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Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. Thanksgiving -- and 47-million Americans are traveling for the holiday. But if you're going by plane -- plan on extra security. Logan Crawford is at Burlington Airport with more. Logan. Darren and Kristin, it's one of the busiest travel times of the year. And airports across the country are stepping up security. Burlington Airport administrators declined to talk about their measures with us. But people are moving well through security -- and flights are on time.


Usually driving down to North Carolina to see their son on Thanksgiving... The Bashaws decided to travel a different way this holiday. (TC 00:12:14:08 Tile 7596) ((Gary Bashaw/Essex "It's long. It's 9 hours. So by the time you take 9 hours out, 9 hours coming back. Then if you hit any bad weather then you got problems. So we decided this year we'll fly." 00:12:24:03)) Burlington Airport officials say the busy season for them has started -- and will run through Christmastime. Airport administrators ask travelers to arrive 2 hours before their flight -- to leave enough time to get through security... Which has tightened around the nation following the terrorist attacks in Paris. President Obama says the government is taking steps in increase security -- taking steps to keep people safe. (NEWSPATH WED0190) (President Obama) Right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland. But the security concerns are not stopping the Bashaws from heading out on their vacation. (TC 00:13:53:15 Tile 7596) ((Gary Bashaw/Essex "We don't think about it. If you do that then you're not going to go anywhere." 00:14:00:22)) ((nats gas pump)) (TC 00:27:16:08 Tile 7616) ((Logan Crawford/South Burlington "According to AAA gas prices this Thanksgiving are cheaper than they've been since 2008, so those driving this holiday season will be having a cheaper trip." 00:27:27:29)) (TC 00:34:23:29 Tile 7628) ((Philip Vance/Montreal "Just down for Thanksgiving. I'll be doing some Thanksgiving shopping and enjoy the nice warm weather down here." 00:34:30:22)) ((nats Amtrak)) And Amtrak officials say the Vermonter line is back on schedule Wednesday-- after a fallen tree disrupted service Tuesday. ((nats airport)) Some who are flying -- like the Bashaws -- bought their plane tickets months in advance. Because the longer you wait to plan your flight around the holidays -- the higher the price goes. (TC 00:13:18:02 Tile 7596) ((Louiz Bashaw/Essex "And our son tried to get tickets, he's coming back at Christmas. He's driving because it's outrageous, and this was only about like 3 weeks ago." 00:13:27:15))


Now the weather may be clear here in Burlington -- but airport officials recommend checking the weather where you're taking off and landing -- and check with your airline to make sure your flight's on time. Darren.

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The Vermonter convicted in a prep school sex assault case - is now appealing. Lawyers for Owen Labrie of Tunbridge filed paperwork today. Labrie was cleared this summer of the most serious charge of raping a girl at St. Pauls School in New hampshire. But convicted on several others. His lawyers argue the trial judge shouldn't have allowed a felony count of using a computer to lure the girl. And -- they say will challenge whether Labrie should have been ordered to register as a sex offender for life - because he was acquitted of rape - and that legislators meant the law to apply to adults preying on children.


We told you last month about scammers -- posing as IRS agents -- trying to swindle thousands from Vermonters. Now - the AG's office says a new wave of scam calls hit the state this week. Tyler Dumont is taking a look at the scam - he joins us now with more. Tyler? Hundreds of Vermonters reported just this week being targeted by this scam. Luckily, most of them didn't pay -- but a few did give out personal information. And today, consumer protection officials say the scamming calls are still continuing.


((Janet Murnane/Sr. Asst. Vt. Attorney General: "Everybody was getting these calls." 02;11-2;13)) Phones have been ringing off the hook at the Consumer Assistance Division at the Attorney General's office. ((Janet Murnane/Sr. Asst. Vt. Attorney General: "This is the third or fourth time this year that we've had a wave of calls." <:00:49-:00:54> TILE 7583)) The calls are complaints -- about other calls... coming from scammers claiming to be with the IRS. ((Janet Murnane/Sr. Asst. Vt. Attorney General: "They were looking for people to pay using money orders or some way that could not be traced." 01;26;26-01;33;25)) The scammers repeatedly call victims -- threatening arrests or lawsuits if payments for backtaxes aren't made immediately. They request the payment through credit cards or wire transfers. ((Janet Murnane/Sr. Asst. Vt. Attorney General: "We want consumers to know this is not the government calling. This is a scam." 2;30-2:34)) GFX The AG's office says they received more than 300 scam complaints on Monday from across the state. Another 186 came in on Tuesday -- and a a continuing stream Wednesday. Unfortunately, the scammers have had some luck this week. The AG's office says an elderly man paid seven hundred dollars to a scammer through Moneygram -- and they also obtained several social security numbers. ((Janet Murnane/Sr. Asst. Vt. Attorney General: "We really urge callers not to engage. We don't want them talking to the callers, we really want you to hangup the phone - don't call them back if they leave a forwarding number. Really, don't engage at all." 00:02:350:02:44.))


