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The play, Our Town , is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. /watch?v=dadPzx7z08k#t =31 Thornton Wilder's timeless drama in the mythical village of Grover's Corner, New Hampshire -- has become an American Classic with adaptations for radio, television and film -- to name a few. Montpelier's Lost Nation Theatre is performing the iconic play over the next two weeks and are here to give us a little sample. Kim Bent is Lost Nation's Founder -- and is directing and acting in the production. He plays the 'Stage Manager.' Katelyn Manfre is playing the character Emily. And Ryan Halsaver is playing George. Kim -- Set us up with what this scene is about (performance) ((Kim -- Why does this play have such a big impact in American Life 75 years after it was written?)) (Katelyn -- I understand you are from Peterborough, NH - the town that inspired the fictional Grovers Corner -- what rings true in the play)) ((Ryan -- This is your debut with Lost Nation -- any impressions of montpelier's professional theatre company?)) ((Kim -- This is your third time playing this role -- what keeps you coming back for more?))


"Our Town" opened at Lost Nation last week, and runs through April 27th. For info and tickets, go to the infocenter. http://lostnationtheat


Tomorrow on the Thirty -- are Ukraine and Russia headed for war? Clashes this week between the Ukranian military and pro-Russian factions in Eastern Ukraine have raised already heigtened tensions. University of Vermont Russian expert Michele Commercio joins us to talk about what may lie ahead in the region. That's coming up tomorrow at 5:30 -- on The :30. Thank you for joining us! The six o'clock news is next with Darren and Kristin. Good Evening.


Good evening. I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Kristin Kelly. It was a lifesaving rescue -- in the nick of time. A Franklin County sheriff's deputy put his life on the line to save a woman trapped in a truck -- with flood waters raging around her. Jennifer Reading was in Montgomery today -- and joins us now with exclusive video of the rescue scene. Jennifer? Kristin and Darren -- the driver told police -- she's new to the area. There were no signs warning her about the high water -- and she didn't know the dangers of driving through it. Tonight -- police say she's lucky to be alive -- and they're calling her rescuer -- a hero.


It happened in minutes. A pick-up truck -- swallowed by flood waters -- of the swollen Missisquoi River. And the driver ... trapped inside. ((Shawn Glidden/Montgomery 00:21:47 "The truck almost tipped over. It was up on its side. Water was raging over the hood.")) Montgomery resident -- Shawn Glidden -- was part of the rescue on Longley Bridge Road Tuesday night -- and shared this home video -- exclusively with Channel 3. ((NATS from home video)) Police say when the driver tried to plow through the standing water -- it wasn't that high. But her truck stalled -- and the river rose rapidly. Glidden's neighbor -- Stanley Longley -- drove his tractor to the water's edge -- to help -- but that too began to tip. They called 911. ((Shawn Glidden/Montgomery 00:22:14 "I told her to calm down. Just say in the truck.")) ((Jennifer Reading/Montomery 00:33:41 "Once the 911 call came in, rescue crews immediately headed to the scene on Longley Bridge Road but said their response times took longer than usual because the flood water had made several roads impassable and heavy mud complicated the situation.")) Corporal Brendan McKenney -- was the first officer on scene. The former marine says his military training took over. ((Cpl. Brendan McKenney/Franklin County Sheriff's Dept. 00:40:42 "I just went into action. I had rope in the back of my car and I had a pry bar. The tractor was there and that was the first thing that came to my head is that we have to go out there and get her.")) ((Shawn Glidden/Montgomery 00:23:15 "I couldn't believe he did it, but he jumped like 6 feet through the air, on the top of the truck. I mean if he'd of fell off the top of the truck I know he would have drown.")) The woman's truck -- bares the marks of the rescue. Her power windows weren't working --so McKenney smashed the driver's side and pulled her into the bed of the pick-up. ((Cpl. Brendan McKenney/Franklin County Sheriff's Dept. 00:42:36 "She was actually frozen up in there. :41 I had to do a little bit of yelling but I was like we'll get through this, we got to get you out of here. So you just got to work with me here.")) ((Shawn Glidden/Montgomery 00:23:30 "then they jumped off into the water on this side with the rope. The water started raging. Their heads started to go under the water. So I ran grabbed the rope, picked it up high, picked their heads out of the water.")) The farmer and his tractor -- the pulled the woman and her rescuer -- from the frigid water. She was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. McKenney -- changed his ripped, blood stained clothes -- and returned to his normal duties within an hour. ((Shawn Glidden/Montgomery 00:24:18 "he was a hero and he really deserves a medal or something for risking his life as quickly as he did. 00:24:26 "the way he jumped on that truck without a second thought for his safety. he did what he had to do to save her life."))


