saturday night and pounced on Clarkson, scoring twice in the first en route to a 3-0 shutout win. Vermont is off to it's best start since 2005, when the Cats opened the season with seven straight victories. But with a long season ahead of them, the team is trying to keep its hot start in perspective.


((TRT: 35 ... OC: MORE SIMPLE)) ((Mike Santaguida/ 3-0 is a big confidence boost, but I think we all know in the room that we can't settle. From Friday there were definitely some things we needed to work on and put into our game on Saturday. We are going to get too complacent with that.)) ((Kevin Sneddon/ I heard guys talking in the locker room right after the Friday night game saying 'we have to be better tomorrow night.' I think our guys did a great job of making those adjustments. We did make a few game adjustments, but they also adjusted their mindset and played more confident and made plays more simple.))


The UVM women's hockey team will host Union in a two game set this Friday night and Saturday afternoon at Gutterson. Friday night's game will be the second annual 'Pack The Gut' Challenge. Last year, the Cats set a new Hockey East regular season attendance record, drawing over 2,000 fans for their game against Boston College. Friday's game also serves as a fundraiser for Meals on Wheels. Off to a 3-2-1 start, the Cats are playing well and excited to take the ice in front of another big crowd.


((TRT: 27 ... OC: AS WE CAN)) ((Madison Litchfield/ I think the main goal of Pack the Gut is just to get people out, watching women's ice hockey, and hopefully promote our game so that they come out to them again in the future. So we're just trying to get people to come out and watch, trying to improve on last season and get a big win Friday night.)) ((Dayna Colang/ It's awesome just how much local support we do have. I know we're paired up with some of the elementary schools in Burlington. So it's really good to see the kids coming out and getting exposed to women's ice hockey and growing the game locally as much as we can.))


Coming up later, it's day two of the Vermont high school soccer and field hockey playoffs ...


If someone in the Granite State is diagnosed with Ebola -- they'll be treated at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. The hospital has been designated as the sole facility in the state to provide long-term care. Right now two U-S patients are being treated for Ebola.


There's a new push to get more kids -- to do yoga. Paula Reid tells us why.


3 year old Ruby Jackson goes to yoga at Lil Omm once a week. (Emily Jackson SOT) I think yoga gives her some tools to relax and feel confident. (track 2) The ancient practice has become so popular with little ones, the first ever National Kids yoga conference was held recently in Washington, DC for instructors. Pleasance Silicki helped organized the event. (Pleasance SOT ) We want to give our kids some tools to function in this very stressed out world that we are living in. (BRIDGE Paula Reid/CBS News) Studies have shown that yoga can help children reduce stress, improve concentration, and better manage their emotions. Some findings suggest it can benefit children with ADHD and other behavioral problems. (sot Dr. Gurjeet Birdee/Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt University) yoga might be good for attention, there's also some preliminary research that yoga might be good for mood in children, so helping with stress, anxiety and depression. (Track 4) Teaching yoga to young children who lack focus and discipline is different than teaching adults. ( Pleasance SOT ) A kids yoga class has more playfulness, more laughter, maybe we are shaking our sillies out before we can get into the breathing (track 5) Ruby's mom says there are other benefits as well. (sot Emily Jackson SOT ) she loves it and she looks forward to it. It is fun for her. (track 6) And they're learning skills they can use throughout their lifetimes. Paula Reid, CBS News, Washington, DC


Doctors say children with chronic medical conditions should be careful before they start any kind of exercise like yoga. That's health watch.



Hunger Free Vermont reports that 13 percent of Vermonters don't get enough to eat. But there is a program that is helping low income families get locally grown produce, free. Judy Simpson has the story.


Each week, for the past 16 weeks, 110 low income households in the Burlington area, picked up free fresh locally grown food thanks to the Intervale Gleaning and food Rescue. All of the food was a result of gleaning efforts by volunteers or donations from local farms.This was the final pick up for the year. ((Tile JOE_2496_01 Jessica Sanford/ The intervale Gleaning and Food Rescue 00:02:41:20" Gleaning definition is the act of rescuing food from the fields of farmers that would otherwise go to waste so something they have an excess something that is a little over mature or has a little bit of pest damage something they can't sell to their normal market." 00:02:58:26 )) This is the fifth season of the program which partners with five farms on the Intervale and several outside the area. Some of the vegetables are not perfect, but that does not effect their taste. ((TILE JOE_2498_01 00:08:45:11 js says I see what you mean by unusual looking vegetables, things that wouldnt be prize winners at the fair . Jessica again "Right so we get a lot of those. 00:09:08:04 Maybe its not quite a round beet but it still tastes just as wonderful,")) Richard Rotunno(Row-TUNE-oh) and his partner Evelyn look forward their share, every week. ((TILE JOE_2531_01 Richard Rotunno/ Food Recipient 00:21:59:18" Its good, real good its a big help to, a lot of the stuff because of my income my doctor you know he wants me to take vitamins and stuff and it is hard because of my income and this helps me out a lot. 00:22:14:14not to mention Evelyn is a great cook she utilizes everything we take from here." 00:22:21:18)) The high cost of fresh vegetables is a common theme here. ((TILE JOE_2535_01Laurie Chicione/ Food Recipient 00:25:17:02 "you know everything is so expensive in the grocery store especially organic, forget it that is one of the downsides. But they have some great looking veggies as usual, they always give you great recipes this is for the creamy squash soup.")) The soup recipe and sample are courtesy of Hunger Free Vermont. ((TILE JOE_2505_01 Anna Kaufman/Hunger Free Vermont 00:12:20:07 "We have been working with the Intervale to provide some nutrition education at these community pick up events so essentially what happens is we partner with the Intervale so as they increase access to fresh produce for the participants we provide some recipes and a bit of education so they can utilize that produce when they go home and recreate recipes with their families." 00:12:42:20)) Jessica has also prepared a recipe, for Butternut Squash and black bean tacos. This food Gleaning program provides 4 to 8 pounds of food each week to the families. It also supplies 10 different organizations with 25-50 pounds a week. ((Tile JOE_2496_01 00:06:07:00 JS says "So this is a pretty popular program." Jessica "It is" JS "You have a waiting list." Jessica "We have a waiting list" JS "That's hard." Jessica "I wish we didn't it's hard, it's hard to tell people who are eager to be part of this program, that are excited to have access to fresh food that we don't have space for them and to not have another alternative for them that is free, is a hard conversation to have." 00:06:36:28)) A waiting list even though the program was expanded this year from 50 members to over 100 members. ((Tile JOE_2496_01 00:06:57:00 Js says "It seems like a lot of work." Jessica responds "ya it is a lot of work and its a complete joy. 00:07:09:22 at the same time.")) The hope is this program will expand again in the future, So folks like Richard and Evelyn may be able to have access to this food year round. JS Ch 3 news Burlington.


