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Thanks for joining us at 6. Get a job or lose your benefits. Some say that's the message in the new Farm Bill -- currently being worked on right now in Washington. Channel 3's Eva McKend found out it would cut a lot of people off Vermont's food stamps program -- -- she joins us with this story new at 6. I caught up with a Vermonter who relies on these services and dug into what the proposed new bill could mean for you.


Winooski senior Michael Loomis takes the bus to an emergency food provider in Burlington. ((LOOMIS, 02:48:13 - 02:56:00,It's necessary. Like all of the safety net programs programs, it is necessary.)) He's retired but held many jobs over the years ranging from walking the streets of Burlington as a cop to carting around high level executives as a driver. He even tells us he was a school crossing guard but now he relies on social security. Loomis is outraged by the proposed cuts to 3 Squares Vermont -- that's the program the state uses to disseminate SNAP or food stamp benefits from the federal government. ((LOOMIS, 04:49:08 - 04:55:14, If they had some frame or reference, if they had to live like us for a while, maybe they would see something.)) The GOP-crafted legislation has new requirements - able-bodied adults from 18-59 will have to work or enroll in job-training programs for 20 hours a week, or they lose their benefits. Wednesday the House Agriculture Committee went through another round of discussion of the massive bill. ((FROM GRAY TV PKG Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) We don't kick anybody off who meets the standards of 130 percent above poverty level and the asset test and who are willing to work 20 hours a week.)) ((EVA STAND UP: Here at Hunger Free Vermont, they tell us 75,000 Vermonters feed themselves and their families with the benefits received from the federal government.)) ((Anore Horton, Acting Executive Director Hunger Free Vermont, 01:28:21:25 - 01:28:25:06, Making people go hungry has never led to anyone getting back on their feet.)) The organization wants Vermont's congressional delegation to lobby for nine goals in the Farm Bill -- things like decreasing administrative costs or supporting investments in technology that improve access to federal nutrition programs. ((Anore Horton, Acting Executive Director Hunger Free Vermont, 01:24:46:25 - 01:24:55:14, The majority of those people are children, people with disabilities, older Vermonters and of the rest most everyone is already working.)) Congressman Peter Welch sees a bipartisan path forward. ((SOT CONGRESSMAN PETER WELCH 01:14:38:22 - 01:14:51:15, one, we could extend the existing Farm Bill this year and have the new congress take up the Farm Bill or two, if we could come to an agreement on the bill, that would be beneficial.))


The Farm Bill traditionally comes up for renewal every five years. Congress passed the current version in 2014. The bill now heads to a vote on the House floor, where Republicans still have the upperhand… The *Senate is still working on its version of the Farm Bill. Roger?


From people in need of food -- to new research on how much food Americans throw away. A University of Vermont professor found Americans waste nearly a pound of food per person each day... adding up to about 150-THOUSAND TONS. And the things people threw away most ... were fruits and veggies -- which accounted for 39 percent of the waste -- followed by dairy and meat.


(SOT Meredith Niles/University of Vermont Asst. Professor/Study Co-Author) "in the bigger picture it's a waste of calories its a waste of environmental resources but in our own households it's potentially a waste of our own financial resources as well. What can we do about it? Niles suggests educating people on how to properly store fresh fruits and veggies -- so that they last longer. Also -- revising the sell-by dates for meat and dairy.


New information tonight about a fatal fire -- that claimed the life of a South Royalton woman. 60-year-old Roberta Staples was killed when fire broke out late Saturday night at the home on North Road. Today -- investigators say the fire started in Staples' bedroom. They think it was sparked by improperly-disposed cigarette ashes. Police say -- Staples died from smoke inhalation.


The woman killed when a plane made an emergency landing in Philadelphia grew up in Vermont. 43-year-old Jennifer Riordan New Mexico, was killed when the Southwest Airlines plane blew an engine at 30,000 feet Tuesday. Friends tell Channel 3 that Jennifer Riordan, then Jennifer Guerin, attended Christ the King and was a 1992 graduate of Colchester High School and a 1994 graduate of Champlain College. Friends described her as happy, bubbly, kind and sweet. Royale Da has reaction from New Mexico -- where Riordan made her home after she left Vermont.


