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AmeriCorps, the nationwide service organization, is celebrating it's 20th Anniversary this year. In Vermont, the AmeriCorps program falls under the banner of SerVermont... Philip Kolling is the Executive Director of SerVermont and Emily Licht is an AmeriCorps member. Thank you both for joining us. ((Emily--what led you to Americorp? )) (( What skills have you learned and how do you think it will influence your future employment? )) (( Philip----twenty years is a good run for any organization. Why do you think Americorp has worked over these twenty years? )) (( What has the program meant to those who have been in it... and what has it meant for employers to have these workers? )) (( Emily: What's next for you? )) (( Philip: What is the future of Americorp? Can it survive another twenty years? ))


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Tomorrow on the Thirty -- We'll be live at Thunder Road ...we'll take with veteran driver Joey Laquerre about what it's like driving and competing at the Nation's Site of Excitement...and Seven Days' Alice Levitt will check out the food at the Barre track. Live at Thunder Road, tomorrow right here at 5:30 on The: 30...


Good Evening I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. The death of a Poultney toddler early this year revealed problems at the Department for Children and Families -- and led to big leadership and policy changes. Now friends, family, and the community are coming out to support the man charged with the murder of Dezirae Sheldon. Elizabeth Keatinge has that story. Is he a babykiller? Police say he crushed the skull of Dezirae Sheldon, causing her to die at only two years old. But friends and family say Dennis Duby is a good father who cares about his community and family - and could not possibly have murdered his stepdaughter.


When Dennis Duby, Jr. Was charged with the murder of his 2 year-old stepdaughter Dezirae Sheldon - his family was in disbelief. ((Marsha Johnson/cousin 08:33:24:29 We're like, that can't be Dennis, that's got to be somebody else. With the same name. We could not believe it.:32)) ((Stephanie McMahon/cousin 08:37:49:00 I was in absolute disbelief. Could not believe that it was our Dennis.He's not capable of something like that - something so horrific. :58)) ((Marleta LaPlant/grandmother 06:36:14:16 Not Dennis, never Dennis, never:20)) 72-year-old Marleta LaPlant is Duby's grandmother. She has 15 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren - and her grandson Dennis - a 32-year-old former Pittsford firefighter - is the apple of her eye. ((Marleta LaPlant/grandmother 06:39:23:10 He's a very kind, loving person, and he'd do anything for his family and his friends, he's always there to help. You call him in the middle of the night, he was there.:33)) Friends created this Facebook page, with over 200 members supporting Duby. Cousin Stephanie McMahon asked Duby to walk her down the aisle at her wedding in place of her deceased father. ((Stephanie McMahon/cousin 08:37:37:00 Everybody loves Dennis. :39)) There he is dancing with his elderly relatives. They say the father of three is always the life of the party and is especially good with children. ((Marsha Johnson/cousin 08:32:48:03 He's great, Kids really like him. And he's always just been really good with them. 08:32:57:00)) But court papers tell a much different story. Investigators say that on February 19th, Duby was the only person home when Dezirae Sheldon suffered fatal skull fractures to both sides of her head. Duby claims he heard a thud and found Dezirae on the floor, but she was still breathing. A report by the medical examiner says that during a narrow time period, the toddler's head was held "so tight, her skull was cracked." Duby acknowledges being home during the timeline. He's charged with second degree murder. Prosecutors declined our requests for interviews about Dezirae's case. It wasn't the first time the child was hurt. Last year, her mother Sandra Eastman pleaded guilty for failing to get her prompt medical attention for a broken leg. The Department for Children and Families took custody of Dezirae, but then returned her to Eastman. Later, Eastman revealed she kept information from investigators about Dennis Duby's presence around her toddler. Eastman declined our request for an on-camera interview about Duby, but her spokesperson released a statement: ***GFX*** Leo Porter, Justice for Dezirae "People are shocked that Mr. Duby who some have described as handsome and charismatic happens to have the same description given by some of notorious murderer Ted Bundy. Whenever something this tragic happens we as human beings cannot accept that someone who seemed so 'normal' could commit such a horrific act." Dezirae's case, as well as the death of another toddler who had been in state custody, is prompting major changes at DCF. ((Cindy Walcott/Deputy Commissioner for Family Services, DCF 10:12:12:17 In the aftermath of the two tragedies, that we experienced this spring as a state, it felt like it was really important for us to try to learn from what had happened.10:12:23:10)) The Rutland DCF office - which handled Dezirae's case - lost its top official. Now - interim director Lynne Klamm is in charge. She declined to speak directly about the case, but says a deep review of people in a child's life in addition to immediate family needs to happen when custody is being evaluated. ((Lynne Klamm/interim Rutland DCF 10:05:28:16 The best practice is to include anyone who has, certainly who resides in the home or who has caretaking responsibilities. :38)) She says the Rutland office has also improved communication with other agencies and are now requiring consultation by central office staff in any case involving physical violence. Statewide, DCF has brought on 18 new social workers, and is hiring 2 "floating" staffers who will work in different offices as the caseload requires. In the meantime, Dennis Duby is out on bail. His family thinks that when he does go to trial - a jury will see him the way they do. ((Marleta LaPlant/grandmother 06:35:25:18 He's been an all around guy, never been in trouble.06:35:29:08))


