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A real treat for ice skaters and fans of figure skating in Vermont. Burlington is hosting the 2015 New England Regional Figure Skating Championship. Over 2-hundred skaters from all over New England will take the ice. The Champlain Valley Skating Club is hosting the event. Festivities get underway Friday. Joining me now are 12-year old skater Brooke Barrett and skating coach Martha Harding. ((Martha -- how do US Figure Skating qualifications work?)) ((Martha -- what is the level of skater participating? did they have to qualify to take part?)) ((Brooke -- how old were you when you started skating?)) ((Brooke -- how many hours a week do you devote to your sport?)) ((Brooke -- Is this your first time at a Regional Competition?)) ((Martha -- What is the end game for skaters who compete at these levels?)) ((Brooke -- What are your goals for this year and in the future?))


The 2015 New England Regional Figure Skating Competition runs Friday through Tuesday at Leddy Park. Friday is free. After that -- admission is ten dollars a day -- or 30 dollars for the entire competition. For a link to more -- visit the InfoCenter at wcax dot com.


Tomorrow on the Thirty -- face painting tips for Halloween! Sean Avram of Hyper Focus Art is a world class body painter. He was even on the reality television show Skin Wars. Tomorrow Sean will give us some easy face painting technique for kids of all ages! That's tomorrow at 5:30 on the :30!


Good evening. I'm Kristin Kelly. And I'm Darren Perron. The case made national news last week -- a Hardwick mom and her boyfriend -- charged with murder -- in the death of her disabled son. Now we know the boy spent time in DCF custody and was returned to his mom years ago. It is the latest in a string of cases this year - where children died after spending some time in DCF care.


Isaac Robitille was 5 -- when he got a puppy from Make A Wish. ((mom talks then)) A loving scene in 2005. The boy born with serious health issues and disabilities -- getting a boost to take on challenges in his life. But now his mom Melissa and her boyfriend Walter Richters are charged with second degree murder. Police say they put vodka in Isaac's IV to calm him down - poisoning him in August. DCF now confirms that problems in Isaac's home date back at least seven years. GFX: The state removed Isaac from his mother in 2007. The exact reason is not clear. But a DCF expert recommended he go back to her in 2008. In May of this year -- three months before his death -- DCF got a new complaint about Isaac's care. The state says it investigated concerns about a third party care giver -- not Isaac's mom -- and the complaint was NOT substantiated. So - Isaac stayed at home - with the same care plan in place. ((0303, Sen. Dick Sears/Judiciary Committee Chair: just shocking 0304, )) Senator Dick Sears is leading a legislative review of the state's child protection policies - following the deaths of two toddlers earlier this year. Both Peighton Geraw and Dezirae Sheldon had spent time in DCF care - and to their moms - before being killed. (( 0330, Sen. Dick Sears/Judiciary Committee Chair: we need to reconsider the reunification policies - particularly if there is a hist of substance abuse 0326, and we need to um continue to make sure the policies and the laws are folowed 0345,)) He also says his panel's review is finding inconsistent standards for reunification around the state - and the need for better communication among those dealing with children. He says his committee learned friday of Isaac's time in dcf custody back in 2007. But were not told about the the unfounded claim DCF investigated in May -- about one of Isaac's caregivers. ((0530, Sen. Dick Sears/Judiciary Committee Chair: i wasnt aware of the allegations of three months ago 0533, so thats new to me today 0536, and hearing it from you is kind of disappointing. i wish we had heard it from them 0541, ))


Isaac has three other siblings. DCF would not comment on them. But a relative says that a family member had already adopted them - before Isaac's death. DCF Commissioner Ken Schatz was not available for an on camera interview. He says there were no open cases involving Isaac at the time of his death.


A brief appearance at the Allen Prue murder trial today -- for his wife Patricia Prue. The Waterford couple are being tried separately for the murder of Melissa Jenkins in 20-12. Allen's lawyer is trying to convince the jury that it was Patricia who planned and carried out the murder - and that Allen only confessed to police -- to protect her. Prosecutors called her to the stand today - but she invoked her right not to testify -- and was led back out of the courtroom.