To learn more about Intervale Gleaning and Food Rescue, we will have a link at our Infocenter Wcax dot com.


35 games in the books after yesterday's opening day of the Vermont high school soccer and field hockey playoffs. Another thirty on the docket this afternoon. Look for you score on the ticker at the bottom of your screen. after spending part of last week unsure if they would be playing at all...the South Burlington boys soccer team, top seeded in Division One, hosting Middlebury... --- opening minute...the Rebels Ismail Temirov fires one on net but Middlebury keeper Wilder Perera makes a great save... --- but just two minutes a scramble after a corner kick, Temirov's header slips past Perera...1-0 South Burlington... --- and later in the half ...Temirov takes the lead pass...cuts toward net and fires a stopping that one... 2-0 South Burlington and the Rebels roll to a 6-0 win.


Essex is seeded third ...highest seeding for the Hornets since 2009 ...fourteenth seed Lyndon looking for the upset... --- Quiet day for Hornets keeper Ben Wood... His offense doing all the work... Noah Ferris to Liam Donahue for the long range strike... 1-0 Essex... --- Later in the half, Ferris doing the scoring this time... Beats the keeper as he's falling down... Essex adds two in the second half... They blank Lyndon, 4-0.


CVU has been to the last three D-1 finals ...and won the title in 2012...the fifth seeded Redhawks hosting Burlington.. --- opening minute of the second half...some beautiful CVU passing leads to goal by Ollie Chioniere and a 3-0 Redhawks lead... --- just four minutes later...the senior has his shot blocked by the ball goes to Max Brown and the captain's shot sneaks in...4-0... --- later, it's Elliot Mitchell...great individual move to get into the space and he finishes... CVU off to a fast start...they win 6-0 ...


Colchester knocked off CVU in last year's state title game 2-1 ...the Champs facing Brattleboro this afternoon... --- Second half, all Lakers up 4-0... Adnan Pasic hungry for more but Colonels keeper Braxton Lynn makes the strong stop... --- Colchester's offense though, full go... Pasic to Brennan Fitzpatrick, he fires it behind the keeper for the goal.. --- And then off the free kick, Pasic finishing in front of the net for another.. Colchester cruises past Brattleboro, 6-0 the final.


switching gears to girls soccer... Division Two playdown ...second seed Middlebury facing number fifteen Springfield... --- The Tigers offense trying to heat up in the chilly first half conditions, Andrea Boe breaks in, but Springfield's Grace Morvan makes the save. --- a couple minutes later, the Cosmos Lizzie Mackenzie makes a nice move to get past the defender, but her shot is stopped by Tigers keeper, Molly Campbell. --- Just before halftime, Boe sends it to Katherine Moulton in front, but her one-timer is just wide. After a scoreless first half, The Tigers get 4 in half number two and go on to the 4-0 win. They'll face green mountain valley school Saturday at 2.


A rivalry game in Bristol...third seed Mount Abe taking on number fourteen Vergennes in another D-2 playdown... --- The Eagles add to a their 1-0 lead midway through the second half, Juniper Nardiello Smith to Ernesta McIntosh who goes top shelf. 2-0 Mt. Abe. --- a few minutes later, McIntosh with the corner kick. Teammate Amy Nault gets knocked down in the box. A penalty shot is called. --- McIntosh gets the nod and she makes good for her second straight goal. Mt. Abe goes on to the 3-0 win and will meet Mill River Saturday at 2.


After winning their first eight games this postseason, Game One of the World Series last night at home was a bit of a rude awakening for the Kansas City Royals. The Royals in the Fall Classic for the first time since 1985 ...and this one was over almost before it began. San Francisco scores three runs in the top of the first, including a two run home run by Hunter Pence...while Madison Bumgarner held the Royals to just three hits and one run over seven dominant innings as San Francisco takes game one on the road 7-1. Game two tonight in K-C...former Red Sox Jake Peavy on the hill for the Giants against Kansas City rookie Yordano Ventura.


NHL last night... Bruins hosting San Jose...Boston down 3-2 going into the third ...but rookie Seth Griffith scores his first career goal early in the period to tie...and midway thru the period...Gregory Campbell in front takes advantage of the Sharks turnover... Boston adds an empty netter late to win 5-3 4-4 on the season, the Bruins host the Islanders tomorrow night.


Montreal hosting Detroit...trailing 1-0 in the third...Alex Galchenyuk with the wraparound with just over three minutes to go to tie things at one and send this game into overtime...then, less than a minute into OT...scramble in front of the Detroit net and David Desharnais pokes in the game winner. Habs take it 2-1 to improve to 6-1. They host the Rangers on Saturday.



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