Police are not releasing the driver's name -- but tell us she's recovering at home tonight. They say she's extremely grateful to the first responders who likely saved her life. Darren.


Flooding fallout--on top of a tough winter - have left some concerned with all the road work that needs to be done. The state says it needs more funding for transportation repairs. Shelby Cashman is in the newsroom with the details for us. Darren and Kristin-After this weeks whirlwind weather events-and major flooding yesterday-Governor Shumlin, Vtrans and state transportation officials held a press conference Wednesday to discuss the aftermath. Governor Shumlin thanked Vtrans for their hard work-and for preventing any major damage or injury. The state reported 21 roads were closed at some point yesterday--and only 9 remain closed now. But while the situation is improving - the governor said a big concern now is the Federal highway Trust Fund--a fund used by all 50 state's for road repairs. It is projected to be depleted by July--and Governor Shumlin-and state transportation officials are urging Congress to to act.


00:08:20 00:08:30 ((Gov Shumlin "We're about to let contracts go out for work thats gotta be done, and yet we still dont know that we'll have the federal money to pay the bill when we're done.")) 00:25:47 00:26:00 ((Sue Minter/AOT Deputy Sec. "We have July staring us in the face. We cannot advance expensive projects unless we know the feds can reimburse us for those so thats why its so important we are raising this issue now and theres a lot at risk.")) State officials say they aim to put 115 million dollars into road repairs this Spring--on top of being 9 million dollars over budget after an extremely rough winter. But--they say they cannot do any of the projects they want to do--such as exploring new technologies for longer lasting pothole treatment and bridge reconstruction - if the Federal Highway Fund falls short. We reached out to Vermont congressional delegation about the Highway Trust fund--they issued a joint statement saying they will fight for the funding--and realize its critical importance for Vermont. Senator Sanders said he invited Sue Minter to testify at a Senate committee hearing last month on the topic--and he realizes there is an urgent need for action--what that action will be specifically, remains to be seen. Darren Kristin?


In New York -- Governor Cuomo declared a state of emergency -- because of flooding there. It covers six counties in northeastern New York -- including two in our area -- Essex and Franklin counties. A State of Emergency allows state resources to be used to help local governments. It also temporarily suspends laws and regulations that would slow down a rapid response.

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The number of homeless people in Vermont is up 9-percent over last year. A one-day count from January estimates that there are 15 hundred-56 homeless people in the state. The count is required by the National Department of Housing and Urban Development. It involves a number of social service agencies -- counting up their clients -- and hitting the streets to find additional people who are homeless.


((Erin Ahearn, Safe Harbor Health Center 04:06 "I think the ongoing concern is if this population is getting bigger, what are we doing to address that as funding gets tighter for all sorts of resources and the economy continues to struggle it makes sense that more people are becoming homeless but we have less to serve them.)) Ahearn says children make up one in four of the state's overall homeless population. She says the new numbers will help groups like hers assess the services they offer and the changes they might need to make.


Investigators say a house fire in Plattsburgh this morning -- was started by a child. First responders say when they arrived at the home on Smith Street -- it was completely engulfed in flames. Everyone inside got out safely. Police say the Plattsburgh Fire Department quickly put out the fire. They say the cause of the fire was suspicious at first.