JohnTraub / Minor League Baseball Manager "It's just a tragic, tragic loss for everybody." FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF JENNIFER (REER-den) RIORDAN ARE HURTING; THINKING OF AN INCREDIBLE PERSON WITH A HUGE SMILE. A WOMAN WHO LOVED NEW MEXICO. THEY SAY TO KNOW JENNIFER WAS TO KNOW HOW ONE PERSON CAN MAKE SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE. John Traub / Minor League Baseball Manager "Jennifer is somebody who embodied everything that is good, not just in our community but about being a human being." JOHN TRAUB (TROB) IS THE ISOTOPES GENERAL MANAGER. HE'S KNOWN JENNIFER FOR MORE THAN 15 YEARS. John Traub / Minor League Baseball Manager "She was the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect friend." JENNIFER WAS 43 YEARS OLD, MARRIED TO FORMER CITY C-O-O, MICHAEL RIORDAN. THE COUPLE HAS TWO CHILDREN, A 4TH AND SIXTH GRADER. John Traub / Minor League Baseball Manager "Her family is everything to her. I can't even imagine what the family is going through." PROFESSIONALLY, SHE WAS THE V-P OF COMMUNITY RELATIONS FOR WELLS FARGO. SHE WAS A DEDICATED COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER, SITTING ON VARIOUS BOARDS. AT ONE POINT, SHE WORKED FOR UNM HOSPITAL. Paula Maes / New Mexico Broadcasters Association "She would just full of life she had an energy when you would see her "> THE NEW MEXICO BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION SAYS JENNIFER WENT TO U-N-M, WAS IN THE JOURNALISM PROGRAM THERE AND EVEN GOT A SCHOLARSHIP FROM THE NM-BA. Paula Maes / New Mexico Broadcasters Association "She was a remarkable mother, a remarkable wife a remarkable addition to our community." THE NEWS OF JENNIFER'S PASSING.. .. IS STUNNING. John Traub / Minor League Baseball Manager "It's still pretty numb." SO MANY WONDERING HOW SUCH A BRIGHT SOUL... COULD BE GONE...KILLED IN A BIZARRE PLANE ACCIDENT.


The investigation into what led up to the engine's failure is still ongoing. The N-T-S-B said one of the engine's fan blades broke off from the hub during the flight -- and debris broke a passenger window.


Dan Dowling is here with a check on the weather. More gray skies today, although a glimpse of sun from time to time. (wx script) ((radsat)) Cloudy skies continue tonight. Still a few spotty showers along the Canadian border. ((surfacemap)) Our next weather system comes in from the south on Thursday. Scattered light rain and snow showers will linger through the afternoon and overnight.


A guilty plea -- in connection with a Burlington murder. Today in federal court, 25-year-old Richard Monroe pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges -- and firing the fatal shot that killed Kevin DeOliveira in January 20-15. Prosecutors say Monroe killed DeOliveira the the victim's Green Street apartment -- over a dispute over money. The plea deal calls for Monroe to spend the next 25 years -- behind bars.


Charges are up in the air again tonight for the Vermont teenager accused of a school shooting plot. Channel 3's Galen Ettlin is live in the newsroom to break down a judge's new order today... Earlier this week, a judge denied a request to dismiss charges against Jack Sawyer -- but today the judge reopened the door for charges to possibly be dropped. 18-year-old Sawyer is accused of plotting to shoot up his former high school -- Fair Haven Union High. Police say he bought weapons to prepare for the attack. Prosecutors charged Sawyer with attempted aggravated murder -- but the state Supreme Court found that under Vermont law... a plan is not enough to count as an attempt. Yesterday, the judge approved Sawyer's release --- pending 100-thousand dollars bail. Court documents today show Sawyer's defense wants the charges dropped --- which the judge first denied... And now that the judge is taking back that order... it means the charges can be reviewed again and may be dropped The judge says a review hearing must happen by Monday. In the meantime, Sawyer remains in jail. Live from the newsroom tonight, I'm Galen Ettlin for Channel 3 News.


Gun rights supporters promised to challenge new gun laws -- and today they did. A gun rights group -- and gun sellers filed suit -- claiming new limits on magazine capacity -- violate the Vermont Constitution. Political reporter Neal Goswami joins us to explain where this case -- is likely heading. The case was filed in superior court -- but a legal expert I spoke with today says this case will set precedent for the future -- and take some time to sort out.