Family, friends, and members of the community contributed to Dennis Duby's bail. No trial date is set at this time, but court officials tell me the state and Duby need to be trial ready by December.


It is two and a half years in jail -- for a Burlington dad -- charged with beating his own baby. 25-year-old Travis Hammond pleaded no contest to domestic assault today. He was arrested last summer after his one-month old daughter was hospitalized with severe injuries. Doctors say x-rays revealed it was not the first time the child was abused. And -- She will likely never walk again. Hammond was sentenced to 6 to 15 years -- with all but 30 months suspended.


A Newport man who says he stabbed a man to death in self-defense -- has been arrested. Authorities issued the arrest warrant for Christian Cornelius this week after he failed to show up for a court hearing for an unrelated case. No one has been charged for the death of 35-year-old Isaac Hunt back in July. Cornelius and his brother Garrett told us Hunt broke into their home - and they reacted in self defense. Investigators tell us the county prosecutor is reviewing the case.


Low-income students are getting a helping hand from The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation. But VSAC's own future is in question -- as the federal government begins to cut contracts. Melissa Howell joins us live with the details. Melissa? As VSAC launches a new program to provide assistance for high school students, it's contract with the federal government to process loans for college students in the state may be coming to an end.


It's a chance for students to get ahead. Dual-enrollment allows high schoolers to take college courses before graduation. Now, The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation is providing financial assistance for low-income students interested in participating. VSAC has received 50-thousand dollars from the legislature to provide up to 150-dollars for each eligible student. ((Scott Giles/VSAC President 00:56:26 "We've already heard from 300 students who are interested in seeing if they're eligible." 00:56:31)) The stipend will cover costs like books and fees. Last year, 16-hundred high school students took college courses through Vermont's dual enrollment program. VSAC hopes to see those numbers increase. ((Scott Giles/VSAC President 00:55:51 "I would love to see this program grow by 25 percent this year." 00:55:54)) But as that money flows in from the legislature, even more is at risk for VSAC. The U-S Department of Education may drop VSAC's federal contract to service student loans. In 2011, the federal government cut the contract in a push to centralize education loans and cut costs for students. But after pressure from Vermont lawmakers -- V-SAC was offered 1.3 million dollars to keep servicing loans. ((Scott Giles/VSAC President 00:56:56 "We do understand that they are talking about reducing the number of servicers because they think access capacity but we have not heard, at this point, anything definitive." 00:57:05)) Vermont's congressional delegation is pushing to save VSAC's contract. A joint statement to Channel 3 News says: "VSAC is a very important institution in Vermont. The delegation has spoken to Secretary (Arne) Duncan and made it clear to him that we all feel strongly about VSAC continuing to play an important role helping college students in Vermont and elsewhere." Until the decision is made final by the Secretary of Education, VSAC continues to have hope. ((Scott Giles/VSAC President 00:58:18 "We are hopeful that we will not only be able to continue servicing the federal government, but that we will be able to expand the number of accounts that we service for them." 00:58:26)) Giles says it's premature to say what the financial implications could be. But back in 2011 Giles said if VSAC didn't get the federal contract, they'd have to cut 200 jobs. ((Scott Giles/ VSAC00:57:27 "Anytime you have a major program with one customer, there's always the risk that that customer will, at some point, decide not to continue that relationship so we've been talking to staff about that possibility as part of our long term planning for the way VSAC will fulfill it's mission going forward." 00:57:44))


The Department of Education says they do not have a comment at this time regarding VSAC's federal contract.