The Ebola virus has claimed thousands of lives. Is Vermont ready if a case of the deadly virus turns up here? Elizabeth Keatinge is just back from the state's largest hospital with more. Elizabeteh. It's 4000 worldwide deaths and counting for the deadly Ebola virus. Two Texas health workers are also reportedly infected after treating Ebola patients. We spoke to Fletcher Allen nurses about what medical professionals in our area are doing to be prepared.


Fletcher Allen nurses say they are taking precautions so patients - and healthcare workers are prepared for a possible Ebola outbreak. ((Mari Cordes President. VT federation of nurses and health professionals In the cases in Dallas, A, the hospital did not seem to be prepared, and I'm confident that with us working together with Fletcher Allen, Fletcher Allen will be prepared and staff will be prepared.)) Since Ebola can be transferred by contact with human fluids - proper training on using protective equipment is extremely important to the Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals. They represent more than 2000 health care professionals at Fletcher Allen. ((Mari Cordes Actual hands on practice and skills training, putting the equipment on, taking the equipment off.)) ((Mike Noble/Fletcher Allen Fletcher Allen has been prepared and been taking care of highly infectious and contaminated patients for a long time.)) Noble says doctors at the hospital come in contact with patients more than 1-point-1 million times a year. And says they feel ready if a case of Ebola were to come to Vermont. They've been ramping up their efforts. ((Mike Noble/Fletcher Allen Train staff in personal protective equipment, we are now going through a more robust training with a lot of staff.)) Governor Peter Shumlin says the state is ready. (LANCE CAM 10_14 TC01:18:37:22 Tile 4074)((Gov Peter Shumlin "We have trained our folks in Vermont to be prepared should it happen -- Obviously we hope it doesn, but we are prepared should we have to face the challenge.)) When it comes to getting ready, the nurses association says it's all about healthcare workers using their skills together. ((Mari Cordes/As long as we can ensure that front line workers are involved in the prevention planning process, we are confident that we will have a strong plan in place.))


The Vermont federation of nurses and health professionals also emphasized that additional staff is needed, even just in the preparation process. They need enough staff caring for patients, while others are going through training. Darren. Elizabeth, thanks. And we'll have the latest on Ebola -- coming up in our health watch.


UVM had to cancel a pair of flu shot clinics. 400 people have already been vaccinated at two clinics on campus this fall. But UVM sent out a campus notice today saying two more clinics scheduled for next week have been cancelled. The school says that's because Fletcher Allen Health Care -- which contracted to conduct the clinics -- now says it can't get enough vaccine. Fletcher Allen says it's a temporary supply problem -- not a shortage of vaccine. The hospital says anyone who wants a flu shot this season should be able to get one.


Day two of the teachers strike in South Burlington. They are at odds with the school board - over teachers' salaries and health care plans. Alex Apple is in the newsroom with the latest. Alex. Darren & Kristin, teachers hit the streets again on Wednesday -- leaving school cancelled and classrooms empty. The South Burlington School Board is meeting in executive session right now and will hold a forum for public comment afterwards. More than just teachers are affected by this strike -- bus drivers are out of work -- sports teams practiced without their coaches on fields in Williston. Today, both sides acknowledged that they will not reach a settlement at tonight's meeting. They will meet again tomorrow at 2:00 where the head of the teacher's union told us -- he hopes -- the stalemate will end.


(eric Stone/Teachers Union Spokesperson 8:31)(("It's very important to make sure that we're as professional as possibly can be tomorrow. My goal is a settlement. That's it. I have no personal animosity or stake in this . 9:12 This can be over tomorrow since that's the day they've chosen to meet us at the table. Okay.")) We also spoke with South Burlington School Board Clerk Martin Lalonde. He said there's no update today on their end -- only that they are looking forward to Thursday's negotiations. That meeting will take place at 2:00 tomorrow. Until an agreement is reached, teachers will continue to picket. Each marches for as many hours as they would normally be working. Darren, Kristin.


