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Teamwork between a montgomery farmer -- and a Corporal with the Franklin Country Sherriff's department may have saved a life -- when they pulled off a daring rescue. A woman became trapped in this truck -- trying to cross the floodwaters on Longley Bridge Road. First responders couldn't get to her quickly because of closed roads. So Stanley Longley grabbed his tractor -- Corporal McKenny jumped on it -- and they back it up to the truck. They smashed a window -- pulled the woman out to safety.


Check this out. Even beavers thought -- this was too much water. The moment captured by WCAX producer Diane Landry. Happened during rush hour on River Street in Milton. two town employees that were clearing drains nearby saw the beaver and kept him from being hit They eventually got him to a safer location away from the street...


The Vermont man who police say murdered a total stranger in the lobby of a New Hampshire hotel -- is claiming insanity as his defense. 38-year old Rodney Hill of West Danville is accused of stabbing 70-year-old Catherine Houghton to death at the Hampton Inn -- in Littleton, New Hampshire last January. Hill told police he believed HE was Jesus and that Houghton was the devil -- or his father out to hurt his family. Houghton was -- in town from California. Prosecutors agree Hill was insane during the attack. If a judge signs off -- he'll be sent to the secure psychiatric ward.


The volunteer firefighter -- arrested for torching his own department -- was in court to answer to arson charges. 45-year-old Elmer (yorg) Joerg --- pleaded no contest -- to setting the Albany Fire Station ablaze last summer. Investigators say the Holland man was caught on camera -- setting the fire -- inside the fire station. Police say Joerg admitted he had urges to set fires. A sentencing date has not been set.


Haircuts were on the house at South Burlington High School. Students -- and staff -- showing solidarity by going Bald for Burke. Principal Patrick Burke was diagnosed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in March. So the school flooded the auditorium stage to shave their heads to show their support. Burke is currently undergoing chemo -- but still turned up to go under the buzzers as well.


((Patrick Burke, I'm not going to lie, it's really helped a lot, it's helped me, it's helped my family and I'll never be able to say thank you enough.)) ((David Shiffert, Spanish Teacher "Patrick supports everyone of us whether we are students or faculty, and we support him fully.)) ((Molly Burke, Burke's Daughter "it's really cool that so many people are willing to do that for him.)) ((Eric Schwaigert, South Burlington H.S. Student "it shows we're all together, we're all one community.)) Folks who were not ready to shave their heads head the option to weave a blue extension into their hair to show support. Principal Burke just underwent his second of 6 chemo therapy sessions.

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