The road thru Smugglers' Notch is closed while crews remove a stuck truck. A tractor trailer loaded with stone tried to take Route 108 between Stowe and Cambridge. The road is the most direct route from one side of Mount Mansfield to the other -- and a nice scenic drive for cars -- but big rigs simply won't fit thru thru the narrow, winding turns. Several trucks have gotten stuck this summer. This truck was damaged in the process -- keeping the road closed for even longer than normal.

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Sharon is here, and it was a beautiful day today! Tonight a weakening front will start to approach the area. Clouds will be on the increase from west to east. A few showers and t-storms are possible over New York. That decaying front will keep a lot of clouds around on Thursday (though there could be some sun to the east). Some scattered showers and t-storms are possible too, mainly from the Champlain Valley and points west. Drier air will try to work in on Friday, so skies should gradually become partly sunny. However, we could get clipped by an upper-level trough, which could touch off a passing shower. After that high pressure will be in control this weekend and into next week; this means we'll see a stretch of delightful late summer weather! Plan on plenty of sunshine, with highs in the 70s to around 80.


As Sharon said -- today's high -- was 83 degrees. A power company asked customers to conserve power -- calling it a peak day. But that's stirred up some controversy. Green Mountain Power officials say this is an awareness campaign. Logan Crawford joins us live with more about GMP's request. Logan? Darren/Kristin, on a day when you would love to use the AC -- Green Mountain Power is asking a select group of customers to keep them off. Some are questioning, why today?


(tile 3075 00:20:04:08) ((Trent Coletta/Williston "With the temperatures being cool and stuff, haven't had to run the air conditioner really." 00:20:08:20)) (tile 3083 00:21:40:07) ((nats AC 00:21:41:29)) On this typical summer day in August -- Green Mountain Power is asking customers to reduce electricity-use on what the company is calling a "high peak day." ((nats message)) (tile 3065 ) ((Kristin Carlson/Green Mountain Power "A lot of times those can occur in the summer between July and August." 00:06:42:26)) A peak electric event is the time when the most customers are using the most amount of power. But not everyone considers this a peak day -- when there were 18 days -- with temperatures in the 80s in July -- three days in the 90s -- and ten days in the 80s so far in August. GFX: In a statement from ISO New England -- which controls the region's bulk power supply -- spokesperson Lacey Gerard says: "The New England system is operating under normal conditions today." And said today's demand was expected to be WELL BELOW -- the highest peak demand so far this summer -- which happened July 2nd -- when it was 90 degrees. Green Mountain power says it picked this day -- to call it a peak day -- because of the forecast. (tile 3065 00:07:00:18) ((Kristin Carlson/Green Mountain Power "Look at what we think the weather is going to be like for example, we heard today could get into the 80s. That's sort of the temperature threshold that can trigger a peak event day." 00:07:09:19)) GMP sent both emails and automated phone messages randomly to customers. (("join your neighbors in turning your power off. At the end of the peak day, we'll let you know how efficient you were.")) The company urged customers to use as little power as possible. And at the end of the day GMP will let the customers know how much power they ended up using -- comparing to what other customers used. (tile 3064 00:06:14:09) ((Heidi Smith/South Burlington "I think the more information we have the better decisions we can make." 00:06:18:26)) (tile 3097 00:28:14:25) ((Logan Crawford/South Burlington "In the notice Green Mountain Power sent out it has a list of suggestions for customers to do on high peak day. Like turn off the AC or unplug electronics. Some Green Mountain Power customers say that while they agree with conserving energy -- the company can go about it a little differently." 00:28:30:27)) (tile 3075 00:19:25:20) ((Trent Coletta/Williston "You know, I don't know if that's a real effective way to get people to not use power." 00:19:29:24)) GMP says its campaign is to get customers to go green. And officials say if they can bring the peak level down -- it will reduce company costs -- and in turn reduce customers electric bills. (tile 3065 00:10:30:18) ((Kristin Carlson/Green Mountain Power "It's using less energy because that's the future. And the future is people having more choice and more information about how they use their power. And empowering customers to use less energy." 00:10:41:11)) Some GMP customers are trying alternate ways to cool off. (tile 3061 00:01:46:06) ((Steve Fuchs/Essex Junction "We'll pull the shades on the sunny side of the house, that keeps the house cooler. And we'll use our basement more. We use other methods to keep cool in the summer time." 00:01:56:08))


