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Within minutes, police say five cars crashed in Charlotte. Around 6 last night -- troopers say two cars and a tractor trailer -- collided -- at the intersection of VT Route 7 and Church Hill Rd. The driver of one car -- 45-year-old Malcom Francis and his 10 and 5 year old passengers were all taken to the hospital. The North Ferrisburgh man broke his collar bone -- the children had minor bruising. Police say because of that crash -- traffic began immediately backing up. This delay, they say -- caused a second crash less than a mile up the road. There were no injuries in the second crash. Two of the cars were totaled and two had significant damage.


The ashes are settling this morning ... after fire tore through a New York home. Officials say it started around 9:30 last night on Howard road in Moores. It took multiple crews to battle the flames. No one was home at the time of the fire -- and the home is considered a total loss. The cause is under investigation.

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Students will head back to Champlain Valley Union High School today -- after the building was evacuated for a bomb threat. A note was found yesterday at the school in Hinesburg and police were called to the scene but a search turned up no evidence of a bomb. C-V-U is Vermont's largest high school. And because of the evacuation -- and the cold weather -- school officials decided to send the students home for the day.

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Burlington mayor Miro Weinberger is calling 2015 a new era for Burlington Telecom. The fiber optic company has unveiled a new logo and new website -- just weeks after it settled a 33-million dollar lawsuit with Citibank. Left -- is 6 million dollars of debt to be settled with Burlington-based company Bluewater. Weinberger says he's confident the company can now avoid the financial woes that have plagued it since 2008 -- even as BT says it will soon raise cable rates.


(16:00 Miro Weinberger)(("We have been focused more than anything else on putting the city's finances in order, protecting the taxpayers from the financial mistakes of the past.")) (16:32 Miro Weinberger)(("Never agains should we be in a situation again like we were in 2008-2009.")) Cable rates are expected to rise between 5 to 12 dollars per customer starting next month.


Not even a week after the Governor offered a plan to balance the state budget for next year, it's already out-of-whack. That's after state economists downgraded revenue projections again -- turning a 94-million dollar hole for next year into a 112-million dollar hole. They do see hope that the projected shortfall will be reduced -- if oil prices remain low for an extended period of time. The Governor says he anticipated another downgrade but didn't factor it into his budget last week -- because he wanted to wait for the official projections.


Cold start, but nice, sunny day today. And tomorrow. More clouds Friday. Weak clipper brings a few snow showers Saturday. Colder, blustery Sunday. Possibly clipped by coastal storm on Tuesday.


Welcome Back! Today on Everything Animals, we are joined by Karen Bradley. As temperatures continue to plunge this season, you cannot forget about how the cold weather is impacting your furry friends. Karen has more on what we can do for our animals this season. Karen, thanks for being with us. Thanks so much for being with us Karen.

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