((JOE_2232 51:11:25 Brady Toensing "As promised, we're challenging its constitutionality in court." 51:16:09)) The legal challenge is narrow -- claiming new capacity limits on magazines violates Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution ... which provides the right to have a gun for self-defense. ((JOE_2232 49:56:17 Brady Toensing "We went after a part that we assessed deprived our citizens of their consitutional rights." 50:03:07)) But Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan says courts have previously ruled guns can be regulated. ((5111 25:39:26 T.J. Donovan "These aren't absolute rights. You can put limitations on it. In fact, the 2nd Amendment, the U.S. Supreme Court has said you can reasonably regulate that." 25:50:04)) The plaintiff's see a promising case -- arguing the law makes some guns unavailable for self-defense. ((5087 2:57:16 Daniel Richardson "Clearly, what they're trying to aim for is a very practical and straight-forward interpretation of the Vermont Constitution." 3:03:29)) Daniel Richardson teaches at Vermont Law School. We asked him why the lawsuit would just focus on the magazine limits. He says the narrow suit keeps future options available. ((5087 1:24:03 Daniel Richardson "In some respects this may be a bit of a hedge by the gun rights groups that they don't know what the outcome is and if they did a wider, broader challenge it could backfire." 1:36:05)) Vermont's tradition of gun ownership is outlined in the suit -- an attempt, Richardson says, to show the framers were conscious of the right and the need to bear arms. ((5087 4:55:05 Daniel Richardson "They cite two examples of Ethan Allen and Ira Allen actually packing heat to keep away the New York landlords." 5:04:12)) The state's argument will likely point out that other forms of personal protection exist now -- including different types of guns. ((5087 6:01:26 Daniel Richardson "There weren't alarm systems then, there weren't other protections available and that ultimately, if somebody wants to own a gun they can for personal safety." 6:15:16)) The trial court will issue a ruling -- but the Vermont Supreme Court will have the final say. With no case law to review -- the justices must come up with their own interpretation of Article 16. ((5087 4:30:16 Daniel Richardson "It means it's the Wild West. It means just about anything can happen." 4:35:04))


Richardson says there could be additional lawsuits in the future that challenge other parts of the new law. And if the Vermont Supreme Court finds the law constitutional in Vermont -- plaintiffs could take their case to federal court. Darren?


An update now about a Hinesburg home -- that neighbors say is infested with rats. The town says -- it's now -- going to be removed. We first told you about this story last year. The home is owned by Sheridan "Sheri" Lane. A court ordered her to address public health issues ... after neighbors say they found rats coming off her property. The town expects to have the results of an asbestos inspection next week -- and those will determine how they can remove the house. The plan is to take out the existing structures, cars and scrap the metal.


((SOT 2.14 Joy Dubin Grossman The town is working at this point to remove the home where on Gilman road so that the health hazard at that point is abated 2.28.)) Lane is still living on the property. The town says it is working to help Lane find some other type of housing. Court paperwork says the existing structures are uninhabitable -- and don't have electricity or running water.


A two car accident caused a major traffic mess in South Burlington this afternoon. It's happened on Williston road near Shunpike Road. Police believe this van was on a side road when it went out into traffic colliding with the eastbound car - spinning it into a telephone pole. Two people were taken to the hospital. Traffic on one of the busiest roads in Chittenden County was diverted to side streets. It's back open now.


Cloudy skies continue through the end of the work week. Looking for sunshine to increase on Saturday, then turning warmer by Sunday. Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain or snow showers developing by morning, south. Low 32. Wind SW 5-10 mph. Thursday: Cloudy skies. Scattered rain and mountain snow showers. High 43. Wind light. Thursday Night: Cloudy skies. Light rain and snow likely. Low 33. Wind NW 5-10 mph. Friday: Cloudy and blustery. Scattered rain and snow showers. High 44. Wind NW 10-20 mph. Saturday: Gradual clearing. Still a little cool. High 48. Low 28. Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 51. Low 32. Monday: Mostly sunny. High 59. Low 36. Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 62. Low 40. Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers. High 60.



Remembering a First Lady who was devoted to her family -- and country. Mrs. Bush died at her home in Houston last night. Weijia Jiang is there.