GMP officials say a few more peak days will be picked out by the end of September -- continuing this campaign. Darren/Kristin?


Minks on the loose -- north of the border. Up to a few thousand --were set free overnight -- from a fur farm near Montreal. Someone broke into the St. Hyacinthe farm -- opened the cages -- and let them go. The farm had been under scrutiny -- for allegations of animal abuse. This photo was taken by one of the groups calling for the animals' removal.


A multi-million dollar paving project is rolling ahead in the Bethel-Stockbridge area. As Adam Sullivan reports -- for some -- it's dj vu -- all over again. And they're not happy about it.


Traffic is at a stand still on Route 107 in Stockbridge. ((Rea: "it is a little frustrating.")) Blanche Rea-- who lives in Barnard-- commutes here often. Lately- the construction has added significant delays to her day. ((Blanche Rea/Barnard: "at least a half hour.")) A ten mile stretch of the the road is getting a complete overhaul. It's down to dirt in both directions-- with stops for one lane traffic in multiple places. ((Jennifer Hoffman/Cornwall: "we are going on a little vacation and we've have been delayed.")) Hoffman has a car full of kids who need to use the nearest facilities. ((Hoffman: "I have a 5-year-old and two 14-year-olds, so that is our crisis.")) The project has been on the state's to-do list for several years now. Work started in July. ((Chris Barker/VTrans: "hopefully we keep people not waiting more than 10 minutes. Sometimes when we do some blasting, it holds them up a little longer. But for the most part we try to get through as fast as possible.")) The roadwork was supposed to take place a couple years ago but Tropical Storm Irene delayed it. Huge stretches of the road were washed away and had to be rebuilt immediately. For local business owners, the nearby construction is an all too familiar reminder of Irene. ((Ginger Boardman/The Creek House Diner: "we were on a dead end at that time and it is bring back a lot of deja vu.")) Boardman says the current reconstruction project-- like Irene-- is keeping customers away. ((Boardman: "it certainly isn't helping business and you got the dust and everything else. And people have told me if they can find an alternate route they will take it. And the numbers have gone down.")) ((Sullivan: "it's an 11.5 million dollar project that is supposed to take two years. But VTrans officials say they hope to have the majority of the work done by the end of this construction season. A silver lining for commuters and businesses who can look forward to smooth sailing once the project is complete. Adam Sullivan channel three news in Bethel."))

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The old Dairy Queen in Burlington is being torn down. Crews are demolishing the local landmark on North Winooski Avenue. It opened in the 1940s -- and eventually changed it's name to Q-Tees about seven years ago -- but it ended up closing last year. Commercial real estate company Redstone plans to build a three-story apartment building in the lot.


Efficiency Vermont is teaming up with ski resorts -- for 15-million dollars in snow-making upgrades. The so called " The Great Snow Gun Roundup" will allow resorts to scrap older, less efficient machines -- with upwards of 23-hundred, new low-energy models. Officials estimate the swap will result in annual energy savings -- enough to power 15-hundred homes, and enough diesel -- to heat 340 more.