The AG's office says the scammers can be robocalls or live people, and they usually call landline numbers. Their advice...screen your calls and look into call blocking technology. But if you do pick up and suspect a scam, you should simply hang up.


Fire tore through several buildings at a farm in North Clarendon. Eliza Larson reports how the family is picking up the pieces -- thanks to friends and neighbors.


For years, people would stop by Chambers Farm in North Clarendon for coffee, homemade doughnuts, and conversation. ((we were coming up here for coffee nats)) Now, they're wondering where they'll gather. ((nats fire crews)) Fire crews from Clarendon returned to the farm Wednesday morning to put out a flare up in the rubble from Tuesday's massive fire that claimed multiple structures on the farm. (TC 00:54:51:25 Title 3666)((Andy Chambers/Chambers Farm: "it only took a matter of minutes." 00:54:53:28)) Andy Chambers runs the farm. He and several relatives were visiting his mom Tuesday morning in her trailer on the property -- planning for a big family Thanksgiving -- when the fire broke out. ((hoses nats)) The fire took everything -- Andy's mother's trailer, the shop where they prepare the meats, and the meat business area - wiping out the fridge full of beef, pork, and chicken. (TC 00:55:15:13)((Andy Chambers/Chambers Farm: "everybody is safe and that's all we can ask for. We're not worried about -- This stuff can all be replaced." 00:55:23:26)) (TC 00:01:48:02 Title 3694)((Eliza Larson/North Clarendon: "but out of the ashes, a positive rises. Friends and neighbors of the Chambers family are rallied in support. They started raising funds through a Go Fund Me page and are doing what they can to help this family through their time of need." 00:02:01:25)) This isn't the first time the Chambers family has battled a fire. Fifteen years ago, Andy's mother's first home was struck by lighting and burned to the ground. Back then, her neighbors came to her aid. This time is no exception. (TC 00:55:52:05 Title 3666)((Andy Chambers/Chambers Farm: "you find all the people that really care." 00:55:56:07)) While the fire crews they were working Wednesday morning, friends stopped by to check in on Andy and his family. Andy told them he's still not sure what started the fire. Friends told him, not to worry, because, for now, the doughnuts will be brought to his family. Eliza Larson. Channel 3 News. North Clarendon.


Health Connect customers were hit with a sudden surge in policy cancellations this month. The question is - why? Kyle Midura takes a look.


Late last week -- these notices arrived in the mail for Lauren Bickford-Bushey and her partner... informing the couple their insurance coverage would be cancelled for non-payment. (00:04:41:00) ((Lauren Bickford-Bushey - Coverage Cancelled I was surprised because we pay on-time every month )) She says Vermont Health Connect cashed her check on October 29th, though she sent it several days earlier, and still ahead of the November due date. Bickford-Bushey says her policy has posed problems since she first signed up last November. ((NAT GOV)) Earlier last week, Governor Shumlin touted recent upgrades to Vermont Health Connect -- and its improved functionality. Bickford-Bushey says that didn't match her experience. (00:05:06:00) ((Lauren Bickford Bushey - Coverage Cancelled I was a little suprirsed that from what I was hearing, everything was working well, and I'm getting a notice that I've been cancelled for non-payment )) (00:00:55:00) ((Cass Gekas - Vt. Health Connect so in the past few days as folks have heard, we've started to receive some calls from people who feel they were terminated in error )) Cass Gekas is the Director of Operations for Vermont Health Connect. ((GRAPHIC STARTS)) She says typically one thousand policies are cancelled a month -- and 100 are restored after it's determined payment arrived late in the month, but on time. 16-hundred received policy cancellations for November -- and Gekas says more than 200 will be restored. ((GRAPHIC ENDS)) (00:01:06:00) ((Cass Gekas - Vt. Health Connect what I'm seeing from where I sit today is there's no evidence that I have around a specific defect or business process problem 13 what I'm seeing is customers who are paying very late in the month )) Gekas says Health Connect sends a list of who paid and who didn't to insurers on the 26th of the month. That's a few days earlier than payments are due, but helps ensure accurate bills for the following month go out on time. A second list follows about a week later to account for those who waited until the last minute. She says they're still investigating what happened last month, but believes more people pushed deadline than typically do. (00:05:11:00) ((Cass Gekas - Vt. Health Connect if we find a problem, we will fix it and make sure this doesn't happen again, we owe that to Vermonters )) In the meantime - if you pay by check near the end of the month - you may find a cancellation notification in your mailbox. Tuesday, Bickford-Bushey received word she's re-instated. She'll be cancelling though after December -- as her partner's out-of-state company offers much cheaper rates. She's not sure if the coverage will matchup -- but says she'll be glad to be done with the Health Connect headaches. KM, Ch.3 BTV