Mike joins us now -- sounds like sports is affected too. Organized activities, including games and practices for South Burlington's fall sports teams have been suspended now that the strike is underway. But that hasn't stopped the players from taking matters into their own hands. Teams have started holding players only practices...and today, the Parisi Speed School located at the Edge in Williston held free of charge workouts for the South Burlington field hockey, football and boys and girls soccer teams. Coming up later in Starting Line Sports...I speak with members of the South Burlington boys soccer team. The Rebels are 11-1 and the likely top seed in the Division One playoffs which are set to begin next week.


Property taxes are on voters minds this election season - and with just three weeks to go until election day -- the Republican running for governor outlined his plan to pay for education. But Democratic candidates have other ideas to attack the problem. Alexei Rubenstein reports.


Using his Alma Mater -- Barre's Spaulding High School -- as a backdrop -- Scott Milne said Vermont needs to radically rethink education spending. ((01:45:11:06 Scott Milne/Republican for Governor "If you want to come as a young family to Vermont and count on Vermont delivering its promise to you that your kids can go to college, this plan will enable that )) Milne calls for providing universal in-state college or job training to students that pledge to stay in vermont, reducing per-pupil spending, allowing greater school choice -- and on top of it all -- cap property tax rates for two years. He says to revitalize higher education and triple in-state attendance at Vermont colleges, it means ditching unfunded mandates -- like the Administration's $35 million push this spring to provide universal Pre-K. He wants to reduce per pupil spending by a third, do away with bloated supervisory unions and replace them with 15 regional districts. Grants that help keep small schools open would be eliminated. Cost saving would be ploughed into paying for higher education. When it comes to the $42 million hole in the Education system that capping property taxes would create, Milne had no specifics -- other than it would force lawmakers to find cuts in the general fund. ((01:52:39:08 Scott Milne/Republican for Governor "Iv'e got a cap as a tactic to force the legislature to do something which they've been unable to do and they've had no leadership from the incumbent governor -- either as governor for four years or when he was playing block against gov. Douglas as senate president for the four years before that.)) In a statment, Governor Shumlin called the tax cap - a plain bad idea. ((FONT)) ((USE THIS IF WE DON"T GET STATEMENT)) Governor Shumlin was not available for comment. Campaign officials say Milne's tax cap is a gimmick that would simply shift funding to another tax and wouldn't give taxpayers the relief they are seeking. Meanwhile election season has brought property tax issue to the fore for Democrats also. A group of rank and file house members announced Wednesday -- that while they have no concrete plans -- the issue will be a top priority when they return in January. ((TC 01:21:15:05 Tile 4075 Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas (D-Bradford) "We can't wait for the executive branch , we cant wait for the senate or from some magical member of the tax committee to come with the perfect plan. We need to just put our nose to the grindstone and say we are here and were going to stick around until it gets done.)) ((01:24:39:17 Steve Jeffrey/Vt. League of Cities and Towns "legislators who are running are hearing from their voters that this is an important if not the most important issue from their perspective. So I think again we're getting a little momentum. The tide is rising and we're hopeful this year is the year we get some property tax reform.)) House majority Leader Shap Smith agrees education finance reform will be one of the top three issues this session. As far as the property tax caps go, he says if Scott Milne wants to propose it, he ought to come up with a way to pay for it. Alexei Rubenstein -- Channel 3 News - Montpelier.


WCAX poll results released last week -- found nearly 60 percent of Vermonters think we need to change the way the state pays for k-thru-12 education. Only 30 percent said that the current system is working well.

18} 1STWX

It was warm again today! Crazy warm! A cold front will catch up to us tonight through Thursday. This will bring us periods of rain. There could also be a rumble or two of thunder. Highs on Thursday will still be around 70. Some showers could linger into Friday morning, before some partial sunshine takes hold later in the day. Temps will be back into the 60s for highs. Saturday another disturbance will approach, so skies will turn mostly cloudy with scattered showers developing during the afternoon. This system will bring in a blast of colder air on Sunday. Highs will only be in the 40s, plus it will be blustery. Some scattered showers will linger, with some snow showers possible in the mountains.


Vermont is experiencing more punishing storms -- damaging the state's electric grid. Now -- a new partnership is expected to help better predict wild weather, giving the state a chance to be proactive, and save money. Judy Simpson has the story.