((46:23 Sarah Wojcik/Ski Vermont"Vermont has always been a leader in snowmaking -- we actually have the capacity to cover 80 percent of our trails with snowmaking -- and we have really quality snowmaking, so for the resorts to make an upgrade not only to better guns but efficient guns -- it makes perfect sense.)) In addition to energy savings, the new snow guns blow snow at higher temperatures, extending the Vermont ski season. Proceeds from the scrapped metal of old snow guns will go to Ski Vermont's Learn to Turn program, which encourages people to learn skiing or riding.


Today was a beautiful day, but some showers are on the way? More for those of us in Northern NY, and perhaps the champlain valley than for those who are in the east. Tonight a weakening front will start to approach the area. Clouds will be on the increase from west to east. A few showers and t-storms are possible over New York. That decaying front will keep a lot of clouds around on Thursday (though there could be some sun to the east). Some scattered showers and t-storms are possible too, mainly from the Champlain Valley and points west. Drier air will try to work in on Friday, so skies should gradually become partly sunny. However, we could get clipped by an upper-level trough, which could touch off a passing shower. After that high pressure will be in control this weekend and into next week; this means we'll see a stretch of delightful late summer weather! Plan on plenty of sunshine, with highs in the 70s to around 80.


Tonight a weakening front will start to approach the area. Clouds will be on the increase from west to east. A few showers and t-storms are possible over New York. That decaying front will keep a lot of clouds around on Thursday (though there could be some sun to the east). Some scattered showers and t-storms are possible too, mainly from the Champlain Valley and points west. Drier air will try to work in on Friday, so skies should gradually become partly sunny. However, we could get clipped by an upper-level trough, which could touch off a passing shower. After that high pressure will be in control this weekend and into next week; this means we'll see a stretch of delightful late summer weather! Plan on plenty of sunshine, with highs in the 70s to around 80.



Former Vermonter Zephyr Teachout is still on the ballot -- challenging New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary. A four-judge appeals court upheld a lower-court ruling -- that rejected arguments from Cuomo supporters that Teachout did not meet the five-year residency requirement. The challengers said that Teachout listed a Vermont address on documents in 2012 and only obtained a New York driver's license this spring. But she is staying on the ballot. The primary is September ninth.

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The political season is heating up -- but when the campaign is over -- don't forget to ditch the road signs. Signs with candidates names posted along roads are seen as one of the cheapest and most-effective ways to promote a campaign. But it's illegal to put the signs in public rights of way. Transportation officials say often campaigns place the signs in prohibited areas unknowingly -- thinking they are on private property. But in general, the right of way extends about 25 feet from the centerline of state highways. Signs placed within those limits could be removed by transportation crews.

28} FOLEY12_VO

New Hampshire political leaders are mourning the loss of journalist James Foley -- who was from Rochester. U.S. officials said Foley was the person executed by Islamic State militants in a video posted online. The 40-year-old freelance photographer disappeared nearly two years ago -- on assignment in Syria. Governor Maggie Hassan called Foley "a talented and fearless journalist." Senator Kelly Ayotte called Foley's murder a "barbaric and heinous act." ISIS says Foley was killed -- in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes in Iraq. Foley's parents spoke to the media this afternoon.


(( 37:00 John Foley/Father: its difficult to find solace at this point in time but we know jim is free he's finally free and we know hes in gods hands, and we know he did god's work -- and we know he's in heaven. 53:00)) President Barack Obama is vowing to continue attacks against ISIS, calling the group a "cancer" that threatens the entire region.


Burlington police say a woman woke up -- and found a man standing in her bedroom. Officials say the woman was napping Tuesday afternoon -- and when she opened her eyes -- she saw a neighbor -- 26-year-old Joshua Anderson -- in her room. He gave a quick story about needing to move a car -- and ran from the residence. Police say he climbed into her Archibald street apartment through an unlocked window. Anderson was on probation from multiple prior offenses.


She's accused of ransacking her father's grave in Colebrook -- but now Melanie Nash says the charge should be dropped. Eddie Nash died ten years ago. Then -- his grave was cracked open back in May. The casket was opened and remains searched. Prosecutors say his daughter Melanie was looking for his "real will." But her lawyer argues the body was not destroyed or removed so the charge should be dropped.


