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Officials say a pilot has been rescued after his small plane crashed and sank in New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee. New Hampshire State Police say the pilot was found submerged in water and clinging to the plane. The Massachusetts man was the only person on board. Police say he was suffering from cold water immersion. He told investigators he misjudged his elevation trying to do touch-and-go-landings. The plane is now about a hundred feet below the surface.


Updating our top story this morning -- there was a shooting inside a police station. This is a photo from the scene outside the Bennington Police Deaprtment's building on South Street. Authorities are releasing very few details. But say the Bennington Police Chief has called in the Vermont State Police to investigate -- after an officer allegedly shot a man in the lobby of the police station around 9-last night. No word yet on what prompted the shooting. The injured man was taken to a hospital. Police would not comment on the severity of his injuries. Initial reports -- do not indicate the officer was hurt.


Many in Clinton County New York are waking up without power this morning -- after a car smashed into a utility pole. Most of the outages are in the Morrisonville area. Officials say that car ran into the pole on Route 22-B between Rand Hill -- and Banker Roads. They say utility crews are working to restore power -- but it may take a few hours. And they also expect that stretch of Route 22-B to be closed until at least noon.


Police say vandals in Rutland broke into parking meters for quick cash. 11 meter locks and 12 meter cans filled with change -- were damaged downtown . Police put damage in excess of a thousand dollars. Anyone with information is asked to call Rutland City police.


A fight is pitting Champlain College against the Queen City. The school says it's not giving up on building MORE student housing -- even after being denied land-use permits. The project would add more than 3-hundred new beds for Champlain students on St. Paul Street. Bur the Development review board denied the permits the college needed -- based on parking and other issues. Tuesday -- Champlain appealed that decision. College officials say this student housing is needed in the city. And they're confident they can find a resolution to the issues raised by the D-R-B.


((28:34 David Provost / Champlain College "We've heard from a lot of developers, from a lot people in the city that support this project and building this type of housing -- so the appal is simply to protect Champlain's rights so that we can continue to conversation.")) College officials say they hope this appeal does not make it to the Environmental Court because if so, they say it could take nearly two years for a decision.

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