Vermont Health Connect spokespeople say cancellation confusion will not prevent people from receiving covered care. They suggests clients setup auto-pay online to avoid possible problems.


Costco pulled chicken salad from its shelves -- and stopped production -- due to an e-Coli outbreak. The CDC says nearly 20 people have gotten sick -- by eating the rotisserie chicken salad -- across the country. Five people were hospitalized. It's not clear yet what's in the chicken salad -- that's making people sick.


In his pursuit of the presidency... Bernie Sanders is a top pick right now -- for Time Magazine's Person of the Year. The magazine's editors choose the annual honoree -- but Time polls readers -- to see who'd they choose. And right now -- Sanders has a wide lead over the pack of potential picks, including the Pope, his democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Taylor Swift. Read more about this on our website --


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to keep Alcoa's Massena plant in place and preserve hundreds of jobs. Employees and North Country residents are breathing a sigh of relief. Rose Spillman reports.


(03:47:00 6325) ((David LaClair Jr./Alcoa Worker "I was born and raised in Massena, and I've lived here all my life. I have my own family here now." 03:47:04)) David LaClair has worked at Alcoa's Massena, New York plant for over 15 years. He says that he was one of the many workers who expected to soon be out of a job when the aluminum manufacturer announced it would gradually shut down its west smelter plant. (03:54:53) ((David LaClair Jr./Alcoa Worker "Three weeks before Thanksgiving you find out everybody's gonna lose their job, and this was supposed to be a good time of the year with Thanksgiving, Christmas right behind it.")) The company was planning to cut nearly 500 jobs by early 2016, but the state stepped in and made an agreement to help the company stay afloat for the next 3 and a half years and keep at least 600 full time workers employed. LaClair says this is life changing news for many families. (03:50:07) ((David LaClair Jr./Alcoa Worker "There's not a lot of options up here. Massena and the surrounding communities don't have much left. Over the last decade we've taken a real economic hit up here. We used to have a GM plant. We had the Reynolds plant. At one time, we basically had the big five." 03:50:22)) Alcoa is one of the major employers in the area, and officials say massive job cuts would hurt the region significantly. Massena resident Joyce Giroux says the three and a half year guarantee isn't enough -- and the area needs to reinvent itself. (04:00:29 6343) ((Joyce Giroux/Massena "Cornwall across the river, who went through similar circumstances, in the last several years they lost over 3,000 jobs, but they have come away doing great. They really just found their new identity in becoming almost a retirement community. I think Massena needs to do something like that. Find out it's new identity and not look towards industrial jobs, perhaps." 04:00:49)) LaClair hopes the community can join together and form a plan to bring more job opportunities to the area. (03:52:21) ((David LaClair Jr./Alcoa Worker "We were able to buy us some time. Let's start looking at what else we can bring around here. How do we sell ourselves? Not look at your big companies that hire 500 or 1,000 people. Look at four different companies that hire fifty. You know? Build offf that. Ideas that we need to start thinking of around here to help support the economy." 03:52:41)) For now, he says they can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy this holiday season. Rose Spillman, Channel 3 News, Massena.


Skiing and riding are as Vermont as maple syrup. But the costs can be a sticking point for many families. Kyle Midura looks for ways -- to stop your slopeside spending -- from breaking the bank.