Finding a town manager has not been easy for Brattleboro. The selectboard is now trying a third time to find a candidate members can agree on. But -- the board now has 49 applicants for the job. Officials are doing phone interviews and will bring two or three candidates for interviews with the board - town employees -- and citizens.


Who stole a John Deere from Lyndon State College? The school says sometime last night -- someone broke into the utility building between the softball and baseball fields and made off with John Deere Gator. If you have any information -- call the college's public safety department.


It's okay to drink the water again -- in Fair Haven. The town announced a boil water ordinance yesterday after tests came up positive for E-Coli. But the latest tests came up negative. That's news around the region.


Starting Line Sports ...yesterday, 18-year-old Madison Corley got off to a strong start in her bid for a second straight Vermont Women's Amateur Golf Championship. The former Essex High School standout carded a four over 76 to hold a two shot lead after the first round of the tournament at Orleans Country Club. Today, the golf course continued to put up a fight against some of the state's best players. Jeanne Morrissey, in second place after round one, struggled today...five double bogeys...a round of 84...she's now eight shots off the pace in fifth place... --- seven time state am champion Holly Reynolds followed yesterday first round of 80 with another 80 today...a triple bogey are the par-3 eighth, impacting an otherwise solid round...she's in fourth...six shots back... --- Chloe Levins is one of just two players to shoot in the 70's in both of her first two rounds. The Rutland High star shot 79 yesterday...and a 78 today, including going one under on the back nine...Levins sits alone in third place just three shots off the lead... --- the round of the day belonging to Tiffany Maurycy, the 2006 state am runner up, fires a four over par 76...matching Corley's day one score for the best round of the tournament, and she finds herself just two shot back... --- but the field is still chasing Corley ...Madison struggled early in her round today, at one point bogeying four straight holes on the front nine, but recovered, going two over on the back nine, including a key birdie on 18 for a round of 78...she's ten over for the tournament and takes that two shot cushion into tomorrow's third and final round.


We catch up with the UVM women's soccer team ahead of Friday's season opener...


Get your apron ready! Tonight at 11 - Alex Apple will tell us about a new Bachelor's degree being offered at NECI.


A new study is linking heart deaths to a common antibiotic. Michelle Sigona reports.


(PKG) (TRACK) New research finds the antibiotic clarithromycin is associated with an increased risk of heart deaths. The Danish study looked at 5 million cases and found clarithromycin increased the risk of cardiac death by 76% compared to a type of penicillin.‎ (SOT Dr. Wayne Ray / Professor of Health Policy at Vanderbilt University) for every million courses of clarithromycin there were 37 additional cardiac deaths‎ Clarithromycin is used to treat common bacterial infections. It belongs to a group of antibiotics that can interfere with electrical activity of the heart muscle. ‎ (SOT Dr. Wayne Ray / Professor of Health Policy at Vanderbilt University) patients with heart problems are the ones who should be most aware of this adverse effect and for these patients it will become more important in deciding which antibiotic to use ‎ ‎(Michelle Sigona BRIDGE) Researchers stress the risk is small and say doctors should not change the way they prescribe the antibiotic until their findings are confirmed. (TRACK) The FDA warned patients last year about another common antibiotic azithromycin, saying it could contribute to a deadly irregular heartbeat, especially in patients with heart problems. ‎ (TRACK) Dr. Wayne Ray authored the study the FDA reviewed. and says all antibiotics have risks to patients should talk to their doctors. Michelle Sigona, For CBS News, New York.


The study included adults ranging in age from 40-- to 74. That's health watch.



A Vermont program is helping farmers stay on the job after a serious injury or illness. It's called AgrAbility. It's run by UVM Extension and the Vermont Center for Independent Living. Julie Kelley takes us to Springfield where she saw firsthand the impact it is having on a Vermont family.