FLAGS ARE AT HALF STAFF FROM THE WHITE HOUSE TO THE CAPITOL ... WHERE SENATORS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE PAID TRIBUTE TO BARBARA BUSH. :08-:16 (Sen. Mitch McConnell/(R) Kentucky) she always combined wit with warmth, smarts with common sense, and great toughness with greater compassion. :17-:23(Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) New York) Mrs. Bush was the personification of grace and class, as First Lady and as a human being. THE 92 YEAR OLD MRS. BUSH DIED LAST NIGHT IN HOUSTON. HER HUSBAND... FORMER PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH WAS AT HER SIDE, HOLDING HER HAND ALL DAY. HE SAID IN A STATEMENT.. "the outpouring of love and friendship being directed at the Enforcer is lifting us all up." THEIR SON... GEORGE BUSH SAID HE WAS LUCKY TO HAVE HER FOR A MOTHER. AND THE YOUNGER JEB BUSH SPOKE ABOUT THE LOSS AT A LEADERSHIP FORUM IN CHICAGO. :50-:58 (Jeb Bush/Former FL Governor) I'm so blessed to be her son. she taught us to serve others. She taught us to be civil, she taught us to love your family with heart and soul :59-1:04 (Weijia Jiang/Houston) MRS. BUSH DEDICATED HER LIFE TO PUBLIC SERVICE, FOCUSING ON LITERACY. THIS PLAZA AT THE HOUSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY IS NAMED IN HER HONOR...NOW THE SITE OF A GROWING MEMORIAL. 1:12-1:18 (Nicole Robinson/Houston Public Library) people should know she was a champion for literacy, she was a champion for our children and she was a champion for our families. MRS. BUSH'S FUNERAL IS SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY AT THE FAMILY'S CHURCH. BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON PLAN TO ATTEND... AS WELL AS BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA. CURRENT FIRST LADY MELANIA TRUMP HAS SAID SHE WILL BE THERE TOO TO PAY HER RESPECTS. WJ, CBS NEWS, HOUSTON


Vermonters -- also have connections to Mrs. Bush. Taylor Young is talking with them right now. Hear what they had to say about the former First Lady -- tonight at 11.


Frightening new video of a home explosion in Texas. Police responded to the area after a car lost control and struck a gas line Saturday. Watch what happens when the arrive. After the explosion -- Police said officers could hear screaming in the house. They breached a back door to rescue the three occupants in the wreckage of the home. A mother, father and son were taken to the hospital. Two police officers were also injured.




A secret visit by President Trump's Secretary of State nominee -- to North Korea. The trip comes ahead of a planned summit that will have President Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting face-to-face. Mola Lenghi has more details from Capitol Hill.


(track 1) PRESIDENT TRUMP PRAISED C-I-A DIRECTOR MIKE POMPEO'S SECRET TRIP TO NORTH KOREA WEDNESDAY. (SOT: President Trump) "Had a great meeting with Kim Jong Un. Got along with him really well, really great." (track 2) THE MEETING WAS TO LAY THE GROUNDWORK FOR A FACE-TO-FACE SUMMIT BETWEEN THE NORTH KOREAN LEADER AND PRESIDENT TRUMP LATER THIS YEAR. (SOT: President Trump) "We'll be having meetings with Kim Jong Un very soon. It will be taking place, probably in early June or maybe a little before that. Assuming things go well. It's possible things won't go well and we won't have the meetings. (track 3) (gfx) THE PRESIDENT SAID FIVE SUMMIT LOCATIONS WERE UNDER CONSIDERATION. THE TWO MOST LIKELY ARE A NEUTRAL SPOT IN THE DEMILITARIZED ZONE SEPARATING THE NORTH AND SOUTH -- OR ON A U-S NAVY VESSEL OFF THE KOREAN PENINSULA. (STANDUP: Mola Lenghi/CBS News/Capitol Hill) POMPEO IS MEETING WITH SENATORS ON CAPITOL HILL AS PART OF THE CONFIRMATION PROCESS TO BE SECRETARY OF STATE. AND LAWMAKERS ONLY LEARNED ABOUT HIS NORTH KOREA TRIP WHEN THE PRESS REPORTED IT. (SOT: Sen. Robert Menendez/(D) New Jersey) "If truth and being forthcoming, as Secretary of State nominee, is one of the standards we would like to see for the next Secretary of State, I think he failed that." (track 4) POMPEO'S CONFIRMATION AS SECRETARY OF STATE IS STILL UP IN THE AIR WITH REPUBLICAN SENATORS JEFF FLAKE AND RAND PAUL SAYING THEY DO NOT SUPPORT POMPEO'S NOMINATION. BUT PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS AT LEAST ONE SENATOR MAY CHANGE HIS MIND. (SOT: President Trump) "Rand Paul is a very special guy. He's never let me down. And, I don't think he'll let us down again." (track 5) PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS HE'S NOT WORRIED ABOUT POMPEO'S CONFIRMATION VOTE. MOLA LENGHI, CBS NEWS, CAPITOL HILL.