State and Federal Emergency Management responders Wednesday were briefed on a new project that helps utilities save money, and identify additional renewable energy sources. ((Tile 726_2177_01 gov shumlin " We are here to announce 00:01:06:28 exciting partnership between the state government and our utilities and that is really going to give Vermont some extraordinary data that is going to help us to make this state a safer stronger greener energy state." 00:01:25:22)) The project is called The Vermont Weather Analytic Center. It is a two year, 16.6 million dollar project spearheaded by VELCO the state's transmission system operator. The partnership also includes IBM, Lyndon State College, UVM and ISO-New England. VELCO's job is to make sure that there is a balance between the amount of energy Vermonters are using and the supply available. ((Tile 726_2177_01 00:07:08:29 Tom Dunn/ VELCO President & CEO "We see a utlility world that is changing first of course is weather.")) Tom Dunn is VELCO's President and CEO. ((Tile 726_2177_01 00:07:15:22 Tom Dunn/ VELCO President & CEO "We are seeing an increase in the frequency and the severity of storms in Vermont in 2013 the VELCO and Green Mountain Power spent over 22 million dollars on storm response. in 2011 during tropical storm Irene VELCO had half a mile of transimission line simply washed away just extraordinary damage." 00:07:38:26)) Dunn says collaboration is what makes this project work. Because weather effects us all. For example during tropical storm Irene cleanup, electric utilities worked side by side with state agencies like the Agency of Transportation to get the power back on. ((SUE MINTER/ Vt. Transportation Agency tile 726_2203_01 tc00:20:52:00" I think it is key that this partnership we forged at that time is now continuing because one thing we are evermore aware of is our vulnerablity we share our weather we share our vulnerablity our infrustructure is different and distinct we've got transportation they have got power but our needs are very simiilar. "00:21:14:09)) The new Vermont Weather Analytics Center is built around IBM's Deep Thunder predictive weather model, which applies leading edge analysis for regional weather data to produce super accurate forecasts, 48 hours in advance. This will help VELCO and other partners to have crews in place ahead of time in specific targeted areas to handle potential weather problems. Which will save money. The new center will also help track renewable energy sources like wind and solar, by keeping track of wind currents and hours of daylight. (( Tom Dunn again 00:08:01:07 "The total size of these resources is increasing with the thinking that by 2020 maybe 10 percent of peak demand in the state of Vermont is going to be met by these renewable resources so understanding where they are , what they are going to produce is critical as our role as a grid operator. "00:08:17:25)) The Vermont Weather Analytics Center could have wider applications as well. ((Tile 726_2177_01 gov shumlin 00:04:51:14" It should eventually allow us to use this for tourism jobs and job creation you should be able to sit down in NY or Boston and know 48 hours before your ski trip what's going to fall at Jay Peak what snow levels will be at Dover the temperatures and the skiing conditions." 00:05:12:23)) And also long term, improve the resiliency of Vermont's energy grid .. JS Channel three news, Waterbury.


20 percent of the project is funded by Vermont rate payers. The other 80 percent is spread across the rest of the new england states.


The Adirondack Humane Society in Plattsburgh is shut down. Officials at a neighboring shelter say it's because those animals are sick. And some have been euthanized. Logan Crawford has more.