Many Vermont families fond of downhill skiing and riding, find themselves in an uphill battle with cost. (00:02:47:00 ) ((Kristian Barrowman - to outfit a family, it's a very expensive sport )) (00:11:54:00) ((Barbara Ann Cochran I do think it's getting more expensive :56 I just cringe when I look at some of the prices )) (old school - video -- can change Bromley example to whatever we have) A ticket to Bromley in 1950 cost skiers four dollars -- now, weekend lift tickets for Stowe ring in at 115 a pop. Historical price data is not complete, but what's available suggests median ticket prices have seen a steep rise since becoming a Vermont staple in the 1940s. Adjusted for inflation though -- the slope looks more like a bunny hill than a black diamond. (1:21:07:00) ((Parker Riehle - Ski Vermont the reality is, those ticket window prices you see, maybe 10 - 20 percent of our skiers actually pay that full price )) According to the National Ski Areas Association Ski areas typically gross only slightly more than 50 percent of the weekend, full-day ticket price for each visit. During the 2012 - 2013 ski season... the average price across the nation came to $82.61. But areas actually charged only slightly more than half of that for every skier and rider visit. ($42.10) (01:18:04:00 ) ((Parker Riehle the good news is behind every sticker window ticket price, there's a deal or discount to be had )) Youth, college kids, 20-somethings, military members, locals, and senior citizens can all cash in on big savings across Vermont -- especially by buying in bulk, with four-packs or savings cards. Fifth-graders can take advantage of three free tickets and lessons across the state; older students who pledge not to use drugs can get a free pass to Stratton; and just like online retailers, Bolton is offering a slew of cyber Monday deals this year. (00:14:59:00) ((Jim Grossman we're not going to the big ski areas, we're not flying to go skiing :02 we're going to be skiing locally )) Prices for a pass are lowest if you buy next season's as soon as the snow melts and lifts stop turning. (00:01:18:00) ((Kyle Hartsfield - Richmond the key is to plan ahead )) (00:6:42:00) ((Sarah Schlein - Huntington most of the time we just ski out of our doorstep, mostly just in the woods and it's free :47)) While ticket prices have gone up even when accounting for the changing value of a dollar -- those in the industry say so has the quality of the experience. (nats - lift) High-speed lifts get skiers and riders up the hill faster than most can descend, often shortening lift lines. (nats - snow guns) High-tech snow-making provides better coverage even when Mother Nature has different plans. Spending a few extra bucks on an extra set of rock gear can eek the most out of a pass investment. (00:08:04:00) ((Andy McIntosh - Ripton five bucks, I don't care what I hit with these skis :07 I'm going to be out there early, and I'm going to be out there late )) Buying local can save those looking to gear up from getting buried by costs. (00:13:51:00) ((Jim Grossman - South Burlington those skis are a couple hundred dollars, and these were ten :55 and we're getting bindings off of another pair of skis :58 )) Those who know what they're looking for can cash in on lightly-used equipment ... with proceeds benefitting school programs and teams. (00:16:56:00) ((Theresa Akerley - SBHS Snowboard Coach I've heard a lot of parents say I used to lease stuff, but it actually turns out to be a lot cheaper to just buy it, hold onto it for a couple years )) (00:03:32:00) ((KM: do you do your best to make sure he doesn't grow? :34 Kristian Barrowman - Jeffersonville yes, we ration his food (laugh :38)) Gear can be resold at another swap when it's time to upsize... or be passed down to younger siblings. Leasing can be a good option for those who need a bit more guidance, or the option to change sizes mid-season. Regardless of how one makes the finances work -- enthusiasts say the time and energy they put into making winter sports affordable are worth the invesment. (00:15:24:00) ((Jim Grossman how often do you get to play with your teenager? )) ( ) ((Kyle LL TAG: Deals aren't just for Vermonters -- some are tailored to those who live in surrounding states and Canada. While many of the best pass deals are long gone, resorts like Mount Snow have ski and stay deals, Bolton has deals for those older than 50, and Sugarbush offers a rewards card. For a link to all the deals accumulated by Ski Vermont -- head to our website, WCAX dot com. KM, Ch.3 BTV ))


Our Thanksgiving weather will be sunny and mild! High pressure is sliding east and that will bring in some southerly breezes pushing our temperatures up into the upper 40s and low 50s Thursday. Friday, we'll see some sunshine to start off the day, but clouds will be increasing with a chance of showers during the afternoon. Rain showers will be moving from NW to SE, as a cold front comes through. As colder air comes in behind the front, the rain showers will change to snow showers on Friday night, and there could be a bit of accumulation, mainly in the mountains. Our weather will quiet down again for the weekend, but it will be colder with afternoon highs only reaching the 30s. Overnight lows will drop into the upper teens and low 20s. Monday will bring more sunshine, with the next chance for some rain and snow showers Tuesday night and Wednesday.