(tile 8409 0:18:18:11) ((Lieutenant Patrick Rascoe/Plattsburgh City Police Dept. "Detectives did an investigation and determined the origin of the fire was on the front porch. Subsequent interviews of the family members revealed that the fire was accidentally lit by a child in the house playing with a lighter and paper." 00:18:33:04)) Police say there will be no criminal charges because the child in under 8 years old.


The Vermont Senate passed a bill requiring GMO labeling. But the battle between food and biotech giants -- and the state -- may just be getting started. Elizabeth Keatinge is at the State House tonight with more. Elizabeth? Here at the State House this afternoon, only 2 state senators opposed the GMO labeling bill. Although those who championed and supported the bill cheered and celebrated, some say there still may be a long road ahead- and lawmakers have a unique way to defend Vermont should a lawsuit happen.

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Nats yes Nats yes Nats no The Senate overwhelmingly approved bill H112 today. ((Elizabeth Keatinge/Montpelier 1:09:58:07 Now that the bill has passed the senate, it will go to Governor Shumlin's desk. If he signs it, the concern is, Vermont could be facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit.1:10:06:02)) Some large food and biotech corporations have said that requiring labeling of foods is a violation of the First Amendment - and a lawsuit could follow if the law is implemented. ((Sen. Norm McAllister/R-Franklin County 01:08:38:25 So we're gonna spend, between one and a half to 5 million dollars, and in the end the people who wanted labeling, may not get it.1:08:47:19)) An innovative defense fund could help to defray the cost to taxpayers. Lawmakers anticipate defending the legislation in court and have set up a $1.5 million legal fund for the Vermont Attorney General's Office. The money will come from several sources -- including the public. Individuals from all over the world would be able to contribute. ((Cheryl Hanna 55:38 Vermont has certainly had a history of pushing progressive legislation and not always winning. This is an interesting way to continue doing that without bearing all the cost of doing so.55:49)) Vermont spent over 2 million defending the state's campaign finance and data mining laws - and lost. Advocates are confident Vermont's fight for GMO labels resonates beyond the Green Mountains. ((Falko Schilling/VPIRG 1:04:11:11 It's something that consumers all across the country are demanding and that people are interested - they want to know what's in their food for a number of reasons, and this is going to give them that information.01:04:17:2 3)) .

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Governor Shumlin has expressed support for the concept of GMO labeling, but has said before he saw some problems with the bill. If he signs, it could pave the way for other states to implement GMO labeling. Connecticut and Maine have also passed labeling laws but have delayed implementation until other states join - a tactic to avoid lawsuits of their own.


New York wants more jobs - so its luring businesses -- with the Start Up NY campaign. You may have seen the commercials about it. The program promises a lot - but will it deliver? Logan Crawford is in Plattsburgh tonight -- with more on the program. Logan? Kristin, Start-Up New York is beginning to start-up all across the Empire State - including the North Country. It's selling point - no taxes for new businesses for 10 years.


New York is being aggressive in attracting businesses to start-up in - or move to - the Empire State. (tile 0947 00:02:10:19) ((Garry Douglas/North Country Camber of Commerce "This governor understands that New York has been hampered by a reputation, in part well earned, of being a high cost, not business-friendly environment." 00:02:23:08)) The new Start-Up New York program intends to bring new businesses to New York communities - tax free. Businesses will be tied to state universities in the area. The goal is creating both immediate jobs - and future jobs for students. (tile 0953 00:10:28:15) ((Keith Tyo/SUNY Plattsburgh Coordinator for Start-Up New York "Each of the campuses have been asked to identify locations on the campus where they believe would be able to place certain types of businesses." 00:10:37:14)) (tile 0956 00:17:13:16) ((Logan Crawford/Plattsburgh "Redcay Hall is an area on Plattsburgh State campus which will house a new business as part of the Start-Up New York program. The university hopes to be approved by the state and start accepting applications from new businesses by the summer." 00:17:26:29)) (tile 0953 00:11:08:13) ((Keith Tyo/SUNY Plattsburgh Coordinator for Start-Up New York "We've identified some properties within the Plattsburgh area that are under-utilized and might be suitable for Start-Up New York." 00:11:18:03)) These areas include buildings near Plattsburgh International Airport - and the former Pfizer building in Chazy. GFX: To qualify for a 0 percent tax rate for 10 years, a business must: -be a new, relocating, or expanding business in New York -create new jobs in its first year -and align with a State University of New York campus According to Douglas, Start-Up New York has caught the attention of many businesses in other states - and other countries. (tile 0947 00:01:40:16) ((Garry Douglas/North Country Camber of Commerce "You compare that to 8.5 percent in vermont, you compare that to almost 12 percent corporate tax rate for manufacturers in Quebec, O in New York - we start to have a very strong message." 00:01:54:08)) Start-Up New York ... A new start for New York and a good start for business. Logan Crawford, channel 3 news, Plattsburgh. -3-