The news of the meeting surprised lawmakers on Capitol Hill. But many said they view the meeting as a positive step. Among them -- New Hampshire Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen. ((SOT Shaheen There is some benefit to doing some of those negotiations quietly. I'm pleased they're underway and hope they bode for a positive discussion with North Koreans))


A Plattsburgh man accused of kidnapping. Police say 25-year-old Austin Okolonji and a pair of masked accomplices -- forced a man into a car earlier this month. The victim claims he was threatened and questioned about a package. He was eventually able to escape the vehicle and called for help. Police investigated. And on Monday -- they arrested Okolongi -- who officers say -- had 6 pounds of marijuana. Police say more arrests are coming.


A Bakersfield man -- facing charges tonight -- after police say he fired a shotgun during a fight with his neighbor. It happened at about 9 this morning on Hennessey Road. Police say 67-year-old Paul Pikna -- fired one shot. It wasn't at his neighbor -- but police say it made the neighbor afraid. Pikna is now charged with reckless endangerment.


New at 6 -- A program aiming to help North Country students -- get a head start -- will soon shut down. Kelly O'Brien explains why.


((Kelly O'Brien/Plattsburgh, N.Y. :37 "The Airondack Pathways in Technology -- betther known as ADK P-TECH -- is on its way out of the North country.")) 60 students -- from Peru -- Beekamntown -- Plattsburgh -- and Saranac work daily in the ADK PTECH Program at Peru senior high school -- gaining knowledge and a skill set for STEM based careers. At the end of it -- they'll have an associates degree. The program started in 20-13 as a part of the New York State and Federally funded Early College High School initiative. And the seven year grant to fund the program... is running out. On March 29th -- the ADK P-TECH leadership council decided to phase the program out. And they're trying to do that in a way that hurts students the least. In a statement from Senator Betty Little -- she said "P-TECH is a valuable education program and dovetails perfectly with a lot of the jobs being created in our region... If there was something more to consider, I would welcome being a part of that discussion." The interm president of ADK PTECH-- Cynthia Ford-Johnson -- is working with the schools in the program to plan a re-entry of students to their high schools. ((Kelly O'Brien/Plattsburgh, N.Y. 47 "tonight staff plans to meet with parents and guardians of the program to answer any questions they might have. But, they did tell me its still very knew so they don't have a lot of those answers quite yet but they are working to get them answered as soon as possible. This is an ongoing story so any updates you can find right here on Channel 3. For Now, reporting in Peru, Kelly O'Brien, Channel 3 News."))


Should felons in New York have the right to vote? Governor Cuomo thinks so. (( Gov. Andrew Cuomo: "I proposed a piece of legislation to General Holder this past year that said parolees should have the right to vote. The Republican Senate voted down that piece of legislation, which is another reason why we need a new legislature this November. But I'm not willing to take no for an answer. I'm going to make it law by executive order, and I announced here today." )) It's a move that would restore voting rights to more than 35-thousand people in New York, as well as any new convicted felons who enter the parole system each month. New York state law currently bars convicted felons from voting unless they are on probation or have completed parole.



A product that's meant to add nutritional value to your meals and recover your muscles -- is now being questioned by many. Melissa Sheketoff, spoke to a nutritionist to learn how you can protect yourself from toxic protein shakes.


It's fair to say -- fitness is Pat Murray's passion. More importantly, he's helping others live healthier lives. But after 15 years as a certified trainer, Murray wanted to do more for his clients -- and became a nutritionist. ((00:12:50 I want to study that to address the problem and actually change it and get results that are sustainable long term.)) In his research -- he stumbled on a national study -- showing alarming information about brand name protein powders. ((NAT 00:07:56 it's very dishonest and not a good thing. 59)) The Clean Label Project found several powders that have toxins hidden in the ingredients -- and can lead to serious health concerns. ((00:10:27 there could be cancerous effects, heart problems, digestive problems, birth defects, infertility, hormonal imbalances. 37)) The study mentions 134 products from 52 brands tested -- and showing high levels of metals, pesticides and toxins in the mix. Toxins like BPA -- the one you're supposed to avoid in water bottles. ((00:09:01 it means they took a lot of shortcuts, they didn't follow all the procedures on testing things and filtering things and sloppy techniques. 10)) So how do we know if we are ingesting toxic shakes? Murray says one simple label on containers means you're making a good choice: if you read SUPPLEMENT FACTS. ((00:09:20 that means it was third party tested so whatever the ingredients are that's exactly what's in there. 28)) Versus products that read NUTRITION FACTS -- which Murray says means the company skipped steps. ((00:07:44 it makes the protein seem falsified, more value is higher but it's really not. 50)) He also says if you think you got a good deal with cheaper brands -- chances are, you're getting what you paid for. ((00:13:39 we just need to learn some things and the companies are counting on us not knowing that stuff and they're taking advantage of that. 46)) He says taking those simple steps -- can help you pick the right supplement. In Williston, Melissa Sheketoff, Channel 3 News.