Tonight: Mostly clear. Breezy. Lows: 28/35 Winds: S 10-15 mph Thursday: Partly sunny. Highs: 45/52 Winds: S 15-25 mph Thursday Night: Increasing clouds. Lows: 38/45 Winds: S 15-20 mph Friday: Mostly cloudy. Afternoon showers. Highs: 45/52 Winds: S 15-20 mph Extended: Saturday through Wednesday. Friday Night: Rain showers changing to snow showers. Lows 25/32 Saturday: Chance of a lingering snow shower, mainly mountains. Highs: 30/37 Lows 15/22 Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs 33/40 Lows 18/25 Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs 30s Lows 18/25 Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain/snow showers Tuesday night. Highs 35/45 Lows 20s Wednesday: Chance of rain/snow showers. Highs 35/45



A new study shows Vermont is one of safest states for Black Friday shoppers. Every year we see these kinds of clashes around the county. Amped-up shoppers battling for merchandise or position in line. But according to a study by Estately -- Vermont ranks near the bottom for states where fights break-out during Black Friday sales. The study combines a state's excitement for Black Friday with its crime report. Arkansas is the place where people are most likely to encounter a Black Friday fight. Vermont comes in 46th ahead of New York and New Hampshire. Massachusetts looks to be the best place in the country for avoiding fisticuffs while shopping.


But the rush for deals starts even earlier this year -- Alex Apple takes a look at the fight amongst retailers for your dollars. That's tonight on the channel 3 news at 11.


Police say four people are behind more than a dozen burglaries in and around Chester. Investigators say Michael Farnsworth -- shown here -- along with his father -- David Farnsworth -- and Zachary McNeill and Paige Hillock -- were behind at least 20 break-ins since the fall. Police say the suspects would sell the stolen items to get cash to buy drugs. More charges are expected.


Police say a South Burlington gas station employee was assaulted -- with milk. It happened at the Airport Mobil on Williston Road earlier this week. Police say a woman came into the store, purposely spilled a cup of coffee on the floor and then threw a cup of milk on the cashier before taking off. Police hope you can help identify the suspect.

27} FOOD5_VO

Thanksgiving may be tomorrow -- but there was a big feast in Burlington today. Hundreds of people from around the community filled the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf for the organization's annual holiday meal. Plates of turkey and all the fixings were served up by the Shelf's kitchen manager, Community Kitchen Academy graduates and volunteers.


((Rob Meehan, Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf 09:34 "we're honored to be part of the community where Vermonters help Vermonters and we get to see the giving from donors as well as just the spirit of communities , so it is really wonderful, we are very grateful.)) This year the Food Shelf reached its goal for Thanksgiving turkey donations with more than 4-thousand being dropped off for families in need.



Starting Line Sports ...after splitting a pair of games this weekend at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut, the UVM men's basketball team is in the Sunshine State today for a matchup against Florida. The Hoopcats 0-2 all-time against the Gators...the last meeting back in 2007 when Vermont fell to the two-time defending national champs 86-61 ... --- on this day, Dorian Finney-Smith was a force for Florida... leading all scorers with 20...but Vermont was down just five at the half, 34-29... --- the Gators open the second half with a quick 10-0 one of 17 UVM turnovers...Devin Robinson...jam and the foul...Robinson added 15... --- Vermont battles back ...Ernie Duncan with three of his 13 points ... --- and Dre Wills making his season debut off a hamstring injury...and making an impact...a couple of dishes to Ethan O'Day, who had 12... --- and a kick out to Cam Ward for three of his team high 14...Wills had seven points and three assists in just 13 minutes...Cats cut the lead to six... --- but then Florida puts its foot on the gas... off the steal, Kasey Hill goes coast to coast and behind the back for two... the Gators pull away for an 86-62 win. Vermont falls to 2-4 on the season.


The Cats return home to host Marist on Sunday. Friday night, the UVM women open the TD Bank Classic tournament with a matchup against St. Francis-Brooklyn at 7pm at Patrick Gym.