Laurie Parsons runs an animal shelter in Peru, New York. She's in the process of rescuing animals from the Adirondack Humane Society in Plattsburgh. Parsons says it just closed its doors due to a sickness spreading among their cats. (TC 00:10:55:09 Tile 4339) ((Laurie Parsons/Elmore SPCA Board President "There were cats that couldn't open their eyes, there were cats that couldn't pick themselves up. It was extreme." 00:11:01:20)) Parsons contacted vets around the area to check out -- and vaccinate -- the animals. She says the dogs at the Adirondack Humane Society are fine. But cats there -- were suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss. (TC 00:10:29:08 Tile 4339) ((Laurie Parsons/Elmore SPCA Board President "We are extremely sad to say that there have been 18 cats that had to be euthanized." 00:10:35:22)) These cats had "distemper" -- a highly contagious and deadly disease for cats. 51 cats are still at the Adirondack Humane Society under observation for the next 2 weeks -- along with 4 dogs. Parsons says the cats were roaming free at the facility. And that some had come into the shelter sick -- didn't get their shots -- and spread the disease to the other cats. Parsons is in the process of bringing the healthy animals to her shelter. ((nats)) (TC 00:35:55:02 Tile 4356) ((Logan Crawford/Peru "Peewee here is 1 of 5 dogs that have moved from the Adirondack Humane Society to the Elmore animal shelter. The Adirondack Humane Society Board members declined to comment on their shelter closing." 00:36:05:27)) (TC 00:19:07:06 Tile 4339) ((Laurie Parsons/Elmore SPCA Board President "The fact these cats were running at large in the shelter put them at risk. The fact they had no received vaccinations put them at risk." 00:19:16:28)) Parsons says the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets oversee adoption shelters in the state -- and they're currently investigating the situation. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Plattsburgh. -3-


The Elmore animal shelter is having an adoptions day on October 25th for the animals who have a clean bill of health.


Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott is asking for two more years in office. Alex Apple profiles the republican in tonight's campaign countdown.


Phil Scott calls himself a "Vermonter: born and bred." He grew up in Barre -- graduated from UVM -- and even races at Thunder Road in the 14 car. (2:41 Phil Scott/Lt. Gov)(("My mom was an avid race fan, took us to races when I was young.")) Scott's now been Vermont's Lieutenant Governor for four years -- and he's asking voters for two more years. Scott spent 10 years as a Washington county senator before he was lieutenant governor. But he says he's never lost touch with what matters to everyday Vermonters. (06:12 Phil Scott/LT Gov.)(("I do a Vermont Everyday Jobs Tour where I work a day in somebody else's shoes ...6:22 It keeps me in touch. I have the pulse of the working community.")) And what he says he's found: Vermont has an affordability crisis -- something the legislature must address with property tax reform in the next legislative session. (09:09 Lt. Gov Phil Scott)(("If there is one issue we need to try to come to grips with it's demographics, fix the economy so in turn, fix some of the pressures that struggling families are feeling.")) Scott is proposing that the state audit all of its unfunded mandates -- in addition to making a more business-friendly tax code. (15:40 Lt. Gov Phil Scott)(("We chose to adopt a tax on the cloud. Businesses were telling us don't tax the cloud.")) Scott is running on the Republican ticket and his conservative stances on health care are in sharp contrast to his opponent -- Progressive Dean Corren -- who is a strong advocate for single payer. Scott says he won't pass judgement on a single payer plan until he has more details. (10:12 Lt. Gov Phil Scott)(("What is it going to cover, who is going to have to utilize it, how much is it gonna cost.")) And with all those questions yet to be answered --Dean Corren says he -- not Scott -- is the right person to lead the Senate through the tough legislative session ahead. (2:48 Dean Corren)(("I would be a conduit for working Vermonters who need to get a fairer, more efficient system.")) To which Scott says look at his record. For 14 years, he has served in the minority. (17:02 Phil Scott)(("I've made my whole political life about building coalitions and working across the aisle. I don't think you're going to find any democrats or progressives that would disagree with that.")) Scott says after 14 years, he's got the trust of politicians from all parties -- and he hopes voters will trust him as well -- giving him another term in November. (17:35 Phil Scott)(("They trust me and that's what you learn in the legislative process, in life, in business, in anything you do. They got to have trust and respect for you.")) Alex Apple. Ch 3 N. Burlington.



A cold front will catch up to us tonight through Thursday. This will bring us periods of rain. There could also be a rumble or two of thunder. Highs on Thursday will still be around 70. Some showers could linger into Friday morning, before some partial sunshine takes hold later in the day. Temps will be back into the 60s for highs. Saturday another disturbance will approach, so skies will turn mostly cloudy with scattered showers developing during the afternoon. This system will bring in a blast of colder air on Sunday. Highs will only be in the 40s, plus it will be blustery. Some scattered showers will linger, with some snow showers possible in the mountains. After that we'll quiet down going into next week, but temperatures will remain chilly.