Governor Cuomo promises Start-Up New York will be a new start for New York being business friendly... and a good start for new business. Kristin?


Vermont's biggest companies are optimistic about the economy. That's according to a survey of CEOs by the Vermont Business Roundtable. Most of the responses were positive or neutral -- supporting to the idea that Vermont's economy continues a slow recovery. Only two percent of CEOs expect job cuts in the next three months. And manufacturing was the most optimistic sector for the second straight quarter. This is the tenth year of the survey -- and it was re-tooled with help from state economist Jeff Carr -- aiming to get more meaningful results.


It seems every year we do stories about tuition increases. But not tonight. Students who attend New Hampshire's community colleges are getting a tuition CUT. There are ten community college campuses in New Hampshire. Three of them are in our region -- River Valley Community College in Claremont... and White Mountains Community College in Berlin and Littleton. In the fall - tuition is going DOWN 5-percent. For full-time, in-state students -- that means paying 48-hundred dollars -- down from about 5-grand.


Campaign season has not jumped into high gear just yet. Lawmakers are still busy at the statehouse in Montpelier. But as soon as the session wraps up -- the electioneering will really start. So far -- no one is challenging Governor Peter Shumlin -- or his campaign warchest. But Republican Representative Heidi Scheuermann is seriously considering jumping into the race. She joins us live from the State House tonight. Good evening. Are you running for governor against Peter Shumlin? Why not say now? You've been sending out responses -- critical of announcements made by the governor. That's new from you. Sure sounds like you've already tossed your hat in the ring? You've been critical of education funding. Calling for the repeal of Act 68. The law that finances education. You say it's broken. What's the fix? What is your plan for how to pay for education? School consolidation is under consideration. Do you support that? What about the argument that it takes away local control? You have concerns about the Governor's push for single payer health care. What are they and what should the state be doing instead to improve coverage for Vermonters? Representative Heidi Sheuermann. Thanks for joining us.


The Logger -- will keep his day job -- for now. Vermont actor Rusty Dewees tells Channel 3 News tonight -- he will not run for Congress this election season. He says he's quote "steeped in a job called show business." Dewees was considering running against Congressman Peter Welch for Vermont's lone seat in the U-S House. But says it's not the right time. He is NOT ruling out a run down the road, though. Dewees says given all his travels across Vermont -- and the people he's met -- it makes sense to someday seek political office.



Tonight: BRRRRR! Mostly clear. Locally colder. Lows: 12/22 Wind: Light Thursday: MILDER Mostly sunny. Highs: 46/54 Wind: S 10-15 mph Thursday night: CHILLY. Mostly clear. Lows: 18/28 Wind: S 5-10 mph bec light Friday: SEASONABLE Mostly sunny. Highs: 50/58 Wind: S 10-15 mph Extended: Friday night: Lows: 25/35 Saturday: Mostly cloudy. Chance few showers. Highs: 45/55 Lows: 30s Sunday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 45/55 Lows: 30s Monday: Mostly cloudy. Chance showers Highs: 50s Lows: 35/42 Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. Chance showers. Highs: 55/65 Lows: 30s Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 50s



A body found near the North Hartland Dam appears to be that of a missing man from New Hampshire. 42-year old Michael Hayward of Sunapee disappeared two months ago. His car was found near the Quechee Gorge. Police say the Hartford Fire Department pulled his body from the water this afternoon. An autopsy is being performed. The investigation continues.