It's a proven cure against the sometimes deadly bacterial infection -- called C-diff. Now, doctors at the University of Vermont are launching a clinical trial to see if fecal transplants will fight another chronic condition as well. Bridget Barry Caswell has the details.


(2:26) ((Really, there are two arms of irritable bowel disease and infection of the gut.)) One is crohn's disease, the other ulcerative colitis. Millions have it and it's not much fun. Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory condition that causes pain, bleeding, and sometimes perforations of the colon. It can come and go with therapy -- affecting the young to the old. (4:20) ((Dr. Mario Velez/UVM Medical Center: So a lot of the medications that have been designed to treat it are aimed at suppressing the immune system and when you talk to a lot of patients, they're just not all that thrilled about having their immune system suppressed, but most of the drugs on the market now look to block some sort of inflammatory pathway into the colon.)) Velez says those drugs can be viewed as a band aid -- not really getting at the root cause of ulcerative colitis. But they're all they've got - for now. (14:50-ish. one of last tiles -- opening refrigerator) ((Basically the refrigerator that keeps the stool at negative 30 degrees celsius and that's enough to keep these stool samples frozen.)) They are stool samples for fecal microbiota transplantations. The donated human feces comes from out of state and is carefully screened, processed into liquid form, and infused through a colonoscopy -- into c.dif patients. But Velez and his colleagues at the University of Vermont Medical Center plan to use them for ulcerative colitis patients as well -- as part of a new clinical trial. They're now recruiting 20 patients between ages18 and 75. (6:34) ((Dr. Mario Velez/UVM Medical Center: We've actually seen that people with colitis -- we'll paint it with a broad stroke - colitis - actually have a decrease in their bio-diversity in the gut flora. (7:00) So the idea is that maybe by replacing some of the bacteria, or competing with some of the bacteria that exists in the colon, we can suppress, you know, complete with stool from healthy donors - we can actually suppress some of the ongoing inflammation in the colon.)) The fecal transplants will be followed by 12 weeks of oral fecal pills -- with continuous biopsies, blood tests and other patient monitoring. Will these transplants prove effective against ulcerative colitis? Doctors are hopeful. BBC, Ch. 3 News, Burlington


For more information, or to see if you're eligible for the study, go to our infocenter at wcax-dot-com. That's health watch.



Many of us are spending this day before Thanksgiving preparing to celebrate with family and friends. But some spent day -- looking at feet. Judy Simpson explains.


Homeless folks were streaming into the COTS Daystation in Burlington for the chance to have their feet checked, and be fitted for new shoes. ((Rita Markley/COTS 00:00:36:23 "If you think about it many of us drive but if you are homeless chances are the way you get around town is on your feet and the better the shoes you have the more likely your health is going to be maintained, so the point of this to have shoes professionally fitted by docs who can also take a look at your feet ."00:00:59:10)) This is the 8th annual Soles4Souls shoe event. It is part of a national program to provide free foot screenings and footwear, which is donated by several shoe companies. Dr. Jim Michelson has been donating his services every year, and is joined by other UVM Medical Center staff. They say problems with the feet can lead to bigger issues. ((Dr. Jim Michelson /UVM Medical Center , 00:21:18:25" People tend to ignore their feet because A. They think they are ugly or they smell or whatever. particularly if you are on your feet all day if you are homeless particularly you are going to rely on them . If your feet start to get into trouble it can be a big problem in terms of their overall welfare 00:21:38:29)) And what is he seeing on this day? (( Jim again 00:23:35:00" Today we picked up a couple of folks with tendon ruptures and a couple of other things that may need treatment later ..")) But over all, no major issues. ((JS SU 00:26:45:15" The free foot clinic and free shoe give away is supposed to only last for just two hours, but the doctors here today say they will stay as long as they have to, see everybody. "00:26:53:22)) Why spend the day before Thanksgiving volunteering at a homeless shelter? ((00:22:15:27 Jim again " its the right thing to do it is incredibly simple equations from my standpoint This is why I got into medicine is to take care of folks and to be able to do it in a way that is so directly benefiting the community.")) When all is said and done, about 70 homeless folks will have new socks and shoes heading into winter. JS channel three news, Burlington.