30} SAIL6_VO

A sailor sent out a distress call in Plattsburgh bay -- fearing his boat was sinking. Plattsburgh Fire department, city police, and the US coast guard responded to Plattsburgh City Beach. First responders say the 24 foot sail boat was not sinking -- it just got hung up on a sandbar. The coast guard took a rescue boat to help the stranded sailor -- while police and fire crews were on standby.


(TC 00:05:59:20 Tile 4331) ((Capt. Shawn Clark/Plattsburgh Fire Dept. "Assist with any rescue if necessary but the boat appears to be hung up in waist-deep water at this point on a sandbar. Doesn't appear to be taking on any water." 00:06:11:17)) Plattsburgh Fire officials say the coast guard was able to get the sailor off the boat and checked him over -- clearing him of any medical issues. The coast guard is making arrangements to tow the sail boat later.


A South Burlington woman is accused of embezzling -- again. Court papers indicated that 41-year-old Billie Preston has agreed to admit she stole more than 84-thousand dollars from Endyne in Williston -- where she worked as an accountant. Preston is expected to plead guilty. In 2010 she admitted embezzling from University Wholesalers in Colchester.


Folks in West Windsor have decided to buy part of the old Ascutney Mountain Ski Area. The purchase would protect 470-acres from development. The land costs 600-thousand dollars. Fifty-thousand of that will come from the West Windsor conservation fund. The national nonprofit Trust for Public Land will pay the rest. The selectboard says the purchase is an opportunity to transform West Windsor from a ski town -- to a four-season destination that also offers mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports the South Burlington teachers strike enters it's second day, several late season games for the SBHS fall sports teams have already been cancelled, and with the end of the regular season fast approaching, questions arise about what the future holds for these teams and these student athletes. ((TRT: 2:12 ... OC: ALL OF US, I'D SAY)) ((One thing is for certain, the Rebels players aren't just sitting around while their seasons stand in limbo. Earlier today, the Parisi Speed School at the Edge in Williston opened it's doors to offer free training sessions for the South Burlington field hockey, football and boys and girls soccer teams.)) --- ((Casey Lee/ Parsis Asst. Program Director/ We work with a lot of these kids when they aren't in season. We've got great relationships with them. They popped in yesterday and they were ready to work out. We said, 'why don't you grab your whole teams?' We have great facilities, we can have you come in and host your team for the whole day. They give a lot to us, so it's only fair that we give back to them when they need it.)) --- ((The football team is still set to play it's regular season finale this Saturday night at 7pm at home against Essex. The football team won't make the playoffs this year, but for field hockey and soccer, the brackets for the Division One playoffs are set to be released on Monday. Bob Johnson of the Vermont Principals Association spoke with Channel Three Sports today and he said that as far as the VPA is concerned, they are moving forward as if the South Burlington teams will be competing in the postseason, and that would only change if they are notified by the school prior to the Monday bracket release that the South Burlington teams would not be competing. Missing out on the playoffs would be a sad ending of the season for all the teams and players, but the team with the most at stake is the South Burlington boys soccer team. The Rebels are currently 11-1, likely the top seed in D-1, and a favorite to win their first state title since 2011. Although they concede that they have considered the possibility that their season could be over, the Rebels are trying to stay focused and also focus on the bigger picture.)) --- ((Keegan O'Hara/ S. Burlington Senior Back/ The field hockey girls missed their senior game, the football team might miss their senior game. It's just bad timing for everybody. I think it could be good for us in the end, because if we get a chance to play in the playoffs, we'll try extra hard to win.)) --- ((Alex Pasanen/ S. Burlington Senior Captain/ It's not just about us. Obviously it's important to us, we want to be able to go for the state championship. But it's about the whole community. What it means for the school, the athletes, every team. It's not just our senior year for the soccer team. It's the seniors on the field hockey team, the football team. It doesn't matter where they're ranked or if they're going to be in the playoffs. It's their last time playing for South Burlington. It means the same to all of us I'd say. ))


Back in 2011 when Mount Anthony was dealing with a teachers strike, the school board eventually voted to allow varsity sports teams to continue playing. The South Burlington school board will have their first chance to consider that possibility when they meet tonight.