A child -- alone -- walking down a road in Haverhill. Police got numerous calls about it. And found the child -- about a mile from her home. She was brought back to the residence. But the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth, and Families was notified.


Charlotte Rescue is once again under investigation -- this time because of security concerns regarding its controlled substances. The physician overseeing the EMT squad restricted its paramedic response level as a result of his investigation. That means EMTs can not administer pain meds... medication for cardiac life support or perform airway management and critical care. Those restrictions will last for six months. Vermont EMS Deputy Director Mike Leyden confirmed the investigation -- but says the state is not yet involved.


A parking ban in Burlington tonight. But don't worry -- there's no storm. This is so crews -- can sweep the streets. Just look for the flashing lights to see if your neighborhood is getting spruced up. If so, your car has to be off the street -- from ten at night until 7 in the morning. The bans begin tonight -- and end on Friday. That's News Around the Region.


Good evening. Starting line sports ... It's been a slow start to the spring sports season here in Vermont with cancellations left and right... Hopefully, today's sunny skies mark the beginning of a much brighter future ... To Duffy field for an NE-10 showdown... St. Michael's hosting rival Franklin Pierce in men's lacrosse.. --- Don't blink because the Purple Knights score early and often ... 15 seconds in, Tim McDonald says super size it... 1-0 SMC --- One goal later, off the great feed, Matt Drome-shauser with the perfect execution... Now 3-0 Purple Knights ... They're loving it. --- Then on the run, Ben Overslaugh wires it home from deep... 5-0 St. Mike's after 1... But the highlights don't do this game justice... Franklin Pierce scores 9 of the final 12 goals... As the Purple Knights are stunned at home in overtime, 9-8.


Back to the cold... Vermont standout men's alpine skier Jonathan Nordbotten was named one of seven skiers to the Norwegian national team today for the 2014-15 season. Nordbotten, has 15 world cup starts under his belt... but right now his UVM glory days still fresh in everyone's mind. The senior was a six-time all-american for the Ski Cats, making 25 podiums, including 11 wins and a national championship in the giant slalom last season.


Coming up in sports, we've got early Yankees highlights and a very special spotlight on a local military member turned body builder... Darren and Kristin.


More financial problems in the Burlington school system. Now it appears the district was late paying payroll taxes to the IRS. Taxpayers will likely have to pay a fine. Ali Freeman investigates that -- as well as the new budget on the table. That's tonight at 11.


The V-A is opening two new health clinics in New Hampshire. The part-time clinics in Colebrook and Berlin will offer primary care, preventive health care, lab draws, and tele-health services. They will serve more than 25-hundred veterans in those areas -- and are scheduled to open by July.


Conjoined twins born in Texas -- are now leaving the hospital as individual boys. Omar Villafranca was with the Ezell family to mark the milestone.


AFTER SPENDING THEIR ENTIRE LIVES IN THE INTENSIVE CARE UNIT... EMMETT AND OWEN EZELL ARE FINALLY LEAVING THE HOSPITAL AND HEADING TO A NEARBY REHABILIATION CENTER. -- sot Jenni Ezell/ Mom They are doing so well and look at how beautiful they are. sot Dave Ezell/Dad -- (sonogram pic) THE NINE-MONTH OLD BOYS WERE BORN CONNECTED FROM THE BELLY BUTTON TO THE BREAST BONE . AT JUST ONE MONTH OLD, THEY UNDERWENT A SUCCESSFUL 9 HOUR SEPARATION SURGERY AT MEDICAL CITY CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. -- sot Dr Clair Schwendeman, Medical City Children's Hospital They had to separate a portion of the liver. They had to separate a common area of upper intestine that was joined together. -- AFTER SEVERAL ADDITIONAL SURGERIES ... THE BOYS CAN NOW SIT UP AND PLAY WITH THE MEDICAL STAFF. dad sot? (Omar Villafranca, Dallas Texas Bridge) While at rehab, the twins parents will learn how to manage the boys medical issues on their own, including caring for their feeding and breathing tubes. Their mom says the best part about the twins recovery so far has been getting to hold them. sot Jenni Ezell, Mother: "They have very specific ways they like to be held, and I know how they like to be held now, and it's such a good feeling... " --but and cover with video or pics of kids-- sot Jenni Ezell, Mother: "And I can comfort them. And it's so nice. It's so nice being able to do that." THE EZELLS HOPE TO FINALLY HAVE EMMETT AND OWEN BACK HOME WITH THEIR TWO BIG BROTHERS IN THE COMING WEEKS . OMAR VILLAFRANCA...CBS NEWS....DALLAS