Pass by Milky Way Farm on Route Five in Springfield and most days you'll see Kenny Young driving a tractor. ((SOT- Janice Young 00:40:02-00:40:06 Kenny always just loved driving tractor it was probably his favorite part)) He grew up on this land along the Connecticut River. ((SOT-Kenny Young/Farmer 00:24:45 - 00:24:48 It's kind of in my blood and I never really wanted to give it up.)) Eight and half years ago, this fifth generation farmer faced a moment when he thought he might have to. He was snowmobile racing in Canada when he crashed. ((SOT-Ken Young/Father 00:39:31-00:39:45 I was there almost immediately after the accident and he said he couldn't feel his legs. He couldn't move his legs or feel his legs and I told him it would be alright and I had no idea what that meant.)) It didn't take long for his Dad to find out. Less than six weeks after his accident, Kenny says, he was back on a tractor. ((SOT-Kenny Young/Farmer 00:28:37 - 00:28:47 I was out there and it was awesome the feeling to just be able to be outside and be me again.)) Getting him on and off was a challenge. At first, they used the bucket on a tractor. ((SOT- Janice Young/Mom 00:40:55-00:40:58 We just made it work because that's what he needed.)) There was someone else looking out for what he needed too. ((SOT-Tom Younkman/AgrAbility Specialist 00:10:23-00:10:30 AgrAbility is a national USDA grant. There's 22 states in the United States that have AgrAbility's projects. )) ((STAND UP - Julie Kelley/Springfield 00:54:19 - 00:54:34 The AgrAbility program helps about fifty farmers in Vermont each year. They have a range of challenges from being amputees to being diagnosed with MS. The one thing they all have in common is the passion to work this land.)) Nats- starting the ride Kenny got to share his passion during this AgrAbility Project Field Day. Nats- moving up On Wednesday, he showed visitors to his home the lift that he has been using for about six years now. Nats- moving along It started with a design idea from AgrAbility, but because it cost 50-thousand-dollars to buy, he ended up using his own ingenuity to make it happen. ((SOT- Kenny Young 00:31:22 - 00:31:31 I had seen the design that they had for the truck and I go, boy an old telephone truck is pretty much the same thing. I just need to mount a seat on it somehow.)) ((SOT- Kelli Young 00:36:53-00:37:05 He's so motivated and so determined to just do whatever he wants to and so I tell people half the time I forget that he's even in a wheelchair because he doesn't act like he is. He doesn't let him set him back.)) He met Kelli four years after his accident. They went skiing on their first date. Nats- Today ... he's excited to show off his latest gear, including his helmet with a pink mohawk. Nats-I'm already a celebrity, everyone's looking at me He's a man who is comfortable in his own skin and grateful for all he has. ((SOT-Kenny Young/Farmer 00:34:56 - 00:35:06 I'm very blessed. God has really blessed me and brought the right people into my life to get to where I am today.)) Julie Kelley, Channel 3 News, Springfield.


Cub scouts are going for a Guinness world record in Duxbury Rene Churchill raised 1600 dollars to build the longest Pinewood track -- and he's doing it at Crossett Brook Middle School. He says his kids grew up racing cars at Pinewood Derbies. Now he runs the local and district races. The Boston Scouting Council holds the current track record of 320 feet. Churchill is hoping to nearly double that.


((Rene Churchill 00:54:21 "I figured, you know, oh heck Vermont can do better than that. So I decided that I was going to set my sights at least 400 feet. And was talking with some of the other council executives and they said 400, why not 600? So that's what I've shot for.")) Churchill designed the track with a 5-percent downward grade. His only worry is that the cars will go too fast. Guinness requires -- one car to complete the course -- for the track's length to count. The race is this Saturday at the school -- between 10 and 4. It's open to everyone. Standard pinewood derby car rules apply.


Ready or not...fall is almost here. The UVM women's soccer team opens its season on Friday. The Cats taking on Central Connecticut at 4pm at Virtue Field. Vermont was picked to finish sixth in the America East preseason coaches poll. The Cats went 6-9-3 in 2013...the most wins for the program since 2005...and they reached the America East playoffs for the third straight season ...a first in program history. This is a young team, with just six upperclassmen, but the Cats do return their top two scorers in reigning America East rookie of the year Nikki McFarland and senior Bre Pletnick as well as standout goalkeeper, junior Ally Ramos, who missed the second half of last season with a broken hand. Although expectations around the league for the Catamounts aren't very high, the team's goals are.