The latest health care worker to get Ebola is being transferred from a hospital in Dallas where she got the virus, to a special treatment facility in Atlanta. Omar Villafranca reports.


CHYRONS: 101-107 Omar Villafranca/CBS News 108-117 Deborah Burger/National Nurses United 108-117 Dr. Daniel Varga/Hospital Spokesman ((pkg trt 1:33, insert 1:30)) A Frontier Airlines jet was scrubbed down at Cleveland's airport after health officials reported the latest Ebola patient was onboard Monday. 29 year old Amber Vinson was part of the medical staff that treated Ebola patient Thomas Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital before he died last week. 26 year old nurse Nina PhaM is also infected. Officials say Vinson showed no symptoms during her flight from Cleveland to dallas, so the risk of spreading the virus is low. But officials are trying to contact passengers. The CDC says Vinson violated guidelines against taking public transportation after being exposed to Ebola. ((sot/graphic : Dr. Tom Frieden/CDC Director)) (13:02:23) We will, from this moment forward, ensure that no other individual who is being monitored for exposure undergoes travel any way other than controlled movement. Hazmat teams are decontaminating Vinson's apartment area. Neighbors also received reverse 911 calls. ((on cam: Omar Villafranca/CBS News)) The nation's largest nurse's union says health care workers here were not prepared when the first case hit Dallas. ((sot/Deborah Burger/National Nurses United )) (14:21:09 - pipe 4) Nurses said they had to come up with their own protocols to figure out what to wear when they brought Mr. Duncan back in. The hospital denies it has a systemic problem. ((sot: Dr. Daniel Varga/Hospital Spokesman)) (8:07:25ish) We are a hospital that may have done some things different with the benefit of what we know today 75 other health care workers are being monitored for Ebola. Omar Villafranca, CBS News, Dallas.


Last weekend, the latest patient, Amber Vinson visited three relatives in Ohio who work at Kent State University. She never visited the campus, but school officials are keeping her relatives away from the university for the next 21 days while they monitor for Ebola symptoms. That's health watch.



Each month, the Turning Point Center of Chittenden County helps hundreds of recovering addicts. Now, the nonprofit is helping in a new way. Melissa Howell reports.


Books filled with uplifting words scattered about the Turning Point Center -- waiting to change lives. ((Jordan Bemis/Turning Point Center guest 00:17:48:00 "I think a lot of people could benefit from it."00:17:51:00)) The nonprofit -- that helps people with substance abuse problems --created a library focused on 12 step programs -- and life after addiction. ((Gary De Carolis/Executive Director 00:11:43:00 "What the library does is give people a chance to deepen their recovery, to look into themselves, use the books to help support their recovery." 00:11:51:00)) The money to fund the new recovery library came from Constance Robert. And it's named in his honor. Robert received help from Turning Point. The collection of 300 books was pulled from his own personal list of readings - along with books used in many of the organization's programs. ((Stephen Reilly/Turning Point Center guest 00:16:10:00 "I'm sure there's a lot of resources and good advice in those books, I'll check it out for sure." 00:16:16:00)) For some, joining the center is still an adjustment -- but having access to information is a part of the process. ((Jordan Bemis/Turning Point Center guest 00:18:22:00 " It's important for me to distract myself in healthy ways and reading and educating myself is definitely a healthy way." 00:18:31:00)) ((Kim Morrill/Operations Manager 00:21:33:00 "Everybody struggles with different things in their life and different barriers and so I think that at this point, we really have a fantastic foundation for people to choose from." 00:21:43:00)) ((Melissa Howell 00:26:42:00 "So the way the new library system will work is you come in, pick a book and the way you check it out is turn to the back and write your name on this card provided. It's a way to check out books of encouragement through the honor system." 00:26:53:00)) The goal is to encourage reading -- and begin discussion groups. It's part of a mission to heal -- and educate. ((Jordan Bemis/Rutland 00:16:51:00 "I think dealing with the disease of addiction or mental health issues, it's important too educate yourself and I think this library gives people the chance to educate themselves." 00:17:01:00)) Turning Point hopes to see the collection grow and motivate everyone who walks through the door. Melissa Howell Channel 3 News, Burlington


The library will be open to anyone interested in learning more about recovery -- starting today.