37} 3RDWX_SUP1



((tight shot)) Rickey Diamond describes her new book "Screwnomics" as a wake-up call for today's women to join what has been an almost exclusively male conversation for hundreds of years. She argues our economy actively works against women and offers real ways to make lasting change. ((2-shot)) The author is our guest tonight. Thanks for being here. ((you argue our present system is rife with issues -- what are they?)) ((how can women empower themselves to not get trapped in earning lower wages than men?)) ((I know you mention you were inspired to write this based on your own life -- and the lives of your mother and grandmother -- that's really powerful -- what themes did you see re-occuring in your lives and in the lives of women?)) ((did your mother and grandmother face different challenges than you?)) ((why do more of us need to pay attention to the sexual history of economics?))


The deadline to file your taxes is extended to midnight -- tonight. That's because the I-R-S website crashed yesterday morning. The Treasury Secretary called it a QUOTE "high volume technical issue."


Contact lenses are going high tech. The F-D-A has approved the first contact lenses with light-adaptive technology. The Acuvue Oasys automatically darkens in bright light. The lenses react to the sun's ultraviolet rays and will return to their normal tint when the user moves to normal or darker lighting. The Acuvue Oasys will be available next year.



Three weeks into the season, the Boston Red Sox already have a six game lead on the New York Yankees in the America League East. The Sox continued their best start in franchise history with a dominating 10-1 win against the team with the second best record in baseball, the L-A Angels. The Sox facing young two-way Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani for the first a pitcher, he was 2-0 with a 2.08 ERA in his first two starts, both against the Oakland A's...but Mookie Betts introduced him to an America League East lineup with a lead off homer in the top of the first...Ohtani threw 66 pitches over the first two innings, allowing three runs before leaving due to a blister... --- Betts was also part of a three home run third inning along with Jackie Bradley, Jr and Brock Holt. In fact, Betts went deep three times on the night, as the Red Sox improved to 14-2. The series continues tonight. The 8-8 Yankees have the night off.


In the NBA playoffs last night, the Celtics got a glimpse of their hoped for future as 21-year-old Jalen Brown, the second year pro, scored 30 points, two shy of his career high, to lead Boston past Milwaukee 120-106 to take a two games to none lead in their first round playoff series. Five more Celtics finished in double figures, led by Terry Rozier's 23 points and 18 off the bench from Marcus Morris. The series now shifts to Milwaukee for Games Three and Four Friday night and Sunday afternoon.


College lacrosse... UVM women visiting 16th ranked Dartmouth ...first meeting in three seasons between the Twin State rivals ... --- and this one was all Big minute into the game, Ellie Carson drives toward the net and scores... her 37th goal of the season...1-0 Dartmouth ... --- just under two minutes later, Larson Bennett from almost the same starting spot ...and the same result ...2-0 Big Green... --- a pair of free position goals double the lead to four... then Katie O'Neill takes a pass in her own half...and takes off straight up the field...and unchecked, she charges in toward net and will finish... --- Dartmouth would build a 13-0 lead before Vermont scores in the final minute of the first half, and the Big Green roll from there, winning 16-5...


and after several days of washouts... high school spring sports...a tripleheader this afternoon at Colchester...boys lacrosse hosting Mount Mansfield... ---- the Lakers open the scoring in this one, Brayden Wilkins curling around the MMU net and fires for the first goal of the game --- but MMU answers, Will Hauf streaking down the wing, he fools the keeper on the bouncer, Cougars even the game at one a piece --- both goalies up to the task in this one, Ben Mutolo with the huge stop for MMU --- and after being chased out, Cam Leclair with the unreal stop --- this one back and forth, Dylan Davis with this tally MMU wins it 8-7


right next door, the Lakers and Seahorses meeting in softball as well... ---- bottom of the first runner on second for Alli Sheets, she rips one to left, that gets down for a double, Olivia Brodeur comes around, 1-0 Lakers --- they add another later in the inning, Sophia Comi poking one through the left side of the infield, Sheets scores to double the lead --- Magoon great in the circle Colchester led 2-0 at last check. We'll have the final at 11pm.



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