Doctors say the prognosis for the Ezell twins is good. They'll need their tracheas and feeding tubes for a few more months. They will also need additional surgeries on their stomachs. That's HealthWatch.



The SUNY Plattsburgh pond is getting a make over. The campus fixture will get a new lining and waterfall to keep it filled year round. In addition to above-ground upgrades ... The hot water, storm and sewer pipes will be replaced. The 3-point-6 million dollar project is being paid for by the SUNY Construction Fund. Contractors working on the new pond say access to Hawkins, Hudson, and Ward halls will be affected by the construction. Foot traffic and parking will also be impacted.


(tile 8406 00:11:50:01) ((Kevin Roberts/SUNY Plattsburgh Director of Facilities "It's going to be a little bit disruptive. We're going to make sure people can get in and out of the buildings, get into Hawkins Hall safely and efficiently. Make sure everything's assigned and properly taken care of." 00:12:05:11)) Work on the new pond will begin this May. It is expected to be completed by fall of 20-15.


Vermont Technical College has received millions in workforce education grants to prepare students for the future. Some of that money is going into new welding equipment. Adam Sullivan reports.


((nats)) Six new welding machines are getting good use at Vermont Technical College. ((nats)) Mechanical engineering students are using them to build their final project. ((Nathan Brouillette/student: "I just love building stuff. Creating stuff with my hands. Something someone is going to use like our client and this log trailer.")) The money to buy the machines came from a 3.4 million dollar grant-- through the Department of Labor-- for workforce education. Students say the new equipment was needed. ((john turner/student: "it was definitely kind of getting outdated. It's nice to be able to have something new. You are not working on the equipment more than you are working on your project.")) Projects that farmers say are essential when it comes to the future of agriculture. ((Chris Dutton/VTC: "I ask them, 'you know what kind of extra skills do you want?' And they say 'two things, can they breed cows and can they weld.'")) Welding is just one of several short courses being offered at VTC through the Institute of Applied Agriculture and Food Systems. ((Dutton: "A series of short courses, beginning in June and ending in December ranging from cheese making to welding to tractor equipment repair to CDL to yogurt to beef production.")) Students who attend VTC say its just the kind of learning they respond to. ((Brouillette: "all your classes and everything is hands on. You get a chance to work in the shop and build stuff that someone is actually going to use. So it makes a lot more sense to the learning education process.")) And while these students may not become farmers, they say they can take the skills with them in whatever field they pursue. ((Turner: "I like welding. It is something that I do a lot of at home and at school but I would like to get into the manufacturing field.")) Whether it's manufacturing or fixing a manure spread-- the skills are the same. ((Dutton: "if you can weld a dirty manure spreader, you can weld anything")) Adam Sullivan channel three new in Randolph Center.


The classes will be available for those planning to attend VTC and as continuing education courses for the public.


A correction to an earlier story about Charlotte Rescue. We said the EMT Squad's response level was being reduced for six months while investigators look into allegations of mismanagement of controlled substances. That's not true. The restriction of Charlotte Rescue's ability to provide care will last three months, not six.