Quite a sight in the queen City today. NAT SOT Drums :04... VO That's right -- drums were beating -- parents cheered -- and kids were on the move in Burlington's Old North End as the Integrated Arts Academy kicked off it's second annual Fun Run. Three hundred students... kindergarten kids to fifth graders...and yes, even teachers ran laps around the school as parents, classmates and the community encouraged runners to do their best. It's all part of the schools programs to promote healthier life styles and better learning.


((Danielle Vierling/Phys Ed teacher Integrated Arts Academy TC 7:33:19 " We were trying to establish healthy habits and we thought what better way to have healthy habits than to come out and run with our community focusing on cheering as well as running and how to support each other.")) The run was part of the school's early morning fitness program called "Move It! Move It!" It aims to get everyone moving and awake for better learning. The University of Vermont, local and national youth fitness organizations help pay for the program.


It appears there will be a 62nd addition of the Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl. With Dartmouth's Memorial Field undergoing construction next summer, the 2015 Shrine Game will be played on Saturday, August 1st at Castleton State College. The start time has yet to be determined because the Shrine organizers still have to work with the college and town to make the time of both the annual Shrine parade and the game work for all parties. When we first reported on Friday night that the future of the Shrine Game looked in doubt, the impetus behind that was the revelation that the Bektash Shriners, the only New Hampshire Shriners sponsor of the game, had voted unanimously to end it's partnership with the Shrine game effected at the end of this year, citing a lack of generated revenue over the past few years that left little money going towards the Shriners Hospitals. The Shrine Game Board of Directors meet last night in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and today Board president Richard Ellis told me by phone that all three of the Shrine Centers that have partnered to put on the game over the past six decades, the Vermont-bases Cairo and Mount Sinai centers, as well as the Bektash Center, are on board with working together to put on next summer's game. When I asked him if that means the fundraising and sponsorship of the game will remain the same as it has in year's past, Ellis said that was his hope. Having the game at Castleton works well from a convenience standout for the teams, as the College has hosted the Shrine training camps for the past several years.


Boys soccer...with just days left in the regular season...a pair of D-1 title hopefuls locking horns ...8-3-1 CVU hosting 8-4-1 BFA-St. Albans ... --- First half Red Hawks in full attack... Patrick McCue feeds Richard Baccei (BACK-E)... He does the rest, 4-0 CVU at the break... --- Second half, Bobwhites keeper Nick Hayden doing all he can to keep his team in it... --- Too much CVU though ... Baccei fires a ball into the box, it ends up on the foot of Max Brown... The Co captain fires it home ... All Red Hawks as they shutout BFA, 6-0.


The Boston Bruins will look to break out of their early season slump when they visit the Detroit Red Wings tonight. Boston has lost it's last three games after winning it's season opener.


it's been nearly three decades since the Kansas City Royals have made the baseball playoffs and they are making up for lost time. The Royals are now a perfect 7-0 this postseason after another comeback win last night in Game Three of the American League Championship Series and are just won win a way from the World Series. The Royals used their now familiar combination of great defense, timely hitting and classic fundamentals to rally from an early 1-0 deficit to beat Baltimore 2-1 last night in Game Three to take a 3-0 series lead ...


Game Four taking place this afternoon in K-C and this time it is the Royals grabbing the early last check it was 2 in the 1 in the 9th inning.


The NLCS has the look of a series that may go on for a while... Game Three yesterday in San Francisco...the Giants jump on John Lackey for four runs in the bottom of the first...but the ex-Red Sox settled down and St. Louis rallied to tie the game at four, sending it to extra innings... but in the bottom of the tenth...with two on, pitcher Randy Choate makes a wild throw to first on the sac bunt by Gregor Blanco...Brandon Crawford scores. San Francisco wins 5-4 and takes a 2-1 series lead. Game Four is tonight in the Bay Area...



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