(((TRT: 25 OC: STANDARD.. "People are going to surprised, they're going to look at this our roster and see 11 freshman, 8 sophomores but we've got a lot of good things going on. Ali Ramos is back in net from injury, I think we're hoping to go out and surprise some teams. This year we definitely have better chemistry and hang out after practice so it's a lot different from last year.")))


The Lake Monsters open the final two week stretch run of their season tonight at Tri-City.


The New York Penn-League took a break last night for it's annual All-Star Game...and someone call Bud Selig... As the matchup ends in a 1-1 tie in Brooklyn. Lake Monsters' Yario Munoz, Joe Bennie and J-P Sportman went hitless for the North ...Vermont's Fernand Cruzado took the mound in the ninth, picking up a strikeout in two thirds of an inning.


The Red Sox hosting the Angels and this is a microcosm of Boston's season...two on in the second... Brock Holt rips one deep to right field... but Kole Calhoun leaps at the dugout wall and makes an outstanding catch to rob Holt of a three run homer... --- that would have given the Sox a 4-0 lead, instead, it's tied at three in the ninth when Chris Ianetta doubles to score Brennan Boesch and the Angles win 4-3. They've won the first two games of this four game set. Tonight, Clay Buchholz looks to get Boston back into the win column against the Halo's 13-3 Garrett Richards.


The Yankees are still in the playoff chase ...but going in the wrong direction and that continued last night against Houston ...down 4-2 in the sixth...Martin Prado doubles to left for New York...Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran score to tie the game at four... --- it stays that way until the ninth, when, with two on, Chris Carter clears the bases...a three run home run... as the Astros take the series opener 7-4. New York has lost six of it's last eight games. Michael Pineda makes his second starting since coming off the disabled list for the Yankees tonight.


It's been almost a decade since Jericho natives, Olympic Mountain biker Lea Davison & her sister Sabra, started the Little Bellas mentoring program for girls ages 7-16... Like a race, there were some early bumps in the road but these days, the organization is riding at an all-time high. Dylan Scott explains in tonight's spotlight on sports. (((It's Olympic Day at the Catamount Outdoor Center and the Little Bellas are showing off their gold medal form.))) (((Taegan Yardley) "It's so much fun to ride and get to see your friends, it's really great."))) (((From limbo, to monkey in the middle and capture the flag, it's all fun and games with a purpose.))) (((Lea Davision) "If they're having fun then they'll fall in love with the sport. That's kind of our concept is to make secret learning part of the curriculum. They don't know while they're playing these games that they're learning but they are."))) (((Olivia Francisco/Celia Cote) "I like that we can have fun and it's not just going over the same thing. I Like that we can just have fun with it."))) (((Over the years, the Jericho natives have learned a thing or two about how to be a good wingman to young women ... That is to say a little push and a lot of motivation can go a long way on a mountain bike.))) (((Sabra Davision) "If these girls are struggling here than there's a good chance they're struggling in their lives. We try and take the time to help them build confidence and keep improving.") (((Charlotte DeSantos) "They push you but they don't make you do anything that you don't want to do which is."))) (((What Started as a way to share their passion has turned into so much more. A decade ago the program had more mentors than riders... These days, the Bellas number 300 in 3 states.))) (((Sabra Davison) "For the registration to be full. Lea and I looked at each other and said we did it, it's awesome."))) (((One of the coolest parts about the little bellas is that they've become a little fanbase, cheering on Lea whenever they get the chance as she cycles her way to the 2016 Olympic Game.))) (((Lea Davision) "I say I have the best cheering section around, to have them at races like the Catamount Classic is amazing, I love the support."))) (((In many languages, the word "bella" means beautiful... To these sisters, who grew up much like this, a field full of happy go lucky mountain bikers, is exactly that.))) (((Lea Davison) "To be able to collaborate with my sister and best friend while doing something empowering, it's fantastic."))) (((In Williston, Dylan Scott Channel 3 Spotlight on Sports.)))




Tonight at 11 - serving up a new degree -- at NECI - Alex Apple will have that story. Plus -- she's not just turning heads with her pitching skills. Mo'Ne Davis is now the first little leaguer to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. That's next on the CBS Evening news. Good Night.



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