There are few figures more polarizing in our local sports scene than Thunder Road co-owners Tom Curley and Ken Squier... What they've done for the racing community in this region, is truly hard to put into words ... This year the nation's site of excitement will celebrate 55 years and the dynamic duo has been around to see it become one of the best short tracks in America. Unfortunately with Curley battling health issues and Squier just celebrating his 79th birthday, the time to pass the torch to a new generation of racing ownership could be on the horizon... At yesterday's annual season opening press conference here in Burlington, we caught up with Squier to ask him a little more about the potential sale of his beloved track....




The Boston Red Sox literally threw one away last night in a 2-1 loss to the Chicago White Sox... With that defeat they've now dropped three straight and four of five... The return of Dustin Pedroia will help but they need others to step up too... NESN's Don Orsillo & Jerry Remy have tonight's preview. (((TRT: 1:08 OC: JOIN US)))


To the Bronx... Yankees and Cubs in the first game of a day-night doubleheader ... --- The new pinstripes earning all their money in this one... Bottom 1... No Score .... Carlos Beltran his third homer in as many games... 1-0 Yankees... That's all they would need... --- Thanks to the 155-million dollar man ... Masahiro Tanka.... Yankee fans with a big Arigato or thank you after this effort... Cubs hitters just looking all day long ... 8 innings- no runs- 2 hits- and 10 k's for Tanka... Yankees win game one of the double dip 3-0 ... It'll be Michael Pineda and Travis Wood in the nightcap at 7:05.


The NHL postseason gets underway later tonight with the Montreal Canadiens opening their playoff push in Tampa Bay... The Habs had a very good season, and finished even better going 7-2-1 in their last 10 games... That's a streak they'll need to keep up if they hope to beat a Lightning team that took 3-of-4 games played between them this season... One big injury note heading into the series opener... Lightning star goalie Ben Bishop ruled out of this game due to an elbow injury...


He spent time serving our country at a young age.. With that complete, he's back in Vermont... Still a young man, but now on a new mission. One that requires a sound mind and most importantly a sound body. Scott Fleishman has more in tonight's spotlight on sports. (((standard... 1:50))) (((Bodybuilding. It's a sport that takes great discipline, which is why it is a perfect fit for Jesse Tynan.))) ((("I've just always been really athletic and it seemed like fun to see how far I can push myself and this is the perfect sport for that."))) (((After graduating from Vergennes union high school in 2009 Tynan enlisted in the Air National Guard.))) ((("He came out of the guard totally changed. It was such a great step for him to go."))) ((("Still in it right now. It's awesome. I love that."))) (((He served for 3 months last year, returning to Vermont in May.))) (((Jesse Tynan/"It was my roommate in college that got me working out and when I got back from being deployed is when I decided to take it seriously."))) (((Tynan is flexing his way towards a pro career.))) ((("Bright lights on you, poising in front of these judges. It can be pretty intimidating."))) ((("Oh absolutely and I've always had bad stage fright, so it's good for me. I kind of just get into my own world and my own zone and hope everything works out for the best, you know?"))) (((After winning the novice division in his competition back in October, Tynan signed with P4p muscle as a sponsor. The company will cover competition expenses. Not bad for a 21 year old.))) (((Jack Tynan/"He's accomplished so much in a short period of time being out of high school. The way he's living his life really makes me proud."))) (((The pressure won't all fall on Jesse's broad shoulders))) ((("It's great to have family and friends support you and that's the biggest thing because it gets rough when you're dieting."))) ((("I'll say I haven't seen you in a week, let's go get something to eat, and he'll say I can't get something to eat, I have to eat my rice cake."))) (((A strict diet for a no nonsense sport. When Jesse Tynan takes the stage, his muscles are on display, but it's also a showcase of self control. In Beekmantown, New York, Scott Fleishman, channel 3 spotlight on sports.)))


He finished third in Beekman town in the open division and once he gets a first place finish, he'll earn his pro card.



Will Burlington taxpayers get stuck paying for a school district mistake? Details at 11. And next on the CBS Evening News -- a sit-down interview with President Obama about Ukraine.

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