The Plattsburgh women's hockey team has shown no signs of slowing down after winning the last two national championships. The top ranked Cardinals won their 18th straight game last night, tying a program record. but it wasn't easy. Plattsburgh beating 10th ranked Castleton last night, 4-0. The Spartans coming into the game with a 7-0-1 record. --- Part of the reason for the Spartans success has been the play of goalie Jess Cameron. She made a career high 57 saves a few weeks ago, last night, she topped that record stopping 60 shots. --- After a scoreless first period, Plattsburgh scored the first goal of the game on the power-play, as Erin Brand goes top shelf for her second goal of the season. --- The Spartans run out of gas in the third allowing three more goals starting with this shorthanded goal from freshman Courtney Moriarty.... --- So a good win for the Cardinals, but a tough loss for the Spartans and their head coach Steph Moberg. Moberg was a two-time All-American at Plattsburgh and was a member of the 2008 national championship team. This is her first time back in Plattsburgh as a head coach and she has Castleton in the national rankings for the first time in the program's twelve year history.


(((Steph Moberg/"It's always great to be back in Plattsburgh. It always brings back a lot of good memories. It's always good to see coach and be apart of this community. We're not quite at the same skill level right now, so we've put ourselves in a little more of a hard working situation."))) (((IKevin Houle/"You know it's great for her to get this opportunity last year and she's certainly done a great job in taking over the program and really keeping it going in a strong direction.")))


Next up for Plattsburgh is a trip to Middlebury this weekend to take part in the annual Panther/Cardinal Classic. It's five games over three days featuring five of the top eleven teams in the country in the national rankings. Friday afternoon, the third ranked Middlebury faces number two Elmira. Then on Saturday, the top ranked Cards meet a Wisconsin-Stevens Point squad that sits just outside the national top ten, then Elmira plays number nine Gustavus Adolphus. The Classic wraps up on Sunday when Plattsburgh meets G-A and Middlebury takes on Stevens Points. So the Cardinals and Panthers won't face each other this weekend, but both will face two tough tests against teams they could see again later in the season.


(((Camille Leonard/"We're going to focus on our game. We're not going to so much worry about who we're playing and on what day and stuff. We're going to worry about what we're doing and making the right things to play our game to how we've been doing."))) (((Courtney Moriarty/"I'm really excited for it. It's one of my biggest tournaments with my team so I want to see how it plays out."))) (((Julia Wardwell/"That tournament is always awesome. Playing out of the NESCAC is always a great experience. We always look forward to staying here over Thanksgiving break, working hard and challenging ourselves to play some teams that we may not encounter throughout the season."))))


It's as much of a thanksgiving tradition as Turkey and stuffing. The 17th annual Primelink shootout gets going Friday afternoon at Norwich University's Kreitzberg Arena and continues Saturday. Plattsburgh faces Middlebury in the the opening game of the Shootout Friday at 4pm. The Cadets meet this year's invited team, the Camels of Connecticut College at 7pm Last season in Middlebury, the Panthers, Cardinals and Cadets had to sit back and watch Concordia raise the Primelink championship trophy. It's the first time in tournament history the invited school had won the title. --- Plattsbugh may be playing the best of the three local teams. The 2nd ranked Cardinals are 6-0 and coming off a big win over previously unbeaten Cortland. --- Middlebury is off to a 1-0-1 start under new head coach Neil Sinclair. The Panthers haven't won the primelink since 2008. ---- Norwich has hosted the Primelink 5 times and has won the tournament all five times its been held at Kreitzberg. But the Cadets are coming off a tough weekend split losing to previously winless Skidmore and having to rally late for a victory against Castleton.


(((Kevin Salvucci/"It'll definitely be special to get a win in front of the fans. They help us. They support us so much, so I think it'll be good to get a win here on home ice. Every team that comes in is a good team. They all want to beat us, so we just have to play our best."))) (((Dillan Fox/"We got off to the start we wanted to get off to, but this tournament is always a good test. SO, I think we've come in here with a pretty good record before in the past year, but this weekend is always a good measuring point."))) (((Evan Neugold/"That tournament is my favorite tournament by far. It's just the competition. It's always top 10 teams in the nation that you're playing and their our Vermont rivals and our New York rival. We have the fresher legs that's for sure, we'll see when it comes gametime, but yeah, we'll be ready.")))




Tonight at 11 -- shoppers get an early start to the holiday season. Alex Apple will have that story. And holiday hires! Find out who's looking for help... next on the CBS Evening News. Take care. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving. Good night.

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